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$000 Has L i I H h 1 i. V 1 l0M zw$ m lONTENTS listory 2 Graduates 33 Inderclassmen 49 )rganizations 65 pecial Events 81 Athletics 93 administration 107 acuity taff Activities 135 ' arting Shots 147 m Florida Memo 15800 N.W. 42nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33054 Center of Excellence «EN XTAQ PQOGDE S f lortd« M«mor}«l C Sia§§ i MMti| it lif tout Ctntor 1879-1977 i s in the time of our ancestors, every celebration properly begins with a remembrance of th who have gone on before us. We recall our founders and predecessors, their contributions, their I experiences and their example, for these provide us with the gifts, lessons and challenges that are a source of inspiration for the present and guidance for the future. A BRIEF HISTORY OF FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE In 1941, the Bethel Institutional Baptist Church merged with the Florida Baptist In- stitute of Live Oak, Florida, which has been founded by the American Baptist Home Mission Society in 1879. In 1893, in the Bethel Institutional Bap- tist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, the predecessor of Florida Memorial College was founded by a few farsighted and pub- lic-spirited Christian leaders whose pur- tional training for the young people o Florida in a climate conducive to the devel opment of Christian character. The College has worked with great dedi- cation since its founding to provide i Christian education for its students. It ha grown from a meager church room to a plant valued at more than one million dol- lars, a testimony to the confidence in the College, shared by those dedicated to Flor- ida Memorial College. THE EVOLUTION OF FMC LIVE OAK 1 — Florida Baptist Institute 1930 — Florida Memorial College JACKSONVILLE - 1892 — Florida Baptist Academy ST. AUGUSTINE 1918 — Florida Normal Industrial Institute 1941 — Florida Normal Industrial Memorial Institute 1942 — Florida Normal Industrial Institute College 1950 — Florida Normal Industrial Memorial Institute 1963 — Florida Memorial College MIAMI 1968 — Florida Memorial College FROM WHENCE WE CAME PAST PRESIDENTS Rev. J.T. Brown 1894-1896 Fr om the outset, the institutions that were to b today as Florida Memorial College have been blesse highly qualified leaders, each of whom took the rei do so by historical necessity. Fach of these individt the College. Fach of them, whether their term m contributed significantly and ensured the confine original mission. Each stands as a symbol of his tin success of the entire College Family. PRESIDENTS NOT PICTURED FLORIDA BAPTIST INSTITUTE Rev. J.LA. Fish Professor H.B. Lawrence Rev. G.P. McKinney Professor LC. Jones Rev. G.P. McKinney Dr. R.T. Pollard Professor Samuel A. Owens 4.C Curtwright Professor F.G.R. Everett 1879 mo Jan May. 1891 1892-1903 1903-1911 I9II-I9I4 1914-1916 1917-19 J6 1917-1926 FLORIDA BAPTIST ACADEMY Mr. Howard R. Barksdale (Acting) 1942- Da. Royal W. Puryear 1950-1963 (Special Edition 1918-1968 ST AUGUSTINE CAMPUS r «5 tS mm .■3 . mm ■ : r ■-- • i na k, Flo " ' t $19 - 1900 1901 9 aORSP 1V _ Rev. Dr. j at Live C?aK, la " d ' ' " " , and in ? ' , £ can " ' e p«,idenl » ' H " " s %£U N " « " a ' Jen. N % Everett a pws ' rW D " a rt t«. « F, ° " d , , . faculty . Greally ,nc ' f ,,o,0« - by Dr. W " " a _ Hi»WJV " f e facility F , r5t fun S ilUe C. - July — u ' 924 1921 1941 1945 - 1950- 1956 - i960 963 " 1972 1977 MILESTONES. 1879-1977 1977 I V 198 YEARS Special Edition The 1987 Edition of THE ARCH is a very Special one indeed. The graduates who proudly go forth this year leave behind a Campus that is visibly different " lidi they came as freshmen. There buildings and beautification to irit unA CA purpose which fills the heart. This year ' s graduates embody this new spirit and carry with them the dreams of the entire College Family — underclassmen, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and administration — as well as their own. As we pause and reflect upon the past year we realize that these positive changes are the culmina- tion of the last ten years in particular, which repre- sents perhaps the most dynamic period in the Col- lege ' s 108-year history. In this Special Edition of THE ARCH therefore, we celebrate these Ten Years Of Progress, proud in the knowledge that this is only the beginning of greater things yet to come. CELEBDATINC Predicts Bright Black F By ROSE ALU ™ So«th to Florid tete (FMO- .« J " -a. col .— - -MaTt Upward Bound Gears- up at Florida Memorial " " " ■ ' " " " lllRilQ S.lurdu, w J, „„ Black Baptist C V RONTAFT ,. The " e.aii F ' o " • , M™ior»i col- ma Va EC; " " " »»« w ' G . ' Jsis ' n S , ; ' . ' ■ ' ; ■ ' ' !. is«.j,i j, w 5- " a however ■ " ■■ ' -p., " ;; ' , " " ■ " ir ' » -n " ■ ' ■ ' ■ ■ i»- ii u On U: ' , ,oi.. " ; h , . ... „ - .• . " ' ' ' ■« ' ' ' " " " genera " ' " " of 1 FtoS a ' { ' ' " ' ' ' ' " " " l ' »«° " ««M?io I?p i ' . ' ;. ' .:, !, , 1 r ,h, ' ' „ L, l ' ; " ' ' ■■ ' " ' ■ ' ■ ' - " ' " " :» ' »i , ,«; 1 5 ' ::,;:;;;; h ' ' ' ' , ' ; ;■ (n SPEAKERs n F OR hL ' cw,!! " , Join " " ' " " o " an " ? h r ; i2 n ! N ' ' - T™ s £ W V flon da » cauW° n f « ooitvg l ° . and bL , a i in6 ltvS na vin6 the t ' re ' ve hl ; v;o n W c V ldl ?? " ctedWO TS £„s and nd tXU «v doors t Srsg sland of a ace ft o to el a Ve svu- Moo e S vaV C $«a ). n a - n 1977 the news is the new man on Campus. Dr. Willie C. Robinson joins the College Family as the new head as FMC gears up for a new era of sue- TEN YEAD OF PDOGDEM 1978 Thursday. February ■«. msTHE MIAMTTIMES Florida Memorial Begins Lecture Series I ivi i -»- „„«■„«„, „ f rhiM Psvchiatry members of the Pressor of Child Psychiatry 11 ecognition to the late 5 Weldon Johnson s O ution to America and orida Memorial College. will be an annual public e which we choose to the -James Weldon ion Lectures " . James ,n Johnson wrote and shed the Negro National m. " Lift Every Voice Sing.. ' while a faculty ber at Florida Memorial , g e in St. Augustine, ret lecture will be held in Teaching Auditorium at ,da Memorial- College on uary 23rd, 1978 at 7.30 Guest Speaker will be iDr. es Comer. Maurice Falk ..... «t vaie are invited to attend!. FMC ' s First Memorial Lecture To Be Annual Susie Holley: She ' s Schools Best Booster ?ge Builds on fioo T £0 toeing n predecessor- — iff FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE OLDEST BLACK INSTITUTION IN FLORIDA Providing quality education for Blacks all om the country for 100 years Let us begin anofl 100 years with providir you will your educational needs. ■ » - — Carter Praii BY FRANCIS WARD - " ' ■MJli-S Holley has been boosting the mostly black. Baptist- supported col- lege for nearly 50 years — or, as she says — " since the De- pression, that ' s as far back as I can remem- ber I Her current foal is to raise $100,000 _ £:yY ' " w «or ioo afc , " i; YEARS OF LEADERSHIP CHARACTER SERVICE 1879-1979 1, 1 During Centeni Susie C. Holley help, Florida Memoria . . r »rpl i-nerai ions. Hres.dent .Jimmy J«» " v v Memorial inspires a has pra.sed Florida Memorial rwj kno wledge and President. Dr. Willie C. ■ Robinson. Here is the text of Carters telegram sent to com- MpM: iMMllPflS memorate Florida Memorial CoUege Day. April 19th: • •The greatest tradition in America education Is the WtMMMMmwMSZmM insistence on the freedom to learn. A century ago a newly freed people founded the Florida Baptist Institute for negroes to give their children access to knowledge and | opportunities dented to Old Florida Memorial sh speaking a ( , , , ints indicate tha .. ution has char Campus Gets Face Lift ho DBSt CenlUry ' O Dr Willie C Roblnaon. •pprachund the cumpm will lit poo ___J C president of FlortdiMemort.1 be the wort 1 ' " - hanging neeas c . u,,, tr.ir. mo .tudents. you will c g --. - «-»- £•- , CELEBRATING YEARS In October of i 980 Mrs. Coretta Scott King graced the Campus with charm, intellect and valuable insights into her work of carrying on the legacy of the late Dr. M.L. King. She was presented with an official mascot T-shirt by SGA President Wendell Carter, Also in 1980 the Center for Community Change, the Honors Program and the Evening Weekend Division were established. OPENING OF THE NEW STUDENT DINING HALL ent Dining Hall r«. r . «w..» u o B .ant step forward for the Campus, adding a striking new landmark. A sign of things to come, a joint FMC UNCF capital improvement and development campaign was also launched this YEARS OF PROGRESS DEDICATION OF R. RAY GOODE RESIDENCE HALL s grants and donations continue t tal Improvement Campaign, Goode Hall opens, providing much-needed addi- tional housing for an ever-growing number of students. l J. 1 b ON ' IN 9£5 977 I V $ K£4ff$ CAMPUS EXPANDS: SUSIE C. HOLLEY RELIGIOUS CENTER DEDICATED the Dedication was former Wimbledon Tennis pion Arthur Ashe. 1983 also saw a 90% se in student enrollment and the establishment Visual Arts program, which included a special n Arts Center. Music was in the air. Two record albums were recorded live on mpus: by the Shirley Horn Trio in concert and by FMC ' s own ghly acclaimed Ambassador Chorale under the direction of Mr. osevelt Williams. The first Honors Banquet featured Marilyn cCoo, shown signing autographs, and Billy Davis, Jr., both irmerly of The Fifth Dimension. While the Music played, FMC also launched its Airway Science rogram and raised $162,000 for Library Holdings. The College was atured in the August 8, 1986 issue of The Chronicle Of Higher Juration. -i Xi?r wies TEN Ylkm OF PDOGDEM in the April, It. Miami South Ft In 1985, the Center of Excellence w, established with a $300,000 grant by the Mcknight Programs in Higher Education in Florida to increase higher education opportunities for African- Americans. In addition to Rev. Jackson ' s appearance, the year was highlighter 1 ■ ■ ' the opening of Robinson HII, a two-: dormitory complex which provided much-needed housing on Campus, in light of the increase in student enrollment. The Dedication Ceremony in November was attended by a host of dignitaries, friends and stud: its At right, Miss FMC Sherry Jones is flanked by student hosts and hostesses for the occasion. l " ati -8 del PUS « • " 1985. mmuomsoH wmaauvL CELEBRATING YEARS broaden its base co. , .«.-., VI X ¥ The College received a $100,000 grant from HUD for pat j V V pation in a Community Development Project; the Center for ommunity Change was awarded a $136,314 professional service contract for a olice Community Relations Training Program and FMC was first among Black olleges to receive a State Department grant of $550,000 for the Educational nitiative for South African Teachers. 1986 also saw the groundbreaking cere, ' ues for both the J.C Sams Student Activity Center and the William Lehm«„ viation Center. ELEBRITIES ON CAMPUS O bove: Actor Dancer Ben Vereen gains insights on computer science from a student during his visit to Flroida Memorial. At right: Playwright Vinnette Carroll and the ast of " The Next Time I ' ll ain Down Fire " at FMC. Jext to Ms. Carroll is Prof Patricia Warren. Drama Instructor at FMC. TEN YEAQS OF PQOGQEM THE DEDICATION OF THE J. STUDENT ACTIVITY CEN 1. Dr. James C. Sai for whom ihe Student Activity Center is named, was president of the Progressive M £ E Convention of Florida and of the Na- " tvention of Amen , — lor of the Seco - J cksonville. FL id from Florida I rial College in 1937. For many ye - 1 as vice-chairman of the Bo, ling its first Chairman Emeri- tus upon ms retirement. He continued to " " ■er dedicated and faithful service to the Left: S.6.A. Pr Coll-Pardo. as Ek» s Building Contractor Ma Judge Wilkie D. Fergusor I on-cutting tor juices, bookstore. AND ONWARD INTO THE FUTURE YEARS Mi THE WILLIAM LEHMAN AVIATION CENTER Local Mews Tuesday, September 9, 1986 The Miami Herald Secti- Memorial is high on aviation H ay Science Management and Airway Computer Science as well as other programs in Air Traffic Control and Transportation Management. It hopes to add in the near future a program in Aviation Maintenance Management. Construction has just started on a new $4 million William Lehman Aviation Center funded by the FAA and located across from the recently completed J.C. Sams Activities Center. To be completed in the summer of 1988, this three story, 4,500 sq. ft. structure will house classrooms, labs and offices in addition to a large auditorium. i DEDICATION Just as no great failing in human experience can be blamed on one individual alone, no great achievement can be said to be the work of any one person Yet there are those individuals who, through Divine Provi- dence, innate gifts, life experience, historical circumstance and dedicated determination to succeed in what they do, take on a special importance in human affairs. Theirs is the power to galvanize those around them in the pursuit of true greatness. It is they who impart the extra strength and exhortation to those who have given up not to drop the heavy burden with which they have been entrusted. It is they who plant and nurture seeds in soil where others say there can be no hope of growth. It is they who dare to dream when others dare not abandon the withered visions of yesterday. And with success, and the patting of backs and the exchange of glorious words, it is they who remind others that we have only just begun. It is to such an individual, whose vision, foresight, practicality and inspiring presence to the College Family have wrought giant steps in progress at Florida Memorial College that we officially dedicate THE ARCH for 1987. TO DR. WILLIE C. ROBINSON The 1987 Special Edition ARCH is proudly dedicated to our President, Dr. Willie C. Robinson, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his tenure in that position. Indeed, he stands as the visible symbol of the changes and growth of the past ten years. At a time when Florida Memorial College, like so many historically Black institutions of higher learning, was traversing rough seas in stormy weather with a most uncertain future. Dr. Robinson came aboard, and in the quiet and businesslike manner that has become his hallmark, placed i calm and steadying hand on the helm, reassured his crew, of the importance of their mission and set the course for success. Under his guidance, Florida Memorial College has moved steadily out of the doldrums and into the brightness of a new day, which is only just beginning. In honoring Dr. Robinson we also honor all those who have helped; even he could not have wrought the necessary and creative changes that have brought us to where we are today. To Dr. and Mrs. Robinson, and to the entire College Family, go the sincerest wishes for continued good health, happiness and future success. ien he left Yah A native of Dunn. North Carolina, he graduated from North arned his master ' s degree from the University „..d his doctorate from Teachers College. Co- nibia University. A widely traveled author and civic activist who has visited i. Taiwan. Africa. Haiti and Puerto as appointed by the Governor of Florida " InriHa Flortion : Commission and serves on the boards of Eastern Airlines, Southeast Banking Holding Company, Southeast Bank and Sharon Steel Corporation. He is an associate member of the Orange Bowl Committee and is a Trustee of the University of Miami. He has been honored with numerous awards, commenda- tions and proclamations, including an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters from the University of Bridgeport. He is married to the former Ojetta Dowdy, a public health administrator, and is the proud father of three sons: William, Kevin and Lewis. i ii fniiiinr m . . We don ' t want to do a lot of things. But what we do, we want to do well and be proud of A MESSAGE From Dr. Wilhc C. Qobin President son raison d ' etre. ' " " Purs « " 8 thUZadt of our student H „ To our graduatin , ' " erests. After all th f ' the ™Jority « the verVhVl 8 C ' ass ' ' s " Pect that StUdents re our f» Proud ofyoutZ ' T » « " » P pleJ? ' ' " ' " » ' sTj ' T ' " » . and , Memorial r„n d d ° " ere extend pared to embark on s,and ards imply v ou «te CW «. e 6v , ,! ™™ ' " f w Co fee,. snrf ;,, co « " " - « , , a , ™ ° e lo yal to Florida Image. " " y hcal °»d na.iona, medZ£ ZT " " " " " « j£? 7£ " ' " ' reed °™- i szS ln the « - - — a fifarafc Memorial C n,f a hn S active int ' mber of ' he UShI Center " {{r trt, -« J LIW THE FAMILY THAT CARES ' : " £% f Dpi |y Wf 1 JN 1 w V JhMf - m 1 Wam ■■■ ■ 1 mw " IB « jM( 1 ' W fr ' WK ARE - ■ 4 H r J • FAMILY HNU rHEIR WDRK5 DO FDLLDN THEM 1 REUM3 L E A D E R S H I P Florida Memorial College provides the Leadership to build Character amongst young men and women who walk through the portals of knowledge, which equip them to offer quality Service to their community and the world. c H A R A C T E R SERVICE J . £ HHHI b h i SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT 1986-1987 William C. McCormick, Jr. Pelham, Georgia Dr. Robinson, Cabinet Members. Judge Ferguson-, Chairman of the Board, Trustees, Speaker Congressman Dymally, Faculty and Staff. Alumni President, Other Alumni, Parents, Family and Friends, Honored Graduates, and my fellow Colleagues. This class accepts the challenges you have presented. We realize that high moral character, commitment to community services, and strong moral beliefs are values that are essential to our success. Our college experience has enabled us to meet this challenge which has been placed before us. We have studied together, prayed together, talked together, walked hand-in-hand, and handled our problems together. We stand ready to accept our expected role as leaders in our communities. We are very fortunate to have had college family role models who promoted this rare quality of leadership. History reveals that the greatness of a society is measured by the quality of its leadership. Here at Florida Memorial College, we combine the heritage and traditions of academic excellence and religious principles as we strive to reach the limits of our intellectual capacity. We the graduating Class of 1987. pass this legacy and the baton of scholastic achievement to the underclassmen. We thank you for this opportunity and pledge to support the principles of the Alumni Association. William C. McCormick. Jr. Class President, 1987 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT 1986-1987 Dwanyetta A. Vine New Orleans, Louisiana " As this academic year comes to a close, I ' d like to thank the Florida Memorial College family for their support of the Student Government Association. This has truly been a successful and innovative year. Very special thanks goes to the S.G.A. members for their commitment to our cause and academic excellence. A note of thanks to all of the campus organizations who make up the S.G.A. Senate, for providing social, cultural and educational activities. I salute the graduating Class of 1987. They are tomorrow ' s physicians, businessmen and women, educators, engineers, lawyers and politicians. As a member of the Class of 87 and as S.G.A. President. I charge you, students, to keep the F.M.C Spirit alive . . . alive with the thirst for knowledge and the hunger for excellence and greater service. Dwan A. Vine S.G.A. President 1986-1987 ' . . ' ■■ ' ' ■• " - " . ■ " " IHWMM " ... To form good citizens we must educate our children, From the national institutions will proceed race of men capable of defending by their knowledgt and talents those rights so long denied by tyrants. It is from these sources that light will be diffused among the whole mass of the population, teaching them how to appreciate their duties and love their country. The moral virtues which distinguish man in civilized state will replace the ignorance and deprave manners which are the unhappy result of barbarity and slavery. " — Henri Christophe I, first kitij of Haiti, first independent Black nation in the western hemisphere, addressing his subjects, New Year ' s Day, 1817. BACHELOR OF ARTS English Criminal Justice Music Instrumental Visual Arts Public Administration Economics BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Accounting Air Traffic Control Aviation Computer Science Aviation Management Data Processing Management Elementary Education Physical Education Biology Chemistry Sociology Community-Clinical Psychology Social Science GRAD SENIOR CONSECRATION SERVICE Graduation I9S7 began with the Senior Conse- cration Service on April 21 at the Susie C Holley Religious Center, fol- lowed by a Reception (see page 36) hosted by the President on the Pa- tio of the J.C. Sams Stu- dent Activity Center. THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1987 D - " Ci kiroBon nt celebrate 8T I , one Humir Fot W U1 Ntt Right.- The acclaimed FMC Ambassador Churale presents musical selections. 3 8 Rev. Phillip Cooper conducts the FMC Concert Band. Ms. Tricia Sykes in an inspiring solo. Above: Commencement Speaker U.S. Rep. Mervyn M. Dymally (D — Los Angeles), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, receives honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Below: He delivers keynote address, encouraging graduates to enter public service. " I ' m going to give you your last lecture in Political Science 101 " , I urge you to take up the struggle against racism. ' ' Rep. Mervyn Dymally Al-Jasmi, Khaled A. B.S., Management Al-Zamel, Essam M. B.S., Management Anderson, Loraine A. B.A., English Anderson, Richard E. B.S., Management Arniella, Rolando M. B.A., Accounting Ashley, Gregory C. B.S., Community-Clinical Psychology Atkins, Victor B. B.A., Criminal Justice Bailey, Robbie J. B.A., Public Administration Baly, Emma M. B.S., Management Banaja, Taha B.S.. Management Baptiste, Jean H. Bell, Allison L. Bernal, Leydiana Bonito, Angela B.S., Community-Clinical B.S., Management B.S., Community-Clinical B.S., Physical Education Psychology Psychology Bradford, Charles E. B.S., Community-Clincal Psychology Carbonell, Gladys R. B.S., Data Processing Brightmon, LaShaun G. B.A., English Burney, Myra S. .S., Data Processing Casanova, Lizette L. B.S., Community-Clinical Psychology Chappell, Ayree E. B.A., Public Administration Cano, Martha L. .S., Community-Clinical Psychology IT Christie, Owens G. B.A., Musical Instrumental Costales, Silvia M. B.S., Biology Crosdaile, Karen G. B.S., Management Cross, Luwarner H. B.S., Management Davis, Clementina A. .S., Aviation Computer Science jtfbfe Dean, Ervin K. B.S., Accounting Delagado, Irma B.S., Sociology De Moya, Juan M. B.A., Criminal Justice Desbonnes, Peter A. B.A., Public Administration Fitzgerald, Cornelia L. B.A., Public Administration Fraga, Rafael E. B.A., Economics Garcia, Jose B.S., Management Gomez, Nelson V. B.S., Data Processing Green, Kelly B.S.. Flight Aviation Management Hagan, William E. B.S., Data Processing Houston, Grace L. B.S., Data Processing Howard, Karen R. B.S., Management Iglegias, Nilo B.S., Sociology Jenkins, Mark J. B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Jordan, Jasmine M. B.S., Management Juluke Jr., James J. B.S., Mathematics Love, Andre A. B.S., Biology Mc Clendon, Deidra B.S., Management Madera, Visia B.S., Sociology Mas, Mayra B.S., Sociology Mas, Oscar L. B.A., Criminal Justice Miley, Pearlie L. B.S., Elementary Education Moten, Vetta L. B.A., English Musgrove, Priscilla E. B.S., Criminal Justice Noriega, Digna ?.S., Social Science Pena. Janie J. 3.S., Management i fkJt Perez-Vera, Enriqueta B.S., Accounting Perry, Willie E. B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Omoruji. Osaretina Paul B.A., Criminal Justice Perdomo, Desiderio B.A., Criminal Justice Perez. Ricardo M. B.S., Accounting Osborne, Jeanette B.S., Sociology Ozemhoya, Stephen A. B.A., Public Administration Philpot Jr., James B.S. Aviation Management .. Pericles, Hugues B.S., Biology Perrilliat, Wilma L. B.S., Management lb-11 Pierre, Magalie B.S., Biology Police-lnman, Sheila .S., Elementary Education Polite, Renay L. B.S., Accounting Revilla, Aracelia A. B.S.. Accounting Riley, Silvenita A. B.S., Management Richards, Mariska D. B.S., Biology Robinson, Barbara A. .A., Public Administration Robinson, Jerome D. B.S., Management Rodriguez, Lourdes B.S., Data Processing Rowley, Mary F. .S., Elementary Education Sastre, Maria C. Saunders, Laurise R. Shaw, Alberta M. Spearman, Timothy B. B.S., Sociology B.S., Accounting B.S., Community Clinical B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Psychology Spells, Hortense M B.S., Management I fc 1 Tapia. Mireya E. B.S.. Accounting Urquiola, Mary A. B.S., Sociology I Tarancon, Manuel R. B.S., Management Valdes, Loretta R. B.S., Elementary Education Thompson, Patricia D. B.S., Chemistry Vine, Dwanyetta A. B.S., Management Trujillo, Concepcion B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Viciosa, Jean B.A., Criminal Justice £ Williams, Georgia A. B.A.. English Wilson, Toni D. B.S., Accounting Washington, Michelle D. B.S., Sociology Yock-Kim, Cristina D. B.S., Accounting Watley, Sancta E. .S., Aviation Management Zeigler, Yolanda .A., Public Administration A(ma Mater As tfte breeze through tad pafrn trees Seems to sing thy sacred name., Thy sons and daughters (ove to srrread O ' er ad the. (and thy wed-earned fame. We (ove thy hods, thy stately wad, And the friends who gave thee birth; The truths we (earned as each heart yearned For higher, noS(er things on earth Should future years bring joy or tears, To thy name we ' d e ' re be true; To thee we fledge our (oyaliy And dedicate our (ives to you. REFRAIN: Florida Memorial, F(orida Memorial How we (ove to sing thy poise. We ' d be (oyal, ever (oyal, And for thee, our voices raise. — Marie Evangeline Ferguson GRADUATES NOT PICTURED ACOSTA. FULGENCIA V. B.S. COMMUNITY CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY ALAMERI, SALIM B.S. AVIATION MANAGEMENT ALFARES, AHMAD I. B.S. MANAGEMENT AL-FURAIH, KHALID A. B.S. MANAGEMENT AL-HOULI, NASER I. B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE AL-HUSSAIN, ABDALWAHAB S. B.S. MANAGEMENT AL-MATAR, ADEL A.S. B.S. MANAGEMENT AL-MOSIALEM, ABDELLNASER A B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION L-RUMAIH, WALEED A. B.A. ECONOMICS AL-SUBAIH, MAJED S. B.S. MANAGEMENT AL-SUWAILEM, AHMED M. B.S. MANAGEMENT AMADOR, PEDRO B.S. ACCOUNTING BACON, STEFANI R. B.S. DATA PROCESSING BAGGETT, SHEILA D. B.S. MANAGEMENT BAST, MARTHA T. B.S. MANAGEMENT BERRY, SONYA R. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE BLOUNT, FELICIA R. B.S. COMMUNITY-CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY BOB-MANUEL, RICHARD L. B.S. MANAGEMENT BROXTON, TONY L. B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION BURISLY, ADAN K. B.S. MANAGEMENT BURNS, ANTHONY D. B.S. MATHEMATICS CALAS, HENRY B.S. BIOLOGY CHAMBERS, JAMES L. B.S. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLARKE, EDWARD J. B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION COLLINS, SR. KARL M. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE CURRY, OLIVIA D. B.S. MANAGEMENT DAILEY, KEVIN A. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEAN, FRVIN K. B.S. ACCOUNTING DOMINQUEZ, NARCISO B.S. CO vIMUNITY-CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY ELAYAH, NASER M. B.S. MANAGEMENT FREDERICKSON, LAVERNE B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE " NDARA, JOSE R. B.S. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL GUERRA, NJURKA B.S. COMMUNITY-CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY GILLESPPIE, DENNIS W. B.S. DATA PROCESSING HADED, ANA B.S. COMMUNITY-CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY HANKERSON, ALFONSO B.S. MANAGEMENT HARROLD, ALVIN J. B.S. DATA PROCESSING HORTON, GLENN E. B.A. VISUAL ARTS HUDSON, JOHN T. B.S. COMMUNITY-CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY HUMPHREYS, SHARON E. B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION KELLY, BOBBIE J. B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KING, DAVID P. B.S. MANAGEMENT KINNEY, RHENITA M. B.S. SOCIOLOGY LAWSON, CARRIE R. B.S. MANAGEMENT LOWERY, BOBBY LEE B.S. SOCIAL SCIENCE MARQUEZ, ARIEL J. B.S. AVIATION MANAGEMENT MATTAIR, BRADFORD G. B.A. MUSIC MCGRAW, VALERIE D. B.S. DATA PROCESSING MCFARLEY, TRACI L. B.S. AVIATION MANAGEMENT MCKNIGHT JR., CHARLES E. B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MIRO, MARIO PAUL B.S. BIOLOGY MOFFETT, ADOLPHUS A B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE NORTH, ZARETHA M. B.S. SOCIOLOGY O ' BRIEN, CYNTHIA E. B.S. SOCIAL SCIENCE OGUNNAIKE. RICHARD A. B.S. MANAGEMENT LIVER, TERRENCE B.S. VISUAL ARTS EREZ, SUSANA B. B.S. ACCOUNTING ICKERING, GWENDOLYN I. B.S. MANAGEMENT ROBINSON, JEROME D. B.S. MANAGEMENT ODRIGUEZ, ANA M. B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION HORTER, LYNDA C. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ILFORK, GLORIA J. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE WILLIAMS, BRENDA B.S. MANAGEMENT A JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN UNDERCLASSMEN v?:m ADAMS. Bernadette F. ADAMS. Terrence r ARMENGOL. Loraida ARMSTRONG. Kimberly V. AVERY. Mordine BARFIELD. Pamilia P. BARTON. Earlyn G. BATTLE. Fredrick BENJAMIN. Erick BERGERON. BIGHAM. Terrence A. William E. BOHLER. Deen BRADLEY. Mary L. BRADSHAW. Curtis BRADY. Shellie BROWN. Rickey L. BYRD. Vivian J. i BRICE. Canaro BROOKS. Ella BROOME. Katrina BROWN. Cephas BROWN. Thelma LF. BUCKLEY. Althea M. 4 CALDWELL. Betty CALDWELL. Rosalind R. BUTLER. Lashandra BUTTS. Daisy , _ ? f K iJF A CALDWELL. Steven Jay CAMPOS. Andres ft f Ch CANE, Maggie CANO. Angelica M. CANO, Martha Luz m i CAPO, William A. CARMONA, Miguel Angel CARROLL, Bruce C. CHESTNUT. Dunyasa A. CHILLIS. Joyelle COLEMAND. Kendall L COLLIER. Denise Darcel COOK. James E. COX. Andrea Marie CROSBIE. Claudia M. CROUCIER. Emma DANIELS. Rodney M. DANIELS. Tonji M. DAVIS, Doris S. DAVIS. Rhonda T. DEAN. Valerie DELACRUZ. Juanita R. DELVA. Dennis D. DEMPSEY Frank $ ' DIAZ. Fidel DONALDSON. Thomas B. DUCKWORTH. Marcia M. DUHART. Mary L. EDWARDS. Marlynn ' I n i ELINS. Rosa ELLISON. Bruce ENSLEY. Darell EVERETT. Carl A. FERGUS. Myrtle FERNANDEZ. Nelson A. FERRELL. Tyrone FERRIS. Ivy Kay FIGUEROA, Patti FINGER, Jenipher FINKLEY. John I ' 1 FITZ-CHARLES, Mario Iqk FRAGA, Rafael E. FRANKLIN, Yolanda GARCIA. Frank J. GIBSON. Carol GIBSON. Frank GIBSON. Monique r GIL. Zenia GONZALES. Victor G. m GORDON. Leaslie A. GRAHAM, GRAHAM. Adrian Connie GRAHAM, Mary GRELL, Joanne GREEN. Anthony GUMBS. Leslie V. HABBIS. Abdul Had. HALLMAN, Anna HARDWICK. Angela J. HARRELL. Argentia Y. HARRIS. Geraldine HARRIS. Lenora F. v--±- .o: HERNANDEZ. Nidia HIGGINS. Ira HILL. Oliver HILSMAN, Anica HILTON. Daphne w HINES. Pamela HUBBARD. Patrick v JACKSON. Sherrie JAMES. Angelia if i ..- i HOLLOWAY. Angela JACKSON. Adrian L. HOLLOWAY, Paula HOOPER, Edward JACKSON. Cathey M. JACKSON. Cynthia JFJ JAYLEL. Camica ' ■ ' : ' ■ JEAN. Serge JENKINS. Keith HORACE, Mary JACKSON. Laverne JENKINS. Ronald JONES. James JONES, Joanna JONES. Quinterria Y. JONES. Raye 9 JONES, Astrid JONES. Edward JONES. Rodney D. JONES, Sandra JONES. Tenesly JONES. Valarie KENT, Cathy KNOWLES. Huntley 11 LEWIS, Annette — I MCFARQUHAR, Joan MARTINEZ. Jacqueline ™| ) 1 r. LAFARGNE. Tyrone LEWIS. Antoinette MCINTOSH. Lisa f •W MARTINEZ. Jorge LAVAIRE. Edward LENDRY, Darnell LIGHTSEY. Bonita LUCY. Debbie MCKENZIE. Audrey MADISON, Tangela ■flf MASON, Wanda MESA, Elizarde LEVERETTE. Arlesa MCCAULEY, Shirley A. MARTIN. Dina MILLER, Allen jrW MILLER, Rae MITCHELL. Katherine D. ims ' s MOORE. Valerie L. MOSLEY. Carlton f MODESTO. Mora T MOSLEY. Todd MONTGOMERY. Keith MOSS JR., Delcampo MOORE. Sherry V. f!l ji jj $» MUINELO. Carlos J. MUNOZ. Rodrigo MURRAY. Merilyn NEAL, Napoleon Mm % MURRAY Percy D. NICHOLS. April OFFORD. Reginald OJENGBEDE. Olatokunbo . PASLEY. Pamela PATTERSON, Marlyn PAYTON. Gloria PEMBERTON, Trevor - PHILLIPS. Raymond h PIGATT, Valerie POWELL, Joel A. PRICE. Rosalyn N. HOIS PRYOR. Arnetta G. -r. QUEEN. Kelvin RAHMING. Jillian RAHMING, Towanda RHODES. Edwin RIVAS, Rodrigo RODRIGUEZ, Carmen L. RODRIGUEZ. RODRIGUEZ. Mercedes Silvio SHAW, Veronica SHELTON. Rick SIMMONS. Sharon SINGLETON. Joyce SMITH. Elvis SMITH. Gerald SMITH, Gina SMITH, Patrice SMITH, Ronaldo SMITH, Teresa 41 ,- CI 9 i ) f ' STANFORD, Margaret i TAHA. Banaja f ) TAPIN. Ana TARANCON. Manuel TAYLOR, Rhoda TEEMS. Selena r% ! m TESTAMARK. Calvin THELMA. THIES. Alicia E. Guadalupe THOMAS, Eric THOMPKINS. Terri A. TIMMONS. Anthony TORY. Jacqueline TAYLOR, Iris THOMAS. Mary Ann TRUJILLO, Delfin Sb V9m !« ?■ tfi4 4E» ; wy ' r HP - ill 4 TULLOCK. Anthony VALDEZ, Charles VALLE. Ricardo VEGA. Enrique J. WALDEN, Latrice WALKER. Chantal T. WALLACE. Tina WEST. Delores WEST. Irene WHITE, Alvin B. WILLIAMS. Edward A. WILLIAMS. Joel WILLIAMS. Mary WILSON. Maxine WISE. Ester L. WRIGHT. Tracey YOUNG. Garrick J. YOUNG. Stephanie YTULVIDE, Raimundo E. GREEKS CAMPUS ORGANIZATION ORGA ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY NOT PICTURED: Calvin Testamark Eric Thomas Bruce Carroll Darron Payne Freddie Peterkin Thomas Donaldson Marion Owens Front row (I to r): Errick Snelling, Anthony Lamar, Gregory Ashley, Dr. Earl Duval (Advisor), Edward Richards, Trevor Pemberton, Deen Bohler Back row (I to r): Rodney Marsh, Kelvin Liburd, Warren Davis, Benjamin Carroll, Rae Rouse, Vernon Brooks OFFICERS GREGORY ASHLEY, President MARTYE BENJAMIN, Vice President BRIAN PHILLIP, Treasurer RAE ROUSE, Dean of Pledgees EDWARD RICHARDS, Director of Education AWARDS FIRST PLACE TROPHY FSU Step Show SECOND PLACE TROPHY State Convention Step Show SECOND PLACE TROPHY FMC Homecoming Step Show ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR ALPHA WEEK ALPHA PHI ALPHA and ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA joined together to bring to the FMC Campus a number of activities pertaining to the social, intellectual and spiritual awareness of the Student Body. The following activities were held: — Worship Service — Blood Drive — Fashion Show — Step Show Toga Party — Intellectual Night, Guest Speaker: Ms. Patricia Russell-McCloud, Esq. — Alpha Ball — Video Night ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY PATRICIA RUSSELL-MCCLOUD (top left) is the former Na- tional Parliamentarian for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and the recipient of more than 25 keys to cities throughout the United States. She is a member of numerous professional and civic organizations, including the National Bar Association, Life Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Urban League, Alpha Kappa Alpha So- rority, The Links, Inc. and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She brilliantly challenges her audiences — motivating each member to act rather than react, to respond through reason, not rhetoric; to dare to be different and to make a difference. Occupying the dais with Ms. McCloud are (left to right): Fredricka Wilson, South Atlanta Regional Director, Delores Washington, Gamma Zeta Omega, Dawn Millings, Myra Burney, Shauntell Douglas. (L to R) Back Row Daphne Williams, Michelle Pinkston, Gail Pryor, Stephanie Bloodsaw, Visna Armbrister, Toni Wilson (L to R) Front Row Regina Wallace, Myra Burney, Cynthia Patterson, Carol Gibson, Ginger Darden, Katherine Richardson, Rae Smith, Karen Crosdaile OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY Friendship is Essential to the Soul ' (L to R) Frank Gibson, Stedmann Hodge, Charles Mc Knight, Leslie Gumbs, Dexter Foster Kappa Gamma Chapter was founded in March of 1954 at Florida Normal and Industrial College in St. Augustine, Florida before it moved to Miami in 1968 69, now Florida Memorial College. OFFICERS Basileus Vice-Basileus Keeper of Records Seals Keeper of Finance Parliamentarian Business Manager Stephen Belomy Frank Gibson Darryl Langhorn Mark Purdue James Goosby Stedmann Hodge k «fc. H, Dexter Foster Note: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on November 17, 1911 at Howard University by four noble men: Brothers Ernest E. Just, Frank Coleman, Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, the first Black organization to be founded on a Black college campus PRESENTS DELTA WEEK ■ Nai.sajaa..»cc a Students patiently await to have blood pressure checked during Delta Week Health Fair (top right). DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. was founded in 1913 at Howard University and its 100,000 members represent the largest membership of all the Black Greek letter organizations. It is a service-oriented sorority with programs directed at development in the areas of education, mental health, housing and economics. Additionally, the sorority provides scholarships and endowments for professorships at several Black colleges and universities. llifc DELTA W 1 m 0$ Rosalyn Granville, (left), Hon. Senator Carrie Meek, Assembly Guest Speaker for Delta Week, recipient of the First Annual Distinguished Service Award (Back Row L to R) Nancy Dawkins, Sheila Baggett, Audrey McKenzie, Lottie McMillan, Erie Bowen, Rosalynn Granville, Beverly Mathis, Georgia Williams, Karen Howard, Beverly Rao (Front Row L to R) Patricia Warren, Kathy Vaughn, Angela Bankhead, Jeanette Osborne, (Center) Hon. Senator Carrie Meek Audrey McKenzie - President (above) Rosalynn Granville - Vice President Angela Bankhead — Treasurer KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY If You Don ' t Stand For Something, You ' ll Fall For Anything ' Pollmarch Martin Dixon Vice Pollmarch Dexter Harris Keeper of Records Darryl McCoy Pollmarch — Martin Dixon (L to R) Kevin Hammon, Mario Fitz-Charles, Darryl McCoy, Ed Hopper, Walter Terrell, Kendall Coleman, C.W. Grant, Steve Caldwell, Ricky Brown, Hugh Cunningham, Zack Bailey, Vince Jackson Brothers taking notes of speaker ACTIVITIES FOR KAPPA WEEK ASSEMBLY SPEAKER — C.W. GRANT KAPPA ALPHA PSI VS PHI BETA SIGMA BASKETBALL GAME CAMPUS CLEAN-UP BLOOD DRIVE PRETTY BOY SLAVE SALE C.W. Grant, Dean of Students at Albany State, Guest Speaker for Kappa Week Assembly Step Show Champions at Miss Black Collegiate Picnic, Peacock Park in Coconut Grove SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY MOTTO: GREATER SERVICE, GREATER PROGRESS Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was founded in 1922 at Butler University in Indianapolis and has a total membership of 38,000. Committed to community service, the Sorority operates in the Vocational Guidance Workshop Center in New York City which focuses on job training. In addition to providing scholarships for students, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority is putting together an educational project called " Legacy Unfolded " , which is a two-part documentary film on historically Black colleges and universities. The group contributes to the NAACP, SCLC and the United Negro College Fund. ■ • Members: Left: Christelle Johnson, Dwan Vine; not pictured: Wilma Perrilliat, Octavia Home, Lorraine Higgs-Off Campus Advisor Latrese McPhee Basileus ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY Be a Leader, Be a Friend, Be of Service The Brotherhood of Alpha Phi Omega of FMC dedicates its service to the Campus and to the Community at large. We also promote higher education and leadership. Good luck in ' 88. Members.- Left to right) Trevor Grant, Roger Green, Quintes Moore, Richard Anderson, Dion Anthony, Kevin Dailey, Rick Kendrick, kneeling: Huntley Knowles Not pictured: Jimmy Holmes, Marve Johnson PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY OUR PRIDE IS SHOWING The Beta Pi chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity inc. was char- tered in 1947 by Bro. Dr. Von D. Mizzell at Florida Memorial Col- lege. Beta Pi chapter which is based in Miami, Florida was the first fraternity on the Florida Me- morial College campus, and for 40 years have maintained the high ideals, goals, and excellence for which this noble fraternity was founded. " Our cause speeds nobly on its way " and it will never perish. The brothers of Beta Pi feel that a Sig- ma Man should be a shining exam- ple of leadership throughout the community and set the pace for all to follow on the college campus. Zeta Sigma relations are also a major concern of the brother of Beta Pi chapter, lota Alpha chapter of Zeta Phi Beta and Beta Pi chap- ter of Phi Beta Sigma had jointly sponsored a Zeta Sigma week in the spring semester of 1987. Dur- ing this week we had many social service, and educational events for the benefit of our campus and the Miami community. We have also officially designated a street on the Florida Memorial College campus to be named ' BLUE AND WHITE BOULEVARD ' . The two chapters have a very good har- monic working relationship and our love for one another is undeni- ably strong. Being the only true brother and sister greek organization it is in- evitable that we express our unity the family way (BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE DOVE). GOMAB Front row (I. to r.)-. Sean Futch, Darwin Randolph. Edward McClain, James Jones ; Back row (I. to r.)-. Tony Gerard, Darryle Washington. Eric Davis. Dennis Hunt, William Hagan ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY " Finer Womanhood IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER President April L. Nichols Vice-President Alicia S. Evans Treasurer Audra A. Waterman Secretary Sabrina A. Greene Business Manager Antoinette V. Portis Chaplain Wanda L. Lanier (L to R) April L. Nichols, Stephanie Bacon, Antoinette V. Portis PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL ■ !! I|j | ™iaf«EMORIAtC. «•■« ■■■•■■ (L to R) Gregory Ashley — Treasurer, Kristell Johnson — President, Audrey McKenzie — Secretary, Stephanie Bacon — Vice-President, Raphael Futch — Member STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (Front Row L to R) Priscilla Musgrove, Toni Wilson (Miss Homecoming), Darwin Randolph, Dwan Vine (President), Mariska Richards (Vice President), Wilma Perrilliat (Miss FMC), Janice George, Elizabeth Wallace, Keith White, (Back Row L to R) Kevin Glasgow, Visna Armbrister, Warren Johnson, Patricia Thompson (Exec. Secretary), Ronald Parker, Christelle Johnson, Pamela Nicholls, Beverly Bryant, Sancta Watley, Shauntelle Douglas, Kevin Hammond President Robinson gives oath of office to the SGA cabinet V Dwan Vine, president of SGA speaks to student leaders Mariska Richards pins carnation on Dwan Vine during ceremony N.A.A.CP. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE The purpose of the college chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People shall be to improve the political, educational, social and economic status of minority groups to eliminate racial prejudice: to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination. MOTTO: A Mission To Lead, A Committment To Succeed (L to R) Bernadette Adams (President), Bruce Carroll, Yolanda Franklin, Dexter Foster, Lisa Jefferson, Kimberly Troutman THE PLAYERS GUILD " The Whole World is a Stage, We all must Play a part ' ' A creative and dramatic organization designed to establish campus and community productions. The school year 1986-87 proved to be very challenging and stimulating for this group of actors, writers, singers and dancers, for they performed the play God Trombones, Happy Ending, Soul Gone Home as well as a spirited number of poems, monologues and other dramatic excerpts for Black History Month for the campus and the community. PLAYERS GUILD MEMBERS AND CONTEMPORARY DRAMA CLASS Rose Lawson Nichole Johnson Frank Gibson Dwayne King Angela Forbes Mario Dow Deborah Wyne Tryone Ferrell Alison McClendon Denise Moore Garrett Young Glynnis Hunson Rohn Moody Shaundra Lawson Benjamin Carrol Tricia Sykes Eureatha McCullough Briane Massey Mario Johnson Patrice Smith Michelle Morrow Marco Collie James Cook Angela Bankhead Daphne Williams Alicia Lemon Terrence Oliver Keith Jones Director: Mrs. Patricia Warren (L to R) Yolanda Woodruff, Nicole Johnson, Rose Lawson, Eureatha McCullough, Benjamin Carroll, Angela Forbes, kneeling, front: Mrs. Patricia Warren, Director THE FMC CONCERT BAND Rev. Phillip H. Cooper, Band Director And Assistant Professor of Music, Lamont S. Snyder, Assistant Conductor And Percussionist = Lisa Fitz-Charles sings at the Christmas Concert ' ' ■■S r- ' A I ' r 1— Willie Granger — Lavi Crews — Vernon Miller II - Martin Dixon — Louis Bryant — Bradford Mattair James Gomez — Valerie Jones — Owen Christie — Anthony Gordon Rae Rouse Patricia Major Roxann Murray Nelson Austin — Demetrius Green James Glover — David Cravatt Calvin Robbin Vernon Quinn Vincent Jackson Lisa Fitz-Charles 1st Trumpet 2nd Trumpet 3rd Trumpet 4th Trumpet 1st Trombone 2nd Trombone Bass Tuba 3rd Trombone 1st Clarinet 2nd Clarinet 1st Alto Saxophone 2nd Alto Saxophone 1st Tenor Saxophone 2nd Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Baritone Horn Bass Tuba Percussion Percussion Percussion Percussion Vocal Patricia Major and Lamont Snyder present award to Rev. Cooper. THE AMBASSADOR CHORALE MR. ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS, DIRECTOR SOPRANOS TENORS CONTRALTOS BASSES Evelyn Brown Gregory Ashley Tracey Dunn Tony Broxton Ingrid Clay Michael Cobb Adeleane Haymon Carlton Davis Robin Cole George Fishburne Lisa Jefferson Anthony Green Shauntelle Douglas Trent Hawkins Olivia Manning Baron Hampton Audrey Francis Mark Jenkins Roxanne McMorris Stephen Jackson Monique Gibson Freddie Peterkin Alicia Shellman Charles Johnson Sherri Glover Willie Queen Deidre Thomas Ronald Parker Katricia Hill Joseph Simmons Joann Walker Derrick Robinson Angelia James Antonia Soto Toni Wilson Jerome Robinson Delia Jordan Kenneth Spencer Anthony Timmons Sherry Moore Darryl Washington Tywannia Moorer Luke Williams Evelyn Parker Gerald Hankerson Patricia Turner Margorie Douglas Mr. Roosevelt Williams The Florida Memorial College Ambassador Chorale, was organized 12 years ago, under the direction of Prof. Roosevelt Williams. The Chorale is made up of forty singers chosen by audition. It is composed of dedicated performers with a desire to sing and place great em- phasis on spiritually and culturally enlightening others. During the past twelve years, the Chorale has travelled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. It has become known as the group with a repertoire to fit any occasion. Some of the places visited by the FMC Ambassador Chorale: Nassau, Bahamas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Atlanta, Georgia Florida: Gainesville Marianna Tallahassee Tampa Orlando Reddick Melbourne Jacksonville Mr. Wayne Robinson, Accompanist THE GOSPEL CHOIR The Gospel Choir of Florida Memorial College devotes itself to the service of the college fam- ily by continuing to inspire in song the message of the Al- mighty. They have received tre- mendous recognition in the local and state communities for their excellent performances and ex- hibitions of " The Lion ' s Pride " . Valarie E. Roberts Sharon Simmons Stephanie Jackson Deborah Dawson Susie Chambers Etlin Modeste Daphney Hilton MEMBERS Khenita James Colleen Heard Gina Smith Valarie Howard Vanessa Chaney Tracy Davis Connie Moorer - president Pamela Kendricks Mario Johnson Angela Forbes Dwayne King Archie Young Lynette Brooks Kathi Vaughn — Director THE PRE-ALUMNI COUNCIL (L to R) Ian Darville, Tony Stevenson, " Roy " , Collen Fitz-Charles, Stephanie Young, Tyrone Armstrong, Karry Dickerson. The Pre-Alumni Council of Florida Memorial College, continued its enthusiastic endeavors through Academic Year ' 86- ' 87. They held sev- eral functions for the community and the col- lege family, such as: Scrooge, Alumni Day, With Alumni speaker Purcell Dixon. Members of the Council travelled to Atlanta to participate in the National Inter Alumni Pre- Alumni Council Conference. Attending were Colleen Fitz-Charles of the Bahamas, president and national chaplains Travis Tomenga of Or- lando, Vice-president and escort for our Miss UNCF contestant Rae Smith of Ft. Lauderdale-, Serge Jean of Miami, acting as business manag- er and Rufus Carroll of Birmingham. Members not pictured: Rufus Carroll, Dana Sey- mour, Betsy Hilary, Dawn Chambers, Carlton Da- vis, Rae Smith, Serge Jean. ALPHA ANGELS The purpose of the Alpha Angels Sweetheart Club is to support the young men who have attained the standing of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternal Brothers, Delta Psi Chapter, and to be of assistance to those who are aspiring to this standing. To the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Psi Chapter, we the Alpha Angels would like to say we love you all and we wish you all the blessings of God. (L. to R.) Bernadette Adams (Vice Pres.), Nathalie Allen, Arlesa Leverett, Lynda Shorter, Lisa Jefferson (Business Mgr.), Tywannia Moorer (Treasurer), Antoinette Portis Nat pictured: Joanne Walker (President), Roxanne Murry (Secretary), Robin Cole, Terri Ball, Astrid Jones, Arnetta Pryor, Cynthia Patterson, Lashawn Arbuckle, Sherrie Clo- ver, Ruth Ruiz, Connie Williams. SIGMA STARS The Sigma Stars are the Sweetheart Organization »f the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Beta Pi Chap- er. We stand for pride and unity among young Black i omen of today. The Sweethearts of Beta Pi assist he Brothers in academic, social and spiritual activi- ies — all for the benefit of the Black race. Spiritual ind Academic Excellence is our first priority. L. to R.) Latrece Walden, Priscilla Chappie, Selena Teems, retha McCullough, Marlynn Edwards, Tricia Sykes Jot pictured Pamela Hines, Adeleane Haymon, Anica Hills- Tan, Katrina Barnum PHI-ETTES The Phi-ettes are the Sweetheart Organization of Alpha Phi Omega and our purpose is to help our brothers provide service to the community and to various other organizations. We help campaign during the local mayoral elec- tions. We do service projects throughout the Cam- pus such as cleaning chalkboards and beautifying the Campus. During the home games of the Miami Dol- phins we volunteer services in the concession stands. - I (L. to R.) Carla Patrick, Sharon Harris, Diane Reid, Ursula Alexander, Tania Dyer, Camela Bouey, Allison McClendon, I Rebecca Jo nes 79 WT ? 1 £fl " . ■•■■ •.; ' • ' TJr p.:, CREEK STEP SHOW s 3$ - Miss Florida Memorial College Queen ' s Court Coronation Escorts And Queens Mr. And Miss Homecoming Homecoming Concert Campus Life SPECI Miss Florida Memorial College m Wilma L. Perrilliat 1986-8? (I to r) Eric Floyd, As t rid Jones (Miss Freshman), William Clarl (Mr. Homecoming), Toni Wilson (Miss Homecoming), Willi Junior), Brian Phillip, Stephanie Young (Miss Sophomore), C THE QUEENS COUDT ; N V Astrid Jones, Miss Freshman Patricia Musgrove, Miss Congeniality PT Audrey McKenzie, Miss Junior Stephanie Young, Miss Sophomore 84 Karen Croisdate, Miss Senior THE CORONATION OF MI S FMC 1986-87 The Coronation of Miss Wilma Perrilliat as the new Miss Florida Memorial College was held in the Gymnasium — redecorated as if by magic for the occasion. Dr. Willie C. Robinson, college President, and former Miss FMC Sherry Jones conferred the title on Miss Perrilliat in a splendid ceremony in which the new Queen was surrounded by her court. She was then whisked by helicopter to the Coronation Ball. Sherry Jones, Miss FMC 1985-86 Emcees Mrs. Patricia Warren and Dr. Elfred Pinkard The Grand Entrance with Egyptian-dressed Bearers The Crowning moment The two Miss FMC ' s embrace while President Robinson and the court look on The newly crowned Miss FMC « e Miss FMC and Queens enjoy themselves at Coronation Ball The Organization Queens that participated in Coronation The Queen ' s escorts posing in formal attire with cummerbunds to match their partners ' gowns HOMECOMING CELEBRATION, FEB 1-7, 1987 _ Hjj — nil Miss Homecoming, 1987- 88 Name: Shauntelle Douglas Major: Clinical Psychology Hometown: Orlando, FL Family: Mrs. Eula M. Nelson Goal: Obtain a Ph.D in psychology Mr. Homecoming, 1987-88 Name: Freddie Lee Peterkin Major: Aviation (ATC) Hometown: Pahokee, FL Family: Mrs. Bernice Peterkin Philosophy of Life: The Best is up to You Mr. and Miss Homecoming 1987-88 flanked by their counterparts of 1986-87, Mr. Casteldera Gant (left) and Miss Toni Wilson (right) Mr. Miss. Homecoming are honored at half time watching Homecoming game from their Thrones Former Miss FMC ' s from last decade were also recognized during the half-time festivities at Homecoming game HOMECOMING CONCERT ' 87 LaDonna and Sequins Students showed off their talents as the opening acts for the S.O.S. Band at the Homecoming Concert in the Gymnasium. The Smooth Boys with Sean Davis Gettin ' the spirit Shauntell Douglas and Freddie Peterkin (Mr. and Miss Homecoming ' 87) Lisa Fitz-Charles The S.O.S. Band rocks the house. ALUMNI CELEBRATE HOMECOMING ' 87 WITH THE WORLD FAMOUS CHI-UTES Under the leadership of newly elected President of National tion, congratulated by President Gwen Covington flanked b Award winners. It Was A Very Good Year Miss Black Florida ' 87, Patrice Smith ?$? The FMC Player ' s Guild Feels So Good! Members of the 7th Mask after performing " Cinderbella ' My team Nowhere to go The suspense is killing me Men ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Volleyball Baseball Cheerleaders Track Field Athletic Awards Banquet ATHLE MEN ' S BASKETBALL The Lions Varsity Basketball Team.- Standing (I. to r.) Richard Anderson, Dirk Tynes, Darrell Brown, Mark Thomas, Craig Nicholas, James Juluke, Freddy Battle, Michael Condon, William Hagan, Frank Cutler, Coach Alfred Parker) Front row: Vince Ashley, Karlton Johnson, Horace Kearse. Our 1986-87 basketball season ended with an 8-15 record. This year was considered in large part as a rebuilding process. During this period, we improved basic skills, gained confidence, improved offensive and defensive schemes and patterns. We are confident that the learning process has been effective, for the season 1987-88 will be our test year. Our team lost the services of Richard Anderson, 21 points a game, William Hagan our outstanding captain and leader and James Juluke our strong big man, all to graduation.. Returning, we will have Vince Ashley, Frederick Battle, Barrell Brown, Karlton Johnson, Michael London and Craig Nicholas. With this personnel we have the combination to propel Florida Memorial College to its rightful place in South Florida, in District 25 and in the basketball world. Coach Parker (r.) confers with Assistan Coach Rip O ' Conner. „ rises to the occasion to sm 1 Vince Ashley sets up the next play. Past h, a P ' es s 1977 YEARS 1987 ( SCHOOL RECORD: MENS BASKETBALL 1977-87 YEAR WON LOST AWARDS AND TROPHIES 1977-78 14 6 Tournament Second Place Conference Second Place 1978-79 12 II Tournament Champions Conference Champions 1979-80 II 7 Tournament Champions 1980-81 13 9 Fort Valley State Tournament Champions 1981-82 19 6 1982-83 18 4 1983-84 20 4 Tournament Champions Conference Champions 1984-85 II 9 1985-86 9 16 1986-87 8 15 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Above: FMC controls the opening tip Right: Faked! Lower right: Strategy Conference % THE 1986-87 LIONETTES Left to right: Alice Groom, Regina Os- good, Tamara Grant, Sonja Stephens, cap- tain, Deborah Riggins, Coach, Kenneth Mar- shall. Front row: Cheryl Hutchinson, Laverne Frederickson. Not pic- tured: Eric Snelling, trainer VOLLEYBALL Members of the FMC Volleyball Team with Coach Miguel Rubio (I to R) Annette Lewis, Danita Ferguson, Sanya Jenkins, Lisa Gordon, Jeannette Turner (Right): Let the Games Begin! Below: Coach Rubio pensively observes the proceedings. BASEBALL (Front Row, L to R) Willie Gillyard, Allen Mosley, Rudie Nesbitt, William McCormick, Darryl Cone (Back Row, L to R) Ricky Bush, Tommie Jones, John Craft, Juan Flowers, Rodney Dailey, James, Wilborn, Randall •ridge, not pictured: Coach Robert Smith - A ii.. " J Practice makes perfect Good defense helps too ss Will he steal? . . Back in the ni Shearlyn Thomas Tabatha Felts The FMC Pep Club Guylene Kraft THE FMC CHEERLEADERS The 1986-87 cheering squad developed into 3 different components following the same ideal? " To Maintain The Excitement, The Enjoyment and The Spirit of the Game. " 1. Cheerleaders 2. Pep Club 3. Pom Pom Squad Crista Jackson Irish Osborne The FMC Pom Pom Squad Samantha Felts TRACK AND FIELD (I to r) Coach Bennie Tall, Richard Ross, Fred Wilson, Darnell Anderson, Meshach Derico, Fernando Massey Not pictured: Rodrick Allen, Patrick Beverly, Tyrell Beresford, Leonard Bell, Ricky Brown, Johnnie Cooper, Marco Collin, Ben Field, Mario FitzCharles, Troy Garner, Wilbert Johnson, Rohn Moody, Kelvin Monroe, Fitz Pierre- Louis, Darnell Sheffield, Billy Thomas. AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR AD. tlijetic IBepartmeitt Horid. Memorial College ™? W Jg£££££ ' providing exciting competition along with the qua! J Basketball of student athletes. The successes o Men. « teams in conjunction with the t«andmg wackan a team highlighted this year ' s " cing in thT NAIA District finals, and r nSM ' X st rican in the sport of Track and social events as well. Part.c.pation , .. en hu.a.t e ■ " d c g reflecting the diverse background and .me re « so t r a ,: s, Sg rdV,n our progressing athletic and recreational department. Dr. Earl H. Duval, Jr. Athletic Director William McCormick first recipient of the A. Chester Robinson Award for Academic and Athletic ability Coaching Appreciation Award presented to Roscoe Warren, outgoing JV Basketball Coach (above) Glynnis Hudson, Miss Cheerleader ' 86- ' 87 (below) Most Improved Players: Vince Ashley and Darnell Brown Wilbert D. Johnson, FMC ' s first All- American athlete, with Track S Field trophy 5 P O R T $ A W A R D S B A N Q U E T Track and Field Coach Bennie Tall Left to right- William Hagan, Most Outstanding Player in Basketball William Gilliard, Most Outstanding Player in Baseballs Richard Anderson, Most Valuable Player in Basketball; William McCormick Most Valuable Player in Baseball Joe Addison, Student Intramural Director and Dr. Duval inspect Intramural Sports trophies Left to right.- Tracey McFarley, Women ' s Basketball Captain and Most Valuable Player; Warnell " Pam " Green, Most Outstanding Player in Women ' s Basketball-, Irish Osborne, Most Improved Cheerleader FMC Junior Cheerleaders Guylene Kraft and Crista Jackson ADMINISTRATION ifllifS SPECIAL RECOGNITION 1987 YEARS TEN-YEAR ACHIEVERS MEMBERS OF THE COLLEGE FAMILY WITH TEN YEARS OR MORE OF SERVICE BANQUET CELEBDATING A DECADE OE EXCELLENCE President and Mrs. Robinson with 16- 20 year honorees: left to right, seated, Mrs. Daisy Collins (19), Dr. Jesse Silverglate (17), Mrs. Marilyn Ross (16), Mrs. Sarah Hoo (16), and, standing, the Rev. Dr. Lester T. Whitelocke (21) Honorees with 11-15 years of service: left to right, seated, Ms. Annie Henderson (15), Ms. Sandra Thompson (13), Mr. Alfred Parker (12), Dr. Helen Bergovoy (II), standing, Mrs. Kathleen White (14), Mrs. Bernice Anderson (12), Mr. Roosevelt Williams (12), Dr. Elmo Sparks (12), Dr. Richard Eldridge (II), Dr. Paul Wesolowski (13). TEN YEAR ACHIEVERS AS OF 1987 MRS. ROSEMARY L LEWIS DR. WILLIE C. ROBINSON MRS. PATRICIA WARREN THE PRESIDENTS CABINET THE VICE PRESIDENTS OF FMC DR. C.T. WRIGHT Vice-President For Academic Affairs MR. K.V. RAO Vice President For Business And Fiscal Affairs MRS. BARBARA EDWARDS Vice President For Development DR. WILLIE C. ROBINSON, PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT STAFF Ms. Pearlena Jackson Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Ms. Rose Porto Executive Assistant to the College President Mrs. Carla King- Crockett Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty Ms. Brenda Larondos Receptionist and Central Switchboard Operator Ms. Cheryl Jackson Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Development Mr. Robert Branch Director of Institutional Research i Mrs. Nadine Drew Mrs. Verna Director of Robinson Public Director of Affairs Alumni Affairs f OUR DEANS 1 I DR. THOMAS J. CRAFT, SR. Dean of the Faculty MRS. ROSEMARY L. LEWIS Dean of Students MRS. ERMA WILLIAMS Associate Dean of Students The 1986-87 Teachers Of The Year The winners share the moment as S.G.A. President Dwan Vine looks on. The co-winners of the 1 986-87 Teacher Of The Year award are Mrs. Dora W. Wright, Associate Professor of General Studies, and Dr. Earl H. Duval. Jr.. Athletic D irector and Assistant Professor of Education. For Mrs. Wright this is a recognition of more than her extraordinary work this past year alone; her dedication, enthus. ; =jsm and many contributions to FMC over the years (including individually producing one volume of The Arch) are legend. For Dr. Duval this award is equally remarkable because it comes to him. by contrast, after only his first year as a member of the College Family — a shining testimony to the mark his presence has made on Campus. Congratulations to these exemplary educators and best wishes for many more years of continued success and inspiration! THE FACULTY OF FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE DIVISION OF AIRWAY AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 5oing up! The William Lehman Aviation Science 3uilding rises to the occasion for opening in 1988. rhe structure at the extreme right is the stairway eading to the Air Traffic Control Tower, which will provide students the opportunity to learn highly valuable skills with worldwide application. This newest Academic Division at FMC heralds a new era for the College, not only by providing facilities for twenty-first century education, but also by helping to realize the full potential of our fortuitous location adjacent to Opa-Locka Airport. f- Dr. Edward O ' Connor Division Chairperson Mr. Ned M. Arbogast Associate Professor of Computer Science Ms. Marie Alexandre Divison Secretary DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Mr. Oscar DeShields Ms. Renee Forbes Dr. Tosporn Chotigeat, Chairperson Not pictured: Mr. Armando Pomar " He who is behind in the race, if he continues to run at the same pace, will continue to be behind In order to catch the leaders, and win the race, he must run faster than they . . . — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. DIVISION OF EDUCATION AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dr. Samuel E. Lindsay DIVISION OF GENERAL STUDIES Mrs. Sarah Hoo Dr. Barbara Lindsay m M ' Mr. Daniel Kear Ms. Joan Tillman Mrs. Norvick Meyers Secretary DIVISION OF HUMANITIES Dr. Sanford Smoller Dr. Rosalyn M. Blake- Jones Chairperson i Mr. Alvin Pondexter Rev. Phillip Cooper Rev. Dr. Lester T. Whitelocke Ms. Yanick Verdier Mrs. Patrick Warren Ms. Kimberly Williams DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES Dr. William E. Hopper, Jr.. Chairperson Ms. Angel Stanford Dr. H.K. Chaudhari Dr. Telahun Desalegne Rl V Mr. Seyed M. Emami - i Mr. Jeffrey E. Neal Dr. Freny Raja Mrs. Arthense Lee, Secretary DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Clyde House ) Mrs. Mary Grace Rogers Dr. Elfred Pinkard, Chairperson Mrs. Sandra Thompson, Fellowship Award Winner Ms. Mariell White, secretary (not pictured): Dr. Jesse Silverglate Dr. Louis Johnson LIBRARY Dr. Laban C. Conner, Head Librarian Mrs. Gloria Osborne CRACK A BOOK OPtN ImmuuiB B i n fiE! flS 1 Readin 9 fnates you ■ Uj jB . si and out Inatfona | ihdc Ms. Sadie Reyes Mr. Gary Taylor Ms. Pauline Willis CONTINUING EDUCATION Dr. Robert Grant, Director Continuing Education vC! Mr. Jeffrey Neal Mr. Earl Rich (far left) Ms. Barbara Harris Secretary, Evening and Weekend Prograr (left) Ms. Mildred Slocum Secretary, Continuing Education HIALEAH SOUTH CAMPUS Clockwise from top left: Mrs. Maria Valcore, Coordinator) Mr. Ward Bradfordt Mr. Luis Vazquez; Ms. Grace Nebb t Mr. Alexander Muina i v BELLE GLADE CAMPUS in Mr. Calvin Darville FACI Mrs. Patricia Carter Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Ms. Deborah Clayton-Taylor Financial Aid Officer Dr. Earl H. Duval, Jr. Director of Athletics Mrs. Annie C. Henderson Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mrs. Peggy Kelly Director of Admissions Mrs. Rosemary Lewis Dean of Students The Family Christian Association Black Achievers Plaque " Commendation " from the City of Opa-Locka Appreciation Certificate from President Willie C. Robinson on behalf of the Florida Memorial College Family Plaque of Appreciation from the Senior Class Plaque of Appreciation from the Student Government Association Plaque of Appreciation from President Willie C. Robinson on behalf of the Florida Memorial College Family for dedicating 15 years of her professional career to higher education at the College Avt ard of Appreciation from the Michigan Club Plaque of Appreciation for 10 years of outstanding service and commitment to Florida Memorial College. Mrs. Verna Robinson Director of Alumni Affairs Plaque of Appreciation from the Fort Lauderdale Chapter Mrs. Patricia Warren Associate Professor of Speech and Drama Marc-Arthur Jean Louis Director of Student Activities Plaque of Appreciation for 10 years of outstanding service and commitment to Florida Memorial College Plaque of Appreciation from the SIG-A RELIGIOUS CENTER v ■:{$ Jj Rev. Johnny D. Turner, Campus Minister The Susie C. Holly Religious Center completed in 1983 (See page 12). The bell on the tower is from the old St. Augustine Campus. Ms. Sharon Storer, Secretary SPIRITUAL NUCLEUS OF THE CAMPUS In addition to housing the Campus Minister ' s Office and being a house of worship the Religious Center has also hosted a number of major Assemblies with nationally reowned speakers. The Wall of Faith inside the Center honors principal contributors to the College, past and present. CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE Dr. Benjamin B. Cowins. Sr., Director Ms. Selender Gamble Administrative Assistant A SUCCESSFUL TRACK RECORD In September 1980 Florida Memorial College established the Center for Community Change. The Center is a social problem-solving Division estab- lished to support and develop programs designed to have positive impact on the quality of life in the South Florida Community. The Center has successfully planned, developed and implemented the following programs: • Miami Police Department: Police Community Human Relations Training Program. Through a contract with the Miami Police Department, the Center has conducted sixteen 40 hour State certified Police Community Human Relations Workshops that included 304 Police Officers. The Center will train more than 1,100 police officers over a three year period. • Word Processing Specialist Training Program Word processing skills training is offered free of charge to low income residents, through funding by the South Florida Employment and Training Consortium, in order to place participants in entry level word processing positions. To date the program has trained and graduated two classes with a 70% employment rate. • Center of Excellence This program is funded by the Mcknight Programs in Higher Education in Florida and helps Black youths to reach their full potential by providing innovative programs designed to raise their expectations and increase the number of Black youths who go to college. • Entrepreneurial Institude The Institute, funded by Metro Dade County, has provided business and technical assistance to improve the short-and long-term prospects for Dade County ' s minority entrepreneurs. This program is in conjunction with five other institutions of higher education in Dale County. • Metro Dade Transit Agency Training Program This program trains Bus and Rail managerial staff for greater effectiveness in supervisory positions. h Wi . Una Hogg«. Coordinator program (not pictured) Mrs. Loreen Champion, Administrative Assistant Coord ' naror of C °TjfTl| Un " " ' °Sr ams Dr. Heather Johnson and Amb. Charles James University-wide reception for Delegates Dr. Melvin Gadsden of Winston-Salem State Univ. with Dr. Ben Cowins and Dr. C.T. Wright Dr. Thomas Kee, Shawn Univ. l f;[iM!iff .i..iiiui;N[Ar iiiitmmn SOUTH AFRICAN PROJECT G% American tUlack (UulUue (Uiinourtium Cooperating with THE AFRICAN TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA 15800 N.W. 42nd Avenue Miami, Honda .11054 (305)625 4141 In February, 1986 a delegation of Black educational leaders, including twelve presidents and chancellors of historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU ' s), participated in an educational fact-finding mission to South Africa. They had opportunities to study and observe the fragmented educational systems in that country, thus obtaining a deeper understanding of the manner in which the Apartheid system denies basic individual rights to over 80%of the population. The educators searched for ways to assist in alleviating some of the educational inequities for Blacks. This desire led to the formation of the American Black College Consortium consisting of the following institutions: Florida Memorial College, Miami, FL, Lead Institution Shaw University, Raleigh, NC Livingstone College, Salisbury NC Paul Quinn College, Waco, TX Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC On the " ... The goals of education for Blacks (under the Apartheid system) can be summarized as seeking to train them for continued servitude to whites ... " Left: Delegate Ronald Mahkubu Right: Dr. Rose T. Watson, Deputy Director Planner If SOUTH AFRICAN PROJECT 1T T1J ,, 1 ,Mli i _y III ' III 1 1 1 1 I II H — ' Sir H.H. Dlamlenze, Secretary General, the children Hr r 3»a««Sr African Teachers Assn. of South Afri- havelTfuluFe ' " BfB " ' Er rrEltlTI c ' a (ATASA) iin of hape Ms. Tembe Rodebe, Administrative Assistant, ATASA Mr. Phillip Mehlape, Assistant Secre- tary, ATASA Ms. Malika Jan Hall, Administrative Assistant, South Africa Project Page from The Sunday Star (Johannesburg), August 2, 1987 " ... Classrooms are generally overcrowded with class sizes ranging from 90 150 students per teacher. Yet no child is ever turned away regardless of age or grade ... " Ambassador Charles James Director, South African Project OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Through These Portals Mrs. Peggy Murray Kelly Director of Admissions Ms. Cheryl Lacey Administrative Assistant Mr. Walter H. Peterson, Jr. College Recruiter OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR At right, Ms. Isis Bermudez, Associate Registrar, displays award for Distinguished Service from the Class of 1987. The entire Registrar ' s Office was so honored, as well as Ms. Bermudez and Ms. Handsford (below) individually. Right. Ms. Lottie T. McMillan Acting Registrar Far right: Mr. Al Harris assisting a student Mr. Ronald Estroff Acting Registrar Left to right: Ms. Irene Handsford Assistant to the Registrar Ms. Ernestine Griffin Computer Analyst Ms. Lelia M. Efford Computer Analyst OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID Mr. Roscoe Warren Director of Financial Aid Ms. Gladys Gonzales Financial Aid Officer Mrs. Hyacinth Miller Secretary Ms. Martha Washington Financial Aid Officer Ms. Lillie Q. Odom Administrative Assistant Ms. Mavilyn Jackson Secretary Not pictured: Mr. Marc-Arthur E. Jean Louis, Financial Aid Officer OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Mrs. Ella Grant Director of Student Activities Mrs. Ina Roper- Gillings Director of Student Placement Ms. Deborah Clayton- Taylor Office Manager Ms. Roberta Habersham Administrative Assistant to the Dean 129 BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. James C. McMillan, Director of Business Affairs and Controller Not pictured: Ms. Daisy Collins, Accounts Receivable Manager Ms. Deborah Jones, Accounts Payable Manager Ms. Sonia Mason, Administrative Assistant Ms. Karlene Brown Administrative Assistant Mr. Alfred Taylor Budget Director Ms. Delores Peart Data Entry Clerk Ms. Archie Mobley Bursar and Head Cashier Mr. Rubin Zuza Accountant Ms. Rosetta Williams Cashier COMPUTER CENTER Ms. Sylvia Dozier, Data Entry Clerk with Ms. Julie Williams, Programmer rjf. Mr. Alfred Boyd Data Processing Manager DORMITORY PERSONNEL Ms. Darryl K. Davie Ms. Sherri M. Jones Rev. Jacob Berry, Chaplain Ms. Ida Wilkes l Hffte ' -il Ms. Doris Cooper COLLEGE NURSES Ms. Brenda Anderson, R.N. Service with a smile! BOOKSTORE Ms. Daisy McDowell, Bookstore Manager POST OFFICE Ms. Urith McKenzie, Postmistress T, Wi SNACK BAR Ms. Brenda Sherry and Ms. Carrie Saint-Lot, Manager Cafeteria Mr. Rufus Hogan )irector of Food Services Ms. Ruby Grant and Ms. Dietrick Sweet CAN Ms. Laura Scott and Ms. Minnie Williams Left to right: Ms. Helen Sweeting, Mr. Stanley Grant, Ms. Audrey Thomas, Ms. Valerie Green Mr. Danzel Gordon Chef De Cuisine Ms. Lisa Jefferson and Ms. Tracy Williams Mr. Stanley Grant, Mr. Ronald Amos and Food Ser- vices Director Mr. James Wilson MAINTENANCE 1 i Left: Mr. James Randall Director of Maintenance Below left.- Mr. Grady Dixon Assistant Director Below : Ms. Kathy Swain Secretary b t fv ■NT The FMC Maintenance crew: left to right, front row.- Ms. Clela Niclas, Mr. Ronald Barrett, Mr. Jean Souffrant, Mr. Edward Muldrow, Mr. Yves Lavistoire, Mr. Reginald Bloom, Mr. Pierre Carpenter; back row.- Mr. Gus Sanders, Mr. Bill Wiggins, Mr. Vincent Beasly, Mr. Theodore Andrew SECURITY I I Mr. Johnny Jackson Chief of Security wmmm Mr. Marvin White Mr. Leo McBride Mr. Lester Davis Mrs. Sarah Rice First V.P. Women The Domation Day Committee (left to right): Ms. Patricia Carter, Ms. Cheryl Jackson, Ms. Brenda Hudson, Ms. Lillie Odom, Ms. Dora Wright and Ms. Mavilyn Jackson. NOVEMBER 25, 1986 FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE Annual Donation Day Celebration 1986 ' THEME: Through Faith and Daermiwn Dreams Can Become .i fWitv Kovember 25, J9S6 Keynote Speaker.- Rev. Dr. Henry Lyons, Pres. Florida General Baptist Convention Donation Day, first known as " Love Gift Day, " started when Mrs. Susie C. Holley, then wife of the president of Florida Memorial College, and a small group of women belonging to the First Bethlehem and First Central Associations, sensed a need to aid the College at Live Oak, Florida. The women of these two associ- ations came up with the idea of soliciting specific small items that were necessary to the operation of the College ■ canned goods, mops, brooms, clothing and even fattened hogs, enabling the College to use the monies available for specific mo- netary needs. Goods were donated in such abundance that they were shared with needy families that lived in the area of the College. The tradition of Donation Day has continued for 31 years on each Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Donation Day is indeed a time of thanksgiving! Daphne Hilton (above) and other student volunteers help guest to feel at home THE ACADEMIC Ultimately, academic achieve- Banquet is an extra special high- ment is what an institution of light of the year, being the occa- higher learning is all about. For this sion for recognizing excellence in reason the Annual S.G.A. Awards academic performance, by both students and faculty. This year ' s presentation even included an award for " Valor in the Academic Arena " , presented to Profess Dora W. Wright and Patricia Carter by Humanities Divisi Chairperson Dr. Rosalyn M Blal Jones (opposite page, top), as w as the Teacher Of The Year awa (see page 112). Jacqueline Swanson receives Consistently Superior Week in English award from Dr. Smoller. Prof. Patricia Warren presents 1 plaque to Terrence Oliver. ff ■ ' Htw r i » m j i ] W •» 4BM 1 .... n 4Hl r llllii V ■i o h L v 1 1 LI J Professors Ogletree (Social Sciences), Lig (General Studies) and Hopper (Natural Sciences and Mathematics) display their plaques. AWARDS 1986-S7 SPECIAL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS REDDICK BRATCHE yANCE COMPANY r. Freddick Bratcher (above, center) brought his ighly accomplished troupe of dancers to FMC for a lagnificent performance, exploring the frontiers of -tistic movement and showing why the Company ' s recognition is steadily growing. The Latin jazz group Suave, true its name, brought mellow sounds and original compositions to the Campus for a refreshing change o( pace. Senegal! In March a special program featured the west African nation of Senegal, home to the foreparents of many of us and geographically the closet part of the African continent to us. Mr. Robert Fessler, a former Peace corps volunteer who has lived extensively in Senegal and currently teaches in the Dade County Public Schools, presented an informative slide lecture on urban and rural life in Senegal. He was followed by internationally recognized Senegalese master musician and composer Mor 1 hiam (pronounced cham) who combined lively entertainment with an educational introduction to African music. The program was further highlighted by a rich display of original Senegalese art and crafts and the added fun of door prizes distributed by Prof. Patricia Carter to the audience which included students from Jan Mann Opportunity School. This Assembly is expected to be the first of a series featuring other nations and cultures. slides of Senegal. He also dis- played original artwork by Senega- lese artist Ousmane Sou (fore- ground) and the rhythm rocks the house Mr. Thiam and Prof. Gene Tinnie, who organized the program, display formal wear, Senegalese style. • sga p R£s £N THE HON. MARTIN LUTHER KING III Recently elected Congressman from t State of Georgia rs Marty King HI, son of the late Dr. Martin uuther King, Jr., continues to ' be about his father ' s work as he brought the message of commitment to non-violent social change and meaningful use of the political process to the Campus. His appearance, sponsored by the Student Government Association, s the highlight of Black Heritage Mon ' b Mck item woiisr 5 ■«;-. s: : cH ' - Pel INETTE ARROLL lywright, actress, choreographer sinesswoman, teacher, mentor and all- ound theatrical genius Vinnette Carroll ared valuable insights with the College mily. Her latest challenge is the tablishment of a Repertoty Company ii oward County SUSAN TAYLOR Editor-in-Chief of ESSENCE Magazine Career Days provide s ents an opportunity to leet with representatives »f corporations, non-pro rganizations, governme igencies and graduate and law schools. Several stu- dents were actually hired subsequent to their inter- with Pan Am. (top right) and Keith White with IBM (above) provided vital assistance. B.E.E.P. ASSEMBLY BLACK EXECUTIVES EXCHANGE PROGRAM Left: George L. Miles, Exec- utive Vice President and COO, WNET Channel 13 in New York, was Assembly Speaker. Right: B.E.E.P. Ex- ecutive Director, Mrs. Re- nee DuJean. ART EXHIBIT VOYEUR ' , A RETROSPECTIVE SHOWING OF WORKS BY SENIOR TERRENCE OLIVER LIGHTS UP THE FINE ARTS BUILDING g ' ate Academic AH-American (see page m) ' " " named Co,,e - V t R = AN EXHIBIT THAT INVITES INVOLVEMENT ■ ouches to the Exhibit uke any truly Stents add £ the critic. eye of react , nsl as they sign the Prof. Pondexter. stimulating art e xhibit, " Voyeur " got la lions of ALLEGE FLO « " AM EMOR AL( P e m , Co ' OLLEGE " ' Concert PARTING SHOTS 4- i- , 1 I ?ss » - ' l 1 -.a m 3 aX- Hi K . 155 « aa .t j lmm FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE NOW ENDS ITS BROADCAST DAY. OUR TRANS- MITTER OF ACADEMIC AND SPIRITUAL EXCELLENCE LOCATED IN MIAMI, FLORI- DA, WILL RESUME ITS MISSION WITH THE BEGINNING OF A NEW SCHOOL YEAR. UNTIL THEN, WE WISH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU A GOOD EVENING, GODSPEED AND A FUTURE OF HEALTH HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY. AND NOW OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM: Lift Every Voice and Sing Lift every voice arid sing ' Til earth and heaven ring Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise High as the listening skies, Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; Facing the rising sun of our new day begun, Let us march on ' til victor) ' is won. God of our weary years, God of our silent tears, Thou who has brought us thus far on the way; Thou who has by Thy might, Let us into the light, Keep us forever in the path, we pray. Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thei Shadowed beneath Thy ha? id, May we forever stand, 160 True to our God, True to our Native land. R C H 1 9 8 8 VOL. 32, PART II Special Issue 19 8 8 VOLUME 3 2, PART II DA ARCH MEMORIAL COLLEGE, MIAMI, FL MISS FMC 1987-88 £ LLEEN FITZ-CHARLES to r.: Escorts William Clark, Edward McCIain, Deen Bonier Simone Fitz-Charles and Gregory Douglas ario Johnsor Back row, Escorts Padraic Hubbard and Gabriel Styles Miss FMC with Escort Antonio Tullock Patnce Smith Zefonic Dobynes, Miss Freshman Emcees Simone, Mario and Lisa Fitz-Charles THE CORONATION OF MISS FMC is an annual highlight that brings out the best and most beautiful in the Florida Memorial College Family. Al- ways a spectacular display of ele- gance and creativity, with some thirty- three Queens resplendent in evening gowns and escorts sharply decked out in 1 touch of class to the Campus that lasts throughout the year. Miss FMC is featured in Ebony magazine ' s annual Campus Queens issue. Congratula- tions to her and her Royal Court. Sherrie Moore, Miss Congeniality Alicia Lemon The Crown Bearers Elizabeth Regina Wallace, Miss Junior Patricia Svkes ion Chairperson Adelaeane Haymon, Miss Sopho- The PMC Gospel Choir Brian Phillip and Maria Applewaite Dawn Millings, Miss Senior Organization Queens ' Escorts (continued on page 55) M mkm0 1 l :j f m y8 t i¥amec(wtui ' %% 0 q nft of 1988. 87 as M ss 1 1 rinQ me w CORONATION or MR. MISS HOMECOMING to right: Freddie Peterkin, Mr. Homecoming, ' 87; Adeleine Haymon, Miss Sopho- :; ARCHIE YOUNG, MR. HOMECOMING 88; SABRINA GREENE, MISS HOMECOM- ; Colleen FitzCharles, Miss FMC; Zefonic Dobynes, Miss Freshman; April Nich- ident of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Shauntelle Douglas, Miss Homecoming, ' 87 ibeth Wallace, Miss Junior GAME The Intramural Champs (above) faced a spirited Alumni Team. Joe Carter, oldest alumnus at th was highest scoring football pi U.S. in 1946. MAIN EVENT! MOMECOMiriG continued on page 60 SPECIAL THANKS TO AimEUSERBUSCH CORPORATIOH SPONSORS OF HOMECOMING 88 Above: King Cobra Representatives Bud Copeland (Silver Eagle Brands) Al Copeland (Anheuser-Busch), Cindy Alvarez (Miss King Cobra) and Art Thornton with students Alfonso L. Hankerson (center) and Steven C. Carr (right). DEDIC MR. ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MUSIC Mr. Roosevelt Williams, a native of Tallahassee who grew up in St. Petersburg, was a graduate of Bethune-Cookman College and also earned a master ' s degree in music from the University of South Florida while teaching music in the Brevard County Schools. In addition, he studied opera, voice and conducting at Florida A M University. In 1975, Mr. Williams joined the faculty at Florida Memorial College, where he became associate profes- sor of music and chairman of the Music Department, teaching voice, theory, composition and the entire spectrum of course work that leads to the bachelor ' s degree in the subject. In 1976 he organized the aptly named Ambassador Chorale which has brilliantly repre- sented the College in hundreds of locations throughout the United States and abroad, winning wide acclaim for him as a superlative choir director. The Chorale ' s audience was expanded even further under his direction, with the recording of the Howard Thurman Memorial Album ' ' (see The Arch, 1987, page 12). In 1986 Mr. Williams was nominated and voted Teacher of the Year by the FMC student body and in 1987 he was honored in a nationwide salute to faculty by the American Association for Higher Education and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Change for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate educational leader- ship on campus and beyond. On riovember 20, 1987, at the age of 53, Mr. Williams passed away at Parkway Regional Medical Center in Miami, ending his battle with cancer. The outstanding talent, warmth, leadership and commitment to excellence which he brought to Florida Memorial will be soreiy missed. BY THEIR EXAMPLE WE ARE EriLlGttTEftED , TION MR. JOHNNY LOUIS JACKSON CHIEF OF SECURITY Born in Baxley, Georgia, Mr. Johnny Jackson pursued higher education at Florida Junior College, Jacksonville and at St. Augustine Institute. As a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, he served six years of active duty during the Viet nam era, earning an honorable discharge in 1974. He also served as a deputy sheriff in Green Cove Springs, FL and with the campus police at University of Florida, Jacksonville before becoming a Florida State Trooper in 1980. In 1985 he joined the Florida Memorial College Family as Chief of Security, a post he held with exemplary skill and competence. On Friday January 15, 1988, the birthday of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, a heart attack claimed the life of Chief Jackson at the age of 39. , MR. JOHN WILLIE THOMAS, JR, CLASS OF 1991 A native of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Thomas had only recently joined the College Family in the Fall semester of 1987 as a freshman and a promising Pre-Law student when he succumbed to a congenital heart condition in October. Despite the short length of time that we were blessed to have known him he had already made numerous friends and had begun to demonstrate his academic potential. All who knew him were touched by him and carry his memory forward. His spirit remains a permanent part of the Florida Memorial College Campus. VE ARE INSPIRED, WE ARE CHALLENGED. PRESENTING... THE CLASS OF 1988 .mm P i Bssn HP QhhHP H { y5 S ■ gSwVf jl | £8iif iili ■ HI Hflfc Stepping lively, the graduates of 1988, some wearing honor cords to denote academic excellence, make their way to the Religious Center for the Baccalaureate Services. C CALA UREA TE SERVICES tor the One Hundred VlntbYtarof norm Memorial College 5 ' " : ( «» Baccalaureate Services 1 III ilium ■ Mis i ' k t Ki lii;i ins Center H Commencement Exercises 1 2:. it) pill Above: Dr. Elmo Sparks leads the procession Baccalaureate Sen ices Prelude Charles Junes, Visiting Professor of English udience is requested to -.land during theproi essional Processional God of Our lathers " George W. Warren Hymn ill, , it 1 ; , . Audience Selection Florida Memorial College Ambassador Chorale Wayne Robinson, Acting Conductor ■Alleluia Amen " . Hach Introduction of Speaker Dr.C.T Wright Vice President for Academic Affair ' . The Baccalaureate Sermon The Reverend Hilly Raskin Pastor, eu Way fellowship Baptist Church Miami. Florida Selections Honda Memorial College Ambassador Chorale . Excellent " Arr Wayne Robinson . folce I nlo the Lord J " A Scarlatti i. ■ President lot Deielopmenl lienedu lion ; . t Billy Baskln ., ■ th ■ ■ e ■ sternal R tonal ti and Cm i. The procession, in full academic regalia, enters the Religious Center 9 8 8 The Reverend Billy Baskin is pastor of Mew Way Fellowship Baptist Church in Miami, Florida and third vice-moderator of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association. He is an alumnus of Flori- da Memorial College, having received his Bachelor ' s degree in religion from this institution before pursuing his Master ' s and doctorate degrees. Rev. Baskin is recognized throughout Miami and the state of Florida for his outstanding community and church leadership. He has been twice honored by FMC as a supportive alumnus and an outstanding citizen and humanitarian, receiving the College ' s highest service award, the Mathan W. Collier Meritorious Award and induction into the College ' s " Fountain of Excellence ' . BACCALAUREATE SPEAKER THE REVEREND BILLY BASKM 185 O M Commencement Celebration 1988 For the One Hundred Ninth Year of Florida Memorial College 8I7 ' Commencement Exercises Willie C. Robinson, President Charles Jones, Visiting Professor of English The audience is requested to stand during the processtonal. Processional " War March of the Priests ' ' .. . Mendelssohn Scripture Shellie Brady, Senior Class Vice President Invocation The Reverend Johnny D. Turner, College Minister Welcome Dr Heather O. Johnson, Acting Dean of Faculty Selections Florida Memorial College Ambassador Chorale Wayne Robinson, Acting Conductor -Every Time I Feel The Spirit " ...Art. Shaw Parker ' ■■Little Innocent Lamb " .. . Bartholomew Introduction of Speaker R. Ray Goode Chairman, Executive Committee Board of Trustees Commencement Address John Richard Munro Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Time lnc Selection Florida Memorial College Band The Reverend Phillip H. Cooper, Conductor " King of Love " Roger Strader Recognitions Barbara Edwards, Vice President for Development Selection Ambassador Chorale " You Better Mind " ...An. Jester Hairston Presentation of Candidate For Honorary Degree ne Honorable Judge Wilkie D Ferguson Chairman, Board of Trustees Conferring of Honorary Degree President Robinson Presentation of Candidates for Degrees Dr.CT Wright Vice President for Academic Affairs Conferring of Degrees President Robinson Charge to the Candidates President Robinson Presentation of Awards Mrs. Celestine F.Dixon, Presenter Member, Board of Trustees The Sarah A. Blocker Meritorious Service Award Reginajollivette Frazier, Recipient Distinguished Alumni Award Presenter The Reverend Billy Baskin, Recipient President Robinson, Presenter Presidential Award of Excellence Sidney Miller, Jr., Recipient induction of Graduates into Alumni Association Ericjones President, National Alumni Association Response Pamela Johnson, Senior Class President Alma Mater Audience Benediction The Reverend Dr. Lester T Whitelocke Howard Thurman Professor of Religion The audience is requested to stand during the recessional Recessional " Pomp and Circumstance " .. E. Elgar B R Right: Commencement Keynote Speaker, Mr. John Rich- ard Munro (left). Chairman and CEO of Time, Inc., com- pares notes with Judge Wilkie D. Ferguson, Chairman of the FMC Board of Trustees. Mr. Munro is a native of Syracuse, MY who grew up in West Palm Beach, FL, attended college at Colgate University and Teachers College, Columbia University, and served with the U.S. Marine Corps in Korea, where he was three times decorated with the Purple Heart. His association with Time, Inc. began in 1957, when he joined Time Magazine as a staff member in the Circulation Department. He progressed steadily upwards, working on several of the company ' s publications, to become a vice president in 1971. In 1978 he joined the Board of Directors and in 1980 became president and CEO. In September, 1986 he was elected Chairman of the Board. Mr. Munro also serves on the Boards of Directors of sever- al colleges, the United negro College Fund and such ma- jor corporations as IBM and Rand, in addition to being an active member and leader of numerous civic and philan- trophic organizations. Mr. Munro was awarded the honor- ary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters of FMC. Left: Chatting with President Robinson is Mr. Sidney Miller, Jr., publisher of Black Radio Exclusive Maga- zine and the first recipient of FMC ' s Presidential Award for Excellence, for being one of the most prominent figures in the vocal music industry to pro- mote the significant contributions of Black artists, Black music and Black radio to the contemporary music business. Mr. Miller ' s career took him from his native Pensaco- la to pre-med studies at Florida A M and then to Capitol Records where he climbed the ladder of suc- cess to become the first African-American to oversee the national promotion of R B, pop and country western for any major label. He later established his own business and devised the national marketing promotion campaign for the hit motion picture and soundtrack, " Car Wash " . His publishing venture, Black Radio Exclusive, is now entering its twelfth year. Also honored were REV. BILLY BASKIPi and MRS. REGIPiA JOLIVETTE FRAZIER, national President of The Links, Inc. and Director of Pharmacy at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics. The Commencement Exercises saw one hun- dred thirty-four candidates earn Bachelors De- grees in the Divisions of Airway Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. To the words of wisdom, words of guidance and words of prayer that send them on their way, we add a hearty Dr. Willie C. Robinson presides. Left: Setting the tone, Mr. Charles Jones, Visiting Professor of English, demonstrates another talent as he plays the Prelude and Processional. Above: The renowned Florida Memorial College Ambassador Chorale BRA O N Recognitions by Mrs. Barbara Edwards, Vice President for Development ZgSZSSS. SP6aker J ° h " Rich -« Munro delivers Senior Class President Pamela Johnson addresses the gathering. The FMC Concert Jazz Band pauses between selections. H E Saleh Al-Haddad B.S., Management Marzoug Al-Haidar B.S., Management Fahad Al-Odwani B.S., Aviation Flight Management Visna Armbrister B.S., Visna Management Antuanette Bellamy B.S., Management Shellie Ann Brady B.S., Management Miguel Angel Camones B.S., Accounting Priscilla Chappie B.S., Business Data Processing Melissa Collins B.S., Management 0tedkk £ Ginger Darden B.S., Elementary Education Eric Davis B.S. Management Sonia Santos Fernandez B.S., Biology Tina Flowers B.S., Business Data Processing Bonnie Floyd B.S., Business Data Processing Estela Ginoris B.S., Elementary Education James Goosby B.S., Management Anthony Green B.A., Criminal Justice Malika Jan Hall B.S., Community Clinical Psychology ' Cum Laude Magna Cum Laude " •Summa Cum Laude 4f4 m Willie J. Granger B.A., Music Sharell Hayes B.S., Sociology Onzalo L. Haynes B.S., Management Kimberly Hughes B.S., Sociology Pamela Johnson B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Scherry Ladson B.A., Public Administration Anthony Lamar B.S. Business Jean Leopold B.S. Management Shirley Marie Lanier B.S., Elementary Education Karla D. Lyons B.S., Business Data Processing Prior to Commencement President Robinson confers with Ms. Sharon Wilson, member of the Board of Trustees, an alumna of FMC who is now a Magistrate in Nassau, Commonwealth of The Bahamas. She lat- er addressed the gathering. 4 James McCall B.S. Management Edward McClain B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Arlene McDuffey B.A., Criminal Justice Charles McKnight B.S. Physical Education, Health and Recreation Reimundo Mena B.A., Criminal Justice Esteban Mesa B.S., Mathematics titfVJfe ■■: Hi Dawn Millings B.S., Management Nera Roberts Mims B.A., Public Administration Denise Moore B.A., English Deborah Meal Jeanette Mordica B.S, Business Data B.S., Elementary Education Processing Terry Nelson B.S., Management Craig Nicholas B.A., Criminal Justice Diana Ocana B.S., Chemistry Alphonsus Osiezagha B.S., Management Charlyne Otis Lisa Marie Perkins B.5., Elementary Education B.S., Biology Brian Phillip B.S., Accounting Paulina Pierre B.S., Management Stephanie Michelle Pinkston B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Scherita Ann Price B.S., Elementary Education Earl Rich B.A., Public Administration Edward Richards B.S., Community Clinical Psychology The Reverend Dr. Lester T. Whitelocke, Howard Thur- man Professor of Religion, delivers the Benediction at the close of the Commencement Exercises. Ernestine Richardson Carolyn Roberts B.S., Elementary Education B.S., English Education Domingo Roldan Esther Scott B.S., Sociology B.S., Elementary Education H E Valerie Lynette Sheppard B.A., Criminal Justice Diane Smithson B.A., Criminal Justice Lamont S. Snyder B.A., Music Silvia Suarez B.S., Community Clinical Psychology Ana Tapia B.S. Biology JoAnn Walker B.A., Public Administration Charlene White B.A., Public Administration Brenadett Williams B.S., Management Cristina YockKim B.S., Accounting 7t t PicUmect: Raul Aguilera B.S., Management Fahad Al-Bakr B.S., Computer Science Fahad Al-Haddad B.S., Business Administration Khalid E. Al-Hojen B.S., Accounting Fahad Al-Maziyad B.A., Criminal Justice Basil M. Al-Rasheed B.S., Management Raphael Alverio B.S., Clini Rolando Arj B.S., Aco Fahmi Abdul B.S., Computer Science Tania Loren Bailey B.S. Biology Iverio nical PsyAlogy felJiX MfeafjJ Martha Luz Cano B.S., Clinical Psychology Owen George Christie B.A., Instrumental Music Christopher L. Clark B.S. Business Management Tangela Clark B.S., Business Management Shirley A. Cochran B.A., Public Administration Silvia M. Costales B.S., Biology and Chemistry Cassandra Lynn Davis B.A. Public Administration Jacqueline Dunbar B.S., Business Data Processing Gladys N. Emekekwe B.S. Business Management Colleen Marie Fitz-Charles Biology lary Justice ie Johnson Criminal Justice . Jones ., Business Management Sonia K. Magana B.S., Elementary Education Caridad Marquez B.S., Clinical Psychology Adolphus A. Moffet B.A., Criminal Justice Reginald Offord B.S., Business Data Processing Edda Pena B.S., Clinical Psychology Nelson P. Quevedo B.S., Community Clinicajl Psych. Annette Reed B.S., Management Dorothy Jean Rivers B.S., Elementary Edi Sonia M. Santos B.S., Biology Gabriel I. Styles B.S., Management . . . A New Begimfag V ,== = NEW FACES ON CAMPUS r potman Mr. C y 7, Caivf n C - I ce Norm Susfness p res c ( an Wah ent rs Dr. Heather O. Johnson Acting Dean of Faculty IS w m Mr. George C. Oluikpe Visiting Professor of General Studies Mr. Robert E. Gilbert Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences Ms. Lola Spencer Ward Assistant Professor of General Studies NEW FACES NOT PICTURED: Mr. Lincoln Chandler, Director, Miami Police Dept. Community Relations Program Mr. Santiago De La Roca, Associate Director, Continuing Ed. Extension Program Mr. John Guidish, Visiting Professor of Computer Sciences Mr. Clyde Lawrence, IRS Executive on Loan, Asst. Prof, of Business Economics Ms. Elizabeth Martin, Associate Director of financial Aid Ms. Helene Neer, Comptroller Mr. Nusrat Qureshi Assistant Professor of Business Economics Mr. Walter Alexander Director of Financial Aid NEW FACES NEW FACES Michelle Adderly Katrina L. Barnum Karen C. Alberta Erika L. Byrd Lisa Buckley Ambrose F. Carroll Calvin A. Christopher Reginald E. Clayton Vice Pres. of Freshman Class Cyrus Comeille Wayne Davis Tracy C. Fitts Angela Y. Gray g £2 Miss rf I w . in ift Lilly Greene Brian Jennings, Pres., Pres. of Freshman Class Students Against Drugs Elaine Johnson Vf IV FACES NEW FACES W ON CAMPUS FREStlMEn AHD TRAnSFER STUDENTS EnTERMG EMC IN 1987-88 ' SmK . I ' Ga 7e Johnson Anna Joseph Eric Jourdain £s c . r James Khaneta Melvin Lewis Bert rum McPhee, Jr. Peter Ort z Samuel Ottley, Jr. Karen Ray Janel Riggs Simon J. Sands Andrew Smith Tracey Stalling Derrick Thomas Dennis West, Jr. NEW FACES ABDULKARIM, AL1 ABRAHAM, ELOUISE ADAMS, CARLA ADAMS, LARRY AGEE, BEVERLY AGVILAR, LAZARO AL-FOUZAn, HAMAD AL-MAZEEDI, ABDULLAH AL-riASSER, ABDULLAH AL-ROUM1, JAMAL ALBERTA, KAREn ALEXAPiDER, JOYCE ALEXANDRE, MARIE ALFORD, ALLEn ALLEn, APRIL ALLEn, COriSUELLA ALLEn, IRIS ALLEPI, WILLIAM AnDERSOn, CHARLIE AnDERSOn, DARnELL AnDERSOn, MICHAEL Anronio, everette AFFLEWHAJTE, MARIA ARMSTROnQ, KIMBERLY ARTID1ELLO, OSVALDO ATKinS, SHEREA AWADH, ABDOLRAHIM AXSOn, TRICIA AYALA, MAnUEL AY ALA, MARITZA BAILLOU, KAREn BAPTISE, ESTHER BARnES, TOnYA BELL, ESTHER BELL, KAREn BELL, nOEL BELL, R1CCO BELLAMY, ERIC BELLE, JUDITH BEnDER, FRED BEnjAMin, MICHELLE BEnTLEY, SHUnTREA BEmon, MAnuEL BERGOVOY, HELEn BERY, PATRICK BETHEL, LOnnETTE BETHEL, SAnDRA BETHEL, SHAWn BIRDSOnG, CHARLEnE BLACK, TALYA BLAnD, CLAIR BLAND, RODNEY BOLDIN, GWENDOL YN BOLES, JR.. WILLIE BOSTIC, SYL VIA BOUIE, OGINIA BOYD, KAREN BOYD, LANETTE BROCK, TERENCE BROOKS, DARRYL BROOKS, ZENAIDA BROOME, KATRINA BROWN, NIL WANDA BROWN, PRISCILLA BROWN, SHERELLE BRUINGTON, ROBIN BRUTON SONJA BUCKLEY, LISA BURKE, ALMATHA BURROWS, ROBIN BUTLER, KIRA BUTLER, LINDA BUTLER, JACKSON PAMELA BYRD, VIVIAN CAIN, MAGGIE CALDERALO, ELAINE CANADY, KEITH CANNON, IRIS CAPERS, LAWRENCE CARLOS, LAURA CARPENTER, JO ANN CARR, LEONARD CARSWELL, HENRIETTA CARTER, BARBARA CARTER, GLENN CARTER, SHELLY CARTER, VERONICA CASON, PEGGY CASTRO, IBIS CHARL TON, BENEVA CHAUDHARI, H CLARK, MICHELLE CLARK, TAUSHA CLARKE. ANTOINE CLAXTON, BERNARD CLINE, JOYCE CODY, ROBBY COGDELL, ANTHONY COKER, CORLENE COLEMAN, JIMMY COLEMAN. SYNITHERIA COLLINS, EDWIN COLLINS, FRANCINE COLLINS, JAY COLLINS, ROBERT CONEY, GWENDOL YN COOPER. BONITA COOPER. EUGENE CORBETT. OSSIE CORELLA, (ALFONSO) REINA CORREDAR, JOSE COSA, ALEONSO COTTON, MARC I A COX. ROBERT CRAWFORD, JUDITH CRAWFORD, LANICA CRAWLEY, DEBORAH CRUM, SONJA CRUZ, MARGARET CUADRADO, MARIA CURTIS. WILLINDA CUYLER. AMORITA DANIELS, ROBERT DANSON, SHAWN DARVILLE, IAN DAVIS. SEAN DAVIS, WAYNE DA WKINS, KIMBERL Y DAY, LYNETTE DEAN, CLARENCE DELANCY, AGNETTA DELANCY, KENYETTA DIAMOND, RODERICK DICKERSON, DERIA DICKSON, TRENESE DIXON (MULLINS), SHEILA DONALDSON, CHERRIE DORN, KALEESA DORSETT, MARCIA DOSS, MAGED DOUSE, DREWCILLA DOWLING, KAREN DRINKS, VINCENT DUKES, CORNELIUS DUKES. JONOTHON DUNBAR, FELICIA DUNNAM, PHILLIP DURDEN, DAVID DURDEN, SONYA DURRANT, ROXANN DUVALL, STACEY DYLES, DESMOND EBANKS, SANDRA EDDINGS, CARLA EDGERTON, JAMES EDWARDS, CHARLES EDWARDS, MALCOLM EDWARDS, RENE EMEJIAKA, AUSTIN ERWIN. MARGO ESHIETEDOHO. COBB ETIBENG, AGNES EUGENE. TONY EVANS, BRENT EVERETT, CARL EVERETT, GLADYS EWING, TANYA EZINWO, KEMKA FAHIE, LA VRENCIA FELTON, LORIEN FERGUSON, EUANNA FISHBURNE, GEORGE JR. FISHER, KIMBERL Y FISHER, PA TTY FLEMING, KIMBERL Y FLUKER, VALERIE FORCER, EDWARD FOWLER, DIONNE FRANCOIS, SKEL FRANKLIN, MICHAEL FRETT, RA YMOND FUENTES, GLADYS GAINOUS, FERRINA GARNER, ARNEIDA GARRISON-WEAVER, ELIZABETH GASKINS, SAMUEL GAUGUETTE, VIVIANE GAYLE, PHILIP GIDDENS, VANESSA GLANTON, SHERELL GLASPER, MARCILLA GOODEN, JULIE GORDON, MITZIE GORE. RICHARD GRACE, SHARON GRAHAM, JACQUELINE GRANT, DONNA GREEN, MARK GREEN, RODNEY GREEN, SHALONDA GREENE, BASIL GRIEGO. FRANK GRIER, CELESTE GRIFFIN, ERNESTINE i NEW GUTIERREZ, ISABEL MALL, HILLARY NAMM, MONIQUE HANKERSON, SARAH HANLEY, HOUSTON HANNA, LORRinDA HANNA, VALINDA tiAnnoR, sharon HARDNETT, SHERINA HARDRICK, SANDRA HARDY, CHERYEL HARRIOTT, CECELIA HARRIS, KAREN HARRIS, RUBY HARRIS, TAMMY HARRIS, THERESA HARRISON, WILLIE HAUGABOOK, BRIDGETT HAYNES, JEFFERY HAYWARD, GWEriDOLYn HEAD, TOnYA HENAO, GALEANO JAVIER HEPBURN, KIMBERLY HERNANDEZ, LUISA HERRERA, MARIO HERRON, LATOniA HERTLER, FETER HESTER, LOUISE HICKS, LonniE HILL, MARLVEHE HILL, TERRELL HiriES, PAMELA HOLLIPiGER, MONTROSE HOLLIS, HOWARD OWAY, WILLIAM JIMMIE Art), EDDIE HOWARD, KIMBERLY HOWARD, SHAUNDA mmm HOWARD, SHERON HOWARD, TiriA HUDSOn, MICHELLE HUGHES, WALTER JR. HUMPHREY, JIMMIE HUHTER, FAITH HUNTER, REUBEN IHGRAHAM, TOROriA ISHAM, DALLAS JACKSOn, BARBARA JACKSON, CARLA JACKSON, TRACY JARTU, FRAnCES jay, juana jenkins, alexis jenkins, cassandra jennings, Bernard jessie, dwannver joe, leslie JOHNSON, CAROLYH JOHriSOn, CHARLES JOHHSOn, DEVA johnson, ELAinE JOHNSON, JEFFREY JOHnson, lisa JOHnson, MARVE JOHnson, MARY JOHnson, MOniQUE JOHnson, REGinA JOHnson, TWYLA JOHnSOn, WILHELMinA JOnES, BURL JOnES, FAUSTinA JOnES, HAYWARD jonES, jOAnnA jonES, noviCE JOnES, REnEE JOSEPH, CAROL JOSEPH, DAniEL JOSEPH, DOROTHY JOSEPH, inGRID JOSEPH, JEFFREY JOYnER-LEE, DonnA JULMICE, DIEULA JURAn, MARTHA KAniFE, PATRICIA KELLER, JAMES KELLY, nOLAn KEnDRICK, RICKEY KEY, CARLA KinG, CAROL KinG, CLAREnCE KinG, SELinA KinSEY, ROSALYnn KniGHT, SYLVIA KniGHTOn, YOLAnDA KUTnER, MICHAEL LACY, ELSTOn LATIMER, GLEnn LAWREnCE, KIM LAWREnCE, LARRY LAWSOn, SHAUnDRA LEE, RHODERICA LEMOn, KIMBERLY LEWIS, LOIS LIDDELL, JEAnETTE Linmn, eloise LITTLEJOHn, MARY LLOYD, DEniCE LOCKETT, TEKETA LOnG, CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ, AnGELICA LOVE, JOHn LOVETT, SHAROn LUELLEn, CHERI LUnDY, CEDRIC MACK, ELRETHA MAC KEY, CinDY MACKEY, RAnDY MADISOn, TAnGELA MADURO, JULIA MAJOR, JAnnESHA MAJOR, JULIA MAnAGO, LYnnETTA MAniGO, MARCELLA MARABLE, URSULA MARIOn, SOnYA MARRISHOW, VIVIAn MARSHALL, AnnE MARSHALL, LURA MARTin, ELVinA MARTin, TinA MARTin, TOSHA MASOn, IRMA MASSEY, COnSTAnCE MATH IS, KIMBERLY MATTIS, DOnnAH MAULTSBY, DELTOSHA MAYERS, SHARMAinE MAYO, AnTHOnY MAYS, JEnniFER MCBRIDE, WAnDA MCCALL, EDDIE MCCLEnDOn, (WESTOn), BABY MCDOUGAL, LAini MCDOUGAL, PAULA MCDUFFIE, ADREA MCDUFFIE, DESIREE MCELWEE, CHARLEnE MCFADDE, EVELYn MCFADDEn, JUDY MCINTOSH, AnDREW MCMILLAn, CYnTHIA MCPEREBO, ISAAC MCPHERSOn, AnGELIA MCSWAin, KIMBERLY MELERO, GISEL M1KELL, AKHEnATOn MILLER, MOniCA MILLIKEn, RAnDY MILLS, TRACEY MILTOn, DIAnE MITCHELL, ELISA MITCHELL, JOYELETTE MITCHELL, SEREnA MIXOn, SHEDRIC MIXOn, SHIRLEY MOnTGOMERY, DIAMOnD MOORE, CAnDlCE MOORE, LISA MOORE, QUinTES MOORE, TAnGELA MOORE, TREVOR MORA, VICTOR MORALES, LUCIO MORGAn, CARLA MORGAn, CAROLYn MORGAn, STEVE MORRISOn, KERRY MOTEN, niCOLE MUCHERE, ED Win MURIEL, EDnA MURPHY, RICHARD MURRAY, JEFFERY nEAL, BILLY nELSon, MonAY nEWMAn, PAUL mwmn, ELLA niCHOLAS, inGRID NIXON. SANDRA NOAH, SABRINA NOLTON, FREDDA NORRIS, SHONDA NWANKWO, DAVIS ODEN, THERESA ODOM, CARL OGBARA, MOHAMMED OHAYAGHA, THEOPHILLS OJENGBEDE, SIYANBOLA OLA, MICHAEL OLARERIN, MERCYLIMA OLIVER, KAREN OLY, EMMANUEL ORTEGA, FRANCISCO ORTIZ, MELISSA f7t04s£ rt4r 205 OWENS, HENRY OWEnS, STERLiriG PAIGE, KELVIN PALACIOS, FRANK PARA MO RE, AUG EL A PARKER, CLAREHCE PARKER, LESTER PARKS, JAMES P ARRAS, MIRE PARROTT, ALICIA PA SOS, JUAN PATTERSOn, NEPiRY PATTERSON, SABRIHA PAY HE, YVETTE PEAKE, VANESSA PEART, JOY PENDER, ANGELA PEnri, shronica PERDUE, MARK PEREZ-EEBLES, CARMEN PERRY, SHANREKA PESTANA, JUAN P1ERE-LOUIS, FRITZ PIERRE, CELITA PIERRE, MARYSE POITIER, CEBRENA POMAR, ARMANDO m POOLE, KEVin -gfgf POOLE, RUBY POPE, CARMELLA PRYOR, RENEE RAHMING, TERAfl RAINEY, LARRY RAMDHAN, ESTHER RANGER, DARRELL RAYE, DOHALD RHODES, DANA RHODES, HERBERT RICHARDSON, CAROLYN RICHARDSON, JESSICA RICHARDSON, LATRONE RICHARDSON, PATRICK RIVERS, THOMESTER ROBERSON, BENJAMIN ROBERTS, DE ' MOUR ROBERTS, SABINA ROBERTS, TYRONE ROBINSON, D WIGHT ROCHE, JOHN RODRIQUEZ, ANTOLIN RODRIQUEZ, OLGA ROGERS, DANNY ROLDEDO, YVONNE ROLLE, KAREN ROSE, ROBERT ROUNDTREE, JENNIFER ROWE, GARTH RUCKER, REGINALD RUDOLPH, ALFRED RUSAW, CHRIS RUSSELL, SARAH RUSSELL, SHELLY RUTH, DARRYL SR. SAHOTA, SURINDER SAINT-FLEUR, KATIA SALAZAR, MARITZA SALUP, CARLOS SALUP, MAGDALENA SAMUEL, CAROLYN SANAD, ISA SANAD, KHALI D SANDERS, RODNEY SANDERS, TELECIA SANDS, SIMON SARGEANT, DALE SCARBOROUGH, TAMM SCRIVENS, CLIFONIA SEMPER, AUCKLAND SHAMSID-DEEN, LATONYA SHEPARD, KEITH SIMMONS, STANLEY SIMPSON, ANTHONY SINQLETARY, VERLENCIA SINGLETON, GLENDA SINNARI, KHALID SMART, KAREN SMITH, LUSTER SMITH, MARISA SMITH, ROCHELLE SMITH, ROSE SMITH, SHERRI SMITH, TERESA SNELLING, REGINALD SOTOLONGO, ROBERTO SPANCER, CHANTIE SPANN, TANGELA SPIVEY, MARGARET ST. PREUX, CARL STAPLES, LARAE STARKS, LISA STEPHENS, EDNA STEWART, CAROLINE STOKES, DONYA KES, TRACEY STOREY, ZINA STRINGER, ROOSEVELT STUBBS, SCHURAN SYMONETTE, MICHAEL TABOADA, ANNA TANNER, EDDYE TAYLOR, BENJAMIN TAYLOR, CHARLENE TAYLOR, REMER TAYLOR, YOLANDA TERRELL, SHERYL THOMAS, BRENDA THOMAS, DANIEL THOMAS, D WIGHT THOMAS, EUGENE THOMAS, KAIA THOMAS, KEVIN THOMAS, NOAH THOMAS, PAMELA THOMAS, YOLANDA THOMAS, ZINA CELESTE tina IONDA THOMPSON, CELL THOMPSON, LATI. THOMPSON, RHOi TROUP WORRELL TROUPE, TRACEY TRUITT, CLARENCE TRUJILLO, DELFIN TURNER, SYLVIA TURNQUEST, LYDIA URBINO, MAYRA VALDES, ALEX VARGAS, VELAZ VERGARA VICKS, BONr WADE, JOANNE WALKER, WILLIE WALLACE, DARRYL WALLACE, HARRIETT WALLER, DELSHON WARD, ANGELINA WARD, KAE WARREN, REVANUAL WASHINGTON, PATRICK W ATKINS, TARSHI WATSON, LAWRENCE WATSON, RENEE Wi WELLS, JEROME WESLEY, VANESSA WEST, SANDRENE WESTONWALTER, PAULINE WHITE, APRIL WHITE, BENNIE WHITE, CARLOS WHITE, CARMEN WHITE, MICHAEL WHITE, SHAUNA WHITE, SHIRLEY WHITEHEAD, TAJUANA WHYLLY, SANDRA WILBURN, LASHAWN WILFORK, BARBIE WILKIN, MELVIN WILLIAMS, ALVIN WILLIAMS, ANTHONY WILLIAMS, CLINTON WILLIAMS, DARLENE WILLIAMS, DOROTHY WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, JAMES WILLIAMS, JOAN WILLIAMS, JOHN WILLIAMS, KEISHA WILLIAMS, MARILYN WILLIAMS, MARY WILLIAMS, PATRICE WILLIAMS, REGINALD WILLIAMS, RICHARD WILLIAMS, ROSA ' S, TONY IS, TRACY IS, VERNESSA WtMlS-HAYNES, MERRY WILLIM1SON, JAMES WILSON, AUSTIN WILSM, JERI WILSOM, SHERI W mi, TANESHA WOFFORD, RODNEY WOODARD, CHARLIE WOODSON, FREDDIE WYATT, MICHELE WYNTER, MILLICENT YOPP, MARIA YOUNG, ANGELA YOUNG, IAN E, RAIMUMDO FREDDIE NEW FACES NEW ACES CLIMBING UIGtf • • • The newest face on Campus is not that of a person but rather a striking new symboi of Fiorida Memoriat ' s growth, acNevement and readiness for the 21st Century, the symbol of A New Beginning: THE WILLIAM LEHMAN AVIATION CENTER pmnr SnON CEKTEB NEW PLACES Seen from across the Lagoon, Construction nears completion on the Aviation Center. In the background, at right, is the control tower of Opa-Locka Airport, virtually adjacent to the Campus. Another view of the Center under construction, looking north from the Airport. The three-story, 60,000- square-foot complex will provide the College with state-of-the-art teaching facilities for the Airway Science program, in addition to much needed space for faculty offices, an air traffic control tower, a 200-seat auditorium, a conference room and classrooms. luriK w ? The new Center fits right in with the Campus atmosphere. The William Lehman Aviation Center seen from the College Main Entrance L 4 MESSAGE FROM THE SGA P R ESIDENT Rufns Carr °u Rrian Phillip vice President Jlorttm fitmM W«S I.K1ED.FERCTUSON ,58(» NORTHWEST F01UYSU.C RnVW5l , ( j05) 625- ' ' telwn l Fn cnu« «i .ociattm. add ni »e f JSS . „ .„ sa)Km6 e, feared »e Sincerely. V » THE CORONATION OF MISS FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 1987-88 JSgV n 0 0 . rr 1 S0 icM n ftu .„ JW " 4 M t {M a j 4 y rfllCl cfJl -:tZe 30 r u 1 srtf follow ■An J " A tjU " 1 ,,77xS d ■ X S3 JUw " 1 - r 4tti : g tfit (continued from page seven) THE ORGANIZATION QUEENS ORGANIZATION Clockwise from top left: Miss Alpha Angels Arlesa Leverette and Vernon Brooks Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Michelle Pinkston and Rodney Dailey Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Cynthia Patterson and Eric Ti Miss Alpha Phi Omega Irish Osborne and Hui Miss Ambassador Chorale Lisa Jefferson and Trent Hawkins Mi ss Bahamian Connection Jacqueline Penn and Austin Wilson Miss Beta Pi Seleena Teems and Ronald Clark Miss Blue 8e Gold M ' ScheJle Adams and Ricky Kendrick QUEENS 1987-88 Miss Chicago Club Margaret Standford and Rufus Carroll Miss f.M.C. Cheerleader Martie Juaren and Kerry Morris Miss Gospel Ch Tracey Troupe and Duane Tat Miss International Stud Carol Qisbon and Antione CI Miss Kappa Alpha Vanessa Peake and Steven Cald Miss Krimson St Kre iShare Edwards and Vince Ash Miss M.I.A.K. Tammi Lee and Javis H Miss Michig " c Rochelle Smith and Archi noruquc juimson and Ambrose Carroll Miss Mouveaupreneurs Arlean Davis and Dwayne King (n.p.) lega Psi Phi aucaujii Davis and Steven Bell? ' Left: Miss Phi Beta Sigma Tonija Richardson and Frederick Battle Miss Phi-Ettes Michelle James and Jimmie Holmes Bottom row: Miss Phi Nu Pi Joyelle Powell and Hugh Cunningham Miss Pre-Alumni Council Rae Smith and Travis Tomengo Miss Q ' Essence Alvechia Mitchell and Dexter Foster riot pictured: Miss national Association of Black Accountants Terah Rahmings and Edwin Collins Miss Players Guild Alicia Lemon and Casteldera Granl Top WW: Miss Rhomeo Rim Troutman and Gerald Hankerson Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Debbie O ' Flaherty and Joe Addison Miss Sigma Star Denise Moore and Emmanuel Robinson Right: Miss Susie C. Holley Literary Society Kim Mathis and Cephas Brown (n.p.) Miss United Students Against Drugs Sherell Clanton and Bernard Jennings (n.p.) Bottom row. Miss Virgin Island Students Unite Lecia Bryan and Calvin Testamark Miss Zenethian Joyce Walters and Rodney McMillan Miss Zeta Phi Beta Audra Waterman and Michael Cobb Hot pictured: Miss Student Government Association Bernadette Adams and Benjamin Carroll FLIIKWA MAMMAL €«LLE«E STIIIIEKT OOVERKMXT ASSOC. IMtESESTS I 1 fill i ' 11 Hi 5Z 55£b. m i Wi « BSSeJ « h i § ■ FEBRUARY 7-0, t»«« omseom fp •3 9. ®.M hf w w 9 w The ultimate competition for Greeks on the FMC Cam- pus is the Homecoming Step Show. Each Greek organiza- tion practices in secret for weeks to prepare for this final showdown. This exhibition brings out the best stepping squad among the Greeks. Clockwise from top left: Sigma Gamma Rho, Phi Beta Sigma, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Zeta Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi. (See page 228 for winners). The second part of the evening of Friday February 12 was the HOMECOMING CONCERT featuring renowned Miami rap groups Aquinette (above), Lu Juan Love (left) and Gucci Crew II (opposite page, top). Opening the Concert (opposite page, bottom) were Daphney Hilton and Michael Cobb, two of the most talented singers on the FMC Campus. £t wette Above: Out of the sweats and into the body suits, FMC ' s Cheerleaders wowed em with a routine that won ' t be soon forgotten. Left: Edward Waters College Cheerleaders also showed their stuff. HALFTIME AWARDS PRESENTATION 7K . t U THi For Distinguished Leadership while serving in a true Center of Excellence Archie Young Sabrina Greene Outstanding Marching Unit 1st Place Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Outstanding Performance by Public Schools: 2nd Place BrownsvilSe Jr. H.S. 3rd Place Miami Edison Sr. H.S. Stedett latent S t» 1st Place winner: Michael Cobb (above, right) 2nd Place winner: Elaine Johnson (below) 3rd Place Winner Tina Howard (see page 9) (Step Sbm) 1st Place, Fraternities Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 1st Place, Sororities Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 04fiO tfa t 1R m 1st Place Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 2nd Place Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority LIONS Yes, Coach, Basketball can get pretty deep! 4W7tS TR e-K All-American hurdler shines in national meets Wilbert Johnson, FMCs first All-American Florida Memorial College All- American sophomore Wilbert Johnson of Pompano Beach, Florida, finished second in the 400- meter intermediate hurdles with a time of 51.5 seconds in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) outdoor track and field champi- onships held in Los Angeles, California, on May 29, 1988. He finished third in the same race a year ago. " We were competing against some of the finest athletes in the country, " said Florida Memorial track and field coach Bennie Tall, who also accompanied John- son to the three-day meet in Los Angeles. " Although we are NAIA members, all of the schools we competed against are The Miami News Reg U S. Potent Office Division I schools. Johnson, who missed qualifying for the 1988 Olympics himself by a second, won first place in a number of other track and field events this year. These include re- lays held at Florida A M University, Tus- kegee University, the University of Miami and Edwards Waters College. He also holds the NAIA District 25 record in the 400- meter intermediate hurdles. Before arriving at Florida Memorial in 1986, Johnson was All- District, All- Regional, All-County and All-State at Pompano Beach Ely High, finishing with the best time in the State of Florida in the high hurdles and 1 0th best in the nation. 231 THE FMC CONCERT JA22 BAND The Band swings through a number under the meticulous direction of leader, mentor and elder Rev. Phillip Cooper. 233 Before voting on the new Miss FMC the students were entertained by the contestants a special pre-election presentation. This program was a brief expression of talent poise and intellect by the finalists. as atvA The theme, " A Touch of Elega , was portrayed tc fullest in each contestant ' s elegant and exquisite performance, to which the crowd responded enthusiastically. miSS FfTlC PAGERNT TALENT EXTRAVAGANZA Miss FMC finalists (1. to r.) Sandra Bramble, Shauntelle Douglas, Alicia Lemon. The Fitz-Charles Fami Fashions A Fractured Fable Into A Fantastic Farce With The Members Of THE SEVENTH MASK v$fa ass HONORS AWARDS DONATION DAY NOVEMBER 24, 1987 of st John Baptist Mrs. Celestine F. Dixon addresses the audience. Donation Day, first known as " Love Gift Day " , is an annual ' tradition sponsored by the Women ' s Auxiliaries of the Progressive Missionary and Educational Convention of Florida Mrs. Maudie M. Fowler, President and Florida General Baptist Convention Mrs. Celestine F. Dixon, President 236 % • Mr. Neill Robinson, Special Assistant to Dade County Commissioner Barbara M. Carey, presents Commendations on her behalf to (at left) Rev. H.T. Rhim, President of the Progressive M E Convention, the Donation Day Keynote Speaker, and to Dr. Henry Lyons, President of the Florida General Baptist Convention, who could not attend. The award is accepted (above) by Rev. James C. Wise, Third Vice President of the organization. FOUNDERS ' DAY Attorney Patrick Russell-McCloud, nationally known as an electrifying, dynamic and articulate orator, was once again the keynote speaker for one of Florida Memorial College ' s many special ceremonies. She spoke inspirationally at its 108th annual Founders ' Day Ceremony on Tuesday March 22, 1988. Her speech, entitled ' Mountain, Move Out of My Way " , was encouraging and inspiring to administrators, fac- ulty, alumni and visitors as well as to students. She spoke of how, for over a century, Florida Memorial College has moved many mountains out of its way through hard work and sin- cere dedication and thus how it can continue to be a " moun- tain mover " for many decades to come. The audience was so mesmerized by her presentation that she received a standing ovation. Her greatest applause, however, came as she said, " When you turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones and those obstacles into opportunities, that ' s when you can really say, Mountain, move out of my way ' " . Angela Y. Gray MARCH 22, 1988 Fbrida Memorial CoCfy Founders ' Day 1988 CekBrating One Hundred Nine Years °f Service Dr. Willie C. R 6ins, President on THE REV. JESSE L. JACKSON VISITS FMC DURING THE CELEBRATION OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KINGS BIRTHDAY. Through the energetic efforts of George Fishbume, president of the Campus Chapter of the NAACP, Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson included PMC in his whirlwind itinerary through Florida. Making himself right at home, he dispensed with the usual security limitations to allow a standing-room-only crowd to hear his remarks. With characteristic eloquence, Rev. Jackson began by reminding us that the Christmas holiday we had just celebrated was not a story of Santa Claus and gift-giving but was rather, in modem terms, the story of a homeless couple, financially poor — he unemployed, she preg- nant, and surrounded by rumors and gossip about the unborn child — unable to receive their most basic needs. With this story he illustrated the need for public policy to " love all the babies " and care for all of society. In return, we must maximize our involvement in public policy — a goal that was translated into immediate action with on-the-spot voter registration as he concluded his speech. I II JL Dr. Robinson welcomes Rev. Jackson to the Campus Among local dignitaries on hand were community activist and former FMC Trustee Mrs. M. Athalk Range, past and current mayors of Opa-Locka Mrs Helen Miller and Dr. Robert Ingram, Mrs. Bettye Fer 1 guson, recent candidate for Dade County Commis Miss Sophomore Adeleane Haymon, Miss Freshman sion and Dr . Preston Marshall, coordinator of annua Zefonic Dobynes and Miss FMC Colleen Fitz-Charles, Dr . MLK Birthday Celebration and parade. among the Campus Queens who extended a special welcome. jeorge Fishbume receives a soulful handshake of ap- jreciation from Rev. Jackson. At far right are State Sen- ior Carrie Meek and Miami Commissioner Miller Daw- Our Quest of Honor accepts a lasting memento of his visit to FMC as State Representative Jim Burke and Dr. C.T. Wright look on. . •■ • » ' • h ' Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson addresses students at Florida Memorial College. I promised to clean up the drug business in South Florida if elected. p to(0 b , Lucius w nfl . Jackson Campaigns In Miami, Promises War On Drugs Candidate Stresses Need For Economic Progress DR. IVAN VAN SERTIMA A truly auspicious occasion for Florida Memorial College was the visit to our Campus by internationally recognized historian, linguist, author and lecturer Prof. Ivan Van Serima, best known for his landmark book, They Came Before Columbus, which gives evidence of the African presence in ancient America, long before the European arrivals. His visit was arranged by the Kheprera Study Group, a South Florida chapter of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC). Prof. Van Sertima delivered a spirited and thought-p rovoking message, complete with slides, followed by a lively question-and-answer period and book signing session. Right: Mr. John Billingslea, President of Kheprera Study Group, introduces the Speaker. DWIGHT LAUDERDALE FMC was honored to welcome local television newscaster Dwight Lauderdale, co-anchor at ABC affiliate WPLG, Channel 10, who shared his experiences and provided an insider ' s view of the broadcast news industry. ■- " SMMasa- GREATER MIAMI OPERA A bit of Europe ' s classical culture enlivens the Campus with sound, light color and pageantry in a memorable performance. : cH %f STON-E1ACK JAZZ clactet Musicians ' musician, former FMC Professor Dr. Alfred Pinkston returns to Campus for an Encore with his multi-talented quartet to pr esent a few selections from their rich repertoire. FHIR ' 88 Tp Oppoptunitv L LHPlf SIV l - F j- - K MJa - i Vfif ' - ' JB FMC student captures top honors in national competition Alicia Lemon Florida Memorial College jun.or Alicia Lemon recalls how her drama teacher forced her to lose her shyness three Cwe § r eattheUSAF,eaMar k et,n Miami one weekend, " said Lemon 21. She had me go around to people and rec e a poem by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. It was meant to be read as if a slave was ; talking. After six hours of that, I couldnt help but open up. " Her demanding teacher, coach, ad- visor and mentor is Patricia Warren, asso- date professor of speech and drama and director of the Florida Memorial College Players Guild. Warren ' s demands and Lemons hard work have paid off. Lemon captured first and second place honors at the Na - tional Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts Conference (NADSA), held in Lo Angeles, California, on March 23-26 It was her second year attending the competition. Lemon ' s first place winning presenta- tion in oral interpretation of prose was en- titled " Cocaine. " She also placed second in her expression of a dramatic monologue from the play " Breeders, " by Randolph Edmonds. , Lemon, who hopes to go to law school after graduating, said drama has prepared her for law because it has en- hanced her speaking abilities and she is no IOn§e Ag?aduate of the School of the Arts in Sarasota, Florida, Lemon is a criminal justice honor student. She is a member of the College Players Guild, and has per- formed leading roles in a number of Col- lege and community productions. Roosevelt Williams scholarship fund established A Roosevelt Williams Scholarship Fund has been established by Mrs. Dorothy K. Williams, widow of the late professor of music. Roosevelt Williams, who died of cancer in November, i987 was head of the music department and founder director of the renowned Amoassador Chorale. He served at Florida Memorial for 12 years. Shauntelle Douglas, a |unior psy- chology major, from Orlando, Florida, has been awarded the first scholarship of S 1,000. Contributions to the Roosevelt Wil- liams Scholarship Fund can be sent to the Office of Development, Florida Memorial College, 15800 N.W. 42nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33054. Greyhound Corporation awards scholarship Memorial College freshman E •■ beer a yarded a Grey- hound C. holarship. Brent, a business admir.istra: on major, is from Dorr r ca. He has a gr ide point average of 4.0. The Greyhou ' c Corporation and its subsidiary, The Dial Corporation, provid- ed scholarships which totaled $85,000 for the 1987-88 academic year. Recipients of the scholarship award are selected by the institution, based on academic achievement, potential and need. Fourteen scholars inducted into Honor Society Fourteen Florida Memorial College students were inducted into the institu- tion ' s chapter of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. They join an elite group of scholars selected each year as being among the College ' s most outstanding campus scholar leaders who have main- tained a high academic record as they as- pire to become the best in their respective field of study. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual induction ceremony since the College chapter ' s inception in 1954. Students named this year to the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society are: Bev- erly Brace, a junior accounting major, Ro- chelle Bryant, a senior sociology major, Marilyn Patterson, a sophomore chemis- try major, and Lisa Perkins Pericles, a sen- ior biology major, all of Miami, Florida. Also named were: Alisa Batson, a sophomore criminal justice major of Port St. Joe, Florida; Sandra Bramble, a junior biology pre- med major, Ann Thomas, a junior accounting major, and Hubert Watty, a junior chemistry math major, all of the Virgin Islands; Liza Fitz-Charles, a junior music major, Simone Fitz- Charles, a junior criminal justice major, Diana Ocana, a senior chemistry major, and Levardo Pratt, a senior physics major, all of Nassau, Bahamas; and Anthony Ikaiddi, a junior chemistry math major from Africa. KUDOS HONORS AND AWARDS Accounting scholar receives AICPA scholarship Florida Memorial College junior Bev- erly M. Brace has been awarded a scholar- ship by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). She is one of 85 undergraduate and graduate minority stuaents in accounting selected from tnroughout the United States to receive these awards. Brace, a business administration and management major from Miami, has a grade point average of 3.35. The AICPA scholarships are de- signed to encourage minority students to enier the accounting profession by making accounting education accessible to as many qualified students as possible. Since the scholarship program began in 1970, the AICPA has awarded over $3 million to some 3,500 students. StK°r stud - receives May 12 and ends Anthony Ikaiddi r fy Department of FlT? c X the Che ™ " •X ' o attend the «£? a State Un,versi- P ann in C ' g ra lf T X S " mmer ' 2-week program August 5. pend.p Ct ' S 653 , 32 ' 500 hononneseancMS tfon doctonal associate ann I l mor P° - h --tlr h O -- na, " " rtion to himself and 1 fi a " d " rial College ii, W ? ° " da Me ™- " OoultanS rone and engineering ZfnS mathe ™te a " afonalcompe t ,orto CtedthrOU « " ' «»y Back College nd , e " HBt0r ' A «rd for ExcZcefn VerS " y StU ™ " obgXAyearbeT andTech ™ner of the nmeMat athe the foay Contest for h " Nafonal ' Africa ' s Future, Ho UnceSp- " 249 l¥o tO l4, TttyAt White House Honors outstanding young scientist Anthony Ikaiddi, a junior chemistry major, was selected to receive a Historical- ly Black College and University Student Award for Excellence in Science and Tech- nology. One of only 30 outstanding sci- ence, mathematics and engineering stu- dents selected through a national competition, Ikaiddi was presented the award in September during the 1987 White House Initiative Science and Tech- nology Symposium at the National Acad- emy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. The award program, sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation and adminis- tered by the White House Initiative Sci- ence and Technology Advisory Commit- tee on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is designed to acknowledge outstanding academic work in science, mathematics and engineering by students at historically black colleges and universities. Ikaiddi, a native of Oron, Nigeria, has a 3.9 grade- point- average. Outside of his biochemistry and advanced physics classes, he tutors freshman students and assists Dr. William Hopper, chairman for Pan Am employees donate scholarship Anthony Ikaiddi the division of natural sciences and mathe- matics at Florida Memorial. Upon graduation from Florida Me- morial, Ikaiddi plans to enter a graduate program and become a chemist in a re- search laboratory in the United States. Florida Memorial College student Betty A. Negron is among 12 future teachers attending predominantly Black colleges who have been awarded the 1987-88 Metropolitan Life Foundation Fu- ture Teacher Scholarship. These scholarships, established in 1985, are designed to attract the best and the bnghtest students to teaching careers in elementary or secondary education. It is AWARD RECIPIENTS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Social Sciences Dr. Tony Pinkard Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. William Hopper Business Economics Prof. Renee Forbes CULTURAL ENRICHMENT AWARDS Intramural Awards Dr. Earl Duval, Athletic Director Dramatic Awards Mrs. Patricia Warren Players Guild Advisor FMC Student wins future teacher award the second year that 17 historically Black colleges were eligible. This year ' s winners were chosen competitively for their aca- demic ability and commitment to the teaching profession. The foundation also announced plans to expand the eligibility of the pro- gram in 1988 to include 45 predominantly Black colleges. sclZ " Z e «o? d % ZZT m g rTr JOr V Island ,v, passenger sales represemZt ( Ji ' nes) Network ofBhckF , ' recipient °f° WOO STUDENT AWARD RECIPIENTS (pictured on pp. 90-91-B) Joe Addison Samuel Delavoe Zefonic Dobynes George Pishbume Dexter Foster Adeleane Haymon Pamela Johnson Jeanette Mordica Brian Phillip Esther Wise Archie Young if the Network, Presents check , 19 Student ioiwnmmt Bwards 88 ki SQA Secretary Bernadette Adams with lavish display of awards. Flanked by Miss FMC Colleen Fitz-Charles and SQA Vice President Rufus Carroll, President Brian Phillip opens Awards Ceremony. I B STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Outstanding Student Leader Award win- ners Bernadette adams, Michael Cobb, Darwin Randolph, Reginald Clayton, April Nichols, Shauntelle Douglas, George Fishbume and (partially hidden) Alvin Williams Brian Phillip accepts Presidential Award from Dwayne King. Presidential and Vice Presidential Awards. Members of the 1987-88 SQA Cabinet receive awards for their service. Freshman Class President Lilly Greene with Class President plaque and Out- standing Freshman Class Award. v p jft - Jl M M IMbp J Jflflr V Bb H Wf [to 1 V Bt r - _3% . H Awards Class Vice Presidents Reginald Clayton (Freshman), center, Es- ther Wise (Sophomore) and Zackery Bailey (Junior). SQA Vice President Rufus Carroll, far left, accepts for Senior Class. Colleen Fitz-Charles passes on the charge of Miss FMC to Shauntelle Douglas. Class Queens Awards displays by (I. to r.) Miss Fresh- man Zefonic Dobynes, Miss Sophomore Adeleane Hay- mon and, accepting for Miss Junior (Regina Wallace), Bernadette Adams. SQA Member Dwayne King presents Memorial plaque of Ap- preciation to Mrs. Roosevelt Williams, widow of the late Asso- ciate Professor of Music Shauntelle Douglas and Mrs. Williams with flower tributes they received. Most Spirited Student Award winner, Deleane Haymon Outstanding Secretaries Bemadette Adams and Wanda White show off their well-earned plaques. Outstanding Advisors: Dean Rosemary Lewis (left) and Dean Erma Williams THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD Outgoing President Brian Phil- lip passes gavel to new SQA President George Fishburne (at left) while Vice President Rufus Carroll also passes his charge on to new Vice Presi- dent Zackery Bailey. Oil portrait of former President Mc Kinney presented by son The Rev. Dr. Richard I. McKinney was on hand during the 1988 baccalaure- ate services to present an oil portrait of his father and former president of Florida Memorial College, the late Rev. Dr. George R McKinney, Sr. Rev. Dr. Richard I. McKinney and his father are co-authors of the book " History of the Black Baptists of Florida, " an inspiring account of the " Negro " movement and black Baptists in the State of Florida, and of the founding and unfolding of Florida Memorial College. Rev. Dr. Richard I. McKinney (left) presents portrait of father to President Willie C. Robinson. | M0MT § ' j -: i„ A Twelve alumni inducted into " Fountain of Excellence " Alumni who have distinguished themselves in various professional fields were inducted into the College ' s " Fountain of Excellence, " during the 1988 homecom- ing celebration. Standing left to right following the induction ceremony are: James George, ' 66, president of Modernized Trucking, Inc., Miami, FL; Clarence Davis ' 73, Special Assistant to the Mayor, Washington, DC; Rev. Dr. James C Wise ' 55, pastor, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Miami, FL; Daniel McNeill 76, procurement specialist, Pratt Whitney Aircraft, West Palm Beach, l-L; Queen S. Townsend, ' 63, director, Ele- mentary Education, St. Lucie County School Board, Ft. Pierce, FL; Estelle John- 256 son, ' 64, teacher, Conway Elementary School, Orlando, FL; Rev. Jesse L. Fennell, ' 62, pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, St. Petersburg, FL; Paul Joseph, ' 54, assist- ant principal, Miami Southridge Adult Center, Miami, FL; Rev. Jeffrey Ingraham, ' 78, assistant pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT; and Randall A. Tiggett, ' 55, executive administrator, Division of Paramutuel Wagering, Miami, Florida. Also inducted, but not pictured, were: Inez L. Almond, ' 76, writer and edi- tor, Federal Aviation Administration, Southern Region, Atlanta, GA; and Purcell Dixon, ' 71, director, Metro- Dade Office of Black Affairs, Miami, Florida. New Vice President for Student Affairs takes helm John Charles Norman, Ph.D., for- mer dean and director of the African- American Institute at Northeastern Uni- versity (Boston, MA), has taken the helm as vice president for Student Affairs. Dr. Norman ' s affiliation with higher education dates back to 1967 when he be- came assistant director, and later director, of the Connecticut, Precollegiate Enrich- ment Program at the University of Con- necticut (Storrs). While at the University of Connecticut, he also served as director of Minority Academic Programs, director of the Department of Special Academic and Enrichment Programs, and special as- sistant to the vice president for Academic Affairs. He was also a lecturer in English and Spanish, Theories of Counseling, and Survival Skills for the College- Bound Stu- dent at the University of Connecticut. At Northeastern University he taught gradu- ate courses in the area of educational administration. Norman completed his undergrad- uate studies in history and romance Ian- f7 «• " ». John Charles Norman guages at Trinity College (CT). He earned his M.A. in Political Science and the Ph.D. in Professional Higher Education Admin- istration from the University of Connecticut. Florida Memorial College receives $612,197 Title III grant Florida Memorial College has re- ceived a Title III grant of $612,197 from the U.S. Department of Education to develop and enhance educational programs and restore buildings on campus. " In applying for the grant, we identi- fied activities at the College which were in need of support and requested federal funds to develop or enhance programs that were strategic in the fulfillment of our mission, " said vice president for develop- ment Barbara Edwards. The primary strategy and imple- mentation of funds received will include renovation of roofs of each of the seven original Florida Memorial College build- ings, repair of the College gymnasium floor and bleachers, a strengthened devel- opmental studies program and develop- ment of a telecommunications network interface. The funds represent the initial cycle of funding for a proposed five-year grant of well over $3.5 million. History of The Black Baptists of Florida " published M " History of the Black Baptists of Florida, 1850-1985, " just published by the Florida Memorial College Press, is an en- gaging and inspiring account of the " Negro " movement and black Baptists in the State of Florida, and the unfolding of Florida Memorial College. The book chronicles the important events and per- sonalities which have played a significant role in Florida Black Baptist history since the ordination of the first black preacher in the State, Elder James Page. The book, which contains many photographs and illustrations, includes highlights of the Missionary, Primitive and Free Will Baptists in the State, the story of the development of Florida Memorial Col- lege, the socio-economic milieu within which the denominations moved forward, the interracial organization relationships, and accounts of current movements and leading men and women involved. Co- authors are the late Rev. Dr. George R McKinney, Sr., former president of Florida Memorial College (Live Oak), and his son, the Rev. Dr. Richard I. McKinney. " History of the Black Baptists of Florida " is available at the Florida Memorial College campus bookstore. Cost is $20.00, plus $2.00 for processing mail orders. Vice president for academic affairs and historian, C. T. Wright (eft) and librarian and archivist Laban Conner, examine first copy of the " History of the Black Baptist of Florida. " Fishbume elected S.G.A. president George Fishburne Jr., a senior English major from Miami, Florida, was recently elected president of The Student Govern- ment Association at Florida Memorial College for the 1988-89 school year. Fishburnes statement of purpose centers around " cultivating new leadership, form- ing a stronger rapport with public, private and corporate communities and most im- portantly, installation of student, faculty, rtaff and administrative accountability. " Other executive branch officers in- ilude vice president Zachary Bailey, chief- of-staff Lisa Buckley, executive secretary Tracy Stalling, elections commissioner pril Nichols, director of communications Michelle Adderley and comptroller Debra Cooke. Shauntelle Douglas, a senior from Orlando, Florida, was elected Miss Florida Memorial College for the 1988-89 school ear. 9 X X George Fishburne REGETRRTDN This is where it all begins the wonder, the terror the needles the pins Pay your money and take your choice Hurry up and wait; don ' t lose your poise m You do realize, this is not free " Beam me up, Scotty . . . quick! ' HB7-BB Tou can get them free over there Something is happening to the floor . . . wwwooowww . . . what a feeling " No broil ... we fry them, mon! " y To! Ho comments from the Peanut Gallery! " Much of the School Year is spent in the Snack Bar, located in the J.C. Sams Activity Center, a place to meet and greet and eat or relax with games of skill, or even study. With good food, good friends and a variety of pastimes, it ' s the Happening Place on Campus. Which one has the harder shot? That ' s not mashed potatoes! " INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Members of The Bahamian Connection 1 | ■ ft L 1 31 I ■ sr ' ' ' m i T 1 ' ' jIBP i p| BP. WiaST ' ■ a g , International Student Advisor Mrs. Sarah Hoo with some of her charges. What would the year have been without some adventure, like a dorm evacuation — or two. On one occasion hurricane waminqs forced in the Religious Center. Then there was that hot night when everything got hotter, as a fire in the central air conditioning unit shut it down and turned the dorm rooms into slow- bake ovens. Students camped out or chilled out as best they could. Just the kind of event to bring everyone just a little closer together. BEAClf HAULOVER BEACH ry WE ARGUE . . WE THINK . . . WE PLAY . . . WE LAUGH . . WE STUDY . . i MOST OF ALL WE ARE . . . SERIOUS FMC STUDENTS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE blessing us wit that were n YEARBOOK STAFF ANGELA BANKHEAD DEEN BOHLER ROLIN GORDON, JR. DANIEL JOSEPH PETITSEA MICKLE BRIAN PHILLIP PEARL THOMAS MR. MARC-ARTHUR JEAN LOUIS, ADVISOR, EDITOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER PROF. GENE S. TINNIE, DESIGN CONSULTANT AND PROJECT MANAGER SPECIAL THANKS TO: DR. LABAN CONNOR, MRS. NADINE DREW, MRS. SARAM MOO, DR. EARL DUVAL, DEAN ROSEMARY LEWIS, DR. JOHN C. NORMAN, MRS. GLADYS GONZALES, MRS. PATRICIA WARREN, OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR, COMPUTER CENTER . . . AND A LL THE MEMBERS OF THE COLLEGE FAMILY WITHOUT WHOM THIS PUBLICATION WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AIM HIGH Btfo off mm thm (jow can cfouJ, Tim cimi tt P ui mm Hum (jow cm do, Tim do (t. Point gow attoui at a ffav, Take, (fom am, aid Hem (jow am. Avuwjb mm Hub tkm (jow can if am, Tim if am (t. Take, on mm Hum (jow cm beao, Tim hem it. Pirn (jowl Cai1 in He aJul, Tim budd a iiif to take, (jow tim. Unknown Taken from the Airway Science Grant Award Certificate to Florida Memorial College from the Federal Aviation Administration dr ii.!!

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