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THE ARCH 1970 H A v II College makes a profound mark upon the lives of all who have the privilege to experience it. Our years spent in gathering the mature states. Through many trials and conflicts, we strive to emerge with a little more knowledge than we possessed on enter the fact that life itself is continuous education. While we struggle toward our destinies, we remember the words of the poet, " I CONTENTS: Dedication 7 Alpha Kappa Mu 10 2 Who ' s Who 12 Lambda Iota Tau 14 Administration 16 Faculty. 25 Queens 40 seeds of education will be remembered as the time when not only our minds but our personalities as well were molded into their ing, although we realize that knowledge can be gained from every act in life. At Florida Memorial College we are cognizant of love this cultured hell that tests my youth " . . . This is the Arch 1970. Richard C. Grady, Editor Freshmen 59 Sophomores 73 Juniors 89 Seniors 99 Happenings 112 Greeks. 121 Organizations 143 Sports 169 JAMES ALEXANDER JONES President of SGA GRADY LEE MILLER Vice President of SGA IN MEMORIAM ENOCH HAMPTON Sarasota, Florida, February 11, 1948 Viet Nam, September 8, 1969 We dedicate THE ARCH 1970 to our friend and eolUague Enoch Hampton and to the others who have fallen in Viet Nam. Mr. Hampton was a student at Florida Memorial College from 1965 to 1969, a major in Biology. He was a meml er of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He is not forgotten. i- -..•»; J 111 - wiiriii naBf ALPHA KAPPA MU HONOR SOCIETY ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Mrs. B. H. Puryear, sponsor of Alpha Phi Chapter, with Professor Kenneth J. Huenink and Johnnie Farmer, both initiated in the spring ot 1969. Professor John E. Price, Rose Eady, President R. W. Puryear, Gloria L. McCray and Dr. W. J. Barnhart all of Alpha Phi Chapter. Misses Eady and McCray were initiated in the Spring of 1969. II , 1. ' ».• ' fe • •_: •■ $ S % WHO ' S WHO Among Students in American Universities and Colleges JAMES DAVID BALLEW, Orlando Senior in English Lambda Iota Tau, THE LAMP, THE ARCH ROSE MARIE EADY, Fort Meyers Senior in Music Alpha Kappa Mu, Choir JOHNNIE FRANKLIN FARMER, Glen St. Mary Senior in Business Administration Alpha Kappa Mu, Vice President of SGA 1969 MARILYN HELENA GOODMAN, Nassau, Bahamas Junior in English Lambda Iota Tau RICHARD CHARLES GRADY, Rochester, New York Senior in History THE ARCH, Choir JAMES ALEXANDER JONES, Jacksonville Senior in Religious Education President of Student Government Association EDMUND ALEXANDER KNOWLES, Nassau, Bahamas Junior in English THE ARCH GLORIA LOUVENIA McCRAY, Yulee Senior in Business Administration Alpha Kappa Mu GRADY LEE MILLER, Bradenton Senior in Business Administration Vice President of Student Government Association FREDDIE RUDOLPH MUNNINGS, Nassau, Bahamas Junior in Business Administration Student Government Association, Choir JOE HAROLD STEPHENSON, Jeffersonville, Indiana Senior in Urban Services Athletics f i A ? £91 ' .. X. Dr. W. J. Barnhart, Moderator, Marilyn H. Goodman, James D. Ballew «= ■ »« ' ■ III ' ffM LAMBDA IOTA TAU ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Aa t SSa iwra LAMBDA IOTA TAU was established at Michigan State University in 1935. At present, it has more than fifty-seven chapters in the United States, Canada, and Japan, and maintains the Headquarters for the Inter- national Executive Secretary at Fort Hays Kansas State College, Hays, Kansas. The Society is dedicated to " the recognition of excellence in the study of literature. " The Greek letters Lambda Iota Tau stand for Logos Mean Telei, " The Word Gives Form to the Idea, " - the motto of the Society. The insignia consists of two crossed quills (the pen is mightier than the sword) " rampant " over a shield bearing the Greek letters Lambda Iota Tau, a gold torch of learning, and a gold chain of fraternal unity. The Society publishes a " Newsletter " twice a year and a literary journal, LIT, annually. At present, it is the only literary honor society recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies. Alpha Omega Chapter was chartered August 31, 1964, with Dr. Barnhart as the Moderator and Barry College (Sister Robert Louise, O.P., and Sister Thomas Catherine, O.P.) as the sponsoring college. Since then Alpha Omega Chapter of FMC has sponsored the chapters at the University of Florida and at Florida State University. To qualify for Alpha Omega Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau, the student must be in his third year of college, have a cumulative average of B and a B plus average in at least twelve hours of literature. He must write and present an original paper. Last Spring, Mr. Ballew read his paper on " Hawthorne ' s Dimmesdale: ' Subtile, Remorseful, Hypocrite ' " at Barry College. This Fall Miss Goodman took part in a panel discussion at Barry on Shakespeare ' s " Antony and Cleopatra. " Her initiation paper was entitled " Spenser ' s Duessa and Mar V Queen of Scots. " ; Alpha Omega Chapter sponsors THE LAMP, FMC ' s literary magazine. Mr. Ballew was editor of both the 1969 and 1970 volumes. 15 ADMINISTRATION DR. JOHN L. WILSON, Vice President for Academic Affairs Mr. C. D. Batchlor, Registrar Dr. Kenneth J. Huenink. Assistant to the President and Director of the MOTIVE Program Mr. Paul G. King, Business Manager Mrs. Aquilla Lawton, Bookstore Manager Miss E. M. Rackard, Director of Non-Academic Personnel and Assistant to the Director of Self- Study Mr. Rodger A. Hamilton, Comptroller Miss M. E. Marquis. Secretary to Dean Wilson STUDENT PERSONNEL Dean Lillie L. Jones Mr. Leon A. Collier, Dean of Men and Acting Head of the Division of Social Sciences and Coach of FMCs Lions Miss Lillie L. Jones, Director of Student Person- nel (seated) with Miss Martha F. Murray, Dean of Women 20 mm® ®- Mr. Leroy Thompson, Head Librarian LIBRARY Mrs. Lillie Thompson Assistant Librarian 21 LM Miss Louise Everett Library Mrs. Maria Von Boross, Library Mrs. Elaine Smith 22 Mrs. Marv L. Smith, MOTIVE Testing Mrs. Annette Windsor, MOTIVE Secretary Mrs. Do roth v Baker, Director of the Reading Laboratorv 23 Mrs. Florence T. Brown Business Office Mrs. Daisy G. Collins Business Office Miss Bennie M. Small, Business Office 24 Dr. William J. Barnhart Chairman of the Division of Humani- ties and Head of the Department of English ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr. Waller H. Hampshire English 26 Mr. Wallace M. Beasley, English rs. Betty T. Ferguson, Speech 27 Mrs. Mary L. Beasley, English on leave - working on Ph.D. at the University of Miami Mr. Eugene A. Windsor, English 28 Mrs. Virginia Chute, English Irs. Constance L. Fleischer, English FINE ARTS Mr. John E. Price, Music Mr. Joseph M. Ruffo, Art Mr. William C. Robinson, Music 29 Dr. L. J. Rodriguez Spanish Mrs. Maria Maracek French and German Mrs. Lucille MGinnis Urban Services 30 ii Dr. C. Truett Smith. Head of Religious Education Department Rev. Robert B. Carter, College Minister and Professor of Reli- gion (on leave studying Guid- ance and Counselling at Univer- sity of Miami) Mrs. Doris Carter Counselling 31 EDUCATION DIVISION Mr. E. H. Burroughs Education and Psychology Dr. Jen-Chi Chang, Chairman of die Division of Education Mrs. 15. 11. Puryoar, Director of Student Teaching Mrs. Joan P. Duckworth Education 33 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dr. Andrew Von Boross Physical Education Mrs. Mable S. King, Physical Education 34 Mr. A. C. Robinson, Chairman of Department of Physical Education BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dr. Karel Maracek, Chairman of Business Administration Economics Mr. Carl Calahan, Business m [rs. Rose R. Helion, Typing 35 HISTORY SOCIAL SCIENCES Mrs. Mane C. Mehl. Chairman of I rhan Son ires Mr. Robert E. Stack Histon Mrs. Mvra Thermaenius Histon Mr. Roger D. Crim, History 36 BIOLOGY Mr. James E. Lamar Physical Science and Mathematics Dr. Robert M. Chute, Biology 4 Dr. Ram K. Sharma, Natural Science 37 Dr. A. 0. Kumin-Kumins Head, Mathematics Dr. Sultan S. Tremazzi, Chemistry Mr. Bruce E. Sites, Biology 38 MAINTENANCE AND CAFETERIA 3T. Mr. Raymond W. Owens. Buildings and Grounds 39 QUEENS MISS FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLECE Marion Jenkins Starke, Florida ) FIRST ATTENDANT TO MISS F.M.C. MISS HOMECOMING 1969 Jessie Newman Orlando, Florida MISS SENIOR MISS OMEGA PSI PHI Linda Robinson 42 MISS JUNIOR Shirley K. Thomas 43 MISS FRESHMAN Helen Pratt MISS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Garnell Kemp 45 ■ ?mp fori MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA Janice Forsett 46 MISS KAPPA ALPHA PSI Beverly A. Clayton 47 MISS ZETA PHI BE Marcia Smith 48 MISS I ' ll I BETA sk;ma Bevcrh A. Williams 49 MISS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Linda Lewis 50 MISS MEN ' S SENATE Sylvia Williams MISS OFF-CAMPUS SENATE JoAnn McKennon MISS CRESCENT CLUB Maxine Johnson MISS ARCH ONI AN CLUB Francena Jones 52 MISS SCROLLER CLUB Ella Austin MISS LAMPODAS CLUB Gloria Milton 53 MISS MERIT CLUB Pearl Bush MISS DUKES CLUB Alma Hutcheson MISS NEW YORKER ' S CLIQUE Jane Rogers MISS COLLEGE CHOIR Shirlev Henry MISS COLLEGE VETERAN ' S ASSOCIATION Patricia Scott Ml- PENTECOSTAL STl DENT MOVEMENT Francine Paul 56 MISS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Rose M. Wright MISS SPANISH CLUB Verna E. Pinder 57 MISS PRIME HALL Ira Rouhlac MISS Dl O HALL Janice Anderson 58 FRESHMEN First Row: Leonard Johnson Audry Williams - Financial Secretary - Parliamentarian rs. Fleischer — Sponsor Harold Hankerson — President Georgieline Smith Mrs. Fie Second Row: Henry Thomas -- Treasurer Daniel Shelton — Business Manager Dorothy Williams — Historian Michael Lang — Sgt. at Arms Ida Ross — Secretary Mary Bentley — SGA Representative Third Row: Alvin Rogers Edward Ferguson Reporter 59 Anderson, Janice A. Aranha, Jeanile P. Austin. Robert Barnes, Gwendolyn Barrison, Castella Baxter, Nadine Beard. Deborah Bentley, Mary Bess, Tommy Black. Alma V. Black, Herbert Blackmon, Otis Branch, Dan Brow n. ( .ecelia L. Plant City- Nassau. Bahamas Lawtey Orlando Mia in i Franklin. I irginia Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Blountstown Lacoochee Miami Anderson. Indiana Newark, New Jersey Miami 60 ■■ Brumfield, John C. Burgess, Castell Byrd, Sylvester Cabbie, Arthurene G. Chase, Hugh G. Clark, Karen Cobb, Donetha D. Cohen, Juanita Clewiston Ft. Lauderdale Melbourne Pensacola Nassau, Bahamas Miami Miami Miami $1 A- ■• 61 Cornelias, Larry D. Cowery, George Cumbie. Ethel L. Deaveaux, Catherine Frankl West ■ Dania in, Virginia Miami Palm Beach Deleveaux, Franklin Deleveaux, Luella C. DeSue, Norma J. Diggs, Dianne L. Nassau, Bahamas Miami Starke Ft. Lauderdale DuCille, Lewis A. Everett, Freddie Ferguson, Edward R. Ft. Lauderdale Havana Miami Ferguson. Joseph C. Ferguson, Joe Jr. Floyd, Kotelia Nassau, Bahamas Yulee Pensacula 62 Freeman, Bessie Freeman, Courtney Frierson, Robert E. Gainis, Jesse Gray, Charles Griffin, Irene Hamilton, Willie Hankerson, Avis P. Panama City Dade City Indianapolis. Indiana Goulds Dade City Sarasota Avon Park Ft. Lauderdale • . ; ? •, 63 Hankerson, Harold Hanna, Anthony Harris. Edisol Heastie, Bettv Herbert, Roy Ilinton Patricia Holmes, Elaine Hudson, Gwendolyn Hutcheson, Alma Hutchinson , Cynthia In in, Patricia A. Jackson, Johnnie C. Jackson. Theophilus Johnson. Aaron Miami Nassau, Bahamas Indianapolis, Indiana Nassau, Bahamas Pompano Beach Miami Miami Riviera Beach Nassau, Bahamas Jacksonville Dade City Molina Hastings Pensacola 64 •Gt ' , ' _ i ' WW HW V Johnson, John ( 1. Johnson, Leonard Johnson, Nollie R. Johnson, Yvonne Jones, Cleo Jones, Gloria Jones, Lula Jones, Mattie Ft. Lauderdale West Palm Beach Newport News. Virginia Mia m i Jacksonville Pompano Beach Goulds Clewiston m 65 Jones, Shirley G. Quincy Jordan, Toni Greensboro, South Carolina Kelly, Sharon Miami Kinsev, Hattie Gainesville Knight, Carolyn D. Lampkins, Sandra Lang, Michael J. Lassiter, Bobbie Lawrence, William C. Indianapolis, Indiana Lee, Shirlev Panama City Lester, Paulette Miami Liptrot, Gregory Malcom, Michael Mave, Gwendolyn Panama City Washington, D. C. Riviera Beach Miami Miami Nassau, Bahamas Homestead 66 McKenzie, Lorriane Miller, Oscar Morgan, Larry C. Nelson, Paulette L. Newbald, Lucinamae Nickson, Herman Parrish, Valarie Peak, Kern Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas Port St. Joe Plant City- Nassau. Bahamas Miami Miami A n ders on. In di a n a 67 ' : , ' ' ■ ' Peoples. Willie M. Elk ton Pinder. Peter Nassau. Bahamas Pinder. erna E. Nassau. Bahamas Poitier, ernesta Nassau. Bahamas Pople, Elsie M. Nassau. Bahamas Pratt. Helen Nassau. Bahamas Prat t. Marjorie Nassau. Bahamas Reed. Florita Jacksonville Reynolds, Franeina Miami Hire. Randolf Miami Richards. Barbara .1. Miami Richardson. Joseph Ft. Pierce Riddles. David Neu ark. New Jersey Rilev. Edwina Miami 68 V n m " - ' . Roberts, Brenda r Robinson, Bett m 5£ 1 Robinson, Jesse B - .-, - w Rogers, Alvin 4 " ■ ■■■ 9 Ross. Ida Semhron, Louise f i Singleton. Fern w j{ Sharpe, Bett a •v » ' ' •r -_( Qui uc x Pompano Bank Dania Goulds Jacksonville Miami I ompiino Miami 69 Shelton, Danny Simmons, Gavle Smith. Cassandra Smith, Georgialine Smith. Rem ille Stripling, Phyliss Sweeting, Phillip Tarver, Andrew Taylor, Patrick Taylor, Ronald Thomas, Henry T. Thompson, James L. Thompson, Joel I. Tihbs, Barbara Indianapolis, Indiana Jacksonville Dade City Ardmore, Pennsylvania Nassau, Bahamas Jacksonville West Palm Beach Bartow Nassau, Bahamas Melbourne Maranja Dade City Nassau, Bahamas Panama City 70 Tift, Ural Troy, Thelrna Tutson, Robert A. Walker. Bruce Walker, Vivian Y. Warren, Cleve Weston, Larry L. White. Frank A. St. Petersburg Miami Jacksonville St. Petersburg Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville Miami Panama City 71 Williams, Charlene Williams. Dorthv Williams, George Williams. Linda C. Williams, Patricia Williams, Rena Wright, Emma Wright. McKinley Young, Barbara Dixon, Laverne Gibson, Janet Burroughs. Irish ( iombs, Nancy Williams, Audre Miami Miami Deerfield Beach Ft. Lauderdale Pompano Beach Titusville Miami Pensacola Dade City Hastings 72 SOPHOMORES ■J ■■ ■ . " , •, ' . ' J ' . ' 4 t ■ -,- ,-, ••■ • w v : : " ; r ' ■ From Le j to Right: Maxine Johnson — Financial Secretary Georgianna Brown — Historian Bruce Lightbourne — Parliamentarian Winston Rudolph — President Alfred Forbes — Business Manager Joyce Edwards — Corresponding Secretary Harold Robinson -- ice President James Eeeles — Chaplain Cecil Roberts Assistant Bus. Mer. Mrs. Betty Ferguson — Sponsor 73 Adams, Priscilla Miami Alburv, Charles Nassau, Bahamas Anderson, Richard Quincy Armbrister. Barbara Pomp ana Banks, Ronald Palatka Batchelor, Linda Tampa Bodie, W. Paul Nassau, Bahamas Bosfield, Jacqueline Nassau. Bahamas Bradlev, Elliot J. Jacksonville Brinson, Willie Palmetto Brown, Edward Palmetto Brown, Jacquel) n Ft Lauderdale Bryant, Samuel Oca I a Callahan, Sharon Ft. Meyers 74 Campbell, Judy M. Canty, Patricia Clayton, Lovey Cody, Nathaniel Conaway, Carolyn J. Conner, Samuel Cook, Betty Cowins, Jessie Miami Miami Florida City Miami Ft. Lauderdale Miami Jacksonville Miami 75 Crane, Sandra E. ( ' .icw. Marie Crockett, Dessie Culmer. Gregory Gulp, Vivian Culver. Charles Cunnigan, Willie L. Darling, Mavis Davis. Paulette E. Davi-. Rebecca Davis, Susie A. Davis, Sandra R. Dean. Lithera Derico, Gloria J. Call (than Pom pa no Miami Nassau, Bahamas Jacksonville Palm Bay McAlpin Nassau. Bahamas Miami Dade City Miami Miami Nassau, Bahamas Pompano Beach 76 Doltie, Wvvonne Orlando Dudley, Mattie B. St. Petersburg Duncombe, Johnny No. isau, Bahamas Eccles, James W. Pensacola Edwards, Jacquelvn D. St. Petersburg Edwards, Mildred G Jacksonville Facyson, Brenda G. St. Petersburg Farrington, Carolvn Miami 77 Ferguson, Ruth Flowers, Blondeva Floyd, Patricia A. Forbes, Alfred Miami Miami Tampa Nassau, Bahamas Forsett, Janice R. Foster, Edith A. Francis, Linda C. Franklin, Edward Bartow Miami Green Cove Springs Pensacola Frazier, Mary Gainoius, Ferrell Gates, Nancy B. Miami Orlando Pompano Gibbs, Deola V. Gibson, Wilbert Granville, William Jacksonville Washington, D. C. Tampa 78 Gray, Alfreda J. Grayson, Edna IV Griffin, Cecil Greene, Brenda Goram, Lewis Hamilton, Joyce Harris, Carolyn Harris, Edna M. Ft. Meyers Clewiston Miami Miami Pensacola Dade City Jacksonville Live Oak 79 Harrison. Prudence Miami Hart, Grace Nassau. Bahamas Harvey, Sarah A. Brandenton Hi ks, Rosalvn A Miami Holden, Jimmie Jasper Jackson, Rhonda c. St. Augustine Jackson, Zacharv Hastings Jagoe, Deborah Pc mpano Beach James, Harriet Dania Jerido, Faye M. Lake Placid Johnson. Clifford Lakeland Johnson, Maxine E. Bartow Jones, Jacquelyn P. Miami Jones. Linda R. Dania %,.; Kendrick, Cynthia E. Kirkland, Joan Jacksonville Palatka King, Ralph Knight, Tance E. Miami Panama City Lafayette, Rozelia M. Lawrence, Terecena Nass Tampa au, Bahamas Leonard, Sandra Lightbourne, Bruce Nass Bartow au, Bahamas V I s mM Lundy, Malachi Lvnch, Rosenia Mandrell, Raymond Marshall. Byron Martin, David L. Martin. Maebell Y. Mathis. Deloris Maxwell. June L. McBride, Joyce E. McCoy, Charles McCoy, Hester E. Mc( ' .loud. Johnnie McKinney, Andrea McKennon, Joann Pompanu Beach Miami Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville West Palm Beach Miami 82 McLaughlin, Joann McLaughlin, Mary McNair. Beverly Miller, Carolyn Miller, Sharon Mingo, Marcella Morice, Flora J. Moxey, Myrtle Jacksonville South Bay Jacksonville Riviera Beach Miami Miami Melbourne Nassau, Bahamas 83 M V ' w- l W Mvers. Daisy Nance. Mary Nairn. Eugene Nickson, Clementina Nesmith, Robert L. Philpot, Frederick Poiter. Phillip Poole, James Pringle. Evelyn P. Ransom. Donald Redding. Justine Richardson. Richard Robinson, Geraldine Robinson, Michael L. Miami Miami Nassau, Bahamas Jacksonville Fernandina Beach Pensacola Jacksonville Pomp a no Oca I a Melbourne 84 Robertson, Bettve Robinson. Ida Rolle, Donita Russell, Marva Scott. Patricia Sims, Eldora Solomon, Curtis L. Smith, Cassandra Miami Miami Nassau. Bahamas Nassau. Bahamas Miami Miami Miami Miami ■ - I 85 Smith, Dora I. Smith, Jeffery A. Smith, Solomon R. Swift, Milton G. Symmonett, Wayne Tanner, Barhara Taylor, Bonnie Thomas, Curtiss .1. Thomas. Martha Thompkins, Ernest Thurston, Rosemary Washington, Vickie Wavne, Hillaird We bb, Joe H. 86 Nassau, Bahamas Miami Nassau. Bahamas Live Oak Miami Melbourne Nassau, Bahamas Miami St. Petersburg Ocala White, Alyce L. White, Dedra A. Wigfall. Elizabeth Wilchombe, Marv Williams, Annette Willis, Clarence Williams, Dianne Williams, Katherine E. Perry Orlando Cross. South Carolina Nassau, Bahamas Miami Tallahassee Miami Miami 87 Williams, Theodothia Wilson, Lawrence L. Witherspoon, Dan C. Wright. Carolyn Wright, Samuel Wrispus, Bernadette Wvatt, Nathaniel Wvnn, Alfonzo Zeigler, ' .vnthia Alburv, Garth Ballard, Phillip Brown, William Calhoun, LaFayette Culpepper, Patricia St. Augustine Jacksonville Miami Pompano Beach Bartow Laccochee Jacksonville Quincy Tampa Nassau, Bahamas Tampa Pensacola St. Augustine Miami 88 Johnson, Herman Brooksville Monroe, Martin Nassau, Bahamas Roberts, Cecil Stuart Roberts, Malcolm Stuart Thompson, Phillip Nassau, Bahamas Wilchcome, Kenrad Nassau, Bahamas North, Mareia Nassau. Bahamas 89 The ( lollege as it appears to the airplanes travt ing to and from the Opa-Locka Airport. 90 JUNIORS A " V 4 ' 91 Adams, Valerie Adderly, Nadene E. Allen. Betty Anderson. Glenn Ball, Shirley A. Bass, Sandra Benbow, Marlin Boone. Inez L. Bowleg, Hugh Braxton, Beverly Brooks, Bevcrlv Brookins, Walter Brown, Jovce . Brown, Othella Bradenton Nassau, Bahamas Gainesville Jacksonville Jacksonville Newark, New Jersey Miami Miami Nassau, Bahamas Tampa Lakeland Sarasota Winter Garden Nass a u . Ba h a mas 92 Christie, Gregory Clark, Freddie M. Clayton, Beverly A. Colbv, Vincent Combs, Lavert T. Cooper, Merle Curry, Alexander B. Dames. Sandra Nassau. Bahamas Lakeland Jacksonville Nassau, Bahamas Miami Nassau, Bahamas Nassau. Bahamas Nassau. Bahamas 93 Darville, Minnie B. Davis, Douglas M. Davis, Pearlie Delanev, Alvin S. Dean, William H. Didlev. Otis Duncan, Barbara A. Esenowo, Okon Evans, W. Henrv Francis, Barbara A. Fredrick, Betty Freeman, Margaret A. Grice, Edna Goodman, Marilyn Nassau, Bahamas Clewiston West Hollywood Opobo, Nigeria Fernandina Beach Green Cove Springs Riviera Beach Ft. Lauderdale Miami Nassau, Bahamas 94 J m r f J ' ■ " " 1 ' i Hall, Gwendolyn Hankerson, Rhonda L. Hardin, Desmona Henry, Shirley A. 0. Hill, Arthur J. Hill, Norman D. Hill, Paulette D. Hollinger, Dorothye Tampa San ford Miami Ft. Meyers Jacksonville Clermont Orlando Ft. Lauderdale 95 Horton, Achilla Horton, Miriam Howard, Harrison E. Jackson, Harold E. Jackson, Sandra L. Johnson, Constance Johnson, Donise Johnson, Franklin Johnson, Morris E. Johnson, Sharon D. Kemp, Garnell Keys, Bertha Kinsey, Willie M. LeFleur, Teresa D. Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas Brunswick, Georgia Gainesville Orlando Jacksonville Stuart Nassau, Bahamas West Palm Beach Jacksonville Nassau, Bahamas Madison Gainesville Miami i 96 Lambert, Thelma E. Lawrence, Regina Lee, Glorious Lewis, Linda Little, Warren Lowerv, Patricia A. Lumpkins, Joel D. Mason, Melianese Pensacola Dunedin Miami Nassau, Bahamas Lakeland U indermere Ft. Lauderdale Yulee ■■—mmmmm I % 97 MeBride, Ferrell McCall, Gloria McDonald, Thaddeus MeGrilT, Bernard Middleton, Gloria Munnings, Freddie Nixon, Millieent M. )uens. James A. Perrv, Alvin Poole, ictoria Hah min». Erma Rahming, Franklin P. Roberts, Mrrna Rogers, Jane Jacksonville Belle Glade Nassau, Bahamas Palatka Jacksonville Nassau, Bahamas Miami Miami Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville Nassau. Bahamas Nassau. Bahamas Quitu Franklin. I ir itua 98 Rose, Jacob A. M. A. Rose, Spencer W. Ruthland, Bettv Sands, Julie Sands, Karen Saunders, Phillip Showers, Laura Sims. Ear] Nassau, Bahamas St. Augustine Winter Garden Nassau, Bahamas St. Augustine Nassau, Bahamas Bartow Avon Park 99 Sims. Gloria J. Singleton, Barbara A. Silas, Joseph Smith. Beverly L. Straehen, Daniel Stewart. James Stewartson, Joscelyn Taylor, Catherine A. Taylor. John W. Thomas, JoAnn Thompson. Marilvn Thompson, Patricia Tueker, Cvnthia L. Washington. ( larolvn Tampa St. Augustine Miami Jacksonville Nassau, Bahamas Tampa Kingston, Jamaica Nassau, Bahamas Melbourne Brandenton Miami Nassau, Bahamas Jacksonville Atlantic Beach 100 Weatherington, Walter 0. White. Samuel Wiggins, Paulette Williams. Beverly Williams. Cortrell Wheerv. Nathaniel Wright. Rose M. Young. Constance Sarasota St. Augustine Sarasota Oviedo Gainesville Palmetto Callahan Lakeland 101 Fletcher, Ellen M. Tavlor. Juanita Zonicle, Mellany Ft. Lauderdale Miami Nassau, Bahamas 102 SENIORS 103 i o ALDERMAN. JACQULINE . St. Mary ' s, Georgia Major: Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Basilieus 1970; Senior Class Secretary, 1969-70; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Government Association; Women ' s Senate NEA ALLEN, LEONARD JR. . Jeffersonville, Indiana Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education Varsity F Club; Basketball 3 years; Physical Educa- tion Club; NEA ANDERSON, WANZA Miami Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Women ' s Senate BELL, DARLENE G Mulberry Major: Elementary Education NEA BLACK, CAROLYN JOYCE. . . .Pompano Beach Major: Elementary Education Mekits Club; Women ' s Senate; Baptist Student Union; NEA BLACK, EARNESTINE LORINE . . Jacksonville Major: Elementary Education Women ' s Senate; NEA fm m J0fc® BLATCH, HERMAN Hobe Sound Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Pan-Hellenic Council; Senior Class, Business Manager 1969-70; Men ' s Senate; NEA BROWN, FRANKIE Major: Elementary Education Choir, NEA Bradenton BROWN, WILLIE JR Lawtey Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Student Government Association; Men ' s Senate BURNS, ALMA Miami Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Mekits Club; Library Club; Off-Campus Stu dents As- sociation. BURROUGHS, HETTIE Major: Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; Choir; NEA BarU CALHOUN, GLORIA JEANE Live Oak Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Mekits Club; Off-Campus Students Association; Baptist Student Union; Choir; NEA -f CALHOUN, LUCINDA L St. Augustine Major: Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; NEA CHAMBERS, DEWAYNE W. Washington, D.C. Major: History Baseball; Men ' s Senate CHAPMAN, ESTELLA C West Hollywood Major: Elementary Education NEA CASON, WALLACE CHARLES MacClenny Major: Urban Service Minor: Social Science Men ' s Senate CHILDS, BARBARA J Pensacola Major: Business Administration Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Senate; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary 1969-70; Senior Class Financial Secretary; Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha DAVIS, BARBARA J Miami Major: Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Women ' s Senate; Off- Campus Students Association; NEA .Port St. Joe " W DAVIS, GEORGE . Major: History Men ' s Senate; NEA DRAYTON, VERDELL R Miami Major: Elementary Education Minor: Business Education Off-Campus Students Association; Women ' s Senate; NEA EADY, ROSE MARIE Ft. Meyers Major: Music Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Basilieus 1969-70; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Univer- sities; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Government Association; Baptist Student Union; Choir; Women ' s Senate; NEA FORD, GEORGE JR Jacksonville Major: Social Science Minor: History Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; YMCA, Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Government Association; Men ' s Senate GASKINS, ROSA M West Hollywood Major: Elementary Education NEA GRADY, RICHARD CHARLES Rochester, NewYork Major: History Minor: English Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Polemarch 1968-69; Pan-Hellenic Council, President 1968-69; The Lamp; Editor-in-Chief 1970 Arch; Choir; Student Government Association, Treasurer 1968-69; New Yorker ' s Clique; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities; Intensive Sum- mer Studies Student at Yale University 1969 ■ " 09 GREER, BILLIE Miami Major: Elementary Education Off-Campus Students Association; Women ' s Senate; NEA HANKINS, MILDRED M Panama City Major Social Science Minor: History Choir; Baptist Student Union; Archonian Club of Zeta Phi Beta; Women ' s Senate; NEA HUNT, PATRICIA A Fernandina Beach Major: English Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; NEA, Recording Secretary; Pan-Hellenic Council; Women ' s Senate JACKSON, BETHANY I Miami Major: Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Senate; NEA .Miami JENKINS, BENETA S Major: Elementary Education NEA JENKINS, MARIAN ANGELA Starke Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Miss Florida Memorial Col- lege 1969-1970; Student Government Association; Women ' s Senate JOHNSON, JOHN Nassau, Bahamas Major: Biology Bahamian Students Association; Men ' s Senate JOHNSON, MATTIE M Madison Major: Elementary Education Women ' s Senate, Treasurer 1969-70; NEA „ -■■■■ ' JONES, JAMES ALEXANDER Jacksonville Major: Religion Minor: Social Science Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; President, Student Government Association 1969-70; Lion ' s Den; Pres- ident of Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Classes 1966-69; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities; Ministerial Alliance; NEA JONES, MARGARET H Miami Major: Elementary Education NEA, Pentecostal Student Movement; Choir KELLY, EMMA JEAN St. Augustine Major: English Pentecostal Student Movement; Women ' s Senate; NEA KIRKLAND, JEROME KENNETH Palatka Major: Social Science Minor: History Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Vice-Polemarch 1968- 69; Baptist Student Union; ' YMCA, President 1970; Choir; Student Government Association; Men ' s Sen- ate; NEA LARKIN, GLORIA Miami Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Mekits Club; Queen to Sphinx Club of Alpha Phi Alpha; Student Government Association; Women ' s Senate LEE, J. C New York City, New York Major: Social Science Minor: Economics and History Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Vice-Polemareh 1969- 70; Baptist Student Union; New Yorker ' s Clique; YMCA: Men ' s Senate LINDSEY, BRENDA West Palm Beach Major: Elementary Education NEA MARSHALL, JEAN Miami Major: English Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Senate; NEA McCOMBS, SAMUEL JR Miami Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics McCRAY, GLORIA LOUVENIA Yulee Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Student Government Association; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities; Women ' s Senate i l , ' , l hik McCULLOUGH, YVONNE Palmetto Major: Social Science Minor: Urban Service Mekits Club; Lion ' s Den, Women ' s Senate MENEFEE, MAUDELL Miami Major: Elementary Education Minor: Business Administration Off-Campus Students Association; Women ' s Senate; NEA MILLER, GRADY Bradenton Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Student Government Association, Vice-President 1969-70; Mayor ' s Advisory Council; The Arch, Sen- ior Class Editor; Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraterni- ty; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Col- leges and Universities; Lampodas Club of Omega Psi Phi; Men ' s Senate MINGO, BEATRICE DARLENE Miami Major: Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Off-Campus Students Association; Women ' s Senate; NEA MURPHY, SHIRLEY ANN Ft. Meyers Major: Elementary Education Baptist Student Movement; Choir; Student Govern- ment Association; Women ' s Senate; NEA NELSON, CHARLIE MAE Milton Major: Elementary Education Minor: Library Science Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Senate; NEA " tO NEWMAN, JESSIE M Orlando Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Miss Sophomore 1967; Miss Homecoming 1969; First Attendant to Miss Florida Memorial College 1969-70; Women ' s Senate PAUL, FRANCINE North Amityville, New York Major: Social Science Minor: Sociology Mekits Club; Choir; New Yorker ' s Clique; The Arch; Pentecostal Student Movement; Women ' s Senate PATTERSON, HENRY Lake Wales Major: Social Science College Veterans Association; Baptist Student Union; Off-Campus Student Association; Men ' s Sen- ate; NEA PRIMUS, MARIA Major: Elementary Education K .Ft. Lauderdale RANGE, HENRY G Lake Placid Major: Social Science Pentecostal Student Movement; Men ' s Senate; NEA RANGE, OSCAR Miami Major: Elementary Education NEA ROBERTS, WILLIE H Miami Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Karate Club; Off-Campus Students Association ROBINSON, DEBRA LINDA Miami Major: History Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Historian; Miss Senior; Miss Omega Psi Phi 1970; Miss Lampodas 1967 SCOTT, ANNIE L Leesburg Major: Elementary Education Mekits Club, Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Sen- ate; NEA SEARS, ANDREW D Nassau, Bahamas Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Choir; Track Team; Pre-Alumni Council; Spanish Club; YMCA; Student Government Association; The Arch; Bahamian Stu- dents Association; Men ' s Senate .Miami SINGLETARY, PEGGY Major: Elementary Education NEA STEPHENSON, JOE HAROLD Jeffersonville, Indiana Major: History Minor: Sociology Basketball Team, Captain 1968; Track Team, SEAC Most Valuable Track Runner 1968; Varsity F Club; FMC Best Ail-Around Athlete Award 3 Years; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities STEPHENS, ROSE M St. Petersburg Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology Mekits Club, Student Government Association; Ka- rate Club; Women ' s Senate THOMAS, PATRANELLA Jacksonville Major: Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Treasurer 1969-70; S.G.A. Secretary; Baptist Student Union; NEA .Miami THOMPKINS, EDNA D Major: Elementary Education Off-Campus Student Association; NEA THOMPSON, JUDITH GRACE Miami Major: History Minor: Secondary Education Mekits Club; Choir, Baptist Student Union; Off- Campus Students Association; NEA TOMBLIN, LESLIE Hastings Major: Elementary Education Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Senate; NEA VANIER, ANDRE SIMON Quebec, Canada Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting WHITTAKER, GERALDINE B Tallahassee Major: Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Student Government Association; Library Club; Off-Campus Student As- sociation; Baptist Student Union; Women ' s Senate; NEA WILLIAMS, FLORA JEAN Vero Beach Major: Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Senate; NEA WILLIAMS, MARY H Major: Elementary Education NEA, Secretary 1969-70 Belle Glade WILLIAMS, SYLVESTER Elkton Major: Social Science Minor: Urban Service Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Senior Class Reporter to Lion ' s Den WILLIAMS, VIALENE ADELL .Deerfield Beach Major: Elementary Education Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Women ' s Senate; NEA YOUNG, ESTELLA M Major: Elementary Education Women ' s Senate; NEA .Miami ll HOMECOMING WELCOME. ALUMNI AND FRIENDS ANNUAL ALUMNI ' 69 BREAKFAST 116 ? ? Vft V J |k 38B . , - : .- President Puryear and Alumni Rev. Hughes enjoy the Greek performances " on the hill " Homecoming afternoon. 117 Jessie Newman MISS HOMECOMING 1969 118 Linda Lewis - MISS NEWMAN AND COURT - Joyce Hamilton Dr. Purvear presents the roses Dr. Graham, Queen and Court. Dr. Purvear 119 MISS UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND MISS WOMENS ' SENATE Sylvia Williams MISS U.N.C.F. - FMC Inez Boone 120 MISS U.N.C.F. AND HER COURT Left to Right: C. Young, V. Portier, I. Boone, D. Jagoe, J. Forsette, S. Thomas Left to Right: D. Jagoe, V. Poitier, I. Boone, J. Stephenson, Dr. Puryear, J. Forsette. S. K. Thomas 121 1969 HOMECOMING VICTOR VI F.M.C. 119 S.S.C. 94 V 1 1 WJV 1 . 122 £ " i " . , T $rO. Mmm « Back Row: Barbara Ghilds. Evelyn Davenport, Blanche Charlton, Mabeline Hogans, Flora Williams. Jaquelyn Brown. Mrs. B. H. Puryear. Center Row: Yvonne Grice, Julie Sands, Linda Lewis. Othella Brown. Jean Marshall. Mar Wilchcome, Priscilla Adams. Beverly McNair. Front Row: Lucinda Calhoun, JoAnn Thomas. Sandra Jackson. Merle Cooper. Cynthia Tucker, Debra Robinson. JoAnn McLaughlin. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INC. DELTA ETA CHAPTER Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is a national Greek-Letter society organized at Howard University, Washington, D. C, in January of 1908. The Delta Eta Chapter was es- tablished on February 6, 1954. The motto of Alpha Kappa Alpha is " By Merit And Culture 7 Back Row: Claudia O ' Neal, Cynthie Zieeler, Patricia Floyd, Rozelia Lafayette, Willie Ruth ( ' alhoun, Sandra Crane, Mildred Edwards. Joyce Hami Newman, Shirley K. Thomas. Paulett( lor, Svlvia Williams. Wiggins, Deborah Jagoe, Edith Foster. Front Row: Paulette Hill. Tomisina Mobley, Bethany Jackson, De hi. Center Row: Naomi Saunders. Jessie Hardin. Melleny Zonicle, Linda Batche- Sorors Charlton, Tucker, Meyers, Saunders, Brown, Jackson, Adams, Hemingway, and Newman pose with Soror Angie Brooks on the occasion of the AKA Founders Day celebration, at which she was the featured speaker. 125 ■-?-» jfci I - • ' ' - •; A •, «■ V ,--■ " 1 it : 1 2 M9H .T Beatrice Mingo Marilvn Goodman Mrs. B. T. Ferguson Vialene Williams Geraldine Whittaker Mrs. P. T. Duckworth Barbara Davis Patricia Thompson Erma Rahming Jacqueline Taylor DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY INC. ZETA TAU CHAPTER On December 1, 1969, when the Greek probates ap- peared for their week " on the walk, ' " this year a group appeared that had not been there previously. The per- formances of these Sorors spread the word far and wide that Delta Sigma Theta had at last come to Florida Me- morial College. New at FMC but certainly not new to the ideals of high scholarship and service to all mankind, since 1913 the banner of Delta has always flown high. The motto of Delta Sigma Theta, " Intelligence is the torch of wisdom, " will always be an integral part of every Delta ' s life. The Charter Members of Zeta Tau 127 W4? 128 SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY INC GAMMA XI CHAPTER Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority was founded in 1922. The Gamma Xi chapter was established in 1954. There are presently six sorors in the chapter, with one sister sc! to graduate in May. With our motto. " Greater service through greater progress " we realize that six can do the work, of six hundred in making a significant contribution toward the world in which we live. SORORS OF SIGMA GAMMA RHO Standing: Sandra Dames, Mi-ina Roberts. Sitting: Ira Roulhae, Rothel While Beverly Clayton. 129 Standing: Beverh Williams, Patricia Hunt. Shirley Henry . Millicent Nixon, Carolyn Manning, Constance Young, Franeine Jones, Faye Jerido, Sandra Willis, Anita Richardson, Adrilla Hor- ton. Jackie Bosfield, Marva Russell, Marian Jenkins. Ruby Brown, Marv Hollowav, Laura Showers, Marcia Smith. Sitting: Jackie Alderman, Garnell Kemp. Marcia North. ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INC. IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on Howard Uni- versity Campus, January 16, 1920. It was suggested to Arizona Clever by Charles S. Taylor, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, that she establish a sister organi- zation. This has become a national organization of college women banded together under a common bond of friend- ship and cultural effort seeking to establish the true worth of womanhood through excellence in education, human service and citizenship. The motto of Zeta Phi Beta is " Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterly Love. " FALL PROBATES 1969 Francine, Mary, Faye, Marcia, Jackie, Marva, and Rubv with DP Anita after a walk performance 131 Bark Row: Mr. J. E. Price Mr. P. G. King. Julius Jackson. Freddie Munnings, Karl Sims, James Owens, Andrew Sears. Herman Blateh. Mr. S. W. Baker. President R. W Puryear. Sitting: Harrison E. Howard. James A. Jones. Janiee Forsette — Miss A I A. Elmo Bingham. Svlvia Williams — Alpha Sweetheart. Frank Johnson, Svlvester Williams. Gregon Christie. Kneeling: Wil- lie Brow n. l In Delanes . 132 ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY INC. DELTA PSI CHAPTER Alpha Phi Alpha was the first black fraternity of its kind in the United States. The fraternity was founded on December 4, 1006, at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. The Delta Psi chapter was started on April 24, 1054. Throughout its history, Alpha Phi Alpha has maintained its high ideals and lofty aims. " . . . To a few, I am the castle of dreams; ambitious, success- ful, hopeful dreams. To many, I am the poetic palace where human feeling is rhymed to celestial motives ... In fact, I am the college of friendship; the university of brotherly love; the school for the better making of men. I Am Alpha Phi Alpha " 133 Kneeling: Richard C. Grady, Jerome K. Kirkland. J. C. Lee, Phillip Saunders, Micheal L. Robinson. Second Row: Wilbert D. Gibson, Eugene Nairn, Bernard McGriff, W. Paul Bodie, Lawrence L. Wilson. Phillip Thompson, Franklin P. Rahming. Rear: Jefferv A. Smith, Garth A. Albury, Arthur J. Hill. Jacob A. Rose. KAPPA ALPHA PS I FRATERNITY INC. EPSILON MU CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. The Epsi- lon Mu chapter was founded on April 30, 1966. The fun- damental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is Achievement. Kappa men believe that to promote the intellectual, spir- itual, moral and social development of mankind through encouraging honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor is essential for any person living in the world of today. To better the world of tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Psi stresses Achievement today. FALL PROBATES 1969 ma On Their Way To The Wonderful World Of Kappa. 135 ' ■ -- ■ ' • ' ■ Back Row: Leroy Samuels, Rev. Charles Walker, Charles Barett. Second Row: Jackie Gardner, Leroy Clare, Mr. L. Thompson, Dr. J. L. Wilson, Charles Dames, Daniel Straehan. Front Row: Tyrone Holrlen. William Dean. 136 PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INC. BETA PI CHAPTER Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded January 9, 1914, by Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Moose, and Charles Brown at How- ard University. The Beta Pi Chapter was founded in 1953 bv Dr. Von D. Mizell of Fort Lauderdale. The Motto of Phi Beta Sigma is " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " Aims And Objectives of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 1. To instill in young college men an understanding of what it is to be a man. 2. To create pride in Brotherhood in all men. regardless of race, creed or color. 3. To help those who cannot help themselves, as expressed in our Motto. 4. To unite in this diversified society and bring out the " sour ' of man everywhere. 137 Front Row: Larry Laster. William Lyons, Alphonso Wvnn. John Taylor, Malcolm Roberts. Edward Brown, Charles Culver, Robert Williams. Second Row: Zachary Jackson, Ferrell McBride. Herman Johnson. Charles Gilbert. Autlev Turner. Ferrell Gainous. William DeSue. Third Row: Willie Richard, Council Clarkson, Willie Brinson, George Ford. Samuel Wright. OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INC. KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded at Howard University, Washington. D. C. on November 17, 191 i. It was founded on the cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Today, these principles and ideals serve as an inspiration to the modern men of Omega in our society. The Kappa Gamma Chapter was founded at the Florida Nor- mal Industrial Memorial College (today Florida Memorial Col- lege) in 1954. This chapter has made significant contributions to the College by its sponsoring of academic and social events, promotion of school spirit, and its whole-hearted effort to beauti- fy the campus. The Ques In Action! 139 ALPHA PHI OMEGA SERVICE FRATERNITY Iff ? «Vhmim ■ I I I I I Back Row: Mr. F. Gallot, Willi.- Hudson, Waller Brookins, Joe Sinkfield, Donald Ransom, Glenn Anderson, James Poole. William Wesley, David Martin, Samuel Bryant, Roberl Melver. Cecil Roberts, William Brown. James Ecrles, Mr. S. W. Baker. Front Row: Freddie Philpot, Finest Thomkins. Raymond Mandrell, Willie Cunnigan, Cortrell Williams. An- drew Tarver, Robert Belton. Alexander Curry. The first chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was established at LaFayette College, Eaton, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1925 by Frank Reed Horton. There are now over 450 Colleges now who have a chapter on their list of active organizations. The group that is now Alpha Phi Omega first met on October 14, 1969 to discuss forming a chapter of that body at Florida Memorial College. Member- ship in Alpha Phi Omega is open to all males, with no regard as to race, color, college discipline or other fraternal affiliations. Our Motto is " Be a friend, be a leader, be of service. " 140 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Standing: Beverh Williams, Zeta Phi Beta X illie Richard, Omega Psi Phi Jennifei Peterson. Delta Sigma Theta iihm Hill, Kappa Alpha Psi Adnlla Horton, Zeta Phi Beta Barbara Childs, Alpha Kappa Mpha Beverh Clavton, Sigma Gamma Kim Lero Hare, Phi Beta Sigma. Center: Jacqulvn Taylor, Delta Sigma Theta Garnell Kemp, Zeta Phi Beta Jacob Hose. Kappa Alpha Psi Ira Roulhac, Sigma Gamma Rho Linda Lewis, Alpha Kappa Mpha Kneeling: George Find. Omega Psi Phi Harrison Howard, Alpha Phi Alpha. 141 i ' They ' ll never find us here. " 3 is that hiding in my corner? 142 ORGANIZATIONS 143 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION -.ir m Representatives from all active campus organizations ready for S.G.A. Meeting 144 Grady Miller. Vice-President Leroy Clare, Business Manager 145 MEN ' S SENATE Men ' s Senate President Arthur J. Hill presiding over a meeting Every male student enrolled at Florida Memorial College is considered a member of the Men ' s Senate. The Men ' s Senate handles problems that are not vast enough for the S.G.A. to be concerned with. 146 WOMEN ' S SENATE President the Women ' s Senate, Sylvia Williams at a meeting of that body Like the Men ' s Senate, the Women ' s Senate also has the job of taking care of small problems before they become big ones. This group naturally deals with the female stu- dents ' problems which do not pertain to the whole stu- dent body. 147 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 4 .Ufc " . Fu t Ron Jewel Pai " e. Man Robinson. Flora Williams. Lucinda ( !alh»un. Jud Ta lor. Estella Chapman. Frankie Jean Broun. Maria Primous. Second Row: Mrs. B. H. Pu- rvear. Henn B. Ranee. George Davis Jr.. Jean Marshall. Evelvn Davenport, Patricia Hunt. Ophelia Peoples. Jacquelvn White. Harriet Fernander. Mar Williams, Council Clarkson. Darlene Bell. Geraldine Robinson. Peggie Singletarv. Rosa Gaskins. Oscar Range. Jacqueline Alderman. Lessie Tomblin, Hettie Burroughs. 148 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Back Row. Left to Right: Hugh Bowleg. Yvonne Martin. Mrs. Yosgandes, Jacob Rose, Jacob Campball. Sitting: Sandra Jackson. Okon Esenowo, Sylvia Williams, Leroy Clare. 149 THE MEKITS ■ ; - • V . - - . ' % • BfflcA Row: Mrs. Elaine McGeehee, Patricia Scott, Cassandra Smith, Alma Hutchenson, Deborah Witt, Mary Bentley, Vernese Owens, Castell Smith, Regina Lee, Victoria Poole, Yvonne Johnson. Thelma Lambert. Middle Row: Lorraine McKenzie, Audrey Donita Cobb, Karen Clark, Mary McGlaughlin. Front Row: Verna Pinder, Genile Aranna, Janice For- sett, Pearl Busrh (not pictured). The Mekit Club is a social club for Non-Greek Women. Its aim is to uplift the social and academic environment of the Florida Me- morial College community. 150 THE DUKES •j Left to Right: Edmund Knowles, James Dorsett (Founders). Alexander Curry, Jacob Rose, Hugh Bowleg. The Dukes social club is designed primarily for the enrichment of the campus life for the man who is not a member of any Greek organization. It strives to be available at any time to perform a deed that will better the College or its students. 151 THE LION ' S DEN The Lions Den is the official newspaper produced by the stu- dents of Florida Memorial College. Standing: Mr. Roger Crim (sponsor), Theadosia Williams, Malaehi Lundv, Bessie Freeman. Martin Munroe (Editor), Irish Burroughs. Silting: Gavle Simmons (secretary) fmm Checking over the latest issue. Editor-in-Chief Martin Monroe listening to a comment from the Assistant Editor, Malichi Lundy 153 Top Row: Eddie Robertson, John Bromfield, Henrv Paterson, William Rose. Second Row: Elliot Bradley. Lovey Clayton, Herman Sands, Charles McCoy. Bottom Row: Otis Doolev, Robert Naismith, James Hindrix. Alvin Perry. Willie Roberts, Lovern Coehen. Queens: Barbra Dunkin and Pat Scott. COLLEGE VETERANS ASSOCIATION 154 MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Above: Charles Baskin, Thomas McCloud, James Jones, Leavy Robinson, Cecil Roberts, Frank Ross. Right: Charles Walker. OFF CAMPUS STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Top Roiv: Nathaniel Cody, Thomas Wright, Deborah Witt, Andrew Scott, Herman Sands, Patricia Scott, Jefferson Reeves. Middle Row: Martha Thomas, Ber- nice Lawton, Yvonne Johnson, Patricia Canty, Brenda Doles, Dorothy Brooks. Front Row: Jacquelyn Jones, Dorothy Keys, Reginald Burroughs, Millicent Nixon, Karen Clark, Donetta Cobb. 155 BAHAMIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Daniel Strachan, Kenrad Wilchcombe, Malachi Lundy, Freddie Munnings, Lorraine McKenzie, Michael Malcolm, Verna Pinder, Patrick Taylor. Thelma Barnett, Alfred Forbes. Wavne Svmonette, Alexander Currv, Frank Rahmine, Alma Hutcheson, Genile Aranna. 156 THE FM PLAYERS Back Row: Samuel White, Mrs. Yos- gandes, Sharon Kellv, Walter Weather- ington. Front Row: Anthony Hannah. Sandra Lampkin, Robert Belton, Mr. Hampshire. 157 The F M Players in rehearsal for " The Great Big Doorstep. " Besides this production, the Players plan to present another show this Spring. Above: Samuel White, and Walter Weatherington Right: Anthony Hanna h and Sharon Kelly. 158 THE FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE CHOIR Left Side: Audrey Williams, La Verne Dixon, Tommy Bass, Alexander Curry, Marcia Smith, Hattie Kinsey, Renville Smith, Andrew Tarver, Rhonda Hankerson, Sylvester Byrd. Right Side: Rose Eady, Bessie Freeman, Shirley Henry. Richard Grady, Edna Harris, Peter Pinder, Stanley Babbs. Daisy Ponder, Ronald Taylor, Irene Griffin. Alvin Moore, Harold Jackson. Center: Willie Kinsey, Roy Glasper, Joyce Brown, Florita Dixon, James Eccles. 159 The Florida Memorial College Choir is unique in that it does not limit itself to one mode. This year the choir has performed a Bach motet, a gospel interpretation and a Congolese mass on the same program. A major part of their reper- toire is the rendering of a poem, " The Pa- tience That Outlasts Chains 1 ' written by Dr. Robert Chute, and the transforming into music the seven Negro sermons in James Wel- don Johnson ' s God ' s Trombones. In addition to these, and the Congolese mass, the choir plans to perform the 15th century music of the Renaissance. Shirley Jones with the choir during the Christ- mas performance. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - - : -:, : m::-;: ' . ::.: ; ;„;: ' ! , ' T _ OT1 „«,,,.»«wr -WW fWg Le i 1 o Right, Standing: Sylvester Williams, Autley Turner, Rose Eadv. Robert Belton. Bethanv Jaekson, Herman Blatch, Jerome kirkland, Mr. J. Price. Sponsor. Sitting: Barbara Childs, Johnnv Farmer, President. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Jaeob Rose, Freddie Munnings, President Shirley K. Thomas. Danny Straehen, Arthur Hill. 161 YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Jacob Rose, Herman Blatch, Leroy Clare, Okon Esenowo, Jerome K. Kirkland President, William Dean, Richard Grady, Robert Belton, Daniel Strachen, Hugh Bowleg. LIBRARY CLUB Sitting, (I. to R) Norma Desue, Toni Jordan, Audrey Williams, Ma Robinson, Bloneva Flowers, Paulette Davis, Shirley Henry, Rhonda Jackson, Cotilia Floyd, Justine Redding, Willie Fern, Alma Black Standing: Betty Woods. Glenn Anderson, Betty Robinson, Maudell Menefee, Edith Foster, Irish Burroughs, Pearl Bush, Bernard MeGriff. 162 SPANISH CLUB From Bottom: Castelle Burgess, Alma Hutchinson. Genille Arinah, Joe Stephenson, Cassandra Smith, Alexander Curry, Glenn Anderson, Verna Pinder. Oscar Miller, Lorraine McKenzie. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB k wm " O Sitting: Rose Wright, David Wilson, Sandra Leonard. Standing: Hugh Bowleg, Victoria Poole, Edward Brown, Rhonda Jackson. Freddie Douglas, Warren Little. 163 EMORi TariltrMn 164 Jim Ballew, Editor of The Lamp, Florida Memorial College ' s Literary Magazine, sponsored by Alpha Omega Chapter of Lambda Iota Tau, sits with contributors Sharon Lockhart and Mrs. Raymonde Huenink. Richard Grady looks on. Not shown is Dr. W. J. Barnhart, Spon- sor. Also missing is one of the main contributors, Sam White, poet. THE FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Top Ron: William Wesley, Warren Little, Dan Milton, Albert Shaw, James Stewart, Lewis Turner, Dan Branch, John Johnson. Philip Sweeting, Harold D. Hankerson, Freddie Douglas, Roy Herbert. Bottom Row: Solomon Smith, Alvin Roberts, George Lorrey, Wavne Hilliard, Michael Lang, David Riddles. THE 1969-70 LIONS 166 The Lions of Florida Memorial College, under the hand of Coach Leon A. Collier, have made themselves a force to be reckoned with in the South-East Athletic Conference this season. With their smooth ball handling and their ever present hustle, they have amazed the so-called experts by outplaying all of the " giants. " The men of FMC gained seven victories in a row, never losing in their home gym until the fourth to the last game of the season, and then by only two points. The Lions have played teams from as far away as Providence, Rhode Island, and Coach Collier promises more of the same next season. Since there will be all of the lettermen returning next year, we are confident that the Lion ' s roar will strike fear into the hearts of all the opposition for some time to come. Dan Branch (14) and Michael Lane (33) show the Lion ' s spirit. FMC on the move! Roy Herhert (with hall), Dan Millington (35), William Wesley (15) 167 Warren Little (25) shoots after an assist from Johnnie John- son (32) Michael Lane (25), George Lowery (22), and Roy Herbert (23) LION Warren Little makes the long stretch, as Roy Herbert (23) and Dan Branch (14) tensely await the outcome. POWER Coach Collier going over strategy during halftime. From L-R: Soloman Smith, Warren Little, Albert Shaw, Dan Millington, William Wesley, George Lowery, Johnny Johnson, Roy Herbert. A moment of meditation 170 Lions Albert Smith (24) and William Wesley (15) are right in on the play with Michael Lane (33) coming on fast to help out. THE LIONS ARE HOT AGAIN 171 FENCING Eugene Nairn scores a point in the foils competition. IN OCTOBER, 1969, FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE WAS HOST TO A STATEWIDE FENCING MEET. HERE ARE A FEW SCENES INVOLVING STUDENTS OF FMC. 172 The past two years have seen great changes occur concerning athletics at Florida Memorial College. Not the least of these was the acquisition of Dr. Von Boross in the Physical Educa- tion Department. Dr. Von Boross has revitalized the fencing program at this institution. Starting with just a handful of stu- dents, the fervor with which he set about this extracurricular subject soon aroused such interest that now it is a credit- earning course. We expect to see any number of champions emerge from the FMC student body in the very near future. Right: Phillip Ballard ready for action with the sabre. Bottom: William Granville avoiding a thrust by Phillip Ballard. 173 TRACK TEAM Top Row: Henry Thomas, Randolph Rice, Hugh Bowleg, Joe Stephenson, J. Addington Rose, Johnny Duneombe, Joel Thompson, Andrew Sears, Charles Albury. Bottom Row: Charles Dan- iels, Norman Hill. William Lawrence, Herman Hickson, Peter Pinder, Wayne Symonnette, Fred Harris, Frank Rahming. 174 SPRINT CAPTAIN Joe Stephenson •• DISTANCE CAPTAIN Frank Rahming The Lions ' track team should be the one to watch this year. The team has made several changes, including a new coach, Mr. A. C. Robinson. A number of new sprinters and field men have tried out for the team, making it very possible for Florida Memorial College to stand out in the SEAC this year. Last year ' s team placed second in the conference, so there is every reason to be- lieve that the Lions will be fighting for first place honors this year as soon as the first gun sounds. The track team busy on their roadwork. 175 KARATE CLUB Seated: Barbara Brown, Ural Tift, Joseph Furgeson, Freeman Courtney, Sylvia Williams, Mieheal Malcolm, Sylvester Bvrd, Ronald Taylor, Rhonda Hankerson. Kneeling: Beverly Clayton, Anthony Hanna, Freddie Everett, Joel Thompson, Steve Ducile, Jefferson Reeves. Standing: Edward Brown, Instructor. 176 KARATE TEAM IN ACTION • • . - ' ' • ' -■ Team Members Johnny Duncombe, Captain Edward Brown, Calvin Davis, and Michael Thomas check form in preparation for their participation in the all-Miami-Dade County Karate Meet February 22. 177 CHEERLEADERS From Bottom to T (L to R): Mary Bentley, Hattie Kinsey, Justine Redding. Second Row: Victoria Poole, Ida Robinson. Top: Jaequlyn Taylor. 178 1970 Beu-rlv Clayton . Harrison Howard Dorothy Brooks . Johnnie McCloud Richard C. Grady Editor-in-Chief Arthur J. Hill . Assistant Editol Huizh Bovvletr Administration and Faculty Richard Anderson . . Sports Editor ■col) A. Rose .Jfl 1 , • ...... Organizations Editor! Queens Editor; Greek Editor ' Yeshman Class Editor K Sophomore Class Editor Jacquelyn Taylor I . . . . Junior Class Editor Grady MillergMflhfe afcfeL, ' ' Senior lass E ntor James Ballew Layout Editor Edmund Knowles Copy Editor Curtis Soloman Photography 179 EDITOR-IN- CHIEF Richard C. Grady kl ASSISTANT EDITOR Arthur J. Hill James D. Ballew Make Up Editor (Right) Hugh M. Bowleg Faculty and Staff Editor (Left) The Arch Staff Arthur Hill, Jacob Rose, Harrison Howard, Richard Gradv, Editor, Dr. W. J. Barnhart, Advisor. 182 Jacob A. Rose Organization Editor Dorothy Brooks Freshman Class Editor .. Curtis Solomon Photographer t Edmund Knowles Copy Editor 184 Beverly A. Clayton Queens Editor i Johnnie McCloud Sophomore Editor 185 Jackie Taylor Junior Class Editor Richard Anderson Sports Editor Harrison Howard Greek Editor ,V ' - 186 Dr. William J. Barnhart, Who has Sponsored The Arch For Six Years F.M.C. Presents The Drifters The Drifters explode FMC with the soulful sound of rock and the renowned yoke! Soul Sister No. 2 belts out her famous hit, " How Strong Is Your Love? ' FMC Students Flank the Drifters — T. Williams, Beverley Clayton, Grady Miller, and Janice Forsett. ■» Miss FMC Coronation President Puryear presents plaque to Miss Jessie Newman Miss F.M.C. is crowned by Dr. R. W. Puryear. 190 The Queen And Her Court Ella Austin escorted by Paul Bodie Miss F.M.C Marian Jenkins Sandra Dames escorted by Jeffery Smith Cynthia Ziegler escorted by Charles Albury Miss Jessie Newman, First Runner Up Francena Jones escorted by Leroy Clare 191 or -Jtf Miss F.M.C. Surrounded bv Her Court i Jessie Newman, Shirley K. Thomas, Linda Lewis, Linda Robinson. Freddie Munnings escorts Miss Junior, S. K. Thomas. 192 1st Runner up Jessie Newman checks Shirley K. Thomas and Linda Lewis for final show. Miss F.M.C., Marion Jenkins 193 Mr. Joseph Ruffo of the Fine Arts Department with his prize winning print in Library showing. 194 tK ' - % :: " %ii 1 1 BmLj Purcell Dixon makes his debut in art by displaying his work in our library. r - " ' Mike Ware stands by portrait. Mr. Jules Baeot displays portrait of Mike Ware, spring 1969. 195 Students Present " Little Red Riding Hood " Mrs. Edna Thompkins and other student teachers enjoy a day with the little ones by presenting the classical fairy tale, " Little Red Riding Hood. " Who ' s afraid of the big bad wolf . . . 196 Dr. Edward Graham Dr. Edward Graham is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Florida Memorial College, a leader in Urban Renewal, and very influential in the fight against social injustice in the Miami area. Dr. Purvear enjoys a tasty meal with members of the Board of Trustees and members of his staff. Dr. R. W. Puryear. President Florida Memorial College (L) presents the Lamplighter Award to Raymond Burr. Mayor Chuck Hall of Miami. (L) and Sec. of State Tom Adams (M) were present amongst 1500 guests. 198 Mrs. R. W. Puryear and T.V. ' s Raymond Burr Raymond Burr (T.V. ' s Perry Mason and Ironside) has virtually adopted Florida Me- morial College, pledged to help raise funds to turn it into an international, multi-racial center with student-exchange programs and trade ties to Central and South America and Africa. 199 The United Nations ' Miss Angie Brooks is shown with FMC ' s Mrs. Puryear and two of FMCs Nigerian students, Okon Esenowo and Pat- rick Abodo. •1 Mr. and Mrs. President at a game. I always carry plenty of knowledge with me. Sure I ran read 360 words per minute Ah! Ah! 202 Brain food please. We gonna eat, boycott or not! Yeah! I think I ' ll have some too. 203 204 One potato, two potato, three . . In the Library Mr. Price rehearses the choir 206 You can all go back to your rooms now, Fve eaten all the peanut butter. Joe Stephenson E flat please! Please! not round! 207 Let ' s see what Price Cobbs says about Black Power. Ill bet you $10.00 and a shaker 74 won ' t score ten points in the game. 208

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