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TABLE OF CONTENTS ,-..« Introduction Our Theme 1 A Push for Excellence 2-7 Editorial 4 Dedication 8-9 Adm., Faculty Staff 10-30 Seniors 77 78 31-46 Other Classes 47-79 CAMPUS LIFE 80-158 Who ' s Who AKMu 82-85 The S.G.A 86-87 Campus Queens 88-92 Organizations and Clubs .94-127 Sports 128-135 Other Activities 136-1 58 Publications 159-168 Advertisements 169-170 Index 174-176 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I will be highly remiss, if as I relax and think about " the end to another job well done by all, " I fail to acknowledge the great help and support given to me by The S.G.A., Dr. Maria F. Gonzalez — Publications Advisor, Mr. D. Carter — Dean of Students, Mr. R. Barragan, Mr. J. Decourcy — Director of Financial Aids, The Business Managers, and other members of the Administration whose names space cannot permit me to mention. I also have a duty to thank the entire yearbook staff for giving me their support throughout our rough and easy periods. The result of all your help, is an annual of high quality which your fingers are eager to start opening — Have a nice viewing time. Editor-in-Chief Want to know what page rju . Uoa - Mo -in-juj y o u appear? ... Ha Ha check the mawa f. gonxa ex, — cuIwao inOPX Dri PS 1 74-1 1 f) THE ARCH 1978 Volume 24 lorida Memorial College Miami, Florida k oj r Mf r «Z: v M , s : ' a A Push for Excellence inrougn . Strength " ; nnmrai Our Mascot 2 The Pu ;h for Excellence Togetherness . . Olu S. Lawal, Editor-in-chief FROM THE EDITOR ' S DESK: THE PUSH FOR EXCELLENCE Last year, the situation at which we found ourselves at Florida Memorial College financially and administratively perpetuated an operation that needed assessment to see where we were headed and to reexamine our goals and objectives. But as we approach the threshold of the ninety-ninth year of this great institution with a more virile and stable future, the push for excellence in all endeavors, suggested and preached often by the present administration, has been accepted as a challange by the faculty, other members of staff and the community. It is also considered most appropri- ate as the " theme " for our 1 978 annual — The Arch. Fellow students, where do we stand? Are we really push- ing for excellence in all our endeavors? How much do we care for those few who are presently sitting on the fence and didn ' t want to try more? Think about these questions; also think about how to achieve the best and nothing less, as you journey through our undertakings since fall 1977 in pictures and actions. I wish my successor more guidance and support than the excellent ones I received from all. Being here has been the most wonderful thing to happen to my life. Adieu. Olu S. Lawal Editor-in-chief f . i-A . ;,- Genuine Academic Spirits . . . 1 The Push for Excellence 5 Presidents of Campus Organizations meeting with the College President. Sounc 6 The Push for Excellence The S.C.A. Cabinet in session Leadership The Push for Excellence 7 Dedication Dr. Sussie Holley, Member Board of Trustees Dedication (Contd.) wr i Dr. Holley making a presentation on campus Dr. Holley addressing Donors on Donation Day. DR. SUSIE C. HOLLEY Dr. Susie C. Holley has lived a life of service. She is a woman possessed of a rare combination of talents who has risen from the lowly hills of Goshen, Virginia. Daughter of a minister, and educated at Virginia College in Lynchburg where she completed her high school training and received her Bachelor ' s degree. She did further educational study at Atlanta University where she pursued courses in guidance and sociology. Dr. Holley has risen to a place of eminence in education- al, religious and civic realms. Her affiliation with Florida Memorial College began when she married Dr. Robert L. Holley, then President of the college. At that time, Florida Memorial was a high school and junior college owned and operated by the Baptist General State Convention of Florida, Inc. As a member of the Trustee Board as well as President of the Women ' s Convention, Mrs. Holley gave two full years of travel in the promotion and interpretation of the value of the " move " from St. Augustine to Miami. She secured more than one-half million dollars in pledges to the college for the Development Program and encouraged many friends to be- come " regular supporters " of college. It was under her leadership that a Donation Day for the school was estab- lished. In recognition of her years of dedicated service, the college presented her with an Honorary Doctor of Human- ities degree. Presently, Mrs. Holley is still serving on the Board of Trustees and her dedication to the college has not lessened over the years. Dr. Holley states that she has one burning desire in her heart for the college: That through dedication and partici- pation of the Baptists in Florida and their friends the budget of the college be reached annually; that the development program for the building and completion of Florida Memo- rial College as envisioned be fulfilled and that young men and women in attendance will reach their highest potential in leadership and scholarship. The editorial board of this annual therefore dedicates this publication to Dr. Holley, for all the contributions above, and for: Her dedication to Florida Memorial College! Her love and devotion to God! Her love of her fellowmen! Her total efforts to help others! Her hard labors with Christian women! Her unselfish contribution to mankind! Her deep sincerity and work with the Trustees! The things she has done that we do not know about! THANK GOD FOR CREATING ANOTHER GREAT BLACK WOMAN! AN ANGEL OF LOVE DEVOTION. Dedication 9 DMINISTRATION 3 Classrooms Science FACULTY Library Administration ii ' n iiinimmMiuiim J Sidewalk To Science Lion ' s River Kin STAFF ( ) a AS.s ( ) 19 8: All human beings, to a greater or lesser degree, possess the imaginative faculty. Imagination is the cornerstone of human endeavors. It is, without doubt, responsible for man ' s survival as an animal; and has caused him, as a human being, to conquer the world. Albert Einstein once pro- claimed that " Imagination is more important than knowl- edge. " For those of us who are in non-creative pursuits, today ' s environment provides too little imaginative exercise. Im- agination grows by exercise. Although creative imagination is essential to the solution-finding phases of the creative problem-solving process, judgement based on faith must play an even larger part. I think of you, the Class of 1978, as the possessors of these important qualities of imagination and faith. You have had a unique responsibility for leadership on the campus and you assumed that leadership in a manner that displayed these qualities. Most of us appreciate it and will not soon forget our efforts. You have been responsible for many worth- J while activities and contributions which I am sure you will appreciate more as time passes on and the college achieves its goals. I wish that I had space to mention some of the changes which I have noted, not only in you and the college, but also in the world — that which you are about to enter. These are turbulent times, and yet, we witness times of great oppor- tunity when the world is at its worst. We, as Christians, must be at our best. I will not yield to the temptation at this time. I shall merely say that the Class of 1 978 is a great one — moral characters, high ideals, cooperative attitudes, zeal for the best interest of the college, and loyalty to its ideals. We are justly proud of you and your achievements, and I shall always hold you, the Class of 1978, in fond memory and I look forward to great accomplishments by you. Very truly yours, Dr. Willie C. Robinson Jl President r i The President, honoring James Brown on hi 1 -, visit to F.M.C., while Mr. William Wynn, Chairman of the Board of Trustees looks on. How do you all like Florida Memorial? IP? 1 1 1 ' H I 1 i k 1 V 1 In 1 : ... Willie C. Robinson, President MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS You who have been here over the past three years as I have been, shared in a variety of experiences, all important in the growing and expanding tradition of Florida Memorial College. Some of our experiences have been good and others have not been so good, but all growth-producing as we seek to find our niche in life. It is my hope that you have taken full advantage of all the possibilities open to you. You will take your place with hundreds of others who have passed this way and who are better human beings as a result of their experiences here. You will become teachers, ministers, accountants, house- wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, social service workers, musicians and good citi- zens. You will make a variety of contributions both on and off the job. You will serve humanity in a variety of ways and the potential of that service will have been greatly enhanced by your stay at Florida Memorial College. We, staff, faculty and administration, wish you well as you go forth and hope that you will never pass up the opportunity to grow. Clarence L. Cryer Dean of Academic Affairs Dean Cryer (first from left), as compere at James Brown ' s reception at F.M.C. Telling students to address themselves, to academics at Alpha Phi Alpha ' s — The Student Speaks Program. 14 Administration DEAN OF STUDENTS ' OFFICE Dear Students: As you have matriculated here at Florida Memorial College, I trust you have had some learning experiences in and out of the classroom that will have made lasting imprints on your life. Your involvements on the job and in the community in which you will be indicative of the positive influences that the college experiences have had upon you. It is our hope that you will ever remember from whence you ' ve come and will rededicate your life of work and service to your Alma Mater. Remember " A college education never hurt anyone who was willing to learn something afterwards. " Sincerely yours, Addressing students at Miss F.M.C. Coronation. Are you really sure of helping the S.C.A. Mr. Producer?, Mrs. Carter seems to be asking. Administration 15 Doris N. Carter, Dean of Students Raymond Addison Cafeteria Manager Sherrylene Allen Asst. Professor, Division of Science Math T.C.C.P. l» « . - » ?» Dorothy Baker Director, Title I Roberto Barriagan Director of Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Services Lawrence Bestman Asst. Professor Division of Education Helen Brooks College Nurse 18 Adm. Faculty ' 78 Ernestine Carr Asst. Professor T.C.C.P. Joan Carter Asst. Professor Division of Student Services Robert B. Carter Director of Church Relations Assistant Professor Di vision of Humanities Elizabeth Clements Clerk Typist Faculty Secretarial Pool Irma Cohen Acting Registrar Rose Coaxum Secretary to the Dean of Students Adm. Faculty 19 Robert Camacho Supervisor of Maintenance J mtJMfK SSBSBmsa David DeMay Instructor, Division of Science and Math Van Drummond Assistant Professor Division of Science and Math Richard Eldridge Assistant Professor Division of Humanities Dorothy Edwards Assistant Dean of Students — Prime Dorm Frances Evans Secretary Drug Abuse Program Arcie Ewell Director of General Education . a m.% Irene Fell Asst. Professor, T.C.C.P. Judith Fornes Asst. Professor Humanities Ronald Gaby Asst. Professor Division of Science Math Rosa Caskins Cataloguer, Library Evelyn Cladnick Asst. Professor, T.C.C.P. Maria Gonzalez Chairperson Assoc. Professor Division of Humanities ■ Carl Henderson Asst. Professor Division of Humanities Sarah Hoo Foreign Student Advisor Asst. Professor Division of Social Science Betty Howard Secretary Adm. Asst. Deans Office Adm. Faculty ' 78 23 Jerry Katz Asst. Professor, Division of Social Sciences Elouise Kelly Secy. Director of Admissions Financial Aid Student Services Richard Kuhn Chairperson, Assoc. Professor Division of Social Science f L f Ms Samuel Liner Business Office Rosemary Lotharp Asst. Professor Division of Business Maria Marcos Asst. Professor, Division of Science Math T.C.C.P. Preston Marshall Director, Upward Bound, Special Services Program Patricia Melton Secretary, Business Office Adm. Fac. (cont ' d) Johnny McCray Asst. Professor, Division of Social Sciences Ginger Neal Chairperson Asst. Professor Division of Business Edna Nelson Secretary, Upward Bound Students Special Services Adm. Fac. (cont ' d. i V f gp Claire M. Orson Chairperson Assoc. Professor Division of Education Ruth Pawelkop Circulation Librarian Willie Pete Prime Dormitory Student Services Adm. Faculty ' 78 27 Adm. Fac. (cont ' d) Marilyn Ross Asst. Professor of English Division of Humanities Jessie Silverglate Professor, Social Sciences, T.C.C.P. Gilford Smith Bookstore Manager 28 Adm. Faculty ' 78 Elmo Sparks Alumni Affairs Music Joan Tillman Counselor, T.C.C.P. Patricia Warren Instructor, Special Services Advisor, Drama Club Paul Wesolowski Professor Division of Business Fred Wright Asst. Professor Division of Science Math Lional Wright Supervisor, Faculty Secretarial Pool Jacqueline Wyche Clerk Typist IBM lax % o ° Senior Class Officers — 1978 y • Senior Class Officers and Dr. Claire Orson, Advisor U Seniors 1978 Joyce E. Bentley — Miss Senior Class ' Cr Abraham-Awosika BRAHAM, N.: Pisces; Journalism; Lion ' s Den Newspaper; Asmara, Eritrea. CHASILI, .: Sagittarius; Business Administra- tion; Alpha Phi Alpha. Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socieh , Presi- dent — International Students Org.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties Collet . ' ,ight Zeus " ; Awka, Nigeria. Akinloye F. Adetula ADETULA, A.: Cap- ricorn; Business Ad- ministration; President — Social Science Club, Secretary — Alpha Phi Alpha Frat. Inc., Treas- urer — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Treasurer — Student Govt. Association, Editor — Lion ' s Den, Who ' s Who Amonj Students in American Universities Colleges 1977 78; " Alpha Pride " ; Lagos, Nigeria. ANA)E, P.: Scorpio; Math. Physics; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Member Science Mathematics Club; " Funky Robot " ; Awka, Nigeria. D. An NYAMELE, R.: Sagit- tarius; Accounting; Se- curity Guard; " The Greatest " ; Imo, Nigeria. AWOSIKA, C: Aquarius; Business Adminis- tration; Ondo, Nigeria. Richard U. Anyamele Gil O. Awosika Seniors 1978 33 Bankole-Carter BANKOLE,S.: Capricorn; Business Administra- tion; Phi Beta Sigma Frat., " Misty-Blue " ; Lagos, Nigeria. BARFIELD, L: Aquarius; Elementary Education; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; " Queen Bee " ; Holly- wood, Florida. Solomon O. Bankole Lynn J. Barfield BENTLEY, ).: Capricorn; Business Administra- tion; Delta Sigma The- ta, Kappa Kitten, Social Science, Miss Senior Class, S.C.A., UBS, Pan Hellenic, Yearbook Staff; " Ms. Mahogany Red-Precious " ; Bar- tow, Florida. BREWSTER, A.: Leo; Ac- counting; President — Senior Class, President — Alpha Phi Alphc Frat., Vice President — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, UBS ( " Hondo " ; Clewiston, Florida. Joyce E. Bentley Alphonso K. Brewster CARRINGTON, F.: Taurus; Business Man- agement; President of Circle K, Florida Memorial College Bas- ketball Team, Intra- mural Basketball Coach of the Year; New York, N.Y. CARTER, W.: Scorpio; Music Education; College Choral! " Music Lady fron Heaven " ; Miami Florida. Frederick Carrington Wilhelmina M. Carter 34, Seniors 1978 HARLES, C: Libra; Urban Services; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soci- ety, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1976 77; " Geo " ; Antigua, West Indies. Charles-Cooper COOK, L: Scorpio; Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Kappa Alpha; " Tina " ; Bartow, Florida. Cleot ' oster W. Charles Li tenia E. Cook OOPER, C: Virgo; Business Administra- tion; Vice-Pres. — Senior Class, UBS, Social Committee — S.C.A., Lion ' s Den; " Boola " ; Miami, Florida. COOPER, H.: Taurus; Criminal Justice; " Tip Light " ; Plant City, Florida. Carv L. Cooper Herschel C. Cooper I ' m B-o-o-la you know? Cooper-Deleveaux COOPER S.. Sagittarius; Elementary Education; " Sag " ; Miami, Florida. COUCH C: Virgo; Urban Services; Sigma Gamma Rho, Choirs; " CC " ; Naranja, Flori- da. Sally M. Cooper Cathy M. Couch CUE, A.: Aquarius; Busi- ness Administration; Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Angel; " Ms. Cue " ; Hastings, Florida. CUNNINCHAM, D.: Taurus; Urban Ser- vices; Phi Beta Sigma; " Pretty Poison " ; Rivera Beach, Florida. Arlene Cue Donnie B. Cunningham DECOSTA, M.: Pisces; Secondary Education English; Vice President — Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sec. — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soc, Ba- hamian Students Assn., International Student Assn., Social Science Club, Library Com- mittee, Faculty Council Committee, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties Colleges 1977 78, Yearbook Staff; " Muggs " ; Nassau N.P., Bahamas. DELEVEAUX, D.: Leo Business Administra tion; Phi-Ette, Ms Alpha Phi Omega " Ms. Nice-n-Easy " Nassau, Bahamas. Margaret R. Decosta Debra M. Deleveaux iors 1978 ELEVEAUX, T.: Virgo; Business Administra- tion; Zeta Phi Beta — President, Miss Zeta Phi Beta, Bahamian Students Assn. — Vice President, Social Science Club — Vice President, S.G.A., Pan HellenicCouncil; " Ms. Bahama Mama " ; Nas- sau N.P. Bahamas. Deleveaux-Floyd DUGGINS, I.: Scorpio; Mathematics; Par- liamentarian — S.G.A., Chaplain — Science- Mathematics Club, Secretary — Phi Beta Sigma Frat. Inc.; Righteous Reverend " Ike " ; Miami, Florida. Theresa D. Deleveaux Isaiah Duggins 1AM, O.: Taurus Elementary Education Chorale; " Nita " Coconut C ove, Flor ida. ELLISON, ].: Leo; Ele- mentary Education; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Onita Elam Juanita L. Ellison UNT, D.: Leo; Urban Services; Zeta Phi Beta — Secretary; " Birdie or Slim Boodie " ; Riviera Beach, Florida. FLOYD, R.: Libra; Ele- mentary Education; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.; " Sporty Ga. Peach " ; St. Mary ' s, Georgia. Debra I. Flint Rosalyn D. Floyd Seniors 1978 3 " Codwin-Hardge GODWIN, .: Leo; Crim- inal Justice; Kappa Alpha Psi, United Black Student, College Choir, Senior Class — Treasurer; " Mr. Magic " ; Croveland, Florida. GRANT, F,: Aries; Busi- ness Administration; Editor of Lamp Magazine, Social Committee; " Frann " ; Bronx, New York. Jerome W. Godwin Francine Y. Grant HANKERSON, H.: Tau- rus; Music Education; " Hank " ; Miami, Florida. HARDGE, D.: Leo; Crim inal Justice; " Don ' Hollywood, Florida. Harold Hankerson Donald L. Hardge 18 Seniors 1978 1ARCRETT, K.: Leo; Business Administra- tion; S.G.A., Athletic Coordinator, Chaplain — Senior Class; " Dr. K " ; Florida. Tallahassee, Hargrett-lngraham HILL, K.: Scorpio; Busi- | ness Administration; Chaplain — Chorale; " Killer " ; Bartow, Florida. Kenneth A. Hargrett Keith L. Hill tILL, O.: Leo; Physical Education; Zeta Phi Beta, Physical Educa- tion Club; " Libby " ; Plant City, Florida. HUNTER, R.: Virgo; Business Administra- tion; " Pepper " ; Fori Myers, Florida. Olivia J. Hi Rosa L. Hunter 1UTCHERSON, J.: Tau- rus; Elementary Education; United Black Students; " Ms. Hutch " ; Jacksonville, Florida. INCRAHAMJ.: Religion; Alpha Phi Alpha Frat. Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties Colleges 1976 77, Social Science Club, International Students Org., Baham- ian Students Assn., N.A.A.C.P., Vice- President — S.G.A. 76-77, President — S.G.A. 77-78, Christian Students Movement; Nassau, Bahamas. Jacqueline Y. Hutcherson Jeffrey A. Ingraham Seniors 1978 39 Jackson-King IACKSON, B.: Pisces; Urban Services; Que Deb, Pahokee Players Inc.; " Sportly B.J. " ; Pahokee, Florida. JOHN, E.: Aries; Mathematics Physics; Vice-President — In- ternational Students Assn., Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges 1977 78; " Ajuju " ; Sierra Leone. KEMP, W.: Cancer; Ac- counting; Vice-Presi- dent — S.G.A., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soci- ety, United Black Students; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges 1977 78; " Kemp " ; Winter Garden, Florida. Edward C. John ). Kemp KIMANI, 5.: Cancer Business Administra tion; Nairobi, Kenya. KING, H.: Scorpio, Elementary Education; " King Cutter " ; Miami Florida. Sam K ; A. Kim 40 Seniors 1978 JFFOUR, .: Aries; Biology Chemistrv; President — Science Math Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties Colleges 1977 78; Kumasi, Ghana. Kuffour-Muchugia LASAKI, T.: Pisces; Busi- ness Administration; Phi Beta Sigma; " Tommy " ; Lagos, Nigeria. John O. Kuftour Taofik M. Lasaki Business Ad- ministration; Editor- in-chief — College Yearbook, Publications Manager — Student Government tion, Director of Academic Affairs — Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., President — Alpha Kappa Mu Nationa Honor Society , Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges geria. LEE, P.: Libra; Urban Services; Sigma Gamma Ro Sorority, Alpha Angel Club, Sect. — Senior Class; " Poppin Pat " ; Arcadia, Florida. Olu S. Lawal Patricia A. Lee BAKASO, D.: Leo; Ac counting; Imo, Nigeria MUCHUG1A, ).: Leo; Business; Lion ' s Den; " Muchusia " ; Kenya, East Africa. David O. Mbanaso James W. Muchugia Seniors 1978 41 Mwangi-Price MWANCI. L: Capricorn; Business Administra- tion; Track Team; " Boss " ; Kenya, Africa. I vJ OCWE, D.: Aries; Ac- counting; American Pilots Association; " Dandy " ; Imo, Ni- geria. Lee M. Mwangi David A. Ogwe OLADEHINBO, W.: Scorpio; Business Ad- ministration; Editor of the Sphinx — Alpha Phi Alpha Frat.; " Doctor Wilson " ; La- gos, Nigeria. OMORUYI, V.: Business Administration; Col- lege Chorale; " Ruyi- One " ; Benin, Nigeria. Wilson O. Oladehinbo Victor E. Omoruyi OUTLAYS, .: Virgo; Music Education; Delta Sigma Theta Sor., Concert Choir, Kappa Kitten Club; " Nita " ; Bartow, Florida. PRICE, A.: Scorpio; Crim- inal Justice; Kappa Alpha Psi Frat., Panhel- lenic Council, United Black Students, S.G.AJ Liaison to the Kappa Kitten Club; " Kool Hand " ; Riviera Beach, Florida. Juanita Outlaw Andrew L. Price VERS, D.: Libra; Physical Education; Vice-President — Physical Education Club; " Godfather " ; Lakeland, Florida. Rivers-Solomon SALTES, O.: Aquarius; Accounting; Student Academic Council Rep.; " Saltez " ; New York, New York. Donald L. Rivers Olando Saltes Jr. 1AW, L.: Capricorn; Criminal Justice; Vice President — Omega Psi Phi Frat., Pan-Hellenic Rep.; " Fat-Cat " ; Plant City, Florida. SOLOMON, A.: Cap- ricorn; Business Ad- ministration; " King Solomon I " ; Asmara, Eritrea. Larry C. Shaw Alem T. Solomon I manage this office, this car, and . . . Seniors 1978 43 Stefanos-Thomas STEFANOS, Z.: Sagit- tarius; Business Admin- istration; Asmara, Eritrea. STROM AN, ).: Scorpio; Mathematics Physics; President — Phi Beta Sigma Frat. Inc., Presi- dent — Panhellenic Council, Vice Presi- dent — Science-Math Club, 2nd Vice Presi- dent — Alpha Phi Omega National Ser- vice Frat.; Philadel- phia, Pennsylvania. Zerezgmi Stefanos John C. Stroman STUBBS,R. .-Aries; Urba Services; " Ros Miami, Florida. TATE, Y.: Sagittarius; Elementary Education; Miami, Florida. Rose-Marie Z. Stubbs Yvonne M. Tate TEWOLDE, M.: Pisces; Business Administra- tion; " Teddy " ; Asma- ra, Eritrea. THOMAS, .: Aquarius; English Education; Lion ' s Den, Phi Beta Sigma Star; " Luscious Lady " ; Pahokee, Florida. Mulugheta Tewolde Janice N. Thomas 44, ' Senion. 1978 JDEACHA, K.: Taurus; Business Administra- tion; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society Rep. — in S.C.A., Academic Committee; " Kalu " ; Imo, Nigeria. Udeagha-Wright WILLIAMS, H.: Virgo; Criminal Justice; Zeta Phi Beta — Vice Presi- dent; " Nease " ; Miami, Florida. . Udeagha K. Udeagha Harriet D. Williams ILLIAMS, L: Gemini; Early Childhood Edu- cation; Dean of Pledgees of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor., Pres- ident — Drama Club, Treasurer — Chorus Club, Pan Hellenic, S.C.A., Drill Team; " Cricket " ; Carol City, Florida. RIGHT, T.: Aries; Urban Services; Sigma Gamma Rho — Vice President Treasurer, Concert Chorale — Vice President, N.A.A.C.P.; " Tawanna Cherry " ; Miami, Florida. Lynda J. Williams Beverly A. Wright WRIGHT, B.: Libra; Urban Services; Secre- tary — Social Science Club, Secy. — Concert Chorale, Sec y. — Pan- hellenic Council, Pres- ident — Sigma Gamma Rho Sor., Miss Florida Memorial College, N.A.A.C.P. Be Eastman, Georgia. Thelma M. Wright Car — w-a-s-h . . .the Senior Class way. s r-jti f W CU K fto A - $B$ITtf6 L Wxfrrt, is To fasu) ° 6 In l ; vU4 r « too " , o, L a T A I fceVfe N A . " fra, y 1 -» ■«. + toot 7 A ' He S |««o„«T f Ch s •« J? I joy U ' , hire, at P-M-c | s cfC-ht AJcj Ajotj,; rot sz me,u; )y SL sJo r- line A) i t- y y l ' ' c 3$, Ju £ ss is ' Jucce-rs 3S . " (Yl ke. feU use of wW Apt ' Ae -ft be »r I ,;f e b€ fKW i- »• f r «VxX Z .ok Vo-vs otUs " TotT t ' 1 " ° U " E -» ' ■ " » « • K S I 3 j7 ifirftcht UJUfivtJM vt Merest of out IWtS " M-tf W T acc poV.Vm ° - vv ' 2(o 27. m;nc C«h tonC OC t UfpJ anil y. i not uJh t ' " curjL urjmtit You kr_£ ThA-T COWTZ, A D X firM MysUf . q % 9t C f r Jff UaU J JtJU V-sA f v« r- ( iv • twny. fy 3MA. Pm-c- - - Dn y " e±W , fee . s c N I R S 1 7 6e-si Otshis 77-18 jce- (Z parf of rTi A 1 J o ' - ' r ' ' ... Seniors 78 47 1. ABRAHAM, Negasi S.: P.O. Box 1055; Asmara, Eritrea 2. ADETULA, Akinloye F.: 12, Fashoro Street; Surulere Lagos, Nigeria 3. ACHASILI, lames I.: 4, Ekwulugo Street; Fegge Onitsha, Nigeria 4 ANAjE, Peter D.: 40, Ajishomo Street; Lagos, Nigeria 5. ANYAMELE, Richard U.: 214, Etti Road ABA; Imo-State, Nigeria 6. AWOSIKA, Gil O.: 14, Oilmill Street; Lagos, Nigeria 7. BANKOLE, Solomon O.: 52 Herbert Macaulay Street; Lagos, Nigeria 8. BARFIELD, Lynn .: 2550 SW 53rd Avenue; Hollywood, Florida 9. BENJLEY, Joyce E.: 1775, Marshall Street; Bartow, Florida 33830 10 BREWSTER, Alphonso K.: 530 Louisiana Avenue; Clewiston, Florida 11. CARRINCTON, Frederick: 334 East 108 Street; New York, New York 12. CARTER, Wilhelmina M.: 1170 NW 91 Street; Miami, Florida 1 3. CHARLES, Cleofoster W.: Ceda r Grove; Antigua, West Indies 14. COOK, Litema E.: 1150 Polk Street; Bartow, Florida I , ( ( ) ( ) ' K ( .an I IH5K) NU 22nd - w ; Miami, I lorida 16. COOPER, Herschel C: 1604 E. Warren Street; Plant City, Florida 17. COOPER, Sally: 1200 NW 88 St.; Miami, Florida 18. COUCH, Cathy M.: 26335 SW 139th Ct.; Naranja, Florida 19. CUE, Arlene: P.O. Box 682; Hastings, Florida 20. CUNNINGHAM, DONNIE B.: 555 4th St.; Riviera Beach, Florida 21. DECOSTA, Margaret R.: P.O. Box 898; Nassau N.P., Bahamas 22. DELEVEAUX, Debra M.: P.O. Box 4571; Nassau, Bahamas 23. DELEVAUX, Theresa D.: P.O. Box N-732; Nassau, N.P., Bahamas 24. DL1GCINS, Isaiah: 7451 D NW 21st Avenue; Miami, Florida 25. ELAM, Onita: 3130 Plaza St.; Coconut Grove, Florida 26. ELLISON, juanita: 2572 Riverland Dr.; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 27. FLINT, Debra I.: 3892 NW 165th St.; Riviera Beach, Florida 28. FLOYD, Rosalyn D.: 1408 Seagrove St.; St. Mary ' s, Georgia 29. GODWIN, Jerome W.: 1039 Parkwood Avenue; Groveland, Florida 30. GRANT, Francine Y.: 305 E. 153rd Street; Bronx, New York 31. HANKERSON, Harrold: 5901 SW 61st Street; Miami, Florida 32. HARDGE, Donald L.: 143 NW 14th Avenue; Hollywood, Florida 33. HARGRETT, Kenneth A.: 1013 Sayers Drive; Tallahassee, Florida 34. HILL, Keith L: Rt. 3, Box 883; Bartow, Florida 35. HILL, Olivia I.: Rt. 3 Box 148; Plant City, Florida 36. HUNTER, Rosa L: 3213 South Street; Fort Myers, Florida 37. HUTCHERSON, Jacqueline Y.: 7211 Rhode Island Dr. E.; Jacksonville, Florida 38. INGRAHAM, Jeffrey A.: P.O. Box N 3529; Nassau N.P., Bahamas 39. IACKSON, Brenda F.: 860 Palm Blvd.; Pahokee, Florida 40. IACKSON, Gussye: 18702 NW 42nd Court; Carol City, Florida 41. IOHN, Edward C: 3 Soldier St., Freetown; Sierra Leone, West Africa 42. KEMP, Willie D.: 1 1 20 East Bay Street; Winter Garden, Florida 43. KIMANI, Sam K.: P.O. Box 47757; Nairobi, Kenya 44. KING, Howard A.: 1549 NW 68 Street; Miami, Florida 45. KUFFOUR, lohn O.: Ghana, Africa 46. LASAKI, Taofic M.: 15 George Street; Lagos, Nigeria 47. LAWAL, Olu: 27, Bada Street; Alakara, Suru-Lere Lagos, Nigeria 48. LEE, Patricia A.: 605 Madison Avenue; Arcadia, Florida 49. MBANASO, David O.: 25 Danfodio Road Aba; Abba Nigeria 50. MUCHUGIA, lames W.: P.O. Box 94 Kikuyu; Kenya, East Africa 51. MWANGI, Lee M.: 19141 NW 36 Avenue; Carol City, Florida 52. OGWE, David A.: 51 Abam Street; Umuahia, Nigeria , ' , OlADI ' HINBO Wihon O 12 Shofuntere Street, EB; Lagos, Nigeria 54. OMORUYI, Victor £.: 2A Park Lane; Apapa Lagos, Nigeria 55. OUTLAW, luanita: 995 Tangelo Circle; Bartow, Florida 56. PRICE, Andrew L: 1655 West 32nd St.; Riviera Beach, Florida 57. RIVERS, Donald L.: 1519 Caruer Ave.; Lakeland, Florida 58. SALTES, Oland lr.: 662 Water Street 1E; New York, New York 59. SHAW, Larry G.: 1075 Maryland Avenue; Plant City, Florida 60. SOLOMON, Alem: Asmara, Eritrea 61. STEFANOS, Zerezgmi: P.O. Box 219 Asmara, Eritrea 62. STROMAN, lohn C: 2551 N. Gratz Street; Miami, Florida 63. STUBBS, Rose-Marie Z.: 3127 Plaza Street; Miami, Florida 64. TATE, Yvonne M.: 3825 NW 197 St.; Miami, Florida 65. TEWOLDF, Mulugheta: 3949 NW 183rd St., Asmara, Eritrea 66. THOMAS, lanice: P.O. Box 1 50 Pahokee, Florida 67. UDEAGHA, Udeagha K.: Ndi Udeogu Amamba; Abiriba, Nigeria 68. WILLIAMS, Harriet D.: 1670 NW 4th Avenue Apt. 12G; Miami, Florida 69. WILLIAMS, Lynda .: 17240 NW 19th Avenue; Carol City, Florida 70. WRIGHT, Beverly A.: 1430 NW 68th Terrace; Eastman, Georgia 71. WRIGHT, Thelma A.: 1026 NW 59th Street; Miami, Florida Senior Class 78 Junior Class Officers Delia Cue — President Jeanearvise Lawrence — Miss Junior Class Junior Class Officers 50 Juniors ' 78 Adeju-Barton Samuel A. Adeju Ondo, Nigeria Anthony O. Afolabi Leo Lagos, Nigeria Ebenezer Ajayi Abeokuta, Nigeria aron Alexander Elaine D. Anderson Olivia T. Andrews Sagittarius Taurus Scorpio Pahokee, Fla. Carol City, Fla. BelleGlade, Fla. Roslyn Angran Aquarius Pahokee, Fla. Derrick L. Austin Libra Miami, Fla. Victoria Barton Gemini Plant City, Fla. Blair-Devine Sara Blair Libra Richmond Heights, Fla. Fabia Bobmanuel Aries River State, Nigeria Phyllis Braggs Cancer Pompano, Florida Pamela Clark Taurus Tampa, Florida Deborah Conner Pisces Leesburg, Florida Delia Cue Hasting, Florida Ken Devine Capricorn Charleston, South Carolina Hello ... I ' m Ken . . 52 Juniors ' 78 Dickens-Holt sen Wendy D. Dickens Aries Lakeland, Florida We are . . . your queens. Betty Elder Capricorn Danville, Virginia Bolaji Folami Cancer Lagos, Nigeria Katie Gaines Capricorn West Palm Beach, Florida Joseph Githuka Capricorn Nakuru, Kenya Jack W. Gitonga Jr. Libra Nakuru, Kenya William Holt Libra Miami, Florida Ivy-Kin; Cathlena Ivy Aries Miami, Florida Flora Jackson Gemini Miami, Florida Carolyn Y. Johnson Taurus Bartow, Florida Sharon D. Johnson Capricorn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pearl M. Jones Sagittarius Clewiston, Florida Runette L. Jordan Leo Hollywood, Florida Rajahn Joyner Virgo Chocolate City, New Jersey J. D. Karanja Aries Nakuru, Kenya James King Capricorn Orlando, Florida 54 Juniors ' 78 Lawrence-Saleh Jeanarvise Lawrence Leo Brooklyn, New York Judith Merritt Capricorn Pahokee, Florida Latashia Mobley Libra Carver ' s Ranch, Florida You ' re all fine — okay. Joseph Muhoro Scorpio Nairobi, Kenya James M. Mungai Aries Nairobi, Kenya Cheryl Y. Robinson Sagittarius Leesburg, Florida Ahmed Saleh Libra Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Juniors ' 78 55 Smith-Wariboko Shirley Smith Sagittarius Pahokee, Florida Rezan Tewolde Eritrea, Ethiopia Cyril I. Umunakwe Owerri, Nigeria Mary A. Wardell Aquarius Bartow, Florida Ardrenia Williams Gemini Greenville, Florida We won the AKMu debate, as Juniors. Loretta Williams Taurus Palm Beach, Florida Thomasina Williams Scorpio Miami, Florida Victor B. Wariboko Aries Abonnema, Nigeria 56 Juniors ' 78 Carol Cordon — President Sophomore Class Officers 1977 78 Joy Smith — Miss Sophomore Class 58 Sophomores ' 78 Bestman-Davies Dokubo Bestman Capricorn Port Harcourt, Nigeria Alfreda Butler Aquarius Pahokee, Florida Mike Kelvin Callahan Scorpio Lake Placid, Florida Dwayne C. Clark Leo Plant City, Florida Sharron R. Clyde Scorpio Nassau, Bahamas N.P. Debra Ann Cooper Libra Lakeland, Florida Sammy Davies Taurus Freetown, Sierra Leone Hi . . . Queens. Sophomores ' 78 59 Gary-Heyliger I - What ' s happening, Prime Dorm? Sharon D. Gibson Gemini Nassau, Bahamas 1 Felton Jerome Godwin Aries Belle-Glade, Florida ll 11 Priscilla Guyton Cancer Bell-Glade, Florida Tammie Hamm Leo Orlando, Florida Michele llene Gary Sagittarius West Plains, New York Carole Denise Gordon Sagittarius St. Petersburg, Florida Yvette Heyliger Capricorn St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 60 Sophomores ' 78 jack-Mitchell h ♦♦♦r Hope Jack Leo Port Harcourt, Nigeria Barbara Deloris Jackson Sagittarius Bartow, Florida John Jackson Virgo Miami, Florida Charles Allen Jacobs Virgo Wildwood, Florida Arthur Willie Jordan II Sagittarius Coconut Grove, Florida Dennis E. Marshall Gemini Plant City, Florida Freddie Carlos Mitchell Leo Plant City, Florida Sophomore Class Debaters in Action Sophomores ' 78 61 Moore-Preston That ' s nice, you know Mary Ann Moore Scorpio Pahokee, Florida Carol O. Morin Cancer Lagos, Nigeria Tony Munnings Cancer Lake Placid, Florida Sylvanus Nwosu Gemini Orlu, Nigeria i Von Odom Pisces Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Daniel R. Paige Libra Clewiston, Florida Cephus Carlton Preston Jr. Libra Clewiston, Florida 62 Sophomore - ' 78 Rilwan-Stubb; Ajala Rilwan Patricia Ann Rolle Libra Cancer Lagos, Nigeria Hallandale, Florida s m Edmund M. Russell Aries Freeport, Grand Bahamas Tajudeen Kayode Saliu Aquarius Ajasse-ipo Kwara, Nigeria Jefford C. Smith Aries Miami, Florida A-m-b-a-s-s-a-d-o-r! ! " 1 Joy C. Smith Leo Bartow, Florida h Vahnessa L. Stubbs Cancer Miami, Florida Sophomores ' 78 63 Thomas-Williams Robert B. Th omas Cynthia M. Walker Cheryl L. Weaver Cancer Virgo Aries Plant City, Florida Pierson, Florida West Palm Beach. Florida George Williams Cancer Ocala, Florida Leroy Williams Capricorn Miami, Florida Penelope Ann Williams Scorpio Jacksonville, Florida going to study, y ' all fashionable, right! Freshman Class Officers ' 78 I The Officers Windell R. Carder — President Rhonda Hammond Miss Freshman Class Adams-Boynton Spencer D. Adams Aries Riviera Beach, Florida Benjamin Adegbite Pisces Lagos, Nigeria I A Iruke Aghasili Scorpio Anambara, Nigeria Charlie R. Alston Eniola Awosika Ernest F. Baker Taurus Leo Gemini Washington, D.C. Ondostate, Nigeria Miami, Florida t Bonita Barnwell Scorpio Yeadon, Pennsylvania James Blaine Jr. Leo Altomonte Spr., Florida j Derrell P. Boynton Libra Pompano, Florida Freshmen ' 78 67 Boynton-Clyde Voncil B. Boynton Capricorn Pompano, Florida Engalue Bromell Sagittarius Miami, Florida Jerry Brown Taurus St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Micheal Caldwell Pisces Trenton, New Jersey Windell R. Carder Leo Cocoa, Florida Phil Ms Carswell Leo Hollywood, Florida Alfred F. Carter Scorpio Willingboro, New Jersey Deborah Clark Aries Miami, Florida Cornelius Clyde Gemini Nassau, Bahamas 68 Freshmen ' 78 Cooley-Duncan r r V Reneal Cooley Libra Miami, Florida Minnie Cooper Scorpio Arcadia, Florida Angela Cross Virgo Ft. Laudedale, Florida Amengor B. Culham Cancer Peki, Ghana No, no, no . . . don ' t be offended. Patricia A. Davis Cancer Birmingham, Alabama Lisa Dowell Pisces Winston-Salem, North Carolina Cynthia Duncan Sagittarius Pompano, Florida Freshmen ' 78 69 Ealy-Graham Joycelyn Ealy Scorpio Carol City, Florida Maria Ervin Aries Jacksonville, Florida Theodore W. Faircloth Capricorn Daytona, Florida Judith E. Faust Darlene Freeman Denise Gaines Taurus Sagittarius Capricorn Arcadia, Florida Hastings, Florida Vero Beach, Florida Sedra E. Gaines Marsha Gilley Valerie R. Graham Aquarius Gemini Aquarius Tallahassee, Florida Miami, Florida Delray Beach, Florida 70 Freshmen ' 78 Hammond-jackson Rhonda Y. Hammond Otis Harvey Grady B. Hayes Taurus Scorpio Sagittarius Lakeland, Florida Pahokee, Florida Riviera Beach, Florida Florence A. Henderson Taurus New York, New York Shae Henderson Libra Tallahassee, Florida Melvin Hilburn Aquarius Opa Locka, Florida Phyllis Hill Pisces Hollywood, Florida Leonard Jackson Leo Chicago, Illinois Randal A. Jackson Leo Ocala, Florida Freshmen ' 78 71 jenkins-Kellom Eddie L. Jenkins Wayne Johnson Pamela L. Jones Aries Sagittarius Virgo Riviera Beach, Florida Newark, New Jersey Miami, Florida Wendolyn R. Jones Taurus Eustis, Florida Johnnie M. Jordan Sagittarius Hollywood, Florida (a-b) (a + b) £ Lawrence Jordan Sagittarius Los Angeles, California f Angela Kellon Scorpio Miami, Florida 72 Freshmen 78 Lamar-McFadden Larry M. Lamar Taurus Croveland, Florida Nathaniel L. Lasane Aries Immokalee, Florida Aretta A. Lawrence Leo Callahan, Florida Eddie J. Lawrence Aquarius BelleGlade, Florida Gerald A. Lawrence Aries BelleGlade, Florida Patricia A. Lewis Capricorn Brooklyn, New York John C. Long Libra Pompano, Florida ■ " ' • " : ' ... Judy McFadden Aries Deerfield Beach, Florida Tommie McFadden Aries Deerfield Beach, Florida Freshmen ' 78 73 McKinnis-Marshall Sherry McKinnis Marunda V. McKinnon Leo Aquarius Pompano, Florida Miami, Florida Ronald McMillan Cancer Clewiston, Florida acqueline L. McRae Martha A. McRae Dale B. Major Virgo Aquarius Aquarius Triby, Florida Ossining, New York Carver Ranch, Florida Joe Ann Major Libra Deerfield Beach, Florida Nike Marcus Cancer Lagos, Nigeria Sandra Marshall Scorpio Miami, Florida 74 Freshmen ' 78 Mills-Orr ifm?. Tajhon R. Mills Taurus Washington, D.C. James E. Montgomery Aquarius New York, New York I ' m Miss Freshman, you know? Nick C. Moore Leo Lake Placid, Florida Jameel R. Murray Aquarius Newark, New Jersey Vitoria S. Nangibo Gemini Rivers, Nigeria Michelle Nelson Capricorn Miami, Florida Rickey Orr Sagittarius Orlando, Florida Freshmen ' 78 75 Palacious-Robinson 1 iWii Althea Palacious Sagittarius Miami, Florida Tonya R. Parker Scorpio Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Clarence Pittman Jr. Gemini Eatonville, Florida Lillian Queen Scorpio Hobe Sound, Florida Ida T. Rahming Sagittarius Hollywood, Florida Veronica Ramsey Capricorn Miami, Florida Shirley A. Reed Virgo Goulds, Florida Kenneth G. Ricks Cancer Atlanta, Georgia Darrell Robinson Capricorn Miami, Florida 76 Freshmen ' 78 Robinson-Simmon: Sekennia R. Robinson Libra New York, New York Sharon V. Sam Cancer Hollywood, Florida Clarence W. Sampson Aquarius Fort Meade, Florida Rannya Sanders Taurus Avon Park, Florida (J Amos E. Saunders Sagittarius Miami, Florida JoAnn Scott Scorpio Miami, Florida Shawn A. Scott Leo Jacksonville, Florida Cyndy N. Sears Sagittarius South Bay, Florida Phyllis J. Simmons Cancer Frostproof, Florida Freshmen ' 78 77 Singleton-Vaughn Sharon Singleton Capricorn Riviera Beach, Florida Gerald A. Smith Scorpio Chicago, Illinois S We study, we chat, we . . . etc. at FMC. Frank W. Stubbs Virgo Chicago, Illinois Kathlean Taylor Pisces Cocoa, Florida Merethea M. Tracey Gemini Jamaica, New York Emmanuel U. K. Ukpai Aries Ohafia, Nigeria Patricia A. Vaughn Taurus Deerfield Beach, Florida 78 Freshman ' 78 Walker- Woodson Michelle L. Walker Raymond Wiles DeBora A. William Taurus Capricorn Libra Lakeland, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tampa, Florida A James A. Williams Leona B. Williams Keith R. Willis Leo Aries Leo Winston-Salem, North Carolina Arcadia, Florida Lakeland, Florida Felicia Witherspoon Libra Miami, Florida Denise Wood Pisces Oak Hill, Florida fmm Cecil W. Woodson Aquarius Orlando, Florida Freshmen ' 78 79 •iv That ' s Nig Fa 80 Campus Life 7 J mmffmn LIFE s n ■ j»j — 1 1 Lily ■ I l a Bi • ■r ■■ MP j m i -?r Imi l Campus Life 81 V i ... FOLAJIMI AKINLOYE ADETULA JAMES IFEANYI AGHASILI ALPHONSO KENT BREWSTER JOSEPH CLARK SALLY M. COOPER AVAILABLE LAURA ANN D ' AMBRISI MARGARET ROSE DECOSTA JUANITA L. ELLISON Who ' s Who Among Universities and ADETULA. FOLAJIMI, Lagos Nigeria Senior in Business Administration; President — Social Science Club; Secretary — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; Treasurer — Student Govt. Association; Treasurer — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society: Editor — Lion ' s Oen (College Newspaper!. ACASILI. JAMES IFEANYI. Niso-Awka Anambara Nigeria Senior in Business Administration, President — International Students Org.; Historian Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; Historian — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Provost — Senior Class; Miler — Track team. BREWSTER, ALPHONSO KENT, Clewis ' on, Florida 82 Who ' s Who Si ' iimr in ' ' Hinting, I ' rrsif lent Scninrf l.iss, I ' rcsidcnl Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; Vice President — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Member — U.B.S. CLARK. IOSEPH, Miami, Florida Senior in Criminal lustice; Received Certification in Drug Abuse Counseling, the National Inst, of Drug Abuse S holarship Award COOPER, SALLY, Miami, Florida Senior in Elementary Education; Member — Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. D ' AMBRISI , LAURA ANN Miami, Florida Senior in Criminal lustice; A recipient of the Junior Scholarship award in the Div, of Social Science; Received Certification in Dru| Abuse Counselling the National Inst, of Drug Abuse Scholarshit Award. Invited into Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. DECOSTA, MARGARET Nassau N.P. Bahamas Senior in Secondary Education; Secretary — Alpha Kappa Ml Honor Society; Vice President — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Member — Bahamian Students Association, Social Science Club ELLISON, IUANITA Fort Lauderdale, Florida Senior in Elementary Education, Invited into Alpha Kapp National Honor Society. GARDNER, ELIZABETH |. Miami, Florida AVAILABLE ELIZABETH J. GARDNER EDWARD CHIKE JOHN WILLIE DENNIS KEMP AWUUBLEJ cv JOHN OSEI KUFFOUR PATRICK NWABUEZE OLAND SALTES JR. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ALBERT VERNON SWANN NO PHOTO YVONNE M. TATE UDEAGHA K. UDEAGHA Students in American Colleges 1977 78 r in Criminal lustice; Received Certification in Drug Abuse Counseling, the National Inst- of Drug Abuse Scholarship Award. d into Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. JOHN, EDWARD CHIKE Freetown, Sierra-Leone r in Maths Physics; Vice-President — International Students g.; Member of Science Math Club; " Scroller " Kappa Alpha Psi raternity Inc. KEMP, WILLIE DENNIS Winter Garden, Florida ■enior in Business Administration; Vice-President of S.C.A.; Member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; S.G.A. Representa- Board of Trustees. KUFFOUR, IOHN OSEI Kumasi Ghana Senior in Biology Chemistry; President — Science-Math Club; Member— International Students Org. •NWABUEZE, PATRICK NDIBE Awka, Nigeria Junior in Biology; Assistant Editor Lion ' s Den Newspaper; Member — International Students Org.; Member — Science Math Club. SALTES, OLAND JR. New York City Senior in Business Administration (Accounting; Chairman Academic Committee (S.G.A.); Student representative to Academic council (J977-78); Knocker — Alpha Phi Alpha Frater- nity Inc.; Sphinx Club 1978. SWANN, ALBERT VERNON Miami, Florida Senior in Criminal Justice; Received Certification in Drug Abuse Counselling, the National Inst, of Drug Abuse Scholarship Award. Invited into Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society. TATE, YVONNE M. Miami, Florida Senior in Elementary Education. UDEAGHA, UDEAGHA KALU Abiriba, Nigeria Senior in Business Administration; S.G.A. Representative; Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society; Member — Student Academic Council Constitution Draft Committee; Member — International Student Org. •Deceased Who ' s Who 83 Alpha Kappa Mu ' .L J L-R Olu Lawal — President, Margaret Decosta — Secretary, Udeagha K. Udeagha, Jimi Adetula, Alphonso Brewster, Doris N. Carter — Advisor, Jeffrey Ingrahar Dorothy R. Baker — Advisor, James Aghasili, Alfred Ojeranti (not pictured). HISTORY OF ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY, ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Realizing the need for more recog- nition of the Negro scholar and stimu- lation of greater effort towards scholas- tic excellency among Negro students, Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., then the Dean of Tennessee A. and I. State College, conceived the idea that was later to materialize into Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. In its process of growth and de- velopment, Alpha Kappa Mu has kept pace with the evolution of social order. Many Black scholars have gone from its rank to achieve eminence in all facets of life that are important to progress. The Alpha Phi Chapter was founded in 1954 on the St. Augustine campus of Florida Memorial College. Alpha Kappa Mu is the light of edu- cation and progress burning brightly today. This can be seen in its motto " Knowled ge is Power " . slational Honor Society The S.G.A Jeffrey A. Ingraham, President Pressing Towards The Mark In a few months our College will reach a milestone in its history as we celebrate our centennial. This will be a time of great reflection as we retrospect the " journey through life " our College has had to take. It will be a time in which we look back and vacariously live those moments of prosperity and jubi- lance, as well as those not-so-fortunate moments. This will be a time of great rejoicing as we ponder the contributions our College has made to this world, as well as the involvement of our alumni in the fight to help elevate down-trodden humanity. It has been my sincere privilege of being a part of this great institution for the last four years. The tremendous knowledge and experience I gained have contributed to my quest of being adequately trained for my life ' s vocation. The memories of my interacting with my fellow colleagues will ever linger afresh in my mind. Having been involved in the Student Covernment Associa- tion for the last two years, I have been privileged to serve you - the student body. While I will be the first to admit that our S.C.A. Administration did not fulfill all our promises and pledges, I will not be hesitant in saying that under the cir- cumstances we were in, we did put forth our best effort. Any student to sound mind and judgement who recognized the financial dilemma our institution is in, would be able to better appreciate our efforts. To all those persons who contributed to the successful functioning of the S.C.A. during the academic year, I extend to you my deepest thanks. Special recognition must be given to our Administration, under the fine leadership of President Robinson, for their granting us total autonomy and for the compatable relationship we shared. Special recognition is also due our former Advisor, Dean Richard Kuhn, for his expert advice in offering guidance and direction to the S.C.A. Special thanks is extended to Dr. Louis Johnson who unhesitantly accepted the position of succeeding Dr. Kuhn upon his inability to continue in office as a result of his promotion. As we " Press Towards the Mark " there are certain changes that must be made to ensure our perpetual existence. Of paramount importance we, the student body, must develop positive attitudes toward our institution. Too many of us are guilty of " being on a joy ride " and thus having taken our College to the " cleaners. " Our attitude must be such that we are willing to pay the institution for that which we hope to receive from them -an education and ultimately, a degree. Our attitudes should be such that we should seek to generate so- lutions to the many problems that plague our institution, rather than be guilty of being " sounding brasses and tinkling cym- bals, " or be complacent by sitting on seats of " do nothingness. As students we can greatly aid our institution by becoming united and joining forces with faculty and staff in supporting the efforts of our Administration. In closing I urge you all to always bear in mind the Christiar principles and concepts upon which our institution wa . founded. Always have this reassurance that the force behind u is far greater than the job ahead of us. The late William Carey once remarked! " Attempt great things for Cod . . . Expect grea things for Cod. " Cod bless you all as you continue to " Press Towards the Mark. " Jeffrey A. Ingraham, President The S.G.A. Vice President Willie Kemp Campus Leaders meeting with President Robinson. Richard Kuhn — S.G.A. Advisor (until December 1977). Maria F. Gonzalez — Advisor — S.G.A. Publictions. S.C.A. 87 r- Miss Beverly Wright — Mi s F.M.C. Beverly Wright is a Senior from Eastman, Georgia, majoring in Urban Services. She is the Secretary of the Social Science Club, President of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Secretary of the Pan Hellenic Counc il and Secretary of the College Choir. 88 ' Queens Joyce E. Bentley Miss Senior Class D-a-n-c- Jeanarvice Lawrence Miss Junior Class Together royally. Joy Smith Miss Sophomore Class They Organized the Coronation. Rhonda Hammond Miss Freshman Class Queens 8? Queens 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 If 1 1 If II Pamela Clark Miss Concert Chorale Juanita Outlaw Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Flora Jackson Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 90 Queens Cheryl Weaver Miss Phi Nu Pi Wendy Dickens Miss N.A.A.C.P. Shirley Smith Miss Omega Psi Phi Fraternity )ueens Debra Flint Miss Panhellenic Council Harriet Williams Miss Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Georgia McFall Miss Physical Education Patricia Lee Miss Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Sharon Berry Miss Veteran Club Priscilla Guyton Miss United Black Students Queens Sharon Johnson Miss Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority Sharon Gibson Miss Social Science Club We are Queens, Here at F.M.C., you know? Theresa Deleveaux Miss Zeta Phi Beta 92 Queens The M.C. ' s The Greeks Pan-Hellenic Counci (the Supreme body, governing the Greeks, and their activities on campus.) Organizations 93 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc r Chapter MEMBERS Morris Montgomery President (Spring ' 78) Abu King Vice President Jimi Adetula Secretary Olu Lawal Director of Academic Affairs Jimmy Aghasili Historian Jeffrey Ingraham Dean of Pledges Treasurer Wilson Oladehinbo Editor to the Sphinx Aiphonso Brewster President (Fall ' 77) Clarence Cryer Advisor THE HISTORY OF ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity holds the distinction of being the first Black Fraternity organized in the United States. In 1906, on the campus of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, amidst much racial discrimination, several Black young men met late into the nights deliberatingtheirfuture. The gist of these meetings was to discover means of promoting the welfare of each other and inspiring each other to the pursuit of academic excellence and achievement. Out of this meeting was to emerge Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. We still operate on the concepts of " manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind " as was the ideals conceived by our seven founders. Today, Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha cover virtually every area of the pro- fessional world and are found in nearly every major city, and on most college campuses. In addition to this, chapters are located in Jamaica, the Bahamas, England, Europe, the West Indies, Canada and Africa. The Delta Psi Chapter, located on the campus of Florida Memorial College, was founded in 1954 by the then President of the College, Brother Royal Puryear. Aspiring members to our organization must be above aver- age in scholastics and possess finer qualities of manhood and leadership abilities. Organizations 95 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Delta Eta Chapter Litenia Cook — Secretary Dean of Pledges, Bethesda Cummings, Martha Desue — Treasurer, Lynda Williams, Betty Martin — President, Margaret Decosta — Vice President, Linda Williams, Bernadette Forde — Advisor. THE HISTORY OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is a national all-black Greek-Letter sorority organized at Howard University, Washington, D.C., on January, of 1 908. The Delta Eta Chapter was established on Feb- ruary 6, 1 954. The motto of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is " By Merit and Culture " and it stresses " Finer Womanhood. " Organizations 97 Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Inc. Ah V 9 9 t .? Phi Phi Chapter MEMBERS: Wesley Floyd, James May, Myron Young, James King, Kenneth Hargrett, Dwayne Clark. Organizations 99 Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority Inc. Epsilon Eta Chapter JfijSEr WB m MEMBERS: President — Debra Cooper, Advisor — Rosa Gaskin, Sharon Johnson, Beverly Winfro, Denise Hazley, Jean Ackerman, Glenda Foster, Lorretta Williams, Felica Tate, Joy Smith, Olvia Bell, Betsy Bannie, Gail Saunders, Gwendolyn Reed. THE HISTORY OF GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY Gamma Sigma Sigma is a woman ' s service organization dedicated to instilling high ideals of service, friendship and equality to their fellow man. This sorority was started back in New York, in Jan., 1953. The sorority serves to develop friendship among women of all races and creeds. Members achieve these goals by working side by side. The sorority includes in its membership both social sorority members and non-members who are enrolled and in good standing with the college and who meetthe requirements prescribed by the national sorority and by the local chapter. Through the sorority you will become a better citizen by learning to work in cooperation with women of all faiths and nationalities and by exchanging customs with women from all over the nation. Gamma Sigma Sigma was established at Florida Memorial College in April, 1972. Organizations 101 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. tt - . .«u. L-R Jeffrey Sears, Robert Jackson, President; Mike Williams, Jerome Godwin, Tony Afolabi (center). Kappa Kittens Epsilon Mu Chapter MEMBERS: Robert Jackson — Polemarch, Augustus Paige — V. Polemarch, Andrew Price — Keeper of Records Echequer, Jerome Godwin — Dean of Pledgees, Dan Paige — Asst. Dean of Pledgees, Anthony Oluwole Afolabi — Stratequs, Sammy Davis Jr. — Lieutenant Strategus, Ronald Miller — Activities Chairman, Abduli Sillah — Report- er, Edmund Russell, Michael Williams, Jeffrey Sears. THE HISTORY OF KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INCORPORATED On January 5, sixty-five years ago, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. It then became the first un- dergraduate college fraternity to be incor- porated by Blacks as a national body in April of the same year. This Epsilon Mu chapter was founded in April of 1 966, on the St. Augustine campus of Florida Memorial College. Presently, there are twelve brothers on this campus. Organized around the basic idea of achievement, it has meant progressive accomplishments for the fraternity. Kappa Alpha Psi has grown from its ten founders to become one of the largest fraternities. We ' ve survived the wars and depression, criticism and discrimination to become one of the most observed fraternities in the world. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. A9A? Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., was organized on Nov. 12, 1922, in Indianapolis by Mary Lou Gardner and six other school teachers; Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Vivian White Marbury, Nannie Mae Cahn Johnson, Hattie Mae Dulin Red- ford, Bessie Rhodes Mactin, and Cubena McClure. The Sorority became an incorporated National Collegiate Soror- ity on December 30, 1929, when a charter was granted Alpha Chapter at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. The purpose of this Sorority is expressed in its slogan " Greater Service, Greater Progress. " Activities are encour- that will further in every way possible the growth of its members intellectually, morally and socially. To this end they assume the responsibility: (a) to provide an atmosphere in which friendship and social contacts may be developed, (b) to assist each member in developing social graces by emphasizing the value of poise and personal dignity, (c) to encourage and promote high scholastic at- tainment, (d) to develop leadership abilities and individual talents and (e) to maintain interests and attitudes in harmony wi th modern thought and changing educational outlook. For administrative purposes the chapters are divided into five regions according to their geographical locations. A Regional Syntakes in change. o m e g a P s i P h Kappa Gamma Chapter MEMBERS: Stanley Grant, Larry Shaw, Alphonso Wimbush. THE HISTORY OF OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded at Howard University, in Washington D.C., on November 17, 1911. It was founded on the cardinal principles of Manhood, Schol- arship, Perseverance and Uplift. Today, these principles and ideals serve as an inspiration to the modern men of Omega in our society. The Kappa Gamma Chapter was founded at the Florida Normal Industrial Memorial College (today Florida Memorial College) in 1954. This chapter has made significant contributions to the college by its sponsoring of academic and social events, promotion of school spirit and its whole-hearted effort to beautify the campus. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. MEMBERS: L-R Mary Wardell, Arlene Cue, Juanita Outlaw, Cheryl Robinson, Glenda Foster, Joyce Bentley, Christine Richet, Wend Dickens, Flora lackson — President. tr - Zeta Tau Chapter THE HISTORY OF DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University, Washington D.C., on January 1 3, 1 91 3. The Zeta Tau Chapter was established on September 1 9, 1 969, with eleven charter members. This sorority is new to the Florida Memorial College Campus, but it is certainly not new to the ideals of high scholarship and service to all mankind. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is " Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom, " This motto is an integral part of every Delta ' s life. c Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc MEMBERS: L-R Samuel Liner, Ike Duggins, Solomon inkole, Gary Jones, Donnie Cunningham, Peter Anaje, Willis Roosevelt, John Stroman — President. Sigma Stars Beta Pi Chapter THE HISTORY OF PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded by A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse and Charles I. rown on January 9, 191 4 at Howard University. The Beta Pi Chapter was founded in 1947 by Dr. Von D. Mizell Sr. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The motto of Phi Beta Sigma is " Culture for service and service for humanity. " Aims and Objectives: 1 . To instill in young college men an understanding of what it is to be a man. To help those who have no one else to lean on, which is expressed in our motto. To create pride and brotherhood in all men, re- gardless of race, creed or color. To unite in this diversified society and bring out the " Soul " of men everywhere. % t Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. jr a ._ Up 1 id I dfc V . ! ' jr 4S§ P 1 ? i m IS MEMBERS: Theresa Del- evaux — President, Harriet! Williams — Vice President, Debra Flint — Secretary, Bessie Bonnie — Treasurer, Phyllis Braggs, Dianne Davis, Patrica Davis, Debrj Delevaux, Alfreda Butler Jacklyn Hutcherson, Runette Jordonjenettejordon, Junitc Mitchell, Brenda Jackson Cynthia Robinson. Dta Alpha Chapter Other Clubs uk i , THE HISTORY OF ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on Howard University ' s Campus January 16, 1920. It was suggested to Arizona Clever by Charles Taylor, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, that she establish a sister organization. This has become a na- tional organization of college women banded together under a common bond of friendship and cultural effort seeking to establish the worth of womanhood through excellence in education, human service and citizenship. The motto of Zeta Phi Beta is, " Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterly Love. " ' SLi TI;Ii 1 1 Organizations FMC Choir Club ,On Donation Day Roosevelt Williams, Music Director Pamela Clark, Miss Concert Chorale FLORIDA MEMORIAL CONCERT CHORALE This has been a good year for the Chorale. With added members and new robes, this group has added zest to its performances. The Chorale represented the entire College family when it performed be- fore 10,000 Baptists at the National Convention on Miami Beach. For the entire year the Chorale made over 35 appearances at conventions, churches, schools, special events and assemblies here at Florida Memorial College. In the future, this group is expected to bring recognition to Florida Memorial College by singing good music and spreading happiness to audiences throughout the State of Florida and the Nation. We would like to thank the entire College family for their support as we journey to bigger and better things through music. Organizations 1 1 Drama 16 Organizations Ha-Ha-Ha, check them out. Club I can be a mother, no, a model. DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club was developed this year at Florida Memorial College under the auspices of Mrs. P. Warren and interested students with heatrical talents in the areas of acting, danc- ing, singing and dramatization. Members of the Drama Club have been nvolved in many theatrical experiences, stemming from talent shows to full produc- tions, one being a play called " A Raindrop of Thunder " by Ruth Steed. DRAMA CLUB INVOLVEMENTS 1. Talent Show for Parent ' s Day Activities 2. Dramatic presentations at: Miami Dade College Miami-Northwestern Senior High School Miami-Central High The Heritage School North Carol City Elementary 3. Church Presentations 4. Poetry Readings 5. Black Awareness Month Presentations, performed at Florida Memorial College, High Schools and Elementary Schools. 6. Commercials with Channel Four in refer- ence to the Kwanza Festival. We received a plaque for Kwanza per- formance. The DramaCluband its director feel that they have made footprints in the sands of time by showing that " Acting is more than walking on a stage. " Therefore they will continue to venture onward to produce bigger and better theatrical activities on the campus of Florida Memorial College. - Members of the Drama Club L-R, Patricia Warren — Advisor, Linda Williams — President. Organizations 1 17 nternational Students Organization THE OFFICERS: L-R. Chike John — V. President, Rezan Tewolde — Miss. ISO, James Aghasili — President, Victor Worriboko — Secretary. I.S.O. students during orientation (Fall ' 75). INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Florida Memorial College has become the local meeting point of black men and women from all parts of the world. Through the system of slavery the black race was dispersed to all corners of the world. This had destroyed a whole continent and a people. Through the years hope had existed for the coming together of black men and women from all corners of the world. This has now come through with the existence of students from Africa, West Indies and Bahamas working and learning with their American counter-parts, here at Florida Memorial. The International Student Organization came into being during the school year 1 975-76. Its basic purpose then was simply to provide access to foreign students. Now we have expanded our endeavors to include cultural and social visits to schools in the Dade County area. The motto of the organization is " Unity Is Strength. " We hope to establish a permanent bond between all men and women. Bahamian Students Association 8 Organuations Science and Mathematics Club The Scientists Organizations 121 Social Science r i( ■ j m 5 « ' J Club SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB The Social Science Club is made up of a group of young people who are interested in travelling and studying the people and cultures around them as a means of making the world a better place to live in. In achieving this objective, members of the club work hard to raise funds in a variety of ways rang- ing from selling dinners to organizing car washes. ial Science Club members, and other interested tourists, in Acapulco and Mexico City. Organizations 123 United Black UBS MEMBERS: L-R. Clarence Pittman, Jerome Godwin — President, Priscilla Guyton, Alphonso Brewster, Von Odom, Ron Miller, Carolyn Sewell, Ralph Williams — Advisor. 124 Organizations Students Priscilla Guyton — Miss UBS U.B.S. Students Rights and Responsibilities Attending FMC is a privilege. With this privilege the student not only retains all the rights and responsibilities of Citizenship but also takes on additional obligations within the College Community itself. Among other opportunities, the student enjoys the right to expect an education of highest quality; the righ t of personal respect and dignity; the right to inquire about and to recommend improvements on regulations and pro- cedures affecting the welfare of us as students. However, the student is expected to conform at times to a standard of conduct and leadership on and off campus which will reflect credit on you as an individual, the college and the student body, and regulate ourselves as young ladies and gentlemen. U.B.S. is a voluntary obligation to pull brothers and sisters closer together in love and happiness, so that we can relate to each other, indicate our willingness to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and policies, to serve the community and campus as a whole. Organizations 1 25 Veteran V t . M -■ ' f mmm " if ' 5 1 jt 1 ... vl Kl ifjf Jm K| 5% ■? V 1 " " fiHj m 3 HH w jZjKKk Association f MEMBERS: Augustus Page — Presi- f «—» dent, yon Harris — Vice President, Robert Waterman — Secretary, Floyd Johnson — Business Manager. A Vet is your best bet. Organizalions 1 27 SPORTS (L-R) Their Score 77 78 tr i Our Score Sports 129 The Cheerleaders ' i- Vicki, Joy Flora say Hello o. The Lions 30 Sports Lions [£jt pining The Lions Where? Is the Ball Where? 32 Sports in the net of course, right Ron? E A C R U N N R U 8 Doing it 133 Sports -114 U 1 Table Tennis (ping-pong) Tournament tea M. --J f Dr. Chester Robinson, Head Coach (at Pep Rally) The 1977 78 sporting season, was another remarkable one here at Florida Memorial. It started with our basketball team (The Lions) proving their worth to each opposing team that came their way. They won most of their home and away games, only yielding to the opposing teams on few games, with very slight margins. The Lions ' activities for this season ended with the annual S.E.A.C. tournament, which this year took place on our campus. The Lions finished as the runners-up in the men ' s tourna- ment, while our newly formed girls basketball team finished in fifth place. There are other on-going plans to further enrich Florida Memorial College with adequate sporting activities all year round, starting in the Spring semester. When these plans are finally carried out, Florida Memorial will not only be blessed with the Lions Basketball team, but with other teams like baseball, football, etc. FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE MIAMI, FLORIDA 1977-78 A. CHESTER ROBINSON, HEAD COACH A. PARKER, ASSISTANT COACH ; Alfred A. Parker, Asst. Professor Asst. Coach Nov. 5 Nov 7 Nov. 12 Nov 14 Nov 16 Nov 19 Nov 21 Nov 23 Nov 29 Dec 2-3 Dec 14 Jan. 14 Jan. 19 Jan. 21 Jan. 27 Jan. 30 Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 6 Feb. 9 Feb. 11 Feb. 16-17-1 Feb. 24 Miami, Florida Sumter, S.C. Orangeburg, Florida Denmark, S.C. Savannah, GA Annie G. Henderson, Asst. Professor Physical Education Homestead Air Force Miami, Florida Homestead Air Homestead, Florida Force Voorhees College Morris College Claflin College Voorhees College Armstrong College Edward Waters College Miami, Florida Bethune-Cookman Daytona Beach, Fla. College Orange Miami, Florida Blossom Classic Tournament Armstrong College Miami, Florida Florida Tech. University Orlando, Florida Claflin College Florida Bible College Florida Institute of Technology Edward Waters Jacksonville, Florida College Miami Christian Miami, Florida Bethune Cookman College Miami, Florida Florida Bible Hollywood, Florida College Morris College Miami, Florida Florida Melbourne, Florida Institute of Technology Southeastern Basketball Miami, Florida Championship Tournament Miami Christian Miami, Florida Sports 135 Miami, Florida Miami, Florida Miami, Florida Debate Debate Campus Life 137 Donation God first, then Dr. Susie Holley, chatting with don ors. 138 Campus Life Day ' 77 The " President ' s Trophy " Our 1977 target, which was unbelievably achieved and exceeded, thanks to the Baptist Women ' s Convention. DONATION DAY ' 77 Donation Day at Florida Memorial College, an occasion sponsored and or- ganized annually by the women of the Baptist General State Convention and the Progressive Missionary and Educational Convention under the direction of Dr. Susie C. Hoi ley, took place on campus grounds on Tuesday, November 1 5, 1 977. The tradition of Donation Day is over twenty years old. It began in St. Augustine, where the struggling college gratefully accepted the badly needed supplies that generous contributors offered. Last year, Donation Day brought over 42,000 to the College. This year ' s con- tributions topped that figure, since it exceeded the target as shown below. President Robinson announced that the " Presiden t ' s Trophy " presented to the Donation Day GATHERING, November 1977 will remain at the College on permanent display. The name of the Area Chairperson reporting the highest amount of dollars, percentage wise, will be in- scribed with the date on the appropriate name plate, beginning with the 1978 celebration. Three additional trophies will be awarded based on the above formula; two going to each convention ' s most successful area chairperson, (in terms of dollars raised). The third trophy will be given to the convention most successful in meeting or exceeding its predetermined goal. HOMECOMING 78 There was a Greek-walk, by the Greeks 40 Campus Life ■VV..- ! " n c " ? n di » « l our Alumni were there and they launched a $1 million endowment in insurance to support their Alma Mater. Campus Life 141 HOMECOMING 78 M Mbv I PMiss Homecoming by the President. 1, f and Phyllis Braggs was crowned ■ K Phyllis Patricia Braggs Miss Homecoming ' 78 James Brown ' s Day October 28, 1977 Campus Life 145 Parents ' Day j, .... and campus cleaning for parent | day Jeffery Ingraham and his mother President Robinson and his wife NOV. 5 1977 Carol Morin, one of the " Tour guides " . P — a — r — t — y Campus Life 147 You are still viewing 48 Campus Life Florida Memorial we ' re as a family E I w 1 ■: 1 : ' : i U m - « ir recreate together « i V OB believe in sound health justice, fairplay Campus Life 157 Tou on ' t have to fee BLACK to be PROUD Be Proud of Wtelf m c lleoij uet and pride and strength 158 Campus Life . . . all combining together in pushing us to " EXCELLENCE " . YEAR-BOOI 1 60 Pulbications Larry Shaw Assist. Editor-in-Chief STAFF ' 78 Dr. Maria F. Gonzalez Advisor Publications 161 ■y o . % ♦»■ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ Deborah Conner Secretary to the Editor-in-Chief Tajudeen Saliu Layout and Copy Editor Margaret Decosta Senior Class Editor Wendolyn Jones Freshmen Class Editor 9m u William Holt Yearbook Artist Theresa Deleveaux Business Manager Flora Jackson Organizations and Clubs Editor Edwin Bruno-Gaston Junior Class Editor Maroof Alatishe Sophomore Class Editor Jerome Godwin Administration and Faculty Editor Finalizing layout copies 1 ' A 164 Publications Hello Yearbook Office ' i ii WHPJWU Keith Hill V-o-l-u-n-t-e-e-r-s Marie Ervin Proof-reading copies . Pat Lewis Ebenezer K. Ajayi Photographic Activities Editor Peter Anaje Visiting Editor Lion ' s Den Newspaper The Newspaper Staff The Lamp Magazine Editorial Staff The Magazine Staff Francine Grant — Editor Francine Grant Editor-in-Chief -1 o o v Is ADVERTS f S Publications 169 WHEELER DRUG 3791 N.W. 167 St. Opa Locka, Fla. 33054 3E Customers seno Their Friei- Phone 8360090 " no carrying charqes " 6942 N W. 7th Avenue MIAMI, FLA 33ISO WHOLESALE -FACTORY DIRECT Irophyland Hn Inc 7001 WEST 20th AVENUE HIALEAH, FLA. 33014 Call 823-4830 for free catalog NOW IS TIME TO REMEMBER THOSE THAT HAVE PASSED AWAY In memory of: In Memoriam Dedication to Miss Bisbee L. C. Whitford From: A Friend Always Miss Beverly Wrenfro 1 72 Memoriam Time comes, Time goes. No one ever knows what it will bring. The trees know when the wind passes. The flowers bloom when the spring is near. How do we know when our time is here? The grass is green yet no one knows exactly when it will be that way. Where do all these things come from? Some have a long time, some have a short time; some have no time at all. We live the best we know; how far we know not, nor do we know when our time is near. Everything must go back to whence it came. Nothing stays the same. Your smile was warm and your heart was one made of gold. You have not gone away from us for we too some day must cross-over to be with you. We do not forget time and we have not forgotten you. As our time grows near we must find peace too. You ' ve only found yours before we have found ours. No one goes away; time just takes us away! Rest in perfect peace, Bisbee. Written by: G. Foster Rest In PATRICK NDIBE NWABUEZE is dead! Born on August 18, 1954, in Awaka, Nigeria, he wasonly 23 years of age. He came to Florida Memorial College in 1975. He had high hopes, dreams and aspirations. These are ended now and the Florida Memorial College family mourns for him. We weep for his mother and for his father. We weep for his family and for all the lost dreams an d we mourn for a lost generation of children. We do not know what motivated the men to gun him down in the early morning hours of September 6, 1 977, while he was at work. We know they robbed the store of a few dollars, but this could never compare to the value of the life they took. Perhaps they were motivated by some of the many social ills which have permeated our society. It may have been the influence of a broken home. They are, nonetheless, guilty of killing dreams and aspirations. These men may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They are, nonetheless, guilty of taking the life of a brother. They may even have been thoroughly addicted to television violence, but they are, nonetheless, guilty of killing the hope of a generation. Weep no more for Patrick. Mourn no more for him. But never let us cease to weep and to mourn for the sickness of our society which took Patrick from us. So, weep no more for Patrick. Mourn no more for him. Rather, let us rejoice that Patrick has no more rivers to cross. He has no more mountains to climb. For he has traveled but a short distance through this valley and has been overtaken by the shadow of death. It is our hope and it is our fervent prayer that Patrick has crossed overthe threshold into a land where his soul will forever be at rest in the bosom of his creator. Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs Peace INDEX Abodo, Peter 5, 6, 7, 16 Abraham, Negasi Si urn ii, 48, 166, 167 Ackerman, Jean 100, 101 Adams, Spencer 3, 67, 80 Addison, Raymond 1 7 Adegbite, Benjamin 5, 67 Adeju, Adeoye Samuel 51 Adelaja, Vincent Adetula,AkinloyeFolajimi3,7, 15, 33,48,80,81, 84, 85, 94, 95, 119, 122, 136, 152, 154, 155, 163, 166 Aduloju, O. Oluwole 56 Afolabi, Oluwole 51, 102, 103, 154-155 Aghasili, lames 3, 6, 33, 48, 84, 85, 95, 1 1 8, 1 52, 153 Aghasili, Salome 67, 87 Ajela, Rilwan 63 Ajayi, Kayode Ebenezer 10, 50, 51, 164 Akanazu, Cosmas 81 Alatishe, Maroof 164 Alexander, Denise Alexander, Sharon 51, 80, 106, 152 Allan, Misline 147 Allen, Cuthereous 126, 127 Allen, Sherrylene 1 7 Allman, Tangela 50 Alosio, Teresita Alston, Charlie 67 Amengor, Culham 134 Anaje, Peter D. 33, 48, 1 10, 112, 1 13, 162, 165 Anderson, Bernice Anderson, Donna Anderson, Elaine 51 Andrews, Olivia 51, 152, 153, 154, 155 Angram, Roslyn Boyd 51 Animashaun, Afisu Anyamele, Richard 33, 51 Appah, Mungo Arefaine, Abraham Armstrong, jerry 149, 150 Austin, Anita Austin, Barbara Austin, Derrick 51 Austin, Theresa Avant, Linda 96, 114, 115, 154-155 Awosika, Eniola 67 Awosika, Gil 33, 48 B Baer, Robert Bain, Carolyn Baker, Dorothy 17, 84, 97 Baker, Ernest 67 Baker, Valerie Bankole, Solomon 7, 34, 48, 93, 1 10, 1 1 1 112 113, 152, 162 Barber, Rosemary Barfield, Lynn 34, 48, 112, 11 i Barnes, Edna Pear! Brown Barnes, Jessie Barnes, Warren C. Bamett, Gladys Barnwell, Bonita 67 Barr, Kim Baron, Victoria 81, 102, 103 Barrett, Geraldine Barrigan, Roberto 17, 146 Barton, Victoria 5, 51, 81, 92, 102, 107, 108 Baskin, Billy 150 Bates, Michael Beal, Helen 81 Beatty, Clyde Beckwith, Rochelle Bell, Emiiy Bell, Lorenzo Bell, Olivia Bellamy, Linda Bentley, Gwendolyn Bentley, Joyce 15, 34. 48, 80, 89, 92, 93 102 103, 108, 150, 154 Beraki, Tzehai Bergovoy, Helen 149 Berry, Sharon 91, 127 Bestman, Dokubo 59 Bestman, Lawrence 18 Bethel, Glendenia Biffle, Bennie Black, Gilliam Black, Philander Blaine, lames 67, 146 Blair, Sara 52 Blakeny, Julius Blangor, Delores Boatwright, Robertha Bobb, Auril Bobb, Ibrahima Bobmanuel, Fabia 52 Bohler, Carol Bonney, Bessie 112, 113 Bowens, Carl Boyd, John A., Jr. Boykins, Agnes Boykins, Bongia Boykins, Ida 150 Boynton, Derrell 67 Boynton, Voncil 68 Bowens, Carl Jim Braggs, Phyllis 52, 110, 112, 113 Braye, Cynthia Brazeal, Marion Brewster, Alphonso 6, 34, 48, 81,84, 85, 87, 94 95, 124, 125, 152, 154-155 Britt, Wilbert Bromell, Engalue 68, 117 Brooks, Helen 18, 147, 149 Brown, Cornelius Brown, Denise Brown, Dorothy Brown, Dorothy S. Brown, James 3, 12, 144, 145 Brown, Jerry 5, 68, 80 Brown, Michael Bruno-Gaston, Edwin 163 Brunt, Bessie L. Bryant, Terry Buchanan, John Bullard, Taylor Jerome Bullard, Wayne Burumac, Alem W. Butler, Alfreda 59, 112, 113, 114, 115, 117 Burton, Duncan Burumac, Alem Byrd, Cleveland 61, 98, 99 C Caldwell, Michael 68 Calhoun, Ellen Callahan, Michael 59, 102 Camacho, Robert 3, 10, 21 Campbell, Timothy Carder, Wendell 3,6, 66, 68, 80, 81, 87, 89, 102, 114, 115, 137, 154, 155 Carr, Ernestine 18, 85 Carrington, Fred 34, 48 Carswell, Phyllis 68 Carter, Alfred 68, 114, 115, 117 Carter, Doris N. 6, 7, 10, 15, 16, 81, 84, 87, 149, 151, 154 Carter, Doris Carter, Joan 1 8 Carter, Robert 1 9 Carter, Wilhemina 34, 48, 114, 11 5 Chance, Isiah Chance, Todd Chandler, Albert Charles, Cleofoster 35, 48, 147, 154-155 Clark, Deborah 68 Clark, Dwayne 3, 59, 98 Clark, Edgar Clark, Joseph Clark, Kenneth Clark, Pamela 52, 56, 80, 90, 92, 1 14 115 117 137 Clark, Willie Clarke, Karen Clayton, Erma Cleare, Cheryl Cleare, Lillian Cleare, Vincent Clements, Elizabeth 19 18, 12: Clements, Elizabeth Clyde, Cornelius 68 Clyde, Sharron 52, 53, 58, 59, 89, 92, Coaxum, Rose 19 Cobb, Darcy Cobb, Evelyn Cohen, Irma 19 Cohen, Maruice Coker, Kehinde Coleman, Barbara Coleman, Linda Collier, Edward 1 51 Collins, Daisy Comacho, Robert 19 Conner, Deborah 5, 52, 81, 162, 164, 165 Cook, Donald Cook, Gwendolyn Cook, Litenia 35, 48, 96, 97, 103, 154-155 Cooley, Reneal 69, 78, 110, 116 Cooper, Debra 59, 101, 111, 114, 115 Cooper, Gary 3, 35, 48, 102, 147, 154, 155 Cooper, Herschel 35, 48 Cooper, Minnie 3, 69, 144 Cooper, Sally 36, 48 Copeland, Vernon 151 Couch, Cathy 36, 48, 104, 105, 114, 115, 151 Cox, Sharlene Crawford, Joyce L. Crawford, Sonia Crittenden, George Crockam, Priscilla Cromartie, Gwenvanete Cross, Angela 69 Crute, John Cryer, Clarence L. 3, 14, 16, 95, 154, 155 Cue, Arlene 36, 48, 108, 152 Cue, Idella 50, 52, 94, 100, 151 Cummings, Bethesda 80, 96, 102, 103 Cummings, Darry Cunningham, Bobby Cunningham, Donnie6, 36, 48, 87, 93, 110, 111, 112, 113, 152, 154-155 Curtis, Kathleen Curry, Midred D Dailey, Francene D ' Ambrisi, Laura Daniels, Daisy Daniels, Dorothy Daniels, Ruby Daniels, William Daughtrey, Newell Davies, Samuel K. 59 Davis, Angela Davis, Diane 112, 113 Davis, James Davis, Kenneth Davis, Lenora Davis, Patricia 69, 81 Dawson, Frederick Day, Herbert Dean, Mildred Dear, Keith Decosta, Rose Margaret 36, 48, 84, 96, 1 18, 151, 154, 155, 162, 163 DeCourcy, John 150 Deleveaux, Debra 36, 48, 80, 92, 98, 99, 1 1 2, 1 1 3 Deleveaux, Theresa 3, 37, 48, 78, 92, 93, 102, 111, 112, 113, 118, 122 DeMay, David 20 Demeritte, Eli Dennard, Furshelia Denson, Willie Mae Derar, Joseph Derico, Linda 102 DeSue, Martha 97, 103 DeVine, Kenneth 52, 53, 80 Diaz, Edith Dickens, Wendy 53, 89, 90, 92, 93, 1 02, 1 03, Dieguez, Francisco Diggs, Ernest Dixon, Freddie Dobson, Linda Dorsey, Patricia 103, 113 Dosal, Frank Dowdell, Renard 69 Dowell, Lisa Drayton, Patricia Driessen, Margaret Drummond, Van 20, 149 Duckworth, Chester 1 62 Duggins, Isaiah 7, 1 5, 37, 48, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 1 52 Duncan, Cynthia 69 Duncan, Richard E Ealy, Jocelyn 70 Edeh, Onyemaechi Edgecombe, Geralean Edgecombe, Lananita Edwards, Dorothy 21, 147 Edwards, Eugene Edwards, Keith Elam, Onita 37, 48, 137, 151 Elder, Betty 50, 51, 53 Elder, John Elder, Thomas Eldridge, Richard 21 Ellis, Juanita Ellison, Juanita 37, 48 Ervin, Maria 70, 81, 160 Eshief-Edoha, Cobb Evans, Francis 21 Evans, Patricia Everett, Cupidine Ewell, Arcie 21 F Faircloth, Theodore 20 Faust, Judith 20, 80, 81 Faust, Regina Fell, Irene C. 22, 150 Ferguson, Wilkie 95 Fields, Marion Fillmore, James Flemming, Ann Flint, Debra 37, 48, 91 , 92, 1 1 2, 1 1 3, 1 54, 1 55 Flint, Yvette 154-155 Floyd, Rosalyn 37, 48, 112, 113 Floyd, Wesley 98, 99, 147, 154 Fluellen, Lawrence Folemi, Bolaji 53 Folk, Peachie 61, 62, 85, 94 Ford, Vivian Forde, Bernadette 96 Fornes, Judith 22, 150, 152 Foster, Glenda 53, 92, 1 08, 114, 115, 1 52, 1 54- 155 Foster, Marcelene Fountain, Beverly Fox, Darlene Franks, Denise Frazier, Edward Freeman, Darlene 3, 20, 81 Freeman, Roy Freeman, Rudolph Fryer, Ronnie Fulton, Lucious G Gaby, Ronald 22 Gaines, Denise 20 Gaines, Katie 53 Gaines, Sedra 3, 5, 70, 1 14, 1 1 5, 1 1 7 Gainey, Deborah Gallot, Sharon Gantt, Micheal Gardner, Elizabeth Garland, Micheal Garner, Eddie Garrett, Helen Gary, Michele 60, 152 Gaskins, Rosa 22 Ghent, Bessie Gibrill, Hashim Gibson, Sharon 60, 80, 92, 94, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 1 8, 1 22 Gibson, Theodore Giles, Brian Gilley, Marsha 70 Gilliam, Diana Gilliam, Genise Gillian, Kenneth Gil Ms, Cynthia Gillis, Micheal 98, 99 Gimeskel, Amanuel Githuksa, Joseph 53 Gitonga, Jack 53 Gladnick, Evelyn 22 Glover, Beverly 85 Glover, Cheryl 3, 61, 107, 154-155 Gooden, Wayne Godwin, David 102 Godwin, Felton 58, 60, 61, 109 Godwin, Jerome 38, 48, 90, 93, 102, 103, 114, 115, 124, 125, 152, 154-155, 164 Gonzalez, Maria 23, 85, 161, 167, 168 Gordon, Carol 6, 58, 60, 81 , 1 08, 1 09, 137, 1 54 Gordan, Raymond Gordon, Willie Goring, Dennis Gouch, Dorsey Graham, Carolyn 50, 100, 101 Graham, Valerie 70, 81, 95, 117, 154-155 Grant, Francine 3, 38, 48, 113, 144, 168 Grant, Stanley 6, 80, 81, 87, 93, 106, 107, 154 Gray, Jerimiah Gray, Sarah Jane Grayson, Andrus Green, Bernice Green, Mickel Green, Monica 22 Griffin, Nancy Guyton, Priscilla 53, 60, 81 , 91 , 92, 1 1 1 , 1 24, 1 25 H Hales, Charles Hall, Matthew Ham, David Hamm, Frederick Hamm, Tammie 60 Hammond, Rhonda 5, 66, 71, 75, 80, 81, 85, 89, 94, 151, 154-155 Hampton, Carolyn 80, 98, 99 Hampshire, Walter 149 Hankerson, Harold 38, 48 Haptamariam, Mulugheta Harden, Lillie Hardge, Donald 38, 48 Hargrett, Kenneth 3, 39, 48, 98, 99, 107, 151 Harrell, Laura Harriott, Audrey Harris, Ruth Harris, Vaughn Hart, Carrie Harvey, Otis 71, 103 Hayes, Bernard Hayes, Grady 71 Haynes, Raymond Hazley, Denise 100, 101, 102 Heath, Lila 80, 167 Hedrington, Marcia 81, 89 Hemingway, Ruby 80, 97, 146, 150 Henderson, Annie G. Henderson, Carl 23 Henderson, Florence 71 Henderson, Micheal 71 Henry, Marargaret Henry, Ronald Heyliger, Yvette 60, 61, 80, 85, 102 Highsmith, Haywood Hightower, James 103 Hightower, Pauline Hilburn, Melvin 71 Hill, George Hill, Keith 39, 48, 114, 115, 154, 164 Hill, Olivia 39, 48 Hill, Phyllis 71, 80, 154-155 Hill, Ricky Holley, Suzie 8, 9 Holmes, Vernie Holt, William 51, 163, 168 Holton, Naomi Hoo, Sara 3, 23 Hoo, Steven Alan Hope, Jack Houston, Marvin Houston, Rosa L. Howard, Betty M. 23, 147 Howard, Jimmy Houston, Michelle Hudson, Olivia Huff, Almatha B. Hughes, Reaka Hughes, Tammy Hughley, Rhonda 95 Humes, Keith Humes, Wanetta Hunter, Barbara Hunter, Rosa 39, 49 Hutcherson, Jacqueline 6, 39, 48, 81, 87, 112, 113, 154 Hutcherson, Larry Hymes, Clara Mae I Ibbs, Emilia Igbinoba, Karen Ingraham, Jeffrey 3, 6, 7, 15, 39, 48, 78, 80, 81, 84-87, 94, 95, 118, 122, 147, 152, 154 Irgraham, Pauline Ingram, Peggy Irby, Preston 81, 117, 137 Ivy, Cathlena 54 J Jack, Hope 61 Jackson, Barbara 61, 147, 152 Jackson, Brenda 40, 48, 107, 110, 112 Jackson, Flora 3, 54, 89, 92, 102, 103, 108, 109, 151, 152, 163 Jackson, Gussye 40, 48 Jackson, John F. Jackson, John 3, 61, 80 Jackson, Leah Jackson, Leonard 71 Jackson, Randall 71 Jackson, Robert 93, 102, 151, 154-155 Jacobs, Charles 61 Jagne, Alieu James, Virginia Jamison, Robert Jenkins, Eddie 66, 72, 81 , 1 03, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 54-1 55 Jerry, Darlene Jezewski, Richard John, Edward C. 3, 5, 40, 48, 118 Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Byron Johnson, Carolyn Y. 54 Johnson, Cynthia 66, 81 , 94, 1 02, 114-117, 154 155, 137 Johnson, Diane Johnson, Geotis Johnson, Grick Johnson, Homer Johnson, Isaiah Johnson, Leroy lohnson, Dutchie 24 Johnson, Louis 24, 85 Johnson, Lloyd 126, 127 Johnson, Lowell 126, 127 Johnson, Sharee Johnson, Sharon 54, 92 Johnson, Sylvester Johnson, Torris Johnson, Treva Johnson, Valerie Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Wayne 72 Jones, Anthony Jones, Blondell 15, 52, 53, 89 Jones, Eleanor Jones, Gary 110, 111, 112, 113 Jones, Wendolyn 5, 66, 72, 81 , 94, 1 1 7, 1 54-155, 164 Jones, Mary P. 54, 107, 152-153 Jones, Pamela 72 Jones, Willie Jordan, Arthur 58, 61 Jordan, Jeanette Jordan, Johnnie Mae 72 Jordan, Lawrence 72 Jordan, Runette 54 Joyner, Richard R. 54 Kamau, Joseph Karanja, John 54 Kashimawo, Hakeem Katz, Jerry 24 Kebussa, Mc Koya Keaton, Charlene Keith. |anie 1 10 Kellom, Angela 66, 72, 81, 95, 114, 115, 116, 154-155 Kelly, Elouise 24 Kelly, lanet Kelly, Charlie M. Kemp, Willie 7, 40,43,87,85, 146, 152, 154-1 55 Kendrick, Randy Kennedy, Carolyn Kennedy, Thomas Kigo, Graham Kimani, Sam 40, 48 King, Abu 94, 95 King, Howard 40, 48 King, )ames 54, 98, 99, 1 14, 1 15, 137, 147, 154, 155 Kitchen, Sylvia 94 Kuffour, )ohn b, 41, 48, 87 Kuhn, Richard 7. 15, 24. 87, 85, 152 Kwaku, Emmanuel L Lamar, Larry 73 Lambert, Gwendolyn Lark, Kimberly Lasaki, Taofic 41, 48, 95 Lasane, Nathaniel 73, 102, 103 Laster, Robert Law, Tommie Lawal, Olu 4, 6, 7, 1 5, 41 , 48, 56, 81 , 84, 85, 94, 95, 152, 154, 165 Lawrence, Avis 73 Lawrence, Eddie 73 Lawrence, Gerald 7 3 Lawrence, Jeanarvise 1 5, 50, 55, 80, 89, 94, 1 54- 155 Leach, Richard Lee, Patricia 41, 91, 92, 104, 105 Legister, lean Leigh, Claude Levine, Myrna Lewis, Naomi Lewis, Patricia 3, 73, 94, 95, 163, 164, 165 Liner, Samuel 25, 110 Littles, Vertera Lockhart, Peggye Logan, lames Long, Arthur Long, John 73 Lotharp, Rosemary 25 Lucien, Joseph Luna, Albertha Love, Geneva Lyons, Kenneth Mc McCauley, Wilfred McClendon, Brenda 5, 95 McCloud, Brenda McCray, Johnny L. 26 McCray, Ronald McDaniel, Leonard McDonald, Karen McFadden, |udy 73 McFadden, Tommie 73 McFall, Georgia 91 McField, Patricia McGruder, Anita McKee, Linda McKinnis, Sharon McKinnis, Sherry 3, 74 McKinnon, Marunda 74 McKnight, Sheena McMillian, Carolyn McMillan, Ronald 74, 80, 107 McMiller, Gladys McRae, Jacqueline 74 McRae, Johnnie McRae, Martha 74 McRae, Patricia M Mack, William Jr. MacNamera, Richard 139, 149, 150 Major, Dale 74 Major, Joe Ann 74 Major, Linda Mann, Janice Marcos, Maria 25, 72 Marcus, Elizabeth 74 Marshall, Dennis 58, 61, 107 Marshall, Leroy Marshall, Preston 25 Marshall, Sandra 74 Martin, Bettye 6, 80, 81, 87,93, 96, 97, 103, 1 12, 1 18, 149, 152, 154-155 Martin, Delores Matchett, Roscoe Maxwell, Patricia May, lames 98, 99 Mayes, Joseph Mays, Edward Maycock, Christell 62 Mbanaso, David 5, 41, 48, 81 Mbelu, Augustin Mebane, Dorothy 1 50 Melson, Garland Melton, Patricia 25 Merritt, Judith 55, 103, 146 Miller, John Miller, Michael 78 Miller, Ronald 80, 95, 102, 1 03, 1 07, 113,1 24, 125, 147, 151, 154-155 Mills, Taihon 25, 66, 81, 116, 154-155 Mims, Richard Mitchell, Annie Laurie Mitchell, Freddie 3, 61 Mitchell, Henrietta Mitchell, Juanita 102, 103 Mitchell, Kenneth 3, 140 Mitchell, Marty Mixon, Shirley Mobley, Latashia 55 Montgomery, James 75 Montgomery, Morris 80, 93, 94, 95, 97, 1 03, 1 1 4, 115, 137, 151, 152 Moore, Diana 62, 114, 115, 117, 137 Moore, Emily Moore, Frances Moore, Mary Ann 62, 80, 117, 118, 154-155 Moore, Nick 75 Moore, Oleo Moore, Roosevelt Mordi, Michail Morgan, Georgiann Morin, Carol 3, 5, 62, 81, 147 Morley, Oscar Moye, Neva 80 Muchugia, lames 41, 48, 55 Muhoro, Joseph 55 Mungai, James Munnings, Tony 62 Murray, Rudolph Mwangi, Lee 42, 48 Nangibo, Victoria 75 Neal, Ginger 26, 85 Nelson, Edna 26 Nelson, Michelle 75 Nganga, Edward Nolen, Rickey Nixon, Cynthia 102, 1 Norris, Maudell Norwood, Georgia Nwabueze, Patrick Nwosu, Sylvanus 5, 61 62, 63, 80, 81 O Obadeyi, Joseph Oban-Grben, Monica Oden, Walter Odom, Mary Lovone 62, 1 07, 1 09, 1 1 3, 1 1 7, 1 24, 125 Odusanya, Basil Ogbara, Kamal Ogwe, David 42, 48 Ojeranti, Alfred 1 18 Okosun, John Oladehinbo, Wilson 3, 42, 48, 95, 1 26, 1 27, 1 52 Omoruyi, Victor 42, 48 Orr, Rickey 66, 75, 81 Orson, Claire M. 27 Osalase, Andrew 1 50 Osekre, Boss 150, 151 Outlaw, Juanita 5, 42, 48, 58, 89, 91, 93, 102, 107, 108, 109, 113, 114, 115 P Padgett, Winford Paige, Daniel 62, 102, 103 Page, Augustus 56, 80, 126, 127, 146, 154, 155 Palacious, Althea 76 Palmer, lames Paramore, Benjamin Parker, Alfred Parker, Tanya 76 Parker, Willie lames Jr. Parrott, Jimmie Paschal, David Pate, Ella Paul, Micheal Pawelkop, Ruth 27 Peaten, Debra Perkins, Vivilora Permenter, Charlene Pete, Willie 27 Peterson, Brynth Peterson, Diane Philpot, lames Phinazee, Bettye Pickett, Andrew Pierce, Benford Pinder, Shereda Pittman, Clarence 66, 75, 76, 80, 81, 87, 117, 124, 125, 152, 154-155 Poitier, Kim Poole, Rodgers Porter, Gibert Powell, Tern Powell, William Prescott, Virginia Preston, Cephus C. 62, 1 1 4, 1 1 5, 1 1 6 Preston, Clyde Price, Andrew 42, 48, 80, 91, 102, 103 Queen, Lillian 76 R Rahming, Ida 76 Raines, Joyce Ramsey, Veronica 76, 89 Range, Atthalic 144, 145 Ratcliffe, Ida T. Rawls, Glenn Ellen Readon, Irvin Reed, Shirley 76, 109 Reyes, Mario Richardson, Henry Richardson, Rodney Richburg, Wilburt Richet, Christine 109 Ricks, Kenneth 76 Ridded, Cynthia Riley, Lucy Riley, Robert Rivers, Donald 43, 48 Roberts, Bertha Roberts, Cecil Roberts, Michelle Robinson, Cecilia Robinson, Cheryl 55, 80, 81, 108 Robinson, Chester 146, 149 Robinson, Cynthia 95, 102, 103 Robinson, Darrell 76,80, 114, 115, 116, 117, 13| Robinson, Elease 1 10 Robinson, Malesa Robinson, Quinnie Robinson, Ruth Sekennia 77, 80 Robinson, Willie C. 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 56, 87, 144-147, 152 Rogers, Barron Rogers, Darrine 81 Rogers, Rickey 80, 98, 99 Rogers, Leroy Rolle, Leon Rolle, Patricia 63 Rose, Glenn Ross, Harvey Ross, Marilyn 28 Rowan, Nancy Rozier, Victor Rush, Shelia Russ, Phyllis Russell, Edmund 63, 80, 87, 102, 103, 152, Russell, Robert Russell, Victor 3, 80, 81, 107 Rykoff, Allan S Saleh, Ahmed 55 Saliu, Tajudeen 63, 134, 164 Saltes, Oland 43, 48, 151 Sam, Sharon 77 Sampson, Clarence 77 Sanders, Rannya 77 Sands, Sylvia Saunders, Amos 77 Scavella, Brenda 167 Scott, Angela Scott, Euie Scott, Joann 77 Scott, Shawn 77 Scruggs, Maurice Sears, Cindy 5, 77, 81 Sears, Jeffey 102, 154-155 Seeney, Nadine Sermons, Bessie Setuckmarie, Sadatna Sewell, Carolyn 104, 105, 114, 115, 124, 51, 154-155 Seymour, Jearlon Shabi, Adeniyi Samson Shaw, Larry 43, 48, 91, 93, 106, 107, 154- 60 Sheppard, Eugene Shore, Ray Charles Sillah, Abdoulai 154, 155 Silverglate, Jessie 28 Silverman, Fred Simmons, Bonnie 80, 107 Simmons, Phyllis 77 Simmons, Rhonda Simon, Ida Sims, Ramon Singleton, Sharon 3, 62, 66, 78, 81, 94, 95, 114, 115, 116, 117, 137, 154, 155 Smith, Bobby lames 5 Smith, Gerald 78 Smith, Henry L. Smith, Jefford 28, 63 Smith, |oy 15, 63, 58, 80, 89, 94, 95, 101, Smith, Samuel 28 Smith, Sharon Smith, Shirley 56, 71, 99 Solomon, Alem 43, 48 Somerset, Bettye Sparks, Elmo 29, 149 Staten, Cathy Stevens, Marvin Strachan, Patrick Stroman, John 44, 48, 93, 98, 99, 1 1 0, 1 1 1 , 113, 154-155 Stubbs, Clara Stubbs, Frank 78 Stubbs, Rose 22, 48 Stubbs, Vahnessa 63 Stubbs, Warren Studer, Ronald 114, 115, 154-155 Suso, Samballa Swann, Albert Sweeting, Leonard 114, 115, 151 Symonette, Michael 7, 15, 152 T Tate, Felicia 101, 154-155 Tate, Yvonne 44, 48 Taylor, Bennett Taylor, Dolinda Taylor, Havolyn Taylor, Irene Taylor, Kathleen 5, 78, 95 Teague, Rodney Tesfamariam, Elsa Tew, Aga Tewolde, Rezan 56, 118 Tewolde, Mulugheta 44, 48, 154-155 Thomas, Chris Thomas, Curtis Thomas, Francina 84, 85, 136 Thomas, Janice 4, 48, 166 Thomas, Robert 64 Thomas, Sylvester Thompson, Matthew Thompson, Robert Thornton, Helen Tillman, Gwendolyn Tillman, loan 29 Toledo, Mazie Toney, Kenneth Tracey, Marcha 78 Troupe, Norva Tucker, Elizabeth Turner, Rhonda Turner, Thelma U Udeagha, Kalu 45, 58, 84, 136 Ukpai, Emmanuel 78, 85 Umunakwe, Cyril 56 Vaughn, Larry Vaughn, Patricia 78 Vina, Rafael Virgil, Verda 96 V v Wade, Bruce 95, 126, 127 Wallace, Errol Walker, C. J. Walker, Cynthia 64 Walker, Michelle 79, 102 Walker, Terry Wallace, Gladys Wallace, Valencia 3 Walters, David Walton, Lorna Ward, Eugene Wardell, Mary 3, 56, 94, 1 02, 1 09, 1 38, 1 54-1 55 Wares, Jeremiah Wariboko, Victor 56, 118 Warren, Bruce Warren, Patricia 5, 29, 66, 81 , 89, 1 1 0, 1 1 7, 1 54- 155 Washington, Mary Washington, Patricia 114, 115 Waterman, Robert Waters, Janice Weaver, Cheryl 64, 80, 91, 92, 102, 103 Webb, Horace 3, 29, 102, 124, 125 Wesolowski, Paul West, Valleaner White, Darrell White, Jewel Whitehead, Ronald Wilcox, Isaac Wilcox, Queen Wiles, Raymond 79 Wilkins, Ethelene Williams, Alexander Williams, Annie Williams, Ardrenia 56 Williams, Barbara Williams, Betty Williams, Brian Williams, Cheryll 102 Williams, Clarence Williams, Debra 3, 79 Williams, Dennis Williams, George 3, 64, 147, 151 Williams, Harriet 45, 48, 91, 92, 110-1 13, 1 155 Williams, Irma S. Williams, James 79 Williams, lerry Williams, JoAnn Williams, Johnnie 95 Williams, Josephine Williams, Kevin Williams, Leona 19, 94 Williams, Leroy 64 Williams, Linda 96 Williams, Loretta 56 Williams, Lynda Joell 45, 48, 80, 81, 92, 96, 103, 110, 117, 149 Williams, Lynn 97, 103 Williams, Michael 102 Williams, Penelope 64, 102, 103 Williams, Ralph 30, 124, 125 Williams, Roosevelt 30, 1 14, 115, 137, 154, Williams, Thomasina 56, 94 williams, Sibyl Williams, Trina Williams, Warren Willis, Keith 79 Willis, Roosevelt 110, 111, 113, 152 Wilson, Jul iet Wilson, Roger Wilson, Vernon Wimbush, Alphonso 3, 6, 80, 81, 87, 104, 1 107, 154, 155 Witherspoon, Felicia 79 Woodson, Cecil 79, 116, 117 Wood, Denise 79 Wood, Evelyn Wordu, Gabriel Wrenfro, Beverly Wright, Alzrea Wright, Beverley 45, 48, 78, 80, 88, 89, 93, 105, 114, 115, 122, 151 Wright, Davette Wright, Fred 30 Wright, Lional 30 Wright, Patty Wright, Thelma 6, 45, 48, 87, 81, 104, 105, " 115, 150, 154 Wyche, Jacqueline 30 Wynn, Louisia Wynn, William 12, 144, 145 Yarbrough, Donald Young, Sherwood 151 Young, Myron 98, 99, 114, 115, 137, 151, 1 54 Zerezghi, Stefanas 44, 48 ALMA MATER As the breeze through tall palm trees Seems to sing thy sacred name Thy sons and daughters love to spread O ' er all the land thy well-earned fame! We love thy halls, thy stately walls And the friends who gave Thee birth The truth we learned as each heart yearned For higher, nobler, things on earth! Should future years bring joy or tears To thy name we ' ll e ' er be true To thee we pledge our loyalty And dedicate our lives to you! CHORUS Florida Memorial! Florida Memorial! How we love to sing thy praise We ' ll be loyal; ever loyal And for thee, our voices raise. '

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