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n AnmA CAiiTiirnM. rni i 1NTERLACHEN 1955 • ♦ ♦ % ! % • ♦ ♦» - • ♦ • % • Here dwells Athena garlanded. Not with acanthus band, But spray of the blossomed orange Of Hellenian land. Have you not seen her fleetingly Where mist and the moonlight meet, Or heard by the sounding stoa Whispers of sandaled feet? Or would you seek sign or sibyl Beyond the Graces ' hymn? Does not her sacred owl appear Perched on the temple ' s rim? weave us our robes, bright goddess, Bind them with wisdom ' s seams, Drape, then, our eager shoulders For quest of dreams! — George Hornell Morris THE The J. Edgar Wall Waterdome and the Emile E. Watson Administration Building. - Vv : A reception in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room, Joseph-Reynolds Hall. OF 19 5 5 • • • I - This is the picture story of Florida South- ern College — the story of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is the story of our Alma Mater — built on faith and hope and work. Many pens have written the story — many more will continue it in future years. May the final chapter only be written when there are no more worlds to conquer. I Ian Co, EDITOR j ue Thayer BUSINESS MANAGER 2), JoL Ousen and Wittiam 2 . Skliii. ■S ue Jhc ina ADVISERS FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE . . LAKELAND, FLORIDA A£M4ilL . TO THE STUDENTS, FACULTY, TRUSTEE AND FRIENDS — r aaa of the outn . . . A day dawned bright and clear 15 years before the turn of the 20th Century. In Washington, President Grover Cleveland looked over a sprawling, newly-awakened giant that was the United States. In the deep South there was a state named Florida. In Tallahassee directing the affairs of the still frontier country was Governor Edward A. Perry. There were alligators blocking the trails, snakes in the fields and swamps, and Indians in the forests. Bearded men and cour- ageous women tilled the soil, conquered the wilderness and brought new life. Methodist preachers carried The Word on horseback, braving all dangers so that the Eternal Light might pierce the gloom and the darkn ess. And there was the beginning of a painful birth. A College was coming into being. Before the turn of the Century, a day dawned bright and clear on a small farm in Alabama. Life there was also coming into being. A seventh son was born to John Timothy and Ida Adams Spivey. He was named Ludd Myrl. There were other bright dawns and gloomy mornings, too, as time marched into history. The Alabama farm family joined the movement West. And the pains of birth persisted long and hard for the little College in Florida. There were epidemics, fires and hurricanes. There was war and depression. The prairie schooners gave way to steam locomotives. Voices were carried over copper wires. And music was played on machines called victrolas. There were moving pictures shown in places called Nickelodeons. Combustion engines became horseless carriages. Ships flew in the skies. There was a thing called wireless. There was all of this and much more. And then a day dawned bright and clear over Lakeland . . . WHEN A MAN CAME TO OUR a ' Juwufe i DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY OVERLOOKING LAKE H L L I N G S W R T H %r«- !i9Jp %5£. • B " ' ■ " - g r-rzn — TT ' Vi _ _• • • % » ».» ! tii. ■m !••■ -• : V. K l » ' : r 1 ft $J H y " .7 , - ' V; i tt. , ' 3M m l9l I IT WAS IN I AND THIS WAS OUR CAMPUS w :■ : ;• :• ' : : : • ■•• • •■!••■• • • • • ••%.- AND NOW FOR 30 YEARS HE HAS SERVED AS OU hiiUmt 1925 1955 THE THIRTY- In the beginning, 1925 Soon the depression, 1930 Man is measured by many yardsticks. Courage, initiative, humility, charity, ten- acity, vision, faith. These are some of the many. Every man knows fear. The indolent mo- ments come and go. Pride has consumed countless numbers. Charity is an evasive nymph, difficult to have and to hold. Even the tenacious lose their grip if for only fleet- ing seconds. Vision is often beclouded and faith lost in confusion. It is the composite of the virtues and vices that is important. Ludd Myrl Spivey has been measured, and has been found not wanting. His life speaks with eloquence. The thirty-year story has now been writ- ten. Many pages are being told by the men and women who have come to the orange- grove campus, later to go on their way to take their places in churches, schools, busi- ness, industry, public affairs and the other facets of living. Others will soon follow, each with his niche to carve in life. There are pages being told by the faculty, past and present, a few with service and de- votion extending past the 30 years. Other pages are being recited by trustees, by preachers and laymen of the Methodist Con- The first decade ends, 1935 YEAR STORY 1925 1955 ference, and by friends of Florida Southern everywhere. The pages of these volumes are bound by steel and concrete which, under the magic of master designers, have brought beauty into the blue of the Florida sky. In the be- ginning, the pages were few and the binding light and simple. Now the pages are many and the binding heavy and complex — of a kind that will endure a thousand years into the future. The prosaic story of the years since 1 925 has been told and retold. In the beginning great debt, few students and two buildings that passed for a College. The living story is for all to see — thousands of students, physical worth in the many millions, build- ings a part of the earth itself. Something alive, eager, vibrant and secure. Tangible things are easy to envision. It is the intangible that eludes the imagina- tion. Behind the pages, if one has eyes with which to see, will be found the toil with its sweat of disappointment, of elation and de- jection, and of brightness and gloom. One only builds with tools. Courage, initiative, humility, charity, ten- acity, vision, faith. Down through the years, these were the tools of Ludd Myrl Spivey. With them, he has built a College. A war in the offing, 1940 The first 20 years, 1945 The quarter century, 1950 TO BRING US THE COLLEGE IwmVwW ' Tomorrow is the today of yesterday. A part of it arrived at Florida Southern College with the coming of Dr. Ludd M. Spivey in 1925. It was complete when Frank Lloyd Wright looked over the orange-grove acres a little more than a decade later. They conceived and they executed " The College of Tomor- row. " It is ours today — a place for us to study, to broaden our visions, to enlighten our understanding of our fellow man and of our God. Tomorrow and in endless future tomorrows, others will walk where we have walked, live where we have lived. We draw back the curtain so that they may look into their tomorrow. 1 1 1 1 1 tft vfl! I BF . E K At Left: The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel from the J. Edgar Woll Woterdome. ppa Alpha Chapter the East Campus. The Emile E. Watson Administration Building Across the J. Edgar Wall Woterdome. 3 4 •• y % 4 ' -. ' r _ %;,; , .. Office of President Ludd M. Spivey. An interior view of the E. T. Roux Librory. E. T. Roux Library with sea grapes in the fore- ground. - ■ • ♦ •- A sitting room, Joseph-Rey- nolds Hall for women. Frederick Bohn Fisher Me- morial — the Christian-Hindu Temple, the Reflection Pool in the Garden of Meditation. s ' fy Esplanade and seminars, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus. Students at a formal reception in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room, Joseph- Reynolds Hall. One of the women ' s sorority houses, the East Campus. The Zimmermann Students ' Recreation Lounge, headquarters of The College Union, the Industrial Arts Building -jm! it r t mi 1 The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus. Industrial Arts Building, wi th jrangc trees at right foreground. ::::::::: The Varsity " S " Club Lounge, The Commons, East Compus. Interior of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel The Emile E. Watson Administration Building and the J. Edgar Wall Water- dome. J Looking towards the Office of the Dean, the Watson Administration Building. :::::::::: Office of the Registrar and Bursar, the Watson Administration Building. A view of Joseph-Reynolds Hall from Allan Spivey Hall, Middle Campus. 1$ h III IN W " !IKi H An aeriol of part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus — The E. T . Roux Library, Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, J. Edgar Wall Waterdome and Emile E. Watson Administration Building. An aerial of the 87-acre campus of Florida Southern College, of the trees shown are orange, grapefruit and tangerine. ith beautiful Lake Morton in the background. Many •.♦•%■•• The E. T. Roux Library from the air. A partial view of the cafeteria, The Commons ■ The beautiful Industrial Arts Building, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus. L ecuealecC rn educator, a minister, a friend. One who has not only carved out walkways for us to fol- low, but who also directed the steps of many of our mothers and fathers in their days on this orange-grove campus, and whose impact will be felt by our children and our children ' s children in eras yet to come. Who once found Florida Southern College deep in the valleys and by diligence, devotion and inspiration has lifted it to the top of the mountain peaks. And whose achievements will leave deep imprints in the sands of time forever. It is with pride, it is with humble gratitude, it is with deep affection that we dedicate this, the 1955 Interlachen of Florida Southern College to DR. LUDD MYRL SPIVEY b L. t ' . . . - . „ % g !%- r • FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Honored by kings and commoners, Frank Lloyd Wright, poet of the drawing board, artist in steel and mortar, and philosopher in Ameri- can culture, is recognized throughout the world as the greatest architect of our times. His genius has hrought to us an appreciation for ami love of beauty, transformed by the magic of his wand from the ordinary things of the earth, and a real- ization that an inner harmony with the universe awaits all who have eyes with which to see, minds with which to comprehend, and imaginations to penetrate the mists of mediocrity. 34 ;::::::::: Jne Ljreatest rrchltect of .Jur Jl imed The largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world is found on the campus of Florida Southern College. In a setting of citrus, sand and sunshine, his creations rise out of the earth into the hlue of a tropical sky and the music of his archi- tecture is a symphony which will delight visitors to our College even a thousand years into the future. Florida Southern College is proud, indeed, that the name of Frank Lloyd Wright is indelihly stamped for centuries to come on the pages of its history, and The Interlachen of 1955 presents these pictorial studies of the greatest architect of our times so that students, faculty and friends may have a treasured memento of a great American. Dr. Wright looks out over the orange grove campus. At Founders ' Week in 1950, Dr. Wright is shown, left, after receiving an honorary doctor of laws degree from President Ludd M. Spivey. The dean of American archi- tects has made many visits to our campus to see at first-hand the buildings which he has created. Dr Wright in candid poses studying plans at FSC. The camera caught Dr. Wright at this In the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, Dr moment of deep contemplation. Wright speaks at Convocation. -A : _£ L. FRANK ROPER CHANCELLOR - 1954 Serving Florida Southern College with great dis- tinction and loyalty as its Honorary Chancellor of 1954 was L. Frank Roper, of Winter Garden, Florida. A native of Florida, Mr. Roper has for many years been recognized as one of the leaders of the vast citrus industry in the Sunshine State, and as a leader always interested in the betterment of community and state, one who has done much for the South. The 1954 Honorary Chancellor is one of the lead- ing Methodist laymen in the Florida Methodist Con- ference, and it was his interest in Christian education that first brought him into close contact with Florida Southern College. The 1955 Interlachen salutes Mr. Roper for his services to our College with the sincere hope that his close association will continue through the years. 36 •♦%■♦•» ' ♦. %.%.4.1 H Y JORDAN SOBI LOFF CHANCELLOR - 1955 Installed as the 1955 Honorary Chancellor of Florida Southern College at Convocation during the 70th Founders ' Week Celebration was Hy Jordan Sobiloff, one of the nation ' s leading industrialists. A native of Massachusetts, Mr. Sobiloff attended the University of Arizona, Boston University and New York University, and currently he serves as the presi- dent of five ranking industrial concerns, as chairman of the board of directors of eight corporations and as a director in others. Not only has Mr. Sobiloff risen to the heights in the world of business, but he also is the author of " When Children Played as Kings and Queens, " and " Dinosaurs and Violins. " His poetry is noted. The Interlachen cordially welcomes Mr. Sobiloff as FSC ' s 1955 Chancellor. 37 ' ' " Wj « •- 1 JOHN TAYLOR 1934 PETER TOMASELLO 1935 ALFRED G. WAGG 1936 FRANK D. JACKSON 1937 CHANC Twenty-one years ago, Florida Southern College instituted the tradition of naming a distinguished friend of our alma mater as the Honorary Chancellor. The Honorable John Taylor was the first to hold that position and through all of the years men of great distinction have thus served Florida Southern College. Our Chancellors have been known T. T. SCOTT 1943 G. D. RUNNELS 1946 L. A. RAULERSON 1947 i - - J J. A. GUYTON 1948 F. W. COFFING 1949 f " 1f m A m 38 ♦ • j f liir J DOYLE E. CARLTON R. B. GILBERT E L L D R S throughout the world, have come from many states and several foreign countries as well, and all recorded and are recording deeds of merit in their respective fields. Some have since departed; we honor their memories. The Interlachen of 1 955 salutes these dis- tinguished friends of Florida Southern Col- lege and presents with pride, for the first time, this collection of photographs. SIR WILFRED GRENFELL 1940 J. H. THERRELL 1941 JOHN Z FLETCHER 1944 daniel j. McCarthy 1950 MICHAEL M. ENGEL 1951 JOSEPH FAZZANO 1953 39 CHAIRMAN H. E. WOLFE THE BOARD VICE-CHAIRMAN DR. P. M. BOYD ■ • f SECRETARY HARRIS G. SIMS m +m TREASURER C. V. McCLURG DF TRUSTEES i SSTj DR. ROBERT L ALLEN BISHOP JOHN W BRANSCOMB MRS LOCA LEE BUCKNER DR. J. HERMAN DANIEL D D DIEFFENWIER MRS. LOUISE D. DUNCAN L DAY EDGE R. B. GILBERT MRS. ALICE COFFEE GUYTON MRS. FRANK D. JAC ROBERT MITCHELL DR. 0. A. MURPHY MRS. E. T. ROUX ANGUS SUMNER wmm DR JOSEPH A. TOL WALTER TRAVERS DR. SHADE W. WALKER COL J. EDGAR WALL DR. G. FLOYD ZIMMERA 4 ««%«». . M. -l 1 VICE-PRESIDENT CHARLES T. THRIFT, JR. •- t DEAN JAMES C. PEEL 44 % ■ % 4 .%, % • 4 [ ( Hk 1 B JEAN A. BATTLE Dean o Students ERNEST A. LILLEY Registrar ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel ADMINISTRATION ALTON R. KINDRED Bursar CORNING F. TOLLE Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING Director of Publicity FRANK P. SZABO Director of Men EVA M. MILLER Dean of Women OWEEN SUMNER Librarian ADMINISTRATION . HIS s s . GLENN G. DICKENSON Commanding Officer, R.O.T.C. VIRGINIA FALANA Endowment Secretary ROGER SINIGOI Director of Housing y -i I ■ u PAUL WILLE College Photographer WILLIAM B. MUNDY Alumni Director FRANCIS L. LUCE Director, Student Religious Life EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietitian ASHTON A. ALMAND College Pastor MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Women s RAY J. CURTIS Secretary to the Dean VIRGINIA L. POINT Assistant Bursar DESSIE J. RISK Secretary to the President ADMINISTRATION GILBERT P. RICHARDSON Assistant Director of Admissions NILS SCHWEIZER Frank Lloyd Wright Representative MORRISON T. WILLIAMS Manager, College Book Store ft 4 •■••%. 4 4 4 Professors Ogden, Coc, Ely and Chapman. THE FACULTY 49 $T Arnolds-Patron Bly Bomctr Callahan THE FACULTY AT PAUL ARNOLDS PATRON, B.S.. M.B.A. . . Business Administration HENRY GREEN BARNETT, A.B., M.A English HENRY MARTIN BATTENHOUSE, A.B., S.T.B., M.A., Ph.D. . English HERBERT F. BLAIR, B.S., M.A., Ph.D Education R. S. BLY, B.S., M.A., Ph.D Chemistry MARGUERITE W. CALLAHAN, A.B., M.A Speech MINOR W. BOYER, A.B., MA, Ph.D English THOMAS BRIERLEY, JR., A.B., M.Ed Music 50 I ijiiiiHa FLORIDA SOUTHERN EGBERT A. CASE, A.B., M.A Mathematics ROBERT A. CHAPMAN, A.B., M.A., B.D Sociology WILLIAM F. CLIPSON, B.S., M.A., Ed.D Physical Education LAURA NEIL CLYATT, B.S., M.A Business Administration SAMUEL G. COE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. . History and Political Science M. ROY COUCH Rowing Coach JOHN I. CRETZINGER, A.B., M.A., PhD Socio Studies MILDRED A. DRACH, A.B., M.L Business Administration Case Coe Chapman Couch Clipson Crctnngcr Clyott Drach Elvidge A. F. Fugitt Field W. H. Fugitt THE FACULTY AT W. DEAN ECKERT, B.A., B.F.A., M.A Art THELMA H. ELLISON, B.S., M.A Home Economics FRANCES G. ELVIDGE, A.B., M.A Education HOWARD M. FIELD, A.B., M.A., Ph.D Biology THOMAS J. FORD, A.B., M.A History WILLIAM 0. FOSTER, A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D History AUDIE F. FUGITT, B.S., M.A History and Political Science WARRENNE H. FUGITT, B.S., M.A English 52 • " • " .♦ • •••-••••44, FLORIDA 5 DUTHERN ROBERT J. FUSILLO, A.B., MA English MARGARET L. GILBERT, B.S., PhD Biology YVONNE GOLDSBOROUGH, A.B., MA French PAUL R. GOODMAN, A.B., B.M Music TED H. GRACE, B.S., M.A Education ADA PINO HAMELRYCK, A.B., M.A Spanish EMILY S. HANCOCK, B.S., M.A Business Administration ABNER L. HANSEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D Psychology Fusillo Grace Gilbert Hamelryck Goldsborough Hancock r Hirshey A. B. Johnson Hoffman E. R. Johnson THE FACULTY AT CHARLES E. HIRSHEY, A.B., M.Ed Social Studies GEORGE P. HOFFMAN, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. . . Business Administration MILDRED S. IBBERSON, B.S., MA Speech JOSEPH C. IRELAND, B.S., M.S., PhD Biology AGNES B. JOHNSON, A.B., MA English EDWARD R. JOHNSON, B.S., MA History JULIANA G. JORDAN, A.B., PhD Drama and German MAJOR LEE HERBERT KEY, JR R.O.T.C. 54 »•-••%•♦ if - FLORIDA ROY S. KISER, B.S., MS Biology EDWARD C. KNIPPERS, A.B., MS Business Administration JAMES B. LEASE, B.S , MA Physical Education PAUL A. LEEMAN, B.S., M.M Music SOUTHERN SAMUEL W. LUCE, B.S., M.A Physical Education WILLIAM R. LYLE, B.S.A., M.S Citrus CAPTAIN ARTHUR J. McKINNEY, JR., B.S R.O.T.C. THOMAS B. MACK, B.S.A Citrus - s m k V • igr. H. H. Masters Murphy L. W. Masters Mustoe Ogden, Jr THE FACULTY AT HELEN H. MASTERS, B.M., A.B., Ph.D English LEONARD W. MASTERS, A.B., MA Foreign Student Advisor HUGH N. MOZINGO, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Biology MARGARET S. MULLEN, A.B., B.O., M.A English CAPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHY, B.S RO.T.C. ANTHONY Q. MUSTOE, B.S., M.S Mathematics JAMES GORDON OGDEN, JR., B.S., M.A Education GEORGE K. OLSON, B.S., M.Ed Art 56 ::::::::; FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLIN O ' MORE, B.M Voice GARNET OWEN, B.S ., MA English and Religion JOHN E. OWEN, A.B., M.A., PhD Sociology JAMES I. PAIGE, B.S., M.A.E Industrial Arts HAROLD L. PHILLIPS, B.S Instrumental Music SARA C. PIATT, B.S., MS Home Economics JOSEPH N. PITTMAN, A.B., MA English ELLIS L. RAESLY, A.B., M.A., PhD English Readdick Rutledge THE FACULTY AT DAVID L READDICK, B.S., M.A Industrial Arts VARIAN P. RUTLEDGE, B.S Socio Studies (MacDill) BER NHARD P. REINSCH, A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph D Mathematics MAX J. SELIG, B.C.S., M.A Business Administration ROBERT G. RICHARDS, A.B., M.A Social Studies FRANCES RIHERD, B.S., M.A Physical Education CESIDIO R SIMBOLI, A.B., M.A., B.D., PhD Religion EARL DAVIS SMITH, B.S., Ch.E., M.S Chemistry 58 •• ' .♦ ' • % « 4 4 ' ♦%♦%. A. 4 " FLORIDA S DUTHERN GRACE L. SNYDER, A.B., M.A fie g on JOHN G. SNYDER, A.B., M.A., Th.B Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOFF, Ph.D., M.D., Sc.D. . Director of Research WILLIAM H. SPIVEY, B.S Music DONNA M. STODDARD, B.S., M.Ed Art HALE STURGES, A.B., M.A., PhD English LOUISE TEMPLETON, B.Ed., MS Business Administration RUTH F. TERRY, A.B., M.A Mathematics Veeder Woodbury, Sr. Weaver Woodbury, Jr. Whitener Zimmermann, Jr. THE FACULTY LYMAN VEEDER, A.B., MA Business Administration CHARLES A. WOODBURY, SR ., B.M., M.M., Mus.D Music OLNEY S. WEAVER, B.S., MA Psychology CHARLES A. WOODBURY, JR., B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D Psychology ROGERS V. WHITENER, B.S., M.A Journalism G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN, JR ., B.S., M.A Industrial Arts FRED D. WISH, JR., B.S Economics ; • ■ • 4 » 4 4 4 » •♦ % % « ».!! MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE EDUCATION SERVICES Left to Right: Sgt. Steed Rountrec, Registrar; Lt. Joseph Thomas, Assistant Education Officer; Sgt. Joe B. Craig, Student Advisor. PINECASTLE AIR FORCE BASE EDUCATION SERVICES Left to Right: A 3C Larry Miller, Education Services; Captain H. W. Blank, Education Services Officer; Kathryn S. Quell, Secretary; Henry W. Hough, Education Director; A 3C Charles Brister, Typist. ll ■ ♦ ♦ fc ■i % % % « •«%.«.% k % ♦ % .4 % . 4 % ' ' President, Chorles Hozelip; Vice-President, Marge Payton; Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Thornton THE SENIOR ELASS OFF ICERS CHARLES HAZELIP President MARGE PAYTON Vice-President SUE THORNTON Secretary-Treasurer 65 i k - « -) to Jose J. Aboscol Alice E. Adams Robert B. Allison Richard B. Anderson Thomas M. Avampato Roger J. Boer Robert J. Bailey Robert R. Baker Webster B. Baker George R. Baldwin Patricia J. Baldwin Ivah Ball William Barkalow Shirley Bassett James Q Baur Josephine Beard Wilfred W. Beder Dorothy H. Bender SENIORS FIRST ROW JOSE J. ABASCAL Pinar-Del-Rio, Cuba B.S., Business Administration International Club — President. ALICE E. ADAMS Interlaken, New Jersey 8.S., Art Alpha Delta Pi, Vagabonds, Intramurols. ROBERT B. ALLISON Vero Beach, Florida B.S., Citrus Lambda Chi Alpha — Treasurer, Interfraternity Council, Citrus Club. FOURTH ROW GEORGE R. BALDWIN Newport, Delaware B.S., Science Pi Kappa Alpha, Senate, Science Club, College Union — Treas- urer, Inter-Fraternity Council. PATRICIA J. BALDWIN Newport, Delaware B.S.. Science Phi Mu, Kappa Epsilon, Home Economics Club, College Union. IVAH BALL Springfield, Missouri A.B., Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi, Southernettes, Future Teachers of America. SECOND ROW RICHARD B. ANDERSON Bradenron, Florida B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha — Secretary and Treasurer, Methodist Student Movement, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senate, " S " Book Editor, Sigma Tau Delta, Interlachen Business Manager, Who ' s Who. THOMAS M. AVAMPATO Torrington, Connecticut A.B., Social Studies Sigma Phi Epsilon. ROGER J. BAER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Sigma Nu, Baseball, All-State ' 53. THIRD ROW ROBERT J. BAILEY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi, College Union. ROBERT R. BAKER Umatilla, Florida B.S., History Sigma Nu. WEBSTER B. BAKER Lakeland, Florida A.B., Psychology FIFTH ROW WILLIAM BARKALOW Bay Head, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi. SHIRLEY BASSETT Tavares, Florida B S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Pan-Hellenic Treasurer, " S " Club, Vagabonds. JAMES Q. BAUR Toledo, Ohio A.B., Religion SIXTH ROW JOSEPHINE G BEARD Madison, Florida 8.S., Business Administration Phi Mu — President and Treasurer, Future Teachers of America, Interlachen Staff. WILFRED W. BEDER Orlando, Florida B.S., Speech Pi Kappa Alpha. DOROTHY H BENDER Plant City, Florida A.B., Elementary Education The " gang " gets together in the C. T. for a song fest around the juke box. ' And now, laddie, a wee bit of Philosophy, " soys Dr. MacGowan. Royce M. Benjamin Sue Bentley Eugene S. Berlin Charles B. Blackburn Burven L. Bossie Betty Jean Brantley Barbara A. Brice Carolyn J. Bridges William Brimberry Omar C. Brock, III John A. Brooks George C. Brown George R. Bryan James A. Campbell Robert S. Campbell William W. Campbell Daniel Caprio George C. Cayce SENIORS FIRST ROW ROYCE M. BENJAM IN Detroit, Michigan B.S., Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council. SUE BENTLEY Birmingham, Alabama B.S., Music Concert Choir, Organ Guild — Secretary and Treasurer, South- ernettes, Methodist Student Movement. EUGENE S. BERLIN Brooklyn, New York B.S., Biology Tau Epsilon Phi — Vice Chancellor, Quarter Century Club, H i I lei Society. SECOND ROW CHARLES B BLACKBURN Clearwater, Florida A.B., Social Studies Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Secretary, Concert Choir, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Honor Court, Who ' s Who. BURVEN L. BOSSIE Charleston, West Virginia B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vagabonds. BETTY J. BRANTLEY Lithia, Florida B.S., Religion THIRD ROW BARBARA A. BRICE Flint, Michigan B.S., Elementary Education CAROLYN J. BRIDGES Gainesville, Florida A.B., History Sigma Sigma Sigma. WILLIAM BRIMBERRY Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon — Historian, Industrial Arts Club. FOURTH ROW OMAR C. BROCK, III Erie, Pennsylvania B.S , Business Administration Theta Chi — Historian. JOHN A. BROOKS Flushing, New York B.S., History Theta Chi — Chaplain GEORGE C. BROWN Walterboro, South Carolina B.S.. Business Administration FIFTH ROW GEORGE R. BRYAN Umatilla, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club — Vice President. JAMES A. CAMPBELL Tallahassee, Florida fl.S.. Social Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Men ' s Council, Circle K, Who ' s Who, Senate — President, " S " Club, Inter- Fraternity Council — Vice President ROBERT S. CAMPBELL Lakeland, Florida 8.S , Biology SIXTH ROW WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL Lakeland, Florida B.S., Sociology Omicron Delta Kappa, Cadet Colonel, ROTC. DANIEL CAPRIO Newark, New Jersey B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon — President, Inter-Fraternity Council — Treas- urer. GEORGE C. CAYCE Pierce, Florida B.S., Education ' But Mr. Szabo, I ' m a working student. Donna Clockadale, Joan Steinhauer, and Eugenia Moody lounging around in the Garden of Meditation! ?) lA 4U Joseph Cizmar Charles W. Clark Dorothy M. Clemens James G. Clouser Jackie Collins Paravon Comlekcier Carolee A. Cornelius James D. Coston Jr. Hazel J. Corten Ronald E. Cottle Nan Coy George C. Craven John K. Crawford George Crutchfield Robert Dalbow Ann Daniel Norman A. Davis William DeCastro ■ •«.♦ ft] ■• ♦ -ft SENIDRS FIRST ROW JOSEPH CIZMAR Joliet, Illinois A.B., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES W. CLARK Orlando, Florida B.S., Science DOROTHY M. CLEMENS Orlando, Florida B.S., Home Economics Beta Sigma Omicron, Future Teachers of America. SECOND ROW JAMES G. CLOUSER Orlando, Florida B.S., Physics Alpha Tau Omega. JACKIE COLLINS Acushnet, Massachusetts A.B., Psychology Beta Sigma Omicron, Women ' s Student Government Association. PARAVON COMLEKCIER Ankara, Turkey B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, International Club — Treasurer. THIRD ROW CAROLEE A. CORNELIUS Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S., Commercial Art Alpha Chi Omega — President, Kappa Pi — Secretary and Treas- urer, Cap and Gown, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff. JAMES D. COSTON, JR Ft. Meade, Florida B.S., Business Administration HAZEL J. COTTEN Birmingham, Alabama 8.S., Music Education Theta Upsilon, Canterbury Club, Concert Choir, Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Alpha. FOURTH ROW RONALD E. COTTLE Columbus, Georgia A.B., English NAN COY Orlando, Florida A.B., Journalism Vagabonds, Variety Players, Pi Delta Epsilon — President, Sigma Tou Delta — Treasurer, Circus, Southern Staff, Cap and Gown — Historian, Student Body Association — Treasurer, Interlachen Staff — Editor of ' 55 Yearbook, Concert Choir, Methodist Stu- dent Movement, College Union, Who ' s Who, Order of Black Key. GEORGE C. CRAVEN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting FIFTH ROW JOHN K. CRAWFORD Sebring, Florida B.S., History Pi Kappa Alpha, Future Teachers of America — Vice President. GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD Sutton, West Virginia 8.S., Journalism Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon — President, Sigma Theta Ep- silon, Southern Staff — Editor and Business Manager, Omicron Delta Kappa, Methodist Student Movement. ROBERT DALBOW Swedesboro, New Jersey B.S.. Citrus Pi Kappa Phi — Secretary and Historian, Citrus Club. SIXTH ROW ANN DANIEL Dade City, Florida 8.S., Music Alpha Chi Omega, Who ' s Who, Florida Citrus Queen, Miss Florida, Alternate Miss America of 1955, Concert Choir. NORMAN A. DAVIS Bradenton, Florida A.B., History Phi Sigma Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Inter- Fraternity Council, Who ' s Who. WILLIAM DECASTRO Hatboro, Pennsylvania 6.S., Business Administration Doris Swank, Judy Freed, Pat Cobb and Pat Sperry enjoy that ever present Coke. Glimpses through a grill by Arlene Levine and Ann Vreelond. Joel H. Diamond Marie Louise Dick Audrey Dietrich Douglas DiMichele Ray E. Dingeman John C. Dinklage Gerard R. Dobson Thomas F. Doyle, Jr. Arthur L. Eberly, Jr. William R. Edmunds Joel Embry Rollin B. Emmons Clarence J. English Fred J. Eubeler Effie Lou Fairchild Leonard D. Fanelli Marcella Felton J. Edwin Felton ■ SENIORS • • ♦ «. ♦ % ♦ .%. FIRST ROW JOEL H. DIAMOND Broo klyn, New York B.S., Accounting Tau Epsilon Phi — President, Hillel, Pi Gamma Mu — President, Men ' s Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, " S " Club — Treasurer. MARIE LOUISE DICK Clearwater, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Home Economics Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweet- heart. AUDREY DIETRICH Danville, Illinois B.S., Biology Beta Sigma Omicron, Koppa Epsilon, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, College Union. SECOND ROW DOUGLAS DIMICHELE Lakeland, Florida A.B., English RAY E. DINGEMAN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mathematics JOHN C. DINKLAGE Mantoloking, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi — Historian, Inter-Fraternity Council, Intramural Board. FOURTH ROW WILLIAM R. EDMUNDS Tallahassee, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Men ' s Council, " S " Club, Future Teachers of America, Phi Epsilon Mu, Cadet Captain, ROTC. JOEL EMBRY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Theta Chi, Symphonic Orchestra, Varsity Basketba ll, Future Teachers of America, Chapel Choir, Circus, " S " Club. ROLLIN B. EMMONS Daytona Beach, Florida A.B., Religion FIFTH ROW CLARENCE J. ENGLISH Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting FRED J EUBELER Cicero, Illinois A.B., Psychology EFFIE LOU FAIRCHILD St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Physical Education Delta Zeta — Vice President, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America, Vagabonds, Concert Choir, Senator of Junior Class, Women ' s Intramural Board, Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class, Miss Southern of 1955. THIRD ROW GERARD R. DOBSON Long Beach, Florida 8.S., Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Epsilon, College Union, Circle K, West- minster Fellowship. THOMAS F. DOYLE, JR Lakeland, Florida A.B., English ARTHUR L. EBERLY, JR Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Vice President, Student Body Association — Vice President, Inter-Fraternity Council — Secretary, Who ' s Who. SIXTH ROW LEONARD D. FANELLI Berwyn, Illinois 8.S., Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon, " S " Club — Secretary, Varsity Baseball. MARCELLA FELTON Key West, Florida B.S., English Circus, Southern Staff. J. EDWIN FELTON Key West, Florida B.S , Business Administration Student Body Association, Circle K, Circus. Mrs. Johnson and Dottie Gross, director of the College Union, confer on a dote for the next social event. i I Domestic tranquility in Allan Spivey — Donnasue Dunklee, Pat Essenberg and Toni Cienkus. f Beverly Ferterman John H. Fewell John W. Finkell, Jr. Donald Fisher Berry J. Floyd Clarence Fogal Herbert- Fogerty Evelyn Fours John Frasz John F. Freeman Mary Jane Freeman Morrisa Fried r (» c Nsbt Jtt Ross D. Gainey William E. Gary, III Byron P. George r C5 Louis J. Girard George Given Lloyd M. Goldsmith r» SENIORS FIRST ROW BEVERLY FETTERMAN Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta — Secretary, Westminster Fel- lowship, Vagabonds, Microphone Club. JOHN H. FEWELL Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN W. FINKELL, Jr Trilby, Florida A.B., Religion SECOND ROW DONALD FISHER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Studies Theta Chi — President and Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golf Club — Treasurer, Speech Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Cadet First Lieutenant, ROTC. BETTY J. FLOYD Bartow, Florida B.S., History Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi — Treasurer. CLARENCE S. FOGAL Cormel, New York B.S., Business Administration THIRD ROW HERBERT FOGERTY Babylon, New York 6.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Circle K, Men ' s Council. EVELYN FOUTS Lakeland, Florida B.S., English Alpha Delta Pi — Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Va- riety Players, Lambda Chi Sweetheart. JOHN FRASZ Van Dyke, Michigan B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi — Treasurer, Newman Club, Men ' s Council, " S " Club, Crew. FOURTH ROW JOHN F. FREEMAN Fredericksburg, Virginia A.B., Social Studies Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY JANE FREEMAN Bradenton, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Future Teachers of America — Treasurer, Cap and Gown. MORRISA FRIED Brooklyn, New York A.B., History Future Teachers of America, College Union — Vice President, Hillel — President. FIFTH ROW ROSS D. GAINEY Tuscola, Mississippi 6.S., Accounting WILLIAM E. GARY, III Owensboro, Kentucky 8.S., Citrus Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club — President. BYRON P. GEORGE Stamford, Connecticut 8.S., Physics Pi Kappa Alpha — Social Chairman, Science Club. SIXTH ROW LOUIS J. GIRARD Lakeland, Florida A.B., Education Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. GEORGE GIVEN Miami, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Pi Kappa Phi — Chaplain, Future Teachers of America, West- minster Fellowship. LLOYD M. GOLDSMITH Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel — Vice President, Citrus Club, Inter-Fra- ternity Council. " C ' mon, birdie, say Pete. " Ria Hanhausen, Joyce En- glebrccht and Judy Hexamer painstakingly teach the birdie to talk. Sylvia Clark and Dick Schumann add the finishing touches to the new Vag Hut. Barbara A. Goodrick Audrey J. Goodwin William H. Goodwin Edward E. Gordon Jerry S. Greenfield Katherine Greenwood Hubert E. Griggs, Jr. Donald Guss William L. Hall Don Ham Margery Hamilton Barbara Hand Richard H. Hansen Rollin G. Hansen Jack L. Harvey Herbert Haymond, Jr Albert C. Hazelip, Jr June M. Heath SENIORS FIRST ROW BARBARA A. GOODRICK Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Future Teachers of America, Home Economics Club, College Union, Pan-Hellenic Council. AUDREY J. GOODWIN Tampa, Florida A.B., Religion WILLIAM H. GOODWIN Tampa, Florida A.B., Religion SECOND ROW EDWARD E. GORDON Brookline, Massachusetts 8.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. JERRY S. GREENFIELD Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Socio Studies Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Epsilon, " S " Club, Crew. KATHERINE GREENWOOD Park Ridge, Illinois B.S., Home Economics Future Teachers of America, Home Economics Club. FOURTH ROW DON HAM Seoul, Korea A.B., Economics International Club. MARGERY HAMILTON Anniston, Alabama B.S., Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Board — Secretary-Treasurei, Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff, Senior Senator, Rifle Club, Crew. BARBARA HAND Delray Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta — Secretary, Cap and Gown, Home Economics — Sec- retary, College Union, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, Future Teachers of America, Interlachen Staff. FIFTH ROW RICHARD H. HANSEN Lakeland, Florida B.5., Business Administration ROLLIN G. HANSEN Lakeland, Florida A.B., History JACK L. HARVEY Orlando, Florida A.B., Religion Concert Choir, Methodist Student Movement — President and Vice President, Circle K, Gamma Sigma Chi — Treasurer, Who ' s Who, Order of Black Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Men ' s Council. THIRD ROW HUBERT E. GRIGGS, JR Cocoa, Florida B.S., Journalism Phi Kappa Tau, Southern Staff. DONALD GUSS Jersey City, New Jersey 8.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel, Methodist Student Movement, Vaga- bonds, Circle K, College Union, Circus. WILLIAM L. HALL Columbia, South Corolina A.B., Religion SIXTH ROW HERBERT HAYMOND, JR West Palm Beach, Florida 8.S., Mathematics ALBERT C. HAZELIP, JR Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 8.S., Art Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Junior Class Senator, Senior Class President, Honor Guard. JUNE M. HEATH Groveland, Florida 8.S., Elementary Education Southernettes, Future Teachers of America — President, Metho- dist Student Movement — Secretary and Treasurer, Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown. " On guard! " John Anderson and Charlie Blackburn re- hearse the dueling scene for " Tovarich. " Jean Bundy, Shirley Engiert and Carolyn Bridges take it easy while Doris Hagers peers down from the top bunk at Kappa Delta house. Barbara Hellwig H. Douglas Helsel Carl R. Hendry John H. Hess Nancy E. Hess Allen H. Higginbotham Albert W. Hogue, Jr. Billie Sue Houser Margaret A. Howell Barbara L. Hudgel Joyce Hudson Alfred V. Huff Jack M. Hughey Cloene Irvine Ann Ivey Don Jarrell Sam Johnston Gertrude S. Jones ■k ' r • ♦ • ♦ ft] ' »-ft ft.ft. SENIORS FIRST ROW BARBARA HELLWIG Arubo, Netherlands West Indies A.B., English Alpha Delta Pi, International Club. H. DOUGLAS HELSEL Middletown, Ohio B.S., Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha. CARL R. HENDRY Tampa, Florida B.5., Social Studies SECOND ROW JOHN H. HESS Washington, D. C. 8.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Sophomore Senator. NANCY E. HESS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Speech Alpha Omicron Pi. ALLEN H. HIGGINBOTHAM Plant City, Florida A.B., History Pi Gamma Mu. THIRD ROW ALBERT W. HOGUE, JR Winter Park, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramurals. BILLIE SUE HOUSER Lakeland, Florida A.B., Sociology Alpha Chi Omega. MARGARET A. HOWELL Titusville, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Movement. FOURTH ROW BARBARA L. HUDGEL Zephyrhills, Florida B.S., Music Phi Mu, Chapel Choir. JOYCE HUDSON Ft. Meade, Florida 8.S., Biology Who ' s Who. ALFRED V. HUFF Amityville, New York B.S., Business Administration Basketball, Baseball. FIFTH ROW JACK M. HUGHEY Tampa, Florida 6.S., Citrus Citrus Club. CLOENE IRVINE Tampa, Florida A.B., Religious Education Southernettes — President, Methodist Student Movement — Vice President, Sigma Rho Epsilon — President, Cap and Gown, Na- tional Guild of Organists, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi. ANN IVEY Miami, Florida A.B., Religion Methodist Student Movement, Sigma Rho Epsilon. SIXTH ROW DON JARRELL Madison, West Virginia 8.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. SAM JOHNSTON Ft. Myers, Florida B.S., Business Administration Vagabonds. GERTRUDE S. JONES Middletown, Ohio A.B., English Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds — Secretary, Col- lege Union. Barb Ridlebauqh calls the gals downstairs for phone colls and dates. Getting ready for a game of ping-pong are Betty Gene Stallings and Sue Spiedel. Patricia A. Karius Vichian Kasemsuwan James F. Keleher Vol Keller Robert W. Kelly David W. Kelsey J r O ) Stanley B. Kendrick Carolyn R. Kille Charles Kinder James D. King James W. King J. Robert Kingha m Karl J. Krueger George Kyle Barbara Lamberson Virginia M. Langford John J. LaSalle Sammie Lastinger % « % .%.% » • ••••■ ' ♦■♦ m 1 » ♦ » • 4 ♦%.- SENIORS FIRST ROW PATRICIA A. KARIUS Albany, New York B.S., Chemistry Phi Mu, Intramurals. VICHIAN KASEMSUWAN Bangkok. Thailand B.S., Business Administration JAMES F. KELEHER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Studies SECOND ROW VAL KELLER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Cap and Gown, International Club, Vagabonds — Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Microphone Club — President, Future Teachers of America, Variety Players, Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega. ROBERT W. KELLY Otsego, Michigan B.S., Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu. DAVID W. KELSEY Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon — Treasurer, Intramurals. FOURTH ROW JAMES D. KING Ft. Pierce, Florida B.S., History JAMES W. KING Plant City, Florida B.S., Chemistry J. ROBERT KINGHAM Auburndale, Florida B.S., Citrus Theto Chi — Secretary, Inter-Fraternity Council. FIFTH ROW KARL J. KRUEGER Stuart, Florida B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Concert Choir — Executive Committee, Sen- ate, Interlachen Staff, Honor Guard, President of Freshman Class, Intercollegiate Water Ski Team. GEORGE KYLE Plainfield, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Theta Delta Chi. BARBARA LAMBERSON Tampa, Florida A.B., Religion Cap and Gown, Sigma Rho Epsilon — Vice President, Southern- ettes, Methodist Student Movement, Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW STANLEY B. KENDRICK Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration CAROLYN R. KILLE Tampa, Florida A B., Secondary Education Southernettes — President, Secretary and Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi — President, Cap and Gown — Vice President, Concert Choir, Southern Staff, Senate, Future Teachers of America — Historian, Pi Gamma Mu — Secretary, Methodist Student Movement, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Who ' s Who. CHARLES KINDER Brooksville, Florida B.S., Social Studies SIXTH ROW VIRGINIA M. LANGFORD Frostproof, Florida B.S., Elementary Education JOHN J. LASALLE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration SAMMIE LASTINGER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mathematics Baptist Student Union — Vice President. Looks like Saturday in A.S. Ellen Zalon hangs up her I A little early for the serenade — Donna Wink, Margaret Reid, and Judy Hexamer. Lamar LeCompt Harvey Leichter Peter M. Lenhardt Anne Linsner Norman Littleton Jesse D. LoRe Janet Lower Kenneth E. Lutz William G. Luzzo William G. MacDonald Douglas MacGregor Marilyn McClellan Henry McCulloh Paula J. McCollum Mary Ann McDonald William J. McElwee, III Philip W. McGahee Esther M. McNett • ' .• ' • • » • .4 SENIORS FIRST ROW LAMAR LECOMPT Elba, Alabama A.B., Religion HARVEY LEICHTER New York, New York fi.S , Education Tau Epsilon Phi. PETER M. LENHARDT Bronx, New York B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club. SECOND ROW ANNE LINSNER Eureka, Illinois A.B., Speech Delta Zeta, Microphone Club — Historian, Alpha Psi Omega — President, Vagabonds — Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta. NORMAN LITTLETON Tampa, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Future Teachers of America. JESSE D. LORE Tampa, Florida B.S., Social Studies Lambda Chi Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Regimental Com- mander — Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW JANET LOWER Fruitport, Michigan B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Variety Players — Vice Pres- ident, Cap and Gown, Concert Choir — Secretary, Future Teach- ers of America, Methodist Student Movement. KENNETH E. LUTZ Belle Glade, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Circle K. WILLIAM G. LUZZO Chicago, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon — President, Delta Rho Alpha — President, Debate Council, Regimental Commander — Reserve Officers ' Training Corp, Intramural Board. FOURTH ROW WILLIAM G. MacDONALD Norfolk, Virginia A.B., Religion DOUGLAS MacGREGOR Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi — President, Secretary and Treasurer, Inter-Fra- ternity Council. MARILYN McCLELLAN Zephyrhills, Florida 8.S , Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi — Secretary, Senate, Intramural Board, P.E.M, Club — President, Future Teachers of America, Tumbling Team, Rifle Team. FIFTH ROW HENRY McCULLOH Bradenton, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Alpha. PAULA J. McCOLLUM Losantville, Indiana 8.5 , Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi — Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Home Economics Club — Treasurer. MARY ANN McDONALD Tampa, Florida B.S., English Alpha Chi Omega — Vice President, Cap and Gown — Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Concert Choir Award, Pan-Hellenic Secretary, Vagabonds, Interlachen Staff, Who ' s Who. SIXTH ROW WILLIAM J. McELWEE, III Woodbury, New Jersey fi.S., Business Administration Theta Chi. PHILIP W. McGAHEE Jacksonville, Florida 6.S., Education ESTHER M. McNETT Lakeland, Florida 6.S., Physical Education It ' s mail and coffee time for Mr. Shilling, Mr. Tolle, Dean Battle, Mr. Whitener and Mr. Readdick. The student is Rex Alves. ' Dad gumit " is a constant source of entertainment for Frances Kerber, Caroline Nelson, and Alice Palmer. I - l Jack B. McPherson Carol A. Madson Robert A. Mohoney James M. Marlowe Henry G. Martinod Stafford A. Maurer Patricia Maxson Ronald May Charles L. Meyer, Jr. Dorothy E. Meyer William F. Milazzo Idanan R. Miller Muriel F. Miller Ralph Miller Washington Miller Benedict J. Mione Fotenie M. Mongell Eugenia T. Moody • ♦ % % % ♦ ♦•% - ♦ » ♦ t SENIORS FIRST ROW JACK B. McPHERSON Lakeland, Florida B.S., History Theta Chi, Crew, " S " Club, Quarter Century Club, Newman Club, Phi Delta. CAROL A. MADSON Hibbing, Minnesota B.S., Speech Phi Mu — Rush Chairman, Sweetheart of Theta Chi, Vagabonds, Intramurals. ROBERT A. MAHONEY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Science SECOND ROW JAMES M. MARLOWE Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Biology Gamma Sigma Chi — Treasurer, International Club, Florida Academy of Sciences. HENRY G. MARTINOD Quito, Ecuador B.S., Physics Tennis, Swimming. STAFFORD A. MAURER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Chaplain, " S " Club, Basketball Manager. THIRD ROW PATRICIA MAXSON Canal Point, Florida B.S., Music Delta Zeta, Pan-Hellenic Council, American Guild of Organists, Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Future Teachers of America. RONALD MAY Coral Gables, Florida B.S., Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, " S " Club. CHARLES L. MEYER, JR West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau. FOURTH ROW DOROTHY E. MEYER Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM F. MILAZZO Metuchen, New Jersey B.S., Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon. IDANAN R. MILLER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi, Pan-Hellenic Council, Future Teachers of America, Vagabonds. FIFTH ROW MURIEL F. MILLER Plant City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education RALPH MILLER Bridgeport, Connecticut B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. WASHINGTON MILLER Lakeland, Florida A.B., Religion Future Teachers of America. SIXTH ROW BENEDICT J. MIONE St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., French FOTENIE M. MONGELL Connellsville, Pennsylvania A.B., Home Economics Sigma Kappa, Home Economics Club. EUGENIA T. MOODY Orlando, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Beta Sigma Omicron — President, Secretary, Baptist Student Union — Treasurer, Vice President, Future Teachers of America — Secretary, Student Union. No hot water? This doesn ' t seem to bother Jackie Stein. The TKEs soy " Merry Christmas " with decorations in front of their house. ii i i i : -v Earl H. Moore, Jr. Richard A. Mosco Henry L. Murphy H. Lee Nathurst Norman Neely Grover C. Neill, Jr. Charles C. Nelson Mary Ann Nicholls James L. Nichols, Jr. William Ogden Chung Hwan Oh Patricia Olson Earl B. Osborne Randolph Owsley Patty Palmer Marjorie M. Payton Robert J. Payton Linda L. Pearson ♦ ♦ • • • « ft 4 • ' ' ft ft ■ ft ■ 4 • 4 . I SENIORS FIRST ROW EARL H. MOORE, JR Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Citrus Reserve Officers Training Corps., A. and B. Awards. RICHARD A. MOSCO Rochelle Park, New Jersey B.S., Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa — Vice President, " S " Club, Intramurals. HENRY L. MURPHY Lithia, Florida B.S., Business Administration FOURTH ROW WILLIAM OGDEN Cullendale, Arkansas 8.S., English CHUNG HWAN OH Pusan, Korea A.B., Political Science International Club. PATRICIA OLSON Rockford, Illinois B.S., Home Economics Chi Omega, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club. SECOND ROW LEE H. NATHURST Fort Myers, Florida B.S., Science Pi Kappa Alpha — Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Ep- silon — President, Circle K, Honor Guard, Student Union, Mili- tary Science Scholarship Award, Florida Academy of Sciences. NORMAN NEELY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Sociology Theta Chi, Circle K, Quarter Century Club. GROVER C. NEILL, JR Tampa, Florida 6.S., Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha — President, Circle K, Pi Gamma Mu — Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff, Pi Delta Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council. THIRD ROW CHARLES C. NELSON Mae Clar Gahana, Ohio B.S., Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi, " S " Club — President, Varsity Crew. MARY ANN NICHOLLS Cocoa, Florida B.S., Physical Educ ation Alpha Omicron Pi, College Union — Director, Home Economics Club, Kappa Epsilon, Future Teachers of America — President, Interlachen Staff, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who, Baptist Student Union, State Executive Council of Future Teachers of America. JAMES L. NICHOLS, JR Fort Worth, Texas B.S., Industrial Arts Beta Theta Pi. FIFTH ROW EARL B. OSBORNE Albuquerque, New Mexico B.S., Physics RANDOLPH OWSLEY Lake Forest, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Tennis Team. PATTY PALMER Springfield, Missouri B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. SIXTH ROW MARJORIE M. PAYTON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi — President, Baptist Student Union — Vice President, Senior Class — Vice President, Senate, Cap and Gown, Future Teachers of America, Water Ski Team, Tumbling Team, Intramural Trophy, Who ' s Who. ROBERT J. PAYTON Waunatosa, Wisconsin B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsi lon, Intramural Board — President, Intramural Award. LINDA L. PEARSON Rushville, Illinois B.S., Physical Education Delta Zeta, Cap and Gown, Pan-Hellenic — Secretary, Vice President, Physical Education Club, Tumbling Team, " S " Club, Cheerleader, Future Teachers of America, Intramural Board. The unceasing line of Seniors waiting to see Senior Ad- visor Ogden. Effic Fairchild bids a welcome to the second semester kids. FLORIDA SOUTHERN; F» If i Roy R. Peters William E. Pettry Kenneth Pfeil 1 f k 1 WJ r fPP ' Arthur Pokross Betty Jean Pollock « Charles E. Prouty v . fe vs L 14! u - .» It ;. - Elizabeth Pugh Carol Joan Rack Alice A. Randall Charles W. Rea Martha Reed Virginia Revides Paul E. Rich Earl M. Robbins Philemon G. Roberts James W. Robertson Carl W. Rogers Joaquin F. Romaguera ■♦ ♦ % % SENIORS FIRST ROW ROY R. PETERS Lakeland, Florida fi.S., Business Administration Regimental Adjutant — Reserve Officers Training Corps. WILLIAM E. PETTRY Dayton, Ohio A.B., Religion KENNETH PFEIL Maplewood, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Honor Guard, " S " Club, Rifle Club, Honor Court, Varsity Crew, Intramurals. SECOND ROW ARTHUR POKROSS Brooklyn, New York fi.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi — Historian. BETTY JEAN POLLOCK Highland City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Future Teachers of America, Baptist Student Union. CHARLES E. PROUTY Lakeland, Florida fi.S , Chemistry Florida Academy of Sciences. THIRD ROW ELIZABETH PUGH Lakeland, Florida A.B., English Newman Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu. CAROL JOAN RACK Westfield, New Jersey 8.S., Secretarial Science Alpha Chi Omega — Treasurer, Home Economics Club, Inter- lachen Staff. ALICE A. RANDALL Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta Pi. FOURTH ROW CHARLES W. REA New Castle, Pennsylvania fi.S., Business Administration MARTHA REED Miami, Florida B.S., Business Administration Delta Zeta, Methodist Student Movement. VIRGINIA REVIDES Athens, Greece A.B., Sociology International Club. FIFTH ROW PAUL E. RICH Odessa, Florida 6.S., Religious Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Future Teachers of America, Baptist Stu- dent Union, Circus, Intramurals. EARL M. ROBBINS Ocala, Florida B.S., Accounting PHILEMON G. ROBERTS Lakeland, Florida A.B., History SIXTH ROW JAMES W. ROBERTSON Lake Worth, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CARL W. ROGERS Dade City, Florida A.B., Speech Pi Kappa Alpha, Gamma Sigma Chi. JOAQUIN F. ROMAGUERA Miami, Florida 6.S., Music Education Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Vagabonds, Concert Choir, Who ' s Who. Barb Hendry scrubbing frantically for rigid room and closet inspection. - • iMi W A new home for the newly formed Tri Sigma chapter at FSC. f i 1 • f 3 1 ■+w I HA Julia Roseman Barbara Ross Philard Rounds Edison Russell Philip J. Sableski Marcia Salage George R. Sauter Phyllis Sautter Barry D. Schackman Gerald Schackman James C. Schalow Milton Schisler Louis Schroder Lois Scoates Douglas Scott Charles Selph Elizabeth Shannon Raymond Sheldon, Jr. . ' %•• • ft « ft ft ft-ftt SENIDRS FIRST ROW JULIA ROSEMAN Dade City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education BARBARA ROSS Adamston, New Jersey B.S., Psychology Beta Sigma Omicron, Southernettes, Home Economics Club. PHILARD ROUNDS Des Moines, Iowa A.B., Religion SECOND ROW EDISON RUSSELL Homeland, Florida A.B., Religion Gamma Sigma Chi. PHILIP J. SABLESKI Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts MARCIA SALAGE Flushing, New York B.5., Business Administration Beta Sigma Omicron — Vice President, Treasurer, Cap and Gown — Treasurer, Women ' s Student Government Association — Secre- tary, Methodist Student Movement, Intramurals, Crew. FOURTH ROW GERALD SCHACKMAN Babylon, New York A.B., English Tau Kappa Epsilon — Secretary, Chaplain, Honor Guard, Inter- Fraternity Council — Secretary, " S " Club, Crew. JAMES C. SCHALOW Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha — President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Circle K, Inter-Fraternity Council. MILTON SCHISLER Florence, New Jersey A.B., Religion Tau Epsilon Phi, Gamma Sigma. FIFTH ROW LOUIS SCHRADER Winter Park, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club. LOIS SCOATES Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Religion Southernettes, Sigma Rho Epsilon — President, Kappa Delta Pi, Methodist Student Movement — Secretary, Treasurer, Vaga- bonds, Cap and Gown. DOUGLAS SCOTT Auburndale, Florida B.S., Social Studies " B " Scholastic Award, " A " Award, Reserve Officers Training Corps. THIRD ROW GEORGE R. SAUTER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting PHYLLIS SAUTTER Penns Grove, New Jersey B.S., Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi — Secretary, Home Economics Club, Intra- murals. BARRY D. SCHACKMAN Wading River, New York A.B., History Theta Chi — Pledge Master, Intramurals. SIXTH ROW CHARLES SELPH Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Omicron Delta Kappa — Presi- dent, " S " Club, Baseball — Coptain, Kappa Delta Pi. ELIZABETH SHANNON Tampa, Florida B.S., Education RAYMOND SHELDON, JR Tampa, Florida A.B., Social Studies Lambda Chi Alpha. Frances Kerber, Lillian Blanc and Pat Harlow tease " Dad- gumit " with a toy cat. Making Florida Southern College a more beautiful place to live is William llgenstein and his assistants, Saleh Zen and Jose Abascal. ft . ' .. ' T. i u j imS? u JgfL r ■ iVi i William L. Shell Peter Skarnulis John S. Skinner Farley W. Snell Jose ph R. Soblosky Alan Solomon Kyung Joon Song Sue Ann Sproul Karl H. Staebler Berry Gene Stallings Joan Sreinauer John S. Stevens Margaret T. Stevens Donald Sutte Lorraine C. Sweetland 4 ,4 1 A 1 V3 I Sue Thayer Sue Thornton George Torodash - ft ft ft. • ft ft. ft. ft SENIORS FIRST ROW WILLIAM L. SHELL Monroeville, Alabama A.B., Social Studies PETER SKARNULIS Cicero, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon — Secretary. JOHN S. SKINNER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Alpha, Industrial Arts Club, Citrus Club. SECOND ROW FARLEY W. SNELL Eau Gallie, Florida A.B., English Pi Kappa Alpha — President, Gamma Sigma Chi — President, Sophomore President, Circle K — Director and President, Student Body Association — Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta — Vice Pres- ident, Southern Staff, Pi Delta Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council, Methodist Student Movement, Senate, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Chairman Freshman Orientation Pi Gamma Mu Honor Walk Student of 1955. JOSEPH R. SOBLOSKY Swampscott, Massachusetts B.S., Business Administration ALAN SOLOMON Riverdale, New York 8.S., Business Administration Phi Delta, Intramural Board. FOURTH ROW BETTY GENE STALLINGS Tampa, Florida 8.S., Business Administration Alpha Omicron Pi — Vice President, Cap and Gown — President, Pan-Hellenic Council, Baptist Student Union, Intramurals, Re- serve Officers Training Corps. Co-ed Captain. JOAN STEINAUER Bronx, New York A.B., English Beta Sigma Omicron — Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta — President, College Union, Intramural Board, Home Economics Club. JOHN S. STEVENS Warner Robbins, Georgia 4.8., Religion FIFTH ROW MARGARET T. STEVENS Orlando, Florida B.S., Home Economics Southernettes, Home Economics Club — Secretary, Who ' s Who. DONALD SUTTE Hinsdale, Illinois 8.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. LORRAINE C. SWEETLAND Huntington, New York 8 5., Business Administration Phi Mu — Historian, Cap and Gown, Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association — Secretary, President, College Union, Senate, Interlachen Staff — Senior Class Editor, Crew, Intramurals, Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW KYUNG JOON SONG Seoul, Korea A.B., Sociology SUE ANN SPROUL Clarksburg, West Virginia B.S., Elementary Education Delta Gamma, Future Teachers of America. KARL H. STAEBLER Westlawn, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi, Intramurals. SIXTH ROW SUE THAYER West Palm Beach, Florida A.B., Journalism Alpha Delta Pi — Historian, Concert Choir, Southern Staff, In- terlachen Staff — Business Manager, 1955, Pi Delta Epsilon, Senior Senator, Who ' s Who, Cap and Gown. SUE THORNTON Palmetto, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta — Secretary, Senior Class — Secretary-Treasurer, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Cap and Gown. GEORGE TORODASH Fair Lawn, New Jersey 8.S., Business Administration Upperclassmen Sandy Elzey and Barb Ridlebaugh give Shirllo Latanision her first Frosh trim. Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey entertains Effie Fairchild, Peggy Howell, and Sue Sproul in her living room. c James Ulmer Philip Unger John S. Upham Marilyn Utrerback Kenneth Vanoski David L. Varnadoe Jerry G. Vihlen Ruth Wagner Joseph Warren Norman Warren Roberta Watson Helmut Weber Daniel Weinberg Robert Weisman Dorothy Wigdahl Oro Jean Wiggins Daniel Wilhelm I. Kenneth Wilkerson -■••%■♦ « j SENIDRS FIRST ROW JAMES ULMER Gibsonton, Florida B.S., Religion PHILIP UNGER Union City, New Jersey B.S., Psychology Tau Epsilon Phi — Vice President, Hillel Society, Varsity Crew. JOHN S. UPHAM Clearwater, Florida B.S., Economics Theta Chi — Vice President, Senate, Who ' s Who, Inter-Fraternity Council — Rush Chairman, Cadet Captain, ROTC, Chairman, Men ' s Council, President Reserve Officers Training Corps Court Martial Board. SECOND ROW MARILYN UTTERBACK Lakeland, Florida 8.S., Commercial Art Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Pi — President, Circus, Tumbling Team. KENNETH VANOSKI Rockford, Illinois B.S, Education Phi Pi Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, " S " Club — Historian, Quarter Century Club, Future Teachers of America. DAVID L. VARNADOE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration THIRD ROW JERRY G. VIHLEN Windermere, Florida B.S., Biology Pi Kappa Alpha — Historian, Kappa Epsilon, Circle K — Vice President. RUTH WAGNER Dunedin, Florida A.B., Religious Education Concert Choir, Order of Black Key, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Metho- dist Student Movement, Cap and Gown. JOSEPH WARREN Hialeah, Florida A.B., Speech FOURTH ROW NORMAN WARREN Haines City, Florida B.S.. Citrus ROBERTA WATSON Bradford, Pennsylvania B.S., Religion HELMUT WEBER Rothlnburg, Germany 4.8., Business Administration Theta Chi, International Club. FIFTH ROW DANIEL WEINBERG Woodmere, New York BS ., Business Administration " S " Club, Baseball. ROBERT WEISMAN Scarsdale, New York B.S., Business Administration Intramurals. DOROTHY WIGDAHL Lincolnwood, Illinois A.B., Sociology Alpha Chi Omega, Student Union, Concert Choir. SIXTH ROW ORA JEAN WIGGINS Plymouth, Florida B.S , Elementary Education Southernettes — Vice President, Women ' s Student Government Association — Vice President, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Future Teach- ers of America, Koppa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who, American Guild of Organists, Cap and Gown, Sigma Tau Delta. DANIEL WILHELM Fort Lauderdale, Florida BS., Biology Pi Kappa Phi — Secretary, Treasurer, President, Kappa Epsilon, Circle K, Inter-Fraternity Council, Omicron Delta Kappa. J. KENNETH WILKERSON Winchester, Tennessee A.B., English Circle K — President, Gamma Sigma Chi — Treasurer. Mr. Whirener is a picture of contentment, and who wouldn ' t be with registration finished? He had just awakened. Dr. Spivey ' s grandson, Roger Allan Sinigoi, playing in the Spivey ' s kitchen with Lettie Cabrera and Romona Xec. Thomas T. Williams William K. Williams Richard H. Wood Eleanor A. Zundel Warner Wood Jean L. Woods Winifred Woodward Beatrice B. Work Clifford H. Wright Carlos E. Zapata Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Spivey. ' , u. ass ■ w M 9HHt SENIORS • • ♦ ••! ♦ % % FIRST ROW THOMAS T. WILLIAMS Denver, Colorado A.B., History WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS Oak Park, Illinois B.S., Business Administration RICHARD H. WOOD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting Senator. SECOND ROW WARNER WOOD Tampa, Florida 8.S., Biology JEAN L. WOODS Cocoa, Florida A.B., English Alpha Omicron Pi — Secretary, Southernettes, Cap and Gown, Women ' s Student Government Association — Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta, Baptist Student Union — Secretary, Home Economics Club. WINIFRED WOODWARD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Biology Phi Mu, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Epsilon. THIRD ROW BEATRICE B. WORK Charlotte, Tennessee B.S., Accounting CLIFFORD H. WRIGHT Highland Park, Illinois B.S., Citrus Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club — Vice President, President, Senate, Canterbury Club, Sophomore Vice President, Junior Vice President, Senior Male Senator, Who ' s Who. CARLOS E. ZAPATA Bogota, Colombia B.S., Science FOURTH ROW ELEANOR A. ZUNDEL Sarasota, Florida A.B., Education Sigma Sigma Sigma — Secretary, Canterbury Club, Concert Choir, Future Teachers of America. The girls who do the work — Administrate Office Assistants: Evelyn Kelley, Sally Grant, Carolyn Schwartz, Helen Hussey, Delores Canady, Ethel Greer, Shirley Strother, Gloria Lipp, Jackie Ebert. Paula McCollum, Mary Lou Dick, Marcia Felton and Effie Fair- child fresh from interning, chatting with Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey. ,: vt-W». Junior Senator, Mary Frances Davis; Vice President, Cindy Fairchild; Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Mock; President, Leon Kotsiopoulos. THE JUNI DR CLASS OFFICERS LEON KOTSIOPOULOS President CINDY FAIRCHILD Vice-President BARBARA MOCK Seceretary -Treasurer MARY FRANCES DAVIS Junior Senator 99 Industrious Bob Vanderbeck and Tom Mooney smile as they write up onother order from the lastest Vita-Kraft victim. MSM ' ers Jock Harvey, Sue Bentley, Marillyn Owen, Lois Scoates, Larry Drake and the Rev. Francis Luce plan the program for their next meeting. FIRST ROW SARA JOAN ABBEY Lakeland, Florida JOHN PAUL ADAMS Winter Haven, Florida ROLAND ANDERSON Lakeland, Florida ROBERT L ANDRES St. Petersburg, Florida CAROL SUE BAER Oak Park, Illinois BRADLEY K. BAILEY Dunedin, Florida SECOND ROW LAVINIA ROBERTA BALLARD Norfolk, Virginia LYNN BANDY Dade City, Florida GLENDA BASS Apopka, Florida DOROTHY E. BEACH Stuart, Florida DORIS M. BECKER Manhasset, New York LAURIE BECKER Winnetka, Illinois THIRD ROW NANCY BERRY Quincy, Illinois WALTER BIRD Malverne, New York WILLIAM GARY BITTLE Haines City, Florida DONALD H. BLADES Nokomis, Florida RICHARD BLAINE Worth, Illinois WILLIAM T. BLANKENSHIP Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW ALLAN RICHARD BLY Lakeland, Florida ALBERT GILLIAM BOGERT, JR Leonia, New Jersey HAROLD L. BONHOMME Vincennes, Indiana JAMES MILTON BORING Tampa, Florida THOMAS BOWEN Wilmett, Illinois GEORGE LESLIE BRIGHT Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW ANN MARIE BROWN Plant City, Florida LEE HOXIE BROWN Lakeland, Florida MARY BRYANT Wildwood, Florida MAX E. BULSKE Mount Dora, Florida NEDRA ANN BURNEY Ft. Pierce, Florida WILLIAM BURNS Malverne, New York SIXTH ROW ERNEST LEONARD BUTLER, JR Norfolk, Virginia JAMES L. CADE Seville, Florida CARTER CAIN Larchmont, New York WILMER J. CAREY Williston, Florida JOE CARLETTA Rochelle Pork, New Jersey HOWARD S. CARR Largo, Florida JUNIORS 100 » t « « % ■ ft ft t I .....a l£ U2A? 101 Jim Robinson and Al Smith enjoy a " sitting " session at the Phi Sig ' s George Stuck and Roy Kenthan light up their new Alpha Chi house with Carolee Cornelius, Cathy Cruz, Clarice fireplace for a chilly day at school. Coleman and Carmen Rhodes. FIRST ROW RONALD G. CARSON Roselle, New Jersey RAY A. CARUCCI Mt. Vernon, New York CHARLES W. CASTLES Lakeland, Florida CYNTHIA CAVE West Palm Beach, Florida PATRICK J. CICORELL! Belmont, New York CAROLYN COCKE Bristol, Virginia SECOND ROW RUTH YVONNE CONNON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RICHARD C. COOKS Cleveland, Ohio BEVERLY E. CRONKHITE Hendersonville, North Carolina DAVID C. CRUM Lakeland, Florida LYLE D. CURRAN Oak Park, Illinois WABERN CARROLL DAVIDSON Winter Haven, Florida THIRD ROW DELMUS A. DAVIS Winter Garden, Florida MARY FRANCES DAVIS Winter Park, Florida FRANK DESAVINO North Bergen, New Jersey CLAIRE BURDETTE DICKIE Auburndale, Florida FRANK W. DONATELLI Scotch Plains, New Jersey HAROLD T. DOSTER Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW JEAN DOUGLAS Dade City, Florida LAWRENCE DRAKE Hollywood, Florida DOROTHY COLLEEN ELLIOTT Lake Wales, Florida ARTHUR GEORGE EMMS Cleveland, Ohio PATSY EZELL Leesburg, Florida CYNTHIA FAIRCHILD St. Petersburg, Florida FIFTH ROW BERNARD AARON FALLIN Lakeland, Florida DONALD FARMER Lakeland, Florida ROBERT T. FERGUSON Winter Haven, Florida STANLEY A. FILIPOWICZ Rockford, Illinois CHARLOTTE FINK Fairview, New Jersey LUCY FISACKERLY Jacksonville, Florida SIXTH ROW JACK FISKE Anna Maria, Florida BOBBY FLEMING Winter Garden, Florida BARBARA FLETCHER Oakland Park, Florida WILLIAM F. FOX Lakeland, Florida JOHN N. FREENEY Ft. Myers, Florida EMILIO SILVIO GARCIA Havana, Cuba JUNIORS 102 • % • ♦ «.%:] % • » ♦ ♦! tfcA,fc k ' A;fcf , 108 Colonial BSO ' s Doftie Gross and Nancy Sherwin demonstrate modern Hungry guys and gals crowd around Lloyd Goldsmith, campus domesticity on Hoppy Connon. Good Humor man. FIRST ROW JAMES F. GARNER Lakeland, Florida HARRY A. GARRETT Lakeland, Florida JIM GEORGE West Palm Beach, Florida L. ROGER GIDDENS Auburndale, Florida SUSAN GILLEN Lake Wales, Florida WAYNE W. GILLETTE Tampa, Florida SECOND ROW BARBARA ANN GLOCK Tulsa, Oklahoma WILLIAM RAY GODFREY Lakeland, Florida ED GODLESKI Eagle River, Wisconsin JACK A. GODLESKI Eagle River, Wisconsin GRACE H. GOODMAN Clearwater, Florida ROBERT A. GOODNETTER Wauwotoso, Wisconsin THIRD ROW ANGELO GRAHAM Los Angeles, Calilornia CHARLES L. GRANT Tulsa, Oklahoma ALYCE GRAY Anderson, Indiana EARL M. GREENE Glen St. Mary, Florida CAROLYN GREER Lakeland, Florida ANN CATHERINE GRENINGER Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW ROBERT GROW Largo, Florida RICHARD HAMMERICH DeKalb, Illinois HOWARD JAMES HANNA Walpole, Massachusetts THEODORE S. HARDING Arcadia, Florida CAROLINE HARRINGTON Clearwater, Florida BETTY HARRIS Darien, Connecticut FIFTH ROW ROBERT W. HARRIS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM HAWTHORNE Ocoee, Florida WILLIAM M. HENDRY, III Tampa, Florida ALBERT R. HERZOG New York, New York JACK HIGHNAM Lakeland, Florida A. GEORGE HIGHTOWER, JR Neptune Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW ROBERT F. HINDER Lakeland, Florida ROBERT A. HOLLANDER Maplewood, New Jersey SYLVIA HOOKER Plant City, Florida DAVID L. HOWELL Orlando, Florida MICHAEL HUGHES Lakeland, Florida FLETCHER HUMPHRIES Moyock, North Carolina JUNIORS 104 % ♦ « % a a .♦ .i4l k ▲ it ft Hii tkk 1 105 ( - DZ ' s June Dowd, Barbara Hand, Cindy Fairchild aid Edna Mur- achanian in her rendition of " One Little Word. " Sylvia Clark, Ann Linsner and John Anderson pove the way for the opening of the new Vagabond hut. FIRST ROW DAGMAR HUNNICUTT Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey EARL PALMER JAMES Paducah, Kentucky BUDDY JENKINS Inverness, Florida JEROLD C. JOHNSON Coldwater, Michigan JOHN B. JOINER, JR St. Petersburg, Florida HOWARD J. JONES West Palm Beach, Florida SECOND ROW JESSE E. JONES, JR Perry, Florida JOHN F. JONES Orlando, Florida KEN R. JONES Tampa, Florida KENNETH E. JORANSON Hollywood, Illinois WILLIAM JURGENSEN Haverstraw, New York JOAN KEMP Miami, Florida THIRD ROW TRUMAN HAGAN KENNEDY Mc Ceesport, Pennsylvania JOHN N. KERLIN Norfolk, Virginia JOHN CECIL KERSEY Lakeland, Florida RICHARD KING Florence, South Carolina LES KOCOUR Berwyn, Illinois LEON T. KOTSIOPOULOS Cfiicago, Illinois FOURTH ROW PAUL CONRAD KRAFT Scranton, Pennsylvania WALTER J. KRAUSS Huntington, New York LOUIS KUYKENDALL Winter Garden, Florida JOHN CLAYTON LEE White Post, Virginia TULIO E. LEMOS Cali, Colombia KARL G. LOEVENICH Orlando, Florida FIFTH ROW ROBERT B. LONGWELL, JR Morrisville, Pennsylvania KEITH WARREN LOWE St. Petersburg, Florida BLACKBURN W. LOWRY Tampa, Florida MORTON J. LUMPKIN Lakeland, Florida MARLENE McATEE Middletown, Ohio ALICE CAROL McAULEY Toledo, Ohio SIXTH ROW JOSEPH JAMES McCORMACK Momsrown, New Jersey JOHN ALLAN McCORMICK Brooktield, Illinois DAVID C. McCOY Pahokee, Florida VIRGINIA G. McFADDEN Lakeland, Florida MILDRED FAYE McQUERY Big Stone Gap, Virginia LOUIS HOWARD McTEER Haines City, Florida JUNIORS 10(5 • % • » % .« j g i - £ 3 i tfc 107 -r ' - f.f Sk 1 Noah has nothing on AOP ' s Dagmar Hunnicutt, Connie Crcn shaw, Phyllis Sautter, Nancy Reeves ond Mary Ann Nicholls. Cadet Bill Shilling stands at attention following drill. FIRST ROW MARTHA MALE Larchmont, New York MARTHA E. MARSELL Ze wood, Florida MARILINDA N. MARTIN Lakeland, Florida BERNARD MASTER Lawrence, Massachusetts THOMAS G. MAURER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin CLARK MAXWELL Winter Park, Florida SECOND ROW WILLIAM A. MEDLEY Winter Garden, Florida HARRY C. MEYER Garden City, New York RICHARD G. MIKUTA fierwyn, Illinois EDWARD DAVID MILLER Bradenton, Florida JOHN R. MILLER Havre de Grace, Maryland THOMAS MILLER Cfior eston, West Virginia THIRD ROW VIRGIL J. MILLER Winter Haven, Florida DELORES MILLS West Palm Beach, Florida DAISY S. MITCHELL Oxford, North Carolina MARY MITCHELL Lakeland, Florida BARBARA MOCK Winter Park, Florida THOMAS R MOONEY Morris Plains, New Jersey FOURTH ROW BARBARA MOORE Oak Park, Illinois JOHN W. MORRIS, III Wilmington, Delaware CECIL MORROW Oxford, Michigan ALLEN JOHN NELSON Waukegan, Illinois ROBERT W. NEWTON Lake Wales, Florida NASSER NIKOUKARY Oradell, New Jersey FIFTH ROW SUSAN NILSEN C ; ' nron, Michigan WILLARD H. NORMAN Mulberry, Florida DONNA NORRIS Belle Glade, Florida JOSEPH WILLIAM NUTTER Lakeland, Florida ALICE CAROLINE PALMER Brookline, Massachusetts GEORGE E. PALMER Chicago, Illinois SIXTH ROW RUSSEL L K. PAUL Marshfield, Massachusetts JOHN DANIEL PELHAM Plant City, Florida MARILYN SUE PEMBLE St. Petersburg, Florida HARVEY E. PENNINGTON Fellsmere, Florida GLENN ANTHONY PETRINE Chicago, Illinois BILL PICKETT Chattanooga, Tennessee JUNIDRS 108 • % • • «.» - t- y 1 XL illl Itt - - iiifc faA ifc klAfc 109 ADP ' s Alice Adams, Susan Gillen and Sunny Matthews put on a skit during rush week. Delta Z ' s Pat Sweeney, Jo Ann Boden and Kay Hammerich have a pillow fight at the expense of Glenda Bass. FIRST ROW CARL RICHARD PLUMERY Berwyn, Illinois BARBARA RUTH PONTIUS Lakeland, Florida LARRY POORBAUGH Lakeland, Florida STEPHEN POTZ Detroit, Michigan ANGUS TERRELL POWELL Polk City, Florida WILLIAM PRITCHETT Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW WILLIAM HERBERT POWELL Bartow, Florida WILLIAM D REDMOND Lakeland, Florida NANCY K. REEVES Needham, Massachusetts NANCY RICCIO New York City, New York WILLIAM S. RICHARDSON, JR Jacksonville, Florida EDMUN RICHMOND Stanford, Connecticut THIRD ROW PAUL ERVING RILEY St. Petersburg, Florida ESTELLA ROBERTS Lakeland, Florida EUGENE ROBERTS Key West, Florida JAMES ROBINSON Delray Beoch, Florida JOSEPH ALLISON ROBINSON, JR Plant City, Florida THOMAS A. ROELLCHEN Vincennes, Indiana FOURTH ROW JANE B. ROSEN Newark, New Jersey JOAN SAUTTER Penns Grove, New Jersey THERESE ANN SCHICK Winter Haven, Florida BARBARA Z. SCHNEDLER Minneapolis, Minnesota BARBARA J. SEELEY Naples, Florida GEORGE SENN Guatemala City, Guatemala FIFTH ROW DON SHAPIRO Oak Park, Illinois VIRGINIA DORIS SHELTON Lakeland, Florida PAUL JAY SHERMAN New Rochelle, New York NANCY JANE SHERWIN Albany, New York JOANN SIMPSON Hanover, Pennsylvania ALVIN W. SMITH Orlando, Florida SIXTH ROW EUGENE B. SMITH Sanford, Florida QUENTIN A. SMITH Belmont, Mississippi RICHARD J. SMITH Riverside, Illinois FRANK M. SPINELLI Narberth, Pennsylvania ANN SPRAGUE Valley Stream, New York E. ANN STANSBURY Ft. Myers Beach, Florida JUNIORS no % ft ft » t t ■ A ) ? A 1 1 ifc 4k a4 _ ' ' in Ping-ponging with Pi Kopps ' Marion Brown and Dan Wilhelm. Lounging around at the Alpha Chi house with Carole Conncll, Diane Von Eitzen and Ann Stansbury. FIRST ROW MARY A. STANT Bristol, Virginia WALKER McMASTER STEVENS Kathleen, Florida MARY ANN STONE Miami, Florida CHARLES EMBRY STRAIN Lakeland, Florida WALTER L. STRAIN Orlando, Florida ROBERT M. STRICKLAND Palatka, Florida SECOND ROW LEE EDWARD STROTHER Lakeland, Florida FRANKLIN A STURDIVANT Spartan, North Carolina PAUL A. SURIANO North Bergen, New Jersey BARBARA JEAN SWOPE St. Petersburg, Florida DON TATRO Lakeland, Florida THOMAS TAYLOR Winter Haven, Florida THIRD ROW ERNEST M. THOMPSON St. Petersburg, Florida DON THORN Scottdale, Pennsylvania JAMES R. TURNER Danville, Virginia WARREN TYLER Lakeland, Florida BERNARD TYNER Lakeland, Florida BARBARA TYSON Nashville, Tennessee FOURTH ROW CAROL UNGRO Valley Stream, Long Island BOB VANDERBECK Malverne, New York JANET VAN DERZEE St. Petersburg, Florida ALAN F. VAN WINKLE Short Hills, New Jersey MITSUO WATABE Tokyo, Japan MARY JO WATSON Bradenton, Florida FIFTH ROW MELBA JUNE WHEELER Dover, Florida B. W. WHITAKER Tampa, Florida SUE WHITFIELD Miami Shores, Florida ZANE C. WHITSON, JR Unicoi, Tennessee CHESTER J. WILEY Lakeland, Florida MARTIN A. WILHELM Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW SUSAN WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida CAROLE E. WILSON Tampa, Florida RUSSELL W. WILSON York, Pennsylvania SHIRLEY WITMER Lake Worth, Florida WARREN W. WOLFE Long Beach, Florida BILL WOOD Scotsv 7 e, Kentucky JUNIORS 112 I ■ I ■ ' ' ' r l Bfil TiiH 29 ® l vA ■ ■ ■ ■■• i» k " Ah 4tV $u A • » r 113 Thi ' ta ChiV Karl Staebler and Charles Busillo help Harold Doster " get away from it all. " Delta Zeta Barbara Mock passes out favors at final rush party. FIRST ROW ROGER F. WOODRUFF Short Hills, New Jersey ANN FRANCES WOOTEN Cocoa, Florida JAMES W. WRIGHT Brooksville, Florida RONALD PERRY WYLIE Manchester, New Hampshire LOUISE IRENE YEAKO Lakeland, Florida RONALD STEVEN ZABORNEY N. Tarrytown, New York SECOND ROW DONALD E. ZIMMERMAN Winter Haven, Florida THOMAS WAYNE ZUKOW Lipscomb, Alabama HOUSEMOTHERS — Front Row, Stewart; Mrs. F. L. Dekle; Mrs Left to Right: Mrs. E. J. Haley; Mrs. Murray H. Johnson, Assistant . Vivian Davis. Second Row: Mrs. Irbye Vann; Mrs. Imogene Wright, Dean of Women; Mrs. Mrs. Eleanor H. Silva. Jessie i v V f- —■■■ i E | V B H M Mkfl J 1 Jf r 3 ■ H ' flPI ' m Mi JUNIDRS Glen Kirkpotnck shows Pot Sweeney the ABC ' s of skiing while the class looks on. ; s r l Vif ' • j I First Row: Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Connell; Senator, Kathy Kosar. Second Row: President, Harry Caldwell; Senator, Chuck Jackson; Vice-President, Jim Anderson. THE SDPHDMDRE CLASS OFFICERS HARRY CALDWELL President JIM ANDERSON Vice-President CAROL CONNELL Secretary-Treasurer KATHY KOSAR Senator CHUCK JACKSON Senator 117 ilk i » 118 ft ft %■» SDPHQMDRES FIRST ROW CHARLES WALTON ADAMS Auburndale, Florida LOIS FRANK ADAMS Haines City, Florida JAMES RUSSELL ANDERSON Deertield, Illinois JAMES ROBERT ANDERSON Homewood, Illinois JOHN WILLIAM ANDERSON Terra Ceia, Florida L. VAN ANDERSON Ocala, Florida SECOND ROW PATRICIA ANDERSON Glenview, Illinois RICHARD BARLOW Bloomfield, New Jersey DIANE BEATTIE New Kensington, Pennsylvania JOHN W. BEATTY Youngstown, New York BETTY JANE BECKER Washington, Pennsylvania ROBERT BELL Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW NED BIDDIX Orlando, Florida DICK BINETTE Weirs Beach, New Hampshire PAT BLACKMON Cocoa, Florida PARLEY BLACKWELDER Lake Hamilton, Florida WALTER H. BLOMQUIST Puente, California JERRY MINOX BRADFORD Cullman, Alabama FOURTH ROW JANE MARJORIE BRASSLER Springfield, New Jersey GEORGE R BREBER Elkhorn, Wisconsin PAUL H. BREEDIN Groveland, Florida MARION E. BROWN Ft. Lauderdale, Florida DORIS ELLA BUCHER Winter Haven, Florida DON BUCKMAN Springfield, Illinois FIFTH ROW ROBERT EVERETTE BURCHARD LaBelle, Florida NANNETTE BURKET St. Petersburg, Florida WILLIAM GORDON BURNETT Tampa, Florida JERRY DONALD BURTON Greenwich, Connecticut NANCY LEIGH CABE Franklin, North Carolina HARRY B. CALDWELL St. Louis, Missouri SIXTH ROW MARION H. CAMPBELL York, South Carolina BETSY ANN CARTER Sanford, Florida RALPH A. CARUSO, JR Amsterdam, New York JAMES RAY CASSELS Arcadia, Florida CHARLES MORIN CHARPENTIER Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida BEVERLY CHENEY Lakeland, Florida A motley crew — the jury at Rat Court passing sentence on helpless Frosh. Some jury! Judy Rotunno is crowned Miss Southern Garb age Queen by the cafeteria wagon pushers. 120 « « « ft SDPHOMDRES FIRST ROW NANCY CHILDS Boxford, Massachusetts JANICE CHISELBROOK Lakeland, Florida JACK CHRISTOPHER Atlanta, Georgia SYLVIA LEDA CLARK Lakeland, Florida THURMAN LEROY CLINTON Rutherford, New Jersey DONNA CLOCKADALE Orlando, Florida SECOND ROW PATRICIA LOUISE COBB Ft. Lauderdale, Florida GORDON RODERICK COLE Ormond Beach, Florida CAROLE MARIE CONNELL Arlington, Virginia JOSEPH W. COOKE Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM G. COUTER Des Plaines, Illinois JAMES ALEXANDER CRAIGE Tampa, Florida THIRD ROW GENE WAYNE CRAWFORD LaBelle, Florida JOHN D. CRAWFORD St. Cloud, Florida CONNIE JEAN CRENSHAW Homewood, Illinois LENARD CROSBY Lakeland, Florida ABBEY CROWELL San Diego, California CATHERINE CRUZ Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW THOMAS G. CULP Pierce, Florida CLINTON A. CURTIS Bartow. Florida JANES FRANKLIN DANDRIDGE Leesburg, Florida WILLIAN C. DANIELS, JR Tampa, Florida BRUCE DAVIS Freeport, Long Island, New York MARY JEWEL DAVIS Ontario, Canada FIFTH ROW RAY BASCOM DELOACH Hobe Sound, Florida HARRY R. DEMING Guthrie, Oklahoma NORMAN BARRY DERIX Belvidere, Illinois GLENN G DICKENSON, JR Lakeland, Florida VIRGINIA ANN DIEDEMAN Bartow, Florida JIM DISMUKE Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW FRANK R DOMENICK Bloomtield, New Jersey JACK DONNELLY Akron, Ohio RICHARD KIRK DOUGAL Laconia, New Hampshire JUNE DOWD Brooklyn, New York VIRGIL H. DUFFELL Orlando, Florida JOAN DUKE Boardman, North Carolina AOPi sisters aboard the Show Boat cavorting at a sorority rush party. Aon BOAlv The boys get into the act with Joe McLeod, chef, dishing up hamburgers. 14 9 122 %•«•■% SQPHDMDRES FIRST ROW NEZIH METE DURAL Ankara, Turkey BETSY DYESS Jacksonville, Florida SALVATORE EBETINO Fairborn, Ohio DANIEL LUTHER EDWARDS Lakeland, Florida CLAIRE L. ELLIS Toronto, Ohio TOM ELWOOD Antioch, Illinois SECOND ROW SANDY ELZEY Ossain, Indiana EDWARD MAURICE ENGLISH Bordentown, New Jersey MARTY EVANS Bloomington, Indiana WANDA M. FELTYCH Riverside, Illinois WALTER ARTHUR FISHER Pelhom Manor, New York CHARLES L. FOLEY Winnetka, Illinois THIRD ROW JOSEPH ROYAL FOLSOM, III Eustis, Florida ROY MORTIMER FOSKETT, JR Riverside, Illinois MARY LOU GANDY Havana, Florida DALE GARBER Akron, Ohio ELEANOR J. GARRETT Haines City, Florida NUMAN GARRISON Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW JUDGE RAY GATLIN Winter Haven, Florida FREDRICK V. GEBHARD Old Greenwich, Connecticut RAYMOND CHARLES GIBBS Binghamton, New York EDWARD GIFFORD Coldwater, Michigan JOAN GLASSER Long Branch, New Jersey MARILYN GLAWE Chicago, Illinois FIFTH ROW OLIVIA VICTORIA GODOY Binar del Rio, Cuba MARJORIE GOLDSBY Fiossmoor, Illinois SUZANNE ROSE GOODMAN Lakeland, Florida JOHNNY H. GOSS Auburndale, Florida DAVID GRAHAM LaBelle, Florida KELLIE GREENE Skokie, Illinois SIXTH ROW WILLIAM GRUBBS Lakeland, Florida JAMES HADDEN Dundee, Florida DORIS IRENE SOPHIE HAGERS St. Petersburg, Florida RICHARD EDWARD HAGSTROM Pierson, Florida JAMES FORRESTER HALL Naples, Florida WILLA JEAN HALL Pensacola, Florida Walt Etlomquist and Jazz Incorporated " going crazy " in the College Union. Jack McPherson and Naomi Pollock pause on West Campus between classes. fi hi v ; ■ •• — f ufk 3 pfe Aifc MI i ■ ■ I 1 iiAt . j ■A 1 1 124 » • % % « % r 4 • » % SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW KAY ALLISON HAMMERICH DeKalb, Illinois ORMSBY D. HAMPSON Nokomis, Florida MARIE L. HANHAUSEN White Plains, New York EVELYN HARRINGTON Ft. Myers, Florida RAYMOND N. HARRIS, JR Lakeland, Florida HAROLD JOSEPH HART Brooklyn, New York SECOND ROW RICHARD HARVEY Orlando, Florida DONALD HASLEY Mamaroneck, New York JAMES EDGAR HATCH Nichols, Florida WILLIAM MAX HAUSSMANN Arlington, Virginia MARION HAYMOND West Palm Beach, Florida RICHARD HENDERSON Orlando, Florida THIRD ROW JUDY ANN HEXAMER Arlington, Virginia BARBARA ELIZABETH HILTON . Clearwater Beach, Florida GORDON HIRSCHBERG Newburgh, New York BARBARA HOFELLER Kew Gardens, New York SONIA HOOKER Ft. Meade, Florida CARNEY BOYCE HOWELL Jasper, Florida FOURTH ROW CONNIE HULETT St. Claire Shores, Michigan CINDY INGRAM Detroit, Michigan SALLY IRWIN Niles, Michigan CHARLES B JACKSON Lakeland, Florida DAVID C. JAMISON Lakeland, Florida CHARLIE JERVIS Capeague, New York FIFTH ROW CHARLES JOHNSON Berwyn, Illinois WARD B. JOHNSON, JR Nassau, New York LEE EDWIN JOHNSTON Wabasso, Florida DIXIE JONES Forest City, North Carolina RUTH A. JONES Scotia, New York WILLIAM M. KAIN Short Hills, New Jersey SIXTH ROW DIANE KALLIVOKAS Clearwater, Florida TOM KARAHALIOS Evanston, Illinois ROBERT KEILER Adamston, New Jersey LYNDA KELL Flushing, New York WILLIAM M. KELLEY Lakeland, Florida ROBERT WOOD KEMP White Plains, New York An early morning game of soccer for the gals in gym Ginny Kennedy becomes Pike sweetheart as Farley Snell class. This is college? presents pin with Barbie Bittner looking on. i!h m 126 • ■ •••• ' • • • ft ft ft % SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW CHARLES GORDON KEMPF Antioch, Illinois THOMAS KENNY Highland Park, New Jersey VIRGINIA KENNEDY McKeesport, Pennsylvania NANCY BROOKS KENT Williamsburg, Virginia PETE KERWIN Fairlawn, New Jersey JAMES E. KINGSLAND Boundbrook, New Jersey SECOND ROW DIANE KLECKA Oak Park, Illinois SPIROS GREGORY KLUVER Sarasota, Florida GEORGIA JONES KNAPP S 7ver Spring, Maryland CHERRILL BARBARA KNUDTEN Cedar Rapids, Iowa KATHY KOSAR Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio JOHNNY KOSKE Palm Bay, Florida THIRD ROW EVELYN MARIE KRAFT Lakeland, Florida FRANK L. KUNBERGER Florence Villa, Florida JOHN RAMON LAMB Chicago, Illinois LINDA LARSON Rochelle, Illinois EDWIN JAMES LARUE Broadview, Illinois JOSEPH LEAMING Highland Park, Illinois FOURTH ROW STEVE GRANT LEITNER Wyckoff, New Jersey DAVID GEORGE LEWIS New York, New York MARY K. LOCKETT Des Plaines, Illinois SUE LUDEWIG Ridgefield Park, New Jersey JOHN LUPOSELLO Croton, New York NANCY JEAN McCONNELL Tampa, Florida FIFTH ROW STEVE McDONELL Canton, Ohio MARY JANE McMULLEN Lakeland, Florida JACQUELINE YVONNE McMURRIAN . . . Delray Beach, Florida CHRISTOPHER MAGEE, JR Sarasota, Florida PETER D. MARKELLOS Jamaica, Long Island, New York CARL HERBERT MATTHES Mulberry, Florida SIXTH ROW SUNNY MATTHEWS Oak Park, Illinois WINNIE MAY West Hartford, Connecticut CHARLES A. MAYO Lakeland, Florida ROBERT E. MEEKS Lakeland, Florida ROBERT C. MEIGHEN Tampa, Florida WILLIAM V. MEREDITH Lakeland, Florida Theta Chi pledges, Tom Blankenship, Paul Gil lis, and Sam Nicholson get together and sweep up the room. Bridge at the ADPi house — Barb Tyson, Shirley Bassett, Beverly Wright and Barbara Hellwig. lik ,3 ilk - e i r i 128 • % • ♦ .%;1 % • ♦ ♦ ♦ % » 1 SDPHDMDRES FIRST ROW GERALD A. MERWIN Palatka, Florida PADRO M. MESTAS Camoguey, Cuba HENRY CARSON MEYER Millburn, New Jersey PETER MARION MILLS McAllen, Texas N. ELAINE MIZE Statesville, North Carolina JOYCE ANN MOBLEY Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW ARAMND J. MORELLI Scotch Plains, New Jersey ELLEN LORRAINE MORGAN Sebring, Florida NANCY MORGAN Asheville, North Carolina CHARLES FREDRICK MORTON Jacksonville, Florida REGINALD HERNDON MORTON Miami, Florida GAINES SOUTHERLAND MOSS Kingsport, Tennessee THIRD ROW ED MOTT Maplewood, New Jersey DOROTHY ANNE MULLON Winter Haven, Florida JOYCE M. MULTOG Orlando, Florida EDNA RUTH MURACHANIAN Beachwood, New Jersey EARL FINDLEY NELSON Lakeland, Florida JOHN A. NELSON Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW NANCY NELSON Winnetka, Illinois SAM LOUIS NICHOLSON Evansville, Indiana STRATUS NICOLAS Perth Amboy, New Jersey WALTER M. NICHSOLSON West Englewood, New Jersey GEORGE NOBLE Tampa, Florida JOY DIANE OETTINGER Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW MARILLYN ZELMA OWENS Palmetto, Florida IRMA PADILLA Cali, Colombia JAMES M. PARKER Lakeland, Florida PHYLLIS J. PARTIN Anthony, Florida ROBERT OWEN PATE, III Lakeland, Florida DOLLY PILCHER PATRICK Tampa, Florida SIXTH ROW CHARLOTTE PAUGH Frederick, Maryland NANCY PAULLING Arlington, Virginia JOAN ARLENE PEEPLES Hamlet, Indiana HENRY CLARENCE PFISTER Winter Haven, Florida VIVIAN MARGARET PHILLIPS Coalsport, Pennsylvania VERNICE PICO Galesburg, Il linois A game of change played by Pi Kapp ' s Charpy Charpien- A bunch of gals from the BSO house get together after ter. Bill Ziebarth, Bob Dalbow, Henry Dotson, Dick King. o game. Such happy little co-eds! 130 SDPHDMDRES FIRST ROW JAMES LEE PLATT Mullins, South Carolina NAOMI JANE POLLACK Flushing, New York RONALD CARL POORBAUGH Lakeland, Florida HOWARD R. PORTER Lake Alfred, Florida ROBERT C. POSTLE Orlando, Florida CLAUDIA S. PRINCE Greenville, Florida SECOND ROW MARTHA REA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MARILYN REYNOLDS Bradenton, Florida BARBARA ANN RIDLEBAUGH Mount Dora, Florida WILLIAM E. P. ROBERTS, JR Key West, Florida CAROL ROGERS Highland City, Florida JUDY ANN ROTUNNO Berwyn, Illinois THIRD ROW RICHARD C. RUMPLE Westfield, New Jersey MARILYN ANNE RUSHTON Keystone Heights, Florida LAURIE WILSON RUTLAND, JR Williston, Florida GEORGE RYAN Lakeland, Florida JACK E. SAMPLEY Panama City, Florida PETER SANDBERG DoWen, Connecticut FOURTH ROW DONNA SARKISON Mountainside, New Jersey JOHN KENNETH SCHULER Lakeland, Florida MARGARET K. SCHURR Hamilton, Ohio DAVID T. SCOATES Jacksonville, Florida RICHARD LEE SEBA Columbus, Ohio ETHEL SEIBERLING Akron, Ohio FIFTH ROW ISAAC MICHAEL SELIG Lakeland, Florida MARVIN SHAPIRO Boy Side, New York WILLIAM SHILLING, JR Lakeland, Florida SALLY MARIE SHINN Lake Alfred, Florida WILLIAM SIMMONS Plant City, Florida MAXWELL S. SIMPSON Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW CHALERM SINGANETI Bangkok, Siam LEWIS SOLES Haines City, Florida RODNEY SPARKMAN Plant City, Florida SUZANNE SPEIDEL Kenmore, New York HERB STADTLANDER Bradenton, Florida ROBIN J. STAEBLER Ontario, Canada To the victors go the spoils — Pikes sing to sweetheart, Ginny Kennedy following Kapers win. Shades of Kapers again as the Phi Mus ' get ready for their barnyard skit. K 132 -•••♦ % % SDPHDMDRES FIRST ROW SYLVIA STALLS Paimdale, Florida BILL F. STEGKEMPER Veto Beach, Florida DONALD EMERY STEISS Barrackville, West Virginia JIM STELOGEANNIS Ocalo, Florida H. E. STEVENSON Lakeland, Florida CHARLES B. STILES, JR Middletown, Ohio SECOND ROW EUGENE STOCKTON Tampa, Florida SUZANNE STOLBERG Skokie, Illinois WILLIAM HAROLD STOLL Tampa, Florida PAT SWEENEY Canton, Ohio ANN TAGGART Canton, Ohio SHARON LYNN TALBOT Tampa, Florida THIRD ROW WILLIAM HOYT TATUM Leesburg, Florida VINCENT TERRANA Tampa, Florida ERNEST F. THOMAS Sarasota, Florida LEON M. THOMAS Lakeland, Florida NATALIE THOMAS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM REUBEN THOMAS Gainesville, Florida FOURTH ROW BILL THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida MERRILL H. THOMPSON, JR Interlaken, New Jersey WILLIAM T. THORNHILL Lakeland, Florida JANE THURMAN Homestead, Florida JAMES K. TOLFORD Skokie, Illinois WILLIAM EDISON TOLLE Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW DELIA ELIZABETH TOUCHTON Key West, Florida JERE PEEK TRUITT Auburndale, Florida SARAH TROXLER Canton, Ohio FAYE TUCKER Canal Zone CHARLES H TURNER Jacksonville, Florida LAURENCE BALDWIN UPHAM Clearwater, Florida SIXTH ROW FRED VALERI Highland Park, New Jersey DOROTHY JEAN VANDERFORD Tampa, Florida DIANE VON EITZEN Skokie, Illinois ANN VREELAND Cranford, New Jersey CHARLES WAGNER Auburndale, Florida GEORGE R. WAGNER Morton Grove, Illinois ADPis ' Cherrill Knudrcn ond Sue Nilson pin up Marilyn Glawe ' s hair for her big date. k " l«N ny, + 4V ? t A record get-together with KD ' s Evelyn Herringron, Gaines Moss, Barbara Glock and Jane McMullen. « »■ ■•■%■♦■ . % i SDPHDMORES FIRST ROW THOMAS EDWARD WALKER Bartow, Florida RICHARD T. WALSH Lakeland, Florida E. B. WARNER Winter Haven, Florida LAURENCE L. WATERHOUSE Knights, Florida JAMES WEATHERS Sarasota, Florida RICHARD C. WEBSTER Scotch Plains, New Jersey SECOND ROW FRANK WELCH Ft. Myers, Florida DRUSCILLA WELLS Ft. Myers, Florida WILMA WELLS Highland City, Florida JEAN WHIPPLE Orlando, Florida BENJAMIN THOMAS WHITFIELD Perry, Florida CAROLYN JOAN WIGDAHL Lincolnwood, Illinois THIRD ROW WILLIAM WIGGINS Lake Alfred, Florida EARL A. WILDER Tampa, Florida GEORGE BLATCH WILKINSON Edgewoter, Florida WYNONA WILSON Auburndale, Florida DAVID H. WINN West Cornwall, Connecticut BEVERLY ANN WRIGHT Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW SHIRO YAMAZAKI Tokyo, Japan LEONARD A. YELVINGTON Lakeland, F lorida EARL W. ZIEBARTH, JR Pierson, Florida JOANNE MARILYN ZIMMER Farmington, Michigan A song before bed time for the Phi Sigs with Ed Mott, George Wilkinson and Walter Fisher. And a snack with the I ' D ' s — Jane Brassier, Joanne Zimmer and Martha Male. 1 % • ft • ft .1 ft ft ft ft «r THE m Left to Right: Jack Horn ' s, President; Clarice Coleman, Secretory-Treasurer; Thomas Di Cesare, Vice-President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JACK HARRIS President THOMAS DI CESARE Vice-President CLARICE COLEMAN Secretary-Treasurer 137 ■ ' -JUJU In the beginning — Frosh learn the Alma Mater in Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Longsuffering upperclassmen who served as group leaders during orientation week. FIRST ROW ROGER S. ADAMS Mulberry, Florida TOMMY E. ADAMS Orlando, Florida EDWIN ADKISON Lakeland, Florida ANN AHERNE Lakeland, Florida ALICE ALLEN Nashville, Tennessee WILLIAM ALLEN Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW JACK ALLMAN Parkersburg, West Virginia REX ALVES Lakeland, Florida FRANK ALOIA Scotch Plains, New Jersey MANUEL ALVRUS Bonira Springs, Florida GUY C. AMORY Warwick, Virginia BENJAMIN ANDERSON Plant City, Florida THIRD ROW JOHN R. ANDERSON Mulberry, Florida NORMAN ANDREE Bailey, Michigan DENNIS ANDREWS Chiefland, Florida JUDY ARANT Ft. Meade, Florida LOUIS ARMSTRONG Plant City, Florida BRENT ATERBURN Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW LARRY BAINE Lake Odessa, Michigan BILLY BAKER Lakeland, Florida GRAHAM BASS Apopka, Florida BARBARA BAUHOF Baltimore, Maryland ARTHUR BEAM Media, Pennsylvania HARVEY BEEKEN Elmore, Minnesota FIFTH ROW CLIFFORD BENNETT Lakeland, Florida HELEN BERGER Bellmore, Long Island, New York JOSE BERRIOS Lakeland, Florida ROBERT A. BEW St. Petersburg, Florida BRUCE BISHOP Aldan, Pennsylvania BETTY BLACKBURN Anno Maria Island, Florida SIXTH ROW GERRA LEE BLAIR Mocclenny, Florida DONALD BLAKE Orlando, Florida GRACE BLAKE Plant City, Florida LILLIAN BLANC Port Washington, New York TOM BLANKENSHIP Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA BLOUNT Roanoke, Virginia FRESHMEN 138 » • ♦ % ♦ 1 ; If Mi - - T • : -i 139 The gang of Freshmen from Lakeland and Polk County. All decked out to shake hands with Dr. Spivey and future professors. FIRST ROW JO ANN BOWDEN Short Hills, N. J. RICHARD BRADY Plant City, Florida JENELLE BRADDY Fort Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT BRADLEY Pierson, Florida BOBBY BRAGG Mulberry, Florida DONALD BRENNAN New York, New York SECOND ROW WILLIAM BRETZ Carlisle, Pennsylvania NANCY BREWER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WILLIAM BRCGDON Marianna, Florida DONNA BROTSCH Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM BROWN St. Petersburg, Florida DEBORAH BRYCE Jacksonville, Florida THIRD ROW SCOTT BUCHANAN Short Hills, New Jersey CAROL BUELL Tallahassee, Florida JANET BUNDY Menlo Park, California EDWARD BUNTING Lakeland, Florida WILMA BURCH Waterford, Virginia CAROLYN BURT Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW ROY BURGESS Kathleen, Florida LOIS BUSSEY Cairo, Georgia LETTY CABRERA Guatemala City, Guatemala HAZEL CADY Ware, Massachusetts RONALD CALLAWAY Auburndale, Florida ROBERT CAMPBELL Arlington, Virginia FIFTH ROW BARBARA CANTER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin RICHARD CARLTON Ft. Pierce, Florida ANNE CARTER Lakeland, Florida JOHN E. CARTER Homestead, Florida VANCE CARTER Canonsburg, Pennsylvania WILLA CARR Davenport, Florida SIXTH ROW JERRY RUTH CATHCART Ft. Pierce, Florida JAMES CHANDLER Florida City, Florida TONI CIENKUS Harvey, Illinois ANN CLARKE Jacksonville, Florida SUSAN ANN CLARK Hartsdale, New York JAMES CLIFTON New Smyrna Beach, Florida FRESHMEN 140 ft ft ft ft ft % .1 ft ft ft ft % . 1 ••.: ■ J KAirk, JS A V I " " • i L fc » 141 Joy Coward and Wanda Dean enjoy punch and a chat with the Rev. A. A. Almand at the reception at College Heights Church. Rat Court is called to order by Big Cheese, Harry Caldwell. FIRST ROW MICHAEL COLACCI Bound Brook, New Jersey BARBARA COLBURN Minneapolis, Minnesota SARAH COLEMAN Jacksonville, Florida DALE COLLINS Miami, Florida BARBARA COMANDER DeFuniok Springs, Florida MARY CONBOY Mount Dora, Florida SECOND ROW JAMES ALBERT CONNER Tampa, Florida JAMES IRVING CONNER Augusta, Georgia RICHARD CONRAD Lakeland, Florida BARBARA COOKSEY Pawtucket, Rhode Island WILLIAM COOPER Decatur, Illinois JACK COULTER Fort Meade, Florida THIRD ROW BARBARA COSTON Lake Wales, Florida JOY COWARD Lakeland, Florida EDWARD COWLEY St. Cloud, Florida DEAN CRAIG Orlando, Florida CHAUNCEY CRONKRITE Lakeland, Florida C. RAY CULVER Fort Myers, Florida FOURTH ROW MAC CUNNINGHAM, JR Lakeland, Florida JOHN DANISAS Hyde Park, New York KENT DAVIS St. Petersburg, Florida WANDA DEAN Lakeland, Florida SALLY DEMPSTER Port Washington, Long Island RON DIAMOND Philmont Club, Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW GREGORY DIAZ Lakeland, Florida THOMAS DiCESARE Lakeland, Florida DAVID DOBKIN Oak Park, Illinois ERNEST Dl ALFONZO Bound Brook, New Jersey GEORGE DOMANSKY Oviedo, Florida DOUGLAS DORMAN Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW DAVID DOSTER Lakeland, Florida SYDNEY DRURY Bloomfield, New Jersey MIKE DUNCAN Eustis, Florida DONNASUE DUNKLEE Evanston, Illinois EDWARD EDWARDS Plaintield, New Jersey HAROLD ELLIOTT Winter Park, Florida FRESHMEN 142 » • ft t t » 1 1 i% t I M. iS A r , ffcfk fc j fc A M r Ail 44 |fc fc jm _ | Ifl I II a feifcfcl hi 143 V " r - 1 ml v II i ■ » «• II I Rots get into the spirit of things much to Wanda Dean ' s amusement. Jackie Hanson receives capital punishment from sadistic Sophs. FIRST ROW JIM ELLMAKER Zephyrhills, Florida JOSEPH EMSLEY Poughkeepsie, New York DALLAS ENFINGER Dover, Florida JOYCE ENGLEBRECHT Oak Park, Illinois NOEL ENGLER Short Hills, New Jersey SHIRLEY ENGLERT Chicago, Illinois SECOND ROW JOE ESPINOLA Tampa, Florida PAT ESSENBERG Angola, Indiana LLOYD ETTERS Eau Gallie, Florida ROBERT EVORS Wachula, Florida GAIL FANNING Brattleboro, Vermont MICHAEL FANO Glen Ridge, New Jersey THIRD ROW DOROTHY FASBENDER Huntington, New York CAROL FAULSTICH St. Louis County, Missouri PATRICIA FEAGLES Ana Mario, Florida ANN FENTON Lakeland, Florida RICHARD FENWICK Poughkeepsie, New York JOHN FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW ROBERT FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida LARRY FIRESTONE Englewood, New Jersey R ICHARD FOLSON Daytona Beach, Florida CAROL FOOTE Bowling Green, Ohio BILL FORTNER Orlando, Florida FRANCES FOUNTAIN Plant City, Florida FIFTH ROW RUDY FRANK Naples, Florida BETTY FRANKENBURGER Auburndale, Florida VERNA FRASER Macclenny, Florida JUDITH FREED Pompton Lakes, New Jersey JOYCE FRICK S. Miami, Florida TOMMY FUSSELL Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW CHUCK FROEMKE Winter Haven, Florida AMBROSE GAINES Winter Haven, Florida ELLEN GAINSBURG Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ARTHUR GALLAGHER Bloomington, New Jersey DEAN GALLO Parsippany, New Jersey ALFREDO GARCES Cali, Colombia FRESHMEN 144 • • ►•%♦ % « % 1 ?Sh ?». ft ■HZ - 4 5S « -r j M Kk iffcl4 145 fc - The naughty lady of Shady Lane surrounded by ardent Sophomore supervises scrubbing of Honor Walk as Rots admirers. smile through sentence. FIRST ROW HERBERT GARDNER Ridgewood, New Jersey SHARON GARMAN Plant City, Florida ROGER GETFORD Eustis, Florida ROSS GIANGRASSO Union City, New Jersey BERNARD GILBERT Lakeland, Florida PAUL GILLIS St. Petersburg, Florida SECOND ROW PAT GLOVER Parkridge, Illinois ANGEL GOMEZ Havana, Cuba BARBARA GOODE West Islip, New York DENNY GORETSKY Kulpmont, Pennsylvania JOHN GOSSELIN Lakeland, Florida ROGER GOURLEY Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW MARY GRABLE Tampa, Florida MARTHA GRACE Lakeland, Florida MARCIA GRAVES Riviera Beach, Florida BOB GRAW Orlando, Florida DOROTHY GROSS Miami, Florida ANTONIO GUTIERREZ Cali, Colombia FOURTH ROW RONALD HADRABA Riverside, Illinois JANE HAMBY Lakeland, Florida MARSHALL HAMM Winter Haven, Florida JACKIE HANSON Minneapolis, Minnesota LEWIS HARDIN, JR Lakeland, Florida KENNETH HARLIN Long Island City, New York FIFTH ROW PAT HARLOW Charlottesville, Virginia JACK HARRIS Stuart, Florida JOHN HARRISON Richmond, Virginio FRANK HART Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM HATTON Pahokee, Florida SANDRA HAWES Sea Girt, New Jersey SIXTH ROW LEO HAYMANS Lakeland, Florida MARGARET HAYNES Plant City, Florida DONALD HEIDER Glen Ridge, New Jersey JOAN HENINGER Wadsworth, Ohio BARBARA JEAN HENDRY Ft. Myers, Florida MARIE HENDRY Dade City, Florida FRESHMEN 146 147 Op. lUSL IK 2 The lost lap of registration for Martha Male and Winnie May. Gals flock into J.R. for Cap and Gown pajama party. FIRST ROW PAT HEPBURN Lake Wales, Florida NELIDA HERNANDEZ Matanzas, Cuba ANTHONY HERLES Poughkeepsie, New York DAVID HERRMAN Massapequa, New York SHIRLEY HIGGENBOTHAN Plant City, Florida HELEN HIGHSMITH Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW JAMES HILL Winter Haven, Florida GRANT HINSHAW Lakeland, Florida LEWIS HOCHBERG New York, New York JAMES HOLL North Canton, Ohio BARBARA HOLMES Opalocka, Florida JOHN HOLSTAD Mancelona, Michigan THIRD ROW LORETTA HOPKINS Orlando, Florida NANCY HOUGHTON Lakeland, Florida HELEN HOWELL Sarasota, Florida MARILYN HOWELL Downers Grove, Illinois EVELYN HUGGINS Tampa, Florida HENRY HUMPHREY Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW JAMES HUNT Dundee, Florida JEAN HUNT Dunedin, Florida POLLY HUSKEY Eustis, Florida ALVIN HUNTER Bartow, Florida DAVID INGLE Bunnell, Florida JACOLYN INGRAM Miami, Florida FIFTH ROW RONALD JACQUES Berwyn, Illinois MARY JANES Palmetto, Florida HELEN JENSEN Libertyville, Illinois RICHARD JENSEN Wilmette, Illinois BEN JOHNSON Bristol, Tennessee GEORGE JOHNSON Pahokee, Florida SIXTH ROW KENNETH JOHNSON Plainwell, Michigan BARBARA JONES Joplin, Missouri BEVERLY JONES Miami, Florida JOHN JONES Haines City, Florida ROBERT JONES Lakeland, Florida JAMES KAMAN Hurley, New York FRESHMEN 148 1 f •• ♦•%■♦ 1 V s . - w? ■ I r- " 149 Alpha Chi ' s cavort at pajama party in their skit " Buggy Ride. " ADPi parodies sump-sitting while Susan Gillen passes out goodies. FIRST ROW PAUL KAMAN Hurley, New York DICK KAMERLING Amiryville, New York JIM KANT Belleville, New Jersey SAUL KATZOWITZ Poughkeepsie, New York LEON KEEN Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM KEEN Lake Wales, Florida SECOND ROW JOHN KEHOE Winter Haven, Florida JOHN KELLY Lawtey, Florida FRANCES KERBER Lindenhurst, New York GRANT KERST Bowling Green, Florida WILLIAM KESLER Fellsmere, Florida RAYMOND KEUTHAN Hialeah, Florida THIRD ROW KWANG KIM Taegu, Korea YANG KIM Pusan, Korea RICHARD KING Fellsmere, Florida BETTY LOU KING Louisville, Kentucky JAMES KINNE Amityville, New York J. L. KITCHEL Nichols, Florida FOURTH ROW WALTER KNAPP, JR Lakeland, Florida ELLEN KNAUSS Katonah, New York WILLIAM KNECHT Moosic, Pennsylvania BOBBIE KNOWLES Haines City, Florida CHARLES KONSELMAN Garden City, New York NANCY KOOPMAN Aruba, West Indies FIFTH ROW ALFRED KUHN, JR Norwich, Connecticut KUNZE KWAK Seoul, Korea DANIEL KEANE Cocoa Beach, Florida EILEEN LAIRD Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin CHARLES LANDERS Lakeland, Florida EDWARD LANDRETH Norfolk, Virginia SIXTH ROW RODNEY LANE Lakeland, Florida DAVID LANG Eau Gallie, Florida ARTHUR LANGLEY Groveland, Florida SHIRLLA LATANISION East Orange, New Jersey BOB LAWSON Tampa, Florida MARIE LAWSON Babson Park, Florida FRESHMEN 150 %■• %.% KfltflKl hL N K ' fllk ■ fcj jMiml 1- w . u •. Biki 151 Indonesian Saleh Zen learns the tradition of the Sacred Cow in the Garden of Meditation. Tae Kyung Kim, Seoul; Yank Ai Kim, Pusan; Young Soon Kim, Seoul; Mohammed Sabie, Iraq, and Saleh Zen, In- donesia, meet Mr. Leonard Masters, foreign student advisor. FIRST ROW NANCY LEE Tampa, Florida SHEILA LEE Williston, Florida EDWARD LEGERTON Lakeland, Florida JOSE LEONARDO Guatemala City, Guatemala DANIEL LESTER Lakeland, Florida ARLENE LEVINE Hopatcong, New Jersey SECOND ROW BURTON LEVIN Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey LEROY LEWIS Lakeland, Florida VERA LEWIS Dover, New Jersey LINDA LIEFELD Thomasville, Georgia MAX LIETER Scott, Ohio FRANCES LIETZ Breton Woods, New Jersey THIRD ROW HERB LIVSEY Hawthorne, New York JAMES LOCK Winter Haven, Florida JAMES LOCKMAN West Palm Beach, Florida WALTER LOESCHE Lakeland, Florida HARRY LONG Miami, Florido LAURA LOTT Homestead, Florida FOURTH ROW BILL LOY, JR Clearwater, Florida GEORGE LUNDY Lakeland, Florida GERALYN LYNCH Oak Park, Illinois MICHAEL LYON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ALLEN LYONS Tampa, Florida LEON LYONS Juno Beach, Florida FIFTH ROW JACK McARDLE Mamaroneck, New York EDWARD McAULEY Ft. Myers, Florida JOHN McCABE Mulberry, Florida BARRE McCLAY Washington, Pennsylvania JAMES McCULLOUGH Lakeland, Florida MILES McKAY Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW MARGARET McKINNON Tampa, Florida JANIE McKINZIE Sebring, Florida MARGARET McLAHON Morehead City, New York ANN McMAHON Ormond Beach, Florida EDWIN McMULLEN Lakeland, Florida LARRY McNEIL Clearwater, Florida FRESHMEN 152 ik ■■; 1 1 .to t. t % ■ A T»-. I A 4:t kA 153 Laura Duke, Joan Duke and Kewpie Sprott get acquainted with the C.T. over a coke. Sophomore Carolyn Wigdahl shows Freshmen how to have fun in Florida. FIRST ROW CAROLYN McWILLIAMS Greenbay, Virginia HELEN MacDONALD Haines City, Florida ROGER MocDONALD Winter Haven, Florida ELAINE MaclNTYRE River Forest, Illinois BONNIE MAIER Chicago, Illinois BARBARA McGAVIN Munster, Indiana SECOND ROW DOUGLAS MANN Melbourne, Florida YOLANDA MARTINEZ Miami, Florida GEORGIA MASSIE Ft. Myers, Florida THOMAS MEEKS Clermont, Florida ROBBIE MICKLER Lee, Florida ALESTIUS MILLER Auburndole, Florida THIRD ROW MARGARET MILLER Franklin, Pennsylvania BEATRICE MINOR Miami, Florida PEYTON MONTGOMERY Lokelond, Florida JAMES MONK Lakeland, Florida FRANK MORAN Newark, New Jersey BARBARA MORITZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania FOURTH ROW MORRIS MOORE Plant City, Florida ANDREW MORRIS Lakeland, Florida LINDA MOSHER Winter Park, Florida KENNETH MUILENBURG Sioux Center, Iowa JACK MULLEN Lakeland, Florida LESLIE E. MULLINS Enterprise, Alabama FIFTH ROW NEWTON MULLIS Jacksonville, Florida ALLEN MUNDY Lakeland, Florida HUGH MURPHY Narberth, Pennsylvania JOHN MUSGRAVE Springfield, Pennsylvania CLAUDIA MYERS Palmyra, Michigan WILLIAM NALLEY Easley, South Carolina SIXTH ROW JEAN NAPOLI Miami, Florida CAROLINE NELSON Clayton, North Carolina FRANCIS NELSON Lakeland, Florida BRIAN NEVILLE Bonita Springs, Florida SHIRLEY NEWBERG Chicago, Illinois CORRINE NEWMAN Sarasota, Florida FRESHMEN ir,4 ■•■♦ ••% ■••• ■•■%.r - I Ikil k Ik . IP %, 155 Another " Freshman " at FSC — the newly formed Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Harold Phillips, Jr. Jerry Peeler as Do Do, clowning around to make small hearts happy, as Burven Bossie and Charlie Grant look on. FIRST ROW JOSEPH NOLEN Winter Haven, Florida KATHRYN NORMAN Fayetteville, New York MARLANE NORWELL Park Ridge, Illinois RODNEY NORWELL Park Ridge, Illinois JERRY NOVAK Lakeland, Florida GLENN OAK Waukesha, Wisconsin SECOND ROW JERRY O ' CONNOR Rudyard, Michigan ROY ODOM Mulberry, Florida MORRIS OLIVE Starke, Florida BENNIE OLIVER Lakeland, Florida RALPH OLSON Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM O ' NEAL Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW LAURA OSBORN Bradenton, Florida RAY OVERSTREET Dover, Florida JEROLD PANATI Winnewood, Pennsylvania BARBARA PARK Milton, Florida THOMAS PARRISH St. Augustine, Florida ANGELO PARTENZA Scarsdale, New York FOURTH ROW VAL PATARINI Hollywood, Florida NYRA PAYTON Chicago, Illinois DELAND PEARSON Tampa, Florida PAUL PEARSON Chester, Pennsylvania NANCY PEDDIE Amsterdam, New York JOE PEDDY Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW JESSE PELHAM Plant City, Florida JANICE PENN Arlington, Virginia CARMINE PERCIASEPE Larchmont, New York PETER PERCIASEPE Larchmont, New York JOAN PETTEWAY Tampa, Florida LAWRENCE PFENT Detroit, Michigan SIXTH ROW BARBARA PIERCE Greenville, South Carolina ARNOLD PINKOWITZ Long B each, New York RAFAEL PORTUENDO Banes, Cuba LOUIS PRATT Jamestown, New York EUGENE PRENTICE Loves Park, Illinois WILLIAM PRESCOTT Garfield, New Jersey FRESHMEN 156 » « t » %.» itkAJk kztAttMt J fts! H 1 u 157 - Sorority gals, Edna Murachanian and Sara Troxler spoof incoming Frosh at rush party. Freshmen often form the nucleus of water skiing classes on Lake Hollingsworth. FIRST ROW HENRY PRICENSKI Bloomfield, New Jersey NANCY PRITCHARD Miami, Florida CAROL QUIMBY Dover, New Hampshire RUTH RAMSEY Port St. Joe, Florida MYRA REAMS Vero Beach, Florida BARBARA REEDY Eustis, Florida SECOND ROW BROOKS REGISTER Alturas, Florida MARGARET REID Jacksonville, Florida F. ELMER RENNINGER Dover, Florida GEORGE RENNINGER Dover, Florida CARMEN RHODES Ft. Myers, Florida JOHN RIGGS Orlando, Florida THIRD ROW MARY ROBERTS Northport, New York DICK ROBERTSON Paducah, Kentucky MARGARET RODRIQUEZ Guatemala City, Guatemala RICHARD ROBNETT Lakeland, Florida SUSAN ROGERS Greensboro, North Carolina SUZANNE ROSS Sarasota, Florida FOURTH ROW KATHRYN ROTON Jacksonville, Florida JO ANNE ROWDYBUSH Lakeland, Florida THEOPHILUS RUSHING Mulberry, Florida ALEXANDER RUSSELL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SALEH ZEN Palembang, Indonesia ROMAN SABLOSKI Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW RUSSELL SACKETT Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania TERRY SANDERS Ft. Myers, Florida ANGEL SANTANA Camaguey, Cuba ENRIGUE SANTANA Havana, Cuba JOHN SCHALK Duquesne, Pennsylvania DONN SCHEERER Baltimore, Maryland SIXTH ROW JOHN SCHLOSSER Joliet, Illinois PETER SCHMIDT Garden City, New York CARL SCHUCHARDT Sappington, Missouri WALTER SCHULTZ Sharon, Pennsylvania ALAN SCHWIND Evonston, Illinois FELTON SCOTT Winter Haven, Florida FRESHMEN 158 ■♦••■♦ « % £ I 1? At T? -■ o -» • ?.Aik ' A ' Xfc . V ' M k • 1 4ai%A , +L 44 44 ir ' 4 W iik Jfc4sL 159 Freshmen — a special class from Colombia, S. A. Lakeland ' s temperate clime provides a year- ' round summer for Northern students. FIRST ROW CAROL SEITZ Cincinnati, Ohio THOMAS SHERIDAN Lakeland, Florida SYLVIA SELLEY White Plains, New York LINDA SHIVER Waycross, Georgia DELLA SHOEMAKER Lansdale, Pennsylvania GLENN SHOULDICE Miami, Florida SECOND ROW ROBERT SILLER Ft. Lauderdale. Florida MARY SINGLETON Ft. Myers, Florida BARBARA SMALE Wonder Lake, Illinois RANDOLPH SMEDLEY Holly Hill. Florida GARY SMITH Massapeque, New York GENEVIEVE SMITH Ft. Myers, Florida THIRD ROW VILMA SMITH Maplewood, New Jersey ANN SNOW Jacksonville, Florida RONNE SOLOMON Foir Lawn, New Jersey PATRICIA SPERRY Tavares, Florida ESTHER SPROTT Summerton, South Carolina JOYCE STALLINGS Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW JACQUELINE STEIN Miami Beach, Florida URSULA STEIN Rosalyn Heights, New York JEROME PEELER Lutz, Florida EULUS STEPHENS Mulberry, Florida SHELIA STEPHEN Mundelein, Illinois RICHARD STELZENMULLER Amiryville, New York FIFTH ROW NOEL STEVENS Lakeland, Florida THOMAS STEVENS Sarasota, Florida WALTER STINSON Lakeland, Florida MARGUERITE STRANGE Mulberry, Florida GERALD STRICKLAND Bonita Springs, Florida BARBARA STROUD Jacksonville, Florida SIXTH ROW DAVID SUNDELL, JR Detroit, Michigan DORIS SWANK Ft. Myers, Florida TOM SWEM South Bend, Indiana CAROL SWEETLAND Huntington, New York HARRY SWIGGARD Memphis, Tennessee ARLYS TALBERT Lakeland, Florida FRESHMEN 160 »•% %■% ., mAih - I 1 i m ife iik « m ; . 161 A fine golf course nearby provides relaxation between classes. Sylvia Selley takes the prize for the winning costume at the TKE costume party. FIRST ROW RICHARD TATRO Lakeland, Florida RUTHA TAYLOR Lakeland, Florida JOHN TEAFF Lakeland, Florida NORMA TEMPLETON Amsterdam, New York FRANK TERRANA Tampa, Florida GEORGE THEIN Chicago, Illinois SECOND ROW WILLIAM THEURET Bogota, New Jersey DONNA THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida MARY THORNTON Lakeland, Florida ROBERT THRASHER Plant City, Florida DONALD TILLMAN Flushing, New York DOUGLAS TIPTON Dade City, Florida THIRD ROW ZOLTAN TOMOSANYI Lakeland, Florida CHARLES TRACE Palmetto, Florida GEORGE TREADWELL Peekskill, New York BEVERLY TRESCA Jacksonville, Florida FRANCIS TROINA Ft. Lauderdale, Florida JOHN TROUP New Smyrna Beach, Florida FOURTH ROW MARTHA TURNER Ocala. Florida JANICE TUTTLE Freeport, Maine WILLIAM VAN OESTERHOUT Wilmette, Illinois FAYE VENRICK Palmetto, Florida DIANA VINCENT Stephenrown, New York BOB VIVIAN Beloit, Wisconsin FIFTH ROW WILLIAM WAGNER Elmhurst, Illinois DAVID WALKER Sarasota, Florida ROBERT WALLACE Orlando, Florida WOODHAM WALLER Plant City, Florida ROBERT WARDELL Gulfporr, Florida JEANNETTE WARMOLTS Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW MARTHA WATKINS Lakeland, Florida LESTER WATSON Lakeland, Florida MARTHA WATSON Lokelond, Florida HELEN WAYCHOFF Bartow, Florida BARBARA WEDGWORTH Belle Glade, Florida RITA WEINSTEIN Lakeland, Florida FRESHMEN 162 % ' ». ' » » » - ■ 10 m4 - " • ■ " , ( Ai±±i bii • - 163 Lucky frosh Pat Hepburn shakes hands with Lee Ann Meriweather, 1955 Miss America. They fly through the air with the greatest of east — FSC ' s circus troupe. FIRST ROW DAVID WEIS Wauchulo, Florida JAMES WHARTON Lakeland, Florida ROBERT WHEELER Dover, Florida WILLIAM WHEELER Sturgis, Michigan RONELL WHIDDEN Lakeland, Florida THERESA WHITICE Ft. Pierce, Florida SECOND ROW HARRY WINGATE Lake Wales, Florida DONNA WINK Buffalo, New York NANCY WILCOX Dunedin, Florida ALLEN WILLIAMS Homestead, Florida GEORGE WILLIAMSON La Canada, California BEVERLY WILLIS Ruskin, Florida THIRD ROW LEIGHTON WILSON Tampa, Florida MILTON WILSON Pahokee, Florida MARY WOOSLEY Winter Garden, Florida MARGARET WORK Charlotte, Tennessee PAUL WRIGHT Black Mountain, North Carolina PETER WRIGHT Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW STANLEY WYLLIE Tampa, Florida MYRA WYNNS Borrow, Florida JANET YOUNG Kings Park, Long Island EILEN ZALON Glen Rock, New Jersey WALTER ZIGRANG Vero Beach, Florida FRESHMEN 164 ■•■; Q ft 1 A new chapel rises for future Freshmen to worship in. And here ore future Frosh waiting for Mrs. Spivey to lead the way to the Children ' s Book Exposition. l...; - - M £—- ( " ' 19 5 5 (i •■ % • .ft ft.ft.r (IH» 914 F. S. C. STUDENT OFFICERS JAMES A. CAMPBELL President TOM MOONEY Vice-President JUDY ROTUNNO Secretary NAN COY Treasurer The Senate is the legislative branch of the Student Body Association, as established by the SBA Constitu- tion, passed in the Spring of 1952. Since that time, student government has made great strides and has assumed more and more responsibility each year. DEAN J. A. BATTLE Advisor to the Senate First Row: Mary Bryant, Carolyn Kille, Larry Upham, Mary Frances Davis, Ann Clark, Dean J. A. Battle. Second Row: Margie Hamilton, Clif- ford Wright, Chuck Jackson, James A. Campbell, Dick Anderson, Russ Sockett, Kathy Kosar. Third Row: Lorraine Sweetland, Sue Thayer, Eugene Roberts, Nan Coy, Buck Freeney, Tom Mooney, Judy Rotunno. 168 SENATE COURT Ray Carucci, Jim Schalow, Mory Ann McDonald, Farley Snell. J9p At present, the Senate in a large measure is respon- sible for Freshman Orientation Week; nominates the membership of Who ' s Who; nominates the candidates for Honor Walk; has established a Men ' s Council to govern the men ' s residence halls; brings in speakers for chapel sessions; sponsors a leadership program featuring speakers, dinners, and other events; has other activities at Florida Southern College, tions; studies and recommends action in such areas of student life as the library, the College Union, Founders ' Week; sponsors various drives on campus, notably the Christmas Seal drive; and passes legisla- tion referring to student organizations, elections and other activities at Florida Southern College. President, James A. Campbell; Secretary, Judy Rotunno; Vice-President, Tom Mooney; Treasurer, Nan Coy. DR. CHARLES A WOODBURY, JR. Advisor to the Student Association Court 169 OFFICERS LORRAINE SWEETLAND President ORA JEAN WIGGINS Vice-President MARCIA SALAGE Secretory JEAN WOODS Treasurer KAY HAMMERICH Sergeant-at-Arms First Row: Vice-President, Oro Jean Wiggins; Sergeant-at-Arms, Kay Hammerich. Second Row: Secretary, Marcia Salage; Presi- dent, Lorraine Sweetland; Treasurer, Jean Woods. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT This organization serves os a court for infractions of college and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents of Florida Southern College. It is composed of representatives of sorori- ties and independents who are elected by resident women students. WSGA is a governmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association. Its endless assort- ment of duties during the year makes it an indis- pensable factor on campus in upholding the ideals of womanhood at Florida Southern. i - " ■ V ' l Hi- ' fc ' • § ft i. Kx 7 vl k. ' H w m v tf 4 First Row: Evelyn Herrington, Cloene Irvine, Ora Jean Wig- gins, Estella Roberts, Kay Ham- merich. Second Row: Jean Woods, Marcia Salage, Lorraine Sweetland, Shirley Witmer, Mar- ilyn Glawe, Patty Cobb. 1 9H g H j ■m h -r...-J D d m m M OFFICERS JOHN UPHAM Chairman MAJOR HERBERT KEY Advisor HERBERT FOGARTY Clerk • • ft ft ft ft ft - Clerk, Herbert Fogorty; Advisor, Major Herbert Key; Chairman, John Upham. MENS COUNCIL The Men ' s Council, founded in 1953, is a judicial subsidiary of the Student Body Association, composed of eight voting members — four independent men and four fraternity men. It is the purpose of this group to establish and enforce all regulations pertaining to the discipline of the men on the campus. A member must be a junior or senior member of the Student Body Association carrying at least twelve hours and having an over-all " C " average. First Row: William Edmunds, Herbert Fogarty, Douglas Scott, John Upham. Second Row: Jack Harvey, John Frasz, Jesse LoRe, Kenneth Lutz. First Row: Martha Turner, Gerra Blair, Verna Fraser, Grace Goodman, Mary Jo Watson, Estella Roberts, Jean Douglas. Second Row Bobbie Knowles, Cloene Irvine, Carolyn Kille, Nan Wilcox, Diane Vincent, Ora Jean Wiggins. Third Row: Lois Scoates, Bar- bara Lamberson, Sue Bentley, Barbara Wedgworth, Jo Ann Rowdybush, Willa Jean Holl, Druscilla Wells. Fourth Row: Barbara Swope, Ivah Jewel Ball, Delia Touchton, Beverly Cronkhite, Nancy Brewer, Roberta Carr. S OUTHERNETTES The purpose of Southernettes is to provide a uni- fied organization for all women not affiliated with a sorority on campus. It provides a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in campus activities, provides opportunities to develop leader- ship in service to Florida Southern through projects and participation in school activities, and to achieve co-operation between sorority and non-sorority women. The Southernettes have been recognized again this year as " active and alert, " since representatives of this group have participated in almost every type of activity and organization on campus. Especially out- standing in athletics, this spirited group has shown its versatility by also contributing to the fields of music, journalism, government, religion and drama at FSC. OFFICERS CLOENE IRVINE President ORA JEAN WIGGINS Vice-President DELIA TOUCHTON Secretary MARILYN PEMBLE Treasurer _ Secretory, Delia Touchton; Vice- President, Ora Jean Wiggins; President, Cloene Irvine. Not Pictured: Treasurer, Marilyn Pemble. OFFICERS MARY ANN NICHOLLS President JOHN CRAWFORD Vice President CAROLYN GREER Secretory GLENDA BASS Treasurer Secretary, Carolyn Greer; President, Mary Ann Nicholls; Treasurer, Glenda Bass; Vice- President, John Crawford. The Future Teachers of America is a national pro- fessional organization which is open to all education majors. It meets monthly and maintains a scholar- ship for students majoring in education. The pur- pose of F.T.A. is to seek, through the dissemination of information and through higher standards of prep- aration, to interest the best young men and women in education as a lifetime career, with emphasis on char- acter and scholarship. It seeks to develop, among young people who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which is an integral part of state and national education associations, and to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and pro- gram of the organized teaching profession. FUTURE TEACHERS DF AMERICA it Row: Sheila Lee, Lyn Peck, Joan Petteway, Charlotte Fink, Diane Klecka, Jean Douglas, Laura Osborn, Marion Haymond, Sue Baer, Sue Clark, ry Jo Watson. Second Row: Estella Roberts. Claire Ellis, Potty Palmer, Jean Whipple, Marillyn Owens, Barbara Moore, Non Wilcox, Mary Lou idy, Marilinda Martin, Janet Lower, Janet VonDerzee, Ora Jean Wiggins, Pat Blackmon. Third Row: Willa Jean Hall, Mary Ann Stone, Ivah Boll, da Larson, Eleanor Zundel, Carolyn Burt, Debbie Bryce, Donna Wink, Barbara Swope, Buddy Jenkins, Cynthia Cave, Normon Davis. Fourth Row: nda Bass, John Anderson, Kathy Kosar, Sylvia Clark, Nancy Sherwin, Jeannie Moody, Dorothy Clemens, Bill Pyle, Earl Green, Sue Thornton, Donna Norris, Marjorie Payton. Fifth Row: Bob Harris, Professor Ogden, Norma Molinari. 4 1 ■ ' ' , ' i Ik J J m I t 11 I V KH tA V First Row: Esther McNett, Mary Ann Ni cholls, Estella Roberts, Buddy Jenkins, Pat Blackmon, Charlotte Fink. Second Row: Linda Pearson, Donna Wink, Evelyn Herrington, Patti Cobb, Gerra Blair, Ed LaRue. Third Row: William Edmunds, Charles Selph Don King, Tod Ebetino, Bob Harris, Bob Lawson. PHI EPSILDN MU Phi Epsilon Mu, a club composed of physical edu- cation majors, was reorganized this year after a lapse of activity for several years. The main objective of the club is to foster some organization among those interested in the field of physical education, and to bring them in contact with persons who are profes- sionally employed in that field. In this way, the mem- bers can be made better aware of the actual problems they will face, and thus can gain practical experience as well as classroom learning. 174 .■»••■♦ « % • ♦%r First Row: Alice Palmer, Jackie McMurrion, Anne Lisner. Second Row; Ron Diamond, John Anderson. MICROPHONE CLUB The Microphone Club, founded in 1934, provides mutual aid and encouragement to students of radio and television. It is a paving ground for new talent. The Mike Club is open to those interested in radio production. A high standing in radio or the speech arts is re- quired for admission into this organization. OFFICERS HENRY PFISTER President CHARLES CASTLES Vice-President JACKIE McMURRIAN Secretary BEVERLY FETTERMAN Treasurer 175 THE Secretary, Ann Mickler; Treasurer, Paravon Comlekcier; Vice-President, Carolyn Cocke; Vice-Treasurer, Saleh Zen; President, Jose Abascal; Second Vice-President, Chung Hwan Oh. OFFICERS JOSE ABASCAL President CAROLYN COCKE Vice-President CHUNG HWAN OH Second Vice-President PARAVON COMLEKCIER Treasurer SALEH ZEN Vice- Treasurer ANN MICKLER Sec retory 176 INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club of Florida Southern Col- lege, founded in November, 1947, is dedicated to forging links of friendship and respect between peoples and nations of the world. It is the largest or- ganization on campus and has 65 members from 17 different countries, including the United States. The club meets twice a month and is open to all who wish to exchange information about different countries. The club actively seeks to promote better under- standing by sponsoring lectures and discussions on the culture and customs of other nations, interna- tional politics and economics. Socially it brings stu- dents together through international parties, picnics, dances, and music recitals. The club has a soccer team with players from all over the world and carries the school colors through- out the state of Florida in search of opposing tea ms. In promoting International understanding, it works in and with the community. Speakers are sent to ap- pear before civic and church groups so that the com- munity may share with the college the rich fund of knowledge of life in other lands. Tours to Florida industries are arranged for foreign students. Invita- tions to visit homes come from church men and women as well as the Rotary and Lakeland Chapter of the American Red Cross. This year with the American Red Cross it spon- sored an essay contest open to all students on the topic " How Can the American Red Cross Better Re- lations Between Nations Through Students 5 " In its efforts, unity, and purpose the International Club embodies every principle for which Florida South- ern College and its beloved president work for, cherish, and believe in. First Row: Ann Mickler, Antonio Guterrez, Kyung Joon Song, Fanny Jaramillo, Enrique Correa, Nelida Hernandez, Parovon Comlekcier, Elvira Suarez, Maria Barrera, Isabel Vela, Virginia C. Revides, Letty Cabrera, Yang Ai Kim, Diane Klecka. Second Row: Dr. Juliana Jordan, Viehian Kasemsuwan, Irma Padilla, Sue Stolberg, Guillermo Amaya, Helvia Sanchez, Kunse Kwak, Omaira Vergara, Laura Osborn, Nora Otero, Marina De Balaguer, Mar- garita Rodriguez, Maria Rico, Cynthia Cave, Henry Camacho, Nolasco Correa. Third Row: Leonard Masters, Club Advisor, Jose Abascal, Raoult Palau, Mitsuo Watabe, Lindberg Casanova, Alice Denslow, Tom Mauer, Sonny Campbell, Linda Larson, Nasser Nikoukary, Henry Perez, Salem Zen, Ernie Butler, Norma Molinari, Georgie Massie, Nezih Dural. Fourth Row: Bernardo Ussorio, Carolyn Cocke, Emilio Garcia, Henry Martinod, George Senn, Angel Gomez, Ernie Lemos, J. Bernardo Colic. Cilia de Camacho, Manuel Murillo, Don Ham, Oh Chung Hwan, Kim Kwang Soo, Roberto Leonardo. Fifth Row: Braulio A. Rincon, Virginia Gordillo, Corinne Newman, Latuonino Pereze, Cholerm Singaneti, Mohammed Sabie, Jaime Estrada, Paul Gil- lis, George Hightower, Shirley Witmer, Marty Evans, James Marlowe, Louis Pratt, Bernara Ceballos, Jaekyung Kim, Sam Nicholson. Florida Southern Concert Choir. On tour, the Concert Choir is photographed at the Hotel Willard, Washington, D. C. w FLDRIDA SOUTH Mary Ann McDonald, narrator of Lincoln ' s Gettysburg Address in the choir ' s noted rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Re- public. MEMBERS Sue Bentley Carolyn Cocke Catherine Cruz Caroline Greer Barbara Mock Marilyn Pemble Sylvia Wright Beverly Jones Donna Thomas Nan Coy Ann Daniel Mary Ann McDonald Marlinda Martin Jean Douglas Cloene Irvine Dagmar Hunnicutt Sue Thayer Carole Wilson Ernest Thompson Henry Ptister David Howell Charles Castles James Connor James Mullins Dale Garber Charles Selph David Scoates Charles Blackburn James Piatt Ken Lutz Jack Harvey Walter Zigrang Merrill Thompson « « t t t « DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY, SR. Director, The Concert Choir World-famous James Melton visits FSC to hear the Concert Choir and meets Nan Coy. ERN CONCERT CHOIR jth Wagner and Marlinda Martin get photographed with famed TV star and news- A big moment for Mary Williams and Judy Phillips- paper columnist, Ed Sullivan. meeting Julius LaRosa at the Music Festival. te H f Ann Daniel, the Alternate Miss America of 1955, before the TV camera of WFIL-TV. Diane Klecka and Barbara Mock with Metropolitan opera stars Richard Tucker and Dorothy Kirsten. Si. Johnsbury Vt. Richmond Va. Brooksville Fla. Jacksonville Fla. Frederick Md. Hudson N. V. Organized just four years ago, the Concert Choir of Florida Southern College has won na- tional fame through its programs of secular and religious music. The Choir, under Dr. Charles A. Woodbury, Sr., has presented concerts in many of the principal cities of the United States, and it has been featured at the Music Festival in Carolyn Greer, Ken Lutz, Carolyn Cocke, Ernie Thompson, Dave Howell and Charles Castles har- monize at the Bellevue- Stratford in Philadelphia. Springfield Washington Sarasota Wffite Sulphur Springs W. Va. Clearwater Fla. Birmingham Ala. •si r :7 Renatta Filewicz and Diane To- bias with three of the Singing Sergeants of the United States Air Force Band. V Dolores Daughtery and Marilyn Pemble eating watermelon in the Carolinas. « ■■ m 1 i i Farmington Mo. Palatka Fla. Louisville Ky. Philadelphia before 70,000 persons and over the network facilities of the National Broad- casting Company. The young men and women travel in the private FSC bus to carry their beautiful music to all parts of the United States. In the early summer of 1955, the Concert Choir is scheduled to concertize in England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Switzerland. Movie Star Joan Blondell chats with Charlie Hayes and Henry Pfister. Symphony Conductor Norman Black with Cathy Cruz ond Carolyn Wigdahl. Fairmont W. Va. St. Augustine Fla. Greenville St. Petersburg N. C. Fla. Lumberton N. C. Cleveland Ohio New York N. Y. I ' . ' ■ ;;oiv lf l £W V ' v: ' if-ai ' H w " ,ww COLLEGE UNION OFFICERS NANCY SHERWIN President MICKEY FRIED Vice-President KELLY GREENE Secretory BOB BAILEY Treasurer DOROTHY GROSS Director First Row: Director, Dorothy Gross; Vice-President, Mickey Fried; Secretary, Kelly Greene. Second Row: Treasurer Bob Bailey; President, Nancy Sherwin. •■•• « % t « f ' if: V Lr First Row. Nancy Sherwin, Dorothy Gross, Mickey Fried, Ruth Connon, Marilyn Glawe, Kelly Greene, Joan Steinauer. Second Row: Bob Bailey, Don Guss, Leon Kotsiopoulos, Jeannie Moody, Sonya Hooker, Don Hasley. The College Union is the recreational and social organization for the whole campus. Supported by the entire student body, this organization maintains the College Union Lounge in the Zimmermann Recreation Room. There the students can study, play cards, chess, checkers, ping-pong, and dance. Many small dances are sponsored by the College Union. The CU provides the balance in social activities for all the students and an opportunity for them to join in planning and carrying out their own special program. COLLEGE UNION 183 Editor Nan Coy and Faculty Advisor William D. Shilling. EDITORIAL STAFF NAN COY Editor-in-Chief BARBARA MOCK ... Assistant Editor-in-Chief MARY ANN McDONALD Faculty Editor LORRAINE SWEETLAND . Senior Class Editor ANN STANSBURY Junior Class Editor and Photo Editor KATHY KOSAR Sophomore Class Editor JO-ANN SIMPSON ... Freshman Class Editor JOE McCORMACK Sports Editor PAUL WILLE Co ege Photographer DR. JOHN OWEN AND WILLIAM D. SHILLING Advisers THE INTERLACHEN First Row: Faculty Editor, Mary Ann McDonald; Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Barbara Mock; Art Editor, Alice Adams. Second Row: Faculty Advisor, Dr. John Owen; Editor-in-Chief, Nan Coy; Business Manager, Sue Thayer; Senior Editor, Lorraine Sweetland; Sophomore Editor, Kathy Kosar. 3 Q m jp 5 T 3f .vt. V -•♦ ■% t BUSI NESS STAFF SUE THAYER Business Manager JOHN LUPOSELLO . . . . Ass ' t. Business Manager CORNING F. TOLLE Faculty Advisor Corning F. Tolle, Faculty Advisor to the Business Staff, and Business Manager Sue Thayer. DR. JOHN OWEN The INTERLACHEN is the official annual publ cation of Florida Southern College presenting in ed torial and pictorial review a year of campus life. ° ' ° Alocfc. 1 9 5 Left: Ann Stansbury, Photo Editor, and Paul Wille, Interlachen Photographc :«• % S0 K ' ' FIRST SEMESTER STAFF DAVID L. HOWELL Editor-in-Chief CARL NEILL News Editor JOHNNY DANISAS Ass ' t. News Editor HUBERT GRIGGS Copy Editor JACK ALLMAN Sports Editor TONY HERLES Ass ' t. Sports Editor NAN BERRY Woman ' s Sports GEORGE T. CRUTCHFIELD ... Business Manager MARILYN HOWELL Secretarial Ass ' t. CARMEN RHODES Secretarial Ass ' t. BOB NEWTON Circulation Manager DONNA THOMAS, BILL COOPER, JAMES CRAIG Advertising SUE THAYER Exchange Editor BEV WHITTET Woman ' s Editor CAROLEE CORNELIUS Feature Editor ROGERS V. WHITENER Faculty Advisor DAVID HOWELL Editor The Southern is now in its 37th year ot publication. It is the official publication of Florida Southern College and is published weekly by the Department of Journalism. THE Around Table: Anthony Herles, Jock Allman, Corolee Cornelius, Hubert Griggs, Bill Cooper, Sue Thayer, Carlisle Neill. 1 V GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD Business Manager SOUTHERN SECOND SEMESTER STAFF DAVID L. HOWELL Editor-in-Chief JOHNNY DANISAS News Editor JACK ALLMAN News Editor JOE CARANANTE Sports Editor EFFIE FAIRCHILD Women ' s Editor GEORGE T. CRUTCHFIELD ... Business Manager CARMEN RHODES Secretarial Ass ' t. MARILYN HOWELL Secretarial Ass ' t. BOB NEWTON Circulation Manager JO ANNE SIMPSON, BILL COOPER, JAMES CRAIG Advertising SUE THAYER Exchange Editor ROGERS V. WHITENER Faculty Advisor ROGERS WHITENER Faculty Adviser J A f,: r r • — I. •» First Row Marie Hendry, Doris Sheltcn, Carolyn Greer, Virginia Diedeman, Cloene Irvine, Marty Evans. Second Row: Frank Welch, Thomas Brierley, Barbara Lamberson, Sue Bent- ley, Barbara Hudgel. Faculty Advisor, Thomas Brierley, Sec- retary, Sue Bentley; President, Vir- ginia Diedeman. AMERICAN GUILD DF ORGANISTS The Guild Student Group on Florida Southern Col- lege ' s campus, organized in 1952, is a member of the American Guild of Organists, which was founded in 1896. The purpose of the guild is to advance the cause of worthy church music, to elevate the status of church organists, and to provide members with oppor- tunities for meeting and discussing professional topics. OFFICERS VIRGINIA DIEDEMAN President SUE BENTLEY Secretory THOMAS BRIERLEY Faculty Advisor CITRUS CLUR OFFICERS BILL GARY President RUSSELL BRYAN Vice-President LOUIS KUYKENDALL Secretary ED RICHMOND Treasurer irst Row: Milton Boring, Skip Wright, Louis Kuykendoll, Bill Hawthorne, George Bright, B. Smith, Bill Gary. Second Row: James Weathers, George Senn, Johnny Koske, F. Zol- on Tomesanyi, R. E. Dingemon, Bill Grubbs. Third Row: Pete Wright, Lewis Soles, Newt iarrison, Bob Kingdom, Bill Hendry, Bernard Tyner. Fourth Row: Lloyd Goldsmith, Bernard faster, Dick Hagstrom, Advisor: Thomas Mack. The Citrus Club was organized in 1950 to increase the interest of students in the Citrus Department of Florida Southern College. The membership is com- posed of students in the Citrus Department, and also students who may have interests in this field. Besides the regular meetings held monthly, the club has frequent outings and field trips. President, Bill Gary; Secretary, Louis Kuykendall. • • % ♦ «.%.• ft (L R s -F-! First Row: Rae McWillioms, Jean Douglas, Carolyn Greer, Beverly Jones, Jean Napoli, Virginia Diedeman, Joan Petteway, Sue Clark. Second Row: Sue Stroud, Jean Whipple, Marillyn Owens, Georgia Massie, Ruby Singleton, Jackie McMurrian, Cloene Irvine, Barbara Holmes. Third Row: Nancy McConnell, Beverly Cronkhite, Marty Evans, Elaine Maclntyre, Carolyn Burt, Donna Clockadale, Lois Scoates, Barbara Lamberson, Sue Bentley. Fourth Row: Barbara Swope, John Don Crawford, Louis Pratt, Ed Mullins, Walter Zigrang, Billy Pickett, Roberta Carr, Jim Piatt. Fifth Row: Dorothy Gross, Allan Bly, Jack Harvey, Dave Lang, Dee Touchton, Don Guss, Kenneth Lutz, Richard Harvey, William Loy, Rev. Francis L. Luce. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social, and in- tellectual needs of the college student. Membership in the M.S.M. is open to all students desiring to af- filiate with this group, and who are not members of any other church-affiliated organization on campus. Representatives are sent to district, state and na- tional conventions each year. In addition to several state and national service proiects, a variety of func- tions are held throughout the year. OFFICERS JACK HARVEY President ALLAN BLY Vice-President DELIA TOUCHTON Secretary-Treasurer REV. FRANCIS L. LUCE Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor, Reverend Francis L. Luce; Vice-President, Allan Bly; Secretory-Treasurer, Delia Touchton; President, Jack Harvey. 4 f I I W ' 4 $trm$d k M V m I . — First Row: Buddy Jenkins, John Kersey, Harvey Pennington, Dixie Jones, Barbara Coston, Marie Lawson, Emily Hancock, Advisor. Second Row: Earl Smith, Alan Nelson, Bobby Bragg, Ben Whitfield, Alex Nelson, Marcia Graves, Jean Moody, R. Clyde Hall, Director. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union was founded in 1947 to conserve Southern Baptist college youth for Chris- tian leadership and the kingdom of God — to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women in the states of the Southern Baptist Conven- tion territory and to extend the influence of the church to every campus and make college life Chris- tian. The B.S.U. is a youth organization for Baptists in higher institutions of learning. Every Baptist in col- lege is a potential member of the B.S.U. He becomes an active member when he joins a Baptist church in the educational center or any unit organization that is represented in the B.S.U. Council. Unit organiza- tions of the B.S.U. are Sunday school classes, Young People ' s Unions, Y.W.A. circles, etc. The B.S.U. functions in and through the Baptist church or churches in an educational center. It func- tions through a B.S.U. Council composed of 15 of- ficers elected annually by the B.S.U. The B.S.U. seeks to promote spiritual develop- ment of students through Christian comradeships, Bible study, prayer, church membership, denomina- tional loyalty, and Kingdom advancement. OFFICERS JEAN MOODY First Vice-President EMILY HANCOCK Advisor R. CLYDE HALL Director The B.S.U. sponsors a weekly fellowship hour on Sunday night after church in the Religion Building on campus, a weekly Morning Watch every Thurs- day morning at 7:30 A.M. at which time coffee and doughnuts are served. Other activities, including so- cials, shut-in visitations, Summer Mission Fund and support of the local church programs are promoted. First Row: Advisor, Emily Hancock; First Vice- President, Jean Moody; Director, R. Clyde Hall. ; ♦ •••♦■%•♦. ' - OFFICERS BOB BEW President CAROL UNGRO Vice President VIRGINIA McFADDEN Secretary ELIZABETH HARRIS Treasurer REV. WILLIAM MILLER Advisor First Row: Vice-President, Carol Ungro; Secretory, Virginia Mc- Fadden; Treasurer, Elizabeth Harris. Second Row: President, Bob Bew; Advisor, Rev. William Miller. Westminster Fellowship is an organization of Presbyterian students interested in doing a Christian job on the campus, in the community, and in the world. This organization is endeavoring to empha- size the importance of giving Presbyterian students an opportunity to live their Christian belief by carry- ing out several service projects, and it cooperates with other campus organizations. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP First Row: Elizabeth Harris, Carol Ungro, Pat Harlow, Nancy Peddie, Norma Jean Templeton, Virginia McFadden. Second Row: Bob Bew, George Dom ansky, Vance Carter, William Miller, Mrs. William Miller. Third Row: George Hightower, Bill Cooper, Scott Buchanan. ti -5 " " ir ill Oak it ;__ wwr? M 4 I : i£ yjraHre I Felice Perew, Ronne Solomon, Mickey Fried, Jone Rosen, Joan Glasser, Mr. Max J. Selig. Second Row: Phil Unger, Ron Diamond, Alan Solomon, Larry Firestone, Paul Sherman. HILLEL SOCIETY The Hillel Society was founded on campus in 1948 with the purpose of fellowship for Jewish stu- dents and to enlighten students of other faiths about Jewish culture and customs. The Hillel foundation this year boasts of twenty members who, through the facilities of the Temple Emanuel of Lakeland, have brunch each Sunday. The membership roster consists of residents of Lakeland as well as students at FSC. This year the group acquired films pertaining to the way of life of the Jewish people. OFFICERS MICKEY FRIED President PAUL SHERMAN Vice-President JANE ROSEN Secretary JOAN GLASSER Treasurer f President, Mickey Fried; Vice-Presi- dent, Paul Sherman; Secretary, Jane Rosen; Treasurer, Joan Glasser. OFFICERS LARRY UPHAM President FRED MORTON Vice-President HAZEL COTTEN Secretory President, Larry Upham; Secre- tary; Hazel Gotten; Vice-Presi- dent, Fred Morton. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club was re-organized this year for the purpose of reaching all Episcopalians on the campus, and through study, service, and friendship, draw them into a bond of fellowship. Informal meet- ings are held every Thursday evening in the Religion Building under the direction of Reverend E. H. Man- ning, rector of St. David ' s Episcopal Church of Lake- land. Activities are being expanded. First Row: Clifford Wright, Daisy Mitchell, Doris Hagers, Ellen Knauss, Larry Upham. Second Row: Noel Engler, Hazel Cotten, Fred Morton, Eleanor Zundel. CHAPEL CHOIR First Row: Roe MeWilliams, Yolanda Mortinez, Joan Pettewoy, Marilyn Reynolds, Ann McMahon, Beatrice Minor, Susan Clark, Coroline Nelson. Second Row: Thomas Brierley, Director, Barbara Hudgel, Marie Hendry, Ellen Zalon, Carolyn Burt, Barbara Lamberson, Joanne Miller, Lynn Ramsey. Third Row: Marcia Graves, Ann Grenninger, Debbie Bryce, Roberta Carr, Candy Myers, Linda Liefeld, Nancy Childs. The Chapel Choir is an all-girl group whose purpose is to provide the music for the services in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. It existed last year, but this is the first year it has attained any measure of success. The repertoire is confined to sacred music. The Choir is directed by Professor Thomas Brierley, Jr., of the Music Department. 194 • ♦ ♦ • First Row: Wanda Feltych, Sarah Troxler, Nancy Peterson, Edna Murachanian, Abbey Crowell, Virginia McFadden, Alyce Gray, Marlene Norwell. Second Row: Kay Hammerich, Barbara Mock, Nancy Nelson, Cindy Fairchild, Dorothy Clemens, Carol Foote, Jackie Hanson, Kellie Greene. Third Row: Willa Jean Hall, Ethel Seiberling, Marilyn Glawe, Janice Tuttle, Linda Mosher, Barbara Moore, Judy Hexamer, Carol Ungro, Cindy Ingram. Fourth Row: Anne Wooten, Mary Frances Davis, Elizabeth Harris, Nancy Reeves, Pat Olson, Glenda Bass, Winnie May, Nancy Childs. Fifth Row: Mrs. Ellison, Pat Sweeney, Gail Fanning. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This organization is designed primarily to further the knowledge of homemaking, and to instill in its members the desire to develop an avid interest in home economics. Membership is open to any girl on campus regardless of her major or minor in any other field. Each year, the club holds an annual Christmas banquet for which the girls cook the meal. Honors were bestowed on F.S.C. ' s club when Connie Hulett was elected President and Barbara Greene, Secretary, of the Florida Home Economics Club. Treasurer, Mary Frances Davis; President, Kay Hammerich; Cindy Fairchild, Secretory; Vice-Pres- ident, Barbara Mock. President of Florida Home Economics Association College Clubs, Connie Hulett; Secretary of Florida Home Economics College Clubs, Barbara Greene. OFFICERS KAY HAMMERICH President BARBARA MOCK Vice-President CINDY FAIRCHILD Secretary MARY FRANCES DAVIS Treasurer First Row: Joy Coward, William Theuret, Myrna Reams, Chris Partenzi, Mary Lou Roberts, Mary Ann Nicholls, John Kerlin, James Cassels, Walt Blomquist. Second Row: Nancy Koopman, Dick Folsom, Lewis Soles, Ronnell Whidden, William Kesler, Douglas Tipton, Ann Fenton, Cynthia Cave, Dick Carlton, David Graham, George Treadwell, William Loy. Third Row: Verna Fraser, Pat Blackmon, James Chandler, David Kelsey, Ann Snow, Syd Drury. Fourth Row: Herb Gardner, Frank Welch, Ken Muilenburg, Jim Connor, Kenneth Lutz, Ed McMullen, Larry Upham. CONCERT BAND The Florida Southern College Concert Band, conducted by Pro- fessor Harold Phillips, was organized in September, 1953. The Concert Band is composed of fifty advanced instrumentalists who play concerts for the college, civic events, and out-of-town func- tions. Their repertoire includes the works of the classicists to the modernistic contemporaries. During this year they will be heard in various Florida cities and communities on numerous occasions. MR. HAROLD PHILLIPS Director 196 % ♦ %% .fS HONORARY PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 197 MARY ANN NICHOLLS WILLIAM CAMPBELL, JR. ORA JEAN WIGGINS CLIFFORD WRIGHT WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN GROVER NEILL JOHN UPHAM, JR. ANN DANIEL FRANK DESAVINO CAROLYN KILLE s - • % ♦ » % » ♦ % -• • I MARGARET STEVENS JOAQUIN ROMAGUERA J CLOENE IRVINE CHARLES HAZELIP JAMES CAMPBELL COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FARLEY SNELL SUE THAYER JACK HARVEY BARBARA LAMBERSON I ■ ' V ■ itr " ™ . . - I I] I A Ir 1 j ifcfe ' n ! U MARY ANN McDONALD MARJORIE PAYTON LORRAINE SWEETLAND JESSE LORE WHD ' S WHO in -Ameri olleaed ana U niver5itie± can CHARLES BLACKBURN EFFIE FAIRCHILD RICHARD ANDERSON l First Row: Mary Ann Nicholls, Carolee Cor- nelius, Barbara Hand, Ruth Wagner, Janet Lower, Carolyn Kille Second Row: Jean Woods, Marcia Salage, Ora Jean Wiggins, Cloene Irvine, Barbara Lamberson, Mary Ann McDonald. Third Row: Linda Pearson, Lor- raine Sweetland, Sue Thornton, Nan Coy, Marge Payton, Pat Ol- son, Lois Scoates. " • ♦ 4 % f CAP AND GD WN The purpose of Cap and Gown is to recognize women who have attained a high standard of lead- ership in collegiate activities, to bring together the most representative women in all phases of collegiate life, to create an organization for service to our college, and to bring about a good relation- ship between faculty and students. Cap and Gown has been outstanding on the campus of Florida Southern for several years. To be eligible for mem- bership in Cap and Gown, one must have reached the classification of a junior, and must have an overall average of at least 1.5. She must also have attained special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity, and be active in the different organizations on campus. The prime requisite for membership in Cap and Gown is that a girl must have good character, but she must also rank high in scholarship and intelligence, be loyal to Florida Southern, and have democratic ideals. Mr. J. G. Ogden, Jr., is the group ' s faculty advisor. OFFICERS BETTY GENE STALLINGS President CARO LYN KILLE Vice-President MARY ANN McDONALD Secretary MARCIA SALAGE Treasurer NAN COY Historian Historian, Nan Coy; Treasurer, Mar- cia Salage; Secretary, Mary Ann Mc- Donald; Vice-President, Carolyn Kille. Not Pictured: President, Betty Gene Stallings. wt ■v- i ; First Row: J. Gordon Ogden, Circle Advisor, Mr. David Readdick, Dean J. A. Battle, Sonny Campbell, Norm Davis, Dr. John Cretzinger, Dr. E. A. Case. Second Row: Jim Schalow, Carlisle Neill, Farley Snell, Dick Anderson, Bill Edmunds, Charles Blackburn, Ken Vanoski. Third Row: George Crutchfield, Jesse LoRe, Charles Selph, Lee Nathurst, Jack Harvey, Charlie Hazelip, Dan Wilhelm. DMICRDN DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS CHARLES SELPH President DICK MOSCO Vice-President MR. DAVID READDICK Secretory- Treasurer J GORDON OGDEN, JR Circle Advisor Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. David Readdick; Circle Advisor, J. Gor- don Ogden; President, Charles Selph. Not Pictured: Vice-Presi- dent, Dick Mosco. Omicron Delta Kappa has a threefold purpose: to recognize outstanding men students on campus who have shown leadership, scholarship, and character; to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life, and thus create an organiza- tion which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; to bring students and faculty of an institu- tion into a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Its major functions are so designed to stimulate the interest of junior and senior students in the eight major fields: art, music, religion, schol- arship, athletics, social, publications, and speech. Its activities include sponsoring the Leaders of Florida Banquet during Founders ' Week, and publishing an annual student directory. ♦ ♦ % ♦ « VAGABONDS OFFICERS DICK SCHUMANN President JEROME PEELER Vice-President ALICE PALMER Secretory JOHN ANDERSON Treasurer i! The Vagabonds of Florida Southern College, or- ganized in 1927, are designed to promote Southern through dramatics and dramatics through Southern. The organization provides mutual aid and encour- agement to students of drama and speech arts. Eligibility for membership will be determined by the organization as designated in the constitutional by-laws. Initiation into the Vagabonds requires each pledge to present a small skit. The organization presents outstanding plays from the professional theater and also experimental plays which are written, produced, and directed by members. First Row: Alice Palmer, Jackie McMurrian, Anne Linsner, Diane Klecka, Diane Vincent, Charlotte Paugh, Dr. Juliana Jordan. Second Row: Isaac Selig, Lois Scoates, Sylvia Clark, Jerome Peeler, Mary Ann Stone, Ora Jean Wiggins, J. G. Ogden, Jr. Third Row: John Anderson, Don Guss, Burven Bossie, Dick Schumann, Bill Pyle. First Row: Farley Snell, Von Anderson, Louis Pratt, Lee E. Strother, Edison Russell. Second Row: David Long, Don Thorn, Jack Horvey, Edward English, Ken Jones. GAMMA SIGMA CHI To promote religious activity on campus and to devote itself to the best possible preparation of its members for the Christian ministry is the goal of Gamma Sigma Chi. This professional fraternity for all majors in religion attempts to " make Christ a liv- ing reality on campus. " The group has bi-weekly meetings consisting of discussions or hearing outside speakers. A spring banquet is held yearly. OFFICERS KEN JONES President DON THORN Vice-President VAN ANDERSON Secretory Secretary, Van Anderson; Vice-Presi- dent, Don Thorn; President, Ken Jones. «« »« TiiflK- WMKfe. % =» First Row: Janet Lower, Cloene Irvine, Carolyn Kille, Carolyn Greer, Mary Mitchell, Mrs. Grace Snyder, Mrs. Eva Miller, Sue Baer. Second Row: Mary Ann Nicholls, Donna Norris, Barbara Mock, Betty Jean Pollock, Betty Floyd, Ivah Jewel Ball, Lois Scoates, Ora Jean Wiggins. Third Row Charles Selph, Mr. J. Gordon Ogden, Dean J. C. Peel. KAPPA DELTA PI — — «— The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi, Epsilon Gamma Chapter, is to encourage high professional, intellec- tual, and personal standards, and to recognize out- standing contributions made by men and women to education. Requirements for membership include a 2.00 average, junior or senior class standing, and evidence of outstanding qualities of leadership and character. Kappa Delta Pi sponsors each year an outstanding speaker in the educational field, and honors him on this campus with a banquet for mem- bers and faculty. The coveted gold medal is awarded each year to the outstanding graduating senior. OFFICERS CAROLYN KILLE President MARTIN WILHELM Vice-President CAROLYN GREER Secretary BETTY FLOYD Treasurer Secretory, Carolyn Greer; President, Carolyn Kille; Treasurer, Betty Floyd. Not Pictured: Vice-President, Martin Wilhelm. Fust Row: Ann Sprague, Pat Baldwin, Alice Denslow, Ann Taggart, Carolyn Bridges, Druscilla Wells, Mary Conboy, Winifred Woodward Sec- ond Row: Jerry Vihlen, George Baldwin, Nan Berry, Harvev Pennington, Harry Caldwell, Nancy McConnell, Jim Anderson, Philip McGahee Dr. H. M. Field. Third Row David Dobkin, Jim Dismuke, Sherman Harding, James Weathers, John Troup, Maxwell Simpson, Bill Thornhilf Professor Hugh Mozingo. Fourth Row: Richard King, Lee Nathurst, Gerry Dobson, Dan Wilhelm, Doug MacGregor, Dr. J. E. Irelond, George Domansky, Professor Roy Kiser. KAPPA EPSILDN The purpose of Kappa Epsilon is to form an honor society for students of the biological sciences and thereby to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encour- age investigation of the life sciences. It reserves its membership to those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for the sub|ect of biology. It desires to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural sciences, and to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study. Kappa Epsilon endeavors, also, to extend the bound- aries of man ' s knowledge of nature by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation. It emphasizes, therefore, a three-fold program; stimu- lation of sound scholarship; dissemination of scien- tific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. OFFICERS LEE NATHURST President JERRY VIHLEN Vice-President PAT BALDWIN Secretory NAN BERRY Treasurer PROFESSOR ROY KISER Advisor PROFESSOR J. E IRELAND Advisor First Row: Secretory, Pot Baldwin; Vice-President, Jerry Vihlen; Treasur- er, Nan Berry. Second Row: Advisor, Professor Roy Kiser; President, Lee Nathurst; Advisor, Professor J. E. Ireland. ••••■%••■% First Row: Sue Ludewig, Kathie Lockett, Diane Von Eitzen, Lynda K ell. Second Row: Miss Donna Stoddard, Marilyn Utter- back, Sue Baer, Carolee Cornelius. Third Row: Mr. George Olson, Steve Potz, Dean Eckert, Charles Hazelip. KAPPA PI ALPHA ETA CHAPTER The purposes of Kappa Pi. Alpha Eta Chapter are: to promote interest in art among college students; to bring art departments of various colleges closer together through its activities; to know the work of other students through exhibits; to stimulate higher scholarship; and to recognize potential and profes- sional ability. The fraternity has a foremost position among similar art organizations because of its high ide als and constant striving for improvement. Mem- bership may be attained in Kappa Pi by any student majoring or minoring in art who has taken twelve hours of art and maintained a 2.00 average. OFFICERS MARILYN UTTERBACK President CHARLES HAZELIP Vice-President CAROL SUE BAER Secretary CAROLEE CORNELIUS Treasurer STEVE POTZ Historian First Row: President, Marilyn Utter- back; Treasurer. Carolee Cornelius; Secretary, Carol Sue Baer. Second Row: Historian, Steve Potz; Vice- President, Charles Hazelip. Farley Snell, George Crufchfield, Hugh Griggs, Carl Ncill. Seo Dave Howell. Professor Rogers Whitener, Nan Coy, Sue Thayer PI DELTA EPSILDN The Florida Southern Chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon was established in September, 1953. The fraternity is for upperclassmen who have served actively on the editorial or business staffs of campus publications. The purpose of the organization is to teach the ethics, techniques, and mechanics of journalism. The aim of Pi Delta Epsilon is to promote better fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to promote democratic and honest journalism. Pi Delta Epsilon is the oldest national honorary journalism fra- ternity in the country. GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD President First Row Miss Hancock, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Snyder, Anne Ivey. Dr. Crefzinger. Second Row Dean Battle, Edison Russell, Carolyn Kille, Marcia Salage, Charles Blackburn, Mrs. Doris Heath, Dr. Marie Chatham, Owen Sumner, Norman Davis. Third Row: Robert Nichols, G. C. Neill, Jack Harvey, A. F. Fugitt, Dean J. C. Peel, Mrs. Garnet Owen, Farley Snell, Dr. John E. Owen. PI GAMMA MU The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is to improve schol- arship in the social studies and to achieve synthesis therein; to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social prob- lems; to engender sympathy toward others with dif- ferent opinions by a better mutual understanding Those eligible for membership in the Florida Alpha chapter of Pi Gamma Mu include upperclassmen who rank in the upper 35%, and who have maintained a B average in a minimum of 20 hours of social studies. Each year the organization awards a medal to the graduating senior who has attained the highest average in social studies. The group sponsors ban- quets and invites noted speakers to campus. 209 First Row: Jean Whipple, Yolanda Martinez, Carolyn Greer, Jean Douglas, Ruth Wagner, Mrs. Grace Snyder, Sue Stroud, Joan Petteway. Second Row: Donna Clockadale, Lois Scoates, Marilyn Owens, Cloene Irvine, Barbara Lamberson, Barbara Holmes, Marty Evans, Beatrice Minor. Third Row: Larry Drake, Nancy McConnell, Martha Turner, Roberta Carr, Shirley Witmer, Dee Touchton, Beverly Cronkhite, Ora Jean Wiggins. SIGMA RHD EP5ILDN Sigma Rho Epsilon promotes the development of religious education on campus. Its membership con- sists of persons with a major or minor in religious education, wives of Gamma Sigma Chi members, and students vitally interested in religious education re- gardless of scholastic fields. The group ' s activities include lighting the candles in the Christian-Hindu Temple in the Garden of Meditation, an annual ban- quet and picnic with Gamma Sigma Chi, supporting a student in Cuba, and a Thanksgiving party for the Rose Keller Children ' s Home. They also co-operate with all religious organizations on campus. OFFICERS LOIS SCOATES President BARBARA LAMBERSON Vice-President BEVERLY CRONKHITE Secretary-Treasurer MRS. GRACE SNYDER Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Grace Snyder; Vice-President, Barbara Lamberson; President, Lois Scoates; Secretary- Treasurer, Beverly Cronkhite. ••■•■%■•■% ' -,-, First Row: Dick Anderson, Mary Mitchell, Carolyn Greer, Joan Steinauer, Ruth Connon, Farley Snell. Second Row: Dr. E. R. Rasely, Dr. Hale Stutgcs, Dr. Juliana Jor- dan, Professor Robert Fu- sillo. t ■ ' i to. m is y= SIGMA TAU DELTA The Psi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta pro- motes mastery of written expression, encourages worthwhile reading, and fosters a spirit of good fel- lowship among students of English language and lit- erature. Membership is open to all students who have completed eighteen hours of English studies with a B average. This national honor fraternity specializes in discussions in reading and writing of literature and poetry, and aims to develop outstanding writers along these lines. There are discussions and speakers. jBH M 1 " 1 - 1 J r j ■ - H| h| OFF ICERS JOAN STEINAUER President FARLEY SNELL Vice-President DR. HALE STURGES Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor, Dr. Hale Sturges; President, Joan Steinauer; Vice-Presi- dent, Farley Snell. First Row: Virgil Duffell, Farley Snell, Ken Wilkerson, James A. Campbell, Herb Fogarty, John Luposello, George Crutchfield, Thomos J. Ford. Second Row: A. F. Fugitt, Jerry Vihlen, Larry Drake, Harry Caldwell, Jim Schalow, Ken Lutz, Carlisle Neill. Third Row: James Felton, Lee Nothurst, Buck Freeney, Eugene Roberts, Jack Harvey, Dan Wilhelm, Ernie Thompson, Norman Neely, Don Guss. CIRCLE B The Circle K Club was founded March 15, 1953 The objectives of the club are: To provide a medium whereby capable, ambitious and worthy young men may be assisted in acquiring a college education by means of scholarship funds, part time employment and provision for adequate housing and boarding facilities, pursuant to the means of this club and in accordance with the rules and regulations herein provided, and hereafter to be adopted by this club. To afford the members a normal participation in the social life of the campus; to develop leadership, initiative, and useful training in all educational en- deavors of this college. To provide experience in living and working to- gether, and participation in group activities of all kinds while in college. To promote good fellowship and high scholarship within the group. To serve this college through its administrative officers, and the community and state of which we are a part. To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life; to develop within the members a high degree of serviceable citizenship and to emphasize the type of citizenship and social service as exemplified by the constitution and by-laws of Kiwanis International and its service program. OFFICERS KEN WILKERSON President JERRY VIHLEN Vice-President JOHN LUPOSELLO Secretary MR. FUGITT Advisor Advisor, Mr. A. F. Fugitt; Vice-Presi- dent, Jerry Vihlen; President, Ken Wil- kerson; Secretary, John Luposello. ' •••%•• 4 % 4 GREEKS 213 PLEDGES: First Row: Barbara Canter, Carol Ann Faulstich, Sandra Elzey, Margaret Reid, Marlene Norwell, Ann Clarke, Clarice Coleman. Second Row: Georgia Knapp, Carmen Rhodes, Donna Wink, Shirlla Latanision, Theresa Whitice, Pat Glover, Bor- bara Comander, Jackie Hanson. ACTIVES: Third Row: Margery Hamilton, Marie Hanhausen, Naomi Pollack, Diane Beattie, Marilyn Reynolds, Mary Stant, Carolee Cornelius, Virginia McFodden. Fourth Row: Janet Lower, Ann Stansbury, Anne Wooten, Carolyn Wigdahl, Diane Von Eitzen, Mary Ann McDonald, Ruth Jones, Joyce Englebrecht. Fifth Row: Carol Rack, Judy Ro- tunno, Carole Connell, Margie Goldsby, Cathy Cruz, Donna Sarkison, Carolyn Cocke. Sixth Row: Martha Rea, Doris Becker, Dorothy Wigdahl. BETA M I C R N CHAPTER 214 ♦% ALPHA CHI OMEGA FOUNDED 1885 A rousing year was started off for Alpha Chi Omega with the winning of the Kampus Kapers trophy with our " Big Fat Mot-har " skit . . . many honors conferred . . . president of Pan-Hellenic . . . president of International Club . . . secretary of Cap and Gown . . . secretary-treasurer of Sopho- more Class . . . treasurer of Kappa Pi . . . president of Intramural Board . . . secretary of Intramural Board ... a member of the Student Association Court . . . clerk of Student Association Court . . . secretary of the Senate . . . four Senators . . . con- gratulations to Naomi Pollack as " Miss Fireball " . . . similar sentiments to Judy Rotunno, " Miss FSC Garbage Queen of 1954 " ... all the world loves a sweetheart and Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s sweet- heart is our own Diane Von Eitzen . . . words can- not express our pride in Ann Daniel, Miss Florida and Alternate Miss America . . . FSC ' s teams were cheeerd on by Jackie Hanson and Shirlla Latanision ... all this added to the spirit of sisterhood to the wearers of the lyre of Alpha Chi Omega. First Row: President, Carolee Cornelius; First Vice-President, Mary Ann McDonald. Second Row: Treasurer, Carol Rack; Corresponding Secretary, Carolyn Cocke; Recording Secretary, Dorothy Wigdahl. Not Pictured: Second Vice-President, Billie Sue Houser. OFFICERS CAROLEE CORNELIUS President MARY ANN McDONALD First Vice-President BILLIE SUE HOUSER Second Vice-President DOROTHY WIGDAHL Recording Secretary CAROL RACK Treasurer CAROLYN COCKE Corresponding Secretary ACTIVES Margery Hamilton Ann Stansbury Carole Connell Marie Hanhausen Anne Wooten Margie Goldsby Naomi Pollack Carolyn Wigdahl Cathy Cruz Diane Beattie Diane Von Eitzen Donna Sarkison Marilyn Reynolds Mary Ann McDonald Carolyn Cocke Mary Stant Ruth Jones Martha Rea Carolee Cornelius Joyce Englebrecht Doris Becker Virginia McFadden Carol Rack Dorothy Wigdahl Janet Lower Judy Rotunno PLEDGES Barbara Canter Ann Clarke Carol Ann Faulstich Clarice Coleman Sandra Elzey Georgia Knapp Margaret Reid Carmen Rhodes Marlene Norwell Donna Wink Shirlla Latanision Theresa Whitice Pat Glover Barbara Comander Jackie Hanson 215 PLEDGES: First Row: Jane Hamby, Helen Jensen, Martha Watson, Sue Nilsen, Lois Bussey, Joy Frick, Betty Lou King, Diane Ottinger. Second Row: Judy Hexamer, Gail Fanning, Nancy Childs, Linda Mosher, Bobbie Pierce, Vilma Smith, Sheila Steph- ens, Nancy Houghton, Jeanette Warmolts. ACTIVES: Third Row: Evelyn Fouts, Trudy Jones, Susan Gillen, Barbara Greene, Sally Shinn, Connie Hulett, Alice Adams, Shirley Bassert. Fourth Row: Anne Mullon, Natalie Thomas, Barbara Hellwig, Patsy Eiell, Cherrill Knudten, Virginia Kennedy, Nancy Nelson. Fifth Row: Sunny Matthews, Sonia Hooker, Barbora Tyson, Sue Thayer, Beverly Wright, Marilyn Glawe, Cindy Ingram. GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER 21G ALPHA DELTA PI ♦ % ♦ «■ FOUNDED 1851 Ginny Kennedy cast the first social spotlight on ADPi when Pi Kappa Alpha chose her as their " Dream Girl " . . . the bright lights glowed again on Lambda Chi Alpha sweetheart, Evelyn Fouts . . . Connie Hulett and Barbara Greene brightened our " Hall of Fame " when they were elected president and secretary of the College Club division of the Florida State Home Economics Association . . . there were twinklings in the eyes as well as on the hands of Shirley Bassett, Patsy Ezell, Ann Mullon, Vilma Smith, Judy Hexamer and Sue Whitfield . . . the biggest fall matrimonial event was the Thanks- giving wedding of our sweetheart, Doug Helsel and Shirley Freeman . . . many ADPis participated in the various campus activities . . . two Vagabond enthusiasts . . . two FTAers . . . three sisters work- ing diligently on the College Union . . . seven mem- bers of the Home Economics Club . . . three mem- bers of the Concert Choir ... a member of Pi Delta Epsilon ... a member of Cap and Gown . . . Senior Woman Senator . . . INTERLACHEN Busi- ness Manager . . . SOUTHERN exchange editor . . . always in the mood for a good party, we ' ll never forget our three best . . . the Cool Yule with the SAEs . . . our costume fling with the Pikes . . . and our favorite spring Diamond Dust Ball . . . adding to our glory of ADPi as cheerleaders were four sisters . . . five members of the " S " Club . . . we like to remember the fun and pleasure of enter- taining a group of Lakeland Orphans at our annual Easter Egg Hunt ... all this helps make it wonder- ful to wear the diamond of ADPi at Florida Southern College! First Row: Vice-President, Alice Adams; Recording Secretary, Evelyn Fouts. Second Row: Corresponding Secretary, Virginia Kennedy; President, Barbara Tyson; Treasurer, Barbara Green. OFFICERS ALICE ADAMS Vice President EVELYN FOUTS Recording Secretary VIRGINIA KENNEDY Corresponding Secretary BARBARA TYSON President BARBARA GREEN Treasurer Evelyn Fouts Trudy Jones Susan Gillcn Barbara Greene Sally Shinn Connie Hulett Alice Adams Shirley Bassett ACTIVES Anne Mullon Natalie Thomas Barbara Hellwig Patsy Ezell Cherrill Knudten Virginia Kennedy Nancy Nelson Sunny Matthews Sonia Hooker Barbara Tyson Sue Thayer Beverly Wright Marilyn Glawe Cindy Ingram Jane Hamby Helen Jensen Martha Watson Sue Nilson Lois Bussey Joy Frick PLEDGES Betty Lou King Diane Ottinger Judy Hexamer Gail Fanning Nancy Childs Linda Mosher Bobbie Pierce Vilma Smith Sheila Stephens Noncy Houghton Jeanette Warmolts 217 PLEDGES: First Row: Loretta Hopkins, Donna Thomas, Sandra Hawes, Jean Nopoli, Norma Molinari, Frances Lietx. Second Row: Joanne Miller, Alice Allen, Marilyn Howell, Elaine Moclntyre, Beverly Jones. ACTIVES: Third Row: Pat Blackmon, Char- lotte Pough, Faye Tucker, Betsy Dyess, Susan Ludewig, Janet Vanderzee, Mary Lou Gandy, Carolyn Greer. Fourth Row: Phyllis Sautter, Ann Taggert, Barbara Moore, Lucy Fisockerly, Mary Ann Nicholls, Nannette Burket, Betty Jean Pollock, Jean Woods. Fifth Row: Marilyn Rushton, Donna Norris, Mary Ann Stone, Pat Olson, Sue Speidel, Winnie May, Nancy Reeves, Dagmar Hunnicutt. Sixth Row: Connie Crenshaw, Marjorie Poyton. KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER 218 • • ♦ % J ALPHA D MICRON PI FOUNDED 1897 AOPi started off the year with more athletic success, winning the Women ' s Intramural Volley- ball tournament, defeating all other 1 1 teams . . . the chapter shared first place for the academic average . . . another laurel in holding the AOPi District Scholarship trophy ... a great time was had by all at the second annual All-Campus Sing at Christmastime ... an honorary member, Rhoda Birthisel, was welcomed into the chapter . . . more activities to help us in continuing to sponsor our French war orphan, Monique . . . many were the offices held . . . president of Kappa Delta Pi . . . secretary of Kappa Delta Pi . . . president of Cap and Gown . . . two members of Who ' s Who in American Colleges ... a cheerleader for the Mocs . . . eight members of Cap and Gown . . . five mem- bers of the Concert Choir . . . two members of Kappa Pi ... a contestant in the Miss Fireball Con- test . . . congratulations to Faye Tucker as Tau Epsilon Phi ' s Sweetheart . . . remember the Found- ers ' Day Banquet? . . . the year topped off with the Rose Ball. President, Barbara Moore; Recording Secretary, Phyllis Sautter; Corresponding Secretary, Jean Woods; Treasurer, Nancy Reeves. Not Pictured: Vice-President, Betty Gene Stallings. OFFICERS BARBARA MOORE President BETTY GENE STALLINGS Vice-President PHYLLIS SAUTTER Recording Secretary NANCY REEVES Treasurer JEAN WOODS Corresponding Secretary Pat Blackmon Charlotte Paugh Faye Tucker Betsy Dyess Susan Ludewig Janet Vanderzee Mary Lou Gandy Carolyn Greer Phyllis Sautter ACTIVES Ann Taggert Barbara Moore Lucy Fisockerly Mary Ann Nicholls Nannette Burket Betty Jean Pollock Jean Woods Marilyn Rushton Donna Norris Mary Ann Stone Pat Olson Sue Speidel Winnie May Nancy Reeves Dagmar Hunnicutt Connie Crenshaw Marjorie Payton Loretta Hopkins Donna Thomas Sandra Hawes Jean Napoli PLEDGES Norma Molinari Frances Lietz Joanne Miller Alice Allen Marilyn Howell Elaine Maclntyre Beverly Jones 219 PLEDGES: First Row: Mary Woosley, Jackie Collins, Dotrie Gross, Donna Clockadale, Dorothy Clemens, Barbara Ross. AC TIVES: Second Row: Joan Steinauer, Ruth Connon, Audrey Dietrich, Dorothy Beach, Mary Bryant. Third Row: Marcia Sol- age, Hazel Cotten (Associate), Nancy Sherwin, Jeanne Moody, Lynda Kell. GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER 220 ft 4 A » ft ft ft ft ft. BETA SIGMA DMICRDN FOUNDED 1888 Meetings, meetings and more meetings have become a by-word at the Beta Sig House ... all our girls are active and a few even hold titles in campus organizations . . . president of Pan-Hellenic . . . president of Sigma Tau Delta . . . president of the College Union . . . vice-president of the Bap- tist Student Union . . . treasurer of Cap and Gown . . . secretary of Woman ' s Student Government As- sociation ... a member of Kappa Pi . . . members in Pi Gamma Mu . . . member of Sigma Tau Delta . . . two members of Cap and Gown ... we were happy to have Mary Bryant as coxswain of South- ern ' s first varsity crew team and Dot Beach as oarsman ... we won both the badminton doubles and the archery trophies ... we captured the Pan- Hellenic scholarship trophy for the second year in a row . . . we ' ll long remember our Christmas for- mal . . . Founder ' s Day in December . . . the lucky five who " came through without a scratch " . . . " showering " Jeanne Moody and Barb Ross . . . Pine Mountain Settlement School, in Harlan Coun- ty, Kentucky, is the philanthropic project of our National Organization. Secretory-Treasurer, Joan Steinauer; Vice-President, Marcia Salage; President, Jeanne Moody. OFFICERS JEANNE MOODY President MARCIA SALAGE Vice-President JOAN STEINAUER Secretary -Treasurer Joan Steinauer Ruth Connon Audrey Dietrich Dorothy Beach ACTIVES Mary Bryant Marcia Salage Hazel Cotten Nancv Sherwin Jeanne Moody Lynda Kell Mary Woosley Jackie Collins PLEDGES Dottie Gross Donna Clockadale Dorothy Clemens Barbara Ross 221 Barbara Goodrick, Ethel Seiberling, Sue Thornton, Glenda Bass, L.nda Larson, Barbara Pont.us. ALPHA T A U H P T R 222 » % ♦ % % DELTA ZETA The Diamond glowed brightly this year, not only in the Lamp of Delta Zeta, but on the hands of Barbie Goodrick, Helen Howell, and Judy Ott . . . Wedding bells rang for Mary (Johnson) Gardinar, Cindy (Fairchild) Friar, Nancy (Morgan) Peterson, and Pat (Maxson) Walker . . . Fraternity pins claimed Bruce Bishop and Diane Klecka . . . This year saw Delta Zeta assume leadership on the campus with Kay Hammerick, Murf Davis, and Cindy Fairchild as President, Treasurer, and Sec- retary of the Home Economics Club . . . Barbara Mock, Bev Whittet, and Anne Linsner elected to Cap and Gown . . . Linda Pearson (captain) and June Dowd as Cheerleaders . . . Helen Howell, Diane Klecka, and Barbara Mock, members of the Con- cert Choir . . . Murf Davis, Kathy Kosar, and Bev Whittet in the Senate . . . Glenda Bass, Treasurer of FT. A. . . . Anne Linsner, President of Alpha Psi Omega . . . Linda Pearson, Secretary of Pan- Hellenic . Kathy Kosar and Barb Mock, Inter- lachen Staff . . . Bev Whittet, Southern Staff . . . Kay Hammerick, W.S.G.A. . . . Barbara Hand, Man- ager of the Women ' s Varsity Crew Team . . . Alyce Gray, contestant in Miss Interlachen contest . . . Nancy Bramley as Co-Ed Colonel . . . Mary Lou Dick is SAE Sweetheart and Barbara Hand, Sweet- heart of TKE. President, Sarah Troxler; Recording Secretary, Barbara Hand; Treasurer, Barbara Mock; Vice-President, Glenda Bass. OFFICERS SARAH TROXLER President GLENDA BASS Vice-President BARBARA HAND Recording Secretary BARBARA MOCK Treasurer ACTIVES PLEDGES Sarah Troxler Alyce Gray Barbara Schnedler Barbara Goode Wanda Feltych Toni Cienkus Barbara Hand Barbara Mock Linda Pearson Jo Ann Boden Carol Foote Linda Shiver Diane Klecka Vernice Pico Barbara Goodrick Bruce Bishop Donnasue Dunklee Anne Linsner Nancy Peterson Pat Maxson Ethel Seiberling Kay Hammerich Pat Sweeney Sue Thornton Abbey Crowell Kathy Kosar Glenda Bass Edna Murachanian Cindy Fairchild Linda Larson Mary Frances Dayis June Dowd Barbara Pontius 223 First Row: Carole Wilson, Martha Male, Polly Ann Huskey, Jane McMullen, Pat Sperry, Joan Petteway. Second Row: Char- lotte Fink, Martha Grace, Evelyn Herrington, Carol Ungro, Barbara Reedy. Third Row: Gaines Moss, Elizabeth Harris, Nancy McConnell, Jane Brassier, Joanne Zimmer, Barbara Glock. GAMMA E P S I L N CHAPTER 224 - - i.% ■■••••♦ 4 % .». KAPPA DELTA FOUNDED 1897 Confusion! Confusion 1 Finally, and at long last, the KDs settled down at 907 Princeton Place . . . before we knew it rush week was here and eight pledges were added to our new and growing family . . . Christmas holidays arrived and we entered into the spirit by giving gifts to the Crip- pled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, along with Kappa Deltas all over the nation . . . a great time was had by all at our dance held in the chapter house . . . finals flew by and before we knew it the big event of the year was here — installation of our 85th chapter . . . our National President and National Chapterian, along with alums from all over the state, were here to help us celebrate . . . the KDs were kept busy all year with teas, parties, and intramurals . . . yes, our first year on the Southern campus has been a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun. Recording Secretary, Martha Mayo; President and Colonizer, Barbara Glock; Treasurer, Joanne Zimmer; Corresponding Sec- retary, Jane Brassier. OFFICERS BARBARA GLOCK President and Colonizer MARTHA MAYO Recording Secretary JOANNE ZIMMER Treasurer JANE BRASSLER Corresponding Secretary Carol Wilson Martha Male Polly Ann Huskey Jane McMullen Pat Sperry Joan Petteway ACTIVES Charlotte Fink Martha Grace Evelyn Herrington Carol Ungro Barbara Reedy Gaines Moss Elizabeth Harris Nancy McConnell Jane Brassier Joanne Zimmer Barbara Glock PLEDGES Nancy Jo Lantz Sabro Ann Peters Man Anne Reish 225 PLEDGES: First Row: Mory Groble, Sue Clark, Beverly Tresca, Margaret McKinnon, Delia Shoemaker, Barbara Hudgel, Ann Greninger, Joan Heminger. ACTIVES: Second Row: Pat Baldwin, Caroline Harrington, Claudia Prince, Sue Baer, Jo Beard, Joyce Multog, Sharon Talbot, Margaret Schurr. Third Row: Carol Brock, Dixie Jones, Dee Mills, Lorraine Sweetland, Kothy Lockett, Barbara Hotelier, Ann Brown, Pat Anderson. ALPHA T A U CHAPTER 226 ► • ♦ 4 % » PHI M U : W£ FOUNDED 1852 The enchantress carnation, symbolic of Phi Mu, was planted on this campus only a year ago . . . its growth and development have proven success- ful in its early stage ... we hope it will continue to blossom forth in the many years to come . . . one event we will long remember was our Hal- loween Party with Theta Chi, that even Mother Nature couldn ' t put a da mper on . . . then we wiggled and waddled as chicks in our Kampus Kapers skit, copping the runner-up trophy for the second consecutive year . . . one of our welfare projects this year was seeing to it that the child- ren ' s ward at Morrell Hospital had an ample sup- ply of toys . . . we ' re proud of two sweethearts, Carol Madson Brock, Theta Chi; Jo Lee Newcombe, Pi Kappa Phi; and of our pledge class sweetheart, Dixie Jones, Tau Epsilon Phi . . . more honors to our sorority . . . president of Woman ' s Student Gov- ernment Association . . . member of the Senate . . . member of Cap and Gown . . . member of Who ' s Who . . . secretary of Kappa Pi . . . four Vagabonds ... an outstanding performance in " Tovarich " by Sylvia Clark . . . just as outstanding was Barbara Hofeller as a " living doll " in " The Clown Who Ran Away. " President, Jo Beard; Vice-President, Claudia Prince; Secretary, Margaret Schurr; Treasurer, Sue Baer. OFFICERS JO BEARD President CLAUDIA PRINCE Vice-President MARGARET SCHURR Secretary SUE BAER Treasurer ACTIVES Pat Baldwin Joyce Mulfog Caroline Harrington Sharon Talbot Claudia Prince Margaret Schurr Sue Baer Carol Brock Jo Beard Dixie Jones Dee Mills Lorraine Sweetland Kathy Lockett Barbara Hofeller Ann Brown Pat Anderson Mary Grable Sue Clark Beverly Tresca PLEDGES Margaret McKinnon Delia Shoemaker Barbara Hudgel Ann Greninger Joan Heminger 227 First Row: Doris Hagers, Pat Harlow, Potty Palmer, Janet Bundy, Ginger Ballard. Second Row: Alice Polmer, Claire Ellis, Myrno Reams, Carolyn Burt, Shirley Englert. Third Row: Sally Dempster, Doisy Mitchell, Lillian Blanc, Eleanor Zundel, Car- olyn Bridges, Helen Highsmith. H CHAPTER 228 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA FOUNDED 1898 With a new house and our first pledge class, Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma began its first year on the Florida Southern College campus with a promising future in sight . . . organized by Patty Palmer, the Tri Sigs had a busy year, includ- ing our National Installation, all of our national officers being on the scene for the occasion ... a Christmas party with all the members bringing gifts for the John Randolph School children in Vir- ginia was fun for all, with members joining in to play with the toys before they were sent off . . . we were busy on campus, also, our members par- ticipating in eighteen campus activities ... a char- ter member of the new Beta Beta Beta national science honorary fraternity . . . our president or- ganized a philosophy club on campus . . . two mem- bers of the Concert Choir . . . secretary of the Vaga- bonds . . . secretary of Alpha Psi Omega . . . his- torian of the Microphone Club ... a member of the Rifle Team ... a reporter for the Southern . . . our Founders ' Day was celebrated with a banquet and the traditional Sigma Symphony . . . thus we, in our first year, have already lived up to our pur- pose of personal development of individual mem- bers, a design for living and worthwhile standards of social relationships. First Row: Colonizer, Patty Polmer; Treasurer, Claire Ellis; Vice- President, Doris Hagers; Recording Secretary, Ginger Ballard. Second Row: Scholarship Chairman, Alice Palmer; Correspond- ing Secretary, Eleanor Zundel; President, Daisy Mitchell. OFFICERS PATTY PALMER Colonizer DAISY MITCHELL President DORIS HAGERS Vice-President GINGER BALLARD Recording Secretory ELEANOR ZUNDEL Corresponding Secretory CLAIRE ELLIS Treasurer ALICE PALMER Scholarship Chairman Doris Hagers Pat Harlow Patty Palmer Janet Bundy Ginger Ballard ACTIVES Alice Palmer Claire Ellis Myrna Reams Carolyn Burt Shirley Englert Sally Dempster Daisy Mitchell Lillian Blanc Eleanor Zundel Carolyn Bridges Helen Highsmith PLEDGES Linda Liefield Ruth Taylor 229 « H « - - w W J First Row: Sue Boer, Shoron Talbot, Anne Million, Shirley Bassett, Potty Polmer, Mory Bryant. Second Row: Noncy Sherwin, Judy Rotunno, Sue Speidel, Carolyn Cocke, Daisy Mitchell, Linda Pearson. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The purpose of the Council is to keep fra- ternity life on a high level and to act as a forum in the discussion of fraternity and soror- ity problems. It also governs the rules of rush- ing and pledging. The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of two members from each soror- ity on campus. It holds a most responsible po- sition in the every-day life of the College. President, Mary Bryant; Secretary, Linda Pearson; Treasurer, Shirley Bassett; Vice-President, Carolyn Cocke. OFFICERS MARY BRYANT President CAROLYN COCKE Vice-President LINDA PEARSON Secretary SHIRLEY BASSETT Treasurer INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS PAT CICORELLI President SONNY CAMPBELL Vice-President JERRY SCHACKMAN Secretary DAN CAPRIO Treasurer JOHN FREENEY Chairman The Interfraternity Council has as its objective the following goal: to improve the college by improving the social fraternities. This aim is met by the various representatives of the fraternities working on the so- cial problems of the college with the administration and the faculty, and by letting the community real- ize how much the fraternities need community sup- port. The Council directs as major events each year the Greek Dance during Freshman Orientation Week, President, Pat Cicorelli; Chairman, John Freeney; Vice-President, Sonny Campbell. Not Pictured: Secretary, Jerry Shackman; Treasurer, Dan Caprio. the Christmas Tuberculosis Seal display, and coor- dinates the workings of the fraternities during Found- ers ' Week. The Interfraternity Council is able to function well because of the excellent cooperation of the nine social fraternities of which it is composed. First Row: Norman Davis, Ray Carucci, Don Fisher, Les Kocour, Jerry Shackman, Pot Cicorelli. Second Row: Wilmer Carey, Ed Richmond, Farley Snell, Jim Schalow, Bill Luzzo, Sonny Campbell. Third Row: Grover Neill, John Freeney, Howie Jones, Robert Allison, Doug MacGregor, Thomas Maurer. HHH HBIHI BHH PLEDGES ' First Row: Dick Rumple, Merril Thompson, James R. Turner, Morton Lumpkin, John Miller, John Morris, Borry Hill, Barre McCloy Bob Soblosky, Scott Buchanan. Second Row: James Felton, Frank Aloia, Richard Folsom, Eugene Warner, Ray Gatlin, Don Schwager, Bill Stall, James Cassels, James Wharton, Donald Brennan. ACTIVES: Third Row: Jim Schalow, Herb Fogarty, Walt Nicholson, Armand Morelli, Frank Donatelli, Pete Smith, Bruce Davis, Gene Stockton, Pete Morkellos, Buddy Jenkins, Walt Krauss. Fourth Row: Dr. E. A. Case, Jesse LoRe, Jerry Greenfield, E. B. Smith, Earl Greens, Ward Johnston, John Luposello, Grover Carlisle Neill, Robert Allison, Dr. Roy Kiser. Fifth Row: Wilson Sheridan, Dick Blaine, Ben Whitfield, Jim Garner. E P S I L N CHAPTER 232 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FOUNDED 1909 Epsilon Xi ' s year started off with a bang . . . one party followed another . . . Carl Neill surprised us all with his announcement that he will become a traveling secretary for the fraternity upon gradua- tion . . . Who could forget our Danish party and Luposello ' s date, " Herbette " ? . . . Pete Smith was voted announcer of the year . . . the new extension on the lodge grew by leaps and bounds . . . TV was introduced to our home away from home ... it was indeed a momentous year, the Count deciding to grad- uate after an extended siege . . . the Crescents just didn ' t seem to stay on the brothers ' shirts this year . . . the Christmas dance, shared with the Alpha Chis, will not be forgotten . . . I ' il Evie Fouts was named Crescent Girl for the year, one that we are overly proud of . . . the year ended with Lambda Chi Alpha, FSC ' s first n ational fraternity, again establishing itself as a pioneer in the stages of fraternity develop- ment. First Row President, Jim Schalow; Pledge Trainer, Frank Dona- telli; Secretary, Walt Nicholson; Ritualist, Armand Morelli. Sec- ond Row: Treasurer, Robert Allison; Vice-President, Jesse LoRe; Social Chairman, Pete Smith. OFFICERS JIM SCHALOW President FRANK DONATELLI Pledge Trainer WALT NICHOLSON Secretory ARMAND MORELLI Ritualist ROBERT ALLISON Treasurer JESSE LORE Vice-President PETE SMITH Social Chairman Jim Schalow Herb Fogarty Walt Nicholson Armand Morelli Frank Donatclli Pete Smith Bruce Davis Gene Stockton Dick Rumple Merrill Thompson James R. Turner Morton Lumpkin John Miller John Morris Barry Hill ACTIVES Pete Markellos Buddy Jenkins Walt Krauss Dr. E. A. Case Jesse LoRe Jerry Greenfield E. B. Smith Earl Greens Ward Johnston John Luposello Grover Carlisle I Robert Allison Dr. Roy Kiser Wilson Sheridan Dick Blain Ben Whitfield Jim Garner PLEDGES Barre McClay Bob Soblosky Scott Buchanan James Felton Frank Aloia Richard Folsom Eugene Warner Ray Gatlin Don Schwager Bill Stoll James Cassels James Wharton Donald Brennan EVELYN FOUTS Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha 233 rlrst Row: Wilmer Carey, Bob Postie, Leon Brown, Norman Davis, Denny Gorersky, Max Bulske, Max Selig. Second Row: George Wilkinson, Walter Fisher, Charles Morton, Ed Mott, Robert Strickland, Harry Bennett, Russ Wilson. OMEGA TRITON CHAPTER 234 %•••••%.!_ PHI SIGMA KAPPA mg. mm% FOUNDED 1873 The big news of this year is that Brother Blake- man is finally leaving us and going forth into the world to take his place as an educator of the masses . . . there was a lot of fun this year and here are some of the sayings that the brothers will not forget for a long time to come . . . " Say, what is your name, any- way " I think so, but I ' m not sure " the usual manner in which Zeke would start the day and the very unusual comments that he would pass from time to time ... we are still wondering what strange power the chapter has to be able to draw back its old members into PG work . . . our chapter, Omega Triton, is one of the younger fraternities on campus and the first Phi Sigma Kappa chapter in Florida . . . throughout the year the brothers have exemplified our purposes of promoting brotherhood, stimulating scholarship and developing character. First Row: President, Wilmer Carey; Sentinel, Harry Bennett; Sec- retary, Max Bulske. Second Row: Inductor, Russ Wilson; Vice- President, Walter Fisher; Treasurer, Leon Brown. OFFICERS WILMER CAREY President WALTER FISHER Vice-President MAX BULSKE Secretary LEON BROWN Treasurer HARRY BENNETT Sentinel RUSS WILSON Inductor MEMBERS Wilmer Carey Bob Postle Leon Brown Norman Davis Denny Goretsky Max Bulske Max Selig George Wilkinson Walter Fisher Charles Morton Ed Mott Robert Strickland Harry Bennett Russ Wilson 235 ttfc ACTIVES First Row: Virgil Duffell, Clark Maxwell, Wiliiom Tolle, James Cade, Bob Fleming, John Nelson, Henry McCulloh, Wilford Beder, Allan Bly. Second Row: Jim Piatt, Farley Snell, Harry Caldwell, John Hess, Jim Robertson, George Crutchfield, Byron George, Russell Bryan, Tom Zukow. Third Row: Jerry Vihlen, Richard Harvey, George Hightower, Jim Anderson, Robin Staebler, Dick Anderson, Bob Andres, John Lee, Bill Pritch- ett. Fourth Row: John Crawford, Charles Selph, John Freeney, Ernest Thompson, Al Bogart, Bill Thornhill, Kenneth Lutz, Delmus Davis. Fifth Row: Lee Nathurst, Dick Hagstrom, Bill Medley. PLEDGES First Row: Edward Cowley, Dennis Andrews, Ed McMullen, Biliy Pickett, Don Keane, Allen Mundy, William Hatton, John Troup, Walter Zig- rang, John Jones, Jock Allman, Ben Johnson, Jerry Panati, Paul Pearson. Second Row Bob Bradley, Jim Stelogeannis, Richard Blackwelder, Terry Sanders, Bill Wagner, Frank Hart, Alan Nelson, Ed Legerton, Russ Sackett, Walt Strain, Randy Smedley. Third Row: Larry Firestone, Ned Biddix, Don Steiss, Al Hogue, Bill Loy, Jack Harris, David Ingle, Earl Schuchardt, John Carter, Bill Keen, Doug Lipton, Frank Kunberger. In Wheelchair: Lewis Hardin. PI KAPPA ALPHA SS DELTA DELTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1868 Another big year at the PIKE HOUSE . . . the Kampus Kapers trophy for the second straight year and permanet possession of that beauty (thanks to those Injuns in Ugh! Sh-Boom!) . . . first in scholarship for the second straight time . . . the Christmas house display trophy for the second straight year (remember those fabulous coins dropping into the display 7 ) . . . fifty-seven pledges in Fall Rush . . . half a dozen traditionally terrific Pike serenades ... a party for the children ' s home . . . several successful open houses ... a new fireplace and TV set . . two members in WHO ' S WHO . . . six members of ODK, including the president and secretary . . . president of the sophomore class . . . four members of the Senate . . Chief Justice of the Su- preme Court . . . vice-president of Sigma Tau Delta . . . four ROTC officers . . . twelve members of the Concert Choir . . . that unforgettable Pike Quartet . . . member of Men ' s Council . . . new president and rush chairman of the IFC . . . president of Kappa Epsilon . . . vice-president and two directors of Circle " K " . . . editor-in-chief, business manager, and sports editor of the SOUTHERN, four lab in- structors . . . vice-president of MSM . . . president of Pi Delta Epsilon . . . members in every honorary on campus ... a terrific party every month (remember Little Zeak and his Pink Flamingoes? 5 ) . . . ten pins of PiKA to some of those wonderful Southern co-eds ... A great Dream Girl in Ginny Kennedy . . . trophies . . . parties . . . wheels . . . girls . . . Yep ' Another big year at the PIKE HOUSE. First Row: Secretary, Harry Caldwell; President, Farley Snell; Vice-President, Henry McCulloh. Second Row: His- torian, Jerry Vihlen; Treasurer, Dick Anderson. OFFICERS HARRY CALDWELL Secretary FARLEY SNELL President HENRY McCULLOH Vice-President JERRY VIHLEN Historian DICK ANDERSON Treasurer GINNY KENNEDY Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alpha 237 ■■■■■■■■■■■■IHI BDlBHBi MIBIHVMEBBHBBHK siHHMHniMHBH wBiSSKlssavV nwnESnjHHH BnBSHM PLEDGES: First Row: Richard King, Jim Lockmon, Worren Wolfe, Alex Nelson, Williom Kesler. Second Row: Guy Amory, Allen Lyons, Don Buckmon, Eugene Roberts, Rex Alves. ACTIVES: Third Row: John Kerlin, Sherman Harding, Chuck New- combe, Fletcher Humphries, Paravon Comlekcier, Charpy Charpentier, George Baldwin, Captain Arthur McKinney. Fourth Row: Earl Ziebarth, Mac Cunningham, Don Teatro, Carter Cain, Steve Potz, John Frasz, Gerry Dobson, Bill Wood. Fifth Row: Jesse Jones, Jeff Wiley, Bill Barkalow, Bob Dalbow, Marion Brown, Doug McGregor, Dan Wilhelm. BETA BETA H P T R 238 PI KAPPA PHI FOUNDED 1904 " Where ' s the band? " cried Bob Dalbow as our annual Kampus Kapers rolled the year into motion . . . Where ' s that paddle, pledge? ... a chapter room addition to be proud of . . . Thanks to our wonderful sweetheart Jo Lee . . . the brothers keeping up the good grades . . . " no padding needed " . . . Sharpy making a great Santa . . . Carter going wild, hunting with his elephant gun . . . wedding bells and baby cries . . . parties making fun for all . . . the big Gold and White ball . . . and a great year for all .. . the brothers upholding the purpose of furnishing the members with a well-rounded social life, obtaining an atmosphere of common understanding and interest between its members, striving always to further the ideals of scholarship as well as moral and spiritual values in the organization which its members repre- sent . . . This is Pi Kappa Phi. First Row: Treasurer, John Frasz; Secretory, Carter Cain; Advisor, Captain McKinney. Second Row: Warden, Steve Potz; Presi- dent, Dan Wilhclm. OFFICERS DAN WILHELM President CARTER CAIN Secretory JOHN FRASZ Treasurer STEVE POTZ Warden CAPTAIN McKINNEY Advisor MEMBERS Richard King Jim Lockman Warren Wolfe Alex Nelson William Kesler Guy Amory Allen Lyons Don Buckman Eugene Roberts Rex Alves John Kerlin Sherman Harding Chuck Newcombe Fletcher Humphries Paravon Comlekcier Charpy Charpentier George Baldwin Captain Arthur McKinney Earl Ziebarth Mac Cunningham Don Teatro Carter Cain Steve Potz John Frasz Gerry Dobson Bill Wood Jesse Jones Jeff Wiley Bill Barkalow Bob Dalbow Marion Brown Doug McGregor Dan Wilhelm JO LEE NEWCOMB Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi 239 ACTIVES First Row: Don Hosley, James Robertson, Leon Kotsiopoulos, William Edmunds, Kent Stanner, Clifford Wright, Robert Good netter, Thomas Mooney, William Luzzo. Second Row: James Kingsland, William Burns, Alan Van Winkle, Peter Kerwin Stafford Mourer, Thomas Maurer, David Luick, Bervin Bossie, James Campbell. Third Row: Kirk Dougal, Robert Longwell Peter Sandburg, Arthur Eberly, Richard Hammerich, Jack Donnelly, Numan Garrison, William Haussmann, George Palmer Fourth Row: Kenneth Pfeil, Fred Gebhard, Robert Payton, Walter Bird, Albert Hazelip, Robert Vanderbeck, Norman De Roger Woodruff, Keith Lowe. PLEDGES First Row: Ernie Lemos, Bill Cooper, Tom Swem, Bill Bretz, Mike Colacci, Tom Nalley, Ernie De Alfonzo. Second Row: Edward Gifford, Francis Troina, Donn Scheerer, Pat Hepburn, Dick Henderson, Herb Livsey. Third Row: Dean Gallo, Noel Engler, Graham Bass, John Murgrove, James Craige, Ray Godfrey, Jack Highnam. I ft i ft . a ». ' ». " • 9 SIGMA ALPHA EP5ILDN FLORIDA GAMMA FOUNDED 1856 The way was paved for another outstanding year of SAE on campus by a sweep of elections . . . Sonny Campbell as Student Body Association president . . . Tom Mooney as Student Body Association vice-president . . . .Charles Hazelip as Senior Class president . . . Leon Kotsiopoulos as Junior Class president . . and Skip Wright as a mem- ber of the Senate . . . the Intramural All-Sports trophy was added to the laurels of Florida Gamma . . . winning the football championship gave a leg on this year ' s trophy . . . ROTC was led by six officers from SAE ... a member and manager of the basketball team . . . three members of the crew team . . . three SAE pins being sported by wonderful campus gals . . . wedding bells for Bob Payton and Marge Maypole . . . the usual array of out-of-this- world parties . . . the Dog Patch Drag . . . the Hawaiian party . . . the Christmas dance with ADPi . . . the Pirate party . . . topped off by the big Sweetheart Dance in the spring ... an Easter party for the orphans . . . the tradi- tional host of lion-painters, depositing plenty of paint as a remembrance ... a tremendously wonderful sweetheart chosen by the brothers in Mary Lou Dick . . . another glorious year for the brothers. President, Bill Luzzo; Vice-President, Kent Stanner; Treasurer, Rob- ert Goodnetter; Secretary, Thomas Mooney. OFFICERS BILL LUZZO President KENT STANNER Vice-President THOMAS MOONEY Secretory ROBERT GOODNETTER Treasurer MARY LOU DICK Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 241 ACTIVES First Row: Charles Kempf, Tom Elwood, Bill Fox, Nezih Dural, Kent Miller, Joe Carletto, Tom Avompato. Second Row: David Kelsey, John McCormick, Bill Clarke, Les Kocour, Dick Smith, Kenneth Joranson, Ray Carucci. Third Row: Ken Williams, Marshall Ledford, Don Jar roll , Tom Clinton, John Lamb, Dick Bartlett. Fourth Row: Don Sutte, Peter Skarnulis, Tiny Couter, Don Johnson, Nils Schweizer, Bill Spivey. PLEDGES First Row: George Thein, Dino Fanelli, Art Gallagher, George Breber, Art Emms, Ronnie Hadraba, Syd Drury. Second Row: Al Herzog, John Schlosser, Hugh Murphy, Tom Roellchen, Larry Stokes, Lyle Curran, Pete Foskett. Third Row: Hank Pricen- ski, Fred Eubeler, Dick Jensen, Bill Van Oosterhout, Harold Bonho mme, Art Anderson, Bob Zynda. Fourth Row: Ron Jacques, Pete Lenhardt, David Dobkin, Glenn Oak, Ed Edwards, Dave Walker, Frank Dominick. ra • . j A i ♦ •%% SIGMA PHI EPSILDN FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1901 " Sig Ep " rushed off to a rapid start in September, picking up 28 pledges . . . this was the second largest pledge class on campus, due to all the efforts of the brothers during rushing . . . Social chairman Tom Elwood organized many parties . . . one of the best was the " Bow- ery Brawl, " a costume party shared with our brothers at Tampa University . . . remember the Christmas party with the great gals of Delta Zeta ? . . . Ray Carucci was elected vice-president of the Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Hank Barlow served as Secretary of the Intramural Board . . . scholastically " Tuppy " Joranson is on top, receiving the Scott Key Award soon after we returned to school in the fall . . . we are glad to have Joe Rivers back with us after a two-year " tour " with the Army . . . during this time he married a recent graduate, Joanne Antons Rivers . . . intra- mural sports found us in third place, our outstanding lines- man being Don Johnson . . . gratitude to Pete Skarnulis as our big rebounding artist . . . many thanks to Diane Von Eitzen as our Sweetheart. First Row: Vice-President, Les Kocour; Junior Marshal. Ken Joran- son; Comptroller, David Kelsey, Senior Marshal; Dick Bartlett. Second Row: Secretory, Pete Skarnulis; President, Tiny Couter; Historian, John Lamb. OFFICERS TINY COUTER President LES KOCOUR Vice-President PETE SKARNULIS Secretary DAVID KELSEY Comptroller DICK BARTLETT Sen or Marshal KEN JORANSON Junior Marshal JOHN LAMB Historian DIANE VON EITZEN Sweet iearr of Sigma Phi Epsilon 243 Kjm, PLEDGES: First Row: Harry Hart, Don Guss, Saul Katzowitz, John Danisas, Alfred Kuhn, Dave Herrman, Val Patarini, Mo- hammed Sabie. ACTIVES: Second Row: Art Pokross, Ed Richmond, Marvin Shapiro, Joel Diamond, Don Shapiro, Emilio Gar- cia, Pat Cicorelli, Lloyd Goldsmith. Third Row: Jim George, Phil Unger. u H A P T R 2-1-1 ■•■•■• ■•.%. ' ! TAU EPSILDN PHI FOUNDED 1899 Summer brought wedding bells to Teps . . . mar- ried were Laurie Becker and Lloyd Goldsmith . . . Teps tops in sports . . . first on the agenda the volley- ball trophy . . . more to come . . . Oldsmobiles pre- dominate among the brothers, even Phil and Joel . . . Lost!! 18 pearls, 4 emeralds, Found!! in Bloomington, Indiana . . . Jim George found a new way to eat his grits . . . Marv Shapiro has been a regular listener of " Young Widow Brown " . . . Tom Bowen is anxious to get his pin, I wonder why . . . Don Shapiro sets new record to Sarasota as wingless plane is sun-flying over countryside . . . Pat Cicorelli has his old parking place back again . . . question of the year, " Will Art Pok- ross make 58 points to graduate? " ... at the runs this year are Don Shapiro, president; Phil Unger, vice- president; Art Pokross, scribe; Jim George, bursar and Mary Shapiro, warden. MEMBERS Harry Hart Don Guss Saul Katzowitz John Danisas Alfred Kuhn Dave Herrman Val Patarini Mohammed Sabie Art Pokross Ed Richmond Marvin Shapiro Joel Diamond Don Shapiro Emilio Garcia Pat Cicorelli Lloyd Goldsmith Jim George Phil Unger Vice-President, Pat Cicorelli; Historian, Ed Richmond; President, Joel Diamond; Treasurer, Jim George. OFFICERS JOEL DIAMOND President PAT CICORELLI Vice-President JIM GEORGE Treasurer ED RICHMOND Historian FAYE TUCKER Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi 245 PLEDGES: First Row: Mike Fono, Jack McArdle, Dick Robertson, Bill Fortner, Ross Giangrasso, Bob Wordell, Dale Gorber. Second Row: William Prescott, Walter Loesche, Larry Pfent, Jim Kant, Dick Kamerling, Arnold Pinkowitz, Jerry O ' Connor. ACTIVES: Third Row: Paul Suriano, Charlie Jervis, Jerry Shackman, Charlie Grant, Paul Sherman, Nick Nicholas, Earl James. Fourth Row: Dr. E. R. Rasely, George Olson, Warren Tyler, Glenn Petrine, Ed LaRue, Howie Jones. Fifth Row: Louis Schroder, Bob Harris, Bill Brimberry. u H P T R 246 TAU KAPPA EPSILDN FOUNDED 1899 TKE started off the year by welcoming back two married brothers, Bob Burchard and Ernie Martucci . . . four brothers were pinned during the course of the year . . . hearty thanks go to Barb Hand as our sweetheart (the Teke House is a bit warmer with the addition of Barb ' s Christmas gift of a heater) . . . Barb, Cindy Fairchild and Barb Ridlebaugh helped officiate at the big outdoor steak roast which was our official pledge party ... we all pitched in to make Jerry Schackman and Lou Schroder five star generals in ROTC . . . Howie Jones was among our varsity athletes ... a unanimous vote of thanks goes to Earl (Paducah) James for sports moderator . . . Bob Burch- ard and Ernie Martucci came up a single and a double reespectively (as to future fathers) (little Tekes we hope) . . . congratulations to Paul Sherman as vice- president of Hillel . . . appreciation to Warren Tyler who kept a watchful eye on the House while the boys went home for Christmas . . . hats off to Ronnie May, expected to be one of Florida ' s finest teachers . . . all in all a grand year with a grand gang of guys. MEMBERS Mike Fano Jack McArdle Dick Robertson Bill Fortner Ross Giangrasso Bob Wardell Dale Garber William Prescott Walter Loesche Larry Pfent Jim Kant Dick Kamerling Arnold Pinkowitz Jerry O ' Connor Paul Suriano Charlie Jervis Jerry Shackman Charlie Grant Paul Sherman Nick Nicolas Earl James Dr. E. R. Rasely George Olson Warren Tyler Glen Petrine Ed LaRue Howie Jones Louis Schroder Bob Harris Bill Brimberry Vice-President, Howie Jones; Treasurer, Nick Nicholas; Secretary, Charlie Jervis; President; Paul Suriano. OFFICERS PAUL SURIANO President HOWIE JONES Vice-President CHARLIE JERVIS Secretary NICK NICHOLAS Treasurer BARBARA HAND Sweetneart of Tau Kappa Epsilon 247 ' -, ' .. . ' ■ PLEDGES: First Row Pedro Mestos, Nasser Nikoukary, Herb Gardner, David Doster, Paul Gillis. Second Row Mike Lyon, Tom Blankenship, Sam Nicholson, Jim Conner, George Senn. ACTIVES: Third Row: Larry Upham, Karl Staebler, Donald Fisher, Barry Schackman, Harold Doster, Charles Busillo, John Upham. Fourth Row: Charles Mayo, Bill McElwee, Bob Kingham, Norm Neely, Jim Anderson, Omar Brock. Fifth Row: Major H. L. Key, Joe McCormack, H. J. Davis, Jack Brooks, Bill Kain, John Adams, Charlie Stiles. GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER 248 ■ • ' ■, ■% 4 % • « » l THETA CHI FOUNDED 1856 There is nothing particularly startling to be found on this page, but to a Theta Chi ... it offers a pic- ture of life that has brought a feeling of satisfaction to all its members . . . the ultimate of a " man ' s " fraternity, led by our " Ex-Marine J. B. McPherson, " second in command " Hero " Joe McCormack, treas- urer " Lover " Anderson, secretary Larry Upham . . . following the officers we find a close-knit group of animals . . . Orange Grove Adams, Daytona Brooks, Wild Bill Kain, Do No Evil Stiler, Short-Order Shack- man, Point of Order Doster, Nurse Weber, Missing Mayo, Poor House Kingham, General Knowledge Neely . . . aggravation group: Hide Davis, Oldsmobile McElwee, Horse Blanket Staebler, and Busillo, Big Man Around Campus . . . now the tamed animals (married): Super Brock, who married our sweetheart, Carol Madson : A. A. Fischer; South-bound Morrow; Tripod John Upham . . . those who will follow in our glorious footsteps, our pride and joy, our pledges, led by Wild One Lyons, Taxi Cab Blankenship, Minstrel Nicholson and Fireball Conner . . . following the of- ficers of the pledge class we find the junior animals: Ding-Dong Bell, Do It Now Dostere, Jr., Gunsmith Gardner, Professor Gillis, Family Car McKinzie, In- visible O ' Neal, Persian Rug Nikoukary and Latin Lover Senn ... all kidding aside, a write-up one- hundred times this size could never do the real jus- tice needed for such a fine group of men assembled under such an outstanding flag, Theta Chi fraternity. First Row: President, Donald Fisher; Vice-President, Joe McCor- mack; Secretary, Larry Upham. Second Row: Advisor, Major H. L. Key; Treasurer, Charlie Stiles. OFFICERS DONALD FISHER President JOE McCORMACK Vice-President LARRY UPHAM Secretary CHARLIE STILES Treasurer MAJOR H. L. KEY Advisor Larry Upham Karl Staebler Donald Fisher Barry Schackman Harold Doster Charles Busillo ACTIVES John Upham Charles Mayo Bill McElwee Bob Kingham Norm Neely Jim Anderson Omar Brock Major H. L. Key Joe McCormack H. J. Davis Jack Brooks Bill Kain John Adams Charlie Stiles Pedro Mestas Nasser Nikoukary Herb Gardner PLEDGES David Doster Paul Gillis Mike Lyon Tom Blankenship Sam Nicholson Jim Conner George Senn 249 . Franklin D. Roosevelt attends a dinn. • I the Commission ot One Hundred of the Florida Methodist Confer the " Vortity S " Room, The Commons. Bishop John W. Bronscomb presided, with President Spivey os the host tor the occosion. 1954 v SS 1 -A K $ FOUNDERS ' WEEK Dr. Ludd M. Spivey is introduced to the audience, with the R.O.T.C. Color Guard at the left, in the 70th Founders ' Week pageant, " The Word Reaches Out, " written and produced by Mrs. Marguerite Callahan. George W. Jenkins, Lakeland business executive and President of the Commission of F.S.C., speaks at the Omicron Delta Kappa " Leaders of Florida " Banquet. At the left is Mrs. Jenkins with Mrs. Spivey at the right. The Vagabonds, under Dr. Juliana Jordan, present Oscar Wilde ' s " The Importance of Being Earnest. " In this scene, left to right, Jacqueline Mc- Murrian, Jerome Peeler, James Turner and Ann Linsner. Two of the floats in ;he mag- nificent Founders ' Week pa- rade . . . the largest ever held in Lakeland. %•%•%.»: »♦♦%% : v r aNti? il 8 v id fi T t- rtf£7, anw mflfa %m S.B.A. President James Campbell presents Dr. Ludd M. Spivey with an engraved watch from " his students " commemorating his 30 years as president at the Founders ' Week student banquet. - Dr. Spivey, Hy Jordan Sobiloff, the 1955 Chancellor, and Lynn Farnol, Convocation speaker, pictured during the 70th celebration. F D U N D E R S One of the scenes from the Founders ' Week pageant. Members of the Athletic Circus perform at the " Salute to Lakeland " at Bryant Stadium. B ; A. ' P ' III I ,„ D ■• waff Veteran members of the foculty ore honored at a Founders ' Week luncheon ot The Commons with President Spiveyas the host. WEEK . . . Farley Snell, the 1955 Honor Walk student of F.S.C. The F.S.C. Varsity Women ' s Crew (the winner) in action against the PhiladelpK Girls ' Rowing Club in the Founders ' Week regatta. SEVENTIETH President Spivey and Nils Schweizer, Frank Lloyd Wright ' s architectural representative on campus, in front of the ninth of the Wright units completed — the William H. Danforth Chapel. The receiving line at the reception for the Baroness Hillo Von Rebav was Prof. Eckert, Sculptor Dom Facci, Chancellor Roper, Prof. Olson, and the Baroness. Georgia Knapp, Margaret Haynes, Louise Yeako and Marion Haymond making a parade character. ANNIVERSARY An impressive scene from the pageant, " The Word Reaches Out. " Ludd M. Spivey pours for Mrs. Cyril Lord at the Faculty Woman ' s Club tea. and Gert and slapstick at the F.S.C. show — this the cal- laugh. Note Dean Szabo and Prof. Zimmermann, the Founders ' Week chairman. J c » ANNIVERSARY ♦ ♦♦ .% r, u . The Baroness Hilla Von Rebay explains one of her non-objective paintings to Ria Hanhausen, Ann Vreeland, Julie Woodruff and Barbara Swope. FOUNDERS ' WEEK... Dr. Spivey greets Dr. Danforth in the William H. Danforth Chapel. A partial side view of the Danforth Chapel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and described as a miniature jewel box. Recipients of degrees: Dr. L. Frank Roper, Dr. Clare Cotton, Dr Laurie G. Ray, Dr. Lynn Fornol and Dr. Charles Hawkins. Beautiful floats and beautiful co-eds in the Founders ' Week parade. The Theto Chi, Alpha Chi Omega float in the Founders ' Week parade. - ' ■.-- • - ' ■) » j % ££. ' ? " . . %0$ » r Former Chancellors Cyril Lord, L. Frank Roper and Joseph Fazzano. Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tau Kap pa Epsilon had this winning float ♦ 4 % • % « . i 18 8 5 Even old-time parade viewers were amazed! Nan Coy as the " Dresden Doll " in the big parade. Founders ' Week visitors sow the new swimming pool under construction adjacent to The Commons. It will be completed by publication time. fl I „ bM V I % m. , m Charles Slackburn, as the Mikado of Japan, and attendants in the Founders ' Week operetta. Ladies and Gentlemen of Japan in the Gilbert Sullivan hit. Ladies of the Court (right bottom) in colorful costumes. Jack Harvey, as " Pooh-Bah, " Charles Selph and James Connor, as " Nanki-Poo " with ladies and gentlemen of the court. THE 11:1 •■• ' •• ' •■♦ .%.■%.» Mary Ann McDonald played " Kotisha " and Cloene Irvine was " Pith-Sing MIKADD Three Concert Choir co-eds were beautiful Japanese dolls James Connor in a solo number in " The Mikado. " One of the beautiful scenes staged under the direction of Dr. Woodbury. " Punk " Hamilton and Carolee Cornelius, president of Alpha Chi Omega, accept the sorority trophy from Pi Kappa Phi Bob Dalbow and Pi Kappa Phi sweetheart, Jo Newcombe as Buck Freeney, far right, accepts the fraternity trophy for Pi Kappa Alpha, a three-time winner retiring the trophy. K A M P U 5 « ■ «r The winning sorority skit " Silent Africa " presented by Alpha Chi Omega. i ' Ug-Sh-Boom " as presented by Pi Kappa Alpha, which retired .he men ' s trophy. K A P E R S Alpha Omicron Pi proves to an enthusiastic Kopers audience thot " Mr. Bones " is not out of style. FLORIDA SOUTHERNS d5euut led • • . r 7 tJJ outlt of 1955 em MISS EFFIE FAIRCHILD Dr. Spivey crowns Miss Southern of 1955 at the Founders ' Week Pageant. The Queen and her train bearers, lower left, and with escort James Campbell, lower right. Miss Fairchild, of St. Petersburg, is a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. DAISY MAE MOONBEAM McSWINE SALOMEY and PAPPY YOKUM Al Capp, famous creator of L ' il Abner, Daisy Mae, and his other unforgettable characters, served as the judge of the Miss Inferlachen contest of 1955. Mr. Capp wrote in announcing his selections: " Again, you present me with an almost impossible task ... all your girls at Florida Southern College are so pretty. " It is with sincere appreciation to Mr. Capp for his interest and assistance that The Interlachen announces with pride Miss Inferlachen of 1955 and the beautiful members of her Court! MARRYIN ' SAM SHMOOS sr vj vs es f 1 ■9- . , VV . i55 rnterlcLcken THE INTERLACHEN OF 1955 proudly presents MISS DIANE VON EITZEN as fr iu Jrnterlacnen Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon . - ' " a " .. •- SECOND PLACE Wto Sue Qi Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi %•%♦ .« THIRD PLACE trlisA J athu oLochett Sponsored by Phi Mu •» ♦ t. ' a o J uti SUE BENTLEY Sponsored by THE SOUTHERNETTES VIRGINIA McFADDEN Sponsored by PI KAPPA PHI ™ rV a Wto 3ireUl of 1955 MISS NAOMI POLLACK Queen Ann crowns Naomi as the Lakeland Fireball Queen Selected by the Junior Chamber of Commerce a{ueen of the 1955 J- aaeanl of rJLlahl Crowned by Charles Edison, son of Thomas A. Edison MISS SUE BENNETT The Alternate Win -America of 1955 r mencci ANN DANI EL fc J • ' Miss Florida of 1954 s tete Distinguished military students: Col. Dick- enson congratulates Luzzo. Others, Mos- co, Hazelip, Hansen. Not Pictured: Selph and Scott. Color Guard members Terrana and Anderson in rear. OL v COLONEL GLENN G. DICKENSON Professor of Military Science and Tactics The Reserve Officers Training Corps is a vital part of Florida Southern College. Established on the campus four years ago under Col. Dickenson, cadets and officers can well be proud of the record of achievement already recorded. Coming to F.S.C. from the battle- fields of Korea, Col. Dickenson has provided a rare quality of lead- ership, and with Mrs. Dickenson has earned an enduring place in the hearts and minds of student, faculty, administration and alumni. The Interlachen of 1955 is proud to salute the Colonel, and the Colonel ' s Lady, for what they have done for and meant to F.S.C. Hazelip, Pfeil, McKinney, Key. • ■••♦ « » R. D. T. C. AT FLORIDA SOUTHERN Three hundred and fifty cadets now comprise the Reserve Officers Training Corps, divided into two bat- talions made up of four companies. In the basic course during the first two years, students study, under an experienced and highly capable faculty, military science and tactics. Approximately 150 of the cadets are advanced into the third and fourth years of study, the successful completion of which may lead to a re- serve commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Cadets in the advanced classes must spend one summer in session of six weeks in field training at Camp Gordon, Georgia. THE COLOR GUARD 2nd Lt. Robert Goodnetter, Cpl. Charles Morton, Sgt. Vincent Torrono, Sgt. James Anderson, Pvt. Benjamin Johnson and Pvt. John Troup. CAPTAIN ARTHUR J. McKINNEY, JR. MAJOR HERBERT L KEY, JR. CAPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHY Captain McKinney, a former National Guardsman, has been on active service since 1940. He served in Europe in World War II, in Korea before being assigned to Florida Southern College. A former National Guards- man, Major Key entered active service in 1940. He served in the China-Burma-India area, World War II, Germany and other posts. Captain Murphy entered the United States Army in 1944. He served in Puerto Rico, Ko- rea, and Japan before being assigned to the ROTC at Flor- ida Southern College. M-SGT. WILLIAM R. WILSON M-SGT. HUGH D. STRIPLING SFC HARRY J. KING SFC CECIL DAVIS Hi CO-ED Miss Carol Rack, senior beauty from Westfield, N. J., was introduced at the Founders ' Week Military Ball as the 1955 Co-Ed Colonel of the Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps. The stately brun ette was elected by vote of all the Cadets in the R.O.T.C. Cadets Campbell and Edmunds with Co-Ed Lt. Colonels Joan Lindsey and Sue Bentlcy. Co-Ed Colonel Carol Rack with Col. G. G. Dickenson and Cadet Lt. Col. Charles Hazelip at the Founders ' Week Military Ball. CO-ED ( c r tau ctptaind Cadets Nathurst, Wilhelm, Blackburn, Brooks, with Co-Ed Captains Shirlla Latanision, Virginia McFoddcn, Jackie Hanson and Barbara Hand. First Row: Col. Williom G. Luzzo. Second Row: Lt. Col. Charles Selph, Major Kenneth A. Pfeil, Major George A. Cayce, Capt. Richard H. Hansen, Capt. Robert S. Dalbow, Capt. Herbert Haymond, Jr., Captain Earl H. Moore, 1st Lt. Edmund F. Humphries, Jr., 2nd Lt. Robert A. Goodnetter. Third Row: SFC John A. Nelson, M-Sgt. John N. Frseney. REGIMENTAL STAFF OFFICERS COMPANY A CADET CAPTAIN DONALD R. SPARKS Commander ■•■• ♦ %.% JT ifl » CADET CAPTAIN WILLIAM R. EDMUNDS Commander COMPANY B Officers, wives and others enjoy the annual Military Ball in the Industrial Arts Building. COMPANY C CADET CAPTAIN DOUGLAS W. SCOTT Commander CAPTAIN CHARLES B. BLACKBURN Commander COMPANY D Cadets go through the paces at the Military Review. 1ST BATTALION OFFICERS Lt. Col. Richard Mosco. Capt. Louis E. Schroder, 1st Lt. George R. Baldwin, 2nd Lt. Lorry H. Poorbough 1st Lt. John A. Brooks, 1st Lt. James D. King. 2ND BATTALION Lt. Col. Albert C. Hazelip, Jr., Capt. John S. Upham Jerald M. Schackman Capt. Daniel A. Wilhelm, la ' 4 • • ' % V " ' J V I I I I :!: 1 CAPTAIN HERBERT HAYMOND, JR First Row: Hoymond, Kerlin. Second Row: Kingsland, Drury, Partenza, Wilkinson, Gardner. Third Row: Callaway, Pricenski, Loy, Buckman, Breeden. Fourth Row: Johnson, Howell, Ellmaker, Matthes, Connor. Fifth Row: Prescott, Kesler, Chandler, Soles, Tipton. Sixth Row: Breber, Folsom, Adams, O ' Conner, Kunberger. Seventh Row: Rushing, Welch, McMullen, Morreli, Wright. The band is under the direction of Prof. Harold L. Phillips, Jr. THE R. D. T. C. BAND FFICERS 1st Lt. Douglas W. MacGregor, 2nd Lt. John C. Dinklage. Major Corning F. Tolle, USAR, discusses tactical problems with Florida Southern College cadets at Camp Gordon. r ' f ; RIFLE AND PISTOL TEAM Left to Right: Humphries, Dickenson, Kerlin, Keone. Standing: King, Edmunds, Crum, Zo- borney. At Camp Gordon, FSC cadets have won outstanding awards for three consecutive years. Left to Right: Edward Battey III, ' 52; Howord Hostler, ' 53; William W. Campbell, ' 54. THE HONOR GUARD OF THE ROTC AT FSC x 2£KT .mz s • •• • % HEADQUAR " vt 1 MP ROT ' v ' L, 1 1 fiWr J ; " fc 1955 " I Co »«r f K 1 V A R B A 5 K E DALE COLLINS wm± BILL WOOD Center JOHNNY RIGGS Guard S I T Y T B A L L HANK BARLOW Forward PEYTON MONTGOMERY Center CHARLES BROGDON Forward First Row, Left to Right: Stafford Maurer, Manager; Dick Conrad, Bill Edmunds, Frank DeSavino, Johnny Riggs, and Chris Magee, Statistician. Second Row: Dean Craig, Alan Williams, Charles Brogdon, Jim Stelogeannis, Frank Donatelli, Roger Gourley, and Jerry Novak. Third Row: Dale Collins, Hank Barlow, Bill Wood, Peyton Montgomery, Zane Whitson, Allen Mundy, and Coach Bill Clipson. 1954-55 MOCCASINS Coach Bill Clipson, starting his third year as men- tor of the Moccasin court squad, was faced with the task of bettering a 1953-54 record of six victories and thirteen defeats with a team composed primarily of freshmen. Forming his attack around returning lettermen, center Bill Wood and last years ' high scorer, forward Frank DeSavino, Clipson added freshman forward Dean Craig and guards Dale Collins and Johnny Riggs. Before the season opened Southern withdrew from the Dixie Conference and entered the faster Florida Intercollegiate Conference, comprised of the colleges and universities within the state. As the 1955 Interlachen goes to press the Mocs have five games remaining on their schedule and own a record of seven victories and eleven setbacks. ILL CLIPSON Coach GAME SCORES (Incomplete) SOUTHERN 77 BARTOW AFB 73 SOUTHERN 58 BARTOW AFB 73 SOUTHERN 77 STETSON U. 106 SOUTHERN 48 PINECASTLE AFB 69 SOUTHERN 61 PATRICK AFB 48 SOUTHERN 67 TAMPA U. 57 SOUTHERN 44 MIAMI U. 58 SOUTHERN 48 ELON COLLEGE 81 SOUTHERN 69 FLORIDA STATE U. 73 SOUTHERN 56 GEORGIA TEACHERS 77 SOUTHERN 35 MERCER U. 72 SOUTHERN 62 TROY STATE C. 58 SOUTHERN 56 TAMPA U. 59 SOUTHERN 68 MERCER U 66 SOUTHERN 56 ROLLINS COLLEGE 64 SOUTHERN 61 TROY STATE C. 49 SOUTHERN 63 FLORIDA STATE U 84 SOUTHERN 66 ROLLINS COLLEGE 60 1 ,♦•%• ' %••• ' 4 ' ■ ■ • ♦ % • % :.O.T.C. BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row, Left to Right: Tod Ebetino, Bill Edmunds, red Voleri, Roy Carueci, Borry Kenny, and Joe Carktta. Second Row: Dick Mosco, rank Domenicle, Bob Fernandez, Col. B. B. Dickenson, Doug Mann, and Roger Gourley. This year for the first time the college ROTC unit formed it ' s own basketball team, and enjoyed a very successful season. The members of the team are all enrolled in the college ROTC program. Riggs in for G. Dickenson, Sponsor, and Dick Mosco, Manager. SCORES ROTC 71 ORLANDO J.C. 49 ROTC 85 STETSON J.V. 66 ROTC 71 ST. PETERSBURG J.C. 59 ROTC 34 BARTOW AFB 35 ROTC 53 BARTOW AFB 75 ROTC 81 ORLANDO J.C. 56 ROTC 64 LAKELAND H.S. 44 ROTC 67 LAKELAND H.S. 44 ROTC 69 ST. PETERSBURG J.C. 71 ROTC 61 SET ' S BLINDS 57 ROTC 92 ST. PETERSBURG J.C. 79 ROTC 81 BARTOW AFB 91 Craig goes high for rebound ■ mm mmm Desavino scores againsf Tars. ■ i ! Left to Right: Bow, Roger Woodruff; No. 2, Chuck Nelson; No. 3, Keith Lowe; No. 4, Larry Pfent; No. 5, Howie Jones; No. 6, Ken Pfeil; No. 7, John Frasz; Stroke, Steve Poti; and Coxswain, Tom Karahalios. F. S. C. WATER MOCCASINS ROY COUCH Crew Coach The Florida Southern College varsity crew finished the 1954 row- ing season with a record of five wins and five defeats. The set-backs came at the hands of Wisconsin University, Rutgers University and Rollins College twice, including the state championship race. The other loss came in the Dad Vail Regatta at Philadelphia. The Water Mocs defeated Amherst College, Brown University, American International College, Rollins College, and Tampa Uni- versity. Four veteran lettermen comprise the nucleus of Coach Roy Couch ' s 1955 varsity eight. Steve Potz, John Frasz, Chuck Nelson and coxswain Tom Karahalios are back from last year ' s shell. They have been joined by Keith Lowe, Roger Woodruff, Ken Pfeil, Ray DeLoach, and Howie Jones from past junior varsity crews plus new- comer Walt Strain. 298 ♦ ♦ 4 % The 1955 Southern J.V. Crew, from left to right: Bow— Dennis Andrews; No. 2— Bert Levin; No. 3— Bill Prescott, No. 4— Bill Bretz; No 5— Dave Ingle; No. 6 — Bob Bew; No 7 — Walt Strain; Stroke — Larry Pfent and Coxswain Jimmy Cade. THE JAYVEE EREW VARSITY SCHEDULE JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Date Opponent Location Date Opponent Location FEB. 3 Wisconsin University LAKELAND MARCH 4 Founders ' Week Race LAKELAND MARCH 4 Founders ' Week Race LAKELAND MARCH 29 Amherst College LAKELAND MARCH 29 Amherst College LAKELAND APRIL 8 American International College Lakeland APRIL 8 American International College LAKELAND APRIL 9 Brown University LAKELAND APRIL 9 Brown University LAKELAND APRIL 16 Tampa University TAMPA APRIL 16 Tampa University TAMPA MAY 7 State Championship Race WINTER PARK MAY 7 State Championship Race WINTER PARK MAY 14 Dad Vail Regatta PHILADELPHIA MAY 14 Dad Vail Regatta PHILADELPHIA 299 Crew Captain Dick Lark holds the State Championship Trophy. Crew Manager Anthony Herles crosses Lake Hollingsworth the easy way. THE CREW IN ACTIDN With the campus providing a background, the Mocs take a slight lead. -i- . " .Nfc:k»Jk-fe 4 IB- " ■ ' . . . 300 NED BIDDIX TOM EUBELER FRED EUBELER DON BRENNAN m BASEBALL PITCHERS DICK HAGSTROM DINO FANELLI JAMES B. LEASE Moccasin Coach WALT KRAUSS DAN WEINBERG Leading Hitter 301 First Row, Left to Right: Coach Jim Lease, B. Meeks, K. Vanoski, T. Bowen, T. Panico, H. Smith, Mgr. C. Selph, D. Fanelli, T. Gatlin, J. Scott, H. Calderone, and J. Kingsland. Second Row: B. Tolle, F. DeSavino, D. Weinberg, W. Krauss, J. Embry, D. Hagstrom, C. Fogal, J. Appledorn, N. Biddix, and C. Wilbourn. MOCCASIN BASEBALL TEAM The Florida Southern College baseball team and Coach Jim Lease have their work cut out this season as they tackle one of the toughest schedules a Moc- casin diamond nine has ever undertaken. A member of the recently formed Florida Inter- collegiate Conference, the Mocs have added other powerful rivals to fill out their slate. A host of returning lettermen should make coach Lease ' s task an easier one. Heading the list of return- ing moundsmen is last year ' s pitching mainstay, Dino Fanelli, who finished the season with a 9-2 won-lost record. Dan Weinberg, slugging Moc first-sacker, who led the squad at the plate last year will be stationed at the initial sack again this season. Bill Tolle. an- other player who batted well over .300 last year is back to take up his familiar station at the hot corner. The Moc regular second sacker of last year has returned to give coach Lease half of his keystone combination Outfielders Hank Calderone, Frank De- Savino and Ray Gatlin assure the Southern nine of a seasoned picket line. Coach Lease is counting heavily on flychaser Fred Eubler, a transfer from Stetson University where he was one of the Hatters leading stickmen. The mound staff has its share of veterans also in Dick Hagstrom, Clarence Fogal, Walt Krauss and Ned Biddix, a converted outfielder. Krauss and Fogal may be slated for outfield duty this season. SCHEDULE Date Opponent Site March 11 Florida State University Home March 12 Florida State University Home March 17 University of Alabama Home March 18 University of Alabama Home March 24 Louisiana State University Home March 25 Louisiana State University Home March 28 Amherst College Home April 2 Jacksonville Navy Home April 16 Stetson University Home April 18 Miami University Home April 19 Miami University Home April 23 Stetson University Away April 29 Miami University Away April 30 Miami University Away May 3 Rollins College Home May 10 Rollins College Away 302 Left to Right: Bow, Diane Beattie; two, Suzanne Stoleberg; three, Fran Lietz; four, Martha Rea; five, Dorothy Beach; six, Ruth Jones; seven. Donna Sarkison; and stroke, Margery Hamilton. This year, Crew Coach Roy Couch established precedent by organizing a Women ' s Varsity crew team. During the Founders ' Week crew program, the Co-eds will meet their first opponent when they race the Women ' s Rowing Club of Philadel- phia. Barbara Hand, the crew manager, is in the process of forming a sche- dule. WOMEN ' S VARSITY CREW Crew Coach Roy Couch instructing the Varsity Womens ' Crew coxswain, Mary Bryant, in the fundamentals. Coach Roy Couch has been work- ing patiently with the girls, ever since the first practice. A majority of the girls had never rowed before and the first sessions were devoted to elementary procedures. With the instruction on the " how " of crew behind them, the Women ' s Varsity crew has turned out far bet- ter than anyone had expected. 303 VARSITY " S " CLUB First Row: Fletcher Humphries, Chris Magee, Ginny Kennedy, June Dowd, Sunny Matthews, Harold Doster, Sonny Campbell, Staff Maurer, Tom Karahalios. Second Row: Hank Barlow, Jerry Greenfield, Charlie Wilburn, John Frasz, Bill Edmunds, Chuck Nelson, Walt Krauss, Ken Vanoski. Third Row: Howie Jones, Roger Woodruff, Steve Poti, Don Buckman, Marion Brown, Bill Wood, Keith Lowe, John Kerlin. FSC ' s Varsity " 5 " Club is the varsity lettermen ' s club on the campus. It is comprised of students who have won varsity athletic awards. The purposes of the " S " club are threefold: first, to promote mutual understanding among its members; second, to serve devot- edly on community and college projects; and third to facilitate im- provement in college athletics for the benefit of the entire student body. Last spring at an introductory banquet, Dr. Spivey presented to the Varsity " S " Club the room which now bears its name. When the room was turned over to the Moc lettermen it was presented with exclusive rights to be used as the club saw fit. OFFICERS CHARLIE NELSON President STEVE POTZ Vice-President GINNY KENNEDY Treasurer TOM KARAHALIOS Secretory STAFF MAURER Sgt. at Arms Left to Right: Staff Maure 304 •.♦ ft % CHEERLEADERS First Row, Left to Right Shirllo Latanision, Sunny Matthews, Linda Pearson, June Dowd, and Ginny Kennedy. Second Row: Joy Frick, Lucy Fisackerly, Jean Hunt, and Jackie Hanson. 305 SOUTHERN INTRAMURALS WOMAN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD -4J iAj wi First Row: Marjorie Hamilton, Charlotte Fink, Ginger Ballard, Frances Ri- hcrd, Estella Roberts, Anne Stansbury. Second Row: Cindy Ingram, Linda Pearson, Dee Mills, Marjorie Payton, Lynda Kelt. OFFICERS ANN STANSBURY President LINDA PEARSON Vice-President MARJORIE HAMILTON Secretary-Treasurer ESTELLA ROBERTS Publicity Chairman FRANCES RIHERD Advisor First Row: Publicity Chairman, Estella Roberts; Advisor, Frances Riherd. Second Row: Secretary- Treasurer, Marjorie Hamilton; President, Ann Stansbury; Vice-President, Linda Pearson. ., BOB PAYTON, President MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD First Row, Left to Right: Bruce Davis, Bill Burns, Frank Donatelli, Charlie Jervis, Ray Carucci, and John Frasz. Second Row: Bob Payton, Fred Morton, Hank Barlow, Jim George, and Joe McCormack. 306 % ♦ A • ♦ % FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- nity won the Intramural foot- ball championship, without suffering a setback. SAE was blessed with speed, power, talent, and depth as they swept through their sche- dule to an 8-0 record. Charlie Jackson, Bob Goodnetter and Newt Garrison led the attack, while Al Huff and Chuck Nel- son were the outstanding lines- men. The SAE team furnished four of the players who were selected for the all-star foot- ball squad. First Row, Left to Right Jack Highnam, Tom Maurer, Charles Nelson, Bob Goodnetter, and Bill Burns. Second Row: Al Huff, Dean Gallow, Newt Gar- rison, Fred Gebhart, and Charles Jackson. First Row, Left to Right: Bob Goodnetter, Charles Jackson, Chuck Nelson, and Al Huff. ond Row: Jack McPherson, Tom Bowen, Laurie Becker, and Bob Fernandez. The Intramural football all- star team saw the champion Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity place four men on the eight man squad. They were repre- sented by Bob Goodnetter, Charles Jackson, Chuck Nel- son and Al Huff on the mythi- cal " dream team. " Tau Epsilon Phi also showed up strong by nabbing two places when their backfield punch consisting of Tom Bowen and Laurie Becker were chosen. The team was rounded out by Jack McPherson, line-cracking Theta Chi field general, and Bob Fernandez of the indepen- dent squad. 307 MEN ' S VDLLEYBALL CHAMPS First Row, Left to Right: Jim George, Mohammed Sobie, and Lee Ly ons. Second Row: Laurie Becker, Tom Bowen, and Al Kuhn. Spearheaded by the brilliant spiking of Mohammed Sabie, Tau Ep- silon Phi made a run-away of the league in men ' s intramural volley- ball, and then outlasted a stubborn Pi Kappa Alpha team in the play- off to cop the volleyball championship. TEP went one game down at the outset of the final match with PiKA when they lost 15-12. Coming back strong TEP won the second game 15-8 and eked out a 15-12 victory in the third game to take the crown. TEP made the final round by dumping Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the semi-finals by scores of 10-15, 15-10 and 16-14. PiKA gained their berth in the play-offs by eliminating Lambda Chi Alpha 15-9 and 15-13. STANDI NGS LEAGUE 1 LEAGUE 2 Teat W Team W 7 n SAE-A 6 i SPE-B 5 ? TKE 3 ,1 Theta Chi 2 s PiKA-B 2 s SPEC 1 6 Eighth Gym 7 TEP 7 PiKA-A 6 Pi Kopp 4 SPE-A 4 SAE-B 4 SAE-C 1 Ninth Gym 1 Phi Sig 1 308 • % • - • • » ♦ « % WOMEN ' S VDLLEYBALL CHAMPS First Row, Left to Right: Connie Crenshow, Marge Poyton, Mary Ann Stone, and Sue Speidel. Second Row: Sue Ludewig, Pat Blackmon, Lucy Fisackerly, Barbara Moore, and Charlotte Paugh. The women ' s intramural vol- leyball title was won by Alpha Omicron Pi when they edged out the second place Southern- ette team by a one-game mar- gin. The champs won every game they played finishing with a perfect 1 1-0 record. The second place Southern- ettes lost but one game, the defeat coming at the hands of the eventual winners. The fi- nal league results follow: Pi " A Team Alpha Omicrc Southernettes Spikers . . Delta Zeta . Beta Sigma Omicron Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi . Dragnets . . . Alpha Omicron P Phi Mu . . . Yankee Rebels Big Birds . . . w 11 10 9 MENS ALL STAR TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Jim George, Bill Wood, Joe McCormack, and Mohammed Sabie Sec- ond Row: Laurie Becker and Art Eberty. The 1955 Volleyball All-Star team was dominated by Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity which placed three men on the team: Mohammed Sabie, Laurie Becker and Jim George. Sabie drew the most votes, and won the outstanding vol- leyball player title mainly on the strength of his season-long spiking and stand-out play during the play-off set against Pi Kappa Alpha. The team was rounded out by Bill Wood, Pi Kappa Phi; Art Eberly, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; and Joe McCormack, Theta Chi. 309 INTRAMURAL TENNIS Ted Obery and Dave Kelsey Alan Van Winkle, Albert C. Hazelip, Jr., and Laurie Becker and Tom Bowen William H. Haussmann. TENNIS STANDINGS TEAM RECORD W L Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity swept into the Intra- SAE ' 7 mural Tennis finals, and then went on to take the TKE 5 l championship by winning two matches out of three Lambda Chi 4 2 from the finalists of Siqma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. PiKA 4 2 Pi Kapp . . . I 5 Tom Bowen and Laurie Becker, the TEP duo Theto Chi ' . . . . 6 downed the Sigma Phi Epsilon team to gain the ,. , ... , r a r- i l a i w k i i Badminton Champ, Esther McNett finals, while the bAE twosome of Alan Van Winkle and Bill Haussmann took the measure of Tau Kappa Epsilon. In the championship match, Van Winkle defeated Becker by a 6-1 score, to put SAE one up. The lead did not stand up however as Bowen downed Hauss- mann 6-3, to force a doubles play-off. With the blue chips down Bowen and Becker came wjZZ 727 • through with a 6- 1 victory to clinch the champion- ship. ' CL yw r I. | Ester McNett, the perennial women ' s badminton champion, retained her title this year in spite of the huge field arrayed against her. Emerging as finalists were: Nancy Sherwin, Dot Beach, Mary Bryant and Esther McNett. The finals were played as a round robin tournament with Esther easily surviving the elimination. 310 INTRAMURAL CREW THE DELTA ZETA CREW: Left to Right: Mary Frances Davis, Kay Hammerich, Toni Cicnkus Abbey Crowell, June Dowd, Pat Sweeney, Mary Lou Dick, Jo Ann Boden and, kneeling, Sarah Troxler. THE ALPHA CHI OMEGA CREW: Left to Right: Shirlla Latanision, Margaret Reid, Jackie Hanson, Carmen Rhodes, Theresa Whitice, Carole Connell, Carol Foul- stich, Mary Slant and, kneel- ing, Ann Clark. THE ALPHA OMICRON PI CREW: Left to Right: Fran Lietz, Connie Crenshaw, Mar- ilyn Howell, Sandra Hawes, Bobbie Jones, Barbara Bau- hof, Sue Speidel, Jean Woods. 311 INTRAMURAL CREW THE ALPHA DELTA PI CREW: Left to Right: Nancy Nelson, Linda Mosher, Marilyn Utter- back, Martha Watson, Sonia Hooker, Natalie Thomas, Cindy Ingram, Sunny Matthews and, kneeling, Kellie Greene. THE KAPPA DELTA CREW: Left to Right: Carol Ungro, Bar- bara Hand, Joanne Zimmer, Martha Male, Pot Sperry, Char- lotte Fink, Barbara Glock, Bar- bara Reedy and kneeling Jane McMullen. The Women ' s Intramural crew race is held ev ery year during the Founders ' Week celebration, and last year the independent crew walked off with the trophy. This year the AOPi eight stroked to a narrow vic- tory over the Delta Zeta girls, who took down second place. ADPi was third and Alpha Chi fourth. 312 ' . • - F.S.C. SOCCER TEAM Front Row, Left to Right: Tulio Lemos, Joe McCormack, Enrique Santana, Carlos Zapata, and Helmet Weber. Second Row: Lindbergh Casanova, Ravelo Murillo, Antonio Gutierrez, Captain Mohammed Sabie, Enrique Carillo, Paravon Comlekcier, and Manager Jose Abascal. The Florida Southern College soccer team has one victory and one defeat thus far in the season, with further games slated with Florida State University and Miami University. Composed almost wholly of foreign students, the team was formed in order to give these men from other countries an opportunity to play their national sport. The first game against the Bartow Air Force Base eleven saw the Southern team defeated on their home field by a 2-1 score when a perfectly placed corner kick was tallied to offset a goal by Southern ' s Antonio Gutierrez. In a return match at Bartow the combina- tion of a stiff Southern defense plus an attack spear- headed by Gutierrez ' two goals spelled a 3-0 defeat for the " Fliers. " Captain Mohammed Sabie scored on a penalty kick to ice the contest. The Southern kickers have been improving stead- ily, and should prove a tough opponent for the rest of the year. MOHAMMED SABIE Captain 313 OWN THROUGH THE YEARS The FSC Vorsity Baseball team of 1911. Center, the college orchestra plays in the early days of the Pipkin Bandshell. Below, Dr. Cyril Lord, of London and Belfast, the 1952 Chan- cellor, with Mrs. Lord and their chil- dren, on a visit to campus. Florida Southern co-eds operate a cement mixer in the building of the E. T. Roux Library. Mrs. Eleanor Searle Whitney on a visit to campus. •■•••■•■» The dedication of the Emile E. Wotson Administration Building Noted Methodist Bishop Arthur J. Moore on a visit to FSC. George W. Jenkins, of Lakeland, christens a new shell — the Ludd M. Spivey. Albert I. Lodwick, of Lakeland, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney at a Founders ' Week program. The President ' s home on Lake Hollingsworth drive under construction. A view of Edge Hall in the early days of the College. Esplanade under construction between library and administration building. An FSC co-ed helping to construct a Wright building. DOWN THROUGH A view of Allan Spivey Hall just after its completion. The buildings on the East Campus nearing completion. Some of the distinguished guests at the 1933 Founders ' Week Celebration. Faculty and students taking off for summer school in Guatamala. I • ■♦ ♦ % DOWN THROUGH ■ ■ ■ The late L. N. Pipkin, FSC trus for more than 40 years, brea ground for the Science Buildin Mrs. Annie Pfeiffer and Dr. Spivey at the dedication of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The late John Dewey, philosopher and scholar, visits with Dr. Spivey. FSC co-eds surround Frank Lloyd Wright at reception in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Roo THE YEARS Former Congressman J. Hardin Peterson, Senator Richard Russell, Senator George Smothers and Dr. Charles T. Thrift, Jr., at a College occasion. The lote Col. J. Edgar Wall and Dr. Spivey at the dedication of the Woterdome. Construction underway on the Danforth Chapel, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus. Mrs. George W. Jenkins, Miss Ann Daniel — alternate Miss America of 1955 — Mrs. L. Frank Roper, Miss Lee Ann Meriweother, Miss America of 1955, end Mrs. C. V. McClurg at a banquet at The Commons. Metropolitan star Eleanor Steber on her visit to the campus. Dr. Mary Bethune McLeod, founder of Bethune-Cookman College, and Dr. Spivey. ' • ? i Ground-breaking for the Danforth Chapel. Commissioner of Baseball Ford Frick gets an honorary degree. Neva Jane Langley, former FSC student and Miss America of 1953, with Corning F. Tolle at a banquet in her honor. • • DOWN The Little Theater back in the good old days. Myrl Spivey, now a Navy physician, at the dedication of Allen Spivey Hall. The walls and the floor of the E. T. Roux Library take shape. J ' » -■»■♦•♦ 4 % •• SM4 I Is 1 Building of the Industrial Arts Building, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus THROUGH THE YEARS A start is mode on the swimming pool, East Campus. Eve Curie visiting Dr. Spivey and Mrs. Spivey in the early days. " " ' N Walls begin to rise on Allan Spivey Hal ' .. ' fit ,♦ [vv4. ' i ' V ■ -. ' - sfc( Laying the sidewalk at the Watson Administration Building. WILL STEWART Down through the years, the passing scene at Florida Southern College has heen seen through the eyes of faithful Will Stewart, the venerable " vice president. " For 50 years now, this devoted employee has given of his time, his energy and his years to our institution which has taken him into its heart without reservation. The panorama which is the Florida Southern of yesterday and today has almost all heen witnessed by Will — who has rejoiced with the college ' s prog- ress and sorrowed when the road was steep and difficult. The " vice president " has been associated with FSC since its early days at Palm Harbor. He, with the College, has survived hurricanes, fires, epidemic and depression. His satisfaction is deep with the place he has won in the hearts and minds of alumni and students, and with the place of eminence which Florida Southern College has earned in the academic sun. The Interlachen of 1955, and the students of our College, salute Will Stewart. May his days in the future always he filled with happiness and sun- shine as he sees his college move ever forward. 322 Lf t I]V MEMDRIAM J. EDGAR WALL WILLIAM EUGENE DE MELT JOHN DYMOND BYRD MICHAEL VETRANO 324 .♦■%•_ Vft ♦ ft The Interlachen of 1 955 expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and cooperation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the ad- vertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity. 325 Engravings Furnished by ALABAMAN N GRAVING CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA a i ii als ••♦•••♦ « Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. ■ ■ H tvev% t4V| , 1 1 o TRINITY D E C A U R , PLACE E O R G I Lakeland Laundry-Cleaners Drive-In Lake Mirror Drive Phone 21391 ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY " Service is Our Middle Name " T-V SALES AND SERVICE 128 E. Riggins LAKELAND Dealers for Admiral, Arvin, Emerson, Motorola. Westinghouse, General Electric, Stromberg-Carlson, Webster-Chi- cago, Philco, Bogen, Admiral and " Lakeland ' s Oldest and Finest Plant " Universal Appliances. WILBUR F. JOHNSON, Prop. Established 1946 We Appreciate the Privilege ORIGINAL OWNERS of Writing Your Student ' s Accident Insurance STEVE ' S RUSTIC LODGE CHAMBLEE World Famous for Steaks INSURANCE • AGENCY LAKE THONOTOSASSA, FLORIDA • RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA TURNER GEE MIDWEST Wholesale Quality Meats BROKERAGE CO. Provisions Serving Central Florida P.O. Box 3573 • Distributors of RATH BLACK HAWK MEATS • QUALITY MEATS AND PROVISIONS 61 1 West Robinson Ave. • Phone 24474 Phone 2-4838 ORLANDO, FLORIDA ORLANDO, FLORIDA Compliments Compliments of of FLORIDA STEEL PRODUCTS INCORPORATED Franzblau-Gilbert Equipment Company INCORPORATED • • TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 408 West Main LAKELAND, FLORIDA Best Wishes JEFFERSON-BISHOP !NC ti •••••■♦ « TRUEBLOOD ' S PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA ti Printers of THE SOUTHERN FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE CATALOGUES Compliments of CITY LIGHT WATER DEPARTMENT LAKELAND FLORIDA SINCERE BEST WISHES TO DR. SPIVEY ON THE COMPLETION OF THIRTY YEARS AS PRESIDENT OF FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND LAKELAND, FLORIDA " Polk County ' s Largest " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THUROW SALES SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS INCORPORATED • Tampa - Miami - Jacksonville Orlando - West Palm Beach Tallahassee - St. Petersburg LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Pensacola - Ft. Myers Distributors of • ELECTRONIC PARTS, SOUND RECORDING AND HIGH FIDELITY EQUIPMENT Phone 46051 or 46061 Compliments of FLORIDA OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA McCOYS METAL SHDP INCORPORATED 1846 W. Olive St. (Old Tampa Hwy.) PHONE MU. 2-9521 IF IT ' S METAL WE MAKE IT ' All Types Roofing — Welding Air Conditioning Compliments of . PEPPER BOTTLING CO. LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO. OIL JOBBERS LAKELAND Compliments of LAKELAND TYPEWRITER SUPPLY COMPANY FRANK W. MYERS, Owner ROYAL — SHAW-WALKER Sales - Service VICTOR — Sales - Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 129 S. Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of BERGER RACHELSON TAMPA, FLORIDA Compliments of NELSON M. AYALA DISTRIBUTOR GULF OIL PRODUCTS Tires — Batteries — Accessories 1024 E. Oleander St. MUtual 5-0431 - 41 LAKELAND, FLORIDA OUR BEST WISHES to FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE AND " INTERLACHEN ' M. P. T0MLINS0N CO. 922 - 940 East Main Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA CADILLAC AND OLDSMOBILE MOTOR CARS CAPEHART, SYLVAN I A ADMIRAL TELEVISION RECEIVERS Complete Service Facilities in all Departments KIRKLAND PAINT SUPPLY COMPANY 1216 South Florida Avenue Telephone 22-522 Duralite Paints and Varnishes Brushes -- Sundries Compliments Compliments of of FLORIDA SPORTING NU-WAY FLOOR GOODS SUPPLY CO COVERING w 711 Tampa Street • TAMPA, FLORIDA C. M. BIRD G. R. SCHABERT Your Newspaper . . . FREEDOM ' S FORUM Any newspaper, whole-heartedly ded- icated to keeping America Free, will help keeD America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censors of what it shall print. The Tampa Tribune and other lead- ing American newspapers are wholly dedicated to these principles of serv- ice. TAMPA TRIBUNE CO-ED COORDINATES Junior Dresses - Suits - Formals Sportswear and Evening Separates ALBRITTON ' S 119 S. Tennessee Across from the Post Office MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA GEORGE L GAINES JEWELER 122 East Main Street Telephone 24-191 LAKELAND, FLORIDA REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone 6-6661 940 So. Florida Ave. LAKE MORTON SODA SHOP Dinner Specials — Sandwiches Fountain Service THE LAKELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SALUTES FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE and congratulates Dr. Ludd M. Spivey on his 30th year as president Compliments of RACY ' S Exclusive Wearing Apparel TWO FINE STORES THE HUB For Men and MILLER ' S For Women LAKELAND, FLORIDA BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 South Kentucky Avenue For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain pens, greet- ing cards, school and art sup- plies, office equipment, and gift suggestions. Phone 48-651 DICK ' S AUTO SALES THE SHOE BOX " Shoes for all Occasions " Polk County ' s Largest Used Car Dealer • Owned by R. C. LEIS 1003 E. Main 124 E. Main LAKELAND, FLORIDA US Royal Tires Delco Batteries • Compliments Complete Automotor Service of Storage BALLENGER STREATER BUICK CO. AUTO STORAGE, INC. LAKELAND, FLORIDA 46551 Phone 46561 • " THE BANK WITH WHICH TO BUILD YOUR FUTURE " THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT LAKELAND Lakeland ' s Only National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MYRICK ' S With Best Wishes MEN ' S STORE Citud¥ s Aden ' s Clothing Is Our V SHOES 117 So Kentucky • Lakeland Specialty • • 123 South Kentucky When You Think of Shoes, LAKELAND Think of SNYDER ' S ORANGE BLOSSOM PERFUME BAR GIFT SHOPPE Fine Cosmetics Charles of the Ritz — Alexandra de Markoff 110 S. Kentucky Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA BENFORD ' S BOOTERY " Smart Footwear for Men and Women " 124 S. Kentucky Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of THREE FRIENDS Get Your ARGYLE SOCK KITS at BAGGETTS KNIT SHOP 12 Marble Arcade LAKELAND, FLORIDA i NICODEMUS • JEWELRY CO 1 Compliments Lakeland ' s Finest Jewelry Store of • ARTHUR C. DAVIS, JR. Phone 26-354 PLANT CITY 205 E. 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Main WORK ' S PHARMACY FAMOUS BRAND COSMETICS By Rubinstein - Tussy - Lentheric Yardley - Tweed Royal College Stationery Phone 38541 1051 S. Florida Ave. Compliments PIPKINS DIXIELAND MAID-RITE, INC. Phone 73-571 1101 South Florida REMEMBER! THE ALAMO " Where Fried Chicken is a Business ' — Not a Sideline Phone 57541 1128 South Florida Avenue Prices Right — Service the Best Compliments of W. W. WOLFSON Pharmacist Drugs - Prescriptions 1211 S. Florida Ave. LAKELAND LAKELAND FRENCH DRY CLEANERS Phone 21871 112 West Main Street Compliments of B ERNICE ' S Ladies Ready to Wear and Accessories Phone 5-6555 231 South Florida Avenue Compliments of ENGLE ELECTRIC LAKELAND, FLORIDA LAKELAND LINCOLN MERCURY, INC. 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PATENT OFFICE A NATURAL CAS SERVICE Serving Imperial Polk County ♦ •■ •• ft. • -ft ft. ft.

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