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:S 'lrfi '- ' 'iv' 1 , . 2 f 1 , N 5: . . 2 . , , Sp ,,, . V .., , -- 4 ' x k X , 1 . .' ,cf wr " lj, 11 -2 'Leif' ' fr'- ' 1:2 , , L , ,,,, . x 'L ,N 3 Y 5 , +41 . 'f- M .I-1' K Y 2' 1 . T -:Qi ' ' ," ,,2.'?' wi? P , Eihftdfwfgf- Y A-ffl W? if mi-Q8 fr ,' "f , i ' Mui? A' ' " f ' me 1 4 .!'9L". F 5.3" ff? ' 3 ,.w. , -UNH 6 S! 3 ii I3 3 E 1 2 3 3 5 5V r 3 E 5 2 3 Q , Q 4 V r 2 5 l 1 1 3 1 a 2 a 3 1 2 i S 5 4 I A 3 5 WELCOME. . On the following pages it will be our pleasure to introduce you to Florida Bible College. It is our hope that what you see here may en- courage you to come to know, and to love FBC as we do .... for the best of all reasons: In precept and practice, it is dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation of the world for which He died. Q 74, Miami might well be called the most beautiful, enjoyable mission field in the world. Over two mil- lion people annually can be found availing them- selves of the blessings God has lavished on this lovely city. In addition, each of the dozens of sports and recreational activities that take place all year round are used to entice visitors from the whole wide world. Thus the students of Florida Bible Col- lege have a unique and challenging opportunity to witness for Christ in this metropolitan areag and this they are faithful to do. Many, many people who make Miami their vacation destination leave having, their eternal destiny settled forever, because they heard and received a clear presentation of the Gospel. LET ME SEE THIS WORLD, DEAR LORD AS THOUGH I WERE LOOKING THROUGH YOUR EYES I a V r 5 ml Class time is a time of listening and note tak- ing, necessary ingredients in effective studying. Study is the quiet hour alone with the Word of God where the Holy Spirit continues that which began in the classroom, and becomes a necessary part of the students spiritual experience. A A l V l L Li A WORLD OF MEN WHO DON'T WANT YOU LORD BUT A WORLD FOR WHICH YOU DIED ! g. 5 'ip Truth often travels fastest and remains longest on its target when it travels through the vehicle of humor. Quick wit expressed from real joy on the part of faculty and students keep the moraleihigh and adds a spirit of warmth, so greatly needed in Christian Work. HA merry heart doeth good like a medicine..." Proverbs l7:22 l LET ME KNEEL WITH YOU IN THE GARDEN BLUR MY EYES WITH TEARS OF AGONY FOR IF ONCE I COULD SEE THIS WORLD THE WAY YOU SEE I JUST KNOW I,D SERVE YOU MORE FAITHFULLY er-arg .. Iqbal, W e The greatest emphasis at Florida Bible Col- lege is placed on personal witnessing. The Student is encouraged to avail himself of every opportunity and apply what he has been taught. A knowledge of the truth will do little good unless it is used in practical application. The greatest way to win souls is one at a time and there is no substitute for the love shown through personal witnessing. 1. , LET ME SEE THIS WORLD, DEAR LORD. THROUGH YOUR EYES, WHEN MEN MOCKYOUR HOLY NAME, WHEN THEY BEAT YOU AND SPAT UPON YOU: LORD LET ME LOVE THEM AS YOU LOVE THEM JUST THE SAME 11 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3 LET ME STAND HIGH ABOVE MY PETTY PROBLEMS AND GRIEVE FOR MEN HELL BOUND ETERNALLY FOR IF ONCE I COULD SEE THIS WORLD THE WAY YOU SEE, I JUST KNOW I'D SERVE YOU MORE FAITHFULLY ,-6' kgs. A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS... The Bible says in Eph. 2:8-l0, "For by grace are ye saved through faithg and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before or- dained that we should walk in them." These verses form the heartbeat of Florida Bible College. We want the world to know the gos- pel and understand God's plan of salvation, and our lives to be a good testimony. It is imperative that we train students to become faithful, effective ministers of the Word of God. The F.B.C. Administration en- deavors constantly to be conscious of God's will, God's leading, and to train those in our care to be men and women with a real heart for souls, for lives, for a-ccomplishing the Work the Lord has set before each believer in a manner that will result in love, joy, and peace in their lives .... and which will bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. QQ? A. RAY STANFORD Huff QC XX ,AAA I Q I J TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ....... 21 ASSOCIATIONS. ......... .39 ACTIVITIES .... .... 6 I 4 4 1 ACADEMICS ........... 79 4 ADVERTISEMENTS .... 137 I xg? F , 5 TORCH 1968 X x g l FLORIDA BIBLE COLLEGE S IJ MIAMI, FLORIDA yt' ,K VCLUMEV X RQJ Ng x EDITOR: RICK HALEY I X X Hi? X BECAUSE WE APPHECIATE 'WAR , A "KKK , .219 ' , K 1 ' ,f f. ' A ,- E. F. P. BRIGHAM UNDER EXCELLENT GUIDANCE... "llc that handleth a matter wisely shall find good .... " - Proverbs 20: l6a In its six years of existence, Florida Bible College has experienced phenominal growth through God's "Amaz- ing Grace." Accompanying this growth period, however, were problems that demanded legal assistance. F.B.C. has been privileged to have at its side, in these trying times, a most capable team of Christian attorneys whose work is "dedicated to the glory of God." The Brigham's, U I. X i g ' - l fi . g d' . ,y,g ,gs The plaque that hangs in the foyer of the Brigham Build- ing gives an insight into their dedication to the Lord and His will. E. F. P. and sons, Dana and Toby, have worked tirelessly and without fee, under God's directive will, to accomplish the complex legal tasks laid before them. For their forth- right testimony and sincere dedication to Florida Bible College, we shall be eternally grateful. It is, therefore, an honor to dedicate the 1968 Torch to THE BRIGHAMS. Y f 7 Q, sr I' X The Brighams - Dana, li. F. P., and Toby. ,X l .r 4 ,- .ww fe?'?'2' MARK G. CAM BRON Vice-President MEMBER Board of Trustees CO-FOUNDER of Florida Bible College FOUNDER and President of Seaside Mission AUTHOR of Christian College text books ASSISTANT to the late W. B. Riley DEAN of Tennessee Temple Schools 1948-1959 UNIVERSITY of Chattanooga NORTHWESTERN Bible School NORTHWESTERN Evangelical Seminary PIONEER Theological Seminary AMERICAN Bible College TENNESSEE Temple College "The lips of the wise disperse knowledge" - Prov. l5:7a "And all God's children said. . .AMEN! A Profession of Patience. . . ROBERT A. MILLER Dean of Men gg CO-FOUNDER 8: President, International Bible Mission MIDWEST Bible College, Th.B., 1953 MISSIONARY TO Cuba, 1953-1960 CO-FOUNDER 84 Vice-President, World Mission Enterprises PIONEER Missionary in Ecuador CO-FO UNDER 8: Professor, Cuban Bible Institute FORMER Pastor and Bible Conference Speaker REGISTRAR, Florida Bible College, 1965-1967 PRESENT Graduate Work "A man shall be commended according to his wisdom.." Proverbs 1423321 we "Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding" gd, ff 41'- Proverbs l4:33a I 5- I Y - ' 'is 1 S Tastes 65514155 SUE STAN FORD Dean of Women SECRETARY-Treasurer, Board of Trustees INSTRUCTOR, Christian Etiquette WASHINGTON School for Secretaries FINANCIAL Coordinator, CYR Conference FIFTEEN Years Experience as Girls' Couns Conference BIBLE Teacher of Women's Groups TEACHER, Sunday School, College Girls WIFE of The President, Dr. A. Ray Stanford elor at CYR The Littlest Outlaw For The Lord giveth Wisdom Hooow many verses for P,E.. Grundpu A. LEE STANFORD H 6 Registrar FLORIDA Bible College, B.A., l966 FLORIDA State University 1959-60 'A wise son hcureth his father's instruction..." INSTRUCTOR- F-B-C- P,,,,C,,,, I 31, TEACHING Fellowship, F.B.c. 1965-66 DEACON, Grove Community Church TEACHER, Sunday School, High School Boys FACULTY Advisor, Yearbook Staff DADE County Law Enforcement Officer 1961-67 PRESENT Graduate Work This is the Lord's doing! Psalm ll8:23a nagninlw 'Y gyms? "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might".... fEcclesiastes 9:l0aJ "Strength and honor are her clothingg and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and her toungue is the law of kindness." fProverbs 31: 25-263 VALDA PARRISH Business Office Manager FLORIDA Bible College Evening School HEAD Girls' Counselor CYR Conferences, 6 Years DEAN of Women, FBC, 1964-66 MISSIONARY Training Institute, 2 Years MIAMI Bible College, Evening School EXECUTIVE Secretary, 7 Years FORMER President of Ladies of Grove Church ,, Q ,, ,me 2, an ,,,,,,4 "Don't worry Nana, we'll win." Part of the office manager's domain is the recruiting and training of future office help for FBC. This she delights in doing because the first trainee for 1980 secretarial duties is her granddaughter Joy. "Pa- tience, Nana!" i A DAILY MIRACLE .... The minds and hands that keep the business operatic... in a growing college running smoothly will be found dili- gently at work in the business office. They handle all col- lege financial matters, including student accounts, purchas- ing of supplies, the distribution of textbooks and Christian literature. Materials for the printer are prepared by this office in addition to the filling of all orders for "Heaven" tracts and mailing of the new Personal Evangelism Cor- respondence Course. With the added payroll and bookkeep- ing procedures for Florida Bible College Day and Evening School, these ladies are always busy. Still, there is an air of warmth and friendliness felt by all who have occasion to enter. Whether the student needs information, aspirin, or a simple word of encouragement, he can be certain of having his needs cheerfully met there. uf-.. Rachael Elbe Assistant Bookkeeper Q .sis Sandy MacNeilage Secretary - Registrars Office THE BUSINESS OFFICE Doris Cail Assistant to the Office Manager - Bookkeeper 365421 B. Jane Selstad Secretary to the Office Manager Carl V. Thomas Auditor Susan Simpson Secretary to the Dean of Women Donna Yoder Secretary to the Dean of Men ,.5-wg. RICHARD A. SEYMOUR FOUNDER-Director, Soul Winning Seminar EDITOR-Soul Winnerls Digest INSTRUCTOR, Florida Bible College FLORIDA Bible College, B.A. 1963 MIAMI Bible College, 1957 , , , I "W'll I have a final exam...yuk, yuk, yuk" SECRETARY-Treasurer, International Bible Mission I PRESENT Graduate Work ...si 28 "Another Day, Another leaky faucet" f lre 25,5 Y .2 is 2 I T 1 XX yi.. A- L Y Giles ,:,,k 3 :,.'E .V1,,, ,, .,,, . ..,. LORRAINE MILLER DIRECTOR of Housing, F.B.C. SPANISH Instructor, F.B.C. CALVARY Bible College MISSIONARY in Cuba, 1953-60 PIONEER Missionary in Ecuador SPANISH Teacher, Miami Christian School 1965-66 ,am "Well, according to Hoyle..." LEA SWORDS COLLEGE Nurse, F.B.C. STATE University of Iowa - College of Nursing R.N., 1954 UNIVERSITY of Miami B.S., 1966 COTTEY College for Women, 1951 GRADUATE of Diploma Program DANA P. BRIGHAM NORTHWESTERN University, B.B.A STETSON University, L.L.B. PARTNER, Law Firm of Brigham and Brigham PHI Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity AMERICAN Bar Association DADE County Bar Association COMMERCIAL Pilot 'wt 2, 2 fi : f bs if . , ai. -hr t Z A xi ' . A We 9 "I wonder where the yellow went..." CORABE L MORGAN DIRECTOR of FBC Concert Chorus MIAMI Conservatory of Music CONCERT and Choir Soloist , RADIO, TV, and Recording Artist TELEVISED Weekly Program INSTRUCTOR, Miami Bible College l ADON C. TAF11 .IOU RNALISM Instructor FBC UNIVERSITY of Arizona, B.A. UNIVERSITY of Miami, M.A. RELIGION Editor, The Miami Herald WINNER, National Religious Publicity Council Award, l962g for best coverage of Religious News. Mrs. Morgan directs with this in mind..."If we don't sing it like we mean it, why should anyone believe it?" ADA SOUBIROU ACCOMPANIST of FBC Concert Chorus CLARK Conservatory of Music MIAMI Conservatory of Music ORGANIST and PIANIST RADIO, TV, and Recording Artist INSTRUCTOR, Miami Bible College Use the power of the press for the glory of God and you've really got something. V JAMES A. GREER DIRECTOR FBC Orchestra, Ensemble 140 Wu Voice College Choir ACCOMPANIST FBC C6116g6 Ch61rg 016666166 TEACHING F9119wShip, FBC 1966-68 Ensemble FLORIDA Bible C6116g6, 1965- INSTRUCTOR, Piano and Voice INSTRUCTORI P19110 . . INSTRUCTOR, Miami Christian s6h661, 1964-66 SOUTHERN 111111915 Umvefslty, 1959, 1964 FLORIDA Bible College, B.A., 1964 KINGS College, 1960-62 ' ' ' ' -'1L.msi6-I6-9 S!f'5ffQiEL':.'5 . , . ., WTSRIQL'-111, . ' ., , ,-,- I '11 99' - ' ' ' YK I I 66966 THOMAS H. DAVIS Precise leadership from the hand of Jim Greer keeps FBC's U I 140 116166 611611 in "tune" f6r the L6rdI PRESIDENT and Rad1o Director of Word of Truth CO-DIRECTOR, Key Largo Youth Ranch FLORIDA Bible College, B.A., 1965 "1W0k?111?111i?,'110f11111g GRADUATE with H1gh661H6n6r FBC, 1965 1W0kcj1,'xQ?lh"gkEEK MIAMI Bible C6116g6 1961-62 66 my mind." UNIVERSITY 6f Miami, 1958-59 LAW Enforcement Officer, Miami Beach RAYMOND A. MORGAN l INSTRUCTOR, Public Speaking-EBC GRADUATE Assistant in Dale Carnegie Courses WH EATON College, B.S., 1964 PARTNER, Morgan Piano Company FREQUENT vocal soloist, FBC LOIS L. MCELROY ENGLISH Instructor, FBC STERLING College, B.A. TEACHER in public schools for eight years, four years in Dade County ORGANIST, Grove Community Church - since 1962 Praise ye the good to sing God: for it is pleasant: and praise is comely. SECRETARY to Dr, A. Ray Stanford INSTRUCTOR, shorthand, EBC, 1967 LINDSEY Hopkins Secretarial Course MIAMI Bible College 1957 - 1958 COUNSELOR, CYR Conference, 1957-66 DIRECTOR, College Ladies League Lord: for it is praises unto our Psalms 1'-17:1 Dwi? ,fi ' , PATRICIA M. MILLS INSTRUCTOR, Child Evangelism FBC DIRECTOR, Junior Church, Grove Community INSTRUCTOR, science andthe Bible, PBC Church A DREXEL Insiiiuie of Technology. BS. CHOIR Director, Grove Community Church INSTITUTE of Marine science, Ms. Iunivefsny SWG '958 of Miami, TENNESSEE Temple College, B.A., 1958 TEACHER of anatomy, physiology, biology and TEACHING Certificate, University of Miami, Zoology: Miami Dade Junior College 1961 - in Secondary and Elementary School SCIENCE teacher, Miami Christian High School Educatlon PUBLIC school teacher since 1960 DIRECTOR, Daily Vacation Bible School Grove Community Church 1 ANN MARTIN TWENTY years experience teaching and train- ing in Child Evangelism classes in South Florida OWNED and operated Christian Supply Center HE THAT WALKETI-I WITH WISE MICHAEL D. SHAFFER STUDENT Government President, FBC, 1967 TEACHING Fellowship, FBC, 1967-68 CO-DIRECTOR Christian Youth Ranch FLORIDA Bible College, 1964-68 GEORGIA Tech, 1963-64 A classroom workout! SHALL BE WISE BRUCE E. PORTER STUDENT Government President, FBC, 1968 TEACHING Fellowship, FBC, 1968 DIRECTOR, North Miami Youth Ranch FLORIDA BIBLE College, 1965-68 ST. PETERSBURG Junior College, 1965-65 ' 'Ka' RQ 3 These two young men have been appointed by the Administration of Florida Bible College to a Teaching Fellowship. The Fellowship is granted because of advanced knowledge and maturity in the word of God and provides both academic and practical training while minis- tering to other students. KEY PERSONNEL KEEP REGISTRATION, RECORDS AND REVENUE ROLLING From the first day of registration to the night of com- mencement, these dependable young women execute their jobs very efficiently. They are responsible for handling detail work with regard to student accounts and permanent records. BARBARA A. ROCHE ASSISTANT to the Registrar FLORIDA Bible College, 1965, B.A. TENNESSEE Temple Schools l SECRETARY, FBC, 1965-67 SUNDAY School Dept. Superintendent. Grove Community Church HEAD Girls' Counselor, Christian Youth Ranch Conference S L. ASSISTANT to the Business Officer Manager FLORIDA Bible College, 1967 SENIOR Counselor, Christian Youth Ranch Conference SECRETARY - Cashier, 5 years ASSISTANT - Miami Springs Youth Ranch, I967 SECRETARY - Bookkeeper, FBC, 1966-67 FORMER Secretary to Dr. Mark Cambron SCHCLARSHIP Tamako Matsuoka Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan Dave D. Mansingh Caroni, Trinidad STUDE TS Florida Bible College is aware of the fact that the most successful missionary work in any country is done by the nationals. Thus it is our goal to train these young Christians, who love the Lord, to return to their own people with a clear presentation of the gospel. Arlene Ascnap lndiahoma, Oklahoma Ramdeo R. Seecharan St. Augustine, Trinidad lim Woodhead FBC HANDYME Now if Ann can just stay on the top." Ron Yoder The word "dedicated" in Christian circles often seems repetitious and meaningless, but not so in the case of these conscientious young men who labor on behalf of F.B.C. Ron Yoder's responsibility for the smooth functioning of F.B.C. mechanics defies descrip- tion. Encompassed in his daily tour are all cus- todial duties repair. and maintenance of F.B.C. property, and general "man of the hour" in almost an emergency. Jim Woodhead has the privilege of knowing that thousands may come to know the Lord through the printed material that rolls off the F.B.C. press daily under his capable hand. "And after you finish the "Heaven" tracts, you can start on the good news ,carsf then . . Z S Z'- 49- l ASSOCIATIONS CHRISTIAN YO TH The man behind it all... 5 RANCH ..... Under the direction of Dr. A. Ray Stanford, along with Mike Shaffer and Ralph Arnold as current Co-directors, the Chris- tian Youth Ranch has been in existence for 15 years, reaching teenagers for Christ through singing, special music, and the clear presentation of the Gospel. Two hundred to three hundred teenagers come out every Thursday night to sing, witness, fel- lowship, and find the answer to their questions. Each week many raise their hands indicating that in Jesus Christ they have put their trust for the only way to heaven. The CYR has been proven a definite means of reaching teens for Christ. As a result, many other "Ranches" fBible Studiesj have been started all over Miami and adjoining areas, but the CYR still remains "the Grand-Daddy of them all." H-41 "In the beginning..."taround 19503 il f Q 5, at W. r 2 Just for the young'?...don't you believe it. I ff' "THE GRAND-DADDY CF THE M ALL" ,1,, W me V: M, ,,,,.:, is 3 f 3 wg ggsiiff . as 2 Q: 3 ffezf -ask , ,g :fry-ws' -. .. as get '31 .J ? ,, . ,,,. H f -'Q it-':-srl, 'V U :??i?:f'f3I?f , Fifi' :',.E1":' fx,-11 g1f.g:s1st5ff1 2 : ff212fzsggaf greg 4 1131 5fT9S'?3?Eii5 . Sggffszi Sl :,iin'I"5 t ,,:J is m,f,.m.Q, ,A-We .t-. M ., 'gyggrrsfrsz I -Fino s v. akgrrvg I lieu - -- .vim 2, ff'iaeJE2l ,,, 2 2 4fww:i12s?s Iflfiile .W Q, . , ,ggi QW WMw'x.r , , .. ,. , , :zu per gferg -- 'U mffs effigy, 1 K ffl ' f . iz r - any ggiisfzxf 1 Q3 Q X Musical talent is found in everyone .... almost. 1 ' , ull' , .I 'lf l ' . K ,li .tl . ji -' dll ,V It K I CAI' R l E ' a l l E752 ds, A K. W' v f I if P' D' 1,4 Nl" 'gill rh ' . .lil ,Y V, if 'nl , 5 F lf "Z A .4 l " . 0 - f, 1 ,J f' ,fl 3 .N Capable FBC students give out the word of God ,. ll' rr f" , It ' ll X. A W All iii' I5 I, 1 Y it l 'A ,al A Ll l ' r f l 5, f i ' 4 tw I I js' l r i 1 - 1 l Personal testimony plays an important part in reaching Awarm and friendly atmosphere is generated right from the start. others to Christ. G0 ...AND TE LL... Q 3 J K zz mm was Hi .ii POMPAN MIKE OTTO - Director, Senior High The Pompano Youth Ranch was begun in June, l966. and has continued under its present directorship, meeting at the home of Mr. Robson, with an average attendance of one hundred teenagers. During the past year, its activities included participation in the Atlanta Easter Retreat, a beach party, a hayride. a leadership seminar co-sponsored by the St. Petersburg Youth Ranch, and the most spectacu- QRTH MIAMI BRUCE PORTER - Director In the fall of l964 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker opened their beautiful home in Miami Shores to the North Miami Youth Ranch. Under the direction of Lowell Ayrton 11964-l965l, Hal Haller 11965-19665 and Bruce Porter H966-l967l, the Walker's home was the place where many teenagers trusted Christ as Saviour and where each had an opportunity to dedicate his life to serve the Lord. Steve Michaelson has ably assisted Bruce Porter as Co-Director this year. When Mr. and Mrs. Walker moved out of town for several months in the spring of I967, the Lord specifically answered the prayers of the Ranch and its council members and provided an ideal setting for its meetings. Mr. and Mrs. Rusek of North Miami had added a one-thousand square foot addition to their home, complete with Bar-B-Que pit and ping-pong table, for the sole purpose of reaching teenagers with the Gospel. This year the Council has shown consistent work and growth. Two of the most outstanding activities this group of dedicated high school students have planned, were the Spook Party and the Easter Retreat at Atlanta. Week after week, the two-fold purpose of this Ranch has been evidenced in the mem- bers' lives: to win the lost to Christ and to train these to win others. lar of all, a Halloween Party with four hundred in attend- anceg two hundred more had to be turned away. The Junior High Ranch meets on Friday nights and is ably directed by Rick Rodriguez and his assistant director, Mike Bower. The publication of a monthly magazine called Up Look is a recent innovation. " .1 'I KEY LARGO "lt has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to have a part in directing the Key Largo Youth Ranch with Tom Davis. The Ranch is now a little over one year old. Tom and I have watched many accept Christ here. grow. and become soulwinners themselves. Fourteen teenagers attended the Boca Raton Confer- ence and all fourteen dedicated their lives there. Several plan to attend F.B.C. With the help of Mike Moore, Kay McDuffie, Nelda Sallee. and others, we have seen much fruit during this past year. The Ranch meets every Monday night in the home of Captain and Mrs. Al Mende at the Blue Fin Marina. A brick fireplace and mounted fish on the walls make an ideal setting for the meetings. Tom and I have been given such a vision here that we are preparing to start youth ranches at Marathon and Key West. It would be tremendous to see the ranch ministry extended throughout the Keys." IAMI SPRINGS - HIALEAH , Due to the graciousness of Mr. C. C. Jones. the di- rector of the Miami Springs Recreation Center, the Miami Springs-Hialeah Youth Ranch has the advantage of assem- bling in the popular club room every Saturday night. The Ranch, directed by Lee Patton. is vitally located around three leading high school campuses . . . serving over 6,000 students. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, a setting that appeals to young people or adults. Guitars, singing, and laughter introduces the meeting and serves to unite the crowd. An interesting informal Bible study centered around the Gospel is then presented by the director. An opportu- nity to trust Christ as Saviour climaxes the meeting. The nucleus of faithful teenagers, the "Council", lead and direct the Ranch's activities. Their efforts in sharing Christ with others at bake-sales and car-washes. given to supply free refreshments at the Ranch. have been notable achievements. Similarly. at a recent carnival. over thirty people trusted the Lord due to the energy of the Council. Since the Bible commands us to "go into all the world and preach the gospel," this is one way of en- deavoring to do so. if BIBLE STUDIES WHAT GREAT THINGS... SUE STANFORD - Director F.B.C. WIVES' FELLOWSHIP Because of a mutual bond, the wives of F.B.C. stu- dents requested that Florida Bible College start a "Wives' Fellowship" for the purpose of instruction in things per- taining to the problems these wives must face upon enter- ing ufull-time" Christian work. The meetings are held at the Stanford's home. The speaker is Mrs. Sue Stanford, Dean of Women at Florida Bible College. The meetings have been a resounding suc- cess and will continue on a monthly basis. FORT LAUDERDALE ORTH MIAM The North Miami Junior High Youth Ranch is a spir- itual offspring of the North Miami Senior High Ranch. Bruce Porter was having so many Junior High students coming out that he found it necessary to start a work just for them. He requested Stan Ponz and me to start the workg we agreedg and the North Miami Junior High Youth Ranch was born. We are currently meeting at John F. Kennedy Junior High School, in North Mi-ami Beach. The method the Lord used to give us this meeting place is a whole story in itself and we just praise Him for it. There are 1,600 students at J.F.K., so it is apparent we have much room for growth. The Fort Lauderdale Youth Ranch has been meeting in a home at l7l0 N. E. 43 Street for the past two and a half years. We are praying that the Lord will provide a permanent place by the fall of l968. The regular Ranch meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:45 P. M. In the past year nearly 250 young adults have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior in Ranch meetings and special ac- tivities. It is our prayer that this number can be more than doubled when the Ranch becomes a full-time work. The Lord has opened a new ministry from the Fort Lauderdale Ranch called Mail-Evangelism. We are at- tempting to send a personal letter presenting the Gospel to every individual in the City. The future looks bright and unlimited. I JU ICR HIGH TONY MIRABLLLA - Director SPANISH BIBLE STUDY The Latin Youth Ranch is an unique Bible Study which combines the best of two worlds: The relaxed, down to earth atmosphere of the English-speaking Bible studies, with the lively Latin flavor. The purpose of the meetings is to reach the Latin young people for the Lord. So far, the ministry of the Ranch has touched Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Peruvians, Ecquadorians, Columbians, Venezuelans, and other Spanish-speaking teens who have been presented with a clear Gospel message and a challenge to tell others of the free gift of eternal life. The Ranch meets in Miami at the home of Dr. A. Gonzalez. Juan A. Toranzo, speaker for the Spanish Tel- evangelism message, is also director of this Ranch and extends a warm welcome to all Latin young people to visit the "Rancho Cristiano Latino." OBTH DADE E TOM CROLEY - Director 'Z' mr-.L y A WILLIE GRIFFIN SOUTH DADE The ever-expanding ministry of Florida Bible College has now reached into the Homestead area where a South Dade Youth Ranch was begun in November, I967. This new work, under the leadership of Dale Craw- shaw and Willie Griffin, is aimed at reaching the unevan- gelized teen-agers in the South Dade area with the "good news" of Jesus Christ. The directors are ably assisted each week by several FBC students as well as faithful teenagers from South Dade High School. The co-directors alternate in speaking each week. The work is growing wonderfully, with many receiving W3 JUAN A. TORANZO Psalm 95:16 says, "Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our Salvation." Thus we justify our noiseful joy every Tuesday night at the North Dade Youth Ranch, 1100 N. W. 200 Terrace. We thank the Lord for providing us with this opportu- nity to present the Gospel. Through the faithfulness of Mr. and Mrs. Pierson in opening their home for the meetings and through the consistent help of Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeBee, Stan Ponz, and Carol Ward, souls have been won to Christ. We are thankful to the members of the council who regularly each week get the job done in bringing out new teenagers to hear the Gospel, and who make the Ranch and its outreach in Norland High School possible. DALE CRAWSHAW Christ as the One who made the payment for their sins. There is beginning to be some real spiritual growth among the young Christians in this heretofore neglected area. As one teenage girl put it: "I probably would have never known Jesus Christ if you all had not come here." This is reason enough for the existence of the South Dade Youth Ranch. BIBLE STUDIES THE LORD HATH .il PARK RANCH SEMI OLE DIAN RANCH The work with the colored people is gradually growing in both its scope and blessing. There are now children's Bible classes in five areas, and there is also a new colored adult Bible study being taught by Roger Post. Many of the children that have trusted the Lord have begun to ask their teachers how they can tell their friends about Jesus. Because of this, the lessons now have the double emphasis of salvation by faith and witnessing about this salvation. Three of the children's classes have nearly one hun- dred children and all have an even greater growth poten- tial. These studies are concentrated in city parks and migrant camps. COLLEGE LEAG LADIES CAROL SEYMOUR - Director During the first semester of each year the College Ladies League meets once a month at the home of Mrs. Richard Seymour. This year we were honored to hear the testimonies of two wonderful Christian women, Mrs. Geri Bibey, and Mrs. Dolly Greer ..., as well as Bible studies geared particularly for women who want to serve the Lord, by Carol Seymour. The music and testimonies brought each month by F.B.C. students have been especially enjoyable. The League has been a means of making new acquaintances and enjoying Christian fellowship. The special desserts are always a real treat. In October, the Lord opened an opportunity to begin a Christian Youth Ranch on the Seminole Indian Reservation near Hollywood, Florida. Several Florida Bible College students who previously worked with Cliff Taylor in the Indian Bible Camps recognized the need and felt a burden to reach these young people for the Lord. After meeting with the former Chief, Bill Osceola, the students were granted permission to meet in the In- dependent Baptist Church which is located on the reservation. JOHN ALLAN - Director DO E FOR THEE As the Lord led, the Pompano Junior High Youth Ranch developed from the Senior High Youth Ranch. The purpose being to separate the two groups so that more souls could be reached for the Lord. Starting with just six junior highers in March, 1967, the meetings have grown to an average attendance of sixty, with eighteen council members. The Ranch now meets in the home of the Mickler's, one of the finest Christian families in Pompano. Although the main objective of Ranch is to reach jun- ior high boys and girls with the Gospel and in turn teach them to reach others, we still have a third purpose: a training ground for the many high school council members who help in the mass of activities fBar-B-Q's, picnics, campoutsj. We pray that through this work a vision to win more junior high boys and girls to the Lord might come about. POMPAN JU IOR I-IIGI-I RICK RODRIGUEZ - Director CHRISTIAN YOUTH BAR BEN DARLINGTON - Director The Christian Youth Barn grew out of informal meet- ings with Carol City High School students, and has been led by several different young men from Florida Bible College. For the past year the director of the Barn has been Ben Darlington. Barn is focused on reaching high school young people most of whom attend Carol City High School. Its purpose is to present the Gospel clearly to the lost, and to instruct Christians in effective witnessing. Last summer, seven high schoolers were sent to Boca Raton Youth Ranch Camp. One now attends Florida Bible College and several more plan to attend. FORT MYE RS Seeing hundred of young people seeking answers to their questions, Mike Hansinger felt led of the Lord to start a "ranch" in Fort Myers in his own home. The first meeting was held in November. There are two meetings a month, and they have seen much fruit from the beginning. Because of help from Mrs. Hansinger in serving re- freshments at each meeting, many young people have come to the Bible studies that otherwise might not have attended, and they have found the answer to their problems in Jesus Christ. Since it is the Lord's ministry, He has blessed it, and we expect Him to do "exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think." fEphesians 3:20J RIRIIFI Lv DIES EET NGS'THAT , x Qibx A Y , A . pwnw bm mqbmw W NA College sponsored beach parties are always crowd Stoppers, if only for their uniqueness. Featured are group singing, testimonies, and special num- bers by individuals. Personal witnessing during street meetings . . . lib! k' Although Bible Studies are an important part in the students' lives at Florida Bible College, there are also many other opportunities that come their way. CHEN And vesper services and individual counseling at chapel are all a part of the Rescue Mission ministry. I a ARE DIFFE E Football games have proved an effective tool in gathering groups of un- saved spectators. is ll 'I' 'l J it Y " l1N ""'i1""tif 3' f'Q. Another opportunity to present God's plan of redemption is found at the busy docks of Miami's Dodge lsland Seaport. Hundreds of seamen are on leave in Miami each month, providing a wide open ministry. FBC Youth Ranch meetings are No. l on the opportu- nities list of most students. sis gi students have been successful in forming "car caravans" which meet the ships as they dock, and invite the crews to a gospel meeting in their honor. "I WILL SING TI-IE WO DRQUS STGRYUY' Mrs. Morgan directs the Concert Chorus in one of its seasonal several television appearances and sung 'to audiences number- sacred concerts. Under her leadership the group has made ing in the thousands, of the love and saving grace of our Lord. The music department of Florida Bible College is comprised of the Concert Chorus, directed by Mrs. Corabel Morgan, accompanied by Mrs. Ada Soubirou and Mrs. Ella Cameron and the Sunday Night College Choir which are directed and accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. James Greer. Resulting from these are many small instrumental and local groups. Each group in- dividually, has been vital in the ministry of Florida Bible College and Grove Community Church. The mu- sic used ranges from sacred classics to ranch style music and provides varied experience in the many practice makes perfect .... types of musical events needed to reach all types of people. All FBC students are aware of the tremendous part music plays in reaching people with the gospel. To have the Gospel understood is truly the desire of each individual participating in the music program of Flori- da Bible College. Mr. Greer and the l3O voice choir stay busy all week rehearsing for their weekly musical presentation at Grove Community Church. FBC's mixed ensemble. . .a group to be proud of, "I wish to see all arts. principally music, in the service of Him who gave and created them. Music is a fair and glorious gift of God. I would not for the world forego my humble share of music. Singers are never sorrowful, but are merry, and smile through their troubles in song. Music makes people kinder, gentler, more staid and reasonable ..... I am strongly persuaded that after theology, there is no art that can be placed on a level with music: for besides the- ology, music is the only art capable of affording peace and joy of the heart .... " MARTIN LUTHER Only the respect of a director, keeps the performers at their best. . MFL ,X Q Y, it eases. Hard work on the part of all. makes the final nite "shine" at Boca. C3 TALE Many students attending Florida Bible Col lege are unusually gifted in the field of music While centered around the Lord Jesus Christ we the students of FBC, proclaim our God- given message in testimony and in song. "SPEAK OUT SPOKESMENM Dickie Hill, Bruce Porter, Dave Shipley, Mike Otto The dedicated talents of Dolly Greer have enhanced the per- formances of many. BIG NOISE - BUT JOYFUI. FBC's Famous Firehouse Five...uh... FOUR! I h 4. A ff s. 0 If, 3' was PHIL KEIFER sings praise! NIGHT . . . AS GREAT AS EVER." It was a great display of FBC - musical talent, directed to one end - that the audience FBC5Dy"amiC Du0'BfuCe Poflefand Mike Om might hear the gospel. f VV ,,,, ,, i 4 sv ,gg .H- ' HU' FBC's Orchestra-under the most capable direction of Jim Greer ,law Era' W as A trio that sounds as pretty as it looks. Kathy Warnock, Patti Stan- The melodic strings of Patsy Dugan ford and Kathy Nofal F.B.C. ISTRIES Interested, also, in reaching the lost who are not in close proximity, students have written personal letters to people whose names have been supplied by other students. Primarily, these have been letters written to servicemen, such as Bob Miller, Jr., now serving in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. He has been spread- ing the Gospel and distributing literature among his fellow servicemen. LITERATURE No one understands exactly the psychological mechanisms that make the written word more believable or more readily understood than the spoken word alone, but students and friends of F.B.C. are well aware of the value of reaching people through Gospel literature. For many, literature may be the only means by which the Gospel is received. The book supply needs constant replenishing as a result of the concern of many persons for the spiritual needs of others. The F.B.C. student has confidence that the materials obtained there have been care- fully selected to assure clear presentation and scriptural accuracy, he is convinced of the importance of literature, and proves it by taking advantage of the excellent literature available at the College. Because of its broad scope tseventeen frequently asked questions are answeredj, because of its simplicity and clarity and because of the ease with which it can be used to open a conversation, the "Am I Going to Heaven" tract far exceeds all others in distribution and popularity. Very literally, requests for this tract come from near and far. In the past year this message has been translated into several more lan- guages. It is now available in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portugese, Marshallese and German. 550,000 were printed and distributed in Japan as a result of the translation made by our foreign student, Tamako Matsuoka. 300,000 English tracts were printed by the College last year, in addition to the other translations. Many giant steps are taken each day to assure that this ministry, which is probably the most greatly underestimated gospel ministry, is not overlooked, but promoted to its fullest potential for bringing lost souls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. INTERNATIONAL BIBLE MISSION International Bible Misson was founded in the spring of 1965 by Rev. Robert A. Miller, veteran missionary to Cuba and Ecuador, Dr. A. Ray Stanford, President of Florida Bible College and pastor of Grove Community Church, and Rev. Richard A. Seymour, instructor at Florida Bible College. I.B.M. is a non-denominational, fundamental, faith mission dedi- cated to spreading the Gospel around the world through consecrated, qualified men and women who are thoroughly trained in the Word of God. As a result of the teaching of Rev. Miller, as instructor of the Missions Class, students have been challenged to give and to go to a needy world. Their generous offerings given monthly in Missions Chapel have filled many important needs. WY, 7,7 Y, - CAN LP YOU TEL-EVANGELISM Approximately four years' ago, the Lord laid upon the heart of a dedicated Christian man, Mr. Herbert F. Paynter, a burning desire to reach more souls for Christ in a new and unique way by telephone. He Call C C A was reminded of the fact that almost everyone across 444-5775 America has a telephone, or at least has access to one. He realized that to present the Gospel over the RECORDED telephone is to cross over all denominational bar- eau. Amr rms riers that many times divide men. Firmly believing that most people will accept a free gift when they are not fearful of being "roped i in", the thought was that a recorded Gospel message --:L M K HERB PAYNTER would be an excellent way to reach people. In this T 0 way, they call at their own convenience. Knowing CALL X' that it is a recording, they know they will not have to talk, promise to join or give, but just listen. They hear a friendly voice pointing out the Good News of God's plan to save them, to give them eternal life, and 3 take them to Heaven. . W' At present the Tel-evangelism ministry reaches four specific A T E Numan. groups designated as: Tel-adult, Tele-child, Tele-latin fin Spanishj and v Qi: O of Tele-hebrew. Florida Bible College is privileged to provide the thou- 9 ' sands of "Good News Cards" distributed in the Miami area each month. - The Trumpet Staff salutes a friend tireless in his efforts to make the Gospel message known. BUENAS NUEVAS! Llame 444-5776 Menscxie qrcxbcxdo WLGXNT DLQFQCT SHALOM? CALL 949-0075 IN MIAMI RADIO The ministries of F.B.C. extend to many areas, including radio. One of the most effective radio programs is the Word of Truth broad- 'l cast, a I5-minute youth program under the direction of Tom Davis. The singing of Dickie Hill, Mike and Bruce, and the Spokesmen is heard in Miami Beachg Mobile, Alabama, and Covington, Virginia. Along with music, the program features questions and answers, a testimony from an F.B.C. student, and a Gospel message each week. The program has been on the air only a little over a year, and it is now ready to spread to other stations throughout the nation. Radio is the least expensive way to reach the most people. Much prayer is needed for this effective ministry and its expansion. SPEAKERS SPARK Q Dr. Charles Woodbridge, world renowned Bible teacher, gives out the word. SPIRIT With a heavenly, yet mischievous sparkle in his eye, the speaker jabbed his lean finger toward his audience and declared with great care and emphasis, "I delight in the immutab- ility of the indicative mood." And so another F.B.C. chapel service was under way with Dr. Charles Woodbridge expounding the book of I Corrinthians to an enthralled group of eager students and visitors. Throughout the year, each school day is en- riched with a chapel program with outside speakers, faculty, student testimonies and special music. We find it to be "the pause that refreshes." 'Y Art Miller tries his "gospel magic", but Dick Seymour and Dick Hill won't disappear. Evangelist and Pastor, Dr. Kenneth Umphrey, makes his point with emphasis. Mlmwmm 4 ' f pf' ' Y he TORCH We at F.B.C. share many simi- larities with students at other col- leges. Some experiences are peculiar to college students and can only be understood by them. First impres- sions at registration, the burden of term papers, oversleeping for classes, cramming for daily quizzes, infinite objective discussions--these are all typically collegiate. In other ways, however, Florida Bible College stands apart, and some things are typical to us that cannot be found in most other colleges. We will always remember the unique birth of F.B.C., fellowship in dorm life, the undefeated football team, and the chapel services which daily reinforce our unity of purpose. The Torch staff not only wishes to present the things that character- ize college life at F.B.C., but also to stimulate your recollection of all the STAFF events in which we had an opportunity to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ loud and clear. To all those who gave the I968 Torch existence I say, "Thank you. Thank you to Mrs. Frances White Walsworth Representative, and Rev. Lee Stanford, Faculty Advisor who assisted in the organization and di- rection of the book. Also to the rest of the staff whose duties would be too long to list Ramona Bowditch Doris Cail Rachel Elbe, Pam Haley, Thom High- tower, Brenda Michael, Mike Moore Buzz Nofal, Doc Parrish, Valda Par- rish, Bob Poulson, Jane Selstad, Mike Shaffer, Patti Stanford, Lea Swords Kay Zemanfl give thanks. I hope you find the '68 Torch enjoyable, for the editorship will re- main a highlight of my life. EDITOR l K X A6 - J fi! 25 Sw fl X . Y kr Torch Editor. Rick Haley, and Advisor, Rev. Lee Stanford, gather ideas and make plans for a yearbook section. E Staff members, . ' H Doris Cail and I S Kay Zeman. help - i type and compose if! f' A Rick and staff member. Patti Stanford, lay out a class picture page. -hi QJQCQC I... s ,- f,.,,f-w "THEE FLOIDA BYBLE COLAGE" This is probably what our yearbook copy would have looked like if not for "Hawk- eye"MRS. LEA SWORDS. mi: Q ti, I page copy. wif' gn 5 wife if f TRUISI PET TRUMPET REFLECTS F.B.C. SPIRIT AND ACTIVITIES There is no such thing as "news" in a Bible College newspaper. With students so closely associated in their daily classroom schedules and the student body so closely knit to- gether, new events are usually known before they actually hap- pen. Therefore, theBible Col- lege paper must accom- plish some- thing other than toreport newevents. NORMAN BOLLES, EDITOR and so it is with the TRUMPET. We have endeavored in the few issues of the 1967-1968 college year to make the TRUMPET reflect the spirit and activities of the college and its stu- dents. This is one reason why the students themselves have written 90'-Zn of the contents of each issue. We friends and relatives who re- want ceive the paper to know that Florida Bible College reaches beyond the daily classroom periods. We want these people to know that Florida Bible College students are "on the go" constantly, holding ministries in many different ways fin jails, in hos- pitals. in rescue missions, among teenagers and college students through the many youth ranch opera- tions. Even many of the sports ac- tivities are strongly slanted with spiritual emphasis, and the athletes often find time to witness to their opponents or spectators. There is another very interesting story in the way so many alumni are conducting youth ranch activities throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. All of these things are "tied to- gether" in the TRUMPET. They are presented to tell the "outside world" that here is a Bible College dedicated to serving the Lord and spreading the Good News of the Gospel. We feel that by maintaining a strong spiritual "image" through the TRUMPET other young people might be attracted to the school, and thus learn effective methods of presenting Jesus Christ as the greatest single need of the world today .... and tomorrow. 2' 1 ACTIVITIES E SUMMER SESSIO CAMP DIRECTOR- "Our Man Stan" HERE FOR TWO WEEKS OUT OF EACH BEAU- TIFUL FLORIDA SUMMER, YOUNG PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE U.S.A. GATHER TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. BY GOD,S GRACE AND THE EFFORTS OF A DEDICATED STAFF, THEY LEAVE WITH MUCH MORE. The line is still long even though breakfast comes mighty early BCCA RATO K Nga W, it I l an is v"0"'5 "Uhh...Would you believe I forgot the question? As the week closes, we hear testimony of what God has done in young lives. W The importance of starting the day alone with the Lord, is emphasized greatly. The clown show is always a highlight of the conference activities. 'el Q ,. 'E K .1-45' r BOCA... . L - are 9 X 1 - : 7 . A ' FBC Bookworms take time out from their busy study schedule to guide two helpless students in theological matters... AHEMY "If he tells me one more time to take my spear gun out of the pool,.." -rsawaewf' Much of the "abundant life" is enjoyed in the outdoor sports. xt' S' N Q an ' . f 4 A in lt. DIRECTED TO ONE END - THAT THE AUDIENCE WILL HEAR THE GOSPEL 7 fig I r xxx 27 Wm The consistent leadership of Jim Greer, proved highly suc cessful the final night of performance. Many lives are influenced by the under- Final Night - the chance for the parents to hear what their teenagers standing of Rev. R. A. Miller. have thrilled to all week. JUSTICE meets its due reward...Sometimes...at Kangaroo Court. R ACTION SPEAKS L0 DER THAN OHDS . . "I will prepare myself and some day my chance will come" Wallys radio message went quite "Pharr The combined efforts of Tampa and St. Petersburg Youth Ranches under the direction of Rev. Hank Lindstrom and Rev. Mels Carbonell, made the Halloween party a profitable one in reaching teenagers for Christ. 7 KXAQ s. ' MM A ALUM IACTIO THAT IS PHARR Ol'bU5l ISD "Study to show thyself approved unto God..." 'NFL 4 mulv' Sandy and Bill Leitch... Village Missons l l . f . L I- l . S. ' It , "Train up a child in the way he should go, and l he will not depart from it." teaches Dick Hay- nes. Child Evangelism Director. Orlando, Florida. l "For I um not ashamed of the Gospel of l Chrisl",.. quotes Hal Haller. l l l ACTION FUR THE LORD gg i IN ALL DIRECTIONS CHALLENGE ACCE PTED "ONLY ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST " SPORTS IN SGRTS One hundred thousand turn out for a F.B.C, football game. But, would you believe, at the time of this picture most of them were at the refreshment stand? QSE5 .5 , , I l l l P i Here at Florida Bible College, we have a vari- ety of many different sorts of physical exercise and sporting activities. There is always the weekend touch football games that both players and sideline fans enjoy together. We have an eight-man touch football team that has never been beaten in its six years of existence. We play such teams as Miami y Bible College, Florida Power and Light, I.B.M., and many of the local high school, college, and jun- ior college fraternities and teams. f Within the areas of our facilities now, there is xl access to any number outlets of exercise and re- laxation. We know that godliness is profitable unto all l things and bodily exercise profiteth only for a little while, but we feel that both are necessary in accord with scripture. , -s E ,i l lt's a stick, it's a twig .... IT'S "SUPER-MOUR." "It beats snow!" W' M 3 ' , "Max the Knife" legs it out for F.B.C.'s undefeated football team ATHLETES THAT BEAR THE NAME OF CHRIST For anyone watching the annual North-South football game, it would be almost impossible to avoid noticing the outstanding play of two particular men: John Cartwright, quarterback, and Bill Dow, lineman, who play for the United States Naval Academy. The Thursday night before the game at the Christian Youth Ranch, you could also notice some- thing outstanding about those two young men. They had a joy in telling other people about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way. Each told how he knew that he had eternal life through the payment the Lord Jesus Christ made for his sins on the cross. What a testimonyg Athletes speaking for Christ, both on and off the playing field. In past years, and recently here at Florida Bible College, we have had some great athletes give their testimonies. Men like John Battle, All-Ameri- can at Georgia Tech, Raymond Berry, All-Pro for many years with the Baltimore Colts, and Mike Fortier, an outstanding split-end for Georgia Tech, are some that have been "spokesmen for Christ" at our high school athletes meetings. This past football season, the Lord has opened the doors for the co-directors of the Christian Youth Ranch, Ralph Arnold and Mike Shaffer to have devotionals, where the gospel is given, in a majority of the local high schools in the Miami area. It is such a thrill to see young men who know the Lord as Saviour and are growing in the knowledge of Him. "Did you know that even athletes bear the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?" JACKIE HOLMES MIAMI NORLAND QUARTERBACK: "I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour in December, 1965 and I know mow that I have eternal life. Before, I didn't know where I was going when I died, but I thought I would be going to heaven. I found out th-at you could have etemal life by accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour. I read Ephesians 2:8,9 'For by grace are ye saved through faithg and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast'. This is how I accepted the Lord, and I think it is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. "Another verse in the Bible that really helped me accept the Lord was, John 3:36, 'He that believeth on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see lifeg but the wrath of God abideth on him.' You need to simply believe that He died for you." On a hot summer night in August, 1966, at the Christian Youth Ranch Bible Conference at Boca Raton, Florida, Jackie Holmes dedicated his life to Christ, as did many other high schoolers from South Florida. Of that decision, Jackie says: "I made this decision because I truly want to serve Christ, and to do this effectively I must allow Him to control my life. In football language, I want Christ to 'call the signals' in my life." t mix if I John Cartwright, Richard Hormel. Bill Dow ol' the U.S. Naval Academy pictured with Ralph Arnold. Co-director ot' the Christian Youth Ranch .lohn Battle, All American. "My purpose is to popu- late heaven," Jackie Holmes, "Christ calls the signals in my life." or 'uv SU ,FU , AN SPHEADING TI-IE WORD Outside Activity! Could you seriously think of beauti- ful Miami, Florida, without outside activity? Florida Bible College is complete with Bible study, practical experience and outside sports activity, Together the men and women have many Bible studies to attend, swimming and skiing parties, bicycle and picnic outings, tennis, golf, handball and other extra-curricular With work parties, Halloween parties, a car wash now and then, or maybe a pancake breakfast, F.B.Cr students are always seeking for opportunities to tell others the Good News. With the sun, fun, and Christian fellowship here at Florida Bible College, we are encouraged to further spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. events. School organizations and classes hold car washes during the year, to raise funds for various needs. Water skiing parties are a source of much pleasure for sun loving stu- dents and faculty. The Halloween season provides another opportunity for the many Bible studies and ranch groups in the area. to draw the unsaved to parties, where, the Gospel is clearly and effectively presented. Catchy flyers advertising the spooky happenings are distributed for weeks before the events take place. Beuch purties ure probably No. l on the list of fun uetivitics for lf.B.C. students. ,1 -L if 1 fl ,x , 9 Q WVU Bur-B-Ques uny kind ot' Bur-B4Ques ure u great draw to young people und students und runch directors ure well uwure of their valuable role in lending ,teenagers to it saving knowledge ol' Christ. Students all vsork together in guthcring lirewood und Illlllilllg the other neccssury prepuru- tions. When the young people urrive, they ure druwn by thc spicy uromu ol' hur-h-qued mein und gurnishes. Cleun-up chores even seem beuruble utter the delicious victuuls, -eqnfawsfvv' ,Aram iQ 1"-ic? r g.3.f 6 4 4 kgs ff 4 fhwvifg ia V5 5 . 3-. W, os!! if M SHG ERS , OF Br.E.S NG... l l "A wise mam will hear and will increase in learning." ma. FBC's other "Dynamic Duo" Mike and Kay Otto 74 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" . . . CHAPEL Chapel hour at FBC is a refreshing time spent in fellowship with fellow students, guest speakers, and the Word of God. Many students have found the challenges given during this hour, having an affect on their entire life. Students look forward to speakers, such as Dr. Chalres Woodbridge, who shares his many experiences. You're never too young to learn the Word of God - Jovce Bullman "takes notes" as Karen Spitzer looks on. Visiting "missionary" Lee Patton challenges student body during miss- ions chapel. Q I HIGH SCHOGLS Sprinting on stage are the "Spokesmen", Don Smith, Mike Otto, Bruce Porter, Dick Hill, and Dave Shipley, ex- ploding into song with, "Speak Out Spokesmenf' The lively rendition of Gospel songs warms the high school audience to the presentation of the Gospel given by the favorite of the high school set, Dr. A. Ray Stanford. The fact that Americans have the freedom to believe as they please and that our country was founded on the Bible is emphasized by Dr. Stanford. A time of prayer, meditation, and nourishment. WELCGME F.B.C l i l A typical "working day" for these men begins about 5:00 A. M.. as they load up the ears for their excursion. . ' -ali W' 71' heaven. This ministry began in December, I967. The Spokes- men and Dr. Stanford have already visited Marathon, Coral Shores, Edison, Sea Crest, Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Immokalee, La Belle, and Key Largo High Schools. Many opportunities are expected in the future with recordings, more high school assemblies, and tours on the present agenda. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. DALE CRAWSHAW, the --idea mlm" and pro. Rehearsing backstage before the program begins. moter behind this min- istry. Dr. Stanford presents the Gospel clearly and simply, using the "hand gesture". and explaining that by trusting Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, everyone can be assured of having eternal life in TI-IAN YOU GROVE CGMMUNITY CHURCH Just another building? No! This is probably the most used building in the City of Miami. Due to the lack of a campus and adequate facilities of its own, F.B.C. has been fortunate to have had the use of the Grove Community Church property since its founding. To the members and officials of this church, we wish to convey our deepest gratitude. Without the cooperation and kindness of these dedicated Christians, F.B.C. would have never been possible. Above all, we are grateful for a congregation that stands for, and faithfully gives out, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. lf you, while you are reading this, have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour, let me urge you to do so at this time. Just the best you know how, put your simple trust in Jesus Christ, as the one who died and paid for every sin you have ever committed. The scripture promises to those who accept this free gift, eternal life in Heaven with our Wonderful Lord. QI John 52135 This is the Gospel that Grove Church was founded upon and will continue to preach until the glorious appear- ing of our Saviour. "I declare unto you the Gospel . . . Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures: and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures." QI Corinthians l5:3,4J L 'fvfwgi ' ,N 45: Awe K 1 X M L-mi.. W W? 4, A as mai? ffxip.- ,zgffb-gg gy . Q .- n fx -mgvrf 1-S39 593' .M X w mm-m ,ff - A f, M. S Q iiflw, '- - 1 ,W PL 352 gsm F Q FIRST WEEKS ARE... 0111113 'PATIO ,FoRMS, As other functions at Florida Bible College, Registration Day has some unique aspects. The Deans, in their offices, always available as a rule, are now confronted by a waiting line, but individual counseling is still available. "Yes, Personal Evange- lism is required for every student." "Yes, Bruce Porter is teaching again this semester." "No, you cannot take senior subjects in your freshman yearf, and on, and on, and on, and on, but thanks to Mrs. Parrish's careful planning and the industry of the office staff and administrative secretaries, the process is completed in a brief span and the real activity of F.B.C. beginseconcentrated Bible studylt Yes, everyone must register. l l I After registration, students old and new, are welcomed by President Stanford and Vice-Presi- dent Cambron. ...AND WORDS OF WISDO After which comes what registration is really all about 'waiting in line Dean of Men, Rev. Miller, helps student finalize his class schedule . .. 5533 331 xiii . E iff " 1' :Z 4 . .gigs V2 2-21 2 ' fx 2 1' ' .Q ff if .f 3, ,f If Y 1 - However, after the testing comes the blessing, usually in the form of a song fest with refreshments. F.B.C. EVE NG Dr. Murk Ci, Cambron. out Vice-President, stresses "Beliefs that Matter" to a typical evening school audience, senior high-schoolers to senior citilens. SCHOCJL Evening School is designed for those who can spend only a limited amount of time in classroom study, for the business- man, for the housewife who cannot attend day school, or for the day student who is ambitious and wants to complete as many courses as he can carry during a given semester. A wide variety of courses are offered, especially laying groundwork for Sunday school teachers and church workers. The individual can greatly enlarge his Christian life from the courses as systematic training in Bible and Christian needs are presented and applied. Qualified professors from the day school are in charge of the classes. A short chapel period is held between classes in which a guest speaker or an instructor presents a brief messageg special music is provided through the college music department. One semester credit hour is given for the successful com- pletion of each course and is applicable to a cumulative total of any future work completed at FBC. For those not desiring to receive credit, auditing is arranged. Mrs. Patsy Mills performs "iodine test" for at- tentive Child Evangelism students. Fitting together scientific truths with those found in the Word is what Prof. Richard Aaron does best. ri-'W' " Y " 'i ii" A TIME FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LIMITED TIME.... FOR SCHOOL ATTE DANCE Dr. Stanford delivers the devotion to a packed auditorium during a chapel period. Rev. Miller unfolds a chronological sketch of church history to one of his classes. F.B.C. OFFERS CORRESPONDENCE COURSE Xt- Business Office Manager, Mrs. Valda Parrish, devised the correspond- encc course procedures for grading and permanent records. The min- istry. new this year. has proven u vital part of the college's curriculum. A new outreach of the college itself, which began this year, is the correspondence course in Personal Evange- lism offered to those who desire to become specialists in making the plan of salvation clear and understandable to others. In the first six months, eighty have enrolled in the course, which includes as a textbook, The Handbook of Personal Evangelism. The course is available for groups or for the scholar desiring individual study and may be taken for college credit. This is another college ministry which effectively teaches people how to reach others with the Gospel. KNOWIJEDGE DEPARTME NT: CLIFTON L. FOWLER MEMORIAL LIBRARY 1 Dr. Ulilon L. I-owlcr Librarian Mrs. Ann Patterson Qs! 3 S t .2 L, if 4 wr . . at Q ' Elf,- . it 12- - , A s Assistant Librarian John Allan stamps book for check out. ln the early stages of its organization. Miss Marian Burdinc and Sherry Barth .lohnson were in- strumental in planning and setting in motion. the cataloging and operation of thc library. "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the mer- chandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold." Proverbs 3f4,5 Studying is the basic background for any Christian work, and is especially necessary in an institute of learning tll Timothy 2:l5l. The Clifton L. Fowler Memorial Library has a rest- ful, quiet atmosphere which is perfect lor con- centrated study twith numerous reference and literary books at one's lingertipsl or just rest- ful meditation. The library is open eleven hours a day with personal assistance available to all. lt presently contains more than 5,000 volumes and is con- stantly growing. Dr. Fowler contributed many books from his personal library during his life- time: after his home-going. in accordance with her husband's wishes, Mrs. Fowler transferred the remainder of Dr. Fowler's library to F.B.C. Our library thus became, and now is, a living and vital memorial to the man who led our President. Dr. Stanford. to the Lord. .1 was xg 5 wi i 6 .Mwzw-ws..,...- f ,,,.......-ww- W , , -A-w"'f , :25g s. , .f .. V T' Mo 'C' in W X, EH 4 440' .af-""'W,A ff' ff gs gk M J x-,. N W Y 4 W if Q 4,11 XJ!! ,T W5 4 s lf 'Ex wk X A X 'QE X ST OF YOU C S WHAT IT C SOS ST DE T GCVER iRl-EISPONSIBILITY RESGLVED . . . s Student Government: Instrument most effective in developing student maturity and Christian leadership The center of student involvement. Knowing that responsibility can be developed only through trust, the administration rely more and more upon stu- dent government for responsible leadership among the student body. fi John Allan, Treasurer - Kay Zeman, Secretary Bruce Porter, President Mike Otto, Vice President. BACHELQR Thomas H. Davis Miami. Florida Jeremiah 2019 Linda N. Cressy Miami, Florida Philippians l:2l Students participating in the Th. B. program at Florida Bible College consider it the most unique learning experi- ence they have had. A Bible College degree, unlike many other degrees, is worth absolutely nothing unless the one holding the degree is able to teach what he has learned. The Bachelor of Theology program is carefully oriented toward teaching Bible and Bible-related subjects. Prerequisite for eligibility in the Th. B. program is a Bachelor of Arts de- gree, which is a 4-year Bible degree, or its equivalent. Each semester the Th. B. student's course schedule consists of electives, music, and most important, intern- ship. As an intern in two, or perhaps three courses the Th. B. student finds his entire viewpoint shifted. He no longer considers the course only as a student, but he now considers it from the viewpoint of the teacher. He prepares an outline of the course as it progresses, and is called on to teach from time to time, The professor evaluates the student on his outline, his teaching in class, and on his written critique of the professor. Michael L. Moore Clearwater. Florida John 6:47 Benjamin N. Darlington Tampa, Florida ll Timothy 2:l5 -' Di am1-tt, OF THEOIJOGY Rev. Miller instructs a Th, B. student Tom Davis during u "lub session." 5-if Ds f If 'W . QQ W A M444 I 1- 4 ,I 1 . 'Y s WE PUT ON MORE THAN AN EMBLEM OF BRIEF SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT WE PUT ON THE LOVE OF LEARNING GOD'S WORD 4 , WHEN WE PUT ON THE GOWN AND HOOD 3 Y I ff 4 2 NL x WN X My 'K NR Wi AND A BELIEF IN ITS SIGNIFICANCE. WE PUT ON THE RESPONSIBILITY TO USE ALL THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US . . . THE DUTY NOT TO LET THE TORCH GO OUT UNHEEDED. KM w Bob Poulsen, President Brenda Watford, Secretary Ron VonBehren, Vice President lee Patton. Treasurer. Looking back over past accomplishments, looking for- ward to future ones, questioning whether you have accom- plished your purpose in coming here. Wondering where the years have gone, marking the days to graduation and the end of an era. After banquets. concerts, youth ranch meetings and other college functions, the world seems larger to us. Through fellowship, midnight oil, and eramming for tests, we have broadened our outlook. We entered our senior year anticipating the day we would receive our sheepskins and a leading of the Lord to continue in full-time Christian ser- vice wherever His leading would take us. We will always remember our spiritual, academic, and social growth gained through those who taught us so well at F. B. C, READY, ILLING AND ABLE Ralph W, Arnold Miami. Florida John I4:3Ia 1, 5 if .locl S. Bibcy Miami. Florida Psalms 37:5 if Q 1 5. A 2' "Mommic. said. 'A brain like mine had to bc protected' ---- AHEMV' Patsy .l. Crews Tampa. Florida Provcrhs 35.6 Mary K. Dugan Pompano. Florida Isaiah-1l:l0 William C. Eggleston Coral Gables. Florida Philippians 1:20.21 .lamcs A. Circcr Alton. Ohio Psalms lX1l.2 Robert ,l. Johnson Carol City. Florida ICorinthians 15:58 Chcryl J. Lantham Mobile, Alabama Psalms 2514.5 Grcogry W. Lloyd Tampa. l-'lorida l'xLllIT1xCi1Ql.2 Edwin l.. Morgan Margate. Florida I Corinthians 9: I6, l 7 Ronald K. Murray Cjaincwillc. lflorida Ronianx 8:28 VN , Loc Patton. .lr, Sl,PClCI'5l7L1l'g. l-'lorida Philippians 3:10 Richard ll. Platt Sarasota. llorida Inaiah -ll: IU Bruce li. Porlcr Sl. Petersburg. lflorida lxaiah 2033.4 Robert W, Poulson Miami. Florida John 6:-17 Michacl D. Schaffer Miami. l-'lorida Philippians 3:7 "Here amI1Scnd help 1 In thc dorm wc'rc luughl to "hand up' thmu that make the room look cluttered. N "We know what We are, a sg but we know not what we may be Shakespeare H: ..,, . . .. . , K . y , . . awia:mgi:'ififf A i A - F Ng ' QQ fx NN llAA4 I J fm gpg? S W . Q I !I , fjl 4 , 4 D QMMX XX S my " 'M X RIVERS TO FORD, NIOUNTAINS TO CLIMB. A GOAL TO BE REACHED .... THE EVER PRESENT CHALLENGE OF LIFE TO TEST OUR FAITH AND DETERMINATION N 1 ws ki' iunhll K br w6W,p 9' i'cl"?., Ron Sempier, Vice President Bu.4.4 Nofal. President Becky Russell. Secretary Rick Rodriguez, Treasurer. JU IORS Pleasant memories of the sophomore year in the past, anticipation of events as seniors in the future, the Junior Class remains in the middle. They are helping the Sopho- mores, looking up to the Seniors, working, learning, and achieving so they can be qualified as seniors next year. i l l l 100 i Eileen li. Beam St. Petersburg, Florida ll Chronieles 9:7 .lohn H. Allan Miami, Florida Psalms 66:l6 Lynnctte C. Allen Boea Raton. Florida Psalms 37:45 Donald A. Appleton Carol City. Florida Il Corinthians 918 Kenneth R. Ballard Suffern. New York Isaiah 4l:lO A VISIO Gary R. Chatlield Whitewater, Wisconsin Psalms 27:1 fi "Let's see now, that leaves only 52,454.63 left on my school bill M. Leigh Crozier Pensacola. l'lorida Philippians -116.7 Richard ll. Darlington Tampa. lflorida Isaiah-ll:l0 P. Daniel Dugan Pompano Beaeh. Florida John l6:l2 James A. lisehlte Lake Worth. lilorida ll Timothy 2: li TO SEE Charles J. Hackney Miami. Florida Romans l:l6 Thomas A. Hightower Miami, Florida Philippians l:20 Our experiences are expressed to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 101 102 Richard J. Hill Charleston, Mississippi l Timothy 4:12 David P. McCafl'erty Miami, Florida Philippians 4:l3 FAITH TO Leading others to Christ . . . our main objective. Pamela A. Minkler Miami, Florida I Peter 5:6,7 Anthony J. Mirabella Tampa, Florida I Samuel lZ:24 Marie A. Mosher Miami. Florida Psalms 19: I4 Ernest S. Nofal, Jr. Miami, Florida Psalms 3:3-6 BELIEVE Roger E. Post Bethal Park, Pennsylvania lsaiah 628 H, Richard Rodriguez Tampa, Florida I Peter 3:15 Hebrews l C. Nlichael Otto St. Petersburg. Florida Proverbs l6:2Oh Janice G. Parrott Florence, South Carolina Isaiah 4l : I0 Patricia L. Patterson St. Petersburg, Florida Psalms H818 Herb F. Paynter N1iami.l-'Iorida Colossians 2:6 in if , Nw ww na' A -s W. -wk , 5 v ..,,l is rg' ,N , L, -K4 vs' L 1 U f Y , 1 A px i 4,3 at Wffffk. 'ny , , X 1 1, 4 .321 ,V . ww Q , ,Z X- ' 'Wi fl , 'ip' v , W , ,fs it 46 i 'if i V F if .i.l 4 if f if Constant study in the Word prepares us for effective witnessing. 103 104 Rebecca A. Russell Alcoa, Tennessee Acts 16:31 Nelda P. Sallee OpaLocka, Florida Joshua 23:10.11 Ronald A. Sempier Miami, Florida Psalms 27:l David K. Shipley Dayton, Ohio Psalms 28:7 Susan E. Slreib Miami, Florida Romans 8:28 J. Larry Tuten West Palm Beach, Florida II Timothy 3:l4 COURAGE Edward F. Weber Miami, Florida Proverbs l6:3 Kalhryn A. Zeman Miami, Florida Colossians lzll Y wt X! f, 5' I' , "Yea ..,. and I'm from l-'BC und couldrft be prouder . . , so what?" WNSXQW i 7 .V "Hi Ho there little guffers" TO DO Joshua l:8,9 , -fvk FAM. f 31 if C", L ff. any Sandi' "Lets see now . . . 'place pick in right hand , . an-www J, V ,,.,.,. , A mwt -.1..mwn,1..',f Q .mmiw ,..Mf1,fW4 me qg . . and if l say jump, she jumps! . . . uh. the frog that is." 105 QQ A 'IAA' '41 4 1 F 41 f' fb ' Ngf 4. fw 4 J WHERE SOME HAVE GONE, 1 f V1 OTHERS WILL FOLLOW . . . ' y' TRANSEORMING A WILDERNESS INTO ' THE EULFILLMENT OF GOD S CALLING -9 NJ? gl 4 1 D Q x J! V wwf! X51 K X10 X XX + X 'WE X V grk, t ,cy ' .xi , . i W T4 .1 1.4. K Steve Michaclson. President - Kathy Warnock. Treasurer - Patti Stanford. Secretary' A Steve Miller. Vice President. SGPHOMORES From our first contact with Florida Bible College in a memorable freshmen year, we pledged ourselves to high goals M truth, dedication and discipline. The Sophomores now assured and responsible, no longer resemble thc "green" personalities they did in their freshmen year. They have matured - they have found their place in school life, The class has a already taken upon itself many responsibilities usually held by the upperclassmen. A true contribution to Florida Bible College would be the maintaining of our pres- ent momentum f making us into individuals with a positive attitude. and a class of active leadership dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. 107 108 YO J. Thomas Croley St. Petersburg, Florida Deuteronomy 31:6 Lillian H. Darlington Tampa, Florida Philippians 4:13 L, Edward DeBee St. Petersburg, Florida Romans 8:28 C. Douglas Doswell St. Petersburg, Florida Ephesians 218,49 Maurice E. Alt Miami, Florida Philippians 4:13 M. Rose Anderson Miami, Florida Psalms 34:89 Arlene Asenap lndiahoma. Oklahoma Psalms 12511 Gregory W. Beachner Tampa, Florida Jeremiah 33:3 J. Timothy Braemer Miami, Florida Philippians 3:8 Robert A. Bryan Miami, Florida ll Corinthians 9:15 TEACH Our Business Office Manager. Val Parrish gives some "helpful hints" to the student body. A LITTLE BIT I. Ray Dukes lThessalonians 2:4 Patricia A. Evans Miami. Florida ,ig Psalms ll8:I7 5, Lamar R. Forbes Naples, Florida I Timothy 4: I3 Joyce F. Gentry West Palm Beach I Samuel 2:16 West Palm Beach. Florida , Florida 109 Donna A, Cjrannis Miami. lflorida Romans S128 R, Louis Hackney Miami. Florida Isaiah -10:31 Barbara M. Haney Boca Raton, Florida Philippians l:2l Samuel C. Haney Boca Raton, Florida Romans lilo BY HAT Michael L. Hansinger FL. Myers. Florida John l4:3l Donald R. Hardesly Miami, Florida II Corinthians l2:9 "Cool it Susie! . . they ve Qot this place buzged Harry H. Harshhargcr Troy. Ohio Philippians 1:21 BilIicA, Johnson Quilman. Georgia lJohn 5:30 Virginia L, Johnson Quitman. Georgia Isaiah 203.-1 Thomas W. Johnstone Sl. Petersburg, Florida Matthew 6:33 YCU SAY. . . Spirilualily comes big ill F. B. C. Philip H. Kcifcr Miami. Florida IThcmalonians 2:4 PhylIisl1,Kcil'cr Miami. Florida Psulms3lZl . 111 P Cl Wwffsi ' lk N ohi- f ali A I l,ffoa,f t' P tt i 9"9"l,.1s. iam s if.,- Jr . t,.I silt if 5,07 sqft 41 qi ilf , if .yy t . Qi 55, tt. I tl L, ,Q My Q ,- ' ffl-V 3. 1, A 1, gf is fx 112 4 A l Christina R. La Mar Larry D. Lashbrook Miami, Florida Pompano Beach, Florida ICorinthians l5:l0 Romans l:l6 Patricia A. Lees Sandra J. Lindstrom St. Petersburg, Florida Miami, Florida I Peter 5:7 Psalms l8:l,2 F BUT YO W. Thomas Martin, III Miami, Florida ICorinthians lO:l3 Tamako Matsuoka Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan John 12:24 S. Kay McDuffic Tampa, Florida Proverbs 10:22 Susan L. McMahan Miami, Florida II Timothy 2:3 l Steven G, Micliaclson Tampa. Florida Psalms 39:7 Sieve K. Miller Miami. Florida Psalms 50: l 5 'A TEACH UST' Nancy J. Morgen Margate. Florida Lamentations 3:25 Quentin R, Niles. Jr. Miami, Florida Proverbs 3:5,6 Joanne L. Pankratz Miami, Florida Romans 8:38.39 John T. Riggs Tampa, Florida Proverbs 16:3 7.11.3 5 I-2 N315 1 5 1.1 1 VW! 4 M. SUCE Eli -V.-....,.,,Q+ F' .1 ., . V. thejailhouse now . . www f 'X- ffm wwf - . N- 'tf 1 113 l i l l l i 114 5 r Allan D. Salford West Palm Beach, Florida II Corinthians 417 Donald R. Smith Miami. Florida Proverbs 325.6 BY HAT YOU ARE! Michael L. Sowa Homestead, Florida Isaiah 61:1 Patricia K. Stanford Miami, Florida ICorinthians15:58 ,V Mmmm . . . Lone Ranger say, "Anyone can goto F.B.C." , Gordon L. Strickland Pensacola, Florida Isaiah 4507 Connie I:. Sullivan Ocala Florida Nahum 1.7 l Sharon L. Taber Largo. Florida Philippians 4:13 Lau rcncc Turkcl Madclinc lVl.TCl1r1Cy Donna .l, Thompson Miami. Florida Miami. Florida lCorinthians2:5 lxaiah-ll1lO E' fx www - ww., , As-,FSH North Miami Beach, Florida l John -11 I0 Terry l.. Turncr .lcllrcy F. VanRidcr Largo, Florida Sparta. Illinois Philippianx I:2l Matthew 6:19.20 115 116 Disguised as football players, our theological students MODESTLY listen while Dr. Stanford tells about the undefeated football record since the be- ginning of school 1962. Jon C. VanRidcr Boca Raton, Florida Revelation 3:15.16 J. David Vaughters Miami, Florida Psalms 46:10 George H. Waldo West Palm Beach. Florida Hebrews 10:35 Kathleen E. Warnock Havertown, Pennsylvania .Iob 23:10 Valerie J. Watson . PQ.. Canada Psalms 25:4,5 Elise L. Whitworth Forest Park, Georgia I Corinthians 9:19 S. Vicki Williams Mobile. Alabama Philippians l:2ll,2l Edwin R. Williamson St. Petersburg, Florida Isaiah 50:7 PROVERBS 4 23 .. Louis P. Wommer Mission, Texas Matthew 20:33 Chad A. Woodburn Quito, Ecuador I Peter 1:3 James A. Woodhead Tampa, Florida Romans 8:38.39 Susan P. Wright Miami, Florida Proverbs 315.6 Motivated by her desire to serve the Lord. Taniako has translated the "Heaven" tract into Japanese. so that others in her native land might hear the Word. 117 7 118 M A fw " Q5' Life an is series of iniperfeot conditions, , i 'E V' with imperfect people, and we must learn u y' not to allow disappointments and frustrations I 2 4 , to make us angry or ill. This is the mark of maturity fs p and the secret is . . . faithfulness. YJ? J! 4 XS ff' X ' EJ!! tx l' Q12 NX mg X i 'ii X 1 :Z ww Til Q. R ug! ' X 2 1. K 4 a be ' Q. ,S ,, , f 1. , ng. . ,Jn u. A W E if gf 1 is 2 ? , --,:, 'F - 5' W T Ki E77 -f l Q42 Q' fy A ,Q 31 mf X., l fs + ff f 5 .kg sw w ff-54:1 SML Q 5 'fi ' uf '21 Hi 1, Q Af- . ' , ,ws sw , V . f K 1 fZi'?,lI 5' 72 :h Wa sg 5 5,3 Z ' fxssiff' W' fi 1 WWW , . Q 2 . S J fxr h L f A! yr I ff -,' 4 ff Ni: 1. . , .- .at ' :E . If Qjigf, 'fy X 3 E1 -' " ' 14 W-.gif 3 45 R Q V, K d, 33 f?fi., ' ' ig A. , gi , . I -7 X 51 A if 'LT Q" il k ,ell gg fi HZ-2' 9 gl? ,- K ff fr , ' W, 5.2 :Q iz Lf ag ' fm ,ui H ' gf :lf 5 if X-'31 . ,' Y ff? A 1 fa 9 fx ha .VF A in K1 Mi V gkg , .!'f5p.Fi , L f ,' is is ' , . i E , ' K -2, Q A 52 f " X V 1 1 , Mk g lf ' Q' iff 5 Q A 1, vii? ' S . f 5 is f . ,A ,fig 3 . 2- Q g 5 Q" fi 1 Q f i 'f ' QQ, l x ,. V. in , ik . P 3 f , 1 , , .. .agzw ,Lg it ff A gg 1. ""' 'wi Y . 'ii-' ' V X73 ' .J 'gy ' ' ,I Qjv,,11gj'E K x ' " fa. .uf f an 'hi im? , A M A Q 3' m Qi, K :F EW . , f , , 'i ' zfL'j 'f- ' ,D -. -V A ' K4 ,. . WG, f .ff-,f " if .M pf f X w e-gag: , A fr 3 A Wm, Q wi, A ,AS V K 'W' ,vga K W may an , , B 5 1 ' iiiiiiikiz-. , N 1' 120 Cameron F. Albert Tampa, Florida Galatians 2:20 Nl. Arlene Albury Nassau. Bahamas Romans 8:28 Frederick H. Allen Boca Raton. Florida Ezekiel 3: l8,l9 Betty A. Arnold Miami, Florida Ephesians l:l9 .Dean R. Baden Arvada. Colorado Ephesians l:l7 Edith E. Baggett West Palm Beach, Florida Galatians l:l0 No. take both of us or not at all. wonder why she won't go to the banquet with me? . . I told her that I would go slow." Connie E, Beaifd Elinor B Beeknell Naples, Florida Atlanta Georgia Philippians 4: 13,19 Ephesldm 5 2 Robert M. Becknell Linda M Bomaio Atlanta, Georgia l-ortLauderd1lt, Florida Philippians l:2l Proverbs Z N Beth A. Boles Fort Lauderdale. Florida Romans 8:28 Alice A. Boud Uwchland, Pennsylvania Psalms 27:14 Ramona L. Bowditch Burnsville. North Carolina Jeremiah l:8 Michael L. Bower Pompano Beach, Florida Psalms 28:7 Sharon E. Brown Pharr, Texas Psalms 37:24 Dennis R. Burgess Coral Gables. Florida Ephesians 5:20 Fredrick D. Burk Perrine, Florida I Timothy 4:12 Kenneth L. Bussell Forest Park. Georgia I Corinthians 9:22 Fred W. Burtscher Arcadia. Florida Il Timothy 4:2 Joseph A. Caraglior Miami, Florida Acts 20:24 FBC handymen pu! up with "amateur help" during work hours. 121 122 Judy R. Dillard Tampa, Florida I Corinthians 4:2 Lana M. DuGay St. Petersburg, Florida Matthew ll:28 Marie E. Eatman OpaLocka, Florida Psalms l26:3 Rachel A, Elbe St. Louis, Missouri Jeremiah 33:3 Dale A. Crawshaw lslamorada, Florida Galatians 5: I4 Terry M. Crews Tampa, Florida I Samuel l2:24 P. Lynn Crozier Pensacola, Florida Psalms 34:89 Joseph W. Darlington Tampa, Florida Ephesians 6:2 Deborah L. Davidson Fort Lauderdale. Florida Galatians 6:14 Mark S. DcBee St. Petersburg, Florida Titus 2:13 "Yep . . . dorm life is great! Take that pie for instance: that's dinner for twelve guys . . A f wx.. 2' E .37 ,Nasa ,. , Christian Fellowship plays an important role at PBC "-.fx QJS Kenneth C. 1-'ast Quito, Ecuador Philippians 1:6 William H. 1-'illmore Hollywood. Florida Proverbs 3:5 Michael T. Floyd Harlingen. Texas II Corinthians 12:7-I0 Linda A. 1-'ontaine lfort Lauderdale. Florida Deuteronomy 31:6 Carol A. Fooshd Largo. Florida Philippians 1:20 Nadeen R, 1-owler Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Psalms 27:1 Mary E. Garrett Edinburg. Texas Colossians 1:12-1-l Richard M. Goodman lfort Lauderdale. Florida .lohn 1-1:14 Willie W',Ciri1'1'in Tampa, lflorida 11Samucl22:3 Michael .l. Ciroll' St. Petersburg.1r1orida Philippians 2:13 123 1241 Jeffrey J. Haas Miami, Florida Colossians 3:23 Jerry D. Hackney Hartford City. India Philippians l120 lI'lLl an-Q Elizabeth S. Harpe Miami, Florida ll Corinthians 5:2l James A. Hester Miami, Florida Philippians 1:6 stef . "You mean you're really my ancestor? Joyce G. Hill Ashville, North Carolina Hebrews l3:5 Linda A. Hillgoth Miami Springs, Florida Philippians l:2l Arthur W. Hooker Savannah. Georgia Matthew 6:33 Robert E. Horton Lakeworth, Florida II Corinthians 5:21 Samuel M. Iiams Lander, Wyoming Romans l: 16 Marvin J. Jansen Seminole, Florida Romans l: l6 f li In ii 0 H 1' 'xjflziygf 'lx fain ff H5 A aw ' if P f T V 49' Spencer F. Johnson W fi W Lake Park, Florida 1 I mn 2117 Mi if in ,Theresa M, .lordan ,LK 'S' At I, ref' F D A gi y..v'b Mq33iin?307EZg,,i.iii4' 3 ' ,, 5' i Linda L. Karten ff f' :wi . ,r if iw Miami, Florida . lf, 1 -Vrn gn Y Philippians4:6.7 law ff' 1 if all Eg, 4 o WS' Wvf fliyfg, N ji' -bf' .1-"' ' .Lv ' P. ' F ' ,,i.s, f , " Patrick Keene Orlando, Florida Colossians l:l0 A wg, r ' LJ Dennis D, Keller ,- Miami. Florida E 1 M' ,af 1,4 A Ephesians 218,49 V-if' Jx Z' ' -vi-A V W' W Nancy J. Kelley Bellerose, New Jersey Philippians 3: I0 l Audible vibrations eminating from yon podium .... Judy l. Kemp Hialeah, l-lorida lgphesians 6:19 Stanley F. King Miami Shores. Florida Romans 8:28 Patricia A. Knight Pompano. Florida Matthew 6:33 Gayle Y. Lambert Miami, Florida Matthew l7.20 125 126 ,af Dennis O. Macy Troy. Ohio ll Timothy 2:15 David D. Mansingh Caroni, Trinidad Zechariah 4:6 S. Stan Leo Birmingham, Alabama Proverbs3:ll,l2 Richard C. Lewis Miami, Florida Isaiah 30: l8 Cynthia L. Light Miami. Florida Isaiah 30:l2S Eugene E. Little Gibsonton. Florida II Timothy l:l2 f- Clyde L. Lunsford St. Petersburg, Florida I Corinthians 9: I9 Sandra L, MacNeilage Windsor, Vermont Psalms ll91 IOS Q 'fw:'nzwf:' Eg P? ,'aaZ5a5?',."5,,',':'1'::a,. ' t, 'Ait?'g,3. Q Wm , .,.. . X Wiifi xaik. X 'llifilili ' 5 x ,. , Q l f ' E , f 3 5 5 5 2 1 l Carolyn C. McDowell Miami, Florida Philippians 4:1 l Richard S. McElroy Miami, Florida "The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few .... " Luke l0:2 A015 4113 Kathleen S. McGee Hialeah. Florida Proverbs 315.6 Sharon R, MeMahan Miami, Florida Hebrews l3:8 Cynthia L. MeMorris Miami, Florida ll Timothy 2:3 Deborah A. MeSmith St. Petersburg, Florida Philippians 1:20 Stephen P. Merrefield Gulfport, Florida John 3:30 Brenda J. M iehael Tampa, Florida l Peter 3: I5 ,F 1 X . ttf, SV, - ,. Richard V. Milam Hollywood, Florida John l0:32 Bruce W. Mittauer West Hollywood. Florida ll Timothy -1:2 Pamela R. Minke Miami, Florida Philippians 3: I0 Susan E. Moore St. Petersburg, Florida Isaiah 26:3 li.. 127 128 l I l "Dick . . . what did you think of Carol's harp solo?" Philip J. Myers Newtown Square, Pennsylvania Colossians 4: l 7 David G. Orthner Largo, Florida Philippians 3:9 Terry A. Otto St. Petersburg, Florida Philippians l:20,2l Rudy Overholser Tampa, Florida II Corinthians 5:7 Dale W. Parker China Grove, North Carolina John 3:30 Donald E. Patton St. Petersburg, Florida Il Timothy 2:15 l Linda Z. Peabody William J, Podolsky Pompano Beach, Florida Tampa, Florida Romans 8:28 Acts 20324 Richard M. Price Carol j, Pugh L6WiSbUYg. Ohio Orlando, Florida Ephesians 5:20 Psalms 68319 "One of these days l'm gonna own this company . .. J. Mark Rinker W. Palm Beach, Fla. Philippians l:2l Diana L. Roberts Winter Park. Florida James l:2 Allen B. Satterlee Leisure City. Florida Il Corinthians 9:8 Carol A. Schierholt Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Ephesians 218.9 Ramdeo R. Seeeharan St. Augustine. Trinidad I Corinthians l5:3.-1 .lane E. Selstad Coco Solo. Canal Zone Philippians 1:20 mt' Wi' W' . 7 .AK - i "Yeah, I'm ready to 'heat feet' , . . so what?" Susan A. Simpson Tampa, Florida I Samuel IZZZ4 A. Richard Smith Coral Gables, Florida John 3:16 Diana L. Southgate West Palm Beach. Florida Psalms 37:4 Karen K. Spitzer Miami. Florida Isaiah 50:7 129 130 Gerald F. Wamaek Largo, Florida Isaiah 6:8 Carol J. Ward Miami, Florida Philippians 4:13 Linda M, Stevens Moultrie. Georgia Romans -1:5 Lawrence E. Stickler Ciibsonton. Florida Philippians 4:l9 Daniel L. Strieb Miami, Florida Psalms ll8:6 Joan C. Thompson Zephyrhills. Florida Psalms 37:-1.5 John M, Throgmorton Miami, Florida John 3:16 Pat Tiso, Jr, Sarasota, Florida John 14:6 Juan A Toranzo Hialeah. Florida Psalms 37:-1 Linda K. Van Dyke Tampa, Florida I Samuel l2:24 Judith G. Van Rider Sparta, Illinois Galatians 6:9 i l Gerald S. Weber Mark A. Whidden Carolyn F. Whitaker Kitty J. Wilkerson Miami. Florida Tampa. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Philippians 417 Psalms l 1919, l l Philippians l:20 l Peter 5:7 Thomas A. Williams Luther T. Wilson. Jr. .laequelyn li. Windham P. Gail Wommer Gihsonton. Florida Miami. Florida Tampa. Horida Nlission. Texas Galatians 2:20 Psalms l9: l-1 l John 4:18 Psalms 37:5 K5 , i Ronald .l. Yoder Miami. Florida Colossians 33l7 Max D. Younee Tipp City. Ohio Psalms llX:X S 131 4, , - 4 l l i l AS WE RE EMBER IT . . . a time to break down and a time to build up 132 The dream starting to take shape. "So we labored in the work . . "Wally who? f vtvtv D The lulc Dr. Cllilon L. I-mwlcr, thc mam ul l i our beloved Prcsldcnl to A i h lcr members" oi' thc Christian Youlh Ranch. thc Lo d, To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose, under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3 11 H d Bbl L Il S pcmbcr. 1962. i X ,Q 1 4.1 E H f x E .ag , ,i:s1,,,T1Vf-,fr ' cf 'Sz-MM, QW! 'Bin-6' solve zgre. W --.--f .-..--..W ...........-.---, L im. 1 5 X r M PM . f . ' 1 3 1 . ISM ,fl-rm 9225, 11915 i fm ,150 ww 'N a, 1' ff'- fw A .nf A ""' Q ,f, - " glw ..- L . K, s Y - E' .. 6 ' "l' 311 . - . .S Vi W . if 5 1 5 gg sq if , w w J. uf ,- .5 -Sf: 3,-V gg- F 41211: figs K, ,A Q1 1 1:15. iii' iw V-1, in - 2 A ' E , JE' it-is . , 5' M , :hw ,avail ' Q 1 fwfw' M " mm, E ww- W H V ' W I , X T -Essay V Sb 5 T. ,f . H " , V I wr, wwseS" 6 , 5 5 I .1- W UWM' mmm W W ' 7 K ,WMf1zf1,W.w',,,, H W My mf , , "ff - ff: X- , x xx -PSX A Hmm M S , AD ERTISE TS 137 V C'vngmtulativnA 68 Senivm ! 'i illiiii from gour STUDENT GCVERNMENT , J I A il' 'wi f ,fa f 1 H 5 f I of Q, M sf You can always pay your hills in cash. CBut when you lose a check, all you've lost is a piece of paper. And when you pay by check it becomes a receint. Come in and ff". about opening ar. accountj MERCHANTS BANK OF MIAMI 950 Red Road 0 MO 7-5661 Checking A l B L A t d lnstalmenl L S f D p lB A t andWlkUpWd 24HDpt BankbyM l M y0d T I Ch k US S g B d F P k g 47 INTEREST PER ANNUM COMPOUNDED ON REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS M b FEDERAL DFPOSlT INSURANCE CORP iiiiilil 6 Q l Q l Q l Q l Q l Q l Q l 9 l Q l 4 l 9 l 1 1 4 g l g l 9 l Q l 9 l Q l Q l 9 l fx l' ""' T"?T5"'1 PHOTOS COMMERCIAL PHOTO EINISHERS STUDIO and OCCASION PHONE HHS-372l EIGHTEEN S. W. 27th AVENUE MIAMI, ELORIDA 33l35 Specializing In Photography 1336 Lais1aaa3t21i32i EXTEFHVIINATOFZS 12191 south ciixie highway f miami 33156 phone 235-5360 ongmfulafe. . . THE GRADUATING CLASS For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scripturesg and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: and that hc was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve.H I Corinthians l5: 3-5 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that who- soever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.H Jo n 3: l6 iilQQQllilQlQQllilQ lilli0aQQ 139 140 lliiiiiiiiiiiii I' """"""'""""""""""' Congratulations lllflliiiiliill .4 A L 'L-3 I - 'I' L S I' I A ie' fe S- fs A are 'fi' " w e They're all in a rush for Dean's deli- cious hot Cakes, l2 kinds of waffles, and the best steaks in town. DEAN'S 'F-rmwwv WAFFLE SHOP 81 STEAK HOUSE mo''F"is"il1""'5"2im"li'"6"U"li"E" and Operated BQ 52fo5'boHlIl'WllV"""n""'l5lHb'6L'l1Z?QI6i'fi9 Opposite New Sears Ono Block from Douglas Road I ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,, CLASS OF M Alf 5-:RI Agsf 1 con P IQ I I I I I I 0 I O 0 0 I I 0 I I O O I O I O 0 """""""' 'I CARVE L Iw Clwww . T D CAKES . . ES AND Loss . S E C I A LTI E S ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCAS ONS PH. 443 1051 3091 S.W. 22ND S MIAMI, FLORI I iifiiiliiiiiiilii faaiiaiiiiggggg 0, . . fl WL I I 0 I -Now At 2 I I HOWARD BRADSHAW Locations I . 23HH S. W. 32 Avenue . 5lHl S. W. 8 Street I Phone HHS-SSHH I 3eQAosuAwe I I ........ 5'2"fLit'2"il lQQQQlullaQliQQlaallQQQQQ lQi1liQlaalmllQQl-QQ1QlQllQ Serving Dade Count 13121 The safety of our depositors' funds is our first consideration Same local management and ownership since 1941 Personal attention to our customers' needs RIYERSIDE BANK IVIIDTOYYN BANK 60 N.W. 12th Avenue 14-00 N.W. 20th Street Miami, Florida Miami, Florida F. deC Oak Tully F. Dunlap Chairman of the Boards President Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation illllillilillillllllllill nu., f -SNIA ffm yy o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O o 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 gc-:ot 0 X fa.-.J x Q 1 x Nz .- - .rr e 'E x x Yr 5 i X o 3 wioheo 0 0 2 for ac wonderful future! 9 . TELEPHONE 371-7652 ROGER G. HEIM . J. MARK STANLEY, JR. Mmm? Execun Vice Presid Y 0 B' EB " ' 302 Agency, Inc. . I I . iiisiitiiiiisiiiiiiiiii wQQQll-QQ llliliiiili liiiiliiili llliilill SENIDRS 2 H I 27 RICHARD A. SEYMOUR In Nlaml Plorlda 56153 - Out. HQNING EMINARS D S W S . lililllflli ililiillilil Congratulatwnsz I M QW . mg EDQAJOXQ ' IDHJJA I XLGW-S KJ fig S HARDWARE FIVE 8. TEN PLUMBING ff ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES TE PAINTS W NOT I ONS ll PHONE HIL!-2566 6 3 3 2618 CORAL WAY NIAMI, PLORIDA sou LIUJIMMIMG QIMPACI LIIERAIURL iii 144 SHELL Lumbelu ClomPfWJ,Iu,o. LUMBER 0 CEMENT 0 PLYWOOD 0 STEEL TOOLS 9 HARDWARE 0 FENCING 0 PAINTS PANELING ROOFING MATERIALS K' ' V- I A f ' I ,fn S-Sigur BUILDING MATERIALS I "qi 1 ,fffd ,S 4 A I ! 4' llli XTT-71 ss ,gg f I 3 Qlqg s'u-,' ff I -N ,l Ig W' I 5 ,fiiji3' DISTRIBUTORS FOR GLEEM PAINT oMiami 2733 S. W. 27 Avenue HMS-HMUI 0 Marathon 1255 - 107 Street - Gulf 7M3-S767 I I I I I I I I I I I I SX I I I I I I I I I I J """""""""'I COIFFURES TONY I I I Hair Fashions For The z I I I I Disoriminating Woman Phone MMS-5357 MSI Biltmore Way Coral Gables, Fla. Llliiiiiiiiiliii iililiiiiiliiiig Dairu CALL IN ORDERS 444-9771 Queen I Hilfe' DOGS . CHARBROILED BURGERS : FISH SANDWICHES - BARBEQUE 0 SUNDAES - SHAKES - MALTSI I FRENCH Fmss- ONION RINGS I 3280 S, W. 22nd SI. ICoral Woyl J F mfwoost 5. INC iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3 I I' 9333 o za-I5 I 'fl Z 3Qj Q P-I nz I 4 JZ 4 m E IIT' m O S GD 2 nl . OID IEE QIU I11 . as 'I U2 1? I gy Fm SI 4321, I 1- :- rm Sr- I Cb Um' U r- - gn Q m o sf- '14 225: I Um E mr"4 bm an 335 I r-'4 - Pam P' E :Rm I 'TI r' 2 . P 3 O lillillld illilllillllli O ,fx I -ff IQ QW z M333 iw.-44.2 Hal Rh I ,............. 92 SUN? ff -P-Gi' " Bee Cflrfive f I ndividuallgn Selected Gifts 'Imported Swedish Glassware 'Exquisite Jewelry -Imported China Q5 3501 3-if N 'Leather Goods for the Gentleman 'Distinctive Stationery -Exotic Rare Perfumes -Elegance in Lighting 'Juvenile Games and Toys 'Antiques and Things -Unique Artificial Flowers 2 7 2 75 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, Florida Phone 923-37M9 Unite With Us For Your Next Gift It Will Be Cherished 145 Swiofw! X Wm -CQL4-Af,QLuLeQLQfJ Mr 6- Mrs Fredrick P0305 iiiililliiliiiilliiiiiiiliilliilli 'I Q u Q O Q ug Conf: enfly Where Wu how Q ' s' - - ' 6 " ' Q ahshch on :s uaranfeed Wu . Q . In purchasing a major item like a piano or S Q an organ you naturally want assurance that Q you are buying from the most reliable of Q dealers. It should interest you to know that Q Q Morgan's have been faithfully serving local Q . families for 34 years...and we have built pur Q b ' t t' nfor servin eo e Q agstlhigsivglntatginleuszrged. Buy your? gianlo . Q t or organ with pride and confidence at : Q Morgan's. Q Q Q Q ' MORGAN P' ' 13110 OII1 311 Q Q I , E . ZO75 BISCAYNE BLVD. PHONE 371-5uu1g a AUTHORIZED STEINWAY PIANO AND HAMMOND ORGAN REPRESEN'l'A'FIVE . iiii iiii iliiliiiliiiiilliiiii J 3 3 iss raaiaiazsititq:-,lag-Iggxclr. . PR NTS SUPPLIES g . 0 0 0 0 0 Q Q Q 2 INTERNATIONAL BIBLE MISSION z Q Q ,l. W.Vy, ,.Z,lZV , , Q Q 2100 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY Q . . MIAMI, FLORIDA 33I33 . . 2263 QVlN:lA3NTlT,-IZ'Lg,EI IA 3 45 R 1 z . . z PHONE 445-1413 A. MELVIN MORRIS . g d J B R 2 itzsizazaaaassaii . d ai' .b u , . V333 3323 3 i z - z 0 A Q Q fi. ' ' o o Q Q Q Q, Q I I I . A V I 0 wa I 0 Q J ax .smvaes Q Q its . . ' Phone Hua-7075 Q Q Q kt Q Q 3201 8 S Q . REV. ROBERT A. MILLER Q S.W. treet . gs' 'Q X Miami, Florida J Q PRES'I""DENT Q Lggiiiiazizstiai iiiaiiiziziiiaia 147 ,Y-t.?wY TT.? ... , 2 2 me L.L...l., liiillliiililillillilliiililllll ff QM F' 42 v -WJ, CJ' """"""""""7 0""""T"""""" 2 2 Ei er QQ 4 , ' 2 2 S 23.3.3 'WGEQXXQ 2 o o Q HSE My V 2 O 2 5 'U 2.55 N Ji 2 S 2 2 H ggi-ig Llqx ' I 1-. N o 3, , o oi 12' all 2 2 1 Q ' 25 5 . 2 - 2 va U, -4-. o LQ -g o oi 3 sag 'Q 2 CD in 2 229 3 32 U' 3 I U 2 co 2 32 FQ 2 Q 2 5' f CI: 5+-. o o o U -. 2.3 W S o o o If MES 'O 7b I' 22 -2: 2 2 2 2 E Q Q. b 2 2 2 H N 9 1 2 . .5252 .3 .5 2,- 22 ' ...2 2 "-f:i:1 2-ff ZA .Wm I 2 2 Q21 'IIIIM2 Q4 2 2 3 Q 2 2232? 222.22 'ffsffl 2 2 5 3' A ,- 2' Lf.'E15?i55f1'5f ' r 2' WE Q A f f S' o 2 f o o 2 2 2 . 2 2 - ,412 o fo V F' 3"111911 ittcass 5 ook- GCQCGGQQ tttcooesce 1 an ililiililliilililiiiiiliiii liiliiiiilliiiiiiiilqiiiilil Dr. A. Rag Stamford, Pastor ,L- LL uw WORD be lwwulfn f """"" """' 'D CLASS of 'sa from- The 55 fZliI1IKllIll1II'li'5 -llllllQllQal iiiiliiliiiiiiiilili I II .cfasmr - MlS'S'ION, I mf. Dr. Mark G. Cambron,I3rQsidQnI: Dr. A. Rag Slcanforckgec-Tres. Miami, Florida JEFF EDELMAN i ' " , Florid N 'X PU D" O :I FD -If -II oo I C: lx: Ln I-1 ll Pima-.6ow'IIw peace, 06 Jvumalhwzfhudf 1 sI4nUffalw4f1e1L,'l'l2n13 Umwflwef' Ham I 221 6 Eff comm WAY Gm I Q6 SE mv: CE I L T O AUTOMOTIVE - PICK-UP SERVICE G S 2200 CORAL WAY PHONE MLIS-8532 3 CAPE FLORIDA Co. W I I GI2EEN'S QAQAQE Phone 443-4654 . 0 EEFEENQQETEEIEEMISSIOW I I :2zw1a'zD,::'::aa':rcE WW,.fu,fi:fM SW I I I . . 2222 SW 32 A 3029 Grand Avenue z . i I I I I I Q6 Q-Q- 152 O .......... UI, QV 0? CII iliilillli iiililllililiill sfafl' 66 1 I Q68 .'EI3I'6'I5' 3031.50 if 'fn 31 'mf 16' " WW' "' 4' S' 47411, FLOQB I I I I 2 , I I I I I I iaalili liiillill Ab iliii Store I That 2 Cares I Out I 29. U Y :S BIBLE CENTER I R D 5740 Sunset Drive . TUNE-UPS . BRAKE SERVICE 'XQTEQCTLENMENT 8' 5758 Sunset Drive 6 li o BATTERIES G-f .QQESESSORIES COMPLETE Auto at Wrecker Service Q ? PROMPT SERVICE I: UN DUTY PHD 446-7224 Z2 2 . W. 27TH A . 333331 Phone 665-2461 MIAMI FL . I I I I I I I I REPAIRS g z I I I I I I I I I I 601276 my !96'o0 Z Bibles, Christian Books, Cards Church Supplies, Gifts 81 Music lilliiiililillil iissiiiiaiiisiaasiiaaiai N c- fa fe, C nw fhffffuff, Um' . 565115, wg thankg . 2 . "'Iw3,,'i394:' thu, mth prawn 2, I 11i.1I12,fIcIInoN.z9:I3J,', L 'V i t , 13' X eww """'wr0 J 1311111131111111111111lltllllllllziiil111111 aiaaaaaaezaa111aiaa113iii1iii33 Keep your Lamp of Learning ...burning it 1 Q, 1- ,.. f ' ' 1 'gym ,., X' Ii " - .--37' ' -'S .Z -- . . In every field of endeavor, the quest for knowledge is a life-long process. A solid educational background is increasingly impor- tant in our fast-paced world of science, exploration and invention. It is the key to greater earning capability and a more fruitful life. Whether your steps will lead to the halls of higher learning, or to off-campus education opportunities that Florida offers in ample measure . . . resolve to keep your lamp of learning . . . burning. We salute the Class of '68. Good luck. . . best wishes . .. and more power to you. P I In qu - U em FLORIDA POWER 8: LIGHT COMPANY HELP11vGBu1LDFLoR1DA ggiigiiziiiliiiiiliiiiillllilii 153 54 ll l illllll lllllllll1ll iiiiliiizliiiltiiaaliiggiiggg , XC758' I W'-----'-+G., It""'t+ gifs iw. I JE-'Tb 'H avg, ,ea I 1. C I . , so A fW'W tm S' ttiigg L, X QW Ntttftlf afIQ.VLY2t5X7 tttt A-fl ' ' I' fi Ll Ixfxy My Q? 'Pawel ,NN WS tg It. Q If M. t o W it I tri It ifrfttfvm ,ff A . ,' ffl' I R' FG? my II? t it of X' tff'W" 'Mx ,kk Y wt Qing? -tjgtgivt XQQ JI IIg.w if -f f I - J Y 5 I is 'X West La " .Q w I Ki ii' 2? an -Qyrxi W ll' 4if"N IH .iwx'fvt" i0i'5 'eg' NL KWH K MQW X ft , IV X AAII -san N W a 3 ts ' Ali? I vt it ,jffy-QR I Nr X f t'Ni j I it Qfgfggi 'X t kykdrt an? WI: Iikvtt gflrl at IWXXXXIXWQ, X tt f It-Qty mfggit. v as Of ig 'LVLTI I Wt will Q' lliiiillliiliiilillllililllii Congratulations Graduates lwfuk, ' I-IARPE 52,10 'let its take this glorioiis gospel for ourselves, and then give it to all within our reach and thus prove that it is inoleeol the whole gospel for the whole inan and the whole world." i - Dr. A. B. Simpson, f18J,3-19191 3067 GRAND AVENUE IvIIAIvII 33, FLORIDA HI-6-6341 I iii 1lllllliililliliillili l Hllll1 ll l -l1 ll l I I I I I I I I I I I I " TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD OO: AND WHEN HE IS OLD, HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT PROVERBS 22 6 iiliiilliliiiiiiiiiiliiiiilll 1 liiiiililliiillilllilliliilili O iv?- fkmpvdwth Imwk TAMPA YOUTH RANCH I I I I I I I I . 3010 DeLeon Street . P. O. Box 10,000 . Tampa, Florida 33609 Phone 877-4977 I : Hank Iirwdsjcrom, 0 IQFVQQJCOU -6 illliilil FOR BY TRACE ARE YI NAXIND 'IHROULII IAAIIII AND THAT NOT OI' XOLRNELX ES II IN FIIE 1 IFT OF I OD NOI OF WORKS, LEST ANT NI VN SHOl I D BOASI FOR WE ARE HIS WORKNIANNHIP. CREAII-D IN LHRIST IESIS INTO GOOD WORKS, WHICH COD HAIII BEFORE ORDAINED THAT WE SHOULD WALK IN 'IHFNIT EPHESIANS 2:8 - IO lliilllililillllil l WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A

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