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THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH TABLE OF CONTENTS ' - ' bra . •« £« Introduction Dr. Robinson s Message Administration Faculty and Staff Divisions General Studies Education Humanities Social Science Natural Science and Mathematics Business Campus Queens Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Organizations Alpha Kappa Mu Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities Dean ' s List Greeks Sports Administrative A ssistants Activities Student Life Yearbook Staff THE ARCH 1983 VOLUME XXIX FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 15800 NORTHWEST 42nd AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA 33054 Library M «ml, Fla. 33054 FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE . . . CHANGING WITH THE TIMES ; ?Vr Rev. Weaver, Dr. Barbara Ricks, Mayor Ferrer, Dr. White- locke, and President Willie C. Robinson listen intently to proceedings of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for the new dorm. They came from far and near to witness CHANGE. " Who, Me? I ' ve Been Through Orientation already ' said Coach Smith. Rev. Kevin Dickerson and Rev. T.V. Wil- liams . .. Christian Student Union leaders, looking forward to reaching their goals for the future Caceia and Michelle . . . Stepping Into The Wonderful World Of Knowledge AS WE STEP INTO TOMORROW During a moment of meditation, Francis silently prays for a better to- morrow. CHANGING TIMES WITH A NEW LOOK A New Dorm Is Built To Accomodate Increased Enrollment " A Cause To Celebrate ' " Perhaps no single factor has improved the visibility, image and support of Florida Memorial College more than our campaign leadership. Organized two years ago, this group, led by General Chairman R. Ray Goode, president of the Babcock Company, embraced us openly, came into our family warmly, and endorsed our long-ranged planning admiringly. We asked them to join us, help us plan, and raise money. And they did. There is no way we can justly describe the magnitude of their confidence and support, nor our grat itude. Mr. Goode has fostered an overwhelm- ingly successful campaign, by attracting the very important venturesome partner- ship of the community. To date, the cam- paign has received $3,648,081.00 in pledged support with $3,229,621.00 al- ready in the kitty. " " . . . We are prayerfully confident that we will reach our goal. We are grateful for a community that has come to know us and to share its confidence by investing valuable dollars in our future. We believe there is nothing more important in improving our generation over another, than the job we do. Your gift to our campaign is a gift to the community we serve. " Willie C. Robinson President Dr. Robinson and Mr. Ray Goode, and College Chap- lain, Dr. Whitelocke. Dr. and Mrs. Robinson w Judge W. Ferguson ■fT Mayor Maurice Ferrer speaking at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Mrs. Amelia Houston, President of Progressive M E Convention and Mrs. Celestine Dixon, President of the Baptist General State Convention, Women ' s Auxiliary, join in the celebration. Herschell Palmer brings greetings from the student body. SIGNS OF THE TIMES . . . People working together to promote change Becoming aware of the world and its surroundings brings about change Listening and learning in order to initiate change. Position in life brings change. " Reading maketh a full man. " Involvement and Service •WP Mr. Charles Dai Fraternity with ley and Dean A. Chester Robi Helping To Make A Change. " Dr. Zola Sullivan, Florida International University Professor, shares a work and artifacts collected while on tour in Africa and Europe. Kevin Dickerson, a senior, presides over the Career Day Program. Mrs. Erma Williarr Career Placement Director, looks on approvingly. Metro Officers stand by to give informatio on Career Day, 1983. ng law enforcement Dr. Benjamin Isom, Psychologist; Mrs. Isaac, Upward Bound Program Coordinator; and Mrs. Anna Price, Guest Speaker, share the platform with Mrs. Erma Williams, Career Placement Director, as Kevin presents other representatives from the corporate community. THE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE I am very pleased to congratulate you on the occasion of your graduation from Florida Memorial College. You are a special class: your success during these past four years has been paralleled by the successes of the College during the same time. Nineteen Eighty Three marks your personal commencement; it also marks the commence- ment of the institution through which you have achieved your higher education goals. " Commencement " means beginning. It is a rite of passage, a time to begin again. We successfully complete one event in order to begin another. You have spent four important years of your life obtaining your bachelor ' s degree in order to begin a new venture: a career, additional education or new life roles. These four years may have been difficult; you may have encountered academic or financial or personal crises; but, you achieved. You realized your potential, and now you are prepared to create a new future for yourselves. The class of 1983 is particularly important to me, because your difficulties and achievements of the past four years are reflected by the institution as a whole. Florida Memorial College has experienced its own rite of passage. It, too, has realized difficulties, has had to draw on its potential, and now is in an era of achievement. Even though one hundred and four years old, the College is " commencing " , beginning again, just as you are. It is preparing to create a new future for itself, just as you are! You can be proud of Florida Memorial College ' s commencement as you are of your own. The institutional goals we set, when you entered the College, have all been met and surpassed. As we commencement together in 1983, the College has successfully responded to all recommendations of accreditation committees. It has launched and completed ahead of time its $3,365 million-dollar campaign fund, the most important fund-raising attempt in its long history. Three new buildings have been added to the main campus during your life here: the new College din- ing facility, a beautiful modern dormitory, and the Dr. Susie C. Holley Religious Educational Center, which includes the first chapel built by the College since relocating in Miami. You can also be proud of Florida Memorial College ' s commencement, as it has obtained a highly credentialed and gifted faculty: approximately 70% have doctoral degrees, surpassing our earlier goal of 65% to be achieved by the mid- 1 980 ' s. The College has established an important Honors Program to meet the needs of its specially gifted students. It has expanded its curriculum broadly and has created satellite and other campuses for a variety of students in the South Florida region. It has strengthened its main library with the accumulation of important holdings. And, significantly, it has raised funds to support its endowment program, creating a financial base for its future. Commencements, however, are never just individual accomplishments. Your successful commencement was supported by families, teachers and friends. The College ' s new beginnings in 1983 are also partly the result of oth- ers ' efforts. Mr. R. Ray Goode has provided outstanding leadership as Chairman of the College ' s Executive Committee and of the funds campaign; alumni of Florida Memorial are showing new commitments to the College; Baptist churches, clergy and laity have made Donation Day the important yearly milestone in the life of the institution; and, the private sector in South Florida is supporting this College continuously. " Commencement " is only possible with the commitments of others. The College has helped you achieve your new rite of passage just as it has been aided by these important persons and groups to achieve its own rite of passage. Again, congratulations to this special class on its graduation! As you and Florida Memorial College commence a new future, do not forget your past. Remember the institution that helped make your commencement possible and continue your commitment to it as it, too, creates a new future. Nineteen Eighty Three can be the year in which you and Florida Memorial College together begin a new beginning of achieving the goals of our historic educational heritage. BECAUSE SHE IS . . . Mrs. Willie C. Robinson, Beauty, Elegance, Enthusiasm Mrs. Willie C. Robinson, a part of the celebra building at Florida Memorial College n and dedication of Mrs. Willie C. Robinson, assists President Robinson in crowning Billye Thomp- son, Miss Homecoming 1982-1983 THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF DIRECTS CHANGE FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE THE PRESIDENT ' S CABINET DIRECTS CHANGE " Changing With The Times " Promotes Academic Excellence. " The Craftsman I have admired any skillful craftsman Whose mind retains the fabric of a dream. Dreamed in his youth, of labor ' s high perfection From which some new accomplishment might gleam: New use of tools which others long had handled, Their steel blades glittering beneath his hands That bridges and high climbing walls be safer, Because one skilled in labor understands. The vision of some possible invention To ease men ' s aching muscles and tense nerves, Regardless of the hours of endeavor Through which a dedicated workman serves. The seeking always for higher standard Of the completed tasks throughout his days. With ever for his aim, clean honest service . . . Truly this man deserves our heartfelt praise. . . . Grace Noll Crowell Dr. Willie C. Robinson, President Dr. Barbara Starling Ricks, Dean, Acad. Mrs. Mary Pierce, Fiscal Officer Dr. Thomas J. Craft, Sr. Director, Institutional Planning and Development Title III Coordina- Dr. A. Chester Robinson, Dean, Student Affairs THE PRESIDENTS CABINET ASSURES CHANGE THROUGH INVOLVEMENT President Robinson addresses students on " Family Dr. Ricks makes a presentation with much enthu- Night " as Mr. McEwen, Chairman of the Board at siasm. Burdines, observes with interest. Dr. Craft addresses his secretary, Ms. Jessie Green, as he scrutinizes a decision that will affect Title III personnel. Dean Robinson teaches that PRIDE AND COOPERA- TION are essential in " CHANGING WITH THE TIMES. " Dean Ricks shares in the Ribbon-Cutting ceremony for MESSAGES FROM THE DEANS OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Florida Memorial College is pleased and proud to count you as a part of the Florida Memorial College Family. It is our good pleasure and good fortune that you are now a key member of this total congregation of administration, faculty, staff and students and alumni who constitute Florida Memorial College. The College is a four-year, co-educational, Baptist- related institution accredited by the Southern Associ- ation of Colleges and Scho ols and approved by the Flor- ida State Department of Education. It is a member institution of the United Negro College Fund. It is my hope that your journey through this issue will be inspiring, and that you will note the college with a family and a religious spirit, a genuine welcome, and an educational program of excellence. Dr. A Chester Robinson Dean. Student Affairs Ascending is the key word that describes Florida Memorial College during the 1982- 83 academic year. With improved physical composition, we are better prepared to serve our most important clientage . . . our student body. The composition of our student body during this year of ascension appears to have the attributes of initiative, persever- ance, assiduity, and patience. This is won- derful because we need a student body pos- sessed by these qualities if Florida Memorial college is to continue onward to- ward true greatness. With a synthesis of our efforts, we will continue our growth in this positive direc- tion. Dean Robert Turner Assistant Dean, Student Affairs THE COMPREHENSIVE COUNSELING CENTER ' S STAFF PREPARES FOR CHANGE Florida Memorial College, with an en- rollment of approximately 1,500 students, offers comprehensive counseling services to its entire student population. Special op- portunities are provided to enhance student development. A highly qualified staff is available to offer guidance services to students in the areas of: Personal Counseling Academic Counseling Cooperative Education Group Dynamics Career Planning Employability Skills Job Placement Assessment and Evaluation Mrs. Erma Williams, Director, Student Personnel Ser- vices; Career Planning and Placement Director; Coordin- ator, Haitian Program Mrs. Dora Wright, Director, Compre- hensive Counseling Center; Coordina- tor, Cooperative Education Program; Yearbook Advisor Mrs. Sarah Hoo, Foreign Students ' Counselor; Advi- sor, Social Science Club; Instructor, Social Science All Staff Members Prepare To Meet The Challenges Of The Times Through Student Services . . . Dr. Benjamin Isom, Psychologist; Assistant Professor, Psycholo- gy; Director, Language Laboratory. Mr. Roscoe Warren, Director, Financial Aid Mr. Robert Branch, Director Admissions Ms. Linda Flagler, Assistant to The Director of Admis: Through The Establishment Of Goals . . . Mrs. Tomasina Scott, Program Specialist, Office of Financial Ms. Rhonda Hammond, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid It ' s an informal meeting with the President on " Family Night. " Mrs. Brenda Anderson, RN, College Nuise Through Self- Discipline . . . Mrs. Bernice Anderson, Counselor, Female Dor- Mr. William Bringier, Counselor, Male Dor- Mrs. Brenda Anderson, RN, College Nurse, At- mitories tending a student. i w I Mr. Jonathan Wooten, Security Officer Ms. Mary George, Resident Housekeeper Mrs. Kathleen Curtis, Resident Housekeeper Student Services Personnel Not Pictured Mr. Freddie Dixon, Counselor, Duo Dormitory Ms. Alice Pruitt, Counselor, Female Dormitories Ms. Exerdell Tillman, Counselor, Female Dormitories Ms. Audrey Shelton, LPN, College Nurse Mr. Harold Beckford, Security Officer Mr. Glen Karpha, Assistant Chief of Security Mr. Luther McKenzie, Security Officer Mr. Walter Trammell, Chief of Security and Transporta- tion; Director of Maintenance ' I " jKB Gilw JB u m wliuil-il Et ■ Prime Dormitory DIVISION OF GENERAL STUDIES The Division of General Studies is the name of the creative liberal arts or General Education Program at Florida Memorial College. Designated as the Lower- Lev- el Division charged with the responsibility for operating the Freshman and Sophomore educational programs, the Division of General Studies provides unifying educational experiences consonant with the democratic process. The major reason for the existence of the Division of General Studies is to develop and discipline the intellectu- al and emotional powers of students through their expo- sure to an essential body of common knowledge needed to function as complete, prosperous and contributing mem- bers of society. Dr. Rosalyn Blake-Jones, Chairperson of General Studies Divis Professor of English Dr. Benjamin Isom. Psychologist; Director Lan- Mrs. Katherine Issac; Director, Upward Bound Ms. Elizabeth Ligon, Assistant Professor; Director of guage Laboratory; Assistant Professor Psychology Program Reading Laboratory Dr. Jesse Silverglate, Professor, Social Sciences Mrs. Ernestine Carr, Assistant Professor, English Mrs. Patricia Warren, Associate Professor, Speech and Drama, English My Creed Mrs. Sherrylene Allen, Assistant Professor of Science Mathematics Dr. H.K. Chaudhari, Professor, Biology To live as gently as I can; To be, no matter where, a man; To take what comes of good or ill And cling to faith and honor still; To do my best, and let that stand The record of my brain and hand; And then, should failure come to me, Still work and hope for victory. To have no secret place wherein I stoop unseen to shame or sin; To be the same when I ' m alone As when my every deed is known; To live undaunted, unafraid Of any step that I have made; To be without pretense of sham Exactly what men think I am. To leave some simple mark behind To keep my having lived in mind; If enmity to aught I show, To be an honest, generous foe, To play my little part, nor whine That greater honors are not mine. This, I believe, is all I need For my philosophy and creed. Edgar A. Guest The Division Of Education Prepares Students For Service In Education. The Division of Education is designed primarily for the education and training of teachers. State approved programs are provided in Elementary Education, Secondary Educa- tion, Music Education, Physical Education, and with teach- ing areas in English, Social Studies, and Mathematics. In addition, there is an opportunity for Early Childhood certifi- cation. The program of Teacher Education includes two broad areas of study: The General Education Program and the Professional Educational Program. The overall goal for the Division of Education is to prepare the student for service in education with necessary cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. These skills will be based on the twenty-four generic competencies required by the State Department of Education for certification. Dr. Elmo Sparks, Chairman, Division of Education; Associate Professor. Dr. William McCoggle, Associate Professor; Director and Chairperson, Physical Mr. Alfred Parker, Assistant Professor; Head Basketball Coach, Health Education. and Physical Education. Ms. Lisa Werner, Piano Instructor (Not pictured) Dr. Helen Bergovoy, Assistant Professor, Education Dr. Dorothy Mebane, Assistant Professor, Education Mr. Roosevelt Williams, Assistant Professor; Director, FMC Concert Chorale; Co-Chairperson Music Ms. Annie Henderson, Assistant Professor; Health and Physical Education Mr. Robert Smith, Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Head Baseball Coach. Part-time Faculty Mrs. Gwendolyn Brown Mrs. Donna Grant Mr. Robert Grant Mrs. Isaac McKinney Mrs. Berthenia White Mr. Herbert Day Mr. Robert Russell Dr. William Sullivan Mr. Edward Duffy Mrs. Helen Cato THE HUMANITIES DIVISION Helps Students Reach Their Aspirations Through Inspiration. The Humanities Division offers currioular leading to the Bachelor of Arts in English aix! the Bachelor of Science in Religion. Additionally, courses are offered in Humanities, Art, Foreign Language, and Drama. Dr. Lester T. Whitelocke, Professor of Religion; College Chaplain. Dr. Alfred A. Pinkston, Professor of Music, Chairperson, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Emerson said, " Hitch your wagon to a star. " One can see in those six little words the summary of human achievement, and an everlasting inspiration to the future races of men. From Socrates to Edison, every forward step taken by mankind through revolving centuries, every advance by humanity to- wards the ultimate goal, has been led by some valiant dreamer whose eyes were fixed upon the dawn. Moses, with dying eyes, saw a star that blazed in the Promised Land; the radiance of an eternal star led Three Wise Men to the manger in Bethlehem; Columbus pinned his faith in the dawn of a new day; Kepler, announcing the laws of the unchanging spheres; Newton, watching the apple fall, each looked beyond, and into the future — J.E. Dinger . Y. Jacqueline Rhoades, Professor of Religion; Din Institutional Research. Dr. Richard Eldridge, Associate Professor of Spanish. It is your duty to use your talents. Remember, if you do not use, you will lose. It is reported of Charles Dar- win that when he had finished his scientific work, he settled down to enjoy life. He thought that he would now enjoy poetry, music and art. Sad to say, he soon discovered that these things did not strike a response in his being. Later he said, " It is too late now because I have allowed these parts of my being to atrophy. " — Zollars. Ms. Marilyn Ross, Assistant Professor of English. Rev. George Ellis, Adjunct Professor of Religion. ' ' « +?• ' - l 1 ? f »! " Mr. Wayne Robinson, Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Mus Director, Chapel Choir. A RECIPE I leave these words with you. It is only a young man ' s message to young men. The message is simple enough. There ' s nothing impossible about it to any young man, so long as he bears in mind the salient points: First — What success means; the successful doing, the doing well of whatever he does in whatever position he is. Second — The price of success; hard work, patience, and a few sacrifices. Then for his keys — In his religious life: A firm, un- wavering belief in God and in prayer, and a life consis- tent with that belief for himself and for others. In his social life: Moderation. In his marriage: Love. And in business: Thoroughness. Not thoroughness alone in large things or what is apparent to the eye; but thor- oughness in all things; not slighting small things. — Edward Bok You Can Touch Stars Stars have too long been symbols of the unattainable. They should not be so. For although our physical hands cannot reach them, we can touch them in other ways. Let stars stand for those things which are ideal and radiant in life; If we seek sincerely and strive hard enough, it is not impossible to reach them, even though the goals seem distant at the onset. And how often do we touch stars when we find them close by in the shining lives of great souls, in the sparkling universe of humanity around Mr. John Smith, Adjunct Professor of Art The Division of Social Sciences The Division of Social Sciences is composed of the Study Areas of Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Social Sci- ence, Urban Planning, Urban Services, and Community-Clini- cal Psychology. The Division offers the Bachelor of Science degree in the above programs. In addition, courses are offered by the Division in geography, history and political science. The Social Sciences Division also participates with the Division of Education by offering courses to Social Studies majors in secon- dary education who seek the Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education. Minor fields of study are available in Criminal Justice Public, Administration, Community-Clinical Psychology, Social Science, Urban Planning and Urban Ser- vices, each requiring 18 hours of study. Dr. Julius Thompson, Professor and Chairperson, of Social Sciences. Dr. Louis Johnson, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences. Social Sciences Prepare Students For " The Best Of Times " . . . " The Worst Of Times. " Mrs. Sandra Taylor — Thompson, Associate Professor; Director, Florida Memorial College — Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) Dr. Johnny McCray, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences. Mrs. Ceceline Whylie, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences. The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Stimulates The Inquiring Mind. The program of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is designed to provide opportunities for stu- dents (1) to concentrate in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics: (2) to gain a basic knowledge of their chosen area and of related areas: (3) to complement the General Education program with meaningful and satisfying scientific experiences: and (4) to obtain sound preparation for professional and graduate study. Dr. Omokere E. Odje, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division, Acting Chairperson. Mrs. Sherrylene Allen, Assistant Professor, Science and Mathematics. " READING MAKETH A WISE MAN. WRITING MAKETH A JUST MAN. SCIENCE MAKETH AN EXACT MAN. 1 Mr. James Lamar, Assistant Professor, Natural Science and Mathematics. Dr. Freny Raja, Assistant Professor, Biology, Natural Sciences and Mathemati Staff Not Pictured Dr. Carmen Diaz, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Dr. Patil, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Mr. Kean, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Mrs. Eva Hansen, Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The goal of science is to describe the universe; the goal of religion is to find the most abundant life which man may possess in such a universe. -Kirtley F. Mather The Division Of Business Emphasizes The Relevance Of Education And Skills To The Business World. The Division of Business is organized into major areas of Account- ing, Management, Economics and Transportation. Each department offers a 4-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Objectives of the Division of Business Administration are: 1. To develop awareness and understanding of the role of busi- ness and economics in our society. 2. To assist students in acquiring the ability to use business and economic analysis as a major tool in teaching independent, well-considered judgments on important public issues. 3. To provide specialized training for students who wish to pursue careers as managers and owners of business enterprises. 4. To provide a fundamental background in the areas of business and economic theory for students who wish to do advanced study, and to encourage and assist students in the planning of graduate study 5. To provide a background of basic knowledge concerning mod- ern business and economic theory and practice for students preparing for careers in governmental service, law, teaching and other professions. 6. To develop an awareness that wholesome attitudes, habits, characteristics, and emotional control contribute to the devel- opment of an acceptable personality either in general or in business life. 7. To serve as an agency for the promotion or research and the dissemination of useful knowledge for the further advance- ment of techniques in the conduct of business affairs. 8. To encourage and implement programs which will lead to greater entrepreneural activities on the part of members of minority groups in order that they can make more significaant contributions to the business and economic life of the commu- nity, state, and nation. 9. To continually re-examine the curriculum to see if it is in conformity with the current needs of business and industry. Dr. Paul Wesolowski, Professor, Chairperson, Division of Business. Dr. Frederick D;i son. Associate Professor, Business Administration. Mr. Donald Cook, Associate Professor, Business Adm The Division of Business Prepares For Changing With The Times By Encouraging Intellectual Inquiry. Dr. Paul Wesolowski, Professor, Chairperson, Division of Business. Mr. Lawrence LaFleur, Assistant Professor, Business Adminis- tration. Mrs. Rosemary Lewis, Registrar, Assistant Professor, Business Administra- Computer Science Professors Not Pictured Dr. James E. Crawford Dr. Jose Fernandez Dr. Willie E. Williams, Adjunct Professor, Computer Science. ACHIEVEMENT Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. — Booker T. Washington If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. — Henry David Thoreau Dr. Frederick Dawson, Associate Professor, Business Administr Dr. Wesolowski, Chairperson, Professor, Division of Business. DIVISION OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION The Division of Business is organized into major areas of Accounting, Management, Economics and Transportation. Each department offers a 4- year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. A student who undertakes work toward a degree in the Division of Business Administration should complete at least 32 hours of the general requirements with at least 2.00 average before beginning major courses. Every business major must confer with his assigned advisor during each semester prior to registration regarding choice of courses. Each student is required to complete an application for admission to his major. BEAUTY " A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER- ITS LOVELINESS INCREASES: IT CAN NEVER PASS INTO NOTHINGNESS. " MISS FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 1982-83 Miss Lynne U. Smith The most vivacious 1982-83 Queen of Florida Memorial College is Miss Lynne Ursela Smith. She is a very talented young lady and has affiliated with the following campus organizations: Varsity Cheerleaders, 1979-80 Captain, Varsity Cheerleaders, 1982-83 Varsity Track Team, 1980 Baptist Student Union, 1980-82 Spin Fashion Board, 1980-83 Delta Eta Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Miss Smith, a Public Administration major, is the daughter of Mrs. Sylvia Smith and the late Mr. George Smith. Her maternal grandmother is Mrs. Pearlie Silas. MISS FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE, HER ESCORT AND COURT SHOW CHARM AND THEIR ROYAL PRESENCE It has been my sincere privilege and honor to be the queen, hostess, and representative for the student body at Florida Memorial College. Reigning as Miss Florida Memorial College 1982-83, has truly been a beneficial experience for me. During my first three years here at Florida Memorial College, I envisioned becoming Miss Florida Memorial College. When I won this title, my dream became a reality. I thank God for this experience and share with you that, " With God all things are possible. " Special thanks must be extended to the college administration, under the illustrious leadership of Dr. Willie C. Robinson. Special thanks are also due the Student Government Association ' s advisors, Mr. Roscoe Warren, Mr. Robert Branch, Mrs. Patricia Warren, and Mr. Charles Dailey. I love Florida Memorial College because it is a Baptist institution that embraces Christian education and seeks to promote opportuni- ties for spiritual growth as well as academic excellence. My feelings are strong for this college and I pray that it will continue to grow in every respect. It will grow as long as our Florida Memorial College Family continues to strive for growth and know that " With God all things are possible. " Lynne U. Smith Miss Florida Memorial College Miss FMC Escort Mr. Dwayne Ruffin, Vice Pres. SGA Immediate Queen ' s Court. L to R Julia McCoy, Miss Junior; Billye Thompson, Miss Homecoming 81-82; Sandra Weatherspoon. Miss Sophomore; Miss Lynne Smith, Miss FMC; Yolanda Blue, Miss Freshman; Barbara Conner, Miss Senior. ,s FMC 1 982-83 poses with Miss FMC, Pamela Clark ' 79- ' ! is FMC, Rhonda Hammond ' 80- ' 8l, Miss FMC, Jeri Ada s FMC poses with her mother, Mrs. Sylvia Smith. BEAUTY IS AS BEAUTY DOES Wendy Johnson, Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha Phyllis Ellis, Miss Alpha Phi Alph; MYSELF I have to live with myself and so, I want to be fit for myself to know. I don ' t want to stand with the setting sun, And hate myself for the things I ' ve done. I don ' t want to keep on the closet shelf, A lot of secrets about myself; And fool myself as I come and go. Into thinking that no one else will know The kind of girl I really am; I don ' t want to dress myself up in sham. I want to be able as days go by Always to look myself straight in the eye. And here in the struggle for fame and pelf; I want to be able to like myself. I want to go with my head erect, I want to deserve all men ' s respect. I cannot hide myself from me, I see what others may never see. I know what others may never know and so. Whatever happens I want to be Self-respecting and conscience free. Cathy Gordon, Miss Concert Chorale Henrietta Clifton, Miss Delta Sigma Theta 1 •] f. I m M 1 M Terry, Moore, Miss Eta Phi Beta Shirley Henfield, Miss Bahamian Student Beverly Mathis, Miss Players Guild Yolanda Blue, Miss Freshman Class i Dunbar, Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Margareth Larose, Miss Haitian Student Associ- ation Beauty Is . . . Talented, Graceful, Poise, Cheerful . . . Deleta Williams, Miss Phi Beta Sigma Willetta Bain, Miss THB Society Brenda Watson, Miss Zeta Phi Beta Barbara Conners, Miss Senior Class Debbie Posted, Miss Cultural Arts Jacqueline Moore, Miss Student Government As- Billye Thompson, Miss Homecoming 1982-83 Julia McCoy, Miss Junior Class Sherrie Jones, Miss Christian Student Union Sandra Weatherspoon, Miss Sophomore Class Jacquelyn Elisha Pratt, Miss United Negro College Fund 1982-1983 The Coronation and Reception meant a time of splendor, grandeur, and fellowship for Miss Florida Memorial College, Administrators, Her Court and Guests. Miami Central High School Trumpeteers pro- Miss Florida Memorial College, Lynne Smith, and Dr. Willie C. Robinson, President, does th claimed . . . The Event Of The Hour. Her Escort, Mr. Dwayne Ruffin Crowned, Caped, and Regaled, Miss Florida Me- morial College. Mrs. Warren, advisor, Coronation Committee looks on approvingly. What ' s a reception without the Royal Cake-cutting Ceremony? Her Highness samples the Royal Cake. aited patiently. Floyd Reed, Leonard Raun, Michael Deany, Her Highness agreed,— " It was the Quintesence of beauty for the Florida Memorial inson and Clarence Elridge. College Royal Ladies of Excellence. " Miss Homecoming 1982-1983 Miss Billye Thompson A very talented young lady, Miss Homecoming 1982-83, Billye Thompson, is a Senior, Majoring in Business Management. During her stay here at Florida Memorial, Miss Thompson has brought much happiness to audiences on numerous occasions with her melodious singing ability. She is a member of Zeta Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. She is the daughter of Mrs. Lyuanne Thompson. Congratulations, Miss Homecoming 1982-1983! v iaHftr ' Her finest moment, being crowned by President Robinson. With President Robinson and his wife at her right and Miss Florida Mei rial at her left, Miss Homecoming is content. % What better attire for an occasion as such! Aren ' t they lovely! STUDENT LEADERS LIGHT THE PATH FOR OTHERS REACH FOR THE STARS " BE THE BEST. " GOOD, BETTER, BE ST, NEVER LET THEM REST, UNTIL YOUR GOOD IS BETTER, AND YOUR BETTER IS BEST! SENIORS INVICTUS OUT OF THE NIGHT THAT COVERS ME, BLACK AS A PIT FROM POLE TO POLE, I THANK WHATEVER GODS MAYBE FOR MY UNCONQUERABLE SOUL. IN THE FELL CLUTCH OF CIRCUMSTANCES, I HAVE NOT WINCED OR CRIED ALOUD. UNDER THE BLUDGEONING OF CHANCE MY HEAD IS BLOODY BUT UNBOWED. BEYOND THIS PLACE OF WRATH AND TEARS LOOMS BUT THE HORROR OF THE SHADE. YET THE MENANCE OF THE YEARS FINDS AND SHALL FIND ME UNAFRAID. IT MATTERS NOT HOW STRAIGHT THE GATE, HOW CHARGED WITH PUNISHMENT THE SCROLL; I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE. I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARE INVOLVED. Class Officers Renard Dowdell President Samuel Davis Vice President Yolanda Edwards Corresponding Secretary Brenda Watson Recording Secretary Linda Brighthaupt Business Manager Clyde Simmons Treasurer Senior Class President, Renard Dowdell, gives assistance. Linda Brighthaupt, Business Manager, participates in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new dormitory. WE ' VE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH. Abrev, Zenaida Miami, Fl Elementary Education Bobadilla, Silvia Urban Services Cleare, Keith T. Nassau, Bahamas Biology Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Bahamian Students Association Resident Advisory Council Connor, Barbara A. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Accounting; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Universities. National Association of Black Accountants; Alpha Angel; Miss senior, 1982-83; Dean ' s List 1982- 83; Big Sister For Freshman Class Alfolabi, Olushola Miami, Fl Public Administration Castellanos, Jose B. Miami Beach. Fl Accounting Cobb, Waltha Jacksonville, Fl Sociology; Christian Student Union; Peer Counselor; Religious Committee Costales, Maria Miami, Fl Elementary Educat Davis, Samuel New Orleans, Louisiana Public Administration Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Student Government Association; Sr. Class Vice President; Baseball Team; Pan Hellenic Council Diaz, Carmen Miami, Fl Elementary Education DeLaTorres, Jr. Dionisio Miami, Fl Mathematics m T ' ' Dickerson, Kevin S. Los Angeles, California Religion President, Christian Student Union Dominguez, Lazaro Miami, Fl Mathematics Dunbar, Barbara Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Public Administration President, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma, 1982- 83, Bat Girl Dowdell, Renard Miami, Fl Biology Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Concert Chorale, President, Sr. Class, President, Delta Psi Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Edwards, Yolanda Lake City, Florida Business Management Sr. Class Corresponding Secretary; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Ellis, Mario New York, New York Public Administration Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Gutierrez, Juan J. Hialeah, Fl Mathematics Hewitt, Delroy Chicago, Illinois English stian Student Union Elridge, Anderson C. Deland, Fl Music Education Concert Chorale, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Founder, THB Gomez, Herminia Hialeah, Fl Urban Services Hernandez, Rolando Miami, Fl Mathematics Home, Quencie Miami. Fl Urban Services SENIORS Hodge, Barbara Rosalind Carol City, Fl Mathematics Johnson, Wendy J. Bailey Town, Bimini Bahamas Crin tal Jui Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Bahamiam Students Association; International Students Association; Sigma Star Jones, Shelia D. Pahokee, Fl Criminal Justice Martin, Eduardo Miami, Fl Accounting Horton, Kathy L. Miami, Fl Business Management Jones, Michelle D. Mia , Fl Biology Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Volley Ball Team 1982; Concert Chorale; THB Society; Phiette of Alpha Phi Omega. Lott, Carla F. Pahokee, Fl Criminal Justice Mendez, Carlos DeJesus Hialeah, Fl Urban Services SENIORS Miranda, Nalia Miami, Fl Mathematics B ii ' Morales, Gladys Miami, Fl Elementary Education Okoro, Lillian O. Business Management Foreign Student Organization Quintero, Zoila Miami, Fl Accounting Mixon, Theodothia Carol City, Fl Elementary Education Mosley, Carlton Raynor, Belinda Philadelphia, Pennsylvani Physical Education SENIORS Eiementary Education Robins, Melissa L. Bailey Town, Bimini, Bahamas Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Bahamian Student Organization; International Student Association; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Smiley, Jack Cocoa Beach, Fl Business Management Lampados Club, Omega Psi Phi I- rate nty. Stubbs, Barbara Miami, Fl Urban Services Reeves, Frances L. Miami, Fl Elementary Education Ruffin, Dwayne Anthony Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania Business Management Vice President, Student Government Association; Deputy, Voters League Dade County; Who ' s Who Among College Students in American Colleges and Universities; FMC Concert Chorale; Christian Student Union; Secretary, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Beta Pi Chapter 1982-83; Varsity Track and Field. Smith, Lynn Ursela Miami, Fl Public Administration Delta Eta Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Miss Florida Memorial College, 1982-83; World Spin Fashion Board, 1980-83; Varsity Track Team, 1980; Baptist Student Union, 1980-82; Varsity Cheerleader, 1980 -83; Runner-up, Miss Cover Girl Pageant, 1980-81. Sutton, Charmaine Barfield Miami, Fl Accounting SENIORS Taylor, Michelle Miami, Fl Accounting Vargas, Reynaldo Miami, Fl Business Management Urban Services Vereen, Sharon A. Nichols, South Carolina Eta Phi Beta Sorority; National Association of Black Accountants; Honor Roll, 1982-83; Who ' s Who Among College Students in American Colleges And Universities; Alpha Kappa Mu; Alpha Angels. Warren, Deborah St. Petersburg, Fl Urban Services Christian Student Union West, Eleanora D. Morristown, New Jersey Accounting Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Watson, Brenda J. Brooklyn, New York Accounting Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.; Sigma Star; Senior Class Secretary Worthy, Ruby Miami, Fl Urban Services P.U.L.S.E. SENIORS Young, Rachael ALMA MATER As the breeze through tall palm trees Seems to sing thy sacred name Thy sons and daughters love to spread O ' er all the land thy well-earned fame! Chorus: Florida Memorial! Florida Memorial! How we love to sing thy praise. We ' ll be loyal; ever loyal, and for thee, our voices raise. Agboro, Agustine A. Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria Business Management Barry, Joyce L. Miami, Fl Elementary Education Beraja. Esther Mizraji Miami Beach, Florida Education Branbon, Curtis Leonard Carol City, Fl Accounting Brighthaupt, Linda LaJuan Washington, D.C. Business Management Christian Student Union, Library Club, Cheerleaders Squad, Players Guild, Dance Group, A Touch of Class " , Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Curbelo, Maria V. Miami, Fl Education Daniel, Doris D. Rhymer St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Elementary Education Alpha Phi Omega Phiette, Who ' s Who Among College Students, In American Universities and Colleges, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Davis, Cassandra Lynn Miami, Fl Public Administration Davis, Dellareese Vernessa Bailey Town, Bimini Bahamas Accounting Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Bahamian Student Association; International Student Association Diaz, Manuel Hialeah, Fl Education United Teachers of Dade County Dukes, Yvonne Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Social Science Eberhart, Yvonne Patricia Miami, Fl Business Management Ferguson, Elon Alexander Nassau, Bahamas Accounting Seniors Not Pictured Elementary Education Social Science, Secondary Schools Hamilton, Franklin Glendell Bartow, Fl Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Dean Of Pledgees, Kappa Alpha Psi, Pan-Hellenic Council; Physical Education Club, Basketball Team Henry, Bobby Rossaro Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Social Science Players Guild; Honor Roll; President ' s List Holley, Betty Jean Pompano Beach, Fl Criminal Justice Hutchinson, John Borrows Riviera Beach, Fl Law Christian Student Union Ivy, Cathlena Coachman Miami, Fl Criminal Justice Jenkins, Lemanuel John, Marcillina Siweku Miami, Fl Public Administration International Student Associatio Johnson, Patricia Ann Miami, Fl Elementary Education Joshua, Patience Olutoy ' n Landestoy, Goillermo B. Miami, Fl Psychology Lopez, Mario Miami, Fl Psychology McCartney, Harold E. Miami, Fl Criminal Justice McQueen, Lulus H. Nassau, Bahamas Criminal Justice President, Bahamian Student Association; Member, Veteran ' s Association; Member, Social Science Club; Member, International Student Association Mendez, Carlos de Jesus Miami, Fl Urban Services Murrell, William Emanuel Miami, Fl Physical Education Nwosu, Victoria Uzoma W. Miami, Fl Accounting Perdue, Adranah C. Opa-locka, Fl Elementary Education Reyes, Sadie R. Coral Gables, Fl Public Administration Rotibi, Agustine Miami, Fl Accounting Singleton, Tammy W. St. Augustine, Florida Elementary Education Sigma Star Sulliv , Willia , David Criminal Justice Players Guild Thompson, Mae Blanche Miami, Fl English Tookes, Christina Riviera Beach, Fl Criminal Justice Valdes, Ricardo Hialeah, Fl Mathematics Wallace Deborah Maria Miami, Fl Criminal Justice Wallace, Rhonda R. Miami, Fl Physical Education Wester, Lynette Y. West Palm Beach, Fl Physical Education White, Rosemary Grace Miami, Fl Business Management Williams, Kerry New Orleans, La Criminal Justice Atkins, Arnold Miami, Florida Physical Education Calloway, Betty Jean Hastings, Florida Biology Camacho, Ileana I. Hialeah, Florida Elementary Education Campbell, Erma J. Clearwater, Florida Urban Services Clark, Kenneth Orlando, Florida Criminal Justice Cooper, Christopher Freeport, Grand Bahamas Business Management Falcon, Maria Miami, Florida Accounting Fillmore, James Miami, Florida Business Management Flint, Jody C. Delray, Florida Accounting Frank, Hazel Joan Miami, Florida Business Management Gomez, Caridad Miami, Florida Clinical Phychology Bonzalez, Olga V. Hollywood, Florida Elementary Education Hernandez, Clara R. Miami, Florida Elementary Education Heandez, Marta C. Hialeah, Florida Elementary Education Hilton, Delphine Chicago, Illinois English Hines, Adell Carol City, Florida Elementary Education Hodges, Carrie B. Opa-Locka, Florida Mathematics Ijenwa, Maria O. Miami, Florida Biology Ishola, Raufu Bayo Miami, Florida Public Administration James, Joseph L. Orange Park, Florida Business Management James, Veronica Sunrise, Florida Elementary Education Johnson, Lessie M. Miami, Florida Criminal Justice King, Carolyn M. Miami, Florida Clinical Phychology Kirkland, Jeremazine Orlando, Florida Accounting Llerena, Maria O. Miami, Florida Elementary Educat Mann, Eula Miami, Florida Elementary Education Marks, Renetta L. Elementary Education McMilla n, Carolyn Business Management Murillo, Jane Clinical Psychology Njoku, Echaria E. Business Management Obadeyi, Christiana Business Management Omoruyi, Uyiosaifo Miami, Florida Biology Ortiz, Heriberto M. Miami, Florida Clinical Psychology Perdue, Adranah C. Elementary Education Perkins, Daisy Elementary Preston, Selma Yvonne Elementary Education Quintero, Zoik Accounting Robinson, Helen L. Elementary Education Rodriguez, Adis Clinical Psychology Simmons, Kenneth Business Management Singleton, Tammy W. Elementary Education Sola, Arturo Jr. Clinical Psychology Thompson, Billye Business Management Thompson, Doris Jean Clinical Psychology Veal, Deborah B. Elementary Education JUNIOR CLASS JUNIORS ARE AWARE OF THE CHANGING TIMES The time comes nearer when we, The Junior Class, must leave this place. Junior Class Officers Cornelius A. Johnson Valron Gouch Ann Blue Viola Angus Terry Moore Leslie Bell President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Public Relations Representative To SGA Recording and Corresponding Secretary Abiqantos, Visi Angus, Viola Areanas, Mark Arias, Carlos Arquez, Jose ' L. Barroso, Rafael Bastida, Silvia Braxton, Mae Carter, Tracy Caula, Maria Connors, Geraldine Dager, Elena Dove, Roy Lee Edmonds, Martin Roy Ecker, Jorge Ellis, Phyllis Evans, Vandelia Fisher, Cecil Forteza, Ursula Heyward, Patricia ft J j % Johnson, Corneliu Joseph, Gin 9 $ 9 ? ■? , : " i, @ i Magarine, Deborah Mallett, Marsha McCollough, Sonja Moss, Annabelle Palmer, Herschell 3 m JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Hurbert, Robert Johnson, Harriette Adams, Darrell Jordan, Lawrence Bastida, Okalys R. Kitt, Tara Blue, Angenora D. Law, Edward Brathwaite, Frances I. Lewis, Willie Brown, Benjamin A. McCoy, Julia Brown, Jeanett D. Milton, Eugene Calis, Roberto Alfredo Moore, Terry A. Camacho, Ileana I. Nicolas, Elie Celestin, Marie C. Rauls, Joseph T. Coicou, Maria Rivera, Lidia De La Cruz, Micaela Maria Rollings, Melvie Jean Dean, Alice M. Scott, Angelo Faircloth, Theodore Wayne Smith, Jerry Fairly, Toni Denise Taylor, George Arnold Frame, Maria E. Whigham, George D. Freeman, Maggie Williams, Tonya Denise Gouch, Valron Bruce Williams, Kevin Ricardo Guttierrez, Juan J. Sullivan, David Thompson, Wayne Tookes, Bruce Valdez, Ricardo Williams. Deleta SOPHOMORE CLASS- STEPPING INTO TOMORROW PREPARED FOR CHANGE THE CLASS OF 1985 Look to this day, For it is life. The very life of life. In its brief course lie all The realities and truths of existence; The joy of growth; The splendor of action; The glory of power. For yesterday is but a memory, And tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived Makes every yesterday a memory of happiness, And every tomorrow, a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day! s place is a shrine of understanding Sophomore Class Officers Bruce Tooks President Sabrina Blue Vice President Tracy Smith Business Manager Miss Sophomore Sandra Weatherspoon " If one advances confidently of his dreams, and endeavors which he has imagined, he wil success unexpected in common Henry I in thedirectio to live the lif Allison, Suzette Atkins, Connie Barnes, Denise Bins, David Blue, Sabrena Bob-Manuel, Richard Brown, Samuel Budd, Jeffrey Coats, Gwendolyn Freeman, Wilbert Greer III, Tee S. Hayes, Ronald Hill, Terrell Lawrence, Clarence Massie, Tessie Matchett, Patrice McCoy, Yolanda fUm w tx A A f r. J 9 f Miller, Evangeline Moore, Jacqueline Morphus, Adolphus Okwasagu, Francisc Okwusagu, Maureen Patrick, Keith Paul, Pequena L. Pickens, Debra Pivot, Eugene Powell, Leslie Sirmon, Harriet Turner, Sabrena Ward, Linda Weatherspoon, Sandra | Wilson, Eleanor THE FRESHMAN CLASS HAS A DREAM . . . PLEASE BE PATIENT A CHANGE WILL COME. i FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Stephanie Spradley Vice President Deidre McCoy Secretary Barbara Bradham Treasurer Christopher Clark Chaplain Sherry Jones Business Manager Darryl Mincey Board Members: Michelle Blanco Terry Williams Karen Turner Kenya finds that college is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration! 8:30 a.m. math! Give us strength You Can Touch Stars Stars have too long been symbols of the unattainable. They should not be so. For although our physical hands cannot reach them, we can touch them in other ways. Let stars stand for those things which are ideal and radiant in life; if we seek sincerely and strive hard enough, it is not impossible to reach them, even though the goals seem distant at the onset. And how often do we touch stars when we find them close by in the shining lives of great souls, in the sparkling universe of humanity around us! . . . Esther Baldwin York Carlos Williams shares enthusiasm with Linda Brighthaupt, a senior, in the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of a new dormitory. Class President, Stephanie Spradley, will lead the way in class participation, with Joyce Booth, Daryll Mincey, Daryll Washington, Sherry Jones, Deidra McCoy, Yolanda Mack and Yolanda Blue. Adderly, Daphne Anderson, Richard Askew, Tara Austin, Wanda Baker, Naomi Bartlett, Roma Beliard, Patrick Bell, Allison X Bellamy, Steven Billings, Wanda Blanco. Michelle Blue, Yolanda Bradham, Barbara Brice, Anna Brooks, Eugene Brooks, Felicia Bullard, Micheal Carter, Tracy Chappie, Priscilla Curtis, Christie Clark, Chris Coleman, Caceia Chantaye, Coleman Cox, Gregory Crawford, Betty Crosby, Gamal Culmer, Antionette Denny, Micheal Dowdy, Anita Edwards, Debora Edwards, Hattie Ely, Norma Eubanks, Clifford Evans, Mary Fadyse, Femi Fields, Jafial Franklin, Tiffany Grate, Yvonne Green, Andricia Greenwich, Lorenzo Hanks, Alethia Hepburn, Lena Hill, Kim Hindfield, Horton, Charade, Hutchinson, John Serge, Jean Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Sheldon Jones, Dexter Jordan, Jasmine Lee, Carla Lilly, Eric Lockett, Angela Brian, Lonie Love, Ellaneese Lloyd, Merequa Lozama, Jepthee Martinez, Dino McClendon, Deidra McMillian, Roshaunda Musgrove, Priscilla Richardson, Teddy Rivers, Mattie Robinson, Anita Ross, Lisa Scott, Rolanda M. Shir person, Tamara Smith, John Taylor, Oliver Tory, Jacqueline Turner, Karen Washington, Darryl Washington, Eddyar Washington, Michelle Washington, Tabenah Wells, Phyllis Williams, Aquilino Williams, Carlos Williams, Karl Williams, Kelvin Williams, Paul Willis, Ricardo Wilson, Veronica V Young, Lanita Happiness is having some place to satisfy our religious needs as well as our educational needs. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE 1982-83 FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE AMBASSADOR CHORALE Ambassador Chorale formerly known as F.M.C. Concert Chorale OFFICERS Professor Roosevelt Williams, Dir President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant At Arms Chaplain Student Conductor Soprano Section Leader Contralto Section Leade Tenor Section Leader Bass Section Leader (B) — Bass Section (C)— Contralto Section (S) — Soprano Section (T) — Tenor Section Isaac Allen Herschell Palmer III Celestine Maple Herschell Palmer III Leofric Thomas Delroy Hewitt Rachel Young Alice Dean Michelle Jones Renard Dowdell Herschell Palmer III Cassandra Andrews — « Sheila Baggett— C Jerome Battle— B Steven Bellamy — B Sabrina Blue— C Barbara Bradham — S Lonnie Brian — T Michael Bullard— T Rosie Campbell— C Antionette Culmer — S Keith Dickerson— T Leslie Dixon— T Clarence Elridge — T Cathy Gordon — C Maggie Freeman — S Frank Hazel — S Nadine Hampton — C Baron Hampton — B Gary Jean — T Sherry Jones — S Veronica Moore — C Edward Nicolas — T Pequena Paul — S Debra Pickens — S Leslie Powell— S Bennie Ross — B Sharon Robinson — C Joyce Riley — C Dwayne Ruffin— B Lisa Ross — C Tracy Smith — C Harriett Simmons — C George Taylor — T Valerie Thomas — S Mark Thomas — B Anthony Timmons — I Sandra Weatherspoon Eleanor Wilson — S Terry Williams— T Paul Williams— T Brenda Wilson— C Darryl Washington— FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE GOSPEL ENSEMBLE L [ 1 r wkA OFFICERS MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Chaplain Victor Atkins Darryl Mincey Allison Bell Arlene Byrd Danny Milton Tamara Sharperson Andricia Green Valerie Jones Teresa Hunt Priscilla Chappel Lanita Young Angelia Henderson Ruth Williams Stefani Bacon Ricardo Willis Sophia L ewis Cynthia Parker Veronica Wilson Michael Stinson Vincent Jenkins Tonya Council Jacquelyn Williams Roma Bartlctt Annette Scott Professor Wayne Robinson, Din THE CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION ¥wm . . Members of The Christian Student Unio Rev. Walter T. Richarson, guest for the Fall Crusade, shares Officers of C.S.U.: Kevin Dickerson, President Keith Patrick, Vice-President Waltha Cobb, Executive Secretary Tracey Smith, Recording Secretary Sherry Jones, Miss Christian Student Union Christian Student Union (C.S.U.) The Christian Student Union, formerly B.S.U., is the only religious Organization on Florida Memorial College ' s campus. The purpose of this organization is to glorify God while spreading a realistic ministry throughout the campus. Involved in Christian Student Union are many students with different religious backgrounds, some of which include: Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Catholic, and others. C.S.U. is a group of brothers and sisters who delight in assembling together with one central motive — to praise God JONES MISS CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION 1982-83 TOUCH OF CLASS L-R: Janice Bain, Debbie Warren, Danny Milton, Jackie Swanson, Erma Williams, Danie Motto: " Our Goal is an Example to Be. So That the Essence of Dignity might be set free. " Purpose: To instill by example the Highest of Moral Ethics, by Grace, as we embrace our total Educational Experience. Officers and members: President: Tracey Smith Vice-President: Elizabeth Macks Secretary: Danielle Powell Treasurer: Yolanda McCoy Chaplain: Sherry Jones Advisor: Mrs. Erma Williams Members: Viola Angus, Terry Williams, Billye Thompson, Linda Bright- haupt, Waltha Cobbs, Debra Warren, Danny Milton, Jackie Swanson, Ja- nice Bain, Lisa Cartwright, Sharon Robinson, Lynnc Smith, Darryl Mincey. AIR FORCE ROTC Air Force ROTC is a college-based program whose primary goal is to provide the U.S. Air Force with civilian-educated officers and to provide students with a choice of well-paying, challenging, and relevent first positions after college. L-R: Otis Lawrence, Patrick Beliard; Judith Faust; Clifton Eubanks, Jr.; Serge Jean (Bending), Stephan Bircourt, Felicia Brooks, Marcus Bynes; Nicolas Edward. Not pictured are: Darryl Washington, Jarrett Fulton III, Leonard Raun; Debbie Porter, Tiffany Franklin. COOPERATIVE EDUCATION : L-R: Samuel Davis (Co-Op Candidate), Viola Angus, Mario Ellis, L-R: Ms. E. Lewis, John van Wezel, Admin Viola Angus, Samuel Davis. i. Metropolitan Dade County Aviation Department; The Cooperative Education Program at Florida Memorial College provides interested students with opportunities for work experience related to, and in conjuction with, the academic work-load, emphasiz- ing the relevance of education to the world of work. The 1982-83 Cooperative Education Program Students are: Mario Ellis Kenneth Wilburn Grayce Alexander Earnestine Darrisaw Jones Michael Symonette Martin R. Edmonds Kennedy Simmons Charles Carter Viola Angus THE BUILDER A traveler, going a lone highway, Came at the evening, cold and gray, To a chasm, vast and deep and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The weary traveler crossed in the twilight dim That sullen stream had no fears for him; But he turned, when he reached the other side, And built a bridge to span the tide. " My Friend, " said a fellow pilgrim near, " You are wasting strength in building here. Your journey will end with the ending day; You never again must pass this way. You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build you the bridge at the eventide? " The builder lifted his weary head, " Good friend, in the path I have come, " he said. " There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been naught to me To that innocent youth may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim Good friend, I am building the bridge for him. " to 9 ■§ Hi ALPHA PHI OMEGA NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY, INC. Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega HISTORY The Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity was established on Florida Memorial College ' s Campus in the Fall of 1969. Thirty-three men became brothers of Alpha Phi Omega in the Spring of 1970. Since then, we have lived up to our three principles: Be a leader, be a friend, and be of service. Here ' s to Alpha Phi Omega ' s Loyal Brothers, be true to self and loyal to each other. Otis Lawrence, President Kevin Dailey Michael Collins OFFICERS -MEMBERS President — Otis Lawrence Vice-President — Kenneth Graham Secretary — Isaac Newsome, Jr. Student Advisor — Theodore Faircloth Advisor: — Mr. Charles Dailey W Members: Michael Collins Kevin Dailey I ' f A Terry Grammage Gilbert Aneanas Valron Gouch BHB Ricky Smith Steve n King « $% : -_w •. Theodore Faircloth and Mr. Charles Dailey, advisor, at work. SERVICE ACTIVITIES 1) Laying of grass by Goode Hall 2) Construction of float for Miss Florida Memorial College in the Classic Parade. 3) Co-sponsored a Prayer Meeting with Christian Student Union. 4) Sponsored a Halloween Activity for the Y.M.C.A. 5) Served on The Cleaning Committee for the beautification of the campus. MEN OF SERVICE ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED Alpha Angels Exemplify Qualities Of Finer Womanhood. Alpha Delights The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Delta Psi Chapter, realize and acknowledge the admiration, devotion and commitment towards our organization of those individuals who for reasons of gender are unable to be included in our membership. Therefore, the fraternity established two auxiliaries to be comprised of young ladies commonly referred to as " Sweethearts. " These individuals belong to the Alpha Angels Club and or the Alpha Delight Club. Members of these clubs have exemplified qualities of finer womanhood and have exhibited through their actions a dedication, commitment and concern for the cause of Alphadom. These ladies as- sist with the coordination and implementation of activities sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha. They assist in such tasks required for the benefit and well being of Alpha Phi Alpha. Their efforts positively complement the gentlemanly qualities of the men of Alpha. " Alpha Angels and Alpha Delights are the best or they would not be. ' Barbara Conners Julia McCoy Grayce Alexander Carrie Hodges Tara Kitt Maggie Freeman Sharon A. Vereen Connie Atkins Belinda Murvin Karen Sands Evangeline Miller Brenda Wilson Sharon Robinson Leslie Powell Bridgette Clark Sabrina Blue Betty Calloway Francis Brathwaite Marie Coicou Marilyn Johnson Carla Poiter Viola Angus Dierdre McCoy Eleaneese Love Tabenah Washington Carla Lee Priscilla Musgroove Michelle Blanco Phyllis Ellis Yolanda McCoy Debra Pickens Belinda Raynor Sharon Johnson Alice Dean SIGMA STARS A sample of The Sigma Stars Club. ffe .. » rther fine look at the Sigma Stars Club. Willette Johnson Yolanda Edwards Pequena Paul Wendy Johnson Deleta Williams Marsha Mallett Celestine Maple Brenda Watson Tessie Massie Terry Wells Stefani Bacon Yolanda Blue Sabrina Turner Yolanda Mack Tammy Singleton Lanita Young Jackie Moore Lisa Ross Patsy Bowens Chauntaye Coleman Denise Barnes Rolanda Scott Kenny Cordwell Eleanor Wilson THE ESQUIRE CLUB. MEN OF COURAGE AND AMBITION Members of Esquire History and Objectives of Esquire ESQUIRE was organized by several young men of the freshman class at Florida Memorial College in the Fall of 1982. This service organization ' s purpose is to earn the respect of their colleagues and professors by the service they render to the institution and because of exemplary conduct. They also seek to be of service in the community, using their talents and abilities in the area of social work with the youth programs. During the past year the club demonstrated their purposes by helping to beautify the male dormitory and assisting with beautification of the campus. OFFICERS Mark Thomas Steve Cross Victor Atkins Serge Jean Mr. Fred Dixon President Vice President Treasurer Business Manager Historian Recruiter Advisor THE ZENITHIAN CLUB SEEKS TO PROMOTE LIFE-LONG APPRECIATION FOR LIBRARIES. Members of the Zenithians The Zenithian Club was inaugurated on November 2, 1 982, and is sponsored by the Library Staff. The coordinator is Mr. Louis Caldwell. This organization allows the student to explore the library media field and at the same time promotes the sharing of information in both the learning and leisure setting. The ultimate goal of this organization is to promote life-long appreciation for libraries. Officers Oswald Ollivier Lenora Mackey Lula Reynolds Corine Osborne Tee S. Greer III President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain PLAYERS GUILD ...The Whole World Is A Stage. We Must Play a Part. " Mrs. Patricia Warren, Advisor Scenes from the production, " A-Men Corner. " " Arise, Arise, young one. " They looked the part . . . Old, Beautiful, and loving it. Members of the Guild in production of " A-men Corner. " Young, Gifted and Productive. It takes effort as Should I read it? The Word is good for young folks, too. " A-men Corner " made a hit. Everyone performed exceedingly v Enthusiasm is reason gone mad to achieve a definite, rational objective. " Enthusiasm is inflamed by opposi- tion, but never converted; it is the leap- ing lighting that blasts obstacles from its path. Enthusiasm is the X-ray of the soul, that penetrates and reveals the invisible. Enthusiasm is a contagion that laughs at quarantine and inoculates all who come in contact with it. Enthusiasm is the vibrant thrill in your voice that sways the wills of others into harmony with your own. Enthusiasm is the " philosopher ' s stone " that transmutes dull tasks into delight- ful deeds. Enthusiasm is a magnet that draws kindred souls with irresistible force and electri- fies them with the magnetism of its own resolves. " " Sister, will you pray for u Lady, am trying to hold my peace! PLAYERS GUILD OFFICERS 1982-83 Phillis Ellis President Mildred Roberts Vice -President Tabenah Washington Secretary Gary Jean Treasurer-Business Manager Serge Jean Stage Manager Mrs. Patricia Warren Advisor Broadway, Here We Come With, " A-r This has to be an Award Winner. Hats off to the Players Guild and to Mrs. Wai STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, THE VEHICLE BY WHICH THE STUDENT BODY PROGRESSES MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Greetings, Fellow Students: It has been an honor to represent the Student Government Association during 1 982-83 at the local, state, and national level at colleges conferences, and conventions. I express my gratitude to each of you for the support you gave to the Student Government Association. To you, the Cabinet Members, I thank you for your time, ideas, a vote of confidence in my leadership and most of all for your concern for the welfare of our student body and our institution. Thank you and God bless you all. Sincerely yours, Willie C. Lewis Mr. Willie C. Lewis, President, Student Government Associ- Mr. Lewis is the son of Mr. John Lewis and Mrs. Lucy Lewis. He was born in New Provi- dence, Nassau, Bahamas and attended school in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, where he received his high school diploma. After entering the Miami-Dade Community College, Mr. Lewis became involved in many ac- tivities. He was the winner of the 1980 Physical Education Award, and received the Associate Arts degree from Miami-Dade Community Col- lege, North Campus. While attending a confer- ence in Chicago, Illinois, 1982, he was awarded a Leadership Award by Jessie Jackson. Mr. Lewis holds membership in the following organizations: 1. Physical Education Club 2. Zenithian Club 3. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4. International Students Association 5. Bahamian Students Association 6. Christian Student Union 7. Campus Life Committee 8. Student Representative, Board of Trustees 9. Task Force 10. Long Range Planning Committee 11. Special Investigating Committee 12. The Apostolic Revival Center, Dr. G.S. Smith, Elder A MESSAGE FROM THE VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Mr. Dwayne Ruffin My Fellow Comrades: It has been an outstanding privilege to serve as vice president of the Student Government Association 1 982-83 and to represent the Stu- dent Body to my fullest. I plan to do my best in helping the Student Body to overcome the many obstacles that they will be encountered with and to instill the Unity, Love, and Leadership needed on our campus. Our task as Student Government is to bring better services, activities and a louder voice on behalf of the students. Your role will be critical decision-making and responding to important responsibilities academically and socially. I leave you with this thought. " Do not complain or critize, if you are not willing to do something about it yourself. " Finally, I wish you much success in all that you do. I hope that you will display excellence in all that you undertake. If you wish to be a successful person in all that you endeavor, remember, " If it ' s worth doing, it ' s worth doing well. " God bless you and keep on asking God to bless you. Dwayne Ruffin, Vice-President Student Government Association STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION CABIN 1982-83 Executive Secretary— Hazel Frank Social Secretary— Bennie Ross Treasurer— Samuel Davis Publication Manager— Phyllis Ellis Business Manager— Renard Dowdell Parliamentarian— Cornelius Johnson Internal Affairs Officer— Cornelius A. Johnson Academic Secretary— Herschell Palmer III Public Relations Officer— Mario Ellis Chaplain— Delroy Hewitt FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE ' S BILINGUAL PROGRAM SOUTH CAMPUS History of Bilingual Program At Florida Memorial College Florida Memorial College identified the need to create a Bilingual Program in the early 1970 ' s. The primary function of this program has been to improve the educational, social, and economic status of the Bilingual population in Dade and surrounding counties. In 1980, Florida Memorial College increased its direct educational assistance to the various communities in Dade County to enhance transcultural communica- tion, and to better identify the resource role of the Bilingual Program of Florida Memorial College to the community at large. The primary roles of the Florida Memorial College ' s Special Academic Pro- grams, the Bilingual Program in particular, are to create the educational opportu- nities and processes in the Hispanic community for the planning, organization, and coordination of institutional and community resources; to identify and solve problems of mutual concern, develop and implement viable educational plans, and to follow up the specific solutions; to identify transcultural educational and accultural related problems. The following municipalities have been selected by the Bilingual Program of Florida Memorial College as having viable support systems to attempt this ethnic-transcultural educational effort are: 1. Miami 2. Hialeah 3. Opa-locka 4. Sweetwater 5. Homestead Mr. Pomar with guest Seminar Speaker, Rev. Jose Ruiz, Profes- sor of Philosophy and Religion Students attend a Philosophy Seminar Mr. Armando Pomar counsels a 1983 graduating senior, Ms. Zenaida Abrev Ms. Maria Coton, Financial Aid Officer, counsels with student, Mari; Costales. Philosophy Seminar is an inspiration for South Campus students An Education class in Counseling and Guidani Mr. Artidiello, Academic and placement Counselor Eduardo Martin, an accounting major graduating Coordinator Pomar, demonstrates leadership, f in April 1983. pating in Commencement activities. FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE RECOGNIZES ITS STUDENTS OF HONOR . . . 1983 NOMINEES FOR WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Look to this day for it is life, The very life of life In its brief course lie all the realities and truths of existence; The joy of growth, The splendor of action, The glory of power, For yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow is only a vision; But today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness, And every tomorrow, a vision of hope. Look well, therefore to this day! Brandon, Curtis L. Brathwaite, Francis I. Bridges, Elizabeth F. Bryant, Andrea P. Bryant, Jimmie Connor, Barbara A. Daniel, Doris R. Dickerson, Kevin S. Dowdell, Renard Edwards, Jessie Ellis, Mario Ellis, Phyllis L. Frame, Maria E. Gouch, Valron B. Hewitt, Delroy A. Johnson, Wendy J. Larose, Margaret Lewis, Willie C. Llerena, Maria E. Robins, Melissa L. Ruffin, Dwayne A. Simmons, Kennedy W. Smith, Willielyra Vereen, Sharon A. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER, ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY Honor Societies An Honor Society is an association of primarily collegiate members and chapters whose purposes are to encourage and recognize superior scholarship and or leadership achievement either in broad fields of education or in departmental fields at either undergraduate or graduate levels. Alpha Kappa Mu General Scholarship . . . Men and Women Admitted to Association of College Honor Societies, 1952. Alpha Kappa Mu was founded in Nashville, Tennessee by representatives of five colleges which had alread established local societies. The first meeting, called by the founder. Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., was held in November, 1937 and was hosted by Phi Beta Tau Chapter of Tennessee A. and I. State College. Kappa Psi Chapter received its charter in January, 1950. Members Olu Shola Afolabi Francis Brathwaite Andrea Bryant Jimmie L. Bryant Barbara Conner Doris Daniels Kevin S. Dickerson Renard Dowdell Valron Gouch Delroy Hewitt Lessie M. Johnson Wendy J. Johnson Margaret Larose Melissa Robins Sharon A. Vereen Mrs. Sherrylene Allen, Advisor GRADUATE MEMBERS Dr. Alfred Pinkston Dr. Barbara Starling Ricks Dr. Julius Thompson Dr. Lester T. Whitelocke Mrs. Sherrylene Allen Dean ' s List Visitation Abiganteer Lateef A. Adigun Suzette Ann Marie Allison Maria Bagues Reni G. Bagues Roma A. Barlett Rafael Barroso Angenora D. Blue Curtis L. Brandon Elizabeth F. Bridges Norvel Brown Veronica J. Bruton Jimmie L. Bryant Michael B. Bullard Bertha Cairol Ileana I. Camacho Patricia T. Carter Sara Charles Maria Costales Gena L. Cox Maria V. Curbelo Doris D. Daniel Charles H. Darling Betty Jean Davis Dionisio, De La Torre Esperanza Fernandez Shirley Floyd Amelia Garcia Frankie N. Gibson Costella Goodwin Cathy Oliver Gordon Maritza G. Haro Omar Hechavarria Fall Semester Students with High Scholastic Achievement— 3.60-4.00 Shirley Mae Hend-Field Clara Rosa Hernandez Marta C. Hernandez Delroy Anthony Hewitt Luther J. Houston Jean I. Innocent Laurencia Olueumilola Irele Sheldon Antone Johnson Wendy Josephine Johnson Margaret Larose Edward Law Maria Eugenia Llerena Luis B. Mejia Carlos de Jesus Mendez Theodothia G.A. Mixon Sylvia Beatrice Mullings Francisca Ngoyi Okwusogu Morenike Oredola Olawunmi Zoila Quintero Dianne D. Roberts Melissa L. Robins Carolyn Robinson Adis Rodriguez Amalia Salermo Santiago Santana Tracey Wynee Smith Arturo E. Sola Olufemi Olurotimi Soremekun Abrahanzion Stefanos Jesus Reinaldo Vargas Shawn Denise Welch Brenda Wilson President ' s List Cumulative 3.20 Bolatito Kubrat Adeife Rene Alfaro Suzette Ann Marie Alisc Roma A. Barlett Barbara Bell Joyce Lyn Boot Annie M. Brinkley Norvel Brown Veronica J. Bruton Jimmie L. Bryant Michael B. Bullard Patricia T. Carter Doris D. Daniel Betty Jean Davis Shirley Floyd Frankie N. Gibson Costella Goodwin Valron Bruce Gouch Antonio Hechauarria Bobby Henry Bridgette Lynn Holford Luther J. Houston Sheldon Antone Johnson Margaret Larose Jose Enrique Lopez Ellaneese Patricia Love Danny L. Milton Sylvia Beatrice Mullings Yolande Michelle McCoy Morenike Oredola Olawunmi Chindedum M. Ozoemalam Jessie Pace Keith Leroy Patrick Joyce Ann Riley Dianne D. Roberts Melissa L. Robins Carolyn Robinson Alfred L. Smith Tracey Wynee Smith Olufemi Olurotimi Soremekun The Honors Program The Honors Program provides challenging, relevant and excit- ing academic alternatives for students who exhibit exceptional scholastic ability and performance. The Honors Program recog- nizes superior academic performance and provides an opportunity for stimulating and expanded study for qualified students who would not be fully challenged by a standard course of Study. The structure and environment of the Honors Program allows partici- pating students the opportunity to engage in an enriching and rewarding learning experience. Allison, Suzette Bartlet, Rona Bridges, Elizabeth Connor, Barbara Counci l, Tonya Y. Cox, Gena Daniel, Doris Dowdell, Renard Ellis, Phyllis L. Gouch, Valron Hewitt, Delroy Hyppolite, Jean Johnson, Wendy J. Joshua, Pat O Larose, Margaret Lewis, Willie C. Mullins, Sylvia Okwusogu, Maureen Perard, Robin Riley, Joyce Robins, Melissa L. Ruan, Leonard Vereen, Sharon A. Williams, Jacquelyn Mrs. Sherrylyn Allen, Advisor Mrs. Eva Hansen, Advisor The Pan-Hellenic Council Representatives to Pan-Hellenic Council The Pan-Hellenic Council is a body of representatives from each of the eight Black Greek fraternities and sororities. The purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to formulate a smooth running unit between the eight fraternities and sororities which will enhance the school as well as the individual organizations which comprise the Pan-Hellenic Council. The Pan-Hellenic Council is a visible and needed organization on campus, because through this organization comes life and energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and productivity. Officers and Representatives: President — Michelle Jones Vice-President — Kenneth Anderson Secretary — Brenda Watson Treasurer — Samuel Davis Chaplain — Renard Dowdell Hazel Frank and Adriene Clark— Alpha Kappa Alpha Renard Dowdell and Clarence Elridge III— Alpha Phi Alpha Debbie Postell and Michelle Jones— Delta Sigma Theta Carlton Mosley and Kenny Anderson — Kappa Alpha Psi Brenda Watson and Yolanda Edwards — Zeta Phi Beta Roy Edmonds and Samuel Davis — Phi Beta Sigma Alice Dean and Barbara Holley — Sigma Gamma Rho Terry Moore and Tommy Law — Omega Psi Phi Greeks— from Alpha to Omega, together one and all. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. Delta Eta Chapter. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is a national all-black Greek Letter sorority organized at Howard University, Washington, D.C., on January of 1908. The Delta Eta Chapter was established on February 6, 1954. The motto of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is " By Merit and Cul- ture " and it stresses " Finer Womanhood. " Hazel Frank— President L-R: Wendy Johnson, Adrienne Clark, Ann Blue, Vandelia Evans, Lynne Smith, Phyllis Ellis, Barabara Conner Wendy Johnson — Miss AKA OFFICERS AND MEMBERS Hazel Frank- Barbara Conm Delia Davis Wendy Johnso Adrienne Clark, Hodegoi Vandelia Evans Anne Blue Gracye Alexander Lynne Smith Mrs. E. Carr Lynne Williams President Vice-President Dean of Pledges Recording Secretary Miss AKA Corresponding Secretary Assistant Dean of Pledges Parlimentanan Ivy Leaf Reporter Treasurer Business Manager Chaplain Advi Zeta Tau Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Members of Zeta Tau Chapter with Miami Alumnae Sorors Officers and Members of Zeta Tau Chapter President Billye Thompson Vice President Michelle Jones Secretary Linda Brighthaupt Treasurer Gwen Stevens Business Manager Debbie Postell Chaplain Linda Brighthaupt Advisors Mrs. Patricia Warren Mrs. Kathy Issac Queen Henrietta Clifton Member Geraldine Conners The History of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University, Washington, D.C. on January 13, 1913. The Zeta Tau Chapter was established on September 19, 1969, with eleven charter mem- bers. The sorority is new to the Florida Memorial College Campus, but it is certainly not new to the ideals of high scholarship and service to all mankind. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is " Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom. " This motto is an i integral part of every Delta ' s life. LiM F Mrs. Patricia Warren, Advisor Sophisticated Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. A IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER, ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. Ladies of Class, kneeling, Brenda Watson; standing, L to R, Eleanor West, Yolanda Edwards. (Not Pictured, Zelda Cook). The Zeta Lady is the complete Lady. History of Zeta Phi Beta The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on Howard Universi- ty ' s Campus on January 16, 1920. It was suggested to Arizona Clever by Charles Taylor, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, that she establish a sister organization. This has become a national organization of college women banded together under a common bond of friendship and cultural effort seeking to establish the worth of womanhood through excellence in education, human service and citizenship. The motto of Zeta Phi Beta is, " Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterly Love. " Zeta Ladies are The Ladies of The 80 ' s. SHSRBhWBM Eleanor West, Vice President; Dean of Pledgees Sponsor— Ms. Doris Isaac Shield of The Sorority Zeta Tree I think that I should never see, A poem as lovely as a tree. A tree whose branches numbered five, Has now so many brought alive. Ladies of Class L to R, Eleanor West, Brenda Watson, Yolanda Edwards. Soror Brenda Watson, Business Manager. SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY, INC. GAMMA XI CHAPTER WM j When you say Sigma Gamma Rho, you have said it. HISTORY Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., was organized on November 12, 1922, in Indianapolis by Mary Lou Gardner and six other school teachers: Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Vivian White Marbury, Nannie Mae Cahn Johnson, Hattie Mae Dulin Redford, Bessie Rhodes Mactin, and Cubena McClure. The Sorority became an incorporated National Collegiate Sorority on December 30, 1929, when a charter was granted Alpha Chapter at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. The purpose of this Sorority is expressed in its slogan " Greater Service, Greater Progress. " Activities are encouraged that will further in every way possible the growth of its members intellectually, morally and socially. To this end they assume the responsibility: (a) to provide an atmosphere in which friendship and social contacts may be developed, (b) to assist each member in developing social graces by emphasizing the value of poise and personal dignity, (c) to encourage and promote high scholastic attainment, (d) to develop leadership abilities and individual talents, and (e) to maintain interests and attitudes in har- mony with modern thought and changing educational outlook. For administrative purposes the chapters are divided into five regions according to their geographical locations. A Regional Syntake is in charge. Leslie Bell— Aurora Club r%m rrL 3 ; 1 j J I J9 President- Vice- President- Advisor — Barbara Holley Alice Dean Mrs. Johnson Faculty Aurora Club Sophisticated Sigmas ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. DELTA PS I CHAPTER Brothers of the Everlasting Light The Fraternity engaged in the following activities during the 1982-83 school year: a) The planting of grass by Goode Hall b) The painting of men ' s dormitory c) Sponsored a local Cub Scout Troop d) The painting of the school ' s lion e) Sponsored Alpha Phi Alpha Tutorial Service f) Volunteered in Congressional Elections g) Initiated Health Awareness Week h) The contribution of $200.00 to Florida Memorial College for beautification i) Sponsored annual Blood Drive j) The initiation of Black College Recruitment of high school students k) Promoted school activities by showing movies 1) The maintenance of Duo and Goode Hall on weekends m) Acted as Big Brothers for incoming students n) The donation of $100.00 to U.N.C.F. o) Provided services to library, mailroom and cafeteria p) Provided unbias service to campus organization ' s projects q) Initiated Book Drive for Library r) The cleaning of Lagoon s) The donation of ducks to college t) Sponsored Annual Gospel Extravaganza u) Sponsored Annual " La Chez La Cape " v) Initiated clean-up campaign for the city of Opa-Locka w) The painting of walls surrounding Lagoon x) Sponsored Annual Alpha Ball y) Initiated and sponsored Alpha Phi Alpha Award ' s Day z) Coordinated the Fall ' 82 and Spring ' 83 Probate Extravaganza THE YELLOW ROSE OF ALPHA We sowed a seed in nature ' s soil, It died, it rooted, and blossomed fair, Our God of Love freely shared, His sunshine, rain, beauty and care. Its fragrance sweet, its petals divine Gave its beauty to the soul of man. What flower is this, that brightens our day? Tis the Yellow Rose of A Phi A If you will bloom through His loving care, Your wealth and love with your brothers share You too, will find at the close of day, That you are a Rose of A Phi A. Miss Phyllis Ellis Alpha Sweetheart Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity holds the distinction of being the first Black Fraternity organized in the United States. In 1906, on the campus of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, amidst much racial discrimination, several Black young men met late into the nights deliberating their future. The gist of these meetings was to discover means of promoting the welfare of each other and inspiring each other to the pursuit of academic excellence and achievement. Out of this meeting was to emerge Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. We still operate on the concepts of " Manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind " as was the ideals conceived by our seven founders. Today, Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha cover virtually every area of the professional world and are found in nearly every major city, and on most college campuses. In addition to this, chapters are located in Jamaica, the Bahamas, England, Europe, the West Indies, Canada and Africa. The Delta Psi Chapter, located on the campus of Florida Memorial College, was founded in 1 954 by the then President of the College, Brother Royal Puryear. Aspiring members to our organization must be above average in scholastics and possess finer qualities of manhood and leadership abilities. Burning V ' A " Renard Dowdell and Keith Cleare, Dr. Martin Luther King ' s Birthday Program participar Ms. Yolanda McCoy, Miss Black and Gold Brothers of the Everlasting Light Delta Psi Chapter Officers and Meml President — Renard Dowdell Vice President — Keith T. Cleare Secretary — Anderson C. Elridge III Treasurer — Charles H. Darling Chaplain — Charles Carter Editor to Sphinx — Barnabas A. Johns Educational Director — Cornelius A. Johnson Historian — Gino J. Joseph Dean of Pledgees— Anderson C. Elridge III SeFgeant at Arms — Bennie T. Ross Members: Jerry Brown, Melvin E. Douglas, Gary S. Jean and Vincent L. Page. KAPPA ALPHA PS I FRATERNITY, INC. L-R: (Kneeling): Earl W« , James Parrish, Ken Anderson, Franklin Hamilton. (Standing): Carlton Mosley THE HISTORY OF KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INCORPORATED On January 5, sixty-seven years ago, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni- ty was founded on the campus of Indiana University in Blooming- ton. It then became the first undergraduate college fraternity to be incorporated by Blacks as a national body in April of the same year. This Epsilon Mu chapter was founded in April of 1966, on the St. Augustine campus of Florida Memorial College. Presently, there are twelve brothers on this campus. Organized around the basic idea of achievement, it has meant progressive accomplishments for the fraternity. Kappa Alpha Psi has grown from its ten founders to become one of the largest fraternities. We ' ve survived the wars and depression, criticism and discrimination to become one of the most observed fraternities in the world. Ken Anderson Franklin Hamilton James Parrish OFFICERS AND MEMBERS President James Parrish Vice-President Carlton Mosely J Secretary James Chambers 1 Dean of Pledgees Troy Jenkins Parliamentarian Alfonso Hankerson Treasurer Franklin Hamilton THE MIGHTY BROTHERS OF PHI NU PI Scrollers of Fall ' 82 — James Chambers and Alfonso Hankerson BETA PI CHAPTER, PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INC. President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Assistant Secretary Chaplain Dean of Pledgees Sergeant-At-Arms Advisor of Sigma Stars Social Act Chairman of Education Chairman, Bigger and Better Business Chapter Advisor Mario Ellis, President and Jeff Budd, Vice President Martin Roy Edmonds and Dwayne Ruffin Samuel Davis and Bruce Tookes THE HISTORY OF PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded by A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse and Charles I. Brown on January 9, 1914 at Howard University. The Beta Pi Chapter was founded in 1947 by Dr. Von D. Mizell, Sr. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The motto of Phi Beta Sigma is " Culture for service and service for humanity. " Aims and Objectives: 1. To instill in young college men and understanding of what it is to be a man. 2. To help those who have no one else to lean on, which is expressed in our motto. 3. To create pride and brotherhood in all men, regardless of race, creed or color. 4. To unite in this diversified society and bring out the " Soul " of men everywhere. Achievements, Activities and Honor Awards of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Beta Pi Chapter 1. Academic Honor Award for the Southern Regional Conference, 1981-82 2. Second Place Step Champs, Phi Beta Sigma, State of Florida, 1982 3. First Place Stepping Champs and Hosts, 1982 4. Academic Honors for the State of Florida, 1981-82 5. Florida Memorial College Dean of Student Service Award, 1982 6. Donation of a wall clock to Goode Hall 7. Participated in the Sickle Cell Anemia Walk-A-Thon 8. Donated Thanksgiving Dinners to a needy family 9. Donated funds and an Award to Belafonte Tacolcy Community Center 10. Volunteered help for the Ben Cowins Campaign for Mayor of Opa-locka. 1 1 . Sponsored a Clothes Drive for a needy family. TO SIGMA Thy scattered sons with lofty hopes and aims, Achieving greatness which the world porclaims, Regarding life with tenderness sublime; And with design which knows no reace or clime; Appeals to selfish man to serve and love God ' s handiwork created from above. Phi Beta Sigma stands this test of years Supremely over blight and cringing fears. With unflinching will that cannot fail The sacred cause advances to prevail. Give us the conscience staunch and spirit brave. To master stormy sea and angry wave. And as the curtain falls o ' er this brief life, We ' ll March triumphant from this den and strife. t Ato» W • ' f f) i PHI BETA SIGMA M FRATERNITY IMC. tif Another look at the Brothers of the Dove Phi Beta Sigma ' s Stomping Squad OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY, INC., Kappa Gamma Chapter Brothers of Kappa Gamma Chapter: L-R, Otis Lawrence, Charles McKnight, Jack Smiley, Derrick Austin, Edward Law, Paris Taylor, Bobby Henry. ¥ Sponsored Activities and Services of Omega Men 1. Achievement Week 2. Talent Hunt 3. Tutoring Service 4. Campus Clean-Up 5. Educational Assemblies 6. Blood Drive Officers and Members Edward Law President Derrick Austin Vice President Otis Lawrence Secretary Paris Taylor Treasurer Jody Flint Business Manager Bobby Henry Chaplain Brothers of Kappa Gamma Chapter are being honored at a Luncheon sponsored by Graduate Chapters Sigma Alpha and Pi Nu. On November 17, 1911, at Howard University, Washington, D.C. the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded by three men, Brothers Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, and Frank Coleman, in company with Professor Ernest E. Just. These four men, having thoroughly gone over the situation, saw keenly the necessity of such a movement and decided to plant the first or " Mother " Chapter of a Greek Letter. The principles upon which this fraternity is based are set forth in the four words — Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverence and Uplift. The fraternity aims to emphasize Christian Manhood and scholarship attainments. There are two graduate and two undergraduate chapters in the Dade County area. The graduate chapters are Sigma Alpha and Pi Nu. The undergraduate chapters are Omicron Delta, located at the University of Miami, and Kappa Gam- ma located at Florida Memorial College. Omega continues to bring the best men home. The Brothers of Kappa Gamma proudly display Omega ' s Brother Astrid Mack makes an observation at the luncheon honoring Brothers of Kappa Gamma as Brother Elliot Scavella looks on. Omegas are proud of Brother Audley Coakley, owner of th( Restaurant, the setting for the Neophytes festivities. Brother Johnnie Brown greets a visiting Brother, Lt. Willie J. Wright II, as Bro. Steve Williams and Neophyte Otis Lawrence look on. SPORTS w THE LIONS m THE LIONS ' DEN f n ► 1 1982-83 Lions ' Varsity Basketball Team Top Row, L-R: Assistant Coach, Paul Wiggins, Manager, Michael Riley, Angelo Scott, Jerry Kirkland, Kenny Bellinger, Steve O ' Conner, Todd Juluke, Demetrius Sanders, Head Coach, Alfred Parker. Bottom Row, L-R: Michael Porter, Charles Sears, Melvin Young, Paul Parrish, Patrick Releford. Lions dominate from the start. Lions about to add another two points. 1982-83 Lionettes Varsity Basketball team Top Row; L-R: Alethia Hanks, Patrice Matchatt, Terrell Hill, Jackie Smith, Nadine Hampton, Kathy Horton, Shawn MacMillian, Jazz Johnson, Cheryl Knight. Second Row: Tonya Williams Third Row; L-R: Sharon Vereen, Coach Kenneth Marshal, Cynthia Walden. Just another look. LIONS ' BASEBALL TEAM m The Team at Practice. Mr. Robert Smith- -Coach Greg Brown Theodore Pinkney John Anderson Lazaro Diaz Richard Anderson James Byrd Samuel Davis Christopher Taylor Lee Heard Marvin Cole Jeffery Jones Isaac Newsome Kevin Gaines Roberto Gutierrez Leopold Mullings Derrick Miller Obadiah Twiggs Dennis Brown Joseph Walker Federick Ranking Cameron Wester Mario Clayton Curtis Brandon Marcel Grimsley Vincent Page Alfonso Eugene Privott Micheal Lee Keith Hill Oliver Taylor Ray Rivera Lou Proctor 1982-83 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Roscoe Warren — Coach Mr. Danny Atkins — Asst. Coach David Bunks Calvin Butler Calvin Collins Gamal Crosby Jafice Fields Wesley Frater Leon Fredrick Jeff Johnson Charles Kirkland — Captain John Lovette Dino Martinez Danny Milton Frank Pierson Leonard Pooler Patrick Releford Andrew Sanders Henry Taylor Aqualino Williams 1983 LIONS ' LIONETTES ' TRACK TEAM Rolanda Scott Antia Robinson Norma Ely Tessie Massie Julie McCoy Worndor Walker Jonathan Lightbum Melvin Douglas Charles McKnight Robert Horton Paul Wiggins Joseph James Steven Bellamy Gilbert Arenas Dwayne Miller Lorenza Greenwich Williams Starkey Clyde Simmons Clyde Tate LIONETTES ' VOLLEYBALL TEAM Coach Ronald Berg Phyllis Ellis Charade Horton Anita Dowdy Cathy Horton Doloris Brown Belinda Raynor Patrice Hatchett Linda Ward Phyllis Ellis shows how it is done. LIONETTES ' SOFTBALL TEAM Coach Peggy Murray Manager Veronica Daniels Assistant Manager Tamarra Sharperson Priscilla Musgrove — Co-Captain Nepsie Goodman Adricia Green — Secretary Karen Turner Arlene Byrd — Treasurer Phyllis Ellis Doloris Brown Stefani Bacon Sheryl Knight Patricia Matchett Phyllis Ellis Sylvia Webb Yvette Jenkins April Burns Charade Horton I«WI 111 Above Left: Karate Exhibition Below Left: The Group Above: Our Mascot, THE MIGHTY LION VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L-R: Tara Askew, Yvonne Hunt, Sandra Weatherspoon, Lynne Smith, Linda Brighthaupt, Marsha Mallett and Antionette Bellamy. Linda Brighthaupt Sandra Weatherspoon Marsha Mallett MFMBERS: Tara Askew Yvonne Hunt Sandra Weatherspoon Marsha Mallett Antionette Bellamy Connie Atkins We Have Got The Spirit!!! JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 5 Beatrice Sloan, Co-Captain :- W r S 1... Debra Pickins, Captain ft , » , Debra Edwards We are a part of the Lion ' s Crew. SJ ifc LIONETTES Won ' t they ever stop fouling us? Off the board, another two points! Let go of it; it ' s mine! Is flying a part of this game? Another easy two points +M " XT- ilirl Taking a break while the referee decides It ' s a long way back. Who ' s out-jumping who ' SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS . . . " Perseverance, Ability, Teamwork . . . A concept from the past, the key for the future. " Who is blocking whom ' The Lions go for another block. They ' re ready for the MOVE. TJ ■ ■ % j ■• V. EOjlgL. Lions prepare for the play as the opposition plans defense. Who will get the ball????? The Mighty Lions, of The teams hustle down court! course!!! SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS Lionettes are planning strategies for the next few plays. An easy two points for the Lions! THE CLERICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS HELP TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE " AS TIME GOES BY ' 1- r. c i A 1 1 Ms. Jessie Mae Green, Secretary, Institutional Planning and Development Mrs. Alma Greene, Secretary, Comprehensive Counseling Center ■ ♦ Mrs. Gwendolyn Greene, Telephone Attendant Receptio Miss Roberta Habersham. Secretary Registrar ' s Offia Mrs. Irene Hansford Carter, Assistant to the Rcgistra Miss Brenda Hudson. Secretary. Division o Edu( » Ms. Ina Hylton, Secretary, Center for Community Change Mrs. Mavilyn Jackson, Secretary, Division of General Studies and Upward Bound Mrs. Deborah Jones, Accounts Payable Clerk Mrs. Lee, Secretary, Physical Education Department Mrs. Urith McKenzie, Duplicating Coordi Mrs. Lottie T. McMillan, Research Assistant, Institutional Research Mrs. Norvik Myers, Secretary, Alumni Affair Mrs. Gloria Pinson, Secretary. Financial Aid Office Mrs. Regina L. Smith. Secretary of Personnel, President ' s Office Ms. Peggy Murray, Administrative Assistant, Haitian Progran Staff Not Pictured Mrs. Hyacinth Miller, Secretary, Dean of Student Affairs Ms. Mary Ellen Narwocki, Secretary. Academic Dean ' s Office Miss Zelda D. Cook The Library Staff Provides An Atmosphere For The Inquiring Mind The College Library is a full service library which offers an integrated collection of print and non-print materials in support of the teaching and learning goals of the College. The Library Collection has over 70,000 volumes, 252 periodical subscriptions, and over 8,000 pieces of audio visual software. The Library building has 25,000 square feet of floor space to serve the Col- lege Family. This modern and attractive building pro- vides an environment which stimulates study, research and investigation, and personalized leisure activities. Mrs. Mary Barfield, Reference Librarian r Beguesse, Ci Staff not pictured: Ms. Wendolyn Jones, Cataloging assistant Mrs. Pauline Willis, Part-time Librarian Mr. Louis Caldwell, Audio visual assistant Miss Linda Hopkins, Part-time circulation assistant A Place of Beauty Ms. Janice Smith, Secretary to Head Libra; THE BUSINESS OFFICE STAFF MOTIVATES US TO LEARN HOW TO ECONOMIZE TIME, TALENT AND MATERIAL RESOURCES. Mrs. Mary B. Pierce, Fiscal Officer Mr. James McMilli an, Jr., Comptroller Mrs. Daisy Collins, Payroll Supervisor Mrs. Archie Mobley, Head Cashier Mr. Ruben Zusa, Accountant Mrs. Deborah Jones, Accounts Payable Clerk Mrs. Kathleen Faulkner, Administrative Assistant EXECUTIVE BOARD NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Joe Baron Silas, Dr. Elmo Sparks, Malache Lundy, Leola Davis, Paul Wiggins. Nat Thompson, Gerald Eubanks, Dan McNeil, Dr. T. Craft, Tyrone Kee, Milton, and C.B Dailey. Message from the Director of Alumni and Church Relations This year we have been extremely blessed with the continued support we have received from alumni and our church constituency. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the members of the 1983 Senior Class, and I look forward to working with you as new alumni. The events of this past year have become history. Although they may remain vivid to all of us who participated in the long sweep of history of Florida Memorial College, this year will probably be more significant than many of the other one hundred and four because of the tremendous strides we have made. Our names and our events will be a part of the life of this college. Our crisis, our choice, and changes in our lives will be important because other lives are affected through contact with ours. Each of us has affected the life of others, and all of us together have had our influence on Florida Memorial College and the future which lies ahead. May God bless each of you in the choices you have made this year and those you will make in the years ahead. Sincerely yours, c3dJL, £ Q, Charles B. Dailey Director, Alumni and Church Relations C.B. Dailey, Director of Alumni and Church Relat Executive Board in Meeting. C H I)aile sits and listens. D Leadership Training- Winter Conference DONATION DAY ACTIVITIES 1982 Donation Day at Florida Memorial College is an annual event sponsored by the Women ' s Auxiliary of The Baptist General State Convention of Florida, Ine., under the direction of Mrs. Celestine Dixon, and The Progressive Missionary and Educational Convention of Florida, Inc., under the direction of Mrs. Amelia Houston. Donation Day was first known as " Love Gift Day, " which began when the Late Mrs. Holley, then wife of the president of Florida Memorial College, and a small group of women belonging to First Bethlehem and the First Central Association saw a need to aid the College. The women of the two associations developed and implemented the idea of soliciting specific items that were necessary for the operation of the College, in order that the monies available to the College could be used for operational needs. Their efforts were so tremendously successful that they were able to share with needy families that lived in the immediate area of the College. This program grew with so much momentum that storing the foods donated to the College became a problem. The College ' s Board of Trustees and women ' s groups of both conventions decided that they would ask for donations of money rather than commodities. " Love Gift Day " thus became known as " Donation Day. " Dr. Willie C. Robinson. President of Florida Memorial College, brings greetin The Concert Chorale leads the audience in, " Lift Every Voice And Sing. " Judge Wilkie Ferguson, Chairman of the Trustee Board, Florida Memorial College, brings greetings. FOUNDERS ' DAY: CHANGING WITH THE TIMES MEANT DEDICATION, CONSECRATION, CELEBRATION. Dr. Willie C. Robinson, President of Florida Memorial College, establishing the climate for the occasion, reminding every one . . . " In all thy ways acknowledge Dr L ester T. Whitelocke, College Chaplain, presides at the momentous occasion. Him, and He shall direct thy paths. " Dr. Henry J. Lyons, President, Baptist General State Convention of Florida, Inc., ,. „„„ ,. ,. .. • t . , . ■ .. - ' . „„. n „.. d-i;„;„,.„ The honored guest, Dr. Royal W. Puryear, former President who served Florida addresses the audience during the dedication ot the Susie C. Holley Religious . f J J ' .,,. P Memorial College tor 25 years, shares a moment with admirers. The Gospel Choir echoes songs of faith and praise. They came from far and near to see, " What Hath God Wrought? " Mr. R. Ray Goode, member of the Trustee Board, Florida Memorial College, Rev. J.C. Wise, Pastor, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Goulds, Florida, shares in the shares a moment with Dr. Puryear. celebration. Trustee Board Members, President Amelia Houston, President, Women ' s Auxil- iary, Progressive M E State Convention; President Celestine Dixon, President Women ' s Auxiliary, Baptist General State Convention of Fla. Inc.; Mrs. M. Atha- Thev came because they wanted to give thanks and to show their continued support lie Range, and Mrs. Mary Babcock have something to sing about. " for the institution that they love. W MLS W Founders ' Day, March 29, 1983, was a time for rejoicing! For a dream had become a reality, " The Dedication Of The Susie C. Holley Religious Center. AWARDS ' DAY PROGRAM 1983 Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society members and sponsor. Ms. Leslie Johnson, a graduating senior, receives i award from Mrs. Allen. Mrs. Lillian Johnson, a member of the Ministers ' Wives Council of Dade County, presents the Outstanding Christian Citi- zenship and Academic Achievement Award. Dr. Mebane presents the Linda Williams Memorial Educa- Mrs. Wright presents Character-Leadership Mer tion Award. Awards. The Financial Aid Office Staff presents awards to deserving students. Members of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- Seniors receive top Music Awards from Professor Roose- leges and Universities velt Williams. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION The International Student Association Florida Memorial College normally has a foreign student enrollment of approximately 1 00. Being that many of these students are from the various, more traditional soci- eties, the International Student Association acts as a medium to unite these students. The International Student Association is composed of students from such places as the Bahamas, Barbados, England, Ethiopia, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, and Trinidad. The International Student Association serves as a sympathetic ear and helps in meeting the problems that accompany a lifestyle far different from the one that students are accustomed to. It also allows students to express themselves and their cultures through various activities. Caribbean Beauties Bahamian Students A Touch of Class Officers: President: Cornelius A. Johnson Vice-President: Jeff Lazamo Secretary: Ann Culmer Treasurer: Edward Nicolas Manager: Melvin Douglas Public Relations: Frank Oruwari Chaplain: Willie Lewis Representative to S.G.A.: Jonathon Lightborne A Place of Study. International Students Sponsor Food Festival for Black History Month Observance INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL Nigerian students show spirit in traditional wear. Faculty, staff, and students co-mingle at feast. And God was good, the day was beautiful. Student Life . . . Learning to Cope . . . Demonstrating Enthusiasm Establishing Goals . . . First day, where do we stay? Time to check the mail [U; 8 Si = L V ft % f 1 k. 1i , • B. It ' s Break Time It ' s Time To Hit The Books, We ' ve got priorities i order, right? It ' s been a rough day, and nap time is in order. m There ' s no line like LUNCH lin This Is the Place. The Cafeteria at lunch Somebody has gone out for lunch? MEMORIES ' ..••.•■- We made it. What a successful day! TWELVE THINGS TO REMEMBER 1. The value of time 2. The success of perseveranc 3. The pleasure of working 4. The dignity of simplicity 5. The worth of character 6. The power of kindness 7. The influence of example 8. The obligation of duty 9. The wisdom of economy 10. The virtue of patience 1 1. The improvement of talent 12. The joy of originating. MEMORIES OF CHANGES IN OUR LIVES The Golden Gates HRB99HHHHHHHI The source for continuous knowledge, the library. The Cafeteria, a Multi-Purpose Building. Science and Classroom Buildings We Enter To Learn and Depart To Serve. RECIPE FOR GREATNESS To bear up under loss; To fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief; To be victor over anger; To smile when tears are close; To resist disease and evil men and base instincts; To hate hate and to love love; To go on when it would seem good to die; To look up with unquenchable faith in something ever more about to be. That is what any man can do, and be great. . . . Zane Grey THE BEST OF TIMES rnzz; Family Night means quenching a thirst Obliging the appetite . Receiving information and sharing in family fellowship. SENIOR THOUGHT LADDER OF ACHIEVEMENT 100%— I did. 90%— I will. 80%— I Can. 70%— I Think I Can. 60%— I Might. 50%— I Think I Might 40%— What Is It? 30%— I Wish I Could. 20% — I don ' t know how. 10%— I Can ' t. 0%— I won ' t. STUDENT LIFE Entertainment time. I have a dream! We are family. Aware, confident, positive self image . . . " Stepping Into Tomorrow. " It ' s good to be here. Inquisitive, interested, determined Do you think any one in the class passed that one? A change is coming. . Can ' t stop praising His . And the meal is good. COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES 1983 Dr. Willie C. Robinson, President, presides at Commencement Activities for the largest class in the One Hundred Four- Year History of the College. One Hundred Eighty-Five (185) graduates received undergraduate degrees. . Lives of great men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime; And departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sand of time. Footprints that perhaps another, Sailing o ' er life ' s solemn main, A forlorned and shipwrecked brother Seeing, may take heart again. Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate. Still achieving, still pursuing Learn to labor and to wait. " — Longfellow m i I ' mm ' yr % THE YEARBOOK STAFF HAD A DETERMINATION TO PRODUCE AND REMAIN COMMITTED. Terry V. Williams, Editor ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS FROM THE EDITOR-CHIEF It ' s all over now! It has been months since we started working on the twenty-ninth volume of the Arch, our Yearbook. It appeared that we would never get finished but through it all, it is finished. As Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Staff, I say to you, my fellow colleagues of Florida Memorial College, the 80 ' s is the time for changing things and meeting the challenge of the 80 ' s will consist of achieving our goals successfully, facing problems with reality . . . not as jokes, and motivating others to make something of themselves. Looking for a better way? Then CHANGE WITH THE TIMES to prepare yourselves for that STEP INTO TOMORROW by facing today ' s challenges and realities. I take this method to express my deepest appreciation to the entire staff of the Yearbook Club: Tara Askew and Anita Dowdy, co-editors and photographers; Carla Lee and Yolanda McCoy, recording secretaries; Tracy Smith, business manager; Karen Turner, treasurer; Gino Joseph and Clarence Elridge for working through the Christmas holidays. Many students stepped right in and gave a helping hand. This list includes Sophia Lewis, Danielle Powell, Michelle Washington and Mickey Timmons. We are also very grateful to Miss Zelda Cook for her ideas and time contributed to the staff; Reverend Harrell, the school ' s photographer, Mrs. Patricia Warren for her inspiration and time; Dean A.C. Robinson for his interest and support; and many thanks to President Willie C. Robinson for giving us a chance to exercise our leadership abilities, personal ideas, and creative talents. Finally, I express my deepest appreciation to my pastor, Rev. Ben Carroll, and to my church, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church of Oakland, California, for persuading me to attend Florida Memorial College. Rev. Carroll has been and still is an inspiration to my ministry and my life. I would not be here had it not been for him. I shall forever love you and will demonstrate my gratitude to you by lead- ing a productive life. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. Sincerely yours, Terry V. William Cornelius Allen Johnson Assistant Editor-in-Chief Student Advisor L-R: Carla Lee, Yolanda McCoy, Terry Williams, Karen Turn pher Clark The rewarding task of putting a Yearbook together is in itself an indication of the unity and commitment that is so necessary for progress in these CHANGING TIMES. Thanks to all of you for whatever you contributed to the completion of the 1983 Edition of The Arch. I certainly appreciated another opportunity to serve. YEARBOOK STAFF Terry Williams, Editor-in-Chief Cornelius Johnson, Assistant Editor, photographer, Student Advisor, Layout and Managing Editor Anita Dowdy, Photographer Tara Askew, Photographer Gino Joseph, Photographer Zelda Cook, Layout Editor and Photographer Jacqueline Moore, Typist Lisa Cartwright, Typist Mrs. Miller, Typist Mrs. Greene, Typist Linda Brighthaupt, Typist Renard Dowdell, Typist Tamara Sharperson, Typist Mrs. Sarah Hoo, Proof-reader Mrs. Earnestine Carr, Proof-reader Allison Bell, Assistant Janice Bain, Assistant Christopher Clark, Layout Assistant Viola Angus, Assistant Danielle Powell, Assistant David Sullivan, Layout Assistant Deleta Williams, Layout Assistant Carrie Hodges, Assistant Karl Williams, Assistant Ellanese Love, Layout Assistant Karen Turner, Reporter Michael Oden Tracy Smith, Business Manager Carla Lee, Assistant Clarence Elridge, Assistant LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOUR GLASS SO ARE THE CHANGES OF OUR TIMES . . . AUTOGRAPHS " DO NOT FOLLOW WHERE THE PATH MAY LEAD. GO, INSTEAD, WHERE THERE IS NO PATH AND LEAVE A TRAIL. P ■I IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE AGE OF WISDOM, IT WAS THE AGE OF FOOLISHNESS, IT WAS THE EPOCH OF BELIEF, IT WAS THE EPOCH OF INCREDULITY, IT WAS THE SEASON OF LIGHT, — „ - ■ IT WAS THE SEASON OF DARKNESS, . IT WAS THE SPRING OF HOPE, IT WAS THE WINTER OF DESPAIR. — Charles Dickens " A Tale of Two Cities " , 1859 CHANGING WITH THE TIMES DEMANDS FAITH, PRAYER, COURAGE, DETERMINATION, HONES- 168 TY, COMMITMENT, HOPE, A POSITIVE SELF IMAGE AND LOVE FOR ALL MANKIND. THE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH HE ARCH THE ARCH THE ARCH

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