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. , w- LM ' ff' V , W ' 'ltr 74'-'f ,,, :, H-. P, nm, Q sw -fy S. I m r 2 .,,'L ? . , 51 - 'r 1 1 , 'rf 'j r ff fr .N 1 0 f -.425 .w rdf, 5,07 ,viz . . fl' I7 I .Z ,J qi" . V 4 . 'figik f'f1 4 Q .. .,,, 1 Y ,V , I .T U ,ff X if I ':-ggi" 'ix ,vf,J, ' 'YW ,-"fig" sl' ,if-W M .ff N,- ,IIA .,l Z. . J, . ':!'fi" u-9215 vu ,A avi if I ix Q , ,,.. ax WY Q' 4 I K' Q- Avg ,M . uf ,-MMM 1. W15v,MfWm1m f , 4 J .4 1 4 , aw, r .'-1 4.1, M, 1 'WM-m,.,,,,w f N ll x - N Aan 511-U in Q A Y ' , I ual. 1 I A 1 Gne ation nder God The way it was across America in 1968-69 was not good. The greatest nation ever to come upon history's pages found itself torn to pieces- looking for answers. The planet had not seen such times since the days of Noah. 'tThe last, best hope of men on earth," seemed doomed. Concerned Americans watched their country crumble. They saw the old gripped with fear, the middle-aged struggle with uncertainty - and they saw the young. They saw the young trying dope, sex, Eastern religions, way-out music, and not finding any 1' . I :.', FH 7 R '.4 ,fs , ff ' H fi answers. They saw men strive to gain the material goods that had brought previous generations nothing but boredom. Men were searching - and not finding. But there was one place with answers. Those who looked THERE found the key to life-this life and the next. This place was the Word of God, unchanged since it was first given to man. The Word of God had simple, yet profound, deep, yet understandable answers for the reeling, choking world and its complex problems. When man turned - ,. to the Bible he found that the answer was not in one of the temporary, soothing, counterfeits, but in Jesus Christ, This One who came to visit the earth so long ago in the form of another man, was in addition to man, God Himself. He came 'tto seek and to save that which was lost." And all of mankind was lost. All men had fallen short of God's perfect standard. The perfection required to inhabit eternity with the Creator and not be separated from Him was lacking by all men. A . . gf., 4 g g,-:ww .. Christ came for the express purpose of reconciling fallen man to God. He voluntarily went to a cross to pay the death penalty deserved by all men. By receiving this payment man also received eternal life - so simple. That's how it was in 1968-69. Men overlooked the obvious. Men fell apart, and a nation fell apart. It was a time for tears. But it was a time for finding answers in the unchanging Rock of Ages. . .H0ne nation, under God". . of the Lordlisx 'Z' -x Q0 Q1 ei CD . X X f 63 . ,gg if f C. CD F if 14635 U' pg 45" ,tg Q . -.Y XQAEKHN " 'W , ,-.WK if It is an honor to introduce you to Florida Bible College. Now in its seventh year, F. B. C. is one of the fastest growing colleges of its kind in the nation. On the following pages you will see why we believe that F. B. C. is des- tined for greatness. The events of 1968-69 will someday be a part of our rich heritage. . . a heritage of dedica- tion and accomplishment for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here we have learned and applied the Word of Godg from here we reach out to a world needing to hear its mes- sage of good news-salvation through faith in Christ. Mike Otto Student Body President ff COL Six 1 VZ? M , i 1 ,, WW 4" 'Z I K, ,f imgnlf 631 Prayer t'The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Prayer is sometimes looked upon as the mystical segment of the Christian life, where one must use the right grammar, the right place, and use the right position, or will not be heard by the Lord. This is far from the truth. Prayer is the way a Christian talks to his Heavenly Father. Prayer is conversation with God and can be carried on at any place, any time, anywhere, in any position. When Christians pray, they speak with Him who hears, understands, cares, and answers. Someone once said, "lt is prayer that moves the Hand that rules the world." Prayer is an integral part of F. B. C. life. We have several chapel hours each month given to praise and prayer, and class as well as special activities are opened and closed with prayer, We praise the Lord for each opportunity to speak with Him and will not cease to thank Him for all the many, many times we see our prayers answered. The importance of prayer is seen in the amount of scripture given to the subject. God commands us to pray, and it is His appointed method for us to obtain things. Through prayer Christians intercede on behalf of others. A personal talk with the Creator of the Universe is truly a privilege. Witnessing ,K .xg 51 fm Qyufwgp gy me - wx '-sew: - 5 I "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." This is Christ's command to every Christian: to share the good news of Christls death, burial, and resurrection, with all the world. Florida Bible College students are actively engaged in carrying out this command wherever they go. It is not unusual to see an F. B. C. girl in a dress shop. . .a boy in a gas station. , .with a piece of gospel literature, ex- plaining to someone how he can be sure of eternal life and how exciting it is to have this assurance. In a restaurant, on a shopping trip, at the beach, on the job. . .F. B. C. students are consistently fulfilling God's command to go and tell. Our prayer is that F. B. Cfs reputation might be like that of the early church of which it was said, . .These that have turned the world upside down. . ." NNW ag.. . Fellowship 'flf we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth." But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another. . One of the easiest ways for a Christian to get discouraged, depressed, and out of fellowship with the Lord, is to get involved with the wrong friends. We at F. B. C. count it a tremendous privi- lege to belong to a group that has one goal-reaching the world for Christ. The bond and unity found at our school isa cherished one-one that is sealed by the unified goal found at F. B. C. One does not have to look very far for an opportunity to participate in the many activities that are an integral part of F. B. C. Included among these are fireside fellowships, student semi- nars, concerts, and youth ranch meet- ings, banquets, beach parties, touch football games, and hayrides. These are only a few of the hundreds of ex- citing activities that are a part of the F. B. C. school year. The secret of strength in the early church was revealed in three words found in Acts 2:46, Hsingleness of heart." We believe and adhere to the scriptures at F. B. C. and sincerely love and look forward to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Until this time we feel that it is most im- portant to Mnot forsake the assembling of ourselves together but to consider one another unto love and to good works, so much more as we see the day approachingf' L i . N 1 2 L. Qi 5 . 'Z nf, film mfs Miitpk "Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Florida Bible College stu- dents study the Word of God that they might become more effective work- ment for the Lord Jesus Christ. This is their purpose in being at Florida Bible College. In class they learn how to rightly divide the Word, thus be- coming specialists in making the Word clear and understandable. Major doctrines, a complete study of the Word of God from Genesis to Rev- elation, and practical application of classroom education, are all included in the F. B. C. curriculum. Devotions are held in the dorms every morning before school, to be- gin the day with a message from God's Word. The students study the Bible on their ovm because it is the only book that can tell them about eternity, and also how to be happy, have peace of mind, get along with others, prosper in this life. . .because it has a living and dynamic message. . .God's very own words to His creation. Studying Q-'H ...Mm . . Q 'WV 1 x ! , ,alla ,f I. I, I ,Z 4 fi rg, , f if X' C 24 J . . . 45. M ,. Z mm i 4 'ENGL gg M if 4 I 'o -mx A. W, y, 3 -L1 WGFYMU . U X - . ni' . .aw . g QI., .. Wx X X -x,. x x" X mf , 'fvs y . new ,4 i'A ' ,.-. 5 f' 1 an 'WM .-ua I fa, 1: ' wi ,. ' ff A , , 3 , A W A-+ --V-- : ff 74 "" 5 '54 -. , W' ' ' f ' ff if .f ge, 1 y:-y, j- A f' ' 0 K-X ' U5 4 ' ff I A '--. Lmigi JW A ' W W 2 M2373 " 'V +L " f 5 We- :S , 2 H f v sl P I 6 fm, A AX, t :rl V N -'of flaw 7 X' 1 if gtk 4, f ,173 w I' "M , 45 ill, X , N 9 il Vi k I Q 51 'x ,. nf . , Ax 'JV' ff HY X 351 .. ,1- X u, 1,1 . M, X x X X .lfx X X W IV! X XX 'HM X -w 1 N5 .J I k W X X N N X 5 f I f if gig! O 1-A XX - X f . , 1 'G P 'Kay X L . O Xig, X O XXX E . . CONTENTS administration . . . 21 activities . . . 41 academics . . . 95 advertisements . . . 139 '69 TORCH Florida Bible College Miami, Florida Volume 6 editor lindy crawshaw advisor lee stanford Because We ppreciate . . . Your love and concern for the girls of FBCQ Your understandingg Your willingness to bend over backwards to help us in any wayg Your interest in each individualg Your example of patterning your life ac- cording to God's wordg Your verse, John 12:36. . .g IT IS AN HONOR FOR US TO DEDICATE THE 1969 TORCH TO YOU. . 's the 6 'S I, +9 X X '56 N - x X V'- qg Y-, , 0 is f' f AF 4,qA 54' ...fgf".Q" O' Sawe.- ,Q ' 'Av'-KKYX Q ff Cgr. 'I K M'! 1 3 S vs 1 P 1 K .Q ig L 1 1 1 ik 'l l ,S 4 3- ? 3. , W 1, l lfj sf i ,ww ge - 42 N if 1 1 Wav: , '-1 -' , N "rg-1 -an , ,. fx.,-izfyg -Q M .MW-' .wr f 95 K ,,:., Mg ,.., ,f 4 A Qflf , Q ' Q f'gfJ2?eQ5Qf5 7115: - fHr5 f?s, , ark G. Cambron The VICE-PRESIDENT and CO-FOUNDER of Florida Bible College is one of the worldis finest Bible teachers and speakers. He has served in the pastorate in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Tennessee, as well as Dean at Tennessee Temple. Dr. Cambron is engaged in reaching the Jewish community through Seaside Mission which he founded and leads in North Miami Beach. He has found time to author a number of textbooks which make plain the doctrines of the Word of God. In constant demand as a Bible conference speaker, he always has time for the individual and his problems. Dr. Cambron's advice is eagerly sought and readily heeded. Dr. Cambron spends time in the summer conducting tours of the Holy Land. He received his training at: University of Chattanoga, North- western Bible School and Seminary, Pioneer Seminary, American Bible College, and Tennessee Temple. UO, Praise the Lord! Just wait till you see this assignment! " . Lee Stanford The DEAN OF MEN at F.B.C. is one who truly knows the problems of young adults, having served as a law enforcement officer for seven years. Rev. Stanford attended Florida State University, Miami Bible Institute, Miami-Dade Jr. College, and graduated from Florida Bible College in 1966. He is currently doing graduate work through Luther Rice Seminary and serving as faculty advisor to the Torah. Don't laugh, at least it was free. Sue Stanford Few people around Florida Bible Col- lege are as loved and respected as the DEAN OF WOMEN, who is always ready with a listening ear and scrip- tural advice for any problem. Mrs. Stanford has served as the Financial Coordinator of the Christian Youth Ranch Conference since its founding. She is a speaker and Bible teacher for ladies groups, and Sunday School teacher for t.he upperclass girls, as well as instructor in Christian Eti- quette. She also serves as Secretary- Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. A helptul counselor and truly a friend to all. She Hworketh willingly with her hands Always a smile, warm hand shake, and an understanding heart. Bruce E. Porter Serving as REGISTRAR is Rev. Bruce Porter, a 1968 graduate of Florida Bible College. He also travels as a member of the Spokesmen and serves as pastor of Island Community Church. Rev. Porter has to his credit a life- time of Christian service, having varied experience as pastor, teacher, youth worker, and musician. Valda Parrish Head of the Business Office is Mrs. Parrish, who keeps things in order and running smoothly. She has faithfully watched over the finances of the school for several years. Mrs. Parrish checks out the days receipts The living, breathing business office. Bruce Porter reads some words of wisdom before starting his new task as Registrar. Lee Stanford works around the clock, Determination bilit , Service . Men with the power of a leader, knowledge of a teacher, the heart of a friend, and the compassion of a counselor . . . the students of F.B.C. deeply appreciate the dedication of Rev. Lee Stanford, who assumed the position of Dean of Men this year, and Rev. Bruce Porter, who filled the position of Registrar vacated by the promotion of Rev. Stanford. Even your best friend won't tell you. Richard B Seymour y Possessing a keen mind and the ability to pre- l sent deep truths in a simple and practical way, . Rev. Seymour is one of the most loved profes- sors at Florida Bible College. In addition to his teaching duties, he serves as . President of Soul Winning Seminars, which he i founded. Rev. Seymour also edits Soul Winners' Digest, speaks at Bible Conferences and writes a column for UPLOOK magazine. He graduated from Miami Bible College and Florida Bible College. It just takes a mouthfull. But his delight is in the law of the Lordg and in his law doth he meditate day and night H An instructor in Biblical languages, Rev. Davis also is Founder Director of the Word of Truth with radio and youth ministries. l Well, in the Hebrew, or is it the Greek. . .? Robert A. Miller A former missionary in Cuba and Ecuador, Rev. Miller has a rich and varied background of Christian service. He received his education at Midwest Bible College and has served as pastor, teacher, and conference speaker. He is President of International Bible Mission and Principal of Florida Christian School. S if xiii is 1 ofa 'l Q The Greers enrolling a student. Jmi grasping for the superb tone that he demands. Jim and Doll Greer Heading up the Music Department at FBC are two highly talented and dedicated musicians. Rev. and Mrs. Greer bring to the school an ex- tensive background in Christian music and a tremendous love for the Lord. They approach their tasks in a fresh and exciting way, con- stantly arranging and writing new music. Jim directs the Orchestra, Ensemble, and two church choirs. He also teaches piano and theory. Dolly is an accomplished pianist and organist and also teaches voice. Both are graduates of FBC. K cj' -3, 'vfllfi' 4 .I,-.,1, X' 5 1 rr' Y 5, 1 . A, .1 Qs.-fi 15 8, .'. F' eau' 'rww 'f 554' ....wq,x1yb,'2? V "V r"'1."'A3i9 r 412 want .31 Q Y qs. "Raise a child in the way he should go and he will never depart," Patricia Mills An instructor at Florida Christian School, Mrs. Mills also teaches Child Evangelism and English here at F.B.C. Richard Haynes A former Director of Child Evangelism in Or- lando, Rev. Haynes is now instructing in that subject at F.B.C. ff, - Richard An instructor in science at Florida Christian Schoolg Mr. Aaron also teaches F.B.C. stu- dents how scripture and science harmonize. ElI'Ol'l Dana P. Brigham A partner in the law firm of Brigham, Smith, and Forbes, member of the Florida Bar, and Dade County Bar, Mr. Brigham applies his keen insight into the legal problems which can confront a Christian. 'I'he Brighams enjoy fellowship at the F.B.C. banquet. Carol Ann Seymour The secretary of Grove Community Church, Mrs. Seymour serves as a speaker and teacher for ladies' groups. She is an author and teaches shorthand at F.B.C. Lorraine Miller A former missionary, Mrs. Miller is a language instructor at F.B.C. and also teaches at Florida Christian School. l r yr rox " f I 'ffyifflhff C cf' 3231 9 Lea Swords Watching out for the physical health of the students is the responsibility of Mrs. Swords, the college nurse. She also instructs in history. d a S o u b i ro u . . .accompanist for Concert Chorus. Adon C. Taft Religion Editor, Miami Herald. Mrs. Morgan gives her choir a secret towards better singing. Corabel Morgan Mrs. Morgan is the Director of the Concert Chorus, as well as a radio, T.V., recording, and concert artist. ELC M The excitement of orientation is catching! C. Michael Otto Teaching on a Fellowship this year is Mike Otto, President of the Student Body. Mr. Otto also directs the Pompano Youth Ranch and is a member of the Spokesman. In addition, he serves as Editor of UPLOOK, the new and exciting magazine that is making an impact for Christ around the world. Charles and Louise Hackney . . .Directors of Housing. .w""""n, , , if 'I ! 1 Doris L. Cail Assistant to the Business Office Manager. Barbara A Roche . . .Assistant to the Registrar at list of new studentsl, it takes a machin I wonder who was reading the newspaper in class today? ork, for the Lord is coming. A scripture that aptly describes the work-scholarship students at F.B.C. is I Corinthians 10:31b: ". . .what- soever ye do, do all to the glory of God." Thom High- tower, Mike Hansinger, and Tony Mirabella, Custo- dians, make sure that everything in our school honors and glorifies the Lord in its appearance. However, these men are not ordinary maintenance men. They feel a definite responsibility to F.B.C., but an even greater responsibility to the Lord Jesus Christ, for which we are grateful. If you can't find them cleaning floors, scrubbing walls, vacuuming rugs, fixing re- frigerators, mowing lawns, etc., you will most likely find them telling someone about the Lord Jesus Christ with a f'Heaven Tract" in their hand. Seldom will you find a deliverer, Workman, garbage man, postman, or anyone that walks in or near the "Halls of F.B.C." escaping without first hearing the simple and plain gospel. The "third" person of our work scholarship students is Tom Conley, printer. In this enormous, time con- suming, and tedious work, Tom finds tremendous gratification in having just a small part in seeing that others find Christ as Savior through this important medium, the printed page. For the dedication of these godly men, the students and faculty of F.B.C. wish to say thank you. Thom Hightower wouldn't be trying to get out of work, would he? Tom Conley prints up a storm. W, Office Staff- Service for the Lord f'And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." Everything done in the business offices, from mailing out Heaven Tracts to recording grades, is done to the glory of God. Realizing that every job done in the office and everything sent out is a representation not only of the school, but, more important, of the Lord, the girls are glad to do what is set before them, seeing it not as just a menial task but a service to the Lord. Ramona Bowditch, Secretary to the Registrar. Kathy Browning Office Secretary Susie Simpson, Corresponding Secretary. , www-wg-wm,Wil,,, W Q . iw, Joan Thompson, Receptionist. Rachel Elbe, Assistant Bookkeeper. J 5 Pat Thomas, Assistant to the Dean of Men, Not pictured, Karen Forare, Secretary to the Dean of Women. .XX Qi the LOFQ' 1. 0 xi fl Q 7 , 4 ?A? q 9 XX 613, S ' xv, l 1 5 cp '5.x , , gm 5-1 '-A r I 1 ,Q ' 15' ' fo"1' rl-Sp 4 y. 'Q-'KK if ff C011 316 W' ,F X Trish and Joan Gilbert sing, "Life is like a vapourf' sf ' L. N f"9'f 1 N ?'5'9:??,3 2, Norm Speier Nelectrifiesn the audience. Dr. Stanford on the Bass guitar Rachel Elbe, a popular voice around the ranch area. B. In The Beginning . . . iami Christian Youth Ranch The Miami Christian Youth Ranch began in 1950 by Dr. Stanford at 3195 SW 5th St., with ap- proximately several dozen teenagers. Today. in our new location at 2100 South Dixie Highway, Dr. Stanford still faithfully directs the ranch now attended by an average of 150 teenagers per week. The ranch draws teens from among approximately 20 local high schools who are contacted by Florida Bible College students and F.B.C. affiliated ranches. There are many that trust Christ each week, along with Christians being strengthened by the clear presentation of God's Word. Another part of Hranch hour" is lively skits, loud singing, and delicious refreshments. The students of F.B.C. look forward each week to this meeting where they can invite others who don't know Christ as their Savior. We also find in this hour an excellent opportunity to study how to effec- tively conduct a "Youth Ranch." We wish to thank Dr. A. Ray Stanford for his faithfulness to not only the Lord Jesus Christ, but for his zeal and vision of lost teenagers going to Hell. ez f an Ei., .. 1.4: '. eil? , aqggg . 2' i'Q?5'fi wi aff' 5 711 -Sli . it gi we pper Keys Sr. The Upper Keys Senior High Ranch, directed by Rev. Tom Davis and Dick Hill, has grown tremendously since it began in December, 1966, with about 25 teenagers. The Ranch met in Capt. and Mrs. Mende's home until condi- tions became so crowded that the Ranch was forced to move to Mrs. M. Pierce's home in Tavernier, Fla. Every Monday night at 8 p. m., about 100 teenagers come to hear Rev. Davis and Dick Hill present the gos- pel. Their message and motive is al- ways the sameg to see that those who don't know Christ as personal saviour accept Him, and to challenge Chris- tians to serve Him. With the talented Dick Hill and Nelda Salee singing each week, the Ranch Council has no problem is getting others to come to hear this fantastic duo. The Keys Youth Ranch has seen great miracles in the past several years, and more are expected in the future. I J With the expanding growth of the Up- per Keys Senior High Ranch, a junior high ranch was formed. Dick Price, Ke S J I' the director, holds his ranch on Fri- ' day nights at 8 p. m. The average attendance varies from 75 to 100 kids. The council actively participates in barbecues, parties, Bible studies, etc. Bill Vestal and Vicki Bailey faithfully help the ranch toward its main goal, "telling others about Jesus Christ." I iami Springs Although the work in Miami Springs, directed by Thom Hightower is still quite young, many souls have come to know Christ as Saviour this year. Since the Ranch meets at the Miami Springs Recreation Center, often teenagers who have never even heard of the Youth Ranch will wander in on Saturday nights intending to swim, play pool, or watch a basketball game, then be- fore leaving will trust Christ as Saviour. It has been a blessing in the lives of those from F.B.C. who attend Ranch to see the teenagers grow in the Lord by taking advantage of slumber parties, pool parties, barbecues, etc., to invite their friends out to hear the gospel. orth Hialeah The expanding ministry of Florida Bible Col- lege has now reached into North Hialeah, where a youth ranch was begun in October, 1968. This new work, under the direction of Tony Mirabella, is aimed at reaching teenagers in Hialeah with the good news of Jesus Christ, and training them to win others to Christ. Ranch activities included a Halloween party, barbecues, slumber parties, and council meet- ings. The Ranch meets on Tuesday night at 7:45 p. m., at the home of the Bunces. They help provide refreshments each week. The enthusiasm of the F.B.C. students who sup- port the Ranch is contagious . . . and the Hia- leah teenagers have "caught itf' The Ranch is a place where teenagers want to bring their friends to hear the best news evervhow they can know they have eternal life. Negro The Negro Bible Study, under the di- rection of Roger Post, is held in the Coconut Grove area. The ever- expanding Negro population offers excellent opportunities for our eager students to witness in this area. The people are very receptive to the gos- pel, and, once they trust Christ as their Saviour, make great inroads among their own people. iami Jr. The Miami Junior High Ranch meets in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Collins Swords, whose home is in the midst of beautiful Coconut Grove. Basket- ball, volleyball, and various other sports are provided for the kids, and free refreshments served at the end of Ranch top off a very exciting night for these young people. Interest in the ranch has been stimu- lated in two distinct ways. One, the Junior High Camp, held each sum- mer, challenging the participants to tell others about Christ. Two, the Council, which is made up of those who faithfully attend ranch and show enthusiasm in their service for the Lord. Seminole Since the time when the Seminole Indians were at war with the U. S. there has been dissension between their people and the white man. "Each generation has implanted the idea into the young people that they cannot trust the white man." This is a quote from an Indian pastor, It's a tremendous privilege to have a Youth Ranch with the Indians and share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. Each Monday evening at 7:30 p.m.. the Ranch meets at the Recreation Center on the Seminole Reservation to study God's word. Barbecues and various other activities are plan- ned for the future, with the sincere hope that the Indian youth will not only come to know Jesus Christ as saviour, but go on to carry the gospel to their own people. aples The Naples Youth Ranch is currently meeting in the annex of the Gospel Baptist Church, Guil- ford Road, East Naples. Each Saturday night at 7:30 p. m., young people from all over town meet. sing, have a Bible study, then finish with free refreshment. The ranch began on October 26. 1968, with 16 kids and each week brings new faces. many of whom come back again and again. Presently there are about 40 attending each week, The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation and the Word of God is quick and powerful . . . The Ranches see this and want more and more of it. Pray for the Lord's continued blessing in this most needy area. at o o Mike Otto, director of the Pompano Ranch and groupmakeajoyfulnoise The Pompano Senior High Youth Ranch started as a small Bible study about four years ago. Mike Otto, the present director, has been in charge for almost three years. The ranch meets at the home of Mr. Sz Mrs. Carl Rob- son, 1500 SE. 1 St., every Tuesday night, at 7:30 p.m. The attendance varies between 75-150 teenagers. The council is made up of about 40 members of the sharpest students at Pompano High School. Max Alt has a Bible study for the council on Monday nights, and Bruce Lynam has recently started a singing group called, 'fThe Happy Differencefl The singing group is composed of about 20 council members. The ranch has had two Open-houses, which were espe- cially to show the parents what ranch is about. The parents were all impressed with the way the Lord has worked in the lives of teenagers at Pompano Beach. Pompano Junior The Pompano Junior High Youth Ranch is held every Friday night at the Mickler's home, 310 N.E. 2 St., in Pompano Beach. The average attendance has been between 40-60 junior highers a Week. They have an enthusiastic council of 15 members, who actively participate in singing and witnessing. The Pompano Junior High Youth Ranch has a three-fold purpose. The first purpose is leading the unsaved jun- ior highers to Christ. Secondly, to encourage those that have trusted Christ to serve Him. The third purpose is to encourage and provide a means for those on the sen- ior high ranch council to develop their leadership ability. The capable director of the Pompano Junior High Ranch, Mike Bower and Georgian Peabody sing a duet. f'Ye must be born again", quotes Jerry Weber. di- . 0 Q . rector of the South Miami Senior High Ranch. I! H 1 I S itttt fir fiel .,,,,i . :, 1 The South Miami Senior Hi h Ranch, under the di- . ,re , .: , iA,,. . , . ,,,, U g I my R , rectorship of Jerry Weber, started with the express 'V-mi... . V .,. is .. 7 ,, X TI'--w,,.,, purpose of leading others to Christ. The first meeting was held October 8, 1968, at Florida Christian School, located at 4200 S.W. 89 Avenue. Rev. Robert Miller, due to his dedication to spreading the gospel, graciously provided a place to meet every Tuesday night, at 7:30 p.m. During the ranch meetings many have trusted Christ as Saviour and many have determined to serve Him. The ranch has found it to be very true that t'Wisdom comes from winning souls," as scripture states, 'tHe that winneth souls is wise." South iami Junior The South Miami Junior High Ranch is centrally lo- cated in the midst of six junior high schools. Rick Rodriguez, ranch director, holds his meetings every Friday night at the home of Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Cost- ner. A large room is decorated after the old Christian Youth Ranch. The yard is equipped with volleyball, tetherball, and rope swings for the kids. The ranch is only four months old, but the Lord has blessed with a council of twelve. The council members continually help with ranch activities participating in slumber parties, seminars, fishing trips and so on. We believe the Lord is going to use this ranch to fur- ther the vision of the need for more workers in the junior high field. Rick Rodriguez. director. and Bruce Lynam lead the South Miami Junior High Ranch in singing. . Miami Jr. In the winter of 1968, the North Miami Junior High Ranch began its meetings at John F. Ken- nedy Junior High School. A few months later, Mr. Zeman, a pilot for a major airline, opened his beautiful home to the Ranch. At the Ranch, Junior Highers can go swimming, play ping-pong, dodge-ball, and various other sports. Those that have trusted the Lord, and show genuine interest. in the Ranch, meet every other Sunday afternoon for an extra two hour Bible study. This is used to train them in winning the lost, completing the two-fold purpose of Ranch: To win the lost, and to train those who have trusted Christ, to win others to Christ. Presently the'Council is being taught Personal Evangelism with material from 'SSoul Winning Seminars". We pray that this program stimulates these young people to tell their friends about Christ. N. Miami Sr. The North Miami Senior High Ranch is the sec- ond oldest ranch ministry in south Florida. It is now meeting on Friday nights at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Harold. Dave McCafferty on lead guitar, Don Smith on the bass, and Ed Weber on the 'K scrub board," along with seven other staff members from F.B.C. give the director, Steve Michaelson, the valuable help needed to conduct this ministry. Activities included a trip to Atlanta, Ga. for the Easter Retreat and a trip to Boca Raton, Fla. for the summer camp. The annual Halloween party drew 300 teenagers from around the Miami area. Nearly 80 teenagers trusted Christ as their Saviour. The ranch is growing and your prayers will be appreciated. Spanish Ya te decimos estas bienvenido at Ranch Latino. Yes! Welcome to the Spanish Ranch where you can always find laughter, songs, and good times. The Spanish Ranch, directed by Steve Miller, meets each Friday night at 7:30 p. m. This is a ranch with a real challenge: to reach out into Latin population which contributes nearly 30W to Miami's total of one million people. In complete harmony with the joy that conta- giously engulfs all that join this fellowship, comes the seriousness of making plain the gos- pel to all that have not gained the assurance of life eternal through faith in Christ. All labor is spent with this objective in view. The need is great in this huge city. For the fields are white unto harvest . . . los campos ya estan blancos para la siega. South Dade The South Dade Youth Ranch was started in 1968 by several young men stationed at Homestead Air Force Base, who had a burden for the lost young people of that area, Mrs. Mary Dickinson has graciously opened her home for the meet- ings each Monday night under the direction of Tom Croley, a senior at F.B.C. The ranch was formed for the purpose of reach' ing the youth of Homestead and men from the Air Force Base for Christ, so that they too, could understand that eternal life can never be obtained by good works, but by simply trusting Christ as the only means by which they could ever enter Heaven. Many trust Christ each week. The ranch had several extra activities such as barbecues and ice cream freezes. Plantation The ever-expanding ministry of F.B.C. has again increased with the formation of the Plantation Ranch. With the enthusiasm in the Broward County area, a definite need to ex- pand the ministry to the Plantation area was felt. This new work, under the leadership of Bill Fillmore, is aimed at reaching unevangelized teen- agers in the Broward County area with the gospel of Jesus Christ. While meeting at the home of Connie Mar- tin, many faithful F.B.C. students have been a tremendous help in set- ting the spirit, as well as witnessing after meetings. The Ranch meets every Friday night at 8 p. m. Ft. Lauderdale The Ft. Lauderdale Ranch is begin- ning its fourth year of operation. It was founded in April, 1966, by Ron Von Behren, and during its three- year ministry hundreds have come to know Christ as Saviour. The work has been steadily growing and has l z ii gl E f now expanded to include two other A senior high Ranches along with sev- eral junior high Ranches. C l Broward Count Youth Ranches Q Holl wood The Hollywood Ranch was founded by Ron Von Behren early this past year. Now it is meeting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Busby, under the leadership of Willie Griffin. During the past months activities included a Soul-winning Seminar, barbecues, an open house for parents, a hayride, Orlando Youth Conference, and an exciting Halloween party with hun- dreds attending. Our main goals are to win the lost of Broward County, and teach others to do the same. Literature There is hardly a finer way of spreading the gospel across the world. Florida Bible College Missionaries all over the world are in constant need of effective soul-winning material. For this cause, and several others, F.B.C. makes it a point to keep well supplied with all types of literature. F.B.C. ministries which depend on effective litera- ture are Ranches, Bible studies, child evan- gelism clubs, and many more. Just about everything we do evolves around literature, for literature is our source of knowledge. niversity Q . Mtv Bible Stud In September of this year, an official work f Campus Evangelism, began at the Univer 5 sity of Miami, under the direction of Rich ard Smith. ..:, ig , 55 it The entire operation begins with surveys, jf l"' then a Bible Study is held. This takes place 1 :li ez l l in the men and women's dormitories at U.M. A group of about 10 students works faithfully two nights a week in this effort. Also included in this work are invitations to F.B.C. activities, where the students can hear and see real "Christianity" in action. si' l E This is amkost challenging ministry because of the movement of our whole educational system away from the principles laid down by our forefathers. Over and over the Bible proves itself and defeats even the most in- tellectual minds. Oh yes, I knew it was in here somewhere! l -l..wwwaa sfem new-1111: Howard Lovett explains the plan of salvation. Radio The ministries of F.B.C. now include a radio program, "A Matter of Fact". Radio is one of the least expensive ways to reach the majority of people. "A Matter of Fact" is a program to reach young people. The music of the Spokesmen and the Joyful Noise at- tract them to listen, and then testi- monies and a gospel message are presented. Tel-Evangelism Tel-Evangelism, a two minute mes- sage telling children about Jesus and how they can go to heaven, which has its head-quarters at F.B.C. When a child receives a tel-evangelism card, calls the number, hears the message, and wants to know more about Jesus, he calls a "callback number". An F.B.C. student answers that number and explains the plan of salvation more fully, attempting to lead him to Christ. This ministry is very effec- tive with children. It is headed by Herb Paynterg Tom Johnstone is in charge of call backs. Wives study to help their husbands. Wives' Fellowship Under the direction of Sue Stanford, the wives of F.B.C. students meet once a month in the Stanfordis home. The purposes are for scriptural in- struction in meeting the problems they face now and will face upon en- tering full-time Christian work, fel- lowship with one another, and prayer for their husbands' ministries. This record is good, my husband says so The line-up , . . 1 Just for fun, how many Gentiles are here? Let's see, 5 hours of music, 3 hours of sports, and 1 hour of Bible. It Will Be Worth It ll . Registration The line begins long before the doors are unlocked for the tedious registra- tion day. The hectic rush and the ex- asperating sighs, "Where do I go now? . . . Can't I take that course in- stead of this one?" Undoubtedly, if you can survive Reg- istration Day, no course at F,B.C. can baffle you. 2 rrrr A 'su , 'N J W , . 4 'Iii If lk ., I ,A Get Involved Getting involved in a project for the Lord is a real blessing, as many of the F.B.C. students discovered this year. Among the varied projects par- ticipated in were the construction of patio, a complex where students can come to relax and enjoy their free time, Bible clubs for children, and trips to the beach and University of Miami campus to witness. All of these activities are provided to give stu- dents opportunities both to serve the Lord now and to learn how to better serve Him in the future. Our Child Evangelism class learns the real meaning of the quote Simplicity is not simple if-an Qw- "ivan-,,, "hmmm 'WE ,, ,Rf 1 V! 1 Dr. Stanford leads the group in prayer before an assembly, asking the Lord's guidance in this most difficult situation. The Spokesmen The t'Spokesmen" in front of the T.V. cameras at station W.T.V.T., channel 13, Tampa, Florida. Don Smith, Dick Hill, Bruce Porter, Dave Ship- ley, and Mike Otto. The best known member of the group is Dick Hill. Dick had a group of his own, HThe Chan- cellorsw, and traveled on the TV series HWhere the Action Is',. Dick now sings with the Spokes- men, who have this past year, sung to over 100,000 members of the contemporary genera- tion, This does not even take into account the audiences of numerous radio and television ap- pearances. To the majority of those who are in Christian service, this number reached with the gospel would represent a lifetime of labor on the mission field. Each member of the Spokes- men considers it his honor to be a part of such a tremendous ministry. It takes a most unusual combination to do what they are doing among the often-rebellious youth of today. The Spokesmen are a group of which any Christian can be proud. They are standing up for Christ where others dare not stand. Reports Florida Secretary of State, Tom Adams, HThey do not have long hair, do not protest anything, and do not burn draft cards. They Do have a tremendous impact on young people". The Spokesmen have recently cut their first album. On the back cover of their album is a brief summary of what the Lord has done for them. Through these articles many have trusted the Lord as their Savior and are now serving Him. The Spokesmen spend the majority of their time appearing at various high schools. During the year they have made appearances at 81 different schools, from Texas to North Carolina, Ala- bama, Georgia, and throughout the Florida Area. While traveling many places their main goal is winning souls for Christ. Txx ' s fi' H29 Wy Don't do it, Don. Dr. Stanford on an "open-mike" program in Tampa. Florida. C01T1l1'l 7 0 StI'Ol'lg rfi S- The Spokesmen perform for 900 teens at Martin County High School, Dale Crawshaw. PR. manager for the Spokesmen speaks with a group after an assembly. aria Gonzalez With her lovely, professional voice, Maria is able to control the emotions of her audience. She was a soloist at many of the concerts and college functions this year. Joan and Trish The two "Georgia peaches," fresh- men, were a hit at F.B.C. and local ranches this year. They write most of their own soft, folk-style music. The Spokesme The "now" sound of the Spokesmen has been heard in more than one hun- dred high schools in the Southeast. The group-comprised of four F.B.C. upperclassmen and one graduate- "breaks the ice" for Dr. Stanford in these high schools. Their sound is for the high school students-it's what they want to hear-but the words, as well as the testimonies of the group, present Jesus Christ. ii ?l?i3lif-221 I The Jo ful Noise The contemporary sound of the Joy- ful Noise was new at F.B.C. this year. The group of six was formed in Sep- tember, and has since been Hmaking a joyful noise" in ranches and churches throughout Florida. F.B.C. Talent John and Kath The combined voices of tenor, John Riggs, and Alto, Kathy Riggs, make a lovely duet. Having sung for concerts and school functions for two years, they have now become a permanent duet, Mr. and Mrs., and will be able to continue pleasing their audiences for many more years. Girls' Trio Doris, Pam, and Gayle form a very versatile trio, singing a form of gos- pel music which appeals to young people as well as to adults. Meet the Ensemble and Grehestra Choir director Jim Greer leads the orchestra and ensemble in a dress rehearsal. Music is one of the many ways in reaching people for Christ. This, the 22-piece orchestra and the 17-voice ensemble have experienced. Visiting churches throughout the south.F1orida area, the orchestra and ensemble had opportunities to give testimonies, witness, and to display their enormous talent. The first appearance of the orchestra and ensemble was Talent Night, at the Dade County Auditorium, performing before about 1,500 people. Ken Fast and Rick Goodman 'twarm up 3 5 'Expression personified. " :nr x t Billie Johnson and Barbara Thompson exhibit their talent. The ensemble and orchestra perform at Dade County Auditorium Concert Chorus Under the direction of Mrs. Corabel Morgan, the Concert Chorus pre- sented three sacred music concerts this year: the Fall, Christmas, and Spring concerts. The Concert Chorus, with 44 mem- bers, presented a wide variety of sacred music, from such composers as Bach, Handel, Mozart, and Schu- bert 0 Come, let us sing unto the Lord: Mrs. Corabel Morgan 'tJesus wants me for a sunbeam . . Practice makes perfectg right, Rick Sz Dick? Stereophonic Sound The 160 voice College Singers, di- rected by Jim and Dolly Greer, per- forms for the Sunday morning and evening church services. The choir has appeared in the Dade County Auditorium and the Miami Marine Stadium. Their stereophonic sound and individ- ualistic style of performing add flavor to the music of the church services. The day nobody came. it in anna: armani austin 'T?3'5"f?i 9' , f-19' an il ,L g'f Q, if Lk P fm Tip. Dicli Hill solo's with the Spokesmen. Tops in Talent 'Z . .As the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord, and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord, saying, For he is good. . ." II Chronicles 5:13. Besides many other outstanding attributes, Florida Bible College students are exceptional in their musical talents. Through the use of the students' voices and the orches- tras' instruments, the name of Jesus Christ is manifested. The outreach of Talent Nite this year was overwhelm- ing. F.B.C. rented the Dade County Auditorium and more than 1,500 attended. It was an impressive and stirring pro- duction all centered around Jesus Christ-so that the gospel might be heard by all the audience. Mrs. Corabel Morgan directs the Concert Choir. Sound Of Singing Contemporary music seemed to be the pace set forth for the concerts. The Spokesmen held two concerts, the Fall and Spring, which brought out over a thousand people. The Con- cert Chorus presented Fall, Christ- mas, and Spring concerts. Other va- rieties of concerts were held by the Orchestra and Ensemble. Musical talent is truly a gift of God, and when it is used for the Lord it means so much more. The Concert Chorus sings "the wondrous cert. story" at a Christmas Con l l s 3 2 . 5 5 l 2 ' 5 v Q 1 s Z ,, E , Director Jim Greer strives for perfection at a Key Largo concert by the Orchestra and Ensemble. 3 1 F if? Alix' I v S 2 ., S , ,g -5 ig 'VL Q 5 4-' I gs . , f , ' 1 W ' .lf E J 1 el fn A QQ Q ,, o 1 5 K S-'f was -1 5 n ?'xf 1 " f M Q wig 1 A y 1 i KKK With Torch In Hand The two highlights of the year are the Mission- ary and F.B.C. banquets. The students eagerly anticipate these two evenings at the Everglades Hotel. Dinner, testimonies, and talent provide delightful entertainment. The last Spring banquet emphasized the Chris- tian life as compared to a t'race." As a servant of the Lord, believers should "press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. . Attentive students listen to their classmates testify of the Lord's blessing in their lives. F.B.C. Banquets 1 Mr. and Mrs. John Riggs sing, "We walk hand in hand The students of F.B.C. stand and thank the Lord for His faithfulness in another school year. Amazing where we find the gospel today. Chapel Couldn't Be Better . . . For most F.B.C. students, chapel is the highlight of the school day, and this year's chapel periods have been better than ever. Chapel music is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always inspiring. Speakers from all over the world rightly divide the Word of Truth, and give F.B.C. stu- dents the challenge they need to win xl.. .annum-can-. ,..,, . nmwvq-was-w Oh Yes, the seniors have a way of getting around the world. Frequently chapels are brightened by hilarious skits. Their purpose is, as always, to challenge students with our main goal: to spread the gospel. Students Tillie Whiteside and Neil Porter 'tact" how not to act at vacation time with their parents. Chapel-Christian fellowship at its best. I'd like to introduce my wife. . , uh . . . um , . . The New Look. . .but not at F.B.C Gary is stumped in Saturday quiz. Doc Parrish eludes opponent in hotly contested game. MM, ' N! pi, Dr. Stanford discusses day's activities with Co director, Hank Lindstrom. 'Nw- "Down you go againn, says 98 lb. weakling Tom Davis. amp challenges the youth. . The Christian Youth Ranch Confer- ence at Bibletown U.S.A.-filled to overflowing, with 600 high school teenagers-was held for two weeks in August. From the Sunday night get-acquainted party to the concert on Saturday night, the emphasis at Boca was on showing the teenagers how to have eternal life, then teaching them how to ex- plain to others how to have this eternal life. Six hours every day were spent in studying the Bible, in meetings, with outstanding speakersg personally, each camper by theirselfg and in small devotional groups where every camper is given personal attention. 'iSadie Hawkins Day" is a weekly highlight. Dr. Stanford councils the counselors. Some girls will go to any extreme to capture a guy Summer Daze at Boca. . . Part of the 1.200 that attended the Boca Conference, Teenagers from all over the east were at Boca Raton for the confer- ence: Texas, Mississippi, Pennsyl- vania, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. ai ,, , xxx, ff 4 si, 35 Qs' , ,A o . -as H' Some guys have all the luck. I Well, you said that you wanted more attention. Mike Romine takes an unintentional dip, av' W3 Who says Kay McDuffie is sweet 20 and never been kissed? gi Here comes de judge. Of' --'-- 1 puff' we +4 ' Time For Fun. Beafih Parties Pam King appeals to mercy of the court and receives justice. At the beginning of the year, Florida Bible College sponsored a beach party primarily to orientate the new stu- dents into the captivating excitement prevalent at any Florida Bible Col- lege activity. The alluring atmosphere enriches the opportunities to witness and to share testimonies of the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ. A portion of the enthusiastic crowd that cheered F.B.C. to victory over Miami Bible College. Bea an Talent at F.B.C. is not limited to the field of music. It extends to the athletic field also. The favorite sport of the populace appears to be touch football. The weekend games against other schools, fraternities, and company teams, draw enthusiastic participants and spectators. Homecoming found the "Saints" outclassing a team from Miami Bible College by a score of 20-0, The game was played under the lights of Moore Park with a crowd of F.B.C. boosters urging their team to victory, The contests serve a dual purpose at F.B.C. While permitting exercise and recreation the games also afford an opportunity to witness for the Lord to spec- tators and opponents. Steve Gibson. . . Hinstant in season and out of season An athletic event affords an excellent opportunity to give out the gospel. wsfxcsifff if 5 A Ejhljlxk' L James Mike Moore fandl mascot, 'iB.I." F.B.C.'s undefeated Kas of this moment? football team in action. Derby Day The first annual Florida Bible College Derby Day was held at Cape Florida on the beach this year. Derby Day is a contest between the four classes in the school testing the ingenuity, coordina- tion, and ability of the students. The Chariot Race-the highlight of the afternoon required each class to build their own chariot, consisting of any- thing from a piece of board and two baby carriage wheels to a modified bicycle with a board in the middle of it. The Senior Class showed its superi- ority in all three categories. . .inge- nuity, coordination, and ability. . .and won the Derby Day contest, though greatly outnumbered by the other three classes. A perfect ending for a perfect day. ' Terry Otto and Mike Otto soak up the sun. Class Competition rouses School Spirit Kay McDuffy sits in the 'tcool seat? Why do you want to persecute that poor innocent apple? -ew . -mf, ,eq 3. - 'W' M" - -:.... I "".,i:,f':."fs ii'2ffl9.E5":fs. .: L" "i2':.::.. 'i: ':: 1' 'E 125 2.213 FH a.1t.., as -- -- .M -- b rf . 2-svn'-1 pgfgszzrzzswf--M' .sm rf.-f 1- swf. :gs .. .- . .a-law:--5-ff.-w W: a W .::4-mm .: : ,fflsawgww-2 'r 1' -: -'--' 1- z- .fx imfvsim' .. - -my - .M :- - ff.1f.,-,.rw,U.f -ffml.-wL35 e,q-:tgh ..., , . , ""' .. ....:..- wa . ,4svzws1fw.a 7 ' 7 ' -- - -t . - ? i? ?i s? .. .TlL Q ' ' L ' L 'f"fv:,1f:'fWf f I - M.. ' W? "I don't use Ban and look how happy I am." says one of our student librarians, Brenda Michael. LIBR RY. . . Where Knowledge Begins When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowl- edge is pleasant unto thy soulg Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee. Proverbs 2:l0,ll. Students preparing themselves for the ministry fre- quently use the library. Realizing that some day their chance will come to have a ministry of their own, the students diligently search the scriptures and other informative Biblical texts to be able to have an an- swer for all men. I Peter 3:15. The library is dedicated to Clifton L. Fowler, who contributed many books from his personal library during his lifetimeg after his homegoing, in accord- ance with her husband's wishes, Mrs. Fowler trans- ferred the remainder of Dr. Fowler's library to F.B.C. The Clifton L. Fowler library is open every after- noon and two nights a week. It boasts more than 5,000 volumes and is constantly growing. Florida Bible College is greatly indebted to this dedicated man, who led our President, Dr. Stanford, to the Lord. ,qw ,g-av-M vw ,,. a ' T Barbara Thompson and Brenda busy in their workshop. Staff News Each year the annual staff has the opportu- nity of sharing the gospel with those who read the book. We on the staff count the opportunity given us a tremendous privilege. The Florida Bible College yearbook proba- bly appears unique to those who read and see it, for there are no hippies or mini- skirts, just clean-cut Christians. This at- mosphere is one of the many ways in which people are impressed by Florida Bible Col- lege students. Throughout the yearbook, the annual staff has emphasized the four steps leading to a happier Christian life. These four steps- witnessing, studying, praying, and fellow- ship-brought out the real phase of life here at Florida Bible College. You will also find we have added a touch of Americanism to our yearbook. We sincerely feel sure of the Saying, H0119 nation under God," It's finally hereg amoment looked forward to every year by all at F.B.C. I would personally like to thank anyone who has helped in making the '69 yearbook what it is. A special thanks to Mrs. White, the yearbook representative from the Wals- worth Publishing Co., also, to my faithful helpers Barb Thompson, Barb Satterwhite, Lynn Stevens, Tom Conley, Ken Fast and Mike Moore. On behalf of the annual staff, I hope you will enjoy the '69 yearbook and find it most enlightening. Lindy Crawshaw advisor lee stanford editor lindy crawshaw photography ken fast layout barb thompson copy ' lynn stevens faculty barb satterwhite Lindy Crawshaw, yearbook editor, erases a mistake easily made at 4 a.m. tom conley - Ho, Hum, only 8,000 layouts to go, muses layout editor, Barb Thompson. Our yearbook photographer, Ken Fast, takes a snooze Torch Staff Rushes To Meet Deadline What do you expect us to look like at this time of night KI mean morningh ? iil J .. 03!5?l?9?12i?iL1 f ampus Hi Lights Campus Hi Lights is a monthly pub- lication designed to communicate the exciting life that is F.B.C., a life that has eternity's values in view. Every- day events such as a football victory, a talent night, or chapel humor from the president, express our unique spirit and drive. The editors, Mike Otto, Dale Craw- shawQ and Joe Castillo, showed great dedication to the Lord by their ser- vice to F.B.C. in the production of this excellent newspaper. You should receive your first issue in a matter of yearsg it s still in the printing press, replies Dale Crawshaw. Diligently working on the layout is Joe Castillo. Mike Otto collects a few ideas for Campus Hi Lights A shave from the slave. Remember Slave Day? One of the many activities around campus is the competition of Slave Day. The Slave Day competition takes place to see which category, males or females, can sell the most tickets for the F.B.C. Banquet and also the selling of Annual Advertisements. Slave Day is from 8 to 12 a. m. at the beach. Last year the girls lost, so they were slaves for the boys. This year for the first time in his- tory the girls won, and what a time of revenge they had. Are you kidding me?! F B.C. lumni Spread the Gospel Many graduates of Florida Bible Col- lege are doing that which so few have been able to effectively accomplish- they are working with and helping America's young people. In youth works throughout the nation thousands of lives are being influenced weekly by Florida Bible College graduates. Most of the ministries sponsored both directly and indirectly by the college are youth works called "youth ranches". In many cities across the nation you might find a ranch director and his wife living in a home with a huge room used just for meetings and special events. This couple endeavors to make themselves constantly avail- able to the young people of their areag the time they are spending is certain- ly bringing obvious results. The school is also the alma mater of many who are serving as pastors, teachers, missionaries, Bible in- structors and others serving in spe- cialized fields of Christian work. Not only are these young men and wo- men doing a tremendous evangelistic work, but they are also generating a powerful moral influence. Wouldn't you like to know what's on the final exam? Mels says "Hi", Rick DeJesus, director of Orlando Youth Ranch Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there." Hank Lindstrom enjoys the fellowship at F.B.C. If the barn needs painting paint it, Student Government Vice-President . . . Steve Michaelson Secretary ......... Nelda Sallee President . . . ..... Mike Otto Treasurer . . . . . John Allan The Student Government is comprised of class officers. These are elected according to their Christian char- acter, academic standing, and school spiritg and serve on a yearly basis. The duties of the Student Government are to promote school spirit and Christian testimonyg to promote har- mony between the Faculty and stu- dentsg to promote, with Administra- tive approval, activities for the spiritual and physical welfare of the student body, Much of the life of a student at the college involves actively participat- ing in a particular ministry while he is still in college. The Student Gov- emment officers are here to form opinions, give ideas, and help the in- dividual students in any way possible. 92 gym.-.... M 1 The littlest Msaintw. i l YYY ..f. I A 1 l 4 l l l Fellowship is a walk, not a step. The finishing touches. l 93 W Qu Xxx X '69 . TS tp 0 ' . 7 Af? cr . 4 -' -G ,qt xfua' Q ,vi ks'- 4 51 5 rc . H ngmezw if: lf' 'f3fg'fif C gg ' -ffsfgfp ,, -,ff vw : , -1 ., . V ' T" . A - Qi the Lofdl. ll 6' 'Z' COQ 662 9 mx ,AK Cor E f k L ff? Kei w .fi fila- P V 1' fa S'f,a1i?f3zf1:f:. 9 MM. 5 .my fm- Ly -f . .Q V-1 ,1,1.,, ,. L Z. m, 1: Y ::, W,3, Y 2 Q H A ig. kg gwifgffx gf 12. ,, -f Q, ': asf in if Lf , 2 ,, 'CY as , W 5 wx4a.:wzf,.a7:gf-5, f 2- , we ww- ' 9211: f,fz1Lf.if:s" if :M-.2 6-m y-QM , Trust in the heart and lean not unto thine own understanding . . . Richard Haynes Robert Johnston Kirk McDowell Isaiah 64:6 I Corinthians 15:58 Acts 16:31 Lord with all thine Bachelor Theolog A Bible College degree is worth nothing unless the student is able to communicate what he has learned. The purpose behind the Th. B. pro- gram is training those that want to train others in the Bible. The pre-requisite for a Th. B. stu- dent is a 4-yr. B. A. degree in Bib- lical Education. The prospective stu- dent must also exhibit good Christian character. The Th. B. curriculum is unique in character. Besides regular biblical and biblically related subjects, the student is required to intern in ten hours of Bible. This program con- sists of taking roll, keeping the pro- fessor's grade book, and outlining the particular course just as he would if he were the instructor in the course. The graduate student must also teach several times during each semester. This program is an excellent method Teach me todo they willgfor thou artmygod. for those who are qualified to have an opportunity for practice under- supervision in becoming leaders in the field of Christian Education. ,fi "', 5 "'k,r Y if 354 1 Edwin MOFEQU Daniel Mosher Ron Von Behren Romans 1:16 Philemon 6 John 3318 Q the L0 . o 1' Q' - . QXK 161 QQX Z' 69 cu . X g f '62 , 5 xx.. ' 51 l Q f F. E3 ,,. E- 4 ' ' Q 'li nn 'I' gp 'of E3 , vi xgdqi 'tv' QQ 3 ,-.WW 'H ff Maturity. In a word this best describes the Sen- ior class of Florida Bible College. Upon reach- ing this point in his education, one has attained a certain amount of spiritual maturity. By apply- ing the things set forth in the Word of God to many practical situations, definite progress is evidenced in the life of the individual. The Senior year at Florida Bible College is one of looking both backward and forward. It is a time of looking back to gain strength from past successes and failures. It is a time of looking Cor. back to see those coming up who may need the help and advice which an upperclassman can provide. As the Senior looks to the future he sees many questions, and the answers which came at time so slowly. Shall he continue his education in the graduate program or head for some far-flung mission field? Only patience, and waiting for the Lord to answer prayer, brings assurance. And meanwhile, service for Him goes on. Maturity. iE ,,, ,W i, SENIOR Senior Class Officers Vice-president . . . Dave Mancingh Secretary ........, Kay Myers President ...... Rick Rodriguez Treasurer ..... Thom Hightower IOO --...,,,, 4-v-M-w-v9'Y' Randolph F. Busby Carolyn S, Carson Hollywood. Florida Merritt Island, Florida Colossians4:5,6 R0m3n38g38 Seniors :S .V W 2,537.- arggswkg s x air mg:--as An industrious senior. Gary Chatfield, makes points. Eugene W. Carson Merritt Island, Florida Romans 8:32 Richard H. Darlington Tampa, Florida Hebrews 4: 12 James A. Eschke Lake Worth, Florida II Timothy 2:15 Gary K. Chatfield Miami, Florida Psalms 27:1 Daniel P, Dugan Pompano Beach, Florida John 16:22 Richard Goodman Fort Lauderdale, Florida II Timothy 3: 15,17 Finall , m brethren. .. be strong in the power of His might? iffswgegsi'fyweggg fs S Tony recalls light moments with Connie. Charles J. Hackney. Miami, Florida I Thessalonians 5:22 Richard J. Hill Yazoo City, Mississippi 1 Timothy 4:12 Jerry D. Hackney Miami, Florida Colossians 3:2 Phil H. Keifer Miami, Florida John 5:24 Louise K. Hackney Thom A. Hightower Miami, Florida I Thessalonians 2:4 Gregory W. Lloyd Tampa, Florida Psalms 62:l,2 Miami, Florida Psalms 13822 Dennis O. Macy Troy, Ohio Psalms 37:4,5 101 102 Dave R. Mancingh Caroni, Trinidad Ephesians 3:20,21 David P. McCafferty Miami, Florida I John 5: 13 Tony J. Mirabella Tampa, Florida I Samuel 12:24 Marie A. Mosher Miami, Florida Colossians 2:10 Kathryn A. Myers Miami, Florida Psalms 91:4 C. Mike Otto Miami, Florida II Timothy 3:14 Seniors With Dick Hill's singing we are bound to get some kind of an offering. Herbert F. Paynter Miami, Florida Romans 11:36 Patricia P. Post Miami, Florida Colossians 2 : 16 Nelda P. Sallee Opa Locka, Florida Isaiah 50:7 He is able to Roger E. Post Miami, Florida Isaiah 6: 18 Ronald A. Sempier Miami, Florida Psalms 27:1 Eileen E. Rodriguez H. Richard Rodriguez Miami, Florida Miami, Florida II Chronicles 9:7 Jghn 6 547 Richard A. Smith James L. Tuten Miami, Florida Miami, Florida Joshua 24 : 14,15 Psalms 10712 keep that l which Ihave committed unto Him But Mrs. Hackney, I cleaned my room. Ray Dukes spends a few moments in meditation. 103 104 Seniors Richard I. Warnock Miami, Florida Philippians 4:13 Edward F. Weber Miami, Florida John 3:36 Edwin R. Williamson Miami, Florida II Timothy 1:7 Carnivourous Croley claims another victim. Morgen displays his Jewish graduation cap. HI don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future," muses Phi Keifer. "Study to show thyself approved unto God. . Senior class welcomes prospective students on HCollege for a day." Gary and Gordon talk about the good old days. 105 . oi the L0rd . 'Q .xQX 16: at QQ Q2 Rx X' Q' -Q X x f 0. N sm a fp GJ ii V-:EI ' X rt S3 if a Aff '54 .CI all 'S' t ',o',-" ro ll l - -., ,mega 5. P, a lil KKK eq ff C011 3 16 N F 106 As the third year rolled around the interests of students seemed to widen even more. By the ex- periences gained in the previous semesters spent at F. B. C., and by looking forward to their Sen- ior year, the members of the Junior class gained a true world-wide vision. More and more student ministers were started or expanded. Harder and more demanding' courses were tackled. The realization was pres- ent that there was a world waiting to hear the message of the gospel and that Bible College was "boot camp" or the training ground for the preparation of Christian soldiers to carry the fight to the foe. True spiritual physicians with a cure for the world's cancer learned that NOW was the time to get prepared to go forth and do a job for the Lord. "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdomfl Psalms 90312 ,. M, 1 J -. , ...., it gf xt I K . p mf.. Q ws 'A Q.. ' Q gnu f on 3 Q T.- fl ' K ,M X K f , 4 KK! Km 4,15 fp, ' f . sy - KK 5 1, K, Q PM K Q,,:- -- , . f 1. 4. gm ag, . K- K' ,ak A ' D ,, " K K K M. Q, any KK . W at K . EQK -,M Y K Y. mjwqgg asia ' V 'HK Q U, Vhrr, ,,M,,w KK KK W 4 f X f' J' .. . f 1. ... .gf . .Q-1 M wr. L . . K M r N K , ,. 1 K.. gif K KK .1,. ,W an y ' "'W"""'f1"'7' . i .. sf .. fLt 'Tiff . " -P, 'I' 3' K K .K -- U, ,. .,, V- K ' - ,ik Y " 'A Y' V K H: K ff: kygyv 5 5 KST' . W' KH -ite Y., is J E 2 Q. . fx airy, gk W4 V- I 5 P5 ,sk 111 1 - . Q ,,., .. ! . A . Q. N . , 4 . . . 1' ' K . K,K . 3, KK . K WHL. 5 5 K K M KK K . 5.24, K Ki 1 .A 1-2AA . :W . i -. ' . ' 'iKg . ,. W I 1 w,.. f .: f m - ww K Sf . X . a KKKKZ SK W ,.., 2 K ,Q K V KKK S K K K K r if - ...... .. 5 : K! K ., ' v i A ,,. . ' . 1 .. . K ,K Q- ,. mt 1 . M 'gn . A , K . K K Q? KKK . D Q K V ? .,. K K 'A KK , B ' ..., , f .,3f sf . WA K .KK V . K . 3 K Y,.. K L , h f f iv wi -ei, -' .. .41 ? Tl 3. 4' My 0. Y , 3 R., .8 My K Ku XY wr inf' 125 . -r., 529 ' 3 1. ny . 'R , 108 ffm-Q 'mal These are shorts with the "personal touch' for t'Motor Mouth Moore," 641.7 """f?" Joe A. Caraglior Miami, Florida Acts 20:24 Thomas J. Croley St. Petersburg, Florida I Chronicles 6:53 John H. Allan Signal Mt., Tennessee Proverbs 3 13,4 Frederick H. Allen Miami, Florida Colossians 4:6 Maurice E. Alt Hollywood, Florida Philippians 4:13 Arlene Asenap Indiahoma, Oklahoma Psalms 125 :1 Gregory W. Beachner Tampa, Florida Jeremiah 33:3 Robert M. Becknell Atlanta, Georgia Proverbs 4:10 John T. Braemer Miami, Florida Isaiah 50:7 Robert A. Bryan Miami, Florida II Corinthians 9: 15 Doris L. Cail Miami, Florida John 5:24 Juniors Greg Beachner demonstrates preparedness. Joyce E. Gentry Knoxville, Tennessee II Timothy 2: 15 Samuel C. Haney Boca Raton. Florida Ephesians 6:11 Michael Hansinger Ft. Myers, Florida Don R, Hardesty Miami, Florida ICorinthians 2:9 Sharon P. Dale Gainesville, Florida Psalms 23: 1 Edward L, Debee, Jr. Miami. Florida Acts 20:24 Susan E. Debee Miami, Florida Matthew 6 1 33 Douglas C. Doswell St. Petersburg. Florida ICorinthians 1:21 I. Ray Dukes Miami. Florida I Thessalonians 2:4 Lamar R. Forbes Marco. Florida Ephesians 6:10 Xw.m.,.,i., ..,,. ,. A A Mike Otto registers "Max the linife. " 109 110 u. Jim Woodhead keep busy in his printing room. Elizabeth S. Harpe Miami, Florida Philippians 1:21 Linda Hillgoth Miami Springs, Florida Jude 1:24 Marvin T. Jansen Seminole, Florida Proverbs 11:30 Billie Ann Johnson Quitman, Georgia I John 5:20 Virginia L. Johnson Quitman, Georgia Isaih 26:3,4 Thomas W. Johnstone Miami, Florida Proverbs 20: 19 new Joyce Gentry pauses at the water trough. Juniors Patricia A. Lees St. Petersburg, Florida Psalm 62:6-8 Bruce E. Lynam Tampa, Florida Romans 14:8 Thomas W. Martin Miami, Florida I Corinthians 10:37 Tamako Matsuoka Suginami, Tokyo John 12:24 Our first foreign student: Tamako Matsuoka, Kay S. McDuffie Tampa, Florida I Corinthians 15:58 Susan L. McMahan Miami, Florida Proverbs 24:20 Not Pictured """--. 45-ar' 1-an-ff' 29' 'O Steve Michaelson Tampa, Florida Psalms 39:7 Steve K. Miller Miami, Florida Psalms 50:15 Pam A. Minkler Miami, Florida I Peter 3:18 Bruce W. Mittauer Hollywood, Florida Hebrews 12:6 Nancy J. Morgan Morgate, Florida James 2: 10 Ernest S. Nofal, Jr Miami, Florida II Peter 1:20 Ralph S. Norment Miami, Florida Jude 1:25 Joanne L. Pankratz Casselberry, Florida Romans 8:38,39 111 112 'T David L. Parramore Miami, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Donald E. Patton St. Petersburg, Florida ll Timothy 2:15 Joan D. Paynter Miami, Florida II Timothy 3: 15 William J. Podolsky Tampa, Florida Romans 8:32 Richard M. Price Dayton, Ohio Psalms 118:8 John T. Riggs Miami, Florida Acts 20:24 T. J. is his usual glum self. Kathy W. Riggs Miami, Florida Isaiah 50:7 David K. Shipley Dayton, Ohio I Corinthians 9:16 Allan R. Safford West Palm Beach, Florida II Corinthians 4:7 Gordon L. Strickland Pensacola, Florida John 3:16 Pat Tiso, Jr. Sarasota, Florida John 1416 Laurence Turkel North Miami Beach, Florida IJohn 4: 10 Jon C. Van Rider Sparta, Illinois Ephesians 6 1 12,13 David L. Vaughters Miami, Florida Psalm 46: 10 Connie E. Sullivan Not Pictured Ocala, Florida IChronicles 2819.10 Great Gpportunit Lies Ahead. Jim A. Woodhead Tampa, Florida Romans 8:37-39 Elise L. Whitworth Forest Park, Georgia Psalms 119:37 Not Pictured George H. Waldo West Palm Beach, Florida Hebrews 10:35 Valerie J. Watson Beaurepaire, P. Q. Canada Psalm 25 :4,5 Louis P. Wommer Miami. Florida John 10:28 Chad A. Woodburn Quito, Ecuador II Timothy 2:2 What did Ido wrong this time? 113 114 Qi the Lord . is 'x 'so ff 'QQ X or QJ f 59 'Q X r' gt ' gs. 1 5 in 2 if ' "ff gn b fest.. Ii 1 Q: - - eq 3 Jw 4' -.f'-f'f,XXX E ff Busy. That serves as an adequate description of this year's Sophomores. They were not merely occupied with activities just for the sake of ac- tivity, but were busily engaged in service for the Lord which bore fruit for His glory. Directed by their capable officers, the second year students undertook a number of important projects. An informative bulletin was main- COI. 3 "6 tained by the Sophomores. They took upon them- selves the function of making the incoming Freshmen feel at home in the new world of college. It was the desire of this class that the world get a glimpse of what a tremendous life can be lived by those who would serve Jesus Christ with all they have. The world is dying to know. OPHOMGRE Sophomor President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Vice-president e Class Officers . . . . Dale Crawshaw . . . . Rachel Elbe . . . . Susie Simpson . . . . . Willie Griffin 115 116 Frederick D. Burk Perrine, Florida Job 23:10 Fred W. Burtscher Arcadia, Florida Il Timothy 4:2 Ken L. Bussell Forest Park. Georgia I Chronicles 28:9 Dale A. Crawshaw Plantation Key, Forida Matthew 19:26 Ramona L, Bowditch Burnsville, North Carolina Philippians 3:9 Dean R, Baden Arvada, Colorado Proverbs 3:9 Not Pictured Cameron F. Albert Tampa, Florida Galatians 2:20 Arlene M. Albury Nassau, Bahamas Romans 8:31 Linda M. Boggio Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Beth A. Boles Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Psalms 9:1 rica, , gs, ft. me ' 5? V f, , 532 . re L. ,L was ,,,: -, , ,,,,, ,tw ,,....,.,,. y., 219155-, Maria admires??? Dale and Bill both agree, "Adam never had it this good. " 1E!fj,,,'5' Lynn P. Crozier Pensacola, Florida Isaiah 40:31 Lana M. Dugay St. Petersburg, Florida I Corinthians 4 1 2 .amy -in rw wl""""""' Deborah L. Davidson Mark S. Debee Ft. Lauderdale, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Romans 12: 1,2 Philippians 6: 19,20 Judy R. Dillard John T. Curtas Tampa, Florida Tampa, Florida Galatians 6:7 Psalm 37:4 5 Not Pictured Sophomores Mrs. Miller talks shop with Mrs. Haley. www, Patricia A. Evans Ken C. Fast Miami, Florida Quito, Ecuado I Peter 1:5 Philippians 1:6 Diana L. Dukes Miami, Florida Philippians 4:19 Rachel A. Elbe St. Louis, Missouri Ephesians 3:2021 117 118 Susan F. Gesser Hollywood, Florida I Corinthians 4:2 Maria E. Gonzalez Miami, Florida Ephesians 5:19 Willie W. Griffin Tampa, Florida I Timothy 4: 12 Richard C, Haley Miami, Florida Romans 1:16 Samuel M. Iiams Lander, Wyoming I Corinthians 1:18 Spencer F. Johnson Lake Park, Florida Hebrews 13:5,6 William H. Fillmore Hollywood, Florida Proverbs 3 15,6 Michael T. Floyd Tunica, Mississippi I1 Timothy 1:2 Ted Fogle Norway, South Carolina Psalms 118 :8 Linda M. Fontaine Ft. Lauderdale, Florida John 20:21 'lHo1d that tigressf' Kathleen S. McGee Miami, Florida Philippians 2:5 Sharon R, McMahar1 Hialeah, Florida Hebrews 13:8 Cynthia L. McMorris Miami, Florida Jude 1:24 Terri M. Jordan San Antonio. Texas Psalms 11816 Nancy J. Kelley Bellerose. New York ISamuel 12:24 Gayle Lambert Miami, Florida Psalms 37:34 Gene E. Little Gibsonton. Florida James 5:20 Howard W. Lovett Marjorie M. Mankus Richard S. McElroy Moultrie, Georgia Lake Worth, Florida Miami, Florida Romans 4:5 Proverbs 22:24 Proverbs 26: 17 Not Pictured Not Pictured Not Pictured Sophomores Brenda laughing. . . or can you think of a better caption? Swillie Griffin Swings, 119 120 Jacqueline E. Merrefield Miami, Florida Revelation 21:27 Steven P. Merrefield Miami, Florida John 3:32 Brenda J. Michael Tampa, Florida Psalms 39:7 Pamela R. Minke Miami, Florida Job 19:25,27 Linda J. Murphy Riverview, Florida Philippians 4:19 Terry A. Otto St. Petersburg, Florida II Timothy 3:14 Rudy Overholser Tampa, Florida II Corinthians 5:7 Dale Parker China Grove, North Carolina John 3:30 "I don't know about tomorrow. . Brenda Michael, an industrious Sophomore. Linda Z. Peabody Pompano Beach, Florida Isaiah 26:3 Susan A. Simpson Tampa, Florida I Samuel 12:24 John H. Sagers West Miami, Florida II Corinthians 5:21 Not Pictured Karen G. Sand Boca Raton, Florida Joshua 1.9 Ramdeo R. Seecharan Trinidad, West Indies Joshua 1:8 Sophomores Can t tell he s a Pollock can you? Donald R. Smith Miami, Florida Psalm 11818 Mike L. B. Sowa Miami, Florida Joshua 1:8 Karen K. Spitzer Miami, Florida Psalms 19:14 Lynne M. Stevens Moultrie, Georgia Romans 7:18 Lawrence E. Stickler Gibsonton. Florida Philippians 4: 19 Daniel L. Streib Miami, Florida Romans 6:23 121 122 has Sharon L. Taber Largo, Florida Romans 4:5 Gerald F. Wamack Miami, Florida Jeremiah 33:3 Madeline M. Tenney Miami, Florida I Corinthians 2:5 Gerald S. Weber Miami, Florida Matthew 28:18.20 Donna J. Thompson Miami, Florida Romans 8:28 Thomas A. Williams Gibsonton, Florida II Timothy 1:12 Ci.-dh Joan C. Thompson Juan A. Toranzo Zephyrhills, Florida Hialeah, Florida I Corinthians 15:58 Psalm 37 14 Ronald J. Yoder Max D. Younce Miami. Florida Miami, Florida Romans 1:16 Proverbs 30:6 Rachel booms out in song. F. B. C. 's modern cafeteria. gms , Sophomores Forget it Rick: you'll never make it, comments music .director Rev. Greer. Don Smith solo's "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. " 123 if X the LO . o Pd . 6 1,25 GJ Ng x xx j 1333 . N I xYz A G5 QJ '5., I S' ly If ,515 'Q ll 53 w T, with ., 3 I , I Cor. 316 124 Boasting the largest entering Freshman class in school history, the 153 members of the Class of '72 have displayed a variety of talents and agreat supply of enthusiasm. Starting with fallis first activities and continuing through the year's succession of events, the "frosh" made their presence known. Those who entered Florida Bible College for the first time found it to be an exciting world of study, fellow- ship, and service. They plunged right into the many ministries available to them in this bee- hive of Christian work. Included in the opportunities which they availed themselves of were: senior and junior high ranches, children's clubs, Halloween parties, university work, migrant camps, Indian work, and others. Among the talents brought to the school by the Freshmen were those displayed in the artistic field. Contributions to the choirs and orchestra were also numerous from the talented newcomers. In addition a number of athletes had a part in F. B. C.'s seventh straight unde- feated touch football season. The class this year had a cosmopolitan flavor with students coming from the far corners of this nation as well as foreign countries. As a group and individually, the Freshmen proved to be valuable additions to the fastest- growing and most dynamic training base for Christians in the world. 5 FRESHMA Freshma Treasurer . . . President . . , Secretary . . . Vice-president n Class Officers . . . . . . Neil Porter . . . . Joe Castillo . . . . . Linda Hood . . . . . . Bill Adams if N 125 126 ,aa-"' .,,,,5'M' Thomas J Baden Arvada, Colorado Romans 4 121 T' Vicki K. Bailey Harlingen. Texas Isaiah 50:7 David L. Arlington William H. Adams Gardendale, Alabama Proverbs 3:5,6 Kathy A. Albert Miami, Florida Psalms 37:4,5 Craig W. Alexy North Miami, Florida John 3:16-18 Osterville, Massachusetts ICorinthians 7:9 Freshman Robert D. Beecher Tampa, Florida I Peter 5:7 Dianna L. Bell Miami Springs, Florida Ezekiel 3: 18 Barbara Bennink St. Petersburg, Florida Philippians 1:21,23 Eric L. Bower Pompano Beach, Florida I Corinthians 10:13 Michael L. Bower Pompano Beach, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Lawrence C. Bradley Forest Park, Georgia Proverbs 11:30 Jack D. Bartlett Forest Park, Georgia Romans 3:28 Joel A. Beaird Naples, Florida Romans 8:28 George W. Bean Tampa, Florida Philippians 1:20 From the Hill to Bill Gail and Joe in the toothpaste test Wendy G. Braun Coral Gables, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Alfred Brausam Pompano Beach, Florida Philippians 4:13 Peggy J. Brokaw Pompano Beach, Florida Colossians 2:23 Richard W. Brounley St. Petersburg, Florida I Corinthians 2:9 Shirley A. Brounley St. Petersburg, Florida Romans 8:38,39 Sharon Brown Pharr, Texas I Corinthians 15:58 Kathleen R. Browning MacAllen, Texas Isaiah 26:3 Kimberly Bryant Osterville, Massachusetts I Corinthians 7:9 Gloria E. Burgess Tampa, Florida Psalms 119:2 Dale Moorefield, better known as Big Moe. Nickie E. Cabrera Miami, Florida Philippians 4: 13 Joe S. Castillo Coral Gables, Florida Isaiah 50:7 Frank H. Cates, Jr. Forest Part, Georgia II Timothy 4:2 Betty J. Cauthen West Palm Beach, Florida I Samuel 17:10 Dennis G. Cable Miami, Florida Psalm 107 :1 Not Pictured Daniel G. Carter Miami, Florida Psalm 107:21 Not Pictured 127 128 One of the Miller gang. Charles D. Chancellor III Dothan, Alabama I John 5: 13 Kenneth R. Chenault Philpot, Kentucky Galatians 2:20 Thomas J. Conley Miami, Florida Philippians 3:9 J. Elaine Conner Fort Lauderdale, Florida Philippians 416,13 Patricia L. Conway Coral Gables, Florida Psalms 10623 Michael O. Cooke Harlingen, Texas Romans 1:16,l7 Lindy D. Crawshaw Plantation Key, Florida Matthew 6:21 Glen C. Cunningham Naples, Florida Romans 8:28 Richard C. Cunningham Atlanta, Georgia Philippians 1:21 Mark A. Curtas Tampa, Florida Psalms 37:4,5 Rance W. Darity Greenville, Kentucky Romans 13:11 Richard P. Deas St. Petersburg, Florida II Timothy 1:7 A beanied freshmen shows signs of the hectic first week Bob W. DeCamp West Caldwell, New Jersey Galatians 5:22,23 Valerie J. Depaulis Orlando, Florida Romans 5:1 Rebecca L. Dudley Clearwater. Florida Psalms 128:1 Charles T. Duvall Birmingham, Alabama Isaiah 40:31 Lee P. Elliott Fort Lauderdale. Florida """"4h Doyle L. Ellis Gibsonton, Florida Romans 8:28 Bruce Finch San Benito, Texas James 2:10 ...Na-' ' Maynard H. Flack Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Romans 1:16 Karen K, Forare Miami, Florida W, Philippians 1:8-10 Leonora D. Frechette Miami, Florida Psalms 116: 1,2 Gary L. Gariglio Pompano Beach, Florida II Timothy 4:8 Nadeen R. Fowler Mechanicsburg. Pennsylvania , II Timothy 3: 16 Karen Forare minds the store. Not Pictured Proverbs 3:5,6 Is this the Dean's wife? xg' ,,,,v 129 ""'+-+.. 4' Stephen V. Gibson St. Petersburg. Florida II Corinthians 418.9 Stephen H. Gillespie Orlando, Florida Psalms 12616 Joan E. Gilbert Patricia N. Gilbert Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Isaiah 12:5 Psalms 37:4,5 Robert A. Glasscock Cafl M. G0ttSChalk Orlando, Florida Cleveland, Ohio ll Timothy 2 g1 Philippians 4:13 Rosemary Green St. Petersburg, Florida James 1:8 Carl W. Greene Forest Park, Georgia John 16:33 Nancy L. Hackney Miami, Florida Isaiah 65:24 Jeff L. Hall St. Petersburg, Florida Ephesians 5: 15 Marvin E. Hamilton Fort Wayne. Indiana Ephesians 5: 11 Linda S. Hannah Kettering, Ohio I Corinthians 2:9 Linda S. Harvey Lake Worth, Florida Philippians 2: 14 W. Jackson Harvey Miami, Florida I John 5:13 Sally E. Haynam Tampa, Florida Isaiah 50:7 Tanya L. Hernandez Tampa, Florida Colossians 3 : 23,24 Jim A. Hester Miami, Florida Jude 1:24 Karen L. Hill Holiday, Florida Revelation 3:21 Freshman Luis reflects during a very rare serious moment. Kathryn Hollingsworth Shelby, Mississippi Song of Solomon 2: 1,2 Sherry J. Jackson Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Isaiah 12:2 Linda D. Hood Portland, Oregon Proverbs 25 : 11 Deborah A. Johnson Miami, Florida Proverbs 14:3 L. Diane Hutchinson Pompano Beach, Florida Proverbs 25: 11 Robert E. Horton Miami. Florida II Corinthians 5:21 Not Pictured 132 Dennis D. Keller Miami, Florida Psalm 37 3 27 Not Pictured Pam King Miami, Florida Isaiah 26:3,4 Gail S. Kozel Council Bluffs Iowa Diana K. Jones Roanoke, Virginia Philippians l:20,21 Earl Jones Orlando, Florida Romans 8:28 Alfred H. Karrasch, Miami, Florida Psalm 37:4 J coiossianssri Joe plays 'KPeek-a-boof' Marilyn L, Lashbrook Pompano Beach, Florida Isaiah 50:7 Jerry W. Lloyd Tampa, Florida Psalm 62:1,2 Wathla J. Long McCloud, Oklahoma John 11 135 Clyde L. Lunsford St. Petersburg, Florida I Corinthians 9: 19 M. Judith MacKenzie St. Petersburg, Florida Proverbs 3 z 5,6 Donald R. Manley Miami, Florida II Timothy 2:3,4 Fred H. Mathews Miami, Florida John 3:16 Anne McCloud Quito, Ecuador Proverbs 3:5,6 Julia A. Miller Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Colossians 2:6,7 Wayne D. Mitchell Hollywood, Florida Romans 14:8 Dale W. Moorefield Forest Park, Georgia James 4: 10 Gerald A. Morgan St. Louis, Illinois Genesis 6:6,7 Ann Earl and Nancy discuss tomorrow's homework. Bruce S. Morrison Largo, Florida Ephesians 4:32 Ronald L. Moses Tampa, Florida Proverbs 4 : 26,27 Richard H. Muhlerwirth Miami, Florida II Thessalonians 4:2 Lynn P. Murphy St. Petersburg, Florida Il Timothy 1:7 William H. Murphy Pompano Beach, Florida Hebrews 10110 Virginia E. Neely Easton, Pennsylvania Philippians 1:6 Freshman class of 1800. David G. Orthner Tampa, Florida Revelation 1:7 Roger A. Miller Miami, Florida Revelations 3: 15,16 Not Pictured 133 134 Nancy M. Owen St. Petersburg, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Janice M. Parker Chattanooga, Tennessee Isaiah 26 : 3,4 Georgiann Peabody Pompano Beach, Florida Proverbs 3 : 5,6 Paul W. Peterson Miami, Florida Romans 4:5 Diana makes joyful noise Michael D. Philpott Forest Park, Georgia I Thessalonians 2:4 Stan R. Ponz North Miami Beach, Florida Philippians 4: 13 Neil R. Porter St. Petersburg, Florida II Timothy 2:2 Carolyn J. Powell Miami, Florida Philippians 4:13 Carol J. Pugh Orlando, Florida Isaiah 26:3 Thomas E. Rogers A Forest Park, Georgia Isaiah 50:7 ' W ........ .. 1, V' W' ww-H-,. M.. "' . N Antoine B. Prontaut Luis M. Rodriguez Karen Forare, Mrs. Stanford's faithful volunteer secretary. Augusta, Georgia Miami, Florida Ephesians 5 : 15,16 Ephesians 2: 10 Not Pictured Not Pictured i V Diana L. Shearon Tampa, Florida Psalm 126:6 Brenda G. Saunders Chattanooga, Tennessee John 14:6 Not Pictured Michael C. Romine Tampa, Florida Romans 10:17 Lawrence Roy Perrine, Florida I John 4 1 7 Thomas G. Rumph Sanford, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Barbara L. Satterwhite Tampa, Florida Psalm 11836 Donna J. Saunders Tampa, Florida Romans8:31 James A. Scudder Paducah, Kentucky Psalm 37:4 M"""' All roads seem to lead to this office", says Jerry. Ed and Joe try to meet "Trumpet" deadline. Daniel Sierra Miami, Florida I Corinthians 3: 11 Stanley A. Simonton Houston, Texas Philippians 1:21 H. Gene Skiles Dayton, Ohio I Corinthians 2:9 David L. Singer Milford, Michigan Isaiah 6:5-8 Not Pictured 135 136 'I 1 Michael J. Sullivan Clementon, New Jersey Romans 5:1,2 Fran E, Smith Miami, Florida Romans 8:35-39 Bruce C. Smith Forest Park, Georgia Isaiah 41:10 Cheryl A. Smith Hialeah, Florida Psalm 27:1 Norman C, Speier West Palm Beach, Florida ICorinthians 1:18 P. Alonzo Staton III Mountain Home, North Carolina Romans 8:28 Hey: Where do I sign for the crip courses? Is this all that Atlanta has to offer? John R. Sutter Princeton, Illinois John 3: 16 Collins W. Swords, Jr. Miami, Florida John 1:12 Nancy F. Thomas St. Petersburg, Florida Galatians 2:20 Patricia A, Thomas Pompano Beach, Florida Isaiah 50:7 Barbara J. Thompson Zephyrhills, Florida John 8:32 Janie R. Townsend Pompano Beach, Florida Philippians 4:13 Freshman Tillie Whiteside Tampa, Florida Proverbs 3: 12 Not Pictured Martha L. Zeutzius Tampa, Florida Romans 8 1 28 P, Gail Wommer Miami, Florida II Timothy 3:16 Not Pictured Marion G. Widmer Miami, Florida Psalm 118: 14 Don E. Woollen Coral Gables, Florida Isaiah 6:8 Judy P. Woollen Coral Gables, Florida Matthew 11:28 Margie A. Younce Miami, Florida Psalm 117:1,2 Richard C. Van Buren Dundee, Illinois Galatians 4:9 William H. Vestal St. Petersburg, Florida Psalm 43 1 3 M. Scott Walker Atlanta, Georgia Philippians 4: 13 S, Christy Wamack Miami, Florida Jeremiah 33 1 3 Carol J. Ward Miami, Florida Philippians 4: 13 M, Elizabeth Whaley Tampa, Florida II Chronicles 16:9 Hey Skip, get in step. 137 Qi the Lord .66 Q2 X X I"4':,V ' ,Ag QQ Q X0 46, Vw Xxxs f fb . GJ 'Q fn E x ' I F J: .' ' 42 .--- A2 if 1 Xi 'xx' K ks H A X H y - Ss' ff C011 3:X1 Qs 4 Vu X 'W 1 'P MMU was X Z- X X 11 11, W1 1 11 X K X M1 1117! lj, 11, 1 1 ld W7 f 7 5 fi My gmyyxN w--T ' 11 1 fl XM Xxizxwxixmx Y'bTX'ffMX1 wiXmx 'N11 A 1 ""1 V-311' 'fl' W1:11111'1"''W1 11Z' xm"mm'1L 111 11.11 l1,11,-111...U1' 11111111111, 111111111 ,,g1.111 t X X4 IWW 11,,11111111W1 531 111111 W11111,11111111111111, 1, 11 I 1 'M Q- C39 l1""'WlW' 1 MM' l " M11 'I"' I U1 ,I ,WX X H Compliments of Broward County Yvufh Ranches Ft. Lauderdale Ron Von Behren Hollywood Willie Griffin South West llilliromorl L Bill FilllTl0I'e is SLELEELHS congratulates the class of l969 and wishes all of its members God's richest blessings as they , take up their lifes work. WEST HOLLYWOOD 0 HOLLYWOOD 0 MIAMI Members: FEDERAL REsERvE SYSTEM o FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Henry D. Perry, Chairman of the Boards Chas. W. Lantz P d t CHOOSE THE CITIZENS BANK MOST CONVENIENT TO YOU 141 142 P LL BRIGHT GLLEGE DAYS im Q 9 'fi I f LZ-,,?1L ,L 43" f Q' ii' I You've earned your diploma. It has been a long road. nation's fastest growing majorstate, Florida holdsabright And now you are ready to put what you have learned future for college graduates with talent and ambition. We are justly proud of the graduates of Florida schools Look around Florida hrst. Here are expanding opportun- and universities on our Sunshine Service team who are ities forwell-trained,action-minded young people. As the making our slogan a reality. . ."Helping Build Florida." into practice. Xyf: yah FLORIDA POWERSLIGHT COMPANY ,Q HELPING aulto FLORIDA Q7 Lgkfmadbaafihffygaa Zzfofadbfz 1-1 iq FINE Pfmvmve I O O O : LETTERPRESS O O PHOTO OFFSET n fora fterisg Inc: f f T E. NIORALES PRESIDENT PH B88 8418 830 EAST 1 AVE ' HIALEAH, FLA. - - PAINTINGS cAnvuNGs M , A X POTTERY SCULPTURE , jf ' GLASS SILVER si snouze IEi.O?lIHGEiS'EGH,d X Lf! ..., i.. ff iixl it-mi sw3o4 sn! Ill! f R3L1I'1fC2g?!ff E X 5' Ranch 52 th CI 51 Nw 14 stfeef ff X THE EMERALD GALLERY DIPLOMAT HOTEL - HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA ..1.I nw14St. I I N Mondays 7230 PM X, 'X f X I f ii 1 cinema' P,O, Box 146 North Miami Beach, Florida , MISSIDN, LIILQ. Dr. Mark G. Cambron,PrQsidQn'c Dr. A. Q39 SL3D1COl'd,gQC-TVQS. uEMea4J.6om'Uw Pwnc, ob Juwmlemibegf f 1 Siam pmqmm omuL.,e.f' rwMl22:6 25-'R 143 146 HARDWARE FIVE 8. TEN Inc. Q""" k PLUMBING W ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES W PAINTS k NOTIONS u . ,, I6 gwlamw auudf,'UuJIwwdwL PHONE HIM-2565 2618 CORAL WAY MIAMI, FLORIDA MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH YOUTH RANCHES North Miami-14455 n.w. 16th Drive South Miami-8500 s.w. 46th St. Miami-1610 Tigerfail Fridays, 7230P.m. Gongradula fion Seniors Congratulations CLASS of ,69 from the MEN of F.B.C H EXTERMINATORS 12191 south dixie highway f miami 33156 phone 235-5360 ofegmfulaie. . . THE GRADUATING CLASS 'Tor I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scripturesg and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: and that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve." I Corinthians l5g 3-5 "Por God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that who- soever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3: l6 0 ug Conli enfly Where You Know 148 Safrsfacff on rs Guaranfeed You In purchasing a major item like a piano or an organ you naturally want assurance that you are buying from the most reliable of dealers, It should interest you to know that Morgan's have been faithfully serving local families for 34 years...and We have built our business on a reputation for serving people as they want to be served. Buy your piano or organ with pride and confidence at Morgan's. I 'tE?'i' MORGAN Piano ornpang 2075 BISCAYNE BLVD. PHONE 37l-5'+Lll AUTHORIZED STEINWAY PIANO AND HAMMOND ORGAN REPRESENTATIVE FL URIDA CHRISTIAN 5'6'HO0L 4200 .QM 89Ave God: By UP aised K 12hG d T Shl dEd t IPI MtIFdSp I WALL STREET UURPURATIUN GNN a3f,X X 150 s STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES gain, CALL IN ORDERS 444-9771 INSURANCE, buzzer DOGS WILLIAM H CHM-LOS CHARBROILED BURGERS AGENT FISH SAN DWICH ES - BARBEQUE AUTO- LIFE- Home SUN DAES - SHAKES - NIALTS FRENCH FRIES - UNION RINGS 18153 NE 19 Avenue 3280 S. W. 22nd St. fcorol Wuyi Off. Phone: 947-7221 N. Miami Beach, Florida 33162 fa 0909000 4' J h E ,H I A 5056 ww! o n . Ma OIIIB Nl. . 2 , y' 'A Fri day 3100 PM Real Estate Appraiser I Cosultant . 2 Pharr,,Te1a S N 00 ffifT:fiQfffQfQfffffff 332552525 "' E5S?55:fEQ5f5fEQEfE2Ei 223222222 Phone ST 7' 5343 507Ingraham Building 311-8822 Soul Winn ing Seminars Soul Winner's Digest Impoct Literature Recorded Lecture Bible Institute 0 0 'into All The world RIehardA.Seymaur 2222 S.W.27 Terrace'A' President Miami. Florida 33133 CLASS of 'css IH- Snfhnmnrfi 152 OL ,...--" Cz., H. J. Ross ASSOCIATES, INC. Corzsullirzg Erzgzkzeers TELEPHONE C3055 377AO47I H- J- ROSS, P- E- 4735 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD PRESIDENT MIAMI, FLORIDA 33132 an fu w, nc. NORB GARIETY, PHOTOGRAPHER N I d Y I' R h 267 ALHAMBRA CIRCLE CORAL GABLES. FLORIDA 4 WAKE UP AMERICA STAMP OUT COMMUNISM PHONE HIGHLAND 8-9300 l9535 IILIIL 8 Cf. Tuesday Night 7:30 . C N 0 X ia- XIII ' Artist Supplies 2263 S.W. 37TH AVE. KDOUGLAS ROADI MIAMI, FLORIDA 33145 ' A. IVIELVIN IVICDRRIS PHONE 445-1413 AM CAN Louvered Z1 fproducts Go. MANUFACTURERS 4901 West Knollwood Tampa, Florida P. O. Box 15535 884-1441 33614 Rf J 3 1 6 ,Xin NME-L ' .. ! 'I , f' ZA . JW A by l' . , :'-vi If W ,,, fav? df., . rf! .A 1 3+?ufE.: m " - N xx 2 -ma , P x . .Q wa NT . , Nun, - KX ls , wr wi ! . xg.. 1 X I ,-f I . :yy 3 N. A , r r,l ,- TT.. 7,, 3 1 IE 54 I 'W 1 et DIVISION OF BIBLETOWN COMMUNITY CHURCH, INC. 1,11 Box A- aocA RATON, FLORIDA 33432 z Y PHONE 305-395-2400 ,-21 5' Q tl gif ' 6 H 5 tu , J J 4 g, V . Legg .A,g.: 'QQ ,35- 'A 4'?i5242??'5! A , -Q xsfiing, A , X, ., I 3' W' - , - f ' 135, , I I Torrey Johnson D.D., L.L.D., President fn Il X X K ow therefore, our 56:18, we thanlxi thu. aah praisrk H15 glarinns T. nilllt Ucnnouzozist I, K ew We 4' I I I , ittiimg BIBLETOWN MINISTRIES I Christian Community. . . Paradise Palms 0 Christian World Foundation 0 Bibletown Community Church of Boca Raton 0 Summer Youth Camps 0 Winter Bible Conference 0 Retreats 4Church 81 Other Religious Groups7 MILTON O. HILL Executive vice PRESIDENT Nodh Nllcmia 1. Yfouifn Randal. P. 0. BOX 9705 NORTH ATLANTA BRANCH ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30319 DIRECTORS Rev. 81 Mrs. Michael Shaffer Home Phone 237-8512 , Tel -Evanlelism Phone 237-9738 To win young peopIe to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to train them to pattern their Iives in accordance with the scriptures I 311 l0VEll ll0MES' Builders an d Develope rs of Palm Springs Lakes a Prestige Development 'i 1 l EE We Trade Homes Furnished Models Located West 84th Street 81 14th Avenue Hialeah Florida 821 1331 cnet? U if .5 it 1 Q1 ...N ' ' --'K - VA H J f I-.1 ' C ,l f Y ,, , 5 Y,,, H-' .5-if ' X- f,-, xx . I I 1 - .' 7-K w Y , X Q, elif' . ... W N "4' 2- X" - -'T ' 1 .,oi""w Y r. f-.. , '-ti" -p-"gif," V I -- '--' . 'Q-up-f""""'?' 'Q' 'L ' Q , 1 - ----4 .,..1,, .,., . HW-J ., 1 'f- 14- ' 'Y vb' -., ,fl ' f 4 Q ' -:ff "1 ' , 4' 156 SHELL I.-umbeiu C'l0mPa.wJ,Iw. BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER 0 CEMENT 0 PLYWOOD 0 STEEL TOOLS 0 HARDWARE 0 FENCING PAINTS PANELING ROOFING MATERIALS H Z lg , iQ!! If T A Y I T Q53-M 1 I. , . I---1' " I Obfliami 2733 S. W. 27 Avenue LILIS-LILIUI DISTRIBUTORS FOR GLEEIVI PAINT 'I FRDIVI AN 'Z ':l .2 7 FRIEND ? Serving Dade Count since 1941 The safety of our depositors' funds is our first consideration Same local management and ownership since 1941 Personal attention to our customers' needs RIVERSIDE BANK IVIIDTOYYN BANK 60 N .W. 12th Avenue 1400 N .W. 20th Street Miami, Florida Miami, Florida Telephone 373-8771 Telephone 633-2631 BANK OF CORAL GABLES 1418 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Coral Gables, Florida Telephone 446-5641 F. deC Oak Tully F. Dunlap Chairman of the Boards President Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 157 158 x 'iv 1 5 1 W Qf Q I ' , X X 1' Y .',4irN,g jk 'E I Ni?"'-iii., X 1 :gm f , X . .3 E w Q of af, E M INR' 1, U K .l i K ' I 5 J, 342113. is - im H2812 Robert Starr - PRESIDENT Phone 634-9663 P.O. Box 153 Biscayne Annex Miami, Florida 33152 rahing Glu., Blur. ect wioheo X 'iiii ' ex V,-M. - ,,.:. "fe ,., 'i' 7 ,wffxwx ff OWN xi 6 . ,,,, M5 l,:: r"s'Z1T"'i! We! 'fix' Y Q5 ,K 111 v Qi or ca wonderful suture! X M i ' 5 :n' V fi t rf M 4 1 9 f f Q - . . , ,,.. . - 15,5 I. A. rg Q 2 9 9 Q gkx M 7 lgxv Q .1 A WWW' "www 1 1 N1 Maia' SP .xjnf-f' ' - . :,.,,, 11' ' N , J pe EE . -f ,QQ Hi 3 Q Q X4 sk-. i ' MVS-Jo ,' I X - 'Ax v I , . . 'sk I N x . iwisx 1,9 Y 'EWG if 4..., . In In ANL DIL ix ' f v 1 6 in ' . -' , V--x Wim 'fx , , 'NEW'-5xQ.w idk-'iii 1 MM 1' ji , 4 . qswmfil-'Q ' :xxx - 'ia V x"??',ffEf.2Li"!T'.- ff 4 ,556 xii: f MX-Q24 - 7 A rr, Q' '-.3 5, Island 00 mmunify S, ny, 3 0lrurcl: jg ls-Iamorarla, lj Florida 33036' Pastor Bruce E. Porter A ssisfan f Pasfor Dale Crawsh aw I Thessalonians 23 4 You can always pay your bills in cash. CBut when you lose a check, all you've lost IS a plece of paper. And when you pay by check It becomes a recelot. Come In and +o" ,.LoLJiOPelll'1g ar. accountj NIERCHANTS BANK OF MIAMI 950 Red Road 0 NIO 7-5661 Checklng Accoun B s Loans' Auto and lnstalmenl Loans S D posit Boxes 0 Auto and Walk-Up d 2 r. Dcposltorles Baukb M ll Od T Iers' Checks US S g B d F P kng 0 4075 INTEREST PER ANNUM COMPOUNDED ON REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS EDE L DE 0 S R CE ORP L 5,1 f 5125?-J 'FDC 1 X '31 L PRESHMEN 3 X L If A O . W1 'T' 159 l . 160 Cong atulatzom from CURBSIDE GARDENS 2307 SW 37 Avenue Miami, Florida 444-6141 444-2733 enior . McDONELL'S OLD MILL FLORIS 3535 SW 8 Street Miami, Florida 446-1631 CURBSIDE GARDENS SOUTH 15715 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida 235-2521 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASSIONS Wedding Specialists Arrangements Cut Flowers Potted Plants Corsages BWLE U12 si? FQ 3-':" PLEASANT ALLEY ROAD 4' ' V . 'IY' N 3 f 64 76 JV 1 sfalf U6 i so 1969 BIBLE CENTER 5740 Sunset Dr've , i ff? 5758 Sunset Drive J 3 y L , P11666 665-2461 Z X , Mobile Youth llauoh Bibles, ChI'iSfi31'1 Books, CHICIS 2905 PLEASANT VALLEY RD, Church Supplies, Gifts 81 Music EVERYPLZZZSQQJSQQS 'M' ROBERT W. .Vit-ELROY STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES BOOKKEEPING 1 TAX SERVICE ww-:mug ----Monthly Service For Businessmen John Law Specialize In Income Tax Refund -1 L'FE-AUTO- F' RE 3 3 887-9543 Miami Springs Hvf Herpes uurvfnsrrv ""!l9-125.3 "-f One Hour Cleaners x 'Qin , LLL., 3500 S- Dixie Hwy- 2844 S.W. 27th Avenue Miami, Florida Miami, Florida 33133 l. 161 162 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. I Corinthians 15:58 Set your goal high stay in school and graduate. Kay lVlcDuffie SERVING SOUTH WEST PAINTING M ESfEAD E- BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO APPIIEOIATE YOU LICENSED s. INSURED ' ,ax OWNER l RICHARD s M ELROY FOR FREE ESTIMATES CALL RICK ACCURATE ROOF PAINTING 22.909290 D M5 ROOFING co EQ? DONT CRY CALL GUY TILE GRAVEL SHINGLE SPECIALISTS IN LOCATING LEAIcs SERVING DADE ron 19 YEARS New FHA FINANCING AVAILABLE 238 6533 Coral Gables Coca Cola L Bottling Company Salutes S the Seniors --:1:'5i1"'5f: -2-2:2:212ff:2:2:21EMf2f2if5212122522222Iafsfef-11252121isfsisiiifiasleisiaizizir:-f..i1-I .31212"EE'fE:EE515353fi'-5-i5.3if33225152355525555535155,E3E5E,I'EQ5E:E5, fggzf' fI:zzgsgzg:g:sz4sg:gsr,sfzf2fz:s1sge5a,1,:,.-si-4: --fr:-2+r-1-I-:-1-1':4:E:-244-1-14-12-122:-Izrz-I-I-I-I-1-f-:-1-I-I-I-:-I-I-E-I-1-I-I -,,-1 1-1,1 -'-- -,,' I.v:,:,.1.,.1.,.-.N.4,.,.-,.:.:...,,.,., - .:- 4.1. ,GQ -5i'.1:f:2'".Zi52EI?if?:"2?2k:IEEEEEEEESSIEIEQEQEEIEIis251isEsIif52sSs52eisEs2s2s2s2s2e:s2s2aSs2s2s2s2s:sSs'sge::,:'.::Ef:,:Efiiililifisii55:52525Iiz:s55'g:1agf2s2agsga515532535s::gzg:g2g2g25Q:5::' I :I 5 .,., ' jgea, ,, ffI+G:is555.25iaififisiaiaisiai.455:m.Q525g:,. ,,:,..51:g.. - T0 ' ,. . if I,,, ,,.I Z ,,,, ' fe '. .- V Y A , I ' 5 I I .' I I' ' , , I l 1 ."1.- if 5 I E 'Q' . -, . :nh . A ' l .1 ' . ' ' '- " , .ff-as , I" .-.....:"-1-I.. ' - ' Mszrsf-5,2 ' ' ' . . s -- 4 ' .v v ,x .1 -.f'YlLf'1'. '1 -N 194' 'E' f' -N' 'f , . c - L' I , H 4 ' I Q gi. ,f lg C . F' .I 3 ' , B J ' 1 - ' --I I 'k -I , A wfi',57:fi'E?'T5:Evil-'F,:.Ih g L K '- -41.1 "lb-ifffgf. ., o - -is in A I -I . 1523- l , , wner ,-I ,h x'Qr'rLlvl9" EW Il 1 - ,, IEEE, ,254 A B ' .. ' - , ' , , X I MJ. . . .ue 5, I' I J - '. -, :S "- I - ' "' ' 5 n . , ,N .. , . ' . I, ' 0- V ' Y , V , I .. M.. I I Yin i l W I 163 164 Lb K KA, wiv: 1 , I V - f,11If 'f.K ,y fwgnmwmgfw ,g ,g -,.,- -' '5 1 N 5 fl A KL .I , , gym N N .f 1 , , , V " W' , 152 ,fp , , ' jj' f If A, wjfw Q , , , r Q: 1-A J' ' 53 1 ' f . 11 gfs:h'1f' .. M r. 131, I, - i 3,7 fy," :, , AQ fu ,QSJAN ., A , f 1 . - , A .. xi ' Q 'jf tg, .lrvff . :Y ,X 3 , H E: Ev? ffm I K - , , 'ff ,N . wfg krsi 5 vu .A ,gg 4, 5, l ' ffl ' M:-f' "Q, ' 1:1 3 . .gs x 'M N X, -4 , I Q 'l!!IIllIln!"lI!v!b' A f, , ,1 ,- -f A , .'- X .v - . ' : 11 'l' '.. " .K ' -X . ' 1' ,.., V gl 3 F w 4,40-af -Q . . . '1f, - , ,pg z ' ' 19, 'B ,rg 'W Q1 L Affmiaiagyma 31? 'IQ' , . . ' gf ElI?: 71, I 41,12 F, 'Y ' z ip : el " ' ' - 55, 555 ffl ull- 's I .Q I Q gf., A , .' -5 QQ, 1 . Ap 3 x ii: 1 X W l,-if .5-rj ' A R ,ft W4 ml? t , . A31 22.1 'Q I N FL " " ,i.,'gzi2 my "1 1 ff +55 - Q' V ig-ing f UG: ' f- 1 :.f 1+f ' 1? w .- ,- -- 3 .1 fn - - ,Jiffy ggi qggpgf, 3 A f . :ij ' ' ifffffiiz . fx: . . - , " ' ' -W - , : ' "'fxEf'e?f?u25g A f wg: Alix ' il N pin: f' x "'W +'b """" 'Q' ,gf--3:5 ' .Jw l , , , , MJ K, nil, IK JV A i.W1,,.,, 0 ' ' AIN ' . . If A 0 , 2 -25 xg , P V, 0 H6610 N elda p Q ig- Lv, I Q x .,. 2 2 f - 1 ' 1' ' i"l"1L-7--J- . , ' 4 . ,,' in V969 egllzwe, D 'f ,, F C'ongmtalationA Seniof-A! Q 1 EW from gour- STUDENT GOVERNMENT I- - .. .-. 'feat X Maffoff S Electric' wioheo P A ' Company I I N .xljf L 'iTEQTt15w,n2 lsfN V3 QN J if ES o IAMI, FLA. 33169 safufm., M sgmnons 6'0N6PA TIIIA Tl0NS' S'ENl0P9 from lashng lmpressmns Inc 5 s 0 O I ,Gill-fvaimeulg, Q6 -IE!-eyangel-ism international Qif1D0iJf.L..J'b bm Miami Springs Youth Ranch , X . YY T-Y l l . , y'o.'.y' ,v"" b +P' aaa if 31 Vrwe L, 168 70052 Ferret 2122 I .. - .. .. - Congratulations I 6550 Mango Avenue, South High School 8: College - Tuesdays d I junior High - Fridays 7:30 p.m. , mm, I Central Ave. :E N I Sl Iver Bluff S Mango E fk Coin Laundry 3 I Mels Gxrhonell. Director 345-5514 IINEW Frigidaire Still 25Cll I I .- s i mpaywmfg A 'IFOR BY GRACE ARE YE SAVED THROLCII FAITH: AND THAT NOT OF YOURSELVES: IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD: NOT OF WORKS, LEST ANY MAN SHOULD ROAST. FOR WE ARE HIS WORKMANSHIP, CREATED IN CHRIST JESITS IINTO GOOD WORKS, WHICH COD HATII BEFORE ORDAINED THAT WE SHOULD WALK IN THEM." EPHESIANS 2:8 - I0 TAMPA YOUTH RANCH 3010 DeLeon Street P. O. Box 10,000 Tampa, Florida 33609 Phone 877-4977 Hank Lindsirom, Iliregjcor D A 1229 Sta fo d Pesto Letflw WORD be lwwui' ZQMZMZM 0 r. . rw r , r A -if ll ll 1 . C EPHESIANS 218- IU ' -l - J 9 0 X , I 169 , 1 1 W 1 WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A Wat' 11 A v 5- f sp Vg V 1 , 1 44 NS' 9 . ,. , .- 1: Anv- XS xiii. S .,,i f ., 5 V: ,, ,A - 4 'fs' A .1 , .4 , , ,K

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