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1948 V, f- ' - - • • -♦ , t f « w r . FO RE WO RD The sunny southland with its balmly breezes, waving palms, golden fruit, and billowy clouds will soon be a memory to many Florida Southern College students. In wintery months of future years they will recall the pleasant, warm afternoons spent in study on the campus lawn, in mid-February ' Likewise remaining but as memories to us all will be the pleasure of college life, the scholastic struggles, the athletic competition. Memories tend to serve as succor of life; when things seem dark, they keep us going until the silvery lining shows again. Mindful of these future memories, the INTERLACHEN staff has attempted to record life at Southrn college as students know it. All pictures in this edition were taken on the campus, with the exception of a few candid scenes, in order that graduates may recall the appearance of the college grounds in 1948, in Florida — Where balmy breezes wave the palm And shattered nerves find a balm. Our ridge-land hills we view witli pride Where citrus flanks our country-side. Great forests of the verdant pine. The grey moss with old oaks entwine And ideal climate here is found, A joy to live the whole year ' round, (Mrs, Ora Arnold) Table of Contents Dedication Campus Scene Administration Faculty Classes Organizations Athletics Advertisements The President ' s Message The editor of the Interlachen and all of his assistants, including the faculty adviser, can be congratulated on pre- senting us with an attractive publication. Besides showing good taste, it has unity and variety. The publishing of this 1948 Interlachen means that the seniors of this year will leave their Alma Mater to continue work elsewhere. Some will go to graduate school, others whl take up their life ' s work. To each one of them the blessings and good wishes of the college go. They |oin a host of alumni who for years have been reflecting honor and glory on their Alma Mater by their faithful service to God and man- kind. The Juniors and Sophomores will remain an active part of the college. They, with the coming Freshman class, will aid all of us — trustees, faculty, and students — to lead our Florida Southern College into larger fields of learning. With increased facilities for carrying on our task and with a greater determination to seek after the better things of life, we will, together, create here on Hollingsworth Lake a greater institution of learning that will continue to send men and women into society with warm hearts for justice and a clear head to see the good. My best wishes to every student for a good and safe vacation. Yours very truly, Ludd M. Spivey President DEDICATION The Senior class and Faculty of Florida Southern College dedicate this 1947-1948 Interlachen to Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey, as a token of their great love and appreciation for her services, friendship, loyalty, co- operation and many acts of kindness during the past 24 years. Mrs. Spivey, with her charm and person- ality, has ivon a place in the heart of every student, alumnus, and faculty member iii the college. f 9 r ■ • JtJ-k J. J.JI . L I U m i nuLM i m w -V- ' Joseph Reynolds Hall Campus Scene T MUfll Elranor Searlp Drawing Room ill Joseph Reynolils Hall Palm Lane by Joseph Reynolds Hall Eleanor Senrle W hitncy School j liisi ( 1 cjuporai) Luratiun illcii Spin y Hall • " ♦ vv Interior of Chapel Esplanade Leading to Library -- ■ J B cJ H H H ■ ■BBHHkI HI HA •■■ B L ANi Al ft B ' - - m „- : H B • " The E. 7 . Rou.x Lil)rary Library Stack Room Interior of E. 1. Roux Libriii y ♦ ♦ ' ■■-I.Ttt m . I.nhelaiid from the Air Art Studios i i ♦ • - Florida Soiitln ' in ( ' ollcfic from the Air Interior of Gilbert Gymnasium " ■■■■■■! i HK 1 ■ m 3 W U |g| |a am •r M .- ■■ 1 B. BH q ■ «: . 1. ■ ■ UIHHJH! IMH n Home of Dr. and Mrs. Liidd M. Spivey Dr. and Mrs. Ludd M. Spivcy enlcrtaining Students in their home t ♦ ♦ ♦ Student Activity Building Phi Beta Chi House Freeman Apartments (Independent Dormitory) Campus Scene Mason Dixon House Rlio Epsilon Chi House I ' hi .S ' nr Phi Hmisc Pi Alpha Hottsr ■ y . V Thi ' ld (Jit House Theta Chi (Annex) 111 I i »:JL i II I 11 I I kapjxi Mjihii Hiiiis Lnnihdfi (.hi Alpha { Annex) r » ' „ ' ' Campus Scene Campus Scene Esplanade hy Seminars Joseph Reynolds Hnll Men ' s Infirmary Chirh( cnstiufin io. Giiatevialn Florida Soutlii rii ( ' ollpirc Summer School (xroiii Leavii} ' Miami for Mexico and Guatemala Scenes from Antigua. Guatemala W here Florida Southern College Conducts a Linit of Its Summer School ■ ♦ • I E. T. Roux Library (from cliapel) Students in a section of the College Cafeteria During Lunch hour ... - . :»;: - • DR. LUDD Al. SFWEY— President A.B., M.A., B.D., LL.D., Ed.D. L. A. RAULERSON Chancellor of Florida Southern College 1947-1948 DR. CHARLI ' .S Til RIFT Dl ' .AX 1. L ' . I ' l ' .l ' .l. ' ,■(;; ,1 (■ CnllciJC ni ' .A.X I ' .. R. RII ' T)! ' .!. iK ' uii oj Slitilnils DR. W . R, DI ' :Ml ' :i.T l C( ishur 1)| ' .. . i: . MII.I.I-.R ' (■( ; ( ' W ' onioi ALTON KIXDRI ' .D Unrsar i)i;ax R(.)1!KRT ciaylI ' :]-; !K-aii iif HIcaiior Srarlr ll ' liiliiry Sc-liool of Music DR. ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel CORNING TOLJ.K Business Manager AD.MIXISTRATIVE COUNCIL Left t(i Ri( lit : Mr. Chambers, Dean Gayler, Dean Miller, Dean Riedel, Dr. Thrift, Air. Tolle, Mr. Kindred, Dean Peel, Dr. DeMelt, Dr. MacGowan (not pictured) f t • » r r ' • FACULTY EDYTH L. BAIXTER A.B. Instructor in Art HENRY GREEX P.ARXETT A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English HOWARD J. BARNUM Graduate Ithaca College Instructor in J ' iolin and Theory of Music HELEN WOOD BARNUM Graduate W. Va. Wesleyan College Instructor in Piano and Music Education JEAN ALLEN BATTLE B.S., J LA. Associate Professor of Physical Education : IEL ' ERX Hor.ART BERRY B.S., ALA. .tssociatc Professor of Biology FACULTY MARY DOWNS BERRY B.S. Assistant Librarian ROBERT STEWART RLY R.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry LEAFY BOATMAN A.B.. A.L.S. Assista)it Librarian CHARLES T. RROWX, JR. B.B.A., Ph.M. .■K :sociatc Professor of Speeeli ( Leave of Absence) 1947- ' 48 ROBERT CARTER B.S., M.A., B.M. Professor of Piano V. S. CHAMBERS B.A.J. .Issistant Professor of Journalism t s • FACULTY SAMUEL GWYNN COE A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science GRACE L. DeCASTERLTNE A.B., M.A. .Issislaiit Professor of Keligion METTTE degernes.s B.C.S. Instructor in Pusiness Administration WILLIAM EUGENE DeMELT Pti.R., M.A., Pd.B., Ph.D. Rci istrar and Professor of Psychol of y WILLIAM GREGORY FLETCHER D.D. Instructor in Relii ion AUDIE FRANKLIN FUGITT B.S., M.A. . Assistant Professor of History and Political Science FACULTY VVARRENNE HUNTLEY EUGITT B.S. Instructor in Enf lish ROBERT GAYLER Graduate of Scharvvenka Conservatory of Music Dean of Eleanor Searle ]Vhitne School of Music Professor of Organ CHARLES STANTON GILES B.S. Graduate of the Vesper George School of Art -Issistani Professor of Art YVONNE GOLDSBOROUGH A.B., M.A. .-issociate Professor of [■rencli GEORGE GREBENSTCHIKOFF Instructor in English TANYA GREBENSTCHIKOFF Director of Print Shop iitr FACULTY SAMUEL GKII ' FITITS Mus.I!. Professor of Music Theory Director of the Orchestra JiONALD FOUNTAIN HUSSEY A.B., M.S., Sc.D. .Issisiiuit Professor of Hioloi y ADA HAMELRYCK A.B. Instructor in Spanish EMILY SUSAN HANCOCK P..S., M.A. Instructor in Pusiness Administration C. WARREN HAWKINS Ph.B., H.D. Associate Professor of Ancient Languages GEORGE P. HOFFMAN li.S., M.En., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Ihtsiness . Idiiiinistratioii FACULTY EDA LAUTERBACH H( )RST A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Plivsical Education MILDRED IRBERSON B.S., M.A. Instructor in Speech AGNES JOHNSON A.R., AI.A. Assista)ii Professor of F.nglish , WILLIAM S. KIBLER A.B. Instructor in Enc Iisli R. S. RISER B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology DAVID R. LANGFITT B.S. Director of Citrus Research f - ' i • ' ♦ • ■■ ' ;■ ' FACULTY SAMUEL T. LASTINGER B.S.E., M.A. Associate Professor of Hdueatio)i LAURA NEIL LEONARD B.S., M.A. .-Issistaiit Professor of Business Administration EDWARD LEE FLEMING, JR. B.S., Ed.M. Instructor in Education SAMUEL W. LUCE B.S. Instructor in Plivsica! F.ducation ROBERT MacGOWAN D.I)„ A.H., M.A., B.I)., LiTT.n. Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Philosophy PAUL L. MITCHELL B.S., M.A. Instructor in F.ducation FACULTY MAURICE ML ' LVANIA B.S., M.S., Ph. I) Professor of Biology (Retired 1947) AMi:S (iURDO.X OCiDl ' .X. JR. ]!.S., M.A. hsociatc Professor of Iiducalioii BKRXAR]) JOIIX OLIVER A.I!., rn.l)., 15.1). .Issistujit Professor of History and Sociolo( ' (RcsigiK ' d 1947) COIJX (JMURE r..M. Professor of I ' oicc JAAIJ ' LS CI.ALM)IU.S PEEL A.r,., M.A., Ph.D Deuii of flic College and Professor of Hdueafioii CiAIL POTTER A.Ii., P,.E., M.A. . issisfaiil Professor nf Drama FACULTY LESLIE HARPER PURCELL A.B., M.A. Assutant Professor of English DAVID L. KEADDICK B.S. Instructor in Industrial Arts BERNHARD P. REINSCH A.B., B.S.. M.S., PhD Professor of Matlicinatics and Phy RICHARD MORLAND A.B., M.Ed. Instructor in Physical Education ESMOND ROBERT RIEDEL Ph B., M.A. £ ' (■0); () Students Associate Professor of Mathematics WALTER OMAR ROPP A.B. Professor of Business Administration FACULTY DONNA STODDARD B.S., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Art LOUISE OWEEN SUMNER A.B., B.L.S. Librarian and Instructor in Library Science RUTH FIKI ' -. TI ' -.RRV A.B., M.A. Instructor in . lallicniatics CHARLES TIXSLE ' THRIFT, JR. A.i;., M.A.. i;.l).. Lii 1). rice President of the Collcijc and Professor of Keliyion CHARLES A. VANNOY A.B., M.A.. Ln.D. Professor of Foreign Lani uai c AL L LE " ERX VERGASOX A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education (Resigned 1947) ■■■ ' - ' •.■ ' 5r FACULTY ANGELINE ACUNA Doctor en Ciencias Instructor in Spanish JUANITA LEACH ANDERSON A.B. Instructor in Business Administration ANN KEEHLE KAIR B.S. Instructor in Business Administration WILLIAM IRVING BURG M.Sc, D.Sc. Assistant Professor of Chemistry RAY J. CURTIS A.B. Secretary to Faculty EMLEN ETTING B.S. I ' isitin; Instructor in Art FACULTY CARL FRANKLIN FERNER B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Journalism EDWARD RATLIFF JOHNSON B.S.. xALA. Assistant Professor of Histor LE ROY JOHNSON B.S. Instrnctnr in M alhcmatics CLARENCI-: LkROV MLRKAY D.S,, Al.S., ]-:d.d. Assistant Professor of Pducatinn CECIL CLARE XORTH, II B.Sc. Instructor in .Irt WALLACE BEARD l ' i-:FLE ' B.S., M.A. Director of the Chorus and . Issislaiil Professor of Voice i 4 4 ' FACULTY JESSICA PRICE Ph.B. Instructor in Art LUCKETIA OLMSTED RETTIG B.S. Kcfcrcn cc L Ibraian CLEVELAND BERMUTH GEER RETTIG Pace Institute Instructor in Citrus Culture ]« ) VA T GOODALE RICILXRDS A.B.. M.A. . Issistant Professor of History HARRIKTT CATHERINE ROWE A.B. Instructor in English and Speech HELEN ALMIRA SCUTT A.H., M.A. Instructor in English FACULTY LOTTIE BERTHA SELIG R.S. Instyiictor in Home Ecunomics RAYMOND E " ERETT SH( )F T A.B., B.n. Director of Reliyious Life and Assistant Profcsior -; kelif icii WILLIAM HAROLD Sl ' lVEY Tiraduate Julliard Schoul it Music Instructor in Finiin DijXALl) AL1-:XAXI)| ' ,R THOMPSON A.B., B.D. Issistant Professor of h ' elii ion LIELA FERN THOMPSON B.S. Instructor in Enqlish (). FLOYD ZIMMERMANN, JR. B.S. Instructor in ndustrial Arts t t ' ' - -■■- ■ ' - " ' itr-if: FACULTY CORNING TOLLE A.B. Business Maiwycr ALTON R. KINDRED B.S.E. Bursar EVA MILLER Dean of li ' owen MLRRA ' JOIIXSUN rissistaiif Dean of IVomen CHARLOTTE M. MELOXEY Serial Director R] ' ;V. EDWARD . ( )RT( )X Pastor of College f eii hts Church % V ♦. ♦: ' FACULTY OLIVE NORTON Assistant Dean of Women ISABEL WALBRIDGE Dormitorv Hostess MORRISON WILLIAMS Manager of Book Store VERONICA W ILI.IAMS College Post Mistress IRENE REGGS Nurse (Girls) MARIE DROGE Dietition and Cafeteria Manager t t f t ' ' ' ■ ' r FACULTY DOROTHY WELLS Sccrctarv to the President JUNE FIRST Secretary to the Business Manaijer AL RY ALICE MORRIS Assistant Bursar VIRGINIA BROWN Assistan t Rctjistrar PAULINE KNARR Assistant ' Registrar CARRIE W. FOSTER A.B., B.S. Instructor in Home Economics FACULTY MARGARET EPLING Housemother Alpha Chi 0-mega PEARL HIRRLE H onscmothcr Joseph Reynolds Hall OLAF PETER ANMINSON B.E. .-Issislaiit Professor of Ph sies FACULTY NOT I ' lCTl ' RED DANA COKLAN A.B., M.A., M.D. Professor of Nutrition GEORGE FRANKLIN SCOTT A.R., D.D. Assistant Professor of History OLTE SHERMAN RANDY A.B., M.A. .Issistant Professor of Spanish MILDRED DRACH A.I!., ML. histruetor In Business Administration MAX JACOB SELIG B.C.S. Instructor in lUtsiness . Idiuiuistration WYATT RAINEY liLASSINGAMl " . A.B. Instructor in J mtrnalism GENEVIEVE LAWRENCE ROBINSON BROWN A.B., M.A., Ph.D. histruetor in Hiu lish JOHN l)YM( )ND RYRD A.B. Instructor in English JOHN CECIL HAKI-: A.B., M.A., B.D. Issistant Professor of Sociology CARMELA IPPOLITO Juilliard School of Music Instructor in Violin INA MiLDKi-:i) kelli-:y A.B., M.A., M.E. Instructor in Education DOSTER CECIL VINCENT A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Psychology THOMAS JEFFERSON WAGNER A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in Education HOMER ETHAN WARK A.B., M.A., S.T.i;., I ' li.D. Special Lecturer on International A if airs SHLRIEV JACKSON CASE A.B., M.A.. D.C.L., B.D., Ph.D., D.D. Professor of Religion Died, December 5, 1947 JAMES BEVERLY REDD R.S., Ph.D. Professor of Citrus Culture G FLOYD ZIMMERMANN .B., M.A., S.T.B., M.R.E., D.D. L.LD Special Lecturer on Religion t . t r ' ' ' • - ' M ' ' i L jW FRANK RYAN — President of Student Body I ' r ■ . . . i Senior Class Officers Top Rii-ii. ' : Mendal J. Luce, President; Anne Laura Summers, ' ice President Richard Havuorth, Treasurer. Bottom A ' int ' : Pietty Jean Jack, Secretary; l ' illy Rruwn, Soiator; Laura Cantrell, Senator. trff ■ ' t! ' " - THEODORE ANDERSON Fernandina, Florida F i Kappa Alpha. !• ' Catholic Lfnivfrsit -. A. ; Transft-r from FRANCES DOCKERY BANKS Clarksdale, Arkansas (iraduatc of Monticcllo junior C ' olk-tii-; Alpha Omicrom Pi; F ' resident of Pan Hellt-nic; Historian of Cap and Gown ; V. S. li. A. ; Kappa Pi. JOSEPH E. BARTON Nocatee, Florida Transfer from Cniwrsily u North L ' arolina, 1946 (Kappa Thcta Psi 41-42): Theta Chi 46- 4 S; F. T. A. 46-48: ( lamnia Iota Alpha 47-48; Physical lulucation Cluh 47-48. JESSE L. BIRNBAUM Passaic. New Jersey Phi Alpha Delta. .L _ i i_ Q - . ♦. ' w WALLACE R. BRANDON Lakeland, Florida VELMA BRATLEY Gainesville, Florida huk-pcndi-m Wunu-n 44-4.X : M. S. 1 ' . 44-48; Secrt-lary 45-4(); ( Jrclie tra 44-4S : diDfus 45-4S; TumhJing ' I -aiii 4()-47. AMELIA R. BRENT Hughes. Arkansas Transferred fruiii S(]iitii (st Tn L ' niversitv .Secretary-Treasurer Intranniral Iln.nrd: Hal Council : Tri Delta. ROBERT M. BRODHECKER Brownstown. Indiana F. T. A.; I ' l Alpha Delta: V. .S. C. .Synii)liiin - Little . " yniijhniiy : Phi Alu .-Mj ha. " Xijii NORRIS T. BROOKS Bowling Green, Florida BILLY BROOKS BROWN Williston, Florida F. T. A. I ' i Kapjja Alplia ( Clii Khu ) ; SouIIktii Singers 4()-41 : Colk-gf Heights Methodist Church Choir; F. T. A.. President 46-47; P.. S. U. 46-47; Vagabonds; Male and Mixed Chorus ; Chi Rho Follies; Pi Kappa Alpha; Senate. LAURA CANTRELL Live Oak, Florida MARY ELIZABETH BURRELL Eustis, Florida Transfer fmiii ' I ' allahasvee 4(i. I ' i I ' .ela I ' iii. rranlerred frcjiu ' irginia Inti ' viunnl C nllege ; Student Conmiission 46-47; agaL)unds 46-48, Nice I ' resident; Pan Hellenic 47-48; Senate 47- 48; Microphone Cluli 46-48, Vice I ' resident; Who ' s Who 47-48; Alplia I )rlt;i I ' i, i ' resident 47; Ali)ha Psi Omega 47-48; Cap and ( iovvn 47- 48, Vice President. . ' - - : WILLIAM CHEEK Lakeland, Florida Lamlida Chi Al,)lia ; P.usiiifss Staff of Intek- LACHEN 43; Intramural Sports. HELEN CLAIRE COGGIN Tampa, Florida Alpha Chi Omega 4, -48, Vice President 47-4S ; Vagabonds 44-48; ' ice President 43; Pan Hellenic Council 46-47 ; Chorus 43-48 ; Secretary Junior Class 45-46 ; Presbyterian Fellowship 47- 48, Acting President 47 ; Freshman Counsellor of Guidance 47-48 ; Who ' s Who 47-48. DORMA JEAN COLEY Winston Salem, North Carolina Alpha Chi ( )mega, 44-4S, Rii li Chairman 4.3- 47; Y. W. C. A. 44-45; Intkki.ac iikn 45-48; Who ' s Who 47-48. BONITA CONNELL Chicago, Illinois Belta Zeta; ' . Kappa Omicrom C. A.; Home I ' ' .con iniics ; . " Spanish Club. A HERBERT DEKLE, JR. Newport News, Virginia Theta Chi, President 47, Special Chairman 46; Orchestra 46 ; Band 43 ; Chorus 43-46 ; Men ' s Glee Club 46: Kappa Theta Psi 43; Senate 47; Interfraternit - Council 47. f | Y Ppi " DAVID B. DICKSON Lakeland, Florida Transfer from Davidson College, (Delta Kappa Fraternity). CECIL ROBERT DURDEN Nichol, Florida Kappa I ' i. President 47-48. JOHN H. EAGLE Hacksensack, New Jersey Alpha Delta Phi ' ♦ ; Er 1 . ' j« fc • rurs. l- i 1 JACOB ENTELL Brooklyn, New York li(i W ho 47-48. M. LEE ESSENFELD New York, New York I ' hi Sij:, ' ma I ' hi, Trt ' asurer. Schcilastic Cliair- man ; .Senatt- 46-47; I ' an Hflk-nic 47; Frfshman Counsfllor 40. MARY ELIZABETH FIELDER Winchester, Indiana !■ ' . T. . . ; l,il)rary . istant ; lntianuir;il .Sports. WARREN GAMALIEL FOURAKER Tallaha.ssee, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha (Chi Rho ) 42-4 S; F. ' ] ' . A. 46-4 S; Band 42-4. 46-48. - Jrf CLARE L. FRANCES Lewisburg, Pennsylvania GLORIA GARCIA Lakeland, Florida Traiisffr from Hucknell University; Debate C ' nuncil. ' ice President 47-48; World Federalists 47-48. Alpha Omicron Phi ; F. T. A. : Senate ; Girls Varsity Basketball Team; Intramural Sports Representative. VIRGINIA GARFIELD Parma, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; F. T. A.; Intf.rlachen 47-48. THEODORE H. GATES Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Transfer from Tennessee esievan College. L S. HAROLD GEORGE Morriston, Florida Theta Chi 46-48 ; Vice President 47-48 ; Senate ; Alpha Theta 46 ; Kappa Theta Psi 42-43 ; Varsity Basketball 42-43; Intramural Key 42-43; Soitflicni Staff 47-48 ; Secretary-Treasurer Stu- dent r.cidv 47-48; Who ' s Who 47-48; The Muse 42-43. PAUL GIEBEIG. JR. Lake City, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha (Chi Rho) 45-48. House Manager; Varsity I ' .askethall 45-46; F. T. A. CLARENCE GILES Chapel Hill, Tennessee ELEANOR GORDON Parmel, New York va])pa Alplia. Microijlionc L ' lul HERBERT T. GORDON Lake Carmel, New York Beta Delta Nu, Charter Member, Bursar ; Tau Epsilon Phi Chancellor 47-48 ; Interfraternity Council ; Intramural Sports. HAROLD RICHARD HAYWORTH Tallerast, Florida Alpha Sigma 43-46, Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer ; Alpha Theta 1946 ; Gamma Iota Alpha 45-46, Charter Member; Theta Chi 46, Charter Member ; Senior Class Secretary 47-48. WILLIAM HOTCHKISS Dunedin, Florida I ' hi Alpha, Senator; . ])anisli L ' lub, President 47; Tip-Toppers Cluli. HAROLD W. HOWER Utica, New York Kappa .Sigma. ' ■ - . BETTY JEAN JACK Savannah, Georgia Alpha Dflta I ' i; I ' .m llclk ' iiic; Srtiatr ; Southern 46-48; Senior l ' la s Tre-asuivr; Intek- I.ACHEN 47-48. NAN SUE JACKSON Lake Placid, Florida Kajipa ( ianiina Tau 44-45; Alpha (hiiicinn I ' i, ' reasurci ' 4(), Schdlarship (JfticLT. CATHARINE JAHNIG Lakeland, Florida Alpha Chi ( »iiirua 40-48. ice- 1 ' resident : Y. VV. C. A.; Chcjrus 45-47: VaKahonds 46-48; JXTEKLACHEN 47-48; Senati- 47; Student Com- niission 47; Pan Hellenic L ' ouncil. Treasurer 48; W. S. (;. A.. Secretary 48; Caj) and (lown. Treasurer 48; Who ' s Who 46-47, 47-48; Cheer- leader 46; Chi Rhfi .Sweetheart 46. PAUL JAHNIG Lakeland, Florida Chi Kho 45-47; I ' i Kappa Alpha 47-48; Track " eani 4(i-48 ; Swimming 46-47; h ' oDtball 45; Intraniur.il Sports. k. 0tK « P 0 i ROBERT E. JAMISON Lakeland, Florida Tlit ' ta Chi, iff rn-siilciil 47; I ' ' . ' I ' . . .; Kappa Delta I ' i; 11. S. LI. Trfa-surt-r 40-47. HENRY W. JEWETT Penn Yan, New York ' I ' ransffV rnmi Lnnicll L ' ni cr il Ah; i. ri;K- i.. (MK. 4()-47; Soiillirni AU; Alpha h ' .p i]iiii I ' iii. JEANETTE JOHNSON Winter Garden, Florida Alpha Omicroii I ' i 46-48, Corresponding Secretary; F. T. A. 47-48; Hcjnu- Economics Club 47-48 ; Y. ' . C. A. 46. FREDERICK C. JONES Hudson Falls, New York Transfer from Xew ' ork State Tech. institute; Theta Camma. i CHESTER NORMAN JULICH Umatilla, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha; F. T. A.. Treasurer; In- tramural Sports ; X ' arsity Basketball Two Years ; lunior Class Treasurer. BETSYE KAY Lakeland, Florida Alpha Psi Omega ; Y. W. (. ' . A. ; X ' agabonds ; Microphone Club 47 ; Spanish Club 46. HARRY T. KEMP Lakeland. Florida JACKIE C. KEY Quincy, Florida Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Pi; Y. W. C. A. Met hodist Student Fellowship. L!25l WILLIAM V. KIELHORN Bradenton, Florida Transfer fr(nn tit-urj t ashiiigion University; Sailing Club; Flying Club; Rifle Club; Science Club ; Kappa Sigma. H ' SOLOMON LANDER Brooklyn, New York President of Freeman Huu e, REX LEAS Ashley, Indiana Lamba Chi Alpha; F. T. A.: r)rchestra. LOIS L ' HOMMEDIEU Palm Harbor, Florida Independent Women ice President 45-46, 47- 48, Secretary 46-47; Y. W. C. A.; Methodist Student Fellowship ; Feature Editor Southern 47- 48; Cap and Gown; Pi Gamma Mu Secretary 47- 48 ; Student Commission. ■ . ' ♦• ; ■ MENDAL JAMES LUCE Lake Alfred, Florida Southern Singers 42-43, 45-48 ; Male Chorus 46-47; Chi Rho 42-47; Senate 46-47; Inter-frat- ernity Council 46-47; Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President 47-48 ; President Senior Class ; Inter- LACHEN Staff 47-48. WILLIAM A. R. MacKECHNIE Sarasota, Florida Rex Club; X ' a abunds; Microph(jne Club. GERALDINE MORLEY Eustis, Florida F. T. A. ; Home Economics Club. MARILYN MAXWELL Lexington, Ohio F. T. A. ; Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer 46-47, 47-48 ; Y. W. C. A. 45. .,■ .■ .-■ . . ' 1 HARVEY D. McCLAIN Frankfort, Indiana KcN (luK: I ' ' . ' I. . .: Si.i iiia Alplia Kp ilon. THELMA McCOOK Mulberry, Florida liaiul; LlK-crleailfr ; rii ,s. Md. . s: islaii( ; I ' lus. Ed. Club; Vagabontls ; Varsit_ - and IiUraniural P.asketball; International Club; ■. W. C. A.; Intramural Board; Woniens Sports Writer for Soittlicrii; Interlacuen Staff, WILLIAM B. MEHARG Lakeland, Florida Tennis 47; Tranfer University of Florida; Alpha Tau Omega. MARTIN MILLS Tampa, Florida Transfer University of Florida; Theta Chi; 1 ' . T. A. •n - y JOYCE MOOREHEAD Lakeland. Florida Delta Zcta ; Pi Gamma Mu Prfsiclciit 47-4S ; Spanish Club; Pierian Glut) ; Gap and Gown. BARBARA MOSELEY Ft. Myers, Florida Zcta Zeta Zeta 4.V45 ; F. T. A.; Y. W. G ] I. .S. F.. President; Pierian Glnl.. A.; IRMA PACKARD NORMAN Cocoa. Florid? EDWARD W. NORMAN Homestead, Florida Gamma Sigma Ghi ; Theta Ghi ; Methodist Student Fellowship ; Transfer LTniversity of Miami. Methodist Student Fellowship, Worship Ghair- man, Program Ghairman, Vice President, Presi- dent; IndependentWomen, Vice President; Presi- dent. Senator ; Senate 47 ; Presidents Gouncil 45 ; Y. W. G. A. 44-4S ; Women ' s Student (Govern- ment, Secretarv-Treasurer 46-47-48 : Tri-Gouncil W ' orship Ghairman 44; F. T. A. ' ice President 45-48; Freshman Gounselors Gorps 45; State Methodist Student Movement, Secretary, Presi- dent 45-48 : Mio ' s Who : Gap and Ckavh. i JOE LEE NORRIS Wauchula, Florida Traiisffi- Uiii t-r. ity nt ' Miami; Sigma t ' lii ; F T. A. JAMES ROBERT PARHAM, JR. Jacksonville, Florida Men ' s tilec Club; Mixed Churus. CHARLES Q. PAYNE Orlando. Florida LOLITA PEEL Lakeland. Florida Kappa Delta I ' i ; Pi Gamma Mu ; F. T. A. Alpha Chi Omega ; Cap and Gown ; Pierian Clul) Who ' s Who. ROBERTA PERKINS Bartow, Florida A1|i1ki ()iniiriiii I ' i, Kriurdini; Scort-lars , 111? Inriaii; I ' . ' I " . A.; N ' . W . C. A. MARJORIE ELISABETH PISTOLE Tampa, Florida IxTK.Ki.Ai iiKN Start ' 40-4S. Ft-aturi.- Ivlitdr 47- 48; Chairman Freshman Adviscjrs- Pxiard 47-4cS ; Alpha Chi Omega. DAN WYLIE PRUIT Lakeland, Florida ELTON G. POWELL Miami, Florida Alpha Sigma; F. T. A.; Theta Clii ; Gamma Iota Alpha, ' ice F residcnt 47-48. 9 ■i:y: - Jg RITA RAWLETT Bradenton, Florida MARGARET ANN REYNOLDS West Unity, Ohio Kappa Ka]ipa ( ianiiiia ; I ' " trum L() ola Univcr.iity. ' I " . A.; Tiansfer Alpha Chi Omega; F. T, A.; Kappa I )cha Pi; Transfer from liowling ' (Irecii State University. MARY MATE RICHARDSON Chicago, Illinois IMicriiiiliciue Chili. Treasurer 47: ayahonds Alpha I ' si Omega; Alpha {• " ,]: sil()n Rho. FRED H. RUPORT Hawthorne, New Jersey itf Sf " FRANK RYAN Linden, New Jersey Lambda Chi Alpha. President 47-48; Student Body President ; Student Senate President 47- 48 ; Chairman Florida Student Government As- sociation, Past ' ice President ; W ' alk of Honor 48. BETTY ROSS SMITH Lakeland, Florida Alpha Chi C )niega, Ritualist, Corresponding Secretary; Pierian Club 44; Intramural tennis; Spanish Club 46; Chorus -14-45. DAVIS R. SMITH Huntington, West Virginia MARGARET SMOTRELLA Youngstown, Ohio NATALIE SOLOMON Brooklyn, New York F. T. A., Orchestra. FEENA SOROKIN New York, New York I ' hi Sigma Sigma, Vice President, Pledge Mother; Cosmos Club; Phi Beta Gamma, Re- cording Secretary; Hillel, Vice President. BETTY SPERRY Tavares, Florida .■ l|)h;i Delta Pi, Guard; Pliysicai Education Ckih 4(), 47; Cheerleader 46, 47; Women ' s In- Iranuiral Sports, Senior Manager 47-48; Rep- resentative Intramural P oard 46-47; Junior Class Treasurer 47-48; Interlachen Staff 47-48; F. T. A. 47-48; Girls Varsitv P.asketliall 4.=;-47, SALLY STEVENS Fort Pierce, Florida ' i ' ransfer from Mciriila State College nv Wo- men; V. T. A.. Soitlhcni Staff 47; Alpha Chi ( )mega ; Ph -sical Education Association. r t r r r WILLIE E. STRICKLAND Nichols, Florida F. T. A. ANNIE LAURIE SUMMERS Jacksonville, Florida ln(lri)rn(k ' iit Wiiincn; F. T. A. 46-48, Program Chairman 47-48; Miss Southern 48; W. S. G. A., Vice President 46-47; President 47-48; Sen- ior Class Vice President ; Sophomore Class Sec- retary ; Freshman Class Secretary ; Library As- sistant ; M. Y. F.; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Spanish Club; Tri-Councii ; Who ' s Who 47-48. WILLIAM E. SUMMERS Jacksonville, Florida Theta Chi Chaplain 4(). Pledge-Master 47; Freshman Class l resident ; Sophomore Class President; Gamma lota Alpha, President 45; Alpha Sigma, Cha]ilalii 45; Ciamma Sigma 45-47. 1 PATRICIA TAUB Passaic, New Jersey I ' iii Sigma Sigma, President; I ' lii I ' .eta (iamma, President ; Caj) and Gown, Secretary; Pan Hel- lenic Council, Secrrtary : W . S. G. , .. Sergeant- at-Arms : Cnsnins (.liil); lntr,imnr;ii lio.-ird ; I ' ie- rian Clul.; llillrl. -T - - LINCOLN H. TAYLOR Montvale, New Jersey Transfer from University of Denver. FRITZ THURNER Naples, Florida Kappa Pi, Vice President ; Chi Rho (Pi Kappa Alpha) Treasurer; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Senator. MARY LOUISE VAN NATTA Lakeland, Florida Independent Women. MARY V. WALDEN Miami, Florida Y. W. C. A.; Interlachen 44-46; Pierian Club; Muse; Debate Club; President 46, Sec- retary 45 ; Spanish Club ; Cap and Gown ; Kappa (lamma Tau ; Student Senate; Alpha Omicron Pi. JAMES C. WATKINS Floyd, Virginia Transfer from Spartanburg (S. C. ) Junior College 42. BETSY MARY WILLIAMS Winter Haven, Florida Transfer from Florida State College for Wo- men; N ' . W. C. A.: Helta Zela, Corres|.)on(ling Secretary ; I ' an llellenic Couneil 40-48. CHESTER L. BARNETT Jacksonville, Florida Alpha .Sigma, ' ice President; Debate Council; Transferred from Transylvania College, Lexing- ton, Ky. ; Theta Chi ; Gamma .Sigma Chi. MELVIN EDWARD WOOTON, JR. Lakeland, Florida Theta Chi; Vagabonds; Student Commission, Chairman 46. i Junior Class Officers CLALU DVAI President MERCEI)P:S INGRAM Vice President JEANNP: ZIEGLER secretary GEORGE TRUITT Treasurer r ji iw ' ' JUNIORS RUTH AHRAMS Everett, Mass. KENT ALHUS New York. N. Y. DOROTHY ALEXANDER facksonville, Fla. THELMA ALFORI) Ellenton, Fla. I. SLA ALTMAN Marion. .S. C. WILLIAM AR(;iI ' : Malone, N. Y. 1 ' 1•:KC ■ L. AL.STIX Mavsvillc, Ky. OLIVER A. HAIR Lakelanfl, Fla. .S. RIC1L R1) llARRUETO (iiiatcmala Cn . ( inatcmaia WILLIAM W. I ' .l ' .CKl-.TT Winter Clanlcn, Ma. XAXCY OLLXDA I ' .EKiHEL C ' arnef, ' i(, ' . I ' a. r.ETTY r,i ' :RXEV Xew ' ork, X. Y. TR(;iXIA HI.SJK Wauchiila, l ' " la. ACHAEL BLYE lUTTLE Haines C ' itw l ' " la. MARIOX r.LAIR Saxannah. (ia. Trt w; qg.wyriawFys»y ' m» y v " f ■ - y vi _, JUNIORS COKXELIUS BLUM Wyckoff, N. J. DONALD ISOKTHER Patterson, X. J. HAROLD D. HONXETT Rradenton, Ela. EVERETT XELSOX ROWSER Orlando, Ela. JAMES E. ROZEMAX Hrooksville, F " la. VALERA P.RIDHER Hladenboro, X C " . WII-LL M BROWN, JR. Paterson, N. J. JOHNXA JAXE BURXEV Et. Pierce, Ela. JOHN SEALEV CALL, JR. Atlanta, Ga. HEXRY T. CASPER Paterson, N. J. WALDO E. CHESHIRE White Springs. Ela. JOHN H. CLAL ' S, JR. Plainheld. X. L PHILIP E. COLLIER Lakeland, Pda. FRANK COMPARETTO Tampa, Ela. B. HERBERT COOKE I- ' ranklinton, N. C. 1 V . ■ S% M ml 4SJm J m- ' i ■ ■- t -■■ , r s % ' HHuj Vl I fm JUNIORS H. D, CORWIN Tampa, Fla. MARTHA E. COWAN Seffner, Fla. GEORGE E. CUSTER Lakeland, Fla. ANNE DAILEY Pelham Manor, N. Y. GERALDINE DAVLS Mt. Morris, N. Y. MARGARET ANN DAVIS Lakeland, Fla. MARY EDNA DOUGLAS Citra, Fla. ELIZABETH ANN DUFF Orlando, Fla. CLAUDE W. DYAL Jacksonville, Fla. JEAN G. EDWARDS Pula.ski, Va. RAYMOND H. ESTHUS .Sarasota, Fla. KATHERINE FAGALEY Lakeland, Fla. GEORGE MURRY FOUTS Lakeland, Fla. D. J. FOX New York, N. Y. HC WARD FRIEND Zion. 111. JUNIORS LOUTS H. FLRKN Ft. Myers, Fla. WILLARI) GAULDIXG Tifton, (ia. ALDEN S. GILMORE St. Petersburg, Fla. DONALD R. GOOD Lakeland, Fla. ELLIOTT R. GOODWIN Lakeland, F " la. MARY E. GREGORY ' Decatur, Tenn. LENA I ELLE GRIFFIN Williston, Fla. DA ' ID C. GR() ES Jacksonville, Fla. RICHARD GRLEXW ' ALD West I ' alm lU-acli. l- ' la. JOSEPH HALEY Great Neck, N. Y. WILLIAM L. HALEY Ccivington, K . LLOYD HAMBURGER Brooklyn, N. Y. ANNA JO HARPl ' -.R Bradley Junction. l ' " l;i. GEORGE HARRIS, JR. Bartow, Ela. ROSEMARY HARRIS Austin, Texas " 4JS.. wi vL I a, n k JUNIORS ROBERT HARWELL Lakeland, l-la. JEAXNE HATFIELD Daytona Reach, Fla. JESS R. HAWLEY Rabson Park, Fla. KENNY E. HENDRIX Fort Myers. Fla. WILLIAM R. HERING I ' aterson. N. J. LEON C. HILLS Trov. Kansas CHESTER HOLBROOK Newton Center, Mass. LENWOOl) H( )LL1STER Winter Haven, Fla. JENNINGS M. HOOKS Lakeland, Fla. LOUISE HUME Ft. Thomas, Ky. MARTHA HUTCHMAN Lakeland, Fla. MERCEDES INGRA: I Jacksonville, Fla. ALBERT L. JEFFRP:YS Chase City, ' a. JAMES F:. JOHNSON Union City, N. J. lOCELYN L. JOHNSTON New ' ork, X, Y. v«jj_ij»Atjr.T ' JUNIORS JEAN JOLLY Dalton, Ga. MALCOLM J. JONES Lakeland, Fla. RAYMOND L. JUPPE Rochdle Park N. ]. LOUIS J. KEMPE Lakeland, Fla. H. MORRIS KING Lakfland, Fla. JOSEPHINE KIRK Carthage, 111. BETTYE JEAN LANG Winter Haven, Fla. INEZ M. LANGEP.RAKE Ft. Thomas, Ky. WILBERT J. LAY Lakeland, Fla. HARRY LEARN ARD Kittery, Maine KATHRYN LUDLAM St. Petersburg, Fla. MARGY M. LYNCH Washington, D. C. ELVIN LYNN Plant City, Fla. JUNIUS MALLIN Havana, Cuba SARA HELEN MARTIN Mulberry, Fla, i.fJiClJt a ' VTk-jr ' - ; 15 H JUNIORS UAYMONIJ MATTOX Winter Haven, Fin. I ' .RN ' I-.ST J, M.CI.KLl.AND Lakeland, l ' ' la. . k1 ' ;. ' 1 ' :tii m. lwaM ' , Doctor riiillips. l-l;i. I ' .Akr.ARA Ma, Kl ' .NZIl ' : l ' :asl Orange, N. J. I)( )NALD E. MlCADl ' . Xew ' ork, X. ■. kA(iii-:i. Aii-:Te ' Ai.i " Wavneville, X. C. HELEN MILLER T-ouisville. Ky. IllvTTl ' : MORGAN Lakeland, Fla. Ill ' .Xm ' ML ' LLl-.N (.aldwell, . 1. ZATHL L. OWEN Winter Haven, Fla. JOYCFLIX A. PACKARD Cocoa. Fla. HARVEY N. PETTY, JR. Elizabeth, N. T. FRANK PICKETT Chester, Texas CHARLES E. POTT.S Lakeland, Fla. WILLIAM LEE PRYOR Lakeland, Fla. K- JUNIORS BETTY PURVIANCE Lakeland, Fla. ERNEST F. REZENDES St. Petersburg, Fla. TED ROACH Lakeland, Fla. HILLARIOX RODRIQUEZ Pinar del Rio, Cuba BERNARD ROLLINS Vinton, Va. HOWARD B. ROLLINS Vinton, Va. EDWARD P. RUDOLPH New York City, N. Y. BERTRAND SARGENT Bartow, Fla. SANFORD SCHANTZ Brooklyn, N. Y. MARIAN P. SCHLAUCH Blooinsburg, Pa. WILLIAM O. SCHMIDT Union City, N. J. MARGARET PEGGY SCHAAFF Washington, D. C. BLANCHE E. SHUMAN Fort Lauderdale, Fla. DOLLY SECUWARIE SEURADGE San Fernando, Trinidad WALTER SEXTON Lakeland, Fla. V ' M - " JUNIORS SALLY SHAVia Arcardia, Fla. KOI ' .KRT F. SHAW Marrishur " , I ' a. Rr)l ' ,l :RT G. SHERRILL Lakeland, Fla. LARRY SILRERMAN r.rooklyn, N. Y. JACOUELINF SILVFRFTELD Osceola, Ark. FRED S. SMITH Scotia, N. Y. DONALD F. SNYDER Palmetto, Fla. EDWARD J. SNYDER Alpine, Ind. WnJ.lAM R. SOWERS Jacksonville, Fla. ANITA M. SPRINGER Lakeland, P1a. GLADYS M. STAFFORD Lakeland, Ha. PAULINE STALLS Palmdalc, Fla. HUGH L. STRICKLAND Lakeland. Fla. JOHN J. SULIK Rego Park, N. Y. ANNE F. TALMAN Lakeland, Fla. JUNIORS GERALD F. TIXSLEY Arcadia, l " la. BETTY TKASK Lakeland, Fla. GEORGE V. TRL ' ITT. JR. Lakeland, Fla. WALTER H. TL:CK1-:k, |1 Bradenton, Fla. ELINOR LI ' DIKE Wa.shington, D. C. ORLANl)(J ' I ' :(;A Tampa, Fla. LAFAYETTE ]•:. WATKIN.S Lakeland, Fla. HARR ■ L. hi-:i:li:r Tampa, Fla. MALCOM G. WHETSTONE Clearwater, F " la. WAYMAX !•:. WILl.lAiM.S Tampa, Fla. FRAXCE.S Iv OI.C()TT Miami, Fla. HELEN H. WOOD Eau Claire, Wi. c. LYLE O. WRIGHT Freeport, Fla. QUILLJAN S. YANCEY Lakeland, Fla. JEANNE ZEIGLER Wayne, Pa. m ' . w . % ' -. w BBIi fck f M BL i - " ; J T JUNIORS JA.MES YXCLAX Tampa. Fla. JOSEPH ZO ' ATH Canton, Ohio E. .MARTI X CARROLL Lakeland, Fla. LOUIS LO ' E Fernandina. Fla. be;tty axx sifos Bound Hrook, X. j. JA.MES R. WVXX Tampa, Fla. V . JU. Sophomore Class Officers l.cfl 1(1 h ' ii lil: l.any AlytTS. z ' icf prcsidciil. Helen Warren, treasurer, Daun Gill, president • 1 o 7 ! ' ■ i -1 f f A ! f a f?v a F w " U W 1 f ROY ABBOTT St. Augustine, Florida DAXTE A. ALEXANDER Hawthorne. New Jersey GUNNAR E. ANDERSON Brooklyn. New York JAMES ANDERSON Lakeland. Florida ALLISON ANDREWS Miami, Florida BETTY ANTHONY Lakeland, Florida CLODOALDO ARIAS Camaguey, Cuba THOMAS ' . ATKINS Ruston, Louisiana Jl ' lSSIE ATWOOI) Winston-Salem, North Carolina MYRON r.ARGER Clearwater, Florida i: AN !■:. P.ARNES Miami, Florida JAMES BARR North Haledon, New Jersey AFFORD J. BASTOXE W ' nodlawn, New Jersey EDWIN BATES Lakeland, Morida IIILLIP BAVISATTO Corning, New York FRED J. BAYEK Bnxikhn, New ' ork WILLIAM HEISWANfiER Havertown. rennsylvania EDWARD BELLONE Freport, New ' ork LINDSEY BERGEN Alexandria, Virginia e t-:lyn berkman East Liverpool, C hio r SARAH JANE BERNSTEIN ■% New York, New York 7 ILM ALLEN BEYMER ' West Palm Beach, Florida ' P -. ' ' FERNANDO BIAGl Patterson, New Jersey FRED W. BISTBINE Longwood, Florida ASTRIDA RARROTO Florida. Cuba MARTHA BREWER Ft. Pierce, Florida JOYCE E. BITTXER Lakeland. Florida JOSEPH P. BROOKS Bowline Green, Florida JAMES C. BRONSON Lakeland. Florida CHARLES BROWX Hawthorne. Florida EMORY E. BROWN Lakeland, Florida HOWARD S. BROWN Nichols, Florida MARY ANN BROWNE Tampa, Morida CHARLES BRUNDAc;! ' . Sarasota, Florida JOHN T. BRYAN Patterson, New Jersey RAYMOND W. I ' .RYANT Lakeland, Florida LILLY BURG Lakeland, Florida JOSEPH E. burgf:ss Lakeland, Florida HUGH B. CALLAHAN Lakeland, Morida CLYDE CAUTHEN Lakeland. Florida WARNER GARDEN Norberth. Pennsylvania ROBERT CARLOUGH Hackensack, New Jersey GEORGE H. CARLTON Wauchula, Florida NICHOLAS CEDENO Oriente, Cuba CHARLES CHALDARIS Astoria, Long Island JEAN CHITTIN ' erona. New Jersey ROBERT J. CHEYNE Lakeland. Florida TONY N. CIERI Union City, New Jersey T } % VfftT 1 if M f M fTTf u m3 : » T r- X V) ' J ■3k • -siL • ' :♦• ; • ' f f -} 5 ' ■ = ' r!!i ff 0t -i THERSA CLAWSOX Royal (Jak. Michigan BERXARU COBB Kissimmee. Florida CALMX COLLIXS Unatilla. Florida ALBERT COX ' ERSAXO Great Xeck. Xew York JOHX .M. COOPER Kissimmee. Florida THOMAS J. COTTOM Miami, Florida RICHARD DARROGH Hawthorne. Xew Jersev ALICE PATRICL I)A TS liradenton. Florida 1-KAXK DECKER Cresskill. X -w Ierse ' JAMES DEXHAM Lakeland. Florida I ' .ETTY RUTH I)ILSA ER St. Augustine. LHorida ROBERT DOOLY Ridgewood. Xew Jersev H. K. DCLAXEY Shenandoah. Virginia ] ' !■:( ;gy dcxcax Tanares. Florida J. Delancey Dunn Rochester. X ' ew York TCTOR RODXEY DURRAXCE Lakeland. Florida 1LBERT E. DCTCHER Ridgewood. X " ew Jersev w illla: i s. earle . ' anford. Florida W ILBERT C. EASTMAX I ' ark Ridge. Illinois LI LA D. EICHEL Brixiklvn.. X ' ewYork JOHX A. ERWIX Arcadia. Florida W ILLIAM E ' AXS Asbury P ' ark. X ' ew Jersey CHARLES FAY ROBERT FELD Fnrt-st Hills. Xew York i LYNN FELDMAN Oak Park. Illinois MURRAY FELDMAN Patterson, New Jersey FLORENTINO FERNANDEZ Santa Clara, Cuba FRANK FEUSTEL FTasbrouch Heights, New Jersey MORT FIVENSON Alpena, Michigan RICHARD FLAMAND Belmont. Massachusetts IRIS FRASER Lakeland, Florida JOYCE E. FURMAN Lakeland, Florida DEAN C. GAISER Lakeland, Florida PHILLIPA GARCIA Chicago, Illinois MARINO GARBIS Brooklyn, New York ROBERT GARTNER Ridgewood. New Jersev JOHN J. GENZ Galena. Illinois JAMES MARINO GEORGE Lakela nd, Florida JULIA GIBSON Bartow, Florida DANIEL K. GILL Brooklyn. New York FRANCIS D. GILLARD Allendale, New Jersey GARY GIORDANC ) May wood. New Jersey CHARLES B. GLASS Lakeland, Florida DONALD R. GOOD Payers ford, Penns lvania GLENNA LEE GREENE St. Mary. Florida FRANKIE GRIMES Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA JANE GUY Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT C. HACKENBURG Teaneck, New Jersey HAROLD E. KUMM Newton, Iowa LOUIS G. LACKIE Huntsville, Texas EUGENIA LOVE Haines City, Florida BERT LAWS( )N V ' ero Beach, Fi(jri(ia ROBERT J. LAWTON Oviedo, Florida UJHN D. LiCHTERMANN Plaintield, New Jersey DIANNE LLEWELLYN Dallas, Pennsylvania IRENE LOPEZ Tampa, Florida ROBERT MAITLAND Ma_ywo(jd, New York GERALD MAN I Rochelle Park, New Jersey LILLIAN MARTIN Tampa, Florida LOIS F, MEINCKE Mt. Dora, Florida HAROLD I). Ml ' .THENY Wauchula, I ' lorida MARGARET MITCHl ' .L Tampa, Florida ROBERT R. MICHLER Madison, Florida RAYMOND MINCHAK I ' airlawn, New Jersey GORDON M0MMS1 :N New Richmond, Wisconsin CHESLEY R. MOORE Bartow, Florida HERMAN MORGAN P rooksville, Florida LLOYD MORGAN Sebring ' , Florida FAYE MORRIS Auburndale, Florida LARRY MYERS New Rochelle, New York RUSSELL McDonald Norwood, Massachusetts DAVID J. McKELVIE Roslvn, New York :-i. GENE HADDEN Madison, Florida GEORGE HALVATZIS New York, New York MARY HARBOUR Atlanta, Georgia JACK HAZLEY Rochelle Park, New York PAT HARP Lakeland, Florida FLORENCE HARRISON Falling Waters, West irginia CAROLYN HAYS Lakeland, Florida MARY LOL ' HAY WORTH FAYE HIGHSMITH Lakeland, Florida JERRY HOLLAND Leesburg, Florida BEN HUDSON Newport News, Virginia BOBBY HUFFMAN Shenandoah, Virginia GEORGE HYDE Mountain View, New York GUSTAVE JAWORSKI Irvington, New Jersey LOUIS R. juisti-:r Wauchula, Florida JOHN KERSHAW Lakeland, Florida MARY JANE KETCHIN Winnsboro, South Carolina BETTY KILLARS Tampa, Florida JAMES KIKK Carthage, Illinois EDWARD KIRKLAND Tampa, Florida MARQUITA KIRKLAND Obdlong. Illinois IN A KLEIX Brooklyn , New York Wn.LIAM KNIGHT Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM F. KAPFLKK Miami, Florida ■ ' ' ♦; ; • ' ' ' .ffl BEVERLY McFARLAND Tampa, Florida LaDOXNA lee McGRIFF McLean, ' irginia MARY McMAHAN Seneca, South Carolina ROBERT McNATT Winter Haven, Florida ARLL T. McRAE New Harmony, Indiana JAMES NEWSON Cardwell, Mississippi VIRGLNIA NICHOLS Dunedin, Florida EARL VAN NORTON Lake Wales, Florida JOSEPH H. ODOM McDavid, Florida THEODORE OPOKA New York, New York CHARLES F. OTKEN Rutherford, New Jersey DOROTHY OWENBY Lakeland, Florida JAMES PAEFORD, JR. Madison. Florida JACK W. PALMA Fairview, New Jersey DOROTHY PARKER Nashville, Tennessee CAROLYN PARISH Vernon, Florida ICNE ELIZABETH PARISH Lakeland, Florida ELDRIDGE PARTIN Fernandino, Florida JAMES B. PETERSON Lakeland, Florida PAUL V. PEURIFOY Daytona Beach, Florida JOYCE PIERCE Tampa, Florida PAUL E. PENCE .Shenandoah. Virginia ROBERT G. PALLARD Sebring, Florida STEVE D. PUGH Roanoke, Virginia • ' - ' " ■» " - ' JOHNNY PURDHAAI Shenandoah, ' irginia GUENNE ROBIN Jamaica, Long Island CAROLYN RAMSEY Springfield, Georgia MARGARET RAMSEY Lakeland, F ' lorida IK ).MER RAMSDELL Ereeport, New York LEE RAMSDELL Ereeport. New York ELIZABETH RAI ' TIS Chariest! 111. W, ' irgini;i CHARLOTTE REESE Johnstown, Pennsylvania AIALDl-: RICE Cirn eland. Morida l)A ll) I-:. klELLY liridgeport. Connecticut R. DEAN RICHEY Lakeland, I- ' Iorida JACK R IX AC A Shenandoah. ' irtrinia OlJiA RITA RI ERA Tampa, Elorida MARJORIE RIVIERE Lakeland, Elorida ORMOND R. ROLFE Ruskin. Elorida J. PAUL ROUDABCSH. JR. X ' illamont. ' irginia DOROTHY E. ROWLl ' .Y Lecsburg, Florida WINIFRED RUPERT! Elizabeth. New Jersev JO AX 1.. RYAN r.uffalo. New ' cjrk CHARLES SAHLMAX Fernandina. Florida CARLOS SANCHEZ Matanzas, Cuba 1 . V i t JBk EDGAR SAMPSON % A Gate Cil) ' , ' irginia EDNA SCHAFFER f f ' W l» Rrownville, New York i __ _ ' ■ BEATRICE SCHAPIRO - _ __ " w Endicott. New York i W " - ' » m s r » «•-, ■♦.♦ (?! , f ANNY MAY SCHENCK Patterson, New Jersey ■ RUEL SCHENCK Vineland, New Jersey RONALD SCHMIDT Hawthorne, New Jersey ]:»OR()THY SHELTON Jackscjnvillc, Morida ALLEN SMITH Jacksonville, Florida ARTHUR SMITH Scarsdale, New York G. A. SMITH Lakeland, Florida JOSEPH F. SMITH Cresskill, New Jersey JCJSEI ' H G. SMITH Pequanneck, New Jersey MARY W. SMITH Dundee, Florida WILLARD C. SMITH Lake Worth, Florida OR] EN SPIELHOLZ Newark New Jersey CAROLYN STANSELL Miami, Florida WALTER STATKOWSKI Plainfield, New Jersey GEORGE H. STEIN Rochelle Park, New Jersey CHARLES W. STUM I.ongwood, Florida BETTY SUMNER Chiefland, Florida DAVID L. TAYLOR Westerley, Rhode Island JAMES J. TEMl ' LON Shenandoah, Virginia CHARLES TERRY Lakeland, Florida CLAUDE THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida HENRY G. THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA T. J DEN Wilmington, Delaware P.ETTV JO TOLLE r r;i(Icnton. I ' iorida DICK TOMLINSON Lakeland, Florida JOHN TOMYN Winter Garden, Florida FRANK TORNABENE Brooklyn, New York ALBERT TUTH Lakeland, Florida MARY ELIZABETH TRIEBER Dade City, Florida JOSEPH S. TULEYA Long Island, New York ALFRED TURKEL Morristown, New Jersey MAXINE TURNER Tampa, Florida HULA VAN Plant City, Florida EARL L. VARNES Avon Park, Florida EMIL WALTER Lakeland, Florida AVIS WARLICK Kings Movnitain. North Carolina 1 mm ijk THEODORE A. WEAVER Vero Beach, Florida VANCE WEEKS Naples, Florida ALICE WESTON Warren, Ohio JUNE WHIDDEN Tampa, Florida n . [J y ' ii ; JOHN A. WHITE Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT G. WHITE St. Petersburgh, Florida ll 1 ROBERT WHITE St. Cloud, Florida JOSEPH A. WTLCOX Union City, New Jersey CHESTER J. ILLIAMS Elizabeth, Tennessee LOU WILSON Great Neck, New York DONALE E. WOODS HM i P Polk City Florida WILLIAM E. WOODS Lakeland, Florida SkJfk Freshman Class Officers ' eggy Rol)erlS()n, I ' icc priwidciil : Veggy Slade, srcrclary Irrosurrr Bi_-U - ( s1l ' ' anil Riilicrl i ' .lack sriintDrs. Xnl rirliin-il: Jiilin While, prrsiiiriil MARY JANE ABDIL Alexandria, Virginia SARAH ALDRICH Hadley, New York MARY LOUISE ALGER Eustis, Florida DELBERT E. ALLEN Hollywood, Florida RALPH W. ALLEN Hollywood, Florida GLORIA ALVEREZ Havana, Cuba JOHN ANASTOS New York, New York EVA BAYA ANDERSON Guatemala City, Guatemala EVELYN ANDERSON Englewood, Florida PAULINE ANDERSON Eustis, Florida WILLIAM T. ANDERSON Fernandina, Florida RUSSELL ACKER Sparta, New Jersey GIRO ARMINIO Montclair, New Jersey MARY ANGUST Bath, New York BETTY AUSTIN River Forest, Illinois PATRICIA AUSTIN River Forest, Illinois MARQUEEN HELM AYERS Lakeland, Florida RICHARD H. BULL Sparta, New Jersey SARAH BARNHILL Homerville, Georgia JUDITH ANNE BEATTY Hinsdale, Illinois LINWOOD S. BEDER St. Petersburg, Florida ARTHUR BIGGS East Orange, New Jersey HELEN BENTLEY Kansas City, Missouri BRUCE BERMAN Rochester, New York ROBERT BLACK New York, New York PEGGY BLASSINGAME Lakeland, Florida RUTH BLATTELS Brooklyn, New York ROBERT BLY Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA BOYD East Orange, New Jers ey LEVISA BROOKS Sebring, Florida MARILYN BROWN Lake Butler, Florida ROSEMARY DONOVAN Chicago, Illinois RUTH BANDY Eastpoint, Georgia ROBERT D. ROOSE Miami, Florida GLORIA BURKETT Janisville, Wisconsin EVELYN BURTON Texarkana, Arkansas BERNICE BUTHEA Lakeland, Florida DIANE BUTLER Jacksonville Beach, Florida NEIL CAISON Rfjseboro, North Carolina RALPH CAPRIO Newark, New Jersey FOREST S, CARLTON Wauchula, Florida DENNIS CARROLL Bradenton, Florida MINNIE CAISON Roseboro, North Carolina JOHN CASSIDY Rockville Center, New York WILLIAM CASTLFr.l ' .RRV Wauchula, Floritla P.I-:TTY LOU CHEYNE Lakeland. Florida THOMAS CONKLIN W vncote, Pennsylvania JOHN COPELAND Baldwin, Long Island ii ' l JAMES CORRIGAN New York, New York EDNA JL ' LIA CRENSHAW Apopla, Florida VICTOR AUGUSTO CHRISTALES Guatemala City, Guatemala GUSTAVO CRUZ Guatemala Citv. Guatemala JAMES CURRAN Brooklyn, New York BILL CURTIS Lakeland, Florida DAVID DEMAREST III Ridgewood, New Jersey VINCENT DI MONDA Brooklyn, New York PHILIP EDWIN DENU Ridgewood, New Jersey KATHERINE DEWAR Copeland. Florida MARY DINWIDDIE Culleoxa, Tennessee VIRGINIA DOUGLAS Dade City, Florida JEAN EDSCORN Lakeland, Florida JOEL EMBRY Lakeland, Florida LOUISE EMERY South Bay, Florida MEL TN ENFINGER Molino, Florida JANET FAIRFIELD Lakeland, Florida GORDON EARL FARRON Manatee, Florida JAMIE FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida WILLIAM FIEDLER Ridgewood, New Jersey DOLORES FINDLEY Pittsburg, Pennsylvania EUGENE FINN Westwood, New Jersey ALFRED FIRTH Reading, Pennsylvania AUGUST FITZNER Cleveland, Ohio t t t » MARJORIE FLETCHER Jacksonville, Florida JAY FONZO Bronx, Xew York RAYMOND FOX Ocean City. New Jersey RUTH FREEDMAX Brooklyn, X " e v York UANA FREEMAN Portsmouth, New Hampshire WAYNE FRIEDT Lakeland, Florida MIXIVAN FRITZ Miami. Florida 7AGYUAK GABRUKIEWICZ Plaintield, Xew Jersey ROBERT GANNET Englewood, New Jersey JULIO A. GARCIA Lakeland. Florida EMORY GILBERT Folkston, Georgia LOUIS GILLERAN Montclair, New Jersey JANE GRAHAM Tampa, Florida TERRY GREIF Brooklyn, New York ADA GRECHIN Bavaria, Germany JOSEPH GUNNESS Ridgewood, New Jersey THELMA HOLSBERRY Plant City, Florida DAVID HL ' SE Arlington. Massachusetts LATANE HAMILTON Winter Haven, Florida FRANCES HARMOX Dunedin. Florida JOHN E. HARRIS Fort Pierce, Florida MORRIS HAYES Wauchula, Florida VIRGIXIA HELM Chicago, Illinois JERRY HEMEXDIXGER Brooklyn, X ' ew York MILDRED HENDRY Wauchula, Florida KENNETH HERMAN Englewood, New Jersey EUGENIO HERRERA Havana, Cuba ROBERT K. FL ' ER Bound Brook, New lersev H(.)MER HIKT Chattahoochie, I- ' lcjrida ALBERT HL ' D. ON Lake City, Florida DARLENE HUNT Chicago, Illinois STANLEY HYDk: Wheatcju, lllniois CHARLOTTE jACK.SON Miami. Florida MAR(;ARET ANN JEFFERSON Columbus, ( ieorgia MARY JANE JESSE Norton, Virginia FRED JOHNSTON Lakeland. Florida HELEN JLRCH alrico, I- ' lorida ANNE R. KEENE Lakeland. Florida RAS JCNIOR Kkll.IA ' Auburndale, l " lorida LEO KLNCAII) Lake Wales, Ficjrida PHYLLIS KIRBY Evanston, Illinois RAYMOND KIRKLANI) Oulstee, Florida DOROTHY KIRCHOFF Mt. Prospect, Illinois DOLORES KOLF Chicago. Illinois LUCILLE K( )RN New York. New ' ork JEANNE K( )SEL Chicago. Illinois WILLIAM KNOTT Fairlawn, New Jersev JAMES KNON Tampa, Florid.-i i Jp A ' Cil BETZ KREK Jacksonville, Florida DOXALD J. KUMM Newton, Iowa TARANCO LAZARA Maximo Gomez, Cuba ROBERT C. LEMKE T)Ound Brook, Mew jersey FRED LEHN Rockville Center, New York DOUGLAS LESLIE I ' landome, Long Island STANLEY LESNICK Baltimore, Maryland PAUL LOCKE Lakeland, Florida AUDREE F. LONG Winston Salem, North Carolina JAMES MtCARTY Summit, New Jersey I ' .ARBARA McCOLLUM Evanston, Illinois RANDALL McCORMACK Englewood, New Jersey GORDON MtCRAW Lynchburg, Virginia DORIS McMULLEN Largo, Florida RICHARD McNALLY Allendale, New Jersey ROBERT McNALLY Allendale, New Jersey GLORIA NAJERA riuatemala City, Guatemala ELITA MALLERS Chicago, Illinois ELVIRA MONFREDO LTniversal, Pennsylvania HENRY H. MANN Plant Citv, Florida CARL MARGGRAFF Westwood, New Jersey JOHN MARINO Lakeland, Florida THEODORE F. MAYOR Zephyrhills, P lorida IMELYDO MENENDEZ Guatemala Citv, Guatemala J.. JPVHI ■mm- NELL MERIWETHER m St. Augustine, Florida 1 Bt f« .» GILBERT MEYER Riverdale, New York JOHN D. MILAZZO Brooklyn, New York WTjt KATHERINE MILLER Louisville, Kentucky ' - ■ v PEARL MINGONET Eustis, Florida NOLEN N. MIZELL Nichols. Florida JAMES H. MOORE Orlando, Florida NANCY MOORE Charlotte, North Carolina GEORGE MORGAN Brooklyn, New York GEORGE C. MOORIS Auburn( ale, Florida MARGUERITE A. MARTINELLA .Silver Springs, Maryland JAMES A. MURPHY Bound Brook, New Jersey JAMES R. MURPHY New York, New York JERRY NAPLES Flushing. New York NORMAN NEEDLE Baltimore, Maryland IRIS NESMITH Plant City, Florida EUDICE NOAHSON Baltimore, Maryland WILLIAM C. O ' BRIEN New York. New York JAMES G. OGDEN Lakeland, Florida KENNETH PAGE Arlington Height.s, Illinois %. I rm m m RUTH PARKER B h«. Everglades, Florida jt ili L JEAN NOBEL PARSC XS J ' l w n It Devon, Connecticut CHARLES PATTON, JK mp, jjK v: V Bergenfield, New Jersey- V pP r BARBARA, PEEL Lakeland, Florida H • A r - : v: ' r7.,Lut ' ,i T ' )iMn»« ivu: ' t i M i t 4 (!% 1 fr ' " ■ ' ■ ' i IIAkol.l) J. I ' KTKRSON L " Iiicaj;o Heights, Illinois TINA I ' KTRONE Long Island, New York MELVIN PISTOLE Tampa, Florida FRANCES POWELL Miami, Florida RUSSKLl. I ' RJTCMAR!) Roseland, New Jersey JAMES PYLE Kingsport, Tennessee RICHARD W. RAGAN Palmetto. Florida (iRANT RAULERSON Lakeland, Florida ROIUCRT RHINEHART Hanover, Pennsylvania WILLIAM R. RICHARDS Mt. ' ernon. New ' ork MARILYN ROBl ' .lNS Miami. Florida PEGGY ROBERSON Jacksonville Beach, Florida CHARLES LADENDORF Detroit, Michigan ORALIA RODRIQUEZ Camaguey, Cuba NORMAN ROLLINS Barwick, Maine RAFAEL ROSAL Oiiezaltenango, Guatemala PAL ' L ROSl ' .NBCRG New York, New York NATALIE ROSENKRANTZ S|iringtield, Massachusetts J( )HX ROWLAND New llrunswick. New Jersey M ARGOT REINBERG l radenton, Florida ALEX SANCHEZ Plant City, Florida I ' R r N I) I N A SANTA CRUZ Havana, Cuba ELLA SAVVON Bavaria, German} ' HAROLD SCHWARTZ Rrooklvn. New York r ' tMr;! |L " AXri " A SCUTT Winter Haven, Florida MORTON !•:. SILESKY Baltimore, Maryland MARION SELLERS Tampa, Florida DENNIS SHACHNOW New York, New York RICHARD SHUMAKER Lakeland, Florida JAMES SI MAS Ridgewood, New Jersey MAR ' 1N SLVINER Hrooklyn, New York JOE M. SIPOS Hound Brook, New Jersey JANET SKLOW New York, New York IVAN SMITH Brvn Atli n, Pennsylvania Li- ' -NOKA SMITH Lakeland. I ' lorida MARY LOU SMITH Eltrin, Illinois OSCAR SMITH Shenandoah, ' irginia PATRICIA SNYDER N ' ero Beach. Florida ( )KLAND( ) SOT(JL0N(_;0 P. Del Rio, Cuba FRANCES SPEAR Brooklyn, New York L(JUISK SPIVEY Lakeland, Florida MARGARET .STADE Park Ridge, New Jersey GEORGE STANSBURY Ft. Meyers Beach, Florida JOAN STARRETT St. Petersburg, Florida PATRICIA STEPHENS Palatka, Florida J(_)HN M. STEVENS .St. Petersburg. Florida DAVID STOLE New York, New York CHARLES H. STRAKER Tmatilla, Florida L i:: F n m- w. i t t t . w» ' DAVID STEWART New York, New York RICHARD A. STORK IClizabeth, New Jersey E ' A STUCK Lakeland, Florida LOIS STUCK Lakeland, Florida NELL SURRENCEY Gainesville, Florida VYDA SWAN Lakeland. Florida WAI MUN SYN Bradenton, Florida MARTIN R. TATAR Chicaga, Illinois ROBERT TAYLOR Bell Clade. Florida HETTY LOU THEL ' S Neptune Beach, Llorida DOROTHY THOMPSON Englewood, New Jersey JOSEPH TIMPANO Newark, New Jersey J(J»SEFINE T(.)RRI ' : Cienfuegos, Cuba MARJORIE TRASK Highland City, Florida ARTHUR M. TROSTLER New York, New York ALLAN TUCCI W ' roiia, New Jersey YV.KA VERDYKE Tampa, Florida CCJNSUELO VIDES Antigua, Guatemala PHILLIS VOS Palm Beach, Florida CAIA N WALKER T ' almetto, Florida ANNE WARD Dumont, New Jersey JAMES WARD Ba nnne. New Jersey ROBERT WARD 1 )umont. New Jersey DOUGLAS N. WETTACH A ' erona. NfW lersex ' EVERETTE WETTEXGEL Rochester, New Jersey JO HN WHITE Newport News. ' irginia RICHARD WHITE Winnetka, Illinois WILLIAM A. WHITEHOUSE Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT W ILLIS Milton, Florida HARRY WILSON Auburndale, Florida ROY WILSON Ft. Lauderdale, Florida GEORGE ELLSWORTH WORK W ashingtoii, D. C. FREDERICK WRIGHT Clifton, New Jersey RAMONA XEC Guezaltenango, Guatemala NATALIE ZAHN Brooklyn, New York PAUL ZIMMER Detroit, Michigan MRS. HARRY HART Lakeland, Fl(jrida CHARLES KUEHME Cresskill, New Jersey ROBERT LEMKE Bound Brook, New Jersey ROY MATTOX Winter Haven, Florida EDWARD SANTAELLA New York, New York BRUCE SWEETLAND Huntington, New York RICHARD THOiMPSON Auburn, New York HERBERT VAN BLAIRCUM Creskill, New Jersey !• •♦ " ' ' ♦ ' ' FRANK RYAX VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN TACOT . EXT EL % « V III III i6it FRAXK RYAN HONOR WALK MISS ANNIE LAURIE SUMMERS MISS SOUTHERN 1948 MAID OF HONOR Who ' s Who First Rni ' -. Lois L ' Hommedieu. Harry Wheeler, Lolita Peel, Dorma Jean Coley, Percy Austin, Jeanne Zeigler. Second Rozi. ' : Dick Gruenwald, Irnia Packard Xorman, Annie Laurie Summers, Catharine Jahnig, Helen Coggin, Laura Cantrell, Ray Esthus. Third h ' mc: Mary Maie Richardson, David Groves, Joseph Entel, Jean Hattield. Frank Rvan ( Not Pictured) , , ■■■. . ,;;. - ' , ;;» f . , |H V •• ■ ■ •=! V ft-; ]■ «i -r - ' - JOAN STARK RUTH BLATTEIS PATRICIA DAVIS PHYLIS KIRBY BARBARA MOSLEY W JEANNE ZEIGLER MARION SELLERS _ MARJORIE FLETCHER LOLITA PEEL • ♦ ♦ ♦ • ..:: .l ERUNDINA SANTA CRUZ ANNIE LAURIE SUMMERS MARY ELIZABETH BURRELL ADA GRECHIN CAROLYN HAYS •j ; ' ' ;- " DIANNE LLEWEL LYN .,, -- DOLORES FINDLEY JULIA CRENSHAW BETZ KREK M ARGOT RHEINBURG , 1 — LENORA SMITH » PATRICIA GUY MARTHA COWAN HELEN LEE ■r PEYGGY SCHAAFF ELLEN HILLIER JEAN KOSEL CAROLYN RAMSEY POLLY ANDERSON Want A Beautiful Tan This Summer? Then follow the example of a heautiful Florida Southern Co-ed Betty Renegar who knows that she can get a lovely tan by using DERMETICS SUN SPORTS LOTION hether you acquire your tan on the beaches, or on your roof, SUN- SPORTS lotion, gives your skin just the right amount of screening from the sun — to permit a tan — even on the most sensitive skins. The new Derma Tan SUNSI ORTS lotion is made from ingredients which were proved under severe DERMETICS AGELESS , Sp4 ' " V- ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " r " ' " " ' effective ■k 4 .■- ' " .— 4 »S1 sunburn preventative. BEAUTY PROGRAM Will Keep You Lovely All Your Life .... Haven ' t you often wished that your face could be smooth, delicate-tex- tured, youthful and lovely. Your complexion may not be of the exact fineness of body skin, yet, it is pos- sible to have a finer complexion through better protection which leaves the skin free to perform the duties intended by nature. DERMETICS intention is not to in- terfere with, but to aid in proper functioning of the pores, nerves, and capillary circulation of the blood within the skin. Its hydronized oils are especially designed to aid in proper cleansing of the skin, to ef- fectively stimulate, to offer better protection, to aid in bringing out the natural beauty of your skin at its best. WHAT DOES YOUR MIRROR SAY? Docs it siiow you a skin clear and translucent, radiant in appearance? Let DERMETICS help you accomplish the complexion results you desire. BETTY RENEGAR If you don ' t find DERMETICS at your favorite beauty shop or retail store, write Dermetics, Inc., 6.30 Fifth Avenue, New York City. We ' ll send you our booklet on skin care " The True Story of Your Skin, " containing some amazing facts that every beauty conscious woman should know. • Reg. us Pat. Office. Convocation Address (_ lianccllur WILIJAM PEKS(_)N TOLLEV of Syracuse Universit ' ELEANOR STEBER Metropolitan Opera Star BISHOP ARTHUR J. MOORE DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY Founders ' ' Week MARCH 1 TO 7, 1948 63RD ANNIVERSARY OE THE CiJlA.KCV. 1885-1948 C ' hancelliir-. ' I )iiincr AlK, AVERY (iUYTOX, Clnuucllnr 1948-49 i » „• • ♦ .♦ .♦ -.♦ ' :.■♦■ ' ' «► : " 0 00 ADA X, " o o fv j ir. t » » t t I - ■ ■ - » a MB Artivilit ' s During Founders ' If I ' eh M ■ f ' f f! A .- Z . A » " " © ?±. . ' 4 . fc 4 © 1904 ' 1948 : x % ? 1947 A COURT %- " «j? " % ' s»»9v» «wrt . - Itewiafci LAKELAND i jiM . ©LAKELAND I s. i. FlfiSOE V ' - % 1 1 j . ' ' - ' lfc «ifl£w 0) Cc atemafe [1 1 f . " " V ' ' - " " w wi:.. " 9l7 Jl 9- Mrr sO BX , .BBT ' ' --!»--■ i WI ■ • m - ( I ' ♦• ' m 4 v y • ' • HARRY L. WHEELER Editor-in-Chief WAYMAN E. WH.LIAMS Assistant Editor RL ' SSi ' LL MacDONALU Business Munaycr INTER LA CHEN K. R. RII ' IDEI. Faculty Adviser AlARjoRIE E. PISTOLE Associate Editor RICHARD (xRLlENWALD Managiny Editor DON MEADE • ' eature Editor 4 - ' 4 r- ,7 r Top Ro ' o.-: Catharine Jahnig. Xorma Jean Coley. Marion Blair, Marjorie E. T ' isti Mercedes Ingram. I ' aula Pate. Middle Rim ' -. John Claus. Joe Burgess, Wayman E. Williams. Delliert Allen. I photographer), Ralph Allen (photographer). Bottom h ' o2c: Mendal J. Luce, Harry L. Wheeler, Pete Ogden I ph()tograi)her), Don Meade, Phil Collier. Xot Pictured: John Harris, Virginia Garfield, Dick Gruenwald, Steve Pugh. Melvin Pi.stole. Betty Jean Jack. Betty .Sperry, Audrey Garfield. Anita .Springer. fhelma McCnok. Russell MacDonald. Interlachen Staff GORDOX OGl)l-:X 111 Feature Fhotoijrapher PHILLIP COLLIER Sports Editar THELMA McCOOK Sports Editor MERCEDES INGRAM Assistant S orts Editor i --w X .H RICHARD M. GRUEXWALn Editor-in-Chief HARRY L. WHEELER .Issistaiit Editor IA n-:S R. WYNN Business Manager THE SOUTHERN Weekly Studejit Puhlication BUD TAYLOR 1AM ES R. WYNN OLGA-RITA RIVERA PATRICIA ANNE TJADEN LOIS FUTCH MARY HARBOUR lUm ' REATTY JOAN RYAN BILL CALLAHAN MILLIE HENDRY PAT DAVIS DOROTHY PARKER POLLY ANDERSON RUTH PARKER BLANCHE SHUMAN ADA GRETCHIN STERLING GARDNER ED KIRKLAND MRS. TANYA GRERENSTCHIKOFF ELLA SAVVON WALTl ' .R TUCKER W. S. G. A. Board Inter-Fraternity Council Pan Hellenic ALPHA PSr OMEGA PI GAMMA MU o , . h . ... J --« " T KAPPA OMICRON PHI HOME ECONOMICS CLUB •BLITHE SPIRIT " November 1946 ' HASTY HEART ' January 1947 " DEAR RUTH " December 1947 " LITTLE THEATER " Open House 1948 YOU CAN ' T TAKE IT WITH YOU " May 1947 TOK VAGABONDS OFFICERS JIMMY W X Prcsuh-iii- I.AL ' RA CAXTRKl.l. " icc-Fri ' sidi ' iit CAROIAX llA ' S Sccrctarx-Trcasiiyrr ± IILL CALLAHAN Business Manager V CAP AND GOWN DEBATE COUNCIL MIXED CHORUS OF THE ELEANOR SEARLE WHITNEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC ORCHESTRA— ELEANOR SEARLE WHITNEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC ♦ V ' MICROPHONE CLUB Y. W. C. A. T«i METHODIST FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL CLUB Back Row — Left to Right: Nicholas Cedeno, Diinitrios Catsaros, Arthur Piano, Ed. R. Bentley, Rotary Representative, Peter Toussulis, Clodoaldo Arias, Necdet Akar. Seated — Left to Right: Rafael Martinez, Ella Savvon, Ramona Xec, Mrs. Mildred Ibberson, Facult y Adviser, Thrassy Hadjiyannakis, Ada Grechin, Eva Anderson, Gilberto Aldrich. ' • .. ■ f. • » ' KAPPA DELTA PI GAMMA SIGMA CHI FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Thelma Alford ] Iarv Lou Alger Alar} ' Angst Percv L. Austin I), a ' Bair Shelley S. Boone Hillman F. Bowden James E. Bozeman J. Brodhecker N orris J- Brfjoks Billy Brown Edward Bungun Joe Burgess Nell Caisin Minnie Caisin Henry T. Casper Betty Lou Cheyne Frank Comprienette rieorge Custer (ieraldine Davis l!ett} ' Dilsave Marv E. Douglas Ann Duff Bill Earle jeata Edscom Marv Elizabeth Fielder Cordon E. Farron Warren I ' o raker R. Fuller Cloria Garcia Virginia Garfield Paul Giebeig, Jr. Alan Gibson R. M. Godber Mary E. Gregor ' George Harris Mrs. Harris Hart Faye Highsmith William E. Hotchkiss Chester Holbnmk Robert Jamison Jeanneta Johnston Jocelyn Johnston Norman Julich Grace Keller Roetta Kinnex ' Charlotte Kinsman Eugenia Lane James Lawton Harrv Leonard M. B ' Lorte Joseph Lowe Kathryn Ludlam Cit-raldine Morlev Albert Lirtin Carroll Martin Sara H. Martin Marilyn Maxwell Don McClain Thelma McCook L. C. Mills Margaret Mitchell l ' " arl Morgan Joseph Norris Sarah Oglesky Jov Packard " E. ' Packer Carolvn T ' arish Lolita Peel Robert Perkins Barbara Prince Betty Purviance Carrie Red f earn Man,- Ann Reinsch Margaret Ann Reynolds R. S. Rhinifort. Jr. Rita Rowlett AKin H. Schroider Sally Shaver Lawrence Silk Joanne Simpson Betty Ann Sipos Mar - Wilene Smith Betty Sperry Sally Sterns illiam Strickland Annie Laurie Summers James F. Surdeman Jessie Tyries O. Vega Stephen Voss Milton Wetherington Harry L. Wheeler William Whitehouse Mary Nora Wiggs Wa -man E. Williams R. R. Williford T. B. Wingfield Helen Wood Paul Woods M. E. Wooten Evelyn Gunklock Helen Lee BAPTIST STUDENT UNION LATIN AMERICAN CLUB 1 T= ' fff ' WORLD FEDERALISTS GUATEMALA GROUP Ramona Xec Eva Anderson Rafeel Rosal Xnit ' Ida Menendcz Gloria Najera ' f-i 4-0- ' t ' C ' J A V I I I I I I William Roauer, Frederick Bertram, Anita Springer, Robert Durden, President, Lois Frances Meincke, Harvy Petl , Roger Lamanna, Theodore Opoka, Arlin McRae ICmlen Ktting. lessica I ' riee, Donna Stoddard, (. " liarJcN (Jiles, Fdvth Bainter Beta Sigma Omicron BETA ZETA CHAPTER CAROLYN !■:. PARISH Treasurer ZATHIA OWEN President PATRICIA A. TJADEN Secretary PLEDGES Bernice Bethea Evelyn Burton Patricia Harp Ann Klein June Parish Katherine Stradlev Independent Women ANN DUFF President LOIS L ' HOMMEDEAU J ' ice President VIRGINIA BISHOP Secretary DOROTHY ROWLEY Treasurer Sarah Aldrich Charlotte Jackson Judith Bently Lois L ' Hommedieu Virginia Bishop Marquerite MartinelH Joyce Bittner Helen Miller Velma Bratley Irma Packard Katherine Dewar Dorothy Rowley Ann Duff Florence Tsuo-Yung-Tan Yvonne Harmon Mary Van Etten Florence Harrison ' ' irginia Nichols Helen lurch ■ " K IIIIIK[ ■ II ill yy. » ' 11 III » ii ii gi M,; :-- . lailllF SUlg.i?ig;:5;» ■■■■■■ ■bgg-z_„_5sllllil} ; iiiiiF-- - -- " ? . ----rrr -vr ' .T " ■■■■! f :f; ' f:-.-; - i:,sm: ■ ' . • v iMt 3 ' U i:„-Jij k. VsJfe P ii Sigma Sigma Patricia Taub, President Joyce Sachar, I ' ice President Lee Essenfeld, Corresponding Secretary Betty Sholtz, Recording Secretary Betty Jane Berney, Treasurer Betty Jane Berney Lee Essenfeld Lynn Feldman Audrey Garfield Lucille Korn Guenne Rabin Natalie Rosenkrantz Joyce Sachar Jeanna Schwartz Bette Sholtz Jacqueline Silverfield Janet Sklow Feena Sorokin Henrietta Stepner Patricia Taub j j i t ■■f ' Alpha Omichron Pi Frances Banks, President Mary V. Walden, Vice-President Jeanette Johnston, Corresponding Secretary Roberta Perkins, Recording Secretary Bettv Irbv, Treasurer Marqueen Ay res Frances Banks Betty Lou Cheyne Kathleen Colson Gerry Davis Janet Fairfield Gloria Garcia Mary Elizabeth Hierholzer Betty Irby Nan Sue Jackson Jeanette Johnston Jocelyn Johnston Beverly McFarland Margaret Mitchell Fay Morris Roberta Perkins Frances Powell Olga Rivera Anita Springer Patricia Stephens V3da Swan Dorothy Thompson Marjorie Trask Maxine Turner Marv ' . Walden ' t " 0 -i-f ' ' : f [ ; t » ♦ » Alpha Chi Omega MEMBERS Dorothy Alexandt-r Marion Rlair Mary Ann Browne anci Beighel Mary Ann Belcher Beverly Cole Helen Coggin Dorma Jean Coley Margaret Davis Betty Ann Sipos Jeanne Zeigler Gail Martin josie Kirk Margo Re_ n(jkls Marilyn Maxwell ' irginia Garfield Catharine Jahnig larjorie Pistole Betty Morgan Sally Shaver Mary Edna Douglas Dotty Shelton Alice Weston Betty Ross Smith I.enora Smith Lolita Peel Phyllis Gustavson Blanche Shuman Mar) Harbor Ann Talman Evelyn Berkman Liz Trieber T ' eggy Schaaff Carolyn Hayes Sallv Stevens J________ Alpha Chi Omega PLEDGES Jean Kosel Nancv Moore Delor ' es Kolf Mary Jane Abdill Ruth Bandy Dorothy Owenby Margo Rheinburg; Margie Fletcher Louise Spivey Helen Wickman Barbara Peel Minivian Fritz Dianne Llewellyn Carolyn Ramsey Libb - Raptis t ' 0 ■ ■ ' ' ■ Alpha Delta Pi MEMBERS Laura Cantrdl. President Patricia Guy Anna Jo Harper. 1 ' ier President Bessie Howell Betty Jean Jack, Senator l etty Killars, Treasurer Marguita Kirtland Eugenia Lane Rettye Jean Lang Inex I-angebrake, Corresponding Sei I linor L ' pflike, Joy Packard Joyce Pierce Betty Purviance Marianne Reinsch Maud Rice Florence Roux Betty Sperry Carolyn Stansell Betty Jo Thomas ■retary Betty Jo Tolle Reeording Seeretary Alpha Delta Pi PLEDGES Alison Andrews Betty Austin Patricia Austin Patricia Boyd Edna Crenshaw Delores Davey Lois Futch Jane Ann Gasqiic Ellen Hillier Marilyn Horn Mary Jane Jessie lletsye Kay Betz Kird Barbara MacKenzie Thelma McCook Rachel Metcalfe Peral Mingonet Betty Anne Owsley Patricia Pearce Peggy Roberson Hetty Lou Tbens Vera Verdyck ' - ' ■ ; ' .• ' . i VJ M . -, ' ' a ■ Jiir-, ih yy-i iK ' -- -U ' 2 w Delta Zeta MEMBERS Jackie Taylor Barbara Stapeltoii Jeanne Hatfield, f ' rcsidciil Francis Ross Sara Oglesby Jean Edwards Mickie McGriff, Vice PrcsidoU Mary Joyce Stevens Thelnia Deal Janie Cameron Julie Gibson Francis Wolcott Helen Wood Joan Ryan Helen Bently Valera Bridger. Kccordinti Secretary Wiline Smith Emily Moore, Senator Delta Zeta MEMBERS Anil Ward Minnie Caisoii Nell Surrency Martha Brewer Martha Tarbett, Treasurer Phyllis McEnane " Joline Butler Jean Parsons Betsy Mary Williams, Cor. Sec. Pat Davis Marilyn Strelow Dorothy Kirchoff Virginia Helm Jean Burkett Diane Butler Louise Hume Mildred Hendry Grace Keller Francis Rutland ria«T H0MM!iSia?_w«yiB»t;,v y ' vVta: VTjAja7 i J»i::?¥J : r; J;iv ' - i,: ' ' V? : ■-Mt ' tdSS ' iiS ' ) ' ' ifflj T A j; r t i i Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity ACTIVE MEMBERS Frank W. Ryan, President James Wynn, Social Chairman Jennings M. Hooks, Vice President Gerard Mani, Ritual Chairman William J- Knight, Secretary Edward Barker, Rush Chairman LenwoodM. Hollister, Treasurer Louis H. Furen, Correspondent Dr. Robert Mc Gowan, Adviser Anderson, Gunner E. Barger, Myron C. Barr, James K. Beckett, William Blum, Cornilius Burns, Robert C. Callahan, Bill H. Cheek, William F. Cheyne. Robert 1 aran, Walter 1 )ecker, Frank C. Hazley, Jack Houser, Robert [. Howell, Robert E. Kempf, Lewis Kersey, Robert E. Larson, Bert Lay, Wilbert J. Lenard, Bernard Lenard, Harry B. Lowe, Joseph M. Maintland, Robert L. Martin, William Meehan, Edward P. Odom, Joseph H. Otken, Charles C. Pinkie, Cecil L. Pierson, James K. Proctor, Edward Roauer, William Rollins, Bernard L. Rollins, Howard B. Schmitt, Ronald W. Smith, Joseph F. Sowers, William Wilson, Louis PLEDGES Jesse Atw ' ood, .Vo ' i Fred Bayer, Sof ' h William Beiswanger, Sofh Barney Bennett Bruce Berner, Freshman Charlie Brown, Sol ' h John Bryans, Soph Law erence Caison Tom Conklin, I-rcshman Dave Demarest, Frcshmuii Kenneth Dukes Bill Feidler, Freshman Clint Frank Joseph Gunness, Freshman Jerry Holland, Sof h Jim Kirk, Sofh Allen Kirkpatrick Frank LaLonde Audree Long, Freshman George Lovell George Morgan, Freshman Richard McNally, Freshman Robert McNally, Freshman Kenneth Page, Freshman Jimmy Peterson, Sopli Rallie Petteway Melvin Pistole, Freshman Grant Raulerson, Freshman Robert Reid Robert Rhinehart, Freshman Norman Rollins, Freshman Robert Roose Anthony Rowse Tim Ruffalo ' illiam Schmidt, Junior Daniel Taylor Russel Tordy Calvin Walker, Freshman Don Watkins Douglas ' ettach, Freshman Bruce Yancy Quillian Yancy, Junior Johnny Tomyn. Soph ., . , . ♦ ' .,. ' t -i r-t : ;V -V ' •- - " t l Pi Kappa Alpha Raymond l ' ' .stlnis, Frcsidciit Mendal Luce, ■ (■.■ President Paul IVurifoy, A ' cc. Secretary Eldridgc I ' artin, Treasurer Joe Rurch, Historian Calvin Collins, Conductor JanifS Pafford, Social CIniirman William Argie William I ' .rown Carl Burkftt PJernard Cobb Allan Gibson Paul Giebeig. Jr. Eugene Hadden, Jr. Chester Holbrook Paul Jahnig Norman Julich Robert Philbeck, Jr. Unis Scott Rinaca Charles Sahlman James Templon Fritz Thurner Gerald Tinsley Herbert Riviere Arnold Aikens Lcjuis Lowe. Cor. Secretary Donald Sitterson. House Manager George Hyde, .Uiimni Secretary Henry Thomson. Seiiateo- Kenneth Taylor, Chaplin John W ' hite, Intramural Rep. William Castleberrv. Charles Potts. Publicity Theodore Anderson William Anderson Frank Baker Linwood Beder Robert Bly Harold Bonnett James Bozeman James Rronson Joe Brooks John Claus Edward Davis Richard Davis William De Milly Philip Denu, Jr. Melvin Enfinger Charles Freeman Homer Hirt. Ir. Robert Jones Leo Kincaid I ee Kintzer Raymond Kirkland John Lichtermann Robert Mallender Theodore Mayor Jack McClellan Roger Morrison Donald Odom Robert Polk lames I ' yle. Jr. Ormond Rolfe Davis Smith Harold Straker Milton Weatherington Charles Heath ' ance Weeks ' • ::»?:: i?5j5- . Joseph E. I ' .artoii Zina Braden Bennett, Jr. Jim Beymer Ellison E. Brown Robert James Corb ' Richard A. Daragh Edwin Joseph Edwing Marshall Lee Feld George Murray Fonts Donald James Fox William Raymond Freeman Samuel A. Gregg. Jr. Richard Max Gruenwald Harold Richard Hayworth Robert E. Jamison Edward Ball Kirkland Frand Love Kenneth Mclnvale, (affiliated from Tan) Larry Michael Meyers Leon C. Mills Frederick Moore Herman Wilton Morgan Edward Willard Norman Dan Wylie Pruitt Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. John Herbert l)ei el, Jr.. I ' rcsidcnl .Samuel Harold Cjeorge, lice President Donald I ' Vederick .Snyder. Secretary Wendell Howard Watson. Treasurer Charles Jeffery Jacobs. Assistant Treasurer Melville Bisbee Laite, Chaplain Gordon Benjamin Hudson, Librarian Daniel Kenneth Gill, First Misthodoi William E. .Summers. Marshall Harry Julian Robarts Walter T. Saxon Anthony P. .Sinisgalli Arthur G. Smith Peter .Smith Robert Louis Tatosian Edgar E. Tolle. Jr. A ' illiam ]. Touchtcjn, |r. George Willis Truitt, Jr. Walter Harvey Tucker, Jr. Stephen H. Voss Theodore Augustus Weaver Malcolm G. Whet.stone Melvin E. Wooten, Jr. Charles ' oss Rotrer Earlv PLEDGES Henry T. Casper Joel Embry Julian Garcia Charles B. filass William Hosmer Leslie Pickett Lewis Miller Andrew Morre Richard W. Ragan Jerold Raskin lilmen L. . ingli-tar - John White Donald Wunds Marion AX ' oods David ' oakle ' il 1 ' . Kunm, Frrs ' ulciil Jdhn } ' . Plank, J ' icr Preside ill Arthur H. Kiggs, Secretary-Treasurer Robert Gannett, Jr., Cmuinittee Chairiiiaii Raman K. Hughes, Ilmise Maiuii er R. Mc ( " (irinack |. Murph_ j. 1 . Murphy Peterson J. Stapleton Sweetland W. Thorne R. Tliompson H. Van Rlaircum G. Van Epps R. H. Wells T. Wooge R iSiGrifi iMiiilii Don Me-Claiii, (S. l " . i, rrcsh!i-ii loliii l ' " .r in, [ ' (•( ' President ' .()!) llaclcenbursi, Sccrctay lai ' cild Friend, Treasurer IVrcN ' Austin Lindsay Ilergen Bob l .lack Hillman rxjwHlrn Herbert C ' uMke James turran SAK) George Custer I SAE ) Al Dohaney Harley Dulaney Florentino I ' ernandez Dick Jordon Hill Knctt Dick Flammond David Groves Fred Johnston Hill MacKechnie H. O. Martin Tim McCartv Ixichard Alicnme James Moore J. Gorden Ogden, 11 T Hill Richards Fred Smith W ' illard Smith George Standbur Bob Taylor Harry Wheeler Jimmie Williams Fred Wright t-i:4-i-t ■ :: Frank Comparetto John Copeland Thomas Cottom Gustavo Cruz Luis Godoy William Hotchkiss Eugenio Herrera Junius Mallin Abelardo Menendez Junius Mallin, F resident Frank Comparetto, I ' ici- Prcsidoit Carlos M. Sanchez, Secretary Hilarion Rodriguez, Treasurer David McKelvie Theodore Opoka Peter Pullara Hilarion Rodriguez Carlos M. Sanchez Rolf Schickler Orlando Sotolongo Rafael Rosal Orlando Vega Robert White _ mmm Herbert Gnnlun, f rr.diirii Alarinn Tiarliis. Firr-Frrsidriil Claude Arias Richard Blaun Nicolas Cedcnc icolas Ei Murray Feldman Marino Garhis Arnold ( erstel Malcolm Gillet Herbert T. (lor Sanfcjril Schantz, Scrrrldry Marvin Shapiri). Trrnsiirrr Marvin S. Shapiro Orrin Speilholz David StoU Morton Tatar Howard Thomasliauer Bernard Tojifer Albert ' ictorria Howard Weil mmtimmmm: ' ' 4- -t ' }f: I JEAN A r.ATTT.E Athletic Director SAMUEL P.. LITCE Director of Men ' s intramural Athletics RTCTTARD r,. ArORl.AXD J ' arsilx Inisketbdll and 7 eiiiiis Cuacli VINCENT (iKAXEI.l I ' arsilv I ' xiselhill C ' arh Merits Intramural Board MenV Intramural liuaril. Seated a llie fable: I- ' rank Decker, president of board, and George Triiitt, secretary. ( )tliers in picture are: Seated; W . Rrown, Burns, McKelvie, White; Staiidiinj : ().!;;( len, Hamtiurger, Rellone, Coach Luce. Varsity Basketball The tinest cage squad to represent Florida .Southern in more than a decade, the 1947-48 edition of the Moccasins gained an even break in the tirst 16 contests of their 23-game slate. Highlights of the campaign: Mocs win opener from Orlando Army Air Base. 38-15 — O ' Brien outplayes the highly-touted Riddle center, MacUonald, on two consecutive nights — Bob Ward covers Hatter ace Everett like a blanket as Mocs beat Stetson — Mocs play one of best games of season, only to lose as Mac- DiW ' s Herb Cline goes wild — Chuck Terry tal- hes 22 as Southern gets revenge, O ' Brien ably checking Cline — victory No. 2 over Stetson — " a heart-breaker, " says Morland, as Jax Navy out- Ijoints Mocs, 77-72 — Mocs rally in waning mo- ments to overhaul Tampa — .Spartans return the compliment with points to boot — Captain Joe Zovath holds Miami ace Whitey Campbell to a pair of field goals as Terry buckets 20 points — Miami takes windup of the tvvogame series. FSC .58 FSC 28 FSC . 1 FSC M FSC 60 FSC 4 ' ) FSC 4 ' ) I ' SC 7 FSC 46 FSC .-1,1 FSC 72 FSC 44 FSC . 0 FSC 46 FSC 59 FSC 4. FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC SCHEDULE (Jrlando Arm - Air Base Is Kiddle Inter- American College 46 Riddle 47 .Stetson L ' niversity 33 MacUill Field. 70 L ' niversity of F ' lorida 74 Tampa L ' niversity 44 .MacDill .58 Stetson 45 Tam|)a 5 ' Jacksonville Xaval Air Sta tion 77 L ' niversity of Lieorgia ( . " savannah ) . . . . 71 Tampa 47 Tampa 60 L ' niversity of Miami 50 Miami 52 Florida Florida State University (ieorgia (Savannah) Jax Nas Florida State Miami Miami , ' . ' -V.; v; ' Captain jOl ' . Z(J ' ATH ill! a I ' d Cantiju, (Jliio rillRMAX W ll, ' ILI ' :V I ' onvard Auliurndak ' , I ' lmida HAROLD KUA ' IM Cj II an! Newton, Iowa MAUKICJ ' : O ' liklKN Center Mulberrv. Florida CHLAK Tl ' .RRV J- ' onuard Lakeland, Florida DON KUMM Center Newton, Iowa JACK I ' ALMA Juir-ccard Fairview, N. L JIM ANUERS(JN Guard Kidgewood, N. J. f t 1 ? ii Hf . ED M ECH G luvrd Verona, N. J. BOB WARD Forzvard Duniont, N. J. JACK SIMTTEL ii nurd Kidgewood, N. J. DON FOX Manager Brooklyn, X. V, Varsity Baseball TIu ' Spriii.! nt ' M7 niarkerl Fli)ri(la ScjuiIutu ' s return tu tlu- intercollegiate baseball wars after an ab- sence of 24 ears. Not since the college was moved to Lakeland had there been a Moccasin nine. The debut was not altogether an auspicious one. When the hurling was good and fielding adecjuate, the Mocs couldn ' t bu)- a hit — such was the case through the first half of the season. A ' hen they began to find their batting eye, the opposition had a field day at the [)late or the Moccasin infield came apart at the seams. . ' c-t result : . " ome ver - good baseball games, but (inh 3 wins in 16 starts. Hack f(ir the 1948 season are ten of last year ' s lettermen. Cnacln Vince (iranell ' s biggest headache will ver - likely he in finding replacements for three missing outfielders. Bright spots in tin- 1 ' ' 47 season : Jack Spittels southpaw slants, Joe Green ' s performance behind the ])late, and the fanc_ - fielding of third baseman George Hionides. 1 I.IOTT (iOODWlN MuniKjcr Lakeland, Florida J(.)L Z( ) A I Catcher Cantcjn, (_)hi( JACK .SI ' ITT I ' . I Fitclicr Ridijew (lod. X. I. BILL WHITXI ' -.V CLAUD] ' : ARIA.S . lanu( cr Second Bascntan rliiigton, irginia Caniaguey, Cuba CllARLlL I ' AV Trainer Union Cilv, X. I. 0 tli JOE GREEN Catcher Lakeland. Florida oUTHf FRANK DPXKER Pitcher Tenariv, X. ]. CHUCK TERRY Sh arts fop Lakeland. Fla. JACK I ' ALMA JIM ANDERSON first Hasciiuiii Pitclicr [■ " airvicw, N. J. Ridgewood, N. J. J( E WILLCOX NORM DUNCAN Outfielder Pitcher L ' nion Cit -, N. J. ' aterbur . Conn. DON FOX Catcher Brooklyn, X. Y s " ' s i " ? i HfA Theta Chi, intramural touch football champions. Left to Rii lil : Dennis, Embry, Albus, ToUe, Green, Fox, Gaylord. Nut Sliuzcii : W ' illcox, Snyder, Haskell, Anderson, Stewart. R ' ujlu : j(]e Embr}- catches a scroing pass from Joe Green in championship battle as Theta Chi defeats Phi Sigma Phi, 14-0. Joe Pisacane is the Sigma Phi defense man. Bclo-n. ' -. l ' )ob Dooley, Sigma Phi, tagged by I ' f )n Fox after a long end run in the sam e contest. 1 f d-:£a : ' _. ,-.c iA 8 J ! ? ■■ p f ' hi Sigma Phi touch football squad, winners of one intramural league and run- ners-up for the title. Left to right: Uooley. Campbell, Spittel, Strakosch, Haley, Pisacane, Juppe. N ut Shoivn : Boether, T. Brown, Biagi, W. Brown, V ' arns. Tau Epsilon Phi softball team, 1947 champions. Front ruiv: Weil, Gillett, Haichigan. Back Koiv: Feldman, Topfer, Spielholz, Marcopolous, .Shantz. O 1 ' - ; ' r ' ' .xjoMl Theta Chi basketball squad, winners in 1947 intra- mural competition and strong contenders in 1948. KncdUui: Tlreen, Gill, I ' reeman. Staudhuj: Tolle, Fay, Fox. Cyril Ciill sinks a la up in ' i ' l- ' .l ' -Theta Cin exhibition game. lUid .Stone attempts t i block the shot as .Schen- kel, Green, and Feldman wait I ' m " the rebound. Tau Epsilon Phi cagers, another p(jvvertul contender in the 1948 race. Kneeling : Heidelberg, Topfer, Feldman, Stone, Schenkel. Staudnui: Jones, Hamburger, Haichi- gan, Rosenburg, Gabrukiewicz. r I Uf | J[ f« w- V - i (I Mm Action shot of semi-final volley- ball match. Theta Chi " A " vs. Theta Chi " C " . ' • " " ■i ' - - " ' . " r ' Cheerleaders Lrfl fii h ' ii lil: l.fiioni Smith, I ' luckly Johnson. Diane I .Icwt-lh n. Doiij,; l.t-slic Mickey McGriff. Left to Ruiht: Betty Sperry, Mrs. Horst, Cookie McCof)k BADMINTON M M ' Mm L A .-J _ " aSN S I.MKAiMlRAl. HOARD BETA SIGMA OMICRON ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA CHI OMEGA , . 1- llfill ALPHA OMICRON PT DELTA ZETA PHI SIGMA SIGMA INDEPENDENT WOMEN SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL F LURIUA SOI THEK C )LLK(,E SKJ SCHOOL WATER SKIING COLLEGE RIDING SCHOOL JEP ZEIGLER SKY CHIEF r . ' . 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Box 1042 Phone Y-1841 YOUR . . NEAREST . . CLEANER . . ON . . FLORIDA . . AVENUE ...PARAMOUNT CLEANERS... 844 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Congratulations to Class of ' 48 CONGRATULATIONS ooOoo TO GEO. L. GAINES FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE On a Most Successful Year JEWELER ooOoo New Location — 309 East Main Street Here ' s Lookitip; Fonvard to Many More Years That JT ill Be Even Better Compliments Of ooOOo . . . NATHAN ' S ... W. M. VENABLE COMPANY ooOOo ooOoo CLOTHES for DAD and LAD WHOLESALE SEA FOODS ooOoo ooOOo 121 E. Main St Lakeland. Fla. Quick Freezing Cold Storage Compliments Of MYRICK ' S MEN ' S STORE DICK ' S NEWS ooOoo oOOOo Hyde Park Clothes — Palm Beach Suits The Garden, The Magazine Knox Hats, Arrow Shirts, ooOoo BosTONiAN Shoes BEVERAGES, SANDWICHES " Botany 500 " — Walkover Shoes ooOoo ooOOo 1011 So. Florida Ave. . . . Phone 31-242 113 S. Kentucky Ave. . . Lakeland. Florida COMPLIMENTS O F A. G. 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Florida ( Pays To Play With WILSON ' S SPORTS EQUIPMENT ooOoo We Recommend Wilson ' s Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball and Tennis Goods to t)e the Best as to Quality and Work- manship ooOOo KNIGHT WALL COMPANY ooOoo Phone M-2631 obOoo Tampa and Lafayette Streets Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS O F MORRISON ' S CAFETERIA OPEN ALL YEAR COMPLIMENTS O F ooOoo BENFORDS BOOTERY East Main Street oOOOo Lakeland 124 South Kentucky Avenue Fla. Lakeland Florida BEST WISHES— CLASS OF 48 ooOoo ...RACY ' S... ooOoo LADIES " AND CHILDREN ' S APPAREL PIECE GOODS ooOOo LAKELAND. FLORIDA To The Graduating Class of Florida Southern College " May the precio us memories of your college cloys be with you throughout a long, happy, and prosperous life. " .. .MILLER ' S... DEPARTMENT STORE lakeland ENGLE ELECTRIC COMPANY ooOOo . . . The House of W estinghou.se . . . LAKELAND THE BENFORD STATIONERY CO. ooOoo COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES ooOoo ]2S South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland .... Florida BEST WISHES -CLASS OF 48 oOOOo PURITY ICE COMPANY oOOOo LAKELAND . . . DIANA SHOPS . . . oOOOo LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR oOOOo Sizes 9 to 52—181 2 to 241 2 oOOOo 123 E. Main St. . . . Lakeland, Florida . . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . FROM THE HUB CLOTHING COMPANY INC. oOOOo HOME OF MICHAELS-STERN and SCHLOSS CLOTHES oOOOo Manhattim Shirts Stetson Hots oOOOo McGregor sportswear NUNN-BUSH and JARMAN SHOES oOOoo 118 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland Florida BEST WISHES CLASS OF " 48 oOOOo EARL ' S PALACE SWEET SHOP oOOOo LAKELAND SANDWICH SERVICE ooOOo EARL LINDSEY. MANAGER Congratulations and Best Wishes — Class ' 48 FAITH must he the foundation for Future America! Believe in yourself, and the lifetime ahead of you, and you will be inspired to unlimited success. . . . Faith in your Church. . . . Faith in your Country. . . . Faith in your Leaders . . . and Faith in Yourself. Member FDIC Peoples Savings Bank Lakeland . . . 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Tenn Phone 39-611 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF ' 48— SOUTHERN COLLEGE Florida National Bank MEMBER FUlC Lakeland Florida Best Wishes Class of 1948 FROM MORRISON WILLIAMS MANAGER STUDENT ACTIVITY BUILDING C: () M PL I M EN J ' S Berger Rachelson 4k ik WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND CANNED GOODS 4 Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS O F Food Machinery Corporation CITRUS EQUIPMENT—VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT SURFACE IRRIGATING PIPE Lakeland Florida MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK hardens,:, DAIRY product! BORDEN ' S DAIRY PRODUCTS • 44 L. Wire Lakeland Florida C O M P L I M E N T S POLK DAIRIES ooOOo ICE CREAM AND ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS Lakeland Florida COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS O F OF RAPID SHOE REPAIR GOFF JEWELRY CO. oOOoo oOOOo 112 East Lemon Street 109 East Main Lakeland . . . Florida Lakeland, Fla. C M P L 1 M E N T S O F O ' Berry Hall Co., Inc. oOOOo WHOLESALE GROCERS ooOOo P. ( . 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One familiar example is PRINTING. Once editor, once compositor, or press- man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor of a camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer ' s ink, symboli- cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, Magazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. Years nf experience have taught us! Printing Pays Us Onlv When It Pays You! McClure Printing Company THE RUNNELS PRESS COLLEGE ANNUALS AND CATALOGS FINE ADVERTISING PRINTING 19 West Frederick St. Phone 605 Staunton, Virginia i . .■ ' t fe

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