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,, iJ- ' - . -i j fe ■! :.:f t r " ' ' " , ■- y il J r=» 1 rLORIDA SOUTHERl. ... - . oE UBRAt -y ' f i f 4 ' -4 ' - . ga a !fevtitai!ii-TO-m!i:t!a ' .iM ajBsi ' x 1 COPYRIGHT 1938 MAURIECE FELTON Editor-in-Chief RALPH PURCELL Business Manager DOROTHY PRITCHARD Art Editor FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LlBRAi • • «?: VT 9 o O 6 h G v % V ? X) s V e 6 X) S o K 6 e s A S V e h V h N V ?- h V ? :) G V V v o o o e s .o e s s 9 % 9 4 . ' M ■ • - THEME N THE age-old experiment of living on the eaith, the scien- tific spirit and the religious spirit have worked, but not al- ways hand in hand Often in the conflict of these vital principles, parts of the same truth, there have been violent misunderstandings, persecutions — even death But today, we feel that God has revealed Himself in all creation, in the hyeroglyphics of the rocks as well as on the pages of Holy writ. The Union of Science and Religion, a dream of Dr E Stanley Jones, is the theme for our yearbook — a theme which he believes possible of realization on such a campus as ours here at Florida Southern. Many heroic souls make up the vanguard of Truth in both Science and Religion; but of this host, it has been possible to select only a few to show the growth of the Union of these forces from the beginning of the Christian era to the present time. The murals at the beginning of each of the five sections were chosen to portray the significant eras or events in that period. The sub-theme portraits of great scientists and spiritual leaders further accentuate the progress toward un- derstanding and unity. May these questing spirits of the past enrich the minds of those who make up the Greater Florida Southern! .T ' " T ?VT , FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LIBRARY CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION President Dedication Faculty Campus Views BOOK CLASSES. Seniors Summer School Graduates Juniors Sophomores Freshmen BOOK FEATURES . . Hall of Fame Celebrities Florida Southern Review of ' 38 BOOK ACTIVITIES . Governmental Bodies Honorary Fraternities Musical Clubs Forensical Club Professional Fraternities Social Fraternities BOOK IV ATHLETICS Intramural Activities Advertisements BOOK V 4 4-4 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND. FLORIDA LUOO M SPIVET PRe O£NT TO THE STUDENTS OF FLORIDA SOUTHERi l COLLEGE We have just finished another year in Florida Southern College to- gether. That it has been a high year both for the college and for ourselves, I believe that we shall all agree. It has been a time for advanceuient all along the line. While the college has been growing each of us has felt himself expanding. We have felt the glory of belonging to something that is signi- ficant. We ourselves have been aware that new meaning and new powers have come into our souls. A whole host of students are going out of these halls forever. One of the distressing penalties of being the president of a college is again and again to watch these friends of mine go from Florida Southern. To those who go and. those who stay I offer my best wishes. Time will not break our ties with our Alma Mater. More and more we shall find that Florida Southern has done something fine for all of us. ) ., iOwM I AB. LUDD M. SPIVEY M.A„ B.D., LL.D_, Ed.D. • •« In grateful recognition of her intelligent interest in young people and her generous loyalty to Florida Southern College, this book is dedicated to MARY L. WEST Gracious, cultured, and Christian humanitarian • -♦ ».i. ' 1 ' ' €J r ' a;»- w ri Science and Religion, under the guidance of Truth, will produce the masterpiece. " - i.l WILLIAM E DeMELT Dean of College PhB, AM, Pd.B. PdD RAY V. SOWERS Dean of Msn A.B. HUGHETTA VAUGHAN Registrar B.S. LUCILLE TURQUETTE LAURA LEENHOUTS Secretory to the President Director of the Laboratory AB. School A.B. M.Ed. WALTER 0. ROPP Bursar AB. ELIZABETH SKINNER JACKSON Dean of Women AB. THE I T ERLA CU E S , i gsS [13] ♦ •• -♦ HENRY GREEN BARNETT A.B., MA. English BISHOP WM. F. ANDERSON A.B , MA,, B,D, D.D, LLD , LittD. Religion HOWARD J BARNUM Graduate Student, Ithaca Co ' lsge, Student, Clarence Devoux Royer and Ottarkar Seveik Music EDYTH L, BAINTER Pupil of Fluhart and Art Insti- tute of Pittsburgh Art ROBERT S BLY B,S„ M.A , Ph D. Chemistry HELEN W BARNUM Graduate of West Virginia Wes- ieyan. Student Oberlin Con- servatory; Student Von Loon Swartout, Univ. of Southern California. Music WILLIAM R. BATTLE A.B., M. A. Physical Education THOMAS C. BLAISDELL BA., MA, PhD, LLD. English [i-t] THE I S T E R L A C II E S , igs S ♦ •♦■.♦■ ♦ -♦ 4- ,_■ vT FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLtuE UbKAKY THOMAS P CHALKER BA, B.D, MA, PhD Religion FLORENCE E, COPEMAN Band Director JAMES A CLOSE A B , MBA Business Administration DAVID F JOHNSON AB, MS, Ph.D_ Biology SAMUEL G COE A.B., MA. PhD Political Science MRS. YVONNE GOLDSBCROUGH AB. French MAURICE MULVANIA B.S., M.S., Ph D. Biology C WARREN HAWKINS PhB, BD. Ancient Languages THE I T ERLA CH E N , IQ3S - ■4-4 EULALIE GINN Physical Education JAMES C. PEEL A.B., MA. Education .MA JOHNSON BS.E. Speech BERNHARDP REINSCH A.B, BS. in Arch, MS, Ph.D. Mathematics J D POSTON BSE, MA. Mathematics HARRIS G SIMS A.B., LL.B. Journalism LAURA NEIL LEONARD BS. Secretary to Bursar OWEEN SUMNER A.B., B.L.S. Librarian 16] r II E I . TERLJ CIl E X , 1938 ! «T Hi ■ ! f MRS EDWIN R, BENTLEY Oberlin College Organ HELEN EVERETT B.S, MS, Home Economics ELIZABETH BINNS A,B. Education LAURINE HAYNES A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English ELMER B WOLFROM Western Reserve University Journalism MRS. ESTER PERRY HORNBAKER BSE. Education J. 0. COMPTON B.C.S., A.B, MA. Commercial MRS. ALMARINE MERRIN BSE. Education THE I N TERLA CH EN , iQji [17] • -♦ MURRAY MEARES Photography JOHN A. M. STEWART A.B., MS., Ph. D. Biology ELIZABETH PERSONS A.B., MA, Art MRS. MYRTLE FULLER TILLMAN Art Diploma, Lewisburg College B.M.T., AB. Work Art Student ' s League Art DONNA STODDARD BS Art Institute of Pittsburgh; Pupil of Madame Mercer, Salee Watkins, Tibor Pataky, Asa Cassidy. Art MAE A. TINDALL AB.„ MA. Education DOROTHY SPAULDING R.N. College Nurse ATWELL R TURQUETTE A.B., MA. Psychology [18] THE I S T ERLA CH E N , igsS 4 ■ ♦ -.♦ ■♦■..♦ J. GORDON OGDEN, SR. AB., Ph.D. Education ASA CASSIDY Student of Frank Duvenick, Chicago Art Institute Art J. GORDON OGDEN, JR. B.S. Education ALVIS L. RHOTON A.B., AM, LLD. Education MRS. J. S. PURCELL A.B., MA. English MRS. JOSEPHINE SHERERTZ Assistant in Home Economics GEORGE F. SCOTT AB. History CONRAD L. SHUDEMAN B.S., MS, Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy THE IMTERI.J CHEX , p _j 5 [19] •• ' «•■ LAURA LONG B.S. Dietitian MRS. C R DICKINSON Matron, Chi Rho Fraternity MRS J, JOHNSON Matron Joseph -Reynolds Hal MRS, IDA NELSON Matron, Pi Kappa Fraternity MRS EVA NICKS Matron, Independents MRS MARTHA WATTS Matron, Beta Mu Fraternity FLORA E. VANDAMENT AB. Matron, Allan Spivey Hall MRS, A, E, GRAHAM Matron, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity [- 0] THE l TERLACHES, iqsS m i}t«m imr M CHARLES A. VANNOY A.B., MA, Ph D. Foreign Languages EDGAR E. TOLLE Baker University; Highland University; Horners Institute. Voice S. W. WALKER M. A, D.D. Chaplain CORNING TOLLE AB. Alumni Secretary KENNETH G. WEIHE B.S, M.A, Ph D. English WILLIAM C ZELLARS MA, PhD. Spanish MARGUERITE WILLS AB., MA. Speech JOHN F. WILSON M D. ■- College Physician THE I N TERLA CH EN , igsS [21] 44 CAMPUS VIEWS •«- m .•Vf- Vt- vt I r ' jP- ' ' i ■J . ' %f- i • ' eolh all Truth lies Unit . ' r ' M2 ' }] HOLY WORD ' T gf a eefiSs L s 1 ! 1 ' r 5PritcK »r4 CLASSES • " ♦-■ ' «■• P- i - ' ■■■ ■- ' v.s ' t . JKV aw U ' ttB M Mm ' in A ' ,- ' " I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea- shore . , . Whilst the great ocean of Truth Icy all undiscovered before me " — Sir Isaac Newton. ». ' ' Tfmmw »! ; i MM ri ' jii! Mi W HiigTi ime»Bg«iWiHa «tw:t iw m »«iewi cn !w w «Ti«3»;aat SENIORS • " ♦■■ •« Class Officers WARREN WILLIS, President WILLIAM MORRIS, Vice-President HOWARD WOLKING, Secretary LILLIAN FOSTER, Treasurer FRANCES SLAUGHTER, Senator [34] THE I N T ERLA CH EX , Q ,J S f : LOUIE BLACKWELL BSE. Eau Gallie, Florida Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan ' 36, Gamma Sigma Chi ' 57, Chaplain ' 38, Chi Rho ' 37, Chaplain ' 38. MARTHA BLOUNT B.S.HE. Pompano, Florida .Theta Pi Delfa ' 36; Alpha Chi Omega ' 37, ' 38; Treos. ' 37; W S G A. Council ' 38; Y.WCA, ' 37, ' 38;- Vice-Pres. Home Ec. Club ' 38; B.S.U. ' 37, ' 38, Ivory Palate ' 38; Songsters ' 38 ROBERT C. BOGGS A.B. Orlando, Florida Senate ' 37; Chi Rho ' 37, Pres ' 3S; Gamma Sigma Chi Sec. ' 35, ' 36, Chap- lain ' 37, Pres. ' 38; Zeta Sigma Delta Pres. ' 38; Debate Mgr. ' 38: Interlachen Staff ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu ' 38. MARGARET BOORD B.S. St. Petersburg, Florida MILDRED 0. BOOTH B.S. Brewster, Florida Transfer from F.S.C.W. ' 37; Bond Y.W.C.A. 35, ' 36, ' 38. RUTH LESLIE BOTELER A.B. Clearwater, Florida Transfer from Maryville College Delta ' 38. :eta ' 37, Vice- Pres. ' 38; Y.W.C.A. THE INTERLACHEN, i f s S [35] -.r - . •..♦♦ EDWIN ROUX CARTER A.B. Ft-. Meade, Florida Footboll ' 35; Basketball 36; Inter-frat, Council 38; Beta Mu Pres. 38. JESSIE LEE CHATHAM A.B, Arcadia, Florida MARGARET CATHERINE DANIEL A.B. Tallahassee, Florida Class Treas. 35, Vagabonds 35, 38; Songsters 35, 38; Y.W.C.A. 35, 37; Canoe Team 35; Varsity Basketball 38; Phi Delta 35, 36; Alpha Chi Omega 37, ETHYL CAROLYN DONALDSON B.S.H.E. Lake Worth, Florida Transfer from F.S.C.W. 36; Pi Gamma Mu 38. WILLIAM ROMALICE ENNIS, JR. A.B. Williston, Florida Pi Kappa 35, 36, Vice-Pres. 37, Pres. 38; " Most Populor " 36; B.5.U. ' 35, ' 38; Fres. Student Body ' 37; Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, Vice-Pres. 38; Pres. Inter-frat. Council ' 38; Interlochen Staff ' 36, South- ern Staff ' 36, ' 38; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Univ. ' 38; Black Friars ' 38; Instructor in Archery and Life Sav- ing ' 35, 38. H MAURIECE FELTON A.B. Key West, Florida Vagabonds ' 35; Gamma Sigma Chi ' 35, ' 38, Vice-Pres. ' 37; Men ' s Glee Club ' 35; Adm. Board ' 36, Soft Ball Mgr. ' 37; Sen- ate ' 37; Pi Gamma Mu ' 38; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univ. ' 38; Inter- frat. Council Treas. ' 38; Editor-in-Chief Interlochen ' 38; Intramural Debate ' 38; Theta Kappa Psi ' 36, Vice-Pres. ' 37, Lamb- da Chi Alpha Pres. 38. [36] THE I X T ERL .1 C HEX, ig S • " RUBY FLETCHER B.S.H.E Tallahassee, Florida Chi De ' ta Nu Vice-Pres ' 36, 37, Ivory Palate ' 38; Delta Zeta ' 37, ' 38; Y.W.C.A. ' 35, Home Ec, C!ub ' 35, ' 38; Class Sec. ' 35; Woman ' s Club Rep, ' 38; Science Club ' 36, ' 37. LILLIAN FOSTER B.SE. Jocksonville, Florida Phi Deltc ' 35, ' 36, Sports Club ' 35; Vagabonds ' 35, ' 36, Vice-Pres. ' 37, Sec. ' 38; Y.W.C.A, ' 35, ' 36, Alpha Chi Omega ' 37, ' 38; Alpha Psi Omega ' 37, ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, ' 38, Cosmos Club ' 37, ' 38; Class Treas. ' 38, GEORGE W, GAMBILL A.B. Sulphur Springs, Florida Vagabonds ' 35, ' 38; Gamma S gma Chi ' 35, Trees ' 36, ' 37, Vice-Pres ' 38; Cosmos Club ' 38; Beta Mu ' 35, ' 38. JOHN H HAGER AB. Miami, Florida Transfer from Univers.ty of M ami ' 37, Gamma Sigma Chi ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu ' 38; Debate Club ' 38 INDIA CLARE HARDIN BS.H.E. Tampa, Florida YW.C.A, ' 35; Chi Delta Nu ' 35, ' 36, Senate ' 36, ' 37; Delta Zeta Historian ' 37, Pres. ' 38; Home Ec Club ' 35, Pres ' 36; ' 37, ' 38; Interlachen Staff ' 38. ELIZABETH HARDEE BSE. Fernandina, Florida Transfer from Lander College Choral Readers ' 38, Delta Zeta ' 38. THE INTERLACHEN, l gjS [37 J ■Arfi i tfaMhttk BETTY HARWARD A.B. Lakeland, Florida Y.W.C A, 35, ' 37; Static Club 35, 36, Trees. 37, Sec. 38; Songsters 35, 36, Treas. 37, Sec. 38; Mixed Chorus 36, 38, Treas. 36; Intramural Board 36; Speedball Mgr. 36; Special Events Mgr. 37; Varsity Basketball 37, 38, Senior Mgr. 38; Phi Delta 35, Vice-Pres. 36, Alpha Chi Omega 37, 38; Pan-Heilemc 37; Interlachen Staff 38. BYRON HILEMAN A.B. Lakeland, Florida Transfer from Gordon Military College 37; Intramural Debote 38; Tennis TeaiTi 38; Pres. Golf Club 38; Beta Mu 38. MILDRED HUNTER B.S.E. Tampa, Florida Nu Tau Beta 35, 36; Miss Southern 35; Delta Zeta 38; Pi Gamma Mu 38. EDISON KEELER A.B. Tampa, Florida Transfer from Tampa U. 36; Gamma Sigma Chi 37, Sec. 38; Pi Gamma Mu 38; Spanish Club 38. BILL McRAE B.S. Tampa, Florida Transfer from University of Florida 34; Science Club 35, 37; Glee Club 35, 38; Cosmos Club 37, Treas. 38; Tennis Club Treas. 38; Chi Rho 36, 37, Pres. 36; Sigma Tau Alpha 37; Inter-frat. Council 37; Junior Rotarion 38. CLIO METCALFE B.SE. Bartow, Florida Cheer leader 35, 38; Senior Mgr. 36; Songsters 35, 38; Mixed Chorus 35, 38; Static Club 35, 38; Kappa Gamma Tau 35, 37, Vice-Pres. 38; WSG. Council 38; Y.WC A. 35, 37; Most Athletic Freshman 35; Intramural Board 37, 38; Tennis Mgr. 37. [38] T II E I X T ERl.A C II E X , iQsS - •♦..♦-• WILLIAMS MORRIS BS. Lakeland, Florida Football 35, Pres Science Club ' 35, ' 37; Class Vice-Pres. ' 38, Bus. Mgr. Glee Club ' 37, Treas. Lambda Chi Alpha ' 38, B!ack Friars Pres, ' 38, Theta Kappa Psi Treas ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. MYRTLE MYRES B.S.H.E. Gainesville, Florida Theta Pi_ Delta ' 35, Sec ' 36; Alpha Chi Omega ' 3 , Rec. Sec. ' 38, Class Vice- Pres. ' 37; Songsters ' 35, Vice- Pres. ' 36, Pres. ' 37, Mixed Chorus ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Sec- Treas. ' 38; Ping Pong-Shuffieboard Mgr, ' 35; Home Ec. Club ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Sec. ' 36; Y.W.C.A. ' 35, ' 36, JULIA ELIZABETH O ' QUINN B.S. Perry, Florida SALLY EVELYN OSBORNE BSE. West Palm Beach, Florida VIRGINIA MYERS PAGE BS. Miami, Florida Y.WC A. ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Vagabonds ' 34; Pan-Hellenic ' 35; Home Ec. Club ' 37, ' 38; Theta Pi Delta ' 35, ' 36, Iota Nu Delta ' 37, ' 38. ENID PARKER B.S.E. Jacksonville, Florida Class Vice-Pres ' 35; Sports Club ' 35; Nu Tau Beta Pres. ' 36, Home Ec. Club ' 37; Class Treas. ' 37; Young Dem Club ■37, Pan-Hellenic Sec. ' 36, Vice-Pres. ' 37, Pres ' 38; Delta Zeta ' 38, Vice-Pres ' 37. THE l TERLACHEN, IQS [39] CLARE PHILIPS AB. Palatka, Florida Transfer from Wesleyan ' 35; Phi Delta ' 36; Alpha Chi Omega ' 37, ' 38; W.SG A. ' 37, Sec. ' 38; Songsters ' 37; Vagabonds ' 36, ' 38; Home Ec Club ' 38; Y.W.C.A. ' 38, DAVID PRICE B.S, Palatka, Florida Class Vice-Pres ' 36, Pres ' 37, Chi Delta Epsilon ' 36, Vice- Pres ' 37; Pres. Student Body ' 38; Most Rep. Student ' 37; Pi Gamma Mu ' 3S; Biology Lab. Assistant ' 36, ' 38; Science Club ' 35, ' 37; Treas Ch.- Campus Rel. Comm ' 36, ' 37; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univ. ' 38; Not ' l. Methodist Student Conf. ' 38; Lambda Chi Alpha 38; Honor Walk ' 38. A. J. REESE A.B. Midway, Florida Senate ' 36, Volley Ball Mgr ' 36, Adm Board ' 37; Black Friars Sec. ' 36; Beta Mu ' 35, ' 38, Sec. ' 37. EDNA HORTENSE RICE B.S.H.E. Montgomery, Alabama Nu Tau Beta ' 35; Y.W.C.A. ' 35, ' 38; Songsters ' 35; Huntingdon College ' 36 ' 37, Home Ec. Club ' 38; Delto Zeta ' 38. MARTHA ROSE SANDERS B.S. Miami, Florida Alpha Chi Omega Trebs. ' 37, ' 38; Phi Delta ' 35, Trees ' 36; Canoe Team ' 35, Pi Gamma Mu ' 38; Science Club ' 36 Vaga- bonds ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; WS.GC. ' 36; Mgr Speedball ' 37; Y.W.C A. ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Cos- mos Club ' 38; Choral Readers ' 38. A. C. SHEPARD B.S. Boynton, Florida Beta Mu ' 35, ' 38; Glee Club ' 36, ' 38; Band ' 38. [40] TH E I N TERLA CII EN , iqsS ■■ ■ • .♦ - ■ ♦ ■ FRANCES SLAUGHTER B,S. Orlando, Florida Transfer from Young Horns Jr. College ' 36; Senate ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu Sec. ' 38; Pan-Hellenic Council ' 38; Kappa Gamma Tau ' 37, Pres. ' 38; Who ' s Who in Amer- icon Colleges and Univ. ' 38; Science Club ' 37. HARVEY A. SMITH B.S. Lakeland, Florida Kappa ' 35, ' 38, Sec. ' 36, ' 37. JUNESTENSON A.B. Lakeland, Florida GRACE JANET STROSBERG A.B. Lakeland, Florida ELIZABETH THOMPSON B.S.H.E. Oneco, Florida Chi Delta Nu ' 35, Sec. ' 36; Delta Zeto Sec. ' 37, ' 38; Class Sec ' 37; Vagabonds ' 35, ' 38; Y.W.C.A. ' 35, ' 36, Vice-Pres. ' 37, Sec. Student Body ' 38; Home Ec. Club ' 35, Treos. ' 36, Vice- Pres. ' 37, ' 38; W.SG.A. ' 36, ' 37, Pres. ' 38; Pi Kappa Sponsor ' 38; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Univ. ' 38. LUCILE TOOLE WALDEN A.B. Dover, Florida THE I N T ERLA CH E N , 1938 [41] WARREN W.WILLIS A.B. Tampa, Florida Senate ' 35, ' 36, Pres. Static Gub ' 35, ' 38; Radio Director and Announcer ' 36, ' 38; Recording Director ' 38; Vagabonds- Master of Ceremonies ' 35, ' 38; Alpho Psi Omega ' 38, Pres. ' 36 ' 37; Gamma Sigma Chi ' 36, Men ' s Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, Treas ' 35, ' 36; Mixed Chorus ' 35, ' 38; Southern Staff illustrator ' 36; Cosmos Club ' 37; Campus News Caster ' 37, ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, Pres. ' 38; Class Pres. ' 38; Beta Mu Treas. ' 35, ' 38; Who ' s Who in American ' " ' iilleges ond Univ. ' SB; Salutatunan ' ?- SIDNEY WHITE AB. Holly Springs, Miss. Transfer from Miilsaps College Barbarians Treas. ' 38; Senate ' 38, ESTHER RAE WHITMORE A. 8. Lakeland, Florida Chi Sigmo ' 35, ' 37; Y W C A 35, ' 37; Senate ' 35; Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, ' 38, Vale- dictorian ' 38, GERALDINE WALLACE B.S. Gate City, Virginia Pi Gamma Mu ' 38; Pon-Hellemc ' 38, Out-of-State Club ' 36, Sec. ' 37; Debate Club ' 36, Pres. ' 37; Canoe Team ' 35, i.orts Club ' 35; Honie Ec. Club ' 35, ' 36, 7; Y.W.CA, ' 35, ' 3 ; Most Representa- tive Freshman ' 35; Feature Student ' 36; Songsters ' 36, ' 38; Chi Delta Nu Pres, ' 36, Delto Zeto ' 38, Pres. ' 37. GARDNER J. WILKES B.S. Jacksonville, Florida Adm Board ' 36, ' 38; Men ' s Glee Club ' 37, Vice-Pres. ' 38, Mixed Chorus ' 37, ' 38, Quartet ' 38; Theta Kappa Psi ' 36, ' 37; Lambda Chi Alpha ' 38; Senior Mgr. ' 38; Varsity Basketball ' 36; Varsity Tennis ' 38; Sec. Tennis Club ' 38; Basketball Mgr. ' 37; Black Friars ' 38; Class Treas. ' 37; Spanish Club ' 38. HOVv ARD A. WOLKING B.S. Lockhart, Florida Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, ' 38; Senate ' 36, Chi Delta Epsilon ' 37, Vice-Pres. ' 35, Pres. ' 36, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-Pres. ' 38; Inter-frat. Council ' 36; Glee Club ' 35, ' 38, Vice-Pres. ' 36, Pres, ' 37; Mixed Chorus ' 36, ' 38; Class Sec, 38, Science Club ' 35, ' 37, [40] THE ISTERLACHEN, qjS VALEDICTORIAN Summer BESSIE COOK BS. MYRA MARIE DURRANCE BS, PRESIDENT MEROBA BOYNTON BS. Graduates J. MARTIN SHAW A.B. THE INTER L A CHE A ' , jqsS SECRETARY- TREASURER [43] ♦ ♦ ♦ ■ li»WI Mil C. DONALD ATKINS B,S. T W CARRUTHERS BS. RUTH N, BLAKESLEE B.S. NOVELLA A CARTEL BS. PHILIP C BOI-JDI B.S. MARY JANE CASEBIEP BS EVELYN BURHANS A.B. LUCILLE F CUNNINGHAM BS [44] THE I T E R L. C li E N , (j s S LAURENCE V DEVINEAUX B.S. MERLE KING GARDNEF ' BS RUTH B DANIEL B.S. ' H» PEARLE E GARDNEF ' A B. HAZEL S EDGE BS ANNIE LEE GRIFFIN B.S. ALIDAG ELLIS B.S. NETTIE EUNICE HAMPTO BS THE I X TERLA CH E N , igS ' [45] - ... JIM T HARBAUGH A.B. CHRISTINE W, HIGDOrj B,S. CHRISTINE H. HATTON MARTHA E. HORNE B.S. MARY R. HENRY B.S. LOUISE G, HUDGIN- B.S. _ NINA B. HEYWOOD OUIDA L HUDSON B.S. [46] THE I X T ERL A ' C HEN, igsS NELL H JACKMAN B,S. RUBY M LAMEREAUX AB HELEN JOHNSTON THOMAS N LIMBAUGH B.S JOHN T. KNIGHT, JR. B,S, AVA WEAVER BS. DEZZIE P. LANE B.S. RUBY K. LYNN B,S. THE I T ERLA CH E N , i () s S [47] ALICE B. MILLER S. LYRA T MOOTY S. Tf " TMr- rriiiii WILLEVA W, ROBERTS B.S. EARNESTEEN ROGERS B.S. DOROTHY LEE PALMER BS. RUTH E, SCOTT BS. LULA DOKE PEEPLES BS. LORRAINE SEWELL A,B, [48] THE I N TERLA CH EN , igsS [tit " ' iinnrr ' ' » ' ' » ' HELEN SHINE BS RUBY C SMITH AB, HELEN SIMMONS BS. RUTH STANSBROUGH B.S. EMMA SIMMONS MABEL STEPHENS B.S. ATHWOOD E SMITH B.S. DONNA STODDARD B.S. THE INTERLA CHEN , in,S [49] -«- ' ; t! LILLIAN SUDDUTH B.S. ' ■ ' Graduates Without Pictures. RUTH SWINDELL B.S. DOROTHY TAYLOR B.S. SAUNDEL A WATSON B.S. MASTER OF ARTS Russell Randolph Dugan William L Love William Suit John F Turner D, W Waters BACHELOR OF ARTS Grace W Blount James H, Dawson H C Kelly Annie D Mitchell Rosemary W. Trottman Ado Mildred Ellerbs Ella M Waterhouse BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Mervyn Dickinson Lillie Hatcher Dorothy M, Scott Agnes Y, Thomas Dorothy N, Wright Helen Caudle Harry F Hendry Jessie P. Miller Obra Rogers Minnie Hazel Wallace Flora Estho Lovell [50] THE I N T ERLA CH EN , igjS . " -- ' c m m mm ; ' fif A _ ' W Siuedenboi f(] i: 1 6 8 8 1 7 7 2 ' ■i. f N tf i iMiLj»i w «wr Jr .g !U Jtt »i gigt « Maa» ;iaw ;,_■ " His purity of purpose was sublime, and the jewel of his " yfe; soul was integrity, " — Hubbard. ' rriwiitrrnirTiiriirttiirtrn ' ri uniiiiJirmrTiiwiiiT-i-jiiTiiiriw iir utiiiini ii J UN lORS ' •4 »i Class Officers ELIZABETH HUFF, President ELOISE WHITEHURST, Vice-President MERRITT GILMAN, Secretary GARDNER WILKES, Treasurer NEWELL COOK, Senator [52] THE I N T ERLA C II E S , igs irfO» - -,- iTill • vt ' t :;SlKSt! Manon Albinson Ma ' ' vin Barnett Vivian Bennett Ida Frances Blanton John Briley Florence Brooks Rabun Calhoun Elizabeth Carey Richard Caudle Newell Cook Lillian Cottle Carl Cox Edna Gene Cox Thomas Curry Mariorie Daughtre Robert Dixon rilE I N T ERL A C II E X . p j S [53] mmn M ' iLL iii ' L Addie Lee Feaster Allie Ferguson Kathleen Ford Merritt Gilman Glance Gove Louise Green Harold Gnzzard Walton Holl Lucy Harrell Gerald Hatch Sadie Haupt Mertice Horton Elizobeth Huff Richard Huggart Bowdon Hunt Virginia Johnson [54] THE I XTERLri CH E. , p .? . .jeS3 Wilma Johnson Ranette Kennedy Mary Knowles Helen Lane Dolores Loper Rufh Maginn:s Azuloy McCall Christine Mershoi Nelle McQuagge Lucile Musselman Jean Nosh Mable Nicks David Perpente Eleanor Powell Daniel Price Doris Purcell THE I ' TERLA CHEN , gjS [55] mtM. ,,l■..,: -|.■■ . Lois Reynolds Kathenne Robinson Margaret Scott Joe Sherertz G H Stevens Irma Stockwell Sherwood Stokes Carroll Teeter Holmes Tombough Preston Trotter Dorothea Warman Edwin Warman Eugene West Eloise Whitehurst Jeanne Wilkinson Gardner Wilkes [56] THE I X T E RI. .1 C II E X , iqs S " As long as the mystery of the Infinite weighs on human thought, temples will be erected for the worship of God. " — Pasteur 1 8 w SOPHOMORES ' «-4 4-4 Class Officers ROBERT HOWARD, President EUGENIA HOGAN, Vice-President LORNA SHOGREN, Secretary NORMAN BOOKER, Treasurer RUBY WYATT, Senator [58] THE I A ' T 1:R [, .7 C H E A ' , i qj S • ■i» 4f,t- t-A; Carlos Ahl Willard Baumgardner William Boyd Harold Burke Genevieve Cheotharn Louise Anderson Catherine Bonney Christine Bridges Anna Callahan Elizabeth Cheney Isabelle Austin Cloire Sumner Dons Brown Elizabeth Chambers Margaret Cheney Rose Barnes Carmen Booth Ethel Buckley Nora Louise Chambers Duone Clarke Alene Barton Helen Bourn Dana Burgess Ruble Chapman John Clarke THE I N T ERLA CH E S , 1 9 _i S [59] •• " •• ■ r Joyce Cook Joy Deen Eldndge Dudley Milus Embry Avice GiUean Lawrence Cope Doris Crum Ben Curry Nat Daniel Dorothy Delovon Eloise Dennis Eugene Deviese Peggy Dominick Jewel Duncan Norma Dufton Elizabeth Edwards Winnette Edwards Ernestine Foxworth Myrtle Fraser Curtis Frisbie John Gill Arthur Gmn Jone Golding Louis Hacsi George Haddock [60] THE I X T ERLA C H E X . p ,} S ■r r- - - Vincent Haigler Frances Hand Mory Agnes Hard ' ng Elizabeth Hardy Carol Harris Mary Harrison George Hayrman Wilson Hendrix Judith Hill Eugenia Hogan Mildred Walker Edith Hunter Crinna Johnson Jack Johnson Lcvinia Johnson Nona Johnson Shellie Mae Johnson Dorothy Jones Mabel Joyner George Keys Mary Frances Kille Katherine Kilhan Martha Kinnear Alice Leadley Dorothy Lee THE I X T ERLA C H E X , iqsS [61] -• -a. ! « 4 ' . Ruth Lilly ( Murray Meares ■ Frank Morley Ward Neel Juanita Patten Sparks Lingo Myra Mickler Nelson Meyer Elaine Nelson Margaret Patterson Lorena Long Callie Sue Miller Betsy Jane McCarty Frank Nelson Mildred Peacock Wallace Long Edwin Miller Mary Irene McDowell Mary O ' Doniel Mariorie Perkins Joe Martin Thomas Mitchell Jane McKirnan Walter Pace Robert Pearce [62] THE I X T ERLA CM E N , i gsS • iT vtVt t- ; Dorothy Pritchord Verna Roberts Evelyn Scott Arthur Sievert Robert Stephens Ralph Purcell Marguerite Rcdgers Elizabeth Seegmiller Robert Smith Bill Strickland John Rice Alice Roper Shirley Shockey Helen Speer Candler Strickland Royal I Rice Virginio Royoll Allen Wolking Marianne Spears Marion Surrency W:nston Rider Mildred Scarborough George Shriver Frances Stembridge Clarence Thacker THE I N T ERLA CH E X , iqsS [63] Edword Thompson Eleonor Toole Nellie Weaver Robert Wiant Pat Wood Guy Thompson Dorothy Touchton Rolph Weedman Carolyn Wine Collins. Wyatt Mary Elizabeth Thompson Connne Todd Sara Vcndiver Mary Jane White Sarah Witherspoon John Yelvington Larry Walden Erma Whittle Burris Witt Alva Zeberidon Donald Tolle Nooma Walden Edith Whittington Juanita Witt Lucille Zimmerman [6+] THE ISTERLACHES, 193S i% % » ' f;f ,•!! ' .? .Tvr .: ' • ' • • t- ' HU|| i Wi..H l i l« i l M " l imj|» i!?T " Jfl CiVg ' M WitKi ' ifHim Ml i i •■.■•ii " There must be a Supreme Intelligence . . . There is some Guiding Intelligence which controls us and gives us the key to thought. " — Edison. r -T-T -I -ti II r ilT T T " i ' 11 • ' I " !: " : r ' " T A-TTT— Ti tm T il ' ' f ?■ " • ' - 1 ' ' T i tl. " I fOlKf .-:U:. FRESHMEN ..- •. - - - c ass Of ce rs VICTOR RANKIN, President BETTY STARKWEATHER, Vice-President KATHLEEN BLACK, Secretary RANDY JONES, Treasurer DENNY HENDRY, Senator 1 66 THE I XT ERLA CH EN , 193S ■ ■ ' ' ' Jf ' - ' - Donold Adams Clare Biddle Florence Bnnklow Boscom Carlton Mary Claville Arthur Ccx Florence Allen Evelyn Woods Dorothy Brooks Rupert Carlton Ada Coats Frances Crawford Julian Anderson Robert Blackburn Martha Brooks Elaine Casterline Glen Cobb Mory Eddie Crum Charlotte Austin Bess Blanton Stanley Brown Moyme Louise Cellon Barbara Collar Helen Davison June Ayer Emily Boring Betty Burford Helen Chopman Richard Cooper Duane Deen Arlene Bence Stewart Boyd Elmer Burnette Ada Mildred Clork Wmifred Coulden Bill DeFries THE lATERLA CH EN, 193S [67] Florida Dewar Jennie Lou Dewor Jessie Durranice T. J. Durrance Richard Eddy Merle Edenfield John Eskridge Marie Farwell Robert Fisher Charlotte Fleming Elizabeth Ford Katherine Frost Sarah Gavin Thelma Gray Elise Gaston Frances Giles- G ' enn Green Marjorie Griggs Carl Haddock Carol Hardee Virginia Horgrove Joyce Homage Mabel Hartsfield Leslie Wooten Katherine Hendry Ruth Hendry Christine Higginbotham Cecil Hooker Margaret Horton William Hurlbut Floy Hyde Virginia Lee James Hannah York Virginia Jukes Ruth Kastory Isabelle Laite [68] THE I N T ERLA CH E S , J qsS ■£:- - - ' J ' ' ' ' J- -j» Kathenne Hu Fred Lovell Betty Morqus Ruth Nowlin Ella Payne Mary Raiford Sue Marie Hyatt Jess Mathers Virginio Mulhoiland Ruth Orwig Betty Pearce Margaret Young Thomas Langston T. W, Mathers Ruby Jane McClure Agnes Overholts Emily Lou Peeler Harnett Ravenscrcft Harris Lansford Virginia Mathison Marita McEwen Fay Parker Elsie Pelton Mary Elise Roymondo Ruth Loeffel Geraldine Moody Jerry Mitchell Vera Mae Parker Gerald Pigford Leila Rice Evelyn Loudy Nancy Lee Moody Annie Maud Norton Nat Patterson James Preston Frances Richards riir: i ' t erla c ii e . iq s [69] Lucie Rigg;ns Virginio Fviggiiis Georgia Rounds Clara Nell Scott William Shelton Jesse Slocum Bessie Staley Betty Starkweather Margaret Stewart Carolyn Tison June Touchton Lucile Trask Jon Watson Catherine Watson Virginia Watts Helen Williamson Edword Wilson Warren Wilson Billy Ryan Sara Lou Smith LaDeaux Sutton Claudia Tucker ' Isabel West Elizabeth Sampson Virginia Smith - Constance Thrasher Elizabeth Tyler Felton Whittle Soro Scott Wimberly Jean Wintle Douglas Scarbro Thomas Smith Gerry Thrasher Marguerite Wasmund Louise Wilder Sam Womock [70] THE I S T ERLA CH EN , 193 • ■itWf ,!- !4t -. THE INTERLACHEN, ig S [71] [72] THE I NT ERIA CH EN , 193S •«i Ji» -- H • Vt: tVt ' olways need to be hard by o bu wounded souls. " -Paulsen FEATURES I 1 I ' =«a!»23sas= ' ' ' l Pr;4 «»i.»4 DAVE PRICE Honor Walk HALL OF FAME THE I N T ERLA CH EN , igsS [75] Frances Slaughter Warren Willis HALL Mauriece Felton OF Marion Albinson FAME Elizabeth Thompson William Ennis [76] ;t it t- t- THE I XT ERLA C II E X , iqs S [77] rr ( [78] THE I X TERLA CH E . , igsS 1) ' V M} y H ' -.v y I ■ ,1 i I ■ - ' • ' -. BILL ENNIS ELOISE WHITEHURST MOST POPULAR THE I N T ERLA CH EN , iqsS [79] vr MARION ALBINSON NEWELL COOK MOST VERSATI LE [80] THE I ST E R L .1 C II E S , QjS :i- - -r T T ' : ELIZABETH THOMPSON DAVE PRICE MOST REPRESENTATIVE THE I N T ERLA C H E N , igjS [81] MARVIN BARNETT LORENA LONG MOST ATHLETI C icr [8 ] THE I X TERL.I C II E A , i q ., ' . ' -I ' . »» • ■.?V- ' -itvt: tv :. x . tfc- 7— ■•y o; v— ' ELLA PAYNE Most Popular ELMER BURNETTE FLORENCE BRINKLOW Most V e r s a 1 1 I e VICTOR RANKIN r .- -. -•;».• iT ■P fek T EVELYN LOUDY Most Representative RANDY JONES LELLA RICE Most Ath let ic CLARE BIDDLE .r-iOi i) . ' m , j»» -v (I- .• ' •t ' t■ FLORIDA SOUTHERN REVIEW Miss Southern ' 38 ELOISE WHITEHURST ?. ' y MABL.E NICKS F L R I D A S U T H E R N R E V I E W 3 EDITH WHITTINGTON [86] .f Vt t-. FRANCES CRAWFORD EVELYN LOUDY [87] • •■ ■ fr ADA COATS MARY JANE WHITE [88] w World is mv Parish. " — Johr N, itfl Ii ' ijii L. ' CtLn ■t creation is too profound for human intel ' et each man hope and ! ' ' ' " " Darwin. 1 tfflfeti P . ' " ' -«»•• ' tN. r r ifi- ti Sfec es ACTIVITIES IV " b -iUUrt ., ;l ... . ' ;f iT,1 ' ;. y -rr ' - r - DR LUDD M SPIVEY, President DAVE PRICE, Vice-President ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Secretary RALPH PURCELL, Treasurer SENATE Blount Dean DeMelt Dean Jackson Deon Sowers jlaughter Loper Rice Caudle Cook • Edenfield Hendry Wyaft Surrency White Whitehurst Wilkinson THE INTER I. .1 C HEX, i q s S [91] rr ELIZABETH THOMPSON, President ELOISE WHITEHURST, Vice-President CLARE PHILIPS, Secretary CLIO METCALFE, Sargeant-at-Arms W. S, G. A Blount Stockwell Wilkinson Surrency Edwards Long Horton [92] THE I T ER I.A an E N , p .? S ■i ' « »,v ' • " t ' ' it t . - FRASER, President Albinson Stoddard Tillman Bainter V. RIGGINS, Vice-President MORQUS, Secretary F BROOKS, Treasurer Slaughter Brown F ' etcher Scott Nelson Mulholland L, Rggins N- Johnson McKirnan Powell Gillean Duncan THE I N T E R L A C ri E K , iqs S [93] rr WILLIS, President ENNIS, Vice-President SLAUGHTER, Secretary DEAN SOWERS, Adviser PI G A M ,M A M U Dr. Spivey Dean Jackson Corning Tolle Prof. Ropp Prof. Close Dr. Coe Dave Price M. Hunter Hoger Moginnis H. Wolking Whitmore [94 J THE I X T E RL.I C II E A ' , iq j S -I ' : y .r ' ' .t- : t 4t- ' Boggs Philips Whitehurst Cox ianaers Felton M Cheney Teeter Don Price f.eeler Nash B Cheney Nicks Colhcun THE I X T E RL.I C II E X , igjS [95] VV- - - rr ALBINSON, Pres, FOSTER, Vice-Pres, STOCKWELL, Sec.-Treas ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, was founded August 12, 1925, at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, West Vir- ginia, The Delta Nu Cast of this college is the hundred and ninth of the hundred and fifty active chapters. Organized in 1934 by Miss Marguerite Wills, head of the Speech Department, Josephine Greismer, Clayton Cal- houn, John Permenter, John Bryson, Loren Hall, Wayne McMullen, Marion Daniel, Ash- ley Calhoun, Ross Swortzel, Linda Mason, and Loyal Frisbie were charter members. There are now thirteen active members. The pur- pose of this organization is to stimulate in- terest in dramatic activities, and to serve as a reward for students ' worthyefforts in partici- pating in the plays staged by the Southern Vagabonds, Membership in Delta Nu Cast of Alpha Psi Omega is the highest dramatic honor offered at Florida Southern College, ' NIGHT OVER TAOS " [96] THE I X TERL.l C H E X , i sS ji- - - -r - ' ' Morley Mitchell CHORAL READERS THE I T ERLA CH EN , iq S [97 J . " V-V- - : tr MERRITTGILMAN, President JEANETTE FEASTER, Vice-President LILLIAN FOSTER, Secretary FRANK MORLEY, Business Manager DICK CAUDLE, Impressano ANNA CALLAHAN, Master of Ceremonies VAGABO N DS The Southern Vagabonds is the oldest and most active club on the campus. Organized in 1926 to " Promote Southern through Dramatics and Dramatics through Southern, " its membership consists of those students who love the drama and will make a name for Southern by sending out " road companies " to present the Vagabond plays all over Florida, " The Vagabonds of the Air " and the class in Radio Programs ore an outgrowth of the Vagabonds, Their slogan, " It ' s a Vagabond Ploy, So It Has to Be Good, " has stood behind on overage of five major plays a year for twelve years. All this has been mode possible by the excellent and untiring efforts of Miss Marguerite Wills, head of the Speech Department. This year ' s program has been. Choral Reading and One-act Plays The First Year Night Over Taos Crime At Blossoms Willis Wills A. Johnson Albinson Cook Mitchell Stockwell Knowles Sanders W, Johnson Thompson Howard [98] THE I N T ERLA CH E i . i 93S ' . ■. ' «t- t Vt ' " : t ' Jkz M Adams Calhoun Feaster Gambill Kilhan Lee Philips Price Thompson Todd Fraser Loudy Wooten Dough trey Daniel Edwards Hall Hendrix N. Johnson McCarty O ' Ouinn Nicks Rice Roberts Shogren Zebendon Boyd Forwell Miller Teeter Walker Wyatt THE I NTERLA CH EN , iqjS [99] TORCH BEARERS SHOGREN, Pres. ZEBENDON, Vice Pres BONNEY, Sec Anderson Callahan E. Cheney Harris Johnson Kinnear Peacock Roberts Seegmiller Todd Thompson Wood Chapmen Giles James M, CHENEY, Treas, McCARTY, Reporter Crum Golding Miller Patten Shockey Surrency Bence Brinklow Moody York [100] THE I T E R L.I C 11 E S , Jgs S r . ' V -v : ' :4T v - " The only deeply religious people of our largely material istic age are the earnest men of research " . — Einstein. MUSIC CLUBS -V ' - GEORGE HAYMAN, President ELOISE WHITEHURST, Vice-President MYRTLE MYERS, Secretary-Treasurer BETTY HARWARD, Librarian DICK CAUDLE, Business Manager HART ALBINSON KILLIAN Mixed Chorus [102] THE I N T ERLA C HEN, J Q .? ' ,■« ' »» . i WILKES CURTIS FRISBIE, President GARDNER WILKES, Vice-President WILSON HENDRIX, Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM MORRIS, Business Manager DONALD TOLLE, Libronan Men ' s Glee Club THE I N T E RL.-I C H E i , igsS [103] ■ ij ' j J iuiraugg MABLE NICKS, President ALICE LEADLEY, Vice-President BETTY HARWARD, Secretary VERNA ROBERTS, Treasurer KATHERINE KILLIAN, Business Manager SONGSTERS [104] THE I S ' T ER L .1 CHEN, I 938 «; z i ' V } - ♦ vt;t t- v DAN PRICE, President JOHN YELVINGTON, Vice-President ELIZABETH EDWARDS, Secretary CLAIRE SUMNER, Treasurer BAND i-ttaK. THE I KTER I. A CII EN , iq .? S L105J PROF, HOWARD J. BARNUM Director FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LITTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA [106] THE I X T E R L .-} C H E X , ig S •i.! ' - - --itVt- t- COSMOS CLUB ZEBENDON, Pres SANDERS, Sec. MITCHELL, Reporter PERSONS, Sponsoi Albinson Foster Mag inn is Roberts Stockwell Delavan W. Johnson Curry K Johnson Gombill M. Cheney Kastory Smith Fisher Keeler Loite Frost THE I XTERLA CH EX , iqsS [107] BOGGS, Pres. GAME ILL, Vice- Pres. KEELER, Sec. TROTTER, Treas, GAMMA SIGMA CH Founded 1934 Amor Vincit Omnia ' U ' Pel ton Hager Rice oyer briley :5arnpson Blackburn Carlton Hendry Rankin Whittle Gill Dr. Spivey Dr. Chalker Prof. Hawkins Prof. Scott Bishop Anderson Dr. Walker [108] THE I T ■: R I..I C II E , JQSS i,H f y ' ' i t ; : %f- ; imaiiiiik. ALBINSON Vice-Pres. HARWARD Sec. WILLIS Pres. FRISBIE Treas- SIMS Adviser The Static Club wGS organized in 1934 by Lionel Nel- son for the purpose of develop ng radio tech- n.que as well os promoting radio interest among the stud- ents of Florida Southern Col- lege The charter members were Wallace Gouse, Linda Mason, Loyal Frisbie, Warren Wil- lis, Bob Gisler, Howren Norton, Morion Dan el, Modelme Buckles, and Joe Bird. At present the club has twenty- two mem- bers Static Warren Willis is president and di- rector of the cam- pus studio. Sunday af- ternoon programs are regularly broadcast by the Static Club over WFLA in Tampa, end eleven radio pro- grams week ore broadcast from the campus stud.o through re- mote control of WLAK Mem- bership in the Static Club is the highest honor one con receive in radio work in Florida Southern College Gilman Loudy B. Boyd A. Johnson Metcalfe Pel ton Callahan Hoymon N. Johnson Howard Nicks S. Boyd Leadiey Teeter Knowles J. Johnson Foster Ford THE I S T ERLA C H E ! , 193S [109] JOHNSON Intra- Mural Champions The debate season opened with an intra- mural debate tourna- ment in which the Beta Mus and the Alpha Chi Omegas emerged victorious. Southern participated in two practice tournaments, one at Stetson Univer- sity, the other at the University of Florida. A number of exhibition debates were held dur- ing the year before the high schools in the state. JONES STOCKWELL ZETA SIGMA DELTA During the debate season. Southern met Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, University of South Carolina, University of Florida, Florida State College for Women, Emory University, University of Dayton. Stetson University, St. Petersburg Junior Col- lege, and Rollins Col- lege. NASH BOGGS, Pres ALBINSON, Vice-Pres SHOGREN, Sec -Treas JOHNSON, Adviber Curry Frisbie Hunt McCarty Wood [110] THE INTERLACHES, 193, ' f l ' X-: ■ :■. •-,. ' I- :. ;i. -.s ' i ' i. ' i-. ' i-. ' , i. • • ) T ,-.■ ' T ? T «= t DEBATE COUNCIL Hager Hileman Blackburn Cooper Eddy Gill Hogan Knowles Mitchell Pelton Sompson Thocker Thompson Wcoten THE I X T E RLA C H E X , iqjS [111] T MARION SURRENCY, President DORIS PURCELL, Vice-President ALL IE FERGUSON, Secretary Y. W C. A. The Youn g Women ' s Christian Association was brought to Florida Southern College on October 4, 1922 The members of the association unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, They determine to have a port in making this life possible for all people. In this task they seek and follow Him All women students of the college are eligible for membership. During this year there have been approximately 100 members in the organiza- tion. The activities include morning watch services, socials, community service work, and work of general interest about the campus, trying always to further the spiritual life of the women students [112] THE I T E RL A C II E S , p .; 5 a ' S ' iav: ' .:-;: ' ' - ' ' :: CAUDLE, President PERPENTE, Vice-President DR BOSVVORTH, Sponsor MAGINNIS, Sec re lory DR MIKELL, Sponsor RICE, Treasurer A f nijggarr McLoll Price Slaughter Weaver Wood Yelvington THE I N T ERLA CH E N , q s S [113] H:.-. EL CIRCULO ESPANOL HARK ' AGE, ZELLARS, JOYNER, President Sponsor Secretary BROWN, Vice-Pres. STALEY, Treas Warman Keeler Womack Stephens Cope Dutton Austin Chapman Nash Wilkinson Embry Fisher L. Riggins Hatch [114] THE I N T ERL.I CH EN , i qsS HOME ECONOMICS CLUB EVERETT, Sponsor Bennett Brown Green McKirnan Rice FERGUSON, President BIcnton Carey Hardin Myres Rodgers Tyler BLOUNT, CHENEY, FLETCHER, Vice-Pres Sec.-Treas. Reporter Bonney Brooks F. Brooks F Dewor J Dewar Duncan Hardy Overholts Harrell Page Houpt Porker Scott Shockey Stembndge Warman Witt York SHERERTZ, Sponsor M Brooks Frose ' - Morqus Philips Thompson THE I XTERLACH EX , iq S [115] THE SOUTHERN I ' Ulil.lSHKU 1,!V T! Volume 20 Lakeland, i STUDENTS PARADE WILL OPEN LAKELAND JONES FOUNDATION FUND DRIVE MONDAY SHERWOOD STOKES COPY EDITOR. THE SOUTHERN HKIJ BY ;■ FLORIDA SOUTHERN Volume 20 Lakeland. 1-losda, Satvrdav. Fhsruakv 12. 1938 STUDENTS PARADE WILL OPEN LAKELAND JONES FOUNDATION FUND DRIVE MONDAY Million-Dollar Project for Southern Campus JEANNE WILKINSON WOMENIs SPOm EDITOR night wtTS t r. Hatriaoii HamiUoti, , , recently rfUim-wl from Shanslial. ] iifOQ A, ' anil l)r 5i muel M. Hilburn, mi«- 1 [{:f ; ' f ' , slonarjr authority ou Japan. IDr, Charipa D. Hurrey servwl aa di ryctor and Mr. Hnrry f. KtUi- spoke on " ITsiii? Big Mas- Shrinking World. ' Kiitfri,, was furiiiehtil ? •• - Japanese ao ' ,-. diaa co tralt BSfiembl.v " oii Moccasin Ti.i r i S -r T.| m RALPH PURCELL ■ -PORTS EDITOR Th«sj-. ;oo. will ,1- it.fiiiar sorrnKKN 15AM) TO . (,AJi()M)S TO (JiV K ( ONCKKT, PI ' LXKVr T A » fH Tl ' MSDAVMG Tfe BETSYJflNE MCCARTY SOCIETY EDITOR. I ■ ■ ■ (Cont: MERRITT OILMAN REPOP.TEFL. PETE BURGESS •: J ES HIT ON AT urinKu x nmiERK TRW YK TKiny y ROBT. DIXON REP0t5.TER CARROLL TEETER REPORTER. » - A -. ' w ■• L A C H E N THE I N T ERLA CH ES , i g a S « Hi f ») .•« rr - ' ' r ' ' - - - iMri N T E R CALLAHAN, Asst. Bus, Mgr, MRS, PURCELL, Adviser NICKS, Typist WALKER, Asst, Bus Mgr. HARWARD, Sports JOHNSON, Sports RODGERS, Typist TOMBAUGH, Typist L A C H E N THE I A T E R L ,1 C II E , y cV [119] THE I X T E R I. J C H E N , 193S •v, ,|, w , ' , «■ ■ • ' , i ,» ' i ' j ,1 ' ;y ,■! ' ' . ' ■ • v ■ « ' ;i- :, t- it - t- : .; ■ . . -- i . ' -. ' ' -- ' i " Law touchss the surface, Lcve touches the center ' — E. Stanley Jones. SOC I AL FRATERN ITI ES « THE I T ERLA a H E , q j S ;!: ' t- - P A N H E L L E N I C PARKER, Pres DUNCAN, V-Pres. McCARTY, Sec -Treas Hardin Wallace Albinson Hcrword Slaughter Metcalfe Thrasher Mafhison Bourn -i:«. ai ENNIS, Pres. Mitchell COOK, V -Pres, Carter BOGGS, Sec. Stephens FELTON, Treas -Sievert THE I S T ERLA CH EN , iqsS [ l- ' 3 ] •maffm r ' saK MARION ALBINSON, President KATHERINE KILLIAN, Vice-President LILLIAN FOSTER, Secretory MARTHA ROSE SANDERS, Treasurer MARTHA BLOUNT, Senator ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded 1885 Beta Omicron Bonney CalhoLin Crum Duncan biilean Harrell Harward N. Johnson VV. Johnson M. Scott Knowles Lee Lingo Long Maginnis [124] THE I N T ERLA CH E N , iqsS , ' t. ' H.f. +» ») . ' ? ' ; ' t- : . McCall Stockwell Callahan Frcst Morqu5 McKirnan Witherspocn Coats Horton McClure Raymondo Myers Zebendon Crawford Haupt Mulhollond C N Scott- Quiun Philips Roberts Leadley Bencs Brinklow Daniel Ford Fraser James Laite Loudy " Nash Pel ton Richards Shogren West Whittle Wilder Walker York THE I N TERLA CH EN , qsS [125] DELTA Z ETA Founded 1902 Beta Mu Wallace Hunter Joyner Fletcher Musselman Hardy rv E. Parker Reynolds Surrency Powell Barnes Wyatt -Sir Carey Spears Rodgers [126] THE INTERLACHEN,. igjS t V- at ■ " ,) «• ■it V•■ : Delavan J Moody Black C Hardee McQuogge Rounds Hull THE I NT ERL.l CH EN , iq S Rice E Hardee Brown V. Johnson Casterline Celon Higgenbotham S, Johnson N, Moody Norton S. Smith V. Smith Tison Vandiver [127] Sampson Wasmund Roper Lilly W. Edwards Scarborough Fleming Gaston Green Kastory Kinnear McEwen L F, Parker Pearce Payne Starkweather Stembridge Stewart Williamson Wintie Wimberly f FRANCES SLAUGHTER, President CLIO METCALFE, Vice-President ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, Secretary BETSY McCARTY, Treasurer DOLORES LOPER, Senator KAPPA GAMMA TAU Founded 1924 Flower — American Beauty Huff Bartcn Pritchord Harris D, Touchton McDowell Nelson White [1J8] THE INTERLACHES, I03 S r -rrr -r -r- - ' Jl Aust-in n Br,:vl- E Cliornbers Doviwii Griggs Hartsfield C. Johnson Jukes Loper Metcalfe McCarty Patterson Perkins V- Riggins L Riggins Slaughter J. Touchton Trosk Warmon J. Watson K. Watson V eover E, Woods P. Wood Miller THE I N TERLA CH ES , IQ3S [129] JEANNE WILKINSON, President LILLIAN COTTLE, Vice-President FLORENCE BROOKS, Secretary IDA FRANCES BLANTON, Treasurer CLARICE GOVE, Senator I OTA N U DELTA Founded 1936 Flower — Chrysanthemum L. Johnson Page Hoqan E, Edwards Bennett M. Brooks J. Dewor F. Dewar Giles Hand Kille Tyler Young [130] THE I N T ERIA CH E A ' , p .? 5 : ' ' Vt %t- -.t% f ' TT , ' : GERRY THRASHER, President ' HELEN BOURN, Vice-President VIRGINIA ROYALL, Secretary WINIFRED COULDERY, Treasurer MERLE EDENFIELD, Senator THETA CHI BETA c J J ir D CI i Yellow Gladiolus Founded 1 93 Flower- , 3, Delphinium Leenhouts Ayer Boring Bourn Burford Hargrove K. Hendry R. Hendry Hill Mothison Mickler Peeler Raiford Royall Ravenscroft Sumner C Thrasher Wine THE I XTERL.-l CH E. , i q s [131] MAURIECE FELTON, President HOWARD WOLKING, Vice-President WALLACE LONG, Secretory ARTHUR SIEVERT, Corresponding Sec. BILL MORRIS, Treasurer MARION ALBINSON, Sponsor LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded 1909 Epsilon-Xi Zeta [132] THE I T ERLA CH E N , I 9 3 i. ' i ' ' t ' -i? t- .t- ' ; Dave Price B, Boyd Hayman G ' ln an Durrance S5 ' ll tI - ' ' Dixon Pearce Dan Price Rankin Green Cobb West Wolking Meares S. Boyd Miller Wilkeb Ginn Morley Burnette Wooten Burgess Womack THE INTERLACHEN. iqsS [133] NEWELL COOK, President JACK JOHNSON, Vice-President A. J.REESE, Secretary WARREN WILLIS, Treasurer DICK CAUDLE, Senator BETA MU Founded 1924 Flower— White Rose [134] THE I S T ERI. A C. n E S . i q S , ■, - ii £) ,4 . T i 4 «T T «T . T ? . ■♦? _ J " • " : ■a t ■m. % ' asm Gambill Frisbie Shepard Moyer Hoi! Haigler Keys J Deen Hendrix Biddle Cox Nelson Carlton Hi lemon R, Jones D. Deen Hooker Patterson Blackburn Mathers Ryan THE I TERl. ,1 C II E i , 1 1) j S [135] ..1 «. ,i »■ BILL ENNIS, President CLARENCE THACKER, Vice-President MARVIN BARNETT, Secretary BOWDON HUNT, Treasurer RALPH PURCELL, Senator PI KAPPA Founded 1925 Flower — Red Carnation [136] THE I X T E R 1. A C H E N , igsi ' I ' , ' i? ? ' ' t- .v ; Yelvington Mitchell Curry B. Smith Booker Martin G. Thompson Grizzard Daniel Pace Clorke H Smith Adams Lovell Wilson Strickland Dudley Carlton E. Thompson Hendry THE I N T E R L A C H EN , 1938 [137] ROBERT BOGGS, President ROBERT STEPHENS, Vice-President DUANE CLARKE, Secretary-Treasurer JOHN RICE, Senator PROF. POSTON, Faculty Adviser CHI RHO Founded 1937 Flcwer--Purple Bougoinvillea [138] THE T [■: RL.I C II E S , rgsS } ..tH .w -»• ;■» ' ■ ■ =i . T ,t «T ,-iT •? ,irT 4T » •♦T ,? Ahl Briley Cope Cooper Embry Gill Haddock Howard Hatch Neel Tombough Wiant Baumgardner Anderson Eddy Fisher W. Wilson THE I N T ERLA C H E S , iqjS [139] IBM ACKNOWLEDGMENT The publication of an annual is successful, first, to the degree that it is the product of the multiplied cooperation of each unit; second, to the degree that it represents equally the organizations which go to make up the campus life. The appreciated cooperation on the part of the Administration, the students, the photographer, the advertisers, the printers, and the engravers has done much to make the publication of this annual exceedingly enjoyable. But such cooperation is, more or less, to be expected. It is therefore necessary to make mention of those whose special services and considerations have added more fully to the enjoyment of the publication. To Mrs, J S, Purcell, adviser, the editor owes his sincerest ap- preciation for her splendid commendable detail work on the theme for the book. It was only through her untiring efforts for perfection that such complete correlation and sequence has been made possible. Working in close coordination with Mrs. Purcell, Miss Dorothy Pritchard has given unstintedly of her time and talent to portray the process of the unifying of Science and Religion. The criticism and advice of other members of the faculty must be recognized. For the special helpful suggestions in the arranging and compil- ing of the book, the editor is most grateful to Mr. A. J. Meyer, of the Tampa Photo Engraving Company; Mr. C. E. Shepherd, of the Record Printing Company; and to Mr. Murray Meares, student and photographer. To Mr. Ralph Purcell, business manager, and to the typists who have responded to the demands made, not only on their classroom hours, but also on their hours of vacation and holiday. Lastly, to the entire Interlachen Staff of 1938 for their assistance in the compilation of this yearbook, the editor expresses his personal thanks. MAURI ECE FELTON, Editor. [140] THE I N T ERLA CH E - , qjS tN Ji :% JV ■■ tm . -Xi ■»} -1) n , » • «) ?» « " «f: W J»r , . ; ' V r- , r— y - f::;-! W i S?S! B?E?? f Religion is willing to join hands with Science in evolving the technique to meet the needs of mankind. ciE ' rv: " : " - " « ' 1 M,. •innffiTr ' Trr ' nayaaa - . - . ' A ' •. _ - ■ ' ' -J ' J-J ' COACH BILL BATTLE Athletic Director COACH EULALIEGINN Director of Women ' s Sports THE I N T ERL.l CII E S , 193 S [143] - " 4 ' « ' ■ Ji ' ■«,• -rfi • - ♦ TW««ai.-i.:W3g .LONG Two significant incidents — the first year participation of Lambda Chi Alpha in intramural sports, and the stunning announcement of the Beta Mu-Pi Kappa merger scheduled for next September — marked the third year intramural athletic program for men, under the capable direction of Coach Bill Battle. In the two previous years of intramural sports. Beta Mu was first to claim the crown with Pi Kappa taking possession of the coveted trophy lest year. But the proof that the Florida Southern athletic program is to be dominated no longer by the above mentioned fraternities was shown when the Lambda Chi Alpha football team pulled two surprise wins to gain a tie for the championship with Beta Mu and Pi Kappa. Not satisfied with this achievement, the new national organization ousted Pi Kappa from the lead in the race for the Jaycee cup, by virtue of the shufflebocrd championship garnered shortly before Christmas holidays. [144] THE INTERLACHEN, iqsS . • BARNETT REESE Even though this copy must go to press before the termination of the athletic events, it is quite possible that the Lambda Chis will rise from third place to be crov ned as champs. The other incident mentioned deserves consideration in this year-book because it marks the end of a 13-year rivalry between Beta Mu and Pi Kappa--a rivalry so intense as not to have an equal in the history of our college From 1925 to 1934 members of the two groups played together on mtercollegiale athletic teams, but with the end of competition with other colleges in sports came a more dogged type of play whenever the two teams met. Both sorrow and |oy is the reaction of the students to the " burying of the axe " . Those who dislike the merger are mainly of that opinion because there will no longer be the chance of watching two determined teams play so bitterly as hove the Pi Kappas and Beta Mus THE I N T ERLA C H E N , igsS [145] 4 ' •«,• ' «! ' • • - -4- - S( i " :;s i ■■asw ' rwfeis Touch Footbal Beta Mu and Pi Kappa played in the final game of the first round, with the victor slated to take the lead in the pigskin sport. A ram- soaked field greeted the combatants. Both teams threatened to score, but the timekeeper ' s whistle halted the contest before either team hod crossed the pay- dirt marker. Then the second round started, and with it, surprises ' First of all, Pete Burgess and his Lambda Chi seven rose up and eked out 6-0 win over a baffled Pi Kappo team Merely luck and breaks was the comment of the majority of students. But thot was not the case. A West-to-Wilkes pass in the first half brought a 6-2 win over a Beta Mu team which was prepared for the improved Lambda Chi out- fit. Again the Pi Kappas and the Beto Mus met in the final game, and just as oc- curred in the two previous years, this game ' s result was to decide the championship Perfect football weather greeted the gridders as they warmed up for the contest. Soon after the opening whistle Captain Carter be- gan tossing passes which consistently hit their mark One drive was halted inside the ten-yard line, but the Betas were not to be denied Again they passed and ran the boll within scoring range [146] - - tv - ' On fourth down and five yards from the goal, Carter faded bock and flipped a flat pass to fleet freshman Biddle who fell across the gool line for six points In the second half Dudley, Bornett, and Curry of the Pi Koppas led their team in some beautiful offensive football. Dudley leaped high in the air ond pulled a long oerial to his chest for a 40- yard gam Then, on running plays and short passes they advanced to the ten-yard marker. It was there that the Pi Kaps executed a p!oy thot the writer and mony spectators believe to be by far the most outstanding of the season The ball was snapped to Dudley who ran wide to the right end. Curry remained on his knees until the ploy was well under way, then ran to the unprotected left side of the field As the Beta Mus closed on Dudley, he pivoted, leaped into the air and threw a long diagonal pass to Curry who was ten yords from any other player Colm- ly he caught the pass, touch- ing It to the ground to tie the score at 6-6 Neither team was able to break the deadlock This tie game left Beta Mu, Pi Kappa md Lambda Chi Alpha in c three-way cloim on the championship Though no all-star team was selected by the intramural board, there were men from every fraternity who deserve rec- ognition for their outstand- ing performances [1+7] t,. .tt ' «■. -♦•♦ Horseshoes In September and October the intramural horseshoe title was won by the Pi Kappa tossers without the loss of a single match. With Walter Pace, Marvin Bar- nett, Clarence Thacker, Ben Curry, Bill Ennis, and Ed Wilson, the Pi Kappa sextet proved to be too strong for the other teams. The individual horseshoe tournament was won by one whose athletic prowess has been displayed on a numbei jf previous occasions, Marvin Barnett The final round which pitted two roommates against each other was a fine exhibition of pitchin ' . Volleyball " Set-up, then smash! " Those were the instructions which could be heard as the teams practiced for volley- ball Defending champion. Pi Kappa, with the loss of two first-stringers from the orevious year ' s teom, was not strong enough to withstand the onslaught of Gardner Wilkes ' Lambda Chi sextet The surprise of the tourna- ment came when Chi Rho humbled Beta Mu with result that John Briley was the host of the victors at a down- town restaurant A foculty team mustered enough courage to challenge the champs, but failed to furnish much competition after Prof Ogden tired in the first five m:nutes of play LI48] ») » . • .♦•-♦ Table Tennis The defending champion, Beta Mu, was determined to retain the crown, in spite of the stiffened competition from the other teams. With Newell Cook, A. C. Shepard, Fred Jaeger, and George Keyes, the Beta Mus went through the tournament undefeated until the final game with Pi Kappa The defeat came when Smith took the measure of Shepard m the former ' s best form of the season As usual, Barnett won his match Barnett successfully de- fended his individual cham- pionship for the second time against Fred Jaeger, Shuffleboard The Lambda Chi Alpha team which took the cup in this sport was composed of Gardner Wilkes, Pete Bur- gess, Winston Rider, Eugene West, Glenn Green and George Hoyman Chi Rho was second with a record of five wins and three losses [149] t J - «Ss. « ' - 1 • -♦■ - 1- ' i t i - ■• ' ■■ ••• Basketball From the viewpoint of the fan, the intramural basket- ball season was all that could be desired. The gomes, which were ployed in the new Gilbert Gymnasium, were tops in thrills and in display of sportsmanship. Two top teams fought out the first game of the season which was predicted to be close Lambda Chi, handi- capped by the loss of West, was no match for the purple and white quintet in the name of Beta Mu At the end of the game the score read Beta Mu 33, Lombda Chi 13 Deen and Biddle led the victors with ten points each What came as mild sur- prise was the victory which Lambda Chi took from the Pi Kaps— 30-27 Stephens and Wilkes tied for high point honors, each making nine points. The next contest saw a record set which may be maintained in the intramural sports for a number of years It was a game m which the Beta Mus " eked " out a hard-fought battle from Chi Rho by the slim margin of 99 points After the score was posted — Beta Mu 100- Chi Rho I — Joy Deen had set another record by dropping 44 points through the net- ting. With ten seconds left to play and Beta Mu leading Pi Kappa 32-31, Albert Adams, a guard on the latter team, dropped a shot from near mid-court to bring a hord- earned victory to his team. In the final gome of the season, the championship went to Beta Mu when a second team, aided some- what by four regulars, de- feated Pi Koppo in on extro period, 17-15 The purple and white cogers also copped the foul shooting trophy with Harnett clinching the indi- vidual tournament. [150] ,t, w 0 1 « ' t .r r - ' r ' r; }l Tennis Before the matches began, Beta Mu was conceded to retain their championship by the Southern Sports ' colum- nist, Pete Burgess. That pre- diction proved to be true, although four close matches marked the attempts of Pi Kappa and Lambda Chi to halt the fast-moving Beta Mus. Bob Smith was indi- vidual champion An athletic advancement which merits whole-hearted praise is the excellent organ- ization and achievement of the Tennis Club. For the first time since intercollegi- ote sports were abandoned here, o varsity Florida South- ern net squad was pitted against other Southeastern colleges George Keyes, club presi- dent, and Bob Smith, team captain, are largely respon- sible for the admirable rec- ord of SIX victories, two de- feats and one tie. The first sport of the somen ' s intramural program, volleyball, brought to light many promising athletes among the new students. Gerry Moody, Merle Eden- field, Elsie Pelton, Leila Rice, Clara Nell Scott, and Alice Roper proved to be the most outstanding of the new- comers The volleyball tournoment reached its climax when the Alpha Chis clinched the championship by a hard-fought victory over the Independents. Players who were selected on the all-star team were Rabun Calhoun, Betty Har- ward, Lorena Long, Clio Metcalfe, Sally Osborne, Elsie Pelton, Elizabeth Thompson, and Edith Whit- tington [151] » The Scandanavion sport, Norwegian baseball, saw the Alpha Chis annex their second consecutive cham- pionship Despite the un- orthodox appearance of the indoor game, competition among the groups was keen The most surprising upset of the series came when Delta Zeto " whipped the socks " off the championship com- binotion. Speedball, a contest similar to the English game, Rugby, was the next sport on the women ' s schedule. Alpha Chi Omega again be- ing the champions Frequent injuries of o minor nature occurred when swinging toes missed their target, collid- ing on the shins of both teommotes ond opponents. The winning streak of Alpho Chi remained un- broken m the next sport, badminton, as the champions took their fourth consecutive trophy. Independents, Kappa Gamma Tau, and Del to Zeto followed in the given order. In the individual tournament, Loreno Long and Nellie Weaver battled their way to the final round, with Loreno winning the match. The Independents revived their fighting reputation by swamping Alpha Chi in the final table tennis match to win their first championship of the year. In the individual play-off, Loreno Long took o hard-fought contest from Rabun Calhoun During the remainder of the sport ' s schedule, such sports as shuf f leboard, basketball, foul shooting, orchery, tennis, and Softball hove kept the co-eds active [152] r £ I N T ERLA CH E N , 193I [153] .•i; ... ' ' . [154] THE I ST ERL.I C H E S , i, j S 1 8 8 8 " Religion is the greatest of all the arts Science is a perfect art " --Kagawa. For me ADVERTISEMENTS ♦.♦:♦-•♦ .. ' -i ' i. • Vt- t- ' .! " One of the South ' s progressive steps toward Universal Practice " REASONS FOR CREMATION CREMATION is permanent and complete, effecting in a little over an hour that which it takes years to do if the body is buried. CREMATION provides the solacing thought for the loss of loved ones that their mortal frame is secure from neglect or desecration. CREMATION leaves no graves to be tended or, as more generally is the case, neglect- ed. Amidst a comforting atmosphere, cremation is carried out indoors, and does not expose the mourners to the inclemency of- the weather. CREMATION is within the reach of all ond combines efficiency with economy. SOUTHERN CREMATORIUM WITH Chapel and Columbarium 523 RIVERSIDE AVENUE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Write for Facts on Cremation Affiliated with your preferable " Funeral Director " in any City THE I N T E R !. A C H E S , IQ3S [157] ♦ • • ♦ AS KEEN AS DAMASCUS STEEL! t: IHROUGH the centuries, Damas- cus, a city in Syria, became famous for its finely tempered steel, used in the manufacture of weapons. Knights in armor. Crusaders, famous duelists of history— often credited their success, their very lives, to the quality of Damascus steel in the swords they carried. Today, in the business world, an employer selects his as- sistants with the conscientious care of a Knight of old in the selection of his weapons. Your energy, your ideas and abilities must be as keen as Damascus steel— if you are to become an efficient part of the business world. Utilize your education; apply it practically —and you will be successful. [158] THE I TERLACHES, i Q3S nv?-4t t-,»; ; LAKELAND Appreciates and recognizes FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE As Being One of Its Most Valuable Assets Lakeland Chamber of Commerce E E, KELLEY, JR, President R- L PARK, Manager BERGER-RACHELSON, Inc. " Wholesale Grocers " TAMPA, FLORIDA e Institutional Specialists • " POINSETTIARICE " W ' liitr and Fluffy JOHN ' S BAR-B-Q Two miles south of Bartow and Lee Jackson Highway HAINES CITY, FLORIDA Compliments of EMPIRE STORE AND FASHION SHOP Lakeland, Florida • Compliments of The COLLEGE SHOP For Smart Young Sophistocates The ' ma Hotel Annex LAKELAND i. THE I i T E R Lrl C H E , o}S [161] i ' ' i " mm , 4.. ' 4- a ' ,- «» ' « ' • ' BUCK A. CHAPPELL Distributors WINTER HAVEN— LAKELAND TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS Fine Candies and Peonut Butter Sandwiches " Buy our products at the Student Activity Building " Congratulations to FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY JEFFERSON, HARTSELL BISHOP CORP. INSURANCE 106 E. Mom Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of MILLER HARDWARE PAINT COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of BENFORD ' S BOOTERY 124 South Kentucky LAKELAND, FLORIDA Best Wishes for FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE FROM THE McDonald CORPORATION LAKELAND FLORIDA [162] THE I N T ERLA CH E S , qjS i, « f ; vr V ' , ' , ;v i»- ,- - , , •;, X i ,.A ' , ,v, V. ■■»• ' ;■ % ' .i. ' ■•N A •. . -.-ti ' iN ' CONGRATULATIONS FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE PEOPLE ' S BANK LAKELAND GUY HARWARD FLORIDA MUNICIPAL BONDS COMPLIMENTS Bought, Sold and Quoted Bonds for Delinquent Tax Ad)ustments City, State and County S. H. KRESS 207 E. Lemon Street Phone 29-21 1 COMPANY MOORE ' S FOR CLOTHES ■ji Every Suit Personalized MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP 103 East Mam Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA LAKELAND, FLORIDA ■ — - — i i-- THE I N T E R L A C H E N , igsS [163] ' 4: •Jti 4 ' %■ - ««• ALL-AMERICAN THRIFT STORES Lakeland Brooksville Aubumdale Tarpon Springs Homes City Clearwater Orlando Largo Clermont St. Cloud Wildwood Bartow Dade City Avon Park Frostproof Arcadia VVauchula Fort Myers Fort Meade Lake Wales Plant City Serving Thousands of Customers Daily with Quality Foods at Reasonable Prices LIBBY ' S DEL MONTE AMERICAN CLUB SNIDER ' S HEINZ McCORMICK ' S GENERAL FOODS RURAL GOLD All-American Coffees HENDRICKS-PRUITT MOTORS (Incorporated) SALES SERVICE Telephone 4606 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Florida Southern College USES MONARCH FINER FOODS [164] T II E I X r E R L r! C [I E X , IQSS FRATERNITY JEWELRY Official Badges, Stationery, Keys and Charms Dance Programs Crested Rings — Party Favors Illustrated in THE 1938 BLUE BOOK Mail post card for Free Copy! L G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS E. L. ADAMS JEWELER • • H. A. SHAVER, Inc. Conner of FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT Lakeland. Florida • • Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop Since 1912 SHOE REBUILDING UP TO A STANDARD Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks — Watch and Jewelry Repairing Diamond Setting — Engraving NOT DOWN TO A PRICE 108 South Kentucky Avenue 103 South Tennessee Avenue LAKELAND FLORIDA DeMoulin Brothers Co. Compliments of Manutocturers of CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS LANSFORD PIANO COMPANY For College, University, and High School Graduations 107 South Florida Avenue CHORAL APPAREL, UNIFORMS GREENVILLE, ILLINOIS LAKELAND FLORIDA THE 1 X T ER L .1 C HEX, j () j S [165] Ji, ■ ;. ■ ■ t a- •«■ i • • • • • • Compliments of BEST WISHES TO POINSETTIA Florida Southern College ICE CREAM PEOPLE ' S BANK OF • • • AUBURNDALE " The Smile Follows the Spoon " AUBURNDALE, FLORIDA • • • • • • GIBSON ' S Compliments of 225 South Florida Ave, FASHION DRY CLEANERS • • • " If We Please You, Tell Your Friends " Compliments of LAKELAND CUNNINGHAM STEAM LAUNDRY STEAM LAUNDRY 1141 E. Parker Street ' — " i Phone 31 -111 . [166] THE I S T ERLA C H E S , 193 S • • ♦ vv - ♦ ♦•5 ■ : THE GRAND LEADER KEEP SMILING WITH 120 South Kentucky Avenue SHORTY ' S BARB-Q LAKELAND, FLORIDA Lakeland, Florida " LAKELAND ' S OLDEST ELECTRICAL STORE " DON ' T BUY ANY FURNITURE Zenith Radios UNTIL YOU Fnqidaire Appliances SEE Lipscomb Roe Electric Co. 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Reasonable rates Friends and relatives of students of SOUTH- ERN COLLEGE are invited to make this hotel their heodguarters when in Lakeland TAMPA TERRACE Tampa FLORIDAN Tampa LAKELAND TERRACE Lakeland SARASOTA TERRACE Sarasota MANATEE RIVER Bradenton ROYAL WORTH West Palm Beach DIXIE COURT West Palm Beach CASPAR ILLA INN Boca Grande CHARLOTTE HARBOR Punta Gorda EVERGLADES INN Everglodes Collier Florida Coast Hotels ( Incorporated) O ' NEAL FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Formerly Trice-O ' Neal Furniture Company 1011 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida NICODEMUS JEWELRY COMPANY, Inc. Lakeland ' s Leading Jeweler HEADQUARTERS FOR Students ' Jewelry and Banquet Favors I 16 South Kentucky Ave, Palace Theatre Building [168] THE I X TERL.I CH E X , igs S % 4 « -.f;t - .t The STANDARD OIL COMPANY Pledges to you to market the very best products offered in your re- spective communities, and their local representative, Mr, B. 0. Betheo, invites your patronage through his dealers or service stations. B. O. BETHEA A Handy Spot to drink a bit cr eat a lot The SHOWBOAT IRVIN CRAWFORD Proprietor Commission Agent Phone 27-121 1021 S Florida Ave LAKELAND CONGRATULATIONS TO COMPLIMENTS OF ROUX CRATE LUMBER COMPANY The Interlachen Staff and the Students of FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER n House Bills Complete FLORIDA NATIONAL BARTOW, FLORIDA BANK Phone 345 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Member Tede.al Deposit Insurance Corporation u THE IXTERLACllES, iq 3 S [169] ■pianiwaHJiiii i«VM«BPV : ■ i LAKELAND French Dry Cleaners PHONE 2187 112 West Main Street PETITE FLEUR BEAUTY SALON 805 East Palmetto " Where Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep " Special rates to Co-eds and Faculty DIAL 33-251 Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of HAJOCA CORPORATION Compliments of JOHN S. MclNTOSH District Passenger Agent FLORIDA MOTOR LI NES LAKELAND, FLORIDA Corner Mam and Missouri Telephone 26-581 [17U] THE ! T ERL.I C H EN, igsS ► ••••••♦ • ' •. ' ' ' . 1 SINCLAIR H-C GASOLINE LESLIE GRIZZARD, Agent Phone 43-944 There is a SINCLAIR STATION Conveniently Located in Your Neighborhood tf Compliments of TODD HARDWARE COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA PATTERSON PACKING COMPANY, Inc. Packers and Shippers ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT TANGERINES LAKELAND FLORIDA Highland Dairies, Inc. " Lakeland ' s Finest Dairy Products " SAFE PASTEURIZED PURE 915 S, Florida Ave Phone 38-241 HAMMOND JONES THE BENFORD STATIONERY COMPANY COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 123 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA . THE INTERLACHES, i qjS 17i] az: Compliments of the HUB CLOTHING COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA 1 8 S. Kentucky Ave. Phone 22-321 Compliments of Townshend Sash, Door and Lumber Company BARTOW, FLORIDA Compliments of HARRIS ' DINETTE " THE BEST EATS IN TOWN " Phones 585-587 905 East Mam Street Bartow, Florida Compliments of W. T. GRANT LAKELAND. FLORIDA Compliments of QUALITY DRY CLEANERS THE COLLEGE DRY CLEANER Ballenger Auto Stor age, Inc. 1 1 5 South Florida Avenue Phone 21-477 TACKER ' S Compliments of Economical Drug Store ( Incorporated 1 GARLAND LUMBER RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 32121 COMPANY 1 12 South Tennessee Avenue Lakeland, Florida LAKELAND, FLORIDA f [172] THE I TERL.I C It E X , 1 1) i v .♦- -♦ • » ' 4 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1938 DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY OF TAMPA 604 Franklin Street TAMPA, FLORIDA J, Jacksonville Paper Company Importers— Wholesalers — Manufacturers Printing - PAPER - Wrapping 808 West Bay Street Phone 5-0350 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA FAMOUS SPANISH DINNERS Private Dining Rooms Excellent Cuban Sandwiches Don Quixot-e Restaurant- Vmcent Garcia, Manager Phone 28-281 124 East Mam St. Lakeland, Fla. Congratulations to Florida Southern College FURCHGOTT ' S JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Get the girl at Florida Southern College Get your furniture from Cunnungham ' s Trading Storage Co. Storage Warehouse for Trunks and Furniture 615-625 N Florida Ave, Phone 22-262 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND THE I N T ERLA CH E S , i q S [173] Congratulations to SOUTHERN COLLEGE MONARCH MARKET, Inc. Quality Food Products • • • REID MURDOCH COMPANY Established 1853 CHICAGO BOSTON PITTSBURGH LOS ANGELES TAMPA JACKSONVILLE SAN FRANCISCO ] 1 1 N Flonda Ave, Telephone 30-01 1 LaLonde Electric Company LAKELAND, FLORIDA Phone 22-251 McGinnes Lumber Supply Company Mam and Ohio Lakeland, Fla C. W. PALMORE THE CORNER DRUG STORE Mom Street, opposite Court House Phone 385 Bartow, Fla Henry J Fletcher Geo H Fletcher Compliments of Henry Giddens Clothing Co. TAMPA, FLORIDA Compliments of Polk County Abstract Company BARTOW, FLORIDA AGENT and DISTRIBUTORS for PURE OIL PRODUCTS Sessions and Paine Telephone 27-581 Lakeland, Florida — Compliments STAR DRY CLEANERS • [17+] THE I S T ERLA CH EN , iqsS -, .-. • A ' - « fit .V. .t " ' -. PAUL HENDERSON Tax Collector POLK COUNTY Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY COMPLIAy ENTS of A.FRIEND Compliments Seminole Furniture Company TAMPA, FLORIDA RAPID SHOE SHOP OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE Compliments ot BRADLEY AND MITCHELL FLORIST W. W. CHASE SHERIFF POLK COUNTY COMPLIMENTS 1938 INTERLACHEN STAFF B. L. DURRANCE CLERK OF CRIMINAL COURT POLK COUNTY COMPLIMENTS NIGHT OWL COMPLIMENTS ADA BEAUTY SHOP THE INTERLACHEN, i Q3S [175] THE POLK COUNTY BAKING COMPANY JOINS IN WISHING SOUTHERN COLLEGE MANY MORE YEARS OF GROWTH AND ACHIEVEMENTS TO FOLLOW • • • THE POLK COUNTY BAKING COMPANY Makers of Butter Krust Bread TELEPHONE 39-061 102 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE JOHN B. WHITE Tax Assessor POLK COUNTY CHESTER M. WIGGINS County Judge POLK COUNTY D. H. SLOAN, JR. Clerk of Circuit Court POLK COUNTY Compliments of ALEX J. KAY INSURANCE LAKELAND, FLORIDA [176] THE I S T ERLA C H E N , iQsS r r i r emoru o iaDDU As vou turn the pages of this book we hope that it may be the means of bringing forth memories of friend- ships made ... of many happy hours spent. With 1he passing of each year we feel that these memories will become mere and more cherished It IS a great pleasure to know that by furnishing the engrav- ings for this book we have been given the privilege of helping in the preservation of these memories, TAMPA PHOTO-ENGRAVING COMPANY, Inc. ENGRAVERS ARTISTS DESIGNERS THE SOUTH ' S COLOR PLATE HEADQUARTERS " r £ IN TERLA CH EN , 1938 [177] WiLiU-W. ' ULlI ' Photography in THE 1938 INTERLACHEN done by Murray Meares Instructor in Photography at FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE [1-8] THE I S- T E R L A C II E S , i qjS ' ' ' ' ■ ' . ■ ' ■ Seek competent counsel before buying printing RECORD compRRy £B lnie1s uUlshels £Blnde1s Today more than ever before it is necessary to dress up your productwith " eye appeal " based either on sparkling color or well- planned layout. This is especially true with print- ed matter. If the eyes of your prospect are not first attracted your message is lost. The Record Company is well versed in the needs and require- ments of Florida printing. We are eager to extend our service to you that your printing may bring results. ST. AUGUSTI NE FLORIDA ART - PHOTOGRAPHY - ENGRAVINGS - LAYOUT - COPY - PRINTING THE IKTERLACHEN, igs [179] ■ f - - » .♦. :♦ ROmOA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LIBRARY t ■ ■ 9-. v , fl ' w x i.-VK. wr- ■ ' ' J K SSW ' ' " ■«% J . JC ' - i SX. ' W: ' ■ • ■ 5f«J V »n»» ' ' • tv J Mfld

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