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: I J 1 1 r 1 , vt i i ' 4f jsf ' i t ♦ fW ■jivif,jui-j; •.K ' lBI ' ,-;- j. ' . ' j w y:j|isi! x.mm :b : f mM ICHARTERJ ♦•♦-♦•♦ M • •• ♦ l ' S « Ik 1L « hjiuiiHit i iiifiMJiii au H (j ?ti3r " ' 2Sg ag i51gr ar- ' i 2sm: i -:: mAm m 7 -mm c iammm Pte ace ♦•♦•♦ This is your 1950 Interlachen. We of the staff wish to express our appreciation for your pa- tience and cooperation in making this hook possihle. We hope that the students, faculty, and friends who receive this hook will hnd it in future years a door to memories of collegiate life. r »■ mj m i %.mm %v ..jU 1U YEAR BOOK 4 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY Gordon Ogden, III Editor- in- C.h irf George E. Lowe B fsh rss Ma?iagcr ♦ •♦•♦•• ws i smm. ♦ f ,♦ .♦ -.♦ -.♦ . J ' EDICATION HISTORY ADMINI5TRATI0N FACULTY 5ENI0R6 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES issy FRESHMEN HONORS Within this book is chronicled the progress of an expanding Southern which has risen meteorically to a position of national prominence. We have attempted to record some of the spirit of collegiate life here on the campus, where students from all over the world meet, live and learn. SNAPSHOTS FOUNDER$WEEK ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS SPORTS ADVERTISING . , , A I i j -j -i j ■ ' iJ - ' g i. ■ . ■ Jfh hcificathH It is with a deep sense of grateful appreciation that we dedicate this, our 1950 INTERLACHEN to those two, who in the past quarter of a century have made the name of Florida Southern College great. To our President, Dr. Ludd Myrl Spivey who since his inauguration in 1925 has kept before him a vision that through years of trials and tribulations has remained undimmed ; to his good and gracious wife Louise, who has traveled the long road with him and has seen the vision with him; we the students of this great college respectfully wish them well and give them our humble thanks. :}mi ' .m i.jnti:0Ky ' ! i Mmi% --MiaiM, ' im ' ' iAsmmk-y, ♦•.♦■,♦• %♦•-♦•-♦•.♦ Dr. and Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey •♦• •♦ f-0-4 ' 0 ' ' i ' :«!ft!(B»;,-VW!.v?sm ' r The task of gathering and publishing the material for the Inter- lachen is a difficult one. The Editors, Business Managers and their assistants deserve high praise. They have performed well. Each student should keep this book permanently. In the years to come, it will be of added interest. The actual persons and events registered here will change. After the years have passed, you will enjoy seeing the contrast between the present and the past. To the Sophomores and Juniors, I want to wish you a happy vacation. Unless you have special reasons, you should not remain in college during the summer. You need a change. Give what information you have gained an opportunity to incubate. I hope to see you this fall. Most of the Seniors have been here four years. Now you are leaving for good. We will miss you. May the big world receive you cordially. You still belong to us. You are merely joining a larger campus. My blessing and good wishes go with you. • ' • • ♦ • ' ♦ •♦ • ' • • ♦ ■ ♦ i I u I ' (£0 fMJtA. ♦■♦ • • ■♦ « ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' V I % ft. tt, » ayma nZo i i irmi ••♦ ♦ fmi»:ffti ' 0K !m f!smtsii: ,srx)im:i ' wsmisjasmmi ' : ' . ' .■ .ijj sm mwm J niJuJu4nmeA of 1925, JuA. ccn Je 7m nmeJaii2 «%« ■■ v r;»)- », W,V« : Aea ec :the U07wJi£.AadJiU m(Ifam. ' di a CQ QV n- jmc imAe jAn ammimt it PLZOO,ooo, Tioam e , tAJA ieia M- J3 3mted JaS cMfdwn J ifv -m stjja lM MlaJEyru9iu, CMamcami ' .3 .LS mi ' iS! L ' l,i gi. Qtssivm m) - 9M:Sif!SSrr- -: m yi(t:» a?Sm :». • f % . ♦ " % ■ ( acli olmiT (JoadeJi 1926 935 C AeA M eH t iAieJiiiJidAe( a7ic(yn(m£ Jj z Afude ntd jm ( d du ' i na ifu Jieauh MJwn ( 925 ' 26. d ii mS€i 927 n ' Um vwa6amd amdjumt ynmeJoa Aai Jem added : oMfA d y. a nd fftaJbii ynmaaMi£S Aid Mm Mailed A u a c nam ofd Jw}43 jU c donat[bn4MomJi2ca uAnmih , J de dl ci J i di cf:t cof ae. (jamed nJmu adod.aJbimei oi a deiAz A m :me 7 {mde Ji 2 ufia e 4i l am, :to idij(mtM Jnrt a£F;(mm n T did muc l : o.Aii 2WJUiHMei am tk jmrntymi id c ine uSfcc. Tie died JuddemA i n 935. aci mJy Hi ediiHtnoA mit tjo M4u£i nnim a Z9:toOtdi: oiuJy •♦ •• •♦ Zi - 1928 je nAo msmfat (J(nimeMuum 8ZZ c nid out a d cit 9%: Aad a£ciAi . ueem oMi jto ' -Ae tniJ- Ae4: y d. xi aj c a ica. € u 93 . CAAe n n£ 7n M a4 ui £ri£y iim£ MuH JIt c Jiaruyi ant at.otitayridi yi Q ..d iu e n iom dUi cJCau. P32, ClMz nQu u a , int j£ f ri M£a a cm ajf- Ill Ml I ni i n i HDi i II p pw i I iii iin ii i iM i.il Wil l iiimmnii ' " T Ill iinii i- " ' ' Tinii i • %■♦ ■ Wa ui (Mate Jy iOMft d n md d ., one of Clme Uxui cAorr£. -X It. Ti I r ' Ml tfTntwi 1 awLi__j_ Oi 0,000, .£i e - «• •♦ S22LXr k ' " : ' ' " ' W ' ■ -- ' t- - .v-- ' - t ' » ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' (Ti ' J ' - ' v- ' iUW .Ji-(i:l ■ ' iijiyi m : AeSca donn of Clifan (yuow Wa ' , cZAl deceased on c f JJa, and cJQ . (J u clt- ide iy JoS(yt ju a4 u n u 4 ccx ul iuction. (Jticdi rir camu icuan ld ao c d dAf Xo dem nd xcm4 Jl na £i ccrrrusJeXed u tl 93 a:t tne. Jtcrta£ co JjC of 50, OOO, one !3li i »g»l»«W ' -- ; ' • ».a» a « afcK. TO!i;s.-.. gjfT.Jiy w " . ' . ' ■ ' . ■■ .. LALLAN 5PIVEY WALKA.. THE CR055ROAD5 OF THE CAMPU5 13u imfwr- fi if.«iiiiimii iiHirti! " wnr " ' ' -WHW " ' ' " T!S ° ' I % 1 ?5 THEJOOK THE GILBERT GYMNASIUM THE PRE5IDEMT ' 5 HOME HEARING COMPLETION DMaW.Sndui, SuifuA JjA. ' uHi6 £ . Amid cit iidims. Midca4, aSm, ( iancMs, :tJic M 0aU n JmAcA ( m :t ' WE WALK SOFTLY WHERE THE POOL IS BLUE AHD THE HINDU TEMPLE 5CAR5 ERASED STANDS SILENT .... ENWRAPPED IN THE ESSENCE OF FRAGRANT ORANGE BLOSSOMS AND A DEEP PEACE. ..OLIVE LIVINGSTONE STODDARD.. xfioH i and itf€H J imaAt imi andia ' MOTE TO 5TUDENT5 THE CHAPEL UNDER CONSTRUCnON CiniT. CMJe md jl t jec € u yni ' t. amdou mt irAo £ cA xto nd ma h? a xendA iH JcA - DORMlTORr VIEW. 5|fe s-«i- f-4 ♦• ■■ ft. ' »«;,Y- ' ir5(;!: M aJ dJiea e t uJ tAe amtu a mpA ' S u MciCeco aiid a nJ , noa .d €4- aMui£t.J(mcZurn. atan£u 04 a Mam nn ca n u d Ui ma. • % • • ♦ ' ♦•♦ ♦••• »•♦♦• doin ymMi a nJ . wom£yn jiiule 7i s nut on iniiA dumaa ees and o e d tne conJpU ctLon o jtne. (lynmx£ tl £iZM. uAcLa£ , c Ae udea . eAlnd Mlide uaS xi aJ aj i tne Stude ri a .leeuynn o€ Jiauimg ca££e . -VI ' ai i f im ' ' - ' B si»M ' »?(m» ' r.wi 9U.. XJLLagi,,uAe(M;ru na .. jjm mii Jy :f iOjmi mm C2 7li diAeM feiw SamsA • % • % " W , -,W .-▼ " " •• ■ 0.e i na , ccnnpit u n 94 GA]pef cldma Xjtd Mt a nmuaf ncda (Jfoutne i ri a Ki nc i i niiA ceylePtafion on cJ(aAcA 9, 94L c Ac J d climn ui ad de yio neJ .£h C Jia nJr X:faa{ K UaAt, M tyiSd . s krTm ne rL a kActect. CAA ' GAanel U moi e c cAArc com 4a nd. c? ■ ' SKUffS ' k : ■j .■py-i MjLw ' .j Vc if- jc H IBmMK H k P -- J I0l ...... - ■■1 .-■- oj smns. ♦ • " ••♦•♦ • ♦• ' m M ce n cJ icdA da • -.♦ ' .♦ %♦ •-» •. . • • • • • JUA.iJjsu oj jxmfcnc np jtude ritMyxx i no on «s (mmim ' f :ta ianejAi QQHy. • • ♦• •♦ 7(1i ii ' iiTt ' ' T[t iiMf i ' Vi-itr ' " ' ' " ' ' " ■■ " ' 9imm»m mMii im!i ' m( ' .ym» ' m ■ . rUmfiSuoilhktiiiiikitttiiijL ' m u ♦ •♦•♦•%• ••♦ ♦ i i. ' -— JJfc , .lkl,l ' if) . • ' • A ' ■ - ' ( iM!Mt l llW WW.» l WWJ W »W ' ' " - ' l ' !J " » ' i ' J i ' ' . ' -— ; I li m ii ' i tf ii ' i i i mmimtmmKmmttmumiiai KKri FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT fl DESIGNS A COLLEGE By DONNA M. STODDARD Director of Art Florida Southern College r REPRINTED FROM " JUNE, 1949 IMERIC.VS MOST CELEBRATED ARCHITECT CREATES AN UNPARALLELED CAMPUS GROUPING iiTJ " ' I ' ,RV building is out of the ground, into the light; a child -Cv of the sun. " These words casually spoken to me by Frank Llovd Wright made an indelible impression upon my mind. Watching the buildings from da_ to day as they grow makes one understand that these buildings are organic structures, belonging to the very earth on which thev stand. Because of the intimacy between the various materials of the buildings, there is a unity of purpose created in the people who live, work or worship in them. Mr. Wright docs not distinguish be- tween a form that is useful and esthetic. If the design is useful, it is, at the same time, esthetic. Of the nineteen unit foundation designed by Mr. Wright for Florida Southern College, we now ha c completed the theme structure, consisting of the chapel, library, administration building, waterdome, and the three seminars. These buildings are boldly asymmetrical in la out, unified by connecting esplanades. One d ' es not have to be an artist to sec the variety that flourishes through the inherent rhythm of materials and workmanship. Body and mind are in tune with that rliMhm and the variety encourages the spirit. Buildings planned by Mr. Wright are not just another construction job, as can readily be understood by examining the photographs on these pages. Each small part of the wonderfully Integrated whole is a design of unquestionable merit. The whole scheme is given an outdoor garden character, suit- able for Florida. The buildings do not crowd each other and each has its own stretch of esplanade and intervening trees. Because nature has been definitely considered in the planning, Mr. Wright ' s buildings blend with the landscaping. Flowers and plants grow inside of the buildings as well as on the outside. The outdoors comes in and makes itself at home and likewise invites ou to do the same. Many additional structures will be raised in the next few years, among them, buildings devoted to Art, Science, Music, Home Eco- nomics and the Theater. The project is located in a sixty-three-acre orange grove and will occupy the western section of the campus. Buildings are no longer considered as mere walls and a roof, but rather as the space within. That is the re.ilitv of these buildings. The walls are screens, and the roof does not shut out the sun, the moon and the stars. It represents the things to which we must look for enrichment. These buildings are so interesting and alive you never ha e the feeling that you are alone. Mr. Wright has shown us here his theory that architecture is the scientific art of making structures express ideas. A work of art is only a work of art when it lives in some experience. Materials belong to all the world. The artist simply re-issues it and the article becomes new. Materials suggest designs. The terrain itself suggests movement and lines. Mr. Wright does not impose designs upon materials. ' I ' he Annie Pfelffer Chapel is a structure of character, showing Mr. Wright ' s independence of building design. The chapel is not a con- ventional religious form, and it strikes a new clarity, the chord between Florida character and beaut ' and the life of our young people. It has a tall tower that gives an open-to-the-sky feeling. It is filled with flowers that climb the trellises. A combination of the elements and the principles of nature make the chapel a human thing. When the excavation for this building was begun in 1939, Mr. Wright planned to use the ver - sand up-earthed to mould the blocks that were to go into the building. Dr. Ludd M. Spive} ' , President of Florida Southern College, conceived the idea of this unusual chapel in 1937. The com- pleted chapel was dedicated in 1941. When Mr. Wright s.aw the chapel nntmtiiiimi0ftm)f i i • % • %•♦• •♦ THl. WATHRDOME; A loicty j ' ool, ilciitnr}i name froiir the s iiit}c jotmcil by uniatliii,: olnnins of liiiiy u ' huh iri ' ittc u cuiio y from I he mil. The AJ iiiiii slrnlioii BiiilJ- irii; boi ' ilcn its eil} e. for the first time in 1942 he said, " It ]ives, it has an atmosphere of life, there isn ' t a dead spot in it. It is something that grew in this orange grove, a flower of the human spirit and it will endure, gathering force and distinction as the years go on. Florida has found an expression in building in her proper name. " In the chapel there are no aisles dividing the congregation. The speaker feels he is one of you. No one in the entire auditorium, which seats one thousand peopile, is more than fifty feet from the speaker even in the balconies. He ce.ases to be a man set apart. The .icoustics is especially fine. Plants grow on the ledges and in flower boxes tucked into corners of recessed walls. There are trellises overhanging the audi- ence on which boughs of trees are placed for festive occasions. One visitor who came into the chapel at the hour when the sun was low enough to sift light through the small colored glass inserts in the block structure said, " I feel as if I am standing within a huge jewel box. " It was the desire of Dr. Spivey to allow some of the students to take time off from their classes to learn a useful trade by working on the buildings. They moulded fourteen thousand blocks by special pat- terns and laid more than forty-six hundred of them. A few of the skills required in making one of these buildings are glass setting, founda- tion layout, steel work, welding, concrete mixing, pouring and plastering. The chapel and the library provide two nuclei for the whole founda- tion. .All of the buildings have an airy and " Floridian " character. There is emphasis on patterns cf light and shade. Color of the buildings inside, as out, is a warm tan, lighter on the plain surfaces. There is a spacious feelmg as one walks out of the chapel onto a great plaza that joins the chapel and the library. It is edged hv stoas or c " lumns and a covered esplanade which enables one to walk from building to building protected from the sun and the rain. When the project is finished there will be over a mile and a half of this esplanade designed on diagonals through the orange grove. One outside corner of the E. T. Roux library suggests a dense forest the way the esplanade columns are grouped with light filtering through a beautifully patterned opening to the sky. In the reading room the student is surrounded by books and does not feel that the walls shut him out from the world. The stacks are light with sunshine pouring down from above b - means of light wells even into the basement. .A unique feature of the library- is that the reading room is round, with tables at difTerent levels follow- ing the contour. They serve both as study desks and shelves for refer- ence books. Stairs in these buildings have a ribbon-like quality, very thin and suspended in space with the only supports being vertical rails. The rise of the steps is very slight so that one moves easil} ' upstairs and down without much effort. There is no wasted space. A double columned walkway with openings to the sky that suggests the pattern of the flower beds below leads one to perhaps the most extraordinary buildings on the campus, the Administration Building, consisting of the Emile E. Watson and the Benjamin F ' ine units. The horizontal lines of these buildings makes them seem to belong to the earth where they stand. From the outside one could hardly believe the amount of space con- sumed. The various offices of the .Administration Building are so de- signed that they give spirit to those who work in them. Workers feel much more alive than in the old-time office that is cramped bv four walls. Tall, slim windows lending light and air extend from first to second floors. There is an accent on textures in this building. Especially with the brightly polished metals and these turned green for color accent on the edges of the broad overhanging ea es which are verdig ' is bands of copper detailed to drip so that no gutters are needed. The entire plan has charm and distinction. Beside the .Administration Building is the |. Edgar Wall Water- dome, one of the most attractive features of the plan. It is called a waterdome because the dome is formed b - a water spra in this " er large round pool. The three seminar buildings have sk_ ' lights. The walls are made of colored glass blocks sculptured in effect. There are two offices and one large classroom in each. Those that come to see these buildings with closed minds, ma ■ not see a work of art, for these buildings have not lived for them in some experience. To quote from Dr. Spivey, " This architecture struggles to bring us back to earth and make us appreciate our world. " ri ' 0 • • ' ■ ;rawrM«w»-».« ilMIMMiltMMIMMMi ►- A Ujjuwnq ' JuA Mny UJ aA 3dwc£ Qctiiml . ▼ ,»•.»•- ARCHITECT iJi eeZchio tAt tucle nii • ♦• ■♦• • " r I , I , I, •w . v,rc; .T»jfc -«Bie.,«imhSTij:.r jmat IdJuia iunn a ou ncjf J[} i u oiU cCn iA rria ■4 . " ' ' (C6 fa ijl i3mMm .M£ 947 Mi Jea cAX) a nmt0f( i €yaihmaM oTniTyn dum, 947, a a cAAeMmtA on uUo mi , Mo i J OTn cl a M tidL , ..h ;u4sAtJa: rudaaA :fi i3ata ' ugati(m u J ' ei na c(mduct£d cm DR. REDD AND DR. 50K0L0FF IM THE LAB. Jeede Ofld ot ie UU poigJ 04- • -• • Tttttwu iiiri !iH ' ' !»!l. ' :!l;)r«lMfr7r.w H|fI,,i: «■ ' jT ■« " " i ' •= ' " . ' . " . ' . C VatTcrPc . clAe ' ikitfan- ' . mey •♦• ■ »«»: w»« «»» ' »»t !m»S «t»i« l ' W»!» ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ■■ ' " ■ iitfinirrfiiMi KMammtmmm oH eied ca U3iM } ' : Mi . i ; ; V V • ,T V " , ' •• -• %♦ " .♦ " J ♦ •♦ • Wh i - 1 i d oA fa yfa e Dorm c edicatfd m 1948. f •♦• •♦ ' ' ' ' - ' — - Mt ? £! ' Ju Jior?ieJ inCny 400 amxi cM o yni amd ui adoSio ( u AlcA oM LOd£cl S(j the . mem ticcle nt4. u rictd u( ttn JhuA ctpa bt- . meyTi jm O cA . QjJriide. JauA qA£ MMd Ao Xjxuo. Q£aAa QmlcAon i i-Jcn- (ytulM, dm Jliymai nqJi x " c .Jacx izu %- % ' % % ' % % % t. ' . • . = " - ,▼ " _ " ih c ntu ac £ o£ am J, Mam iJ(acZ)onafd (jMtet So lAc TjaHimoJcucnt i im . TTuddfe ca mpu4 c a de lnn on cx na iaAa m Lu onut, cJnede Art e . madeMi J tuMimnJ camj hM u tAoMd aim d I a cZtcm of ot cAa cn.(Anc i axui n c ot . cIAe , (aA£ a ncL § £ft - A c nad cn c in if. -♦• - " • ' • " ' - ■ : i " ' - ■f ' - |M - -ja«KflM»ymW l !l M !H| . c4ia n c iAe Social Ju4ic ■ rf r ji ' IK » ill ? Slji jp iSi if ■■if l tllM % • ♦ • V t- y J . « , •▼ J w JtAc i Mteu i a :lA£ UoA t tpo rruiuA Jmjt ( uu yrume 15|.1 X cmi imiticm Mmi ! amd SafcoTzu on r cuipa Cc Jia dcxVm, x n MacAa au nd ♦ ♦ ♦• ' . ■ -J-..-- Tnnr " - " -n ' irttfri pi««i ' »rt!l«)rilini»Hi .y)i wc». j t| )| Bliii UAe . eit addition tcr (Jautne J ca rnpxu 16 a n jt p a nadf at ru nq me (Jj mi na amd imCltmu Ju fMea My lod Oi A cAoo cAa4 . A ' J a nA 0 i mfd tn£ adi ayrLCfym£ r2 ( JniM da ori -Ja c u ra ij jl Jhce a d ' iuiAtcIidaM ux itA ccm£cd£ nci. cimd an A inA oA uA — Q nce 0 oAtatt acccrm 4AA ?n£ r yt uy?7 .f i J f d a .£ud : and ux LU ate .AeAi iyCf.. ■t fjrf:«H ' i-it ' :- f • ♦ • V ,• .♦ ■,♦ ■ J • • VI SIR WILFRED T GREMFELL is Sta Xfyd ihi Ufm i e Co U Mt e f. ' (KlJ ' t % s . i!.»lW ' :W|f«iB!SU ' • . « ' • " v ' . " • •••♦•♦♦. t e ' H je£em ruM t -4 j( -»iwgiif3irj««W« ' »r ' ' ?! ' r ' : ' G i C IlALt » t , , ' " ' J " ' , ' . ' " • ' m£e OJii nQ and M Mb ii A iUfW t.-. . iiMirfnriii iii kMmiM tui xtiitklmiMlitHHimi II ' I ' l- - - - ■M th Oy?7ic : , natdan UAomad C rfa 4on ' Ue amu n cXi Tu 4 ■.■■jw -jn».iv«v»iwi O0jiy ft. ' % ' 4sm i ' 2fr:ms»smms ■„♦ • ♦ ,♦ •-♦ -.♦ •-♦ » • •. UM i rmm Cu ncA, MM nyrM oj tnt cAchGanaz Ucadi rru o{oVju L c iA u n 94S, and tA£ rflncAi ii Clivn J n iiynu cAMtu u 949. Wu4 JM umnMdyiicm o£ Xh.kjJ2u a[ M Ao Aa e .£ € a lad cAri , m£ . Wc£ cj lfnuAilld dne cd odpAeAr MiJ dic dldtMcdian o dAauaAtr oy?fiUjC dcl ccu£ f. cJcAt J I£C :q aaa dle d a£ ' dA£ j pt Ui e . f A£ ude 7zt 0pxi € d i£ a d d de a nd a cpAdo cTtine . • • • • - • ' - ' ' ' ' ' - ' - ' " ' • ■-- ' . ' . ' jii - ' - i.Ji iM.ui.Li ... -. ..-- ..:.,-:.... ., | c o G lU C7 dle fw ' ! - M Ccdlon arid , rni tMii ri . »• t f • - (Syn decLccitimq JAu XliO n d acJaicl, cJAt amne£u4. mu Jedccatlon id " liJicU rbt 0j:2a ' 4 t ia nAA Jh7 the. ai Uuc- ,Iene oJl .M ctuAtj q cAi m. umq a£ jtb , maAj Jne amn .tne a chttd uu£ :e ( Jiac c dant jAtS uz£a i . ofLUd cOon na (JXcrddaAd and ucn n G QA£ed Rattan la JTud ku Tin ' • " jT -t ' , " •• -• %• ■.• ' 1 ' ' ' - ' ♦ ♦ % • I APMfNfSTRATrON , ♦ . Prank W. Coffing Cluuiccllor of Flor ' iJa Southcni College 1949-1950 q«t.Si3i5K ' ■ » •• . ' ▼ .• Dr. Ludd M. Spivey Prcs ' idc it A.B., M.A., B.D., LL.D., Ed.D. Doctor of Humanics TfuMee J. EDGAR WALL Chairfnan MRS. FRANK 1). ]ACKSO ANGUS SL ' MNKR L. N. PIPKIN MRS. ROBERT KLOEPPEL MRS. EDWIN T. ROUX HARRIS G. SIMS LUDD M. SPIVEY L. DAY EDGl ' ' , |()Si;PH A. TOLLE O. A. MURPHY R. L. ALLEN )OHN BRANSCOMB J. H. DANIEL H. E. WOLFE P. M. BOYD i¥ nii« M«irJi»«: ' ' ♦ t • ' BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS J. Edgar Wall ----------- CJia ' ir)}ian L. N. Pipkin ---------- Vice-C iair ?hvi Harris G. Sims- - - - - - - - - - - Secretary C. V. McClurg ----------- Treasurer MEMBERS OF BOARD Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Angus Sumner R. B. Gilbert Alice Coffee Guyton L. N. Dantzler, Jr. ?• M. Boyd T T-. TA Robert L. Allen u. D. Dieffenwierth G. Flo ' S ' d Zimmermann 1 . T. Scott LuDD Myrl Spivey L. Day Edge H. E. Wolfe O. A. Murphy t u t J. Herman Daniel Joseph A. Tolle Jqhn Branscomb Shade W.Walker Mrs. Frank. D. Jackson The Board of Trustees of Florida Southern College is com- posed of capable men and women interested in the students and in the promotion of the college. The members represent many different walks of life and therefore are more fully qualified to administer the affairs of the school. The hoard, with Dr. Spivey, works hard in keeping our college one of the top schools in the nation. It sets up the budget, supervises the investments and endow- ments, and other financial interests of the college. Each member is elected for a term of three years after which he may succeed himself if reelected; two members, J. Edgar W all and L. N. Pipkin, have each served over thirty years. Their duties also include elect- ing the administrative officers and faculty each year. We in the student body appreciate the great part which the board plays in making our institution one of which we can all be proud. ♦ MiMMHMMliiiMBMMHMiiBH I- ' iJW ' DR. CHARLES THRIFI Vice President DEAN J. A. BATTLE Dean of Students DR. W. E. DEMELT Registrar A4m Uttath i ALTON KLNDRED Bursar MARGARET S. ROGERS Dean of Women etiM «.»ifmm- »; i ;::f y rii : ' sSfJSk CORNING TOLLE Business Manager • t ,♦ V •,• .♦ V MRS. EVA M. MILLER AssistiUit Dean A. J. DRUKENBROD Assistant to Dean MRS. MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dealt MtninUtfathh AdtnMAttatiOe Council " ■ . J r , ■■ Fj r Li. J j -J .J W " ....J w- ... ' .J J .J W " ' r h Lejr to Right: Corning Tolle, Jean . . Battle, Samuel Griffiths, Alton kindred, C. T. Thrift, Ludd M. Spivey, J. C. Peel, George P. Hoffman, R. S. Bly, E. A. Lilley, Robert MacGowan, Margaret S. Rogers. ♦ • ♦ HnummnimHimiMii • (-.KKTRUDE OWENS Ass ' nliint to Dean - - . f IRGIMA I ' OIM Assist lint to Bursar MARY MADELINE WILLEAMS President ' s Secretary IRGINLA EALANA E ndozu-ment Secretary OWEN SUMNER Librarian Cclle e ta OLl E HARDIN Nurse HOUSE MOTHERS LIBRARY STAFF MhkMMMIi: »K ♦ ♦,♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦•♦ rACULTY pi ct Dfi N list: t M icH I fitts This Division encompasses not only tlic I ' ine Arts, but also the applied Arts. Students ha ' e a wide choice of courses in Arts and Crafts, Home Econ- omics, Industrial Arts, Music, Music Education and Theory. Continued interest in the subjects offered in this Division has resulted in installation of new instructional facilities and a greater ariety of courses. ggBggafe Samuel Griffiths, Cluuri)uni MUS.B., U.S. Music Ediiicitioii . !l LI.. of the cl.isswork. In a modern .ind completely equipped shop, students design and build as they learn. Here girls learn how to duplicate Mom ' s " honie- cookin ' " on modern equipment. To the student interested in nuisic .Sinitiiern offers an unusualh ' broad selection of courses. ft.tstnukS ' Mamm ' - % •«••% ROBERT GAYLER Or fill n CHARLES S. GILES HELEN WOOD BARNUM Graduate W. i. Wcsle}an College Piano A.B., B.S., M.A. Home Economics 1 ii)UhH WALLACE B. PEFLEY KEITH E. MIXTER B.M. Violin B.M. Voice DAVID L. READDICK B.S., M.A. Industrtd Arts : ' ♦ ■ • • ♦ ' ♦ • ' i UALTFR K. RF.lFSNVDl ' .R, }::. B.F.A. Sculpture U.S. Home Economics hiiDUicH i CHARLES A. ' ANNOy A.B., M.A., PH.D. Foreign Ljiiguage G. FLOYD ZIMMFRMANN, U.S. hi.iiiiln.i! Art, U.S., M.A iv («iv.ui M!rjiMi i»; ' ' iX.i l i ij cH a HutnaHitie I ' lorida Southern College, being a Methodist in- stitution, has placed great emphasis on its courses in the Humanities. This division offers numerous courses to students majoring in English, Journal- ism, Speech, Radio, Drama, Languages, Philoso- phy, Religion, and Religious Education. The primary aim of this division is to endow each stu- dent with a good practical and moral ft)undation, that each may take his place in society. Robert MacGowan, Chairman D.D., A.B., M.A., B.D., LITT.D. Philosophy In such informal classes as this, language stu- dents gain practical as well as grammatical knowledge of their language. Journalism students apply their classroom know- ledge to writing for school publications and country-wide press releases. Student worship services give Religion majors valuable experience as well as provide fellowship and recreation. Speech, Radio, and Drama students akuible training and experience in this of Southern ' s curriculum. receive section .jux; ■ ' - " ' ■ ' - - ■■-■■ ' J " ■ ' i™ .nTTr i;,-. , ' . ' -m WVATT R. BLASSINGAME A.B. Journalism OLIK S. BANDY A.H., M.A. Sp iiiish am! Ps T iology HF.NRY G. BARNETT A.B., M.A. English GENE 1FAF, R. BROWN A.B., M.A., PH.D. English ami History hiiJUicH a JOHN D. BYRD B.A., HONS. LONDON English GRACE L. DE CASTERLINE MARQUERIIK V. CALLAHAN A.B., M.A. Speech fV AWUtMiAwiTrAtHh: :-i ' - - i. ' H ' THOMAS E. DELLA ClOPP. PH.D., I.IT., D., ST., D. Italian ami Historx ♦ ••♦ CARL F. FKRNER A.B., B.S., M.A. Jouniiilisin A. F. FUGITT B.S., M.A. English WILLIAM G. FLl ' rCHl ' .R D.D. Religion GEORGE C. GIBSON A.B. Chaflain t muhn a ADA HAMELRYCK A.B., M.A. Sfanish C)NNE H. GOLDSBOROUGH A.B., M.A. French PH.D. Russian CHARLES W. HAWKINS PH.B., B.D. A lien Languages » ' •• •« • f 4 . i.iA ,i ' ..u ,-r -.. -.arf - ■-■-..-. iMirfriinri ii ■- ' ■ ' " ■ " -■ " ' - - ■■- ' ■ - r -m HOMKR H. HUGHES PH.B., M.A., PH.D. Efiglish AGNES B. JOHNSON B.A., M.A. English Mll.lJRl.O S. IBBERSON U.S., M.A. Speech M ARjORlE M. PLAYER A.B. Enelish t iiDUhH a HELEN A. SCUTT A.B., M.A. £ nglish JOHN G. SNYDER A.H., M.A., B.TH. Relix ' ' " - ' - ' - ' - ■:rsTTSr7 l t J cH Hi Science In II world in which so much emphasis is being laid upon scientific training, Southern has developed a broad curriculum in the theoretical and applieci sciences. Excellent foundational anci advanced training is oflFered to students in Biology, Chem- istry, Physics, Mathematics, and Citrus Culture. Robert Stewart Bly, CIhiir iniii B.S., M.A., PH.D. Chemistry Extensive laboratory equipment is available for Chemistry students plus materials for inde- pendent research. Pre-engincering students experiment with I ' .n- ginccring principles in Southern ' s Phj ' sics laboratories. Mathematics students find a wide variet ' of courses, b.asic and advanced to help prepare them for Engineering and allied subjects. Ciiius students here study some of the diseases of Citrus trees. In other courses, students are offered field courses in Botany and Zoology, as well as Bacteriology, Histology, and Anatomy for Pre-Med students. GBERT A. CASE LI ' .RO ' JOHNSON U.S., M.A. Matheviatic! ROY S. KISI ' .R B.S., M.S. Biology ROLAND F. HUSSEY A.B., M.S., SC.D. Biolog l iiJUhH Hi U.S. Mathemat:cs CLARENCE S. RAINWATER B.S. Physics AMES B. REDD PH .D. Citrus A ON J. I ' EACOCK B.S.E., B.S. A. Citrus Culture l ' |.i («ti|, ' i.«k. ' !iaiu. S « ' ' , _ » A.B., B.S., M.S., PH.D Mathematici FRED J. SF.A 1,R n.S., M.S., PH.D., SCI). Biology E.ARL D. SMITH U.S., M.S. Chemhtri! 2 3 Ru Rh p, " RICHARD SEARS B.S., M.A., PH.D. Physus hidJUicH Hi RUTH F. TERRY A.B., M.A. Miilheiiuitirs BORIS r. SOKOLOFF B.S., M.D., PH.D. Director Citrus Research t MJ ch V fecial tu4ie In order to acquaint students with civilizations past and present, they may take advantage of courses offered in the following departments: Business Administration, Secretarial, Fxonomics, Physical and Political Science, Education, Physical Educa- tion, Psychology, History, and Sociology. George P. Hoffman, Chairman ED.D. Economics Courses arc olTcrcd in Taping, Shorthand, Accounting, Booki;ccping, Marketing, and al- lied subjects for students in Business Adminis- tration. Students of Education gain valuable experience interning in various schools throughout the state in their Senior rear. Students have a cliance to test and experiment with principles of psychology in Southern ' s Psychology laboratories. .Ample equipment and excellent instruction give studsnts of History and Political Science back- ground for their studies. . r ff (wvii -. . » - t - - - ♦ ♦ •♦ LAURA N. CLYATT R.S., M.A. Biiiiness A diii ' niistroliou t mUhn ill MATTHEW ROY COUCH Crete Coach HiCTT-: SAMUKL G. COE A.B., M.A., PH.D. History and Political Science SARAH CC Ll ' .M AN Kindergarten and Niiners MILDRED DRACH A.B., M.L. Biiiiness A drninistration . ' » -• ' . ' i ' . ' ' . ••• «« ♦ r ROLAND D. i ' LDlKklN M.S. Sociology THOM.XS 1. FORD History WILLIAM O. FOSTER A.H., H.D., M.A. Histnry KARL J. F.WERTS L.L.B., PH.D. Geografhy hiiDUhH ii) A. F. FUCI FF U.S., M.A. Historij L CK uRANKl. Baseball Coach EMILY S. HANCOCK B.S., M.A. Typh g ' -. " ' ' 1 EDWARD R. JOHNSON O y . y H U.S., M.A. J-f I C f ifAf r ) JHI H 11 liiui y J- A. . ■ ' •V Cv H i % J ) ¥ ■ P _ — T Kjfl t 1 i ■ «»»iHa» 7iMSW8 m a H5?S33SH|Er -« A. 15., M.S. Business A ihninhtrcit ' -on S.AMUF.L T. L.ASTINGER M.A., B.S.K. Elenieiitar Eilucilinn J.AMES B. LEASE B.S. P iVsicd Educatioti t muicH m SAMUEL VV. LUCE B.S., M.A. Physicd EdiiCiitwn ELAINE B. MINNIS B.S., A.B., M.A. Business A dministration RICHARD MORLAND A.B., M.ED. Ph ' isical Education ' - ' " ' ' ' — - - ' ■ laAimt CLARENCE L. ML ' RR. U.S., M.S., EU.D. Psychology GORDON OGDEN, Jr B.S., M.A. Secondary Education WALTER O. ROPr A.n. Business A dmiiiistiation t iiDUhH li THOMAS 1. WAGNER CLARENCE A. WOOD PH.D. Psychology MAX J. SELIG B.C.S., M.A. Business A dministration Ft: il«lV « «!rJIM ' ' ' - J . V J « ' - ' " , ' w™ CHECK THAT SMILE . ' ' 1VH1 1 A I H k - k |B I K f l B f mm ' BOV MEETS GIRL ' DAD WINNAH " TYPICAL LILV POSE ) ' . • ••-« ♦• ♦• • KUA G. Richard Flamand, Jr. ----------- Pres ' uloit Lee Martin ------------- V ' jce-Pres ' uleut Mary Anne Browne ---------- Secretary-Treasurer James C. Lichlyter ------------- Senator Jerome Corby (not pictured) ---------- Senator l KA«MiUMMrtHe UH. ' ■iijsam . . ' • ♦•♦• ' • .. " « , .-.»rl-l-i,., ' -jti UyJ---: . -,-rfJv-.- ■ , ' 4 , M» Elbert Abramson B.S. New York, N. Y. Senate; Tau Epsilon Phi, social chair- man; chaplain; Hillel, treasurer; Transfer from New York Uni -crsitv. William Thomas Anderson B.S. Fernandina, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha. Dante Alighieri B.S. Hawthorne, N. J. Science Cluh. Carmen P " . Anderson B.S. St. Paul, Minn. Senate; Alpha Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America; Home Eco- nomics Club. emhtA Richard Evans Arnold B.S. Grosse Point, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha William x rthlr A.B. Santa Fe, New Mexico Pi Kappa Phi. James Dwight Anderson B.S. Lakeland, Fla. William Alfred Bakewell B.S. Plymouth, Mich. Sen.ite; Theta Chi, historian; Aero Cluh; Secretary to Dr. Wagner; In- terlachen Staff. m ♦ •• ♦ ♦ I Ruth Emilie Bandy A.B., K.S. Lakeland, Fla. ap and Gown; Who ' s Who; ice- resident of Sophomore Class ' 48 ; Ipha Chi Omega; Secretary of Or- lestra ' 48; Assistant Accompanist of horus ' 48; International Club ' 47. Earl R. Baron i B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Transfer from Duquesne L ' niversity. James King Barr B.S. North Haledon, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha ehiCtJ t« Michael V. Barrington B.S. Fort Meade, Fla. Future Teachers of .America. ' red J. Baver Walter C. Beck William J. Beisvvanger Edward Bellone A.B. B.S. B.S. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Theta Chi Irvington, N. J. Pi Alpha Havertown, Pa. Pi Gamma Mu; Lambda Chi .Alpha; Transfer from Rittenhouse College. Tau Frecport, N. V. Kappa Epsilon; Intra-mur Board. •■ • • ' ♦• ' ►• ■♦ ■ - -Ji , ' -. ' rjL .-A :jt jr-.i. ..um-Mj Siatiaiil t, Mft Ml iiutSaMadSSStSmlmammmmmmSm " • Alton Barney Bennett B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Charles H. Billings B.S. Lowell, Fla. Transfer from L ' ni ' ersit ■ of Florida. V yL E. LiNDSEY Bergen B.S. .Alexandria, ' a. Portico Club, President ' 49- ' 50; Vice-President of Student Body ' 48- ' 49; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cho- rus; Men ' s Glee Cluh; Choir. Alvin James Bermer B.S. P.alm Beach, Fla. Senate ' 49- " 50; Inter - Fraternity Council ' 49- ' 50; Director of Student .Activities; Theta Chi; Chorus ' 48- ' 49; Industrial .Arts Cluh. Howard James Bigam, Jr. B.S. Greensburg, Pa. Transfer from Shenandoah College, Mrginia. ehhfJ Mary Carolyn Bistline B.S. Miami, Fla. .Alpha Delta Pi, recording secretary; Chorus; Assistant Librarian; Future Teachers of America, recording sec- retary; Y.W.C..A., recording secre- tary. Richard Stuart Blauner B.S. New York, N. Y. Tau Epsilon Phi. Thomas Leighton Blyth, Jr B.S. North Salem, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. • .,♦ .♦ ,♦ V •.♦ • ' S M5 S5feH3ffl SPJH SpTs S ' vlXiili ' SkJ! I ' M ' . Paul Boizelle A.B. Arlington, ' . . Agnes Hewlett Brown A.B. St. Petersburg, FLi. i Gamma Mu; Future Teachers of -America. Harold Daniel Bonnett B.S. Bradenton, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha ; Orchestra ; treas- urer, Future Te.ichers of America; Chorus. Grover Duncan Bovd, Jr. B.S. Gastonia, N. C. Transfer from Rutherford College and Bre ' ard College. eHiCi ' J Howard S. Brown B.S. Nichols, Fla. Medora Brown A.B. Auhurndale, Fla. Zeta Phi Eta; Microphone Club; Fu- ture Teachers of America. Martha N. Brewer B.S. Fort Pierce, Fla. Cap and Gown, secretary; Sigma Rho Fpsilon Fraternity; Delta Zeta; Women ' s Student Government Asso- ciation. Mary Anne Brown B.S. Tampa, Fla. Cap and Gown, president ' 49- ' 50; Who ' s Who ' 49- ' 50; Alpha Chi Omega, president ' 49- ' ;0; Senior Class Secretary; Women ' s Student Government Association, secretar " 49; Inter-Faith Council, secretar ' 49; Intra-mural Council; high point award ' 48- ' 49; Home Economics Club; Freshman Councilor. v., 1 ♦ ♦ - - .JJ -MJ.- wyfiAtiM .i:.Dbammi£ mJiSSmimS •4 Edwin Baii.kv Browning B.S. Madison, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi ; Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Joe Sior ' Burch B.S. Winter Garden, Fla. Rappa I ' i; Pi Kappa Alpha; Spanish Club; ' agabonds. (5 Raymond Keith Bryant B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Chorus; Chapel Choir; Spanish Club; Science Club; Baptist Student Union; Future Teachers of America. Anita Nease Buck B.S. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Senior Class Secretar ' and Treasurer; .Alpha Delta Pi, corresponding secre- tary; Kappa Pi -Art Fraternity; Cho- rus ' 48- ' 49. enhtA Joseph Edward Burges, Jr. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha; Interlachen Staff, vice-president, sports editor; Future Teachers of America. Javan J. Byrd B.S. Winston Salem, N. C. Debate Council. t% I ; Richard H. Bull B.S. Sparta, N. J. Senate; Inter - Fraternity Council; y Lambda Chi .Alpha. ;o Hugh Bill Callahan A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha; ' agabonds; Southern Staff; Microphone Club. ., ' » 3 V ' ' -• ' v .♦ ■iaiiaaiS VJJJi ) Jakme Cameron U.S. Lake Wales, Fla. elta Zeta, president ' 49- ' 50; Vaga- 311 ds; Variety Players; Future eachers of America; Panhellenic " ouncil, secretary; Miss Southern, 1950. Carolyn Carselle B.S. St. Paul, Minn. Upha Delta Pi ; Future Teachers of Vmcrica; Transfer from University of Minnesota. Odest Frank. Cannon B.S. Reddick, Fla. Future Teachers of .America. Forest S. Carlton A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu; Future Teachers of .America. ! eHht WiLLLAM Gray Castleberry B.S. Wauchula, Y . . Pi Kappa Alpha; Southern Staff, ed- itor ' 49- ' 50; hitra-mural Sports. Harold Guthrie Cating B.S. Kingston, N. Y. Theta Chi; ' arslty Cross Country; Varsity Crew; Transfer from Cham- plain College. James Reid Carlton B.S. Leesburg, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi; Transfer from Stet- son Lfniversitv. Clyde G. Cauthen B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Future Teachers of .America ; Chorus; Transfer from University of Miami. i ■•• • • • • ■ ■ " • • r ' ., " v ' js -. _jtft ,._iA " i ' -.-., j;j jj5:;ji vj:j .j:ajir( M-v -JHimmmy uMit i ' MmiiWiiiAimiilSUMMamliimiUm Nicholas Cedeno, Jr. B.S. Oriente, Cuba Tau F.psilon Phi; lnternation.il Club: Spanish Club. John V. Chamberlain A.I?. Colwvn, Pa. Sigma Phi F.psilon. Sheng Wan Chiang B.S. Shanghai, China Sigma Rho F.psilon. Vivian Gorton Claire B.S. Waterloo, Michigan Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi. ehififJ Villiam Dyer Clifford B.S. Youngstown, Ohio Water Ski Team; Sociology; South- ern Round Table. Thomas G. Conklin B.S. Wyncote, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha Jean Marie Conroy B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Transfer from Montclair State Teachers College; Future Teachers of America. Jerome L. Corby a.b. Ten a fly, N. j. Senate; Tau Kappa Fpsilon; hitra- mural Board; Student Government; Student Commission. !maimim;jsfjs!7mm.i. Walter B. Correll B.S. Scotch Plains, N. J. LamhJn Clii Alpha; Transfer from Champlain College. Thomas Glenn Cottom B.S. Miami Springs, Fla. Phi Sigma Kappa, vice-president; chaplain. James C. Cox B.S. Moore Haven, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi, Charter member; secretary-treasurer of the Adelphos Society; International Club; Camera Club. William C. Cox B.S. Fairfield, Conn. Pi Gamma Mu; Lambda Chi Alpha; Crew. eh cfj P ' .DNA Julia Crenshaw Jean Dale Criss John Warren Criswell James H. Cross B.S. B.S. a.b. B.S. Orlando, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Macon, Ga. Winter Haven, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Microphone Club; Transfer from Theta Chi. Women ' s Student Government Asso- . sburx ' College. ciation; Future Teachers of America. .N W ♦• • • •( ■ mJSTxMlgZSMjjia. . iSUT. » i» «riwnftirt»»»=»w ■;(ro»I( ft H•r ' V ' »?»•r •1■NHl• •■ ¥iiigii fiMi t sA mttm immmmSmSSm J. P. Curl H.S. Fort Pierce, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Kappa Alpha, president ' 50, vice-presidL-nt ' 49; In- ter-Fratcrnitv Council. Charles L. Davidson B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. Future Teachers of America. Earnest A. Dabelstein B.S. Rivcrdale, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha; Transfer from Champlain College. Richard Paul Daeger B.S. Clearwater, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi; Industrial Arts Club, president ' 48. William H. Daniel B.S. Rocky Mount, N. C. Transfer from University of North Carolina. eh cfJ Frank Charles Decker B.S. Cresskill, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-president ' 49; Intra-mural Board, president ' 47; Varsity Baseball; Intra-mural Key; " S " Club; Future Teachers of America. Joseph Anthony De Flora B.S. Paterson, N. |. Pi Kappa Phi. James Q. Denham B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Future Teachers of America. - « ESjfSErfl?T ? ' .AiiK -cr H ' va »•♦•••• «■- ' Alexander James Dohany Angelo J. Doxato, Jr. Robert A. Dooly Allen S. Dorsey B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Auburndale, Fla. Roselle Park, N. J. Ridgewood N.J. Lakeland, Fla. ' ortico Club; Alpha F.psilon Rho, Gamma Iota Alpha. Pi Kappa Phi. ice-president ' 48 ; Sigma Alpha Ep- ilon ; F.S.C. Press Club, president 48; Microphone Club; Little Thea- tre of the Air ' 46- ' 50. enhf Everett Lawrence Dougherty B.S. Fair Lawn, N. J. Cheer Leader; Science Club; Water Skiing Club. James Clifford Douglas B.S. Fort Meade, Fla. Tau Delta Sigma; Future Teachers of .America. Joseph Bi-aise Doyle, Jr. B.S. winter Haven, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi; Science Club. Harley Kimer Dulaney, Jr. B.S. Shenandoah, ' a. Student Council ' 48- ' 49; Sigma Al- pha F.psilon ; Baptist Student L ' nion, vice-president ' 47- ' 48, president " 49- ' ; Orchestra. ■ ■« rP ' JWiW. ' MfmWlWuniMiMii, - ' Dorothy Brygier Dunford A.B. Somerville, N. J. Alpha Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A., president ' 48- ' 49. ' iC ' roR Rodney Durrance Wilbert Ervin Eastman, Jr. B.S. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Park Ridge, 111. Future Te.ichers of America; variety Phi Delta Theta; Transfer from players. Knox College. ehicfJ Jerome Edison Robert S. Ellis Melvin Edward Enfinger B.S. B.S. K.S. Bronx, N. Y. St. Petersburg, Fla. Molino, Fla. Future Teachers of America. Pi Kappa Alpha. James Anderson Edwards B.S. Malone, N. Y. Portico Club; Tau Kappa Alpha; Pi [ lpi Gamma Mu; Pi Kappa Alpha; De- bate Society; Vagabonds; Future Teachers of .America; ' ariet ' plavcrs. Ann Wall Evans U.S. Tampa, Fla. Pi Beta Phi; P ' uture Teachers of America; variet ' players. Si ♦ ♦ % • « « Sylvia Hallett Ewerts A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Ipha Delta Pi; International Club, cretarv; Transfer from Upsala Uni- versity, Sweden. Florentino Fernandez B.S. Santa Clara, Cuba Sigma Alpha F.psilon ; International Club; Spanish Club; Future Teachers of America. Vera Fielding A.B. Plant City, Fla. Kappia Delta Pi; Future Teachers of .America. John B. Firenze A.B. Huntington, N. Y. Tau F.psilon Phi; .Advocate ' 48; Crew; Water Skiing Club; Transfer from Adclphi College. ehicfJ John M. Marino B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Orville W. Fisher A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Transfer from Milton College, Wis- consin and Baldwin Wallace College, Ohio. G. Richard Flamand, Jr. B.S. Belmont, Mass. President of Senior Class; Vice-Presi- dent of Junior Class; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Portico Club; Inter-Frater- nity Council, president; Inter-Faith Council, president; Who ' s Who; Chorus; Glee Club. John M. Wilson Fletcher B.S. Manhasset, N. Y. Pi Kappa Phi. •♦• •♦• • • • ' • . • ■■. ,..■ 1.1, . . I..,M M. !.:ill .111,1.1, lliMI JjMIU ' l.., ...J- Iris I ' raser A.Ii. Lakeland, FI.i. Sigma Rho Epsilon ; Methodist Stu- dent Fellowship Charles I. Freeman B.S. Kenton, Tenn. Pi K.ippj Alpha. Joyce Pierce Freeman A.n. Tamp.i, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi; Home F ' conomics Club; Spanish Club. Judith Adei.e Gallus A. 15. Leonia, N. |. Hillel; Transfer from Emerson Col- lege, Mass. enhtA Robert Henry Gartner B.S. Ridgewood, N. J. Pi Kappa Phi, president, secretary, historian; Inter-Fraternitv Council. Jean Patricia Gaty B.S. Clermont, N. Y. Cap and Gown; Science Club. Donald Geiger A.B. New Yorl , N. Y. Senate; Phi Sigma Kapp.i; Intcr- Faith Council; Ps ■chologv Cluh. Jack J. Glaros B.S. Plant City, Fla. Transfer from University of Florida. ¥% rj. ' nniiuuKJiaiMt: Vk i; .;. ii; 4ia ' -%.f. Charles B. Glass B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Theta Chi. Melvin Goldman B.S. Bronx, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsllon Alfred L. Grant B.S. New Hartford, N. Y. -« . Ada Grechin A.B. Los Angeles, Calif. Beta Sigma Omicron; Women ' s Stu- dent Government Association; Inter- national Club. enht John B. Green B.S. Lakeland, Fl.i. Who ' s Who; Baseh.ill. Polly Gregory B.S. Decatur, Tenn. Rappa Omicron Phi; Home Econom- ics Cluh; P ' uture Teachers of .Amer- ica. Vernon Eugene Hall B.S. .Auburndale, Fla. Future Teachers of America. Catherine Latane Hamilton B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. • • • • - — ' .rf Jtt . Oi.i.iE Hamilton U.S. Plant City, Fla. Morris G. Hanley B.S. Monmouth, 111. Gamma Sigma Chi; Pi Gamma Mil. Imm.. - Mary Lula Harbour A.B. Mobile, Ala. Senate; Who ' s Who; Cap and Gown; Secretary and Treasurer of Student Body ' 48- ' 49; Chorus; Vagabonds; Microphone Club; Southern Staff; Future Teachers of America; variety players; Alpha Chi Omega. James W. Hardin B.S. Lake Junaluska, N. C. Orchestra ' 47; Science Club. ij :ic! CHht James M. Harris B.S. Bartow, Fla. ' ' f E. Wade Harrison B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Future Teachers of America. fi v- ' ti -Tr ' ' ■-» ' i f ..-. Robert Franklin Hays A.B. Jackson ille, Fla. Sigma Rho Epsilon ; Portico Club. Kenneth Herman A.B. Englewood, N. J. Pi Gamma Mu; Who ' s Who; Tau Epsilon Phi; chancellor; Inter-Fra- ternitv Council; Inter-Faith Council; Intra-mural Sports; Sociology Club; Psychology Club; Men ' s Chorus; L ' nited World Federalists; Southern Round Table. ♦■• ♦ ♦ . Beverly Eugenia Hicks B.S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Pic.iros dc Cervantes; Chorus; ience Club, secretary ' ; Transfer )ni St. Petersburg [unlor College; Intcrlachcn Staff ' 48- ' 50. George Hionides B.S. Paterson, N. J. Tau F.psllon Phi; Bursar ' 49- ' 50; Baseball; " S " Club. Augustus Bacon Holt, Jr. B.S. New Rochelle, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Science Club. " ■%.. r Bernard Daviu Hornstein A.B. Shaker Heights, Ohio Tau Epsilon Phi; Debate Club. ! eHht ordon Benjamin Hudson B.S. Newport News, ' a. ho ' s Who; President of Student d Secretary of the Interior; Sen- Thcta Chi, president, social airman, librarian; Inter - Faith )uncil ; Inter - Fraternity ' Council. w Louis Joseph Hufnagel B.S. Richmond, Ind. B.isl etball. Charles Mardre Humphries B.S. Bradenton, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu, vice-president ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi, acting vice- president ' 49; Southern Round Table; Future Teachers of America; variety players. B - j Don J. IsoLDi B.S. Linden, N. J. Transfer from Union |unior College. • « » ♦ ♦ ♦ •xu ' x siMwncy John CI. Jackson B.S. Tampa, Fla. Industrial Arts Club; Future Teach- ers of America. » Paul Jennings B.S. Beckley, W. ' a. Transfer from Beckley College. Spear P. Johnson B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Delta Theta; Industrial Arts Club, president ; Transfer from Cor- nell Universit -. enht Robert Charles Jones B.S. New York, N. Y. Tau F.psilon Phi. reuerick. Dean Joost Lewis S. Juister Fabian Frederick Kalapach Samuel Zacharv Kanrich B.S. A.B. B.S. A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Wauchula, Fla. Whiting, Ind. New York, N. Y. Future Teachers of America. Science Club; Aero Club. Phi Sigma Kappa; Tennis; Transfer from L ' niversit • of Arizona, Teacher ' s College of Columbia, and New ' ork Universitv. « •• » ♦ • ♦ ■ ' ' ■ .- ' • ' e-i-r- ' iiffii? ::-.- ' ? ' William Kline Kenney B.S. Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu; Crew; coxswain. harlotte Elene Kinsman B.S. Lutz, Fla. giiia Rho Kpsilon; Cap and Gown; ' ho ' s Who; Future Teachers of -America. Mary Jane Ketch in A.B. Winnsboro, S. C. Cap and Gown; Who ' s Who; Kappa Pi; Senate; .Alpha Chi Omega, secre- tary, music chairman, chaplain; Intra- mural Sports; Chorus; ' agabonds; Y.W.C..A.; Future Teachers of -America, treasurer; S..A.E. Sweetheart ' 49- ' 50. Betty Killars B.S. Tampa, Fla. -Alpha Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Southern Staff; Spanish Club; Future Teachers of -America. ehiCtJ Hagan Lee Kintzer B.S. Marklevsburg, Pa. Debate Council ; Transfer from New Mexico -A. M. liBHi2S»-lSSS « ' « Edward B. Kirk.land, Jr. B.S. ' I ' anipa, Fla. Theta Chi; Press Club, treasurer; Southern Staff. - " r ' Nyle Kim B.S. Seole, Korea Gene R. Kirkland B.S. Plant Cit -, Fla. ♦ • i ' WW Mary Marquita Kirilanu B.S. Oblong, 111. Kappa Oniicron Phi ; Alpha Delta Pi ; Home F.conomics Club; Future Teachers of America. Joseph Kleinbaum A.B. Bronx, N. Y. Inter - Faith Council; Psychology Club. Sarah Evelyn Koestline B.S. Bradenton, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi ; Future Teachers of xAmerica ; Transfer from Florida State University. ehicf Charles H. Kuehne, Jr. B.S. Cresskill, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Donald James Kumm B.S. Newton, Iowa Portico Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, president " 4S; Inter - Fraternity Council, vice-president; Future Teachers of America; Basketball ' 47- ' 50; " S " Club; Transfer from Iowa State College, Iowa. Harold Everett Kumm B.S. Newton, Iowa Portico Club; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Chi, president ' 47- ' 48; Basket- ball; Intra-mural Board, president ' 48- ' 49; " S " Club; Future Teachers of America. ( v.r I Sergio Kroeff B.S. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Beta Theta Pi; International Club. )■ John Alfred La Couture B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi; Industrial Arts Club; Future Teachers of America. --I T r?i -i - ir I iWKwwMiTT !.. : ■ . ■« « »- -■- V- ,- - t Francis S. La Londe A.B. Lakeland, Fla. ' i Gamma Mu; Lambda Chi Alpha; Newman Cluh. Arthur H. Lewis, Jr. B.S. Aubiirndale, Fla. Patricia Tjauen Lawrence B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Beta Sigma Omicron; Southern Staff; Panhcllenic Council; Wom- en ' s Student Government Association. Robert James Lawton B.S. Oviedo, Fla. Chorus; Chapel Choir; Chapel Or- ganist; Methodist Student Fellow- ship; Future Teachers of .America. enht Joseph T. Lewis B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. James Cole Lichlyter B.S. Dallas, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president; Senate. Sarah Georgia Lenee A.B. Habana, Cuba John D. Lichtermann B.S. Plalnfield, N.J. Pi Kappa Alpha; Transfer from Union Junior College, Cranford, New Jersey. 1 Alta Ann I.ockhart B.S. Haines City, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer from Flor- ida State University and Universit ' of Florida. • George E. Lowe A.B., B.S. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Sigma Alpha F.psilon; Interlachen, business manager; Transfer from Union College, Schenectady, N. V. James V. McCarty B.S. Summit, N. J. Sigma Alpha F.psilon; Senate; Intra- mural Council. Marshall McCi.ure, Jr. B.S. Phillipsburg, N. J. Theta Chi; Intra-mural Keys. William E. McDermott A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Phi F.psilon; Transfer from Colby College, Sampson College, Canisius College, and BuflFalo State Teachers College. eHht4 Beverly Anne McFarland B.S. Tampa, Fla. Alpha Omicron Pi; Future Teachers of America. David John McKelvie A.B. Roslyn, N. Y. Pi .Alpha; Transfer from Sampson College, N. Y. Donald Peter McLuskey B.S. Yonkers, N. Y. -V •!« ■ 9i ' » ,i mi,ym}tii : - r i !e» W ' Jf ' ' viri?fmii?nifffi- ' ' JowLEs M. McMahen, III B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Robert Alvin Mallender Howard George James Fisher B.S. F.inwood, N. J. Pi Kappa Alpha; Inter-Fraternit} Council; Inter-Faith Council. A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Senate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Inter- national Cluh; Spanish Club. ehiotJ H. O. Martin B.S. Mount Airy, N. C. Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Microphone Club; Vagabonds. James J. Maye B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Gamma Iota .Alpha; Future Teachers of .America. Lois Frances Meincke B.S. Mt. Dora, Fla. Delta Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Pi; Cap and Gown; Who ' s Who; Interlachen Staff; Future Teachers of America. ■ ' Lillian Nell Martin A.B. Tanipa, Fla. Cap and Gown; Los Picaros de Cer- vantes; Vice-President of Senior Class; Press Club; Southern Staff, columnist; Interlachen Staff; " Tou- che " Feature Editor; Transfer from Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Larry Michael Meyers B.S. New Rochelle, N. Y. Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Theta Chi; Radio Club; ' agabonds; Southern Staff; Interlachen Staff. Sf ■I ••••••« v4 m James W. Mii.i.er U.S. Lakeland, Fla. Tlicta Chi; Baseball. Raymond Joseph Minchak. i?.s. Fair Lawn, N. J. Science Cliih. Florence Ann Harrison Morgan B.S. Falling Waters, W. ' a. Cap and Gown; hidcpendcnt Wom- en; Women ' s Student Government Association; Sigma Rho Epsilon; Chorus; Future Teachers of Amer- ica; V.W.C.A. George Clayton Morgan U.S. Tacoma, Wash. Lambda Chi Alpha. ehicfJ Faye Morris A.B. Auburndale, Fla. Alpha Omicron I ' i. Thomas M. Morris, Jr. B.S. Plainfield, N.J. Pi Gamma Mu; Microphone Club; Transfer from Union Junior College and Rutgers L ' nivcrsity l» « ' " • Mary Ellen Moskey B.S. Lakewood, Ohio Kappa Pi; Alpha Omicron Pi; Inter- Faith Council; Future Teachers of America. Henry J. Mullen B.S. Caldwell, N.J. Pi Kappa Phi; Chief Advocate ' 49 Student Government; Future Teach- ers of America; Intra-niiiral Board; Inter-Fraternity Council; Transfer from Grove City College and Schriv- enham Univ ersity rfV ' jiy. wn- (•«,.« •i.TJwu.: ■! ■ «■. •■ ' ,« ' i;; »- ' -- » j rraniaasHR-icrwa ♦ ' ♦•♦•♦ T vMI ' F ZFw -.N j) •■ -j «, iLi.iAM Saunders Mui.lon James Russell Murphy Jerry Frances Naples Joseph Walter Nichols, Jr. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Winter Haven, FLi. New York, N. Y. Flushing, N. Y. Clearwater, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tau Kappa Epsilon Portico Club; Who ' s Who; Science Theta Chi; Transfer from Mercer Club, president; valedictorian; Hon- University. or Walk, 1950. enict Lula Mae Nichols B.S. St. Petersburg, Fla. ' uture Teachers of America; Trans- :er from St. Petersburg Junior Col- lege. Alan C. Noble B.S. Englewood, N. f. Beta Theta Pi; Chorus; Debate Council. Earl Van Norton B.S. Lake Wales, Fla. Theta Chi; Intra-nuiral Sports. Antho-ny E. Nowicki B.S. Chicago, 111. Tau Epsilon Phi; Microphone Club. ♦ ■ • ♦ ♦ ♦ - r ' z ' « Joseph H. Odom B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha William D. O ' Hara, Jr. B.S. Harvey, 111. ' arsity Golf; " S " Club; Transfer, Rollins College; Sigma Nu. James Ostrom A.B. Patchogue, N. Y. ' agabonds; Newman Club, pres. ; In- ter-Faith, vice-president. Charles Frederick Otken, Jr. U.S. Milford, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha enhtA Jack. William Palma Charles P.vrxoN, Jr. Richard Fowler Pease Robert William Pech B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Fairview, N. |. Bergen field, N. J. Lake Worth, Fla. Ridgewood, N. J. -arsitv Basketball; Baseball; " S " Lambda Chi Alpha; Portico Club; Pi Kappa Alpha; Microphone Club; Science Club. CUih. Los Picaros dc Cervantes; Who ' s Vagabonds; Transfer, Boston Muse- Who; Pi Gamma Mu; Future um School. Teachers of America. rr cVAAUiaMliak H « flV osEPH La Barb era Paul Edgar Pence Robert Steven Pepiot Kenneth M. Petersen Pellegrino B.S. B.S. a.b. B.S. Tampa, Fla. Science Club. Shenandoah, Mason-Dixon ' a. Club. ' ersailles, Ohio Basketball; Transfer; Theta Chi. Bridgeport, Conn. Tau Kappa Epsllon, vice-pres. ; Pi Gamma Mu; Southern Round Table. ehiCtJ George Gregory Peterson James B. Peterson Leslie G. Pickett John Paul Plank. B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Erie, Pa. Lakeland, Fla. Bartow, Fla. Ten.ifly, N.J. Pi Kappa Phi ; Debate Council. Theta Chi; Orchestra Theta Chi. K- K!«£E!KffiS?®s3iiBi-,? ' « ' 7£?r»«??l-j; ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ■ • ' ( TZ eh cfJ Wendell L. Putt Homer Ramsdell Lee Ramsdell Marianne Reixsch B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Akron, Ohio rnnsfer, Shenandoah College; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Freeport, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon Freeport, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon; ' arsitv Baseball; " S " Club. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi. George Barr Raymond B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Robert Albert Riccio a.b. New York, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Debate Counci! Transfer, Columbia L ' niversit " . Herbert R. Riviere B.S. Brooksville, Fla. Pi Kapipa Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Orchestra; Ps cholog ' Club. Marjorie Sandra Riviere B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Kappa Pi, pres. ' 49- ' 50; Chorus; M.S.NL vsomt p Z nw k ' Mf k tWU. TT MNKUIMr W ' -i Bi««!a39taWHIV!9. • ■♦l ' .f • % 4 ■%■.• Gene W. Robbins B.S. L ' iin, I lid. Who ' s Who; Basketball; Track; " S " Club; Transfer, Ball State Teachers College. Kenneth Alexander Roberts B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. Theta Chi; Transfer, Stetson. Ormond Edw.xrd Rolfe B.S. Riiskin, Fla. Pi Kappa .Alpha; Science Club. ehiCfJ ' . R1.A RuTLEDGE B.S. I ' lant City, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; Chorus; Future Teachers of .-Xnier- ica. Edgar L. Sampson B.S. Gate City, a. Kappa Pi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, sec- retar ' ' 49- ' 50; Chorus, president. William R. Saul B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu, secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Future Teachers of Amer- ica. Rafael Rosal Guatemala, C. A. Phi Sigma Kappa; International Club; Los Picaros de Cervantes. James Hugh Saunders B.S. Tampa, F ' la. »s ' KSai- ' j i John 1). Schmidt Jeanette Eugenia Simmons Edward Frank Simon Bernard A. Smith R.S. B.S. K.S. B.S. Bronx, N. Y. Mulberry, F]a. Hempstead, N. Y. Lakeland, Fla. Tail Kappa Epsilon ; Transfer from Orchestra; Salutatorian. Transfer from Hofstra College. Lambda Chi Alpha. Davis and Elkins College. ehicfj Joseph Francis Smith B.S. Creskill, N. J. Lambda Chi .Alpha. Ruby Lenora Smith B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Kappa Omicron Phi, treasurer; Cap and Gown; Alpha Chi Omega, sec- retary; Cheerleader, captain ' +9; Home Economics Club, president; Future Teachers of .America, secre- tary. William E. Smith, Jr. George Hans Stein A.B., K.S. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Rochelle Park, N. f. ambda Chi Alpha; Transfer from Pi Kappa Phi. ' DartnuHith College. mtaBitK ' -: V ail» ' W - r » ,f:. •.♦■••.••.♦•♦•« ;♦•■♦■ ' .■■: ' .-- ; ' - - ' - ' ' - ' ' ffir ' i; A ' -Z William E. Strakosch B.S. Ridgewood, N. J. James J. Templon B.S. Shenandoah, ' a. PI Kappa Alpha; Future Teachers of America; Track; Industrial Arts Club. --JUI - ' Charles William Stum B.S. Longwood, Fla. Industrial Arts Club; Future Teach- ers of America; Citrus Society of America ; Presbyterian Fellowship. James F. Sulliv.an B.S. Chicago, 111. Pi Kappa Phi ; Transfer from Roose- velt College. eHtPt Charles H. Terry B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Alpha F.psilon ; " S " Club, president; Basketball; Baseball. Robert H. Thomas a.b. Bradcnton, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Orchestra; Symphonetta; Band; Sociology Club; La Estudiantina; Press Club; Trans- fer from Oglethorpe L ' niversity. t«t Harry M. Sylvester B.S. Rochester, N. Y. Sigma .Alpha Epsilon ; ' agabonds Roy R. Thomas A.B. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Alpha F.psilon . f ♦ ♦ ♦ Antionette Virginia Trawick. John Francis Triska, Jr. B.S. B.S. Orlando, Fla. Hinsdale, III. Future Teachers of America. Beta Sigma Gamma; Chorus; Trans- fer from Culver-Stockton, Canton, Missouri. Earl Lesley Varnes B.S. Avon Park, Fla. Senate; Pi Kappa Phi; Future Teach- ers of America. Phyllis Eileen Vos A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. .Alpha Epsilon Rho; Pi Epsilon Delta; Alpha Delta Pi; ' agabonds; Microphone Club; Future Teachers of America. ewhtS Calvin L. Walker B.S. Palmetto, Fla. Lambda Chi .Alpha. Garden Frederick. Warner B.S. Narberth, Pa. Pi Kappa .Alpha; Track. • T| I J Norman Frank Warriner B.S. Lake Worth, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu; Future Teachers of .America; Transfer from Lee College, Cleveland, Tenn. Donald Paul Watkins B.S. Atlanta, Georgia Who ' s Who; Senate; Vice-President of Student Body, ' 49- ' 50; Los Picaros de Cervantes; Lambda Chi Alpha; Spanish Cluh; intra-mural F ' oothall; Tennis. ♦ ■♦•♦ 4 ' s!: i i?u.u..:jiUl ' r Vance J. Weeks B.S. Naples, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha; Industrial Arts ub; Future Teachers of America. Carol Jean Wehrwein A.B. Alexandria, ' a. Alpha Chi Omega; Chorus; Inter- lachen Staff; Transfer from Holton- Arnis Junior College. Ronald E. West B.S. .Apopka, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha; Debate Council enht Ialcolm George Whetstone Robert G. White B.S. A.B. Clearwater, F " la. Okeechobee, Fla. Theta Chi. Portico Club; Sigma Rho F ' psilon; Student Council; Methodist Student Movement, president ' 48- ' +9. Joseph A. Willcox B.S. Union City, N. J. Kappa Pi; Baseball; Basketball. r55S!S »?» " " T " ' Henry Morgan Weston B.S. Birmingham, Ala. Transfer, Howard College. George J. Winchell A.B. St. Petersburg, F ' la. Alpha F.psilon Rho; Tennis; Vaga- bonds; " S " Club; Microphone Club; Tau F.psilon Phi. ) ♦ • ' • ♦ 4 n • John David Wood William Wood John Miles Wright James Ragan Wynn A.B., B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. West Palm BlmcH, Fla. ' ero Beach, Fla. Pawling, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Transfer from Presbyterian College, Chorus; Future Teachers of Amer- Sigma Phi F.psilon; Inter-Fraternity Portico Club; Senate; Lambda Chi Clinton, S. C; Davidson College ica. Council. Alpha; Vagabonds, president ' 47; National Collegiate Players, presi- dent; Southern, business manager; Interlachen, art editor; Who ' s Who, ' 5U. eh cf David F. Yoakley Charles Johnson Younger Charles A. Zabriskie Michael Donald Zotti B.S. A.B., B.S. B.S. A.B., B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Ridgewood, N. J. Summit, N. J. Theta Chi; Intra-mural Board. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Thcta Chi; Editor " S " Book; Press Club ; Southern Staff, business man- ager; Transfer from Union Junior College. ' ' f ifi i ♦ •♦ ' ♦■% TT d «» v Joseph Zovath B.S. Canton, Ohio Basketball; Baseball; " S " Club. Evelyn Be r km an B.S. East Liverpool, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega, Treas. ; Home Economics Club; Future Teachers of .America. Raymond Bi. ' stre A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. V ' arsitv Baseb.ill ; Future Teachers of .America. Waldo E. Cheshire B.S. White Springs, Fla. Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Future Teach- ers of .America. ehiC J Richard A. Darragh John A. Erwin Lee Allen Garner Gary Giordano B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Hawthorne, N. J. Bayonne, N. J. Lindale, Ga. Mavwood, N.J. Theta Chi, pres. ' 48- ' 49; Who ' s Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres.; Future Future Teachers of America; Nation Who in American Colleges and Uni- Teachers of .America, pres. ' 48 ; Pi al Education .Association. versities; Junior Class pres. ' 48- ' 49; Gamma Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; Inter- Future Teachers of America; Inter- Fraternity Council; Who ' s Who; Fraternity Council; Senate; Intra- Portico Club; Senate; Intra-mural mural Sports. Sports. ■• ' r $ • 4 • fc ♦ ♦ Philip Dean Halsey B.S. Richmond, Ind. Future Teachers of America. JI•,RR • Thomas Holland B.S. Leesburg, Fl.i. Theta Chi; Future Teachers of .America; Baseball; Tennis. Edward B. Maynard, Jr. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Future Teachers of America; ' ariety Pla crs. William Lee Monroe B.S. Aero Beach, Fla. American Industrial Arts Assoc; In- dustrial Arts Club. ehicfJ Jean Francis Muller B.S. Port Chester, N. Y. Alpha Chi Omega, ' ice-pres.; .Alpha I ' .psilon Rho; Pierian Club; Future Teachers of .America; Intra-mural Sports. James I. Paige B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi; Ind. .Arts Club, Vice-president. « Elizabeth Anne Raptis A.B. Charleston, W. ' a. .Alpha Chi Omega; Future Teachers of America; Cap and Gown. Miriam Maud Rice B.S. Groveland, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi, Secy. ' 48- ' 49; His- torian; Future Teachers of .America; Home Economics Club. -llTJ TTmSi,. wp;iw » " «aa«i iw» M . V .♦•.♦■ .• ' ..♦•♦•.♦••%•• nT;TTOTOra!wljH!lWCSSS!r?IRri!TO y- WlI.LIAM P. ROAUER, Jr. B.S. Teaneck, N. ]. Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Pi. Ralph I.amar Roberts B.S. Plant City, Fla. Future Teachers of America. Ella E. Singley B.S. Springfield, Penna. Alpha Oraicron Pi. Elmo Norwood Stanley B.S. Shenandoah, ' a. ehiCi ' J Martin Edwin Williamson B.S. Passaic, N. J. Donald Edwin Woods B.S. Polk City, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball; " S " Theta Chi; Future Teachers of Club; Future Teachers of America. America. •♦• ♦■ TA i bMiiiii ■■n " h " ;,; iii BOONE MOODY JOHN G. STRADLEY, JR. 3n ilemoriam ' ■ ' ■They loved t ic stars too well to be jecirjiil of the nig it. ' ' ♦ 4 ♦ ?■ • ' ••♦•♦ John Milazzo -------------- Preside fit Jack. Machold ------------ Vice-President Yvonne Harmon ---------- Secretary-Treasurer Betty Anne Owsley ------------- Senator AuDREE Long --------------- Senator titkitimk ) ' i«i .ti( ' . .NW? ' - ' ' ' " - ' - . JOSEPH F. abf:l Rochester, N. Y. RUSSELL S. ACKER Sparta, N. J. DELBERT E. ALLEN Hollywood, Fla. SARA XEC AL ' AREZ Guatemala ALBERT R. ARRIGALE New York City, N. Y. JOHN A. ATTAWAY Haines City, Fla. MARQUEEN H. AYERS Lakeland, Fla. TED D. BARKER Lakeland, Fla. THOMAS BATALEAS New York City, N. Y. DANIEL L. BECKER New York JOHN H. BEHRMANN Bronxville, N. Y. WILLLAM L. BENCKER Tampa, Fla. BERNICE BETHEA Lakeland, Fla. EDWARD G. BIGLER Miami, Fla. ROBERT BILLSTRAND Chicago, 111. E T.LYN . BISPHAM Sarasota, Fla. ROBERT G. BL.ACK New York City, N. Y. LEE BLACKWELL Pierce, Fla. LEE W. BLOUNT Tampa, Fla. ROBERT S. BLY Lakeland, Fla. • ♦ « } ' 9 ' 9- w-ir-wwWWff-vmw i f d ' v_ BE ' ERLY B. BOND Lakeland, Fl.i. HAkULD O. BOOTH, Jr. Tarrytown, N. Y. WILLIAM BRAATZ New York BURLEY K. BROWN Seffiier, Fl.i. DORIS M. BROWN Sheridan, Wvo. LARILYN BROWN Lake Butler, Fla. ROBERT O. BRUCE Ridgewood, N. J. ROBl ' RT R. BUCHANAN Puughkeepsle, N. Y. CLAIRE BURCH Winter Garden, Fla. WAYNE BUZBEE F ' lorence ' illa, Fl a. ROGER CAMPBELL Lakeland, Fla. NANCY CAPERl ON Bahson Park, Fla. RALPH G. CAPRIO Newark, N. j. DONNA M. CARLSON DeKalb, 111. [OHN CASSIDY Rockville Centre, N. Y. JACQUELYN CAUSEY Winter Haven, Fla. SHIRLEY CHAPMAN Lakeland, Fla. BI ' .l ' TY LOU CHEYNE Lakeland, Fla. ARLENE CHARLES Glen Allen, ' a. FRANK CICCONE Bound Brook, N. J. • •.♦•♦v4 ■ •,•■ ERIC T. CLARKE Lakeland, Fla. NELLIE MAE CLAUSEN Cortland, 111. PRUITT B. COBB Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM COGAN West Orange, N. J. y -- ■■i .V ' -.-f- ■ ' :.:.t,)Yiii ' J p -W «4 ' } m «-- F, WILLIAM A. COUCH Lakeland, Fla. ROGER COUDRAY Plainheld, N. J. PAUL CRYDERMAN .Armada, Mich. HARRY W. DANDRIDGE Leesburg, Fla. JOHN C. DAVIDSON R.idburn, N. J. JESS D. DEES Detroit, Mich. WORDIE DEMENT O.xford, N. C. RICHARD W. DENMAN Riverside, Conn. HELEN F. DENNIS Columbus, Ohio PHILIP E. DENU Rldgewood, N. y. LOUIS DIRENZO Philadelphia, Pa. RUSSELL DUBOIS West Orange, N. J. BETTY DUDNEY Tampa, Fla. J.ANETE DUNN St. Petersburg, Fla. DAMD DYKES Wilmington, Del. LOUISE EASTWOOD Stratford, Conn. • • •• ARTHUR EISLER Ba oiinc, N. [. RUTH J. ELLIS Green Cove Springs, Fla. WAYNE H. ESTEY Clinton, InJ. H. T. FENTON New York Citv, N. Y. ALENTINO P. FICCIO Tampa, Fla. FRED K. FIELDS Sanford, Fla. CHESTER F. FISHER York, Pa. AUGUST FITZNER Cleveland, Ohio RAYMOND FOX Ocean City, N. J. WILLLAM M. FRA SER, Jr. Colwyn, Pa. DANA J. FREEMAN Rye, N. H. MEL FRIEND Bridgeport, Conn. R. E. FUER Bound Brook, N. J. ROBERT GANNETT Englewood, N. J. BERNARD GAVRY Amsterdam, N. Y. MARTIN ' AN GAY Frostproof, Fla. f! • « • ALFRED S. GOLDSTEIN Queens, N. Y. ARTHUR GOVERNALE Lakeland, Fla. LEWIS B. GRACEY Penn Yan, N. Y. HUGH J. GRAINGER Jacksonville, Fla. • • • ' % ' - • •.• .f •.% ..« ' % ,• ' • ' ' Wiviiifflfriiiw X. - RITA GROSSGOLD Flushing, N. Y. PAUL J. GUSTAT Sebring, Fla. FORREST HALTER Vonkers, N. Y. Y ONNE HARMON Dunediii, Fla. CARL S. HARRIS Miami, Fla. HARRIETT HARTWICK Lakeland, Fla. MARYETTE HATTON Bartow, Fla. MARY LEE HAWS Fulton, K . FRANCES HAYS Winter Haven, Fla. SAMUEL HETRICK Lakeland, Fla. CHARLES H. HILL Chicago, 111. NED W. HILL, Jr. Avon Park, Fla. HOMER B. HIRT Chattahoochee, Fla. JOSEPHINE HOFFSES Long Island, N. Y. WILLIAM HOFFSES Lakeland, Fla. CHARLES HOLLINGSWORTH Lakeland, Fla. EARL HOLLOWELL Goldshoro, N. C. THELMA HOLSBERRV Plant Cit -, Fla. STAN HYDE Whcaton, 111. THOMAS H. JACKSON Plant Citv, Fla. RUSSEL JEANES Richmond, Ind. MARY JANE JESSEE Norton, V ' a. ELMKR H. JOHNSON Walnut Grove, Miss. FRI:D S. JOHNSTON Lakeland, Fla. ADELAIDE lOSEPH Phila. Pa. LEE lUDIN Bronx " , N. Y. MARGARET JUENGER Lakeland, Fla. BERNARD KALAPACH Whiting, Ind. ROBERT KENNEDY Mars, Pa. GERALD KLIEGER St. Petersburg, Fla. ANN R. KLEIN Maluernc, N. Y. HKLKN KNOWLES Haines City, Fla. MEL A. KNOWLES F ' airlawn, N. f. JEANNE KOSEL Chicago, 111. CHARLES LADEXDORF Lakeland, Fla. MARTHA M. LAMB Nutlcy, N. J. i EDWIN F. LANGE River Edge, N. J. WILLIAM LAST Brooklyn, N. Y. NING WEI LEE Shanghai, China T.ACK SHING LEE Shanghai, China ♦ •.• .♦•♦ ' ♦ ■♦••■ v-« ' T ' tlfsNSfif WA .W . -TjEKBaii FRED LEHN Roclcville Centre, N. Y. YIN-CHIN LIU China PAUL A. LOCKE Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM LOPIN Pawling, N. Y. AUDREE LONG Winston-Salem, N. C. CLAYTON LYONS North Bergen, N. |. EL IN LYNN Plant City, Fla. JOHN MACHOLD New York Citv, N. Y. RUTH MASLER New York City, N. Y. LYNN MAXWELL Lexington, Ohio THEODORE MAYOR Zephyrhills, Fla. GILBERT MEYER New York Citv, N. Y. JOHN D. MILAZZO Lakeland, Fla. CLIFFORD MILLER Maplewood, N. J. GRANT LINCOLN MILLER III Omaha, Neb. LORRAINE MINGONET Eustis, Fla. GLENN MOCK St. Petersburg, Fla. HOPE MOORE Lakeland, Fla. KENNETH MORECRAFT Boimd Brook, N. J. WILLIAM MORROW L ' nlontown, Pa. i J THOMAS MUNAFO Lakeland, Fla. DKKBO McALlSTER I ' ampa, Fla. NKIL MacDONALD Kannapolis, N. C. RICHARD McNALLY Allendale. N. j. JAMES NF.ILL St. Petersburg, Fla. CAROL ANNE NELSON [acksonville, Fla. CARL N. NETH Jacksonville, Fla. KUWA NISHIMURA Kanda, Tokyo JOSEPH O ' BRIEN Tenafly, N. J. ANNE J. ODOM Lakeland, Fla. J. GORDON OGDEN, III Lakeland, Florida ORRICO SABBOTT Fan wood, N. J. BETTY ANNE OWSLEY Orlando, Fla. KENNETH PAGE .Arlington Heights, 111. R.ALPH PAULSEN Lakeland, Fla. JOHN PEEL Lakeland, Fla. JOHN PECK Shreveport, La. ROY OSCAR PEDERSEN, Jr. Tampa, Fla. BASIL G. PEGG Lynn, Ind. IE ROME S. POLL.ACK Brooklvn, N. Y. ♦ ♦ ♦ • ♦ • ♦ i • FRANCES POWELL Jacksonville, Fl.i. PAUL POTTER Camden, N. J. J. A. POWER Sebastian, Fla. EDWARD PRACH Long Island, N. Y. RUSSELL H. PRITCHARD Roseland, N. J. JERRALD RASKIN Chicago, 111. GEORGE A. RAYMOND North Weymouth, Mass. ROBERT S. RHINEHART, Jr. York, Pa. CHARLES RICHARDSON Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM R. RICHARDS Lakeland, Fla. LELIA M. RILEY Plant City, Fla. •IRGINIA DOROTHEA RILEY St. Petersburg, Fla. " Ok p r " i i i , 1 i JAMES W. ROBBINS Lakeland, Fla. JOYCE ROBBINS Miami, Fla. DONALD FRANCIS ROCK Hvannis, Mass. JAMES L. RODEN Winter Ha en, Fla. RALPH WILSON RODGERS Alturas, Fla. VICTOR C. ROMANO Bronx, N. Y. ROLAND E. ROMINGER, Jr. Lawrencevillc, HI. JAMES L. ROSS, Jr. Lakeland, Fla. . , , . , . d ( - n - w 1 I |. THOMAS ROTHF.NBKRGF.R Drexcl Hill, Pcnn. RICHARD SALISBURY Montvlllc, N. J. DAMKL CONNI ' .LLY SAULSBURY Ft. M crs, Fl.i. THKODORl ' . ROBl ' RF SCHMALZ Lakeland, Fla. ROY ALBFRT SFYFERTH Fort Myers, Fin. BERTIE FAYE SHAW Cocoa, Fl.i. WILLIAM D. SHEPPARD Lakeland, Fla. WALTER SHIFFLETT Elkton, ' a. E. BENJAMIN SHIMP Tavares, Fla. ROY EUGENE SHERLING Lakeland, Fla. SAM SLATER Amsterdam, N. Y. BERNARD MAHLON SMITH Washington, D. C. OSCAR L. SMITH Shenandoah, V. . BOB STANLEY Copperhill, Tenn. GEORGE L. STANSBURY Fort Myers Beach, Fla. HANS STARGARDTER Guatemala •• ; ' I k IRGINIA K.ATHERINE STARNES Winter Haven, Fla. PATRICIA STEPHENS Palatka, Fla. HENRI SFEPNER Hillside, N. J. DA " ID STOLE New York, N. Y. .♦■ •.♦•, - •,• ' .♦ •-♦ ' .♦ ■ •.♦• ROBERT STOLLSTEIMKR Kenmore, N. Y. BURTON STONE Englcwood, N. [. RICHARD STORK Elizabeth, N. J. HENRY STRAIT, Jr. Catlcttsburg, K ' . MARK STREETMAN Lakeland, Fla. NELL SURRKNCY Gainesville, Fla. YDA LEE SWAN Lakeland, Fla. HELEN P. SWEAT Oviedo, Fla. S. BRUCE SWEETLAND Huntington, N. Y. THOMAS TANAKA Tokyo, Japan ANTHONY B. TANNACHION LAZARA SOBERON TARANCO Matanzas, Cuba t 7 ' A THOMAS TARKIT.SOX Richmond, Ind. MORTON TATAR Chicago, III. ROBERT EDWARD TAYLOR Belle Glade, Fla. STRATO TEL ELY Bradenton, Fla. ARNOLD W. THOMAS Yonkers, N. Y. EDWARD A. TJARKS Port Washington, N. Y. BERNARD [. TOPFER Brooklyn " , N. Y. GEORGE RUSSELL TORDY Lakeland, Fla. y -. " r " F.RA . TORDY L.ikcl.md, Fla. MARIORIE TRASK Highland City, Fla. THOMAS TROUT Jacksonville, Fla. BILL ALENTINE Richmond, Ind. J. HERBERT AN BLARICUM Crcsskill, N. J. CECIL A. WALDRON Fort Myers, Fla. PAT WALLACE Akron, Ohio ROSSER ALAN WALLI ' .R Eatonton, Georgia JO ANNE WATTS Etowah, Tenn. CHARLES J. WEBER, Jr. Northport, N. Y. JOHN R. WHITE Newport News, ' a. WILLIAM P. WHITSETT Da tona Beach, F ' la. MRS. BETTY D. WHITT Lakeland, Fla. HARRY WILSON .Auhurndale, Fla. THOMAS K. WOOGE Tenafly, N. J. CARLOS F. ZETINA Guatemala • % « Mic • • 4 ' 4 Dick. Briggs --------------- President Peggy Durham ----------- Secretary-Treasurer FiSKE ToLLE ---------------- Senator Jim Brugman (not pictured) ----------- Senator • « • ♦ ♦ ♦ % EDUARDO J. ACE ' EDO B.iv.imon, Puerto Rico THOMAS J. AITCHISON Bridgeport, Conn. RALPH W. ALLEN Klapp Gap, Tenn. MAURICE L. ALLISON L.ikul.ind, Florida CARL ANGELOFF Detroit, Mich. ALLAN ARBUTHNOT Lake Alfred, Fla. JOYCE ARNOLD St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMAS C. ARMSTRONG, Jr. Dade Citv, Fla. L. DOW AULT Tampa, Fla. CHARLES V. BAEUMEL Bartow, Fla. ONDINA BARCELO Havana, Cuba DOLORES BARTLETT Stuart, Fla. GENE BAUR Prairie iew IVLARILEE BEADLES Fulton, Kentucky RICHARD BEDER St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN W. BELL Clostcr, N. J. CLARENCE J. BELLO lCH Whiting, Ind. WILLLAM BENT, Jr. Clareniont, N. H. CHARLES BLISS Freeport, N. Y. JAN D. BLOEMPOORT Babylon, N. Y. EARL D. BO.ATWRIGHT Winter Haven, Fla. RICHARD A. BOEHM Merrick, N. Y. WAYNE BOND Clearwater, Fla. JOHN R. BOOREAM Bartow, Fla. 1 ' i k yy U ' CHARLES P. BRADFORD Winter Garden, F]a. JOANNE BRADSHAW Wilmettc, 111. MERCER BRANCH Winter Haven, Fla. RICHARD D. BRIGGS Tonawanda, N. Y. SIDNEY BROUGHTON Clcwiston, Fla. DANIEL H. BROWN Ycirk, Pa. RONALD F. BRUGGEMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. WALLACE J. BRUGMAN Haworth, N. J. o ' MARGARET BRYAN Bowling Green, Fl.i. EDWIN F. BUCK Lakeland, Fla. JOHN E. BUCKHALT Miami, Fla. BARBARA |UNE BYRD Candler, N. C. HAROLD CAILLOUET Lakeland, Fla. EDWARD CARLTON Fort Myers, Fla. RALPH K. CAUSSEAUX, |r. Belle Glade, Fh. DWARD W. CHOQUETTE, Ji |acks()n ille Beach, Fla. MICHAEL CHURILLO Chicago, 111. LOIS CLARK Lakeland, Fla. ROBER r CLARK Pennington, N. J. y. L. CLARK Tampa, Fla. ELWELL |. CLENDENNY Rahw,iy, N. J. MARY M. CLENDENNY Rahway, N. J. JEAN ELLEN CLOUSE Lakeland, Fla. J. GORDON COLLINS Chicago, 111. t fi ' 3 . •»▼ .■ ' f T ..■ " «▼ " - ■ imr!!h T% ' i r n 7 ! dv i r IiLlmSl GEORGE C. CONE Lakeland, Fla. ' ERNON C. CONNER Tampa, Fla. MARY ELIZABETH COWGER Canonsburg, Pa. HOWARD CRAWFORD Sebrlng, Fla. LULA CRENSHAW Orlando, Fla. JEANNIE CROSBY Citra, Fla. A ' 1S ROSE DANIELS Bradley Jet., Fla. GEORGE .ADAMS DA 1S Bradenton, Fla. GLENNA DAMS Windermere, Fla. JULLAN DONDIS Bronx, N. Y. WILLARD R. DRAPER, Rockville Centre, N. Y. CHESTER H. DuBOlS West Orange, N. J. MAYSELE ' . DUDEK Lakeland, Fla. JOHNNIE J. DUDGEON Tampa, Fla. MARGARET ANNE DURHAM Cincinnati, Ohio RAYMOND E. DYER Haddonfield, N.J. GEORGE D. FARLEY Brooklyn, N. Y. JOEL WALTER EMBRY Lakeland, Fla. DOROTHY EUBANKS Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAM E. FAXON Starke, Fla. GERALD C. FEDERSPILL Lake Worth, Fla. WILLIAM FELTON Jacksonville, Fla. JO ANNE FERGUSON Leesburg, Fla. JOYCE FINSON Southampton, N. Y. ♦ ♦ o A ' : WILLIAM A. FISACKERLY Jacksonville, Fla. EDWARD FOGARTY Bradenton, Fla. GENE FOUTZ Hagerstown, Ind. LEE FRANKENBACH Southampton, N. . LEE ERASER Lakeland, Fla. RICHARD A. FREEMAN Lakeland, Fla. JAMES D. FRITZ Manhasset, N. Y. MARY MARGARET FULWOOD Lakeland, Fla. LUCIUS GENT Bronx, N. Y. BYRON GEORGE Endicott, N. Y. HARRY S. GETCHELL West Palm Beach, Fla. ANTHONY G1AMBAL ' 0 Ozone Park, N. Y. SALVATORE J. GIARDINA Leonia, N. J. GEORGE E. GILLMAN Jacksonville, Fla. JAMES GILMORE Lakeland, Fla. JOHN C. GILMORE Lakeland, Fla. RONALD GOTTS Lockport, N. Y. GARY GRANELL Lakeland, Fla. |OHN P. GREELEY Elizabeth, N. J. GERALDINE GREGORY Decatur, Tenn. IGOR GRZYB New York, N. Y. BARBARA C. GUNNING Lakeland, Fla. BILL HAINES Chicago, III. WILLIAM H. HAHN, III Morrisville, Pa. ♦ • ♦•• • f « • ' «l fl «• ' !:i •K ' }7F ; ' . ' ' ' ! ! ' T " : ' ' ' ' y:?;7h3iz:is ' a? ROBERT K. HAMILTON River Forest, 111. DON HAMMOND VV ' ilnicttc, 111. ASBUR ' G. HANCOCK, Jr. Winter H.iveii, Fl,i. DORIS M. HANKY L.ikel.ind, F1.1. PAIK HARKMOON Seoul, Kore.i DOYLK L. HARRF.LL Lakeland, Fl.i. L. DWIGHT HASKINS H.immonJ, Ind. TOSHITSUNE, HAYAMA Okinaw.!, R iikii Is. KURT HEDRICK Lakeland, Fla. EDWARD L. HIERHOLZER Lakeland, Fla. JULIE HIRSCHMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. RUTH EARLES HODGE Lakeland, F ' la. MARY E ELYN HOLLADY Tampa, Fla. ELDORA HOLSBERRY Plant City, Fla. SHIRLEY HOLTZAPPLE Miami, Fla. E. MICHAEL HORN Brooklyn, N. Y. SARAH E. HOWELL ■Arlington, a. MARGARET LOUISE HUBBARD Dominican Republic MARY HUGGINS Homosassa, Fla. V. ELISE HUGHES Camilla, Ga. WALTA NELL HULL Pahokee, Fla. JANICE IVEY Decatur, Ga. LESLIE JAMESON St. Cloud, Fla. GORDON JENKINS Charleston, W. Va. ■fr « f ! ■■ ♦-.♦ ••.•.J. v«V». -« TT!m T:Wr 2 i I ♦ ♦ « Q y f r GKORGK A. IKNNINGS Plninfield " , N.J. WILBUR J. JOHNSON F;inwood, N. J. THOMAS J. JUDGE Bridgeport, Conn. CHRISTINE KASPAR Tampa, Fla. RUTH KEENO Chicago, 111. JULIAN KESSLER Lakeland, Fla. MARY ELEANOR KIDDER Bc-llc Glade, Florida HENRY L. KlNNARl) Highland Clt , Fla. RONALD KIRKLAND, Jr. Orlando, Fla. GERALDINE KOESTNER Bogota, N. J. WILEY E. KOON Lakeland, Fla. LARRY KRACZKOWSKY New Britain, Conn. LINDA LASHLEY Lakeland, Fla. JERE A. LEHMAN Miami, Fla. REN IE LICHT Freeport, N. Y. MARJORIE LILLEY Lakeland, Fla. JAMES LINEBERGER R.ileigh, N. C. MARION C. LIPP Tulsa, Okla. ARTHUR A. LOD.ATO Bristol, Pa. HUGO ROBERTO LOPEZ Cienfuegos, Cuba JAMES W. LUSINK, Jr. Rochester, N. Y. MARY MacGREGOR Lakeland, Fla. DONALD I. MacLEAN B.n-side, N. Y. LOUIS MAISCH Riverd.ale, N. Y. • « • • • ♦ :j: :, ' i; i - -M ' - ' ■ ' c :s ? f •i■ ' J i a JOHN P. MANCINI Fairlawn, N. J. LENORA B. MANN Jacksonville, Fla. EDWARD MARSHALL Wheeling, W. ' a. JOE MARSHBURN Jacksonville, Fla. DAVIS F. MATHERS Tampa, Fla. NICHOLAS J. MAYER Arlington Heights, 111. CHARLES MEYER Oak Park, 111. WILLIAM MILAZZO Highland Park, N. J. DOT MIXON Dothan, Ala. ROY MORTON Wilswood, N.J. MARY PHYLLIS MULLENS Daytona Beach, Fla. PATRICK W. McBRIDE Jacksonville, Fla. E ' ALINA McINTOSH Lakeland, Fla. ARTHUR H. McMillan Jacksonville, Fla. GEORGE T. McWHORTER Washington, D. C. JAMES F. NEELY Lakeland, Fla. RAY NESBITT Belleview, Fla. JANE NEWMAN Falls Church, ' a. CLENON L. NEWSOME Lakeland, Fla. THEODORE NICHOLAS Aldan, C. H., Pa. JAMES WILLIAM H. NOBLE Tampa, Fla. ALAN LEE NO AK Lakeland, Fla. ORMLLE PATRICK O ' BANNON La Belle, Fla. LEWIS DARYL OBER Pittsburgh, Pa. • • • ♦ »• ' ■ ■ . • 0 ' 0-0 ' -0 ' 0-0:r-4-: -ft: WW n mjpt V- ' Tf (?5 ft O T ' • - ), , 1 • Ji I ■KM-. ft fW fsdl i ' i i 5- j ' ROGER A. O ' BVRNE Grcclcy, Colo. JAMES CHARLES ORRICO Fanwood, N. J. JOSEPH OTTO Arlington Heights, 111. ROGER OLMLLl ' .TTE Elizabeth, N. J. FRANCES OUTLAW Coral Gables, Fla. RANDOLPH G. OWSLEY Lake Forest, 111. DOROTHY PARHAM Orlando, Fla. JOHN S. PARKER Syracuse, N. Y. EARL E. PARSONS Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT F. P.ATTERSON Rcseboro, N. C. LEE PEARSON Miami, Fla. RUSSELL M. PELLE ' FIER Lakeland, Fla. GEORGE THAD PHILLIPS Rockaway Be.;ch, N. Y. SARA PINTO Guatemala WILLIAM PITTEN Kenihvorth, N. J. HELEN RAPTIS Charlestown, ' a. HAROLD R. RELOS Chicago, 111. JOHN D. REYNOLDS Flomaton, Ala. ANTHONY . RICHEL Elizabeth, N.J. JOHN L. RISLER Washington, D. C. ROBERT N. RISLER Washington, D. C. PAT ROBERTSON Mi.imi, Fla. GEORGE N. ROBINETT Williamson, W. ' a. JAMES S. ROBINSON Delray Beach, Fla. ♦• •:.• ' • ♦ .» • . vT W T Ts : ' ' -. ' .liu. ' )l 3» WANDA ROGERS Highland City, Fla. A. WENDELL RIHLF Connellsvillc, Pa. RICHARD 1. ROHMANN Ehrc-nlielJ, Pa. NANCY L ROWLANDS Miami Beach, Fla. CLAUDE H. RUDDER, Jr. Lakeland, Fla. JANET RUDOLPH Glen Elyn, 111. RONALD LEE RUSSELL Miami, Fla. CARL SANDUSKY Arcadia, Fla. HENRY SCHMIDT ' ero Beach, Fla. CARL P. SCHULER Fanwood, N. J. GRACE y. SCHUMACHER Elmont, N. Y. NELLIE SCHWIEGART Wanchula, Fla. JOHN H. SCOTT " PhiLadelphia, Pa. CHARLES A. SEYMOUR Winter Haven, Fla. ROSEMARY CAROLYN SHELFO Miami, Fla. JOHN CHARLES SHEPARD Lakeland, Fla. NOYCE FRANKLIN SHUPP Hanna, Wyoming DICK SIGMON Morgantown, N. C. NELL SINGLETON Bartow, Fla. ' JANE SMALL Melbourne, Fla. DA ' ID L. SMITH Coral Gables, Fla. ALEX SOSIK Bridgeport, Conn. RICHARD SPARROW Iowa Park, Texas ALICE SPIVEY Lakeland, Fla. « « « « v FKKD SIKPHENS Washington, D. C. H. LAMAR STEWART Lakeland, Fla. JAY STEPHENS Fairlawn, N. J. JAMl ' lS H. STEPP Tampa, Fla. MAHLOX STOUT Sparta, N.J. EDWARD J. STRUBE Trenton, N. J. I OROTHY A. SULLH ' AN Lakeland, Fla. DORIS TANNER Plant Citv, Fla. FLOYD L. TAYLOR Sebrlng, Fla. TOMMY RAY TAYLOR Bartow, Fla. CARL M. TEUTSCH .Arlington Heights, 111. ANGELA THOMAS Miami, Fla. ARLENE MARIE THOMAS Corning, N. Y. MARIE JEAN TILLEY Clearwater, Fla. LOUIS TIPALDI NICK TIPALDO Island Park, N. Y. JOYCELYN NELL TIPTON D.ide City, Fla. JUNE MYER TISON Tampa, Fla. JOAN TURBETT Chicago, 111. PHYLLIS ANN TURNER Mount Dora, Fla. GEOFFREY UYEHARA 11. WILLIAM AN ARSDALE Elizabeth, N. J. CECILIA AN EPPS Chicago, 111. RAY ' AN ORSDALE Lakeland, Fla. • % • ( I f . ' «i -4} » ♦» r « 4V V • . J ,♦ -J ,» ■ • - • » •.♦ -J .iP. W-v:.;; ' , • i3 ' . :;:■■ ■ ' ' kifaS Kr«.: ' i; .mjliiU ■:;: ROLAND ' ANZANT JIM HALL AlCKERS [.icksjnvillc, Fla. MARY BASS VI ' ION W.islivillc, Tcnn. BEATRICl ' . WALLING New Port Rlclie , Fl.i. DONALD J. WALLING New I ' ort Ridley, Fla. DAVID E. WALLOM Lakeland, F " la. |OHN WARD Baldwin, N. Y. JUNE ANNE WARMOLTS Lakeland, P " la. BARB R ANNE WARNE Miami Beach, Fla. EDWIN S. WATERS Roc ' ielle Park, N. J. CLO ANN WATKINS Tampa, Fla. MARY SUE WE ATHERSBEE New Rochelle, N. Y. MARIL ' N WI ' iHRMANN Dcs Plaines, 111. DOT WHATHAM Long Island, N. Y. HARRY WIEDETZ Wheeling, W. i. HELEN R. WILLIAMS Oak Park, 111. JOHN M. WOODROW Lakeland, V . BILLIE WOODSON Homestead, Fla. MAS MICHI YONEYAMA Tokyo, Japan CARLOS ZETINA Guatemala Jack Smith --------------- President Bill Terry -------------- Vice-President Mary Carlo ------------ Secretary-Treasurer Jim Murray --------------- Senator Bob Williams --------------- Senator . ' Mlr r r ' m»f f-» W ' ii 4 «• » r nikkiJt ' : ' oT :■ ' ::■ ' ' ' : ' ' . - ' . } ♦ .t .«« - -»%f:J m % F■[i lW •f ♦ ♦ KARL FREDERICK ADAMS Trenton, N. J. JOSE LUIS AFRE Guatemala City, C. A. DLANE ALLEMAN BuckHannon, W. ' a. BETTY ANN ANDERSON Avon Park, Fla. FAY ARNOLD ' cro Beach, P " la. PRISCILLA lOYCE ATWOOD DeLanJ, Fla. WILLLAM H. BAILEY, Jr. Cocoa, Fla. J. MICHAEL BARLOW Lansdowne, Pa. MANUEL BARO Palma Soriano, Cuba FRANK B. BARR Hialeah, Fla. BRUCE BEASLEY Albany, Ga. JOHN BEAUMONT Cowden, 111. JUNE BEDER St. Petersburg, Fla. LINWOOD BEDER St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN PAUL BEH RINGER West Caldwell, N.J. BRYAN S. BELCHER Orlando, Fla. THONAS Y. BELL Mulberry, Fla. GEORGE J. BERG Hartford, Conn. AUDREY BERNER Rochester, N. Y. DORIS JEAN BIGLER Birmingham, Mich. BE ERLY JUNE BLACK Tampa, Fla. ALBERTO BLANCO Habana, Cuba LEON CHESTER BLUM Lakeland, Fla. SUERO ARNOLDO BORREGO P. del Rio, Cuba •%■«■ ' Si « l «• ♦» f «l fl •» • ■ ' BE TTY J. BORTZ Lakeland, Fla. EARL W. BOWF.N Lakeland, Fla. FREDERICK BRANT Huntington, N. Y. EDWARD DEWEY BRIDGMAN Sarasota, Fla. LOIS BRINKMAN St. Louis, Mo. JOYCE BRITTAN Southampton, N. Y. ALLEN R. BRUSH Huntington, N. Y. CYNTHIA BETTY BRYANT Lakeland, Fla. I mi «j V ar ' C4ifmi?im ' -h- ■■.;itii;?- y{ 1 Y VELMA LEE BUFFO Millburn, N. J. HAROLD WILFRED BURG Tenafly, N.J. JANIE LUCILLE BURGESS Lakeland, Fla. MARIE BURLINGAME Park Ridge, 111. |OAN ELIZABETH BURR Lake Worth, Fla. JOHN M. CALLAWAY Bradenton, Fla. WENDELL A. CANNON Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT K. CANTWELL Clermont, Fla. BE.ATRIZ CAO Habana, Cuba WAYNE M. CARLISLE Lakeland, Fla. MARY CARLO Miami, Fla. FRANK DOUGLAS CARTER .Asheville, N. C. M. ANTHONY CARUSONE Amsterdam, N. Y. FRANK CASELLA Hillside, N.J. MARFAN ELIZABETH CA ELL Dearborn, Mich. BURIE W. CLEMENTS, Jr. Mulberry, Fla. V- — • »• JAY COLBKRT Brooklyn, N. Y. JOAN COLE Lakeland, Fla. WAYNE R. COLLINS Dundee, Fla. BARBARA J. COL TON Muskegon, Micli. WILLLAM THOMAS CORNELL A ,n I ' ark, Fla. KATHKRINE CONWAY Miami, Fla. FRANK W. CORRIGAN Elizabeth, N.J. WILLLAM CO ELL New York, N. Y. RUTH ANN CROFT Mulberry, Fla. WILLLAM FRANK CROSSMAN Hampton, ' a. MONICA DARLING Sarasota, Fla. JOAN DEDMON Washington, I). C. JOSE A. de la TORRE P. del Rio, Cuba WILLIAM LEE DENNIS West P.alm Beach, Fla. LAWRENCE E. DENSLOW Tampa, Fla. PAUL S. DK LIN Ridge wood, N.J. ANTONIO DIAZ Habana, Cuba MARCIA ANN DILL L ' niversity Citv, Mo. JOHN R. DOBAK Whiting, Ind. STAN DUDNEY Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM N. DULABAHN Canton, Ohio WALLACE C. DUNCKELMAN Bloomingburg, N. Y. JOSEPH DUPUIS Lakeland, Fla. JIMMY LOUIS DYE Lakeland, Fla. • • li -it «• ♦» r •» f» fli «» y f SlSsSw ; J ■•.♦ ♦••Ju• J■ ♦ ♦ ♦ •- I?!i ' 5pujr5Sftv5i!i iS Mv ' . ARTHUR LEE EBERLV, Jr. L.ikeland, Fla. GEORGE EDWARDS Lake Wales, Ela. JL ' LIE E ' ANS Patcrson, N. J. NANCY RUTH FARMER St. Petersburg, Fla. GARY RODERICK EARRAR St. Petersburg, Fla. SHERMAN A. FIELDS Leesburg, Fla. ANNE FAUST Owensburg, Ky. GEORGE HENRY FRANK Naples, Fla. JESSIE FREELING Miami, Fla. JAY GAVENDER Arverne, N. Y. CATHERINE GIANDELIA Ridgefield, N.J. FRANK C. GODARD Lakeland, Fla. STANLEY JOHN GOBEL, Jr. Bound Brook, N. J. JERROLD GOLDSTEIN Newark, N. J. JAMES GOODMAN Lakeland, Fla. MARY ALICE GRIMES Clarksburg, W. Va. ROBERT GUTERMAN Queens, N. Y. J. M. HAPSOCK Lakeland, Fla. RICHARD HAESELER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CHRISTINE HANSEN Ft. Mvers, Fla. CLARENCE R. HANSEN Lakeland, Fla. DICK HANSEN Oak Park, 111. NORMA E. HARRIS Homosassa, Fla. PATRICIA L. HARWOOD Tampa, Ela. • • • -; ' ♦ » ' ■SSS V f ' VI .« » :0 ' ; . T -- ■■% -=r , i J.. 5 V ■i -J ROBERT HERMANSPAN Yonkers, N. Y. LOLA JEAN HINDMAN Aiiburndalc, F]a. MARTHA HORNE Hampton, Ela. DONALD HORSEY Harrington Park, N. J. JANET HOWARD Clarksburg, W. Va. MARTHA ANNE HUEBNER Orlando, Fla. DEARL W. HUFF Cumberland, Md. ELAINE I ' T N HUFF Wildwood, N. ]. NANCY IRWIN Nilcs, Mich. BARBARA LEE JOHNSON Huntington Woods, Mich. HUGH [ONES lOHNSON Plant City, ' Fla. PHILIP lOHNSON Plant Citv, Fla. ROBERT H. JOHNSON Lakeland, Fla. BETTY LEE JOHNSTON Nokomis, Fla. BRUCE WHITE [OHNSTON Oak Park, ' 111. SALLIE JUMP Oak Par ' k, 111. DAVID KEMPER Orlando, Fla. B. M. KENVIN Lakeland, Fla. CAROL JEAN KING Hamilton, Fla. DONALD DEAN KINNEY Midland Park, N.J. IRWIN KOI.IKOFF Bron. , N. ' . JOSEPH P. KOVALSIK St. Petersburg, Fla. RAYMOND KRICKMIER Brooklyn, N. Y. DANNY LANE Marion, S. C. SI - » » 4 V r» 1 1 « « .• ' ••.♦ - •♦•.♦■- ASU- EDWIN LARUE Oak Park, 111. WILLIAM H. LAVEY Brooklyn, N. Y. ALFRED LAVIGNE Auburndale, Fla. STEPHEN H. S. LEE Singapore, China STANLEY LEICESTER Hilton Village, Va. ALTON LEIVONEN Newberry, Fla. GARY E. LENT Fort Montgomery, N. Y. MARGARET RAE LEROY Boca Grande, Fla. WILLIAM J. LESTER Jacksonville, Fla. SHIRLEY LUFFMAN Ocala, Fla. HERBERT B. LUSH, Jr. Fort Pierce, Fla. WILLIAM J. McCORMICK Rochelle Park, N. T. JOAN McDonald St. Petersburg, Fla. MARILYN ANN McGOWAN Silver Lakes, Ohio KATHARINE McKINNON Lake Worth, Fla. JOAN McLACHL.AN St. Ignace, Mich. y l .k ROBERT MAIBERGER Rochelle Park, N.J. RICHARD I. MAMOLA LoJi, " N. J. KATHRYN A. MARONE ' crona, N. J. DORIS E. MAYFARTH Ridgewood, N. J. PAT GEORGIE MEGLIOLA Lakeland, Fla. ANDRE ' S MENCHU Lakeland, Fla. FAUSTINO MENENDEX Havana, Cuba NANCY MEREDITH Asheville, N. C. -N A A A !a ' m " a «.• «•« • « kOV H. MKSSICK Lakeland, Fla. GRACE P. MILLER Stamford, Conn. MALON MIMMS Atlanta, Ga. ADORA MITCHELL Sebring, Fla. MARIE MIXON Dothan, Ala. EUGENE MOLINARO Newark, N. J. STANLEY THOMAS MOIR Hawley, Pa. NANCY MORROW Miami, Fla. MARILYN MULLER Huntington, N. Y. JAMES DA ' 1D MURRAY Lakeland, Fla. DOROTHY NIBLACK Oviedo, Fla. LOUISE NICHOLS Wilmette, 111. NANCY NOWLAN St. Louis, Mo. JOE W. NUTTER Lakeland, Fla. RALPH NYBAKKEN Chicago, 111. CHRISTIAN OGLESBY Concord, N. C. ANTONIO ORTEGA Havana, Cuba SAMUEL P. PACE Lakeland, Fla. GLENNA SUE PAFFORD Brunswick, Ga. RICHARD PATRICK Winter Garden, Fla. THOMAS (AMES PATTERSON Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT WAYNE PERCENT St. Albans, N. Y. JOHN E. PESTRIDGE Logansport, Ind. ALEXANDRA PHOTIADIS New York, N. Y. «i y j»i . . . 4 . % . f . , ' ' - --r. NANCY PICKENS Avon Park, Florida NICHOLAS PITURAS New York, N. Y. HUGH K. PLACE Gallon, Ohio BETTY ANN POUND Lakeland, Fla. JOE PRICE Lakeland, Fla. DOUGLAS KERR PROCTOR, Jr. Jersey City, N. J. CHARLES WILKES PUGH Lakeland, Fla. P.ATRICIA ANNE QUALLS Tampa, Fla. JEANNE RAUNER Plant City, Fla. RERNARD READING Lakeland, Fla. ERNESTINE REDDICK Benevolence, Fla. RAE REED Backets Harbor, N. Y. ROBERT L. REID, Jr. J.icksonville, Fla. SHIRLEY ANN RHODES Tampa, Fla. JOAN ROBBINS Bradenton, Fla. JANET ROBERTS Springfield, Mass. MARY FRANCES ROBERTS Ridgeway, Va. MORTIMER A. ROGERS River Edge, N.J. MARCIA ROLAND Park Ridge, 111. MARGALO ANN ROLLER Winter Haven, Fla. KENNETH M. ROMANSKI Brooklyn, N. Y. NETTIE SUZANNE ROSE West Palm Beach, Fla. PATRICIA ROSS Lakeland, Fla. RICHARD ROSSWAAG Rochelle Park, N.J. •♦• ■♦• • • .♦• •♦• • • ♦ ♦ RAFAEL SANCHEZ Havana, Cuba JOSEPH SANTOS, Jk. Osterville, Mass. FRANK SARG Guatemala City FRED SCHOFIELD Centervllle, Mass. FARRELL ROBERT SEARCY Lakeland, F ' la. RICHARD SEARS Tenafly, N.J. WILLLAM N. SEILER Winter Haven, Fla. WALTER LEON SHATSKY New York, N. Y. SHAO FANG SHENG Shanghai, China SHENG-PAO SHENG Shanghai, China LUANN SHEERWOOD West Palm Beach, Fla. LYNN SHIBLEY -Akron, Ohio IRENE LORA SHOEMAKER Sturgis, Mich. ' . FLOYD SIKES Callahan, Fla. WILLIAM JACKSON SIMMONS Plant City, Fla. JOHN A. SIMMONS Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT LEE SIPES Litchheld, III. GERALD ANTHONY SLA IN Hyannis, Mass. JOHN [AMES SMITH 0.ik Park, 111. TRUDI SMITH Lakeland, Fla. DOLORES SMOAK Pompano Beach, Fla. RALPH SNOW Lakeland, Fla. MERTON A. SPRING Aurora, 111. FRITZ STARGARTER Guatemala • • ♦ • . , . • ♦ ♦ ti- . ' 11 i.l «i « V ■ WW ' W- ' ■ ' W • C ' TT; ' JBSa3iSS!i2:. PHYLLIS CLAIRE STEINMAN New Rochcllc, N. Y. CLINTON F. STEUERWALD, Jr. Wilatie, N. Y. PHILLIP H. STIGLEMAN Richmond, Ind. GLENON C. STRICKLAND Lakeland, Fla. SALLY STRITE Sorrento, Fla. CAROL ANN STRUBLE Eau Galle, Fla. KENNETH SUGGS Newberry, Fla. CLARK A. SUTTON Oakdale, Pa. NANCY SWEAT Tampa, Fla. WELLINGTON J. TALBOT W. Swanzey, N. H. CHARLES E. TAYLOR, Jr. Lakeland, Fla. ROSEMARY TAYLOR Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM TERRY Lakeland, Fla. RUTH . THOMPSON Chicago, 111. ROBERT L. TISON Frostproof, Fla. CATHERINE TURNER Lakeland, Fla. JAMES D. TURRENTINE Wauchula, Fla. L. R. ' ARNER Plant City, Fla. WILLIAM H. WAKEMAN Orlando, Fla. GINNY LOU WALSINGHAM Tampa, Fla. MARY JEAN WATTWOOD Titusville, Fla. NANCY WAYWELL Glen Rock, Fla. EMMA LEE WEATHERSBEE New Rochelle, N. Y. DAVID S. WEEKS Dclrav Beach, Fla. f 1 •» «» w ■» » »» T» If ' «li . -V- 1 ' • . • 1 » i-. »:• i V - - ' -vT .jT ■• " ,» ,» j «▼ J ,-,» „» 4» _ ' , wmm -- ' - ' ' ' r -f ! ' .ir ■■■kiiiSff -rHi. ' i:: ' )Aj! XVa ROGER ROY WELCH Montague, Mass. JAMES M. WELLMAN Lakeland, Fla. MARY JEAN WEST Wayncsvillc, N. C. GEORGE A. WHITE Fairfax, ' a. HELEN DALE WHITE Madison, W. ' a. RICHARD RAYMOND WHITE Springfield, Mass. JANE WHITFIELD Park Ridge, 111. HAZEL ELOISE WHITEHEAD Ponce de Leon, Fla. BURT A. WHITING Lakeland, Fla. KENNETH WILLIAMS Oak Park, 111. R. P. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Fla. HELEN WOLFE St. Augustine, Fla. WILLIAM H. WRIGHT Zeph}rhills, F " la. BETTY ANN WYLLYS Hastings, Fla. RICHARD YATES West Palm Beach, Fla. DAVID MITCHELL YEAGER Sebring, Fla. PATSY LEE YODER Jacksonville, Fla. DALE A. YOUNG Dexter, Maine GLORIA JUNE YOUNT Cocoa Beach, Fla. JOHN M. ZELKO Johnstown, Pa. «ui.« aimm« nrjij «rr»«f»vi ' « |i if «i t « 4) s « Xr m «i -It ' , if ' -,■ ■ . i 1 " .jT ■« ' « " a " ' -iT «▼ ' .;T ■ ■. ' " ■» ' rmmim ifi rJC- JERRy F. NAPLES HONOR WALK IN V W .» «« ♦» «i « 4! « V - i « ' «• T !W;: ' ' " f ' . ' ' .r . ' V V ■;: ' iW .W W. wmjn ' li ' W -• ' 7r? i.c3M«3MBF»K«5 • -- ' r: • ;te ' ■-lla ' ■:. V(, . ' , ! • i.„ r W. ' f tiUk N JANIE CAMERON MISS SOUTHERN »,•♦• •«•« ' •■ «- •«- ' ♦-« JERRY F. NAPLES JEANETTA SIMHlli -.9 VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN ••%•♦-,.,-».»- ■M noMc 4 - v ; i j B ' j ti , ■ «»-; .iaiiM» o .« wpriii)» ii— r ii i — i ■i T mawtvmtfrtaa.imatM.- fi V ti .fi i.i «» V- ♦ V 91 •» «» V »i «. f 1?- %i ; -v «• r - ■ Y«- . i • - -. fc. . S I .. . ! ». -f, « ■:-■. » " • » ,1 ■ - - - T ; ■• " - ' -■ " -• -.T •» , ♦ •♦•.»• fWj:i (; £i,«;ir:Ti!i.-s u ' i; ii.;F- ' i?-:;. ■C Ss ' v . ' i ■:. mj ' M?! BENJAMIN G. HUDSON ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦■ ••■• ' •■ -•- •«- ' ♦-♦-♦. Left lo Righl, Row 1 — I ' .IcIrI, VV.irrcn, I ' .itton, W nn. Row 2 — Harbour, Band}-, Rohbiiis, Hudson, Row 3 — Kctchin, BIy, Green Watkins. Row 4 — Browne, Atwood, Naples, Flamand. Row 5 — Herman, Havs, Erwin. Wh ' Who Am H imficaH MnimefMieA Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges is a yearly publication which represents approximately 615 American Universities and Colleges. This organization incorporates a nation- wide honor program, an annually-published student directory of over lOUO pages, a placement service through which members may request recommendation for employment or admission to graduate school. Candidates from Florida Southern College are selected for their leadership, scholarship, and service to the school by student- faculty vote. Whc.6 Whc at Olm4a cathcfh College Atwood, Jesse W. Bandy, Ruth E. Bly, Robert Stewart, Jr. Browne, Mary Anne ElCHEL, LiLA D. Erwin, John A. Flamand, Richard G. Green, Joseph Harbour, Mary Hays, Robert F. Her.man, Kenneth Hudson, G. Benjamin Keichin, Mary Jane Naples, Jerome F. Patton, Charles Jr. RoBBiNs, Eugene W. Warren, Helen Watkins, Donald P. Wynn, James R. ► f 31 • ! S ' •» r t t ■ ' • • ' ♦ •-♦ •■.• ' .f .♦%♦•% ' . • MiSi? v , •■: ' ■■.« ' ■. ' ■ irllMi!sMK ' !!?JlOTaisa ' ' ' - ' --irlM ' JS iivS !?? ' ' ' ViS ' i ' j ■ ; Kv ;t: :.;?5 Cv , } ■•;,. ' tLi ' JlAv. ' . ' ' lwiE rOUN])£RS -rSJ: A %n WEEK ■c. " ft k. ' . ' i • ■ fl.. . ' . i cuh(ief.6 Week FEBRUARY 26 — MARCH 5 Portico Club brings Honor Walk up to date. Pictured are Portico members Ned Hill, Lindscy Bergen, and workmen from the Evman Monument Co. Southern ' s biggest and best Founder ' s Week started off on Sunday, Feb. 26, with Open House by all fraternities and sororities on the campus. Each house was decorated in the theme and spirit of this anniversary celebration. On Monday, things really got under way with the parade to Lake Mirror and the coronation of Miss Southern on the west shore. The big event of Tuesday was the Investiture of Seniors. On Wednesday, the Circus and Auto Thrill Show were presented on the campus. In the evening, " Every- man " was staged at Mayhall Auditorium. Friday was a big day with the ground-break- ing of the new Industrial Arts and Home Economics building, dedication of the new columns, and the convocation address by Frank Lloyd Wright. With teas, receptions, and other functions, little time was left for classes, and a sort of " intellectual moratorium " was declared during the festivities. Scenes from the .Auto Thrill Show and the Circus. • • - • •• ♦ • ♦ f ♦ ♦ A " y ry : . ;, ■ ' : s7E l! ' Biis ■ ' - ' " ' t ' ' -- ' ' .! ' S:5 F ' fiM.-:JS-!iM,y " , A ' v7 ' " « " « " ' - ' ■▼ - ' V »T " ■• ' Coronation scene at Lake Mirror K ' - " HFi) f l« ' K 111 «| iM , ' ' H ■If 1 ■t i «. ,i Queen Janie rules at student nite V CctcHathH ahif Queen J Ccutt Janie Cameron, MISS SOUTHERN of 1950 with Dr. Spivey MISS SOUTHERN and Maids of Honor ♦•♦•♦•♦••• • •♦♦•♦ ' ♦ Reprcsentati cs ol Honda Colleges at Dinner in hijiim dI I)i. Spivey: left to right; Bowman Ashe, Pres., U. of Miami; M. C. Rhodes, Dean, U. of Tampa; Paul Wagner, Pres., Rollins College; Mrs. J. T. Watson, X . Pres., Webber College; Dr. Spivey; Doak Campbell, Pres., F.S.U.; J. O. Edmunds, Pres., Stetson; ' ]. Hillis Miller, Pres., U. of Florida. tu4eHt Sq jf Unveiling of bust of Dr. Spivey b ' Boris Blai. In estiture of Seniors in Annie Pfeirtcr Chapel. % % % ■f « t % f I ti ■ »i -11 m ♦» r »» V ' ' ♦ . •-♦•.♦ •;♦• •.♦■ ' -,! iulfi-i: ;- Snw: ' ' . ' ' ■ ■i ' 9rj r :tSi3U.:4»t ' : R ' ' .i«RJiK »s-» i , O O . fi «i: ' (S ) ,e.. .■ -. -wg--V IftJP gg „ 0lm4a cuthefH Cclle e Unveiling of portrait of Dr. Spivey by Hermann Fink. F.iculty sons .uul d.uightcrs: lefl t j right. Row 1 — Marianne Relnsch; Shirley Chapman; Barbara Peel; Louise Spivey; Ruth Bandy. Row 2 — Dr. Reinsch; Prof. Chapman; Dean Peel; Dr. Spivey; Prof. Bandy; Mr. Lilley. Row 3 — Fiske Tolle; Jim Murray; Chuck Terry; Bill Richards; Jim Hardin; Pete Ogden; Bob Blv; Bill Couch. ' Row 4 Mr. Tollc; Dr. Murray; Mrs. Terry; Prof. Richards; Mrs. Hardin; Prof. Ogden; Dr. Bly; Coach Couch. Southern ' s leaders receiving honorary degrees: e]t to right; Drs. Frank Lloyd Wright, Boris Blai, F. S. Coffing, Thomas L. Dunbar, C. " . McClurg. ■■♦• • • •■ EVERYMAN (Robert Hamilton) implores Gold ( H. O. Martin) to accompan) ' him on his journey. Perry Pease as the Devil and Miss (■ail Potter (director), as l " ' aith in cene where l- ' aith defies the Devil. eenej fofti " OefifHtaH t» Banquet scene from " EVERYMAN " • • ♦ ♦ ' ys .■. ' T- ' Si? W iiJKM-X-.fj.. ' . ' iflrj vuLwiaoOakPJffifev ' idJKBfc - y- , ,: ' .. .•;i5r K " :, ' ' ' ' V? ♦ • , , . f «. , . J. Gordon Ogden, 111 Editor-in-chiej ErNESI a. Lll.LEV Faculty Advisor George E. Lowe Business Manager Lee Buffo Assistant Editor The j HtetiachcH J. Gordon Ogden, III Editor-in (hiej George E. Lowe Business Alauager Ernest A. Lilley Faculty A dvisor The publication of a yearhook. is no easy task, even under the best of conditions, and when complications do arise they snarl up everything in their way. The 1950 INTERLACHEN, despite many obstacles, is at last published, and Editor and Staff alike breathe a large sigh of relief. CCS i !r S; !l ' (lit i.» aij ' ju-i. -Jt ' - SFi. i ' Ann Lockhart Assistant Business Manager P?-- Lowe, Lilley, and Ogden, h.iggling over layout policies. Lowe .ind Lockhart take time out to wonder how to p.TC for the book. . ' ■ » «! «i .qi » • y -»J J Robert Taylor (Jrgcui!Ziit ' io)is Editor ± i • ' ■iJsmw-mii-- ,! ■■ : " ' •■.. » Beverly Hicks Class Editor Doris Mayfarth Class Editor ♦ ' •♦ •♦«.♦ J ■((itli. ' Jiik.. n I Pat McBride Faculty Editor jthteflacheH ta f The main emphasis of the hook this year was an attempt to modernize it, and at the same time pre- sent that fahled " campus cross-section. " Much credit is due to the hard-working members of the staff who made this hook possible. Gallons of midnight oil were burned, and countless cartons of cigarettes were consumed way into the wee small hours as the staff labored to get the book out on time. Paraphrasing the old saying, " for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, here is your 1950 INTERLACHEN. " Charles Pattox History Editor Lois Meincke History A rtist Taylor .ind Buffo puzzle out how to tit a 500 word fraternity history into " 7 5 words or less " . Hicks and Mayfarth at the thankless and tedious job of Senior biographies. ■ • . • •■ -»■ • .♦• .♦• • •♦• ♦ ' T , J ■1 -. James K. VVvnn Art Editor Roger Campbei.i. Cover Artist 1 n f r B T A ■— , gAj l I 3_av|r:: Qt I l?-.°J[|| 9 Joe S. BuReii Daryl Ober Division Page Artist Photografher Wynn, Burch, and Cam pbell turned out some snappy art work for t he book. Patton, Mcincke, VV ' ynn, and Dunn check proofs on the History Section HteflacheH ta Left to Right, Row -Meincke, Hicks, Mayfarth, Martin. Row 2 — Patton, Lowe, Noble, McBride. • ♦ . , , , . . - « -J - ' _ ' -T ' ] r-J-f ' t I 4 f CV ' ,1 Edltor-ln-chief fim Jones checks front-page layout with Sports Editor Chuck Keefer and proof-reader Carol Wehrwein. Mrs. Grebexstchikoff Prim Shop Director Dick Tanner, hand type setter, Walter Tucker, linotype operator, " Mrs. G. " , shop director, and Fred Schofield, printer, discuss a problem in composition. yhe cutkefH Jim Jones Editor-in-chief Joe Sanchez Business Manager The Southern is the official student publication of Florida Southern College and is published weekly by the journalism classes. Copy writing is done by news reporting classes such as the one shown below. The Editors make up the page layouts and printing is done here in the College printshop by student employees. The total circulation of The Southern for 1949-50 was 36,000. Prof. Carl Ferner " S?«F» . ' f 4 - « S 0 ' 0 ' 0 ' 0 ' 0 ' 0 ' w OFFICERS G. Richard Flamand, Jr. President Raymond Fox Vice-President David Stoll Secretary James McCain Treasurer Jfh tef- MtetHitif CcuHcit The Inter-Fraternity Council is made up of representatives of all Fraternities on the Campus. This organization acts as a rules com- mittee on policies affecting Fraternity life, sets the regulations for " Rushing " and promotes better understanding among the organi- zations for men. ciJetHm t PahkelleHic Ccuhcil The Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of representatives of all Sororities, who sets up policies governing Sorority life on Campus. The council strives toward better relations among the organizations for women and in conjunction with the Inter-Fraternity Council sets rules for " Rushing " . OFFICERS Henrietta Stepner President Mary Ann Browne Vice-President Janie Cameron Secretary Mary Jane Jessee Treasurer •■ •♦■ . , : V ■, ' L .m ' V ' i " - " ♦ •♦«♦•♦•.♦ Oa iDetHi neHt The Women ' s Student Government Association is composed of representatives of the dormitories and sorority houses and are elected hy the resident women students to make and carry out such rules as are necessary to uphold the standards of the college. The memhers serve as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and mete out penalties for such defalcations. OFFICERS Pat Stephens -------------- President Joyce Arnold ------------- Vice-President Mary Anne Browne ------------ Secretary Mary Eleanor Kidder ----------- Treasurer Frances Powell -------------- Chaplain MEMBERS Martha Brewer J ne Newman Loraine Mingonet Julia Crenshaw Ada Grechin Louise Nichols Suzanne Rose • ♦ • • " ♦ ♦ • .♦ .♦• ♦• ♦ ♦ OFFICERS Ben Hudson President Don Watkins Vice-President Lorraine Mingonet Secretary- Treasurer Senate The purpose of the Senate is to provide a focus for student needs and activities. Members are elected hy the student body and enact regulations and laws to further student relations on the campus. ciJetHm t— HcHCi ' Cap and cit h Cap and Gown is the highest women ' s honor society on the campus. It was founded live years ago on this campus as a Mortar Board equivalent. It is composed of outstanding Senior Women, and its purpose is to provide incentive for scholarship and campus service. OFFICERS Mary Anne Browne President Mary Harbour Vice-President Martha Brewer Recording Secretary Lois Meincke Corresponding Secretary • •♦ " -r ;C:;:S5 vU.: ' -:. ' liLjt ' l ' , Lejt to Right, Seated — Dean Peel, James Edwards, Robert Bly ( ice-President), Lindsey Bergen (President), Richard Flamand, Dr. Blv. Row 2 — Dr. Thrift, Robert Hays, Thomas Wooge, Donald Kumm, Pete Ogdcn, James Wynn, Dean Battle. Row 3 — Mr. Morland (.Advisor), Ned Hill, Harold Kumm, Charles Patton, Jerry Naples. UcHCt p0ttic0 Club Portico Cluh, leadership honor society for men in the upper classes, was organized in the spring of 1949. The cluh ' s purpose is to bring together representative student leaders in all phases of campus life: Scholarship, athletics, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, radio, drama, and the fine arts. Character is a primary requisite; members must rank in the top IS c of their class in scholarship ( 1.5). The aims of the cluh are to secure through cooperative activity accomplishment of projects of benefit to the college. ♦ • ♦ • amma ' ma Cki OFFICERS Pat McBride President James Stepp Vice-President Ronald Russell Secretary Wayne Bond Treasurer Dr. W. G. Fletcher Sponsor Gamma Sigma Chi is composed of pre-theological students attend- ing Florida Southern College. Its aims are to hetter prepare the student for future work and to promote religious activities on the campus. elifhn ma hc Cp ilcH Sigma Rho Epsilon is a religious fraternity which aims at assisting and supporting the programs of the local churches, and in furthering the ideals and principles of Christian Education. OFFICERS Margaret Bryan President Jack Chamberlain Vice-President Mary Eleanor Kidder Secretary- Treasurer Mrs. deCasterline Sponsor •V??--- " SSnii rii.: ' :. ' «Ji:»lv-. ( eii hH SaptUt tu4ent t(nhh The Baptist Stutlent Union is composed of Baptist students here on the campus. It seeks to foster the work of the church through the student group, and to provide worship and recreational programs of, hy, and for the Baptist students. The group, which meets at the Southside Baptist church, is a part of the state B.S.U. organi- zation, which has chapters at seven other colleges and universities in the state. OFFICERS Ray McDougal -------------- President Martha Horxe ------------ Vice-President Cynthia Bryant -------------- Secretary Mrs. W. H. Tucker ---------- Church Secretary Alice Spivey --------------- Treasurer Elizabeth Browne ---------- Devotiojial Director Prof. Samuel T. Lastinger ----------- Sponsor f • ' Council G. Richard FlamanDj Jr. I ' reside lit James Ostrom I ice-President Mary Anne Browne Secretary- Treasurer Chaplain George Gibson Mr. J. G. Snyder A dvisors The Inter-Faith Council serves as a link between the different religious denominations here on campus. Their aim is to achieve relations with the faiths represented at Florida Southern and the churches in Lakeland. ( eli hH The Methodist Student Movement is formed to provide Methodist Students on the campus with a closer link to the community church. Meetings are held at College Heights Methodist Church and pro- vide programs of worship, recreation, and fellowship. Donald Walling President Arthur McMillan Vice-President Margaret Hubbard Secretary James V ' ick.ers Treasurer Dorothy Eubanks Sponsor ■Ji iSSjO U: ' Jiij! JiVA-, OFFICERS Joan Brads haw President June Tison Secretary Marilyn Wehrman Treasurer Mrs. Foster Mrs. Selig Faculty A dvisors Home Ccchcm cJ Clulf This club is made up of Home Economics majors and combines service to the College with additional training and experience for its members. Activities of the club include providing refreshments at College functions and selling snacks in the dormitories. Hem CccHmicJ - XaH aa e jfhtetHaticHal Cluk The purpose of the International Club is to promote understanding and unity between countries by meeting and discussing common problems. The group serves as a miniature League of Nations on Florida Southern College Campus. OFFICERS Hector Landron President Geoffery Uyehara Vice-President Sylvia Ewerts Secretary- Treasurer Mrs. Mildred Ibberson Prof. O. S. Bandy A dvisors kJivVti :-Z ' i tc:i --- :m -£f- " .;» Er ' 3tss?«iLi=„ ♦• ♦ ♦ ♦ C4ucaticH Future Teachers of America, or " FTA " , as it is commonly known here on the campus, is the hirgest student organization at Southern, numbering nearly 30(1 active members. The chapter here at South- ern was founded in 1938, and was the first chapter established in Florida. It is the third largest chapter in the United States, and the largest in institutions not primarily deilicated to teacher training. Membership is composed of those students studying to become teachers. It was organized to give the student a better understand- ing of the aims and ideals of the teaching profession. The organi- zation is affiliated with the National Education Association. OFFICERS Ned W.Hill- -------------- President Lenora Smith -------------- Secretary Mary Jane Ketchin ------------ Treasurer Mrs. Lucy Battle - ---------- Prograni Director Prof. J. Gordon Ogden Jr. ---------- Sponsor • ♦ - . . . C: ,V ' ... i ul ' iyl Happa helta Pi OFFICERS Strato Telvel ' President Lois Meincke Vice-PresiderH Julia Crenshaw Secretary Gertrude Owens Treasurer Dean J. C. Peel Counselor Kappa Delta Pi is the national honorary society in Education. The requirements are a B average in all college work, with a major in Education. This group sponsors the FTA, and was estahlished on the campus here in 1940. Professor J. Gordon Ogden, Jr. is the faculty advisor. C4ucathH The ' ariety players is a group taken from the membership of the FTA and is designed as a teacher recruitment unit, visiting the High Schools of Florida and presenting different types of stage shows. Besides giving experience to the group, they have been instrumental in bringing to Southern many new education majors. Professor S. T. Lastinger is their advisor. VaHetij Plaifet Tony Tannachian Program Director EVY BiSPHAM Assistant Program Director Strato Telvely Secretary- Treasurer George Stansbury Master of Ceremonies fecial tuifieJ pi atnpta tHu Pi Gamma Mu is the National Social Science Honor Fraternity. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate and intensify the interest of students in the field of Social Science. The aims and ideals of Pi Gamma Mu are Scholarship, Science, Social Science, Social Idealism, Sociability, Social Service, and Sacrifice. The chapter here was installed in 1928, and was the first chapter established in Florida. Its members are selected from those students who have excelled in the field of Social Science. OFFICERS Frank S. FaLonde ------------- President Charles M. Humphries ---------- Vice-Preside it William R. Saul ------------- Secretary Miss Emily Hancock ------------ Treasurer Mr. S. T. Lastinger ------------- Sponsor • • - r - ' OFFICERS George Raymond President Paul Gustat Vice-President Helen Dennis Secretary Harold Bonnett Treasurer Roger Morrison Concertmaster Under the baton of Professor Samuel Griffiths, the college orchestra, which is made up of music majors, and students interested in music, has grown and prospered into symphonic proportions. They give concerts throughout the state to schools and civic organizations as part of their work here at college. tlHuMc The college chorus, under the direction of Professor Wallace Pefley plays concerts here and throughout the state during the school year. It is composed of voice students and all others interested in singing. OFFICERS Edgar Sampson President Shirley Montgomery Secretary- Treasurer Glenn Mock. Business Alanager Bill Spivey Pianist OFFICERS Jkrrv Naples President Beverly Hicks Secretary Dr. Bly A dvisor Science Club The Science club is composed of students interested in the Physical Sciences. At the meetings, speakers present subjects relative to their special fields. jfitt ' Science Hafipa pi Alpha Eta chapter of Kappa Pi was installed at Florida Southern in 1943. Membership is composed of students with ' R ' averages, and having at least 9 hours of study in art. Exhibits, tours, and sketching trips are among the activities of this organization. OFFICERS Roger Campbell President Marjorie Riviere Vice-President Josephine Hoffses Secretary Mary Ellen Moskey Treasurer Donna Stoddard A dvisor A « ■• M ,i ' tir,Sf ' .- ■■Vi« ' -iESSr- ' ii-: ' :. «.j J: lv-, c r ( s s. . Js S. ' S ,» OFFICERS Charles Terry President Basil Pegg Vice-President Thomas Wooge Secretary Arthur Eisler Treasurer Richard B. Moreland Sponsor " $ " Out The " S " Cluh is composed of men who have lettered in ' arsity sports here at Southern. The group raises money to further equip the athletic department, stimulate school spirit, and introduce new sports to the campus. cHJ ' Xitde ykeatte iittle yheatfe The Little Theatre has become a Mecca for College movie fans. For the first time Florida Southern has maintained a theatre where students can see first-rate movies here on campus. Ed Klein Manager-Owner Stan Dudney Bill Draper Larry Denslow Projection Stajf -SSSIi. KH ; gjflRITOTJBI tu: ♦• • • ■ • • Sigma Chapter National Radio Fraternity is organized to encourage interest in high standards of radio writing and radio broadcasting. This fraternity is sponsored by the National Association for Education by Radio. OFFICERS: Phyllis Vos President Left to Right: Bill Last, Perry Pease, Miss Gail Potter, George Winchell, Phyllis Vos, Dan Henderson, Marqueen Ayers, and Tom Morris. Marqueen Ayers Secretary Gail Potter Sponsor PLEDGES: Perry Pease, Dan Henderson, Tom Morris, Bill Last, George Winchell. tHicfcphoHe Club Is a Radio Club organized for the mem- bers of the Radio classes and others who are interested in radio broadcasting and radio production. OFFICERS: Marqueen Ayers President Bill Last Vice-President Bob Black. Secretary Jerry Klieger Treasurer Perry Pease Social Chairman Gail Potter Sponsor Left to Right: Bruce Beasley, Jerry Klieger, Tony Ortega, Bernard Smith, Gary Anderson, Ruth Ellis, Clark Sutton, Eveie Bispham, Bob Hamilton, Phyllis ' os. Chuck Myers, Bill Last, Dan Henderson, Gail Potter, Perry Pease, Marqueen .Ayers, Tom Morris, Bob Black, George Winchell, Medora Brown, John Creswell, John Peel, Ted Barker, Bill McDermott, Dick Freeman. a ' ff ♦•♦•♦♦•♦ ' r ' ;L--isS?- ' - i- " i.: ' - Jii-i .Jv-v OFFICERS Ted Phillips President Vernon O ' Conner Secretary- Treasurer Bernie Hornstein Debate Aianager Mrs. Ibberson A dvjsor t ebate CcuHcil Members of the Debate Council participate actively in inter- collegiate debates throughout the state. The Council gives valuable training in speaking and logical presentation of various subjects. Speech — htatna Vathnal Ccllefiate Plai etA National Drama Fraternity is organized to stand as a college unit in national movements and is an integral division of the International UNESCO. This fraternity through their drama productions assists toward the building of a permanent community culture. PI EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS James R. Wynn President Marqueen Ayers Vice President Patricia Wallace Secretary Jean Kosel Treasurer Phyllis Vos Historian Gail Potter Sponsor Ca-l THE CORN IS GREEN THE CORN IS GREEN C ' ait Director — Technical Staff U iC£iid-£- . IQ4Q % .♦■♦ .♦ ' • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ' .. t . I REMEMBER MAMA _ I Lii . 1040 ALL MY SONS GAIL POTTER DIANE ALLMAN MARQUEEN AYERS BRUCE BEASLEY EVELYN BISHAM CLAIRE BURCH BARBARA BYRD PETE COBB WILLIAM COVELL GLENNA DAVIS JANET E DUNN ROBERT GANNETT RITA GROSSGOLD ROBERT HAMILTON DORIS HANEY k W ' ■ JULIE HIRSCHMAN JANET HOWARD ELISE HUGHES STAN HYDE LESLIE JAMESON GERALD KLIEGER H O MARTIN ANTHONY TANNACHIAN PERRY PEASE VIRGINIA RILEY ROBERT SIPES DAVE SMITH PHYLLIS STEINMAN PATRICIA WALLACr, President k CLARK SUTTON JOAN TURBETT PHYLLIS VOS JAMES WYNN WILLIAM FISACKERLY JEANNE KOSEL o ■ • • •■♦ CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION HAIL TO THE LEADER. HEAVE HO ; ! I AM A TEKE ACTIVE . ' f READY ALL WHATS UP, DEAM " ? • • ,. , Jf . . ,- ' ♦ ♦ MFMBKRS Left to Right, Row 1 — [caiine Kosel, Mary Harbou r, Elizabeth Raptis, Mary Anne Browne, Jean MuUer, Lenora Smith, Evelyn Berkman, Louise Spivey. Row 2 — Mary Sue Weathcrsbee, Ruth Bandy, Joan Bradshaw, Neil Singleton, Mary Jane Ketchin, Lenora Mann, Marjorie Liiley, Nancy Moore, Phyllis Gustafson. Row 3 — Barbara Peel, Carol Nelson, Helen Raptis, Marilyn Wehrman, Carol Wehrein, Doroth - Sulliyan, Phyllis Turner, Doris Tanner. Ipha Chi Om a Mary Anne Browne President Jean Muller First Vice-President Elizabeth Ann Raptis Second Vice-President Mary Harbour Recording Secretary Lenora Smith Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Berkman Treasurer • ■%•♦ .- -. . ' .-.. ' .. ' L V, . . r ' : ' ♦ ♦•♦•.♦• Lefl to Right, Row 1 — Katherine Marone, Doris Bigler, Louise Nichols, Nancy Rowlands. Row 2 — June Beder, Nancy Morrow, Nancy Farmer, Lee Buffo, Cris Kaspar, Joan Dednion. Row 3 — Nancy Irwin, Nancy Meredith, Ann Foust, Patsv Ross. Seta OtnicfCh Chaptef Alpha Chi Omega was founded on Octoher 15, 1885, at DePauw University. It came to Southern as the first national sorority to he estahlished on this campus on Novemher IJ?, 1936. Our Hower is the red carnation, and our colors are scarlet and olive green. We now have 71 active chapters and 1 35 Alumnae groups. Our badge is the first Greek instrument, the Lyre. Its purpose is the advance- ment of the intellectual, social, and moral culture of the members and in addition to these aims, includes the furtherance and culti- vation of the fine arts. -. ■■■_ " S- - -- MEMBERS Lejt to Right, Row I — Marquitn Kirtl.md, Betty Killars, Betty Anne Owsley, Mary Jane Jcssee, Lorraine Mingonet, JiiHc Crenshaw. Row 2 — Ann Odiira, Phvllis ' os, Mar} ' Lee Haws, Jackie Causey, Carmen Anderson, Pegg ' Durham, Dolores Davcw Row 3 — Maud Rice, Linda Lashley, Marilee Beadles, Mar - Ann Reinsch, CaroKn Carselle, Ann Lockheart. llpha helta Pi Mary Jane Jessee President Lorraine Mingonet V ' lce-Presidoit Jl ' lie Crenshaw Seirelciry Marquita Kirtland Corresponding Secretary Betty Ann Owsley Treasurer Betty Killars Chaplain • « « • !Xa- Lejt to Right, Seated — Francis Outlaw, Jo Ferguson, Fave Arnold, Joan Turbett, Sylvia Ewarts, Mary Alice Grimes. Row 2 — Jane Whitfield, Sarah Howell, June Warmoltz, Janice Ivey, Marionette Hatton, Lee Johnson, Margaret Juenger, Elise Hughes. Row 3 — Joan Robbins, Marcia Roland, Shirley Rhodes, Janet Howard, Lois Clark, Emily Weathersbee. amnta antma Chapter Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest national sorority for women. It was founded on May 15, 1 85 1 , at W ' esleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The Gamma Gamma Chapter was installed at this school on April 27, 1946. The open motto is: We live for each other. The Bower is the violet, and the colors are hlue and white. One of the projects of this group is to provide scholarships to students of other countries for education in the United States. These girls are active in all campus affairs and play a leading role in the intra-mural sports program. Additional officers are: Peggy Durham, Assistant Treasurer; Linda Lashley, Registrar; Marilee Beadles, Historian; Mary Lee Haws, Panhellenic Representative. •• ' « MEMBl ' .RS Lejt to Right, Row 1 — Glcnna Davis, Marquccn Avers, Pat Stephens, Nellie Schweigart, Frankie Powell, Wanda Rogers, Louise Eastwood, Maxine Turner. Row 2 — Ella Singley, Barbara Gunning, Mary Ellen Moskey, Marjoric Trask, Margaret Hubbard, Leslie Jameson, Bett Lou Chc nc. Angle Thomas, Vyda Swan, June Tison. Ipha OmictcH pi Frances Powell President Nellie Schweigart Vice-Preside it Patricia Stephens Treasurer Wanda Rogers Corresponding Secretary Marqueen Avers Recording Secretary »•«■««« i . i-L;:.;???-- .Vi ' ,.. ' J .) " , ' V,V PLEDGES Lefi to Right, Row 1 — Betty Pound, Grace Schumacher, Betty Lee Johnston, Marsha Dill, Julie Evans, Mary Jean Wattwood, Monica Darling. Row 2 — Dee Allcman, Betty Wyllys, Joan Burr, Doris Mayfarth, Barbara Byrd, Beverly Black, Margaret LeRoy, Gloria Yount. Happa antnta Chapter Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College, C ' ohnnhia University. The Kappa Gamma Chapter was installed at Florida Southern College on May 5, 1946. The fra- ternity does national work, which is used for loans to active chapters for huilding purposes or loans to individual memhers for under- graduate study, and Social Service Work in the Kentucky Mountains where it assists with the Frontier Nursing service and maintains a small hospital and medical facilities. .♦• .♦• • • ♦• ' ♦.- Li-jl to Right, Ruw I — Walt.-i Nell Hull, Phyllis Mullens, Marihn Brown, Janie Cameron, Martha Brewer, Dorothy Parham, Julia Gibson. Row 2 — Joyce Robbins, Nell Surrency, Geraldine Koestner, Doris Brown, Barbara Warne, Sara Oglesby, Dorothy Mlxon, Geraldine Gregor} ' , Lee Blackwell. helta eta Janie Cameron PresulenI Martha Brewer Vice-President Nell Surrency Treasurer Phyllis Mullens Corresponding Secretary Marilyn Brown Recording Secretary Walta Nell Hull Social Chairman XUXUlil «« ' « ■■J -, ♦ •♦-.♦•♦•,♦• Pr JFT T7y.. ' , :. ' .iM:- ' sMmr ' r.,,,;,- .v. . ' .i. ' ' - " ,. 7 PLEDGES Z, o Rig ! ' , Row 1 — Flora Costln, Suz.inne Rose, Dorothy Nihlack, Marilyn Shibley, Mary Lou Carlo, Marie Mixon. Row 2 — Salh ' Strltc, Josephine HofFses, Nanc}- Sweat, Katherine Conway, Barbara Jo Colton, Irene Sehumaker, Martha Huebner, amma amma Chaptei ' The Delta Zeta national sorority was founded at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio on October 24, 1902. The Gamma Gamma Gliap- ter was established here on December 6, 1936. The national altruistic projects include Hearing Aids for children and the Foreign Friend- ship Service, sending layettes to Norway, and clothing and medicines to Holland. This group of women is noted for friendliness and good southern hospitality. Their colors are old rose and vieux green; their flower is the Killarney rose; their jewel is the diamond. The national magazine is " The Lamp " of Delta Zeta. » — . -.p. MEMBERS AND PLEDGES Lej to Right, Row I — Pat Lawrence, Ada Grcchin, Carilda Harvley, Bernice Bethca, Dorothea Whatham, Dorothy Eubanks. Row 2 — Rosemary Shelfo, Billie Woodson, Betty Cavell, Barbara Baumer, Joan McLaughlin, Helen Sweat, Arlene Charles. Seta i ma Omictch Beta Sigma Omicron was founded at the University of Missouri on December 12, 1888, and was installed here on March 1 5, 1947. It was the second national sorority to sponsor a philanthropic project when, in 1913, it first contributed to Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky. Prior to its installation on campus, BSO had left a mark on our campus when an alumnae donated the money for the chapel. The colors are ruby and pink, and the magazine is " The Urn " . Car 11. DA Harvley ------------- President Dot Whatham -------------- Secretary Adele Whittle ------------- Treasurer I 4 . »• .♦•♦ ,♦■♦■ ' . -. ' ■ ' r ' -ri ' - ' ' ' I V t ' . Left to Right, Row I — Arlenc Thomas, S.illy Witz, Dolores B.irtlett, Lee Martin, Helen Dennis, Yvonne Harmon, Patsy Yoder. Row 2 — Helen Williams, Florence Harrison Morgan, Adelaide Joseph, Marion Thomas, Joanne Cole, Carol Struble, Faye Laurence, Mar Hiiggins. jfh4epeh4eHt Wmeh OFFICERS Helen Dennis President Yvonne Harmon Secretary Dolores Bartlett Treasurer Arlene Thomas Athletic Director Helen Miller Senator In order that girls who do not join a sorority may take part in campus activities, the organization of the Independent Women exists. The emblem contains a torch of knowledge and a key to friendship. The colors of the organization are green and white. lm4a cuthefh College Campus Fraternities : Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Epsilon Phi Pi Kappa Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Chi Phi Sigma Kappa Sororities: Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Zeta Beta Sigma Omicron Independent Women ♦ ■ ' ♦■■. ■• • • ■■ f? ■ " ' W MEMBKRS Left to Right, Row 1 — Watkins, Conklin, Long, Dr. Klser, Atwood, Mr. Case, Freeman, Page. Row 2 — Wilson, P. Zimmer, Condray, Wynn, Mayer, Dahelstein, Atkin, J. Smith, Stout, Callahan, Frost, Dicdler. Row 3 — Patton, Barger, Reill} ' , Odom, Walker, Carrell, Rhinehart, McNally, Bull, Acker, Bciswanger. AuDREE Long President Claude Rudder Vice-President James Fritz Secretary Xarnbiia Cki filpka Carl Schuler Treasurer Edward Tjarks Ritualist Dr. E. a. Case Faciiltv Advisor ♦♦♦%•• M ■.. (. Lefi to Right, Row 1 — Teutsch, Thomas, Tjarks, Frit , Rudder, Schiiler, Cox, Fisher. Row 2 — Maisch, Reynolds, Fucr, Hart, Noely, D. Zinimcr, Rlners, Alcorn, Hapelton, Fenton. Row 3 — Orrico, Morgan, Buckley, Arnold, Greer, Hilton, Judge, Angeloff, Brown, Hahn. Alpha Cp ilcH Ki Chaptet Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on March 22, 1909, at Boston University. The local chapter was formed hy Iheta Kappa Psi and Chi Delta Epsilon, two local fraternities. Some of their outstanding- social events are the Christmas party, the Costume Ball, and the Founders Day banquet and dance. These men are integral parts of the sports program of the college, and the fraternity has four members who were elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. They give a party each Christmas for the children at the Rose Keller Orphan Home. The Chapter this year plans to he host to the District Conclave. Their flower is the white rose, and their colors are green and gold. , ♦ ♦ Lejl to Right, Row 1 — John Parker, Ed Bigler, Ted Mayor, Jim McCain, J. P. Curl, Ormond Rolfe, John While, Pat McBride. Row 2 — Earl Glllman, Bill Fisackerly, Perry Pease, John Buckluilt, Bob Mallender, Jim Templon, Bud Allison. Row 3 — Ro - Weaver, Gordon Jenkins, Bill Castleberry, Ted Phillips, Herbert Reviere, Philip Demi, Jack Lichterman. pi tiapfia fllpka J. p. Curl President James McCain ue-Pres ' ident Edward Bigler Secretary Theodore Mayor Treasurer Ormond Rolfe Historian Patrick. McBride Chaplain ► • % • ♦ ♦•♦•♦♦• IMS MMkJ ' fy I.fjt to Right, Row 1 — William T. Anderson, Charles Ladcndorf, Homer Hlrt, Harold Bonnctt, William O. Anderson, Sidney Broiighton, Charles Seymour. Row 2 — Ronald West, Wa ' ne Bond, Paul Whitsctt, Ray Smith, Joe Burch, Allen Arbuthnot, John Dudgeon. Row .3 — James Edwards, Edmund Fogart -, Floyd Taylor, James Robinson, ' ance Weeks, Robert Bl} , Carl Sanduskv. helta helta Chaptef Pi Kappa Alpha was originally known as Chi Rho, a local fraternity, founded in 1936 on Florida Southern ' s campus. On May 1 0, 1 947, the Delta Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was instituted. This national fraternity was founded at the University of ' irginia, Charlottesville, ' irginia, on March 1, 1868. I ' he colors of the fraternity are garnet antl old gold, and the official Bower is the lily- of-the-valley. There are ninety-seven chapters with many Alumni Clubs and Societies throughout the United States. The Pike Follies is one of the most entertaining and outstanding events on campus each year. The " Dream Girl " dance highlights its social activities. ♦ ♦ ♦ Lejt to Right, Ruw 1 — Rubcrt Brucu, John D.nidsou, Robert Gartner, Joseph De Flora, Ned Hill, William Frazer. Row 2 — George Peterson, Robert KenncJ •, Earl ' arnes, Clifford Miller, Joseph Do le, Charles Meyers, Thomas Bh ' tli. Row 3 — Robert Patterson, Burt Barr, Daniel Earlev, William Couch, George Stein. Robert Gartner President John Davidson Secretary pi Happa phi AlAXTTAXEl Joseph De PYora Treasurer Robert Bruce ' ' Kappa Phi Representative -■ mmmm. ■ I ,. ' , ' iV Left to Right, Row 1 — John F ' l;Uhy, Forrest Halter, DcUurt Allen, Lynn Maxwell. Row 2 — Roy Pederson, Jan Bloenipoort, Ralph Allen, William Arthur, John Attaway, Robert Dooly. Row 3 — Edward Hcirholyer, Joseph Campbell, James Sullivan, Howard Kidder, Wordie Dement, Edwin Waters. Seta Seta Ckaptef Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in the year 1904. In 1946 a local group on the campus of Florida Southern College got together under the name of Phi Sigma Phi. Early in October of 1948 the outfit afHliated with the national organization of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity with the local designation of Beta Beta. The red rose is the tiower and gold and white are the colors. r • i f- ). ■«. •«. • ••• • • MEMBERS Lejt to Right, Row I — Sylvester, Fernandez, Flamand, Bergen, Erwin, Samson, Stansburv, Blount, Hyde. Row 2 — Holt, Luzzo, Fields, Briggs, Richards, Taylor, McCart -, Ogden, Rohmann, Black. Row 3 — Mock, Lichlyter, Johnson, Dulane}-, Thomas, Hamilton, Causseaux, Pavton, Haines, Dohan -, Thomas. i tna fllpha Cp ilcH John Erwin President LiNDSEY Bergen Vice-President Edgar Sampson Secretary George Stansbury Treasurer ■♦• y- ' ! ■ y. ' .t w. PLEDGES Lejt to Right — George Lowe, Page Watson, Charles Younger, James Lineberger, Randolph Owsley. JloHda amtna Florida Gamma of SAE was first formed on the campus of Florida Southern College as a local, Rho Epsilon Chi, in the spring of 1947. It was foundeil hy four faculty memhers who were SAE ' s here. Professors Ogden, Norton, Richards, and Battle guided the local toward its goal of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a goal which was realized in September of 1949, when a charter was granted to Rho Epsilon Chi at the National Convention in Los Angeles, California. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was first founded at the University of Alabama in March of 1856. From these humble beginnings, it has grown to a total of 127 active chapters in 36 states. The colors of SAE are purple and gold, and the flower is the violet. ■ • ■♦• - • ' •■j-r J.fjl iv Rf iii, l in 1 — Joliii Al.iclidkl, Joiin i iil() . .( , VVilliaiii HoMscs, k.u iiiond Fox, VV ' illi.ini Cogan, Russell Pritchard. Row 2 — Joseph Abil, Robert Riecio, Edward Carlton, John Wright, Gilbert Meyer, John Ward. Row 3— Richard Stork, Daniel Becker, Walter Shiffllet, Ralph Caprio, Ronald Bruggenian, William Milozzo, Edward Simon. i ma Pki CpMlcH Raymond Fox -------_______ President John Maehoi.u -------_--__ Vice-President William Cogan -------------- Treasurer John Milozzo -------------- Secretary MUi ' i mmm j? ' • ' ' w " ' " W " In May of 1949 the Mu Delta local fraternity of Florida Southern College was granted a charter by the national fraterni- ty, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Well aware of the responsibilities this implied the new Florida Delta of Sigma Phi Epsilon accepted with pride the violet antl the rose as their flowers and purple and red as the fraternity colors. Since its inception the Florida Delta chapter has participated most successfully in all phases of college social and athletic life. %•• ■ ' Lejt to Right, Row 1 — Lodato, Kalisher, Feldni.m, HionidL-s, Hatchigan, Herman, Tatar, Cedeno, Ahramson. Row 2 — Mellis, Hornstein, [ones, Stoll, Winchcll, Romano, Goldstein, Sossig, Tripaldo. Row 3 — Last, Flrenze, Judin, Lehman, Toppfer, Atchlsjn, Fagen, Dondls, Blauner, Gillett. Tau CpMhh phi Paul Hatchigan ------------- Chancellor Kenneth Herman ----------- Vice-Cha iieIlor Morton Tatar ----------- Correspotulhig Scribe George Hionides -------------- Bursar Tail Epsilon Phi was founded on Octohcr 1(1, 1910, at Columbia University. The local which was known as Beta Delta Nu was formed and the Tau Rho chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi came to Florida Southern College on February 1, 1947. riie colors of the national fraternity are lavender and white. The national fraternity has two flowers: Lilies and iolets. On this campus the fraternity has come a long way in their effort to become the best in everything. They exxelled in athletics as well as in social doings. Socially, the annual Tep-Hop was the largest social affair of the year on the Florida Southern Campus. ' ■A ' a ' M ' M a ! " A ' A A A y» ' 0 • • •♦• • •♦•♦. ' ' ♦ Lejt to Right, Row 1 — O ' Brien, Cicconc, Gannett, Petersen, Van Blaricum, Brugmann, Ketz- ner, Wilson. Row 2 — Rothcnbcrger, Sanguilano, Ault, Morcraft, Lange, Murphy, Ramsdell, Schmidt, Conlay. Row 3 — Goldman, Orrico, Rowan, ' yehara, Bellonc, Cassidy, McWhortcr, Thomas. yau Happa Cp lcH Herbert Van Blaricum President Kenneth Petersen Vice-President Robert Gannett Historian James Brugmann Secretary Frank Ciccone Pledgc ' i mstcr August Fitzner Chaplain • •%•♦■ FWWP W .,.;-t ' 3?i: riJJi:::-2iG;; ■ .j«?tj,:. --S-- ' ' „v OFFICERS Z, to Right — Frank Ciccone, Robert Gannett, Kenneth Petersen, Herbert ' .in Blaricum, James Brugman, August Fitzner. au Happa Cp ilch Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1902. Since that time, it has grown into a national organization of more than eighty chapters in forty states. There are two other chap- ters in Florida, one at the University of Miami, and the other at the University of Florida. Beta Tau Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was established here in November of 1948, and was the first chapter of TKE in Florida. The colors are cherry and gray, and the flower is the red carnation. Active in all phases of campus life the TKE ' s put on each year the " Red Carnation Eall " , an all-campus dance, and have a Christmas party and outing for the Rose Keller Orphanage. PLEDGES Fred Adams Howard Bingham Harold Burg James Biichan Dick Freeman Jim Goodman Hugh Grainger Johny Green Jack Lester Alton Lcivonen Jim Murray Clennon Newsome Hal Norman Hugh Place Bob Pcpiot Dick Scars Jack Smith Clent Steuerwald Tom Torkleson Bill Valentine Lawrence Varner Everett WettingcU Bob Williams yketa Chi Thcta C " hi fraternity, founded in 1856 at Norwich University is proud to claim an un- broken roll of 92 chapters and over 28,UUU men. MI ' MHl ' -.RS Bakewcll, William Bayer, Fred Beymcr, James Boatwright, Earl Booth, Harold Bradley, Charles Buchanan, Robert Gating, Harold G. Cone, George C. Cross, James Draper, Willard DuBois, Chester DuBois, Russell Embry, Joel Ewing, Edwin Foutz, Clifford E. Giardina, Sahadore Glass, Charles B. Gracey, Louis Haskell, Warren Hudson, Gordon B. Kirkland, Edward Krewer, Robert Locke , Paul •■ ' ♦■ ♦ •♦ ♦%•.♦■ . ::-aZ MtetHitif atnftta helta Ckaptet Gamma Delta Chapter was installed in May, 1946. The fraternity colors are red and white, and the flower is the red Car- nation. Theta Chi ' s take an active part in varsity and intramural sports, college publi- cations and student government. Among the outstanding annual social events are the " Dream Girl Dance " and the " Red and White Ball " . MEMBERS McAlister, Delbert McClelLind, Aubrey McClure, M.irsh.ill Meyers, Lawrence Miller, James Neth, Carl Norton, Earl Oliva, Eugene Pegg, Basil Pickett, Leslie Powell, Terrell Prach, Edward Raskin, Jerald Riley, Robert Roberts, Kenneth Shepard, John Sparrow, Richard Tolle, Fiske ' anArsdale, Harold ' anOrsdale, Raymond Whetstone, ALilcolm White, John Wood, Wilfred Yoakley, David Zotti, Michael OFFICERS Ben Hudson Preside)it John White Vice-Presii eiit Ed Prach Secretary Del McAi.ister Treasurer Prof. C. S. Giles A dvisor ♦• ♦ Lep to Righl, Row 1 — Jerry Pollack, R.Uacl Kus.il, Walter Beck, Henr_ - Strait, Calos Zctina, Burtis Bond. Row 2 — Sam Slater, John Collins, Dikran Taner, David McKelvie, Charles Weber. Row 3 — Robert Kitchen, John Callawav, Gilbert .Aldrich, Junius Mallin. phi ma Happa Henry Str. it, Jr. ------------- President Walter C. Beck. ------------ Vice-President Rafael Rosal ----------- Recording Secretary Charles Weber --------- Corresponding Secretary Carlos Zettina ------------- Treasurer Dr. C. S. Rainwater ------------- Advisor 1 111 i87J Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at the University of Massachusetts in 1873. The chapter here was installed in the spring of 1950, from a local called Pi Alpha. The national fraternity, conservative in expansion, has in- stalled 60 chapters in accredited colleges and universities throughout the country. • ■ •• Y .•;S5 ' -,-, ! ■ I.,, I ' . i JOE .BllRCH- ♦ ♦• ♦ I Richard B. Mori. and Vani y Basketball and Tennis Coach Jm Samuel B. Luce Director, Men ' s Intrajnural Athletics ' - WC t Vincent Grannell Varsity Baseball Coach I I Roy Couch Varsity Crew Coach Mietii iC GILBERT GYMNASIUM • % ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ % ' ■mmiv: i S!mm xmm. jfhtfamfal BJBSSSr ? lit " SEs: Lejl lu Right — B.ick row — Seymour, Dye, Miller, Stone (I ' res.), Runi.in, Rotheiiberger Front row — Buchanan, Caprio, Judin, Pollak. hefiattimeHt • w 1 Jim Lease Track Coach Elizabeth Roller Women ' s Athletic Director ■■ ' ' h ' ittf ' Mii ' M G in L Robbifis FORWARD Don Kumm CENTER This season marked the cli- max for " Morland ' s Mighty Mites " as they capped a successful cage season by coming from behind to win the Dixie Conference Cham- pionship. 3, i Lou Hufn6.gel GUARD Rockey Pcgg OUARD Dam O Bricn Guard ■am :mf Ch rldS Terry FORWARD Fiskc To lie FORWARD Left to right (rear row) Coach Morland, Tolle, Wooge, Valentine, Kumm, O ' Brien, Hufnagel, Conners (Trainer). (Front row) Eisier (Manager), Pegg, Robbins, Zovath, Terry, Smith (Asst. Manager). Bill Valentine, CENTER Joe Zovdwth GUARD The brilliant play of Rocky Pegg, who was awardecd the Flambeau trophy as the outstanding player in the tourna- ment, paced the Mocs to their first championship. For the second year. Gene Robbins, made the All- Conference as well as the All-State team. Check Terry, who also made All-State for the second year, was awarded a place on the second five. The steady play of Iron-Man Zovath, Lou Hufnagel, Bill Valentine, Tom Wooge, Dan O ' Brien, Don Kumm, and Fiske Tolle contributed immeasurably to the success of the Mocs at the Championship tournament. Tom Wooge FORWARD ♦ ♦ Coached hy Jim Lease, the Bahy Mocs had a very successful season, winning 1 3 games, and losing 3. They were semi- finalists in the Tampa Trihune Tournament. Lejl to Ri ht, Standing — Coach Lease, Stone, Otto, Beaumont, Care), Schcnkcl, Rjmanski, Gillette, manager. Seated — Foutz, Murray, Fleming, Billstrand, F.herlv. VafMif che4ule FSC 62 FSC 37 FSC 53 FSC SS FSC 59 FSC 56 FSC 70 FSC 71 FSC 59 FSC 59 FSC 49 FSC 50 FSC 56 FSC 73 FSC 64 FSC 64 FSC 67 FSC 53 FSC 76 FSC 72 FSC 7S FSC 74 FSC 54 FSC 54 FSC 68 FSC 59 MacDill AAF 42 U. of Fla. 49 Mercer 70 J ax NAS 51 Charleston S7 MacDill 53 Ala. State 53 FSU 65 FSU 48 U. of Miami 69 U. of Miami 59 Stetson 59 Mercer 85 Jax NAS 56 Ga. Teachers 86 U. of Tampa 74 U. of Fla. 62 Stetson 51 Rollins 61 U. of Tampa 71 Erskine 86 Vofford 62 Rollins 51 NCE TOURNAMENT Howard 53 FSU 56 Mercer 54 ► ■•■♦••■ ' iM-.. J.,, f ' . LOOK Al ' THAI ' SMILE! Yes, you would smile too if you had been the coach of the Dixie Conference Champions. Coach Morland directed the Mocs to their most successful cage season in the history of Florida Southern Col- lege. Along with the Conference Victory the " Mighty Mites " under the mentorship of Coach Morland defeated the University of Florida on their own court for the second straight year. A TRADITION IS BORN At a recent F.S.C. baseball game, Coach Morland mentioned to Mr. Morrison Williams, the proprie- tor of the College Terrace, that it would be nice to award a trophy of some sort to the outstanding athlete of the year. To Mr. Williams, who has been most generous in his part dealings with the students, came the idea of selling the " Moccasin Flip " . In a very short time the money for the plaque was raised. The money for the " Most Outstanding Athlete " award will, in the future, be raised in a like manner. b ' - . - - - . - Left, jroii ii, I , ii — Locku, Lyons, Dement, Peterson. A ' i, ' , jii,iit to 1 1 :: Dr. Spive ' , He.ilv, Waters, Gay, Allen, Tipaldo. The year of 1948-49 wilJ Jong he remenihei-ed as the first in which the trim, sleek shells bearing the Red and White of Morida Southern first knifed into the smooth water of Lake Hollingsworth. Within a few months the Water Moccasins of Roy Couch had compiled an enviable record in collegiate rowuig circles, taking second honors in the state championships and in the Memorial Day Regatta in New York City. This year the Water-Mocs have been tabbed the crew to beat in the Pouuh- keepsie Regatta. Only a one second loss to Boston University has kept the Mocs from a perfect record. In b ebruary the Varsity and JV Water-Mocs swept the Gasparilla Regatta Carnival in Tampa and the following month garnered another double win in the { ' ' ounders Week Regatta. In dual races with Dartmouth, LaSalle, and American International, the Water M were victorious. ocs Coach Roy Couch with the Gasparilla Regatta Trophy-. ■gagr WBitiwK.: arslty .md J pr.ictice. • ••♦•• ♦ • • ♦ Wo7 T? r ,fiZ M .W7 ' ? « ' ' i= s ' ; ;jS isJrtii8r-;-:iiiW ' ir •■:i(iissJ». " sj.: ' -:. ' .m-jf ' XvW:. The JayVees have proved that even small Moccasins are deadly by winning nine out o{ eleven races. Lejt to Right, Standing — Couch, Allen, Bloempoort, Krac kowsky, V ' anArsdalc, ThonnL-son, Ward, Choquctte, Foster. Kneeling — Coxswain Kenney. Working out in both Lake Hollingswortb and Lake Parker, the teams provide a colorful backdrop as they send their sleek shells skimming over the water. Coach Couch can be justly proud of the showing his boys are making after only three short years. The Freshmen crew has had hard luck this year, but show great promise for future wins. Le]t to Right, Standing — Hermanspan, Rosswaag, Nybakken, Waters, Rogers, Megliola, Maiberger, Krickmeyer, Lent. Kneeling — Coxswain Terr)-. FrAnk Decker PITCHER Roger Sinigoi LE FT Fl ELD ViTJHji if W »• ' ! W CATCHER Varsity vJirn Leevse PITCHER Chuck Te r r y SHORT STOP i The 1949 season for the Moc baseball team was marked by a vast improve- ment over the preceeding two. In three short seasons Coach Granell fused to- gether a team with plenty of sparkle and a desire to win. With a fast outfield and the brilliant work of Johny Green behind the plate, the excellent pitching of Spittel, Decker, Lease, and Ramsdell, the Moccasins were able to overcome their weakness with the willow. The ability of the entire team to come through in the clutches proved to be their most valu- able asset. ••♦•♦ nm Mii ' . ' M M Tri- : ' :.i--Z i.M?MK Sk: . ' il ' SFSr ' ' . - ' Sj. ' iii.; ;;; ! : ' -;••:. M ' - r ■■k i; Au " Fiske To lie I CENTER FIELD Vic Giordano SECOND BASE ; Baseball . " % ji vJoe Subbiondo CENTER FIELD When the Seminoles came to Lakeland on May 20 to close the season, Stetson, FSU, and Southern were virtually tied for the title. The Moccasins needed both games to take the Conference title, whereas a single loss would have dropped the Mocs to third place be- hind Stetson. However, Coach Granell ' s men were not to be denied. Behind the masterful four hit pitching of Jack Spittel and the timely hitting of Joe Zovath, the Seminoles were set ' down to the tune of 3-1. Lee Ramsdell, an- other southpaw, duplicated Spittel ' s four hitter to nail down the championship for Southern. The clutch hitting of Joe Zovath again provided the margin of victory. J " o c Wilcox LEFT Fl ELD Joe Zov Ath RIGHT FIELD • ♦♦♦■(■ ■ ■ a B „? . S . J,i,| 1949 ARSrrV BASEBALL TEAM ,( ' to Riij , Standing — Manager Conners, Decker, Terr} ' , Hionides, Lease, Spittell, kamsJell, Siilihiondo, Telle, Coach Grannell. Seated — Green, Sinigoi, Zovath, Wilcox, Williamson, Biastre, Dc Fonso, Rozzo, Giordano. Those earning varsitv letters were Captain johny Green, Jack Spittel, Frank Decker, George Hionides, Lee Rams- dell, Roger Sinigori, Chuck Terry, Joe Wilcox, Joe Sub- biondo, Fiske Tolle, Marty Williamson, Joe Zovath, ' ic Giordano, Ray Beastri, |im Lease, and Manager Bill Con- nors. cke ule •SAFE " FSC 9 FSC 4 FSC 5 FSC 10 FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC 5 5 5 5 5 5 T J) 3 U. of Tampa U. of Tampa Fla. State U. Fla. State U. Mercer Mercer U. of Tampa Stetson Univ. U. of Tampa Stetson Univ. Fla. State U. Fla. State U. 8 8 2 1 6 1 1 i " We forgot what happened next. " S m iiisJ w. VARSITY G hF Left to Right — Tomlinson, O ' Hara, McKcnnon, Bradley, and Dees. Absent: Leigh, Hinson, and Jones. With the return of George Winchell, Dixie Conference singles champion, the Moc netmen give promise of bettering their third place ranking gained at the Macon Tournament last year. Winchell, who took the title without dropping a single set, and teamed with Marsh Feld to capture the cioubles crown, is ably supported by returning lettermen Gregg, Holland, and Owsley. The consistent play of Seymour, Lange, Kanrich, and Zotti give the Mocs a well-rounded team that should prove formidable to all opposing racqueteers. Paced by Captain Bill O ' Hara, Bill Teigh, Bob Hinson, and Jess Dees, the Mocs heldeci a strong quartet that finished onh ' three strokes off the medal score to win third place in a field of nine four-man teams at the State Inter- collegiate Championships. Catherine McKennon and Millard Jones rounded out Southern ' s regular team. The Mocs were again coached by Charles Collin s, popular pro at Cleveland Heights. TENNIS Curtis, Winchell, Owble , Coach Morland. Kneeling — Kanrich, Lange, Seymour. Lejl to Right, Standing — Coach Lease, Arbuthnot, Brown, Shiipp, Goldstein, Bruce, ' ickers, Stevens, Knowles, Eberly, Burg. Front row — Jiidin (manager), Risler, Sandusky, Brush, Warner, Booth, Fleming, Buclian, McKenna. ■ 5R 6 DASH— Kbcrly, Brush, McKenna. WEIGHTS — Stevens, Teniplon, Bruce, Knowles. ' -- ' : " f. ' ikiu mWi - : iiS: ii::3. DISl WCl ' . — Booth, Buchan, Fleming, Brown, Shupp, Goldstein, Arbuthnot. JL ' MPI ' .RS iSiirt;, Sandusky, ickers, Warner, Risler. Under the rigorous training schedule laid down by Coach Jim Lease, Southern ' s Fly- ing Mocs were soon whipped into a formidable crew that shows promise in the coming season. Carol Ann Battle, the Vwch mascot of the Cheerleader squad. 0utketH Ckeetleadet The livt:;ly cheerleaders of the Red and White for the year 1949-50 displayed the spirit that should have heen typical of the student body as a whole. Always hustling, always trying, they often worked as liard at keeping school spirit at a lively tempo as the varsity squad did in winning the games. Lejt I ' j Right, Rear row — Bill Bailey, Kathrinc Marone, Cathrine Giandelia, Tom Torkelson. Front row — Clo Ann Watkins, Phyllis Turner, Lois Clark. ♦ • ♦ ♦ , j Htfamutal Scat 4 Le]! to Rig it, Standing — Miss Roller, Koestncr, Peel, Odom. Seated — Thomas, Powell (pres.), Trask. Under Miss Elizabeth Roller ' s guidance, the Women ' s Intramural Board promotes athletic participation among the girls of the college. Members of the board are elected by their sororities and intlependent organizations and act as executive council for all sports other than those connected with class activities. Awards are presented for high scoring and individual achievement. Theodora Williamsr r . ' -and we play basketball, too. Now we know wh ' Dr. Spivey luult his home on the Lake. And some people wonder why the ducks come s outh in the winter. And for this you get Class credit. ♦ • ♦ - t§ • ♦ - Y i n ? co : There ' s no fluff and nonsense about the Dermetics Ageless Beauty Pro- gram. It adds up to a prettier YOU ! S. A. CLEANSER whisks away stale make-up in seconds! BLUSHING encourages renewed circulation! COMPLEXION LOTION is a non-astringent freshener! COMPLEXION DRESS provides under-niake-up protection! NITE EMOLLIENT works its magic wliile you sleep! SUPER RICH Hydronized Oils relieve Dry Skin! Add ARTIST PORTRAIT MAKE-UP for vibrant color, and a PRETTIER YOU! IN LAKELAND THESE FINE HYDRONIZED OILS ARE SOLD AT THE FOLLOWING SHOPS: NEW FLORIUA BEAUTY SALON - - - NEW FLORIDA HOTEL THE LILLLAN BEAUTY SALON MARBLE ARCADE ROCHELLE ' S BEAUTY SHOP - • 430 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE RUTH ' S BEAUTY SALON ■ - EDITH ' S BEAUTY SALON 214V2 WEST CRESAP MYR-MAC BEAUTY SHOP ■ - 846 SOUTH NEW YORK AVENUE RAYSOR HESTER BEAUTY SHOP 825 EAST OSCEOLA . . . 80r, EAST PALMETTO 650 Jiftfi c uaiu zisj yoil 20, N. . » «•• «•« ♦ « %■♦••■ iiil l£iftN c lAKELAhD °uP f FLOR.DA SOUTHeZcolUOS HEART OF THE CITRUS INDUSTRY ;f,lKli«H .«lH«W»,1!.-- il- ■ » 9 4 9 For The Finest In 1 FILMS, CAMERAS, PHOTO SUPPLIES • • • EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING see SANBORN CAMERA CENTER RE ACH FOR | no S. Tenn. Ave. — Phone 37-242 SUNBEAM •!••-. = ■»»«■» ■:»■.■■■■ ■»■■■» — — — — — — — — — ■■ — ■■»»»» MYRICK ' S MEN ' S STORE Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes BREAD i j V Palm Beach Clothes Knox Hats — Arrow Shirts ■ Walkover Shoes • • • } 113 S. Kentucky Ave. • Lakeland, Florida • ! • • LAKE MORTON ! THE INTERLACHEN SODA SHOP j STAFF sandwiches i soft drinks sodas } EXTENDS ITS 1 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ! CONGRATULATIONS AND Lakeland. Florida 1 ...BERN ICE ' S... BEST WISHES THE TO THE EXCLUSIVE SHOP FOR CLASS OF ' 50 COLLEGE WOMEN 307 E. Main St. - - Lakeland, Florida n ' a ' ' -««»«;• j« ' ' ' i.;.iiW (i-j- ' -.•i?.l: .-JitiSl S A CORDIAL WELCOME TO THE STUDENTS. FACULTY, and VISITORS OF FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE FROM THE LAKELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Levie D. Smith, President John M. Bryson. Manager COMPLIMENTS OF.... REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Specializing in SANDWICHES - SALADS - FRENCH FRIES - FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 24882 940 So. Fla. Ave. ENGLE ELECTRIC COMPANY j . TJie House of Westinghoiise Lakeland Florida CONGRATULATIONS to Graduates and Faculty frr7 nilii n LIE Lakeland , •.•.♦■•— »■ ♦ - - -. i . I ALBRITTONS SHOP ] GOWNS . . . HATS . . . Adel Simpson Rentncr Jr. Jr. Foriiials Lilli Dache Vogue Hahit Maker Jr. Formal Alice May Bags by Pichel .... . 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KING PRODUCE COMPANY WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE 107 West Cannon St. Phone 2S-751 Lakeland, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF Berger Rachelson WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND CANNED GOODS Tampa Florida ' « ♦ - SPCEDV fLAMt mmwo K There ' s a bright new world awaiting today ' s Youth. And I ' m doing all I can to make it even brighter. Constantly improving and extending my Sunshine Service . . . helping make Lakeland a better and better place in which to live. —SPEEDY FLAME, Your Gas Servant ' . FLOR IDA POWERff LIGHT COMPMY ftil mil ' % ♦ ♦ • Jf uHstJai i ' H «ao, ;jii ,i BO jJ iiiirJs iSfti GRAND LEADER BEST WISHES .... CLASS OF 1950 | FROM 120 S. Kentucky Ave. Lakeland Florida I Compliments of I LAKELAND LINEN SERVICE 22 ears Depeudahle Service ■w Phone 47853 11411 2 East Parker Street Lakeland, Florida MORRISON WILLIAMS Manager College Book Store and Terrace MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK BORDEN ' S DAIRY PRODUCTS • 44 L. 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Eight-Brush Washer FOOD MACHINERY IIIC AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION Florida Division - - Lakeland, Florida Ro:ler Drip Elevator Parker Sizer (Bins removed) •• ♦ Compliments of ORANGE BLOSSOM PERFUME GIFT SHOP GIFTS OF DISTINCTION ▼ ▼ ▼ 110 South Kentucky Ave. Lakeland Congratulations TODD HARDWARE CO. GENERAL HARDWARE DuPont Paints 113 South Florida Avenue Lakeland. Florida CONGRATULATIONS . . . AND BEST WISHES— CLASS ' 50 FAITH must be the foundation for Future America ! Believe in yourself, and the lifetime ahead of you, and you will be in- spired to unlimited success . . . Faith in your Church . . . Faith in your Country . . . Faith in your Leaders . . . and Faith in Yourself. Member FDIC Peoples Savinss Bank Lakeland Florid Best Wishes - - - Class of ' SO . . . RACY ' S . . . LADIES ' AND CHILDREN ' S APPAREL PIECE GOODS lakeland, FLORIDA Congratulations to Clasj of " SO GEO. L.GAINES JEWELER j Telephone 24191—309 East Main Street lakeland I I ••% ••• • ♦ • «■••• ffi5» ' . ' ;ai »5.jf, ' ' A% iai t4S ' ? ConaratuLationi and Jl it ii iJiEi to tliE ( La±i or jO .... FLORIDA GROWER PRESS PRINTERS OF THE INTERLACHEN 1306 GRAND CENTRAL AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA 1 Autcuyuifiltl ♦ ♦•• ♦ ( jPwSIS ' £EF ijEil 5K!3 r ' d J ' S 9- WW- r i i; ' -t!lli. g BEHI ICHARTERJ J«t . ' BuR(-M- 4 9 , ' I, ■ " ' V v. ' ' j -- ' k- ' X • .f ; .• iv - tespt ' 7 -- ' t " r ' " 1 m . . 4 A I, I fe -- . ' ■ ' € y Z ' ' 1,. ' . ' ' ' ■•, z " " m

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