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iNTERLACHEN 1956 :::::::::: THE ALMA MATER I Orange groves o ' erspreod her campus Chimes her hymns intone, India greets across the garden Southern ' s mystic throne. CHORUS Florida Southern, thee we love; Thee we ' ll never fail. Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail to Southern, hail! Stately walls alone can never Compass learning ' s goal. Heart to heart must pass the token Soul inspirit soul. T H E BARBARA MOCK— Editor RICHARD HARVEY— Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING and CORNING F. TOLLE— Faculty Advisers CAROLYN SCHWARTZ— Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE— Co ege Photographer NILS SCHWEIZER— Cover Design u » %•« % % % • •• HERN COLLEGE LAKE LAND, FLORIDA : : : : : : : :1 im- There ' s never a dull moment as men and women growing physically, mentally, and spiritually prepare to meet the great adventure of life. THERE IS . . ::::::::! THE CHALLENGE etwee THE IMPORTA WUK M Z - ' ' C m i4 r Mfiil 11 prlL flfBW ::::::::: m HE VALUE OF y V X- y VI U44C AND ::::::::: MO01 ♦ » ■ ♦ i it:::::::? A D WITH IT ALL. .THE OF COLLEGE :::::::! • $ i » % % 4 % ♦ % % •% ALL OF THIS IN THE U N MATCH ED BEAUTY OF THE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT ARCH ITECTURE UNDER THE BLUE OF A FLORIDA SKY. ' J 4 %W ■■ ah ;•;•:••::• a The majestic Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, left, focal point of ihe Frank Lloyd Wright Campus. Interior view of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, above. Another view of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, below, framed at the right by the William H. Danforth Chapel. La ampud ipk The Emile E. Watson Administration Building with the J. Edgar Wall Waterdome in the foreground. The Esplanade between the Li- brary and Chapel with the Waterdome and Administration Building at the right. :::::::::! »%«%«%»« The beautiful William H. Danforth Chapel with oranges in the foreground. DL World ' s Wost ( beautiful ampud The striking design of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the office of the Registrar. Semi-tropical Florida is shown or its best in this view of Joseph-Reynolds Hall, from Allan Spivey Hall. Oke WoM ' t WU EeautifJ The Citrus Department, first unit of the million dollar Science Building, is 31 ■ : ' ' inU ' iWill :::::::::] The patio adjacent to the College Terrace. The swimming pool is to the left. y oileae L ampud shown in the foreground with the Annie Pfciffcr Chapel in the background. A classic study in architecture — the Industrial Arts Building. Jne 1 1 o rid A Ivlost ( beautiful i ampud The Esplanade from the Industrial Arts Building to the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. . ? ¥ - « - - if - _ » v V The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel wirh blooming bougoinvilleo in the foreground. Orange trees at the right, the Fletcher Theatre-in-the-Round at the left in this view of the Industrial Arts Building. Jke Worlds i Vlo t ( beautiful i olleae ( c ampus ipi With sea-grapes in the right foreground, the E. T. Roux Library. ;::••••:! The Emile E. Watson Administration Building with the Esplanade at the left leading to the E. T. Roux Library. The E. T. Roux Library from the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. :::::::::] Architecture! beauty at its best in this view of the Industrial Arts Building. j£» vO This architect ' s rendering of the seven new women ' s residence halls facing Loke Hollingsworth, now under construction. ::::::::: The striking inferior of the E. T. Roux Library. From the air, the E. T. Roux Library. On the next page, the new Swimming Pool on the East Campus, adjacent to the College Terrace. ► i AND THIS WAS 19 5 5-56 I. The faculty holds Its pre-school dinner meeting. :;:; EARLY MORNING CLASSES . - " Vm t « % « » % « %•■ rf. ; VG AMI WEEK 36 ::;::::::! ■u. i... i j ' ;. L.i .. aiW m im i 1 FACULTY Y1TLETIDE IMNMIt LEAVING FOR CHRISTMAS AND THE EVENTS OF I Ol MM US WEEK Governor Collins and Bishop Bronscomb " cross swords " at Sigma Alpha Epsilon centennial cake-cutting. and a dinner for Frank Lloyd Wright ■ l flBKIS M ill :::::! OIMM (, THE POOL ty tr tsoerei fui KAMPIS KAI ' IHS I c 3 ! «= i " R THE FROLIC OF PIKE AND THE GREEK INITIATIONS - W M DR. HDD M. SPIVI V In the history of American education, few men have had the distinction of serving more than 30 years as a college president; none can look back through the years with greater satisfaction than Ludd Myrl Spivey. It was in 1925 that Dr. Spivey came to our orange grove campus to direct the affairs of a strug- gling, debt-ridden Methodist college with only two educational buildings and a student body num- bering less than 200 men and women. Behind him were his days as a student at Vanderbilt University and the University of Chicago, as a pastor in Methodist churches in Missouri, and as the dean of Birmingham Southern College. Ahead of him were almost insurmountable problems aggravated by the Florida real estate col- lapse and soon thereafter the great world depression which plunged this nation ' s economy to the lowest depths in its history. The clouds lingered long over the acres above Lake Hollingsworth. Only one with determina- tion, with integrity, with courage, with loyalty, with devotion and with faith could have brought light- ness to the gray of discouraging days and the darkness of the nights of dismay. The sunshine of the dawn is now bright over our world famous campus, with its beauty, its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, its progressiveness, its growing fame as a cultural and intellectual center, and, above all, its men and women, past, present aid in the days to come. All that is Florida Southern College is synonymous with the name, Ludd Myrl Spivey. It will be so even a millennium into the future. The Interlachen — all of the students— salute with affection and gratitude the President of our Alma Mater! 41 LUDD M.SPIVEY A.B.,M.A.,B.D.,LLD.,Ed.D. THE PRESIDENT A few camera studies of the President of Florida Southern College — in academic regalia; with SBA Pres- ident Eugene Roberts at a birthday occasion; a contem- plative moment at his desk. j : : ! :::::! f DEDICATION Ar poet, a pnitoAopher, a friend Out of the North a few years ago, there came a man to our orange grove campus who has earned a firm place in our hearts and minds — a man whose name in this and in centuries to come is and will be linked indelibly with that of our Alma Mater. A leading financier and business executive, this friend of Florida Southern College has achieved for himself a second career in the world of letters through his philoso- phy in poetry — the music of words about life and love, sea and sky, nature and the He has further served with great distinction as our Honorary Chancellor and in so doing has proven on campus and in classroom his great interest in and abiding af- fection for all that is our Alma Mater. It is with great pride and with equal gratitude that we honor this poet who has brought honor to us by dedicating the Interlachen of 1956 to DR. HY JORDAN SOBILOFF :::i::::l The 1955 Chancellor exchanges greeting with the 1956 Chancellor. THE I TERLACHEN OF 1956 Dr. Sobiloff chats with Mrs. Virginia Point, Mrs. Ethel Greer, Mrs. Irma Rench and Miss Virginia Gannaway. The poet-business executive views some new construction with Dr. Spivey. From " Dinosaurs and Violins, " the 1955 Chancellor reads one of his poems in Chapel. 46 ;;;::t::i A picture study of Dr. Hy Jordan Sobiloff and Dr. Ludd Myrl Spivey. Faculty members greeting Dr. Sobiloff at o dinner event. The 1955 Chancellor with Dr. Spivey, the Rev. Lex King Souter and Mrs. Spivey at a reception in the President ' s home. F L O R I D A S O U T H E R N C O L L E G E m Mr. Jenkins attending a faculty dinne chats with Miss Bonnie Pick. An ardent sportsman, the Chancellor tries his hand at fishing for black bass. The Chancellor receives a check for cancer research at Florida Southern. « ii x i i i on- i « .» GEORGE WASHINGTON JENKINS The 1956 Honorary Chancellor of Florida Southern College is George Washington Jenkins, of Lakeland, the president and guiding genius of Publix Super Mar- kets, Inc. Friendly, quiet, unassuming, Mr. Jenkins with his vision, courage and progressiveness is internationally known in the retail food industry and his leadership is so outstanding that a great national magazine pub- lished a feature article about his accomplishments Less known are his many contributions to his com- munity and state. Whether the good is for church, education, citizenship, civic organization or just ordi- nary boys and girls, men and women, one can be cer- tain that the hand of this leading Lakelander is in the background. The Interlachen of 1956 extends a most cordial welcome to Chancellor George Washington Jenkins as an official member of the Florida Southern family. As the President of Publix Super Markets, discussing business with his colleagues. On the golf course, the Chancellor drives one long and far down the fairway. v " 25 ::::::::! lie yJimttet k ilk- ' P i. MM R ' " • M 11 1 si y f i K- JHv Students surround the dean of the world ' s architects for h ' s autograph on th.- Frank Lloyd Wright View Book after his address from the steps of (he Waterdome. KS.C Mr. and Mrs. Wright arriving at the Lakeland Yacht and Country Club for the dinner given in their honor by C. V. McClurg and Mrs. McClurg. 50 y ' Ou z, 7tme ■ The camera caught- Frank Lloyd Wright in these various poses as he toured the West Campus, which bears his " ome, on his visit to the college in November. The famous architect saw for the first time the William H. Dan- forth Chapel and the Citrus Department in the Polk Cojnty Science Building, both completed since his last visit. At the left, Mr. Wright with Nils Schweizer, his architectural representative on campus. Below, Mr. Wright before speaking to the student body and in candid poses with Florida Southern personalities. 9 T ■ There ' s never a dull moment at Florida Southern College, activity following activity. The pages that follow all tell the pictorial story of some of the feature events that take place each year at our Alma Mater. features An exhibit at the Fifth Annual Exhibition of Children ' s Literature. 52 ::::::::: % % % - % % - % FLORIDA SOUTHERN M EMBERS Kay Baker Sidney Lanier Beverly Bourne Barbara Lee Mary Cameron Linda Liefield Thomas Childers Calvin Marquis James Connor Joy Coward James McCullough Lynne Moss f „_i. «i. YS Lynn Cullen Jean Napoli Edward Oekle Gary Peters Marcia Delaplain Irma Rench Charles Elliott Richard Ross Jayne Fancher David Shaver lw Elizabeth Franchum William Shilling Martha Ann Grace Barbara Smith Jean Graham Kelly Smith | 1_ Judith Hall Paula Ann Horn Robert Smith Sarah Ann Smith I David Jamison Jane Lee Snow 1 - X... James Parvis Ginger Strain Jeanette Johnson Beverly Jones Norma Jean Templeton John Tindell w Farris Kincaid Barbara Turner DR. W. WYNN YORK Director James Connor and Diane Klecka gaze approvingly at a billboard in Hull, England, telling of the choir ' s visit. QUARTET: James Connor, Beverly Jones, Marcia Delaplain, John Tindell. TKf SOUlHt COLLEGE CONCERT CHOIR USA I ikd m f ::::::::: CONCERT CHOIR 5%fi ' MSuv : ' ii MHH 1 1 " " - Accompanist Beverly Bourne. SOLOISTS: James Connor, Beverly Jones, Jayne Foncher, David Shaver. The Concert Choir of Florida Southern College. " " Vimiui ww» m Choir members at Piccadilly Circus, London, England. The Concert Choir Paris ' graceful Eiffel Tower forms a background for the Choir members. H ■ 1 » % Tours Europe Jack Harvey, Sue Thayer, Nan Coy, Ann Daniel, Kenneth Lutz and Cloene Irvine are the subjects of a college graduation on the high seas. » i i The M. S. Italia looms as a background for Walter Zigrang, David Howell, Barbara Mock and Sue Thayer in Southampton, England. •»» " 25 eOUli i OF FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE ■ MISS SOUTHERN • 1956 Sponsored by Delta Zeta IVliiS OSarOara I V fOCK !•:•:••: :1 MISS INTERLACHEN • 19 6 rvliss Kuth tfones Sponsored by Alpho Chi Omega MISS SOUTHERN 1956 MISS INTERLACHEN 1956 ■HBB H ■ is -Ha FIRST RUNNER-UP . Ml SS INTERLACHEN I IH ' i SS llllarii esLou L unninglii ni 0L.011 K unninanam Sponsored by Kappa Delta SECOND RUNNER-UP • MISS INTERLACHEN IrliiA Aoy ZJ-rick Sponsored by Alpha Delia Pi - i:ri::::l Cl mows At us O ' r I £Mf f MUAACH AH AM SAM DPR HAMS ) r -Ltfufa y OAT HUH V ' SUE I BENNETT CONN E HI LETT ' ANE JUL E WOODRUFF MAA F HAN HA US EN MAfiUANE ODIORNE % -; GLORIA HANCOCK : : : : : : : :■ JUNE GALE, R.N. REX MORGAN, M-D IthiS PAiN.-.IT. .. IT ' S InEVEI? 35EN LIKE THIS BEFORE St The |udges for the Miss Interlochen contest of 1956 were Dr. Nicholos P. Dallis, eminent psychiatrist of Toledo, 0., Mr. Marvin Bradley and Mr Frank Edington, outstanding artists of Chicago, III. Dr Dallis is the creator and author, and Mr. Bradley and Mr Edington are the artists for the famous educational comic strip, Rex Morgan, M.D., which is carried daily in hundreds of major newspapers in the United States. The outhor, left, Mr Brodley, center, and Mr Edington, hove received many awards from medical and other organizations ond have been cited in national publications for their outstanding strip based on the life ond experiences of a doctor of medicine. The Interlachen is proud to present Miss Interlochen of 1956 and the beautiful members of her court and it salutes and sends sincere appreciation to the three-man team of Rex Morgon, M.D , for their interest and fine cooperation. MELISSA A scene from THE HIGHBROW LADIES by Moliere. Dave Stephens and Harvey Pylant in HE AIN ' T DONE RIGHT BY NELL by Wilbur Braune. A scene from Tennessee Williams ' GLASS MENAGERIE as portrayed by Anne Linsner and Burven Bossie. THE David Shaver as THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT by A. A. Milne. » % ♦ % % ♦ ■ % ■ % I » % % • • •• A scene from HE AIN ' T DONE RIGHT BY NELL by Wilbur Broune as acted by Dave Stephens, Joanne Wymar Barbara Hotelier and John Collins. SOUTHERN PLAYERS ra Jean Wiggins, Sylvia Clark Cooks, John Anderson and Burven Bossie in a scene from TOVARICH by Jacques Deval. i : ' . Ed Richmond and Ike Selig take over the controls in the radio room. BEHIND THE FOOTLIGHTS The Vagabonds strike original poses in some of their various costumes. •:«:.:«! Drama students construct model sets for future productions. Drama students prepare the sets tor a forthcoming play. » J W M FRANK; Pi Kappa Phi President, Steve Potz, and Sweetheart Connie Hulett present first place trophies to Alice McAuley of Alpha Delta Pi and Sam Nicholson of Theta Chi. ' Mine Eyes Have Seen, " second place winner , is put on by Delta Zeta. • ♦% %•%• » % « % « « t 1 HALL OF FAME The Hall of Fame was innovated this year to give recognition to those fraternity and sorority men and women who have been outstanding in campus ac- tivities. Candidates are restricted to college Seniors in such fraternal organizations. Nominations are made from each fraternity and sorority, the final selection being made by the Pan- Hellenic Council and Interfraternity Council. These finalists were chosen by a ranking system. RAY CARUCCI CAROLYN COCKE LUCY FISACKERLY JOHN FREENEY BARBARA MOCK EUGENE ROBERTS I % %■• %♦ ' ••• ' FOUNDERS r « TT R i ' C I i «£ » L WVS „ LJ i IIMMM Its WEEK Two exquisite floots in the 1 956 Founders ' Week parade — the Alpha Omicron Pi — Phi Sigma Koppa float and the City of Tampa floot. - u??5i Dr. H. E. Wolfe, Mr. Joseph Grotegut, Mr. George Jenkins, Mr. Lucius Pond Ordway, Mrs. LeRoy Collins, Dr. L. M. Spivey, Governor LeRoy Collins, Mrs. Lucius Pond Ordway and Bishop John Branscomb ot the President ' s Luncheon. Mr. A. W. Smith ond Mr. Don Miller chat with the Queen — Miss Barbara Mock — ot a Founders ' Week luncheon. The Broadway stars featured during Founders ' Week, Virginia Richardson, David Aiken, Christine Mathews, James Jamieson, Ted Scott, Wally Cox — " Mr. Peepers " — and Peter Turgeon take a curtain call. FOUNDERS x «w Mrs. LeRoy Collins, l ' iSs t ' mh Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey, Governor LeRoy Col- lins, Dr. Ludd M. fit j« r " Spivey, Judge Edgar - • r Vaught and Dr. Hy U in ■ " " « te Jordan Sobiloff are •Mu « m fit served at the Omicron V Delta Kappa banquet. 4 s uJL i ijpl . JK.: 9 I . Dr. G. Floyd Zimmer- E Wt ' - ' Sta mann, Sr., shows Betsy • I Conner an d Beryl In- singer some of his oil paintings at his exhi- bition during Foun- ders ' Week. t mi aJ j ' ■ ' ■ iT ■s Bm - WjC Kt • The Lakeland Christian Grammar School float was part of the largest Founders ' Week parade ever seen in the city of Lakeland. w i •: i : K Dr. Hy Jordan Sobiloff and Mrs. George Jenkins at one of the President ' s luncheons. Today ' s College — Tomorrow ' s Community — one of the beautiful floats in the Founders ' Week parade. FOUNDERS ' WEEK Mr. David Howell, of Orlando, Florida, the 1956 Honor Walk student. The new Co-ed officers were named at the Founders ' Week Military Ball. The cast of the operetta, DOWN IN THE VALLEY, in the closing scene. Dr. Hy Jordan Sobiloff, Queen Barbara Mock, Dr. Ludd M. Spivey and the Queen ' s Royal Court at the Miss Southern reception. I % • • % • • ■ • ' i Harvey Pylont, Sara Douthit, David Stephens, Gary Peters and Rosalie Briegs in a tense scene from OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY, the Founders ' Week dramatic production. The R.O.T.C. Color Guard led the way for the coronation of Miss Southern to reign os Founders ' Week monarch. The ladics-in-woiting pay homage to the Queen fol- lowing her crowning by Dr. Spivey and Dr. Sobiloff. The Florida Southern College esplanade float- carrying the Miss Southern candidates and Cathy Cruz, Miss Lakeland. Candidates for June graduation look on at the dedication of the Allan Ludd Spivey Memorial Urn. « • % % ♦ % i Mr. John Ordway and Dr. L. M. Spivey at the dedica- tion of the Lucius Pond Ordway Industrial Arts Build- ing. In the background are Bishop John Branscomb and Governor LeRoy Collins. The Edison Pageant of Light float as entered by Ft. Myers, Florida, in the Founders ' Week parade. Dr. C. A. Vannoy, Prof. « ■ H. G. Barnett, Mrs. M. W. Callahan, Mrs. Y. S. Goldsbor- ough, Dr. B. P. Reinsch, Miss L. O. Sumner, Deon J. C. Peel, Dr. S. G. Coe, Dr. R. S. Bly and Dr. C. W. Hawkins were recognized during Founders ' Week for their twenty-five or more years of service to the c ollege. Dr. J. Milburn McLeod, Dr. T. H. Mitchell, Governor LeRoy Collins, Judge Edgar Vought, Dr. Hy Jordan Sobiloff and Dr. Ashton A. Almond were recipients of honorary degrees from Florida Southern College. Ann Clarke, Joon Owsley, Mortha Rca, Carolyn Cocke, and Theresa Whitice enjoy the gaiety of the Students ' 71st Founders ' Week b ft . V 1 A nearly perfect star is formed by five star swimmers during the Founl ders ' Week Water Ballet. 1956 rSi Governor and Mrs. LcRoy Collins look on as Dr. Ludd M. Spivey presents the Freedoms Foundation George Washington medal to Mrs. John G. Snyder. It is the fifth time Florida Southern College hos received this award from Freedoms Foundation. Dr. Lucius Pond Ordway and Dr. Ludd M. Spivey lead the Convocation processi on with Dr. H. E. Wolfe and Governor LeRoy Collins in the back- ground. K A :::::::! FOUNDERS ' WEEK Dr. Hy Jordan Sobiloff is presented with a watch from the students by S t u d l n t Bq I M ■ feH fiaL Eugene Roberts. The newly-formed student orchestra played for the Founders ' Week Students ' banquet under Prof. Harold Phillips. The third place Delta Zeta-Theta Chi float depicted the end of the rainbow in the Founders ' Week parade. FOUNDERS WEEK Two students gaze through an archway on the Ewell Construction Company ' s floral float in the Founders ' Week parade. :::•:•••:■ Secretary, Ann Clarke; Treasurer, Ann Stansbury; Vice-President, K athy Kosar; President, Eugene Roberts. OFFICERS EUGENE ROBERTS President KATHY KOSAR Vice-President ANN CLARKE Secretary ANN STANSBURY Treasurer F • k • C • The F. S. C. Student Senate is the legislative arm of the Student Body Association. It works in con- junction with the Administration and the students for the betterment of campus activities and cam- pus life in general. The Senate is largely held responsible for Fresh- man Orientation Week, nominates the candidates for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, " nominates candidates for the Honor Walk, presents two chapel programs a month, spon- sors a leadership program, cooperates with the Student Body Association on Founders ' Week, sponsors various drives on campus, directs student elections, charters various organizations on campus and recommends ways of improving other activities and organizations at Florida Southern College. DEAN J. A. BATTLE Adviser to the Senate DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY, J Adviser to the Student Association Court W ' JI - ••! ■ First Row: Thomas Maurcr, Virginia Kennedy, Ann iransbury, Koihljcn rosar, oaroara v ock, Joy Frick, Ann Clorke, Charlene Poland, Virgai Duffel. Second Row: Alice McAuley, Sheila Stephen, Cynthia Ingram, Marilyn Rushton, Carolyn Cocke, Judy Rotunno, Donna Sarki- son, Beverly Cronkhite. Third Row: Eugene Roberts, Frank Troina, Neal Justin, Clarke Wyllie, David Howell, Russell Sackett. STUDENT SENATE COURT Carol Wilson; Fac- ulty Adviser, Dr. Charles A. Wood- bury, Jr.; Mary Frances Davis; John Freeney; Chief Justice, Earl Greene. 87 First Row- Patricia Cobb, Sue Stroud, Kathy Roton, Barbara Comander, Kay Blackwelder. Second Row: Kay Hammerich, Estella Roberts, Doris Hagers, Donna Clockadale, Jean Doug- las. Third Row: Nancy McCon- nell, Marilyn Rushton, Mary Grable. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Women ' s Student Government Association is a governmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association designed as a court to decide on in- fractions of college and house rules. Its members are elected by resident women of the dormitories and sorority houses. It has been found indispensable through its maintenance of the standards of Florida Southern College and upholding our ideals. Secretary, Donna Clockadale; President, Estella Roberts; Vice-President, Kay Hommerich; Sergeant-at-Arms, Patricia Cobb. OFFICERS ESTELLA ROBERTS President KAY HAMMERICH Vice-President DONNA CLOCKADALE Secretary PATRICIA COBB Sergeant-at-Arms a A n ■HI • ' ' ■• ' ■ " ' ' 88 • % • • %••■••■»■ First Row: Major Herbert Key, Robert Newton, David Scoates, Frank Szabo. Second Row: Edward Miller, Joe Folsom, Vonn Anderson, Roy Carucci. MEN ' S COUNCIL The Men ' s Council, founded in 1953, establishes and enforces all regulations pertaining to the dis- cipline of men students on campus. This organization is a judicial subsidiary of the Student Body Association, composed of eight voting members — four independent men and four fratern- ity men. A member of the Men ' s Council must be a junior or senior member of the SBA, carrying at least twelve hours and having an overall " C " average. Clerk, Edward Miller; Faculty Adviser, Major Herbert Key; Chairman, Ray Carucci. o OFFICERS RAY CARUCCI . Chairman MAJOR HERBERT KEY Adviser EDWARD MILLER Clerk 89 i F ARBARA MOCK Editor-in-Chief THE INTER EDITORIAL STAFF BARBARA MOCK Editor-in-Chief SARAH TROXLER Assistant Editor-in-Chief CAROLYN SCHWARTZ Editorial Assiitant KATHLEEN KOSAR Faculty Editor JUDY ROTUNNO Senior Class Editor CLAIRE ELLIS Junior Class Editor BEVERLY TRESCA Sophomore Class Editor LINDA MOSHER Freshman Class Editor DONALD TATRO Art Editor ERNEST THOMPSON Sports Editor ANN STANSBURY Photo Editor PAUL WILLE Co iege Photographer WILLIAM D. SHILLING Adviser THE INTERLACHEN PICTURES THE LIFE OF THE COLLEGE First Row: Kathleen Kosar, Claire Ellis, Sarah Troxler, Barbara Mock, Ann Stansbury, Carolyn Schwartz. Second Row: Beverly Tresca, Judy Rotunno, Richard Harvey, Donald Tatro. . -... m k i - V -I M A-x LACHES BUSINESS STAFF RICHARD HARVEY Business Manager MARILYN HOWELL Assistant Business Manger CORNING F TOLLE . Adviser Tj j M Editorial Assistant Carolyn Schwartz and Art Editor Donald Tatro look over the yearbook layouts. Assistant Editor Saroh Troxler, Faculty Adviser William D. Shilling and L Editor Barbara Mock. Dean Corning Tolle and Business Manager Richord Harvey discuss advertising plans. The pages of this book represent the tireless efforts of many men and women who have spent endless hours in bringing together this picture story of life at Florida Southern College which, in simple words, is the Inter- lachen of 1956. Editors Ann Stansbury and Judy Rotunno and College Photographer Paul Wide discuss the merits of photographs for the annual. THE THE STAFF JO ANN SIMPSON Editor-in-Chief DAVID HOWELL Business Manager ROGERS V. WHITEN ER Faculty Adviser TRUEBLOOD ' S Printer The Southern is the weekly college newspaper published and edited by the students of Florida Southern College. JO ANN SIMPSON Editor-in-Chief Jo Simpson, Mr. Rogers Whitener, Mr. A. J. Trueblood and David Howell make-up the Southern. PROFESSOR ROGERS WHITENER Adviser 5 ? miTS ••♦ SOUTHERN TH E STAFF Mel Jones Carolyn Wigdahl Ruth Connon Jackie McMurrian Barbara Mock Barbara Hotelier Mary Lou Gondy Jo Ellen Taylor Jill Priedlinger Sidney Lanier Sandy Peterson Jerry Johnson Robert Smith Kathleen Kosar Walter Blomquist Nancy Shcrwin Russell Sockett Eve Churchill Thomas Hughes Betty Wagner Jenclle Braddy DAVID HOWELL Business Manager THE SOUTHERN IS THE OFFICIAL COLLEGE PUBLICATION First Row: Carolyn Wigdohl, Betty Wagner, Jcnellc Braddy, Jo Simpson, Jo Ellen Taylor, Sandra Peterson. Second Row: Thomas Hughes, Professor Rogers Whitener, Eva Churchill, David Howell, Russell Sockett. BRASS SEXTET: Marshall Minchez, Fred Keyset, Vivian Vann, Marta Rounds, Mary Eddie, James Cassels. THE CONCERT BAND CLARINET QUARTET: Joy Coward, Sylvia Collins, Carole Ernsberger, Myrna Reams. OFFICERS JAMES RAY CASSELS President JAMES CHANDLER Vice-President JOY COWARD Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR HAROLD L. PHILLIPS Director The Florida Southern College Concert Band, founded in 1953, is under the direction of Professor Harold Phillips. The band is composed of advanced student instru- mentalists who present varied concerts for college and civic events and out-of-town functions. Their repertoire includes the works of the classicists to the modernistic contemporaries. Under Professor Phillips, the band has been developed into an outstanding musical organization — one of which the college is justifiably proud. President, James Ray Cassels; Secretory-Treasurer, Joy Coward; Vice-President, James Chandler. First Row: Chris Partinia, Joy Coward, Sylvia Collins, Donald Crooks, Myrna Reams, Donald Pickett, James Tilly, Mary Eddie, James Cassels. Second Row: Carole Ernsberger, Shirley Ann Krug, Mary Ann Wells, Isobcll Grubbs, Ann Fenton, Henriettc Brewster, Goylc Myers, Maria Rounds, Charles Scott, Robert Burkholder, David Graham, Professor Horold Phillips. Third Row: Peggy Hurst, James Chandler, Donald New- ton, Denny Goretsky, Jean Douglas, Ronell Whidden, Norma Moore, Charles Markhom, Marshall Minchez, Daniel Nichols, Edwin Dekel, Fred Keyser. Fourth Row: Herbert Gardner, Charles Elliott, Harvey Pylant, Leila Anttila, Kenneth Kasak, Marta Rounds, Sonja Miller, Vivian Vann, Roe Goodman. I • ♦ 1 ' » i 1 wm i l V s? " PROFESSOR WILLIAM SPIVEY Director PROFESSOR THOMAS BRIERLY Organist First Row: Jo Ellen Toylor, Irmo Rench, Patricio A ' Hern, Juanita Walden, Flora Sung, Dione Spears, Barbara Turtle, Barbara Vlosak, Jo- anne Hollady, Billie Sue Stokes, Pat McCloughan, Professor William Spivey. Second Row: Betty Lou Tinsley, Barbara Heckstall, Sue Durrance. THE CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir is an all-women organization on campus that provides musical entertainment for services in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The reper- toire is confined to sacred selections. Membership is open to all talented young women on campus who maintain an interest in choral music and who believe in its sacred manifestations. 96 % % % ■ • % •% OFFICERS ROBERT COLE President DAVID SHAVER Vice President JENNIE FOLTS Secretory JULIA RAMIZA Treasurer KURT VOSS Director The College Union is the social and recreational or- ganization enveloping the entire student body. The group maintains the College Union Lounge in the Zimmermann Recreation Lounge where the students may play cards, chess, checkers, ping-pong, scrabble and dance as they desire. The College Union provides the balance in social ac- tivities for all the students and an opportunity for them to join in planning and carrying out their own special programs. Wf ° % First Row: Publicity Director, Bea Insinger; Secretary, Jennie Folts; Treosurer Julia Ramiza; Chief Hostess, Alice Denslow. Second Row: Vice-Preside David Shaver; President, Robert Cole; Director, Kurt Voss. THE COLLEGE I I O First Row: Gory Burke, Michoel Murphy, Brooks Calloway, William Kelly, Ralph Allen, Gary Peters, Leonard Anderson. Second Row; Michael Gallo, Charles Markham, Richard Fulford, Sally Roberts, Carol Marshall, John Melendi. Third Row: William Hamakcr, Ronold Thomas, Jerry Keuthan, Gary Stevens. OFFICERS DON STEISS President WILLIAM PICKETT Vice-President NANCY McCONNELL Secretary-Treasurer REV. FRANCIS LUCE Director The Methodist Student Movement is a church- related campus organization for all Methodist stu- dents. It provides a well-rounded program of wor- ship, fellowship and study. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. In addition to many local, state and national service proiects, a variety of functions are held throughout the year with groups of other faiths on the campus. Some of the activities include sending deputa- tion teams to nearby Methodist churches, raising money for and sending students to do mission work in Cuba during the summer, and the pub- lication of the Methodist newspaper, the Wesley Beacon. Vice-President, William Pickett; President, Don Steiss; Secretory-Treasurer, Nancy McConnell; Director, Rev. Francis Luce. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT First Row: William Pickett, Sue Clark, Ruby Singleton, Joan Pettewoy, Jane McMullen, Dorothy Beach, Sheila Collar, Ann Fenton, Eddie Murfin. Second Row: Beverly Cronkhite, Carolyn Greer, Beverly Perry, Barbara Weigand, Sonja Miller, Jean Douglas, Janice Sircy, Mary Hall, Barbara Anne Turner, Lucy Fisackerly, Rev. Francis Luce. Third Row: Jim Weathers, Carolyn Cocke, Marillyn Owens, Sue Durrance, Joanne Holliday, Carolyn Burt, Vivian Vann, Marty Evans, Larry Drake. Fourth Row: Barbara Tuttle, Norma Moore, Marcy Delaplain, Druscilla Wells, Nancy McConnell, Beverly Tresca, Shirley Ann Krug, Mitty Ivey, Gerry Calvetto. Fifth Row: Calvin Marquis, Tom Ham- ilton, John Crawford, Allan Bly, Eugene Roberts, Robert Shipman, Don Steiss, John Tindell, Brian Neville. n Q ? T y vo I ♦ % % ■ • % % % • First Row: Secretory, Joan Thomas; President, Suzanne Goodman; Vice-Presi- dent, Martha Grace; Treasurer, Horvey Pennington. Second Row: Faculty Ad- viser, Professor Earl D. Smith; Director, Rev. Clyde Hall. OFFICERS SUZANNE GOODMAN President MARTHA GRACE Vice-President JOAN THOMAS Secretory HARVEY PENNINGTON Treasurer EARL D SMITH Faculty Adviser REV. CLYDE HALL Director The Baptist Student Union was founded to con- serve Southern Baptist college youth for Christian leadership and the Kingdom of God, to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and wom- en in the states of the Southern Baptist Convention territory, to extend the influence of the church to every campus and make college life Christian The B. S. U. is a youth organization for Baptists in higher institutions of learning, functioning in and through the Baptist church or churches in an educational center, and seeking to promote spir- itual development of students. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: Joan Thomas, Carol Woodward, Susan Kennedy, Suzanne Goodman, Agnes Swift, Jean Thomas. Second Rov Earl D. Smith, James Hall, George Addy, Roe Goodman, Harvey Pennington; Rev. Clyde Hall, Director. i » A . First Row: Henry Bartlert, Fronces Johnson, William Pierce, Martha Janssen, Isabel Grubbs, Norma Jean Templeton, Sheila Bryant, Betty Lou Tinsley. Second Row: Sarah Ann Smith, Robert Stewart, Neal Justin, Gloria Miller, William Hanks, Carol Ungro, Nancy Peddle. Third Row: Rev. William Miller, Jean Graham, Julie Boyer, Marilyn DeBruyn, Charlene Poland, David Jamison, Barbara Baker. Fourth Row: Robert Bew, Kenneth Kasak, Thomas Hughes, Jean Brinson, Beryl Insinger. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION The Westminster Foundation is an organiza- tion of Presbterian students interested in fos- tering Christian ideals on the campus, in the community, and in the world. This organization seeks to develop the individual ' s spiritual life believing that in this way his social and intellec- tual development will be well correlated. The members of Westminster Foundation are endeav- oring to live their Christian faith by carrying out several social projects and by cooperating with other religious organizations in an effort to create a spirit of harmony on the campus. OFFICERS WILLIAM HANKS Moderator DAVID JAMISON Vice-Moderator NANCY PEDDIE Secretary CAROL UNGRO Treasurer REV. WILLIAM MILLER Director First Row: Treasurer, Carol Ungro; Vice-Moderator, David Jamison; Secretary, Nancy Peddie. Second Row: Adviser, Rev. William Miller; Moderator, William Hanks. " 100 First Row: William Hanks, Ellen Knauss, Carol Ungro, Professor Paul A. Lecman. Second Row: Clarke Wyllic, Donald Steiss, Nancy Reeves, Robert W. Smith, James Beneyfield. I I I 1 1 - I A I I 1 1 COUNCIL President, Clarke Wyllie; Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Reeves; Vice-President, Donald Steiss. The Inter-Faith Council was organized last year for the purpose of uniting the different religious or- ganizations on the campus in closer bonds of fel- lowship. The Council is mcde up of two delegates from each denominational group, including the Bap- tist Student Union, Methodist Student Movement, Westminster Fellowship, Christian Science Organi- zation and the Canterbury Club. The primary activity of the Inter-Faith Council has centered around Religious Emphasis Week, the Council being responsible for its organization and success. Another project of the Council is the an- nual Thanksgiving party for all foreign students. OFFICERS CLARKE WYLLIE President DONALD STEISS Vice President NANCY REEVES Secretory Treasurer 101 » » ♦ • o i First- Row: Sue Whitehead, Ellen Knauss, Carolee Veitch, Susan Bradley. Second Row: Rev. Norton, Jack Jagler, Leonard Anderson, Walter Blomquist. Third Row: Kenneth Kerr, Clarke Wyllie. CANTERBURY till The purpose of the Canterbury Club is to reach all Episcopalian students on campus and through religious study, service and fellowship, draw them closer together. The organization sponsors religious study groups, participates in the Inter-Faith Council, holds Vesper services, participates in Religious Emphasis Week and holds several social events throughout the year. OFFICERS ELLEN KNAUSS President SUE WHITEHEAD Vice-President SUE BRADLEY Secretary-Treasurer REV. NORTON Director Vice-President, Sue Whitehead; President, Ellen Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Bradley. 102 I % % ♦ %♦•••• ' OFFICERS JAMES BENEYFIELD President BARBARA PENNINGTON Vice-President NANCY REEVES Secretory JAMES SHURMAN Treasurer PROFESSOR PAUL A LEEMAN Adviser The Christian Science Organization at Florida Southern College was formed last year for the purpose of uniting the Christian Scientists on the campus in closer bonds of Christian fellowship. Regular meetings are held every Friday eve- ning in the Religion Building and are open to the student body. Membership is open to all Chris- tian Science students. First Row: Adviser, Professor Paul A. Leemon; Vice-President, Barbara Pen- nington; Treasurer, Jomes Shurman. Second Row: President, James Bcney- field; Secretary, Nancy Reeves. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION First Row: Professor Paul Leemon, Adviser; Barbara Pennington, Marshall Vance, Kay McCain, P. L. Hay III, James Shurman. Second Row: Bruce Clough, Nancy Reeves, Jomes Beneyfield. fci f r •v First Row: Morlcnc Norwell, Kay Cameron, Emme Wissmann, Diane Culloden, Judy White, Lois Adams, Julie Woodruff, Kay Hammerich, Janis Cowan. Second Row: Mrs. Piatt, Sarah Troxler, Edna Murachanian, Agnes Swift, Joy Frick, Connie Hulett, Janice Perm, Mary Meehan, Mrs. Ellison. Third Row: Carol Ungro, Willa Jean Hall, Joan Duke, Sheila Collar, Mitty Ivey, Druscilla Wells, Betty Wagner, Norma Jean Templeton, Virginia McFadden. Fourth Row: Cynthia Nelson, Barbara Pierce, DeLynn Armstrong, Beryl Insinger, Linda Mosher, Pat Sweeney, Sue Henrick, Patsy Lemons, Betty Hanson. Fifth Row: Mary Frances Davis, Cherrill Knudten, Nancy Cabe. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to develop and promote interest in the various aspects of home economics and to foster good student- faculty relationships. The organization encourages high school seniors to major in home economics and encourages college seniors to become members of the American Home Economics Association. Florida Southern Home Economics Club has had the honor of holding the offices of president and secretary of the Florida Home Economics Associa- tion College Clubs Division for this past year. Secretary, Nancy Cabe; President, Carol Ungro; Vice-President, Linda Mosher; Treasurer, Connie Hulett. OFFICERS CAROL UNGRO President LINDA MOSHER Vice-President NANCY CABE Secretary CONNIE HULETT Treasurer MRS. THELMA ELLISON Adviser MRS. SARA PIATT Adviser 104 ♦ « % ♦ % First Row: Richard Walsh, R. S. Patrick, Henry Manassa, Jr., S. A. Fields, William Grubbs, Jomcs Cade, Louis McTeer, William Britt. Second Row: James Weathers, Pat Hepburn, Louis Kuykendall, Leslie Dunson, John Jones, Walter Zigranq, Donold Crooks. Third Row. Richord King- horn, William Keen, Layne Hart, Carl Schuchardt, George Hightower, Thomas Nipper, Thomas Mack, Faculty Adviser. CITRUS CLUB Treasurer, Richard Patrick; Secretory, Louis Kuykendall; Vice-President, Louis H. McTeer; President, William Keen. The Citrus Club was organized in 1950 to further the interest of students in the citrus department and to afford them the opportunity to meet experts in the field of citrus. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the organization to the outstanding citrus major in the June graduating class. The organization spon- sors a monthly dinner at which a person represent- ing some important phase of the citrus industry is guest speaker. The highlight of this year ' s activities was a field trip to the Indian River on the east coast of Florida. OFFICERS WILLIAM KEEN President LOUIS H McTEER Vice-President LOUIS KUYKENDALL Secretory RICHARD PATRICK Treasurer PROFESSOR W R LYLE Adviser PROFESSOR THOMAS B MACK Adviser 105 First Row: Yos Dhomprido, Kwong S. Kim, Flora Sung, Aries Lopez, Jeonnette Wormolts, Soleh Zen, P. L. Hoy, III. Second Row: Neal Justin, Sheila Stephen, Jule Abbosh, Mohammed Sabie, Neiih Durol, Mrs. Jeanne Cassidy. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Treasurer, Soleh Zen; Secretary, Sheila Setphen; President, Carolyn Cocke; Vice-President, Samuel Nicholson. The International Club attempts to promote a better understanding between individuals of various countries throughout the world, of their customs and cultures. The requirements for membership are: a genu- ine interest in world problems and the desire to discuss subjects of interest in the various countries. The meetings are highlighted with speakers who have traveled widely. Members of this organization are sent to various outside organizations where they speak about all phases of life in their respective countries. The club sponsors a soccer team with players from all over the world. OFFICERS CAROLYN COCKE President SAMUEL NICHOLSON Vice-President SHEILA STEPHEN Secretary SALEH ZEN Treasurer MRS. JEANNE CASSIDY Advisor 106 rjg 4 OFFICERS BUDDY JENKINS President ZANE WHITSON Vice-President DOROTHY BEACH Secretory- Treasurer MISS EMOGENE NELSON Adviser COACH JAMES LEASE Adviser The purpose of Phi Epsilon Mu is to bring to- gether students in the field of physical education so that they may come in contact with professional people in their field. In this way the members be- come more aware of the actual problems they will face and gain practical experience as well as class- room knowledge. The activities of the group include attending state-wide workshops and setting up files for the physical education majors. Faculty Advisor, Miss Emogene Nelson; Vice-President, Zone Whitson; Secretory-Treasurer, Dorothy Beach. PHI EPSILON MU First Row: Gerro Blair, Evelyn Hcrrington, Joanna Rowdybush, Estella Roberts, Patricia Cobb. Second Row: Miss Emogene Nelson, Jane O ' Neill, Dale Collins, Julie Ramiza, Julie Hale. Third Row: Barbora Bauhof, Tod Ebetino, Corl Matthews, Ed LoRue, Dorothy Beach. Fourth Row: Neil Ditcrichs, Zone Whitson. f r f FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: Secretory, Kathleen Kosar; Treasurer, Carol Foote; President, Carolyn Greer. Second Row: Adviser, Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr.; Ad- viser, Mrs. Julia Snook. The Future Teachers of America, an all-inclusive organization for those interested in teaching, seeks to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. It affords students the opportunity for ac- tive participation in both the state and national educational associations. Everyone who enters the teaching profession ben- efits from the labors of these organizations which have done so much to obtain increased public sup- port for education. They have helped improve the curriculum of schools and the preparation of teachers. OFFICERS CAROLYN GREER President KATHLEEN KOSAR Secretary CAROL FOOTE Treasurer PROFESSOR J. GORDON OGDEN, JR Adviser MRS. JULIA SNOOK Adviser 108 • % 4 % % •• OFFICERS FRANK DONATELLI President MARION 8ROWN Vice-President JUNE DOWD Secretory FLETCHER HUMPHRIES Treasurer RICHARD BARLOW Sergeant-at-Arms The Varsity " S " Club was organized to promote and organize athletics at Florida Southern College It is comprised of students who have won varsity athletic awards in basketball, men ' s crew, women ' s crew, baseball, pistol shooting, circus, tennis and cheerleading. The " S " Club has a three-fold purpose: to pro- mote mutual understanding among its members; to serve devotedly in community and college proj- ects; and to facilitate improvement in college ath- letics for the benefit of the entire student body. First Row: Treasurer, Fletcher Humphries; Secreta y, Ju.ie Dowd; President, Fronk Donotelli. Second Row: Sergeant-at-Arms, Richard Barlow; Vice-Presi- dent, Marion Brown. VARSITY 4S S " CLUB First Row: June Dowd, Jean Hunt, Thomas Karahalios, Joy Frick, Lucy Fisackerly. Second Row: Coach Frank T. Pollard, John Ke Collins, Frank Donotelli, Fletcher Humphries. Third Row: Donald Brennan, Walter Krauss, Ray DeLoach, Marion Brown, Zane Fourth Row: William Wood, Richard Barlow, Stephen Poti, Leland Stansell. lin, Dale Whitson. q a ■ n n f) OFFICERS WILLA JEAN HALL President MARTY EVANS Vice-President BEVERLY CRONKHITE Secretary JEAN DOUGLAS Treasurer ft( The Southernettes provides a unified organiza- tion for all college women not affiliated with a sorority on campus. It is a medium through which non-sorority wom- en may participate in campus activities; it provides opportunities to develop in service to the college through projects and participation in school activi- ties; it achieves cooperation between sorority and non-sorority women. The Southernettes are active in every type of ac- tivity and organization on campus, contributing to the fields of music, journalism, government, relig- ion and drama. Secretory, Beverly Cronkhite; Vice-President, Marty Evans; Treasurer, Jear Douglas; President, Willa Jean Hall. THE SOUTHERNETTES First Row: Susan Stroud, Vivian Vann, Isabel Grubbs, Carol Stockdale, Jean Douglas, Mary Hall. Second Row: Druscilla Wells, Barbara Swope, Marcia Delaplain, Willa Jean Hall, Joan Duke. ! F £§£ JMrS v l t Secretary-Treasurer, Jack Stewart; Executive Counselor, John Moore; Vice- President, David Shaver; President, Donald Schork. OFFICERS DONALD SCHORK President DAVID SHAVER Vice President JACK STEWART Secretary -Treasurer JOHN MOORE Executive Counselor Phi Delta was founded early in October, 1955, at Florida Southern College. It began with a small group of men desiring to obtain a chapter grant from the national fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. This group has entered into regular competition in all academic, social and athletic events with the FSC fraternities. It is a growing colony whose main objectives are to promote school spirit and render constructive service to Florida Southern College. PHI DELTA First Row: Albert Gamot, Stephen Poole, Richard Ross, Forris Kincaid. Second Row: Jack Ingram, Hal Beosley, Jack Stewart, Newton Mullis. Third Row: Dovid Shaver, Frank Kronk, John Moore, Donald Schork. n ft - L idcnt, Jack Harris; Secretary, Kathleen Kosar; Vice-President, Thomas DiCesare. OFFICERS JACK HARRIS President THOMAS DiCESARE Vice-President KATHLEEN KOSAR Secretory PROFESSOR RICHARDSON Treasurer The Florida Southern College Political Union was organized by Dean J. A. Battle to implement the American Culture program of the college and to fulfill the aims of the Citizenship Clearing House. It was formally organized December 3, 1954. The Union holds monthly dinner meetings in which outstanding public officials are subjected to an " off-the-record " crossfire questioning on per- sonal political philosophy and its practical applica- tions. Not content to remain an entity, the Union also sponsors chapel speakers, takes an active part in campus political activities and cooperates in the Florida Citizenship Clearing House. POLITICAL UNION First Row: Mel Jones, Virgol Duffell, Barbara Mock, Joy Frick, Charlene Poland, Thomas DiCesare, Eugene Roberts. Second Row: Charles Day, David Howell, Ernest Thompson, Clarke Wyllie, Jack Harris, Dean Jean A. Battle. ;:::::::? jox A id J GLENDA RUTH BASS RAYMOND ALEXANDER CARUCC! MARY FRANCES DAVIS m ALLAN RICHARD BLY CELIA CAROLYN COCKE LUCY G. FISACKERLY HOWARD SCOTT CARR BEVERLY ELAINE CRONKHITI JOHN N. FREENEY WHO ' S WHO 114 I % »•••• ft ft I m _ merican ( olieaeS unci Ulniuersiti 9 SUSAN CECILIA GILLEN DAVID LYDIAS HOWELL BARBARA ANN MOCK EARL McALAN GREENE JESSE LOUIS KUYKENDALL THOMAS ROBERT MOONEY CAROLYN ANN GREER THOMAS G. MAURER STEPHEN JACK POTZ • » » — —— ■— _____ WHO ' S WHO NANCY REEVES JO ANN SIMPSON DONALD EMERY STEISS ESTELLA ROBERTS KENT HERBERT STANNER ERNEST MUNSON THOMPSON EUGENE LEBRON ROBERTS ELEANOR ANN STANSBURY BARBARA ANN TYSON % % ft % ♦ % «i ry-Treasurer, Professor Dave Readdick; President, Ernest M. Thompson; Adviser, Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr. OFFICERS ERNEST M. THOMPSON President PROFESSOR DAVE READDICK Secretary Treasurer PROFESSOR J. GORDON OGDEN, JR Adviser Omicron Delta Kappa, long distinguished as the number one collegiate honorary fraternity, has es- tablished a triad of purposes in which is explained the magnitude of its position. They are: to recog- nize men who have attained a high standard of ef- ficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicious attainments along similar lines; to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to cre- ate an organization which will help mold the senti- ment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Character, leadership and service to campus life, scholarship, fellowship and consecration to demo- cratic ideals are considered five indispensable qual- ifications for membership. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA First Row: Professor Dave Readdick, John Collins, Dr. John Cretzinger, Professor E. A. Cose. Second Row: Mr. Corning Tolle, Deon J. C. Peel, Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr., Dean Jean Battle. Third Row: Ernest M. Thompson, Dr. Henry Battenhouse, Professor Robert Richards. Fourth Row: Steve Poti, David Howell. OFFICERS CAROLYN COCKE President BARBARA MOCK Vice-President LUCY FISACKERLY Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR J. GORDON OGDEN, JR Adviser Cap and Gown h as a four-fold purpose: to recog- nize women who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities, to bring together the most representative women in all phases of col- legiate life, to create an organization for service to the college and to bring about a good relationship between faculty and students. To be eligible for membership in Cap and Gown, a girl must have reached the classification of a jun- ior and must have an overall " B " average. She must have attained special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity and must be active in different organizations on campus. The prime requisite for Cap and Gown is good character, but a girl must also rank high in scholarship and intelli- gence, be loyal to the college and have democratic ideals. Vice-President, Barbara Mock; President, Carolyn Cocke; Secretary- Treasurer, Lucy Fisackerly. CAP AND GOWN First Row: Beve rly Cronkhite, Nancy Reeves, Carolyn Cocke, Mary Stant, Ruth Connon. Second Row: Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr., Lucy Fisackerly, Mary Frances Davis, Carolyn Greer, Estella Roberts, Barbara Mock. : : : : : : : : : HI President, Carolyn Greer; Adviser, Dean J. C. Peel; Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Mock. OFFICERS CAROLYN GREER President MARY MITCHELL Vice-President BARBARA MOCK . . . . . Secretary -Treasurer DEAN J. C. PEEL Adviser The purposes of Kappa Delta Pi are to promote a closer bond of friendship among students of edu- cation, to enter into more intimate fellowship with those dedicated to the cause of teaching as a pro- fession, to foster high standards of preparation for teaching, and to invite into bonds of fellowship those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students and servants of education. Requirements for membership are an overall B average and a minimum of six hours of education for juniors and twelve hours for a senior. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi Gold Medal Award to the outstanding graduating senior in the field of education. KAPPA DELTA PI First Row: Mary Lou Gandy, Carolyn Greer, Claire Ellis, Estclla Roberts. Second Row: Frank Welch, Mrs. Grace Snyder, Barbara Mock, Betsy Carter. Third Row: Professor Dorothy Eubanks, John Collins, Dean J. C. Peel, Dean Jean Battle. Fourth Row: Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr. ■d.. cs 1 First Row: John Collins, Jockie McMurrian, Sora Joyce Douthit, David Shaver. Second Row: Alice Palmer, Mrs. Mildred Ibberson, Mrs Mar- guerite Callahan, Henry Pfister. Third Row: Harvey Pylant, Dr. Juliana Jordan, Mrs. Vivian Fusillo, Professor Robert Fusillo. ALPHA P S I OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honor society. It was organized on this campus from the Delta Nu Cast founded in 1934. The purpose of the organization is to encourage students to a higher proficiency in dramatics. Requirements for membership include an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or community dramatic productions and membership in the Vagabonds. OFFICERS DAVID SHAVER President JACKIE McMURRIAN Secretory HARVEY PYLANT Vice-President PROFESSOR J. GORDON OGDEN, JR Business Manager MRS. MARGUERITE CALLAHAN Sponsor First Row: Sponser, Mrs. Marguerite Callahan; Secretary, Jackie McMur- rian. Second Row: Business Manager, Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr.; Vice- President, Harvey Pylant; President, David Shaver. :::::::::: OFFICERS LOUIS PRATT President DONALD BROWN Vice-President DAVID JAMESON Secretary-Treasurer DAVID LANG Chaplain REV. FRANCIS LUCE Adviser Gamma Sigma Chi is a professional fraternity in religion. The organization has as its goals the pro- motion of religious activity on campus and encour- aging its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. It attempts to make Christ a liv- ing reality on campus. Gamma Sigma Chi has bi-weekly meetings with discussion groups or speakers active in their field of interest and holds an annual spring banquet. Membership is open to all pre-theological students. Chaplain, David Lang; Vice-President, Donald Brown; President, Louis Pratt; Secretary-Treasurer, David Jameson. GAMMA SIGMA CHI First Row: Louis Pratt, Edward Murfin, Arthur Beam, David Jameson. Second Row: David Lang, Edward Dcklc, Donold Brown, Robert W. Smith. V;C- ™ ' } o REGULAR MEMBERS: First Row: George Hightower, Dr. J. C. Ireland, Druscilla Wells, Dr. M. L. Gilbert, Carolyn Bridges, Richard King, James Anderson. Second Row: William H. Hawthorne, Jim Weathers, Dr. H. M. Field, Maxwell Simpson, Dr. R. S. Kiser, Frank Marallo, Harvey Pennington. PROVISIONAL MEMBERS: Third Row: Kwang Soo Kim, Skip Minchey, June Dowd, Marta Rounds, Brian Neville, Marie Connor, Margaret Connor. Fourth Row: Burt Frank, Kenneth Roth, William MacDonald, Denny Goretsky, Louis Pratt. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a Biological Science honor soci- ety, designed to stimulate sound scholarship, to pro- mote the dissemination of scientific truth and to en- courage the investigation of life sciences. Membership is reserved for those having a B average in science courses and a 2.5 overall aver- age. It desires to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural sciences and to promote a better ap- preciation of the value of biological study. Beta Beta Beta endeavors, also, to extend the boundaries of man ' s knowledge of nature by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation. It em- phasizes, therefore, a three-fold program: stimula- tion of sound scholarship, dissemination of scien- tific knowledge and promotion of biological re- search. OFFICERS MAXWELL SIMPSON President GEORGE BALDWIN Vice-President CAROLYN BRIDGES Secretary RICHARD KING Treasurer ANN TAGGERT Historian PROFESSOR R. S. KISER Faculty Adviser First Row: President, Maxwell Simpson; Secretary, Carolyn Bridges; His- torian, Ann Taggert; Faculty Adviser, Professor R. S. Kiser; Second Row: Vice-President, George Baldwin; Treasurer, Richard King. 122 ::::::::! First Row: Dr. Julionc Jordan, Kay Blockwclder, Alice Palmer, Charlotte Paugh, Gwcn Garrett. Second Row: Mrs. Vivian Fusillo, Janice Johnson, Margie McCray, Susan Williams, Jay Groyson. Third Row: Charles Finley, Dick Schumann, Charles Gront, Isaac Selig . VAGABONDS President, Alice Palmer; Vice-President, Charles Grant; Treasurer, Susan Williams. The Vagabonds of Florida Southern College is an organization designed to provide mutual aid and encouragement to students of drama and speech. Eligibility for membership is determined by the organization according to its constitutional by-laws; each pledge is required to present a small skit The Vagabonds present outstanding plays from the professional theater and also experimental plays which are written, produced and directed by mem- bers. OFFICERS ALICE PALMER President CHARLES GRANT Vice President JACKIE McMURRIAN Secretary SUSAN WILLIAMS Treasurer L23 OFFICERS LAURENCE WATERHOUSE President CAROLYN COCKE Vice-President MARY STANT Secretory PROFESSOR JOHN G. SNYDER Treasurer PROFESSOR MILDRED A. DRACH Adviser DR. JOHN E. OWEN Adviser PROFESSOR GILBERT P. RICHARDSON Adviser The purposes of Pi Gamma Mu are to improve scholarship in the several social sciences and to achieve synthesis therein by rewarding interest and achievement in these studies; to inspire a life in- terest in human welfare through an intelligent ap- proach to the solution of social problems; to en- gender sympathy toward others with different in- stitutions and points of view by means of mutual understanding; and to supplement and support, but not supplant, existing social science organizations through scientific study toward the amelioration of social conditions. The local Florida Alpha Chapter has sponsored the securing of the Flags of American Liberty, con- tributed to the Ludd M. Spivey Student Loan Fund, and sponsors dinners, speakers and other programs to further its purposes President, Laurence Waterhouse; Vice-President, Carolyn Cocke; Secretory, Mary Stant; Treasurer, Professor John G. Snyder. PI GAMMA MU First Row: Mrs. George Morris, Mary Stant, Sue Stolberg, Virginia McFadden, Barbara Mock, Professor John Snyder, Mrs. John Snyder, Barbara Jean Dowdy, Juan Jose Acuna, Dr. John Cretzinger. Second Row: Dr. Charles Thrift, Laurence Watehouse, Carolyn Cocke, Robert Hinder, Gilbert Richardson, Dr .Charles Woodbury, Jr., Mr. Ernest Lilley, Joseph Folsom. Third Row: Mr. George Morris, Stacy Selph, Jack Stewart, Laurence Acree, Dr. John Owen, Dr. Robert MacGowan, Miss Dorothy Eubanks, Kay McCain. ;::::::::} First Row: John Collins, Betsy Carter, Ruth Connon, A. Peter Graham. Second Row: Esther Stohl, Borbara Mock, Carolyn Greer, Frank Welch. Third Row: Dr. Hale Sturges, Dr. Juliane Jordan, Professor Robert Fusillo, Dr. Henry Battcnhousc. SIGMA T A II DELTA President, Corolyn Greer; Secretary-Treasurer, Betsy Carter; Adviser, Dr Hole Sturges; Vice-President, Fronk Welch. Sigma Tau Delta has as its purposes the promotion of mastery of written expression, the encouragement of worthwhile reading and the fostering of a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in the field of English Meetings are held every three weeks at which programs are presented by the student members with occasional outside speakers. These programs often take the form of discus- sions or presentations of original writings by its members. Requirements for membership are eighteen hours of courses in English and allied fields with a B average in these courses and a status of junior or senior. The Sigma Tau Delta Award is given each year to the outstanding graduating senior in the field of English. OFFICERS CAROLYN GREER President FRANK WELCH Vice President BETSY CARTER Secretory -Treasurer DR HALE STURGES Adviser 125 Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Connor; President, Jo Ann Simpson; Vice-President, Barbara Mock. OFFICERS JO ANN SIMPSON Presi dent BARBARA MOCK Vice-President RUTH CONNON Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR ROGERS WHITENER Adviser Pi Delta Epsilon is the national iournalism honor society and was established on this campus in 1953. The purposes of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques and mechanics of journalism, to promote better fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to establish democratic and honest journalism. Membership in the fraternity is limited to upper- classmen who have served actively on the editorial or business staffs of campus publications. Pi Delta Epsilon is the oldest national honorary journalism fraternity in the nation. PI DELTA EPSILON First Row: Ruth Connon, Barbara Mock, Sarah Troxler, Corolyn Wigdahl. Second Row: Charles Wurch, Jo Ann Simpson, David Shaver, Russell Sackett, Judy Rotunno. ::::::::! OFFICERS MARTY EVANS President SUE STROUD Vice-President YOLANDA MARTINEZ Secretory- Treasurer MRS. GRACE SNYDER Adviser MISS DOROTHY EUBANKS Adviser Sigmo Rho Epsilon has a four-fold purpose: to represent the cause of religious education on the campus of Florida Southern College, to cooperate actively with all other campus organizations for the promotion of the common good, to function as a service organization on campus and in the com- munity and to emphasize scholastic achievement. The organization holds bi-weekly meetings and is active on campus through service projects, lead- ership in the local churches, fellowship with Gamma Sigma Chi and cooperative activities with other campus groups. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in religious education, those vitally inter- ested in the field and the wives of pre-theological students First Row: Vice-President, Sue Stroud; President, Marty Evons; Secretary- Treasurer, Yolanda Martinez. Second Row: Adviser, Miss Dorothy Eubanks; Adviser, Mrs. Grace Snyder. SIGMA RHO EPSILON First Row: Sheila Collar, Beverly Cronkhite, Morty Evans, Morillyn Owens, Joanne Holladay, Sue Durrance, Lucy Fisackerly, Jean Whipple. Second Row: Mitty Ivey, Donna Clockadale, Mary Hall, Beverly Perry, Carolyn Greer, Jane McMullen, Joan Petteway, Sue Stroud. Third Row: Mrs. Grace Snyder, Isabel Morris, Cathy Cruz, Miss Dorothy Eubanks, Nancy McConnell, Susie Lamb, Lynn Ramsey, Larry Drake. r o o o o ' OFFICERS ERNEST THOMPSON President JOHN R. LUPOSELLO Vice-President VIRGAL DUFFELL Secretory-Treasurer The objectives of Circle K are to provide a med- ium whereby capable, ambitious young men may be assisted in acquiring a college education; to afford members a normal participation in the social life of the campus; to develop leadership, initiative and useful training in all educational endeavors; to pro- vide experience in living and working together; to promote good fellowship and high scholarship; to serve the college; to give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life; to develop a high degree of serviceable citizenship and to emphasize the type of citizenship and social service exemplified by the Kiwanis International and its service program. Secretory-Treasurer, Virgal Duffell; President, Ernest Thompson; Vice-President, John R. Luposello. CIRCLE K First Row: Mel Jones, Virgal Duffell, Eugene Roberts, Charles Day, Kelly Smith. Second Row: David Howell, Ernest Thompson, Clarke Wyllie, Thomas Hughes. G c_»e i u : : : : : : : : :: GREEKS S E ALPHA CHI OMEGA BETA OMICRON CHAPTER A chapter ' s pride and belief in its ideals show in campus a ctivities and efforts, as well as in the chap- ter itself . . . the wide interests of our girls are shown in the many organizations participated in and the many offices held . . . Secretary of the Stu- dent Senate . . . Treasurer of the Student Senate . . . President of Cap and Gown . . . President of Pan-Hellenic Council . . . President of the Inter- national Club . . . Vice-President of Pi Gamma Mu . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Political Union . . . Clerk of Student Association . . . members of Pi Delta, Epsilon, Senate, " S " Club, Varsity Crew, In- terlachen Staff, Southern Staff, Baptist Student Union, Women ' s Student Government Association, College Union, FTA . . . two members of Who ' s Who . . . the honored beauties must be mentioned . . . Co-ed Colonel Ann Stansbury . . . Co-ed Captain Virginia McFadden . . . Co-ed Lt. Colonels Diane Beattie and Pat Glover . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart Ria Hanhausen ... Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl Ann Stansbury . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Shi rl fa Latanision Cuscaden . . . our thanks to our good housemother, " Scotty " . . . with much happiness and hopefulness, we end another wonderful year. PLEDGES: First Row: Dolores Scales, Joan Owsley, Janis Cothern, Judy Roberson, Judy White. Second Row: Corol Dixon, Sally Roberts, Kathy Sprague, Dee Kaiser, Corol Marshall, Sidney Lanier. Third Row: Ann Lewis, Carol Lee Veitch. ::::::::! ACTIVES: First Row: Virginia McFadden, Diane Beottie, Ann Clark, Marlene Norwcll, Mory Stont, Marie Hanhauscn, Donna Wink, Ruth Jones. Second Row: Patricia Glover, Donna Sarkison, Theresa Whitice, Georgia Knapp, Barbara Comondcr, Ann Stonsbury, Carolyn Wig- dahl. Third Row: Catherine Cruz, Martha Rea, Doris Becker, Judy Rotunno, Carolyn Cocke. Scoted: First Vice-President, Carolyn Cocke; President, Mory Stont; Second Vice-President, Ruth Jones. Standing: Recording Secretory, Marie Hanhau- scn; Treasurer, Doris Becker; Corresponding Secretory, Marlene Norwell. OFFICERS MARY STANT President CAROLYN COCKE First V.cePres.dent RUTH JONES Second Vice-President MARIE HANHAUSEN Recording Secretary MARLENE NORWELL Corresponding Secretory DORIS BECKER Treasurer 131 .. ALPHA DELTA PI GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER A big event of the year for Alpha Delta Pi was our State Day when our pledge class was awarded the scholarship trophy for the state ... to our en- tire chapter went the trophy for the most progres- sive chapter . . . extremely honored were we to have two fraternity sweethearts in Gamma Gamma . . . Connie Hulett was Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi . . Susan Gillen was Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . activity and club memberships were high . . co-captain of the Cheerleaders . . . two members of Who ' s Who . . . five Senators . . . members of Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Mu, " S " Club, Home Economics Club, FTA . . . Secretary of Pan Hellenic Council . . . President of the Intramural Board . . . Vice-President and Treasurer of the Home Economics . . . State Home Economics College Club Editor . . . State President of the Home Economics Association and candidate for the national presidency ... all in all it was one great year for Gamma Gamma and we are looking forward to even greater years to come. PLEDGES: First Row: Joan Tangora, Jill Wilson, Kay Cameron, Ursula Stein, Barbara McGavin. Second Row: Nancy Bliss, Connie Clark, Sue Gable, Penny Peterson. Third Row: Nicki Clark, Ruth Osterman, Chorlene Poland, Gail Johnson. I % % % •%•• ' ACTIVES: First Row: Solly Shinn, Carol Fosbender, Jeonerte Wormolts, Martha Watson, Joy Frick, Suson Gillen, Alice Adorns, Connie Hulett, Jone Hornby. Second Row: Barbara Pierce, Alice McAuley, Susan Wimbrow, Chcrrill Knudten, Barbara Hellwig, Virginia Kennedy, Marilyn Glawe, Linda Mosher. Third Row: Barbara Tyson, Sonia Hooker, Sheilo Stephen, Cynthia Ingrom, Nancy Childs, Diane Oettinger. Seated: Vice-President, Alice Adams; President, Connie Hulett; Treasurer, Sonia Hooker. Standing: Recording Secretory, Diane Oettinger; Correspond- ing Secretary, Marilyn Glawe. OFF I CERS CONNIE HULETT President ALICE ADAMS Vice President DIANE OETTINGER Recording Secretary MARILYN GLAWE Corresponding Secretory SONIA HOOKER Treasurer 133 ALPHA OMICRON PI KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER The traditional Rubies and Roses shone even brighter this year for the AOPi ' s . . . they started off the year with more athletic success, winning the intramural volleyball tournament . . . we had three members of the Varsity Women ' s crew and a mem- ber of the ski team . . . another bonus in holding the Fraternity Education Cup and District Scholar- ship trophy ... an unforgettable time was had by all at the third annual Christmas Sing . . . many were the offices held . . . President of the Christian Science Organization . . . President of FTA . . . President of Sigma Tau Delta . . . President of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Secretary of the Inter-Faith Council . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class . . . co-captain of the Cheerleaders . . . members of Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who, Beta Beta Beta, Senate, " S " Club, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Concert Choir, Vaga- bonds, Varsity Women ' s basketball . . . Beverly Jones made the AOPi ' s proud when she made sing- ing appearances in Chapel as well as local churches . . . this brought about the AOPi quartet . . . our social life remained effervescent with Faye Tucker as TEP Sweetheart . . . our Founders ' Day Banquet . . the year completed with our annual Rose Ball. PLEDGES: First Row: Judith Freed, Gwen Garrett, Marilyn Witt, Gayle James, Barbara Clifford, Barbara Eisenberger. Second Row: Frances Leitz, Joanne Holladay, Virginia Tucker, Mary Rudolph, Elly Janse. ACTIVES: First Row: Charlotte Pough, Lucy Fisockerly, Jonet Vandcrzee, Mory Lou Gandy, Foyc Tucker, Beverly Jones, Carolyn Greer, Jeon Napoli. Second Row: Sandra Hawes, Marilyn Howell, Janet Wells, Dagmar Hunnicutt, Barbara Jones, Marilyn Rushton, Ann Taggert. Third Row: Jane Murphy, Nancy Reeves, Barbara Bauhof, Elaine Maclntyre. Seated: Treasurer, Marilyn Howell; President, Nancy Reeves; Vice-President, Ann Taggert. Standing: Recording Secretory, Carolyn Greer; Corresponding Secretary, Mory Lou Gandy. OFF ICERS NANCY REEVES . President ANN TAGGERT Vice-President CAROLYN GREER Recording Secretory MARY LOU GANDY Corresponding Secretory MARILYN HOWELL Treosurer 1. 1. " BETA SIGMA OMI(ltO ETA ZETA CHAPTER One of the highlights of the year was our Nati- onal Convention held at Spring Lake, New Jersey . . . Dottie Gross, Marcia Salage, Barbara Ander- son and Joan Steinauer attended from the Beta Zeta Chapter ... in addition to the new friendships formed, much inspiration was brought back for the new school year ... a new tradition was set this year among the Betas — Sunday initiations followed by Chapter attendance at church . . . we welcome back our faculty advisers, Mr. and Mrs. George Morris . . . summer wedding bells rang for Barbara Ross Anderson and Jackie Collins Mayo . . . " Showers " were given Mary Bryant and Donna Clockadale . . . Mrs. Dekle also " went in " after receiving our Mother ' s Pin . . . Bev Brockman, transfer from William-Jewell College, joined our ranks . . . the pledges gave us a pizza party . . . the ambitious pledges also brightened up the patio with a new coat of paint . . . our Lakeland alums joined us for our National Founders ' Day ceremony and dinner . . . fond memories of our January for- mal dinner-dance and our annual dance in May . . . among our important people we have the Sec- retary of Phi Epsilon Mu . . . Secretary of Women ' s Student Government Association . . . Secretary of Pi Delta Epsilon . . Secretary of the College Union . . . members in FTA, MSM, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta, Home Economics Club and the Southern Staff ... we again captured the badminton doubles trophy ... we won the College Union table tennis trophy ... all of this aided in making this year a very successful one for Beta Sigma Omicron. PLEDGES: Susan Stolberg, Grace Goodman, Judy Poyton, Gloria Hancock, Shirley Ann Krug. % % ••- ACTIVES: First Row: Dorothy Beach, Barbara Fletcher, Beverly Brockman, JoAnne Rowdybush, Donna Clockdalc. Second Row: Ann Snow, Patricia Blount, Janice Penn, Ruth Connon. Seated: Vice-President, Donna Clockadale; President, Dorothy Beach. Standing: Treasurer, Barbara Fletcher; Secretary, Ruth Connon. OFFICERS DOROTHY BEACH President DONNA CLOCKADALE Vice-Pres denf RUTH CONNON Secretary BARBARA FLETCHER Treasurer 137 DELTA ZETA BETA MU CHAPTER To unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote the moral and social culture of its members, and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action — these are the ob- jectives of the Delta Zeta sorority ... in many ways are these objectives fulfilled in the Beta Mu chapter . . . many offices are held . . . Vice-Presi- dent of the Student Body Association . . . Vice- President of Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Vice-President of Cap and Gown . . . Vice-President of W.S.G.A. . . . Secretary-Treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Editor and Assistant Editor of the Interlachen . . . Secre- tary and Treasurer of FTA . . . Secretary of the Political Union . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Jun- ior Class . . . Secretary of Beta Beta Beta . . . Sec- retary of the " S " Club . . . Social Chairman of the Senate . . . Publicity Chairman of the Home Eco- nomics Club ... a member of the Supreme Court . . . three members of Who ' s Who . . . three R.O.T.C. Co-Ed Captains . . the Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . the mascot of Theta Chi . . . members of the Southern Staff, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Vagabonds, Rifle Team, Cheerleaders, Circus . . . many happy memories of the Rose Banquet, the Christmas Dance with Sig Ep and the Spring Fling . . . the annual sponsoring of the Honor Walk Student . . . sixteen wonderful fall pledges . . . the publishing of the DZ Dispatch ... all of this is Delta Zeta . . . and in addition, Delta Zeta is a sorority that offers a more than high national rank- ing, more than old traditions, more than a super- ficially prominent name, a sorority that offers friendship, understanding and a chance for individ- ual growth rather than anonymity in a stereotyped group. PLEDGES: First Row: Dorothy Vanderford, Daris Davis, Arlene DeTroy, Ann Vogel, Patricia Keagle, Lucy Broshears. Second Row: Evelyn Myers, Barbara Elliott, Karen Dunton, Barbara Smale, Marg McCray Third Row: Jean Hartzler, Janet Becker, Joan Wilson, Beverly Haines, Janice Johnson. I % % % ■•• •- ACTIVES: First Row: June Dowd, Corol Ann Bucll, Kay Hammerich, Edna Murachanian, Mory Frances Davis, Sarah Troxler, Alycc Gray. Second Row: Gayle Myers, Barbara Ahola, Julia Woodruff, Corol Foote, Barbara Mock, Betty Wogner, Gloria Groane. Third Row: Kathleen Kosar, Patricia Essenburg, Glenda Bass, Patricia Sweeney, Barbara Pontius, Jo Ann Boden. Seated: Vice-President, Kay Hammerich; President, Sarah Troxler. Standing: Secretory, Alyce Gray; Treosurer, Barbara Mock. -a 1 OFFICERS SARAH TROXLER President KAY HAMMERICH Vice President ALYCE GRAY Recording Secretory MARY FRANCES DAVIS Corresponding Secretory BARBARA MOCK Treosurer L39 KAPPA DELTA GAMMA EPS1L0N CHAPTER Kappa Delta ' s second year on campus has been an eventful one . . . how thrilled we all were to re- ceive our first two ' trophies . . . Barbara Coston as All Campus Queen and Gerra Blair winning the Archery Trophy . . . many honors were won by KD . . . President of the Home Economics Club . . . Vice-President of the Baptist Student Uni on . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Methodist Student Move- ment . . . Co-Ed Captain of R.O.T.C. . . . Pianist for the Concert Choir . . a seat on the Supreme Court . . leading roles in campus plays . . . two members of the Varsity Basketball team . . . the wearers of the emerald and pearl returned to school to find a big, beutiful house on Lake Hollingsworth awaiting them and a wonderful housemother, too . . . our hard work during rushing and was rewarded when nineteen pledges put on green and white rib- bons ... all the KDs and TKEs were wishing they could adopt a child when they gave a ioint Christ- mas party for the Baptist Children ' s Home . . . the next weekend found the KDs and their dates sing- ing Christmas carols and drinking eggnog at the annual Christmas dance . . . toys were sent to the Crippled Children ' s Hospital at Richmond, Virginia . . . yes, Kappa Delta can be proud of the progress it has made after only one year on Southern ' s cam- pus. PLEDGES: First Row: Nancy Cabe, Eorline Owen, Janis Cowon, Fern Livingston, Arlene Levine, Rosalie Briegs. Second Row: Jenelle Braddy, Mary Lou Cunningham, Barbara Anne Green, Jo Ann Horris, Barbara Tuttle. Third Row: Margaret Woodhams, Betty Hanson, Elizabeth Hoffsommer, Lois MacKenzie. :::::::::! ACTIVES: First Row: Jone McMullcn, Dorothy Jenkins, Patricia Sperry, Joan Petteway, Carole Wilson, Jonice McDonald. Second Row: Barbara Reedy, Marilone Odiorne, Saro Ann Clark, Carol Ungro, Evelyn Herrington, Gerra Bloir. Third Row: Martha Grace, Nancy Mc- Connell, Jane Brassier, Barbara Glock. Seated: Vice-President, Evelyn Herrington; President, Barbara Glock; Treas- urer, Jone McMullen. Standing: Editor, Carol Ungro; Assistant Treasurer, Gerra Blair; Secretary, Nancy McConncll. OFFICERS BARBARA ANN GLOCK President EVELYN HERRINGTON Vice President NANCY McCONNELL Secrefory JANE McMULLEN Treasurer GERRA BLAIR . . . Assistant Treasurer CAROL UNGRO Editor 1 11 phi mc ALPHA TAU CHAPTER ' . After only two years on Florida Southern ' s cam- pus, Phi Mu is well established not only as an im- portant part of FSC life, but as an important part in the life of each of its members . . . Sue Clark, Joan Heminger and Ruby Singleton claimed fra- ternity pins . . . Sue Bennett and Delia Shoemaker announced their engagements . . . Alpha Tau ' s par- ticipated in many campus activities . . . Secretary- Treasurer of the Sophomore Class . . . Social Chair- man of the Methodist Student Movement . . . eight members of the Future Teachers of America . . . two members of the Concert Choir ... a member of the Southern Staff . . . three members of the Concert Band . . . Sophomore Class Editor of the Inrerlachen . . . three members of the Home Eco- nomics Club . . . Program Chairman of the Vaga- bonds . . . members in Sigma Tau Delta and Phi Epsilon Mu ... we were kept busy with many par- ties . . . particularly unforgettable was our Christ- mas Dance with Theta Chi . . pleasure was found in another holiday event — we took some of the needy children of Lakeland Christmas shopping . . . we were very proud of our sweethearts — Delores Mills, Sweetheart of Theta Chi and Nancy Koop- men, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart . . . we were especially proud, too, that we were wearing the gold emblem of Phi Mu Sorority. PLEDGES: First Row: Agnes Swift, Amelia Padgett, Ruby Singleton, Jane Price. Second Row: Joyce Chaney, Marguerite Critchlow, Cynthia Nelson, Julia Boyer. ::::::::! ACTIVES: First Row: Margaret Schurr, Nancy Koopmon, Sue Bennett, Claudio Prince, Evelyn Huggins, Joon Heminger, Mary Ann Wells, Susan Clark. Second Row: Caroline Harrington, Sharon Talbot, Margaret McKinnon, Dello Shoemaker, Dclores Mills, Carol Sweetlond, Noncy Pcddic. Third Row: Mary Grable, Peggie Hurst, Beverly Tresca, Barbara Hofellcr. Seated: President, Margaret Schurr; Vice-President, Sue Bennett. Standing: Secretary, Cloudio Prince; Treasurer, Delores Mills. OFF ICERS MARGARET SCHURR President SUE BENNETT Vice President CLAUDIA PRINCE Secretory DELORES MILLS Treasurer 1 13 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA BETA PHI CHAPTER Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma started off its second year on the Florida Southern College campus with the largest pledge class — twenty-eight girls and a promising future in sight. A busy year was in store for us . . . our annual Christmas party ... all the members giving gifts for the John Randolph School children in Virginia ... an Easter party and egg hunt at a home for children in Lakeland. We were busy on campus also, our members par- ticipating in over twenty campus activities . . . Sec- retary of Beta Beta Beta . . . President of Vaga- bonds . . . Secretary of Alpha Psi Omega . . . sev- eral members of the Concert Choir, Concert Band, Microphone Club, Rifle Team, Debate Team, two members of Kappa Delta Pi, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff, International Club and many other organizations. Kampus Kapers found us working hard ... as did Founders ' Week! . . . Founders ' Day was cele- brated with a banquet and the traditional Sigma Symphony . . . then came our annual Deep Purple Ball. Thus, we ended our second year on campus, liv- ing up to our purpose of personal development of individual members, a design for living and worth- while standards of social relationships. PLEDGES: First Row: Beverly Heme, Patricia McCloughan, Joan Morton, Marcia Hall, Jean Ream, Betty Lou Tinsley, Emme Wissmann. Second Row: Phyllis Borman, Sylvia Collins, Shirley Wall, Mary Eddie, Marilyn Calhoun, Janice Rehbine, Vivian Bryant, Nancy Bennett. Third Row: Kay Blackwelder, Myra Payton, Nancy Myers, Barbara Vlasak, Juanita Walden, Patricia A ' Hern, Carol Woodward, Elizabeth Franckum. : : : : : : : :« ACTIVES: First Row: Myrna Reams, Carolyn Burt, Frances Kerber, Claire Ellis, Doris Hagcrs, Ruth Taylor. Second Row: Lillian Blanc, Geralyn Lynch, Betsy Carter, Alice Palmer, Carolyn Bridges. Seated: President, Lillian Blanc; Vice-President, Doris Hagers. Standing: Secretary, Frances Kerber; Treasurer, Claire Ellis. OFF ICERS LILLIAN BLANC President DORIS HAGERS Vice-President FRANCES KERBER Secretory CLAIRE ELLIS Treasurer L45 nd W Vice-President, Edna Murachanian; Secretary, Joy Frick; Treasurer, Lucy Fisackerly; President, Carolyn Cocke. OFFICERS CAROLYN COCKE President EDNA MURACHANIAN Vice-President JOY FRICK Secretary LUCY FISACKERLY Treasurer MISS HATTIE EICHOLTZ Adviser MISS MILDRED DRACH Adviser The Pan-Hellenic Council fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level, acts as a forum for the discussion of fraternity and so- rority problems and governs the rules of rush- ing and pledging. The Council is composed of two members and an alumni from each sorority on campus. It holds a most responsible position in the every-day life of the college. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL First Row: Miss Drach, Sue Clark, Lucy Fisackerly, Donna Clockadale, Miss Eicholtz. Second Row: Edna Murochanian, Claire Ellis, Faye Tucker, Ann Clarke, Joan Petteway. Third Row: Carolyn Burt, Pat Sweeney, Carolyn Cocke, Barbara Glock, Joy Frick. to m ft € ::::::::: OFF I CERS JOHN N. FREENEY President RAY CARUCCI Vice-President THOMAS MAURER Secretory LES KOCOUR Treasurer EARL W ZIEBARTH, JR Rush Chairman The Interfraternity Council has as its pur- pose the betterment of the college through the betterment of the social fraternities. Its membership is comprised of representa- tives from each fraternity on campus who meet to discuss and solve fraternity problems, striving to equalize the opportunities of the various fraternities. Its activities include the co-sponsorship with the Pan-Hellenic Council of the IFC-Pan-Hell annual dance during Orientation Week, aiding in campus drives and cooperation with the fraternities on the Founders ' Week projects. First Row: Vice-President, Roy Corucci; Treasurer, Les Kocour; Secretory, Thomas Mourer. Second Row: President, John N. Freeney; Rush Chairmon, Earl W. Ziebarth, Jr. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL First Row: Herbert Gardner, George Stuck, Edward McMullen, Raymond Carucci, Joseph Emsley, Fletcher Humphries, Williom Ziebarth. Second Row: Les Kocour, Kay McCain, Kent Stonncr, Thomos Mourer, James George, Williom Grimes. Third Row: Donald Shapiro, Derek Konselman, Kenneth Harlin, John Freeney. • hit M ? i » c . . r u LAMBDA CHI ALPHA EPSILON CHI CHAPTER MARIE HANHAUSEN Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha The Epsilon Chi Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha sends its all to their sweetheart, Ria Hanhausen, whose immeasurable help and kindness throughout the year was so greatly appreciated . . . we all welcomed the addition of our mascot, " Lady " . . . the year brought forth the usual successful run of parties . . . many men brought glory and honor to our name . . . The R.O.T.C. Cadet Colonel . . . Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . . . President of the " S " Club . . . Secretary of the Intramural Board . . . men on the baseball and basketball teams ... a member of the Men ' s Council ... all of this plus a unified group working for the good of all made this year a top one . . . regrets for the loss of many Seniors, but the always present hope for the future for the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. PLEDGES: First Row: Donald Newton, James McKee, Duane LaVeon, Robert Luposello, Robert O. Potz, Charles Strain, Charles Scott, Donald Brennan. Second Row: Dale Rider, Burnham Cooper, William Stapleton, Denny Goretsky, Robert Edmonds, Roy Kitchell, William Gardner, Robert Lama. Third Row: William Truex, Richard Jensen, Thomas Strahle, Scott Buchanan, George Smith, Alvin Smith. ACTIVES: First Row Richard Fcnwick, Edward Cowley, Gene Stockton, John Vaughn, Frank Donatclli. Morton Lumpkin, Ward Johnson, John R. A. Miller. Second Row: Walter Krauss, Reginald Morton, Joe Emsley, Jerry Burton, Peter Markellos, Dr. John I. Cretiinger, E. B. Smith, Dr. E. A. Case. Third Row: Allen Stern, Jim Garner, Dick Rumple, Ray Cossels, Earl Greene, Robert Grow, William Richardson. Fourth Row: Dr. Robert MacGowan, Prof. Roy S. Kiser. Vice-President, Word Johnson; President, Eorl Greene; Secretory, Robert Grav OFFICERS EARL M GREENE President WARD JOHNSON Vice-President ROBERT GRAW Secretary JOHN LUPOSELLO Treasurer 149 PHI SIGMA KAPPA OMEGA TRITON CHAPTER MISS PATRICIA KUHN Moonlight Girt of Phi Sigma Kappa The Omega Triton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa got off to a good start this year by being the first on the social calendar . . . many parties followed many more . . . our formals were tops . . . we turned six brothers out into the cruel world with the June grad- uation, Brothers Brown, Davis, Wilson, Bulske, Bennett and Carey . . the Navy seems to have plans for Brothers Stuck and Wilken- son . . . Brothers Collins and Voss have gone elsewhere to seek out life ' s fortunes . . . Cupid struck hard this year with Brother Bennett being the lucky one to become engaged to our Moonlight Girl, Pat Kuhn, ahhhh, love that girl! . . . others being struck by similar darts were Bulske, Carey, Mott and Neville . . . thus ended another pleasant year for Phi Sigma Kappa. The Phi Sigma Kappa ' s relax in their chapter room ot Florida Southern College. 1 ,1 ..I ■■ 1... I . ■ I ■!■! k _J , - - ' ) ■J : " % • • ••• First Row: David Kelley, Brian Neville, Edward Brooks, George Stuck, Max Bulske, Robert Kerr, Max J. Selig, Chapter Adviser. Second Row: Gilmer Carey, Harry Bennett, Kay McCain, Robert Postle, Norman Dovis, L. D. Brown. Third Row: Edward Mott, Wendell Kelly, Russell Wilson, George B. Wilkinson, Walter A. Fisher. First Row: Vice-President, William Corey; President, Robert Postle; Treasurer, Leon Brown. Second Row: Inductor, Harry Bennett; Secretory, George Wilkinson; Sentinel, Edward Mott. OFFICERS ROBERT POSTLE President WILLIAM CAREY Vice President GEORGE WILKINSON Secretary LEON BROWN Treasurer HARRY BENNETT Inductor EDWARD MOTT Sentinel 151 E„ PI KAPPA ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ANN STANSBURY Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha What makes Pi Kappa Alpha not just a fraternity, but a top fraternity? ... it could be a lot of things . . . winning the Schol- arship Trophy and TB Display Trophy . . . our wonderful Dream- girl, Ann Stansbury . . . our energetic sports program . . . intra- mural trophies and championships . . . our friendly, happy par- ties . . . half a dozen beautiful serenades . . . open houses . . . no doubt the leadership of our devoted alumnus counsellor, David Readdick . . . maybe the size ... it could be our leaders . . . Presidents of ODK, Circle " K, " ' Interfraternity Council . . . Florida Intercollegiate Student Government Association . . . Political Union . . . Citrus Club . . . Methodist Student Movement . . . Freshman and Sophomore Class . . . Intramural Board . . . Concert Band . . three members of the Senate . . . Chapel Committee Chairman . . . Justice of the Supreme Court . . . member of Men ' s Council . Business Manager of the Interlachen . . . five listed in Who ' s Who . . . four R.O.T.C. officers . . . three members of ODK ... it could be any of these things, or all of them ... or it might be the bond of brotherhood that grows when eighty men unite in one common cause and for one great goal — Phi Phi Kappa Alpha. PLEDGES: First Row: Herb Walston, P. L. Hay, Richard Lewisy, Thomas Hamilton, James Conner, Allen Mundy, Dallas Turner, Lawrence Turner. Second Row: Curtis Pickens, Edward Sanchez, James Lane, Clyde Whitehead, Neal Justin, John Maines, Caroll Dickerson, Robert Phillips. Third Row: Charles Morelock, John Robinson, Michael Harper, Karl Ewerts, Ronald Vihlen, Robert Lancaster, Kelly Smith, Jr. rs k ::::: :.:■:■.:! ACTIVES: First Row: Poul Wille, Alan Bly, Virgol Duffell, Peter Perciosepe, Williom Pickett, Jerry Vihlen, Don Steiss, Clork Maxwell. Second Row: Ed Mullins, Richard Harvey, Woltcr Strain, Jim Robinson, Lewy Hardin, Jimmy McCullough, Walter Zigrong, George Hightower, Frank Kunburger. Third Row: James Cade, Dennis Andrews, Steve Johnson, William Hotton, John Nelson, Don Keane, James Piatt, George Pritchett, Louis McTcer, Thomas Zukow. Fourth Row: Poul Pearson, Ed McMullen, Doug Tipton, Al Bogert, Robert Skinner, John Hardin, William Grimes, William Tolle, John Jones. Fifth Row: Buddy Penn, William Loy, Jerry Panoti, Russell Sackett, Frank Hart, Jack Harris, William Keene, David Howell, Carl Schuchardt, James Anderson. Sixth Row: Richard Blackweldcr, Hal Hendry, Robert Bradly, William Medley, Delmus Davis, Richard Hagstrom, John Frecney, Ernest Thompson, Louis T. Armstrong. President, David Howell; Vice-President, Don Steiss; Treasurer, Richard Blackwelder; Secretory, Walter Zigrang. OFFICERS DAVID HOWELL President DONALD STEISS Vice-President WALTER ZIGRANG Secretory PARLEY B BLACKWELDER Treasurer I " : ' , PI KAPPA PHI BETA BETA CHAPTER CONNIE HULETT Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi The Beta Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on this campus in 1904 . . . since that time its high standards and firm brotherhood have truly made these years " moments to remember " . . . Our brothered group stands together there, Blending voices to a sweetheart true; The serenade begins when we declare — " Pi Kapp, Pi Kapp, will sing to you " . . . " Too much man, I put that way down! Can ' t you get Channel 8 any clearer? " . . . " Pledge, answer that phone! " . . . colorful paddles handmade for pleasure . . . " But you can ' t do that, hazing ist verboten " . . . Little Nappy and his henpecked hopefuls . . . " Wax that floor, dust those chairs — get a little high; go up those stairs " . . . the traditional, but sometimes forgotten, straw hats . . . Beta Beta ' s first pledge sweetheart, Nancy Paulling . . . our diligent, vivacious Chapter Sweetheart, Connie Hulett . . . serenades — for some a special lady — -and then the lake . . . Santa Claus with his unusual presents . . . President Eisenhower ' s personal letter of appreciation to the members of Beta Beta . . . " Mister Roberts " and his Key West caper with Ike . . . keen competition for the two trophies made this year ' s Kampus Kapers one of the best since its inception . . . the float for Founders ' Week . . . that exceptional night of our Gold and White Ball ... all these fond memories and the cheer- ful camaraderie have made this year one to remember for all Pi Kapps. PLEDGES: First Row: Henry Bartlett, Richard Jones, David Hicks, James Lockman, Walter Biomquist, Dale Morrison. Second Row: Dean Hanson, Edward Denison. ::: :::::! ACTIVES: First Row: Eorl W. Zieborth, Jr., Sherman Harding, Richard King, Alex Nelson, Herbert Stadtlandcr, John Kerlin, Louis Bonstccl, Captain James R. Murphy. Second Row: Williom Hawthorne, Jeff Wiley, Donald Tatro, Carter Cain, Mac Cunningham, Jr., Fletcher Hum- phries, Steve Potz, Ray DeLoach. Third Row: William Kesler, Williom Wood, Marion Brown, Warren Wolfe, Eugene Roberts. Treasurer, Ray DeLoach; Secretory, Eugene Roberts; Warden, Fletcher Humphries; President, Steve Potz. OFFICERS STEVE POTZ President EUGENE ROBERTS Secretory RAY DELOACH Treasurer FLETCHER HUMPHRIES Warden 155 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FLORIDA GAMMA CHAPTER SUSAN GILLEN Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856, celebrated its centennial anniversary this school year . . . unassuming Leo, the ever watchful lion of the SAE house, survived many and varied assaults to start the Florida Gamma chapter on its way to a highly successful and rewarding year . . . a brief glance of the year . . . Kenneth Lowe as Vice-President of the Senior Class . . . Tom Karahalios as President of the Junior Class . . . Thomas Mooney as President of the Senior Class . . . Tom Maurer and Frank Troina ably serving as members of the Student Senate . . . Bud Stanner, Tom Maurer and Tom Mooney being elected to Who ' s Who . . . four members leading the FSC basketball team to victory . . . the domicile received a much- needed a coat of paint . . . the job touched up by lion raiders . . . ten SAE pins being sported by ten wonderful girls . . . many won- derful parties . . . the outdoor socials with the sororities . . . the Christmas Dance with Alpha Chi . . . the Hawaiian party . . . ending with the gala Sweetheart Dance . . . wedding bells for Bud Stanner and Sue Gillen, our very wonderful sweetheart ... all in all a wonderful year for the purple and the gold. PLEDGES: First Row: Mike Murphy, William Kelly, Leonard Anderson, Ralph Allen, Charles Markham, Luther Lewer. Second Row: Gary Peters, John Melendi, Peter Mills, James Hudson, Brooks Callaway, Gory Burke. Third Row: John Spicuzza, Richard Fulford, Gary Stevens, John Larsen, Robert Pfaff, Rookie Rooks. Fourth Row: Ralph Hoyt, Jerry Keuthan, Ronold Thomas, Neil Diterichs. ; ; ; ; ; ;.i % % % • • • % % ACTIVES: First Row: Leon Kotsioipoulos, Dick Dougol, Kent Stonner, William Cooper, George Polmer, William Bartlett. Second Row: Ernest Lemos, Donald Schcercr, Pat Hepburn, Richard Hammerich, Alan Won Winkle, Charles Jackson, Charles Foley, Nicholas Dlmaggio. Third Row: James Meyer, Dole Collins, Thomas Karahalios, William Haussmann, Richard Henderson, Edward McLaughlin, William Burns, Roger Gourley. Fourth Row: Al Schwind, Robert Vonderbeck, James Craige, Thomos Maurcr, Noel Englcr, Norman Dcrix, Fronk Troina, James Tolford, Robert Fernandez. Fifth Row: Thomas Mooncy, Ray Keuthan, Wolter Bird, Roger Woodruff, Numan Garrison, Murrell Davis, Robert Vivian, Robert Goodncttcr. Sixth Row: James Kingsland, John Musgrovc, Steve Dimon, John Fernandez, Jack Highnam, Keith Lowe, Lclond Stansell, Donald Haslcy. President, Kent Stanncr; Vice-President, Alon Van Winkle; Treasurer, Dick Dougol; Secretary, Keith Lowe. OFFICERS KENT STANNER President ALAN VAN WINKLE Vice-President KEITH LOWE Secretary DICK DOUGAL Treasurer 157 L.. SIGMA PHI EPSILON FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER EDNA MURACHANIAN Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon started its year on both a happy and sad note . . . due to the excellent work of Lyle Curran and others, Sig Ep pledged twenty-two men in the fall . . . the more unpleasant news came that the fraternity sweetheart, Sunny Matthews, was not returning this year . . . however, congratulations to Sunny and Les Kocour on their March wedding . . . congratulations to Ray Carucci on his nomination to Who ' s Who and to Hank Barlow for the Scott Key Award . . . thanks go to Delta Zeta for their wonderful coop- eration throughout the year . . . memories still remain of the Christmas Dance ... a special word of appreciation goes to our sweetheart, Edna Muranchanian, who has done so much to help us and to make our fraternity a top one. PLEDGES: First Row: Sherman Fields, Robert Campbell, Thomas Miller, Jules Abbosh, Kelly Aide, Henry Calderone, Fritz Zapatka, Herbert Horts. Second Row: Joseph Wojczak, Jerry Novak, Fred Crisp, Norman Freebeck, Harold Archambault, Donald Maurice, Robert Ferrance, Bruce Jensen. ACTIVES: First Row: Joseph Carletta, Raymond Corucci, George Breber, Arthur Emms, Lyle Curron, Albert Herzog, John Schlosscr. Second Row: Charles Kempf, Les Kocour, Thomos Elwood, Ronald Hadrabo, Thomas Eubclcr, Donold Heider. Third Row: Richard Smith, Glenn Oak, Frank Domenick, Kenneth Jorgenson, Henry Barlow, John Lamb. First Row: Recording Secretary, Albert Hericg; President, Les Kocour; Pledge Trainer, Lyle Curron; Treasurer John Lomb. Second Row: Corresponding Secretary, Donald Hcidcr; Historian, Joe Carletta. OFFICERS LES KOCOUR President RAY CARUCCI Vice President AL HERZOG Secretory JOHN LAMB Treasurer 159 TAB EPSILON PHI TAU RHO CHAPTER NANCY KOOPMAN Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi The brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi would like to g ive special recog- nition to two outstanding brothers who are leaving our midst . . . Pat Cicorelli and Robert Hollander have shown by their efforts in the past four years the true meaning of the word fraternalism . . . Pat has been past President of the Interfraternity Council and a member of the crew, rifle team and judo team . . . Bob has been a leader in the Hillel Society, a member of the Men ' s Intramural Board and has held various offices within the fraternity . . . the brothers would also like to thank Faye Tucker, our past sweet- heart, for being the greatest ever ... we bid a sorrowful farewell to all our graduating Seniors . . . fond memories prevail ... of the Tep Hop . . . the Sweetheart Dance . . . the annual Christmas party at Morrell Hospital ... a special word of appreciation is due Nancy Koopman, our present sweetheart and also the greatest ... all of these things exemplify the purpose of our fraternity — to promote brotherhood and foster the ideal of a close bond be- tween all classes of people. PLEDGES: First Row: Shelley Segal, Roberto Leonardo, Robert Lowenthal, Harold Bornstein. Second Row: David Egert, Jack Levine, Robert Stelzer, Isaac Selig. Third Row: Howard Groder, Alan Magee, Burt Frank. 1 cs n . » • . - t % ACTIVES: First Row: Donald Shapiro, Marvin Shapiro, Vol Patarini, Edward Richmond. Second Row: Lewis Hochberg, Pot Cicorclli, Soul Katzowitz, Larry Firestone. Third Row: Emilio Garcia, Robert Hollander, James George. Vice-President, Edward Richmond; President, James K. George; Treosurer, Emilio Garcia, Secretary, Morvin Shapiro. OFFICERS JAMES K GEORGE President EDWARD RICHMOND Vice President MARVIN SHAPIRO Secretory EMILIO GARCIA Treasurer rt 161 TAIT KAPPA EPSILOJ BETA TAU CHAPTER SHIRLLA CUSCADEN Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Cpsilon This year was made much brighter by the addition of five beautiful girls, known as the Tekettes . . . the group, which was an attractive aid to our rush program, consisted of Shirlla Cus- caden, Sharon Talbot, Delia Shoemaker, Margie Bell and Theresa Whitice . . . the barbecued pig dinner in our backyard was a huge success, with Chefs Terrana and Giangrasso doing a good job . . . the most laughs we ' ve had in a long time came at the Orphans Christmas party with the Kappa Deltas . . . Nick Nicolas made a big hit playing piggy-back . . . how ' s your shins, Nick? Ed Larue was adopted by a cute little gal, who followed him all over calling him " Daddy " . . . the orphan party was followed by a banquet-dance for Christmas, with a great orchestra from Or- lando ... all the girls received beautiful gifts ... we all had a lot of fun doing Kampus Kapers this year . . . our skit was a satire on silent movies, with hero, heroine and villian . . . Ross Gian- grasso, the villian, stole the show with his dying scene . . . accord- ingly the fraternity voted him the outstanding actor of the year . . . the love scene between Ross and Ken Harlin also added to the hilarity . . . this year we were fortunate in having the Alpha Delta Pi ' s as the better halves in the Founders ' Week floats . . . much pleasure came as a result of the French Underground Party and the Sweetheart Dance . . . we hope our new sweetheart will be as wonderful and beautiful as our Shirlla . . . Congrats to Tod Ebetino, who took the big step this year . . . more Congrats to Shirlla and Mike on their big event. PLEDGES: First Row: Eorl Matthews, James Balier, Harold Kugelman, Fritz Roberts, Ralph Ross, Jack Foghry. Second Rov Armstrong, Robert Ullian, John Simpson, Terry Abbott. I V K : : : : : .: : : i ACTIVES: First Row William Prescott, Ross Giangrasso, Tod Ebetino, P.otessor E. L. Rocsly, Robert Wordell, Earl James, Paul Shermar Second Row: Kenneth Roth, Howard Jones, Kenneth Harlin, Walter Loeschc, Frank Terrana, Nick Nicholas. Vice-President, Earl James; Secretary, Walter Loeschc: President, Howard Jones; Treasurer, Kenneth Harlin. OFFICERS HOWARD JONES President EARL JAMES Vice President WALTER LOESCHE Secretary KENNETH HARLIN Treasurer t : THETA CHI GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER MISS DELORES MILLS Sweetheart of Theta Chi The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi started off its centen- nial Year in grand style with a great pledge class . . . then came the thrill of the moss-bearded group winning first place and a year ' s possession of the Kampus Kapers trophy . . . many pleasant memories graced the year ' s activities ... of " Coach " Scaturro . . . " Smilin ' Jack " Lyons . . . George Senn, the Latin lover . . . parties on top of parties . . . Lake lola . . . the Founders ' Week float with Delta Zeta . . . Larry Upham, " Boy President " . . . the sweetheart dance at the Yacht Club . . . our most wonderful sweetheart, Delores Mills . . . the Conclave at Gainesville . . . " Bloody Bubber " . . . football season, unfortunate, but at least consistent! ... a pleasant, yet sad, good-bye to our graduating Seniors . . . thus another glorious year for Theta Chi comes to a close. PLEDGES: First Row: Stuart Sabel, Andrew Scaturro, Leo Haymans, Fred Brown. Second Row: James Hall, Gordon Hirschberg, William Leaier, Calvn Marauis. % ♦■••• ' ACTIVES: First Row: Herbert Gardner, Michae! Lyons, Leo Hayman, George Senn, Fred Brown, Derek Konsclman. Second Row: Henry Myer, William Kain, Richard King, Ray Godfrey, Sam Nicholson, Jr. Treasurer, David Dostcr; Vice-President, John Adams; President, Laurence Upham; Secretory, Herbert Gardner. OFFICERS LAURENCE UPHAM President JOHN ADAMS Vice-President HERBERT GARDNER Secretory DAVID DOSTER Treasurer 165 military The Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at Florida Southern College in 1951 under Colonel Glenn G. Dickenson. Our new professor of military science and tactics is Lt. Colonel William Nealson, a graduate of the University of Illinois, served in World War II as an American Army adviser to the Philippine Army. He fought with this Army until his capture by the Japanese, being held as a prisoner-of-war for three and one half years. Since the end of World War II, he has served at Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and at U. S. Army headquarters in Alaska before coming to Florida Southern College as the new PMS T. R. O. T. C. HONOR GUARD: Lyons, Dougol, Garrison, Abbott, Anderson, Britt, Brown, Ceta, Hamilton, Hogan, Kurfirst, Larsen, Logan, McDuffie, Matheson, Musgrave, Odom, Rodgers, Stephens, Nipper, Phillips, Powell, Preus- ter, Quisenberry, Sheldon, Simpson, Keuthan, Giangrasso, King, Loesche, Terrana, Troina, Wardell, Jackson. 166 ::::::::! One of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a Florida Southern co-ed is that of being chosen as an R.O.T.C. Co-Ed officer. These young women are chosen by the Regimental Staff officers, the Battalion officers and the individual companies to represent them respectively as their sweet- hearts and to serve at R.O.T.C. social functions. R. 0. T. C. CO-ED OFFICERS ANN STANSBURY Co-Ed Colonel, Regimental Staff DIANE BEATTIE Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, 1st Battalion PATRICIA GLOVER Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, 2nd Battalion JANICE JOHNSON Co-Ed Captain, Band BARBARA MOCK Co-Ed Captain, " A " Company JUNE DOWD Co-Ed Captain, " B " Company MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM . . Co-Ed Captain, " C " Company VIRGINIA McFADDEN Co-Ed Captain, " D " Company RO.T.C OFFICERS Upper Left: Co-Ed Colonel Ann Stansbury. Upper Right: Co-Ed Lt. Colonels Patricia Glover and Diane Beattie. Lower: Co-Ed Captains Virginia Mc- Fadden, June Dowd, Barbara Mock, Mary Lou Cunningham, Janice Johnson. It t :::::. :•::::! R.O.T.C One of the largest student pro- grams on Florida Southern College ' s campus is that of the Reserve Of- ficers Training Corps, headed by Lt Colonel William R. Nealson. The unit is comprised of approximately five hundred men students divided into two battalions and four com- panies. Students who qualify for service in the armed forces study military science and tactics during their freshman and sophomore years. Eligible students who prove their military ability during their basic two years may be promoted to ad- vanced courses in which they will be enrolled for an additional two years. Cadets in these advanced classes must serve one summer ses- sion of field training at Camp Gor- don, Georgia. The majority of ad- vanced students receive Reserve commissions in the U. S. Army at the end of their college careers. AT FLORIDA SOI I II I It SPECIAL COURT: Reporter, Bird; Accused, Freeney, Thompson, Burns; Honor Committee, Foley, Upham, Wiley, Adams, Garrison, Newton; Trial Counsel, Carucci, Poorbaugh; Witness, Mooney. COLOR GUARD: Lenholt, Doster, Gallo, Doty. HONOR COMMITTEE: Thompson, Wood, Carey, Poorbaugh, Garrison, Mooney, Blackwelder. Colors: Lenholt, Amos. CAPTAIN JAMES T. THEUS CAPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHY MAJOR HERBERT L. KEY, JR. Major Key served almost two years in the China-Burma-India Theater in World War II and spent three years in Germany where he commanded the 536th M. P. Com- pany. Since coming to Florida South- ern College, he has served as ad- viser to the Junior Class, to Theta Chi Fraternity and to the Men ' s Council. Captain Theus held the post of rifle platoon leader in the 5th In- fantry Division in France and Ger- many during World War II. After being wounded he was sent to Camp Rucker, Alabama, to help train men for activity in the Pacific Theater, and then to Korea to aid in estab- lishing the new ROK Army. He was located at Fort Benning, Georgia, prior to his assignment to Florida Southern College. Captain Murphy, inducted into the Army in 1944, has served in Puerto Rico, at Camp Gordon, Geor- gia, and in Japan in 1953. He was assigned to the R.O.T.C. at Florida Southern in 1 954. R.O.T.C. STAFF OFFICERS M. ' SGT. HUGH D. STRIPLING M ' SGT. L B. BARNES SFC HARRY J. KING SFC CECIL DAVIS ft ft - t Pgjs RIFLE TEAM: First Row: Brown, Zoborncy, Crum, Starcher. Second Row: Phillips, Tur- ner, Morrison, Groder. ::::::::: PISTOL TEAM: First Row: Zoborney, Crum, Brown, Phillips. Second Row: Turner, Mor- rison, G ' oder. The Honor Guard in the Queen Ann salute. REGIMENTAL STAFF OFFICERS Col. Earl M. Greene, Lt. Col. John P. Adams, Major Raymond A. Carruci, Major Larry H. Poorbaugh, Captain Chester J. Wiley. 1st BATTALION OFFICERS 2nd BATTALION OFFICERS I ♦ V t s rl 1st Lt. Carey, Lt. Col. Gary, 1st Lt. Garrison . 1st Lt. Garrett, Lt. Col. Burns, 1st Lt. Bird. Company Commander, Chester J. Wiley. First Row: Calhoun, Michael, Jensen, Addy; Platoon Leader, Crum; McDuffie, Koch, Mor- rison, Gardner, Dougol, Barta, Schuchardt; Platoon Leader, Thompson; Haygood, Fenwick, Anderson, Rodgers, Stier, Conviser; Pla- toon Leader, Newton; Ross, Diterichs, Gatlin. Second Row: Kitchel, Poorbaugh, Odom, Lee, Fulford, White, McCullough, Pricenski, Sackett, Kurth, Jageler, Powell, Groder, Camenisch, Carroll, Montgomery, Morelock, Mathews, Smith, Teaff, Mullis, Salvatore. Third Row: Turner, Hawthorne, Cox, Bassett, Prescott, Walker, Gourley, Zigrang, Green, Anderson, McLaughlin, Stelzer, Keane, Novok, Edmonds, Adkins, McPherson, Totor, Graulich, Bone, Lobb. Fourth Row: Cheyne, Hawken. In ( s V " -? ' W% V K, I ' I ' J Ji- ' I ■ ■ f ? t , ' ■ - L -J - l - . i : 1 ' i COMPANY • «. If 64W» 9 ft « I - i n s COMPANY Company Commander. Stephen Poti. First Row: Keuthan, Winn, Huheey; Platoon Leader, Wood; Ewerts, Kurfirst, Hughes, Tolle, Duffell, Fernandez; Platoon Leader, Davidson; Grayson, Hamaker, Christopher, Sebo, Stephens, Gioia; Platoon Leader, Zaborney; Campbell, Mundy, Stockton. Second Row: Perciasepe, Gamot, Horst, La Porta, Alvrus, Howell, May, Musgrave, DiCesare, Whitfield, Olson, Weis, Foster, McKer, Domansky, Vitito, Richordson, Clough, Gollo, Peeples, Sterling. Third Row: Nolen, Humphrey, Mc- Cronie, Bennett, Stephens, Bunting, Simpson, Neville, Bennett, Bew. n . u r r. r COMPANY ♦ " v ♦ .A I V l if, n COMPANY Company Commander, Richard Hammerich. First- Row: DeLoach, Tatum, Willie; Platoon Leader, Mooney; Pear worth, Derix, Wheeler, Williams; Platoon Leader, Stonner; Lockman, Adler, Chorpentier, Nelson, Andn Foley; Avery, Ross, Jackson. Second Row: Kerr, Woodall, Burchord, Poyner, Matheson, Scheerer, Crosby, Lanti, Youner, Mead, Patrini, Mullins, Whitehead, Ceto, Learning, How, Loesche, Norwell. Third Row: Wojciak, Armstrong, Col- bath, Lipps, Elkins, Gay, Higgins, Panati, Jones, Evors, DiJoseph, Bishop, Jones, Rivera, Dunson, Charles, Jensen, Higgii Fourth Row: Roger, Herguth, Walker, Bradley, Starcher. Lewis Middles- Lang; Platoon Leader, Srow " . McCan, Truma, Frank. - 1 ■• ft ft % R.O.T.C. BAND MEMBERS KUNBERGER, Leader MARQUIS GALLOWAY MARKHAM PARTENZA KASAK RUSHING JUSTINIANO PICKETT JARVIS McMULLEN GOODMAN LOY ELLIOTT KESLER DIXON CONNOR CROOKS CHANDLER CRISP WALDEN CHILDERS TIPTON BURKHOLDER TILLEY BROOKS RITCH ABBOT MINCHEY PROFESSOR HAROLD L PHILLIPS, JR. Director HHmMHHBMBHlH BBMHHHHi ■■■■■[■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■■■IBMHV.t 4 % %-% %♦•• ' ■ : % « % % % % % • % . " ■ MOCCASINS Frank Pollard, in his initial season at Florida Southern College coached the Moc hoopmen to a commendable and exciting year in competition with some of the south- east ' s " greats " in college basketball. The season, marred with many heartbreakingly close Christopher McGee, Statistician; John Spicuzza, Sidney Diamond, Frank Donatelli, Dale Collins, Donald Brennan, Frank De- bseph O ' Brien, Manager. Second Row: Earl Matthews, Thomas Vitito, Peter Herguth, Larry Sutherland, William Wood, William Ha- leil Diterichs, Zone Whitson, Mohammed Sabie, Henry Barlow, Coach Frank Pollard. n NO SMOKING eJP Uf V 20 5 JW IB 1% 15 1 - ' 1 1 9 M f m ■• j iff MjTfj Opponent We They STETSON UNIVERSITY 75 89 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 80 92 PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE 74 62 TAMPA UNIVERSITY 83 90 GEORGIA TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 76 90 ROLLINS COLLEGE 81 79 MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 70 72 PINECASTLE AIR FORCE BASE .74 62 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE 74 79 PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE 63 88 VALDOSTA STATE COLLEGE 70 89 GEORGIA TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 58 104 MERCER UNIVERSITY 55 73 TROY STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 63 80 TAMPA UNIVERSITY 65 68 VALDOSTA STATE COLLEGE 71 51 ROLLINS COLLEGE 91 95 MERCER UNIVERSITY 74 66 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 90 91 T ROY STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 69 61 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 74 92 ERSKINE COLLEGE 72 86 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 81 85 STETSON UNIVERSITY 71 90 I » 5 5 - 5 « games, was evidenced with great spirit and true sports- manship. Even if all the games had been won, such a record would scarcely have reflected the fine attitude, conditioning and spirt put into the game by the 1956 Mocs. All-State Frank DeSavino was again FSC ' s high point man, with a 369 total and a dropping in average of 15.4 per game. Dale Collins was close behind sporting a 354 point record. FRANK DcSAVINO FRANK DONATELLI WILLIAM HAMAKER DONALD BRENNAN HENRY BARLOW ZANE WHITSON WILLIAM WOOD JOHN SPICUZZA MOCCASINS 1955-56 DALE COLLINS NEIL DITERICHS ::::::::! B.O.T.C. BASKETBALL Joseph Carletta, Chief Manager; Lt. Col. William R. Nealson, Sponsor; Robert Sterling, Manager. SCORES opponent We Thev n jf s second year of competition, the Florida ' rs ' buTjunt conege si 58 Southern College R.O.T.C. basketball squad en- chipoia junior College « gaged some of the strongest teams in the state, Sc ' ci Kefiy Buii C der Base 53 54 ending the season with eight wins and ten defeats. Ma r cDm A Air F Forc ! e B Ba , se 69 " Bartow Air Force Base again proved to be the Knigh ' is of ' r co°umbus a 84 43 downfall of the Cadets as the Airmen eliminated st a TeTe bur F g°7uni B o° s Coiiege si 55 Southern from the Tampa Tournament for the Orlando junior College ' 2 44 second straight year. Jerry Novak led the team with Red Comb Feeds » " " ' - ' ' r 1 1 _i i i ciearwaier " 43 an average of 16 points per game, followed closely " a a rtowAir r r F o rc C e e B B a a s S e e « 65 by Ray Carucci, Peyton Montgomery and Allen Knights oi Columbus 67 Williams, averaging around 15 points per game. Scott Kelly Builders t 8 ou Al Stier, Roger Gourley, Jerry Novak, Peyton Montg ornery. Sonny Mullis, Allen Williams, Ray Carucci. WATER MOCCASINS SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 2 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MARCH 8 FOUNDERS ' WEEK REGATTA APRIL 3 AMHERST COLLEGE APRIL 5 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE APRIL 7 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 21 ROLLINS COLLEGE MAY 5 STATE REGATTA MAY 12 DAD VAIL REGATTA, PHILADELPHIA The Florida Southern College Water Moccasins stroked their way to second place in the state finals in 1955 giving the Varsity Crew a distinguished place in crew racing in America. Always producing a top-ranking crew in the United States, Coach Roy Couch is again back at the helm to coach the varsity eight. Only two vet- eran lettermen returned this year to the Varsity shell, Stroke Steve Potz and Coxswain Tom KarG- halios. Left to right: Tom Karahalios, Steve Potz, William Prescott, Curt Adkins, Robert Bew, Roy DeLoach, Sidney Chase, Mike Michael, Walter Strain. F. S. C .J £i f Joyous crew members dunk Coxswain Tom Korahalios. The Varsity and Jayvee teams hit the slides in a trial run. The 1955 Water Mocs boasted a 4-4 record which is commendable against such crews as Wis- consin, Amherst, American International College, Rollins, Brown University and Tampa. The F S C crew placed fourth in the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. This year ' s schedule is again a rigorous one, Lasalle being a possible addition to the regular contention. The Junior Varsity oarsmen had a 4-3 record in 1955 and face their usual schedule in 1956. The Varsity Crew prepares for a workout. HERBERT GARDNER Coxswain SCHEDULE MARCH 8 FOUNDERS ' WEEK REGATTA APRIL 3 AMHERST COLLEGE APRIL 5 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE APRIL 7 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 21 ROLLINS COLLEGE MAY 5 STATE REGATTA MAY 12 DAD VAIL REGATTA THE JAYVEE CREW Left to right: Gordon Armstrong, Neal Justin, Donald Groen, James Tipton, William Thomas, Dean Honson, Howard Jones, Robert Nettleton, James Armstrong, Herb Gardner. ::::::::: i- a t r v j • -. . First Row: Chris McGcc, Manager; Ernie DeElphonso, Roy Gatlin, Syd Drury, Don Brennan, Tom Eubler, Frank DeSovino, Hank Calderone, Dino Fanelli, Dick Conrad, Bob Compbcll. Second Row: Coach Jim Lease, Fred Eubler, Jim Stelogeannis, Hank Barlow, Zone Whitson, Dan Weinberg, Walt Krauss, Charles Wilbourn, Ned Biddix. MOCCASIN BASEBALL TEAM Diamondwise the Mocs have excelled due to the tireless efforts of Coach Jim Lease. Under his leadership, the Southern nine has taken several Dixie Conference Championships and brought back the clean sweep broom from many jaunts over the country. This year the attack was led by Coach Frank Pollard who proved equally capable in main- taining the spirit and performance of the Moc nine. 1 r ▼ JAMES LEASE Coach In the 1955 season, Hank Calderone batted top spot with a little over the .340 mark. Seasoned players returning to the squad this year were Charles Senger, Frank DeSavino, Bill Tolle, Walt Krauss, Richard Hagstrom and Don Brennan, backed up very ably by several newcomers to the team. SCHEDULE Opponent Date AUBURN UNIVERSITY March 16-17 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY March 23-24 VALDOSTA STATE COLLEGE March 26-27 AMHERST COLLEGE March 30-31 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE April 3 PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE April 4 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI April 6 7 ROLLINS COLLEGE April 12 PINECASTLE AIR FORCE BASE April 13 ROLLINS COLLEGE April 14 TAMPA UNIVERSITY April 19 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI April 23-24 TAMPA UNIVERSITY April 26 STETSON UNIVERSITY April 28 PINECASTLE AIR FORCE BASE May 4 STETSON UNIVERSITY May 5 TAMPA UNIVERSITY May 16-17 ISo MM ' m! FRANK DeSAVINO V i i ) HENRY CALDERONE WALTER KRAUSS WILLIAM TOLLE NED BIDDIX THE PLAYERS JAMES STELOGEANNIS RICHARD HAGSTROM v I DONALD BRENNAN JOHN SPICUZZA 186 ► % % % % HALE STURGES Coach First Row: Shiro Yomazoki, David Crum. Second Row: Dr. Hole Sturges, Joseph Robinson, William Atwood, Gordon Hirschberg. VARSITY TENNIS AND SOI CI MI JOSEPH McCORMICK Manager First Row: Antonio Gurieriex, Ralph Preuster, Word Johnson, Wolt Krauss, Orlando Seoane. Second Row: Aries Lopez, George Senn, Bill Gardner, Carlos Zapata, Coach Sam Luce, Mohammed Sabie. First Row: Jeon Hunt, Joy Frick, Gail James, June Dowd, Joanne Hollady, Susan Bradley. Second Row: Judy Roberson, Lucy Fisackerly, Sue Durrance, Virginia Kennedy. CHEERLEADERS Jean Hunt and Joy Frick ;:::::::: n n O WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD OFFICERS CYNTHIA INGRAM President BARBARA BAUHOF Vice President DOROTHY BEACH Secretary -Treasurer MISS BONNIE PICK Adviser First Row: Cherrill Knudten, Barbara Knowles, Sabra Peters, Frances Kerber, Dorothy Beach. Second Row: Glenda Bass, Barbara Bauhof, Cynthia Ingram, Carol Sweetland, Miss Bonnie Pick. INTRAMURAL HOARDS First Row: George Stack, Ray Carucci, William Burns, Joseph Emsley, Joseph Carlctta, Larry Firestone. Second Row: Henry Barlow, William Kain, Carter Cain, William Grimes, Numan Garrison, Ward Johnson. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD OFFICERS CLARK MAXWELL President RAY CARUCCI Vice-President JOSEPH CARLETTA Secretory l ' ■ .-£ ' . ' n ,i . 1 BASKETBALL TEAM: First Row: Nancy Brewer, Julie Hole, Parti Cobb, Barbara Knowles, Julio Ramiza. Second Row: Barbara Bauhof, Barbara Jones, Gerra Blair, Jo Anne Rowdybush. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC TEAMS A new look in the Gilbert Gymnasium this year was seen in the appearance of the Women ' s Coach- ing Class athletic teams. Established to assist in teaching the women physical education majors the fundamentals of coaching, the teams participated in basketball and softball competition. It is planned to add volleyball to the list of activities next year. In basketball, the series with Tampa produced the highest scores for F.S.C. with the deft right- hand lump shot of Barbara Bauhof scoring the measure of difference in both contests. Bobbie Lee Knowles proved heroic in the initial meet with Rollins, scoring the decisive three points in the last fifteen seconds of the game. In softball, the team had home and away dates scheduled with Tampa and Rollins with others be- ing tentative. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TAMPA UNIVERSITY 70 41 ROLLINS COLLEGE 50 49 BARRY COLLEGE 47 23 ROLLINS COLLEGE 43 74 TAMPA UNIVERSITY 77 33 BONNIE H. PICK Coach 190 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, for two successive seasons the winners of the Intramural Championship Trophy, copped this year ' s Intra- mural Football Trophy backed by an undefeated record. Not only was this an unmarred season, but the SAEs have boasted a two sea- son winning streak on the grid- iron, running the tally to fifteen straight games. CHAMPIONS: First Row: William Burns, Fred Gebhard, Numan Garrison, Robert Goodnetter, Charles Jackson. Second Row: Robert Fernandez, Luther Lewer, Charles Foley, Lee Stansell, Gerald Rooks. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS THE INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS AND THE ALL-STARS ALL-STARS: First Row: Walter Krauss, William Medley, Donald Maurice, Ward Johnsor Second Row: Frank Blair, Numan Garrison, Robert Fernandez, Gerald Rooks. y Nominations to the Football All-Star team were made on the basis of outstanding performance and contribution to the team and league. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s un- defeated record not only gave it three men on the roster, but also found Johnny Rooks the outstand- ing pigskin carrier of the year Pi Kappa Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha, both top contenders, con- tributed three men each, while the Baptist Student Union named two on the team. Four fraternities contributed one each: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon " B " s. CHAMPIONS: First Row: Jim Stelogeannis, Buddy Perm, Clark Maxwell, Bill Tolle. Second Row: Richard Hagstrom, Bill Medley. Undefeated in eight sets, the Garnet and Gold spikers would not let history repeat itself by taking defeat in the finals of an errorless season. Two successive years has found Pi Kappa Alpha and Tau Epsilon Phi meeting a full three games in the finals, seemingly more a match of en- durance rather than dominance since both teams showed equal skill in their performances. This year the Pikes came out on top, taking the final set from TEP. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS MEN ' S INTRAMURALS AND THE ALL-STARS ALL-STARS: First Row: Richard Hagstrom, Walter Krauss, Ward Johnson, Clark Maxwell, Bill Medley. Second Row: Mohammed Sabie, Jim George, Dale Collins, Bob Fernandez. Selections by the Intramural Board for the All-Star Volleyball team were spread among nearly all of the participating groups. Pi Kappa Alpha, the champions, led the list by contributing four spikers to the All-Stars. Runner- up Tau Epsilon Phi added two, as did Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the Fac- ulty and Lamda Chi Alpha. Tau Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Phi Ep- silon each had one member on the roster. The most valuable player was Mohammed Sabie, TEP. Barbara Bauhof, Bobbe Jones and Charlotte Paugh led Alpha Omicron Pi to a hard-won victory over the second place Southern- ettes. The season ended in a two- way tie, AOPi winning the re- match games. Others on the team were Jane Murphy, Sandy Hawes, Lucy Fisackerly, Marilyn Howell, Marilyn Rushton and Faye Tuck- 069 ft VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: First Row: Barboro Bauhof, Borboro Second Row: Charlotte Paugh, Marilyn Rushton, Lucy Fisackerly Jones, Mary Marilyn Lou Gar Howell, dy. WOMEN ' S INTRA MURALS THE VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS: First Row: Marilyn Howell, Barbara Bauhof, Barbaro Jones, Frances Lictz. Second Row: Barbaro Knowlcs, Lucy Fisackerly, Marilyn Rushton, Julia Hole. No other basketball team could match the sure fires of the three AOPi forwards Bobbe Jones, Bob- bie Knowles and Barbara Bauhof. Marilyn Rushton came through as the topnotch guard, assuring the Alpha Omicron Pi team victory in all of their contests. Completing the first team were Marilyn How- ell and Julie Hale. INTRAMURAL CREWS The girls ' intramural crew teams help compromise what gain recognition in the annual Founders ' Week race. Last is the largest campus crew program in the United States. year Alpha Omicron Pi nosed out Delta Zeta in the final Seven shells took to the water this year in an attempt to competition. ALPHA CHI OMEGA I ' f f I J f f ALPHA DELTA PI ■iimm % rr r, f ft f ■ r? ALPHA OMICRON PI t « t DELTA ZETA KAPPA DELTA + t, • I --n PHI MU f f f» ft f Ub2 ! r SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA PROFESSOR SAMUEL LUCE Director Jack Graff and Ronnie Cox perform a trampo- lene catch. The Florida Southern College Circus was launched in 1952 under the direction of Professor Samuel Luce. Since that time, the performing group has grown amply both in quality and quantity. Perfor- mances are given on campus during Founders ' Week and other special occasions and also through- out the State of Florida. F.S.C CIRCUS The circus performers build a pyramid. Rodney Norwell as Indian chief leads the circus tribe in modern interpretive dance. i . _. ■! attorn Chorlcs Finley ond Shirley Bender exhibit daring feats on the swinging perch pole. n £ L w . . m t im m ?• V An overall picture of the circus squad in their varied activities. Jack Coulter and Charles Finley show good form on the high trapeze. Ladder pyramids are exe- cuted by circus members. The camera catches Gory Logan and Charles Finley on the revolving ladder. WILLIAM Dl NSMOR SHI LLI N ERNEST ARTHUR LI LLY FRAN K PAUL SZABO DR. JEAN ALLEN BATTLE CHAIRMAN H. E. WOLFE THE BOARD VICE-CHAIRMAN DR. P. M. BOYD " N " " ' ¥ ■ SECRETARY HARRIS G. SIMS TREASURER C. V. McCLURG I k % • % %■••••• O F TRUST E E S M DR ROBERT L ALLEN BISHOP JOHN W BRANSCOMB MRS LOCA LEE BUCKNER DR. J. HERMAN DANIEL D. D. DIEFFENWIERTH MRS LOUISE D DUNCAN L DAY EDGE R. B. GILBERT MRS ALICE COFFEE GUYTON ' MRS FRANK D JACKSON ROBERT MITCHELL DR A MURPHY MRS. E. T. ROUX ANGUS SUMNER DR JOSEPH A TOLLE WALTER TRAVERS DR SHADE W WALKER E J PENDERGRASS DR. G FLOYD ZIMMERMANN THE A D M I F VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES T. THRIFT, JR. DEAN JAMES C. PEEL ISTRATION JEAN A. BATTLE Dean of Students ERNEST A. LILLEY Registrar ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel ALTON R. KINDRED Bursar CORNING F. TOLLE Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING Director of Publicity WILLIAM ROBERT NEALSON Commanding Officer, R. 0. T. C. FRANK PAUL SZABO Director of Men EVA M. MILLER Assistant Dean of Women FRANCIS L. LUCE Director, Student Religious Life ASHTON A. ALMAND College Pastor MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Women THE ADMIN LOUISE HATTIE EICHOLTZ Dean of Women ROGER SINIGOI Director of Housing VIRGINIA FALANA Endowment Secretary OWEEN SUMNER Head Librarian ISTRATIOX PAUL W ILLE College Staff Photographer EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietitian RAY J. CURTIS Secretary to the Dean WILLIAM B. MUNDY Alumni Director NILS SCHWEIZER Frank Lloyd Wright Representative VIRGINIA L. POINT Assistant Bursar DESSIE J. RISK Secretary to the President HOWARD McROY DuBOSE College Physician m fm, +. 1 3 j LENORE KLEIN Reference Librarian LOUISE W. EASTWOOD Catalogue Librarian ELLENE EDMOND SZABO Director of Special Services DIXIANA VERLEE SPRAGUE Danforth Graduate Student ELLEN MAY ELLIS Periodical Librarian DORIS P. HEATH Circulation Librarian MORRISON T. WILLIAMS Manager, College Book Store FACULTY Dow TftrR.0 m THE ROBERT STEWART BLY, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry CLARENCE A. BOSWELL, B.S. Citrus MARTA MARIA BRICE, LL.D., Ed.D. Spanish THOMAS BRIERLEY, JR., A.B., M.Ed. Music FLORIDA PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON, B.S., M.B.A. Business Administration HENRY GREEN BARNETT, A.B., M.A. English HENRY MARTIN BATTENHOUSE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English HERBERT FRANCES BLAIR, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Education :::::::::! F A C V L T Y WILLIAM LAMAR CALDERHEAD, A.B. M.A., Ph.D. English MARGUERITE WILLS CALLAHAN, A.B., M.A. Speech EGBERT ATHELING CASE, A.B., M.A. Mathematics JEANNE TUFTS CASSIDY, B.S. Foreign Student Adviser L V " ROBERT ALDER CHAPMAN, A.B., M.A., B.D. Sociology LAURA NEIL CLYATT, B.S., M.A. Business Administration SAMUEL GWYNN COE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. History and Political Science MATTHEW ROY COUCH Rowing Coach SOUTHER THELMA HALL ELLISON, Home Economics B.S., M.A. FRANCES G. ELVIDGE, A.B., MA. Education DOROTHY BERYL EUBANKS , A.B. , M.R.E Religious Education HOWARD M. FIELD, A.B., Biology M.A., Ph.D. F L OKI D A T H E ERNEST LINCOLN COX, Mus.B. Voice JOHN IRVIN CRETZINGER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies MILDRED A. DRACH, A.B., M.Lt. Business Administration WILLIAM DEAN ECKERT, A.B., B.F.A., M.A. Art J K v - ♦ • % FACULTY THOMAS J. FORD, A.B., M.A. History AUDIE FRANKLIN FUGITT, B.S., M.A. History and Political Science WARRENNE HUNTLEY FUGITT, B.S., M.A. English ROBERT JAMES FUSILLO, A.B., M.A. English VIVIAN ROSEMARY FUSILLO, A.B. Drama MARGARET LOIS GILBERT, B.S., Ph.D. Biology YVONNE H GOLDSBOROUGH, French A.B., M.A. PAUL ROE GOODMAN, A.B Music , B.M. s O r t ii e R THE GEORGE P. HOFFMAN, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Business Administration WINIFRED TOYA HOWARD, B.B.A. Business Administration HUBER WILLIAM HURT, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. Philosophy MILDRED SPRINGER IBBERSON, B.S., M.A. Speech FLORIDA THEODORE HOBART GRACE, B.S. M.A. Education ADA PINO HAMELRYCK, A.B., M.A. Spanish EMILY SUSAN HANCOCK, B.S., M. A. Business Administration ABNER L. HANSEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Psychology FACULTY JOSEPH C. IRELAND, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology AGNES BOSWELL JOHNSON, A.B., M.A. English CARL DAVID JOHNSON, A.B., M.A. Science EDWARD RATLIFF JOHNSON, B.S., M.A. History JULIANE GISELA JORDAN, A. B., Ph.D. German MAJOR HERBERT LEE KEY, JR. R.O. T.C. ROY STONE KISER, B.S., M.S. Biology EDWARD CADE KNIPPERS, A.B., M.S. Business Administration S O I I 1 1 I I ( THOMAS B. MACK, B.S.A., M.Ed. Citrus HELEN HAUSE MASTERS, B.M., A.B., Ph.D. English GEORGE HORNELL MORRIS, A.B., M.A. American Culture HARRY BURROWS MULLON, A.B., M.A. Social Studies FLORIDA THE JAMES BRICE LEASE, B.S., M.A. Physical Education PAUL ARTHUR LEEMAN, B.M., M.Ed. Music SAMUEL WOODROW LUCE, B.S., M.A. Physical Education WILLIAM RAYMOND LYLE, B.S.A., M.S. Citrus ::::::::: FACULTY CAPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHY, A.B. R. 0. T. C. ANTHONY QUINTUS MUSTOE, B.S., M.S. Mathematics EMOGENE ANITA NELSON, B.S. Physical Education JAMES GORDON ODGEN, JR., B.S., M.A. Education GEORGE KENNETH OLSON, B.S., M.A. Art COLIN O ' MORE, B.M. Voice GARNET HAMRICK OWEN, B.S. M.A. English JOHN ELIAS OWEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Sociology s o i ' t 1 1 i ■: 1 1 MARY CATHRYNE PARK, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English HAROLD L. PHILLIPS, JR., B.S. Instrumental Music SARA COLLIDGE PIATT, B.S., M.S. Home Economics BONNIE HELEN PICK, B.M., M.S. Physical Education FLORIDA THE JAMES ISAAC PAIGE, B.S., M.A.Ed. Industrial Arts BRUNO JOSEPH PALMER-PORONER, B.S., M.A. English FREDERICK POMEROY PALEN, A.B. Accounting JAMES THEODORE PARK, Sc.B., M.A. Mathematics FACULTY FRANK TRICH POLLARD, B.S., M.S. Physical Education ELLIS LAWRENCE RAESLY, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English DAVID LEONARD READDICK, B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts SERNHARD PAUL REINSCH, A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics ROBERT GOODALE RICHARDS, A.B., Social Studies M.A. GILBERT PAYTON RICHARDSON, A.B History MILDRED M. ROBERT Violin ., M.A VARIAN PALMER RUTLEDGE, B.S., Social Studies M.Ed. S O I I 1 1 I I K V t ii i: JOHN GALLAHER SNYDER, A.B., M.A., Th.B Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOFF, M.D. Ph.D., Sc.D Director of Research FLORIDA FREDERICK CHRISTIAN SCHUBART, Ph.D. Science MAX JACOB SELIG, B.C.S., M.A. Business Administration CESIDIO RUEL SIMBOLI, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Religion k % k %• • %1 FACULTY WILLIAM HAROLD SPIVEY, B.S. Music DONNA MELISSA STODDARD, B.S., M.Ed. Art HALE STURGES, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English LOUISE ELIZABETH TEMPLETON, B.Ed., M.S. Business Administration • CAPTAIN JAMES THOMPSON THEUS, A. R.O.T.C. M ] THOMAS REECE TUCKER, JR., A.B., MA. Business Administration THOMAS HENRY TYLER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 4 4 BWk English 9 LYMAN BRADT VEEDER, A.B., M.A. - Business Administration SOUTHERN CHARLES AUGUSTUS WOODBURY, SR., B.M., Mus.M., Mus.D. Music CHARLES AUGUSTUS WOODBURY, JR., B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D. Psychology THE FACULTY HAROLD EDWARD WALLACE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Biology OLNEY S. WEAVER, B.S., M.A. Psychology ROGERS VANCE WHITENER, B.S., M.A. Journalism FRED DIXON WISH, JR., A.B. Economics WALTER WYNN YORK, A.B., M.M., Ph.D. Music G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN, JR., B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts FLORIDA SOUTHERN OFFICE ASSISTANTS: First Row: Miss Gloria Lipp, Miss Corolyn Schwartz, Miss Jackie Ebert. Second Row: Miss Virginia Gannaway, Mrs. Helen Hussey, Mrs. Ethel Greer. HOUSEMOTHERS: First Row: Mrs. L. H. Willis, Phi Mu; Mrs. J. Stewart, Alpho Chi Omega; Mrs. Fred L. Dekle, Beta Sigmo Omicron; Mrs. Fred B. MacFarlond, Alumni House; Mrs. Edgar J. Haley, Delta Zeta. Second Row: Mrs. I. G. Vonn, Alpha Delta Pi; Mrs. Charles Silvo, Allen Spivey Hall; Mrs. John Reed, Kappa Delta; Mrs. Geraldine Usher, Sigmo Sigma Sigma and Annex; Mrs. Imogene Wright, Alpha Omicron Pi. o , I s " f l m ions ::::::::: = [RST ROW SARA JOAN ABBEY Lakeland, Florida BS., Education JUAN J. ACUNA Lakeland, Florida A.B., Spanish ALICE ELAINE ADAMS Interlaken, New Jersey . B.S., Art Alpha Delta Pi, Student Union, Vagabonds JOHN PAUL ADAMS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Citrus Vice-President Theta Chi, Interfraternity Council ROLAND HASSELL ANDERSON Lakeland, Florida B. S., Business Administration ROBERT LEROY ANDRES Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Koppa Alpha SECOND ROW LAVINIA R. BALLARD Norfolk, Virginia B.S., Business Administration Concert Choir LYNN SHERMAN BANDY Dade City, Florida A.B., English Kappa Alpha GLENDA RUTH BASS Apopka, Florida B.S , Secondary Education Vice-President Delta Zeta, Treasurer Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Pan-Hellenic Council, Home Economics Club, Interlachen, Intramurals DOROTHY BEACH Stuart, Florida B. S. Physical Education Beta Sigmo Omicron, Future Teachers of America, Pi Epsilon, Mu, Intramural Board, Methodist Student Movement. DORIS MARGARET BECKER Manhasset, New York 8. S., Business Administration Treasurer Alpha Chi Omega WEBSTER SEYMOUR BENNER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Abbey Ballard THE s i: i i o ii § George Palmer quizzes JoAnn Boden and Marilyn Calhoun on proper college attire. Mrs. Corning Tolle serves Marie Conner and Prof. George Olson punch at Orientation Week reception. THIRD ROW HARRY EZEKIEL BENNETT Cocoa, Florida 8 S , Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Kappa WALTER E. BIRD Malverne, New York 6. S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon DONALD BLADES Nokomos, Florida B.S., Citrus FRANK BLAIR Orlando, Florida A B , Business Administration Kappa Sigma ALLAN RICHARD BLY Lakeland, Florida S.S., Science Pi Kappo Alpha, Methodist Student Movement ALBERT GILLIAN BOGERT, JR Leonia, New Jersey S.S , Mathematics Pi Kappa Alpha. Circle K, " International Club, Science Club 227 -IRST ROW JOHN BONGIOVANNI Lakeland, Florida A.B., Social Studies THOMAS G. BOWEN Wilmette, Illinois 8.S., History Tau Epsilon Phi CAROLYN JEAN BRIDGES Gainesville, Florida A.B., Science Sigma Sigma Sigma, Secretary Beta Beta Beta, Southern Staff LEON DEWITT BROWN St. Augustine, Florida B.S., Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa JIMMY HAROLD BRUCE Lakeland, Florida A.B., English MARY BRYANT Inverness, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Treasurer, Beta Sigma Omicron, President Pan-Hellenic Council, Intramurals, Varsity Crew, Methodist Student Movement, Senate, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America SECOND ROW MAX EDMUND BULSKE Mount Dora, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAM E. BURNS Malverne, New York B.5., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Baseball CARTER JOHN CAIN Larchmont, New York B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi MARION HUNTER CAMPBELL York, South Carolina B.S., Business Administration WILMER CAREY Williston, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Kappa JOSEPH R. CARLETTA Rochelle Park, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramural Board THE S K X I Bongiovanni Bowen Bulske Burns Carr Carroll II s Marilyn Howell, Donna Thomas and Jean Napoli face the inevitable problem of where to put what. Louis McTccr, Carol Veitch, Bill Tolle, John Jones and Joan Heminger in Southern ' s cafeteria. " ?us n " •z z 2l THIRD ROW HOWARD SCOTT CARR Largo, Florida 8 S., Chemistry DELOS LEE CARROLL, JR Lakeland, Florida U.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi RONALD G CARSON Roselle, New Jersey 8 S , History RAYMOND ALEXANDER CARUCCI . . Mount Vernon, New York B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President Interfraternity Council, Vice- President Supreme Court, Vice-President Men ' s Intramural Board, President Men ' s Council NANCY CHILDS Boxford, Massachusetts 8 S , Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America, Intramurals CAROL JEAN CHISELBROOK Lakelond, Florida A.B., English and History Sigma Tau Delta, Baptist Student Union 229 = IRST ROW PATRICK JOSEPH CICORELLI Old Westbury, New York 8.S., Business Administration Interfraternity Council, Senate JAMES G. CLOUSER Orlando, Florida B.S., Physics Alpha Tau Omega CELIA CAROLYN COCKE Bristol, Virginia A.B., English Vice-President-Secretary Alpha Chi Omega, Home Economics Club, President-Vice-President International Club, President- Vice-President Pan-Hellenic Council, Concert Choir, Vice- President Pi Gamma Mu, President Cap and Gown, Senate JOHN G. COLLINS Chicago, Illinois 8.S., English President Phi Sigma Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, President Pi Gamma Mu, National Collegiate Players, Kappa Delta Pi, " S " Club, Interfraternity Council, Vice-Presi- dent Vagabonds, Vice-President Microphone Club. RONALD E. CONNALLY Columbus, Georgia B.S., Religion RUTH YVONNE CONNON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B., Sociology Beta Sigma Omicron, Secretary-Treasurer Pi Delta Epsilon, Cap and Gown, Chapel Choir SECOND ROW JOSEPH WELLMAN COOKE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration RICHARD C. COOKS Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.S., Speech Sigma Tau Delta RAY M. COUNTS St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi JAMES ALEXANDER CRAIGE Tampa, Florida 8.S., Journalism Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Southern Staff RALPH CRAWFORD, JR Lakeland, Florida B.S., Religion BEVERLY ELAINE CRONKHITE Hendersonville, North Carolina A.B., Religion Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Senate, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Secretary Southernettes THE CICORELLI CLOUSER COOKE COOKS CRUM CURRAN It s Cadet Lt. Col. Earl Green gives Senior R.O.T.C. class first instructions of the vear. Marilane Odiorne, Jane Brassier, Bunny Brown, Norma Jean Templeton, Dotty Jenkins and Jan McDonald form a unique triangle. THIRD ROW DAVID C. CRUM Lakelond, Florida B.S., Citrus Varsity Tennis, R.O.T.C., Rifle-Pistol Teams LYLE DANIEL CURRAN Oak Park, Illinois 8 S., Business Administration Historian Sigma Phi Epsilon WABERN C DAVIDSON Winter Haven, Florida 8.S., Accounting DELMUS ASHLEY DAVIS Winter Gordon, Florida 8.S , Psychology Pi Kappa Alpha MARY FRANCES DAVIS Winter Park, Florida A.B ., Religious Education Delta Zeta, Home Economics Club, Supreme Court, Cap and Gown NORMAN ARTHUR DAVIS Bradenton, Florida A.B., Social Studies Phi Sigma Koppa, Omicron, Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Future Teachers of America, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 231 FIRST ROW SUSIE KELLY DEAN Tampa, Florida A.B., Music ALICE CARROLL DENSLOW Seffner, Florida B.S., Biology Sigma Rho Epsilon, Beta Beta Beto, Baptist Student Union, International Club CLAIRE BURDETT DICKIE Auburndale, Florida B.S., Elementary Education NICK J. DIMAGGIO Tampa, Florida 8.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon DOUGLAS DONALD DIMICHELE Lakeland, Florida A.B., English FRANK WILLIAM DONATELLI Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Men ' s Intramural Board, " S " Club SECOND ROW HAROLD THEODORE DOSTER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Sociology Theta Chi, " S " Club, Varsity Crew JEAN DOUGLAS Dade City, Florida B.S., Music Education Southernettes, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Movement BARBARA JEAN DOWDY Winter Garden, Florida 6.S., Elementary Education LARRY DRAKE Hollywood, Florida A.B., Religious Education Sigmo Rho Epsilon, Circle " K, " Methodist Student Movement DAYLE DUNHAM Lakeland, Florida A.B., Education NEZIH MET DURAL Ankara, Turkey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, International Club, Soccer Team THE s i: i DEAN DENSLOW DOSTER DOUGLAS EDGY EMMS R S velyn Huggins, Mary Grable, Margaret Shurr, Sue Bennett and Barbara Hotelier make a little music. Lillian Blanc and Linda Liefeld are reflected as new shelf decorations. Pretty ones, too! X DIMICHELE DUNHAM FISACKERLY DONATELLI DURAL FLETCHER THIRD ROW EULA JANE EDGY Nahunta, Georgia 8.S., Physical Education ARTHUR GEORGE EMMS Polatko, Florida 8.S., Business Administration Sigmo Phi Epsilon BERNARD AARON FALUN Kathleen, Florida A.B., Religion Baptist Student Union DONALD GAYLE FARMER Lakeland, Florido 8.S., Business Administration " S " Club, Vorsity Basketball LUCY G. FISACKERLY Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi, Cheerleoder, Methodist Student Movement, " S " Club, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Future Teachers of America, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Senate, Cap and Gown BARBARA ANN FLETCHER Oakland Park, Florida 6.S., Social Studies Beta Sigma Omicron 233 FIRST ROW CLARENCE S. FOGAL Carmel, New York B.S., Business Administration " S " Club, Vorsity Baseball, Golf Team WILLIAM FRANCIS FOX Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN FABER FREEMAN, JR Fredericksburg, Virginia B.S., Social Studies Pi Kappa Alpha, Baseball JOHN N. FREENEY Fort Myers, Florida A.B., Religion President Pi Kappa Alpha, President Interfraternity Council, President Florida Intercollegiate Student Government Associ- ation, Supreme Court, Treasurer Gamma Sigma Chi MORRISA FRIED Brooklyn, New York 6.S., Social Studies President Hi I lei Society, Vice-President College Union, Future Teachers of America EMILIO SILVIO GARCIA Havana, Cuba B.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi, International Club, Softball, Volleyball SECOND ROW JAMES FRANKLIN GARNER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha HARRY ASHLEY GARRETT Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM EDWARD GARY Owensboro, Kentucky B.S., Citrus Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club JAMES KING GEORGE West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration President Tau Epsilon Phi, Interfraternity Council, Intramural Board RAYMOND C. GIBBS Binghamton, New York 6.S., Speech Student Union, Speech Club, President College Union LAWRENCE ROGER GIDDENS Auburndale, Florida B.S., Citrus THE Joan Petteway, Jane McMullen, Pixie Wilson and Pat Sperry illustrate part of their daily routine. FOGAL FOX GARNER GARRETT GIELLA GILLEN 1 O IK s Professors get together during break during registration week. e 3 K - % ••- FREEMAN GARY GILLETTE FRIED GIBBS GLOCK GARCIA GIDDENS GODFREY THIRD ROW SAM GIELLA Dade City, Florida B.S.. Business Administration SUSAN CECILIA GILLEN Lake Wales, Florida B.S , Speech Alpha Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Vagabonds, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart WAYNE WINSTON GILLETTE Tampa, Florida B.S., History MARILYN JUNE GLAWE Skokie, Illinois A.B , English Alpha Delta Pi, Home Economics Club, Student Union, Women ' s Student Government Association BARBARA ANN GLOCK Tulsa, Oklahoma B.S., Secretarial Science Kappa Delta, Methodist Student Movement, Pan-Hellenic Council WILLIAM RAY GODFREY Forest City, North Carolina B.S., Science Theta Chi 235 FIRST ROW EDWARD GODLESKI Eagle River, Wisconin B.S., Physical Education JACK ARTHUR GODLESKI Eagle River, Wisconsin B.S., English GRACE HERMAN GOODMAN Clearwater, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science Southernettes, Canterbury Club ROBERT ANTHONY GOODNETTER . . . . Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.S., Business Administration Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Future Teachers of America, Intramurals EDWARD EARL GORDON, JR Brookline, Massachusetts B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon ANGELO P. GRAHAM Los Angeles, California B.S., Art Sigma Tau Delta, Florida Academy of Sciences SECOND ROW DAVID GRAHAM LaBelle, Florida B.S., Music Education CHARLES LESTER GRANT Tulsa, Oklahoma B.S., Economics Secretary Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Vaga- bonds, Alpha Psi Omega ALYCE MYERA GRAY Anderson, Indiana A.B., Psychology Secretary Delta Zeta, Rifle Club, Home Economics Club TEP Hop Queen 1952 EARL McALAN GREENE Glen St. Mary, Florida B.S., Elementary Education President Lambda Chi Alpha, Future Teachers of America, Quarter Centry Club, Chief Justice Supreme Court CAROLYN ANN GREER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Music Education Secretary Alpha Omicron Pi, President-Secretary Kappa Delta Pi, President-Secretary-State Secretary Future Teachers of America, President Sigma Tau Delta, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Methodist Student Movement, Cap and Gown, Concert Choir, American Guild of Organists RICHARD HERMAN HAMMERICH DeKalb, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon THE SENIORS Delores Mills and Beverly Tresca " screen " Margaret McKinnon. High Noon at FSC ' s Cafeteria. % % i % ft- 4 % GOODMAN GRAY HARDING GOODNETTER GREENE HARRINGTON GORDON GREER HARRIS GRAHAM HAMMERICH HAWTHORNE THIRD ROW WILLIAM FRANKLIN HANKS Azoleo Park, Florida 8.S., Science HOWARD JAMES HANNA Walpole, Massachusetts B.S., Business Administration THEODORE S HARDING Arcadia, Florida B.S, Biology Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta HELEN CAROLINE HARRINGTON Cleorwoter, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, Chapel Choir, Intramurals, Future Teachers of America ROBERT WILSON HARRIS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Future Teachers of America, Physical Educotion Club WILLIAM HENRY HAWTHORNE Ocoee, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta 237 FIRST ROW MARION FRANCES HAYMOND West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, American Guild of Organists, Band BARBARA ANN HELLWIG ... Aruba, Netherlands West Indies A.B., English Alpha Delta Pi, International Club RICHARD MILLER HENDERSON Orlando, Florida B.S., Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM MARION HENDRY, III Tampa, Florida B.S., Citrus Delta Kappa Epsilon ALBERT P. HERZOG Flushing, New York B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon ARTHUR GEORGE HIGHTOWER, JR. . Atlantic Beach, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Circle " K, " International Club, Beta Beta Beta, Westminster Fellowship SECOND ROW ROBERT FARNHAM HINDER Lakeland, Florida B.S., History Future Teachers of America, Pi Gamma Mu VALERIE HISS Sarasota, Florida A.B., Sociology ROBERT A. HOLLANDER Maplewood, New Jersey B.S., History Tau Epsilon Phi, Men ' s Intramural Board ELIZABETH ANN JONES HOLMES Orlando, Florida B.S., Elementary Education DAVID LYDIAS HOWELL Orlando, Florida A.B., Journalism President Pi Kappa Alpha, Editor-Business Manager The South- ern, Omicron Delta Kappa, Concert Choir, Convention Chair- man Florida Intercollegiate Press Association, Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Senate EDMUND F. HUMPHRIES Moyock, North Carolina 6.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer " S " Club, Rifle and Pistol Teams • til V ' I ft HAYMOND HINDER HUNNICUTT THE SENIORS Barbara Glock and Nancy McConnell prepare for open house. Trials and tribulations of registration week. fcjfufe HENDERSON HOLLANDER JAMISON HERZOG HOWELL JOHNSON HIGHTOWER HUMPHRIES JOHNSON THIRD ROW DAGMAR LILIAN HUNNICUTT Miami, Florida 8.S., Arts Alpha Omicron Pi, Concert Choir, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class EARL PALMER JAMES Poducah, Kentucky B.S., Social Studies Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfroternity Council, Intramurals DAVID CLYDE JAMISON Lakeland, Florida A.B., History Concert Choir, Westminster Fellowship LEEMAN LEROY JENKINS Inverness, Florida 8.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha, President Phi Epsilon Mu, Future Teachers of America, Florida Academy of Sciences, President Baptist Student Union ELIZABETH FIELDS JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida 8.S , Elementary Education JEROLD CLIZBE JOHNSON Coldwarer, Michigan A.B., English Ch. Psi 239 FIRST ROW WARD B. JOHNSON, JR Garden City, New York B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramural Board JOHN BELMONT JOINER, JR St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Social Studies Future Teachers of America HOWARD L. JONES West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, " S " Club, Interfraternity Council, Vaga- bonds, Varsity Crew, Basketball KENNETH ELLIOTT JORANSON Hollywood, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon WILLIAM JOHN JURGENSEN Haverstraw, New York B.S., Industrial Arts Tempo Ruboto, Industrial Arts Club BARBARA JOAN KEMP Miami, Florida B.S., Physical Education Southernettes, Phi Epsilon Mu, Future Teachers of America SECOND ROW STANLEY B. KENDRICK Center Hill, Florida B.S., Business Administration and History SHIRLEY BASSETT KENNEDY Tavares, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Vagabonds, Treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council, Cheerleader, Future Teachers of America, " S " Club TRUMAN HAGAN KENNEDY McKeesport, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration JOHN NATHANIEL KERLIN Norfolk, Virginia B.5., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, ROTC Rifle Team, Concert Band, " S " Club JOHN CECIL KERSEY Lakeland, Florida B.5., Science Alpha Tau Omega, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers of America RICHARD KING Florence, South Carolina B.S., Pre-Medical Theta Chi, Beta Beta Beta THE SENIORS Lou DiJoseph and Craig Whitney clean their rifles for a big inspection. Mr. Sinigoi, Dr. MacGowan, Miss Eicholtz, Mr. Szabo and Dean Battle relax at opening of the new pool. fLj jf JONES JORANSON JURGENSEN KEMP KENNEDY KERLIN KERSEY KING KOTSIOPOULOS KRAFT KRAUSS KUYKENDALL THIRD ROW GEORGIA JONES KNAPP Tampa, Florida PAUL CONRAD KRAFT Scranton, Pennsylvania 8.S., Elementary Education 8.S., Accounting Alpha Chi Omego, Future Teachers of America, Circus WALTER JOSEPH KRAUSS Huntington, New York LESLIE JAMES KOCOUR Berwyn, Illinois 8.S., Business Administration 8.S., Business Administration Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha, S " Club, ROTC Honor Guord, President Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer Interfraternity Council, Baseball Intramurals JESSE LOUIS KUYKENDALL Winter Garden, Florida LEON TOM KOTSIOPOULOS Chicago, Illinois 8.S., Citrus B.S ., Business Administration Secretary Citrus Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Union, Crew, Circus, President Junior Class 241 FIRST ROW JOHN CLAYTON LEE Whitepost, Virginia A.B., History Pi Kappa Alpha TULIO ERNESTO LEMOS Cali, Colombia 8.S., Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, International Club, Intramurals DUANE C. LeVEAN Clarksville, Michigan B.5., Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha KEITH WARREN LOWE St. Petersburg, Florida 8.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " S " Club, Vice-President Senior Class Captain Varsity Crew MORTON JAMES LUMPKIN, JR Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Economics Lambda Chi Alpha EUGENE LEHMAN LYON Riverside, Pennsylvania 6.S., Soc ' o Studies Future Teachers of America SECOND ROW MARLINDA N. MARTIN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, Concert Choir, Future Teachers of America BERNARD MASTER Lawrence, Massachusetts B.S., Business Administration THOMAS G. MAURER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.S., History Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Senate, Interfraternity Council CLARK J. MAXWELL Winter Park, Florida B.S., Speech Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramural Board ALICE CAROL McAULEY Toledo, Ohio 6.S., Psychology Alpha Delta Pi JOSEPH JAMES McCORMACK Lakeland, Florida B.S., Journalism Vice-President Theta Chi, Vice-President Pi Delta Epsi ' on, Omicron Delta Kappa, Intramural Board, Director of Sports Publicity LEE MARTIN McCORMICK MASTER THE § i: i o ic Betsy Carter polishes the Tri Sigma sign. Dr. Thrift addresses students in chapel. LUMPKIN McAULEY MEDLEY LYON McCORMACK MEIGHEN THIRD ROW JOHN ALAN McCORMICK Brookfield, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon VIRGINIA GRACE McFADDEN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Home Economics Delta Delta Delta, Home Economics Club, Westminster Fellow- ship MILDRED FAYE McQUERY Big Stone Gap, Virginio A.B ., Elementary Education Kapa Delto Pi LOUIS HOWARD McTEER . . B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club WILLIAM A. MEDLEY B.S., Speech Pi Kappa Alpha Haines City, Florida Winter Garden, Florida ROBERT C MEIGHEN B.S., Sociology Tampa, Florida 243 FIRST ROW WALTER C. MELTON Lakeland, Florida A.B., English WILLIAM VIRGIL MEREDITH Orlando, Florida B.S., Education Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America HARRY CHARLES MEYER Garden City, New York B.S., Business Administration EDWARD DAVID MILLER Bradenton, Florida B.S., Business Administration JOHN RANKIN MILLER Havre de Grace, Maryland 8.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS MILLER Charleston, West Virginia B.5., Business Administration Circus SECOND ROW VIRGIL J. MILLER Winter Haven, Florida fi.S. Citrus Citrus Club DELORES E. MILLS West Palm Beach, Florido B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, Women ' s Intramural Board MARY MARGARET MITCHELL Lakeland, Florida B.5., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary-Treas- urer Sigma Tau Delta, Cap and Gown, State Future Teachers of America Ethics Committee Chairman BARBARA ANN MOCK Winter Park, Florida A.B., fi.S., Psychology and Religion Treasurer Delta Zeta, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Secre- tary-treasurer Junior Class, Vice-President Cap and Gown, Vice-President Pi Delta Epsilon, Secretary Kappa Delta Pi, Concert Choir, Editor-in-Chief The Interlachen, Secretary Florida Intercollegiate Press Association, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Senate, Secretary-Vice-President Home Economics Club, Circus THOMAS ROBERT MOONEY Morris Plains, New Jersey 6.S., Economics Vice-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Circus, Future Teachers of America, Variety Players, Vice-President Senate, President Phi Epsilon Mu ELLEN LORRAINE MORGAN Sebring, Florida 6.S., Music Education Southernettes, Future Teachers of America THE SENIORS Alice Palmer reveals her " four ace " hand as she and Doris Hagers, Frances Kerber and Carolyn Burr have a game. Maas Brothers sponsors a Fashion Show at Florida Southern. i ' MILLER MORGAN NICHOL THIRD ROW JOHN WESLEY MORRIS Wilmington, Delowarc 8.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals REGINALD HERNDON MORTON Miami, Florida 8.S., Busines Administration Lambda Chi Alpha ALLEN JOHN NELSON Waukegan, Illinois 8.S., Busines Administration Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES F. NEWCOMBE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Busines Administration Pi Kappa Phi ROBERT WINDON NEWTON Lake Wolcs, Florida B.S , Busines Administration Concert Choir, Circulation Manager The Southern, R.O.T.C. Honor Guard, Men ' s Council FAITH CONSTANCE NICHOL Fort Lauderdale, Florida A.B., English 245 FIRST ROW SAM LOUIS NICHOLSON Evansville, Indiana B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi SUSAN NILSEN Clinton, Michigan B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Intramurals WILLARD H. NORMAN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Future Teachers of America, Phi Epsilon Mu ALICE CAROLINE PALMER Brookline, Massachusetts B.S., Speech Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega GEORGE EDWARD PALMER Chicago, Illinois 8.S., Social Studies Sigma Alpha Epsiion, Intramurals JAMES N. PAXTON Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Social Studies SECOND ROW JOHN WILLIAM PEEPLES Miami, Florida A.B., Religion JOHN D. PELHAM Plant City, Florida 6.S., Religion HARVEY E. PENNINGTON Fellsmere, Florida B.S., Biology Beta Beta Beta, Baptist Student Union GLENN A. PETRINE Chicago, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM A. PICKETT Chattanooga, Tennessee A.B., English Pi Kappa Alpha, Methodist Student Movement BARBARA RUTH PONTIUS St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Vice-Pres : dent Delta Zeta, Intramurals, Future Teachers of America kfe fc NICHOLSON PEEPLES POORBAUGH THE SENIORS Joan Hemingcr and Claudia Prince watch parakeet Betty attempt to drink Sharon Talbot ' s coke. Professors " get set " for registration. [3S3K iSESS - • .- NORMAN PENNINGTON PRITCHETT PALMER PETRINE PYLE dfc I ' PALMER PICKETT PYLE PAXTON PONTIUS RANDALL THIRD ROW LARRY HOWARD POORBAUGH Lakeland, Florida 8 S., Education STEPHEN JACK POTZ Detroit, Michigan 8.S., Commercial Art Pi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, " S " Club, Kappa Pi, Varsity Crew WILLIAM HENRY PRITCHETT Lakeland, Florida 8.S , Business Administration Pi Koppa Alpha, Westminster Fellowship HOMER TRUSSELL PYLE Lokeland, Florida B.S., English WILLIAM HERBERT PYLE Bartow, Florida 8.S., Education Vagabonds, Future Teachers of America JOHN RICHARD RANDALL Lakeland, Florida 6.S., Business Administration 247 FIRST ROW JOHN CAMERON REAULT Lakeland, Florida A.B., Economics Sigma Nu NANCY REEVES Needham, Massachusetts A.B., Social Studies President-Treasurer Alpha Omicron Pi, President Christian Science Organization, Secretary Inter-Faith Council, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Intramurals, Chapel Choir, College Union IRMA F. RENCH Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Religious Education CHARLES ARNOLD RICHARDSON Bartow, Florida B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM SHEPHERD RICHARDSON . . Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 8.S., Biology Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Floirda Academy of Sciences EDMUN BENEDICT RICHMOND Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Citrus Vice-President Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary-Treasurer Citrus Club, Hillel Society, Interfraternity Council, Freshman Crew Team SECOND ROW BETH G. RIFE Wauchula, Florida B.S., Elementary Education PAUL E. RILEY St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., Art JOSEPH J. RIVERS Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon ESTELLA ROBERTS Lakeland, Florida 8. 5., Physical Education Southernettes, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Mu, President Women ' s Student Government Association, Cap and Gown, Intramurals, Senate EUGENE LEBRON ROBERTS Key West, Florida B.S., History President Senate, Circle " K, " Political Union, President Student Body Association JAMES STEWART ROBINSON Delray Beach, Florida B.S., English Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Orchestra THE SENIORS R.O.T.C. mirror reflects two neat cadets, Richard Blackwelder and Ernest Thompson. Business Manager Corning Tolle lifeguards as Freshmen prepare to take a dip. RENCH RICHARDsON RICHARDSON RICHMOND RIVERS ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBINSON RUSHTON SARKISON SCHILDKNECHT SCHNEDLER THIRD ROW JOSEPH ALLISON ROBINSON, JR Plant City, Florida DONNA LEE SARKISON .... . . . Mountainside, New Jersey 8.S., Physical Education 8.S., Sociology Varsity Tennis Alpha Chi Omego, Rifle Team FRED RUMSEY Florida GEORGE F SCHILDKNECHT .... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S.. English B.S., Art MARILYN ANNE RUSHTON Keystone Heights, Florida BARBARA ZOE SCHNEDLER .... Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S., English B.S., Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Senate Delta Zeta, Intramural Board, Phi of America, Variety Ployers Epsilon Mu, Future Teachers 249 FIRST ROW ROBERT F. SEARCY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Phi Sigma Kappa STACY SELPH Lakeland, Florida A. 8., Religion DON ALAN SHAPIRO Oak Park, Illinois fi.S., English Presidsnt-Vice-President-Secretary Tau Epsilon Phi, Interfra- ternity Council, Judo Team ROYCE M. SHELTON Lakeland, Florida A.B., English VIRGINIA DOXIS SHELTON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America PAUL JAY SHERMAN Lakeland, Florida fi.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hillel Society SECOND ROW NANCY JANE SHERWIN Berne, New York -4.6., Education Beta Sigma Omicron, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta ROBERT WESLEY SHIPMAN Lakeland, Florida 6.S., Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa JO ANN SIMPSON Hanover, Pennsylvania B.S., Journaliim Sigma Tau Delta, President Pi Delta Epsilon, Editor-in-Chief The Southern MAXWELL S. SIMPSON Lakeland, Florida fi.S., Biology President Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President Florida Academy of Science ALVIN WOODROW SMITH Orlando, Florida B.S., English Men ' s Council, Circle " K " EUGENE BOYD SMITH Sanford F|orida B.S., Citrus Lambda Chi Alpha, Citrus Club s SEARCY SHERWIN SMITH f t y ■7 THE SENIORS V SELPH SHIPMAN SPRAGUE C Horry Kino J - C- John McDuff.e A crowd ' H = ; h L k land „, concert l_hoir leaves for Europe. «•; ■ -J, k % • % ♦ • • • THIRD ROW WINNIE SUE SMITH West Polm Beach, Florida B.S., Elemsntory Education Delto Zeta ANN HARIE SPRAGUE Valley Stream, New York B.S., Education Future Teachers of America, Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club, Intramural Board ESTHER LARKIN STAHL Rahwoy, New Jersey 8.S., Heme Economics KENT HERBERT STANNER River Forest, Illinois B.S., Social Studies Pres dent and Vrce-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Interfra- teinity Council ELEANOR ANN STANSBURY Fort Myers Beach, Florida 8.S., Socio Studies Alpha Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, Secretary and Treasurer Senate, Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl, Political Union, Interlachen Staff, Co-editor " S " Book, Co-editor Constitu- tional Book, President-Vice-President Intramurals, Convention Secretary F.I.S.G.A. LELAND EDWIN STANSELL Miami, Florida B.S., History Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Varsity Crew 251 FIRST ROW MARY ANDERTON STANT Bristol, Virginia A.B., English President Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council, Cap and Gown, Pi Gamma Mu DONALD EMERY STEISS Barrackville, West Virginia 8.S., Sociology Pi Kappa Alpha, Methodist Student Movement, Interfaith Council WALKER M. STEPHENS Kathleen, Florida B.S., Mathematics HARRIS E. STEVENSON Homeland, Florida A.B., Religion Pi Gamma Mu DAROLD NEWMAN STORM Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Social Science CHARLES EMBRY STRAIN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW WALTER LEROY STRAIN Orlando, Florida B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha, Crew WALTER L. STRIPLING Green Cove Springs, Florida B.S., Business Administration Delta Tau Delta LEE EDWARD STROTHER Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Religion Gamma Sigma Chi PAUL ALFRED SURIANO North Bergen, New Jersey B.S., History President Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Intramurals BARBARA JEAN SWOPE St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Education Southernettes, Methodist Student Movement, Future Teachers of America SHARON LYNN TALBOT Tampa, Florida 8.S., Speech Phi Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council, Vagabonds, Associate Member of Sigma Tau Delta THE s i : ' i STANT STEISS STRAIN STRIPLING TATEM TATRO R S larol Lee Veitch and Donna Wink chat with Professor Fusillo at Reception. Professors listen to registration instructions. % ' t % ' ♦••■• ' • ' • ■ c r STEPHENS STEVENSON STORM STRAIN STROTHER SURIANO SWOPE TALBOT TAYLOR THOMPSON THORN TRIMBLE THIRD ROW WILLIE ELWOOD TATEM ERNEST MUNSON THOMPSON Winter Haven Florida A.B., Religion A.B., Psychology DONALD FRANCIS TATRO B.S., Art Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary Gamma Sigma Chi, President Circle " K, " President Omicron Delta Kappa, Senate, Intramurals, Student Director Concert Choir, F.S.C. Quartet Secretary Pi Kappa Phi DON RALPH THORN Parrish, Florida THOMAS HENDERSON TAYLOR Winter Haven, Florida B.S., History 6 S., Citrus Methodist Student Movement, Vice-President Gamma Sigma Chi Sigmo Nu, Citrus Club ALVIS R. TRIMBLE .... . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Elementary Education 253 FIRST ROW BERNARD E. TYNER Lakelcnd, Florida B.S., Citrus BARBARA ANN TYSON Nashville, Tennessee B.S., Elementary Educator) Secretary and President Alpha Delta Pi, Intramurals, Vaga- bonds, Women ' s Student Government Association CAROL ANN UNGRO Valley Stream, New York B.S., Hom3 Econam cs Kappa Delta, Vice-President Home Economics Club, Vice-Presi- dent and Treasurer Westminster Fellowship, Interfaith Council, College Union ROBERT W. VANDERBECK Malverne, New York B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon JANET MAY VAN DERZEE St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., Elementary Education Alpha Cmicron Pi, Future Teachers of America, Interlachen Staff ALAN FREDERICK VAN WINKLE Short Hills, New Jersey B.S., Psychology Vice-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon SECOND ROW BETTY DIANA WAGNER Hyatrsville, Maryland 8.S., Sociology Delta Zeta, Southern Staff, Home Economics Club RICHARD TERRENCE WALSH Lakeland, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha LAURENCE L. WATERHOUSE Knights, Florida A.B., Religion President Pi Gamma Mu LESTER M. WATSON, JR Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts MARY JOSEPHINE WATSON Bradenton, Florida 8.S., Elementary Education Southernettes, Future Teachers of America ROY FRANK WEEMS St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Religion THE % i: i TYNER TYSON WAGNER WALSH WELSH WHITNEY It s Franklin Mallard poses for College PhotogroDher Paul Wille. Dr. Robert McGowan and Dr. Ludd M. Spivey watch the pool festivities. A +i :::::::: UNGRO WATERHOUSE WHITSON VANDERBECK WATSON WILBOURN VAN DERZEE WATSON WILDER VAN WINKLE WEEMS WILEY THIRD ROW CAPTAIN JAMES S. WELSH, JR Tompo, Florida B.S., Social Studies WANDA HESS WHITNEY Winter Pork, Florida A.B , Language Kappo Kappa Gamma ZANE CARROLL WHITSON, JR Unicoin, Tennessee B.S., Physical Education Phi Epsilon Mu, " S " Club, Varsity Basketball and Baseball CHARLES GORDON WILBOURN Malverne, New York A.B., History " S " Club, Varsity Baseball EARLE ALONZO WILDER Dover, Florida B.S., Religicn CHESTER J. WILEY Lakeland, Florida B.S ., Accounting Pi Kappa Phi, Westminster Fellowship 255 FIRST ROW MARTIN ANTONE WILHELM Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Vice-President Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Future Teachers of America JANE ELLEN WILLIAMS Long Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Southernettes, International Club, Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Movement CAROLE ELINOR WILSON Tampa, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta, Supreme Court, President Interfaith Council, Future Teachers of America RUSSELL WILLIAM WILSON York, Pennsylvania B.S., Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Kappa, Future Teachers of America SHIRLEY LOU WITMER Lake Worth, Florida A.B., Elementary Education Sigma Rho Epsilon, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Women ' s Student Government Association WARREN WALTON WOLFE Long Beach, Florida B.5., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi SECOND ROW BILL BISHOP WOOD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, " S " Club, Captain Varsity Basketball ROGER FRANK WOODRUFF Short Hills, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " S " Club, Varsity Crew CHARLES E. WOOLEVER Lakeland, Florida A.B., Religion FRANCES ANNE WOOTEN Cocoa, Florida B.S., Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, Home Eco- nomics Club, Women ' s Student Government Association CHARLES JOHN WURCH Teaneck, New Jersey B.S., Economics Alpha Tau Omega, Southern Staff RONALD STEVEN ZABORNEY . North Tarrytown, New York B.S., Industrial Arts mM WILLIAMS WOODRUFF Jane O ' Neill swan dives off the high diving board of the new swimming pool. Dr. Ludd Spivey is crowded by a group of eager students as he prepares to cut the tape opening the new swimming pool. II jam JUk - jM WILSON •OOLEVER ZAPATA WILSON WOOTEN ZAWADSKI WITMER WURCH ZUKOW WOLFE ZABORNEY THIRD ROW CARLOS E. ZAPATA B S., Chemistry Bogota, Colombia DONNA NORRIS ZAWADSKI Belle Glade, Florida B.S., English Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Cap and Gown, Methodist Student Movement THOMAS E ZUKOW A.B., Economics Alpha Tau Omega Lipscomb, Alabama 259 S 6 p AVAItaSl fc ' ll mi 260 THE JUNIORS FIRST ROW JULE A ABBOSH Baghdad, Iraq LOIS FRANK ADAMS Haines City, Florida BARBARA J AHOLA Fort Lauderdale, Florida KELLY AIDE Orlando, Florida WILLIAM THEO ALLEN Lakeland, Florida JAMES ROBERT ANDERSON Homewood, Illinois FOURTH ROW EMMETT BEASLEY, JR Jacksonville, Florida DIANE BEATTIE New Kensington, Pennsylvania ROBERT JOHN BELL Lakeland, Hondo SHIRLEY M. BENDER Decatur, Illinois ELEANOR SUE BENNETT Fort Myers, Florida PARLEY R BLACKWELDER Lake Hamilton, Florida SECOND ROW JAMES RUSSELL ANDERSON Deerfield, Illinois L. VANN ANDERSON Lakeland, Florida NORMAN WAYNE ANDREE Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY STONE ARGOE Lakeland, Florida PAUL DAVID ARGOE Tampa, Florida ALICE DcLYNN ARMSTRONG Orlando, Florida FIFTH ROW GRACE HAYNES BLAKE Plant City, Florida WALTER H BLOMQUIST Lakeland, Florido LOUIS SPENCER BONSTEEL Miami, Florida JOHN MERRILL BRADFORD Winter Garden, Florido DIXIETTA JONES BOWEN Lakeland, Florida JANE MARJORIE BRASSLER Springfield, New Jersey THIRD ROW BRENT D. ARTERBURN Lakeland, Florida CHARLES L BARFIELD Lakeland, Florida RICHARD DONALD BARLOW Bloomfield, New Jersey HENRY M. BARTLETT Savannah, Georgia WILLIAM ALBERT BARTLETT Tampa, Florida GEORGE MONROE BARTON Miami, Florida SIXTH ROW GEORGE BREBER Elkhorn, Wisconsin DONALD EDWARD BRENNAN New York, New York EMMA JEAN BRINSON Webster, Florida BEVERLY ANN BROCKMAN Kansas City, Missouri SALLY SLOAN BROEREN Lakeland, Florido MARION ERWIN BROWN Fort Lauderdale, Florida John Schlosscr agrees that the power of women, Edno Murachanlan, Gayle Myers ond Pot Sweeney, should not be underestimated. Bobbie Jones shows companions about her favorite sport — woter skiing. ' i tik Jft C C. C t A Til til v ' V " AQ r £ Ait ' lw ; £} ! p " ! f 262 i h i: J I V I O R S FIRST ROW ROBERT E. BURCHARD Lakeland, Florida JACK K. BURLISON Point Washington, Florida RALPH CHARLES BURNETT Luton, England WILLIAM G. BURNETT Tampa, Florida JERRY DONALD BURTON Greenwich, Connect cut EVELYN ALMEDIA BUSH Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW NANCY LEIGH CABE Windermere, Florida JAMES L. CADE Seville, Florida HENRY A. CALDERONE Mount Vernon, New York H LAMAR CALHOUN Umatilla, Florida LILLIAS M. CANNING Apopka, Florida BETSY ANN CARTER Sanford, Florida THIRD ROW RALPH A CARUSO, JR Amsterdam, New York JAMES RAY CASSELS Arcadia, Florida CHARLES M CARPENTIER Louderda e -By- trie Seo, Florida JOHN G. CHESNEY, JR Swedesboro, New Jersey BEVERLY ANN CHEYNE Lakeland, Florida JACK CHRISTOPHER At onto, Georgia FOURTH ROW LEE WILLIAM CLAYTON Lakeland, Florida DONNA ANN CLOCKADALE Orlando, Florida CHARLES JOHN CLOYD Champaign, Illinois PATRICIA L COBB Fort Lauderdale, Florida JAMES CLIFF COGBURN St. Petersburg Beach, Florida ROBERT GEORGE COLE fort Pierce, Florida FIFTH ROW DALE MAURICE COLLINS Miami, Florida CARLOS WESLEY COLSON, JR Lakeland, Florida SYLVIA LEDA CLARK COOKS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM RICHARD COON Poughkeepsie, New York JANIS COWAN Bristol, Virginia EDWARD COWLEY St. Cloud, Florida SIXTH ROW GENE WAYNE CRAWFORD LaBelle, Florida JOHN DON CRAWFORD St. Cloud, Florida CATHERINE L CRUZ Tompo, Florida THOMAS G. CULP Pierce, Florida MAC H CUNNINGHAM, JR Lakeland, Flor ida MICHAEL CUSCADEN Arlington Heights, Illinois Florido Souhcrn ' s Book Exposition — Martha Watson looks at Dan while Linda Mosher chats with Elsie. FSC ' s lifeguards Al Stern, Stratus Nicolas and Paul Suriano take a few minutes off from their duties. t 264 ::::::::;! I H E J I I O It S FIRST ROW JAMES F DANDRIDGE Leesburg, Florido HERBERT M DAVIDSON LaBelle, Florida BRUCE P. DAVIS Lakeland, Florida MARY JEWEL DAVIS Steep Rock, Ontario, Canada RAY BASCOMB DELOACH Hobe Sound, Florido NORMAN B. DERIX Belvidere, Illinois SECOND ROW JAMES BERNIS DISMUKE Lakeland, Florido FRANK ROY DOMENICK Bloomfield, New Jersey RICHARD KIRK DOUGAL Laconia, New Hampshire SARA JOYCE DOUTHIT Folkston, Georgia JUNE EILEEN DOWD Brooklyn, New York JOHN D. DUCAR Lakeland, Florido THIRD ROW VIRGAL H. DUFFELL Orlando, Florida JOAN ELIZABETH DUKE Evergreen, North Carolina LESLIE WOODROW DUNSON Winter Haven, Florido ETHEL MAE DYAL Lakeland, Florida JOHN S. EBETINO Fairborn, Ohio CLAIRE LOUISE ELLIS Toronto, Ohio FOURTH ROW THOMAS P. ELLWOOD Antioch, Illinois DALLAS MERLE ENFINGER Dover, Florida JOE ESPINOLA, JR Tampa, Florida THOMAS RICKEY EUBLER Cicero, Illinois ALFRED WILLIAM EUSTES, JR Lakeland, Florida MARTHA C EVANS Bloomington, Indiana FIFTH ROW CHARLES L FOLEY Winnetko, Illinois JOSEPH R. FOLSOM Fastis, Florida JENNIE FRANCES FOLTS LooJcout Mountain, Tennessee JAMES HUGH FRANKLIN Lakeland, Florido NORMAN E FREEBECK Chicago, Illinois ELEANOR FULFORD Lakeland, Florido SIXTH ROW MARY LOU GANDY Havana, Florida ELEANOR JOYCE GARRETT Haines City, Florida NUMAN HUGH GARRISON Lakeland, Florido NORMA T. GATES Lakeland, Florida JUDGE RAY GATLIN Winter Haven, Florida FRED V. GEBHARD Lakeland, Florida The art of domesticity is practiced by Ann Clarke and Pot Glover. Lucy Fisackcrly is the center of attention during the day ' s most exciting event, moil call. F 266 - % • ■ %•« I H I .1 I I O It S FIRST ROW PHILLIP A. GLAAB Wabasso, Florida SUZANNE ROSE GOODMAN Lakeland, Florida DENNIS MICHAEL GORETSKY Kulpmont, Pennsylvania FRANK SAM GRANDA Tampa, Florida J ROBERT GRAW Orlando, Florida RONALD ELWOOD GREEN Old Lyme, Connecticut SECOND ROW WILLIAM CARL GRIMES Fort Myers, Florida GLORIA LEE GRONE Atwood, Kansas ISABEL M. GRUBBS Clearwater, Floridc WILLIAM EDWARD GRUBBS Eagle Lake, Florida DORIS I REN HAGERS St. Petersburg, Florida RICHARD EDWARD HAGSTROM Pierson, Florida THIRD ROW JULIE ANNE HALE Cocoa, Florida JAMES FORRESTER HALL Naples, Florida JANE LOUISE HALL Avon Park, Florida WILLA JEAN HALL Pensacola, Florida KAY HAMMERICH DeKalb, Illinois MARIE L HANHAUSEN White Plains, New York FOURTH ROW RAYMOND N. HARRIS, JR Lakeland, Florida LAYNE KEITH HART Clermont, Florida RICHARD D HARVEY Orlando, Florida DONALD LEE HASLEY Mamaroneck, New York ROBERT JACOBS HASLETT Bartow, Florida WILLIAM MAX HAUSSMANN Arlington, Virginia FIFTH ROW BERTHA HAUT Juno Beach, Florida BARBARA ANN HECKSTALL Windsor, North Carolina HAROLD MERLE HENDRY Plant City, Florida ROBERT ERNEST HENDRY Fort Myers, Florida BEVERLEE MAE HERNE Melrose, Massachusetts EVELYN HERRINGTON Fort Myers, Florida SIXTH ROW JACK K. HIGHNAM Lakeland, Florida GRANT HINSHAW, JR Brooksville, Florida GORDON S HIRSCHBERG Newburgh, New York BARBARA E. HOFELLER Atlanta, Georgia SONIA JANE HOOKER Fort Meade, Florida CARNEY BOYCE HOWELL Jasper, Florida Barbara Tyson tickles the keys as Ginny Kennedy and Sheila A little joviality enters into the housecleoning of the BSO house Stephen join in the song fest. by Donna Clockadalc, Borbara Fletcher ond Ann Snow. t ■Mik k r L 268 THE JUNIORS FIRST ROW JAMES LEON HUDSON Dade City, Florida CONSTANCE E HULETT St. Clair Shores, Michigan CYNTHIA ANN INGRAM Detroit, Michigan CHARLES B JACKSON Clearwater Beach, Florida GLENN RAYMOND JACOBS Lakeland, Florida DANIEL DAVID JAMES Flint, Michigan SECOND ROW JAMES HENRY JOLLAY Winter Haven, Florida MELVIN REGINALD JONES Orlando, Florida RUTH AGNES JONES Scotia, New York WILLIAM M KAIN Short Hills, New Jersey PAUL JOSEPH KAMAN, III Hurley, New York TOM KARAHALIOS Evanston, Illinois THIRD ROW JANET MARY KEENEY Akron, Ohio WILLIAM MADISON KELLEY Lakeland, Florida JOHN DAVID KELLEY Lawtey, Florida ERNEST KEMP Fort Lauderdale, Florida CHARLES GORDON KEMPF Antioch, Illinois VIRGINIA BELLE KENNEDY McKeesport, Pennsylvania FOURTH ROW KENNETH WILLIAM KERBER Lakeland, Florida KENNETH ROWAN KERR, JR Clearwater, Florida RAYMOND F KEUTHAN Hialeah, Florida LAWRENCE IRVIN KING Lake Hamilton, Florida RICHARD GERALD KINGHAM Auburndale, Florida JAMES EDGAR KINGSLAND Bound Brook, New Jersey FIFTH ROW SPIROS GREGORY KLUVER Sorasota, Florida WILLIAM LEE KNECHT Jacksonville, Florida KATHLEEN ANN KOSAR Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio FRANK LONG KUNBERGER Florence Villa, Florida JOHN RAYMOND LAMB Chicago, Illinois EDWARD C. LANDRETH Norfolk, Virginia SIXTH ROW EDWIN JAMES LaRUE Broadview, Illinois JOSEPH RILEY LEAMING Highland Park, Illinois WILLIAM HUNTER LEAZER Ridgewood, New Jersey MARSHALL M LEDFORD Lakeland, Florida STEVEN GRANT LEITNER Wyckoff, New Jersey LUTHER LEWER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bobbie McGavin and Martho Watson admire their trophies. Eugene Roberts, Mr. Hugh Henderson and Mr. Roger Sinigoi look on as Dr. Spivey prepares to open officially the pool. p ; . ; -v: ,r% 270 i % ft ♦ fti! THE J I I O It S FIRST ROW JOANNA CAMPBELL LITZ City Point, Florida FERN RHEA LIVINGSTON St. Paul, Virginia PATRICIA LOOP Jacksonville, Florida BLACK8URN WILSON LOWRY Tampa, Florida DOROTHY MULLON LUPOSELLO Winter Haven, Florida LOIS ANN MACKENZIE Interlaken, New Jersey SECOND ROW CHRISTOPHER MAGEE, JR Venice, Florida HENRY A. MANASSA Lakeland, Florida FRANK LAWRENCE MARALLO St. Petersburg, Florida MAURICE B MARCUM Ewing. Virginia PETER DAN MARKELLOS Jamaica, New York HOMER D. MAY Tampa, Florida THIRD ROW CHARLES ANTHONY MAYO Lakeland, Florida KAY McCAIN New Port Richey, Florida JAMES BREWER McKENZIE Lakeland, Florida NANCY JEAN McCONNELL Tampa, Florida MARY JANE McMULLEN Lakeland, Florida JACQUELINE Y McMURRIAN Defray Beach, Florida FOURTH ROW PEDRO MESTAS Comoguey, Cuba HENRY CARSON MEYER Hollywood, Florida JAMES W. MEYER Milwaukee, Wisconsin PETER MARION MILLS Mount Morris, New York JOHN P. MOORE, JR Tampa, Florida ROBERT LINCOLN MOREE Riviera Beach, Florida FIFTH ROW MARI ANN MORRIS Anna Maria Island, Florida EDWIN EMERY MOTT Maplewood, New Jersey BEATRICE JANE MUELLER Winter Haven, Florida EDNA RUTH MURACHANIAN Beachwood, New Jersey CHARLES EDWARD MURFIN, JR Orlando, Florida ROBERT C NETTLETON Ocala, Florida SIXTH ROW CHARLES VIRGIL NEWBOLD Lakeland, Florida STRATUS NICOLAS Perth Amboy, New Jers ey MARILANE ODIORNE Bradenton, Florida JOY DIANE OETTINGER Lakeland, Florida MYRA EARLINE OWEN Pulaski, Tennessee LLOYD OWENS Lakeland, Florida Sarah Troxler, Glenda Bass and Julie Woodruff slide down the roil of the Delta Zeta house. Bobbie Pierce, Linda Mosher and Alice Adams soy it ' s TV time. fll C 0% 4 Ct 1% ShA f 4k il 272 - ♦ •« THE J I I O It S FIRST ROW MARILLYN ZELMA OWENS Palmetto, Florida AMELIA CAROL PADGETT Rome, Georgia ROBERT OWEN PATE, III Lakeland, Florida RICHARD STEWART PATRICK Winter Garden, Florida CHARLOTTE MARIAN PAUGH Frederick, Maryland RUSSELL KINSMAN PAUL Marshtield, Massachusetts SECOND ROW NANCY RUTH PAULLING Arlington, Virginia HALE H. PEARSEY Rushville, Indiana DAVID R. PEASLEE Nichols, Florida ROBERT SCOTT PEIRCE Ridgewood, New Jersey JOHN JOSEPH PERENYI Malyerne, New York SABRA ANN PETERS Winter Haven, Florida THIRD ROW HENRY CLARENCE PFISTER Winter Haven, Florida VIVIAN M. PHILLIPS Irvona, Pennsylvania JAMES LEE PLATT, III Mullins, South Carolina RONALD C. POORBAUGH Lakeland, Florida HOWARD R. PORTER Lake Alfred, Florida ROBERT CLARENCE POSTLE Orlando, Florida FOURTH ROW EUGENE KENNETH PRENTICE Bartow, Florida PATRICIA JANE PRICE Centerville, Iowa CLAUDIA S PRINCE Greenville, Florida HARVEY LEE PYLANT Winter Park, Florida MARTHA ANN REA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania VIRGINIA N REDDICK Benevolence, Georgia FIFTH ROW CARLTON S RICHARDSON Panama City, Florida RICHARD WEBB ROBNETT Bartow, Florida BETTY JO ROSE Lakeland, Florida JUDY ANN ROTUNNO Berwyn, Illinois RICHARD CALVIN RUMPLE Westtield, New Jersey PETER LARS SANDBERG Darien, Connecticut SIXTH ROW DOLORES SEALES St. Petersburg, Florida MARILYN LAVERNE SCHIELD Waverly, Iowa MARGARET K SCHURR Hamilton, Ohio DAVID T. SCOATES Jacksonville, Florida CHARLES ARNOLD SCOTT Arcadia, Florida RICHARD LEE SEBA Columbus, Ohio Sandy Hawcs, Charlotte Paugh and Marilyn Howell enjoy a little ukelele music. Students reach the final point in registration at the Bursar ' s office. I r p C«J ££ vi . r . ; i 274 % ♦ • • « THE .1 I I O II S FIRST ROW ISAAC SELIG Lakeland, Florida JORGE SENN, JR Guatemala City, Guatemala DAVID HAROLD SHAVER Dallas, Pennsylvania WILLIAM D. SHILLING, JR Lakeland, Florida CLINTON DONALD SKAGGS Lakeland, Florida ROBERT LEE SKINNER Umatilla, Florida SECOND ROW HAROLD M. SMELTZLY Lakeland, Florida BARBARA B. SMITH Harrington, Delaware RICHARD JAMES SMITH Riverside, Illinois RODNEY M. SPARKMAN Plant City, Florida JOHN F. SPICUZZA Elm Grove, Illinois KATHRYN VIRGINA SPRAGUE St. Petersburg, Florida THIRD ROW HENRY H. STADTLANDER Wyckolf, New Jersey SYLVIA STALLS Palmdale, Florida WILLIAM BOOTH STAPLETON Cleveland, Ohio A JOHN STARP Cleveland, Ohio JAMES ALEX STELOGEANNIS Ocala, Florida JACK LYNN STEWART St. Petersburg, Florida FOURTH ROW EUGENE JOSEPH STOCKTON Tampa, Florida SUZANNE STOLBERG Skokie, Illinois THOMAS GEORGE STRAHLE Flint, Michigan PATRICIA JO SWEENEY Canton, Ohio MIN KIM TAEKYUNG Seoul, Korea WILLIAM HOYT TATUM Leesburg, Florida FIFTH ROW VINCENT TERRANA Tampa, Florida JEAN DELORES THOMAS San Francisco, California JOAN P. THOMAS Son Francisco .California WILLIAM REUBEN THOMAS Lakeland, Florida W BILL THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida MERRILL HAZELTON THOMPSON, JR. Interlaken, New Jersey SIXTH ROW BILL TERRELL THORNHILL Lakeland, Florida JANE THURMAN Homestead, Florida JAMES K. TOLFORD Evanston, Illinois WILLIAM EDISON TOLLE Lakeland, Florida TOM A. TOUSIGNANT Western Springs, Illinois ANDREW RICHARD TRIMARCO Sommerville, New Jersey Lillian Blanc, Jane Murphy and Pat Glover show what JoAnn Bodcn and Art Emms evidence appreciation of to weor on a rainy day. the finer arts. B ! ▲ ■ -v " N Ax Sm III 276 - • %• H E J II I O It S FIRST ROW SARAH ELIZABETH TROXLER Canton, Ohio JERE PEEK TRUITT Auburndale, Florida ALICE FAYE TUCKER Curundu, Canal Zone LAURENCE BALDWIN UPHAM Clearwater, Florida DOROTHY JEAN VANDERFORD Tampa, Florida EVELYN VARJU Plant City, Florida SECOND ROW JOHN WESLEY VAUGHN, JR Auburndale, Florida JAMES THOMAS WEATHERS Sarasota, Florida FRANCIS HENRY WELCH Fort Myers, Florida DRUSCILLA WELLS Fort Myers, Florida JANET WELLS Akron, Ohio JAMES EUGENE WHARTON Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW ROBERT FREDERICK WHEELER Dover, Florida JEAN CAROLINE WHIPPLE Orlando, Florida JOHN BENNIE WHITAKER Sorrow, Florida BENJAMIN T. WHITFIELD Perry, Florida CAROLYN JOAN WIGDAHL S( Petersburg, Florida LT COL CHESTER EARL WILEY Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW SUSAN NANET WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida KENNETH V WILLIS Lakeland, Florida CLARENCE EUGENE WINN Miami, Florida JULIE WOODRUFF Jo e(, Illinois JOSEPH R WOOLEVER Orlando, Florida JAMES WILLIAM WRIGHT Plant City, Florida FIFTH ROW PALMA LYNN WRIGHT Zephyrhills, Florida PETER SHERWIN WRIGHT Lakeland, Florida GLEN NELSON YEILDING Lakeland, Honda LEONARD A. YELVINGTON Lakeland, Florida VIRGINIA A YORK Clermont, Florida EARL WILLIAM ZIEBARTH, JR Pierson, Florida SIXTH ROW ROBERT ZYNDA Lakeland, Florida Florida Southern bcouties illustrate the latest fashions. Students pause during registration to hove their pictures taker H SDPHDI10RE5 ....... I THE S O l» II O l O Kl CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JACK HARRIS President THOMAS DiCESARE Vice-President BEVERLY TRESCA Secretory- Treasurer President, Jack Harris; Secretary-Treosurer, Beverly Tresca; Vice-President, Thomas DiCesarc. 270 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW ALICE LAMONTE ALLEN Nashville, Tennessee RALPH GOODRUM ALLEN Orlando, Florida REX D. ALVES Lakeland, Florida MANUEL JACKSON ALVRUS Bonita Springs, Florida BENJAMIN CECIL ANDERSON Plant City, Florida DENNIS EVANS ANDREWS Chietlond, Florida SECOND ROW GORDON RICHARD ARMSTRONG . . Short Hills, New Jersey BURTON KAYE ARNO Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM SINCLAIR ATWOOD Richmond, Virginia LARRY ROBERT BAINE Lake Odessa, Michigan JAMES L. BAKER Zephyrhills, Florida JERRY L. BASSETT Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW BARBARA ANN BAUHOF Baltimore, Maryland ARTHUR EVERLY BEAM Media, Pennsylvania CLIFFORD WAYNE BENNETT Lakeland, Florida ROBERT ALLEN BEW Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida HENRY HAMILTON BLACK St. Petersburg, Florida BETTY LOU BLACKBURN Anna Maria, Florida FOURTH ROW RICHARD JOSEPH BLACKWELL Northampton, Massachusetti GERRA LEE BLAIR Maclenny, Florida LILLIAN C. BLANE Port Washington, New York PATRICIA ANNE BLOUNT Roanoke, Virginia JO ANN BODEN Short Hills, New Jersey BEVERLY BOURNE Montgomery, Alabama FIFTH ROW OUIDA JENELLE BRADDY Fort Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT E. BRADLEY Pierson, Florida NANCY MITCHELL BREWER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania BARBARA ALLYN BRISTOL Foxboro, Massachusetts FRED A. BROWN Fort Lauderdale, Florida MARJORIE COCHRAN BROWN Tampa, Florida SIXTH ROW DEBORAH BRYCE Jacksonville, Florida WALTER SCOTT BUCHANAN Short Hills, New Jersey ROBERT LEE BUCK Jacksonville Beach, Florida CAROL ANN BUELL West Palm Beach, Florida EDWARD PETERSON BUNTING Lakeland, Florida ROY OLIVER BURGESS Kathleen, Florida Delta Zeta presents its rendition of Hernandos ' Hideaway It ' s study time for Janis Cothern, Dee Kaiser and Julia Boyer. during Cap and Gown Pajama Party. I % % % ■ % % - % % III 1 M a o I II 281 r THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW CAROLYN ELIZABETH BURT St. Petersburg, Florida LAURA JEAN CAILLOUET Lakeland, Florida CHARLES MALCOLM CALHOUN Lakeland, Florida RONALD KEITH CALLAWAY Auburndale, Florida ROBERT L. CAMPBELL Arlington, Virginia GLENN HALBERT CARPENTER Bartow, Florida SECOND ROW ANNE CARTER Lakeland, Florida VANCE LEE CARTER Canonsburg, Pennsylvania JAMES L. CHANDLER Florida City, Florida ALANSON G. CHARLES Winter Haven, Florida CHERDUKUL CHARMORNMAN Bangkok, Thailand SYDNEY 0. CHASE Sanford, Florida THIRD ROW SELDEN THOMAS CHILDERS Lexington, Kentucky DEMETRIOS S. CHIOS Norbertb, Pennsylvania MARION ROBERT CHRIST Tampa, Florida TONI CIENKUS Harvey, Illinois HAZEL ANN CLARKE Jacksonville, Florida SUSAN ANN CLARK Hartsdale, New York FOURTH ROW JAMES C. CLIFTON New Smyrna Beach, Florida BARBARA SUE COMANDER DeFuniak Springs, Florida JAMES IRVIN CONNOR Augusta, Georgia RICHARD EARL CONRAD Lakeland, Florida BARBARA M. COOKSEY Pawtucket, Rhode Island WILLIAM FIELD COOPER Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW JACK COULTER Fort Meade, Florida JOY LOUISE COWARD Lakeland, Florida MARY LYLE CRAFT Lakeland, Florida JAMES WILLIAM DAVIS Danville, Kentucky CHARLES RICHARD DAY Dunellen, New Jersey VYLLIS DAY Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW WANDA LAVERNE DEAN Lakeland, Florida EDWIN LEE DEKLE Williston, Florida SALLY EILEEN DEMPSTER Port Washington, New York EDWARD FLEMING DENISON Fort Pierce, Florida THOMAS JOHN MARIO Dl CESARE Lakeland, Florida CARROLL W. DICKERSON Orlando, Florida Pat Daughtry and Kay McDonald write their parents of the week ' s events. Alpha Chi Omega takes its annual " Buggy Ride. " v I dm i 283 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW STEPHEN D. DIMON Norwalk, Ohio ILIA DITERICHS, JR Yonkers, New York GEORGE MARTIN DOMANSKY Maitland, Florida DAVID ALAN DOSTER Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM JAMES DUNCAN Winter Haven, Florida SUE CARROLL DURRANCE Fort Meade, Florida SECOND ROW ROBERT E. EDMONDS Sullivan, Illinois BARBARA J. EISENBERGER Sarasota, Florida JOSEPH WILLIAM EMSLEY Poughkeepsie, New York NOEL MORRIS ENGLER Short Hills, New Jersey PAT JEAN ESSENBERG Angola, Indiana ROBERT LELAND EVORS Wauchula, Florida THIRD ROW JAYNE OVERTON FANCHER Bartow, Florida ROBERT EUGENE FANNIN Brooksville, Florida DOROTHY CAROL FASBENDER Huntington, New York ANN ELIZABETH FENTON Lakeland, Florida RICHARD ALAN FENWICK Poughkeepsie, New York JOHN FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW ROBERT C. FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida CHARLES JOSEPH FINLEY Venice, Florida LAWRENCE STEPHEN FIRESTONE . . . . Englewood, New Jersey CAROL ANNE FOOTE Bowling Green, Ohio JANE LORING FOY Dot ion, Alabama RUDY RANDOLPH FRANK Naples, Florida FIFTH ROW VERNA EVELYN FRASER Macclenny, Florida DELBERTH WILLIAM FRASIER Northville, New York JUDITH LOIS FREED Pompton Lakes, New Jersey JOYCE ANN FRICK Miami, Florida HERBERT FREDERICK GARDNER Ridgewood, New Jersey ARTHUR SANFORD GEORGE Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW ROSS JOSEPH GIANGRASSO Union City, New Jersey TERRENCE KRUSELL GILLEN Venice, Florida PATRICIA ANDERSON GILLIS Pork Ridge, Illinois PATRICIA JO GLOVER Park Ridge, lllionis DONALD CHARLES GOLDEN Kenilworth, New Jersey JOHN JOSEPH GOSSELIN Lakeland, Florida Bonnie Piercy gets ready for that 8:00 o ' clock cla AOPi ' s Dagmar Hunnicutt, Lucy Fisackerly, Beverly Jones and Jean Napoli form a barber shop quartet. kM : f MM 285 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW ROGER LOWMAN GOURLEY Lakeland, Florida GARY CARL GRABB Decatur, Illinois MARY MILLER GRABLE Tampa, Florida MARTHA ANN GRACE Lakeland, Florida JEAN THOMPSON GRAHAM St. Petersburg, Florida GEORGE ROBINSON GREGORY Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW MURRAY GROSS Miami Beach, Florida FRANK LeROY GUERNSEY Marcellus, New York ANTONIO GUTIERREZ Cali, Colombia RONALD JOSEPH HADRABA Riverside, Illinois CHARLES ROBERT HILL Cocoa, Florida BETTY JOANNE HOLLADY Frostproof, Florida THIRD ROW JANE ESTA HAMBY Lakeland, Florida GLORIA LYN HANCOCK Stuart, Florida LEWIS HARDIN Greenfield, Indiana KENNETH WILLIAM HARLIN Lakeland, Florida JOHN PHILLIP HARRIS Stuart, Florida WILLIAM RUSSELL HATTON Pahokee, Florida FOURTH ROW SANDRA E. HAWES Sea Girt, New Jersey PARKS LEE HAY, III Mocon, Georgia LEO WAYNE HAYMANS Lakeland, Florida DONALD M. HEIDER, JR Glen Ridge, New Jersey JOAN KAY HEMINGER Haines City, Florida LOIS MARIE HENDRY Dade City, Florida FIFTH ROW PATRICK LEROY HEPBURN Lake Wales, Florida HENRY LEE HERRING, JR Plant City, Florida JOHN RAYMOND HEY Marianna, Florida JUANITA SCOTT HILLIARD Winter Haven, Florida CLAUDIA MYERS HIRSCHBERG Palmyra, M ichigan JOHN THOMAS HJORTH, JR Carters Bridge, Virginia SIXTH ROW LEWIS K. HOCHBERG New York, New York JAMES PHILLIP HOLL North Canton, Ohio IRIS SONIA HOLTON Lakeland, Florida HERBERT L. HOWELL Downers Grove, Illinois MARILYN HOWELL Downers Grove, Illinois HENRY G. HUMPHREY Lakeland, Florida Patsy Lemons agrees that " absence makes the heart grow fonder. " The Alpha Delta Pi girls show how to work one ' s way through college. r P C p f £. iii::Wi - i2k AihMl ..;v " I J 287 F THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW JEAN STUART HUNT Dunedin, Florida ALVIN HUNTER Lakeland, Florida PEGGY JEAN HURST Wauchula, Florida EVELYN ELAINE HUGGINS Tampa, Florida JACK DOUGLAS INGRAM Jacksonville, Florida JAMES E. JACKSON Clearwater, Florida SECOND ROW MARY ANNE JANES Palmetto, Florida MARTHA SUE JANESEN Winter Haven, Florida ELLY JANSE Fort Pierce Beach, Florida KENNETH D JOHNSON Plainvell, Michigan STEVE BASCOM JOHNSON, JR Umatilla, Florida CHARLES WILLIAM JOHNSTON Brocton, New York THIRD ROW BARBARA ANN JONES Joplin, Missouri BEVERLY ANN JONES Miami, Florida JOHN SAMPLE JONES Haines City, Florida ROBERT PIERCE JONES Lakeland, Florida JAMES LEE KAMAN Hurley, New York SAUL KATZOWITZ Poughkeepsie, New York FOURTH ROW DANIEL FORD KEANE Cocoa Beach, Florida WILLIAM MERDIC KEEN Lake Wales, Florida JOHN ROBERT KEHOE, JR Winter Haven, Florida WILLIAM FRANK KELLY Orlando, Florida FRANCES ANNA MAY KERBER Lindenhurst, New York ROBERT JEROME KERR, JR Jacksonville, Florida FIFTH ROW GRANT DANIEL KERST Bowling Green, Florida WILLIAM EDWARD KESLER Fellsmere, Florida FREDERICK L. KEYSER Orlando, Florida CYNTHIA YOUNKSOON KIM Seoul, Korea KWANG SOO KIM Taegu, Korea RICHARD ELMER KING Fellsmere, Florida SIXTH ROW JAMES S. KINNE Amityville, New York ROY E. KITCHELL, JR Union, New Jersey ELLEN SPEER KNAUSS Katonah, New York BOBBIE LEE KNOWLES Haines City, Florida CHERRILL BARBARA KNUDTEN Cedar Rapids, Iowa CHARLES DEREK KONSELMAN Garden City, New York Par McCloughan relaxes after a hard day of classes. Kappa Delta Pixie Wilson portrays the role of an irate housemother. f p - 289 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW DONALD WARD KOONS Bradenton, Florida NANCY ELLEN KOOPMAN Aruba, West Indies FRANK E. KRONK, JR Amsterdam, New York LEONARD R. KURFIRST Berwyn, Illinois CHARLES MARION LANDERS Lakeland, Florida IDA MARY LANE Dade City, Florida SECOND ROW DAVID E. LANG Eau Gallie, Florida ROBERT DAVID LENHOLT Daytona Beach, Florida JOSE ROBERTO LEONARDO Alto Verapaz, Guatemala BURTON MELVYN LEVIN .... Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey ARLENE EMILY LEVINE Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey MAX ROBERT LIEDER Scott, Ohio THIRD ROW LINDA LOU LIEFELD Thomasville, Georgia FRANCES KATHERINE LIETZ Breton Woods, New Jersey LAURENS EDWARD LINEBAUGH Tampa, Florida JAMES CARLISLE LOCKMAN West Palm Beach, Florida WALTER CHRIST LOESCHE Lakeland, Florida HARRY F LONG Miami, Florida FOURTH ROW LAURA DELL LOTT Homestead, Florida EZRA W. LOY, JR Clearwater, Florida GEORGE A. LUNDY Lakeland, Florida GERALYN BEDFORD LYNCH Oak Park, Illinois MIKE EDWARD LYON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ALLEN EARL LYONS Tampa, Florida FIFTH ROW ROGER STUART MocDONALD Winter Haven, Florida ELAINE CAROL MaclNTYRE River Forest, Illinois JOHN E. MAIN ES Gainesville, Florida JAMES EDWARD MALLORY Dade City, Florida DOUGLAS JAMES MANN Melbourne, Florida DAVID HAROLD MARTIN Mount Morris, New York SIXTH ROW YOLANDA MARTINEZ Hialeah, Florida DONALD S. MAURICE Avenel, New Jersey JAMES LEE McCULLOUGH Lakeland, Florida JAN McDONALD Tampa, Florida BARBARA J. McGAVIN Munster, Indiana EDNA BARBARA McKINLEY West Palm Beach, Florida ' Toots " Eddie, Morcia Hall and " Bobbie " Vlasak prove that Monday is washday at college, too. Sophomores appear as a formidable group to unsuspecting Freshmen. % ♦ ••• • ' hgmd €£ h to f ° M r 291 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW MARGARET JANE McKINNON Tampa, Florida ANN LILLIAN McMAHON Ormond Beach, Florida EDWIN HULL McMULLEN Lakeland, Florida LARRY H. McNEIL Clearwater, Florida CAROLYN RAE McWILLIAMS Green Bay, Virginia JOHN LOGAN MEAD, JR St. Petersburg, Florida SECOND ROW THOMAS LEWIS MEEKS Clermont, Florida GERALD A. MERWIN Lakeland, Florida OSCAR J. MICHAEL Danville, Illinois ALESTIUS THEODORE MILLER Auburndale, Florida ROBERT EMERY MILLER Portsmouth, Ohio MARSHALL VAUGHN MINCHEY Savannah, Georgia THIRD ROW NANCY LOUISE MOHN Lakeland, Florida PEYTON CONANT MONTGOMERY Lakeland, Florida FRANK JOSEPH MORAN Newark, New Jersey LINDA CORNELIA MOSHER Winter Park, Florida LESLIE EDWARD MULLINS Enterprise, Alabama NEWTON MARION MULLIS Jacksonville, Florida FOURTH ROW ALLEN WELCH MUNDY Lakeland, Florida HUGH JOSEPH MURPHY Narberth, Pennsylvania JANE ELIZABETH MURPHY New York, New York DAVID RENWICK MURRAY, JR St. Cloud, Florida JOHN HALL MUSGRAVE Springfield, Pennsylvania GAYLE SYLVIA MYERS Homestead, Florida FIFTH ROW JEAN RITA NAPOLI Miami, Florida JOHN A. NELSON, JR Lakeland, Florida VERDELL EUGENE NELSON Grant, Nebraska BRIAN PAUL NEVILLE Bonita Springs, Florida DON CLIFTON NEWTON Arcadia, Florida JOSEPH MICHAEL NOLEN Winter Haven, Florida SIXTH ROW MARLENE JOANNE NORWELL Park Ridge, Illinois RODNEY JOHN NORWELL Park Ridge, Illinois JERRY ROLAND NOVAK Lakeland, Florida GLENN LEE OAK Waukesha, Wisconsin JANET CAROLYN OAK Lakeland, Florida NANCY LEE OLDS Venice, Florida ' Harvey " seems to have slipped into Judy White ' s suitcase. The way is shown to the Phi Mu Heaven. p fpi C f C p i i 293 E THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW MORRIS R. OLIVE Lakeland, Florida RONALD FREDERICK ORDWAY Stuart, Florida JEROLD SPENCER PANATI Wynnewood, Pennsylvania ANGELO ALTIRO PARTENZA Scarsdale, New York VALENTINO RICHARD PATARINI Hollywood, Florida DOLLIE PILCHER PATRICK Tampa, Florida SECOND ROW NYRA LOU PAYTON Chicago, Illinois PAUL ALABRAN PEARSON Havertown, Pennsylvania NANCY GLADYS PEDDIE Amsterdam, New York JANICE CAROL PENN Arlington, Virginia BARBARA JOAN PENNINGTON Westport, Connecticut PETER ROY PERCIASEPE Larchmont, New York THIRD ROW HOWELL EARL PETERSON Lakeland, Florida PENNY MAE PETERSON Downers Grove, Illinois JOAN PETTEWAY Tampa, Florida CURTIS EDWARD PICKENS Winter Garden, Florida DONALD deGRAFFENRIED PICKETT Pahokee, Florida BARBARA PIERCE Greenville, South Carolina FOURTH ROW WILLIAM MORRISON PIERCE Pinellas Park, Florida WILLIAM STEVEN POOLE Jacksonville, Florida LOUISE ALMA POSTEL Mascoutah, Illinois LOUIS McDONALD PRATT Jamestown, New York WILLIAM JOHN PRESCOTT Garfield, New Jersey HENRY JOHN PRICENSKI Bloomfield, New Jersey FIFTH ROW LOUIS GLENN PRIDGEN Eagle Lake, Florida RUTH LYNN RAMSEY Port St. Joe, Florida MYRNA FRANCES REAMS Vero Beach, Florida CHARLES EDWARD REDDICK Plant City, Florida CLARENCE RAYMOND REED Nichols, Florida BARBARA JEAN REEDY Eustis, Florida SIXTH ROW FERDINAND ELMER RENNINGER Lakeland, Florida GEORGE M. RENNINGER Dover, Florida JEAN McRAE RICHARDSON Arlington, Virginia CHARLES WILLIAM RODGERS Winter Haven, Florida ROLAND J. ROE Bartow, Florida SUSAN FARREL ROGERS Greensboro, North Carolina Joyce Charley ' s signs indicate that either sleep or study occurs in Room 53. The Tri Sigs show an " after-hours " scene in the girl ' s dor 295 I THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW KENNETH RAYMOND ROTH Orlando, Florida MARTHA L. ROTHROCK Lakeland, Florida KATHRYN VAN CLEVE ROTON Jacksonville, Florida JO ANNE ROWDYBUSH Arlington, Virginia THEOPHILUS H. RUSHING Mulberry, Florida MOHAMMED SABIE Baghdad, Iraq SECOND ROW RUSSELL SACKETT Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania EDWIN CARL SANCHEZ Plant City, Florida ENRIQUE CORROA SANTANA Camaguey, Cuba ENRIQUE PEREZ SANTANA Havana, Cuba DONN LANDON SCHEERER Baltimore, Maryland JOHN DOUGLAS SCHLOSSER Joliet, Illinois THIRD ROW PETER JOHN SCHMIDT Garden City, New York CARL LOUIS SCHUCHARDT Sappington, Missouri RICHARD P. SCHUMANN Forest Hills, New York RUDOLPH DONALD SCHWAGER St. Petersburg, Florida ALAN J. SCHWIND Wilmette, Illinois ANDREW CHARLES SEATURRO St. Petersburg, Florida FOURTH ROW CAROL JO ANN SEITZ Cincinnati, Ohio MARVIN I. SHAPIRO Bay Side, New York SALLY MARIE SHINN Lake Alfred, Florida DELLA JANE SHOEMAKER Chalfont, Pennsylvania V. JACQUELINE SIERRA Tampa, Florida JULIAN RAYMOND SIMON Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW RUBY C. SINGLETON Fort Myers, Florida BARBARA LOU SMALE Melbourne, Florida SARAH ANN SMITH Orlando, Florida ANN SNOW Jacksonville, Florida PATRICIA ANN SPERRY Tavares, Florida SYLVIA JEANNE STANFORD Lake Alfred, Florida SIXTH ROW RODNEY STARCHER Orlando, Florida URSALA ANN STEIN Roslyn Heights, New York SHEILA JOY STEPHEN Mundelein, Illinois EULUS THEODORE STEPHENS Mulberry, Florida ALLEN BENNETT STERN Rumson, New Jersey THOMAS WYNN STEVENS Sarasota, Florida Ann Turner and Sue Whitehead forget the trials of the day as they listen to soothing music. Judy Rotunno and Donna Sarkison help Jo Anne Wyman adjust her new tall skirt. s f 3 5 i 297 THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW BILLIE SUE STOKES Stokes, North Carolina GERALD VANCE STRICKLAND Bonita Springs, Florida BARBARA SUE STROUD Jacksonville, Florida GEORGE HIRAM STUCK New Smyrna Beach, Florida CAROL JOAN SWEETLAND Huntington, New York ARLYS MONFORD TALBOT Trilby, Florida SECOND ROW RICHARD GEORGE TATRO Lakeland, Florida JANSEN W. TAYLOR Sarasota, Florida RUTHA MAE TAYLOR Lakeland, Florida JOHN HULBERT TEAFF Lakeland, Florida NORMA JEAN TEMPLETON Amsterdam, New York FRANK TERRANA Tampa, Florida THIRD ROW JUDITH M. TEWINKLE Lakeland, Florida DONNA LAUREE THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida MARTHA CAROLYN THORN Parrish, Florida DOUGLAS IRWIN TIPTON Dade City, Florida JAMES RAY TIPTON Danville, Illinois F. ZOLTAN TOMCSANYI Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW CHARLES KEITH TRACE Palmetto, Florida GEORGE OLIN TREADWELL Peekskill, New York BEVERLY TRESCA Jacksonville, Florida FRANCIS PAUL TROINA Fort Lauderdale, Florida DARLENE TROJAN Wauatosa, Wisconsin WILLIAM DUMARS TRUEX New Suffolk, New York FIFTH ROW ROBERT STANSMORE VIVIAN, JR Beloit, Wisconsin PETER MIKEL WALKER Tampa, Florida ELLIS H. WALSTON Pahokee, Florida ROBERT PERRY WARDELL Gulfport, Florida MARTHA WATSON Lakeland, Florida BARBARA ANN EDGEWORTH Belle Glade, Florida SIXTH ROW DAVID LOUIS WEIS Wauchula, Florida MARY ANN WELLS Wauchula, Florida EDWARD WILLIAM WHEELER Sturgis, Michigan RON ELL ALCEON WHIDDEN Lakeland, Florida THERESA D. WHITICE fort Pierce, Florida WILLIAM WADE WIGGINS Lake Alfred, Florida Mildred Wilson and Lynne Moss believe that to be dressed up you must be pressed up. Nancy Myers industriously begins her homework. ■ ♦ % i % ft i 299 L, THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW CLARENCE ALAN WILLIAMS Homestead, Florida ROBERT LOUIS WILLIAMSON Auburndale, Florida ROSEMARY WILLIAMSON Orlando, Florida HARRY ELDRIDGE WINGATE Lake Wales, Florida DONNA ELIZABETH WINK Buffalo, New York DAVID HART WINN West Cornwall, Connecticut SECOND ROW JUDITH PAULINE WOLFE Miami, Florida EUGENE BRYANT WOODWARD, JR Tampa, Florida MARGARET INEZ WORK Charlotte, Tennessee SYLVIA LOUISE WRIGHT Dade City, Florida STANLEY CLARKE WYLLIE, JR Tampa, Florida MARTHA JEAN YOUNGER Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW ELLEN C. ZALON Glen Rock, New Jersey SALEH ZEN Palembang, Indonesia WALTER ROY ZIGRANG Vero Beach, Florida ANNE AHERNE Ridgewood, New Jersey (Not Pictured) Koty Baker and Joan Aragon " doodle " with poster paint. Jill Wilson and Linda Parrott take time out to chat about the day ' s events. The Sophomore Rat Court is viewed by assembled " Rats. " F THE F R E S H M A i CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MICHAEL GALLO President SALLY ROBERTS Vice-President CAROL MARSHALL Secretary -Treasurer Vice-President, Solly Roberts; President, Michael Gallo; Secretory-Treasurer, Carol Marshall. : ' ,n.-. - • ' % «k f£ 41 14 304 the freshmen FIRST ROW TRUMAN WAGNER ABBOTT Charleston, West Virginia DONALD TERRY ABBOTT Millrift, Pennsylvania GEORGE ALLEN ADDY Lakeland, Florida CURTIS LEE ADKINS Alexandria, Virginia HERBERT JUNIOR ADKISON Eagle Lake, Florida RICHARD LEWIS ADOLPHSON Passa-Grill Beach, Florida SECOND ROW PATRICIA ANN A ' HERN Amherst, Massachusetts JUDITH ELIZABETH ALEX Skokie, Illinois BRUCE HAROLD ALLEN Toronto, Canada MAURICE VAUGHN ALTMAN Orlando, Florida ALBERT AMMON Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania JOHN SCHUYLER AMOS Vero Beach, Florida THIRD ROW BARBARA P. ANDERSON Lakeland, Florida JOHN R. ANDERSON Mulberry, Florida LEONARD RADCLIFF ANDERSON Eggertsville, New York RAYMOND ANDERSON Auburndale, Florida LEILA SYLVIA ANTTILA Norwich, Connecticut JOAN VIRGINIA ARAGONA Virginia Beach, Virginia FOURTH ROW HAROLD JOSEPH ARCHAMBAULT Larchmont, New York JOSEPH GLOVER ARMSTRONG Orlando, Florida PATRICIA JOAN AUTREY Tampa, Florida DONALD LYNWOOD AVERY Auburndale, Florida JOHN COY BAGGETT Lakeland, Florida CHARLES GENE BAILEY Jacksonville, Florida FIFTH ROW BARBARA ANN BAKER St. Petersburg, Florida KATHRYN DIANE BAKER Romulus, Michigan LOUIE ALBRA BANDY Dade City, Florida FRANKLIN BENNETT BARBER Bushnell, Florida RINA YOLANDA BARRAGAN Pocri-Aguadulce, Panama ROBERT JESSEE BARTA Plant City, Florida SIXTH ROW RAYMOND OLEAN BECK Orlando, Florida JANET LOUISE BECKER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MARJORIE JANE BELL Mamaroneck, New Yor k JACK R. BELLOWS Montgomery, Alabama JAMES R. BENEYFIELD Hatboro, Pennsylvania DONALD RICHARD BENNETT .... Cambridge, Maryland Pom Coon does the hula during Rat Week. Miss Drach pours tea for Freshman students at the Spivey residence. f 306 ■ •• ••% THE I IE I S II I I N FIRST ROW NANCY ANN BENNETT Rossville, Georgia HARRY J. BENTZ Lakeland, Florida JOSE RAMON BERRIOS Lakeland, Florida GAIL BILLET Miami Beach, Florida LUIS RAMON BIRD Fajardo, Puerto Rico DANIEL H. BIRTHISEL Gainesville, Florida SECOND ROW BURTUS BISHOP Chicago, Illinois JOHN L BISHOP Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM MARSHALL BISHOP Lakeland, Florida FREDERICK BISSO, JR Lakeland, Florida KAY Bl ACKWELDER Lake Hamilton, Florida NANCY ANN BLISS Sarasota, Florida THIRD ROW GEORGE J BONE Hamden, Connecticut PHYLLIS RUTH BORMAN New Smyrna Beach, Florida HAROLD MARTIN BORNSTEIN Paterson, New Jersey JULIE ANN BOYER Lakeland, Florida PAUL EDWARD BRADDOCK Aubumdole, Florida SUSAN PHYLIS BRADLEY Paducah, Kentucky FOURTH ROW BARBARA BRANNOCK Winter Haven, Florida LUCILLE MAE BRASHEARS Mayo, Maryland ROSALIE REGINA BRIEGS Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey JOHN WESl EY BRIGGS Naples, Florida WILLIAM HENRY BRITT Winter Garden, Florida MARGIE SUE BRIZENDINE Tampa, Florida FIFTH ROW EDWARD V BROOKS Miami, Florida DONALD PERRY BROWN Miami, Florida SHEILA LOUISE BRYANT Atlanta, Georgia VIVIAN LOUISE BRYANT Columbus, Georgia GARY ELLIOTT BURKE Lakeland, Florida ROBERT DEE BURKHOLDER Bradenton, Florida SIXTH ROW DORIS MARILYN CALHOUN Sanford, Florida EUGENE CLAYTON CALHOUN Miami, Florida CHARLES B. CALLOWAY, JR Orlando, Florida GERALDINE E. CALVETTO Fort Lauderdale, Florida GARY WAYNE CAMENISCH DeLand, Florida KAY CAMERON Miami, Florida Sheila Collar helps Cynthia Nelson dry her hair before a Saturday evening date. Betty Wilson and Sue Tenant attempt to drown out Claudia Yowcll ' s sewing machine. -- m f o ( s f 4 iP I P| 308 ::::::: : THE I II I S II l I FIRST ROW MARY GRANDJEAN CAMERON Tampa, Florida JAMES BEALE CAMPBELL Newport, Pennsylvania JOSEPH P. CARANANTE Tampa, Florida JOHN ALBERT CARLTON, JR Jacksonville, Florida PATRICIA SUE CARMAN Quincy, Florida LARRY WALTER CARTER Berea, Ohio SECOND ROW JOHNNY ARTHUR CETO Dover, Florida JOYCE ELAINE CHENEY Huntington, West Virginia GUY DeWITT CHAPPELL, II Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HOMER WILLIAM CHEYNE Lakeland, Florida EVA PERMILLA CHURCHILL Natick, Massachusetts CONNIE SUE CLARK Fort Lauderdale, Florida THIRD ROW NICKI ALICEON CLARK Pulaski, Virginia PETER E. CLARK Plant City, Florida ROBERT HENRY CLAY Winter Haven, Florida MILDRED CLEMENTS Stuart, Florida BARBARA JANE CLIFFORD Miami, Florida BRUCE JACKSON CLOUGH Delray Beach, Florida FOURTH ROW PAMELA MARIE COAN Westchester, Illinois DONALD RAY COLBATH Hapeville, Georgia LEE WARREN COLEMAN Lakeland, Florida SHEILA DELL COLLAR High Springs, Florida SYLVIA YVONNE COLLINS Sarasota, Florida ELIZABETH CONNER Rockville Centre, New Ycrk FIFTH ROW MARGARET CONNER Lakeland, Florida MARIE CONNER Lakeland, Florida J. WHITNEY CONVISOR Kingsport, Tennessee GLORIA JEAN COOK Lakeland, Florida BURNHAM RANDEL COOPER Cincinnati, Ohio CAROL JEAN COTHERN Coi e Del Pedregar, Mexico SIXTH ROW PETER BEVANS COUSINS Tarrytown, New York RITA FRANCES COWART Haines City, Florida RONALD FRANK COX Orlando, Florida FRED EUGENE CRISP, JR Mamoroneck, New York MARGUERITE CRITCHLOW Winter Haven, Florida WILLIAM ALAN CROCKER Sarasota, Florida Anne Vogel begins her nightly cold cream routine. Shirley Newberg and Linda Licfcld " soak up the roys at the pool. 4 j HBHB BHI H Mf 9 P % CI ££ 15 » o a fi ?i ,l.l}fe - I 8 fttfc " ■ 310 :;::::: THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW CYNTHIA ANNE CRONWALL River Forest, Illinois DONALD EUGENE CROOKS Winter Garden, Florida DAVID LOWELL CROSBY Orlando, Florida HARRY CLYDE CROSBY Dover, Florida FRANK W. CRUTE Shorpes, Florida ELIZABETH LYNN CULLEN Tampa, Florida SECOND ROW DIANE CAROL CULLODEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM Fort Lauderdale, Florida HARVEY DAVID DANIS Long Beach, New York PATRICIA P DAUGHTRY Wauchula, Florida DARIS ANNE DAVIS Ocoee, Florida MORRELL LESTER DAVIS Wauchula, Florida THIRD ROW WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIS Auburndale, Florida MARILYN LOUISE DeBRUYN Kalamazoo, Michigan JOANNE NANCY DECUBELLES Crystal River, Florida FRANKLIN N. DELAHUNT St. Cloud, Florida MARCIA SUE DELAPLAIN Camp Hill, Pennsylvania HARVEY LAM DENNIS Winter Haven, Florida FOURTH ROW ARLENE DORIS DeTROY Howorth, New Jersey DANIEL EDSON DOWELL Tampa, Florida YOS DHAMPRIDA Bangkok, Thailand SIDNEY B DIAMOND Long Beach, New York SYLVIA MARGARET DIAZ Tampa, Florida LOUIS CHARLES Dl JOSEPH Abington, Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW CAROL LOUISE DIXON Los Angeles, California DONALD L. DIXON Tampa, Florida RICHARD VICTOR DOTY Winter Haven, Florida JUANITA ALMETA DOUGLAS Lakeland, Florida BETTY AILLEN DUNSON Winter Haven, Florida REGINALD DUNSTON fiortow, Florida SIXTH ROW KAREN DUNTON Fair Lawn, New Jersey HULAN R. DUREN Lakeland, Florida JAMES SIDNEY EASTERLING Orlando, Florida MARY FLORENCE EDDIE Fort Lauderdale, Florida DAVID EGERT Lakewood, New Jersey WILLIAM H. ELFERS Fort Lauderdale, Florida Doris Davis trims Ellen Zalon ' s hair. Sylvia Diaz ond Jean Richard admire their roommate. - " •TN K. ' .J TC fl SSBE Bf iftt Al i li f! " O a ? 312 THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW FRANK S. ELKINS Dade City, Florida BARBARA ELLIOTT Riverdale, New York CHARLES EDGAR ELLIOTT Pohokcc, Florida PATRICIA EMERY Alexandria, Virginia CAROLE LENORE ERNSEBERGER Tampa, Florida KARL HALLETT EWERTS Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW MILDRED BOOTH FASANO Lakeland, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH FERRENCE Carteret, New Jersey CAROL FERRARA Coral Gables, Florida SHERMAN ASHER FIELDS Lakeland, Florida WALTER HORTON FOSTER, JR Glen Ridge, New Jersey ELIZABETH ANN FRANCKUM Weatherstield, Connecticut THIRD ROW BURT ARTHUR FRANK Bayonne, New Jersey CLAUDIE N. FRAZIER Frostpool, Florida KATHERINE REGINA FREER Lakeland, Florida DAVID C. FREUND Meadville, Pennsylvania JILL FRIDINGER Sarasota, Florida IRMA FUENTES Guatemala City, Guatemola FOURTH ROW RICHARD CHARLES FULFORD Orlando, Florida CAROLYN SUE GABLE Muncie, Indiana MICHAEL JOHN GALLO Momaroneck, New York ALBERT JEAN GAMOT Pahokee, Florida BILLY JO GANDY Lakeland, Florida RAMON GARCIA, JR Tampa, Florida FIFTH ROW WILLIAM JOHN GARDNER Hamilton, Canada GWENDOLYN P. GARRETT Homes City, Florida CLARKE PAUL GAVIN Lakeland, Florida WARREN LESTER GAY Lakeland, Florida BERNARD HARRY GERARD Bronxville, New York DONALD EDWARD GIOIA Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW JANET KAY GOLDADE Lakeland, Florida JOSEPH R GOLDBERG Brooklyn, New York MAURICE FAIR GOLDSMITH Tampa, Florida ENRIQUE GOMEZ Bucaramanga, Colombia BALENTIN HERNANDEZ GONZALEZ Esperonza, Cuba ROE WILLIAM GOODMAN Lakeland, Florida Dorlcne Trojan and JIM Fridingcr enjoy o minute of relaxation idafternoon. Sophomore Frank Terrona is fed by four Freshmen " Rots. " f (Tj , O ? " 4k J? II J i ' k ilk f J f$ vl f 314 » ■» % •♦ %•% I II E FRESHMEN FIRST ROW GLEN LEE GORDON Lakeland, Florida JOAN M. GORMAN Lakeland, Florida OTIS DOY LE GORMAN Greenville, South Carolina GARY SCOTT GRABE Ormand Beach, Florida CHARLES McMANEE GRAHAM St. Augustine, Florida ROBERT WILSON GRANT Auburndale, Florida SECOND ROW RALPH K. GRAULICH Queens Village, New York JAY GRAYSON Forest Hills, New York EUGENE GREEN Plant City, Florida MONA GREEN DeLand, Florida ROBERTA ANNE GREEN Leesburg, Florida MARJORIE ELAINE GREENE Brunswick, Georgia THIRD ROW JAMES EMMERT GRIDLEY Upper Montclair, New Jersey MILLER HENDLEY GRIFFIN Fort Myers, Florida HOWARD GRODER Bronx, New York DON LOWELL GROEN Danville, Illinois WALTER WAYNE HAGERTY Lakeland, Florida ROBERT LAW HAHN Morrisville, Pennsylvania FOURTH ROW BEVERLY ANN HAINES Arlington, Virginia WILLARD G HALE Lake Wales, Florida JUDITH ANNE HALL Jacksonville, Florida MARCIA JANE HALL Fort Lauderdale, Florida MARY R. HALL Jersey City, New Jersey WILLIAM FLOYD HAMAKER Alexandria, Virginia FIFTH ROW THOMAS WEBB HAMILTON Pompano Beach, Florida DOREEN FAY HANDLEY Medina, Ohio DEAN GORDON HANSON Belleview, Florida HELEN ELIZABETH HANSON Fruitland Park, Florida CAROLYN R. HARDEKOPF West Palm Beach, Florida LINDA FRANCES HARPER Plant City, Florida SIXTH ROW MICHAEL JOSEPH HARPER Columbus, Ohio JO ANN HARRIS Leesburg, Florida LEE PHELPS HARRISON Milford, Connecticut RONALD OLIN HARRISON Orlando, Florida EDGAR FRANK HART, JR Jacksonville, Florida JEAN CAROL HARTZLER Columbus, Ohio Pot Keogle ond Janice Johnson meditate on the day ' s activities. Claire Hewitt, Mary Jean Smith and Penny Peterson do their daily laundry. I • f o ; ss;r • » - -■ f ' - - ??9 ■ c Ac ' ■ ■ m l 4 mW •-4 , V 1 316 the freshmen FIRST ROW SHIRLEY RUTH HARVARD Chattahoochee, Florida ERICH HATTENDORF Bronx, New York JOHN WILLIAM HAWKEN Union City, Michigan JAMES E HAWTHORNE Western Springs, Illinois JAMES ROBERT HAYGOOD Verona, Pennsylvania MARTHA LOUISE HENDRY Wauchula, Florida SECOND ROW PETER ERNEST HERGUTH Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania CLAIRE MARIE HEWITT Park Ridge, Illinois WILLIAM DAVID HICKS Mount Vernon, Illinois ALTON NEIL HIGGINS Dade City, Florida WILLIAM OLIVER HIGGINS Haines City, Florida ERNEST JOHN HILL Bradenton, Florida THIRD ROW MALVIN MATHEW HILL Auburndale, Florida JANICE GALE HINES Dade City, Florida DANIEL RUSSELL HISCOCK Seville, Florida ELIZABETH A. HOFFSOMMER Co ege Porfc, Maryland HARRY ROBERT HOGAN Hawthorne, Florida GAIL CLEVELAND HOLBROOK fast Aurora, New Yorlk FOURTH ROW CLARENCE B. HOLLIFIELD Lakeland, Florida EFFIE LOU HOPPER Coral Gables, Florida PAULA ANN HORN Chalfont, Pennsylvania WALLACE OLIVER HOUGH Tampa, Florida MATTHEW HINRICHS HOW Dade City, Florida ELEANOR C. HOWARD Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW RALPH D HOYT Lakeland, Florida NANCY ANN HUGHES Orlando, Florida THOMAS ARTHUR HUGHES Dobbs Ferry, New York THOMAS FLOYD HUHEEY Oxford, Ohio JOYCE LYNN HURT Pahokee, Florida BERYL LOUISE INSINGER Worthington, Ohio SIXTH ROW MITTY ANN IVEY Jasper, Florida JOHN FREDERICK JAGELER Delray Beach, Florida ANNA GALE JAMES Paducah, Kentucky JAMES ERNEST JARVIS, JR Bartow, Florida CAROL ANN JENKINS Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY LOVEJOY JENKINS Tampa, Florida Diving seems to be a fovorite sport of Judith Freed, Joan Wilson ond Arlenc DeTroy. Marge McCray, Lucy Broshears, Beverly Haines and Gilda Maurcr make a nice line-up. -, £■}£ F £ £} .f| Q tf ft ; - £ £ £ ft f O P 318 - ♦ « « THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW BRUCE FELIX JENSEN forest Hills, New York RICHARD C. JENSEN fords, New Jersey FRANCES EVELYN JOHNSON Lake City, Florida JANICE MARGARET JOHNSON Minneapolis, Minnesota J E ANNETTE GAIL JOHNSON Morenci, Michigan KAREN KRISTIN JOHNSON Pass a-Grille Beach, Florida SECOND ROW DEBORAH KAY JONES Amherst, Massachusetts RICHARD BENNETT JONES Lake Wales, Florida NEAL ERIC JUSTINIANO Dunedin, Florida PAUL A. KAAS .... .... West Haven, Connecticut DEE ANN KAISER St. Charles, Illinois LYNN DORIS KANGAS Detroit, Michigan THIRD ROW KENNETH VERN KASAK Delray Beach, Florida PATRICIA LYNN KEAGLE Minneapolis, Minnesota MAXIE WENDELL KELLY Lawtey, Florida SUSAN C. KENNEDY Crystal River, Florida GERALD MARK KEUTHAN Hialeah, Florida FARRIS KINCAID Pahokee, Florida FOURTH ROW DONALD C. KING Clearwater Beach, Florida SARA ELIZABETH KIRKLAND Manchester, Georgia JOSEPH LUTHER KITCHEL Lakeland, Florida CARL MICHAEL KOCH Fairlawn, New jersey FREDRIC MARK KOHN Miami, Florida SHIRLEY ANN KRUG Haines City, Florida FIFTH ROW HAROLD KUGELMAN Teoneclc, New Jersey PATRICIA KUHN Lakeland, Florida FRED H. KURTH Passo-Grille Beach, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH LAMA Poughfceepsi ' e, New York SARA SUZANNE LAMB Miami, Florida BRYAN BELMONT LANCASTER, JR. . . Greenwood, Mississippi SIXTH ROW ROBERT M. LANCASTER St. Augustine, Florida JAMES EDWARD LANE Lakeland, Florida SIDNEY FAYE LANIER Williomsburg, Virginia FRED DON LANTZ Danville, Illinois PHILLIP ANTHONY LA PORTA Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey MARCELO LARA Tampa, Florida Ginny Tucker, Sue Opler and Judy Alex " have o coke. Was that phone call for mc? f I f! a r O 9 4 i i £% ktfiil i 320 THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW JOHN RUSSELL LARSEN Butler, New Jersey ROBERTA LAWRENCE West Point Pleasant, New Jersey MARY ELSIE LEAHY Lakeland, florida BARBARA JEAN LEE Jacksonville, Florida ROBERTA ANNE LEE Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT EARL LEE Umatilla, Florida SECOND ROW VIRGINIA ANNETTE LEE lakeland, Florida PATSY RUTH LEMONS Orlando, Florida JACK LEON LEVINE Lakeland, Florida ANN MONTGOMERY LEWIS Orlando, Florida HENRY CYPRUS LEWIS, JR Lakeland, Florida RICHARD ALLEN LEWISY Northport, New York THIRD ROW IVAN GILBERTO R. LEYVA Havana, Cuba LETICIA LOPEZ LEYVA Havana, Cuba WILLIAM SAM LIPPS Jacksonville, Florida THOMAS EDGAR LITTLE Lakeland, Florida NANCY SUE NAN LIU Hong Kong, China RICHARD WILLIAM LOBB Orlando, Florida FOURTH ROW ROBERT LEWIS LOEWENTHAL New York, New York GARY JOE LOGAN Springfield, Illinois JOHN SACKETT LOGHRY White Plains, New York IGNACIO CRUZCRUZ LUIS Call, Colombia SHIRLEY JEAN LUMPKIN Lakeland, Florida BERNARD CLARK LUPOSELLO Croton, New York FIFTH ROW CHARLES DEAN LYON Riverside, Pennsylvania WILLIAM M. McDONALD, JR Brandon, Florida FRANKLIN H. MALLARD Plant City, Florida CHARLES RAYMOND MARKHAM Okeechobee, Florida CALVIN JOSEPH MARQUIS O eon, New York CAROL JUDITH MARSHALL Bradenton, Florida SIXTH ROW CAROL ANN MARTIN Charleston, West Virginia FREDERICK MATHESON Wilmington, Delaware JASON EARL MATTHEWS Roswell, Georgia GILDA NINA MAURER North Long Beach, New York ALAN DAVID MAYER Brooklyn, New York CLARK KENNETH McANDREWS Lakeland, Florida Fronk Tcrrono, Beverly Trcsco, Bob Wordell ond Jock Horris prepare to pass judgment on the " Rots. " Ellen Zalon and Jane Pollitt hove a little tun in the sun. e V " p 322 - • ' • ft ft ■ he freshmen FIRST ROW ANTHONY H. McBRIDE Havertown, Pennsylvania RICHARD M McBURNEY Claremont, California JERRY THOMAS McCALL Vera Beach, Florida JOHN W McCALL ... Plant City, Florida PAT ANN McCLOUGHAN Danville, Pennsylvania DONALD L McCRANEY Auburndale, Florida SECOND ROW WILLIAM ROBERT McCRANE Lakeland, Florida MARGIE BELL McCRAY Fort Lauderdale, Florida KATHERYN E McDONALD Wauchula, Florida JOHN BARTOW McDUFFIE Tampa, Florida JERRY GORDON McKAY Caledonia, New York JAMES RANDOLPH McKEE Sanford, Florida THIRD ROW EDWARD JOSEPH McLAUGHLIN Lakeland, Florida THOMAS ED McPHERSON Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM ELDON McQUEEN Sebring, Florida MARY ANN MEEHAN Tampa, Florida JOHN CHARLES MELENDI Tampa, Florida ANDONI G MENDIGUREN Havana, Cuba FOURTH ROW SIDNEY CARL MENGE Fort Myers, Florida NED MAST MIDDLESWORTH Converse, Indiana MARY FRANCES MILLER Ann Arbor, Michigan SONJA SUE MILLER DeGraft, Ohio ALFRED MINGIONE Plainfield, New Jersey NORMA LOUISE MOORE Pompano Beach, Florida FIFTH ROW WILLIAM HARRY MOREL Scarsdale, New York CHARLES OBER MORELOCK Kingsport, Tennessee DALE MICHAEL MORRISON Englewood, Florida JOAN ESTELLE MORTON Miami, Florida GUINITH LYNNE MOSS Dunbar, West Virginia ARMINIO MOTA Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW EILEEN MOTA Lakeland, Florida JAMES EARL MOULTON Groveland, Florida CLIFFORD B MUELLER Chicago, Illinois M. FRANCES MILLIKIN fort Lauderdale, Florida MICHAEL EDWARD MURPHY Bloomington, Illinois EVELYN MAE MYERS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Estclla Roberts and Jone Thurmon have o friendly spot. Dorinda Ostermon, Sandra Peterson, Jo Anne Wymon and Ruth Osterman live a " Rat ' s " life. I 1 It O f ft At ■ --t- :■ ■. ' •■. ' . ' • " .i-ji f ff» r a f I Fa ».- V - r £ £ ■ ftp £ »% 4rto l J it ft! n h tfik iik 324 ft ft .ft ■•■ ft THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW FRANK T. MYERS Lakeland, Florida KENNETH CHARLES MYERS Tampa, Florida NANCY ANN MYERS Ovi ' edo, Florida GEORGE D NEBHUTH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ARON NEGRON Maracaibo, Venezuela CYNTHIA JANE NELSON Miami, Florida SECOND ROW MARGERY STATLER NELSON Madison, Wisconsin WINFRED W. NICHOLSON Plant City, Florida ALTON G. NIGHSWANDER Lakeland, Florida THOMAS EDWARD NIPPER Fairlawn, New Jersey JOSEPH T. O ' BRIEN Bridgeport, Connecticut ARANGO OCTAVIO Havana, Cuba THIRD ROW ROY LARSEN ODUM Mulberry, Florida GRAHAM PAUL OLSON Sarasota, Florida JANE O ' NEILL Cynwyd, Pennsylvania SUE ANN OPLER Hinsdale, Illinois DORINDA E OSTERMAN Westfield, New Jersey RUTH LOUISE OSTERMAN Westfield, New Jersey FOURTH ROW NANCY JOAN OWSLEY Alexandria, Virginia ALEXIS VALENTIN PAGOLA Havana, Cuba HERNANDEZ ANA PALACIOS Las Villas, Cuba JOAN DeVRIES PALSGRAAF Chattahoochee, Florida MARY LINDA PARROTT Apopka, Florida ERNEST J PARSONS, JR Rye, New Hampshire FIFTH ROW HARRY ALLISON PATRICK Jacksonville, Florida JUDITH LEE PAYTON Lakeland, Florida DAVID KELLEY PEARSON Miami, Florida GEORGE D. PECK Lakeland, Florida ROSS EDWARD PEELER Orlando, Florida ERNEST LOGAN PEEPLES Zephyrhills, Florida SIXTH ROW RALPH BEEDLES PENN Lakeland, Florida BEVERLY JUNE PERRY Orlando, Florida ROBERT GARY PETERS Arlington Heights, Illinois SANDRA SUE PETERSON Clearwater, Florida ROBERT EDWARD PFAFF Bronxville, New York HILLIARD FOLK PHILLIPS St. Augustine, Florida Pot Doughtry, Foyc Thomas and Kay Baker do " reosonoble errands " for Mike Lyon. Beryl Insinger ond Dick Schumonn chat with Dr. and Mrs. Spivey. i dfc ii ii 1 l « J m 4 41 f N - % Iff f% f .- m a - • 4 N " - 326 % • ♦ - %• THE FRESH M EX FIRST ROW ROBERT LEWIS PHILLIPS Homes City, Florida BONNIE MAY PIERCY Orlando, Florida WILFRED H PINKSTON Lakeland, Florida PAUL ANTHONY PIRKLE Orlando, Florida HAROLD D. PLACE, JR Plainfield, New Jersey GLADYS E POCH Havana, Cuba SECOND ROW CHARLENE ALICE POLAND Miami, Florida JANE DORIS POLLITT Fairlawn, New Jersey SUE PORTERFIELD Tampa, Florida HUGO POSADO .... Colombia, South America EDWARD RICHARD POWELL Miami, Florida ROBERT LEE POYNER Orlando, Florida FOURTH ROW JANICE LYNNE REHBINE Birmingham, Michigan PATRICIA V REINKING Spring Lake, Michigan FRANK A. RICHARDSON Bloomfield, New Jersey DALE KEELER RIDER Kenosha, Wisconsin ROBERT FRANKLIN H RITCH Bartow, Florida FRANK GREGORY RIVERA Son Juan, Puerto Rico FIFTH ROW JUDITH ANN ROBERSON Orlando, Florida FREDERICK A ROBERTS Fort Lauderdale, Florida SALLY NAOMI ROBERTS Jacksonville, Florida JOHNNY SPENCER ROBINSON Kingsport, Tennessee KENNETH RICE RODDY Lakeland, Florida JOSE MANUEL RODRIGUEZ Hovono, Cuba THIRD ROW RALPH LEO PREUSTER WILLIAM EDWARD PRICE ROGER F. QUISENBERRY JULE ANNE RAMIZA RICHARD D RAYBURN JEAN VERNONN REAM Seaside Heights, New Jersey .... Lakeland, Florida Jensen Beach, Florida .... Lakeland, Florida Plant City, Florida Miami, Florida SIXTH ROW MILTON EUGENE ROGERS GERALD ARNOLD ROOKS JOSEPH CRESCENT ROSELLE RALPH EDWARD ROSS RICHARD CARLTON ROSS MARIA LUCILLE ROUNDS Lakeland, Florida Orlando, Florida Cast Orange, New Jersey . . Dade City, Florida . . . . Miami, Florida Plant City, Florida Herb Gardner sprays " Rat " Pat Stonis wtih cake topping. Brian Ncvilla talks things over with Mrs. Johnson. » ft I £$ 1 f f f% w $ . ..« o r ?V Mm 328 • %-ft THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW MARTA LAVERNE ROUNDS « " City, Florida MARY TERESA RUDOLPH Flushing, New York STUART HAROLD SABEL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HELEN SUZANNE SABEY Fort Lauderdale, Florida WILLIAM THORNTON SANDERS . Foyetteville, North Carolina ROBERT P. SANTANA Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW STEPHEN SCHAFFER Teaneck, New Jersey PAUL J. SCHNEIDER Fort Lauderdale, Florida CAROLE B SCHWIMMER Lakeland, Florida ALINA BARBARA SCZYGLINSKI Newark, New Jersey SHELLEY HARVEY SEGAL Coral Gables, Florida JEAN ANN SEIFFERT Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW ORLANDO SEOANE Havana, Cuba CHARLES DAVID SHELDON Tampa, Florida FLOYD L. SHIVER Lakeland, Florida BRUCE V SHOPE Winter Haven, Florida JAMES HOLSTEIN SHURMON Bradenton, Florida LOIS JEAN SICKELS Ormond Beach, Florida FOURTH ROW RONALD JAY SILVERS Lakeland, Florida JOHN SIMPSON Forest Hills, New York RILEY DEAN SIMS VVesf Palm Beach, Florida JANICE MARTHA SIRCY Sarasota, Florida GRETCHEN BARBARA SLENGER Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY JEAN SMITH Sarasota, Florida FIFTH ROW GEORGE TERRY SMITH Sanford, Florida J. KELLY SMITH, JR Winter Park, Florida RICHARD TOBEY SMITH Zephyrhills, Florida ROBERT WILLIAM SMITH Mount Vernon, New York STAN P. SMITH Bradley Beach, New Jersey JANE LEE SNOW Brooksville, Florida SIXTH ROW DIANE ELIZABETH SPEARS Jacksonville, Florida WALTER LATHAM SPEER Winter Haven, Florida CAMILLA WESLEY SQUIER St. Petersburg, Florida DENNIS CRAIG STEDMAN Lakeland, Florida SYLVIA JANICE STEGALL St. Petersburg, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH STELZER Rockville Centre, New York Corol Stockdolc doesn ' t ollow her glasses to stand in the way of her seeing. Barbara Turtle and Shirley Krug look on as Gwen Garret manicures her nails. F | ■■_„; 1 IB HHB £ gSHHi HA UP " ■ ' ij 4fl A L |jV|i Mil • - ' 41 m A 330 - » % the r h ■■: s ii i i: FIRST ROW DAVE BRUCE STEPHENS Orlando, Florida ELAINE STEPHENS Fort Myers, Florida ROBERT LEON STERLING Lakeland, Florida GARY AND RE STEVENS Park Ridge, Illinois DOROTHY L STEWART Lakeland, Florida ROBERT HARTLEY STEWART Mount Dora, Florida SECOND ROW ALBERT GROVER STIER Naples, Florida CAROL STOCKDALE St. Petersburg, Florida PATRICIA STONIS RiVer Forest, Illinois PENELOPE ANN STRAMPP Vero Beach, Florida JOHN FRANKLIN STROUD Jacksonville, Florida LOREN JOHN SULEM Sorosoto, Florida THIRD ROW PAUL C SUMNER Haines City, Florida FLORA YUEN PING SUNG Tampa, Florida GRACE YUEN CHIEN SUNG Tampa, Florida LAWRENCE R SUTHERLAND Nokomis, Florida MARY AGNES SWIFT Ocala, Florida JOAN R TANGORA Miami Beach, Florida FOURTH ROW JO ELLEN TAYLOR Jacksonville, Florida GENE A TEANY Lakeland, Florida SUZANNE TENNANT West Palm Beach, Florida ANNA JEAN THALER Haines City, Florida EDNA FAYE THOMAS Kissimmee, Florida RONALD C THOMAS Meodville, Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW CHARLES T. TICE New York, New York JAMES BERT TILLEY Thomasville, Georgia JOHN RAYMOND TINDELL Hialeah, Florida BETTY LOU TINSLEY Arcadia, Florida ARLEN F. TOPE Dayton, Ohio LOWELL E TRUEMAN Haines City, Florida SIXTH ROW VIRGINIA S TUCKER Borrington, Illinois REBEKAH RUTH TUHY Ou ' edo, Florida BARBARA ANN TURNER Reddick, Florida DALLAS S. TURNER Sanford, Florida DOROTHY ANN TURNER Umatilla, Florida LAURENCE H TURNER Pierson, Florida Jane Thurmon, Betsy Cortcr ond Mory Davis take life easy. Naughty " Rots " Corol Stockdole, Elaine Greene ond Nancy Bliss serve their sentence. B fr ® ? € fH j T C-l IT: fT; f . 332 THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW BARBARA TUTTLE Babylon, New York ROBERT ULLIAN Merrick, New York JAN VALK Winter Haven, Florida MARSHALL DeWITT VANCE Ormond Beach, Florida VIVIAN JEAN VANN Miami, Florida ELAINE IRENE VARNEY Clearwater, Florida SECOND ROW CAROL LEE VEITCH Park " ' dge, Illinois WANDA L. VENNING Plant City, Florida LEONARDO VETRANO Montclair, New Jersey RONALD RAY VIHLEN Windermere, Florida RICHARDO L VILLAVERDE Oriente, Cuba THOMAS EDWARD VITITO Clearwater, Florida THIRD ROW BARBARA ANN VLASAK St. Petersburg, Florida ESTELLE ANN VOGEL Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio JUANITA LOUISE WALDEN Waycross, Georgia J V WALDEN, JR Dover, Florida GEORGE LESLIE WALKER Haines City, Florida SHIRLEY RUTH WALL Saniord, Florida FOURTH ROW JACQUELYN T. WALLER Plant City, Florida HENRY G. WALLIS, JR Jacksonville, Florida JOHN ROBERT WARD DeLand, Florida ROGER PAUL WARD Villa Park, Illinois JEANNETTE MARIE WARMOLTS Lakeland, Florida BARBARA ANN WEIGAND Hialeah, Florida FIFTH ROW SUE ANN WENRICH Lakeland, Florida KENNETH L WETHERINGTON Bartow, Florida CARROLL JOYCE WHEATON Kclcmczoo, Michigan JUDITHE ANNE WHITE Rutland, Vermont ROBERT SAMS WHITE Lakeland, Florida CLYDE WHITEHEAD, JR DeFuniak Springs, Florida SIXTH ROW SUE RIVERS WHITEHEAD Lake Worth, Florida WILLIAM K WHITFIELD Orlando, Florida FLORA DIANE WHITICE Fort Pierce, Florida CRAIG A. WHITNEY Lakeland, Florida LARRY KNOX WIKE Statesvilte, North Carolina ANN LLOYD WILLIAMS Long Beach, Florida Joon Duke refreshes herself in the mid-afternoon. Nancy Sherwin and Beverly Brockman find another use for water for unsuspecting Dot Beach. p I 7 r £1 CV • 334 I % ■ ,♦ %•%■%•• ' THE FRESHMEN FIRST ROW GHERMAN T. WILLIAMS Lofce ond, Florida HAL THOMAS WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida JAMES BERNARD WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida JAMES DAVID WILLIAMS Baldwin, New York RICHARD T. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida BETTY JANE WILSON Miami, Florida THIRD ROW MARILYN CAROLE WITT Ormond Beach, Florida JOSEPH GREGORY WOJCZAK Bloomfield, New Jersey ROBERT GENE WOODALL Bradenton, Florida MARGARET JEAN WOODHAMS Marshall, Michigan CAROL ANN WOODWARD Tampa, Florida JOANNE-LEE MARIE WYMAN Cranford, New Jersey SECOND ROW EMILY JOAN WILSON Rockville Centre, New York JILL SIDDALL WILSON Lakeland, Florida JOHN H WILSON St. Augustine, Florida MARILYN WILSON Danville, Illinois MILDRED WILSON Nashville, Tennessee EMME WISSMANN Largo, Florida FOURTH ROW LOIS RUTH YAFFE Springfield, Illinois JIMMY ROGERS YARBROUGH Winter Haven, Florida RICHARD YAVNER Maplewood, New Jersey CLAUDIA JEAN YOWELL Clearwater, Florida FIFTH ROW FRANCIS ANTHONY ZAPATA Kensington, Connecticut BURTON ZARO Fores Hills, New York MICHAEL DANIEL ZON Riverside, Illinois Sue Kennedy hel ps Jane O ' Neill with her homework. Goy Holbrook chats with Carroll Wheaton as she sunbathes. w rm f AIR FORCE BASES ' T Sgt. Otto H. Lensch III is NCOIC at the Education Center at Palm Beach Air Force Base. STAFF AT THE EDUCATION SERVICES OFFICE, MacDill Air Force Base: First Row: T Sgt. Charles A. Lumpkin, NCOIC; Copt. John M. McTamney, Education Services Officer; Mr. Frank A. Collins, Civilian Education Adviser. Second Row: A 3C Joseph R. Gurewici, T Sgt. Joseph W. Conahey, T Sgt. Thomas N. Travis. STAFF AT THE EDUCATION SERVICES OFFICE, Pinecastle Air Force Base: Major Cecil E. Gregg, Personnel Services Officer; Mr. Henry W. Hough, Civilian Education Adviser; T Sgt. Jack D. Prutsman, Education Super- visor; Mrs. Doris Blackwell, Education Stenographer. EDUCATION CENTERS The high standing of Florida Southern College and its liberal policy of cooperation with military personnel, have brought invi- tations to establish Education Centers at three Air Force Bases in Florida. The Center at MacDill Air Force Base, near Tampa, was inaugurated in the Au- tumn of 1950. Over sixty men and women at that base have received degrees from Florida Southern College. Classes were commenced at Pinecastle Air Force Base, near Orlando, in the Spring of 1954. The most recent Center is Palm Beach Air Force Base, adjacent to West urn „■ - sJiJMHB ..— Palm Beach, where instruction began in the Autumn of 1955. Classes meet for three hours on weekday evenings thus giving the base personnel the opportunity to secure a college education in off-duty hours. MacDill and Pinecastle Air Force Bases are the 809th and 813th Air Base Groups, respectively, under the Strategic Air Com- mand. Both are bases for the fleet medium bombers, the B-47s. Palm Beach Air Force Base is Headquarters for the 1707th Air Transport Wing Heavy, at which training is given to pilots of cargo planes. Elementary mathematics is a subject taught regularly, term otter term, ot MacDill IX MEMORIAM ANTHONY HUGH McBRIDE ROBERT ALDER CHAPMAN ALICE COFFEE GUYTON JANET MARY KEENEY NANCY ANN HUGHES 338 % % % ■% % • t The Interlachen of 1956 expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and cooperation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the advertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity : W F - ♦ ♦ TRUEBLOOD ' S PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Printers of THE SOUTHERN FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE CATALOGUES Monarch Finer Foods WHITE SWAN MOTOR LODGE 1136 East Rose Street Off the Highway in a quiet residential district AAA LAKELAND FLORIDA ■ ♦ •« Compliments of FLORIDA STEEL PRODUCTS incorporated TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Compliments of THE JOHNS MOTEL " A Haven For Tourists " ON U.S. HIGHWAY 92 Mrs. Percy W. Johns Compliments of ROBERTS FLYING SERVICE Lodwick Airport P.O. Box 1011 Phone MU. 30181 Lakeland, Fla. Compliments of SUNBEAM BREAD F Kirkland Paint Supply Company 2611 S. Orleans Telephone 7-3531 Duralite Paints and Varnishes Brushes — Sundries Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY 530 W. Main Street Phone MU. 2-1491 Compliments of William ' s Floral Shop 1040 South Florida Ave. Phone 61-641 LAKE MORTON SODA SHOP DINNER SPECIALS— SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE JO-ANN PASTRIES 803 E Palmetto Phone MU. 25-141 SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES TO YOUR ORDER Compliments of JAMES J. MUSSO Compliments of GLADY ' S 225 South Florida LAKELAND, FLORIDA FASHION RENDEZVOUS, INC. LAKE WALES, FLORIDA WASHING AIR-DRYING FOLDED E. Z. Wash Automatic Laundry 121 E. McDonald Street Phone 5-5791 LAKELAND, FLORIDA FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS SUPPLY CO. A Sportsman ' s Headquarters 711 Tampa Street Phone 26770 TAMPA, FLORIDA MADGE ' S FEMININE FLORIDA FASHIONS 225 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Telephone 42-022 Compl iments of ENGLE ELECTRIC LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of Ewell Engineering Contracting Co. 1248 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA Ready-Mixed Concrete Imperial Athletic Supply, Inc. RIP REEVES Wholesale Distributors For: Athletic Equipment Permanent Grandstands Portable Bleachers Gymnasium Equipment Wire Baskets Steel Lockers Folding Chairs Swimming Pool Equipment Playground Equipment Office Equipment Year Books Diplomas Band Uniforms Graduation Gowns Class Rings Award Sweaters Jackets Electric Score Boards P. O. Box 854 HARRIS ARCADE Phone 3-2022 WINTER HAVEN, FLA. w Congratulations Compl iments and of Best Wishes for a Full Life PALMER MATTRESS NU-WAY FLOOR COMPANY COVERING 1111 S. Florida Ave. LAKELAND, FLA. __, — " Our Merchandise Is What C. M. Bird G. R. Schabert We Say It Is " Phone 48-651 DICK ' S AUTO SALES Polk County ' s Largest Used Car Dealer Owned by R. C. LEIS 1003 E. Main LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments Riddle ' s Amoco Service Tires — Batteries — Accessories COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE 1201 S. Florida Ave. Marion A. Riddle Phone 42-772 Compliments PIPKINS DIXIELAND MAID-RITE, INC. Phone 73-571 1101 South Florida REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone 6-6661 940 So. Florida Ave. - •• •♦ PUBLIX . . . where shopping is a pleasure PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN Compliments SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE of FOUNTAIN SERVICE Franzblau-Gilbert COLONIAL ICE CREAM Equipment Company incorporated Colonial Ice Creom m - sss£9 408 West Main t flp LAKELAND, FLORIDA ' l! Jjir TfUKf f ine furniture for the home YOUR NEW MATHER STORE 120 South Florida Ave. Lakeland, Fla. We cordially invite you to visit our restyled store, where the " New Look " is predominant! You ' ll find the finest in smart new home furnishings from na- tionally famous manufacturers such as Heywood-Wakef ield, Stratford, Simmons, Lane, Dill- ingham and others. rffikfr ENJOY A NIGHT OUT! GO TO THE MOVIES! Your Lakeland Florida State Theatres POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with Cinemascope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound! LAKE THEATRE Equipped with Wide Screen Big Shows at Bargain Prices! I • , % ♦ • • % t % ♦ t COMPL 1 MENTS FOODS from the SEA OF DELICIOUS— NUTRITIOUS The New Management PALACE THEATRE Today, as never before, the public is turning towards increased use of the good things of the Cinemascope and Wide Screen sea. Presentations And it is our pleasure to supply them. W. H. VENABLE CO. COMPLIMENTS F ORLANDO LAKELAND CLEARWATER Distributors of A FRIEND Seafoods to Central Florida — Your Newspaper . . . FREEDOM ' S FORUM Any newspaper, whole-heartedly dedicated to keeping America Free, will help keep America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censors of what it shall print. The Tampa Tribune and other leading Ameri- can newspapers are wholly dedicated to these principles of service. TAMPA TRIBUNE BEST WISHES JefflerMnStikep Jhtc. " % HARRY P. LEU INC. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Your Handy Headquarters for the finest in Wood Metal Working Equipment Industrial Art Tools and Supplies Over 30,000 types of stock items representing more than 750 nationally- known manufacturers, simplify your buying problems. South Bend . . . Delta . . . Pexto . . . Black Decker . . . Stanley . . . Whitman Barnes . . . Behr-Manning . . . Simonds . . . etc. HARRY P. LEU, INC. (Florida ' s Supply House) MACHINERY— INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 100 W. Livingston Ave. Orlando FLORIDA 22 N. W. 20th St. Miami NICODEMUS JEWELRY CO. Compliments Lakeland ' s Finest Jewelry of Store ' — FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. Phone 26-354 205 E. Lemon F ; .X : " 5 30 Years in Lakeland F CONGRATULATIONS FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE MAY YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE AND GROW FOR CENTURIES TO COME. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF LAKELAND HI WAY 92 E. ROSE LAKELAND, FLA. PEPSI! THE LIGHT REFRESHMENT! Compliments of A FRIEND - »• Compliments of AG. KING PRODUCE CO LAKELAND Compliments Compl iments of of NELSON M. AYALA DISTRIBUTOR Haines City Citrus Gulf Oil Products Growers Association Tires — Batteries — Accessories c - 1024 E. Oleander St. MUrual 5-0431 5-0441 LAKELAND, FLORIDA McCOY ' S METAL SHOP INCORPORATED 1846 W. Olive St. (Old Tampa Hwy.) Phone MU. 2-9521 All Types Roofing — Welding If It ' s Metal We Make It ' AIR CONDITIONING Compliments of LAKELAND TYPEWRITER SUPPLY COMPANY Frank W. Myers, Owner ROYAL — SHAW — WALKER Sales - Service VICTOR — Sales -Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 129 S. Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA I % ♦ • •• Compliments cf Sunshine Oil Co OIL JOBBERS LAKELAND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND FOR ALL YOUR BANKING SERVICES Corner Main and Florida PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND Lakeland, Florida ' Polk County ' s Largest " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ■ % ♦ • TWO FINE STORES THE HUB For Men AND MILLER ' S For Women LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of STREATER BUICK COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA BENFORD LAKELAND STATIONERY CO. FRENCH DRY CLEANERS Phone 21 871 125 South Kentucky Avenue 112 West Main Street For the best in Esterbrook and SAFETY COURTESY Schaeffer fountain pens, greet- YELLOW CAB ing cards , school and art sup- plies, office equipment and gift Every Driver An Escort suggestions. 4-441 1 EB HBflfli Compliments of Work ' s Pharmacy Famous Brand Cosmetics STRICKLANDS by Rubinstein — Tussy — Lentheric UPHOLSTERING and Yardley — Tweed Royal College Stationery REFINISHING We Give S H Green Stamps 1035 South Florida Ave. - Phone 28-671 Phone 38-541 LAKELAND, FLORIDA 1051 S. Florida Ave. Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY Lakeland, Florida There ' s a " one and only " in refreshment, too r " LAKELAND ABSTRACT WITH BEST WISHES COMPANY Citud LAKELAND, FLORIDA • fSHOES ABSTRACTS OF TITLE 117 So Kentucky • lakeland TITLE INSURANCE When You Think of Shoes, P. 0. Box 411 Phone 33-111 Think of SNYDER ' S U. S. Royal Tires Delco Batteries Compliments of Complete Automotive Service Storage Acceptance Corporation of florida BALLENGER 229 N. Florida Ave. AUTO STORAGE, INC. Loans Automobile Finance 46-551 Phone 46-561 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Wilson ' s Drug Store 814 N. Florida Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Wilson ' s Medical Arts Prescription 1417 Lakeland Hills Boulevard LAKELAND, FLORIDA • ♦ » ft • ♦ v lutual I aper t aper ompunu LAKELAND Distributors For -SCHOOL SUPPLIES TEACHING AIDS HEADQUARTERS First Federal For Your Savings Loan AIRLINE RESERVATIONS Association of Cruises and Tours Lakeland To All Points Current Dividend 3% dLS fzMsn frnZaJ: - js 227 S. Kentucky Ave. Phone 2-1891 320 E. Main St. LAKELAND, FLORIDA GEORGE L GAINES J EWELER 122 East Main Street Telephone 24-191 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Frank and Retta Buell : ' )P Rftf Bar-B-Q Specialists AT YOUR SERVICE fclKffllllfo DINING ROOM— CURB • CATERING MUtual 55-875 2136 New Tampa Hwy. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of First State Bank of Lakeland " The Bank with Drive-in Teller Windows " Deposits Insured up to $10,000 by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of M YR 1 C K ' S CEMENT PRODUCTS MEN ' S STORE SUPPLY CO., INC. 516 716 W. Main Phone 50-951 Men ' s Clothing Is Our + Concrete Blocks Plaster Specialty -j( Windows ZIMMERMAN ' S See ANDY YELVINGTON, Our Student Representative CO-ED COORDI NATES Junior Dresses — Suits — - Formals Sportswear and Evening Separates 123 South Kentucky ALBRITTON ' S LAKELAND 1 19 S. Tennessee (Across from the Post Office) Compliments of YOUR HOME OF TROPICAL FASHION CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 56 It has been our pleasure to serve co-eds and faculty women since the class of ' 25. First in FEMININE FASHIONS ( omptimentd xp FENTDIV ' S LAUNDRY and DRY CLEA1VERS LAKELAND » % f fcfcAe jfwm EOIM IOSI II AIM IS " The Bank With Which To Build Your Future " THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT LAKELAND Lakeland ' s Only National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of REO. U. S. PATENT OFFICE A NATURAL CAS SERVICE Serving Imperial Polk County Compliments of McGinnes Lumber Company BUILDERS SUPPLIES West Main and Ohio Compliments of Standard Supply Company, Inc. - •• ••« Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of W. S. BABCOCK CORP Over 30 Associate Stores Serving Florida Main Store and Warehouse MULBERRY, FLORIDA " BABCOCK WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT " TURNER GEE Wholesale Quality Meats and Food Products Rath Black Hawk Hams Bacon Refrigerated Service to Central Florida 611 W. ROBINSON AVENUE PHONE 2-4474 ORLANDO FLORIDA SPCEDV FLAMfc Choose Florida for your future! Take this tip from Speedy — there ' s a big place for you in Florida ' s future. Florida Power Light Company with sound business management is constantly expanding to keep ahead of the fast progress pace in Florida, a state built by free enterprise! FLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANY |J Fl0R,DA POWER ft LIGHT COMPANY COMPLIMENTS O F AULT ROOFING and HEATING CO. We specialize in architectural sheet metal work, air conditioning, warm air and hot water heating. Roofing of all kinds. ORLANDO FLORIDA Compliments of CITY LIGHT WATER DEPARTMENT LAKELAND FLORIDA I % ' .♦ % • Our Wish The Best for the Class of ' 56 LORENZEN COFFEE SERVICE Distributor: MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE and GENERAL FOODS PRODUCTS Tampa Lakeland Sarasota SALES SERVICE LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Phone 46051 or 46061 Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF ADAMSON DISTRIBUTING COMPANY A FRIEND — , COM PL 1 MENTS Distributors of Gordon ' s OF " MAGIC PACK " Lakeland Auto Dealers Potato Chips Association M. P. TOMLINSON COMPANY " One of the South ' s finest dealerships ' CADILLAC and OLDSMOBILE 932-938 East Main Street, Lakeland, Florida for unsurpassed customer service Phone MUtual 4-6351 New Used Car Departments Phone MUtual 4-6491 All Service Departments • % 4 % •• % • 4 Compliments of LYKES BROS., INC. Florida ' s most progressive meat packers. AT YOUR DOOR AT YOUR STORE For Home Delivery In Lakeland Phone MUtual 2-4051 Compliments of A FRIEND IHHIF MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP STYLE-MART CLOTHES Lakeland Laundry-Cleaners 207 E. Main Street p i LAKELAND, FLORIDA Drive-In Lake Mirror Drive Compliments Phone 21-391 of RACY ' S " Lakeland ' s Oldest and Finest Exclusive Wearing Apparel Plant " Compliments of Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation BENFORD ' S BOOTERY " Smart Footwear for Men and Women " 124 S. Kentucky Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Phone 45-141 ► % % % • • COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF Florida Southern College Compliments of BERGER and RACHELSON TAMPA, FLORIDA Engravings Furnished by ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ii ii it a 1 s Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. GW€ OV4V| $+ • 110 TRINITY PLACE U R , GEORGIA

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