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1 il.. -1 D"-2 Table of Contents pening ......................... .... edication .................... .... tudent Life ..... .... inistries .... .... Bports ............. .... Vlusic ............... .... People ................. ....... dvertising - Index .... ....... 1 61 onclusion .......... ....... 1 92 TURCHI 7 9 Florida Bible College 101 North Ocean Drive Hollywood, Florida 33019 Volume XVI 'wif y1M4QL ggi 'Y' WRm9 mn--- +143-MA a-MW finals Wm cans M 4,1 1 W4 Q I5 muy. I I 'M' "awww v 4,,J ,A V w:+JQM N I A , , ., at M A' -Q' . , H ,K N , w W 3 , 2 . as 3 7 f 'Q QQ. , W E . mb, ' ll f1 551' LUYALTY SES: Colossians 2: 6-7 As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. U UU gi aim UUUUU -IU UUDCIE1 UU If 1 Pat Badstibner faithfully communicates the message of salvation using the well known 'wallet and hand gesture 2 Dale noon to studv 3 Butch and Joan Hughes share Christ in word and song through the ministry of BROTHLRLY LOVE Dafiln and Michael Leigh devote thetr after- OpenLng!5 A1 v4 A5 ,r MMU, ,vu f , " k 0 ' . 'A r ' ' o ' 'Il nr 2 n , 0 1 9 n on s-,"r Q P ' of Q I ' 7 J , , ry I 1 ' 4 4 ' 7 0 X A ! I . 5 , U l 9 , . 9 0' 0 O , ,I 1 1 ,, - I' 0 ' F a ,V ,i , 9 0 0 1 0 ' N . v - in . G , , ,Q A L A 1 pamxW"'? A 4 ax U 0 ' I T' g nv Q, 1 6 J - ll' or ar' A n , ' U if nr If 1 1 'M' K " HM. . r f 4' ' " A 'W , ,v wr A '1 Q, A MMR 6!0pening 1 We 'M'- W 'MQW WI'-ww, 'HE ,, k wwwngr , is oving I John 4: 10-1 1 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. beying Hebrews 13: 17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls as they must give account that they may do it with joy, and not with grief for that is unprofitable for you. 1 Sophomore Mark Smith along with the entlre student body signs the attendance paper daily in the upper lobby prior to Steen shares the importance of following rules 3 Anelderly man listens with interest as Gary Franks expresses his personal tes timony 4 Professor Butterworths music Loving 5 Security enforces 5 M P H 6 Denise Arthur shares time and love with Granny ' U , Q U Chapel service. 2. During AWANA, Jan Opening! 7 A . w FP eu, i 1 ' L ,au Agn. A-ww J fl www ,Q M. C' , 7 I 1 A .Bmw Mn., ir , N ' 7 Mn: vi. R ! lf ' . f ,L MM MQW I , ' 5 W 35, N ,ina ielding Romans 6: 16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obeyg whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness. Allegiance Jude 3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you ofthe common sal- vation, it vs as needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. fw O B 1. During K'Beach Day" students had time to sing and give testimonies such as Yutaka Ikeda sharing in song 2 The front lawn makes a perfect place for Ralph Pratt to pray and study 3 Rev Busby a faithful teacher and pastor clearly shows a Christ like character in his lif 4 Yielding to the Word is necessary for both student and the teach er 5 Tim Pollard yields to allow Celeste Sasser to leave Opening!9 4 W .ww- 4, -' gf 1 , A sf 519 , Nw' , fr . w ff 'F fx M M " ' W 6 3 f ' 1 'kjfif -F" , X A H u 3 l 1 aboring I Corinthians 15:10 But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was be- stowed upon me was not in vaing but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. eaching II Timothy 2:2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teacl' others also. serve here at FBC 2 Bill Butterworth shares the excitement of family life in Christian Home class 3 Mike Justice sees the humor ous side in teaching music 5 Rev Ron Von Behren presents material to students in Pen tateuch class 6 A familiar face to many stu dents is that of Marcia best Business Otilce secretary h 1. Secretaries put forth their best as they Openingfll k "-sy: 1 314. ,W M, W , A w-TF W Vie w 1 'W' QQMM W a V Aj' fl K .W Tzlgfiffj T 5, 4. 1 +R A N Tv. ,Qi g , f , 2 , ,fa fy 1 ,I ' -fx , .f .f 'A 1 . 4,-. dw -nn Mg: 'fgfifvw firmgffve, 4, X 'QQ' Y, 1 WMAQ . A , 5,3 A Q ' 1 Q X. nf:fQ'f:'fff sf M 1' V J , q -,xl Wi :Fw Ga. J 1'-'QV-S15 igfaf, v ,,lWPf .. , 1 gSx,' . W ' 1 uw M 43 A by . - ' " Q I iii-,ffiff xr F11- -' - Fwy fr , w V f O11 Philemon 5-6 Hearing of thy love and faith which thou hast toward the Lord Jesus, and toward all saints- That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowl- edging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. 1. Carol Ponz is always seen with a friendly smile as she gives of her time in the snack shop. 2. Lori Johnson enjoys a break be- tween classes. 3, Judy Keltz radiates a cheerful face even Monday morning at nine a,m. chapel. 4. Student Body President Tony Ingrassia and Rev. Davis are tvso well re- spected Lndividuals for all they do. 5. Dr. Cambron during Family Conference. 6. Joy and Jessie love their babysitter Liz Brous- Student Union for vsriting notes. 8. Frank Couello appreciates the humorous side of Mrs. Hackney the head of the Secretarial Pool. 9 Y sard. 7. Huey Sterrett enjoys the use ofthe - ..,w' Opening! 1 3 Q1 , K K3 1 Y " L1 gm 13' , 217531 ,f if ' r+?fw 1 ' ,.x w . ,W , . 1 M.. 1 f fag, 55:53 pq 5 The dedication of the 1979 Torch was unanimously arrived upon be- cause rarely does one man stand out as such a clear example of Loyalty. Loyalty is not an easy quality to exemplify. It is composed of many varied concepts but its root is found in one quality. Love is the basis of Loyalty and this man has a loving nature. This characteristic is displayed in his re- lationships. His family reflects love because between them there exists openness, appreciation, and com- munication. Students also sense his concern and respond to his sincere, gentle disposition. Pure love carries with it both ac- tion and attitude. The action of love is obedience and in performing his administrative capacity he leads others in cheerfully abiding by the guidelines which govern our lives. The attitude of real love consists of a conscious yielding of personal rights for the benefit of others. lt is a servant's heart that allows the Lord to use him in the lives of his peers and students alike. A deep love and commitment to the Word of God is the basis for his allegiance to the clarity of the Gospel and the purpose of reaching a world of lost souls. Respect for our country and its freedoms are also inclusive in his adherence to bibli- cal principles. Perhaps the most visible display of his dedication can be seen in his everyday duties as a teacher and a worker. He is always seen laboring. At a church or school function he is the one behind the scenes Working the detailed job to free others ofthe re- sponsibility. He seems to be every- where and is equally at home be- hind a pulpit teaching or cooking for Maranatha. The search for someone to per- sonify the qualities of loyalty ended when we dedicated the 1979 Torch to you - Mike Shaffer. ' 1 of ' l6!Dedication ' 1 ' l 'V' f C .4 ' tudent L1fe ,ww CME! 9 rm .Q gkvg , -if: v -' v -Awn- -,S-P remix! gd I l A 3 I I -Q N VN: I 1 x A -- 1. Keith Pesce and Dale Gregory harmonize I ' to Bob Peter's version of Elvis in a Momen- tum skit. 2. King Brown helps steady a nerv- ous senior, Ed Jurewiez. 3. Ed Dorsey sweeps a quiet lobby after classes while meditating on the Lord. The circular art represents various areas of student life: the dorms, heaven tracts, and off campus recreation. Student L1fef17 Uur Beautiful Campus A Florida Bible College student's life is unique because of the beauti- ful surroundings in which his daily routine takes place. Although not many students have time to enjoy it consistently, the oceanfront side of the campus still displays the beauty and freedom of God's creation. There are places where students may relax and places that provide excellent opportunities to study. The well-groomed lawns by the fountain offer a spot to relax while studying. FBC is not just a collection of buildings but the facilities are im- pressive. Many improvements have been made, but the sight of the building at the end of the main boulevard is still enough to instill pride in the ministry of FBC. 1. The Towers house various college per- sonnel along with students and their wives. 2. Denise Daly uses a quiet afternoon to write special letters back home. 3. The East campus located outside the laundry hall gives students a private place to talk, have picnics, or just to be alone. 4. A sumptuous lobby gives visitors a "first look" at our col- 1ege's facilities. 5. During the Forward IV leadership seminars, faculty members along with students give nearly 400 delegates knowledge in the Word. 6. Television cover- age ofthe major football games was shown in the Student Union. 18fStudent Life RM Wtlty 1 . tlta. t, M t. t . ,a.... p 'tf. . fftt . f fl QW a lefty 4. , 11121.36 my M1 ',, .. .ttg . H M ., ,Wa ffv.-N, M. .. at un.. Q- rw W- -It 'wgtsve U '- afrsgiffa 35:14 , f4 gf' lllll' tm l A ...meal w'4 1 . 'wx -www! .1 ,sggp-co! i Q. Nl Mr . pt? 'gpg ,a I Q ' I -55.,.4:,, W, fr -' .g. ' - 3 f .. T W uw' W- ---- W My i 'E 4 af 514144844 K . X ,B1. H , , v 1 I Yxg J 'gm if I K xx 4' 4 NX A1 V3 ff. Wim , 20!Studcnt Life 'S ur Favorite Places With such a large group of build- ings making up the FBC Campus, there are bound to be certain places where the students are most often found. Some places offer services that fill needs While others are sim- ply spots to gather and relax. Much work and cost have gone into making FBC a self-contained community. From the Snack Shop to the Laundry roomg from the beach to the dorms, Florida Bible College is "our favorite place." 1. School Barber, George Mehne, performs minor surgery on Tony Ingrassia's hair style. 2. Rose Ann Gentry's attention is absorbed in one of the many selections in our Well- stocked bookstore. 3. The library offers Dave Byrnes the peace and quiet he needs to com- plete his studies. 4. Julie Gillam scans the "G" board and spots a welcome sight! for is it a note from Rev. Busby'?J 5. The laundry room is a favorite place out of sheer necessity but Arnold Archuleta manages a smile. 6. Every place around the campus is used to the glory of God as depicted by Mark Schweitzer witnessing on the beach. 7. Laura Treadway and Nancy Roberts enjoy lunch together in the Saints Soda Shop, Student Life! 21 ur "Usual" Chapels. Monday through Friday at nine a. m. is an hour designed to encour- age, uplift, admonish, and refresh students and faculty alike. It serves as a welcomed break in the hectic pace of morning classes. A "usual" chapel consists of an opening hymn, announcements, a musical special, and an occasional skit. All of this only paves the way for exciting, informative speakers. Fresh insights are gained from the large array of missionaries, musi- cians, preachers, and teachers who come to minister. "Something for everyone" truly describes the FBC chapel pro- grams. Whether it's a great man of God sharing the Scriptures, or sim- ply a time of sharing and prayer among the students, the Lord con- tinues to bless as we assemble to- gether for the hour of spiritual re- freshment. 1. A representative from Central Alaskan missions excited many students to serve as summer workers in this country's largest state. 2. Dr. Cambron, founder and director of Seaside Mission, is always a blessing when he comes to chapel to share his experi- ences in the ministry. 3. Mr. Moody "walked us through" the entire Old Testament! It was not only enjoyable but we still remember it. 4. Former missionary to Honduras, Daniel Sie rra, sparked a renewed vision to reach the world for Christ. 5. Dr. Robert G. Witty, president of Luther Rice Seminary encour- ages continued education in Godls Word. 6. During revival week in January, Dr. Curtis Hutson, editor of Sword of the Lord and well-known evangelist, challenged the hearts of believers to give themselves to God. 7. Training qualified teachers is the goal Dr. Paul E. Loth, director of E.T.T.A., hopes to impress on the student body. 221 Student Life f f f fx. 2 Q F 1 J FZRGGTTEN .MES E'EHiiiE'aBTrFf 6EWfi6i sue 4:-, XP in ll K NXNN Our Special Events. People here at FBC are busily serving the Lord. Because all these people go in many different direc- tions special events are planned throughout the year for 4'family" members to enjoy each other's fel- lowship. Some events are planned where the whole student body participates together such as in the Sadie Haw- kin's All Night Skating Party. Activities such banquets be- come opportunities to serve faculty and church members while still others, like the Bill Gothard Semi- nar, are learning experiences to enjoy together as a group. l. A day off from classes? We get to go on the beach? Are you sure Rev. Stanford knows about this? 2. Seniors battle tl1e Freshmen in "'l'rashketball" during the year's HAH in the Family Night." 3. The group from FBC church and college won the attendance award at the Bill Gothard Seminar in December. Four hundred FBC people attended the week of meetings and received a blessing. 4. Another opportunity to serve others is the attitude of Jim Walker as he becomes a waiter at tl1e annual Prayer and Praise Banquet. 5. Andy Andres and Tony lngrassia support Nanci Colussy as she approaches a treacherous turn at the Sadie Hawkirfs Skating Party. 6. Natalie Petty serves up popcorn hot and fresh to Patricia Pride before the showing of "Blood on the Mountain." Student Lifef25 OIICC world reeg forget W6 may keeps light the Way seeg shining through of FBC Come when we'11 be tried of pain and strife up high and tell is eternal life! faith in mind and heart and soul, promise be .... of God will never leave X CLIAI AS A YWUH' ' 3 CAN A '. in Q11 I Nd' ,M ,R 1 5 f""WLx A852421 we 65 28!Ministries Florida Bible Church Florida Bible Church is known by many in Hollywood as the faithful sower. This is in part a result of the Church's evangelistic outreach under the direction of the Pastor Rev. A. Lee Stanford. The congre- gation composed of both students and local folks find the Church a refreshing change. Highlights of the year include the Invitation Sunday where visitors received the gospel and a free meal. New Year's Eve brought a prophecy conference and a fire works display. Bill Gothard's seminar in Miami Beach Convention Hall brought hundreds ofchurch and college stu- dents out. The Spring semester started off with the Church having a Revival with Dr. Curtis Hutson. The Walk thru the Bible seminar and Missionary Conference also keep the Church involved and gaining spiritually. 1. The church congregation under the lead- ership of Mrs. Corabel Morgan set a worship- ful atmosphere every Sunday morning, at the morning service. 2. Our Pastor always is people conscience. 3. Rev. Stanford shares his dream for the college at the Prayer 8: Praise Banquet at Thanksgiving time. 4. Rev. Sheffield the Assoc. Pastor organizes the ministries of the church. 5. Mrs. Nor- wood always is seen cheerfully welcoming members to Church on Sunday mornings. Ministries!29 Sunday School The Sunday school at Florida Bible Church could be likened to a Field where the labor produces two types of fruit. True spiritual fruit when the children place their trust in Christ that his blood has atoned for their sin alone, and then also practical fruit. The practical fruit is gained thru the students receiving needed training in the classroom which can be used in future years in vital church roles. l. Primary Supt. Mrs. Taylor plays her ac- cordion to a song led by Chris Herrin. 2. Stephanie Del Sardo uses two excited assis- tants to teach a new song. 3. The Sunday school benefits greatly from these college students, as well as church members not pic- tured here. 4. Josie Cordle a freshman from Alaska, enjoys craft time with her class. 5. Lila Lawson directs children during the spe- cial "Carnival Sunday" out on the beach boardwalk. 30! Ministries , Mmwxmw awww ' ' Mc HW WT. . :l M.,q,mA:u if 1-'1' Q. A1 V2 Bn!-lc and hit mg the tom has done for me i -Q.-............,...,,,,,,, ,, ,. ,.w.M,.W.w,.MM.M WWW N Flu. ti Mir1isLrics!31 X .-......,. 25,1 v5 S' gg , F X Bus Ministry Reaches Gut Bringing the light of Jesus Christ into the neighborhood of Hollywood is the main purpose for the Bus Ministry at Florida Bible Church. Bus routes travel throughout Bro- ward county on Sunday mornings getting several hundred children to come to the church. The ministry involved students within the college who had weekends available. The staff visits on Saturday mornings all the children on the route, as well as signing up new recruits and giving out the gospel message to kids they meet. 1. Alter a busy moming with the special Car- nival Sunday, Ronnie Hughes takes the op- portunity to talk with a visitor about Christ. 2. Cynthia Stevens settles final bus ar- rangements before the buses begin their de- parture from the college. 3. The majority of the flrst semester bus workers pause for a photograph before leaving to pick up their children. Students are as follows: Ronnie Hughes, Rose Stien, Robert Asher, Curtis Bowden, Dale Daflln, Cynthia Stevens, Sam Jones, Laurie Bennett, Robert Kimball, Denise Cram, Thomas Cobaugh, Jim Shef- Held, Dan Dillinger, Cecilla Daniels, Brooks Everett, John Swaney, Ray Cruzan, Dean Pratt. 4. "This bus is O. K. ll' 5. The bus minis- try has organized attendance cards and ad- dress cards which help keep in reach with the children. Ministries! 33 AWA Awana at Florida Bible College is an effective youth ministry. The reason is because of Bible lessons that are reinforced with student participation both in the class and afterwards on the gymnasium floor. The teachers are personally in- volved with the lessons and me- chanics ofthe study program along with the kids. This helps to bridge a studentfteacher gap common in the typical church situation. The Awana program is a nation- wide organization which has as their aim to get boys and girls to receive Christ as Savior and then to grow strong in the word. The pro- gram is in harmony with the church and actually acts as a ministry to members who seek for experience in winning souls to Jesus Christ. 1. Musa Andres helps a student memorize scripture by dramatizlng the words in the verse. 2. Bill Ballentine helps a newcomer complete basic requirements of the intro- duction workbook. Then he'll be eligible to wear the official uniform. 3. The Awana Staff 4. Alma Vega along with her students watch as the boys do the round tug-0-war. 5. Win- ning teams receive points which add on to points gained by memorizing verses, and then the winning team receives a reward each week. 6. Wilma Alessi coaches on her girls during team competition, which keeps up the interest after the class teaching is completed. 34! Ministries X ga' , 0 ' I I 1 , ,. . , ' J V .- K H.. 0 . . ' u 'i .A ox P. vii" X fp' Q, 2 E 1 3 x S v quill! ,111 ,EE Indian Bible Mission Indian Bible Mission established eleven years ago by Florida Bible College students is a remarkable story of the effect of God's Word on people and the changed lives that have resulted. The change in people has not only been produced in the Indians being ministered to, but an effectual change has resulted in the lives of the counselors and the staff that make up Indian Bible Mission. Approximately 20 students travel for nine weeks during the summer establishing week long camps on various reservations. The camps are stationed in the states of New York, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Although the camps last for just a week, the entire staif works before the camps recruiting kids and wit- nessing to their parents. 1. Ben Darlington director of the mission meets each Monday night with the students and takes various prayer requests for the mission. 2. At a camp in upstate New York mission workers open the morning Bible hour with exciting Bible songs. 3. On route to their various camps, the group often stops at places like Niagara Falls, museums, and the Smithsonian Institute. 4. Director Ben Dar- lington proudly wears the insignia showing the fact that he was initiated into a tribe as a member, a very uncommon practice. 5. Ben shows the basic sketch of how the bus travels through the United States. Ministries!37 Personal Soul Winnin "Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowl- edge of the truth." I Timothy 2:11. Hollywood, Florida provides lit- erally an endless opportunity for winning souls to Christ. Students go forth daily with their every day activities but also prayerfully and in a loving manner present the gospel to people who face real hassles, problems, and need to hear of Christ's love. Having learned the practical knowledge in class the students then make it a normal practice of life. 1. While at thc Rescue Mission, Carol Hoehn gives the gospel with scriptures out of the Bible. 2. Waiting for buses gives great chances to share, as Cheryl Camerino does. 3. Tammy Mathias talks with kids on the beach. 4. Kees Boer is giving out the message by using the familiar hand gesture. 5.John Mauer the school mail coordinator keeps in touch by taking call backs on the gospel phones. 6. Brooks Everett explains scripture to a visitor. 7. Terry Chaychuk uses the op- portunity at the outdoor theater to give out the message. 8. Faculty member Cheryl Seeds explains a tract to a small friend dur- Lng a Bible Club meeting. 38! Ministries A1 X. V3 fl- r nr, u. .Q- -nr. "' ' 9 H J -uf 1- M. , fn , 3 ,-'55 ' 'K' "x, s 'V 1- "P: 1.f.' g ., v W 54935 B W 3 A1 12 ILO! Ministries .writ .1-5. S "fm 5 5 'Nw .e ,X f at N Lef flue vvfwv nl of WY rf3'II3w.f.l:u r .Id that' mg:Clllc1fmnfr- of 'NYY v 'FXR' im 3 .i1."sf. .Q Kidls Bible Club Replacing the Saturday morning cartoons with Bible stories, Scrip- ture, songs, and games eventually causes several things to happen. First, the children attending the KBC accept Christ as Savior and then begin to live a Christian life as it is outlined at the club. Secondly, parents see a difference in their childls life and become receptive to the message of salvation. Thirdly, the students who teach at these clubs gain new insight and wisdom as they are practically preparing for full time Christian service. These things are probably why the natural result of the directors was to have "enthusiasm" as their trademark, and why many continue on after FBC as Sunday school workers or school teachers. 1. First semester staffconsisted ofthcse stu- dents: KL. to RJ Joanne Stabile, Lynette Strawser, Marilyn Hansen, Renne Lavoie, Jane Powell, Laura Onzahwah, Judy Keltz, Cindy Sandford, Glenda Blom, Brenda Bryant, Chris Mertz, Janis Fernandez, Melanie Canady, Donna Daly, Brenda Robinson, Chris Herrin, Sharon Ford, Cindy Pratt, Patricia Pride, Terri Kovarik, Joyce Heidman, Vickie Evans, Sandy Abbott, Nancy Lentz, Debbie Hill, Linda Weiss- gerber. fBack Rowj Perry Gerkin, John Junstrom, Tack Ashida, Ralph Pratt, Jim Walker, Russell Pratt, Delbert Abbott, Bruce Moore. 2. The Ch1ldren's Ministry is under the supervision of Marilyn Lashbrook, Jo Ann Hummel, and Cheri Seeds. 3. The smile on this young child reflects what KBC is all about. 4. Even children can lead their friends to Christ. 5. Linda Weissgerber and her Measel", Patricia Pride, illustrate God's Word to a group of children. Ministriesflll FBC Youth Dlinistries Fifteen years ago FBC was born from an outreach ministry called Christian Youth Ranch. Since that time the priority of reaching teen- agers with the gospel has continued. It would be difficult to accurately count how many lives have been touched by this phenomenal minis- try. More recently, Rev. Ron Von Beh- ren has been the guiding force be- hind the Youth Ministries Depart- ment at FBC. Under his direction there has been a new vision of reaching youth and teaching them to win their friends. In keeping with this goal, Forward IV Leadership Seminars and exciting summer con- ferences offer innovative ways to in- fluence many teens. The Ranch concept still remains as fresh and effective as ever in ful- filling the Great Commission. l. An inside look at Coral Gables Sr. High Ranch. 2. Dick LaPine enjoys working with Jr. High kids. 3. Forward IVstarted offwith a big, old-fashioned Ranch meeting held in the Red Room. 4. In Hollywood, Surfside reaches the youth located in areas surround- ing FBC. 5. Summer camps are always fun - especially Kangaroo Court. 421 Ministries M W' is fs - ' A is . y N' 'k':" J 5' 4 c - 1 ff 1 ,.. if N W ' ' -be "A X ,::.m,,,V , N .. ., , 1 gr -Q , . A is x as .. , . F X N, .Q in ' 2 x K x . N 'W .Q ' :Q L .. S., x . X by .. 28:30 4 '. my YA' V ,,. A ' ,:s 1 2, 3' ,, , -V Q. -5 X X iii? K s 5 ,s. s TN, . . X Wa. 'Gu X58 W1-Q1 Xxxiktj W . ss Holl ood -,mm veg, K f '4 fx? 4 Wim gg tt - jf . f fi: 4 X f ,ki af fr l ' sffjffa f fm.. gg", ' ISEVENT-f-EIGH . f V ll Camps Hells Fun The Hollywood Camps are the major thrust of Florida Bible Col- lege during each summer break. Many ofthe suu1n1er students act as counselors giving them the tre- mendous challenge ofconveying the message of salvation and service to these campers during the week. Leading the camps involves many of the colleges faculty and staff as well. Hundreds of teenagers come dur- ing each ofthe three weeks ofcamp. Along with Bible teaching there is planned team competition, outings, free time, great food, and even a lit- tle sleep. Wednesday nights are the turning point of the camps. Rev. Stanford presents a dedication message to the youth and the result is that many leave the camp serving the Lord Jesus Christ. All in all the camps influence more lives than we can ever imagine. l, Testimony night always seems exciting as young people explain tl1e working of God in their lives. 2. Common among campers are two things: a large appetite and identifica- tion bands worn through the entire week. 3. A group of teens enjoy the front lawn during the cook out. 4. Special events are planned throughout the week to make campers have the time oftheir lives. 5, Morning devotions set the mood Hur each day during camp. 6. fampe rs enjoy good old fashioned ice cream. 44! Ministries A1 V2 K 98 "U in., Uv K in ,SS k y., I 3 , I4 ,V ng . , fa. ' x , , ' ? . D lm. x 1 V ,S m , .- , 2 s l 7- ' . Q lu ,V Q i X1 .ig W ,, K-:J iw'5t.?"" i U Q A 4' , 3- - Q gf , ,W W V 1 ,, w: MU ,M N ,A A. J ' 1 .g 0 A ,K 46 wg, ,R r ' 4 -1 1 ' ' L lf E I " a it ,' 'OFM V5 5 f. Yi? " -- --" ,. X ., -. - ,Y " -41. ' a sa ,J 1 3 ' J' ff , 2 1 M. :,-w'. AV , K 25 ' f K I , ' Q 7 m .L ,J F I' W X A - A . A ki 1 M 4 ' 'Im f "' L,,. ffif W - Niggy ' in 'n my A A . ' XX X , . K . ,Z ,K X ' 'a :,, W hl , 3 ,J .gf A K' 1 J.: -25372, 'a 'N f' a' A 833 q ' vi t If' "?:5'if. H 4 Q, qf. , 1' AJ fix' '-'hkA ig ,Migll ' n Nfvi'2. '4S+f, ,gJe,'i::, .3'3'f'-5529 'Q' 3. ,ix .,A, , ,. .33 , . 5,1 11,1 x?E'Q5'I-ffiff ' - f 3 . x l 41 Q i Ministries!45 ' Mm .f'fif5"" gh E. 4: Qt' ,S X A I X xy' 9 if I 'H KN 46!BIinistries ,NIS Student Publications Dan Houme,s Journalism class weekly produces the school news- paper MOMENTUM. The articles include the varied activities of the college and the church. Nearly one fifth ofthe publication is mailed out over the country. The purpose of the student publication is to train col- lege students in the various respon- sibilities ofjournalism. The TORCH is dedicated to serve as a past reminder of the school year, as well as showing God at work at FBC. Although the staff faced difficulty during each stage of the production, the problems were finally overcome with the '79 copy. The team of workers was overseen by Miss JoAnn Hummel, a well re- spected faculty member among the students. The UPLOOK goes out to the sev- eral thousand on the college's mail- ing list. Miss Marilyn Lashbrook, the editor, uses a wide variety of layout and copy techniques in pro- ducing this professional magazine. 1. The Yearbook staff consists of Pat Tyrcha, Rose Needham, Donna Black, JoAnn Hum- mel, Dale Butterworth, Emilia Andres, Ted Whittington, Edna Pagels, Liz Broussard, Bill Wittenburg, Nancy McQuiggan, Sharon Ford, Jim Walker, Knot picturedj Linda Gil- bert, Jonathan Mauer. 2. JoAnn Hummel and Jim Walker look in last year's yearbook searching for new ideas for the Torch. 3. Up- look draws the attention of Renee Lavoie and Don Price. 4. The Momentum staff Cleft to rightj Cathy Albert, Cindy Pratt, John Keane, Ed Morgan, Debbie Hill, Sharon Ford. fBack Rowj Huey Sterrett, Russ Pratt, Dan Houmes, Steve Crane, Deana Mc- Donald. 5. Huey Sterrett and Ed Morgan work diligently on the Momentum as Dan Houmes looks on. 6. Ted Whittington pays special attention to his section as he care- fully crops his picture. 7. Emilia Andres and Ted Whittington, sports section, discuss which picture will fit where. Ministrie SX47 Unusual Uutreaches Clowning at FBC is serious busi- ness. Being a good clown involves more than a funny wig, baggy pants, and a red nose. It takes a big heart, a sense of humor, and a love for souls. UAH the world loves a clownf' The King's Jesters use the natural attraction people have for clowns as a means of witnessing or to pass out gospel literature. Reaching out to those in despair is the weekly task of the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Rescue Missions. Men from the Missions have scores of problems - mental, physical, emotional, and social. In reality, their deepest need is a spiritual one, that of trusting Jesus Christ as Savior for eternal life. Not everybody has the patience and love e11ough for mission work, but those who do carry a great burden to win those people to Christ. Juvenile delinquency rises as fast as the family unit disintegrate-s in our country. Pompano Deten- tion Center houses kids in trouble, while they wait for court decisions on their futures. FBC students have the opportu- nity to personally counsel and lead to Christ many of these kids in the short time allotted. The center has a high turnover rate so the need to win, train, and love the kids is an urgent one. 1. The Pompano Detention Center staff 2. One more rescued soul. 3. Clowning takes prayer-peration. 4. Everyone loves clowns! 5. Angi Masi has a love for these needy men, which is why he gives of himself to the minis- try. 6. Angi Masi and Tony Ingrassia by the fountain making plans for the operation of the Rescue Mission. 48!Ministries F, -Mk V, ,. f A Q QSM. . T -'ff f A di' -'K . 3 V M f "NL t1f" N .... N wzizf. M.. . v -s 1 I I M u u n n I I I I I K' 3A i.. fx Q k f 'Q-gl? .bl 'age 1 . ,-4z,,... ' - M .IF ' D 'fhuqww if xg' 2 Sq X J fi 1 J X ,ff-f 7 Q! 9 - Q 55337 S 'R -jvli SL My ' . 4 Q Q W 48511 ' k 3g54ji.rff'15p7.g5Hyu M -4r,, M, ...Luv A W , 4 , , . : - 'Y 'Q , A ,A J ., 1 ' W A 4 f 'f if " , , Ministriesf49 FBCS: Reaches Children Trains Graduates The future of Florida Bible Col- lege and the world rests upon the children attending Florida Bible Christian School. Graduates from FBC teach Christian principles to over two hundred children ranging from four years old to high school age. Many children who attend come from the public school system and are often behind in grade level. They "catch up" by individual tutor- ing provided at no cost by FBC stu- dents. FBCS is truly a ministry in the lives of the students, parents, and faculty as well. 1. Standing atop the Wallace Center which houses the school is the entire FBCS faculty, stafil and student body. 2. Second grade might sound easy but not to a second grader! 3. Christian Education places high emphasis upon reading and verbal skills. 4. An "up close" look at some FBCS students. Who ever said school wasn't fun? 5. At the foundation of the FBCS curriculum is the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 50!Ministries i i E ,gl A , '75 15 UA' if 1 'i tl Ministries! 5 1 Missions: Grace In Giving Phil Myers QU and his growing family travel cross-country conduct- ing seminars on family living and teaching for results. Larry Lipke I 21 stayed on in the work overseas while his wife, Kathy, ably spoke in behalf of Scot- land's great needs. Each year the Mission Confer- ence speaker is Rev. Buford Adams C35 who brings challenging thoughts from the Word of God on the subject of giving. Daniel Sierra UU is anxiously waiting on the Lord's next marching orders which will lead him to a new field of service in Central America. In his first year as a missionary, W. C. 0lsen Q51 shared his desire to be used in Alaska. Birbal Boodraln f6J has an es- tablished ministry in Trinidad con- sisting of a Youth Ranch and a church. Granada, Spain is opening up to the Gospel thanks to the dedicated efforts of Jose Hernandez C71 521 Ministries Q HUB?iElEzg5gQ2g5g.W ws, gg, am 'V ,- ,w,,f ra n 'l,, hifi y , H' r'y, q . 1 ,,,, 3 mr J' 1 A 4 ' 'U i as 4 f Q W? -no 2 sf! if A ,Gs .gy if ,Q wx-wmmm -Q 1 1 5. 3 I !,.,-v-Ngwv-L, W .dugg vw N. Ministries!53 , , 5 PW, DISCOVER 54-!Minist.ries ' u lllissionaries Fish for Men Hawaii-bound Bruce Camp- bell Q11 serving his first term as a missionary from FBC. He views the islands as a "lost paradisen in need of the message of eternal life. Ministering in a church youth group in the Mid-Western Bible Belt is not an easy task as Eugene Enns C21 has found out in his work in Kansas. Rick Herrlin CSI is a veteran of the mission Held with a few years of service in Vermont to his credit. His sights are now set on Austria as a place of future outreach. A good pastor must have a close family to support him in his work. The Boodram's C41 are that kind of unit, displaying "agape" love to the people of Trinidad. Having a German-born wife is a real advantage to Dave Steven- son CSJ as he conducts two chil- dren's works near Munich. Many years ago it took the influence of their four-year-old Dennis to show the Stevenson's the kind of burden God has for souls. The Hernandez family C61 is young and very zealous to see that Spain is won to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ministries! 55 Faculty Dlinistries The faculty at Florida Bible Col- lege consists of dedicated men and women living what they teach. That special balance of involvement plus knowledge gives the students in- sight into relevant situations and into sound doctrinal truths. Instead of a faculty retreating from the world to the classroom, the class- room is alive with current and fresh answers to our quickly eroding so- ciety. The love for the students and the Word of God is their motivation for teaching. Students flnd the willing- ness of faculty members to discuss personal problems very helpful. The faculty is involved in various ministries such as pastoring churches, teaching Bible studies, guest lecturing at conferences, teaching Awana, Sunday school, etc. 1. Rev. and Mrs. Busby present a cake to their youth workers who have helped with his church located in North Miami. 2. Marilyn Lashbrook shares Christ with her Bible club kids. 3. Wilma Alessi drills girls during Awana. 4. Bill and Rhonda Butterworth have a married couples Bible study at their apartment each Monday night, where couples enjoy good fellowship, 56!Mlnistries a, 1 --sw. I f orts Athletics witl1 a purpose is be- hind all sports at FBC. The men's and women's teams have the pur- pose of reaching different colleges with the message of salvation through Christ. I Corinthians 9:25 describes uniquely this purpose. 'Hind every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corrupti- ble crown, but we, an incorrupti- C. 1. Ed Gonzalez in his l'1st ye'tr still en'oys listening to pointers 'thout improving his game. 9. Iohn U'l3rien intercepts '1 tlmrwurrl pass. 3. Passing the message on is what Lory Johnson has pursued throughout 'lf-2618011 ot' cheerleading. 42 I Sports!'J7 A1 V2 x-or 58X Sports Q., sr .- fu vw v-wqgwv' ,, QW' 5 MQ " at 'si -34' 3 ,1i, v--ww . 4,: "-- 2 'f." A :" ' A I A xx V "A:' ' .A " awww . V fa +V , ,,,, .. ,. 4 xx H, , . ..,.-M +V. . 4 V ,J , EMS: any We , Undefeated Saints Hold the Line. The men that strive hard to break through the line are the FBC foot- ball team. It takes long hours of practice and constant repetition to effectively function as a team. Striving to win the game is impor- tant to the team but the men have another goal in mind for playing football. The sport affords the op- portunity to explain in a simple way that God offers eternal life to all who would trust Christ as Savior. The undefeated football team is under the direction of Bud Hamil- ton. 1. Coach Bud Hamilton smiles over the vic- torious season. 2. 1978 Football Saints ln- cluded fkneeling, left to right, Tim Pollard, Walter Leonard, John Averill, Bobby Johnson, Kevin Fowler, Harry Clark, Jeff Mathis, Kevin Morang, and Arlin Gully. fStanding, left to rightj Coach Hamilton, Scott Grant, Ray Cruzan, Larry Birch, Mark Schweitzer, Mike Hayes, Skip Causby, Carlo Leto, Gary Devine, John O'Brien, and Ass't. Coach Jon Koepke. 3. Harry Clark and Kevin Morang hold the line of scrimmage against a stiff pass rush. 4. Even with all the hard work and athletic talent the ubattle is still the L0rd's." 5. As soon as the ball is snapped the Saints are ready to mount a furious offensive attack. sportfss Women's Volleyball "Serves" the Lord. Women's Athletics is reaching people that no one else reaches. It takes a lot of time and hard work. The Lord blesses good training be- cause of the discipline involved. Girls learn to rely on the Lord to get them through the season. In order to prepare for any minis- try you must know how to properly present yourself Conditioning is the most important part of athletic training because it enables the player to compete well, earning the respect of the opposing team. In Coach Doherty's personal opinion, "Athletics is the greatest outreach ministry I have ever been involved with." No report would be complete without a total of statistics. This season the volleyball team came in contact with 443 people and 119 trusted the Lord. The actual win- loss record came to 5-13. FBC pro- duced their most fruitful season ever. 1. Bev Doherty, volleyball coach, verbally encourages her team. 2. Unity in prayer is evident in the volleyball team. 3. The 1979 Women's Volleyball team included: CL to R- standingj Cindy McCann, Pat Sullins, Heidi Mick, Lory Johnson, Martha Palmer, and Coach Doherty. QL to R - kneclingl Janice LeClair, Donna Davanzo, and Leslie Rankin. 4. Lory Johnson demonstrates the distinc- tive of FBC athletics - faithfulness in shar- ing the gospel. 5. Proper setting technique is displayed by Cindy McCann as Janice Le- Clair looks on. 60! Sports 1V2 J I , ,F an SUITS 25 annul' : ax' Q' mm Basketball Saints Standing Tall for Christ The high point of any FBC school year is the beginning of basketball season. Fast-paced action, spec- tacular scoring, and bleachers full of cheering fans make any Saints basketball game worth attending. FBC basketball always has a pro- ficient basketball team consisting of men who sacrifice their time and discipline themselves in rigorous practice. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night Coach John Beckham and Ass't. Coach, Jon Koepke drill the players in refining their techniques: These men are standouts, not just because of their physical stature, but because they play for a purpose. The F BC basketball team - stand- ing tall for the Lord Jesus Christ and the message of salvation. l. Coach Beckham reminds the team of strategy points. 2. Gene Raylc jumps higher to gain the ball forthe Saints. 3. John Beek- ham coached the l979 Basketball team. 4. Victor Curry regains the rebound for the team. 5. The Saints basketball team consists of John Beckham fcoachj, Victor Curry, Kelly McMillan, Don Jackson, Eddie Gon- zalez, Ed Harris, Chet Bloom, Jon Koepke tass't. coachj, Gene Rayle, Kevin Fowler, Arnold Areheletta, Mike LeDuc, Tim Pol- lard, Jacque Blatehford. 621 Sports l. QE K 1 ..,,,..g,, f 'flu s E W Q. . gg 3 QU! 2' el-Urs mr, .3 Slilyg, silly- 551578 ojvxnrf Qufs sillrg fm-ikyg, RNA If ,""'llv""' fT' S1 I- In 4,9 4 AIV2 A ' r -Gwyne- 64! Sports ,, QL A 55 , i Q EQ Q M 3 :N-N.. s -. . L ,J in - 44 3. 5 A x . e-f' Q V5 Keeping Fit At FBC For those who do not actively par- ticipate in an organized sport, the Wallace Center provides opportuni- ties for personal recreation. Much use is made at FBC of the sports facilities. Racquetball tops the list as the number one activity. Racquetballs and racquets are appearing all over in the possession of just about everyone. Jogging is also popular and the track located on the roof of the gym is an excellent place for dedicated runners to go. Other activities include tennis, basketball, softball and swimming. 1. The 'l'ower's P001 is a favorite spot for relaxation. FBCS holds gym classes here in the spring. 2. Dalton Gahman puts all his strength into his racquetball serve. 3. Show- ing unusual form Mike Partain returns a fast ball. 4. Attlred in the proper clothing, Michael Leigh makes another lap. 5. A favor- ite rnen's intramural sport is basketball. Sports!65 .44 5 A172 1 -W . . ,A ly ' ami 'Q ' j ig 2 ki 1 lv Y . 'W ,t "F T 'L 's Sp X 4 ! fa W sf M u - X 'Vw . 5 Q . . , ...J ,.1. X V. ' N ' -. 0 , .1 sig ff, . Fist' 4. 5, : 4, I .4 , .. .. 'L J, - ' s f' ' ' ,ffl W V 3 F ' - Iv W f Q W , gm 4 , f f 'F 5 A 5 L I J VV ig , , J- wi 7' nf A. L, 3 4, f 4 N k .L M , , A 0. A t ' Alij2'7JY9?,?1W1'Z'F,nis' H" H - z W an Q, -Q, , . ,,,,, . A W:- f , Q -Jfrv' ,iii " A , fm 'K W 'Q 1, f . . 1-ff? 1'.h M""rp ". fifL:i'11 1A ' 'fm W-an W .X T W Lf W , H I IL' W V Q W I " ' + , 'vg' :,, 'f mlgli V 'g "': ' v ' -W M-r 4, wi W MSQQ-.f 'J' Q ,AQMMMM ""' 'M Jan.: I V. 4-u , , -we-1-gapyg I 'AA , "f .' ' , ,,' .,',.,". ., vw. g,-Q.-fx? 5 nd -v fl fx fa TTY !"' N. ..- .ip ""- I f s -f,.' .,. '-" Home Runs and Heaven Tracts Physical strength, mental stam- ina, and Spirit control are charac- teristic ofthe FBC Baseball Saints. Physical strength? To overcome the hardships of the game. Mental stamina? To survive the pressure of competition. And Spirit control? To guarantee the victory - souls. Baseball, the only ministry where batting, running and striking out all add up to eternal victories. 1. The FBC Baseball team, fstaudingj Harry Clark, Ray Mitchell, Gene Rayle, John Ave- rill, Mike Papa, Walter Metzler, John Col- lic r, and Coach Lawson Younger. QKnee1ingJ Steve Sanders, Dan Jackson, Jerry Lucia, Gary Devine, Geoff Reese, and Don Mit- chell. 2. Evan Burrows realizes the purpose ofwinning souls. 3. Kevin Fowler is a strong, left-handed hitter for the Saints. 4. Pitching in to win the game is John Collier. 5. Coach Younger anticipates a victorious season. 6. It's Gary Devine caught in the act ofstealing. M N Sports!67 , 'V' ,.,. 'ij K if Karate Teaches Self-Discipline and Control. The art of karate is a schoolmas- ter of mental discipline and bodily control. For men and women alike karate offers physical release and it's good exercise, too. Rev. Tom Davis is FBC's karate instructor. He believes that a knowledge of karate is practical training for any Christian and from the number of students who enroll in the class, it seems that the statement is true. 1. Assistant instructor Jon Koepke keeps a watchful eye on Don Jackson's Karate tech- nique. 2. A ceremonial awarding of purple belts to Randy Elman and Dean Pratt. 3. Ka- rate classes are always started in prayer. 4. Don Jackson blocks a defense knee kick. 5. Girls find Karate not only challenging but a neat approach to keeping in shape. 68! Sports 1' --.- nr.: 2: xl Sp rt X69 AIV 4 l ,l JJf 70! Sports QNWM.-,..,,,,,,..4nizlll" QM. EM MM l 4 LQ 'A ' f' n T X ,V 5, gf 1 gs Li 3 V if s as A4V5 M.. W .J -gf j gg w. Cheerleaders Spark Spirit "Contact is opportunity" and so is cheerleading at F.B.C. Whether it's at a home game or on the road traveling with the basket- ball team, our six cheerleaders, under the direction of Tricia Beck- ham come in contact with literally hundreds of people during a given season. The squads resonsibility is two- fold: to motivate the student body to support the Saints and to share the gospel with those in the stands. 1. Participating in the 1979 basketball cheerleading squad Qleft to right, were Pat Sullins, Juliana Sanchez, Sharon Metzler, Diane Sanders, Jan Judy, Lory Johnson fcaptain J. Each girl put much time and effort into perfecting their performance as they as- sist in the Saint's victories. 2. The cheerlead- ing squad sees the need of upholding one another. 3. Mrs. Tricia Beckham volunteered her time this year to sponsor the cheerlead- ers. 4. Captain of the cheerleaders, LOI'y Johnson is always ready to incite the team and the spectators with enthusiasm. 5. Cheerleaders end their season with a big smile. Sports! 71 Sports Hi lnigms Soulwinning Practice Organization Responsibility Teamwork Success 1. Karate takes discipline and mental con- trol. 2. Touchdown, Saints! 3. Heidi Mick spikes the ball for a crucial point. 4. Intense concentration is shown by Steve Sanders as he waits for the next play. 5. The exciting senior center for the '79 Saints "shoots for two". 6. The cheerleaders and their enthusi- asm highlighted every game of the season. Cpicture on following pagej "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1. 721 Sports A1 V2 494 e v pl . - mf QF Xl . an -5 sf .,..:1, N, . X ' V uae' Hn :W .Aw ... , S X"' ff A iw w 74X Sports l1S1C 'VIy life xx as out of tune and happi- ness eluded me. My life was despondent missing inner harmony. But then I met the Saviour and received His gift of grace And now my heart sings melody. Jesus is my music Jesus is my song I want to sing His praises all day long. I played with earthly toys and emptiness frustrated me My life was just a noise missing sensitivity. Just then I met the Saviour and saw His matchless face. And now my life is a symphony. Jesus is my music Jesus is my song I want to sing His praises all day long. IESUS IS 'NIY MUSIC by Don Wyrtzen 9 Copyright 1977 by Singsptration Division ofThe Zondervan Corporation. All rights re- served. Used by permission. fi' 4 gf' 41 i- 1 'Vlrs Morgan sings to the Lord at the Prayer and Praise Banquet 2 Dana Brvan directs the Sunday morning congregational singing a v A t 1 9 9 9 9 ' s 7 I I I . U a -1 - 4 u- - .l . Q Mu sic! 75 A1 761 Music "'s A Year of Music Music, clear gospel music, means so much to those at FBC. Special concerts, and weekly musical hap- penings alike are special events and appreciated by the students and faculty. 1. Dave Brubaker uses his music to teach scriptural principles while speaking to stu- dents in chapel. 2. The Gospel Mountain Boys present their Gospel Bluegrass music at the Maranatha Roundup. 3. The Church Choir leads us in worshipping the Lord with theLr anthems. 4. Linda Bradstreet sings her praises to the Lord with the Brotherly Love singing group. 5. Ray Hart travels on tour with Dr. Curtis Hutson and loves to sing of God's love. 6. Eternity's Sue Holland sings the reality of the Lord's coming in concert before students at FBC. Mu sicf77 Music Faculty Our qualified and capable Music Faculty assists many students in developing their musical abilities and skills whether it be vocal or ln- strumental. Music is taught with the purpose of having quality music to honor the Lord and minister to others. Rev. Dana Bryan is the head of our Music Department. 1. Dana Bryan, Head of the Music Depart- ment, makes beautiful music with his co- worker, accompanist, and wife, Pam. 2. Renee Schiedt was with us flrst semester teaching several music courses. 3. Mrs. Wal- lace, Cheri Seeds, and Ruth Soehlman use their musical abilities to teach others in the area of Voice, Organ, and Piano. 4. Stan Hayes is the Director of Concerts, and teaches several music courses in both the college and the christian school. 5. Dave McNally and Mike Justice use their talent and knowledge to train many students in both Music Theory and in the playing of in- struments. 78! Music A gf , 52 3 fig 'Qfyljp if fab 4 f'fn'5' 2 wh 21+ X 543 c J' V ,,m,,4 if g V ,, xx 5 12 :z iz? K sz 1 X S A I 'Wm kg A zv -ffv " V 4 V 5 dl , 1 r ,Q X, .. if 5- X ,, Q f I 5 X Q Music! 79 x 80f5Iusic R511 Wa. me- ' ' .AA ...ag ...,,.,,abni Music Applied Various courses are offered in guitar, brass, voice, and piano for students wishing to take applied music. Discipline and sacrifice are requirements if polished tech- niques are attained. The culmina- tion of four years of lessons and practice is a senior recital required for graduation for all applied music students. Hard work reaps bounti- ful rewards. 1. Piano lessons are a time ofpractical leam- ing and spiritual application. 2. Debbie Hoyt at her voice recital. 3. Vocal practice is a time of conce ntrated work on technique and vocal principles. 4. Learning guitar is very practi- cal and can be used widely in the Lord's work. 5. Sue Lindstrom's final recital is only a beginning for her career as pianist for Brotherly Love. 6. Brass Practice - very necessary for the smooth sound that honors the Lord. Music!81 Chapel Specials Chapel specials provide a time of encouragement for FBC each day of the week. Drawing from our multi- talented student body and staff we hear a variety of music throughout the year. 1. Larry Greenawalt's expert piano playing and vibrant testimony blessed all who heard his performance. 2. Ruth Odland visited chapel and sweetly sang praise to the Lord, while students listened intently. 3. Bobby Futch expresses his desire for Christians to serve the Lord, thru a very moving song about Christ. 4. Terri Whitman, Linda Bradstreet, Joan Hughes, Ginger McNally, and Sue Lindstrom make harmony as the GLrl's Quar- tet. 5. One of the little FBCS Angels. 6. Rachel Deltne and the second grade pre- sented a special 365 Days of Christmas a year for us in chapel. 82f Music x v a ,,fom,w,A., ,QSM nfs si' i 'C K Music! 83 W of Q ,fri , , 1 'Q 1 r . A ,, f , L k,,, , V a af . f- , J, Z W 1 af 245: H . ISV f Q mar ff 3 I yy, W ' ,nf 13:1 ,jing 4, ,J JM 'W Oct. 6 Oct. 14 Nov. 11 Dec. 3 Feb. 17 Apr. 1 Apr. 21 May 6 1978-1979 Concert Schedule: . . . .... Dave Brubaker . . . .... Music Festival - Steve Boalt . . . .... Heaven Help the Home . . . .... Choir Concert -- 'gAn Old Fashioned Christmas" . . . .... Music Festival - School Talent . . . .... Choir Concert - "It Took a Miraclea' . . . .... Music Festival . . . .... Choir Concert - "The Return" Concerts Concerts are a special time of sharing Godls love and grace through music. The main emphasis is not on entertainment but on bringing the lost to a college func- tion where they will come under the sound of the gospel. This year the concert schedule in- cluded a premiere of a musical and guest appearances from various well-known Christian recording ar- tists. l. The Freshman Quartet - John Dekruyter, Dan Lamey, Jerry Lucia, Joe Twellman. 2. Gary Ripple plays for the sophomore class yearbook ad skit. 3. Don Wyrtzen blessed us with his excellent mastery of the piano. 4. Steve Boalt ministered to us greatly in the first Fall Music Festival. 5. Dave Brubaker sang for us ln Chapel and also gave a Friday night concert. Music!85 Heaven Help The Home Bill Butterworth's musical on the Christian home premiered in the southeastern part of the country right here at FBC. The message "hit home" to adults and kids alike as lyrics and dialogue portrayed the state of the family today. Proper, biblical solutions were presented with simple, enjoyable songs. Many of FBC,s own talented per- sonnel participated in this event. An appearance by recording artist Christine Wyrtzen added to an al- ready memorable evening. 1. What a treat to hear Christine Wyrtzen performing her own compositions. 2. De- pendable Dana Bryan organized the chil- dren's choir. 3. The typical family was aptly portrayed by the She1ton's. 4. An exciting night of music with the composer. 5. In ap- preciation for their team effort, Pres. Stan- ford presents Bill and Rhonda with a plaque. 6. The record jacket from Heaven Help The Home. 861 Music bw- 5' 3 2 N 5' Xf 5 -- ,K If v 104 Y 6 lfL',N'!... l,WI'IIfI,Vl.' . , .l:,Xl'I I IW!! 'A lfrmul.Si'l1fJ!r1-.ical Idea for the Wlmle Umrdz Ifnnily' Music! 87 2 1 1 2+ fi t ,fi I Lpnv ? 1 5 ' . J .N!"N5m W .K ,. m 3 R. , my X S xx x W S 'C' E Concerts Inspire Praise Each year the FBC Concert Series attracts people from all over the Dade and Broward area. The con- certs feature talented student mu- sicians and singers and occasion- ally a great artist. There is music to please all ages or tastes and even some humorous skits to warm up the audience. Each evening is devoted to praise and thanksgiving to God. The focal point however is the gospel invitation given by the Pres- ident or a faculty member. Literally hundreds come to Christ each year who attend concerts because their hearts were prepared to receive the message by the music of salvation. 1. Geared to contemporary tastes, Malachi, is a solid favorite at each concert. 2. Kathy Greenawalt, a guest artist, inspired the au- dience to "Behold, the Man." 3. Always a sure bet to warm up any audience is Brooks Everett and his "Acme Soulwinning Doll." 4. A beautiful voice belongs to soloist, Debbie Hoyt. 5. It is exciting to see the Lord raise up new music groups like Inheritance that are concerned for souls. 6. The Kinsman Quar- tet, a delightful blcnd of trained student vo- calists. Musicf89 Sweet songs of Salvation "Malachi" in Hebrew means "My Messenger." The focal message of all history is, God's Matchless Love. That message is presented with a candid, unique approach by Mala- chi. 6'Inheritance" tells of an offer uincorruptible, and undeflled, and that fadeth not away." These musi- cians lovingly and diligently display their talent to God's glory. 1. Auditoriuxns, high school assemblies, Ranch rooms, and even a bandshell can be places of opportunity for Malachi. 2. Creativ- ity, harmony, and sometimes humor enhance Malachfs meaningful songs. 3. Rev. Ron VonBehren tours with Malachi giving the gospel in high school programs. 4. Inheri- tance reached out to touch lives in local churches. 5. Skip Fengflsh, the director of Inheritance, knows God as his strength and song. 90!Music A1V2 V4 V5 Music! 9 1 xx X f,aA' A I 92! Music Q 1. , 1 Wi . .H live , '91, .xi E . Z 3 Y 4' E 3' 4 P' 911 I? Producin Harmony In The Body The members of the Kinsmen Quartet are related by a bond much stronger than their music. Christ has united them in His family to blend their voices in praise. The balance of both male and female voices is indeed a sweet melody to those who listen. Harmony is demonstrated by the Concert Choir and Orchestra. This unity is built through mutual prayer for each other's needs. Working to- gether in such large groups never seems to be a problem for these students who desire to praise the Lord through music. 1. Excellent musicians must spend hours in tedious practice. 2. Singing from the heart presents no problem to the choir. 3. Practice pays off and the Kinsmen ttop to bottomj Keith Pesce, Cindy Kamrath, Bob Peters, Cindy McCann, Janet Younger, and Dale Gregory, are ready to perform. 4. Harmony, skill, and dedication characterize the FBC Orchestra. Music! 93 Full Time Groups Travel for Christ Not everyone can endure the hardships tl1at members of travel- ing music groups are expected to handle. Thousands of miles, new faces, and sometimes more than one concert per day all add up to great pressure and strain on each individual. Two groups travel for the Lord and represent FBC on a full time basis. ETERNITY is a 17 member vocal and brass ensemble directed by Rev. Joe Alessi. The group enjoys a world-wide ministry and has the re- spect of the christian music com- munity for their stand on the clear gospel. BROTHERLY LOVE went on tour in January. Their tour is scheduled up the East Coast ministering in churches and schools. 1. Eternity. 2. Brotherly Love members Bev Barlow, Mason Hughes, and Terri Whitman convey God's message through song. 3. Butch and Joan Hughes direct the group and consider the group as a family. 94! Music his -5 L. W X v my W Mg-a 3 'Q g'YX, S-Q Q Q pr gi --A-W X., X., RN N ff! asf tv" 4 , Music!95 . Ywi M W ., , 9 ,ag 5 3 f. flask 72 1 ' i few saw ,Q if g ggg A ? S Q 5? 5 0 we Y ggi H , .,,, eople I cf0I'illil1i2lllS 10:33 'vcn am p case gl 111611 in Z1 things, not SCCkiIlQlIli11COXX'1lpfilfil ut thc profil Ofhlllilllf that thvy nmy JC saved. .Al lm .ill lllk' 3 Cr '1 ' ns LCC S' - 'ml cnjnye-a listening to niccc .xllly Slrl br. ". f Q Vi Ill0l'C n1'1 ics lcrsc "ll llillllk' in c 1" .A ' ' 1 'I' ' '. m 'll 1' 2 w' ' . ' " 1 K ' cu 'llill'l '. Z' Pcopln T1 A1 98! People a..1 all Q 'P E.. -. iw Q' x L ... Q it fi .A , . iik . ...ii K if-. L! fi? , '- I f if I 'V . . 453535 1 1.1: K f ...V -r - Q3 . 1. -Q. C15 5 5 i - L: '55 A fi Q it 2 .so to .oc s....l ' AA- . '1'., .i1. . J i Q 3 i ii 'SSUFF5 -f 5 r'! Admlnlstratlon Heartbeat of FBC Near to the heart of God are the men who are at the helm of Florida Bible College. These men of prayer and meditation seeking to make sure that the heartbeat of FBC is the same as that of the Lord Jesus Christ - souls. The tremendous work load of ad- ministrative duties is in addition to roles as husbands, fathers, pastors, and teachers. Only by God's grace, hours of work, and a lot of personal sacrifice can they keep FBC func- tioning efficiently. All the glory and praise goes to Jesus Christ for providing Florida Bible College with her leaders, President A. Lee Stanford and Vice President Dr. Mark G. Cambron. They are necessary. They are ap- preciated. They are loved. 1. Making people feel at home in the FBC family is something that our President does well. 2. "That's our Pastorl", Rev. A. Lee Stanford. 3. The word for Lee Stanford is "approachable" He REALLY cares. 4. Dr. Mark G. Cambron, beloved Vice President of Florida Bible College. 5. Active in reaching Jews for Christ, Rosalind Hendry, Terry Foy, Dr. Cambron, and Mr. Max Mills compose the staff of Seaside Mission. Pe ople! 99 Deans "Labor Among us" CAD As Dean of the College, Rev. Mike Shaffer handles a mul- titude of problems and makes important decisions concerning school policies. His greatest ability lies in seeing things in their proper perspective so that all options can be considered before a decision is reached. Mike is easy going, and lovable which inspires respect from students and colleagues. CBJ Rev. Stan Ponz's position as Dean of Men allows him many opportuni- ties to counsel with students. Stan is known for his wisdom in the prac- tical application of scripture. He is also responsible for seeing that policies of conduct and standards are maintained by the men at FBC. QCD A most recent and welcome ad- dition to F BC is Rev. Bill Woughter, Assistant Dean of Men. Bill works closely with the male dorm- heads and teaches Dormhead Prac- ticum. His organizational ability helps in making the paperwork flow smoothly. CDD Mrs. Sue Stanford has held the position as Dean of Women for many years. She views the job as a means to serve the Lord, FBC, and the students. Because of Mrs. Stanford's contacts multi- tudes of people have come to FBC or now support it. She is truly an example to all ofa godly woman. CED Mrs. Connie Mitchell is a great asset to FBC as Assistant Dean of Women. Connie oversees the women dormheads and stresses proper, biblical attitudes to them in Dormhead Practicum. She is sought after as a counselor who is compas- sionate but firm in applying the scriptures. CFD Forms and curfew sheets keep Mrs. Debbie Von Beh- ren busy as Associate Dean of Women. Debbie does counseling too, because she wants to under- stand the reasons behind violations before any disicipline is adminis- tered. Her discernment and in- sights are invaluable in helping the women at FBC. 1 OO! People -'f 'P 77- ' 2 sm at si -f F W- f la -- ti ,S 1 -fr lie . ....... X - . ff.: S K K .f-.D .. , ggi: I i . My if ! ' 'JZ M "1-. I F 1 fig ER if ' eg J L N DVF y .Y-ff' f' MSW CW ',.-M,-u M , 2' People! 1 01 , ,, Q. W, F4 A 1 102!Peop1e if AC AD ttf? riff . E v .. Rev. Ron Von Behren, the table tennis rhamp, heads up the highly effective youth ministries at FBC. 2. Music faculty member, CAD Wilma J. Alessi, BA, BA. This year Miss Alessi volunteers her teaching expertise in eight hours of college courses plus work- ing as full-time secretary for Eter- nity. In her personal counseling with students, she seeks to point out God's unfailing love and accep- tance in Jesus Christ. CBD John C. Beckham, BA. John Beckham coaches the FBC Basketball team and oversees the intramural sports program. The main emphasis in Coach Beckham's mind is hard, competitive play on the court with zealous, loving witness after the game. CCD Robert L. Brookes, BS, BA, ThB. From chapel an- nouncements beginning with "Seniors", Rev. Brookes excites each graduating class with informa- tion about that most important event in May. As registrar and in- structor, he keeps in close contact with the students, meeting their needs with Scripture. CDD J. Dana Bryan, BA. Rev. Bryan inspires all FBC to "make melody in their hearts to the Lord." He also en- courages students to build strong prayer lives. CED Pamela J. Bryan, BA, BA. Mrs. Pam Bryan teaches many hours of private les- sons to budding pianists. She brings creativity and proficiency to the keyboard and her playing is al- ways a source of blessing to all. CFD Gloria R. Busby. Mrs. Busby faithfully donates many hours teaching her Art classes to develop their creativity. Her Philosophy of Christian Womanhood class influ- ences women to give themselves wholly to the Lord. CGD Randolph F. Busby. BS, BA, ThB, M. Div. Rev. Busby lends invaluable lead- ership as tl1e Financial Manager of FBC. Through his classes on prophecy he points out that spiritual responsibilities are urgent as the coming of Christ nears. CHD William J. Butterworth, BA, M.A.D. S. "The essence of life is to live," is a phrase that characterizes Rev. Bill Butterworth, as he en- thusiastically pours himself into every job he undertakes. His areas of ministry include Academic Dean, Conference speaker, songwriter, teacher, and friend to many stu- Stan Hayes, leads singing at Seaside Mis- dgntg, sion. 3. The Hamilton family during the Pg0p1gf103 Christmas family chapel. CAD Tom Davis, BA, ThB, M. Div. As head ofthe Correspondence School, Rev. Tom Davis sees that clear, biblical teaching is made available to those students outside of FBC. Bible Study Methods equip students to properly interpret and apply God's Word to their daily lives. CBD Paul Frick, BA. Mr. Paul F rick who teaches Spanish, has the benefit of years as a missionary to Mexico to enhance his teaching. He desires his class to learn correct usage of the language in order to fulfill the Great Commission. CCD Guy Groff, BA, M. Div. Rev. Guy Groff teaches his classes with an emphasis on the students thinking things through before coming to conclusions. Under his direction, the Pastoral Studies Dept. has im- proved the quality of education given to men desiring to serve in the pastorate. CDD Dennis J. Gro- leau. Mr. Dennis Groleau teaches financial courses from the back- ground of a successful busi- nessman. He handles all the col- lege's insurance needs. CED Hal M. Haller, BA, BD, ThM. Rev. Hal Haller is a main stay of the college faculty. His Systematic Theology class solidifles four years of knowl- edge and Christian Home prepares their hearts to live out the love of Christ. CFD Marvin E. Hamilton, BA, BA. Mr. Bud Hamilton uses recreation and sports as a means to minister. He is an authority on the beliefs of various religions and is often called upon by students to present the clear gospel to cult members. CGD A. Stanley Hayes, BME. Conducting the Concert Choir and producing each college music festival are the responsibili- ties of Mr. Stan Hayes. He seeks to emphasize spiritual discipline through rigorous musical training. CHD Daniel W. Houmes, BS, BA. Rev. Dan Houmes brings a growing knowledge of psychology to the col- lege curriculum. Besides doing ex- tensive counseling with students and faculty advisor of Momentum, the new title of f'Father" will be added to his list of duties. 1. Cheerful smiles brighten a visit to the Dean's office. 2. Rev. Dana Bryan leads the congregation in a gospel chorus. 3. Dan Houmes separates Momentum money into piles of fat nickels and thin dimes. 4. A famil- 'fw or Qlflfi an LXC 'Ag ll Yhrouolg Rvlh una not ol uma .Mui J xi c ill oi od no! of vs .llama man my uid hmm! ' ' A 'Q!"""""""" AC AD lar sight - Bill and Rhonda Butterworth with Joy and Jesse in tow. AG AH 'G 5 n x ,gh 4777 W' 3 :gm uf' ', 4 vs A J V f PS1 I Qliff. ' f ,as-3f"'f ' Q H- 11 , 'L' ,. fx- . . f 5, Aw, -10 IA People! 1 05 w Y A 1 A2 1 O6! People CAD JoAnn M. Hummel, BA. Teaching that focuses on student response characterizes Miss Hum- mel's classes. She believes that by passing on to others her passion for teaching children the world will be won. CBD Samuel F. lngrassia, BA. Mr. Sam Ingrassia brings many Christlike characteristics into his Life of Christ class. He is known by his students for his sensitive and dramatic explanations of events in the Gospels. CCD Michael Jus- tice, BM. Music has its tech- nicalities and the teaching of those falls to Mr. Mike Justice. He exhibits not only great musical tal- ent but meticulous dedication in teaching students to glorify the Lord through music. CDD Jon L. Koepke, BA. If it's printed, Jon Koepke did the job. He displays faithfuh1ess in coaching basketball and teaching a PE Lab. CED Mari- lyn L. Lashbrook, BA. Miss Lashbrookls heart lies in reaching children but she lives the impor- tance of winning "souls of all sizesf, She oversees all Bible clubs, edits UPLOOK and administrates the Christian Education dept. CFD David R. lVIcNally, BA. Working in the Music Dept., directing the or- chestra, and leading a music group keeps Dave McNally busy. He is known for his tenderness to the Lord. CGD Connie Z. Dlitehell, BA, BS, M.Ed. Mrs. Connie Mitch- ell maintains a full schedule keep- ing up with her many duties. The dormheads and girls alike ap- preciate her love, concern, and dis- cernment. CHD Ann Patterson, BS, BA. Doing all things "decently and in order" are of prime concern to Mrs. Patterson, head librarian. Her class, Library Science, teaches students the basics of literature or- ganization. 1. Jennifer Shaffer and her dad, Mike, enjoy the yearbook festivities during "All in the family" night. 2. Is this our Dean of Men or is this a scene from Happy Days? 3. John Beckham led a group of students to Holiday Park for a fruitful morning of soul winningg here John explains to a curious young child the plan of salvation. People! 1 07 CAD Stanley R. Ponz, BA, M. Div., D. Min. As Dean of Men, Rev. Stan Ponz serves as spiritual caretaker of the college men. His enthusiastic presentation of the New Testament epistles makes him an enjoyable instructor. CBD Renee Seheidt, BA. Mrs. Renee Scheidt seeks to make her classes as chal- lenging as possible. Her students appreciate her hard Work in prepa- ration and reciprocate by hours of diligent practice. CCD Cheryl L. Seeds, BA. Full of talent and energy, Miss Cheri Seeds is an asset to the Christian Education department. Her classes cover the creative aspects of children's work - arts, writing, and handcrafts. CDD Michael D. Shaffer, M. Div., D. Min., Dean of the College. Rev. Mike Shaffer is a guiding force in the Student body. He has the un- common ability to see things in perspective enabling him to handle delicate situations. CED James 0. Sheffield, BA, ThB. Rev. Jimmy Sheffield loves people and through his efforts Florida Bible Church has greatly increased in numbers. He also loves his students and displays it both in and out of class. CFD Ken- neth Shelton, BA. Without the "know-how" of Rev. Ken Shelton the Word of God might never "sound out" from FBC. His depend- ability coupled with a servant's heart make him a solid man behind the scenes. CGD Ruth Soehlman. Mrs. Ruth Soehlman lends her piano expertise to those Wishing to glorify Christ through music. Her musical talent and sweet spirit are a blessing to all. CHD A. Lee Stan- ford, BA, ThM. To lead a body of people 500 strong, a man must have a shephard's heart. With a compas- sion that does "make a difference," our beloved Pastor and President clings to the Lord Jesus Christ as he guides the direction of FBC. 1. "These freshmen get smaller every year," comments Connie Mitchell holding her niece, Becky. 2. Faculty and students alike are blessed by Dr. Cambron's Wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures. 3. Bud Hamil- ton participates in running a torch on a 22 mile course to "spark" the yearbook ac- tivities. 1 081 People AA AC A A A f an J 1": Qfv-axons-lv' A 3 Pe0p1e!109 1 N A C AD 11 mm , , 1 1 0! People . I muff' as Q inf CAD K. Sue Stanford. Mrs. Stanford remains FBC's greatest 11atural resource of energy and en- couragement. She never tires of serving or loving others and plays a vital role in the operation ofthe col- lege. CBJ Rev. Ron Von Bclnrcn, BA, ThlNI. Teaching is the greatest love in Rev. Ron V011 Behreuls life and he imparts Biblical knowledge with great skill. CCD Williunn Woughter, BS, BA. The interests and the talents of Rev. Bill Wough- ter are as varied as computers are from church organs but he handles both with established ease. This is his first year as Assistant Dean of Men and already it is evident how much FBC has gained. CDD K. Law- son Younger, Jr., BA, Th.B. Rev. Younger is a capable Hdefender of the faith" but one who deals with difficult doctrines instead of trying to explain them away. This year he becomes FBC's new baseball coach in addition to a heavy teaching as- signment. 1. Bill Woughter, father of3 children, smiles as he relates some Hfamily history" in chapel. 2. A '78 graduate 0fFBC, Susie Scarborough uses her gifts ofsensitivity and caring as See- retary to the Dean of Men. 3. Nanci Colussy and Ginger McNally share the responsibili- ties in the Dean ofWomen's Office while both are enrolled in classes. 4. Denise Cram is grateful for the help volunteered by Mrs. Elinor Dulcy. Together they handle secreta- rial duties for the Dean ofthe College and the Aeade mic Dean. People! 11 1 FBC Staff: 1. Alumni Association, Rev. Graham H. Bell and secretary Vilma Keane. 2. Stuff- E-Nnff Shop, Mrs. Gloria Busby, manager, with Cr. to l.J Becky Kirkley and Cindy Boulineau, stafif 3. Records 0l'fice, Rev. Bob Brookes, Registrar, Stephanie Del Sardo, secretary to thc Registrar, Susan Winton, Cindy Pratt, and Joyce Metzler. 4. Bookstore, Mrs. Corabel Stirman Csecond rightj manager, Cleft to rightl Charlene Gor- don, Brenda O'Brien, Kees Boer, Mrs. Van- derworker, Doreen Gairns, Rose Ann Gen- try, Mrs. Bolton, Pam Fengilsh, and Yutaka Ikeda. 5. Secnrity,Jim Buchanan fseatedj, ChiefofSecurityg fleft to rightl Lisa Clayton, Kathy Wagner, Joanne Vogel, Cindy Kam- rath, Jocelyn Keblinger, and Mimi Crane. CLeft to rightj Bob Kimball, Tom Smoyer, Bobby Futch, Chet Bloom, Charles Parker, Jeff Mathis, and Al Monger. 6. Business Dffice, Rev. Randy Busby, Financial Man- agerg Rae Rocamora, Payroll, Debra McGee, Work Scholarship, Marcia Best, Business Office Manager, Ctop, l. to r.J Bill Burcher, Mary Shaddinger, Joyce Robber- son. fBottom, l. to r.J Judy Rodke, Crystal Dragula, Jocelyn Keblinger, and Denise Ar- thur. 112!People V172 n YQ B n ,, -agigriwgg H X Q 1 51,2 ' -"'- 1Yf1wffvwsYfffs-'x' f .. Niki. ary., rd, k . K . Q QQ., f ., I f I . 'fall '. J , , ' 'ig , Q '14 A V It i1v,.,'.f", . l . at g 434 ' 5 aa.. 1 ,, a f J as . a. 4 . ' we az, . 1 ,- . 1, :R if 'fffl-, fff '.1- ,ts ...Z ' WL X L Tx J ? I Aa 3 . fi- '- " gsrcg K 7: I .X ..,. . - on , X ' mf ' 4'1-f-'R-f 1 YM? A M M X. Aw- nf- 2, f i A ,N v :rm .4-09 v,,.s'l ., . if f " 'g,+.,9Fr-51.38.4 1 . t . 2 ' ,I '1 " ' " U V21 3, if 2. al. r it a f . . rarffffi'-W-2 if-W: 1' Q , nga ,az al' . ,, X If Q52 gl. ,J ,gnupg ,L 4- ,A V., , -.7 .4 Q ,A Q ,QQ-Q.-v2 ,- K f ia xx X A 1:29 wdfgmsgnls, ,LF it ng V9 SzM23O0 N 'ggi 2r?j v' , -Q. .3 x 'aw - .. 1-'fn if f YJ People! 1 13 REU N? K. .- ..,.' - xgxiik f-wr 'ini H E 3 5 5. i L A172 Bibb .WMM 1 14! People -W-.a,,,,,., l 6'Always Abounding . . . 1, Snack Shop, ftop, left to rightj Sherry Buerkle, Cindy McCann, Connie Mitchell, manager, Laura Treadway, Kat Conley, Elaine Clark, Donna Daly, Shari Stauffer, Julie Gillam, and Martha Barr. fBottom, l. to r.j Kathy Dinkela, Ginger McNally, Sharon Ford, Kim Schweitzer, Sue Gilmore, Dale Butterworth, Emiko Matsuoka, Debbie Wood, Jan Steen, and Chris Herrin. 2. Maintenance, Jim Fisher, Maintenance Chief, Cseated, front to backj Mary Sanders, Linen Dept. Josie Cordle, Diana Montoto, John Swaney, John Musser, Thaddeus Dra- gula, Tom Laney, Skip Fengfish, Ray Leonard, Dan Dellinger, Chris Hundley, Feliciano Hernandez, Tim Baldwin, Stu Symonds, Doris Call, sec. to Maintenance Dept.: Dave Miller, Paul Anderson, Paul Benevides, Johnny Flores, Ellen Grove, John Arcand, Burt Marshall fstandingj Tim Pollard, and Victor Morillo. 3. Carol Ponz, Assistant Manager of the Saints Soda Shop. 4. Pappy Patterson volunteers as a vital part of the Maintenance Dept. 5. The grounds of FBC are kept beautiful by Mr. Rabe and a staff of student workers. People! 1 15 . . . in the work - ff' 'N ei 1. Colnptrollelfs flffice. Mrs. Valmla Par- 5 YQ Kill I, rish, C'mnptroller, Barbara IT.-Xgostino and A 1 V 3 Farul lloehn, assistants to the Clmnptroller. 2, Secretarial Pool, Nlrs. Louise Ilaelcney, lIl21IliigCl'Q Mrs. Connie Lulli, Joanne White, Karen flater, seeretarie-x 3. Library. Nlrs. Ann Patterson, Ileacl Librar- ian, Mrs. Betty Wallace, Head Librariang lleft to rightj liclna Pagels, Joan Marshall, and Anne Fisher. 4. Mr. Angie Masi and his Housekeeping Staff, 1 16!People 'x Q? 'F Y. will -Q -I 's M. af" :J-iuhidlivluv '1 lil M l 1,,,,3' "'7W" 'Q g , , 5, 5 ' 1 "1- E F' if 'lk 45 -wwf Y People! 1 1 7 3 AIV2 1 18! People 169' Avi N fa. G' ffl. Gilbert 1118 11- -2.- WS Q . . . of the Lord." 1. Kitchen, Heston Owens, managerg Lor- raine Earl, Joyce Weber, Ira Rosenberg, Louis Robson, Dawna Davis, Ken Swehla, Curtis Bowden, Debbie Hill, Cheryl Camer- ino, Musa Andres, and Ben Koriyama. 2. Literature and Missions, Mr. Norman Bolles, Literature Dept. Headg Mrs. Mar- garet Bolles, Missions Secretary. 3. Bar- bershop, Mr. George Mehne, FBC Barber. 4. Printing Dept, Rev. Jon L. Koepke, Print Shop Managerg Tom Freeman, Gary Ripple, and Donna McCann, secretary. Not pictured: JefT5IcCann, and Paul Goodnight. 5. Tape Ministry. Rev. Ken Shelton, Dept. Headg Carol Shelton, Sec. to Tape Ministryp Earl Tallman, John Chilcote, Tak Ashida, and Keith Newhard. People! 119 as "' 4' v-gin' 5' vi YE. ,Y 5 .. W 3 ,F N 1 fui' V' V . I. Q. .. , , , f' .1 L V 4 ff k"f, N' Q, . , J 1" 1, es 'W 'K 4 gf , -ar in Q.. .3 1-K :xl P ,Q ,X +' M, .P ' 7 ' "b an 4 A MI ., A -gn - . k Lg?-"k'f"H p ,. v Y X N5 , 3 ' ' 4' x .., - fs-iw W-bw-,, , Jw A.,- L Q -cm ' ' L v.-'Q 'Y 'df :ai f V, f. 1 A , A Q' f Q.a 5.v.5 4 as Lfgpn, 'LQ dlp' Q 'Mp' ' 'aw 475 f ., ' M' ' rr , ' Q Aqlkfi-.m ., A Miami f . Q N- ' , sw I? ' - '?i!,.v" .a6Q 'qw ', 'ff dy . U , N , 5,4 . ii - w 49,95 ,af - b' 1 L f' N . I ,5":"..' '-".'W -- 3 '. ' . 'V "5 K ' A , .- M as ,Q X A ' N"f'.', it ' 151' 53" W- W '. ..,- , ' fn .f Q 3- .K eg, g .. ,gi 44,14 I t .mf fp H B . - f 1 65 7, , i K. - 3, X . . .M ,' QW .f , f . L- ' - 'v -is J -l. Z, 1 ' AQAP5' 'AV "' , f , .M K ' ' A K ' AQ: ia, " " A K ' I K 5 .IME-K. wma: If' .N 5 :Q I 1.32 M W. Af f - ,Q H 'H' m j ' f- . N? .9 im: '1g'iF E., XA: , Tm' K H ' wx. .- ,h mix R wi 3 ' 'I - .2, W' X 'Ms Vi K WM . -K " yi" Q k K if M, . 42 M ,M Q. Student Government builds unity in the family. Realizing from the outset that students are best known by their peers, an active Student Govern- ment was instituted by FBC. Con- sisting of 16 members including men and women from each class, the Student Government maintains an active role in college life. The organization is headed by a faculty adviser and Student Body officers selected from the Senior class. Treasurer - Dlarian Zielin- ski was this year's Student Gov- ernment treasurer. Balancing the checkbooks and College Shop ac- counts was not an easy task but Ma- rian looked beyond the ledger sheets to see her ministry as reach- ing out to people around her. President - This year Tony lngrassia was appointed to the of- ilce of Student Body President. His job consists of bringing the feelings, thoughts, and wishes of the stu- dents before the Administration. Tony is present at faculty meetings and is called upon to voice his suggestions on various decisions. Much trust is put in Tony by those in authority. Vice President - John Ave- rill served as Vice President of Student Government. His job as- sisting Tony should not be under- estimated. John put many hours into running the College Shop from which Student Government sup- plies sports apparel to the students. Secretary - The duties of Stu- dent Body secretary belonged to Natalie Petty. A source of encour- agement and creativity to the presi- dent and vice president, Natalie's main ministry was in disciplining the other women in student gov- ernment. She 'also kept up all the necessary correspondence. People! 121 4 1015 Y w N Ni Mm if My qv wx, V, N khyqw , 122! People 2 Q fi We Q sf gf 2 f ua ' , l Cathy Albert Dick Altman John Averill Bill Ballentine Chuck Birch Teri Blevins Joel Boyd Micky Boulinean Gwen Brooks Seniors display attitude of appreciation A grateful attitude pervaded the Senior Class this year. As gradua- tion loomed closer, Seniors re- flected back on all the ways they had been led to maturity in their four years at FBC. Catherine P. Albert San Antonio, TX Ps. 71:14 Richard E. Altman Pompano Beach, FL Heb. 4:12 John M. Averill Langhorne, PA Is. 26:3, 4 William J. Ballentine Clearwater, FL Gen. 1:1 - Rev. 22:21 Charles W. Birch Canton, NC John 3:16 Teri L. Blevins Tampa, FL Ps. 27:14 Joel G. Boyd St. Louis, MO I Cor. 15:54 William Y. Boulineau N. Myrtle Beach, NC Phil. 2:3 Gwen L. Brooks San Antonio, TX Pr. 14:26 1. Senior class officers Cleft to rightj Jocelyn Keblinger - secretary, Mickey Boulineau - president, Sue Pinard - treasurer, and Wayne Taylor - vice president. 2. Connie Mitchell helps Joe Ballentine schedule his final semester of classes. People! 123 Robert L. Brooks C1lZ111ll1l0OCl'lCC, FL Ps. 33:20, 21 Elizabeth Broussard Ilnson, LA Phil. 3:10 William A. Brown llcvinc, TX Rom. l2:1, 2 William E. Bureher Plantation, FL Pr. 30:7-9 Diane Burnett Palm Beach Gardcns, FL I Cor. 15:58 David R. Byrnes Yardley, PA Roni. 11:33-36 Bruce D. Campbell St, Petersburg, FL Ps. 68: 19 Richard J. Carlton l'nion City, TN Rom. 13:10 Jeannette M. Carr Doylcstown, PA Eph. 1:11-12 Harry W. Clark Warrington, PA Gal. 2:20 Nanci L. Colussy Ilridgcvillc, PA Rom. 8:38, 39 Denise A. Cram Atlanta, GA 1 Cllr. 16:11, 12 Plargaret DI. Crane San Antonio, TX Phil. 1:20, 21 Linwood D. Daffin Dade City, FL Lam. 3:22, 23 l. Nlickcy llonlincau rclaxcs bcforc class bc- gins. 2. Enjoying thc Sunday School Carnival arc Skip C'au:-zby and son and Gary Dcvinc. 124!Pcoplc Robert Brooks Liz Broussard William Brown Bill Burcher Diane Burnett Dave Byrnes At 7 o'clock Saturday mornings, Cindy Kamrath sits at the front desk for another full day as part of the Security department. On Fri- days at 8 a. m. she is sitting in the back of the Ocean Terrace attend- ing Dormhead Practicum. Cindy looks upon these two positions she fulfills as especially rewarding for her. Cindy keeps a hectic schedule but coming from the Bahamian school system she is no stranger to hard work. She can carry a rigorous aca- demic load very well which makes her a good student. The ability to handle a tough schedule breeds its own problems. One problem is that of setting priorities. Cindy found that the word "No" needed to be used more frequently in her vocabu- lary so she could fulfill her respon- sibilities to the Lord. A priority in Cindy's life is music. Practice takes long hours and through it the Lord has taught her Cindy's real strength is in assist- ing those in leadership. She finds satisfaction in helping things run smoothly at FBC. vi'-ffW xy kj IQ .- N ' i any TWV A . ... , . 5, . 5 if QQ x fl s ff! Ik i ,X an YZ' Y' Iggy' N .,4 , 4 gn A K, Af Y ,av " Q f -2 X V 'T ?? f ' fx ,ii .1 V Q EL f 4. ggx Q 'r w...k' I, f o v 0. Q. ,,o, 1 C n -X Q if" ' FNQX F23 TV , an .,.. 1 wi rx- ,. , ,4,.1 ri? 5 f N 'li Jil .Ei R :Af A Y 0 I b I 7 ' K A 1 , . 1 , 1 A -V 'QW' Sv" "if . ' ' T", 'Y' 0 'R 0 'g '. 'a'ln M- 0 Q 0 1 A K C M 0. 0. . 1 mf , f , 0 Q Q 'Q 'lm 0 ' , l,'v,'..'n 'Inman 5 . o.'.,', Q' 1 'um ig In Q, uf. ','. ' 'lm .aff-IK - "nn 'q'o.O,":llu X, 'WXXSQW J' "nu '. . . "H - asv "UU: 'Q Q ' 'UM N 4' 'N .. 1 "'s'1'0 ':'e""" I - C? W K ux..l,:,.', ,fml T. wi. P51 cn,,.,w,qq Ki 7 url I 5 I 0 ,f ' , 5- f ' l' Q'-.Nj ff J- "I?,:v".43i Q 1 A 2 Nm' Bruce Campbell Richard Carlton Jeanette Carr Harry Clark W Nanci Colussy Denise Cram Blind Crane Dale Dalfin Peop1e!125 A 1 126lPe0p1e V Lucy Davila John Debronsky Dan Dellinger Lynn Dempsey Gary Devine Phil Dodd Greg Drobney Randy Eckstein , f An alumnus ofthe original South- ampton Youth Ranch almost from its inception, Barb Lang has been involved in both Jr. High Ranch work and Kidis Bible clubs. This semester she will be a dormhead. Barb points to a verse specifically to illustrate the balance she feels is so necessary in serving the Lord. . . L'Needing people but depending on the Lord . . .', That lesson has been a four year process. By observing those around her, Barb has come to appreciate the value of learning from the vic- tories and the mistakes of others. Facing graduation, Barb has no definite location in mind but in her heart is a real desire to minister through music. More than singing in a choir, she would like to write music of her own. Right now, in fact, she finds enjoyment in writing poems which could be future lyric material. 'mf- John Eshleman Bernie Farese Mlyo Fujita Rose Ann Gentry Linda Gilbert Lucy Davila McAllen, TX Col. 2:6, 7, 10 John S. Debronsky Hollywood, FL Eph. 2:8, 9 Daniel B. Dellinger Denver, CO Ps. 73:25 Lynn M. Dempsey Pompano, FL Ps. 37:4-9 Gary R. Devine Lindenwold, NJ Rom. 12:9-15 Phillip K. Dodd Spartanburg, SC Ps. l19:l3O Gregory P. Drobney Steamboat Springs, CO John 3:16 Randall J. Eckstein St. Leon, IN Rom. 8:38, 39 Randy K. Elman Ft. Lauderdale, FL I Thess. 2:4 John S. Eshleman Moravia, NY Luke 14:23 Bernie P. Farese Ft. Lauderdale, FL Rev. 19:6 Miyo Fujita Osaka, Japan I Th. 5:18 Rose Ann Gentry Harrison, TN Ps. 73:28 Linda B. Gilbert Frederic, MI Ps. 48:14 1. Victorious seniors Dan Dellinger, Ed Gon- zalez, and Bruce Campbell cheer for their team. This year the senior class walked away champions of the Ad Sale Campaign and the class team competition. People!127 Julia A. Gillam Miami, FL Ps. 1:1-3 Eddie Gonzalez McAllen, TX Isa. 26:55, 4 Hope M. Grant Clearwater, FL I Cor. 4:2 Scott A. Grant Clearwater, FL Josh. 24:15 John E. Gronberg Endicott, NY I Cor. 1:26-31 Nelson Guerra Tegucigalpa, Honduras Eph. 1:3 Faith R. Hansen Donna, TX Col. 1:9-11 Carol A. Hoehn St. Louis, BIO Gal. 2:20, 21 Myra L. Holsclaw Atlanta, GA Pr. 3:5, 6 Janet A. Hood Warminster, PA Ps. 34:1 Ronald E. Hughes Atlanta, GA Heb. l2:1, 2 Yutaka Ikeda Itogawa, Japan II Cor. 5:15 Tony lngrassia St. Louis, BIO Gal. 2:20 Candy L. Jones Bliaxni, FL Phil. 4:19 I 1. Findy Nlcllaniel, Sue Pinard, Barb Lang, Caudyulones, Nllllll Crane, and Jocelyn Keb- linger are "little rascals" when it comes to performing in Chapel. 2. "Are you sure this is what it means to be a fool for Christ?" Don Price is willing to be the human target to teach kids at the Sunday School Carnival. 128f People Julie Gillam Eddie Gonzalez Hope Grant Scott Grant John Gronherg Nelson Guerra Foreign students hold a special place at FBC and Miyo Fuiita is no exception. Miyo has been here working diligently tn the kitchen for four years. She was the first of six students to come from Japan and the fact that more Japanese are coming here to study God's Word excites Miyo. Intimate daily devotions, sharing with other Christians, and self-discipline are three main things that Miyo has learned. She believes that these factors have helped her gain the maximum from her education. Looking ahead, Miyo plans on returning to Japan. A place for full time work with her home church is available. The areas of ser- vice include a Ladies' Bible Study and also Chi1dren's work. Miyo is not one to sit by and wait for her diploma. Presently she is teaching a Sunday School class and gathering materials for reaching children. In Miyo's words, "I did not think I could make it here at FBC but the Lord has taken care of me. The Lord is wonderful." A 1 E i in i EL, , .Q-'si IX ilk n D 1 A2 Carol lloelnn Myra llolsclaw Janet Hood Ronnie Hughes Yutaka Ikeda Tony lngrassia Candy Jones I 3 2 2 M n.. 15.4 .Q fl 1 1 a Q People! 129 'Vi Ax A "Ig , A 4' if I "?'S D I f y' as ,Y f I X X k..., X -f 1 y J ' , Xl,-f 1 xxx' A f , , J A I , ,gegmfrw A 1 l30!Peop1e A2 Ed Jurewicz Cindy liamrath Jocelyn Keblinger Phil Kounnas Barb Long Jan Landcs Sue Lindstrom Bob Logan Joan Marshall Dave McGee Dave 7lcXall1 Ed Plorgan Jerri Plorningrcd Ed Jurewlcz accepted Christ as his Saviour back in June of 1974. Looking back through four years of Bible college and seeing the Pas- torate in the future, Ed clearly sees God's working hand in his life. A life in search of something more seemed to always end with various disappointments. Joining a popular religion sidetracked him to an un- fulfilling dead end. However, a friend invited Ed to attend a high school youth group. The meeting designed to teach God,s Word seemed much more interesting and honest than his past encounters. The North Dade Senior High Ranch is the place where Ed finally had his search for truth end. Ed C. Jurewicz Hollywood, FL Phil. 1:20 Cindy PI. Kamrath Nassau, Bahamas Ps. 34:8 Jocelyn C. Keblinger Pompano, FL Ps. 143:8, 10 Diane K. Knauss Kirkland, IL Ps. 19:14 Phil G. Kounnas Crum Lynne, PA Gal. 2:20 Barbara A. Lang Warminster, PA Rom. 8:38, 39 Janice A. Landes Plumsteadville, PA H Peter 3:18 Susan I. Lindstrom Royal Oak, MI Heb. 13:15, 16 Robert E. Logan Pharr, TX I Cor. 10:31-33 Joan A. MRPSDRH Titusville, FL Prov. 3: 5, 6 David L. McGee Charlotte, NC Phil. 3:9 David R. lVlcNally Doylestown, PA Gal. 2:20 Frank E. Morgan III Atlanta, GA Mic. 7:8 Jerri L. Morningred Quakertown, PA Ps. l4:3, 8, 10 1. Ed Morgan runs with a Torch down Hol- lywood Blvd. symbolizing the spreading of the gospel through the city as a result of FBC locating their campus here back eight years ago. 2. Senior Mimi Crane excited over upcoming graduation shares special things with a friend. Peoplcfl 31 Svend 0. Olsen Oslo, Norway Isa. 40:31 David H. Peterson Lund O'Lulccs, FL 11 Chron. 16:9 Natalie A. Petty Baton Rouge, LA Ps. 27:8 Susan E. Pinard Pinellas Park, FL Ps. 100:3 Donald E. Price Chalfont, PA Pr. 11:3 llenry E. Robberson Victoria, '1'X Phil. 2: 16 Cynthia L. Sandford Jcuscu Bch., FL Ps. 94:19 Dlark C. Sell St. Louis, MO Ps. 125:1 Shelley R. Sherer Sam Juan, TX Ps. 27:4 Bruce A. Sinclair Charlotte, NC Ps. 16: 11 Ruth H. Soehlman Clearwater, FL Ps. 40:3 Wayne R. Taylor Doylcstown, PA Xa. 1:7 Patricia A. Tyrcha Ft. Lauidcrdulc, FL I Cor. 15: 10 Elizabeth P. Vadney Puebla, Nlcxico Ps. 34:3 Robert V. Vadney Puebla, Mexico Gal. 6: 10 James S. Walker Ft. Luuclcrdulc, FL I Cor. 15:10 Ted N. lwiittington Pompano, FL Phil. 1:21 Dlary L. Williams Key Largo, FL Josh. 1:9 Dlarian E. Zielinski Pcttsburgh, PA Phil. 3:9-10 1. Stun und Ruth Soclilmzui serve thc Lord together through music. 2. 'ltlic olrl iuuicl so- cicty visits cliupcl in u vcry unique Blomcu- luiu skit. 1 32!Pcople 1 Sveud Olson Dave Peterson Natalie Petty Sue Pinard Don Price Squally Robberson Cindy Sandford Vlark Sell Shellv Slnerer Bruce Sinclair Ruth Soelnlmau Wavne Tzu lor Pal Tircha Elizabeth ladnev wx Mary Wllllams K 3 wt. ' u Q "f Q3 ,W , 'Y ,Q 4 5 ' bf ,J ' i ' y ,,., V -iff if 6 'Q 2 fam ' .f W 3 1 I ' in vf Y' 1 Z 25? S gf W 3 2? 1 'Nb Q' f u' 'R Q A z 1 as , 3 Lx Klrf .Ak ,s n W if M fs -A XM - E 3 x Y 4 A 0 ,z'fwf,,, 4 1 ' i sn- ,M ' , i f iii? nz .fy W4 , ' . , ff? 'G lg 1 5? W .M gb 4 2 , 7 1 f K 'W W ,ff ' Wwgwsvwwwx-ww 3 ,fffifisf if .V 44k, , x 5 Q ff W 'YW , , f 42,1146 3, 1 . , g 2'c.,.,2V .1 k,.,V 5 .1 4 . E Sherri Albury Musa Andres John Banner l Laurie Bennett Kees Boer Cricket Bawden . "'- A X Bradstreet Melanie Brigant Steve Bruni Dale Butterworth Juniors Exempliiy Joy of the Lord This year's Junior class has ex- hibited a rare quality of unity and love. Juinior class dinners designed for fun and togetherness have strengthened the entire class. Jo- viality with a sense of responsibility are hallmarks of the Junior class as they look forward to their senior year at F. B.C. Steven M. Adams Lawrenceburg, IN Phil. 4:19 Sherri L. Albury Hialeah, FL Ja. 1:22-25 Emilia E. Andres Hollywood, FL Jer. 9:23, 24 John R. Banner Houston, TX Rom. 15:4 Paul A. Benevides Southampton, Bermuda Ps. l39:23, 24 Laurie Bennett Hapeville, GA Heb. 12:2 Kees J. Boer Bleiswijk, Holland Phil. 1:12 Curtis W. Bowden Atlanta, GA I Cor. 9:24 Linda S. Bradstreet Pompton Plains, NJ I Peter 5:7 Melanie A. Brigant Sterling Heights, MI Rom. 38-39 Stephen A. Bruni Yardley, PA Ps. 119 Dale M. Butterworth Southampton, PA Ps. 27:14 Junior Class officers are: Cleft to rightj Kurt Robinson - president, Debbie Hoyt - treasurer, Sue Gilmore - secretary, and Dan Giartelli - vice president. 1. K'C'mon, John, you can whistle through that mouthful of peanut butter crackers!" People! 1 30 Lisa E. Calvert Atlanta, GA Ps. 91:2 David W. Camp Fast Point, GA Ps. 16:11 Vernon E. Clark Nassau, Bahamas Ps. 46:1 Thomas W. Cobaugh Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ps. 62:8 Nicholas J. Corrado IIollywood, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 Steve L. Crane St. Petersburg, FL Ps. 150:6 Donna L. Davanzo Hollywood, FL Ps. 35:9 Thaddeus E. Dragula Boynton Beach, FL Isa. 40:31 Lorraine R. Earl Weslaco, TX Rom. 10: 14, 15 Sharon A. Elman Ft. Lauderdale, FL James 1:2, James G. Farmer Florissant, MO I Cor. 2:9 Pamela L. Fengfish Tampa, FL Zeph. 3: 17 Terry Fengfish York, PA Jer. 33:3 Paul D. Fiore Hollywood, FL II Cor. 5: 17 Sharon L. Ford Newton, PA Ps. 19: 14 Terry A. Foy NIorgantown, IN Ueut. 4:9 Daniel Giaritelli Miami, FL Gal. 6:9-10 Susan E. Gilmore Fcastcrville, PA Ifph. 3: 18-20 Debra L. Hill Tampa, FL I Tint. 6:6 Deborah Hoyt East Norwalk, CT Phil. 1:20, Robert D. Jackson Arvada, CO I Tim. 4: 12 Bobby D. Johnson Miami, FL Rom. 12:1, 2 John C. Junstrom Bliraxnar, FL Mark 11:24 Donald P. Krahmer Lena, IL Ps. 16:8 Dlichael P. Leigh Ft. Lauderdale, FL Heb. 12:2 Gertrude G. Leonard Kasilot, AK Isa. 55:10, 11 Ray M. Leonard Kasilof, AK I Jn. 5: 13 Judith T. Lund Springfield, MA Deut. 4:39 Jeffrey S. McCann Atlanta, GA Prov. 3:5,6 Deana S. McDonald Miami, FL Ps. 27:4 1'36!Pcople 3 21 What is special to you about FBC? Memories are special to me here. When I first came to FBC I knew absolutely nothing about the Bible. I appreciate the growth that has been brought about by FBC, I also enjoy the fellowship with students and teachers. - What keeps you coming back to FBC? The manner in which the Word of God is expounded and taught keeps me coming back to FBC. Truths are put in concise terms here and bro- ken down to their siniplest terms. I recognize that the knowledge I am receiving here is going to be the basic tool for service in the future Lisa Calvert Dave Camp Vernon Clark Tom Cobalt Jim Farmer Pam Fengfish Skip Fengfish Paul Fior Don Jackson Bobby Johnson John Jnnstrom Don Krahm fjv' ji s. S-qv I 9 x 71" Q9 I ,f.Q, ,,4? 2 -4-f Corrado Steve Crane Donna Davanzo Ted Dragula Lorraine Earl Sharon Elman Ford Terry Foy Dan Giaritelli Sue Gilmore Debbie Hill Debbie lloyt Leigh Trudy Leonard Ray Leonard Judy Lund Jeff McCann Deana McDonald Pc0p1e!137 r P Stabile Frank Steele Cindy Stephens Lynn Strawser Symonds Chris Thomason Ken Van Brunt Mark Walbert 5 N Waldrip Tom Ward JoAnne White Bill Wintenburg N? What is special to you about FBC? The people and the purpose are two things that are special to me. The people here are great while their purpose of winning souls is always challenging. What keeps you coming back to FBC? The things I'm learning and the atmosphere. Among the students there is a bond of love, care, and concern. What does loyalty mean to you? Being able to help or encourage and give a hand to whatever is needed is my view of loyalty. - Linda S. Plclllorris Hollywood, FL Josh. 1:5b Alex W. Michelson Doylestown, PA Jn. 15:5 David K. Dliller Valrico, FL Isa. 61:1-3 Rosemary Needham Warminster, PA II Cor. 4:16 Daniel L. Newhard Townville, PA Ps. 75:4-7 John J. 0'Brien Edison, NJ Rom. 8:28 Robert C. Peters Union, NJ Ps. 1:1-3 Debby J. Peterson Duluth, MN Isa. 26:3 Cindy W. Pratt Green Lane, PA Ps. 28:19 Russell W. Pratt New Port, Richey, FL Ps. 1 :l-3 Dana L. Riccio Norwalk, CT Gal. 6:14 Gary Ripple St. Petersburg, FL Josh. 1:7 Kurt A. Robinson Pontiac, MI Ps. 37:31 Kim K. Schweitzer Tampa, FL Deut. 8:2 Mark T. Schweitzer Devine, TX Phil. 4:13 Mary A. Shaddinger Pembroke Pines, FL Ti. 2:11 John J. Sherman Melbourne, FL Phil. 1:6 Guy C. Simpson Turnersville, NJ Ps. 100 Joanne Stabile Miami, FL I Sam. 12:24 Frank A. Steele Pharr, TX Rom. 5:8-9 Cynthia C. Stephens Charlotte, NC Lam. 3:22, 23 Lynette M. Strawser Hollywood, FL Mt. 5:16 'Stuart R. Symonds Opalocka, FL Mt. 6:33 Christine L. Thomason St. Louis, MO Ps. 138:8 Kenneth M. Van Brunt Hallandale, FL Col. 2:13-14 Mark A. Walbert Manitowoc, WI I Thes. 2:4 Debra J. Waldrip Bloomington, IN Deut. 4:9 Thomas A. Ward Clark, NJ Rom. 10:13-15 Joanne L. White Pinellas Park, FL Ps. 40:5 William G. Wintenburg Tallahassee, FL Mic. 6:8 Pt opls. X139 Janet L. Younger Richmond, VA II Cor. 5:14, 15 Patty Younger folumbia, SC Ps. ll9:7 Jose C. Zirena Lima, I'eru Iiph. 1:6 Xongrailuating Seniors Jack Dixon Starkville, BIS.1ob 1:21-22 Charles Dupree Columbus, OII Ifzra 7:10 Nell. 8:8 Eric Greiner 'llurnersvillc, XJ Ps. 19:14 Roger S. Hansen Houston, TX Lk. 1:37 Deborah Hartley Salisbury, NC Prov. 3:5, 6 Beverly Plesser Ilazelwood, NC Gal. 2:20 Pam Dlesser Ilazelwood, XC Mt. 6:33 Laura L. Dnzahwah ll2l1'l'1lll, OK I's. 143:8 Plark Piland Dallas, TX Phil. 3:7-9 Sarah R. Steele Iflsa, 'IX I for. 10: 13 Debra Rl. Wood Montreal, Canada I Sam. 12:24 l. FI3C's own answer to Julie Andrews, Sue Gilmore, leads the Von Trapp ehildrcn in a song during the memorable "Sound of Ad" skit. 2. Sharon Ford, is it really you who authors those Blomentum skits? 3. Kathy Dinkela makes a happy looking hillbilly. 4. nwhat do you mean did I study for this test?" asks Dale Butterworth, 5. Dick LaPine comes from a long line of brothers and Hsis- tcr" who have attended FBC. 140fPcople .5 v Janet Younger Patti Younger Jose Zirena V t ' . 1 I I 1 Roger Hansen Debbie Hartley Bev Messer Pam Messe Laura Dnzahwah Mark Piland Sarah Steele Debbie Woe Q-mf! 4 What keeps you coming back to FBC? Three things keep me coming back to school. First, there are good teachers. Secondly, the emphasis on application. Ministries allow the chance to experience God's Word. Thirdly, the students encourage me when I see the grace of God working in their lives. What is special to you about FBC? The clarity of the gospel is the most important thing in my mind. There is an emphasis on knowing and doing. fi ,. , 44- -. - 4 .fy , ,H P' :gm f..f,v 6 4 W", 5252 x Q Qi R ig? in QA Q ,W x we H 4' MQW: M' f' 'W Q , A, Anarnma Neal Arcand Tim Baldwin Gretchen Barbetta Barrett Glenda Blom Chet Bloom Bill Bradshaw 'fha Brice Betty Brigant Evan Burrows Cheryl Camerino Involvement - 4 iSophon1ore sfyie' Total involvement requires hard working, dedicated people and this year the Sophomore class is full of such individuals. From the four class officers on down, these second year students have displayed a real willingness to serve using their var- ied talents in doing so. The literal meaning of the word, sophomore, is "wise fool" and that description is accurate! A combina- tion ofbiblicfll wisdom and the will- ingness to be "fools for Christw if need be make the 1979 Sophomore an unforgettable one. Rick D. Anaruma Hawthorne, CA Col. 3:1-3 Neal J. Arcand Tampa, FLL Ps. 34:1 Timothy S. Baldwin Phil. 1:27 Gretchen E. Barbetta Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ps. 62:5 Sandra L. Barrett Ft. Lauderdale, FL Is. 40:31 Glenda S. Blom Houston, TX Josh. 1:8 Chester L. Bloom Gettysburg, PA Ro. 8:28 William J. Bradshaw Tampa, FL Eph. 2:8, 9 Robert L. Brice Tampa, FL H Cor. 5:14, 15 Elizabeth K. Brigant Sterling Hts., MI Ps. 62:5-8 Stanley E. Burrows Nassau, Bahamas Ps. 16: 11 Cheryl K. Camerino Plantation, FL Is. 41:13 Sophomore class officers are tstanding, left to rlghtl Charlie Lowery - president, Char- lene Gordon - treasurer, Terry Mays - vice president, and Celeste Sasser - secretary. 1. Fans go wild as Elvis tllob Petersl lives again in a chapel special. People! 1-L3 John P. Cardamone Norwalk, CT Rom. 10:17 Scott R. Carson Pharr, TX Jn. 3:16 Adlore V. Clarambeau Flint, BII Rom. 8:28 Elaine Clark Seminole, FL II Cor. 9:8 Blanche W. Cockburn Castleton, VT Ps. 37:5 George W. Cockburn Atlanta, GA Phil. 4:7 Kathy A. Conley Ft. Lauderdale, FL Rom. 12:1-2 Lamar ll. Crammer Bridgcton, NJ Rom. 10:17 Ray P. Cruzan Tampa, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 Donna L. Daly Iloylcstown, PA I Sain. 12:24 Kathy A. Dinkela St. flllZlI'lCS, AIU Ps. 3 Victoria L. Evans North Miami Beach, FL Isa. 41: Brooks E. Everett Dunedin, FL Acts 5:41, 42 Robert D. Farnham Edina, BIN Jas. 1:9 Anne R. Eisher St. Louis, BIO I Pct. 4:11 Bobby S. Futch Savauuali, GA I Cor. 15:58 Perry K. Gerken Ilollywood, FL Jn. 15: 13 Charlene E. Gordon Nliami, FL I Pct. 4: 1 1 Dale G. Gregory Nliaiui, FL Zeph. 3: 17 Arlin B. Gully NIcAl1cn, TX Jn. 15:13 Daniel L. Hagmaier Union City, PA Isa. 26:3 Keith W. Harris Uoylcstown, PA I Sam. 12:24 Dorothy A. Hayes lVarriugton, PA Mt. 11:28-30 Randy DI. Hines Tampa, FL I Th. 2:4 Robert J. Holthouse Kalamazoo, MI Jn. 3:16 Joseph A. Hummel Clearwater, FL Eph. 3:20 Chris A. Hundley Ft. Lauderdale, FL Col. 2:6 Christina DI. Jelly Sarasota, FL Isa. 55:8, 9 Lory J. Johnson Edgewater, BID Ps. 62:5 Richard G. Jones Houston, TX Ps. 103:10 144fPeople What keeps you coming bac to FBC? I know there are several placf where I could be serving the Lor But FBC is the place that God h: chosen for me. I am learning 1 much from so many qualified peop in both the college and church. What is special to you abou FBC? Two things stand out to me a being special about this plac First, is the dedication and compa sion of the faculty and staff The lo ing, faithful leadership of our Pa tor and President, Lee Stanford, the other factor that makes FBC s special to rne. L.: ' srii S 5 John Cardamone Scott Carson Adlore Clarambeau Elaine Cla Kathy Dinkela Vicky Evans Brooks Everett Bob Fax-nl Dan llagmaier Keith Harris Dottie Hayes Randy Hin 1, ,ix ban JN .., r 'V 1 X f I Jan Jully John Keane llob Kimball Janelle Lal'ine Renee Lila Lawson Walter Leonard Charlie Lowery Tgql Muphig Tim Planley Plario ff Terry Plays Nancy Pleflniggan lleidi Flick Don Mitchell Frank Mullen Plary Overd 146!Pcoplc narlie Parker Rich Pasquarello Keith Pesce Tim Pollard 5 if . vi 5 Cindy Pratt 1 Dean Pratt Ralph Pratt Jeff Prodoehl P r . im, K x.j"'." ff , .f I , Gene Rayle in Bill Robbins Nancy Roberts Mike Root' Ji' What is special to you about FBC? FBC is special to me for two im- portant reasons. It is here that I have learned and understood how to communicate the clear Gospel with simplicity. I have also learned how to not only study God's word but how to apply it to my life. What does loyalty mean to you? Loyalty means to trust and to show that faith by supporting that in which you believe. Loyalty means being faithful to the very end. Like love, loyalty should "bear, believe and endure all thingsf, Samuel C. Jones Tampa, FL Phil. 4:13 Jan L. Judy Spartanburg, SC Zeph. 3: 17 John C. Keane Kingston, Jamaica I Th. 5:23 Robert J. Kimball Miami, FL Ps. 118:24 Janelle K. LaPine Duluth, MN Phil. 1:21 Renee M. Lavoie Hollywood, FL Ps. 19:7-11 Lila J. Lawson Bradenton, FL Phil. 4:11 Walter L. Leonard Tampa, FL Phil. 3:10 Charles E. Lowery Miami, FL Phil. 1:27 Theodore R. Maphis St. Petersburg, FL Isa. 6111, 2 Tim G. Manley Palmer, MA Eph. 5:17 Mario Dlartinez Miami, FL II Cor. 1:6 Terry T. Mays Cocoa, FL Heb. 10:23-25 Nancy A. Mcfluiggan Hudson, MA Mt. 5:16 Heidi M. Mick Tampa, FL Phil. 4:13 Donald G. Dlitchell Miami, FL Col. 2:6-8 Francis N. Mullen Norfolk, VA Prov. 3:5, 6 Mary D. Overdorf Richmond, IN Gal. 6:9 Charles W. Parker Riviera Beach, FL Rom. 1:16 Richard A. Pasquarello Hammonton, NJ Gal. 5:1 Keith B. Pesce Miami, FL Prov. 16:2, 3 Chester Pollard Eureka, MO Heb. 10:10 Cynthia D. Pratt Chattanooga, TN Ps. 37:1-9 Dean A. Pratt New Port Richey, FL Ps. 119:105 Ralph P. Pratt Key Largo, FL Prov. 11:30 Jeff Prodoehl Laferia, TX Phil. 4:13 L. Eugene Rayle High Point, NC Heb. 6:10 William C. Robbins Carlisle, PA Eccl. 9:10 Nancy S. Roberts Miami, FL 37:4 Michael G. Root' Hollywood, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 People! 147 Celeste R. Sasser McAllen, TX Ps. 30:5 Madelyn M. Sartor New Port Richey, FL Isa. 6:8 Mark R. Smith Seattle, WA I Cor. 15:58 Tom M. Smoyer Holland, PA I Jn. 3:18 Becky Snyder Steamboat Springs, CO Isa. 26:3, 4 Jan Steen Tampa, FL Ps. 56:13 Rose M. Stein Tampa, FL I Cor. 15:58 Huey E. Sterrett Morrow, GA Ps. 78:38, 39 Tom J. Strubert St. Louis, MO Col. 3:4 Sharon M. Swanson Doylestown, PA Jas. 3:17 Thomas A. Swanson Doylestown, PA Col. 2:7 James P. Tatakis Hollywood, FL Ps. 91:2 Laura L. Treadway Port Richey, FL Gal. 6:9 Robert G. Trepanier Iron Mt., MI II Cor. 1:3, 4 Raymond Underwood Youngstown, OH Josh. 1:8 Michelle L. Venard Arvada, CO II Cor. 10:12 Robin P. Waldrip Bloomington, IN I Pet. 3:6 Linda L. Weissgerber Pittsburgh, PA Phil. 3:13, 14 Susan L. Winton Tampa, FL Ps. 1:1-3 1. Jan Steen discusses mission possibilities with a Missionary from Alaska during the missionary conference. 2. Brooks Everett and The Acme soul winning doll fMario Mar- tinezj give students first hand demonstra- tions on how effective the latest model will enhance any ministry. 3. Anne Fisher keeps informed of current happenings by the bulle- tin board on the 7th floor. 148!Peop1e 7 1 5 2 E 5 3 E Celeste Sasser Madelyn Sartlor Mark Smith Tom Smoyt Tom Swanson Jina Tatakis Laura Treadway Bob Su Unde rw 6"7 yder Jan Steen Rose Stein Huey Sterrett Tom Strubert Sharon Swanson rwood Michelle Venard Robin Waldnp Linda Wexssgerber Sue Wlntou 1 I I r I n I I , Pc0plc!149 I , A '!'f J-is fl mu., 'ffl 719 f Q You ., nt? ,,, h Y 'W' if fi-4"4'w 1? , ,, ,M V " " 4, v , K 4' 9 5 , M R, LK .1 H 1 FW Q ,WV a , Q ,, KK 0 ,X 4 ' , 5 if 3 1 A v 3 2? , , X Q? X . P ,. Wa , V , ,su 7 , . x V ..,,,A, V5 ,ggi A . .iff I ,,,,,, ,,,,,,:g,g :,,,,,5M1:,f . ,M 25521, K ,,,, ,,am,1 MM YliiwPM5'i75f"Wfi?f ,1f:5i!'f?iWQ'fsTf'f' " ' fmj'-:ga z, . , Q Ig 4 , .af , ' flfifi i ff.'. kfyr "f: .,:: bert Abbott Sandy Abbott Lisa Alvardo Terry Ambrose vbert Asher Tak Ashida Mike Autry Janet Backer 'va if Bradstibner Pam Bales Bev Barlow Martha Barr v 1 Beanies Gff To Our Freshmen Delbert N. Abbott Kiowa, KS Ro. 4:5 Sandy K. Abbott Inman, KS Ro. 1:9 Lisa L. Alvarado Pharr, TX Jer. 33:3 Teresa Ambrose Hollywood, FL Ps. 27:4 Robert Asher San Antonio, TX Mk. 16:15 Takaya Ashida Osaka, Japan Phil. 4:6, 7 Michael S. Autry Honea Path, SC Jn. 14:27 Janet A. Backer Tampa, FL I Cor. 4:3, 4 Patrick V. Bradstibner Ft. Lauderdale, FL Eph. 5:8 Pamela L. Bales Miami, FL l Sam. 12:24 Beverly S. Barlow Louisville, KY Is. 40:31 Martha A. Barr W.Yarmouth, MA Phil. 4:13 This year's Freshman class proved to be much more than just average. Running around campus with beanies on their heads, and name tags flying, they looked like any normal freshman. But, they run with a goal in mind and have taken the lead in many of the college ministries. "Beanies oil" to our Freshmen - the leaders of today. Freshman class officers are Cleft to rightl Dan Lamey - president, Kim Stevens - treasurer, Janice LeClair - secretary, and Mike Haury-vice president. 1. It wasn't too long behare the words of their song, "The Impossible Dream," prophesied a Freshman class defeat in the Torch ad campaign. People! 151 Dave Baturin Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Isa. 26:3 Anita S. Benn Blythe, CA Heb. 4:12 Lawrance G. Birch Hollywood, FL II Tim. 2:15 Andra-Lee Black Montreal, Quebec, Canada Phil. 1:27 Donna S. Black Mabank, TX Ps. 27:14 Curtis L. Brockman Sterling, VA Gal. 2:20 Cindy L. Brown Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ps. 27:4 Brenda J. Bryant Ft. Lauderdale, FL Phil. 4:13 Candice M. Burris Plantation, FL Pr. 3:5, 6 Libby M. Cales Tampa, FL Col. 4:6 Cheryl L. Cameron Bramalea, Ontario, Canada I Thes. Dave Baturin Anita Benn Larry Birch Lee Blacla E 2 2 5:17 Cheryl Cameron Melanie Canaday Janie Cantg Carol Cars' Melanie Canady Ft. Lauderdale, FL Pr. 3:6 Janie Cantu McAllen, TX Ps. 34:8 Carol Carson Miami, FL I Chron. 29:11 Candy Causby Salisbury, NC Phil. 4:19 Steven Causby Salisbury, NC Phil. 4:13 Robin M. Clnannell Sterling, VA Ps. 13 Terry W' Chaychuk Karen Coplen Carole Cordle Josie Cordle Roger Toronto, Ontario, Canada Heb. 1:3 Jon G. Cllilcote Honolulu, Hawaii Phil. 3:13, 14 Gary R. Cloud Tampa, FL Eph. 2:8, 9 Karen E. Coplen Akron, IN Heb. 13:5 Carol Cordle Kasilof, AK Jn. 3:16 Josie Cordle Kasilof, AK I Jn. 1:5 Roger Cordle Kasiloi, AK I Tim. 1:7 Frank K. Covello Old Tappan, NJ Eph. 2: 8, 9 Dalia Cruz McAllen, TX Ps. 16:11 Victor Curry West Hollywood, FL Phil. 4:13 Denise A. Daly Doylestown, PA Deut. 31:6 Dawna L. Davis Miramar, FL II Tim. 2:15 Glenn A. Davis Townville, PA Jn. 8:12 152fPeople Inna Black Curtis Brockman Cindy Brown Brenda Bryant Candy Burris 1 TAN ,N, Libby Cales ndy Causby Skip Causby Robin Channcll Terry Chaychuk Jon Clnilcote Gary Cloud X 'N nk Corello Dalia Cruz Vic Curry Denise Daly Glenn Davis , -.Q lv ua-...ff , 1' ' ' s pg? v ig, 3 an if D .ix RJ 12 E i ? . I DMM in-Q. Pcoplcf153 xc Q J ,,.'x'1 Why did you want to come to FBC? I honestly felt and still do that the Lord wanted me to come to FBC. What are you doing to build the unity of FBC? To preserve the unity of FBC there must be love. I asked the Lord to increase my love for Him and for my brothers and sisters in Christ. Using the gifts the Lord has blessed me with is another way of building up the believers here. I try to be a servant looking to the needs of others. What does loyalty mean to you? God is loyal to His children. Even though we fail Him, His faithful- ness is great. le Fiore Kevin Fowler Gary Franks Tom Freeman Haub Tracv Haub Mike Haury Mark Hendricks Jones Lvnda Kelbaugh Carey Kirkley Becky Kirkley Robin L. Davis Hollywood, FL I John 4: 10 Pamela Deemer Miami, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 John C. Dekruyter Greenwood, IN Rom. 8:38, 39 B. Sue England Lake Park, FL James 1:2 Judith A. Farmer Florissant, MO Phil. 3:10 Janis M. Fernandez Tampa, FL Phil. 4:13 Jane Fiore Ocala, FL Rom. 8:28 Kevin W. Fowler Eureka, MO Jn. 4:14 Gary A. Franks Houston, TX Jn. 5:24 Thomas A. Freeman St. Petersburg, FL Ti. 2:11 Dalton D. Gahman Dublin, PA I Cor. 15:58 Doreen Gairns Dunfermline, Scotland I Pet. 3:15 Pamela Gallagher Miami, FL Jn. 10:28 Cesar A. Garcia Mission, TX Rev. 12:11 Joanne DI. Goldstein Lake Mahopae, NY Mt. 6:33 Marilyn Hansen Hollywood, FL Rom. 3:23 Michael G. Haub Wilton Manors, FL Acts 20:24 Tracy L. Haub Ft. Lauderdale, FL I Cor. 15:58 Michael J. Haury Elyria, OH Ps. 37:5 Mark Hendricks Key Largo, FL Phil. 4:13 Christine Herrin Salisbury, NC Ps. 38:2 Kelley Herrin Sunapee, NH I Cor. 13:4-8 Cindy L. Hill Fresno, CA I Jn. 4:4 Mark S. Horina St. Charles, NIO Jn. 6:67, 68 Cindy G. Ide Ft. Lauderdale, FL Phil. 4:13 Karen E. Jater Dunfermline, Scotland I Cor. 15:58 Bruce E. Jones Sterling, VA I Chr. 26:18 Lynda B. Kelbaugh Baltimore, MD Phil. 1:21 Carey E. Kirkley Astatula, FL Ps. 5:25 Rebecca M. Kirkley Astatula, FL II Tim. 1:12 People! 1 55 Keiko Kitamura Akita, Japan I Cor. 15:3, 4 Jeffrey A. Kruse Woodville, OH Prov. 3:5 Daniel T. Lamey Franklin, IN II Cor. 12:9 Thomas Laney Charlotte, NC Rom. 8:31 Marie Leal Donna, TX Josh. 1:9 Robert G. Leal Pharr, TX Ps. 37:24 Janice K. LeClair Hutchinson, KS Prov. 3:5, 6 Michael B. LeDuc Harwich, MA Jn. 16:13 Nancy Lentz Tampa, FL Phil. 3:9, 10 Carlo Leto Tampa, FL I Cor. 15:58 Jerry E. Lucia Penacook, NH I Jn. 5:13 Sandra K. Lundy Tampa, FL I Pet. 1:7 Timothy L. Mason Pharr, TX I Cor. 10:31 Tammy S. Mathias Glennwood Springs, CO I Jn. 5:13 Emilio Matsuoka Tokyo, Japan Ps. 94: 17, 18 Cindy L. McCann Houston, TX I Cor. 13:13 Dlichael S. Mecke San Diego, CA Ps. 53:6 Christina L. Mertz Richmond, IN Jn. 14:6 Sharon J. Metzler Pompton Plains, NJ Phil. 4:13 Walter R. Metzler Hollywood, FLL Isa. 40:29-31 Christine M. Miller Venice, FL Jn. 3:16 Don W. Moberg Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Ps. 37:4 Carlos Molina Tegucigalpa, Honduras Josh. 1:8, 9 Albert A. Monger Great Falls, MT I John 5:13 Diana R. Montoto Havana, Cuba Isa. 41:10 Kevin J. Morang Ft. Lauderdale, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 Milton A. Myers Forest Park, GA I Sam. 12:24 Tim P. Nelson Hazelwood, MO Titus 2:11, 12 Edna M. Pagels Everton, AR Rev. 3:20 Martha S. Palmer Hutchinson, KS Col. 3:17 1 56! People Keiko Kitamura Jeff Kruse Dan Lamey Tom Lam Jerry Lucia Sandy Lundy Tim Mason Tammy Ma Chris Miller Don Moberg Carlos Molina Al Mong Why did you want to come to FBC? My desire was to be grounded in the Word of God. I wanted to learn it so that it would be my guide. I also desired to follow II Timothy 2: 15 in becoming a sincere workman for the Lord Jesus Christ. What impresses you most about FBC? The faculty is so willing to help. They seem to be dedicated to assist- ing the student body. Their com- passion is a real asset to the school. . -:xr-:J-f,-1... -,-. ... . .. .. M... ,.., M V - - 1. 1. . -f.z:,'wf W... . - -f..f-:..Q:g.g'. .... J - ,, x ' ' 1 Q . all -'38-f" -nd 'x 'I A 483: A Si' j 5, img 4 'A Q uh 41241 :ff liarcn Pcaslcc Virginia Pcrrct Glenn Perry Sherry Pllillipi Ray P00 Chris Pl llcbbic Richey llavicl llobcrlson llrcnllu Robinson Gloria Romcros Julie Sanchez , a"12':a--2-A Q 1' 'B 'Y ,:-:- -- 1 Ka fx ww S Y . Q51 4 4 lx X Ruby Sal Q .W,,.A ' f. N Mi 5 s Q 5 if , gig FE .. bi Xxx! X 'I A Linda Stanton Sheri Stallffcr Erik Slcillllllllll lillil Stevens Ken Slrawbridge Pat Sul! 1+ Q1 .swf-. 1' Q, fi' I 5 l58!I'cop1c A1 1 -1 Je., fa ffw417:1f Mi- a'f"', ' fi:-3a ii vzukkn, iight 3 W 95: Q. gg , A ar gf 5 .54 as 3 wwf' 'C' ff , ne Powell Tricia Pride - Jim Rankin Geoff Reese HM f. I-ws . , . 1 E .3 5 9 I' W ,gg ' . eiii 1 Q f Q1 I NY X ax ne Sanders Melody Satterwhite Alexander Shen Jeff Silvieus ln Swaney Kenny Swehla Jessie Thomas Phil Thompson What impresses you most about FBC? The family fellowship is some- thing I've never experienced be- fore. When a person is proud of his family he's going to boast about it and that's the way I am about FBC. Why did you come to FBC? When I was younger I was com- pletely blinded to the Gospel. I trusted Christ and wondered how many more people were blinded like I was. I knew that by coming to FBC, Iid be better equipped for the Lord to use me. What does loyalty mean to you? Loyalty is Jesus. He is the most loyal friend I have!! pybt Karen Peaslee Puebla, Mexico Prov. 1:7 Virginia A. Perret St. Petersburg, FL Ps. 27:1 Glenn S. Perry Savannah, GA Phil. 4:11 Sherry L. Phillips Dallas, TX Prov. 3:5, 6 Roy W. Poe Kingsport, TN Jn. 3: 16 Chris M. Powell North Rose, NY Gal. 2:20 Jane L. Powell Downington, PA Phil. 3:10 Patricia L. Pride Vicksburg, BIS Phil. 4: 13 James W. Rankin Bleadville, PA Jn. 6:47 Geoffrey M. Reese Roscoe, IL Jas. 1:3 Debbie M. Richey Arvada, CO Gal. 2:20 David A. Robertson Riverview, FL Eph. 2:13, 14 Brenda C. Robinson Lindenwold, NJ Rom. 12:10 Gloria Romeros McAllen, TX I Thess. 5: 17, 18 Julia Sanchez Denver, CO I Pet. 5:7 Ruby E. Sanchez McAllen, TX Ps. 37:4, 5 Dlarilyn D. Sanders West Palm Beach, FL Rom. 8:28 Melody R. Satterwhite Tampa, FL Prov. 3:5, 6 Alexander Shen Flushing, NY Col. 3:1, 2 Jeff A. Silvieus Astabula, OH Deut. 32:4 Linda F. Staton Hollywood, FL Ps. 73:25 Shari L. Stauffer Greensburg, PA Ps. 28:7 Erik DI. Steadman Doylestown, PA Isa. 40:31 Kimberly D. Stevens Astabula, OH Josh. 1:8, 9 Kenneth W. Strawbridge Groveland, FL I Tim. 1:7 Pat A. Sullins Mayo, BID Isa. 40:31 John J. Swaney Kingsville, OH I Pet. 4:10 Kenneth M. 'Swehla Schroon Lake, NY I Pet. 5:7 Jessica L. Thomas Tampa, FL Ps. 40:17 Phillip R. Thompson Vicksburg, MS I Pet. 3:15 Peop1e!159 Linn A. Todd Great Falls, MT Prov. 3:5, 6 Rick Todd Great Falls, MT Isa. 41:10 Bonnie J. Trask Yucaida, CA Gal. 2:20 Jose D. Trejo McAllen, TX Jn. 3:16 Darcy M. Turner Orlando, FL Gal. 2:20 David J. 'Iivellman Florissant, MO Eph. 6:11 John VanDam Teaneck, NJ Prov. 3:5 Ron J. Vanderlloest Kalamazoo, MI Rom. 8:32 Edward G. Vanlaningan Milford, IN I Thess. 5:18 What impresses you nm about FBC? The soulwinning emphasis a the consistent testimony of the f ulty and staff They truly love 1 Lord Jesus Christ. When you graduate what a your plans? My plan is to work with a yoi ministry in a local church. I : presently working toward that g- by being involved in a Ranch. It l helped me to learn ways of impr ing my personal outreach with kic What does loyalty mean you? , L0yalty refers to a solid, firm lm Alma D, Vega and concern that is genuine tow: McAllen, TX Isa. 26:3 3 PCYSOH Of P1306- Ma1'y Venero Hollywood, FL Jn. 3:16 Laura C. Von Behren Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ps. 113:3 Jeff Wiggins Moore Halin, FL Jn. 3:16 :Q Deborah J. Willey I 5 Cambridge Springs, PA Rom. 8:28 . Wendy S. Winters Warminster, PA I Cor. 10:13 Bonnie K. Wozniak Dundee, IL Ps. 90:12 Fred R- Wozniak Linn Todd Rick Todd Bonnie Trask Jose Tr Dundee, IL Col. 2:10 Anne Daniels Miami, FL Ps. 37:11, 5 1. Edna Pagels and Martha Barr enjoy the food and the fellowship between classes at the Snack Shop. 2. "Quick put on your name tag, here comes Tony Ingrassiaf' 3. Tracy Haub looks forward to a restful afternoon after choir practice. Darcy Turner Joe Twellman John VanDan1 Ron Vande Ed Vanlaningan Alma Vega Mary Venero Laurie Von B 1601 People ff Wiggins Debbie Willey Wendy Winters W Bonnie Wozniak Fred Wozniak Annie Daniels E un-- Q5 Pcoplcfl 61 Gut' Congratulations to the Class o '79 We also invite you to see our distin- guished collection of: 0 dinner rings 0 special occasion rings Q nationally ad- vertised watches for men and women 162!Advcrtisc mc nts ESS I 2000 Hollywood Blvd., l-lollyvvood, FL Phones: 922-6505 - 922-8797 For more than 30 years the name Wesson has been synonymous with everything fine in jewelry. 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It's PllbllX, img simple. k h k si2Q2QQ5QQit5itgfgsgziiisisiiisisiaieie the place ecause we're one supermar et t at nows you QQQQQQQQQ :'m"':':'1':':':':':': M 1' mean business. 3f3:?f5f? publlx for beef' I x Advcrtisements!163 Welcome To 0ul' New Freshmen Toni Aber, Anita Bailey, Harvey Bailey, Donna Boyne, Linda Braswell, Charles Childers, Marco Ciaualino, John Collier, George Daggett, John Dallaire, Lewis Day, Calvin Defilippo, Karen Dill, Lee Dopke, John Froelich, Elliott. Garcia, John Garenehuk, Steve Gregg, Susan Hahn, Deanna Harrell, Audrey Heller, Felieiano Hernandez, Vilma Keane, Robert Louis, John Naglee, John Otero, Pam Owens, Michael Partain, Erie Rlekert, Eve Rodgers, Robert Rodgers, Ira Rosenberg, Donna Sanchez, Setsuko Shiiba, Steve Smith, Nina Steele, Paul Sturnot, Lisa Tinari, Frank Velasquez, Joanne Vogel, Charles Iiarl Ward, Joyce Weber, Steve Weir, Henry Yoder, Vickie Young. 164!Adve rtise men ls W g W, u ox H W V M wang . dverusements B , ai? 5, f ,..... 5 " W 'I wmuxxlk 5FiYaEQ1""5w - Vim! 'fl' A ij - f as V vfwq M mam 'fv""'U" N5' N3 fu.w-ww1iE"N"" 383 aux!! H , Aww - 1, ,.,- M master charge f ,X n UINE 1 lap things gg Q better h , J ,K P ,E ...K . 345 J W 'X Q 'L :K 1 I V .. AK...,.XwgXy 5 ' cf Q U - . ' Liga - lf mf 3 ' 4' .. .1 ' . V' fs . N - A 'wk .,, mx 14 W ,N,. , L, Advcrtiscmcntsf163 'wi 1 66!Advertise gzafafuf afzfzzaciafiorz Jvczfafia gjsffy . . Lugo fu! ua to kgs We'd like to take this time to thank the students of FBC T X for their patronage and wish them Qs gg! I1 QQ? the best of luck in the coming years. Q or tile? FX gig-L5.,fg1' L 6000 601' 3' 6'0ffff JVM? FROM ALL O oun COMPLIMENTS TO THE cLAss OF '77 REV. JOSEPH G. ALLEsl, JR. DIRECTOR But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men but God which trieth our hearts l Thes. 2:4 P, 13740 NE 20th Place C North Miami Beach, Florida 33161 Rev. R. F. Busby Pastor Your salvation cannot be Iostg the gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE OU o " Since 1953 Allure 00,10 pf' oollo 'Uiflaueccllia Opficiand 2632 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Florida Phone 922-2784 Dick and Ann Villavecchia MORNINGSTARS JEWELER'S Diamonds and Jewelry Below Wholesale Cost From our Loan Department Watch and Jewelry Repairing 923-2372 119 N. 20th Ave. Hollywood, Fla. FIRST BANK9'll0llYWO0D BEACH W s gm 3509 N. Otaan Drive -AIA at Thomas ' ' - ------ Telephone 925-7100 """"""' Advc l'iiSClllClltSf l 67 sf' Monroe lldell's J X N9 . ICE CREAM PARLOR 8: RESTAURANT ' COUNTRY STORE v 128 S. Federal Highway Dania, Fla. 33004 I305I 923-4445 afce Ggllflf 7Qac0htoz Ga. OVERHEATING OUR SPECIALITY WE MAKE YOUR RADIATOR RADIATE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 340 S.W. DIXIE HIGHWAY DANIA, FLORIDA 33004 PHONE: 923-1772 Barnett Bank of Hollywood 1900 Tyler Street Hollywood, FL 33022 305I921-3893 HOLLYWOOD MOTOR SUPPLY, INC. 92I N. 2IST AVE. flwlhli ll AUDIO Andi' SYSTEMS Sinius 413055653 - O329 AL HAJDUCKO IITNYVIUVKSNIUK FOOD OLL WOOD FLORIDA 33020 DONE 923654' Wm STREET STORES, INC. - "Superstars in C0nUf'nicnr'c1 Stores" We I2090 SOUTH HARRELL'S FERRY RD. 0 SUITE S 0 BATON ROUGE, LA. 70816 F B C Students H Y , H : - 9 Ammmow uv 168IAdve rtis cmc t GOD BLESS YOU NATALIE PETTY ALB ERTS For Freshness, Quality 81 Design Congratulations Seniors From ll y S HALLANDAE Downtown Hollywood Fashion 0 2023 Hollywood Blvd. Center xxee I Hardware and Paint, Inc. 9214515 96143144 HOUSBWBTBS and Gifts FLOWERS-ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL ,XMWM 100 E. Beach Boulevard GCCASIONS 1 'Z Hallandale, Florida 33009 fi' " 2, 456-0566 Flowers Delive d We accepl al' Worldwide Major c ed t ca ds Xi, I 'SU Q ' 8 .. Q , E The Mall Barber Sh0p 1 'l X1 1 L, .ta M 5 f , maa- Qglfii, of f ff SVV . 25252: 3 QV, X xt I' ,I ..r' S f .nl 'F -: 983-9599 Shop hours ' ?5 l .w g X 5 436 Hollywood Mall Six days a week ' W Hollywood, Fla. 8:00 a.rn. to 9:30 p.m. Nine Floffler Stylists Butterworth's T. V. Center Same location over 20 years Sales - Service - Rental MAG NAVOX :wlnv Located at Hollywood Blvd. and the F.E.C. tracks 2051 Hollywood Blvd. T V- E 923-2515 Ai ti' men ts! 1 69 "For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord . . ." II Cor. 4:5 FLCRIDA BIBLE CHURCH faithfully ministering to the Rev- A51-gggiganfofd Rev Michael Shaffer Associate Pastor O I its members Rei:.Jirnmy iheffield 0 friends in the South Florida Smale asm' area . . .' and Rev. Stan Ponz 0 Florida Bible College students ASS'S'a'1"'aS"" Rev. Ron VonBehren 101 North Ocean Drive Hollywood, Florida 33019 Y0U'h.PaSf0' "Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season, aizggggng 5:5352 reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doc- trine." ll Timothy 4:2 101 No. Ocean Drive 0 Hollywood, Florida 0 33019 f f : - . i fa- Lumber o Plywood 4 Millwork Q Paints Q Moulding Ihlllfincgvi 1' if es - I Hardware o Building Material QT L Jgglsvsg 1: ul ' Paul B. Taylor I 1201 B' it IIA . Broward 920 8079 g Mutual 374-49556622-7227 ' ifdomnhg Miami, FL 33131 Dade 947-8210 pI'lIllll'llllllllillllflllllllHll.. I sheridan lumber inc. lite iiisuiance Aitiliatse United oi Omaha ' Mutual oi Omaha lnstwarice Coinpziiiy I Home Oiiiue Omaha Nebraska fl -.-..,,-,...- - ---V --f 9xBLE CHRIS 'Q u 4, 2044 Sheridan Street ig, I 75 Rev. Guy Groff Hollywood, Florida 2 Principal Se Habla Espafwl J Phone 920-0041 EXT 508 Ohln 6:43 no one can sell gg- M u M J? . redesigned II Se Habla Espanol Nous Parlons Francaise MILL AGENTS SERVICING SHIPS - RESTAURANTS HOTELS -INDUSTRIES BUZ COHEN imronnun for less than 3 137 Ann musmuc I 1200 N. Federal Highway 12 blocks north of the circle 921-6800 - 947-3411 PHONE 635 6500 BROWARD 525 7731 P PER . 324.71 3600 N,W. 59 STREET MIAMI, FLORIDA 33142 Open Monday thru Thursday 'til 9 PM Q soul. wmumc Mmisrmss I v.o. an 2223, mnywood, Fi. 3322 Providing Christians with materials to win and train people for Christ. Stanley Fl. Ponz Gene P. Ledbetter Advc rt iscmcntsfl 71 Best Wishes mn, llizlii , TmEsALes frgm Ed-Lee S Qiiixgzsiifgxizm fs f VVAWWEN l929V1153 1929-1263 Clothing Rack Coisgizzifzfm at the front entrance of the Hollywood Mall I PHONE: 921-9647 ' l 5' Dodufd 1- Outfitters to the un fTruth ,gf 'P SO d O ITALIAN MARKET Qi.. 73 ' ' 1 Ik' We would like to thank you X for your Business and continue fx, to offer the largest selection df of rnen's wear at the Lowest 2424 HOLLYWOOD BLVD Prices in Town! HoLLYwooo, FLORIDA 33020 Phone 961-3878 Our 31st Year , I Bible Fellowship Se n io Church, Inc. l "A going church . . . l for a coming Lord" I J 5915 Hayes Street From the Snack Shop John 5:24 Hollywood, FL 33021 I Girls.. . Bev. Graham H. Bell, Pastor T Q . :lit 1 O 1 1 mlgmx igfim wad I-491.113 i.,,i3'ff 56. V, V lHA:ncoY on Q' S . ' ' Mark Anthony "National Award Winner" H - B tr 444 HQLLYWOOD MALL - Hwo al' Ou 'que 7 S917 Hollywood Blvd. 1 :VJ Hollywood, Florida Molded SIIOBS Tel. 983-9734 1 ?i!l.,lxrlf?h . 8 InternationalHaircuttingCharT1-tial ALL WORK DONE ON PFIEMISES 983'oo34 1971-1972-1973 l l72iAclvcrtis I1 nts X Congratulations YS X4 5 ti-, . ,.L':, Nik? ' L .adm T . . T R- ,. l A A 1 4224 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Florida 33021 Dade fsosp 624-1990 MN 4s Fffg flffhlyflf 110042 IIIIKO 040 ffnra! flfflyrf ANNA. 700.4 T CARS INTERNATIONALE, LTD. l'Unique and Exotic Automobiles" Ile Advertisements!173 ' HOLLYWGOD FEDERAL 1 9012011 123'+5b 9120116 Hours Phone JOHN DOE STANDARD B111 0 Manger '17 Tell us who to Day h0w much and Hollywood Federal does the rest Downtown Hollywood 1909 T,ler Street Phone 925-8111 1 1 0 V Kentucky Fred Uhicken T FAST CARRY HOME SERVICE 1 983-0456 927-4195 963-5226 966-3560 A 5959 Held vd 1 2SPImb1oA Rd 5951 Sher1danSl I J N Unlv Dr , 1 ,,. ' ' ' DANA ru AR one nAu.AnuALs 1 1 ! '3 927-1769 987-7815 584-1156 920-7179 I C' 1JJ75WlJSl 6315 vmAvPluvy MOSWGIAN SOWN ndle Boch vd , 1 Congratutlons From Your GRAND WESTERN BRANDS EDDY S READY STANDARD Always Ready To Serve You 701 N Dlxle Hwy Hallandale Florida 33009 PICK UP 81 DELIVER LABOR ON DEMAND LABORQ9',l-'DRCE BONDED 6 NSURED CONTRACT LABOR WEST PALM BEACH 659-5933 FT. PIERCE 461-0224 BELLE GLADE , 996-3741 x I ' - BOCA RATON 392-4622 Q SAVINGS f Mon.-Ffff 7-7 456-071.2 , Sat. 7-5 I N 0 K J . A E r , 1 s ' l V- Perfed for meals ol home - Meetings - Pcr1ies U H Q Quyingg - Picnics - Bonquefs - Any Orcoslon 3 " - . n-'-122.5 5 T 1 1 .1 T E HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD N01 LYWOOD PEMBROKE PINES 1 I un u n 1 11111 1 . . . V M . DI I x J y A l N 3? ' 11,5111 At xx 1. , Frlends 17-'1-!Advertisements CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM AACON PROPERTIES CORPORATION COLORADO BIBLE CHURCH 1 fi ...a IQ U .- greets 4303! X o qfx ' 'L tm .Na is Ausjli' 'Lff Lf? . -gr "?S51'L,, egg-.' r.Qg,w'-ra-4x" sl I , ig , , Y Lg I CONGRATULATIONS SENIGRS '77 Safeguard Services A Great Company is Great People Po. B 7057 Ph H ny d F 966 0200 3302 NIARANATHA "Our Lord Cometh" l Cor. 162225 Ftev. 22:20 An outreach of Florida Bible Church for couples concerning ourselves with people. The gospel is our objective with fun, food, and fellowship Our Congratulations to the Class o '79 Advertisements! 1 77 UJ1-JCIIFFG CONGRATULATIONS a A-'tjif alphabet soup O X .y llfhr I. -jimi 2 ' 'sian f-'W-','5-tr K rv S . i :QI 3 .zrqw "mv.',1' 57 ' . I U 'ni . wi F L 'os 9 O "fr - .4 E 1 5531241214-.-A N1 gl CD 'D How wootd you We yours S N N 0 ' 4 oc' ' bf rw wr w m n U I , 0 5154, " ran A ergo .Q rr Q IE S 3 ,Q they nokort o tc 1 I "'f"t QQ, ' ' rm C r m rr 5 0 V W, ' von 1 Q f rr L r I X '- rv 1 rw cad V Tr Nor o bod rf y rw 154 C K If V G H t W Q O tronstmr r fc c HV es IQ K seoso ed Tr OGC1SfTlfAf cgi : - link 'de Laci SGC JUUJS L 0 Egezyge - Q'g To gf I have no greater joy RE PE.: N, CO raw than to hear BfBLE'L5q Mmm 2 O that my children walk TAKE ONEDEYOWD '-'FE in truth." IVKARINATET IN -me scrarvrurzeis ,Alb C.Dl.L,E'GtE- AND LINQUKSTIL 'f'QAjNlNQ- Eftlhgrqd ARDUND A JUNQLQ-CAMP Flggf IJohn 2:24 SEASON wmv. LARGE NWOUNTS ov Love GARNKSH WWH SUPPORT' cf FE-ltow CHRISTIANS ED IN A semi or Humora BLEND wnm FAHH owne LUMFS Drqsouzf RECIPE SEIWES ON? WHOLE TRIBE Om rw. awk etnmq Germ: smvwcfj A M N I WycliffeBibI T slt I .C 5 C rar H I p Hs-,IP CA V149 I 514 LZZL coming H as san bo now E 5 WTB- Hollywood Skatmg Center 2144 Johnson Street Hollywood FL 33019 " y E Ll E E akmfanki fzonz Qfozicfu Biggs C7ofTa9.s." C r ARWCULAR fyaxizsfyles HW OF affiaufar EOPLE 92.1-8:99 2:40 Tyler E D DEQIIC 'PCllt'l+OYj Holly wood, FL- 1 78fAdvertisements OOIVIPLIIVIENTS OF N . Joshua 1:8 This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouthg but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make - thy way prosperous, and then thou 5 shalt have good success. 5 nil --. X fg , A -rf? fe- ' " ,ff 3 - - vii., -.1..- - , - - -- -i- f .1 t ll i liiiimiiiiuiuiiinmuiiillm il llllllllllIlllllllllMlllilll.lIIllIlllllllllllllNltlll llllllllllllll 'E E E E E E 'E E : 5 E :: :. -:- s .. 2 -1 FLORIDA BIBLE COLLEGE STUDENT GOVERNMENT Advcrtiscmculs! 1 79 ,-nf r' 'ff Congratulations Seniors V 4111 ,f '!. -'!ff 'ff L Jffxvlld r 1 J f' , nf .1 Supplements f t W V "Best of Nature and Science' STANDARD SANITARY SUPPIJES 'Beloved l w'sh above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in PHONE 772-5755 health, even as thy soul prosperethf' 730 N.W 57th PLACE III John 2 FORT LAUDEFIDALE, FLORIDA ' ' Full money back guaranteen' l W fy fluff fu nn! N I fr r fnfu 11 P fnlrf ,full rnnfffnrlf W Anim, Aff I hx , 4 H ,f,,,,,f My 7' -J ' fZ6f,,,,,'r4 fXffWM,f,A,.- v fl K I , 1 Q I -Iv? -.. - - , Nutrilite Food A . . . f X W C6A0lNlCI7Af afnudur ff V fl ww ww arf Y l l Z1 1' II Il P ffrfffu ull X , , X l x I dgvzfig-'iTa? f Nl3oI5lineau Family 'r o . yrt e Beach, S.C. Shares in the Joy b ' - -"-fix ,-,X 5 ' and Excitement ofthe Compliments of ' Ted W00' Con ratulations H ' 77 ' 9 Seniors From a Friend I F" - Be rw' n iiv The S if es 1 It ' ' FBC Cindy McCann 5 y Cafeteria ii2 180fAclvcrt iscmc nt BESTVWSHES FROM COASTAL CARTING, INC. STUFF-E .W V , ., L la-NM"al PAT BONS Thanx Coach "Cupcake" the team. lsland's Youth Ranch! Yeah! LUV YA, LOUISE 81 SHAIVIIVIAHH Diane says Go-Saints-Go!! Congratulations seniors from lVlary Sanders and the linen room girls. I love lVlom, Dad, Carol, John 84 Anita. Love from Bill 84 Blanche to "our" children in Natalie Petty's dorm - I John 4:19 Lots of Love and Prayers for a precious friend. To lVlary O. from Susan. Greetings from Randy and John to our Friends at Fellowship Bible Church. To the best roommate and dormhead -l Luv you Holly. Advertiscmentsfl 81 Richard Spencer Col. 1:28 Hi Mom 8: Dad from Mark Psalm 62:5, 8 Janice L. Deut. 6:5 Martha P. Cindy M. I Sam. 12:24 Martha Bob L. Phil. 1:3-6 Janice LeClair I Love FBC - Andrea C. Mrs. Greenfield says hi! Beverly Messer Mr. gl Mrs. Blittman Mr. 81 Mrs. Bert Goodman I knew you could do it, Liz Mr. 81 Mrs. Joe Conley He holds your tomorrows Caleb thru faith possesses Congratulations Senior Class Hi from room 735 Stan Hayes Frank loves Joan Rachel DeLine I Thess. 5:24 Miyo 84 Phil Prov. 3:5, 6 Mark 8: Kim Schweitzer 1-4-3 John, Miami Pizza Kristi says, Hi Brooks! Ruth Herrick says, Hi! The Brady Family 1 8Z!A lvertisc ments Patrons We Love You, Snoopy Susie Scarborough Pray for Jerusalem's Peace To Libby - ll Jn. 5 To the only one I Love Yeah! Miami Park K.B.C. Miami Rescue Mission Yeah, Snack Shop! Love Kat Hi from Westside Gators Welcome to FBC Skippy!! John Cardamone Romans 6:11 A "smile" from Melanie God Bless FBC - C. Cordle God Bless our Faculty Thanks Freshman class We love you Coach Bev Praise the Lord for FBC Congratulations Saints Brethern pray for Hawaii Love you Dad 84 Mom, Karen I Love you Mom . . . Deb I love you Stan Hayes 84 CS To my dorm - Love you, Jerri Hey sweetie Love, me Carey Kirkley, Becky Kirkley Thank you - Stan Hayes Love from the Scots Cesar Garcia - Mission Texas Thanks Ron, Lee, Bud, Dana Tom 8: Cindy Ward Ps. 34:3 Hi! from Shari Stauffer Michael Haury Pulpit Banger: Tony 81 Phil God Bless, Trudy 84 Ray I Love You, to, Princess Congratulations Seniors! Bob Logan - I Cor. 10:31-33 Phil. 3:10 Mr. 81 Mrs. David Edwards Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur Lentz Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Nash Mrs. Olga Neinstadt Hello, from a Junior Pray for FBC I love y'all Heston Owens Philip 84 Miyo say hi! Dorm 690-682 say hi! Love to the best dormhead Rainbow Lakes KBC -the best! Love to Mom 81 Dad . . . Nanci Person to Person!!! We Love You, Grandpa - N 8: J Love to Cher - Bear -J 84 N To all faculty and staff. I love and appreciate you, Joanne Stabile Congratulations, seniors! Colossians 3:16 Dana 8: Pam Bryan And let us consider one another to provoke unto love Trust God - He is in control. Praise the Lord for His goodness -- the Lindstroms - Our best wishes and prayers to the senior class - 1979 The Swords family I Cor. 15:58 Thanks Mom and Dad for your patience, love, and prayers. Love, Wayne Mrs. Wagner says hi to the Messer twins. FBCS - Second Grade Miss DeLine Our sincere congratulations and prayers to the 1979 Senior class - The Caliendo's. 2 Chronicles 16:9 Love 8: Prayers Sue Stanford Love to the Physically Handicapped Miami Rehabilation Center Ministry. Denise Arthur, Pam Blades, Frank Covello, Glenn Davis, Michael Leigh, Angie Massi, Mary Overdorf, Jeff Prodehl, Becky Snyder, Don Starnes. Best Wishes and prayers to The Senior Class Joe's Market 900 N. Ocean Drive Open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. everyday Patrons Thank you Jesus for being so good. The Kinsmen Quartet Gospel Music for all ages. Contact: Dale Gregory at F.B.C. Hi Burferd! Love ya! Hi Mom, thanks for your love, from your son, Mark Smith. Why did God make Adam lst? So He'd have a chance to say something! - R. Brice ". . . contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." Jude 3b "Thanks to the Freshman class for their love shown to us." John 8: Vilma Keane. Rev. and Mrs. Busby, The Lord's blessing to Arch Creek Bible Chapel. To my buddy John Averill Thanks for being my friend Love ya, Diana Montoto. God bless all you people from Conn. I love you all I'm praying for you, Brenda. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Just a note IJ: I to say: I love you bunches, Family. Thank you faculty. R. Cordle To Deanna Harrell I John 4:7 Psalms 116:1, 2 "I Love the Lord" We praise the Lord in all things Love, Carey, Becky, Renee and Bruce Kirkley. Lisa Clayton -the craziest and sweetest roommate. Love in Him, Darcy To the man I admire the most: Clayton Buchanan I Cor. 16:13 14 NIV Glenda, Chris, Melanie, Cindy and Margaret KBC want to say "Hi." Bruce Campbell is your missionary in Hawaii. Please pray for him. God Bless Liz Broussard for all her beautiful messages of love. And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works. Heb. 10:24 The Bells. Deluxe Auto Molding of Palm Beach County Ed 8: Heidi Plante To the graduates: May God's love be reflected in your every act. Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest E. Seeds. Orange dot Orange dot Orange dot Best wishes to "Flare" and his junior friends. To all FBC students: seek Him and His truth above and beyond all else. Ma 8: Pa: The law of His God is in his heart and none of his steps shall slide. Praise the Lord for letting me room with Ben from Japan. Remember room 540 John J. and Joe H. Steve Bruni says pray for Rev. Stanford 8: Falwell as they preach the Gospel. To the most wonderful girl I know. Advcrtlscincuts 183 184-XXI BAGAL FARE SYSTEMS, INC. gif w 43432 QEL Q- KX me 5 , GW 6 by 18 HUNGRY FOR A BACK HOME BAGEL? Plain - Salt - Poppy Seed - Sesame Seed Garlic - Onion ' Egg - Pump 81 Soft Pretzels Wholesale 84 Catering Department for your next party, get-together, fund raising or special occasion. 1988 N.E. 163rd Street 1305i-945-3831 North Miami Beach, FI. 33162 BEST WISHES FRGIVI Diversified Drywall and Plastering Ft. Lauderdale, Florida R K d A g IP D Rky L egn dff y b rn tfght Fi 618 Autographs ,,M,i -ibb,- !gq AVW1 1 i 5151: '552435 ' 'rf ' xnzwgigffqg , N. , :W E wwrfQQz4 g: LW R gi? Q Skye gnff M ig? wg kata 1" , ' WS 'H?f ' ff g .lilff , A . 'e,, 5.321 V I ki , 4, ' 4 K' JH 4f3QJ f i I , V L.,i '--, E ,,,, Vg? . vi f 'svn YN ,-M ws: vf my ,, ,, , .1,:,f.,,k,., ' 1:+fizf3ggffS':4gQd'f f yu, 1. V. , 1 4 -wa-.,..,,, v Iles, Iles, ten, N oulina alt, x dcn, Cu r ,JO ,Q03 Q ' 3 a i ,, 1 , f :MW .K n 1 F ,rf 1' an 4 . 4 3511 , f, . f- ,,,f' R 1- i + f-cs, v Q:-,rf i Vs? mf fa 55 1, . fa Q - fax 4 ww ,f , 11,4 5 1, . xg? , ., +5 f - it 1 W :Y L V, ,. 1 V Q R 1 , H :M 1 wqwf, wi ' 1 :, W hy 7.533 , I ' ,ii - 0 ,, ,V V, nf, 4',,,,x, G ':fu:?lQ .J APA. in i ,, !,., H L 1, V- 390 '95, 'if 4, "33v1-m'ug, Li '41 'Q 3 .w 'r.L' - my u,,-'M A 1 f1,4"5b H f. .C , 5 , ' 91 K v . if o ' K i' J, gawlgh 4 , , 4, , ' L 'f Q Q i 71533 K X - , ff. - fy mu V ,, Y " - as . ,' 1 fs f 1 2 fx '- as ,iw 5 -maui! -up , ... ,,., v 3z9'4iW+4w ug S,- f 1 ar V X fx. lk wig T ,Q J .,,A9fA' I W. Q :Ng Q is.. va , ii j CCH 8176 with s SJW-f 71 5 , ' -1,32 5 2.5.5 A fiizls ffh kf J irswzf- Y ,za ,...sf.:wm ff fe, sk W ' mg,,Qa.,,:., k ?4,Qx X ,wivxx , , k C'0nclusion!191 CAMDEN Aux

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