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I Published By The Senior Class n ' " 3 I JK9£I 4 RHBSBft ! 1 194 1 At Florida Normal, St. Augustine 3 ' lite. Anaelul PRESIDENT JOHN L. TILLEY Tt %c iM -cl cs O n £m ' Editor ' s Notes I feel that no other theme could be quite as appro- priate as " Time Marches On " . The purpose of the book is quite simple. We intend to picture the I ! S Si " " " ,l ' ll V l ff(W. B»!5 amazing contrast of Flor- ida Normal today with Florida Normal of yes- teryear. By so doing we hope to portray Florida Normal ' s progress, mag- nify a composite picture of the labor, the sacri- fices and the broad vision which are responsible for our school. edlcaiian Out of all the personalities one meets during his college career, there are some who are soon forgotten and there are others whose memories are treasured possessions. No other persons have been more helpful, influential and encouraging than Mrs. Dorothy Littlejohn, and Mrs. Carrie L. Felder- Carswell. To you, the Senior Class of 1945, sincerely dedicates this annual. i u [ t e, the Class of 1945, feel that the publication of our first Senior Class annual would be incomplete without paying tribute to the memories of those who have endeared themselves to our race by their outstanding accomplishments. Few lives have been enriched in varied experiences and achievements as that of Dr. Nathan W. Collier and Miss Sarah A. Blocker. The ex- amples of their lives have left a rich heritage for the coming generations. MISS SARAH A. BLOCKER DR. NATHAN W. COLLIER 9n AfLfLtecUUfoH, Of the individuals who have wisely guided our program, two people stand like radiant lights. Mrs. Josie B. Greer, a woman of high morals, a person noted for calm judgment and practical wisdom and the sponsor of our class for the years ' " 42, ' 43, ' 44 " , and Mr. Britton G. Sayles, a gentle- man of high integrity, a friend and counselor to the students and our present sponsor. it is to them that we wish to extend special thanks and to express our genuine appreciation for the sincere interest they have manifested in us. Foreword To perpetuate the memories of Florida Normal Industrial Institute of yesteryear, and to preserve a record of the personalities and physical plant of the school today has been our purpose. It is our hope that we shall realize the intrinsic worth of this annual and that as the years pass by, its value will increase. mmmmmr ---™ " - .. i 044 (J I P II s I sscsrs: 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Seldom are the efforts and sacrifices required to publish a college year book of persons other than the student members of the staff given due consideration. Often the staff receives all the credit. We, however, can- not overlook the indispensable services rendered by others. The whole hearted interest, wise recommendation, and practical as- sistance of our able instructor, Mr. James W. Bryant, has made our annual possible. Particular appreciation must be expressed to Hal M. Tucker, our photographer, for his unusually fine pictures. Then, too, Roberts Son, Birmingham, Alabama, whose interest has extended beyond the realm of printing to our special problems, we owe our gratitude. To all these, whose suggestions were always most helpful, to our ad- vertisers, and to other contributors, we acknowledge our indebtedness. BOOK ONE Alnta Mcdeb To The Board of Trustees of Florida Normal Industrial College whose achievements, untiring efforts, and administrative guidance through the years have been the most expressive vigor in the school ' s enlargement and growth. 1 The President DR. JOHN L. TILLEY When we pause to salute the individuals who have played an impor- tant role in the building of Florida Normal, our attention is turned respect- fully to Dr. John L. Tilley, our President. Since his inauguration in 1944, Dr. Tilley has rendered Florida Normal many services. He has put forth many efforts to raise moral and intellectual standards along w ith his emphasis on improving the general living condi- tions on our campus. We ' re looking forward to his achievement of maintaining the contin- uous growth of Florida Normal and to his being a successful president. s g? ' " t ' •■- : ' «f jf - wmwi FACULTY ■■■■■ " j. W. Bryant • C. L. Feujeh-Cakswell W. C. Cogdell O. VV. Fehcuson L. R- Garrett J- B. Greek W. E. Lightfoote V, McDaniels E. M. Pemberton P. LeSesne J. G. Oclesby M. Paul M. E. Fercusc V. C | A. Oglesrv B. G. Sayles THOSE NOT SHOWN ARE: W. R. Rosser E. Ryalls Watts Lydia Cutton William Jefferies Leo Paul, Sr. S. Mereidith Mosf.i.f.y Fhant.f.s L. Hall jl i:!!l: j, t „ .i jUi JBl ? IP J. : ? " n? fe? ' • ' . » - x -fe«sew|; ■ f . ■■.■■■? - v, • V- - -. r " " -fa .■■!■ s • : BOOK TWO 8 9 2-1945 To The Faculty whose instruction, supervision, guidance and kindness of stu- dent life contribute most directly to the growth of the type of graduate for which Florida Normal will be famous. CLASS HISTORY All that is to be related herein happened a few years ago. Perhaps some have forgotten the happenings then, for in this day the happenings of yesterday are forgotten yesterday. We won ' t forget and wonder if we shall ever forget. It was in the fall of nineteen hundred and forty-one that a group of inexperienced persons entered the gate that was " the doorway to the castle of learning and led to the part of better living " . The group was or- ganized with Ruffin McDuffie as President. Later in the year it was necessary for the Vice-President, Gye L. Long to take office. It was during this year that this class began making history. It has been stated that for the first time in the history of the school a Freshman Class excelled in its re- port of finance for Founder ' s Day. The Junior-Senior Prom was an active affair which will always be remembered in the hearts of those who who witnessed it. We pause to make mention of and give dedication to those of our group who were unable to complete their work; but left for a cause which will long be remembered, for it was at this time that young men were being called to service. At the beginning of this voyage Anna L. Smith was elected President and through a very efficient lead- ership and staunch support of others and our newly chosen sponsor, Mrs. J. B. Greer, we accomplished much. Just to mention a few accomplishments— this class had the honor of having one of its members elected as " Miss Florida Normal " , and most extra-curricula organizations were headed by some members of this class. We looked with great anticipation to the day of graduation. There was a class enrollment of 40 with one young man. During this time two couples were shot by Dan Cupid, Arcilla C. Thomas u nited with Gerald Edwards, and Willia Mae Cranberry united with Edward L. Home. From these walls march persons who have put their lights in various and sundry occupations. Supe have chosen to make further study. Two of our group made further study at Howard University, one at Spelman College, one at Homer G. Phillips Home of Nursing, one at Tuskegee Institute, one at Shaw University, fifteen entered the teaching field and five held positions with outstanding business companies in their cities. It was during this time that plans were finally drawn making it possible for further study to be taken at Florida Normal. Because of the many experiences and enjoyments of previous years a few felt it only fitting and proper to return thus making additional history, in that, we would be pioneers. Those returning and who may be remembered as pioneers were: Eugenia Belle Brooks, Geneva Carter, Dessye Collins, Shirley Dennard, Maude F. George, Hazel L. Hadley, Amanda Hope, Willia Mae G. Home, Lola Jones, Hattie Ruth Keys, Rob- ert H. Lee, L. U. Mobley, H. H. Robinson, J. C. Sams, Mary Washington, and Corenthia Wilson. Hazel L. Hadley was elected President and again due to the staunch support from the members of the class and our ardent sponsor, Mrs. J. B. Greer, we accomplished more. The persons felt that their returning was not history enough, but that they should make other contribu- tions. For the second consecutive year the class was honored to have " Miss Florida Normal " come from the group. Mrs. Eugenia Belle Brooks held this title for two years. In the late Spring a group of seven interested ladies, five of whom were members of this class, were called together for the purpose of organizing a chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. In years to come they will be known always as charter members of the first sorority on the campus. We felt that we owed it to ourselves and the institution to return the fourth year thereby making Flor- ida Normal a successful senior college. However, circumstances were so that it became necessary for two mem- bers to dissolve their relationship with us. All the other members with that determined incomparable spirit. Miss Amanda Hope was elected as our new President and Dean Britton G. Sayles, as our sponsor. We. began the year by again having the honor of Miss Florida Normal coming to our class by .popular vote. Miss Amanda Hope was elected from the entire student body. Members of this class have participated in more extra-curricula activities than any other cfass of the school. We are looking forward to further progress and many more accomplishments as the First Senior Class of Florida Normal and Industrial College. " Out of the darkness, out of the night lias this class come to the dawn of light. " af SENIOR CLASS Amanda Mahie Hope, President Fort Valley, G Education; Student Council; Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.; Paul Robeson Dramatic Club; Li brary Guild; Digest Staff; Flanician Staff. -Red Head " James Caul Sams, Vice-President Jacksonville, Fla. Theology; President of Ministers OrgKnization; Advertising Manager, Flan- ician. " Rev. " Mary Evelyn Washington, Secretary . Jacksonville, Fla Social Science; Editor, Flanician; Y.W.C.A.; Business Manager Digest Staff; Paul Robeson Dramatic Cub; Farmerettes. " Jeep " Willia Mae G. Horne, Treas., Greenwood, Fla. Education; Ta-mias, Z }»B; Manager, Girls ' Basket- ball Team, Y.W.C.A. " Red " Hazel Laura Hadley . Business Mgr. Jacksonville, Fla. Education; Basileus, Z ( B; Secretary, Y.W.C.A.; Business Manager, Flanician; Student Council; Circulation Editor, Di- gest Staff; Farmerettes. " Nicky " SENIOR CLASS Eugenia Elizabeth B. Brooks, Miami, Fla. Mathematics; President, Student Council; President, Paul Robeson Dramatic Cub; Y.W.C.A.; Rewrite Editor, Digest Staff; Saff Secretary, Flanician, Grammateus, Z(} B. " Baby " Corenthia Mae Wilson . Miami, Fla. Chemistry; Secreary, Sudent Council; Busi- ness Manager, Y.W.C.A.; Treasurer, Choral Club; Anti-Basileus, Z {)B; Student Director, Paul Robeson Dramatic Club; Editorial Chair- man, Fl.ANICIAN. " Sister " Dessye Lee Collins . . Plant City, Fla. Social Science; Financial Secretary, Senior Class; Y.W.C.A., Digest Staff. " Baby Dumpling " Shirley Joyce Dennahu Social Science; Editor, President, Paul Robeson; Council; Choral Group. " Lady Astor Tampa, Fla. Digest Staff; Vice- Y.W.C.A.; Student Maude Fuller George .. Liberia, Africa Education; Y.W.C.A. Leaving May 28, for Africa as a missionary. " Maudy " • FIRST ROW: Robert Henry Lee . St. Augustine, Fla. Theology; Ministers ' Organization. Affie Mahie R. Teal . St. Petersburg, Fla. Education; Y.W.C.A.; Circulation Manager, Flank ian; Elementary Club; President, Arch- onian Chili. " Effie " Henry Hinton Robinson, Jacksonville, Fla. Theology; Ministers ' Organization. SECOND ROW: Lovett Uddyback Mobley, Gainesville, Fla. Theology; Ministers ' Organization. Geneva Gwendolyn Carter, Jacksonville, Fla. Education; Y. W. C. A.; Digest Staff; Farm- ettes. f " Penny Edward Alphonso Rutledoe, St. Augustine, Fla. Education; Instructor of Veteran ' s Adminis- tration; Digest Staff. SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Anna F. Harvin Jacksonville, Fla. President Fannie Slyke Summerfield, Fla. Vice-President Rosa Hillman Jacksonville, Fla. Secretary Lillie B. Rowe Cocoa, Fla. Treasurer Mercedes H. Byron Miami, Fla. Reporter William Brown Dunellon, Fla. Business Manager ; ; I JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Blaun Eva Anderson St. Augustine, Florida Emma Brown St. Augustine, Florida Falicia Garcia " . . . . t„ ™ ., lampa, Florida MARYHUFF Jacksonville, Florida Ethel Larry Brooksville, Florida Second Roto: Alma Robinson Jacksonville, Florida ErmaDawkins Ocala, Florida Rebecca J. Walker Lakeland, Florida Lizzie M. Weathersbee Punta Gorda FlorJda Anna D. Williams Jacksonville, Florida 0 w a SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Marie E. Ferguson, Sponsor Clarence Corbert President Jewell Anderson Vice-President Helen Copeland Secretary Thomas L. Lowrie Treasurer Sophomores 2)0 First Row: Blanche Govan Lucindia, Govan Thelma Hall Lydia Howard Catherine Hills Lavern Jenkins Second Row: Theresa Johnson Lillie M. King Doris Kirksey Leola Lang Margaret Larry Mareatha Lightsey Third Row: Willie Mann Arrie Middleton Nannie Ruth Morton Elsie Moses Helen Moore Janie Moore Fourth Row: Sarah Morris Edna McElory Minnie Payne Catherine Palms Lossie Pearson Marion Perry Fifth Row: Vera Patterson Elmorris Pollock Mildred Reid Nevirda Reed Annie Richardson Brandhilda Richardson jj Sophomores First Row: Rosa Barnes Inister Belle Alvina Benboe Armetta Blue Thelma Bowers Gertrude Bradwell Second Row: Naomi Brazzell Alma Bright Albertha Brown Camilla Broadnex Nealia Brookins Aleatha Browne Third Row: Eva Butler Mary Brock Annie Broxton Malissa Broxton Marion Byrd Elnora Chapman Fourth Row: Mamie Cherry Marilyn Cohen Bessie Collier Ruth Debman Helen Dickason Eartha Duval Fifth Row: Geraldine Evans Anthony Edmonds Albertha Figgs Alfreida Fields Algerine Falana Jennie Franklin 3p Sophomores First Row: Annie Robinson Thelma Robins Camilla Ruff Sadie Rush Alicia Sands Marguerite Scott Third Row: Hazel Thigpen Queen Timmons Doris Tucker Lurnelia Turnage Christine Walker Lottie Washington Second Row: Madelyne Sheppard Mary Smith Alice Smith Florida Smith Emma Lue Sutton Vermille Tanner Fourth Row: Ruby Watson Lois Williams Melonese Williams Minnie J. Acklin Lossie L. Glover SAX i FRESHMAN CLASS %g OFFICERS Ella Rijalls Watts, Sponsor Hosley Cray President Mozean Smith .... Vice-President Rita Bbown Secretary Luel Allen Treasurer Benjamin Green . . Business Manager BOOK THREE 1832-1345 2 lo. N. P. C. CLUB OFFICERS Thelma Eleanor Hall President Marion Elizabeth Byrd .... Vice-President Christine Walker Secretary Naomi Ann Brazzell Treasurer MEMBERS Alicia Sands Annie Richardson Brandhilda Richardson Cathryn Palms Annie Robinson Algerine Falana Helen Dickason Mamie Cherry Edna P. McElory Camilla Broadnex Annie B. Broxton Doris Kirksey Elmorris Pollock Armetta Blue Lottie Washington Lossie L. Glover Lillie M. King Pecola Warren Hazel Thigpen Mildred Reid Janie Moore Mrs. Ferguson, Sponsor FARMERETTES OFFICERS Mr. B. F. McLaurin, Sponsor Mercedes Bryon President Lavern Jenkins Vice-President Alvina Bemboe Secretary Helen Moore Treasurer ■ Thel Mar; Chri Naoj 3% PRACTICE SCHOOL INSIDE THE DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Lorena Roive Garrett, Instructor " Where We Live and Work and Play " Grade 1 Aquilla Major Altha Miller Gloria Bell Lenard Bell Frank Woods (not in picture) Johnny Tilley Aillen Miller Mable Shaw Grade 3 Moses Miller Cornelius Sapp Letha Sapp (not in picture) Nezzie L. Show Grade 4 Annie Ruth Miller Johnny Bell Leo Paul Rosa Sapp . Instructor CHORAL GROUP OFFICERS Rebecca Walker, Directress Camilla Ruff President Annie Robinson Secretary Mercedes Byron Reporter Corenthia Wilson Treasurer Stenogs " Business Guild 40 OFFICERS Mm Violet Jones, Sponsor Doris Kirksey President Anthony Edmonds Vice-President Elizabeth Brock Secretary Hazejl Thigpen Financial Secreatry Pecola Warren Treasurer Bernice Johnson Reporter Catherine Hill Mary- McDuffie Xelia Brookins Ruth Jenkins Helen Shaw Alma Bright Elease Sharpe Geraldine R. Evans MEMBERS Madelyne Sheppard Eartha Duval Audrey Byron Rebecca Davis Tommie Tucker Mareatha Lightsey Cleo Lowe Dorothy Redick A -Jfe i _ LIBRARY GUILD OFFICERS Miss Frances Hall, Sponsor Jewell Anderson President Rosa Hillman Vice-President Blanche Govan . c Secretary Camilla Ruff . 1 reasurer MEMBERS Amanda Hope Nannie R. Morton Gwendolyn Bryant Evelyn Miles Cleo Lowe W am ■• Student Counc i I Shir ley Dennard Anna D. Williams Corenthia Wilson Hazel L. Hadley Geraldine Jordan Thomas L. Lowrie Anna Harvin Clarence Corbett Lossie Pearson Jewell Anderson Holsey Gray Fannie Slyke Amanda Hope Bennie Hayes Rosa Hillman OFFICERS Mrs. Josie B. Greer, Faculty Advisor Eugenia Brooks President Anna Harvin Vice-President Corenthia Wilson Secretary Idella Smith Treasurer PALS of PLEASURE ■ m M. ,. ' jl :12.1b- - " H f?B S? MM OFFICERS Miss NiZa Phoenix, Sponsor Lorena Dean President Gloria Jordan Vice-President Catherine Golden Secretary Thelma Thomas Treasurer MEMBERS Elouise Givens Geraldine Vaughn Doris Harris Evelyn Miles Cora Peterson Mozean Smith Sallie Martin Ruth Debenon Gwendolyn Bryant Dorothy Ferrell Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Mrs. Anne Oglesby, Sponsor Erma L. Dawkins ' • . . . President Jewell Anderson Vice-President Hazel L. Hadley • • . . . Secretary Amanda Hope •■••... Treasurer Corenthia Wilson Business Manager COSMETOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Miss Estelle Pemberton, Sponsor Juanita Strawder President Catherine Britton Vice-President Ernestine McGarrah Secretary Annie Winfield Treasurer - i MEMBERS Sponsor Helen Williams Mattie Darton Brandhilda Richardson Synid Harris Lee Hazel Green Geraldine Jordan Adell Carter Rachel O ' Neal Mattie Lue Lee . Paul Robeson Dramatic Club Mr. Britton G. Sayles, Sponsor OFFICERS Eugenia Brooks President Shirley Dennard Vice-President Jewell Anderson Secretary Annie Robinson Treasurer Corenthia Wilson . -. . . . Student Director MEMBERS Mercedes H. Byron Thomas Lowrie Mattie S. Seay Maretha Liglitsey Lavern Jenkins Lillie B. Rowe Amanda Hope Clarence Corbett Rebecca Christine Walker Catherine Bozeman Madaline Sheppard Malissa Broxton Mary Washington Helen Moore Nealie Brookins Thelma Nail Walker n ELEMENTARY CLUB Mrs. Mardris Paul, Sponsor OFFICERS MiNM |,; J- Acklin . . President S ' aoMI Brazzeix Vice-President Helen Copeland Secretary Vvmk Hichardson Treasurer An ' cbella Middleton Marion Perry Thclma Bowers Betty Young Loi. s Williams Lossie Pierceson Margaret Scott Lossie L. Clover . Annie Broxton Gertrude Bradwell Blanch Govan MEMBERS Janie Moore Queen Timmons Florida Smith Vera Patterson Frankie Jacobs Nannie R. Norton Camilla Broadnex Nervida Gadson Albertha Figgs Mildred Reed Christine Walker Catherine Palms Lulinelia Turnage Helen Moore Mattie Powell Mrs. M. Paul, Sponsor Almiria Pollock Nilia Phoenix Armetta Blue Sarah Morris Lillie M. King w THE DIGEST Mr. Britton G. Sayles, Sponsor Shirley Dennard Editor-in-Chief Mercedes Bryon Editor Hazel Hadley Circulation Editor Eugenia Brooks Rewrite Editor Mary Washington . . . Business Manager Gloria Jordan Sport Editor Helen Moore Society Editor ' 45 FLANIC1AN EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER Mary Washington ... fj •. „ T „ • ■ • Editor Hazel L. Hadley Business Manager James C. Sams ; Advertising Manager Eugenia Brooks Staff Secretary Amanda Hope Corresponding Secretary AffieTeal Circulation Manager Corenthia Wilson Editorial Chairman ■IS JIWIlILnVIIiHEl : STAFF AT WORK 50 ARCHONIAN CLUB PLEDGE CLUB TO ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. OFFICERS Affie B. Teal President Geraldine Evans Vice-President Elease Sharpe Secretary Dessye Collins Treasurer Thelma Bowers Reporter Doris Tucker Pianist Camilla Ruff Chaplain Ruth Debenon Business Manager Willia M. Grandberry Horne . . Dean of Pledges £1 Iota Alpha Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. The Iota Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., was established on the campus of Florida Normal and Industrial College, Saint Augustine, Florida on April 2, 1944, under the instigation of Basileus Alpha H. Moore of Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Jacksonville, Florida. The members of the chapter are: Sorors Eugenia Belle, Lola Jones, Cor- inthia Wilson, Victoria McPhee, Avernell Clarke, Willia Mae Grandberry Home, Hazel L. Hadley and Elizabeth Grinstead. The officers are: A. C. Clarke, Basileus; H. L. Hadley, Anti-Basileus and Antapokritas; E. E. Belle, Grammateus; W. M. Home, Tamias; C. M. Wilson, Jerveler and Parliamentarian; V. McPhee, Epistoleus; L. A. Jones, Chaplain and Dean of Pledges; E. Grinstead, Sponsor. 5%, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Iota Alpha Chapter Hazel L. Hadley Basileus Cohenthia Wilson Anti-Basileus Eugenia Brooks Grammateus Willia M. Hokne Tamichous Madelyn Sheppard Epistoleus Marion Perhy Antapokritas Minnie Payne Jerveler Lavern Jenkins Custodian Mamie Cherry Parliamentarian Sarah Morris Chaplain Lucindia Calhoun Sponsor 1 i ORGANIZATIONS To The students of Florida Normal College whose vigor, support and partici- pation in student organization have furnished the vital force for maintaining the " Florida Normal Spirit " . HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Miss Nilia Phoenix, Sponsor Alice Smith President Lucinda Govan Vice-President Malissa Broxton Secretary Alvina Benboe Treasurer Mamie Cherry Chaplain MEMBERS Emma L. Sutton Merilyn Cohen Marjorie Young Geraldine Vaughn Dorothy Rollins Nannie Smith Gwendolyn Bryant Rosa Johnson Rosetta Collins Nanearl Wylly Lorena Dean President VETERAN ' S CLUB Sylvester Burgman Robert Coble Julius Brown Joe Egleton Aubry Ross Mrs. Lydia Howard Issac Nelson Mac D. Edwards Henry Parker Tom Bryant Joseph Brinkly President V- .v , SSAtf ■N s WOMEN ' S SENATE of Bacon Hall OFFICERS Rita Brown President Marjorie Alexander Vice-President Dorothy Doyle Secretary Catherine Golden Treasurer President H : mm% : - ' mm% - « k 4 ? BOOK FOUR 18 9 2-1945 ATHLETICS Thanks to The untiring efforts of the coaches who have made an excellent showing in every meet in which the teams participated. You have fostered the spirit of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship in the athletic program of Florida Normal. THE COACHES Vernon McDaniels enjoys the affectionate regard of every Florida Normal student. Coach McDaniels is known as a thorough, yet patient disciplinarian. r Thanks to the able assistance of Coaches Russell Blunt, Joseph Taylor, and W. Anthony Gaines. The " Gold and Blue " has won many outstanding victories in football, basketball, tennis and other sports. The Class of ' 45 salutes the coaches as a band of " Jolly Good Fellows " . FOOTBALL TEAM ii MEMBERS Clarence Corbett Co-Captain William Brown Co-Captain John Denson Willie Fowler Hosley Gray Willie Baker Julius Glass Benjamin Hodges John Smith R. B. Sanders T. L. Lowrie MISS " FLORIDA NORMAL " AND HER ATTENDANTS CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS 41- ' 42 ■ ! ' .j BASKET Girls ' Tea m Jennie Franklin, Captain Sadie Rush Eartha Duval Carrie Hunter Bertha Brown Queen Bowers Lorena Dean Florence Williams Evelyn Haile Doris Harris Nannie Smith Emma L. Snow Doris Kirksey Ruth Debman Queen Timmons Geraldine Mclver Willia M. Granberry Horne, Manager BALL Boys ' Tea m tr i Willie Fowler Clarence Corbett, Captain Willie Baker John Denson Nelson Gainer Eugene Brown Julius Glass John Armstrong William Brown, Co-Captain ■ % " i :t .n t BOOK 1112-114$ Hi 3 i FEATURES To to p™L " T t Womenj an agency which has coiiwbuted wo Tdlt ' PerS ° naIitieS ' and Uph ° ,din S « - a m on g o : ■ MS) ' I AMANDA HOPE " MlU qivuda AlvimcU " ROSA HILLMAN " Miss Junior " WILLIA M. HORNE " Miss Senior " CATHERINE GOLDEN Charming Freshman LAVERN JENKINS Attractive Sophomore i 33 TOMMIE TUCKER BESSIE COLLIER LEOLA LANG ROSETTA COLLINS Peahlie M. Williamson GENEVA CARTER AUDREY BYRON ANNIE ROBINSON FALICIA GARCIA ALFREIDA FIELDS MARY HUFF ELIZABETH BROOKS MARGARET LARRY HAZEL THIGPEN CHRISTINE WALKER ERMA DAWKINS BENNYE HAYES HELEN MOORE ALGARINE FALANA CATHERINE BOZEMAN Jlavely Ga-eJU ' THESE ARE SERVING I OTHERS GREENE ISSAC ZACK DOBBS ROOSEVELT McKELVY DANIEL McNAIR JAMES GLENN RAPHIEL JEFFERSON ALFONSO KING CECIL DANIEL JACOB ADAMS SOLLIE MITCHELL HENRY WHITE ALICE MARTIN 1 Ofo, AT EUS JOHNNY ROBINSON OUR COUNTRY ,.- j. I EUSTIS BECKHAM JUDSON FURLOUGH GEORGE A. BRADLEY EDWARD HORNE Awarded Purple Heart ' 45 OTHERS JAMES GARVIS GYE L. LONG EDDIE L. VICKERS ANDERSON T. BOONE AUGUSTUS DAVIS CHARLIE DAVIS CARLTON SMITH JULIUS .FIELDS JOHN WESLY WILLIAMS ISSAC MANNING i n EARL TAYLOR MAUDE FULLER GEORGE This page is formerly dedicated to our beloved classmate who will soon embark on foreign shores to serve her people in Liberia, Africa. SENIOR DIRECTORY MRS. ENGENIA E. BELLE BROOKS 1656 N. W. Fifth Place Miami 36, Florida MISS GENEVA GWENDOLYN CARTER 761 West Church Street Jacksonville 4, Florida MISS DESSYE LEE COLLINS 1123 Haines Street Plant City, Florida MISS SHIRLEY JOYCE DENNARD 214 Nordica Street Tampa 3, Florida MISS MAUDE FULLER GEORGE Kelton Baptist Mission Sinoe County Liberia, West Coast, Africa MISS HAZEL LAURA HADLEY 2310 Thames Street Jacksonville 4, Florida MISS AMANDA MARIE HOPE Route 3, Box 127 Scuffleton Road Fort Valley, Georgia MRS. WJLLIA GRANBERRY HORNE P. O. Box 128 Greenwood, Florida REV. ROBERT HENRY LEE 83 Saint Francis Street Saint Augustine, Florida REV. LOVETT UDDYBACK MOBLEY 931 No. 6th Street Gainesville, Florida REV. HENRY HENTON ROBINSON 1116 West Eighth Street Jacksonville 4, Florida MR. EDWARD ALPHONSA RUTLEDGE 53 Lovett Street Saint Augustine, Florida REV. JAMES CARL SAMS 1037 Jessie Street Jacksonville 6, Florida MRS. AFFIE MARIE B. TEAL 1543 Third Avenue, South Saint Petersburg 7, Florida MISS MARY EVELYN WASHINGTON 1422 Harrison Street Jacksonville, Florida MISS CORINTHIA MAE WILSON 1506 N. W. First Place Miami 36, Florida Alma McUeb FLORIDA NORMAL Words by MARIE EVANGELINE FERGUSON Music by J.HARL BRON (J. Harold Brown) As the breeze thru moss-hung trees Seems to sing thy sa-cred nameThy 2. We love thy halls, co - qui- na walls, And the friends who gave theebirth;The 3. Should fu-ture years bring joy or tears, To thy name we ' ll e ' er be true; To m f i f r n i, iTf r f £ sons and daugh-ter« love to spread O ' er all the land thy well-earned fame ?preadOer all the land thy well-earned fame truths we learned as each heart yearned For high- er, no-bler things on earth. ' thee we pledge our loy-al - ty And ded- i-cate bur lives to you. • m p rrif Pf f i ff ff if i 21 REFRAIN j i i ' ffi JUiJj j i j J J m J j i Flnr-i-Ha TMr»r« mil fl .. : _ j - t j _L_i tt _ i _ •_ . s Flor-i-da Nor-mal, Flor-i-da Nor-mal, How we love to sing thy praise! m m. EEESEEEEE " ' . " ' i ' 1 ! 1 i I ' ll, ' N i ' i n i 1 1 ' Well be loy-al, ev - er loy-al, And for thee our voi-ces raise. 1 1 r r f i rr i|h r j i m p r mMJUtLM ,c % HTAM II EWH i Hl mt [ $ - - " » wmmt • - . -. ■ • . : ■ - fML , , ; J f u " ! I BOOK SIX IMi-IHj ! ADS To Our advertisers, those interested individuals and firms, whose confidence in the " Florida Normal " way is expressed generously from year to year by their tangible contribution to an evergrowing year book. AMBULANCE SERVICE Day and Night E. W. LAWSON SON Funeral Directors Embalmers PHONE 288 109 N. Ninth St. Palatka, Fla. r- — Compliments of Central Academy and Faculty A. J. POLK, Principal Palatka, Florida Mary Lawson Sanitorium Ambulance Service Day and Night Phone 288 Palatka, Florida Mary Lawson, Supt. of Hospital " 1 823 Lemon St. ' I I BELTON ' S PLACE Food Delicatessen Style " NUF SED " 1100 Main Street Palatka, Florida Autographs XH ' 1 Compliments of Mrs. Margaret Brown Miami, Florida —- - .■ ......._,_ Compliments of A. J. SHOOTS, Mus. 2 C U.S.N. A.S. Richmond, Florida Miami, Fla. . Compliments of Compliments of Southern Furniture Co., ; Modernistic Beauty Salon „., „ lnc - ! ' 826 N. W. 3rd Ave 841 N.W. 2nd Ave. Miami, Fla. E. F. FANNIN, Prop. Compliments of TURNER ' S, Your Store Tallahassee and Marianna, Florida Andalusia, Alabama The MARIANNA Store " ■? — » Compliments of PRICE ' S And Their Employees 228 W. King St. St. Augustine, Fla. | -J ' ' i ' i ' i ' 1 ' i 1 !: l r — ■ — - — — r , ,, . L— „ 1 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Ira P. Davi 1036 N.W. 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida Compliments of JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME Lois H. Johnson, Prop. 86 St Francis St - St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 340 vr (South Florida ' s only Colored Florist) Flowers For Your Every Need 305 N.W. 13th Street Miam| F|orJda Phone 2-1205 l — — ™™__ ' i • L — - Compliments of FLORIDA PHOTO STUDIO Miami, Florida " " — 1 Compliments of EDDIE ' S GROCERY Choice Groceries and Western Meats 556 N.W. 17th St. Miami, Fla. £ __ Mr. " 7 — - — . Compliments of and Mrs. Frank P. Hadley and Family Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of Kelsey Pharr, Sr. Miami, Florida Compliments of " For The Best in Shoe Repairing See MAC " 236 Unit B. King Street St. Augustine Mac D. Edward, Prop. ' Compliments FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Reverend ROBERT H. LEE, Pastor St. Augustine, Florida T ■ ■ • DEACON BOARD Deacon J. F. Britton, Chairman Deacon E. L. Tye, Secretary TRUSTEE BOARD A. Nealy, Chairman M. L. Shelly, Secretary SUNDAY SCHOOL A. J. Nealy, Superintendent Evelyn Reddick, Secretary M. E. Reddick, Treasurer Spencer Hammand, Pianist B. T. U. Senior Department S. A. Nealy, President Thelma Washington, Secretary Ada M. Lee, Treasurer Junior Department Miss Josephine Upshaw, President Mr. Thomas Hoi ley, Secretary JUNE CHARITY CLUB Mrs. Effie Kwoonce, President Mrs. Emmaline Lloyd, Secretary HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY Mrs. N. S. Freeland, President Mrs. I. Shelly, Vice-President Mrs. N. Barnes, Secretary Mrs. M. Lee, Chaplain Mrs. Mary Anderson, Treasurer DEACONESS BOARD Mrs. I. S. Shelly, President Mrs. Anna Sheppard, Treasurer Mrs. C. K. Myrick, Secretary PARSONATE AID BOARD Mrs. Mary Clair, President Mrs. Leola Lovely, Secretary Mrs. Reva Lindsey, Chaplain Mrs. Jean Davis, Treasurer USHER BOARD Mr. John Anderson, President Miss Bessie Perkins, Secretary Mrs. Ruth Hailman, Treasurer GOODWILL CLUB Mrs. I. S. Shelley, President Mrs. Callie Robinson, Secretary THE R. H. LEE CLUB Mrs. Bessie Kwoonce, President Miss Carrie H. Kwoonce, Secretary 5 lence Beauty Culture - A Vocation of Happiness and Independe Phone 2-9998 SUNLIGHT School of Beauty CULTURE 1011 N. W. 2nd Avenue Miami o, -. ., n a i i- n j Miami 36, Florida D. A. Julius, President, 803 Davis Ave., Mobile, Ala. — ■ • «. -UMU3, ncbiuenr, ouo Da 1 " 7 1 1 1 Compliments of SERVICE BARBER SHOP } Treat Yourself To The Best Sanitary — Satisfying Service 423 W. Belmont St. Pensacola, Fla. Presented by B. L. ENGLISH Phone 5-1993 MACON FURNITURE CO. We Buy and Sell New and Used Furniture 230 Broad St., Cor. Monroe i I L_ ■ 1 Compliments of EDNA ' S FLOWER SHOP IOIV2 St. George St. St. Augustine Florida 1 i Compliments of SINGER ' S SERVICE SHOP 124 St. George St. St. Augustine, Florida Compliments of T Sgt. and Mrs. Edward L. Home Jacksonville, Florida MORRIS FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL DIRECTORS • EMBALMING Service Day and Night PHONES 2182 - 4469 We Are In The Service of Others Free Ambulance Service Day and Night 701 North DeVi.liers Street Y p£££ F.orida - " ? Phone 1005 TUCKER ' S STUDIO HAL M. TUCKER, Prop. Portraits and Commercial Photography Wholesale and Retail Photo Finishing 30 St. George Street St. Augustine, Fla. Compliments of B. T. WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Pensacola, Florida Richard V. Moore, Principal ' — 7 Compliments of CITIZENS STATE BANK MARIANNA, FLORIDA With best wishes for continued success of your college. BROWN EQUIPMENT CO. Compliments of — - — - , — — , L_ Authorized Dealers FARMALL TRACTORS Marianna, Florida — » ffi r—- Compliments of McCLORY ' S The Dime Store St. Augustine, Florida ' i ' i ' i 1 ' i ' i Compliments of AKRA ' S 1 66 St. George Street St. Augustine, Florida i VISIT RED BIRD CAFE You Will Be Pleased Rooms and Bath Hot and Cold Water PLASSIE COOK, Prop. 1 16 ' Madison Street Marianna, Fla. Regular Meals — Prompt Service ii 1 1 1 1 1 ' Phone 5-9970 RICHARDSON " The Tailor " Dry Cleanin g Business Address 608-610 Broad Street Jacksonville, Florida ' i ' i ' ■ 1 ' i ' i ' i ' i ' i , i Compliments of ALTOONJIAN ' S GIFT SHOP ; 51 King St. St. Augustine, Fla. i, Phone 531 Compliments of St. Augustine Men ' s Shop 148 St. George Street } St. Augustine, Florida ' I Compliments of Attorney and Mrs. Lawson E. Thomas 1 141 2 Northwest First Place MIAMI 36, FLORIDA ■ — " C{ SOWELL FUNERAL HOME Phone 5-2204 24 Hour Ambulance Service 1439 Davis Street Jacksonville, Florida Lady Attendant To Call On Sowell, One Is Assured The Utmost In Courtesy and Efficient Service EDDIE L. SOWELL, Owner and Licensed Mortician WE OWN CEMETERY LETTY SOWELL, Secretary ANDREW J. HUFF Mortician - Ambulance Service 337 Davis Street ■ ■ 114 Central Avenue Jacksonville, Fla. St. Augustine, Fla. Phone 5-4646 Phone 1317 Fernandina, Florida ■ — -»--j r — , S WILLIAM S. ROBINSON, A.B., LL.B. Attorney and Counsellor at Law Licensed to practice in all U. S. State Courts of Florida Notary Public 410 Broad Street Rooms Res. 1568 Florida Ave. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. and 203-4-5 i Phones 5-1295--5-1296 C. M. SHAW Mortician 915 E. Union St. Jacksonville, Fla. — ' Compliments of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH The young man above is the Reverend James C. Sams who has pastored the First Baptist Church of Oakland for ten years. This be- ing his only church, we the members at large are well pleased and hope for his continued success. He is a progressive young man with high knowledge as well as a profound leader. Our church has been erected under his leadership within the past three years. The Rev. James C. Sams was the host of the Progressive State Baptist Convention which was in session March 21 to 25. For ten years, he has studied at Florida Normal and Industrial College and received his degree in Theology in March, 1945. S. H. COLLINS, Chairman, Deacon Board W. M. PATTERSON, Chairman, Trustee REV. JAMES C. SAMS, Pastor t 4.— Compliments of MR. E. L DENMARK Marianna, Florida Compliments of THE LEW SHOP St. Augustine, Florida —•7 ] Compliments of WEST HILL TAXI STAND ; Phone 9163 417 W. Belmount St. Pensacola, Florida Compliments of MRS. DANIEL Assistant Manager of Atlantia Life Insurance Co. Pensacola, Florida Compliments of PEOPLE FUNERAL HOME 525 Orange St. Phone 293W Courteous Sympathetic Service --- Open 24 Hours L GRANBERRY, Prop. Marianna, Fla. r— - , Compliments of THE PARISIAN Marianna, Florida ANGELO COSMETIC CO. Manufacturers and Distributors The Finest in Beauty 2802 N. Howard Ave. Phone H-3918 Tampa, Fla. ' V " Vl " .-1. " -.. Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. G. W. HAWKINS 1620 N.W. 1st Court Miami, Florida ROBERT L. HOLLEY Co-Ordinator Florida Normal and Industrial College Director of Institutes Field Secretary of the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor, First Baptist Church 410 N. W. 2nd. Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida i j I. i V Br f D Compliments of ANTHONY R. DENNIS 708 Broad St. Phone 5-4908 Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of DAVIS FURNITURE CO 135 Broad St. Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of The MIAMI WHIP America ' s Smartest Negro Weekly Compliments of DENMARK FURNITURE CO. 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Marianna, Florida 1 Compliments of SCHREIBER ' S Men ' s Boys ' Wear Marianna, Florida - j Compliments of Colored Cab Drivers Union No. 674 600 W. Ashley Street Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of MR. L S. PENDER Bank of Greenwood Greenwood, Florida 1 ' i Compliments f Jackson County Training School Prof. R. T. Gilmore Marianna, Florida ■ - I ? ' t--------- WELLS DRUG STORE 1502 Nebraska Ave. Phone 4525 Tampa, Fla. " 7 1 ■»■-»■-»■■ ■- Compliments of THE PILGRIM SHOE STORE, Inc. All That ' s Best In Footwear 49 King St. St. Augustine, Fla. ' i i i i ' ■ ' i. People ' s Service Station G. B. GRIFFIN, Prop. GAS. OIL AND KEROSENE 1059-1065 Kings Road Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of " The ICEBERG " St. Augustine, Florida GERTRUDE ' S FLOWER SHOP 609 North " A " Street Cut Flowers — Funeral Designs Wedding Bouquets and Corsages " Let OUR Flowers Express YOUR Thoughts " Gertrude Rogers, Prop. Phone 4236 BILL ' S WATCH REPAIR SHOP All Work Guaranteed Phone M62-674 1260 Scott St. Tampa, Florida s ' I I ' I MARYLAND AVE. GROCERY 1501 Maryland Ave. ALBERT FOWLER, Manager Tampa, Florida r — - C ompliments of DR. EDWARD J. SUNDAY Physician and Surgeon 40572 N. Devillier St. Pensacola, Florida 7 ' i ' i i Compliments of PAULINE ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE MISS PAULINE FLUKER Tampa, Florida 1 Compliments of St. John Baptist Churc Rev. R. J. Hagans, Pastor Jacksonville, Florida — " 7 ' i h i i ' . ' : Compliments of Shiloh Baptist Church REV. W. A. HARRISON Dunedin, Florida -4 C 9 Compliments of Mr. Chas. A. Lockhart Vice-President International Longshoreman ' s Association Miami, Florida Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. R. N. Gordon 77 Park Place St. Augustine, Fla. Pictured above is the Reverend Henton Henry Robinson, the esteemed pastor of the Mount Sinai Baptist Church (also shown), corners Lee and Smith Streets, Jacksonville, Florida. ■ Coming in at childhood, attending the church as a trustee, deacon, licensed preacher and finally assigned as the honored pastor and minister of this great church, Reverend Robinson has truly been an asset during his fourteen consecutive years as pastor. You are always invited to attend this church. Stranger but once. " " The church where you are a !f : iv r Compliments of D. W. PERKINS Attorney At Law Colored Masonic Temple, 410 Broad Street Office Phone 5-0739 Res. Phone 5-67 12-J Jacksonville, Fla. Compliments of AARON GRANBERRY, JR. SONS Box 128 Greenwood, Florida Compliments of Atlantia Life Insurance Co. Pensacola, Florida i ' i ' i Compliments of RELIABLE TRADING CO., Inc. " The Store with the Orange Front " 1352 N. W. 3rd Avenue Miami, Florida MEN ' S FURNISHINGS — SUITS — PANTS SHOES — WORK CLOTHES JEWELRY and LUGGAGE We Buy and Sell Anything of Value WE CASH CHECKS —j

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