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Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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. Xv a We gather r0 We lift our velce m praise to And ask a blessing all .' ' Miss Fam U SANTA HELENA DoCOSTA and Court Miss Fam U ANITA BEIGHT. Miss Junior Atlundant - O ROSA ANDERSON . VELNA HALL Miss Senior Class Miss Junior Class Sophomore Cla LUEWALLA JACKSON. M s Freshman Class DEBRA HOLMES LUCY KELLY Miss Navy ROTC Miss Physical Education I KAY SHINE, Miss Thirteen College I v AUDREY HARRIS CHERYL McCRARY Miss Art Department Miss Home Economics MARY ANN POWELL ROSALAND DAWSON LINDA HOBBS Miss School of Pharmacy Miss Sociology Club Miss School Of Nursing ANNE KINER GAIL WILLIAMS KATHY HOPKINS Miss Phi Bvlu Sigma Miss Kappa Alpha Psi Miss Alpha Phi Onlt-gu JOYCE MrlNTYRE DEBRA SMALLS Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss Omvga Psi Phi BONITA WYATT KAREN YOUNG Miss University Band Miss Studvnl Union EMMA LAMB. Miss Sigma Gamma Rho orida m m 4L Mp. Mechanical Agricultural Now University Table of Contents Introduction ......................................... 1 Administration ...................................... 22 Organizations ....................................... 74 Activities ......................................... 122 Sports ............................................ 156 Classes ........................................... 178 Closing ........................................... 240 President Benjamin L. Perry, Jr. "Fellow FAMUans: Welcome to the Hill of Opportunity? In recent years President Benjamin L. Perry, Jr. has provided excellent leadership in his capacity as Presi- dent of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. His commitment to the University is best expressed in his recent speech during a Presidential Convocation: "Fellow FAMUans: Welcome to the hill of oppor- tunity, the land of the Rattler and The Marching 100, and the home of the greatest student body and faculty ever assembled in the 87 year history of Florida AGZM University . 'x. We are changing to meet the times, but there is one thing that will never change, that is the FAMU spirit. 'Either you have it or you donit. There are no in-bet- vi weens, no grays, only black or white. You are either black with the FAMU spirit or white with the FAMU I spirit; you can take your pick, I donit care as long as you have the kind of spirit that for generations has inspired i thousands of men and women coming from the most humble origins imaginable who now are healing the sick, teaching the young, engaging in business enter- prises, defending the accused, representing the poor and rendering decisions that affect the everyday affairs of this state and nation. This is the FAMU spirit, a feeling of pride manifested by positive actions designed to create a better life for all people, a spirit that supports the rattlers win or lose, a spirit that supports the university, in all endeavors, a spirit that helps us to support each other in good and decent causes.H u Mle '9' In a paraphrase from St. Paul Dr. Perry capsulizes FAMUis commitment to high ideals and values: "What- soever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any vir- tue, and if there be any praise - think of these things, and when you do you will be thinking of FAMU? S I VJ t .1 n u m m 0 C C C S S a h h 1m T e h T an Integral Part Of Student Life m Amgmmw $3.34! Eiintzi . it!- Ngklar strut? ,. .1 Tallahassee, Florida . . . 16 The Capital City Solidarity! onH-a-I-Hn-I-CQSQDHH 19 ; V v . 9.9.9! . Y .' ' V. ' V .203... HM...-V.r.w-....H. .n v, . xhanx tap,- rshlagguf. pH. mun. :xx;,.go 0 s st9.. w 39 , . . V. .. . ' 0. 3.. 0.x. ADMINISTRATION 23 5 2 Now Realizing that they are essential elements in the construction of the Universityhs portrait of change, each administrator serves as an artist altering his role to accommodate current changes. Vi: g :a: pt 4.; .t'3f 5 VP; CERTRUDE SIMMONS Vice President of Administration HENRY E. FINLEY Vice President of Administration WARREN W. MORGAN Vice President for Student Affairs BENJAMIN L. PERRY, JR. President of Florida A8zM University 27 Universin Registrar , CHARLES RUSSELL ANNIE L. COOPER Dean of Student Affairs RUPERT G. SEALS Dean School of Agriculture and Home Economics 28 EDWARD O. MINOR Director of Instructional Media Center m? x COL. HERBERT PARKER, Professor of Military Science RALPH TURNER Director of Basic Studies 29 MATTHEW H. ESTARAS Principal, Demonstration School ARTHUR E. TEELE, Associate Dean ROBERT S. SCARBOUGH. Dean of the School of Pharmacy Graduate Division, School of Education ,VNM NICHOLAS E. CAYMON, Director of Libraries ROBERT D. CARROLL, Director of University Personnel Relations EUNICE J- BURGESS. Dean 0f the 5011001 0f Nursing 31 LEEDELL W. NEYLAND, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences CLARA B. FLOYD, Director of Financial Aid WARREN H. SHIRLEY Associate Professor and Director of Counseling Center at HOWARD D. GREGG Dean of Student Affairs, Men s Dept. In . ' K FRANK RICHARDSON. Director of University Planning RUSSELL L. ANDERSON Director of Student Health Services 33 JAMES R. BARRETT EDWARD H. DeBOSE, J R. University Comptroller Director of Housing CHARLIE MANNING Director of Student Union SYBIL C. MOBLEY, Dean School of Business and Industry 35 . ,1 .v. ?dedlr: 0, CV . L w :3 b... . ;.au' . v.5: .- ..f.;.p A.ut.;; 1-2, 33.x PAUL MOHR Director of the School of Education ,fvi.-J.Jx 3.1 .79.?!5 .Q H. E. TOOKES Director of Athletics ROOSEVELT WILSON Durector of Pubhcatlons Wawamzm ROBERT ALLEN Director of University Relations Will 1AM H iO'YUvK ALTON ROYAL Director of Student Relations WILLIAM P. FOSTER Director of Bands RALPH COLEMAN Director of Purchasing 37 REV. CLINTON CUNNINGHAM Director of Student Placement FRANK C OLDS Director of Business Services awn ! mnimwzz. xxx; J. x :L 9.7. R. R. CASWELL ERNEST UROURKE Director of Food Servwe Director of Alumni Affairs 4 u Mommy Ma w Anny , ,meuw mmmmmmmzamma wwwmmlm V." Q 0 '0'. Q . 'Q'O'VVQ 53.5? 33303.85'03.0333. V O .333 A va 0 Q.Q t.t - Q if .0: v 0 O . .v .9 v Q 0-..o-.- , v 9.0 .0 O tcs A V v , .tVz: Q 3: o 30v. ' ' . 4 f: o .- ov'VObO v. "' , P.'.'o'o.3 9 O .m - M 1.. . ' ' ' 0'"'i.o.yovvvvv9.vv'.cv ' ' : 'o324:3I:3.!5353:03314939'038. . :. :. ;- .vo . x CADEMICS 41 NOW Jill! m. m lllll um I! l damagluuwu dI .IE? 1 MIL MIL .1; I I "J" , dieIM. 4-an 44 The College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1953 as an essen- tial corollary of the overall purpose of the University. Its major role in implementing the Universityls pur- pose may be best seen through its educational programs and services. The College recognizes and assumes the responsibility of providing a broad liberal education with concen- tration in specific fields, andtor of laying the academic foundation for pursuing interests in several profes- sional fields for all students who reg- ister in its program. F urthermore, it offers the required and elective courses in general education for stu- dents registered in all of the several schools and colleges of the Univer- sity. Through its faculty, the College also helps the University fulfill its role with action and general research on a variety of significant topics and areas of study. The educational programs of the College are divided into three fields of concentration lthe Humanities, the Social Sciences, the Natural Sciences plus the Army and Naval ROTC pro- gramsl. These fields are subdivided into the following departments: Art, Biology, lPre-Med. Pre-Dentistryl, Chemistry, English, Foreign Lan- guages, History and Geography, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, Psychol- ogy, Sociology, Anthropology and Human Services and Speech and Drama. These departments provided instruction for 1500 majors under the tutelage of 143 faculty members. The College 0: Arts and Sciences In addition to the diversity of sound academic programs now lead- ing to the AB. or BS. degree, the College plans to begin a BS. degree program in Journalism and Masterls degree program in Applied Social Sciences and School and Community Psychology in September 1974. As these changes are effected, the Col- lege plans to work closely with Basic Studies and various experimental programs on campus in its continu- ing efforts to develop more innova- tive and creative approaches to teach- ing and learning, especially at the Undergraduate level. While academic quality is foremost in the educational process, the College will continue its emphases upon internships, coopera- tive work experiences, and the com- " bination of academic major and minor preparation that will provide more saleable experiences upon grad- uation. For example, studentsare encouraged to consider options like the Army ROTC and the Naval ROTC which could provide consider- able scholarship assistance while in college and meaningful occupational options upon graduation. 45 47 The School of The School of Agriculture and Home Econom- ics graduates men and women prepared for a wide scope of rewarding careers which make important contributions to the development and well-being of individuals, families, and nations of the world. The School is organized into three depart- ments: The Department of Animal Science and Business which prepares students for employment in their major areas through sufficient training in the humanities, social sciences, and biological and physical sciences; The Department of Earth and Plant Sciences which prepares students for responsible positions in all phases of Agriculture as well as non-agricultural disciplines; and The Department of Home Economics which enhances full development of each student as an individual, as a homemaker, as a member of society, and as a professional worker. xmwmwsizweewr , 48 Agriculture and Home Economics 49 5'l 53 54 The major impetus of the School of Education is concerned with the nurturing, in pre-service teachers, a sound system of values and attitudes which will enable them to function as intelligent citizens and effective teachers in a rapidly changing soci- ety. Specifically, the primary functions of the School of Education are to: lll plan, recommend and implement programs which will meet the profes- sional needs of pre-service elemen- tary and secondary school teachers; Ql maintain laboratory school cen- ters in which promising practices, procedures and techniques are employed and demonstrated; Bl cooperate with faculty personnel of other Schools and Colleges of the University on important matters affecting the preparation of teachers; VD conduct experimental and other types of research studies in educa- tion; lSl cooperate with members of The School of Education the teaching profession, educational and other community agencies in translating ideas and ideals into action; wt provide leadership for civic groups on whose understanding of educational problems and chal- lenges the improvement of the school must depend; tn and provide oppor- tunities for the professional growth of inservice faculty personnel. The school operates through three instructional departments, three lab- oratory schools, four service areas, and a division of graduate studies. 55 57 58 The purpose of the Florida ASZM University School of Nursing is to prepare a professional nurse who will make independent assessment of nursing needs of people, plan a pro- gram to provide for a means of meet- ing the needs and through inter- action tnursing actionl, aid the indi- viduals to cope with the problems rel- ated to the health-illness spectrum and return to a level of well-being. It is expected that the graduate of the School of Nursing will be sensitive to forces which act upon todayls society and will not be afraid to initiate ideas for the purposes of bringing about changes in whatever system of health and nursing practice is being per- formed, if such a change will help promote the quality of nursing. It is proposed further by the faculty that the graduate of the Florida ASZM University School of Nursing will recognize potential from within for self-evaluation and growth but who will, at the same time, function within the limitation of his ability in the beginning of a professional nurs- ing career. To implement the philosophy and purpose, the faculty makes available planned and organized learning expe- The School 0' Nursing riences that are motivational t0 the studentts learning processes and stimulating toward helping the stu- dent realize self-direction, self-evalu- ation and growth as an ongoing proc- ess. The faculty takes evely opportu- nity available to keep abreast of and to incorporate into its curriculum, current societal health problems and trends that influence the health spec- trum and, as such, should be reflected in the school of Nursing curriculum. The faculty believes learning is facilitated by utilizing multiple approaches in teaching, providing a variety of technological methods, uti- lizing health related agencies and other community resources, being available when needed for assistance, exploring ways of being more effec- tive through self-evaluation and research, by acting as a role model for students, and by constantly evalu- ating the students, progress, using a variety of procedures. Such proce- dures seek to determine the studentts progress in skills ability, communica- tion skills, problem solving ability, judgment, interests, personal growth and potential leadership ability. 59 61 62 The School of Pharmacy recog- nizes its responsibility to prepare stu- dents for the professional and busi- ness aspects of retail pharmacy and to provide a fundamental background for further study in other areas of the profession. The curriculum is designed to equip the student for citi- zenship in the world of intellectual and moral responsibility, based on a thorough knowledge of his own pro- fession. Specifically, the School of Pharmacy aims: To equip the student for a successful career in the profession of pharmacy, To promote competency in the prin- ciples and practices of organizing and administering a pharmacy, To instill an appreciation for the crit- ical standards which must be met by the pharmacist, To establish habits of self-reliance and leadership in group action through student organizations as a basis for future professional activi- ties, To instill in the minds of students the fact that pharmacy is not static, but is constantly changing, To cultivate the capacity for con- structive cooperation with members of the other health professions with emphasis on the need for rendering a highly specialized professional serv- ice to them as well as to the public, a it i ta '2;!: t : 3 a 43m +M- W H 4 3 .III 'il I i '2 .g ' lit ; E'Sli 323$: a !' 51:13 ' ! E rt I h, i! Him m I'uioigi: 't . i 55 .1 s 3!:qu a; V .imiga'h Pat m ' 3 . tit : 4-,, The School 0 Pharmacy To provide students with an adequate foundation for graduate work in the various areas of the profession. The program of the School of Pharmacy in view of the broad changes taking place in the health sciences, is designed to accommodate students of widely varying pharma- ceutical interests, including those who have experienced educational and cultural disadvantages at the pre- college level and those whose achievements indicate exceptional ability. 63 U235 .V .1 ..a. "lamb; rxk-val 65 Technology is manis use of tools to sense and control his environment. The aim of the School of Technology is to pre- pare the individual student to cope with the tech- nological world in an intelligent manner with understanding and skill, and to contribute to the society of which he is a part. At the same time, the educational process should develop a broadened base of cultural awareness and of knowledge so that the individual, upon graduation, can begin a useful career functioning effectively as a citizen as well as a teacher or technologist. The School of Technology has its academic programs organized into six departments. They are as follows: Department of Civil Engineering Technology, Department of Data Processing Technology, Department of Electronic Engineer- ing Technology, Department of Graphic Arts Technology, Department of Industrial Education, Department of Matter and Energy Systems. It also provides additional academic assistance to its students through two service areas; the Technical Library and the Counseling Office. The School of Technology 67 69 70 The products of the School of Bus- iness and Industry are actively sought and there are good reasons. The interest has been prompted by the graduates success in job per- formance, but that in turn is perhaps caused by three meaningful innova- tions utilized by the school. They are: Business seminars, Sequential internship programs, and Various curriculum changes. An increasing number of talented students as well as the strong aca- demic program contribute to this suc- cess. Major accounting firms, indus- trial firms and financial institutions have underwritten a scholarship pro- gram which permits the School of Business and Industry to compete with other schools in attracting top talent. Programs in the School of Busi- ness and Industry are strong in that they attempt to assure business majors of a well-rounded develop- ment and still allow the students to be viewed as individuals with individ- ual goals and needs. The school pre- pares students "to live" and "to make a living? Education in the bus- iness world is a life-long process, but life in the business world will not continue long unless one learns the basic lessons well and applies them even better. It does not appear to us that business concepts change any more continuously or more signifi- cantly than do concepts in medicine, law or mathematics. The School of Business The school faculty strives to require a basic con- ceptual knowledge relating to the present state of business and problems currently confronting the profession, and a scientific curiosity and approach to new issues as they develop. The School of Business is divided into three divisions. They, along with their areas of concen- tration are: I. Division of Management Sciences A. Marketing B. Management C. Institute of Entrepreneurship D. General Business Administration II. Division of Control and F inancial Services A. Accounting B. Finance C. Quantitative Methods III. Division of Economics and Development A. Economics 1. Applied 2. Education B. Institute of Human Resource Manage- ment C. Developing Communities Our standards are high and classes challenging. The School of Business and Industry attracts many talented, highly motivated students who are challenged by the demanding programs. The con- sequence is, of course, the output of strong candi- dates for the business world. JOIN US 71 n T. 0 B S I 10.. O h C S A The Department of Business, which had long been a part of the College of Arts and Sciences, was elgvated to the School of Busi- ness and Industry, and assumed responsibility for its faculty and approximately 1000 students. 73 W . v V ' 4.7. - von'o 5'. , w'o v Q.V.v'-Q 9", . ., v , V' .3 v' - "a "a ' Ih'. . ."'13......... . " ..'-'lo9..ofofio'lfo90.0I 'uufozo '4: 3.:?; ; of, g,,!, V 1' fl .Rx 5Q ; s O v o '. o 0 'O ' Q 3$ b. I . Q WW .3202. O O Q . 6.93 1.1.. Q.A.A o Q ..Q v t V O I. .v . v s t. O O O '35; AA ; v .9. O . X3 v o x AX O. $ 0 I 4 o ORGANIZATIONS 75 Religious Organizations rummmm 1. Joseph Thomas 2. Rev. Ralph Wilson 3. Dr. Phillip Cousins 4. Dr. Charles Russell 5. Dr. James Hudson 6. Rev. James Morris Robert Price receives prtsenlation from Frank Olds during religious con- vocation. 76 I6 1. J. D. Olds, Advisor 2. Oratius Williams 3. Lowell Lampkin 4. Lynette Robinson 5. Fred Brown, President 6. Lucinda Howard 7. Brenda Cooper 8. Robert L. Price 9. Howard Robinson 10. Cleo Williams 11. Robert Davis 12. Carol Robinson 13. Charles Flowers 14-. Arthur Holton 15. Thomas Colbert 16. Dorothy C. Richardson Tau Beta Sigma 1. Aurelia Powell - Treasurer 2. Deborah Bryant Secretary 3. Kathy Hopkins - President ths W110 Students Among American Colleges and Universities I1 13 M ii 1. Clinton Baker 2. Anthony Mack 3. Lorenzo Monroe 4. Willie Bailey 5. Adekunle Akinyemi 6. Rhonda Rolle 7. Deborah Leaving 8. Ann Bush 9. Marion Tucker 10. Gail Williams 11. Rosa Anderson 12. LeViae Jones 12. Jeanette Whitaker 14. Edith Randolph 15. Mary Lee 16. Laurease Cross 17. Debra Wanza 13. Carolyn Pitchford 19. Sandra Ramsom 20. Delores Oliver 21. Vavescia Johnson 22. LaRosa Brown 23. Marva Bradley 24. Vivienne Smith 25. Marsha Jenkins 26. Hanry Lawrence 27. James Matthews 28. Robert Branch 29. Joseph Lovett 30. Godfrey Taylor 79 Orchesis Club 1. Patricia Daniels 2. Annette Williams 3. Nettie Dumas 4. Adrine Bryant 5. Edith Randolnh 6. Eltheldria Montgomery 7. Marge Harris 8. Anrey Harris 9. Nancy Sawyer 10. Jenifer Johnson 11. Janice Morgan 12. Julian Mitchell 13. John Major 14. McKinley Collier 15. Luther Cox 16. Lestie Kirkland 17. Cooley Adekunle Akinyemi 18. Joe Thomas 19. Mr. King Curtis 20. Phyllis Hightower A 21. Billy Burke 22. Clara Gilliard 80 Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Fraternity for Women 1. Dorothy Prichetl 2. Mrs. J. Awkard. Advisor 3. Betty Miller 4. Mary Ann Powell 5. Arleen Lofton 6. Santa DeCosta 7. Rhonda Crawford 8. Alicia E. Abelia 81 Military Organizations my 7, IWaavswv Girlsy Drill Team 1. Captain Ronald M. Joe 2. Brenda James 3. Kathy Lynn 4-. Agnes Holmes 5. Aurelia Powell 6. Gail Williams 7. Paula Mueller 8. Diane Manley 9. Delphine Brannen 10. Valeria Weston 11. Sharon Shelton 12. Margie Harris 82 Drill Team 1. Ronald C. Jones 2. William McNair 3. Rhumell Smith 4-. Richard Glenn 5. Andrew Madison 6. Wallace Parham 83 1. Roscoe Addison 2. Alexander Powell 3. James Connel 4. Rhumell Smith 5. Sgt. Major Bobham 6. Richard Glenn 7. Nathaniel Thomas 8. Raymond Wilson 9. Jackie Cillyard 1. Ronald Bryant 2. Nathaniel Lee .Commanden 3. Eugene Anderson 4. Edgar Rush 5. Walter Holton 6. Larry Floyd 7. Cadet Captain Melvin Roberts 8. Queen Mary Rutherford 9. Captain Robinson 10. James Julius 11.1ames Miller Scabbard and Blade 5 8 3. Michael C. Broadnax 4. Andrew Gundy 9. Ephraim Alonzo Bryant 1. Stefflal A. Baillov 5. Marvin K. King 2. Roy V. Gordon, II 6. Nathaniel Thomas 7. Ronald C. Jones 8. Alonza Solomon '44.; uwxhnk .2 Pershing Rifles Kappa Kappa Psi "n.-." . .,...-..5 K K " 'm.-...-w.... mw . 1. Walter Holmes Treasurer 2. Willie Davis - DP. 3. William Campbell Vice Pres. 4. Levy 0. Gaillard President 5. Iavon Fayson 6. Vernon McWhite 7. Marcus Young 8. Archie McKay Jr. 9. Terry T. Brown 10. Elliott Seagraves 11. Alfred Watkins 12. Larry Craylon 13. Linard McCloud II 14. Kim Sargeam Gamma Sigma Sigma 1. Connie Williams - 151V. Pres. 2. May Davis - 2nd V. Pres. 3. Boysie Mae Smith - Pres. 4. Charlotte Lewis Historian 5. Rosalin Vickers 6. Delma Harris - Rec. Sec. 7. Altheia Henderson - Chaplain 8. Elaine McLin 9. Minerva Stevens 10. Thenila Taylor 11. Linda Houston 12. Patricia Wilson 87 N ursing Association gzmn-Wu-W ' $wmumvr7$aa :m-m unmu Human , ummu 1. Bernadine Avery 2. Judy Bekcer 3. Georgia M. Fields Sgt. at Arms 4. Gertrude Lewis Treasurer 5. Millie Ruth Harris President 6. Constance M. McCrary Corr. Sec. 7. Earnestine Oliver - Secretary 8. Louise Barnes 9. Grace J. Cue 10. Jacquelyn Hill - Sgt. at Arms 11. Barbara Forbe 12. Gloria Lang Wvamra W . . MMMWaww Sociology Club 1. Curtis Knott 2. Brenda Simmons - Reporter 3. Joyce Gilchrist - V. President 4-. James Smith - Treasurer 5. Pinkie Walker - President 6. Carolyn Mickens 7. Dollie Franklin - Advisor 8. Dritches Hayes 9. Steve Benefild 10. Willie Bivins 11. Dorsey Hayes 12. Beverly Taylor 13. Dottye Parsons 89 Omega Debs 1. Janet Mobley 2. Evelyn Hargarett 3. Sylvia Wimberly 4. Albertha Rivers 5. Cheryl Robertson 6. Brenda Ross 7. Audrey Rolle 8. Barbara Wynne 9. Sharon Harper Alpha Phi Omega Phyettes 1. Sara Newkirk - 2nd Vice President 2. Teresa Flaggs 3. Donnette Williams 4. Deborah Jones 5. Sherion Harrell President 6. Diana Madden - Secretary 7. Jackie Hilton 8. Janice Perkins 91 Womenk Glee Club Menys Glee Club 92 University Choir Stephen Redd University Choir 93 94 Kappa Silhouettes 1. Sharon Dyes 2. Gail Williams 3. Sonya Burgess 4. Rosalyn Guyton 5. Wendi Head 6. Emma Johnson 7. Peaches Williams 8. Marilyn Hurst 9. Millicent Bryant 10. Rosa Ward 11. Debra Bell 12. Debra 13. LeRosa Brown 14-. Denise Minor 15. Charlene Richardson l6. Nickolete Little 17. Renee Brown 18. Cheryl Gillis ll v.- Home Economics Club Q 'quiMVx.H M HIM iii w 1. Lorna Radford 2. Snowie Flowers 3. Thomasena Keith 4-. Linda Burns 5. Angela Gilliam 6. Cynthia Hall 7. Mrs. Dorothy Wells, Advisor 8. Lerolyn McFashion 9. Cynthia Edwards 10. Linda Austin 11. Yvonne Vass 95 96 1. Sidney Patterson 2. Yvette Lesesne 3. Marsha Sims 4. Alma L. Grice 5. Veronica Scarlett 6. Santa DeCosta 7. James Williams 8. Al Rogers Social Board University Police 1. Johnnie Hicks 2. Bob Duval 3. LL Alexandra 4. Cpt. Gilliam 5. Patrick Daugherty 6. Sgt. Glen Wade 7. Officer Stevana Davis 8. Officer Alexandra Williams 9. Leroy Dickey 10. Gordon Redman 11. Sgt. Thomas Smith 12. Joe Williams 13. Tom Dewberry l4. Sgt Harley 15. Patrolman Plan 16. Earl Boswell 17. Sgt Eddie Wilson 97 Student Congress 1. Willie J. Bailey 2. DaVida Lofton 3. Rosa Anderson 4. Gloria Ham 5. Brenda Hadley 6. Reginald McBride 7. Alma Holmes 8. Sharon Tolliver 9. Celestine Black 10. Larry Bursey 11. Ezra Brown 12. Patricia Golden 13. Barbara Wiggins 14. Mona Caldwell 15. Marilyn Brown 16. Hollis Vandergriff 17. Jeanette Jackson 18. Frank Sharpe 19. Karen Young 20. Horace Baldwin 21. James Blackmon 22. Audrey Folsom 23. Clarence Davis Lyceum Committee 1. Dr. Gerald Hooper l 2. John Daniels Jr. 7 3. Hobie Williams 4-. Lindsey Sargeant 5. Dr. Leslie Wilson I 6. Sidney Patterson 7. Vera Mills 99 100 F AMU Players 1. Patricia Brennan 2. Charline Hairston 3. Diann Jackson 4-. Renee Cobb S. Verdya Pratt 6. Jessica Williams 7. Sybil Johnson 8. Leon Watt 9. Bobby Johnson 10. Janice Arnold 11. Elaine Jones 12.10anne Huff 13. Henry Lawrence 14. Milton Bradley 15. Herbert Goggins 16. Christopher Shields 17. David Coghill 18. Thomas McHale 19. Lee Thomas 20. Keith Moore The Elementary Education Club 'ana Iva, Pl st Ir 1. Clyde Baker, President 2. Jerelean Troutman 3. Jeanette Whitaker 4-. Janice Mercu 5. Ronald Sumlar 6. Levon Baker 7. Mary Harris 8. Regina Davis 9. Harriet Hardwick 10. Cheryl Williams 11. Mary Simpson 12. Deloris Sheppard 13. Christine Smith 14. Kamona Conley 15. Sandra Burks OWNQWPWNH Vernon A. Nealy Vice Grand Grape Larry Way - Grand Grape Albert Hodges Secretary Robert Wright Dean of Pledgees Harold M0nH Wiggins Ellis mhubbw Parker Dannie "Groove" Nelson . Jake "Splid Varner . William "Pop Kissler" Johnson . Larry "Space" Singleton . Leo Sims . Melvin "R0016, Durias . Frank McCain . Leon "Dqu, Watts Wine Psi Phi 1. Sheila Jenkins 2. Carol Coffee Vice Grand Berry 3. Ruenea Boyld - Grand Berry 4. Sharon Pearson Asst. Dean of Pled. 5. Susan Bowen 6. Mirian McKinzie 7. Regina L. Joyner 8. Danneta A. Belle 9. Olivia Perkins innettes 103 Sigma Gamma Rho :3 V 1. Mary Ann Thomas 2. Clara Thomas 3. Shirley McBride 4. Linda Roberts 5. Emma Lamb 6. Shirlene Lightsey 7. Barbara Bowers 8. Karen Clarkson 9. Catherine Harvey 10. Elaine Bryant 11. Carol Stewart 12. June McKnight 13. Gwen Byrd 14. Delcoeda Gaskin 15. Deborah Holmes 16. Ina Bienvinue 17. Barbara Plummer 18. Juanita Powell 19. Barbara Sapp Kappa Alpha Psi 1. Charles Morris 2. Edward Scott 3. Edward Massey 4-. Clyde Baker 5. Kennedy Munford 6. Eddie Lingo b 11. 7. Jody Davis 1'1 1 8. Tommy Battles 14, l ' 9. Ronald Swilley 10. James Sommers 2. I 2.0 I 11. Willy Harris 12. Eugene Revenelle 13. Kenneth Hammons 14. James Blackmon 15. Ezra Brown 16. Ronald Cell 17. Reginald McBride 18. Joseph Pinkslon 19. Hiram Wilcox 20. Zackery Taylor 21. Center - Gail Williams 107 Zeta Phi Beta 1. Ava Allen - President 2. Bernice Parker V. President 5 3. Margret! Davis .4. Barbara Williams 5. Julia Strickland 108 l. Norbet Madison 2. Harry Newbold 3. Vernon Tribune 4-. Stanley Campbell 5. Reginald Watkins 6. Wayne Coleman 7. Lee Thomas 8. Robert Turner 9. Ronald H. Thomas 10. Watson Dunham 11. Eddie Stephens Phi Beta Sigma 109 Omega Psi Phi 1. James Lockley - Editor to Oracle 2. Ray Shackelford - Vice Basileus !q M 3. Edward Nelson - Dean of Pledgees 4. Kenneth Washington - Keeper of Finance ,5 '1 5. Andrew Cundy - Dean of March n IL ' 1 l? 6. Howard McKnight - Keeper of Rec. and Seals 8 7. Theophelus May - Keeper of Peace 8. Charles Davis , 9. Larry Davis 10. Donald Kee 1 Z 3 4 Q 7 11. Leroy C. Bryant1 Chaplain 12. Lemon Jenkins, Jr. 13. Cecil Campbell 14-. Walter L. Beard 15. Larry Bursey 16. Fredrick Bryant 17. Evan Jenkins, Jr. 18. Charles Wilkerson 19. John Willie Williams 20. Elbert Waters 21. Richard Sermon Vs HO Delta Sigma Theta 1. Beatrias Ingram Moore 2. Lorraine Walker 3. Linda Huston 4-. Katherine Bain 5. Betty Alexander 6. Euzera Cowan 7. Constance Peters 8. Celeste Duncan 9. Veronica Scarlett 10. Pamela Hatchet! 11. Leola Brookins 12. Shelia Davis 13. Patricia Jones 14. Pamela Williams 15. Anita Bright 16. Margaret Smith 17. Laurease Cross 18. Rosa Anderson 19. Marsha Jenkins 20. Geraldine Williams 21. Jeanette Whitaker Alpha Phi Alpha 1. Clifford Morris 2. Robert Chapman 3. Richard Hartsfield 4-. Ennis Jacobs 5. Anthony Johnson 6. William Oney 7. Kent Taylor 8. Victor Paxton 9. Robert Branch 10. James Davis 11. Kurwood Forbers 12. Levon Baker 13. Andrew Dixon 14. Charles Jefferson yy$ 5 ' x iii? .34 x W W; a w I; , h .,m r. 4 .31? Alpha Kappa Alpha 1. Janice Mercer 1 Chaplain 2. Shearon Hill 1 Sentinel 3. Katrina Williams 1 Grammateus 4-. Brenda Hadley - Tamiouehus 5. Patricia Golden -- Basileus 6. DaVida Lofton - Dean of Pledgees 7. Juanita Payne - Anti-Grammaleus 8. Bonita McCray 1 Parliamentarian 9. Sylvia Washington 10. Dandred Emanuel 11. Yvonne Vaas 12. Gail Williams 13. Mary Hall 14-. Linda Home 15. Levon Spradley 16. Angela Andrews 1 Hodegus 17. LaViae V. Jones 18. Jacquelyn Hill 19. Marcia Wilkerson 20. Gail Singleton 113 The Incomparable Marching "100,9 114 L ,K W t H k , a, 115 llb Student Government Association SANDRA JAMISON. Comptroller JAMES MATTHEWS, President J ERELEAN TROUTMAN, Secretary WILLIE BAILEY. Vice President VERNON FINCH Secretary of Student Welfare MERCEDES HARRIS, Secretary of Internal Affairs x s 'nf': ..w nu . x WILLIAM FLAKES Secretarv of State BERNARD HARTZOC Secretary of Academic Affairs H7 The Famuan Staff CLYDE BALLARD, Artist HAROLD JACKSON, Associate Editor DERRICK WALLACE, Advertising Manager :119 Rattler Staff SANTA DE COSTA - Sports Editor LEROY TURNER Student Photographer SIDNEY PATTERSON Editor-in-Chief EARNEST FILLYAU Photographer YVETTE HAMPTON Typist I21 ' 'o" '0'. o . O q'o v n'cvgo O . Q ; :1'az-zazdomvec3303....Amway; '. ' O 0 . xx . ..-:0; , 39.13.93 ' 2 - 1.33.03 . V 9!. Vo'fs'io'i. ' . 33832.3 0 . $ ., .... ...u. .t?n.o'o?afof'3.'.'oi3o ACTIVITIES 123 At the beginning of each year, a major concern of the Freshman student is where he will live. ,wwzfu? Registration In keeping with the technological age. FAMUans participate in computer regis- tration and quickly learn that the com- puter is not infallible. 0.... , m .00... : ..--.0.'. ; w hf .....oouu' . ..--9000'... King and Queen of Orange and Green. Lynette Daulm and Lorenzo Monroe Orange and Green Ball The Temprees perform at Orange and Green Ball as audience looks on. 129 Convocation Speakers Provide Inspiration for Everyone Rev. Miles and Vice President Simmons " S .. I. Dr. and Mrs. Davidson Hepburn Richard Bach Modilim Achufusi The Covernofs Breakfast 131 The Seeds of Knowledge Are Accessible . . '32 to Everyone 133 During Leisure Time, Students Relax in Student Union 134 Operation KAMP Operation KAMP, keep A81M pretty, represents one of the many reforms instituted by the Mathews WW7 administration. m memmeWw WI" m th umnm gamut 135 Miss FAMU Limelighte 136 in Coronation 137 Homecoming Convocatio During Homecoming Convocation, FAMUans accept challenge to strive for success from National Alumni President, Dr. Johnson. Included among week s activities was presentation of awards for best ban- ners. and Awards Dr. Klara Hadley, homecoming committee chairman, presides over committee meeiing. 139 140 Rattler Fireworks, cheers, and peptalks provide the setting for excite- ment and inspiration for high spirited FAMUans. "5!, . 5i ? 6,5: A , mayday. , ,L wmmmv ?1 Parade and Cam 142 Highlight Homecoming 143 1 wawa M, : m u w E 4 Students Are Thrilled by the Sound '"CW g M.+. tn m u, a...v- I , av ' 144 5 4 of New Birth Brown Ashes a n. w.- I46 7 4 I a3. I. J. The Manhattans Butterflies Are F ree Playmakcrs pvrform in theatre productions. other and Child and Medal for Willie '1' 1n i . 111351114 ' XXSSIISIHHKHH 4 KW Mm v 3111 : fl tkith F ederal programs such as the 13-College Curriculum Program and Upward Bound provide many useful skills. l50 The Evening and Weekend College provides educational opportunities, not only for students in residence, but for working members of the community as well who perhaps otherwise could not avail themselves of the offerings at the University. Evening an- Weekend College mm m u ' ' W WWW won kaw hm: ur-UMmNNx-mthNNT m 153 Commencement 154 Four years of hard work culminate in commencement exercises. ,,,.... . .,, 'vvov ,, . ' '. ;'6$ e32'1'.'Q'O.A 3!.30'IoOAXQO.O. ; . ' l . O . . iv;vb3QO;. 9' . 0 t k. y A 0 o v s v v 9 9 s . ' '93.59qu.. .3 .3 3' ' ' v99 VJ;' ';O y vv V? naxx- SPORTS Football 1973 Rattler Squad Front row O'rom, ler: Leanders Harvey, Curtis Taylor, Neal Dent, Robrty Patterson. Emmanuel Simpson, Frankie Poole, Leroy Powell, Rodney Montgomery, James Rackley, William Charles Young, Bernard Kelly, Mathis Edmundson. Second row: Calvin Moore. George Butler, Felix Williams, Curtis Parnell, Aubrey Childers, Earl Thompson, Seabon Dixon, Henry Tony Bullock, Frank Marion, Kenny Holt, William Plummer, Don Berry, Benny Coffee. Third row: Autry Denson, Luther Dedmon, Jimmy Henry, Johnny Whitaker, Johnny Carter, Al Willie Cook, Eddie Lingo, Lloyd Cobbs. Paul Echols. Alvin Summers, Carlos Swain, Randy Williams, David Martin. Fourth row: James Henderson, Thomas Jones. Carl McDuffie, Thad Ralph Kyles. Kenneth Clark, Earl Goodman, Clint Baker, Greg Coleman, Michaei Darby. Charles Whiting. D. L. Coodrum. Ralph Hill, Curtis Edmundson, Bernard Powell. Lamar Powell. Football Coaching Staff Kneeling $0: Ken Schoolfield. Head Coach Jim Williams, Pete Griffin Standing 041' Costa Kitties, Bobby Lang and Robert Mungin. shown is: Dennis Jefferson. Band performs in Tampa Classic. Unfortunately, the Rattlers were defeated by the Jaguars of Southern University. Rackley runs behind the block of Curtis Edmundson. Eddie Lingo leads the way as running-back Ralph Kyles dashes for long yardage. Al bottom right. Coach Lang presents to Paul Echols Most Improved Player Award during Banquet. Quarterback Clint Baker hands off to Childers as front linemen open the way. I61 Basketball Rattlers Win Divisional Playoff in Albany Cagers Wayne Barber defy and Terry Neal Oar righu accept plaque fron; SIAC Tournament Committee Member, J. E. Hawkins Renter righn Former Athletic Director. A. S. "Ja Gaither looks on. The Rattlers finished with a 22-6 season and were lst Runners-up in SIAC Tournament in Montgomery, Alabama. Team cling U-v: Matthew Tinney, Alfred Sneed, Lindsay Anderson. Kermit Ellis, Rufus Conyers, Gerald Hinson. Standing 0d: Asst. Coach Wen- Meeks, Terry Neal, Wayne Barger, Jerome Scott, Norman Ready, Charles Anderson, Micky Clayton, Cleveland Spenser. Chalmus Thomas, Andrews and Head Coach. Ajac Triplet. Kermit Ellis receives Most Improved Player Award from Assistant Coach Wendell Meeks. 163 Rufus Conyers. a "Rattlef, workhorse. Chalmus Thomas handles ball well. John Andrews. alias "Slack," searches for exit amidst Albany College's defense. Cagers look on. Conyers scrambles for loose ball against host of Alabama State players. Track an. Kenneth Thompson receives awards from Coach Lang. Sprinters, left to right: Kenneth Thompson, Joe Ramsey and Reynard Robinson. 166 Left to right: Charline Hairston, Judy Hargraves, Dana Ceer and Margo Jones. Dana Ceer looks on with despair after ankle injury. 167 V . Wrestling Williard Dudley receives award. I68 Tennis and Karate Left to right: Leslie Giles. Dale Dickson and John Bowens. Fred Hans and Billy Pattimore display trophies. 169 Swimmin First row: Coach George Ellis and Bernard Hartzog. Second row: Leon Hall, Robert Crawford and Charles Parsons. Marvin Akins and Charles Parsons receive awards from Coach George Ellis. I70 Charles Parsons receives instruction from Coach George Ellis. 171 G01 7: S g," 172 eam Willie Shepard in action. Sammy Smith prepares to drive. 173 Basebal 1. William Campbell 2. Joseph Hicks 3. Reginald Lucas 4-. Joseph Tolliver 5. Waymon Winton 6. Andre Dawson 35 34 7. Joseph Durant 8. Sidney Small 9. Tonny Bell 10. Costa Kittles 2 Head Coach 11. Tyrone Green 12. Theron Bell 13. Alvin Rauls 14. Tommy Holt 15. Ronald McCue 16. Eddie Jones 17. Charles Johnson 18. Ephriam Riggins 19. Cokes Watson 20. Gilbert Trippett 21. Alfred Nicholson 22. Coach McHale 23. Lucious Lewis 24-. Randy Green 25. Willie Tate 26. Leon McCray 27. Keith Pratt 28. Charles Burey 29. Eugene Harris 30. J. C. Bozeman 31. James Brockenberry 1 32. Charles Crimsley i 33. Glenn Collier W I? , 1 LA .C m v q earn 175 Intramurals Freshmen v . . . 320293 T o 'o o . . H 33.0333. . v ' 3583:. . '1 0. o 4 fo 11.7,? 'Ww......u3v..., YQ 1 bf . oou;kv.vo. .9. . A . . , r r0.w040000..o.00oc..04s . o 4.4.. . p. 3 9.... a 0400. 'O'Ov CLASSES Adams, Rosayln Alexander, Clarice Andrews, Emory Archer, Jeff Armstead, Jacquelyn Atkins, Sharon F. Atkins, Wendell Audrey, Lewis Avery, Veronica D. Baldwin, Horace Betson, Gail D. Battle, Sheila M. Battles, C. Milton Barnes, Claretha Bendross, Derrick Beard, Beverly Bious, Carlotte Bowers, Samuel Bozeman, J. C. Brooks, Beverly 180 Brown, Alice P. Brown, Charles W. Brown, Eugene Brown, Sendi C. Brown, Sandra G. Brownlee, Gwendolyn Bryant, Lucille Bryant, Valerie Burey, Charles E. Burgess, Linda Burks, Sharon Butler, Dianne Calhoun, Henry Campbell, Bernadette Campbell, J oann Cannon, Janice Carter, Patti J. People, Charles B. Chavis, Gerald A. Childs, Madeline 181 Christian, Byron Clark, Joann Clark, Kim Clayton, George E. Collier, Roosevelt Cotton, Charlean Cotton, Reginald J . Cotton, Shawn Cox, Brenda Crump, Debra Cumbess, Rory Cumberlander, Charlotte Davis, Beryl Davis, Clarence J. Davis, Elaine S. Delaney, Karen R. Dennis, Beatrice Dixon, Bonita R. Douglas, Veronica Dudley, Yolanda Y. Duggins, Larry T. DuPont, Deborah A. East, Angela Edler, Ella M. Edwards, Debra K. Edwards, Gloria D. Elkins, Virgil Eubanks, Patricia D. Evans, Norman L. Fickens, Louise Fiffer, Ira L. Finley, Pamela L. Finley, Wilda J . Flakes, Debbie Floyd, Dwight A. Floyd, Rodney M. Folsom, Audrey C. Foster, Wayne C. Foxx, Shirley F rancis, George 183 Fuller, Cheryl M. Fuller, Judy A. Gadson, Sherald Gainey, Coloe Cant, Daniel Gaskin, Theoria E. Georgo, June C. Grant, Yvonne Faye Greene, Beverly Green, Jasper Green, Linder D. Green, Mavis Green, Richard E. Grice, Refair T. Griffin, Robert Hall, Rhonda Hamilton, Brenda Harris, Carol Harrison, Patricia D. Harvey, Kirk R. Harvey, Ronald L. Hayes, Booker T. J r. Hayward, Willie Hearst, Alloise D. Hicks, Andrew J . Higgs, Cassancra , ,Higgs, Xavier Hightower, Angelia C. Hightower, Phyllis V. Hollingsworth, Roy Holmes, Agnes Holmes, Theaudric J . Holts, Cathy L. Hooks, Michael Huff, Cynthia L. Hunter, Vittoro Hurchins, Reginald Isaac, Carolyn L. Ivey, Thomacina Jackson, Gail D. 185 I86 Jacobs, Patrica James, Charlotte James, Brenda J. James, Pat Jenkins, Aunita L. Jenkins, Lee E. Johnson, Annie Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Emma L. Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Rosemerry Johnson, Wanda D. Jones, Leon Kea, Derek Kemp, Linda G. Key, Philena Kindell, Beryl Knight, Geraldine Knox, Brenda K. Lamar, Ruth Lane, F rankie Larry, J udith Ann Lawrence, Michael Lawson, Maryana V. Lee, Barbara J . Lee, Michael P. Little, Nicolette Love, Banjamin Love, Samuel Lynn, Irene Macon, Hettie Mack, Carol 187 Mack, Theodora Madden, Diana C. Mallory, Perry James Martin, Bruce D. McCall, Jerome McCoy, Willie C. McCrary, Albertina B. McGriff, Stella M. McIver, Robert McMillan, Glover McMillan, Vonche McNair, Hilda J. McNeil, Sylvia L. McQueen, Darrell T. Melvin, Vernette Y. Middleton, Orville F. Mikle, Joyce Ann Millsapp, Leroy Mobley, James Monlyn, Roberta Monroe, Derek C. Monroe, Mildred E. Moore, Faye C. Mordica, Thelma Morgan, James Murray, Joseph Nixon, Enoch W. Oduor, Charles D. Oliver. Albert Oliver, Essie Overton, Richard E. Owens, Sharon Parham, Rhonda Parker, James Anthony Parks, Anthony Wayne Parrish, Portia Paterson, Richard A. Patrick, Gloria Pierce, Nellie Finder, Janet 189 Pittman, Faye D. Powe, Sheldon D. Powell, Olive Powell, Jerome Pratt, Perezell Pressley, Carolyn M. Quarterman, Daria Ragin, Shirley A. Ransom, Cynthia Ransome, Elaine F. Reid Kenneth Richardon, Ronald V. Richardson, Sharron Roberts, H. Alexis Roberts, Nathaniel Robinson, Glenda L. Ryals, Calvin K. Scott, Brakley Scott, Larry Sewell, Robert 190 Sharpe, Frank Shaw, Patricia Sheffiver, Leah D. Shelton, Sharon Sinkfield, Mary L. Smalls, Teri Y. Smith, Alexander H. Smith, Charlene Smith, Doris Ann Smith, Patricia Smith, Willie Ray Solomon, Alonza Spicer, Corliss P. 1 Stewart, Anthony 1 Strachan, Wendell ; Streeter, J anice Sullivan, Perry III Swain, Melvin Jerone Taylor, Lori Terry, Robin D. I91 Thomas, Adrienne Thomas, Albem L. Thomas, Cheryl A. Thomas, Debra Thomas, Natalyne Tillman, Larry Vereen, Mark T. Wallace, Vena M. Ware, Marlene Warren, Gerald R. Washington, Trenita Watkins, Deborah R. Watson, John L. Watson, Larry Webb, Diane Wheeler, DeVora Jane White, Daryel D. White, Thelma E. Whitney, Howard Williams, Adria E. 192 Williams, Annette M. Williams, Connie Williams, Clotel D. Williams, Debra A. Williams, Gail Yvonne Williams, Judith A. Williams, Kevin Williams, Pamela Williams, Raynell Williams, Rodney Williams, Sandra Williams, Sylvester 6;: Williamson, Arthur J. Willis, Valerie Anita Wilson, Don Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Pamela Kaye Wyche, Spaulding Young, Renaldo J uan Ziegler, Eddie H. 193 uWWM-wmm- L Wu m Mmmxw me: Sophomores I95 Adams, Cynthia E. Addison, Roscoe Alexander, Austin D. Allen, Alice K. Ammons, Janice Anderson, Constance Anderson, Leonard Belford, Gracie M. Bell, Deborah L. Bend, Lois M. Benton, Geoffrey Black, Celestine A. Boose, Albert C. Jr. Bowers, Anthony H. Boyd, Delois A. Bradley, L. C. Brown, Marilyn J . Brown, Sharon L. Brown, Terry T. Bryant, Joanne I96 Bullard, Joseph Burke, Calvin Caldwell, Mona Campbell, Eliza Carrasquillo, Ramon Cassell, S. Chaney, Luella Clark, Theodore Cobb, Renee Cohe, Claire F. Coleman, Darlean Coleman, Gregory J . Coleman, Ronald L. Collins, Deloris Colson, Regina L. Cunningham, Moria Davis, Shelia Deste, John M. Jr. Dix, Kathy F . Dixon, Helen Edwards, Angela Edwards, Cynthia Fayson, Ned R. Fennell, Ann Fennell, Robert F orbes, Odessa M. Ford, Erma J. Fortham, Alvah L. Francis, Eugene L. Franklin, Cora L. Gaines, Maureen Gardner, Anita Gibson, Wendy Gillis, Cheryl L. Gilyard, Jackie L. Godwin, Mae E. Goodwin, Anthony J . Green, James L. J r. Green, Michelle E. Green, Regina L. I98 Hairston, Charline M. Harris, Audrye L. Harris, Delma E. Harris, Solomon Harvey, Dale Halton, Henry E. Hamilton, Arthur L. Hartsfield, Richard Haynes, Ricky D. Henderson, Harriett Henry, Glenda J . Hill, Shearon A. Holmes, Delores Y. Howey, Deloris M. Howzell, Roger S. Huff, Jeanne B. Huie, Michael Ivey, Wairnola M. Jacobs, Ennis L. Jenkins, S. 199 Jerry, Calvin Kemp, Johnny Johnson, Allyn M. Johnson, Anita Gail Johnson, LaFawn Jones, Marilyn Kelly, Ernest Kilpatrick, Trudy D. King, Larry A. Kitchings, Earl Lamar, Beverly A. Lampkins, Teddy Lawrence, Ava Levarity, Lester Fred Lewis, Cynthia Paula Lofton, Freddie Lumpkin, Rickey A. Lusane, Deborah Major, Doyal Marshall, Dennis 200 McCloud, Linard H. McKinney, Essi McKinney, J essi McWhite, Varian Mitchell, Juliann Moore, Harold E. Jr. Moore, James E. Morrison, Rita Nesmith, Steven Nickson, Reginald J. Parker, Shirley A. Patterson, Robert E. Payne, Edna . Peterson, Michael K. Porter, Sharon Powell, Aurelia Powell, Lawrence Radder, Kamel H. Revenell, Eugene Reese, Patricia Rhodriquez, Carlos Rizer, Clarinda Robinson, Garrett Rodgers, Isabell Rose, Marilyn Rosier, Vicky Saunders, Karen Scott, Edward R. II Scott, Lawrence Singletery, Ronnie E. Singleton, Gail E. Stephens, James Kim Swilley, Ronald E. Taylor, Andrew E. Taylor, Zachary Thomas, Peggy B. Thomas, Shirlean Thompson, Andre R. Thompson, Barbara S. Thompson, Sheila 202 Tolliver, Sharon Tompkins, Cynthia Waddell, Catherine Walker, Andre M. Walker, Vanessa Ward, Vernall Waters, Emma Weston, Valeria D. Whitaker, Linda Williams, B. Williams, Carolyn J . Williams, Danny D. Williams, Gail W. Williams, Gwendalyn A. Williams, Joyce E. Wright, Marilyn R. Young, Marcus A. 203 4: W"? Vat. 4m m mywn 5 0 2 J uniors ---------mm.wvm- W-1mmmma w Adams, Beatrice Adair, Michael Andrews, Donald Anthony, Jackie Barton, Oscar L. Beard, Walter L. Blotch. Anhur c. Brannen, Delphine Brennen, Patricia Bright, Anita M. Brooks, Thaad Brown, Ezra H. 206 Brown, William E. Jr. Brunson, Billy Burton, Betty Bruton, Earnest wrovrdfwo Bryant, Lonnie Bryant, Marvis Bryant, Millicent Campbell, Stanley Cobb, Janice Marie Coleman, Wayne M. Cook, Kenneth Crawford, Gregory 207 Crawford, Rhonda Crawford, Robert C. Curinton, J uanetta Davis, William Michael Edwards, Dorothy East, Jacob A. II Elkins, Hazel Etefia, Victor Fennell, Janice Y. Fletcher, Deborah Freeman, Brenda D. Gibson, Toni L. Gilchrist, Joyce Clover, Irene A. Gordon, Roy V. II Goss, Wyman Hall, Cynthia R. Hallback, Carol Hammons, Kenneth R. Hammonds, Wilbert J . Harrell, Sherion Harris, Dennis Harris, Johnny V. Harris, Margie S. Jackson, Harold L. Henry, Deborah Y. Henry, Willie Henry, Linda Hill, Andre M Hires, Sylvia Holmes, Deborah S. Hopkins, Kathy 209 Howard, Brenda K. Humphrey, John V. Jefferson, E. Jackson, Michael Johnson, Eileen Kemp, Irvin Kiner, Ann V. Lafland, Joseph Lee, Betty A. Lee, Janice A. Lewis, Azzie R. Lofton, Arleen B. Lofton, Davida Madison, Norbert Manley, Diane Martin, Carolyn Mason, Shirley E. Mays, Sandra McBride, Reginald McCray, Pequetta Y. McCartney, John McCurdy, Ronald C. McGriff, Lloyd Miller, Kathy Mitchell, Alphonos Mitchell, Stephen F. Mobley, Janet Mobley, Sidney J r. Moore, Genell Moore, Michael R. Palmore, Anthony W. Paulk, Cleveland Proctor, Matthew Quinn, Billy Charles Jr. Randolph, Curtis Ratcliff, Vanessia Redd, Stephen E. Reddick, Edward M. Rogers, Debra Ann Ruoisill, Labron H. 211 Scott, William E. Simpson, Mary Smalls, Debra A. Smith, Mary A. Street, Joyce E. Stephens, Eddie N. Stephens, Vermell Stephens, Valerie Stewart, Paul Tate Robert Taylor, Ted N. Taylor, Teddy B. Thomas, Fandra A. mp-anmnmwm Turner, John E. Vaas, Yvonne E. Walker, Pamela C. Ward, Robin F . Watts, Leon A. Williams, Barbara L. Williams, George F . Williams, Katrina Williams, Nannette Wimbley, Madelyn J . Young, J erone B. 213 Seniors Alexander, Betty Elementary Ed. Key West, F la. n ercrombie, C. Aquarius Alexander, J udge brary Science Elfmefuary Ed. -nsacola, Fla. Mlaml: Fla. : ncer Aquarlus Allen, Joyce Psychology Hallandale, Fla. Capricorn Anderson, Cynthia Nursing Pensacola, Fla. Pisces llen, Ava M. ysical Therapy cksonville, F la. ries Arnold, Janice Gigi Home Economics Melbourne, Fla. ndrews, Glenda Pisces Animus, Lorriane iology Elementary Ed. nce de Leon, Fla. JaICkSOHVIHB, F13- ries Vlrgo Alford, Elijah Jr. Business Tallahassee, Fla. Capricorn Anderson, Edgar Accounting Ocilla, Ga. Taurus Avery, Bernadine A. Nursing Tallahassee, Fla. Cancer 215 216 Bagley, Melinda Business Vero Beach, Fla. An'es Baker, Clyde Elementary Ed. Pompano Beach, F la. Sagittarius Barnes, Louise Nursing Dawson, Ga. Leo Bailey, W. J . Psychology Tampa, F la. Sagittarius Baker, Jennifer V. Business Adm. Miami, Fla. Cancer Bartise, Gregory Accounting Nicaragua, C.A. Scorpio Bain, Katherine Business Adm. Hollywood, Fla. Scorpio Baker, Levon Computer Prog. Pompano Beach, F la. Capricorn Bass, Darnell A. Business Pensacola, F la. Pisces Baker, Clinton Elementary Ed. Pompano Beach, Fla. Sagittarius Baldwin, Rosa M. Sociology Pensacola, F 1a. Taurus Bell, Valarie Jane Foreign Language Tallahassee, Fla. Cancer Benton, Bernard A- . Birks, Marie Hendley Agricultur e ', Sociology St. Petersburg, Fla. M Ft. Pierce, Fla. nett, Linda Jean Libra Bethel, Fred C. Virgo entary Ed. Miami, F la. 11 Park, Fla. Bolden, Carolyn D. Bracey, Blondenia Business Adm. Elementary Ed. , 13k Mount Dora, Fla. Sanford, Fla. lock, Rhonda Y. Aquarius Bowens, Virginia Virgo ntary Ed. Speech Pathology sonville, F la. Miami, F la. micorn Capricorn Bran.ch, BOan Brooks, Charlene Engmeenng Nursing Inlfster, Michigan Jacksonville, Fla. dley, Marva Ar 1es Bright, Ophelia Capricorn : lish Psychology e City, Fla. Lawtey, Fla. ;0 Gemini 217 218 Brown, Billy Gene Music Dallas, Texas Sa ittarius Brooks, Marveen g Elementary Ed. Mulberry, Fla. Capricorn Brown, Shirley B. Home Economics Tallahassee, F Ia. Brown, Pamela A. Pisces Home Economics Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Scorpio 'f 'A Bryant, Charles J . Physical Education Pierson, Fla. Bruton, James L. Jr. Sagltiarius Histoiy Tallahassee, Fla. Scorpio Brown, May Frances Nursing Havana, F la. Capricorn Brown, Shirley A. Nursing Awemdaw, S.C. Aquarius Bullard, Angeletta Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Capricorn Brown, LeRosa W. Political Science Daytona Beach, Fla. Aquarius Brundidge, Charline HIstory Cocoa, Fla. Scorpio Bush, Ann Elementary E11. Tallahassee, Fla. Aries tler, Priscilla siness Adm. lray Beach, Fla. uarius nnedy, Joyce ciology mpa, Fla. I er, Gwendolyn iology sacola, F la. I Caldwell, Mary E. Sociology Tallahassee, Fla. Capricorn Canty, Courtney D. Mathematics Washington, DC. Leo Cheeseborough, L. History West Palm Beach, Fla Aquarius Cannady, Deborah A. Music Jacksonville, Fla. Campbell, William Scorplo Music Quincy, F la. Capricorn Carnes, Linda M. English Palmetto, Fla. Aquarius Carnegie, Shirley Biology Albany, Ga. Scorpio Clark, Mona Carlisa Elementary Ed. Key West, Fla. Clark, Levolia D. Gemini Sociology Pompano Beach, Fla. Scorpio 219 Clement, Norman J . Music Detroit, Michigan Pisces Cox, Luther J r. Accounting Shreveport, La. Cancer Crump, Steve E. Tallahassee, Fla. Coleman, Ralph C. Physical Education Tallahassee, Fla. Aquarius Crawford, Jeanne D. Nursing Quincy, Fla. Scorpio Cue, Grace Juanita Nursing Gainesville, Fla. Libra Cowan, Euzera Accounting Jacksonville, Fla. Taurus Crawford, Patrick Business Marianna, Fla. Pisces Cunigan, Martha Psychology McAlpin, Fla. Aries Cowan, Ronnie L. Sociology Palatka, Fla. Capricorn Cross, Laurease Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Pisces Daniels, Deborah M. Miami, Fla. Davis, Lennon Accounting Madison, Fla. Taurus id, Fess sical Therapy mi, Fla. Davis, Richard Barbering Savannah, Ga. Sagittarius is, Ragenia R. ; lish usville, Fla. rpio DeCosta, Santa Pharmacy Jacksonville, Fla. an, Chauncell Capricorn Lauderdale, Fla. Davis, Michael L. Business Adm. Winter Haven, F la. Davis, Mary L. Aries Science Tampa, Fla. Taurus Dawson, Susan A. Apalachicola, Fla. Davis, Willie B. Education Tallahassee, F 1a. Capricorn Dixon, Panzina C. Business Plant City, Fla. Demps, Fabiola Aquanus Home Economics Orlando, Fla. Pisces 221 222 Donaldson, Gloria J. Accounting Tallahassee, Fla. Virgo Duncan, Celeste V. Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Taurus Ealy, Carson Madison, Fla. Dowdell, Veronica Nursing Apopka, Fla. Capricorn Durias, Melvin Business Mt. Dora, Fla. Virgo Edwards, Herman L. Pre-med Miami, F la. Scorpio Downing, Jean C. Business Jacksonville, Fla. Leo Dyer, Joanne Ash Tallahassee, Fla. Edwards, Patricia Physical Education Miami, Fla. Scorpio Dumas, Nettie Sociology Pensacola, Fla. Pisces Dyes, Sharon Elementary Ed. Miami, Fla. Virgo saw 49 '- A XX F inney, Vanesta Mathematics Jacksonville, F la. Capricorn Florence, Marva Business St. Petersburg, Fla. 5, William L. Libra "y . uderdale, Fla. :rius Elementary Ed. Miami, Fla. , Barbara Ann Aquarius 'ng ville, Ala. er Gardner, Geraldine Elementary Ed. Tallahassee, Fla. Aries oway, Robert ical Science cy, Fla. F rederick, Deborah Forbes, George C. Miami, Florida Flowers, Snowie M. Home Economics Sharpes, Fla. Aries Gaines, Tyrone A. Mathematics Richmond, Virginia Gaillard, Levy 0. Leo Music Charleston, SC. , Virgo Glover, Howard L. History Mulberry, Fla. Giles, Leslie R. Libra Music Spartanburg, SC. Sagittarius 223 m Graham, Alfreda Music Madison, Fla. Pisces Green, Sharolyn History West Palm Beach, Fla. Capricorn Hall, Maudrienne P. Business Dade City, Fla. Virgo Granger, Robert A. Accounting Perry, Fla. Capricorn Grice, Alma L. Sociology Tampa, Fla. Leo Hammons, Gary L. Engineering St. Petersburg, F 1a. Aquarius Green, Geraldine A. Pharmacy Silver Spring, Md. Pisces Gunn, Millie Mathematics Quincy, F la. Sagittarius Hardwick, Hariett Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Aquarius Green, Shirley A. Speech Pathology Tallahassee, Fla. Virgo Hall, Eleanor J. Business Jacksonville. Fla. Gemini Hargrove, Deborah Fashion Merchand. Jacksonville, Fla. Gemini Hartzog, Bernard Political Science Jacksonville, Fla. is, Willie Ruth Virgo ing hassee, Fla. icorn Hawkins, Gwendolyn English Jasper, Fla. Virgo X en, Pamela ' Economics ater, Fla. Henderson, Altheia Music Hawthorne, Fla. , Wendi D. Cancer zruing ldO, Fla. Harvin, Maurice Physical Education Greenville, F la. Harvey, Katherine P isces Business A dm. Boynton Beach, F la. Libra Haywarc-i, Edwinlyn Science : ; Miami, Fla. Hawthorne, Doroth Scorplo Nursing Lake Placid, F 1a. Aries I L "n Hightower, Yvette D. Elementary Ed Jacksonville, Fla. Hicks, Annie J. Aries Business Tallahassee, F la. Gemini 225 Hill, Jacquelyn M, Holden, Mary L. Nursing Accounting Jacksonville, F la. Jasper, F la. Hill, Carolyn A. Aquanus Hogan, Elson Scorplo Business Education ; , L Music Monticello, Fla. . ' Orlando, Fla. Gemini Scorplo Holley, Sandra J . x: 5: Holmes, Deborah Elementary Ed. . Food and Nutrition Delray Beach, Fla. Jacksonville, F la. Holley, Gus Capricorn Holliday, Wilbert Virgo Elementary Ed. Agriculture Miami, Fla. Tallahassee, Fla. Pisces Gemini -- , Houston, Linda J . Hurst, Gail T. . Library Science Home Economics Cocoa, Fla. Ft. Pierce Holmes, Walter Caprlcorn Hunter, Barbara Sagittarius Music Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Capricorn Scorpio 226 tchins, Willie R. iology :nt City, Fla. ncer obs, Wiley J. siness nsacola, Fla. rpio nkins, Marsha empstead, N.Y. mcer Jackson, Gaylier Speech Pathology Pensacola, F la. Cancer Jenkins, Brenda F. Sociology Reddick, Fla. Sagittarius Jenkins, Sarah E. Business Ed. Bagdad, Fla. Aries Jacobs, J oseph Business 4 Wildwood, Fla. Jackson, Ricardo Vlrgo Political Science Jacksonville, F la. Virgo Jenkins, Jacqueline Biology s -- Orlando, Fla. Jenkins, Clayton Aquarlus Elementary Ed. Pompano Beach, Fla. Libra Johnson, Vavescia K. Music Orlando, Fla. Johnson, Karey S, Scorplo Accounting St. Petersburg, Fla. Virgo 227 Johnson, William Business Ed. F t. Lauderdale', Fla. Scorpio Jones, LaViae V. Clothing Williston, Fla. Gemini Jones, Deborah T. Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Virgo A5 Jones, Loretta A. Elementary Ed. Orlando, Fla. Sagittarius Jones, Gloria J. Sociology Tallahassee, F la. Gemini Jones, Ronald 0. Physical Ed. Apopka, Fla. Sagittarius Jones, James Keith Physical Education Tampa, Fla. Scorpio Jordan, Burnic Sociology Quincy, Fla. Pisces 11y, Lena M. T. siness incy, Fla. brough, Beatrice mentary Ed. 0a, Fla. ricorn , Mary L. ology way, F la. Kelly, Mollie A. Business Quincy, F la. 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Pierce, Fla. Libra McDonald, Crandell Music Sanford, Fla. Taurus :' I K ; . g McFashion, Lerolyn Home Economics Daytona Beach, Fla. Capricorn Mercer, Janice Exceptional Ed. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Virgo Miller, Matosha Accounting Pensacola, Fla. Aries McGollie, J ames Electronics Keystone Height, F la. Aquarius Merritt, Mildred Sociology Cocoa, Fla. Leo Monroe, Lorenzo Pre-Med Lakeland, Fla. Taurus k m McMillan, Howard Sociology Pompano, Fla. Aquarius gm L Mickens, Carolyn Sociology Richmond, Va. Aquarius Montgomery, Anthony History Plant City, Fla. Virgo Mendenhall, Leila Elementary Education Jacksonville, Fla. Capricorn Miller, Cornette Data Processing Tampa, Fla. Leo Montgomery, A. Plant City, Fla. Virgo 231 A L L Moore, Annie Sociology Madison, Fla. Cancer Mungen, Zandra Music Tallahassee, Fla. Scorpio Nichols, Norma J. Business Orlando, Fla. Virgo h Axx Moore, Annie P. Sociology Tallahassee, F la. Virgo Nairn, James B. Music Miami, Fla. Leo A :31 l Olds, Gail Sociology Campbellton, Fla. Taurus Moore, Donald E. Physical Ed. Miami, Fla. Libra Napier, Hazel Library Science Virgo Oliver, Delores Music Hobe Sound, Fla. Cancer . Moore, Sharon Lake Wales, Fla. Nelson, Donald Mathematics Philadelphia, Pa. Cancer Oliver, Ernestine Nursing Greensboro, Fla. Pisces Owens, Miriam V. Economics O Neal, Lader Tampa, Fla. Special Ed. Ca ncer Cocoa, Fla. Gemini ., Patterson, Arthur Accounting Parsons, Dottye J . Jacksonville, Fla. Sociology Capricorn Jacksonville, Fla. Scorpio Pierson, Barbara Sociology Paxton, Victor Orlando, Fla. Management Libra Miami, Fla. Virgo Parkinson, Nigel Sierra Leone, Freetown Parker, Bernice Psychology Jacksonville, Fla. Sagittarius . a R Paul, Harriett A Speech Path. Patterson, Sidney Tallahassee, Fla. Sociology Aries Perry, Fla. Taurus Pitchford, Carolyn Business PinkSton, Joe N, Kansas City, Kansas Phalmacy Aquarius Lakeland, Fla. 233 Pye, Barbara Physical Ed. Platt, James Tallahassee, Fla. Sociology Aquarius St. Pierce, Fla. Gemini Ramsey, Richard History Ramsey, Frankie Babson Park, Fla. Accounting Libra Sumter, SC. Pisces Reed, Alferd Sociology Rasherry, Leroy Aries Business Jacksonville, Fla. Capricorn Pye, Doris Foreign Languages Tallahassee, F la. Sagittarius Randolph, Edith Physical Ed Tampa, Fla. Aquarius x Richardson, Charlene Elementary Ed. Lakeland, Fla. Virgo Quinn, Gloria Home Economics Port St. Joe, Fla. Leo Ransom, Sandra L. Data Processing Tallahassee, Fla. Gemini Rivas, Irving Political Science Key West, F la. Gemini Roberson, W. J. Pensacola, F la. Robinson, Lynnette Political Science Jacksonville, Fla. Leo Rosalind, Kellam Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Gemini Robinson, Cheryl Roberts, Paul Accounting - Sociology and Psychology Miami, Fla. Robinson, Alma Miami, Fla. Sagittarius Library Science Aries Leo R0116, Sylvia Robinson, Ralph Business Sociology Washington, DC. Robinson, Robert Miami, Fla. Capricorn Agriculture Virgo Old Town, F la. Leo Rutledge, George Scott, Willie J . Agriculture Business Ed. Plant City, Fla. Sapp, Barbara Lamont, Fla. Aquarius Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Gemini 235 AX Sheppard, Deloris English Plant City, Fla. Sagittarius Smith, Bernette Education Sanford, Fla. Taurus Smith, Mary L. Home Economics Perry, Fla. Libra Simpson, Runette Home Economics Delray Beach, Fla. Capricorn Smith, Christine Elementary Ed. Fort Pierce, Fla. Libra Smith, Vivienne Pharmacy Nassau, Bahamas Leo Sims, Marsha Kay Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Libra x Smith, Fannie L. Home Economics Quincy, Fla. Taurus Steele, Vanessa Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Aries Smart, Carolyn Sociology West Palm Beach, Fla. Capricorn Smith, Lillian Education Tallahassee, Fla. Cancer Stevens, Minerva Elementary Ed. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Pisces V A :1 w$ixvihlxm ny y Wwvs ?va Stokes, Clarence Education Pompano Beach, Fla. Pisces Thomas, Alzora Elementary Ed. Moore Haven, Fla. Pisces Troutman, J erelean Business Deerfield Beach, Fla. Libra Sumlar, Ronald Music Jacksonville, Fla. Aquarius Thomas, Cheryl L. Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Scorpio DK- Turner, Robert L. Pre Med. Orlando, F la. Virgo Summers, J ames Sociology Tampa, Fla. Pisces Thomas, Fred Business Miami, Fla. Capricorn Vinson, Yvonne Elementary Ed. Panama City, Fla. Sagittarius A Taylor, Kent Accounting Ft. Pierce, Fla. Pisces Thornton, Harold Business Orlando, Fla. Capricorn Walker, Vivian Business Ed. Milton, Fla. Virgo A Washington, A. Washington, Sylvia : Psychology Nursing Wallace, Derrick Tallahassee, Fla. Washington, B. Monticello, Fla. Accounting Aries Business Sagittarius Orlando, Fla. Bradenton, Fla. Scorpio Capricorn Watkins, Reginald Whitaker, Jeanette Sociology Elementary Ed. Waters, Alfred Gifford, Fla. Way, Larry Bridgeport, Conn. Music Capricorn Business Aquarius Jacksonville, Fla. Bloomfield, NJ. Aries Williams, Cheryl s s Wilcox, Jacqueline English . Music White, Rogerline Lake Wales, F 13- Williams, Beverly Marianna, Fla. Business Libra Business Cancer Jacksonville, Fla. Tampa, F la. Gemini Aquarius 238 Williams, Earl E. 1 Williams, Geraldine Music Foreign Languages Williams, Dorothy Winter Haven, Fla. Williams, Fermetta Jacksonville, F 1a. Sociology Aries Sociology Libra Tampa, Fla. Ocala, Fla. Leo Scorpio Williams, Leona Elementary Ed. Tallahassee, F la. Leo Williams, Willie J. Psychology Jacksonville, F la. Aquarius Williams, Lorraine Williams, Paul a. X1 Psychology Biology Jacksonville, Fla. Williams, Pamela Ft. Pierce, F la. Virgo Sociology Sagittarius Jacksonville, Fla. Taurus Wilson, Andrea Woolfork, F reddie Business Gifford, F la. C0003, F 13- Wilson, Linda SCOFPiO Elementary Ed. Jacksonville, Fla. Libra 239 Wright, Patricia Elementary Ed. Cocoa, Fla. Aries Wright, Susan V. Sociology Jacksonville, Fla. Taurus Young, Susan Elementary Ed. Deerfield Beach, Fla. Taurus "' ' 7 0 929'." O O :o' 3'. n' 9f 's .o'q'vgv VVO'VVV? 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Suggestions in the Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) collection:

Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 39

1974, pg 39

Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 32

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Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 107

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Florida A and M University - Rattler Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 130

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