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ill J}1 :i2 uf ( tj K- ii V V ♦ V V ♦ l,[I(:A- 4fc-. f ' tiiir Two Fiige Thrfe r ♦. ' •• f i ' W-V Page huiir X ' M .» .». page Fnt ♦ V-V-V ■e r:; , - mi ' na Mt ' - mti - 1 NT E R L AC H EN ' ' Hti - m ti MQ - n -1 %. S8Si MS8?: XCi8SiC?M2lft4926ft )3(S ' age Seieii % ' f. ' - ' ■♦,-♦••♦ U n - M ' X ' fTNT E R LAC HENl " " tT K ' X I ' uge Eight ■ ■C.i : - • n 9 K K 3s( I K X K Ms:8 r5Mc;;s5?vs3) c; ve;3)5(c, ' INTERLACHEN • UC ' Uti M U %.... )3( )3( o I -(TTk ' f U n n X ' flNT E R L AC H ENl ' - ' m- K K CAMPUS VIEW LOOKING TDW AI!I)S LAKE IIOLLINGSVVOKTII ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " xa ' i Xti ' Mt ' - nt ' ; ' fifERLAC EN ' ' ' " ' r ' ' ' iTi. 9 P- 9 K Is 9 Is K 9 X p. 9- 4 i i i :- ' i filw -4 to A X )s( Page Eleven ENTRANCE TO GIRLS DORMITORY t fr-f. «C 55M? «5 ' 3 l ' ' fIINT E RL AC H ENl 3)e(C?s«3)£ iS «3Mi 5iX o o cd ?: o X )?CCiss MS8ii MS i Ci«t M28sd926si K I ' ogr Ttirhr •♦■ ♦ ■♦,•• K X X ft- )eC )sC K K ' N THE days gone by far-seeing men made plans to build a school And sought a place where it might grow to benefit mankind. Thev chose the Ijanks of Hollingsworth. antl there, beside the la I Tall buildings towered to the sky, and classic corridors Re-echoed happy shouts of youth, and as the days went by Stored precious memories within the walls of lives well lived. And then it was befitting that someone should choose a seal To typify the ideals of this earnest band of youth. nd so the seal was made and dedicated to the school. Sev ' n stars of blue formed in a cross uijon a shield they placed — The emblem of self-sacrifice upon the sign of faith — And ' round this rare device three circles lay, symbolical Of Brotherhood. And then, within these were inscribed three words To light the path of man and raise him to a higher plane: Lux, Sapientia and Lex — light, wisdom, and lastly, law. Light following all knowledge, showing truth to make us free, nd wisdom as a background for the vision that we see, nd law that we may have our thoughts confirmed in self-control So to these ideals then our school will . re stand true, m stars and shield and circles all are emjjlems which shall help i ' hat we may " see life clearly and niav see it whole. " D. n. X X X X X X X X X X X X x x f x t x 3s!i x M2G x x x f x j x ' list ' Thirteen ♦ 0: ' ♦ ■•.•••T r. X ' -i c c; Mc;?s ' Ke ' 5MCi«? ' fTNTERLACHE •9 45 W X •s K . M X 9 .5? M ri. Si!? ' 15 t ' 5 f 1 LuDD Myrl Spive . A.B.. A.M.. B.D. President of Soulheni College Dr. Spivey came to us from Birmingham- Southern with many words of praise from both students and faculty there. Though he has been the leader of Southern for less than a year he is loved by everyone of the student body, the faculty anil the friends of the College. He is a real friend to all of the students and there is no problem too small for him to talk over with them and advise them accordingly. He is a man of bound- less enthusiasm aiul tireless energy as shown in his work during the Million-Dollar Cam- paign. =i»-aSJfec Page Fifteen : - : . - ■ ? " -J -r M C MC MS ' Mg ' INTERLACHEN = XC ' CSKc;:si; ) e -vQx M K )3( )s( )3( -- ' " ■ O X .Carl Svfan Cox, A.B.. A.M. % 1 , )eCi (7o;- ol Miillirjiiiilirs K K a x K 38C x M )5C x )e( K ' «i ' r Sixlicii ■ - i ci " XC: «S ct ' ' MC ' [TNT E R L AC H E K X K © n K p. Hazel Belle Mileham. B.S.. A.M. " ( Dran « W nnirii mid I iislnidor nj Eiijilisli j vV ' t-r riiX--- . - •- y -=a !Si. i 192 6s x )2(S8s;»aMc )s(g§s M )5C el A ' ZJ. ' ZJ ' 4 I ' lif e Set rntf ' pn : ' ■ ■• ♦. MS MS ' CJMCI ' Mei INTERLACHEN ' K U ' ' nt ' j n U X 7.k X X LOUS ALBERTl. A.B.. A.M., Melro- pnlilan College of Copenhagen. Pu- pil ot Joluuiii BatliuUly and Sextiis Miscow. Dirrcliir III iiuf and Theiiry oj Music. ROBERT STKW VKI HI A. B.S.. .Stet- son University; A.M., Columbia Llniversity: Ph.D., Nurthwesleiii University. Professor oj Chvinnlr). OLIN BOGGESS. A.B., anderliiit I ni- versity; B-O.. Drew Tlienlngieal Seminary. Professor of Greek anil Liibliral Literature. W ILLL M PEW BRANDON, A.B., Em- ory University; A.M., University of North Carolina. Professor of History aud Eco- nomics. CAROLINE BROADWELL. Tennessee Female College; Ward-Belmont Col- lege; Teacher ' s Diploma from the Curry School of Expression. Director oj School nj Expression ELOISE HAKKNESS CARV. Binniim. ham-Scjulliern College. Secretary to the President X X X X X X fi a X fi A X X X X )sCS§ft MC M! C MC 1926fti5aMC ) Page Eighteen % ♦ V V %-% ♦ v-» % » C3 :5 e? ' V8: :iKc;?5» " :;Mc?sv-riNx E R L AC H ENl " MtTi - n ci«? .:5Mej«? x X ft- X » K ft fe K ft ft WALTER COLLIN.S. Ciruiiiiiati Art Academy: Martz Ueinhokit: Walter Thor; Hyman School of Illustrating. Munich ; Adolph von Menzel, Berlin ; Julian School and Academy Colora?;- si. Paris. Director oj School of Art. RLFLS THOMAS CORNELIUS. A.B.. A.M., anderliih Iniversity. Projessor oj Latin. JOHN MARSHALL ELLIS. A.B.. Em- ory University, M.S. Professor of Biology. MARY CAROLINE HAIN. B.S.. George Peahody College for Teachers. Professor of Household . ' science. THELMA MAY HALL. B.S.. .Southern College; Graduate ork at Colum- bia University. Professor of Household Arts. JAMES RAYMOND HAYGOOD. A.B., anderhilt L niversity. Director of Athletics. j»ft= v - ' W. " - . ...r ' -i- ' - - i X •el X X ;- X X .i3 X X X X Page .Mneteen x xc ' jf. x m n jt t 1 92(} t n ' x u n? s x •■ f ' •■ X ' ' ' t », fe X K K K K X w (()i; MOUTON HKNDKKSON, MM. I... W t-stiiKprelaiul ( ollefit ; (Iradii- ate Work in Georjie Pealnniy (lol- lejie for Teachers. I nivereity of Texas. Instructor in Di-jxirtmfnl of ISiisi- no.s Administrution. l i; Ml FFLY MOREHOL .SE. B.F. Drake University; A.B.. Universit of .Southern California; Graduate Work. Northwestern Lnivers !t . I ' rojcssor of Religious Eduraiion. (;UACE El.EANOK McKEYNOLDS. A.B.. Maryville College; A. M.. Cor mil University; Graduate Work. University of Tennessee and ( ' olmn- bia University. Professor of h ' s}cholo unit Edu- cation. LOUISE AMANDA RENICK, Diplom.. from Cincinnati College of Music: Graduate ork. Seidel .School of Music. Instructor in I ' iuno. WALTER O.MER ROPP. W,st ii-ini.. University. Ilursur and Uirector ol Driiurl- tncnt ol s (e tdrninist ration. (.EORt.K KKWkILN .SCOTT. A.li.. Middle Georgia College: Graduate Sludenl. anderbilt Universit). Instruitor of History. ' ' V» V. !!t " 6 •4 M )5( K n n. Pugf Tuent n Xf - mi - nt; -- INTERLACHEN ' • l Ktl ' - nG - Htl ' - M X X )5( ft K !3 K •a TV J I 1.1 1). SIMS. Supi ' riiiti-ndi ' nt oj Hull tor II I ' tii- HELEN NKEDENBURC SWE. T. B.M.. Sullins Collejie: (Graduate ork, Nirjiil Solio.il ,.l Music. Instriirtor ol Hislor iti Music IIENKV Cl.AV NANCE. Instntrior in jintniiilisin. (11 AKLE.S AMZl AWOV. A.U.. Drake Lniveisity: Ph.D.. I iii t ' isit of Iowa. Frojesstir oj Konutmi ' Limgua e.s. 1.BEKT GREGORY VREDENBURG, Diploma from Syracuse Lniversily of Music; Graduate Work in Piano. George A. Parker aiul Fredericli Sliailer Evans; Graduate Work in iolin. William Schultze. Clifford Schmidt; Graduate Work in Theorv. Perry Goetschius. Director oj School of Music. KOSA LEE WALSTON. A.B.. Woman,- College of . labama: .V.M.. Birmin.i- ham-Southern College; Graduate Work. Columbia University. I ' rniessnr oj English. y x n jf nc ' jf n f G K K K K n K 9. )sC X 4 X £3 €2 fage Tuenl}-oiie . :3(Ciii KS8ft XGigs. MSiss; gj 5K ♦ f ■ ;; ht mvmq iffm ' imf k mm!ms • ♦ v-i ' ♦ ■♦ •.■••r I ' age Tuenty-three 4 • K X X I?- MC MS _ M JS? ' [INT E R LAC H ENT - S S » C)T SO many years ago. in Soiilliciii s wall The Seniors started tiieir career. Awed by the grandeur ol her lol [ halls. Loving her more with every passing year. Life ' s trials eanie to Southern and were shared By earnest students working for her best; Toiling that the hardships might be spared To future generations on their (jiiest. Life ' s joys were shared — eternal friendships nunle To ease the Journey in the World before. And tender memories that will not fade When dear lamiliai ' (aces are no more. A few have fallen by the wayside — gone In form and feature — they have not returni-il. But in our iiearts their work is carrying on And from their words and actions we have learned To those who guided us with careful hantis We owe more than we ever can repav We Tlii ' ii ' vvortis wi lake their message into foreign lands; live again in Future dav! lomorrow is our a smile we will go march ighl. We have no tears! And with To live our lives for others, and to fighl The fight of life until the Vict ' rv ' s won. - V. K. N. n •a ' el el X X X w )sCS Me MCigsi5 :XC XC!gsi.l92 6 . fuge Tuentv-ioiir ' •It- i ' X X K X M X K iTi. )?( ' xm K ' XQ ' fiW ' INTERLACHEN ' MC ' CJXClsi ' MC J I LI A DoKOTHY Funk, A.B., " Fllxkie " ' President Class oj ' 26 " She has that alacrity oj spirit and cheerjul mind that all men admire. " Pres. Girls ' Stiiilent Ciniinil. Pres. Life Service Band. Vice-Pres. State Stiuleiit Cuuiicil ' 20. Tau Sigma Literary Society. Honorary ' Member Salmagundi Club. Southern Staff ' 25- ' 26. League Cabinet ■23- ' 24. Charter Member Phi Delta Sorority. L ' ndergraduate Representative Y. W. C. A. ' 26. . W. C. A. Cabinet ■24- ' 26. Captain Swimming Team " 26. Winner Essay Contest ' 2.1. Tennis ( ' lub llikin;; tniib. Life Service Band. Chorus. Jr A •a X X X X X X X X W 2 MC M2gs KCisft Re d92 bftisa S l agr Tuenl f ' e -♦ M C g5MC M5 )g ex - fiNT E R L AC tlENl ' ) G Me: M K 5? S K X S K K I . I . Rae Buterbaugh. A.B.. " Bobbie " ' " Love mafifs those yoiins uhoni age doth chill. Ami u ' hiini ht ' tinils oui g. keeps young still. " Pre?. Phi l).lt;i. Intfilaihen Staff. Ep- silon l.ajiili la Si ma. .Salmagundi Clul). Pan-Hellenic Coiineil. Scribblers " Club. Y. W. C. A. ' 22. Canoe Team. Polly- anna Club ■22- " 23. . ss ' t English De- [lartmenl " 2.S. The Gleemen. William Edward Bl hr.man, " Ed " " " II ise. stalely, tall, ilignifieil. is that ally " Pres. Pi Kappa. Phi Sigma. Pres. Sophomore Class. Capt. Swimming Team. Winner Canoe Singles ' 24- ' 25. Male Quartette. Miscosimpar. Chorus. I .. y = . iSEto.««»- KQ K M K n ' (jt i Z2 ■a ■Si ' Z2 Page Twenty -six c, ' v6XiXc;:« ' " :5KC " c;?5 [TNT E R L AC n EN 5? Janette Clarke Crosby. A.B. ■ " Janette " " She is gentle, she is shy. But there is mischief in her eye. " Y. " W . C. A. -22-23. Scribblers ' Club. .Salmaf;uiifli Club. Phi Del ta Sorority. Lakeland High Club. EuR.4 Lee Dlrrance, A.B. ■ " ' ESTPOCKET " " A chilli she seems in form and face. But in her class she holds her place. " Sigma Delta Literarj- Society. Y. W. C. A. Canoe Team. Tennis Club " 22 •24. f.f . 4 p ' } -k S fa X •a •a Page Tuenly-seven : - - V- •• ' . u n ' u n lTffr E R l AC iieN1 _M5 , ' e Mc x K i: - X K X X X X 9 M 9 X n X , %A mi ■v l: mmi. a y rV«fr ♦--; tATiiEniNE Mary Hall. A.B. " Catty " " Shf i full of joke and jests trul ifi-ll her wonts become her. " (la.-? iff -President. Soplunnnrf. . " . (;. A. Cahinet. SdUtliern Staff. Si;;- nia Delta Reader. Junior Class Presi- dent. Y. W. C. A. Vice-President. President Sigma Delta Literary Sociel . League Cabinet. Student Council Secr- ' - tarv. Inlerlaclien .Staff. Kappa Gamma Tau. i MO Loi,-. Kf:Ksfn. A.H.. " Kersey " " Sliulidii.s. iiiiiling and sensible are the adjectives best describing. " Pres. V. W. C. . Pres. Tau .Sigma Literary .Society. Girls ' .Student (Coun- cil. Literary Editor Soulliern. ' 2.S-26. ice-Pres. Kappa (iamma Tau. icc- Pres. Senior (Hass. Honorar ' nieinber .Salmagundi Cluh. Pres. Epsilon Land)- da .Sigma, ( apt. Sllite ( anoe Team. " 25. .Sout hern Staff. ■2L Srrilihlers " Club. ' 24- ' 25. Hiking Club. Swimming Club. ;i926; X 3SC X X X X X •a X X X X ' age 7 u rnl - •ighl - ♦ ♦■ ' ' iT %■■ ' %■ %.■ % % % XCA t:5Xc; _ _M :? 5 KC? 1TNTERLACn ■Th, n hi ILLIAM R. NeBLETT " Bill " re is pUd.sure in poetic pains, h only poets Knou. " l ' liili iiiatlu-an Oialor. " 25- ' 26. Presi- dent l)el)ating ( luli. Spring ' 25. Soutli- em Staff. ■22- ' 2:i Editor-in-Cliief nl Southern, ' 25- " 26. Boosters " Club. Salm- agundi Club. Southern Male (Juartelte. (irrhestra. Beta In. Mary Caroline Nelson. A.B. " Mary " " She works ivhen she uorks. tnd plays when she plays. " Lambda Sigma Literary Society, (.iris " (iovernment Council. " 2.S. Y. . ( !. . (ihairman orld Fellowship Com- mittee. Kappa Gamma Tau Sororitv. .Salmagunfli (!hib. ' 2-S. iiite (]anop Team. ' 24. Ir --- ' l ' %i m. , " " " M " • .-.- f- ' ' F r ' ' car., ' liV ' n 19: -«=y! !tf3SfeC ' ' " •• a, -t . K ■eJ3 X X X X I ' n p 7 uenty-ninr K X K X K M w Nellie Ver.4 Rosencr.ance. A.B. " Sweet Nellie " " For she iias just tlie quiet kind hose nature never varies. " Y. W. C. A. Lambda Sigma Literan Society. Life Service Band. Student Volunteer Band. West ' irginia Club. Boosters ' Club. l.ovE Albert Smith, A.B. " Love " " Fur uitliuut an honest heart No man is worth regarding. " Pres. Phi Sigma Literary Society, ice-Pres. Ministerial Association. Life Service Band. Miscosimpar. 5aQB « » K x n?jf m n s u ;r (6J X X .1 ■a « X X X nmQ§f n U X jf X ' age Thirty :; - tMt7 ' - Ma - mt-; " INTERLACH EN Gertrude Smith. A.B. " Gertie " " l argc iftis hrr bounl) and hrr soul sincere. " Pollyaniia Club. " 22. A. P. I ' . Sucietx. ' 25. Lamhda Sigma. " 22. . . C. A.. " 22. Scribblers " Club. " 22. W iLBLR D. Staats. A.B. " Lightning " A big si.t-juoter ui cheerful disposition. " Miscusimpar. ' 25- " 26. Letterinan ' s CJub. Pi ICapiia. Fuutball. Basketball. SaJmagundi Club. Phi Sigma. . lt:- . ' tS v . .- c 4i5. 5flfe.-= ' » ' % W K •a Jf X •9 •a Si Mc r aMSss Mg§s M i: MSgs l926. ' : i)Me MC ' age Thirty-one ♦ ♦ 9 K - (1 N Ml " Genevieve Starcher. A.B. " Genevieve " " Hfr heart ' s as sunny as her hair. " Sigma Delta Literary Society. Phi Delia. Vi inner Literary Dramatic (.on- test. " 2.S. Marshall Colle :e. " 24. Lawrence . Swanson. B.S. ■Gloria " " 7 dare do ail that may became a man. If hu dares do more is none. " Orchestra. ■23- " 24- ' 25. Southern Staff. 24. Philomathean Literary Society. Scrihljlers " (iluh. .Salmagnmli Cliih. Business ALtnager Interlachen. (llioru.T . i.S8Q» ' 5 ' »- K X % K IK )3C K K K 3e( . -) !28Sj MC iC G:ss XC )sC Page rhirt -ttif » ft K is ft 5 - ft w ' Senior Class History «»l siPRKMEl.v lia|i])v grou]) of venlanl rxjilorers once enterecl upon a great but " hazardous adventure in the hope that somewhere the might discover that wonderful fountain of kiKJwIedge that ■ ' hould ipieiieh an insatiable thirst. With an anK r undimined bv an fear of failure, and with dreams of manv worthx de eds and noble aeeoniplishments, these vouths se! out u|)on a long four-vear journew In keeping with the spirit of these ideals the courageous adventurers chose a path but barelv trodden, and one which held in its possession a pearl of great price — the corner- stone oi a niightv future institution. Thus it happened that the Class of ' 26 marked its beginnings with the foundation of a greater Southern. Rich and varied were the experiences of that first vear as the searchers earnestly began their noble quest. Each dav brou ' ht a progress that filled the eves of onlookers with wonder and admiration. Final I v, two massive structures, surrounded bv a wealth of orange trees, gracing the shores of beautiful Lake Hollings- worth. stood in niightv grandeur " neath a glorious Florida skv. This was indeed a memorable occasion for the Freshmen of " 22. and following in rapid succession were many other events which shall long be kept in memory by this class. There was the brilliant o|)ening rece|)tion. when thousands of visitors were first welcomed to the halls of a new Southern; the annual celebrations such as Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and George Washington banquets. Could we forget the beautiful May Day Festival, when the appearance of Arthur and Guinevere led u- back to the days of knighthood and chivalry? Are we not proud of the fact that dur- ing this year the Department of Journalism was instituted in the College curriculum and was composed largely of our own Freshmen members ' ? In fact, every phase of college life found Freshmen trying to fit themselves to the new environment and be- come a vital force in the great adventure. In the second stage of the j( urne we have become a sophisticated group of Sopho- mores, jolly, happy, carefree — quite conscious of the fact that we can no longer be dubbed as " ignorant little Freshies. " Beinc modest about our achievements, however, we will not boast of a long line of illustrious events. Let it suffice to say that besides many scholarly attainments Sophomores won recognition in every phase of athletic . Lnwilling to be outdone in loyalty to upperclassmen. we entertained the dignified Seniors with a lovely picnic on the entrancing shores of Scott Lake. This was our la.-t big event as Sophs — for summer days were fast approaching — three months more and we should find ourseKes in a place of high esteem. The fall of 1924 greeted a more serious-minded, deep-thinking group of explorers. Vie were then Juniors, real u|)perclassmen. with a feeling of pride that we should have a share in bigger responsibilities. Among our Juniors we discovered great genii, some of whom carried off prizes in the annual lilerar societv contests; others found them- selves of great value in all campus activities. K X x X .i f X X X x fs x n f n xQ A92Gf x x sisx n mDX ' ncr Thirty -thrfr f • ♦ )g(sr«i ) G ! MC MC =fTNT E R LAC l1ENl ' Mc; is e :is MC ' )fi( K X ' G. ft- 9- • M ■a X n Senior Class History — Continued There are so many interesting things to remember as Juniors, but probably the most exciting of all was the clay we ilonned tiie Senior caps and gowns and marched into chapel with a dignity that no Senior could ever parallel. Then, of course, came the climax of the whole year, the long-awaited Junior-Senior Banquet, which was put over in royal style at the Cleveland Heights Club House. Our Junior missions had now been completed, and joyously we awaited the passing of the last final exam, con- fident that soon we should bear a long-coveted title. Happy explorers that we are! A dream of the long ago has at last come true for now we are Seniors, striding in all our dignity o " er the old familiar haunts, pausing here and there to reflect on the glories of the past, the hopes of the future. ' Tis a busy, busy life now with so many important affairs taking place. A most noteworthy occasion in our Senior year was the day we assumed the formal dress of dignity, anil as our rights demanded, taking our places next to the Faculty, we marched with stately tread in the great procession that led us to the scene of our new college President ' s inauguration. A grand and glorious dav it was. a memory neer to be forgotten in the annals of our class history. Springtime again rolls round and with it great anticipation lur the Seniors. Various kinds of entertainments and banquets are to be given in our honor; we are looking forward to the arri al of rings and invitations, the publishing of the Intek- l iVCHEN, the night of the Senior play and last but not least Conmiencement itself. What a thrill the mere thought of graduation brings! And yet the feeling of joy comes not alone, but ' tis intermingled with a touch ot sorrow, for we realize that we have set out upon the last mile of the journey. The ardent explorers have finally readied the end ol tlie marvelous aiUenture. But Q thrfw-it is not a signal that the great journey is by any means complete. ' Tis .-iwH- a " ' auii:lHi2 torch that shall light the way to richer fields, wherein a deeper wisdom P ' ma f f b , sV)J K m ejjlearning is a dangerous thing ri! ' mm ' - Dm dee or taste not the Pierian spring, " bas these happS ' youths from a great and growing Alma Matei rd,|)a3 these happS ' youths from a great and growing Alma Mater, the ed irrrtl •«FQAVj =ii to strength and beaut here, shall be emanated in their -Kersey, ' 26. ?7 K?jt f tM?Jf ' S n?Jf. lM jf lM :6 •S5 X X X ■ a X •9 X S. X V ' Thirty-jour v.v-. rv i:i«i= )e c?si; c;:s iC5MJ:; ' T E R LAC H EN] Me; SM ci x:ms = )s( 5 a- X 9 JOSKI ' H AlCISTLS TOI.LK. ire-I ' residcnt. RoilKRT DiMI) MlTCHF.LL. ' resident. Kdith Hi mi ' Hkki S(: i,i. . Secretary, ( v: Juniors — That ' s Enoigu E HATK to say we ' re perfect We ' re so modest, don ' t you know. But we really, truly think that we ' re " ' the stuff ; nL t„r We mav not i)e good-looking, %M ¥ y And we may not have mueh sense, But. anyway, we ' re Juniors — that ' s enouglis We really feel quite sorry « ' ' ' ' ' " f TA For these other classes here. ' A J W e think they ' re rather young and play tc e j ' ttgh; " J Because they just aren ' t dignified And serious like us And — well, they just aren ' t Juniors — that ' rf ' tjt nigh. J M| A ' . But, seriously now, IM i Ms )t{ We ' ve been here three long years; ' lm ' ' ' ' We ' re for Southern when the sailing ' s smooth or rough. - 4 .-;- ' 3|a I ' v ,v When you ' re wondering who loves her. ' ' ' x i ' ' % ' ' v,W ' ' o _. — 5 S ---? ' » tllf And who ' s Southern bom and bred. Just look us Juniors over — that ' s enough. ' .- J ■- .jg . ' r? ' - - " K f% Vil ' X X X X X .A X- X X ' Z2 X X X X X V. X X I ' age Thirty -file ♦ ♦ Mc Mc MJSs c ' fTNT E R LAC HENl ' n n - n ' n n K f X ' K X r? Sam Alston Banks Beulah Gilbert Bockway EvEL-iN B. Bridges Eloise Harkness Gary Ai URE Joseph Gkosby Lamar Louise Gurry Anna Kathrvn Gilke M X Q K X X 0 )e( 33C €? K k jf. n fi x jf fi( K ji M j!iil92bf I ' aai- Thirt -si •9 •a Kc xc? ' Ke ) e;:si;! IN J ERL ACH EN1 ' mc;:» ' m ■« X K X K M X X n X 13? m: © " S tfi. K •a •« M - M LuciLE Francis Godman etta Campbell Gracv Ellis Park Greene Eva Greer Fred Charles Haeflinger Steenie C. Hacer Ro Mi:Afee I.ott « » ii x jf- x ji M jt n t ¥)2G! x .tsiin s!Mf Dx u?j!- J ' lifif I hitl v f ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦.• ♦■ ■ w. v§s$ c MCJ§ J NT E R L AC H ENl 5: M ' Me ' ' M K K K pi. I?- (Ti. I?- IK(;iMA PlCKKTI MaK GaTEWOOI) I ' l LI IWI J I ANITA KlIZABF.TH SmITU H. F.i GENE Smith Dewey J. Spoonek James Dot clas Stephens ( ' ni!MN(. I ' " |SK Toi.l.E ■1 el K K •eJ •a •9 •9 fage Thirtyfiuhi % ♦ ♦ V n 5iE m - imf; ' r: nt7 i nt-; ' - iNTERLACHENl ' ' ' ' ' ' nti ' iiKti - n I I i j el X .31 Mabel Alvazins Young Veda Watson 1 5 ' ' age Thirty-nine Hazel Marie Durrance LoL.E Leon Dickinson John William Gibbon Howard Lee Graybeal Round Robinson Jacqi ' art Naomi Mildred I.ookabill ■m ' -» - C r ' S J e ■el ■e 1 A O K •a e K ■9 bsi M52gSi MS§s S MC MGis K !♦ V J M X K K X )5( !3? (S i Ms Ms - [ji J E R L AC H ENl MS " S ' MSJ S M X •a )5( 5? X )S( ' ' 28?! Kg8ftt MS8S M!2S?riisDMS«ftJ 1926 . i5l][3 C5«Si«!:j) C i5lSMC % ♦ V V V f i. ft- K XC MC c. Mc; ' [lNt E R L AC HENl •K Xti ' K u c; = Me7 M 9- ft K Lillian Anm: Watts, lice-President. RoBEKT Leandi.r Tolle, President. Kathiu Irem; Cuzbe, Secretary. Class of 1928 The Sophomores HEV are the Sophoiiuires. To them is life A joy to li e — something filled with A song, a laugh, to get a duty done But gotten lazily. To live happily, merrilv. But not frivolously, for they are looking Towards the future. They are to be Juniors, they are to be Seniors. And they are to be men and women. Each place they will fill well. But now They are Sophomores. nd Gaily play their parts. — l. a. w. K n X K n n n x2:8s )s(efei Me8s«s c Rssft 192 b i dfii- tort -onf ♦ U n ' U n ' [TNT E R L AC HENl " n p ' X ' U K 5? w ( f f V i.J!, A Sam W urn iKLii i)Am . ,|u. llAiiHiKTT Anderson Aktik Ti:ress Andkevvs Onie Rebecca AusTI Claub Ocilvy Bar.nett William Ray Roland Marjorie Doris Birnett Tl HNEV (ioLHERT -■ - ' vr -, lS », i: ' ».BW y.« l. () Jul CoLLOM Mrs. Eurylee Covingtox Irene Craven Edgar Allen Crowley Margaret Deavor Mrs. Adeline Dusenbi hi I)i (. n ( ldon Berge Ducan loY Alcie Nina Elliott I,i:nore Ellis II Zi:L EtHKLIA I ' KNNELL Merle Janet Fennell Leonard SAMiiEL Fosdick Evelyn Minerva Galliu ' Margaret Jane Gilkey Pai line Jeanice Gillespie Tot Griffin Jessie Annus Heath X i ■a X • ' J X X X x • §. )5(e i M2 i3) s:8Si X2:8s i5Mggsrl92 () ?; Kc fage tony-lwu X 9 ' 15- !L5 FaI LLNK ChARLOTTK l-llILL Makv Ri ' BY Johns Charles George King N ' iCTOR Brl ' ninc Marvel Martha Grace Miller Ralph Beck McCallistek Edna Inez McDlffie Thli m IcCm 1 (;. Louise Overture SisiE Patterson Mildred Licile Perkins Beatrice Margaret Pickarii Iames Henry Poteet Hkttie Belle Keddick Iaky Isobel Reeii 1akv Beth Revnolii (. RHM) Fi. RirE Rlssell Ui ane Rittgers Helen Elizabeth Roberts Lula Margaret Robson Mary Collins Roux lOLA Fannie Smith LiLA Pauline Smoak Helen Sylvia Staats Urc;abet M M! ' I ' I hi: •el r6 X 4 X X X X Kei! i SMC SMC i XC MCiis 192 6 ' ; )s(C )s(C ' u c h iirl ' i-llirei ' x n ' n ' interlacheN1 ' - M5 m m K 9 x u X X X X William Welch T vloi: Virginia Thompson Ida Katharine Tiller Lola Mae Trammel Evelyn Wager William Waldrop Frances W heeler MoNTiNE Bennett Leila Bickman Cramer Vernon Geudie Kveritt Maurice Annie Kilgore Edward William McCallev Mary Louise Parrish Thomas Candler Williams Druid A. Wilson Marjorie Adella Stadel MiNME Mae Sweat Dorothy Amanda Stricki.ami Francis Arareli.e Vaughn Shelrv ' S . Reese L rcaret Emma Stuart Grace Isabella Teeters Pearl Estelle Tillis Braxton Watts Watkins K J X Q X X X X X X X X )s(C )e(C ) C[gft; M28s 2 d926s K2 KC I ' ape F iit -li ' in . ; i .i : i? ' -ir 1?.v )sC 5S K g- )§( 9 fo 9 Helkin Eunice Scali.y. i ice-President. Manuel James KocEiib. President. IMAN Anne Bumi. Secretary. 2 The Freshman HE sun arises from his rosy couch. And upward starts upon his noble way To liglit the world in every darkened nook With spangles of pure gold Shed on the rich and poor alike. Until anon a moment hangs suspended. Then darts beneath the thin horizon line And leaves the world unto The paler glory of reflected light. And upward rising from all parts of earth; Within this reign of darkened light. The youth of every clime starts On his pilgrimage for light. His goal the flaming sun of tnitli To light the worKl. and honor Rich and poor alike in every part. —A sun to have new rising on the morrow, A dawn with rosy promise to the world. — n. n. K M U X M O X K w X 28S; Clgsi5§]5)5(gss MCS8ft )e(Cfe W Page Forty-five f • » • .J : : • •■ . i5 ' ; . X £5- 8 S»s8gM(3s?«gMC «S;E(s j INTERLACHEN igKC g»$S»s )e S»yS M |f I -. 1 (TK -- i . 1 . W - •! 1 1 ' « J Klvis Floyd Adam.- Anme Belle Akin Kathrvn Barham (!amilleKav Beai:h Makv Lols Boyle Constance Brossahd Virginia Loretta Bichanan Essie Mae Burnside jniiN niiKY Carlton iHf.iNiA Amanda Carter Irma -Marie Coates Alice Cektride Coi.her i Bessie AIarie Cole M Nl EL J. COMPANIONI Theresa Peakle Condkey R. Victor Cooney Marcieritk Coints Kdwin Alexander Coyner Dorothy I.oi ise Davis I)(1K(ITH Martha Day iR(.iM Jo Decker Esther dei.e De I.k (. vi Sarah (Jrace Dickinson Llcile Mary Dickson Ella Frances Fi.inn is 4 ' ZJ. M X ■a X X )2(c tCJKS8s Mc 5Xg8s Meigsd926s ) i ) e f ' liw Forty k W 1», •:» ; vn ' li ♦ V », c ve MC ' C5Mc;;» ' i KC ' [lNT E R L AC tlENl ' KrM " ' KmQ " ' rMc ' f:)K X K X K is a- K ■ — Lkwis Getchell Foster Meredith B. Foster Mollis Fi aman Galloway Walter Ellerbe Guubolu. Jh. Carmel Irene Goouhi e Kathr n Goodwin Helyn Claire Greene Dorothy McLaughlin (;ko(,an WiLMA Rebecca Hague Jones Guyton Hamilton melia Barbara Hedtke Joe Huff Dorothy Lor ise Inman NLWBELLE Lot ISE IrMNG l rgaret . l rie isbell Christine Young Rosa Jones Rosalind Grace Jones Alma Elizabeth Johnson Daisy Frances Karlskint Portia Anna Keelek Cale Ralph Keller Annie Laurie Kimrey Lucille Langston Delia Ledbetter ' age Fori) -seven a92 ' 6; .1 ■9 x )3( X X K X X X M S MS g MC MS lNT ERL ACH ENI MS MC 5L!? K 9 9- M )s( L 5tS5:? i S?5 C -• " TI h - » h |«j r . ' ' 5 Jl) 1 : S, A, H.r;- i liTlll II 1 M 1(1K1 l.h TKl; HoBKRT H. LlNGLK DulKlTH I.ITCHFIKI-Il Nkij.1i: Ll r. .Iamks (;aki.i i.i I .1 i11 ki ath Ji I.IA I w-- l I TH IkKNK KooNsMan ( J.AKK Dk.AN I HI.1N I ' MIUI k llfMil ll Mi . .111. Niii [ y Ik s|(:k .li K Lai ha . Iili.i.ii I ' kmi ' ik .VIillsap () i n Calmi SK MnrHF.i.i. DoKlS IkKNK Mol.llh HA1 KU 1 HI K-TKl.l.K W 1111. IIT Ik M Ks n K .11 Ml I :(!ai.i. CaTHKUINK lilll H Mill Ii(!ai i.k Donald .NonMAN 1iUi kkn Mabel Ri th Pahokti Kathf.rink Whanton P i m; Ki TH Elizabeth Pipkin I.DIF.LLA ( ' OLBKKT Pol ' K K.IIDIK I VKfK Pi HS1.K1 l.KAH Pol.K I! VTI.IFF K X i •a ) X n. K ' i n t n t.ts nc ' jt MC ' fi 1 92(i ' : ' H?j! n f n j! ' Page Forly-eifhl ■ t - . .» -. )£(C?v- Me7« ' ' ) C?v " ;s;SKC7«? ' [TNTERLACHEI ft ft ft Doha F i Kavbo.n Dradell Matilda Ravbo Dorothy ircima Redman Taylor Lamar Rlesk Marion Richardson Ikenk Elizabeth Robert? Doris Loli k Roberts Florence Marie Ross AllLDRED FrANKA RoSS (J; ORCE Leonard Rolx Clara Lolise English Anna Lee Scarboroigh Shirley Lae Schomberc DoiioTHY Loi isE Shafer Si e Shi er LiciLLE Edith .Sh ' I ' ll DoNME Skinner Helen Ward Smith - Lary Mildred Smith Esther Li rana Smith Ethel - Larie Sorenson Eva La ADA Simvey Edwin Alfred Spring Christie W. Si mmers OwEEN Louise Slmner X X X X X X X Pngp Forty -nine ♦ ♦ MS MC MS ' Mgg INT E R LACHENl ' MC - Mg MiSg ' C M X K a 1l Frances Sweat Waneta Iola Alderson Helen Bvkns Biluncsley Kendall Lott Tolle Hakrikt Akmina Towslev eka Edith Tri e George Ellwooo llen Martha Mildred Archer AtNEs B. Baker Doris Mabel Bartoo Edwin King Beasley EllaCawthon Bell Jlstus Cherry Bradley George Pierce Brantley, Jr. Alton Dean Brash ear Herman Braswell [AR ' i Lot ISE Bkk.gs Iyra Belle Brown William Searcy Callahan John Alva Chirch Ella Lee Cord Joseph Eversoll Curnett Eleanor Edwards Craven Dull) (1-r R OvNIKL RlTH KeLLI ANIllNER IvA Jean Vineyard Herman LeRoy Watkins iviAN Illeah W heeler JiMMiE Clayton ' S ' hiddon Anna Beth Wilson Joseph Thomas Davis Emily Katherine Entzmincer illiam H. Eplin(, Alexander Lamar Evers loLA B. Ford Otto Dane Garrett Lillian George Joy Neil Glenn John Sparks Haley William Elmer Harker George Neill Hicks Fred Montsdoca Sanders RTI Mokc.xn Dee Motley Mary Loi ise Josh- MaRCLsThIGPEN MAliLHOM Margaret Emma McGahhev Charles Stan ri i:v Pardee Ethel Corine W oul ham Naomi Inez Wright LARIE Myrtle Wallace ALxRY Evelyn Crai n Li CI Olive Gaines Francis ALvrie Cri mp Charles Albert P rri h, Ora Lee Rouse CvpiL Adew Rou Wilma Foster Rissell Carson Eraser Sinclair Lona Lane Smith ALabel Addison Smith Lois Myrtle Sowell Walter J. Spooner Jack Shugart Stanley Edith Idonia Tili.is Lahv L. Tysen ILLIS SaMI EL WaLDREP Largaret X ard Herbert W asson I oii 1 K ILLIS W II I Kh Chi-sei. Yol ' nc K X K M X 53( X X n. w )5C28iwsa)e(fi8s )g(fi§fr ) C!is; )s(C Page Fitly .- j - ¥i3®«3«c?»ac«i:?«»;3«c?« INTERLACHEN «J3«c?«»j3XC?»»a«cj» ' «a« I? S K w K . Pdl ' 5 ms j Elizabeth Frkema.n Allen Dorothy Ckafton Anderson LuciLE Marie Benton Aleida Rosa Companioni Mr . K. E. BlLLMAN Mrs. Kelsev Blanton Mrs. Stella Bocgess Mrs. Edna Breed Mrs. C. C. Brown Mary Ruberta Burnsiue Pauline Burlincham Maria Esther Cabrera Mrs. a. Callan Mrs. D. S. Collier Mrs. G. a. Roberts Mrs. Ethel Rocan Wilma Foster Rissell Mrs. Anton Schneider -Mrs. W. B. Sewell Mrs. W. p. Sewell Mrs. George Speece Mattie Everett M alone Hiram Robert McI-eon Mrs. K. a. Mohk EXTENSION STl DENTS Delia . Iar(;arita Companioni Lii.iA Adolkiva Companioni Marion Evans Loomis Katherine Sargent Morris Mrs. a. F. Pickarh Mrs. C. O. Pinch Dolly Atthoff -Mrs. T. C. Banks Mrs. Fred Benford Mrs. Anderson Allyn Mrs. Wade H. Cornvvell Mrs. W.J.DeLoach -Marion R. Dexter -Mrs. Leichton Di re Mrs. Leila Di senberry Mrs. H. M. Di ssell -Mrs. Frank Eanes Mrs. John S. Edwards Hazel Elizabeth Fielden -Mrs. J. H. Neville Mrs. Anne N. Paddock Mrs. John L. Foi ts -Mrs. . rthi r . . Gaines Pal ' line Garrett Zola -Nathalia Myers James E. Pargianos Clifford Pov ell Mildred - lice Standley Theodoke -). Garcia Mrs. Mai de Gardner Mrs. C. D. Gresham Francelia Hamilton U ILLIE V. Hartwell -Mrs. Dan Hicky -Mrs. Sue Hinsdale Mrs. C. D. Jidson Irene Caroline Kaufman -Mrs. J. . Lawhead Elmer Roy Lew Mrs. E. T. Lockard Mrs. LeRoy C. Still -Mrs. Alvah Sturgess Mrs. Grant Teeters Willie Wat.son Hildked W ilson Mrs. E. -N. Good Mrs. Joshua Graham -Mrs. S. . . Teeters X X X X X X .1 X X X X KS «S! Cigs KS§(i sa S§s; ' age Fijt)-one ♦ - ■. ♦;- f • ♦, ■ i U i .. •■ ij«. fage fi t) -three tJ ,■ t • ' ■■ -r ' •• ;■ ♦•■♦■ ♦ • ♦ ' « g g K 5 ri. V5 ' fe X MC MC ' C M ' SJ flNT E R L AC H ENl M ' M MSSS X i? » 6- mimm f Ki (7, Coach " " Jimmik " H aycood I lie one great Seorer f.- against your name. ites not wliether vou won or losi ntUiow vou plaved the game. • Bto.««w- X i i ■« X M£ " 5 xsgs Meigs )s(c ;Cj) cigsi 1926ft fage Fifty-jour «j «a «t?«ac«i:j aij;«ij - INTERLACHEN «iJ5«QK«3«t »GWi:j»a«« p. X X ft- n 9 K A. ' age fifty -)iie Br.«ton Watkins •■Rkd " " Reil " became known to the tootball fans as the " Red-headed Terror " because of the spectacular ] lavin? he has done on the defense. Capt " n Red always keeps his head and engineers the Moccasin to best advantage. Red is ever-present on the campus at dinner and occasionally attend? classes. atkins is Captain-elect for next year. Fred Haeflincer. Manaf er " Freddie " Some call our manager Iky. but that ' s not so. Freddie is one of the best managers of the South and is verv popular with all the students, especially around the girls " dorm. K M w n M X 9 s 3 M28s MCi i5 Ci8Si M2is 1 92 6fti€JMC ♦; ■♦ ' ♦ • ' f • .■ K X K X X ft ft- O M. LdTT Ai.i.KN E. Crowley Ellis P. Greexk Dewey Spooner " Mitlgef " George " " Slow-motion " " Shiek " ( !iar er Halt Full End Ki ui Si ' uiM. .1 vMES Whiudon John Gihbon " E.i.lie " " Jinmiit ' " " I ipachrr " Hall . ; (riKirtl I 111 I- l)|( KINscIN " l-OUi ' Elul )eCC i Me MS8S;CJ) 28s ' M28ftd9 2 6 s X K x X X X X f»DX tage Fitly -stx t ' ; U l ' Ml! U IINTERLACHEN ' KtM n ' K i s f U X x K X I?- " Mule " Tackle _ Cai.i; Kkllkk " Blondy " Hal! TWLUK KKKst " Smiley " ' End SAM)tli _ lll]U, , " Brown Eyes " Full Sti;i:mf. Hac.kii " Shorty " Guard Umau -MrrcHKLL " Si " Guard J OK Toi.Li; " Augustus " End Sam Bank " Sam " A ' age Hfty -seven X )3( 3eC •e2 •el 3e( X JT ' i ■ X X n X ■t wo- " ♦ i • " " " MC MStS MG MG s : TNT E RL ACI1EN1:; MS ) £ g S? M M ) K ft- X JWK -T, - (.» •-,.:; ai 5 V 1 John Chl kch " Jack " Center Jack Stanley " Jack " Guard 1 Mollis Galloway " Stamps " Quarter Sam Adams " Crowfoot " Tackle Jlstus Bradley " Tower of Strength " Tackle 4 r V ' -i4 ' ' - K. - - - S ' t v . ' 7 Df.f. Moseley " D " Tackle sssr Vernon EvKiiExr W ALTEH SpOONLK " Stubbles " " Wart " Guard Tackle €? X " w A O X X XSsfti )s(C[sSiC?MS8ft )s(g8ft; 28Ji l926s )s(2 ' age Fi ty-eighi V i c = ;s) c 5 M )3(e;« flNT E R L AC HENl JokTolle Capt. " Joe " Guard Samuel Banks Ralph McCallister % ILLLAM BoLAM) ' ' Sam " ' " Mac " •■Bill " Fo ' uard Center Foniartl Ellis Greexl " Slow Motion " Guard Gai-:land Rice Russell Rittceiis Allen Croule Foritard " Slim " " George " (Center Guard rv A S M ■a X •« s K )2cc ) (28ft«s) c!ift ) c!isft sa c58ft 1 92 b x jf n ' f X ' ' jf n jf n Page Fijty-nine ♦ , " ••♦.■ ' : K U a X X M b 38 K K K Mollis (iALLOvvA ' i Tailuk Rkksk ]) L McisLLKI Kkn:hll Tolll Capt. " (lal ' " " Smiley " ■•Dee ' " " " Handsonif " Fnni fird Forward Guard (iiianl ■■I!l..ri.h-- JuIl.N ( AKLIi " Al.hey " Crnlrr in. ( ;iii: i:tt ■M.R-- Fnrn tin! 1 M.l.oK Lk.sTI.U " Lester " M K K X X M K )§( )e( n X X =C5M2«iiC})3(S MC :Mg«id926s " a p .Sn 1 ►:«:♦.■■♦, ' W iW •»•■ MiU vr XC ) ; M ' INTERLACHEN ■«rt KC ' :5Mo ' e MC X X 9 W X K X X ' 6 W October 10 ' ARSITV " Southern L . OF Florida 9 This was a most intt-reslinj; game, because Florida was plj in(; a (Imilile-lieader. ( ' (jaoli Haygoud did nnl kiinH just wlial lii- lio s Miuld do undfr fire, lull tlif did imi disappoinl liim. It was a good, clean game, and mueh credit is given the players of Florida for their unfaltering sportsmanship. We play Florida .Sept. 2.S and we are expecting to make it the hest game in the st;ite next season. OCTOBKU 1 7 Southern 27 Georgia A. i. M. Klue and hile outplayed the Crackers in e er stage of the game, though much outweighed. The Florida sunshine was too much for the boys, and the Southern Grid- ders scored at will. Southern plays the defeated next year and it is hoped that the score ' i} not he so one-sided. November 1 1 Southern 1!1 ROLI I.NS 3 The entire student body journeyed to inter Park to see the " Moccasins " defeat our old rival for the second consecutive seas m. The game was hotly contested, looking at times as though Southern was going to be the worse for it. Rollins was much heavier, but during the last half S uithern opened up and decided the score. Thanksgiving. Nov. 25 Southern 6 BiR.MINGHAM SOUTHERN ' ' The people of Lakeland sa that this »as the greatest game ever played at Adair Park. It was a thrilkr from the kick-off to the last whistle. I p and down the field the two Southerns struggled. Hirmiu ' iham made three points in the first half liy a place kick. Southern came back in the last half with a pass which netted a touchdown after a fiftv-vard run. Birmin ' ihani returned with a touchdown which w(Ui the dav. TRACK Here ' s to the men that are built for speed. nd their captain ' s name is Greene. ith Omar Miti-hell. Crowley and Rice, The other cidleges just haven ' t the price. W atrh " em train and watch " em go And you " ll never say they " re sh)w. keep the next years bunch in mind. Watch them fellows, " cause they ' re tine. ly. this hiddon is strong on sprinting. nd there is Summers, he " s g iod, no kidding X ■a X X X X X X X X X X X i x Wjiit x s ' i x 2sf x t 1 92 6)i mx s f x x jfi x j x Page Sixty-one ♦ ♦.■♦ . ' ■■ i " . r- V. c V " . v - « ' ■ » . 1? , i .- % ■■ ?; 1 1 ' t t ?. ' ) .• - 4- 6 Aft i1 ;, i ; ifi« ' rif- 1 . ». fir ' .V,. ' .v . .i . ;«■■ .-.. GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES ■HE ' RE banded in a glorious cause And for the common good, nited bv fraternal laws And truest brotherhood. ' a e Si.xty-thrfe g KQ G s MCIg ' fTNTERLACHENI XC M 1 9 fe x rr t it INTER-FRATERMTY COIACII. MEMBERS Top Roil — l{r-.SKLL RlTTGKRS, MaMEL lioGERS, II.LUM Di; MS. Kl) BiHiniss Botloin Wojc -Edwin Coynkr. Mollis Galloway. Stef.mk Hacer. Pmid ' -nt. Braxton tmn iLLrA i N ' lblett INTER-FRATERMTY COrxCII. ' HE Inter-Fraleinity C.ouncil was orfianizeil for the purpose of dealing svsteni- atirallv witli all (|uestions and things of interest that pertain to tiie further advancement and liettermenl of Fraternities at Southern. The Inler-Fraternitv Council was first organized in March. 1926. electing its of- ficers and members from the three existing Fraternities on the campus. The lirst offi- cers were: S. C. Hager. Pres. : Ed. Buhrman. ice-Pres.; R. Ritt ers. Sec ' y. Other mem- bers chosen from each of the Fraternities were: W. R. Neble.t. B. Watkins Beta Mn: Ed. Covner. H. Gallowav— Pi Kappa; M. Rogers, W. E. Dennis— Theta Kaj.jia P-i. m: X K X X )s( X X n X XCJi tM jf XC ' jfi X I ' dlir SI. l -ioiir • r - Y. X ' - Mt ' ' Xt ' ' xm ' lTiTERLAClXEfv ' ' ' ' " ft ft K u ft ft M n PA. -HELLE.MC COUNCIL ME.MBKIIS Top Run 1ahi (, tkwi ()| PiLLiAM. President: Limjke Elli . Jilia Fi nk. iiu,ima Thumpmjn Bottom lien lI! .IMA Pi CKETT, Rl TH PlPKI . RaE BlTERHAl T,H. IrENE ClIZBE, Arabelle rcH FAN-HLLLtMC CUL. C1L HE Pan Hellenic i;- tlie concrete results of the desire of the sororities for co- operation and real friendship. The Southern College Pan-Hellenic was or- ganized in the fall of 1925. almost immediatelv after the recognition of the ihree sororities on the campus, and already it has proven a great help to the sororities in the working out of their plans and it has done much to keep warm that feeling of (■oo[)eration anrj understanding which is prp alent among our sororities at Southern todav. w X X X X X X X a X X X xQ .t n K x x fl92G x x z x f x m x f ' af:r ' m -fin }■■ ■■: 4: ■ :.. M£ vgg)g(iS§ MS: ' MG;g INT ERL AC If EN ' M M_ ' ' I J I M X f m t 7 . ?? ' " 7K ' ' l ff ' - » BETA MU ' ARL ill tlie fall term of 1924, six men. Shelby Reese. Mollis Westfall. Harris Sims. Robert Lester, Braxton Watkins, and Fred Haeflinger, organized a group who cherished in their hearts the idea of becoming an active fra- ternity on the Southern ( " .ollege Campus. Their dream has been realized, for after several petitions bv the Beta Mu the faculty passed the petition in the fall term of 1925. The Beta Mu men are loyal to Southern and the ideals she stands for. StKKMK ( ' .. H AI.KK. I ' l fsidriil (a)RiMN(; K. Tollk jOE A. ' I ' oLl.K Cale Keller Tayloi; Reese Khei) C. Haeelingek. St ' c ' y ami Treas. tlLl.ls I ' . (IlU.EN .VllLDON U. Dl (.CAN Sandkhs Mok(,an liiiAXTON W. Watkins [.i.KN E. Chowlev Bob Tolle Samuel Adams William R. Nebi.ett Roy M. Lott RoBEKT R. Mitch 111 Kkxdai.l Tolle IIkkhkkt Wasson William A. ISoland .Shelby T. 1{eese X S K X w X X X tS X K 5 x x n n u t 1 92 6(t c ) fi§s Mci§ ) cies x Page Sixty-sn «CJ««JJXc; j;«C? «J3»t? ' INT ERL ACH EN «»J3«c?.-sii;3)( j;«»j3)a;(;, -asM 9 f ■ X •el X M K X ■« S X X » X X K X I?- X w PI KAPPA ' HE Pi Kappas were organized in the fall term of 1925 and entered life on the campus at once as a full-fledged fraternity. Its charter members are: Ed. Buhrman, Pat. Callahan. Mollis Galloway. Ed. Coyner. Claud Barnett. Victor Marvel, and Joe Huft. Pi Kappa is behind Southern in all her movement?. . El). Bl RHMAN. JiMMV HIDDON President (.KORCE B. BrANTLEI Cl. ld Barnett HoLLi Galloway W. Waldrop W. D. Staat Euwix Beaslkv El) A. ( OV.NEK ICTOR Marvki. . S. Callahan JfiE Huff K$Ss; MCisft MC M2ss MSisftl92b:S tage Sixty-seven 1» V. g • ' ■ -r n K » K K K M X )3( K X THETA KAPPA PS I — ITn the Spring term of 1926, Russell Rittgers. ictor Cooney, Tom Willi; vf Oj Viilliam Dennis. Guv Hamilton. -Manuel Com]3anioni. Walter Spoo Manuel Rogers, and Turne Colbert organized a fraternity and were re( nized at once on the campu?. They are real Southern booster and workers. l!l SKLL RiTTGEKS. President iinou ( oom:i Tom Williams iLLiAM K. Dennis W ALT EH .Sl ' OONEH DeWE SrcMiM li I. ( ' OMI ' VMOM 1 M II. IvOCEIiS (j Hamilton Tl K-NE CloLBEI ' .T X ■el A u •el X X X -.1 X 5 . X K2i )§(C M28S«S) Ciss )s(28irJ 9 I ' age Sixty-eiglil ft- V5 ' 4 ft )9( K X ft- 5? " n )5( ftl KAPPA GAMMA TAL . RLY in tlie fall term of 1924. two clorniitoi girl-, ami luo town girls. Ellen — " W atson. Mayme Boring, ida Skipper, and . Iary Gatewood Pulliam. organ- " - ized a sorority and started petitioning the faculty for permission to work openly on the campus. This was granted in the fall term of 1925. The Kappa Gamma Tau girls have always worked for Southern and her ideals. Ull1 (iATlUUOII PlLLlAM. I ' resitli-nt l.(ii Kkhsi; ' !. ice-Presiflfiil Arabelle Vai chn AUELINF. DrCCAN Klizabeth Allen Makv Nelson. SeiTclary Nltta Guac Lamar (!lrr OniE AlSTlN Catherine Hall Margaret Hobson Harriet To vsel Irene Clizbe. Treasurer PaLLINE ISBELL Mar Collins Koi M UTii C,i;a(:i: Miillli; K K X . i " K K X X X X X x n nQ§f n n d92b f ' . n nQ§f. nQ m£ n I ' age Sixty -nine r? ' •- ?,♦ r . M S MS MS MS ' INTERLACHEN MS MS ' XS M ) w K K X )9( ft- x K S- K X ?«fe2: r a ' ' ; ' i«S ' ? • r:5 " . iito ' a- :iiiiM ' 5 ffl(fl " :!: % ( J-i ' ' xj? ' ■ryss;:: f j fts ' . ' z ? ' ■ ' fi ss-.i sar " :; iHk Jl 1 0 -i " W ' ] t THKTA PI nKlT i THE fall t erni of 1924. Lenore Ellis, Edna McDuffie, Virginia Puckell. Virginia Thompson. Margaret Taylor, and Lillian Watts organized a sorority and soon began to work on the campus. These girls are a hundred per cent or Southern. (D Li;m)Iii-; Eli.;.s. President IotGkiifin .VlAli(;AllKTTAYLOH lif ATIIICK PiCKAKU Kathryn Barham ItcHKinn Uavis PaI LINK GlLLKSPn; IK(.I 1 Pi CKKTl ikuima Thomp.son V. Sf ' h I i lil)NA McUlFFIK CONSTANCK BllO ;- KI) Mak(;akki Di-.Aviii; A.n ' m: (;ii.key AviKLiA IIkdtke Mahcarkt GiLKtn Lillian V atts- TlMI ' IL MlLSAl ' X M X €» X X X X X X X Page Sevenf) r» .i» i ' V. (■«. .» »i ■ ' X.r.t ' : M e, :sMe7 ' ¥C7s?vg KC?»i= ' fTNT E R L AC H ENl ) s )3( a- n a- M. ft ' .• •is-rsr rr PHI DELTA ' he Plii Delia? were organized in the fall term of 1925 by Rae Buterbaugli. Julia Funk. Lucille Godman. Edith Scally. Thelma McCall, Susie Patterson. Lula Smoak, Ruth Pipkin. Janet Crosby, and Audrey Crosby. They were recognized at once on the campus and have been doing good work for Southern. Kkv. Bltkkbaich. Fresiileut Audrey Crosby Edith Scally. Secretury Zola Myers EDA Watson RiTH Pipkin. I ice-Prfsidi ' nt Thelma McCall Llcille Godman. Treasurer Helen Staats Iakv Relii Jl LIA Fi NK 111. A Smoak Mary Mildred Smith .Marcierite Counts Genevieve Starcher Janette Crosby Si sie Patterson l. l.L N Vi ACER Frances Crump K athryn Tiller ' zi n .j. j A M n X 28S MC MCig?; MCiss M28Si ' 1 92 61 Hage Heienty- ♦; ' ' ••♦ : 4 •.- ' —-■ ' .■ ' J- f}u y.Y-:hl- . !Ki .w » s J » » i I ' uue Sfii-iit -thretf ♦ ♦: " ♦•■♦■ X X X X nm n ' U ' [INT E R L AC HENl - MS MS MS M X X X - iS3»c ' :•.%B Roy M. Lott. President Joe a. Tolle, ( ice-l ' resideni SteE-Nie Hacer. Secy and Treas. Robert Mitchell ' ILLIAM NeBLETT Ralph McCallister Sam Banks PHILOMATHEAN ICTOR Marvel Russell Rittgers Robert Tolle Fred Haeflinger Gene Smith Lawrence Swanson Joe Huff Taylor Reese Louie Dickinson Samuel Adams Herbert Wasson Lamar Evers Sanders Morgan Kendall Tolle Dee Mosley Leonard Fosdick Jack Stanley Hollis Galloway Corning Tolle X X ! fi X X ' u X X •el X X X X a X € . X X SwSi=CJM28?: 5M5 iCJMg8i ' MC rW Page Seienly-jour 5? r , K S3 PHI SIGMA Ellis Greene, President Tom Williams Victor Cooney Vernon Everett Wilbur Staats Donald McQueen Garland Rice George Brantley Herman Watkins Ed Buhrman Carson Sinclair John Gibson, Claud Barnett Mallory Lester Sec ' y and Trea. Dewey Spooner Fred Montisdoca Elvis Adams W ILLIAM BOLAND Joe Davis Manuel Companioni Allen Crowley TiRNEY Colbert Manuel Rogers Love Smith, Cyril Roux William Taylor J ' ice-Presidenl alter Spooner Theodore Garcia Page Seventy-five K X X X t 9 4, X U )e( X X X X X X X X f X X X m n ' X ' n ' INTERLACHENl ' S S ' ' ' I 1 T 1 1 » -v- SIGMA DELTA ITTERARY SOCIFTV ( ' M mmiim: II M.I.. I ' rcsiilriit 1 MO ( ;ni.i.i Roi Nktta (iK.ACV. Tn-ii. ' iiinr iAK ;AHKT RoB dN E. isiK Mak Hi KNsiiii; I -Mn lii.r)UF:n S ni i[ Z(ii. l KJis I ' ' .l I.INt (jILLESI ' IK Ddhothy Davis nna Gilkey Tkmpie Millsap Margaret Gilkey V. A Sl ' IVIV l.i cii.i.E Benton eka Tkie l K U. EKITE Col NTS Kl A f;K V.K Ml ' ' I ' hEKF.SA (idMll.l ■. Constance I iui.vs i;ii . melia Hkdtke Margaret DEwnii .ll LIA Fl NK Helen Scai i l.I ' CILI.E CliliM w III Til I ' ll ' kIN iiii.iM I ' l rki.iT X!2ss MC MC MC )s(!28S a926 X X X X X X X X x X X X X X f x nc ' jf M jf x jf x Page Seirntv-si. p. h K K )§C K )5C K K K K K s ' " H 1 SI(;M DEITA I, ITFRARV SOCIETY— COMIM En Edith Scally .li A.MTA Smith Grace Teeters Lenore Ellis Pearl Tiilis EniTH T.T.i.is Evelyn Galloi ' Tot Griffin Edna McDlffie Beatrice Pickarh Helen Roberts loiA Smith Dorothy Strickland IRGIMA Thompson Arabelle Vai chn Lillian Watts Mrs. Covington Malrice Kilcork Flu r KLL 3 K X « X X 9 Page Spient} -set en i ' r. . ■ •- ; x X X )g( K 1 M C Mg g Mg MC ' INTERLACHFNl ' Migg MSs MS M fl i ' ■ 4Jm rv " « ' N 1 ' - EPSILON LAMBDA SIGMA Okie Austin, Presidrnt Lamar Cc rry Mary Reed Jexette Crosby Martha Grace Miller Pauline Isbell Audrey Crosby Alvazine Young La Von Callom EDA Watson Mary Gatewood Pi lliam LuLA Smoak Joy Elliot Gertri DE Smith L Rf RET Tayloi Mary Nelson Mildred Perkins Christine Young 1 ois Kersey Ml mk . Ue Sweat ■ ? •el •« • •S •el • S •S K •eJJ •« •« Page Set ei ' ty-eighl %.■.%%■%.% s. )s(C;?sv V8; :SKeT» " ;tf?jKCT6V ' iS0Ke7s ' ' [TNT X a- K f 9 ' ft X 9 ( Of i- V4 % iy vf ' i EPSILON LAMBDA SIGMA— CONTINUED MlLDRKl) StANLK ' Maky Rlby Johns -Marjorie Bkrn ' nette Merle Fennel Anme Lai rie Kimrev Dorothy Day June Miller Evelyn BRincrs I.M jiiHNSON Harriet TowsLEY Dorothy Inman Margaret Isbell Katherine Barham Hazel Fennel Betty Allen Hattie Belle Rediuck In:. Tli MMEI. Helkn Staats Jessie Heath Irene Clizbk Leah Ratcliff Mary Hawle Grace McCali Katherine Tiller Teress Andrews X r . ; ?;? X ■ i ■ e ! X s. X s. X •Si X X X X X X r : ■ X X S28s MC ) MC «SMS d 926 s M CjMC ' age Seventy-nine MC v XCi ' CJMS ' M flNT ERL ACH EN1 MC ' )g((S MS ' ' Cs K X ?5 ¥ X n TAU SIGMA LITERARY SOCIET l.nis KKll ,1. I ' rcsident nna Lee Scahbhh 11 (.11 IaRI W LnllMI Edith ScAl.l. Vivian Wheeler Catherine McCauley Sl ' F. Shivfhs Lucille Lancston Irene Goodhue Marjorik .Staiikl IsoLiNE Messick WlI.MA }IA(.I E Helk, Bir.i.iN(;si.i. Ruth Vandiveu Louise Oveuti he Nellik Lucas Fay Raibon Katherine Payne Anna Beth Wilson iARY Pursley Lamak Curky DOROTHV AnDEKSON Bob Raybon Julia Fi nk Doris Moldenhaii n Florence Ross S i!A Dickinson NL ii(; ret Deavor K W K ii K €5 x , r%, n X )eCCi8ft ) C!ssi ) gssisS)3(Ciss ' wgc Kiphh xa ' KtM ' tni ' n ' ' I NT E R L AC n ENl ' ' na - rtx: - rtnt; ' ' i tm 9 X K w K TAU SIGMA IJTERARY SOCIETY— CONTINUED Po RTfA KkF.LER Rosalind Jones Helen Smith Clark Maklin Esther De Le Gal Nellie Rosencrance ImiA COATES Dorothy Redman M Rv F. Crai ' n MAHr.AliET McGaHEY I 1 CILLE SiIPEL Alice Colbert Dais Karleskint Lthel Woodham Annie Belle Akins Marion Richakdson Doris Roberts Mavbelle 1r in(. KosA Jones Ella Flinn Irene Roberts Frances Move Kathrvn Goodwin Leila Cramer Eleanor Cra en Louise English , Or A Lee Roisk -x K ■Si 3? X n K K •a ■ 55( )§( X A ' age Eighn-uiir ♦ ■ ■♦ u m n K - n [TNt e r l AC n eN1 ' = m ' ) s:s mc, v§sm ■a A X 9 K )5C •el K •9 .V- . %P SALMAGUNDI CUB Bub ToLLt:. I ' nsident Miss W ' alsti . Ftiviillx Idiiso KvKL ' i Bridgks Ome Austin 1 ' ktty Allen Hkulah Brockwa ' i Mks. Breed RaE BuTERBOltH Amanoa Carter Audrey Crosby J.UCILLE GolHIAN AR(, KI,T GlLKKI Mary E. Hawle Mary Hi by Johns Ralph McCallister William Neblett Mary Nelson Susan Patterson Beatrice Pickakd MaK GaTEWOOI) PULLIA-M An e Gilkey, Secrelar) li- Ki. MCK. SponsDr 1F!(.IM Pi rKETT Mary Collins Roi Mary Beth Reynolds ILBUB Staats Lawrence Swanson Minnie May Sweat Edith Scalli EDA Watson Ln.Li N Anm: tts Catherine Hall Honorary Members IiliaFink .Iknnette Crosby Kucene Smith THE GLEEMEN Genevieve Starcher, President Adeline Duggan, ice President Rae Buterbaigh, Secretin li M I ' H MacCallister, Treasurer Mil- . Morehoi t.. Sponsor Naomi Lookabii.l Genevieve Starcher Ella Lee (!obr IvA Jean ink ' i iiii Adeline Di c.w Daisy Karleskint Annie Laurie Kimery Ralph MacCallister I ii E Smith HaE BlTERBAlKiH Audrey Crosby Janet Crosby IJuTii Pipkin 1 i Mn Smith L RY LoLISE BoILWARE L RY Collins i oi Ellen Watson l Mil H V IK-I Thelma McCall ( liekord Powell Evelyn Thomas Ruth Swindell -Marion Patterson Lola Tbammell Helyn Greene " ■« K n. i X X X X X X X x?jfiisDx ji n? n ' pjf x tl926» xc Page Eighty-tnii .«. !,» ■ ■ Xt; ' ' K mt; %mt ' ; ' ' t:nt ' - INT ERL ACH ENl ' ' Mc;:si ' t:5Xe; i:sMe, - M Cfi ' .- ) )5( K K K 9 LNTERLACHEN STAFF GENt Smith, Editor-in-Cbiej (. ' ORM.NC ToLLE, Assistant Editor Lawrence V. Swaxson, Business Mannii Claud Baunett, Circulation Manager M. G. PlI.I.IAM. Organization Editor StEEME H AtEK. Athletic Editor K. T. Tiller. Joke Editor liiLLiE Ellis. Feature Editor Kae Bltekbalgh, Senior Editor Edith Scally, Junior Editor Tot Gkiffix, Sophomore Editor Mam el Rogers. Freshman Editor Lamar Ci rrv. Art Editor L Richardson. Assistant An Editor Edna McDi ffie. Calendar Editor Rosa Lee Alston, Faculty Advisor K ■ 9- .A A ' age Eighty-lUree •el X )s( ■a X •9 V. X •9 X X •a . i. ... V. .. «Q»s «5 _ ' ?M5» ?«? ' fINT E RL ACn ENl «5 ' 0»;5 3»5«s»3); I ; K w K K 9 ft»;i 7 W M. I!. NKiil.KTT, Ellilor M. (i. I ' l I.I I M (Iathkrim; McCai i.ki Mamel KcGiais l-ciis Ki;iisK Edith Si:ai,i. J I lia Funk Steenik Hackh SOUTHERN STAFF l.oDKiir MnciJKLi. Cdl.MNG Toi.i 1 lloi.i.is Gallowai Hklen Staats WiLBll! StAATS LiLLIE WVTTS Joe Tolle Clai II Bakm.tt. ISii. ' iiiii-.s.s Malinger ItllHKUl I ' m. 1. 1 S M liA K ICTOU . I K 1 1. ( ATHEKlNi; HaLI. t.MA J IH () K. T. Tii.i.ER Rosa Lee Walston X K M X X X 3e( )5C )§( a X Fage Eighty-lour •- ■•■ t. •» ,i„ . ■ r - - ■ ' M5s v8;3XQ ' MS» KS ' lWr E R L AC n ENl ' ' Mi •a •9 X u n ■ X ' I K K ) 4 )§( •a X X X • S X X ■ X ■« X LETTERME.NS CLLB J op; Toi.lk. President Allen Ckowlei. Vc ' y and Treas. DuNKV Sl ' UUNF.H Freu Hakflinolii WiLBLR StAATS Omak Mitchell Sam Bank Steeme HaceI! Ci.Lis Greim: Braxton Vi tkin 1 ' f 5 C BOOSTERS " CLUB Gene Smith, President Margaret Robso.n, Secreliity Mary Collins Roi ictor Marvel Margaret Dea. or Alma Johnson W L Nerlett Tot Griffin Steeme Hacek joeTolle ' . ATHERiNL Hall u alter goubolji Ike-NE Clizbe Joe Huff 2i8S MC ; ) C:s?r; :JMC:ift=C! Page Eighty-file V. r ■.« ■ " » ,-.? X ' K ' X K ' rifft E R L AC ffENl )g(S ' Kggi ' M£ K n )3( 9- Ml )5( 9- .ll 1] Fl NK. ' r. siilmt Erith Scalli AIarv Nklson Nl.TTA GRAC GIRLS " STl DEM COUNCIL I :ic.AKiT K(iB ()N. ' ue I ' ri ' sidfiit (! iHi:i;iNK Hali . Sfi rrtun 1 1 c:lle Gooman llM NK (XIZBK l!l TH f ' ,l ' KI [ K Collins Koix (.ERTRiuR Smith I i l» Khii Ki, I ' ri ' siitfnl Si SIK Pattkk.son J I I U hi NK . W. ( . A. OKKICKKS ( ATHiuiNK Hall. Srrn ' lar) KllITH SCALLV 1 k(.ar!;t Dlanc.i; Iakv Nelson Ome Ai riN. ( icf I ' reaiileni Jessie HK iH 1 ILLIE W ATT X X € . X € V. X X X X X X X ' ?2 X X fage Eighty-six «i?»s»j5!e CJsai3)e Qe«j;«c; ' INTERLACHEN «GW?«;as«c;««3Wc; aC« j . .4 K a- I?- ; . K ■■ ■ • ■ a. -A MlMSTtKlAl. CI. LB Ralph McCallister W. . Taylor. Presidmt ' R M. Bolam) F.RNON Everett Dr. Olin M. Bocgess . Love Smith Ti RNEV Colbert -Mam EL Ro(,ER John Gibbon L De. m LIFE SERMCE BA.NU Jlll Funk Edith Scally. P; Jessie Heath Love Smith Helen Scally- Annie Akixs OwEEN Sumner A lice Collert John Gibbon ERNON Everett ident Steenie Hacei! Katherine Tiller ILLIAM TA ' iLOIi Joe Tolle - L l RICE Kilccre Robert Mitchell Dorothy Strickland Joy Elliot lOLA Smith NLanuel RotER K .i X •a n 9 M n no ns r l ' 92b t u sin u n f x Page Eighty-seven ■ ' " ' • ' « ■ » ■■ ' • " • -A ♦■ " i ♦■.•■ 4 ■ K I X X )sC X K X ft I Robert Mitchkll ]-OVE Smit] Chahle?. King Stel.me H cek ALPHA PHI EPSILON Wilbur Staats William Neblett icKiR Marvel Robert Tolle Ellis Greene Russell Rittckhs Ralph McCallister Dewey Spooner Cdkmm. Tdli.e ft Dot Day, President K.AT Barham Edith Scally FREGIRDECO Mary Craun ivia-n bonu Do 1 Da Is. Secrclar Pete Smith Alma Johnson M K ■« X a X •« K « Page Eighty-eight • ♦ : V • ♦ Mc;:s t. Mc, ¥e;;s Mcj8i= ' [TNT E R LAC H ENl •Kr U ' ' ' u Q ' r Kti ' - n n K K K K MIXED CHORl S Director — PROFf s()K Lui is Ai.ukuti iipmnos- -Wif. Paul Swunk. D. B. Swrut; M sses Lucille Bfiili.ii. Ruth (ilark. Julia Kunk. .luiif lillei. D. ris Mulileiiliauer. Beatrice Pickard. Mir Reed. Sliirley Schombeif;. Durolliy Strick- laiui. Mar T sen. AllDs — Essie Mae Burnside. Hulierta Buniside. La uri (olluni. Helen Fielden. Zola Myres. M. G. Pulliam. Leah Ratliff. Lula Smuak. Mildred Standley. Marjiaret Taylor. Catherine Younji. Tenors — Claud Barnett. Ellis Greene. Ralph McCallister. Donald McQueen. James .Stephens. illard Young. Basses — Ed Buhrnian. Gu Uaniillnii. Gene .Smith. Lawrence Swanson. Hernial) W atkins. ORCHESTRA Uirerior -Pk(ifi»iiii A. G. KtntNBi i Piano Unie Austin. I iolin — Harriet Towsley. Ruth Pipkin. A. G. redenhurg. Theresa tiondrey. Evelyn Bridges. Clairece Giddciis. Aileen Giddens. iola — R. . redenburg. Bajvi -Mary Collins Roii.x. Flute — Margaret Ishell. Manuel Companioni. Clarinet — Russell Rittgers. Cornet — Robert Tolle. Trombone — Joe Tolle. K n •« •« X ■» n X n M « ■ X •« X w K page Eighty-nine M£ Mg§ M£ )g(6; ' [TNTFRi.Ari1 K X !3f Ti. «rnH X X X 9 A X SOUTHERN COLLEGE MALL ( LARTETTE Iamks Stephk s Firsl Tenm Clai II HAiiM.TT Second Tenor Gene Smith Buriioiic Ed Buhrman Bass William Neblett Piano •el K M X X •a •el X XCi8?: MSgS KC MCi8S 5) g§«i " j ' uge AmcJ) r.v-V ' : m; ' ; ' ) ; INTERLACHEN " 7mt; - sin ' ' ' t. x ' t y KC!issi«SMc Ke s§ft Mfi8ft 1 9 Puiie . inft -imc ' » ♦ -•♦■♦ ft K ft X U K X X K 9 K K M £ v )5(£ £ Xe ' [TNT E R L AC tlENl S M S ' - ' ' op " » ' « .. r, ' FWM M K el K )§cci«i )e(eift ) es8 i Kc sS)e(e;«ft l926ii I ' nce Mnftr-liiii .i . . . : XC ' C MiS M MCJ g flNT E R L AC tl ENl " «QMc;:»s; " x o ' f M_ ft ' 9- n n X 9 n ' 6 ' ,WL kieM 9 ' A ' - - » ' S n u - .i: i ' I ' a r inetx •llirfr V .A s M G M£ ) s(S§ Mg ' lNT E R L AC flENl MCJ ?M . ft- ft 3 K 1 M X )s( K ■ " ' i Sg " M w mem ■a X •a )2C K X x Mei§ft 5Messs MSssjC!Mc l926s agc Ninety-jnur ..v ' ) c ' :Mc;:» " Ti e? " ' «: 5KC?» ' [TNT E R L AC HE 9 ' " X • K g- 2epmejjiiMik ' W •9 el ■el e5 •e2 K X . X ■el X X XC M2 MC MC XS8?:d926s X28s MS« ' » c iiiety-fn MS ' C C MS ygSMS ' INTERLACHEN • x nG ' X ' K - ' n 3eC K V5 ' n J. H. Damkls (.huinnan of the Clvricid Committee A. Fred Tirnkr Secretary of Christian Education in Florida E. T. Roux (.huinnan oj the Layman ' s (Committee 0 E MILLION AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OUTHERis College is now in the niid l ot raising one million and one-half dollars. The work is being carrietl on through a slale-wide campaign and it is really wonderful to see the cooperation of the Methodists over the state of Florida and the interest they manifest in this institution of Methodism — the onh one supported b the Methodist Church in the land of sunshine and flowers. Lakeland, the home-town of the institution. loosed her purse-strings and gave liberally to the endowment fund. Asked for .S2(»().0()(). thi municipality, just to show President Spivey how the folk of Lakeland were interested in Southern, loosed their purse-strings and gave $360,000. Just think of it! .•? 161 ).()()() more than thev were asked to give! Once the million and one-half dollars is in hand Southern will become eligililc for meinbership in the Southern Association of Colleges. She will also start an elabo- rate building program. In fact, the first guns have already been fired in her building program. One small dormitory has been started, and President Spivey has announced that he hopes to have three or four of these sn all dormitories ready for male students bv the time the fall term of college begins. Each of these will accommodate from thirty to forty students, and a matron will be placed in charge of each uilli tin- idea in view of giving the boys something of the home life. Bartow gave .S.HO.OOO to Southern; Fort Myers, $25,000; Bradenton, $50,000, and Sarasota, .$15,000. The campaign in Tampa is expected to raise $200,000. while St. Petersburg will give at least $100,000. Campaigns are also being ojjcrateil in Miami and in Jacksonville, where a rich har e-l in f Mi(l i also promised. ) n?Jf X t ji M fid 92G ' : 2 ' i!it ii XGs ' n I ' age , inet ■. ' ii KCJ««K»7 " K£TK ' 3«T -INTERLACHEW " 3 t? ' ' j: ' :? " ' » :MC?«« ft ft M M ft K M 5 M ft LAKELAND CAMPAIGN CABINET First Row — C. ' . Palmore. E. L. Mack. Dr. I.udd M. .Spivey. Miss Gertrude Overslreet. Paul A. Swank Second Roic — C. S. Hanby. Mrs. T. C. Lander. Dr. C. R. Cline. C. E. Todd. D. Hodson Lewis Third Run- — A. G. King, A. F. Pickard. Zerney Barnes M ' •4 K X n?jf nQ x?jf n j K if.i 1 9 2 6s; c x28s ) S8ft KS8!i M ' ogf in.et -seven t- 4. % % % % %. y f agf . i iel -nine ' ■♦.- " ♦■ . Xs; )5(s:8 )s(5; M5 ' flNT E R L AC H ENl W ' n U K y K K n X K X K X i; " : K EuNA McDuFFIE JEPTEMBER 23. — First day of school and more Freshmen than ever before! Ev- eryone finally finished ji r e e t i n g old friends and registering. Social was enjoyed " till the late hour of ten o ' clock. September 24. — One of the old students. Cecil Morley. came up to the dorm, to visit the girls a while, on her honeymoon. Everyone was thriUed to see her. September 25. — Y. W. entertained students with a get-acquainted party — a game of tag was enjoyed by all — specially by Sam Banks, for he suceeded at last in catching .Mary Gatewood. September 26. — Day of the Sophomore has come at last! Toots Taylor and Edna Mc. chaperoned five Freshmen to town!! September 27. — Wonder of wonders!! Sundav afternoon and Sunday night dates for the first time in the history of Southern. Big Staats was pres- ent and a certain Miss Clizbe. September 28. — Miss .MUeham finds Helen Sniit!i with late lights tonight. Helen gets excited ami runs around the room about three times, scared to death, and wants to know. " Where the button is. " She finally locates it and darkness prevails. September 29. — Great mystery: Where did Dot Shafer ' s curls go? The boys are quite undecided. September .30. — Lois Kersey to Julia Funk: " Oh. darling. I ' m so glad you ' ve come. We heard that some idiot had fallen in the lake and I felt sure it was you. " October l.--Roy Lett appears with a black eye. Humors are that he had a heavy dale! Tell you bout these town girls. Roy! October 2. — Pat plays S4 worulerfully on the violin that Billie Ellis is completely lost in tears. It ' s a known fact that music will tame the wildest. October . ' }. — Boots flirts with Jim-the-Greek. Result: Club sandwich. .Maybe there was a mo- tive in her madness. Who knows. October 4. — Lillie Watts teaches a Sunday School I la of three-year-olds and Roy Lott a class of 1mp s sixteen years old. It ' s hard to tell which is the worse, but at least Lillie ' s class didn ' t limf: (loiin on her! October St. — Prof. Fenton: " What will be the color of the offspring of one white and one guinea? " ( laude Barnett: " Why — er — a little of both. " Prof.: " ery good guess, but all wrong. " October 6. — Say. girls, can .Mary Collins and Pete Smith dance? .Someone must have taken .Mary Collins for a " rat " , for she and Pete had to pertorm October 7. — (Hare .Marlin woke up the whole dfirmitory by going " .Me-ow-me-ow " like a cat. be- cause there happened to be a mouse in the ward- robe! .She thought sure the little mouse woidti these Freshmen. Marvel running ir) W hat was the idea. run right out. Funny things October 8. — Hear about i to the lake with his girl ' s car? Vic? engine hot or ? October 9. — Girls have Open House for the boy-.. Ed Buhrman pretends to like the job of running back and forth from the kitchen to the dormitory with punch bowls and things, but in reality he ' s enjoying " Social " all the while! October 10. — First game with Florida. Our boys held the score 9-0 in the Gators " favor, but . the splendid showing they made overbalanced the score. Not every team can hold the Gators! " Fifteen Rahs! ! October 11. — Everybody that thinks Toots Taylor needs to take voice stand on their heads. .Margaret Robson threatened to move out. but Toots assured her that there would be no out- break. October 12. — " .Savannah " knows there are alli- gators in the lake! Well, didn ' t she pull the leathers out of one ole gator ' s tail? October 13. — Have you heard about the Hoodoo Club? .Millie Hedtke is president. Girls, just ask our president an thing about the men. and she ' ll get you told. October 14. — Every date Helen Smith has, she declares it ' s her only crush. Think of all the broken liearts by Christmas time. October IS. — Correct this sentence: Coral Gables: " But you mustn ' t get up earlier than four o ' clock to study, or you won ' t have enougli sleep. " Savannah: " But all I made was B ' s and just one . this month. " October 16. — G . A. M. boys arrive about midnight and get stranded outsid e the girls " dor- mitory. They finally realize they ' re in the wrong place, and with directions from Evelyn Bridges Irom the third floor wing, march around the build- ing and disappear. October 17. — The day of the game! . nd we won 27-0. You can talk all you please about Georgia Mechanics and farmers, but Southern .Moccasins are deadly. All the Georgia boys came out to enjoy the Social tonight. irginia Puckett made quite a crush on a red-headed man. October 18. — Harriet T.: " Everybod thinks I ' m a mandolin. " Kat B.: " Why? " Harriet T.: " Because they ' re always picking on me. " October 19. — Pete Smith: " Thinking of me? " Bob T. : " Oh. was I laughing? Pardon me. " October 20. — .Ml Southern turns out in long parade with band leading the procession. Season licktls to all the football games were sold to ever l)ody with S5; and not a few! Lakeland is actually swamped; has to buy to have peace. SI.40.S was raised. October 21. — Winter has come!! and thats not all: Lillie. Savannah and Edna go riding with .Mrs. .Spivey and hold both the .Spivey babies. Poor babies!! The Phi Sigma and Landnia Sigma program is given tonight. October 22. — I ' lie one great excitement at Southern — changing tables — what a scrambling for the young gentleman to sit by his lady-love. Yes. I believe Lamar and Fosdick were sitting to- gether. October 23. -Girls! ris! I),m " t pull the hey are the teachers " salary! Kat .Morris brought Miss .Mileham a oranges promiscuously. X X 1 % X X X X X X X Fage Or,s Hundred C S MC ' MCI XG - ' INT ERLACH Efi ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' Mi - x n x •a )5C X •a x X •a: X ' agc One Hundred Une gss Mc ; ) cfeii egii ) saw 1 9 2 6 w!si:5. 0 4 9 - K X )e( X X K K ..I h. did in the place uf an nraniir nickle linlas. Uctolier 24.- -Freshmen team beat F. M. A. 44-1). Won ' t uur Freshmen kill a his; ' un when they ' re upper-classmen ' ? Octoher 2.5.- -.Some kind soul sent us some real fine ch ' ckens. So, therefore, chicken pie today. October 26. — Bro. Fenton has the first of his lecture in Genetics and pictures. Later Savannah carries out the idea by having a sardine sandwich, in her room. October 27. — K. T. ' s having a sale! Cosmetics, stationery, one tooth brush, and two bars of Palm Olive soap: goinf; ciuick!! Says she must have ihe sale to see Agnes Ayers in the Auiul Tnilh: just like a Tiller. October 28. — Sim Adams does his bit on llie " rat team; " as a fighter and shiek he ' s all right. October 29. — Eva Spivey and Toots Taylor are beginning to appeal to each other!! Heretotor " they didn ' t think much of each other, but now. i. ou see one you see the other. (Jctober 30. — Cop: " You were making lorl miles. I ' ll have to pinch you. " Kat .Morris: " If you must. lo it where it won 1 show, please. " October 31.- -Halloween! ! Spooks. Ghosts, and Haunted House!! The cutest couple on the cam- pus were Mr. Pete .Smith and Miss Lott. Arrayed in each other ' s clothes they had some time. November 1. — 1: " Jim the Greek lias the iour;ige (d his conviction. " 2: " How so? " 1 : " He eats in his own restaurant. " INovember 2. — " How ' s this for lieadT ' asked Dot Dav as she wiped |ien through Manuel Rogers ' nice blonde hair. .November 3. — Margaret Gilkey: " Do you know why you haven ' t red hair ' ? " Fred H.: " No, why ' ? " .Margaret: " Ivory doesn ' t rust. " .November 4.- (!oral Gables: " I ' ve got a splinli-r in my lip. " Bill N.; " How come ' ? " Gables: " You must have lieen drinkiii ' .; Wood Alcohol. " November .S. — Of course. Gene Smith is a won- derful editor, and if hp didn ' t have such pretl eyes we wouldn ' t work near so hard for him. - it is. I pour over your ole diary day and night for Gene. November 6. -Pauline Isabell: wear such low-necked gowns ' ? " Lamar Curry: " Oh. Just to sliow the right place. " Novembei 7. — .Say something about the .Sludenl Council campusing po ' lil ' innocent girls? For liitting a little child! Of course LiUie and Edna are campused again! No!! they didn t do ,i thing. November 8. — ,|ust because Catty Hall and . 1 u Nelson are Seniors they make us do things for them all the time. Calt is a baby — we saw her cry — isn ' t she. Alary? November 9. — Harriet Towsley does have the cutest men on .Saturday nights! But we don ' l blame any one for falling for Harriet. .She ' s jusl as sweet as she is pretty. November 10. — We all know Harriet ' s room- mate, lil ' ole Kat Barham. Who could be mon using your ler tountain n •Whv in hi natural and her ipwn cute self all the time? We ' re all for Kat. .November IL — What a bustle and stir. Big buses and cars full of ole Southern students on their way to Winter Park, for today is the big day — Kollins-.Soulhern game. Of course, we won!! Lott was knocked out and was carried o(T the field. What if he did cry to go back? That ' s the ole .Southern .Spirit. You would, too, if you loved Southern and football as much as he does. ' Twas a great ole day. November 12. — " 1 challenge you to a duel. " .Sunuel: " Choose your weapons, Conrad. " " Eh — er — cream puffs at ten paces. " I. Sam ami .Shorty are so afraid they ' ll hurt each other! i November 13, Dot: " (.)Liick. I ' ve swallowed a safety pin! " .And Eva lauulied and laughed, " cause she knew all the time she had the only safety pin in the suite. November 14 — We honestly believe LiUie Watts and .Miss Walston are soul-mates. One simply cannot (or does not I live an hour without llie other. One thing — they ' re both in good com- pany. Isn ' t it true. Diary? .November l.S. -Margaret Robson adores being e;n the co:incil. So much fun making up and taking up foi her little school chums. Y ' es, and li Gory, some of us would be in Dutch it she dliln ' l take up ont-e in a while. November 16 -Had you ever ihoughl ol all the . m!ths we have? How ' s this? 1. Love Smith. .;, 2. Pete Smith. 3. Gertrude .Smith. 4. Juanita .Smith. .S. Gene .Smith. 6. Lola Smith. 7. Mabel Smith. There ain ' t no more!! " Nuft and a plenty. November 17. — How " bout the new dates, huh? Claud and Pete are progressing fine. Gene and Harriet, ditto. We wonder how long thev ' ll lasl. .Sure, forever, we hope. November 18. — Ed Coyner claims: " A bad hahil lor a boy to get into his head is to send girls I ' owers before they ' re dead. " He declares he ' s ' . oing to sever friendship with both Eva and Toots before Easter. Thinking about it earlv. aren ' t vou. Kd ? November I ' J. — . ll tlic girls are after Mule Wasson; because he ' s so indifferent and be has such wonderful eyes! Watch step. Mule! When these .Southern co-eds gel their mind set, it s ;.oo(l-bye. Mub ' . You can roll your eyes, but Southern co-ed will get you by and In ! November 20. — Isn ' t it wonderful how m:vn ' lOl.LKS there are? We just couldn ' t do without ihnn. ' Houl as many Tcdles as .Smiths. There are three of them here and we have hopes of having (iorning after Christmas. Ile ' at Emory now. November 21.- -It ' s a known fact that Prof, lirandon cannot spell. He admits that. But when lie sjiclls Siriince Rivfr thusK : " Swanie " . that gets ibe cake. Novendier 22.— We all knnu llial Love is th-- most precious lliing in the wmlil. nd Nellie be- lieves he is. too! November 23. Kae anil Sir are ir.ilK lire most lcd loirplr. I llririk. lr . I crrl ' l cM-rr llririk k n f n jf fs£in n i 19! X X 4 X X •el l age One Hund mi ' ' Sn ' mi ' Ut llHTE R L AC H ENI KMt ' ' K n G ' iT MQ - f n -a. h h K K r ' ft x LOO This Is Education el X X X M ■el S2gs MSis MSgs MS§s MC d926ft S Mg§ftiC; C u r (hir Hundred Three ♦ ♦ ♦. " ♦■ W n K n ' [iNT E R LAC HFNl MS Mg MS g M )g( K 5? )§( K 5» of one that the other doesn ' t appear in my mind, tool I just cant imagine one without the other. November 24. — Did you ever see such studious folks as Bill and Viola? They spend all of their spare time in the library digging deep for knowl- edge. That ' s what it looks like, but we think there ' s something back of it. November 25. — We are all glad to hear that Miss Dorothy Anderson is slowly recovering from hav- ing a ponjola hair-cut. November 26. — Thanksgiving!! B ' ham-South- ern comes down and trys to wipe away ole South- em College, but — nothing doing. Game was played in the morning. And what a game! A deadly fight to the end. B ' ham won by the mar- gin 9-6. All the boys had dinner at college and a wonderful time was had by all. November 27. — irginia Puckett says she has no color sense. Its hereditary. That her mother couldn ' t tell one color from another and it was always a wonder to her that she married a white man. November 28. — Taylor Reese was asked how football practice was coming and replied thusly; " Very interesting today. Tbe main object being to see who could kill tbe most men. I wish Coach would let us use revolvers. Of course I managed to gouge Mules left eye out. and rip KaJe ' s ear ( he had a date with my girl last week I . But if revolvers or even butcher knives were used — why we could have killed Birmingham-Southern yester- day! ! November 29. — Once upon a time there was a girl who never had fights with her roommate. She had none. November 30. — How ' bout the Eternal Triangle, huh? Well — Viola. Bill, and Dot are getting on fine, thank you. December 1. — Remember? The good ole days when he came over to help her with her lessons? And they both studied? December 2. — Sam Banks somebody? " Shorty: " No, 1 promised here. " December .3. — Pat Mears is quite a ladies ' man. He has the most adorable blonde all his own in town, besides at least nine or ten at Southern! Some people can get away with anything. December 4. — Fosdick and Lamar are still en- tertaining on e another on Saturday nights. For the nicest looking blonde couple, we think they have the honor. December h. — Any time you want to be cheered up, just go to Dot Crogan and Eva Greer ' s room. They are a perfect circus! They are known all over the world for their wonderful gift of gab!! December 6. — Theresa Condrey and Gal have the most disputes. But we all know " true love never runs smooth. " Gal, just do as Theresa says and there will be no more arguments. December 7. — Vi hat a wonderful place this would be if there were no lessons, just a big house party. AS ho said: " four years " biaf, then you are col- lege bred? " That ' s our idea of a perfect college. December 8. — A tragic day in Kat Morris ' and Savannah ' s life. Just because they played with lire — otherwise . They are on strict probation indefinitely. They ' re rejoicing, because they ' re not on their way home now. That ' s all right kids, we love you just the same. " ■. re you waiting for to meet a Freshman December y.--Arabelle is terrible slow about cleaning the rooms, and breaks more glasses and bottles of shoe polish! .Vrabelle, the maid, we are speaking of. By the way, her name is Lott. Won- der if she is any kin to our quarterback hero at Southern? December 10. — Lillie Watts is the worst thing. Every time Mar ' and Catty kneel down to say their prayers she puts her rabbit doll and long- legged French doll right beside them. Then they get tickled and it ' s perfectly awful — why some- times they can ' t even say their prayers. ' Spose they ' d die, then Lillie would be sorry. December W. — Ed Coyner knows something so funny about himself he won ' t tell a soul for fear they ' ll die laughing. V ' ell, Ed, if they ' ve known you this long and still survive, I guess you can afford to tell us your little joke. December 12. — Joe Huff says: " The sins ye do two by two, ye pay for one by one. " What does he mean? Maybe its the sin he committed the other day when he bought me two ice cream cones — and had to pay for them, " one by one. " How could he take that attitude? December 13. — )X hat if Slim Rittgers and Vest Pocket Durance should join the movies? Sure would be good advertisement. The Long . n Shokt of It could be the title. December 14. — S hat ' s wrong here? First it ' s Kale and Coral Gables, then Kale and Tot. now it ' s Kale and Kat. The co-eds certainly are leading him a wild life. December 15. — Helen Staats sure has a way about her. If she says black is white, well it is. Don ' t ever think she didn ' t wear a pair of shoes a whole week, put cold cream on the bottom of them and exchanged them for another pair — with a pair of hose and $2 to boot ! ! All she has to do is just talk. December 16. — Exams started! Just takes the joy out of the coming holidays. Imagine three or four a day! And some folks just have one. Well. I guess we ' ll live thru it. but I doubt if we ever look the same. December 17. — Just two more days before we ' re out of prison! Sure hate to leave everybody even for two weeks. Just think of all the things every- body will do and talk about, and we won ' t know it! I do hate to miss anything. December 18. — If Christmas is coming, can Santa Glaus be far behind? Red is ju.st hoping that Santa will bring him a Kiddie-car and a girl! Says he ' s always been scared of both, but now he ' s a big man and wants both. December 19. — Exams over, school over — every- thing. Told everybody good-bye and off we went. Just think, lots of them we ' ll never see again. We all went do« n to the train to tell Pauline Gillispie, Mary Beth Reynolds, Kat Barhain, Savannah, and a. Thompson goo ' bye. 1926 January 4. — Bark again! Santa was so good to everybody. Reil brought his Kiildie-car hack (but not his girl! I. Roy played with his air riHe and Dot Grogan with her dolls. January 5. — .Vnother year gone and must of us nearly out of ttux ' teens. I sure hate that. ' Teens makes one think of ten in a car, long distant calls, Frat pins, and going crazy over lootball games, mn t u t " .1926 -. ss ' Sit mn rn ' mit t n . K X n X .1 fage Une Hundred t ' oui r. t.t : . Mc, ) c; Kc. : Mc;:s ' riNT E R L AC n E N ' Mc K » M 15 heiause your best man plays i|iiarterl)a k. I know ril never feel the same. jMiuian 6. — How " s thisr ' The more you stutK The more you know, The more you know The more you forget. The more you forget The less you know. So, why study? January 7. — Roy, on Saturday night: " and after waiting two hours. 1 broke the date with her. " January 8. — Dot G.: ' " Tlial mnmi tills me with hunger for something. " Corning (hastily! : " Let ' s dance. " January 9. — ell. we ' ve lost i|uite a few of our old Southern friends. But we have gained some, too. I know we ' ll learn to love them as much as the others — we sho " miss them, tho. January 10. — Say. did you ever see Constance Brossard get mad? You ' d die laughing. First she puffs up like an old frog and just frowns — then she spouts flames and smoke. Soon it ' s all over, and usually she cant tell you what it ' s all about. January 11. — What in the world would we do without tile Gilkey ' s slickers? We can ' t get them when it ' s raining so we wear them in the sunshine. One time ' s as good as another. We sure are thank- ful for the GUkeys. .More ways than one. aren ' t there. Fred? January 12. — How ' bout Lamar having a hun- dred new dresses when she came back after the holidays? Just think, she can wear a different one every date she has with Fosdick until Easter! ! January 13. — This is a good one: Ed Buhrman pays 7.5 cents for a manicure and his mother makes him chop w ood and he loses it ! January 14. — I bet if Mary Reed and . nnie Laurie would let loose and cry the same time — Southern would have another flood. They are the biggest cry-babies in the world. In fact they have been given water-wings for being the champions. January 1.5. — Is this true about Claud losing his heart to a town girl? Lucky girl. Now if she can arrange to get his voice — why, she sure will be lucky! I hear she makes him pies ' n cakes, ' n evervthing. I guess the wav to a man ' s heart is thru his stomach after all. Ion bad r don ' t all take cooking. January 16. — The three (iompaninni girls are the most popular girls on the campus .Saturday nights. They look like a bit of little old .Spain when they come down stairs. I don ' t blame the boys a bit. January 17. — How are the Spooner ' s. you say? Oh, yes. Irma says they ' re getting along fine. Just so they keep up the meaning of the name every- thing ' s line. January 18. — Kitty Payne says if it were up to the girls to do the rushing at this school, she ' d sure rush Ed Coyner and Corning Tolle. Well, sir — wouldn ' t it be fun if we did? January 19. — What ' s the matter with the quar- tette? I haven ' t heard them in so long that I ' m ' bout to forget the leads a long life — a good old stand-by of theirs. How ' bout tunning up, boys? January 20. — " Just a little exam, just a little exam. " is the favorite song around here, ' nutf to drive a man to drink and women to snutf — but that ' s what our family sent us here for (the exams). Only. K. T. says, her family sent her to a co-ed school for a man, and she ' s been here two years and hasn ' t seen one she ' d have vet. unless it was Bob Tolle! January 21. — Chuck Parrish sure comes over to the library a lot — at nights. 1 believe lie and Dot .Schafer have a little trouble with their languages .so ibey have to study together; and law, if it wasn ' t for Bill and ' i the library would sure fly off, for they sure do hold it down. January 22. — Correct this sentence: Coral Gables: " Oh. dear, here are five dates to- night. I can ' t manage so many boys; they are such nuisences. I do wish they wouldn ' t bore me so. Now, if only Bill were here Id be content. ' January 23. — More exams and more flunks. Oh, why can ' t we all be like . nnie Bell . kins and make 99 ' s? I could just cry. No use crying over spilt milk: we ' ll never know the difference in a hundred years. January 24. — New semester! Well, I hope this will be as enjoyable as the last. The best thing in college life is the friends you make, the attitude ou take and the rules vou break! ■a 3g( K X « -o n jf.t»sin n n n f 192 6 n n sj ms : ' Hagt One H undred fne K 1 X K P. I?- VOLUME LOTS OF IT PUBLISHED SPONTANEOUSLY NO. DATES Smith and Swanson Embezzle Funds SPIVEY ' S STAGS SCINTILLATE IN SOUTHERN ' S SOCIAL SALON + Vredy ' s Ork Resembles ©!H — X?(a — The Southern College Orchestra, under the able direition of Professor reden- n T«. lias lately discovered a heretofore hidden talent : that of being able to play jazz music. The credit for this pleasing discovery is entirely due to Mr. Albert Gregory Vredenburg, who so capably leads the orchestra. The formerly-un- detected jazz-playing ability of the orchestra was found as follows: Mr. Vredenburg, several rehearsals ago. had brought out a new piece of music which was written in Asia Minor or some other equally difficult key. Nat- urally, the members of the orchestra were completely dumbfounded and somewhat rebellious at this addition. Consei|uently, it is not entirely peculiar that each one began playing his favorite piece, as real musicians are prone to do while waiting. Mr. redenburg was busily rosing his bow when a cornet sang out blatanlU. " All alone. I ' m so all alone, " only lo be billuwed by the wail of the inlin a it played Nero ' s favorite song, " A Hot Time In the Old Town. ' ' Still other instruments began playing until every member of the orchestra was hopefully playing away at various selections. Mr. Vredenburg. looked up, listened and then succnndied to the enchantment of the music. Invi luntarily, he began patting his foot to the widely diversified times of the melod . This mark of ap- I)robation was instantly mistaken by the I ordiestra members of the orchestra as a sign of point- abroad. Einstein ' s hith dimension was discov- ered here in a party given to faculty- scientists. The dining-room and guests ttere lit up and decorated splendidly for the occasion. The entertainment was furnished by Lady Caroline Broadwell ' s famous chorus, which is rivalling Flo Zieglield ' s. An added feature was the (Charleston, done by Prof. Boggess. Prof. Brandon gave an imitation of Will Rogers and his Bull, which though done impromptu, and spontaneously evoked hearty applause at its conclusion. The ludience was thankful that there was no encore. This occasion will go down in South- ern ' s history as being one of the most lavish entertainments ever given here. Besides fireworks and balloon ascensions, lots given away free, jazz orchestra and other features, the faculty for once gave unrestrained vent to their fancy, and in- dulged themselves at will. Punch was served by syphons attached to the chandeliers, giving continuous throughout the evening. service displeasure and each stopped playing siinult tneously. Then it was that Pro- lessor redenburg ' s pent up apprecia- tion for jazz was loused and he ver en- thusiastically intornied the orchestra that they coidd beat Paul W hiteman ' s famous orchestra in every line. .Since the wonderful discovery has been made, arrangements have been matle for the orchestra to go on a con- cert tour of Europe during the summer. The orchestra was reorganized and is now known as " V redenburg ' s Southern (. ' ollege .Symphony Orchestra, " and ac- cording to the latest words to he obtained before this article went to press, the plans have been iully com- pleted and it is understood that the en- I leave June .5 for ' ' Gloria Swanson and Gene Smith guilty of having embezzled $250,000.00 of Interlachen funds. " This is the ver- dict of the jury after convening for three minutes. Judge Will Stewart will prob- ably pronounce the death sentence for this perjury. After misrepresenting their cause to the student body and Gloria telling the students of the thousands ol dollars necessary for the publication ol the Interlachen. they deftly, by sugges- tion and pseudo-scientific methods in- veigled the students and business men ol Lakeland to give them the money. After securing the cash they lit out tor St. Augustine where they secured a room at a hotel. They managed to stay at the hotel until the manager saw their names registered and immediately phoned police, and it was in this w ' a that tlie were touml and apprehendeil. B. . V atkins, ol Lakeland police, was sent to l(rin : the criminals to Lakeland where a speedy trial was arranged. During the trial Dr. Spivey wept and plead that mercy be meeted out to these two. Gloria was seated by the side of Darrow, lawyer for the defeiulants, calniK reposing, while waiting lor the verdict. while Gene paced the Hoor ner ousU. asking ijuestions and with his mind in a whirl. The ' ourtroom was guarded as the student bod had be ' ome frenzied and wished to hang the culprits. Prol. Bran- don appeared on the scene and Mhile he said he did not particularly care lor em- bezzlers he would try and help them so he ardently and artfulh persuaded them, by means of his glibe. to la aside iheii ropes and return to his class. I ' eople of l.akelarul and Plant Cn ari ' stirreil o er this event ami are tlivid- ing into two groups and it is rumored that the mayor has sent lo Washington for (ien. Pershing, as he and the officials seem to think thai the ijiiident will lead lo a civil war. It has rumored thai arms and ammunition have been smuggled in by both factions and that befoi.- hoig things will begin popping. Harriet Towsley has been confined lo her bed since Gene .Smith lopetl willi Gloria .Swanson to .S|, ngu--liiif. % ' , .19 2 6 t t mm X K •« ■« X K X X K •a i X I ' a f Om hiniht r .Sm ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 " ) 9 K )5( 9- 9 ANOTHER AIK Page— Brandon l,() K Smith Editor Dii. H()(.i.Ks liinitgii GET THKK BEHIND ME, SATAN. AND PIT IT IN MY POCKET. Editorials Oh. Harriftt 1 can ' t forget The day we met. How 1 regret ' l " he day yim set And et and et. Im paying yet Fur what you el — Oh! Snch a debt. — Gknk. .IIMMIE LOSES! riiey sat upon the garden stile - .limmie and his maid: " 1 he stars above are not so lirii;hi As you. " he softly said. ( amille lifted her little hand Toward Luna ' s golden light - " The moon above is not so full As you. my dear, tonight. " Passing Professor: " Good heavens! X hat ' s that going on in that building? Murder? " Collegiate Chap: " Nope! That ' s one o ' them fraternitv ' nitiations. " Students of Southern may anticipate a quartet wedding. Of course you have heard of Ed and Savannah! Bill and Coral Gable! Jimmie and Camille! Claud and Pete! Gene and????? " Do likr Dot Strickland dancing. Shorty? " Sbortv: " (ui are a whale of a dancer. Dot. " Bill Huffman: " ou are the first girl 1 ever kissed. " Cat Morris: " You don ' t know that 1 am the blond who last year was the brunette vou tidd the same thing to. " Cyril Row has been around a lot: thev are all cow lots. ■. but work Prof. Ellis: " What research have you done in Geology? " dams: " I ' ve washed Pardee ' s neck every morning. " Corning: " That man is the ugliest jierson I ever saw. " Lillie: " Not so bad. You are forget- ting yourself. " .Sparks Hale : " Must have put Irrtil i er on that grove to keep us off. " Cristie .Sinnmers: " eh ! That was a rich idea. " Gettin " Too Personal irginia Puckell: " Unl iiu will have to admit I have a pretty face. " jimmy Whiddon: " Even a barn looks good when it is painted. " Herman Viatkins: " Do ymi serve lobsters here? " l.ula .Smoak (in ( king class! : " es. we serve everybody. " Mr. Stevens: " .Son. I cawn ' see how ou get s(» wild. " .limniy: " l!ul laulh.iw. it ain ' t so hard. " Dot: " I had a roiien time last night. " Lot: " Why so? " Dot: " I accepted a blind date to go for a ride and found out that he had only one arm. " Dr. Bly: " My girl is some chemist! " .Student: " Quite a mixer, eh? " Dr. Bly: " No. but when I take her out. m gold and silver turns to copper. " ir ' iinia Puckett : " They say that a -Indent should have eight hours sleep i day. " irginia Thompson: " True, but who wants to take eight classes a day? " Sam Adams: " by do rabbits have shinv noses? " Kitty Payne: " Because their powder puffs are lui the other end. " First Koiuumate: " Oh. Prof. Brandon drunk again. " .Second Hoommale: " Why. he ' s walk- ing perfectly straight. " First f ocunmate: " " es. I know, but don ' t you see the box of candy he ' s carrying under his arm for .Miss Hall? " Pete .Smith: " Give me those keys. " Sparks: " What keys? " Pete: " Those whiskies. " Dot Davis: " Mother, diml you think the College Quartette boys have manly voices? " Mother: " es. my love, they gel them I nun waving their handkerchiefs at the football games. " .loe Davis: " How ilid you gel that bump on your head? " Stubble F verette: " Oh. that ' s where ) thought struck me. " .IiisI because Kat Barham wore a turtle neck sweater, don ' t think she was slow. Dot G.: " Hasn ' t .lack a wicked line? " Eva Greer: " es. mum. an ' he shoe strings it out. " Dot .Shafer: " I got . 0 in nui intel- ligence test. " Miss Walston: " That makes ctu a half wit. " Dean (ox: " The next person that sa s ' hull ' will be sent out of class. " ( liorus: " Huh? " K. r.: " " Let ' s play Cinderella. " I!.il big. " " Tidle: ' " No, vour feet are too i Southern Theatre .Southern utlitorinn). pril 2o WEDNESI) Y Lucille Bent.ui. Bill N. 1, 1,11. Dornthv Davi-. Kd Kurhaiu in " E C1IAN(;E OF HI SIJWDS " THLRSDAY Famous Smith .Sisters in ' " .STEPPIN ' Ol T " A .screaming comedv! Love . uiitli FRIDAY and Nell Rosencrance " THE P.VSSION PLAY " Bring your asbestos eye-glasses " S. TURDAY Dorothy Grogan in " THE TE.MPTRESS " ssisteil by Corning Tolle LI XL RY— FAME -love:— GAMBLE MONDAY Beatrice Pickard in " THE UNTAMED LADY " Depicting the wild life of a Bacchanalian Orgv TIESDW Kie Kis Bh and Wilbur Stalls in " THE DARK " Thev looked their best )3( X X X • •s K x X X X X Jr X X?jf. nC ' jf. M : M M ' A 1 ' 92b X M X X M I ' li i- Our lliinihcd Seven M S MC MS MC ' fTNT E R L AC HFNl MiSg MS ' C MiSg K f X K 33( 9 ' »nf — = ' ij TEN GUeSSES K i f x?j n f- M: ' !jit xc jt r »tm: jf.A9 Pdfir (hir Hundred F.i lit ♦ « ♦ V % ie( { saBKGs;ag)e(tys8BMCy fTNT E R LAC HENl ' ' KXffl-aS) : " ' SMtyi» SM a- ' 6 9 X K X K n 9 K K )e( Autographs K M j =%. :3e( X K •el X )e( K .•■ •♦■♦ I? " x x x x K M MC MS = Mei ' ' [TNT E R L AC HENl ' C MCIsi ' MCIs ' CJMC : B. F. Wilson. Propriplor M. I.. I .F.KI.IN ; Lakeland Hardware Company RuiLDf:R " s HaRD ARE Paints and Oils Stoves and Kitchen Furniture. Refrijierators. Water Coolers, and Thermos Ju is. Cutlery and SPORTING GOODS Lawn Mowers and Garden Tools I ' lidiK- r,r,5 227 INOrlh Kniiin-kv ( ' tuir lAKKIANI). I-I.ORIDA On the Joh with the Robins — hriiijiinii tinixl iwiis of Sprins ' nliit ' .s J ' iiifsl t•ltN■tioll of nei sl les in Je velr wo ' vp ever I)een able to show ?.. ]■ . 1 --Jewel ELGIN ' ) nu can (b ' pnid upon it — ' In han l oin( ' vshile dM tilled rase thin anil slylisii filh ' tl an iid justed niovr- nient of rral dt-prndaliilit . A real nian " real watch. $11,211, $20.n« and $25.22 JOHN I. LARSEN 231 North Kiiiiiirk Averuic Phone 7(17 ■a X X X X X X DR. LEILA LUMLEY GRADUATE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHY. KIRKSVILLE. MO.. UNDER THE FOUNDER OF THE SCIENCE DR. ANDREW TAYLOR STILL Office Rooms 503-4. marble Arcade Phone 646 Residence. Phone 675 green Lakeland. Florida MANNING FLORAL LANDSCAPE COMPANY MEMBER florists ' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION MEMBER SOCIETY OF AMERICAN FLORISTS DECORATIONS. CUT FLOWERS. PLANTS LANDSCAPING. NURSERY STOCK BULBS. SEEDS Flower Shop. 2t3 East Lemon Street Phone t 1 46 Gardens and Nursery. 505 North Lake Avenue PHONE 274 Green LAKELAND. FLORIDA x ' ' jf t x?jf u Mc ' jt n jt A92Gt t» xc I ' tii r One Hiin. ' rrd Irti X ' VX. . : . . .. Xy K ' Si- a- 5 I?- K Before Investing IN Florida Real Estate " TALK IT OVER WITH " C. R. HAMILTON LAKELAND REALTOR X n X X ■el ■el ■1 )§CC[sfti MC SXCi§ft; C ;XC d 926 s )s Page Onr Hundred Eleven )i ;g!a5)e(Qg«Sie g «SMS»? ' riNTERLACHEN1 ' »5;g g ' Kgy ' «5)e igi ' ( « » s THE MANAGEMENT EXTENDS TO ALL THE STUDENTS AND FRIENDS ITS BEST WISHES l3£kMh MMbk mm mm mm mmmmmm £. PALACE THEATRE SOUTH KENTUCKY AVENUE PHONE 937 K X K x )3C €5 X 3eC )s( )§(cr c i ) fi» )g(C! Mc ' n;ec ' fi lliiiuirril Ttiilve - :, , ■». . y .-i • «. .» lift ' , • - - - ■■•- " ■»• - ' " )e(C M M _ . ' INTERLACn EN1 ' _M_ ' ' ' " ' " X 9 9 K X i? K 15- M w NICK BURNS COMPANY REALTORS DEVELOPERS OF LAKE GtBSON HEIGHTS LAKEWOOD PARK COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES Every One a Winner SOUTH FLORIDA HEIGHTS BILTMORE PARK WESWEGO UNITS 1-2-3 All in Lakeland AND We Are Now Selling SEMINOLE HEIGHTS THE LAST OF THE BEST ON SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE BUY A NICK BURNS LOT FOR A SURE PROFIT We can TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE WANTS Offices. 324 East Main Street PHONE 680 Resale Department Offices: Second Floor. Spencer-Futch Building 1 X i X X X •a X i X V • i el X X X X X •a x(2 mx?ji t»tM X ' Sjit f M iV92(] %f Page One Hunfired Thirteen • :■ : . J K K 3e( IS K n K )g( C vQ)g(5 vgg5)g(C Xc; - IlNTERLACtlEN MCZ ' MS KC ' T J HEN YOU PURCHASE A PAIR - ' L ' L OF SEVERAL THINGS: HOW 1 OF PUMPS YOU THINK THEY look; how THEY FIT AND HOW THEY FEEL; HOW THEY WEAR; AND WHO MADE THEM. ALL THESE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED SATISFACTORILY TO YOU BY THE MAKERS OF BILLIKIN AND MCELROY TURNS. THE EFFORTS OF THE MAKERS ARE IN THE ONE DIRECTION OF PLEASING AND SATISFYING THE WEARERS. THE NEWEST MODES ARE REPRESENTED IN PUMPS AND STRAP SLIPPERS. OUR SELECTIONS OF BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS IN SILKS AND MIXTURES FOR ALL SEASONS ARE SURE TO PLEASE THE TASTES OF THE BEST EADER CORNER KENTUCKY AVENUE AND PINE STREET PHONE 1326 X M K M X n •X x K )5(C5gs «S fiss ) 28S; XC = ) Cfeiftl926i f ' agr Onr Uumirrd Fourirvn ♦ :%.■■•. , V-%-- ■ %■% ■♦.- , {y«S) {y«5 S8j ;e(G KJ-[TNTERLACtlENl ' ' 5 cy ' »g G «gMQ»i M 9 K 9 s K M. n n a x K X Q X n x )§C )sC K )3( •S K K REID GAINES REALTORS SPECIALIZING IN HOMES. LOTS, GROVES. BUSINESS PROPERTY FARMS AND ACREAGE No. 7 Vanity Fair Arcade LAKELAND. FLORIDA IT PAYS WELL TO PAY WELL FOR CLOTHES HE MAN WHO WOULD COMMAND THE ATTENTION OF OTHERS MUST FEEL THAT HE IS WORTHY OF THAT ATTENTION. IT PAYS TO SELECT NATIONALLY ADVERTISED GARMENTS. BECAUSE THE PRODUCERS ARE EVER STUDYING TO MEET THE INCREASING DEMANDS AND NEEDS OF A PROGRESSIVE CLIENTELE. COLLEGE MEN CAN AFFORD NOTHING BUT THE LATEST AND BEST. THAT ' S WHY WE HAVE SELECTED OUR LINES WITH EXTREME CARE. MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP EVERYTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS LAKELAND FLORIDA Page One Hurulred Fifteen )g(C vg g)e(S )g(gg )g(5[g ' [TNf E R L AC HEN] ' X X n X n K K K X X f X 9 X X WE WANT THE STUDENTS OF SOUTHERN TO MAKE OUR STORE " THEIR STORE " LET US SERVE YOUR NEEDS TERRACE DRUG STORE 309 East Main Street Phone 362 X X X X X i X X X X X X X X X X t t X f»tM f»LM M ii)2b MC ' jt nt} J age Ontf Hurulred Sixtfffi f f no - INTERLACM EN| ' I ' MvX» ' Ke3 r KC. vr ) K X X )5( OUR PROFESSIONAL FRIENDS ■a 1 K X X X X X •a X SIDNEY C. BROWN LAWYER 7-8 STRAND Building Phone 1373 J. W. KUTROW. D D S Suite 12 deen and bryant building GEORGE E. CHILDERS attorney at law Lakeland Florida DR. C. B. HUTCHISON SPENCER-ruTCH Building lakeland. FLORIDA NORMAN S. STONE ATTORNEY AT LAW TRUST Building Pmone 1479 DR. W. L. TILLIS diseases of eye. EAR. NOSE AND THROAT 19 Hardin Building Phone 1245 J. J HALDEMAN R H AMIDON GEO W HALDEMAN ATTORNEY THE J. J. HALDEMAN CO. REALTORS WE HANDLE EXCLUSIVES ONLY 601-602 MARBLE ARCADE ■•WHAT WE SAY IT IS. IT IS ' W P HOWARD. JR ATTORNEY AT LAW Iie ' j EAST Main Street Telephone 967 BILLINGSLEY COVINGTON ATTORNEYS AT LAW PHONE 1227 Van Huss Building HOWELL PHILLIPS ATTORNEYS AT LAW Spencer-Futch Building C E. KENSINGER CHAS. PIGUE attorneys at law Phone 812 LAKELAND. FLA. W. S IRVIN, D. D. S. Phone 1 80 Blue Kentucky Building lakeland. florida GEORGE C OVERSTREET physician AND SURGEON MARBLE Arcade Building COLLEGE MEN ALL OVER AMERICA HAVE LONG SINCE PLACED THE STAMP OF THEIR UNQUALIFIED APPROVAL UPON CAMPUS TOGS SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES why? BECAUSE THEY RE CUT. STYLED. AND TAILORED AFTER THE IDEA OF COLLEGE MEN AND BECAUSE THEY ' RE MADE OF THE FINEST DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED WOOLENS. WE FEATURE THE NEWEST PATTERNS AND COLORS OTT CLOTHING CO. ■ON THE MAIN DRAG :?j»fst m ' jf. nsi t:n xci n fl92 bf: x . n x n -fs n age One Hundrfd Seventeen 5?! JO K K X I K 5? K K I?- CITY DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS (5 UR WHOLE STOCK OF TOILET PREPARATIONS HAS BEEN SELECTED TO PLEASE THOSE WHO REALLY CARE. IT IS OUR DESIRE TO AID YOU IN PURCHAS- ING ANYTHING YOU MIGHT SUGGEST. PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO MAKE SUITABLE SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL APPEAL TO YOU. WE HAVE WOODWORTH ' S KARESS and FIANCEE OUR SERVICE WILL KEEP YOU HAPPY CITY DRUG STORE 219 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 408-409 •ALWAYS THE NEWEST ' X K X X X X X ■a k 2sf.i s£ n f»LM?Jf. M?jf- M A92bf fs fage One Hundred Eighteen ' ■■. - . • L» ' . I ' i» v " - ■■■ ' ' - -♦■■•i - % ' .♦ ' iJ " -V.« MC. MC. MC. M ' INTERLACHEN ' W 3M 3M 4 K w ' X ? - H. J. DRANE SON HOME BUILDERS INSURANCE AND MORTGAGES REAL ESTATE Established 1884 Drane Building LAKELAND. FLORIDA X M . X 4 = )5( ' a Q LAKE STEARNS •THE ROOF GARDEN OF FLORIDA " OWERFUL, INDEED. THE PEN THAT COULD DESCRIBE THE ENCHANT- MENT OF THESE WOODED HILLS- THESE MAGNIFICIENT LAKES — THIS WONDERFUL ROLLING COUNTRY AT THE VERY HIGHEST POINT ALONG THE FAMOUS RIDGE. IT MUST BE SEEN TO BE AT ALL APPRECIATED. PULLMAN BUSSES LEAVE OUR LAKELAND OFFICES EVERY WEEK-DAY MORNING. THE ROUTE LIES ALONG THE SCENIC HIGHLANDS WITH EVER- CHANGING VISTAS OF HILLS AND LAKES. UNTIL THE CLIMAX IS REACHED AS THE JOURNEY ENDS AMID THE CONTRASTING CLAIMS OF A SUPERB NATURAL SETTING. BE OUR GUEST AND LEARN FOR YOURSELF HOW EXQUISITELY BEAUTI- FUL NATURE REALLY IS AT HER BEST HERE IN FLORIDA. IVAN B. MACKEY COMPANY DEVELOPERS AND SALES AGENTS LAKELAND SALES OFFICE MAIN STREET AND TENNESSEE AVENUE n?j tstM s n x f n M2b K f n u u x l age One Hundred Mneteen M 5 Mg MSg MC;g - ' fINT E R L AC HFNl MS M MS s M K w K 3e( K X K )5( K )eC X SOUTHERN COLLEGE IS ONE OF LAKELAND ' S GREATEST ASSETS LAKELAND OVERSUBSCRIBED HER $200,000 QUOTA FOR SOUTHERN COLLEGE ENDOWMENT BY OVER $160,000 t CHAMBER OF COMMERCE O. HODSON LEWIS. MANAGER M " i § K X K ■a )gCCi8Si ) g§« MCigft M2s« ' u e One tiundred luent) i ' m. ' m.- 9 ft- « I? ft a- K ft ft SMITH-WRIGHT COMPANY, INC. DEVELOPERS OF UNION HEIGHTS Telephones 684 and 1 280 111 South Tennessee Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA t Fage One Hundred T veniy-one a926; X .(i • X M K X K •el M X MCx§ M5 MC MC ' [TNTFRl.ArHFlNl ' ' X X G. X K G. X CALLAWAY 8c BURRUSS SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TITLE, CORPORATION, INSURANCE AND BANKING MATTERS NO DIVORCE OR CRIMINAL CASES TAKEN E. E. Callaway T. H. BURRUSS STEVEN ' S JEWELRY CO. DIAMONDS JEWELRY WE WANT TO PLEASE EVERYONE WHOM WE ARE ABLE TO SERVE 119 NORTH Kentucky Avenue Phone tOS Blue X ■a X X •Q X ■a X X -J X X A X t0 Geo. D. Mendenhall Herbert D. Mendenhall m. f. e. s. c.e.. m.amsoc.c.e.. m.f.e.s Established 1 90G G. D. a H. D. Mendenhall consulting engineers Drainage. Waterfront Improvements. Subdivision Developments. Structural Engineering. Architects SAPPINGTON MUSIC COMPANY, Inc. •Musical Merchandise Ex clusively- 217 S. Tennessee Avenue telephone 568 SAPPINGTON School of music piano Studio LAKELAND. FLORIDA " CITY OF heart ' s DESIRE " PIANOS. PLAYER PIANOS AMPICO CHICKERING FISCHER GULBRANSEN REGISTERING PIANOS LESTER SCHULZ ROOMS 211-216 Drane Building LAKELAND. FLORIDA Nationally ViiceJ TALKING MACHINES AND RECORDS VICTROLAS VICTOR RECORDS BRUNSWICK COLUMBIA SHEET MUSIC SMALL INSTRUMENTS HOLTON AND LUDWIG BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRU- MENTS VIOLINS GUITARS UKULELES HARMONICAS. ETC. X jf.fsDX XQsii X ' X - .19 2 6 ii X f X X MC ' jf.r -f M Hage One Hundrcu Tuenty- r.; v ' » .;•■ V ' :i?, .•» ' » i. • .it. ' t ■ % S % %. % i«iaia» el n a- K )5C K 9 SUBDIVISIONS OF BETTER HOMES BELVEDERE RAINBOW COURT OLANTANZY PARK VALENCIA HEIGHTS LAKE WATKINS TERRACE WE SELL CrTY PROPERTY. LOTS. ACREAGE AND FARMS C. R. CURRAN DEVELOPMENT CO., Inc. 320 East Main Street Phone 573 LAKELAND, FLORIDA nc? n n X ' S n 2sf .V92 b xs no n jf n n a f One Hundred Tuentx-threr V ' 4 K n 9 • u K x M K f REYNOLD S " SMART THINGS FOR WOMEN " TO THE LADIES OF THE COLLEGE AND TO THE LADIES OF LAKELAND WE EXTEND A CONTINUOUS WELCOME TO OUR SHOPPE. HERE WE ARE EVER ON THE ALERT TO FIND THINGS THAT YOU WILL LIKE REYNOLD ' S Phone I I 2 120-122 South Kentucky Avenue u ■el n •el .4 X X « WHEN IN LAKELAND THINK OF BUCHANAN ' S CAFE " THE PLACE TO EAT " ' age Ont Hundrid Tucntyjour 9 k XCi s ' iCSMC M M INTERLACHEN ' KC Mt i v; « K K )5C w K r: . K K w K SuNNiLAND Realty Company FOREST HILLS ON THE 80-F0OT BOULEVARD THE PLACE TO BUILD YOUR HOME LARGE ESTATES, 90 TO 1 0O FEET IN WIDTH $1.200 UP HOTEL Thelma Building LAKELAND. FLORIDA J. J. GILLIAM WILLARD HALLAM T. H. SCOVELL. JR PEARSON ' S SPORTING GOODS ACROSS FROM THE POST OFFICE EVERYTH NG FOR THE SPORTSMAN WHO REALLY CARES WHAT HE BUYS — WHETHER IT IS FOR GOLFING. FISHING. OR BOATING. WE CAN FURNISH YOUR NEEDED SPORTING GOODS LEWIS BATHING SUITS AND SUPPLIES OLDTOWN CANOES JOHNSON MOTORS SPAULDING GOODS PEARSON ' S Tennessee Avenue Phone 1285 ALBRITTON ' S WOMEN ' S AND MISSES- READY-TO-WEAR our desire is to FIND FOR YOU THE THINGS YOU LIKE AND THE THINGS THAT ARE NEW- EST. IN OUR LINE WE SHOW THESE THINGS AS THE NEW SEASON BRINGS WITH IT COLOR AND LIFE ANEW ALBRITTON ' S 121 South Tennessee Ave. Phone 974 STUDENTS OF SOUTHERN Have come to know us with a friendship THAT is most pleasing. AND WE APPRECIATE THE PATRONAGE GIVEN US. AND STRIVE TO FILL THEIR EVERY WANT AND NEED AS NEAR AS POS- SIBLE. TWO-PANT SUITS $32. 50 TO S47.50 THE TOGGERY SHOP Opposite City Hall QUALITY wrXHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE n X •o u t n s n ss! n s!s!iis n . 1 92b xs n n n ' n Pa f One Hundred Tuentx-five K SOUTHERN COLLEGE GREATER SOUTHERN IS THE VISION OF ALL WHO HAVE SEEN THE SETTING. A JEWEL, SO RARE AND BEAUTI- FUL, IS THE SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF THE FUTURE: THE BALMY SUNSHINE OF FLORIDA; THE SKIES SO BLUE AND clear; the WATERS RIPPLING RHYTHMICALLY AS THE RED- BIRD FLITS THROUGH THE LEAFY GREEN OF THE TREES LADEN WITH BALLS OF GOLDEN FRUIT. TO CROWN THIS PICTURE ERECT THE PHYSICAL SOUTHERN ON THE CREST OF A HILL- SIDE. HERE IS YOUR DREAM; A GREATER SOUTHERN! C. MIZELL X X X X . X X M X X X X X X f X X QUALITY DRY CLEANING COMPANY D. U. DUNCAN DYEING AND CLEANING 115 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE PHONE 77 LAKELAND. FLORIDA PHONE 107-RED DAVIS MUSIC HOUSE BALDWIN PIANOS EDISON AND SONORA PHONOGRAPHS 113 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE LAKELAND FLORIDA x?M n.?Mn n M x?: M? Pn t ' (hir fliimirrd Tii ' vnty-six ui: ' ; -i m ' ; ' rMa - tm ' : ' ; - inter LAC H ENl - rMti - frnf - ' rma - rM 1 el )5( 7 t5 ' ) K w ' H. A. STAHL FLORIDA PROPERTIES COMPANY REALTORS CLEVELAND HEIGHTS 108 South Tennessee Avenue Phones 339 and 412 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ON HOLLI NGSWORTH DRIVE AND CLEVELAND HEIGHTS BOULEVARD HUB CLOTHING CO. STYLEPLUS CLOTHES THE HOME OF HART-SCHAFFNER MARX HATS, SHOES AND FURNISHINGS lOO North Kentucky Avenue Phone 349 EACH SEASONS FAVORITE SMARTLY-DRESSED WOMEN WILL APPRECI- ATE THE TOUCH OF DISTINCTION THAT OUR STYLES WILL ADD TO A DANTY STREET FROCK FOR SUMMER WEAR. SATINES AND PATENT LEATHERS BENFORDS BOOTERY UP-TO-THE-MINUTE STYLES Hotel Thelma Annex Phone 989 f e 1 ' ZJ. •a § X M • K )5C2ia MS MCi§ft )s(28ft; 2sftd92 6 s; ' ff p Onp HundrrH Tnentx-setpn ■♦ f.-fj : ♦- K M f5? K h U X - U ' U ; - INTERLACHEN ■ X ' U ' K ' n CALVIN OVERSTREET REALTORS WE BUY AND SELL PROPERTIES WE REPRESENT VALUES WHEN YOU BUY PROPERTY ONE IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER IS THE PRESTIGE OF THOSE THROUGH WHOM YOU DEAL. OUR EXPERIENCE WILL GIVE YOU A CONFI- DENCE THAT NO OTHER CAN. WE ARE ALWAYS STRIVING TO DO THE BEST THING FOR OUR CLIENTELE AND THIS IS WHAT REALLY COUNTS. 103-105 SPENCER-FUTCH BUILDING OPPOSITE HOTEL LAKELAND TERRACE PHONE 850 HENLEY ' S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS NORTH KENTUCKY AVENUE LAKELAND TENT AND AWNING COMPANY PERFECTION AWNINGS 209 ' . West Main Street Phone 37 1 -Green n i x ?jf. xc ' jf n : x jf d9 .9. x K K X n X S b ' ' : ts x : ' jf x j X ' Ssi x Page One Hundred Tnent -ripht 9 ' b ft 9 ft p. ft ft K 9 I? ft ft e? COLE JEWELRY COMPANY TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO FIND THEIR WANTS SUPPLIED IN OTHER PLACES: TO THOSE WHO REALLY CARE FOR THE BEST; TO THOSE OF THE ELITE WHO DESIRE SOMETHING MORE THAN THE ORDINARY WE DIRECT OUR ATTENTIONS ALL DIAMONDS JEWELRY WE HAVE TRAINED OURSELVES TO PLEASE YOU BY GIVING YOU SOMETHING JUST A LITTLE DIFFERENT: SOMETHING JUST A LITTLE BETTER MANUFACTURING OPTOMETRISTS AND HANUFACTURrNG OPTICIANS COLE JEWELRY COMPANY PHONE 173 KENTUCKY AVENUE K •el V X - X Page One Hundred Tuenlr-nine issiX x isx if- n x f )3C X )e( W K THE FIRST STEP AFTER YOUR EDUCATION IS TO GET AHEAD. TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP NOW BY MAKING A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT IN A PALMORE DEVELOPMENT JOS E. Main St. Telephone 1228 BROKERAGE REALTORS INSURANCE •a M X )8C X X X •a )3(Cigs; Mfi8?i; MCS8S XCi8S M28sd926 ' ' (icr Our fliirulmi Thirt ■ iK rv ' ■ X X Mtl ' llNt E R L AC HENl ' ' I ' c. = C. ' t:sMC M ■a )s( I?; 33C X •a 3g( K X X 1 ' . , X DELUXE RESTAURANT OUR DUTY IS TO SATISFY THOSE WHO DESIRE THE DELICACIES OF HOME COOKING A PERFECT CUISINE DELUXE EAST MAIN STREET THE FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE ■ 3 X ■3. x X X X X X X X X FOR THE MAN WHO CARES THE AGENCY WITH HUMAN RELATIONS P. G. MITCHELL THE POLICY SHOP 32 VANITY FAIR ARCADE PHONE I2I8-GREEN GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS IN THE INTEREST OF . McKAY FURNITURE COMPANY x x : x §fr n 2§f x f 1 92b x ts x Sitii DXc nQ fsDx fagt One Hujuired Thirty -one • J 4.7 4 )g(g vsg (S v8g)e(£ ) c; - riNT E R L AC HENj Mg MS ' ) U Ml 9 K 3 K X ft !L5 SWANK AND FOREHAND REALTORS Loans, Investments, Insurance groves, tracts, truck lands, city property WE PRICE TO SELL AND SELL TO SATISFY ' PHONE 966 108-110 SPENCER-FUTCH BUILDING STAR CLEANERS AND DYERS •WE KNOW HOW- BRUCE CRAWFORD. PROPRIETOR 1038 South Florida Avenue Phone 1098 EAGLE ROOFING PLUMBING CO. THE HOUSE THAT GIVES YOU SERVICE ANYTHING FOR THAT NEW HOUSE K 3e( X n X M X K n K •« €5 n?jt f Mt j»fslM( f»tM M ii.92bf:kM fagt One Hundred Thirty -tuu ♦:• ' • ■. ,■.♦ 9. x K x s K § K •9 ■a ■a A ' a e One Hundred Thirty-three H. BENJ. HALLEN PORTRAITS BY PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO. DRANE BUILDING PHONE 863— RED LAKELAND, FLORIDA X ' St X x 9. X X X X • a X €2 , ;:i 2as M!2§fti»a)s(e ; ax ■: v ? ' Tif " Si ' v ; ' Bt ' • INTERLACHEN ;-■ tS! Vif " V ii )5( ) K 8 ft K CENTRAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY POLK COUNTY TRUST COMPANY LAKELAND CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION STATE BANK OF LAKELAND FIRST NATIONAL BANK ;;i926 i X .tT lK K ■« ' age One Hundred Thirty -luur % % % % S ■%,- - M; ' i5X ut ' ; M; lfiT E R LAC H ENl • um- n g -k xg - x 1 X )3( BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF SOUTHERN COLLEGE PROF. WALTER O. ROPP - f EADING THIS DEPARTMENT IN SOUTHERN COL- (Oj LEGE IS ONE OF THE MOST CAPABLE BUSINESS AND LEGAL MINDS PREPARED TO TRAIN THE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN WHO DESIRE TO LINK THEIR LIBERAL EDUCATION WITH COMPLETE BUSI N ESS TRAI N- ING. A BUSINESS MIND IS IMPORTANT TODAY. SINCE EVERY PROFESSION IS DEPENDENT ON THIS SPECIAL MENTAL TRAINING AND SUPERVISION. m N TAKING UP THE VARIOUS FIELDS OF BUSINESS WORK TODAY THE CURRICULUM HAS BEEN SO ARRANGED THAT ONE IS ABLE TO GET A REGU- LAR COLLEGE COURSE WITH A MAJOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. THIS COURSE IS OFFERED AT SOUTH- ERN JUST AS IT IS OFFERED IN THE LARGER SCHOOLS BOTH OF THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH. ACCOUNTING THEORY COSTING AUDITING PSYCHOLOGY SALESMANSHIP ADVERTISING LAW FINANCING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS MATHEMATICS ORGANIZATION SOUTHERN COLLEGE HOLLINGSWORTH DRIVE LAKELAND. FLORIDA K K ■el X 38C )§( M a X M2ss Me M2:gft Mei8s )e(gg?;d926ft Ke I ' age One Hundred Thirty-five ' J- 1. ■.. -r ' . ' ■ -■ •: ' » C 5J gi ' KiSy?«g S - [TNT F R I , AC HFNl S i S» ' i »aMg iigM K K A, GENE BLEVINS E. L. BLEVfNS B B TAILORS CLOTHES MADE IN LAKELAND BY LAKELAND TAILORS BENFORD STATIONERY COMPANY COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS GIFTS, VICTROLAS VICTOR RECORDS TELEPHONE 1476-BLACK ROOM 18. ARCADE BUILDING LAKELAND. FLORIDA SPARKS-TALLEY- GARNER CO. REAL ESTATE OPERATING GENERAL BROKERAGE BUSINESS REPUTABLE DEPENDABLE RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL STATIONERY 121 N. Kentucky Phone 260 WRITING EVERY KIND OF INSURANCE " INSURANCE AGENCY HARTSELL BUILDING PHONE 31 X ■ X M K m h U X n X X 33C M x ji n zsi nQ nQ§f ' n A92bt ts tsDnsi» nQ n y Huge One Hundred Tlnrty-six ' - ' ' ' a- ft ' ) ft ft ft ft I »_ BROOKS VULCANIZING COMPANY ■We Put the CAN in VUL-CAN-IZE " 201 West Ma:n Street LAKELAND FLORIDA James A. Miller Company LAKELAND. FLORIDA STORE AND MARKET FIXTURES REFRIGERATORS AND SCALES FOR EVERY PURPOSE 317 West Main Street more than twenty years in the business " MEMBER LAKELAND AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS ASSOCIATION GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING " BILL " NELSON GARAGE BEHIND STRAND THEATRE Phone 741 Night Phone 1056 GARLAND LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED RETAIL LUMBER AND MILLWORK BIRDS NEPONSET ROOFING )§( n n X M M €5 ■« n jf. n n ' n ' Ssf n d92b nssi n f M n x tage One Hundred Thirty-seven MG Mg MS MS; ' [INT E RL ACIirEN]: M S ) S ' K K )3C K K X X )2( NON-ACID FERTILIZER AND CHEMICAL CO. LICENSEE OF KREISS PROCESS SOLE MANUFACTURERS IN FLORIDA OF POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE MANUFACTURERS OF FERTILIZERS MIXTURES FOR EVERY CROP •QUALITY FERTILIZERS WITH THE ACID LEFT OUT " MAIN OFFICE AND FACTORY LAKELAND, FLORIDA M )3( •a K: Realtors Merchants Manufacturers WE ARE EQUIPPED TO DO ANY KIND OF PRINTING. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO MAIL ORDERS THE SOUTHERN PRINTING COMPANY LAKELAND. FLORIDA 209 EAST LIME STREET P. O. BOX 440 •a fage (hit lluiulred Thirh-eigfil WOLF BROTHERS FASTEST-GROWING STORE TO SERVE MEN AND BOYS IN FLORIDA •WE GROW BECAUSE WE SERVE ' 808 FRANKLIN STREET 303 TWIGGS STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA X X X ■el X X % % ♦ ♦• % ' ' . » ft- in. X ft 9 X X X X X X FOR FORTY-TWO YEARS Knight and Wall Company , ' ' The Utmost in ifuality " BUILDERS- HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES FOR THE HOME BEA UTIFUL SPORTING GOODS FOR THE OLD AND THE YOUNG AUTOMOBILE AND MOTORCRAFT EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES RADIOS AND SUPPLIES " TAMPAS LANDMARK " Knight and Wall Company x ss!i n f x j» x ssii x if r I ' ttiie One HunHrrd Thirtx-ninr X X V X X ■h. X X X X X X X X 3e( X 4 XQ XQ t n jf X M G MS MC MC ' INT ERL ACH ENl M£ M£ MSi» ' K K K K K X )5( K » X M K THE STORE OF SERVICE WELCOMES NEWCOMERS TO TAMPA THE NUMEROUS ACCOMMODATIONS AND CONVENI- ENCES EXTENDED BY THIS STORE THROUGH ITS VARIOUS SECTIONS AND SERVICE DEPARTMENT. AND WHICH ARE SO FAVORABLY KNOWN TO ITS REGULAR PATRONS. WILL BE APPRECIATED BY THE WINTER VISITORS AND THOSE WHO INTEND MAKING TAMPA OR SOUTH FLORIDA THEIR PER- MANENT HOME. MAKE THIS STORE YOUR SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS WHILE IN TAMPA ITS A MOST INVITING PLACE TO SHOP. HERE YOU WILL FIND FASHIONS LAST WORD IN WEARING APPAREL CREATIONS AND ACCESSORIES. AS WELL AS EVERYTHING CORRECT AND DEPENDABLE IN FURNITURE AND HOME FURNISHINGS G f£Ar£ f TAMPA ' S GffEATEST STQffe THE HILLSBORO TAMPA, FLORIDA TOP O ' THE TOWN DINING ROOM 7th FLOOR FLORIDA ' S LARGEST ALL-THE-YEAR-ROUND HOTEL X 3 K K K M. X « K 1 Page Our Ihindreil Ffirl - MC;: _KC : M fTlNTER L AC iTeNI ' ' X " : - M 3 X 9 9 K X K fe Designers and Illustrators Makers of High ' Qrade Printing Plates 134 Fourth Ave., North Nashville, Tenn. )e( K X K K K )s( X )eC 3s( Kfisftisa)s(C is5 Cfeft«5)s(Cfesi5a fi8w 1 9 ' a;2c Onr Hun ireH Forty-one M M MC MS ' pnNT E R L AC HENl ' M M S w ' X X X 9 X IS X X X X ' X: X To the Class of ' 26 he Record Company offers its congratulations and best wishes for a successful future. It has had the pleasure of serving vou in the pro- duction of this Annual. In later xears ' ou graduates will control and dominate the future business destinies of Florida. We trust that our ser ice has been so sat- isfactory as to merit con- sideration when vou, as future business leaders, will have need of our facilities. Tin ' South ' s- }- ' i?ics Printing P tiiit llic Record C ' nii[- an , Printers Specialists in I ' Our-COIor I ' roccss Work St. Aumistine, Mcirula x t x?jf.n x x ?jf. x jf A 2(] -.t x s I ' agf Onr Iliintlrrd Fnrt -liii V♦ % . ♦ V v-V V V Lmi ' lI ' Ml ' ♦ ♦

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