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1949 .r ' rhr Ss 2 3S ■s -- v iinv c ' . i Qv " irv St iS mfi ' ■ p 0A S? is. ' : X. rM UKa. ■•rw lis r?) • • •■ • Garden of Meditation _ J :i- V W « l YEARBOOK FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE " f ii : INTERLACHEBf M- ' m The year nineteen forty-nine has brought many changes to Florida Southern College; new buildings, new faces, and a new spirit. When enough time has passed to dim the memories of the years spent among the pleasant surround- ings of the campus, it is hoped that this Interlachen will serve to recall every one of these precious moments to you. In preparing this volume, the Editors have endeavored to select the material which most vividly portrays the events which we feel were most representative of this year. May this book keep those memories constantly before your eyes in the years to come. It is with this purpose in view that the nineteen forty-nine Interlachen has been published. - - - ■ :; ' PRESlDENrS MESSAGE Here is the INTERLACHEN for 1948-49. Much hard work has gone into the creating of this book. The whole staff deserves the commendation of the faculty and students. To the Seniors, who are going out of Florida South- ern College for the last time, I give my very personal regards. I hope for each one of them a large place in the ongoing of our world. To the students who are to return and who have not graduated, I want to wish for them a very happy vacation and a safe return to the college in 1949-50. The prospects for next year are good. We do not want more students than we have. We hope to im- prove the quality of the college. We are working hard for a good Freshman class. Ludd M. Spivey President DEDICATION This annual is dedicated to MISS OWEEN SUMNER, our Librarian. Miss Sumner is not only an efficient librari- an, but, along with her competence, she has a wonderful spirit. Her friends among the faculty, students, and the community are almost numberless. Her loyalty to her college, and her church, and her friends, and her position is un- surpassed. The President of the college, the faculty, and students all join gladly in this dedication of our INTERLACHEN to her. iiroi ' lditc I ii ' ii of (.(iiuji i Campus Scene •x -«.? " ' . ' -X-ts •-t Vt- ' JSaiPgRlWK agg; rmw m .. Mmmmm idiniiiislrdlioii Hiiildiiiii front Lihrdiy Esphmmlv Leading to Library Fine — W (itson Administration Building Patio and Esplanade to Administration Building ■ww i Joseph Reynolds Hall Palm Lane by Joseph Reynolds Hall Eleanor Scarle Drawino; Room in JospijIi Reynolds Hall View from Patio , Inn it ' Pfeiffer Cliajx ' l Interior of Annie I ' feiffer Chapel On the Air 4 .f f -t • t t The E. T. Roit.v Library Honor Guests at International Tea Left to Right: Earle G. More, Columbian Vice-Consul, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Frances M. Sack and Mr. Sack, Guatemala, Pres. of the Guatemalan Consulate, Mrs. E. W. Monrose and Mr. Monrosc. French Republic ( Consul) Ernest Rerger, Panama (Consul), Baroness ' an Till of Holland. t ♦;„♦■•♦ .j iM ' ' - -J t- . ' f . ' ir V View of East Campus Student Lounge «finBRff . ♦ %L»» Arial View of J. Kd ' ar II all W atrr Donie Interior of College Terrace The Commons Tlie Commons Patio — (College Terrace Soda Shop One of the Seven Dormitories IKsed by Men Faculty Lounge — PI K. A. House (West Hall) One of the JSine Fmnlty Aimrtmenl niul Sororily Jlons Campus Scene Campus Scene Esplanade in Front of Seminar Building m :i -LL iH . . , - •♦ ' •_ ; 1 ' ' : J ! fW Cam[jus I ieiv y ■ j »giJ AU ' ' Mens Infirmary Interior of Gilhrrt Gymuasiimi Edur Hull Art Studios Josi ' i h Reynolds Hall from Pool Fine — W atsoii Administration Building By W ater Dome ■••■♦• " ♦• : • m s ami M.1V Citrus School Sokoloff ill Laboratory Music School The L. N. Pipkin Bamlshdl The E. T. Roux Library From Chapvl lliniii ' iij til. tiiid Mis. Ludil M. .S u Dr. and Mrs. Lucid M. Spivey entertaining Students in their Home 4 ••• •♦- ' ;• . Lakeland from the Air Room In Men ' s Dormitory 1 ; I ' f ' jmS, ■■ ' ..■ ' ■ ; t. ' , ' :..i- iii DR. LUDD M. SPI EY President A.B., M.A., B.D., LL.D., Ed.D. Dr. of Humanicks 9 DR. J. AVERY GUYTON Chancellor of Florida Southern College 1948-1949 j uiuuimituiBaLiiisa Eaa DR. CHARLES THRIFT Vice President DR. J. C. I ' EhL Dean of the College |)1-:.AX K. R. Rn-:DKR ' (■ ) of Students hi A : A M II. I.I ' , Lhiin of II omen C( )KXI. (: T( H.l.l ' . Jjiisines.s M uiiLUier DR. W. E. DEMELT Registr ar ALTON KINDRED Pitrsar fU OL.M KRNE:ST A. LILLFA ' Public Relations Director DR. RUHKKT MAC(i() AX Dean of .Annie Pfieffer Chapel DEAN ROBERT GAYLER Dean of School of Music Administrotii I Council 0-4-0.-4- »rJ. AL ' K AUAiM; R.S. JUANITA l.KACH andersojn A.P,., M.A. Business .!diiii)iistraliiiii ULIH, SHERMAN BANDY A.B., M.A. Span isli HliXRY GREEN BARNETT A.B., M.A. Enqlish FACULTY HELEN WOOD BARXUM Graduate W. Va. Wesleyan College Piano and Music Education C. GLADSTON BELL A.B., M.A. English MARY DOWNS BERRY B.S. Assistant Librarian MELVERN HOB ART BERRY B.S., M.A. Biology 1 ♦ " ♦ ' ■ ' iLi ' Jt .:! WVATT RAINEY I ' .LASSINGAME A.B. JuunicilisDi ROBERT .STEWART BLY B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry GENE TE E LA VRI-:XCE R(3BINSON BROWN A.B., M.A.. I ' ll. I). Eiii lish. |( )ll DVMOXD BYRl) Hiu lisli FACULTY ROBERT CARTER B..S., M.A., B.M. Piano EGBERT ATHELING CA.SE A.B., M.A. Mathematics ROBERT A. CHAPMAN LAURA LEONARD CLYAT ' A.B., A.M.B.D. B.S., M.A. Sociologx Business Administration 4. " w SAAIL ' KL (iWVNX COK A.i;.. M.A., Ph.D. ' iistory and Political Science SAR.- H COLEMAN Kiiidcrgarden and Nursery MATTHEW ROY COL ' CH Crezt. ' Coach ;l " th kai.mmtta day L.I. Music FACULTY RACI-: L. DECASTKRLIXE WILLL M EUGENE DEMELT A.B., M.A. Ph.P... M.A., Pd.P,., Ph.D. Religion Registrar Psychology MILDRED DRACH AB., M.L. Business Adm inistration HELEN CORINNE EARLEY A.B., M.A. Psychology I ' .ML •:X ETTING KARL J. EWERTS CARl . FRANKLLN FERNER EDWARD LEE I!.S. I ' H.B., Ll.B. B.S., M.A. I ' LEMMIXG, JR. Arc Gcoryraphy Journalism B.S.. M.Ed, " Education and Psychology FACULTY - 1 ELI AM GREGORY THOMAS J. FORD CARRIE W. FOSTER AUDIE FRANKLIN FUGITT FLETCHER A.B. A.B., B.S. B.S., M.A. D.D. History Home Economics History and Political Science Religion ARRENXE HL ' XTLI ' IY FUGITT B.S. English ROBERT GAYLI ' :R Graduatf of Scharwenka Conservatory of Music Dean of School of Music Organ CHARLES STANTOX (;iLES P..S. (Iradinte of the ' esper Cieorge School of Art Art Y ' ONNE GOLDSBOROUGH A.B., M.A. French FACULTY VVILLIAM MARION GOLDSMITH A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Biology GEORGE GREBENSTCHIKOFF English and kiissian TANYA GREBENSTCHIKOFF Director of Print Shop SAMUEL GRIFFITHS Mus.B. Director of Orchestra Music Theory ADA HAMELRYCK A.B., M.A. Spanish EMIL ' SUSAX HAXCOCK B.S., M.A. B usi)i CSS Adm iiitrati m Ror.KRT i-:l ]x hazel A.B. English ROXAI.l) !•( )L ' XTAIX HUSSEV A.B., M.S., Sc.D. Biology FACULTY iMILDRED IBBERSON B.S., M.A. Speech AGNES JOHNSON A.B., M.A. English EDWARD RATLIFF JOHNSON B.S., M.A. Historx LEROY JOHNSON B.S. Mathematics - -v im WILLI A.M S. Kir.LER K. S. KLSER I)A " IIJ R. J-AXCiFITT .SA.MLEL T. LASTLVGEIx A.r.. B.S,, M.S. B..S. B.S.E., M.A. Eni lisli Biology Director of Citrus Kcstarcli Education FACULTY .SAMUEL V. LL ' CE I ' ..S. ' ( vsicol Education ROBERT ALACGOWAX D.D., A.B., ALA., P,.!).. Litt.!). Dcaii of the Chapel Philosophy ELAIXE mixxis A. p.., P..S, Business . Idiuiiiistration I ' AL ' L L. MITCHELL B.S., ALA. BusiuciS .Iduiiiiistratiou RICHARD MORLAND A.B., M.Ed. Physical Education CLARMXCE LEROY MURRAY B.S., M.S., D.Ed. Education ANTHONY g. MLSTOE B.S. Matluviiatics RE EDWARD NORTON Pastor of College Heights Church FACULTY JAMES GORDON OGDEN, JR. B.S., M.A. Education COLIN O ' iMORE B.M. Voice AVON JACKSON PEACOCK B.S.E. AND B.S.A. Citrus JAMES CLAUDIUS PEEL A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College Education ; ' - ' » ' : ,[»;:; j WALLACE BEARU LEI-LEV B.S., M.A. Director of the Chorus Voice TAY C. PELTON B.S., M.S. Fhvsics MARJORIE MCKEOWN PLAYER A.B. English LESLIE HARPER PURCELL A.B., M.A. English FACULTY DAVID L. READDICK B.S. Industrial .Irts BERXHARD P. REINSCH A.B., B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Mathematics and Phxsics CLEVELAND BERMUTH GEER RETTIG AB. Citrus Culture LUCRETIA ALMSTED RETTIG B.S. Reference Librarian R(JHERT GOODALE RICHARD A.B., M.A. History ESMOND ROBERT RIEDEL Ph.B., M.A. Dean of Students Mathematics ELIZABETH ROLLER B.S., M.A. Physical Education GEORGE ERANKLIN SCOTT A.B., D.D. History Died Feb. 4, 1949 FACULTY HELEX ALMIRA SCCTT A.]]., M.A. linf lish and Speech LOTTIE BERTHA SELIG B.S. Home Economics MAX lACOB SELIG " r..s.c. Business .-Idiiiinistration EARL DAVIS SMITH B.S., M.S. Chemistry JOHN GALLAHKR SNYDER A.P.., M.A., Th.I ' .. Ri ' liij ' ion BORIS SOKOLOFF P-.S., Ph.D. Citrus Research WILLIAM HAROLD SPIVEV DONNA. STODDARD Graduate Julliard School of Music B.S., M.Ed. Piano Art FACULTY CHESTER PRADSTREET STORY A.B., M.A. Speech LOUISE OWEEN SUMNER A.B., B.L.S. Librarian Library Science RUTH EIRE TERRY A.B., M.A. Mathematics DONALD ALEXANDER THOMPSON A.B., B.D. Religion CHARLES TINSLEY THRIFT, JR. A.H., M.A., B.D.. Ph.D. I ' icc President of the Cullei e Religion CHARLES A. VANNOY A.B., M.A., Ph.D. foreign Languages DOSTER CECIL VINCENT A.B., M.A. Psyehology MAURICE WADE Miisie FACULTY THOMAS JEFFERSON G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN, JR WAGNER B.S. A. P.., M.A., Ph.D. Industrial Arts Edueation KARL REHBERG I.andseupe .Irtist MORRISON WILLIAMS Manager of Book Store " ' . - J ; : IRGINIA BROWN Assistant Registrar CECELIA COLBERT College Post Mistress RAE CURTLS Secretary to Dean of the Collcfie EDNA halli-:tt EVVERTS Dietition — Commons FACULTY MRGINL FALANA JUNE FIRST Treasurer of Eiidowineiit Fund Secretary to Business Manager OLIVE HARDEN A ' ttrse — Men ' s Infiriuarx PEARL HIBBLE Hostess — Joseph Reynolds Hall i ♦ » ♦ ♦ KARLENE HUSSEY Secretary to Vice President MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Women LIDA LING Secretary to Mr. Thontpson .MARY ALICE MORRIS .isslstaiit Bursar FACULTY OLIVE NORTON Asistant Dean of U ' oiueii GERTRUDE OWENS JESSIE RARRISH MORLAND Sccrctarv to Dean of the Collei c Assistant Publicity Director VIRGINIA POINT Assistant to Bursar ♦ ' ' •♦ - ■ . . RITA POWELLO Assistant to Registrar EMILY F. SIVITER Hostess — Sorority House PEARL STRAIN Assistant to Bursar VIRGINIA TURNER Assistant to Bursar FACULTY ISABEL WALP.RIDGE Hostess— Allen Spivey Hall DOROTHY WELLS Seeretarx to the President MRS. H. E. WILLIAMS Dining Hall Hostess BETTY DUDNEY Secretary to Dean of Stiide)its ■i t ¥ QUILLIAN YANCEY President of Student Body • ■ • ' ■;• ' ' ' i " . . ! Senior Class Officers President DON SNYDER ; -ice President BLANCHE SHUMANN Seeretary-Treasnrer MERCEDES INGRAHAM Senators JENNINGS HOOKS, MARIAN BLAIR s e n i r s ■J -x .■ Hi -.I .:■.-:■ «: Jvi.- RUTH ABRAMS. B.S. Everett. Mass. KENT ALBUS, A.B. New York, N. Y. Transfer, Mt. Ida Jr. College, Hillel Theta Chi, Varsity basketball Club. baseball. DOROTHY ELEANOR ALEXANDER. B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Pi. SENIORS ROBERT E. ALEXANDER, B.S THELMA ALFORD, B.S. Richmond, Ind. lillenton, Fla. Spanish Club, F. T. A., ' arsity Basketball. ISLA BURNETTE ALTMAN, B.S. Marion, S. C. Spanish Club, Clmnis. u il WILLIAM B. ARGIE, B.S. Malone, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha, F. T. A., Inter- LACHEN, 1948. ERWIN EARL BACH, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Transfer, Xorth Centra! College. KATHERINE BAILEY, B.S. Sarasota, Fla. Transfer, Eau Claire State Teach- ers ' College. SENIORS O A. BAIR, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Phi Alpha Delta. WILLIAM W. BECKETT. B.S. NANCY O. BEIGHEL, B.S. Winter Garden, Fla. Carnegie, Penna. Lambda Chi Alpha, Transfer, U. Alpha Chi Omega, Vagabonds, of I ' lorida, Pan American Club. BETTY JANE BERNEY, A.B. New York, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma. Cap (jown, W. S. G. A., Pan Hellenic Council. GEORGE CHARLES BINGHAM, JR.. B.S. Ridgewood, N. J. Pi Kappa Phi VIRGINIA BISHOP, B.S. Wauchula, Fla. Independent Women. SENIORS RACHEL BLYE BITTLE, B.S. ELSIE MARION BLAIR, B.S. CORNELIUS BLUM, JR., A.B. Haines City, Fla. Savannah, Georgia Wyckoff, N. J. F. T. A., ' arsit - l:!asketball. Trans- Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Rho Lambtla Chi Alpha, Debate Coun- fer. University of Mar3land, Delta Epsilon, Senate, F. T. A., Y. ' . C. cil. Delta Delta. A. fk,.... DONALD K. BOETHER, B.S. Paterson, N. J. Pi Kappa Phi, Gamma Icjta Alpha, F. T, A., Who ' s Who. EVERETT NELSON BOWSER, B.S. Orlando, Fla. JOHN R. BOYENTON, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Kappa I ' i. SENIORS JAMES EARL BOZEMAN, B.S. Brooksville, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, F. T. A. JOSEPH P. BROOKS, B.S. Bowling Green, Fla. NORVAL BROWN, B.S. Richmond, Indiana F. T. A. v ' - ■ ' • ' ; f:f; WILLIAM BROWN. JR., B.S. Paterson, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega, Chorus. C. F. BRUNDAGE, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. JOANLEE BRUNET, B.A. Lakeland, Fla. F. T. A. SENIORS JOHN THOMAS BRYANS, B.S. Paterson, N. J. NATHAN CURTIS BULLOCK. B.S. Haines City, Fla. CARL EDWARD BURKETT, B.S. Shenandoah, Va. I ' i Kappa Alpha. L ii - ii JOHN S. CALL, JR., A.B. Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tail Omega, Transfer, Uni- versity of Fla. GEORGE H. CARLTON, B.S. Wauchula, Fla. (ianinia Sigma Chi. HENRY T. CASPER, B.S. Paterson, N. J. Theta Chi, F. T. A. SENIORS ROBERT JAMES CHEYNE, B.S. BENJAMIN CHEREEK. B. S. Hacketts Town, N. J. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. i t T- , »• JOSEPH EARL CLARK, B.S. Tampa, Fla. F. T. A. JOHN H. CLAUS, JR., B.S. Plainfield, N. J. Pi Kappa Alpha. JOSEPH C. COCHRAN. B.S. Pittsburg, Pa. Pa. SENIORS JAMES V. CONLON, B.S. New York, N. Y. Soiitlicni, Transfer, Clarion Coll, Mason Dixon Club. JOHN M. COOPER, B.S. Kissimmee, Fla. BENJAMIN HERBERT COOKE, A.B. Franklinton, N. C. t , , ■,-,,, , • i i Lambda Lhi Alpha, Vagabonds, Kho I ' 4isilon Chi, Transfer, North Microphone Club, Who ' s Who. Carolina State College. MARTHA ELEANOR COWAN, B.S. Seffner, Fla. Chorus GEORGE E. CUSTER, B S. Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, F. T. A., Orchestra, Rho Epsilon Chi, Trans- fer, Emory University, Duke Uni- versity. ANNE CATHRYN DAILEY, A.B., B.S. Pelham Manor, N. Y. Kappa I ' i, Sciillicni, L ti;rlachen, Transfer, Penn Hall Jr. College. JOHN VINCENT D ' ALBORA, JR., B.S. Cocoa, Fla. Transfer, Duke University. SENIORS SYLVIA RUTH DANIEL, B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. WALTER H. DARAN, B.S. New Y ork. N. Y. GERALDINE DAVIS, B.S. Mount Morris, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Pi. Alpha Umicron I ' i, Pres. 48-9, Gamma F ' hi, Pierian Club, Cosmos, Kappa Delta Pi, Debate Council, F. SoutJicrn. T. A., Cap Gown, Transfer, Ul Syracuse University. | TVW ' ' i ' .- ' »- ' .i V. -ij -i " V .. ' .. 1 _£:L MARGARET DAVIS, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Chi ( )nu-ga. THELMA ANN DEAL, A.B. Newport News, Va. Delta Zeta. Transfer, Mars Hill Jr. College. JOHN R. DEEDRICK, B.S. Gary, Indiana SENIORS ROGER DOROSHAW, B.S. New York, N. Y. MARY EDNA DOUGLASS, B.S. Citra, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Omicron Phi, F. T. A., Y. W " . C. A. JOHN W DUDLEY, A.B. Flushing, N. Y. I ' i Alpha, Treas. ' 48-9. «UJi DELANCEY JAMES DUNN, JR., B.S. Rochester, N. Y. RAY M. DUTCHER, B.S. Ridgewood, N. J. CLAUD W. DYAL, JR. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi. Tiansfi-r, Xew York Lambda Chi Alpha, Prt-s. 48-9, University. Prv . Junior Chiss, 47-48. WILLIAM S. EARLE, JR., B.S. Sanford, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi. SENIORS JOHN EDWARD EARLY, B S Chicago, 111. JEAN G. EDWARDS, A.B. Pulaski, Va. Delta Zeta, W. S. G. A.. Sigma Rho Epsilon, Vice Pres. 48-49, Los Picaros. ' " ■ ' rf DAVID HENRY EYMAN, B.S. Sebring, Fla. KATHERINE FAGALY, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Rho Epsilun. MARSHALL LEE FELD. B.S. Forest Hills, L. I., New York Tlic-ta Clii. SENIORS JOHN PATRICK FLANAGAN, B. S. Lakeland, Fla. JOHN RAYMOND FOLTZ. B.S. GEORGE G. FORESMAN, B.S Hornell, N. Y. Prospect Park, Pa. J Transfer, Sampson College, X. Y. UtM.-. GEORGE MURRY FOUTS, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Thcta Chi. Alpha Sigma. DONALD JAMES FOX. B.S. JACK MILLER FREEMAN, B.S. Bethesda. Md. Bostic, N. C. Theta Chi, Pi (ianima Mu. Kappa Transfer, i ' .lon Ccllcgc. President Delta Pi, Whu ' s Who, F. T. A., S Senate, ' 46. Club. SENIORS ROBERT JAMES FUQUA, B.S. Sidney, Fla. LOUIS H. FUREN, JR. Fort Myers, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. LOIS M. FUTCH, B.S. Clermont, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi, Southern, Chorus, Transfer, Marv Washington College. ■ ■f ' N 1 DEAN GAISER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. LUTHER WILLARD GAULDING, JR., A.B. Tifton, Ga. Pi Alpha, Transfer, Universit}- of Georgia. EMORY CARTER GILBERT, A.B. Folkston, Ga. Transfer, Young L. G. Harris Col- SENIORS CYRIL F. GILL, B.S. Union City, N. J. Transfer. King College, Bristol, Tenn. DANIEL K. GILL, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. ROBERT M. GODBER, B.S. Auburndale, Fla. Iota Lambda Sigma, F. T. A. . iJ ' ■;, r mm I 4 JI ROBERT REID GORDON, B.S. Lynn, Indiana SAMUEL A. GREEG, JR., B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Theta Chi. S C ' luh. Tennis. SENIORS RICHARD M. GRUENWALD, B.S. West Palm Beach, Fla. Theta Chi, Phi Epsilon Nu, Who ' s Who, Editor, 1947-8, Southern, In- TERLACHEN, Fla. Student Press Assoc. LE ROY GULICK. JR. B.S. Elizabeth, N. J. Intramural sports. Pi Gamma Mii. Secty. ' 49. ROBERT A. HACKENBERG, B S. Dumont, N. J. Kho Epsilon Chi. LLOYD EDWARD HAMBURGER. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Tau Epsilon I ' hi, Beta Delta Nu, Intermurel Keys. ' ■• ' m : ' ' a m- . ' : ' . " i ' -- .ii ANNA JO HARPER, B.S. Bradley Junction, Fla. ROSEMARY HARRIS, B.S. Holgate, Ohio JEANNE HATFIELD, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Delta I ' i, Kappa ( )niicroii lieta Sigma (Jmicron, Chcjrus, Delta Zeta, Kappa I ' i, Who ' s Who, Phi, Pres. 47-48, W. S. G. A., Chorus, Traiisfcr, Incarnate Word College. Vagabonds, Cap Gown. Y. W. C. A., Cap and Gown. SENIORS JESS B. HAWLEY, JR., B.S. Babson Park, Fla. Alpha Delta Phi. CHARLES HEATH, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. FOSTER E. HEATH, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. BENNY EUGENE HENDRIX, B.S. Fort Myers, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM ROBERT HERING, B.S. Paterson. N. J. Pi Kappa Phi. CHESTER GRANT HOLBROOK, B. S. Neuton Center, Ma.ss. Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Pi, F. T. SENIORS LENWOOD MORGAN HOLLISTER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. JOY ELLIS HOLMER B.S. Miami, Fla. JENNINGS McCASKEY HOOKS, B S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Chi Oniet ' a, Kappa Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Trras. 1947-8. Pierian Club, F. T. A. Lambda Chi Alpha, V. P. ' 48, Pi fiamina RIu, Pres., ' 48, 49, Senior Class Senator. ' 49. iP. .. ROBERT EMMETT HOWELL, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. I OSCAR HERSCHEL HUDGINS B.S. Griffin, Ga. MERCEDES INGRAM, B.S. Jacksonsville, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, V. P. ' 48, ' 49. Gamma .Sij nia Chi, Sec.-Treas. Senior Class Sec.-Treas. V. P. Jr. 1948-9. Class, Y. W. C. A., F. T. A. Treas, Interlaciien, feature Ed. ' 48, ' 49. SENIORS CHARLES JEFFERY JACOBS, B.S. Fort Pierce, Fla. Theta Chi, Treas. ' 48-9. DESIREE JOERGER, B.S. Fort Pierce, Fla. . ' ipanish Club. ALBERT L. JEFFREYS, A.B. Chase City, Va. Phi .Sis ma Phi. Justice ' 48, Debate Team ' 47. JAMES E. JOHNSON, B S. C. JOCELYN L. JOHNSTON, B.S. Union City. N. J. New York, N. Y. Cheerleader, Capt. ' 47-8-9, F. T. A., Alpha Omicron I ' i, Treas. ' 48-9. S Club, Theta Chi, Tennis Team Debate Council, F. T. A. Mgr. ' 48. JEAN JOLLY, A. B. Transfer, esleyan College. SENIORS DONALD R. JUNE, B.S. Hornell, N. Y. Mason-Dixon. ROBERT E. KERSEY. B.S. Dade City, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES L KIRK, B.S. Carthage, 111. Lambda Chi Alpha, ' . P. ' 48. wir BETTY L. KNOX. A.B. Tampa, Fla. EUGENIA GIBSON LANE, B.S.i Haines City, Fla. ' INEZ LANGEBRAKE, B.S. Ft. Thomas, Ky. Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. Women ' s In- Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Rho ICpisi traniurals, F. T. A. on. Chorus, Y. W. C. A. SENIORS BERT E. LARSON, B.S. Vero Beach, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT LEROY LASTINGER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. WILBERT J. LAY, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. DONALD L. LEARNARD, B.S. Kittery, Maine Lambda Clii Alpha. HARRY B. LEARNARD, B.S. Kittery, Maine Lambda Chi Alpha. NORMAN B. LOCKWOOD, B.S. Keyport, N. J. F. T. A. SENIORS FRANK MORRIS LOVE, B.S. Tampa, Fla. JOSEPH MICHAEL LOWE, JR., B.S. Dunnellon, Fla. KATHRYN M. LUDLAM, B.S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Theta Chi, I ' hi . lpha Delta, ' ' liidi-pcndcnt Women, Kap[)a Delta Orchestra. Sauthcni. Lambda Chi Alpha, llusiness Man- Pi, P. T. A. ager of Ixterlachex, ' 48-9. Sm.3S.:i£-Ji: FRANCES BROWNE LYLE, B.S. Avon Park, Fla. Transfer. X ' irginia Intermont Col- lege. RUSSELL W. MACDONALD. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Bus. Mgr. IXTERLACHE.N ' 47- BARBARA MACKENZIE, B.S. Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Psi Omega, Vagabonds, Microphone Club, Trans- fer, Averett College. SENIORS JUNIUS MALLIN, A.B. Havana, Cuba Pi Alpha Pres. 1947-9. JON N. MANGNALL. B.S. NICHOLAS EM. MARCOU, B S. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Athens, Greece Instructor. Physics Summer Schcjol ' 48. .:. T-.:v ' -• " f- y ' Lm}!iiimMVMMUfAJJ ,J. MMI!l ALBERT THOMPSON MARTIN, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Tlu-ta Chi, Vagabonds, Microphone Club. WILLIAM S. MARTIN, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. CLYDE P. MAY, B.S. Winter Haven, Fla. SENIORS JOHN H. MAY, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. CHARLES IRVING MAYER, B.S. ERNEST J McCLELLAND, B.S. Flushing, N. Y. Lakeland, Fla. Beta Theta Pi, Transfer, Columbia Pi damma AIu. Princeton, V. P. La Estudiantina, Los Picaros. ' 19 JACK P. McCLELLAN, B.S. Blountstown, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, Vagabonds Soiitlwrii, v. T. A., Orchestra. HOYT WATSON McDANIEL, B.S. Waresboro, Ga. W. KENNETH McINVALE Doctor Phillips, Fla. Thc-ta Chi, Transfer, University of Fla. SENIORS MARY AGNES McMAHAN, B.S. Seneca, S. C. Delta Zeta, Transfer, Lander Col- lege, S. C, Science Club Sec.-Treas. JAMES MITCHELL McMULLEN. B.S. Clearwater, Fla. DONALD E. MEADE. B.S. New York, N. Y. Kappa Pi, Microphone Club, Ed. Interlachen 1949, Feature Writer Southern, Feat. Ed. Interlachen, ' 48. EDWARD P. MEEHAN, B.S. Brooklyn. N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha. ABELARDO MENENDEZ, JR.. B.S. Tampa, Fla. FRANK E. MENENDEZ, B.S. Tampa, Fla. SENIORS RACHEL METCALFE. A.B. HAROLD D. METHENY. A.B. Waynesville, N. C. Alpha Delta Pi, Treas. ' 48. Trans- fer, Mary Washington College. Wauchula, Fla. RICHARD ARTHUR MICONE. B.S. Summit, N. J. Rho Epsilon Chi, Capt. Golf Team, Debate Council. t ♦ illilMliT ELINOR U. MILLER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Delta I ' i, Whci ' s Who ' 48, Cap Gown, Chorus, I ' i Kappa Alpha Sweetheart, ' 47. HELEN ELIZABETH MILLER, B.S. Louisville, Ky. Indepeiident Women, Y. W. C. A. CHESLEY ANDREW MOORE, B.S. Bartow, Fla. Theta Chi, Transfer, North Caro- lina State. SENIORS EMILIE JEAN MOORE, B.S. Delta Zeta, Pan Hellenic, W. S. G. A., Cap Gown, Sec. ' 48, ' 49. BETTE MORGAN, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega. HERMAN W. MORGAN. B.S. Brooksville, Fla. Theta Chi, Interfraternity Council, Suc.-Treas. DONALD E. NELSON, B.S. Sycamore, 111. Transfer, I ureka College, 111. BARBARA NESMITH, B. S. Plant City , Fla. VIRGINIA NICHOLS. B.S. Dunedin, Fla. Independent Women, F. T. A. SENIORS DONALD L. NICKELS, B.S. Bradenton, Fla. Transfer, Ga. Tech. ROBERT MAURICE O ' BRIEN, JR., B.S. Lakeland, Fla. ' arsitv f asketball. JOY PACKARD, B S. Cocoa, Fla. Alpha Delta I ' i. Sigma Rho Epsilon, F. T.A., Y. V. C. A. Pres. ' 48, Cap Gown. i 1 i. L ■ ' . «; 4 •;.: iV ?; iJ ROBERT A. PATRICK, III, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Laml.da Chi Alpha. FRED W. PATTERSON, B.S. HARVEY N. PETTY, JR. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. East Orange, N. J. Kappa I ' i, Trcas. ' 47-8-9, Vaga- bonds, Microphone Club. SENIORS ROBERT F. PHILBECK, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES DAVID PIERSON, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. ELIZABETH PIPPIN, B.S. Lakeland. Fla. Transft-r, lunory Henry College, Va. . «• " " P ROBERT G. POLLARD. B.S. Sebring, Fla. CHARLES EULON POTTS, JR., B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha. W. K. POU, B.S. Plant City, Fla. Kappa Alpha, TransttT, Tulane L ' niv. SENIORS EDWARD E. PROCTER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. LEE PRYOR, A.B Lakeland, Fla. BETTY PURVIANCE, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi, F. T. A.. Y. V. C. A. HENRIETTE RAMBAM, A.B. Miami, Fla. CAROLYN LOUISE RAMSEY, B.S. Springfield, Ga. Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Pan Hellenic Council, In- Alpha Chi Omega, Southern, In- structor. Beginning Russian. terlachen. Kappa Pi, Transfer, Mercer University. CARRIE REDFEARN, B.S. Bartow, Fla. F. T. A., Chorus Y. W. C. A., De- bate Council. SENIORS HARRY S. REINERT, B.S. Haddonfield. N. J. Transfer, Tampa Univ. 1% f V mn ERNEST REZENDES. JR. B.S. St. Petersburg, Fla. DEAN R. RICHEY, B. S. Lakeland, Fla. - -r SARA HELEN MARTIN RINGDAHL. B.S. Mulberry, Fla. Kappa Delta Pi, V. P. ' 47, F. T. A. V. P. ' 47-8. CHARLES DANIEL RISK, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Los Picaros. HARRY ROBERTS, B.S. Lake City, Fla. Theta Chi. SENIORS BERNARD LEWIS ROLLINS. B.S. Vinton, Va. HOWARD BRYAN ROLLINS, B.S. Vinton, Va. FRANCES ROSS, B.S. Delta Zcta Trcas. ' 47-8, Transfer, Wesleyan College. Lambda Chi Alpha, V. P. ' 47, Lambda Chi Alpha. Ali)ha Psi .Sfiiate, Band. Omcua, Xai abdnds, SludciU Council. CHARLES W. SAHLMAN, B S. Fernandina, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, Trt-as. ' 47. WALTER TERRY SAXON, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Theta Chi, Treas. Soph. Class, Treas. Gamma Iota Alpha ' 46-7. MARGARET ANNE SCHAAFF, B.S. Washington, D. C. Alpha Chi Omega V. P. ' 48-9, Cap Gown Pres. ' 48-9, Who ' s Who ' 49, Sec. Soph. Class ' 45-6, Cheerleader ' 45-6, Chorus, Pan Hellenic Sec. ' 48-9. SENIORS SANFORD MILES SCHANTZ, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ta il Epsilon Phi, Chancellor ' 48-9 Hillel. ANNAMAY SCHENCK, A.B. Paterson, N. J. Asst. to Registrar. WILLIAM O. SCHMIDT, B.S. Union City, N. J. Lambda Chi. Alpha Muhlenberg College. Transfer, •■SM flVM- DOLLY SECUWARIE SEURADGE, B S. San Fernando, Trinidad CECIL W. SEXTON, JR., 3.S. Hamilton, Mont. MARVIN S. SHAPIRO, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Tail Epsilon Phi, Who ' s Who 1949, Fla. Student Gov. Asso., V. P. 1948, Sec. of Interior 1948-9. SENIORS SALLY LOU SHAVER, B.S. Arcadia, Fla. Aupha Chi Omega, F. T. A. DOROTHY LOUISE SHELTON, B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Omicron Phi, Who ' s Who 1948-9, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Pres. 1948-9. ROBERT G. SHERRILL. JR. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. . ' «,v ■ ' ■ -mWi BLANCHE SHUMAN, A.B. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Vice Pres. Senior Class. RICHARD F. SHUMAKER, B.S. Columbus, Ohio Transfer, Ohio State Univ. LARRY SILBERMAN, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Tau Epsiloii 1 ' 1949. Vice-Cliancellor SENIORS EMMANUEL N. SITINAS, B.S. Port Said, Egypt y. P.. International Club DONALD W. SITTERSON, B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. TONY SMILGIN, B.S. Amsterdam, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha ice Pres. 1948-9. Ed. Southern 1948, 49. G. A. SMITH. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM E. SMITH, JR. McGREGOR SMITH, JR., B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, Transfer, Dart- Phi Gamma Delta, Transfer, Univ. mouth. of Tenn. SENIORS DONALD FREDERICK SNYDE R, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Theta Chi, Senior Class Pres. 1948- ANITA M. SPRINGER, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Omicron I ' i. Kappa Pi. PAULINE STALLS. B.S. Palmdale, Fla. I— : , ;:■■«■. Jin:iaaam!-m ' - :wr MARY JOYCE STEVENS, B.S. WILLIAM G. STEWART, B.S. Sanford, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Delta Zeta, Sec. ' 48, ' 49, Inter- national Relations Club, F. T. A., W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. Orch., " Southernaires ' LUCY ELLEN STOKER, B.S. Cape May, N. J. Transfer. Syracuse Univ. SENIORS H. L. STRICKLAND, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lanilxla Chi Alpha. GEORGE A. STRYKER, JR., B.S. Morris Plains, N. J. Delta Sigma I ' i, Transfer Rutgers Univ. CLARENCE EARLIE SURRENCY, B.S. Plant City, Fla. Transfer. Univ. of Ga., F. T. A. i CHARLES L. SUTHERLAND, JR., B.S. Plant City, Fla. MARTHA TARBETT, B.S. Pompano Beach, Fla. Delta Zfta I ' res. 1948-9, Cap F. T. A., TransKr, MarsJiall Col- Gown, Pan-Hellenic Asso. Treas. lege Biarritz Uni -. 1948-9, Transfer. Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. MARY JACQUILYN TAYLOR, B.S. Fort Pierce, Fla. Delta Zeta, V. W. C. A. DAVID B. TESS, A.B. St. Petersburg, Fla. SENIORS GERALD F. TINSLEY, B.S. ARCADIA, FLA. Transfer, St. Petersburg Jr. Col- Pi Kappa Alpha, Transfer, Univ. ge. of Fla. A. TOTH, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. - - : BETTY TRASK, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. GEORGE W. TRUITT, JR.. B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Thfta Chi, .Senate, Transfer, (ia. Tech. ALFRED BRYAN VAUGHT, A B. Melrose, Fla. Gamma Sigma Chi. SENIORS ORLANDO VEGA. B.S. Tampa, Fla. Concert Master in ( )rch. STEPHEN HEARD VOSS, B.S. THEO EDWARDS WAITS, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Theta Chi. Microphone Cluh, F. T. A. -Senate, F. T. A. LAWRENCE BOYD WALKER, JR. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha. HELEN WARREN, B.S. Jamaica, N. Y. Kappa Omicron Phi, .Sec. of Frt-sh., .Soph., Jr. Class. LAFAYETTE E. WATKINS, A.B. Lakeland, Fla. Gamma Sitrma Chi, SENIORS THEODORE A. WEAVER, B.S. GEORGE JOHN WEISSER, B.S MILTON AARON Vero Beach, Fla. Bellerose. N. Y. WETHERINGTON, JR., B.S. Dover, Fla. Theta Chi, Band, Chorus. pC .,- Ifc. ' » » " ♦ - " 4 ■ ' • : raw HARRY L. WHEELER, B.S. Tampa, Fla. Rho Epsilon Chi, I ' i Gamma Mu, F. T. A., Kappa Delta Pi, Ed of In- TERLACHEN ' 47-8, Wlio ' s Who, Southern. ROBERT WHITE, B.S. St. Cloud, Fla. WILLIAM A. WHITEHOUSE, B.S. Jacksonville, Fla. SENIORS JAMES E WILLIAMS, A.B. Cranford. N. J. Los Picaros, Microphone Club, De- bate Council, Transfer, Union Jr. Oille-e. Ali)ha Epsilon Rho. WAYMAN EDWARD WILLIAMS, B.S. Tampa, Fla. FRANCES ELIZABETH WOLCOTT, B.S. Miami, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha, Senate. Inter- Delta Zeta, Kappa ( )niicron Phi, i.AiHEX Asst. Ed. 1947-8, F. T. A. .Sigma Rho Epsilon. HELEN WOOD, B.S. Eau Claire. Wis. Delta Zeta, Transfer, Carre .■ije. Waukesha, Wis. Oil- ' %, LYLE WRIGHT, B.S. Freepor . Fla. Kappa Pi QUILLIAN S. YANCEY, B.S. Lakeland, Fla. Lambda Chi Alpha, Chorus, Pres. of Student Body 1948-9, Pi Gamma Mu, Who ' s Who 1948-9. SENIORS JAMES YNCLAN, B.S. Tampa, Fla. FMii Alpha Delta, Orch.. Pan-Aineri can Clul). ILA JEAN YOUNG, B.S Mulberry, Fla. Delta Zeta. JEANNE M. ZEIGLER. A.B. Wayne, Pa. Alpha Chi Omega Pres. 1947-9, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pi Epsilon Nu, Who ' s W ho 1947, Sec. Fresh. Jr. Class, Cap Gown, Senate, Vaga- bonds, A ' licrophone Club, Southern, U. W. F., W. S. (;. . ., W P. ■;4 ' : V.iy Junior Class Officers President RlCl lARI ) 1 ). KRAGn Vice-President RICHARD FLAMOND Senator JOHN ERWIN Not Shown — Secretary-Treasurer JKAX WYNHARDEN Senator I I ' .R R ■ CORBY ..p J amors 9i " -l ELBERT ABRA [SON New York, N. Y. FRANCIS E. ALBAL ' GH Lakeland, Fla. DANTE ALEXANDER Hawthorne, N. T. AMES D, ANDERSON Lakeland, Fla. CLODOALDO ARIAS Camaguey, Cuba WILLLAM ARTHUR Batavia, 111. JESS AT WOOD Winston Salem, N. C. JACK T. BANKS .Alexandria, ' a. MYRON L. BARGER Clearwater, Fla. JAMES K. BARR North Haledon, N. J. PHILIP BA " ISOTTO Corning, N. Y. WALTER C. BECK Irvington, N. J. WILLIAM I. BEISWANGER Havertown, Pa. EDWARD BELLONE Freeport, New York LINDSEY BERGEN Alexandria, Va. K -ELYN BERKMAN Liverpool, Ohio JAMES BEYMER I ' alni Beach, Fla. RAYMOND L. BIASTRE Brooklyn, N. Y. EDWARD G. BIGLER Lakewood, Ohio I ' RKD W. BISTERLINE Longwood, Fla. lOYLK K. lUTTNER Lakeland, Fla. HOWARD S. BROWN NichoUl, Fla. I.KK W. BLOUNT Tampa, Fla. M.ARY .ANNE BROWNE Tampa, Fla. THOM. S L. BLYTH, IR. N..rth Salem, N. Y. DDROTHY BRYGIER SoiiuTville, N. 1. H.AROLl) I). BONNETT liradentim, Fla. .ANIT.A. BUCK lacksonvilL ' Beach, Fla M. RTH.- BREW ' ER I ' cirt Fierce, Fla. A ' lS BUCKLEY Lima, I ' eru JOE S. RURCH ViTittr Garden, Fla. LILLY E. BURG Lakeland, Fla. Hl ' GH P.. C.ALL.AHAN Lakeland, Fla. TANIE CAMERON Lake Wales, Fla. WILLIAM G. CASTLEBERRY Wauchula, Fla. HAROLD G. GATING Kingston, N. Y. CLYDE CAUTHEN Lakeland, Fla. NICOLAS -CEDENO Oriente, Cuba WALDO E. CHESHIRE White Sprin-s. Fla. ANTHONY N. CIERI L ' nion City, N. J. ■f. i-. . J. - -.;»] j ALBERT CONVERSANO, IR. Great Neck, L. I. JEROME L. CORBY Tenafly, N. J. THOMAS G. COTTONI Miami Springs, Fia. ROBERT L. COWLES Johnstown, Pa. WILLIAM C. COX Fairfield, Conn. JEAN IJ. CRISS Lakeland, Fla. J. P. CURL Fort I ' iercc, Fla. RICHARD r. IJAEGER Clearwater, Fla. RICHARD A. DARRAUGH Hawthorne, N. J. FRANK DECKER Cresskill, N. J. JOSEPH A. DeFLORA Paterson, N. J. EDITH L. DOWRNBACH Aliami, Fla. ALEXANDER J. DOHANY Aulmrndale. Fla. lOHN D. ANGELO, IR. Roselle Park, N. J. " EVERETT L. DOUGHERTY Fairlawn, N. J. lAMES C. DOUGLAS Fort Meade, Fla. JOSEPH B. DOYLE, JR. Lakeland, Fla. HARLEY K. DULANEY, JR. Shenandoah, Va. VICTORY R. DURRANCE Lakeland, Fla. W ILBERT E. EASTMAN IR. Park Ridge, III. giyJt JAMK.s A, KDWAKDS MaUne, N. Y. FLORENTINO F. FERNANDEZ SanUi Clara, Cuba J,ll._ II. f. U 11 EL Brooklyn, N. Y. JALME FERNANDEZ Lakeland, Fla. MKIA l. K. KM-I. (i Molino, Fla. TOHN B. FIRENZE Huntington, N. Y. JOHN A. ERVVIN Schroon Lake, New York BETTY Rl ' TH FISHER Winter Ha en, Fla. CHARLES E. FAY Lakeland, Fla. ORVILLE W. FISHER Cleveland, Ohio MORT FTVENSON Aliiena, Mich. TUDITH A. GALLUS Le.mia, N. J, RICHARD FLAM AND, JR. Belmont, Mass. ROBERT H. GARTNER Ridgewoc.d, N. J. TOHN T. FOSTER Oak Park, 111. JEAN P. GATY Clermont, N. Y. IRIS ERASER Lakeland, Fla. LOllS GILLERAN Lakeland, Fla. CHARLES INMAN FREEMAN Kenton, Tenn. MELVIN GOLDMAN Piroii-x, New York MARY E. GREGORY Decatur, Tenii. PAUL HACHIGIAN Patersou, N. J. THRASSY HAIJIYANNAKIS Cairo, Egypt VERNON E. HALL Auliiiniilale, Fla. C. LATANE HA riLTON Winter Haven, Fla. L RY L. HARBOUR Mobile, Ala. MONROE HARDEN Lakeland, Fla. l-I.ORENCE A. IIAKKtSON Fallm- W ater, W. Va. ROBERT F. HAYS Jacksonville, Fla. MARY LOU HAYWORTH St. Petersliurg, Fla. DAN H. HENDERSON Winter Garden, Fla. LAWRENCE J. HENYECZ Garfield, N. J. KENNETH HERMAN Englewood, N. J. BEVERLY HICKS St. Petersliurg, Ma. PEGGY J. HODGES Plant City, Fla. GORDON B. HUDSON Newport News, Va. ROBERT L. HUFFMAN Shenandoah, Va. FRANCES HUMMEL Plainfield, N. i. GEORGE A. HYDE Mountain ' ievv, N. Y. DON J. I SOLDI Linden, N. T. ■. ' 1 J . " (, n ARLOTTE A. JACKSON Miami, Fla. IIF.TTY KILLARS Tampa, Fla. FKLLiFRIcK Jw() l Lakeland, Fla. EDWAKl) KIRKLAND Tampa, Fla. LEWIS S. JUISTER W ' auchula, Fla. DAN A. KIRKPATRICK St. Petersburg, Fla. AAILEL KAXkU 11 New York, N. Y. DON KUMM Newton, Iowa K I v.M. kLKllLX W ' lnnshoro, S. C HAROLD KUM.M Newton, Iowa •■RAXCIS S. L.. LONDE Lakeland, Fla. ANN LOCKHART Haines City, Fla. EDWIN LANGE Hakensack, N. J. ROBERT S. LONG, IR. Plattsburg, N. Y. ROBERT J. LAWTON Oviedo, Fla. LOUIS D. LOWE Fernandina, Fla. JAMES C. LICHLYTER Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT MALLENDER Fanwood, N. J. lOHX 1). LICHTERMAXN N. F ' lainfield, X. J. (;ail E. l PTIX Cleveland, Ohio LILLIAN MARTIN Tampa, Fla. JAMES J. MAYE Rahway, N. J. ALARSHALL McCLURE I ' hilliiislmrg, N. J. BEVERLY McFARLANI) Tampa, Fla. DAVm J. McKELVIE Rcislyn, N. Y. SHIRLEY McKIM Larchmont, N. Y. LOIS F. MEINCKF Mt. Dora, Fla. CLIFFORD C. .MILLER Maplcwood, N. J. LEWIS R. AIILLER, JR. rainesville, Ohio RAYMOND MINCHAK Fair Lawn, N. J. MARGARET MITCHI ' .LL Tampa, Fla. FREDERICK F. MOORE Lakeland, Fla. i M. RY ELLEN MOSKEY Lakewood, Ohio HENRY J. MLILLKN Damp Root, .Alaska TEAN MULLER Port Chester, N. Y. lERRY NAl ' LES Flushirg, New York JAMES W. NEILL St. Petershurg, Fla. LLILA MAE NICHOLS St. Petershurg, Fla. ALAN C. NOBLE Englewood, N. J. JOSEPH H. ODOM McDavid, Fla. SARA OGLESBY Concord, N. C. JOSEPH L. PELLEGRINO Tampa, Fla. THEODORE OPOKA New York, N. Y. PAliL V. PEURIFOY Daytona Beach, Fla. L UROTHY 0 ENBY Lakeland, Fla. ARTHUR G. PIANO Buenos Aires, Argentina DOROTHY A. PARKER Nashville, Tenn. JOYCE PIERCE Tampa, Fla. 1 CHARD D. PEASE Lake Worth, Fla. JOHN P. PLANK Tenafly, N. J. RICHARD W. RAGAN Palmetto, Fla. ROBERT A. RICCIO New York, N. Y. HOMER RAMSDELL Freeport, New York MAUDE RICE GroNflaiid, Fla. LEE RAMSDELL Freeport, New York MARJORIE RIVIERE Lakeland, Fla. ELIZABETH RAPTIS Charleston, W. ' a. WILLIAM ROAUER. JR. Teaneck, N. T. DAVID E. REILLY Bridgeport, Conn. EUGENE ROBBINS Lakeland, Fla. mz n ORMOXI) K. KOLFE Ruskin, Fla. FLOREXCE ROUX Fernaiuliiia. Fla. FRAXCES RUTHLAXn W. Palm Beach, Fla. AARIAX I ' . RUTLEDGE I ' lant City, Fla. EIX.AR L. S. MPSON Gate City, ' a. JAMES H. SAUXDERS Tampa, Fla. EDNA C. SCHAFFER Bronxville, N. Y. lOHN D. SCHMIDT Edgewater Park, N. Y LAWRENCE J. SILK St. .Albans, X. ' . lEAXETTA E. SIM.MOXS Mulberry, Fla. ELLA SINGLEY Springfield, Pa. BERNARD A. SMITH Lakeland, Fla. JOSEPH F. SMITH Cre skill, X. J. LEXOKA SMITH Lakeland, Fla. .MARY W. SMITH Dundee, Fla. ROY SMITH Palmetto, Fla. JOHN C. SPITTEL Radburn, N. J. CAROLYN STAN SELL Miami, Fla. WILLIAM E. STRAKOSCH Ridgewood, N. J. CHARLES STUM Lakeland. Fla. JiasPi:- » ' ♦ ' »- • ' V ♦ t ' » ' ♦. " ' ♦ ' . . ' ICllllAkI) SLiRGNlER Tampa, Fla. JAMES J. TEMF LON Shenandoah, Va. IIAKKV SYLVESTER Rochester, N. Y. CHARLES TERRY Lakeland, Fla. THOMAS H. TAXAKA Tokyo, Jajian MIRIXM L. THOMAS Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT H. THOMAS Bradentiin, [ ' " la. I ' R T( I I- ll- I A II Lakeland, Fla. CLAUDE W. THOMPSON, J Lakeland, Fla. PATRICIA A. TJADEN Lakeland, Fla. CHIANG SHFNG WAN Shanghai, Cliina DICK TOMLINSON Lakeland, Fla. GARDEN F. WARNER Narlierth, I ' a. )0 M.WINE TURNER Tampa, Fla. -ANCE WEEKS Naple.s Fla. PAUL ' AHAN1AN Patersnn. N. J. CAROL J. WEHRWEIN . le.xandria, Va. EARL L. VARNES Avon Park, Fla. HOWARD WEIL New Rochelle, N. Y. .- . . . . 4. ». -V- ' -A V :■ ;?!. ' » th 1:A m-r. zrrz RONALD WEST Apopka, Fla. ALICE WESTON Warren, Oliio JOHN A. WHITE Jacksomille, Fla. ROBERT G. WHITE Palmetto, Fla. JOHN WILDER Center, Col. JOSEPH A. WILLCOX Union City, N. J. LOUIS A. WILSON Great Neck, N. Y. GEORGE WINCHELL St. Petersburg, Fla. VTLLIAM WITTPEN Hong Kong, China ILLIA.M C. WOOD Polk City, Fla. DONALD E. WOODS Polk City, Fla. JOHN M. WRIGHT Pawling, N. Y. iHAN MARIE WYNGARDEN 1 arpon Springs, Fla. CHARLES T. YOUNGER " Tampa, Fla. CHARLES A. ZABRISKIE Ridgewood, N. J. Fayc MORRIS Auiiurndale, Fla. 1 Jb Sopk omores Sophomore Class Officers President GEORGE RUSSELL TORUY Ficc President RUTH BANDY Secretary-Treasurer DOLORES KOLF Senators ROBERT BLACK, BETTY ANNE OWSLEY MARY JANE ABDILL Alexandria, ' a. JOSEPH F. ABEL Rochester, N. Y. RUSSELL S. ACKER Sparta, N. J. DELBERT EUGENE ALLEN Hollywood, Fia. EVA BORJA ANDERSON Guatemala, Guatemala MARY ANGST Lakeland, Fla. JOHN A. ATT AW AY Haines Cit. -, Fla. LARQUEEN H. AYERS Saginaw, Mich. KUTH E. BANDY Lakeland, Fla. lUDITH ANNE BEATTY Hinsdale, 111. CHARLES BECKER Leonia, N. J. DANIEL LEONARD BECKER New York, N. Y. HELEN BENTLEY Atlantic Beach, Fla. BERNICE BETHEA Lakeland, Fla. ARTHUR H. BIGGS Short Hills, N. J. CHARLES H. BILLINGS Lowell, Fla. ROBERT A. BILLSTRAND Chicago, 111. ROBERT G. BLACK New York, N. Y. ROBERT S. HLY Lakeland, Fla. MARILYN BROWN Lake Butler, Fla. ROBERT O. BRUCE Ridgewood, N. J. BARBARA BUCK Jacksonville Beach, Fla. ALAN BUCKLEY Hempstead, N. Y. DICK BULL Sparta, N. J. BEN BUDDO Farmington, Mich. CLAIRE BURCH Winter Garden, Fla. DIANE BUTLER Jacksonville Beach, Fla. JOLINE DAY BUTLER Jacksonville Beach, Fla. ROCER G. CAMPBELL Lakeland, Fla. RALPH G. CAPRIO Newark, N. J. JOHN GASSED Y Rockville Centre, N. Y. JACQUELYN CAUSEY Winter Haven, Fla. JOHN V CHAMBERLAIN Colwyn, Pa. WILLIAM P. CHAPMAN Sanford, Fla. liKTTY LOU CHEYNE Lakeland, Fla. FR. NK CICCONE Bound Brook, N. J. THOMAS G. CONKLIN Wyncote, Pa. WALTER B. CORRELL Scotch Plains, N. J. WILLIAM A. COUCH Lakeland, Fla. I ' HYLLIS CRAWFORD Lakeland, Fla. EDNA JULIA CRENSHAW Orlando, Fla. JOHN L. CRUTCHFIELD Sarasota, Fla. FRNEST A. DABELSTEIN Riverdale, N. Y. DOLORES DA " EY Oak Park. 111. BETTE LEE DA 1S Butler, Pa. JESSE DAVID DEES Detroit, Mich. PHILIP E. DENU, IR. Ridgewood, N. J. lOSEPHINE DERRYBERRY Bell Buckle, Tenn. ROSEMARY nONO ' AN Chicago, 111. WILLIAM EDMOND DOVE Bradenton, Fla. BETTY DUDNEY Tampa, Fla. PEGGY DUNCAN Tavares, Fla. DA TD DYKES Wilmington, Del. JEAN EDSCORN Lakeland, Fla. ARTHUR EISLER Bavonne, N. J. ARTHUR J. FALLS Queens Village, N. Y. GORDON EARL FARRON Bradenton, Fla. H. THOMAS FENTON Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM A. FIEDLER, JR. Ridgewood, N. J. AUGUST FITZNER Cleveland, Ohio JOHN W. FLETCHER Manhasset, N. Y. JOAN LUISE FOLTZ Indianapolis, Ind. RAYMOND B. FOX Ocean City, N. J. WILLIAM E. POX Ocean City, N. J. DANA T. FREEMAN Rye, N. H. RICHARD W. FRIEDBACHEl Naples, Fla. ROBERT GANNETT Englewood, N. J. EUGENE GIUFFRIDA Leonia, N. J. LEWIS B. GRACEY Penn Yan, N. Y. HAROLD W. GRAHAM, I Detroit, Mich. JOSEPH P. GUNNESS Ridgewood, N. J. FORREST HALTER Yonkers, N. Y. ;• ; : ' i - i t ' ,ji YVONNE HARMON Dunedin, Fla. LAYNE K. HART Lakeland, Fla. HARRIETT C. HARTWTCK Lakeland, Fla. MARY LEE HAWS Fulton, Ky. .MARY ELIZABETH HIERHOLZER Lakeland, Fla. NED W. HILL, JR. Avon Park, Fla. HOMER HIRT, JR. Chattahoochee, Fla. BILL HOFFSES Lonsr Island AUGUSTUS B. HOLT, IR. New Rochelle, N. Y. JOHN E. HOWARD Pilgrim, Ky. DAVE EMERY HUSE .Arlington, Mass . ST.VNLEY HYDE Wheatun, 111. VERN D. lACOBS Medina, N. Y. ANNE JEFFERSON Columbus, Ga. PAUL JENNINGS Lakeland, Fla. MARY JANE JESSE Norton, " a. ADELIADE DIANE JOSEPH Philadelphia, Pa. HELEN CONSTANCE JURCH Valrico, Fla. IRWIN KALISHER Poughkeepsie, N. Y. FRANKLIN KENT ' erona, N. J. I EO RICHARD KINCAID Lake Wales, Fla. RAYMOND KIRKLAND Olustee, Fla. ALLEN KIRKPATRICK St. Petersburg, Fla. W. ROBERT KITCHEN Lakeland, Fla. R. ANN KLEIN Malverne, N. Y. DOLORES KOLF Chicago, 111. JEANNE KOSEL Chicago, 111. CHARLES N. KUEHNE. 1 Cresskill, N. J. CHARLES A. LADENDORF, Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM LAST Brooklyn, N. Y. FRED LEHN Rockville, Centre, N. Y. ROBERT C. LEMKE Bound Brook, N. J. VIRGINIA LEMKE Chicago, 111. DOUGLAS M. LESLIE Plandome, N. Y. ARTHUR H. LEWIS, JR. Auburndale, Fla. PAUL A. LOCKE Lakeland, Fla. AUDREE F. LONG Winston-Salem, N. C. BENJAMIN ANDREW LUCIO Habana, Cuba JACK LUCIO Hershey, Cuba WILLLAM G. LUZZO Chicago, 111. JOHN BERNHARDMACHOLli Amsterdam, N. Y. HENRY HALL MANN Plant City, Fla. DOTTIE M.A.RTIN Columbia, S. C. MARQUERITE MARTINELLl Silver Spring, Maryland WALTER RAY MATTOX Chicago, 111. THEODORE F. MAYOR Zephyrhills, Fla. JAMES W. McCARTY Summit, N. |. " - i mM P.ARBARA -McCOLLUM Evaiiston, 111. RICHARD McNALLY Allendale. N. J. F.KKIQL-E RAFAEL ROSAL AIELENDEZ Guatemala, C. A. DONALD B. MELLIN New Canaan, Conn. GILBERT MEYER Riverdale, N. Y. JOHN D. MILAZZO Brooklyn, N. Y. LORRAINE MINGONET Eustis, Fla. GLENN P. MOCK St. Petersburg, Fla. HOPE MOORE Lakeland, Fla. NANCY MOORE Charlotte, N. C. WILLIAM M. MORROW Uniontown, Pa. JAMES R. MURPHY New York, N. Y. GLORIA A. NAJERA Guatemala, City, C. A. CAROL NELSON Jacksonville, Fla. ANTHONY E. NOWICKI Chicago, 111. TOSEPH-J. O ' BRIEN Tenafly, N. J. JAMES G. OGDEN, III Lakeland, Fla. JOHN S. ORRICO Fanwood, N. J. BETTY ANNE OWSLEY Orlando, Fla. KENNETH PAGE Arlington Heights, 111. EDWARD ANTHONY PALAMARA Brooklyn, N. Y. CHARLES PATTON, JR. Bergenfield, N. J. BARBARA PEEL Lakeland, Fla. HAROLD J. PETERSON Chicago Heights, 111. ftx FRANCES LA NELLE POW ELL Jacksonville, Fla. EDWARD J. PRACH Little Neck, N. Y. RUSSELL H. PRICHARD Roseland, N. J. JAMES M. PYLE, JR. Kingsport, Tenn. GEORGE A. RAYMOXD, JR. North Weymouth, Mass. ROBERT S. RHINEHART, IK. York Pa. WILLIAM R. RICHARDS Lakeland, Fla. PEGGY ROBERSON Jacksonville, Beach, Fla. RALPH WILSON RODGERS Alturas, Fla. ORALIA RODRIGUEZ Camaguey, Cuba VICTOR ROMANO Bronx, N. Y. JACK ROMINGER Lawrenceville, 111. ROBERT ROOSE Miami, Fla. NATALIE ROSENKRANTZ Springfield, Mass. THOMAS T. ROTHENBERGER Garden City, N. Y. JOHN E. ROWLAND New Brunswick, N. J. ALLEN THOMAS RUNG Queens Village, N. Y. ERUNDINA SANTA CRUZ Havana, Cuba ROBERT SAPAN Asbury Park, N. J. EDWARD F. SIMON Hempstead, N. Y. JOSEPH M. SIPOS. JR. Bound Brook, N. J. OSCAR LEONARD SMITH Shenandoah, Va. ORLANDO E. SOTOLONGO Pinar Del Rio, Cuba LOUISE SPIVEY Lakeland, Fla. MARGARET STADE Park Ridge, N. J. ELMO STANLEY Shenandoah, Va. GEORGE L. STANSBURY Fort [yers, Fla. BETTYE STEPHENS Winter Haven, Fla. I ' ATRICIA STEPHENS Palatka, Fla. DAVID STOLE New York, N. Y. BURTON STONE Englewood, N. J. DENOM RALPH STOREY Furt Meade, Fla. RICHARD A. STORK Elizabetli, N. J. HENRY STRAIT Catlettsburg, Ky. MARILYN STRELOW Maplewood, N. J. NELL SURRENCY Gainesville, Fla. -YDA LEE SWAN Lakeland, Fla. S. BRUCE SWEETLAND Huntington, N. Y. LAZARA TARANCO Matanzas, Cuba MORTON B. TATAR Chicago, 111. ROBERT E. TAYLOR Belle Glade, Fla. ARNOLD W. THOMAS Yunkers, N. Y. RICHARD THOMSON Auburn, N. Y. JOSEPH TIMPANO Newark, N. J. BERNARD JULIAN TOPFER Brooklyn, N. Y. GEORGE R. TORDY Great Neck, Long Island MARIORIE TRASK Highland City, Fla. . KTHUR M. TROSTLER New York, N. Y. • • • . HAROLD TOMMY TUCKER Morris. III. HERBERT AX BLARICUM Cresskill, N. J. ' ERA VERDYCK Tampa. Fla. PHYLLLS VOS Delray Beach. Fla. CALVIN L. WALKER Palmetto, Fla. NORMAN F. WARRIXER Lakevvorth. Fla. CLO ANN WATKIN.S Tampa, Fla. HOPE W ATSON Lakeland, Fla. RICHARD E. WHITE Wiiinetka, 111. BETTY T. D. WHITT Lakeland, Fla. MARY NONA WIGGS Mulberry, Fla. WALTER RAY WILSON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. THOMAS K. WOOGE Tenafly. N. J. GEORGE WORK Washington, D. C. RAMONA P. NEC Guatemala, C. A. DAVID F. YOAKLEY Lakeland, Fla. KIM YUXG IK Pusan, Korea PAUL ZIMMER Detroit, Mich. DONALD A. ZIMMER Detroit, Mich. ROBERT J. YANNANTUOXO yit. Vernon, N. Y. CARLOS FEDERICA ZETINA Guatemala, C. A. MARTIN V. ZUZURO Bronxville, N. Y. Freshman Class Officers President SHELDON SNYDER I ' kc President TAMES HARRAN Secretary-Treasurer ARLENE THOMAS Senators JO ANNE FERGUSON, CARLTON W. PALMORE, JR. resk resumen « ' «■». idfi RICHARD ABA.IIAX Fair Lawn, X. J. EVANIDYA ACL ' NA Guatemala City, Guatemala THOMAS J. AITCHISON Bridgeport, Conn. ROSE ALLEGATO Lakeland, Fla. M. L. ALLISON Lakeland, Fla. AMES ANDRIOLA Lynbrook, X. Y. I LAN ARBUTHNOT Lake Alfred, Fla. LUIS MAZORRE Y ARENAS Havana, Cuba JOYCE ARNOLD Lawrenceville, Ga. lUDlTH EVELYX BACOX Miami, Fla. JOHXXY BARRETT New Port Richey, Fla. DOLORES BARTLETT Stuart, Fla. THOMAS BATALEAS Xew York, N. Y. SYDNEY H. BEACH Tampa, Fla. L R1LEE BEADLES Fulton, Ky. lOHX lOSEPH BEHAX Brooklyn, X. Y. lOHX V. BELL Closter, X. J. CLARENCE J. BELLOVICH W ' hitting, Ind. ALAN P. BELT, JR. Mamaroneck, N. Y. WILLIAM BEXT, JR. Claremont, X. H. TOAX BEYMER Palm Beach, Fla. ROBERT BIOXDl Bronx, N. Y. 1 N BLOEMPOORT Babylon, N. Y. RICHARD BOEHM Merrick, N. Y. CLAYTON BRADDOCK, IR Lakeland, Fla. JOANNE BRAIXSHAW Wilmette, 111. RICHARD D. BRIGGS Tonawanda, N. Y. THURSTON L. BROOKS Palm Beach, Fla. SIDNEY L. BROUGHTON Clewiston, Fla. JAMES BRUGMANN Haworth, N. J. MARGARET BRYAN Bowling Green, Fla. ROBERT R. BUCHANAN Poughkeepsic, N. Y. EDWIN F. BUCK Lakeland, Fla. JOHN E. BUCKNALT Miami, Fla. SELBY RHODES BURCH ' inte Garden, Fla. BARBARA JUNE BYKi) Candler, N. C. SCOTT C. CAMPBELL Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM P. CAMPBELL Bound Brook, N. J. WILLIAM HENRY CAMPION, JR. Chicago, 111. WILLIAM GARDEN Graham, N. C. EDWARD MURRAY CARLTON Fort Meyers, Fla. ROBERT CARPENTER Miami, Fla. NORRIS HOLLAND CATO Pierce, Fla. RALPH KEITH CAUSSEAU.X Belle Glade, Fla. LOIS CLARK Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT F. CLARKE Hollis, N. Y. JEAN ELLEN CLOUSE Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM COGAN West Orange, N. J. ■ •♦• ■■ BERNARD COLLINS Queens Village, N. Y. L N DOUGLAS COPLAND Kitchener, Ontario, Canada GRACE ELIZABETH COX Lakeland, Fla. MARY CRAIGO Ansted, W. Va. LULA CRENSHAW Orlando, Fla. CATHERINE ISABELLE CRIM Alexandria, Va. ANITA CRISMAN Lakeland, Fla. GLENNA DAVIS Windermere, Fla. JANET DAVIS Fort Meade, Fla. RICHARD D. D ' EMIDIO Ossining, N. Y. HELEN DERRIS Columbus, Ohio lULIAN DONDIS Bronx, N. Y. WILLARD DRAPER, JR. Rockville Centre, N. Y. CHESTER DU BOIS West Orange, N. J. RUSSELL DU BOIS ' est Orange, N. J. MAYSELE V. DUDEK Lakeland, Fla. JOHNNIE J. DUDGEON Tampa, Fla. .MARGARET ANNE DURHAM Cinciiuiati, Ohio GEORGE DANIEL EARLY Long Island, N. Y. C. L. ERGLE, JR. Lakeland, Fla. DOROTHY B. EUBANKS Jacksonville, Fla. CLIFFORD E. FARMER Bridgeport, Conn. EDMUND FARRELL Point Pleasant Beach, N. J. lAMES BRUCE FELTON Glen Rock, N. J. JO ANNE FERGUSON Leesburg, Fla. JOYCE FINSON Southampton, N. Y. WILLIAM AL FISACKERLY Jacksonville, Fla. CHESTER F. FISHER, JR. York, Penna. AL FLEMING Bronx, N. Y. GEORGE E. FLETCHER Newberrj-, Fla. GENE FOUTZ Hagerstown, Indiana HARLAND W. FOWLER, JR. Arcadia, Fla. WILLIAM D. FRANK Bradenton, Fla. LEE FRANKENBACH Southampton, N. Y. WILLIAM M. ERASER, JR. Colwyn, Penna. JAMES D. FRITZ Manhasset, N. Y. DONALD LEONARD GARBER Fairlawn, N. J. GLORIA ELIZABETH GATLIFF Lakeland, Fla. GERALDINE GREGORY Decatur, Tenn. EARL GEORGE GILLMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. JOSEPH LAWRENCE GILMAN Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. JOHN P. GREELEY Elizabeth, N. J. RODMAN J. GROSSE Lansdale, Penna. MARY LOU HADDIX Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT E. HAMILTON River Forest, 111. DORIS MANIL HANEY St. Petersburg, Fla. CORILESS VICTOR HANSON St. Andrew, Fla. JOSEPH P. HARN Clearwater, Fla. : ' a » ' ■ .•• ' •■ ' ' » fiil ROBERT B. HARN Clearwater, Fla. JAMES T. HARRAN Asbury Park, N. Y. CARILDA HARVLEY Plant eity, Fla. DOROTHY ALMA HAUSS Lakeland, Fla. DOLORES BERN ICE HAWKINSON St. Petcrslmrg, Fla. NORMA JEAN HILGERS Chicago, 111. EDWIN B. HOAG Merrick, N. Y. RUTH EARLES HODGE Lakeland, Fla. MARY EVELYN HOLLADY Tampa, Fla. E. MICHAEL HORN Brooklyn, N. Y. ROBERT C. HOUSE River Forest, III. MARGARET L. HUBBARD Cnidad Trujillo, Dom. Republic WALT A NELLE HULL Pahokee, Fla. LESLIE JAMESON St. Cloud, Fla. lOHN L. lESSOP " New York, N. Y. FRANCES HRICEK Des Plaines, 111. TANIA HTKO New York, N. Y. HELEN lOHNSON Hyattsvillc, Md. WARREN K. Jf)HNSON Fanwood, N. J. WILBUR J. JOHNSON Fanwood, N. I. ANN JOSEPHSON Elizabeth, N. J. THOMAS JOSEPH JUDGE Bridgeport, Conn. GLORIA B. KAPLAN Springfield, Mass. ROBERT T. KEARNEY Valrico. Fla. RONALD F. KENDIG Elmhurst, HI. rARY ELEANOR KlDDKk Belle Glade, Fla. NAYLE KIM Korea BEVERLY CATHERINE KLEIN Mountain Lakes, N. I. JOSEPHINE KOHN New York, N. Y. BABE KUMM Newton, Iowa LINDA LASHLEY Lakeland, Fla. BARBARA LAW Tampa, Fla. CLYDE RUBEN LEAPHAK Sebring, Fla. JERE ALAN LEHMAN Miami, Fla. LESTER LeVALLEY Winter Haven, Fla. JOHN L. LEVY, JR. Sarasota, Fla. HERBERT LILLEY Lakeland, Fla. MARJOREE LILLEY Lakeland, Fla. JEROME ROBERT LINKE Rochelle Park, N. J. MARION C. LIPP Chicago, 111. ARTHUR A. LODATO Bristol, Penna. J. ATILANO CAMARA LOPEZ Guatemala EDA LUBIN Elizabeth, N. J. WILLIAM LUKE, JR. East Orange, N. J. DONALD J. MacLEAN Bayside, N. Y. HENRY MANASSA, JR. Starke, Fla. JOHN PETER MANCIN! Fair Lawn, N. J. MATTHEW D. MARAULIA Roslyn, N. Y. HlfrfV JOSEPH R. MARQUEZ New York, N. Y. ALBERTO MATEOS Lima, Peru lOSEPH NICHOLS LAYER Arlington Heights, 111. LYNN E. MAXWELL Lexington, Ohio DELBERT McALISTER Tampa, Fla. PATRICK V. McBRIDE, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAM McCOURT New Yurk, X. Y. FRANKIE McGEHEE Madison, N. C. RUTH McKAY Ocala, Fla. JACQUELYN M. McKISSICK Rochester, N. Y. GWEN McMAHEN Lakeland, Fla. (lEORGE T. McWHORTER, JR. Washington, D. C. ENRIQUE C. MEIER Litna, Peru CHARLES MEYER Oak Park, 111. WILLIAM MILAZZO Highland Park, N. J. JOHN BARRY MITCHELL Manhasset, N, Y. SAIA ' ATORE MITRI Leonia. N. J. DOROTHY MIXON Dothan, Alabama SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY Madison, Fla. KENNETH MORECRAFT Boimd Brook, X. L MCTOR MORROW Bron.x, N. Y. MARILYN R. MOSS Bradcnton, Fla. . 1AKY PHYLLIS MULLENS 1 )aytona Beach, Fla. JAMES F. NEELY I ' lyniouth, Ohic, CARL N. NETH Jacksonville, Fla. JANE NEWMAN Falls Church, Va. THEODORE NICHOLAS Aldan, Penna. JAMES W. H. NOBLE Tampa, Fla. ALLEN V. NORRIS Orlando, Fla. ALAN L. NOVAK Chicago, 111. ORX ' ILLE P. O ' BANNON La Belle, Fla. L DARYL OBER Pittsburgh, Penna. CAROLL ELIZABETH O ' BRIEN Lakeland, Fla. RICHARD H. ODOM Bradenton, Fla. SUZZANNE OESTREICH W ' oodmere, N. Y. MARK N. OHNIKIAN New York, N. Y. CHARLES J. ORRICO Fan wood, N. J. JOSEPH OTTO Arlington Height 111. FRANCES OUTLAW Coral Gables, Fla. RANDOLPH G. OWSLEY Lake Forest, 111. DOROTHY PARHAM Orlando, Fla. JOHN S. PARKER Earlville, N. Y. EARL E. PARSON M ' ashington, D. C. RALPH E. PAULSEN Manhasset, N. Y. RICHARD LOUIS PAYTON Miami Beach, Fla. VLADIMIR PETROV New York, N. Y. ELLY PFEFFER Elizabeth, N. J. THADDEUS G. PHILLIPS Rockaway Beach, N. Y. ' » U ' ■ - ■ : ■ SARA ALICIA PIXTO Guatemala Citv, Guattiiiala LOUIS FRANCIS PIPOLO Huntington, N. Y. CYRIL W. POLING Westfield, N. I. GEORGE POPOyiCH, JR. Oakville, Conn. J. A. POWER Sehastian, Fla. HELEN RAPTIS Cliarlestown, W. ' a. JOHN P. REYNOLDS, JR. Flomaton, Ala. I ' ALL McDANIELS REYNOLDS Ridgvvood, N. J. PATRICIA RICE Fairport, N. Y. DONALD RICHARDSON Lady Lake, Fla. ANTHONY RICHEL Elizabeth, N. J. JOHN L. RISLER Washington, EJ. C. ROBERT ROBERTO } Ianhasset, N. Y. PATRICIA ROBERTSON Miami, Fla. JAMES STEWART ROBINSON Delray Beach, Fla. HUGO R. LOPEZ RODRIGUEZ Cienfuegos, Cuba WAND.A ROGERS Highland City, Fla. RICHARD J. ROHMANN Ehrenfeld, Penna. FRANK ROZELLE Pahokec, Fla. TANET RUDOLPH Glen Ellyn, 111. RONALD L. RUSSELL Miami, Fla. WILLIAM J. RUSTER Lakeland, Fla. FELECIANA SALVADOR Miami, Fla. LOUIS SALZ Brooklyn, N. Y. NELLIE SCHWEIGART W ' auchula, Fla. BURTON A. SELFRIDGK, JK East Orange, N. J. ROSEMARY CAROLYN SHELFO Miami, Fla. JOHN SHEPARD Lakeland, Fla. BARBARA C. SIEGEL Glendale, N. Y. BILL SIMMS Tampa, Fla. NELL SINGLETON Bartow, Fla. JOAN SINZINGER Hillside, N. J. JANE SMALL Melbourne, Fla. EUGENE EDWARD SMITH Brooklyn, N. Y. SHELDON SNYDER Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ALEX SOSIK Bridgeport, Conn. FREDRICK G. STEVENS Washington, D. C. JAY STEPHENS Fair Lawn, N. Y. EVE STONE Rockville Centre, N. Y. MAHLON C. STOUT Sparta, N. J. JOYCE SWERDLOW Columbus, Ohio DORIS TANNER Plant City, Fla. FLOYD L. TAYLOR Sabring, Fla. THELMA TERRELL Tampa, Fla. CARL TEUTSCH Arlington Heights, 111. ANGELA E. THOMAS Miami, Fla. ARLENE THOMAS Corning, New York ALBERT STILLMAN TILEY Port Washington, N. Y. ► r : r • ; . XICHOLAS TITALUO Island Park, N. Y. JUNE TISON Tampa, Fla. JOAN TODD New Castle, Delaware AMY GENE TONEY St. Petersburg, Fla. MARGARET TOTH Miami Beach, Fla. PHYLLIS ANN TURNER Mount Dora, Fla. CECILIA VAN EPPS Chicago, 111. RAY -. nORSDALE Lakeland, Fla. CECIL A. WALDRON Fort Meyers, Fla. DOROTHY GAIL WALKER Alexandria, ' a. ROSSER ALAN WALLER Eatonton, Georgia BEATRICE WALLING New Port Richey, Fla. DONALD WALLING X ew Port Richey, Fla. BARBARA ANNE WARNE Miami Beach, Fla. EDWIN S. WATERS Rochelle Park. N. J. MARILYN WEHRMAN Des Plaines, 111. DOROTHEA WHATHAM Huntin.fflon, L. I. AMES EDWARD WHITEHEAD Queens Village, N. Y. ADELE WHITTLE Sarasota, Fla. NANCY WILKES Tampa, Fla. HELEN KATHRYN W ILLIAMS Oak Park. 111. ROBERT W: WILLIAMS Tampa, Fla. PAULINE WILSON Huntington, N. Y. SARA IGNACIA XFC Quezaltenangi), Guatemala li ' . ' « • ' M ' . MV VALEDICTORIAN ROBERT BOWMAN SALUTATORIAN SARAH HELEN MARTIN RINGDALL T««WV HONOR WALK QUILLIAN YANCEY $4 ♦. t 4 4 A iCL ' ' MISS SOUTHERN JEP ZEIGLER MATRON OF HONOR ELEANOR UPDIKE MILLER MAID OF HONOR MARTHA TARBETT K- . » Top Row, L. to R. : Joy Packard, Mary Harbour, Martha Tarbett, Dorothy Shehon, Jeanne Zeigler, Peggy Schaff, Betty Berney, Sarah Ringdahl, Gerry Davis. Second Row, L. to A ' .: Don Meade, Mar in Shapiro, Dick Gruenwald, Qiiilhan " N ' ancey, John Cooper, Don Boether. Front Ro-zu, L. to R. : John Erwin, Richard Darraugh, Harry Wheeler, Donald Fox. n Si ' ;•■ ' -- •■■•- ' ■ ' ' ■ ' PHYLLIS VOS BARBARA BUCK ANNE DAILEY CAROL NELSON HELEN WARREN MARQUEEN AY .RS JO FERGUSON JEAN JOLLY nf PEGGY HODGES PHYLLIS TURNER MERCEDES INGRAHAM GERRY GREGORY Vv " ' • CECELIA VAN EPPES MARILEE BEADLES CHARLOTTE JACKSON RUTH BANDY FOUNDERS ' WEEK MARCH 7 - 12, 1949 MONDAY MARCH SEVENTH 6:30 P. M. BarbL-ciu ' and Stunts by Students Athletic Field TUESDAY MARCH EIGHTH 10:30 A. M. Investiture of Seniors .iuiiic Pfciffcr Chapel Followed by Student Entertainment 6:00 P. M. Florida Press Association College Co 111 in oils 8:00 P. M. Coronation of " Miss Southern " Music by Chorus and Ensemble . Edgar Wall W ' aterdoinc WEDNESDAY MARCH NINTH 11:00 A. M. Concert by Marie Houston Annie Pfeiffer Chapel 2:30 P. M. Gym Circus Gilbert Gyiiiiiasiiiin ' Frontier Days " — Horse Show Athletic Field 4:00 P. : I. Faculty Women ' s Club Tea Eleanor Searle Draining Room 8:15 P. M. " All My Sons, " ' agabond Production May hall Auditorium THURSDAY MARCH TENTH 11:00 A. M. P.ethune Cookman Singers Annie Pfeiffer Chapel 8:15 P. M. Founders ' Week Dance Gilbert Gymnasium FRIDAY MARCH ELEVENTH 8:00 A. M. Benjamin Fine Breakfast Private Dining Room 1 :30 P. M. Regatta and Water Ski Show FSC Crew vs. Rollins FSC Crew vs. Tampa University Lake Hollingszoorth 7:30 P. M. Thomas J. Watson Dinner By Invitation College Commons 10:00 A. M. Dedication Emile E. Watson Building Benjamin Fine Building Amittie Gregory Fletcher Esplanade Column 10:30 A. M. Convocation Service Annie Pfeiffer Chapel 3:30 P. M. Tea Honoring Founders ' W eek Guests Eleanor Searle Drawing Room 8:30 P. M. Eleanor Steber Concert Ma hall Auditorium SATURDAY MARCH TWELFTH 11 :00 A. M. Citation Service Annie Pfeiffer Chapel 12:30 P. M. -Munnii Association Meeting and Luncheon College Commons 2:00 P. M. Golf and Tennis Matches I- ' SC ' s. Stetson 8:00 P. M. Alumni Party — Square Dance College Commons SUNDAY MARCH THIRTEENTH 11:00 P. M. Bishop Roy Short College Heights Church 2:20 P. M. Chapel Bells Program On the air at 2 :30 Annie Pfeiffer Chapel ■t f.- ■ ' . t.. - ' j. . i - ' i.. i . if Crowning of the Queen of Founders Week The Coronation •H« Ml«)||l|l|f- fcf ' - ' ■ • The Barbecue Re.x Club — Stunt Winners The Circus Thomas J. U atson Tea Time and Thomas J. W atson Dinner Eleanor Steher Marir Houston Convocation Services Bishop Roy Short Convocation Services Aivarding of Honorary Degrees DEDICATION Benjamin Fine Building licnjamin Fine Emittie Gregory Fletcher Esplanade Column Dr. Spivey, Dr. Fletcher Emile E. W atson Building Eniile F. W alson ' ««(i 3i»- fBWi ■ - . ....... aiaSsa lBE ? " FSC Crew vs. Rollins and V. of Tampa Investiture of Seniors Congratulations Miss Southern Graduates Congratulations to Honor W alk Student ' ♦■»-♦ ■ :♦• • ' , ■Jh. " ' • a« . y hii M. Cooper Co-Editor Don E. Meade Co-Editor Joe Lowe Business Manager INTERLACHEN Dean E. R. Ricdel Adi ' isor The Staff J. Gordon Ogden, III Sports Editor Anne Dailey Art Editor Mar_v Ann Browne Carol Wehrwein Mercedes Ingraham Thurston L. Rrooks, Jr. Lee Martin Beverlv Hicks Alan C. Noble. Charles Patton ■• •♦• ■ , The Southern t THI ' : SOUTHERN is the official studt-nt publicaticjii of Florida Southern college and is published every Friday through the college year with the ex- ception of holida s and exam periods. TONY SMILGIN Editor-Iii-Chicf ]()]■: COCHRAN i itsiiicss Maiiai cr .Issistant Editors RILL CASTLLRKRRY, RAUL KINXiSTON Sports Editor KDDIE BARKER feature Editor ED HOAG Staff Photographer FORREST HALTER feature Writers ANN DAILEY, DON MEADE Reporters ROB BLACK, LOU GILLERAN, DAV E HUSE, ROB THOMAS, BETTY DUDNEY, FORREST HALTER, JOHN CLARK, RON KENDIG, MIKE ZOTTI, RUSSEL J- FEE JR., FDD KIRKLAND. LEE MARTIN, BILL STEWART, MILDRED MUELLER, DAVE McKELVIE, BILL MARTIN Sports Staff BILL CASTLERERRY. GENE OLIVA, ART FALLS. MORT TATAR, RICHARD McNALLY Circulation Manager JIM SCANLOX Exchange Editor ] IARY LEE HA •S Typist LeROY GUI.ICK, CAROLYN RAMSEY Faculty Advisor C. F. FERNI ' :R Director of Print Shop TANYA GREREXSTCHIKOI- 1 The Southern Staff ■ : Si ' » . • ». -I ' ' ■. ■. ... in order to further the activities of student life, promote a wide- spread interest in student affairs, and to develop a greater spirit of progressive citizenship, this is the aim of the student government. GOVERNMENT Pres. Quillian Yancey V. Pres. Lindrey Bergan Sec.-Treas. Mary Harbour Student Relations — Jeanne Zeigler Def ' t. of Interior — Benjamin Hudson Senate Woman ' ' s Student Government Pres. Dorothy Shelton V. Pres. Jeanne Zeigler Composed of ten members elected by the student body, the W.S.G.A. de- cides upon the penalties for infractions and violations of college and house rules. It desires to maintain high standards of womanhood, developing abilities of leadership and furthering the standards of the college. GOVERNMENT .JL The l an-Hellenic Council is made up of representatives of all Sororities, who sets up policies governing Sorority life on the Campus. The coun- cil strives toward better relations among the organizations for women and in conjunction with the Inter-Fraternity Council sets rules for ' •Rushing. " Panhelleiiic Council Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council is made up of representatives of all Frater- nities on the Campus. This organization acts as a rules committee on policies affecting Fraternity life, sets the regulations for " Rushing " and promotes better understanding among the organizations for men. • ♦ • The " ' Cap and Gown " the senior women ' s honorary society is comprised of outstanding senior women students. Betty Jane Berney. Anna Jo Harper. Jeanne Hatfield. Hegg}. Shaaf. Jeanne Zeigler, Martha Tarbett, Emily Moore, Eleanor Miller. Gerry Davis Joy Packard. Pres. Peggy Shaaf Cap and Gown | HONOR Chairman Quillan . ' i. Yancey Student Council If ' GOVERNMENT The Press Club was organized last fall by students of journalism at Florida Southern College. It is now 38 strong, including professor-spon- sor Carl F. Ferner. The meetings are marked by informality and con- viviality. A coffee committee is always on hand at every meeting. L I T E R A RY ChainiHin Al Dohany V. Chainiiait Harry Ruherts Sec. E)oris Brewer Trcais. Edd Kirkland Press Club Pres. Ronald West f ' . Prcs. Richard Micone uw-Trcas. W. Raymond Mattox Debute Manai er Jim Edwards Debate Council Debating is an earnest discussion of controversial questions. To be able to state one ' s views clearly and concisely is considered one of man ' s greatest assets. Here on the Debate Council you receive this valuable training. The members have presented many interesting programs this last year, both here and at various schools throughout the South. :; • ' ♦ • This is a religious education fraternity for those who major and minor in Christian education. This group conducts Religious Emphasis Week once a year. Mrs. Grace de Casterline is the sponsor. Prcs. Mary Lou Hayworth V. Pres. Jean Edwards Sec.-Trcas. Martha Brewer Sigma Rho Epsilon Pres. George H. Carlton Gamma Sigm a Chi RELIGION Gamma Sigma Chi is comprised of students who are studying for the ministry. Dr. Fletcher is their sponsor. RELIGION This is the National Social Science Honorary Society. Its members have excelled scholastically in Social Science studies. The Florida Alpha chap- ter has been on Southern ' s campus 21 years. SOCIAL SCIENCE Pres. Jennings M. Hooks V. Pres. Mrs. Elaine Minnis Sec. LeRoy Gulick Treas. J. Gorden Ogden, Jr. Rcforter Phil Collier Faculty Advisor S. T. Lastinger Sociiil Cliainiian Miss Emily Hancock Pi Gamma Mu Pres. Anna Jo Harper Sec. June Tyson Treas. Dorothy Shelton Reporter Martha Brewer Mome Economics Club The Home Economics club consists of the young women of Southern who use their club as a means to get together to discuss the various ways and means of good home economics. HOME ECONOMICS ' i rt ■ . " t The Methodist Fellowship attempts to provide a well-rounded program of worship services, fellowship, and fun. The religious meetings, held at College Heights church, are led by the students, with a social program following. Pres. Bob White V. Pres. Marjorie Riviere Sfc. X ' irginia Nichols Treas. iJon Walling Methodist Fellowship Pres. Dolly Brygier V. Pres. Nell Surrency Treiis. Yvonne Harmon Y. W. C. A. The College Big Sister program, convocation devotionals, an inter-racial commission, faculty student parties are all sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. The " Y " welcomes each and every one into membership. Kf Kappa Oinicron Phi is a national Professional Home Economics Frater- nity, with elections to membership based on scholastic average of students concentrating in Home Economics or using it as a related field. HOME ECONOMICS Prcs. Helen Warren Sec. Polly Gregory Trriis. Mary Edna Douglas Rcfortcr Dorothy Shclton Kappa Omicron Phi Prcs. Harley Dulancy Baptist Student Union The work of the Baptist denomination is carried on among the students through the Baptist Student Union, which sponsors the Sunday School, the B. T. U. ; the Y.W.C.A. the Ministerial Association, and the Volunteers for the Christian Service. RELIGION f • ' ♦ •■ : ' » Future Teachers of America " Future Teachers of America " ' was organized to establish a greater understanding of the problems of education and to give practical experience to those who are studying to be teachers. This organization is affiliated with the Na- tional Edvication Association. The officers of the organization are John A. Erwin, presi- dent; Sarah Oglesby, secretary; Mercedes Ingram, treas- urer: Geraldine Davis, program director. Professor J. Gorden Ogden, Jr. is the sponsor. At the present time there are 210 members. EDUCATION Kappa Delta Pi is the national honorary professional society in educa- tion. The requirements are a B average in all college work, with a major in Education. This group sponsors and " mothers " the F. T. A. Prof. Ogden is the faculty sponsor. EDUCATION Pres. William Earle V. Pres. Don Fox Sec. Gerry Davis Treas. Bettv I ' urviaiice Kappa Delta Pi Pre.!. Arturo Piano [ ' . frcv. Mickey Akar .SVc. Ignacio Sved Trcas. Jorge Landing International Club This group composed of the various foreign students has formed here a minature league of nations. Their intention is to better understand their brother countries of the world and to bring all to one common ground. LANGUAGE " Alpha Epsilon Rho " the national educational radio fraternity — Sigma Chapter, students of microphone cluli who have done professional radio broadcasting. RADIO Prcs. Jeanne Zeigler F. Prcs. Al Dohany Sec. Jean Mueller Alpha Epsilon Rho Prcs. Phyllis Vos y. Prcs. Alan Kirkpatrick Sec. Perry Pease Microphone Club 1 ' r ' S uil ' SIB I i a The Microphone Cluh, directed by Gail i otter, is composed of those radio students who desire to work together and plan for the betterment of radio talents. RADIO Los Picaros is a statewide honorary Spanish fraternity. The Cervantes chapter was reactivated at Florida Southern in 1949. The purpose of the chib is to create understanding and appreciation of the Spanish speaking countries, and to unite the students who desire to know more about Spanish customs. LANGUAGE fiTS. Luis Buckley V. Prcs. Margaret Stade Sec. Oralia Rodriguez Treas. Kenneth Page Los Picaros De Cervantes rm Ihe Orchestra " The Orchestra " is comprised of students of the music school, and other students who are interested. Professor Griffiths is their director. 9 P L I FLORIDA SOI I ' I11;K MIXKI) CHORUS COLLEGE HEIGHTS CHTTRCH CHOIR mmih • " ILJ ' •PIWH pis JOAN OF LORRAINK March 1948 THE LATE GEORGE APLEY May 1948 lOHX LOVES MARY Novemljer 1948 VAGABOND ' S P. M. PARTY 1948 I. Top Center MISS GAIL P(3TTEK Sponsor Center CHARLOTTE JACKSON Secretary HELEN BENTLY Treasurer DAN HENDERSON President mmam m » ♦ ■■ ' w a: - ' f- • . " . 3 ■ r4- rt Alpha Pha Chi Omega ' Alpha Chi Omega JEANNE ZEIGLER Prcsidcnl JEAN MULLER First I ' icc-Prcsidcnt PEGGY SHAAF Second I ' icc-Presidcnt MARGARET DAVIS Treasurer LENORE SMITH Corresponding Secretary MARY JANE KETCHIN Recording Secretary Dorothy Alexander Elizabeth Raptis Nancy Beighal Sally Shafer Evel_ n Berkman Dorothy Shelton Marian Blair Blanche Shuman Mary Ann Brown Mercedes Ingraham Mary Edna Douglas Dorothy Owensby Mary Harbour Barbara Peel Joy Holmon Louise Spivey Bette Morgan Alice Weston Nancy Moore Mary Jane Abdill Ruth Bandy Jeanne Kosel Carolyn Ramsey Rosemary Donovan Delta Zeta MARTHA TARBETT Prc.ndcni JEANNE HATFIELD ' Icc-Prcsidcut FRANCES ROSS Trrasurcr HELEN WOODS Corresponding Secretary MARY JOYCE STEX ' ILNS Record in, Secretary Helen P.entley Grace Keller Martha Brewer Mary MacMahon Marilyn Brown Emilie Moore Joline Brown Sara Oglesby Janie Cameron Frances Rutland Edith Doernbach Wiline Smith Jean Edwards Nell Surrency Dolores Finley Jackie Taylor Peggy Hodges Frances WoUcott Patricia Hurley Jean Young Diane Butler ■ i tMiiii(iMtpi t i ' •■ :.i • ' : Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi FLORENCE ROUX President BARBARA MacKENZIE Vkc-Prcsidcnt RATCHEL METCALF Trca.mrcr MAUD RICE Corns ponding Secretar CAROLYN STANSELL Recording Sccretar ' v ELINOR UPDIKE MILLER Chaplain LORRAINE MINGONET Guard MEMBERS PLEDGES Julia Crenshaw Frances Lowe Jacquelyn Causey Dolores Da ey Betty Anne Owsley Linda Lashley Lois Futch Joy Packard Margaret Talley Anna Jo Harper Joyce Pierce Margaret Anne 1 )urham Anne Jefferson Peggy Roberson Marilee Beadles Mary Jane Jessie erra ' erdyke Anita Buck Betty Killars Carmen Anderson Thelma Terrell Eugenia Lane Carolyn Carsell Ann Lockhart Inez Langebrake Mary Lee Hawes Dolly Brygier Nancv Wilkes k. - V • . ' »• . Alpha Oniicron Pi GERRY DAVIS President FRANCES POWELL fiee-President ANITA SPRINGER S ' eeretarx PAT STEVENS Terasmrr : n-:MHKRs Jocel}n Johnston Fave Morris Marqueen Ayt-rs Beverly McFarland Betty Lou Cfieyne Alaxine Turner Margaret Mitchell Jeanette Johnston ' da Swan 1 Phi Sigma Sigma BETTY TANE RERNEY President MATALIE ROSENCRAXTZ ] ' ice-President HENRIETTE RAM BAM Secretary HENRIETTE STERNER Treasurer MEMBERS Ruth Abranis Sue Oestrich Judy Gallus Barbara Siegel Roddy La ' inc Eve Stone Jane Newman Margaret Toth Ann Josephson ■♦. ' ■ • ' Independent Women FLORENCE HARRISON President VIRGINIA NICHOLS -icc-Prcsidrnt LILLIAN MARTIN S -rrctary-Trcasurcr CHARLOTTE JACKSON Senator MEMBERS Joyce Hittner Betty Maye Helen Miller Helen Raptis Yvonne Harmon Feliciana Salvador Judy Bacon Angela Thomas Virginia Bishop Arlene Thomas r .jipiHii iwV ' MEMBERS I 1 ( " 1J PLEDGES Lindsev Bergen " .• - V L • Sidney Beach Robert " Black I • F ' Robert A. Billstrand Alex Dohanv " » M t . ' " ' ' ' •° ' " Harlev K. Dulanev, Tr. " ' " " Richard D. Briggs Howard Fisher ' ■m ' ' ' M mm0 ' " ' ' ' • ' ' ' ' • - Causseaux. Jr. Stanley Hyde 0 r ' fl r-rv- V f[ Waldo E. Cheshire Frederick Johnston WttLX n " M- I i k William E. Haines William Luzzo i E V A. " - --- BHRP f M Robert E. Hamilton James G Ogden, HI ? ' ■ ■ " ■■ ' •XI-. HHA M Augustus B. Holt, Jr. William Richards William S. Mullen Edgar Sampson James C. Lichlyter Robert Taylor Richard L. Payton James J. Maye T» I f ! •! I • Ernest Rezendes WlO tipSllOn Llll Richard J Rohman - Oscar L. Smith Robert H. Thomas Roy R. Thomas JOHN A. ERWTN President • HOW ARD FRIEND rice-President JAMES W. McCARTV Seerelarx GEORGE STANSBURV Treasurer BENAMIN H. COOKE Senalnr FLORENTINO FERNANDEZ Chaplain RICHARD FLAMOND Inter-Fralernity Representative MEMBERS V MEMBERS Ralph Caprio | 1 S ' pen ' e ' ' ' " Gordon Ferron .Ifefc. f r. n d i ..-a T T-. „ iB t ' Russell Pntchaul It p I ' u %1 Tonv Richel John R. Felta . , , , g j .j W, ham Fox Tonv Smilgin Richard hnedbacher . i r-i ' c i ,,,.,,. TT .-r i T--. Elmo Stanley William Hot tses . 2i w ,i Qf j. r) 1 1 T- i_r KF Wi Richard Stork Ralph P. Hutton ,- c i T ij r T y deoree Strvker Dona d K. une ' -, -p- - -f, , ,■ T- . loseph limpano rranklin Kent t - i i ai ;, T - x u ij Richard hite Jack Machold Charles Mayer Mason-Dixon ROY FOX Pvcsidcnl MATTl 1 1-:W WEIXSTl ' .lX Treasurer HAROLD TUCKER Vice President ROBERT RICCIO Senator JAMES V. CONLON Secretary JOHN MILAZZO Jntcr-fraternity Representative PROFESSOR CHARLES M " BEHRMAN. .Sponsor JULIJS MALLIN President THOMAS COTTON yicc-Prcsidcnt JOHN DUDLEY Treasurer DAVID McKELVIE Secretary MEMBERS Orlando Sotolongo Arthur Piano Rafael Rosal Willard Gaulding Rolf Schickler Gilberto Aldrich Mike Akar Burt Bond Walter Beck Robert Kitchen Frank Leone Henry Strait PLEDGES William Tubbs Phil Rozzo Joe Lippolis Bob Fuer Carlos Zetina Jerome Pollack Sam Slater Dick Taner ♦ : • ♦• . ■ , r .. L: III Pi Kappa Phi DONALD BOETHER Arclwii M( )XROE HARDEN Treasurer LARRY HEXYECZ Secrefarv JOSEI ' H DOYLE Historian EARL X ' ARXES Chaplain HEXRY MULLEX U irdeii WYATT RLASSIXGAME Faculty .hhisor MEMBERS Dclbert Allen Joseph De Flora William Herring William Arthur Robert Dooley Ned Hill John Attaway Ray Dutcher ' Clifford Miller George Bingham, Jr. Charles Fay Roy Pedersen Thomas Blythe, Jr. Jack Flatlv George Peterson Robert Bruce Robert Gartner George Stein Robert Cowles William W ' hittpenn Tail Kappa Epsilon DONALD J. KUMM President ARTHUR H. BIGGS, JR rice-President THOMAS KENNETH WOOGE Treasurer HOMER RAMSDELl Secrctarv lOHN EDWARD ROWLAND Historian I H. VAN BLARICUM, JR Chaplain " ROBERT GANNETT, JR Piedi ewaslcr MEMBERS PLEDGES Edward Bellone John Bell George McWater Lee Ramsdell Dick Boehn Kenneth Morecraft John Cassidy Jim Brugman Allen Novak Frank Ciccone Joseph Daily Charles Orrico August Fitzner Kenneth Derrick John Orrico Charles Henry Kuehne, Jr. Arthur Falls Kenneth Petersen Frederick D. Lehn, Jr. Larry Jender zcyak John Sangviluno Robert C. Lemke Mel Golman Arnold Thomas James A. Murphy Paul Healy Roy Wilson James R. Murphy Mel Knowles James W ' hitehead Joseph J. O ' Brien Marvin Kumm Martin Zuzzulo Harold J. Peterson John T. Rothenberger Sherburne B. Sweetland Richard A. Thomson - . ' - -: ;, : ..■ Theta Chi Theta Chi RICHARD DARRAGH President GEORCE W. TRUITT I Icc-Frcsidciit HENRY T. CASPER Scrcctarv JEFFREY JACOBS Treasurer MEMBERS PLEDGES Kent Albus Kenneth Mclnvale Jim Beymer Lewis Miller Mike Zotti Benjamin Chereek C. Andrew Moore Lester Le Valley Joel Embry Frederick F. Moore William Ruster Marshall Lee Feld Herman W. Morgan Robert Alexander George Fouts Eugene Oliva Maurice Hodges Donald James Fox Leslie G. Pickett Lewis Gracev Daniel K. Gill R. Walton Ragan William Bakewell Charles B. Glass Harry Robarts Odest Cannon Samuel Gregg Walter T. Saxon Michael Horn Richard M. Gruenwald Anthony P. Sinisgalli Paul Reynolds Warren Haskell Donald F. Snyder Ray Van Orsdale William Hosmer Robert L. Tatosian James Bruce Felton Gorden Benjamin Hudson Claude W. Thompson Boon Moody James E. Johnson Corning F. Tolle Carl Neth Edward B. Kirkland Stephen H. Voss Gene Giuffrida Paul A. Locke Theodore A. Weaver William Connors Frank W. Love John White Terrel Powell Del McAllister Donald Woods Clayton Cone Marshall McClure David Yoakley Ted Schmaltz Gus Gating Jack Deedrick Lambda Chi Alpha CLAUDE DVAI President JAMES KIRK I ' lce-President AUDREE LONG Sceretar WILLIAM BECKETT Treasurer DR. ROBERT MacGOW ' AN Faciiltv Advisor DR. GEORGE P. HOFFMAN Faculty Advisor MEMBERS PLEDGES Jesse Atwood Myron Barger Frank LaLonde Carl Teutsch Frank Decker Donald Learnard Calvin Walker George Battle Richard McNally Dana Freeman Robert Cheyne Donald Watkins Robert Fletcher Ernest Dabelstein Edward Barker Jennings Hooks Ouillian .S. Yancey Theodore Hilton Donald Freeburn Daniel Taylor Patrick Meehan Joseph Smith David Reilly James Fritz Kenneth Page Joseph Odom William Schmidt Allen Rung Ed Farrell Louis Furen Edward Proctor Russell Acker Lawrence Silk John Reynolds Richard Bull Rober Kersey William Chapman Paul Zimmer Donald Nichols Allen Kirkpatrick William Roauer William Cox Walter Correll William McCourt Bill Callahan William Sowers Charles Patton George Greer Nicholas Mayer Bernard Rollins William Beiswanger John Cooper Louis Maisch Lou Gilleran Howard Rollins Thomas Conklin ' illiam Smith Mahlon Stout Phillip Ruffalo Cornelius Blum David Demarest Lawrence Caison Richard Tomlonson William Fiedler Robert Rhinehart Robert Howell Joseph Gunness Robert Roose Anthony Rowse ■ ■■ . t f » . ■■ n MKMl ' .EKS William T. Anderson William B. Argie Harold D. Bonnett Joseph P. Brooks ]oe S. Burch William G. Castelberr William W. DeMilly Melvin E. Enfinger Charles I. Freeman Homer B. Hirt George A. H (le Wesley R. Kirkland Jack D. Lichterman Louis D. Lowe Robert A. Mallender Theodore F. Mayor John E. Partin Paul V. Peurifoy Charles E. Potts James M. Pyle Ormond E. Rolfe Charles W. Sahlman Kenneth M. Taylor James J. Templon Gerald E. Tinsley Garden F. Warner Ronald E. West Julian L Rice Chester Holbrook Pi Kappa Alpha HERBERT R. RIVIERE President DONALD SITTERSON Vice-President CARL E. BURKETT Treasurer PHILIP E. DENU Recording Secretary JOHN H. GLAUS Corresponding Secretary ROBERT S. BLY Senator JOHN A. WHITE Chaplain DAVID READDICK Faculty Advisor MEMBERS PLEDGES James Bozeman Richard Pease Jack McQellan H. Wade Fowler. Tr. Robert Philbeck Ted Phillips Joseph Burgess William Simms Eddie William George A. Raymond Robert Polk James Robinson Paul Whitsett Robert Huffman Maurice Allison Douglas Cope ' and Tohn Buckhalt Pat McBride William Fisackerly Jack Taylor Wilber Bradford Charles Ladendorf Tohn Parker William Craft William O. Anderson Roy Smith George E. Fletcher Edward Bigler Charles Seymour Robert Polk Vance Weeks Lee Kintzer J. P. Curl Tames Edwards Daniel Henderson Edward Williams Leo Kincaid .r . " I % t- Tail Epsilon Phi SANDY SCHANTZ Chancellor LARRY SILBERMAN J ■ice-Chancellor LLOYD HAMBURCxER Bursar MORT TATAR Historian DAVE STOLE Senator ARTHUR EISLER Scribe NICK CEDENO ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Chaplain MEMBERS PLEDGES Murray Feldman Chester Adamczewski Bob Sapan Thomas Aitchison Claude Arias Anthony Cieri George Hionides Julian Dondis Dick Blauner Cvril Gill Bob Jones Richard Fagan Al Schenkel John Firense Mac Gilett Alexander Fleming Elbv Abramson L- vin Kalisher Howard Weil ' illiam Last Bernie Topfer Jere Liehman Bud Stone Arthur Lodato Lee Juden Anthony Novvicki Steve Hyman Pat Ravo Marvin Shapiro Victor Romano Paul Hachigan Eugine Smith Ken Herman Sheldon Snvder Mel Friend Alexander Sosik Nick Tipaldo ♦ » " ♦♦♦ . v r- 4 ' • ' Sporh ■ r • - ■ • ' i SAMUEL P.. LUCE Director. Men ' s littramurai Athletics RICHARD R. MORELANI) I ' orsitv Baskclhall and Tennis Coach VINCENT GRANNELL I ' arsitv Baseball Coach ROY COUCH I ' arsitv Creiv Coach ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT 31 11 1 III iii335 -2A n ■j««P » M««i : -• ' : ' 4!- - ' ' iniMMitl riJMJMhiaMteai Mir ' ii ' iiii Vf ' ifaiMimriiMrfiriiiiii gss; ' " MISS ELIZABETH ROLLER Director, Women ' s Athletics CHARLES COLLINS Varsity Golf Coach Men s Intramural Board Slcmdiiu . left to right: Luce, Kirkpatrick, Falls, Stone, Kennedy, Wittpenn, Ramsdell, Kirkland. ' Kneeling: Kumm, Gill, Fivenson, Leone, Noble, Luzzo, Machold. . " ♦■ ■ • , S ' taiuii)i( , L. to R. : Coach Morland, Pegg, Tolle, Kuinm. Wooge, Anderson, Terry, Giord ano, Mgr. Eisler (kneeling) Robbins, Zovath. Playing a vastly improved floor game this year. Coach Dick Morland ' s Moccasins showed themselves to be a team whose prowess on the court could not he under-rated. Playing some erratic hall through the season, hut always putting up a good fight the 1949 Mocs were a team of which the College can he justly proud. Gene Robhins ranks high among the best players in the Southeast, with Chuck Terry running a close second. Deedrick and Pegg kept the opposition on their toes with their brilliant floor play and hall-handling. Lanky Don Kumm at center provided much-needed height to the pint-sized Mocs. However, lack of height was not too great a handicap, for even though a stick of dynamite is only 8 inches tall, it still packs a terrific wallop. Varsity Basketball 2 points for Southern Pefsg takes off in a jump Perhaps the peak was reached when Southern handed the U. of Fla. five a 51-50 upset, winning by the narrow hut sufficient margin of Terry ' s foul shot. Long under- dogs to the ' Gators, this game had an espec- ial significance, being the first time that the Mocs have ever tripped the ' Gators. Revenge was sweet when the Mocs avenged a 74-66 loss to Tampa U. in a questionably officiated game, by later handing the Spartans a 64- 57 drubbing. Sparked by Bobbin ' s and Terry ' s floor play, the Mocs played some inspired ball through the season. Zovath contributed his steady and dependable floor play, and piled up points with his overhead push shots. ith Tolle, Wooge, and Giordano providing dependable relief, the Mocs were a well-co- ordinated unit, capable of striking fear into the strongest teams. and no personal fouls? ♦•♦■■♦■ -» f Free -for all Bird ' s eye view SCHEDULE FSC 57 -MacDill AAF. 38 FSC 51 Stetson 43 FSC 61 U. of Fla 83 FSC 66 V . of Tampa. . 74 Fsr 46 63 58 FSU FSU 38 45 FSC FSC FSC 66 65 Mercer 79 Fsr Stet- on 60 FSC MacDill AAF.. 57 Ga. Teachers. . 57 FSC 73 Milians 71 FSC 64 U. of Tampa. . U. of Miami . . 57 Fsr 51 81 U. of Fla Parris Island. . . FSC 50 56 58 Lawrence FSC FSC Tech. 47 57 68 Fsr U. of Miami. . 68 .. 72 Scoring Table Left to right: Reporter from Miami e vs. Tucker. Roi)arts, Fa , Flatly, Miami scorer, Gill. funior X ' arsily : Left to riglit; Anderson, Kumm, Sheehan, ( ) ' r.rien, Alilkr, Fislnr, Jiidson, Malsey, Billstrand, Giordano, Flatly. JUNIOR VARSITY Ably coached by Jim Anderson, the Baby Moc8 showed great promise as future varsity material. Playing against some very good J. V. teams, the end)ryo Mocs showed some fine floor play and good ball handling. w . s.t WATER MOCCASINS Varsity Crew: sta)idiiu , left to right; Risler. Tipaldo, Gillc-raii, Waters, Cating, Stevens, Locke, Couch. Kiieeliiu . Coxwaiii, (Juanistnjm. lender the nientorship of Coach Roy Couch. Southern ' s newest sport grew rapidly into a well-rounded and seasoned group of oarsmen. From the vast hordes that answered the call in Octoher, Coach Couch selected a group of men, only two of which had ever seen a shell hefore, to form a nucleus from which to build a crew. Under the rigorous training schedule laid down, the boys soon learned that there were other kinds of shells besides those surrounding peanuts. iJfk J. V. Crew in a practice workout «.».„VrOT Junior Varsity: standing, left to right; Leins, Giuffrida, Pedersen, Becker, Foster, Abajian, Hilton, Dudgeon. Kneeling; Coxwaiii Healy. Coach Couch and managers Silk and Healy The crew demonstrated their potentialities, at the annual Gasparilla re- gatta in Tampa, where they were nosed out by the Rollins crew by a scant foot. As Rollins is touted as one of the best small college crews in the country, great things should be expected as soon as the team gains in experience. Varsity Crew getting ready for a workout. ' .§T4- -f f ' ' " ' l,I ' i ' : vM- V ' " I % ■V? . 1948 Varsity Baseball Team: standing, left to right; Coach Grannell, Anderson, Hionides, Julich, Ramsdell, Stewart, Williamson, Subbiondo, Collins. Kneeling; Manager Goodwin, Decker, Albus, Green, Terry, , , Trainer Fay, Asst. mgr. Cieri. Tliis season marked tlie second year that Sonthern lias fielded a baseball team, and the improvement over the previons squad was miraculous. Coach Vince Grannell ' s boys turned in a fine performance, winning 11 and losing 10, playing against some of the toughest teams in the Southeast. Unham- pered this season by the sore arms that plagued the previous squad, Southern ' s fielding shut out many an opponents ' hit, while the Mocs big bats spelled poison to sou ' je powerful teams. Sparked by the brilliant generalship of Catcher Joe Green, the mound staff turned in some fine performances backed up by ex- cellent fielding. ►V..C-. Joe Green sending one for an extra base « ♦ " • ♦ ♦ ♦ ' i " • V ♦ ' • ' ♦ Under the pre-seasoii inentorship of Coach Bouchet, the tennis team was in good shape for Varsity Coach Morland when Basketball season ended. Stronger than ever, the team presented a tough obstacle for visiting teams. Staiiil ' uiii. Irfl to rujlit: Winclu-ll. ( ) vslfy, Kenrich, Seymour, Lang K)ici ' liii( : Lnacli lluuclu ' t, Weaver, Gregg, White, Holland, Ergle. With Coach " Chuck " Collins tutoring, the Golf team was stronger than ever this year. Sparked by returning lettermen Dees and Micone, the new men on the squad showed visiting teams that Moccasin venom could be poisonous. Standing, left to right; Coach Collins, Micone, Fisher, Boerum, Beach. Kneeling; Eastman, Hetrick, Dees, O ' Hara. Not present; Tomlinson. !»m f ' ' smx » ::-im ;:i :2 ' f .iifif ii mm - i v m m : -i -4 ■: - ' Cheerleaders, left to rujht ; Fisackerly, Smith, Turner, Johnson (standing), I ' lUchanan, Watkins, Todd, Li-she. SOUTHERN ' S CHEERLEADERS Under the direction of Miss Roller, South ern ' s cheerleaders have hoosted student spirit considerably. Cheerleaders grabbing for the roof at one of the Basketball games. This season marked some of the best In- tramural ball in the history of the sport. The teams played some fine ball games. Some of the fancy laterals, reverses, and aerial attacks would have delighted any pro- fessional ball player. Tlifta Chi ' s championship team; standbuj left to r ' ujlit; lloehrum, Emhiy. Albus, Greene, Feld, Fox, Telle. Kuccliny: .Snyder, Miller Sinigoi, Fox (mascot) Rozzo, Cannon. INTRAMURAL SPORTS TEP ' S Feldman fades for a pass. Theta Chi ' s Greene plunging through the line. mimmmm mi fm m :i im SS Pi ' ff TPP i!»ii .|| n wna» | | lll « w ,llJ ; ! i l ' i ?: ? 7 : ;ii ' ' t a rpg v; ' yMT ' » -i T4 ■ n Topfer jumps in Miami TEP game Competition in Intramural basketball was tlie keenest tbis year since tlie program was inaugurated. Some of tlie teams would liave done credit to any varsity squad. TEP " s Champion Volley-ball team Standing, left torii lit ; Shenkel, Hioiiides, Arias, Stone : kiu-cliny, Feldman, Gill. ' To the victors belong the spoils ' Candidates for the crew team work out on the rowing machine Phi Beta Chi runners-up in Intra- mural touch football « f r ' " f ' MISS ELIZABETH ROLLER Women ' s Intramural Board The Women ' s Intranmral Board tries to promote intraimiral sports among all the girls in college. It selects a manager for each sport who is in charge of awards given to individuals and teams. These awards are medals and trophies and are given for high scoring and individual achievement. The board sponsors the annual pageant of horses and special play day activities with other schools. It has been on campus about five years and acts as the executive board for all sports other than regu- lar class activities. The members are elected by their own sororities and organizations. Miss Roller, PVankie Powell (AOl ' ii, Ann Jefferson (ADFi), Kathv (BSO), Bobbie Peel ( AXChi). Joyce Bittner (IW), Nell Surrency (D Gallus (PhiSS). Not Shown; Eugenia Lane, president Stewart (DZ), Judy Competition is keen in the ping-ponf tournaments Volley ball, one of the less brutal intramural sports Intramural Activities Something happened to the ball in this one! She made it. - ' . ri _ : Lcjt III r ' ujht : Norma Hilgers, Janet Davis, Donitln ' Kirchoff, Dcilores Koli, Juan Ilradshaw, Margaret Davis, Joan Foltz, Jackie McKissick, Vera Tordy. In foreground, Coach and Mrs. Glenn Kirkpatrick. SOUTHERN ' S AQUA - MAIDS Dorothy Kirchoff and Dolores Kolf advertise Florida ' s balmy climate Coach Glenn Kirkpatrick directing a pair of monnted mermaids Phone 47126 FREE DELIVERY GILL ' S ICE CREAM 915 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida ooOoo A CORDLAL WELCOME TO THE STUDENTS, FACULTY, and VISITORS FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE FROM THE LAKELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Levie D. Smith. President John M. Bryson. Manager ooOoo Compliments Of LAKELAND LINEN SERVICE 22 Years Dependable Service Phone 47853 11411 2 East Parker Street Lakeland. Florida Compliments Of SPINKS-COLTON COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS ooOoo Lakeland. Florida COMl ' LIMENTS O ' Berry and Hall Co., Incorporated Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 398 ooOoo TAMPA FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 49 Florida State Theaters POLK— Central Florida ' s Finest PALACE — New Modern Air-conditioned LAKE— Lakeland ' s Family Theater " Citizpiis W hcrerer We Serve " . . . Congratulations To The Class ol ' 49 . . . ooOoo The C yyipWe Lakeland COMPLIMENTS THE BENFORD STATIONERY F CO. M. P. TOMLINSON CO. ooOOo ooOoo COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES CADILLAC— OLDSMOBILE ooOoo ooOoo 125 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Lakeland .... Florida BEST WISHES— CLASS OF ' 49 To The Graduating Class of ...RACY ' S... Florida Southern College LADIES ' and CHILDREN ' S APPAREL ooOOo PIECE GOODS ooOoo " May the precious memories of your college (lays be with you throughout a lakeland, FLORIDA long, happy, and prosperous life. " ENGLE ELECTRIC COMPANY ooOoo ooOoo . . . The House of Jf estinghouse . . . ...MILLER ' S... ooOoo lakeland FLORIDA lakeland FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS Berger Rachelson WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND CANNED GOODS Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS Food Machinery Corporation CITRUS EQUIPMENT— VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT SURFACE IRRIGATING PIPE Lakeland Florida REACH FOR SUNBEAM BREAD COMPLIMENTS O F A. G. KING PRODUCE COMPANY ooOoo WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE ooOoo 107 West Cannon Street Telephone 25-751 Lakeland, Florida SANBORN PHOTO SERVICE ooOoo COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS ooOoo FILMS CAMERAS PHOTO SUPPLIES CLEANING PRESSING . . . RICHARDS CLEANERS . . . ooOoo YOUR ONE STOP SERVICE Center For Everything You W ear Corner of College and East Palmetto ooOoo Dyeing Shoe Repairing Laundry Compliments Of GEORGIA PACKING COMPANY OF FLORIDA ooOoo . . . " MEAT PACKERS " . . . ooOoo P. 0. Box 1687 Lakeland, Florida l,.cMsi m iisMk ii: mfj£ m m mf WMmm -MM-M : ■ ' :»■♦•♦■ ALBRITTONS SHOP GOWNS HATS Adel Simpson Rentner Jr. Lilli Dache Kem Jr. Vogue Habit Maker Alice May Jr. Formal Bags by Picbel Jewelry by Adel Simpson LAKELAND. FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF ORANGE BLOSSOM PERFUME BALLENGER AUTO STORAGE GIFT SHOP INC. GIFTS OF DISTINCTION ooOoo ooOoo 110 South Kentucky Ave. LAKELAND. FLORIDA . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . FROM Congratulations to Class of ' 49 THE HUB ooOoo CLOTHING COMPANY INC. GEO. L. GAINES ooOoo J E ' E L E R HOME ooOoo OF MICHAELS-STERN and SCHLOSS CLOTHES Telephone 24191—309 East Main Street ...BERNICE ' S... Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats THE ooOoo EXCLUSIVE SHOP McGregor sportswear FOR NUNN-BUSH AND JARMAN SHOES COLLEGE WOMEN ooOoo 118 South Kentucky Avenue ooOoo Lakeland Florida 307 E. Main St Lakeland, Florida COMPLIMENTS Of BEACON CLEANERS DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY Your Campus Cleaner ooOoo Lakeland. Florida LAKELAND FORD CO., INC. SALES AND SERVICE 125 Lake Mirror Drive Lakeland, Florida Phone 4606-4605 . . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . TODD HARDWARE COMPANY GENERAL HARDWARF ooOoo 113 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida ...BEST WISHES... BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP 122 E. Main Street Lakeland STREAMLINE CLOTHIERS CLOTHING FOR YOUNG MEN 109 North Florida Avenue PALACE SWEET SHOP SANDWICHES MEALS oOOOo 112 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland, Florida THE INTERLACHEN STAFF EXTENDS ITS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 49 ' - . - ' COMPLIMENTS Of REECECLIFF ooOoo fFe Specialize in SANDWICHES FRENCH FRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE ooOOo Phone 24882 Lakeland, Florida EAT at Phone 48-341 GLASS DINER ITALIAN FOOD Spaghetti, Ravioli, Pizza, etc. Strollo Giannini 1295 East Main St. Proprietors Lakeland, Florida MURRELL AMUSEMENT CO. LATEST USED RECORDS 7 FOR $1.00 ooOoo lO. ' iS South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida CONGRATULATIONS TO FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Here ' s Looking Forward to Many More Years That ff ill Be Even Better ooOoo W. H. VENABLE COMPANY WHOLESALE SEA FOODS Quick Freezing- Cold Storage COMPLIMENTS Of THE COLLEGE TERRACE Serving SealTest Ice Cream Exclusively COMPLIMENTS O F POLK DAIRIES ooOoo ICE CREAM AND ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS Lakeland Florida COMPLIMENTS It Pays To Play With F WILSON ' S SPORTS EQUIPMENT MORRISON ' S ooOoo CAFETERIA We Recommend Wilson ' s Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball and ooOoo Tennis Goods to be the Best as to Quality and Work- OPEN ALL YEAR manship ooOoo ooOoo KNIGHT WALL COMPANY East Main Street Phone M-2631 Lakeland ooOoo Fla. Tampa and Lafayette Streets Tampa Florida 1 1 Lakeland Lincoln-Mercury Inc. ooOOo 201 " e t Main Street ooOOo Lakeland Florida CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF ' 49— SOUTHERN COLLEGE ooOOo Florida National Bank MEMBER FDIC Member of Florida National Group of Banks ooOOo Lakeland Florida Best Wishes Class of 1949 FROM MORRIS ON WILLIAMS MANAGER ooOOo STUDENT ACTIVITY BUILDING Congratulations and Best Wishes — Class ' 49 oOOoo FAITH must be the foundation for Future America! Believe in yourself, and the lifetime ahead of you. and you will he in- spired to unlimited success. . . . Faith in your Church. . . . Faith in Your Country. . . . Faith in your Leaders. . . . and Faith in Yourself. ooOOo Member FDIC Peoples Savings Bank Lakeland Florida MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK ' Bordensi. DAIRY PROOUCT BORDEN ' S DAIRY PRODUCTS • 44 L. Wire Lakeland Florida t t « • ' SPCEDV RAMt Thcres literally no limit to the oppor ninities ahead for this generation ... and no limit to the ways I can help to better your business, lighten your housework, brighten your home. FLORIDA POWER(flllfieT COMPMY rill SPEEDY FLAME Your Sunshine Servant Sometimes it is the nature of a craft to create an unbreakable tie between itself and the worker in that field, a heart attachment equal to lifetime devotion. One familiar example is PRINTING. Once editor, once compositor, or press- man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor of a camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer ' s ink, symboli- cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, Magazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. Years of experience have taught us! Priutiug Pays Us Only When ft Pays You! McClure Printing Company THE RUNNELS PRESS COLLEGE ANNUALS AND CATALOGS FINE ADVERTISING PRINTING 19 West Frederick St. Phone 605 Staunton, Virginia r. ' ' ' W ' y W ' ' - r ' Cf Tf ' y;? ' : ' l ' uWj • ♦. - " : i ' r r} m f £i jm :;• A ■». ; .

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