Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL)

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Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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HL.30AA 7 Mwwrimiwmw LQ, My-Qfe-LQ! 1415 f!qQJ,,MJ,wf1JYfLV"wk""X LVM'bC7"V Aww n,cASQwM5.wi W ff1gf1 W L wwf ' WLM? f Q 1' ag x , W ,- 4 'D A 0 b,QJX3m,c Usb LOU?-bea. THQ! 5 wQ.,'Y5-bei KIKQJ nmozv A-Pom vlwivb Qfllsglggw N QQVSD 'FL 'XXQ :' he,.Lx?fL. had +G Q55 R339 .J Iv , k , Q X ' x K . f. .xg x . .KA ' L X . N .' L ' , 1978 LA CGQUINA Publlshed by the Sensor Classes of the FLORIDA SCHOOLS FOR THE DEAF AND BLIND ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA A GOVERNOR COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION Reuben O' D. Askew Ralph D. Turlington 1? BOARD OF TRUSTEES Standing: Richard Tugg, Miami, Mrs. Mary Inez Mauldin, Panama City, Major Robert Mason, St. Augustine, Dr. Jack Snider, Jacksonville, Vice Chairman. Seated: Mrs. Pauline Hicks, Jacksonville, W. Dexter Douglas, Tallahassee, Chairmang Mrs. Nelson Park, Winter Park. Dedication THE REIDELBERGERS HENRY J. REIDELBERGER Mrs. Fleidelberger, the former Eleanor McCarthy, is a native of West Virginia. She was graduated from Marshall University in 1935 and later earned a Master's Degree in Speech and Linguistics at the University of Michigan. She is presently teaching in the Advanced Department and served as managing editor of the school paper, THE HERALD for a number of years. ln recognition of the years of loyal service to our school, this book is humbly dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Fieidelberger. Mr. Reidelberger began his career in deaf education at the West Virginia School for the Deaf and also taught in Missouri. He came to St. Augustine in 1947 and has servec since that time as a classroom teacher, assistant coach and currently is instructor in Graphic Arts. A native of illinois, he was graduated from Gallaudet College in 1938. ELEANOR MCC. REIDELBERGER Administration ,T j to ..... PRESIDENT Dr. William J. McClure Presenting national award to Principal Joseph Finnegan Coming from a family long identified with the education of the deaf in the United States. Dr McClure has guided our school to a superior place in the profession. Never to busy to pass up a chance to exchange greetings with us, hi has given our school firm leadership since coming here in 1967. .S ' I With Dr. Snider Board member On his way to crown another Homecoming Queen in Kirk Auditorium 1 Handling VIPS, typing letters to worried parents, locating Dr. McClure a good tennis partner, are things all in a day's work for this trio of able ladies. They also handle problems with the Board of Trustees and see that things run smoothly at the top levels of our school. K'Ag Z , ""' rs VICE PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS AFFAIRS James E. Thomas Evelyn McNeil, Sec. IVlr. Slater shuttles back and forth between Washington and St. Augustine making sure those Federal dollars keep flowing to our campus. He has also been known to make mysterious wintertime side-trips to such remote places as Stowe, Vermont and Vail, Colorado. six V,,,, ,754 W V, ., E , fsz,xf,. 3 -i,,,,,y - ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES Standing, L. To R. Ann Hammons, Jean Buie, Seated, Margaret H. Davis. Facts and figures are the main fare for Mr. Thomas. He keeps our financial diet on the safe side, seeing that some departments do not grow too fat and giving those skinny ones their fair share. However, there is a lot more to his job than just dollars and cents. Like power outages or dead trees or ice cream-hungry kids. A X., COORDINATOR OF FEDERAL GRANTS Walter H. Slater Hilda Sue Hunt, Sec. Keeping tab on tables and chairs, knives and forks, cups and saucers, trucks and busses, and a thousand and one other things is the job of this little-noticed staff. We hope they won't come chasing after us on graduation day! PURCHASING AND PROPERTY CONTROL Seated, I. to r., Mandy Fifield, Barbasra Curran. Standingg John Thorpe, Vinny Maori ACCOUNTING OFFICE Standing, l. to r., Glenna Silvers, Mary Ann Dilsaver, Doris Rinehart, Annette Ferris, Joan Sibert, Carolyn Williams, Charlene Nagle. Seated, Dewey Phillips. Accounting and Personnel Offices go about their daily affairs little noticed by most of us. But let the least little thing go wrong and we hear from them. We owe a big debt to these unsung heroes . . . and heroines. PERSONNEL OFFICE Standing, I. to r. Lynn Rowe, Bell Reis. Seated, James C. Noell DIRECTOR OF STUDENT LIFE Jackie Johnson Note: This picture of Mr. Johnson was taken by someone just after we had left for Christmas vacation. That's why he's looking so gloomy. SECRETARY Betty Kalaich .lv ., , ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Rosalind R. Greenmun Note: This picture of Mrs. Greenmun was taken bright and early on a Monday morning, BEFORE the Student Involvement Reports started coming in. TRANSPORTATION OFFICER Barbara Smith -nn-......,,, it ililS CC I E Q Q. ' 52 . i g " 1fgs::fsvak -'vw in ! sss' PBX OPERATOR MAIL CLERK Bertha Reynolds Janice Berthe Keeping everyone.pIugged in, not crossing us up, are "Neither rain, nor snow . . . nor hurricanes, nor all in a days work for Bertha mosquitoes . . . shall keep her from her appointed rounds" " f ,l W " 'x I N I 5? 2 I2 A 3552 I gg fl . 2? 1 if I Effg-ii, at tif I ' I I 'sig-PS . I WK ff V1 l PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Joseph P. Finnegan Henry L. White fff' Presenting championship trophies At the World Games in Rumania SECRETAFIIES L. to Fi. Alice Owens, Anita Francis, Betty Sullivan I Serving both the Deaf and the Blind Departments, the Child Study Center evaluates all prospective students before they are permitted to enroll. Also, throughout the school life of each student, audiological and psychological evaluations are made. When needed, Psychiatric counseling is also arranged for through this department. 7,-fr ,fe -"r ' 1.4 I CHILD STUDY CENTER Standing, I. to r., Frankie J. Sisco, Psychologist, Bob Webb, Electronics Technician, Jane Leazer, Diagnostic Teacher, Carolyn Gingrich, V Psychologist, and Jerry E. Prokes, Director. Seated, Denise W. Six, Secretary. Under the direction of Mr. Bob Graham, the Library- Media Center is responsible for closed circuit TV programs, as well as taping of regular programs deemed to have educational value. An innovation this year has been the establishing of a Learning Center in the Advanced Department Library with Miss I Joan Embry in charge. ll, CQ? A -ffifx-. I L.-S+-xv! LIBRARY-MEDIA SERVICES Seated, I. to r., Gretchen McQuaig, Joan Embry, Robin Sullivan. Standing, I. to r., Bill Hillier, Marydel Alford and Bob Graham. VOCATIONAL EVALUATION CENTER The Vocational Evaluation Center provides professional evaluation and adjustment services to deaf students in the Advanced Department. The staff of the center is also involved in a Community Experience Program. This program is designed to expand the vocational opportunities of our Advanced Department students through alternative training programs or on-the-job experiences. W-,.. ' W T Q f. EVALUATION STAFF Front row: I. to r. Robert Thomson, Director, Dorthoy Nowlin, Mark Kelman. Back row: I. to r. Robert Stern, Walter Davis, and Virginia Richmond, Secretary HANDS ON WORK SAMPLE DISCOVERY BY DOING PACKAGING WORK SAMPLE COMMUNITY EDUCATION Eddie Gobble SECRETARY 'tice Owens sociAL wonxen Margaret McClure 476 WV Ha i '1+ : il f -If if as-s , fl ,,, 'rf-wh, 'N "rr--1' WX., VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION Front row, I. to r., Harry Anderson, Counselorg Charlotte Warkentine, Secretary, Dana Keyes, Intern. Back row, I. to r. Cathy Weging, Secretary, Steve Greene, Supervisor, Carol Kelly, Counselor STAFF-CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Ken Randall SECRETARY Beth Nix X We are grateful to the "VR" staff for l the numerous periods of counseling and other ways in which they have helped us throughout our school years. With their help and encouragement our plans for higher education seem a lot closer to fulfillment. 44' 13 DEAF DEVELOPMENTAL PLAY Under the direction of Hugh Lewis, the Deaf Developmental Play Project was launched in September. Its purpose is to develop a course of study devoted to meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of young deaf children in a residential school. The art of living is to be taught through play, classroom activities and ordinary routines of residental life A Qt i if T S ttt we--M, I S DDP STAFF Front row, I. to r., Alice Thaldorf, Babette Kamm, Christina Pakis and Diane Holland, Sec. Back row, I. to r. George Cohen, Mugh Lewis, Director and Larry Brick. A some PLACES A SESSION AT THE ROUND TABLE ' I Js. 5 t I, , .E . Q., , T s wf ' X 1 A '-, xl Z A va' mv' E' - ' -- -Q-' f S.. I . . I t .3 A' f , -' -' Q' if T' ik A fbi 4 t'-t -est: -'ff K ...F as D' gf N, ag fi .kk , ,."E I THE BAMBI BOOK SOME OUTDOOR FUN HARD AT WORK WITH CRAYONS A REAL PUZZLER OF A TRIP DEAF-BLIND EDUCATICN Denise Berwick Raymond King TEACHER TEACHER COORDINATOR Joel Hoff David Meharg Eve Messina Phyllis German Jean Panzarino SECRETARY Particia Bedsole IFIESIDENTAL TRAINING INSTRUCTORSJ Q 'wt HOUSE PARENTS r 1 -'JB .T . , T Darci Joyce Bill Denise in the nation. Bishop Blemaster Griggs Latham Cheryl Gwen Elaine Player Sandcraft Van Duser A Randy Leak - Ronald Magos Kim Padgett Mary Beth Smallwood Rhonetta Wright After many delays this department was formally begun at our school in the Fall Mr. Joel Hoff, the designated program coordinator has put together a fine staff, which although small, promises to develop into one of the finest of its kind i Graduates SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS KIMBERLY JOY JOYCE LISA JEAN CHRISTIE ' Vice ' ' ' CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS COLORS: Red and White President, Pensacola IQQ3. WITH HEAD SPONSOR WALT HAZEN President, Miami CLASS MOTTO: "Love means saying you are never Sorry." BELINDA GAIL KOON DAVID JEROME NELSON Secretary, Lake City Treasurer, Miami CLEVLAND ADDERLEY Melbourne NELSON GREGARIO BACALLAO Hialeah . . . and with the girls be handy!" A rare Florida snowfall ERNEST BUDDY ANDERSON Thomasville CARLOS TOTI BECKER Miami ROBERT CHARLES BENDER JUDY LYNN BERRY Miramar Opa Locka I BEVERLY DIANN BOSTICK Tampa ROBERT W. BRAY Jacksonville JACQUELINE MARIA BROUSSARD St. Augustine Short dress . . . long pants CYNTHIA EVE BURCH Waldo VERONICA CALDWELL Tampa RONALD MAURICE CARSON Jacksonville Fashion plate , ff' Y 7l-v -f-:ah-....,,, Covering up ' in time GARY STEVEN CHAMBLISS West Palm Beach WILLIAM EDWARD CORBETT Bradenton CATHERINE North Miami 1' SABRINA DENISE CORLEY West Palm Beach RICHARD JOSEPH CHEVALIER North Miami Beach A scene at the Prom RAYMOND DEAN CREASMAN Delray Beach Jerry looking for Tom 'uf' CLAIRE LEIGH CRENSHAW Palatka K , 'A X1 Hard at work BRUCE EDWIN DENHART Plantation KAREN EMMA DENSON St. Augustine Palaika MARY ANN EDWARDS Jacksonville DAVID KENT ELEY Bradenton RICKEY DEWAYNE EWING Loxahatchee ELIZABETH RENEE FIELDS Delray Beach JULIE ANN FOWLKES Pensacola GLENN CHARLES FRANKEL Bear Wrestling RANDY JOSEPH FRANK Opa Locka Hialeah KIMBERLY ANN FISHER Miami A Weird Sister from MACBETH TIMOTHY MICHAEL GALLAGHER Altamonte Springs ANTHONY GILBERT Stuart GARY DELANO GOINS Miami VIVIAN LEOMA GOODE 1, 3 . . x Lg A mouthfull Panama City .f-me-awww MAMIE JULIA GREEN Hallandale JANE HARNER Deltona Look there! -- A im. 'lm ? A was 5 ' Y .2,. ,,,.........- CLASS MEETING MARIA DELORES HERNANDEZ Miami www ELIZABETH ADA HEAD Orlando AFTER CLASS SCENE GARY HUDSON Lakeland DESIREE VIRGINIA HYDES St. Augustine ul!-1 SCOTTY THOMAS JAMESON Jacksonville DALE LEE JENKINS Nocatee Classroom Antics WILLIAM JAMES JOHNSON Vero Beach McLane Hall scene DEBBIE RODRENA JONES St. Petersburg CAROLYN MARIE KELLY Pensacola SANDRA GAYE KENNEDY Jacksonville RUDOPLH WILLIAM KERR St. Augustine DANIEL LESTER KURTZ Hastings SHERRY LOUISE LEWIS Tampa DANA LYNN LEVY Miami THOMAS JOSEPH LINARES Tampa KRISTA VIOLA LOFTON Lakeland JAMES ALFRED MCELFRESH Miami Lakes Q1 li ' ggi ? Y . " fs - , 53 . gf? , L ,,, . A --4. - , , 1 g ri .gi T . . ' ,Y X QNX I 1: ' 5,4 f .Q 2 v ,v if , L F" , L ggi, -5 , .4 Q. Q Bedtime pose GEORGE ROBERT MCGURER Middleburg 4 ,av ,A I, x J 2 r i A f FIorida's loss, Georgia's gain ' I NORMAN ROGER McNEAL Starke DAVID THOMAS McRAE Vero Beach GEORGE BILLY MACK Jacksonville LEROY AUDREA MARTIN Eustis JEFFREY M. MATHIS St. Augustine Our boy Leroy KIMBERLY CHARISSE MATTHEWS Trenton 1 Wx ,, WK' v " ,A ' A if WW 4 -I " . T Kim Kim Kim Sex Reversals FIONNIE WAYNE MIMS Bonifay DEBBIE SUE NAIL St. Augustine ROBERT WILSON MILLS Tampa Something Real FIEINALDO MAFIALES Hialeah JIMMY JAMES NEWBEFIRY St. Augustine TRILBY ANN NICOLINI Miami Sprinter Bruce at the World Games CYNTHIA ANN PULFER Largo Big Foot? KATHY ELAINE FIEHBEFIG Marianna 6 V BRUCE ELLIOT REID Tampa PATRICIA LESLIE REYES Miami a If ,mi TONI LYNN FIICCARDO West Palm Beach MANUEL ROJAS Tampa TIMOTHY JAY SCHLEHUBER Avon Park PAUL DAMON SCHMIDT Coral Springs STEPHEN EUGENE SCOTT Jacksonville iz:--lv unw- Clowning around PAUL WILLIAM SHIRLEY Fernandina Beach GARDENIA JEAN SCOTT Jupiter MICHEL GORDON SENART Sanford Guess who? JAMES FREDERICK SHAFER South Plantation in Up the steps. . . 'ik GAIL SHARON SMITH Lake Wales IRMA GAYLE SMITH Jacksonville MIKE REX STOKES Pensacola ROBERT GERALD STORY Crescent City JAMES EDWARD SUNDAY Palatka 9 .ai s.. J E . . . and over the mall. Y Mary! Mary! ANDREW PATRICK TAGGART Ponte Vedre Beach Hands down! CATHY MARY TALLON Cocoa JOHN EDWARD TIMMONS Crawfordville if TERRI TOMLINSON St. Augustine .fy MARY AGATHA TORNELLI Daytona Beach SHIRLEY MAE WADDELL Panama City MICHAEL WARNER Melbourne THEODORE RICHARD WEISBRUCH Miami MIKE LEON WHITE Daytona Beach lr" I J GLORIA JEAN WEATHERSPOON Madison Closet Cleaning Sweetie Pie Teddy RANDY JAMES WHEELER Plant City NEIL JAMES WILLAMS Melbourne IM ROBERT JAMES WILLIAMS FRED HOWARD WINDLE Webster ROBERT SHERWIN YOUNG St. Augustine Fort Pierce Ili' IF' THE CLASS OF '78's GRAND FINAL ,iw ,H U? Sf' Undergrads ADVANCED DEPARTMENT-Walker Hal JIM ALSOBROOK Chemistry DONNA DRAKE Supervising Teacher ELAINE ANDERSON MARGUERIET BUTLER Consumer Ed. Reading PAUL CRUCTHFIELD DOROTHY GALLAGHER WALT HAZEN English BOARD WORK si lic? BILL JORDAN JEFF KAMM English Mathematics 5431 1 PATRICIA PARKS English ELEANOR REIDELBERGER 38 English QP! ic-'f English Social Studies CHECKING ANSWERS MYRA MOORE MARCIA OJA Mathematics Reading DON RHOTEN DOROTHY RICE Social Studies Social Studies COLLECTING HOMEWORK CANDACE RIDINGTON English I RITA SLATER Mathematics ARLENE STANCH Secretary JULIANNA STETSON' Tutoring RON SASS Science SHANNON SIMON Mathematics QW? EMMA ST. JOHN Aide THE SMILE THAT REFRESHES FRANK SLATER Literature KAREN UMBACH Mathematics MIKE SLATER Science CARL WILLIAMS English 7- , i LECTURE IN CONSUMER EDUCATION JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1979 . .1 T sT f ' . . N ,ix a s A , , kit A F o f A tt A w - 'i - 1 A aiiafi 4 TOM KROHN ALISON HARVEY DIANE CAMPBELL ELSA LOPEZ GARY CARTER President V. President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer KZSU! , OFFICERS WITH MR. CHUTCHFIELD A BUSY TIME AT THE CAR WASH David Bernard Mike Blaine Steve Bludsworth David Booth Laura Bowman Carl Brown Ruben Brunache Byron Clements Jackie Conley James Cramer Joe Crooks Jeff Crowley ee andy Dickens -Eliades Estevez Gregg Ezell Blanca Falcon Pam Fuller Ronnie Goodwin Mike Greenman Walter Griffin Jennifer Griffith Jamie Haltiwanger Debra Hammac f"'Y David Roberts Grissel Rico Paul Roult Angelina Ruiz I Zi'lW' 9 T ' 1 I I l1 !""' fs- ,, ,N 1 Q-5 .tg i Stanley Heard Ronald Hogue Gayle Humphries Wayne Josey April King Susan Klenet Donna Kolberg Mark Landreneau Ricky Lane Arnetta Laston Lazaro Marrero A Montes de Oca essie Moreyj0OLZQ 5 Keith Murphy Earnest Norman Randy Price Brad Puzar James Randolph Brian Reeger Robin Remillard JOHNNY UNITAS VISITS Robert Shuford Keith Siegel Ronnie Singleton Victor Solano Ray Spears Jean Stewart Gwen Terry Cindy Turner Ronnie May Tyson Sandra Vogel Brett Voss Tim Wagner Jeanne Yoham Tom Zupansic SOPHOIVIOHES-CLASS OF 1980 Doris David Blakely C arroll Lourdes Barrios Johanna McKenzie Sandra Maines Joey Manning Moises Martinez Jonathan Miller Judy Mills 42 Carol Coward M Michael Dunn Dale Dye David Eichenberg Jesse Elder Russell Gibson Bruce Gilliam Alesia Green Carla Green Jeff Hawk Eddie Hernandez Joyce Houghton Jay Jenkins Bruce Johnson Martha Jones Sheretta Jones Lisa Knapp James Langan Karen Lewis Susan Lyles Bill McCuIIum ,V ,WZ 5 46 4' ike Dukes SOPHOMORIC STHONGMEN Van Newbold Sharon O'Bryan Fred Palchick Frances Parker Jeff Pawlak Jackie Pope David Proctor James Purdy Steve Raymond Charrese Floker Luis Solano Lamar Stanley Gloria Swift Douglas Valloric Miguel Vivaldi David Waldorf Flamona Warriner Stephanie Wedderburn Dolly Wilcox Mike Wilhite FRESHIVIEN-CLASS OF 1981 'Yr Martin Anderson Manuel Andreu Jay Applebuam Flay Bateh Baron Bremer Bart Brown Charles Burch Dan Campbell Albert Chasar Beth Cody Linda Cody Bill Coleman Randy Crissman Fred Decker Glenn Eldridge Bill Ford Daniel Gil 0 :AMW 'A' Qiilafriniglirl Linda -Flhaifim Suzanne Henry CAMPUS SCENE-OUTSIDE CAMPUS SCENE-INSIDE me , 41' aw fri, Sandra Hill John Holmes Sadie James Lowayne Johnson Johnnie Jones Meme Kerr Tammy Kolberg Karen Landrum Billy Lange Larry McCullum iii FRESHMEN Hi Ho! Hi Ho! The Freshmen, The Freshmen! Hi Ho!, The Freshmen! They're Always On The Go They Always Want To Know What Makes FSD Go. And They'll Soon Know! Hi Ho! Hi Ho! The Freshmen, The Freshmen! -Anonymous Q Q, -T Q , A vff' L A H - Michelle McKenzie Henry McKinney Martha McLaughlin Willie McNeal Rufus Martin lris Morfi Darlene Morris Beth Muri Annie Murphy Tammy Peterson VI FRESHMEN TAKING A BREAK IN MRS. RlCE'S CLASS Jerome Young Danny Purvis Barry Quattrone Randoplh 'Se kuiiiiii Lorinda Seneker Carolyn Stewart Mary Tinseth Diane Touchton Stefan Wardzichowski 'Q Londa Warriner Gary Washington George Wheeler nyfi?-2FTff:, 5' If ' 1 f f ll if 7 VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT- Pope Hall 2 HERMAN LAURA COOK up T Business x A Education BROUSSARD Electronics WALTER COLLIS Food Service --.sffsf - .'k' - i-" 151: ps :ggi-wifi Cleaning 8t H 6, Pressi nQ fl if RAYMOND BUTLER Supervising Teacher V S' lflft RAYMOND HALL Auto Body '89 TOM KERR - :Q . ,,.... , gf I 'L 35:24, f . oicK HoLLlNGswoRTH ETTA KER3 Data Processlng - 1 ROBERT LANGE TED LUNESTAD Magnetic Tape Comp. Photography Industrial Arts SOME TIPS ON TYPING INSPECTING A PAINT JOB if ag! M A JOHN OLIVER NORMAN OJA Barbering Upholstery HENRY REIDELBERGER RUSSELL Printing Cosmetology JOYCE A I , M ' fi , I WILBUR SPENCE CARMEN TIBERIO Maintenance Printing -0 ELOISE TIBERIO Art IWW Q SUSAN VON DOLTERAN . Home Economics x X' ' .f-JI ' LENS LESSON BRENDA WOODS INEZ WATSON Home Economics Sewing A FREE CUT KITTY REBA BLALOCK BOOHER Dragon's Lair DL Assistant WINFRED GODSEY Production Specialist 4 SUSAN BLAIR Secretary N, w if IN THE UPHOLSTERY SHOP :gf I PAMELA HILLIER Aide , I gg 4 INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT-Gore Hall 9 x, TREVEL HARRIET MARK I ATTLE LINDA PROKES Supervising Teacher BAMBI TOM SUZIE I Q-,,.. sf- kgjk . ' W 'fn "' in wa: ' 1 CAROL ED DAVID WILLIE RAY CRAPSON CZAR FERGUSON GALLIMORE GALLIMORE , . I4 0 N v, -aan! xx IDA SHERWOOD LINDA ALETHA CARMEN RUTH LUCILLE BETTE LEE ANN CHARLOTTE MOTLEY PERPICH ROSENTHAL ROTZ ROWLAND W 'T I ,f yyi, ,f1, , fy , wh, ., f ,. L 1, ,,:,.,-Mb , , , Y V ,, A V K .wx , L tg H I E ' I TJIT DOROTHY JOAN MARY KATHY SMITH WATERMAN ROGERO, Sec. CARLING, Aide ,,,..,....v-- E 4.1! 'US' 'VX Mike Anderson Heidi Astor Diane Banks Deborah Barlow Kathy Barrs Melany Botterbusch Sarah Beam Kent Benjamin Rhonda Bennett Will Berry Jimmie Blocker Dametta Bogan Reggie Bolan Anthony Bondreau Karyn Brust Kelvin Brown Andre Bryant Shawn Bryant Drew Budai David Buntin Marco Busby Karen Byrd LeAnn Cowart Pat Cannon CASTLEBERRY CONSIDERS ' A SOMEBODY HIDES PRATT PONDERS Wg' fix fe We Rose Carraway 5 l M Leon Coleman Q W 3 Sally collins cr? ' Tammy Collins . Don Cooler Rickey Cooper f 164 Q orraine Cra xl C il erry' Michelle Davis gm lj Lonny Dean y ' Sandra DeJesus Mary De Vries Ma , ' Aft 49 15" v , , EI' 7, I Ida Dinkins Debra Drayton Angela Dukes James Dunlop Debra Ellison Senette Fontaine Kerry Fedin Felton Flowers L nn Fi hris Gomez x A ert Gonz ez Denise Gonzalez IN THE DORM WAITING FOR THE MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME 'K I I' vw I A A Ia N All Victor Gonzalez John Gregory John Hagans Doug Hall Rodney Hall Kelli Hancock Pennie Hartzell Tom Heeb Joe Hicks Liuie Hicks Meiiniia Hicks June Holmes Kim Hopkins Terri Hubbard Dennis Hughes Luke Hussar Lee Hutchens Manuel Hutchinson Vincent Jackson Rhett James Jackie Jefferson Jerry Jenkins Beverly Johnson Jack Johnson 'tif' 3'--J, Clarence Jordan Karen Kight Tommy K' t John Kirk Barbar Kleary Terry Knowles Randy Langford Tommy Lanier Ronnie Lee Gene Lopez Mary Lott Kevin Lowe Mike McCulIum Kelli McDermott Wayne Manns Sheila Martyn Diane Matthews Jorge Mendez Tom Mooney Derek Moore Dewey Moore THANKSGIVING DAY PROGRAM Angie Morris Flenee Morrison Valerie Morrison James Mothershed Brendan Murphy Lisa Myhand Dan Nash Tommy Neville Scott Obergfell Kristi Ostrander Leith Pack Teresa Padgett ,Ili 31 ff 51 ft : i""'i 1 Tina Padgett Marcus Pappy Jason Phillips Melissa Pitts Regina Preston Pam O'Quinn Willie Quinn Carol Randall George Randolph Carlos Ramirez Laurie Reichert Lydia Rhodes Doug Rice Harry Richard Patty Richardson Curtis Reddick Ruben Rodriguez Paul Rosado Kevin Ross Mark Rubel George Ruggiano Ronnie Ruffin Tonya Rushing Ken Samson Foye Sanchez Billy Sapp Timmy Sessions Frances Shaw Elaine Skeen Janice Smith Shawn Smith Sidney Spence Lizzie Stanch Milton Stanley Arin Stetson Lori Strouse 'VJ xx X 5n....,, 1 PlzzA PIE EATERS PILGRIM AND INDIAN L NIM IE BIG M l Kevin Woolfork Wyvetta Wright Karen Yeley Marco Zepeda Charlie Ziegler OUTHD TUNA George Saucer Dawn Sweeney Honna Taylor Tyrone Thompson Harvey Thrasher Lupe Trevino Debra Tuttle Jimmy Underwood Brian Wadell Diane Walker Harry Walker Steve Walker Ken Warren Penny Waterhouse Susan Wilcox Gary Wilkes Bernard Williams Bobby Williams John Wise Tammy Whitcomb Brenda White Donald White Joey Whitley Sam Woodberry PRIMARY DEPARTMENT-Knowles Hall and JO FAYE STERN Supervising Teacher ffl e ee L lx 't I DA N A P E L DEBBIE BOLES JOAN BANNON CARLOTA CARTER CATHY BETSY MARY DUFRESNE DUNN GRAHAM RUTH TERESA CATHY LAFANS LONG MITCHELL 0 KATHERINE DIANE LINDA POLT RANDALL RANDOLPH NANCY SUE ELLEN GAIL KATHLEEN SHERRI SLATER WILLIAMS HARRIS, ROCKWELL, YOUNG, Aide Secretary Pupil TEACHERS LIKE TO HAVE FUN, TOO! Oops! Sherri, Honey! What are you doing on the teachers' page? Maybe after you grow up Mrs. Stern will let you help out. Abruntilla George Allen Brent Anderson David Anderson Todd Barksdale Booth Dana Blitch Sandy Bush Tammy Calhoun Cline Stephen Daniels Kelli Jo Dyal - Jennifer Dodman Rebecca Anthony Fazio Laura Florez Gar Harbuck Aaron Hen erson C,arlette Henr San ra ill I Susan Hill Tim Hillenbrand 143.543 wa Amaril Garcia lody Green Zara nious Andres Hernandez Sandra Hill Wanda Johnson De Jones S eeney L n Sam Lake Sherry Leoley Mark Lett AI Lopez Sylvia Lopez Gary MacCaIla Lamar Maddox Dale Mason Vicki Mathews ,Tammy Mayo Marco Mac Grath CONTEST WINNERS ef' MORE WINNERS...THlS TLME K HALLOWEEN Patty Mc lntyre Jimmy Miller Barhara Mims Joey Mobley 3Doh n Lisa Moore Evie Murfi Jennifer Nasukiewicz Chris Patterson Carol Pease .Montgomery Win? D H fe 9 T ,fx ' 7 1 . ' Y , ""V e Bl tl ng :M life? sffffg Qifitffig L t 4 4 my it l Egg my N was 25:4 fffgff 2'-St: -at ' 'f ,-f?f'Q?F"1-6-,liQf3i 'Na 3 aigxgzf' QTTQEE il., ,,kl,k.k:g,3 4 f.,. X-at rusty: Ki. s .241 . AR .. Vkwkfi if Ted Rachelewsky Frank Randolph Ann Tommy Rios i a oman Steve Sever ew ewell Eric Snow Spencer STACKING DONUTS APPLE-BITING CONTEST 'D7' 'Q A Cori Sporman Nebolina Stevens Mark Stone Joe Strickland T. J. Sullivan Tracy Tartarini Parris Tillman Chris Tod onald Trout an R ' a Turner Walter yer T lazy Vega . iii Quentin Wade 'sou-t-rvV'5t'EE" sr5ER'WzR- Jenny Wales Brendan Ward 'George Grayson Wilcher lEmT? Yvette Williams "'rEWVl'rson--. John Wood Brenda Yohn X, PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT - BLOXHAM COTTAGE RUTH BENSON CAROLYN BRICK HARRIETT CLARK eff NANCY DUNNELL ALICETHALDORF Supervising Teacher SUSAN CONTE SANDY DAWS DIANE EDWARDS KATHY SHETLER Xiiif 'Q It LISA GRAY CAROLYN SMITH VIOLA WHITE JEAN SERMONS SHOWING TEACHER HOW IT WORKS HARD AT WORK IN MRS. CLARK'S ROOM ALL SMILES Robert Abel Scotty Alford Debbie Allen Robert Allen Brian Beane Julie Beacham Jennifer Bethea Betsy Blair Sanda Blumenberg Kelby Brick Stewart Broadbent Eric Brown Tina Cole Rodney Cook Sandra Cuevas Karen Davis John Davis Willie Edwards Gina Fields Melissa Gordon Shandrika Grant Liza Graziano Hank Hancock Jamie Hays Sean Henderson Bobby Holiday Andy Johnson Edward Jones Mike Jones Jim Justice J, ' 'aww . MISS GRAY SHOWS THEM HOW CELEBRATING SOME BIRTHDAYS Brian McCall King McCIeary Tim Melton Lewis Miller Bonnie Minter Grace Minter Melissa Monroe Bill Myers Angel Nail June Nasukiewicz Steve Nasukiewicz Eddy Nieves Lily Norris Bonnie Padgett Lisa Parrish Donald Perryman Missy Radford Byron Rockoff Ted Ross Michael Rutledge Andy St. John Peggy St. John Ronald Scoles Brenda Scott Jeff Scott John Scurry J. J. Shanks Pat Shoup Pat Stephens Tammy Terrill MIRROR IMAGES WAITING FOR TEACHER PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN DEPARTMENT '71 rl I K , I - "v-,,,.f" svn' I ' 'I-I., . " I' 'Kc 'Tx XXX -. F295 ON THE WEIGHT PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF MARVIN SANFORD, Supervising Teacher CLIMBING THE WALL T53 VOLLEYBALL SET-TO PEE WEE P.E. V RIDING A FOUR-WHEELER REALLY STACKED 61 Y, V DOFIIVIITCRY TEACHERS Y l, Vi rginia Ateswwl Steve Bland Ralmond Bgckner, WVn?TI9.LiQo?'F3 E!Qlne,QQeiiQpQrrvi Bill Davisww raaaraeife' Duke Lynn Derlaney 'fiouiie Edwiari DGIOFCSLEYQUS U'vSSei9raQeL .,Rb9Tier!iQr.aham,, -B.Q.bi11L.Q.QQdi,- Dan Debbie Hart - Pauline Holland Alex Jackson I'Milf?-fJ5I'f'5EQ'3E?Qllf MA'1?T?5EQ,w,n. ,bi A M,,,..,-f "TELL HIM I SAID. . ." ". . . MISS WESTMORLAND SAYS. . ." IBB! ,dioltlnsnnm William Johnson Munson Jones Mary King 1 Jeff' 'Kieiiiai' ' MQKD ,.,, ISIDQQLQSIL, Debra Knowles ., ,. .,. -,..m.i,.,.-,W..n...,.:'-A' " ' S Frances Molfsnigvllr Ml-1Il.Ef ,M:-,i Marguerite Ivllaswgn Lx ON GUARD AGAINST BOYS DORM TEACHERS F.. .Rosalind Mason V M.yfQ,M1il5.v,,i.u,.,. Suzanne Mitrenga Lee Morgan by V ' AnmefNeumiiier T i n a P a k is K,QE9,Q.-,Eelry4- L3- mpa Eleckeig E i3aatjf'6E,wTr1e.i 4. . K Robert' Prattw W W' M ,A if Qffa, Hamm-'.". it f CAGE TEAM Larry Randolph Ricky ngijersis Elsie Saunders Christine Schviianke Robert Schwanke Grace Scott David Stevenson Payer Stuart Jim Stuart ilin Thompson Peggy, Trafton Cora 'Lyon Jo Ann ULKDQI. Pat AW,eStmoreIand Virginia, Whites Minnie Wilson LATE PHOTOS 8K NEW ARRIVALS LJA I JANE DIANNE CLYDE CAROL BQSWORTH HQDGINS MCREYNOLDS IVICREYNOLDS Mathematics 1 WOfId Histgry Social StUdI9SL BARRY RICE KIMBERLY MOORE Parents Parents i.l,X5N?'Y X H ,". I fffiivfvrs .QRY X-X NEW 'hRA. YALYYYYA :EQ " THE PRESIDENT AND HIS LADY THE SUPERVISOR AND HIS FRIEND 64 Organizations CAMELOT LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS The Sophomore girls went co-ed wher they presented CAMELOT in Decembe The results, shown on these pages lea us to suspect that their just might be something to this Women's Lib busine after all. A PRACTICE SESSION IN THE GYM Ktww 3. GREASING UP IN THE GYM NERVOUS MOMENTS BACKSTAGE THE TOWN LADIES PLEAD FOR MEN THE KNIGHTS APPEAR KING ARTHUR THUMBS ONE DOWN. . . . . . THEN HUGS ONE CLOSE! SIR LANCELOT WOOS GUENEVERE A SPRITE SOARS ABOVE MERLIN Y' E' I N 1 - .--I I A A? I PERFORMING KNIGHTS READY TO DIE AT THE STAKE .EI I CANOE CLUB Despite the "retirement, of its founder, Mr. Norman Oja, the Canoe Club enjoyed another successful year. Mr. Don Rhoten, back with us after a year of studies of studies at CSUN in water-starved California, was only too eager to accept appointment as the unofficial Commodore of the club. CLUB MEMBERS POSE IN FBONT OF MB. OJA'S SHOP COMMODORE RHOTEN MAKES PLANS. . . U . , AND QSSUES HIS ORDERS 68 f A Q .I 334' K f sHoviNe oFF oovvm THE RIVER UNDER A LOW BWDGE 55: x 1 9, S L. E I V, k,., ,,:J M - ,- - '-Q Q XJ R, in R ',1,L I b I Ziy I F I if F F . f I. b I N I .4 A "- ,.L. Q I 'LVV f f,1 I ' 1 ,I "fX '- W' I - ' 54 w I I ,W af, 3 T W , ALA ' A x DRYING OFF IN THE SUN in 1 ,, L LT ' E 3' W. N I : if LITTLE LOST KITTY ALL SET FOR THE DRIVE HOME JR. N. A. D. - STUDENT COUNCIL The Jr. N.A.D. - Student Council i merger this year was a success. 'Q Since both groups involved many A , of the same students, they were -my ' + able to accomplish more by E working together. Service to the school was the main objective and those involved were on on X A projects ranging from Halloween My Haunted Houses to parties for the younger children. THE JR. N.A.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson, Sponsors .mt mn IXFOIIM X110 X VENT lil! ON DUTY AT A TEACHERS' WORKSHOP .gy "' r A BEDTIME FUN FOR WEE ONES 70 I :rl-' lei PARTY Fon THE Tots NATIONAL DIRECTOR FRANK TURK VISITS COUNT DRACULA 81 VICTIM - HEADLESS WONDER BEING BEWITCHED A WEIRD SISTER RUNNING FOR HER LIFE THE STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Ron Sass and Mrs. Shannon Simon, Sponsors my FLORIDIAN CLUB - FUN DAY -an-W.. -,,...,.,,. Front row, I. to r. Elizabeth Fields, Carolyn Kelly, Alison Harvey, Second row, Kim Joyce, Kim Matthews, Lisa Christie, Carol Coward, Third row Kim Fisher, Judy Berry, Flor Rubin, Beverly Bostick, Mary Edwards, Joyce Houghton, Alesia Greene, Sandra Kennedy, Gloria Weatherspoon, Krista Lofton, Top, Gail Smith. t, I 'fi" gtffi IM 'ff' iff sf' W if T - ' -fi - " I . ,,. PT' M' O to to 8 D 'O Q I : 1 , Ulf: T k i Swim B 7 I 4 lo 7 L ' Q X5 hu' 9 Us x. N 'r 11, 'W ' lie., N QQ 315 as sl HS' . . 1. . I 'Rn q 3 57 K ' . ati 5 - 3 Q55 ii bl nm.. , f 3 T A 'fb , . .A . . a, . . , .,,, , t BLIND v-B ENcouNTER THE SCORE BOARD Another highly successful year was enjoyed by the girls' Floridian Club. Mad up of carefully selected members, the club promotes the annual Fun Day madness which pits class against class, as well as a team made up of teachers il such games as Blind Volley Ball, Egg- Catching and a Tug-O-War. SENIORS BEATING TEACHERS MR. BUTLER HAULS ONE IN DIANE GETS A MUD SHAMPOO RELIGIOUS EDUCATION REV. BUSBY LEADS A SCRIPTURE LESSON SISTER RITA BAUM GETS SOME LOVE ,EAW THE INTERFAITH CHAPEL I K Q 5 'W I w 4- 46 I tx . REV. STORRIE DRAMATIZES A LESSON REAL LIFE WEEKEND DISCUSSION MODERN DANCE 3? ' Lf' il" From bottom Lip: Jean Yoham, Blanca Montez de Oca, Angelina Ruiz, Jean Stewart, Donna Kolberg, Diana Campbell, Alison Harvey. AT THE GRADUATION CEREMONY WITH MALE HELP AT HOMECOMING VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right. LISA, DONNA, JEAN, CHARRESE, ALISON, CHERYL 81 MICHAEL ICoach Slater is the sort of person who'II try .-elif ANY WAY THEY ARE STACKED. . . . . . THEY LOOK GREAT -, Q, -fci 1 As', 1 lrfrrf A I iw ,.srl fazfai' A ' rj -as I "ff I ' I sr X . , , I 5 Q., co it '. . -. i I 9 , .. N13 f x g' 5' GUESS WHO'S GUESS WHo'S WINNWG? REAR VIEW OF THEM ROMPING LOSWG? 75 HOMECOMING CORNATION JOE CROOKS + KI M JOYCE JERRY DOUGLAS + LISA CHRISTIE GARY GOINS + KIM MATTH FRED PALCHICK + CAR OLYN KELLY JAMIE MCELFRESH + JANE HARNER DR. MCCLURE + BEARERS 6 QUEEN KIM JOYCE POSES WITH HER COURT EW Ea HOIVIECOIVIING PARADE AND PRE-GAIVIE uv SOPHOMORES SHOW THEIR SPIRIT THE BECKERS WITH CAR I . . .. il 'I 3 :I i I AW N I . ,A ' ., ' N-M , ' ,ff h, I , Ni I 1, Av, . 2 fa if I L 4 I L '--f lj we 1 - "X Q. 15:75 1 - . THE DOUGLAS' WITH JERRY THE REIDS WITH BRUCE THE FRANKELS WITH GLE FM! THEYANDERSONS WITH ERNEST THE JUNIORS WANT 'EIVI SCALPED ,, WW, , CHEERLEADERS GETTING UP STEAM GET THE MESSAGE ALABAMA! , . TEACHERS SKIT FLUNKS THE SPY WHO LOVED F.S.D. ANNUAL BONFIRE S k,'- If ih' 3 ..f- . ' 5 .tl rg ,. I if I .TLNL ,,LSS I I A ,en SENIOR INJUNS DRAGON CRAWL UNDER WAY SUPER NOISE MAKER Athletics A G , , F 0 G - I . . gl I . ik at f ' so xt? I Coming off a 10-0 perfect seasc it 5, lu- 5 A, W gglmrfv A the Dragons, hard hit by T A ' I . J' ' F' QP A 7' F r iff ,er raduation and in'uries finished N. f- . -. X , - , A f , ,, Q ., - ,,, . . w witha5-5mark. - f--W ' eee A - eeree 'assi ' Y leee atm ,L 1, .. Q EP .. .. .R ., Q ...Q f v ,,. t t maxi . e..e , g b .. i,. ., , Q , , in n g.. ih ,, V 1 b . .. QQQV A I 'L . I :rl " "L' . W ,rfy P J . A . Q I. -S . 'ree . iiiii I X " 70 ' X K .- E r re . .R . . j t . ieee I A - 1 I I if rrre COACH SLATER EXHORTS f'i . rrr' r r,lre. -eir t -H- eirh rrer . First row, I. to r., M. Warner, A. Taggart, R. Young, L. Martin, J. Douglas, Palchick, T. Schuier, C. Becker, B. Reid, R. Carson. Second Row, T. Krohn, G. Frankel, E. Anderson, D. Jenkins, R. Story, G. Goins, . B. Mack, A. Griffin, Schenck, Third row, R. Goodwin, P. Roult, J. Crooks, J. Crarner, D. Dye, R. Price, C. Brown, R. Burnache, D. Bernard,. Fourth row, D. Carrol mgr., M. Dunn, J. Conley, mgr., R. VVheeIer, mgr., B. Johnson, mgr., Ass't Coach W. St. J pictured, Ass't Coach Tom Clark. F- 1 R. mgr., R. Gibson, mgr., R. Spears, B. Ford, R. Dickens, J. Manning, J. Langan, J. Singleton, ts, mgr., J. Purdy mgr. Fifth row, Assit Coach M. Battle, Coach M. Slater, D. Rober Orin. Not I COACH ST. JOHN PONDERS COACH CLARK RELAXES HOMECOMING ACTION AGAINST ALABAMA DRAGONS OPPONENT DRAGONS 0 ST. JOSEPHS 26 40 14 FLAGLER PALM COAST 31 24 20 ORLANDO TRINITY 13 42 13 HASTINGS 22 18 47 JACKSONVILLE TRINITY 21 14 80 OPPONENT ALABAMA DEAF 12 GEORGIA DEAF 14 N. JACKSONVILLE ACD. 6 S. CAROLINA DEAF 38 UNIVERSITY CHRIST. 32 ll 77 g Ab Coach Bennett and his boys had a winning Season with a 4 -3 record. Experience is the main by-product of "B" football! STOPPING' AN END RUN First row, l. to r., M. Wilhite, M. Washington, B. McCullum, L. Johnson, B. Gibson, Fl. Crissman, M. Dukes, B. Quattrone, J. Young, M. McNeal. Second, rovv. C. Brannon, M. Martinez, B. Johnson, J. Pope, D. Moore, M. Anderson, Mike Anderson, S. Bryant. Third row, M. Dunn, D. Carroll, J. Purdy, B. Lange. G. Eldridge, M. Zepela, J. Hicks, L. Stanley, E. Hernadez. Fourth row, Coach D. Bennett, J. Jenkins, mgr., D. Cooler, rngr., B. Brown, mgr., J. Crowley, rngr.. C. WORDS FROM THE WISE C'0Z'e" Coach '?'?'W"'f'ff'..z.ii.g,fi '...r -HM, ..t I L A 2' A READY TO SACK HIM - C I I T. li GETTING THE HIGH SIGN EGR A ToucHDovvN DRAGONS OPPONENT DRAGONS OPPONENT 0 VICTORY CHRISTIAN 14 22 ST. JOSEPHS 12 18 ST. JOSEPHS 14 6 HASTINGS a 50 PONTE VERDA o 18 BUNNELL 22 18 VICTORY CHRISTIAN 14 0080 WRESTLING .. J- . .: A., 'I-.jf A U Q I9 COMBINED DEAF-BLIND WRESTLING TEAM, A fi' ' A Memf- '-Tersar-ft--e-A-W5-ff'-'fa swf-ww-:fra I- I .1 . sa A A SIGN OF THE TIMES Q 1 . I 1:3 'W HMM wal .4 ANOTHER DRAGON WIN TEAM SPIRIT Coach Charles Crozier's grapplers had compiled a fine 15 - 2 won-lost record on the eve of the State Tournament in Daytona Beach. This was no mean feat in view of the fact that most of the opposition came from AA schools. Eggs TWO POINTS FOR FSDB Q01 CHECKING IT OUT JNL PROUD WINNERS TRACK AND FIELD A :U FSB . COACH WHITE'S POWERFUL 1977 TRACK TEAM Q .Mt L M. xs gji T A A W . .2 " ' dv. 4 fx' -. J gs, 1 ,s hp., I N JN: ,- . W . Q 1 " -1 4 'iz , shin .W A? - A is A hx ,A we , t J , Q E. rt F15 ' ' 'ai ,- is t .., , A 1 W, xx , 'I I . Q ' A ' I I 4 E.. 4. . I 1 , H 7 -f gf ' M .f W I M .... A .1 M if 5' ' f iff' if-tl... if Q, Q.-,gg K yxwmqg gggsig g,Si5?k+-K fell' f sw 3: YI' "' I 1 i- 'I f'E73?' fxg wg-'2"kj -. 1 fi A ii, 'gfityi ' I, . I ,n 'Y ,F 8 1 B K: We W .. .. ,C A, y ' ks 'H I . . f"'if. , -- , t'I"" j i' ITT Ylla-19. ., rss.. .1 '-0 - W' '1- ,., . 5' . ' M . ' ' u -'J - r -. -.. v Q11- Y-A - -f .tv - New Y- ' ' . C- , me --'W -: Q1-4. A , Lflftif Q A-LW, - -A ,. ,S b TT 11952 Qwir2g+ 'f""u:.i'?iJf,::3g:f1 W, sf, HI. tfff-I-r .,+:-- .31 fx Ls.. ,LQY....f'f4.5f'f .f533?f,.ia!?fPvKXa" fd HURDLERS REID AND MARTIN Under the tutoring of Coach Henry White, the Dragons turned out another powerful Track and Field squad. Mainstays on the squad this year were Hurdlers Le Roy Martin and Bruce Reid, who also earned berths on a powerful United States team which went to the World Games for the Deaf in Rumania last summer. This may have marked the end of the trail for Coach White who now holds down an Administrative position at our school F T E BASKE Ws'4""""'t XIX HEBOUNDEHS GET SET JUMP SHOT COMING L-HJ' Ji . .. Front: L. to R.: R. Singleton, mgr., D. Nelson, stats., Leroy Martin, Tom Krohn. Mike White, Billy Mack, Paul Roult, F. Palchick,mgr., K. Seigel, mgr. Back: L. to R.: Coach Dennis Bennett, Terry Schuler, Bruce Reid, James Randolph, Joey Manning, Jerry Douglas, Ronald Carson, Bruce Johnson, Mike Warner. Asst. Coach Mike LaMee. MANNING GETS THE TAP A TENSE MOMENT ON THE BENCH 84 4...,-Q BLOCKED BALL Coach Dennis Bennett and his floormen got off to a good start and had a winning record in sight as the season neared an end. Competition in the Mason-Dixon Conference and the St. Johns River Conference is tough but the Dragons have always held their own, year in-year out. ' THE FIRST OF TWO BALL COACH LA IVIEE WATCHES Rushing this off to the printers to meet a deadline prevents us from giving the HBH team's complete record, But Coach La lVlee and his boys were well on the way to another highly respectable mark with two third of the season gone. X? 39 ii 77 , Q7 'Ns s THE H'GH 3'GN BATTLING Fon THE BALL Front, I. to r., J. Jenkins, B. Qua Trone, J. Singleton, Ft. Schenck, J. Young, D. Dye, B. Lange, J. Crowley, mgr. Back, Coach Lalvlee, D. Carroll, S. Wardzichowski, M. Zepela, D. Valloric, D. Moore, G. Eldridge, W. McNeal, Bruce Gilliam, scorekeeper. Not shown, IVI. Landreneau, mgr. if ,,,., A BEAL TUSSLE UNDER THE BASKET ALL EYES ON THE BALL GIRLS BASKETBALL " " '33-B15 With the tournaments approaching, Coach Forson's girls had a record of 12 win and seven losses. They also managed to respectable 2nd Place finish in the first Annual Mason-Dixon Tournament in February. Kneeling, I. to r., Vivian lvlorey, Judy Berry, Kim Joyce, Joyce Houghton, Glorida Swift, Sandra Vogel. Standing, I. to r., Randy Dickens, mgr. Frances Parker, mgr., Martha Jones, Mary Edwards, Flor Rubin, Elizabeth Fields, Coach Cathy Forson, Sandra Nlaines, Laura Bowman, Sandra Kennedy, Alesia Greene, Beverly Bostick, Baron Bremer. Y N Q I I ., . .iq-f,sT'f1x THE TIP OFF REBOUNDEFIS IN ACTION QAEEI-. I ,L z , ,,.L.MX If 5 HIGH GUABDING WAITING FOB THE BALL PABTING SHOT 'fi L1 GIRLS' "B" TEAM Kneeling, I. to r, Maria Hernandez, Mary Tinseth, Linda Hayden. Standing, Debra Ellison, Debbie Hammac, Sandra Hill, Irma Smith, mgr. ii' at f l i, ,,,, i"1Q,,i f I ' -". Q A I iwwwfwrfw- I iiiiii ,f'Af.it.ifl3f , ,,,, ,Q ,,,,,,,,,,, I A iii, ie ', ' 'I ' , ,,., -Q Qg,.g '. g U N i L D if at i, i it I ,I Q ' ig .'i'il I 'I I , 32 g A at 1 I . - wgvfizg ,I ,ai lhlii A -I as 'Q r I ' ' Ng HARD WORKING AND HOPEFUL "B" CHEERLEADERS L Kami? CHX! C GIRLS "C" TEAM Front, I. to r., Manuel Rojas, Ass't Coach, Diane Wal, Ida Dinkins, Pat Cannon, Terry Vega, Carlette Henry, Lazazarro Marrero, mgr. Middle, Wyvetta Wright, Anice Smith, Lisa Myhand, Chris Gomez, Dametta Bogan, Jill Hughes. Top, Lori Strause, Lydie Rhones, Debra Ellison, Lorraine Crawford, Terri Hubbard, Robin Hopper, Heidi Astor, Not in picture, Coach Karen Hohne GIRLS VOLLEYBALL AND SOFTBALL v. 5- D. Q S. Q QQ., Q F50 - TIME OUT TIPS First row, I. to r., Mary Edwards, Kim Joyce. Second row, Veronica Caldwell, Grace Castoro, P. Fuller. Third row, Laura Bowman, Lourdes Barrios, Judy Berry, Sandra Hill. Top, Baron Bremer, mgr., Beverly Bostick, Jennifer Griffith, Joyce Houghton, Renee Fields, Sherry Lewis, Cathy Tallon, mgr. Not pictured, Coach Hohne. , -21' ,, rj V',.i. J '7.. X 5. I' , Ig I gin. .3 -- -. trryh 1 .al ,cf ri 4.221 , . My .,k:j,,,x.,., ,fd , Q. ' ,"1?1 ,:", Q CQ, ' A: lr? . ,,.,,,,, -. . -fx,,',, AE V 'tir Gif ' 'Q ".f1"Q"' ,V 'I . ' R "f' .i....,:smw, .1fQ.fw..,,: 'A ' , X I' , , POSTGAME COOL OFF Kneeling, Cynthia Pulfer, Gail Smith, Pat Reyes, Cheryl Decker, Carol Coward, Charrese Boker, Kim Joyce. Standing, Carla Green, mgr., Frances Parker, Debbie Hammac, Leah Tucker, Suzie Beckman, Lisa Christie, Nancy Martin, Paul Floult, score keeper. Not pictured, Coach Forson. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS is PM fi I 751 if L ' ' 'W be 1977 NATIONAL DEAF PREP TRACK 81 FIELD CHAMPS Front row, I. to r. Ann Tillis, Mgr. Pere Candidate, Eve Winner, Sherry Barnett, Shirley Corley, mgr., Middle, Kim Matthews, Kim Fisher, Mary Edwards, Sherry Lewis, Sandra Kennedy, Beverly Bostick, Krista Lofton, Judy Berry. Top, Joyce Houghton, Flor Rubin, Martha Jones, Pam Fuller, Gloria Swift, Elsa Green, Sandra Maines, Jane Sithers. Not in picture, Coach Cheryl Johnson. Not to be outdone by the boys' National Championship team in football the past year, the 1977 girls' track team decided to go out and show their stuff in a big way. To the best of our knowlege, X I no other school for the deaf pf ,L A. nr A Q in the U.S. can boast of C TWO national championships in a single year. J f DR. MCCLURE AT THE AWARDS CEREMONY ALSC SERVING ---AND SERVING WELL hx, S x g S K KK , IX t 'jf N Q, ,L MEDICAL STAFF Mrs. Shirley Harvey, Head Nurse LAUNDRY STAFF Elizabeth Carling, Mgr. 90 WHAREHOUSE STAFF Dean Carling, Manager Ride HOUSEHOLD STAFF Juanita Pomar, Director MAINTENANCE STAFF Mr. Cornelius Post, Superintendent OOPS! - WE ALMOST FORGOT ----- GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY DRAMA CLUB Kneeling, Sandra Kennedy. Front, in to fi J, Sunday, B, Bender, M, White, C, First row, l. to r. B. Clements, J. Standing. l- to V- T- W9iSbl'UCh, Adderly, D. Creasman. Standing, Mgr. Weisbruch, Randolph, B. Corbett. Second mgf- D- HYUGS, Coach Adams, K- Coach Adams, R. Singleton, E. Estevez, J. Miller, row, Mrs. Parks, Sponsor, S. Fisher, D. Eley, mgr. I Faysgny M, Landreneau, D, Eley, mgr, Wedderburn, D. Eley, Second row, R. Tyson, S. Maines, Mrs. Stetson. Missing, G. Carter, J. Conley, D. Roberts, K. Matthews B. Morsey. TEACHERS --- IN OFF MOMENTS I lm SOME PEOPLE GET THEIR BIG ONES IN HIGH CUT JOB K I I I E 1 4-, IX K L' K Z A w I - I A DANCE WITH TEACHER POOPED CHAPERONS EVERYTHING 2 If y. Y lo . I 4 C'MON SON, C'MON xx-I if H 'S CHEESE SALESMEN QW' 'F ,O 1 Z? i .Q is MY? vs' fs, LOVERS AND OTHERS ff! - X, 1 x N-5 ,, , , k"" . , 1 in Vg . . ' ,gl . GLORIA AND JEROME Some will call it Puppy Love, but whatever it is, it holds fascination for us. Our class motto says it best of all: "Loves means never having to say you're sorry." VIVIAN AND JAY its ix X LLSAV AND JERRY 'SHABONAND DOLLY AND MANUEL GLENN AND TONI GAIL AND DAVID WE'll miss all these people and things which we took for granted while in school. A jnff f' :s Q ' ...LU 7? A x Ati- ' 'X F it . ' DONNA DRAKE JACKIE JOHNSON A S 1 I 'i wx BOB MATHESON COACH SLATER """l Nm. 'C GYM CUT-CUPS FLASHING MOLAHS GFIINNING COACHES 94 -...... LISA THE STAFF OF LA COQUINA THANKS MR. LANGE MFI. SLATER TIM SAND GAIL DAV '78 ONE AND ALL! JAM DEPARTMENT for the BLIND ' of fi. Ru3iF'T i"'-lfino floriha 113 :ff no 'Y 5 R X ,xx 5 wb! 4 .V A Nui' fm SENIOFKS 1978 97 ADIVIINISTRATICN fl" PRINCIPAL Walter S Davus ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Herbert D Angus DEDICATION ALVA E. HOWARD The 1978 La Coquma IS dedlcated to Mlss Howard nn appreclatlon for her love loyalty and service Thlrty seven years of her llfe have been devoted to educatmg visually Impaired students with nineteen of those years In the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind The book IS not closed best expresses Mass Howard s phllosophy We offer congratulatlons and wish for many happy pages to full her retirement years 1 1 1 . ' , sn - H ' 1 ' ' P' "A TEACHER AFFECTS ETERNITYQ HE CAN NEVER TELL WHERE HIS INFLUENCE STOPS"...Adams l Joe Albrecht Math 81 Radio Charles Crozier Phys. Education 1""f David Middleton Music . xx f Herbert Sowell Industrial Arts Mary Albrecht English 8t History Hubert Foster Music ix 1 iq Richard Moore Science 81 Braille Paul Sparkman Music Paul Behn Remedial Math 7 A Lonnye Gibson Home Economics -Q49 Rita Pearson English 8t History James Taylor Math 8. Science John Cardinale Language Arts Eileen Hayes Voc. Bus. Ed. 4' Harleen Powers Typing 81 English Sandra Teal Phys. Education e Laura Chang Arts 81 Crafts Matthew McCoy Music 81 Spanish J LaRhea Sanford Sci. 81 Reading Susan Testa Mobility Elaine Clausnitzer Mobility Linda Meehan English 81 ADL George Smith Industrial Arts Tuck Tinsley Math ANCI LLAFIY STAFF "READING IS TO THE MIND WHAT EXERCISE IS TO THE BODY"...Addison X .C XIII tl Lillian Carroll Wynema Gatewood MacDonald Johnstgne Annette Wiles Guidance Coun. Librarian Media Coordinator Social Worker Gail Skaggs Secretary Tom Coates Med. Soc. Serv. 'C' Jackie Lea Rehab. Teacher Carol Sterling Secretary Cathy Coryell Secretary Debi Knight Secretary Archie Smith P.E. Assistant Peggy Fletcher Coun.- Evaluator Sandy Nester Secretary FI 3 H ' -I -rkk : w -1 i ii --ff gi-I ' we' -N I 'Te' 5 ? 9 if A. N Jean Webb Library Assistant Al LaBarre V.R. Counselor Judy Pomar Secretary fl'- Terry Whitted Merry Wilhite P.E. Assistant Bryant Hall Divison Of Blind Services Missing: Kate Doster Acting Unit Supervisor 7 7 ,lg vw Y""'1 2 fe 9' "K 5, , rw .. ... ..: 'gn 6' 2'- Ni? ,gm . l.,,fl'maqW,L f w.. Q H H 1 u S s ., W E X a 1 a , ' E li I I 5 , ' ' ' I I I I Q . , I I g .V AN' . ' . Q nl eh, .ii kxzgl gi Tr , , ,wif V, . , I -.. ' "' L' ' 1 .Ly ,Y-.z,'l,,,L. sa 1, ,, A I W 'W ?53b?,A,nAQ,f.f':' .1 yr. . A ,.4'!1rf2LFfef' 5 1,11 ' ' 'f"5'f"5gz 5 ny 2 df' f,.. 'J "NI "F',,'!41r.1' 'A' ww: ff' ,, A fghgf: ff , f-.'. fc' A . ,ww figs! 1, sf' ff- f y u. Jgff- EVN f V V- .agwma ,b N i' ,iz ' -f ,.k ,v"M'."'f.. 62 Q ilefs, AM'- . 75:5 "'1"f fx ' fl - F ' VL R41 -I-fax l 'Aff' ,nf ' ISS" 'if 1 sw, ef e7j,,leffff1f""'e S , -'Vt'53,,'fl ' 'aw fb u. f '.+4,, ,',i, A if-n, g gi f Sheron Stanford 81 Derek Skipper MR. 81 MS. SENIOR 'ia if 1 "mad 4, SENIDRS 1978 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Elaine Sanders Derek Skipper Kissimmee Minneola Cr., SECRETARY TREASURER Randy Winkler Sheron Stanford Daytona Beach Wauchula -1 PV SENIORS 1978 RICHARD PERRY EUTSAY CLAYTON LYNN HARRIS Jacksonville Tallahassee FAYBIAN M. JENKINS St. Augustine ROBERT JOHNSON WAYNE GEORGE KING Tamarac Tampa SENIGRS 1978 ROBERT CHARLES MANN DAVID NELSON Lighthouse Point Orange Park NATHANIEL PARRAMORE Jacksonville CHRIS EDWIN PARRIS ANNETTE LYNN THOMAS New Port Richey Jacksonville IVIGIVIENTS TC REMEMBER R A? 1, ,M , A aye x , imZf,:,, 1 an fa' vw MM Y-w Q ' 3 M -'..,,.,. 'W V,,' L , wfiiiwsif E .ff sw " vi ry' ,v,ff:"l4w'ik'LX" ,I n' ," WN 5 :, f , . ' -Q. we gzgp. ' Q..-, V ' 1- 1 'im 'Y' ,M . Sl Q f' - 2 5316 f a rd IW .L -f we v' 'F' 1 Xt' s A Y 4 i ,Z 4 , 4? gs l f.-,,, lg IVICIVIENTS TO REMEMBER A 1' .4.v-?!"5 ' f -VW" . Ki. In IHA. vi-ap. 1 .AKA MA -k',,.. ...mga k .-W.. A .sl 1, .xv cf?" -ax 'ey xi "h-. is 1 , nj 'Q-2 AEEE ' 4 1 . K, if Sf? K N x 1' N? YR E . , 5 A -V .Skins ,xi JUNIOR Ira Fayson 8g Brenda Galloway Joseph Allen Brenda Galloway Sherlene Perry ,, V. Y 5,213 Ng, ,. 'E William Eckhoff William l'lOkal'IS0l'l Vanessa Puryear SOPHOIVIORES Peggy Baggett Harold Jackson John Schreiber N Q , L Mr. 81 Ms. Class Officers: Harold Jackson 8t Carol Jackson Pres. - Curtis Brannon V. Pres. - Enrique Oliu Sec.-Treas. - Carol Jackson Curtis Brannon Mirta Diaz Carlos Holstein xx ' r 2 Patricia Kendal Moss I Enrique Oliu Menzies VII? , xg I AL Eric Schwarz Gregory Scott Hilda Simonds Patrick Hopkins .rel X l'-in Jeffrey Parzygnat Troy Stanford Carol Jackson if Joseph Shreck Diane Strowbridge FRESHIVIEN President Danny Orange V-President - Curtis Brown Secretary - Michelle Staehle Treasurer - Aida Kendrick ' Class Officers Mr. 81 Ms. Danny Orange 81 Michelle Staehle 4. . 1555" Polly Beck Deborah Bier Curtis Brown George Colson Aida Kendrick James Meiss Teresa Nolan Danny Orange Vickie Padgett Sylvester Rimmer Michelle Staehle Terry Wigfall EIGHTH GRADE Tx . " A 'L President - Marthaniel Roberts g Vice-President - Reggie Phipps ' Secretary - Alicia White ' g Treasurer - Juanita Blackwell C'aSS Officefs Anthony Biondouno Juanita Blackwell K xk-.. Q - Luvenia Kendrick Jeff Reynolds A Q A 3 4 X H 1 'H' QW, - - - 1 , : as A be W M X 1 Robert Calhoun Sandra Chitty Alice Cratit Cassandra Jessie i X sw-ig Gail Knowlton Sharon LeDuc Linda Mello Reggie Phipps Marthaniel Roberts Michael Rowan Helen Samuel Alicia White SEVENTH GRADE 4.5, I y I sl ' Q 5 A, ' "V a I "fx J! I 'g 8 I 'A' 4, ,nr-we f W ,fr I , ', if uf 'X 'iw 5 f,V 'ii i M i 19" Kenneth Durden Wayne Manning Selene Staehle Class Officers President - Selene Staehle Vice-President - Wayne Manning Secretary - Calvan Lewis Treasurer - Melissa Wiggins Sgt. at Arms - Kenneth Durden Rex Haney Joan Jones Rickey Nelson Enrique Ramirez Michael Tyler Melissa Wiggins if X iI,..,. Calvan Lewis Denyece Roberts Carol Ann Williams DlI'eCfOI' STAFF Aide s., V . 1: .1 5 , i V - ADL lnSTfUCiOf Recreation 5ORIVIITOFiY, RECREATION, AND A.D.L L f, Q -I Y! 'I - ' fl' Z..- 17 L D0riS King Chann Clark Marie Gibbs Tom Pamgm Missing: Jeff Twombiy Supervisor KOGER HALL l A ! L , Rowena Glass Peggy Hayes Dana Keyes Marjorie Lloyd lla ReYn0'dS Supervisor . KRAMER HALL if ' vw. , Z -A U r A Bertha Blue Helen Faulk Carol Logan Barbara Fairy Skinner Eileen Taylor Supervisgr MCWILLIAM HALL , , ,, 5aWl ru V f , 4, 13 1 1 4 N- ,f xt vlvr A ' K ,Q Aff a r rl A ,gy r is A .M A W , V A 'J A 45. A L,,1 I. K . M V i A A i A L . " . , Wx 1 3 , ' i A . L, if .L A f Ted Coody Mamie Hobbs Jeanette Buddy Secor Edna wana Leroy williams James Hampton Jonnson 113 HOMECOIVIING QUEEN CAROL JACKSON Vanessa Puryear and Ralph Simmons Carol Jackson and Chip Orange , I , Margaret Poot and Carlos Holstein 5 ly-, .' QUEEN'S COURT HCIVIECOIVIING WEEKEND Dance Dance Dance Queen's First Dance Pat Shows Her Stuff R2-D2 Boggie on Down Ralph and Friend Cheers! Overtime - What's That? Eat, Eat, Eat HDIVIECOIVIING WEEKEND GIBBS HALL DEDICATION xc E Mrs. Mauldin Introducing The Honoree Mr. Thomas M. Gibbs Former Houseparent and Teacher 1921-1958 H955 will N in Mr. Sr Mrs. Gibbs proudly unveil the plaque Y, M. 5 SENIOR BREAKFAST Mr. Moore gives Randy some Seniors enjoying their breakfast advice Wl',.SlYIN,Xl, Il XIX 9711410 IV! I I -ll! l'l,.U l HJ 2 MEDIA DAY BMJ W 1 V rr, I Q i Wanda 81 Ms. Fletcher demonstrate a function of Mrs. Sanford explains an APH project the Division of Blind Services 4. 22 - Q S 'i' MUSIC I 4 5 Pickin' and a grinnin' Swinging Strings Mr. McCoy and Friends MQQ Orchestra: Flow 1: Seated - Brenda Galloway, Carol Jackson, Peggy Baggettg Standing - Marthaniel Roberts Danny Orange, Eric Schwarz, Row 2: Carlos Holstein, Dexter Orange, Joe Scnreck, Harold Jackson, Row 3 Seated - Joe Allen, Curtis Brown: Standing - Director, David Middleton. .gn MUSIC .. .. , LKT. 41, ,- , 9 A r- . -t Q Q 1 A , 2.3 .ia-M 'Z I S? . . .fl " 'I l 3 . . 6 Qvfx 5 .. :ri lkivg.-:,y1 31, X A, 'r,gji sew, FW" is 1' ml . 5' I Vl EW .- Junior Chorus: Row 1: Doug Schalk, Julie Mattair, Tony Phillips, Chris Tyler, Mike Clark. Row 2: Willie Kinchen, Sila Goolsby, Carmen Chitty, Kim Tyler, Mike Renaud. Row 3: Don Liddell, Spencer Morton, Francina Lewis, Sandra Erke, Andrea Kinchen. Back: Paul Sparkman Senior Chorus: Flow 1: Cassandra Jessie, Sandra Chitty, Sue Metcalf, Juanita Blackwell, Wanda Freeman, Elaine Sanders. Row 2: Sherlene Perry, Aida Kendrick, Luvenia Kendrick, Pat Menzies, Brenda Galloway, Gail Knowlton. Row 3: Ira Favson, Randy Winkler, Hubert Foster, Director, Joe Allen. 44. SPORTS ES 4 B . Coaches confer CHEERLEADERS 1977-78 Sherlene Perry, Luvenia Kendrick, Carol Jackson, Aida Kendrick, Gail Knowlton WRESTLING TEAM Kneeling: Clayton Harris, Calvan Lewis, Carlos Holstein Standing: Joe Allen, David Nelson, Ralph Simmons, Harold Jackson 3 is David Wins An Enthusiastic Crowd. A- T SPORTS Track Curtis Brannon - Lineman Our Star Horseshoes Swimming Fi? 5 gf.- F, A fi ... f' 'Pe-K k if Bowling Shuffleboard U STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: President - Clayton Harris, V. President - Dexter Orange, Secretary - Harold Jackson, Treasurer - Carol Jackson. Back Row: Sherlene Perry, Margaret Poot, Sponsor Mrs. Lalilhea Sanford, Danny Orange, Wanda Freeman, Marthaniel Roberts. Missing Faye Jenkins, Michelle Staehle, Selene Staehle. "Oh YGSH Tastes Good! Your Choice Select the Best L 77 DRAMA CLUB "Julians's Birthday" Cast: Row 1: Helen Samuel, Polly Beck, Reginald Phipps. Row 2: Robert Calhoun, Deborah Sue Bier, Teresa Nolan, Diane Strowbridge, Mirta Diaz. Row 3: Richard Eutsay, Patrick Hopkins. SEASHELL Front Row: Teresa Nolan, Sylvester Rimmer, Alice Cratit, Helen Samuel , Reginald Phipps, Patrick Hopkins, Mrs. Jane Cohan, Sponsor, Mrs. Arlene Deasy. Back row : Diane Strowbridge, Mrs. Mimi Bella, Sponsor, Richard Eutsay, Sharon LeDuc, Bobby Mann, Anthony Biondolillo Cast: Seated: Calvan Lewis, Melissa Wiggins, Standing: Carol Ann Williams, Wayne Manning, Kenneth Durden, Eugene Butler, Paul Behn, Sponsor "Johnny's Birthday Surprise" CLUB 4 GIRL SCOUTS JUNIOR GIRL SCOUTS TROUP 561 Seated: Darlene McFadden, Sila Goolsby, Carmen Chitty, Connie Sue Bates. Standing: Kim Tyler, Sarah Murphey, Debra Simmons, Andrea Kinchen, Francina Lewis, Cindy Lou Scott. BFIOWNIES Mrs. M. Wiecking - Sponsor, Renea Anderson, Sonja Roberts, Cynthia White, Regina Cannata, LeAndra Clark, Melanie Button, Melissa Freeman, Stephanie Cone, Mrs. H. Plummer - Sponsor. 9 SENIOR GIRL SCOUTS TROUP 24 Row 1: Hilda Simonds, Brenda Galloway, Diane Strowbridge, Row 2: Vanessa Puryear, Advisor - Miss Sanfra Teal, Carol Jackson, Sherlene Perry. ous soours REESDSDTREQS Sponsor - E. Greene, Tony Phillips, Willie Kinchen, Margaret Poot, Eric Schwarz, R. Pearson - Advisor. Keith Carter, Gary Clark, Skipper Lanier, James MCG-riff, Chris Tyler, Doug Schalk. YEARBCOK STAFF wr P , I W L L "The Chief" "Little Typing Indian" "Little proofreading Indian" W. Gatewood H. Powers R. Pearson M. Albrecht J. Webb M. Johnston and many it Q others :Cf-A gil-59.-- 5, "Ko J 'Council of War" "Little Measuring Indian" SPOKESIVIAN STAFF i A st is i,jig-ng:-,g,Il,.l!z!'S On stairs : top to bottom: Patricia Menzies, Joe Allen, Brenda Galloway, George Colson, Wanda Freeman, David Nelson, Sue Anne Metcalf, Earl Everett, Alicia White. Around the stairwell Selene Staehle, Luvenia Kendrick, Marjory Staehle, Joe Schreck, Sponsor, Mary Albrecht, Marthaniel Roberts Derek Skipper, Production Mgr., Elaine Sanders, Editor of Kramer Hall, Sherlene Perry, Editor of Bryant Hall, Eric Schwarz, Asst. to the Editor-in Chief, Dexter Orange, Editor-in-Chief. Putting it all together ,,,j fn News Break? FISHING CLUB I mi WH ' I '1i,Q :-f rf r What A Mess C Q CLUB Seated: Dexter Orange, President, Eric Schwarz, Vice President, Sue Anne Metcalf, Secretary. Standing: Wayne King, William Hokanson, Randy Winkler, Sponsor Joseph Albrecht, Robert Johnson, Peggy Baggett, Marthaniel Roberts A FSB LIARS Marjory Staehle, Joe Allen, George Colson, Carlos Holstein, Derek Skipper, Sponsor Herbert Sowell AK men 10-4 Good Buddy SCHOOL EVENTS CLASS PARTIES gt"P+ M an M-M-M---Good Eating! Santa DID come to town CHRISTMAS PARTY XX Gail and Friend Refreshment time CHRISTMAS PLAYS His Majesty, Old King Cole Rafael 81 Stephanie's Duet 4 7, l. SCHCOL EVENTS FALL CARNIVAL In me tuture, you will ----- B-I-N-G-O Jef: L W KINGSLEY LAKE A T-dive? On the waterfront HOMECOMING SKITS Hatfields 8 McCoys He's a What? RECREATICJN LJ Margaret of the Noah's Ark Team Shingler Drugs Team: Trying to beat ShingIer's Drug Team Seated: Carol Jackson, Mrs. IVI.Gibbs Standing: Clayton Harris, David Nelson, Derek Skipper MD . ' mmibm i t ,E 5. FCCD SERVICES -ag 130 2 e Q f L ,.l, K M3 5 iw Hi 4 Y --Yf .:z-affix ' X- ' .xwff if A -Mfg: 1. ,Q N gi:-. Qi, 1' . F435 X - , at 51 SS' g 3 Q fx , -..,Q,:ai1,,,i ETC. ' 1, V , H , , :W , 2 ,, ff f Q Aff, A Vs : 1 Y, N , .5 , . A , F. ' Ig ' 'bfi EM Q 'Y ' - K ' xg Jj' In U cpl J. .. I- ! X X v qv Xa, ws ",42x ix x, . f- ' 'z -wil' .. gffgi:-1-:-3. 4, X, 5 . . , . ,Q-,'.'. x -BA?-.r-i'f,,.q -' K wa :,1ggg..,,..N- We , '-. ,-.. - . . .+- n. -an-ry 9 .F Z' . mf ,I , 1 ' my , ' Z D Y 1 -' f 13 f an .JE , f-' , fd iQ1L5,:.,,:,z,,Ej. J- , x I - s an-gf-'- ac mg-Lv., ' 51, . 4, x 3 A34-' YS ff' A. f , Q . A 39 . 1, ., ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT AIDES .Q 1 1. ' ' T fe ,Eff I ,wig , 1 L'15"'.' l PES ,f f. P. Gardner F. Hartley G. Vandergrift PRIMARY ,W a re ,sal . , r.r1rLrrr E, . 1 I Y Q .ff I fum? A I Ms. S. Albrecht Fl. Cannata E. Clark C. Henderson J, Thompsgni C, White F PRIMARY C W W SMA f . .. 1 .3 M ff- Z? i A gix ,. .v..:::l-.Q 5. ,: f 'Q X ... R x Y Em, Mr. E. Greene A. Anderson Fl. Lanie. . 3, Murphey S. Roberts PRIMARY D Ms. A. Howard S. Brockman M. Button PRIMARY BASIC tad mx MS H Plummer A Cason R Graham D McFadden T Reeder o Wells . K. von re- . .a -K 33 PRIMARY M 'MZ E f A is E 3 W. if ' .V .. 1 1 ,081 'PMQ v f ,i '+ fm W'J G. Clark J. rvianaar J. iviceriff n:.IIiI2i5LQanI T. Phillips w. Phipps MSIWM. Wieckins iiii I E PRIMARY :: , I I b ,Q , r C. Bates K. Carter W. Kinchen D. Schalk C. Tyler Ms. P. Griesinger in 9 A 'I-ff fn 5 if . S? A X vf Y I 2 -f 1 W3 ff-2 ,gsm X he-:,..,ff, I , , 5 hawaii I mlfff I C. Chitty S. Goolsby F. Lewis C. Liddell M. Renaud K. Tyler Ms. P. Anderson INTERMEDIATE B K Chitty S Erke A Klnchen S Morton G Phipps Ms E J Washington 141' 9335 nf 4. L Ft Robinson C Scott D Simmons M Walker lv 4. 1 -J Q S Si' W GJ I ' 'Q , Ni Y f Uv ' 1 l, "f- . :qt l Ji fix, L A --all i Q Airy? 1 ia' ' 5 lf" 7 V1 QW f Wg E 1 My L Y "fit A, , A 11 f . .V 1 gk Q. 0 fm! ff ' ' fl 'x xi W s, N 3 4 N f ' H"-f, M A A gh .fmt Q ' Q, Ai., k f! I .- 4 -, Y' .-fiiliigf f2fL:+f2 , 1,7 i9 5 ' - 2 O f a - 136 Wifi! t . . , wg I HE END Marceline, Mo., U.S.A.

Suggestions in the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) collection:

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 129

1978, pg 129

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 10

1978, pg 10

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 65

1978, pg 65

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 78

1978, pg 78

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 92

1978, pg 92

Florida School for the Deaf and Blind - La Coquina Yearbook (St Augustine, FL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 34

1978, pg 34

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