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. ! j ' f : f kUAH F, KURTZ mm. { 3 1833 03395 2224 ■ ' v. 90 2 M48f 1 965 halcon (Melbourne, Fla. ) Fc lcon ueen St E Sault Ste Marie, Ontario P6A 2C2 ' i ' l ' l -%- ' i MEm v Ifjjffi yB ■: .. ' ¥ ¥ 1 . .. im fet hVjWf ' r Kvw. ymi y f r . 4 - Florida Air Academy A trip to Eglund Aii Force Base has also been arranged for the cadet corps dur- ing April. It is the most looked-forward-to event of the year. The cadets ' training during this nine-day period will be patterned after Air Force Boot Camp. At the end of the encampment, every cadet vrho attended will receive a certificate of ac- complishment, which wUl help them in later life. At this time, the senior class would lil e to express its deepest appreciation and thanks to Mrs. Whitaker, Capt. Stallard, and Lt. Carroll for their time and patience as class sponsors. During the two semesters they have spent much of their free time to help us with car washes, bake sales and raffles, to raise money for our class trip. 1 would like to thank at this time, the FALCON staff, which has spent much time in making your yearbook. My special thanks to the FALCON assistant editor Tony Seran, without whose help, threatening, cajoling and diplomacy this yearbook would never have reached publication. We, the FALCON staff, hope that you wQl enjoy reading your yearbook over and over again throughout the coming years. DEDICATION When we of the Class of 1965 look back upon the pleasant years spent at Florida Air Academy, we cannot help but remember with awe the outstanding work of one man - Major John K. Davis. It is to him that we dedicate our yearbook. It is rare that one man is able to do well in a single job, but Major Davis excels in many. He is commandant, mathematics teacher, head baseball coach, guidance counselor, and ninth grade class advisor here at Florida Air Academy, He is imbued with a drive that will let him do no less than his best, in each and every undertaking. He devotes not only his working time to these jobs but his free time as well. This unselfishness is but one of the characteristics that will make us remember Major Davis. His unquestioned integrity lets us know that we can put our trust in him. We can only hope that we will be able to follow his teachings and pattern our- selves after him in some small measure. We extend our deepest appreciation to Major Davis. The Senior Class STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT COL. JONATHAN DWIGHT hard-working, dynamic President who llow devoces his energy and enthusi- asm to two schools as successfully as to one. We miss his hill-time pres- ence, though! A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: " Ave atcpie vale " to the Class of ' 65. Some of you have been with us since our first year - and have shared in, and contributed to, the tremendous growth of Florida Air Academy. The past year has seen two major events: the creation of a separate school at Plantation for the lower grades, and the addition of the CAP to our program. The Class of 1965 has provided FAA with splendid leadership in all fields - academic, athletic, and military. All of us here will follow your future progress with greatest interest, and we hope you will return to visit us often in the years ahead. Our best wishes go with you. HEADMASTER MAJOR JOHN K. DAVIS (see dedication) COMMANDANT LT. COL. VERNON J. HART Any one of Col. Hart ' s various func- tions here would be enough to keep another man busy full-time, yet he is never too busy for an encouraging word or sympathetic counsel. LEGAL COUNSEL, SEC ' Y BOARD OF DIRECTORS MAJOR MARTIN L. BLATT L. L. B. , Cornell Law School B. A. , Cornell University M. A. , Wharton School BURSAR MISS ANNE PIERCE B. A. , Wagner College SOCIAL DIRECTOR RESIDENT NURSt MRS. ADELINE WHITAKER R. N. , John Hopkins University B.S., Brooklyn College SPANISH, GUIDANCE, ADMISSIONS MIUTARY ADVISOR COLONEL RALPH MULVANITY B.S., Norwich University U.S. HISTORY, P.A.D. P.M.S. CAPTAIN WILLIAM C. JONES B.A., Tulsa University M.Ed., William and Mary ENGLISH and SOCIAL STUDIES CAPTAIN CONSTANTINE AMBELLAS B. S. , Hope College Biology, Spanish, French MAJOR EDWARD BENNEY B.S., Lafayette College Mess Officer LT. JERRY BURHANS B. S. , University of Corpus Christi University of Maryland Physical Education, World History MRS. IRENE CHRISTEN B.S,, Florida State M, A. , University of Florida Librarian CAPTAIN ELVIN DAVIS B. S. , Anderson College M. A. , Ball State Teachers College English, Algebra MRS. EMMY DWIGHT B, A. , Smith College Remedial Reading CAPTAIN NICHOLAS MASCIA B.M.E. , City College of New York TRIGONOMETRY. ADVANCED MATHEMATICS, CALCULUS CAPTAIN DOUGLAS STALLARD A. B. , Lincoln Memorial University ' M,A., Colorado State College ( ENGLISH ' LT. CARROLL M, THOMAS B. A. , University of Richmond ENGLISH, SOCIAL STUDIES CAPTAIN JAMES WRIGHT B, A. , Marshall University PHYSICAL EDUCATION, UNITED STATES HISTORY. CIVICS DR. HERBERT ALLEN, SCHOOL PHYSICIAN, who, over the years, has handled almost every type of ailment and emergency, al- ways with calm skill and understanding care. The football team was always re- assured to see " Doc " in the stands at FAA games. MORE PEOPLE MR. RAYMOND STANDLEY, DRIVERS ' EDU- CATION, who taught the cadets that there is a lot more to driving than pushing down on the acceleiatoi. MRS. HELEN KIEHL, ASSISTANT TO THE BURSAR, whose unfailing courtesy and pleasant manner helps keep the school on an even " keel. " MRS. MARY LOU STALLARD, " Girl Friday " to Col. Hart, puts in a full day in a very busy office. In addition, she keeps up cadet morale by making fre- quent trips from her office to Miss Pierce ' s. The cadets have followed her progress with interest, and hope that she continues as an integral part of FAA. 10 WE APPRECIATE! THE KITCHEN STAFF, who under Major Benney ' s able direction, make mealtime a happy time at FA A. Favorite foods are the fried chicken, beef stew, and those de- licious pastries. THE MAINTENANCE STAFF, who cheerfully tackle a job that can never be finished, that of keeping the school in repair. With 190 boys in school 24 hours a day, it sometimes seems that the cadet corps and the maintenance staff are working for opposite ends! Our thanks to the en- tire staff for their trouble and patience. And no listing of the FAA staff would be com- plete without . . . the only cadet S S in school who is never reprimanded for being AWOL, who is the only cadet allowed to run around during formations . . . George Ebel? no. Beagle. George Beagle is the owner of Major Davis, of whom he takes good care. In addition to this full-time job, George is also unofficial school mascot, a position he defends jealously against all challengers (especially cats). After all, where else can a dog lead a man ' s life? It is hoped that George will be around for many more years, and will lead the Beagles ' , er, Falcons ' teams onto greater victories! Quiet, cadets at work (for a change). CADET CORPS CANDID SHOTS Just trim the sides, Tony. Cadet corps participates in dedication of new Melbourne civic center. (We were the only ones. ) Fearless cadet aquanuts prepare for deep dive in the pool. Cadets learned this trick in advertising from Colonel Hart. 12 DONALD T. DILLER 1221 Dolphin Road Riviera Beach, Florida " Dill " " Lovely " Activities: Squadron Commander, President Senior Class, Vice Pres. Junior Class, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Football, Student Pilot, Color Guard, Newspaper Staff, Re- freshment Committee, Fishing Club, Chess Club EDWIN W. D. ROSE Box 471 Lakehurst Road Brown Mills, New Jersey " Eddie " " Let me tell you something " Activities: Vice President Senior Class, Treasurer Junior Class, Let- term an ' s Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball Honor Roll, Newspaper Staff, Drum Bugle Corps, Drill Team, Chess Club ERNEST J. CAVAGNARO JR. 6 Pantigo Road East Hampton, Long Island " Ernie " " Gross " Activities: Secretary Senior Class, " B " Flight Commander, Letterman ' s Club, Baseball Mgr. , Color Guard, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff, Air Police, Rifle Club, Tennis Team, Fishing Club, Refreshment Committee, President Social Com- mittee OFFICERS GEORGE GERAMAS 36-28 29th Street New York City " Nick the Great " " I didn ' t do it " Activities: Treasurer Senior Class, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Drum Bugle Corps, Refreshment Committee, Fishing Club 15 LEE JOSEPH ARNOLD 310 Park Avenue Satellite Beach, Florida " Lee " " That ' s all she wrote " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var sity Baseball Mgr. , J. V. Baseball, Newspaper Staff, Golf Tear A.V Squad, Honor Roll , ROGER EDWARD BASILE 1 Basile Court Woodmere, Long Island " Rog " " So what ' s the big deal " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var sity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball MEAD WHITLOCK BATCHELOR 483 Marble Road Orange, Conn, " Whit " " I can ' t wait to get home " Activities: Varsity Swimming, Drum Bugle Corps, Refreshment Committee, Fishing Club, Honor Roll 16 RUSSELL WILLIAM BLOIS 526 Glenbrook Road Stanford, Conn. " Russ " " I wanna go home " Activities: Russ, although a first (w j(7 yearman at F. A. A. , is well liked jji and is a member of the Wrestling pi Team. MARK PHILLIPS BRUECKMANN " Mouse " " Shut up " Activities: Mark is a studious member of the Science Club and is an exceptionally fine golfer. JONATHAN SCOTT BRODER 1029 S. Indian River Drive Fort Pierce, Florida " Chicken Plucker " " So what " Activities: Executive Officer " C " Flight, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Football, J, V. Basketball, Varsity Track Team, Wrestling Team, Drill Team, Drum Bugle Corps, Yearbook Staff, Glee Club 17 GORDAN VINCENT BRYANT 1326 A. Arizona Avenue Homestead A, F.B. , Florida " Bud " " Nuts " Activities: Varsity Football, Var- sity Baseball, Honor Roll, Chess Club WALTER THOMAS BURTOU 1 3310 E. Flower Street M Phoenix, ,Aif ong y ROBERT EVANS CAMPBELL 101 Terrace Street Sheffield, Alabama " Wino " " Wait a minute " Activities: Air Police, Varsity Wrestling, Track Team, Fishing Club rs JOSE DAVID CARRERO Centauro 580, Altamira Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico " Vivito " " Man " Activities: Drill Team, Rifle Team, Model Club DAVID NEAL CLIFF 1875 Transit Road Kent, New York " Dave " " Hot Dang " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football, Varsity Baseball, So- cial Committee Vt ' BERNARD GOLDSTEIN 316 Beach 68th Street Rockaway Beach, New York " Goldie " " Definitely " Activities: AS-3 on Staff, Drill Team Commander, Air Police, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Basket ball. President Junior Class 1135 Cumberland Abington, Penn. " So what ' s the big deal " kP Activities: Varsity Football, Tracw , ., Team, Swimming Team, Newspa- j 0 n u W per Staff, Fishing Club J , MC JOSE DIAZ-APARICIO Victor Lopez 651 Santurce, Puerto Rico " Pipo " " Cool Man " Activities: Air Police, Drill Team, Language Club, Chess Club ' i ' " ROBERT EVANS CAMPBELL ' - ' 101 Terrace Street (y Sheffield, Alabama " Wine " ' " Wait a minute " Activities: Air Police, Varsity Wrestling, Track Team, Fishing Club ■,: . Ji DAVID FABIAN 3-02 Alyson Street Fairlawn, New Jersey " Dave " " Be cool " Activities: You can always count on Dave when you want some sing ing or fishing to talk about. ANTONIO JOSE GALLARDO Ojeda 60 San Juan, Puerto Rico " Tony " " Get out of my room " Activities: Tony belongs to the Fishing Club, and he spends most of his spare time fishing. BERNARD GOLDSTEIN 316 Beach 68th Street Rockaway Beach, New York " Goldie " " Definitely " Activities: AS-3 on Staff, Drill Team Commander, Air Police, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Basket- ball, President Junior Class 21 BRETT LESTER GRAYSON Caroni Avenue Cabinas, Venezuela " Sergeant Garcia " " Peon " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football, Color Guard, Air Police, Drill Team, Chess Club, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff DAVID P. HARRISON 1431 S. Street S.E. Washington 20, D.C. " Irishman " " I know you better knock that off " Activities: Varsity Basketball, Wrestling Team, Golf Team, Drill Team, Fishing Club JAMES D. HAWTHORNE 3629 Mirror Lake Road Apopka, Florida " Jim " " Oh, come now " Activities: Jim is one of our out- standing flyers and is also a mem- ber of the Rifle Team. 22 y CARL FRANK HOYT 21-19 West 29th Street Davenport, Iowa " Frank, " ° . " I, don ' t know " -Activities: Varsity Basketball, Swimming Team, Skindiving Team, Biology Club .-• ' i r y HOWARD JAY JAFFE 160 Central Park South New York City " Jaff " " Paraaaaaaaaaaaade REST! ! " Activities: Squadron Adjutant, Student Pilot, Football Mgr, , Track Mgr, , J. V. Basketball, Varsity Club GARY RAY JOHNSON 319 Webor Court Cary, Illinois " Alkey " " Now just wait a second " Activities: Gary is a fine wrestler and is doing well on our team. 23 ROGER JEFFREY KURTZ 2244 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, California " Squirte " " That ' s the breaks " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Honor Roll, Drill Team, Air Police, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff, Fishing Club NORMAN F. KURTZ 654 Eastbrook Blvd. Winter Park, Florida " Squeeze " " Biiiiig deal " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football Captain, J. V. Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball, Yearbook Staff JAMES ROBERT LANCASTER JR. Rt. 1 Box 78 Lutz, Florida " Pansey " " Cut it out, fellas, please? " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football, Wrestling Team, Drill Team, Newspaper Staff 24 MARCO ANTONIO LEON D-109 Isla Larga Caracas, Venezuela " Manito " " Dig it- Activities: Marco spends most of his time practicing for a Judo match or for the next test in Spanish. JEFFREY COLLINS LIND 2532 Fifeshire Drive Winter Park, Florida " Future " " Barf " Activities: Color Guard, Infirmary Orderly, Swimming Team, Rifle Team, Yearbook Staff, Refresh- ment Committee, Fishing Clujt BRUCE EDWIN LOB ERG 75-55 Rocort Drive Annandale, Virginia " Virginia Boy " " Where is everybody " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football, Wrestling Team, Track Team, Refreshment Commit tee PATRICK EQ McCRB 8PearlStreit |- ' jr:1 Burlington, yjtrmont y " Moose " " This school " Activities: LettermanVftjaKib sity Football, Vars fy Bakkatba Varsity Baseball, H ing Club » i ' SAMUEL DAVID McILWAIN 318 Massion Drive Alexandria, Virginia " Mac " " Get off it " Activities: Wrestling Team, Drill Team, Refreshment Committee, Fishing Club, Chess Club WILLIAM JAMES McMURRAY 10 S. Overdale Drive Elmira, New York " Mac " " Meet you in Lakeland " Activities: Student Pilot, Wrestling Team, Golf Team, Fishing Club 26 YU HUGH LEIGHTON McWILLIAMS 61 Franklin Street Annapolis, Maryland " Hoaple " " That ' s just tough luck " Z x Activities: " A " Flight Commander ' ' J JJl Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Baseball ' ■ ' " ' Mgr. , Drum Bugle Corps, Chess (vr- - - ' ' ' ' ' Club t s - y ill " s o- r — DANIEL W. MacGREGOR 2250 Missouri Apt. IE Las Cruces, New Mexico " Dan " " What was that again? " Activities: Varsity Baseball, News- paper Staff, Refreshment Commit- tee, Science Club MIGUEL ANGEL MARQUEZ Av. Santana El Pedregal Caracas, Venezuela " Midget " " Vele " Activities: Miguel has been a prominent member of the Spanish Club for two years. 27 JOSE MIGUEL MARTINEZ JR. Road No. 2 Toa Baja, Puerto Rico " Martini " " You want to go flying? " Activities: " HQ " Flight Command- er, Student Pilot, Air Police Com- mander, Newspap Staf Spanish Club " Ray " " Who ' s got a Viceroy? " Activities: Air Police Commander, Color Guard Commander, Student Pilot, Fishing Club, Refreshment Committee MIKE DAVID MERCER 708 N. 25th Street Richmond, Virginia " Biggun " " Coming " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Football Mgr. , Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Fishing Club 28 PETER METCALFE 419 N. Riverside Drive Pompano Beach, Florida " Petie " " Help " Activities: Peter is an active mem- ber of the Model Club and also a fine young chemist. MORRIS ARTHUR NETCHER 516 S, Harrison Street Arlington, Virginia " Netch " " Is that so? " Activities: Executive Officer " B " Flight, Student Pilot, Fishing Club, Track Team DONALD HUDSON PARKS 125 Cresent Circle Cocoa Beach, Florida " Nebraska Farmer " " Greetings and salutations, chief " Activities: " C " Flight Commander, Letterman ' s Club, Varsity Football, Wrestling Team, Office Clerk, Ri- fle Team, Yearbook Editor, Re- freshment Committee, Chess Club 29 vv e. 607 West Lyle Avenue College Park, Georgia yd. VucVC " Bwana " " You FOOL! ! ! " VolL CLcm no. oax z Activities: Air Police, Wrestling Team, Track Team, Drill Team, Refreshment Committee, President Fishing Club, Chess Club JOSE GILBERTO RIVERA Box 13 Coamo, Puerto Rico " Gilbo " " Shut your mouth " Activities: Jose has been a mem- ber of the Drill Team for two years and has done a very fine job. PAUL CHARLES RUDY New Hyde Park Long Island, New York " Paul " " Cool it, you guys " Activities: Squadron Executive Officer, Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Basketball Mgr. , Track Team, Drill Team, Executive Officer, Fishing Club, Chess Club 30 RAYMOND HAROLD SCHINDLER JR. 1600 S.E, 13th Street Pompano Beach, Florida " Surfer Joe " " Give me a break " Activities: Varsity Baseball, Fish- ing Club, Drama Club, Air Police ANTHONY GENAZZIO SERAN 411 East 57th Street New York City " Tony " CU ' yn i " " Hove F. A. A. " ' Jff Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- JCl, sity Football, Varsity Basketball (jofji Mgr., WrestUng Team, Swimming ' G k " I T Team, Infirmary Orderly, Honor wV V Roll, Fishing Club, Air PoUce, S , Drill Team, Refreshment Commit- JK tee. Yearbook Staff DEAN ROBERT SHEARER Box 229 Buttercreek Road Quakertown, Penn. " Hoiman " " Crusty " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Basketball Mgr, , Drum Bugle Corps, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff, Refreshment Committee 31 JAMES FREDERICK STRONG 1646 Avon Way Petersburg, Virginia " Jim " " Gross " Activities: Varsity Football, Track Team, Infirmary Orderly, Year- book Staff JAIMIE FREDERICK SUPLEE 201 Quiet Hollow Lane Media, Penn. " Mashy " " Look at the trees " Activities: Swimming Team, Drill Team, Refreshment Commit- tee, Yearbook Staff, Newspaper Staff WILLIAM JAMES TENNILLE 267 Homewood Blvd. Delray Beach, Florida " Chrome Dome " " I ' m a military man " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Track Team, Executive Officer " A " Flight, Color Guard, Drill Team, Newspaper Staff, Model Club 32 LEO ROCQUE THOMAS 2342 Maroneal Blvd. Houston, Texas " Leo " " Ain ' t got none " Activities: Swimming Team, Track Team, Air Police, News- paper Staff, Fishing Club HARVEY BLAIR TUCKER 1013 Ave. J Brooklyn 30, New York " Brooklyn " " What ' s happening, boe? " Activities: Track Team, Wrestling Team, Fishing Club, Chess Club, Refreshment Committee MICHAEL BURR UNDERWOOD 760 North Figtree Lane Plantation, Florida " Mike " " Boneyard Devil " Activities: Swimming Team, Re- freshment Committee, Fishing Club, Drum Bugle Corps 33 EDWARD FREDERICK VAN WINGEN 166 Los Mirlos Avenue Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico " Hairy " " Was that call for me? " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Var- sity Basketball, Air Police, News- paper Staff, Fishing Club MICHAEL ROBERT WEINSTEIN 122-19 11th Avenue S. Ozone Park, New York City " Mike " " Ya got a cigarette? " Activities: Varsity Football, Wres- tling Team, Fishing Club, Refresh- ment Committee PAUL RICHARD WOODIN 1853 West Water Street Elmira, New York " Woody " " Yea, right? " Activities: Wrestling Team, Skin- diving Club, Student Pilot, Refresh- ment Committee, Honor Roll 34 SENIOR CLASS Most Likely To Succeed - LEE ARNOLD Contributed Most To The School - EDDIE ROSE Best Weekender - NORMAN KURTZ Most Athletic - DAVID EBEL Most Talented - DEAN SHEARER Best LooKing - JON BRODER Most Mature - ROGER BASILE Most Humorous - HUGH McWILLIAMS Most Spirited - TONY SERAN Most Popular - PETER COPENHAVER Most Military - MORRIS NETCHER Most Studious - JAMES STRONG Most Innocent - PAUL RUDY Best Flyer - JOSE MARTINEZ Most Friendly - PATRICK McCREA Most Dependable - ERNIE CAVAGNARO PERSONALITIES 35 Me Work ' ? ' ? ' ? ' ? A little too long, PROXY. 3CNIwK CLASS Beatit! Major " D " !!! • PRANKS Peace and quiet at last . . Who needs girls? mmm im mmssi r M H - kV .-M I: ' «li] A.W.O. L. . . . NEVER! ! ! LATE ARRIVAL: John Lambie Uh ERCLASSMEN Jose Castrillo Coral Gables, Fla Jeff Dennis Port Washington, L. I., N. Y. Tom Eichelberger Eustis, Fla. Homer Gainey Brooker, Fla. Bernd Hiltl Libya, Africa o F 1 9 6 6 Jeff Lyerly Chevy Chase, Md. »n0 ; Bob Hoyerman Clearwater, Fla. Pat Hyde Kingman, Ariz. Terry Kokaska Phoenix, Ariz. Phil Manganello Bethesda, Md. Elliot Mihlsten Houston, Texas Jay Miller Sarasota, Fla. 39 Tim Miller Hagerstown, Md J. Bob Reeves ingp(?l3? Philadelphia, Pa, Jose Reyes Rio Piedras, P. R, Scott Reynolds Ormond Beach, Fla. Mike Rose Brooklyn, N. Y. Mike Sabbag Kensington. Md. John Sailors Clearwater, Fla. Jim Scott Eau Gallie, Fla. Jim Shewmake Brownsville, Texas Phil Smith Washington, D. C. 40 Jerry Smith Tampa, Fla. Fred Snow Sarasota, Fla. Jeff Sofferin Detroit, Mich, Maurice Stallard Melbourne, Fla. Steve Stiling Williamsville, N. Y. Cliff Swaby Honduras, C. A. Paul Tobin Miami, Fla. Freddy Toro Rio Piedras, P. R. Phil Vidal Hato Rey, P. R. Loring White Miami, Fla. Marc Wilson Satellite Beach, Fla. 41 Scrub-a-dub-dub a junior in a tub. JUNIOR JESTS The blind leading the blind. Honestly, Phil, I didn ' t steal your donut. Late arrivals . . from L. to R. Harvey Hillis, Randy Apt, Ray Smith, Bill Davis. 42 Freddy Acosta New York City Paul Adams Atlanta, Ga. Hardin Addy Jacksonville, Fla. Kim Arabellas Melbourne, Fla. James Baer Plainfield, N. J. Jim Bowman Delray Beach, Fla. Jim Barber Haines City, Fla, Jim Barrett Chicago, 111. it jl ' . c o L F A 1 S 9 S 6 7 Charles Brown Riviera Beach, Fla. Phil Burke Phoenix, Ariz. 43 Bob Campbell Whitehouse Station, N. J. Pete Certa Larry Clarke Bill Claudio Tom Cobb Alexandria, Va. Clearwater, Fla. New York City Freeport, Grand Bahamas Joe Cold Lutz, Fla. Humberto Cortes Rio Piedras, P. R. Rick Curtis Santurce, P. R. Skip Detre Clearwater, Fla. Wilbur Drawdy Palatka, Fla. Bill Duchene Daytona Beach, Fla. Bruce Ellis Naples, Fla, Tom Fairclough Bonita, Fla. 44 Lee Feely Riviera Beach, Fla. Mark Frantz ' Walkerville, Md. Rick Gallardo San Juan, P. R. Peter Giove Brooklyn, N. Y, Tom Giove Brooklyn, N. Y, Danny Hinson Mulberry, Fla. Norman Holmes Melbourne, Fla. Richard Jones Mt. Dora, Fla. Mike Judge Arlington, Va. Bill Kleinschmidt Coconut Grove, Fla. Dave LaPorte Hackensack, N. J. Gary Larson Arlington, Va. 45 Mike McGovern Ocala, Fla. Andy McLean Brigantine, N. J. Paul Magalhaes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Leland Mills Tampa, Fla. Paul Miller Fork Union, Va. Ronnie Moore Palm Bay, Fla. Terry Munro Stuart, Fla. Steve Panas Massapequa, N, Y. Bob Pence Stuart, Fla. Gerry Poole Orange, N. J. Rick Pope Mulberry, Fla. Rusty Rhodes Houston, Texas 46 Bill Ridenour Orlando, Fla. Jim Rowell Stuart, Fla. Rick Senner Alexandria, Va. Steve Spence Alexandria, Va. gjj Phil Spencer Greensboro, N. C. Leon Stogsdill Bloomington, Ind. Bruce Tyre Mt. Dora, Fla. McNeill Watkins Rye, N.Y. Ralph Weseman Palm Beach, Fla. Tom Whitaker Melbourne, Fla. Bob Woolley Winter Park, Fla. 47 SOPHOMORE We call it goldbricking ME . , , COMIN ' BACK??? Fine study habits. LATE ARRIVALS: Left to Right, Scott Chalmers, Glenn Yuni, Jim Heino- nen. Bill Baxter, Tom Walker, Lee Reuther, Bob Scott, Jim Dawson. 48 c L A S S O F Luis Bared Havana, Cuba 1968 Doug Bradshaw Tampa, Fla. John Fragnoli New York City Richard Glass Eustis, Fla. Dennis Harps Chicago, 111. Ricky Rodriguez Bronx, N.Y. Lonny Seagraves Egland A.F.B., Fla, Dennis Smith Tampa, Fla. Pat Stallard Melbourne, Fla. Larry Weitz Hopewell Jet., N.Y. 1 9 6 8 F R E S H M A N LATE ARRIVALS: (left to right) Dan Harrison, Ben Maddox, Ted Wilkinson, Mike Austin, A. W.O.L.??? Sounds like fun F A N T A S I E S , ci, - .«, ' - . m. V wK Sneaking back from 7-11 . . Never First you tear his legs off then . . . MILITARY H :f , Guess what - everyone passed Weather Naviga tion this time! Let ' s dock him five bucks Looks like a good course to take AHH - T.G.I.F, 52 From 1. tor.: Acton Berryhill, Dave Cliff, Stuart Beamon, Howard Jaffe, Donald Diller, Paul Rudy, Bernie Goldstein, James Strong, Ralph Weseman. THE SQUADRON STAFF The military this year has been greatly improved over last year, beginning with this year ' s O, C. S. training. All N. C. O. ' s and officers were required to attend and pass this training program which resulted in a greatly improved organization benefitting all con- cerned. All flights seemed to do well in some area of flight competition, " B " flight won overall honors while " HQ " flight won intramural activities. " A " and " C " flights, while failing to win any of the competition honors, did well in them. They were at their best in other areas not covered by flight competition such as bootlegging, hamburgers, tun- nel digging, etc. " B " flight, under the firm hands of its capable officers, won the title of honor flight, and was presented with a ribbon proclaiming it top flight in flight competition for the first semester. It is now a strong contender for the same title this semester. " A " flight, while failing to win the title of honor flight, is progressing slowly but surely toward this goal. " C " flight was at the bottom of the morale slump, as sometimes happens, but now has swung back into the routine. This flight has acquired the nickname " Gopher Flight " It showed its imagination and talent after the motion picture " Great Escape " was shown. Strange sounds were heard emanating from " C " flight after taps; upon investigation it was found that the cadets had dug a tunnel running the length of the flight! " HQ " flight has improved immensely from an unorganized detachment into a well trained and disciplined unit. We hope that they will continue to progress at their present rate. 53 a HQ " " HQ " FUght has been a close runner for the title of " Honor Flight " but has never received it. It has done very well in Civil Air Patrol tests and was rewarded by a trip in an Air Force transport. t A " " A " Flight under the command of Capt. Mc- Williams has proved it- self to be the best marching flight in the school. It wins almost every honor for march- ing and has been no- ticed by everybody. AtDff " B " FLIGHT " B " Flight has been on the top of most inspection results for the whole year and has been awarded the title of " Honor Flight " " C " FLIGHT This flight is better known as the " Gopher Flight " because of a little incident that occurred in January, which resulted in a tunnel from one end of Ander- son Hall to the other end. COLOR GUARD This year ' s Color Guard has participated in many a function such as the dedi- cation of the Sebastian Bridge, dedication of the new Civic Auditorium and the Veteran ' s Day parade. AIR POLICE These boys have been a common sight around Mel- bourne in their impressive uniforms, and have done a fine job of keeping the boys in good conduct on town leave. 56 DRILL TEAM One of F. A. A. ' s fine representatives of military precision is the DRILL TEAM, directed by Colonel Mulvanity and commanded by Capt. Bernie Goldstein. The DRILL TEAM performed at half time throughout the football season and at the Space Bowl. They have also performed at many other civic activities. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Under the supervision of Capt. Jones, the Drum and Bugle Corps has become a fine group of orga- nized marchers. These cadets have also performed in the football half time ceremonies and other civic activities. With W. O. Berryhill in command, they have learned many a new beat. MILITARY ,58 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL After all the shouting was over and the enthusiasm had died down, the cadets began to review the facts of the season. Under the leadership of quarterback Roger Basile, we did well during the season, winning six and losing three. The losses were to Eau Gallie, Satellite and Ocoee, class A and AA teams. With the hard running of Kurtz and McCrea, and the fine pass receiving of Ebel, the FALCONS were victorious over Cardinal Gibbons, St. Andrews, Melbourne CC, Ft. Pierce, Cocoa Beach and Clearwater CC. With the fine expert coaching of Coaches Wright and Massey, the FALCONS con- cluded another victorious season. 1964 SCHEDULE Fla. Air vs. Cardinal Gibbons Won Fla. Air vs. Satellite Beach Lost Fla. Air vs. St. Andrews Won Fla. Air vs. Oveido Lost Fla. Air vs. Ft. Pierce CC Won Fla. Air vs. Melbourne CC Won Fla. Air vs. Eau Gallie Lost Fla. Air vs. Cocoa Beach Won Fla. Air vs. Clearwater CC Won Coaches Wright and Massey discuss game plans with fullback Pat McCrea. 60 OFFENSIVE TEAM Left to Right: Eddie Rose, Pete Copenhaver, Bruce Loberg, Tony Seran, Dave Cliff, Don Diller, George Ebel. BACKFIELD: Norm Kurtz, Pat McCrea, Roger Basile, Jon Btoder, Team captains Roger Basile and Nor- man Kurtz on field for toss of coin. A 11- State George Ebel re- ceives long pass from quarterback Roger Basile. Geramas and Kurtz move in to make the kill With stiff arm and fine blocking from McCrea, Basile goes for long yard- age McCrea breaks loose for big gain Kurtz breaks loose to pick up blockers and yardage Rose on receiving end of 40 yard pass from Basile Geramas leads FALCONS on to field for Homecoming victory Enthusiastic bench cheers on FALCON defensive unit 63 KNEELING: Basile, Rose, STANDING: Coach Wright, Goldstein, Kurtz, VanWingen, Mc- Crea, Stiling, Ebel, Carrithers, Hoyt, Harrison. BASKETBALL Coming out of football with a victorious season, the F. A. A. cage men went on to an- other winning season in Basketball. Dropping eight games out of twenty-two games, with Ebel and McCrea as top scorers. In the state tournament the FALCONS were defeated in a heartbreaking final quarter that was lost only by one point that was scored in the last few seconds of the game. 1964- 1965 SCHEDULE FAA 80 Titusville 66 FA A 79 Cocoa Beach 56 FAA 83 Clearwater CC 43 FAA 70 Eau Gallic 69 FAA 52 Cocoa Beach 57 FAA 65 Oviedo 95 FAA 87 St. Andrews 32 FAA 40 Satellite Beach 42 FAA 68 Melb. CC 47 FAA 90 Clearwater CC 66 FAA 67 Titusville 69 FAA 92 Ft. Pierce CC 26 B ' " PQP J I B FAA 45 Citrus (Inverness) 41 V V n I H I FAA 69 Melb. CC 57 FAA 67 Dunellon 56 FAA 86 Ft. Pierce 44 FAA 81 Oviedo 99 FAA 54 Satellite Beach 65 FAA 52 Melbourne 43 FAA 70 Eau Gallie 72 Team Captain Pat McCrea is up Group 12 Tournament and in for two. FAA 43 Ocoee 44 FAA 74 Melb. CC 47 n 64 Basile passes to Ebel in the corner. MiM. 1 ©iiiSEC.1 Si ta34 11 ' Victory over Eau Gallie, Eddie Rose hits for two. Ebel shows form which made him high scorer in mid- Florida with over six hundred points for the season. Carrithers and Rose up for the rebound. 65 J. V. BASKETBALL KNEELING: Smith, Stiling, Watkins, Peacock, Moore. STANDING: Coach Burhans, Manganello, Toro, Stallard, Snow, Scott, Pope. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SITTING: Glass, Feely, Maddox, Smith, Fragnoli, Bossert, Harps, Fried. STANDING: Wolfson, Wilkinson, Weitz, Bradshaw, Harrison, Seagraves, Gallardo, Coach Davis. 66 BOTTOM ROW: Castrillo, Moore, Basile, Kurtz, Ebel, Peacock, McCrea, Sitiith, Baxter, SECOND ROW: Judge, Austin, Beamon, Cliff, Hoyt, MacGregor, Rose, Snow, Grayson. THIRD ROW: Gal- lardo. Smith, Kokaska, Acosta, Shearer, Poole, Strong, Reuther, Maddox, Wilson, Coach Davis. BASEBALL The 1965 Baseball season will begin with the dedication of our new field that has been constructed during the year. This field will be named in honor of Major Davis, who has been head baseball coach at the academy since 1962. The 1965 season looks more promising than the previous seasons due to the fact that F. A. A. has grown so much in the last two years, and that more and more talent in baseball is showing up at registration time each year. This year our baseball team is comprised of many young boys that are doing very well at early practices. FAA vs FA A vs EAA vs FAA vs FAA vs FAA vs FAA vs FAA vs FAA vs FAA vs 1965 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Ft. Pierce Central Catholic Melbourne Central Catholic Melbourne Central Catholic Satellite Beach High School Cocoa Beach High School Key West High School Melbourne High School Cocoa High School Satellite Beach High School Cocoa Beach High School Sub-Group Tournament Group Tournament 67 Coach Davis watches eagerly. Aspirants for the SWIMMING TEAM pose with Coach Burhans poolside. The season will open with a three-way match with Satellite and Mel Hi. With the large turnout of experienced swimmers, Coach Burhans expects a good showing even against the larger schools. WRESTLING wuh Capt, Ambellas continues as a spring sport by popu- lar demand. Difficulty of obtaining matches hampers Varsity status, but the sport is much enjoye d nonethe- less. TENNIS TEAM tryouts with Capt. Stallard as coach. FAA ' s star raquetman, Norman Holmes, Jr. , (pic- tured beside Capt. Stallard) has brought many vic- tories home for FAA in the past, and will go on to great fame in tennis, we are sure. His last tourna- ment victory put him in the No. 1 spot in the state for 16-and-under. MORE SPRING SPORTS 68 ACTIVITIES i FLYING JIM DANIELS, Flight Instructor, with student This year has seen a greater than ever interest in flying, with more cadets earning their " wings " than ever before. With the air- port less than 2 miles from school, " commuting " for lessons is easy, and many a flying lesson is squeezed in between English and Chemistry! Flight Instructor Jim Daniels and his assistant. Gene Asbury have earned the respect and friendship of all students. Far left: Capt. Jaffe checks out engine Left: Student pilots gather for shirttail-cutting cere- m.ony Below: America ' s future pilots YEARBOOK STAFF Left to Right: Suplee, Strong, Shearer, Copenhaver, Jaffe, J. Kurtz, N. Kurtz, Parks, Pate, Campbell, Giova, Reynolds, Sea- graves, Lind. Not Pictured: Seran, This year, the yearbook staff has worked exceptionally hard to put out a very outstanding yearbook. Contained in their yearbook are the activities of the year 1965. There have been many deadlines to meet, photographs to be taken and many people to interview. Our chief advisors have been Mrs. Emmy Dwight and Capt. Arabellas. The cadet corps sincerely wishes to thank the whole yearbook staff for the great amount of time and effort they have invested in it. NEWSPAPER STAFF SEATED: Snow, Diller, Martinez, Linda, Ellis. STANDING: Capt. Hoover, Munro, Clark, Rhodes, Kurtz, Watkins, Pope, McWilliams. The future newspaper men of F, A. A. did a fine job on the " FALCONIAN " under the watchful eyes of Capt. Stallard and Capt. Hoover. These news hounds assembled the newspaper in record time, (only a month late). They kept errors to a minimum and finally got the job done. The cadets greatly enjoyed the paper when it came out. It was one of the most looked-forward-to publications that the school put out. 71 THURSDAY SKINDIVING CLUB After the announcement that skin- diving lessons would be taught here in our own pool, Florida Ah had many enthusiastic boys turn out. After a free dive, the lessons com- menced. When this six weeks course was finished, they made their graduation dive at Silver Springs and also received their cer- tificates making them amateur divers. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Under the supervision of Capt. Ara- bellas, these amateur photographers have produced many fine prints. Much of the members ' free time was spent taking and developing these prints that were used in the newspaper, yearbook and other school publications. MODEL CLUB This year ' s model club has showed a great improvement over last year ' s, due to the fact that they were given more space, more time and better equipment. Under the direction of Maj. Davis, who has devoted much time and great patience, these boys have produced many a fine model. ACTIVITY CLUBS FISHING CLUB Under the leadership of Capt. Davis, Florida Air ' s expert angler, the ca- dets have become enthusiastic and expert fishermen. Numerous trips to the Canaveral jetties and Sebas- tian Inlet to exercise their talents have resulted in many fine catches. n li- ' ui; LETTERMEN ' S CLUB The varsity club is the latest addi- tion to our long list of clubs, at the academy. It contains all of the cadets that have lettered in one or more major sports. They have worked very hard in order to pay for their Varsity jackets. CHESS CLUB Capt. Mascia ' s chess club, which has combined sophistication with brains, has produced many exciting matches. They plan to meet with chess enthusiasts from other schools so that they can match wits and improve skills. SOCIAL LIFE AT FLORIDA AIR H 1 l JKi Kw ■tS H JpP n rl rf m JhH A. M n rill 1 SOME MEMBERS OF THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE: BACK ROW: Miss Pierce (advisor), Fred Toro, Sharon McAllister, George Ebel. FRONT: Brenda Eskew, Barbara Taylor, We wish to express our gratitude to the 1965 social comminee for greatly enriching our school year. They must be commended for the many fine social events they have given the cadets this year. Pep-Rallies were an excellent way of showing team support. Cadets enjoy one of our many social events. 74 1 964-HOMECOMING Sharon McAllister, 1963-64 Queen, greets 1964-65 Queen, Debby McClusky. A colorful dance ac- companies the Home- coming ceremonies. Cadet Major Don Diller escorts the new Queen from her throne. Colonel Jonathan Dwight crowns the new Queen during Homecoming dance. Norman Kurtz, for his performance during the Homecoming game, receives the Emmy P, Dwight Award for Outstanding Player. 75 Homecoming Queen dances with her escort, Jim Pea- cock. ' RING DANCE 1965 r -4 The Fourth Annual Ring Dance was held just before the cadets left for Christmas vaca- tion. The untiring seniors, who sponsored this dance, presented it in fine style. The decorations were extremely beautiful, especially the gigantic ring, which the seniors worked hard on during their free time. According to custom, each cadet, as he passed under the ring, received his class ring, accompanied by a traditional kiss from his date. 76 VARSITY CLUB VS. FAA FACULTY Varsity club ' s sexy cheerleaders lead a cheer for their boys. Coach Wright and Pete Copenhaver up for jump ball to begin game. Much individual revenge took place in this year ' s Varsity VS. Faculty game. As usual in a dictatorship the Faculty came out ahead, but not after a very trying game given them by the Varsity. There were also several comments made about the officiating! MONTE CARLO NIGHT The senior class held their fourth annual Monte Carlo night for the purpose of raising funds for the class trip to Miami Beach in May. Tony Seran has roulette wheel well under control. Cadets and their dates enjoy a game of bingo. 77 FLORIDA AIR ACADEMY CHEERLEADERS Left to Right - Sharon McAllister, Brenda Eskew, Patti Jacobs, Debbie Dwight, Janice Jameson, Sue Thistle, Barbie Taylor. Our cheerleaders wait out the last few seconds of a thrilling game. Sharon McAllister poses with GEORGE BEAGLE. OWER SCHOOL ' ' ' " ■a — -« SOUTH FLORIDA AIR ACADEMY « FI-ORIDa A.IB l,y .■■■■■— ■■■ " ■ ' ' ■■■■ ' WBWMliiMiMi iiii Through these gates, as through these pages, passes a Cadet Corps whose " espirit de corps " is unsurpassed anywhere (even at Florida Air Academy, Melbourne!), The following pages will show some of the many activities engaged in, ith enthusiasm and ever-increasing skill (and, hopefully, decreasing demerits), by the more than one hundred " Falcon Fledglings " of South Florida Air Academy, 80 COL. JONATHAN DWIGHT, President | ' t ' V ' i ' «« CAPT. JAMES ALLISON, Principal CAPT. BILLY KINSEY t Commandant LT, PETER FLAND B. S. , State University College Science, English, Year- book newspaper ad- visor, track coach LT, DANIEL GLASGOW B. A. , Penna. Military College Math, History, P, X. Officer, wrestling elem, baseball coach MRS. JACQUELINE LINBURG B. A. , Yale Univ. School of Nursing Elementary Librarian, nurse LT. PHILIP MARFISI Wentworth Military College Spanish, Ass ' t, com- mandant, Drum Bugle Corps Director LT. HOWARD ROSE B, S., Southern Conn. State College Social Studies, math, English, Astronomy Club sponsor MRS. YVES ROSE, R.N. B. A. , G. Washington Univ. , M. A. Columbia English, math, art Nurse, Admissions CAPT. CHARLES SOWASH A.B. , Penn State, B. Ed. , U. Miami, M.S., Florida State LT. EDWARD TOENES Broward Junior College Physical Education, Drill Team advisor. Football, basketball, English, science, his- baseball coach tory. Canteen Officer 82 Santiago Abraham 7 Elizabeth, N.J. Terry Addy 6 Jacksonville, Fla, James Allison 5 Bob Allison 7 Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. - THE CADET CORPS - Rick Almadovar 7 Pompano, Fla. Pete Apostolides 6 Washington D.C. Lester Arnold 6 Winter Garden, Fla. Mike Bailey 7 David Baum 8 Ed Beauchamps 4 Louis Beauchamps 5 N. Palm Beach, Fla. Alexandria, Va. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 83 Gary Blackford 7 Bound Brook, N.J. Dick Bossert 9 Vienna, Va, Doug Bradshaw 8 Tampa, Fla. Alan Brody 9 Philadelphia, Pa. Marc Brody 7 Philadelphia, Pa, Lee Brown 8 Delray Beach, Fla. Sandy Brownlow 8 Pompano Beach, Fla. Jim Cantrell 9 Douglasville, Ga. Mark Cantrell 8 Douglasville, Ga. Lew Capote 7 Puerto Rico Tom Carrithers 7 Vero Beach, Fla. Louis Kass 9 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, 84 Rick Ceader 9 New York City Alan Chandler 8 Miami, Fla. David Claudio 6 New York City Tom Collier 5 Pompano Beach, Fla. John Coscio 6 Bill Cutler 8 Steven Dauphinee 8 Tom Davis 8 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla, Gainesville, Fla. Walton Beach, Fla. Gene Deutenberg 6 Miami, Fla Tim Dressing 3 Tavernier, Fla. Tim Dwight 6 Melbourne, Fla. Bobby Edmond 7 Orlando, Fla. 85 Ernest Ekstein 9 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Fred Elfers 8 South Bay, Fla. Bob Finnell 8 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Claude Floyd 7 Melbourne, Fla. Bill Fowler 6 Miami, Fla. Peter Fried 9 New York City Alan Frizzell 8 El Jobean, Fla. Jeff Fuller 2 Hollywood, Fla. Larry Goldfinger 9 John Gonsorchik 5 Bob Gordon 5 Willingborough, Pa, Washington, D.C. Cocoa, Fla. 86 Eric Grayson 9 Venezuela Benjie Green 5 Elkins Park, Pa. Mark Harris 9 Deerfield Beach, Fla. Don Heysel 8 Punta Gorda, Fla. Ross Hlckam 5 Miami, Fla. Golan Hughes 9 Delray Beach, Fla. Gary Irwin 9 Plantation, Fla. Will James 6 Eau Gallie, Fla. Paul Johansen Miami, Fla. Mark Johnson 6 Wantagh, N.Y. Bob Johnson 8 West Palm Beach, Fla. 87 Torsten Johnson 6 Brooklyn, N. Y. Dan Jones 9 Lake Wells, Fla, Bob Jordan 7 Plantation. Fla. Dwight Jorge 6 Miami, Fla, Mike Kawas 6 Honduras Joey Kay 6 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Marlie King 4 Hall River, N. C. Kim Kirchoff 9 Chicago, 111. Paul Klimpel 9 Chile Luther Knopfel 4 Hialeah, Fla. Darrell Lexandra Puerto Rico 88 Fred Lindeman 7 Ft, Lauderdale, Fla. Mike McKain 8 Washington D. C. Eddie McKnight 8 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Tom Marley 7 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Emilio Mateo 3 Miami, Fla. Jack Means 4 Cocoa Beach, Fla. Chuck Melton 8 West Palm Beach, Fla. Rick Mercogliano 8 Dave Miller 5 Roger Monaco 6 Miami, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Winter Haven, Fla. 89 Mike Morley 3 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Alan Murch 9 Cocoa, Fla. David Papy 2 Miami, Fla. Andrei Pariseau New York City Harry Parr 6 Eau Gallic, Fla. Wayne Patrick 8 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ismael Peralta 7 Washington, D.C. Jay Pettigrew 7 Indialantic, Fla. Mike Pettit 7 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bill Pike 9 Haverhill, Mass. Elliott Pood 8 Plantation, Fla. Jeff Pood 5 Plantation, Fla. 90 Jim Rickenbaugh 9 Miami, Fla. Barry Rolfs 6 Oakton, Va. Todd Rolfs 7 Oakton, Va. Kim Russell 5 Norristown, Pa. Lincoln Schwey 4 Vero Beach, Fla. LeRoy Selby 5 Titusville, Fla. Leo Sharp 8 Springfield, 111. Pat Shuart 9 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Tom Silagyi Fords, N. J. Banks Smith 6 Tampa, Fla. Scott Smith 5 Hialeah, Fla. 91 Steve Smith 7 Charlotte, N.C. Ron Sprague 8 Miami Beach, Fla. Tom Tomoff 8 Detroit, Mich. Mike Tracy 7 Miami, Fla, James Triumpho 5 Virgin Islands Mike Upchurch 7 Macon Ga. John Updyke 7 Clearwater, Fla. Wayne Weseman 9 West Palm Beach, Fla. Ray White 7 Vero Beach, Fla. Randy White 6 Vero Beach, Fla. Richard Wragg ! Riverview, Fla. 92 Second semester ' s new arrivals meet Sandy , . . learn about things like room inspection . . . . . and get in Dress Formation with everyone else! JUNO II MILITARY The first meeting of FAA and South ¥AA took place at the upper school ' s football game at St. Andrews, to which the entire lower school went to cheer the team to victory. South FAA registered as great a victory as the varsity - with a half- time display of military precision by the Drill Team and Drum and Bugle Corps that sent the senior boys scurrying back to Melbourne to polish up their own performance! The two schools met again at Homecoming in Melbourne, where the rivalry resulted in a draw (it was rumored that the " winning " teams would toss the " losing " teams in the pool, but all 4 units gave such fine performances before and at half-time that no one got wet! ) But the senior Falcons had learned that the juniors were definitely to be reckoned with! The word of SFAA ' s fine performances led to various units being invited to embellish many local functions in and around Plantation - a source of pride to us all. THE COLOR GUARD 94 ' nr 5 -.- !« Ik ' %Mt ' ■im V • I JP I« LEADERS: Rickenbaugh, Weseman ADVISOR: Lt. Toenes LEADERS: J. Cantrell, E. Pood ADVISOR: Lt. Marfisi DRILL TEAM DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS " A " FLIGHT Commanded by Lt, Rickenbaugh 1st PLATOON, under Lt. Murch 2nd PLATOON, under Lt. Kirchoff 96 AtDf B " FLIGHT Commanded by Lt. Weseman V--- - J 1st PLATOON, under Lt. Silagyi 2nd PLATOON, under Lt, Jones 97 FIRST FULL DRESS PARADE on Feb- ruary 28 drew over a hundred guests and as many plaudits as entire Corps went through their paces with the ease and polish of veterans. % TOP LEFT: Reviewing stand observes Drill Team maneuvers CENTER: Drum and Bugle Corps takes the field BOTTOM LEFT: Col. Dwight returns a snappy salute TOP RIGHT: Congratulations are certainly in order BOTTOM RIGHT: Col. Carrithers joins Col. Dwight in reviewing stand 98 Position of corps commander is filled by cadet officers in rotation, changed weekly. Pictured right is Squadron Staff with Bossert (second from left) acting as CO , with Exec Officer J, Cantrell (left), Adjutant Pettigrew and Sgt. Major Dwight. LEFT CENTER: Flag raising ceremony is performed daily BOTTOM LEFT: South FAA ' s Drum Bugle Corps perform at Melbourne Homecoming RIGHT CENTER: Drill Team presents Quenn Anne salute at St. Andrews BOTTOM RIGHT: Lt. Marfisi proudly displays the trophy won by the Drum Bugle Corps for placing first in the Fort Lauderdale Youth Appreciation Week Parade as best drilled musical unit. 99 ATHLETICS DYNA-SOAR Sports play a vital role at SFAA - on all levels. The elementary team ' s touch football is played with every bit as much vehemence as is the 9th grade varsity ' s. An active intramural program is supplemented by games with neighboring schools, and a healthy rivalry is growing with such schools as Pinecrest and St. Andrews. Not to mention SFAA vs. FAA! Coach Toenes talks strategy with team Capt. Bossert The Varsity football team, comprised of 8th and 9th graders (shown below) was pitted twice against Pine- crest, twice against St. Andrews. We managed to beat Pinecrest a whacking 20-0 at the first encounter, but ended up with a 1-3 tally for the season. Just wait till next year, though! SFAA 20 Pinecrest SFAA 7 St. Andrews 13 SFAA 6 Pinecrest 20 SFAA 7 St. Andrews 27 F JS VARSITY SOCCER TEAM (above) of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, most new to the sport, played tough 7-game schedule, lost 6, tied 1. BASKETBALL TEAM (below) had winning sea- son of 7-3, with 2 of the losses going to FA A at Melbourne. However, the combination of our team with the senior school (see • oppo- site) was unbeatable - and we had lots of fun playing with ' em instead of agin ' em! BASKETBALL SCHEDULE SFAA 31 St. Andrews 29 SFAA 14 FA A (Melbourne) 34 SFAA 25 FA A (Melbourne) 39 SFAA 26 Miami Military 19 SFAA 30 Nativity Catholic 15 SFAA 50 Nativit) Catholic 25 SFA •43 Miami Military 37 SFAA •55 Riverside Military 50 SFAA 23 St. Andrews 32 SFAA 37 Pinecrest 13 •SFAA and FA A combined teams SPRING SPORTS 4 TRACK . . . coached by Lt. Fland SWIMMING . . . coach by Capt. Kinsey ELEMENTARY TEAMS The 5th and 6th grade touch football team scored a resounding 28-7 victory over arch-rival Pine- crest, coach by Capt. Williams. Ss The 5th and 6th grade basketball team beat Pinecrest too (25-10), hope for another game before season ends. Coach Kinsey pictured with team. The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Soccer team, coached by Lt. Glasgow, found it a challenging sport, hope to improve their 0-3 record next year as skill grows. 103 The coach tells them Guess who made that touchdown??? In springtime, just about everybody ' s fancy turns to baseball 104 ACTIVITIES At South Florida Air, Activities cover the widest range imaginable, to satisfy every age and taste. Full advantage of the local points of interest is taken: sightseeing tours on the " Jungle Queen " on the waterways, a visit to Eastern ' s Jet Overhaul Base, and exciting pro hockey game, are some highlights to date. A week-end camp- ing trip (yes, really in tents! ) to Myakka State Park in Sarasota was an experience we ' ll never forget (collapsing tents and all) - we even managed a visit to the Ringling Museum. Social life is very active, too ... a social committee, composed of teachers, parents, and friends, sponsors a dance or special party at least once a month. Who can forget the very first weekend of school, when everyone went to the ice-skating rink in Lauderdale? Most of the boys had never been on ice skates before . . . need more be said? Some of the outstanding dances have been the Meet-the Cadet dance, the season ' s first, when the Corps got acquainted with Plantation ' s opposite sex, the Halloween masquerade dance, which showed what a lot of imagination and a little material can do, and the Valentine dance (see below). FRIENDSHIP 7 At VALENTINE DANCE, cadets and dates dance in a beau- tiful heart-covered balkoom (courtesy Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Linburg and their art classes), and Col. Dwight crowns lovely Linda Condon Queen. ELEMENTARY ART, Mrs. Linburg, Sponsor MODEL CLUB, Capt. Kinsey, Sponsor ACTIVITY CLUBS JUNIOR HIGH ART, Mrs. Rose, Sponsor ASTRONOMY CLUB, Lt. Rose, Sponsor NEWSPAPER AND YEARBOOK CLUB, Lt. Fland, Sponsor CAMPING CLUB, Lt. Glasgow, Sponsor 106 Gee - Frankenstein and Dracula both! Ooooops! Last one back ' s a rotten egg . . . YOU ' RE ON CANDID CAMERA Now I ' d take that 40-foot fiberglass . . . Oh boy, time to eat again And last but not least, to the classroom . . . after all, we do spend most of our time there! 108 CONGRATULATIONS, CADETS! From BEN E. SMITH AGENCY " Service Unexcelled ' REAL ESTATE . Homes . Ocean Frontage . Acreage INSURANCE . Homeowners . Automobile . Life 415 New Haven Ave. Phone: 723-8441 Melbourne, Florida Phone 723-4944 RUTH ANN FASHIONS, INC. Beautiful Clothes RUTH ANN SMITH, Owner Brevard Mall Melbourne, Fla. JfmmJvieme doughnuts 736 New Haven Open 24 Hours Melbourne, Fla. Compliments of HUGGINS SUPPLY COMPANY Hardware - Paints - Building Supplies - Housewares - Gifts Furniture 2 36 New Haven Avenue Melbourne, Florida Phone PArkway 3-5051 HARBOR CITY OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 251 Babcock . Supplies Street . Furniture Eau Gallie, . Machines Florida . Service 254-6575 CANAVERAL PLUMBING HEATING CO., INC. (Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors) Complete Sales and Service " Efficient and Dependable " Melbourne, Florida iOl North Road Opposite Airport Melbourne - PA 7-0625 Cocoa - SU 3-1452 Commercial Industrial Residential Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success BROOME HARDWARE STORES Melbourne, Florida Compliments of Your Friendly KENT THEATRES PALMS Off. U. S. 1 at Lioveridge Heights Phone 254-7777 BREVARD DRIVE-IN Off. U.S. 1 at Loveridge Heights Phone 254-3361 VAN CROIX U.S. 1 Downtown Melbourne Phone 723-5931 MELBOURNE OUTDOOR West Nev Haven Ave. Phone 723-2332 Indoors or Out - The Best in Motion Picture Entertainment Connpliments of BURNUP SIMS, INC. 1550 North Road Concrete, Block, Steel Tel. PA 3-3569 Melbourne, Fla. CHARTER ,;, INSTRUCTION V RENTAL AIRCRAFT SALES IIKJMT KNTl-RPRISKS, INC. John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport MFIROUKNE, FLORIDA 305 723-3559 JAMES M DANIF-:LS Night 727-1389 1509 GENE M ASBURY iJN VERAL TRAVEL SER VICE Now in First National Bank Building Eau Gallie ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Our special thanks tothefol- lo ' wing for their cooperation and assistance with this issue of the FALCON: - ' ' Our Advertisers - ' ' Mr. Binns of Taylor Publishing -:= Mrs. E. P. Dwight ' • ' Capt. Victor Ambellas May they all prosper greatly! BREVARD SPORTING GOODS, INC. We Supply the Best - Repair the Rest Continued Success to Champions PA 3-4761 640 New Haven Avenue Melbourne, Florida PUBLIX MARKET " Where Shopping Is a Pleasure " Plus S H Green Stamps Melbourne Shopping Center Sarno Shopping Center Atlantic Plaza Wh M S ' G hi mMmi Compliments of THE DAILY TIMES Melbourne, Florida HENDERICH ' S OFFICE SUPPLY Art, Hobby, Coin Supplies PA 3-9975 329 New Haven Ave. Melbourne, Florida JERRY ' S PIZZA PALACE " Any Type Pizza Our Specialty " Fine Italian Food Babcock Shopping Plaza 281 Babcock Street Eau Gallie, Florida Phone: JERRY SEFTELL AL, 4-4515 Owner Compliments of BELL BAKERIES Makers of 325 Avenue C Fort Pierce, Florida ttlAOO TPinSfKBOB CaUB iSfT { Tunbn of si uaify IH T u i thati JiMieAr TELEPHONE POST OFFICE BOX ise 7 23-2771 MElvBOURNE, PI ORIDA Compliments of BROOKS Compliments of PAINT GLASS CO., INC. REESE Storefront Specialists EXTERMINATING Glass of All Kinds 240 Laurie Street Mirrors Shower Doors Custom Picture Framing Eau Gallie, Florida Compliments of HAR-THEL T.V. BEST WISHES 1914 New Haven Avenue to the Students of Melbourne, Florida Florida Air Academy HOLMES ' TENNIS SHOP VELDA DAIRIES Spitz Park Fee Avenue Melbourne, Fla. Frank Buck . . . for pictures to please the particular. black and white 1285 Cypress or Avenue full color Eau Gallie, Florida Phone: 254-5765 Compliments of UNITED PARTS, INC. Melbourne - Cocoa Titusville F.A.A. Fatigue Uniforms ARMY STORE Melbourne, Florida F IT ' S BEAUTIFUL, IT ' S AT ' % ' 239 New Haven Ave 723-3731 ' MELBOURNE, FLA BREVARD COUNTY ' S MOST PROGRESSIVE FLORIST Compliments of National Bank of Melbourne and Trust Company First National Bank of Melbourne First National Bank of Eau Gallie Bank of South Brevard First National Bank of Satellite Beach Indialantic Beach Bank Harbor City National Bank OUR SUPPLIERS IN PLANTATION . . . WARREN LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS INC. 161 S. W. 1st Avenue Pompano Beach, Fla. Phone WH 2-2010 lib S. E. 6th Street Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Phone JA 2-2591 Compliments of ARMY SURPLUS STORES " Everything under the sun " 926 West Sunrise Blvd. JA 4-7035 Comr liments of PALMETTO SUPPLY CO. Leading Distributors of: Janitorial Supplies Maintenance Chemicals Paper Products in Broward County 1300 S. W. 2nd Street Pompano Beach, Florida SMOKEY ( STOVER ' S iiiii AMERICAN PLANTATION SERVICE The " chaplain " of your car troubles Phone 583-9921 and 581-4880 Compliments of BLUE RIBBON MEAT CO. 2340 West 3rd Ave. Hialeah, Florida CONGRATULATIONS! 1965 GRADUATING CLASS FLORIDA AIR ACADEMY Always " on top " With WARREN GARMENT AND INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS, INC. WARREN ' S LAUNDRY-CLEANERS, INC. " Serving the Wonderful Indian River Area " Melbourne Operator WX 1500 Ft. Pierce HO 4-391 1 Phone LU 3-8803 RIVERLAND SPORTING GOODS A Complete Line of Athletic Equipment 2716 Davie Blvd. Riverland Shopping Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida ST NATIONAL BANK IN FORT LAUDERDALE EAST LAS OLAS BLVD. AT 3RD AVENUE COMPLETE TRUST FACILITIES Affiliated Banks; Plantation First National Guaranty National Ocean National Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Compliraents of WOMETCO VENDING OF SOUTH FLORIDA, INC. 500 South Dixie Highway East Pompano Beach, Florida McCANN HARDWARE CO. p. O. Box 540 1 N.W. First Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Paint Housewares Builders Hardware Lock Shop " Congratulations on your first year in Plantation " FIUST In Plantation, Florida... it ' s the J RANK c|c PLANTATION BEST WISHES to the Students of Florida Air Academy Velda Dairies P.O. DRANA ER B MIAMI e4, FLA. UNIVERSAL HOBBIES, INC. 141 South State Rd. 7 LU 1-9390 For That Leisure Time After Studying Plastics - Trains - Gas Planes - Slot Racers As Near as Your PX The Yearbook staff would like at this time to express our thanks and appreciation to the person- nel of the Patrick Air Force Base Office of Public Information who donated the missile photo- graphs which we used throughout the Falcon as our space-age theme. NOMENCLATURE OF MISSILES Page - 3 Minuteman Page - 5 Ranger 7 Page - 13 Atlas l.C.B.M, Page - 37 Titan II Page - 51 Titan I. C. B. M. Page - 59 Titan II Page - 69 Atlas Agena Page - 79 Minuteman Page -109 Atlas l.C.B.M. Page -119- Saturn SA-4 119 A - - ' v jtw ' t . mi ,;■■« i ' WH •■■■■ - ' ? ' ' -■ ' ' SSBHswiBHsKi K M i ' ' H

Suggestions in the Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) collection:

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 94

1965, pg 94

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 125

1965, pg 125

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 48

1965, pg 48

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 13

1965, pg 13

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 101

1965, pg 101

Florida Air Academy - Falcon Yearbook (Melbourne, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 68

1965, pg 68

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