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t954 tNT FPLACHFN w O I II HERITAGE " Man takes a positive hand in creation whenever he puts a building upon the earth beneath the sun. If he has birthright at all, it must consist in this: that he, too, is no less a feature of the landscape than the rocks, trees, bears or bees of that nature to which he owes his being. " A HUNDRED YEARS AGO Founded on the desire to go forward and the belief that knowledge does for the mind what faith does for the soul of man the Methodist Educational movement was started in Florida. TODAY our modern institutions stand as a monu- ment to this belief and a promise that the growth of a century is but a small beginning . . . The Greatest Architect of Our Day nets aiven US THE STUDENTS • O. , V A PLACE T O WORK 0000000000000 aoooooaeiaoeoo aoaoBoooooaeot ooaaoaBBoaooot Booaaaeosecio ' OBoooaoooaooB 1 " OOBODOOBOOOB 1 aaaooBcoooooo ' - o on on b b a a a o a e B " " OOOBOOaBBflB P B 0BBBaBBBBO ' •« a a a a a a b a b a. a a a o n o a a ° " aaBBBeaB- 00Bn B BBBBBO JB = OBBBBBa " n o a a a a a ?((, " ! i» mm f { £ r r r r r r r- r r ;:)r r£!i ■•■♦-»•• ♦ 2 ? w , v M •■: ' •■• ■ •■ ; ' l AND PlAV i • ■ •■•■, AND A PLACE TO «•!» • •«« Jk « . A «... A. ... .. A " ■■-■■■•■■■••»• T V -- W ' T ' f " P R A ■ ■ " W ' ■ « W « W JJJ W " f, i i a ■ m»- m m w w -■ m i X aaMMr i a c ■■■■ v ;§ ■ m m a n ■r y y w : ar- W- n — a r ■ « m 1954 INTHKLACHIN mPP sEj Mk ft J II Jy™ " - " " . " r 3 iS? V SwtSfl-v- TAKES A FEW BACKWARD GLANCES BUT MOST OF ALL IT TELLS THE STORY OF Tod at l O II I II A S O I I 1 1 I 1 1 COLLEGE Lakeland, Florida DELANA RINEHART Editor-in-Chief RICHARD ANDERSON Business Manager CONTENTS OBGANI2ATIONS 5- MILITARY m DONNA STODDARD Dedication As head of the Florida Southern College Art Department, Donna Stoddard has forwarded the progress of art, not only on campus, but throughout the United States. She is a living in- spiration to all with her gaiety, charm, zestful personality, and warm smile. As a student and instructor she has given twenty-one years of loyalty and service to the college. She has con- tributed to the progress the college has made over these years as it grew from two buildings to the campus of today. She is a friend to all, always willing to help. With grateful and sincere appreciation we dedicate the 1954 INTERLACHEN to DONNA STODDARD. . ' . ' • » ♦ This is an abstract of a Florida Southern Colleqe student pre- paring for a semester examination. A DM At SWA TtON CHANCELLOR JOSEPH FAZZANO HONORARY CHANCELLOR O 1 FLORIDA S M ( III It COLLEdC Mr. Joseph Fazzano of Providence, Rhode Island, one of New England ' s most successful manufacturing executives, has reigned this year as honorary chan- cellor of Florida Southern College. As a patron of the arts, Mr. Fazzano owns one of the nation ' s most elab- orate art collections. He became acquainted with FSC during the 1952 Founder ' s Week when he attended the International Art Exhibition. THE PRESIDENT DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE From the vantage point of this historic year, we can look together with pride upon the paths we have trod, and with hope upon those yet to be traversed. Our pride is understandably full this year, the 100th Anniversary of Methodist Higher Education in Florida. It was in the little community of Micanopy just a century ago that our Methodist pioneers founded our College. Later, in Orlando, Leesburg, Palm Harbor and Clearwater, the fledgling institution progressed, withstanding adversities which would have discouraged the less resolute, and in 1923 was transferred to its present site in Lakeland. During twenty-nine of the thirty-one years which have come and gone since the College moved to Lakeland, I have written the President ' s Annual Message for our INTERLACHEN. It is with particular satisfaction that I do so this anniversary year. I am mindful, too, of the gratification which is the herit- age of the Class of 1954, for its members will carry with them through their lives the numeri- cal symbol of this anniversary year. The paths ahead are bright with expectation for the fulfill- ment of our mutual dream: the completion of our Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Together we can carry our idea and ideal to reality, so that you and your sons and daughters can glory in America ' s most esthetically impressive campus, born of our shared devotion to wisdom and enduring art. LUDD M. SPIVEY President F. S. C. 1854 — 1954 ' ■ • ' ' . .. THE T. THRIFT. JR, CHARLES T. THRIFT. JR. Vice-President V JAMES CLAUDIUS PEEL Dean ADMINISTRATION JEAN A. BATTLE Dean of Students ALTON RICHARD KINDRED Bursar CORNING FISK TOLLE Business Manager ERNEST ARTHUR LILLEY Registrar ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel EVA M. MILLER Dean oi Women VIRGINIA FALANA Endowment Secretary ROGER SINIGOI Director oi Men GEORGE H. MORRIS Director oi Public Relations WILLIAM D. SHILLING Director of Publicity f iC PAUL WILLE College Photographer fRb 8S.4S Sn r I ammamm 69.72 j I I 4.91. 78.96 2.60} ' Bi:;iiUll. ml iiu.imium . [y] Q •I U Mtjsll.4- H 95.9 . i JUANITA L. ANDERSON HENRY GREEN EARNETT T II E JUANITA L. ANDERSON A.B.. M.A. Ccncord Cc liege, Columbia University Economics HENRY GREEN BARNETT A.B.. M.A. Emory, Columbia University English HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE A.B., S.T.B., M.A., Ph.D. Baldwin-Wallace, Garrett Biblical Institute, University of Denver English WILLIAM R. BEATON B.S., M.S. Stetson University, Florida State University Business HERBERT F. BLAIR B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Columbia University, Northwestern University, Chicago University, University of Wisconsin Education HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE WILLIAM R. BEATON HERBERT F. BLAIR J31 ft MARGUERITE CALLAHAN EGBERT A. CASE ROBERT A. CHAPMAN FACULTY R. S. BLY B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Stetson University. Columbia. Northwestern Chemistry MARGURITE CALLAHAN A.B.. M.A. University of Illinois. Northwestern University. University of Wisconsin. University of Southern California Speech WILLIAM FLOYD CLIPSON B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D. Troy State Teachers College. University of Alabama Columbia University Physical Education LAURA NEIL CLYATT B.S.. M.A. Florida Southern, Columbia University Secretarial Science EGBERT A. CASE A.B.. A.M. Bates College, Columbia University Mathematics S. G. COE A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Washington Lee, Johns Hopkins Political Science ROBERT A. CHAPMAN A.B., A.M., B.D. Kalamazoo College, University of Chicago Sociology KENNETH CRABBE A.B., M.A. University of Georgia Journalism WILLIAM FLOYD CLIPSON LAURA CLYATT KENNETH CRABBE JOHN CRETZINGER MILDRED DRACH II E JOHN I. CRETZINGER A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania State College, University of Pittsburgh Social Studies ROLAND D. ELDERKIN A.B., M.S. Ohio State, Boston University. Columbia Sociology, Reference Librarian MILDRED A. DRACH A.B. Master of Letters University of Colorado, U.C.L.A., University of Pittsburgh Business Administration THELMA HALL ELLISON B.S., M.A. Florida State College, Columbia, University of California Home Economics FRANCES GILTNER ELVIDGE B.A., M.A. Iowa State University, Columbia University Elementary Education ROLAND ELDERKIN THELMA ELLISON FRANCES ELVIDGE ROBERT GAYLER F A YVONNE GOLDSBOROUGH PAUL R. GOODMAN H. TED GRACE u G. CLAYTON FIELDS A.B. University of Florida. Port Arthur College Speech, Drama, Radio ROBERT GAYLER Student oi Scharwenka, Petzet, Gram, Winterbottom, Guetary, Milcke, Witherspoon, Stern, and Jeannin Music THOMAS J. FORD A.B., M.A. Mississippi College, University of Florida History YVONNE GOLDSBOROUGH A.B., M.A. Florida Southern, Columbia, Lycee d ' Orleans Foreign Language AUDIE FRANKLIN FUGITT B.S.. M.A. Mississippi Southern. Peabody College History PAUL ROE GOODMAN A.B.. B.M. Julliard. Ottawa University Music WARRENNE FUGITT B.S.. M.A. Mississippi Southern, Peabody English H. TED GRACE B.S., M.A. Peabody, Columbia Elementary Education G. C. FIELDS A. F. FUGITT WARRENNE FUGITT PETER HOMEK MILDRED S. IBBERSON THE EMILY HANCOCK LEO HIRSCH B.S.. M.A. Stetson, New York University Secretarial Science University of Vienna Modern and Classical Languages ABNER L. HANSEN B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. PETER HOMEK University of Wisconsin Scott Carbee School of Art Psychology Fine Arts MILDRED IBBERSON B.S.. M.A. Kent State University, Western Re serve Speech EMILY HANCOCK ABNER L. HANSEN igfr A LEO HIRSCH -Hj . CW JOSEPH C. IRELAND AGNES JOHNSON EDWARD R. JOHNSON JULIANA JORDAN FACULTY JOSEPH C. IRELAND ROY KISER B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. B.S., M.S. Wabash College. University of Chicago Madison College. University of Virginia Biology Biology AGNES JOHNSON EDWARD C. KNIPPERS A.B.. M.A. A.B., M.S. L.S.U., Northwestern University of Arkansas. Asbury Theological Seminary English Business EDWARD R. JOHNSON PAUL A. LEEMAN B.S.. M.A. B.M. L.S.U., Colorado University University of Maine History Music JULIANA JORDAN FRANCIS L. LUCE Ph.D., A.B. A.B., ST.B. Konsular Academy. Vienna. Florida Southern Florida Southern, Boston University Drama, German Religion ROY KISER EDWARD C. KNIPPERS PAUL A. LEEMAN FRANCIS L. LUCE . . .. + A . » ■ :■: I SAMUEL W. LUCE WILLIAM R. LYLE THE SAMUEL W. LUCE B.S.. M.A. Florida Southern. Peabody Teachers College Physical Education THOMAS MACK B.S. University of Florida Citrus WILLIAM R. LYLE B.S.. M.S. University of Florida Citrus LEONARD W. MASTERS M.A. Northwestern, University of Chicago Foreign Student Advisor HUGH N. MOZINGO B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Columbia Biology THOMAS MACK LEONARD W. MASTERS HUGH N. MOZINGO MARGARET MULLEN ANTHONY Q. MUSTOE I. GORDON OGDEN. JR. GEORGE K. OLSON FACULTY MARGARET S. MULLEN M.A.. A.B. University of Wisconsin Enqlish WILLIAM O. FOSTER A.B.. B.D.. Ph.D. Yale. Columbia, University of North Carolina History and Political Science ANTHONY Q. MUSTOE B.S.. M.S. Virginia Polytechnic, Massachusetts Institute of Techonology, University ol Florida Mathematics COLIN O ' MORE College of Music, Cincinnati Studied with lean De Reszke, Edmond Clement, Lucie, Fugere, Paris; Sir Henry Wood, Sir Arthur Fagge, Walter Keise-Wetter. Music J. GORDON OGDEN. JR. B.S., A.M. New York University. Harvard Education JOHN OWEN M.A., Ph.D. Duke. U.C.L.A. Sociology GEORGE K. OLSON B.S.. M.A. University of Minnesota, Columbia Art JOSEPH PITTMAN B.A.. M.A. Harvard. Boston University English COLIN O ' MORE WILLIAM O. FOSTER JOHN OWEN JOSEPH PITTMAN s J fe t ■ ♦ — rf: LESLIE HARPER PURCELL E. L. RAESLY THE LESLIE HARPER PURCELL DAVID L. READDICK A.B.. M.A. B.S.. M.A. Whitworth College. Stetson University Florida Southern College, Ohio State, Penn. State English Industrial Arts BERNHARD P. REINSCH £. L. RAESLY A.B.. B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. State University of Iowa, University of Illinois, Massachusetts Bucknell. Columbia Institute of Technology, Harvard University English Mathematics ROBERT GOODALE RICHARDS A.B., A.M. Harvard University Social Studies DAVID L. READDICK BERNHARD P. REINSCH ' | ' • Ve— fP -• ' ' " — „« | ' V wy W J in ROBERT GOODALE RICHARDS GILBERT PAYTON RICHARDSON FRANCES RIHERD MAX J. SELIG EARL D. SMITH FACULTY GILBERT PAYTON RICHARDSON B.A.. M.A. David Lipscomb College. Mexico City College. George Peabody College Assistant Director of Admissions FRANCES RIHERD B.S.. M.A. Florida State University. Ohio State University Physical Education GRACE L. SNYDER A.B.. M.A. Florida Southern College, University of Chicago Religion JOHN G. SNYDER A.B., M.A.. Th.B. Pennsylvania. University of Pittsburgh. Columbia University. Union Theological Seminary Religion MAX J. SELIG B.C.S.. M.A. New York University, Florida Southern College Business Administration BORIS SOKOLOFF Ph.D., M.D.. ScD. University of St. Petersburg, University of Petrograd, University of Prague Director cf Research Department EARL D. SMITH B.S., M.S. University of Texas Chemistry and Physics WILLIAM H. SPIVEY B.S. Florida Southern College. Julliard Institute of Music Music GRACE L. SNYDER JOHN G. SNYDER BORIS SOKOLOFF WILLIAM H. SPIVEY ■0 4 • DONNA STODDARD HALE STURGES • «s G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN. JR. I H E DONNA STODDARD B.S.. M.Ed. Florida Southern College. Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Penn. State Art HALE STURGES A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. Kenyon College. Yale University English FRANK P. SZABO B.S. Florida Southern College Industrial Arts RUTH F. TERRY A.B.. M.A. Bridgewater College, West Virginia University, Duke University Mathematics G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN, JR. B.S., M.A. Florida Southern College, University of Florida, Industrial Arts LYMAN B. VEEDER A.B.. M.A. Princeton University, Columbia University Social Studies FRANK P. SZABO RUTH F. TERRY LYMAN B. VEEDER - «c i r HAROLD E. WALLACE A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Michigan State College. Michigan State Normal College, University of Michigan Biology CHARLES A. WOODBURY. SR. B.Ed.. M.M.. D.M. New England Conservatory of Music. American International College. University of Montreal Music ISLA WALLACE B.S. Michigan State Normal College. Michigan State College Home Economics CHARLES A. WOODBURY, JR. B.S.. Ed.M.. Ed.D. Keene State Teachers College, Boston University Psychology OLNEY S. WEAVER B.S.. M.A. Miami University, University of Chicago. University of California, Columbia University Educational Psychology JAMES A. PADGETT B.S. Florida Southern College MacDil! Faculty ROGERS VANCE WH1TENER B.S., M.A. Appalachian State Teachers College, University of Florida English HARRY E. TROPP B.S.. M.S. MacDill Faculty CHARLES A. WOODBURY. SR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY, JR. JAMES A. PADGETT HARRY E. TROPP DEPARTMENT OF AMERICAN CULTURE Winner of the First Flace 1953 National Award from Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, for the outstanding college campus program advancing the American Wnv of Life. This major award was formally announced at Valley Forge on February 22, Washing- ton ' s Birthday, 1954. DR. JOHN C. GLENN Director DR. JAMES C. PEEL Curriculum Coordinator GEORGE H. MORRIS Chairman MEMBERS JUANITA LEACH ANDERSON American Economic System HENRY GREEN BARNETT American Literature DR. SAMUEL GWYNN COE American History Government DR. JOHN I. CRETZINGER American Culture AUD1E FRANKLIN FUGITT American History DR. JULIANA JORDAN American Drama DR. ROBERT MACGOWAN American Philosophy GEORGE H. MORRIS American Institutions ROBERT GOODALE RICHARDS Comparative Government GRACE L. SNYDER The Bible in American Culture JOHN GALLAHER SNYDER Religion in America DONNA STODDARD American Art DR. CHARLES T. THRIFT. JR. Religion in America DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY. SR. American Music :; 1 THE HOUSEMOTHERS Ethel Haley, Murray Johnson. Jessie Stewart. Amelia Dekle, Hazel Silva. Irbye Vann. Caro Williams. Bertie Scott. Isabel Caine. I II E WOMEN BEHIND THE SCE X E S DORIS HEATH Assistant Libra OWEEN SUMNER Librarian LOUISE EASTWOOD Assistant Librarian Students running in confusion from their different classes. CIA SSWS f ., W w ■ - , ♦ ; , ♦ ■ ■• ♦ C A HI P l T S S X A P s The " Pike Follies " goes to the beach " That grand ' ole place " Joan Bledsoe. Connie Wagner, Ann Combs. lack Waddell THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CONNIE WAGNER President JOAN BLEDSOE Vice-President ANN COMBS Woman Senator JACK WADDELL Male Senator 39 ,.0mk: fr VICTOR S. ABBOTT B.S. English Garden City. N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres., Var- sity Crew, S. Club, Pres., In- tramurals. JOANN ADAIR B.S. Business Lakeland. Fla. Alpha Delta Pi, F.T.A., Transfer Fla. State. RICHARD B. ADAMS B.S. Industrial Old Greenwich, Conn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chorus, Track. RITA ADAMS B.S. El. Ed. Clermont. Fla. Delta Zeta, F.T.A., Chorus, In] tramurals. I II § I I o ii DRUCILLA ALLEN B.S. El. Ed. Umatilla, Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron, M.S.M., F.T.A., Transfer Virginia Inter- mont. STUART L. ANDERSON B.S. Biology Homewood. 111. Pi Kappa Alpha, Science Club, Pres. JOANNE P. ANTONS B.S. Secretarial Marine City, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Pres.. F.T.A., International Club, Pan- Hellenic, Home Ec, Cap and JAMES B. APPLEDORN A.B. English Ashland. Ky. Pi Kappa Phi, Sec, I.F.C., S Club, Southern, Varsity Base- ball, Transfer Ashland Junior College. 40 FRED BAHBAH B.S. Chemistry Greenville, S. C. Transfer Bob Jones University. EMANUEL S. BADALAMENT B.S. Bus. Ad. Lakeland. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi. Treas., I.F.C., Interlachen. ALBERT D. BAGGETT B.S. Religion Cairo. Ga. Southern Bible Institute. RICHARD BAREST B.S. Science Bronx. N. Y. Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres., O.D.K., I.F.C., Mens ' Council. Univer- sity of Miami. CLASS OF 54 NORMA V. BARWICK B.S. Phys. Ed. Plant City. Fla. Phys. Ed. Club. Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Board, Cap and Gown. FRANK D. BATEMAN Pi Kappa Phi, Vice-Pres., Stu- dent Union. JUDY MARIE BEACH B.S. Biology Stuart. Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron, Pres., M.S.M., Science Club, Palm Beach Junior College. ANITA ROGERS BENNETT B.S. El. Ed. Winter Haven, Fla. F.T.A., Sigma Tau Delta, Var- iety Players. t I ♦ ♦ WILLIAM L. BENTLEY B.S. Biology Crestwood. Ky. Kappa Alpha Order, Univer- sity La. FRANK J. BERCKMAN B.S. Accounting Chester. Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramur- als, Crew, Baseball, Penn. In- stitute of Tech. DIANE BERG B.S. Secretarial Melbourne. Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron, M.S.M., Intramurals, Wesleyan Col- BARBARA M. BITTNER B.S. Home Ec Sunbury. Pa. Alpha Omicron Pi, Home Ec Club, Variety Players, F.T.A., Penn State College, Penn Hall Junior College, Dream Girl of Pike. I II I s i : i o it JOAN E. BLEDSOE B.S. El. Ed. Winter Park. Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-Pres., Cap and Gown, F.T.A., Veep of Senior Class, Interlachen Faculty Editor, Sec. Mike Club, Who ' s Who, Vagabonds, Kap- pa Delta Pi, Sec.-Treas. Junior Class. COL. E. W. BOWEN Lakeland. Fla. Pres. O.D.K., Pi Gamma Mu, Who ' s Who, Quarter Century Club, Press Club, Mike Club, Southern, Drum Major, R.O.T.C. Band. BILLY F. BOYD B.S. Math Lakeland. Fla. SPIVEY M. BRABHAM A.B. Religion Brooksville, Fla. W jf FRANCES H. BRADFORD B.S. El. Ed. Lakeland. Fla. Delta Delta Delta, Lt. sor, Brenau. Spon- RONNIE BRASWELL A.B. Social St. Lakeland. Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramurals, Fla. State U. WENDELL R. BROGAN A.B. Psych. Dixon, Ky. Stetson, Tenn. Temple College. LACY BURGESS A.B. Religion Lakeland. Fla. Southeastern Bible Institute. CLASS OF 5 4 ROBERT H. BUTZ A.B. History Orlando, Fla. Sec. of Tau Epsilon Phi. JOHN PASCO CADE A.B. Citrus Seville. Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha Veep, Choir M.S.M., S Club, I.F.C., O.D.K. Varsity Baseball, Who ' s Who OMA CADY B.S. e. Ed. Skaneateles. N. Y. Cap and Gown, W.S.G.A. Veep, F.T.A., Keuka College. ANN L. CALDWELL B.S. Biology Auburndale, Fla. 43 9 0 ' ' ■• " ' ' . . ■ : I SHIRLEY I. CANTWELL JERALD CARLTON GLEN McCONNELL MARGARET A. CLARK B.S. Bus. Ad. A.B. Citrus B.S. English B.S. Music Ed. Clermont. Fla. Tampa, Fla. California Lakeland. Fla. Alpha Omicron Pi Veep, Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club. Alpha Delta Pi, F.T.A., Tempc Pan-Hellenic, Cap and Gown, Club, Choir, Student Union, U Senate, Cheerleader, Veep of Fla. Junior Class, Co-Ed Captain, Dream Girl of Pike, Who ' s Who. tiii: SENIOR JAMES S. COCKCROFT LILLIE COLLINS ANNA COMBS JONAS T. CONCKLIN B.S. Biology A.B. El. Ed. B.S. Home Ec B.S. Bus. London, England Tampa, Fla. Bristol, Tenn. Bronxville. N. Y. Phi Delta, Science Club, Fla. F.T.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Dec- Delta Zeta Sec, F.T.A., Home Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres., Academy of Science. tor Bapti st College, Texas Wes- Ec, Senate, W.S.G.A., Kappa Pres. Junior Class, Intramur- leyan College. Delta Pi, Senior Senator, Jun- al Board, S Club, Varsity ior Senator, Vagabonds, In- Crew, Norwich U„ I.F.C. terlachen, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who Co-Editor, " S " Book, Virginia Intermont. 44 COLLEEN COOPER B.S. El. Ed. Chiefland. Fla. Southernetles, F.T.A., Kappa Delta Pi. QUIDO D ' AGOSTINO A.B. French Brooklyn. N. Y. DABNEY C. T. DAVIS. JR. A.B. Soc. St. Cocoa. Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Senior Class Senator-at-Large, Univ. of Fla. NORMAN A. DAVIS A.B. History Bradenton. Fla. Phi Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, O.D.K. CLASS OF 54 MICHAEL DELGAIZO DAVID R. DENSLOW LARRY DENSLOW EDWARD H. CONWAY A.B. Soc. St. A.B. Psychology B.S. Chemistry A.B. Social St. Bronx. N. Y. Tampa. Fla. Tampa, Fla. Friar Haven, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. Pi Gamma Mu, F.T.A., Debate, R.O.T.C. Honor Court. Phi Kappa Sigma, University cf Virginia. 45 FRANK G. DEO B.S. Accounting Flushing. N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas., In- tramurals. DOROTHY D1EFFENWIERTH A.B. Music Jasper, Fla. Sigma Rho, St. Pete Junior College. EDWARD L. DINKINS. JR. A.B. Religion Valdosta, Ga. Gamma Sigma Chi Pres., M.S.M. RICHARD DONNELLY A.B. Phys. Ed. Berwyn, 111. Phi Delta, S Club, Basebo Stetson. T H I s i; n i o it JAMES W. DUGAN Oak Park, III. ALLAN L. DUNN B.S. Business New Brunswick, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon, I.F.C., tramurals. JOHN C. ELLIS B.S. Bus. Ad. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramur- als. JOYCE EVANS B.S. El. Ed. Valrico, Fla. I.S.U., F.T.A., Kappa Dell 46 JULIE EVANS A.B. Phys. Ed. Paterson, N. J. Alpha Omicron Pi, F.T.A, tramurals, Tumbling. WALTER FITZGERALD B.S. Mathematics North Chatham. N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas. F.T.A., M.S.M., Chorus. GEORGE W. FLACK B.S. Dramatics Winter Haven, Fla. Alpha Pi Omega, F.T.A. , Vag- abonds, Mike Club, Variety Players. CHARLENE FLEISCHER B.S. El. Ed. W. Palm Beach, Fla. CLASS O F ! 5 4 RAY FLETCHER B.S. History St. Petersburg, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, F.T.A. RICHARD A. FREEMAN B.S. Sociology Lakeland. Fla. Theta Chi, Mike Club, Quar- ter Century Club, Pi Gamma GILBERT G. FRYER B.S. Bus. Ad. Livingston. N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Veep, Pres., " S " Club, Crew, Intra- WESLEY H. FRYER B.S. Bus. Ad. Livingston, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas., Veep, I.F.C., " S " Club, Crew, Intramural Board. JOSEPH R. GARRISON B.S. Speech Myrtle Beach, S. C. Pi Kappa Phi, Mike Club, F.T.A., Alpha Psi Omega, Vag- abonds, Pres. ROBERT D. GEROY B.S. Bus. Ad. Manitowish Waters, Wis. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treas., Pres., Rifle Club, Honor Guard. Crew. HELEN L. GEWALT B.S. Science Racine. Wis. Alpha Delta Pi, Home Ec Club, Transfer Stephens Col- lege. GEORGE A. GIVEN B.S. El. Ed. Miami, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi. i h i : s i : i o is ROBERT P. GLATZ A.B. Psychology Lakeland, Fla. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Transfer Univ. of Illinois and Univ. of Wisconsin. JEROME K. GOETTING B.S. Bus. Ad. Hohokus. N. J. Pi Kappa Phi. ROBERT GOSSELIN B.S. Bus. Ad. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha. GEORGE W. GRAVES B.S. Sociology Lakeland. Fla. Transfer College of William and Mary, George Washing- ton Univ. 48 JOSEPH J. GREEN B.S. Phys. Ed. Ft. Meade. Fla. Transfer Spartanburg Sr. Col- lege, Univ. of Florida. JO ANN GRUBER B.S. Music Clearwater. Fla. VAUGHAN S. GRUNDY B.S. Bus. Ad. Trenton. N. J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VICTOR L. HACKMAN B.S. Bus. Ad. White Pidgeon. Mich. Theta Chi, Pres. Intramural Board, CLASS O F ? 5 4 CARILDA HARVLEY B.S. Home Economics Plant City, Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron. JOICE HAYDEN A.B. English Galion, Ohio Delta Zeta, Interlachen, Trans- fer St. Mary ' s College. CHARLES C. HAYES. JR. B.S. Accounting Mount Airy, N. C. Mens ' Council, O.D.K., B.S.U., Pres., Concert Choir, Transfer University of North Carolina. EDWIN J. HEIDIG B.S. Biology Lancaster, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramur- als, O.D.K. . i. A . -.,A KENNETH HERNDON B.S. Bus. Ad. Jacksonville. Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Pres., S.B.A., Pres., O.D.K., Veep, I.F.C., Pi Gamma Mu, Who ' s Who, Intramurals ELSA CAROL HILL B.S. El. Ed. Lakeland, Fla. F.T.A., Sec, B.S.U., Kappa Del- ta Pi. JOHN G. HOOTS B.S. Bus. Ad. Bellwood. 111. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Quarter Century Club, S.B.A., Senator, Intramurals. ROBERT C. HOUSE A.B. Eng. Lit. River Forest. 111. Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern. T H E SENIOR BARBARA J. HOWARD B.S. Secretarial Clearwater Beach, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Treas., In- terlachen. Class Editor., South- ern, Transfer Miami Univ. NANCY E. HUGHES B.S. Education Washington, D. C. Southernettes, F.T.A., Press Club. JOHN G. HUMPHREY B.S. Citrus Lakeland, Fla. DOLORES HUTTON St. Petersburg. Fla. Southernettes, Kappa Delta Pi, F.T.A., Southern, Variety Play- ers, Transfer Moline Commun- ity College. 50 GEORGE A. HYDE B.S. Business Hyde Park. N. J. Pi Kappa Alpha. BRUCE W. JOHNSTON B.S. Social Studies Oak Park, 111. Theta Chi, I.F.C., Veep. MARY WELDON JOHNSTON B.S. Art, English Ft. Myers, Fla. Delta Zeta, Kappa Pi, Transfer Wesleyan College. GRIFFITH JONES. JR. B.S. Bus. Ad. Milwaukee, Oregon Theta Chi, " S " Club, Quarter Century Club, Tennis, Intra- murals, Vagabonds, Pres. CLASS OF ' 54 MARGARET KILLARS CHIN KIN AKIRA KIMURA DONALD KOLB B.S. El. Ed. A.B. Political Sci. B.S. Bus. Ad. Lakeland, Florida Tampa, Fla. Pusan, Korea Tokyo, Japan Alpha Delta Pi, Sec, W.S.G.A., Pi Gamma Mu, Transfer Univ. International Club, Transfer F.T.A., Cap and Gown, Kappa of Korea. Gakuin University. Delta Pi, Sec, Who ' s Who, Sigma Tau Delta. 51 1 ■ ♦ ; ♦ - j BETTY B. KING FRANCES L. KIRCHHOFF CLARENCE C. KIRK. JR. ZOE LEACH A.B. Religion B.S. Sociology B.S. Bus. Ad. B.S. Soc. Studies Bristol. Tenn. Paducah, Ky. Brooksville, Fla. Sarasota, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Veep, Cap Crew, Transfer Gulf Park Col- Theta Chi, Pres., Intramurals, Tennis, Intramurals, Transfer and Gown, Pres., Student Un- lege. Tennis, Transfer Stetson Univ. Converse College, Univ. of ion, Pres., Senate, Transfer Florida. Ward-Belmont. THE SENIOR WILLIAM J. LESTER B.S. Accounting Lakeland. Fla. BARBARA JEAN LINVILLE B.S. El. Ed. Atlanta. Ga. JAMES E. LUCE A.B. Psychology Lakeland, Fla. THOMAS J. LUPOSELLO B.S. Soc. Studies Croton-on-Hudson. N. Y. Theta Chi, Pi Gamma Mu. Quarter Century Club, Sec- Treas. Delta Zeta, Treas., Veep, Sec- Treas. of Senior Class, Kappa Delta Pi, Treas., Cap and Gown, Veep, F.T.A., Pi Gam- ma Mu, Sigma Rho Epsilon, interlachen. Class Editor, In- Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. Fresh- man and Sophomore Class, Gamma Sigma Chi, Student Union, Pres., Dir., Intramurals. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec, New- man Club. 52 Ed: MARILYN LUSK KATHLEEN McCARTNEY george Mccormick JERRY McIVER B.S. El. Ed. B.S. El. Ed. A.B. Religion B.S. Business Lakeland, Fla. Vero Beach. Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. Winter Haven, Fla Kappa Delta Pi, F.T.A., Pi Alpha Gamma Delta, Rifle Pi Kappa Alpha, Veep, Pi Gamma Mu. Club, F.T.A., Transfer Univ. of Cincinnati. Gamma Mu, Veep, Gamma Sigma Chi, O.D.K., Kap pa Ep- silon, Who ' s Who, American Guild of Organists, Pres. CLASS 5 4 JOHN W. MADDOX B.S. Accounting Mulberry. Fla. Transfer University of Fla. JOSEPH J. MYERS B.S. Indust. Arts Pittsiield, Mass. Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM F. MILAZZO B.S. Business Metuchen. N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEIDA E. MILES B.S. El. Ed. Jacksonville. Fla. Southernettes, M.S.M.; Sigma Rho, Who ' s Who, Cap and Gown, Chorus. M - r . Ik JACK LARSEN Morristown, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, O.D.K. DONALD MIZELL A.B. Religion Lakeland, Fla. Gamma Sigma Chi, M.S.M., Transfer Bob Jones University. EARL H. MOORE B.S. Citrus Winter Haven, Fla. BETTY ANN MOYER B.S. e. Ed. Danville, Pa. Alpha Omicron Pi, F.T.A., Newman Club, Variety Play- ers, Home Ec Club, Intramur- als. THE SENIOR HAZEL A. MORGAN B.S. El. Ed. Savannah, Ga. Beta Sigma Omicron, S F.T.A., B.S.U., Senate. DWAYNE W. MOZENA A.B. Religion Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gamma Sigma Chi, F.T.A., Transfer Open Bible College. CHARLES MYER B.S. Education Havana, Fla. F.T.A., Industrial Arts Club, M.S.M. BROOK NELSON B.S. Social Studies Mamaroneck, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha. 54 JUDITH OTT A.B. French Spartanburg. S. C. Delta Zeta, Pres., Sec, S.B.A., Treas., Cap and Gown, Kappa Pi, Who ' s Who. RICHARD S. PADDOCK B.S. Bus. Ad. Lambda Chi Alpha Eustis, Florida MARTHA E. PAGE B.S. Biology Miami. Fla. WILLIAM OBRIAN B.S. Social Studies Massachusetts CLASS OF 54 WALTER J. PEPLOW JULIANA PHILLIPS MAURICE PHILLIPS CHARLES TURLEY B.S. Social Studies B.S. Social Studies B.S. Religion Norfolk, Va. Kearny, N. J. New Rochelle. N. J. Lake Hamilton. Fla. 4 t • • ■•■♦ ' . ■ ' BENTON POLLOCK GEORGE POLL PATRICIA POWELL ROBERT PRICE B.S. Economics B.S. Bus. Ad. B.S. Social Studies B.S. Sociology Lake Wales, Fla. Flushing. N.Y. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Terre Haute. Ind THE § i ; i o a JEAN PRUITT GWENYTH RAY ROBERT L. REID. JR. ARTHUR A. REPPENHAGEN A.B. Sociology B.S. Education B.S. Citrus A.B. Religion Lakeland, Fla. Sarasota, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Lake Alfred. Fla. Transfer Univ. of Wisconsin, Edgewood College. Gamma Sigma Chi., Sec, M.S.M. 56 DORIS L. REPPENHAGEN A.B. Rel. Education Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Rho Epsilon, M.S.M. CARLTON REWIS B.S. Biology Savannah, Ga. Transfer Southeastern Bible Institute. JACQUELINE RICKERSON A.B. English Tampa. Fla. Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec Club, F.T.A., Senate, Judiciary Ct., Chorus, Cap and Gown. DAVID H. RICHARDS B.S. Indust. Arts Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, F.T.A., Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, O.D.K. CLASS OF ' 54 PATRICIA ROBERTS B.S. Phys. Ed. Lakeland, Fla. PRISCILLA ROBERTS B.S. El. Ed. Lakeland, Fla. W.S.G.A., Pres., Sec, Cap and Gown, Senate, Press Club. NOEL JAHNA B.S. Bus. Ad. Lake Wales. Fla. , , , t • • DENNY RONYAK A.B. English Burton, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec, In- dustrial Arts Club, Golf Team, Transfer Palm Beach Junior College. t A [ W - 1 jp %? J w s » ■ -? B Hi - i m DONALD ROSENBERG Lakeland, Fla. DAVID ROSS Frederica, Del. DONALD H. ROSSIIER B.S. Business St. Petersburg, Fla. Transfer Duke University. THE SEX I OK HOWARD ROTHENBERGER B.S. Business Drexel Hill. Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Senate, Intramural Board. JEAN RUBUSH B.S. El. Ed. Lake Hamilton, Fla. Cap and Gown, F.T.A., Inter- national Club, W.S.G.A., M.S.M., Chorus, Kappa Pi, Sig- ma Rho. JOY F. RYNKSEL A.B. Languages Waukegan. 111. Alpha Chi Omega, Sec, Inter- lachen. Cap and Gown, Intra- murals. Transfer DePauw Uni- versity. WILLIAM SAUL A.B. Journalism Palm Beach, Fla. Theta Chi, " S " Club, Press Club, Intramurals. 58 4 " ♦ JOHN L. SCHILLING B.S. Biology Lakeland. Fla. Newman Club, ory University. Transfer Em- LOUIS E. SCHRADER B.S. Indust. Arts Winter Park. Fla. Phi Delta, Industrial Arts Club, Pres., Transfer Orlando Junior College. JOSEPH SCUDERI B.S. Business New Brunswick, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramur- als. Transfer Seton Hall. CHARLES SELPH B.S. Phys. Ed. Lakeland, Fla. " S " Club, Chorus, O.D.K., In- tramurals, Pi Kappa Alpha. CLASS OF ' 54 SUDHIPHONG SINGANETI B.S. Business Bangkok. Thailand Transfer Temple Univ., Colum- bia University, Hanover Col- lege. GERALD A. SLAVIN B.S. Music Education Hyannis, Mass. ALDEN C. SMITH St. Cloud. Fla. HOWARD G. SMITH A.B. Journalism Cocoa Beach. Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I.F.C., Sec, Press Club, Southern, Sports Editor, Interlachen, In- tramural Board, Baseball. 59 ' . ' ... VERNON J. SMITH JACK P. SMITH MARTIN P. SMITH PATRICIA ANN SMITH B.S. Citrus B.S. Business B.S. Bus. Ad. B.S. Secretarial Sci. Haines City, Fla. Danville, 111. Freeport, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha, Transfer Fla. Phi Sigma Kappa, Southern, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Delta Zeta, Treas., Home Ec State Univ. Interlachen, I.F.C. Council. Crew. Club, M.S.M., Cap and Gown Student Union, Interlachen Student Supreme Court. t ii i : SENIOR PHYLLIS ANN SMITH B.S. Sociology York, Pa. Delta Zeta, York Junior Col- lege. WILLIAM E. SMITH B.S. Soc. Studies Valparaiso, Fla. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-Pres. Industrial Arts Club. JOHN R. STAATS B.S. Business Ripley. W. Va. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mai College, Stetson. JOHN S. STEVENS B.S. Religion Warner Robins, Ga. Southeastern Bible Institute. 60 PATRICIA ANN STONE A.B. Journalism Waterloo, Iowa Gulfpark College, Iowa U., In- terlachen, Southern, Crew. EARLIENE SUMNER B.S. El. Ed. Fort Pierce. Fla. Sec. Beta Sigma Omicron, F.T.A., Cap and Gown, Kappa Pi, Wesleyan. DOUGLAS TAN A.B. Music Singapore. Malaya Phi Sigma Kappa Pres., In- ternational Club, Orchestra, O.D.K., National Guild of Piano Teachers. LINTON H. TERRY B.S. Soc. Studies Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramur- als. CLASS O F ? 5 4 GLADIOLA TIN B.S. Biology Bradenton. Fla. Duthernettes, Science Club, ome Ec Club, Sigma Tau elta, Loyola University. HOWARD P. TEMPLIN B.S. Business Lakeland. Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha. JANET TOY A.B. Phys. Ed. Lakeland, Fla. Referees Club, Tumbling Sguad, Phys. Ed. Club, Intra- mural Board. BETTE TURNE3 Rel. Ed. Gainesville. Fla. Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Rho, Univ. of Fla. r JkZ ESTRELLA QUINTANA A.B. English Cardenas, Cuba International Club. MARILYN UTTERBACK A.B. Commercial Art Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Pi, Tumbling, Drake University. ROBERT VANDERBECK Malverne, N. Y. KHALEAH VANDERWATER B.S. English Cocoa. Fla. THE S E I O It FRED VEILE B.S. Business Ridgewood, N. J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intr murals, Duke University. JACK WADDELL B.S. Busines Lake Worth. Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Senator, Golf, Palm Beach Junior Col- CONNIE WAGNER B.S. Business Trenton, N. J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. Senior Class. RUTH WAGNER A.B. Religion Dunedin, Fla. Sigma Rho Epsilon, Choir, M.S.M. m%y2 62 BETTYE WALKER A.B. Music Ed. Pompano Beach. Fla. Alpha Delta Pi Treas., F.T.A., Organ Guild of America, P: Kappa Phi Sweetheart, Wes- leyan Conservatory. CHARLES WALKER B.S. Business Manhassetl, N. Y. Phi Delta, Newman Club, In- tramurals. RICHARD M. WEAVER A.B. Organ Murdock, Fla. Choir, Organist Guild, Piano Guild, F.T.A., O.D.K., Variety Players. ALEX E. WHITE B.S. Biology W. Palm Beach, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega, Fla. Acad, of Science, Emory Univ. CLASS OF ' 54 JACK WHITE JUDITH WHITE B.S. Math B.S. Business Edenton, N. C. Toronto. Canada F.T.A., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Zeta, Newman Club, Soc Wake Forest College. Chairman Freshman and Jun- ior Class, Endicott Junior Col- lege. ROBERT J. WILLIAMS B.S. Soc. Tampa, Fla. PATRICIA WOOD B.S. Biology Tampa, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Chorus. 63 JANE WHITFIELD B.S. El. Ed. Evanston, 111. Alpha Delta Pi, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Home Ec Club, Trans- fer Univ. of Cincinnati, North- western. RAMONA XEC B.S. Business Guatemala ARTHUR D. YOUMANS B.S. English New York. N. Y. Phi Delta, Mike Club, Vaga- bonds, Oberlin College, Univ. of Conn. CARMINE ZAMPELLA B.S. Biology Bronx. N. Y. And thus, the last formal of our college days. I J } ■c I FRANCES HOFFMAN B.S. Social Studies New Jersey THE SENIOR CLASS OF 54 I i M E M O R I A M Robert LjaulL or PROFESSOR OF VOICE AND ORGAN Who for nine years unselfishly gave of his time and talents to the students of Florida Southern College. ■♦■• ■•■♦ •■ ? VI II i: THE CLASSES ARE OVER " Bottom men ' The girls " " The boys " " That old black magic " " It even sparkles " Eiiie Fairchild. Clifford Wright, Ann Savage, Thomas Conckli THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS CONCKLIN President CLIFFORD WRIGHT Vice-President ANN SAVAGE Secretary-Treasurer EFFIE FAIRCHILD Woman Senator 67 ■ ' , : •• ' • Left to Right JOSE ABASCAL Pinar Del Rio, Cuba ALICE ADAMS Interlaken. N. J. RICHARD B. ANDERSON Bradenton, Fla. TOM M. AVAMPATO Torrington, Conn. GEORGE BALDWIN Newport, Dela. RICHARD BARTLETT Westfield, N. J. JOSEPHINE BEARD Madison, Fla. WILFRED BEDER St. Petersburg, Fla. EUGENE BERLIN Brooklyn, N. Y. CHARLES BLACKBURN Clearwater, Fla. BETTY BOWLES Lynchburg, Va. NANCY BRAMLEY Independence, Ohio BETTY J. BRANTLEY Lithia, Fla. DON BRIDGES Miami, Fla. WILLIAM BRIMBERRY Miami Beach, Fla. BARBARA BRUSH Huntington, N. Y. GEORGE R. BRYAN Umatilla, Fla. WILLIAM BURNS Malverne, N. Y. JAMES CAMPBELL Tallahassee, Fla. DANIEL CAPRIO Newark. N. J. 68 THE .1 I A i O IC CLASS Top to Bottom HENRY CARROLL. JR. St. Petersburg, Fla. DOROTHY CLEMENS Little Falls. N. Y. WALTER COMPARE Long Island City, N. Y. JOHN CRAWFORD Sebring, Fla. RAYMOND CARUCCI Mount Vernon. N. Y. JOHN COFFEY Tampa, Fla. CAROLEE CORNELIUS Minneapolis. Minn. GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD Sutton. W. Va. PATRICK CICORELLI Elmont. N. Y. JACQUELINE COLLINS Acushmet, Mass. HAZEL COTTEN Birmingham, Ala. ROBERT DALBOW Swedesboro, N. J. CHARLES CLARK Orlando, Fla. PARAVON COMLEKCIER Ankara. Turkey NAN COY Orlando, Fla. ANN DANIEL Dade City. Fla. 69 i t ' 9 ' MARY FRANCES DAVIS Winter Park. Fla. CHARLES DENT Pulaski, Va. JACK B. DEWEY Palm Beach, Fla. JOEL DIAMOND Brooklyn. N. Y. MARIE LOUISE DICK Clearwater. Fla. AUDRIE DIETRICH Danville, 111. JOHN DINKLAGE Mantoloking, N. J. GERALD DOBSON Long Beach. Fla. THOMAS F. DOYLE. JR. Lakeland. Fla. WILLIAM EDMUNDS Tallahassee, Fla. EFFIE LOU FAIRCHILD St. Petersburg. Fla. LEONARD FANELLI Berwyn, 111. IAMES FELTON Key West. Fla. BEVERLY FETTERMAN Lakeland, Fla. DONALD FISHER Lakeland. Fla. BETTY FLOYD Bartow. Fla. CLARENCE FOGAL Carmel. N. Y. JOHN FRASZ Van Dyke, Mich. MARY JANE FREEMAN Bradenton. Fla. SHIRLEY FREEMAN Moline, 111. 70 THE JUNIOR CLASS MORRISA FRIED Brooklyn, N. Y. BARBARA GOODRICH Fond du Lac, Wis. JERRY GREENFIELD Tampa, Fla. BARBARA HAND Delray Beach, Fla. WILLIAM GARY Owensboro. Ky. EDWARD GORDON Brookline. Mass. DONALD GUSS Jersey Cily, N. J. RICHARD HANSEN Lakeland. Fla. EVELYN GEORGE Jackson. Miss. KATHERINE ALLEN Ft. Myers. Fla. JOHN HAGEMEISTER Sebring, Fla. ROLLIN HANSEN Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT GOODNETTER Milwaukee, Wis. CHARLES L. GRANT Tulsa. Okla. MARGERY HAMILTON Sarasota, Fla. CAROLINE HARRINGTON Clearwater, Fla. s V t 71 JACK HARVEY Orlando. Fla. RICHARD HAYMOND W. Palm Beach, Fla. ALBERT HAZELIP Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JUNE HEATH Groveland, Fla. JOHN H. HESS Lakeland. Fla. BILLIE SUE HOUSER Lakeland. Fla. JOYCE HUDSON Ft. Mea de, Fla. GEORGE HYER Orlando, Fla. SUN SOOK HYUN Seoul, Korea ALFRETA INGLE Sebring, Fla. CLOENE IRVINE Tampa, Fla. SAM JOHNSTON Ft. Myers. Fla. GERTRUDE JONES Middletown, Ohio PAT KARIUS Albana, N. Y. VAL KELLER Lakeland, Fla. GENE STOCKTON Tampa. Fla. CAROLYN KILLE Tampa, Fla. JAMES KING, JR. Ft. Pierce, Fla. MARY LEE KLEIN Des Plaines, 111. KARL J. KRUEGER Stuart, Fla. 72 THE JUNIOR CLASS Top to Btittom GEORGE KYLE Plainfield. N. J. HELEN N. LUCE Lakeland. Fla. PAULA McCALLUM Losantville, Ind. JOHN McKENZIE Tavernier, Fla. BARBARA LAMBERSON Tampa. Fla. KENNETH LUTZ. JR. Belle Glade. Fla. JOSEPH McCORMACK Asbury Park. N. J. JOHN McKiNZIE Sebrinq, Fla. SAM LASTINGER. JR. Lakeland. Fla. DOUGLAS W. MacGREGOR Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARY ANN McDONALD Tampa. Fla. CAROL MADSON Hibbing. Minn. JESSE LORE Tampa. Fla. MARILYN McCLELLAN Zephyr Hills. Fla. HENRY McCULLOH Sebrinq. Fla. JAMES MARLOWE Jacksonville. Fla. 73 t . •♦- •♦•♦; .. to Riaht ROBERT MARTIN Winter Haven, Fla. RONALD MATTHEWS Lakeland. Fla. STAFFORD MAURER Wauwatosa, Wis. ARLENE MAYNARD Clermont. Fla. MARJORIE MAYPOLE Port Richey. Fla. MARY MITCHELL Lakeland, Fla. NANCY MILLER Lakeland. Fla. PAULA McLAURIN Ocala. Fla. JEANNE MOODY Orlando, Fla. ION L. MORR S Lakeland. Fla. LEE NATHURST Ft. Myers. Fla. GROVER CARL NEILL Tampa. Fla. EDWARD NEUMEYER Winter Haven. Fla. ARCHIE B. NEWSOME Emporia, Va. MARY ANN NICHOLLS Cocca. Fla. LUCRETIA NORTON Franklin. Ky. PATRICIA OLSON Rockford. 111. ROY ORTIZ Los Angeles, Calif. LINDA PEARSON Rushville. 111. HARVEY PENNINGTON Fells Mere. Fla. 74 THE JUNIOR CLASS KENNETH A. PFEIL Maplewood, N. J. CAROL J. RACK Westfield. N. J. JAMES ROBERTSON Lake Worth, Fla. BARBARA ROSS Adamston, N. J. BETTY JEAN POLLOCK Highland City. Fla. ALICE RANDELL Lakeland, Fla. SIMON RODESK LynBrook. N. Y. PEGGY L. ROUSE Bristol, Va. CHARLES PROUTY Lakeland. Fla. DELANA H. RINEHART Plainfield, N. J. CARL ROGERS Gainesville. Fla. HENRY ROYSTER Milbourne. N. J. ROSALIE PUGH Lakeland, Fla. EARL ROBBINS Ocala, Fla. LOREN ROSENBERG Canal Point, Fla. MARCIA SALAGE Flushing. N. Y. 75 ANNE W. SAVAGE Ashland. 111. DONALD SECREST Ft. Pierce. Fla. JAMES SCHALOW Milwaukee, Wis. DOUGLAS SCOTT Aubumdale, Fla. BARRY SHACKMAN Wading River. N. Y. GERALD SCHACKMAN Babylon. N. Y. RAYMOND SHELDON. JR. Tampa, Fla. WILSON SHERIDAN Ottawa. Canada ALLAN SOLOMON Bronx. N. Y. DONALD SPARKS Aubumdale, Fla. SUE SPROUL Clarksburg, W. Va. KARL STAEVLER Reading, Pa. LOWELL STAHL Rahway. N. J. BETTY GENE STALLINGS Tampa, Fla. JOAN STEINAUER Bronx. N. Y. NANCY K. STRUNK Indianapolis. Ind. JOYCE SUTTON Lake Wales, Fla. LORRAINE SWEETLAND Huntington, N. Y. SUE THAYER W. Palm Beach. Fla. BESSIE TOWNSEND Felda, Fla. 76 THE JUNIOR CLASS lop to Bntlo PHILIP UNGER Union City. N. I. AL VIDIRI Brooklyn. N. Y. HELMUT K. WEBER Nuernberg, Germany DANIEL WILHELM Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOHN S. UPHAM Clearwater, Fla. JERRY VIHLAN Windermere, Fla. GERALD WICHMAN Milwaukee, Wis. KENNETH W1LKERSON Winchester, Tenn. KENNETH VANOSKI Rockford. 111. SHIRLEY WADDELL Lakeland, Fla. DOROTHY WiGDAHL Lincolnwood. HI. WILLIAM WINTERS Stony Creek. Pa. FRED VEILE Fairlawn, N. J. NORMAN WARREN Winter Haven, Fla. ORA JEAN WIGGINS Plymouth. Fla. ASDEN WOLFE Clermont, Fla. 77 THE JUNIOR CLASS JEAN WOODS Cocoa, Fla. CLIFFORD WRIGHT Highland Park, 111. SHIRO YAMAZAKI Tokyo, Japan Robert L. Finch, left, director of public relations for the National Association cf Professional Baseball Leagues; and Allen H. Russell, right, president of the Beaumont Baseball Club, present a diploma to Lloyd Aemsegger at gradua- tion exercises at Florida Southern ' s special school for baseball business managers. The school is held annually. j Tom Mooney. Barbara Mock. Ann Slansbury. Vivian lohnson. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS TOM MOONEY President BARBARA MOCK Vice-President VIVIAN JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer ANN STANSBURY Woman Senator 79 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Top to Bottom JOHN PAUL ADAMS Winter Haven. Fla. SHIRLEY ANN BASSETT Tavares, Fla. THOMAS M. BIGGAR Ft. Myers, Fla. RICHARD MARTIN BLAINE Worth. 111. ALTON READY Lakeland. Fla. DOROTHY E. BEACH Stuart. Fla. WALTER E. BIRD Universe, N. Y. ALLAN R. BLY Lakeland. Fla. CAROL BAER Oak Park. 111. DORIS M. BECKER Long Island. N. Y. WILLIAM G. BITTLE Haines City. Fla. ALBERT BOGERT Elonia. N. J. GLENDA R. BASS Apopka. Fla. SUE BENTLEY Birmingham. Ala. EDWARD BLACKOFF Malverne. N. Y. ROBERT BOSS Bloomiield Hills. Mich. 80 Left to Right MARGARET LEE BOSWELL Lakeland. Fla. GEORGE L. BRIGHT Lakeland. Fla. WILLIAM McLEOD Perry. Fla. MARY C. BRYANT Davenport, Fla. RICHARD R. BUGG Macomb, 111. MAX E. BULSKE Mount Dola. Fla. JAMES L. CADE Seville, Fla. HENRY A. CALDERONE Mount Vernon, N. Y. JOHN M. CANRIGHT Cranford, N. J. WILMER I. CAREY Williston, Fla. JOSEPH CARLOTTA Rochelle Park, N. J. HOWARD A. CARR Largo, Fla. DELOS CARROLL Jacksonville, Fla. B. WILLIAM CARRUTH Nutley, N. J. JOHN HAGEMEISTER Sebring. Fla. CHARLES CASTLE Oak Park, 111. EILEEN CLARK Bradenton, Fla. WILLIAM E. CLARKE Antioch, 111. JOHN S. CLOWER Atlanta. Ga. CAROLYN L. COCKE Bristol, Va. 81 ♦ » ♦ THE SOPHOMORE CEASS Q c p lop (o litiltom RUTH Y. CONNON Philadelphia, Pa. BEVERLY CRONKITE Hendersonville, N. C. HERBERT DAVIDSON LaBelle. Fla. FRANK DESAVINO H. Bergen. N. Y. BARRY KENNY Highland Park. N. J. DAVE CHARLES CRUM Lakeland, Fla. WABERN C. DAVIDSON Winter Haven, Fla. NANCY DIBBLE Punla Gorda, Fla. WILLIAM D. COVELL Rossie. N. Y. CAROL A. CUROTTO St. Petersburg, Fla. MANOEL F. DEBONO Long Island, N. Y. SAMUEL DIDONATO Scotch Plaine. N. I. JAMES CROMPTON Hollywood. Fla. STEPHEN DAMICO Long Island. N. Y. ALICE DENSLOW Tampa. Fla. FRANK DONATELLI Scotch Plains. N. I. 82 JEAN DOUGLAS Dade Cily. Fla. ROBERT DROSTE Detroit. Mich. ROBERT A. ELTING Malverne. N. Y. PAT LEE EZELL Leesburq Fla. CINDY FAIRCHILD St. Petersburg, Fla. DON C. FARROW Daytona Beach, Fla. GENE C. FERGUSON Philadelphia. Pa. LUCY G. FISACKERLY Jacksonville, Fla. JACK R. FISKE Anna Marie, Fla. BOBBY D. FLEMING Winter Garden, Fla. BARBARA A. FLETCHER Oakland Park, Fla. EVELYN FOUTS Lakeland, Fla. BUCK FREENEY Fort Meyers, Fla. EMILIO GARCIA Havana, Cuba SUSAN C. GILLON Lake Wales, Fla. WAYNE GILLETTE Tampa, Fla. LIBBY GILLIAM Ft. Myers. Fla. ANGELO P. GRAHAM Warren. Ohio ALYCE M. GRAY Anderson, Ind. CAROLYN GREER Lakeland, Fla. 83 • : THE S O P II O M O R E CLASS Top to Bottom DONALD GRIFFITH Winter Garden. Fla. SHERMAN HARDING Arcadia. Fla. DEDE HENTZ Lakeland. Fla. DAVID L. HOWELL Orlando. Fla. RUFUS A. GRIFFITH Jacksonville. Fla. WILLIAM HAWTHORNE Ocoee, Fla. EDWIN HERMANSPAN Yonkers. N. Y. EDWIN F. HUMPHRIES Hoyock. N. C. MAXWELL H. GUTMAN North Bergen. N. J. RAY DONALD HELPING Wabassa, Fla. KEN D. HILL Downers Grove. 111. DAGMAR HUNNICUTT Lake Hiawatha. N. I. RICHARD H. HAMMERICH DeKalb. III. HARLAN HELSEL. Ill Middletown, Ohio MARY LEE HILL Tampa. Fla. BUDDY JENKINS Inverness. Fla. 84 . ■ f fll ' WII VIVIAN JOHNSON Berwyn. 111. HOWARD J. JONES W. Palm Beach. Fla. KEN JONES Tampa. Fla. WILLIAM JURGENSEN Haverstraw. N. Y. XENIA KALUVOKAS Clearwater. Fla. MARY ANN KEITER Orlando. Fla. BETTY MORRISON Stuart. Fla. LORNE M. KENT Wilmette. 111. JOHN N. KERLIN NorfoUc. Va. MAX B. KILBOURN Carabelle. Fla. JOHN J. KING Peekskill. N. Y. NANCE JEAN KING Verone. N. J. LES J. KOCOUR Berwyn. 111. WALTER KRAUSS. JR. Huntington, L. I.. N. Y LOUIS KUYKENDALL Winter Garden. Fla. RICHARD J. LARK Detroit. Mich. GILBERT E. LAVEAN Lakeland. Fla. LOUISE LAWLER Belleair. Fla. WILLIAM LAYNE. JR. Charleston. W. Va. BETTY ANN LEE Scotch Plains. N. J. 85 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS JOANN LEE New York City. N. Y. BETTY SUE LOCKMAN Orlando, Fla. jack Mcpherson Lakeland, Fla. BILL A. MEDLEY Winter Garden, Fla. MADONNA LEGH Jacksonville. Fla. KEITH LOWE St. Petersburg, Fla. DONALD MANGLASS Stony Point, N. Y. ALFRED MEEKS Pahokee, Fla. CYNTHIA LEONARD Vineyard Haven, Mass. DAVID McCOY Pahokee. Fla. BERNARD MASTER Lawrence, Mass. EDWARD D. MILLER Bradenton, Fla. JANE E. LESLIE Lake City. Fla. VIRGINIA McFADDEN Lakeland. Fla. CLARK MAXWELL Winter Park. Fla. DELORES MILLS W. Palm Beach, Fla. 86 ROBERT W. MITCHELL Rochester. Ind. BARBARA E. MIZELL Lake Butler. Fla. BARBARA MOCK Winter Park. Fla. JANET MOHR Scott. Ohio BARBARA ANN MOORE Oak Park. 111. JOHN W. MORRIS Wilmington. Del. CECIL MORROW Oxford, Mich. JOHN NELSON Waukegan. 111. CHARLES NEWCOMBE Ridgewood. N. J. BOB WINDON NEWTON Lake Wales, Fla. DIANE NICHOLSON Oak Park, 111. DONNA JEAN NORRIS Belle Glade. Fla. CHARLES ORRICO Fanwood. N. J. ALICE C. PALMER Willis, Mich. MARILYN S. PEMBLE St. Petersburg, Fla. GLENN A. PETRINE Chicago, 111. JAMES L. PLATT Mullins. S. C. ARTHUR POKROSS Brooklyn. N. Y. KENNETH POLLARD Winter Haven, Fla. BARBARA PONTIUS St. Petersburg, Fla. 87 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 4MP Hf fgk 0 L m Hl P P (7 a fa Top to Bottom LARRY POORBAUGH Lakeland, Fla. DIXIE PRICE Fernandina Beach, Fla. EDMUN RICHMOND Stamford. Conn. ROBERT POSTLE Orlando. Fla. JACK RANDALL Lakeland, Fla. EUGENE ROBERTS Lakeland. Fla. BERNARD ROSENBERG Brookline, Mass. STEPHEN POTZ Detroit. Mich. KENNETH RAUTH Ft. Myers. Fla. ELIO RODRIGUEZ Camaguey, Cuba JACK RUBUSH Lake Alfred, Fla. JACK POWELL Winter Garden, Fla. NANCY REEVES Needham. Mass. JANE ROSEN Newark, N. J. 88 Left to Rishl EDISON RUSSELL Miami, Fla. WILLIAM SAULS Palm Beach, Fla. JOAN SAUTTER Carney ' s Point, N. J. PEGGY SCHRYVER Naples. Fla. LOIS SCOATES Jacksonville. Fla. BARBARA SEELEY Naples, Fla. GEORGE SENN Guatemala City DON SHAPIRO Chicago, 111. NANCY SHERWIN Albany, N. Y. JACK SINCLAIR Lakeland, Fla. ALVIN SMITH Orlando. Fla. QUENTIN SMITH Brunswick. Ga. RICHARD SMITH Riverside. 111. CHARLES SNYDER Sarasota, Fla. ANN SPRAGUE Valley Stream, N. Y. KENT STANNER River Forest. 111. ANN STANSBURY Ft. Myers Beach. Fla. MARY STANT Bristol, Va. DON STANTON Bradenton, Fla. MARSHALL STARCH Djakarta. Indonesia 89 4 . • •♦•♦ ' ♦ THE S O P H O M O R E CLASS JOAN LOUISE STEWART Manatee, Fla. ROBERT M. STRICKLAND Palatka. Fla. WALTER F. TEMPLIN Lakeland, Fla. NANCY LEE TROUSDALE Sarasota, Fla. MARY ANN STONE Miami, Fla. CLIFFORD A. STRINE, JR. Winter Haven, Fla. EARNEST M. THOMPSON Enterprise, Fla. CHESTER TRUE New Port Richey, Fla. GEORGE LOUIS STORMS Ho-Ho-kus. Fla. PAUL SURIANO North Bergen, N. J. RUTH V. THOMPSON Oak Park, 111. BARBARA ANN TYSON Nashville. Tenn. CHARLES E. STRAIN Lakeland, Fla. YOSHIICHI TANAKA Kealekekua, Hawaii DON RALPH THORNE Ocala. Fla. CAROL UNGRO Valley Stream. L. I., N. Y. 90 JANET VAN DERZEE St. Petersburg. Fla. CHARLES J. VAN DEVEN St. Petersburg. Fla. ALAN VAN WINKLE Short Hills. N. J. MARY JO WATSON Bradenton. Fla. ROBERT DANIEL WEISMAN Scarsdale, N. Y. CHARLES WELLER Hollis. N. Y. BRITTIAN WHITAKER Tampa. Fla. SUE WHITFIELD Evanston, 111. BEVERLY J. WHITTET Regina. Saskatchewan, Canada JEAN ANN WILLIAMS Bradenton. Fla. ROLAND WILLIAMS Lakeland. Fla. RUSSEL WILSON York. Pa. ROBERT WILTON Antioch. 111. DOLORES WINEMAN Gettysburg, Pa. REGINALD MORTON Miami, Fla. SHIRLEY WITMER Lake Worth. Fla. BILL B. WOOD Scottsville. Ky, ROGER E. WOODRUFF Short Hills. N. J. ANN WOOTEN Cocoa. Fla. RONALD P. WYLIE Manchester, N. H. 91 i ♦ ' ♦■••. ' ♦, ' . . m ■ . M - » il The Rats congregate. " Naughty little Rats. " GAIETIES OF RAT WEEK " Who ' ll win the cheese? The jury finds the Rats guilty. i • X Vfljl m c First Row: Judy Rotunno. Jean Clark. Carol Connell. Second Row: Jim Anderson. Gordon Alford. THE FRESHMAN CEASS OFFICERS GORDON ALFORD President JIM ANDERSON Vice-President CAROL CONNELL Secretary-Treasurer JUDY ROTUNNO Freshman Senator JEAN CLARK Senator 93 GORDON ALFORD Birmingham. Ala. KATHER1NE ALLEN Ft. Myers, Fla. MARY ELLEN ALLMAN Palatka. Fla. JAMES ANDERSON Homewood. 111. JAMES RUSSELL ANDERSON Highland Park. 111. PATRICIA JOAN ANDERSON Chicago, 111. PATRICK ANSELMO Long Island, N. Y. PHYLLIS IRMA ARCHER Rochester. N. Y. ISABEL MARIA AREVALO Guatemala. Central America RICHARD BARLOW Bloomfield. N. J. DIANE BEATTIE New Kensington. Pa. BETTY JANE BECKER Washington, Pa. ESTHER BENNETT Eau Gallie. Fla. JOAN BENNETT Maitland. Fla. PATRICIA BLACKMON Cocoa, Fla. RICHARD BLACKWELDER Lake Hamilton. Fla. EUGENIA BOHANNON Haines City. Fla. NANCY JEAN BOSCH W. Palm Beach. Fla. WILLIAM BOWERSOX Lakeland, Fla. ALLAN BRADBURY Long Island, N. Y. 94 THE FRESHMAN CLASS " I GEORGE BREBER Elkhorn. Wis. MARY ELAINE BUCKLES Lincoln, 111. GEORGE BURCHARD LaBelle. Fla. NANCY LEE CABE Franklin, N. C. PAUL HARDIN BREEDEN Groveland, Fla. SHERWOOD BUCKLEY Amenia, N. Y. ROBERT BURCHARD LaBelle, Fla. ELISOE CABRERA Marianao, Cuba GAIL R. BROOKS Lakeland, Fla. DON F. BUCKMAN Springiield, 111. NANETTE BURKET St. Petersburg, Fla. HARRY B. CALDWELL Fenton, Mo. MARION BROWN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. PATRICIA BUDD Huntington, W. Va. MARY ANN FUTLFR Havana, Fla. WILLIAM A. CARLSON Garden Prairie, 111. 95 BETSY ANN CARTER Sanlord, Fla. JOHN E. CASTRO Key West. Fla. DAVID S. CAVIN Plant City. Fla. LYNN CAIRNS Waukesha. Wis. CHARPY CHARPENTIER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BEVERLY CHEYNE Lakeland, Fla. JANICE CHISELBROOK Lakeland. Fla. NOEL CHRISTOPHER Atlanta. Ga. JEAN M. CLARK Birmingham, Ala. THOMAS L. CLINTON Rutherford, N. I. DONNA CLOCKADALE Orlando, Fla. BETTY COBB Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ROBERT G. COLE Ft. Pierce, Fla. LOUIS COMPITELLO Amityville. L. I. CAROLE CONNELL Arlington, Va. JIMMY COOKSEY Scotsville, Ky. GENE W. CRAWFORD LaBelle. Fla. LEONARD CROSBY Lakeland. Fla. ABBEY CROWELL San Diego. Calif. LYNN DARRACOTT Lakeland. Fla. 96 THE FRESHMAN CLASS Top to Bottom JAMES DASILVA Valley Stream. N. Y. NORMAN DERIX Belvedere, 111. LEROY DIETZ New Milford. N. J. JACK E. DONNELLY Akron, Ohio DOLORES J. DAUGHERTY Jacksonville, Fla. CHARMAINE DEWEY Palm Beach, Fla. BLAISE JOE D ' NARDO Rochester, N. Y. RICHARD K. DOUGAL Laconia. N. H. MARY JEWELL DAVIS Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. GLENN DICKENSON, JR. Lakeland, Fla. DANNY DIQUOLLO Scotch Plains. N. J. JUNE DOWD Brooklyn. N. Y. ANDY DENNON Brooklyn. N. Y. GINGER DIEDERMAN Bartow, Fla. FRANK DOMENICK Bloomfield. N. J. LAWRENCE DRAKE Hollywood, Fla. 97 Left to Right VIRGIL H. DUFFELL Arcadia, Fla. JOAN DUKE Boardman, N. C. PATRICIA DUVAL Scranton, Pa. BETSY DYESS Jacksonville, Fla. TOD EBETINO Fairborn, Ohio MAR THA EVANS Martinsville, Ind. DON EVERETT Miami, Fla. WALTER A. FISHER Pelham Manor, N. Y. JOY JOAN GADBURY Pinellas Park. Fla. MARY LOU GANDY Havana. Fla. DALE L. GARBER Lakeland, Fla. NUMAN H. GARRISON Lakeland, Fla. MYRNA GARVEY Chicago, 111. FRED V. GEBHARD Old Greenwich, Conn. PATTI CAROLE GEE Atlanta. Ga. HELEN C. GILL Seffner. Fla. JOAN MYRNA GLASSER Long Branch, N. J. MARILYN GLAWE Chicago, 111. SUZANNE GOODMAN Lakeland, Fla. EARL G. GREEN Glen Saint Mary. Fla. 98 THE FRESHMAN CLASS Top to Botton JOANNE ZIMMER Ft. Myers, Fla. DALE F. GUY Kansas City. Mo. MARIE HANHAUSEN White Plains. N. Y. DON LEE HASLEY Mamaroneck, N. Y. WILLIAM GRIMES Ft. Myers. Fla. RICHARD HAGSTROM Pierson. Fla. HERMAN HARRELL Lakeland. Fla. MARION HAYMOND W. Palm Beach. Fla. DONALD GROOMS Waynesville, Ohio KAY ALLISON HAMMERICH DeKalb. 111. HELEN MARIE HARRIS Manhasset. N. Y. BARBARA JEAN HENDRY Ft. Myers. Fla. UBALDO GUTIERREZ La Gloria Camaguey. Cuba MARY JANE HANCOCK Newnan. Ga. RICHARD HARVEY Orlando. Fla. EVELYN HERRINGTON Ft. Myers. Fla. 99 r Left tu Rifihl NANCY JANE HEYL Eureka, 111. GLENN HIGGINS Cohasset, Mass. EARNEST M. HIRRSCHOFF Glenridge, N. J. BARBARA HOFELLER Queens, N. Y. MARY LOU HOPPER Hammond, Ind. CONNIE HULETT St. Clair Shores, Mich. CHARLES L. HUSBANDS Winter Haven, Fla. JAMES M. IMS Orlando, Fla. CYNTHIA ANN INGRAM Detroit. Mich. PENNY ANNE INGRAM Skaneateles. N. Y. CHRIS JACKSON Arlington, Va. EDWARD J. JENNINGS Galax, Va. CHARLES M. JERVIS Copiague. N. Y. CHARLES D. JOHNSON Chicago. 111. DIXIETTA JONES Forest City, N. C. RUTH A. JONES Scotia. N. Y. CHARLES M. KAHLER Portsmouth, Va. WILLIAM M. KAIN Shore Hills. N. J. SANDRA KAMSLER Carbondale, Pa. LYNDA JOY KELL Flushing. N. Y. 100 THE FRESHMAN CLASS CHARLES KEMPF Antioch, 111. JIM KERN Delray Beach, Fla. DIANE KLECKA Oak Park. 111. JUNE KURISH Ft. Meade. Fla. VIRGINIA KENNEDY McKeesport. Pa. PETER KERWIN Fair Lawn. N. J. SPIROS KLUVER Sarasota. Fla. JOHN LAMB Chicago. 111. WILLIAM COUTER Chicago. 111. JACK KING Avon Park, Fla. KATHLEEN A. KOSAR Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio LINDA LARSON Rochelle. 111. NANCY KENT Williamsburg. Va. LAWRENCE KING Lake Hamilton, Fla. FRANK KUNBERGER Florencevilla. Fla. NANCY R. LEE Orlando, Fla. 101 r ' r ' ■ - Left U Riuht SOONHI LEE Seoul, Korea STEVE G. LEITNER Wickoff. N. J. ROBERT E. LEVINE Bloomiield, N. J. DAVID G. LEWIS New York, N. Y. ALAN LICARIE So. Norwalk, Conn. SUSAN LUDEWIG Ridgefield Park. N. J. ANN McANENY East Orange, N. J. NANCY JEAN McCONNELL Tampa, Fla. JOHN R. McGARTY Sayville, N. Y. GEORGE McLARTY Pahokee, Fla. JACQUELINE McMURRIAN Delray Beach, Fla. CHRISTOPHER MAGEE Venice, Fla. GEORGIA ANN MARTIN Vero Beach. Fla. MARILINDA MARTIN Lakeland. Fla. EARNEST MARTUCCI CARL H. MATTHES Mulberry, Fla. SONYA J. MATTHEWS Bensonville, 111. LORETTA MAXWELL Albany, Ga. ROBERT MEIGHEN Tampa, Fla. HENRY C. MEYER Millburn. N. J. 102 THE FRESHMAN CLASS HENRY MILLER Millburn. N. J. NANCY MORGAN Asheville. N. C. RONALD MORTON Miami. Fia. EDNA MURACHANIAN Teaneck, N. J. KIM MIN Seoul, Korea CHARLES MORRELL Bloomfield. N. J. EDWIN MOTT Maplewood. N. I. NANCY NELSON Winnetka. 111. JOYCE ANN MOBLEY Lakeland. Fla. CHARLES MORTON Jacksonville, Fla. SHIRLEY MOUSHEY Canton, Ohio JULIE NORTON Tampa, Fla. ARMAND MORELLI Scotch Plains, N. J. REGINALD MORTON Miami, Fla. JOYCE MULTOG Homewood, 111. DIANE OETTINGER Lakeland. Fla. 103 t ♦ • ♦ Left to Riuht NANCY OLLIVEH French Morocco. Africa HERMAN D. OWEN Vero Beach, Fla. MARILYN OWENS Palmetto. Fla. CAROLYN S. PAINTER Ft. Meade. Fla. MARJORIE PAINTER Ft. Meade. Fla. DOLLY P. PATRICK Tampa, Fla. BARBARA PATTEY Bartow, Fla. CHARLOTTE PAUGH Glen Burnie. Md. RUSSELL PAUL Marshiield, Mass. NANCY PAULL1NG Rome, Italy CORNELIA PEACOCK Winnetka, 111. HENRY PFISTER Winter Haven, Fla. VERNICE PICO Galesburg, 111. NAOMI POLLACK Flushing, N. Y. RONALD POORBAUGH Lakeland. Fla. ROBERT POWERS Portsmouth. Va. CLAUDIA PRINCE Greenville. Fla. THOMAS PANICO Cedar Grove. N. J. FAY L. RAPPOLD Ft. Pierce. Fla. SUMNER DARLING Sarasota, Fla. 104 THE FRESHMAN CEASS Top to Bottom MARILYN REYNOLDS Bradenton. Fla. WILLIAM ROBERTS Key West, Fla. BETTY JO ROSE Wauchula. Fla. UBALDO SANCHEZ Havana, Cuba NANCY RICCIO New York City. N. Y. FREDERICK ROGERS Bradenton. Fla. JUDY ROTUNNO Berwyn. 111. DONNA LEE SARKISON Mountainside. N. J. BARBARA RIDLEBAUGH Mt. Dora. Fla. PATTY ROGERS Leesburg. Fla. MARILYN RUSHTON Keystone Heights. Fla. ROBERT SCEKATZ Lake Villa. 111. LOIS ROBERTS Ft. Myers. Fla. ROBERT ROSADO New York City. N. Y. LAURIE RUTLAND. JR. Williston. Fla. GEORGE SCHAUS Wallkill. N. Y. 105 -, ; • ■• ' ■» : ? ' fi i ROBERT SCHOMBURG Clearwater Beach, Fla. MARGARET SCHURR Hamilton. Ohio DAVID SCOATS Jacksonville. Fla. RICHARD SCOGGINS Atlanta, Ga. DIANE SEYMOUR Pittsburgh, Pa. KATHER1NE L. SHAW Coconut Grove, Fla. SHARON SHAY Ft. Myers, Fla. PATTI SHERMAN Kerhonkson, N. Y. WILLIAM SHILLING Lakeland. Fla. SHERMAN SHIVER Atlanta. Ga. JOANN SIMPSON Hanover, Pa. BERNARD SMITH New Hampton. N. H. RICHARD SOBAL Revera, Mass. SUZANNE SPEIDEL Kenmore. N. Y. PAUL SPELMAN Mamaroneck. N. Y. ROBIN STAEBLER Ontario, Canada SYLVIA STALLS Palmdale. Fla. SHARON STERN St. Petersburg. Fla. CHARLES STILES Middletown. Ohio GENE STOCKTON Tampa, Fla. 106 THE FRESHMAN CLASS CAROL STOLLSTEIMER Kenmore, N. Y. VINCENT TERRANA Atlanta. Ga. DIANA TOBIAS Keene. N. H. DELIA TOUCHTON Key West. Fla. RAY SWEARINGEN Washington. D. C. LEON THOMAS Lakeland. Fla. JAMES TOLFORD Evanston. 111. LOUIS TROTTA Canaan, Conn. PAT SWEENEY Canton. Ohio SANDRA THORNTON W. Palm Beach, Fla. BILLY TOLLE Lakeland. Fla. SARAH TROXLER Canton, Ohio ANN TAGGART Canton, Ohio JANE THURMAN Homestead, Fla. CAROL RILEY St. Petersburg, Fla. ANTHONY C. TU CCIARON2 Plainfield, N. I. 107 :, 4 • • •■ ' .! Left to Rii-ht ALICE F. TUCKER Panama Canal Zone FRED VALERI Highland Park, N. J. JUDY ANNE VAUGHAN Waterloo, Iowa DIANE VON EITZEN Skokie, 111. ANN VREELAND Cranford, N. J. PAT ANN WAGNER Atlanta, Ga. SUE BECK WALKER Franklin, Ky. MITSUO WATABE Tokyo, Japan JAMES WEATHERS Sarasota, Fla. RICHARD WEBSTER Scotch Plains, N. J. DRUCILLA WELLS Ft. Meyers, Fla. DORIS WENZ Ozone Park, N. Y. JEAN WHIPPLE Orlando. Fla. JERRY WHITEHEAD Winter Haven, Fla. CAROLYN WIGDAHL Lincolnwood. 111. JEAN WILBURN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GEORGE WILKINSON Edgewater. Fla. MARY LEE WILLIAMS Lakeland, Fla. DAVID H. WINN West Cornell. Conn. HARRISON WOOD, JR. Anchorage, Ky. 108 THE FRESHMAN CEASS JOAN A. WOOD Everglades, Fla. RAYMOND WOODY Elizabeth, N. J. BEVERLY ANN WRIGHT Tampa. Fla. JACK ZERENER Butler. N. I. Pikes Serenading. ' ' ' ' ♦- V: LONG TO BE REMEMBERED The Directors Wesley Boynton, Dr. Charles A. Woodbury and Morse Haithwaite. JUDY PHILLIPS JO ANN GRUBER STEVE KING AND DELORES DAUGHTERY Leading Man and Lady MARY ANN McDONALD z De3ert on Margo and the Red Shadow. " Western man like Spanish lady? " The harem of Ali Ben Ali. " k. «l M , I " My desert is calling. " i% % J Assembled around the round table are the ' Big Wheels ' 0BGA V 2AT 0 VS .■ ■♦-;•;♦• STUDENT KEN HERNDON OFFICERS KEN HERNDON President FARLEY SNELL Vice-President ANN STANSBURY Secretary JUDY OTT Treasurer DR. JEAN A. BATTLE Advisor As the legislative branch of the Student Body Association, the Student Senate is responsible for passing all laws necessary for the promotion of the general welfare of the college community. The qualifications for the offices of the Student Senate include the following: must be a member of the class to be represented with an over-all " C " average, have a record of interest in student activities, be enrolled as a student the semester preceding can- didacy, and be a member of S.B.A. carrying at least twelve hours. First Row: D. Rinehart, B. King. I. Ott, E. Fairchild, A. Stansbury. S. Cantwell. Second Row: I. A. Battle. H. Hess, B. Whittet, D. Davis, G. Allord. Third Row: F. Snell, M. Maypole, M. McClellan, A. Ccmbs, J. WaddeU. Fourth Row: K. Hemdon. J. Freeney, P. Anderson. I. Dugan. E. Felton. SENATE SENATORS-AT LARGE Front Row: B. King. D. Rinehart, B. Whillet. M. Maypole. M. McClellan. Back Row: D. Davis, R. Anderson. J. Freeney. JUDICIARY COURT J. Anions. M. Del Gazio, P. Smilh, G. McCormick. Carried out by committees for the most part, the activities of the Senate are varied. Its work includes Orientation Week, nominating Who ' s Who, nominating the Honor Walk Student, working with the administration on problems facing the college committee and encouraging enthusiastic school spirit. DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY. JR. Faculty Member to Judiciary Court SENATE OFFICERS F. Snell. J. Ott, A. Stansbury. K. Herndon DR. JEAN A. BATTLE Advisor to the Senate t • ♦ ♦ • ' « ■« WOMEN ' S §Tl ' DEXT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRISCILLA ROBERTS An indispensable factor in campus life, Women ' s Student Gov- ernment Association, is the governmental organization which car- ries out rules to uphold the standards of the college. Members are elected by the resident women students composed of repre- sentatives from the dormitories and sorority houses. The body serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and metes out penalties for such irregularities. OFFICERS PRISCILLA ROBERTS President ANN COMBS Vice-President LORRAINE SWEETLAND Secretary MARCIA SALAGE Treasurer PATRICIA ROBERTS Sergeant-at-Arms DEAN EVA MILLER Advisor First Row: E. Miller. M. Kit lars, I. Rosen, Pris. Roberts. Pat Roberts, O. Wiggins. Sec- ond Row: A. Wooten, M. Sal- age, L. Sweetland, A. Combs. P. Powell. J. Woods. MEUPS COUNCIL The Men ' s Council is a judicial subsidiary of the Student Body Association, composed of eight voting members — four independ- ents and four fraternity men. It is the purpose of this group to establish and enforce all regulations pertaining to the discipline of the men on the campus. A member must be a Junior or Senior member of the Student Body Association carrying at least 12 hours and having an over- all " C " average. He must have been a student the semester preceding his candidacy. JOHN UPHAM OFFICERS JOHN UPHAM Chairman TOMMY LUPOSELLO Court Clerk MAJOR HERBERT L. KEYS. JR. Advisor First Row: H. McCullough. D. Barest, J. Upham. C. Hayes. Second Row: B. Geroy, Mai. Keys, H. Pollack, J. Harvey. Ji SOUTHERNETTES i CAROLYN KILLE OFFICERS CAROLYN KILLE President ORA JEAN WIGGINS Vice-President DEE TOUCHTON Secretary MARILYN PEMBLE Treasurer Enthusiasm is the keyword of the Southernettes, a spirited organization for non-fraternity women. One of the main purposes of this group is to achieve co-operation between sororities and non-sorority women. The fact that the Southernettes are active in almost every type of campus activity (including athletic, enter- tainment, governmental, journalistic, honorary, and musical fields), is proof that this organization is representative of the typical, ver- satile feminine personalities of Florida Southern. First Row: E. Roberts. C. Kille. J. Heath, E. Bennett, S. Kamsler. J. Douglas, C. Leonard. Second Row: L. Miles, B. Pattey, I. Nor- ton, C. Irvine. M. Evans. O. Wig- gins. C. Painter. Third Row: N. Casch. M. Pemble. S. Bentley. M. Painter. B. Lockman. B. Conkhite. D. Touchton. E. Clark. m m, ■_ ft :i i FITIRE I I 1 1 I It S OF AMERICA OFFICERS JUNE HEATH President RUSS WILSON Vice-President EUGENIA MOODY Secretary MARY JANE FREEMAN Treasurer FROF. J. GORDON OGDEN, JR Advisor JUNE HEATH The Future Teachers of America is a national professional organization which is open to all educa- tion majors. It meets monthly and maintains a scholarship for students majoring in education. The pur- pose of F.T.A. is to seek, through the dissemination of information and through higher standards of prep- aration, to interest the best young men and women in education as a lifetime career, with emphasis on character and scholarship. It seeks to develop, among young people who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which is an integral part of state and national education associations, and to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. 119 • • ' ' : •:. VAGABONDS JOE GARRISON OFFICERS JOE GARRISON President SUE GILLEN Vice-President ANNE LINSNER Secretary GEORGE FLACK Treasurer The Vagabonds of Florida Southern College are organized in the interest of providing mutual aid and encouragement to students of drama and speech arts. Eligibility for membership will be determined by the club as designated in the constitutional by-laws. Initiation into the Vagabonds requires each pledge to put on a small skit of his choice plus payment of a small initiation fee. Outstanding students of talent in the field of drama must be Vagabonds, which is part of the requirement to become a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity. This year the Vagabonds are rapidly moving along, having recently elected new officers, initiated several new members, and having made plans for greater organization and outstand- ing entertainment for the coming year. First Row: S. Whitfield, S. Freeman. A. Adams, A. Linsner. N. Miller. H. Gewalt. J. McMurrian. Second Row: P. Eveld. M. Callahan. V. Keller. A. Palmer. S. Bassett. J. Whitfield. Third Row: C. Fields. M. Garvey. B. Tyson. G. Flack. H. Pfister. J. Garrison. Fourth Row: C. Grant. N. Coy. I. Jor- don. B. Smith. Ibitet 111 M mm MICROPHONE CLUB OFFICERS JOAN BLEDSOE President GEORGE FLACK Vice-President NANCY TROUSDALE Secretary VAL KELLER Treasurer JOAN BLEDSOE The Mike Club was organized for the purpose of providing mutual aid and encouragement to stu- dents of radio and television. Membership into this club is open to anyone interested in radio production with a high standing in radio or speech arts. First Row: S. Freeman. N. Trousdale, A. Linsner, J. Bledsoe. Second Row: C. Fields. I. Garrison. V. Kel- ler. G. Flack. A. Palmer. INTERNATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS GORDAN H1RSCHEERG President IOSE HBASCAL Vice-President NAN COY Secretary EMILEO GARCIA Vice-Secretary AKIRA KIMURA Treasurer PARVON COMLEKAIER Vice-Treasurer The International Club of Florida Southern College attempts to promote a better understanding between individuals of various countries throughout the world, in respect to their customs and cultures. The require- ments for membership are a genuine interest in prob- lems foreign to their own, and the desire to discuss subjects of the various countries. The meetings are highlighted with speakers who have been fortunate enough to travel considerably. Members from the club are sent to various outside organizations, where they speak about all phases of life in their respective countries. GORDON HIRSCHBERG First Row: V. Kasomsuwan, L. Luis Amesa, F. Guerrero. P. Comkkcier, I. Padilla, S. Tamasak, I. Lowenthal, G. Hirschberg, O. Godoy. S. Hyun. Second Row: B King. D. Davis. S. HiLee. N. Dural. A. Denslow, I. Lopez. D. Beattie. M. Watube. C. Irvine. R. Ortiz. Third Row: F. Snell. E. Pena. A. Kimura. S. Singanati. V. Keller. C. Cabrena Jr.. L. Miles, J. Senn Jr., T. Min. Fourth Row: U. Sanchez. B. Wright. A. Ocampo, N. Coy. R. Fernandez. P Powell. C Kim. B. Whittet. H. Weber. Q. D ' Agostino. Fifth Row: L. Masters. L. Jorge. H. Rodriguez. A. Ovadia. O. Ardngo. J. Abascat. U. Gutienez, G. Flack. 4 j p. x : m ■ .i ' - ' - FLORIDA SOUTHERN MEMBERS DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY. SR. Director SOPRANOS Kathryn Allen Sue Bentley Carolyn Cocke Hazel Cotton Catherine Cruz Delores Daughtery Lucy Fisackerly Carolyn Greer Barbara Mock Barbara Pattey Marilyn Pemble luliana Phillips Ruth Wagner Marylee Williams CONTRALTOS Nan Coy Ann Daniel lean Douglass JoAnn Gruber Carolyn Kille Diane Kleka Marilinda Mar ' i 1 Mary Ann McDonald Dagmar Hunnicutt Sue Thayer Diane Tobias Carolyn Wigdahl TENORS Richard Adams Pasco Cade Charles Castles Dale Garber David Howell Henry Pfister Joaquin Romaguera Ernest Thompson A. C. Smith BASSES Charles Blackburn Jack Harvey Charles Hayes Stephen King Kenneth Lutz Robert Newton lames Piatt David Scoates Charles Husbands Mar: Weaver The Florida Southern Collegs Concert Choir. CONCERT CHOIR The Florida Southern College Concert Choir is composed of thirty-six trained young singers, carefully selected for the honor of participating in an organization which presents stimulating and joyful entertainment to hundreds of thous- ands of listeners each year. Under the capable direction of Dr. Charles A. Woodbury, the choir brings forth all the warmth, color, and brightness of the South. These students who comprise one of Dixie ' s finest choral groups have delighted audiences in personal appearances in the South and East and throughout the entire nation during the past two years over the network facilities of the National Broadcasting Company. Now in its third year, the Concert Choir has won such acclaim that it can no longer meet the ever-growing demand for programs. Before the end of the season, it will have been heard by a hundred and fifty thousand persons in conceris from Miami to Boston, and from Tampa to Washing:on. DR. CHARLES A. WOODBURY. JR. Business Manager RENATTA FlLEWlCZ AND SUE BENTLEY Accompanists ANN DANIEL. JO ANN GRUBER. JOAQUIN ROMAGUERA. STEPHEN KING. CHARLES BLACKBURN. Concert Choir Soloists. JUDY PHILLFS. DELORES DAUGHTERY. CHARLES CASTLES. KEN LUTZ. Concert Choir Soloists. k! STUDENT UNION The Student Union is the recreational and social organization for all the campus. Supported by the entire student body, this organization maintains the Student Union Lounge in the Zimmer- mann Recreation Room. There the students study, play cards, chess, checkers, ping-pong and dance. The annual Christmas dance is the feature presentation of the year although the Student Union also sponsors and runs many small dances and outings. OFFICERS BETTY KING President FRANK BATEMAN Vice-President DONNIE LEGH Secretary GEORGE BALDWIN Treasurer JAMES LUCE Director The Union provides the balance in social activities for all the students and an opportunity for them to join in planning and carrying out of their own special program. First Row: N. Nelson. M. Bryant, C. Hulett. B. Hand, M. Legh. Sec- ond Row: I. Beach, K. Hammerick, K. Greene. M. Fried. S. Wigdahl. Third Row: D. Rinehart. N. Sher- win, B. Whittet. L. Gilliam, B. King. Fourth Row: A. Savage. P. Smith. N. Coy, B. Goodrick. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the Home Economics Club at Florida Southern College is to help girls take an active interest in Home Economics and to present to them something that will be of help in the future. One does not have to be a Home Economics Major to be admitted into the organization, but she should have an active interest in the field. Activities during the year include baking cookies to secure funds for the department, and entertainment for the orphans in this area. ANN COMBS OFFICERS ANN COMBS President PATSY SMITH Vice-President BARBARA HAND Secretary AUBREY KING Treasurer First Row: A. King. N. Reeves. V. McLadden. C. Hulett, A. Gray. J. Sutton. S. Troxler. B. Hand. I. Norton. Second Row: P. Olson. D. Wineman. S. HiLee. A. McAneny, K. Hammerick. B. Mock, G. Tin, Mrs. Wallace. J. Hohr. Third Row: A. Savage, B. Ross, Mrs. Ellison, N. Nelson, C. Dewey, A. Dietrich, I. Steinauer, L. Gilliam. Fourth Row: J. Wood, S. Hendy, C. Ungro. C. Harvley, K. Greene, N. Paulding. A. Deaslow. P. Sweeney. Fifth Row: P. Ingram, C. Painter. B. Goodrick. D. Clemens. S. Hyun. A. Combs, P. Smith. _A JRf J ».Lf»lTl JL AT T Hbk t THE 19 5 4 EDITORIAL STAFF DELANA RINEHART Editor-in-Chief BARBARA HOWARD Class Edito. ANN SAVAGE Organization Edito JOAN BLEDSOE Faculty Edito SUE THAYER Copy Edito BEV WHITTET Feature Edito BOB CARTWELL Art Edito HOWIE SMITH Mens ' Sports Edito MARYANN NICHOLS Womens ' Sports Edito CHARLES BLACKBURN R.O.T.C. Edito PAUL WILLE Photograph KENNETH CRABBE Adviso DELANA RINEHART Editor-in-Chief Charles confers with the art staff. Cheerful look of four editors and advisor. loan and Barbara get together with staffs. Bev and Howie go over their plans of action with their staffs. 1 IV I E It L A ( II i: BUSINESS STAFF RICHARD ANDERSON Business Manager JUDY PHILLIPS Assistant Business Manager ROBERT PRICE Advertising Manager MARGERY HAMILTON. KITTY SHAW, PAT WAGNER, JEAN WHIPPLE Typists RICHARD ANDERSON Business Manager The INTERLACHEN is an official publication of the students of Florida Southern College. It ' s aim is to give the students a pictorial record of one year of their college life. More letters to type. Bob gives ide as to ad solicitors. S 4 j ■ l K 8S| P J ♦ »■ " ♦ THE SHIRLEY WADDELL Editor-in-Chief FIRST SEMESTER STAFF SHIRLEY WADDELL Editor-in-Chief GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD Managing Editor JOE McCORMACK Sports Editor HOWIE SMITH. BILL SAUL. SUE THAYER. DON HILL. NAN COY Associate Editors MAURY PHILLIPS Copy Editor DAVID HOWELL News Editor DICK FREEMAN Business Manager JACK SMITH Advertising Manager ROBERT HOUSE. MARY LEE WILLIAMS. FARLEY SNELL. JOY RYNSKEL, MARGERY HAMILTON. JERRY SHACKMAN. NANCY OLIVER Staff Writers BARBARA SEELY. CAROLEE CORNELIUS . National Advertising Managers JIM BREWSTER Circulation Manager BOB PRICE Assistant Circulation Manager KENNETH C. CRABBE Faculty Advisor Trying to get inspirations for those columns. SOUTHERN SECOND SEMESTER STAFF GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD. DAVID HOWELL Editors-in-Chief DON GROOMS Managing Editor JOE McCORMACK Sports Editor BILL SAUL Assistant Sports Editor BEV WHITTET News Editor JOE McCORMACK. SHIRLIE FREEMAN Assistant News Editor CARL NEILL, JUDY ROTUNNO. MARY LOU GANDY. MARY LEE WILLIAMS, CAROLYN WIGDAHL. RAY FLETCHER. ERNEST MARTUCC! Staff Writers JACK SMITH Advertising Manager BARBARA SEELEY Acting Business Manager CARL NEILL Circulation Manager KENNETH C. CRABBE Faculty Advisor GEORGE CRUTCHFIELD DAVID HOWELL Second Semester Co-Editors Punk and Bob circulating those Southerns. 131 GEORGE McCORMICK OFFICERS GEORGE McCORMICK President SHIRLEY CANTWELL Vice-President VIRGINIA DIEDEMAN Secretary AUBREY KING Treasurer ROBERT GAYLER Advisor The Guild Student Group on Florida Southern Col- lege ' s campus is a member of the American Guild of Organists. The objects of the guild are to advance the cause of worthy church music, to elevate the status of church organists, and to provide members with oppor- tunities for meeting and discussing professional topics. Any student studying organ at Florida Southern may become a member of this group. Each year, in addition to regular meetings, an organ recital is given for the public featuring student organists. AMERICA X GIILD OF ORGANISTS CITRUS C L IT R The Citrus Club was organized in 1950 to further the interest of citrus study at Florida Southern. Mem- bership is composed of students in the Citrus Depart- ment, and also students who may have interests in this field. Besides the regular meetings held monthly, the club has had frequent outings and field trips. This year the club toured the Indian River citrus area on the East Coast. Another interest of the club this year was a campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a movie projector for the Citrus Department. With the growing interest in the field of citrus today, the Citrus Club hopes to better the relationship between student and the indusry. OFFICERS CLIFFORD WRIGHT President KENNETH RALPH Vice-President JERRY CARLTON Secretary-Treasurer CLIFFORD WRI3HT METHODIST §Tl T DENT MOVEMENT The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social, and intellectual needs of the college students. Membership in the Methodist Student Movement consists of those students desiring to affiliate with this group, and who are not members of any other church-related organization on campus. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. In addition to several state and national service projects, a variety of functions are held throughout the year with groups of different faiths on the campus. PASCO CADE OFFICERS PASCO CADE President JACK HARVEY Vice-President LOIS SCOATES Secretary-Treasurer DAVID HOWELL Editor of Wesley Beacon REV. FRANCIS L. LUCE Director First Row: Rev. F. Luce. P. Cade. A. Bly, L. Drake. B. Howell. G. Crutchfield. W. Fitzgerald. G. Flack. J. King. B. Postal. Second Row: D. Dieflenwierth. R. Thompson. L. Miles. I. Becker. M. Evans. P. Archer. C Irvine. D. Clockadale. M. Pemble, M. Gandy, D. Daughtery, B. Lamberson, B. Carter. N. Lee. E. Harrington. M. Owens. J. Forrest. B. Pattery. Third Row: S. Bentley, H. Carr, D. Thorn. R. Harvey. I. Harvey. S. Witmer. D. Scoates, M. Weaver, D. Touchton. R. Williams, B. Cronkhite, K. Jones. Fourth Row: J. Mclntyre, I. Whipple. H. Gill, B. Hilton, B. Dyess. E. Bennett. S. Stalls, A. Denslow, M. Bryant. I. Heath. B. Turner. BAPTIST STUDENT U I O CHARLES HAYES OFFICERS CHARLES HAYES JEAN WOODS EUGENIA MOODY President Secretary Treas urer EMILY HANCOCK EARL Advisors SMITH To promote a varied program, to foster friendship, and denom- inational interests among students is the purpose of the Baptist Student Union. Having its social and intellectual side as well as its religious one, the organization provides fun and fellowship with many serious hours of religious study for its members. The club holds meetings twice a month to discuss any current problems that might arise. Parties with various other religious groups on campus are held at frequent intervals throughout the year. First Row: J. Woods. M. A. Nich- olls. J. A. Mobley. I. Moody. C. Hayes. Second Row: B. Town- send, P. Cobb, J. Sheppard, J. Adair, N. Cabe. A. Meeks. Third Row: E. Hancock, E. Smith, E. Permenter, D. Kuig. J. Chisel- brook, D. Grooms. J First Row: B. Fettermcm, V. McFadden, M. A. Nicholls. J. A. Wood. G. Leonard. Second Row: F. Rappold, E. Griffin. J. Wilburn. E. Clark, G. Given. Third Row: M. Starch. H. Caldwell. W. Pritchett. C. Stiles. Westminster Fellowship is a newly organized group of Presbyterian students interested in doing a Christian job on the campus, in the community, and in the world. This organization is endeavoring to emphasize the im- WESTMINSTER EILEEN CLARK OFFICERS EILEEN CLARK President CYNTHIA LEONARD Vice-President MARY ANN NICHOLLS Secretary-Treasurer VIRGINIA McFADDEN Social Chairman portance of giving Presbyterian students an opportunity to live their Christian beliefs by carrying on several service projects. FELLOWSHIP IIILLEL SOCIETY The Hillel Society serves as a representative of the Jewish faith on campus. Striving to create " a home away from home " atmosphere, the organization pro- vides social, cultural, and religious activities for its members. The club was named after a Hebrew teacher and philosopher who lived during the latter part of the third century A.D. OFFICERS JOEL DIAMOND President MURRAY BERMAN Vice-President JOAN GLASSER Treasurer JOEL DIAMOND First Row: J. Glasser. Mr. Selig. J. Rosen, M. Fried, S. Kamsler, S. Stern. Seco Row: J. Diamond, M. Berman, R. Barest, L. Goldsmith. A. Pokross, L. Min Third Row: D. Guss. E. Berlin, P. Urger. A IMM I) THE Campui " Angelo Graham and fellow students working on new science building. HONORARY and PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS A. W. SMITH, FRED BENFORD. GLENN G. DICKENSON At Omicron Delta Kappa Initiation Ceremony. " WW WHO ' S WHO in A mencun CONNIE WAGNER PRISCILLA ROBERTS JOAN BLEDSOE RICHARD BAREST JUDY OTT ANN COMBS PASCO CADE JUDY PHILLIPS KEN HERNDON JEAN LINVILLE MARTHA PAGE JOANNE ANTONS JACKIE RICKERSON george Mccormick MARGARET KILLERS NOT PICTURED: NORMAN DAVIS LEIDA MILES BETTY KING SHIRLEY CANTWELL CHARLES SELPH -, ' t • • ■ CAP AND G O W IV BETTY KING Cap and Gown is representative of women who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities and who inspire others to strive for similar attainments. Membership may be attained by a junior or senior who has completed one full year in Florida Southern College with at least a 1.5 over-all scholastic average. High moral character and fifty points earned through the point system are also necessary quali- fications. OFFICERS BETTY KING President JEAN LINVILLE Vice-President OMA CADY Secretary CAROLYN MOORE Treasurer One of the outstanding activities is the Annual Cap and Gown pajama party given in October for all women on campus. r: X, k ■4 , ■ , .- ; ; H " ' - (LiilTjBi ' ■ » -4 , X.u w 1 m- ' 1 1 - ■ . 1 - ■1 ' v ' !W I M Hr " " ■:• ■ $ . V First Row: M. Killers. Pris Rob- erts, I. Phillips. J. Ott. Second Row: Pat Roberts. I. Bledsoe. B. King. S. Cantwell. Third Row: J. Rynksel. C. Moore. I. Anions, Prol. I. Gordon Ogden, Jr. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Florida Southern Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, national leader- ship honor society for men, was organized April 7, 1951. Since its organization it has made rapid strides and is now recognized as the outstanding circle in the Southeastern Province. Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes junior and senior students of out- standing character who have attained special distinction in one or more of the following phases of collegiate activity: schol arship, ath- letics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, and dramatic arts. The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainments. Sec- ond, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of col- legiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest. Third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. COLONEL E. W. BOWEN OFFICERS COLONEL E. W. BOWEN President KEN HERNDON Vice-President DAVID L. READDICK Secretary I. GOR r ON OGDEN, JR. Advi sor Left to Right: P. Cade, J. A Battle, G. McCormick, D. L Readdick. J. Ogden, Jr., E. A Case, I. C. Peel. D. Hill. J Luce. K. Herndon, R. G. Rich ards, R. Barest, D. Tan. N Davis. Col. E. W. Bowen. : • .- -J ALPHA PSI OMEGA GEORGE FLACK OFFICERS GEORGE FLACK President CLAYTON FIELDS Advisor DR. JULIANA JORDAN Advisor Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic society, was organized on Florida Southern College ' s campus to further dramatics and the development of the talent of college students. Alpha Psi Omega is open to students and faculty members who can fulfill membership and qualifications. In addition to its campus activi- ties, the organization works with and aids high school Thespian Societies. First Row: C. Fields. A. Palmer. A. Linsner, M. Callahan. Second Row: J. Jordan, Capt. Giulfrida. G. Flack. J. Garrison. GAMMA SIGMA CHI To promote and provide a spiritual, social, and intellectual fellowship among the pre-theological students on this campus is the goal of Gamma Sigma Chi. The activities of the professional fraternity includes its bi- weekly meetings at which discussions are held or some outside authority speaks. The group has a part in the Orientation Week and holds an annual banquet in the Spring. FARLEY SNELL OFFICERS FARLEY SNELL President KEN JONES Vice-President ERNEST THOMPSON Secretary JOHN FREENEY Treasurer george Mccormick, jr. Chaplain REV. FRANCIS LUCE Advisor First Row: J. Luce. F. Snell. G. McCormick, J. Mclntyre. D. Mizell. K. Wilkerson. Second Row: E. Thompson. J. Harvey, A. Reppen- hagen, J. Luce, J. Freeney, K. Jones. KAPPA DELTA PI CAROLYN MOORE OFFICERS CAROLYN MOORE President ANN COMBS Vice-President JOAN BLEDSOE Secretary JANE WHITFIELD Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary educational fraternity, has as its purpose the encouragemeni of leadership and scholarship in the educational realm. The requirements for membership include a 2.00 overall aver- age; must be a Junior or Senior (Junior must have six hours in Education, Senior must have twelve hours in Education); must show outstanding qualities of leadership and character. Kappa Delta Pi sponsors an outstanding speaker in the educa- tional field and honors him on this campus with a banquet for members and faculty. First Row: C Moore, K. McCart- ney, J. Heath, M. Trombo, G. Sny- der, E. Miller. O. Wiggins. Second Row: J. Whitfield, M. Killars, A. Randall, M. Lusk, J. A. Battle. I. C Peel. Third Row: I. Ogden. Jr., J. Bledsoe, A. Combs, D. Mills, L. Miles. KAPPA EPSILON Kappa Epsilon was first organized on Florida Southern ' s cam- pus in the fall of 1953 as a local science organization to become at some future date a national fraternity. The interests of the organization cover the fields of biology, chemistry and citrus. Kappa Epsilon ' s primary purpose is to promote the further ad- vancements in these interests. At present the minimum requirements for membership are an over-all " C " average and definite interest in one or more of the various sciences. A wide range of activities include field trips, and a variety of programs featuring prominent authorities repre- senting the various aspects of the scientific fields of endeavor. LEE NATHURST OFFICERS LEE NATHURST President GEORGE McCORMICK Vice President MARJORIE PAINTER Secretary-Treasurer First Row: D. Tobias, J. Martin, A. Dietrick, B. Lockman, R. W. Mitchell, L. Denslow. Second Row: H. Mozingo, V. Keller, M. Painter, J. Anderson, R. S. Kiser, H. Caldwell. Third Row: H. E. Wallace. J. Ireland. R. Paddock, L. Nathurst, J. Greenfield. J. G. Vihlen, W. Hawthorne. ! • ■ ■ ■ •• ' " ' .■• r » KAPPA PI DEI ANA RINEHART OFFICERS DELANA RINEHART President MARILYN UTTERBACK Vice-President CAROLEE CORNELIUS Secretary CHARLES HAZELIP Treasurer DONNA STODDARD Advisor The Alpha Eta chapter of Kappa Pi, international honorary art fraternity, was installed on Florida Southern ' s campus in 1943. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote greater artistic interest and achievement among the students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be major- ing or minoring in art, having completed twelve hours of art with a " B " average in the twelve hours, and must be in good stand- ing in the art department. This year Kappa Pi has given two fashion shows as fund raising projects, sponsored the All Campus Student Art Contest, which is an annual affair, and has spon- sored a banquet honoring honorary members. First Row: M. Utterback, C. Cornelius, J. Ott, D. Rinehart, D. Stoddard. Second Row: G. Morris. C. Hazelip. S. Potz, G. Olson. M. Johnston. P. Homek. a " V f- 1 ( Y PI DELTA I r I | o Pi Delta Epsilon is the oldest national honorary journalism fraternity in the country. The Florida Southern chapter was estab- lished in September, 1953, due to the hard-working efforts of the former Press Club, all of whom are charter members of the organ- ization. The purpose of the organization is to teach the ethics, tech- niques, and mechanics of journalism. The aim of Pi Delta Epsilon is to promote better fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to promote democratic and honest journalism. BEVERLY WHITTET OFFICERS BEVERLY WHITTET President ANN SAVAGE Vice-President joe Mccormick Treasurer NAN COY Secretary KENNETH C. CRABBS Faculty Advisor First Row: B. Hand, S. Freeman. Second Row: D. Grooms, D. How- ell, J. Smith, J. McPherson. Third Row: D. Rinehart. N. Coy, B. Seeley. F. Snell, L. Norton, B. Whittet. A. Savage. PI GAMMA MU NORMAN DAVIS OFFICERS NORMAN A. DAVIS President GEORGE McCORMICK. JR. Vice-President MICHAEL A. DELGAIZO Secretary PROF. J. G. SNYDER Treasurer — Asso. PROF. R. G. RICHARDS Faculty Advisor Asso. Florida Alpha Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honor society, elects upperclass men and women who rank in the upper 35% and have taken at least twenty semester hours of Social Studies attaining a B average. The Chapter ' s goals are to improve scholarship in the Social Studies, to hold meetings at which topics in this field are dis- cussed, and to sponsor projects of value to the college. This year Pi Gamma Mu will award its customary medal to the Senior with the highest average in Social Studies, and is sponsoring the project of preparing twenty flags representative of American Liberty. First Row: J. Phillips, M. Drach, O. Sumner, E. Hancock, G. Snyder. J. Snyder. Second Row: J. G. Ogden, Jr .. N. Davis. E. Lilley. I. A. Battle. Col. E. W. Bowen, A. Fugitt. Third Row: G. Morris, G. McCormick. M. Del Gaizo, W I. Lester, R. Richards. J. C Peel. SIGMA R II O I V S I I O The goals of Sigma Rho Epsilon are: to promote the develop- ment of religious education on campus, to cooperate with all organizations on campus in furthering the high ideals, aims, and religious activities to which they adhere, to cooperate with and support the programs of the churches in this vicinity, to strive for and maintain a high degree of academic achievement, and to maintain, uphold, and act upon the high principles inherent to the philosophy of Christian education. Requirements for membership are that a person be a major or minor in religious education, wife of a pre-ministerial student, or anyone vitally interested in the goals of this organization. Activities for this year have included: the annual banquet with Gamma Sigma Chi, the annual picnic with Gamma Sigma Chi, and lighting the candles in the Christian-Hindu Temple. SHIRLEY WITMER OFFICERS SHIRLEY WITMER President BEVERLY CRONKHITE Vice-President LOIS SCOATES Secretary-TV MRS. GRACE SNYDER Advisor First Row: E. Bennett. M. Owens. D. Clockadale. I. Douglas, K. Shaw. H. Gill. G. Diederman, L. Fisackerly. D. Reppenhaqen. A. Ingle. Second Row: A. Denslow. J. McMurrian. G. Snyder, I. Leslie, C. Irvine, E. Griifin. P. Pattey. M. Evans, G. Brooks. A. Wig- gins. L. Scoates. R. Wagner. Third Row: I. Whipple. I. Sautter, B. Lamberson. N. McConnell. C. Cruz. D. Dielfenwierth. S. Bentley. B. Cronkhite, S. Witmer. D. Touchton, I. Morris, L. Miles, B. Turner. ♦ SIGMA TAIJ DELTA OFFICERS DONALD HILL President MURRAY BERMAN Vice-President JOAN STE1NAUER Secretary BETTY RAE BUNTING Treasurer DR. E. L. RAESLY Advisor Uniting students of high scholastic standards in English, Sigma Tau Delta is the national English honorary fraternity on campus. Specializing in discussions in reading and writing of literature and poetry, the national honor fraternity seeks to develop out- standing writers along these lines. Lectures by well-known authors are presented periodically to the group. First Row: J. Woods. J. Beach. J. Steinauer, B. Seeley. M. Killar. B. Whittet. G. Tin. Second Row: E. Raesly. F. Snell, T. Bianco. M. Berman. N. Coy. D. Hill. R. Whitener. if ' srrom Danced to 5l?id . . ■ssia ■■1 1 " Another year! ' " Oh, those pajama parties. ' The joys of choir trips. Up and An orchestra (look close and you ' ll find countless instru- ments) FFATUBES ' :, V • ■ ' ■ v 1 lite Jsntericich en noAen b a5 chosen y IOII ROBERT POWERS johm ..own ' THE 1954 INTERLACHEN STAFF is proud to present MISS NAOMI POLLACK SPONSORED BY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA II liss rnterlacnen jj SECOND PLACE MISS PATRICIA STONE SPONSORED BY PHI DELTA _....; - L,i» THIRD PLACE MISS CORNELIA PEACOCK SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA PHI FOURTH PLACE MISS MARY JANE HANCOCK SPONSORED BY TAU KAPPA EPSILON ' ■ i FIFTH PLACE MISS PATRICIA DUVAL SPONSORED BY TAU EPSILON PHI 5 4 FAVORITES FAVORITES O F f K», MISS MARLENE McATEE Sponsored by MISS PATSY EZELL Sponsored by ALPHA DELTA PI MISS NANCY TROUSDALE Sponsored by DELTA ZETA MISS PATRICIA MAXON Sponsored by DELTA ZETA FOUNDERS ' WEEK « ' » ' ■ 3» v FOUNDERS ' WEEK CROWNS MISS SHIRLEY CANTWELL V f idd oulh ?? em +Cf . iiaB A Q I E E A IS CROWNED THE PAGEANT.. Miss Southern is honored. A hundred years oi Methodist education — I ■■i i 19 5 4 II O O IC WALK STUDEAT J en rwemuon FOUNDERS ' ' CHARLIE ' S AUNT ' ' Charlie, my boy. ' " Delightful. " J WEEK " It ' s a hit. ' Beta Sigma Omicron proudly accepts the scholarship trophy. " Those never-ending lines. " m TITLE MISS ANN DANIEL CROWNED fVliAd J-lorida and srlorlda C itrud (o ueen of 1954 WINNERS u. m«3.s.c: MISS BETTYE WALKER international lo i of S peea ueen MISS SUSAN GILLEN rsodeo (c V f ueen MISS ALYCE GREY 4 • Symbolic Greek pin GPFFXS ALPHA CHI OMEGA ita. (_yj icron (chapter We FOUNDED 1887 A perfect scenario, combining the stage, the scene, and the harmony, keynotes our group this year . . . Our girls are members of twenty school organizations out of which several hold prominent offices . . . Betty King is president and Judy Phillips, secretary, of Cap and Gown, with Joan Bledsoe, Joy Rynksel, Carolee Cornelius, Merry Ann McDonald, Norma Barwick, and Delana Rinehart additional members ... In Who ' s Who we have Betty King, Judy Phillips and Joan Bledsoe . . . Betty is also president of the Student Union and Donnie Legh, the social chairman . . . Delana Rinehart is not only president of Kappa Pi, but holds the position of editor of the INTERLACHEN . . . Delana and Barb Seeley became charter members of the newly organized Pi Delta Epsilon journalism fraternity this past year . . . Joan Bledsoe is president of the Microphone Club, and Ann Stansbury is secretary of the Student Body, with Betty King, Delana Rinehart, and Judy Rotunna as senators . . . Among the members of the Concert Choir this year we are proud of our alum, Rennie Filewicz, who is Dr. Woodbury ' s assistant . . . We grant that this year has been extremely political but that ' s not all . . . All of us had a fabulous time at the various fraternity parties we attended, and our " powder-puff " football game will long be remembered . . . Our lovely Asden Wolfe was nominated for the Maid of Cotton contest this year . . . Also Asden, Doris Becker, Corney Peacock, Naomi Pollock, and Diane Von Eitzen were finalists in the " Miss Interlachen " contest . . . We were also extremely happy to welcome our new chapter in Tampa which was pledged by Beta Omicron . . . But proudest of all we are to be able to boast of the biggest, and in our opinion the best, pledge class on campus this year ... It has been a marvelous year for all of us and we unwill- ingly leave it with all the pleasant memories to be forever kept in our hearts. ASDEN WOLFE President OFFICERS ASDEN WOLFE President BETTY KING First Vice-President JOAN BLEDSOE Second Vice-President NANCY KING Corresponding Secretary JOY RYNKSEL Recording Secretary BARBARA HOWARD Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: B. Houser, N. Dibble. M. Leigh. J. Phillips. B. Seeley, M. Stant, C. Cornelius. M. Hamilton, D. Rinehart. Second Row: D. Hentz, B. King, I. Bledsoe, N. Barwick, M. McDonald, B. Howard, A. Wolfe, A. Wooten. Third Row: A. Stansbury, J. Rynksel. M. Hill, D. Becker, N. King. C. Rack. C. Cocke. PLEDGE S First Row, Left to Right: P. Gee, D. Beattie, M. Boswell, J. Gadbury, M. Hanhausen, M. Reynolds, N. Heyl, N. Pollock. Second Row: M. Buckles, L. Darracott, M. Martin, B. Mizell. S. Wigdahl. J. Vaughan, D. Von Eitzen, R. Jones. Third Row: C. Peacock, A. Daniel, J. Rotunno, D. Sarkison, C. Connell. S. Thornton, M. Rea, D. Wigdahl, C. Cruz. " Hang your wish on a tree. " The band plays on. ' • (J ■♦. ' ' ;.■■♦ ■ ' ■■♦;■ ALPHA DELTA PI Ljcimmci KJamma liapter -m FOUNDED 1851 We ' re mighty proud of our five sweethearts: Susan Gillen, Quarter- Century Club; Peggy Rouse, Theta Chi; Dianne Nicholson, Lambda Chi Alpha; Jean Robbins Mosco, Sigma Phi Epsilon; and Bettye Walker, Pi Kappa Phi . . . The INTERLACHEN Beauty Queen Finals include Lucretia Norton, Patsy Ezell, and Bettye Walker . . . Sue Whitfield placed third in the Miss Fireball Contest . . . other ADPI entrants being Sue Gillen, Dixie Price, and Dianne Nicholson . . . We glistened with many memor- able highlights during the recent term . . . the Yuletide Hop with the Sig Ep ' s . . . the big Pike fling we helped sponsor in January ... Of course the spotlight fell on our Diamond Bust Ball in May ... a gold star for a full year . . . Easter provided an opportunity to entertain a group of Lakeland Orphans at our annual Egg Hunt . . . And who knows we won ' t win the next time we challenge Lambda Chi to a crew race . . . any- way they didn ' t get any wetter than we did . . . Honoring our sorority on campus are Margaret Killars, member of Cap and Gown and recently elected to Who ' s Who . . . and Jane Whitfield, chosen for Cap and Gown; Jane is also treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Sue Gillen is Vice- President of the Vagabonds, and Lucretia Norton was initiated into Pi Delta Epsilon, national journalism fraternity. JANE WHITFIELD President OFFICERS JANE WHITFIELD President PEGGY CLARK Vice-President MARGARET KILLARS Secretary BETTYE WALKER Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: E. Fouts. S. Gillen. A. Dams. S. Freeman, A. Maynard, M. Killars, D. Nicholson. Second Row: P. Egell, L. Norton, N. Miller, B. Hellwig, T. Jones, S. Whitfield, H. Ge- walt. Third Row: S. Bassett, P. Rouse, P. Clark. J. Adair. B. Tyson. J. Whitfield. B. Walker. " Our gal. " " The man of our dreams. ' w «, PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: N. Nelson, B. Fette rman, P. Schryver. K. Greene. C. Hulett. Second Row: S. Walker. J. Geller. V. Kennedy. B. Wright, A. Butler. Third Row: D. Price. S. Matthews. J. Kur- ish, C. Ingram. M. Glawe. «SM V ' - : ; :1 ALPHA O MICRON PI -J appa Ljamma i -ltapter FOUNDED 1897 Variety is our theme! . . . Yes, we have many interests that range from sports to our different fields of study . . . Our group activities range from the Halloween party for the Baptist Children ' s Home and the fun of buying presents for our French war orphan, Monique, to the good times at such parties as the Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Hobo party, and the wonderful Rose Ball . . . Now, take a peek at some of the individual interests of these girls as seen through their individual campus activi- ties ... In sports lock at Marge Maypole as she sails over the water with the Water Ski Team, and also holder of the individual all Sports Trophy . . . Also to be recognized is Julie Evans, Intramural Board presi- dent as well as president of the Girls ' Rifle Team . . . Lucy Fisackerly as cheerleader cheers the Mocs on to victories . . . Lib Page, Joanne Antons, Jackie Rickerson, and Shirley Cantwell represent us in Cap and Gown and on the Who ' s Who list. Lib Page and Jackie Rickerson are Kappa Delta Pi members . . . Marge Maypole, Shirley Cantwell, and Marilyn McClellan hold seats in the Senate . . . Then we could never forget that Barb Bittner is now the Dream Girl of Pike fraternity . . . Engaged ones are: Marge Maypole, Joan Stewart, and Jackie Rickerson . . . Last but not least, is our All Sports Trophy which occupies our living room along with eighteen other trophies. ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: P. McCollum. B. Bittner, L. Fisackerly, B. Stallings. J. Van Derzee, S. Cant well. Second Row: J. Woods, J. Evans. M. A. Nicholls, P. Sautter, A. Forman. B. Morre. Third Row: D. Norris. L. Neill. V. Johnson, I. Sautter, D. Hunnicutt. N. Reeves. Fourth Row: B. Bowles. M. Maypole. M. McClellan. I. Antons. B. Moyer. MARGE MAYPOLE President OFFICERS MARGE MAYPOLE President SHIRLEY CANTWELL Vice-President PAULA JANE McCOLLUM Recording Secretary MARLYN McCLELLAN Corresponding Secretary JOANN ANTONS Treasurer " And their wish came true. ' ' Ye old song lest. " PLEDGES First Row. Left to Right: F. Tucker, B. Dyess, M Gandy, D. Seymour. D. Daughtery, B. Hendry Second Row: B, J. Pollock. K. Kallivokas. J. Simp son, C Paugh, A. Taggart, P. Blackman, N. Bur kett. Third Row: B. Cheyne, M. Rushton. N. Ric cio, S. Speidel, M. A. Stone, C. Crenshaw, J Stewart. , " W»;- ' ♦ : 1 BETA SIGMA OM1CRON ?t« -.eta K -hapier .■tfSfrll fr.X.. FOUNDED 1888 Paint, paint, and more paint . . . purple, green, and pink were the passwords this fall at the Beta Sig house . . . The Beta Sigs with Judy at the head have gone all out for sports too, including efforts at water skiing ... In spare moments Joan ' s Henry J, Aud ' s Ford, and THE Hudson have been burning up the miles . . . Hardest job around the house is getting Hoppy and Nancy up . . . Diana (T. W.) and Nancy have been keeping the house full of jivey music . . . Dm and Earline are eagerly awaiting June and wedding bells, and Jeanne is mighty proud of that Citadel pin . . . We ' re anxiously looking forward to defending our crew title. JUDY BEACH President OFFICERS JUDY BEACH President AUDREY DIETRICH Vice-President DIANA BERG Recording Secretary EARLIENE SUMNER Corresponding Secretary MARCIA SALAGE Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: D. Beach. R. Connon. M. Bryant. J. Beach. Second Row: M. Salage. J. Moody, D. Berg, A. Dietrich. J. Steinauer. Third Row: P. Carter, D. Allen. B. Townsend. N. Sherwin. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: J. Leslie, A. Caldwell. L. Kell. Second Row: M. Classer, S. Hooker. " Smile for the man. ' " Ready all. row! " , .- ♦ • ; DELTA ZETA (J5eta —(l( L Intnl. I - _- FOUNDED 1902 Truly a successful year for the Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Zeta . . . starting off with twenty pledges, the chapter captured first place in the all-school Kampus Kapers show to receive a beautiul trophy which now adorns the chapter room . . . Judy Ott, Effie Fairchild, Bev Whittet, and Ann Combs in the Senate . . . Ann Combs, President of the Home Eco. Club, Vice-President of W.S.G.A., and Vice-President of Kappa Delta Pi; Barbara Hand, Secretary of the Home Eco. Club and Patsy Smith, Vice-President of the Home Eco. Club; Bev Whittet, President of Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Mary Jane Freeman, Treasurer of Future Teacher ' s of America, and Secretary of the Women ' s Intramural Board . . . Jean Linville, Treas- urer of the Senior Class . . . Pat Maxson, Treasurer of Panhellenic . . . Linda Pearson, Vice-President of the Rifle Club . . . Nancy Trousdale, Sec- retary of the Microphone Club. Linda Pearson cheers the Florida Southern basketball team on to victory . . . Cap and Gown representatives are Judy Ott, Barbara Hand, Linda Pearson, Anne Savage, Ann Combs, Patsy Smith, Jean Linville, and Effie Fairchild . . . Linville, Combs, and Ott are also listed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities . . . Anne Savage is SAE Sweetheart . . . Pinned are Barbara Pontius, Anne Savage, Barbara Hand, Effie Fairchild, Cindy Fairchild, Pat Sweeney, Penny Ingram, Nancy Kent . . . Engaged, Mary Lou Dick and Barb Schnedler . . . Anne Savage, Nancy Trousdale, Alyce Gray and Pat Maxson were candidates for the " Miss Interlachen " contest . . . Nancy Bramley was a contestant in the " Miss Florida Southern " Contest. OFFICERS JUDY OTT President JEAN LINVILLE Vice-President ANN COMBS Secretary PATSY SMITH Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: J. White, A. Gray. B. Hand, P. Smith, B. Brush, I. Sutton, J. Ott. Second Row: D. Wineman, N. Trousdale, C. Fairchild, B. Schnedler, M. L. Dick, E. Fairchild, K. Boice. Third Row: B. Goodrick, L. Pearson, P. Maxson, L. Law- ler. M A. Keiter, P. Smith. Fourth Row: A. Sav- age, M. J. Freeman, M. Johnston. A. Combs, G. Bass, B. Pontius. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: N. Morgan, K. Ham- merick, E. Murachanian, L. Gilliam, S. Troxler, A. Crowell. Second Row: B. Mock, N. Kent, A. Vree- land. P. Sweeney, V. Pico, J. Thurman. Third Row: P. Ingram. B. Ridlebaugh, N. Bramley, B. Whittet. N. Coy, M. L. Williams, M. F. Davis. " Talented pair " 1 1 m I " Shine that trophy, pledge! PI THETA T A 17 FOUNDED 1953 A good year ' s work, and work it was for the Pi Tau ' s who organized on Florida Southern ' s campus in the fall of 1953 . . . From that date on, the " Pots " have been striving toward their goal of becoming a national sorority . . . Our debut was Kampus Kapers, which started us off right by bringing us second place in the contest . . . Parties and an all-school " Shipwreck " dance followed as well as our many activities in sports, plays, and on and on. OFFICERS LEE KLEIN President MARGARET SCHRIVER Recording Secretary kay McCartney Corresponding Secretary CAROL CURATTO Treasurer " Songbird. " " Pi Tau Follies. " ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: C. Harri ngton, C. Prince. S. Waddell, J. Beard. K. McCartney. I. A. Lee. Second Row: C. Madson, L. Klein. P. Anderson. [. Graham. M. Schurr. N. L. Olliver. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: I. Multog, J. Bennett. Y. Baxter, S. Talbot. G. Kay. • : ■ ' PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS SHIRLEY CANTWELL President MARY BRYANT Vice-President DELANA RINEHART Secretary PAT MAXON Treasurer SHIRLEY CANTWELL President The Pan Hellenic Council of Florida Southern Col- lege is composed of the president and two other mem- bers from each sorority on campus. It governs inter- sorority affairs and promotes a harmonious relation- ship among the sororities. The purpose of the Council is to keep fraternity life on a high level and to act as a forum in the discussion of fraternity and sorority problems. The Council governs all rules pertaining to rushing and pledging. During the year Pan Hellenic has sponsored a Christmas party for an orphan ' s home, participated in the annual TB drive, and helped conduct a survey for the Tuberculosis Association. First Row, Left to Right: M. Drach, J. Lee, B. G. Stallings, S. Cantwell. Second Row: D. Rinehart, N. Miller, M. Bryant, C. Fairchild, L. Norton. Third Row: P. Maxson, M. Stant. J. Beach, M. Schurr. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS JAMES W. DUGAN President BRUCE JOHNSON Vice-President JERRY LEHMAN Secretary PAT CICORELLI Treasurer JOHN UPHAM Rush Chairman JAMES DUGAN President The purpose of the Interfraternity Council of Florida Southern College is to obtain an atmosphere of common understanding and interest between its members, striv- ing always to further the ideals of scholarship as well as moral and spiritual values in the organizations which its members represent. It seeks also to evaluate the codes and dogmas of pledging so that each fra- ternity will be on an equal level and so that all may have the proper opportunities of enlisting more indi- viduals into their respective organizations. First Row, Left to Right: F. Snell, A. Dunn, R. Carrucci, J. Campbell, J. Schackman. Second Row: J. Dugan, J. Schalow, O Neill, B. Concklin, J. Upham. Third Row: S. Abbott, D. McGregor, R. Dalbow, J. Smith, C. Kirk. Vf. :■• ' :! LAMBDA CHI ALPHA C piilon l L- hapte FOUNDED 1909 The Epsilon Xi chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, the first national fra- ternity to be formed on F.S.C. ' s campus, has established itself as a pioneer in the various stages of frat ernal development . . . With Ken Herndon . . . member of Who ' s Who, and Student Body president; Michael Del Gazio . . . wielding the gavel over Pi Gamma Mu . . . Not to mention Cadet Lt. -Colonel Jesse LoRe commanding the first R.O.T.C. Battalion in addition to serving as president of the Rifle and Pistol Club . . . Herndon, LoRe, Del Gazio, and Ed Heidig are members of O.D.K. . . . Frank Donatelli was selected to receive " Athlete of the Year " award by the brothers . . . The fraternity also proudly proclaim its number one standing in scholarship, led to the fraternity high by Frank Bressler and Jim Schalow . . . Parties, parties, and more parties have been held at the Lodge, operated exclusively by the members . . . Dianne Nicholson was chosen to wear the Lambda Chi sweetheart pin. CARL NEILL President OFFICERS ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: L Jenkins, P. Smith, E. Teoqusn. T. Lugosello, D. Donatelli, W. Sheridan, B. Nelson, R. Kiser. Second Row: C. Neill. J. Schalow, J. LoRe, M. Del Gaizo. R. Blaine, F. Bressler, D. Halle, E. A. Case. Third Row: Dr. R. MacGowan, W. Krauss, K. Herndon. R. Paddock. H. Holman, R. Sheldon, T. Moody, G. Storms. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: A. Morelli, E. Stockton, D. Di Quolls, T. Tucciarone, B. Davis, J. Jennings. Second Row: D. Douberly, J. Greenfield, V. Perez- Soto, Jr., W. Nicholson, R. Webster, R. Woody. Third Row: C. Mouell, F. Domenick, S. Taybo. R. Allison, H. Doster. " Our second home. " CARL NEILL President TAM MOODY Vice-President JESSE LORE Secretary MICHAEL DEL GAZIO Treasurer MISS DIANNE NICHOLSON Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha PHI SIGMA KAPPA ymeaa Jriton (chapter FOUNDED 1873 This year ' s celebrities . . . Chuck Dent, Mister Juke Box WBAR and O.D.K. . . . Douglas Tan, the Chinese Liberace and O.D.K. . . . Frank Blakeman, O.D.K. . . . Norman " Tiger " Davis, O.D.K. and president of Phi Gamma Mu . . . Honorable Mentions this year are . . . Chester " Cyrano " True and Jack Powell for keeping our house in applepie order . . . Bob Postle for coordinating pledge rebellions . . . Jack Smith for smashing pledge rebellions with R.O.T.C. tactics . . . Mel Dural for teaching us the techniques of camel driving . . . The Seligs and the Morrises for chaperoning our parties. OFFICERS JACK SMITH President CHARLES DENT Vice-President BOB STRICKLAND Secretary PAUL WINTERS Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: M. S. Selig. C. W. True. N. Davis, W. Winters, M. Bulske, Jr., D. Tan, F. L. Blakeman, W. A. Fisher. Second Row: C. L. Dent, R. M. Strickland, R. Wilson, M. Dural, V. Smith, W. Carey, I. Powell. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: W. Carlson, R. Meigher. S. Swallon, K. Pollard, B. Postle, H. Bennet, H. Wood, L. Crosby. Second Row: W. Sauls, H. Mit- ler, R. Berchtold, G. Wilkinson, R. Stockton, O. Hampson, C. Morton, E. Hirrschoff. " He went that away. " MISS SHIRLEY FREEMAN Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappc ' . ' - ' ' ' i j k : m PI KAPPA ALPHA o eita oDella i hapti FOUNDED 1868 A whirl-wind tour of the Pike House . . . Many, many trophies adorn- ing the trophy case, including the Kampus Kapers cup (remember those eight fabulous minutes on Broadway?) and the beautiful thirty inch silver trophy for having the outstanding Christmas house display promoting the sale of Christmas seals . . . there go the five Pikes who were named to Who ' s Who this year . . . Look around and you ' ll probably see nine men of FKA wearing the key of O.D.K., national honorary leadership service fraternity . . . The Chief Justice of the Student Association Court wears the badge of PKA, as does the Chairman of the Men ' s Council, Vice-President of the Student Body, President of Kappa Epsilon, President of Gamma Sigma Chi, two members of the SOUTHERN ' S editorial staff, President of M.S.M., six members of the Concert Choir, President of the American Guild of Organists, and members and officers of virtually every honorary fraternity on campus ... A bang-up House and year! FAR LEY SNELL President OFFICERS FARLEY SNELL President JOSEPH McLEOD Vice-President RICHARD ANDERSON Secretary WALT FITZGERALD Treasurer george Mccormick, jr. Historian ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: I. Cade, J. Carlton, P. Cade. W. Fitzgerald. M. McCulloh, W. Beder. D. Farrow, A. Bly, G. McCormick. Second Row: I. Vihlen, V. Smith, R. Bryan, A. Newsome. J. Mc- Kenzie, R. Braswell. I. Hess, D. Griflth. Third Row: D. Scctt, K. Lutz. C. Castles, B. Fleming, C. Maxwell. A. Bogert, T. McCormick. Fourth Row: R. Anderson. I. Skinner. J. Dewey. F. Snell, H. Templin. I. Nelson, G. Hyde, D. Howell. Fifth Row: W Medley. J. Crawford. R. Mathews. P. Hyer, J. Freeney, K. Rauth, L. Nahurst. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: R. Harvey. R. Staebler. G. Crutchfield, J. Anderson, H. Caldwell. " We won again. " MISS BARBARA BITTNER Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha _ (•sis PI KAPPA PHI (J- eta (iSeta {chapter m FOUNDED 1904 The band plays the overture and we launch another year with our annual Kampus Kapers . . . victory as we carry off the crew trophy with Steve Potz, coxie . . . Where ' s your hat, pledge? . . . Mighty proud of our sweetheart Bettye Walker . . . Santa John Morris visits with presents for all . . . Chuck Newcombe is working on next year ' s Kapers already . . . Many gals are sporting Pi Kapp pins this season . . . Varsity crew claims as their captain Dick Lark . . . Basketball sparkplug Bill Wood . . . And the band plays the finale at the Gold and White Ball. DOUGLAS MacGREGOR President OFFICERS DOUGLAS MACGREGOR President ROBERT DALBOU Secretary DANIEL WILHELM Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: S. Harding, E. Badala ment, R. Reid, C. Newcombe, G. Given, P. Com lekcier. Second Row: Fletcher Humphries, N. Jah na, I. Goetting, S. Potz, D. Tatro, I. Appledorn Third Row: J. Dinklage, J. Frasz, B. Hawthorne, J. Morris, D. Carroll, F. Bateman. Jr. Fourth Row: R Lark, D. Wilhelm, D. MacGregor, W. Barkalow R. Dalbow. B. Wood. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: C. Carpentier, I. Cook- sey, G. Dobson. Second Row: R. Dedoach, P. An- setmo, P. Breeden, S. Leitmer, R. Nagy. " And in he gees. " MISS BETTYE WALKER Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi SIGMA ALPHA I I S I I II rloriaa Ljamma (chapter •». L ijTl% l j I ■ FOUNDED 1856 Definitely a year of leadership for S.A.E. . . . guarding the gavel fcr the three upper classes were Connie Wagner, Senior; Bud Concklin, Junior; and Tom Mooney, Sophomore . . . Added to this illustrious list was Skip Wright as Junior Veep, Bud Concklin ' s right hand man, and Jack Waddell, senior senator . . . The F.S.C. basketball squad captured the talents of Bill Edmunds and Staff Maurer . . . Staff served as cage squad manager . . . And how would those marching R.O.T.C. ' s ever have done without the stiff-billed S.A.E. ' s officers: Ken Pfeil, Sunny Campbell, Bob Geroy, Connie Wagner, Charles Hazelip, Paul Rich, Bud Concklin, and Charles Blackburn . . . We pledged thirty-six men, and our S.A.E. hearts voted Anne Savage the gal to wear the pin o ' the men . . . sweetheart again! . . . That traditional lion certainly received its share of paint from irate men and frivolous females . . . WITH a little citrus thrown in for kicks . . . Six more S.A.E. pins left the roost this year . . . They used to belong to Bob Vanderbeck, Bob Payton, Howie Smith, Bud Concklin, Charlie Hazelip, and Bud Stanner . . . " Spoken for " were Skip Wright and Fritz Veile, and " altar-wise " were Connie Wagner and Bill Gary . . . Costume parties raging throughout the year were based on themes such as gambling, pirates, Hawaii, and Halloween . . . the DZ ' s joined in for the Christmas Spirit party. ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: D. Ronyak. R. Adams, D. Hammerick, I. Campbell, B. Burns, F. Veile, S. Wright, H. Smith. Second Row: W. Luzzo. G. Giz- mar. C. Blackburn, I. Robertson. S. Maurer, J. Waddell. K. Stanner, L. Kotsiopoulos. Third Row: C. Wagner, W. Bird, W. Edmunds, B. Concklin, B. Vanderbeck, T. Maurer, B. Goodnetter, A. Van- Winkle, T. Mooney. Fourth Row: R. Payton, R. Longwell, Jr., C. Hazelip, R. Geroy. K. Pfeil. E. Pecora. R. Woodruff. K. Lowe, H. Royster. BUD CONCKLIN President OFFICERS BUD CONCKLIN President CHARLES HAZELIP Vice-President DENNY RONYAK Secretary ROBERT GOODNETTER Treasurer " The house we love. ' PLEDGES MISS ANNE SAVAGE Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon First Row, Left to Right: G. Alford, L. Trotta. G. Breber. W. Bittle, I. Morris, R. Mahar, D. Guy. Second Row: Charles Jackson, J. Clower, J. Ims. P. Kerwin, W. Houssmann. Jr.. Chris Jackson, J. Da Silva. Third Row: J. Kingsland, G. Palmer, N. Garrison, S. McDonell, J. Donnelly, J. Fewell, J. Walsh, L. McTeer. Fourth Row: J. Kine. N. Derix, F. Gebhard, R. Swearigen, J. Tolford. S. Shiver, D. Hasley, R. Dougal. HRm ! JB t--«.v, - - — mmm mmm mmm ,iwk , SIGMA PHI EPSILON U-loriaa oLJella Chapter FOUNDED 1901 We were very happy to receive twelve hundred dollars for our beau- tiful new chapter room, after being declared the cleanest fraternity house on campus . . . the fireplace made the chapter room complete, thanks to Tiny Couter . . . Social chairman, Hank Carroll, organized many parties ... In sports, we have won the ping-pong trophy, and are confident of another trophy in basketball . . . Besides serving as treasurer of the fraternity, Dan Caprio is treasurer of the Men ' s Intramural Board and Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Scholastically Dick Mosco and Don Hill are on top . . . Don, who is also president of Sigma Tau Delta, carried away the Scott Key Award, having the highest average . . . Dick, recently married to Joan Robbins, our sweetheart, received the Dubach award for the greatest scholastic improvement . . . Among the members who have given up their " Hearts " are: Dan Caprio, Tiny Couter, Hank Carroll, and John Lamb . . . The pledges were very proud to have Diane Von Eitzen as their pledge sweetheart. OFFICERS DON HILL President AL DUNN Vice-President RAY CARUCCI Secretary DAN CAPRIO Treasurer JIM DUGAN Historian ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: R. Miller, J. Carletta, R. Carucci, J. Hoots, W. Milazzo, A. Dunn. Second Row: D. Kelsey. D. Suite. G. Dyle. J. Scuderi, K. Joranson. W. Peplow. Third Row: T. Cauter, J. Lamb. D. Caprio, D. Hill, H. Carroll, D. Bartlett. J. Dugan. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: T. Avampato. T. Elwood. C. Kempf, R. Seekatz. B. Kenny. L. Kocour. Second Row: W. Clarke. T. Panico. A. Boyle. M. Starch, W Folan, Jr.. E. Jones. Third Row: R. Zynda. C. Johnson. C. Zampella, J. Williams, F. Valeri, P. Skarnulis, R. Barlow. " Energetic foursome. ' JOAN ROBBINS MOSCO Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 • ♦• TAD i: l» S I I O PHI Jau iKlio Chapter FOUNDED 1910 This past year carries many fond memories for the boys from build- ing three . . . Who will ever forget the antics of Big George who carries a lot of weight on campus ... or the escapades of the " Count " and the " Quiff " . . . We ' re all proud of little Pat Cicorelli who ' s doing a big job as president of I.F.C. . . . our mambo dancer, Don Shapiro, can really cut a mean rug . . . And the " Gold Dust Twins, " Becker and Bowen, who are unsurpassed on the gridiron, hardwood, or any other field of athletics . . . Our chancellor Joel, who will probably sleep with his apron on one of these days . . . Jane has been a swell sweetheart . . . Ed Richmond, our " ham " radio operator, who can pick up the Chinese version of the Breakfast Club . . . The TEP-HOP which was once again a tremendous success ... a really great year. JOEL DIAMOND President OFFICERS JOEL DIAMOND President EUGENE BERLIN Vice-President LLOYD GOLDSMITH Secretary ROBERT LEVINE Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: E. Blachofi, P. Unger, M. Bermcn, R. Barest, J. Lehman, L. Becker, P. Cicor- elli. Second Row: Arthur Pokross, R. Hollander, R. Butz, G. Poll, D. Shaprio, E. Richmond. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: E. Berlin, L. Mines, R. Le- vine, A. Davidson, L. Goldsmith. I. George. " The English Channel next? MISS JANE ROSEN Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi TAII KAPPA EPS FOUNDED 1899 Teke began the year with an air of mourning . . . we found that we were to lose Sweetheart " Peaches " Luzzo. Another blow came when we learned we also would lose Howie Rothenberger and Wes Fryer to the realm of matrimonial bliss ... So we began the year in an almost down- hearted condition, but the arrival of transfer Teke Bob Staats from Stetson quickly brightened up the scene . . . The crowning glory of the year was the selection of Frankie Kirchhoff as the new Teke sweetheart and the sharing of top rushing honors . . . twenty-two pledges! ... Of course we all had to pitch in and help Generals Slavin, Schackman, and Fryers (both of ' em) march through advanced R.O.T.C. . . . but they didn ' t retreat . . . this time next year they ' ll probably be under the command of Teke AND Soldier Johnny Robinson . . . Coach Chuck " Leahy " Nelson and Bob " Alonzo " Glatz turned in many creditable performances with the tag football team and the way things look now may produce the champion crew among fraternities . . . and now the last and best . . . Prexy Skip Abbot, with the aid of the other officers, has made the 1953-54 school year a great triumph for Teke at F.S.C. SKIP ABBOT President OFFICERS SKIP ABBOT President HOWIE ROTHENBERGER Vice-President JERRY SCHACKMAN Secretary FRANK DEO Treasurer ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: B. Staats. J. Schackman, F. Deo, B. Glatz, H. Rothenberger, F. Berchman. Second Row: S. Abbot. W. Fryer, G. Slavin, H. Jones, J. Larson. J. Ellis, G. Fryer. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: H. Persons, G. Burchard. B. DiNardo, S. Damico, D. DeTorres, D. Everett. Second Row: L. Compitello. S. Calantoni, A. Gra- ham, C. Jervis, E. Hermanspan. E. Hendry. Third Row: K. Sturdivant, J. McGarty, E. Thomas. S. Nicholas, J. Kern, P. Pomeromo. R. Bersch. " Home Sweet Home. ' MISS FRANKIE KIRCHHOFF Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon . ? • r ■ 9 r ACTIVES First Row, Left to Right: C. McAtee. R. Mitchell, V. Hackman. B. Saul, J. Les ter. Second Row: I. Upham, B. Wilton, I. Brooks, C. Kirk, F. Adams. PLEDGES First Row, Left to Right: L. Upham, H. Weber, L. Rutland, Jr. Second Row: C. Stiles, J. Anderson, I. Zerener, B. Smith, K. Strebler. Third Row: L. Freeauf, W. Kain, F. Adams, O. Brock, E. Adsit, C. Eusillo. I 1 1 I I A CHI And now, a fraternity dealing with men . . . For leadership we find " Baldy " Kirk as president; " Big " Upham as veep, and also carries the role of chairman of the Men ' s Council and vice-president of I.F.C. . . . Secretary, we find " Liminsine " Brooks and " Andy " Wil- ton as treasurer . . . Behind the officers we find " Pop " Jones as that man with the fatherly advice ... A fine spirit was cast by the fun loving " Six " Shane, " Beaver " McElwee, " Petite " Ponsillo, " Rushing " Davis, " Gunner " Stabler, " Wallstreet " Brock, and " Sunlamp " Adsit . . . " Wild Will " Saul and " Good ' Ole Joe " McCormick have used their cool skills in forming a new twist to the local campus sports rackets . . . The Theta Chi basket- ball stars, " Ace " Hackman, " Zeke " Zerner, " Dribble " Stiles, " Feeby " Freeauf, just " Plain Bill " Kain . . . Not to be forgotten we find " Rebels " Rutland, Adams, Mc- Kenzie still saving their Confederate money . . . Our off campus " Boarder " Barry Shackman, and to round out the roster we have " Gentleman Jim " Anderson and " Rah Rah " Upham . . . The guys are great and our parties have been just as great . . . From the Christmas dance with Alpha Chi to the never-to-be-forgotten Red and White Dream Girl Ball ... " A pretty girl is like a melody " . . . That ' s our sweetheart, Peggy Rouse. MISS PEGGY ROUSE Sweetheart of Theta Chi " Three musketeers. " OFFICERS COOPER KIRK President JOHN UPHAM Vice-President JOHN BROOKS Secretary ROBERT WILTON Treasurer MEMBERS First Row, Left to Right: D. Blades. C. Grant, A. Emms, R. Suriano, H. Calder- one. N. Tanno. Second Row: D. Davis. D. Schumann. L. Schroder. B. Gordon. C. Van Deven. A. Solomon, T. Bianco. Third Row: C. Morrow. H. Meyer. R. Harris. J. Cockcroft, J. B. McPherson, G. Petrine. Fourth Row: B. Gibbs, W. Brim- berry, A. Maurno, E. Rodriquez, R. King, H. Pollock. P II I DELTA This has been our biggest year by far . . . Who ' ll ever forget vivacious Judy Vaughn, our lovely sweet- heart, or Holt Pollock, our chief executive, also prexy of the Quarter Century Club . . . And remember " Hard Charging " Paul Suriano in those football games, and " Dean of the latrine " suave Cecil Morrow, the co-ed ' s delight . . . And so reflecting on this past year, we ' re proud of our achievements, and looking ahead to future years, our pledge to maintain a high scholastic aver- age and display good sportsmanship at all times re- mains the same. " Just like monkeys. " MISS JUDY VAUGHN Sweetheart oi Phi Delta OFFICERS HOLT POLLOCK President PAUL SURIANO Vice-President TOM BIANCO Secretary DICK SCHUMAN Historian CECIL MORROW Sergeant-at-Arms . • { •♦ . " .jij " K A M P T ft K A P E R S " 7 o, £ 1 - Ht M T Jj " J, 1 PKA winning fraternity skit. Delta Zeta winning sorority skit. " Little Red Riding Hood. ' " Frankie and Johnny. " A bellowing sergeant lets loose with his mighty bull whip MUITARV ( THE COLOR GUARD The R.O.T.C. at Florida Southern College was first established as a Military Police Corps unit in May of 1951 with Colonel Glenn G. Dickenson as its Commanding Officer. Since its formation three years ago, the R.O.T.C. on Southern ' s campus has grown in spirit as well as in numbers. From an original enrollment of less than 250 cadets, the unit has now grown to nearly 400, prompting the organization of an M.P. Regiment. A continuous program of improvement has resulted in the transformation of the old art building into an efficient M.P.C., R.O.T.C. Headquarters. The construc- tion of a small bore range in Edge Hall, and the reno- vation of four classrooms followed. In 1953, classroom No. 2 was designated as the Cadet Regimental Head- quarters, and it has been made attractive through the work of the cadets. In August 1953, Major Herbert L. Key, Jr., replaced Major John T. Stansill as Assistant Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics. Perhaps the truest indication of the development of the R.O.T.C. unit has been the increasing amount of confidence and responsibility placed in the cadets them- selves, and the propagation of an honor system among the Advanced Corps cadets. 210 GLENN G. DICKENSON Colonel. U.S.A.. M.P.C. Colonel Dickenson, a veteran of the famous 5th Armored Division in World War II, was assigned to F.S.C. from Korea, where he was in command of prisoner of war camps. He is the Professor of Military Science and Tactics, and Commanding Officer of the R.O.T.C. at Florida Southern College. In 1953, Colonel Dickenson was elected to membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, the national honor and leadership society. .f f • r w • » ■ w ■ r » • r -» -r i h I I HERBERT L. KEY, JR. Major. U.S.A.. M.P.C. Major Key was assigned to F.S.C. from the Provost Marshal General ' s School in Georgia. During World War II, Major Key served in the China-Burma-India Theater and was engaged in three campaigns there. He has been selected as advisor to the Junior Class, Theta Chi frater- nity, and the Men ' s Council for the school year of 1953-54. Captain Giuffrida was assigned to F.S.C. from the combat zone in Korea where he was company commander of the famous 7th infantry division. During World War II, Captain Giuff- rida was an officer in the U.S.M.C. and served in the Pacific Theater of operations. In 1953 Captain Giuffrida was selected as a member to Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic so- ciety. ARTHUR J. McKINNEY. JR. Captain, U.S.A. M.P.C. First Lieutenant McKinney was assigned to F.S.C. from the combat zone in Korea where he was a detachment commander at Wonju and later, operations and executive officer. MARVIN L. BEAMAN Master Sergeant WILLIAM WILSON Master Sergeant ALBERT SIMMONS Sergeant 1st Class W. T. BEHELER Sergeant 1st Class MISS NANCY BRAMLEY Co-Ed Colonel with COL. GLENN G. DICKENSON and CADET COL. JESSE LoRE «v I 1 y ' „ r., ' s E o J MISS BETTY KING • ■ ' 2ND PLATOON Co-Ed Colonel r] MISS PEGGY ROUSE 1ST PLATOON 1 1 kN Co-Ed Colonel V " " v » 7 ■ ' rf N, c ' 7 v BHf -..■ ' i V ♦ ' 4 If Regimental and Battalion Officers COMPANY A CADET CAPT. RICHARD A. MOSCO. Commander CADET COLONELS W. W. CAMPBELL. JR. JESSE LoRE MISS BETTYE WALKER Sponsor 214 C O M P A X B CADET CAPT. KENNETH A. CURTIS. Commander MISS EVELYN FAUTS Sponsor i O M P A X Y C CADET CAPT. CHARLES L. SELPH. Commander 215 MISS VIRGINIA KENNEDY Sponsor 4 : 4 • ♦ ' 2 - ' COMPANY D CADET CAPT. KENNETH A. PFIEL, Commander. MISS SUE BECK WALKER Sponsor COMPANY E CADET CAPT. WILLIAM I. LUZZO. Commander 216 MISS PRISCILLA ROBERTS Sponsor ' ■ R. O. T. C. BAND 1ST LT. HERBERT HAYMOND, Commanding 217 ■ w » ■ r r • 9 9 " 4»J 4 iili | THE HONOR GUARD THE COLOR GUARD PASSING IN REVIEW THE PISTOL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Humphries, Camp- bell, Dickenson. Second Row: LoRe, Reid, Brown. Underwater swimmers spopts f t ft t ■ • BASKETBALL Florida Southern ' s varsity basketball five under Coach Bill Clipson won six games this season and dropped 13 in regular play. In the Dixie Conference tournament held in Macon, Ga., the Mocs lost two games: a 90 to 58 game to Mercer, the winner, and a 74-70 decision to Mississippi College in the last minute of play. Frank DeSavino was the highest scoring Moc with 342 points and 6 ' 7 " Bill Leach, who graduated in Jan- uary tallied 244 in 14 games to hold down the best aver- 222 First Rcw: C. Magee. Assl. Mgr.. B. Edmunds. B. Powers. F. DeSavino. G. Peterson, S. Maurer. Mgr. Second Row: I. Stellogeannis. R. Barlow. D. Gardner. T. Bianco. C. Black. Third Row: Coach W. Clipson. C. Morrell. B. Leach, P. Paviromo. B. Wood. age, 16.7 per game. Dick Gardner was the only other Moc to get over the 200 mark. He had 211. Clipson utilized many freshmen in the season and therefore should have a well seasoned squad back for play in 1954-55. Most promising frosh were Chuck Morrell, Hank Barlow, George Peterson, and Charlie Black. Southern tallied 1354 points for a game average of 67.7 while the opposition totaled 1538 for a 76.9 aver- age per contest. SCORES SOUTHERN 57 . . . . . . BARTOW AFB .... 54 SOUTHERN 55 . . . . . . MACDILL FIELD .... 65 SOUTHERN 81 . . . . . . STETSON U .... 77 SOUTHERN 73 . . . . . . MERCER U .... 93 SOUTHERN 70 . . . ROLLINS .... 75 SOUTHERN 57 . . . . . . TAMPA U ... 52 SOUTHERN 83 . . . HOWARD COLLEGE . . . .... 85 SOUTHERN 80 . . . 65 . . . MACDILL FIELD ... 68 SOUTHERN . . . ROLLINS .... 95 SOUTHERN 80 . . . FLORIDA STATE .... 98 SOUTHERN 66 . . . TAMPA U .64 SOUTHERN 71 . . . . . . FLORIDA STATE ... 99 SOUTHERN 62 . . . HOWARD COLLEGE . . . .... 90 SOUTHERN 48 . . . TROY STATE 64 SOUTHERN 67 . . . . DETROIT I. T .62 SOUTHERN 65 . . . . . . MERCER U .88 SOUTHERN 64 . . . BARTOW AFB .... 63 SOUTHERN 70 . . . . . MIAMI UNIVERSITY . . . .... 77 SOUTHERN 64 . . . . STETSON U .... 75 SOUTHERN 76 . . . ERSKINE COLLEGE .... .94 COACH CLIPSON 223 1 ; " Maybe " Big Boy " Leach 224 FRONT ROW: Shirley Bassett,Sunny Mdlhews, Sue Whit-field , June Dowd SECOND ROW! Cinny Kennedy, Asden Wol-Fe, Linda —- Pearson SUNNY MATHEWS LINDA PEARSON QINNY KENNEDY JUNE DOWD SHIRLEY BA55ETT • t • ■■■ ti Standing, Left to Right: Charles Nelson. Skip Abbott. John Frasz. Bob Droste. Ed Pecora. Dick Nagy. Dick Lark, and Steve Potz. Kneeling in center is coxswain Tom Karahalios and to right is Manager Harold Doster. THE VARSITY CHEW Florida Southern ' s 1953 varsity crew finished the season with a record of seven victories and three de- feats. The losses came at the hands of Rutgers, La Salle and Rollins, the latter in the race for the state cham- pionship which the Tars won by one-half boat length. Coach Roy Couch was back at the helm in 1954 and in the Mocs first race Feb. 4, Wisconsin ' s Badgers out- stroked Southern by two boat lengths. This race was not an expected victory for Couch ' s men however, as Wisconsin was rated third in the country in 1953. Returning to this year ' s club were Charlie Nelson in the bow position, Skip Abbott in No. 2, John Frasz at 3, Ed Pecora at 5, Dick Lark, Capt. and No. 2 man, and Steve Potz at stroke. New members are Dick Nagy, Bob Droste, and the coxswain Tom Karahalios. This year ' s Jay Vees had a strong record to up- hold. The 1953 team won nine and lost one, their only defeat coming in the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. They finished fourth in that event. The 1954 squad again won the state championship. COACH ROY COUCH 226 . ■■ ' -%. ' • • L " « - • -■ xe msm ' S-. w i •m m ' ' SAm » ■•.I? J The Jayvee Crew, which in 1953 won nine and lost one. This season they won the Founders ' Week Regatta and the state championship. THE JAYVEE CHEW The Varsity Crew in action. 227 : ' ' I V COACH LEASE Kt Z BASEBALL As this annual goes to press the 1954 version of the baseball Mocs have split a double header with San- ford Air Force Base, losing the first 6 to 5 and winning the nightcap 10 to 8. In the final game, Southern out- lasted a five run Sanford rally in the last inning to win. Returning to this seasons ' team, which in 1953 won 16 and lost 4 while copping the Dixie Conference title going undefeated, are Al Huff, Walt Krauss, Howard Smith, Charles Selph, Frank DeSavino, Ken Vanoski Jim Appledorn, and Dino Fanelli. Coach Jim Lease is again at the helm for his fifth year at Southern, and seems to think that this season ' s club can equal the mark set in 1953 because they have more depth. Lease appointed Charles Selph as captain and the team elected Ken Vanoski to be a co-captain with him. Selph hits in the neighborhood of .300 and Vanoski belted the pill at a .323 clip last year. The starting nine is composed of Dan Weinburg at first, Charles Wilbourn, a new comer from Hofstra Col- lege in New York, Selph at short, DeSavino at third, and Tom Panico, a first year man, behind the plate. Any of three men could win starting berths in the outfield. Those vying are Appledorn, Vanoski, Joe Embry, Tom Bowen, Ned Biddix, and Ray Gatlin. All saw action in the first two contests. The pitching chores are being handled by Fanelli and freshman Dick Hagstrom who will start most the games. Walt Krauss and Clarence back up the two starters. With the utilization of many freshmen Coach Lease is building for the future in hopes of more Dixie Con- ference winners. ANNE SAVAGE AND ED PECORA King and Queen of the Baseball Diamond ■■ First Row: Coach J. Lease. B. Meeks, K. Vanoski, T. Bowen. T. Panico. H. Smilh. Mqr.. C. Selph. D. Fanelli. T. Gatlin. J. Scotl. H. Calderone. I. Kings land. Second Row: B Tolle. J. DeSavino. D. Weinberg. W. Krauss, J. Embry, D. Hagstrom. C. Fogal. J. Appledorn. N. Biddix., C. Wilbourn. George Trautman. president oi the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, and Coach Lease at the dedication of the L. N. Pipkin Field. i - President Spivey with Ann Savage and Ed Pecora First Row: Shiro Yamaziki, Cooper Kirk. Second Row: Charlie Stiles, Dave Crum, Dick Gardner. COOPER KIRK Coach TENNIS Coach Sam Luce ' s varsity tennis team in 1953 won the Dixie Conference championship with the superb playing of individual trophy winners Dick Gardner and Shiro Yamaziki. Others on that club were Griff Jones and Cooper, all four of whom are returning for another season on the courts. The 1954 squad has seen action in two matches, winning one and losing one. The win came against St. Petersburg Junior College, an easy nine to nothing victory in which the Southern netters lost only two sets. The loss was a one sided affair going to Florida State University 8 to 1. The Mocs were able to take only one doubles match in the defeat. The Mocs will attempt to uphold their Dixie Confer- ence record at the end of the season in Macon, Georgia. SHIRO YAMAZIKI " Perlect iorm " m First Row: Bob Reid. Joel Diamond, Bud Concklin, Ken Vanoski, and John Frasz. Second Row: Walt Krauss, Vic Hackmann. Jerry Shackman. James Campbell. Jim Appledorn. and Steve Potz. Third Row: Gil Fryer. Jack McPherson. Wes Fryer. Dick Donnelly. Skip Abbott, and Dick Lark. THE t4 S CLUB OFFICERS SKIP ABBOT President DICK LARK Vice-President BUD CONCKLIN Secretary JOEL DIAMOND Treasurer Under President Skip Abbott, the varsity " S " Club this season was the most active organization on campus. As in 1953 these letter winners canvassed the town for funds for the athletic field, so that the baseball team would be able to play all their home games on campus instead of at Henley Field or in Bartow or Plant City. All money raised by the group, which was in the neigh borhood of $1500., was matched by Dr. Spivey. The " S " Club now has its own meeting room and a tele vision set. Special nights are set aside for study, dates dinners, etc., and the organization is rolling smoothly. Baseball Coach Jim Lease and Dean of Men Roger Sinigo have been the faculty advisors this season. 231 OFFICERS VIC HACKMAN President JOE McLEOD Vice-President DAN CAPRIO Secretary-Treasurer SAMUEL W. LUCE Advisor WINNERS IN SPORTS THIS SEASON WERE: VOLLEYBALL — PHI DELTA FOOTBALL — PHI DELTA HORSESHOES — PI KAPPA ALPHA PING-PONG — SIGMA PHI EPSILON CREW — PI KAPPA PHI First Row: Vic Hackman. President; Wilson Sheridan. Lambda Chi; Jerry Shackman, TKE. Second Row: Bob Hollander, TEP; A. Solomon, Phi Delta; and Bill Sauls, Phi Sigma Kappa. Third Row: Dan Caprio. SPE; Bob Wilton. Theta Chi; and Carl Rogers, Gamma Sigma Chi. Fourth Row: Bob Payton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MEWS INTRAMURAL HOARD VIC HACKMAN The Men ' s Intramural Board serves as a govern- ing body for the intramural activities under its juris- diction. The board is composed of one representative from each campus fraternity and independent organ- ization which elects a president as presiding officer for the group. Activities during the year include football, basket- ball, softball, crew, tennis, volleyball, golf, swim- ming, track, ping-pong, and other sports. ff m LEON FREEAUF Intramural Tennis Champ INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Mel Dural, Most Valuable Player, and Elio Rodriguez. " Center. End. Tackle. Guard " " It ' s a long one. " " After the game. ' FOOTBALL ALL-STAR TEAM: First Row: Ronnie May. TKE: Laurie Becker. Most Valuable Player. TEP; Frank Donatelli. Lambda Chi; Steve Damico. TKE; and George O ' Neill. Phi Delta. Back Row: Tom Bowen, TEP; Ken Jones. Gamma Sigma Chi; Ed Pecora. SAE; and Bud Concklin. SAE. ALL STAR TEAMS FOOTBALL TITLEHOLDERS: First Row, Kneeling: Elio Roderiguez, Paul Suriano. and Dino Fanelli. Second Row: Bud Gordon, Henry Calderone. Nick Tanno. George O ' Neill, and Frank DeSavino. Third Row: Cecil Morrow, and Tommy Maurno. 234 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD: First Row, Left to Right: D. Beach. ESO: F. Riherd. Advisor; J. Wood. Peppettes. Second Row: J. Evans. President: N. Oliver, Pi Theta Tau: M. Freeman. Delta Zeta; S. Bassett, ADPi. Not Pictured: Ann Stansbury, AXO; E. Roberts. Southernettes; M. McClellan. AOPi. WOMEN ' S IXTK IMURAL BOAICII OFFICERS JULIA EVANS President ANN STANSBURY Vice-President MARY JANE FREEMAN Secretary MISS FRANCES RIHERD Faculty Director The Women ' s Intramural Board is iormed for the pur- pose of encouraging organized sports and wholesome participation among women students in active recrea- tion. The Intramural Board organizes and promotes competition and recreation between students groups, and individuals. The Board is comprised of a representative from each group participating in the intramural program. 235 WOMEN ' S READY ALL f x MM The champs — Freshman Independents Alpha Omicron Pi «« 236 INTRAMURAL ROW!! it is Alpha Chi Omega Beta Sigma Omicron Alpha Delta Pi The Southernettes 237 • ♦ ♦ WOMEN ' S INTRA1HVRALS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL ALPHA CHI OMEGA VOLLEYBALL SOUTHERNETTES CREW FRESHMAN INDEPENDENTS PING-PONG ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA OMICRON PI Front Row, Left to Right: E. Roberts. Stone. Stewart, Sweetland. Back Row: Palmer. Curotto, Kille, Kallivokas. Front Row, Left to Right: Phillips, Ham- ilton, McDonald. Back Row: Goolsby. Howard, Rack. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS F . S CIRCUS SQIJAII Talented pair Graceful Naomi ' .♦ : Show The mechanized world (notice T.V. aerial) ADS a Best Wishes JEFFERSON-BISHOP INC. FLORIDA Florida Southern College is pleased to make available to the students and faculty members the Voluntary Blanket Accident Insurance which covers all accidents caused by accidental means STATE up to $1,000 with only one limitation. Injury to sound natural teeth are only covered up to $100.00 for each injury. Inter-Collegiate foot- ball is not covered under this policy, but all other sports are. The rates are: $4.50 School THEATERS Term, $6.00 Calendar Year, for the girls, and $7.50 School Term, $9.00 Calendar Year, for the boys. This coverage is written through the . . . ■V American Casualty Co. By The CHAMBLEE " Finest In Motion Picture INSURANCE AGENCY Entertainment " BOX 566 RALEIGH, N. C. ALL THE ANSWERS! «)© " e t j77VJ a £ eeck7%wt mkC fi fLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANY Sunshine Service GAS does so much . . . costs so little. It ' s the Biggest Bargain in the family budget! ... ....... :■ •■ ... ;y v . ■ • ..• 1 • . PUBLIX . . . where shopping is a pleasure Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY 530 West Main Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA PHONE 2149 Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO. OIL JOBBERS LAKELAND ENJOY BORDEN ' S DAIRY and ICE CREAM PRODUCTS OFTEN — THEY ' RE GOOD! Mate ' Drink Ja ws • AIRY PRODUCTS MM KING PRODUCE COMPANY Your HANDY HEADQUARTERS for the finest in WOOD METAL WORKING EQUIPMENT Industrial Art Tools and Supplies Over 30,000 types of stock items representing more than 750 nationally-known manufacturers. Simplify your buying problems. South Bend . . . Delta . . . Pexto . . . Black Decker . . . Stanley . . . Whitman Barnes . . . Behr-Manning Simonds . . . etc. HARRY P. LEU, Inc. Machinery — Industrial Supplies 100 W. Livingston Ave. 22 N.W. 20th St. ORLANDO FLORIDA MIAMI ■4 . " Compliments PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND IMPERIAL POLK ' S LARGEST Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 rRUEBLOOD,S CONGRATULATIONS PRINT SHOP TO THE CLASS OF 54 AND THE FACULTY Equipped to Handle All Printing — From Catalogs to Social Invitations ■+■ 108-10-12 West Lemon THE EMPIRE Phone MUtual 3-0483 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments SALES SERVICE of ■ t» LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Berger Rachelson «• TAMPA FLORIDA PHONE 4605 OR 4606 Compliments at GORDON BROS. CEMENT LAKELAND FLORIDA TWO FINE STORES THE HUB For Men and MILLER ' S For Women LAKELAND, FLORIDA ■• ' ■ ' ■■ ■■ ' ' :- ' .■■ ' " lV " Compliments With Best Wishes of ■ DR. PEPPER LYKES BROS., INC. BOTTLING CO. •V FLORIDA ' S MOST PROGRESSIVE LAKELAND FLORIDA MEAT PACKERS RIP REEVES 7wl OH Imperial Athletic DIAL MUtual 4-1234 Supply Inc. • HOME DELIVERY Metered Service Phone 3-2022 Winter Haven • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL ■ Service Station Wholesale Athletic Equipment J. B. LINEBERGER Fraternity Class Jackets Pure Oil Distributor Sweaters 1650 NEW TAMPA HWY. Compliments of Cement Products Supply Co., Inc. " Home of Quality Products " BEST OF LUCK 516 W. Main St. SENIORS! Phone 50951 CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE M. P. TOMLINSON 922-938 East Main St. Lakeland 240 South Central Ave. Bartow Admiral and Sylvania Television PHONE 4-5351 Sales Service McCoy ' s Metal Shop Inc. 1846 W. Olive St. (Old Tampa Hwy.) PHONE MU. 2-9521 " It ' s Metal We Make It " ALL TYPES ROOFING — WELDING Air Conditioning TYLER FLORAL CO. CORSAGES THAT ARE DIFFERENT 1214 East Main Street Lakeland, Florida PHONE 41-061 ■ " » i ■ ■ ' • • , REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP PHONE 6-6661 940 So. FLA. AVE. Compliments ' Myricks Men ' s Store of HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES RACY ' S PALM BEACH CLOTHES KNOX HATS— ARROW SHIRTS EXCLUSIVE V WALK OVER SHOES WEARING APPAREL 123 Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Fla. South Florida Plumbing Heating Co. Compliments of Zary W. (Zeke) Dennard, Owner Quality Materials -:- Prompt Service Streater Buick Co. LAKELAND, FLORIDA If You Like Me Call ZEKE LAKELAND, FLA. 1014 South Florida Avenue Phone MU 4-6971 TURNER GEE WHOLESALE MEATS, PROVISIONS, AND FROZEN FOODS Serving Central Florida 611-17 W. ROBINSON AVE. ORLANDO, FLORIDA Benford Stationery Co. Campus Cleaners 125 SOUTH KENTUCKY AVE. ♦ Best Wishes For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain Best Work in Town pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. HOWARD HUTCHINS Compliments of Engle Electric LAKELAND FLA. Geo. L. Gaines Jeweler 122 East Main Street Telephone 24-191 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of The Green Parrot Cafe Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Co. 129 South Tennessee Ave. LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of Nu-Way Floor Covering C. M. BIRD G. R. SCHABERT Sims Hardware 1039 S. FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 43-781 LAKELAND, FLA. Quality Hardware, Housewares, Sporting Goods One of the Best Places to Spend Your Money j t •- 4 t Compliments of MflAS BROTHERS Compliments of The Mutual Candy Co. Farmer Jones RED BARN BROILED STEAKS — CHICKEN ANY STYLE SEA FOOD Finest in the South — and we can prove it LAKELAND, FLA. PHONE 57-704 Located on the New Tampa Highway 92 ROWAND ' S Electric Motor Service 1225 NEW TAMPA HWY. New Used Motors Motors Rewound — Metalizing 712 Lake Mirror Drive Telephone MU 2-1391 Lakeland Laundry and Cleaners " Bundles of Satisfaction " LAKELAND FLORIDA Lake Morton Soda Shop DINNER SPECIALS— SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Moore ' s Style Shop STYLE-MAR T CLOT HES 207 E. MAIN ST. LAKELAND, FLA. Kirkland Paint Supply Company 1216 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE TELEPHONE 22-522 DURALITE PAINTS AND VARNISHES BRUSHES -:- SUNDRIES Compliments of The Industrial Arts Club PHONE 4-3773 The J. E. Wood Co. " WE INVITE YOUR BUSINESS " 3123 FOURTH AVE. TAMPA Eli Witt Cigar Co. 1 Compliments CIGARS I of HAV-A-TAMPA A FRIEND TAMPA NUGGETT FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES CANDY GUM Compliments of Compliments of • Lorenzen Coffee Service Florida Office TAMPA, LAKELAND, ST. PETERSBURG Supply, Inc. Distributors WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA of MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Manufacturers of Specialized Cleaning and Processing Compounds Compliments of The Du Bois Co., Inc. Cincinnati 3, Ohio Los Angeles 33, California A. W. WHILDEN 1139 Ellamae Ave. Phone 2-8027 TAMPA, FLA. John Sexton Co. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers ■ P. 0. Box 4124 (Fed. Annex) ATLANTA 2, GEORGIA AMhersr 2541 Compliments J. S. Moore Candy Co. DIST. GORDON POTATO CHIPS Congraru af ons to the Class of ' 54 From the Interlachen Staff LJou are sure of the finest when you serve For years the symbol of Quality Meats and Meat Products a ii i! ii als Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. % € % J2 $ )} " " $ V 1 1 TRINITY E C A T U R , PLACE l R G I A ENGRAVINGS BY i MABAMA ENGRAVING CO, Birmingham, Ala. V lemo Prom the C ditor: Out of the orange grove rise the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, and out of the student body of Florida Southern College comes the staff of the 1954 INTERLACHEN. This loyal staff has worked long, hard hours to present this publication. When the going was rough, some of the staff members — being human — wanted to give up; but after a spark of encouragement, they rallied with more spirit and enthusiasm than before. Words are too ineffective to express my appreciation for the loyal, untiring efforts of the 1954 INTERLACHEN staff— a staff that could laugh a little, cry a little, play a little, and work a lot. To this staff, I say sincerely, " THANKS! " The staff extends its thanks to the many who have helped to make this publication a success. And now we present this edition of the INTERLACHEN to you, hoping, that in the years to come you will look through its pages and relive some of the important events of your Col- lege life. Sv EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 1954 Interlachen 258 i • ' ♦ -I .. ■ » f -V |

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