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1947 " •--.. ,: --:i .- ' ± Garden of Meditation Panoramic View of I eiv East Campus II n»r LLOYD WR RAMON W. RUSSELL Editor E. R. RIEDEL Faculty Adviser NORMAN DANDO Business Manager M. H. I ' .ERRY Photographer . FOREWORD Florida Southern College writes her highest degree on the souls of her sons and daughters. The parchment page of scholarship — the colored ribbon of a society — the jewel- ed emblem of a fraternity or sorority, the red and white symbol of athletic prowess — all these, a year hence, will be at the best the mementos of happy hours — like the with- ered flower a woman presses between the pages of a book for sentiment ' s sake. BUT If you live a long, long time, and hold honesty of conscience above honesty of purse; And turn aside without ostentation to help the weak; And treasure ideals more than ambition; And track no man to his underserved hurt; And pursue no woman to her tears; And love the beauty of noble music and blossoming orange trees — If you live a long time and keeping the faith in all these things hour by hour, still see that the sun gilds your path with real gold and that the moon floats in dream silver; THEN . . . Remembering the mist covered lake at dawn, the placid greenness of the garden, and the dream of your youth, you may say in reverence and thankfulness: " have worn the honors of Honor. I grad- uated from Florida Southern College. " DEDICATION This 1946-47 Ititerlachen is dedicated to Dr. Robert S. Bly. Dr. Bly has been the head of the Chemistry Department of Florida Southern College for many years. His faculty associates and students regard him as an outstanding instructor as ivell as a scholar. He takes great personal interest in his students. ♦ • ♦ The President ' s Message To The Students of Florida Southern College: First of oil, I wont to congratulate the editors, the bus- iness manager, and all those who helped to make -the Inter- lachen of 1947 a success. The difficult task of getting the material ready, and ' preparing It for the press requires not only great endeavor, but efficiency. Then, too, I want this letter to be a word of congratula- tions to the Senior Class of 1947. To most of you, this will be the end of your formal education. You will be plunged into your life ' s work. I hope that everyone of you will keep in mind that even though you are no longer on the campus, you are still a part of your Alma Mater. Your success will be its success. Finally, I should like to give a word of encouragement to all of the students who have not finished their college course. Do not let anything interfere with your college education. There is a way for you to complete it. Find that way. It is the most essential task that confronts you now. I trust that everyone of you will have a , happy summer. If I can be of service to you at any time, I hope you will feel free to call upon me. Very sincerely yours, Ludd M. Spivey President . 4 % ♦ Scenes From Antigua, Guatemala. W here Florida Southern College Conducts a Unit of its Summer School Table of Contents Campus Scenes Dedication Administration Faculty Classes Organizations Athletics Advertisements ■p- « m i •i,t :.--l ' -:. «f V • f ' V : ' . i. ■ w Spare Time in Student Activity Building Students in College Dining H(dl Student Recreation Rooms in Edge Hall P- f » - Eleanor Searle Drawing Room in Joseph Reynolds Hall MRS. CORNELIUS VANDERBILT WHITNEY F- Eleanor Searle W hitney School of Music { I fniiioniry Lix ili ii Palm Lane by Joseph Reynolds Hall ; " • «, • Imiic I ' fciffcr Cluipcl ' III! ■ ■v. «Si». 1 (S - ■■ ' ■ ' , 1 I ' m Interior of Chapel EsplaiKuIc hv St ' iiiiiKirs J, ' t f ' ' ' ' The E. T. Roiix Library Esplanade Leading to Library The E. T. Roii.x Library- Library Stack Room ••• ••■, . Lakrland From The Air Campus View Joseph Reynolds Hall Mirrow Pool Facing Edge Hall Home of Dr. and Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey Presidents Library Dining Room Living Room Sun Porch jj.- . , Uy ' " ' K 1 ' y % . 3 j . .fit 1 ft ,wm . % • x ' " A ' " n„ B •mL shHIsv AJ-niiifc:. It- Alpha Chi Omega ' ' ' i: ' U y r f .. ■ t « 3ff WMW» «ifc. . ' »M «T« Jfl Sm ».4»» . x ■ iSl iiii ' . ' ' ;:. .s. M (•? . %: ' k. fff±£ ' " ' -i. ■ ' M 1 .- ■ ' - V - : " ' ' -. d 1 1 .l HI tpjfj t;: V ' - " L El ' -. S Theta Chi « ' ■•■ ' ■ ' " -lil -■ ' ' Theta Chi {Annex) t f 9 W ' II ff ?. -I •fi; Lambda Chi Alpha (Annex " ) " " i?t Independent Dormitory y y FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. ARCHITECT Plan of New Administration Building DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY— President A.B, M.A., B.D., LL.D., Ed.D. y ••:- rvtT-w Mf! ' ' i? n?- ' ' immn GARLAND DEE RUNNELS Chancellor of Florida Southern Collcijc 1946-1947 ♦ • DR. CHARLES THRIFT J ' icc-Prcsidcnt DEAN J. C. PEEL Dean of tlic College DEAN E. R. Rn-:i)EL Dean of Men DR. W. E. DEMELT Registrar DEAN EVA MILLER Dean of IVoinen MR. ALTON KINDRED Bursar DEAN ROBERT GAY LOR Dean of Eleanor Searle Whitney School of Miisic DR. ROBERT MacGOWAN Dea)t of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel COR NING TOLLE Business Manager IM ft r Administrative Council Lett to Right : Air. Chambers Dean Gayler Dean Miller Dean Riedel Dr. Thrift Mr. Tolle Mr. Kindred Dean Peel Dr. DeMelt Dr. Mac Gowan (nut pictured) y FACULTY EDYTH L. BAINTER A.B. Instructor in .Irt HENRY GREEN RARNETT A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of EiujUsh HOWARD J. BARNUM Graduate Ithaca College Instructor in I ' iolin HELEN WOOD BARNUM Graduate W. Va. Wesleyan College Instructor in Piano and Music Education JEAN ALLEN BATTLE B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Phvsical Education MELVERN HOBART BERRY B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Biology FACU LTY MARY DOWNS BERRY R.S. Assistant Librarian ROBERT STEWART HLY B.S., M.A., Ph. D. Professor of Clicinistr ' LEAFY BOATMAN A.B., A.L.S. Assistant Librarian CHARLES T. BROWN. JR. B.B.A.. Ph.M. Assistant Professor of Speech ROBERT CARTER B.S., M.A., B.M. Professor of Piano y. S. CHAMBERS B.A.J. Issistant Professor of Journalism FACULTY SAMUEL GWYNN COE A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science GRACE L. DeCASTERLTNE A.B., M.A. Instructor in Religion METTIE DEGERNESS B.C.S. Instructor in Business Administration WILLIAM EUGENE DeMELT Ph.B., M.A., Pd.B., Ph.D. Registrar and Professor of Psychology WILLIAM GREGORY FLETCHER D.D. Instructor in Religion AUDIE FRANKLIN FUGITT B.S., M.A. Instructor in Sociology and History ' ' ' ' im-m FACULTY WARRENNE HUNTLEY FUGITT B.S. Instructor in English ROBERT GAYLOR Graduate of Scharwenka Conservatory of Music Dean of Eleanor Scarlc IVhitncy Sclioul of Music YX ' OXNE GOLDSBOROUGH A.B., M.A. .-Assistant Professor of French GEORGE GREBEXSTCHIKOFF Ph.D. Instructor in EnL lisli TANYA GREBEXSTCHIKOFF Director of the Print Shop FACULTY SAMUEL GRIFFITHS P..M. Professor of Music Theory Director of the Orchestra STUART MURRAY GROSS A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spaiiisli ADA HAMELRYCK A.B. Instructor in Spanish EMILY SUSAN HANCOCK B.S. Instructor in Business .Administration C. WARREN HAWKINS Ph.R., B.D. Associate Professor of Ancient Languai es GEORGE P. HOFFMAN B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Business .Id ministration FACU LTY EDA LAUTERBACH HORST A.R., M.A. Instructor i i Physical Education HELEN BARBARA HUNT B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics AGNES JOHNSON A.B., M.A. Instructor in English WILLIAM S. KIBLER A.B. Instructor in English R. S. RISER B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology MARY MILDRED KNOTTS B.S., M.A. Instructor in Home Economics f % FACULTY SAMUEL T. LASTINGER B.S.E., M.A. Associate Professor of Education LAURA NEIL LEONARD B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Ad m in is tration CARLOTTA ROPP LONG B.S. Instructor in Business Administration SAMUEL W. LUCE B.S. Instructor in Physical Education ROBERT MacGOWAN, D.D. A.K., M.A., B.D., LiTT.D. Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Philosophy PAUL L. MITCHELL B.S., M.A. Instructor in Business Administration ;k I- v. I FACU LTY MAURICE MULVANIA B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology JAMES GORDON OGDEN, JR. V,.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education BERNARD JOHN OLIVER A.B., Ph.D., B.D. Assistant Professor of History and Sociology COLIN O ' MORE B.M. Professor of Voice JAMES CLAUDIUS PEEL A.r.., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College and Professor of Education GAIL pottp:r A.B., B.E., M.A. Issislant Professor of Drama f % FACU LTY LESLIE HARPER PURCELL A.B.. M.A. Assistant Professor of English DA ' ID L. READDICK B.S. Instructor in Industrial Arts BERXHARD P. REINSCH A.B., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Matlwiiiatics and Pliysi HERT.ERT PAUL KELXSCH Instructor in Mathematics ESMOND ROBERT RIEDEL Ph.B., M.A. Dean of Men and Associate Professor of Mathemati, WALTER OMER ROPP A.B. Professor of Business Administration ♦ ♦ • [ It- ' ' ; 1.. H FACU LTY 1 1 . 1 E ' B DONNA STODDARD B.S., M.Ed. ' 1 .issociatc Professor of Art LOUISE OWEEN SUMNER A.B., B.L.S. Librarian and Instructor in Library Science RUTH FIRE TERRY A.B., M.A. Instructor in Mathematics HARLES TINSLEY THRIFT, JR. A.B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D. ' icc President of the College and Professor of Religion CHARLES A. VANNOY A.I!., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages ALVLN LEVERN VERGASON A.B., M.A. .Issistant Professor of Education " » ,. ' . FACULTY KENNETH G. WEIHE B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of EiigHsli VALT1:K R. WIl.LIAM.S, JR. B.S., M.A., Pii.l). Professor of Industrial . Irts WILHELMINA HOOKS WILSON A.B. Instructor in P.nijUsh A. R. WOODALL Instructor in ITood Carvinij TEARL HH ' .BLE ylssistant Dean of IVonien FACULTY NOT PICTURED WH-LLAM r.ARR Public Relations OLIVE WARREN HARDIN Nurse (Boys) FLORENCE DANNER Instructor in English FLORA HOUSEHOLDER Alpha Chi Omega Hostess J. B. BERRY B.S., M.S. Citrus Culture O. C. BRYAN Ph.D. Soil Chemistry SHIRLEY JACKSON CASE A.C., M.A., D.C.L., B.D., Ph.D., D.D. Professor of Religion HARRY PRLNE Instructor in Citrus Culture HOMER E. WARK A.B., M.A., S.T.B., Ph.D. Instructor in Religion R. R. SULLIVAN D.D. College Physician !l . , t » ' " ■ .. H k M FACU LTY 1 M CORNINY TOLLE N ;■-,• ' • 1 A.B. 1 iM Business Manager ALTON R. KINDRED B.S.E. Bursar m EVA MILLER H ' " V Dean of IVonen -s - ' ' - HK ■ ' " H ? EDITH PORTER Social Director . . liLANCHE WARMOLTZ Coordinator of Social .Icli ' ilies R1-:V. EDWARD NORTON ' as ,0- of Collei e Hei, hls Clinrch FACULTY ELEANOR JAHNIG Assistant Dean of Wonioi ISABEL WALBRIDGE Dormitory Hostess MORRISON WILLIAMS Manager of Book Store VERONICA WILLIAMS College Post Mistress IRENE BEGGS Nurse (Girls) HORTON REYNOLDS Chef, Dietitian Cafeteria Manager mKM rmmSL FACU LTY DOROTHY WELLS Sccrrtarx to the President AILEEX I ' .EDFORD Assistant Bursar MARY ALICE MORRIS Sccretarv to the Bursar IRGIXIA r.ROWN Seeretary to the Registrar I ' AL ' LLVE KXARR Seeretary to the Registrar RLTll RL ' SSELL Seeretarx to the I ' iee President rn Senior Class Officers Left to Right: Robert Riedel Jewell Powell Betty Lawrence Mary Claire Eby Charles Campbell 8 " ' ♦ ♦ • CAROLYN ADAMS Umatilla, Florida Delta Zeta 44-47 ; Pierian Club 44-45 ; Y.W. C.A. 44-46; W.S.G.A. 45-46; President of J. R. Hall 45-46; F.T.A. 45-47; Recording Secretar}- of Delta Zeta 46-47. RUBY ADAMS Oneco, Florida Treasurer of Freshman class 43-44 ; Intramural Board 43-47; Freshman Representative to W.S. G.A. 43-44 ; Manager Speedball 44-45 : ' ice President Sophomore Class 44-45 ; W.S.G.A. 44- 45 ; Varsity Basketball ; Treasurer Kappa Gamma Tau 45-46; Southern Staff 44-45; President of W.S.G.A. 46-47; Treasurer Alpha Omicron Pi 46; Who ' s Who 46. DONALD SMITH AKERS Lakeland. Florida Lambda Chi Alpha 42-46. MARJORIE ARLINE ALBRITTEN Daytona Beach, Florida Kappa Gamma Tau (Recording Secretary 45- 46); Y.W.C.A. ; Pan Hellenic Council (Vice President) ; Alpha Omicron Pi (President) ; Interlachex 44-45; Southern Singers 44-45. n MARION DRAYTON BARKSDALE Lakeland, Florida MARIA BECERRA Pelham, New York Alpha Chi Omega. Los Picaros de Cervantes 44-46 ; Spanish Club 44-46; Debate Council 46; Alpha Chi Omega 44-46 ; Tennis Team, intramural ; Volley ball 44 ; Basketball 44; Field Hockey 46; Southern Beauties 44. JANE FLORENCE BIRD Brownsville, Florida Transfer Adelphi College ; Kappa Delta Pi F.T.A. BARBARA ANN BLACKBURN Montuala, New Jersey Transfer from Penn. State College; Phi Kappa Phi. !rrv j? SHELLEY SHELTON BOONE Wauchula, Florida Kappa Sigma. ERNEST ADELBERT BORGERS Penn Yan, New York Transferrcil from Syracuse; Glee Club; Or- chestra ; Chorus. ISABELLA ANNE BRIDGER Bradenboro, North Carolina SARAH FRANCES BREWTON Dade City, Florida Alpha Chi Omega; Southern Singers 43-44; Pierian Club 43-44 ; Debate Society 43-44 ; South- ern Beauties 43-46; Orchestra 45-46; Pan Hel- lenic Council 45-46 ; Y.W.C.A. ; Spanish Club 46-47. Delta Zeta (Recording Secretary 44-46, Vice- President 46-47 ) ; Torchbearers 43-45 ; Pierian Club 43-44; Los Picaros 45-47, (Vice President) ; Interlachen Staff 45-46; Y.W.C.A. 45-46; Pi Gamma Mu (President 46-47) ; Cap and Gown (Secretary 46-47) ; Southern Staff 46-47; Muse Staff 43-44; Spanish Club 43-46 (Social Chair- man 45) ; Who ' s Who 46-47. jA Ul- J.- GEORGE JULIAN BURKE Center Hill, Florida HELEN LOUISE BURRELL Eustia, Florida Transfer from Floriila 3 ' : Kajjpa Theta Psi 40- 45 (Theta Chi 46 1 ; " S " Club (Secretary and Treasurer 41-42-45) : ' arsit - Hasketball 45; In- tramural Board 45 ; F.T.A. Transfer from Tallahassee; Alpha Ik-lta I ' i F.T.A CHARLES RANSON CAMPBELL Malone, New York " Elijah " (Little Symphony Orchestra 41-42) ; Band 41-43; Chorus 42-46; Mens Double Quar- tette 42-43; Chi Rho Fraternity (Treasurer Sergeant at Arms) ; Intramural Representative ; Football 41-42; Basketball 41-42-46; Volleyball 41-42-46 ; Softball 41-42 ; Orchestra 46-47 ; Presi- dent Senior Class ; F.T.A. RICHARD JORDON CHAMBERLIN Lakeland, Florida Lambda Chi Alpha 41-47 (Secretary 46) ; De- bate Council 41-42; Radio Club 41-42; Southern Singers 41-42; Interlachen Business Manager 43 ; Vagabonds 46-47, (Vice President and Stage Executive) ; Interlachen Managing Editor 46- 47: Who ' s Who 46-47; Football 41-42. VIRGINIA LEE CHAPMAN Sanford, Florida Pierian Club 43-44 ; Torchbearers 44-45 ; In- dependent Women 43-47; Orchestra 43-44; Spanish Club 43-46 (Secretary 45-46); Los Picaros 44-46 (Secretary 45-46); Y.W.C.A. ; Cap and Gown 46-47; F.T.A. 44-47; Kappa Delta Pi 45-47; M.S-F. 43-47. MAECONROY Windermere, Florida Muse Staff 43-44; Southern Staff 43-47; Modern Dance Group 43-44; Delta Zeta 43-47; Vagabonds 43-47 (Secretary 44); Varsity Bas- ketball 44-45 ; nterlachen 44-46; Pan Hellenic Council 45-46; President B.S.U. 45-46; W.S. G.A. 46-47; President Phi Epsilon Nu 46-47; Tennis Manager 46-47 ; Cap and Gown 46-47. EDITH CLAIRE COX Perry, Florida Alpha Delta Pi; Torchbearers 43-44: Spanisli Club 43-44. NORMAN DANDO Ogdenburg, New York Chi Rho 41-47; (Int. Manager 41, Treasurer 42-46); Vagabonds 41-46; Alpha Psi Omega 42 (President 46) ; Static Club 42; Interlachen 40-41-46; Inter-Fraternity Council 42; Choral Readers 40; F.T.A. 42-46; Southern 41 : Who ' s Who 46-47. f-l DOROTHY LOUISE DAVIS Leesburg, Florida Alpha Chi Omega 45-47 ( ' ice President 46- A7) ; Y.W.C.A. ; Band 43-45. BILLIE CONSTANCE DOBSON Fayetteville, North Carolina Transferred 45 from Va. Intemiont College ; Delta Zeta ; Pi Gamma Mu. ALBERT DYKE Des Moines, Iowa President Independents 40-41 ; Senator 41-42; Secretary and Treasurer Men ' s Student Council 41-42 ; College Printshop 40-42 ; Kappa Pi 46-47 ; College Electrician, Maintenance 46-47; House Manager — Freeman Apts. MARY CLARE EBY Winter Garden, Florida Pierian Club 43-44; Torchbearers 43-45; Delta Zeta 43-47 (Social Chairman 44-45, Vice-Presi- dent 45-46, President 46-47) ; Home Ec. Club (Treasurer 44-45, Vice President 45-46, Presi- dent 46-47) ; Kappa Omicron Phi (Treasurer 45-46, Vice-President 46-47); F.T.A. 46-47; Kappa Delta Pi (Treasurer 46-47) ; Junior Class Senate Representative 45-46; Kappa Pi (Social Chairman 46-47) ; Y.W.C.A. 43-47 ; Senior Class Senate Representative 46-47 ; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil (Treasurer 46-47); Cap and Gown (Presi- dent 46-47) ; Who ' s Who 45-46. ' ♦ • ♦;; STERLING GARDNER Lakeland. Florida | «|. 8 f - 4 WILMOT REID GEORGE Williston, Florida Kappa Theta Psi, Charter Member 41, Treas- urer 42, President 46 ; Theta Chi 46-47 ; Pledge Master 46-47; Varsity Basketball 41-46; Var- sity " S " Club 41-46; Secretary and Treasurer 46; Intramural Kty Winner 41-42: Pierian Club 40; F.T.A. 46-47. KARL HENRY GRAF Georgetown. Florida Kappa Theta Psi, Chaplain 41. Mce Presi- dent 45; Muse Staff; Theta Chi 46-47. KATHERINE ELEANOR HAMMONS Lake City. Florida Pierian Club 43-44 ; Zeta Zeta Zeta. Historian 44-45, Secretan,- 45-46; Alpha Delta Pi 46-47; Pan Hellenic 46-47 ; Y.W.C.A. 44-46. 1 J MARVIN SMITH HARDIN Tampa, Florida Transferred from University of Tampa; Phi Sigma Phi 46. MARY JEAN HARRIS Lakeland, Florida Interlachen Staflf 43-44; Torchbearers 43- 44; Pierian Club 43-44; Muse Staff 43-44; Or- chestra 44-45, 46-47; Alpha Chi Omega 44-47, Ritualist 45-46, Vice President 46-47; Southern Singers 44-45 ; F.T.A. 45-47 ; String Ensemble 45-46 ; Spanish Qub 46-47. JAMES VERNON HARVESTER Lakeland, Florida Minstral Show 38 ; ' arsity ISasketball Squad 38-45; Sports Reporter, The Southern; Member Phi Epsilon Nu, Secretarj ' 46-47; Gamma Sigma Chi 38; Alpha Theta 45 ; Theta Chi 46-47 (His- torian 46-47); Manager, Intramural Basketball; President Student Body 46-47; I ' resident Men ' s ' arsity Basketball Squad; Inter-Fraternity Council. FRED ELLSWORTH HENRY Collingswood, New Jersey Transferred from Temple University Hahne- mannn Medical ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; Sigma Tau Alpha; Vagabonds; Y.M.C.A. • • • VIOLET MAE HEWETT Webster, Florida Independent Women 43-46, ' ice President 44- 46, President 46-47 ; Intramural Representative 43-44; F.T.A. 44-47; Home Ec. Club 43-46, Treasurer 46-47 ; Senator 46-47 ; Y.W.C.A. 43- 46 ; Varsity Basketball ; Manager Hockey Nor- weigen Baseball 45-46. KATHRYN HOEQUIST Orlando, Florida Alpha Delta Pi, Historian 46; Kappa Pi 45- 46, Secretary 46; Varsity Basketball 44-46; In- tramurals 43-46; Y.W.C.A. 43; Pan Hellenic Council 45; Board of Managers 46; Board of Physical Education Majors 46; Cheerleader 46- 47; F.T.A. 44-46. ELIZABETH MELSON HOWELL Center Hill, Florida MYF President 46 ; Independent Women ; Southern Staff 45-46; Alpha Delta Pi Pledge President 46; W ho ' s Who; Delegate National Methodist Student Conference 46. BARBARA HUTCHINSON Mobile, Alabama Alpha Chi (Jmega r iU X MOLLY JENSEN Lakeland, Florida Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer 46-47; Pierian Club 43-44; Chorus; F.T.A. 44-46; Y.W.C.A. ; Pi Gamma Mu. ' ice President 46-47; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President 43-46, Secretary 46-47; Spanish Club. EDNA MAE KEENE Windermere, Florida Transfer from Rollins College; B.S.U. 43-44; Southern Staff 43-46; Delta Zeta 43-47; Muse Staff; Interlachen 44-46; Vagabonds, 44-47; Debate Council 44-45 ; Intramurals 44-47 ; Senate, Treasurer 44-45 ; Manager Softball 45-46 ; Phi Epsilon Nu 46-47. WILLIAM KENT Lakeland, Florida Transfer from Stetson; V ' l Kappa Phi PAUL WILSON KEY Quincy, Florida Chi l hi), Cliaplain -14-45, Secretary 45-46, Re- cording Secretary 46-47 ; Gamma Sigma Chi, Sec- retary 44-47 ; Methodist Student Movement, Pub- licly Chairman 44-45, Treasurer 45-46, Worship committee 46-47; The Muse; Student Sponsor 45 ; The Pool 44 ; Microphone Club 46. JACQUELYN KLEIN Lakeland, Florida Transfer of Ohio University University of Pittsburg : Alpha Chi Omega. BETTY AMANDA LAWRENCE Miami, Florida T(jrchbearers 43-44; Pierian Club 43-45 ; Y.W. C.A., Kappa Delta Pi 45-46; Secretary 46-47; Kappa Pi President 45-46; Chorus 44; F.T.A. Vice-President 45 ; Alpha Chi Omega, President 46-47 ; Cap and Gown ; Treasurer of Senior Class. FRANCIS LELAND A. LUCE Lake Alfred, Florida President of Freshmen Class 40-41 ; Chaplain of Gamma Sigma Chi 41-42: Vice President of Southern Singers 42-43; President of Clii Rho 42. ARTHUR PERRY McKEOWN, JR. Brooksville, Florida Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Tlieta Psi 44-45; Theta Chi, Charter Member. Secretary 46-47; Inter-Fraternity Council 44-45 ; Who ' s W ' lvj 46-47. mr ' iA. ' J-- Z lliK ' RY JENNE MARTIN McLEOD Mulberry, Florida Transfer from F.S.C.W. ; Delta Zeta 43-47; Y.W.C.A. ; B.S.U.; F.T.A. Treasurer 46-47; Band 44; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer 43, Presi- dent 46 ; Spanish Club. CORA ELIZABETH MATTOX Taveres, Florida Kappa Gamma Tau 43-46, Reporter 44, Vice President 45 ; Alpha Omicron Pi 46-47, Vice President 46; Southern Singers 44-45; F.T.A. ; Y.W.C.A. ELLEN HODGES MEHARG Lakeland, Florida VIVIAN SULT HUGHES MILES Lakeland, Florida Transfer from Stetson; Southern Singers. CHARLES GLENN MINGLEDORF Lakeland, Florida Gamma Sigma Chi, ' ice President; Independ- ent Men, President ; Theta Chi, Chaplain ; Metho- dist Student Movement, Vice President; South- ern Singers; The Southern; Presidents ' Cabi- net ; Reader ' s Theater ; Who ' s Who ; Vagabonds, Sergeant at Arms ; Inter-Fraternity Council. FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS MOODY, JR. Lakeland, Florida Muse Staff 42-43: Kappa Pi 42-47; Southern Singers 42-43 ; Kappa Theta Psi 44-45, Senator 44; Theta Chi 45-47, Senator 45-46; Alpha Psi Omega 45-47; Microphone Club 46-47. KELLY MOORE Palmetto, Florida Transferred from Stetson L ' nixersity in 44 ; Kappa Gamma Tau 46, .Secretary 46 ; Alpha Omicron Pi 46; Y.W.C A GEORGE NEITZEL New York. New York Secretary Men ' s Intramural Hoard ; Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha 45. ' ice President 46; Senior Manager Men ' s Intramural Uoard ; Inter-Frater- nal Council. W BERNICE FREDRICKS PANETZ Miami, Florida Transferred from L ' niversily of Arkansas 45 ; Chorus 45; Intramural IJoard 45; Southern 45; Pan Hellenic 45-46; Senate 45-46; Phi Beta Gamma 45-46 ; Debate Council 45-47 ; Cosmos Club 45-47; F.T.A. 45-47; W.S.G.A. 45-47; Y.W-C.A. 46-47. JESSIE MAY PARRISH Bradenton, Florida Alpha Delia I ' i; Who ' s Wlio ; Soulhcrn lUisi- ness Manager 44-45; liditor-in-chief 45-47; De- bate Council, I ' resident 45-46; Cap and Gown; Alpha Psi Omega, Vice President ; Kappa Pi, Publicly Chairman ; Vagabonds, Publicity Direc- tor 45-46; Phi I-Lpsilon Xu Spanish Club; In- TKKLAciiKX Staff 44-45. JAMES RUSSELL PATRICK Lakeland, Florida Transferred from L ' niversily of Miami Tu- lane, March, 1946; Lambda Clii Alpha. Secretary- 46-47, THELMA ARLINE PERKINS Norwood, Connecticut Alpha Omicron I ' i; Vagabonds; The Pool; Pierian Club; Intkki.achen, Associate Editor, ' 45. ' v-mM LAURIE VIRGINIA PIERCE Palmetto, Florida Cheerleader 44-45 ; Varsity 44-47 ; Intramurals 44-47; Intramural Board 46-47; Delta Zeta 45- 47, Secretary 47; Senator 47, President of Pled- ges 45 ; Y.W.C.A. 44-47, Co-Membership Chair- man 45-46; Southern Staff 46-47; Interlachen 44-47; Women Sports Ed. 46-47; B.S.U. 44-45. MARTHA JEWELL POWELL Miami, Florida Enrolled 43 ; Kappa Gamma Tau 43-46 ; Alpha Omicron Pi, Recording Secretary 46; Home Ec. Club 44-47, Secretary 45 ; F.T.A. 44-46, Program Chairman 45; W.S.G.C. 45-46; Y.W.C.A. 44-46, President 46 ; Methodist Student Fellowship 43- 46 ; Cap and Gown 46 ; Secretary of .Senior Class 46 ; Southern Singers 43-44 ; Who ' s Who. SEYMOUR J. REYNOLDS, JR. Lyons, New York Phi Mu Alpha; Lambda Chi Alpha; Transfer Ithaca College; Orchestra; Men ' s Glee Club; String Ensemble; Ixtekl. ' vchen, Assistant Busi- ness Manager. ROBERT ARTHUR RIEDEL Williamsport, Penna. Transfer from Princeton, 46 ; Chi Rho, Vice President 46; ' ice President Senior Class; Band, Treasurer; Band 41-46; Chorus 41-46; Inter- Fraternitv Council 46 ; Who ' s Who 47. i- l HAZLE JOE ROUX Fernandina, Florida Alpha Delta Pi, Vice President 46; Southern Singers 43 ; Miisc 43 ; Woman ' s Varsity 44-46 ; Woman ' s Intramural Board 43-47 ; Senate 46 ; W.S.G.C. 45-46; Who ' s Who; Cap and Gown; F.T.A . ; Manager Intramural Basketball 44; Sen- ior Manager Intramural Board 46-47 ; " ice President Junior Class ; Pan Hellenic Council 46 ; Board of Physical Education Majors; Badminton Champion 46; Sports Editor of Southern 45 ; Tn- tramurals 43-47. RAMON WILLIAM RUSSELL Malone, New York Enrolled 41 : Chi Rho Fraternitv. I ' resident of Pledges 41, President 43, Corresponding Secre- tary 46; Southern Singers 41-43; Freshman Senator 41-42; ' ice President Sophomore Class; Most Popular Freshman 41-42; Sports Editor, Southern 42-43, 45-46; Sports Editor Inter- LACHEX 42-43, Editor Interlachen 46-47; Phi Epsilon Nu, Charter Member; " S " Club; Varsity Basketball ; Who ' s Who 46-47 ; Alpha Psi Omega. CAROLE SALENTINE Lakeland, Florida Alpha Omicron Pi; Kappa Gamma Tau; Vagabonds, President 46 : Debate Counncil 45 ; The Muse 45 ; Torchbearers President 45 ; Pier- ian Club 45; Microphone Club 46; Southern Singers 44. MATTIE LOU SCHENCK Waldo. Florida Alpha Delta Pi. IF J. ♦ ;♦• ••■♦■♦ GEORGE DICK SCHUPP Detroit, Michigan House Manaijer (if I ' hi Sigma Phi; Radio Ilroadcasting Club, Secretary Inter-Fraternity Council ; Tampa Radio Shows ; Transferred from Detroit Institute of Technology and Detroit College of Law. ALICE JEAN SEEGMILLER Lakeland, Florida !• .T.A. ; V.W.C.A. ANN HERRING SHAVER Arcadia, Florida F.T.A. 43-44 ; Spanish Club 43-44 ; Y.W.C.A. ; Pi Gamma Mu 46-47; Pierian Club 43-44; In- TERLACHEN 45-46; Alpha Chi Omega 43-47. LEVIE DAVID SMITH, JR. Lakeland, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha. WALTER MITCHEL SPILLMAN Washington Grougs, Maryland Lambda Chi Alpha Secretary 43 ; Intramural Sports. LEE MYRL SPIVEY Lakeland, Florida Chi Rho ; Senator 44-45 : ' arsity basketball 44-45: Sports Editor, Southern 46: Who ' s Who 47. SARAH ELIZABETH SUMMER Ft. Pierce, Florida Alpha Delta Pi ; Intramural Board Secretary 45; Secretary of Junior Class; Interlachen Staff 44; Business Manager of Southern 45; Badminton Manager 44. MARVIN SWEAT Jacksonville, Florida President Freshman Class 46-47; President Junior Class 46-47 ; President Gamma Sigma Chi 46-47; President Inter-Fraternity Council 46-47 ; President Chi Rho 46-47 ; Vice President Methodist Youth Fellowship 46-47 ; President of Fraternity Pledges 42; Chi Rho Follies 46-47; Associate Pastor College Heights Church. ♦ ♦ ♦ % GEORGE LATER TAYLOR Columbus, Ohio Treasurer of Independents 39; Kappa Theta Psi 41-42; Cosmos Club; Spanish Club; F.T.A. ; Band. TOMMY LEVI TERRY Lake City, Florida Chi Rho, Intramural Representative; Presi- dent of Sophomore Class 44-45 ; President of lunior Class 45-46. RALPH TOMPKIN Lakeland. Florida RAYMOND WALDRON VANDERSLICE Lakeland, Florida Southern Singers 40-42; Alpha Sigma 41-42; Vagabonds 41-42, 46-47; Alpha Psi Omega 42- 43; Theta Chi 46-47. LEO WEINSTEIN Bronx, New York Kappa Theta I ' si 41, Secretary 42, ' ice Presi- dent; Southern Statif 41, 42, Business Manager; Debate Council 42, President 46-47 ; Hillel 46-47, President. CHARLES SPURGEON WHIPPLE Lakeland, Florida Enrolled 40, Xavy, Re-enrolleil 45. WILLIAM RAYMOND WHITNEY Mamornech, New York Transferred Duke University 46 ; Lambda Chi Alpha, President 42 46; Sophomore Senator 42; Vagabonds, 41-42; Intramural Board 42; Inter-Fraternity Council 46 ; Varsity Basketball 42 ; Intramurals 46 ; Football Championship 46. ROSA LEE WILSON Leesburg, Florida Delta Zeta 44, Treasurer 45, 46 47; Pierian Club 44 ; Kappa Omicron Phi 46, Treasurer 47 ; Home Ec. Club 45, Publicity Chairman 46, Presi- dent 47; Tri-Council 44, 45; Y.W.C.A. Music Chairman 44, 45 ; F.T.A. 46. ■J • ••♦:_ " SENIORS NOT PICTURED Anderson, Thelma Feagin B.S. Bailey, Louise Simmons B.S. Barnes, Jack Douglas B.S. Bearden, John Gantt B.S. Boen, Marion Haulbrock B.S. Coughenour, Anna B.S. Cowan, Eura Belle B.S. Dell, Georgia Pearl B.S. Durrance, Effie McDonald B.S. EUmaker, Orrin Reuben B.S. Fine, Seymour Albert B.S. Foster, Virgie May Pi.-S. Gates, Robert Wallace B.S. Griffin, Mattie Lou B.S. Harrell, Douglas Arthur B.S. Mangin, Nicholas Garrett B.S. Massey, Adnah Duckworth B.S. Mickel, Arthur Harry B.S. Minnis, Elaine Baden B.S. Mullen, Eloise Lisenby B.S. Smith, Helen Dodge B.S. Sutherland, Mira Toole B.S. Tatum. Velma Flye B.S. Walden.Olsia Gouhatzi B.S. Waller, Mattie Mabry B.S. Westmoreland, Sadie B.S. Whitacre, Emerson Lewis B.S. Hamilton, Charles A.B. Hawley, Eugenia Elizabeth A.B. Helms, Catherine Fletcher A.B. Joiner, Albert Gee A.B. Verson, Isabel Rodriguez A.B. Woodall, Cecil Leona A.B. DeVane, Wilma Jean L.T. Harris, Marguerite L.I. Junior Class Officers From Left to Rieht : Marvin Sweat Katherine Jalinig Marvine Anderson Norman Julicli JUNIORS MARVINE ANDERSON Ft. Myers, Florida JACK BARNES Naples, Florida JOSEPH E. BARTON Ft. Ogden, Florida BRADEN BENNETT Detroit, Michigan ROXIE BENTLEY Zolfo Springs, Florida HENRY BLACKBURN Montvale, New Jersey THOMAS BRADLEY Lakeland, Florida VELMA BRATLEY Gainesville, Florida JUNIORS LAURA CANTRELL Live Oak, Florida JOHN CLARK Lakeland, Florida HELEN COGGIN Tampa, Florida JO COHEN New York, New York J k Jt kuT . DORMA JEAN COLEY Fanwood, New Jersey RODERIC DUGGER Lakeland, Florida LEE ESSENFELD New York, New York RAYMOND FLNE Brooklyn, New York JUNIORS ARNOLD FREED Brooklyn, New York VIRGINIA GARFIELD Panmia, Michigan ARNOLD GERSTEL Bronx, New York PAUL GlEBEIG Lake Citv, Florida MARTHA N. HAIGLER Lakeland, Florida HENRY C HLSEY, JR. Shenandoah, Virginia ROBERT L. HISEY Shenandoah, Virginia BETTY JEAN JACK Punta Gorda, Florida JUNIORS NAN JACKSON Lake Placid, Florida KIT JAHNIG Lakeland, Florida HANK JEWITT Penn Yan, New York JEANNETTE JOHNSTON Winter Garden, Florida MARY KELLY Ft. Mvers, Florida LOIS J. L ' HOMMKUIEU Ozona, Florida MARILYN MAXWELL Lexington, Ohio ROBERT MAY Miami, Florida . JUNIORS HENRY MITCHELL Sebring, Florida JOYCE MOREHEAD Lakeland, Florida EDWARD W. NORMAN Honiestt-ad, Florida IRMA PACKARD Cocoa, Florida LOLITA PEEL Lakeland, Florida ROBERTA PERKINS Bartow, Florida DAN W. PRUITT Lakeland, Florida HENRIETTA RAM BAM Miami, Florida JUNIORS ROY-LEE REYNOLDS Lakeland, Florida JOYCE SACHAK Brooklyn, New York JEANNE SCHWARTZ New York, New York BETTY ROSS SMITH Lakeland, Florida NATALIE SOLOMON New York, New York GEORGE SPEER Haines City, Florida MYRTLE STEVENS Ft. Pierce, Florida WILLIAM STOSBERT Clermont, Florida JUNIORS ANNIE LAURIE SUMMERS Tacksonville, Florida FRITZ THURNER Naples, Florida EDGAR E. TOLLE, JR. Lakeland, Florida VIRGINIA TRUNNELL Trilbv, Florida STEPHEN VOSS Wauchula, Florida HARRY VASSIE Mulberry, Florida MARY V. WALDEN Miami, Florida BETSY MARY WILLIAMS Winter Haven, Florida ' jtMm i mH Sophomore Class Officers Left to Rig-ht: Bill Casteen Peggy Schaaff Bill Summers Martin Klamkin ' I ' ' KKNT ALBUS llrooklyn, New York DOROTHY ALEXANDER Coleman, Florida ISLA BURNETTE ALTMAN Marion, South Carolina JOYCE ANDREWS Umatilla, Florida JOHNY ANGLAN Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM B. ARGIE M alone. New York FRANCES BANKS Clarksdale, Arkansas ARTHUR BARBER Murphy, North Carolina ESTER BAUER New York, New York LOUISE BEARDEN Ft. Myers, Florida NANCI BEIGHEL Carnegie, Pennsylvania CHARLES BELOTE New Smyrna Beach, Florida 1 ' :vI ' :lyn e. berkman Liverpool, Ohio EDITH BERKOWITZ Brooklyn, New York JACQUELINE BLITZ New York, New York HAROLD BONNETT Bradenton, Florida LOIS BOWIE Chevy Chase, Maryland JAMES BOZEMAN r.rooksville, Florida VALERA BRIDGER Bladenboro, North Carolina KATHRYN BROWN Washington, D. C. MARY ELIZABETH BURRELL Eustis, Florida EUGENE CANTWELL Clermont, Florida BILL CASTEEN Atlanta, Georgia WILLIAM CHEEK Lakeland, Florida v i ' EDWARD CHESHIRE White Springs, Florida MOLLY CRAIG Lake Wales, Florida LOIS CROSS Haddon Heights, New Jersey WALTER DARAN New York, New York ANN MARGARET DAMS Lakeland, Florida HERBERT DEKLE Newport News, Virginia JEAN DEVANE Lake City, Florida MARY EDNA DOUGLAS Citra, Florida ELIZABETH ANN DUFF Orlando, Florida FRANCES DUGGER Tampa, Florida MARCELLE DUNCAN Lewisville, North Carolina CLAUDE DYAL Jacksonville, Florida GEORGE ELWELL Avon Park, Florida RAYMOND ESTHUS Sarasota, Florida JENETTE FABER Leamington, Canada GRACE FARRELL Tallahassee, Florida HELEN FARYNA Umatilla, Florida CARLOS FAXAS Palma, Cuba LOUIS FUREN Ft. Myers, Florida MARGARET GALBRAITH High Springs, Florida ISABEL GARCIA Gaudalupe, Cuba AUDREY GARFIELD Brooklyn, New York ROBERT GARTNER Ridgewood, New Jersey RUTH GENISMAN Scotch Plains, New Jersey OLYMPIA GONZALEZ Podel-Rio. Cuba ELLIOTT GOODWIX Lakeland. I- ' lorida HERBERT GORDON Garmel, New York LI LA L. GREGG Lakehmd, Florida I)A ' ID GROVES Jacksonville, Florida RICllAKI) GRUENWALD ] ' " t. Pierce. Florida WILLIAM L. HALEY Covington. Kentucky ANNA JO HARPER Bradley Junction, Florida margl7-:rite harris Williston, Morida J1-:ANNF HATFn :LD Wooster. Ohio RICHARD HAYWORTH Tallerast, Florida LOUISE HEGE Newport News, Virginia BENNY E. HENDRIX Ft. Myers, Florida NONA HILDEBRANDT Jacksonville. Florida ALICE HILL Orlando. Florida LEON C. HILLS Trov, Kansas DORIS HOFFMAN Jackson Heights, New York MERCEDES INGRAM Jacksonville. Florida R0BI-:RT JAMISON Lakeland, Florida ALBERT JEFFREYS Chase City. ' irginia JOHN JORDAN Lakeland. Florida NORMAN JULICH L initilla. Florida .MFIAILLI ' . LAITE Lakeland, Florida BETTY JEAN LANG ' inter Ha en, Florida INEZ LANGRRAKE Ft. Thomas. Kentucky CHARLES LAWHORN Avon Park, Florida DONALD L. LEARNARD Kittery, Maine PATRICIA LYNG Kissimniee, Florida WILLIE K. McINVALE Doctor Phillips, Floi-ida CLAIRE McNAIR Miami, Florida JUNIUS MALLIN Havana, Cuba SARA HELEN MARTIN Mulberry, Florida MARIAN MATTHEWS Babson Park, Florida JEAN MOORE Clermont, Florida BETTE MORGAN Lakeland, Florida JEANNETTE MOWISER Lakeland, Florida JEAN MULLER New York, New York CARL MURPHY Lakeland, Florida LARRY MYERS New Rochelle, New York BARBARA NESMITH Plant City, Florida JOSEPH W. NICHOLS Dunedin, Florida HELEN OLSON Oak Park, Illinois JOYCELIN PACKARD Cocoa, Florida JACKIE PARKS Delray Reach, Florida CAROLYN PETTUS Nashville, Tennessee ROBERT F. PHILBECK Lakeland, Florida MARJORIE PISTOLE Tampa, Florida ELTON G. POWELL Miami, Florida ( f r ' THOMAS D. PRIDGEN Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM PRYER Lakeland, Florida CARRIE REDFEARN Hollywood, Florida I ' AUL REDFEARN Hollywood, Florida ARTHUR REINSCH Lakeland, Florida MARIANNE REINSCH Lakeland, Florida MARGARET REYNOLDS West Unity, Ohio CHARLES RISK Lakeland, Florida THEODORE ROACH Lakeland, Florida FAYE ROBERTS Sebring, Florida HILARION RODRIGUEZ Pinar del Rio, Cuba BERNARD ROLLINS Roanoke, Virginia MARY F. ROSS Live Oak, Florida MARTHA A. ROUTZONG Fernandina, Florida DOROTHY ROWLEY Leesburg, Florida EMILIA RUBIO Santiagoode, Cuba ANN SABATH Delray Beach, Florida HAGGEO SANDOVAL Santa Clara, Cuba lOl ' .L SANDOVAL Santa Clara, Cuba WALTER SAXON lakeland, Florida PEGGY SCHAAF Washington, D. C. SALLY SHAVER Arcadia, Florida r.LANCHE SHUMAN Vl. Lauderdale, Florida JANET E. SHUPP Palatka, Florida " »n BETTY ANN SIPOS Bound Brook, New Jersey BETTY SPERRY Tavares, Florida LOIS SPIESS Teaneck, New Jersey ANITA MARIE SPRINGER Eakelaiid, Florida PAULINE STALLS Palmlake, Florida MARY JOYCE STEVENS Sanford, Florida WILLIE STRICKLAND Nichols, Florida ANNE TALMAN Lakeland, Florida BETTY JO TANNER Plant City, Florida MARTHA TARBETT Pompano, Florida DON TAYLOR Arcadia, Florida SHIRLEY THOMAS Jacksonville, Florida BETTY TRASK lakeland, Florida ROBBIE TURLINGTON Lee, Florida ELINOR UPDIKE Washington, D. C. CHARLES VOSS Wauchula, Florida HELEN WARREN Jamaica, New York MALCOLM G. WHETSTONE Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM E. WHITEHEAD Lake Worth, Florida WILLIAM A. WHITEHOUSE Jacksonville, Florida WAYMAN E. WILLIAMS Tampa, Florida FRANCES WOLCOTT Miami, Florida ILA JEAN YOUNG Mulberry, Florida JEANNE ZEIGLER Merion, Pennsvlvania 111 iiapw«nn3v ' -] ; Freshman Class Officers Left to Ritjht : Daniel Gill Betty Jo Telle Betty Jo Tanner Helen Warren LeROY X ' ERXOX ABBOTT St. Augustine, Florida BILL ADAMS Orlo ' ista, Florida EARL ALBAUGH Clearwater, Florida THELMA F. ALFORD Ellenton. Florida THOMAS AXDERSON Fernandina, Florida THOMAS VAUGHN ATKIXS Tampa, Florida OLR ' ER ALLEX BAIR Lakeland, Florida PATSY BALLARD Kings Mountain, Xorth Carolina MYREX BARGEX Clearwater, Florida BONNIE BARTLETTE Groveland, Florida JOHN BASTONE Bronx, X ' ew York WILLIAM BECKETT inter Garden, Florida EDWARD BERGEX Alexandria, ' irginia MARILYX BEVIS Madison, Florida JEAN BEYMER West Palm Beach, Florida JOYCE BITTXER Lakeland, Florida GEORGE BLACK Trimby, Florida JOHX BLOOD Teaneck, Xew Jersey CORXELIUS BLUM Wyckoff, New Jersey ALVA BROCK Sanford, Florida XORRIS BROCKS I ' .owling Green, Florida CLIFFORD BROWX Charlotte, Xorth Carolina DEWEY BROWX Dun City. Florida ERMA BROWX Washington, D. C. HOWARD BROWN Nichols, Florida MARY ANNE BROWN Tampa, Florida BILLY BROWN Williston, Florida WILLIAM BROWN Paterson, New Jersey CHARLES BRUNDAGE Sarasota, Florida WILLIAM S. BRYAN Charleston, South Carolina JOE STORY BURCH Winter Garden, Florida CARL EDWARD BURKETT Shenandoah, Virgina MARY JANE BURNETT Tampa, Florida BILL CALLAHAN Lakeland, Florida JANIE CAMERON Lake Wales, Florida TERRY CHAPMAN Plant Citv, Florida JEAN W. CHITTIM Verona, New Jersey STELLA CLECKENKO New York, New York BERNARD R. COBB Kissimee, Florida BEVERLY B. COLE Charlotte, North Carolina CALVIN COLLINS Umatilla, Florida COLLEEN COOPER Charlotte, North Carolina CYRIL CRAIG Fairmont, West Virginia FRANCES M. CROSBY Jacksonville, Florida EDWIN DAVENPORT Madison, Florida WILBUR DAVENPORT Madison, Florida BETTY LOU DAVIS Orlando, Florida 4 « • ♦ ' ♦ HEXRV DA " IS Arcadia, F lorida MARY DA IS Thomasville, Georgia BETTY UEAX Chietland, Florida CHARLES DECKER Cresshill. Xcw Jersey JOSEPH DOYLE Ridgewood, Xew Jersey JOSEPH DUKE Ridgewood, Xew Jersey HARLEY DULANEY Shenandoah, ' irginia NORMAX DUXCAX Waterburv, Connecticut JOHX H. EAGLE Hackensack, Xew Jersey WILLIAM EARLE San ford, Florida JOYXE EDELiL X Brooklyn. Xew York GEXE ELLISOX Lakeland, Florida MARGUERITE L. ERICSOX Palm Harbor, Florida JOSEPH EWIXG Lake Worth, Florida FLOREXTIXE FERNAXDEZ Santa Clara, Cuba -MARY FERXAXDEZ Santiago, Cuba ELLEX FORD Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY J. FREEMAX Galley Stream. Xew York J. C. GARCLA Lakeland, Florida PHILLIPPA GARCIA Winnetka, Illinois DAXXY GILL Brooklyn, Xew York MRGIXIA GIFFORD Lakeland, Florida GLEXXA LEE GREEXE St. Mary, Florida BETTY GRIMES Dade Citv, Florida STEPHEN GRIMES Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA GUY Lake City, Florida PAUL HACHIGAN Paterson, New Jersey CHARLES M. HALL Lakeland, Florida EDWIN E. HADDEN, JR. Madison, Florida GEORGE W. HAIGHT Woodridge, New Jersey LLOYD HAMBURGER Brooklyn, New York MARY L. HARBOUR Atlanta, Georgia ROSEMARY HARRIS Austin, Texas FLORENCE HARRISON Falling Waters, West Virginia CAROLYN C. HAYS Lakeland, Florida CHARLES B. HAYNES Coebum, Virginia H. DAN HENDERSON Winter Garden, Florida EUGENIO HERRERA Havana, Cuba D VID J. HICKEY Fernandina, Florida HENRY L. HICKS Lakeland, Florida WALTER F. HOFFMAN Lakeland, Florida CHESTER G. HOLBKOOK Newton, Massachusetts JENNINGS M. HOOKS Lakeland, Florida ETHEL HORTON Charlotte, North Carolina PAUL S. HOWELL Charlotte, North Carolina BOBBY L. HUFFMAN Shenandoah, Virginia GEORGE HYDE Montclair, New Jersey BETTY JANE IRBY Tacksonville, Florida ' ♦ ' ERNEST JERNIGAN Tampa, Florida JEAN JONES Tampa, Florida RAYMOND JUPPE Rochelle Park, New Jersey CHARLES KANE Englevvood, New Jersey FRANCHION K. KEENER Sanford, Florida CAROLYN KELLEY Malone, New York MAR ' JANE KETCHIN Winnsboro, South Carolina r.ETTY KILLARS Tampa, Florida ED KIRKLAND Tampa, Florida MARgClTE KIRTLAND Ft. Myers, Florida INA G. KLEIN Brooklyn, New York WILLIAM J. KNIGHT Jacksonville, Florida MARIE LAMB Gainesville, Florida EUGENIA LANE Haines City, I ' lorida RICHARD L. LANNING Lakeland, Florida ROr.ERT M. LANNON Fernandina, Florida BERTIL E. LARSON Vero Beach. Florida MILDRED LEY Leesburg, Florida ANTHONY LOPEZ Lakeland, Florida LOUIS D. LOWE Fernandina, Florida MYRA LUCE Williston, Florida JACK P. McCLELLAN Blountstown, Florida ANN McCONNELL Kingsport, Tennessee BEXERLY McFARLAND Tampa, Florida IMICKEY McGRlFF Arlington, ' ii ' ginia RICHARD P.. McKROWN Brooksville. Florida ARLINE L. McRAE New Harmony, Indiana WILLIAM F. IMcROY Lakeland, Florida JEXXIXGS R. MALTHV Hastings, Florida FRA X. MARCOTOON New York, New York CARROL MARTIN Lakeland, Florida GAILE E. MARTIN Euclid, Florida WILLIAM MARTIN Interlachen, Florida ELIZABETH A. MAUL Annover, Pennsylvania JOE MAULT Paterson, New Jersey HAROLD MENCHEN Wachula, Florida ROBERT MICKLER Madison, Florida EDWARD MEEHAN Brooklyn, New York WILLIAM F. MERIWETHER San ford, Florida JOHN MERRILL Ft. Meade, Florida FRANK MILLER Rochester, New York HELEN E. MILLER Louisville, Kentucky HERMAN MORGAN Brooksville, Florida FA YE MORRIS Aurbundale, Florida MARY JO MORROW Jacksonville, Florida H. S. MULLEN Fairlawn, New Jersey CORA ' , NICHOLS Corning, New York EARL NORTON Lake Wales, Florida •♦■•■ ■♦: THKOUORA L. ODKLL Caldwelle, New Jersey JOSEPH H. ODOM McDavid, Florida JOHN D. OSGOOD Oakwood, Illinois GEORGE W. PADGETT, JR. Jacksonville, Florida JAMES M. PAFF(_)RD, JR. Madison, Florida CAROLYN PARISH Vernon, Florida NINO PARTIN Fernandina, Florida ELDRIDGE PARTINS Fernandina, Florida PAUL E. PENCE Shenandoah, Virginia MATTHEW D. PETERS Brewster, Florida PAUL V. PEURIFOY Daytona Beach, Florida JOYCE PIERCE Tampa, Florida MARTY PINNAS Lakeland, Florida BOB H. ITPPER Detroit, Michigan JOHN P. PLANK Tenatly, New Jersey GLENNIS POELLEIN Orlando, Florida ROBERT G. POLLARD Sebring, Florida NORMA I ' OST New York, New York EDWARD E. PROCTOR Lakeland, Florida JOHNNY PURDHAM Shenandoah, Virginia ELIZABETH AXN RAI ' TIS Charleston, West Virginia BETTY REDMOND Lakeland, Florida MIRIAM MAUD RICE Groveland, Florida lEROME FRANCIS RICHARD Brooklyn, New York WALTER RIDGEWAY Lakeland, Florida RUBY BLA XHE RIGBY Dade City, Florida JACK RINACA Shenandoah, ' irginia VILLL- M W. ROAUER Englewood, Xew Jersey JULLW PAUL ROUDABUSH, JR. Mllemont, Virginia FLORENCE ROUX Fernandina, Florida WLXIFRED HARRIET RUPERTI Elizabeth, New Jersey JANE ELIZABETH RUSSELL Schenectady, New York MIKE SABENA Baltimore, Alaryalnd CHARLES SAHLMAN Fernandina, Florida EDGAR LEE SAMPSON Gate City. Florida SANFORD SCHANTZ Brooklyn, New York LI LA L. SCHLEY Lakeland, Florida LAWRENCE C. SHAVER Cleveland, Ohio MARVIN SHAPIRO Brooklyn, New York DOROTHY SHELTON Jacksonville, Florida ELLIOT SHERMAN Brookhn, New York CHARLES SHIELDS High Point. North Carolina LARRY SILBERMAN Brooklyn. New York ARTHUR SIMON New York, New York CAROL A. SIMON Miami, Florida JOAN SIMONS Aurbundale, Florida JOSEPH SMITH Creskill, New Jersey DONALD SNYDER Palmetto, Florida 1 - -t ■iriir -- DAVID SOLOMON Union City, New Jersey WILLIAM SOWERS Jacksonville, Florida ORRIN SPIELHOLT Newark, New Jersey CAROLYN STANSELL Miami, Florida JAMES STEPHENS Ruskin, Florida HENRY STEWART Shellnian, Georgia JAMES STEWART Fernandina, Florida WILLIAM STEWART Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM STRAKOSHC Ridgewood, New Jersey JAMES H. TEMPLON Shenandoah, Virginia NINETTA TEW Lakeland, Florida BETTY JO THOMAS Dunedin, Florida HOWARD THOMASAUER Brooklyn, New York GEORGE THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida HAROLD THOMPSON Davenport, Florida LEWIS C. THOMPSON Davenport, Florida WTLLARD TOLHURST Malone, New York BETTY JO TOLLE Brandenton, Florida ELIZABETH TRIEBER Dade City, Florida JOSI ' IPH S. TULEYA Astoria, New York AIAXINE TURNER Tampa, Florida MARY L. ULMER Palm Harbor, Florida JOHN D. UNGURIAN Atlanta, Georgia WILLIAM R. VALENTINE Lakeland, Florida -n AVIS M. WARLICK Kings Mountain, North Carolina VANCE J. WEEKS Naples, Florida HOWARD R. WEIL New Rochelle, New York RENA J. WELLS Madison, Florida ALICE WESTON Warren, Ohio JUNE WHIDDEN Tampa, Florida JOHN WHITE Jacksonville, Florida R. WHITE St. Cloud, Florida JOSEPH WIGGINS Milton, Florida THOMAS H. WILKINSON. JR. Charlotte, North Carolina JACK R. WILSON Milton, Florida LOUIS A. WILSON Great Neck, New York JANE WINFREY Arlington, ' irginia JEAN WINN Newport News, Virginia WILLIAM C. WOOi:) Vero Beach, Florida LYLE WRIGHT Freeport, Florida JAMES WYNN Brooklyn, New York CHARLES ZABRISKIE Ridgewood, New Jersey 1 J -x fT - mg- ' rw FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. ARCHITECT Portion of New East Campus Including Refectory . ■ ■ Recreation . . . Craft Sfwps . . . Pavillion Draughting Room . . . and . . . Lecture Amphitheater IRGIXIA CHAl ' .MAX VALEDICTORIAN L CECIL L. WOODALL SALUTATORIAN r r ' -V t tki ' V ' ;, , ' ¥ " . .- . ' gk ,gkLj|i| 1 9 .. JHPJi bI JAMES HARVESTER iWiw ii iiiiiai i 1 i V Nl HONOR WALK -•tw k.- BESSIE HOWELL MISS SOUTHERN BETTY LAWRENCE MAID OF HONOR ,. MARY CLARE EBY MAID OF HONOR Who ' s Who Top row left to right : Myrl Spivey, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Riedel. James Harvester, Glen Mingledorf, Perry McKeown, Norman Uando. Middle left to right: Ruby Adams, Irma Packartl, Alary Clare Eb_ -, Hazle Roux, Jessie Parrish. P ottom left to right: Ann Rriflger, Marvine Anderson. P essie Howell, Katherine Jahnig, Lolita Peel. Not Pictured : Jewell Powell, Ramon Russell, Virginia Chapman. » " •. ' . - h. » 8 " - ft ' • , ' MERCEDES INGRAM ♦ ' ♦ ' ZELDA CROSS AVIS WARLICK BEVERLY COLE ISABEL GARCIA . ■ JEAN WINN % HELEN OLSON HELEN WARREN ♦ ■ ■:»:- ' i.- LOUISE HEGE • •♦- nv . f ERMA BROWN I V-- i{6ii t K ND we (]on " t mean just in the Heeling moment when you skin is suffused with a radiantly becoming glow. We mean that a blush — natural or stimulated — actually helps your skin stay lovelier, grow prettier. Here ' s why: It is a medical fact that only your blood stream can propei ly nourish your skin. Only your blood stream carries away waste roducts in a natural and normal manner. So a blush — which is simply a momentary rush of blood to the surface — means that your skin is enjoying a little extra feeding, being cleansed, a touch more thor- oughly, of natural waste products. What Dermetics Blushing Oil does is to stimulate the skin briefly to perf orm this quite natural function. Spread it on lightly with your finger tips and you feel. its action in a gentle tingle — see it in the rosy glow that looks back at you from your mirror. our skin feels fresh — alive — radiant — grateful for this gentle pick-me-up. There ' s no miracle about the results that come from this daily treatment. The whole treatment is as simple and sound as brushing your hair lo keep it shining and soft. But you should see for yourself what daily use of Blushing does. See, too, how its good eomjtanions — Soil ADsorbing Cleanser and other Dermetics Complexion Oils — round out and com- plete this so-sensible skin care. II oil don ' t find Dermetics at your favorite shop, write Dermetics inc., 630 Fifth Avenue, New York 20, N. Y. We ' ll send you our booklet, The True Story of Your Skin, containing some amaz- ing facts about skin and its care. uto. ' ■• ' TH1 t4 --«v) fc» MiUfA emi 4 . 1AU( II In. i ' 4 Founder s Week Program Scenes From The Coronation of ' ' Miss Southern ' AWARDING OF HONORARY DOCTOR ' S DF.GREES BY PRESIDENT SPIVEY TO (Left to Right) Congressman J. Hardin Peterson, John O. Gross, S. C. Oliff, Jerome Davis, Doak S. Campbell MAY 21, 1947 L. A. RAULERSON Honorary Chancellor DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY President AVERY GUYTON Chairman of F.S.C. Commission Processional Forming for Convocation Scene From " Our Town ORCHESTRA AND MALE CHORUS OF ELEANOR SEARLE WHITNEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC MLLE. EVE CURIE Town Hall Lecturer MR. JEROME DAVIS Convocation Speaker FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, ARCHITECT Plan of Neiv Eleanor Searle Whitney School of Music Vr ' £ MV ' - ' ' ' v: : V:f::. Z ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ■ - li . ' ♦ • • ♦ RAMON W. RUSSELL Edit or-in-C hie f NORMAN DANDO Business Manager I NT ERLA CHEN E. R. RIEDEL Faculty Adviser M. H. BERRY PJiotO(irapher " ml Interlachen Staff Bottom Row — Left to Kight ; Kit Jalinig, Uorma Jean Coley, Marjorie Pistole, Mercedes Ingraham Top Row — Left to Riglit : Richard Cliamberlaiii. Ileiirv Jewett, William Argie, Robert Riedel A ot Pictured — Marv V. Walden, Audre - (.iartield. Leslie Redfearn, Archie Rittner RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN Maitaging Editor W:sMmmMA:Qm } . r rW ' JW:: :: ' ' ' : The Southern JESSIE PARRISH Editor-hi-Chicf JESSIE PARRISH Editor MRS. FAYNA GREBENSTCHIKOFF.ZJjVrr or of Print Shop W. S. CHAMBERS. Faculty .Idfiscr DICK GRUENWALD Associate Editor JEANNE ZEIGLER Feature Editor HARRY L. WHEELER Feature Editor PAT CONROY. Society Editor MYRL SPIVEY Sports Editor EDDIE BARKER Sports Editor FRANCES BUGGER Circtdation Manager ♦: -. The Southern sports Writers Virginia Pierce, Steve Grimes, Frank Decker, Sally Stevens, Feature Writers Jane Russell, Henry Jewett. Don Meade, Betty Jane Grimes, Bettv Jean Jack, Teddy Reese, l.arry Myers Reporters Joyce Bitner, Ann Bridger, Theo Odell, Stella Clechenko, Earl Morgan, Pat Guy Proof Readers Betty Killars, J(nce Pierce, Rusty Tjaden, Roy Gulick Typists Marquita Kirtland, Frances Dugger MRS. TAYNA GREBENSTCHIKOFF Director of Print Shop t • • ' • - ?t " . M pTj m i i M Lj kj S ' v ' uR J H V I ms: JAMES V. HARVESTER Student Body President Student Senate Top Rozu—Left to Right Albert Jctf ries Harold George Waymon Williams Mendal Luce Bernard Rollins Al Brock James Harvester Bottom Rozv — Left to Right Virginia Trunnelle Hazle Roux Irma Packard Emily Moore Kit Jahnig Jeanne Zeigler Mar - Claire Eby Jacqueline Blitz -.(Tir W. S. G. A. Top RozL — Lcfi to Rif ht Kit Jahnig Irma Packard Jewel Powell Hazle Roux Pat Conrov I ' ' ri)ut Rozv—Lcft to Rujht Emily Moore Dorothy Shelton Annie Laure Sumners Pat Taub Ruby Adams ;fl!Y ADAMS President ' ■ «« f ' ' - . jfti .MAR 1X1-: a. L)i:rs(). President Pan Hellenic Top Row— Left to R ' ujlit Shirley Thomas Marvine Anderson Katherine H amnions Emily Moore Pat Taub Barbara Conroy Henrietta Rambam Betsy Man,- Williams Betty Lawrence Bottom Row— Left to Right Grace Farrell Arline Albritten Sarah Frances Brewton Helen Coggin Mary Claire Eby Inter-Fraternity Conncil Front K m ' —I.cft to Ivu lit George Nietzel George Schupp Marvin Sweat Edgar Tolle, Jr. Bud Mullen Arnold Freed Top Rmv—Lcfi to h ' ii ht William Whitney Robert Riedel Mendal Luce James Harvester Orrin Spielholz MARVIN SWEAT President " J-- ,v A w ».A?r- ' ■■■■ ' ALPHA PSI OMEGA VAGABONDS m HOME ECONOMICS CLUB KAPPA OMICRON PHI ' ■ru ' w- ' ru FRITZ THURNER President Kappa Pi Top l (nv — Left to R ' xjht Daran Cooper Uyke Kearden Thomas Woodall Stoddard Giles Love Eby Hatfield Piurleson l ' )err - Second Roiv — Left to Right Hege Valentine Olson llertrum 1 )orsey T ' etty Harris Burnette Mc Anespie Front Roiv — Left to Right Dobson Maitland Apoka Lamanna Rourah Willcox McRae Meincke t ' Spanish Club Bottom Roiu- -Left to R ' ujht Third Rmv—Lcft () Right Burns Arias Soliquez Herrera Rubio Casanova Pierce Crosby Ruptis Marris Turner Irby She! ton Chittim Guy DeRall Fernandez Second Rozv— -Left to R ' ujhl Garcia Top Rotv—Lcft to Right Kirtland Smith Russell Myers Barrata Rodriquez Lamb Voss Sandoval Edwards Gross Hotchkiss MR. STUART MURRAY GROSS Facnltv Advisor t • . ' :. PI GAMMA ML CAP AND GOWN " " wnrti SOUTHERN SINGERS OF THE ELEANOR SEARLE WHITNEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC MALE CHORUS OF THE ELEANOR SEARLE WHITNEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC ; ' ? ■:. ' ■ • ' . ■• s s , t » • ' iMICROPHOAE CLUB DEBATE COUNCIL YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION METHODIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP KAPPA DELTA PI FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA h T PHI EPSILON NU GAMMA SIGMA CHI r «■ ■■ ... ■■■ , •• • ♦ BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COLUEGE ORCHESTRA r f r f .• »: •tlWl Phi Beta Gamma Patricia Taub, President Henrietta Rambam, I ' icc President Joyce Sachar, Second J ' ice President Feena Sorokin, Recording Secretary Audrey Garheld, Corresponding Secretary Rita Finkel, Treasurer Lee Essen f eld Edith Berkowitz Alice Wolfenhart Jean Schwartz Lorraine Fox Betty Jane Berney Audrey Silverstien Miriam Pawgan Lorraine Boosin Cherie Grossman Rosedel Fendrick Rhoda Krinsky Doris Hoffman Guenne Rabin ♦ ' ' Alpha Chi Omega Betty Lawrence, President Louise Davis, Vice President Lolita Peel, Recording Secretary Ann Shaver, Corresponding Secretary Marilvn I [ax vell, Treasure) Dorma Jean Coley Margo Reynolds Betty Ross Smith B ' Ctty Jo Tanner Nona Hilderbrandt Mary Ann Belcher Helen Coggin Marjorie Pistole Mercedes Ingraham Jeanne Muller Jeanne Zeigler Sarah Frances Brewton Marguerite Harris Molly Jensen Margaret Davis Kit Jahnig Virginia Garfield Betty Morgan Nanci Beighel Mary Lou Powery Thelma Dorsey Jacqueline Kline Katrina Williams Sally Stevens Ann McConnell Maria Becerra - «»ini Alpha Chi Omega BETA OMICRON CHAPTER Beverly Cole Sally Shaver Mary Jo Morrow Mary Davis Dorothy Shelton Mary Edna Douglas Jean Winn Virginia Green CaroljTi Hays Peggy Schaaff Mary Anne Browne Betty Maul Ethel Horton Mary Harbour F " rancheon Keenan Blanche Schuman Eleanor Hampton Erma Brown Rena Wells Ruby Rigby Elizabeth Trieber Philipa Garcia Betty Ann Sipos Phyllis Gustafson Evelyn Berkman Gail Martin Betty Davis Ann Talman Alice Weston Mrs. Flora Householder, hostess iaipnM|ppMqr «vi s9fRww. ' ' ' Alpha Delta Pi ilarvine Anderson. President Hazle Roux, ' iee President Mattie Lou Hinson, Recording Secretary Faye Roberts, Corresponding Secretary Joy Packard, Treasurer Kathrvn Hoequist Janet Shupp Inez Langebrake Peggy Cross Betty Sperry Mary Kelly P.ettv lean Tack Jeannette Mowiser ' A:S ' -it: " ' -gt • " ■ - Jessie Parrish Eleanor Updike Betty Pruviance Edith Claire Cox Martha Ann Routzon| Anna Jo Harper Katherine Hammons ■ .-♦ -ittE£fe ! SCS f- Alpha Delta Pi GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER Jackie Parks Bessie Howell Betty Jo Tolle Betty Jo Thomas Louise Burrell Pat Guy Betty Killars Joyce Pierce Bettye Jean Lang Laura Cantrell Marilyn Bevis Maud Rice Betty Jane Grimes Theo Odell Florence Roux Florence Partin Jane Russell Frances Duggar Marquetta Kirtland Joan Freeman Marianne Reinsch Eugenia Lane Betty Redmond Ann Sabath Alpha Omicron Pi Arline Albritton, President Elizabeth Mattox, J ' iee-Presideiit Jewell Powell, Recording Secretary Mary V. Waldon, Corresponding Secretary Nan Sue Jackson, Treasurer Roberta Perkins, Historian Ruby Adams Kelly Moore Jeanette Johnston .Shirley Thomas Thelma Perkins Gloria Garcia Anita Springer Virginia Trunnell Virginia Ellisor JeiT Ferrell Alpha Oinicron Pi KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER Ellen Ford Frances Banks Peggy Ericson Mary Lou Ulmer Bonnie Bartlett Carol Ann Simons F rances Crosby Norma Post Beverly McFarland Beverly Bearden Joan Burnett Betty Ogee Betty Jrby Terry Chapman Shirley Uaball Mvra Luce PSs ♦ ■ ■ - ■ • ' ' ; Sf ' J T J ; M H H Hiii ' isB H K n K ' l ■:■ ' .-v M mm i HHHil HHHHil BE!MBf(B-:2L8? ' a!Kr.;jS -».k ,7 V ' d HH Hi ■■fc ' S .J V.- ' t ' KilJy ' : Delta Zeta Mary Clare Eby, President Carol_ n Adams, RccordUuj Secretary Ann Bridger, J ' ice-President A ' irginia Pierce, Corresponding Secretarv Rosa Lee Wilson. Treasurer ' aleria Bridger Karen Fox Fran Woolcott Molly Craig Lois Bowie Billy Dobson Alice Hill Jean De ane Emilie Moore I ' .ctsie Mary Williams Kitty Brown Jackie Taylor Louise Hege Jean Hatfield Pat Conroy Clair McXair Edna Keene Elizabeth I ' .arnum Betsie Everette ««ia« Delta Zeta BETA MU CHAPTER Bonnie Connell Jean Edwards Maxine Waldron Janie Cameron Carol Gaines Mickey McGriff Millie Tranthum Martha Tarbelt Frances Ross Martha Brewer Barbara Hill Joyce Morehead Carol Pettus Jo Ann Simmons Thelma Deal Irene Lopez Lois Speiss Jean Young Betty Anderson 3sl Independent Women Front Row — Left to Right Second Rozc — Left to Right Third Roi ' —Lcft to Right Pauline Stalls Joyce Andrews Ann Duff Peggy Mock Dorothy Rowley Pat Lyng Koxy Bentley Helen -Miller Coleen Cooper Lois I ' Honimidieu Irina Packard m- w -- ■ Tau Epsilon Phi TAU RHO CHAPTER Anrold Gerstel — scribe Dr. Oliver — sponsor Herbert T. Gordon — bursar Arnold Freed — chancellor Paul Haciiigian — vice-chancellor Robert Casanova Elliot Sherman Orrin Spielholz Mai-vin Shapiro Robert May Marino Garbis Sand ford Schantz George Halavatzis Andrew Marcopolous Larry Silberman Lloyd Hamburger Seymour Fine Clodvaldo Arias Arthur Simon Joel Sandoval Murray Feldman Howard Thomashauer Howard Weil Nicolas Cedeno David Solomon Rodrigo Arias Martin Pinnas . •♦ : ' , Lambda Chi Alpha Ted Roach, President Bernard Rollins, " ice President ilbert Lay, Secretary Claude Dyal, Treasurer Don Akers R. A. Patrick J. R. Patrick Robert Howell Elvyn Lynn William Whitney Richard Chamberlain Hugh Strickland Joe Lowe Walter Daran Harry Learnard William Jordon Richard B. Tomlinson George Nietzel William F. Cheek Cornelius Blum Lynvvood Hollister Lang Cioodyear Harold Lee Lawrence W . alker Jack Barnes Ben Hendrix Johnny Anglan Fred Henrv Lambda Chi Alpha ALPHA EPSILON XI CHAPTER Earl Alboughs Roger Doroshaw Russell MacDonald S.J. Reynolds Dante Alexander Louis Furen Robert Maitland Frank Ryan Earnest Allman William Garrett Cierald Mani Ronald Schmitt Gunner Anderson Charles Hall William Martin Charles .Shields William Arnold John Hazley Edward Meehan Frank Sleeth Ed Barker Jennings Hooks Don Meade Joe Smith M. L. Barger Robert Houser John Merrilll Bernard Smith J. K. Barr Thomas Johnson Ray Minchak William Sowers John Blood Malcolm Jones Xorman Nagle Harold Stevens Robert Burns Richard Jorgenson Joseph Odom Lincoln Taylor William Callahan Emery Kimball Charles Otken Rex ' anarsdale Ed Carr William Knight George Padgett Louis Wilson Robert Cheyne Melvin Knowles Tames Pierson Carl Wood Monty Craig Bert Larson Cecil Pickle Jordan Woods Frank Decker Donald Leonard John Plank Jim Wooton Harold Dixon Roger Lammana Ed Proctor Jim W -nn Leon Drake Fred Bertram " 1 ,. ■_♦ • Chi Rho Marvin Sweat, President Robert Riedel, Vke-President Paul Key, Recording Secretary Ramon Russell, Correspondimj Secretary Norman Dando, Treasurer Kenneth Taylor, Chaplain Norman Julich, Sergcant-at-arms Mendal Luce, Senator Leroy Abbott William Argie Arthur Barber Charles Belote William Brown Eugene Cantwell Bernard Cobb Calvin Collins George Elwell Raymond I sthus Warren Fouraker Allen Gibson Paul Giebeig Eugene Hadden Myron Hill Walter Hoffman Chester Holbrook Chi Rho George Hyde Jack Sahlman Paul Jahnig Myrl Spivey Louis Lowe Robert Stevens Francis Luce Donald Taylor Ray Mattox Henr - Thompson Robert Mickler Fritz Thurner James Pafford Willard Tolhurst Eldridge Partin Vance Weeks James Permenter Emerson Whitacre Paul Puerifoy John White Robert Philbeck James Williams Walter Ridgeway Lev} ' Smith David Readdick H ■ ' ■ ■• ■ .. e ' ■ ' ■» " ■ -■ ■ ' ,- - •■ ' »■■■ ■■• »! ' ' Theta Chi Leonard Laden, President Richard Hayworth, Treasurer Robert Jamison, Vice-President John W. Casteen, Jr., Senator Perry A. McKeown, Jr., Secretary Glenn Mingledorf, C io ' aiw Robert Tatosian, Scrgeant-at-ar»is Kent Albus Joseph E. Barton Zina B. Bennett Jim Beymer Thomas W. Bradley Julian Burke Robert G. Collier Herbert Dekle Burton C. Dickman Roderic Dugger Roger N. Early Marshall Feld Arnold Eraser G. M. Fouts Donald Eox Harold George Wilmont George Samuel Gregg Richard M. Gruenwald Eelton Harrison Edgar E. ToUe, Jr. James V. Harvester Martie Klamkin William B. Klein Philip Kurtz Talmadge McCall Marshall McClure Kenneth Mclnvale Richard B. McKeown Leon C. Mills F. A. Moody Carl T. Murphy Dan Pruitt Leslie Red f earn Harry J. Robarts Walter T. Saxon Peter Smith William K. Stosberg William E. Summers William J. Touchton, Jr. Walter H. Tucker, Jr. Harry B. Vassie Charles H. Voss, Jr. Stephen Voss Ted Weaver Marvin Woods Floyd G. Zimmerman, Jr. James L Bryan Raymond W. Vanderslice Theta Chi GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER Jim Anderson Al Brock Ellison Brown Earl Davis Ed Ewing Bill Freeman Daniel Gill John Green Ben Hudson Jeff Jacobs Ed Kirkland Bisbee Laite Frank Love Pete McNabb Earl Morgan Herman Morgan Earl Norton Larry Myers Joe Nichols Ed Norman Tom Reed Ed Rudolph Arthur Smith Don Snyder Edward Snyder John Sulik George Starch George Truitt John Ungurian Wendel Watson Mickey Whetstone Thurman Whatley • . ' ♦ - Phi Sigma Phi Bud MuWm— President Ra J " ppc — Secretary George Stein — J ' ice President George Bingham — Treasurer Bill Haley Bill Herring George Schupp Don Boether Albert Jeffries Earl Varnes Wayne Arnold William Strakosh Joe Hango Jack Spittell Larry Henyecz Charles Zabriskie Warren Stephan Jack Wilder Ted Brown Robert Dooley Joe Pisacane Toe Doyle Walter Lahey Joe Mault Bill Brown Marvin Harden Plan of Neiv College Swimming Pool and Amphitheater Varsity Basketball Team •MOCCASINS ' ' Back Ro7v Kent Albus Edward Rudolph Thurman Watley Thomas Bradley O. B. Ryan Jack Spittel Norman Nagle James Hai ' vester Front Row Danny Gill Norman Julich Chuch Terry Jack Wilson Jack Palma Joe Zovath James Anderson vm ♦ : .-; ,s» 1946-47 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FSC 37 St. Petersburg Junior College 39 FSC 21 University of Florida 47 FSC 25 University of Miami 38 FSC 43 University of Miami 37 FSC 44 Stetson University 42 FSC 40 Tampa University 37 FSC 30 St. Petersburg Junior College 35 FSC 49 Jacksonville Naval Air Station 41 FSC University of Miami FSC University of Miami FSC Tampa University FSC Stetson University FSC University of Florida FSC University of Florida (Tallahassee Branch) here there there there here here there here here here there there here here GirW Varsity Basketball Front Rozv — Left to Right Roux Cross Hoequist Biddle Sperry Langebrake Hill Gaines Top Rou — Left to Right Horst Alford Shupp G. Garcia P. Garcia Packard Pierce Adams Thomas 1946-47 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FSC 24 Stetson University 18 FSC 45 Tampa University 24 FSC 35 St. Petersburg 6 Junior College FSC Tampa University FSC Stetson University FSC Rollins FSC St. Petersburg Junior College ■: ■• ' ■ v ' . ' Cheerleaders Left to Right William Knight Alice Hill Betty Sperry BIy Bicklle Jeaniu- Zeigler James Johnson Joan Freeman Betty Jo Thomas Kathryn Hoequist Everett Dougherty Girls Intramural Board Front Kozv—Left to Right Roxie Bentley Virginia Pierce Betty Sperry Ruby Adams Second Ro-a ' — Left to Right Mrs. Lauterbach Horst Hazle Roux Nanci Beighel Sandra Harris Champions in all girl ' s intramural sports for 1946-1947 zvas the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. t $ - Intramural Football Lambda Chi Alpha Champions Action Shots Intramural Basketball Thcta Chi Champions . . . GOOD LUCK AHEAD . . . ooOoo Keep In Touch With Lakeland Through Your Chamber of Commerce ooOoo LAKELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF ' 47— SOUTHERN COLLEGE Florida National Bank MEMBER FDIC Lakeland Florida Best Wishes CLass of 1947 FROM MORRISON WILLIAMS MANAGER STUDENT ACTIVITY BUILDING . . . Congratulations — Class of ' 47 . , , ooOoo KIRK McKAY— FURNITURE ooOoo S. Kentucky at Lemon St Lakeland, Florida COMPLIMENTS FLORIDA-STATE THEATRES POLK PALACE LAKE ' Citizens W herever We Serve ' ' Central Florida ' s New-Modern Lakeland ' s Family Finest Theatre . . . Congratulations To The Class of ' 47 . . . The tlTLpiAiL Lakeland •(«PB| BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 47 ooOoo EARL ' S PALACE SWEET SHOP ooOoo Lakeland Sandwich Service ooOoo EARL LINDSEY. MANAGER Congratulations and Best Wishes — Class ' 47 FAITH must be the foundation for Future America! Believe in yourself,, and the lifetime ahead of you. and you will be inspired to unlimited success. . . . Faith in your Church. . . . Faith in your Country. . . . Faith in your Leaders . . . and Faith in Yourself. Member FDIC Peoples Savings Bank LAKELAND . . . LEWIS PELHAM COMPANY, INC. . . . oOOOo STATIONERS and OFFICE OUTFITTERS ooOoo GIFTS— GREETINGS— CARDS— PERSONALIZED STATIONERY ooOoo 112 South Tennessee Avenue Lakeland, Florida To The Graduating Class of ENGLE ELECTRIC COMPANY Florida Southern College . . . The House of W estinghouse . . . " May the f rccioiis iiicmorics of your ooOoo college days be zcith you tlirouyliout a long, happy, and prosperous life. " LAKELAND FLORIDA THE BENFORD STATIONERY CO. . . . MILLER ' S . . . oOOOo DEPARTMENT STORE COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES ooOoo ooOoo LAKELAND FLORIDA 125 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland Florida BEST WISHES CLASS OF ' 47 . . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . oOOOo FROM PURITY ICE COMPANY THE HUB CLOTHING COMPANY INC. ooOoo ooOoo LAKELAND FLORIDA HOME OF MICHAELS-STERN and SCHLOSS . . . DIANA SHOPS . . . CLOTHES oOOOo ooOoo LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats ooOoo McGregor sportswear Sizes 9 to 52—181 2 to 241 NUNN-BUSH AND JARMAN SHOES ooOoo ooOoo 123 East Main Street 118 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland . . . Florida Lakeland Florida . . . BERNICE ' S . . . oOOoo THE EXCLUSIVE SHOP FOR COLLEGE WOMEN ooOoo 307 E. Main St Lakeland. Floridc SCWOBILT ooOoo MOOR ' S STYLE SHOP ooOoo 103 East Main Street Lakeland . . . Florida It Pays To Play With WILSON ' S SPORTS EQUIPMENT ooOoo We Recommend Wilson ' s Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball and Tennis Goods to be the Best as to Quality and Work- manship ooOoo KNIGHT WALL COMPANY oOOOo Phone M-2631 ooOOo Tampa and Lafayette Streets Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS O F MORRISON ' S CAFETERIA oOOOo OPEN ALL YEAR ooOoo East Main Street Lakeland Fla. BEST WISHES— CLASS OF ' 47 ooOoo .. . RACY ' S. . . ooOoo LADIES ' AND CHILDREN ' S APPAREL PIECE GOODS oOOOo LAKELAND. FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF BENFORDS BOOTERY ooOoo 124 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland Florida n mmm There are some 10,000,000 WAYS to enjoy life . . . . . . and you ' ll find most of them in Florida . . . land of commercial and industrial opportunity . . . where life is even more enjoyable because of the comforts and con- veniences of dependable Gas Service. FLORIDA POWM LIGHT COMPJUY X ' COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS TO OF FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE On a Most Successful Year oOOOo Here ' s Loohitig Forward to Many More Years That Will Be Even Better 1 - ■» J » % — = N fvlK».i s oOOOo CLOTHES ooOoo FOR DAD AND LAD W. M. VENABLE COMPANY ooOoo ooOoo 121 East Main Street WHOLESALE SEA FOODS Lakeland . . . Florida ooOoo Quick Freezing Cold Storage YOUR FRIENDLY SERVICE STATION MYRICK ' S MEN ' S STORE ooOoo ooOoo WILKINSON SERVICE STATION Hyde Park Clothes — Palm Beach Suits Knox Hats., Arrow Shirts, oOOOo Bostonian Shoes South Florida at McDonald " Botany 500 " — Walkover Shoes ooOOo oOOoo 916 .. . Lakeland, Fla . . . 916 113 S. Kentucky Avenue Lakeland Florida COMPLIMENTS O F A. G. KING PRODUCE COMPANY oOOOo WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE ooOOo 107 West Cannon Street Telephone 25-751 Lakeland, Florida .♦ ♦•♦:» Headquarters . . . For . . . Food Snacks ooOOo STEAKS AND CHOPS also SEA FOOD ooOoo ...BUSY BEE CAFE... 1021 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida ooOoo B. H. McCracken, Manager COMPLIMENTS R. A. HARRELL WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE Tampa, Florida THE BEST IN FANCY FRUITS AND PRODUCE P. O. Box 1042 Phone Y-1841 YOUR NEAREST CLEANER ON FLORIDA AVENUE ooOoo ...PARAMOUNT CLEANERS... oOOOo 844 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida LAKELAND ' S DISTINCTIVE JEWELRY STORE DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER REPAIRS A n - - ' o. 0jJ€UU€LfiYCO.jnC 0 MAIN AT TENNESSEE— LAKELAND, FLORIDA Cyril A. Marx, vice president and manager oOOOo " The Store of Friendly Service " GIFT WARES CHINA CRYSTAL LAMPS ENGRAVING ' More of Everything You Want With LINCOLN-MERCURY " Lakeland Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. 201 West Main Street Lakeland Florida — GIBSONS — ooOoo IF WE PLEASE YOU -TELL YOUR FRIENDS ooOoo 923 South Florida Avenue ooOoo Lakeland Florida m m mrnm mr !5SKS9 3?8R: ?!5!S t t • ' ♦ MEET . . YOUR . . FRIENDS . . AT — GILLS — ooOOo HAVE A DELICIOUS MALTED MILK 15 Cents ooOoo South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida K i- ' ■:• v., Lakeland Jay-Cee New Years Rodeo BEST WISHES FROM THE BLUE RIBBON SHOE SHOP 122 East Main Lakeland, Florida Compliments Of THE SEMINOLE FURNITURE COMPANY ooOoo Main Store — Lafayette Street at Hyde Park Avenue Braneh Store — 1102-6 Florida Avenue ooOoo Lakeland Florida CLEANING PRESSING ooOOo ...RICHARDS CLEANERS... YOUR ONE STOP SERVICE Center For Everything You W ear ooOoo Corner of College and East Palmetto ooOoo Dyeing Shoe Repairing Laundry CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 ooOoo OATS FURNITURE COMPANY ooOoo 232 South Florida Avenue Lakeland Florida R EACH FOR SUNBEAM BREAD AND CAKES 1102 South Florida Avenue Lakeland Florida ■ • •♦ - . . . " No Doniits Like Dixie Creatn " . . . ...GLAZED DON UTS... ooOOo Wholesale and Retail Dependable Service ooOoo Telephone 43-161 2173 S. Tenn. Ave Lakeland, Florida Compliments Of GEORGIA PACKING COMPANY OF FLORIDA ooOoo . . . " MEAT PACKERS ■ . . . ooOoo P. 0. Box 1687 Lakeland, Florida BEST WISHES TUCKERS DRUG STORE FROM 1 oOOoo ...PIPKINS... PRESCRIPTIONS ooOoo ooOoo THE BEST IN ICE CREAM AND Phone 2195 DAIRY PRODUCTS ooOoo ooOoo LAKELAND FLORIDA 1121 South Florida Avenue Lakeland . . . Florida Compliments Of SANBORN PHOTO SERVICE LAKE MORTON SODA SHOP oOOOo oOOOo COMMERCIAL " WHERE THE GANG MEETS " PHOTOGRAPHS oOOOo ooOoo Telephone 31-853 FILMS oOOOo CAMERAS 721 East Palmetta . . . Lakeland, Florida PHOTO SUPPLIES MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK TSvrdens ICE CREAM BORDEN ' S DAIRY PRODUCTS • 44 L. Wire Lakeland Florida COMPLIMENTS O F POLK DAIRIES ICE CREAM AND ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS ooOoo Lakeland Florida COMPLIMENTS O F Berger Rachelson WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND CANNED GOODS Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS Food Machinery Corporation CITRUS EQUIPMENT— VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT SURFACE IRRIGATING PIPE Lakeland Florida X ' COMPLIMENTS OF . . . H. B. HALLEN . . . ooOoo OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER 1947 INTERLACHEN COMPLIMENTS O ' Berry Hall Co., Inc. ooOoo WHOLESALE GROCERS ooOoo P. O. Box No. 398 oOOoo Telephones 4607—3075 oOOoo Tampa Florida COMPLIMENTS O F LAKELAND HILLS ORANGE JUICE COMPANY oOOOo PURE— FRESH JUICES oOOoo Telephone 22882 Lakeland, Florida . . . HAPPY EGG DISTRIBUTORS . . . oOOOo A DEPENDABLE POULTRY AND EGG HOUSE ooOOo No. 2421 East Broadway Tampa 5, Florida ooOoo Phones: Y-LSOS— Y-1328— S-4737 THE INTERLACHEN STAFF would like to express its appreciation to the following: ooOoo DeanE. R. Riedel Faculty Adviser Prof. M. H. Berry our Photographer Lacy King of McClure Printing Company Mr. William Chambers Pufe if Relations Lynchburg Engraving Company ooOoo for their sincere cooperation in the publication of this Annual McCluhe Printing Co., Printers, Staunton, Va. ' « C1| ■ ■m w.

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Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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