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X f y fz . , VI, ff 1 I W, I 2 E f if if ef :Q 3 iii . Y, J: I f f me Q a world within reach 3,55 l , 000, OOO. By the time you read this, the world population will be even greater. 4,000,000,000. Not iust figures, living, breathing souls. People, born to die, living but for a moment of time upon this earth-with us. Billions having needs, millions starving. Millions diseased, frightened, sad, lost, blindly groping for ananswer. One which man cannot offer them. They need the answer our 20th century God offers. They need to be taken care of on the inside, before the outside problems have even a small chance of being solved. They need to hear how the One who created the Universe loves them, individually. They need to hear how He showed His love, how God himself took on the form of a man, became one of "them," walked their earth, felt their feelings, saw their needs, cared for their problems... And was reiected. .. ,I .P fmfg We My gfgkffw wk M 35 3 , . 2 if . :5Q'bf?':?a K. . :E ,. 1 the w . ,wa ittle ww w E w.-' www., f ' 'fn people ff Paw, MT- ...Nun ,ak R S4 1 ' .L P Q ag L 1 is M :W ' "Suffer the little children to come unto me lChristJ and forbid them notg for ot such is the kingdom of heaven." Children make up a great percentage of the world's population. What is being done to reach them? Presently there are Good News Clubs in progress daily throughout the City of Miami. Ethnic Bible studies and work within area churches are other instruments through which Florida Bible College students present simply God's plan of salvation to the "little people." x I 0 , 2' , 3 ' f t, ' 5' X ' E33 C t 1 7 ' 2: f Q 4 Q.. S, il X -. -4 . X A t ga X 1 4 Teenagers, better known as the "younger genera- tion" and "leaders of tomorrow," are more than willing to receive the answer for all of their problems. Florida Bible College's Outreach program is taking the time and effort to reach this vital age group, and in so doing is providing them with a constructive course and positive approach tor their lives. This program includes Junior and Senior High Ranches, traveling musical groups, athletic and cheerleader outreach activities, and the college- oriented Campus Evangelism Ministry. ,, 2 , new ' X HPZ FU' ' M62 if , M S, Y fy if, is 4 ? . 1' K gg i gf - 53 W I S, H F3 W " W ' 'Q.'ww W 3 ::A , A VVVW . ' 1 M W 1 ' f A 2 ,L W is K I ff' X .. message the same to "older generation" ECA, Our leaders of today have their individual ideas concerning solutions to everything from everyday problems to various world crises. They offer proposed answers many times merely because it is expected of them. But the Lord tells us, and they know, that they don't have all of the answers to life's complexities. The humbling irony in God's redemption plan is that everyone must come simply, as little children. The message of salvation by grace, through faith, is the same to a child of seven or seventy. Ministries that emphasize communicating the gospel to adults include a Spanish church, iail work, Rescue Mission programs, and SITE CStudents in Total Evangelisml. Those involved in these activities have proven that adults, too, are searching for answers to life's many perplexing problems, and are iust as eager as youth to find the solutions. What kind of a man did it take to ignite this mass explosion of Outreach programs? What goal determines the existence of a continued extension plan to reach a world within reach? ? ? It was because ot one man's concern for individuals-their eternal destiny and present lives-that Dr. A. Ray Stanford established this chain reaction ot Christian Youth Ranches in l95O, a ministry which in itself has reached literally hundreds of thousands of teenagers with the gospel. what kind ol man? In 1960, Dr. Stanford established the Grove Community Church to provide a Bible believing and teaching body in which many new Christians could receive sound scriptural instruction, a vital requisite for Christian growth. It was this same constraining love for souls that brought about the birth of Florida Bible College two years later. The school was dedicated to a Bible-based curriculum concentrated in the area of personal evangelism. Through the leadership of this most ef- fective soul-winner, we believe that the world is realistically within reach. . . l Z If .3 .q The Grove Community Church has been the training base for concerned men and women since 1962. For about the first six years the five available class- rooms andthe surrounding area outside the building provided adequate space for our young college. A growth rate of HOOWO has made FBC's present accommodations inadequate. Limitation of enroll- ment would have been imminent under these circumstances, .. wax H k- Qi S2 ' ang, ew., . A A gy 4 Tai S, f +1 1 .,. ' W vm H- 5, vu' f .er- W' .2 wg , J - H -- fs , 1 L TF , if ff SMH? P? , is 1,4 M? , 1 Mfwi fa? I wk. L 55,1 ' . f W , M: -' L vig? , x 3 A if 521. fi. 1 'wg , 1 W ap. Q ff' A s A , .fr W - W,,. b- " ' .. 4 the old i A recently purchased 70-acre tract of pine land in South Dade County, complete with a 20-acre lake, is the undeveloped dream of an up-to-date campus complex which would make possible the training of thousands of Christian workers in the near future. The prayers and support of concerned individ- uals will make this dream a reality. A world within reach. Florida Bible College-its faculty, staff, students, and graduates-will reach it. . .SOON. . .the new Win., 4,359.1 M 42 V U W 'WTR 9 ,I--??7f'11,, -IVI , JM N A W F ww vA W' .W 4 Z 'jlfgffa-:ln -6 A, 'Y - --I. W 'WW' H: 31 " fn ., M1 uv, ' . 'I' 'f' rm '1--7 ' 0-J-"' ' 1-, .F,1. '1 '1'j'11Ai,i,, , Hpzpaui H,,fa,g,,1,,1 1-r Awww ?iw11,1Mw1'f"F' 11g: NW .nm.,,' -, Ml A,m411i1M,f1W . ,J-W 1 1 N ii"Wf'1:1'-WM11".11.,11.Z""W' '.,12im1f'7f' f?"!"F1-Vw' --my 'W ws 1 . 111, ww W 311 1 4 117 . , W ,. IM , . . ., Www.1,... 1 w, 11 11 Jl1.1"'iw-1 'W J , ,. M W,,,g,,,, ,A H 1 W Vg. . , , 5 ' M J' "F14vv.11N - 1 1' "M1N,i..N-- ' ' v' '01 'WY' 3, 5 5 1- "'1"M.,m M gif ,J,ff1?'v8 I I V1 ',' ff -nl --1 A J.. , A 32.15. I. Wm, ,Q j 1 I ,, JM ., Qld Q ix x. .4 , at fp:1I1,1,g.,,4 .. I., PM 71 ,,.,. , A M: 4 1 -5 .1 .,.,. fm , '-' -lu. 1kZ"f " 151" L ii ' 1 wif'-"' 1 , - - f 1 .M '1 ' 1 1 1 1 " ,. 1' I H' ' . , md L. ,, 'f'7'LsL'f-Hari, na-.n'7'f.'K"'y +11 f "' - it 15 ,-' BEHOLD NOW IS THE TIME V 1 I I 4 9 Ilimeii-5M?,5.?Zl" Q Q 2 J lt's almost over. Time. lt's almost gone. The sun is about to set on our world. Those who plan to make a mark, do something for God, face history's clock. Time: ll :59 p.m. Yesterday was almost too late. lt's half-past tomorrow. . . . C0l1t6l1tS activities 20 faculty and curriculum 88 classes 116 a dvertisements 160 '70 torch florida bible college miami, florida volume 7 editor barbara thompson advisors lee stanford michael moore THIS DEDICATION IS T0 YOU JIM AND DOLLY GREER ,QS fs 2? YOU, YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU, I who have made our school ring with the 'Sound of Singing', who have put the Lord first in your lives and music, who have inspired and instructed by word and example, who have shown patience and understanding for large groups and individual students, who have given new meaning and lite to Christian music, who through much hard work have made Florida Bible College known for its "Tops in Talent." "Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow You..." activities " Go e into all The world n . . . y , a d preach The gospel To every creaTure." -Marki6:i5. 1 i . ? V 4 I 2- I 1 'Q Q L i 1 1 7 i I if 5 f f A ' Y 'h 3 E is Q- 4 U 1 f K at fun V p v 3 . ' 1 Q S- V x .Q E A , 1 ,. "" , on f ff 1 f Q in if wk V - -K' S 5' A wN"""'u E 1 R R 1. 53 fg h i 4' fs, 1,3 J. va V7 V Vi. 3 Y L. ,X Av Mfg- Y W 41. 'l,,gxixq,t MW 5 ," Q ,. Q4 k gg. 1. , x ax' M 3 -fx,,v'- 'Q Q L, ' A- , .ffgf fad K s I 1254 A fn?-fgv:Q?f r A?L.,.i?. 1' ."' ww ka j,.wfE"' V "' . W- -L .5 ly , 1+ :W gf, we N M , ,, gm . E J 11-W-, f?gEff fH'f M' u - . ' gg I . ' an Q mb, ffwjlw' i ygw, I .4 ' l N Y-K .1 , '??3,"fQ' f kv Q :gawk ff S ,i f - I 95 Z ' ,,'g La-qw 'Q gififfw 1:Q,.,g. MQ ' A . 5 4, A M,m, K i Qmmf-E iw, -gfwl - '23, - ,V . I my ' Ri ,nf 'XE' 5 as ,-15,1 .L vw . My A Off 'X " W5 aw :Qu .gi - 4 4 nd' I I it i .iii -'Cr RANCH . . . what made Ranch uniquely successful in reaching and motivating the youth of 1969- 70 may be summed up as the communication, clearly and in love, of the world's two most importanttruths: lil the gospel 42? God's purpose for the Chris- tian life- to share the gos- pel with others. Dr. Stanford, founder of the CHRISTIAN YOUTH RANCH, turned this ranch, the model for all FBC ranches, over to Mike Otto this year. Many barbecues, a powder puff football game, and several high school seminars added to the list of experiences of the "ranch kids." concern develops dedication The many phases of the work of the SOUTH MIAMI RANCH this year included a seminar, an Easter retreat, a Joyful Noise concert, "CheerIeader Night," and several barbecues. In ad- dition, council members were taught concentrated Bible Doc- trine and practical Bible study. -Jerry Weber Time and effort, complemented by a sincere desire to see young people come to know Christ, were the motivating elements at the POMPANO YOUTH RANCH. Many activities, including weekly breakfasts and devotions at Pompano Beach High School, provided opportunities for ranch goers to put their knowledge of the Scriptures to practical use. -Joe Castillo. E , 1, 313333 ,mn ' , at its Taking advantage of the natural enthusiasm of iunior high kids, the GOLDEN GLADES JUNIOR HIGH RANCH had no shortage of activities or of participants in these activities. The Halloween party was one of the most suc- cessful events of the year.-Stan Ponz. inlormality and enthusiasm are key to ranches The HOLLYWOOD RANCH pro- vided an informal atmosphere in which teenagers were given the opportunity to hear the gospel. Spiritual growth and fellowship were also emphasized. -Willie Griffin. ranches- centers ot action A trip to the St. Petersburg Easter retreat, along with sever- al barbecues, accentuated a year of growth for the FORT LAUD- ERDALE RANCH. Acquiring a new meeting place also added to the excitement of the year.-Al Brausam. Constant activity was the key to the MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH RANCH this year. Slumber parties, a camping trip, "Fun Night, " barbecues, and scmi nars provided continuous op- portunities for spiritual growth. -Jim Woodhead. 1 . careful planning is a necessity Although the KEY LARGO RANCH is a iunior high ranch, attempts were made this year to involve both iunior and senior high schoolers in the work. The assistance of the high school kids proved valuable to the ranch. -BillVestal. Carefully planned meetings and specially selected music were characteristic of the SOUTH LAUDERDALE RANCH. Em- phasis was placed on reaching the individuals at every meet- ing.-Bruce Lynam. 't i we ' ff! -as Q is t ' 11 - 1 . In iiliipt if N 5 . .. .. . 5 'L:.'fgf fe-V35-f'lil -',, -Q , . . - , i . se ss ' ii- l 1 fzjgff. .1937 . 3 1 f " 'si L .L A ts-i-1st 5 1 , ,Q 3 3 .,,. . if 1? . I.. as f .49 .. 'C:':?.s-'f irwi gkflfsffle, "'. :: ,.f,.f:.f f .',s.1f,sefae. A -.gre 5 3-ff,-eff ' ki .flif- A " fe f Tififjl ' ""' E Z as, ffmssiiw -fishy' ' ' wztssfifgg individual "ranch kids" are important Fun Day, Pizza Night, barbecues, and a Back to School party com- plemented the weekly meetings of the SOUTH MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH RANCH, providing a well- rounded program for the teen- agers attending this ranch.- Jack Bartlett Numerous slumber parties and barbecues were among the high- lights of the year for the PER- RINE RANCH. Close friendships between "ranch kids" and the staff members were created and strengthened by such activities. -Tom Croley. a year ot development Much of the emphasis at the NORLAND RANCH was on prop- er training of the council mem- bers. They were given responsi- bility in preparing for and con- ducting many of the activities, including a trip to Christmas camp at Lake Swan, slumber parties, barbecues, and a con- cert by the Second Generation. -Mark DeBee Development and expansion of the POMPANO BEACH JUN- IOR HIGH RANCH this year was due to the full program of ac- tivities, including a Destinies Seminar, Joyful Noise concert, Second Generation concert, bar- becues, a Christmas party, poster parties, and a boys' camp-in. -Mike Bower. .alia FBC youth work reached as far as the West Coast of Florida, where the NAPLES RANCH met weekly. Participation in a com- munity fair and parade was one ot the special events of the year. -Glen Cunningham. The experience of the teenagers attending the FORT LAUDER- DALE JUNIOR HIGH RANCH was enriched by numerous di- versified activities, including barbecues, concerts by the Des- tinies and the Second Generation, Junior High Day, a seminar, and a group attending Junior High Camp.-Steve Merrefield. teenagers learn responsibility learning can be lun An ice cream splash and several barbecues supplemented the weekly meetings of the MIAMI SPRINGS RANCH during the first semester of this year. In De- cember, this ranch was merged with the Hialeah Ranch.-Steve Miller. The teenagers from the HIA- LEAH RANCH attended a semi- nar in Tampa this year, in ad- dition to enioying several bar- becues and a concert by the Joyful Noise.-Bruce Mittauer. ,yi K A establishing the new, expanding the old Expansion of its follow-up and literature programs was one of the main efforts extended by the NORTH MIAMI RANCH. In ad- dition, "ranch kids" were con- sistently encouraged to become active participants in the ranch. -Steve Michaelson. The HIALEAH JUNIOR HIGH RANCH was added to the list of FBC youth ranches this year. The method employed for estab- Iishing and increasing this work was concern for individual young people.-Tommy Martin. answers for askers Formed two years ago primarily to reach the students at the Uni- versity of Miami campus, Cam- pus Evangelism was, in 1969-70, an extremely active organi- zation. Both door-to-door visits in the dormitories and group Bible studies were held on Mon- day and Friday nights. Meetings of the workers and the staff, di- rected by Rance Darity, were held Wednesday nights for the purposes of planning and for instructions in apologetics. Seeing the need for an off-cam- pus open question-answer study which would be available to local college youth, Senior Max Alt began a series of weekly meet- ings called the Forum. At these meetings, attended by many Miami-Dade Junior College and University of Miami students, questions regarding God, the Bible, and other perplexing questions of today's youth were discussed. Rance Darity explains the gospel to a student from the University of Miami. John Sutter talks to a group of university students after the weekly Forum ll Marv and his staff travel to Okeechobee every Sunday. Boys from Kendall participate in the Sunday service. troubled youths like simplicity Work with delinquent youth and prod- ucts of broken homes was accom- plished this year at the Florida School for Boys, at Okeechobee, and at the Kendall Juvenile Home, by Marv Jansen and several student co- workers. Marked progress was made at the Okeechobee school, where many de- cisions for Christ led to the estab- lishment of an extensive Sunday School program, which now num- bers lO classes. The simple truth ot the gospel proved to be of ex- ceptional appeal to those troubled youths seeking answers to many of their problems. -M tw ex Daniel Sierra discusses the next Diane Hutchinson and Barb Bennick act in a Spanish class skit ranch meeting with Maria Gonzalez. spanish students experience progress The multi-faceted ministry with Spanish-speaking people in the Miami area, begun last year by a group of interested students, continued to expand its outreach in the past year. This unusual work reached Latin people of all ages through youth ranch, chil- dren's Bible studies, and the Little Havana Community Church. Under the direction of FBC stu- dent-pastor Juan Toranzo, the group completed a mammoth special proiect, taking the name of each Spanish home in the Latin American community and mail- ing a letter and gospel tract to each. These students also worked closely with the Advancing Inter- est in Missions activities con- nected with Latin people. Ping-pong is enioyed by the teenagers at El Rancho Latino 1. , 7, Dale Parker enioys singing after a meeting of the Seminole Ranch. seminole outreach applies sincerity Much neglected mission fields in South Florida are the scores of tiny scattered Seminole Indi- an villages and government reser- vations. Attempting to reach this almost forgotten segment of American society this year was Dale Parker and his staff of FBC student volunteers. It is the belief of missionaries to the American Indian that, be- cause of his proud heritage, it is requisite that a sincere in- terest in the individual and his needs be shown. This principle was applied by these FBC stu- dents in the form of Sunday School classes, youth ranch activities, and children's Bible studies. The new campus banquet was attended by many of the Indians from the Reservation. David Anderson ex- plains the work at the area rest homes. thc work is varied A burgeoning work with the in- mates of local stockades and iails was headed up this year by Fred Allen. The ministries included monthly Sunday afternoon meet- ings at the Dade County Stockade, a minimum security installation housing men and women, other similar evangelistic meetings at various area iails, and individual counseling at the close of services. Other associated works involved open-air testimony services which met regularly and monthly chapel services and personal work at the Miami Rescue Mission. A ministry new this year but old in the hearts of those involved in the work was visitation with the elderly in area homes. Ralph Norment and David Anderson headed up this newest FBC Out- reach ministry. ln addition to in- dividual visits to the individual resident's rooms, short gospel services were also held. 1 Joe Castillo interviews Luis O'Bourke. students gain experience in journalism What's happening? What's going to happen? What would we like to happen? These and other questions of vital interest to the student body were answered regularly by the student-run newspaper, Campus Hi-lites. The bi-monthly publica- tion was written, edited, mechani- cally assembled, and printed en- tirely by student volunteers. R i Kay Cowen shares an idea with the rest of the Campus Hi-Iites staff. l Mike and Kaye Otto find children to be interesting. Tamako Matsuoka teaches a second-grade Sunday School class. l l r l 38 Class Greene gives his Juniors a chance to ask questions Pictures keep the attention of the pre-schooler. child evangelism . . increasing involvement Involvement by FBC students with the children in the Miami area was extensive this year. Many taught in the Grove Community Church Sun- day School and Junior Church de- partments, and in other area churches. An increasing sense of urgency to reach the youngest peo- ple with the gospel brought about a like increase in the number of Bible clubs in Dade County. Expanded work with underprivileged children also added to the outreach of this growing ministry. 3 4. ? First graders think their teacher, Tommy Martin, is the greatest. "fiesta" an aim success The sparkling faces and colorful costumes at a mid-year AIM CAd- vancing Interest in Missionsi Fiesta typified the enthusiasm and partici- pation generated by this new student organization. AIM, created to provide a concen- trated effort in communicating the needs of, and opportunities in, world missions, sponsored the festive evening to focus attention on Latin America. But AIM is much more . . . estab- lished June I, I969 . . . Dr. Sey- mour, Sponsor . . . files of infor- mation on mission boards . . . sum- mer opportunities in foreign countries . . . Tel-Evangelism in other countries . . . foreign stu- dent correspondence . . . Up-date AIM . . . June student conference . . . Grove Missionary Conference . . . literature . . . reaching out to a world within reach. Ron Moses, fearless leader. I iirc I Q V ,,,. V , K J , .f,,s, 'iw' , f tctt is N, .I f i" ' - H ,Q ,x , . aa., if A -- I W , , fi ,, 2' , gf 'gg f ' s Big ' .V' , 3 --fr f cI-' I N sf'5f'2 ,,,, Q -I 13 : 75 I iis' - Q I ,,,, a sg. W Long hours of work are behind any successful event. Wk l 1 The pinata added a touch ot authenticity to the bright occasion. . I -.kk 1 ki- iw R A 17 'f , i-i , . W. ,336 Dave Dion donated his time to help make the Fiesta a success. Attention at the Fiesta was on Latin America The Internationals were a featured attraction at "Tops in Talent" at Miami Marine Stadium. the internationals I2 singers and I3 instrumentalists were combined by Rev. Jim Greer to form a group called the Inter- nationals. The sound of the Inter- nationals was a new sound, with both original music and popular contemporary Christian music combining to form a pleasing and unusual effect. Performances of the Internationals included Talent Nights at Miami Marine Stadium, St. Petersburg, and Miami Beach Auditorium, ban- quets, programs for various local organizations and meetings, and participation in church services and programs of the Grove Com- munity Church. 4..1.-T , Dress rehearsals prepare Randee Busby and Bert Sparkman for the real thing i T Y 4 1 i i Members of the orchestra enioy practicing in weird places. K i ,xiii ii 2 The importance of singing into the mike makes a difference to Donna Whipple and Ken Bissinger. N i Anne McCloud and Rod Krey don't mind the extra hours they have to spend going over rough parts. i i i 43 p L i ,,, , 1 , , ,-,W , he Joyful Noise sang for the Perrine Youth Ra Halloween Party. The newest member of the Joyful Noise was Vivian Saunders. the ioytul noise The Joyful Noise made iust that this year, a very ioyful sound greatly used by God. The group ot two girls and four men used voice, trumpet, guitar, and bass, to produce a sound unlike anything else in the Christian world. They sang in churches, high schools, ranches, and on record. This unique music opened doors and prepared the way for thousands to hear the gospel. Much practice is needed before every performance The Destinies made their debut at Boca. mf.. K. iw Q was 1, ' flirt. k My , W ... it WY Neil Porter, business manager for the Destinies, uses an oppor- tunity to witness for the Lord. ,s, 5 1 The Destinies, excellent representatives for Florida Bible College. the destinies Added to the array of talent at FBC this year were the Destinies. This trio, from St. Petersburg, appeared in churches, ranches, camps, at banquets, and on radio. They also presented weekend seminars to youth groups, teaching teenagers how to lead people to Christ. talent typities thc The FBC music scene was by no means occupied only by the larger or longer established groups. Several highly talented individuals and newly organized combinations of singers and instrumentalists were of vital importance. These students provided a great portion of the tremendous every-day musi- cal life of FBC, and were also a maior feature of the concerts, banquets, and Talent Night performances. , wi sg The Girls Trio-Lydia Elbe, Cheryl Ostendorf, and Kathy Jones. Maria Gonzalez portrays the ioy in serving the Lord. Q L. 5 Q I U 9, , i' ., gf L I i3 Joan and Trish, sisters with well-blended voices Lora Lee EIbe's singing was enioyed by many. Bruce Lynam composed most of his own music A gi T1 'Q 9 'S The Eccos Latinos was the newest addition to the music world at FBC. The College Singers sing "Love Lifted Me." college singers create enthusiasm An important part in every Sunday evening service at Grove Com- munity Church was held by the College Singers. Directed by Rev. Jim Greer, this l60-voice choir, containing freshmen through sen- iors, met two hours weekly to prepare their music. The en- thusiasm displayed bythe College Singers added much to every ser- vice in which they participated. In addition, this group also sang at "Tops in Talent" and at the New Campus Banquet. Perfection and quality are the demands of Rev. Greer when he leads the College Singers Mrs. Morgan directs the Concert Choir. concert choir increases activities The Concert Choir added another hour ot practice weekly, and many more performances, to their schedule this year. Concerts were held in the fall, winter, and spring, in which the Choir demonstrated its advancement in tone and quali- ty. The Christmas Concert was highlighted by the presentation of portions of "The Messiah" by Handel. Additional performances were held at various churches in the com- munity, at Homestead Air Force Base, and at "Tops in Talent." The Concert Choir also presented special music at the Sunday morn- ing services at Grove Community Church. The Concert Choir sings "The Heavens Are Telling." , The Internationals perform at Talent Night at Miami Marine Stadium concerts confirm quality Variety with excellence was the key to the concerts at Florida Bible College this year. Per- formances had a diversity ranging from the sacred concerts of the Concert Choir, with a performance of portions of the "Messiah," to programs of the Internationals, the Joyful Noise, and the Destinies, all with a contemporary sound, yet honoring to the Lord. Music was truly used as a powerful means tor spreading the gospel. Anne McCloud accompanies soloist at the AIM Fiesta .+.. victory . . an the experience FBC and football have become syn- onymous in the school's short his- tory. Since the first touch team was organized 7 years ago, the Saints have lost but one game and have rolled up about 60 victories. The squad this year romped past nine opponents, playing a hard- hitting brand of flag tag. ln their first year in the Florida Christian Athletic Association, the Saints walked off with the championship. Jimmy Sheffield uses every opportunity to witness. Florida Bible College Saints were undefeated this year. Coach Herb Raab led the Saints to victory. The Saints were faithful in giving out the gospel. 0' Gordon Rhoden has no opposition as he runs for a touchdown Saint Austin was present at the games to support our team. Accidents still happen, even in touch football. This is the reason we play Ken Cummings talks to some spectators during a break in the game. Tim Estes and Bill Murphy discuss the last play. football . . a way to communicate Although a genuine love of the game of football persists through- out the student body, there is an- other purpose involved in con- test. It is, of course, to portray Christ to others through the in- strument of sport. Many who have come to view one game of football have found the answer to winning one much more impor- tant-the game of their lives. .. W-.... FBC cheerleaders boosted the Saints to numerous victories. Bob Kirk goes to the dressing room at halt-time. Lee Stanford discusses strategy during a time out. I i i ,, , - - 1 lbc's lirst basketball season is great FBC's first-ever basketball team made an auspicious start by win- ning nine of its first ten games. The 12-member squad played a 20-game schedule, which included regular competition in a city rec- reational league and in the PFCAA, a five-member association of Christian colleges within the state. Dean of Men Lee Stanford coached the team. Tom Rumph fhlnkgfg-351 Mike Brown scores for the Saints. -- saints down mbc The Saints met Traditional cross- town rival Miami Bible College early in the season on a neutral Miami Beach court. Led by the scoring of speedy guard Mark Curtas and the rebounding of 6'5" center Tim Strauchman, FBC ran past the Warriors, 93-45. A moment of rest is welcomed by forward Tom Rumph AWW- Coach Lee Stanford discusses plans for the next game with director of Student Activities, Mike Otto. K Q Willie Griffin hits from the charity line. Kaye Otto directed CHIC in reaching cheerleaders for Christ. cheerleaders promote tbc FBC cheerleaders represented the school as a group at Talent Night and the New Campus Ban- quet, and individually as they sought opportunities to witness to the spectators at football and basketball games. The CHIC ministry, under the direction of Kaye Otto, reached many high school cheerleaders for Christ during its first year. The staff of 30 girls, which in- cluded the FBC cheerleaders, worked in teams of 2 or 3 as they told cheerleaders throughout Dade County about Christ. CHIC, which stands for Cheerleaders' Huddles Include Christ, met weekly to share ideas and plans. at a football game about the Lord M M W -Xwaiiafr 5 n'l!'V mlm., . M- 551- . I 3 N Brenda Johnson talks to a spectator Ei: - cgi f Even children can understand eternal life, as shown by Trisha Weatherly. Cindy Phillips, Captain The cheerleaders aroused the spirit at the New Campus Banquet. l 6 1 1 l r ' ' The freshmen show their desire to reach the world. homecoming. . . returning tor recharging Homecoming 1969 was packed full of activities for returning alumni. For four fun-filled days, students and graduates kept a busy schedule, which included: Thursday - Barbecue . . . Chris- tian Youth Ranch meeting . . . Derby Day. Friday - Alumni Chapel and pep rally . . . football game lin which Saints outclassed crosstown rival Biscayne College 39-187. Saturday - Youth Work Seminar . . . Tops in Talent. Sunday - Campus Groundbreak- ing . . . dinner on the new property. It was, in three words, exhaust- ing, inspiring, funtastic. we mf - -S 1 I EQ fr e 'ie L n Donny Hamrick is elevated by fellow freshmen X gf Joe Castillo gets his apple. Musical tubs can be an exciting game The Sophomore chariot led the class on to victory. Y from work comes progress A Work Day, also called "Dozer Day," at the new campus was an unforgettable time of physical ex- haustion and spiritual elation for some 150 FBC students and faculty members. It was a day for "doing," not iust talking, and it gave every- one concerned a feeling of real accomplishment. The day was spent in clearing some ofthe land at the new campus, and, with the help of a bulldozer, a good amount of progress was made. Dr. Stanford offers leadership in all areas 'mv Real togetherness often comes from working together. M," -V-...,. .. Az 'dv 3,4-c .ry Ml V8 if unmet -- f LP, . .Q K at .,L,.,.,. Y sw . H V wi wg.- W.. , 1, ,V V. , , Y i ,JV f X km I T , ,, r f Q ia ki - W 'M Q S 2' ,. , . -. an - M if . 19?-Q 5 if V' , 6 .qs 1 4 Q H Q ,.,. , mf . 1 Qi ,W FN we FBC guys can be nice, sometimes. Carl Thomas, our Business Manager, displays his physical capabilities. Vi1?,, 66 if banquets create interest, enthusiasm Banquets were an important part of FBC's public information pro- gram this year. At the New Cam- pus Banquet, the Grove Commun- ity Church Missionary Banquet, and the FBC Banquet, the many facets of the work of the College were presented to several hundred people. In addition, many of the singing and instrumental groups and in- dividuals, along with Dr. Stanford, traveled to Tampa for a similar presentation at a banquet there. Many people expressed interest in FBC as a result of these events. Members of the Joyful Noise sing about a need and the answer The Destinies provide contemporary music with eternal meaning. Dr. Stanford explains the gospel The cheerleaders are always a welcome addition to any program. V ,N 68 The "Battle Hymn" ended a freezing but enioyable evening at Tops in Talent at Miami Marine Stadium "tops in talent" Florida Bible College Talent Nights have become synonymous with musical excellence in the past few years. This year's "Tops in Talent" program was presented at the Miami Marine Stadium, in St. Petersburg, and at the Miami Beach Auditorium. Talking was kept to a minimum in these pro- fessionally done performances, with Dr. Stanford being the only speaker. The results, in terms of people trusting Christ and being challenged to serve Him, were always more than gratifying to the participants. The Concert Choir sings "Praise My Soul" at Talent Night. Many rehearsals were held in preparing for every program presented. Dixie Hollins High School auditorium was the scene of the "Tops in Talent" presented in Si. Petersburg l l c.y.r. conference -where it's at Lora Lee Elbe sings "Master Designer" Sadie Hawkins day finds many boys, such as Tom Croley, in odd places. in one of the nightly programs. 1 . if Be -are infg-Q an Q., ' ' .Q . K, , 5 K at , 5, , Q Missy Carter learns to study the Word at morning devotions. , I gf, J 5 L 4 The choir enthusiastically participates in the singing of "l Am An American." cya f ll ilgl-Ml' Nelda Salee shows the happiness that the Lord gives by the smile on her face. sr tes,-ge Ag ,pi , t, 3 .S ak, at .. 9, V- . i - ' - ' , iw. a. ' .. 2 5? ixff ' Fai? ' ' we-af' HS MM' f. gm, K .. fi. sri. ' 'Hg' ' August was iust like any normal hot summer month to most southern Floridians, but to approximately 600 teenagers in Boca Raton, Au- gust meant much more. For two weeks during the month of August, the Christian Youth Ranch Confer- ence was held. Teenagers traveled to "Boca '69" from Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and even Colorado. Six hours ot Bible study daily, de- votions, and afternoon recreational activities provided an atmosphere where these teenagers saw true Christianity, not as a boring pas- time tor their grandparents, but as the only real answer to their many problems. Many lives were changed as these young people saw the is- sues involved in serving the Lord, and dedicated their lives to this purpose. Dr. Seymour-Boca is a Time for learning. Jackson Harvey-a fime for study campers find reality at boca W Dale Moorefield-a time for fun. ""'WHiim. Bill Adams-a time for testimony. Sue Gardner-a time for meditation 1. Rev. Mike Otto and Rev. Bruce Porter ioined together like The new drummer for the Internationals Debbie Ross? old times to sing Dr. Stanford's favorite song, "Peace Like A River." -. chapel... a time to remember Chapel could only be described as a treasured time at PBC. It was a time for relaxing in between classes and for enioying whatever was planned by the Student Ac- tivities Department tor each day. Some chapel periods were inspir- ational, some challenging, some informative, and some iust for fun. But all were looked forward to with real anticipation by stu- dents and faculty alike. Another one ofthe chapel skits 1 'wsawmnw if Is this our Business Manager? Beri Sparkman sings "How Great Thou Art l l l Tim and Bubba, one of the funnier memories of the year l , chapel means getting to know e each other l l l l l l l Chapel skits were often humorous, like when the Joyful Noise per- formed in "Tops in Talent Under the Sfairs?". ' 76 A featured chapel speaker was Rev. Greer. Some people don't care how short their skirts are Mels Carbonell speaks at one of his ranch meetings in St. Petersburg. l alumni... the finished product Alumni, the finished product of Florida Bible College, are a unique group of people unlike any other in the Christian world. They dem- onstrate a brand of Christian serv- ice which is unusual but success- ful, and which is honoring to the Lord. FBC graduates serve as pastors, youth workers, mission- aries, Bible teachers, music directors, and more . . . Ralph "Yankee" Arnold, successful youth worker in Arvada, Colorado. 6 f A fi kwfm,.i,,, it , 1- ag K Rev. Hank Lindstrom speaks to one of the classes during "Lindstrom Week." Rev. and Mrs. Richard t ai i f f ll :f,,5 S gfi if S. S' Rev. Bob Poulsen, minister in Mountain Home, North Carolina, officiates at a dedication service for the parents of new babies. Haynes relax for a mo- ment at the groundbreak- ing ceremony for their new church in Northome, Minnesota. outcome ot concentrated curriculum Rev. Richard Smith, Director of Campus Evangelism at the University of Kentucky, speaks to students in chapel. Rev. Ron Von Behren graduated from FBC with a Th. B. degree, then went to the snowy country of Pennsylvania. Wvrvrfw ww-ew' f Y :N,,,,, A ,.v.,q-ms: ,,,M .K if There were 250 kids at the first meeting of Tony Mirabella's Brandon Youth Ranch. Rev. Bruce Porter, FBC graduate and now Registrar. iv!!! Traveling is sometimes hard, as could be testified by Wally Morillo's group of teenagers in Pharr, Texas. 81 y- - 82 alumni exemplify excellence Part of the crowd at devotions at Rick DeJesus's Christmas camp at Lake Swan W5 Buford Adams has a very well-established ranch in Atlanta. mg, Qi Kai 3 R X -.si i ,Q wr? 'XE Jin., Y , wives' fellowship enioyable, informative Monthly meetings of the FBC Wives' Fellowship were times of sharing and learning, as these women studied to better fulfill their responsibilities as Christian wives and mothers. A progressive dinner, with 40 couples in attend- ance, was an enioyable and suc- cessful event of the year. The men were happy to be invited to the December meeting of the Wives Fellowship iv Concentration is great among those who are eager to learn. adults are eager to learn the word Evening school, which offered courses ranging from Prophetic Survey to Cults and World Reli- gions, gave those not able to at- tend college on a regular daytime schedule an opportunity to study God's Word. This year a new dimension was added to the program. The Lay- man's Bible Institute was organ- ized to provide a four-year study plan, leading to a Certificate of Achievement. Dr. Seymour instructs his class in the importance of prayer. 86 work 1970 TORCH STAFF editor barbara thompson assistant editors gary gariglio barbara satterwhite COPY elise whitworth doc parrish photography sheila van es bruce mcintosh advisors lee stantord michael moore Making class Iayo ts s ted s forG Sheila Van Es and Bruce Mclntosh, photographers. A sf Barbara Satterwhite works on the endless stream of layouts that must be made . faculty and curriculum "And lhe things that Thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, The same commit Thou To faithful men, who shall be able lo leach others also." -ll Timothy 2:2 J' ak QU A wiv-1 fflk, In M ,mfgtixg QWEEQF lg fy? ?f'X?Q +am Mi i , l Vw. Us Q , 2 i g? R. ,,gga,Q 'fmmgi vmwgg asv 5WQ5?f' ' 5",f3.sR1. 'K f Dr. William F. Bennett Miss Doris Cail Dr. Mark G. Cambron Rev. Thomas H, Davis Physician Administrative Staff Vice-President Department of Languages Department of Theology Miss Maria Gonzalez Mrs. Dolly Greer Rev. CharlesJ. Hackney Department of Languages Department of Music Rev. James A. Greer Housing Director Department of Music The faculty shows excitement about the plans for the new campus. -1"i"TZ3l" ,KM Mrs. Louise Hackney Housing Director Mrs. Louise Holland Administrative Staff Mrs. Ann Martin Department of Christian Education Mrs. Patsy Mills Department of Christian Education Dr. Stanford is always available. Mr. Michael L. Moore Department of Christian Education Mrs. Corabel Morgan Department of Music it Rev. C. Michael Otto Mrs. Valda Parrish Mrs. Ann Patterson Rev. Bruce E. Porter Department of Student Activities Administrative Staff Librarian Registrar Department of Christian Education Mr. Herb Raab Miss Barbara Roche Athletic Department Administrative Staff Mrs. Ada Soubirou Rev. A. Lee Stanford Department of Music Dean of Men Department of English Bible Q 5 1 I ! Mrs. Carol Seymour Department of Christian Education Mrs. Sue Stanford Dean of Women Department of Christian Education Mr. Adon Taft Department of Christian Education Dr. Richard A. Seymour Department of Theology Mrs. Lea Swords Department of Christian Education Mr. Carl Thomas Business Manager Department of Christian Education Bruce Porter, Carl Thomas, and Dr. Seymour enioy the food at the Staff and Faculty Christ- mas party. mauv- .gms-ss-nasvvvmv ve' 'Aga WND-1'-v-" - gl 1 , ,H JV, pfstk A A A if Q 'fl' x "' v I Q' W' 'Fi' 7 if P D 41'ii,5'j4i ' 'fs J "' X , f .,,' . 1 :AA um , ,H ,A M 'EY' Y riiw l l l l l l l l l l l l l l education with encouragement To equip FBC students with a workable knowledge of some of the more difficult and yet most basic books of the Bible was the goal of Rev. A. Lee Stanford. Rev. Stanford, also the Dean of Men and the Athletic Director, instructed classes in John, Ga- latians, Hebrews, Acts, Penta- teuch, and Matthew. Never a dull moment in the Dean's office. i My amawaoln Lee Stanford reviews his notes before giving a quiz. The Dean of Men also finds time to talk to the girls. i se Wordsof wisdomintime of trouble. Sue Stanford, "instant in season, 2 ' H .41 out of season." teaching by word and example Mrs. Sue Stanford was, as always, the adopted mother of hundreds of young people. Her office was con- tinuously occupied, as, one after another, both male and female stu- dents sought her advice. In addition to her counseling, as Dean of Women, she also instructed the freshman girls in her class on Chris- tian Etiquette. The lines are always busy in the office of the Dean of Women. Much correspondence is handled by Rev. Porter and his secretary. discussion develops understanding Rev. Bruce E. Porter, in addition to his many vital and complex duties as Registrar, contributed greatly to the FBC students' de- velopment of further knowledge in both the academic and practical areas by his lectures and discus- sions. Subiects taught by Rev. Porter included Romans, General Epistles, Homiletics, Proverbs and Job, Bible Customs, Johannine Epistles, Genesis, and Prison Epistles. Rev. Porter talks with Dave McCafferty at a Wives' Fellowship dinner C 3 J J ff Carl Thomas and Miami Mayor Steve Clark at the New Mrs. Parrish always hasa smile for those who come to her office. Campus Banquet. Mrs. Parrish and Mr. Thomas discuss financial affairs. thc-a good investme Many years of experience in the field of business were put to good use by Mr. Carl Thomas, the Business Manager of FBC. Han- dling the financial matters of the College was a Tremendous task this year, as support for the new campus grew. Mr. Thomas also directed the public relations ac- tivities of FBC and instructed many FBC students in his Account- ing class. An increased number of students, along with the mounting flurry of activity connected with the new campus, also affected Mrs. Valda Parrish, Comptroller. Mrs. Par- rish, a veteran of several years' experience as the Business Office Manager, proved once again to be one of the truly indispensable people at Florida Bible College. nt g communication ot concern One of FBC's most active protes- sors was Dr. Richard Seymour, who utilized his extensive Bible knowledge in training students of all levels. Subiects taught by Dr. Seymour included Spiritual Lite, Contem- porary Theology, Cults and World Religions, Psychology, Philosophy, Missions, Cultural Anthropology, Poetical Books, and Systematic Theology. Rev. Thomas H. Davis, a graduate of FBC, provided many challeng- ing moments in his classes of Greek and Hebrew, along with up-to-date instruction in Archae- ology and Science and the Bible. Dr. Seymour is greeted by Sam Wilson Many illustrations are used by Dr. Seymour when he speaks. Tommy Davis tells Lydia Elbe about his Word of Truth radio program. .4 V N. K2 Y Q may Q I Shorthand class can be fun, even at 7:00 in the morning efficiency with excellence Mrs. Carol Seymour added greatly to the practical education of many PBC women in her shorthand classes. Teaching these classes was only a beginning for her busy days as Secretary to Dr. Stanford. An important phase of the music program of FBC was carried out by the Concert Choir, directed by Mrs. Corabel Morgan. A well- known concert artist, Mrs. Mor- gan arranged and conducted sev- eral sacred concerts, both at FBC and at other churches in the community. 100 4. application of creativity An extensive background in the field of writing and iournalism was provided for the use of FBC students this year when Mr. Mich- ael L. Moore ioined the faculty as teacher of Creative Writing. The class studied not only the creative aspects of literature, but the mechanical and technical pro- cesses of printing and publishing aswell. An invaluable asset to the Concert Chorus this year, as in the past years, was Mrs. Ada Soubirou, pianist. Mrs. Soubirou, a teacher of advanced piano students and an accomplished pianist, spent many hours working with the choir in rehearsals and performances. 'IH-HF .ff4""l Mike Moore checks the roll in his Creative Writing class. Mrs. Soubirou plays very difficult pieces with seeming effortlessness. i , , if I I I .N 3 Rev. Greer directs the singing at the New Campus Mrs.GreersingswithJohn Riggsduring anlnternationalsrehearsal. Banquet. guidance in music Music became a very important part in the lives of many FBC students in l969-70, and this was largely due to the influence and work of Rev. and Mrs. James Greer. Under their careful guid- ance, the music program included an active Concert Choir, the Col- lege Singers, and the Internation- als lall directed by Rev. Greerl, as well as the Joyful Noise, the Destinies, the Eccos Latinos, and several outstanding soloists. Rev. Greer, an FBC graduate, also taught Fundamentals of Music and Music Theory. Rev. Greer concentrates intently on the blend of voices and instru- ments in the Internationals. 101 inf' 102 Dr. Bennett diagnoses that Cathi Wilson has the flu. Mrs. Swords enioys talking with students practical aid to spiritual health Physical health is a vital requisite for proper functioning of the minds and bodies of FBC students and faculty members. This knowledge constrained Mrs. Lea Swords, graduate ot the State University of lowa College of Nursing, to spend an extended amount of time this year, as always, serving as the College Nurse. In addition to this ministry, Mrs. Swords instructed students in Health Education, Eng- lish, and American History. Dr. William Bennett's "office" was a popular place at FBC this year. Between the diphtheria epi- demic, the flu, and common every- day illnesses, Dr. Bennett treated hundreds of patients at his Tues- day morning clinics. The many hours he donated to FBC were very important in the lives of many students. Mrs. Swords "hooks" students on diphtheria. Mrs. Mills-a master teacher. knowledge and application in child evangelism The extensive experience of Mrs. Patsy Mills in dealing with chil- dren provided a wealth of re- sources for the students in the Child Evangelism classes. Mrs. Mills, a graduate of Tennessee Temple College, directed the stu- dents into various areas of prac- tical experiences. Mrs. Ann Martin, also a veteran in the field of child evangelism, was the co-teacher ot the Child Evangelism classes. The training received in these sessions proved to be valuable application of the knowledge gained in other FBC classes. f - , ,I ttf? was -K' , of f gr Ta 1 ' H , .. it Flannelgraphstoriesplayanimportantpartin child evangelism. Mrs. Martin shows Pam King stories that are effective in leading children to Christ. 103 104 awareness increased through activities Rev. C. Michael Otto, graduate and former Student Body Presi- dent of FBC, carried on his close relationship with the students this year as the Director of Student Activities. Rev. Otto also taught a variety of subiects, including Biblical Introduction, Historical Books I and ll, Pastoral Epistles, History and Philosophy of Educa- tion, Apologetics, Church History, and Christian Ethics. FBC was privileged to have as its football coach Mr. Herb Raab, a member of the coaching staff at Florida Christian School. Mr. Raab devoted much time and ef- fort to producing another winning season for the Saints. S S? X' is E 3 Rev. Otto prepares for one of his classes. Coach Raab urges one of the boys to try a little harder. X David Ogletree and Don Percy question Maria Gonzalez as to what she requires of her Spanish classes. learning opportunities are varied The language program at FBC was greatly enriched by the Span- ish classes taught by Miss Maria Gonzalez. Miss Gonzalez, a native of Cuba, had as her purpose for the courses not iust knowledge of the languages, but the ability to ef- fectively witness to the large Span- ish population in the Miami area and throughout the world. Mrs. Ann Patterson was the cap- able librarian for PBC this year. Recognizing that research ma- terials related to various areas of Biblical study are important, and that they must be organized in order to be useful, Mrs. Patterson spent many hours increasing the value of the library to PBC students. ,,.,s r Mrs. Patterson helps Ted Fogle with some research work. 105 106 Dr. Stanford answers a question in Personal Evangelism. lbc instructors have knowledge and experience Mr. Dennis Groleau was added to the faculty of FBC this year to teach Personnel Management. Mr. Groleau has had several years of experience in this field, and his knowledge and capability were beneficial to the students. In addition to his overwhelming responsibilities as President of Florida Bible College and Pastor of Grove Community Church, Dr. Stanford took the time to teach several classes, including Per- sonal Evangelism, Prophetic Survey, and Youth Leadership. His authority in these areas is with- out question, and the opportunities of FBC students to learn from him were many and valuable. 1 Dennis Groleau relaxes after class. eye we V Randolph F, Busby Richard Darlington Robert Wright Several faculty members look at plans tor the New Campus. th. b. students experience teaching The Th. B., or Bachelor ot The- ology, program provided Th. B. students with a year ot advanced study, and at the same time pro- vided FBC faculty members with interns for most of their courses. Internship was one ofthe primary functions of the Th, B. students, and this was an opportunity for them to develop their knowledge ot teaching and theirteaching ability, in order that they might be better prepared to be Bible teachers or ministers themselves. 107 Doris Cail types the program for a coming concert administrative staff is indispensable Miss Doris Cail was the assistant to Mr. Carl Thomas, Business Manager. Registration, bookkeep- ing, and matters regarding the new campus occupied a great amount of her time. In addition to this, she was the secretary of the Athletic Department, and was responsible for correspondence, records, and many other activities of the athletic operations. Miss Barbara Roche was the as- sistant to the Registrar, Rev. Bruce Porter. All the activities involving students' schedules, transcripts, grades, permanent records, etc., were in the care of Miss Roche. She was also the sponsor and advisor for the cheer- leaders, and was instrumental in obtaining uniforms and in bringing about good organization for the group. Registration days were busy for Barbara Roche. service that counts Mrs. Louise Holland ioined the FBC staff this year, and became the latest addition to the staff. Mrs. Holland assisted Doris Cail in the Business Office. Housing Directors for FBC were Rev. and Mrs. Charles Hackney. Rev. and Mrs. Hackney were re- sponsible primarily for the main- tenance and repair, furnishing, and iust keeping order in the dorm apartments of FBC. Rev. Hackney was also a key person in obtain- ing several new dormitory apart- ments which were greatly needed bythe school. But Mrs Hackney..." Rev Hackney interns for Dr. Cam- bron in Bible Doctrine. fir printing-a vital mini Thousands of "Am I Going to Heaven?" tracts were used each week by Grove Community Church members and Florida Bible Col- lege students. The men responsi- ble for printing these tracts were Tom Conley, Steve Gibson, and Bruce Morrison. In addition to printing tracts in Spanish and English, these stu- dents printed all the many thou- sands ot copies of dozens of forms which were used by the offices in carrying out the business of the school. Printing for students and student ministries was also done at the FBC print shop by these work scholarship students. Steve Gibson watches for quality work. stry 110 wmv' Many people were reached through the Heaven Tracts printed by Tom Conley. Steve Merrefield moves the bulletin board before a Sunday morning service. lbc needs maintenance The Grove Community Church building was probably one of the most used facilities in the world during the past year. The iob of setting up different combinations of chairs and tables, mopping and waxing the floors, cleaning the rugs, regulating heating, air-con- ditioning, and lighting, caring for the lawns and parking lots, and much more belonged to Steve Merrefield, maintenance engineer. Steve and his three helpers, Birbal Boodram, Matthew Mappillay, and K. P. Titus, Kept the building in excellent condition for the many events which took place here. 3 5 i . , 5 Matthew and Birbal sweep the floor to prepare for the CYR meeting. K. P. Titus counts extra chairs which are needed for Sunday church services. 111 Joan Thompson is the smiling receptionist in the Business Office. Barbara Thompson is Mrs. Parrish's secretary. Sue Van Rider handles most of the posting on The bookkeeping machines. 112 Ramona Bowditch files a Transcript in the Registrar's Office. HG Susie Simpson uses her shorthand ability effectively as Bruce Porter's secretary. scholarship students Several students, sophomores through seniors, composed part of the office staffs at PBC. These students are awarded work schol- arships, and filled positions under the Administrative Staff in the Business Office, the Registrar's Office, the offices of the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women, the Student Activities Department, and the Library. Pat Thomas spends most of her time using the adding machine. 113 114 many responsibilities were given to scholarship students ...M ,w"""'lq Rachel Elbe, Secretary to the Director of S -6 nge Tamako Matsuoka and Barbara Satterwhite were assistant librarians. Much of the artwork and publicity for FBC was done by Joe Castillo. go Secretary to The Dean of Women-Karen Forare. ,...-A One of The many Tasks of Dale Crawshaw was creating good public relations Through the means of The Telephone. 115 ,iiir 7V Y W 116 classes "S'rudy To show thyself approved unto God, a Workman that needeih not To be ashamed, rightly dividing The word of TruTh. IlTimoThy2:15 117 'Nr STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Vice-President - Allan Salford Treasurer- Willie Grillin Secretary - Susie Simpson President- Steve Michaelson activity yields spirit and unity The Student Government during l969-70 was characterized by faithfulness and cooperation. The leadership provided by the of- ficers resulted in several proi- ects which brought greater unity and spirit among the students. Included among the activities were a moonlight cruise and an ice-skating party. The operation of the "snack shack," as well as the sale of "Saint" window de- cals and sweatshirts, was in the hands of the Student Govern- ment. Throughout these experiences, there were opportunities to learn and to apply learning in dealing with people. 'Ibn 119 120 5 Seniors. Year number four. The Senior Class looked back and remem- bered all fhe ioys and sorrows, The laughfer, Training, and evenfs of The pasT four years. If was a Time To look To The fufure, Too, and find ouT where, and in whaT way, The Lord would have The graduaTe serve. Mission field? Graduafe work? Where? When? The l.ord's answers were on The way. Commencing. SENIOR GLASS OFFICERS President- Max Alt Secretary-Pat Lees Vice-President-Phil Myers Treasurer-Ed DeBee 122 John Allan SignalMt., Tennessee Il Corinthians 9:8 Wendy Braun Charlottesville, Virginia Luke 1:37 Susan DeBee Miami, Florida John 6:47 seniors Kay McDutfy sets a good ex- amplefor underclassmen. Frederick Allen Maurice Alt Q Timothy Braemer Miami, Florida Hollywood, Florida Miami, iriorida Colossians4:6 lTimothy4:8 iQ0ifiriiiqian5i5 58 Richard Brounley Robert Bryan Tom Croley Miami, Florida Miami, Florida St, Petersburg, Florida Isaiah 50:7 llCorinthians9:l5 A515 27531 in all F nf., -rar , f hu - . " -iw so ,ai .WK-N--F .x 5 Ed DeBee Miami, Florida Acts 20:24 Doug Doswell St. Petersburg, Florida ll Timofnym Ray Dukes Miami, Florida lThessalonians2:4 Michael Floyd Tunica, Mississippi Joshua 24:15 Lamar Forbes Marco, Florida lTimothy 4:16 Leonora Frechette Miami, Florida PsaIms116:1,2 Bud Hamilton FortWayne, Indiana Ephesians 5:11 Don Hardesty Hialeah, Florida Joshua 1 18,9 "This banquet food gets better and better," says Tom Croley. 123 l l l l Don Patton practices for his first date. 124 Elizabeth Harpe Miami, Florida Job 36:11 Thom Hightower Miami, Flotida llC0rinthiar1s1:57 Linda Hillgoth Miami Springs, Florida Psalms 71 :3,5 Billie Johnson Quitman, Georgia I Corinthians 9: 19 Tom Johnstone St. Petersburg, Florida Matthew 6:33 Diana Jones Roanoke, Virginia llTimothy1:12 Alfred Karrasch Miami, Florida Psalms 37:4,5 Pat Lees St. Petersburg, Florida Proverbs 11:30 if A f I Bruce Lynam Kay McDuffy Sharon McMahan Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida Hialeah, Florida Rornansl4:8 IlTimolhy4:7 Hebrewsl3:8 Steve Michaelson Valerie Miller Sieve Miller Tampa, Florida Miami, Florida Miami, Florida lCorin1hians 15:58 Romans 8:38,39 Romans 8:38 seniors enjoy lun and fellowship Tomako Matsuoka Tokyo, Japan John 12:24 Bruce Miifauer Hollywood, Florida Ephesians 3:20 ! A 15 125 I, Joanne Pankralz Casselberry, Florida Romans 8:38,39 Richard Price Englewood, Ohio Philippians 4:l9 Janice Parker Challa noog a, Tennessee lsaiah26:3,4 John Riggs Miami, Florida Proverbs 16:3 Kathy Riggs Miami, Florida Job 23:10 Max All emphasizes The seriousness of serving the Lord. seniors serve day by day in-'Q i Allan Safford Wesi Palm Beach, Florida ll Corinthians 4:7 Ed Williamson St. Petersburg, Florida IPefer3:i5 Collins Swords Miami, Florida Ephesians 3:20 Louis Wommer Miami, Florida John 10:28 Barbara Thompson QA Zephyrhills, Florida lsaiah26:3 Chad Woodburn Quito, Ecuador Proverbs ll:3 .lohn Van Rider Miami, Florida Ephesians 6:5,6 Jim Woodhead Tampa, Florida Romans 8:38,39 127 128 5 Juniors. Year number three. The Junior Class took one more step toward the goal of becoming skilled draftsmen with the Word of God. They took on tougher courses, more ministries, greater responsi- bilities, and an increased awareness of the need to reach the world with the gospel's positive message. It was a year of tremendous progress, both academically and in the realm of practical work. Maturing. f fm-ilu, A Q91 I 'Mr JUNIOR GLASS OFFICERS President- Bill Fillmore Secretary - Ramona Bowditch Vice-President - Rudy Overholser Treasurer - Steve Merrelield 129 130 Bill Adams Gardendale, Alabama Proverbs 3:5,6 Cameron Albert Miami, Florida Galatians 3:20 Larry Bennink St. Petersburg, Florida l Samuel 12:24 Ramona Bowditch Burnsville, North Carolina Philippians 3:10 Fred Burk Perrine, Florida lCorinthians7:l Joe Caraglior Miami, Florida Acts 20:24 Dale Crawshaw Plantation Key, Florida Psalmsll9:l65 Rance Darity Greenville, Kentucky Romans l4:8 iuniors experience the joy ot serving Ken Fast practices for an upcom- ing Joyful Noise performance. 5, fe-fp Kaye Otto, College Swinger Faithfulness in presenting the gosp illustrated by Joan Thompson. is at QIIA-9? 1' W el is Mark DeBee St. Petersburg, Florida Psalms 37:37 Lana DuGay St. Petersburg, Florida ll Corinthians 13:13 Rachel Elbe St. Louis, Missouri lsaiah26:3,4 Ken Fast Quito, Ecuador Psalms 103:12 Bill Fillmore Hollywood, Florida Joshua1:8,9 Ted Fogle Norway, South Carolina l John 5:13 Linda Fontaine Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ll Corinthians 3:5 Karen Forare Miami, Florida Isaiah 41:10 131 l4 132 Susan Gesser Hollywood, Florida i Galatians 2:21 Carl Gottschalk West Palm Beach, Florida Philippians4:l3 Willie Griffin Tampa, Florida ISan'1Uell2:24 Mike Hansinger Ft. Myers, Florida ll Chronicles l4:ll Samuel liams Lander, Wyoming Isaiah 50:7 Marvin Jansen Seminole, Florida Psalms5:ll Spencer Johnson Lake Park, Florida l Corinthians l0:l3 Virginia Johnson Quitman, Georgia ll Timothy 1:7 Linda Johnstone Miami, Florida Romans 8:28 iuniors lace new challenges Dr. Seymour answers Rudy Overholser's theological questions. "1 ssl Q ,, .--.M WWW ,NM 'Nw 1 ' . inf? " 'ff Q:-65? , '-2:e-.,.1:.gQ?:ig life-:rfeg:gfggg'f-,lgzfj.-lame..ag,--,i:,,.1 Tribulation worketh patiencei?l A welcome to Boca from Karen Forare. Gene Little Jerry Lloyd Thomas Martin Cynthia McMorris Steve Merrefield Gibsonton, Florida Tampa, Florida Miami, Florida Miami, Florida 57- P9'f9FSbUI'Q, Fl0l'ida IlTimothyl:7 IIC0rinfhian54:8l'l0 lCorinthiansl0:l3 Proverbs 3Z5,6 Phl'5DDi6f1S 3314 Lanora Morgan Richard Mama,-wo,-fh Linda Murphy Kaye Otto Rudy Overholser Miami, Florida Na,-fh Miami, Florida Riverview, Florida Miami, Florida Tampa, Fl0I'ida lChronicles9:l6 lnimoqhygig Romans 5:8 Proverbsl0:22 Job 22:21 133 134 r,:..a.ab. Ve. sip. gil--W ,M Mark DeBee searches daily for love letters. Dale Parker China Grove, North Carolina John 3:30 Joe Potter St. Petersburg, Florida Titus 2:14 Karen Sand Boca Raton, Florida Joshua l :9 Ron Seecharan West Indies Joshua l 28,9 Susan Simpson Tampa, Florida Acts 20:24 Larry Stickler Gibsonton, Florida John 8:32 Danny Streib Miami, Florida Daniel 2:20 Mike Sullivan Clementon, New Jersey Romans 10:13-l5 Joan Thompson Zephyrhills, Florida II Chronicles l4:ll Joanne Pankratz and Lana Dugay relax at Derby Day juniors stud for a lifetime ot Juan Toranzo Miami, Florida IICorinthians 4:5 Terry Turner Largo, Florida Philippians 1 :21 Jerry Weber Atlanta, Georgia Psalms 45:1 Elise Whitworth Forest Park, Georgia Philippians 3:13,14 Tom Williams Gibsonton, Florida IITlm01hy 1:12 Don Woollen Atlanta, Georgia Proverbs 3:5 service l FBC students Carolyn Smith and Juan Toranzo grab the first available seat. 135 136 Sophomores. Year number Two. The Sophomore Class builT on The Things They had learned The previous year. They added knowledge To knowledge, and began To build upon The basic TruThs They already possessed. IT was during This year of Their educaTion ThaT many began To direcT sTudenT minisTries, puTTing To pracTicaI use The classroom les- sons. Building. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President- Stan Ponz Treasurer- Jack Bartlett Secretary- Karen Forare Vice-President - Joe Castillo 'tin l l 138 Linda Anderson Portland, Ore. Ephesians 3:20,2l George Bean Tampa, Fla. Philippiansl:2O David Arlington Osterville, Mass. H QM' Vicki Bailey Harlingen, Tex, J lCorinthiansl:27,28 lCorinthians5:l0 Dianna Bell Barbara Bennink Miami Springs, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. Job 22:21 lCorinthiansl5:58 Jack Bartlett Forest Park, Ga Colossians 4:5 Larry Bradley Forest Park, Ga. Ecclesiastes 4:6 Joel Beaird Naples, Florida Isaiah 53:l,6 Alfred Brausam Pompano Beach, Philippians4:l3 Fla Janie Townsend and Al Brausam get a foretaste of marriage at Derby Day. ' , - C .q , -:Af ' 1 ' -1 Q Z 3' D , mL'L . Teamwork, such as this between Mike Work and Dale Moorefield, produces many new songs at FBC. nw ? ' ye f' Gloria Burgess Odessa, Fla. Hebrews l2:l,2 Ken Bussell Forest Park, Ga. lChronicles 28:20 Frank Cates Forest Park, Ga. l Corinthians 2:2 Gs., Fred Burtscher Arcadia, Florida Proverbs 1:7 Jose Castillo Miami, Florida l Thessalonians 2:4 Elaine Conner Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Proverbs 3:5,6 sophomores get involved in student activities Glen Cunningham Naples, Florida lThessalonians 2:4 Richard Cunningham Forest Park, Ga. Proverbs ll:30 Richard Deas St. Petersburg, Fla, Proverbs 3:5,6 Bob DeCamp West Caldwell, N.J. Psalms l26:6 139 140 3 , 3 T Phil Brown, Navy man, entertains Diane Shearon and Kathy Jones. Valerie Depaulis Orlando, Fla. Deuteronomy 11:30 Rosemary Green St. Petersburg, Fla Joshua 1 17,9 Rebecca Dudley Clearwater, Fla. Hebrews 12: 1,2 Carl Green Forest Park, Ga I Samuel 12:24 Doyle Ellis Riverview, Fla. IITimothy 2:2 Jeff Hall St. Petersburg, F Ia. Philippians4:19 Gary Gariglio Tricia Gilbert Pompano Beach, Fla. Aflanfaf G90l'9ia Proverbs 18:24 Psalms 37:4,5 Linda Harvey Jackson Harvey West Palm, Fla. Miami, Florida PsaIms16:8 IJOYIFISI13 Glen Harvey Miami, Florida Romans 1 : 16 Jim Hester Miami, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Dianne Hutchinson Pompano Beach, Fla Isaiah 25:4 Sherry Jackson Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Isaiah 12:2 Pam King Miami, Fla. Isaiah 50:7 Marilyn Lashbrook Pompano Beach, Fla Psalms 37:4,5 Linda Lovett Plantation Key, Fla. Matthew 6:21 Don Manley Norwich, New York ltimoiny 2:4 Fred Mathews Miami, Florida Ephesians 2:8,9 Robert Mayer Miami, Florida I Timothy 4:12 sophomores study to serve l l l l l l lg, 142 Anne McCloud Miami, Fla. Proverbs 3:5,6 Richard McElroy Miami, Fla. Numbersllzll Kathy McGee Miami, Fla. Philippians 3:10 Julia Miller Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. Colossians 2:6,7 Pam Minke Miami, Fla. ICorinThians6:l9,20 Tanya Moore Tampa, Fla. Hebrews l3:l5,l6 Dale Moorefield Forest Park, Ga. lTimothy4:l2 Jerry Morgan ST, Louis, Illinois Revela1ionl2:ll Bruce Morrison Largo, Fla. Romans 5:6,8 William Murphy Pompano Beach, Fla. Hebrews 9:27,28 Nancy Owen ST. Petersburg, Fla. Nahum 1:7 John Parrish Miami, Fla. John 6:47 sophomores feel at home at fbc The end of exam week finds Glen Cunningham fast asleep. W.-.., hu... Jeff Hall checks his notes one last time. George Bean meditates on Proverbs. Roy Pierce Hallandale, Fla. Joshua 24:15 Gordon Rhoden Forest Park, Ga. Isaiah 50:7 Stan Ponz Neil Porter Miami, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. IIChroniclesl6:9 llTimothy 2:2 Joan Rhoden Luis Rodriguez Atlanta, Ga. Miami, Fla, Psalms l6:8 Joshua l :8,9 Q X Sharon Porter Pharr, Texas Isaiah l:l9 Thomas Rogers Forest Park, Ga. Joshua 24:l4,l5 Carol Pugh Orlando, Fla. Psalms 18:2 Mike Romine Tampa, Fla. Romans iO:l7 143 Donna Whipple contemplates a busy day at Boca Rosey Green was not expecting visitors especially Neil Lawrence Roy Perrine, Fla. Psalms 71:16 Barbara Satterwhite Tampa, Florida Psalms l47:5 Robert Sears Hollywood, Fla. lCorinthians l5:l,3,4 Jane Selstad Palm Beach Gardens Philippians 1:20 Diana Shearon Tampa, Fla. Job5:8,9 Bruce Smith Forest Park, Ga. John 6:47 Norman Speier Greenacres, Fla. Ephesians 6:10 Lonnie Staton Mountain Home, N. Caro Romans 8:28 John Sutter Princeton, lll. Psalms l26:5,6 Ed Sutton Lancaster, Ky. ll Timothy 4:8 Sharon Taber Miami, Fla. Philippians 4:13 Pat Thomas Pompano Beach, Fla Isaiah 50:7 Tillie Whiteside Tampa, Fla. Isaiah 50:7 'iv Janie Townsend Bill Vestal Pompano Beach, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. Philippians4:l3 Psalms 43:3 Marion Widmer Virginia Woodburn Miami, Fla. Easton, Pa. PsaIms63:7 Psalms54:l3 Charles Whipple Miami, Fla. Genesis I :l Lynn Woodhead St. Petersburg Romans l:l6 sophomores, the spirit oi lbc Donna Whipple Tampa, Florida Romans 8:28 Suesan Wright Miami, Fla. John 6:47 Tom Conley, the most beautiful girl in the Sophomore class, captivates his audience. 145 Freshmen. Year number one. The Freshman Class, largest in school his- tory, wasted no time before involving itself in college activities. Football, cheerleading, basketball, and music were some areas in which they excelled. Talent Nights, the fresh- men car wash, Homecoming, banquets, and the Missionary Conference crowded the year with purposeful and positive activities. It was a whole new world. Being a freshman at FBC during 1969-70 was an experience unique. Beginning. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President- Phil Engelman Treasurer- Kay Cowen Secretary- Randee Busby Vice-President - Toney Jones 148 is Alida Acevedo Miami, Fla. Philippians 3:13 Kerry Allen Psalms 18:2 Hal Bekemeyer Winter Garden, Fla. Miami, Fla, Beth Bennett I Thessalonians 2:4 Proverbs 233-5 David Anderson Nasl'lviIIe,Ter1r1. Missoula, Mont. John 20:29 David Bess St. Petersburg, Fla. Philippians 4:13 -an-nv it Edwin Anderson Hally Arsenault Hollywood, Fla. Pompano Beach, lChronicles 29:li,l2 Fla. IIChroniclesl:l2 Ken Bissinoer Karen Blackwell Hollahd, Pa. Sarasota, Pla. J0b36:ii Romans 8:28 Bubba Bryant and the Lockiaws practicing. Don Austin Tarpon Springs, Fla. Romansl:i6 Dean Blodgett Miami, Fla. Psalms 40:8-l0 Clem BOBTHQN BirbalB0Odl'arT1 Carol Brawner Donald Britton Paul Brokaw Shirley Brounley ST-.PGTGVSDUVQI Fla- Caroni, Trinidad Seminole, Fla. Broomall, Pa. Pompano Beach, Miami, Fla. lT'm0ThY 4112 Ephesians 2:8,9 Psalrns37:4,5 llTimothy 2:15 Fla. Romans 8:38,39 Proverbs 3:5,6 Michael Brown Acworth, Ga. John 12:26 Philip Brown Pharr, Tex. Philippians 3:13,l4 Sally Brown Miami Beach, Fla. Il Chronicles 16:9 Linda Brownell Tampa, Fla. II ThessaIonians2: Charles Bryant Forest Park, Ga. Proverbs 17:28 Lynn Bultman Seminole, Fla. Psalms 34:10 freshmen enloy thc lite "And when you finish the cabinets, you "If only l had brought my clarinet la can start on the stands, and then . . ." ments Joe Williams. explains Rev. Greer to Bert Sparkmani Debra Burgin Westland, Mich. Isaiah 41:10 Randee Busby Hollywood, Fla. Romans 1:16 Barbara Campbell Miami, Fla. Philippians 1:27 Irma Cappelletti Miami, Fla. Isaiah 50:7 Pl" 150 in d"'5-. has.. s 5 at Birbal Boodram contemplates a lesson learned in Bible Doctrine. Clifton Carpenter Edwardsville, Ill. Isaiah 41:10 Rebecca Carver Mountain Home, N. C Revelation 4:4 Kerry Clifford Dennis, Mass. John 3:16 Bruce Cook Miami, Fla. Hebrews 12:3 Kay Cowen Pompano Beach, Fla. Isaiah 26:3 Cynthia Crum St. Petersburg, Fla. ll Timothyl:l2 Kenneth Cummings Westerville, Ohio llTimo1hy2115 Laura Cunningham Naples, Fla. Colossians 1:10 Carol DeAngelis Yeadon, Pa. Deuteronomy 31:8 Gail Diguette Pompano Beach, Fla. lCorinthiansl0:l3 Phillip Dilley Frankfort, Indiana Romans 5:1 David Dion St. Petersburg, Fla. John 6:47 Richard Doig Clearwater, Fla. I Peter 5:7 Theresa Duke Mobile, Ala. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Lora Lee Elbe St. Louis, Mo. Philippians3:l0 BTO. John Heywood and Mike Taylor discuss upcoming football game. freshmen OW , my . -W-wr: Lydia Elbe St. Louis, Mo. Psalms71:8 Dale Ellis Riverview, Fla. ll Tir'nothy1:7 Woodson Elston Miami, Fla. llTimothy 4:2 Philip Engelman St. Petersburg, Fla. James 1:5 Carmen Escriva Miami, Fla. Philippians1:21 Timothy Estes Austell, Ga. PhiIippiar1s4:13,19 Catherine Fassbach Miami, Fla. Nahum 1:7 Brad Fernald St. Petersburg, Fla. Job 36:11 Kristi Fivek Pompano Beach, Fla. Job6:24 Maynard Flack Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Isaiah 50:7 Steve Gibson St. Petersburg, Fla. lCorinthians 10:13 Mel Guinn Miami, Fla. Acts 20:24 Susan Gunkel Pompano Beach, Fla I Samuel 12:24 Donald Hamrick Conley, Ga. Proverbs 11:30 -aye- ll f Hally Arsenault acts like a typical Freshman. 151 152 John Hancock Titusville, Fla. Psalms 71 :3 Francine Harris New York, New York Colossians 3:1,3 Linda Harvey Miami, Florida Psalms 16:8 John Heywood Miami, Florida Psalms 119:99 Timothy Hiatt Westerville, Ohio Galatians 2:20 Carole Hill Asheville, N. Caro. ll Timothy 1:7 Debby Hills Pompano Beach, Fla. Galatians 6:9 Mary Hohrein Annapolis, Md, Mark 9:24b Terry Hoover Orlando, Fla. Proverbs 3:5,6 Timothy Hucknall St. Petersburg, Fla. GaIatians2:20 Kenneth Jensen St. Petersburg, Fla. Mark 11:23,24 Jose Jimenez lslamorada, Fla, Ephesians 6:10,2O Barbara Johnson Miami, Fla. Proverbs 3:5,6 David Johnson St. Petersburg, Fla. ISamuel12:24 Brenda Johnson Forest Park, Ga. Lamentations 3:21-25 Kathy Jones Roanoke, Va. Psalms 56:11 11 , 55921423 . Phil Engelman listens to Jerry Weber's fatherly advice. Toney Jones Forest Park, Ga. Matthew 6:33 Gary Kennedy Miami, Fla. Philippians 4:13 Gretchen Klauss Forest Park, Ga. Isaiah 12:2 Ann Kimball Daniel L99 Clearwater, Fla. Red Qak, G5- Proverbs16:19,20 GHIBTIBUSVTO Robert Kinne Zephyrhills, Fla. Job1:21 Julie Kirk Pompano Beach, John 3:17,18 Robert Kirk Southampton, Pa. Romans 4:5 Fla. Pamela Krane Crownsville, Md. Galatians 2:20 Yvonne Legrand St. Michael, Haiti Psalms 121 Dennis Krey Arvada, Colo. Philippians 1:20 Thomas Lilly Jacksonville, Fla. I ThessaIonians5: Rodney Krey Arvada, Colo. Proverbs 3:5,6 Connie Lindquist Mt. Clemens, Mich. 16,17Job5:l7 Cindy Crum enioys the fellowship at FBC. 153 Mary Lloyd W. Yarmouth, Mass. Philippians 4:13 Dean Maxson 5T.Pe1ersburg, Fla. Il Timothy 2:15 01" -nf 1 tn X Donna LOPEZ Terry Lowe Patricia Loyd Matthew Mapplllay Steven Mappln F0reST Park, GH- St.Pe1ersburg, Fla. Littletown, Colo lndla Mlaml Fla PS6lfT1ST4323 .lohn6:28,29 lsaiah41:l0 Romansi5 16 lJohn5 13 Terry McCar1ha Bruce Mclntosh Pickens McMillan Nancy Mears AIICIB Mendez Pompano Beach, Fla- Minneapolis, Minn. Mobile, Ala. Hollywood Fla Mlaml Fla ROrT1af1S8I23 lCorin1hians2:2 ITimoThyi:i5 Proverbs3 5 6 Psalms 23 freshmen experience growing pains Esiela Mendoza Miami, Fla. I John 4:15 Judy Mirrauer Miami, Fla. Romans 4:21 AlberTMiller Marcia Miller FT. Lauderdale, Fla. Pompano Beach, Fla. ICorinthians14:33 lCorinihians 9:27 Tom Moorhouse Ron Morrison ST. Petersburg, Fla, Largo, Fla. Isaiahi:18 IJohn 5:13 Carol Brawner and Luls OBourKe 'rake a quick Susan Vandegritf seeks scriptural advice. Lynn Motz Pompano Beach, Fla. Isaiah 50:7 Penni Nordlund College Park, Ga. Proverbs 3:5,6 David Ogletree Tampa, Pla. Proverbs3:5,6 Lynda Moyer Key Largo, Flat Psalms 23 Luis O'Bourke St. Petersburg, Fla. Galatians 2:20,2l Cheryl Ostendorf Overland, Mo. Philippiansl:20,2l Cathy Noland Pompano Beach, Fla. Romansl:l6 John O'Malley Kendall, Fla. Galatians 2:20 Fred Palmquist Centerville, Pa. Romans 8:38,39 x Joann Parnell William Pawley Carl Pearce Donald Percy Cynthia Phillips Sandra Pierce RBVNSGUV, N. Caro. Miami Beach, Fla. Tavernier, Fla. West Palm Beach, Forest Park, Ga. Miami, Fla. Philippians 4:6,7 JON1 14 Matthew 7:7 Fla. Philippians 4:13 Psalms 37:4 Hebrews 11:6 155 Robert Prentice Oldsmar, Fla. Job 36:11 Bill Rachelson Miami, Fla. Romans1:16 John Raulins Morrow, Ga. Ecclesiastes4:11 Gary Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Isaiah 6:8 Robert Rohm Griffin, Ga. I Kings 2:2 Deborah Ross Pompano Beach, Fla Philippians 3:13,14 Guy Rossberg Lombard, III. Proverbs 16:3 Judy Sansing Ringgold, Ga. Isaiah 40:13 Vivian Saunders Tampa, Fla. lTimothy4:12 week with the Internationals Ken Cummings shares a truth learned in Spiritual Lite with JOYCG Zopf "HaIloween parties are a good time to reIax," say Cathy Fassbach and Joann Parnell. freshmen increase enthusiasm Pat Shumaker Pompano Beach, Fla. Philippians3:10 Carolyn Smith Miami, Fla. Colossians 2:8 Deborah Smith St. Petersburg, Fla. John 14:6 Bert Sparkman Dania, Fla. Joshua1:9 Timothy Strauchman Forest Park, Ga. PsaIms37:3 Patricia Tabb Miami, Fla. Psalms 37:23 Nereida Toranzo Miami, Fla. PsaIms46:l Mike Taylor Miami, Fla. Ephesians6:19,20 Daisy Torres Miami, Fla. Proverbs 11:30 Mike Teston JUNE Thomas K. P. Titus Tampa, Fla. Miami' Fm- lndia Ephesians 6:10 PSalmS4013 lICorinthians5:14,15 Gus Torres Paul TOY Jackie Uren Tampa, plan North Miami Beach, Darby, Pa, Psalms 37:4,5 Fla- lS6iBh 5017 Matthew 6:33 Mary Toner Darby, Pa. Proverbs 3:5,6 Susan Vandegriff Morrow, Ga. lITimothy2:4 157 l l l l ig, 158 Sheila Van Es Ft, Lauderdale, Fla. Matthew 17:20 Suzanne Van Rider Miami, Fla. Acts 20:24 ,www John Vrocher Mobile, Alabama Job l9:25,26 Karen Waddell Clearwater, Fla. lsaiah43:l8,l9 Kimberly Watt Pompano Beach, Fla. Psalms ll9:49 Patricia Weatherly Forest Park, Ga. Galatians 2:20 Jeffrey Wells St. Petersburg, Fla. Philippians 4:13 Donna Whitesel St. Louis, Mo. Galatians2:20 Joseph Williams Moultrie, Ga. Matthew 6:33 "Why don't you ask your father if I can marry you?" says Rich to Viv. freshmen obtain knowledge to accompanytheir zeal A ,, ,"':, , , Elm ,,,?f, 'mf 'wut '-, is, i Ann Kimball uses free time to aid fellow students such as Dave Dion. Catherine Wilson Spruce Pine, N. Caro, Proverbs 4:24-27 Sandra Wilson Miami, Fla. Matthew 21:22 Judy Woollen Atlanta, Ga. Proverbs 3:6 Michael Work Hatboro, Pa. Psalms 40:3 is so 2 4 3? , , Q " ' it f , iff, Carolyn Wright Mobile, Ala. Philippiansfi I3 Jan Zeutzius Joyce Zopf Iron Mountain, Mich. St. Petersburg, Fla. PhiIippiansl:2l ITirnothy 6:6 Free periods for Freshmen are full of interest. 159 160 advertisements "The Lord gave The word: greaT was The company of Those ThaT pub- lished iT." -Psalm 68:11 Q9 va. rnw K E I? mill'-W AM ICAN Louvered 'E Troducts Q MANUFACTURERS 4901 West Knollwood Tampa, Florida P. O. Box 15535 884-1441 33614 K EXTEFQMINATOFQS 12191 south dixie highway ff miami 33156 phone 235-5360 ongmfulafe. . . THE GRADUATING CLASS UFor I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died tor our sins according to the scripturesg and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: and that he was seen ol Cephas, then oi the twelve.H I Corinthians l5: 3-5 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that who- soever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.u John 6: lb Swiofw. Af? 3 - ,Q - tuniurs 163 1 l0VEll IIUMES of Palm Springs Lakes a Prestige Development 172 lint 1 E211 if-WEE lj Cfifff A' 4Q,,,fHee 7 ,.f M LIW-A We Trade Homes Furnished Models Located at West 84th Street 81 14th Avenue Hialeah, Florida 821-1331 . 5- n Y , .W 9 MV"'k-E"" "' X - ,'-'-.sim " + ' 4--,,w N " + X--1114.141 f " . Y 5 K' V .,..i Z? .. -.,'-yt.. 1 ,f i-' , o,....7.- .i. -L , 1 + ?"" ' 2 Nggvzzfkp , 21-Jai'-Lf " 1 l k j--, r...J,,..a?t- a "" X",-. L7 1-. I' 7 la, H. . ,' , lf: I ' 0' 4 . r., 4.-,. .- ' 5'1" 'HM STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICE - BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS BERNEY A. BURGESS AGENT Off. Phone: 445-2441 2419 I.eJeune Rd. at Miracle MIIe Rel. Phone: 666-3822 Coral Cables, Florida 33134 M 'I mm I II" NWMQM the fomsm 4, ' , ,Y Monday 7130 pm I PHONE 443-0669 7fzam4on phlfd .Bw 2653 S.W. 27th Ave. P.O. Box 736 Miami, Fla. 33133 165 the sags, ll . congratulainons of '69-'70 seniors N -I 1-1 l 5 1' -Q Y . Mj Q l I Soul Winn ingSeminars Soul Winner's Digest lmpoct Literature Recorded Lecture Bible lnstitut "Into All The world' 11000 SW 176 St. Miami, Florida Congratulationn Senior-A I 8.6. Brinkman John E. Nlilloway,ll.l.A. Real Estate Appraiser I Cosultant 901 Miami Federal Bldg. 379-8422 The Fuqua Ronmine Ilhlenmorial Adnxinistration Building presented by Lanora Morgan Prov 3 5 6 ga- 'wi : 5 ' E ?k'l'rAl'J! Jmaxzy rbkginaon J Rsalsranso Bnonsn DICKINSON REALTY 51 N. VV. 14TH STRE EAD, FLORI BIBLE CENTER 5740 Sunset Drive f i ' 5758 sunset Drive ' U V .-7 I 7 - Phone 665-2461 Z ' . Bibles, Christian Books, Cards Church Supplies, Gifts gl Music 169 206 ALHAMERA CIRCLE 443-1685 CORAL GABLES. FLA. 33134 AGNES E. GAYNOR PRESIDENT STAR EMPLOYMENT SERVICE. INC. STAR NATICNAL.. INC. IAGENCYI KTEMPORARY SERVICEI 170 FINE PRINTING o . 2 PHOTO OFFSET E LETTERPRESS o O nfcraffertg Ina Pr-r. see-8416 - 2330 EAST rsv AVE. - r-rrAr.EAr-r, FLA. M llllidxarest Messianic Center EMIL B. ELBE, SUPERINTENDENT n r An independent missionary organization which began in 1924 making Christ known to the Jewish people as the Messiah of lsrael and the only Saviour ofthe world. ST. Louis, Mrssounr 63130 Q 7745 Or.rvE STREET ROAD . AC 3141125-7654 o 'I6OO W. FLAGLER STREET lc MIAMI, FLORIDA 33135 Amman 4 C mmercicl . V wi ,.-will It ' 1 'Novi Io Finishing Flm - Cameras PHOTOGRAPHY Island Community Church Pasfor Bruce E. Porfer A ssisfan f Pasfor Dale Cra wsh aw "But as we were allowed of God f to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speakg not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts. " www 3., -, . , I Thessalonians 2:4 171 172 ' r MW? Afhnflb t erwke .ffaffbn If you want to have fair, honest treatment, l recommend this man and his staff to all Grove Community Church and Florida Bible-College persons that live or travel near this station. --Thom Hightower Swiofwf we if Ni MMM Q6 Mr 6- Mrs Fredrick Roach PL ORIDA c'HR1.s'1'1f1N .vmooz 4200 .Sf If 8.9AVe. God! By UP K 12hG d Mmm CLASS of '70 Q ITI- Snirhunlnrfi Tax Sheltered Educatnonal Plans Mutual Fund Specialists W ntet WALL mm ll C0ltP0ltATl0 Marle A Peterson Presldent OF AMERICA INC Thomas J 1VIcCau1 Jr Vlce Pres Arnold Geler John B Mlles Ray Mltchell Howard Couch Raymond Parker UAXX 3390 Coral Way H9I'1I1E?'t'ta Randall Cora' Gables Ha Mary Levy Donald Cart er 444 9838 Donald Schnelder Member Natnonal Assocuatnon of Securutues Deaters SK re., saint- rf' M, '1NlIl1HflG!I' I-2.4: K IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIlII QU IQ ff iziggpif t X Ad lrwf K Q A ' - X he df .es . West Coast .Youth Ranch, Inc. It ' .Q Mels and Adriane Carbonell, Directors Phone: 544-9 243 6262 - 62 AVENUE, NORTH I PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA 33565 if St. Petersburg High School and College Age - Tuesdays 3 ,T if St. Petersburg Junior High Age - if is - FridayS tt Clearwater!Dunedin High School Q A,"' Lx' . f .-- i T will + and College Age - Mondays sf "W, vi if 7:30 tm. up " . . .the gift of God is eternal life . . . lt's only NATURAL . . to shop at HEALTH FOOD CENTRAL INC 'MP The most complete Health Food Store in the South. Vitamins shipped postage free in the U. S. A. 7346 RED ROAD--TELEPHONE 666-4993 -l SOUTH MlAMl, FLORIDA 33l43-- Cl limwg, Q6 -IE!-eyangelism international 177 X SNL N 178 Growth 43 Through MW! king Service Tully F. Dunlap F. deC Oak P d Ch arm n fthe Boards IGS' em 3 ao THEsYMBoLoF PERSUNAL BANKING SERVICE IN DADE COUNTY IRIYIEIEHSIIJEE EL5i'lI DKIITITJYYIW ILHJHIK cuolzALLnG1xEnLEms ILHJHIK 60 N.W. 12th AVENUE 1300 PONCE DE LEON BOULEVARD 1400 N.W. 20th STREET MIAMI, FLORIDA CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA MIAMI, FLORIDA TELEPHONE 373-8771 TELEPHONE 446-5641 TELEPHONE 633-2631 MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SAME LOCAL MANAGEMENT AND OWNERSHIP SINCE 1941 I"""' " ' ' "' ' "" """"""""""" FFIDNI .9 I n' ,Z AN ? I .3 . I , FnlENl:: . , ? I u uy Confidenfly Where You Know Qafisfacfion is Guaranfeed You . " In purchasing a major item like a piano or an organ you naturally want assurance that you are buying from the most reliable of dealers. It should interest you to know that Morgan's have been faithfully serving local families for 34 years...and we have built our W business on a reputation for serving people Q as they want to be served. 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