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W QVVQAQ1 f Q 'I .N u gba, if ,W C if I , '-L M 5, M1 w I Ml, X6 f ff a 6 'x sw MLJXS 'E X 5' A ' A5 lf fd""L? li ' E A 7 A W ' f , ,.,::: ' fl AW " X 17 G29X5kQw Aff4 i"f mgxgb Q Emi? W 'x'X' X "Y - ' " ' K f. 1 W 5 u fx N WI X X .,,,, 1 .ze -5 F ,Ei Q Sigigqg mEmQwwwE-' Qgmww wig Q EQ? L MQ 'X 1' Ch, - vi Q' 555555555555:fffififfcfifi 0- -- i W ' V . f - 1 1 I ri li 'xfy fi T- 1 V Igx I .,. kww' 7 . fa' 1-- 7 W - ' AQ' U14 f S 41 6 441, ,QQ94 4 OS 7 'VJ Jw' g 15 ,ff -z ,max 6 1? I zzz f- Q3 1,1 5 5 f' ' X XX 62,6 f 16154 3' X 1 ' ' .1 N 1 .4 L5 H "' 3 ' Wim A ' 42 f Y QL-I Q 03" wfi G+f Q , W ' ,A i TSM 4 4QQM ' Wfi?? , -ff fx 1 -. A Hill I , :p ' ' -Q - 7 4' V V p , ' f 8 fo A' T: w A..::f::::: tf V l: i 1 If-fi 6 5 - - r X Xxx NN Q. ' I' V .. -,N! 1 I ,A V 1 A iff , :A-g if X . , . 1 LI. WX 7' Z4 5. I 1 ' V S mg, -.... 1 XM X W '17 1, .- .Rx u W e " ne: -' . - - 15.1 f 2 - f , , . Q. - -, -3 t 4A, .. .. 12 X W ! v f r . mf q W f Nj' -' v ff' V . . ' , A 4 g 5 x U rr 'El '- A af W O W , .. . I . . - 'N-. J -r '- A M ' ' ' J 1.2 ?iyQ 1 fn: . ' Q5 gg - 325 ff , C-'Vw mf The Floridian 1957 The Staff Co-Editors - - Co-Business Managers - - Co-Sales Managers - - Sports Editors - - - Photographers - - - Class History -------- Class Prophecy and Last Will Joke Editor --------- Distribution Manager - - Typists -------- Advisor - - - ' ' - CAROLYN ELLING EUNICE WERLING KAREN JACKMAN ROLLAND RETTIG ' WYLODENE WARNCKE GENE WAISNER " 'KENNETH DURHAM ROGER BUNKE ' ' ' SUZANNE DURHAM CAROL WISTINGHAUSEN ' ' ' ' ' ' JOHN ENGEL ' ' JAMES LATHER ' ' JACK NIEBEL ' ' 'ERMA ELLING ' ' ELVERA YACKEE ROMAINE MARVIN PHYLLIS REBEAU RUTH COWDRICK ' MR. HERMILLER In Memoriam 1889 - 1956 2? Q O no Q The Senior Class respectfully dedicates this annual to the memory of Otto Meyer, former member of the Florida School Board of Educa- tion and the Henry County Board of Education. Mr. Meyer's last years were spent as school custodian, in which role he will best be remembered by every student and teacher with whom he came in contact. His sudden and untimely death brought into sharp focus his endearment among his associates to the school and community. May this annual be a fitting and lasting memorial to him. Local Supt. County Supl. MR. THERON O. MILLER MR. JOHN RUDOLPH Board of Education Seated from left: Mr, Theodore Fritz: Mr. Oren Koch, chairmang Mr. Walter Huberg Mr Louis Meyer: Mr. T. O. Miller, clerk, "ONW ARD FLORIDA" Onward Florida, onward Florida, Pass right down that line. On the gym floor all for Florida, Basket sure this time--Rah! Rah! Rah! Onward Florida, onward Florida, Fighter for her fame. Fight fellows, fight, and We will win this game. We, the editors of this 1957 edition. would like to thank our publishers, the Taylor Company, for their co-operation, our photographers, the Ward Studio, for their fine pictures, our advisor, Mr. Hermiller, for his encouragement, and the class for their willingness to work, The Senior Class has endeavored to put in this edition of the Floridian those things which we all remember most from our school days at Florida. We hope this annual will bring back the best of memo ries in years to come. Eunice and Carolyn A Word to the Seniors There are two things to aim at in life--first, to get what you want, and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. To you seniors, set your goal in life and always strive to get that goal, Always remember education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govem, but impossible to enslave and the most completely lost of all days is the one in which we have not laughed. So to all the seniors I wish the best at all times. Theron O. Miller I I I : I I I 1 I I A I I I 5 I I I I I ! I I II V 'I II 4 I I I I I I I I 1 ll'llldidfllll1l"lLlllIiIll'l'.l IIlJIIIIllll'IElllilllli'.lI7IIlIll'!K'llZfl'!llCifIslWlllIIiN:ii'Illll!I!lIll!lll.llKflll45!f1l!ZIl5nHEK'luln1iIiIVlI!Elllllb!l4!Ili1llnl lllllI2lll!llQlIHMINi!'UiIl!lJIl-lxlIfIlrIllIlUKl Tl-IERON O. MILLER Superintendent W . D. GISLER Principal College: Kent State, Bowling Green College: Defiance, Ohio State Degrees: B.S, and M.A, Years at Florida: 1940-1957 Subjects: Democracy, Driver's Training Degrees: B.S, and M,A, Years at Florida: 1943-1957 Subjects: Commercial Course ROBERT HERMILLER College: Dayton Degree: B.S, Years at Florida: 1951-1957 Subjects: English, American History, Journalism KEITH HARRIS College: Bowling Green Degree: B.S, Years at Florida: 1954-1957 Subjects:'Mathematics, Science Biology, Geography, Ohio History KATHRYN BROWN RUTH STEINERT College: Bowling Green College: Capital, Defiance Degree: B.S, Degrees" A,B, and B,S, Years at Florida: 1953-1957 Years at Florida: 1953-1957 Subjects: English 8, Music Subjects: Latin, Home Economics English '7, Spelling and Writing ROLAND vvmGHTsMAN ROBERT MOORE College: Bowling Green College: Defiance Degree: B,S, Degree: 8.5. Years at Florida: 19554957 Years at Florida: 1956-1957 Subjects: Shop, Physical Education, SUbleCIS2 PhYSiCS- Algebra. History 8 Geometry, Math our and to the bus drivers who make journey to school pleasant enjoyable: Pastor Rausch Mr. Keith Harris Mr. Robert Hermiller Mr. William Dunbar Mr. Roger Hammon. Our Thanks . ,. ,to Mr. and Mrs. Bachman for seeing that we are comfortable during our school hours. , , ,to Mrs. Betty Bouvier and Mrs. Mona Walter for their swell meals, helpfulness, and warm friendliness. i 1 w L n 1 r r I I I I I 1 i ! I I I Y gl I I 9 I 5 I Y . Inihl-I!IllllTHIKllrhI?i'i'l!llIIllllLJhFli!Iinl!li:Tl!llll'Ilill!!!I1IiIP!i!llIll,ZlllfflcI2lI-I!IlllialuillnlllPIEIIIIITFIIrlilIIL1IJlliZliilQIIIIIIHMI!IllJI.Illlllli'llllZliW!!IIIIZIJIIKSI'nI.!!ffI!l1l:ZnlPl'ilZnluZl-In MR. HERMILLER Class Advisor Bob . . . ZL Plymouth . . . clothes make the man . . . "Gone fishiu"' . . . "Without any further ado" . . . ROLLAND RETTIG President Fritz. . . Ford . . . Athletic . . . high IQ . . . "Heck, HO" . . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Class Officer 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Scholarship team 1, 2 ROGER BUNKE Vice President Rog. . . All-American . . . muscles . . . Pon- tiac or Merc , , , "That'l1 teach you" . , Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 1, 2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship team 2 WY LODENE WA RNCKE Secretary -Treasurer Willie . , . mischievous . . . "homey" type . . "good gravy" , , , Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 2,3,4 Class Officer 4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 FHA 2,3,4 KAREN IACKMAN Student Council school girl look . . Del . . . needs a German teacher . . "Oops" . . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Class Officer 1,3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 2,3,4 ROMAINE MARVIN News Reporter short and sweet . . . peppy cheerleader . . contagious . . . "Hey you kids, guess what?" Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Class Officer 1, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 2,3,4 CLASS FLOWER: Red Camation ab -Q, aagig-is 7 mtv CAROLYN ELLING Annual Co-editor Cookie . . . easy to get along with . . . baby face . . "Cut it out" Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Class Officer 2, 3 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 FHA 2,3,4 Scholarship team 1, 3 EUNIC E WERLIN G Annual Co-editor Euni . . . ivory look . . . books . . . "Don't be a cotton pickin' rebe1" , , , Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2, 3,4 Band 2,3,4 Class Officer 2 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 2,3,4 Scholarship team 1,2, 3 JAMES LA THER Jim . . . Okolona live- wire . . . hard worker . . . "Watch out, here Icorne" . . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Basketball manager 3,4 SUZANNE DURHAM Sudi , . , problem child . . . the happy side of life . . . "Aren't we all lucky?" . . . Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 2, 3,4 Scholarship team 3 CLASS COLORS: Blue and Gold CAROL WISTINGHAUSEN hair of gold, eyes of blue . . . Napoleon . . . society news , . . "Oh, shoot" , , . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 JOHN EN GEL Dennis the menace . . . dashing . . . keeps library busy . . . "You little so and so" . . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Boys' Glee 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Scholarship 2 ELVERA YACKEE boys . . . seen every- where . . . known by her laugh . . . "cripes" Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2, 3,4 Band 2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 2 KENNETH DURHAM Ken . . . farming in one easy lesson . . . little giant . . . "Huh? Mixed Chorus 2 Boys' Glee 1,2 Class Officer 2 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 1,2, 3,4 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 GENE WAISN ER Corky . . . always good for a laugh . . . study- hall blues . . . "Tain't ethical" . . . Class Officer 1, 2 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 PHY LLIS REBEA U eyes that sparkle , . , what's the assignment . . . "Oh, no". . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 JACK NIEBEL tall, dark, and hand- some . . . transfusion . . . "Better late than never" . . , Mixed Chorus 4 Boys' Glee 4 Class Officer 1 Class Play 3,4 Baseball 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ERMA ELLING That winning smile . . shy , , , always on the go... Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 2, 3,4 FHA 2 RUTH COW DRIC K quiet . . . studious . . nice girl to know . . "Thar's funny" . . Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,4 Band 2, 3,4 Class Play 3,4 GAA 1,2, 3,4 'Peas porridge hot, Scnool paper blueslili Too pooped to pop! Cheese and Cradkersilll Axk WYou concen1ra,lv nyupg fin voncantratzv' 1 I t' ,ICPH WIMCIQ the gas gOQS?7? peas porridge cold. "' We Side tracke from bob! Bob! bob! e you flrst, Cavalli!!! V J wanna F015 reading- 1e E5i cares about the ballgame 2 No help wanted!!! Hi.. HAQYYA' Klfzsswsswwml - Q 5-fa. un? x V A as .'K,,a v mx I N ' "Them Days ' ' Of the eighteen members of the graduating class of '57, only eleven have attended Florida school since the First Grade. These eleven are Rolland Rettig, Jack Niebel, Suzanne Durham, Roger Bunke, Kenneth Durham, John Engel, Karen Jackman, Romaine Marvin, Carol Wistinghausen, Phyllis Rebeau, and Elvera Yackee. The class grew to their present number through the years with many new members coming and going and a few coming to finish their education at Florida. Gene Waisner joined the class in the Sixth Grade, and Carolyn Elling came in the Seventh Grade. During the freshman year, the class welcomed four new members, Eunice Werling, Jim Lather, Ruth Cowdrick, and Wylodene Warncke, who were destined to remain until graduation. The sophomore year brought the last permanent addition to the class in the person of Erma Elling. So this history is concluded with each of the present eighteen members of the class of '5"l accounted for. May their future history reflect only credit on their "Alma Mater. Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of Florida High School, do make the following bequests: Karen Jackman--intense dislike for washing dishes to Rose Marie Rettig, Romaine Marvin--ability to do everything wrong to Nancy Sue Walter. Eunice Werling--busy schedule to Carol Zehner. Phyllis Rebeau--seniority on bus 3 to Deloris Franz. Carol Wistinghausen--glasses to Melinda Winn. Elvera Yackee -short hair to Martha Walter. Wylodene Warncke--ability to work in the office to Burdette Rathge. Erma Elling--sewing ability to Nancy Mae Walter. Carolyn Elling--girl friends to Mr. Moore. Ruth Cowdrick--"pony tai1" to Anita Rumble. Suzanne Durham--nicknames to Augusta Elling. Rolland Rettig--ability to be a class officer to Curtis Blanchard. Roger Bunke-- job as editor of the Florida Hi Mirror to Eugene Cain. Jim Lather--ability to say something at the wrong time to LeRoy Miller. Gene Waisner--ability to loaf in school to Ray Kinder. John Engel--love for the Yankees to Rodger Horstman. Jack Niebel--ability to keep out of trouble to Marvin Eis. Ken Durham--ability to run off the school paper to Bill Oehus. Class Prophecy Yesterday, June 16, 1977, the graduating class of 1957 held their class reunion. The class was to meet in Grand Central Park, but here is how the day progressed for my bachelor buddy, John Engel, and I, who are housing engineers. After traveling for the most part of the morning, we reached New York. Because we were lost, we stopped at a night club to find our way. We were stunned to see that Jack Niebel was the owner of the club. We went back to Jack's office to ask the way to the park, but he was occupied with the famous night club singer, Romaine Marvin. When Romaine come out of the office we talked to her and found she was married to Gene Waisner, who was also her agent. She and Jack agreed to accompany us on our way to the reunion. After everyone had met at Central Park we were escorted to the out out -skirts of New York to Niebel's Manse. Shortly after, Phyllis Rebeau announced that her television station, WPER, was going to interview each one of us. The camera focused first on Ruth Cowdrick, a missionary to Korea, who had come home just to be at the reunion. Next on the list was Erma Elling. After graduation Erma traveled to Paris, took up designing, and then came back to the United States to live in San Francisco and design women's clothing. The camera swung next to Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Rettig fnee Eunice Werlingj, who are co-deans of Harvard University. Roger Bunke, who was home from abroad where he had just completed his final feat in the Olympics was next interviewed and the "Clatter Sisters, " Carolyl Elling, Suzanne Durham, and Karen Jackman, sang a song from their recent album. Then Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Durham Qnee Wylodene Warnckej, owners of a 600 acre wheat farm in Kansas, appeared briefly, followed by two WAC officers, Carol Wistinghausen and Elvera Yackee, who related some service connected experiences. The class enjoyed the reunion and decided they should have another some other time. I, O, 6 O Q' Y Treasurer LEON RA USC!-I JAMES DURHAM MARVIN EIS President Vice President SCCISISTY JANE MARTHA BEVERLY DURHAM WALTER ARPS Junior Class Advisor: MR, HARRIS Student Council LEW BECHTOL DELORIS FRANZ DOLORIS MINSEL News Reporter Parliamentarian IANICE GARY BUNKE MYERS MARY JACK HILLIS RUBY TERRY RICHARD PONTIUS ANDREW President, Ronnie Fruthg Vice President, Lois Bunkeg Secretary, Bonnie Hurd, Treasurer, Linda Oehus, News Reporter, Paul Weddelmang Student Council, Nancy Mae Walter, Sophomore Class Harry Durham, Ronald Drewes, Advisor, MR, WRIGHTSMANg Raymond Hammon, Larry Samlow. Eugene Cain, Josephine Espinoza, William Oehus, Maresta Elling, Eulalio Jimenez, Lucille Lange Darlene Powell, LeRoy Miller, Nellie Expinoza, David Engel, Margery Behrens, Curris Blanchard Larry Meyer, Nancy Andrew, Tony Homan, Carol Fronk, Rodger Horstman, Mildred Meyer. President Vice President Ross MARIE RAYMOND RETTIG I Q KINDER Freshman Class Advisor: MR. MOORE Secretary Treasurer Student Council MAF-CEU-A AN ITA NANCY SUE ARPS RUMBLE WALTER News Reporter Augusta Ordis JERRY Elling Hahn VON DEYLEN Fredrick Mary james Meine Cowdricfk Kinder President, John Fronkg Vice President, Richard Steinertg Secretary, Bernice Horstmang Treasurer Lois Weddelmang Student Council, Jerry Hurd: News Reporter, Janice Rabe. Eighth Grade Anna Minsel, George Huber, Advisor, Mrs. Browng Lois Lange, Norbert Fritz. Gary Gessner, Ruth Durham, William Cain, Melinda Winn, Lloyd Yackee, Ruth Rettigilmmk Tom Andrew, Esperanza Jimenez, Marvin Arps, Horalia Espinoza, Jack Bechtol, Carol Meyers Darrel Blanchard, Rosalie Miller, Tony Ruby, Sharlene Bunkeg President, Ruth Warncke: Vice President, Marilyn Horstmang Secretary, Louise Uppg Treasurer, Donna Bostelrnang Student Council, Susan Bechtolg News Reporter, Dannis Blanchard, Wi V S H ' Xl eventh ,P h'u':e GVCZCZG N5 ,A'-- Linda Eickhoff, Advisor, Mrs, Steinert, Shirley Retlig Anita Espinoza, David Bronson, Loretta Elling, Carl Rumble, Sally Pontius, Kip Vasher. Janith Wichman, Robert Bunke, Donna Dickman, Carl Rausch, Camera shy: Carol Zehner Terry Knapp, Betty Kinder, Burdette Rathge. MRS. MABYL ROWE MRS. LOUELLA LIGHTHILL College: Bowling Green, Defiance College: Bowling Green Three years plus in elementary Degree: B, S, Years at Florida: 1929-1957 Years at Florida: 1955-1957 Grade 1 Grade 2 Elementary Faculty 5 , MISS MERELYN VON DEYLEN Q College: Defiance Three years plus in elementary Years at Florida: 1955-1957 MRS. CORA EIS MRS, VIRGINIA MEYER College: Defiance College: Defiance Two years plus in elementary Degree: B,S, Years at Florida: 1944-1957 Years at Florida: 1953-1957 Grades 4,5,6 Grades 4,5,6 Sixth Grade Susan Va jen Robert Lather Joann Chester Larry Hohenberger Mary Rumble Keith Blanchard Helen Dickman John Fritz Karen Rabe Ronald Upp Ann Hammon Johnny Knape Connie Knapp Dennis Cain Marilyn Rettig Dennis Bunke Barbara Rathge Cheryl Crossland Lillian Rausch Gerald Engel F Wh Grade John Oehus Ronald Bostelman Encil Rebeau Douglas Bachman Raul Jimenez John Meine John Steele Mary Andrew Leland Rettig Delmar Cain Marie Wetmore Kenneth Drewes James Hoffman Linda Hammon Floyd Yackee Joseph Cowdrick Rosemary Westfall Manuel Espinoza Olga Jimenez Kay Walter Karen Diemer Larry Bostelman Scott Gessner Karen Brubaker Terry Prigge Kathleen Hogrefe Tommy Vajen Arlene Elling Victor Engel Florence Arps Linda Meyer Richard Upp L Doris Andrew Stephen Fritz Dorthy Hammon Kenneth Knape Teresa Lather James Diemer Jane Chester Freddie Bostelman Jesusita Jimenez Roger Rathge Linda Rathge Gary Franz Fourth Grade Diana Boyer Douglas Gessner Carolyn Walker Raymond Crowley Diana Rickenburg Robert Crossland Ruth Hubert Danny Rathge Mary Crowley Wayne Rumble Beverly Bunke John Fruth Margaret Steinert Gary Rebeau Janice Diemer Ronnie Samlow Linda Morris Frankie Espinoza Diane Cain Franklin Wetmore Kay Andrew Michele Vasher Mary Steffan Third Grade Marcile Hubert Absent: Richard Farison Patricia Knape f H '-vw " , 1a'uf?,!Qiz -'if-will Second Grade Janice Eberle John Steffan Diane Knipp Carl Egler True Hubert Larry Desgranges Sharon Walker Allen Bremer Frankie Jimenez Linda Waisner David Bahler Kathleen Prigge Roger Hammon Marjorie Klingshirn John Cowdrick Rebecca Hogrefe Christine Baer Phillip Crossland Connie Fruth Melinda Diemer Billy Andrew Gary Bostelman ' is in V as-45 ,. , .- xl , -mf: 2. First Grade Karen Leaders David Helberg Ctyselda Espinoza Michael Harris Bonnie Waisner Debra Gessner Ernesto Jimenez Gilbert Espinoza Patty Desgranges Ronald Rebeau Margo Vajen Lynn Brubaker Barbara Demaline Wilferd Elling Ioy Hahn Paula Brown Diane Eberle Diane Westfall Marilyn Boyer David Crowley Shirley Waisner Jill Retcher Absent: Linda Leonhardt Sandra Farison Carlos De La Cruz Virginia De La Cruz Bruce Shenkel il x f 251:55 1 Y E Kd ,gag wg L x fm. aiwnff, 17 21, V.,-4,-132 s if 4 Q-f sr -3 Hs' X, , , 5 S ,ga in ,Y Vg S3 ' Q KX Nl . 9 1 is 1 4: viii, -----.mug YM Q . all 2 ' Q l A ' p F va W gg L. Vim, -.1 r'fig2jf'- 'm 4 FW' -fs -My F . .,, ,,.v..1g.,.:j: Y, , . , , , 0 , . R 5,10 ,R ., V., A Q . WN ,gy F, is 5 ' o 1 . 5 "m' Wy aww V, as Q Tig' , . , I I I ! I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I 221:15IInLE'Ilillllllifl!fIlxHllIillbIlIulr1ill'lLl.lI!-ll.i!KlIUlil.li!S'I'!1llIllI!.I!ll'!il2I.l!l'Inli!lZ'lSlIlKI!Z'l!S2l:15lvll!ll!l'!fln1i!iI'JI!!I1l1lIII5-Ill!i!Z-lllilIl'I!7lLI'IIFIIIEIIUH'ILL,JIFl'lf1ll'll!hlI'hll'I Y. 11.3. if ,, A ' , Q is , 5 6 G n S 1 i ' f'-K ,gll"" L' . , N K. if 5' ,..,Q.V , , V Q 5' 93,9 Y' , 'X , cum.. gcmd Band Majorettes and flagbearers: Anna Minsel, Marcella Arps, Carolyn Elling, Bernice Horstman, Sally Pontius, Ruth Warncke, Donna Bostelman. Clarinetsz Rolland Rettig, Phyllis Rebeau, Beverly Arps, Ruth Cowdrick, Rose Rettig, Ron Fruth, Ruth Durham, Darlene Powell. Flute: Mary Cowdrick, Saxophones: Karen Jackman, Lucille Lange, George Huber. Alto horn: Terry Pontius. Trumpets: Ierry Hurd, Curtis Blanchard, Marvin Arps, Norbert Fritz, Shirley Rettig, Elvera Yackee. Trombones: Lew Bechtol, Dick Steinert, Lois Weddelman, Janith Wichman, Darrel Blanchard. Baritones: Wylodene Warncke, Eunice Werling, Sousaphoneg Leon Rausch. Bell Lyre: Bonnie Hurd. Drums: Romaine Marvin, Mildred Meyer, Doloris Minsel, Nancy Walter. Cymbal: Sharlene Bunke. u 'WN ' new 1 Head Majorette ---- CAROLYN ELLING OFFICERS President ------- ROLLAND RETTIG Vice President ---- KAREN JACKMAN Secretary ----- WYLODENE WARNCKE News Reporter ---- ROMAINE MARVIN Librarians ---- - - TERRY PONTIUS EUNICE WERLING Managers - - - - - LEON RAUSCH CAROLYN ELLING f ,UU 3-J 9 9 ,mtv V ,' 'A V, . Uyff 0. . . . 9 ' iiM,7LQ?3, Q Tiff? ,. if i 1 Mixed Top row: Eugene Cain, Gary Myers, John Engel, Jim Lather, Roger Bunke, Paul Weddelman, Leon Rausch, Jim Durham, Bud Durham, Marvin Eis, Larry Meyer, David Engel. Second row: W Elvera Yackee, Nancy M. Walter, Maresta Elling, Suzanne Durham, Lew Bechtol, Rolland Rettig, Ronnie Fruth, Jack Niebel, Curtis Blanchard, Nellie Espinoza, Nancy Andrew, Deloris Minsel, Eunice Werling, Mary Hillis, Third row: Bonnie Hurd, Jane Durham, Wylodene Warncke, Josephine Espinoza, Janice Bunke, Erma Elling, Carol Wistinghausen, Ruth Cowdrick. Phyllis Whorus Rebeau, Darlene Powell, Lucille Lange, Linda Oehus, Margery Behrens, Lois Bunke, Deloris Franz. Fourth row: Terry Pontius, Martha Walter, Carolyn Elling, Mildred Meyer, Beverly Arps, Karen Jackman, Carol Fronk, Romaine Marvin. 3 OFFICERS President ------- CAROLYN ELLING Vice President Secretary - - - News Reporter - - - - - ROGER BUNKE - - EUNICE WERLING - - - ROLLAND RETTIG Librarians --------- JOHN ENGEL WYLODENE WARNCKE E Girls ' Glee Top row: Linda Oehus, Elvera Yackee, Nancy M. Walter, Maresta Elling, Janice Bunke, Erma Elling, Carol Wistinghausen, Ruth Cowdrick, Phyllis Rebeau, Darlene Powell, Nancy Andrew, Doloris Minsel, Mary Hillis, Anita Rumble, Margery Behrens. Second row: Bonnie Hurd, Augusta Elling, Josephine Espinoza, Jane Durham, Wylodene Warncke, Eunice Werling, Suzanne Durham, Nellie Espinoza, Lucille Lange, Nancy S, Walter, Mary Cowdrick, Lois Bunke, Deloris Franz, Third row: Terry Pontius, Martha Walter, Carolyn Elling, Mildred Meyer, Marcella Arps, Beverly Arps, Karen Jackman, Carol Fronk, Rose Marie Rettig, Romaine Marvin. President ------ WYLODENE WARNCKE Vice President ---- SUZANNE DURHAM Librarians ---- - -CAROLYN ELLING MARGERY BEHRENS News Reporter - - - - - JANE DURHAM Bo s' Glee Top row: Roger Bunke, Ronnie Fruth, Leon Rausch, Paul Weddelman, Jack Niebel, Curtis Blanchard, Rolland Rettig, Second row: Iim Durham, Jim Kinder, Jim Lather, Lew Bechtol, Gary Myers, Harry Durham, Ordis Hahn, Third row: Raymond Kinder, Larry Meyer, Fredrick Meine, John Engel, Eugene Cain, Marvin Eis, Jerry Von Deylen, David Engel, News Reporter President - - - - - ROGER BUNKE Vice President - - - - - LEW BECHTOL Secretary - - - - - - ROLLAND RETTIG Librarians - - ----- IIM LAT1-IER IIM DURHAM - RONNIE FRUTH G.A.A. Standing: Elvera Yackee, Erma Elling, Linda Oehus, Doloris Minsel, Karen Jackman, Nancy Andrew, Nellie Espinoza, Phyllis Rebeau, Marcella Arps, Janice Bunke, Terry Pontius, Ruth Cowdrick, Darlene Powell, Suzanne Durham, Anita Rumble, Carol Fronk, Mildred Meyer, Car- olyn Elling. Kneeling: Romaine Marvin, Lois Bunke, Rose M. Rettig, Margery Behrens, Josephine Espinoza, Mary Hillis, Lucille Lange, Carol Wistinghausen, Augusta filling, Nancy S, Walter, Maresta Elling, Martha Walter, Mary Cowdrick, Dolores Franz, Bonnie Hurd. Front row: Nancy M. Walter, Beverly Arps, Eunice Werling, Jane Durham, Wylodene Warncke. Advisor - - - - Mr. Wrightsman Secretary - - - Jane Durham President - - - - - Eunice Werling Treasurer ---- ---- B everly Arps Vice President ----- Nancy M. Walter News Reporter ----- Wylodene Warncke 1 FHA. Members: Beverly Arps, Marcella Arps, Margery Behrens, Janice Bunke, Jane Durham, Ruth Durham, Suzanne Durham, Carolyn Elling, Dolores Franz, Bernice Horstman, Karen Jackman, Lois Lange, Lucille Lange, Romaine Marvin, Mildred Meyer, Carol Meyers, Anna Minsel, Doloris Minsel, Linda Oehus, Terry Pontius, Darlene Powell, Janice Rabe, Phyllis Rebeau, Rose M. Rettig Anita Rumble, Martha Walter, Nancy S. Walter, Wylodene Warncke, Eunice Werling, Melinda Winn. Advisor - - - - Mrs, Steinert Secretary - - - - - Jane Durham President ---- - - Eunice Werling Treasurer ---- - - Martha Walter Vice President ------- Karen Jackman News Reporter ------ Suzanne Durham -A Student Council Nancy Sne Waker , Karen Iackman, Susan Becntol, Mx. Mme: , Sevw Hurd , Lew Bechtel, Nancy Mae Wakex, Seated Erma Elling Roger Bunke Rolland Rettig, John Engel. Standing: Eunice Werling Ruth Cowdrick Suzanne Durham, Karen Jackman, Wylodene Warncke, Jim Lather Phyllis Rebeau Romaine Marvin Carol Wistinghausen, Carolyn Elling. HL Mzrror Staff The Florida Hi Mirror, established in 1939, is published monthly by the Senior Journalism Class under the supervision of Mr, Hermiller. Each person has an individual job to accomplish in the production of each issue. These include activities, grade news, editorials sports, features, society news, news reporting, and jokes. The work on the school paper gives us some idea of the fundamentals of newspaper work. Editor Roger Bunke Achievement Banquet Brown's Bakery i --:e' he eeeee e Boys' and Girls' State Speaker's Table High School Merit Homemaker Junior High Merit Y Varsity and Cheerleaders SCl'1O1HSIiC Senior? Table .ff "This Daring, , , " Pat O'Reil1y III - - Karen Barber - - Jerry McNeil - - Henry Barber - - Lottie Barber - - Nellie ---- Ellis Dean ----- Mrs. Minerva Reed Audrey Barber - - Bats Harding - - - Turner Riggs - - - Dora Herskovitts - Flossie Kasterino - Sue Carr ---- Horse Carr - - Mamie Smuts - - - Prom pters ---- - - Roger Bunke - Karen Jackman - - Gene Waisner - - - Rolland Rettig Wylodene Warncke - - - Eunice Werling - - - - John Engel - Elvera Yackee - - - Romaine Marvin - - - Jack Niebel - - Kenneth Durham - - - Suzanne Durham - - - Carolyn Elling Carol Wistinghausen - - - - James Lather - - Ruth Cowdrick - - Phyllis Rebeau Erma Elling "IFS Great, , , " John Maxwell - Wilbur Maxwell Betty Maxwell - Connie Maxwell Hercules Nelson Janet Maxwell - Louie ------ - Gertrude - - - J. C. Mallory - Grover Jennings Clara Smith - - Mrs. Jennings - Gladys ----- Aunt Mary - - Bernadine - - Prornpters - - Stage Man - - "THIS DA RING YOUNG MAN" Junior Play "IT'S GREAT TO BE CRA ZY" Senior Play - - Rolland Rettig - - - - John Engel - - - Romaine Marvin - - Carolyn Elling - -Gene Waisner - Eunice Werling - - - James Lather - - Wylodene Warncke - ---- Roger Bunke - - - -Jack Niebel - ---- Phyllis Rebeau Carol Wistinghausen - - - - Ruth Cowdrick - - Karen Jackman - Suzanne Durham - - - - Erma Elling Elvera Yackee - - Kenneth Durham Junior- Senior Banquet Junior Senior Christmas Party N OW 115 1 . Len Cafeiux Y Help her, Frit Z ff ZS f C Ii, . ,Q it 0' "' 1' g ' 'es- Watch those caXOU Whatls UP. Ju d Ge,neX Is thi Gel Wm 1 ' S all? Grads of 1956 Carol Pontius Margaret Meineke Thelma Ruby Lola Ruby Jeanne Lange Sam Laub Ronald Bunke Ray Horstman Esther Spieth Charles Clemens Barbara Steinert W Paul Rausch LaDouna Klingshim Elaine Behrens Zeb Vasher RAY Marvin Clyde Rettig Carol Vasher IOTIH BOIIZ ww, I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I II I I I I I I ilili n1III!IlnK.ilIl:'ilITIIIZIIJ!I!a'llCl'IliiE!'lliwll'IISIIIIIFIKIXIIIIIIIJnIlI!iI-il iJt'lIIIIn.l'Zl.llIIIQZIIIILIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIZIKIIJHIYUIUIIZllYllIiuIlI'!I!IZ!Illl'lllll'l-HPHinSilIEIIILIiIIlll!lHIll!Clrl'lllEJII LOIS ROMAINE MARTHA NANCY SUE The Bluejays First row: Ordis Hahn, Jim Lather, Fred Meine, Second row: Junior Jimenez, Rodger Horstman, Bud Durham, Jim Durham, Ken Durham, Larry Meyer, Jerry Von Deylen, Dave Engel. Third row: Mr, Wrightsman, Gary Myers, Ronnie Fruth, Rog Bunke, lack Niebel, Paul Weddelman, Leon Rausch, Gene Waisner, Jim Kinder, Rolland Rettig. INDIVIDUA L STA NDINGS Roger Bunke Rolland Rettig Gene Waisner Jack Niebel Kenneth Durham Paul Weddelman James Durham Harry Durham Ronnie Fruth Gary Myers Junior Jimenez Leon Rausch G--Games FG--Field Goals FT --Free Throws PF--Personal Fouls TP--Total Points TP 224 216 164 163 125 87 60 32 13 4 0 0 Alumni Hamler Deshler Malinta McClure Ayersville Ridgeville Pettisville Holgate Jewell Hamler Farmer Sherwood Deshler Malinta McClure Jewell Ridgeville Holga te RECORD THEY 55 57 64 63 52 54 53 64 71 51 49 70 60 65 63 53 47 68 65 LOIS BERNICE SALLY MARILYN Junior High Basketball Front row: Gary Gessner, Norbert Fritz, Carl Rausch, Dick Steinert, George Huber, Carl Rumble. Back row: Mr. Wrightsman, Marvin Arps, David Bronson, John Fronk, Jerry Hurd, Jack Bechtol, Lloyd Yackee. Front row: Gary Myers, Larry Meyer, Bud Durham, Rodger Horstman, Ken Durham, John Engel, Dave Engel. Back row: Fred Meine, Rolland Rettig, Jim Durham, Ronnie Fruth, Jim Kinder, Leon Rausch, Rog Bunke, Junior Jimenez, Ray Kinder, Mr. Wrightsman. Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida 4 6 12 5 , ,so 3 0 1 Baseball RECORD - - - - McClure - - - - Hamler - - Malinta 5 - - Ridgeville - - Deshler - - Holgate A A 1 -f STANDINGS G AB R Ave Ken D, 21 5 , 429 Jim D. 24 6 373 Rog B. 22 5 318 Junior I. 19 2 316 Larry M. 8 2 250 Bud D. 18 4 222 Jim K. 6 0 166 Rolland R. 20 2 150 Ronnie F. 7 0 143 Iohn E. 10 0 000 Gary M. 9 0 000 Rodger H. 5 0 000 Leon R. 3 0 000 Dave E. 1 0 O00 i 3... i EES? ix W 'f If QR!! .xr ZS 'Ui :tr 4 21 29 10 12 22 0 2 SEPTEMBER School opened Freshman initiation 1956 Seniors attend O, S, U, football game OCTOBER Annual pictures taken End of first six weeks Juniors attend Ice Follies --Junior Jive skating party NOVEMBER --Senior Class play 6--Florida vs. Alumni E --School voting 9--Hamler T ,U ll--Alumni Dance 16 --Deshler H 6 --Chest X-rays 20--Malinta T fl, 21--Annual pictures taken 1 7 23--End of second six weeks t - -Thanksgiving vacation 27--McClure H S 30 --Ayersville T DECEMBER FEBRUARY fcon'tJ Senior chicken supper Sophomores receive rings Ridgeville T Annual campaign Pettisville H -Holgate T Jewell T Junior Jive Caroling -Hamler H -Jr. Sr. Christmas Party Farmer at Jewell tournament -Sherwood at Jewell tournament JANUARY -School resumes -Deshler T -Malinta H -End of third six weeks -Junior Jive party -McClure T -Jewell H FEBRUARY -Ridgeville H -Junior Jive party -Holgate H ,16,21,23--County tournament --End of fourth six weeks --No school - Washington's birthday MARCH --Junior Jive party --All County Vocal Festival --All County Band Festival --Junior Jive party APRIL 5--End of fifth six weeks --Junior Jive Party --Junior Class Play --Achievement Banquet MAY --Junior Jive May Dance --Junior -Senior Banquet -Baccalaureate --Commencement --Seniors leave on trip -School closes --Seniors return from trip --Decoration Day is U 5 RQ f A Q +1 2 1 s W, , 12 aw --QM! M1 4. , . mm Vf Xxx 5 Q 3 .. . . .. .,.. . F. . , w ' , fd g h,,1L .A .nn s ww ww? N1 Q 'K ' S 1 S Miggwfig:-off'-'Q-',,fk hk,- f,y,:fKg,f-, ' ffjj ' : ,- 23 wx !. " um 9 W' 2 ' ai my ,, xg , , .b X Msatfn X . 'qi Q . H ww w X I J '- .. 1 'v r P n n 1 n In I V 4 -1 4 l1l1I1l.ll1ll'Il U1UH'l'lHI.llLHl'lllI HT1U1lhI-IIUHHBIBIH IIIIIIIUIPIH-I BRULIIHN- 'IIINNHHIUIIIHIIIIIII IPNJNQHIDIIHIHITLUIII I lll11'lllhHKHI-llIIlIlllllINGll'H"lLI 1ILIHl!IlII1HBl111l IIHHYI Compliments of GKGLGNA GRAIN CO Elevator s at Okolona and Elery, Ohio Compliments to Our Seniors FLORIDA BusnNEssMEN's CLUB THE HEILMAN HOUSE RESTAURANT MR. AND MRS. BURDETTE HEILMAN BOB 'S FRIENDLY SERVICE MR. AND MRS. ROBERT WESTFALL CURLEY AND EDDIES' SINCLAIR MR. AND MRS. HARRY MORRIS ANTHONY WAYNE GIFT - NOVELTY SHOP MR. AND MRS. .TUDE PROVOST AND JOYCE MRS. LOUIS BOHN 'S ANTIQUE SHOP MRS. LOUIS BOHN TRAVIS PAINT 8: WALLPAPER SHOP MR. CHAS. TRAVIS EVERGREEN HILL ANTIQUES MR. AND MRS. BRYAN SHARP HEILMAN MARKET MR. AND MRS. HAROLD HEI LMAN SILVER DOLLAR IVIR. AND MRS. RICHARD DUQUETTE HUGHEY GARAGE LEHR HUGHEY OBERHAUS POULTRY MARVIN OBERHAUS FLORIDA MARKET NLR. AND MRS. JAY BROWN Buy More - Pay Less Frozen Foods FLORIDA MARK ET JAY BROWN, Proprietor Fresh Meats Quality Grocer ies -I I Compliments of Tut HQNQY COUNTY IMPLEMQNT DQALEQS Assocumow KOHL SALES, INC., Holgate BICHAN CHEVROLET CO., Hamler DESHLER IMPLEMENT CO., Deshler COLLIER 8: WENSINK, Deshler ASHENFELTER, Napoleon THE L. S. DUNBAR CO., Napoleon HENRY COUNTY FARM BUREAU, Napoleon SPIESS IMPLEMENTS, Liberty Center KURTZ SALES Sz SERVICE, Napoleon HARRY VON DEYLEN, Napoleon MEINEKE SALES 8: SERVICE, Napoleon HAMLER HARDWARE, Hamler TOM BICHAN, Liberty Center DASO IMPLEMENT, Liberty Center HOLGATE FARM EQUIPMENT, Holgate HOLGATE IMPLEMENT, Holgate HECKLER 8: SON, Malinta. Compliments of HLlDSON'3 MILL High Grade Poultry and Stock Concentr ate s Okolona , Ohio 7 HE colwvwvfry Bmvff Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Re serve System Deposits Insured Up to 510,000.00 Napoleon, Ohio P Compliments of ECKERT PAGKINGCOMPANY Choice Meats Defiance, Ohio DERRUW MOTOR SHLEB Your Friendly Pontiac and GMC Dealer Our Specialty Automobile and Truck Service General Repair Body Work and Repair Z4 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 5- 1 306 Defiance, Ohio "Tricounty is a locally owned and con- trolled taxpaying rural electric coop XM erative. Tricounty has a part in serv- 10 ff. ' I' if f L9 'mme ing 132,000 ohio residences, commer- ' Vlhredlbeixilw i cial, industrial and public buildings in 0 77 of Ohio's counties. Ohio has 29 Rural Electric Cooperatives," TQICOUNTY 12u12Au. ELECTRIC co-ore, I Nc. Napoleon, Ohio Let's Go Roller Skating at the QGLL-A-QENA Route 108 North Napoleon, Ohio Meet With the Gang at the l:F2lC5I D QUEEN SANDWICH Sl-IOD Route 6 - South Side Napoleon, Ohio Congratulations to the Seniors! We Hope That the Portraits and Photographs We Have Made for You and Your Annual Help to Keep Alive Those Happy Memories of Your School Days. VVAQD STUDIO C ompliments of HAl2l2Y 1:12 O ST INSURANC E AGENC Y Holgate, Ohio Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1957 I-lCDL..C5AZl'E STATE BANK Holgate and Malinta, Ohio f ag. Deaf MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING STORE Holgate, Ohio IVI I LLEI2 BTZOT HEQS GENERAL C ONTRAC TORS Phones 4446 - 4447 Archbold, Ohio I UGFBI I I S5 Archbold - Ohio - Bowling Green LIVESTOCK FINE MEATS Daily Markets Beef - Pork - Veals A.uctions Every Monday Sausages - Loaves and Thursday Hams - Bacon - Lard Stockers and Feeders Phone 2010 Phone 35061 Your Musical Headquarters for Northwestern Ohio 7527716 P70516 S7'0J?E' 510 Clinton Street Defiance, Ohio Congratulations, Florida High School Class of 1957 705 0ff!AlV6E DAIRY C0- 825 Perry Street Defiance, Ohio we TOLEDO EDI S ON co. Defiance, Ohio Compliments of 'mc OKOLONA LUMBER oo Builders Supplies - Mill Work Custom Built Cabinets Lu-Re-Co Homes Phone 2 on 42 Okolona, Ohio 7' I-IE WE5'C'llE I-7!lVEPAl. HOME HERNIANN D. WESCHE Completely Air Conditioned Ambulance Service Napoleon, Ohio b34UfIfM!Vf YXWKFIZWI Daily Live stock Market Phone 6071 or 3681 Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of DEFIANCE GQUCEQV CO. Defiance , Ohio Compliments of me 5110627 5400 Ladies ' Ready-to -Wear and Accessories 506 Clinton Street Defiance, Ohio DEFIANCE HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. fBranch Office, Napoleon, Ohio NAPOLEGN LUIVIBEI2 CQ Dealers in Lurnber - Hardware - Roofing 108 North Scott Street Phone 7461 Napoleon, Ohio MIDWEST PLANT FOOD, INC. P. O. Box 442 Phone 7061 Napoleon, Ohio FEED BUIVMSZ "Service ls Our Business" Phone 6-2015 Lincoln Mercury Fort Wayne Road Route Z4 West Defiance , Ohio THE NAPGEEON CREAMERY B0 Butter - Eggs P t ' d Grade "A " Milk AUGENSTEINZHOEFFEL Clothes for Dad and Lad S tisfaction Guarante d Ph 7071 Nap leon, Ohio Napoleon, Oh Compliments of M0 foe s"""S 'Nc' WARREN YACKEE INSURANCE Phone 61010 Phone 22946 D f nce, Ohio Napoleon, Ohi MITCHELES FLOWERS OKOLONA TAVERN From Our Own Gre h Sandwiches Phone 5081 Phone 1-2.8 Napoleon, Ohio Ok010na, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of .5E777'5' 5E4UfYSHOP THE DEFIANCE HOME SAVINGS . AND BETTY MEYER, Proprietor LOAN ASSOENAUON 612 Grover Phone 71391 Defiance, Ohio Defiance, Ohio Compliments of WA ,QNCKE INSURANCE AGENCY HUGO C. DISHOP and WM. F. WARNCKE, Agents 809 N. Perry St. Phone 6261 Napoleon, Ohio "Say It With Flowers" From KI PCI-IEIQS FLOWER SHOP 119 Jefferson St. Defiance, Ohio ROYAL CLEANERS NORM AND GRACE ROTHENBERGER We Operate Our Own Plant 905 N. Perry St. Phone 6861 Napoleon, Ohio Radio and Television Service NAPULEWV RADIO CO. 3155 Perry St. Phone 8061 Napoleon, Ohio 1410!-7V!f4Z0 FURNITURE CO. Home of Nationally Known Furniture 715 N. Perry St. Napoleon, Ohio IXIAFDCD LE CDN GRAIN AND STOCK CO. Farmer Owned and Operated Elevator Napoleon, Ohio MEI!! FMA!! INC. Your Pyrofax Distributor 119 W. Washington St. Napoleon, Ohio !I4,0!50fV INSURANCE AGENC Y General Insurance 818 N. Perry St. Phones ZZ 79 1 -23 144 Napoleon, Ohio THE STATE BANK AND TRUST FAI-H2INGER'S CO' GREENHOUSE "A Good Bank in a. Fine Community" Flowers for All Occasions Member of Federal Reserve System Phone 5051 Member of Federal Deposit Napoleon, Ohio Insurance Corporation Defiance, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 DUEPK B008 INC. Contractors - Builders' Supplies Defiance, Ohio CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE 317 S. Perry St. Phone 5151 Napoleon, Ohio PRINT SHOP 423 Clinton St. Phone 2-2216 Defiance, Ohio 705' AEXWV WMV77 5!6!VAlZ Napoleon, Ohio SEIBENICKE3 fAEL 6' Afofnfez. INC' INSURANCE SERVICE Standard and Portable Typewriters All Kinds of Insurance Office Supplies and Equipment Offset Supplies and Duplicators Typewriter Ribbons Carbon Paper Adding Machines - Service Repair Phone 42 1 71 Defiance , Ohio 623 Scott Street Napoleon, Ohio I H01 614 TE GRAIN AND SUPPLY ASSN. Feed Seeds - Fertilizer - Coal - Paint Farm Supplies Custom Cleaning and Treating Holgate, Stanley, Ohio Compliments of Aknmzxvi JEWELRY F Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of CHEVROLET Sales and Service Kaufman St. Holgate , Ohio THE CAE!! 0041.1 7'V The Friendly store Where It's Easy to Shop Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of AZMQMZE AUTO CO. Sales - Ford - Service H. I. RETTIG - R. B. BROWN Phone 2381 Holgate, Ohio Compliments of GUTTSCHALKQ SHOE STORE Napoleon, Ohio Compliments of FQUTH ICE CREAM Frozen Food Service Napoleon, Ohio 5WZ.7ZMWG MOTOR SALES, INC. Oldsmobile -Cadillac Phone 6881 Napoleon, Ohio SWZ f?i?fff?if?mfWf and Frigidaire Appliance s ICH EVROLETf Nap ole on L-lil Ohio Enjoy the Finest SWIFT'S ICE CREAM at Your Favorite Ice Cream Dealer SVVIFT AND COMPANY Defiance, Ohio QANIU5 COMPANY Tires - Television - Appliances "We Carry Your Account" - "Long Easy Service" "We Service What We Se1l" 813 N. Perry - Phone 7551 as FXS BF. Govodrich W rueuess wus Nap ole on Ii Ohio Compliments of l2E ITEE- l2OC5El2S AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Napoleon, Ohio THE I-IEI LMAN HOUSE QESTAUQANT Good Home Cooking Phone 425 Florida, Ohio Tuner: I Came to Tune Your Piano. Eunice: But I Didn't Send for a Tuner. Tuner: I Know, But Your Neighbors Did. 70ww 744 b5 Goes With Every Meal BROWN' S BAKERY Defiance, Ohio Karen: "Wel1, Jim, How Do You Like School'?" Jim: "Closed!" Our Thanks to Everyone Who Has Helped to Make the Advertising Campaign for the '57 Floridian a Success SALES SERVICE 910 E. Canal St. Napoleon, Ohio Phone 7841 Compliments of Compliments of HOLCSATE LUMBER CO. Ohio fgfwzwes VETERINARIAN Holgate, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of ALO NZO FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOA.N ASSOCIATION Defiance and Bryan, Ohio EQOVVN Dealer in Dekalb Corn and Chicks Okolona, Ohio Phone 5 -2 Compliments of jzzkmd C ompliments of I-LATQDEIZS SUPP LY I NC. Napoleon, Ohio -' 9 1:12213 H. GE12 KEN COMPANY Building Supplies - Transit Mix Concrete Brick - Coal - Sand - Stone - Cement - Black Top 1303 Oakwood Ave. Phone 22761 Napoleon, n Ohio ' B002-5 I 1: 125 O From Napoleon . JACK GLICK PAUL LANKENAU CREAGER. C OAL C OMPANY From Defiance STANBAUGH JEWELERS ARNOLD'S SPORTS CENTER LAWSON HARDWARE From Holgate KEN'S RADIO AND TV MEYER MARKET MUNTZ Mc LA.UGHIN CO. " U Just before Christmas a college professor read the following on an examination paper: "Cod only knows the answer to this question. Merry Christmas. " Across the paper the professor wrote: "God gets an Ag you get an F. Happy New Year!" Q , s 'E 35571 1, y. w Eff - F? 4QQQ??k5f3 - ,N K N 'wx S, nxlwgf gMVw C' "fm , 'Q J ff .' j" -ifwl f u ,f C L fv ig 6 'Q ,L U' I fl ' -4 1 A nl, I fffj ,f? 4 ,.. 'NGN ' ff l VV . l , ,. ,..:: 1, . X X . .., X ---. .f r 7 . qi Sm Q ff ,N 2 2 1 - x ' ' '- R Q .ZW f M? ff ,Hr N1 1 f?6?QN- 'Sq ,alll :KE , V4 X. Jw W Q 9 ' X "L" 733, 'K uf Xi-W "F W 'I .W Q ,Aviv IX W lr z 'sf' N, 'El' - 1 f f" JA M f,.,. f ,, 1 . 1 x Vx... J, , fr If V x , H ' fi 4 v V , K "' 1 A 0 Z EE! .Ji 7 , . 551, Q5 Q , X va fx . Y, l X h X LA . - - 'L h ' 4, ' xx f m - 1 '36 40' W- f ,AMN Ab S 4, QF A545508 4? - .2 ' I . 5 x 1 ..-:: E '- .,.,A.,.,,.,,.,,Z,.f ,:f:, ,:,. L ' ' V? -- h ' X Q : N JY f z K ..-:: il, funk if f l ...::, ji -4.. ' j N .- -v,: 4 ',w X ,':'fff Q -,J '4'- .1 41 g-d 5-y LZ if ,'-.4 - X .15 M ."' . .1.. i f " W .3g-- gg .-.- M ,,. i f ' f ,, ' 1"- ' A-,. gQjE:12E52Zr?gf2f-,-7 - ' f 5 fp' -222 22535 I ' A 1 - , V ,: It ' bf Wo ' - .J sf , . f All Wg, ' .W ' 1 , 1 l , 5. - , , " , - - v Cx 4 6 v 7 Qbu

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Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 65

1957, pg 65

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1957, pg 32

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