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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1960 volume:

This yearbook is dedicated to our distinguished " President, " Dr. R. W. Puryear, who has striven untiringly to better our College in the past 10 years. During his ten years as president, Dr. Puryear directed and ac- complished the following: 1950: He became the sixth president of Florida Normal and Indus- trial Memorial College. During the same year, the name was changed to Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College. 1951: The college became approved by the Florida State State De- partment of Education and accredited by the Southern Asso- ciation of Collegees and Secondary Schools. The Florida Baptist Association Scholarship Aid program for needy students initiated. 1952: An Extension Division was organized for the in-service of ministers at Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, and supervision of Extension Divisions at Marianna, River Junction, Fort Lau- derdale, and Tampa was also extended. 1953: The college was elected to membership in the Association of American Colleges and in the American Council on Edu- tion. Development program initiated. 1955: Florida Normal received grants from the Ford Foundation and a chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu was organized on the campus. 1957: A Trust Agreement with the Florida Baptist Foundation for Endowment Funds was completed. Development program passed $350,000 mark. 1958: Participation in American Baptist Convention CHEC program. Freshmen admitted to expanded curriculum. 1959: The $10,000 Danforth Grant was matched and another $10,000 grant was received to be matched. A third grant was received from the U. S. Steel Foundation. 1960: Climaxed a decade of dedicated and excellent services as president of this Baptist institution of higher learning with the same vigorous enthusiasm for the future of the college that has become a living symbol of President Puryear ' s ad- ministration at Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College. Mr. President, we are grateful to you for your everlasting endeavor to make Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College what it is today. We extend to you our best wishes for success and happiness in the years to come. Our very energetic president is completely aware of his responsibili- ties and various tasks at all times. He tells and represents " The Florida Nor- mal Story " wherever he goes. Some of the special activities en- gaged in by our beloved and capable president during the past ten years are reflected in Pictorial Review found on the next pages as follows: The top photo above shows a very serious presi- dent in session with the college Board of Trustees . . . (Photo at right) He is a dynamic president as he addresses a huge audience during the annual Donation Day Program . . . (Below) A very solemn president displays his respects to the founders of the college during the traditional Founder ' s Day Observation. Donation Day Program. , 3k» -. Traditional ceremony at the scene of the founders ' graves. A very sociable President and Mrs. Puryear al- ways find time to entertain all freshman students when they arrive and the seniors before their de- parture, as seen in the picture at the top of the page below. In the other photo we see a very enthusiastic president installing officers and advis- ors for the student NEA . . . Center photos reveal a relaxed and gay president attending a chapel program and crowning " Miss Florida Normal. Below we see an humble president receiving a special plaque from the Student Council on the first annual R. W. Puryear Day, for meritorious services rendered . . . We also see a jovial presi- dent during one of the many luncheons given for visiting guests. IJtf CHCIR P I BETH 87 s.. 1 i-ftl «gN gfl.0 .0 C, ' srcz, ' . Cl 65 CO • Cj. IABPODUS CLUB 4 S ®I CaRlgri4jv % ( ywiow ' o soc ETv ALPHA ?HI wa siamm •sc DEBATING TEAM ty % - ' cV .vGV CV DRAMATICS, CLUB 9 »ov „ S S8» » Yearbook Staff at Work EDITOR ' S MESSAGE The 1960 Arch Staff has attempted with unrelenting effort to produce for you the kind of yearbook that would be most representative of the college in its entirety and at the same time reflect your role and interest in the various areas and activities of the college. Moreover, we have exerted great efforts in order to maintain your personal devotion to the college, and to inform the various constituencies, alumni and general public of the work and progress of this Christian insti- tution of higher learning. The staff has included in this edition pertinent aspects of the college life for the past decade with greater emphasis on the past four years. The 1960 yearbook staff was indeed very honored to have the responsibility of developing and producing for the college family some of the best years of our lives in the words and pictures, all of which is a sacred part of " The Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College Story. " We are very grateful to all of you, and especially you, for all the advice and cooperation and assistance you so willingly gave in order to make this publication possible. The 1960 Arch will always remain as a living example of a special kind of dedication and unity expressed by the members of the Yearbook and everyone who was a part of this wonderful college family. Christine Calhoun, Editor-in-Chief for the 1960 Arch Staff. fe£s»i ' " hi 1 mmm Mi:-iZ, £- sr - " ' •?» »-; . AERIAL VIEW OF CAMPUS Florida Normal and Industrial Me- morial College is located in Saint Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the United States. It is situated on Tocoi Road about two miles west of the Post Office in the western part of the city. The quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the entire campus offers a strong inducement toward the formation of good study habits. Only three miles from the cooling breezes of the Atlantic Ocean, and surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty, the college rests in the shade of moss-covered oaks and tall stately pines that stand like giant, silent protectors over those who come to study. SOME OUTSTANDING ALUMNI OF THE COLLEGE MAZIE ALEXANDER Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida. SAMUEL D. BARKLEY Lawyer, Miami, Florida. MARION C. BASCOM Minister, Baltimore, Maryland. A. E. BELTON Physician, Beckley, West Virginia. JUANITA BENNET Principal, Pompano Beach, Florida. ESTELLE BRITTON Nurse, Saint Augustine, Florida. JOSEPH BIVENS Principal, Bradenton, Florida. WILLIAM T. BROWN Printer, Saint Augustine, Florida. MARIE S. CARL Lawyer, Los Angeles, California. CARRIE F. CARSWELL Merchant, Saint Augustine, Florida LUCILE G. COLEMAN Principal, Jacksonville, Florida. ENOCH DAVIS Minister, Saint Petersburg, Florida. ALTOBELL EARLY Secretary, FAMU, Tallahassee, Florida. JULIUS G. FIELD Dentist, Saint Augustine, Florida. JAMES HALL Concert Artist, Hartford, Connecticut. ROSCOE HALYARD Contractor, Saint Augustine, Florida. ELIJAH H. HANKERSON Minister, Chicago, Illinois. JOHN H. HOPKINS Principal, Saint Petersburg, Florida. A. J. HUGHES Minister, Jacksonville, Florida. WILLIAM M. JACKSON Junior College President, Ocala, Florida. A. MALCOLM JONES High School Coach, Saint Augustine, Florida. ALDONIA C. JOYNER Principal, Jacksonville, Florida. OTIS A. KNOWLES Principal, Saint Augustine, Florida. MINNIE J. LAWSON Mortician, Palatka, Florida. EUGENE MACK Principal, Hawthorne, Florida. ISAAC MANNING Dentist, Orlando, Florida. VON D. MIZELL Physician, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. LAWRENCE MORAN Cabinet Maker, New York City, New York. ROBERT MYERS Private Detective, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WILLIE McNEIL jlieQr 1 T.V. Technician, Saint Augustine, Florida. »«« x sU , ' ' " charles e - price Educator-Civic Leader, Atlanta, Georgia. MAUDE E. REDDICK Teacher-Supervisor, Saint Augustine, Florida. J. C. SAMS Minister, Jacksonville, Florida. O. B. SAMUELS Mortician, Ocala, Florida. ANNA L. STAVERN Physician, Los Angeles, California. REBECCA STEELE Choral Director, FAMU, Tallahassee, Florida. W. F. TANNER, II Minister, Ormond Beach, Florida. NATHANIEL WASHINGTON High School Coach, Jacksonville, Florida. EARTHA M. M. WHITE Founder, The Clara White Mission, Jacksonville, Florida. ESTEMORE A. WOLFE Executive, Wright Mutual Insurance Company, Detroit, Michigan. T. W. WRIGHT Minister, Saint Augustine, Florida. VARIOUS ACTIVITIES SPONSORED BY THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION II 11% lllitii mnWw. ' ■ iiiiiiiii ■i THE ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT " DR. R. W. PURYEAR DEAN REGISTRAR BUSINESS MANAGER DR. SANKEY C. CHAO MR. A. 3. WILLIAMS MR. JOSEPH JONES LIBRARIAN CASHIER lili - aHhue w- A! ' Ik ' ?- as ;: ii r DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS MR. GUY C CRAFT MR. J. B. DERRICK MR. RODELL F. ROBERTS SECRETARY PRESIDENT ' S OFFICE SECRETARY PRESIDENT ' S OFFICE MRS. MARIAN E. FORD MISS ISABELLE F. JENKINS SECRETARY DEAN ' S OFFICE SECRETARY REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE SECRETARY REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE MRS. GWENDOLYN P JONES MISS JULIA V. MONROE MISS LULA B. EVANS SECRETARY BUSINESS OFFICE SECRETARY DIRECTOR OF INTERNSHIP MRS. ALTHEA M. SMITH MISS GLORIA HAMPTON DIRECTOR OF INTERNSHIP DIRECTOR OF MAINTENANCE ALUMNI EXECUTIVE SECRETARY MR. BERNARD JONES MRS B. H PURYEAR MR. JOHN JACKSON DIETITIAN GENERAL MAINTENANCE MRS. GLADYS JOHNSON MR. MATTHEW THOMAS COLLEGE NURSE COLLEGE PHYSICIAN DEAN OF WOMEN MRS E. A. AUSTIN DR. J. A. LONG MISS MARTHA G. JONES M0 SANKEY C. CHAO Educator Ed.D. Columbia University JUNE D. RITTER Physical Education 5.S. Howard University WILLIAM C. LEE Social Studies Ed.D. University of California STEPHEN B. SINGLETON Music B.S. Southern University ROBERT E. TOWNSEND Religious Education Th.D Golden Gate Seminary S. R. CALHOUN Physical Education M.A. Florida A. M. University N. D. WILLIAMS English M.D. Boston University •JF -v i % LESLIE E. HARTLEY Psychology Ph D University of Colorado LAWRENCE C. BRYANT Education and Science Ed.D. University of Virginia JOHN G. CHAPMAN Social Science Ed.D. University of Houston S. A. ELAM English, Psychology M.S. Hunter College CHARLES R. COX Physical Education MA. West Virginia University J. A. WEBSTER Art M.S. North Carolina College NOT SHOWN A. B. WILLIAMS Mathematics M.Ed. University of Cincinnati GUY C. CRAFT Library Organization B.A. Morehouse College THE CORONATION The crowning of Miss Florida Normal of 1960 by President R. W. Puryear. " MISS FNIMC " AND COURT! From left to right, 1st row: Miss Mary Williams, Miss Catherine Herring, Miss Bobbie Mervin, Miss Mary Johnson, Miss Rosa Ferguson; 2nd row: Miss Leila Holmes,; Miss Faye Easters, Miss Barbie Hart, Miss Viola Edwards, Miss Annie Pearl Griffin, Miss Mary Barnes, Miss Rosa Roberts; 3rd row: Pearline Quarry, Miss Aleane Miller, Miss Dor- othy Crawford, Miss Emma Kelley. " Miss FNIMC " : MISS GRACE JONES and escorts; Mr. Roy McKay and Mr. Claxton Pitman. THE GRAND EVENING OF THE CORONATION Ah! It was the loveliest of the evenings. It was the grandest of the evenings that " never- to-be-forgotten " twenty-third day of November in the year of one thousand nine hundred and fifty- nine. It was like a serene evening in magnificent Wonderland. Alas! A fairy tale came to life. This was a thing of admirable beauty; I was reminded of the sublime words of Sir John Keats: " A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. " That evening of the Coronation will never and can never be eradicated from the minds of those present. The coronation of " Miss Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College " was held in the spacious Heckscher Gymnatorium. It was not as beautiful as a King ' s mansion, but it was beauti- fully decorated for Our Queen, " Lady Grace. " In the center aisle was a lovely white carpet which led to the great " white throne. " Multi-colored lights added splendor and beauty; magnificent scented flowers filled the air, and the Queen ' s attractive throne caught the eye of each spectator. Oh, how lovely the evening ' The coronation commenced at eight o ' clock p.m. The spectators entered the gymnatorium and took their respective places among their fellowmen. The audience consisted of young ladies and gentlemen representing each dormitory on campus; the President and First Lady of the colelge; our most distinguished administrative and faculty staff, and wonderful friends of Florida Normal. Everybody was there! Now, as the audieice sat attentively glancing at the beauty of the scenery, music commenced to dissipate the quietness of the evening. Ah! Tell me what is more pleasant to the ear. Be- hold! How the adroit fingers of the pianist rolled swiftly across the keys of the musical instrument. The prelude concluded, and silence prevailed once again. Hark! a loud blast of the trumpet sounded as Eddie Taylor trumpeted away on the high-sounding trumpet. The audience watched as the sound died away, and out of nowhere leaped a tiny lad announcing the greatest of the events. " Hear ye! hear ye! Tonight is the coronation of Miss Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College, " heralded Sir Ivan Esquire Gsorge. " War March of the Priests " was being playad by the pianist, Mrs. Jackie Summers, and a line of lovely queens and their escorts marched uniformly upward and onward to the royal throne of white symbolizing purity. The various queen; approached the throne and stood on either side making way for the Queen of the College. There she stood like a " heavenly angel " arrayed in a beautiful white gown. I cannot discover words which can describe her beauty, charm, and ele- gance. She exemplified all of the qualities that a Queen ought to possess. Hail the Queen, Miss Grace Jones! She marched slowly and graceful to her throne; a sincere expression of gratitude on her fair face, and she seemed to say within: " I am honored to be Queen of this outstanding Insti- tution of Learning. " She ceased to go further as she approached the first step leading to the throne. This was the climax of the coronation — the crowning of Our Queen by President Puryear. What an honor! What a Queen! She ascended the throne with aid of two efficient, handsome, young men: Sirs C. Marco Pittman and R. McKay. The various queens took their places upon the throne. Lovely Queens, each a queen within her own rights. They were bedecked in gowns of pink, gold, white, red, yellow, and pale blue. The innumerable colors blended marvelously, creating a magnificent sight! Cornelius Smith sang for the Queen, and Ivan George recited the poem, " How Do I Love Theer 5 " by Elizabeth B. Browning. A creative dance was performed by the Dance Group under the direction of Miss June Ritter. These concluded the program of the evening. The various queens descended the throne and walked with a slow pace down the aisle to the rear of the gymnatorium. It was like a grand evening in Wonderland which seemed to disappear as the Queen descended the throne. This greatest of all evenings will last in our memories as days pass into weeks, months, and years. Ah! It was the loveliest of the evenings. That was the evening of Our Lady Jones. Long live the Queen of Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College 1 Ah! The evening of the Coronation was the grandest of them all! u e t v a f e J- t u MISS FNIMC GRACE JONES SPRING FESTIVAL Miss Pearlie Wilson being crowned as May Day Queen by Dean of College, Dr. Chao. With her is her immediate court with escorts. May Day Queen, Miss Pearlie Wilson, being escorted to throne. Left to right: Alma Wright, Freshman; Lucia Gornica, Sophomore; Pearlie Wilson, Senior; Viola Edwards, Junior; Mr. Cecil Clark. 2nd row: Harold Jones, Freshman; James Singleton, Sophomore; Adrian Black, Senior. INTRAMURAL PROGRAM The intramural program is directed by the Department of Health and Physical Education, with supervision being given to the activities by a member of that department. The learning possibilities for the physical Education Majors is greatly enhanced since they are allowed to assist in the operation of the program, carrying out such duties as: officiating, setting up rules of eligibility, determining the number of persons to play with each team, etc. The following are activities included in the intramural program here at our school: Fall Touch Football Volley Ball Ping Pong Basketball Badminton 1. 2. 3. 4. Spring Basketball Softball Archery Croket (continued t 5. 6. Swimming Track and Diving In conjunction with the sports listed above, the Physical Education program offers two other extra-curricular activities for the students of the school. Every second-semester Edu- cation Department starts preparing for its annual dance decital, and all persons interested in participating, or learning the dance are welcomed. The other outlet is the Saturday afternoon recreation hour, which is held in the Heckscher Gymnatorium every Saturday afternoon from one until three. Here games of a more recreative, and entertaining nature are played, and it is through these various activities that we hope to improve each student and prepare him, or her, for a fuller and more meaningful life in their academic as well as their social and leisure living. SPECIAL EVENTS AND OCCASIONS Dr. Zelma George, Lecturer, in Action ar ' YMCA Representati Visit Campus Alumni Day Meeting Top Photo: Annual Donation Day. Many articles of food and other useful items were received by the school on this occasion. Middle Photo: Annual Florida Normal Day presentation at Bethel Institutional Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Bottom Photo: First Annual Winter Homecoming for the Alumni Association. Donation Day One of the most spectacular events held on campus this year was our annual Do- nation Day. Hundreds of people came frcm all over the state of Florida to make this day a great success for the Florida Normal family. There were many gifts given to Florida Normal by the Baptist women of Florida. Among these were many different varieties of canned goods, rice, sugar, flour, napkins, brooms, and many other useful articles. Over six thousand dollars was donated. We, the student body of Florida Normal, would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who contributed in making our annual Donation Day suc- cessful. Pearl ine J. Quary Women Baptist leaders from all over the State were here to witness and share this great day with us. . . . Many articles of food and useful items were received by the college. . . . - . s - Heads of Women ' s Department of State Baptist Conventions pose with wife of college President, Mrs. B. H. Puryear. THE FIRST ANNUAL R. W. PURYEAR DAY The entire student body and the various campus organi- zations expressed their sincere appreciations to President R. W. Puryear for the many outstanding services rendered, and the special achievements accomplished in the interest of the college. President Puryear is seen in a special pose holding his recently awarded plaque by the student council. Others in the group include visiting guest, council members ond the council ' s advisor. Claxton Pittman, vice-president of the Student Council, is seen as he presented a plaque to President Puryear for " Outstand- ing Achievements " during the formal program held for this purpose in the Anderson Hall. The president was the guest of honor at a special luncheon held in his honor in the Coleman-Westfall Dining Hall. OUR PRESIDENT President, Here in black and white the freshmen extend their love for you, May you always have success in what ever you do. You have a pleasing personality and you act so swell, Until the freshmen have learned you, oh! so well. For what you have done from day-to-day, will truly help us on our way. As we reach out and touch our life we pray, that once and for ever our knowledge stay. Oh! Lord God and father, please help president on his way, To gain peace of mind from day-to-day. Help him in everything he say or do, Some one else may call upon him we never can tell who. We, the 1959 and 1960 freshmen class, have expressed our thoughts of you at last. Written by: Rubye Peterson RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Speakers during Religious Emphasis Week and members of the Student Christian Union. The purpose of Religious Emphasis Week at Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College is that of emphasizing moral and spiritual values, and of reviving the interest of the college community in developing a philosophy of Christian living by creating an atmosphere conducive to better student-teacher relationship based on the Christian principle of oneness in Christ. It helps to broaden the concept of one ' s relationship to God, and to revitalize Christian living in the college community. Religious Emphasis Week presents an oppor- tunity for the members of the Florida Normal Family to accept Jesus Christ. The Religious Emphasis Week is sponsored by the Student Christian Union, a delegated assembly representing the following organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Mu Alpha Phi Alpha Archonian Club Baptist Student Union Bacon Hall College Paper Crescent Club Debating Team Fisher Hall Forum Freshman Class Guidance Committee Intramurals Ivey Leaf Club Junior Class Lampados Club Men ' s Senate Omega Psi Phi Phi Beta Sigma Prayer Meeting Senior Class Sophomore Class Sphinx Club Sunday School Student Council Student N. E. A. Varsity F Club Women ' s Senate Yearbook Staff Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. Zeta Phi Beta Officers of the Student Christian Union ROBERT J. LOVETT ....Executive Secretary IVAN GEORGE Assistant Executive Secretary PEARLIE WILSON Recording Secretary FRANK CLIFTON Representative to Student Council DR. LAWRENCE C BRYANT Sponsor DR. R, W. PURYEAR, President Faculty sponsors and visiting ministers, who served as conssultants for this ob- servance, are seen in a special planning session. ANDERSON HALL The focal point of all campus activities and the place where many historical events took place in past years, including 1960. Sites and Scenes to Remember SCENE INSIDE DINING HALL Where all kinds of records were made, broken and even disappeared . . . where we enjoyed many hours of joy and fellowship together. EACH SUNDAY Each Sunday as we gather to begin our day, Most of the students have gone a long way. As we lift our voices to God and pray, Truly we mean every word we say. Marching with our heads up I ' ll tell you why, " Was to send our souls to God on high. " Singing with an up lifted voice, Was for him to know we had made our choice. After marching to our classes we ' ll speak in time, That was because no one wanted to be left behind. Then for a review from each class just to find, How well we cooperated and kept in line. We have enjoyed each Sunday here, Know from God we ' ll have no fear. Some thought going they ' ll end up sad, Before you know it they had changed to glad. Rubye Peterson ALSO REMEMBER COLEMAN-WESTFALL DINING HALL AND FISHER HALL EDUCATION AT FLORIDA NORMAL IS DESIGNED FOR SCHOLARSHIP . . . FOR LEADERSHIP . . . FOR CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE . . FOR GROUP LIVING . . . FOR WHOLESOME ATHLETICS . . FOR PURPOSEFUL ACTIVITIES AND " ii v j i»i V5i and those wonderful meals served in the dining hall Those annual activities . . . which took place in Heckscher Gymnatorium during the Annual May Day Program. Many alumni and friends who participated in the First Annual Winter Homecoming for the Alumni Association. Mrs. Angeline Towles from Liberia! 4th from left, who lectured to us and posed with the group of college officials and community leaders on our campus. Some of the many visiting ministers and youths who participated in the First Annual Baptist Teen-Age Convocation. iLULat— yeiiLat tan i AND THE FUN WE HAD ! Our annual visit to the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church in Jacksonville when the college received a large financial donation from the church which was presented to President Puryear by Reverend Robert H. Wilson as Attorney D. W. Perkins looked on. That dynamic student publication staff which was organized in 1960 and was responsible for that weekly column which was featured in the Florida Times-Union each Sunday. SPORTS GALORE IN 1960 .-■■ • . ,, ' ■ " ■-; i ■■ ■ :■ 1960 LIONS Basketbal Track and ntramural P The Lions Basketball Squad of Florida Normal and Industrial College were the runners- up in the Southeastern Athletic Conference which ended its season on February 17. They were also runners-up in the SEAC Tournament held at Albany State College in Georgia February 20. The Lions were defeated in the finals of the tournament by the Tigers of Savannah State College, who were the defending champions in the Conference. Head Coach C. R. Cox stated after the tournament that he was very pleased with his cagers squad this season. The Lions ended the season with a respectful 19 wins against 9 defeats. He lauded all of his team and made mention of the outstanding performances of William MeDougald, who was selected for the all-tournament team; Scott Perry, who was selected for the all-tournament team; alfonso Powell, Miller Williams, Andrew Jones, Johnny Singleton, who gave brilliant performances during the entire season. t e £ e a 1 1 n a . . . ' s ■ he zzyeiiL LOU m ' • " Seniors leaving " the house of knowledge, " Jonathan-Sewell Library. 9» i ? S4 BAILEY, JERRY Jacksonville, Florida Organizations: YMCA, Student Christian Union, Varsity " F " Club, Sunday School. MAJOR: Physical Education BAKER, LESLIE Blountstown, Florida Organizations: College Choir, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education BAKER, SYRENESE Sanford, Florida Organizations: Dean of Pledges of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education j ®M«K BARBER, MALENESE Lawtey, Florilda Organizations: College Choir, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education BARNES, ALBERTINE Panama City, Florida Organizations: Flanacol Staff Typist, Sunday School, N.E.A., Public Relations Secretary MAJOR: Elementary Education BARNES, LILLIAN Marianna, Florida Organizations: N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education ■ . I BROWN, EDDIE Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A. CALHOUN, CHRISTINE Brooksville, Florida Organizations: Student Christian Union, Sunday School, Philacter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Srority, Secretary of N.E.A., Editor-in-Chief of Year- book Staff. MAJOR: Elementary Education COLBET, JAMES Gainesville, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Student Council, Sunday School. MAJOR: Physical Education DANIELS, ARTHUR Hastings, Florida Organizations: College Choir, Dramatics Club, Varsity " F " Club, N.E.A., Omega Psi Phi Fra- ternity. MAJOR: Physical Education DAVIS, WINONA Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education DURHAM, ETHEL Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education DUDLEY, MARY Miami, Florida Organizations: Student Christian Union, Sunday School, President of YWCA, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education FELDER, CLIFFORD Daytona Beach, Florida Organizatio N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education FERGUSON, ROSA LEE St. Augustine, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education FOSTER, ANNIE JEAN Pensacola, Florida Organizations: Student Council, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education OFRANKLIN, DORCAS Lawtey, Florida Organizations: Sunday School, Yearbook Staff, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education GIBSON, SARAH CATHERINE San Mateo, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. MAJOR: Elementary Education GORDON, BLANCHE Deerfield Beach, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Educarion GREEN, MILDRED Sarasota, Florida Organization: N.E.A MAJOR: Elementary Education HALL, ETHELYN St. Augustine, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education HART, DOROTHY LOUISE Jacksonville, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Zeta Phi Beto Sorority. MAJOR: Elementary Education HENDRIX, ALBERT III Gainesville, Florida Organizations: Varsity " F " Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education HEARNS, LOUIS Marianna, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Phi Beta Sigma Fraler- nity. MAJOR: Physical Education HONOR, BOOKER T.„ JR. Sarasota, Florida Organizations: Dramatics Club, Student Counci Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, N.E.E. MAJOR: Elementary Education HOUSTON, FRENCHSIE L. Pensacola, Florida Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education JACKSON, GLORIA J. Pompano Beach, Florida Organizations: Sunday School, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education ' %Mfe JONES, GRACE Graceville, Florida Organisations: Dramatics Club, N.E.A. MAJOR: Phys ' .cal Education JOHNSON, AARON Mulberry, Florida Organizations: Dramatics Club, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education JOHNSON, LEROY VERNON St. Augustine, Florida Organization: N.E.A. KITTLES, EVELENA B. Lawtey, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education LaFE, ETHEL F. Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education LAWRENCE, ARIE BELLE Miami, Florida Organizations: YWCA, Sunday School, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. MAJOR: Elementary Education $ LAWRENCE, MATTHEW Pensacola, Florida Organizations: Student Council, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Educotion MATHIS, GUSTINE SAMANTHA Green Cove Springs, Florida Organization. N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education MILLER, LEOLA Belle Glade, Florida Organizations: College Choir, Forum, Sunday School, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education MILLER, RUDOLPH Clearwater, Florida Organizations: College Choir, YMCA, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Sunday School, N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education MOORE, CHARITY Lake Butler, Florida MAJOR: Elementary Education PALMER, LOLITA ANNETTE St. Augustine, Florida Organization : N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementarv Educotion PENNY, ERNESTINE LEONA Archer, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Sunday School MAJOR: Physical Education .i A its PHILLIP, NATHANIEL Sarasota, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Varsity " F " Club. MAJOR: Physical Education POITIER, LORENE M Deerfield, Florida Organizations: YWCA, Dramatics Club, Sunday School. MAJOR: Elementary Education PUGH, EVA IRENE St. Augustine, Florido Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education SELMORE, DAMON St. Augustine, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Physical Education SMITH, BENJAMIN Miami, Florida Organizations: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, N MAJOR: Physical Education E.A. SMITH, EVELYN DORIS Jacksonville, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Solority. MAJOR: Elementary Education STEWART, SAMMIE LEE Kissimmee, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., College Choir, YMCA, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Varsity " F " Club. MAJOR: Physical Education STRONG, CLUADE WRIGHT Lakeland, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., YWCA. MAJOR: Elementary Education ■ te «tHP c ■ SUMMERS, ROBERT Arcadia, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., YMCA, Sunday School | Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. MAJOR: Physical Education WARREN, VERONICA Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A MAJO. : Elementary Education WATTS, ALBERTA DORETHA Jacksonville, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. MAJOR: Elementary Education WATSON, BETTY JO Fort White, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., English Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. MAJOR: Physical Education WILLIS, VIRGINIA CAMPBELL St. Augustine, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education WHITE, FLORIDA ANNE Fort Pierce, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Dramatics Club, College Choir. MAJOR: Elementary Education WILLIAMS, BERNICE Jacksonville, Florida Organization: N.E.A. MAJOR: Elementary Education • fcSa " " WILLIAMS, ISIAH Jacksonville, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Student Council, Student Christian Union, President Phi Beta Sigma Fra- ternity MAJOR: Elementary Education WILLIAMS, MILLER West Palm Beach, Florida Organizations: N.E.A., Varsity " F " Club, Track Team, Basketball Team Football Team, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. MAJOR: Physical Education WILSON, PEARLIE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Organizations: President Student Council, Asst. Secretary N.E.A., Student Christian Union, Sun- day School, Secretary Alpha Kappa Alpha So- rority, President Alpha Kappa Mu. MAJOR: Elementary Education SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 1. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: GIRL: Winona Davis BOY: Isiah Williams 2. BEST DRESSED: GIRL: Gloria Jackson BOY: Noble Jones 3. BEST ATHLETES: GIRL: Lillian Barnes BOY: Nathaniel Phillips 4. MOST SERVICABLE TO THE SCHOOL: GIRL: Pearlie Wilson BOY: Matthew Lawarence 5. MOST BUSINESS-LIKE: GIRL: Dorcas Franklin BOY: Eddie Brown 6. MOST HUMOROUS: GIRL: Veronica Warren BOY: Arthur Daniels 7. MOST COURTEOUS: GIRL: Mary Dudley BOY: Louis Herns 8. MISS PERSONALITY: GIRL: Christine Calhoun 9. MR. PERSONALITY: BOY: Syrenees Baker 10. BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR: GIRL: Jackie Summers BOY: Lesley Baker HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 68th COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES Dr. A. B. Coleman (left) delivered Baccalaureate Address. Pictures below show President Puryear presiding over the formal activities as the perspective graduates and faculty take their respective places for the occasion. Center Photos: Mrs. R. H. Wilson, directed the Choral En- semble from Bethel Institutional Baptist Church . . . Graduates in their traditional march and the recipients of the Sarah A. Blocker and the Nathan W. Collier Meritorious Service Award. Dr. Francis L. Atkins, shown at right, was the Commencement speaker . . . President Puryear congratulated Miss Pearl Wilson, who graduated Summa Cum Lauda . . . President Puryear and President Atkins poses with Erma Alexander, Syerenees Baker, Christine Calhoun, Noble Jones, Jr., Ethel Frazier Lafe, Matthew Larrence, Mildred B. Riley, Damon Edward Selmore, and Pearlie Wilson, the nine honor graduates. iui » a CLASS OF 1960 THE JUNIORS IN A GAY MOOD IN A PLAY MOOD THE SOPHOMORES JUST THINK — JUNIORS NEXT YEAR UNITED WE STAND THE FRESHMEN ...... .- ' i ' .: ' " :■. " ' : WE DREAM ABOUT THE FUTURE ONE FOR ALL — ALL FOR ONE ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY From left to right: Vernell Chapman, Ella Alderman, Henry Mae Sullivan, Frenchie Houston, Mary Williams, " Lady of the Year " Mrs. Gladys Johnson, Josephine Williamson, Rosa Robsrts, Verna Harris, Naomi Sampson and Mildred Beasley. Sorors absent: Arie Bell Lawrence, Alberta Watts, Dorothy Hjrt, Catherine Gibson, Gloria Jackson, and lanthia Riley. ARCHONIANS .«♦»! » IK : I ! fit! From left to right: Ruth Bell, Joyce Williams, Ruth Smith, G?nell Lewis, Barbara Smith, Emma Kelly and Mary Johnson ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY ' ■«_ . Left to right: Sam Lewis, Roy McKay, Refroe Long, Albert Hendrix, Eddie Smith, Charles Moore, Alphonso Powell, Eddie Hudson, Cecil Clark. PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY ; i Left to right: Enoch Bacford, Mr. A. B. Williams (sponsor), James Jackson, Louis Hearn, Alfred Lee, Robert Lovett, Jean Anthony, Queen; Isiah Williams, Benjamin Smith, Booker Honor, Evelyn Smith, Sweetheart; Robert Summers, Eddie Toylor, Frank Clifton, Rudolph Miller. ' OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY Left to right: Alexander Lawrence, Arthur Macon, Miller Williams, Matthew Lawrence, John Snell, Lewis Brunner, Lloyd Barrett, Basileus; John Townsend, William Dudley, Ivan George, Leroy McMillon, Miss Alean Miller, Queen. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY Left to right: Viola Edwards, Christine Calhoun, Dorcas Franklin, Lucia E. Garnica, Nadren Campbell, Barbie Hart (sitting I, Catherine Herring, Pearl Griffin, Robertha Scott, Alean Miller, Dorothy Crawford (Basileus), Paula Turnquist, Betty Jo Watson, Dr. Zelma George (lec- turer), Mrs. B. H. Puryear (sponsor). Fall Probates, 1959. Left to right: Nadren Campbell, Lucia E. Garnica, Catherine Herring, Robertha Scott. IVY LEAF CLUB Le Boa ft to right: Peggy Snellings, Daisy Gilyard, Delores Shields, Jolita Simmons, Annie A .atright, Alma Wright, Bobbie Mervin, Mae Belle Briggs, Thelma Mosley, Pearline Q Marie uary. West Wishes 7 . L fliumni flssocifiTio FLORIDA NORMAL And INDUSTRIAL MEMORIAL COLLEGE SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA MRS. SUSIE M. WHITE President MR. JOHN L. JACKSON Executive Secretary-Treasurer CHRISTINE CALHOUN Editor-in-Chief IVAN GEORGE Assoc. Editor ALMA WRIGHT Secretary 1 t ¥ CLARA GUNN Asst. Secretary r f ■ CHARLES MOORE Photo Editor THELMA MOSLEY Assoc. Pub. Rel. DOROTHY CRAWFORD Business Manager BETTY WASHINGTON Pub. Rel. Director MAE ETTA BREWTON Assoc. Photo Editor Hf ' ROBERTA SCOTT Poetry Editor BETTIE GILBERT Literary Editor DELORSE SHIELDS Typist JENNIE V. REDDEN Typist marye Mcdonald Typist LUVINA GEORGE Typist PEARLINE QUARY Typist BOBBIE MERVIN Proof Reader DORCAS FRANKLIN FLORIDA NORMAL AND INDUSTRIAL MEMORIAL COLLEGE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Spring Semester, 1960 ADAMS, ROBERT Junior. 613 N. W. 9th Ave., Pompano, Fla. Phone: WE-3-5156. ALDERMAN, ELLA L. Sophomore. P. O. Box 825, Georgia. Phone TU 2-4831. AMBRISTER, GLORIA Senior. 1747 N. W. 1st St., Miami, Fla. Phone FR 9-0404. ANTHONY, JEAN C. Junior. 1236 N. Virginia Ave., Lakeland, Fla. Phone: MU 8-2379. ADKINS, MAUD RAE Special. 1150 Union St., Tampa, Fla. Phone: S 5-021 1 . BACKFORD, ENOCH Fort Fin. Castle, Nassau, Bahamas. Phone: 3048. BAILEY, JERRY Senior. 2057 Stubb Lane, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EX 8-8179. BAIN, PHINEAS Freshman. 1600 N. W. 8th St., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla. Phone: JA 2-3966. BARBER, MELENESE Senior. P. O. Box 13, Lawtey, Fla. BARNES, ALBERTINE Senior. 711 Sherman Ave., Panama City, Fla. Phone: SUnset 5-8234. BARNES, MARY L. Freshman. General Delivery, Bryant, Fla. BARRETT, LLOYD G. Senior. Adolph P. O., Jamaica, B. W. I. BASKINS, BILLY Junior. 1012 Bacon St., Perry, Fla. Phone: 307. BEASLEY, MILDRED Sophomore. 2036 N. W. 69 Terrace, Miami, Fla. Phone: OL 1-2565. BELL, JAMES C. Freshman. 20 Bernard St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 4-1845. BELL, RUTH Freshman. General Delivery, Marianna, Fla. BELLAMY, EOWARD G. Junior. 318 N. 8th St., Palatka, Fla. Phone: EAst 5-51 16. BILLINGTON, DORIS Freshman. 330 W. 9th St., Lakeland, Fla. Phone: MO 8-4939. BLACK, ADRIAN L. Senior. 445 N. W. 7th Ave., Pompano, Fla. Phone: WE 3-7572. BOATRIGHT, ANNIE Freshman. 1216 Carolina Ave., Avon Park Fla. Phone: GL 3-4290. BOATWRIGHT, DOROTHY Freshman. 645 N. W. 15th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Phone: JA 4-7562. BREWTON, MAE ETTA Senior. P. O. Box 99,Pierce, Fla. Phone HA 5-2441. BRIDGES, ANNETTE Senior. P. O. Box 423, Callahan, Fla. Phone: 2275. BRIGGS, MAE BELL Sophomore. P. O. Box 451, Bonifay Fla Phone: LI 7-7576. BRITT, COLBERT J. Junior. 1329 W. 9th St., Jacksonville, Fla Phone: EL 6-3919. BRITT, JOAN Senior. P. O. Box 105, Lawtey, Fla. BRITT, JOHN W. Sophomore. General Delivery, Lawtey, Fla. BROWN, AGNES Freshman. 1925 Evans Ave., Ft. Myers Fla Phone 5-9872. BROWN, FRANCES G. Sophomore. 1492 W. 15th St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 6-6220. BROWN, MARY C. Junior. 121 Palmo St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: 4-1952. BROWN, ULYSSES Junior. 1707 W. 11th St., Sanford, Fla. Phone: FA 2-2536. BRUNNER, LEWIS C. Sophomore. 1160 Hill St., Kissimmee, Fla. Phone: Tl 6-2265. BURROUGHS, EDDIE Freshman. P. O. Box 181, Middleburg, Fla. Phone: BU 2-51 19. CALHOUN, CHRISTINE Senior. 309 Early Ave., Brooksville, Fla. Phone: 3607. CALHOUN, EVA V. Senior. Rt. 3, Box 229, Live Oak, Fla. CAMERON, EDWIN E. Senior. 656 Illinois St., W. P. Beach, Fla. Phone: I 4-6587. CAMPBELL, ANNIE P. Junior. 641 S. W. 7th St., Belle Glade, Fla. Phone: WY 6-3581. CAMPBELL, NADREN L: Sophomore. 116 5th St., Ft. Meade, Fla. Phone: AT 4-6814. CARSON, JESSIE L. Sophomore. 1204 Spearing St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: FU 3-4726. CARSWELL, JOHN G. Sophomore. 1308 Dakota Ave., Lakeland, Fla. Phone: MU 3-1418. CARTER, MARY J. Freshman. 455 E. Ave., Barton, Fla. Phone: CA 1-33286. CHATMON, VERNELL Sophomore. P. O. Box 631, Pahokee, Fla. Phone: 7292. CHAVERS, ETHEL P. Junior. P. O. Box 13 1, Quincy, Fla. Phone: MA 7-6017. CHESTNUT, RUBY Sophomore. 700 N. W. 14th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CHISHOLM, ELEANOR Junior. 198 W. King St., St. Augustine, Fla. CLARK, CECIL S. Junior. 808 11th St., Lakeland, Fla. CLAY, MARY E. Freshman. 803 S. 7th St., Fernandina Beach Fla. Phone: 4750. CLIFTON, FRANK Senior. Rt. 4, Box 367, Gainesville, Fla. COLBERT, JAMES L. Senior. 415 N. W. 12th St., Gainesville, Fla. COLLIER, ROZIER L. Senior. 904 Bayor St., Stuart, Fla. COOK, CLARETHA B. Senior. 1 5625 N. W. 26th Ave., Opa Locka, Fla. COOK, OPRA Sophomore. P. O. Box 1711, Pompano, Fla. COOPER, LOUIS T. Sophomore. 316 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-2620. CRAFT, EDDIE M. Sophomore. Atlanta, Ga. CRAWFORD, DOROTHY Senior. 1021 Madison St., Jacksonville, Fla. DANIELS, LOUISE Senior. Rt. 9, Box 376-H, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: PO 5-5762. DARBY, ERNEST Sophomore. 1 17 Central Ave., Panama City, Fla. Phone: 5-6308. DATES, HANNA Freshman. Rt. 2, Box 89, Alpine, Ala. Phone: 9-2618. DAVIS, BARBARA Sophomore. 517 N. W. 5th Ave., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. Phone: JA 3-3506. DAVIS, HENRY J. Senior. 1155 E. 9th St., Jacksonville, Fla. DAVIS, LOTTIE L. Freshman. 916 Bruck St., Kissimmee, Fla. Phone: T 6-5885. DERRICK, PEARLIA Senior. 305 Vet. Project, St. Augustine, Fla. DUDLEY, MARY L. Senior. 2909 N. W. 55th St., Miami, Fla. Phone: NE 4-6319. DUDLEY, WILLIAM Sophomore. 2909 N. W. 55 St., Miami, Fla. Phone: NE 4-6319. DUNCAN, DEWEY L. Sophomore. 1 529 W. 6th St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 4-2608. DUNN, PARIUS W. Freshman. 1895 N. W. 57th St., Miami, Fla. Phone: NE 4-3097. EASTERS, FAYE C. Freshman. Rt. 2, Box 95, Wauchula, Fia. Phone: 3-3018. EDWARDS, ISADORE Freshman. 1364 Harrison St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 5-8043. EDWARDS, MARIE H. Senior. 351 N. Deerfield Ave., Deerfield, Fla. Phone: 8849. EDWARDS, VIOLA B. Junior. Box 883, Dunnellon, Fla. EVANS, JOHNNY MAE Sophomore. 426 S. E. 13th Terrace, Gaines- ville, Fla. Phone: FR 6-6045. EVANS, TERESA B. Senior. 723 W. Orange St., Marianna, Fla. Phone: HU 2-4266. EVERETT, HELEN M. Senior. 2495 N. W. 55 Terrace, Jackson- ville, Fla. Phone: NE 4-6970. FELDER, CLIFFORD Senior. 1764 Yale St., Dovtona Beach, Fla. Phone: CL 2-1954. FERGUSON, ROSA L. Senior. P. O. Box 1551, St. Augustine, Fla. FLEMING, JESSE Sophomore. P. O. Box 472, Okeechobee, Fla. FLOWERS, WILLIAM Sophomore. Rt. 1, Box 8, Pinetta, Fla. FLOYD, SLIVIA R. Freshman. 716 W. Hubbert Ave., DeLand, Fla. Phone: RE 4-3149. FLYNN, HERBERT K. Freshman. 116 Race St., Melbourne, Fla. Phone: PK 3-4726. FOSTER, ANNIE J. Senior. 2612 N. " L " , Pensacola, Fla. Phone: HE 3-2628. FRANKLIN, DORCAS Senior. P. O. Box 31, Lawtey, Fla. GADSON, JACQUELYN Junior. 29 N. W. 6th Ave., Delray Beach, Fla. Phone: CE 7121. GAINEY, CARRIE ANN Sophomore. Rt. 1, Box A-9, Brooker, Fla. Phone: 2778. GARNICA, LUCIA E. Sophomore. P. O. Box 400, Gamboa, Pana- ma Canal Zone. Phone: 6-249. GEORGE, IVAN E. Sophomore. 1941 N. W. 6th Ct., Miami, Fla. GEORGE, LUVINA D. Freshman. 3600 Grant Owens Rd., Jack- sonville, Fla. GILBERT, BETTIE A. Freshman. 514 S. 9th St., Fernandina, Fla. Phone: 3582. GILYARD, DAISY Freshman. 1758 Palm Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone: ED 7-5862. BLASS, LUCILLE T. Junior. 162 Central Ave., St. Augustine, Fla. GLOVER, PAULINE L. Sophomore. 352 11th St., St. Petersburg, Fla. Phone: 5-35681. GORDON, BLANCHE Senior. P. O. Box 474, Deerfield, Fla. Phone: 6324. GREENE, CAROLYN Freshman. 214 W. 5th St., Lakeland, Fla. Phone: MU 8-2945. GREENE, MILDRED H. Senior. P. O. Box 250, Sneads, Fla. Phone: LY 3-481 1. GRIFFIN, ANNIE P. Junior. 801 15th St., W. P. Beach, Fla. GUNN, CLARA M. Freshman. 302 Booker St., Sebring, Fla. Phone: EV 5-3444. HARGROVE, JUANITA H. Sophomore. 15820 N. W. 17th St., Opa Locka, Fla. Phone: TR 1-2865. HARRIS, SHIRLEY Junior. 1817 Lorriane St., Jacksonville, Fla. HARRIS, VERNA L. Sophomore. 1881 Ralieg ' n St., Ft. Myers, Fla. Phone: EN 5-7223. HART, BARBIE J. Junior. Rt. 1, Box 661, Brooksville, Fla. Phone: 2629. HART, DOROTHY L. Senior. 1 776 W. 14th St., Jacksonville, Flo. HENDRIX, ALBERT Senior. Gainesville, Fla. HERRING, CATHERIN Junior. 1110 8th St., W. P. Beach, Fla. Phone: TE 3-2846. HERRING, SHIRLEY Junior. P. O. Box 504, Sarasota, Fla. Phone: El 5-5504. HINSON, JOHN L. Senior. 960 Carolina Ave., Avon Park, Fla. HOLLEY, JOE Special. 78 Central Ave., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-5867. HOLLOWYAY, VERLION Sophomore. P. O. Box 141, Quincy, Fla. HOLMES, LEILA Junior. 6001 S. W. 64th St., Miami, Fla. Phone: MO 1 -3312. HOOKER, GLADYS Senior. 2014 Kings Road, Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 5-1884. HOUSTON, FRENCIE Senior. 61 1 North D St., Pensacola, Fla. Phone: HE 8-0581. HUDSON, EDDIE Junior. P. O. Box 5382, Gifford, Fla. Phone: JO 7-3256. HUSTON, GLOVER D. Junior. Rt. 2, Box 504, Vero Beach, Fla. Phone: JO 2-3619. JACKSON, EMMA LEE Sophomore. 405 N. W. 16th Ave., Pompa- no, Fla. Phone: WE 3-6241. JACKSON, JAMES Sophomore. 804 Valley Peace, N. J. JAMES, ALLENE Junior. 1935 Aut. 2 Drv., W. P. Beach, Fla. JAMES, BETTYE E. Freshman. 609 N. 9tth St., Palatka, Fla. Phone: EA 5-5013. JAMES, KORA LEE Freshman. 109 N. 16th St., Palatka, Fla. Phone: EA 5-3451. JENKINS, BETTYE Junior. Rt. 1, Box 218, Starke, Fla. Phone: WO 4-9321. JOHNSON, AARON Senior. 212 N. W. 11th Ave., Mulberry, Fla. JOHNSON, ANNIE M. Sophomore. 12 Napoleon St., Palatka, Fla. Phone: EA 5-4557. JOHNSON, DANIEL Freshman. 712 N. " G " St., St. Augustine, Fla. JOHNSON, FREDRICK Freshman. 131 Kings Ferry Way, St. Au- gustine, Fla. JOHNSON, LEROY Senior. 132 Central St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-8594. JOHNSON, LOUISE Sophomore. 1831 Wilmington St., Miami, Fla. Phone: MO 8-0536. JOHNSON, MARY L. Sophomore. P. O. Box 1 1 3, Lawtey, Fla. JOHNSON, ROSA S. Sophomore. 69 Dumas St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-2967. JONES, ANDREW Freshman. 615 Alma Ave., Kissimmee, Fla. JONES, FREDONIA Sophomore. 617 S. W. Ave., Belle Glade, Fla. Phone: WY 6-5295. JONES, GRACE M. Senior. 1600 E. Jordon St., Graceville, Fla. Phone: AM 3-5181. JONES, HAROLD M. Freshman. 2926 Gillespie Ave., Sarasota, Fla. JONES, JANETTE Senior. 1016 — 13th St., W. P. Beach, Fla. Phone: TE 2-1538. JONES, WILLIE Senior. 21301 Federal Hy., Goulds, Fla. Phone: CE 1-570. JOSIAH, KATHLEEN Sophomore. Box 507, Panama Canal Zone. Phone: 6-547. KELLY, ALVIN Freshman. Rt. 1, Box 21 -B, Palatka, Fla. KELLY, EMMA Sophomore. P. O. Box 292, Lawtey, Fla. KELLY, PATRICIA Freshman. Rt. 1, Box 21 -B, Palatka, Fla. KITTLES, EVELENA Senior. P. O. Box 113, Lawtey, Fla. LACEY, CLINTON Senior. R. 13, Box 488, St. Augustine, Fla. LA FE, ETHEL Senior. 1498 W. 27th St., Jacksonville, Fla. LAWRENCE, ALEXANDER Sophomore. 1890 Hamilton St., Bartow, Fla. Phone: CA 3-2993. LAWRENCE, ARIE Senior. LAWRENCE, MATTHEW Senior. LEE, ALFRED Sophomore. 202 S. Hubbard St., Bonifay, Fla. LEE, THEODORE Sophomore. 1515 Evergreen Ave., Jackson- ville, Flo. Phone: EL 3-4271. LEWIS, BARBARA Sophomore. 2503 N. W. 9th St., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. Phone: LO 3-1036. LEWIS, GENELL Sophomore. Rt. 2, Box 370, Staryke, Fla. LEWIS, SAM W. Junior. 1670 36th St., Sarasota, Fla. Phone: EL 5713. LONG, REFROE E. Sophomore. Rt. 3, Box 143, Marianna, Fla. LOVETT, ROBERT J. Sophomore. 2120 N. W. 68th St., Miami, Fla. MACON, ARTHUR Senior. 1780 E. Gilibon St., Bartow, Fla. Phone: GA 3-9001. MADDOX, BETTYE Senior. 318 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-5030. MATHIS, GUSTINE Senior. Hilievia Route, Green Cove Springs, Fla. Phone: 4613. MATTHEWS, JOHN Junior. 1406 Fairfox St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 4-8339. MAXWELL, LUCILLE Senior. Rt. 2, Box 601, Palatka, Fla. Phone: EA 5-5215. MANOR, CHRISTINE Junior. 817 S. W. Ave " B " , Belle Glade, Fla. Phone: WY 6-3463. MEANS, JAMES Freshman. 221 S. Lencoen, Crestview, Fla. MERVIN, BOBBIE Freshman. 1228 Odesso St., Jacksonville, Fla. Phone: EL 5-2178. MILLER, ALEAN Junior. Rt. 3, Box 421, St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-2634. MILLER, LEOLA Senior. 356 S. W. 6th St., Belle Glade, Fla. Phone: WY 6-3158. MONTGOMERY, CAROL Junior. 904 S. E. 8nd Terrace , Mulberry, Fla. Phone: HA 5-1877. MOORE, CHARITY Senior. P. O. Box 204, Lake Butler, Fla. Phone: FR 6-3833. MOORE, CHARLES Freshman. 900 West S St., Orlando, Fla. Phone: CA 3-8696. MOSLEY, ARETHA Freshman. 312 N. W. 5th St., Pompano Beach, Fla. Phone: WE 3-4058. MOSLEW, THELMA J. Freshman. 416 S. E. 13th Terr., Gainesivlle, Fla. Phone: FR 6-2722. Mcdonald, marye a. Freshman. P. O. Box 173, Quincy, Fla. Phone: MA 2-8351. Mcdonald, Eunice Senior. 253 Reberia, St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-5802. Mcdonald, william Sophomore. Box 613, Chipley, Fla. Phone: ME 8-1870. McKAY, BETTY P. Freshman. 1 1 7 Vi Central Ave., St. Augus- tine, Fla. McKAY, ROY C. Sophomore. P. O. Box 63, Malone, Fla. Phone: 2745. McMILLON, LEROY Sophomore. 342 Church St., Melbourne, Fla. Phone: PA 3-4965. Mcpherson, david Freshman. P. O. Box 284, Palatka, Fla. Phone EA 5-5193. NELSON, IRA LEE Junior. 3029 N. W. 7th Ct., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla. Phone: IU 1-1698. NELSON, JIMMIE Freshman. 1216 Madison Lane, Palatka, Fla. Phone: EA 5-5456. NEWELL, SHIRLEY Junior. 2166 N. W. 73 St., Miami, Fla. Phone: PL 9-1351. PALMER, LOLITA Senior. 1 16 Lincoln St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 9-8251. PENNY, ERNESTINE Senior. Rt. 1, Box 87, Archer, Fla. Phone: 4055. PENNY, HENRIETTA Freshman. Rt. 1, Box 87, Archer, Fla. Phone: 4055. PERRY, SCOTT Senior. P. O. Box 5033, Gifford, Fla. Phone: JOZ 3609. PETERSON, RUBYE Freshman. 1226 N. E. 3rd Ave., Gaines- ville, Fla. Phone: FR 2-9861 . PETTWAY, LOLA Sophomore. Hobe Sound, Fla. Phone: WY 6-3274. PITTMAN, CLAXTON Senior. 114 N. Ave., Lake Wales, Fla. Phone: 2-0081. POITIER, LORENE Senior. P. O. Bo Phone: 4067. 14, Deerfield, Fla. POLLARD, VERSIA Freshman. 609 11th St. Drive, Palmetto, Fla. POWELL, ALFONSO Junior. 816 S. W. Ave., Belle Glade, Fla. Phone: WY 6-2428. PUGH, EVA IRENE Senior. 113 Bravo St., St. Augustine, Fla. Phone: VA 4-1274. QUARY, PEARLINE Freshman. 653 W. 13th St., Lakeland, Fla. Phone: MU 8-1877. REDDEN, JENNIE Freshman. 1 1 8 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, Fla. Phone: WA 8--5712. RILEY, IANTHIA Junior. 1030 23rd St., W. P. Beach, Fla. Phone TE 2-6627. ROBERTS, ROSA Junior. 3902 Moncrief Rt., Jacksonville, Fla. ROBINSON, CATHERINE Sophomore. 703 S. E. 4th St., Mulberry, Fla. Phone: HA 5-1246. ROBINSON, EUNA Freshman. P. O. Box 1568, Okeechobee, Fla. Phone: RO 6-2231. ROBINSON, LIZZIE Junior. Rt. 1, Box 101, Archer, Fla. ROBINSON, VIRGINIA Sophomore. 21 1 N. W. 4th Ave., Delray Beach, Fla. ROGERS, VERA JONES Senio r. 1355 Grothe St., Gainesville, Fla. Phone: FR 6-6547. ROSE, ROBERT Freshman. 570 5th Ave., Bartow, Fla. RUSS, REGENIA Freshman. 515 S. E. 12th Terr., Gainesville, Fla. Phone: FR 6-6062. SANDERS, EMMA Sophomore. 418 N. 13th St., Ft. Pierce, Fla. SICIPPIO, KATHLEEN Freshman. 606 Sims St,_... Lake City, Fla. SCOTT, MAXINE Junior. 934 N. W. 2nd Ct., Miami, Fla. SCOTT, ROBERTHA Sophomore. P. O. Box 224, Lawtey, Fla. Phone: ST 2-3111. SESSION, MANSFIELD Special. 2926 Andehson Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla. SEYMOURE, HISETTA Sophomore. 1121 22nd Ave., W. P. Beach, Fla. SEYMOURE, EUGENE Junior. 1316 N. W. 5th St., Miami, Fla. SHEFFIELD, SIMON Sophomore. Rt. 4, Box 1 5-A, Chipley, Fla. SHIELDS, DELORES Freshman. 101 Singleton Ave., Arcadia, Fla. Phone: WA 9-3271. SIMMONS, JOLITA Senior. 434 W. Ashley St., Jacksonville, Fla. SAMPSON, NAOMI Sophomore. 16450 N. W. 3rd Ct., Miami, Fla. SINGLETON, JAMES Junior. 1106 N. 18th St., Palatka, Fla. SINGLETON, JOHNNY Sophomore. 18 N. Whitney St., St. Augus- tine, Fla. SMALLS, BETTYE Sophomore. 516 N. W. 16th Ave., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. SMITH, BARBARA A. Junior. 17 Atlantic St., Jersey City, N. J. SMITH, CORNELIUS Junior. 1052 Mt. Herman St., Jacksonville, Fla. SMITH, DELPHINE Special. 601 N. 19th St., Palatka, Fla. SMITH, LORIS Y. Freshman. 515 Bermuda Ave., Kissimmee, Fla. SMITH, EDDIE S. Junior. Box 35, Blountstown, Fla. SMITH, EVELYN Senior. 324 E. Ashley St., Jacksonville, Fla. SMITH, HARDY Sophomore. 136 Central Ave., St. Augus- tine, Fla. SMITH, RUTH Freshman. P. O. Box 363, Marianna, Fla. SNELL, JOHN D. Sophomore. Rt. 2, Box 45, Wauchula, Fla. SNELUNGS, PEGGY Sophomore. P. O. Box 263, Bowling Green, Flo. SOUTER, QUEEN E. Freshman. 5941 N. W. 21st Ave., Miami, Fla. STARKE, ALLEN Freshman. 728 Dunbar St., Orlando, Fla. STILLS, HOHNNIE M. Senior. 819 N. Dakota Ave., Lakeland, Fla. STRONG, CLAUDY Senior. 189 Washington Park, Lakeland, Fla. SULLIVAN, HENRY M. Sophomore. 1 847 Henderson Ave., Ft. My- ers, Fla. SUMMERS, DOROTHY Freshman. 1401 Lotesla Ave., Lekeland, Fla. SUMMERS, EUNICE Freshman. 1401 Lotesla Ave., Lakeland, Fla. SUMMERS, JACQULYN Senior. P. O. Box 1082, Sarasota, Fla. SUMMERS, ROBERT Senior. 1204 Magnolia St., Arcadia, Fla. TAYLOR, CAROLYN Sophomore. 1 709 University St., St. Augus- tine, Fla. TAYLOR, EDDIE Sophomore. 1 537 Randolph St., Melbourne, Fla. TENNELL, EMMETT Freshman. Rt. 3, Box 74, Quincy, Fla. THOMAS, ANNIE B. Senior. Bldg. 23$c.C, Orlando, Fla. THOMAS, JANET M. Senior. Redlick, Fla. THOMAS, JOHN P. Sophomore. 301 McLeod St., Daytona Beach, Fla. TOOTEN, WILLIE J. Freshman. 10311 S. W. 183 St., Miami, Fla. TOWNSEND, JOHN Sophomore. 1220 Larrel St., Bartow, Fla. TOWNSEND, LOUISE Sophomore. 1024 Richmond, Tallahassee, Fla. TUCKER, JAMES Freshman. 16301 N. W. 24th, Opa Locka, Fla. TURNQUIST, PAULA Junior. Box 2185, Nassau, Bahamas. TYLER, FRANK I. Sophomore. 1 476 Randolph St., Melbourne, Fla. WALKER, ALVAH L. Junior. 541 Carter St., Orlando, Fla. WALKER, CHARLES Freshman. P. O. Box 3, E. Palatka, Fla. WALKER, JOYCE L. Junior. P. O. Box 627, Wildwood, Fla. WALKER, MILDRED Sophomore. Pompano, Fla. WALTERS, HELEN Sophomore. 222 Patterson St., Pierce, Fla. WARREN, JAMES E. Freshman. 419 20th St., W. P. Beach, Fla. WASHINGTON, BETTYE Freshman. P. O. Box 19, Quincy, Fla. WASHINGTON, ELLA Sophomore. 189 Central Ave., St. Augus- tine, Fla. WATERS, BETTY L. Freshman . 132 S. 57th St., Philadelphia 59, Pa. WATSON, BETTY JO Senior. Rt. 1, Box 151, Ft White, Fla. WATSON, HERBERT Sophomore. 806 1 0th St., Birmingham, Ala. WATTS, ALBERTA Senior. 828 Blanche St., Jacksonville, Fla. WHITE, ANNIE L. Junior. P. O. Box 181, Middleburg, Fla. WHITE, FLORIDA A. Se nior. P. O. Box 1168, Ft. Pierce, Fla. WHITE, JOSEPHINE Sophomore. 2033 Carver St., Ft. Myers, Fla. WILLIAMS, CATHERINE Junior. 164 Palmo St., St. Augustine, Fla. WILLIAMS, JOYCE Freshman. 2216 N. W. 7th St., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. WILLIAMS, MARY Junior. 1780 N. W. 55th St., Miami, Fla. WILLIAMS, MILLER Senior. 604 — 12th St., Delray Beach, FIc. WILLIAMSON, JOSEPHINE Junior. 515 Irene St., Riviera Beach, Fla. WILLIS, VIRGINIA Senior. 121 Central Ave., St. Augustine, Fla. WILSON, PEARLIE Senior. 729 N. W. 10th Terrace, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. WOODS, WANDA Sophomore. 1335 N. W. 8th St., Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla. WOOTEN, HILDA Junior. 221 1 Mythle Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. WRIGHT, ALMA Freshman. P. O. Box 320, Oviedo, Fla. WYNN, ELEASE Freshman. Rt. 2, Box 169, Marianna, Fla. Some ADVANTAGES of buying your PRINTING at THE RECORD PRESS • SUPERIOR QUALITY • PROMPT SERVICE • RELIABLE EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN • FRIENDLY PERSONNEL • WIDE SELECTION OF TYPE • MODERN EQUIPMENT • LITTLE EXTRAS • Clean Proofs • Neatly Wrapped Packages • All Packages Labeled • Pick Up and Delivery Service REPUTATION BUILT ON 71 YEARS OF SERVICE The RECORD PRESS P. O. BOX 721 ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA For a Complete Printing Service Both Letter Press and Offset DIAL VAIley 4-1694 «$ «

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