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m THE A RCH PFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT €L ' 0«IDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 1.5800 N, ' . 42nd AVENUE MiAMJ. ELORIDA ' a3Q54 ALMA MATER As the breeze through tall palm trees Seems to sing thy sacred name, Thy sons and daughters love to spread O ' re all the land thy well-earned fame. We love thy halls, thy stately walls And the friends who gave thee birth; The truth we learned as each heart yearned For higher nobler things on earth. Should future years bring joy or tears, To thy name we ' ll e ' re be true; To thee we pledge our loyalty And dedicate our lives to you. REFRAIN: Florida Memorial, Florida Memorial How we love to sing thy praise. We ' ll be loyal ever loyal And for thee our voices raise. — Marie Evangeline Ferguson FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 15800 NORTHWEST 42nd AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA 33054 THE ARCH 1985 VOLUME XXX College Colors: Orange and Blue College Mascot: Lion Jl _ 4?iM TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY STAFF SPECIAL EVENTS HOMECOMING SPORTS RESIDENCE HALLS GREEKS ORGANIZATIONS SENIORS UNDERGRADUATES SATELLITE CAMPUSES REGISTRATION STUDENT LIFE YEARBOOK STAFF DEDICATION: To the Florida Memorial College Family Past, Present Future As The Journey Grows Looking back at Yesterday It ' s always good to know. That whatever I need Or whatever I do God will see me through. Thinking about today and the difficulties it brings, it assures me Deep within, that Whatever I need or Whatever I do God will see me through. Facing tomorrow With newly found success Builds my confidence and Self-esteem, cause once Again and truly I know, that Whatever I need or whatever I do God will see me through. By Sonya Johnson m sSSTL Dr. Willie C. Robinson ojned by members of The Board of Trustees, Students and Staff in The Ground Breaking Ceremony for new resident o orm to be erected on campifi before Fall ' 85. Mrs. Ojetta Robinson, LEFT — Marilyn McCoo A Message From The President Ladies and gentlemen of the Class of 1985, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, the fac- ulty, the administration, the staff and the student body of Florida Memorial College, it is my honor to extend warm words o1 congratulations. Many of you have set stan- dards that will have a lasting positive effect on the entire student body as they sort out careers for themselves. You are full-fledged graduates of this historically venerable in- stitution whose origins and roots are among the finest traditions within the American higher educational enterprise. For centuries, scholars and thinkers have pondered the true meaning of education. Plato was deeply concerned with the mean- ing and purpose of education. In The Re- public, he likens the uneducated masses of men to prisoners chained and immobile in an underground cave, with a fire behind them. For these men and women, the only reality is the shadows thrown by the fire on the wall in front of them and the echoes reflected by the wall. The long and painful ascent out of the cave into the light of the Sun is Plato ' s metaphor for the hard upward journey of the soul into the intelligible sphere, where it finally sees the form of the good, itself the giver of the good, the true and the beautiful. DR. WILLIE C. ROBINSON PRESIDENT As graduates of this institution, the temptation to passive self-pity is bound to increase in your new world. Do not let self-pity sap your energy or sour the spirit, which the challenge of your time will require. If you can be sorry for others and still not be sorry for yourself, life will be its own reward. Above all, do not allow self-pity to cause you to remain aloof from the noisy disturbing world around you. Remember, you can help in making the difference between a world which resents the limits of growth and a world which uses the challenge of fair burden to create a more moral society. I hope that the experience of Florida Memorial College as an institution, has given you some basis for belief that even when the resources are less than desired, mutual effort to make more of less can be a positive not a souring experience. An illustration of this principal is evidenced by some of the remarkable achievements made by the College in the face of scarce resources. The new dormitory that is currently under construction is to be available for student occupancy this summer: the Library Campaign Drive generated revenue of $ 1 62,000 to buy books: growth and enrollment is undoubtedly, unparalleled in the highter educational enterprise; and lastly, the current behavior on behalf of the College Family members during the academic year. You are encouraged to remain loyal to your alma mater and to those activities that will improve conditions for all mankind. With all best wishes. Willie C. Robinson President President 5 Dr. Richard Williams, Provost Executive Vice-President |L— - President ' s j Cabinet Member Dr. Mrs. Williams (Back Row) Ms. Cheryl Jackson, Administrative Assistant 6 Administrati Mrs. Rosemary L. Lewis, (Acting Dean of Student Affairs) President ' s Cabinet Member 1 Dr. Alfred A. Pinkston Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Thomas J. Craft, Sr., (Acting Dean of Academic Affairs) President ' s Cabinet Member Mrs. Archie Mobley. Head Cashier BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. Ruben Zuza. Accountant Mr. James McMillan, Jr.. Comptroller Ms. Ella Morris. Cashier ! Administration Mr. K.V. Rao Business Manager President ' s Cabinet Member Mrs. Karlene W. Brown. Administrative Assistant Ms. Deborah Jones. Accounts Payable Clerk Mr. Alfred E. Taylor. Budget Director % 3 mMi Administration 9 DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Mrs. Rose Porto. Administrative Assistant INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH Dr. Samuel H. McClendon (Director of Development) President ' s Cabinet Member ALUMNI AFFAIRS PUBLIC AFFAIRS Mrs. Nadine Drew (Director of Public Affairs) 10 Administration FINANCIAL AID Mr. Roscoe Warren — Director Mr. Marc A. Jean Louis — Financial Aid Officer Ms. Debra Clayton — Secretary Administration I I REGISTRARS OFFICE Mrs. Irene Handsford. Assistant to the Registrar 1 1 Administration ADMISSIONS OFFICE Mrs. Erma Williams. Director Mrs. Barbara Joseph. Office Manager Miss Peggy Murray. Administrative Assistant Administration 1 3 Mrs. Sarah Hoc. (Standing) Foreign Students ' Counselor Mr. Renard Dowdell. Secretary COUNSELING CENTER s T U A D C E T N I T V I T I E S 1 4 Administration Psychologist Miss Rhonda Hammond. Director of Student Activities ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mrs. Lily Q. Odom. Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs. Mrs. Gwendolyn Greene. Receptionist. Mr. Warren A. Minnifield. Director of Physical Plant. Mrs. Urith Mckenzie. Manager Post Office. Mrs. Farah Brown. Secretary Social Science. Administration I 5 Mr. Arthur Beguesse — Circulation Assistant. 4 I 6 Administration LIBRARY STAFF Dr. L. Conner — Head Librarian. Mrs. Sadie Reyes — Cataloging Assistant. Ms. Beryl Willock — Secretary. Mr. Louis Caldwell — Audio-Visual Assistant. UKITIflE » 1 AdministrJHpn 1 7 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE (From L-R) Dr. Robinson, Judge Ferguson. Dr. Israel Tribble (Director of Mcknight Programs). Mrs. B. Edwards, Dr. McClendon. Dr. Williams 3 ft Mrs. Barbara Edwards. Director I 8 Administration Mrs. Ina S. Hilton. Secretary The Center for Community Change is a social problem- solving institution established by Florida Memorial Col- lege to support and develop programs designed to posi- tively impact the quality of life in the South Florida Community. One of these programs is the Center of Excellence. Fund- ed by the McKnight Programs in Higher Education in Florida, the Center of Excellence seeks to help Black youths reach their full potential, by providing innovative programs designed to raise expectations and increase the number of Black youths who go to college. DIVISION OF GENERAL STUDIES I Dr. Barbara Lindsay. Associate Professor Chairperson Ms. Shirley Washington. Assistant Professor Mrs. Norvik Myers. Secretary for General Studies ( — V " Mrs. Patricia Carter, Assistant Professor The Division of Gene- ral Studies is the name of the creative liberal arts of General Educa- tion Program at Florida Memorial College. Designated as the Di- vision charged with the responsibility for operating the Fresh- man and Sophomore educational programs. The Division of Gener- al Studies provides unifying educational experiences consonant with the democratic process. Mrs. Elizabeth Ligon. Assistant Professor Faculty Staff I! DIVISION OF EDUCATION The Division of Education is designed primarily for the edu- cation and training of teach- ers. State approved programs are provided in Elementary Education, Secondary Educa- tion, Music Education, Phys- ical Education, and with teaching areas in English, So- cial Studies, and Mathematics. In addition, there is an oppor- tunity for Early Childhood cer- tification. Dr. Samuel Lindsay. Acting Chairperson Athletic Director Ms. Brenda Hudson. Secretary Mrs. Annie Henderson. Assistant Professor Dr. Elmo S. Sparks. Associate Professor of Music Education Chairperson Dr. William Sullivan. Assistant Professor r Mr. Robert Smith. Assistant Professor Baseball Coach Mr. Alfred Parker. Assistant Professor Assistant Athletic Director Head Basketball Coach 20 Faculty Staff DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE The Division of Social Sciences is composed of the Study Areas of Criminal Justice, Pub- lic Administration, Social Science, Urban Planning, Urban Services, and Community- Clinical Psychology. The Division offers the Bachelor of Science degree in the above programs. In addition, courses are offered by the Division in geography, history and political science. The Social Sciences Divi- sion also participates with the Division of Education by offering courses to Social Studies majors who seek the Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education. Mrs. Sandra Taylor-Thompson. Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Louis Johnson. Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Dr. Jesse Silverglate. Professor of History Dr. Elford Pinkard. Chairperson Faculty Staff 21 DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCES Dr. William Hopper, Chairperson Mr. Broderick C. Jones. Assistant Professor Academic Counselor Mrs. Arthense Lee, Secretary. Mr. Ben Wongsroj. Assistant Professor of Engineering Computer 22 Faculty Staff Dr. H.K. Chaudhari. Professor of Biology The program of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is designed to provide opportunities for students (I) to concentrate in the areas of Biology. Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics; (2) to gain a basic knowledge of their chosen area and of related areas; (3) to complement the General Education program with meaningful and satisfying scientific experiences; and (4) to obtain sound preparation for professional and graduate study. The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics stimulates the inquiring mind. DIVISION OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Mr. Lawrence Lafleur. Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Tosporn Chotigeat, Chairperson Mr. Armando Pomar. Assistant Professor of Management Ms. Renee C. Forbes, Assistant Professor of accounting The Division of Business is organized into major areas of Account- ing, Management, Economics and Transportation. Each depart- ment offers a 4-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Division of Business emphasizes the relevance of edu- cation and skills to the business world. Its objectives are: I . To develop awareness and understanding of the role of business and economics in our society. 1. To assist students in acquiring the ability to use business and economics analysis as a major tool in reaching independent, well-considered judgements on important public issues. 3. To provide specialized training for students who wish to pursue careers as managers and owners of business enterprises. y Mr. Oscar DeShields. Associate Professor of Marketing Faculty Staff 23 HUMANITIES DIVISION Mr. Gene Tinnie. Assistant Professor of Visual Arts M ■T wC a ■Ir 11 1 1 ■■ fm Am ' ; $ ■ Kl. t ' : lir L 1 1 m lH B tfP HI 1 1JF Jitfl 1 w tI HH Rev. James H. Lovet t. Campus Minister The Humanities Division offers curricula lead- ing to the Bachelor of Arts in English and Religion. Additionally, courses are offered in Humanities. Art. Foreign Language, and Dra- ma. The Humanities Division helps students reach their aspirations through inspiration. Dr. Rosalyn Blake- Jones. Chairperson 24 Faculty Staff Ms. Pamela Bowens. Art Instructor Dr. Y. Jacqueline Rhoades. Professor of Religion (Sitting) Mrs. Patricia Warren. Associate Professor of English Dr. Richard Eldridge. Associate Professor of Spanish Ms. Yanick Verdier, Assistant Professor fo French Spanish Faculty Staff 25 LIBRARY CAMPAIGN Library Campaign Overwhelming Success The generous outpouring of volunteer support, en- abled the College to ex- ceed its announced li- brary campaign goal of $150,000 and raised $162,000 for strengthen- ing the Library holdings. Metro-Dade Commis- sioner Barbara H. Carey and Mr. Robert B. Holmes, president of Arister, Inc., spearheaded the effort as co-chairper- sons, along with a volun- teer team of community leaders and supporters. Noted television person- ality, journalist and syn- dicated columnist Tony Brown was the special guest speaker at a recep- tion and art exhibition held on the Library balco- ny to celebrate the suc- cessful drive. u I Mr. Tony Brown. Guest Speaker Library Campaign Dr. Robinson. Commissioner Barbara Carey. Dr. Craft inspect new books for the Library. Mr. Gene Tinnie, and guest at the reception with Mr. Tonv Brown 26 Special Events Chris Clark. SGA President Rev. Dr. Henry J. Lyons. President of Florida General Baptist State Convention DONATION DAY 1984 Donation Day, first k nown as " Love Gift Day. " is an annual tradition sponsored by the Women ' s Auxiliaries for the Progressive Missionary and Educational State Convention of Florida and the Florida General Baptist State Conven- tion. Under the leadership and organization of Presidents, Mrs. Celestine F. Dixon and Mrs. Amelia E. Houston. Donation Day 1984 marks the continuing tradition of the Women ' s Auxiliaries financial commitment and involve- ment toward enhancing student life at Florida Memorial College. This year ' s funds will benefit the construction of a proposed student activity center at the College, which will be named in honor of the Rev. Dr. James C. Sams, president of the Progressive MS E Convention of Florida. The construction of the much needed student activity center calls for an 18,500 square foot expansion of the existing dining facility and will result in a 3 1 ,450 square foot, two-story, multi-purpose complex. The completed structure will house student services staff, recreational, cultural and social activities and meeting rooms, and will provide an atmosphere conducive to student life on campus. Mrs. Celestine F. Dixon. President. The Women ' s Auxiliaries of the Florida General Baptist State Convention, addresses the Assembly. Special Events 27 BUILDING FUND BANQUET Joe black, ex-world series pitcher for the famed Brooklyn Dodgers and now Vice President — Special Markets for the Greyhound Corporation, was the guest speaker at Florida Memorial College ' s First Building Fund Banquet on Friday. November 16. 1984. " The actions and decisions of you stu- dents will play a key role in how your children and my grandchildren will live in 1 0-20 years. Yes, I know that you sometimes ask why Black and His- panic people are always the ones who must struggle to overcome. But if you are truly tired of us being the spooks who sat by the door then we must not allow our concern to be controlled by wasting time talking about racism. We must not allow our disappointments to be considered as defeat or giving up. we can do a little more. ' ' Joe Black (L to R) Dr. Samuel McClendon. Mr. Joe Black. Dr. Richard Williams .( W tiB Dewey Knight. Assistant County Manager 28 Special Events Shirley Horn, widely regarded as perhaps the greatest jazz vocalist ever, performed in con- cert in the Teaching Auditorium at Florida Memorial College. Her appearance was part of the on-going James Weldon Johnson lecture Black Artist Series at Florida Memorial College under the auspices of the Center for Community Change. Shirley Horn began her versatile musical ca- reer at the early age of 1 4 performing classical and jazz renditions in family restaurants. Her musical career accelerated in the early ' 60 ' s during her association with jazz great Miles Davis. She has also teamed up with the likes of Duke Ellington and Quincy Jones. Shirley Horn, who is well known to audiences throughout Europe where she tours annually, has received excellent reviews from interna- tional and national music critics. " With entertainment such as Shirley Horn, a singer of worldwide renown and broad appeal, the Lecture Artist Series will enable the Col- lege to acquaint visitors and residents of the community with its academic and professional curricula and with its main campus, " said Dr. Willie C. Robinson, President of Florida Memorial College. Special Events 29 Y i HONORS Billy Davis. Jr.. National singing sensation entertains crowd at Honors Banquet. 30 Special Events BANQUET iCstep % 000M 3694 " ' 10375 any received by Dr. McClendon (center) at Honors Banquet. Francina Thomas. Local Television Radio personality served as Mis- tress of Ceremonies Special Events 3 I FOUNDER ' S DAY 85 ' " The annual Founders ' Day observance is an important time (or the College Family to remember our wonderful heritage and the sacrifices often taken for granted. The value, usefulness and strength of institutions largely depends upon the character and nature of the founders thereof. It is. therefore, fitting thai we pause here to give remembrance to the founders of this institution, as dedicated pioneers whose vision and valor shaped the beginning of this great institution. One hundered and six years ago. a group of God-fearing and liberty-loving men and women of African descent with the support of missionaries and their resources, prompted by the prevail ing spirit of the times and inspired by the teaching and precepts of God ' s revealed word, formed an institu- tion of humble beginnings and modest pretentions. The buildings and the thousands of graduates of the College are the monuments which validate the trust and personal qualities of the founders and serve as testimonies for those of us who have the responsibility for this legacy — that their courage faith and hope yet live today. " Mr. Melvin Bradley. Special Assistant to President Reagan, gave Founder ' s Day address r,V niiSBBIBBB!iiii ' ' ? FOUNDERS ' TRIBUTE We remember Rev. J.N. Stokes. Sr. who. in 1871, offered a resolu- tion to the Florida Bethlehem Baptist Association calling for the solicitation of funds to draw up plans for the formation of a College of Instruction for Ministers and Children. The resolution was unani- mously adopted. We remember Rev. J.L. Fish who. in 1879. served as the President of the newly formed Florida Baptist Institute. We remember Rev. Dr. Matthew Gilbert who founded Florida Bap- tist Academy at Jacksonville. Florida in 1893. We remember Rev. J.T. Brown who was a devoted founding worker at the Live Oak. Florida Campus and who served as second Presi- dent at the Jacksonville Campus. We remember Mrs. Sarah A. Blocker who was an instructor at the Live Oak campus and the Chief Assistant to the Rev. Dr. Matthew Gilbert in establishing the Florida Baptist Academy at Jacksonville. Florida. i From the humble beginning of Florida Baptist Institute at Live Oak. Florida and Florida Baptist Academy at Jacksonville. Florida, came these founding persons whose vision and insight led us to where we stand now as crusaders for and promoters of Christian princi- ples, academic excellence, and service to humanity. 32 Special Events l!% Homecoming 3 3 34 Homecom; Homecoming 35 TIME FOR A COOL HANGE! 36 Homecoming Homecoming 37 Sandra LaKay Weatherspoon. the daughter of Mr. Willie J. Weatherspoon and Mrs. Nellie B. Weath- erspoon. A native Miamian having completed her high school educational experience at Miami Southridge Senior High, she chose in 1981 to fur- ther her studies at Florida Memorial College. A senior majoring in music with a minor in Elemen- tary Education. Miss Weatherspoon reigns as Miss. Florida Me- morial College for 1984-85. The many accomplish- ments and achievements by this special lady have been acquired through her active participation in church, and school activities. The Honors Program has benefited by her presence along with Alpha Kappa Alpha, the F.M.C. Ambassador Chorale, the 1981-83 Varsity Cheerleaders and the F.M.C. Touch of Class. Her church affiliation includes membership at Bethel Baptists Church and Choir Director of Triumph Universal Church in Christ. Reigning as a queen is not new to Sandra for this trend toward royalty started in senior high school and she also participated in the 1984 Miss Afro American Pageant. Miss Weatherspoon plans to pursue a masters degree in Musical Therapy upon her conclusion at Florida Memorial College. 38 Homecoming Antionette Joycclyn Culmer William McCormick Antionette is a native of the beautiful island-Nassau, Bahamas. She ' s a senior majoring in Business Admin- istration with emphasis on Accounting. Ann ' s future endeavor is to be a very successful career person. William is from Pellham, Georgia. He ' s a sophomore majoring in Public Administration. He has been the President of his freshmen and Sophomore class. Wil- liam wants to be a Lawyer one day. William and Antionette accepting trophies at the Homecoming game. Homecoming 39 M ' TUME IN CONCERT Originating from New Jer- sey, in only two years they have risen to nation-wide acclaim, with such hits as " You, Me He, " and " Juicy Fruit " while inspiring hits for such world-wide ac- claimed singers as Roberta Flack and Phyllis Hyman. Mr. James M ' tume, produ- cer and originator of the band says " M ' tume repre- sents a culture and a devel- opment of music not only moving but inspiring called Synthetic Funk. " Through this new introduction of music they have been able to move and touch the souls of many people as exper- ienced by the students of Florida Memorial College. L-R: Mtume, Tawatha Agee, Phillip Fields, Raymond Jackson 40 Homecoming Homecoming 41 ' • It 1 ' •-••••4 ' " .-4 .-:.,; v » : - - • - ; p 1 J B O N F I R E 42 Homecoming Homecoming 43 HALF-TIME ALUMNI AWARDS, Presentation 1, CHOft 1 Co k Mrs. A.C. Robinson receives a special plaque in memory of the late Dr. A.C. Robinson, former Athletic Director 44 Homecoming FMC CONCERT BAND Homecoming 45 I wish someone would throw me the ball. The prophet says. " Things comes to those who wait. " 46 Homecoming The Homecoming game was one of the most exciting games played this year. The Warriors with a 25-2 re- cord, entered the game as sol- id favorites and led the entire game until the final seconds. A steal and basket by Pat Rele- ford allowed the Lions to roar back with a victorious score of 77-75. Homecoming 47 48 Homecoming IB L VARSITY Basketball (Men, Women) INTRAMURAL B asketball Football Track Bowling Volleyball Swimming J Sports 49 1984-85 LIONS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ROSTER Anderson. Richard ' Bellinger, Kenny Frater. Wesley Hagan. William Joiner. George Juluke. Todd Kearse. Horace Martinez. Dino Nicholas. Craig ' O ' Connor. Ripoll Releford. Patrick Summeraur. Rodney Taft. Anthony 6 ' 5 ' 6 ' 0 ' 6 ' 3 ' 6-4 ' 6 ' 4 ' 6 2 ' 6 ' 0 " 6 ' 5 " 6 ' 2 " 6 ' 3 " 6 ' 5 " 6 ' 2 " 6 ' 2 " 175 150 190 180 180 170 155 180 180 170 210 170 190 Athletic Director: Samuel E. Lindsay Captains: Belle Glade. FL Miami. FL San Francisco. CA Ft. Myers. FL Hastings. FL New Orleans. LA Ft. Myers. FL New Orleans. LA New Orleans. LA New Orleands. LA New Orleans. LA Atlanta. GA Homestead. FL ilades Central Aiami Killian Sr. 1iami Central Cape Coral Sr. Hastings Sr. St. Agustine Sr. Cape Coral Sr. Warren Eastern J.S. Clark Sr. Booker T. Sr. Booker T. Sr. Central Gwinnett Homestead Sr. Head Coach: Alfred Parker 1984-85 LIONS ' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 20 15 2 2I 44 I TEAM ROSTER 10 Darnell Landry 14 Karlton Johnson 22 Vince Ashley 23 Joe Addison 24 Rodney Woodberry Martye Benjamin 20 Tony Gerard 15 Edgar Chapman 42 Ronnie Doss 21 Jon Daughtery 44 Rafael Sean Futch 4 Charles Lee 50 Sports 1984-85 LIONETTES VARSITY BASKETBALL Nadine Hampton. Center Junior. Orlando Brenda Jackson. Guard Freshman. Newark. N.J. Patrice Matchett, Guard Senior. Miami Mr. Kenneth Marshall. Head Coach Lynn Elridge. Forward Junior. Deland Roshanda McMillian. Guard Junior. West Palm Beach Ruby Riley. Guard Sophomore, St. Augustine Sports 51 1984-85 LIONS ' BASEBALL TEAM Richard Anderson — Pitcher — Clewiston. Fl. Rascoe Jones — 1st base — Pellham. Ga. Rohan Cameron — 2nd base — St. Thomas. Rudolph Nesbitt — 3rd base — St. Croix. Christopher Taylor — Shortstop — Jacksonville. Derrick Clayton — Outfield — Miami. Anthony Lane — Outfield — Miami. Frederick Wilson — Outfield — Pellham. Ga. Ronald Schneider — Pitcher — St. Croix. William McCormick — Catcher — Pellham. Ga. 1984-85 LIONS TRACK TEAM Addison, Joe Benjamin. Martye Bonifield. Gregory Brown. Rickey Kendrick. Marvin Mitchell. Charles Richardson. David Wilson, Fredrick D. 52 Sports WF? 1 H 11 i l| B2L — Jfl Athletic Achieveme nt Awards present- ed to Florida Memorial College out- standing athletes during Honors Awards Day ceremony. Sports 53 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL S CM PRIME HALL Mrs. Charlotte Johnson Dorm Counselor ■Sara 56 Residence Halls GOODE HALL Mrs. Carrie Saint-Lot Dorm Counselor Mrs. Audrey Shelton Nurse Mrs. Berniece Anderson Dorm Counselor Residence Hall 57 DUO HALL Rev. Arthur Jordan Dorm Counselor 58 Residence Halls fcV c I Representatives to PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council is a body of representatives from each of the seven Black Greek fraternities and sororities. The purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to formulate a smooth running unit between the seven fraternities and sororities which will enhance the school as well as the individual organizations which comprise the Pan-Hellenic Council. Z$B tvt ; J£ •A i, Kin Left to Right: William McCormick. Jeff .Lozama. Gregory Ashley, Danny Milton. Charles Henry, Victor Atkins, Fitzroy Lewis " BROTHERS OF THE EVERLASTING LIGHT Gregory Ashley — Dean of Pledgees Victor Atkins — Secretary Christopher Clark — Historian Charles Henry — Vice President Fitzroy Lewis — Treasurer Jeff Lozama — Education Director William McCormick — Editor to Sphinx Kermit McCray — Sargeant-At-Arms Danny Milton — President Renard Dowdell — On Campus Advisor Dr. Alfred A. Pinkston — On Campus Advisor Milton Moore — Off Campus Advisor GRADUATE BROTHERS Dr. Willie C. Robinson Dr. Thomas Craft Mr. Robert Grant Dr. William Sullivan Coach Alfred Parker Mr. Roosevelt Williams Mr. Phillip Cooper Mr. Renard Dowdell Mr. K.V. Rao Dr. Alfred Pinkston Rev. Jefferson P. Rogers Mr. Robert Branch Coach Robert Smith Mr. Daniel Kean Reverend James Lovett Danny Milton B.K.A. EGYPTIAN LOVER " 62 Greek Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity holds the distinc- tion of being the first Black Fraternity orga- nized in the United States. In 1906, on the campus of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, amidst much racial discrimination, sev- eral Black young men met late into the nights deliberating their future. The gist of these meetings was to discover means of promoting the welfare of each other and inspiring each other to the pursuit of academic excellence and achievement. Out of this meeting was to emerge Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. We still operate on the concepts of " Manly Deeds, Scholarship and Love for all mankind " as was the ideals con- ceived by our seven founders. Today, Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha cover vir- tually every area of the professional world and are found in nearly every major city, and on most college campuses. In addition to this, chapters are located in Jamaica, the Bahamas, England, Europe, and West Indies, Canada and Africa. The Delta Psi Chapter, located on the campus of Florida Memorial College, was founded in 1954 by the then President of the College, Brother Royal Puryear. Aspiring members to our organization must be above average in scho lastics and possess finer qualities of man- hood and leadership abilities. Greeks 63 On November 17, 1 9 1 | . at Howard University, Washing- ton, D.C. the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded by three men. Brothers Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, and Frank Coleman, in company with Professor Ernest E. Just. These four men, having thoroughly gone over the situation, saw keenly the necessity of such a movement and decided to plant the first or " Mother " Chapter of a Greek Letter. The principles upon which this fraternity is based are set forth in the four words: " Manhood, Schol- arship, Perseverence and Uplift " . The fraternity aims to emphasize Christian Manhood and scholarship attain- ments. Mad Dog — Charles Mcknight — Basileus Atomic Dog — Parish Taylor — V. Basileus Smooth Dog — Dexter Foster — Keeper of records and I V9 Diamond Dog — Ivan Thompson — Keeper of Finance 64 Greeks KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY EPSILON MU CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was founded January 5, 1911 on the cam- pus of Indiana University in Blooming- ton, Indiana. Today you can find chap- ters of this fraternity in every state. Epsilon Mu Chapter was founded on the campus of Florida Memorial Col- lege on April 1 5, 1966 in St. Augustine Florida. This chapter was transfered to our present location in Miami in 1968. Brothers of Epsilon Mu Chapter Obadiah K. Twiggs Jr. — Madison, Florida — Fall 83 Kelvin E. Williams — Detroit, Michi- gan — Fall 83 Adolphos A. Moffit — Miami, Florida — Fall 83 Henry Danzy — Miami, Alumni Chap- ter — Advisor Spring 1985 Scrollers Dexter Harris Edward Hooper Martin Dixon Greeks 65 THE BROTHERS OF THE DOVE MEMBERS President — Jeffrey Budd Vice President — Mark Jenkins Treasurer — Benjamin Kyler Secretary — Darryl E. Washington Chaplain — Rotative Business Manager — Baron Hampton Dean Of Pledgees — Darryl E. Washington On Campus Advisor — Dr. Samuel McClendon Off Campus Advisor — Ray Smith " A Gentleman ' s Fraternity " Phi Beta Sigma was founded by a group of three distinguished gentlemen on the campus of Howard University on January 9. 1914 these gentlemen were the honorable Leonard F. Morse, A. Langston Taylor, and Charles J. Brown. The chapter here on Florida Memorial Col- lege ' s campus was founded by Dr. Von D. Mizell Sr. of Ft. Lauderdale. Florida. Our purpose on this campus: To instill in young college men what it is like to be a man. To help those who have no one else to lean on. To Create pride and brother- hood in all man, regardless of race, creed or color. 66 Greeks Delta Eta Chapter On January 15, 1908. on the campus of Howard University, a group of beautiful, intelligent young women initiated the first greek-letter sorority for Black women in America. " ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INCORPORATED " This organization consists of young ladies whose purpose is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to maintain a progressive interest in college life and it ' s chief aim is: " SERVICE TO ALL MANKIND " Members Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Delta Eta Chapter Advisor — Ms. Renee Forbes Gina Austin Sabrena Blue Jackie Dunbar Carla Lee Yolanda McCoy " Annabelle Moss Belinda Murvin " Debra Pickens Carla Poitier Cassandra Stroy Jackie Moore Veree Twiggs Sandra Weatherspoon •Brenda Wilson Eleanor Wilson Lynn Williams Greeks 67 _ . A i l 3j| ' if 1 M HFfST fa V .Al ' • S- w " CM •AT 7 c - v • - __ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University, Washington, D.C. on January 13, 1913. The Zeta Tau Chapter was established on September 9, 1969, with eleven charter members. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is in- telligence is the Torch of Wisdom. " This motto is an integral part of every Delta ' s life. 68 Greeks Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, And Sisterly Love ' Take it from true Greeks: " Quantity can never outweigh Quality " ! We might seem small in number, but, we are big, strong, and so very fine in character. Remember: You got it from the true Greeks ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY. INC. We have the only " true " fam- ily. Our awesome brothers are the Phi Beta Sigma ' s. (TOP FRAT) Members Ellaneese Love — President Linda Ward — Vice President Victoria Henry — Secretary Stephani Bacon — Treasurer Tammara Shareperson On Campus Sponsor Advisor — Wendolyn Jones Off Campus Advisor — Doris Isaac Greeks 69 m 70 Organizations Organizations 71 (L-R) j ETOfcJDA SHEPARD, ROXANE MCMORR1S, LASHAWN ARBUCKLE The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Incorporated, realize and acknowledge the admiration, devotion and commitment towards our organization of those individuals who for reasons of gender are unable to be included in our membership. Therefore, the fraternity established the Alpha Angels Club. These ladies assist with the coordination and imple- mentation of activities sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha. They assist in such tasks required for the benefit and well being of Alpha Phi Alpha. Their efforts positively complement the gentlemanly qualities of the men of Alpha. rV MEN INTERESTED IN A.K.A. M.I.A.K.A. The organization (M.I. A.K.A.) was founded for the pur- pose of assisting the pledgees of Alpha Kappa Alpha and the organization as a whole. The M.I.A.K.A. ' s are men of high intellect and a keen sense of determination. " M.I. A.K.A. is an organization where brotherhood lives and thrives. " Sitting (L-R): William McCormick. Serge Jean. William Brown Standing: Michael Bullard 72 Organizations ' KAPTAVATING LADIES OF FMC KAPTAVATING LADIES OF KAPPA KOURT is a Sweetheart Klub for the Brothers of KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY. The young ladies in the KAPPA KOURT KLUB assist with and help the brother of KAPPA ALPHA PSI IN ANY GIVEN TASK THAT IS GIVEN TO THEM. MS. KAPPA ALPHA PSI VETTA MOTTEN MS. PHI NU PI WANDA WALKER MS. KAPPA KOURT TERESA BURROUGH THE KAPTAVATING LADIES OF KAPPA KOURT VALARIE JONES DEBBIE NEAL TERESA BURROUGH VERONICA MOORE CYNTHIA POWELL WANDA WALKER VETTA MOTTEN ANGELIA HENDERSON KIMBERLYNN KEMP S d H SIGMA STARS MEMBERS FRONT ROW (L-R): Michelle Wash- ington, Anica Hillsman, Allison Ed- gerton. Deloris Brown, Priscilla Chap- pie. Denise Moore, Sheila Boles BACK ROW (L-R): Pam Johnson, So- nya Tucker, Debohra Edwards, Me- lonee Early, Arlene McDuffey, Lynal Lawson, Cynthia Scott Organization 73 THE PHIETTE ' S OF FMC " The Phi-ettes are a group of dignified and sophisticated young ladies. They are the sweethearts of the fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega. They were founded on the campus of Florida Memorial College in the year 1977 on March I, by three intellectual young ladies. The Phi-ettes on campus are as follows: Cynthia Abrams — President Robin Smith — Vice President Donna Patterson Sonya Martin Alison McClendon — Secretary Sharon Harris Traci McFarley Sauni Bonner Deidra McClendon Tiffany Franklin Barbara Bradham — Chaplain Antuanette Bellamy — Treasurer Remelda Knowles Eula McPhee Left to Right Front Row: Sonya Martin. Allison McClendon. Donna Patterson Top Row: Robin Smith. Cynthia Abrams, Camela Bouey. Sharon Harris " WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE!!!! " The purpose of the QUE-ESSENCE ORGANIZATION and the OYSTER CLUBS is mainly to assist the members of OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY and the Lamp Clubs in all projects, fund raisers and all other community and campus activities. W U 2 UJ ) UJ i UJ p o HH jj Q-ESSENSE MEMBERS PRESIDENT ALETHIA HANKS VICE-PRESIDENT VALARIE DAVENPORT SECRETARY JUNE TARVER TREASURER SHARON WATSON BUSINESS MANAGER STEPHANIE SPRADLEY LOUISE BELL RHOSHAUNDA MCMILLIAN 94 Organizations " UN PEU D ' ELEGANCE ' The newly arranged French Club aims to expose its members to French culture through trips, projects, and presentations. Designed to enlighten one ' s knowledge and interest beyond the classroom atmosphere, the French Club also teaches students about the importance of cooperation among individuals in a group setting. OFFICERS Miss Yannick Verdier — Advisor Miss Dawn Walker — President Miss Patricia Thompson — Vice-President Miss Beverly Bryant — Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Serge Jean Karla Davis Ripoll O ' Connor Brad Mattair Roxanne McMorris Priscilla Chappie Charles Bradford Kevin Dailey Dexter Harris H X tn m Z n X n c w Left to Right: Front Row: Michael Bullard. Patricia Thompson. Ervin Dean. Delcampo Moss Back Row: Carolyn Roberts. Randy Mackey. Antionette Culmer FORWARD UPWARD ONWARD TOGETHER We the members of the Bahamian Connection are striving to promote a better union among all students, to enhance the rich culture, heritage, to display brotherhood and sisterhood in order to bring about a strong unit in all. Organizations 75 Florida Memorial College participates in the Air Force commissioning program in cooperation with the Univer- sity of Miami. Students have an opportunity to seek careers in the military service upon graduation. 76 Organizations CHOIR MEMBERS .James Windom — Director Judith Ali — Tenor Stefani Bacon — Tenor Tonya Barney — Alto Allison Bell — Soprano Wanda Billings — Alto William Brown — Tenor Sandra Bryant — Alto Priscilla Chappie — Alto Faye Davis — Alto Karlie Davis — Alto Larry Driver — Bass Constance Friday — Alto Minnie Glass — Soprano Mary Graham — Soprano Cleodoria Green — Alto Anthony Greenwood — Bass Gerald Hankerson — Bass Sharell Hayes — Soprano Jeremy Hensly — Organist Anica D. Hillsman — Soprano Octavia Home — Alto Charles Johnson — Tenor Pamala Johnson — Soprano Sonya Johnson — Alto — President Jacquelyn Jones — Alto Tara V. Jones — Tenor Valaria Jones — Soprano Anthony Lamar — Tenor Valaria Jones — Soprano Anthony Lamar — Tenor Jemilla Lowe — Soprano Edward D. McClain — Tenor Don McCree — Bass Allen Miller — Tenor Charles Mitchell — Bass Denise D. Moore — Alto Patricia Musgrove — Alto Priscilla Musgrove — Alto Edrena Newell — Alto Terrence Oliver — Tenor Freddie Peterkin — Tenor Darwin L. Randolph — Tenor Emma M. Reynolds — Alto Daniel Roberts — Bass Sylvester Robinson — Tenor Cynthia Scott — Alto Delonda Shepherd — Alto Karan Silvie — Soprano Reuben Skanklin — Tenor Latonja Smith — Alto Sam Sweet — Bass Michelle Taylor — Alto Yvette Thomas — Soprano Michelle Washington — Alto Ellisa Waiter — Soprano Jacqulyn Williams — Soprano James Williams — Bass Jacquelyn Townsen — Soprano Vice President Steven King Benjamin Carrol — Tenor Keith Dickerson — Tenor Zandra Tatum — Soprano Timothy Atki ns — Drummer Rickey Miller — Pianist Patricia Majors — Drummer Kurt Lee — Drummer GOSPEL CHOIR PLEDGE I must live with myself and so, I want to be fit for myself to know I don ' t ever want to come to the setting sun hating myself For the things I have and have not done. Organizations 77 MAm Esquire was founded November 4, 1955 by Dr. James C. Nelson. The organization here at Florida Memorial College campus was established in the Fall of 1982. This service organization ' s purpose is to earn the respect of their colleagues, the col- lege staff and faculty by services they render to the college and community. By their exemplary conduct they also seek to serve the community by using their talents and skills in the area of social work and social programs. MEMBERS Business Manager Keith Jenkins Secretary Roger Washington Treasurer Vince Jenkins Chaplain Reginald L. Offord Dean of 1 ' ledgees James Jones Advisor Ronald Hayes During 1984-85 the Esquire Service Or- ganization has sponsored numerous events for the college family. The organi- zation plans to continue their support to create a better student, faculty relation- ship. ' 8 Organizations The Jewels Of Esquire The Jewels of Esquire were formed in the Spring of 1985. The Jewels give help to the Brothers of Esquire at their activities. The Jewels are the sweethearts of the Es- quires. They help in related activities, such as sales and pledging. ftl O c tn on H Esquire Sweethearts L-R, sitting: Karla Lyons. Ngina Muhammad L- R standing: Audrey L. McKenzie. Denise Moore. Lasonya Leonard. Rhonda Hammond. Advisor THE PINK CONNECTION OF F.M.C " K$P EXOTIC CITY CHAPTER, was founded in October 1 984 right here at Florida Memorial College. It was started as an offspring of the Festival of The Performing Arts. The Festival of Performing Arts is a Dance Troupe that performs on our campus and around Miami. Both organizations were started by a student by the name of Kinky Pink — (Jill Folmar). to fill a void in social and cultural entertainment on this campus. K f P is a Coed Social Organization that promotes friendship, togetherness and provides social outlets for campus students. MEMBERS Tara Askew Sonya Tucker Shern Uncles Toni Williams George Lyons Alison McClendon John Lovett Tony Broxton Melonne Early Bridgette Pender ' Jerome Benton Trince Tim Akins Jana Tullis Ros Washington Monthea Maitland Toni McAllister Garrick Young John Harwell Tiffany Franklin Katrina Johnson ' Christopher Clark Jelly Bean Johnson Roger Nelson ( ) — HONORARY Organizations 79 THE AMBASSADOR CHORALE The Florida Memorial College Ambassador Chorale was organized nine years ago, under the direction of Mr. Roosevelt Williams. The Chorale is made up of forty singers, who were selected by audition. During the past eight years, this group has performed in various cities in the State of Florida and the Northeastern United States. Its repertoire includes a wide variety of music covering different periods and styles. The Chorale is a young group still in the process of growing, but dedicated to reaching the hearts of others through their music. Roosevelt Williams, Conductor . . . Leofric Thomas, Student Conductor Wayne Robinson, Accompanist Brenda Wilson. President SOPRANOS CONTRALTOS Bradham. Barbara Pahokee. FL Cole. Robin Orlando. FL Culmer. Antionette Nassau. Bahamas Douglas. Margery Hawthorne. FL Francis. Audrey Pompano Beach. FL Hill, Katricia Jacksonville. FL ' Jones, Sherry Jacksonville. FL Pickens. Debra Riviera Beach, FL Powell. Leslie Riviera Beach. FL Smith. Tonya Miami, FL Weatherspoons, Sandra Miami, FL Wilson, Eleanor Tampa. FL TENORS Ashley. Greg Jacksonville, FL Bullard. Michael Nassau. Bahamas Cooper. Tramelle Miami, FL Davis. Irvin Miami, FL Dixon. Leslie Carol City. FL Jenkins. Mark West Palm Beach. FL Lonnie, Brian Chicago. IL ' Thomas, Leofric Jacksonville, FL Berry. Sonya Jacksonville. FL Blue. Sabrena Riviera Beach. FL Dixon. Candie Vero Beach. FL Dunn, Tracey Orlando. FL Moore, Veronica Orlando. FL Robinson. Sharon Orlando. FL Taylor. Jackie Miami. FL Walker. Joann Pensacola. FL ' Wilson. Brenda Orlando. FL Wilson. Toni Jacksonville. FL BASSES Allen. Isaac Jacksonville. FL ' Battle. Jerome Jacksonville. FL Green. Anthony Jacksonville, FL Hampton, Baron Jacksonville, FL Mincey, Daryl Jacksonville. FL Robinson, Jerome Jacksonville. FL Washington. Daryl San Bernadino. CA ' Section Leader 80 Organizations The following students received the honor of being inducted into Alpha Kappa Mu the National Honor Society. ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY ALPHA PHI CHAPTER On Thursday evening March 7, 1985, the National Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu inducted into its membership 20 of Florida Me- morial College outstanding students. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society is a general scholarship honor society open to junior and senior men and women in all academic areas. It was founded at Tennessee A S I State College in Nashville on November 26, 1937. Alpha Kappa Mu was admitted to membership in the Association of College Honor Societies in 1952, and was incorporated on Sep- tember 7, 1977, under the laws of the State of South Carolina. The purpose of the Society shall be to promote high scholarship; to encourage sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service; to cultivate a high order of personal living; and to develop an appreciation for scholarly work and scholarly endeavor in others. Only seniors and juniors who are in the upper ten percent ( 1 0%) of their class shall be eligible for active membership. Membership is regarded as permanent except for grave cause. Active members, upon graduation, may retain membership in their chapter or transfer their membership to some other chapter as long as they are in good standing. No person otherwise qualified shall be denied membership in Alpha Kappa Mu because of race, religion, or sex. Gina Austin — Vice-President Marguerita Byrd Irvin Davis Sharon Kemp — Treasurer Keith Patrick — President Anthony Reaves Deanne Stephens Beverly Mathis Calayn Derrico — Secretary Patricia Mayo Christopher Briggs Gena Cox Bridgette Holford Yolanda McCoy Philip Peters Leonard Ruan Bruce Tooks Shawn Welch Fidelis Ezewike Danny Milton Advisor — Mrs. Sandra T. Thompson Organizations SI B w F i 1 i f K 1 w PHhh hHI | 1 1 ■ ! ' ' - ' k i : " ajPP ' ri ■ vT W Ml ■ m ■ IB ADEGBAYI, ADEBAYO F. B.S. MANAGEMENT ADEYEMI, SAMSON O. R S TRANSPORTATION ALLISON, SUZETTE B.S. ACCOUNTING Magna Cum Laude AL-SAQRAN, MESHAL B.A. ART ARGUELLES, CESAR B.S. ACCOUNTING Cum Laude ARIAS, FRANCISCA B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Magna Cum Laude 84 Seniors ATKINS, CONNIE D. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE AUSTIN, GINA M. B.S. MANAGEMENT BENCOMO, PEDRO J. B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE BLACKMAN, SHEREA M. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE BRICOURT, STEPHANIE J. CABANAS, MAYRA B. B.S. DATA B.S. MANAGEMENT PROCESSING Magna Cum Laude Seniors 85 CARTWRIGHT, LISHA D. CHAMBERS, JAMES B.S. MANAGEMENT B.A. SOCIOLOGY Magna Cum Laude COX, GENA L. B.S. COMMUNITY — CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Summa Cum Laude CRAWFORD, BETTYE J. DAGER, ELENA B.S. DATA B.S. URBAN SERVICES PROCESSING DAVENPORT, VALARIE B.S. MANAGEMENT 86 Seniors WIS, IRVIN JR. DAY, MARION E. DIAZ, JUAN M B.S. MUSIC B.A. CRIMINAL B.S. URBAN EDUCATION JUSTICE PLANNING DIXON, LESLIE E. B.S. MATHEMATICS FINNEY, ALFRED B.S. ACCOUNTING GIBSON, MAXINE D. B.S. MANAGEMENT Seniors 87 GOMEZ, BARBARA B.S. ACCOUNTING GRAY, EARLEAN B.S. MANAGEMENT GREER, TEE S. Ill B.S. RELIGION HAROLD, SANDRA T. B.A. SOCIOLOGY HENFIELD, SELMA B.S. MANAGEMENT HILL, TERRELL L. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE 58 Seniors HOOD, RHEDA N. B.S. URBAN SERVICES HUBBARD, ROBERT B.S. MANAGEMENT IGBINOBA, PATIENCE O. B.S. MANAGEMENT JENKINS, CARLOS L. B.S. MANAGEMENT JONES, MARIAN Y. B.S. ACCOUNTING KELLY, GWENDELL L. B.S. URBAN SERVICES Seniors 89 KEMP, SHARON L. B.S. ACCOUNTING McARTHUR, CYRUS J. B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION McCOY, YOLANDA M. B.S. COMMUNITY- CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY McDANIEL, LEONARD C B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MADRID, CARLOS A. B.S. ACCOUNTING MAPLE, CELESTINE B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE 90 Seniors MASSIE, TESSIE B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE MATHIS, BEVERLY A. MILLER, EVANGELINE E. B.A. ENGLISH B.S. BIOLOGY MITCHELL, MARY B.S. COMMUNITY- CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY MITCHELL, RICARDO B.S. MATHEMATICS MOMEN, GHOLAMREZA B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADUATION CEREMONY I III .|ll7l UrCI • BBtubo - cap Sum )Mft I Graduating Seniors receive candle light from President Robinson during consecration services. Consecration Services The 1985 commencement celebration included the first Consecration Service for Graduating Seniors. Highlight- ing the evening dedication ser- vice was a candle lighting ceremony and march from the Susie C. Holley Religious Cen- ter to the campus lagoon. The ceremony was followed by the President ' s Reception for graduating seniors and their families. " As graduates of this institution, the temptation to passive self-pity is bound to increase in your new world. Do not let self-pity sap your energy or sour the spirit which the challenge of your time will require. " President Robinson Seniors 93 MONTEALEGRE, EDGAR R. B.S. ACCOUNTING MORRISION, CATHERINE B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Magna Cum Laude MOSS, ANNABELLE B.S. ACCOUNTING MUNOZ, ANA B.S. ACCOUNTING MUNOZ, REINALDO C. B.S. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY MURVIN, BELINDA G. B.S. MANAGEMENT 94 Seniors OCHOA, MARIA C. B.S. ACCOUNTING Magna Cum Laude O ' CONNOR, RIPOLL B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE PADRON, LUISA B.S. SOCIAL SCIENCE PALMIERI, PABLO B.S. ACCOUNTING Magna Cum Laude PAREDES, RICHARD B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Magna Cum Laude PATRICK, KEITH L. B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Magna Cum Laude Seniors 95 PEREIRA, MINERVA B.S. MANAGEMENT Cum Laude PEREZ, ALINA M. B.S. COMMUNITY- CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Summa Cum Laude PETERS, PHILIP B.S. MANAGEMENT Magna Cum Laude PHILLIPS, TONYA C.V. B.S. URBAN SERVICES PIPKIN-MOORE, ANGELA E. B.S. MANAGEMENT POITIER, CARLA B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 96 Seniors POWELL, LESLIE C. B.S. ACCOUNTING QUISPE, HECTOR D. B.S. ACCOUNTING REAVES, ANTHONY B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE RICHARDSON, EARNESTINE B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION RIVERS, DOROTHY J. B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROBERTS, ANTONIO L. B.A. ART Seniors 97 RUAN, LEONARD B.S. BIOLOGY RODRIGUEZ, MARIA C. B.S. ACCOUNTING SILVA, CONDIDO B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE SILVA, LUCIA C. B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE SILVA, MARTA B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE SIRMONS, HARRIET B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 98 Seniors STEPHENS, DEANNE Magna Cum Laude THOMAS, ERIC B.S. MATHEMATICS THOMPSON, TYREE JR. B.S. SOCIAL STUDIES TOOKES, BRUCE E. B.A. CRIMINAL JUSTICE VAZQUEZ, GLADYS B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE WARD, LINDA B. B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Seniors 99 WILLIAMS, JACQULYN K. B.S. BIOLOGY WILLIAMS, LYNN R. B.S. MANAGEMENT WILSON, ELEANOR J. B.S. MANAGEMENT WOODARD, SHIRLEY B.S. MUSIC EDUCATION 100 Seniors Seniors Not Pictured Abimbola. Oladipo — B.S. Management Abrahante. Lina — B.S. Elementary Education Agboro, Augustine — B.S. Economics Akanoh. Daniel O. — B.S. Criminal Justice AL-Haila. Khaled K. — B.S. Management Allen. Isaac Morgan — B.S. Biology Arias. Carlos E. — B.S. Management Bell. Louise Juanita — B.S. Management Blount. Marshall L. — B.A. Criminal Justice Blue. Sabrena L. — B.A. Public Administration Bob-Manuel. Richard L. — B.S. Management - Laude Briggs. Christopher F. — B.A. Criminal Justice Burrows. Dennis R. — B.S. Management Byrd. Marguerite — B.A. Criminal Justice Carr. Randel K. — B.S. Management Carter. Charles E. — B.S. Management Cos. Debra E. — B.S. Management Costa. Jose M. — B.S. Mathematics Costa. Mirta — B.S. Economics Cruz. Odalys. R. — B.S. Biology Dallis, Leon C. — B.A. Public Administration Darling. Charles H. — B.S. Management Davenport. Charlie Lee — B.S. Management Dean. Alice M. — B.S. Music Education Digon. Benigno Jr. — B.S. Economics Eberhart. Yvonne P. — B.S. Management Egwuonwu. Emmanuel O. — B.A. Criminal Justice Elizondo. Jose M. — B.S. Management Emekekwue. Gladys N. — B.S. Management Ezewike. Fidelis J. — B.A. Public Administration Fisher. Cecil C. — B.S. Management Garrastacho. Raquel M. — B.S. Management — Magna Cum Laude Garrastacho. Toribio U. — B.S. Management Gomez. Franklin — B.A. Criminal Justice Gonzalvo. Manuel — B.S. Community Clinical Psychology Grace. Sharon E. — B.S. Elementary Education Heard. Lee G. — B.S. Data Processing Holford. Bridgette L. — B.S. Management Ikeaka. John I. — B.A. Criminal Justice Jackson, Crystyl — B.S. Secondary Education Kaloko. Sam K. — B.S. Management Lawrence. Otis J. — B.S. Criminal Justice Lee. Cynthia A. — B.S. Elementary Education Lundstrom, Silvia G. — B.S. Management — Summa Cum Laude Magarino. Deborah A. — B.S. Management Mayo. Edgardo J. — B.S. Biology McCullough. Sonya E. — B.S. Management Miralles. Francisco — B.S. Accounting Monzon, Feliz P. — B.S. Urban Services Cum Moore. Jacqueline D. — B.S. Management Moore. Veronica D. — B.S. Management Mourelle. Manuel J. — B.S. Accounting Ohayagha. Raphael E. — B.A. Public Administration Omodiagbe. Joseph E. — B.S. Biology Paul. Pequena L. — B.S. Community Clinical Psychology Peacock. Karen D. — B.S. Elementary Education Perry, Willie E. — B.S. Community Clinical Psychology Pickens. Debra R. — B.S. Mathematics Randell, Pamela F. — B.S. Elementary Education Releford, Patrick — B.S. Management Rivera, Lidia — B.S. Urban Services Robinson, Sharon L. — B.S. Management Sampson, Madeline — B.S. Elementary Education — Summa Cum Laude Sands. Sylvia A. — B.S. Elementary Education Seldon, Pearlina J. — B.A Religion Shaidat, lyabode O. — B.A. Public Administration Stephens. Deanne L. — B.A. Criminal Justice — Magna Cum Laude Taylor, Paris T. — B.S. Management Thomas. Leofric W. — B.S. Music Education Toney. Cassandra — B.A. Criminal Justice Valbrun. St. Luc — B.S. Data Processing Walters. Cordia D. — B.S. Management Weatherspoon. Sandra L. — B.S. Music Education White. James — B.S. Social Science Wilson. Betty J. — B.S. Management Wilson. Brenda — B.A. Public Administration Woodard, Shirley A. — B.S. Music Education " . ■ Undergraduates 103 CULMER, ANTIONETTE BULLARD, MICHAEL CASTRO, JOEL fe S gdp DUNBAR, JACQUELINE CLARK, CHRISTOPHER w I GILLESPIE, DENNIS JEAN, SERGE, ESQ. JENKINS, YVETTE JOACHIM, ERNST 1 04 Undergraduates JONES, SHERRY MILTON, DANNY L. W -1 " I LEE, KURT t fmt.-w MUSGROVE, PRISCILLA i MINCEY, DARRELL OKONKWO, CORNELIUS LIGHTBOURN, JONATHAN MOOLENAAR, ROXANNE PROVIDENCE, JASMINE Undergraduates 1 05 RICHARD, MARISKA RILEY, JOYCE STUART, SANDRA WASHINGTON, DARRYL E. 106 Undergraduates LITTLE HAITI CAMPUS Mrs. Lynette P. Wynn — Adjunct Instructor Sociology Mr. Bob Grant — Director Undergraduates 107 w K N D Dr. Ralph Hogges — Coordinator Weekend Evening Program N I N R O R M 1 08 Undergraduates £% BRADFORD, CHARLES mm ; LEWIS, LAWRENCE REYNOLDS, EMMA FOLMAR, JILL Mccormick, WILLIAM RUIZ, RUTH FUTCH, RAPHAEL MOTEN, VETTA THOMPSON, PATRICIA Undergraduates 109 HIALEAH CAMPUS Dr. Pedro Capote — Director Mrs. Ada Hernandez — Instructor Education Dr. Bruno Alvarez — As Cardenas — Instructor. Mr. William Tango R) I 10 Undergraduates SOUTH CAMPUS iate Director. Dr. Luis ,th »lish Instructor (L to Dr. Marie Valcarce — Associate Director (South) ■1 b ™ HJH KXL V ' yHBUflB IB i J P • (3rd from right) Mr. Jose Cartaya — English Instructor (Standing) Ms. Hilda Castrillo — Math Instructor Undergraduates 1 I I B D (L to R) Mr. Ed. Duffy, Mr. Al Crawford — Adjunct Professors. Mr. Bob Grant — Director M U I I li Undergraduates ALVAREZ, HUMBERTO Y BASCOMB, KIMBERLY BOUEY, CAMELA BANKHEAD, ANGELA BARNES, GREGORY DACRAS, MELETA BRYANT, BEVERLY CARROLL, BENJAMIN COOPER, TREMELLE CRAWFORD, GEORGE DAVIS, ERIC DEMPSEY, FRANK Undergraduates 1 I 3 f. f EVANS, CASSANDRA FOSTER, VERONICA t GREEN, ANTHONY t I LOVE, LIDA T 5 »; J ■ _ y- HILL, KATRICIA LUCAS, AVA I ) MILLER, ALLEN FULLER, ROSALYN l JOHNSON, SANDY MITCHELL, KENNETH I I4 Undergraduates MODESTE, CLARITA x PATTERSON, DONNA SHEPPARD, DELONDA TESTAMARK, CALVIN C up 1 I, MUHAMMAD, NGINA PHILLIP, BRIAN TAYLOR, RHONDA THOMPSON, DEANTHONY OLIVER, TERRENCE PROVIDENCE, FARAH TEAGUE, ANDRE WILSON, KIMBERLY Undergraduates 1 1 5 (left) Mrs. Velma Arnold — Adjunct Professor CITY LIBERTY t . (middle) Mr. Clifford Matthews — Adjunct Professor c A M P U s ■ Mr. Ed Duffy — Adjunct Professor I I6 Undergraduates (3rd from left) Mr. Oscar DeShields — Professor Business Mr. William Gordon Adjunct Professor Undergraduates 1 17 Mr. Henry Lewis — Adjunct Professor I I8 Undergraduates AIRWAY SCIENCE -Vat-. v The Airway Science at Florida Memorial College is designed for students who desire an aviation science education with a liberal arts foundation. Students in the Airway Science Pro- gram will receive a strong conceptual and technical founda- tion in mathematics, science, computer science and manage- ment in addition to a background in one of five areas of concentration. Students are then prepared to assume entry- level positions in a varie ty of aviation careers. The first four FMC students to enter in the Airway Science Program are pictured at the top from (L to R): Kelly A. Green, Darryl Washington, Carmen Rivera, Kevin Courtney, Dr. We- SOlowski (Director) Undergraduates 1 1 9 REGISTRATION DAY HOW EXCITING? Registration 121 TELECOMMUNICATIONS: RADIO T.V. a. Bk flr P IM ' ; rtf • - First Row (L-R) Ruth, Minnie. Joyce, Barbara. Professor Marilyn J. Ross; Back Row (L-R) Terrence. Jacqueline, Louis, Esther. Chris, William and Anthony. 22 During the 1984-85 school year, 29 FMC students participated in the Telecommunications Program Series. These students interested in the field of telecommunication, found within the context of Professor Marilyn J. Ross. Broadcasting classes the opportunity to learn first hand of the intricate working world of Radio and Television. Utilizing her 30 minutes Cable Educational Program " Feel- ings " , she introduced students to scriptwriting, media work- shops and production. The students were on-air as co-host and guests, as well as worked cameras, set-up lighting, prepared sets. On the campus the students enacted commercials, taped basketball games. FMC extravaganzas and chorale specials. COLLEGE FAMILY ART EXHIBIT The First Annual College Family Art Exhibit on April 8, 1985. featured recent works of art and photogra- phy by students, faculty, staff and administration of the Florida Me- morial College Family. The exhibit allows everyone to showcase their artistic talents in different mediums. Watch for next year ' s affairs to be more grand than this one. 124 Walk By Ernst Joachim Walk. my people walk, dance, my people dance, work, my people work, walk, work, dance, and chant your last spiritual negro song. your effort is not aimless, your souls is the rock in the ocean of beliefs, the trigonometry of power love, dream, dream my people, dream of Martin Luther King last dream wake-up, wake-up my people and glorify Malcolm X ' s vision in the American racism mainstream. dream, dream and stand-up for a new profile of the rat race dream and believe man is god. God, in the society irrational and fake dream and make believe dream my people, dream the last strategy of Toussaint Louverture. dream, dream your christianism, spiral christianism dream, dream, w A L K dream my people the last day of Peralte under the sky and struggle the grave yard and the colonisation the negativity of the exploitation the boots of the others outside the malediction of the soul and the rational Judaism dance my people, dance, but remember the time, time to be yourselves remember the hour, hour of change change for another word, the word of Jesus, MakoJm X and Langston Hugues dance my people, dance the reggae ot your soul, die jazz of your mind, the compas of your Mood, the christianism starry dance, dance but not too far from the Boulevard a child starve and die not too far from the justice house one of my race get kill not too far from th e reality, born the hypocrisy of a nation dance, walk. dream, tn4 kilt your fear dance my people because unity is the power key of the human progression, dance, walk, work and dream. 125 As for a new born baby life has just begun. As the child grows older life must still go on. As to a man, life is a cycle. But to all mankind, life is survival. 28 Student Life Student Life 1 29 130 Sludent Life Student Life I 3 1 ' " 2 1 p «l ' XOJSLJ 1 ■i ■M «V Student Life 1 33 34 Student Life Student Life I 35 YEARBOOK STAFF Reginald Offord — Editor In chief Gail Kelly — Copy Editor Audrey McKenzie — Business Manager Terrence Oliver — Photographer, Graphics, Layout Assistant George Bond — Photographer Rosalyn Fuller — Layout Assistant Timothy Atkins — Assistant Cassandra Evans — Assistant Copy Editor Vince Alexandra — Assistant Business Manager Sonya Tucker — Typist Sheila Johnson — Typist Farrah Providence — Typist Unethia Zanders — Typist Marc-Arthur Jean Louis — Assistant Editor, Photographer, Layout Editor, Yearbook Advisor Mrs. Rosemary Lewis — Proof Reader Mrs. Nadine Drew — Proof Reader The Yearbook Staff Would Like To Extend Special Thanks To Mr. Renard Dowdell And Mrs. Lorene Champion For Their Assistance moo s7« co1 eect

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