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■ i ml m ' ' H ftl " ! •wj ■! ir H ' I r 1 1 ■ EM ' ; cf i £1 i f 1P " ' 1 1 H ■ ' Iti iiittlilllli Bill in p ' £ flPllilii ' SiF f iip : •iiilliS IllllSifS ' -s LI mmB- ipipww ill III ll ' iii S M H SiiPSBBll SI 1 ! , mw sJi ' J MiniMit.Oi Memo! (Oi;! iBv o ; - : M ! i IS Jtel ia i yfci ;i : •4 ' l.f ' if .■ ' S ilipw 11 W « PV ! ' ! fill ' , 1 J ' ' {% MSft Pis $ IfAS r-LH-jr ' i ' ' - --- ' --- ' - ' " " ■ l - r ! - " r - :i r 1 - ' ' • fl m 3 -iS ' B :B IDS 2 II fcl Li l r 1 1 o ' 1 I ' J ! J ElJMJ ' • ■ 1 ' , ' ■ ■ ■ A l -sA m 1 iJliMiiiiF! M ; « ' M- S ' H i: S ; STS ' l ; iM , i!M ' ' ' W ifel itllrifll ISl ' iKO , j||3lilj|E;r : 1 ii - ! , i iUhi ' .. r iri ' oo., r -:. ill -I K H 1MIMHI w lillfflHBWWffTMTMMBn ..Fin ' i ' jiiwj »pi iil ' ' f ' l . " • ' ' ' ■ 1 l.-i lMl-, . hi I f ' ,i_ m d d d.. + COPYRIGHTED 1932 By WESLEY W. SEWELL Editor-in-Chief ARTHUR M. PICKARD Business Manager TH ITERUCHEfc ANNUAL • PUBLICATION ■ OF SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND • FLORID ? FOREWORD WE, the Interlachen staff of 1932, have en- deavored to include within these pages such a crystallization of your hopes and achiev- ments that in after years they will not only afford an accurate portraiture of your college life but will facilitate the recollection of those treasured experiences which dwell half-forgotten in the memory. 1111 CONTENTS I. COLLEGE II. CLASSES III. ACTIVITIES IV. FRATERNITIES V. ATHLETICS VI. FEATURES VII. ADVERTISEMENTS The Interlachen for 1931-32 is dedicated to GEORGE FRANKLIN SCOTT A conscientious teacher, a thorough student, an inspiring philosopher, and a kind friend whose exemplary life and steadying influence have helped many students. r ' COLLEGE 1 . V» F • ■ .• ' : •■ it . ' ■:■,. i ' " i • S V J t «w ' H== ■■■ HI £S5 III III ■ ■■■■I E " " = HI Ml ?=rz -— -i--Lr r£H3£r£ , »»,-. ™5=£Hf™£H Ludd Myrl Spivey, A.B., M.A., B.D. President LL.D. ANOTHER school year has come to a close. Because of the financial difficulties which have confronted all of us it has been a year of perplexities and uncertainties. But in spite of its hardships each one of us has been the recipient of many blessings. We have made new friends, secured new insights into the meaning of our own lives and of our world. Some of you are just beginning college. You have at least three more years before you. These three years will lead you into new fields of learning and endeavor. Others have only two more years or one more year, and some of you are ready to leave the campus forever, so far as being a student is concerned. To all of you I want to wish much happiness and success for the summer and for all the days ahead of you. Wherever life may take you or whatever it may do with you I know you will hold a large place in your mind tor dear ole Southern. Your friend, 2 d C- 9W.6f yL Page i- ki Syi an Cox 11i an oj ( ullt ' r A.B., Birmingham Southern; M.A., anderbilt University. Mary Alice Lamar Dean of Women A.B., Peabody; Graduate Work Columbia. ti - v First Rote Walter O. Ropp James C. Pi i i Henry G. Barnett A.B. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Bursar Education English Samuel G. Coe Corydon S. Joseph Robert S. Bly A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. B.S., M.A., Ph.D. History English Che in is try Second Row Howard J. Barnum Music and Violin Charles A. Vannoy A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Languages Mary Marguerite Wills A.B., M.A. Speei h Maurice Mulvania B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biolog r Third Roic George F. Scott A.B. History George T. Oborn William E. Si will Wildon M. Mullen A.B., S.T.B., M.A., Ph.D. All. B.S. Bible and Psychology Spanish Spanish Harris G. Sims A.B., LL.D. Journalism Wii 1 1 am E. Di Mi i i I ' m. 15., A.M., Ph.D. Psychology Page i -i First Ron W ' ll I 1AM Ml 1 HER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Economics Earle Danley A.B. Voice John Haines Coach h 1 i x Barnum Piano Ernest Bowylr M ry Watson Coach Physical Education S, , ond Ron Elizabeth Phillips A.B. Home Economics Oween Sumner A.B. Librarian Louise Helmkampi Iri m B.M. Matron (.11 I ISPEY A.B. Art Third Ron Pauline Jernigan Dietitian Martha Parker Matron Thei m " ii lis President ' s Si cretarj Janil W ' ootix II K Matron Etta Horn Nurse e Winnie Farley Dean ' s Secretary 15 ■ CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Carroll Tolle ' it e-President James Diffenwierth Secretary J mes Webb President Sam Smi i ii Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 7j si i -i Sew President = LL Frances Selman Treasurer Shelley Coats Vice-President Louise Woi i i Secretary age 19 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Thelma Long Vice-President WlLDEN MULLINS President Grace Lockhart Secretary Betty Vaught Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Margaret Moore President Louise Wilson Vice-President Mari Pat Anson Secretary ' Lou Wooten Treasurer s e n i o r s Vida Barnett, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Pi Gamma Mu, ' 31, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 31, ' 32. Susie Joan Bryant, A.B. Avon Park, Florida Volley-ball, Captain, ' 29; Hiking Squad, Captain, ' 29; Pan-Hellenic, ' 31; Salma- gundi, ' 31, President, ' 32; Salmagundi Magazine, Associate Editor, ' 32; Sports Club, Business Manager, ' 31, ' 32; South- ern Serpents, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 3 2; W. H. G. A., ' 32; Vagabonds, ' 31, Vice-President, ' 32; Vice- President Inter-Collegiate Press Associa- tion, ' 30; Winner Anti-Saloon Oratorical Contest, ' 3 2; Southern Staff, Editor, ' 30, Associate Editor, ' 31, ' 32; Interlachen Staff, ' 31; Phi Delta. Page J- ' Charlotte Almeda Cade, A.B. Seville, Florida Chi Delta Nu; Assistant Librarian; Sports Club, ' 30, ' 31; Vagabonds, ' 30, ' 31. Sara Jane Carter, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Blue Canoe Team, ' 3 0, Varsity, ' 31; Freshman Basket-ball Team, ' 3 0, Varsity, ' 3 2; Freshman Baseball, ' 3 0; Pan-Hellenic, ' 31, Treasurer, ' 3 2; Sports Club, ' 30, Secretary, ' 31, Vice-President, ' 32; South- ern Serpents, ' 31, ' 32; Vagabonds, ' 30, Vice-President, ' 31, Secretary, ' 32; South- ern Songsters, ' 3 0, Property Manager, ' 31, ' 32; Southern Staff, ' 32; Kappa Gamma Tau. George Thomas Costello, A.B. Winter Haven, Florida Pi Gamma Mu, ' 3 1, President, ' 32. James A. Davis, A.B. Avon Park, Florida Football, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Basket-ball, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Lettermen ' s Club, ' 30. ' 31, ' 3 2; Salmagundi, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 32; Salma- gundi Magazine Staff, ' 3 2; Vagabonds, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Y. M. C. A., ' 32; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 29, ' 32; Freshman Court, ' 30; Southern Staff, ' 29, ' 30; Beta Mu. PageM warn Virginia Davis, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Salmagundi, Treasurer, ' 30, ' 31, Vice- President, ' 32; Salmagundi Magazine Staff, ' 32; Sports Club, ' 29; Southern Serpents, ' 30, ' 31, ' 3 2; Southern Songsters, Business Manager, ' 29, Secretary-Treas- urer, ' 3 0, ' 31, President, ' 3 2; Student Council, ' 3 2; Southern Staff, ' 29, ' 3 2, Assistant Editor, ' 30; Interlachen Staff, ' 29, Editor-in-Chief, ' 31, Assistant Editor, ' 32; Theta Pi Delta. James Ernest Dn i i n rth, B.S. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Football, ' 29, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 3 2; Basket-ball, ' 29; Track, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Lettermen ' s Club, ' 3 2; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 32; Class Treasurer, ' 30; Class Secretary, ' 32; President Student Body, ' 3 2; Student Council, ' 3 2; Y. M. C. A., President, ' 32; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 32; Madrigal Club, President, ' 3 2; Theta Kappa Psi. ' Eleanor Hodgson, A.B. T a in [hi, V lor iJ a Orchestra, ' 30; Southern Songsters, ' 30; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 3 2; W. H. G. A., ' 3 2; Chi Delta Nu. Helen Gertrude Jenkins, A.B. San ford, Florida Y. " . C. A. Cabinet, ' 31, Secretary, ' 32; W. H. G. A., ' 32; Vagabonds, ' 3 2; Rat Court, ' 29; Phi Delta. Page - ( Helen Bernadine Kincaid, A.B. Lake Wales, Florida Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 31; V. H. G. A., ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Southern Staff, ' 31; Nu Tau Beta. Lucille Lang, B.S. Anthony, Florida Florida State College for Women, ' 29; Volley-ball Team, ' 30; Canoe Team, ' 30; Sports Club, ' 3 0; Council, ' 31; Southern Serpents, ' 31, ' 32; Pan-Hellenic, Vice- President, ' 31, President, ' 3 2; Home Eco- nomics Club, ' 32; Y. W. C. A., President, ' 31; W. H. G. A., ' 31, Vice-President, ' 32; Student Council, ' 32; Interlachen Staff, ' 32; Phi Delta. 2 Lucy Evelyn Link, A.B. Manatee, Florida Hiking Squad, ' 29; White Canoe Team. ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Sports Club, ' 29, ' 30; Southern Serpents, ' 32; Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet, ' 3 0, ' 31, President, ' 3 2; W. H. G. A., ' 3 0, Secretary, ' 31, President, ' 32; Student Council, ' 3 0; Southern Songsters, ' 29, Pianist, ' 31, Student Director, ' 31, ' 32. Marguerite Magley, A.B. Winter Haven, Florida Pi Gamma Mu, ' 31, ' 3 2. :V JS Margaret Calhoun McClintock, A.B. Tampa, Florida Blue Canoe Team, ' 30; Volley-ball Team, ' 30; Basket-ball Team, ' 30; Baseball Team, ' 30; Sports Club, ' 30, ' 31; South- ern Songsters, ' 30, ' 31, ' 3 2. Jesse John Melton, A.B. Dawson, Georgia Alpha Delta, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Alpha Phi Epsilon, ' 31; Track, ' 29, ' 30; Y. M. C. A., ' 31, ' 32. Page - g Bruce Mitchell, A.B. Elfers, Florida Southern Vagabonds, ' 2 9, Business Man- ager, ' 30, President, ' 32; Ruf-Neks, ' 29; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 3 0, ' 31; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 31, Business Manager, ' 3 2; Art Club, ' 3 2; Salmagundi Club, ' 32; Madrigal Club, ' 3 2; Business Manager Salmagundi Magazine, ' 3 2; Football, Man- ager, ' 3 0; Basket-ball, Manager, ' 31; Theta Kappa Psi. Helen Marie Mowry, A.B. Clearwater, Florida Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 32; Kappa Gamma Tau. Page 30 Virginia Lorene Nash, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Southern Serpents, ' 32; Phi Delta. Mary Elizabeth New kirk, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Bloc, ' 29; Blue Canoe Team, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Southern Songsters, Pianist, ' 29; Madrigal Club, ' 32; Salmagundi Club, Secretary, ' 28, Vice-President, ' 29; Salmagundi Magazine Staff, Editor-in-Chief, ' 32; Sports Club, ' 29; Tau Sigma, ' 27, Press Agent, ' 2 8; Vagabonds, Impressario, ' 31, ' 32; Southern Staff, ' 29; Interlachen Staff, ' 29. Page 31 Murdock Angress Shaw, A.B. Jacksonville, Georgia Basket-ball, ' 30, ' 31, Captain, ' 30; Alpha Delta, ' 30, ' 31, President, ' 32; Y. M. C. A., ' 31, ' 32; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Ruf- Neks; Theta Kappa Psi. Carroll Keith Tolle, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Football, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, Captain, ' 32; Bas- ket-ball, ' 29, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 3 2, Alternate Cap- tain, ' 29; Golf Team, ' 31, ' 3 2; Letter- men ' s Club, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 3 2; Inter-Frater- nity Council, Secretary, ' 31; Class Vice- President, ' 3 2; Vagabonds, ' 29, ' 30, Busi- ness Manager, ' 31, ' 3 2; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 29, ' 3 2; Madrigal Club, ' 3 2; Y. M. C. A., ' 3 1 ; Beta Mu. Page 32 James Leonard Webb, A.B. Lakeland, Florida Football, ' 30, ' 3 1, ' 52; Lettermcn ' s Club, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Class President, ' 32. Com iv William Weston, A.B. Jonesville, Virginia Thet.i Kappa Psi. Page 3.1 — — - IN MEMORIAM Laura Register Tarpon Springs, Fla. Melissa Vinson Tarpon Springs, Fla. Mrs . Louise R. Joseph Lakeland, Fla. S L o w e r c asses JUNIORS Livingston Anderson Bernice Askew Betty Barnett Catherine Armstrong Emma Hearne Askew Alma Berry Anna Bryant Shelley Coats Wright Bloodworth Cordelia Bryant Page 36 JUNIORS Tayzetta Coon John Dawson Ruth Harrison Lawrence Cowling Harlan Gregory Jam i s Hightow i R Homer Hunn Dorothy Jackson Carrington Holman Novelle Hutchinson Page 37 JUNIORS Charles Jaeger Lucille Lewis Dick Lundin Hamilton Jones Virginia Lewis Maxine McIntyre Lucille Nash Marquis Pickaru Agnes Morris Edna Pearce Page 38 JUNIORS Jack Purcell Frances Selmaj Mildred Stidham Harley D. Rice Wesley Sew i i i Rachel Stribling Bishop Threlkeld Louise Wolff Edwin Sutton Dorothy Waldrop SOPHOMORES Hilda Alleshouse Lucy Boyd Myra Bushong Thelma Bakere John Bunting Clayton Calhoun Louise Clark Waldo Cleveland James Craven Lillian Crowell Lenive Fender Josephine Gresimer Hilda Dixon Ralph Fletcher Bess Hampton Page 40 SOPHOMORES Mollie Hardee Arthur Hendrix Mary Hinson Frances Hayes Tommie Hendry Martin Hough HeI I N (ill INSON Mildred Johnson Wii.la Johnson James Key Karl Lake Susan Li i i i i Virginia Kimbrough Mary Leslie Ted Mack Page 41 ejm dt«Jji SOPHOMORES Edna Earle Maddox Sam McCook Ora Belle Means Gerald Malmsten Jeanne McCormick Mary Claire Moore Sarah Morrison Alta Ruth Overstreet Ben Perkins Betty Phelps Dorothy Roe Frank Scofield Heli n Phillips I.ui.a Mae Saunders Sherwood Schomberg Page 42 SOPHOMORES Charles Sealover Dorothy Shepard George W. Smith Hazel Sexton George R. Smith Dorothy Space Elizabeth Taylor Genevieve Tolle Ralph Watkins Donald Walker Lois Williams Mary Wimhrweedle R. C. Wii in r Mildred Joyce Williams Daniel Zimmerman FRESHMEN Gladys Adams Margaret Anderson Marian Anson Janyce Ahl Mildred Anderson Mary Arendell Elise Barfield David Batterton Shirley Bailes Mariam Boring Hardy Bryan Edgar Christ Edna Cook Vernan Cade Merton Collins Margaret Darracott Page 44 FRESHMEN Alton Floyd Kyi lyn Gardner Mii dred Graham M r.Torie Forehand Eileen Giddens Bess Gockel Gary Going Elizabeth Griitis I.lciiii Grii i is William Gossett Winona Hagstrom Inez Hart Newton Held Ben Harnley Grace Harvard Margaret Hendry FRESHMEN Evelyn Holland Twila Horton Ruby Ivy Julia Holman Glen Hutchinson Frank Johnson John Kamanis Louise Kelly Dorothy King Louise Lowry Bernice Lunn Harry McDonaid Bernice McMullen Daisy Maddox Robert McIntosh Lois Merritt Page 46 FRESHMEN Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Ralph Odlm Charles Pickard Catherine Montague Allison Pickard Ruth Pintado Evelyn Platt Hazel Ri pitta James Rice William Reeder Sara Reynolds Jessii Mai Rici Mildred Rou Jane Scott I uk Roberts Adelaidj Sampey Louise Scott Page 47 FRESHMEN Julia Sessions Margaret Smith Joyce Stoddard Florence Smith Emelia Sneller Dewttt Story Laura Thorpe George Welch Fred Wild Donna Helen Welch George Wessinger Iryin Wilder Irene Wilson Mary Lou Wooten Ernestine Williams Louise Wilson Amelia Wright Page 48 ACTIVITIES PI GAMMA MU Founded at the Southwestern Un iversity, 1924 Established at Southern College, April, 1927 ' | , HE Pi Gamma Mu is a national honorary social science fraternity, organized for the purpose of inculcating ideals of scholarship and of instilling in the mind of the individual a scientific attitude toward all social questions. Membership is vested in those students who have at- tained a high degree of scholarship, having especially dis- tinguished themselves in the study of social science .md in those citizens who are active social workers. A student may not be elected to the Pi Gamma Mu until he is a member of the Junior Class. Costello. Magley, V. Barnett, Phillip-. L)r. S. G. Coe. Page Si INTERLACHEN Wesley W. Sew i i i Editor Virginia Davis Associate Editor Margaret Moore Art Etli o Merton Collins Sports Writer Lucille Lang Organization Editc € € Page 52 INTERLACHEN Aki hur M. Pi k kh Business Manager Josephine Gresimer Fraternity Editor Conley Weston Assistant Business Manager Tayzetta Coon Typist Ted Mack Feature Writer Harris G.Sims Faculty Advisor SOUTHERN Dick Lundin Editor Joan Bryant Associate Editor Virginia Davis Society Writer Louise Wolff Typist Josephine Gresimer Feature Writer Mildred Stidham Business Staff Page 54 SOUTHERN ( ( i n i i ■ W. Weston Business Manager Thelma Long Business Staff Betty Vaught G nh ' Sports Writer Glen Hutchinson Feature Writer Margaret Moori Harris G. Sims Business Staff Faculty Advisor SALMAGUNDI ' I ' HE purpose of the Salmagundi Club is to foster creative writing on the campus. Students who are majoring in English, maintain an excellent average in their classroom work in English and those who are aspiring writers are elected to membership in this literary organization. A feature of the club work this year has been the building of a rock garden on the shore of Lake Hollingsworth, emphasizing the club ' s motto, " To foster Beauty in all forms. " In order to finance this project for the beautihcation of Southern ' s campus, the club sponsored annual skit night on March 23rd in the college gymnasium. Bryant (President), V. Davis, Gresimer, J. Davis, V. Barnett, Sewell. Calhoun, Mack, Long, G. R. Smith. Hough, Newkirk, Berry, Odum, Harnly, Hutchinron. Page 56 SALMAGUNDI MAGAZINE HT Ml Salmagundi Magazine is the official publication of the Salma- gundi Club. Each edition contains .1 select number of essays, poems, short stories and features of unusual interest and merit. In order to create a greater interest in literary work on the campus, the club sponsors each year a short story and essay contest in which cash prizes are awarded to the winners. One of the Salmagundi members wrote a three-act farce comedy this year which was presented at the city auditorium and was ad- judged one of the most original and interesting plays of the season. Newkirk (Editor), J. Bryant, Long. V. Davis, Sewell, Gresimer, B. Mitchell, C. V. Smith. VAGABONDS • OFFICERS Bruce Mitchell .... President Joan Bryant . . . Vici -President Josephine Gresimer Secretary Carroll Tolle Treasurer Newkirk, B. Barnett, Hightower, J. Davis, A. Bryant, H. Jones, Calhoun, G. Hutchinson. |. Key, Morrison, Zimmerman, Lockhart, Cowling, Vaught, B. Askew. Lake, M. C. Moore, E. E. Maddox, Hough, Roe, Schomberg, Pintado. Lowry, Darracott, Kelly, Odum, M. J. Williams, G. Tolle, L. Wilson, Wright. Page 58 SERPENTS C ORD] i I Bio i President Helen Jenkins, Lucile Lang, Virgin!, Davis, Evelyn Link, Joan Bryant, Frances Selman, Grace Lockhart, Bernice Askew. H-, Lewis, Dorothy Waldrop, Dorothy Jackson, Carrington Holman, Hazel Sexton, Hilda Alleshouse, Sarah Morrison. Dorothy Shepard, Mollie Hardee, Myra Bushong, Susan Little, Virginia Kimbrough Mildred J. Williams, Lillian Crowell Frances Hayes, Thelma Long, Louise Wolff, Betty Phelps, Lucille Lew,,. Shelley Coats, Josephine Gresimer, Helen Phillips. wm SOUTHERN SONGSTERS OFFICERS Virginia Davis .... President Lucille Lewis . . . Vice-President Frances Hayes .... Secretary Hilda Alleshouse . . . Treasurer C. Bryant, Coats, Jack ' on, B. Barnett, Long, McClintock. Darracott, Pintado, Hendry, Lowry, Horton, Thorpe. ' age 60 SOUTHERN SONGSTERS 1)1 IK IRS Bi i m V i i.ht . . Business Manager Mildred Stidham . . . Librarian Evelyn 1 ink . . . Accompanist Mari I hi Wiwii , Freshman President L. Scott, Saunders, Barfield, Leslie, L. Wilson, Anson. Gardner, Sessions, Rice, Montague, King, Gockel. MM ALPHA DELTA ' I ( HE purpose of Alpha Delta is to further fellowship among the ministerial and religious education students and to institute a deeper and finer appreciation of religion among the students of the campus. Worship and religious activities are stressed in the club meetings. The study of model sermons and the deliverance of original addresses is included in the program of the club for the year. Murdock Shaw (President), J. J. Melton, Clayton Calhoun, Harry McDonald. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB r T Is the wish of the Home Economics Club to inculcate within its members the desire for more beautiful and comfortable homes. The program of the club is arranged to teach and help its girls aspire to " Better Homes, " their motto. Long (President), Pearce. I nit;, V. Lewis, Phelps, E. Phillips. 1 SPORTS CLUB Motto: " Play the Game " " DEFORE membership is granted a candidate must earn twenty-five entrance points. This is done through the candidate ' s interest and participation in college athletics. After becoming a member a South- ern College " letter " may be awarded if the member has acquired a given number of points. Each year this organization sponsors a carnival which always oc- cupies an important position on the calendar of activities. Health is the cornerstone upon which the Sports Club is founded. C. Bryant (President), Phelps. Armstrong, J. Bryant, L. Lewis, Alleshouse. Page6i ALPHA PHI EPSILON Oiin ga ( ' hapter HP I II- Alpha Plu F.psilon is a national debating fraternity organized in [925 tor the purpose of encouraging and promoting inter- collegiate debates. This year Southern has sponsored debates with Rollins College and Asbury College. The club is under the capable direction of Professor C. S. Joseph. G. V. Smith (President), H. Jones, Hough, Odun Page 65 STUDENT COUNCIL James Diffenwierth President Student Body C. Bryant, V. Davis. Lang, Sewcll, Crowell, M. Collins. Page 66 HOUSE COUNCIL EvELi N 1 INK President J. Bryant, Kjncaid, Lang, V . Jenkins, C. Bryant. Coats, Jackson, Gresimer, Shepard, Allcshouse. Page i- y. w. c. a. HP HE purpose of the Y. W. C. A. is to correlate the religious and social life of the college, supervising both social and spiritual phases. It encourages co-operative problem solving and mutual ex- change of experiences through discussion groups. The Y. W. C. A. helps to maintain a home-like atmosphere in the girls ' dormitory. Link (President), B. Barnett, H. Jenkins, Gresimer, C. Bryant, Hayes, Shepard. Coon, L. Lewis, J. Bryant, Long, A. R. Overstrcet. Page 68 y. M. C. A. ' I ' 1 II Young Men ' s C hristian Association is a union ot students and faculty members with .1 definite purpose to promote growth in C hristian faith and character. This organization co-operates with the Young Women ' s ( ' hristian Association to sponsor various religious and soeial activities to create a better Christian Fellowship among the men and the women ot the campus. Diffenwierth (President), Walker, Calhoun. Scoficld, Shaw, J. Davis, Hough, Dr. G. T. Oborn (Faculty Advisor MADRIGAL CLUB ' I HE Madrigal Club takes the place of the Choir of past years. This chorus of mixed voices has presented several performances in the Lakeland city auditorium thus far, and plans to make an extended tour of the state. They have as their purpose to make the club an asset to Southern as well as to foster group singing of pep songs and sacred hymns. DifTenwierth (President), Newkirk, C. Bryant, Coats. Hunn, L. Lewis, Calhoun, Hayes, Darracott. Henry, Floyd, Lesley, Pintado, Schomburg. Page 70 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB T) KOI I SSOR I-ARI I. DANI.KY organized this club, choosing the best voices oi the men students to encourage this line of extra- curricular activities. Several public concerts, including sonic few radio broadcasts from Tampa, were given this year, and at the time of this writing a full program has been planned for the rest of the year. Hunn (President), J. Davis, Diffenwierth, Tolle, Cowling. Calhoun, Mack, G. R. Smith, Schomberg, W ' atkins. Page 71 ART CLUB O INCE the Art Department has fitted up a modern studio much interest has been manifested in its various courses. The Subdivision pages in this book were made in the department by Doris Bay and Margaret Moore. Miss Irene Gillespey, as head of the Art Department, is the advisor of the club. Carter, Pearce, Moore, M. J. Williams, Lesley. Page T ' FRATERNITIES ' FRATERNITIES A T SOUTHERN, Greek letter fraternities, of which there are eight, play an important role in the scholastic as well .is the social life on the campus. Their purpose is to foster the best interests of their members and to unite them in bonds of Friendship .ind Brotherhood deeper and more intimate than they might otherwise experience. These organizations have the helpful, encouraging approval of the faculty and have displayed a fine spirit in contributing to the general improvement and enrichment of the college by beautifying its campus and creating an atmosphere of progressive co-operation thereupon. They afford their members a priceless opportunity for self-expres- sion through the inter-fraternal rivalry in which each organization strives to outdo its competitors in promoting the welfare of Southern College. It is customary for each of the fraternities to undertake some project calculated to further the interests of the college during the school year, and through the splendid competitive spirit shown therein much has been accomplished. Fraternities have proved themselves to be of real value and .in elevating influence on the campus by seeking at all times to promote the principles of Brotherhood and Friendly Co-operation for which they stand. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL T HE Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of three representatives from each of the sororities. The purpose of this organization is to encourage friendship among these groups. This council regulates " rush rules, " and legislates and superintends any matters arising among the sororities. Lang (President), Mowry, Stidham, Long, Coats, J. Bryant. A. Bryant, Selman, Gresimer, Hodgson, Jackson, Hayes, Vaught. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL T " 1 III purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to promote good fellowship among the men students, to legislate and execute any necessary rules or regulations. It wishes to foster a wholesome fra- ternity life on the campus. This organization is composed of three members from each group. Scofield (President), Mitchell. Mack, Dawson, Diffenwierth, Bloodworth. KAPPA GAMMA TAU OFFICERS Helen Mow ry President Lollie Fhillips . . . Vice-Presid i u t Anna Bryant Secretary Catherine Armstrong . . Treasurer MEMBERS Helen Mowry Catherine Armstrong Sara Jane Carter Anna Bryant Emma Hearn Askew Hilda Alleshouse Altah Ruth Overstri i i Bi rnk i Askew Thelma Bakere :: Artemisa Evans " Esther I si n i picture. Page7 % % M KAPPA GAMMA TAU I Ol Mil 1) 1924 COLORS Maroon and CmU I I OW I R American B ;m ' l Rase Mary Lesley Ora Bi ii i Means Si s Little Hilda Dixon Genevievi Tollf. ' No picture. MEMBERS Mildred Graham Louise Scott El i a Mai Saunders Bi ss Hampton Ruth Royal Marjorii Si i i i i mage ro THETA PI DELTA OFFICERS Mildred Stidham .... President Dorothy Jackson . . . Vice-President Virginia Davis Secretary Cordelia Bryant .... Treasurer Mildred Stidham Dorothy Jackson Virginia Davis Cordelia Bryant Carrington Holman Grace Lockhart MEMBERS Bi r iy Barnett Frances Selman Hazel Sexton Dorothy Waldrop Moi lie Hardee M ra Bushong Page So s s y «E THETA PI DELTA •§3 FOUNDED KJS - 1925 COLORS V ' " Lai ender and Gold MEMBERS FLOWER Chrysanthemum Mary Claire Moore Inez Hart Edna Earle Maddox Eileen Giddens Dorothy Space Daisy Maddox Elizabeth Taylor Allison Pickard Janyce Ahl Mildred Rou Margaret Darracott Louise Wilson PHI DELTA OFFICERS Lucille Lang President Sarah Morrison . . Vice-President Helen Jinkins Secretary Lucille Nash Treasurer MEMBERS Lucille Lang Sarah Morrison Hi i in Jinkins Lucille Nash Joan Bryant Lorene Nash Virginia Lewis Maxine McIntyre Page S_ ■%■■%- PHI DELTA . FOUNDED 1925 COLORS Gold and White I3S MEMBERS I Low 1 R Chrysanthemum Fraxi is Hayes Catherine Montague Betty Phelps Mary Elizabeth Mitchej i Dorothy Roe Irene Wilson Bess Go k i i :: " Louise Kelly Louis) I owry •Ellie Ruth McLi on No picture. Wage 83 NU TAU BETA OFFICERS Thelma Long . . . Helen Phillips Josephine Gresimer . Helen Kincaid . . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS Thelma Long Helen Phillips Josephine Gresimer Helen Kincaid Virginia Kimdrough Julia Hoi. man Page 84 Ruby Ivy Margaret Moore Ruth Pintado Jane Scott MEMBERS : Lois Merritt NU TAU BETA FOUNDED 1926 COLORS White and Green FLOWER White Carnation Mary Lou Wooten Amelia Wright ' Pauline Fraser " Margaret Parker No picture. Page 85 L J CHI DELTA NU OFFICERS Shelley Coats President Dorothy Shepard . . . Vice-President Lillian Crowell .... Secretary Louise Wolff Treasurer MEMBERS Shelley Coats Dorothy Sfifpard Lillian Crowell Louise Woi I i Mary Wind] rweedli Almeda Cade Eleanor Hodgson Hi I FY Vaught Helen Johnston Mildred Johnston Page 86 CHI DELTA NU m FOUNDED 1929 COLORS Crimson tinJ White FLOWER Red and White Rose MEMBERS Marion Anson Dorothy King Winona Hagstrom Laura Thorpe Elizabeth Griffis Evelyn Platt Lucille Griffis Ji ssn Mae Rice Gladys Adams Bernice McMullen Page 87 BETA MU OFFICERS James Melton . Carroll Tolle Hamilton Jonj s William Chow . Carroll Tolle Hamilton Jones James Davis Wright Bloodworth Lawrence Cowling Clayton Calhoun James Key Ted Mack G. T. Melton :: ' Martin Roberts :: ' Arthur Snodgrass " John Woodall :; ' No picture. Page 8S ... BETA MU FOUNDED 1925 . Y ' - ( Ol ORS - " ■ 7 MEMBERS Purple and White I LOW 1 R White » ■ Charles Sealoyi r George Welch George Smith Fred Wild Donald Wai ki r Waldo Cleveland R. C. Wilder :: Robert Cline Keith Jones • ' Rodney Durrance Harry McDonald :: Ai in rt Key No picture. Page 89 PI KAPPA OFFICERS James Hightower .... President Marquis Pickard . . . Vice-President Arthur Hendrix .... Secretary Harley D. Rice Treasurer MEMBERS James Hightower Marquis Pickard Arthur Hendrix Hari.ey D. Rice Wesley Sewell Frank Scoiteld Wildon Mullen John Dawson Bishop Threlkeld Livingston Anderson John Bunting Roger Hollingsworth :: ' Frank Blam i :: David Murrell Bruce Albritton No picture. Page go PI KAPPA 1 OUNDED £f 1925 ak f fTK| T " . COLORS CJ Jf J Maroon, Gold ami Bliu t ■ FLOWER Red Carnation MEMBERS James Craven Charles Pickard Harla n G EGORY James Rice Gerald Mai m itn Jack Purcell Robert M l. losl 1 1 ) NU I ZlM MERMAN Hardy Bri .N 1 1 Mill S ( ,11 1)1 RSI EEV1 Merton Col i ins M. ( k Bri i i Newton H ELD Gari 1 1 N 1 ON No picture. fea e$ THETA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS Conley Weston .... President Bruce Mitchell . . Vice-President Russell Gutteridge T easurer MEM! 1ERS Conley Weston Charles Jaeger Bruce Mitciii it Dick Lundin Sam Smith Ralph Fletchj r James Diffenwierth :: ' Hampton Linton Murdock Shaw W ' ll 1 IAM Ml ' RRI 1 1 C 1 l(l 1 s Moore ,i picture. Page )-• THETA KAPPA PSI TPJPSw 1 Ol VDED .Jfflfew 1926 w wr i COLORS - rw Old Rosl and Silver 1 1 OWEK American Beauty Rose MEMBERS 1 rtin Hough William Reeder Karl Lake Sherwood Schomberg George Smith DeWitt Story Ralph Watkins : JOHN W ' ll 1 1 Wis Swi Mc Cook ' A. V. Wilcox CLAUDI W ' ll I IAMS No picture. ATHLETICS COACHES CO. III s I ' .rncst J. Bowyer and John Haines came this year to Southern to succeed Coaches Kimbrough and Hood. Although they had never coached college athletics before chey both had fine records as high school coaches, and produced teams here of which Southern is proud. Prior to assuming the duties of director of athletics here Coach Bowycr -erved two years at Lakeland High School where he produced championship teams both years. His personality and profession ethics together with his thorough knowledge ot football and basket-ball and his coaching ability nt him well tor the work he is doing at Southern. He is essentially a leader of young men. His work centered on the backfield. Coach John Haines has had many years experience coaching foot- hall and baseball teams and he proved his worth by producing a strong frontal wall in which the backfield aces had confidence. Under the handicap ot lack ot equipment and green material he has given South- ern a winning baseball team. This is the first year that Southern has attempted a baseball team in several years. Every man who has been under his directorship terms him as a regular fellow and finds work under a leader like him easy. ] KM s| BOW 11 K John Hum s ATHLETICS A THLETICS, everywhere regarded as an integral part of college ■L J- life, are strongly emphasized at Southern, and there is scarcely a student who does not avail himself of at least one of the many oppor- tunities to participate in his favorite sport. Football occupies the spotlight during the fall months, but while its stalwart exponents are disporting themselves on the gridiron, the members of the fairer sex reap the physical benefits of volley-ball and archery, or, clad in aquatic attire, paddle swift war canoes about Lake Hollingsworth. With the approach of winter, the basketeers don their abbreviated togs and prepare to do battle with worthy antagonists within the state and elsewhere. Both men and women engage in this sport and boast an enviable record. Tennis and golf follow in turn and are represented by teams of which Southern is justly proud. Against keen inter-collegiate compe- tition they have amassed an impressive percentage of victories. As the final semester draws to a close, athletic fervor reaches its climax in spirited inter-fraternal tennis, basket-ball and track events to determine which Brotherhood reigns athletically supreme on the campus. Pa , 98 F O O t b a I I J. Melton, Quarterback Albritton, End Tolle, Center Woodall, End Mlkrill, Tackle Bunting, Halfback 1). Mi lion, Halfback ' I ' HE MOCCASINS had a very successful season in football, although last year ' s team was sadly depleted. With a few of last year ' s stars to help along the large amount of new material, the prospects of a fine team was very encouraging. But great teams are produced only by great coaches. To " Goof " Bow yer and John Haines is due the credit of placing Southern on top of the list. Page too Scofilld. End Roth, Guard CaSON, Tackle DlFFENWIERTH, End Con ins. Guard Overstrelt, Fullback Rice, Quarterback The Mocs struck only once in the opening tilt to defeat the Bulldogs of Bowdon College by a score of 7-0. Doc Melton and " Casey " Cason stood out very prominently as stars in this contest. The second victim to succumb to the deadly bite of the Mocs was the Florida " B " team. But the Mocs proved more than an equal to down them 21-0. Albritton, Tolle, and Roth proved their worth in this fray. Page i 01 Mullen, Guard Davis, Guard Bryan, Center Hunn, Quarterback Robfrts, Guard Bi.oodworth, Fullback Britt, Tackle The Hurricanes of Miami proved to be only a stiff breeze for the mighty Blue and Whites. This is said to be the best game of the season for the Mocs as the team- work was unsurpassed. On a kickoff Doc Melton ran the ball back 97 yards to score. At the end of the game the scoreboard showed a 31-20 victory for the Mocs. With grim determination the scrappy Mocs coiled towards the highly tooted Howard College. But this game proved a stumbling block for Bowyer ' s undefeated team. In the last minutes of the game an unfortunate Southern fumble enabled them to score, Page 102 Christ, Tackle Wild, Halfback Wf.bb, Guard Kamixis, Tackle Moore, F.ml Potts, Guard Durrance, Quarterback a lone tally, 6-0. At the game Albritton, Jim Melton, and Doc Melton were the outstanding stars. The Homecoming game brought the " Hatters " of Stetson. Rated as underdogs they met a much-crippled Southern team to bowl them over in the last half by a score of 3 0-0. Bloodworth and Roth were the luminaries in this contest. F.rskine invaded Adair Field on Thanksgiving to furnish real opposition for the Blue and White eleven. All Moc threats failed to score, ending the game with an 18-0 Page 103 Sealovlr, i.uJ Key, Center Smith, Tackle Calhoun, Hulfl ' ai k Jaeger, Halfback Ri i ni r, Guard Lake, Manager win for Erskine. Next game was the " B " team and an all-star aggregation from Winter Haven. The Mocs took the game with a 14-0 victory. Moore, Hunn, and Collins gained recognition as playing a superb game. Southern had two encounters with an all-star team from Lakeland, led by Buddy Hackman and " Goof " Bowyer. In the first tilt the Mocs were defeated 7-0. The return game was tied in the last minute of play. These were charity tilts. Page 104 B a s k e t - B Jim Melton, Center Woodall, Glliirtl Murrell, Guard SOUTHERN COLLEGE basket-ball team opened its season at DeLand against Stetson University. Southern was swept off her feet by the speed of the " Hatters, " al- though they put up a gritty but futile battle. In the second scheduled game a dazzling last minute assault that netted 21 points enabled the Moc five to decisively defeat the strong Coca Cola team of Tampa 43-23. The Tampa Junior College was the next victim. With the combined efforts of the Varsity and " B " teams the Spartans were easily defeated by a score of 36 to 8. Tollt , Forward 1). Ml I ION, lo II .11 J Williams, Forward Next came the Sun-Kist of Lakeland. The first three quarters were played on even terms, but the last quarter the Sun-Kist struggled desperately to edge out the Mocs by a score of 3 5 to 30. A return game with the Coca Cola team of Tampa netted Southern a victory of 46 to 29. The first game against the " Tars " of Rollins, the Mocs completely outplayed them in all departments of the game for a 38-15 victory. The Sun-Kist were given a real surprise in the return game when the Blue Jersied men trampled them under foot for a hard fought 23-19 win. 107 Moorl, Forward Sealover, Guard Davis, Guard The Mocs again honored Southern with a win over St. Pete Junior College in .1 List and thrilling game. The final score read, Moccasins 40, Junior College 27. The return games with the Stetson " Hatters " and St. Pete Junior College ended with a defeat and victory for Southern respectively. The Spartans of Tampa Junior College fought gamely in the return contest but were not equal to the task of matching shots with the Mocs, Mocs 29, Spartans 17. The climax game of the season, the Sun-Kist was snowed under an avalanche of long shots by almost every member of the Southern College quintet. The winning of this game gave the Mocs the city championship, the count being 33-15. Page 108 Minor Sports TENNIS O INCE the enrollment of Arthur Hendrix and Albert Key, two years ago, Southern has jumped into the spotlight of the tennis world. Hendrix has brought to Southern and to himself the distinction of holding the inter- collegiate championship of the state for two years in succession, ' 31, ' 3 2. He de- feated Ham of the University of Miami this year for the championship. At the time of this writing only two matches have been played, both of which were victories for Southern. Other matches are in the making, and these will probably have the same results as the former two. The squad is composed of — A. Key, Hendrix (Captain), Snodgrass, Miss Lawshee, J. Melton, Jaeger, H. Bryant. Page 1 I " | GOLF OLI- AT Southern is in its second year .is ail inter-collegiate sport. Despite this t.ici it is rapidly growing to be one of the school ' s most popular minor sports and prospects point to even a more successful team. Two inter-collegiate matches have been held, at the time of this writing, netting one victory and one defeat. Both of these matches were with Rollins College. The first match was played off at Orlando, and the other on the Cleveland Heights course, which is considered one of the best in Florida. Jim Melton, John Williams, Doc Milton. YEAR ' S ATHLETIC RESULTS FOOTBALL Place Opponents Lakeland (night) Bowdon State College — Southern . 7 Lakeland U. of Fla. " B " Team . — Southern . . 21 Miami . 31 Dothan, Ala. Lakeland Stetson University 20 — Southern . Lakeland BASKET-BALL Place Opponents DeLand . . . . Stetson University . . . S2— - Southern ... 26 Lakeland Tampa Coca Cola 23- -Southern 43 Lakeland Tampa Junior College 8- -Southern 36 Lakeland 35- -Southern 30 Tampa Tampa Coca Cola 29- -Southern 46 Winter Park . Rollins College 15- -Southern 3 8 Lakeland 19- -Southern 23 St. Petersburg St. Pete. Junior College 27- -Southern 40 Lakeland Stetson University 31- -Southern 20 Lakeland St. Pete. Junior College 23- -Southern 38 Tampa Tampa Junior College 17- -Southern 29 Lakeland BASEBAL1 - 15- -Southern 33 Place Mulberry Winter Haven Lakeland Lakeland Lakeland Opponents Mulberry — Southern F. M. 1 2 — Southern Mulberry 2 — Southern F. M. 1 2 — Southern Newark " Bears " 21 — Southern 7 2 12 7 3 Page 112 Co-E d Ath I e t c s Jackson, Hagstrom, L. Lewis, Wright. Merritt, L. Scott. T -1 HE RECORD made by the Southern Valkyries during the 1931-32 season can be - 1 - termed an entirely successful one. With a plucky team chosen from a scanty squad of players, Coach Johnny Woodall with the help of physical education director, Mary Watson, made an extremely good showing. Winning every game except one, when the team met the more experienced and hardier Coca Cola girls from Tampa, and with the exception of two tied games, the Valkyries piled up a surprising number of scores, almost every game being an over- whelming victory for our fighting team. Page 114 C. Bryant, Wooten, Kahaski, Lowry. Rice, Smith. By dint of hard practice every afternoon and consistent, well-organized team-work, the Valkyries carried out the following schedule: Valkyries - 18 — Winter Haven 13 Valkyries ilk ries ■ 17 — Auburndale 13 Valkyries Valkyries . 2 1 — Auburndale . 10 Valkyries Valkyries 1 3 — Mulberry 13 Valkyries Valkyries 13 — Coca Cola • 23 Valkyries Valkyries ■ 17 — Groveland • 10 52 — Mulberry ■ . 17 17 — Plant City 15 19 — Bartow 19 14 — Norman Park - • 13 39 — Plant City . 21 it-hlilftldddtMtb BLUE CANOE TEAM (Winner Beta Mu Trophy, 1931) L. Lewis (Coxswain), Gardner, Wooten, Alleshouse, Horton, Kelly, McMullen, Wright, Anson, W ' iKe Jackson, C. Bryant. WHITE CANOE TEAM Armstrong (Coxswain), Wilson, Crowell, Clark, Henry, Hutchinson, Long, Vaught, Hardee, Phelps, Alleshouse, Link. P f ; :. ; i Page n 6 VARSITY VOLLEY-BALL FRESHMAN VOLLEY-BALL .Page 117 TENNIS TEAM. Wright, Merritt, Vaught, M. Smith, Kelly, Armstrong. Jackson, C. Bryant, Vfooten, V. Lewis, L. Scott. Page tlS % % ) FEATURES REPRESENTATIVE CORDELIA BRYANT WESLEY sew ell POPULAR THELMA LONG JAMES DIFFENWIERTH Who ' s Who of the Freshman Class: Janyce Ahl and James Rice supply the mirth with their wise cracks; we look at Bernice McMullen and Hamp Linton and sigh, " Ain ' t they cute; " Mildred Graham and " Rip " Collins are really that way about each other; everybody knows, and likes Mary Lou Wooten and " Chile " Moore. Jane Scott and Sam Collins are the most versatile Freshmen; another Freshman feature is Milly Rou ' s smile; Jo and Moon are just resting. SOPHISTICATED HAZEL SEXTON MARQUIS PICKARD ATTRACTIVE SHELLEY COATS SARAH MORRISON SHERWOOD SCHOMBERG Freshman Who ' s Who, Continued: Pat Anson and Bill Recder represent the most at- tractive; Eileen Giddens and Boots Gildersleeve are a bit sophisticated; Ruth Pintado and Keith Jones can play and sing in a talented way; Margaret Darracott and Rip Collins are the most representative; Bernice McMullen and DeWitt Story are dependable; Ella Ruth McLeod and Glen Hutchinson were voted the most outstanding Freshmen. Doc Melton and Betty Phelps as Mr. and Mrs. Health of the Sports Club carnival. ATHLETIC BETTY VAUGHT JAMES MELTON TALENTED JOSEPHINE GRESIMER HARLAN GREGORY Homecoming this year was the most colorful ever, excepting the results of the game. The biggest parade of the history of Southern took the town in its winding clutches and showed Lakeland something of its enthusiasm. The bonfire on the preceding night added pep, and the sponsors at the game added color. A gala time was had by all. VERSATILE VIRGINIA KIMBROUGH BRUCE MITCHELL OUTSTANDING SENIORS VIRGINIA DAVIS CONLEY WESTON Hendrix and Lawshee, the Ed and Co-ed of tennis; Moon Mullens gives " Death " Daw- son the laurels as yo-yo champion; President Spivey and his daughter, and another group of Spiveys; our President ' s home across Lake Hollingsworth; the editor and business manager found it easy to pose for the photographer; the Men ' s Glee Club and their director, Prof. Danley, just outside the music studio. WITTIEST ANNA BRYANT JACK PURCELL DEPENDABLE ELEANOR HODGSON DONALD WALKER EVELYN LINK Walk of Honor - ' 32 M SCRAPPIEST COUPLE DOROTHY JACKSON A. W. WILCOX CUTEST COUPLE ELIZABETH TAYLOR LIVINGSTON ANDERSON ALL Tnii DIB1 TI NT ' S FIT TO P.- ; VOL. 1 NO._J ETECTIVE DEFIES DE TII DECIPHERING DIRT DISHERS tekir.if is hot her than t lehi ale) . (O will bo r - It •. ■ .3 -■ ? V { fc: " ' V ojr Oewre-At ' " ' fa PP a roi pxn ■-»% . . , why didn ' t orop sail " ? it in such ully to c it it con J; Jo ' .i- . it . I it i:.l;.- . ir- ' I r Sot, ' erf EcLtTor ve t t .. . ' ... ::sur .otive. i " Spot, ' ftone - 0 . ' ■ ?S ' ;et Ins ADVERTISEMENTS ,»•.). 1 I i y I I x y X x y y •• y y y X X x y X I x x y y y ! t Southern College- is one of Lakeland ' s most valuable and appreciated institutions. The City, Chamber of Commerce and the Merchants Association recognize that its progress and advancement are of the greatest importance to every cit- izen of the City, Community and State. -a3 - p » »» ■ The City of Lakeland The Chamber of Commerce The Lakeland Merchants Assn. Page [35 AN APPRECIATION T T E WISH to express our sincere thanks to those students and faculty members who so willingly contributed their time and talents to the planning and composition of the Interlachen. There are many who have indeed proven themselves loyal friends of Southern College by giving financial support in these trying times when business is at its lowest ebb. The students and friends of Southern should pay especial at- tention to the advertising section of the Interlachen, for here is a roster of the friends that made the publication of this, your own book, possible. ♦ % t Congratulations to the Class of ig$. BRYANT and TRANTHAM Attorneys at Law OXFORD and CUTTS Attorneys at Law EDWARDS and MARCHANT Attorneys at Law BRADFORD G. WILLIAMS i AND 1 RICHARD M. NAYLAR Attorneys at Law PETERSON, CARVER and LANGSTON Attorneys at Law MACK and JULIAN Attorneys at Law C. V. McCLURG Attorney at Law CECIL SMITH Attorney at Law Page i.i ' Jefferson - Hartsell Corporation ' Successors to Melton and Barden INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 1 y y y y y y f y y •• ¥ V f 1 I 1 y f I y V y y y y y y X ICE CREAM Poinsettia Ice Cream of today is the perfect product of 20 years of Ice Cream making " The Smile Follows the Spoon " MILK Rich Milk from the finest herds in Hillsborough County Pasteurized for " Safe Baby Milk " Safety TAMPA OFFICE: 3319 FLORIDA AVENUE ••• • • •• • « «• y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ? y f y ' y | I y y y y y y y y y y Page 137 Y Y Y Y • f Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y t Y Y t Y ? Y ? Y t Y Y f Y Y Y Y ? Y Y Y Y »: RAPID SHOE SHOP ' ' AND i SHINE PARLOR DYEING LADIES ' SHOES A SPECIALTY All Work Strictly Guaranteed 127 S. Tennessee Avenue Opposite Post Office We Call for and Deliver 1 1 Lakeland PHONE 39-883 Florida I Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y t Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y f Y I I Y Y Y Y t »x x x x xk X " X " X x x x x x X " X ' Y Y Y Y f Y Y x I Y f Y f I t Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ? Y Y ± I X Compliments of ■f i i LAKELAND MOTORS 315 WEST LEMON STREET LAKEL XI) FLORIDA South Side Pharmacy Prescriptions, Drugs and Drug Sundries A Complete Drug Store Corner of S. Florida and McDonald St. X V t : ? 4 % X : : y t V Y i • Y i Y X t ¥ Y X .:. : Compliments of y f f HOTEL THELMA George M. Carr and W. B. Schuler, Lessees LA KK LAND FLORIDA »X " X x x x xk x x xkk«xK " X " X " : Congratulations GRADUATES Cunningham Steam Laundry i. ki:land FLORIDA Y Y Y Y Y Y x ! Page [38 WVVVWWV » " . I y y y X y y y y •• y y y y y y y t y y ¥ y y y y y y y f y t f y y t y | Congratulations and Good Wishe r tO o SOUTHERN COLLEGE Lyons Fertilizer Company y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y f y y y y t y y y y y y y y y y y y x Compliments of Gulf Refining Company LAKELAND, FLORIDA 111 Don Sloan, Distributor TODD HARDWARE CO. LAKELAND. FLORIDA y y y y y I y y y y y y y y Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop Work Called for and Delivered MODERNLY EQUIPPED Phone 25-261 III. ' ! I I l -si | A EN1 l Compliments of Polk County Baking Co. Makers of Butterkrust Bread LAKELAND FLORIDA I y y X I y y y y y y I Page [39 y v y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y V y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ' Congratulations, Class of 1932. The most enduring, abiding thing in human life is Character. As you go forth to build, may you build Character. ROUX CRATE CO., Inc. (Lake Garfield) BARTOW, FLORIDA E. T. ROUX, President Plant City, Florida y " y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ? y y ♦»• y y y y y y y y y t y y y y % ! ! y t SCHNARR ' S INSECTICIDES ARMOUR ' S FERTILIZERS 111 y I y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y T y y y y y y y y y y y y % ' •» • • • • • • • • • • • • • We Supply Quality Goods at Economy Prices In Winter Haven " The Heart of the Citrus Section ' 111 Citrus Supply Co. Winter Haven, Florida I Y Y y " Y ? V Y i ! I I ! 1: 1 t y y 1 f I y ? 1 f ? ? 1 t • $ I i LINCOLN Miller -Rogers Motor Company Authorized Sales and Service LAKELAND, FLORIDA 4H-419 No. Florida Avenue PHONE 4606 111 QUALITY FIRST SERVICE ALWAYS Page ' y y y y y y y y y y ? ? y y f l y y y ? ! y i y y y y X 140 y •J I. i i;n i.iiis X 1 1 ki; i .1:11 1 1 • ± Gates Griffin 111 HABERDASHERS 111 207 I » [QQS StRE] I .». T A WV 1 - ' 1.111:1 D % H. J. Drane Son i A V 1 ♦ • INSURANCE RENTALS REAL ESTATE 1 ! Dr ane Building ! I PIPKIN DAIRY $ R. O. Pipkin, Prop. t 1 t I J lBY MILK l SPECIALTY X Pure Dairy Products Obtainable • inly by Truck or at our station ?. 114 E. Orange SI Phone 38 7 1 I FORD SHOE STORE Shot s for Men and II omi n Soutll Kentucky Am Lakeland, Fla. : : w« : x :- : x m« kkkk : $ ♦ THOM McAN SHOES X • ¥ •♦ y v Satisfaction in Prici and Service " X X y X X North Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Fla. ¥ COMPLIMENTS OF CHANDLER-DAVIS CO. LAKELAND FLORIDA y y f y y y y y y y ? y ¥ y y t y y y y y y y y y y y ¥ y y t y X Page 141 t MOORE ' S for CLOTHES Fit Style Satisfaction MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP LAKELAND FLORIDA DUCKY-WUCKY 1 1 TRY ' i SPROTT ' S FAMOUS BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE Hats Rebuilt Misses ' Frocks CREVASSE SHOP MILLINERY 111 POLK THEATER B1 I I. DIM; % V t f t V X • ♦...•...♦»»VA , »« , .. .. .. m mV. . V.V»». » , .«V» » , » » , » » » New Recreation BILLIARD PARLOR Courteous : Clean Club Room for Gentlemen " You Are Welcome " 118% So. Tenn. Ave. : Lakeland, Fla. I I t y y y y y y y y y y t f y y y y HAV-A-TAMPA AND TAMPA NUGGET CIGARS Demand called for a good cigar — and all agree to a man, ir. t li:it for quality, price and excellent taste, Hav-a-Tampa AND Tampa Nugget CIGARS were the answer Hiv-a-Tampa Cigar Co. TAMPA : FLORIDA X 1 •:• • y V »♦. « « 1 y y 1 S •!• | 4 .;. . . . . k i | .;. V A •:• X t y y y y V y : y y s 4 A A GULF BRANDS OF F ERTILIZER for Groves: Truck Lands Gardens and Lawns There are 53 Brands of Gulf Fertilizer for various purposes — citrus, trees, flowers, vegetables, grass, etc. These brands are all different in formula, but .ill alike in one respect — excellence of quality. They represent the highest form of plant food — behind them arc 28 years of Florida experience — and a reputation for results. : : : SEND FOR FREE CATALOQ The Gulf Fertilizer Co. TAMPA : FLORIDA Page 1 4- ' % T y y y y y y •• •• y y t I Economic.) 1 Drue Store % $ " The Polk 1 Lis the Shows " Prescription Druggists 111 Phone 2177 112 S. Tens essei i i LAKELAND : FLORIDA t y • • t v v A • ( II n i ' i;i y t : x Compliments of The Southland Soda Shoppe $ $. x x in,- - 35c A Sparks Florida Theatre _ ' - --C =- " Home of Proven Hits " CLEAN UN ESS X $ cihldbh QUALITY SERVICE lil I PS 25c 30] So. Tl.w Ave. X X 10c 25 ' £ : ' A Sparks Florida Theatre £ Presenting Lakeland % X The Pick OF THE PICTURES T X X Compliments of | Hotel Thelma Barber Shop £ A Clean Shop with Experienced •!• Operators X Ladies Invited ♦ Hotel Thelma Bldg. Lakeland, Fla. Compliments of Benford ' s Stationery Co. Complete Office Outfitters ALSO Picture Framing Sin I II l l I I ( K-i 1 I I X •? X y x X y y y y AFTER COLLEGE — WHAT? Some of you FELLOWS are going to own Citrus Groves and Vegetable Farms. WEST COAST BRANDS will make the profits greater. Write for Price List WEST COAST FERTILIZER COMPANY 303 Krause Bldg. Tampa, Florida Page 143 X X t x X V t Y y t y ♦ f Y f X Y Y Y X Y t Y Y Y X Y X Y Y Y Y Y X X X Y Y X Y Y " X-CEL jj SEEDS AND FEEDS FOR FLORIDA NEEDS 1 1 i NITROPHOSKA CALCIUM NITRATE CALUREA " The Best in Fertilizers " JACKSON GRAIN CO. TAMPA : FLORIDA Hotel Hillsboro Tampa ' s Largest Hotel Complete Year Round Service Ideal for Banquets and Meals Top o ' the Town Dining Room Cafeteria : Coffee Shop Kales $2 to $5 C. J. Jackson, Mgr. Compliments of Standard Oil Co. 111 B. O. Bethea Commission Agent LAKELAND : FLORIDA J •■: ••: ■: ■■: •■: •■: Y •■: ■■: ■■: ■■: • y v V •■: ••: x Y X ••: •• Y Y •■: •• Y I I Y Y Y V V ? •L Lakeland Cash Feed Co. Manufacturers of " COLLEGE " " DIXIE " POULTRY DAIRY FEEDS FEEDS Phone 26-061 PALACE RESTAURANT 2Sc Dinner 11 A. M.-12 P. M. 2 5c Breakfast 12 P.M.- 11 A.M. College Students Welcome 124 Last Main Street Ma Weeks ' Luncheonette Special Plate Lunch 25c Student Meal Tickets All Home Cooking Mrs. V. A. Weeks Proprietor ii i i i B. Weeks 1 a ndper Compliments of L. M. K O O N S KAHN CLOTHES made to your individual style as low as $2 5.00 8 Marble Arcade f Y •• y Y v Y V V V •;• I i Page 144 D Q U y In the production of fine books, or for that matter, fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Offices an J Store O f Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret Of workers who have mastered their crafts « Of materials of the best quality « And of modern equipment and exact skill in its direction. « « . These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at « « « FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY GEORGIA A T L A N A PRODUCERS O E FINE ANNUALS BOOKLETS CATALOGS Manufacturing Plant The Officials of Polk County Wish t V • ♦♦••• • % • % w ♦ ♦•»»« • • • " • •• » . • . % • • • » • • % • • » ♦ ♦ •»» • % » • • • • • t y 4 .». : i y X X x MARK O ' QUIN C. M. WIGGINS y y X y 4 y 4 y Criminal Judge County judge : y y V i y y X y y y y y X y y X X y y y y y y y y ? Y y y y y y y H. G. TAYLOR H. C. PETTEWAY y T Circuit Judge Circuit Judge : y 4 ' 4 y y y y y y t y y t y $ y y y y y y t z Y ♦ y t • T. T. HATTON J. D. RAULERSON 1 : y x 4 y Supt. Public Instruction Clerk Circuit Court i y y a X y Y V ♦ t z y Y V ♦:• J 2 X x i .5. x X y y y 4 y y y y V y J. A. MOORE J. A. JOHNSON f 3 •:• i t y y y y y y y y T ♦I f y y y y y y V Supervisor Registration S ; 77 t $ • V • ♦ ♦ m m 4h « « mMmMm h 4 4 4 «« « ««« • ♦♦♦♦♦• ' • ' ;; i ' 146 Continued Success to Southern College COUNTY COMMISSION I. RS si . B. P. KELLEY J . W . FOLEY R. R. DURRANCE ALONZO LOGAN JOE ROBINSON 1 i Y y ♦ y t M. M. GLOVER • • WERNER C. JONES y y y y y y t y t y County Solicitor Tax Assessor ' , « 4 i 4 | y y y % J. P. MURDAUGH CLYDE OLIVE i $ y y t y t Tax Collector Clerk -Criminal Court Y y y y f y y y y y •• y y y y y y y ♦ y y y y y y y y y y y t y V y t y X fag. ' 147 f t y Y y Y y y y y ¥ y y y y y y y y y y y y f y y y y y y y y y I Peoples Savings Bank Commercial Accounts Safe Deposits Savings T y f y t y ♦ f y f y t y y y y y y y y y t y y y y I y y y y y y y y 1 x t V V •;• V y I X •;• y y y y y y ? y y y y y y X I y t v y ONE OF SOUTHERN ' S BEST FRIENDS Remember its when in need of Printing of Quality romptly Done riced Right PHONE 32-601 Southern Printing Co. 209 East Lime Street Maas Brothers SOUTH FLORIDA ' S SHOPPING CENTER T A M A G R E A T E S T O R S T E Page m8 ,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAi The H i n k 1 e y Studios 1 IIGH CLASS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOS KODAK FINISHING 1 1 1 R. G. Hinkley, Manager 111 101 y 2 N. Kentucky Ave. L AKELAND 1 1 Y y y X 1 t Y ♦ ! t ! Y Y Y Y Y Y Y X 1 Y Y Y Y X A ♦ t % .•• ♦♦ ! I y Y y x Y Y Y Y Y Y x V v . ' • ' A : : X X X .:, .-. l ok REALLY GOOD FOOD Florida Cafe I i " inn s i i i: 111 $5.50 MEAL TICKET $5.00 111 I. A K E I. A I) Benford ' s Bootery 111 LADIES ' SHOES EXCLUSIVELY I y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y t y y i t ! Y y ! I Y y t y y ♦ t y t y t t y t Y t Y Y ? t y t y X COMPLIMENTS OF LAKELAND VALET Dry Cleaning and Pressing 1 19 SOUTH KENTUCKY AVENUE ELMA SUE ROBSON MANAGER PHONE 26-864 y Y y y Y Y y y y y y t y Y Y Y y Y t Y Y y Y y x I Y I Y t Y Y Y Y Y Page 149 " ♦ •«%• »• .• » » » %• ».•» For Your BANQUETS, DATES and LUNCHES The Home Restaurant 309 E. Main Street Phone 32-681 : : ZORAH B. CLOSE MEMBER FLORIDA BAR Candidate for County Judge 111 " Choose a woman for a woman ' s work " f t ? V V Y Compliments of Quality Dry Cleaners 1 1 1 X y y ♦ ! ♦ f I I f t t t ♦ 1 1 5 South Florida Ave. LAKELAND : FLORIDA ! y y | ! ? Y ? | •x»x«-X " X " X " : " X»: " X- ' X x«-x-X " X«: " X ' •:« ♦ •x-;- KK ' " X " X K " X X ' " X " X X X X X • y v t y t y y y ' ♦ ! I I y y 111 f y y y V t f y Y y y y y y y y y X y Y Y V BUY A t CHEVROLET HAMMOND JONES, INC. y y X • : ♦ V y t X t t y y y X I ¥ y X : t y I X .: y y 111 t Y t y X ? y y y y I Y y t X Compliments of Post Office Barber Shop .i union shop CLEAN LINEN WITH EVERY JOB West Bros., Proprietors LAKELAND : FLORIDA LAS NOVEDADES CAFE, RESTAURANT and LUNCH Private Room for Ladies and Gentlemen Upstairs 111 Open All Night Phone Y-1381 ( I ' sTAiits Y 1 T ' - ' 7 1 116 7th AVENUE YBOR CITY FLORIDA Page 150 y i •• x y y The Merchants and Business men of Sarasota wish continued success and prosperity to The School of Art of the John and Mabel Ringling Museum. % •• •• •• Y y y y y y y y y t y X f G. B. PR] ME II VRDWARE KM KLITEB BROS. HARD- lln si ri ' lA M | 1 COMPANY WARE WD PAINT i 0. SERVII E, INC. | 176 Sixth St. : Phone 2214 8t i ns first for your 1 1 Phone 2795 : lit Main St. Automotive Wants 4 y y Opposite Chamber of Phone 7672 y X % % i !ommerce " " " it 1 ' rOni StOI 1 " -Kill - 3S Main Street y I i II E V R ii 1. E T " Tiistc lilt Difl ' ri run " = | sa i £- ' Tfy ' i ' ' ■: $ y y f X y SaU s Si ' ' ice (i L, E A N D E R Mg y Plioiu- 2801 ICE C R E A M s l; VSOT SALES I 0. Sara -mi a Fort Myers Main and N. Orange y y I % V- Orange Avenue at Sixth Bradenton Phone 2. " 4i 1 y • STARK ' S BAKERY i i 1 THE SPORT SHOP ! Everything Made to Order BANK OF SARASi iTA i Prom a Bun to a Wedding Complete " For Sportswear and $ V A l Cake Banking Service F.rcriiin ar " ! 327 Main St. : Phone 7223 111 Sara-.. i a Florida ! y MAC ' S FOOD SHOP i:r sir plies Welcome Art School Studt ats 1 y y y X V 1 336 Main St. DOWNS PAINT AM) JAKE ' S CAMERA SHOP GROCERIES £ HE ITS GLASS CO- Main Street y y y y y y X % " A Dependable Store " " Deal with Downs " I Next to Western Union " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " DUTCH MAID CAFE 111 1 Till ' BLOSSOM SHOPS, Dinners Plates Lunches THE INTERLACHEN y y X INT . WISHE8 81 r - :.ss TO y X | Sarasota, Fla. " RINOLINO TECH " V i ! 227 Main St. : Phone 233] • • •_ _•_ _•_ .•--•. .♦- •»„•.. .: .». .•_ _•_ _•_ . . .♦. .♦. • • . Main Street at Five Points 111 y y y Page 151 ■:,;-■:,:■. S-.-S m i m m

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