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THE FLAG OF BLACK PEOPLE THE HISTORY OF THE RED, BLACK AND GREEN FLAG DATES BACK TO 1054 AD. IN ANCIENT GHANA, WHICH IS IN WEST AFRICA. THE COLORS OF THE FLAG ARE THE OLDEST COLORS IN THE WORLD. THE BLACK REPRESENTS BLACK PEOPLE, THE RED REPRESENTS THE BLOOD SHED IN DEFENSE OF OUR LAND, AFRICA AND THE GREEN REP- RESENTS OUR GREAT AFRICAN MOTH- ERLAND, THE LAND FROM WHICH ALL BLACK PEOPLE CAME. BLACK NATIONALIST, MARCUS GAR- VEY, INTRODUCED THE FLAG INTO THE UNITED STATES IN THE 1920s. HE EMBLAZONED THE WORDS, " ONE GOD, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY " . TODAY, BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE AC- CEPTING THIS FLAG AS THEIR FLAG, AS THE FLAG OF BLACK PEOPLE " . THIS FLAG IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES. IN AN EFFORT TO UNITE ALL BLACK PEOPLE UNDER ONE SYMBOL OF PRIDE AND DIGNITY, THE BLACK, RED AND GREEN FLAG IS INTERPRETED AS " ONE PEOPLE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY " . THIS FLAG InNb E COLOR ARRANGE- MENT OR ANOTHER HAS FLOWN OVER THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE FOR OVER 900 YEARS. KEEP IT FLYING FOR ETERNITY. fide Arch i ■ . , , .... i . ' ■ ' ..-■■ ' ' : ' r ' liMiMi Volume 18 3!orida Memorial College 25800 N.1V. 42nd. Aye. Miami, Florida 33054 Dedication. . . Mr. $okri S. Price For nine years, John E. Price, Assistant Professor of Music and Composer-in-Residence at Florida Memorial College has been working to ameliorate the status of our college. Throughout our time of crisis and difficulties, Price has stood up like a champion always giving sound advice, and to those troubled and frustrated students, a new sense of direction. Everyone that knows Price knows also of his unbroken devotion in helping to better the conditions of FMC and for the entire Black race for that matter. He was born in the Tulsa Dust bowl " on June 21, 1935. His family had its roots in South Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma. During the public school years he began composing. A piece of his was played at his sixth grade graduation exercises. A test in junior high which revealed his primary interest was music probably determined his career. At Lincoln University in Mis- souri, he majored in composition. Felicia Weathers, now a leading soprano at the Metropolitan, was his close friend. He actually in- troduced her to the Menotti aria with which she won the Met Audi- tions. His Scherzo 1 (for clarinet and orchestra), composed in those years, is currently being performed by the Oakland Symphony Or- chestra and has been recorded by them. After graduation in 1957, Price worked for two years at Karamu Theater in Cleveland as, among other things, vocal coach and composer in residence, doing the incidental music for Twelfth Night and Death of a Salesman. He also assisted the jazz group which ac- companied Langston Hughes ' reading of his poems. At Tulsa he studied under Dr. Bela Rozsa, a student of Schoen- berg and Nadia Boulanger. His " Thesis " was a setting of the last scene of Marlowe ' s The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus for tenor solo, chorus and orchestra. In 1963, he was a musical di- rector of Jamaica, a production of the Atlanta University, More- house, and Spelman Players, on its European tour. Since 1964 he had been on the faculty of Florida Memorial Col- lege, with a year off (1967-68) to study toward his Ph.D. at Wash- ington University in St. Louis under Robert Wykes, Academy Award winning composer. Beginning in 1967, his music began to attract even wider audi- ences. In that year, he performed a program of his own composi- tions for piano at Bates College in Maine, and Rutgers. In 1968, the first movement of his Sonata for Trombone was per- formed at Washington University. He also performed at Wisconsin University in River Falls with his Trio for Clarinet, French Horn and Tuba. He has hopes and plans for Florida Memorial College by placing more emphasis on musical history, more performances, more work in opera and musical theater, and more composition. Black-On, From: The Yearbook Staff m j a6!e o Contents Editors Message 10 Mr. Miss Arch 12-13 Seniors 14 Juniors 40 Sophomores 50 Freshmen 60 Faculty Administration 78 President Mrs. Puryear 112-113 Miss Florida Memorial College 114 Queens 115 Miss United Negro College Fund 121 Organizations 122 Greeks 146 Activities 168 Yearbook Staff 187-195 Basketball 196-199 Track Baseball Team 200 Advertising 203 keme n Design The cameras len is be- ginning to focus on the views of a new black con- cept that will give us an insight in discovering our own intellectual potentials or potentialities. We must develop a uni- formal structure that will link our people together, but first . . . Communication must begin among the minds from place to place and try to search for our history that many people tried to erase. L Communication of Brotherhood is dis- played through our power signs. It ' s vital to us because we are the ones behind. Communication of love through the voice will help people happy and rejoice. Here at Florida Memorial College when we walk through the halls, we hope one day that we will be able to stand tall. That means . . . J® Sft A being in class when the roll is called. In the process of going to school, I want to be wise, not just another fool. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Associations are assimilated while we attempt to become educated because . it is cool to play and have fun with the realization that there is work to be done. To widen our views and insight, and, to mix and mingle can also be a delight. To link a uniform structure through the use of education, communication and association, we must also have a plan and a sense of dedication . . . we must create our thinkers and . . . learn to think for ourselves. Experiencing the transformation of Unity is not grasping of thoughts that float into the nothingness of space. We must free our minds to think positive enough to build a better place. ■ Rapping together to discover the errors made, is also the interchange of ideas before our memories fade. So. . . come on my people, let ' s enlighten our- selves to find out where our head is at let us build a system by beginning to dig your mind. Then, we will have a structure called Unity in Design. Renee Christian S M SSAQS Fellow Collegues, As you journey through our 1973 Annual, I hope that you get the message that we are trying to relay to you, and that is forming a unified structure to build and achieve the goals that seem to be so far ahead. We can not build a structure as individuals and expect unified results. This would only be defeating the pur- pose. As Brothers and Sisters, reach out your hand to help your fellow man. The time is NOW, for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Horace L. Hill (PJ) 10 lUfio ' s W o Among Students in American Colleges md Universities 1. Tommy Bess 2. Naomi Deliford 3. Toni Jordan 4. Shelia McCray 5. Sarah McCray 6. Sarah Nails 7. Peter Pinder 8. Cassandra Smith 9. Georgeline Smith 10. Mary Thomas 1 1 . Dinetta Cobbs Mr. QlensA Poole 13 , J I 1 2 u I T Y M m- 7X ' Amy s £TA AMD it LACK t 7a Se n iors RUBY L. ADAMS-Sagittarius Durham, North Carolina Elementary Education History National Education Association, Al- pha Kappa Alpha, National Associa- tion for the Advancement of Colored People. JOE ANN ALFORD-Libra Miami, Florida Urban Services LUCY JONES ALLEN-Capricorn Fort Pierce, Florida Elementary Education National Education Association. MABEL J. ANDREWS-Libra Deerfield Beach, Florida Business Administration Modern Dance Group, Miss Kappa Alpha Psi. JEANILE ARANAHA-Scorpio Nassau, Bahamas Elementary Education Bahamian Students Association, tional Education Association Na- BARBARA ARMBRISTER-Scorpio Pampano Beach, Florida Education Seniors SUSIE DAVIS AUSTIN-Leo Miami, Florida English Education Women Senate. GWENDOLYN BARNES-Cancer Orlando, Florida Accounting NADINE BAXTER- Virgo Franklin, Virginia Physical Education MARY BENTLY-Gemini Fort Lauderdale, Florida Physical Education Recreation Zeta Phi Beta Sor. (Basilius Pan Hel- lenic Council President 1971-72, Cheer- leader TOMMY G. BESS- Aquarius Blountstown, Florida Elementary Education Vocal Music (Minor) Student Government Association President, Dukes Social Club, Na- tional Association for the Advance- ment of Colored People, James Ros- mand Johnson Ensemble, Alpha Phi Omega, Voices of Ukrauh, Ministeral Alliance, Men ' s Senate, National Education Association. ALMA BLACK-Leo Lacoochee, Florida Business Administration Young Women Christian Assoc. Women Senate, Library Club. Seniors CHARLES BRADDOCK-Libra Miami, Florida Physical Education DOROTHY BROOKS-Pisces Miami, Florida General Science Biology Cytology (Minor) Women Senate. BARBARA BRYANT-Cancer Miami, Florida Elementary Education Psychology (Minor) Women Senate. RUTH BROWN-Capricorn Miami, Florida Urban Services Women Senate, Student Government Association BARBARA BURGESS- Leo Jacksonville, Florida English Literature Alpha Kappa Mu, Baptist Student Union, National Education Associa- tion, James Rosemond Johnson Ensemble, Jacksonian Club, Voices of Ukrauh, Miss United Negro College Fund 1970, Worthy Club, Florida Memorial College Scholarship Award ' 72. CASTELL BURGESS-Libra Fort Lauderdale, Florida English Elementary Education (Minor) Seniors IRISH BORROUGHS-Gemini Pensacola, Florida Urban Services Alpha Kappa Alpha Sor., Women Senate. GLORIA BROWN-Cancer Miami, Florida Special Education Elementary Education (Minor) Women Senate, Student Government Association. MARYETTA BULLARD-Capricorn New Orleans, Louisiana Elementary Education Women Senate DOROTHY BURGAIN-Libra Miami, Florida Elementary Education t SYLVESTER BYRD Il-Scorpio Melbourne, Florida Mathematics Religion (Minor) President of Minister ial Alliance, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Chap- lain of Student Government Associa- tion, Lamp of Omega Phi Psi Frat. HUGH CHASE-Leo Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Economics (Minor) Alpha Phi Alpha, Bahamian Student Association, Business Club, Student Government Assoc, NAACP, Men Sen- ate Seniors RENEE ' CHRISTIAN-Cancer Miami, Florida Business Administration Economics (Minor) GREGORY CHRISTIE-Scorpio Nassau, Bahamas English President, Alpha Phi Alpha, Out- standing Student of the Year Award 1971-72, Golden Apple Award Win- ner 1972, Bahamian Student Associ- ation, Editor of Lions Den 1971-72, Campus Photographer, Baseball Team, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges, Public Rela- tions Committee Member, Vice Pres. of Men Senate. LINDA COACHMAN-Sagittarius Lake City, Florida Business Administration DONETTA COBB-Libra Miami, Florida Urban Services Off Campus Senate, Delta Sigma Theta Sor., Alpha Kappa Mu, Mekits. GLORIA COLEMAN-Virgo Miami, Florida Urban Services Off Campus Senate, Women Senate. mm LINDA CONRAD-Capricorn Vermon, Florida Elementary Education Seniors BARBARA CROMES- Aquarius Clewiston, Florida Criminal Justice Urban Services (Minor) CHARLES CULVER-Taurus Melbourne, Florida General Science Mathematics (Minor) Omega Psi Phi, President of Circle " K " 1970-71, Fencing Team, Karate Team, National Education Associa- tion. PAULETTE DAVIS Pisces Miami, Florida Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sor. Inc., Captain of Cheerleaders ' 71-72, Library Club, Young Women Christian Association, National Education Association, Women Senate-Pres., Pres. Gamma Sigma Sigma Petitioning Group. LUELLE DELEVEAUX-Aries Miami, Florida Mathematics Florida Memorial College Concert Band, Miss Band, Off Campus Senate, Women Senate. GLORIA DERICO-Capricorn Pompano Beach, Florida Urban Service Counciling (Minor) Women Senate, Young Women Christian Association. HELEN DIDLEY-Libra Orlando, Florida English Women Senate, Students in America Colleges and Universities. Seniors ANNIE E. DINSON-Taurus Miami, Florida Education PRINCESS DUNHAM-Taurus Fort Myers, Florida English Journalism (Minor) Library Club, Newspaper Staff, Women Senate. WILLIE FELDER-Aries Palatka, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood (Minor) Men Senate, NAACP, National cation Association. Edu- JOSEPH FERGUSON-Capricorn Nassau, Bahamas Music James Rosmond Johnson Ensem- ble, Alpha Phi Alpha Dean of Pledges, Pan Hellenic Council. THOMAS FERGUSON-Aquarius Miami, Florida Physical Education MARY FRAZIER-Scorpio Miami, Florida Urban Service Women Senate, Off Campus Senate, NAACP. -tSSJfita ' Seniors BARBERETHA FREEMAN-Capricorn Miami, Florida Elementary Education JIMMIE GASKINS EDNA GIBSON- Aries West Palm Beach, Florida Business Administration Women Senate, Young Women Christian Association. JEANETTE GIBSON-Libra Orlando, Florida Elementary Education Nursing and Kindergarten National Education Assoc, Club, Women Senate. Library DEBORAH GILMORE-Cancer Miami, Florida Elementary Education National Education Assoc, Cheer- leader, Mekito, Off Campus Organi- zation. WILLIAM GRANDVILL Virgo Tampa, Florida Accounting Pres. of Senior Class, Business Man- ager of Student Government Associ- ation, Men Senate. Seniors DAVID GLOVER-Leo Panama City, Florida Business Administration Economics (Minor) College Veteran Assoc, Kappa ' s, Men Senate. Scroller of SHIRLEY HARPER- Virgo Miami, Florida Elementary Education National Education Assoc, Women Senate, NAACP, Student Government A ssoc. JOYCE HARRIS- Aquarius Green Cove Springs, Florida Business Administration Economics (Minor) ROY HERBURT-Aquarius Pompano Beach, Florida Physical Education Recreation (Minor) Kappa Alpha Psi, Pres. of Varsity " F " Club, Sergeant At Arms for Student Government Association, Captain of Basketball Team. JOYCE HOWELL-Pisces Alachua, Florida Elementary Education FLORA ISOM-Aquarius Palatka, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood Education National Education Assoc. Campus Senate. Off Seniors JOHN JACKSON-Cancer Miami, Florida Health Physical Education Phi Beta Sigma, Member of the Fenc- ing Team, Physical Education Major Club. LORRIE JACKSON- Virgo Goulds, Florida Elementary Education RHONDA JACKSON-Gemini St. Augustine, Florida Physical Education Biology (Minor) Physical Education Major Club, Off Campus Club, Women Senate, Arch- ery Team, Basketball Team. JOHNNIE JACKSON-Leo Gonzalez, Florida Social Science MARY JESSIE- Aquarius Nassau, Bahamas Elementary Education CLIFFORD JOHNSON-Capricorn Lakeland, Florida Elementary Education Business Administration (Minor) Circle " K " International Relation Club, Library Club, Penecostal Movement, Men Senate, National Education Assoc. Seniors NOLIE JOHNSON-Aries Newport News, Virginia Business Administration Delta Sigma Theta, Student Gov- ernment Association, Women Senate, International Relations Club. CLEO JONES-Aquarius Jacksonville, Florida English JOSIE JONES-Aquarius Miami, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood Education (Minor) SHIRLEY GAYE JONES-Cancer Quincy, Florida Elementary Education Miss Kappa Alpha Psi 1970-1971. TONI JORDAN-Leo Greensburg, North Carolina Physical Education EDWARD JOYNER-Scorpio Winston Salem, North Carolina Physical Education and Recreation Biology (Minor) Basketball, Track, Physical Educa- tion Club, Varsity " F " Club. Seniors JANETT JUSTICE-Pisces Miami, Florida Elementary Education ELLA KEARSE Tampa, Florida Urban Services TOMMASYNA KELLY-Leo Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education James Rosmond Johnson Ensem- ble, Gamma Sigma Sigma Petitioning Group, National Education Assoc, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. PETER KENDRICKS-Capricorn Miami, Florida Accounting Veteran Association RALPH KING, JR.-Pisces Miami, Florida Urban Services Men Senate MICHAEL LANG- Libra West Palm Beach, Florida Urban Services Recreation (minor) Basketball Team, Men Senate Seniors PAULETTE LESTER-Leo Miami, Florida Elementary Education Women Senate, Young Women Christian Association, Student Government Association, Miss Women Senate. GEORGE LOWERY-Capricorn Sumpter, South Carolina Urban Services Basketball, Varsity. MALACHI LUNDY-Scorpio Long Bay Cays, Andros, Bahamas Mathematics Business Administration (Minor) Alpha Phi Omega, Sphinxman, Yearbook Staff, Bahamian Student Association, Black Nationalism As- sociation. MICHAEL MALCOLM-Libra Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Economics (Minor) President of Alpha Phi Alpha, Bahamian Student Association, Choir, Men Senate. DAVID MARTIN-Leo Wauchula, Florida Urban Services Psychology (Minor) President of Omega Psi Phi. BARBARA MAYBIN-Leo West Palm Beach, Florida Elementary Education History (minor) National Education Association, Women Senate. Seniors GWENDOLYN MAYS-Virgo Florida City, Florida Elementary Education Psychology (Minor) LORRAINE McKENSEY-Scorpio Nassau, Bahamas Biology Chemistry (Minor) Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Mu, Secretary, Pres. of Bahamian Student Assoc, Choir, Young Women Chris- tian Assoc. MARY McLAUGHLIN-Taurus South Bay, Florida Elementary Education English Delta Sigma Theta Sor., NEA, Library Club. FEA, DELORES McMILLAN-Pisces Miami, Florida Elementary Education Nursery School OSCAR MILLER- Aries Nassau, Bahamas English Journalism, Spanish Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Bahamian Student Assoc, Editor of the Lion ' s Den, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pan Hellenic Council, Who ' s Who Among Students of 1972. FRANCES MOORE-Taurus Miami, Florida Elementary Education Social Studies Early Childhood National Education Assoc, Kappa Alpha, NAACP. Alpha Seniors SARAH NAILS-Leo Lakeland, Florida Elementary Education James Rosmond Johnson Ensem- ble, Voices of Ukrauh, NAACP, Women Senate, Young Women Christian Assoc, Miss Choir ' 70-71. MARY NANCE-Virgo Miami, Florida Physical Education PAULETTE NELSON-Gemini Plant City, Florida Elementary Education LUCINA MAE NEWBOLD-Libra Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Accounting Bahamian Association, Asst. Sec. of Choir, Zeta Phi Beta, Student Gov- ernment Assoc, Sec. Pan Hellenic Council, Yearbook Staff. CASTELLA PARRISH-Aquarius Dania, Florida Accounting Business Administration Mekito, Off Campus Senate, Delta ' s Interest Group. Aundrea Patterson-Scorpio Miami, Florida Urban Services Off Campus Senate, Women Senate. Seniors ALTON PERRY-Sagittarius Gainesville, Florida Elementary Education Psychology NAACP. CHARLES PERRY-Leo Cleveland, Ohio Elementary Education English National Education Assoc. Campus Senate, Men Senate. Off FREDDIE PHILPOT-Pisces Miami, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Phi Omega. PETER PINDER- Virgo Freeport, Bahamas Religion English Alpha Phi Alpha, Student Govern- ment Assoc, Ministerial Alliance, Bahamian Student Assoc, Track Team, NAACP. BETTY POLITE- Scorpio Gainesville, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood Women Senate, Young Women Christian Assoc, National Educat ion Assoc, Ivy Leaf. ELSIE POPLE-Taurus Nassau, Bahamas Elementary Education Bahamian Student Assoc, National Education Assoc, James Rosmond Johnson Ensemble, Zeta Phi Beta. Seniors LAVERNE POUGH-Cancer Columbia, Georgia Elementary Education Early Childhood Women Senate. MAJORIE L. PRATT-Leo Nassau, Bahamas Elementary Education Bahamian Student Association, Women Senate, National Education Assoc. HELEN PRATT-Libra Nassau, Bahamas Elementary Education Bahamian Student Assoc, National Education Assoc, NAACP, Women Senate, National Education Assoc. JANICE QUARTERMAN-Libra West Palm Beach, Florida Urban Service-Child Welfare Student Government Assoc. Rep. Gamma Sigma Sigma Petition Group. JUSTINE REDDING-Scorpio Jacksonville, Florida Physical Education FLORITA REED-Virgo Jacksonville, Florida Criminal Jusitice Pres. of F.M.C. Choir, Yearbook Staff, Jacksonian Association, Band, Gamma Sigma Sigma Petitioning Group. Seniors BETTY ROBINSON-Sagittarius Pompano Beach, Florida Elementary Education National Education Assoc, Women Senate, Off Campus Senate. JESSIE ROBINSON-Gemini Hollywood, Florida Elementary Education BETTY ROGERS- Libra Nassau, Bahamas Bahamian Student Assoc, Queen of Sphinxman Club, NAACP, Women Senate. THOMAS ROLLE- Aquarius Miami, Florida Business Administration Economics Men Senate, NAACP, Veterans sociation. As- HARVEY ROSS-Gemini Eustis, Florida Physical Education Theology GAYLE SAMS-Leo Miami, Florida Elementary Education Seiiiors MATTIE FAYE SCOTT-Aquarius Clewiston, Florida Criminal Justice Choir, Zeta Phi Beta Sor., Cheer- leader, Candidate for Miss United Negro College Fund, Yearbook Staff. ROSE SCOTT-Capricorn Monticello, Florida Elementary Education National Education Assoc, Off Campus Senate, Student Government Assoc. BETTY SHARPE-Aquarius Hollywood, Florida Education Counseling (Minor) FERN SINGLETON-Gemini Green Cove Springs, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood Student Government Assoc, Spanish Club, Women Senate, Young Women Christian Assoc, National Education Assoc. CALVIN SMITH-Sagittarius Maeone, Florida Social Science History Batesman Scholarship Award, James Rosmond Johnson Ensemble, Bap- tist Student Union, International Relations Club, Library Club, Who ' s Who Among Students in Americas Univ. and Colleges, 1971-72, Pres. Social Club, Voices of Ukrauh, Men Senate. GEORGELINE SMITH-Cancer Ardemore, Pennsylvania Urban Services Social Welfare Vice-Pres. Student Government Assoc, Parliamentary of Freshman Class, Student Government Assoc, Rep. of Jr. Class, Women Senate, Gamma Sigma Sigma Petitioning Group. Seniors RENVILLE SMITH-Sagittarius Nassau, Bahamas Social Science Religion Ministerial Alliance, Bahamian Stu- dent Assoc, Young Men Christian Assoc., James Rosmond Johnson Ensemble, Student Government Assoc, Parliamentarian, NAACP. CARRIE STOKES-Capricorn Quincy, Florida History PHYLLIS STRIPLING-Sagittarius Jacksonville, Florida Urban Services Jacksonian Association, Women Senate. WAYNE SYMMONETT-Aquarius Portau Prince, Haiti Elementary Education French Bahamian Students Assoc, Track Team, Men Senate, Fencing, National Education Association. PATRICK TAYLOR- Aquarius Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Economics Alpha Phi Alpha, Bahamian Student Association, Men Senate. RONALD TAYLOR-Taurus Melbourne, Florida History Seniors CURTIS THOMAS-Capricorn Live Oak, Florida History MARY THOMAS-Cancer Evansville, Indiana Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Miss Florida Memorial College 72-73. JOEL THOMPSON-Virgo Nassau, Bahamas English Urban Services Creative Writing, Track, Band, Swimming Team, Alpha Phi Alpha. ROSEMARY THURSTON-Sagittarius Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Economics Bahamian Student Association, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, 2nd Runnerup of Miss Florida Memorial 1972-73, Miss Bahamian Student Association 1970- 71, Miss Scroller of Kappa Alpha Psi 1971-72, Sweetheart of Zeta Phi Beta. BARBARA TIBBS-Leo Panama City, Florida Elementary Education Women Senate. ARTHURENE TURNER Pensacola, Florida Urban Service Social Welfare Off Campus, Women Senate. Seniors DIANE UNDERHILL- Aquarius Hollywood, Florida Off Campus Senate, Women Senate. ALVESTA WALKER-Aries Quincy, Florida Social Science WILLIE C. WALKER-Libra Cairo, Georgia Elementary Education History Off-Campus Senate. JAMES WALKER- Virgo Pompano, Florida Criminal Justice CVA. ALYCE WHITE-Sagittarius Perry, Florida Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. FRANK WHITE- Aries Panama, Florida Elementary Education Circle " K " Club, James Rosamond Johnson Ensemble, International Re- lations Club, Y.M.C.A., Men Senate, National Education Assoc. Seniors McKENLEY WRIGHT-Libra Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Physical Education JANICE WRIGHT- Aquarius Plant City, Florida Education DAN WITHERSPOON-Libra Miami, Florida Criminal Justice Psychology DAVID WILSON- Virgo Miami, Florida Physical Education Health and Recreation SADIE WILLIAMS-Capricorn Miami, Florida Elementary Education Early Childhood Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Nation- al Education Association. LINDA WILLIAMS-Capricorn Miami, Florida English Education Alpha Kappa Alpha, Women Senate, National Education Association. Seniors DIANNE C. WILLIAMS- Aries Miami, Florida Business Administrtion SANDRA WHITE PATSY WHITE-Gemini Mulberry, Florida Elementary Education ' Amy 5.... JOGETHERMES Ma 72 " Juniors Betty Alexander Business Administration Miami, Florida Emily A. Bailey Business Administration Green Cove Springs, Fla. Annie Bain Education Miami, Florida Cynthia E. Blake Criminal Justice Miami, Florida Lossie Borders Business Administration Lakeland, Florida Betty C. Brooks Business Administration Miami, Florida Juniors Theresa Brooks Business Administration Nassau, Bahamas Linda Darnella Brown Criminal Justice Nassau, Bahamas Linda Bullard Elementary Education Leesburg, Florida Andrea Cooper General Science Freeport Grand Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas Mary Cooper Elementary Education Pompano Beach, Florida Primrose Cooper Education Nassau, Bahamas Juniors Lonnie Copland Urban Services Bradenton, Florida Charles B. Dailey Social Studies Jacksonville, Florida Bernice Davis Social Studies Miami, Florida Naomi Deliford Social Studies Miami, Florida Mildred Fernander Business Administration Nassau, Bahamas Michael Garner Business Administration Tampa, Florida J Juniors Oreda Grisham Elementary Education Pompano Beach, Florida William Gulley Business Administration Jacksonville, Florida Geraldine Hamilton Criminal Justice Fort Lauderdale, Florida John Harris Business Administration Sarasota, Florida Bessie M. Hommer Elementary Education Miami, Florida Maurice Home Elementary Education Melbourne, Florida Junior ' S Hattie Jackson English Miami, Florida Lillie James Elementary Education Fort Lauderdale, Florida Katlleen Key Urban Services Florida City, Florida Sharon LeVarity Business Administration Bimini, Bahamas Janice McKenzie Elementary Education Pompano Beach, Florida Dannie McGill Criminal Justice Greenwood, Mississippi Juniors Jessie Mixson Business Administration Brooklyn, New York Cornelia Norris Physical Education Hallandale, Florida Kay Pettaway Elementary Education Jacksonville, North Carolina Mary Raines Elementary Education Plant City, Florida Jerry Rich Criminal Justice Wauchula, Florida Virginia Rogers Business Administration Goulds, Florida Juniors Jenkins Rolle Business Administration Bimini, Florida Barbara Rutland Elementary Education Winter Garden, Florida Verneda Smith Elementary Education Florida City, Florida Auretta S. Taylor Criminal Justice Miami, Florida Marie Taylor English Nassau, Bahamas Jacqueline Thomas Elementary Education Bradenton, Florida Seniors Harrison Thompson English Nassau, Bahamas Cynthia Vickers Elementary Education South Bay, Florida mm iT.rtf i i n a? Dan Washington English Miami, Florida • : v f ' T Brenda D. Williams Business Administration DeFunial Springs, Florida Althea Wilson Mathematics Miami, Florida Theoppolus Jackson History Hasting, Florida Juniors Asonja Lightsey Business Administration Lakeland, Florida Carol Mitchell Urban Services Sarosota, Florida % H ■■■1UMMI ... " % 5 iOpnornoR.E UioqRapk 5 AgT IS , SfS+er y AND M u. 72 ' Sophomores J J iv ' " lk LT " " " " Dawn Adams Nassau Bahamas Edwin Armstrong Newark, New Jersey Betty Baxter Quincy, Fla. Debra Beard Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Lauriette Bethel Nassau Bahamas Joycelyn Bowe Nassau Bahamas Gaye Burnett Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Renee Chase Nassau Bahamas Izeal Cooper Plant City, Fla. Sophomores Estella Davis Avon Park, Fla. Christine Edwards Pompano Beach, Fla. Paul Ellis Bimini Bahamas s Sparkman Ferguson Nassau Bahamas Darrell Gainous Orlando, Fla. Cheryl Hadley Bradenton, Fla. Kevin Hanna Nassau Bahamas Jackie Harden Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Carol Harris Jacksonville, Fla. Sophomores James Hill Orlando, Fla. Wayne Hill Lakeland, Fla. Ruth Howard Belleglade, Fla. Donald Jackson Orlando, Fla. Jewel Jackson Vero Beach, Fla. Shirley Jackson West Palm Beach, Fla. James Johnson West Palm Beach, Fla. Rose Johnson Homestead, Fla. Brenda Jones Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sophomores Sandra Jones Plant City, Fla. Mary Joyce Nassau Bahamas Linda Laws Pahokee, Fla. Sam Liner Philadelphia, Pa. Linda Livingston St. Petersburg, Fla. Ernestine Lock Riviera Beach, Fla. Vivian Lockwood Quincy, Fla. Harnetha Lucus Riviera Beach, Fla. Gregory McCoy Jacksonville, Fla. Sophomores • i Vivian McCray Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Danial McNeil Philadelphia, Pa. Norma Miller Pahokee, Fla. Ruby Minter Dawson, Ga. Virginia Minter West Palm Beach, Fla. Larry Moore Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Willie Morrison Plant City, Fla. Marcian Martiner Nassau Bahamas Herschel Nicholson Miami, Fla. Sophomores -. Verna Pinder Nassau Bahamas ugL, t. Deloris Perkins Jacksonville, Fla. Sheryl Peterson Pompano Beach, Fla. Shirley Porter West Palm Beach, Fla. Betty Powell Quincy, Fla. Charlene Ratcliffe Washington, D.C. LaVerne Rentz Lake City, Fla. Sarah Roberts Stuart, Fla. Gail Saunders Hollywood, Fla. Sophomores Ellen Walkins Nassau Bahamas Deborah Wright Miami, Fla. Clinton Wright Bartow, Fla. y Clarissa Wright Jacksonville, Fla. Lorenzo Worthy Winston Salem, N.C. Jimmie Workman Newark, New Jersey Mak Shun Wing Nassau Bahamas Edward Wilkerson Nassau Bahamas Raymond Williams Ocala, Fla. Sophomores Pleasant Williams Belle Glade, Fla. Linda Williams Homestead, Fla. Delany Williams West Palm Beach, Fla. Annie Williams Bradenton, Fla. Sherman White Lake Helen, Fla. Patsy White Mulberry, Fla. johnny Webbs Belle Glade, Fla. Linda Ware Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Willie Thomas Dawson, Georgia Sophomores Yvette Seymour Nassau Bahamas %.,Jk ' fii Henry Young Belle Glade, Fla. I R.ESHAAEH w, n 13.... WALK1HG ,n the (g+ep $ l«CkWESS ?2 " Freshmen Lamont Adams Mary Adderly Beverly Allen J I Willie Austin Levetra Baker Mable Ball Shirley Bell Daffney Billinden Eva Black Freshmen Kelvin Blunt Sharon Bowman Nina Brookins Deborah Brown Johnny Bryant Ronald Bunch Cleveland Byrd Yvette Carter Ramona Chappale Freshmen Roger Cherry Ann Cobbs Valeria Coleman Ridgely Cook Judian Cox Jeanette Crapp Paulette Crapp Freshmen Blondena Crawford Admealla Cure i msMa Patricia Dawson Marian Davis f 3i Robert Dykes Laura Foxworth Nadine Frazier Lena Gayles Freshmen Mizell Godwin Curtise Graham Annie Gray Linda Hall Judy Hamilton Betty Hicks Larry High tower James Hill Freshmen Elmer Holmes Lloyd Homes Angela Jackson Debra Jackson Carl Hopkins Joyce Howard Merrill Jackson ■BftMU i Amos Jefferson Hubert James Freshmen %k 2 i£K3 • ' SB - m mni Betty Jenkins Vermel Johnson Annette Jones Anthony Jones Elaine Jones Robert Jones Lorraine Latson Debra Livingston Earnestine Lock Freshmen iiWv I J Burl Lovett Wanda Lucas Sylvia Lynch Annette Martin Nadine Marshall Jerry Mealing Patrica McCloud Sidney McKinsey Cynthia McKinsie Freshmen Carolyn McKnight Ernestine McKnight Meracita Mimms Karla Mitchell Linda Moore Sylvia Moore i Joyce Moultrie Delores Parks Sherly Peterson Freshmen Moses Porter Joseph Postell Sylva Radford Sherman Richardson Tommy Robinson Susan Roberts Greg Rhodes Patrica Rollins Franksteina Sands Freshmen L Patrica Scott Venitra Scott Sharon Sheppard John Shirley Rosemary Simpson Ray Smith $ te f . T. Rene Smith Carol Stephson Rylions Thompson Freshmen Daisy Wiggs Ollie Wilson y Teresa Wilson Charles Williams Clinton Williams •4i V . t Johnny Williams Laverne Williams Stanley Williams Freshmen Linda Young I. " :■.,:■■.::.;:■:;: ... - " : - . ' . . ' ' " ..,, Below: Freshmen on Miami Beach 77 3ACUCW 78 «•. I « 4 v . Va ■ -«SbI ' -- iZ ' s i ■» 1 1 03$ fe IN IN . i Mfe? : - K 3a AVMVMSmAWON 79 Vem o the College Dr. Lester Brown Dr. A. H. Parker Dr. James C. Even Dr. George Gore 80 Special Assistant to tde President Dr. John Wilson Business Manager Mr. Freddie Gallot Mr. John Gilhooly Director of Development Sfie Registrars Office Mr. A. W. Davis MfiffT Mrs. Glenn Ellen Ross Mrs. Ida Ratcliff Director o Student Affairs Mr. Roscoe Webb Mrs. Veronica Floyd, Mrs. St. George and Mrs. Ida Allen 84 Alumni Secretary and Director o C urcfi Relations Mr. S. W. Baker I 85 5 he Business Office. Mr. John Erdle Mrs. B. M. Grant Miss Gloria J. Nabors Mrs. Brown Mrs. Collins 87 3fie £i6rary. . . Mr. Leroy Thompson Head Librarian Miss S. Moses 88 Miss Norris Miss Gavins, Rosa M. Sfie Business Department . Mr. Westley Thompson Personnel Management Business Internship Business Research and Analysis Mrs. Ginger Neal Elementary Accounting Accounting 90 Dr. K. V. Maracek Principles of Economics Business Law Money and Banking Special Services. W m Miss M. F. Murray Miss L. L. Jones 91 Social Science. . . 92 Mr. Jesse Silverglate World Civilization ■ : ■ Mrs. Sarah Hoo World Civilization Mr. George Newland Criminal Justice-Administrative Concepts i fl " TBI- i V i L. % Dr. G. VitdZo Introduction to Criminal Justice Mr. Richard Kuhn Sociology and Social Research Reliai igion. Mr. Robert B. Carter Introduction to Religion College Minister Dr. Truett Smith Religion in America 3oveign Language. . . Mrs. De La Cova Spanish Mrs. Maria Maracek French German Science. 96 Mrs. Sarla Sharma General Biology Dr. R. K. Sharma General Physics Mr. W. D. Hill College Trigonometry i The Pitman Brothers 97 e Snglisd Department . . Mrs. Marilyn Ross Speech Miss Linda Adams English Communications Mrs. Lorraine Strachan Journalism Mr. Walter Hampshire Shakespeare Mrs. Irene Fell Advanced Grammar Dr. Lillian Hahamovitch The Novel Mrs. Judy Fornes Contemporary Culture PfiysicaZ Gducztion. . . Mr. Chester Robinson Coach Snead Dr. Andrew Von Boross Miss Anne Henderson Mr. E. H. Burroughs Introduction to Psychology ' 6(ie Gducztion Vepdximent Dr. Claire Orson Social Foundation Mrs. D. Mebane Teaching in Elementary School Mrs. E. Cole Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools Mr. Leroy Thompson Children ' s Literature Dr. Irving Weiss Teaching in Secondary Schools Gfie Music Department Mr. John Price Voice, Conducting, Composers Mrs. A. Chesky Piano and Theory Mr. W. C. Robinson Instrumental Band 104 Mr. Charles Jackson Director of High School Equivalency Program Mrs. Debra Phillips Development Mrs. Truett Smith Director of Motive 105 Student Personnel. Mr. William H. Turner Director of Placement and Community Relations M sSPt fc ■ ' 4,122 i KM 106 Mr. WiZZie F. CogdeZZ Director of Financial Aid Mrs. Doris Carter College Counselor Miss C. Scott Duo Directress Miss Adams Prime Hall Directress Mrs. W. E. Pete Prime Hall Directress Mrs. Shirley McCoy Dean of Women Mr. Reuben S. Mitchell Dean of Men Mrs. Ida Allen Secretary to President si ■ K Miss Altermease Brown Special Services Mrs. Azil Cooper Assistant Secretary Student Personnel 108 MjfSlk. Mr. George Frazier Head of Maintenance 109 Charles Cooper Head of Cafeteria Mrs. Sharon Gallot Director of Postal Service Mrs. Edith Nelson Mrs. B. H. Puryear ' s Secretary 110 Mrs. M. R. Young Nurse Mrs. Boykin$ Director of Bookstore Far left: Mrs. Bessie L. Brunt Head Nurse Mrs. Helen E. Brooks Ass. Nurse 111 112 2 fte 3ivst £ady Mrs. B. H. Puryear Director of Education President o the College Dr. Royal W. Puryear 113 Miss 3 orida Memorial College I HI ' Africa lyiffiin " Qin ' t ' ns Dianne C. Williams Miss MODERATOR Princess Dunham Miss LION DEN Ollie Wilson Miss VETERAN ASSOCIATION Bessie Freeman Miss SENIOR Barbara McKoy Miss CRESENT Linda Moore Miss FRESHMAN QlU ' t ' HS Mabel Andrews Miss KAPPA ALPHA PSI Paulette Nelson Miss DELTA SIGMA THETA Sharon Levarity Miss UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND Patricia Dawson Miss LAMP Mildred Fernandez Miss IVY LEAF CLUB v .4 m Gwen Jackson 117 Queens Bernadetta Ford Miss DRAMA CLUB Virginia Minter Miss OMEGA PSI PHI Alma Black Miss PYRAMID Club Naomi Jones Deliford Miss SOCIAL SCIENCE Betty Baxter Miss DUO DORMITORY Cornelia Norris Miss ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Queens Lillie James Miss CHOIR Jessie Mixon Miss JUNIOR Yvette Seymour Miss BAHAMIAN STUDENT ASSOC. Angela Jackson Miss JACKSONIAN Janice Tukes Miss LIBRARY Linda Bullard Miss ALPHA PHI ALPHA Queens .,-■ ' Mab e M. Ball Miss SPHIXMAN Elsie Pople Miss ZETA PHI BETA Cynthia Hutcherson Miss ALPHA PHI OMEGA Kathleen Key Miss PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Eleen Walkine Miss STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOC. Patsy White Miss SOPHOMORE Miss United Negro College 3und Sfiaron Cevmty 121 •Jp ' W 122 m 0RGAN9ZAZ90NS Student Qovevnment Association " We have come a long way since the spring of 72, which was the fantastic start for the " Bess " year yet. We are now involved in more national and international projects than ever before. Florida Memorial ' s Student Government Association is now on the record as one of the sphere headed associations in organizing a Third World Coalition of the United States National Student Association (U.S.N.S.A.). We shall overcome all our oppressions and oppressors. We know now, where to from here. Let us remain unique in Blackness. " Yours in struggle, Tommy Bess He ' s your man . . . Slim! If I can ' t do it, nobody can. Mr. ommy Bess Now run ' n tell dat . . . " Student Qovevnment Association Adiuifics SQA President ' s Cabinet And 0 icevs 1. Renville Smith Parliamentarian 2. Lucina Newbold Recording Secretary 1. Andrea Cooper Treasurer 2. Sylvester Byrd Chaplain 3. Clint Wright Director of Publications 4. William Grandville Business Manager " to m Student National Gduc tion Association FALL SEMESTER INTERNS 1972-1973 Mrs. Puryear — Advisor Albury. Charles E. P.E. Kelly. Thomasyiia E. E.E Allen. Lucy J. E.E. Arnold. Velma P. E.E. Lester. Paulette Y. E.E Boynton, Barbara A. E.E. McLaughlin, Mary E. E.E Bryant, Barbara A. E.E. Builard, Marietta F. E.E. Maybin. Barbara J. E.E Burgains. Dorothy L. E.E. Miller, Sharon G. P.E Burgess, Barbara A. Eng. Nabors. Constance S.S Copeland, Shirley E.E. Nails, Sarah N. E.E Culver. Charles E. Sci. Nance, Mary A. P.E Nelson, Paulette L. E.E Davis, Paulette E. E.E. Didley, Helen F. Eng. Perry, Charles W. E.E Duncombe, Johnny P.E. Philpot, Fredrich D. E.E Popps, Cynthia M. P.E Eberhart. Susie T. E.E. Evans, Henrietta W. E.E. Robinson, Jessie B. E.E Ross, Harvey W. P.E Felder, Willie R. E.E. Ferguson, Edward R. E.E. Scott, Rosebud H. E.E Ferguson, Thomas P.E. Sharpe, Betty J. E.E Forbes, Alfred N. P.E. Simmons, Gayle P. S.S Smith, Calvin B. S.S Gihnore, Deborah M. E.E. Stokes, Carrie L. S.S Symmonette, Wayne G. D. E.E Harper. Shirley R. E.E. Hinton, Patricia S. Eng. Taylor, Ronald L. S.S Howell, Joyce B. E.E. Tibbs, Barbara A. E.E Hutcherson, Cynthia D. E.E. Walker, Willie C. E.E Jackson, Evelyn P. P.E. White, Alyce L. E.E Jackson, John P.E. White, Frank A., Jr. E.E Jackson, Johnny C. S.S. Wilson, David A. P.E Jackson, Lorrie K. E.E. Wright, Samuel P.E Jackson, R C. HamiltonP.E. Johnson, Clifford L. E.E. Ministerial Alliance Conley H. Hughes, Jr., Cecil R. Roberts, Tommy G. Bess, Gary Clary, Sylvester Byrd, Jr., Renville E. Smith, Ronald Strong, Jr., Peter Pinder, Truett Smith, Robert Carter, Philip Clarke, Jr. 129 5fte Cion Cheerleaders ft. i „«■• d " ' ttf ' A, 1 - ' ' . i 5 ! 2 ' ... £ 5f 130 Paulette Davis, Captain; Delaney Williams, Co-Captain; Bettie Hickson, Delores Wright, Norma Miller, Secretary; Arthurine White. Mrs. Shirley McKoy — Advisor. Parks, Chris • i »»-i . HI »■. ' ■ .- 4 ' Bafiamian Student Association Lorraine McKenzie — Pres., Yvette Seymour, Andrea Cooper — Sec, Elsie Pople, Betty Heastie, Rosemary Thurston, 131 Theresa Brooks, Mildred Fermanden, Hugh Chase, Michael Malcolm, Malachi Lundy, Julius Cox, Peter Pinden, Jeanile Aranha, Jenkins Rolle, Primrose Cooper, Joyce Bowe, Ellen Walkine, Lauriette Bethel fak somms f v I ' ■ - ' ■■ " ' ' " ' V ' ■ " V 1?. - - " • ' • £■ ' . ' .%-■ ■ -f t ' ' ' " ' • ' - i •• " ' i fej ' ' $£. ? ' ■ ' ■ ' • ' Rusha D. Perkins, Carol Harris, Justine Redding, Charles Dailey, Florta Reed 132 5fie dons Den ' . Oscar Miller — Editor, Gregory Christie — Assit. Editor, Elaine Bishop — Reporter, Jenkins Rolle — Reporter, Mary Williams — Reporter, Renville E. Smith, Delaney Williams, Norma Miller, Miss Lorraine Strachan — Advisor 133 Social Science 8 . C .-. : Renville Smith, Dr. Silverglate, Ronald Henry, Clarence Davis — Co-Pres., Samuel Liner, Bernadette Forde, Naomi Deliford — Co-Pres., Mrs. Sarah Hoo — Advisor, Erma McClendon, Ernestine Lock, Olga Brooks. Not shown: Von Mizell, Johnny Jackson g s V5 3 § 3 55 z C Q c o in M o c o Q o c aj Q G c o 0) ft o o u c o 0) tu ft o JS as Fh Ph u , Km s E O O C c n PCS «ft» 136 137 138 O C o O + jf «u.2 U xt " S m i-i Hn ° , B s .o o-= QJ r 1 o , • " Cfl U5 H — S-c .2 K J a „J5 O U ' -s ' C - T3 t» c ? 5 ?j W ° H — ! -aS c iS " O 3 g 5 rt «Jtf .2 aJ S I ' R 1 " ij • a g a .5 o £3 rs » o o 3 £ « --H « c s hlH (J T3 - . S c B £oo a « it M " O 4) xisH rvj a ° g 13 =tf £o g » » Cfl s B C s B -3 -B-B-S o o 5 140 o s e o M) g ■a 3 o O o 03 O c o n C o 03 en £ U h c " 2 u j 2 0) u 3 BJ ' h % c5 Oh 73 w jC X 1 3 bl H OS 2 T3 KTi 3 H 1- A 05 u ac 141 142 c o c a « PC 73 H .5 c M aj C M 3 £ «; 0) .. a c M £ £ , o o M VI " H 2 rt s O C • „ S° H O - rt £ O .a 3 3 £ M ,[fl li u 03 sn h - ' a) c art is C a! S " « 13 a si rt en 1 -W O aj «.-h o « a in 143 £ s o 5 PQ WJ Q G oi 2 O 3 « 1) O H . GO 2 c Sh O O 1-5 Ph w til o Q 3tf G a) S - P a C o V ' ? o s 3 la .« S -« «° U C S C ° CTJ y u — 1 to ' ■6 I § c« S B 01 o o 0 144 c U M O O ■ J2 a o Z -a e o o 145 o 2 a c o 3 „ c ft § ° ■£ ° % o s s ' c3 fe PCX ™ o -o .5 « o C CO 5 U O -) 2 c S 3 S H £1 03 _j TJ , C Sri S a « a T3 ' 0 £ (X 5 o! ST PQ| T3 n3 « « 8 ■i-t TO 148 3 si s rt Si XI m Q O ■a 0) o c t« c o u o C o ■a o Z O ■8 C U o (2 " 8 a o f .2 c g£ . ; ■4-t ■ - o o (-1 IH o o QQ Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority was organized on November 12, 1972 by Soror Mary Lou Gardner and six other school teachers in Indianapolis, Indiana. The sorority became an incorporated national collegiate sorority on December 30, 1929, when a charter was granted to the Alpha Chapter at Batler University, Ind. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority holds membership in the National Asso. for the Advancement of Colored People; Association for Study of Negro History; and the National Council of Negro Women. Out Motto " Greater Service through greater Progress. " a. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first fraternity of its kind in the United States. The fraternity was founded on December 4, 1906, at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. The Delta Psi chapter was started on April 24, 1954 by Dr. R. W. Puryear. Throughout its history. Alpha Phi Alpha has maintained its high ideals and lofty aims. C w oj » _g « ££ ■a « (A G W ■— to w -, " 4) 5 - OS " ? o rrt CO ffl O) 5 ea 3 9 i— i « OPQ 0) M cu ; ca j A " B 3 U ►. Ji « |«g .a 3 •H M 3 3 C ° H l| C - « coT3 £ 3 3 »« O p ° s CO CO Srf go B co £ S ' S 8.2 . ' - " = cO 5 u-S co 15 ■jH o 0) Q PQ fa cO ? F cO S o u ►- . Qfafa The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on Howard University ' s Campus, January 16, 1920. It was suggested to Arizona Clever by Charles Taylor, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, that she establish a sister organization. This has become a national organization of college women banded together under a common bond of friendship and cultural effort seeking to establish the worth of womanhood through excellence in education, human service and citizenship. The motto of Zeta Phi Beta is Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterly Love. " 153 : 3Sfm. - Kappa Apha Psi Fraternity was founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. The Epsilon Mu chapter was founded on April 30, 1966. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement Kappa t men believe that to promote the intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development of mankind through " J S S is essential for any person living in the world today. To better the world of tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Psi stresses achievement today. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University, Washington D.C. on January 13, 1913. The Zeta Tau Chapter was established on September 19, 1969, with eleven charter members. This sorority is new to the Florida Memorial College Campus, but it is certainly not new to the ideals of high scholarship and service to all mankind. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is " Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom. " It will be an integral part of every Delta ' s life. %tomgSm!ffltfr w I o si CO Sh 0) - — » o cu CO o 2 e -2 " o o CU Cu « .% ' • .•• ' 1 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is a national all black Greek-Letter sorority organized at Howard University Washington DC, January of 1908. s The Delta Eta Chapter was established on February 6, 1954. The Motto of Alpha Kappa Alpah Sorority is " By Merit and Culture " and it stresses " Finer Womanhood " . CSC fi 3.0 •a „ w « 10 CD m a) 1-5 llll - rt tun ■ " ■a h g 3ffl s m H CO I S Q o M P r! o S .s a ■ u § A • 0) _ CD u -B to ' ' S C O CO 7 usi £ Cfi si ™ CD .|H Qd U " C - o o rt g.S - 8 • Oh J= . „ M H O s-i H C CO B rt r T 5 » § " 5 3 - rt 0 a 3 cd X! JS ■rH CO . ' ' O » 8 tnJS « ra ni TJ 7 to -B . a! £ § ' " ' 2 S J) H » « B rt fi CO » oo « M tj 10 T3 (IS B o O «! .5 OfCTJ CO O -. -u 0 bo be C £ 2 c c w -3 2 81 Id 3 j r X o ) e E O r •f— f rd f- -E! rrS C en ' to fi C C o c S « C H c a o a) E G£ H S-i TO O a C 0) o 3 ° E M £05 S 05 O t-i € ° H „ ro 2 M ,c rt 3 I 8 5 O Jj « OD-g o .. « sh so w u O. oj qj 2 u » u § S c; c a c a -S o a, .JJ y 43 0 ,H 0 _, « H ■ 3 2 Q -n m 5 D 23 -i-i e aj rs S (O « m fc C 3 m SOtfloW £ " 2 « 5 a 43 •» e « s —j O) ,3 £1 «H o - aj Ja IS _c » O « si DC PQ oi e U B CO • «— » -. CD c " " 3 c 3 5 S 2 r- D C 03 rJ3 -_ q " O aj 3. !— 5 O - " c o g U ,fi Co -2 QH S S c o Q -a £ G o co or G D 2 CO -, rr-. 3 s o °J cc CO c CD -a G a -a — i o o3 S-i O CD G o3 5h O oT o CD T3 5-1 CD 3 aj CD O ■i— ( CD co in .o cu 3 3 o CO • —I o3 9 -2 T3 G 03 CU =G -r oo 03 -I — I CU pq aj G o cu 03 M 0) S M I— I H CU -» a3 H . 03 3 c 03 c o •S Q JO co • CD ™ cq S CU !h o CU O O o g SO) CO cu -a pG C H 03 co CU o CU c X3 B ri co bJD CO c5 X! c c 03 C cu CU v o cu G O cu cu CO G cu 03 cu o G bJD o3 G cu G r £.2 G co •rH ' H O cu O G o -G o 2 -i ° tj cu O -G S o 5 ■a si co T3 cu cu ' C S ct o ft •5 cu cd +- 1 co o3 G O bJD G T3 G 03 cu o cu s-h -a o cu cu o CO CD cu JG 5-4 o .G CD U CO O c CU CU CU G cu o cu ti« ft.a c2 .g •S r g -G o o o i o -G o H H H ' " ° 1 I 5 03 cu H cN co rr 164 T3 O O o be c o o c if ' 19 " I! 1 " 34 1 p? Wl J uiS-v i. l ».l » .p « ,l.d « i m Km - — rr " i :- -.t -i-H-.— w ji ««nttjftwiH?w ' 6- Creafion The ceremony honored Rose Alterman who has donated her sculpture " Re-Crea- tion " to the college. The sculpture repre- sents the new cycle of man in the struggle for recognition of all mankind in equality. Jack I. Green, I.D. Associates, and Sonny Wright, Universal Real Estate, were guest speakers for the program, hosted by Ken Thomas, WPLG News Anchorman. 170 3rip to Viscaya Q rdens 172 Horafio Miller in Concert Appearing in concert in the Teaching Audi- torium of Florida Memorial College November 16, 1972 Miller played with a sense of sound and a distinct assertive style. Playing pieces from Mozart, Honegger, Chopin and Liszt, Miller seemed to bring each artist back to life in his uni- que interpretation of each of them. Once at the piano Miller becomes totally involved in his music and is transformed into bundles of emotion and enthusiasm. Sonia Sanchez, who is sometimes called the ' female Le Roi Jones and one of America ' s leading black poetess and writers spoke at F.M.C. Tuesday, October 3. In her im- promptu talk, which was interspersed with the reading of several of her poems, she told the audi- ence, " it is a new day for Black people. " Sanchez ' s speech to F.M.C. students was not an applause to black people, but rather a wall of mirrors, candidly pointing out our pitfalls. ElsffPFf Mrs. Medgax Gvevs " Our primary objective here today is to lead a voter ' s registration drive, and to urge you to use our most powerful weapon — the ballot. " So spoke Myrlie Evers, wife of the slain civil-rights leader, Medgar Evers, on Tuesday, October 3 in the Teaching Audi- torium, before a crowd of about 300 students. Mrs. Evers said exercising the power to vote is " doing whatever is necessary within the power structure to make the American dream a reality to all of us. " Upward Bound Mrs. Audra Herrington Assistant Director Mrs. D. Edwards Assistant Director 176 Mrs. Dorothy R. Baker Director of Upward Bound m, o. utMtot When speaking of Unity In Design, Upward Bound is one of the best examples yet. Upward Bound is designed to prepare our little Brothers and Sisters for college and give them a brighter insight towards a future. As we said before, " a mind is a terrible thing to waste. " evsuBidevs 3asfii ions ZimUtu Raiu Soul Gxpvess Mable, Doing her thin 181 Orange Blossom Classic Miss Mary 5 horn as 183 omas 3 ori ia Memorial College VJeek Florida Memorial College Week was observed December 2, through December 9, as proclaimed by Metro Mayor Jack Orr. The week long celebration was highlighted by a dedication ceremony on December 9, at 1 p.m. in the library hosted by the " FMC " Guild. The ceremony honored Rose Alterman who has donated her sculpture " Re-Creation " to the college. The sculpture represents the new cycle of man in the struggle for recognition of all mankind in equality. Jack I. Green, I.D. Associates, and Sonny Wright, Universal Real Estate, were guest speakers for the program, hosted by Ken Thomas, WPLG News Anchorman. IjezcBook ! 1 S f a f f • • 187 GditoT-On-Cdiej 188 Horace £. Hill CP. v Johnny Webbs Assistant to Editor Willie Morrison (Pulp wood) Layout Poetry By: Renee Christian Left: Florita Reed, Special Assistant. Below: Justine Redding, Special Assistant. Above: Malachi Lundy, Chairman, Advertising. Right: Donnella Murphy, Special Assistant. -• " ? 191 Top Left: Brenda Wil- liams, Secretary Top Right: Harold Mar- shall, Layout Right: Lucina Newbold, Advertising " J ' i 192 Top Left: Stanley Wil- liams, Special Assistant Top Right: Kelvin Blount, Special Assistant Left: Sharon Lavarity, Typist ! ; mY,L 193 Top Left: Patricia Rollins, Typist; To Right: Charles Williams, Layout; Above: Angela Jackson, Secretary to the Editor; Right: Linda Bullard. Left: Debra Smith Yearbook Staff Photographs not shown P.J. — Photography Paul Williams, Layout Editor Hubert James, Special Assistant Lawrence Wing, Art Work Terry Bryant, Layout Emily Bailey, Junior Class Editor John S. Brown, Photographer Typist: Leverne Rentz Faye Scott Olga Brooks Gay Burnett Synetta Drayton Asonja Lightsey Advisor to the Arcd: Mr. $ohn G. Price 195 Basketball Schedule Date Opponent Jan. 20 Homestead AFB Home Jan. 27 Claflin College Home Feb. 5 FAMU Home Feb. 7 Morris College Home Feb. 10 ' Edward Waters College Jax., Fla. Feb. 12 FAMU Away Feb. 15 " Edward Water College Home Feb. 17 Bethune-Cookman College Home 22-23-24 (SEAC Basketball Tournament) ment) Site to be announced m Coach: John Mays flllfSICA j J ) i r I 3. M. C. B skei6all Zeam Eric Jones Tallahassee, Freddie Everett, Elliott Nedd, Lewis Charles Turner, (kneeling) Roy Herbert, Charle J. Collier, Carl Parramore, and Jimmie Jones. 197 V 3rac£ Seam r ,; •afc r ' . A- 1 ' Base6a Seam Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 14 Feb. 17 Feb. 22 Feb. 28 Mar. 2 Mar. 8 Mar. 14 Mar. 16 Mar. 19 Dade South Dade South Miami Baseball Fla. Bible Miami Miami Lauderdale Lauderdale Fla. Bible Genesee Dade North Baseball Schedule 3 p.m. Away Mar. 20 Dade North 3 p.m. Away Mar. 22 Palm Beach 2:30 Away Mar. 23 Palm Beach 12 p.m. Away Mar. 28 New Hampire 2:30 Away Mar. 29 Hamphire 2:30 Away Mar. 30 Hamphire 2:30 Home Apr. 16 FIU 2:30 Away Apr. 10 Naples 1 p.m. Away Apr. 12 H. Baseball 2:30 Away Apr. 14 FIU 3 p.m. Away 3 p.m. Away 3 p.m. Away 3 p.m. Away 2:30 Home 2:30 Home 2:30 Home 3 p.m. Away 8 p.m. Away Away Away Buds of Spring s Y 1 201 Circle K CluS CIRCLE K CLUB FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE MIAMI. FLORIDA fly 202 r r v y - r - w te Original Refresher Course? History When man needed transportation, he invented the wheel. When man needed warmth, he discovered fire. And when man needed real refreshment, he invented the real thing. Coca-Cola. English. Coca-Cola (Koka-Kola) Coke (Koke) : trademarks which identify the same dark-colored, delicious, carbonated soft drink. This unique tasting soft drink gives real refreshment, pleasure, fun, quenches thirst, it ' s the real thing. The classic bottle. Math. Poetry. Man X is working in the sun where it is 97° Man Y is working in the shade where it is 92.° Both X and Y then have a bottle of Coca-Cola, (ideally served at 34°). Construct an equation: X+Y+ refreshing Coca-Cola =X+Y- thirst. It ' s the real thing. In the back of your mind, What you ' re hoping to find, Is the real thing. It ' s the real thing. That ' s the way it should be. What the world wants to see, Is the real thing. It ' s the real thing. Coke. Trade-mark® ■: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■:- -■-:■■■■ - - " Mi ■ ■ ' ■ ' ■■■ ■ ■■■■■-;■■■ ■■■■ - ■ ■ Copyright© 1973, The Coca-Cola Company. " Coca-Cola, " " Coke " and the shape of the bottle are registered trade-marks which identify the same product ol The Coca-Cola Company ' Phone 759-9400 SATELLITE LOUNGE " IT ' S ALWAYS A PLEASURE " 6222 N.W. 7th Ave. CONGRATULATION TO THE GRADUATING CLASS CAMPUS CHEFS We the members of the 1972-73, Yearbook Staff hope that this edition of The Arch will be the one that will draw our student body closer together in Unity. 205 I have a dream, that one day, ALL of God ' s children, black men and -white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestant and Catholic will he able to join hands together and sing in the words of the great Negro spiritual of old, free at last, free at last • • • Thank God Almighty Pm free at last. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Togetherness Brotherhood . The Universality of OiVjE Manhind at Peace, In Life As In Death. 206 Burger King! Where Kids Are King!!! Owned and Operated by: MR. WILLIE TAYLOR BURGER KING WHERE THE SERVES TURNS YOU ON BECAUSE, IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO HANDLE A WHOPPER BURGER KING NO. 36 730 N.W. 36th Street Miami, Fla. Phone: 757-3511 Congradulations to Glensa Poole 207 J5® cotton HOW flMMtHNOI Buy — Sell— Trade EASY TERMS New and Used EDISON FURNITURE EXCHANGE, INC. ' Where Customers Send Their Friends " Phone: 836-0090 " NO CARRYING CHARGES " Comer and Homer Stembridge 6942 N.W. 7th Avenue Miami, Fla. 33150 Congratulations stockholder. You ' ve earned the right to take stock in a better future. The dividends you reap will be limited only by your desire. " tin- td ' t ' Wv „, Bipi .-»«« . - OlttU 208 SAY IT LOUD TOM WASHINGTON and FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE IN 1973 " HELPING TO BUILD OUR COMMUNITY " " a (?Mng ge ii ice jo i the firing ' Ranqe FUNERAL HOME-5727NW 17th Avenue Miami,Florida 33142 -ph.691-4343 " In your hour of bereavement, let us serve you with over 18 years of ex- perience. . . modern facilities. . . moderate prices. . . and consideration to every detail of your funeral arrangement. " M. Athalie Range, Owner N. Patrick Range, Business Manager Good Luck Best Wishes Beverly, Freddie Ernest, Robert, Alphea and P. J., SARA McRAE 20th CENTURY MPT.; INC. 9201 N.W. 22rd Ave. Miami, Fla. Phone: 691-5636 UNIVERSAL REAL ESTATE, Inc. SONNY WRIGHT. Praldai 4600 N W. 7th AVENUE • MIAMI, FLORIDA 33127 • TELEPHONE AC 305! 751-8642 Best Wishes to the Graduates Of Florida Memorial College UNIVERSAL REAL ESTATE, SONNY WRIGHT, President 209 Best Wishes F1XIT, INC. D.B.A. 6500 N.W. 7th Ave. Miami, Fla. Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1973 DAZELLE SIMPSON, M.D. GEORGE SIMPSON, M.D. CALDWELL GROCERY CO., INC. Best Wishes PHONE 621-9542 OUR MOTTO GAS FOR LESS Repairs — Accessories — Tires EOOIE ROBERTS, Prop. 41BO N.W. I67tm ST. QPA-LOCKA, FLA. 33QS4 Congratulations GLADE LIQUORS, INC. 2199 N.W. 167th St. Ph. 624-8892 210 Congratulations EBONY BAR AND PACKAGE STORE, INC. 6928 N.W. 15th Ave. Phone Number 691-2772 ZEBRA - 757-9220 Bakers - 371-9409 BAKER ' S BAR 645 N.W. 20th St. LIQUORS AT LOW PACKAGE PRICE EARL ' S ZEBRA LOUNGE EARL EDWARDS PROPRIETOR 4400 N.W. 7th Avenue MIAMI. FLORIDA Twenty-eight reasons why a child should learn piano Self-eupression Poise Confi- dence. Concentration. Perse- verance Appreciation Pride Enjoyment. Achievement. Self- improvement Coordination Involvement. Discipline. Self- respect. Comprehension. Self- control. Awareness. Release Pleasure Patience Sociability. Endurance Satisfaction. Char- acter. Relaxation Alertness Fortitude. Fun Your child will get more out of a Baldwin than just music. LUCELLES MARKET 9300 N.W. 17th Ave. Miami, Fia. PL 1-1 12V PHONES PL 1-4267 WORLD FAMOUS SPECIALIZING IN SHRIMP - CHICKEN - OYSTERS ALWAYS OPEN . BOXED MEALS TO TAKE OUT Isacoh ' e Flam FCOBERT Flam 7501-03 N W 7th AVENUE MIAMI. FLORIDA Sddis ± LDiu i Tri-Arts Medical. Building 1COI N W. 54th ST Miami. F 1 x. 33127 Tel. 754-3538 V. A. GiUn, R.PL FT. b. GiUn, P.PL BindeR Baldwin S i» Miami: 2020 Biscayne Blvd. 573-5060 So. Miami: 1 1 765 S. Dixie Hwy. 238-91 61 Hollywood: U.S. 441 Just No. of Pembroke Rd. 961-4980 In Dade: 625-9151 Hialeah: 1010 Palm Springs Mile 821-0160 PATRONS: 1. Miss Glenda St. George 10. 2. Miss Gloria Nabors 11. 3. Rev. Mrs. George Williams 12. 4. Mr. Lovey Clayton 13. Miss Carolyn Scott 14. Mrs. Marguis Mildred 15. Mrs. Gloria Willie Lad n Lass Cleaner 16, Mr. Mrs. Joseph Floyd 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Mr. Edison Nelson Miss Linda Livington Mr. Keik Medearie Miss Pat Rollins Miss Joan Davis Son Mr. Mrs. Johnnie Rollins, Sr. and Family Pat, Lucy, and Janet, Room 310 Duo Dorm 211 HARRELL PHOTOGRAPHY 3619 N.W. 17th Avenue, Miami, Florida Phone 635-9287 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A good understanding have all they that do his commandments, his praise, en- dureth forever. Psalm 111:10 PAN-AM VEND TROVICS Div. of Pam-am Tobacco Corp. 605 W. 17th Street Hialeah, Florida Extends Its Congratulation I exte nd to you, seniors of 1972, hearty con- gratulations upon your graduation, and the last- ing and valuable contribution which vou make to our college in the publication of " The Arch. " In doing so, you are saying to the thousands of young men and women who, hopefully will follow in your foot-steps that this timely treasure preserves in pictures and print, con- genial experiences, and valuable steps in per- sonal growth and development. It is my sincere wish for each of you, that success will crown your every effort and that yours may be a rich, full and rewarding life. Thank you, Roscoe C. Webb Dean of Students 212 UNITED STATES AIR FORCE FLIGHT TRAINING COLLEGE GRADS. APPLY TODAY FOR TRAINING AS PILOT OR NAVIGATOR Richard Crosby, Master Sergeant " Mall-On-The Mile " 500 West 4 9th Street Hialeah, Florida Phone 822-7833 AREA CODE 305 751-2416 AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS World ' s Largest Transmission Specialists 6500 N W 7TH AVENUfc MIAMI FLORIDA 33161 Congratulations to the Graduating Class Thanks for your Patronage ROYAL LAUNDERETTE 3733 N. W. 167th Street Shopping Center Miami, Florida " ALWAYS A CHANCE " 213 Congratulations and Every Success To The Class Of 1973 BISCAYNE KENNEL CLUB 1973 Racing: May 5, September 4 1195 at 119th Street EVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE SPECIAL, THIS IS RESERVED FOR THEM. 214 AUWGRAVHS ms GNV THE FLAG OF BLACK PEOPLE THE HISTORY OF THE RED, BLACK AND GREEN FLAG DATES BACK TO 1054 A.D. IN ANCIENT GHANA, WHICH IS IN WEST AFRICA. THE COLORS OF THE FLAG ARE THE OLDEST COLORS IN THE WORLD. THE BLACK REPRESENTS BLACK PEOPLE, THE RED REPRESENTS THE BLOOD SHED IN DEFENSE OF OUR LAND, AFRICA AND THE GREEN REP- RESENTS OUR GREAT AFRICAN MOTH- ERLAND, THE LAND FROM WHICH ALL BLACK PEOPLE CAME. BLACK NATIONALIST, MARCUS GAR- VEY, INTRODUCED THE FLAG INTO THE UNITED STATES IN THE 1920s. HE EMBLAZONED THE WORDS, ONE GOD, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY " . TODAY, BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE AC- CEPTING THIS FLAG AS THEIR FLAG, AS THE FLAG OF BLACK PEOPLE " . THIS FLAG IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE BLACK PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES. IN AN EFFORT TO UNITE ALL BLACK PEOPLE UNDER ONE SYMBOL OF PRIDE AND DIGNITY, THE BLACK, RED AND GREEN FLAG IS INTERPRETED AS " ONE PEOPLE, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY " . THIS FLAG IN ONE COLOR ARRANGE- MENT OR ANOTHER HAS FLOWN OVER THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE FOR OVER 900 YEARS. KEEP IT FLYING FOR ETERNITY. r

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