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THGARCH y- • s ■ m : t- ' y • , » ' • » . ' .. ' ■ T» ' ■ -.-. • • • ' t ■ • . ' v • T, i- ■ «. i 1 • " ■ V • ( .• • • ' % • • ■ • • ' .». -; H s » • « . . , • ••• GATEWAY TO THE SEVENTIES ©emaUA. im,, i JL Wax, 3 » " — i nn Florida Memorial College 15800 N.W.42nd Ave. Miami, Fla. 33054 IBMMMBMMSB ri " ' ■ " I l. I I - r f • m m « II di _ i 0 X .A ' w In this Age of Aquarius new gateways are being opened. Time passed has seen us through many trials — joys and sad- ness, rejoicings and mournings. Seeming- ly we have been victorious, but the battle is yet to come. This is the education that we set out to acquire — this is the true learning. The great victory will come when, after travelling along the road — sometimes crawling and sometimes running, we learn that the ideal goal is, " to choose one gateway to enter, taking care to look through all and neglect none. We, the staff of THE ARCH, INVITE YOU TO JOIN US in our travel through THE ARCH 1971 .. . " The gateway to the seventies " . We invite you, brothers and sisters, to join hands in these encounters of the sevejjfries, and make this travel a dream. And if you be disappointed, do despair. Always rem egfbex where a queen is wee a She Qdievody So Sfie Seventies I 2 I President Vuvye v Our President Always Squares VJitd Us Dedication It is with much appreciation and devotion that we dedicate THE ARCH 1971 to Dr. William J. Barn- hart. Dr. Barnhart joined the Florida Memorial College family in 1963. He is a native of Boonville, Missouri and began his early education there at Central College. Later he attended Michigan State College and the Uni- versity of Vienna for special classes. Receiving his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the Un- iversity of Tennessee, he went on to attain his Phd. in English from the University of North Carolina. Dr. Barnhart has made many val- uable contributions to Florida Me- morial, especially in the areas of lit- erature and publications. For the past seven years he has served as advisor to THE ARCH, and from 1964-1965 he advised THE LION ' S DEN, the campus newspa- per. In 1964, he established the Al- pha Omega Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau, an International Literary Honor Society. In 1965 he brought Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges to Florida Memorial ' s campus, and in 1968 he sponsored THE LAMP, a publication of Lambda Iota Tau. Dr. Barnhart is now chairman of the Division of Humanities, chair- man of the Self-Study Steering Committee, and a former chairman of the Faculty Senate. He holds membership in the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society as well as the Phi Kappa Phi Honor So- ciety. Dr. Barnhart receives plaque from S.G.A. his service to THE ARCH. President, Mr. Arthur J. Hill, for Dr. Barnhart with Editor-in-Chief, Edmund Knowles, and new advisor Mrs. Carol J. McArthur. Dr. William % Barnfiarf Who ' s Wdo EDMUND A. KNOWLES, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau, THE ARCH SLYVIA WILLIAMS, Hastings Senior in Urban Services Miss F.M.C. ARTHUR J. HILL, Jacksonville Senior in Business Adm. S.G. A. .President ADRILLA HORTON, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau SANDRA JACKSON, Orlando (missing) Senior in Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Mu CYNTHIA L. TUCKER, Jacksonville Senior in Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Mu w W Ml i . Among Students JULIE SANDS, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau MARCIA SMITH, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda I ota Tau SHARON LOCKHART, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau, THE LAMP MARILYN GOODMAN, Bahamas Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau DANIEL STRACHAN. Bahamas Senior in Business Adm. S.G.A. EVA WARREN, Pensacola Senior in Social Science Social Science LAMBDA IOTA TAU was estab- lished in 1935. At present, it has more than fifty-seven chapters in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and maintains the Headquarters for the International Executive Secretary at Fort Hays Kansas State College, Hays, Kansas. The Society is dedi- cated to " the recognition of excel- lence in the study of literature. " Alpha Omega Chapter was char- tered August 31, 1964, with Dr. Barnhart as the Moderator and Barry College (Sister Robert Louise, O.P., and Sister Thomas Catherine, O.P.) as the sponsoring college. Since then Alpha Omega Chapter of FMC has sponsored the chapters at the Uni- v ersity of Florida and at Florida State University. This Fall the members of Alpha Omega Chapter attended the initia- tion of new members at Barry Col- lege. Alpha Omega Chapter sponsors THE LAMP, FMC ' s literary maga- zine. Miss Sharon Lockhart is editor of the 1971 volume, and also presi- dent of the chapter. Aa j 3Sa lwra J TamWa 9ofa 5au Sitting, (L to R): Edmund A. Knowles, Sharon Lockhart (president), Marilyn Goodman, Marcia Smith. Standing, (L to R): Adrilla Horton, Harold Jackson, Julie Sands. 11 . . . Birth marks our involuntary passage thru the first arch of life Thereon Our archways must be chosen . . . Sharon Lockhart R kern. 4 H y s. ounter-inau6ural ' 69 , tvn n mui i %i ii ii w A pfia Kappa Mu Stanley Babb, Cynthia Tucker, Franklyn Rahming, Julie Sands, Vincent Colby, Freddie Munnings, Sharon Lockhart, Daniel Strachan, Marilyn Goodman, Blanche Carlton, Edmund Knowles (president). 14 Left: Mrs. B. H. Puryear who has sponsored ALPHA KAPPA MU over the years. Dr. W. J. Barnhart Professor John Price and other members v to 5wSsr Mr. Kenneth J. Huenink J 15 Miss 3. M. C. - Sylvia Williams wl 20 For MISS F.M.C. ' s entertainment — FREDDIE MUNNINGS sings " Something " , and MARTHA THOMAS does a modern dance as others gaze on intently. Below: President Puryear displays the MISS F.M.C. TROPHY Above: President R. W. Puryear crowns Sylvia Williams MISS F.M.C. 1971 " 0 Happy, Happy Niyftl " MISS F.M.C. and her court. B ffi M M h-i z z 7 J 1 J J J a «: Q Q Q H H w O O o Z Z z «! «! Q Q Q H H w X a X Q Q Q J j J P p D o o O (H A, rs. t a H X l-H a w htini H H ) ( H It H a i » H O o o C a a r 1 r r d d d S K X H H H d d d ► Z Z Z o O o H H H d d d r F r F r r z Z z M HH h4 a K X H H FIRST ATTENDANT TO MISS F.M.C M illic fiit Nixon Miami, lla. •... ' ■■ . ... ■ !f.;;. u { I SECOND ATTENDANT TO MISS EMC Thelma Lambert Pensacola. Ela. MISS ALPHA PHI OMEGA Audrey Williams MISS LIBRARY CLUB Iris Burroughs MISS WOMEN SENATE Mary McLaughlin MISS MEN SENATE Alma Black MISS N.E.A. Barbara Duncan MISS DUO DORMITORY Phyllis Stripland MISS PRIME DORMITORY Vivian Culp MISS JACKSONVILLE CLIQUE Joanne Manning MISS OFF-CAMPUS MEN SENATE Suzy Davis I MISS DUKES SOCIAL CLUB Theodotia Williams MISS ALPHA KAPPA MU Blanche Charlton MISS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Rose Wright MISS OFF-CAMPUS Jessie Cowins MISS PENTECOSTAL MOVEMENT Faye Jerido MISS NEW YORKERS CLIQUE Georgialine Smith MISS OFF-CAMPUS WOMEN SENATE Deloris Beard MISS COLLEGE VETERANS ASSOCIATION Barbara Hunt MISS BAHAMIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Rosemary Thurston MISS INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Nolie Johnson MISS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Rebecca Davis PMHMi ss. . M£M • • I mm I r 4 ( • ... Di Q vegoty If nature says to you, " I intend you for something fine, For something to sing the song That only my whirling stars can sing, For something to burn in the Firmament With all the fervor of my golden sun. For something to moisten the parched souls As only my rivulets can moisten the parched, " What can you do? If the System says to you, " I intend you to grind and grind Grains of corn beneath millstones; I intend you to shovel and sweat Before a furnace of Babylon; I intend you for grist and meat To fatten my pompous gods As they wallow in an alcoholic nectar, " What can you do? Naught can you do But watch that eternal battle Between Nature and the System. You cannot blame God, You cannot blame man; For God did not make the System, Neither did man fashion Nature. You can only die each morning, And live again in the dreams of the night. If Nature forgets you. If the System forgets you, God has blest you. -Fenton Johnson Dr. Vince Q imelli ' p Sank through easeful azure. Flower creatures flashed and shimmered there — lost images fadingly remembered. Swiftly descended into canyon of cold nightgreen emptiness. Freefalling, weightless as in dreams of wingless flight, plunged through infra- space and came to the dead ship, carcass that swarmed with voracious life. Angelfish, their lively blue and yellow prised from darkness by the flashlight ' s beam, thronged her portholes. Moss of bryozoans blurred, obscured her metal. Snappers, gold groupers explored her, fearless of bubbling manfish. I entered the wreck, awed by her silence, feeling more keenly the iron cold. With flashlight probing fogs of water saw the sad slow dance of gilded chairs, the ectoplasmic swirl of garments, drowned instruments of buoyancy, drunken shoes. Then livid gesturings, eldritch hide and seek of laughing faces. I yearned to find those hidden ones, to fling aside the mask and call to them, yield to rapturous whisperings, have done with self and every dinning vain complexitv. Yet in languid frenzy strove, as one freezing fights off sleep desiring sleep; strove against the cancelling arms that suddenly surrounded me, fled the numbing kisses that I craved. Reflex of life - wish? Respirator ' s brittle belling 9 Swam from the ship somehow; somehow began the measured rise. -Robert E. Hayden Nafa ie Hinderas OruConcevt - ■ ■ , I V Sh KrU 1 Folks, I come up North Cause they told me de North was fine I come up North Cause they told me de North was fine Been up here six months- I ' m about to lose my mind. This mornin for breakfast I chawed de mornin ' air This morin ' for breakfast Chawed de mornin ' air But this evenin ' for supper, I got evenin ' air to spare Believe I ' ll do a little dancin Just to drive my blues away- A little dancin ' To drive my blues away, Cause when I ' m dancin ' De blues forgets to stay. But if you was to ask me How the blues they come to be, Says if you was to ask me How the blues they come to be- You wouldn ' t need to ask me: Just look at me and see! LANGSTON HUGHES 5 de Ontruders Do ftkek fiding 43 Julian Bond Julian Bond chats with Arthur Hill We all came to meet you 45 Lee Vugojj And now let us take a brief look at the future. . Vem VJeWs Happy Birikdzy i The Kappas present a gift to Dean Webb It ' s nice to be here Zda Pfii Beta Sorority k BACK ROW: Catherine Taylor, Garnell Kemp, Mrs. Sarah Askew, Marcia Smith, Thelma Barnett, Marcia North, Faye Jerido, Marva Russell. KNEELING: May Holloway, Laura Show- ers, Shirley Henry, SITTING: Ruby Brown, Adrilla Horton. The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on Howard University ' s campus, January 16, 1920. It was suggested to Arizona Clever by Charles S. Taylor, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, that she establish a sister organi- zation. This has become a national organization of col- lege women banded together under a common bond of friendship and cultural effort seeking to establish the true worth of womanhood through excellence in educa- tion, human service and citizenship. The motto of Zeta Phi Beta is " Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterly Love. " 52 : ' J ; - IV Miss ZeU Pfii Beta Laura Showers VelU Sigma 5fida Sorority BACK ROW: Cassandra Smith, Mrs. Deborah Phillips. Patricia Thompson, Marilyn Goodman, Erma Rahming, Mrs. Elaine McGahee, Mrs. Audrey Simms. FRONT ROW: Joan Kirkland, Beverly Williams, Mildred Marquis, Deola Gibbs, Jane Wright, Jessie Cowens, Edna Harris. Mrs. Joan Duckworth Mrs. Betty Ferguson Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University, Washington D.C. on Janu- ary 13, 1913. The Zeta Tau Chapter was estab- lished on September 19, 1969, with eleven Charter members. This sorority is new to the Florida Memorial College campus, but it is cer- tainly not new to the ideals of high scholarship and service to all mankind. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta, " Intelligence is the Torch of Wis- dom, " will always be an integral part of every Delta ' s life. I . I Miss De fa Sigma Sftda Cassandra Smith tt s CD C a 2 B o M 03 g X 03 O 3 c G z B ■- ■ -a OS ■c £ o o CO Oh CD a £ « 8 o o a; a3 X Q • £ " G oj 3 £ 3 X ° X 03 3 C C o o3 " -a fl x : xi U 2 CO X 03 a, so, 56 tn7 ° £? 2 c - i; x«r S ■a ■ E ifi rt m+- H a. v. ' J u c? " 2 o CO Miss A pfta Kappa A pfia Joann McLaughlin Sigma amma Rdo Sovovity Orpie Smith Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority was founded in 1922. The Gamma Xi Chapter was established in 1954. With our motto, " Greater Service Through Greater Progress " we realize that a few can do the work of many in making a significant contribu- tion toward the world in which we live. Sandra Dames 58 s Miss Sigma amma Rko Sandra Dames Pfii Bda Sigma 3raternify BACK ROW: Dr. A. C. Robinson, Mr. Leroy Thompson, Dr. John L. Wilson, Mr. Willie F. Cogdell, Mr. Sandy F. McKoy, Jackie Gardner. FRONT ROW: Daniel Strachan, Charles Cook, Charles McCoy, Cortrell Williams, Dean, Alonzo T. Holden. Marshan Benbow, William Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded Jan- uary 9, 1914, by A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and Charles Brown at Howard Univer- sity. The Beta Pi Chapter was founded in 1945 by Dr. Von D. Mizell of Fort Lauderdale. The Motto of Phi Beta Sigma is " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " 1WMIIUWIB— BBHtt Miss Pfii Bda Sigma Beverly A. Williams Omega Psi Pfii 3raternify BACK ROW: John Taylor, Ferrel McBride, Willie Brinson, Edward Brown, Herman Johnson, Charles Culver, Malcom Rob- erts, Alphonso Wynn. KNEELING: Samuel Wright, Willie Rich- ard. QUEEN AND SWEETHEARTS: Janice Anderson, Donite Rolle, Bessie Freeman. rtfr ?• Omega Psi Phi fraternity was founded at Howard Un- iversity, Washington, D.C., on November 17, 1911. It was founded on the cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholar- ship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Today, these principles and ideas serve as an inspiration to the modern men of Omega in our society. The Kappa Gamma chapter was founded in 1954. This chapter has made significant con- tributions to the college by its sponsoring of academic and social events, promotion of school spirit, and its whole - hearted effort to beautify the campus. U W; ifV ■ «».. tl Miss Omega Vsx Pki Donita Rolle A pfia Pfii A pfta 3v2demity STANDING: Mr. John Price, Mr. S. W. Baker, Andrew Sears, Mr. Reuben Mitchell, Freddie Munnings, Mr. Paul King, Harrison Howard, Earl Sims, Mr. Timothy Thomas. SITTING: Frank Johnson. SWEETHEART: Joann McLaughlin. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first fraternity of its kind in the United States. The fraternity was founded on December 4, 1906, at Cornell Uni- versity, Ithaca, New York. The Delta Psi chap- ter was started on April 24, 1954. Throughout its history, Alpha Phi Alpha has maintained its high ideals and lofty aims. X U 0 s I ■ I Miss A pfia Pfii A pfia Rozelia Lafayette Kappa Alpfia Psi 3x iem iy STANDING: Paul Williams, Wilbert D. Gibson, Phillip Saunders, Frank Rahming, Paul Bodie, Jeffery Smith, Eugene Nairn, Michael Robinson, Lawrence Wilson, Arthur Hill, Bernard Mc- Griff. SITTING: Jacob Rose. QUEEN AND SWEETHEARTS: Queen Lampkin, Shirley Jones, Gwendolyn Hudson. Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. The Epsilon Mu chapter was founded on April 30, 1966. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is Achievement. Kappa men believe that to promote the intel- lectual, spiritual, moral and social development of mankind through encouraging honorable achievement in every field of human endeav- our is essential for any person living in the world today. To better the world of tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Psi stresses Achievement today. I, w t!£« v ' V I X V J Miss Kappa A pfia Psi Shirley Jones a, c aj CO • . -. 1 a - ' , ' m a s- O y) M a a c 3 § X QJ ■3 ■a a Fh Ph ,0 M O 2 as O H aj ► " " 1 3 QJ QJ 68 I , Miss Vm Hellenic Council Marcia North 70 GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK, GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK GREEK WEEK s- C f t I n The Ivies do the A.K.A. train Ali Babba ' s thieves Here we go. and didn ' t we show them! Another one just like the other one. fie Delta Pyramids Do 5fteir 5fting 74 The Lamars provide the music .» Walk on, walk on if ■ PELV . ■ Going on to Sigma, Sigma. Sigma 77 BOWWOW! SSHHHH! SING A HAPPY SONG 79 Boy am I glad that it ' s all over. Wf £? • • ' )■ ' ■ m o o a . 1 THKSOU1. OF MAN BYKDMHNDA KNOWI.KS HBBIB M i HMi B BMH BMBBIIM Administration DR. JOHN L. WILSON, VICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS 84 V Mr. Paul G. King, Business Manager Mr. Eddy S. Kalin, Director Of Self Study Mr. Kenneth Huenink, Assistant to President and Director of Motive Program Mr. Sandy F. McKoy Registrar Mr. Willie Cogdell Financial Aids Director Mr. Freddie Gallot Business Office 86 Mr. Timothy Thomas, Director of Development £i6rary Miss Louise Everett, Reference Librarian Mr. Leroy Thompason, Head Librarian Mrs. Maria Von Boross, Library 1 Mrs. Lillie Thompson, Cataloguer Mrs. Elaine McGahee. Library Miss Rosa Gaskins, Library Student ex sonne vo Mrs. Shirley McKoy, Dean of Women Mrs. Mary B. Evans House Directress Duo Dormitory Mrs. Florence Philpot House Directress Prime Dormitory Mrs. Doris Carter College Counselor 91 Mrs. Mary Smith, Motive Testing Mrs. E. M. Rackard, Director of Non-Academic Personnel and Assistant to Director of Self Study Mrs. Sharon Gallot, Post Office Miss Martha Murray, Special Services Mrs. Dorothy Cummings, College Nurse . m Mrs. Dorothy Baker, Director of Reading Laboratory Mrs. Ida Boykin Bookstore Manager 93 Snglisd Department Dr. William J. Barnhart, Chairman of the Division of Humanities and Head of the Department of English Mrs. Mary L. Beasley, English Mrs. Betty T. Ferguson, English and Speech 94 Mrs. Aubrey W. Simms, English Mr. Eugene A. Windsor, English Mr. Walter R. Hampshire, English 3 ' me Axis Department Mr. William C. Robinson, Music Mrs. Carol J. MacArthur, Art Mr. John E. Price, Music Dr. C. Truett Smith, Head of Religious Education Department Rev. Robert B. Carter. College Minister and Professor of Religion 97 Sijcafion Division Dr. Jen-Chi Chang, Chairman of the Division of Education 98 Mrs. B. H. Puryear, Director of Student Teaching Mrs. Joan P. Duckworth. Education Dr. Irving J. Weiss, Education Mr. E. H. Burroughs, Education and Psychology PARIETAL LOBE CENTRAL SUL OCCIPITAL LOBE CEREBELLUM Pfiysica! Sduczdion L-J Mr. A. C. Robinson, Chairman of Department of Physical Education 100 HI jyUg Dr. Andrew Von Boross, Physical Education Mr. Leon A. Collier, Basketball Coach Mr. Clyde Pettaway, Physical Education Mrs. Mable S. King, Physical Education Business Adm m 1st ration 102 Dr. Karel Marecek. Chairman of Business Administration and Economics History And Social Sciences Mr. Leon A. Collier, Social Science Mr. Robert E. Stack, History 103 Mr. Jesse Silverglate, History Natural Sciences And Maifiemafics 104 Dr. A. O. Kumin-Kumins, Head of Mathematics Department Mr. Bruce E. Sites, Biology Dr. Ram K. Sharma Natural Science Mr. William D. Hill. Jr. Chemistry Mr. James E. Lamar Physical Science and Mathematics 105 Secretarial Staff Mrs. Bennie M. Grant, Business Office Miss Mildred E. Marquis, Secretary to Dean Wilson 106 Mrs. Betty A. Perez, Secretary to Director of Student Teaching Mrs. Jacqueline Green, Registrar ' s Office llltfll Miss Gloria J. Nabors, Business Office Mrs. Leola C. Mordica, Motive cr. Lounge Mrs. Florence T. Brown, Business Office J e mj I; 1 r I - Mrs. Joann Kemp, Receptionist Mrs. Daisy G. Collins, Business Office Maintenance And Cafeteria Orange Blossom Classic Miss FMC and Attendants at Orange Blossom Classic rflffi " Bas rf fall Flying On To Victory The Lions In Action Go, Lions, Go! 113 m See fide dons Woosh ! 115 Avcdevy 1 •♦ -Up m P iLit STANDING: Warren Little, Michael Thomas, Cortrell Williams, Willie Cunnigan, Ernest Thompkins. KNEELING: Mary Bentley, Eldora Simms, Sandra Williams, Mary Holloway, Mr. Arthur H. Cooper (coach). «• H| a xxi The Women ' s Archery Team pose with Mr. Cooper and Mr. William Lowry, member of the Board of Governors of the National Archery Association. 116 k A ark _; 3 looks pretty good not close enough 3 Cortrell Williams warms up alongside the women world ' s champion, Nancy Merrick 3 exiting Fencing Team assumes " on guard " POSITION, under the direction of Dr. Von Bross. Karate CluS Karate Veterans, Edward Brown (captain) and Johnny Duncombe, practice with rookies. • ' .r 119 Oh no you don ' t ' Srac£ Seam § EDUCATION © f t • fiJ8 BACK ROW: Joel Thompson, Charles Albury, Jacob A. Rose, Peter Pinder, Johnny S. Duncombe. FRONT ROW: Hugh M. Bow- leg, Franklin Rahming, Wayne Symonette, Charles Simms. 120 Track Team Captain, " Pancho Rahming " , with team ' s second place trophy won at the S E A C Conference Meet. Student Qovevnment Association Arthur J. Hill, President Samuel White, Vice President 121 Jacob Rose Edna Harris Wilbert D. Gibson — Willie Brinson May Holloway A pfia Pdi Omega Service 3raterniiy FRONT ROW: Andrew Turner, Freddie Philpot, Alexander Curry, Audrey Williams (Sweetheart), James Eccles, James Poole, Willie Cunningham. BACK ROW: Sam Bryant, Tommy Bass, Cecil Roberts, Robert Belton (President), Glenn Anderson, Ernest Thompkins, Curtiss Thomas. Aaron Johnson, Audrey Williams (Queen), Richard Anderson, Walter McPherson. 9nterna iona Relations CluS ■MBHMB | ..-•• |B FRONT ROW: Alexander Curry, Nolee Johnson, Okon Esenowo (President), Terecena Lawrence, Ken Tyler. BACK ROW: Sylvia Williams, Shirley Henry. Charles Moxey, Marcia Smith. Renville Smith, S. Patterson, Frank White, Clarence Davis, Clifford Johnson, J. Samuels. y. M. C. A. James Eccles, Cortrell Williams, Mr. Leroy Thompson (Sponsor), Herman White, Willie Brinson, Glenn Anderson, Willie Cunnigan. Aldvidgi Aldridge 70 is a very new dramatic club that was founded by Mr. John E. Price. The club had an outstanding and unques- tionably dramatic entry this year perform- ing its first plays by black writers be- fore quite an enthusiastic audience. Mr. Price plans to change the name of the club each year. This year the club was named in honour of Ira Aldridge. 126 70 Veterans ' Associafion Standing Left to Right: Willie Hamilton, Nathaniel Cody. Kneeling Left to Right: Nalan Wilkerson, Eddie Robinson, Alvin Perry, Lavert Combs, Robert Nesmith, Simmie Strickland, John Bryant, Lamuel Glover, John Edwards, Charles McCray, Charles McCoy (Not Shown). dons Coaching Sfaff Left to Right: Clyde Pettaway, Alee Chester Robinson, McKinley Wright, Leon Collier 129 Doting Womens C ristim Association Front Row Left to Right: Julia Stephens, Brenda Williams, Shirley Wade, Cornelius Noris, Norma Desue, Edna Harris. Back Row Left to Right: Barbara Burgess, Thomasena Kelly, Irene Callahan, Sharon Callahan. Front Row Left to Right: Bloneda Flower, Paulette Davis, Claudia Harris, Audrey William, Andrea Cooper, Queen Lampkins, Paulette Nelson, Rose Guaskins, (Sponsors) Mrs. Lillie Thompson, Miss Louise Everette. Back Row Left to Right: Toni Jordon, Marie Crew, Janice Anderson . acfconian Association 3vesdmm Class Officers Left to Right Front Glenn Anderson, Byron Marshal, Nathaniel Wyatt, Joann McLaughlin, Michael Thomas, Corlass Telfair, James Poole, Charles Dailey. Left to Right Back Nolan Joann Manning, Davie Jackson, Johnnie McCloud, Vivian Culp, Carolyn Harris, Calvin Johnson. Standing Left to Right: Charles DaiJey, David Jackson. Joann Manning, Larry Maynor. Sitting Left to Right: Andrea Cooper, Pearlie McNeil, Nolan Wilkerson, Sheila McCray. 131 Sopnonore Class Officers 3. M. Players Sitting. Left to Right: Fred Harris, Bessie Freeman, Elsie Popel, Nolie Johnson, Toni Jordan, Harold Hankerson, Peter Pender. Standing Left to Right: Nadine Baxter, SPONSOR Mr. Hampshire, Barbara Davis. Sitting Left to Right: Deborah Gilmore, Allie Valentine, Patsy Williams. 132 Student N 6 A md Ontevns Student NEA and interns pose with director of student teaching, Mrs. B. H. Puryear. College Cfioir m Besto Miss Senior C ass 136 SHIRLEY THOMAS VALERIE ADAMS Bradenton, Florida Elementary Education S.G.A., N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Senate, Baptist Student Movement MOZELL ACKERMAN Miami, Florida History Y.M.C.A., Men ' s Senate, N.E.A. SARAH ASKEW Miami, Florida Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Off Campus Student Association, N.E.A. BILLIE BASKIN Miami, Florida Religious Education Y.W.C.A., Ministerial Allegiance, Campus Student Association Off JANIS BAKER Hastings, Florida Elementary Education B.S.A., N.E.A., Women ' s Senate MASHAN BENBOW Miami, Florida Business Administration Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Y.M.C.A. Off Campus Student Association, Men ' s Senate M. 1 HUGH BOWLEG Nassau N.P. Bahamas Physical Education P.E.M.C., Y.W.C.A., S.G.A., Men ' s Senate, The Dukes, Layout Editor Yearbook, Lions Den, Track Team, Vice Pres. B.S.A., F.M.A. Players, International Relations Club BARBARA BROWN Jacksonville, Florida Social Science Women ' s Senate, Y.W.C.A. OTHELLO BROWN Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, hamian Student Association Ba- VIRGINIA BROWN Palmetto, Florida Social Science Iota Alpha Chapter Zeta Sorority, Inc., Y.W.C.A, Senate Phi Beta Women ' s Mr BEVERLY BROOKS Lakeland, Florida Business Administration Lion ' s Den Newspaper. Women ' s Senate, S.G.A. Representative It WALTER BROOKINS Sarasota, Florida Social Science Men ' s Senate, Y.M.C.A., N.E.A. PEARL BUSCH Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, S.G.A. , Mekits Club SENIORS IRENE CALLAHAN Fort Meyers, Florida Social Science Women ' s Senate BLANCHE CARLTON Nassau, Bahamas Social Science Delta Eta Chapter Alpha Kappa Al- pha Sorority, Bahamian Student As- sociation, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society BEVERLY CLAYTON Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Women ' s Senate, Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, Miss Kappa Alpha Psi, S.G.A., N.E.A., Baptist Student Union VINCENT COLBY Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Men ' s Senate, Choir, Bahamian Stu- dent Association ALEXANDER CURRY Nassau, Bahamas History Phi Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Modern Dance Group, F.M.C. Players, Choir, Ba- hamian Student Association SANDRA DAMES Nassau, Bahamas Biology Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Pan Hellen ic Council-President, Women ' s Senate, Bahamian Student Associa- tion 5 CALVIN DAVIS Jacksonville, Florida Social Science Lampodas Club of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Men ' s Senate, Y.M.C.A. PRISCILLA DOBBS Miami, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority ■j ■ | B - fe PEARL DAVIS Port St. Joe, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Women ' s Senate SENIORS 1971 ' I BARBARA DUNCAN Miami, Florida Elementary Education Off Campus Students Organization, N.E.A. OKON ESENOWO Nigeria, Africa History International Relations Club Men ' s Senate ' varfft 1 ! y t . JULIA FALCO Miami, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, Inc. Off Campus Students Association N.E.A. JEAN FEATCHER Sanford, Florida Elementary Education International Relations Club, Y.W.C.A, N.E.A., Women ' s Senate BARBARA FRANCIS Green Cove Springs, Florida Business Administration Women ' s Senate, Library Club MARGARET FREEMAN Lakeland, Florida Elementary Education Archonian Club, Off Campus dent Association Stu- ALLEN GAINER Melbourne, Florida History S.G.A., Men ' s Senate, Archery Club, N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Library Club, Student Baptist Association I GEORGETTE GILLIS Pensacola, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Senate EDMUND GRANT Miami, Florida Social Science Off Campus Student Association, Men ' s Senate MARILYN H. GOODMAN Nassau, Bahamas English Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Treasurer, Women ' s Senate, Senior Class Editor of ARCH, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Y.W.C.A., Ba- hamian Student Association, Baptist Student Movement, Lambda Iota Tau Literary Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versity and Colleges 1969-70, 1970- 71 EVYONNE GRICE Miami, Florida English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Off Campus Student Association, Women ' s Senate SENIORS ELIZABETH HARDIN Miami, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. DESMONA HARDIN Miami, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Off Campus Student Association Inc. -.♦ V5 CLAUDIA HARRIS Lakeland, Florida Elementary Education Young Women Christian Association, Women ' s Senate ' ' -M SHIRLEY HENRY Fort Meyers, Florida Urban Services Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., S.G.A., Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Senate, Pan Hellenic Council, Secretary ARTHUR HILL Jacksonville, Florida Business Administration Keeper of Exchequer Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Business Man- ager Freshman Class, Pres. of Men ' s Senate, Business Manager, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges Universities, Asst. Editor- in-Chief 1970 Yearbook, Pan Hellenic Council, Pres. of S.G.A. 1970-71, Vice Pres. of Sophomore Class and Junior Class, Treasurer of S.G.A. PAULETTE HILL Bradenton, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Women ' s Senate Sorority, Inc. ALONZA HOLDEN Jasper, Florida Elementary Education Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, N.E.A. Pan HelleniG Council f V ADRILLA HORTON Nassau, Bahamas English Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Lambda Iota Tau, Honor Society, B.S.A., Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1970-71 •qp-., -•• f 0 MARY HOLLOWAY Stewart, Florida General Science Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., S.G.A., N.E.A., Archery Club, Pan Hellenic Council SENIORS 1971 LOIS JACKSON Miami, Florida Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, Archery Club SANDRA JACKSON Orlando, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Women ' s Senate, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1970-71 MORRIS JOHNSON West Palm Beach, Florida Urban Affairs S.G.A., Men ' s Senate, Y.M.C.A. SHARON JOHNSON Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, Y.W.C.A. VERA JOHNSON Jacksonville, Florida Business Education Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Senate, Library Club, Jacksonian Club ALFRED JONES Palmetto, Florida History Men ' s Senate, N.E.A., S.G.A., Arch- ery Club BOBBY JONES Lakeland, Florida Elementary Education Library Club, N.E.A., Men ' s Senate MARVIN JONES Miami, Florida Secondary Education Men ' s Senate HENRIETTA JUNES Sarasota, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Y.W.C.A. " •J • ■ «» MERLE COOPER JONES Nassau, Bahamas English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, S.G.A., N.E.A.,B.S.A., Y.W.C.A. SENIORS 197l ' | GARNELL D. KEMP Nassau, Bahamas General Business Administration Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Pan Hellenic Council, Bahamian Students Association, Women ' s Senate, Meth- odist Student Movement OTIS LEE Miami, Florida Physical Education P.E.M.C. GLORIOUS THOMPSON LEE Miami, Florida English Off Campus Students Organization, N.E.A., Women ' s Senate, Delta Sig- ma Theta Sorority, Inc., Lambda Iota Tau Literary Honor Society PATRICIA LOWERY Windermere, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Women ' s Senate ♦ S, i EVYONNE MARTIN Stuart, Florida Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, N.E.A. BERNARD McGRIFF Palatka, Florida Social Science Strategus Kappa Alpha Psi, Frater- nity, Inc., President of Library Club, Men ' s Senate, S.G.A., Y.W.C.A, Pan Hellenic Council THOMASYNA MOBLEY Washington, D.C. Social Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Off Campus Student Association, Women ' s Senate S V WILLIE MITCHELL Miami, Florida Business Administration Student Off Campus Organization kl CHARLES MOXEY Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Young Men Christian Association, Bahamian Students Association RUTH MOSLEY Gainesville, Florida Elementary Education Y.W.C.A., B.S.A., N.E.A. Women ' s Senate S.G.A., fife I ALONZO MUMFORD Miami, Florida History N.E.A. Off Campus Organization SENIORS MILLICENT NIXON Miami, Florida Urban Services Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., 1st Runner-up Miss Florida Memorial College, 1971, Off Campus Students Association, Women ' s Senate ERMA RAHMING Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, B.S.A., S.G.A., Women ' s Senate, Secretary of Yearbook ' s Staff, Florida Memorial College Verse Choir FRANKLIN RAHMING Nassau Bahamas Physical Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Pole- march, Captain of Track Team, B.S.A., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor So- ciety, Varsity " F " Club, Treasure of Senior Class, Vice President of Physical Education Majors Club ■ JACOB ROSE Nassau, Bahamas English Director of Pledgeship Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Archery Club, B.S.A., International Relations Club, Young Men Christian Ass., Parliamentarian of S.G.A., Track Field Team, Par- liamentarian Pan Hellenic Council Organization Editor of ARCH 1970, Assistant Editor in Chief of ARCH 1971, Student Representative Aca- demic Administrative Council HARVEY ROSS Miami, Florida Religion Ministerial Alliance Men ' s Senate, Y.M.C.A. MARCIA M. SMITH Nassau, Bahamas English ,Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Lambda Iota Tau, Literary Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American University 1970-71 Choir Women ' s Senate, Pan Hellenic Council International Relations Club BETTY RUTLAND Winter Garden, Florida Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, Y.W.C.A. BERTHA SANDILANDS Miami, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Y.W.C.A., Baptist Student Union, Choir LILLIAN SALLY Miami, Florida Elementary Education Off Campus Students Organization, N.E.A. SENIORS 197V JULIE SANDS Nassau, Bahamas English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Lambda Iota Tau Literary Honor Society, Bahamian Students Assoc, Who ' s Who Among Students in American University and Colleges. LAURA SHOWERS Bartow, Florida Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Wo- men ' s Senate GLORIA SIMMS Tampa, Florida Business Administration Women ' s Senate BEVERLY SMITH Jacksonville, Florida Urban Services Women ' s Senate LAMAR SMITH Quincy, Florida Urban Services Y.M.C.A., Men ' s Senate JAMES STEWART Tampa, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Y.M.C.A, S.G.A., Basketball Team, Men ' s Senate, Baptist Student Union, Off Campus Ass. SHIRLEY THOMAS Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education N.E.A., Jacksonians Ass., Y.W.C.A., Mekits, Baptist Union S.G.A., Student BETTY STRACHAN Miami, Florida Elementary Education Off Campus Students Organization $% CYNTHIA TUCKER Jacksonville, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1970-71 MARILYN THOMPSON Miami, Florida ARTHUR WALKER History Men ' s Senate, Student Baptist Union, Off Campus Associa- tion, N.E.A. SENIORS EVA WARREN Pensacola, Florida Social Science S.G.A., Women ' s Senate, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges 1970-71 EVELYN WASHINGTON Elementary Education Mekits Social Club, Pentecostal Stu- dent Movement ON PAULETTE WIGGINS Sarasota, Florida Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, N.E.A., Women ' s Senate Inc. VIRGINIA WATERS Miami, Florida Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Off Campus Students Organization BEVERLY WILLIAMS Oviedo, Florida Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Pan Hellenic Council Women ' s Senate BEVERLY B. WILLIAMS Ocala, Florida General Science Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, N.E.A. Inc., rv SYLVIA WILLIAMS Hastings, Florida Urban Services Miss Florida Memorial College 1970- 71, S.G.A., Women ' s Senate, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges Universities 1970-71 ENDS ROSE WRIGHT Callahan, Florida Physical Education Physical Education Majors Club, Women ' s Senate ARLENE WISDOM Nassau, Bahamas Social Science Bahamian Students Association, Women ' s Senate MELLANY ZONICLE Nassau, Bahamas Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Bahamiam Student Association SENIORS CATHERINE TAYLOR Nassau, Bahamas Business Administration Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Baha- mian Students Association, Women ' s Senate DONESE JOHNSON Stuart, Florida Women ' s Senate ' Miss junior Class 156 ALFREDA GREY juniors ' Florida Memorial College; may I help you please? ' Charles Albury Margaret Barber Delores Beard Paul Bodie Willie Brinson Bertha Brooks Ruby Brown Samuel Bryant Charles Culver Mavis Darling Sharon Callahan James Carson Philip Clark Lovey Clayton Betty Cook Theothia Cooper Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn Jerrie Davis Paulette Davis Sandra Davis Susie Davis George Derico Wyvonne Doltie Delia Dunham James Eccles Mildred Edwards Ruth Ferguson Blondeva Flowers Alfred Forbes Janice Forsett Edith Foster Nancy Gates Deola Gibbs Wilbert Gibson Blondell Gilliam Rhonda Hamilton Larry Harper Carolyn Harris Edna Harris " 1 " I don ' t quite understand you, Mr. Bond. Prudence Harrison Grace Hart r r ] " J J Terecena Lawerence Rosenia Lynch Jimmie Holden Gwendolyn Hudson Evelyn Jackson Deborah Jagoe Faye Jerido Clifford Johnson Bryon Marshall Jackie Marshall Maebell Martin Deloris Mathis I " •- ... vy i Ain ' t it funky now! Carolyn Miller Sharon Miller Marcella Mingo Flora Morice ■ it m Sarah Nails Herman Nickson Daisy Myers Joyce E. McBride Johnnie E. McCloud Charles McCoy Elayne McCoy Mary McLaughlin Marcia North Frederick Philpot James Poole Ida Robinson Michael Robinson Marva Russell I thought it was the gateway to the seventies. Cassandra T. Smith Phyllis Washington Dedra Aun White Dora Smith Elaine Spencer Julia Stephens Curtiss J. Thomas Martha Thomas Ernest Thompkins Mary Wilchcombe Annette Williams Diane Williams Do your thing. Katrine Williams Iona Wilson Nathaniel Wyatt Vivian Gulp Miss Sophomore Class 168 DOROTHY WILLIAMS Sopfi omoves Beverly Anderson Janice Anderson Robert Austin Gwendolyn Barnes Mary Bentley Alma Black Barbara Burgess Arthurene Cabbie Sally Cameron Hugh Chase Dinettie Cobb Freeman Courtney 169 Jeffery Brown Franklin Deleveaux Naomi Deliford Norma DeSue Connie Dials LaVerne Dixon Mary Ephaim Joseph Ferguson Pauline Florence Bessie Freeman Jeanette Gibson Harold Hankerson Rory Herbert Evelyn Horton Barbara Hunt Cynthia Hutchinson 170 Jonnnie Jackson Nolie Johnson Cleo Jones Gloria Jones Shirley Jones Toni Jordon Thomasyna Kelly Jerome Kyle Lorraine McKenzie Michael Malcolm Gwendolyn Mays Paulette Nelson 171 Lucinamae Newbold Clarence Reese Peter Pinder Helen Pratt Florita Reed Geraldine Robinson Jessie Robinson Mattie Scott Fern Singleton Calvin Smith Cassandra N. Smith Georgeline Smith Renville Smith Solomon Smith Phyllis Stripling Andrew Tarver 172 James Thompson Joel Thompson Barbara Tibbs Robert Tutson Dan Washington Larry Weston Frank White Audrey Williams Dorothy Williams Marion Williams Nancy Combs Sandra White 173 Miss 3vesdmm C ass 174 dad Bullzrd Francena A vent Emily Bailey Annie Bain Phyllis Bevard Cynthia Blake Lossie Borders Theresa Brooks Linda Bullard Larry Walker Charles Calhoun Tom Carter Shirley Cassell Norman Coats Lester Cook Andrea Cooper John Cooper Primrose Cooper Lonnie Copeland Charles Dailey Clarence Davis Princess Dunham Lewis Edmonson James Fillmore Michael Garner LaDoris Graham Catherine Green Oreda Grisham William Gully Barbara Hall 175 Barbara Hendley Jerome Holman Maurice Home David Jackson Hattie Jackson Lillie James Dencil Jones Jimmy Jones Majorie Kelley Kathleen Key Gilbert Lewis Joann Manning Larry Maynor Jenkins Rolle Dannie McGill Janice McKenzie Jessie Mixon Talfred Mullings Robert Perkins Herman Pittman 176 Mary Raines Barbara Ramsey Clarence Reese Jerry Rich Virginia Rogers Barbara Rutland Tekeste Samuel Delilah Scott Barbara Shepherd Verneda Smith Arnold Standberry Norma Stripling Catherine Taylor Kenneth Telfair Jacqueline Thomas Edward Turner Reginald Washington Nolan Wilkinson Bernard Williams Brenda Williams 177 Art libutizm If ecaw Sculpture ZJoan MKR.Q trturju— I " JFJLiettf ' ES. FEB. Men .Fe 8 " THE BLACK R VM J sfc B c » ,3 uf£ con O - WUIR »Af«iii«if r » fide Many Moods 0 Ossie Davis We is gathahed hyeah, my brothahs, In dis howlin ' wildaness, Fu ' to speak some words of comfo ' t To each othah in distress. An ' we chooses fu ' ouah subjic ' Dis — we ' ll ' splain it by an ' by; " An ' de Lawd said, ' Moses, Moses, ' An ' de man said, ' Hyeah am I, ' " Now ole Pher ' oh, down in Egypt, Was de wuss man evah bo ' n, An ' he had de Hebrew chillun Down dah wukin ' in his con; ' Twell de Lawd got tiahed o ' his foolin ' An ' sez he: " I ' ll let him know — Look hyeah, Moses, go tell Pher ' oh Fu ' to let dem chillum go. " " An " ef he refuse to do it, I will make him rue de houah, Fu ' I ' ll empty down on Egypt All de vials of my power. " Yes, he did — an ' Pher ' oh ' s ahmy Wasn ' t wuth a ha ' f a dime; Fu ' de Lawd will he ' p his chillun. You kin trust him evah time. An ' yo ' enemies may ' sail you In de back an ' de front; But de Lawd is all aroun ' you, Fu ' to ba ' de battle ' s brunt. Dey kin fo ' ge yo ' chains an ' shackles F ' om de mountains to de sea; But de Lawd will sen ' some Moses Fu ' to set his chillun free. An ' de Ian ' shall hyeah his thundah, Lak a bias ' f om Gab ' el ' s ho ' n, Fu ' de Lawd of hosts is mighty When he girds his ahmor on. But fu ' feah some one mistakes me, I will pause right hyeah to say, Dat I ' m still a-preachin ' ancient, I ain ' t talkin ' ' bout to ' day. But I tell you, fellah christuns, Thingsll happen mighty strange; Now, de Lawd done dis fu ' Isrul, An ' his ways don ' t nevah change. An ' de love he showed to Isrul Wasn ' t all on Isrul spent; Now don ' t run an ' tell yo ' mastahs Dat II preachin ' discontent. ' Cause I isn ' t; I ' se a-judgin ' Bible people by deir ac ' s; I ' se a-givin ' you de Scriptuah, I ' se a-handin ' you de fac ' s. Cose ole Pher ' oh b ' lieved in slav ' ry, But de Lawd he let him see, Dat de people he put bref in, — Evah mothah ' s son was free. An ' dahs othahs thinks lak Pher ' oh, But dey calls de Scriptuah liar, Fu ' de Bible says " a servant Is a-worthy of his hire. " An ' you cain ' t git roun ' nor thoo dat, An ' you cain t git ovah it, Fu ' whatevah place you git in, Dis hyeah Bible too ' U fit. So you see de Lawd ' s intention, Evah sence de worl ' began, Was dat His almighty freedom Should belong to evah man, But I think it would be bettah, Ef I ' d pause agin to say, Dat I ' m talkin ' bout ouah freedom In a Bibleistic way. But de Moses is a-coming ' , An ' he ' s comin ' suah and fas ' . We kin hyeah his feet a-trompin ' , We kin hyeah his trumpit bias ' . But I want to wa ' n you people, Don ' t you git too frigity; An ' don ' t you git to braggin ' ' Bout dese things, you wait an ' see. But when Moses wif his powah Comes an ' sets us chillun free, We will praise de gracious Mastah Dat has gin us liberty; An ' we ' ll shout ouah halleluyahs, On dat mighty reck ' nin ' day, When we ' se reco ' nised ez citiz ' — Huh uh! Chillun, let us pray! — Paul Lawerence Dunbar 180 sgf« sk Davis Afro Art SxniSition yihoMpSON 3. M. C ' s Get away with " Valentino " Paul Williams Get away with •Jeff Jeffery Smith G Get away with " Mr. Cool " Paul Bodie | The Florida Memorial ' s Get-A-Way Ex- press was started in St. Augustine, Fla., the previous site of Florida Memorial Col- lege in 1968. At that time the group was known as the " Soul Shockers " . The idea of a Rock ' n Roll Band was first conceived by James Dorsett, Ronnie Williams, Paul Williams, Frank Johnson and Edmond Knowles, who served as master of cere- mony and band manager for two years. Mr. Brayden, at that time, Band Direc- tor at the College saw in the band the op- portunity to shock the little Spanish city. He became sponsor and advisor to the band and later took on the responsibility of Business Manager for them. Upon coming to Miami, the band got started in hard rock, jazz, classical music, psychadelic junk and in short a much more broadened field of music. They have appeared in numerous of the top night spots in the City of Miami, among them the famous Continental and Mr. D. In Fort Lauderdale they appeared in the well known Soul City. Qet-AWzy Gxpvess In Miami, Mr. John Price, Professor of Music at the College became advisor to the group and was quite instrumental in mak- ing it possible for them to appear on sev- eral T.V. Shows and also make recordings with others of Florida Memorial ' s secret stars, namely, Mr. Freddie Munnings, Mr. Timothy Thomas and Florida Memorial ' s own College Choir. In the estimation of the Yearbook ' s Staff, and we are certain that we do not stand alone on this, the Get-a-Way Express has made a tremendous contribution to the enrichment of social life on the cam- pus. More than often have they voluntarily " jammed " in the S.U.B. spreading their " love, peace and happiness " throughout the campus — their melodious tones echoing from the stately halls of Miami to the coquina walls of St. Augustine. To the Get-A-Way Express we say " Let the beat go on. " Get away with " The Dangy " Gregory Culmer Get away with " Tuco " Frank Johnson Mr. John Price Sponsor U. N. C. 3. Coronation Oh what a beautiful dawning " Tiff ' and the first lady 186 And now a word from the peanut gallery Miss United Negro College 3und ■nHHHMM Barbara Burgess Zke Avcd 1971 Gditov - 9n - Cdiej Gdmund A. Knowles Assistant Gditov - % - Chief facob A. Rose Erma Rahming Secretary to Editor-in-Chief William Dean Greeks Editor Nancy Gates Copy Editor 189 rummmmmmert ,l,3 r ' Hugh Bowleg Lay-out Editor ;■ m Johnnie McCloud Junior Class Editor " -I •«; Miiiii!iii;iiir:;iiiii!iiii ::::!ii iimimn .dijwj Flora Morice Organizations Editor 190 Joyce Brown Queens Editor Marilyn H. Goodman Senior Class Editor Laverne Dixon Sophomore Class Editor 191 Sheila McCray Freshman Class Editor ■ ■ ■ ■ 1 Richard Anderson Sports Editor 192 Vivian Culp Faculty and Administration Editor t«4kft3j Wyvonne Doltie Assistant Copy Editor Joyce McBride Assistant Layout Editor 193 " And now a word from the president. 194 3 de President ' s Message 1970-71 This might very well be called the year of Greater Challenge — the college was attempting to recover from the same type of student unrest at the end of the 1969-70 school year that has swept the nation, and an untimely heart attack by the President of the Col- lege made the year even more critical. Faced with liens against its buildings amounting to more than $320,000 the college faced another formid- able task. Without money, and it could not be secured as long as the liens were against the buildings, the progress and growth of the college ' s physical plant was at a stand-still. Nevertheless, the progress made by the college in the last eight months has been truly note- worthy. Among these accomplishments are the: ' Award of a $207,500 grant from the Kellogg Foundation to beef up the college ' s business adminis- tration program. ' ' Addition of key administrative staff members, with a young, progressive yet mature philosophy, including the Dean of the College, Director of Admissions, Dean of Students, Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and Direc- tor of Public Relations. Several highly-qualified staff and faculty members were also added. Award of a grant to train five promising students for medical careers. ' ' More effective student-faculty-administration rela- tionships with the addition of the new dean and the start of the student newspaper, The Lion ' s Den. ;: ' A significant heightening of the academic life and curriculum at the college, including substantial im- provements in the school ' s library and its related serv- ices. (See Exhibit " C " .) We have made other significant gains, these are but a few of them. In our main divisions of interests we saw these as some of the changes and beginnings: ACADEMIC LIFE: Since the appointment of the new Dean of the College, the Academic Council, an impor- tant arm of the academic future of the college, has begun meeting weekly. In this short period of time they have already revised the Faculty Handbook, started a complete revision of the college catalog for the school year 1971-72, begun consideration of revised degree programs in all fields, and strengthened the require- ments on college-wide testing requiring the GRE of all graduating seniors, the NTE of all teacher candidates and other appropriate examinations in other programs. The faculty has begun to tighten its organization and operation. The faculty senate has become more active in all phases of campus life. Though these changes and directions arc outstand- ing, we are not stopping here in our academic progress. The academic life of a college is a healthy environ- ment, a thriving environment where we take girls and boys, many with little worldliness about them and make educated men and women of them. Much of this education centers not only around the academic life, but also around the " how you survive in this world because you ' re black. " One of the biggest tasks the college has ahead of it is one of absolute involvement of all factions of the community, especially the Miami community. To assist us with this is the first black man to be elected to a School Board post in the State of Florida, Mr. William Turner. Mr. Turner is now a member of our staff serv- ing as Director of Placement and Community Rela- tions. In some way we must involve the students, the staff, the faculty and administration in all phases of our campus and community life, but we must not forget that the continued growth of the institution depends very heavily on the support we are able to mount from volunteers in Miami and throughout the country that are businessmen, housewives, laborers, politicans, bankers, educators, graduates and alumni of the col- lege. If we do not have the involvement of all of these people and more, our doors most assuredly will close and none of us want to see the demise of the college. We firmly believe it is here to stay. Miami is growing and we are growing with it. A major effort has begun to have a class this September of 875 students. With renewed efforts in recruitment, we feel confident we will reach that goal. The time that Florida Memorial College will have 1,300 is not far away. This represents just a broad overview of the year 1970-71. It has been a challenging year. But we feel. very sincerely, that we have met the challenge but the major part of our task lies ahead in the years to come. Let ' s get on with the job. ! . V ' ■■ ' 195 Florida Memorial College ' s President, Dr. Royal W. Puryear, has announced the appointment of Dr. Lester B. Brown as the new Dean of the College. A cum laude graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, La., Dr. Brown comes to Florida Memorial from Albany State College where he was pro- fessor of science education. With his appointment, he brings to the college more fhan twenty years of experience in education and science. The forty-one-year-old dean, who will be responsible for curriculum and gen- eral supervision of the academic life at the college, is a native of Delhi, Louisi- ana. Dr. Lester B. Brown, Dean of the College. Mr. Paul H. Wyche, Jr. has been named Director of Public Relations for Florida Memorial College, effective Feb. 15, 1971. Mr. Wyche, whose firm, Images Interna- tional, Inc., a locally-based public rela- tions, advertising and marketing com- pany, has been contracted by the college to perform public relations services. The 24-year-old Mr. Wyche, is president of Images International, and served as Director of Public Affairs for three years for the Economic Opportunity Program, Inc., the local anti-poverty program. He has also served as editorial contributor and urban writer for the Miami News for four years and has been a contributor to num- erous national publications including Ebony, Jet, National Observer, and Na- tional Catholic Weekly. 196 Mr. Paul H. Wyche, Director of Public Relations. -SOUL: REBEL BOUTIQUE Selj 9nferprda iori Afterward s " The heart of a child " ■ ' U t Well, sisters and brothers, we have had a most beautiful journey, a most enlightening experience. We have passed through the gateway. Education is like love. Everybody needs it. Man chooses different ways by which to educate himself. We have chosen the books and the long hours of study, and we have excelled in them. Sometimes as we have trudged across the dark rugged roads, we have thought that, " The battle is lost. " We have passed through " The Gateway to the Seventies, " but the road stretches far ahead into an abyss. We have tasted the joy of victory and have borne the agony of defeat. But we have realized that this is our choice. Having seen all the ways, neglecting none, we have chosen this, " The College. " This is our edu- cation; this is our gateway. Although the journey be long and tiring, do not surrender and do not despair. And if perchance you are disappointed, you can change it. But remember that the change must always come from within. There is no escape. Fight your battle in this way that you have chosen. To us this is the only way. This is the only existence. This is present. We, the staff of " The Arch 1971 " , have presented to you what we esteem the best of seventy-one. With untiring effort, we have tried to capture, through words and pictures, those precious memories of this college year. We have had our shortcomings, but we have survived. It is our sincere hope that our presentations will remain dear to you, our fellow students. Some may feel disappointed, but I implore you, " Do not feel abandoned. " There were times when we, the staff of " The Arch 1971, " had our disappointments. But we have faced it all with the heart of a child and the courage of a lion, and we are proud to know that we have come the way. We hope that you will look on our work with great happiness and that your eyes will brighten with ex- citement as your fingers slowly retrace the pages, your eager mind joyfully recounting each minute and your anxious heart proudly reliving the spirit of 1971. These are memories that are dear to all of us. These are the memories of 1971. This is " The Col- lege " — FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE. This is our choice. This is " THE ARCH 1971 " . . . " The Gateway to the Seventies. " " The sleeping giant ' 199 V, .

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Florida Memorial College - Arch Yearbook (Miami, FL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Florida Memorial College - Arch Yearbook (Miami, FL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Florida Memorial College - Arch Yearbook (Miami, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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