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AD ASTRA 19 8 7 . FIT • FIT • FIT • FDT • FHT • W I I GET Frr 87 FIT to Go ... 16 riTness Instructors ... 56 FhVliyiTITness . . . 70 If the Shoe FITs . . . 114 J way of Life BeheriTs . . 192 irtT U Buy . . . 222 .158 T • FUT • FIT • FET • FIT • FHT AD ASTRA Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida 32901 1987 I V V V V 7 V 7 7 7 7 7 ' ; ■ » r T r » I A rw fj rw AAA 10 12 f4 i L; Jk l T ■i i? 13 14 If- kV 15 16 =a- 1 T 2 ■ ■ • " " d I " 4i M 7. HP ' ' " £3 V m r h Jit ' To The Top F.I.T. ' s seniors are on their way to the working world and ready for anything. They have been prepared intellectually in the classroom, learning theory that will be prac- ticed at their job. They have been prepared socially by the organiza- tins they belong to, learning to work with their peers in different circumstances. Each individual leaves here ready to climb to the TOP of the success ladder. They now leave what some call the best years of their lives, but F.I.T. ' s se- niors are FIT TO GO TO THE TOP. 17 4 ■ ' - te» 18 nidal n, Aboul-Samad Chemical Engineering Suzanne M. Abrahams Flight Technology Jibrin Ahmed Aviation Management 6C Flight Technology Majid Alhadhrami Management Anas Alkassem Civil Engineering Roberto Alvarez Chemical Engineering William H. Arceneaux Space Sciences Computer Engineering Marcelo P. Arcos Ocean Engineering Salim I. Aridi Applied Technology 19 Caroline Qina Baker Electrical Engineering Robert F. Barbieri Jacob C. Barnes Fred S. Bekker Management Aviation Management Aircraft Systems Data Processing Flight Technology Management 20 Dagmar Bonnin Chemical Engineering Atef Boukhari Electrical Engineering Jeannie A. Boyd Computer Science 21 Kim B. Bozik Electrical Engineering Matthew r. Brandii Chemical Engineering Michele V. Brin Ocean Engineering Terri L. Brinkman Electrical Engineering Michael F. Brisbois Electrical Engineering Christopher J. Brown Ocean Engineering 22 Cynthia O. Carlton-Carew Business Management Brightening up the r.l.T. Campus. George 1. Carraha Computer Science Luis C. Carrillo Electrical Engineering Vicki Carter Business Administration Stephen W. Gates Electrical Engineering Dominic A. Ceccoli Aviation Management Flight Technology Win Thian Chai Computer Engineering Robert W. Chisholm Electrical Engineering George Christopoulos Mechanical Engineering Catherine M. demons Marine Biology Barbara J. Coleman Civil Engineering 24 Thomas M. Conway Business Administration W. Douglas Crom pton Biological Oceanography Kathleen M. Cronin Psychology Charles Dadoun Aviation Management night Technology Mary Ann Daiessandro Electrical Engineering Subhas C. Datta Environment Aquaculture 25 Douglass Q. Dawson Ocean Engineering Caria H . Decker Management Science Computers 8f Data Processing Hermann A. Degwitz Mechanical Engineering Lisa A. Delaney Electrical Engineering Daniel A. Depoli Management Lisa M. Derrickson Business Administration Andrew R. Diaz Computer Science Tracy A. Diaz Ocean Engineering X 26 Meredith A. Dodge Computer Science Shinobu Doi Computer Engineering Michael Domeier Marine Biology 1 Peter C. Drasher rinance rarid C. El-Kazen Business Management Clovis C. El-Khazen Civil Engineering Michail Elwood Aviation Management night Technology 27 Linda English Technical Communication Said fahim Civil Engineering Selim M. Fadel Mechanical Engineering Bassam S. Farroha Computer Engineering Deborah L. fears Electrical Engineering Robert C. Feckner Business Administration Michael Scott Ferency Flight Technology 28 So, this is how college students spend their weekends. Deffinitely not what 1 expected. Roberto Filippelli Computer Engineering Andre P. Floro Air Commerce Se flight Technology Rebecca Lee Forsyth Geological Oceanography Cynthia A. Fortier Business Administration 29 Joe Fortuna Business Administration Maximo L. Garcia Computer Engineering Darryl Qaughan Aviation Management Michael J. Qilligan Physical Oceanography Luis A. Qlynn Electrical Engineering Kelly A. Given Aviation Management Jeffrey J. Gleason Aviation Management C Flight Technology 30 Leonard Qonsalvos Flight Technology Joe S. Qrasso Pre-Professional Oscar A. Maddad Electrical Engineering Jeffrey H. Halpin Computer Engineering Vicki Hart Electrical Engineering Elaine M. Harvey Computer Engineering 31 Jenny L. Hegert Marketing Alison J. Heine Business Pre-Law Mark E. Hennessey Photographic Technology Pamela L. Midinger Ocean Engineering Michael S. Mines Aviation Management Scott Edwin Hinnershitz Electrical Engineering 32 Maureen Hodgson Computer Engineering Edward S. Horlick Computer Engineering Harry S. Ho ulis, Jr. Science Education Biology Dennis P. Hoy Electrical Engineering John C. Hubbard Computer Engineering Andrew Q. Hughes Electrical Engineering Tracey E. Hutchison Electrical Engineering Christine L. lovene Molecular Biology Michelle 5. Irvine Electrical Engineering 33 John C. Jakubov. ■ . Ocean Engineeriny Robert M. Jarrin Chemical Engineering Kim Jihwan Electrical Engineering 34 ■ ■ I ■ n Keith R. Johnson Marine Biology A. Kakoullis Civil Engineering John J. Kaleuger Electrical Engineering 35 Michael J. Kelly Marketing David Kennedy Flight Technology Murshici Computer En- ' ig Carey D. Knowlton Business Administration Business Science Beth A. Kochur Environmental Engineering 36 Kevin J. Koppenhaver Ocean Engineering Stan S. Koribana Computer Science John E. Kotvas III Electrical Engineering Balagopal Q. Kumar Electrical Engineering Janet E. Labbe Business Communication David E. Lapour Photographic Technology f -f ' ' wf frm fMWWIM I li AHCHOaA ! FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 37 Robert V. Larson Electrical Engineering Rorik W. Larson Aviation Management 61; Fligtit Technology Lisa J. Leblanc Aviation Management night Technology Chuck r. Lee Aviation Management Qilberto E. Lee Computer Engineering Katherine A. Lewis Marine Biology Terry D. Lewis Electrical Engineering William Licht Aviation Management night Technology James A. Lombardy Marketing 38 Luis G. Lorenzo Electrical Engineering Walter B. Luciani Mechanical Engineering Jennifer J. Lurker Aviation Management riight Technology B H H%;: H ll F " Ws s jh B - 9 H Kelly E. Lyon Computer Science Sheila M. Magnus Data Processing Kyle Magnusson Business Administration 39 40 Pat T. Mangonon Pre-Professional Biology Richard T. Marks Electrical Engineering Theodore A. Maschler Business Data Processing Thomas P. Mataosky Computer Engineering Beth B. Mateleska Aviation Management Lance J. McAdam Aviation Management I I I I I Thomas P. McCue Ocean Engineering Robert Ray McLamb Electrical Engineering Sean P.R. McSweeney Chemical Engineering Luis E. Mejias Electrical Engineering Athanasios Mentzios Civil Engineering Michael F. Miglin Space Science 41 Jl:!_? l_4l- " ' k Andres Molina Chemical Engineering John D. Monteschio Computer Science Marianela Morales Molecular Biology Avorey D. Myers Molecular Biology William P. naim Ocean Engineering Mary riamour Business Communications James M. Narciso Electrical Engineering Ibrar U. Masir Aviation Management Flight Technology Ramzl H. Massar Electrical Engineering 42 Timothy Q. hoeske Computer Science Kevin M. OConnell Photographic Technology Margaret Peggy OMalley Business Administration 43 Kim n. Orihuela Electrical Engineering Daniel C. Orser Aviation Management fic night Technology Khalid Outaleb Electrical Engineering Sally L. Owens Computer Science James R. Page Computer Technology Judith R. Palkovits Aviation Management night Technology Steve V. Penton Space Science 44 James V. Perini Computer Science Rajendar Persaud Aviation Management Flight Technology Anthony P. Pitarresi Aviation Management Flight Technology James R. Plitt Molecular Biology Rachel A. Powless Business Management Agus Pranata Electrical Engineering 45 Alberto Ramos Electrical Engineering Valerie A. Ramsey Aviation Management Herman W. Rannels 11 Aviation Management 6f night Technology 46 Eric S. Rebenkoff Finance Marketing John M. Rezabek Computer Engineering Suzanne E. Ropke Accounting Bruno S. Rormer Computer Science Jose L. Rosa Electrical Engineering Ernest Q. Rose Aviation Management Flight Technology Paul E. Rutledge Civil Engineering Jeff Rutten Business Computer Science Michael A. Saladin Electrical Engineering 47 Lorraine E. Sampers Ocean Engineering Harish Sarma Electrical Engineering Kenneth Scaturro Computer Engineering Heidi J. Schwarz Computer Science Alexandre Sellos Business Administration Kay M. Shaevitz Computer Science Robe .haffer Charies P. Shank Omar S. Sheshah Ocean L, leering Business Data Processing Computer Engineering 48 Scott Smith Civil Engineering Joann Snyder Accounting Lawrence M. Spiwak Electrical Engineering 49 Joe Stemlicht Computer Science Christopher Rose Street Aviation Management Theresa A. Swartzenoruber Aviation Management night Technology Alan S. Taggart Electrical Engineering Boon Hui Tan Computer Engineering Maria Manuela Thomas Computer Engineering 50 Dirk Valk Jorge L. Vazquez, Jr. Richard E. Vega Space Sciences Aviation Management Aviation Management Flight Technology flight Technology 51 Mark E. Ventura Chemistry Vikram Verma Electrical Engineering Kevin M. Vickery Marketing Randall I. Wade Electrical Engineering 52 The O-Team gang showdown!! Jerry J. Wambold Aviation Management 8f flight Technology Robert Q. Watkins Aviation I anagement 8c Flight Technology Kurt Waymire Electrical Engineering Karen T. Whitehead Business Administration Gilbert R. Woods I echanical Engineering 53 Jules A. Yasuna Mechanical Engingeering Jacqueline E. Zaleski Business Administration John D. Zimah Aviation Management Lisa Anne Coleman Electrical Engineering Congratulations Seniors 54 in MEMORIAL Daniel W. Petterson February 8, 1960-September 30, 1986 Senior night Student From Pearl River, New York 55 ISF.SS insTRUciTyRS " REARING TO GO The faculty at F.I.T. do their best to in- struct the students to learn the theory they need for future jobs, and to make their minds FIT to handle life ' s prob- lems. To do this the classroom instruc- tors must do more than just teach facts from books but they must make the stu- dents think beyond the facts and come up with new ideas and new theories for doing their work. The rest of the staff at F.I.T. do their own thing that influence students to grow and think. The staff at F.I.T. are the rea- son that its students are FIT mentally, they are the FITness Instructors. 57 FACULTY Diane D. Barile Adjunct Professor of Oceanography 58 Ronald Q. Barile Professor of Chemical Engineering J. Clayton Baum Associate Professor of Cfiemistry Mr. noimes i Beausang Director of Student Life and Activities Touth are a significant investment in the future of this spaceship earth. For me to have the op- portunity to contribute to that investment is an honor and a privilege. Nr tf Joel Blatt Professor of Cfiemistry Fiichard J. Brantley F.I.T. Staff 59 FACULTY John P. Callahan Assistant Professor of Management John L. Carkeet Assistant Dean School of Aeronautics Camille Castorina Associate Professor of Economics Bruce D. Cathcart r.l.T. Staff Michael T. Demchak Aviation Management Ragh Vendra Deshmukh Associate Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering Carrie f. Eth, FJ.T. Staff Robert C. Evans FJ.T. Staff Dr. Jay I. Fankel FJ.T. Staff 60 Laurene V. Fausett Associate Professor of Mathematics Robert t1. foresman F.I.T. Staff Morst M. Freyhofer Associate Professor of History Robert h. Fronk Mead of Science Education Richard Qargan F.I.T. Faculty James A. Gering F.I.T. Staff 61 FACULTY Barry Q. Qrossman Adjunct Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering Carolyn M. Hall r.l.T. Staff Leonard Qude Financial Aid Director Lee E. Harris Assistant Professor of Oceanography John Hadjilogiou Head of Electrical Computer Engineering Micheal C. Hartman r.l.T. Staff Juanita Heflin r.l.T. Staff Sharon C. Irvan Associate Professor of English Paul A. Jennings Associate Professor of Environmental Chemical Engineering 62 We would like to pay trib- ute to Laura Kaleugher the secretary of Student Life and Activities. The reason for this tribute is to extend a thank you for all of her time and effort spent working with the »us. Not only would we like to thank her for her work as secretary, but also for her kind, consid- ferate, and friendly atti- lude toward the stu- idents. Laura once fluoted that she never [tnows ' what to expect round here, som thing ' s always going on. It ' s crazy sometimes, but -everyone ' s great. ' — HANKS again Laura. Yasmin Kendrick r.l.T. Staff Charles J. Keuthan Chairman of Management Program Jon M. Knight Associate Professor of Economics Ezzat A. Korany Associate Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering Jane E. Lemoine Head of Humanities 63 FACULTY Dr. Jerald N. Linsley Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Roger T. Manley Head of Management Ramon A. Mata-Toledo Associate Professor of Computer Science Tom A. McParland f.i.T. Staff Jacl Q. Morton F.I.T. Staff Maureen S. Maze Graduate School Coordinator 64 1987 Ali A. Mazemi Associate Professor of Computer Science Terry D. Oswalt Associate Professor of Physics Space Sciences James T. Potter Professor of Physics Lee Ann Saltzman Coordinator of Job Location and Development Michaeal W. Schulte Professor of Computer Science Jack W. Schwalbe Associate Profes ' Civil Engine , 65 FACULTY David Q. Seapy Associate Professor of Chemistry r.R. Searle Chairman Of Graduate Program Manhar L. Shah Associate Professor of Electrical S; Computer Engineering 66 1987 Richard J. St. Andre r.l.T. Staff Palmer C. Stiles Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Judith B. Strother Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics Mark P. Taylor r.l.T. Staff Billy M. Thrasher Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Michael H. Thursby Associate Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering 67 FACULTY Richard L. Turner Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Joseph Vitone r.l.T. Staff John Q. Windsor, Jr. Associate Professor of Oceanography Andrew Zborowski Professor of Ocean Engineering 68 Florida Institutl of Technology li r-o I i t RMT1 Boi 1 RD Ml 1 K M R l I U KIllA ' 2MOI PMONF 30S 76ft-flOOO FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT. January 1987 Florida Institute of Tech most outstanding private unive States whose primary mission i and Engineering. In addition University continues to strive in its programs in management, technical communica tions. All nationally accredited, the psy prestigious American Psycholog the chemistry program has the Society accreditation. nology continues rsity in the Sou s education and to science and for the highest aeronautics, ps seven engineeri chology program ical Association blue ribbon Amer to develop as the theastern United research in Science engineering the possible quality ychology and ng programs are enjoys the accreditation and ican Chemical These developments place Florida Institute of Technology in the vanguard of universities striving to meet the challenges of this period in history where creativity and productivity are stressed; where there is a need for great sensitivity to the importance of good learning and research environments and above all where the University ' s motto " Where Tomorrow is Developing Today " is uppermost in the minds of the entire F.I.T. family. ' hn E. Miller President 69 ' S i. f jjmmt - i. - .. i ' 5 70 pf-i irAi m NF iS ATHLETIC SHOES The athletic shoes at F.I.T. are worn by the var- sity team members of such sports as Baseball, Men and Women ' s Basket- ball, Men and Women ' s Crew, Softball, Soccer, (Fencing, Volleyball, and Cheerleading. These teams compete in the Sunshine State Confer- ence with six other Florida II colleges. Family, Faculty, and friends watch as each player strives to help his team achieve a winning season. For those without varsity talent but have a desire to compete athleti- cally with fellow students, their athletic shoes are worn on the intramural field. Quarter-long sports such as Water Polo, Foot- ball, Softball, and Volley- ball are available for men and women and allow or- ganizations and groups of friends to display their abilities and sportsman- ship and go for the cham- pionships. So whatever your skill may be, if the athletic shoe fits, wear it! ' -J i i ;i Volleyball This year ' s Lady Panther Volley- ball team, coached by Rick Lin- don, was made up of mostly sophomores and freshmen. Al- though the team was very young, they gained valuable knowledge and experience which will be of great value to the team next year. Good-bye is said to Kim Oriehula the teams only senior and captain. 72 The Lady Panthers included nicole Barlow, Janet Cymbalek, Carol Lay- mon, Kathie Ludwig, Ruth Milan, Kim Oriehula, Marissa Poudrier, and Tina Thompson. They were guided by Rick Lindon, head coach, and Bonnie Priester, assistant coach. ff wr -i 1 V 73 ccer ■ team was also a , team with nine freshmen re- g next year. Even so, with 1 Rick Stottler they had a : season, were ranked eigh- h nationally, and just missed ilayoffs. The team included: I Kuntz, Graham Edwards, Steve Freeman, Varrato, Tom Jones, Ed Grosso, Brian Lucas, William Holden, !an Quaynor, Steve Penton, Albino Companini, Scott Tessein, Carol Johnson, Saad Bennani, and Qu|| hermo Soria. M jiiC- 74 -c i r ■!4U«ji«K: 75 Cross Country le cross country team and sec- ond year Coach Jeff Small had al great year taking the Sunshind State Conference Champion- ships and Conference Coach of the Year. Then in the Florida ColJ legiate State Cross Countrjl Championships the womenj placed fourth and the meri placed fifth. J t-K «jt 76 77 rr iN 78 H| z;: ; lien ' s basketball team saw another im- •roved season under the baching of Tom Folliard. Ill continual improve- Pgives hope for a con- ence championship » year. The team mem- bers include: Eric Baker, John Cooper, Kevin Fol- liard, Tom Folliard, Henry Qibbs, Ron Harris, Davon Kelley, Eli Lofton, Clark Miller, Ray Paprocky, Da- vid Shepherd, Brian Stahl, and Ron Ulmer. This was the first season for Coach Paul Ward and the women ' s basket- ball team. Coach Ward was happy and satisfied with the team ' s effort. With only one graduating senior, they are looking forward to a much team included: Barbara Barlow, ni- cole Barlow, Karen Home, Kelly Leary, Sally Owens, Miriam Shields, Sharon Stagliola, Kim Walsh, and Alissa Wykes. ' J 81 82 83 «i 84 ome ts of hours and lots of hard work id off for the Women ' s Varsity d novice Crew Teams, coached y John Qroth. This year ' s Varsity team members are: Chris Beaudry, Heidi Berg, Ann Bonatti, Beth Co- meau, Edie Gallagher, nancy Gard- ner, Linda Jones, Eileen Kenneily, JacFiie Kirsanov, Sue LaGreca, Car- ol Marcinkiewicz, Kathy McDevitt, Megan McDevitt, Grace Pawlak, Ann Spellman, and Billie Webb. The novice rowers are: Michelle Barker, Margo Blair, Karen Blowers, Kim Borden, Wendy Clark, Karen Hid man. Amy Motchkiss, Veronica Jot dan, Megan O ' Connell, Beth Oehl- beck, Mary Otto, Leslie Pawelak, Cathy Szeplaki, Eleanor Tan- Piengo, Diane Taylor, Julie Teas- ley, and Mary Wallace. 85 86 eshman Crew shman Crew team had a great son this year even though they were lung and inexperienced. The team con- sisted of: Dave Bolinski, Chris Thomas, Paul Tremonte, Dave Vosburgh, Art Schofield, Dave Steever, Ken Zugel, Josh Bardwell, Jim Petrowski, Andy Loeffler, Darrin Plaisance, Keith Bogot, Chuck Stephan, Curt Fischer, Dave Brown, Dan Dividson, Jim Stuckey, Andy Smith, Glenn Woodson, Rick Bachen, Ian Ram- gey, Ross Morbey, Paul Luken, Brent 6tto, Alan Scholl, Bryan Cohen, Vic Ross, " " Valanda, and Jeff Walsh 87 88 m is year ' s Softball team had a w coach, Bonnie Friester, and ew assistance coach. Rick Lin- n, Bonnie Priester was very Optimistic about their 1987 sea- son. The players worked hard in preseason practices, while get- ting ready to take on any team in the conference. The team includ- jjed: Barbara Barlow, nicki Ba »ft)w, Wendy Beck, Amy Boulay, Tan Dixon, Brenda McDonald, ™Ruth Milan, Kim Orihuelo, Mar- issa Poudrier, Sue Ropke, Cind nDoren, and Alissa Wilkes. 89 Baseball ear ' s Baseball team, eel by Les Mall, was J and ready to take on the world, including tlir Philadelphia Phillies. Istartcd olT their sca- . ith a great record of winnings and were ranked number ' 23 in the nation in NrA4 Division II. Wherev- iy went, they found viciory and glory. The team was comprised of; Louis Ariet, Barry Brian Crane, David rah, Tony Eckholt, Chj Fafard, Chris Fitzpj Chip Greek, Steve Qreg Jennings, Torrt tock, Rob Lowe, „ Misch, Mike Fieal, Bru noble, Gary Osborne, Tim Petree, Mike Pinto, Je " Sousa, Todd Torchia, a Tim Wakefield. - 90 i - ' 91 92 93 94 enni ike many of F.l.T. ' s ath- etic teams, the Tennis ream is in the process of juilding a strong, domi- nating conference team. IThis year the team was iplagued with the well known ups and downs ' syndrome. But with Coa- ch Mike Dickeris they pulled together and fin- ished strong. The Tennis Team members are: Ke- vin Comstock, Jose Ma- rin, Michael Phillipa, Jeff Strong, Michael Thomas, Don Turner, and Hank VanMetteren. f ' 95 encmg The Fencing team is coached by i Sophie Trett. She worked hard I with the team so as to " foil ' their opponents and have a good sea- j -- n. The fencing team members 1 sre Scott Bennett, Sandy Bill- i ings, Moilie Byrne, Celinda Con- I over, Tom Currey, Janet Cymt» _J iak, Mike Dube, John Harshmi Patrick Mochstein, George Hui Maurice Lovera, Sotos Pant( Amenuel Schmidt, Jogn Sep veda, Scott Smith, Dirk Valk, ai— Laurie Wartenberg. 97 M kC ' ij :, 98 101 ' j 4 f4 102 1 103 104 105 106 107 ■i ' ' ' ' X ' 108 109 110 Ill " • v»» ■ •4fr % . " ' 112 ' f.S ' .M IF JHE ;HnF 114 T Find The rv Shoe That Tits Across the F.I.T. campus, one can find many different clubs and orga- nizations, each unique in its own way. For each of these clubs there are individuals which FIT right in and belong. If you are looking for a club or organization try out a few and see which " shoe " fits the best. There are " shoes " for difl ' erent ma- jors, honor societies, newspapers, yearbooks, radio stations, social organizations, student govemment laws, and campus activities, nib- blers, and even people who just like to eat and drink. So why don ' t you go out and try on a few pair of shoes and see which FIT you best. 115 Ad Astra The purpose of Ad Astra is to design and create the F.I.T. Yearbook. To- gether, photography, writing, and lay- out are used to creatively capture the essence of life and the year at F.I.T. A small group of dedicated students worked throughout the year to put the book together. Whether it was cap- tioning partie , all night typing, mara- thon layout sessions, or cropping un- til dawn the yearbook staff managed to have fun while putting their lives aside to make yearbook deadlines. These dedicated people were Terry Castellente, Mitchell F. Edwards, Jen- nifer L. Mall, Dave LaPour, Kathie A. Ludwig, Dave Ryan, Debbie Shutt, and Kevin Steiger. 116 What will the staff think of next to relieve the pressure of deadlines? piiPil ' y TiT|||h| 1 1 ; T CYE RBOOK 1 li 1 - 118 Editor ' s Page Well the yearbook is done. I hope you enjoy it more than we enjoyed malting it. Just {bidding. Seriously, 1 feel we have brought you an excellent year- book and 1 hope you share those feelings. 1 would like to give a big thank you to a small staff that put their hearts into this yearbook. Debbie Shutt, who spent all of those extra hours in the darkroom so we could meet our dead- lines. Kevin Steiger, My righthand man who drove me insane at deadline time. Jenny Hall for vmting copy. Mitch Edwards for selling ads to pay for the little extras. Dave Ryan for tak- ing pictures when we were in a rush. Last but not least, Terry Castellente, our faithful workstudy who did all those Little boring things that we did not have time for. Thanks to everyone else who has helped. 1 sincerely hope that the students of F.l.T. will always be able to look at this yearbook and see a part of their lives. If so, then 1 accomplished what 1 set out to do. 119 Campus Activities Board The Campus Activities Board is a council of students dedicated to offer- ing a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and social activities to the college community. As a member, a student participates in the planning, promotion, and production, of a vari- ety of activities. Concerts, lectures, films, coffeehouses, parties, and oth- er areas of entertainment are blended together to present a package of di- versified activities aimed at enriching the F.I.T. environment and improving the quality of student life on campus. The C.A.B. members are Raymond Al- len, Jr., Gordon Alpin, Timothy Anton- ition, Sandra Beausang, Cameron Bennett, Kim Bozik, Terri Brinkman, Bob Brundrett, Don Buzzelli, Daneane Carothers, Christopher Collins, Jeff Cross, Jody Dennis, Chrissy Dimona, Lawrence Duff, Mitch Edwards, Thom- as Fritz, Loree Qleaton, Javier Gonza- lez, Sonja-Gai Gordon, Gene Guthrie, Scott Qutterman, Jenny Hall, Don Hawkins, Jacqueline Hayes, Todd Hudson, Debbie Jorgensen, Elaine Kelly, Lori Lennon, Suzanne Lopez, Brian Lunin, Troy Marchese, Chris Mi- chael, Mike Newman, Megan O ' Con-i nell, Diane Phaneuf, Michael Firri Pete Rawlick, nancy Rotte, Susam Schwartz, Rick Sciscente, Andrea Se- mas, Kevin Steiger, Ken Tamowski, Helen Urriola, Dirk Valk, Andrew Vat- ter, Ben Webster, Susan Zehnder. She has a lot of hot air, doesn ' t she? ILLE 120 Those crazy C.A.B. Directors 121 CAB Presents The . . . . . . Psychedelic Furs FITV FITV is the F.I.T. campus video ser- vice. The student membership of FITV provides video services to clubs, or- ganizations and academic depart- ments on a contractual basis. Along with providing technical assistance to student and faculty groups, FITV pro- duces its own weekly television vari- ety program which is shown every week in the Qleason Auditorium. In their variety show they include a news report conceming F.I.T. news and events and several entertainment skits. These skits and the news report are filmed and acted out by the FITV staff and include such favorites as " Captain Clue and Ditto Dick " , " Mel boume Vice " , " Revised Star Trek " and " The B-Team. " FITV is open to al students and is intended to promote both artistic and technica achievement. Eric double checks the tapes for tonight ' s show. First row, left to right: John Conrader, Chris Michael, Jeremy Dick, Harry Houlis, Kathy Kramedas, Stephanie DeLuca. Second row, left to right: Michael Angeli, Robin Loomis, Teresa Heffner (Budget Director), Robert McLamb (General Manager), Christopher Brown (Assistant Manager), Douglas Bumside, Julia Irvin, Leslie Pancelak. Third row, left to right: Wendell Manley, Ruddy Brown, Hans De Selms (Productions Manager), Craig McConnell, Sean Kenney, Eric QestI, Greg Pahren. 125 student Government Association The Student Government Association is an issue oriented organization. Its sole function is to find problems at F.I.T. and to find means of mending or improving them. SQA encourages the students to come and voice their views and mai e suggestions concem- ing things they find substandard at F.I.T. Issues are handled two ways through SQA, either through the Sen- ate or the Executive Board. SQA brings such services to the students as free lawyer consulting, a blood bank, and transportation. This year SQA added an 1-95 Fiorth Party, the SQAnnOUnCER, a wall mural on M- Building, and getting deliveries on campus before 7:00 pm to their list. The two charter organizations for SQA are FITV and BACCHUS. Above: Paul Swann, our illustrious Presiden goofing off; again. I rirst row, left to right: Dana Dalena (Promotions), Lynne Mytych (Internal Affairs). Second row, left to right: Ivan LIzarralde (Treasurer), George Christopoulos (Vice President), Paul Swann (President), Derek O. Edwards (Secretary), Kevin J. Michaud (Events). If Phil says one more thing, him. I ' ll dump this on The SQA members are Raymond Allen, Heidi Berg, George Christopoulos, Dana Delena, Jeremy Dick, Jay Edelmann, Alan Pitzcek, Megan Flanagan, Harry Houlis, Michael Howe, Lynden Johnson, Chuck Kelly, Sean Kenney, Murshid Khan, Christin Knight, Ivan Lizarralde, Chris Michael, Kevin Michaud, Sameer Mittal, Thea Morrissey, Lynne Mytych, Dan Orser, Steve Penton, Jim Quinn, Paul Rutledge, Jeff Rutten, Rhody Schneider, Heidi Schwarz, Bill Shilling, Vincent Shum, Mikael Soder- gren, Philip Valente, Jorge Vazquez, Diana Watkins, Lisa Wiseman, Cho-Pun Yu. The Student Directory in the process of be- ing made. 127 Polo Society The F.l.T. Polo Society is a group of students dedicated to having a good time. This dedication sets precedence for all activities sponsored by the or- ganization. The members are Terri Brinkman, Lisa Burner, Michael Com- mer, Farhi Diner, Mark Direske, An- thony Donato, Mitchell F. Edwards, Bora Erbilen, Bradley Evoy, Robert Farrington, Loree Gleaton, Jennifer L. Hall, Jacqueline Hayes, Bryan Hehn, Kathie Ludwig, Heather Mayhew, Mi- chael McQinness, Alan Peisach, Mi- chael Q. Pirri, riestor Ramirez, Car- men Restivo, Patrice Schreiber, Michael Sorg, Kevin Steiger, Fredrick J. Stingel, Paul Swann, Kevin Uitz, Hel- en Urriola. First row left to right: Kevin Steiger, Mitctiell Edwards. Second row, let to right: Terri Brinkrnari, Jennier Hall. Loree Qleaton. Third row, left to right: Bora Erbilen, Lisa Burner, Michael Pim, Kathie Ludwig, Paul Swann. Halftime game strategy planning. 129 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a group of students and faculty commit- ted to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the campus. They are interde- nominational and Bible-centered, and they realize that the simple truth of the gospel is very clear and pure to those with open hearts. The joy and peace of God ' s forgiveness is what they would like to share with every- one. Tlot empty-religion, and not hy- pocrisy. Just a simple message of love from a risen savior. " Romans 10:9-10. The IVCF members are Junaid Alim, Bryan Altringer, Amos Anderson, Ted Aukerman, Bill Aycock, Pablo Aymat, Tracey Bailey, Davm Benko, Anton Bernabela, Don Buzzelli, Brenda Carey, Ji-Chul Chang, Sandra Cheung, Shin-Ho Choi, Philip Cobb, Ariel Colon-Laqares, Celinda Con- over, Dick D ' Alessandro, Mike Dube, Bill Emmanuel, Bill Eubanks, Kathy Grant, Gary Hensley, Julia Irvin, Suzie Jones, Iggi Jung, Sue Kampmeyer, Maitham Khudr, Brad Kitiyama, Rob- ert Kopitzke, Gladwyn Kurian, Becky Lacko, Keith Ledig, Chin Hwee Lee, Timothy Ling, Tammy Lockerd, Ron Lopes, Rob MacDonald, Chris Magne- son, Shoukry Malaty, Pam Marcum, Jose ' Mesias, Tadao Mitani, Steve Morton, Jeannie Mosbrook, Pablo riuesch, Yoon Kyu Park, Jim Perry, Bradley Peterson, J. Brantley Phillips, Phyllis Pitarresi, Vicky Quinones, Claudine Reidy, Eric Rivera, Page Schartow, Emanuel Schmidt, Rusty Snyder, Bill Spencer, Darlene Squibb, Jimmy Stewart, Kurt Strassner, John Wiggins, Brent Winters, Wendy Woos- tock, Jiang Xiang-Chao, Dale Young. Is that so! I would never had guessed. Lift your hands and praise the Lord 130 Gathered together FALCONS FLIGHT TEAM 132 The Falcon ' s Precision Flight Team is an organization of highly skilled avia- I tors who compete to promote flying jy safety. The team participates in the national Intercollegiate Flying Associ- ation ' s regional and national con- tests. The team consists of highly dedicated and professional students with a desire to win and learn, thus their motto: " Success Through Education. " Left to right: Chris London (Co-Captain), Marcus Buchanan (Captain). 133 wriT WFIT-FM (89.5 MHZ) is a 3000-watt, noncommercial radio station, owned by the Florida Institute of Technology. The station is operated as a student activity by a staff of about 60, which includes students and community vol- unteers. WFlT ' s unique and varied musical format features weekly pro- grams of jazz, classical, blues, reg- gae, oldies and funk as well as rock and roll. Beyond the excitement of live radio, WFIT offers students many extracurricular educational opportu- nities. Training is available in every aspect of radio from production to en- gineering. You can learn how to pro- duce a radio spot, plan a musical for- mat, disc jockey, repair transmitting equipment or manage a fullfledged business operation. On-air engineer- ing, management and support posi- tions are available. 134 135 Surf Club The surfing club is a club that pro- vides students with intramural surfing competitions on a regular basis. The students surf against each other in or- der to establish positions on the school ' s team. The club enters a team in contest put on by the National Scholastic Surfing Association. The team finished in sev- enth place in Florida states competition. 136 I BELOW: Qetting ready to hit the waves ABOVE: The Surf Club competing in one of their many contests at Melbourne Beach. t m « Riding the waves. 137 American Society Of Engineers Civil The American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at F.i.T. is open to ail Civil Engineering Stu- dents and is recognized by the National ASCE. The ASCE Canaveral Branch, sponsors Chapter meetings featuring guest speakers who discuss current engi- neering problems, discov- eries in the field and lead topical discussions that are of interest to student and professional, alike. The Chapter offers opportuni- ties for the student to visit sites of interest by arrang- ing field trips throughout the year as well as having social events during the year. 139 F.I.T. Astronomy Society The F.I.T. Astronomy Society is a group of students dedicated to star- gazing. The members are Thomas Ad- ams, Jr., John Amos, Matthew Ap- pleby, Stephen Baer, Michael Banks (Secretary), Karl Barber, Karen Blow- ers, Karen Brennan, Karen Campbell, Mark Chebowski, Mike Ciannilli, Fe- lipe DeBedout, Susan Denney (Trea- surer), Daniel Dodd, Visanu Euarchu- kiati, Elizabeth Gibson, David Graham, Gene Guthrie, Scott Gutter- man, Don Hooper, Donna Hoven (Vice President), Don Jennings, Atikom Jit- charoongphorn, Veronica Jordan, John Leko, James Lohaus, Mike Loucks, Micah MacDonald, Michael Miglin (President), Jeff O ' Mara, Dave Kombluh, Elmer Pensack, Bruce Przy- goki, Robin Queen, riancy Rabel, Rob- ert Ridge, Laura Roberts, Page Roch- lus, Greg Uebele, Richard Waterman, Eric Willis. 140 American Association Of Airport Executives The AAAE members are W. Ah lers, R .Arroyo, M. Baker, W. Batsford, T. Blake, E. Burhans, T. Castellente, K. Clouse, J. Dorinidii, L. Dorfmeier, D. Edwards, M. Mines, S. Hoffman, K. Home, A. Hussain, J. Jackson, R. Joelson, E. Knapp, Q. Labbate, L. Lake, O. Lindstedt, J. Livingston, C. Mas, U. Mayani, Q. Moore, T. Muller, J. MageL S. Oakley, J. Olson, J. Patrick, C. Pelletier, R. Perkins, A. Pitarresi, P. Pugsley, V. Ramsey, W. Riord, R. Ryan, B. Sargent, P. Savko, S. Schwartz, B. Shilling, T. Trotter, A. Warner, R. Watkins, Q. Wehrii, J. Wilder, P. Winkler. American Association of Airport Executives FIT Chapter The American Association of Air- port Executives is a professional group whose chief purpose is to as- sist the airport manager in doing a better job. In 1982 AAAE established a Stu- dent Chapter Program for universi- ties offering Aviation Management degrees. There are currently fou r- teen student chapters in the U.S. F.l.T. ' s chapter activities include bi- monthly meetings, airport tours, and hosting the annual Aviation Management Symposium, held in February. The student chapter re- ceived professional organization of the year award for 1985-86. J 141 Association For Computing Machinery The members are James AUiss (President), Joseph Bauer, Thomas Blome, Dirksen Bussiere, Trank Cardoze, Andrew Diaz, Antonio Femandex, Tim Qoodhue, Jaishri Qopaiji (Secretary Trea- surer), James Qreeg, James Greene, Jace Qreenman, Krishnan Iyer (Vice president), Charles Johnson, Michael Karamanolis, Arun Krishnamurthy, Stephanos Maminakis, John McMey, Alexo- poulos Mihail, Rahesh Mody, riaushad Mulji, Ravi narayanaswamy, Roy Outerbridge, James Perry, William Pives, Hatem El Shebaaly, Alex Soya, Apostolos Spanakaras, Joe Stemlicht, Cynthia Thome. The Association for Computing Machinery serves as a source of information for all computer oriented students and serves only to further knowledge and open minds to new ideas. It is open to all students at F.l.T. and meets once a week. Meetings may be for organization, projects, or lectures. Members are students with a desire to leam more, to get a head start on the others, and ACM gives them that chance. The purpose of the Society of Physics Students is the promotion of physics and research directed at all majors. Speakers, films, field trips, and an annual picnic are the main activities that members of the club enjoy. Membership information may be obtained in the Physics Space Science department. A subscription to Physics Today is included in the national membership fee. The society is aflRliated with Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society. Society Of Physics Students 142 Electrical And Computer Engineering Coordination Committee The Electrical and Computer Engineering Coordination Committee continues to help improve the quality of education in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. Their main function is to improve the interactions between the students, faculty and department. The student representatives work directly with the department head. The student representatives are Margo Blair (Assistance Secretary), Terri Brinkman, Lisa Coleman, Piadine Qeier (Vice President), Rick Marks, Tamara Morton, Salim Pittalwala, Rhody Schnieder, Greg Vence, Vikram Verma (President). American Society Of Mechanical Engineers The members are B.Abdel Hamid, R. Biebesheimer, T. Blalock, R. Campanelli, M. Cowden, Y. Chia, M. Davis, D. Dean, J. Dupper, C. Eteman-Moghadam, B. Gilbert, C. Hellsten, B. Ho-Yen, T. Howard, R. Intveld, J. Johannesson, E. Julles, C. Kelly (Secretary), B. Kissel, D. Kube, T. Lai, J. Laibe, D. Leduc, S. Lee, S. Leitgeb, T. Leonard, R. Lin, W. Luciani (Vice Chairman), M. NacDon- ald, T. MacEnka, S. MacKenzie, A. Matos, P. McMorris, J. Morris, R. Heunlist, P. Pattani, U. Ramasami, Q. Rojas, V. Russo, D. Savage, R. Shepherd, B. Simmons, B. Smith, R. Tasker, M. Thibodeau, V. Upadhye, F. Wehbe, Q. Woods, S. Yeo. The purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to promote technical expertise and a sense of ethics in those engineers interested in the mechanical engineering field. Among the activities held this year the A.S.M.E. has held a field trip to Cape Kennedy Space Center and the Ocean Spray Fruit Processing Plant in Vero Beach, speakers from the A.S.M.E. Regional Office and the Space Studies Institute. The A.S.M.E, also promotes the purchase of equipment for the Mechanical Engineering department having recently purchased a printer for the Computer Aided Design Lab. The Mini- Baja auto race competition is another project. 143 Rifle Team The Rifle Team competes nationally and last year three of the five shooters placed in the top ten in the national competition. The team competes with 22-caliber match rifles. At 50 feet, 40 shots are taken at a target the size of a silver dollar in prone, kneeling and standing positions. The positions are uncomfortable and awkard to the be- ginner, but with practice, become nat- ural and support the gun with the least amount of strain. The team has had some drawbacks the past couple of years, first they lost all their schol- arships two years ago, now they are not on the F.l.T. PiCAA roster and the rifie range has been taken for other uses. But they still love the spirit of competition. The members are Scott Crawford, John Crosbie, Eric QestI, Doug Qoller, Mark Homan, John Jones, Jay Langley, Tim Moeske, Kent Smith, Bob Voelkers. 144 mf p Resident Assistants The primary focus of a Resident Assistant is to assist stu- dents in developing a liveable, educational community in their residence hall. RA ' s are the contact point with F.I. T. Housing and F.l.T. ' s services for students. They all per- form similar tasks, but each RA will add a unique personal- ity to their performance of the job. Residence Hall Council The Residents Hall Council is to work closely with the RA ' s in helping to create standards for group living as well as to organize activities for the residents. The hall council can make a significant contribu- tion towards improving life in the residence halls. The councils are to serve the needs and interests of the residents. RSJB The Resident Student Judicial Board is utilized to create an awareness of students rights and responsibilities and assist in the development of com- munity through the eflFective use of peer justice; and to review residence hall policies and procedures which af- fect students. The members are Karen Brennan, Jay Langley, Gary Moore, Jeff Rombach, Bethanie Quinn. 145 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is the National Ser- vice Fraternity dedicated to the prin- ciples of leadership, friendship, and service. It is based on the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law. Alpha Phi Omega is one of the few coed frater- nities in the nation, and offers a var- ied social program designed not only for good times but also for the building of character. Activities this year include the participation in beach clean-up efforts, sponsoring used text books sales, providing vol- unteers to the Special Olympics, bul- letin board clean-up and improve- ment efforts. Penny Drive for St. Jude, and working at Boy Scout Camporees. i PENNY DPIVF First row, left to right: Trent Banks, Jeremy Dick (President). Second row, left to right: Gary Comer, Brian Webster (Service Vice President), Mike Hallenstein, David Hone. Third row, left to right: Doug Bumside (Treasurer), Jay Wagner, Chris Michael, David Graham. 146 Alpha Eta Rho Alpha Eta Rho serves to actively asso- ciate the interested students of avia- tion with leaders and executives in the industry. This close association, strengthened through the bonds of an international aviation fraternity, es- tablishes opportunities for every member in his relation to aviation and inspires interest and cooperation among those in the profession who are also members of Alpha Eta Rho. Chapter activities are planned individ- ually in line with local desires and fa- ci lities offered by nearby aviation or- ganizations. Regular business meetings are held, and featured guest speakers with experience in the avia- tion field. Tours of aviation facilities, social events and campus sponsored activities are additional chapter functions. Busily recruiting members during Orientation Week. 147 Marine Technology Society The Marine Technology Society is a multi-disciplinary technical society for the ocean sciences. The society consists of biologists, geologists, oceanographers, ocean engineers, marine technicians, and many other marine related fields. MTS holds regular seminars and field trips dealing with a broad background of science and engineering. The group also sponsors many social events to promote the interrelation between students, faculty, and academic departments. The members are Christopher Brown (President), Brenda Carey (Secretary), Mike Qilligan, Steve Morten (Vice President), Andy Paryzek, Karen Pitchford (Treasurer), Robert Vreeland. Society Of Women Engineers The Society of Women Engineers, SWE, is an organization for all women enrolled in a science or engineering curriculum. Its purpose is to provide a positive, supportive atmosphere for women pursuing engineering science careers. The main focus of SWE is to make contact with professionals in related fields, to promote engineering science as viable majors for women, and to develop professionalism. This club offers a wealth of resources to its members. SWE is both a working organization and a social organization. The SWE members are Laura Bissmeyer (Vice-President), Madine Qeier (President), Jaishri Go- paiji, Vickl Mart (Treasurer). Lisa Knop, Patti Lothrop (Secretary), Diane Phaneuf, Estelle Simpson, Helen Urriola, Mary Weber. 148 The MEAD Society recruiting new members at the organization day during Orientation Week. MEAD The Medieval Eating and Drinking So- ciety is an organization of people who are interested in the study and recrea- tion of medieval customs and man- nerisms. Members of the society as- sume the identity of a person living during the middle ages when attend- ing society events. They strive for real- istic imitation of medieval styles of dress, speech, political organization and recreational pass times. The MEAD society typically will hold one large feast and a few small events per quarter. The members of MEAD are Scott Ben- nett, Alan Boertjens, Brannon Boren, Bob Brundett, Molly Byrne (Treasur- er), Bemie Desshanes (President), Dave Dougherty, Mike Dube (weap- ons), Aaron England, Jennifer Foulk (Love-head), J. Todd Frederickson (King), Dave Graham (Vice president- Secretary), Pat Hafely, Debbie Hand- ley, Elaine Harvey, Chris Horsburgh, Tracey Hutchinson, Ronny Ivarson, Mark Mitchell, Karen Monroe, Chris nowland. Lance Fiystrom, Jeff O ' Hara, Matt Poach, Fiina Potash (Queen), Pete Rawlick, Mark Richards, Craig Rickson, Gregg Steele, Ken Stemberg, Pete Taylor (Crown Prince), Tim Voss, Robert Walker, Laurie Wartenberg, Rich Waterman, Jeff Whiting. 149 Shaolin Sports Club The Shaolin Sports Club represents Chinese Kung-Fu. Members practice movements which are derived from animals, birds, insects, and even the names of the founder of the system. Kung-Fu includes body and mind strengthening, self defense, hand forms and weapons. The club is open to all who are interested. The Shaolin Sports Club members are Chris Abraham, Joe Aguilar, Asad Ali, Greg Brown, Donald Cheng (Founder and President), Bob Chish- lom, Chris Figueroa, Milton Qarcies, Tom Hatfield, Marion Hoo Satt, Paul Leppek, Ivan Lizarralde, Sheila Mag- nus, Tom Manson, Brenda Mazzoni, Tom Robbins (Vice President), Mike Schulte, Pravin Sequeria, James Sheng, Scott Stenman. Their Faculty Advisor is Dr. Rufus Cook. f r 150 Crimson The Crimson is a weekly paper that comes out every Friday Morning. Be- coming a member of the staff means different things to different people. For some, it is a way to express a creative talent seldom called upon in a technical school. For others, it is the chance to meet new people. It can also allow one to develop new skills. Membership is never limited to expe- rienced students-everyone is invited and encouraged to participate! 151 Tri-Beta The Sigma Psi Chapter of Tri-Beta is the national Biological Honor Society on campus. Tri-Beta promotes under- graduate research, social activities among members, and community ac- tivities. The Sigma Psi chapter of F.I.T. has won awards for undergraduate re- search at the Southeast Regional Competition for the past four years and also strives for national recogni- tion. Local social functions include: volleyball, softball, fund raisers, field trips, trivia bowl, picnics, and the an- nual initiation banquet. The Tri-Beta members are Bruce Aar- on, Tina Bartimoli, Cathy Beck, Heidi Berg, Ann Bonatti, Kirsten Brieter, Cathy Clemens, Dr. Glen Cohen (Advi- sor), Duane DeFreese, Ronnie Fedor, Quentin Fong, Joe Grasso, Larry Greene, Diane Helsel, Kathy Hicks, Scott Hubel, Dave Johns, Keith John- son, Lori Kotzer, Kathy Lewis, Ivan Li- zaraldi, Mary Malnar, Pat Mangonon, Bill McLamb, Kathy noriang, Ted riut- tle, Jim Plitt, Claudine Redi, Don Sil- verberg, Mike Sorg, Mark Vandenberg, Charies Voigt, Mark Wadhams, Kim Williams, Rich Wilson. College Players College Players is the Per- forming Arts Organization at F.I.T. It is entirely student-run and can be divided into 3 over- lapping sections: choral, act- ing, and stage band. The mot- to is ' Limited by the imagination. Bounded by infinity. " lk 152 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges was established in 1934 and exists as one of the most highly regarded and long-standing hon- or programs in the nation. Selec- tions are made each fall. The nominating committees are com- posed of representaives from the faculty, administration, and stu- dent body. Through their contri- butions and service to community and school, these are the young adults who enhance the positive image of American youth. The members are Roberto Alvarez, William M. Arceneaux, Lourdes, M. Barba, Kim B. Bozik, Terri L. Brinkman, Jeremy M. Dick, Pame- la L. Hidinger, Laurie A. Herzog, Elaine M. Kelly, John E. Kotvas, Terry D. Lewis, Michelle Z. Mueller, Jonathan R. Pernick, Vik- ram Verma. Gleason Qleason Auditorium is a F.l.T. facility. The employees at Qleason are stu- dents with work study benefits. The auditorium is open to all student or- ganizations and departments. It is also open to off campus organzia- tions. The employees run the lights, sound, and projectors for the con- tracting organizations, so the perfor- mances run as smoothly as possible. The staff members are Christopher Brown, Reuben Chavez, Mark Direske, Eric QestI, Laurie Herzog (Assistant Manager), Robert McLamb (Manager), Diane Phaneuf. 153 Blue Key Honor Society Blue Key is an organization that rec- ognizes outstanding upperclass stu- dents. Blue Key members are hon- ored because they are selected by their fellow students with faculty ap- proval for character, outstanding abil- ity, and recognized potential deserv- ing of special attention. All members have extended opportunities for fur- ther personal development and the privilege of working with the faculty as campus planners and citizens. Mem- bership is limited to a total of thirty- five students, and membership drives are held periodically throughout the school year in order to maintain this level in the organization. Society Of Naval Architects And Marine Engineers The Society of naval Architects and Marine Engineers is a professional so- ciety to advance the art, science, and practice of naval architecture and ma- rine engineering in all their applied forms, including the construction and operation of ships, marine vehicles, and structures of all kinds and sci- ences allied thereto. SNAME is open to all engineering students. The mem- bers are Tim Adelmann, Tracey Diaz (Vice-President), John Qerboc, Timo- thy J. Qrimm, Angelo lerano, M. Ja- haya, John Jakubowski iPresident), George Kaminsky (Secretary), Kevin Koppenhaver, John Lally, Rafael Lan- destoy. Chuck Lockert, William P. riaim, Dave Nesbitt, Jamie Patrick- Maxwell, William D. Pattee, Bob Se- linsky. Bob Shaffer, Stan Strong, Timothy L. Welp. 154 American Institute Of Chemical Engineers The purpose of AICHE is to promote the professional development of its mem- bers and to contribute to the develop- ment of Chemical Engineering at F.I.T. The members are Midal Abdul Samad, Roberto Alvarez, Christopher Blatt, Dagmar Bonnin, Matthew F. Brantli, Frank P. Cesari, Marissa L. Correll, Cris- tiana Figueroa, Chip Hinde, Celine flyer, Daniel J. Irvin, Saleh A. Janeeh, Roberto Jarrin, Eric B. Jenson, Elaine M. Kelly, Giovanni Koolman, Peter Kos- sis, Albert Lam, Azeria Lebakeng, John Mallamaci, David P. Milligan, Andres Molina, Helen E. Oehlbech, Pladej Prompuntagorn, Estelle Simpson, Cathleen Szeplaki, Philippe Valles, Quno Van der Jagt. lECA The Indian Educational and Cultural Associa- tion was founded in 1984 and represents one of the largest foreign students association on campus. It was primarily founded to help the incoming students to settle in and try to bring out the richness of Indian Culture in and around the community. The members are J Alim, A. Bansal, M. Qadde, M. Qadiwalla, R. Go palan (Vice-President), J. Qopaiji (Secretary), K Iyer (President), D. Kapoor, J. Lachhwani, J Malhotra, B. Malik, M. Mallipedi, R. Mody, M Mujii, V. Mandu, R. Marayanaswamy, A. Pala cheria, n. Pasupathy, P. Pattani, V. Pinto, B Ramakrishnan, S. Raman, R. Ramana, U. Rama sami, K. Rao, M. Rao, A. Reddy, P. Reddy, h Sawhney, P.Sequeira, R. Solaraju, n. Srivas- tava, S. Srivastava, Pi. Subramanian, V. Tumati V. Upadhye, B. Vashi. 155 tari Computer Enthusiasts 1 users group concerned library of public domain software and ing a center of common informational manual and magazines. ■feri users. The group We are here to help you get the most ., ,„ „IKociai and educational out of your personal computer forum and was established to create a system. Aquaculture Society Open to all students and faculty who share interests in the fields of Aqua- culture. We are pioneers in a newly developing branch of fisheries man- agement that will make up the differ- ence between the populations de- mand for seafood and the waters depleted natural stocks. The societies objectives are not to feed the world or supply restaurants with expensive delicacies but to familiarize members with current developments in indus- try; to serve as an organizing body for practical educational programs, so- cial events and fundraising activities. ill Musi T Associ The Muslim Student Association is a non-profit Islamic organization under- taking and promoting religious, edu- cational, cultural, and social func- tions in accordance with the Islamic principles stated in the Quran (Mus- lims holy book) and the teaching of Prophet Muhamed (peace be upon him). The goals of the organziation are to unite the Muslims in Melbourne and its surrounding areas and to pro- mote a friendly relationship between the Muslims and the non Muslims. f IT ' S A S WAY OF LIFE What A Fit Way Of Life What ' s a FIT way of life? C.A.B. pro- vides Limelights on Thursday nights and movies on Sunday. You can also gaze at FITV on Sundays in the Qlea- son and catch the latest episode of Captain Clue and Ditto Dick. WFIT 89.9 provides music for your listen- ing pleasure. Plus, the Florida back- ground gives us sunshine and winter tans. What about those HOT fraterni- ty parties? Everybody needs a party now and then. If this is not enough to keep you busy, there is always the Ratskeller to relax in. S.Q.A. even has some social events like Jungle clean-ups or Alcohol Awareness week. There is always something go- ing on, so go out and " GET FIT " and have fun. 158 159 Orientation Staff The " O-Team " , or Orientation Staff is a group of energetic students dedicated to making the first week of a Freshman ' s college life a little more at ease. The team helps the administration, admissions, and faculty in many ways throughout the week by proctering placement tests, checking the freshmen in, giving tours and basic directions, and by just being around various departments to help when things get busy. In addition to all this, the " O-Team " plans a week full of activities for fun and to help the students meet and make new friends. These activities include an Anything Goes Contest, a Scavenger Hunt, a Casino Might, and a Dance. The " O-Team works hard every year to do the best they can for both the F.l.T. Staff and the new students. ABOVE: The freshman ' s first day at r.l.T. Bet the long lines gave them an idea of what it is like here. Has anyone ever seen Paul Swann look bet- ter than he does now? 160 Curtis, doing what comes natural So this is What College life is about. ABOVE: Alcoholics Anonymous? BELOW: Animal explains the rules to the " eggcelent " competitors. 161 BESIDE: Freshman prepare to take off on new adventures at F.I.T. 164 ABOVE; Dont let Humpty fall!!! BESIDE: Masn t anyone ever heard of forks? BESIDE: Curtis destroys the F.T.T. ratio, again! BELOW: Superman takes off. I thought this was suppose to be a home- cooked meal. ABOVE: What do you mean my armpits smell?? BESIDE: Isn ' t he soooo cute!! 165 Rush Is Onll Jne of the first and biggest decisions a new student can make is to join a fraternity or sorority. The beginning of each school term at colleges across the nation brings forth the RUSH peri- od. Each organization throws Rush parties that get prospective people in- terested in their fraternity or sorority. Lambda Chi Alpha had their annual Watermelon Bust. The Pikes pigged out on pizza. Chi Phi partied on the beach. The togas were worn by the Bona Pis ' . Alpha Epsilon Pi opened up their Jacuzzi to all of the rushes. Death was celebrated by Theta Xi. Delta Sigma Phi held a semi-formal. Sigma Kappa produced a Beach party in Evans Hall and I still haven ' t figured that one out yet. Gamma Phi had a Think Pink Party. These are just a few of the parties held here at F.I.T. These bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that are formed now are ones that will last a lifetime. Mot in public! Meloncholy Day Lambda Chi Alpha held its eighth an- nual Watermelon Bust, where every- body got wet, got dirty, and got in- volved. A Watermelon Bust is a day of exciting and unique sportive events that require the use of a watermelon in some way. This year ' s events in- cluded a seed spitting contest, a relay race with a greased watermelon, and a watermelon decorating contest. The final event of the day was the Miss Watermelon Bust Contest where each team portrayed what the Bust had meant to them by dressing up a team member. Besides the regulated events, a man- enhanced mud puddle provided a large section of entertainment for the day. Some fun-loving people decided to go mud sliding, jumping, and surf- ing. They also helped unwilling on- lookers become acquainted vAth the 15 foot puddle. A big hand of congratulations goes out to the teams that lasted through- out the whole day: the Tri-M ' s, the Q 6f T Yellow Jackets, the Condoms, Cosmic Debris, I.D.C. (I Don ' t Care), and R.O.T.C. If you didn ' t make it this year, then be sure to next year. Water- melon or Bust!!! 172 ABOVE: This guy is a prospective?? BELOW: Spituiee!!!!! BELOW: Bonsai! P CJI - nH IPH 3 fciKX. -■■ . ABOVE: Look what I got. 173 run HI The Su 2 III BilMil I W lil ' i liU III BilMi|illiliBji| BTiT«TT1gnM«FPil«r«BiBfcliBliBHiiicaiiitT! when everyone up north is pale. For those few students who always have to be different, there is Brownie pool by the dorms or the Southgate pool. Those who can ' t handle sand in ev- erything and everywhere tend to stick to these pool areas. Whether at the beach or at the pool, F.l.T. students can always be found getting those heavenly rays and keep- ing FIT!!! school at F.l.T. is that good old Flori- da climate. Let ' s all go catch some of those awesome rays down at Mel- bourne Beach. Just bring along a tow- el, lotion, lounge chair, floats, and don ' t forget the beer!! The warmth and sunshine makes F.l.T. easy to bear. Students can be found surfing, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, rowing and playing volleyball in the sun on any day of the week. Just think of the snob LOOK MOM! If you think wc look good now, wait till we do some tricks. Cooling off In the shade. Hey, check o " Quick, hide the stuff. ' m Homecoming . Homecoming Events are sted by Campu Activkies ard. This year Bounce the »wn and Madamoiselle Ooo La entertained on Friday, Febru- 13 and the basketball game s that night. Delta Sigma Phi n the Spirit Contest at the bas- ball game and all dressed in [as, they won the Parade and ; Float Contest the next day. fia Pi and Gamma Phi Beta de a good showing, by pla second and third, respectii in the Float Contest. To t weekend off the Momecom- ; Dance, with Valentine ' s Day the theme, was held at Thg b at Riverside. Teh re Tina and Kevin Uitz, both repr iting Theta Xi, were ai meed as the Queen and Kin 179 ' m — M ' " H M Wt W Wi WB T SP 1W 5 i 181 182 183 184 185 186 SQA Diane Watkins SQA Derek Edwards Sigma Kappa Kathy Kramedas 187 Mike Banks, The TKE ' s Homecoming Queen nominee who was the Homecoming Queen runner- up. Gamma Phi Beta Debbie Lind Bill McLamb 188 189 Limelight Limelite shows are every Thursday night in the Rat and are presented by Campus Activities Board. They brought many performers including comedians Rondel! Sheridan, Rick Av- iles, and Al Katz and musicians The Elements and Bermuda Triangle. There are also talent nights, lip sync contests, and parties. All Limelites are free. 190 191 192 ■ ■ Greeks Gain Fraternities and sororities have fig- ured prominently in F.I.T. social life for the past two decades. The first two weeks of school are centered around Rush. For the rest of the Quarter all that is seen are pledges doing their pledge projects. Every Friday each fraternity and sorority wear their respective shirts, letting their name be known. A great as- pect of greek life is the competition it provides not only In intramural sports, but in greek week. During Greek Week all other activities stop 11 to see which team will rise to vic- I tory and which will fall in defeat. But no matter who wins, all Greeks join together to celebrate at a Greek Week Party. 194 u a o ■- § 8 u ._- ™ ,„ U TO Cl « £ t. as: _• ' w = o 02 8 TO o TO x: ate _a c TO £ S ' u ? TO .? O ) 195 196 197 198 -c! WG {b V . ifl C d) ro lu ra - w o 5 o C u (0 i2 2 g w i; x: £ . (u O g 03 3 3 p, C c O W cfl E TO O ■- Q. u u u -C ■ " •a ■ " (fl c _ ro TO c 3 3 ■Q u . to a. Q. TO S TO S =- C : TO w 3 CL.a E £ 1- c ra ■ " TO C TO Jr -n 05£ TO ii TO • S O C (U w Q. n £ £ 5 S Q t— t— £ - xi E . TO £ to|2 n E .E TO u r i w j; ™ N u ra S £ w TOW — i£ £ C H 2 ° W = -s i« s in - u •£ ( 3 W .- U " m .= (A a. 1 5} ' " i i ' %M». W • ' ' ! iK " J9k H f1 1 U 199 W G 2 u w ' 1 g § o 03 -J . " O (U g " 5 ' i ' 5 x: _ ii a. (u — — C (— 2 ™ u J «3 ifl (0 CQ I 2 , c 2 H b a cc: u 200 c « • ■ O (U ■ - Is Q.O C ifl E2 8 w — x: c ■ " o £S 1 E l| j o 1 |1 s £.2 _ c = 1 CO 5 (U -o £ c w x: " 2 ., , . .1 c 5; U U - =2 " 5 ra Ci. w .2 £ .E-S u TO r E n c 1 QJ • CQ ti !c i ii ' i • 82 ra E ;- = (u U (U 3 E -c o ra O O .- en u C u - - o ta c £- (fl . o u ., c -J o ra — iS v ' 5) ' c !5 5 •y ? 8 ra E a. ■ " f O (0 u 2 y Ifl nj (rt C = E " C Q. E -z: .E 201 c o f- C x: o o O o u CD c ro E x: o -: u •c u c o in cr ca ■o ■ ra Q ■ u c •C £ u o — ro 2 o — ti . 5 5 O CD nj Q. CO C t 1 en o£ n en i jj ra •- w « E u o ™ .. .. 03 £ £ 3 en 03.— CO •C -C H , 22 ii S ! i2 ,3 ii 03 •c 0) 3 o in 02cQ in U CD 03 — tJ a. u D. -3 ca - - XI (U Ein TO o -J (L. 202 i w e 204 4, " 16 " i_: to Tj [« u H ra S w o — x: - .c S c £ -a ro w ° , a £? W £ „ r - n- P I « H .t 5 : 3 o £ , o u C O = « " O . « c o :o t C B3 (D -O § 1 S2 ™ § •- c o y « . n OJ O £ TO j •— jj E §-5 g ' fo ' £ ro n 3 •- ra C t- O c: ( ) z; Q. Q. 205 206 208 209 210 CO an a f» » :$i? j H 0Si 1 SH L iraHER B IMI f ' u! m« fl k p DH J r% _ ,gwr - ' 1-ir 211 212 J y ' z o s: ■35 £ O t ? C ■■ " ro c ra £ QJ o c w O ro «3 _ " c = = g TO S TJ 55 c ' g- ra c ni ra w o £ £ S2 £ ' - ' H ' - ' w -- £ c £ TO 2 E .E (0T3 t!£ 3 2 (0 E 5 c 213 214 « U tfl is c 2 ( - ro_ U - S S « c P c E " u x: c ecu E go (u U 216 217 218 1 all F CQ ; m d) «k4 (i; u A O i ( p JS 1 H 220 The Following Businesses, Organizations And Persons Have Helped Sponsor Our Yearbook. We Thank All Of Them And Request That You Patronize The Following Advertisers CITY MEWS STAND YOUR FAMILY BOOKSTORE ' SURF EMPORIUM SurfWear light and durable for the ocean lifestyle rine fashion for men and women BOOKS — MAQAZiriE MAPS — CHARTS OUT-Or-TOWM PAPERS COMICS 901 E. MEW HAVEM MELBOURNE, FLORIDA 725-0330 Open 7 days a week Mon.-Fri. 10:00-8:00 Sat. 10:00-6:00 Sun. 10:00-5:00 Surfboards for High Performance 2380 north AlA In the Village Shoppes of Paradise Beach Indialantic, Florida 222 _jS, COriGRATULATIONS SEniORSI The members of the CAMPUS ACTIVITIES BOARD hope we made your stay more lively and eventful. C.A.B. — Bringing the fun to r.I.T. NNIGAN) Monday-Saturday 11:00-1:30 Sunday 11:00-11:30 f SURF SHOP ,j:v. 130 Fifth Avenue Indialantic, FL 32903 (305) 725-5905 Surf Report 724-1091 CRAIG SUSAN BOBBITT DEnTAL orncE University Plaza 3150 S. Babcocl St. Melbourne, El 32901 OEF 676-1800 RES 723-3693 GOOD LUCK SENIORS The Bookstore thanks you for your patronage. DR. MUHAMMAD R. ALI GEriERAL DENTISTRY Emergency Se Walk In new Patients Welcome 7 Days Evenings Insurance 6f Medicaid Don ' t forget those last minute, last chance SOUVErilRS. A service of 224 PROFESSIONAL FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT, INC, " Serving the World ' s Finest Students at Florida Institute of Teclinology y y 225 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Peter Passarelli John Bailey Gary Gross Peter Oates Charles Johnson Jennifer Hall You will be missed as an active member of The Gamma Beta Chapter of THETA XI L 226 SHAGG ' S SURF SPORT 2 Wave Crest Indialanfic Phone 727-8400 Major Lines of Men ' s and Women ' s Sun and Sjjorlswear j)» mg5 5 ' J . ' S Eau Gallie= 2460 uto ' 30 AO ' fe " ; -° jerving aurne: o; - ' AAf Sabcoc set j ce serving 98 4700 eabco ' «4 cK st- ate as- cocoa- -- XIosso 5A3 S.H GH ' 227 L= CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER L. HALL r.I.T. POLO SOCIETY 228 ■5 KF v5KoP Surfboards Boogie Boards Skateboards Video Rentals T-shirts Mens SurfWear Boys SurfWear Womens Swimwear Melbourne Square Mall (305) 768-9676 David Ibarra Manager 169 MELBOURNE SQUARE 1700 W NEW HAVEN AVE. MELBOURNE. FL 32901 (305) 725-9414 SELECT-A-SEAT OUTLET ' Your One Stop Music Shop ' tapes ESdeck MUSIC CENTER, INC. Melbourne Shopping Center Babcock Hibiscus Melbourne, Florida 32901 Open Mon-Sat 10-9 Sun 12-5 (305) 724-5667 CONGRATULATIONS F.I.T. GRADUATES TASTEE EREEZ Balloons to Blimps Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor University Plaza 3150 S. Babcock Street Melbourne, Florida 32901 724-1943 • Balloon Anangemcnts, Bouquets, Gifts Gift Basitets Delivered For All Ages Occasions • Birthday Party Packages inging Telegrams By Professional Qowns • Executive Gift Planning Service Special Occasions Never Forgotten • Free Delivery To Holmes hlospital • Party Supplies Decorating Services • Promotional Kits Helium Rentals • Imprinted Balloons • Giant Balloons, Banners Pennants Same Day Delivery In Most Cases " The Complete Balloon Store... ' Nationwide Delivery 3150 S Babcock St. V SA 725-8900 University Plaza - Upstairs University Babcock 230 231 k: r; 232 1 ■1 Mr n ' ' S fe il in f i ■ 1 h T J r M -p-r ; " A . .i«, ■ 233 235 236 237 238 Congratulations Seniors From The AD ASTRA staff You ' re Fit For Life!! L 240 n fir FIT • FIT • FIT • FHT • If i i FHT • FHT • F Tr d_S i_!» FIT • FI

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