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.-AL. 1 THE FLCDRIDIAN 952 Volume Publlshed by THE SENIOR CLASS f Florida Hugh School THF JTAFF Fdxtor Ass1stant I' dxtor DUSIHGSS Manager Assistant EUSIHBSS Manager Sales Manager Asslstant bales Manaper Last W111 and Testament Class Hlstory Dlstrloutlon Managers Asslstant Art Fdxtor Actlvltles Fdztor Typlst Faculty Advlsor Snmrley Peters Marvln Mlller lfiarvxn Rabe Conme Nxebel Joyce Brown -Iunlor Hamrnon Kenneth Armbruster Mary Ann Clemens Nlna Kretzer Marcellus Rlcmca james Sluarla Waunxta Hahn jerry Pont1us Arlene Bortz Mr Mlller Q . f-qw . .. J ....-..-..... . . .Q -A ....-1-.-. ..... ....e.n. - ... -. ' w ......... -......... .--...- - , ... n-..- 1 nf -- Q--Q..-. . fu ' -. . .. 4 -4 Q.. ......- -' u... - .... - .-...-4. - . .- .-. . .4 c HOPE OF THE FUTURh As we view the downfall of basic liberties all over the world we realize that here in America we have an almost perfect structure and environment for securing Justice and freedom But securing Justice and freedom is never a fixed achievement It is a growth This growth starts when we are born and continues until death In schools we get the basic fundamentals to learn how mentally to think things through Another achievement we must have is faith a faith based upon the dignity of mankind and the existence in human beings Each boy or girl should say and believe This country belongs to me and I cherish it If we were to drop behind the iron curtain into torture and uncertainty then we could realize what we have in America It can happen here So prepare for the future by mastering the fundamentals of good llvmg and intelligent thinking that we may continue our existence for the future Theron O Miller Superintendent THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD TODAY What we do and think in our adult life depends to a great extent upon what we do and learn in the preceding years Our law makers must have had this in mind when they passed laws requiring everyone to attend school during a certain part of his life Our lives are becoming more complicated each year and being a good citizen becomes more difficult Certainly we should learn things and form habits in school that will help us to carry on improve our nation and get along with others We sometimes hear people say that the government owes them a living The school should teach that everyone of us has a part to play and that it takes hard work to accomplish anything worthwhile Our nation and the world will be no better than the people in it We should learn that it is best for people to have a voice in the government Whether we are voting working for ourselves or others we should be able to think in order to decide what is best, To think properly, we must know certain facts, We should learn to understand the needs and feelings of others, We should learn to get along with people and practice the Golden Rule, W, D, Gisler, Principal H lllli' Dedlcatlon In appreclatlon of then' lnnumerable sacr1f1ces their unhmlted kmdness and pat1ence we with heartfelt gratltude dedlcate to the faculty thls thlrteenth volume of The Florldxan I I I I I I I x I 4 , 1 1 .!'E-KW 'jj . f ' I I I I I I ft For a country to progress 1n thls stepped up age of c1v1l1zat1on the mental capacxty of a well trained cltlzen IS most xmportant If S nlors as leaders of the next generatlon are to survxve th1s we e age of Commxmxstlc aggresslon we must have the capabxlxty to see the wrong 1n such a dommatmg power Th1s IS also a great sc1ent1f1c age and to keep It such we wlll have to contmue our research 1n the atomlc field To be able to do all thls school IS of great lmportance We must as Sen1ors acknowledge free educatlon Th1s means not only unblased opmxons and be able to accept new ldeas laws and theorxes Of course we shall not be able to do th1s just by our educatlon m school Our educat1on should go on all through life May we th Sen1ors choose to use educatlon to 1ts fullest meamng m bettermg 15 Oreson Swett Marden sald The world IS a great umverslty From the cradle to the grave we are always ln God s kmdergarten where everythmg 1s try1ng to teach s lts secret lt all depends upon the eye that can see the minds that can appropmate world May we proflt by what us lts lesson to gwe u BySAP I ' 1 free thinking, but free doing, Also we should be prepared to form TH WORLD NEEDS BETTER TRAI NED CITIZEN S mls llll, ,V xi? 'Rv-z f' ' QQIAAIIA f N ,Q kg N ..N 5' Q v' ' "if i , W . ', af ' uf Juv -U44 . . -if Fw E -qjfn ,Q . yt' ' 4 "' if Y GNL 'E ' 4' A 'Q 't ,Af ' If F , 'X - -dt wk "K-'thi ' J Q' : g 'B-4 U?" - QQ .fkj 8 W . W. f 2ua2 1fM?, l,. fx4I 3 Z in E W 4' X L J I 1' f X ' "5 , , ' , .1 A 1 1 ,ER X 1 . , ...J .Wi B Puig,-f Q 5 E., .1 rt ,YHA ' FE x H, , wffflf Girls' Glee . . ........1-Z-3-4 Mixed chem., , , , , , , , , z-3-4 Cv'.A.A.... ..... ...l-234 Scholarship Team, , , , , , , , Z-3 Class Officer, , , , , , , , l-Z-3-4 Class Editor of Mirror B0yS'G1ee........... MixedChcrus,,,,,,,,, l-2 -3-4 l-Z-3 -4 Baseball , , , , , , , , If-Z'-3'-4' Basketball, , , , , , , ,P-Z'-3'-44' Scholarship Team Class Officer Sports Edxtor of Mirror JOYCE ANN BROWN MARVIN EUGENE MILLER joyce s pucture is really sweet T0 meet her would really be A THERON O MILLER, ADVISOR ' nller, our class sdvmsor Has made many students feel much wiser Always kind and full of fun And capable of getting things done .SHIRLEY ANN PETERS Shirley w1th her golden hah- lntngues the boys both dark and fau' Girls Glee Mixed Chorus G A A Tall, dark handsome to girls quite a treat As a basketball center he can t be beat MARVIN KARL RABE Best dressed boy an school Oi him you ll make no fool Scholarship Team Soc1ety Editor of Mirror Band Cheerleader Boys Glee Mixed Chorus Baseball Basketball Scholarshxp Team Class Ofhcer Editor of Mu-ror 3 Z3 Z3 3 .........l-2 ...........l'3-4 rf-4 . , Mr,M' . ' , . I . ' ..........1'Z'3-4 ...Z-3-4 . . .............l-Z-3-4 ........l'Z Class Officer, , , , , , , , ,I-Z-3-4 ..............1'2-3'4 ..... ...J-Z-3-4 ' ...........l-2-3-4 ' .........1'Z"4 ...........1"'4"' ..........1"'4"' ' .........2 ' ..........Z"4 +4 ARLENE JOYCE BORTZ Neat sweet and a willing worker You can be sure she s no shxrker Band and Mixed Chorus Girls Glee F H A and G A A Class Editor of Mirror JERRY MARVIN PONTIUS Bashful, handsome, and slow Ready to pull a joke We know Boys Glee Mixed Chorus Class O8icer Baseball l 24' 3' 4' Basketball 311 40 Joke Editor d llfrol MARY ANN CLEMENS Teaching is Mary Ann s aim At least she s going to try the game Gxrls Glee Mixed Chorus G A A 9 he wa f -AMW' . '1w'51I7ffZ fi 9 4 ' f 5 KENNETH DEAN ARMERUSTER A student of the month was he A handsome blond he ll always Class Officer Boys and Mxxed Chorus Baseball Z 3 Basketball Z 3' Achvxhea Editor of Mirror JAMES EDWARD SHLARLA Of gurls Jim maya he s always iree, We re lure we saw some in his Model T Boys' and Mixed Chorus 1 Z 4 Basketball I Z 3 4' Baseball, l D 3 4' Class Olflcer 1 Activities Editor of Mxrror NINA MAE KRFTZER Extremely pretty and neat And her typing can t be beat Glee Club Mixed Chorus G A A Fxrst year at Pettxsvxlle CONSTANCE IRENE NIEBEL Very Pvpillar and always pretty Don t double cross her she s wxtty Band and Gxrls' Glee Mixed Chorus l Z 3 G A A l Z 3 Class Officer l Z Socxety Editor oi Mirror HOWARD HAMMON JR Junxor s favorxte sport is baseball But for some gurl he s sure Ial Boys and Mixed Chorus l Class Officer 3 Baseball 1' Z' 3' 44' Basketball Manager Business Manager of Mxrror WAUNITA LILLIAN HAHN Never naughty and very neat You can bet your life she s sweet Band Girls Glee Mixed Chorus F H A G A A Art Editor of hiirror MARCELL. US JOHN RlClClA Brawny and bashful Bu! wlix girls he s always tactful Boys Glee Mixed Chorus Baleball Basketball Prints! of Mirror 1' 24' It 24 3 3 3' 44 34 41- 4 4 3 5 1 7 ff, , -1 f f iw ' ' Z be, ...........l'l-3-4 W, ' 315 I ' ' .. . .. Q All 'V " '5 ' ' 1 - -4- , . ef . I . . ff 'H . ' ' to ' , ,1-z-3-4 - A l 1- ' ' ..........1-z-s-4 " ' f ' , -- 'Z'3'4 . i . . . ..'.1-Z-3,4' M :I ' , .........l-Z- -4 - QZQL W my 3, - - - , ' , V 3"L ' ,,,,,,:,,,l-Z-5-4' 1 ,,,,,,,,l-Z-3-4 ' ..........l-Z-3-4 .. Q, ...2-3-4 ..,,,,,,, - - - . . ..l-2-3-4 ,,,,,,, 14-2-0- - . . .............l-2-3-4 ' 'm . - 43 ' , .w'f ' ' "Q n ' ' ...n-.-...I-2-3-4 ' A ...........1-Z-'4 ' ..........Z-3-4 l 1 f ---------1'Z"4 . . ...............2-4 I - - - . 1 nl ,, ,A .3 'HH' M ' ' . ly . I 'as n - ' ' ' ' Q A , ' ....1-Z-3-4 J 'fl' The Good Old Days '-T9 ,an ,Q-vw. .nfl M Class Color Blue a d Yell Class Mott D t Try Dymg Due Trylm Ak Q Ei' .,,, e 'X Events of Yesteryear On September 1940, ten of our now present fourteen Seniors entered Flor1da School for the first t1me Soon we learned the essentlals of readln r1t1n rlthmetlc Even then we small pupils began to dmsplay some talent and ablllty along varlous lines Joyce Brown Jomed us 1n the Th1rd grade ln the Flfth grade jerry Ponhus and Nina Kretzer left us only to return for thelr hlgh school years It was also ln our Fifth grade that junior Hammon came to Florxda It was during these years that we passed from wxde eyed wonders to glddy orats who enj oyed nothmg better than to play cowboy on the nlll 1n back of the school Waunxta Hahn Joined us ln the Seventh grade and Marcellus Rlclca came IH our Eighth grade Soon we had mastered enough knowledge to make a good showing ln the county on our Exghth grade tests We entered mgh school as aggresswe green Freshmen, exczted over the prwllege of chooslng our own subjects To help our treasury that year we sold Chnstmas cards and served at a basketball game Our adv1sor was Mr Hanna Our Sophomore year wasn t much of a success fznanclally out lt was during this year we recelved our long awalted class rmgs Under Mr Jones 5 supervwlon we agmn served at a basketball game Aprll 13 1951 was a date to be remembered Our jun1or play Fn Route To Happlness was glven before a skeptlcal aud1ence Then we saxled forth 1nto the next event the jurnom Semor Banquet our theme bemg Hltch Your Wagon To A Star The effort was not wasted for the Senlors seemed to enjoy the evenxng Feellng proud and a little bit sad we began our flnal year ln school Our first great event was our Senxor play, Comln Roun The Mountam lt was gwen before a delighted audience on October 12 We served at a basketball game raffled off a turkey sold magazines and publlshed the annual All these with our class partles wlll be pleasant memones, We have contlnued on our way g1v1ng our best to school actwxtles, As we grow older, we shall come to realxze more and more how zmportant school IS and how it has made us better able to cope w1th the problems of the world today, XVA ff, .IJ seam -wif Class Wlll We the Semor Class of 1952 of Flonda Hxgh School cxty of Florida, county of Henry state of Ohxo, feeling xt ns our duty to surrender the prxvlleges that we have thus far enjoyed, and be1ng of sound mmd fcontrary opmxonl do make pubhsh and declare this our last wxll and testament I Arlene Bortz do wxll and bequeath my positron as secretary to Mr Gxsler to Marlene Rettig james Shlarla do will and bequeath my darling personahty to Allen Wller Nxna Mae Kretzer, do w1ll and bequeath my abxlxty to skip school to Nancy Gnsler Marcellus R1c1ca do will and bequeath my athletxc ab1.I1ty to Fred Shoemaker Waumta Hahn do w1l1 and bequeath my abxhty to conquer the Marines to Carol Ann Arps Kenneth Armbruster do wlll and bequeath my abxhty to sung tenor to Charles Bohn Connie Nxebel, do w1ll and bequeath my abrhty to go steady and shll date other boys to joan Sexlmg Marvxn Rabe do wxll and bequeath my ability to get along wxth lower class gn-ls to Marwood Rettig Shxrley Peters do will and bequeath my abllxty to catch and hold a Marvin Mxller do will and bequeath my six foot three inch frame Joyce Brown do wxll and bequeath my abllxty to go steady wxth one Howard Hammon jr do w1ll and bequeath my bass voice to james I Mary Ann Clemens do wxll and bequeath my abmlxty to flu-t with men teachers to Esther Spe1th I Jerry Pontxus do will and bequeath my sense of humor to Robert Clemens I I I basketball star to Merelyn Von Deylen to Bud Dunbar fellow so long to Lmda Babcock Bechtol I I We do hereby name and appomt on this twelfth day oi May ln the year of our Lord one thousand nme hundred hfty two H9521 Mr W D Gxsler as the sole executor of this our last will and testarnent fqn X , Ir I 1 f I'-Q '9 1- ami, M XX' .5 '5 if X ug' ' AL!! I 4.7 I -l-J Semor Class Prophecy I had just f1n1shed my concert tour and was on my way back to New York Cxty by plane I was settlmg down xn my seat when I heard a famlllar volce say, Everyone please fasten his safety belt I looked up into the sm1l1ng face of the girl in the trim unxform of an alrllne hostess It was none other than Joyce Brown Wh Conme Nlebel She exclaimed, as she came over and sat down beslde me We began talkmg over all the fun we had had at good old Florida Hxgh and I asked her what the rest of the Class of 52 were doing She informed me that jim Shxarla was very prosperous as the Presldent of a mouse trap factory and hrs wxfe, Arlene Bortz had made quite a name for herself as a dress designer Mary Ann Clemens now runs the exclusive Clemens Dancmg School m which she teaches ballet jumor Hammon the best barber Ln the buslness, makes more than enough to support his ten chxldren and wlfe, the former Waunnta Hahn whose reclpes are famous the world over And then there s jerry Pontlus who now wrltes all the Mickey Mouse comedies I guess he has made quite a name for hxmself just then joyce was called back on duty leavmg me to myself I picked up a newspaper and gasped wxth surprise for on the front page was the beammg picture of Mr and Mrs Rlchard Baldwm and then- twm sons who had just won a baby contest It seems that Shirley has gxven up her career as a travelmg saleswoman to become a full time wxfe and mother I turned next to the sports page where I dlscovered that Marcellus Rxclca was now pltcher for the Cleveland Ind1ans and doing a pretty good Job too at least they finally won the pennant I glanced on over to the next column where the movie The Irresxstable Lover was advertxsed Then came the shock of my llfe The star of this show was none other than Kenneth Armbruster His co star was Nma Kretzer, whose smgmg would make a banana jealous when It came to appeal A few pages later I dlscovered that Marvm Rabe had just won the heavy Weight champxonshxp of the world and IS assured of a brlllxant career I then glanced across the axsle and notxced that the man sxttmg there looked famxlxar Why lt was Nllrvlh Miller He was on hxs way to New York Cxty also to a medical convenhon He was not the greatest bram specialist ln the world just then nt was announced that we were about to land and as I left the plane, I left with memorxes of the mos important days of my life, my school days t I: . ' . . . .. . ,, ' . I I. . . I . . . . . I' . ' . . . . . I' ' . . . . . I: . ' . . . . . . '. I: . . " . . - - -. . ' 5 Q ' l - W5 , f- 9 ff 1 . S lg? , . ' -'?l1i li .X A 1 V o .T 1 J ' U- , f i. IF 1 ' 'a X sl -oe- fl gf" I F "' J rg , xg P ' k f j Q v. . "' u u I Q n n s . . . ' : ll y Today, in the Atomic Age, perhaps more than any other time, we need to know the teaching of other countries and most of all to have more "World- Wide Friendshipf' This is a time of world strife, Today we need more teach- ers and better trained citizens to help combat this very serious world crisis, We are at a very serious point in the making or breaking of this great country of ours, Basketball players are being picked up for throwing basketball games, This past summer 90 boys were dismissed from West Point on cribbing, There are the senate crime investigations getting themselves acquited of various charges Our relationship with many foreign countries has been broken off because of various changes in government and different ideas Today in the United Nations it is almost impossible to agree upon anything If we are going to start a new era we are going to have to have better world wide friendship In order to do this we are going to have to start an era of good feeling There is no better place to start this than in our own community We must get and have a good relationship in our own homes between parent and child between employer and employee between teacher and pupil between government and the people and finally between nations Only in this way are we going to be able to create better world wide friendship We must have respect and consideration for our fellow country men Through world wide friendship we will have better trained citizens By M F' M There can b no friendship without confidence Rambler Q ' "SS ll C4 Q 5 X., F- ,...... , ff I I I I I n an e - - - - .uv --1"-N, Sv - . QQ . . Q I ,la,.::Sxb' do mr- ivqrgxgg . 2 Q595195 - .1 ' 'i Q, A lg if .. .A O A- -fm- THE WORLD NEEDS WORLD-WIDE EEQIENDSE-HPS 55:55 leaf K I 0 Wav J 'Q , ? A JOHN COONTZ Hai: of red and eyes of blue, He looks like a second Frankie, too, College: Findlay, Bowling Green Degree: B, S, Years at Florida: 1950-1952 Subjects: Geometry, Algebra, , Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science DOROTHY MARTIN She'l1 give you a course and gain your respect, As you know, she's the teacher of Home Ec, College: Defiance Degree: B, A, Years at Florida: 1951 -1951. Subject: Ilan: Eemosnics, Latin, English, Physical Edueatlmi. THERON O, MILLER Superintendent Mr, Miller praises work, He shames the ones who try to shirk, College: Bowling Green, Kent Degrees: B, S, and M, A, Years at Florida: 1940-1952 Subjects: Alrxerican History, Driver's Training, Mathematics ROBERT HERMILLER Mr, Hermiller, our new teacher, 15 tall, slow, and talks like s preacher, College: Dayton Degree: B, S, Years at Florida: 1951 -1952 Subjects: English,journalism, World History and History 8 WALTER D, GISLER Principal He never huxries as you know, But many great men have been slow College: Defiance, Ohio State Degrees: B. 5. B-Hd M. A. Years at Florida: 1943-1952 Subjects: Typing, Bookkeeping, General Business, Business Math JAMES KOLLMAN Basketball or baseball: whatever the game, He's out to win it just the same. College: Bowling Green Degree: B, S, Years at Florida: 1951-1952 Subjects: Physical Education, Industrial Arts, Science 8 ROBERT EWING Ewing is the leader of our band, His physique is really grand, f?j College: Bluffton Degree: B, of School Music Years at Florida: 1950-1952 Subjects: Music, Geography CORA EIS College: Defiance Two years in elementary Years at Florida: 1944-1952 A, MABEL R OWE College: Bowling Green Three yearn in elementary Years af Florida: 1929-1952 Grade lst, ELIZABETH TRIBBY College: Bowling Green Two in elemenhry Years ai Florida: l942-l95Z Grade: 3rd EVELYN REISER College: Bowling Green, Ohio Northern Two years in elementary Years at Florida: l945-1952 Grade: Znd Grades: 4th, Sth, 6th FRANCIS KERNS College: Defiance Degrees: B, S, in Educaticn Spcial Elementary Years at Florida: l95l-1952 Grldll: 45, Sth, Sh Mr and Mrs Otto Meyer took over the Janxtorml work in 1950 Smce then they have had a hard Job keepmg the school m a san 'U- 40 Bus Drwers if J I 14 They have done xtary condztxon ,.,.. a good job They spend many hours after school so we may ha a clean building The bus drivers have many responslbxlxtles Besides drwmg to school everyday they drive to basketball games and other school actwxhes Left to rxght Mr Coontz Mr Hermxller john Brubaker Roger Hammon and Ferd Lange V2 IW X--. Adeline Horstman and Donna Degler became very popular around Florida School not only for their ime cooking but for their good person ality They are well liked by he students and the faculty U2 ll, -.-.,.... - . ftga ' . 7' , ' e K U -' ig " -" - .- ' ' if ,' f i is Y iT "LM 1 1-if 45 y.g5E X lm 353 Q uv-9 'T' p ,, , L iz M Ml-hzlbbleinc Bus Drwers f'rX 5- 'LEP ,1 " -ff-'I ' Q4 , B oard of Education 4 5 "'i Z' , , 1. .ar . . K 0 X x - 1 Aff ,L -an 2 wsmk, 'z"" Q1 Y-r M. F Mr County gul3E'AfNDON whicirandon kaglgtfsgient no , But Mr FYI:-an wants to rob A5 he.S busahdon doesnw m-- Y all the time md. ,qu , ',, -iff' ffl 1 ji 4,-mg, able to ol board our school would not be task these men have in he board Without the scho function, No one realizes what A trying to keep a school going on limited funds, T fneynbers are: Lester Aglerg joe Stziiang Leroy Myer, Koch, Vice-Presidentg and Milton Eiberle, Pres ldentg Oren THERO N Superig' MILLER Clerk of 5 tending chool Board lx s' -rl ' 9 g ,CK 1999 . SW' You who are stlll ln school should take advantage of thus oppor tumty ln school to mcrease your mental growth Increased mental growth and ab1l1ty to apply thls to your dally llvlng IS needed serlously ln the world today Too many tlmes we flnd human beings rlght here ln the Unlted States who are not satlsfled wlth lrfe because of the lack of early trammg One of the most depress1ng and hurrullatmg feelmgs IS be CODSCIOUS of possesslng a hlgher than average ablllty and yet tralnlng 'Ioday more than any other t1me ln hlstory of the world needs pood competent leaders Hlgh school IS an excellent place to learn how to become a leader Along wlth hlgh school there 15 also college both glVe ample opporturnty for the development of leader shxp Always have an open mmd and constantly seek to better your way of dolng tlungs also learn by trlal and error Don t waste your tlme ln school on foolxsh notlons or trlf-les If you can hold on to the best part of thus experlence and knowledge It w11l surely become useful m later lxfe and mspxre you to greater endeavors john Wanamaker gave the followmg advlce to some young men who were talkxng wlth him Let us not be content to mine the most coal to make the largest locomotlves to weave the largest quantltxes of carpets but amid the sounds of the plck the blows of the hammer the rattle of the looms and the roar of the machlnery take care that the lmmortal mechanism of God s own hand the mmd IS stlll full tramed for the h1ghest and noblest servlce A I I 1 i if E 7 .eve wi of y f 1? t - ' W t . . . . . . . . . to not be able to take advantage of this because of the lack of early ---S. . T E WGRLD NEEDS INCREASED IVXENTALG OWTH 5, ,ffl J Iii 'ding Iwi X .. mx , ,fb ' 2 'HU E' WWE H u mliff .QW ds: "" 'V shud' A . a,,,.J w-4 WH fs" 47' 1- ,f 1... 1 Class Flower Red Rose Class Colors Green and Silver Class Motto Nothmg Succeeds L1ke Success Mr Coontz Cheerful and gay ln a frlendly sort of way Treasurer Suzette Selllng Neat nlce and never haughty Marwood Rettlg Has the strength of Glbraltar Pres1dent Llnda Babcock Every cloud has a silver lmxng Allen Wller Rushes ln where angels fear to tread jamce Plassman A small thmg to look for a brg thlng to find Melvm Rohrs Always seen but never heard Ann Jackman Did you say Oh1o State '7 V President .lame Armbruster Clothes make the man Arthur Meyer Take your tzme the World can walt jane Yant All thlngs come to him who wa1ts Margaret Schuette It s Detter to blush than to turn pale, Dorothy Brase Can she be serious 'P Patrlcla Knepley Known by her giggles, Secretary' Helen Von Deylon Ask t.he man who owns me, Ruth Andrew A saucy lxttle redhead, and a good basketball player, Elvalyn Baden Glve me the happy s1de of llfe After having completed two years of 511111101 H1gh School, twenty two brlght eyed lads and lasses looked forward to entermg hlgh school, ln1t1at1on was fun, but rather hurn1l1at1ng. As a project for the year, we sold Chnstmas cards and d1d qu1te well. We also sponsored a skatlng party wh1ch helped put us ahead ln the f1nanc1al field, By the tlme we were Sophomores, we felt energetlc and put on a bake sale, sold school bearues, and rounded out the year by rece1v1ng our class rlngs, Mr, Coontz was our leader ln the ,Iumor year, Constantly busy, we had another bake sale, collected sales stamps, went to t.he Ice Folhes, presented the jurnor class play and concluded the year by sponsormg the Jumor Semor Banquet, We are now lookmg forward to bemg Semors, and are antlclpatmg a successful year, y ,eh 4 he y , 4 I X I L V gi ,. 1 y M V A H ,I V, , ff if 7 VVAV , . I f MN e ' i , ' rr-H ' , e, , iw? 4 l , 7 Y y I gf h Q , If V , S Aj WR .. V 1 A -4: 6 t f - My 1' 5' me A fe L Qiffai. ,wi 'A' h .. -ff' ' V ,, ,'., - ,." 2 ,.:f 1:11:91 .,,. ...- 3 Q PM I I X ,gg l gw 1 C X Lf fa i F , ' Q tfzligffg 'M . .. HQ 'W VI. ISI " "' A I I fi "" if 1 X for ff ' 'M S ' A T :JJ ' f SEEK. gc' wr z W? ' J n K A -ns V ' A lf' . .4 5 ' L as g 5, fr V .1 rs. ei J.. 42 ffq if U Xp li- L. v 'Ui N yn, 9' tr M - t rw ,EKY 4 f' y s s -W? ' v V . : , ' ' . : ' ' : , ' , . I , i I ' ll ' ll ,- ' : S : , z . , . I ' I H . ' 9 Y as fw- Nl ha av f .Q X Class Flower Class Colors Class Motto Presldent Treasurer V Preslde Secretary Absent X 81 M, Yellow Rose Nlaroon and Silver Ever Chmbmg Mr Kollman Get off the stlck Nancy Glsler Florlda s fastest rlslng Dav1d Werhng Ladles man Marylnn Yackee Trombone blues James Bechtol Better late than never Eileen Scoheld Walkmg encyclopedla Glenn Dunbar Our All Amerlcan Merelyn Von Deylen Laugh and the whole w james Els Daredevll Charles Bohn Angel wlth horns Elame nunke Fxve foot two eyes of blue Albert Weddelman Lover boy Marlene Wlchman Brown eyes Rlchard Miller New world to conquer nt Joan Sellmg Who? Me? Vern Hahn Gone Flshln Shlrley Bunke Hair of gold eyes of olue Elwood Reoeau Half pmt Lauren Bunke Problem chlld tenor ,wwf 7' heel Na x A-.an sql! orld laughs wlth you With the start of school ln 1950 twenty two green Freshman took a blg step forward and entered mto the ranks of the hlgh school One of the flrst events of thls most memorable year was Freshman 1n1t1at1on The next thxng on the agenda was money making project, ln whlch we sold Chrlstmas cards When we came back to scnool th1s year we found that we had lost four of our members, leavmg us elghteen One of the major events of thls our Sophomore year IS gettlng our class rmgs, We hope to make our two remalnlng years ln hlgh school successful ones, m whlch we will learn something along wxth havlng a good tlme, .1-1 M, A f"-1 2.2. 1:1 .1 4, ' 1' -if C242 ..,, t ,f f GJ cy, - , - My X 1 I f , 5 V s I Y -5 . X If: h' EX A in 4 ,a 5 1. llfliffr l.t,.,f1l- 4 Q, 'EY :', -f ' I V' ' 'Q' f js.: ' :L-Sv: 'Ur'-F. ' I ,U J Hidfi I F15 l ' E E VIEIQ , Q 1- 6 . , TU 1 C , 5 1 X z. 6 - , , G 1 l az :T 1- ff fi 1- , I.-F, ,LQ ,Vx H K ' .7 r, 'Y F, ' --ms? ,ff-" -fr rt.. f' I.. I VY, xv Q ...,- , ., Q55 f 1 i fj g , of 15 3 K X ' A ' wr ' ,I I X 'f ,.f'f , ft if r .JE u :QQ ,,5f?'f f e . ll ' fl . i . , . . . . . ' . . ' T1 .Z ll ' . ll ' I I .- : . l:l . ' '. ill . ' . I ll 4 . 1 il ' ' 9 . . . , - . . . . . . . a I I fllllffl " W U' 4'-'aw IAAF if fvr' u ,f Class Colors Rose and S1lver Class Flower American Beauty Rose Class Motto Ever Onward Never Backward Mr Hermxller Tall and handsome but not dark Carol Rohrs A n1ce glrl lf you know her Kenneth Clady There s always tune for a wlsecrack Karen Nelbel A glrl wlth a natural permanent jon Andrew Always late but seems to be ln a hurry Secretary Nancy Gerken just a plaln sweet glrl V1ctor Guerrero Our basketball star Imogene Brecht My specks are my treasure Fred Shoemaker The man about town President Gary Bechtol Romeo ln d'I.gl11Se .Ian1ce Memeke She s popular wlth the boys Robert Clemens Stophght Carol Ann Arps Shy but pleasant Betty Meyer Our basketball fan Dale Gerken A waster of time Treasurer Larry Durham Our mlghty llttle man janet Armbruster The honor student, V Presldent Delbert Drewes We know hlm by h1s laugh, Joanne Steffan The blue ln her eyes, the gold ln her halr, Gerald Franz He knows all about the farm, Absent Marlene Rettmg Casey at the bat, Th1s IS our flrst year ln hlgh school and we may choose the subjects we prefer, We had our 1n1t1at1on September 28, a clay we w1ll never forget, Our class project for this year IS selhng Chrlstmas cards, assorted cards, and statlonery, We are looking forward to next year when we shall get our class rings' We hope xt w1ll be a successful year, F 1 ,.:l y QA ill Q3 , ' "' "' J A " as " "A 73 f.. . ' 7. 4 5 Q' be 'A l 44, ' -A 1' , A V I M .4 7 4 If I K ,,,, viii. ' 'ff' 7 X r 12 ll A A W X my ""w ,ff Q X 1 ' . . M. , - B LV :A A A J, W ,N rf Z, My x A Qi, f 51 V 4 - " -sw-. l ."A L' 'LJ' H I In it 5 1 9 L: .ff 3 . S .L E W V ,,. 'W K. X rigs xl xx-W.. 3 A ' 5 M ' 'A l 5 l 'L ' N- 'F' 4 -f f N ' f x :- ' if l ' ' -ff V e V.. -W 'A "' "' Q J-A .A at gif ILL? fymw it '83, 4 x if K A , . ' f , . 2 , ' . : : ' , ' , . 1 u . . ' .4 I el ' 1: I , , Nlrs, Martin-A wonderful person to know, Clyde Rettig-That mischievous grin. Anita Rebeau-l've got plenty of nothing, Bob Shoemaker-I-'reckls-s, Lola Ruby-A very pretty gal, Raynionci llorstrnan-A uhif, in basketball, Margaret Meineke-5hort'n' sweet, 1ohnl'ort7-just skin'n' bones. Ieanne Lange'Smart, but mischievous. Fsther Speitl' -Quiet, but smart, Charles Schudel-Gets into more trouble than he can get out of, l,aDonna Klingshirn-That friendly smile, Charles Clernf-ns-A little heavier than average, Carol Pontius-What a peppy gal, Raymond lvlarvin'GiggleS more than he works, Elaine Behrensslxlatural or Toni, Ronald Bunke-What a singer, Thelma Ruby-just the right type, Ronald Reinhart-What a temper, Virginia Baughrnan-That southern gal, Norma Miller-What a writer, Barbara Hees-In the Seventh grade, Sam Laub-That political guy, Anita Dunbar-A friend with everyone, ,L '1 ' I , 4' .M , 4' s r. "' -W 'N 9 " J, M wr .A f X A ff- If j ,rl . 1 la - . 1 of l lf- .L Q J 3 X --v. rv 1 N, gt 4,5 ' - ,. ' if- XL. 1 ' ' l' s - P I - .ggc 1., 4' , v 'n 2 z . ,- - ,J ""-'hi 2 c " " 'K - '- "' " - LAD v fm Q 1, , O- y, ,. f emi., ' 1, '- , -L .i , I . 'LIP 1 fel .. F -6 C- 4 F' f 4 .Ioan Ill, .1, 'J-L l 5 M. I 'H I 4 '32 , 'K-V ,I v ,,,,1.,,,,. ,Q .W ' 0- - J Mr, Gisler-If you knew him you'd like him, Karen jackman'A peppy cheerleader, Kenneth Durham-A favorite in basketball, Shirley Schudel-A primpy brunette, john Engel-To know him is a pleasure, Ronda Hammon-A writer of notes, Roger Bunke -A whiz at math, Anna Marie Guerrero-A neat writer, junior Stelfan-Short, but cute, Gene Waisner-His mouth is never shut, Elnora Shoemaker-Angry one minute, happy the next, Rolland Rettig-Plump and jolh Elvera Yackee-Bright and cheery, Carol Westinghausen-Never too busy to talk, jack Niebel-'lall and handsome, Carolyn Eflling-Trim, neat and pleasant, Phyllis Rebeau-Always talkative, Romaine lvlarvin-Beware of hlondes, Suzanne Durham-just a plain sweet girl, ABSENT: jerry Libby-The clown of the class, WITH EIGHTH GRADE PICTURE: Barbara Hees-A baton twirler, fl-'f"" C.'. il , Eff? . .- a p- 4-v f I, Aix If L! I' 1 I .v ,-.-. 1 A if p Class Flower Class Colors Class Motto Class Flower Clans Colors Clans Motto N-- C f ' . f .f.'i+5-533: -ct-EJ-fish I 'A White Carnation Blue and White A 'Winner Never Qllffl And A Qultter Never Who, Rose Blue and Gold It Is Never Too Late To Learn, , Q K O -ww' .. 'Q 5 A , i711 3 34 , ,,,"b,,w C f ' 7 'Zi' 9 R 'A - 1 5 1 I 4 49 - .E 'CJ .eg . 4 .Ig I rw www new we M Ellie 8 Q Q an ai 13 11 T v--.,-1 an hiv 1-.wf""' lc xfknl 5 rw fn l.us W 4: ,Mrs 42' .3 5 1 .vw ,av ,K la E 0-I A ,. sa Y ww LL 'tvs WNW H QA My 'wait ir'-Q Y fm? 4 in ,vi mba W iw. H-'age Sw 1 I-sw lah!! al 'Tsai Z -rv -Q , X AIN--. ' 4 L I 'J' 5 ",II.f4,' ,Ma " ah r ' I L fr" ,VY ,f I G, 'G' -nn ip. Q, Ka 'V' Q Q I -1 4- 14- if Rb X o.: I 3,3 fig M' A -N-nv' Fxrst Row Mr Kern: Terry Pentium, Lew Bechtol Dolores Franz Billy Oehus Carol Cam Kenneth Behrens Second Row Patty Dunbar Ronald Drewes Marvm Fls Martha Walters Thxrd Row Roy Scofield Beverly Arps Duck Andrew Jane Durham Hal Peters Luella Mlller jack Ruby Fourth Row Gary Myers Dolorxs Mmsel james Durham janxce Bunke First Row M: Kerns Mildred Meyer David Engel Lucille Lange Curtis Blanchard Sharon Kollman Eugene Cam Carol Fronk Second Row Nancy Andrew Roger Horstman Lmda Oehus Kenneth Bostelman Bonme Hurd Larry Samlow Thu-d Row Robert Zachrxch Loxs Bunke Paul Weddelman Nancy Walter Tony Homan Yvonne Lrbey Lawrence l-Ierge Margery Behrens Fourth Row Ronnie Fruth Raymond Hammon Sharon Babcock Harry Durham First Row Mrs Els, Raymond Kinder, Nancy Walters, jim Kmder, Patty Zaduxch, Fred Meme Second Row Bob Bostelman, Rose Marie Rettxg, jerry Von Deylen, Brenda Hees Thxrd Row Tommy Agler, Marcella Arps, Bmlly Wmseman, Judy Derrow, Ox-dis Hahn I -f ,M ,A ,, I, I, If I ,V,L, VAVV. III I ' II I , 'f , me A ... ... y 'I . I f A I J2 Q 'ei' eg kill, ' 'l" 4 .".L"l, L one -M' I - v PM JW K' - 4- 'K ' N 1 p 1 ' ' W ' M, ,A "fr W I S ff an P , . 5 we Q1 I l 1 ff 1' 1 . . Ax 2 '1 12,1 ML -wg,l ' , . ' , 0?-176-Y, I I I, ri 'IPAQ +4 . I' I ' ' :Q,' :I ' .1f,,,Q-0 U , Inf, If, -J I . . W II I , I M1 I . . ,X ,M , f I gf 1 - 6 ,UQ f 5 f 71 ' ' 1 4 I X. ", . ' -N ibiii , lx . ,, . ., yi . , by a ,M .. - 'F"""" K' 'gy vi-O , ,Av-'wi 1- -3 5- 1 ' A - 'M-f' . , I I .,,. N., I -AVV F 9,73 .. MG? X X 'anim Sr r .1-1 I 9 1 f r- ? SWE af .f I-9 " f f 1 A H W" .f ' , ' 4 M ie A f A' , A, Q. , ', Q U " N- V f - 3 w,m -K 2-- . ' PL A f- ,I K . 1 ' " -' 'N " Q I, :I . - "" xr' II n ,, ,I I . . - , I ., .. I I N ' ' I II- T , " 1 5 l?Ti . I v 5' 5 Q ff' K I . , 1 " ' 'xr e 1 .. I' I X , I 4 , " V 1 ' ce Fr N 5 f " 'M o , ... -51 an . ' ' - - I I. V I In I I, y I I ' . - iff, " ' ' ' on-Q wr, L an , 1 - . ffl eg in "' 3' " Ii J IJ3: Q- A IZ 4- r ir 'F QM L 5 'I , ,, ,- jj, 2 ,LII . . I I, ,, 'I I b I I I y, ,I II I , ' A :M iwwhsv f 4 ., W' , 1, Q eg 3 y f S 1 jr ' 3 F ' 5 cn, L, .K I, - A - x '-' " , "' M ' ' I II 22.1 . -M ef , 1' " QP, +3 T :QI M Z . Q ' - f 1 a S in , "I"" fu.: -.y I 1-,H I, W. -.1 vii I ,N HJ! I N X I 2 4 2 A e , I I, ' 3 f , L ew- , . . f 7' A1 "H ,M iz First Roy, Mrs, Tribby, Richard Flores, Bernice Horstman, George Huber, Anna Lou Mix1sel,jack Bechtol, judith Sweinhagen, Billy Cain, Second Row: Norbert Fritz, Helen Miller, i'gn?'Wl?uby,nCarol Ann Meyer, Lloyd Yackee, Sharlene Bunke, Third Row: Ruth Ann Durhani, lvlarvin Arps, Sileai'iYShoemaker, Gary Gessner, janice Rabe, jerry Hurd, Karen Coller, 'I ommy Andrew, Fourth Row: Ruth Ann Rettig, Donald Herge, Lou IAQ, john Fronk, Parnela Brunner, Darrel Blanchard, Lois Weddelnxan, L- K -'54 fi" K ?'S3 Iiiiii ff' ff, First goygi Mrs, Reiser, Leroy Brown, Shirley Rettig, Encil Rebeau, judifh Franz, Danny Blanchard, Diane Babcock, Second R953 jackie Zachrich, Floyd Yackee, Linda Hummon, Burdette Rathge, Third Roy-:V Betty Kinder, janith Wichman, Lenora Coller, Robert Winseman, Linda Elickhoif, Donna Dickman, Susan Bechtel, Fourth Boil Sally Pontius, Marilyn Horstman, Donna jean Bouhlman, c f Firgjjgz Mrs, Powe, Delmar Cain, Lorena Miller, jimmy Hoffman, Marie Ann Wetmore, jerry Engel, Mary jane Andrew, Second Roxy, Ricky Kirchoff, Futh Ann Herge, l.eland Retiig, john Meine, Row: Gregory Brubaker, Douglas Bachman,YRonald Bostelman, Dennis Cain, Foigthllizuyvng Richard Bostelman, Royce Baden, Kenneth Drewes, john Oehus, 1 ' - + -A ' ' sr - - 'I I ,F cms' I- ' '.,,' -ei 'f fi 1" -iisxai ' I 1 ,- X I ' ' ,- ' -,I W A sf A ..,.., L 4 I' - v ,u th - Y 5 .ef . 'Jcwf Lvff I f ' VP ? 4,-fa ' ,f s-rf QL .3 N' ' I 7, 'rw 'I .J-. s , H , . x I if I 'f I JQI - I sir. 1 I, I I . ' I 'W :"f' ' 5 1 - Ia - J .1 II ' Q ' 'iff ' h , . Q , .. ul? Q ze, ' '25 1,-:S qs. dn, , , A, v '1 , I U Lf Vx-, .V Ni gfrs I. w 'TQ 'nr - 4 l I 2 I '75 3 5 B 2, I My ,yr 'iq-' -is f," go-,f 4, 'L -Q, 5' ,SQ 1 :ffl 5 ' 'I ' 7 " ' ' Qfg ,':'3g',. Q .I , 'L ' It J. Al ,nn-os.. 'kgs .I 4 Q - ' I ff mas. k,, '--,, Ili' ,i,,,',5 A ' -'ri 1, 4' 'L A 4 I'-'lb 'ff , I " ' N Y' .1 G Q' ' 'tl ' E312 df? "" r .. I ..."i:.a11I"'FRf" 5 jg, FLJISQILA LJQAL T MM, , M rv , ,, " ,, , '.1l4if1LJt. 5 1, ,s y I SJC I - I T152 I I 1, 1 If 3 A 5 I l A ,. ,, - -1 las: Q' " , , f, Q I ' ' " "' Q 4 I I . H" 'S fr i 1 f ' 1 g 'V I ' , fi iwlffcxff 4' .5 . e ,QL 4, 4 ' , I YM -L' if y I fp V4 gn I A: , 'U 6 2 ' dv.:-, i -tj , g, 5, T U '4 -f-Q z '-' I, 8 I I U, FI We 1 ' 4 ' I 7 , I ,fl A I, V , " ,p if P' f Q I if ...Q 62 o K .- L H,!l,.L 'Y' If . " " , K I' YQ' 4- av 1,2 ,Y , If 79' . , 'L ,fr-f 1 , Y 1 I ' v I I , -, - .v ' 1- Q. 1 ' 5 W LC, -.1 ,J iqif' E' I Ii 4 i . ' 5 'Q 4 - 5 . , I S rin?" " ',--' '53 1 - v ' J 'hd I n-7 .'w'fi'4f ' N I.If Q A. . ' Q Fveryone who watches or partxclpates 1n athletlcs gets a thrlll when a basket IS scored or when someone hlts a home run Sport enthuslasm IS world wlde even though color of the skln or the types of government of the people are different Why IS athletics an essentlal part of our world today? One who partxclpates 1n sports gets the very much needed rec reatlon and pure enj oyment of belng of part of some game We stress athlet1cs because lt helps to develop a good mmd Through athletlcs one can release h1S pent up emotions perhaps through hrs abxlrty to play some game When one plays any game he has a sense of freedom wh1ch overtakes any klnd of nervous stra1n Sportsmanshlp fa1r play and the conslderatxon of those who play wxth you make the true Sportsman One who strlves for the good performance IH whatever game he plays creates a never say die attltude whxch IS valuable ln every undertaklng ln llfe Sports are as old as th1s world ltself the games that we play may need new rules and faster compet1t1on but the age old deslre for recreation and fun remalns Through the Olympxc games we may draw curselves closer to other countrles People may talk of de emphasl IHQ sports today but tnat yy ould do no one any good and lt would do wrong to mllllons of people Sports wlll contlnue to grow ln popularlty as long as the vt orld 15 a place Where one can choose hrs own wants and enjoyments for all those vsno take part and wholesome recreatlon for those who only look on A ch1ld plays not because he IS young But he IS young oecause he plays MTM D 74 K m . if f - - V I . 'I ,' ,' - v. 1 c " 1 Jig? b'? :N T 5 J f y . -f-i - N 'pm--- ' f n I th ff ' Y , K -'H -W I Y, . . . . , , , Y . u . - U . . ,. . . . . . . , . 1 , , l . . 7 . 4 .Z. V 5 s I , I . , . . V. . . .. . . Y I . . V .- ' 1 - - . Ha ELXTER PHYSKAL V100 :W lfffll' I 1 105 QQ Qs his Shootin' and Hittin' The following is the totals and averages of the Bluejayl for 51-52, When this annual went to press the Bluejays had completed only 14 of their I6 games, We have used the following abbreviations: G-games played ing FG-field goalsg FTA-free throws attemptedg FTM-free throws madeg Per,-percentageg PF-personal foulsg TP-total points: Ave,-average, PLAYER Nlarv Miller Shorty Ricica jerry Pontius Ken Armbruster jim Shiarla jim Armbruster Larry Durham Dick Miller Vic Guerrero Bud Dunbar Marv Rabe Team T otals Opponents coacu KDLLMAN FTA FTM PER, PF , TP AVE, 110, 67 ,609 34 253 18,08 63 35 ,556 37 113 9,42 52 Z7 ,519 35 111 7,93 20 IZ ,600 33 78 6,00 Z8 15 ,536 Z9 45 3,29 Z7 lZ ,444 Z3 28 2,56 16 10 ,625 20 18 2,57 5 3 ,600 IZ ll 1,38 6 4 ,667 1 10 1,11 5 3 ,600 8 1 1,00 3 2 ,667 1 2 1,00 335 186 ,556 252 676 I 46,86 215 141 ,513 298 703 50,22 The basketball squad was composed of Z1 boys this year, There were nine lettermen, sixvof which were Seniors, These Senior boys will be very much missed next year, The boys that are left have seen action this year during the reserve games and part time on the varsity, They have shown by their spirit that they can play good ball, too, Our team has shown all the qualities that make good basketball players, One of them is sportsmanship in which our team ranks A-1, We also have to give a lot of credit to the coach, who in his first year of coaching has done a splendid job, The boys practiced four and sometimes five days a week, since the first of October, Some of the various drills we had during practice were dribbling, screening, play-making foul shooting and scrimmaging, We Senior boys wish the basketball teams of the future the Best of Luck, Larry Durham, Kenny Clady, Marv Rabe, Kenny Armbruster, jim Shiarla, jerry Pontius Marcel us Ricicia, Marv Miller, Melv Rohrs, Nlarwood Rettig, Dick Miller, Gary Bechtel, Vic Guerrero Dale Gerken, Bud Dunbar, judge Drewes, Basketeers . x 1 . . ,A vw , ,, I Q I M YIM M , x 61+ I , I E, .X if 4. SY 5 K , Lui? IMI 1. -so...,f , ,V Q , S W 1 A v I fir X y, G 7 59 My W ,, I QC 4 fans 35:4 V X ,. x , 1 , 3 ge W' V' N w Q53 RK Y E i K 3 .... . ff , 4 A if ,A , , ,, 1 Sig' A QJJK V ., Nu, -X: ? A Q ,,,, 3 . A'-- . N " 9' if . , ff, Q i u , l Q K 1 ' -...V Z5 M P Yi? 4 .M 5 its ff f 5 . gf R is ,sig X" isis 2 Vi 'Tre' 'X' . -,: Awk ., hxqr . Rx D R519 - 5 .glfgpi 9535 f ' qu 5' ,, 1 f QQ." 1' 9- f . 7 V ', ,U .,' na, ,V9.'y". kv , . ' VW: 4 l ', 4 If ff Letter Wmners J gf' ea-I no-fx ,4 .sa vi' fd' ff ij f H? 4 f my 'tm .,, "" 'B J jim Armbruster Z. Marcellus Rxcxca 3 Kenneth Armbruster Marxxn Rabe 5 Rxchard Mxller 6 xmSh1ar1a 7 erry Pontius rlud Dunbar 9 Marym Miller Marcellus a Senxor fhlS year played forward e could take care of hxrnself under tne basket Marcellus had team spxrxt and wnll oe fl11SbEd by next year s team This ls Kenneth Q last year as a Liluejay He nas shown some Ixne playxnp amlxty and good cooperatxon Ken played guard and was strong as a defenslxe man Marun could usually oe floured on to get about twenty poxnts He IS a Senlor who has won tne respect of other tearns lwlarx nas a record to be proud jerry w is guard who could oe counted on for hls part of the guardlng along wxth hls share ofthe polnts jerry us another Senior who wlll be mlssed next year Deiermlnation and a faxr shooting eye won Bud a plate on the varalty Yhxs yeal He was a Sophornore guard who could De counted on for a pretty good game jmm a bemor nas worked hxs way un to varslty ball thms year jim llked to play aggressive ball and wlth an on nlghthe Could get hls share of the POIHYS was a forward who does nxs share 1 Senxor who could maneux er and Maryln Georpel of the work He IS w ell on the baskeiball floor hls hexghth plus a lxttle more tasset to nexl years team lm hold hxs place xery lm Posxe Xkltll welpht can oe prea played part tlme forward thls year and wxll be seen mme of next year Dlck 15 a bophomore who IS dexelopxng lnto a xery flne forward D1ck has gained xaluable experx ence play mg reserxe and part hme varslty basketball The coach has chosen these nme boys as hxs letterrnen for DZ These boys have worked hard and deserve l'.h1S honor Nice work fellows ff" f 1 C fr in All "w, I l ff W- e L I!! jfr Nr A-" 'l 1" f f H H X ,. ,V.. ' I V ,V KAN gi A , XX 'rx N I. A 4 I 'VT so Lf - 4 ' of " fx R X 'xx l XXX 4- 1 ' W 9 .3 I jf fi lk 50' 'X ll X' F gil' i 'psf , fi 'X x W 1 sr if ee'r.v l so , ' . x r we . X w be U 1 3 -evrr , Y V I. -x 1,1 Sf H :W .an K ty, 43 X , A 4 i 3 Q Q A r Q S B fr A ' is e ' 'Q' ' ' if 3,1 5 1 ' k V , ' lx K S ,. KH-J Q s 'l", "",A.3 , V A Sr L I 3 K 5 K r Y .Iv ,,.,, W , xxx W g - X V VV X if ' V ,flu-J X ,V,M"' QW g 'Q YA!! b Q a X . Rl 'Y Xb' ff' qs' fvvv 54 KN Q , 'ff' b r I S I RIB ,,g.4,ra Wbf' ,K 1--4 7 1. ' . L . ' ' 1 . 1 4. " 1 . ' ' 1 . J' ' a . J ' z 3. W 1 . 'A ' . , ' 'I ' . D , , . H ' I a ' I' ' , ' V. b v,, F-.13 3 v . -I. 1 - ,I ,A-1- Y-- . N . l of. in l ' ' , 5 Baseball Team The baseball team gamed valuaole experlence thms past year by playlng ln the junxor league through the summer We hope that the team contmues to show as much hght as teams have ln the past Players ln the top row are JIITI bhlarln jerry Pontlus Kenny Armbruster Melvm Rohrs Marwood Rettlg Marv Mlller Mlrcellus R1C1C1d Gary Bechtol Art Meyer Fred Shoemaker In the bottom row Delbert Drewes Charles Bohn Marvin Rabe Bud Dunbar Larry Durham Vxc Guerrero Dale Gerken Down front 1S junior Hammon 1 I 9s Basketball Managers No one reallzes what a Job It IS to be basket ball managers They are contmually at the mercy of about twenty players deslres Besldes such as cleanmg the balls havmg a supply of clean towels and taklng care of personal belongmgs So you can see that thls IS not the easiest way to obtaln a letter but these boys thelr job well J , A , if 1' . . 1 . . . - A , IW Q ' . . . -ig' 'lf ft this, they have their own duties for each game lf : ' ' 'J' af - ' 7 ',, ' , ' I i A A ' ' , do Z 3 Q' . z , 5 Q f K it All through our llves we see the glory of man s love of beauty Exqulsxte pa1nt1ngs and sculpture, awe 1nsp1r1ng mus1c magn1f1cent llterature have sprung from the hearts and souls of gen1uses Probably everyone of us sees at least one of these arts everyday To apprec1ate these better tlungs of llfe we must develop culture Carlyle says The great law of culture IS Let each become all that he IS created capable of be1ng If that IS the answer we have a great opportunlty to develop our talents 1ncrease our mtellect ra1se our moral standards and str1ve toward the h1ghest we know To obtaln thls lt lS not necessary to go to f1n1sh1ng schools and spend a lot of tlme and money A keen observant eye can help dlscover these wonders Now IS a good tlme to start whlle st1ll ln school George Grey Barnard the famous sculptor once remarked, have worked wzth my chlsel on many beaut1fu1 materlals above all marble but none has ever been more wonderful than the mud l user. as a boy Out of the mud comes all thlngs Earth IS the pure breath of God Real farmers know thls and they make from mud thlngs more wonderful than any artlst does Culture cannot be obtamned ln a day or year It comes from e contlnual assoclatzon w1th thmgs that are good It IS not l1m1ted to one fleld but constantly changxng to lnclude the wondrous beauties received from every act1v1ty of life SAP I' . . Q 0 - 1 Q na - ' , . . . gg . 1 1 1 1 ' . . as 1 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 - no 1 . vi , o- gg ag Hn, , . 'lcd 5 , :i : A 1 Z f as 5 4 Gi, 1 'Q I F , W M 'A Wiz? ff' A 1 2 wfffb A - "' v 1 W2 me M hz 2253, Z MMM Ly H A H 5 ' Z I' kj QS Wifi' .17 ' 2 fwf fi Pgtzfs 'M 'X 1 in W W , Z , fig? Q ff ,,,,7 2 f Y W ? L-, ,,, .k,.......,,. mimgm a W Q W L44 A H12 H 1 qw ,I 9, ff.: "":' ' 7 45' 'rvf .Eg , -nr M' 4. , 1 , . if-f - T3 , "1 48, H ' v , gi' 3 ' 'I T-""" ' . h I up A gm A 'gn V If A mm ' Qfl 32:22 432 S, 9 'HM ' , 3 lv . 425' up Q i 2 f " 4b ik N lx., , , V,A 4 ff: ,KW ,?c' w rw Y L nzgwi? ff? ,I ' 'QM N, YAZ4 A 7 f Mixed Chorus First Row: Pat Knepley Joanne Steffan Elaine Eunice Betty Meyer Jon Andrew Larry Durham Mr Ewing im bechtol Delbert Drewes Janice Plassman Jane Yant Helen Von Deylon Shirley Peters Merelyn Von Deylon Second Row: Suzette Seiling Ann Jackman Joyce Brown Angelica Guerrero Kenneth Clady Dale Gerken 'victor Guerrero James Eis Elwood Rebeau Glenn Dunbar Ruth Andrew Carol Ann Arps lviargaret Schuette Connie Niebel Nina Kretzer Third Row: Karen Niebel Joan Seiling, Arlene Bortz, Janice Meineke, Albert Weddelman Melvin Rohrs, Marcellus Ricica, Marvin Miller, Marwood Rettig, Richard Miller, Vern Hahn, Linda Babcock, Waunita Hahn, Eileen Scofield, Janet Armbruster, Marlene Rettig, Fourt3LRow: Marylnn Yackee, Nancy Gisler, Marlene Wickman, Carol Rohrs, Dorothy Erase, Marvin Rabe, Junior Hammon, Gary Becktol, Jerry Pontius, James Shiarla, Robert Clemens, Kenneth Armbruster, David Werling, Imogene Brecht, Nancy Gerken, Mary Ann Clemens, Shirley Bunke, The mixed chorus put on a Thanksgiving and a spring program, 4- fi XX Boys' Glee Club TOP ROW Robert Clemenl, jerry Pontxus Melvm Rohr! Marcellus Rxcxca Marvin Mlller Marwood Rettxg Rxchard Mxller james Shxax-la james F15 SFCOVD ROW -Xlbert Weddelman Marvxn Rabe junxor Hammon Gary Bechtol Kenneth Armbruster Dave Werlxng Vern Hahn Glen Dunbar POT TOM ROW jon Andrew larry Durham Kenneth Clady Dale Gerken Mr Fwxng Victor Gaerrero Flwood Rebeau james Eechtol Delbert Drewes The boys glee put on a 'Ihanksgnmg program and a sprung concert The officers were as follows Presxdent Marcellus Rlcica Vice Presldent Robert Clemens Secretary Kenneth Clady News Reporter james Bechtol Librarian Glenn Dunbar TOP ROW Karen Niebel joan Sexlmg Carol Rohrs Nancy Gisler Marlene Wmhman Marylnn Yackee Arlene Bortz janlce Meineke CFINTFR ROW Sufette Sexllng Angehca Guerrero Ann jackman Waunlta Hahn Nlna lfretzer Marlene Rettlg Conme Nlebel Mary Ann Clemens Flleen Scofield janet Armbruster joyce Brown Ruth Andrew BOTTOM ROW Pat Knepley Betty Meyer joanne Steffan Flame Bunke jane Yant Carol Arps Mr Fwmg janxce Plassman Margaret Schuette Helen Non Deylon Shxrley Peters Merelyn Non Deylon The gxrls partxcxpated xn the Thanksgxvlng program the sprmg music festival the county festwal and entered the contest at Bowllng Green Presldent Shxrley Peters Nxce Presxdent joyce Brown Secretary Suzette Seilxng News Reporter Waunita Hahn Gzrls Glee Club VC. 1 0 O 'n gc OO 4-th rx I QL. f '5 CQ 1 , . x H' v mia ll qv- -. K 1' -AQQX xx ' N : ' n I n A I v I Dorothy Bras'e, Imogene B'recht, Nancy Gerken, Shirlej' Bunke, Linda Babcock, Y ol, ,fl N . 'V-1' 'lx HX M ,af I 'I Y- Ln I- U N 1 '4 'fl 1 ' 1 Band Clarinets: Elaine Bunke, Marlene Rettig, Arlene Bortz, Sam Laub, Rolland Rettig, Janet Armbruster, Beverly Arps, Ronnie Fruth, Saxoghonesz Jeanne Lange, john Bortz, Elwood Rebeau, Lucille Lange, Imogene Brecht, Ann Jackman, Baritones: Shirley Peters, Nancy Gisler, Tombones: Marlene Wichman, Marylnn Yackee, Bass Horn: Lauren fDonkeyJ Bunke, Bells: Joanne Steffan, Bass Drum: Bud Dunbar, Snare Drums: Eileen Scofield, Betty Meyer, Merelyn Von Deylon, Symbols: Waunita Hahn, Cornets: Carol Arps, jim Armbruster, jim Bechtol, Dale Gerken, Gary Bechtol Larry Samlow, Marwood Rettig, Drum Iviajorette: Connie Niebel, Iviajorettes: Helen Von Deylon, Barbara Hees, Marcella Arps, Flag Bearers: Janice Plassman, Karen Niebel, There are thirty-two members in the band, The band played on Decoration Day, Ned Garver Day, Halloween parades at Defiance and Deshler, and some of the home basketball games, Annual Staff The making of the Floridian this year has required much more time and effort than we thought possible, Yet the knowledge we have gained is well worthwhile, This year the annual has been changed quite a bit from other years, We have tried to show, not only with pictures, but also with written work, the things we, the Seniors, have accomplished these past twelve years, Also we have mentioned the most important act- ivities of this school year, Although Shirley and Mary worked almost constantly on the annual, it would not have been a success without the backing of the rest of the staff, We wish to express our gratitude to those who made this 1952 annual possible, We sin- cerely hope that our endeavors will meet with everyone's approval, MARVIN MILLER SHIRLEY PETERS Standing: joyce Brown, Nina Kretzer, Waunita Hahn, Mary Ann Clemens, junior Hammon, Marcellus Ricicia, Kenneth Armbruster, jerry Pontius, jim Shiarla, Sitting: Arlene Bartz, Marvin Rabe, Shirley PEUGYI, Mr, Miller, Marvin Miller, Connie Niebel, G. A. A. Left to Right: Linda Babcock, Nancy Gisler, Carol Rohrs, Janice Meineke, Marilyn Yackee, Joan Seiling, Arlene Bortz., Karen Nieble, Marlene Rettig, Connie Nieble, Nina Kretzer, Waunita Hahn, Eileen Scofield, lvirs, Martin, Janet Armbruster, Ann Jackman, Joyce Brown, Angelica Guerrero, Suzette Seiling, Rath Andrew, Carol Arps, Margaret Schuette, Janice Plassman, Elaine Bunke, Jane Yant, Joanne Steffan, Center Back Row: Marlene Wichman, Shirley Bunke, Dorothy Brase, Nancy Gerken, Imogene Brecht, Center Front Row: Helen Von Deylon, Betty Meyer, Shirley Peters, Pat Knepley, Merelyn Von Deylon, The G, A, A, participated in numerous activities this year, They serve at basketball games, put on the achievement banquet and have play-nights, They play basketball, softball and volleyball with other participating schools, To receive a letter you must have ZOO points, Activities in which you receive points areg staying for play-nights, attending classes, serving on committees, and attending basketball games, Mrs, Martin and Mr, Miller are the faculty advisors and Shirley Peters was elected president, F H A Club -7' TOP ROW Carol Rohrs jamce Melnbke Karen Nxebel Nancy Gxsler Patr1claKnep1ey Mrs Martin BOTTOM ROW Ruth Andrew Betty Meyer Waumta Hahn Arlene Bortz Jane Yant President Waunnta Hahn Vlce Presldent Arlene Bortz Secretary jane Yant Treasurer Ruth Andrew News Reporter Betty Meyer The F H A IS an orgamzatxon of glrls mterested U1 Home Economxcs Florida has its local F H A group and belongs to the county orgamzatwn The club prov1des soclal buslness and professional experiences It encourages zmprovement ln scholarshlp and mternatwnal good w111 It tries to help members to know themselves better m relatlon to thelr own group work and recreatzonal needs The purpose of the orgamzatxon IS to develop team work and to provide opportunlty for memeber to carry responslbllxty and therefore help develop good 1eadersh1p We Are Future Homemakers Of America 0 0 o Q - at .. 4 I .. T ,,,,,,,., . .., 4 , -- .................... - .sw 5, 'ci , M ? A ' : , ' ' . ' . ' . l . 1 u I : . . . . . . . . . . . . - I I A I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , -I C I O . . . . . . . . 1 I n - i . I D I . ll ' I' EN ROUTE TO HAPPINESS OUR JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CHARACTERS Bonnie Lowell, a kmghtess of the road Conme Nxebel Mark Foster, mventor of an xmproved traller Kenneth Armbruster Jonas fPal Temple, a transcontmental trailer traveler junior Hammon Martha fMal Temple his wife Shirley Peters Tom Hopper, representahve for Silver Streak Traller Co Marvm Mxller jessle Hopper, h1s wife Nxna Kretzer Robert Forbes, representatlve for H1 way Traller Co lviarvm Rabe Sylvia Semple, a womantrc creature joyce Brown Dave Ingalls sheriff james Shrarla Honora Hortense, manager of Sprmg Valley Trailer Camp Mary Clemens Harry Konrad, a mysterwus young man jerry Pont-Ius Flossxe Konrad h1s wife Waumta Hahn The setting of this play IS the mterxor of an automobxle traxler camp The woman who runs the traxler camp not only knows her own busmess but also everybody elses There IS mystery when Bonme Lowell xs accused of a crime she dldn t commrt Everythmg fmally turns out r1ght when she is proven mnocent and gets the man she loves Ma and Pa Temple are a kind old couple who warm your heart by the kmd thmgs they say and do Tom Hopper and hns wife couldn t warm anybody s heart unless they were paxd for lt Mr Robert Forbes a very busmess lxke young man gets a but annoyed by Sylvla Semple who trles to get h1m to make love to her But Sylvla fmally wms Elverythmg finally turns out all right for everyone xn the end and things are once more back to normal at the tra1ler camp llllllllllllll M! ffl' All llllllllllllllllllll Mbna be 'Mid 'Ili 'Sea ww 4? A ' swf 146 COMIN ROUND THE MOUNTAIN OUR SENIOR CLASS PLAY CHARACTERS Maw Skxtter, the hard workmg mother Sh1rley Peters Paw Skztter, the lazy father Marvin Miller Curly the ambitxous son james Shxarla Corney Bell the older daughter Joyce Brown Dizzy Mae who is slxghtly tetched Connle Nxebel Zeke, the youngest son junwr Hammon Ellie Lou DuFunny a ne1ghbor glrl Mary Ann Clemens Samson fSammyj Fester, an love with Corney Bell jerry Pontius Robert Bruce, a publxcxty agent Kenneth Armbruster Edward Small a young radio producer Marvxn Rabe Carol Hughes, a model Nma Kretzer Dons Dean her g1rl frwnd and room mate Arlene Bortz The setting of th1s play IS a small unproductlve farm m the backwood country of the southern mountams There 1s Maw and Paw Skxtter and their children Curly xs m love wlth a grrl that models for the Rears and Sawbuck mail order catalog It was just by accident that the two young men who were agents from the mall order catalog happened to stop at the Skztter s on thexr way up to a fxshmg lodge m the mountams Thexr car was heated up on the long grade as they were gomg up the mountam, and they had to get some water for the radxator Maw and Paw Skltter saw two prospectlve husbands for Corney Bell and Dlzzy Mae so Zeke drove two nails m the tires of then' car so that the two men would have to stay there longer and that would g1ve them time to try and get then' two daughters marrxed to the two young men After they found out the Skxtter s plan to have them marry their daughters they tried to escape, but couldn t Robert Bruce finally fell m love wnth Corney Bell and there was a good old fashion weddmg A couple of days later the model came lookxng for the two young men and saw Curly and lt was love at first s1ght Everythmg turned out the best for everyone ln the end u U , ..................... Q F 0 Q n n U . H .... . . p ...-f...--...---.......-... . p canslaucaoeauuunnnasuoann . . . . . . . V . . . I ' l . . . 0 I W I , , W l. ,L W ta .J --,gk , 5 ,V l 'U "'- A 1 if -V ,A 1 MW, ' Y' -2-if , ff '. 'X ,. If-1 fm- 15'-E1 ' . 4 N iiipfvlflf' , ' H ,. 4 f , I ' M 2 I 4 ,K .. 1 .. - 1 u 1 c n o u n Q n u a u n 1 ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... . ........ .... .. . .. . . .. H . . . ....... ..... . .... . . . . . . . . , ....... .... I 1 . - I 0 . I . . . . . . . . . . . . . September October November December anuary February March April May Tuesday Frlday Tuesday Tuesday Frlday Monday Frlday Saturday Frlday Saturday Friday Monday Frxday Frlday Tuesday Thursday Monday Frlday Frxday Saturday Frlday Saturday Frlday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Frlday Saturday Wednesday Frlday Frlday Monday Frlday Saturday Wednesday Frlday Tuesday Saturday Monday Saturday Friday Monday Frlday Frlday Monday Saturday Sunday Monday Thursday Frxday Calendar School opened Baseball I-lolgate Baseball McClure Baseball Rldgevllle Semor class pictures taken P T A meetmg Freshman 1n1t1at1on O S U football game Sen1ors attended Senior class play juruor class bake sale Freshman class party P T A meetmg School carn1val Basketball Malmta there 59 58 they won Basketball Ridgeville here 56 52 we won Thanksg wmg va cat1on School resumed P T A meetmg Basketball Hamler there 63 53 they won Basketball McClure there IZ Z7 they won Basketball ewell there 59 37 we won Basketball Holgate here 65 37 they won Basketball Deshler here 61 37 they won Chr 15 tmas va cat1 on New Year vacatlon School resumed Basketball Ayersv1lle here Basketball Malmta here 54 Basketball Pettlsvxlle there Career nlght Basketball RldgEV1l18 there Basketball Haxnler here 43 P T A meetxng 47 43 they won 44 we won 53 46 we won 53 46 we won 42 they won Basketball McClure here, Scholarsh1p tests Basketball jewell here Basketball Deshler there Basketball Holgate there County tournament started County tournament ended P T A meetmg Contest at Bowllng Green Gu-15 Glee School Muslc Festxval P T A meetxng County Muslc Festxval .ILUIIOT Class Play P T A meetxng jumor Semor Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement Seniors start on class tr1p School closed 5 . . 7 - ' ll - , . 19 -. . . . Z1 . . . Z4 . . . ' . . Z8 . .. . . Z9 . . . - ' . . 12 . . Z0 ' , ' 26 , 29 . . . ' . . Z . u ' 16 - ' , - , , 20 -' ' , - , , Z2 .. . . 26 9 . . . ' . ' 30 - , - , , ' 7 - , , . - , I 8 -,I . - , ' . ' 14 - , - , , 15 - , - , , . Z1 . . . Monday 31 School resumed, J 1 ' . 2 . 5 - ' , - , ' ll - ' , - , , 12 - ' ' , - , , 16 ' , . 18 -. . , u ,V . ' Z5 - ,, - , , Z8 . . . ' . . 1 - I . ' Z - . 6 - . . 8 d . 12. , Z3 , Z5 . . . ' . 15 . - . . ' Z1 ' ' . 31 . . . ' . . . 4 . . . ' 18 ' ., Z8 . . . ' . 10 ' - ' , 11 , 12 , 15 ' ' , ' 16 , Ml .sq f' I ? Ln thxs ssue of Tne Florldlan we have many examples of purposeful co operatxon We would not have been able to prmt th1S thxrteenth volume of The Florldlan lf lt hadn t been for the co opera tlon we recelved but tlns co operatxon should be extended much farther People are able to accomphsh much more when they are all worklng together Today wlth the trouble of war and the dlfflculty whtch nat1ons have trylng to get along w1th each other the human race could do much wlth a sp1r1t of brotherhood You all know how great the need IS for all of us to conserve our natural resources Th1s can only be done oy the unlted efforts and co operatlon of everyone By the rlght kind of co operahon own country can be turned 1nto a country Utopla he 15 lookmg for Then and only then the opportunlty for a good educatlon in gradual and surely our where all can have the w11l young people have local n1gh school We the c1t1zens of the operate and brlng better medlcal attentlon to most of us thereby hastemng the eradlcatlon of our much dreaded mstxtutlons oeyond the Unxted States must co dlseases Many great men have woraed throughout then' lwes for employer employee co operatwn Co operatlon mxght be sald to be the key of then' plan of llvlng We need more co operatlon 1n the world today oecause lt IS the best and almost only hope of world peace smce most of the causes of war rest upon an economlc bas1s and that about dlsarment But flrst we must solve the questlon of economlcs through co operatxon then proceed to the task of dxsarmament F WALSWORTH holllo ll-IUOIYIIIIOYIIIII -uudllo-0 Ull M . ark ' 4' U at ---MNT. h e THE WGRLD NEEDS PURPOSEEUL CGGPERATIQN IIY vi E I 'inf' 445523 iw? DERROW MOTOR SALES YOUR FRIENDLY PONTIAC AND GMC DEALER OUR SPECIALTY AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK SERVICE GENERAL REPAIR BODY WORK PAINTING I 417 SECOND STREET W U S 4 PHONE 52.055 DEFIANCE OHIO L- 0 ' r,,,,cv-9 - . . . Z 3 PORTRAITS OF Q UA LITY The Sklllfui Photography And Flne F1n1sh1ng That Have Always Dxstlngulshed The Work Of Thxs Studxo Are At Your Dmsposal WE HAVE YOUR SCHOOL NEGATIVES ON FILE NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL THE LIVINGSTON STUDIO 417 SUMIT STREET TOLEDO, OHIO OKOLONA GRAIN CO ELEVATORS AT OKOLONA OHIO AND ELERY OHIO 03.0. MALINTA, OHIOQ 1 N Okolona Lumber Co LUMBER SASH BUILDER S SUPPLIES EDWIN RATHGE PHONE Z 42 OKOLONA OHIO Eckert Packing Co CHOICE MEATS DEFIANCE OHIO O - I PAINTS - HARDWARE O O Trl County Rural Electric CO OPERA TIVI2 INC' HERE IS THE STORY OF YOUR R R U AL ELECTRIC SYSTEM TOLDSIMPLY IN CARTOONS U ffXf, XE NAPOLEON OHIO Hudson's Malls HIGH GRADE POULTRY AND STOCK CONCENTRATES OKOLONA OHIO , cf 1-gg M K nj' A . 5 Ill' Pl 6 x ,...i.n....f..ZY.'SZ1'2.,'Zl."lf .i.. ..,..i..f.. GEORGE A DENNIS Your Pyrofax Dxstrnbutor Napoleon Ohxo Standley STANDLEY CASH GROCERY Joe Steffan Proprietor Quahty Grocerles And Meats Phone 4 4 Ohlo 'Napoleon BILL TRAVIS Motor Sales Inc 'Y FT i Ford Cars And Trucks N 5 Phone 6881 Oh1o DEFIANCE HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN Deflance P nd Napoleon Ohxo . , E' 'E L X . ' . THE HOLGATE STATE BANK Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon Federal Reserve Bank Each Deposlt Insured To S10 OOO Ho l gate Ohio Complxments Of DASO MICHAELIS SALES Ford Trucks And Dearborn Implements Holgate Ohio HOLGATE GRAIN AND SUPPLY ASSOCIATION Wayne And Hudson Feed Qualxty Seeds Fertxhzers Coal Farm Supplies Holgate Stanley C G LAUB I-Iolgate's Exclusive Clothier I-lolgate Ohio We Compliment The Senior Class Of 1952 A FRIEND For 1 3 Century FUNKHOUSER MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks Napoleon Oh1o SNYDER CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET hevrolet Cars And Trucks Napoleon 01110 THIESEN HILDRED COMPANY Lumber Glass And Bullder s Supplies Phone 7461 Napoleon Ohlo SANEHOLTZ. 8: Cemetery Memorxals Napoleon Ohxo SONS SKINNY S PLACE Always Open On U S Z4 Flornda Ohxo Comphments TUSSING S SINC LA IR Phone 294 Florxda Ohio BEE LOV LEE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 363 Flornda Ohlo Comphments CHARLES TRAVIS Florida Ohio ALDEN S CLOVER FARM Fresh Meats And Grocery Marathon Gas And O11 Florxda Ohio Comphments Of DEFIANCE GROCERY COMPANY Defxance Ohxo J H. ' Of ' ' Y SERVICE Betty Meyer, Prop. Of ' Compllrnents OI HOLGATE IMPLEMENTS Massey Harms Sales And Servlce Phone 2813 I-Iolgate Oh1o HOLGATE AUTO CO Sales ,Service H J Rettxg R B Brown Phone 2381 Holgate Ohlo Confmphments Of COOPER MANUFACTURING COMPANY HOLGA TE PRODUCE CO Poultry Eggs Wool Fur M W Junge Holgate Ohio CLARK CHEVROLET CO Sales And Service Chevrolet And Oldsmoblle I-Iolgate Ohlo Comphments Of GRAYSON S DRUG STORE Rxdgvxlle And I-Iolgate Ohxo HOLGATE LUMBER CO E M Burgel E G Peper Lumber Bullders Supply Pamts Hardware Coal Phone 2331 Holgate Ohw HOLGATE ELECTRIC CO ' Everything Electrlcal Curt Kohart Phone 2254 Holgate Oh1o I-Iolgate, Ohio Phone 2431 C. G. HOEFFEL INSURANCE SERVICE A11 Kinds Of Insurance And Bonds 623 Scott Street Phone 92573 Napoleon Ohxo Compliments Of REICHERT 'S JEWELRY Napoleon Ohxo CASH QUALITY The Frlendly Store Where 1t's Easy To Shop Napoleon Oh1o Meet Your Frlends At TED'S RESTAURANT 726 North Perry Street Napoleon Ohlo AUGENSTIEN And HOEFFELL Clothes For Dad And Lad Napoleon Oh1o BOKERMAN Napoleon Ohlo Phone 3511 Sales Service A1115 Chalmers Tractors StI"OI'hbe1'g Carlson Televxslon New Idea DeLaval Studebaker GEORGE I-I VONDEYLEN HARDWARE Napoleon Ohlo G E Electr1ca1Appl1ances Plumbmg Paxnts K1tchen Ware Olwer Farm Implements lZZ West Washlngton Street Phone 3301 THE C OMMUNITY BANK Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatxon Federal Reserve System Deposxts Insured Up To S10 000 OO Napoleon Ohxo PYIOHC 3751 Dexter Washers li DELBERT HAMMOM BARBER SHOP Open Tuesday Through Saturday 3171 2 Chnton Street Phone 2 2092 Dehance Ohlo MASTERSON S IMPLEMENT CO INC West OnU S No 24 Def1ance Ohxo DEFIANCE FARM BUREAU CO OPERATIVE Defxance Oh1o Cornphments THE DEFIANCE DAIRY CO 825 827 Perry Street Defxance Ohxo DEFIANCE LUMBER CO Everythlng For The Bullder On U S 24 West At Clty Lxmlts Phone 4 2446 SWIFT ICE CREAM SWIFT AND CO Defxance Ohxo H B TENZER LUMBER COMPANY Estabhshed 1872 Certxfled Quahty And Servlce 631 Berry Street De flance Ohio X . I Defiance Ohlo Of I I u I HOYT HARDWARE The Best In Hardware Housewares Palnts Power Tools And Sportmg Goods Dehance Ohlo Compliments Of DIEHL S HARDWARE Deflance Ohxo Comphments Of MERCURY C LEANERS Dehance Ohxo THE NATIONAL MEMORIAL STONE CO Monuments And Markers Oh1o' s Large st Monument Dealer Defxance Ohxo WILLIAMS APPLIANCE Dxstrxbutor Of Shellane Bottled Gas And All Other Apphances Te1evxs1on Sales And Servlce Defxance Ohlo MOLLENCUPS INC Defxance s Oldest Jewelers Flne Jewelry Slnce 1895 Defnance Oh1o PECK S DRUG STORE Cut Rate Drugs Cosmetxc s School Supplxes Phone Z 1786 Dehance Ohno Comphments Of BUD S HAMBURGER SHOP Defxance Ohxo 1 . , - Q I T , . ' I h I ' .. , . s u . . . ' ' ' l , I ' I ' I I 1 l ' , . 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Suggestions in the Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) collection:

Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 45

1952, pg 45

Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 65

1952, pg 65

Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 65

1952, pg 65

Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 59

1952, pg 59

Florida High School - Floridian Yearbook (Florida, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 12

1952, pg 12

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