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IIERE IT IS!! MII' FLAME 1954 NUAL STA MARTHA JO THOMAS EdItor In ChIef PAUL BISHOP AssIstant Edutor CHARLENE EMMICK BusI ness Manager PAT MIDDLETON Art EdItor DAVID PEMBERTON Sports EdItor HERSCHEL WILLIAMS BILLY BASS AssIstant Busuness Manogers JINKA EASTMAN ACTIVIIISS EdItor ALEX SHERRER SenIor Freshman Class EdItor WALTON GRAY EIghth Grade EdItor BONNIE MCCLELLAN Seventh Grade Class Edltor MRS CLAUDE RHEA Sponsor All elementary classes kIndergarten through suxth grades planned theIr own lay outs and many dId theIr own art work Class edItors In the hIgh school were class presIdents Much of the work of the onnual was done as a part of regular class work art work In art class lIcItIng ads In twelfth grade Language Arts class lIDGnCICl records In bookkeepmg class typIng of busmess letters and lay outs In typIng class Class Editor? LONNIE PACE, Junior closlsdafof, WILLIAM BOYCE, Sophomore,Class Editor, BILL LOVE, 1 : Q , SO- FAREWELL... 19+-q.g5.,k.Q COMPLIMENTS or JACK CULPEPPER Contractor Over 20 yeors in Tollohossee H4 Eost Fifth Avenue xf wx! 1' L To our brcind new we plonned roomy long dreorn ed of school with its modern conveniences wellequipped cofeterio h u g e ouditorium ond gymnasium ottroctive clossrooms ond shining desks now empty ond silent but soon to be filled with busy students awqpws, tr reams, To our out-of-dote, steep- stoired, crowded, but still be- loved school, with its fire hoz- ords, initiol-corved d e s lc s, wolls covered with writing, noisy holls strewn with coke bottles, ond clossrooms bust- ling with students ot work. ov-MS' "5!9!'5-'!ai 113' J MASQ 1 -cv 9 MHS' nail'-4-3' hi, -if ,po-r 7-P ff ffl -rr-' '1,.,4:45' 'W' ..n-me-"MIM" DR. MODE I.. STONE Associate Dean, School of Education Florida State University The 1954 DEMON'S FLAME is dedicated to one who has been a loyal friend ' advisor ' and . supporter of Florida High School. His close work and association with us has our "dream school" become a reality. We are grateful to him. 6 to make F EL EIIII THE FIRE The funanclal fuel ror the DEMONS FLAME was supplned to a large extent by the 26 sponsors and 40 advertisers We take thus opportumty to express our appreclotlon to the followlng busnness concerns who subscrtbed to our new plan of sponsornng pages In thus annual JACK CULPEPPER Contractor Tallahassee Bankers Assocuatlon LEWIS STATE BANK CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE STATE BANK INDUSTRIAL BANK AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION MAYERON S DINNERWARE STORE BUDDY S HARDWARE BISHOPS FLOOR SANDING SHEARER RAYFORD ROYAL SANDWICH MOON S JEWELRY PICHARD BROTHERS FREEMAN S SERVICE STATION SHERWIN WILLIAMS DeMILLY AND YAEGER HARRELLS TRANSFER 8- STORAGE PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY STEWARTS SHOE SHOP THE MECCA MAC DON LUMBER COMPANY BORDENS DAIRY VELDA ICE CREAM LEON FEDERAL TALLAHASSEE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION M R AND R TRUCKING COMPANY INSURANCE COMPANY We apprecuate too the confndence and support of those who bought advertlsmg space m our annual TALLAHASSEE ENTERPRISES INC COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY SMITHS SEWING CENTER COBBS GROCERY SOUTHERN PIPE AND SUPPLY N AND M CAFE HOGANS BODY SHOP SEVEN UP SEVEN SEAS CHRISTOS MCGOWAN ELECTRIC FOREMOST DAIRIES CHAPMAN S PRODUCE RO MAC LUMBER AND SUPPLY CARTERS SPORTING GOODS MELTONS UPHOLSTERY PAUL TURNER Jewelry TOM RAINES W H CHASON MELVIN'S SHOE SERVICE COX FURNITURE COMPANY HARTFIELDS APPLIANCE SKYLINE RESTAURANT P W WILSON AND COMPANY R O COLLINS IRON WORKS AUTOMOBILE GLASS CO RIVERS SEED COMPANY UNION FINANCE FEINBERGS APPLIANCES SCHWALL USED PARTS TROXLERS SHOP AMBER HOUSE ORKIN S EXTERMINATORS KNIGHTS PHARMACY CAPITAL SHOE FIXERY HOLLANDS RESTAURANT CAPITAL PHARMACY PIKES STUDIO DALTONS PHARMACY CAPITAL CAMERA FLEET'S JENKIN'S MUSIC COMPANY gg Qi BCUGSRD5 4' O 963 URN 1 Q o 'Hhs Qu A Ml, f 'X xx X X 'gi 7637 I 4,02 AD C.. 4 is T Z If My DR. R. L. EYMAN, Dean, School of Education DR. MODE L. STONE, Associate Dean, School of Education DR. EUGENE BOYCE, Principal, Elofadq High school FACULTY left to Right: MR. O. E. PEREZ Spanish MISS FLORENCE TRYON Social Studies MRS. CAROLYN RHEA Language Arts MR. JAMES FAULHABER Ninth Grade MRS. DOROTHY BINGER Business Education COMPLIMENTS OF CAPITAL CITY BANK Member Tallahassee Bankers' Association III South Monroe AND STAFF left fo Right MR. ARTHUR NEWCOMB Arts Laboratory MR. PAUL EDMONSTON Arts Laboratory MR. WILLIAM CRAMER Band MISS LOIS SCHNOOR Music Not Pictured: MISS MINNIE LAMBERTH First Grade DR. IRVIN COOPER Junior High Chorus MISS DOROTHY FLORY String Methods Hai. " "N MRS LUCY TOKHEIM Dietltsan MR JACK BROWN Eighth Grade MR DAVE WILMOT Music MISS HELEN DEANS Seventh Grade MISS JUANITA DeVETTE Libraruan MISS LOUISE PICKLE Sughtsaving MR BOB HENNING Fourth Grade MISS MARY BOSTICK Fourth Grade MR BOB JOHNSON Sixth Grade MISS MARY NEAL JAMES Fifth Grade MISS MARY WITT Fifth Grade MISS CLEO RAINWATER Sixth Grade MRS. KATHRYN POWELL Home Making MR. BRAD BAKER Chemistry MRS, ANN LANE Secretary MR. JOE HOOTEN Mathematics MISS LOIS MASSIE Physical Education MR. FRED REUTER Physical Educatuon MR SIM LETT Physical Education MISS NINA MERLE GANTT First Grade MISS LUCY HARRISON First Grade MRS MARGARET CASSON Kindergarten MRS MAR JORIE MILLER Third Grade MRS NELDA ALDERMAN Second Grade MISS HARRIET MCCARTER Third Grade COMPLIMENTS or INDUSTRIAL BANK Member Tallahassee Bankers Assocratnon 205 East Park Avenue fooeeot xwXWWII suvv1'II"' 1706 W Tennessee Street Phone 2 4904 PIPE PUMPS ENGINES SPRINKLERS Irngatuon Equupment 81 Systems Industrial 8m Welding Equupment Plumbing 8. Heatmg Supplies C' :Six STAR ROUTE BOX 30 U S O I3 MILES WEST OF TOWNI SMITH S SEWING CENTER 631 W Tennessee Street NECCH I THE WORLDS FIN SEWII 0 9 09' C O Satusfled Customers' 5 .ptr F R QUALITY Fresh Meats and Groceries C O B B S GROCERY and MARKET IOOI West Pensacola Dual 31299 :sr-c:::r:::::::::::::::::::::4, f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -'I II I II I II I I Q, :I Q, runk II 9 5 W II I Q II 1-1 1 II I A I I I I I 1' I II I I I' I I II I ul? I :I 1 I II I I I .I I I II II II . ?n I - I I' I I I .. :II 1 I I I I I .. I II UI II II II II II . . . IM II Il II II II II I Q - Q I If If II . . 9 :I :I 'I I I II II II Il II II II II I,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::j L.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: f:f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?T::::f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- I I 1 I I II II S - - I "I 69 I I . I I 1' . I . ' I I ' I L I 1 I I I Q . 6 ll 1: 1 I ' 2 II I ' . 1 1 Q' P Y ' 1 X I I I .sr af' , .5 I I I ' II I I O II 1 II II q I ng :I ' -1-nip? N 6 II I II Q I . II I II I' I 1: ' 6 ' 1: , I U O 0 NU 1M---- I4 II f- II II I II II I II II I II II I II 1' 9 , II I I 0 9 I I ' ::::::::::::: : :: Ii::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J ,, f?-'Um I N Q0 CIAKNWJJ 0 I m PM fx COMPLIMENTS THE DINNERWARE STORE 317 N. Monroe S 45. 5 4-ii dd ALICIA DUVAL 'fLiciO" Favorites: Music and money Has: Frankness Says: "You're a crumb!" ALEXANDER SHERRER "Alex" Favorites. Milky Way and sleeping Has: Money and looks Says: "Gotta go to work" WILLIAM WALTER BASS "Billy" Favorites: Food and more food Has: Short-wave radio, unpaid bills Says: "I ain't late, Mrs. Rhea" ARLINE GRAY "ArIine" Favorites: Butterscotch su ndaes Has: Blue eyes, sweet smile W 'wi' X 2 an sf? 1 if Says: "My goodness!" CHARLENE JOYCE EMMICK "Charlene Favorites: Shrimp, exciting music Has: Baby-line hair Says: "Let me tell you what!" WOLA JEAN GLISSON s :QQ H-Q., , 1' CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF TALLAHASSEE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION II5 East Park Avenue Q-, ujeonu Favorites: Boys, Chocolate pie Has: Soulful eyes Says: "I believe you" -.xxx ' I IIFFICEII COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETH LOUISE EASTMAN "Jinka" Favorites: Marvin and dancing Has: Marvin Says: "Marvin" BETTY EVONNE GLOVER "Glover" Favorites: Dancing Has: Tiny eyes Says: "Shoot, I reckon!" BOBBY WHATLEY "Bobo" Favorites: Cadillacs and blondes Has: Brush cut Says. Hey, listen . . . LEON FEDERAL SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION TOI South Monroe 5 HUGH ALVIN CLORE llBUCkIl Favorites. Banana pudding, hot rods Has: Sense of humor, temper Says: "Be ashamed of thyself!" CAROLYN CLAIRE NEDLEY llpudll Favorites: Shrimp and dancing Has: Big brown eyes Says: "You're good!" PATRICIA ANN MIDDLETON a Favorites: Impersonating torch singers Has: Fun, long tresses Says: "I was made to torment man! HERSCHEL LAMAR WILLIAMS Favorites: Food and women Has: Exclusive laugh Says: "You ain't too Iucid" KATHLEEN MOORE WILSON "KITTY" Favorites: Fried chicken and potatoes Has: Jerry Says: "I Iove him!" -nn, inf' ., ,sl -USF? ,,,,,,, Q 1 if xl Aw., cf 1 MARTHA JO THOMAS Favorites: Food, fashions, and ort Has: Bitocals Says: "Pat, hurry up!" WILLIAM C. SPEARS lIBiHll Favorites: Wood crafts Has: Bank note, Pearlie Ann Says: "Money, money, mone COMPLIMENTS or MAYERONS TOO East College Avenue y!1l '1 I if ,a,,.s, . : if 'V 52 9 ,fs Q5 M y Q34- X W 7 " :M -., . 1- - eff:-.1 'xg f -n-nb, ifetf , . Dill Vp tidy' in lil Rl g 0323155 m 5 xx J mg SU' m. " ffrff W 'N oy L- QQ er N w gift. 9 X - P 9 z D I i I g 11 1 s 3" ' A ' w-If x xv v' 2' 1' f ,. x 0' ' ax X" ffvx . "' ' 852. 2 7 1 U N Q H 1, .f 3 ' , ' ft, 1' vi T. -L Nikzihil 564 sag' 5 4 k wr Nl kb... :A-1, wr My 14. l i mg T I , fx L . ,greg i Q Z I AA i IJ 4 , r 3 'ww V 4 I 1 , 2 4 2 5 efgeirfi fi-T512 Bill Spears and Alicia Duval The lzrrie is T964 A recep"of is being giseh iri honor of Pu' Miadlefon lrfovw Yo her readers as the isrrious oinriy, Clauaie Von Snort The recepriori tolces place ir the bozk department of the eriofriious Vmlliarws, inc., wwh Herschel h rf- self, cs riosi, lriodervally, Herschehs soo is aosiirg cans cf Coho s, As The murierico breofhlesslv owoits 'ver appearame, Cloocio arrives dressed to the hilt She is aslced io commem uw sorhe of 'he outstanding prirvs of her lzzlesr best-seller, High School Memoirs. She hopprlr covisems "The first aoiobicgrriiuhw l wrzie vm: ahcef Myself, fired l received relecwoa slim :Ver reif-cvior' slip Then the though! 05- cerrea Vo We 'Fri W: :fe is iri'e'es'ed ir' 'ecraiag anon vhe Oo l. lmrv'-d'e'v' lile ol C'e rrfrrsir' So, l wroie algae' 'lee homing-s' years oi my ile on rar schzo days. l wrzve 11511315-r fmgg efzch pe bei W, HM? frieeds rsch ir ir, :aoriiirig :l::ss. 'were we'e 15 grcaxve: nook czasizrs Q' lo crapvers. lirsi oersofffili'-, is Willow Walter Boss Lrwoww eg Jig Us 'Billyf lricidervially, l saw him onli' :in hour Cao, dawr' al lhe TV siilfou where l was being invemrewed, H-rg married io a very s'r,ki ig young cciress whom me rvei in the Ar BEST ALL-AROUND l:4 F , .. Qing.. fr l MOST DEPENDABLE Jo Thomas and Billy Bass OPHECY Cofss wwile she was if loer, Her '::"'e ls Sonic. Bzxss folds a ver, if'-podfwr posiiioe if we Rzzaio asc TV world He cwr's1"e lrrsr TX sf:'i:ri ever 'Q corre to Tcllzumzssee. Nom sg s'ow about him. "VVv gh reminds fre. Alicia Doxol l saw her ihe other Clay She was having car vraeble She ccel::"'f get her Jaguar owl of a jorvirved mrersecilori :rd was blocl-mg traffic. Tae :ops were , , , olowieri whisfies iii were show'- Pier, horns wel- horxiriq, pc-Orole She locked l954 criil irq :iv fe' but Aliric: didwr seem the lefzsi C. sfurbecl we collecled. Pere if is Mfzy Cl sire 'ihe 'cl vile' Ali: rx if svi'l living in J- , ol V963 Soc! slow ',foJ Vow Tae "le rl ni-, fe-xi Mayer s 'N'. Friearl Br,-'N See was 'lie lr'r': ' our f'C'AI1 Not :hal she was dwvib 2' ' ,mfg lzef he' 'sri .e :owe wi-xvfffz. rwovwe vvzs elm :rs ::ZC'0i1:'QC7 She :coli f:'fri:,s 'rrfmoge 'C sax' 'he r gf? 'l-rig af "e .vohg five Be", his he-or' se' 3' cz N65 Cwdillzc, lzeczzese i' f. Il 'me McCr:r. s 'ov' long ': sazzrtlx her V. Va we rho'ex fa ow. i' 'SDff'ir"g ol C'IC1'l1lCS l ror' mio ow old school Cham, Buck Clcre, 'or lofg :igo He was paivrg fwiris on h-s Ccicilloc. He plafs 'C 'make if vivo Q: roi-'cd Bucs :zlwoys was io:.s'ri:us. He MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Herschel Williams, Pud Nedley, and Kifly Wilson Alex Sherrer and Jean Glisson r . 4 4, ,V J ' ,ai I c . n WlTTlE5T MOST ATHLETIC Buck Clore and Betty Glover Jinka Eastman and Bobby Whatley CLASS PROPH owns a Mechanic Shop of his own and his apprentices are young high school boys who own cars "Just about everyone I know owns his dream car except Alex Sherrer, He's building his Own iet airplane. The U. S. Govern- ment has iust granted his license to fly it, "I see that many of my former school mates are often pub- licized, Charlene Emmick was seen coming out of a courtroom surrounded by photographers, news reporters, and autograph hounds, She had just won another casein criminal law. "Another who is also publicized, and monopolizes the Sports Page, is the big-league baseball player, Bobo Whatley, He's had several offers from the New York Giants, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the New York Yankees. Bobo, Jr., is a center in basketball at Florida High School. "I still have connections with my old Alma Mater, A friend of mine, Williom C. Spears, is a professor in Math and Science and teaches at Florida High. He still goes to National Guard Drill on Monday nights. "Many of my former classmates hold important positions in society and the business world. "Jean Glisson is Secretary to the Governor of Florida and is DAINTIEST Arline Gray and Charlene Emmick EC Y fconhnuedi either busy with his affairs or entertaining with teas and recep- tions. She's also one of America's champion typists, "Martha Jo Thomas also went into secretarial work in lNosh- ington. She started out sitting on the boss's knee and ended up married to him, They live in on ultra-modern ranch-style home and have six kids. "Jo sees a lot of Pud Nedley, who is now the President's pri- vate nurse. Pud enjoys her work, especially since the President isn't married. "l was drifting through the famous Powers' models, ing the distinguished lettering, Arline Gray. l found her sitting photographed for a toothpaste ad. spending an evening in the home of They own a fine mansion overlooking and Wilson's cottage. the Powers' Studio, Inc., the home of when I came across a handbag bear' under glaring lights. being "I had the pleasure of Kathleen and .lerry Wilson. Alligator Point, three cars, "My final chapter is written about the oldest Senior in our class, Mrs. Dorothy Binger. She was always so efficient, had so much initiative, and tried to keep us on our toes. We often managed to get on hers. She was quite dignified, but we all knew she was iust a kid at heart," MOST TALENTED Larry Hardy and Pat Middleton -..,,...-4' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Sensor Class of 1954 benng of sane mmd and sound memory do hereby bequeath the followung Alex Sherrer leave my precaruous draft posu tlon to Dean Lovett Arlune Gray leave my angeluc smnle and look of Innocence to my snster Shelvegune and hope they brmg her better luck Allcla Duval leave my handwrutmg to Morrus Norwood so hns teachers can fund out what he has been wrltnng all these years Bully Bass leave my connectuons and my abullty to do nothmg and to tell tall tales to Dean Lover Boy Lovett Charlene Emmlck leave my shapely legs to Kay Page In hopes that both hers and mane to gether can be seen Jean Glnsson leave my consprcuous walk to Sue Glover Jlnka Eastman belng a prusoner of love leave my ball and chaun to Pearlue Ann Grubbs ALEX SHERRER Basketball I Fure Patrol I Ch 3 Sophomore Class Play 2 May Court 3 4 Class Presldent 4 Annual 4 Newspaper 4 ARLINE GRAY Class Secretary I 2 3 4 Class Presndent 3 Chorus I 2 3 Secretary 4 Student Council Secretary 2 Sophomore Class Play 2 May Court 2 4 Newspaper 4 ALICIA DUVAL Chorus I Band I National Honor Socnety I ICoal Fork W VaI Band 2 lBelle W VaI Hugh BILLY BASS Publncuty Committee I Fare Patrol 2 3 Press dent 4 Chorus 3 4 Newspaper 4 Sophomore Class Play 2 Annual 4 May Court 4 CHARLENE EMMICK Cheerleader I Head Cheerleader 2 Class Sec retaryI 2 Chorusl 2 FHA I 2 lBranford Flal Class Secretary 3 Chorus 4 Newspaper 4 Annual 4 May Court 4 IFla Hlghl JEAN GLISSON Chorusl 2 3 4 Student Councul I 3 lntra mural Club I Beautrflcatlon Committee I Class Vuce President 3 Student Councll 3 News paper 4 May Court 4 JINKA EASTMAN Chorus 3 4 Annual 4 Cheerleader 4 Semor Class Treasurer 4 May Queen 4 Newspaper 4 BOBBY WHATLEY Basketballl 2 3 4 All Conference Basketball 3 4 Football 4 All Conference Football 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Track 2 Chorus 3 4 Stu dent Council 2 3 4 Fare Patrol 2 Socsal Com mrttee 2 Sophomore Class Play 2 May Court 2 3 CAROLYN NEDLEY Cheerleaderl 2 3 Chorusl 2 3 4 Student Bobby Whatley leave my posntuon as center un basketball to Wayne Damel Carolyn Nedley leave my dancung abuluty to Joann Sharman Betty Glover leave my wutty ways to Joyce Ke y Buck Clore leave my ablluty to study and make good grades to Bobby Sharman Pat Middleton leave my abll ty to galn weight wuthout eatmg to Jackne Hall Herschel Wulluams leave my ablluty to stand nn the showers sideways and not get wet to Davld Pemberton Jo Thomas leave my shorthand notebook and glasses to my slster Anne Kathleen Wnlson leave my crazy ways to Kay Page and hope she doesnt get In as much trouble as I dld Bull Spears leave my carbon coples to Pearlue Ann In case she takes typmg next year and my love of motorcycles whlch I nnhernted from Lavon Tadlock to Buck Ingram Councnl I 2 3 4 Chaurman of Soclal Commut teel 2 3 4 Intramural Club I Beautnfncatlon Commuttee I Class Secretary 3 Sophomore Class Play 2 Newspaper 4 May Court I 2 4 BETTY GLOVER Chorus 3 4 Cheerleader 4 May Court 4 News paper 4 BUCK CLORE Baseball I Basketball I 2 3 Track 2 Foot ball 4 Chorus 4 Student Council 2 3 4 Beautnflcatuon Committee 2 Publnclty Commlttee I Fare Patrol 3 Sophomore Class Play 2 May PAT MIDDLETON Newspaper I 2 4 Annual 2 3 4 Student Councul I 2 4 Chaurman Assembly Commlttee 4 Class Secretary I FHA Secretary I Chorus I 4 Sophomore Class Play 2 May Court 4 HERSCHEL WILLIAMS Basketball 2 3 4 All Conference Basketball 4 Football 4 Football Sportsmanshlp Award 4 President of Chorus 4 President of Flre Patrol 2 Class President 3 Boys State 3 Vlce Pres: dent Student Councll 4 Student Councrl I 3 Sophomore Class Play 2 Newspaper 4 Annual 4 May Kung 4 Toastmaster Athletlc Banquet 4 JO THOMAS Presldent of FHA I Student Councul Vlce Pres: dent Secretary I Newspaper Edator I News paper 4 Class Offucer I 3 Assembly Commlt tee Chairman 3 Gnrls State 3 Annual Edntor 4 Sophomore Class Play 2 May Court 2 4 KATHLEEN WILSON Cheerleader I Chorus I FHA 2 4 H 2 News paper I ILeon Hnghl Cheerleader 4 Chorus 3 4 Newspaper 4 May Court 4 BILL SPEARS Basketball I 2 Track 2 Sophomore Class Play 2 Newspaper 4 May Court 4 Boys State 3 , , I, , , . : I, , I1 I ' ' , I, , , , D I, , 1 1 I , - I, , . I, , . I, , ' I l, , . , I, , ll II ' . , . I, , I, , . . , . II I II I ' I I II I I I - - I I . 1 1 1 I ' I 1 - I 1 1 1 I I I 1 I I I I I ' I I I 1 ' 1 1 1 I I I 5 I 5 - 1 1 1 I , I I ' ' ' I 1 1 I I ' I : 1 , , 1 I Z I . . . . I . . . , . j , . . . I ' 2 I Chorus 3, 4, Newspaper 4, May Court 4 lFla. Couff Q, 4- . . . . . 1 1 I 1 1 I : , , ' ' . ' ' I I I I 1 I I . , , 1 1 1 I I ' . . I I I ' I I ' , , I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 . ' . I I l , 7 5 . ' . . . 1 I I I - - . ' . ' - ' . '- 1 1 1 . I 1 I 1 1 1 I 1 I ' , , . . . . 1 1 I 7 1 . . . s u - I I I ' . I i - I - . . . . I - - , , , ' 1 I 1 I ' I I I I - . , , 1 1 I ' 1 1 - . . , . I I 1 , I I 1 ' I I I I 1 I I I , , , 1 2 , 1 - ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 I I ' ' ' ' I g I 1 I I - 1 1 4' 1 I I 1 a a I n I I I I I I I I I I I ' EAPING Qi 8 M Z?2W'1 R I vw. ,W .u,,,n ' Q I I K 4 Q . r R I "9" 4' 6 1 "'Inlv-11" "' - f y M' n ' -P a ' f I K 1 N IP EMA Lonnie Pace ' In '-FM 5 Second Row: 'Il ' A' H o ld , o X- h orner O en l b s I Belly Pittman x in .lolwn Charles O'Bryan .--.-ry T -1 Third Row: Joyce Kelly Edward Jackson Pearlle Ann Grubbs Wayne Daniel ,A fr 53' 577 In gr 'f 4: Q4 2 ' 1, .rs ti! -ig. '17 ' Xx, , 1 W e""'r-L 1, -,.g,,.. fa 1. ,mf +, 4' Sv lx Q"H1f, , K e '-,avg-malt Bottom Row: Steve Sarvis Sue Glover Dannls Sowell Roberta Lowe Jolwn Locke Srniflu Jo Ann Slnarrnan li-01'-A, PX 'B I , -9 ,ASL ff M I W 1, 'Q 4? 2 T ,,,. . , , 1' 3 45 2 K I 59 Nthfu , nb., 1 ,4 L' 52 . f ELM. . N 1. 3165 ' X Ayn' W' Q ,, 'a' -fav'-'fi K X'-J 'fm-r , 337 A I' .5 fp 4 I f N 237 ' - V L .wh 4 4 I W 'A W' 45 Charles Milligan QI! l-.wife 'ZZ -W 52? H ,A , ,, f 99' 1. Louise Keller 'M 3 i Wzh in Margie Lolley . f f if V -'55 fl y Dorothy Messer y V ,7 W ,r g Jean Norwood Hugh Ranew Opal Reeves 7 F -'P ff- 1? 'Q' George Riley .gal 47' 'T' .Fi 'Ward l 3 '-Q,-I .4,, A, i A Claudette Scarborough he eon Ses sions John Sheridan 'gm "?1"'i,, -- -1 1 W l M3 . K , Q hi I XX in gf, l i ' l f D in - Ann Thorna M543 Z, S finial -A I fr-.gy V .-.-qwfwivlllw vane .eww a ll S is , , ,. nf, no ii 4 4 ' M , ', M? Compliments of Bishop's Floorsanding South Meridian Mary Jack Trammel Jon Slind .loner Hicks Curtis Church Cleo Reeves Glenn Folsom Mary E. Golden Frances Tryon Jack Corswell Gladys Mock George Brett Lois Cook Jeff Howard Ivey Motors, Inc. Bill Love President First Semester, Vice-President Second Semester Jimmie Hines Vice-President First Semester This page sponsored by TALLAHASSEE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION Mayo-Mingledortf Motors, Inc. John Manthey, Inc. Proctor 8- Proctor, Inc. Redmond Auto Parts Tallahassee Motors, Inc Susan Field Jan Middlebrooks Loraine Watson Walter Bishop Arlene Derragon Cornell Allen Geraldine Glover Secreta ry First Semester TH Moy Day "CARAVAN" LX... Q 6 1 mis if i ,. f gf' if Egg .Qs if-1. li il., N 'if' mf MTE 2 , N aw ' J hrwsfy ,2 5 5 K'Y"f?f' Y V M V ,Sm M 7 ' , f2.,, V 10? , ' J I . Y Y ,4 3 5 'Wu' f' x VS 1 fy A, l ' I , 5, ,L - - ' A ' an . I I as xl wil' y ,f . 4 1 V if f? , QM f-. D' f W l. Advertising the Pre-Chicago trip 2. Boys building model houses in "Shelter" unit 3. improving the Levy House 4. Mr. Brown driving the "slaves" 5. Mr. Brown inspecting 6. Barbara Ann giving smile of approval 7. Final touches 8. Senor Perez assisting with Spanish lesson 9. Best group in the best school' COMPLIMENTS OF THE MECCA "Where Friends Meet tor a Treat Ill South Copeland uv-wa 1 wk. if as K wx 1' 1 Calvin Nancy Charles 553 Y Smith Harrison Thomas ' 371 7 iw, , 5 'ai L 1 -H? 5 geriianrgiiann KT S o te - V 12 ,VN 5.5 Gary Danrel Faye Russell Jay Baughman '-.-.1 'N-lu Mabel Shaw ? .. ' y Leonard Lolley t A 1-A SL X Part Martin I 1 X- xl Marian , Newell . f NA -vi . if +3-i ' 4 Wayne Raybourn Annette Glrsson If 'K 222081 TENNESSE If Pw WILSON5 'Fife 'Farm Sieve 4 4' B HARISFIELD APPLWICEQ IZZW PENSACOLA ST Jr HARTSFIELD QL CNISSEAUX OWNERS Talld-Iass es N cal' FRBIDAIRE am' VIAYTA5' .D aler f IQ2 P I is.. Suclv Sf 2' ,X I COX FURNITURE COMPANY 229 THOMASVILLE ROAD NEI,-4 MODERN FURNITURE M ..L-Q -it-5 f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4, f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,-:fy 1 1 1- I I f ' I ', 4: 4, :I 4, :I U 0 I 'I I - 'I 4 'I ' 4, X ' I X 4: 4, x' 'I .I f 'I 'I I, - 4, 4, 0 :I N s 4, 4, n X I , I 4, I X x 4, 4, 'I S 4, ', 'I 'I 'I 1' 4 4 ' I 'I ' 4, 4 4, s I 'I 4, 5 '1 4 4: L I 'I X K '4 'I ,ft 4' 4' I g' " I '. 4, 4: 4, 9 GX U I 4, 4, 'I 'I 'I , ' ..n , 'I 'I 'I ' - ' . 4, ,I :, 0 I I , , ' 'I L 4, 4, 3 4, 4, 4, ,, 0 4 I I I 'I 4 ', :I 4: 4, I 4 4, 'I 4: 4, 'I 4, 4, 'I 'I 'I 'I ..., 4, 4, 'I 4, 4, 'I ' 'I 'I 4 ' 4, 4, 'I :I I I 'I 4 4 ' ., .4 ,, .g , I ' 4r:::::::::::.-::::::::::::.-::::Q ::::,, 9::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::g e::::::: - f -:::::::::::::::::::::::: f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::n 'I 4, :I 4, ' 4' " l, 4, 4 'I 4, I, ' I 1' 1' 4 I 4, - ' 4: 4, 4 , 4, 4, 4 , 4, 4, 4 4 I - ' 4, 4, 4 I 4, 4, 4 I 4, 4, 14 , I 4, 4, 4 : f N 1 1 1 , 4: 4: I 1 I 4, 4, . 5, 4 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 4 C . 4, 4, 4 'I 'I .... ' 4, 4, 4 I' I' I I I 7 4: 1: h 4: I A 1 4, 4, I, .- .- 4, 4, 4, - 4 'I 'I Y J A 'I , 4, Y 'ri' , 1-r 4, I 4- fi ', '1 ,ii-, ' 'I I, 4, " 4, "'...'-I ' 'I 'I 'I f ... ,, ,, 1, U' I 4 4, 4, . 4, 4, ' 4 4: I, 'I 'I 'I J 0 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4, 4, 4, 'I 'I 'I 4, 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 1 'I - ' I, .- . 4, Y ,JL 1, 1,....-- ,I 'I A:::::::f55:!l":5:55-A--S'f-7555555533 L5:55ffiiifffiifififffifff-Affffifi'Q yTT LE 5PARK5 Q A X iiyxg f"" 'Qi'-sl! L Q 5 xl. 'FQ ' 11,1 Q , - '5 Q7 Y . 5, Q NJ fb! x Z r s,N f lx f N U .N Com 1' J N' PL W Ice "F1orida's Own Ti ' Thomasv' ' M M ACTIVITY SHARING TOP left to rnght Jeff Carswell Knt Wussler Margaret Evans Van Page Maxne Reddlck .Iam Kerce Bully Smnth Robert Crabb Don Slngletary Chnst Nahoon Wayne Bass Bobby Moon v 4? 'I' J- QYNVQT OHNSON TEPN BOTTOM left to nght Betty Speres Maureen Covell Susan Massey Delulah Bruch Mary Lemon Eddie Strickland Broward Clark Joyce Granger Myrtnce Smlth Edward Roche Allan Gregory John Roberts Keith Dedge SPONSORED BY JACK CULPEPPER Contractor READING STORY HOUR PLAY TIME ARITHMETIC C MISS JAMES Teacher TOP ROW left to rught F M Allen Pam Smlth Johnny Nedly l"'4. Gale Ferrell Chrls Murphy Lmda McKean Doug Frnck RIGHT COLUMN top to bottom Amta Burt Donald Jackson Helen Neel Robert Rackleff Donna McCollum Jummy Vaughn Claudette Prtts Mark Sutton BOTTOM ROW nght to left Elenor Dletrnch Phnllp Parsons Mary Loss Stone Gay Smuth Sandra Slrnd Jrmmy Cook Jane Gnssett LEFT COLUMN bottom to top Frank Wrlder Patsy Pepper Lloyd Cruce Sldney Stuckler Manley Kelley Peggy Bradshaw Bully Ray bourn Knt Krlluan COMPLIMENTS or JACK CULPEPPER Contractor ' ,1 J Tyflffb Y . 1 .T 'Q' if -.rf . 3' . , l N -0 5: f ! C -- gl in 'O FIFTH GRADE MISS WITT, Teacher TOP ROW left to right- Ted Granger Mike Mullins Patricia Ford Tommy Massey Linda Jo Pararo Bob Weichman lone Del Castillo BOTTOM ROW left to right Buddy Lewis Mickey Zaro Bill Watson Penny Jordan Jimmy Thomas Polly Boyce Bobby OBryan LEFT COLUMN top to bottom Jimmy Pace Zollle Maynard Bobby Glover Orrin Powell Edith Shaw Tom Roberts Tressa Roche Roy Downs Jr RIGHT COLUMN top to bottom Ann Nehez Terry Cooksey Joan Frieden Phillip Reuter Mary Ann Plant Jim Campbell Alice Jackson Randy Rondel SPONSORED BY SHERWIN WILLIAMS II7 North Monroe 1 Tallahassee ycfw P xi Q xXa 4' LHASLQA we ? '37 Q1 fr- 000' , , .mff , ,f M I Q uf 1 , A Y A W V AT U 2, , x My , I, ORK AND LAY , 0 U I 5 lv ,f In 3- Wf,'x Ef! PUR ZII' gi6y m.gmMfgQbl 'Jr ! : M, GRADE Miss BQSTICK TEACHER :I 12 ' x 5-...Q gg. it, . s.'w A 4-Q ' D--5 fb. af, . .f - ij X W X K' - . u K was X a4'? . 5: Ins. f L Ii . ff -vii!" I' 1 51 g ', f' ' y,, OUR DAY IN THE FOURTH GRADE BUENOS DIAS THINGS IN BOOKS Pa! Mack Roy Joe James Mus Darby Freddie Jack Sfandley Barbara A049 Ro ef' 231 PEOPLE AND NATURE THE WORLD I5 G Dr Greenlee George Sue Mary Jo Beify Doreen Drew Foy Terry FINDING OUT NUMBERS HAVE MEANING Carlyn Fay Charles Sammue Delores Phlllnp Mel Lmda Rebecca COMPLIMENTS or JACK CULPEPPER Over 20 Yeors In Tollohossee II4 E 5th Avenue PLAY Richo rd, lee FOURTH GRADE MR HENNING Teacher Ri "MOVE WITH CARE ANYWHERE EVERYWHERE" HARRELL TRANSFER and STORAGE 623 West Gclines SUENCE CORNER "moss OF AVlGNON" C V G H g dy for Halloween Carnival L ' 9 Rhygh MRS. MILLER, Teacher Art work by Donald Smith, Shirley Edmonsfon, Jcmifh Prinkey 6 nf , l EEETE I EEE F.a,- QQ? ,Qs 36 : K ? , - T SECOND GRADE MRS. ALDERMAN, Teacher ENJOYING MUSIC Left to Right: Faye Pittman Johnnie Bradley Ken Kobre Bobby Broome Paul Wessells Donna Glover READING IN THE LIBRARY LEFT TO RIGHT Ann Stevens Danny Danford Carolyn Anderson Wayne Yawn Bull Casson Lucy Sessuons Mrs Alderman Teacher Howard Gold smuth L2 "" ' "" , FUN ON THE PLAYGROUND FRONT ROW left to nght Fred Duetruch Vernon Chase Sammy Neel George Mash Alan Lundberg SECOND ROW left to right Dlannah Bruch M e I I n d a Reuter Judlth Trutschler Pam Thomas Suellyn Granthum Rosemary Mtller Henrietta Luke Mr Reuter MAKING A MURAL LEFT TO RIGHT Muss Redfern Nancy Snegfrued Nancy Morse Susan Jacoway Margaret Gates By Sums Neal Johnson COMPLIMENTS OF DEMILLY AND YAEGER INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 214 South Adams SHARING IS FUN LEFT TO RIGHT Sherry Quatflebaum Lee Per memer Vera Stoufamnre Theo Leduc Johnny French Wulllam Buckhalt Linda Moon Donald Dennis Gauney LaRosa Wir SINGING A A SONG WE WROTE LEFT TO RIGHT Deanna Jo Smsth Susannah Par sons Sheryl Marfnn fstandmgr Robert Scherdm Mary Ann Kowalski Bobby Jackson Stephen Kemlc lstand In SECOND GRADE MISS HARRISON Teacher KEEPING SAFE LEFT TO RIGHT Evelyn Stern Bud Williams Arthur Bam Marrha Fufch Paullne Carter from Duane Zerke Mickey Ketchum Mr N Harrnson PLAYING LONDON BRIDGE IN SPANISH LEFT TO RIGHT Lauren Smith Julle Duff Susan Hayden James McClellan Eva Schwarz Lynn John son George Oller Jamce Sumrall COMPLIMENTS OF JACK CULPEPPER Over 20 Years nn Tallahassee II4 E Sth Avenue GRADE 3 I ' Q 0 WE PAINT Susan Dunning, Sarah Cot tingham, Elizabeth Caldwell Katrina Finck, Marsha Col berg, Timothy Robinson, Jul iana Weeks, Paula Brown, Danny Califf, Jane Gard. WE TAKE TRIPS Roderick Hill, ll, Bertha P e p p e r, Michael Stevens, J o n a t h a n Melvin, Patricia Lynn Holland, Richard Covell, Martha Ekermeyer, Julie Mur- ray, Annell Cook, Hayne Pelt, II WE MAKE THINGS Sean M u r p h y, Larry Wilmot, Larry Smith, Mary Ale x a n d e r, C h o r I e s Sellars, William Rettler, Dickie Allen, Larry Causseaux, John Granger, Beverly Moreland. M, ,Xxx 4 V, .-h, , ui.. 5 -. 'S' -. Z, ,LW lf, r, yw, , 5 we 2 r 124 N L 5 -r 1 JE , 3 V .,, Y ,..,, , ? Q2 ' A r if 9 if 5 L f is ' Q Q , E R ' vmfewi f"'- L - . ,Q -Q faifad ' Q' N '., ' 1 'A LA' 1 2' H , 'Rx . X 8 f r v4 kk' ,au- ad W4 Us I r' L2 . ' . 5 , ' A+ ' ' V.. 15, ' . - ' W 'Tv . q am a' eb' -" M' ' 6 . S . 4 PMN? - ,H , . ., azfiv . 1 M ,A ,sf WM 'wav ' b'?'snrff K ff L, , If xe .V .,3, la., 1 " 311 1 1 g V 5 1 12-407, 1, ' ff M M' Wg, ' x 56 K i 3 ik' A 3 aj' '36 'W A ,ma- --772 x""7' ng 0- . I 'L nr s'2l V? Q. ,ri UI ,Gia 'A if bg.. 1. 5 ' g 1 Q.. v f . r H' -.A A 1 -M, '13 X , 1 ,I' 4 I 's ' 5 Q V' .r'7 6 , aj NN 7. x V 3' . ff I 'ii-gif . ,mi NAN9f I 'm Eff! Hbfasmma iq if 'fffdfoj 'Q ' j you-,QQ ge UAW 5-ligfx Pglg P' O mg jwob-,Q KM wily NUM ..g7l5g5sk ehxxxg . Nun Q L XJ IIXJD A AX s 4 Dov L N151 JUJJ 5 Q." '11, fs at '-- J :L SK, V I Ae f we A CD ,-X Qf l X Q: V 1 OXX b it OX' 'CK X 3 lf- f 7 QNQK f X XQf I N-dx 9 X 5 5, "' .V L : I, J X "":" YQ f ,-' Q If ' f N 0 -3 :ff x A Q X K Q k he Q . X Q W P A H O W X f' N f . W Q, f J g QA L H10 NNY 1' ,., F r F k, ' fQ 4-SQ' Q 'wf , ,. Q -x- 76 ff 5 wr Q- ' 'W' I I ' Qt ,: s 'Q . :ff Q E Qu f 5 P' 5 Q , , 0 9610 tb .. 6 X . if O X I I N Z. N, 1 V 0 Q, ' Q Q 0 Q . we X 1 5 xx G 1 s 'QW 1 A f " hi JV 4 , I M' , ,Ly -1- 'I bf , , 1 , X E !" 5 AW 1 m f- I , ,. ,JA ' . ' 4' '- Q V' ' -4 I ' 'ff' Q' 5 . +5 , W ..:2'..:fi:?4f1 as ' "' "fin V r 3 .Si -fwidv y 'jg-N ---... , I I ---V 4 , ' me P 'in W, ,W 35: I I. "H 54 af 4+ gf Wav Wg. '7 -lwff la! f 4, 'inf I Y -i ina 5 A W9 E 131: F' A 55 . ze " ' ,IIQH F ' I 'H , 4 X l'g,4 ff. A T wad S' ku 1 'lu I -v -AL, xv lf gf' v. iff' Fi -X S". u x L YM , x 'A x av. Y! ii, V T.,-I . N,.4-'f 'H ...Z ,U pm. six J' F11 Aw w,Y5 ?z:...f--f 4' P 1 xk ,635 Y- , X.fxKy f M, C X,-" ww 2 s-1 1 'N Fooliiini LY? vw 5 FRONT ROW, left to right: Freddie Hicks, Charles Barineau, Tommy Mills, Billy Russell, Billy Kemp, Kenny Howell . . . SECOND ROW: Carlos Aviles, Paul Bishop, Hugh Ronew, Berry Jackson, Buck Ingram, Dean Lovett, Buck Clore, John Sheri- dan, Sandy Herald, Wayne Daniel, Howell Ferrell, Jack Carswell, Stewart Parsons . THIRD ROW: William Boyce, George Riley, Homer Golden, Raymond Gooclson, Bobby Whatley, Herschel Williams, Kenny Burton, Dick Sheridan, Bobby Sharman. Florida High entered into football competition for the first time in over a decade, during the I953 season. A team was fielded that was undermanned and that lacked even one boy who had played before. It looked like a slow first year. When the season opened, however, the school took to football like ducks to water. So did the team. One who has played football knows what a disadvantage inexperience is. He knows even better, though, that the difference between winning and losing is the will to win. This tells the Demon's story. The team dropped their opener to Greenville 26-O, after a close first half. A strong Blountstown Eleven triumphed 32-6, in the first home game. Next, Mayo played one of its better games in taking a I3-O decision. The Demons were getting better. They chalked up their first win in rolling over hapless Jennings, 38-6. There was a dark moment when Sopchoppy ran wild and won IO-O, but then the team snapped back and closed with a rush. Perry's "B" team fell I3f7, and Crawfordville was stopped 25-2 in the final tilt of the season. A first year's season record of three wins and four losses went into the books. The Demon's Flame, along with the rest of the school, wishes to congratulate the I953 "Edition of the Demons"! They have laid the foundation for a football powerhouse of the future. COMPLIMENTS or BORDEN'S DAIRY I945 N. Monroe Tallahassee, Fla. THEY WONT BE BACK' BUCK CLORE COMPLIMENTS or Holfbock LEWIS STATE BANK Member of the DEAENIIEQZYYETT Tallahassee Bankers Assoclatnon U 2l5 S Monroe BOBBY WHATLEY All Conference End HERSCHEL WILLIAMS Tackle Tallahassee Quarterback Club Sportsmanshrp Award They backed the Demons all the way' From Left to Rught are Cheerleaders Kay Page Betty Glover .llnka Eastman Edna Freeman and Kathleen Wxlson l I 0 1 4 1 4 , . . I I I f t l A rugged practice session spowsorzfo BY TALLAHASSEE STATE BANK Calhoun and Jefferson Member, Tallahassee Banlcer's Association Bobby Sharrrron Ql runs against Crawtordyille. Other Demons are left to right: Wayne Daniel 27, Dear' Lovett flo, and Raymond Goodson 20. Sopchoppy mo ex 'he ball agomxi Ohe Demons SIM LETT Head Coach COMPLIMENTS OF PICHARD BROTHERS 709 Wes? Gomes Street Tollohossees Oldest Bunldnng Supply Q Tollohossee Demons close o a Sopchoppy ball car mr FRED REUTER Assustont Coach 5' yy, BA KETB FRONT ROW left to right Wayne Dan el Morris Norwood Hu y Ranew William Boyce Mickey Brett Terry Glover BACK ROW Coach Sirn Lett Horner Golden Herschel Willarns Bobby Whatley Raymond Goodson Manager John Sheridan The i953 54 Florida High basketball team showed a real swing punch at times but they never seem ed to be able to really get going To most eam followers however the season was highly successful in the final game of a two game series with cross town rival Leon High the Demons took the measure ot the Lions 48 to 45 lt was the tourth game between the two schools since Florida High recently reloined the ranks of full fledged high schools The team was always considered a threat and they won their share of larnes. Ot course there is one in particular which Leon s Lions would really like to forget! THE RECORD Fla. High Opposing Team Fla. High Opposing Team Havana -, Madison Wewa ,it '. Leon Q u i nc y Qi' ' 1' ffffi fi 'rf Q- Leo n Monticello Crawlordville E Perry .::'-,- ,f 79..5'2,f-L 'T1fJ? Q, Perry - 'T li Madison Greensboro -- . . Havana , . Group Tournament Live Oak N. F. C. Tournament Greenville Perry Live Oak my -.. Wewa Greensboro A Crawtordville COMPLIMENTS or BUDDY'S HARDWARE Your Rawlings Dealer in Tallahassee 203 South Monroe JU Illli lAR I'l'Y "KW-Ufff JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW, left to right: George Brett, .lock Corswell, Freddie Hicks, Steworf Por- sons, Horold Clorlc . , , BACK ROW: Bill Kemp, Sandy Herold, Jimmy Hines, Broword Green, Kenneth Howell, Coach Fred Reuter. Baby Demons clash with Perry J. V. mis PAGE SPONSORED BY STEWART'S SHOE SHOP IOO Eos? Jefferson i 'f-QV" if Q nz uhm FK3i.:f:r:r'-- A 0 .uNLLQ ' ,Mef E "H 4,,...., 54 Av' V 1 H J " 'J ftfl WL 1- :au V V J I 43 ,-K' A 1 '--Lv if '41 A in I., .vis 410' ' SN s I -O-" -' t xx XXX " Eli! ff -fu if 192' QT N Niki 1' pw D FRONT ROW left to right Fredde Hlclcs Charles Barlneou Stewart Parsons Bull Kemp Wayne Danlel Edward Elmer meyer Charles Futch Manager .lohn Sherndan BACK ROW Coach Lett Sandy Herald Pat Conover WllllOm Boyce Bobby Whatley Raymond Goodson Huey Ranew Dean Lovett Thus years baseball team surprnsed a good many people The Demons went unto the campasgn wuth several posntuons simply oozxng wnth the usual unexpernence They emerged however wlth by far a much better record than that of erther the football or basketball team The team won nnne ttmes whale dropping flve decnsnons Theur vtctorles In cluded a sweep of thelr class A sub qroup tournament and several North Floruda Conference wxns whoch placed them among the confer ence leaders lt was a good season Flortda Hnghs Demons unloaded some real baseball and proved that they knew what that little whnte thong was for' COMPLIMENTS OF MAC-DON LUMBER Incorporated The Home of Quality 536 West Madison Street 6,5 Charhe Barnneau takes bot! g prachce before the Maduson game as Dean Lo eff cofches and Blly Kemp Raymond Goodscn Sandy Herold and Wayne Dan el wal! ther fum Fla Hugh M THE RECORD Perry Hovono Modason Montncello Hugh Sprungs Hovono Perry Greenvnlle Greenvulle Momucello Hovonc Momncello Moduson Apolochncolo LOMPLIMENTS OF Opposung R AND R TRUCKING C0 New Qumcy Hzghwoy Senior plhzher Bobby Whofley who finished wnh 63 rtcord shows soph Hugh Ranew his curve grip lanovr was more woroulul than hu 12 record shows 5gvxOwY 5 fri? O X MY ARMS L X4 ff? I N'5 QL S75 X .r f f , . if I X X Z El cmw FDL oF f we I B ooooooou' xx X 1 'I N ,f X ,xx if 33 -j M , -uv . rff. B0 .., :E :V 1 ff Q if iv' V A 'L " , , 4 t ff 1 F A. ,M , , ,. V Mm 'wx W. an K 'A 1' Sr Q YY , a , ' K 1 5 M J U 4, 4 Y' ' 'V X ,, 59 J bs 4 'ag -33 Y' F 2 5 W .af Q 1 'KI 4 M '1 Ll' Higgs' ull, .4 .-1.05-.. ' ' ' 'va'-cow s' . ,an w..,, .. Q. E, -, is , . 34.30, , . K 5 4 fn' in M w f. . . .pe -I in l -.4-.. ,,,:?gp.,., -1- ' 'A 1-la-auburn-unocuau-f f , ,HQ G A '. , "sara , 'as Q Ui -' ns gist N 'L I .In ll V Q ' ':--,A-5, ,W , mai 9? . Z I 'wa ' Q f 4 W, 1 4145? ,, ., if , ' 14 WZ , , f X A Q 'K f' MM Wikia JM, , ".f,q5,, W , il, fm M Q V' uw., if N924 if wr 'gf if 49- 4' my M at 25 Z' 2: 1 n Zi ,5 f:-59 1 Q3 M ff? A44 5 3 M, " "9 1 , , , 1f,:. ..,... , , W- .W 1- 5 Q I? ,Q af 09 Vw II Q M1 'ivy'-so SENIOR HIGH CHORUS The Sensor Hxqh Chorus under the durectuon of Mr Davnd Wilmot partucupated un the Dnstrlct Music Festival held In Tallahassee and also In the State Musnc Festival held In Tampa The chorus presented one concert and one assembly program during the school year Members of the chorus are tenth eleventh and twelfth grade students CHORUS OFFICERS DIRECTOR AND PIANIST "W""" MR DAVID WILMOT Durector MR FRED BAER HERSCHEL WILLIAMS Presldent moms, ALEX SHERRER Vnce President ARLINE GRAY Secretory JOHN CHARLES O'BRYAN Treasurer WAYNE DANIEL, PAUL BISHOP Llbrarsans A I I I 9 t I . 4 1 K s L .,.... - -I 9 4 1 f -A ' 5 L . iv Nl V t , 1 1 . is ' - rf L I ,- Q 5 4-t ' 'A ,- ' - I I gm , 15, an Q' Qtimk.-,Q 5' , f f, Q , " is "M A I ' 5 . I A I I ,f tw -mf 1 I I2 1 ,'E".? --6. .::- -h eir -A - , ff f I I ww- me I H -. gs -.-h ff tfgs, z 'gf M 7 ' ,, ' f .fr 3- -1 H 'II A -- uug...M-ff un :L -H ' - 4 f V , 4- if 2"'lhosv- , 'i M . ' , 1 It I Y ,, ' '.CQ0vf'h'B1w 1 V ' A l mv:---W , 'A 'xl W I , 'I ras.: A . -.H , -- . mt 5 .E E::'Eft"T'?fx' t TTS. A Lf I , Q, L. .. Q , vb 7 - x M, in -J Mx, M. . ...,.. fl. L.. , . J L , . , - I , . . ty. T 9. , , .' .5 , M-'A v": 'vt " I.: .. , .. 'Y UQIIIII IIIIIH CHIIIIU I ,,,....... This page sponsored with the COMPLIMENTS OF HAMILTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Two Rivers, Wisconsin 7, 3 BELOW: uthernersu slinging snowball: in Chicago, Da. invm coorsn, oafemf Miss JOAN owEN, Pianist The highlight of the yeor for the Junior High Chorus was the trip to the Music Edu- cotor's Notionol Conference in Chicogo. The Chorus oiso song for several University functions, porticipoted in sev- erol school concerts, ond song for o P.-T. A. meeting. BELOW: Cambiata section of Junior High Chorus -'v . 'IU JV? HALLUWEEN AND CHRISTMAS EVENTS LITTLE SPOOKS PARADE lHalloween Carnival 19537 CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Y S ph y Hgh Ch :xi mm' sporsisoizso ROYAL SANDWICH COMPANY .""i it 'I alll 5 . 4 Razr 4' W .S-P- - ' Q- Vx ly x I ,, I This original script was written and presented b the o omore Language A S Class, assisted b The Senior i orus. ' ' Q ff: 2 QS SSS 5 l , . ' 1, S T ' 1 0 ! 7 3 Q L f i E Z 1 , I 7. ,, i , wh xjiflgis f BY ale Mabr Field D Y CHRISTMAS DANCE SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES COMPLIMENTS OF ,J CHRISTMAS DANCE SPONSORED BY NINTH GRADE Scenes from the sponsored by Sophomore Class riff rj A ,, F L E E T ' S T06 Eost Jefferson Tollohossee, Florido .133 ik , J.. .lf-'S r f .l I T H X1 gg 41- X J ima, 'Vg 'si '. 7 if 12' ,', I. llug V I 1, A- un. Q Q. rf ,,' 'q 5, ll sn 973 3... Q fb if 3 N NN -. . ":. .y. afi J . I .W Q N N' -1 Q .- R I ... Zh K Y ' r7"f"W' kg,- I s.......,,1A5 9' 1' 4 4 Q3-1 ' gi ff ii. 55 ' . 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MACHINES T039 North Monroe Street Phone 2-II32 E S LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 213 South Monroe I A-- 9 ..... -A--- ---- +--- - AAAA --- - :::::::::::::::::::e :::::::::::-fy f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: H . H UU 1, I, hh I CARTER s sPoRrINo oooos I I I, 1, I a II II Nh I 1' I I I 1, I, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::A 4r:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' II II I I . . 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Suggestions in the Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) collection:

Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 31

1954, pg 31

Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 35

1954, pg 35

Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 51

1954, pg 51

Florida High School - Demons Flame Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 17

1954, pg 17

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