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, w-. x I ,5 4 , g.5?Qf2Qi75Q I QQ M as ygquui M ,gre X ,Ld Q, ,Q E x I' f 1 l ' g i -D Vi4 . Q Zg?Lif,fW g X N W eff piggy MM 33,9 M6M5ff M O55 fir M Aff! IWW M Q Wy! My ff gl J ,J W'Zff 90 LQ! af KW! 7 f J QE , f Q wb sl, wxwm Q,, yy,m 3171 'bps My M MQM7 5 WWW' iglgijijai 5 262 gi? SSH 2 ii +52 iii 2 ii 25 52 ax G A sf Sf 'nw , SAGUARO 1973 Volume 47 Florence High School Florence, Arizona rl 1.1. What is life? An elusive condition? Life is being born today in freedom It's taking your first steps into humanity... -nu It's grasping, reaching, feeling touching, needing, fulfilling. It's being sensitive to my environment and open to people. 1 'ffl' . . L - , iv v M dz A iw fi A X l 7 ' ,jg x' ' th ! 3 Q- 'Akfsiigf sr .li , W g Vvl' ,X K- ffy -,S V- --as f -X ' fn l. t ws, " . f ff - , lf' 1 A ,uf . , T stirs F M' w as gl .5 ,giig im an -9 4 f-3 Introduction . . Organizations Athletics . . . Honors . .. Classes ...... Administration Dedication . .. Advertising .... Index . .. It's freshman initiation and really getting a welcome! TABLE OF CONTENTS It's being a sophomore and getting into the scene. It's being a junior with a ring to prove you are finally somebody. , . Q ,J 4 V :V f x lt's being a senior knowing that it's not your last year of freedom, but your first step toward all the wonderful opportunities life is beckoning you to experience. It's taking life for what lt's worth, because tomorrow may never come. Life is living to the extent of peace within the soul! Life is living in today's democratic society knowing that your life depends upon your better judgment. x What is life? An elusive condition? What is living? A chance to be free? By Ria Padilla I s ii, 4.5 "W'lM ' -Wir s., .512-S iiy' .B -' " . I . . Everybody searched out examples of good layout in maga The staff sketches layout in preparation forthe photographer's visit. zines and other annuals. r 5 , is 3 i is rry f i ! is 5 5 I 3 '-.5 , z i i -.9 7, I 5 i f ki Seated: Bill Sheets, Joe Ortiz, Doris Ramirez: Standing: Marie Celaya, Martha Castro, Dora Celaya it i WRITE ON, GOPHERS MW 1st Row: Jeanne Sherman, Sue McDaniel, Etta Thurman, Ruben Reyes, Linda Douglas, Enedina Diaz, Constance Johnson, Sharon Borreeg 2nd Row: Mitchell Villarreal, Robert Phillips, Danny Celaya, Ren E I' , M L Donna Luck, 3rd Row: Ria Padilla, Terry Siebert, Kevin Stoner Brad e x me ary ou Joaquin, Diane Johnson, ' 2 f if, ,ls-N' S 5 s E lnaqnqw., OFFICERS: 1st Row: Editor-in-chief Ria Padilla, Adviser David English, Circulation Editor Rene Exline, Art Editor Robert Phillips, 2nd Row: Club and Social News Editor Linda Douglas, Sports Editor Brad Hannah, Feature Editor Enedina Diaz E r :""""'P, 4 iw ORG A NIZATIONS A YEAR OF OUR LIFE IS RECORDED The 1973 Saguaro staff prepares and assem- bles a book that pictorially relays the events of the school year. Along with the problems of electing officers, making write-ups and layouts, taking pictures and meeting deadlines, there were also other crises, such as financing the yearbook. The price charged to students for the annual accounts for less than half the total price to the staff. The re- mainder ofthe money has to come from the ad- vertisements sold and through fund-raising projects. Most of the work is enjoyable and often excit- ing, but it is frequently hectic, time is so short, especially when the staff has to meet the dead- lines to our publishers. That is the time when they appreciate the help, understanding, and cooperation of -administration, teachers, and fellow students. As photographer, Mike Pappas takes pictures assigned by the editors, processes film, and prints and enlarges pictures. .1-K-f""' All layouts and copy are checked by Miss Crough, Martha Castro, and Joe Ortiz. Dora Celaya joined the staff at the end of first quarter to assist with layout and typing. The Gopher Staff of 1973, under the supervision of Mr. David English, strive to benefit the student body at FHS with a more enjoyable and interesting bi-weekly paper. They have worked to printthe views and opinions of the student body as well as to keep students informed of the latest happenings. The '73 class had a regular time slot in the curricu- lum. Their number has increased from last year's 5- member staff to one of twenty. They planned to have guest speakers and to take a field trip to inspect the presses of Casa Grande Dispatch where our local paper is printed. Mr. English, along with Editor-in-Chief Ria Padilla, tried to initiate trading school papers with all the schools in our Conference and with some of the lead- ing high school papers inthe state, an osmosis approach to improving "The Gopher." The Staff entered competition in the Arizona State Universities J-CON 1973. The Gopher Staff should be complimented on the fine work they have done this year toward improving our school paper. f ,A ,rt Q . 5. 1 f 11" , . 'Q' Etta Thurman, Mary Lou Joaquin, Greg Tovar, and Ria Padilla pick up assignments from Mr. English in the press room. CJ Terry Siebert assists Micaela Rieffer in setting margins. GOPHER NEWS STAFF Adviser ................ Mr. David English Editor-in-chief ...... ....... R ia Padilla Sports Editor ......... Brad Hannah Club 81 Social Editor ....... Linda Douglas Feature Editor ............. Enedina Diaz Art Editor . . . Bob Phillips, Jeanie Sherman Circulation Editor .......... . .. Rene Exline Production Manager ......... Donna Luck Editorial Writers ....... . . . Kevin Stoner Copy and Proofreaders . . . Midge Joaquin, Etta Thurman, Micaela Rieffer Sports Reporters .... Ruben Reyes, Danny Celaya Typists ....... Sue McDaniel, Terry Siebert Reporters . . . Connie Johnson, Greg Tovar, Mitch Villarreal, Sharon Borree COUNCIL PROMOTES SCHOOL Student Counciluofficers take their duties seriously. OFFICERS: Miss Bernice McNaught, adviser, Becky Baker, secretary, Tony Jimenez, vice-president, Joe Ortiz, president, Dinker Holt, treasurer 14 Council met in the auditorium to honor Mr. Harris with a plaque. To assume the duties of self-government, promote student activity, bring the relations of faculty and students closer together and assure cooperation and loyalty to the school are the main responsibilities of the Council. Working together with students and teachers, this year's Council helped make this another successful year. They sponsored several dances, presided over assemblies and per- formed their duties as set forth in the handbook. Becky Baker and Joe Ortiz attended the Safety Convention in Phoenix to help organize a safety council and increase traffic safety and awareness. The Council hosted Fresh- man Initiation and Homecoming. At Christmas time they encouraged Christmas Spirit th rough class and club competition in hall decorations. Four members attended the state conven- tion, Joe Ortiz, Valarie Holt, Dana Crawford, and Danny Lippert brought back many ideas to liven up and improve school activities. I I ' 'V ATU V, E I I , A-My I, A " 2 A if? f 3 ,V ag: .,V,, 453' 1 - J i I 11-or l I I . I I ' I 1 I I 2 I I , ' ,k.V iigzi X V - f ffl' - , If I 5531 ,xv -I , " fi M, ,V i ,- l 5 I W CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Terri Williams, Freshmang Ana f N' Ortiz, Sophomore, Mark Valdez, Freshman, Gary Husk, IT Sophomore CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Dana Crawford, Juniorg Olivia Martinez, Seniorg Danny Lippert, Juniorg Kevin Stoner, Senior Attendance ot class representatives and club vice-presidents is required at each meeting of Student Council. OFFICERS: Secretary Debbie Crawford, President Kathleen Robinson, Adviser David English, Treasurer Joe Ortiz, Vice-president Peggie Henrickson Among the most recently organized clubs at FHS is Future Teachers of America. Mem- bership is open to any student interested in education as a career. At their first meeting in September FTA elected officers, set dues at .75 a year, and initiated plans for the various projects. Their plans include a field trip, a tutoring service for high school students. and participation through a school representative to the state convention. They are also planning to keep the student body informed concerning details and developments of the new state program for career education. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA .,flf,i'.f fv- ,.. ..'. .rs 1st Row: Bernadette Joaquin, Debbie Crawford, Abbie Henrickson, Peggie Henrickson, Rose Marie Manjarresg 2nd Row: Rosa Sepulveda, Rosalie Garcia, Donna McWilliams, Ria Padilla, Kathleen Robinson, Va!z.'ie Holtg 3rd Row: William Coomer, Peggy Telling, Joe Ortiz, Jeanne Crawford, Scott Farmer, Kevin Stoner, Tom Suttles Library Gophers x .-.5 uv' 1 Z. W . ,-vk, Y ,Q . 1 ?,.vWrA, ,K i ' T Seated: Terri William, Valarie Holt, Donna McWilliams, Shannon Crawfordg Standing: Larry Gutierrez, Eric Sweat, Brad Hannah, Kevin Stoner, Doreen Poor, Frankie Jaurequi, Micaela Rieffer, Connie Johnson, Everett Stapleton Organized in 1957 as the Library Club, the group charged their name to the Library Gophers the following year when they started working for points to earn a Gopher head and eventually a Gopher pin through service to students and faculty. Their pur- pose is to publicize the library through news releases through the Gopher, bulletin boards and book displays and to assist the librarian whenever possible. Each year they have toured Arizona Trade Bindery and libraries at the state Capitol, at the universities, and at Central Arizona College. In recent years they have earned money for -special entertainment treats to the Ice Capades, the Phoenix Zoo, and the New London Wax Museum. Though not so ambitious this year, their plans, nevertheless,- have included trips to other libraries and their objectives re- main constant. 1 1 -Se' ax Adviser Miss Mary Stinson, Reporter Frankie Jaurequi, Secretary-Treasurer Terri Williams, President Brad Hannah, Not present, Vice-President Eric Swe P' at 17 Nos Juntamos Todos V 1st Row: Louie Sepulveda, Frankie Jaurequi, Edward Harvey, Steve Riefferg 2nd Row: Julie Geisenhoff, Henrietta Ramirez, Dana Crawford, Irene Daniel, Valarie Holt, Sarah Gutierrezg 3rd Row: Rebecca Baker, Charles Goff, Brent Rankin, Daniel Jimenez, Tony Jimenez, 4th Row: William McVicker, Dagoberto Molina, Rusty Neely, Kevin Stoner, Joe Ortiz, Michael Hammer. Adviser John Borquez, Secretary 1st Row: Reporter Olivia Martinez, 2nd Row: Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Gutierrez, Vice- president Rusty Ortiz, President Tony Jimenezg Not present Treas- urer Charles Goff. I8 The Spanish Club is one of the most active, as well as one of the most popular, organizations on campus. Membership is open to any student who has taken or is currently enrolled in a Spanish class. At their first meeting they elected officers and set the dues for 51.00 per year. One of many fund raising activities began in October with their first Taco Day, an event that was repeated at intervals throughout the year. All money raised by the club is added to income from dues and used to finance an excursion to Mexico for the bull fights. For their November activity they prepared a Thanksgiving dinner to help a needy family. Span- ish Club not only worked hard, but they had fun too. They held pinata parties every month to cele- brate birthdays of their members. They also hosted a party to welcome our first foreign ex- change student, Consuelo Munoz. F xx . H x xxvzxi Y 0 x g ' """'0 00.0 - ,0,0.0,0,0.x xuxrx ,xx will XXW UU N . 0.l60.0.l.0z 0, Wet-,gimgga 0!'I'I'I+Z'Z ' it 70'0'0'0'0'0 000 f0'0'0 0 0 0 833389 356105.50105 V V V V Y V 000 5505000 5 0000000 , 0000006 1 0000000 3 000000 1 0000000 , 000000 0 0000000 , 1000000 . 0000000 f 0000000 , 0000000 , 0000000 , 0000000 0 0000000 000000 0 00000 , we Vgsgfrl get 5,0 30. , f , -0 00 S9 Q gh 4 K, gd 5 0 1 ,Aif.f:'ii- 0 0' ony Will Consuelo break the my f'-- ,r-Q it 165' ' 265325 "0-1'33f', ' rg 'iff , " ,. .. , ,,, ., ESQ: 0 60, - wan' le. . Qlriwlff-Qzgi , , we- l 0 1st Row: Kim Foncannon, Everett Stapleton, Teresa Gomez, Laurie Craigg 2nd Row: Susan Ballard, Rosa Sepulveda, Rosalie Garcia, Gary Husk, Peter Martinez, Rhonda Popeg 3rd Row: Ria Padilla, Rusty Ortiz, Olivia Martinez, Kathleen Robinson, Olga Cathemerg 4th Row: Fred Padilla, Eddie Silvas, Joe Padilla, William Coomer, Robert Wakefield, Larry Gutierrez P19 FHA Club Members Learn While Serving s S1 Mrs. Evelyn Pence Future Homemakers of America started the year by installing their newly elected officers and initiating new members. They honored Rusty Neely with the title of Mr. Preferred for this school year. Twenty-eight of the girls attended the'District meeting in Eloy on October 28. Each school had prepared a demonstration to represent its chapter. In March they made plans to attend the state FHA meeting at the University of Arizona. During Homecoming week, the club members made spirit signs and sponsored a Mr. Lovely Legs contest. Brad Hannah won the Mr. Lovely Legs title for the 1972-73 year. As a continuing project throughout the year, FHA members decorated bulletin boards. The sale of Christmas cards by the girls was their fund-raising venture forfinancing their various pro- jects for 1972-73. As a civic project, they made favors for the Nursing Home at Christmas and caroled at both the Nursing Home and the Children's Colony. 1st Row Sharon Bussey, Laura Suttles, Angela Contreras, Susan Luck, Julie Clemans, Debbie Reed, 2nd Row: Roxann Feierstein, Shannon Crawford, Susan Ballard. Mary Armas, Maria Alvarado, Celeste Caviness, Rose Marie Joaquin, Esther Molina, 3rd Ro rd Flow Marina Armas, Cynthia Rodriquez, Laurie Craig, Susan Douglas, Joyce Lewis, Pam Cooper, Barbara Kelley Judy Carlson I AW' dl . . , " 4 Mk? W ixf W M-4 1st Row: Rhonda Pope, Kathleen Robinson, Kim Foncannon, Rosalie Garcia, Julie Geisenhoff, Linda Douglas, 2nd Row: Marguerite Villarreal, Rebecca Baker, Bernadette Joaquin, Jeanie Crawtord, Peggie Henrickson, Naomi Mathis, Debbie Crawford, 3rd Row: Abbie Henrickson, Irene Daniel, Debbie Henrickson, Lori Rodriquez, Enedina Diaz X ,f l 1st Row: Parliamentarian Rhonda Pope, Treasurer Kathleen Robin- son, Secretary Enedina Diaz, 2nd Row: Sergeant-at-Arms Rebecca Baker, Vice-President Linda Douglas, Mr. Preterred Rusty Neely, President Bernadette Joaquin FHA girls enjoy FFA-FHA skating party. R FFA Leads the Way CHAPTER OFFICERS: 1st Row: Reporter Tom Suttles, Secretary Sharon Hindman, vice-president Mike Myers, 2nd Row: Sweet- heart Marsha Feliz, Representative Lee Malmo, Adviser Robert Sotomayor, Sentinel Bill McVicker, Chapter Sweetheart Carolyn Pensylg Not Shown Ernest Ramirez, president, and Fred Granillo, treasurer. The FFA year began with the three-day FFA State Leadership Conference at the U of A. President Ernest Ramirez won first place in creed speaking, competing against eleven top speakers. Carolyn Pensyl was first runner-up in the State Sweetheart contest. The coveted State Farmer Degree went to Pat Henry, a 1971 grad. In October, Ernie was one of about 15 Arizona FFA members to attend the National FFA Convention in Kansas City. The chapter junior dairy judging team took third place at the State Farm Judging Contest in November. Twenty-one greenhands and six chap- ter farmers were initiated on November 14 in a joint ceremony with Eloy. The FFA collected and repaired a full pickup load of used toys for distribution at Christmas. An informal Christmas party was held during toy work-night. FFA traveled to three big judging contests-South Central District Field Day, ASU Field Day, and U of A Field Day. Highlighting the year was the Annual FFA Banquet held on April 16, at which many awards in various agricultural proficiencies went to deserving members. 3 4 if gtg ff W 1st Row: Jimmy Smith, Patrick Knight, Thomas Suttles, Randall Sanford, Bill Mcvickerg 2nd Row: Lee Malmo, Rudolph Padilla, Roger Bussey, Johnny McDaniel, David Cluff, David Williams, Sharon Hindmang 3rd Row: Kelly Freeman, Michael Myers 1 ! I S lg. 5 1st Flow: Leonard Villarreal, Lalo Delgado, Charles Wahlman, Michael Green, Danny Goodin, Edward Wood, 2nd Row: Marsha Felix, Sean Knight, Mark Tucker, Danny Alston, Michael Tucker, Thomas Barkley,Carol Fischer, 3rd Flow: Denise Gutierrez, Byron Tucker, Raymond Rodriquez, Leonard Ordway, David Martin, Allen Johnson L V N if 1 T A GREENHAND OFFICERS: Vice-president Eddie Wood, President Danny Alston, Treasurer Leonard Ordway, Secretary Denise Gutierrez, Reporter Carol Fischer, Sentinel Michael Tucker Agriculture I students seed flower beds at the Ag Building under Mr. Sotomayor's supervision. 3 23 Sweethearts Sweetheart for 1972, and her Attendant Marsha Feliz ' f ,lg E Future Farmers of America held their An- nual Sweetheart Ball on February 16. FFA members had chosen the candidates and voted by secret ballot. At the Ball, President Ernest Ramirez awarded the honor of Chap- ter Sweetheart to Vicky Padilla, a sopho- more. Pam Harvey was named first attendant and Carolyn Pensyl, second. Vicky Padilla, New Chapter Sweetheart, and President Ernest Ramirez Greenhand President Danny Alston and Marsha Feliz I'll1a W . ,QB Pam Cooper If 2,5 K 'swf 412+ ,, .L,...,,.., 3: ,.,,, ,, - 5, ' i1NEi5?'Iffi gn? f .. X 7 1st Row Donna Ingllsh Anna Contreras, Labby DeArman 2nd Row Pam Cooper, Donna Mcwlllrams Rene Exllne I Rene Exlrne 'wiisnfnge , 'Mr 'f , 25427 ,ms 3. ,C , rrrrr ,L . fkfirffflz 111 fi ,,,,,. JV Cheerleaders "Got'cha" CAPTAINS: Vicky Padilla and Michele Pappas P atricia Vasquez Michele Pappas Vicky Padilla Mary Louise Myers 1st Row: Vicky Padilla, Mary Louise Myers, Patricia Vasquezg 2nd Row: Michele Pappas ,A- Carolyn Pensyl, Pamela Harvey, Rita Celaya, Rose Marie Manjarres Varsity Cheerleaders ffff CAPTAINS: Carolyn Pensyl and Pamela Harvey Rita Celaya Keep Truckm Rose Marie Manjarres Pamela Harvey Carolyn Pensyl 4 i I K E 2 Pep Club Shouts Out V, Am 4 l l ist now: snannon urawtora, victoria villaverde, Patricia Pappas, Julie Jeane Clemans, Angela Contreras, Denise Gutierrez, Reda Colbathg 2nd Row: Rene Exline, Linda Granillo, Irene Zapata, Susan Luck, Rose Marie Joaquin, Mary Louise Myers, Patricia Vas- quez, 3rd Row: Mary Lou Joaquin, Susan Ballard, Michele Pappas, Victoria Padilla, Donna lnglish, Pamela Cooper, Ana Ortizg 4th Flow: Alexys Wolven, Marie Sepulveda, Vicky Stewart, Terri Williams, Peter Martinez, Robert Wakefield, Ernest Feliz. Officers Rusty Ortiz, vice-president, Victoria Padilla, treas- urerg Pamela Cooper, secretary, Tony Jimenez, president. l 28 E !H Hey, all you Gopher fans, Miss Carol Gomes Stand up and clap your hands! So yelled our cheerleaders time after time at pep assemblies and at the game activities. Among the oldest student organiza- tions, Pep Club is still one of the most successful and popular clubs at Florence High School. Under the supervision ot Miss Gomes, the members attended all home football and basketball games and most of the out-of-town games. Theirs was the job of keeping the marale of the team high. They were right with the Gophers all along the way, giving them the support and the encour- agement they needed to win. -I 37 lst Row: William Coomer, X. ,N Mx . M, X nz. , WV... A, ' V., James, Charles Goff, Rosalie Garcia, Frankie Jaurequi, Rose Marie K l 1 H8693 2nd Row: Peggy Telling, Marguerite Villarreal, Bernadette Joaquin, Rebecca Baker, Louie Sepulveda, Rosa Sepulveda, Pamela Harvey, Elizabeth DeArmang 3rd Row: Bill Sheets, Anna Contreras, Dagoberto Molina, Kim Foncannon, Kathleen Robinson, Carolyn Pensyl, Rita Celaya, Daniel Lippert, Patrick Knight, 4th Row: Marsha Feliz, Joe Ortiz, Rusty Ortiz, Tony Jimenez, Gus Alvarado, Joe Padilla, Fred Padilla, Larry Gutierrez. BAND BOOSTS SPIRIT DIRECTOR: Frenck DeGrazia OFFICERS: Treasurer Kevin Stoner, Secretary Marguerite Villarreal Vice-president Raymon Padilla, President Brad Hannah H 9, Q if + km .-ff i 1, ,,., ,..:i. V W V ,V :.k,. gg R ' gr .5 . rl 55 .f 2- . , , ' . . . :WK 1st Row: Scott Farmer, Brad Hannah, Raymon Padilla, Rodger Busseyg 2nd Row: Mark Valdez, Joe Padilla, Greg Celaya, Barbara Sherman, Danny Celaya, Don Goodin, Jimmy Smith, Tom Suttlesg 3rd Row: Danny Alston, Jimmy Cowsert 30 Directed by Mr. Frenck DeGrazia, the Gopher Band has taken an active part in the schooI's activities. They were repre- sented by a special pep band at every pep assembly held during football and basket- ball seasons. They loaded their instruments into the truck to play fight songs down Main Street, letting the town know about home games. The band boosted team morale and encouraged the fans in their cheers. Drum Majorette Peggy Villarreal led the band through difficult formations during the half- time shows at football games. In December they joined with the chorus to present the Christmas assembly. They marched in the annual Florence Junior Parada and at the State Fair. Jlc f ttcs tftf , t S fsglfl ,k,,...,,,,., ., jr V, H V , ,,,,g,t,,- , i , .,,,. , ,, ,. -. W, z,,A k K ,C ,,, ,, ,,.,,, g .,f4,.H 71 I L' My v- 11- 4 . , - . ,.,. 5 , U ?g,y. ,,., , ,T . ,V V . 'Y xx- -ii' - 4 YTEX, MAJORETTES:1st Row: Denise Gutierrez, Lauie Craigg 2nd Row: Brenda Luck, Lisa Craig, Marguerite Villarreal, Donna Luck, Peggy Telling W, fs., 1st Row: Eric Sweat, Danny Alston, Jeanie Sherman, Abe Kaker, Raymond Rodriquez, David Riefferg 2nd Row: Linda Douglas, Barbara Kelley, Patty Herndon, Jeanne Crawford, Richard Hall, Kevin Stoner, Debbie Crawford, Susan Douglas, Martha Ramirez 31 HAPPY CHORUS VOICES ADD ACCOMPANISTS: Seated: Ma Clemansg DIRECTOR Frenck rie Sepulveda, Terri Williams DeGrazia 3 Standing: Mary Armas, Julie Jean 1st Row: Ernest Felix, Donna Luck, Peggy Acuna, Jeanie Sherman, Charles Wahlmang 2nd Flow: Patty Herndon, Terri Wainscott, Connie Johnson, Mary Armas, Terri Williams, Barbara Sherman, Linda Douglas, Olga Cathemerg 3rd Row: Larry Gutierrez, ' Tyler Green, George Myersg 4th Row: Mike Alston, Ricky Rieller, Thomas Villarreal, Eric Sweat, Danny Alston, Alonzo Sauceda GAIETY AND LIFE Under the supervision ofMr. Frenck DeGrazia, this year's chorus was off to a singing year. They performed for such social groups as the Florence Woman's Club and the Florence Music Club. Chorus also sang carols, pre- senting Christmas programs for Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Music Club, and Woman's Club. On December 21, they performed at the annual Christmas assembly. The special singing group this year was called the Florence Nightingales. They sang for the Florence Music Club and for the Nursing Home. OFFICERS: 1st Row: Secretary Rudy Padilla, President Carol Kelley 2nd Row: Treasurer Mike Alston, Vice-president Eric Sweat ' .Na 1st Row: Carol Kelley, Marie Sepulveda, Vicky Stewart, Julie Jean Clemans, Enedina Diaz, 2nd Row: Fred Padilla, Joe Zapata, Karen Jennings, Rudy Padilla, Sharon Bussey, Sylvia Scott, Frankie Jaurequi, Johnny Jaurequi, Scott Farmerg 3rd Row: Louie Felix, Howard Fieirstein, Horace Walker, Steve Rietter, Mike Hammer, Rodger Bussey GAA Promotes Spirit One of the most popular organizations on cam- pus, the Girls' Athletic Association was especially active in 1972-73. Throughout the year they have held bake sales and have operated the conces- sion stand. Christmas was a very special time of the year for this group, as they planned a party. All mem- bers of the association, the faculty, and the staff attended. Not only did the party turn out to be a source of entertainment, but the girls once again added an extra sparkle to one happy Flor- ence family by providing them with a tree, gifts, and food forthe holiday. GAA members have experience growth through teamwork, school spirit, dedication to sports, and civic responsibilities. Administrators share Christmas spirit with GAA. 1st Row: Terry Siebert, Kathleen Robinson, Rosa Sepulveda, Rhonda Pope, Rosalie Garcia, 2nd Row: Bernadette Joaquin, Rebecca Baker, Marguerite Villarreal, Pamela Harvey, Rita Celaya, Kim Foncannong 3rd Row: Margaret Ruiz, Olivia Martinez, Rebecca Ruiz, Anna Contreras, Rose Marie Manjarres, Belinda James, Irene Daniel 34 x-g311e+zw:-- 13, ,.,,,L ,. . . as-nf, - f .. Y Jr V. 32,3 J 4 l 1st Row: Angela Contreras, Susan Ballard, Michele Pappas Ana Ortiz Mary Louise Myers Patricia Vasquez Vicky Stewart Row: Patricia Pappas, Victoria Padilla, Irene Zapata Julie Jeane Clemans Victoria Vrllaverde Shannon Crawford Donna lnglish Pamela Cooper: 3rd Row: Alexys Wolven, Rene Exline Mary Lou Joaquin Esther Molina Judy Carlson Marie Alvarado Cynthia Rodriquez, Joyce Lewis. Officers 1st Row: Anna Contreras, vice-president, Olivia Martinez, sergeant-at-arms, Miss Carol Gomes, Adviser: 2nd Row: Mary Lou Joaquin, reporter, Susan Ballard, treas- urerg Rebecca Ruiz, president, Not Present Emily Lizarraga, secretary. Club members plan their many activities. Members of the Lettermen's Club have been among the busiest students this year at Florence High. Their first meeting was held on November 16 to elect officers. New members were added to the club at the end of football season. The club has sponsored a variety of activities during the year. They sponsored the junior high basketball tournament during the Christmas vacation. They held bakesales, spirit button sales, a cushion sale, and on Saturdays workdays at which time they cleaned yards and did odd jobs around homes in the community. Lettermen challenged FFA to a basketball game which they won. On March 21,they went to Phoenix to see the Phoenix Suns play the Buffalo Braves. 1st Row: Ricky Rieffer, Pat Knight, Louie Sepulveda, Steve Flieffer, Frankie Jaurequig 2nd Row: Fred Flamon, Dana Exline, Lee Malmo, Rusty Neely, Danny Jimenez, William McVickerg 3rd Row: Gus Alvarado, Horace Walker, Harold Smith, Joe Padilla, Jack Green, Terry Ballard, William Coomer, Greg Celaya, Leroy White Lettermen's Club .. it f ru. I f dl, -L J 1 Q '-S " 'K is v, ,351 ,i S. K . ony Row. Tyler Green Padilla. Marlon Duer. James Stewar! E 'X , , Frankie and Leroy supervise cushion sale. ' Secretary-Treasurer Danny Jimenez, President Fred Padilla, Vice-President Frankie Jaurequi, Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Padilla 4 38 ATHLETICS GOPHERS TACKLE TOUGH Q 4 l 2 g x 1 S 1st Row: Greg Tovar, Rusty Ortiz, Peter Martinez, Frankie Jaurequi, Louie Sepulveda, Dana Exlineg 2nd Row: Pat Knight, Rex Neal, Tony Jimenez, Leroy White, Horace Walker, Larry Gutierrez, 3rd Row: Manager Howard Feierstein, Lee Malmo, Joe Padilla, Rusty Neely, Brent Rankin, Johnny Jaurequi, Harold Smith, Danny Jimenez, Manager Abel Rodriguezg 4th Row: Fred Padilla, Albert Cruz, Lorin McCormick, Jimmy Stewart, Steve Gutierrez, Gus Alvarado, Tyler Green QUARTERBACKS: Rex Neal, Peter Martinez, Ortiz HALFBACKS: 1st Row: Greg Tovar, Brent Rankin, Johnny Jaurequi 2nd Row: Tony Jimenez, Rusty Neely, Horace Walker, Louie Sepulveda SEASON The Florence team of 1972-73 has compiled a very fine winning season. The Gophers allowed only 63 points scored on them all season, as against the 210 points they piled up against their opponents. The '72 season ended with 5 wins and 3 losses. Florence Gophers showed their offensive power by slaughtering Camp Verde 71 -3. Following this success, they continued the season by soundly smacking Ray and Payson with scores of 63-6 and 36-8 respectively. The Gophers also stung Apache Junction 20-8 and just managed to slip by Sahuarita 9-7. During the season Florence suffered one-touchdown losses to Class A Gilbert 15-6, Hayden 14-6, and Phoenix Christian 16-12. The Gophers showed great spirit and ability li 5 TW 1-.-.--.aApf OFFENSE: 1st Row: Albert Cruz, Joe Padilla, 2nd Row: Tyler Green, Steve Gutierrez throughout the year. Their successes were the result of good training and good attitude. Special thanks go to Tony Jimenez, Charlie Ruiz, Steve Gutierrez, and Rex Neal who were named to All- Conference and to Horace Walker, Larry Gutierrez, and Harold Smith who made Honorable Mention. Congratulations to the varsity on a good season! DEFENSE: 1st Row: Daniel Knight, Larry Gutierrez, Frankie Jaurequig 2nd Row: Lee Malmo, Leroy White, James Stewart, Dana Exline rv 2 Q' Q COACHES: Cy Henry, Wayland Harris CENTERS: Gus Alvarado, Lorin McCormick ,t N4-tl-me 1st Row Daniel Smithson Tony Ballard Daura Brockett Mike Green Mark Valdez, Roger Hadeng 2nd Row: Henry Manjarrez David Martin Byron Tucker Allen Johnson Sean Knight Floyd Smith Javier Saucedag 3rd Row: Jason Angell, Eddie Harvey Freddie Gramllo Lalo Delgado Johnny Trejo Abe Kakar Eddie Silvas 4th Row Billy Ramirez, Gary Husk, Johnny Borquez Robert Wake 9-14 9-21 9-28 10-5 10-12 10-26 11-2 JV Schedule 1972 Florence Opponent Sahuarita 12 Coolidge 8 Superior 0 Marana 0 Hayden 18 Phoenix Christian 8 Gilbert 14 is JV's Have Good Future Captain Rusty Neely, Coach Henry, Co-Captain Peter Martinez December 5 December 8 December 9 December15 January 5 January 6 January12 January16 January19 January23 January26 January30 February 2 February 6 February 9 February23 JV BASKETBALL Coolidge Payson Camp Verde Marana Phoenix Christian Gilbert Hayden Gilbert Apache Junction Ray Payson Superior Camp Verde Hayden Phoenix Christian Apache Junction ff, Kneeling: Manager Mark Valdez, Coach Cy Henry, Manager Ernest Felizg Standing: Abe Kakar, Gary Husk Greg Tovar Joe Neal Rusty Neely, Danny Celaya, Peter Martinez, Danny Jimenez, Jon Beavers Rex and Tony discuss strategy for second half against Gilbert. Now watch the long reach of Harold Smith. As one manager to another, Coach said, "You do it." The Gophers enjoyed a tremendous season in basketball, winning the B Central championship with little difficulty. They romped right over their first four opponents, taking Coolidge 61 to 53, Payson 80 to 56, Camp Verde 54 to 41, and Marana 58 to 56. In the Christmas Tournament played on December 20, 21, and 22, the Gophers dropped Eloy 63 to 56, took their first loss from Marana 65 to 63, squeaked by Chandler 86 to 84 in three overtimes, and rallied to crush Gilbert 94 to 65. Second loss of the season was 69 to 64 at the hands of Phoenix Christian on January 5. The next five games were winners for the Gophers. They paced Gilbert 46 to 41, Seton 93 to 51, Hayden 64 to 47, Gilbert again 81 to 63, and Apache Junction 78 to 36. On January 23, Ray managed to edge out the Gophers 69-67. The team bounced right back to take an easy victory over Payson 73-41, fol- lowing this success with six more decisive wins over Superior 59-51, Camp Verde 75-61, Hayden 73-50, Phoenix Christian 64-52, Seton 84-36, and Apache Junction 72-53. A season of 19 wins against 3 losses assured them the B Central Championship. At the State Tournament played at Brophy on February 28, the Gophers were disappointed in their bid for state honors when they bowed to Mohave by a score of 59-57 in a hard-fought game. Gophers Take B Central Leroy stands ready as Jack goes up forthe toss. Q Q T.. i -: and Borquez A. ,W 5 Captains Tony Jimenez and Rex Neal i 4 'LX QN 4 v- . -Q-...,955 l 4 4 31 30 i0 Manager Dana Exline, Coach Borquez, Manager Larry Gutierrezg Green, Harold Smith, William Coomer, Horace Walker, Greg Celaya, Leroy , Rex Neal, William McVicker, Jack .Sepulveda ohy'IIi'men'ez,' Ruben Reyes Freshmen Show Spirit Kneeling: Manager Mark Valdez, Coach Dan Turnerg Standing: Richard Hall, Byron Tucker, Billy Ramirez, Henry Maniarres Gerard Monreal. Daura Brockett Turner talks Wllhl December 5 December 15 January 6 January 9 January 12 January 16 January 19 January 23 January 30 February 6 February 13 February 16 February 23 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Florence Opponent Coolidge Marana Gilbert Seton Hayden Gilbert Apache Junction Ray Superior Hayden Seton Coolidge Apache Junction 35 51 49 64 57 40 49 54 47 62 74 39 69 Junior Varsity Displays 'Talent 1973 Schedule Date Tuesday, March 6 Saturday, March 10 Friday, March 16 Tuesday, March 20 Friday, March 23 Tuesday, March 27 Friday, March 30 Tuesday, April 3 Tuesday, April 10 Friday, April 13 Tuesday, April 24 Friday, April 27 445, y Mg. A , Opponent Coolidge Gilbert Ray Apache Junction Hayden Gilbert Superior Phoenix Christian Apache Junction Hayden Coolidge Superior Place Here Here Here Here There There Here There There Here There There ills., g iw I N 7 Et X :', I El rtlgfg , 9 ef. fl 1st Row: Roger Hayden, Ernest Ramirez, Abe Kakar, Fred Granillo, Jon Beaversg 2nd Row: Danny Celaya, Gary Husk 3rd Row Peter Martinez, Billy Ramirez, Henry Manjarres, Mark Valdez, Gerard Monreal shawn This year's Gopher baseball team will be try Gophers ing to defend their 1972 State Class "B" title 3 Coming off a 17 win, 5 loss season, the Flor ence nine will have eight returning Ietterme1 and a veteran at every position as they try tl it duplicate their- state championship fete. Ex lg perience and strong pitching will make thi Gophers strong contenders in the "B" Centra s league again this season. i Leading hitter-pitcher-catcher Charlie Rui 5 i and left-handed pitcher Greg Celaya will leal the team. They have a strong supporting cas in Tony Jimenez, Joe Padilla, David Williams Rex Neal, Chuck McVicker, Fred Padilla, ant Danny Jimenez, who are all returning lettermer Newcomers who will help are David Encinas Charlie Goff, Pete Martinez, and Mark Exline lt should be another strong year for the Gophe diamond crew. l INFIELDERS: 1st Row: David Encinas, Charles Goff, Fred Granillog 2nd Row: Peter Martinez, David,Williams, Tony Jimenez, Joe Padilla, William McVicker E : Kit iw 5 qw' " E 1 if W Y 2, 1 .'-. ilf vis , fd 1st Row: David Enicinas, Peter Martinez, Charles Goff, Ernest Ramirez, Fred Granillog 2nd Row: William McVicker, Dana Exline, Joe Padilla, Danny Jimenez, David Williams, 3rd Row: Coach Turner, Charlie Ruiz, Greg Celaya, Tony Jimenez, Fred Padilla, Coach McVicker, Manager Ernest Feliz Defend State Title -. w psf' l NM, Coaches Dan Turner and Nick McVicker K it ,, ,... .t,. , up -gnu 1 PITCHERS: Charlie Ruiz, Fred Padilla, Greg Celaya ony IIE? -ii mix! J' M. A" Row. Dana Exline, Danny Jimenez, Ernest Ramirez 2nd Row: Greg Celaya, Fred Padilla Trackmen Hurdlersg Jason Angell, John Borquez, Pat Knight, Kevin Stoner Ready For Competition TRACK SCHEDULE 1973 Opponent Place March 8 Eloy-Coolidge-Florence Eloy 13 Ray Florence 17 Ray Invitational Ray 21 Sahuarita-FIorence- Sahuarita Tombstone 28 Hayden Florence 31 Superiorlnvitational Superior April 4 Gilbert-Florence-Gerard Gilbert 7 Buckeye Invitational Buckeye 11 Marana Florence 18 Superior Florence Jim Stewart prepares to throw the shot. 24 Ray-Hayden-Florence Ray 28 San Manuel Invitational San Manuel May 5 B Central lnterdivisional Phoenix Christian 10 State Meet Mesa Community College 11 State Meet Mesa Community College A l H 'igswtunotq 5: 1 lg.a1,,4..,- -4,3 ,A 'Q "' f A -- -tl. .. .4q.:VMFM glu3,,,v1v-2 M Vfggwfm-rms 'fx -1 nvmmgvy- DISTANCE MEN: Ruben Reyes, Lalo Delgado, Louie Sepulveda, Bill Sheets 1: 3 Z POLE VAULTERS: qiveda, Mike Alston, Frankie Jaurequi SHOTPUT AND DISCUSS: Jim Stewart, Larry Gutierrez, Lorin McCormick, Gus Alvarado Cross Country Wins Awards xlff gy ,ff 1st Row: Steve Rieffer, Ricky Rieffer, Ruben Reyes: 2nd Row: Manager Ernest Felix, Jack Green, Ricky Reyes Danny Celaya, Fred Ramon, Dickie Hallg 3rd Row: Greg Celaya, Terry Ballard, Coach Darrel LeDe Sensational is the word to describe the 1972 cross country team. Top man was Ruben Reyes who placed first in all eleven meets he ran and received 2nd place award at the state meet. Fred Ramon consistently followed Ruben taking either second or third place, except at the San Manuel Invitational, a six-way meet, where he placed 6th, Most improvement during the season was shown by Greg Celaya who moved up from 12th position in the first meet to take 4th place in a two-way meet with Tolleson at the end of the ,t season. Starting the season as a fast runner, Ricky Rieffer was among the top five for Florence ' N Q Q F in the overall season. Terry Ballard was the most consistent runner for the Gopher team. The JV runner showing most improvement and most promise this year was Ricky Reyes who moved up from 18th place at the beginning of the season to earn the first place medal in the JV section of I the San Manuel Invitational. The team took 9th place at the state meet. Those team members who will be seniors next year are working hard for the improvement that Gophers make ready forthe meet. might mean a substantial college scholarship for them. will lil GIRLS Co-Captain Ana Ortiz, Coach Carol Gomes, Captain Rebecca Ruiz VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: 1st Row: Michele Pappas, Anna Contreras, Rita Celayag 2nd Row Margaret Ruiz, Manager Alexys Wolven, Vicki Padilla, 3rd Row: Ana Ortiz, Rebecca Ruiz, Olivia Martinez Girls Take Third JV Captains Rebecca Baker, Rosa Sepulveda tggsl. 9-26 10-3 10-9 10-10 10-17 10-24 10-31 11-4 11-7 VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE 1972 Ray lost 15-13 15 Gilbert lost 15-13 15 Hayden won 15-1 15 Gilbert lost 15-5 15 Coolidge won 15-9 15 Ray lost 15-5 15 Hayden won 15-8 15 Coolidge lost 15-13 15 Superior won 15-2 15 San Manuel won 15-13 15 Superior won 15-0 15 B Divisionals at Phoenix Christian 11-11 Apache Jct. won 15-4 15 Camp Verde won 15-10 15 Seton won 15-1 15 State B Finals at EAC 11 -18 Thatcher lost 15-3 15 Blue Ridge won 15-4 15 Seton won 15-6 15 yr Lknfgg J K W 3 4 1 as1ss11 JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: Standing: Patty Pappas, Rebecca Baker, Irene Zapata, Susan Ballard, Rosa Sepulveda, Belinda James: Kneeling: Maria Alvarado Tennis Starts With Upswing , ' 2' ,. ' M ,fa l 53 , 5 V' 5 ww A M W V A f V R At! ttti if Z L .W Aj ,M ,,,,. V. , ., , , 5 ,ff if 5 - -K ' f .,, ,ik ' ""f" Wen Al., ,QW Av:v X A Manager Alexys Wolven and Coach Carol Gomes This year's tennis season opened with cold weather and wind. There are eight girls out. Four of them are returning from last spring. The girls have been using the Ball-Boy tennis machine to improve and strengthen their strokes. Later they will also be using the video- tape to observe their technique and correct their mistakes. They competed against one another to deter- mine who would hold positions of number one singles, number one doubles, and so on. With the interest and skill displayed so far, this year's tennis team is pretty well assured of taking part T li in the State Tournament for the third consecutive year. 1st Row: Consuelo Munoz, Victoria Padilla, Pamela Harveyg 2nd Row: Kathleen Robinson, Kim Foncannon, Rhonda Pope, Irene Daniel, Rita Celaya Basketball Girls Show Skill 1st Row: Eva LeCIerc, Patricia Ortiz, Linda Granillo, Shannon Crawford, 2nd Row: Jeanne Crawford Patricia Vasquez, Ana Ortiz, Mary Louise Myers, 3rd Row: Margaret Ruiz, Irene Zapata, Rebecca Ruiz Although the 1972-73 girls' basketball team were off l to a slow start, they came back by winning their last five games. Competing in the Hayden Tournament, they placed second. On February 10 they participated in the Ray lnvitationals and came in consolation. They are a young, inexperienced team that worked hard to win their games against A, AA, and AAA schools. During the whole season they competed with only one B school. Much credit is due the girls for trying their best to win these A schools. What the team lacked in height was compensated for in speed. The two leading scorers were Ana Ortiz with an average of 13 points a game and Irene Zapata with 9 points a game. 5 N w l 58 HONORS National Honor Society Florence Chapter of National Honor Society was char- tered in 1950 and has been an active organization ever since. Each year ten per cent of the junior class and five per cent of the senior class is invited to membership. To be eligible, a student must have completed at least one year of study at this high school and have achieved a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The counselor prepares a list of all juniors and seniors whose scholastic achievement entitles them to membership. This list is sent out to the teachers with instructions for them to vote only for those students they have worked with in class or in extracurricular activities. Criteria for selection are demonstrated qualities of leadership, good charac- ter, and service to the school. When results of the voting are made known, the Society sends written invitations to those who have scored highest. For the third successive year, the Florence chapter has extended membership to outstanding sophomores. Miss Bernice McNaught Those who were awarded this honorary membership for 1972-73 were Pam Cooper, Danny Jimenez, and Melissa Fay. eg Celaya Daniel Jimenez, Charles Goff, Leroy White, 2nd Row: Melissa Fay, Pam Cooper, Pam NEW MEMBERS: 1st Row: Gr , ' ' Harvey, William Coomer, Jeanie Crawford, Lee Malmo 1st Row: Kevin Stoner, Joe Ortiz, Tony Jimenez, Rusty Ortizg 2nd Row Valarie Holt, Abbie Henrickson, Debbie Crawford, Donna McWilliams, Ria Padilla, Rebecca Baker l E l l Honorary members look at initiation process. S' , I 'ie'+'tf A KY fi Seated: Vice-President Abbie Henrickson, Treasurer Debbie Craw- ford, Standing: President Bill Coomer, Secretary Leroy White 5 Si 3 2 1 S is I E Wa Q is 33 Q 25 M 2 9 3 fa v? H 41 M F: J 3 5 3' 5? . ,Z sa ri ,.,w,,,w,.,,.,.,.,,,.,..l-,-.-,--.M- ....A. . .... - ...A... . ..,.. .. . --.. .... H.. .... ,1,, -M .. King Rex Neal Queen Betty Lou Smith Our gracious Homecoming King and Queen with their attendants stand out against the autumn beauty of our campus. From the field of the entire student body, each class chose its prospective king and queen. Crowning took place at the half-time ceremonies, and the royal couple were guests of honor at the Homecoming Dance. Freshmen Attendants Bill Ramirez and Susan Luck Junior Attendants Bill Sheets and Anna Contreras Sophomore Attendants Robert Wakefield and Debbie Reed Tony Jimenez, Rebecca Baker, Not present, Rusty Ortiz DAR Award The DAR award for 1973 went to Valarie Holt who was selected by the faculty scholarship committee from among three girls nominated by her class. The award is given annually by the Daughters of the American Revo- lution to a senior girl who has proved active through her high school years. Valarie was required to write a theme about good citizenship stating her ideas and attitudes concerning the responsi- bilities of the individual to society. Her theme will be entered in the state com- petition against those from other high schools. A state winner will then be selected to go on to national compe- tition. Boys' State and Girls' State Tony Jimenez and Rusty Ortiz attended Boys' State at the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. They both learned leadership through the actual participation in government af- fairs. Rebecca Baker was chosen by the scholarship committee at FHS as our representative to Girls' State at the Uni- versity of Arizona. Throughout the ses- sions, the girls learned the basic funda- mentals of government and, most important, they learned how to work to- gether with others. Our three staters have returned with valuable experience to share with other members of student council. Valarie Holt Medallion of Merit In his junior year Joe Ortiz was chosen as Outstanding Junior by Ari- zona State University and awarded the Bronze Medallion of Merit. This honor also includes a full year's tuition-paid scholarship for the first year the re- cipient attends A.S.U. Joe was chosen for his outstanding qualities of scholar- ship, leadership, and citizenship. He was presented the Medallion at the Honors Assembly last May by the Hon- orable T. J. Mahoney. N! 91 -.I-nv' 'K' TXT ..- Outstanding Juniors At Honors Assembly last spring, Tony Jimenez and Debbie Crawford were presented with the Outstanding Junior awards given by the University of Arizona. Tony has been an honor student for three years and a member of Florence Chapter of National Honor Society since his sophomore year. He has displayed unusual leadership ability through the many different offices he has held in various organizations, including two years as class president. He is currently vice-president of Stu- dent Council. Debbie is serving as vice-president of her senior class. She is active in Future Homemakers of America. During her years at FHS she has been an honor student and member of National Hon- orary Society, having been elected treasurer this year. FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT At the beginning of the second semester, Florence High School enrolled Consuelo Munoz, ourfirst foreign exchange student. Consuelo is a ninetee-year old high school graduate from Columbia. One of her foremost objectives in coming to the United States was to learn English, to see the country, and to learn our customs and way of life. She is living at the home of the Lester Craigs. Consuelo is on a full-time schedule and is taking part in extra-curricular activities such as Spanish Club and tennis. Consuelo Munoz Kathleen Robinson TENNIS CAMP The only player to go to tennis camp from Florence was Kathleen Robinson. She lived on campus at the University of Arizona for eight days last summer. At camp students played matches among them- selves. Kathleen was awarded first place in singles and was chosen for the State All-Star Team. This additional training and further competition will prove a great asset to Kathleen and will give a big boost to our team during the '73 season. Micaela Rieffer Safety Convention Rebecca Baker and Joe Ortiz were chosen as T R A G Y C representatives. These letters stand for Traffic Representatives of Ari- zona's Governor's Youth Council. Our rep- resentatives participated in a two-day conference at the Westward Ho Hotel in Phoenix. At the conference they saw films of young accident victims, learned ways to prevent accidents by stressing motor vehicle and pedestrian safety. This year the TRAGYC committee of Florence High con- ducted an auto check in the student parking lot. The process included checking brakes, brake lights, turn signal lights, parking lights, backup lights, head lights, horns, windshield wipers, and mirrors. The com- mittee has impressed the student body with the idea of "Safety First." , . Betty Crocker Award Micaela Rieffer took the Betty Crocker Test in competition with other senior girls to win the title "Homemaker of Tomorrow" from FHS. Now she is eligible to compete at state level with winners from other high schools through the tate. Should Micaela be winner of the state competition, she would receive a generous scholarship and be eligible to compete at national level. An additional scholarship is the reward for the highest score in the na- tional testing. Betty Crocker awards are among the most coveted in the field of home economics, so competitive spirit runs high. We wish Micaela success in her endeavors. Na Joe Ortiz and Rebecca Baker Publications Workshop Seated at right are Joe Ortiz and Cheeky Celayag standing are Doris Ramirez and Martha Castro. These members of the Saguaro staff began the year by attending a workshop held by Mr. Ken Strawn, representative for our publishers. At his Phoenix offices Mr. Strawn discussed with students and spon- sors the construction of year- books, types of covers, photog- raphy, and layout. He illustrated his remarks with filmstrips and slides. After lunch the group went to the printers where our yearbook is to be set up before shipment to the publishing company. FJ at t,T'f , E ww Student Counci Convention Danny Lippert, Valarie Holt, Joe Ortiz, and Dana Crawford were the members of our student coun- cil who attended the convention in Tucson on the weekend of De- cember 1. While there they stayed at the International Plaza Hotel. Each one of them attended sev- eral classes to learn new skills in fund-raising activities, leader- ship and techniques for making student council meetings inter- esting. They learned the effective use of parliamentary procedure and the principles of making friends and getting along with one another. Later on, they went to banquets and a dance held on the U of A campus. By the conclusion of the weekend, they had made many new friends and felt that the trip had been most beneficial to all of them. Music Camp Florence Music Club has annually awarded a scholarship to aband member selected by the department. The award is sufficient to pay all the student's expenses to the week-long music camp held at Arizona State University in June. Last year the band decided to use the Music Club scholarship for two partial scholarships with the recipients paying half their own ex- penses. These awards went to Brad Hannah and Jim Busby. The band raised funds through Christmas candy sales to provide a third scholarship which they presented to Kevin Stoner. l gf 3 Majorette Camp Marguerite Villarreal, a senior, this summer attended maiorette camp in California for her third year. She has been an outstanding major- ette for the past four years. At camp, she has learned the many graceful movements of a twirler. She has perfected the art of the many different steps and routines of skillful baton twirling. Her exceptional ability has been a great asset in band performances during the football season and at special band exercises at rallies and the state fair. ?-6 ii, S Brad Hannah mfwmfww W CAROLYN PENSYL Carolyn Pensyl, 1972-73 Sweetheart, accom- panied other members of the Florence Chapter to the FFA convention held in August at the University of Arizona. There she was chosen second runner-up in the contest for State Sweetheart. Also present at the convention was Marsha Feliz, FFA Sweetheart attendant. All sweethearts were interviewed by the voting delegates of different schools. The night of the Sweetheart Ball five finalists were announced. Each one was required to make a speech as the last step in determining which one would be State Sweetheart, first runner-up, and second runner-up. ERNEST RAMIREZ Ernest Ramirez, a sophomore, proved his leadership ability last year as Greenhand president. By the end of the year, he had won the state creed speaking contest, a first for Florence. As president for 1972-73 he has proved a credit to the Florence Chapter and to our school and community. On October 12, Ernest joined FFA members from other chapters in the state and traveled to Kansas City as the chapter's representative to the National Convention of Future Farmers of America. Leroy .bf f GOLDEN HAMMER For his skill, interest, and performance in wood- shop, Leroy White was awarded the Golden Hammer at Honors Assembly last May. This is the second year Leroy has achieved this distrinc- tion. The Golden Hammer is on display in the trophy case. GIRL ATHLETES Girls' basketball team played three tourna- ments. Irene Zapata was chosen all-star player at Hayden and Ray, Jeanne Crawford was an all-star player at Hayden, and Ana Ortiz was all-star player at Hayden, Ray and Marana. Irene and Ana received medals and Jeanne was fiven a trophy. Rebecca Ruiz was selected for the all-division- al volleyball team and as all-state team member. She is the first girl in Florence to win these honors. gf :s- t . mg. J "J '. "X GPQ , ' ' ' ,T i.w'i.f.'-, ' ' .5 "1 :Tami ,r . -u'iig: ,5 - ,fl , R, .j, L Q ' I .-K,-f'.'- - - ' -,f.'91ffee ,.. t, t - nf' Irene' Zapata, Rebecca Ruiz, Ana Ortiz, JeanneaCrawford lngllsh Do n Rene , n Pamela Cooper, Anna Contreras JV Cheerleaders JV cheerleaders Patty Vasquez, Vicky Padilla, Michele Pappas went to cheerleading camp at NAU on the week of July 9-15. The JV's did exceptionally well, coming home with five ribbons. One ribbon was for excellence, three were for outstand- ing performance, and one was an honorable mention. The awards are even more valuable considering that they had to compete among AAA, AA, A, and B division squads. On the first day, they were awarded a "Spirit Stick" out of all JV's at camp. In addition, they learned new ideas, attended classes, and really showed their school spirit. Rose Marie Manjarres, Pamela Harvey, Carolyn Pensyl, Rita Celaya Pom pons This past summer, five members of the pom pon squad attended camp. They were Anna Contreras, Donna Inglish, Rene Exline, Pamela Cooper, and Donna McWilliams. The camp was held at Northern Arizona University. During their stay they went to five different classes where they learned new routines and move- ments. Also they discussed problems they had in their squad and in their school performances. Most impor- tant, they showed their school spirit and learned much through sharing ideas with others and helping one another in solving their problems. The most difficult part of their pro- gram was the daily competition against the other schools. Victoria Padilla, Michele Pappas, Patricia Vasquez Varsity Cheerleaders Our varsity cheerleaders pictured at right also attended camp at NAU with the JV's. Cheerleaders faced heavy competition displaying heir spirit throughout the week. They at- tended classes to learn the basic ideas of cheerleading. They gained much valuable experience working with top cheerleaders from all over te state. On the first day of camp, the varsity was awarded the only spirit stick out of fifteen other schools in AAA, AA, A, and B classification. This is the second consecutive year both of our cheerleading squads have brought home the spirit stick. Varsity also was rewarded for out- standing performance with the fol- lowing ribbons: one superior, three excellent, and one outstanding. XSTF x Charlie Ruiz, Greg Celaya, Rony Jimenez CROSS COUNTRY HONOR Ruben Reyes, outstanding athlete in track and cross country, has knocked down numberous old records and set new ones. During this year's competition, he placed second in State and first in every other event, ending the season with eleven firsts. ln both track and crosss country he has competed against A, AA, and AAA schools in addition to Class B's. So far this junior has won 1 ribbon, 3 bronze, 3 silver, and 12 gold medals plus 5 trophies. James Stewart, Johnny Celaya, Fred Ramon, Greg Celaya xi 9 7 Q.. BASEBALL HONORS The three Gophers who were chosen last spring to the All-Conference Team were Charlie Ruiz, Greg Celaya, and Tony Jimenez. Greg Celaya, a sophomore, was picked for first team All-Conference pitcher. Tony was chosen as first team second baseman. To Charlie went the honor of second team All-Conference catcher. K Ruben Reyes TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY Jimmy Stewart, a senior, has received 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal in the last three and one-half years in track. At CAC All-Conference meet, he placed 5th in shot put and 6th in discus. Johnny Celaya competed in the state 220 yard dash but did not qualify in the finals. So far he has received 12 medals. Fred Ramon placed 6th at the San Manuel Invitational Six-Way Meet. Fred has had a good season, placing second or third in almost every meet this year in cross country. Greg Celaya placed 4th in a two-way meet with Tolleson for cross country this season. He is cited by Coach LeDe as being the most improved athlete on the team. 74 1 awp: 1 K 3.593 agpeifff V . 492 f -wiv s. D, ,.-px. , ww X A . I -lf- .-'ek ' 4 cy ' , -N2 aint: .fel ." -H? K , -- 3, Q 41.1, Z'1.,,l:: -A -, f .fcdiv A ffff A Jaw ff" "7f,Qy" H 1' M was Q CLASSES . ,.,,., . ,V ,H ,-1. . Sun Sets on H'9h,5C'799l.L'fe.f0' Semofs ? .. . - - f I -. iw -E f 5 ' vi ff vis- -1 7 '- ' . m , - k ff, gyfgQg" " -ff,5f-- -"fill a..a-aa... A, 0 fi' . N , 'J ,. ' 7 ' - i I if x kt 'as i t rf' 3 x The Class of '73 has been noted for their tradition- breaking antics. As freshmen under President Tony Jimenez, Vice-president Rusty Ortiz, Secretary Carolyn Lippert, and Treasurer Becky Baker, the freshmen built a float for the Homecoming Parade that took second place. As sophomores, again Tony Jimenez was presi- dent, Becky Baker, vice-president, Becky Ruiz, secretary, and Joe Ortiz, treasurer. They domi- nated all classes by taking first place with their Homecoming float. They foresaw the need for money to finance the Prom, so their first real fun- raising project went under way-the sale of pens with the football team schedule on them, a profitable project. The junior year was by far one of the highlights of their high school lives, as their main ambition was to put on a "prom" for the graduating class. The juniors again broke with tradition by doing away with the prom and all the formal details. They had, instead, an informal banquet and dance which many students agreed was an enjoyable change. The juniors were lead by Joe Ortiz, president, Dinker Holt, vice-president, Bern Joaquin, secretary, and Martha Garcia, treasurer. Working together, the junior class made this year a memorable one for all of them. Now at the top of the peak, the senior class of 1973 reigns over all others. They've waited a long time for the moment they could turn their rings around and call everyone "under- classmen." The days of joking around and causing trouble are all memories now, and it's time to concentrate on the future. The senior is the one year a student really has the chance for the recognition he seeks and this year's senior class without a doubt was recognized in more ways than one. During Christmas the senior hall was awarded third place and their Homecoming float took first place, not to mention their candidates Rex Neal and Betty Lou Smith crowned Home- coming King and Queen of 1972. At the time of this writing, the seniors are it looking forward to being honored at the Junior-Senior Prom sponsored by the juniors. The sun will set on high school life for the class of '73, but those memories will linger on! ,a.f'.:swq P' wi ff 5 1 F 1 4 1 , A- - ' . ' -' A, V W, , ,Y , .wfizggl me ::3VTliil ' . - 4x,, ff 5:5 A 5, , 'H-ou-.gg ' fs 'lu :H:"'A MICHAEL ALSTON BILL BAKER BRENDA BUSSEY PEGGY CAFFALL Em , "Qi-ea-fl' REBECCA BAKER JAMES BUSBY 'W' uv-WN-'yr MARTHA CASTRO , . OLGA CATHEMER 0 ,,..-Q... MARLON DUER DAVID ENCINAS TYLER GREEN DAVID GRIGGS JOHN CELAYA DEBBIE CRAWFORD HOWARD FEIERSTEIN MARY JEAN GRANILLO LARRY GUTIERREZ STEVEN GUTIERREZ -va? 10 .pf--is DEBBIE HENRICKSON PEGGIE HENRICKSON A-...Q BRADFORD HANNAH ABBIE HENRICKSON Q""f!'9'l' -95030 X. BRENT HENRY VALARIE HOLT QQ : R - xv BERNADETTE JOAQUIN GARY LANTZ fl S qfnm OLIVIA MARTINEZ NAOMIE MATHIS 80 F175 JOHNNY JAUREQUI LOUIS ANTONIO JIMENEZ Q -wwf? -- . if ,Z Y f,.,fg,wf' Im, ' ggQ1gg2r'?7,5f ' W' www: ,Lf ,, ,maqfw , 1-,1 Jimi: -I gpm qgjgy, I I Af. Us , WZ-M-an fu ffJIj'Z'i ...Jr "72'...,"Q- f 2 ki 'K . v--. P ffifggw, .sr f.ffL,,wi1K,, H +A MH - i w,f.fwf+z?,zlgs,,4f if Ebel Vik? EER' WWf1g,f1x59 ,, , M, ,X ,mm I i l MW! +Hw 1 , ,,,.w,,--gn I 'vw if iw ,az lj' 3, x,f'4'wn?5 f S Z' If YQ 21 1 I 5 I M 1 Z H -'53, .3-..' I, ss' V, ,WV 1" Sy 5' V A 5 si f- - :gg ,,,, Y :I Av 322:25 MQ if M 7' A, ,R Q f I f 4 S, I 5'-1526, 'Il si ,IQ M I -f A "' .AT I H gslfffgfbx S J' Q3 fin- :mm Q- Waf a.WwwWw4 BRENDA LUCK DONNA LUCK 5 I x I P5 x V ff LORIN MCCORMICK SUE MCDANIEL SANDRA MILLER CAROLYN MOORE - nw Sm- ,.fgg,e: Af .:,'.,, ""'?"l'nn S, , si 1 SQ' X WY?" SYLVIA MCDANIEL DONNA MCWILLIAMS IQ! n - Mhpvf' .HK-5 i tw?-J 'D--in-up "- - f GARY MOORE GEORGE MYERS MICHAEL MYERS REX ALLEN NEAL THELETHER NEAL GILBERT ORTIZ JOSEPH ORTIZ RUSSELL ORTIZ CECILIA PADILLA FRED PADILLA 4' . E I , -Q' 'ai""N' WHO uf--f-a "RS" RAYMON PADILLA RUDOLPH PADILLA 'fax Rv C7 ROBERT PHILLIPS PETER REYES Q 73 f I I A M, , ax ggw . 5 ae 3 I 'Ga sxsu LORI RODRIGUEZ CHARLES RUIZ K' MICAELA RIEFFER ABEL RODRIQUEZ 6 GSW' ,QF--we-,, REBECCA RUIZ BETTY JEAN SANDERS LARRY RUIZ MARGARET RUIZ will H-..,-...W-""' BETTY LOU SMITH JAMES STEWART Q JEANIE SHERMAN TERRY LYNN SIEBERT 7 KEVIN STONER ERIC SWEAT 'NP'-sy, 4 , I 0 . xi Wh-1-'40 X 5 1 , a 51193 i 'iff Nad 'fi 8.5 or-v--., PEGGY LEE TELLING MARGUERITE VILLARREAL mv-K 'LLM-11' 'ff 21 .J. "'l' Z ' hp' hh -ff. JOE A. ZAPATA Mary Jean Granillo prepares for a P D test. Sun Shines on Juniors SJ, 2 I g 2 s Advisers GAry Adams, Robert Sotomayor, Donna Anello Frankie Jaurequi checks work with Mrs. Anello. W"" ' ' Enedina Diaz, treasurerg Greg Celaya, president, Carolyn Pensyl, secretaryq Charles Goff, vice-president Just think, Juniors! One more year and we'Il be graduates of old F.H.S. Remember our fresh- man year? We won the spirit award, a major accomplishment for our first year. As sophomores, once again we took the spirit award, the penny race during Homecoming week, and the award for the most original float. The class of '74 has solved its fund-raising problems with a variety of activities, most profit- able of which was the operation of the concession stand. For the most of us the thrill of the year was receiving our rings on November 28. Now we can look forward to next year when we will very certainly be the most spirited class ever to graduate from FHS. fail,-gy X 3 mg .,' . If , . 1 ., in xg-J I I f A , If 'K W f N 3 if I f If I W -I ,sv-,yrs K ., ,I 1, X I N , b'5"-s-.....w ,...........,.---' DANNY ALSTON AUGUSTINE ALVARADO TERRY BALLARD JANET BREWER ...prev Iuniors enjoy sun inthe west patio. ,Off DORA GREY CELAYA :fu .2 AJ I , :Lf , I 'I' Is I Y 5 ra' ' 5 I RITA CELAYA INILLIAM COOMER JACOB COPELAIID V 'X , , M: 'Y-'W - A 1 ' f , , L 4.37 . 4 fx- J If I fr -1 A ' 4 ? I 1 K 3 L I? . PIN A I axfff' 'Qflf' A 1' f X 1 g - , V ff , ! if 'Z 3 ' "k' 4-.I...vI'3Q D DANA CRAWFORD JEANNE CRAWFORD IRENE DANIEL ELIZABETH DEARMAN ENEDINA DIAZ LINDA DOUGLAS I KIM FONCANNON KELLY FREEMAN N55 21- . Q EE,E .i ,grim no ,.alT'?W' M Q 21 ' X . 3 ac. ,sl . at f c. f if 'K :H .ks "N 3 ,X , 5 gk , 'Y' DANA EXLINE SCOTT FARMER ' hh' 2 I :QQ .X W 1 Q ' f I QW- MM 7 M I I S N I p m 3? L 1 -za ' Nga Z Ti N it 8 3 X 3 i F ' X . 2.gfw:2:ww4 f wg 5 YQ' X QA g ' 2 Ik LOUIS FELIX MARSHA FELIZ WK 2 ROSALIE GARCIA CHARLES GOFF JULIE GEISENHOFF DON GOODIN Q if JACK GREEN SARAH GUTIERREZ MICHAEL HAMMER PAMELA HARVEY BELINDA JAMES FRANKIE JAUREQUI xx ,A ,.n0"Af CAROL KELLEY PATRICK KNIGHT DANIEL LIPPERT MARK LLOYD ANDREW LOPEZ DARRELL MALLON fi-f 2 f f-f'T A wif? 71 Y V? , If 91 ' I 2 LEE MALMO ROSE MARIE WILLIAM MCVICKER RODNEY MICHAEL ROY MICHAEL MANJARRES If wfii s ,V ,f EPM. . W-' R , Q Q .Q Y I 5 sf YIII ,A 3 5 fu -' V, ,u w xv ' - JOSEPH PADILLA MICHAEL PAPPAS CAROLYN PENSYL DOREEN POOR RHONDA POPE XRS - , 9-an gu- ,4- H P I"fF? DAGOBERTO MOLINA 'TQ DORIS RAMIREZ Ixfn! HENRIETTA RAMIREZ FRED RAMON RUBEN REYES ALONZO SAUCEDA LOUIE SEPULVEDA f' 'Q i .,- W W K f ' F1 V ROSA SEPULVEDA BILL SHEETS ' A :: gf' M5 Julie Geisenhoff, Belinda James, and Charles Golf get ready for the balloon race. 'X 90 R .ACH I 'f ', iw I I4 BARBARA SHERMAN LOUIS SMITH JERALD SULLIVAN THOMAS SUTTLES ETTA THURMAN RICHARD TUTTLE HORACE WALKER LEROY WHITE DAVID WILLIAMS JANE WINGATE A a . . A I F 3' Q 5 I Rosalie dreams of all the excitement ol her junior year. ' AQ ii 2 Sophomores Step Upward . .A. A A VW. Q ,IJ OFFICERS: 1st Row: Secretary Pamela Cooper, Treasurer Michele Pappasg 2nd Row President Vicky Padilla, Sergeant- at-Arms Rusty Neely, Vice-president Vicky Stewart , ... is X Sophomores plan activities. The Class of '75 is a lively one. They showed their respect for tradition by entering into the freshman initiation activities with enthusiasm. They proved their competitive spirit by winning the Christmas hall deco- rating contest. As Sophomores they have begun planning ahead for the increasing responsibilities of their junior year. To augment their treas- ury, they held a sandwich sale and two bake sales during noon hours. They sponsored a booster page in the local newspaper to build up community support of the Gophers before the state basketball tournament. The class sponsored several dances after home football and basketball games. They planned a Twirp Dance to start off the spring activities. The class projected their fund-raising ac- tivities into the summer months with car washes and bake sales. Eliminating many of these hurdles early will enable next year's juniors to direct their energies toward providing their upperclassmen with an out- standing prom next spring. ADVISERS: Nicholas McVicker, Darrel LeDe, Mrs. Luanne'Barteau 4- ,. - ig fx A a XX I X555 PEGGY ACUNA MARIA ALVARADO JASON ANGELL MARY ARMAS RUDOLPH 3 I-3 -I . ,SLK ' , I I 'g,,f,,, A sophomore needs time just to loaf. M Q .. as QR . as as fx J 5 I V ee o I I - .5 e,,.1L Q ya - ' ,Ii 'Y AYALA JIM BAKER I I Ah iv L Us V -.,- 2 , - I 1 e" LL eeeee ooooe I ye I ...: X SUSAN BALLARD JON BEAVERS SHARON BORREE SHARON BUSSEY fbi? 'xv E,l AMALIA CABRERA JUDY CARLSON W CELESTE CAVINESS GAYLA CHANDLER JIMMY COWSERT JEANETTE CRAIG LAURIE CRAIG ALBERT CRUZ SUSAN DO AE COBBS PAMELA COOPER 'Y UGLAS DONNA INGLISH 5 X, Qi A' I J ,iffy ff I fl I - - mf, I I p 2. P I z! ow Ho RENE EXLINE MELISSA FAY I --..-rf 1 4 "' . 3 I A If rif agigx iz E I ,,,, -Q Y TERESA GOMEZ DANNY GOODIN sophomore takes time to dream. I If 3 E ,, AN? ,Q -1 : , S, , 5 ' ,A FREDDY GRANILLO ROGER HADEN EDWARD HARVEY PATTY HERNDON SHARON HINDMAN NORMA HORSMAN 99' "M S' 1 ' . I if GARY HUSK KAREN JENNINGS DANIEL JIMENEZ MARY LOU JOAQUIN KIRBY JUDD NORMA JUDD f 'V" , Q f ABRAHAM KAKER JOYCE LEWIS EMILY LIZARRAGA JOHNNY MCDANIEL PETER MARTINEZ ESTHER MOLINA Ni I W MARY LOUISE MYERS JOE NEAL RUSSELL NEELY ,di ANA LOUISE ORTIZ CHERYL OSBURN VICTORIA PADILLA MICHELE PAPPAS JOSEPH PHILLIPS ERNESTO RAMIREZ BRENT RANKIN DEBORAH REED CYNTHIA RODRIOUEZ VIOLA RODRIQUEZ GABRIEL SALAZAR RANDALL SANFORD I f, V L V ,liz Q g A T O I I9 K ,, L. IIIV ,.v" I ,fm V V - 1 I MARIE SEPULVEDA EDWARD SILVAS FLOYD SMITH HAROLD SMITH JIMMY SMITH EVERETT STAPLETON 2? 2 , ! I S ' STEWART LAURA SUTTLES GREG TOVAR ANTONIO VALENCIA PATRICIA VASOUEZ ANTHONY VEGA 1, Q 1 'T ' An i S 4 47 ...mg ,f it , r M, Tw 2 3 'Za' A M js ISM f X :QQ June vec.A moms vrLLAnneAL DANIEL vmmc: GARY WAINSCOTT noam WAINSCOTT nosenr wAKEFren.o r 'II 'T' 'I JOHNNY WINGATE ALEXYS WOLVEN EDWARD WOOD I ,prlqgf Sophomores studied poetry in Mrs. AneIIo's third period English class. Wayne Neely takes a quick look at his notes on the way to class. Freshmen Face Future with Confidence The Freshmen this year were off to a run- ning start. The first up on the agenda was the painting of the F by the freshman boys, while the girls stayed behind and decorated the auditorium for the annual Freshman Handshake Dance where they were properly initiated into membership of Associated Students. As the semester rolled on, the frosh be- came better acquainted with the campus and the right classes, at the right period, and the names of their teachers. During Homecoming week they dominated in the grapefruit race. They also put on sev- eral bake sales to boost their savings. Altogether the frosh have begun their first year by taking active part in every sport and in many different organizations, in- cluding band, chorus, FFA, FHA, Chess Club, Pep Club, and GAA. OFFICERS: 1st Row: Secretary Susan Luck, Vice-President Patricia Ortizg 2nd Row: President Danny Celaya, Treasurer ADVISERS B. J. Dowdy, Miss CaroI,Gomes, Melvin Gardner David Martin fi . ,.., V Q K 1 i S 1 5 Ricky had no trouble starting the year. IIIW c:'fS"' I , if f MARINA LISA ARMAS TONY BALLARD TOMMY BARKLEY WM if 'EN 10 ? 'L ig, I he .,yw,ff"W2 I R ,ff Sgt B 5 M! A 4 f' "' ' af 3 , I JIMMY BUSSY DANNY CELAYA JULIE JEANE CLEMANS a 4 I .1 4., I M E-A ANGELA CONTRERAS LISA CRAIG SHANNON CRAWFORD vw . 15, F6LgVVLV4Vy V I X ERNEST FELIZ CAROL FISHER DEBRA GOMEZ .... 'rf YJ KIM BARTEAU JOHN BORQUEZ DAURA BROCKETT BARBARA COBBS rl GERARDO DELGADO Q .......4 Aa, ,ri A ty: 1 1' lr I , , S 1' wr' 3 'I in ,pt ALBERT COLLINS REDA COLBATH X X ix J ROXANN FEIERSTEIN NANCY FELIX 8 if ,W ,- Q 5' , QZILIZQ' , Ni' ' 2 ff f 'Q ' Tail : H ' Vi I ,zzisrzn g Z an ,fi A-i QM,- . I , A Xl ..,..,,rfII,1 LINDA GRANILLO MICHAEL GREEN DENISE GUTIERREZ ,L , A' x ' I Freshmen worked in the reading lab to increase reading speed A V 35 wx , X ' 1 - 1 5, ai if 'AJS If X, 4 . Ly ' 4 H ,N no I ,. i midi V 'f and comprehension. A1 i, I fx A . fag RICHARD HALL TERESA HALL JOHN HERNANDEZ I I 2 his fr T9 ji, kk , I A4 AH H A I ' AfA f " r R f nj" iv f'kf' i 'Q' H .I Zz , V. .V V, . Asg , H AI. 4 . . V A, . V f Q I Lil . .. 1 . " ' V Y' . f H a I eg- 1 I7 5' CONSTA-NCIEA A H SANDRA JOHNSON BARBARA KELLEY i I HENRY MANJARRES DAVID MARTIN K GERARDO MONREAL 2g,wgM,.c .V,k ,.,. I kkrh . , , . K V ,, .. -7?56.yfsifs1?Ei,s-Zi'sfibflfi? 2 'M u -- Y f 7 U . -i pf-j'i'1, Llfzxzwvtssfisxfzxxx ff " : -V 1 ' ' ' ' f' :warmxix ww ff--,, f- ' ...ws "" I ' ' ' f ' 'va "7 '1' A K ff if ' f f ' X f Q 1 A A' in iz . I I ii Wifi - ' I 7, T if f Q l ' S ff. f ' I 1. ff, . .4 , f .. .Q - 1 -. l f f' ii . " 1 'Shes 'ti 2. 512. ' CATHERINE ORTIZ PATRICIA ORTIZ PATRICIA PAPPAS Yf1vgi'21"f'f"g,3 .. - - - f wL?211?:2zfQ,Ls,1f3g g -1 f-ff f 1 if iw, . K- gflwzfww. f,i'i:-,Q-f,f,f -.1 ,, g,,ffwi4i7IxVXf , i -Y IQi'??QEE.f7I5f fi- . - F12 ' . . Wi.. 'i1f.gfssfai i'- ,' . f 15i?3YgK'1l' , ' Q55 x Q ' J SANDRA PIERCE BILLY RAMIREZ MARTHA RAMIREZ Freshmen learned library skills in English classes. 98 ROSE MARIE ALLEN JOHNSON SEAN KNIGHT KATHY LEINARD i" . - V , , , , I - 5. . ,E -,A..f,f' fm ,L 3 jg. n f ,,..,. . ti x A , VV 2 fy nose MARY' NICHOLS an MUQ , 47 ..v f 13' ,, ' CAROLYN JOHNSON SUSAN LUCK LEONARD ORDWAY ,L f"" , as I 1 f Q A K I I W v 5 1' , I I G- r,-,Q -v 7' X T 'A 5 ,J xy 15 i M Ek Q M' I 2 1' ' If LENORA REYES RICHARD REYES DAVID RIEFFER RENEE ROBLES MANUEL ROBLES RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ A Q ! w 5 I" , . I 4 if , ' I M f 1 9 I 4" rt, .. Zh f 4 f y I ., .u k ",, A CHRIS RUIZ JAVIER SAUCEDA DEBRA SHEILA SISNEY SHERILYN SPOONER JEAN STAPLETON SILVERTHORNE SHIRLEY THURMAN MICHAEL TOVAR JOHNNY TREJO W' , A-sr 1, . E I 'Til' BYRON TUCKER EDITH UNDERWOOD MARK VALDEZ ALBERTA VASQUEZ LEONARD 'QR TERRI WAINSCOTT TERRI WILLIAMS IRENE ZAPATA VILLARREAL . ,,, L,' .I M Jw fi fr Q ' I x I MARK TUCKER MICHAEL TUCKER VICTORIA CHARLES WAHLMAN VILLA VERDE ,g 1 f ,, . ws wi... .5 K4 ' -VV ,if aff , ww L' fa, wil ww I M 1 elk ADMINISTRATICN Our sincere thanks go to the members of the board of education of the Florence school district. We appreciate the sacrifice they make to attend not only the regular monthly meetings held on second Thursdays but also the frequent special meetings as well. Theirs is the task of approving budgets and supervising expenditure of funds appropriated for use by the school district. Meetings are open to the public to give townspeople an opportunity to hear discussions and decisions made on matters pertaining to welfare of students and teachers. Their duties include reviewing teacher applications, interviewing applicants for teaching and maintenance positions, reviewing and acting upon bids, approving Title 1 projects, approving budget requests for teaching and staff salaries and for equipment and supplies, hearing special reports and requests from student and teacher committees, and attending to special items of business as they come up. The board is now in their second year of office. As a new board, they have had to devote considerable time to studying the duties and responsibilities of their office. Mr. Elliott is senior member. Newly elected officers are Mrs. Feliz as president and Mr. Burrows as clerk. We commend the members of the board for their service to the community and for their dedication to the students of FHS. Board of Education Seated: Reginald Shepard, Mrs. Betty Felizg Standing: Allen Elliott, Jeff Martin, Melvin Burrows Mr Celaya New Superintendent A native of Florence, Mr. Celaya was graduated from Florence High School and the University of Arizona. He returned to FHS in 1953 to teach Spanish and his- tory. Soon afterward he became head baseball coach taking his team to state runner-up in 1957 and to the state championship in 1965. Mr. Celaya has always believed strongly in the value of extracurricular activi- ties in the school program and has served the students as adviser to Lettermen's Club, Spanish Club, and Student Council. 1964 saw him as counselor and 1966, as director of athletics. His knowledge of sports and his great inter- est in them allowed him to slip easily into this new role. The board of education advanced Mr. Celaya to the newly created post of principal in 1967. On July 1, 1972, he took over his new office as the superintendent of Florence High School. It has not been an easy first year, but it has been a good one. Mr. Celaya has long since won the confidence of teachers and students alike. They appreciate his cheerful, friendly attitude and respect the firmness and honesty of his decisions. 'ia i E I 5 E i A 2 X ,.....,. Administration Sets Goals ,sew-,'i"' Mr. Patterson came to FHS from Cool- idge High School where he w's teacher of English and journalism for three years and vice-principal and athletic director for two years. He received his Bachelor's degree in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, in 1966 and his Master's at Northern Arizona Uni- versity in 1971. Most important is Mr. Patterson's phil- osohpy of education. He believes that he is here to help students understand their responsibilities in securing an education and taking part in the democratic process. He hopes in the future to offer some type of vocational training at FHS. He believes the attitude of students is far superior at FHS to that of students in many other areas of the state. He feels that extra- curricular activities are an important part of the learning process and that a number of students do not realize what they are capable of. The job of the administrators and the teachers is to help them attain the oan A. Patterson, Principal highest degree of proficiency possible. What does a guidance counselor do?f Ask Miss McNaught. Since Florence High rolled out the welcome mat, Miss McNaught has directed our testing pro- gram. She gives Lorge-Thorndike tests to freshmen, the Metropolitan Achieve- ment Test and National Education Devel- opment Test to sophomores and the Lorge-Thorndike and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests to juniors. She assists seniors in applying for the ACT, for scholarships and for college admission. She keeps a file of student testing and scholarship records, honors, and awards. Much of her time is devoted to personal interviews with students seeking help with personal problems, career infor- mation college planning, and employ- ment. She works closely with colleges and universities and with the armed services recruiting officers, thereby serving as a liaison between them and the students. Miss McNaught visits classrooms at the invitation of teachers when group guidance can be registration in August and of scheduling individuals into their various classes. E Miss Bernice McNaught, Counselor Florence High School Faculty 'hr' fy.. MARY ANN STINSON Librarian, Engligh I, Library Science, Adviser Library Gophers B. J. DOWDY Algebra I, Physical Science, Chemistry, Adviser Freshman Class MRS. EVELYN PENCE Home Economics, Adviser Future Homemakers of America DAVID ENGLISH English ll, English Ill, Journalism- Gopher, Adviser Future Teachers of America MELVIN GARDNER Biology, Physical Science, Adviser Freshman Class, Chess Club ,f , X X. R 5 1 ww? '59 NICHOLAS MC VICKER Boys' P.E., U. S. History, Coach JV Baseball, Adviser Lettermen, Sophomore Class CAROL GOMES Girls' P.E., Coach Tennis, Volley- ball, Basketball, Adviser Cheer- leaders, Pep Club, Pom pon, GAA, Freshman Class MRS. DONNA ANELLO English I, llg Adviser Junior Class GARY ADAMS Industrial Arts, Adviser Junior Class MRS. LUANNE BARTEAU Physical Science, Social Studies, Artg Adviser Sophomore Class JOHN BORQUEZ Spanish, World History, U.S. History, Driver Education, Adviser Spanish Club, Lettermen, Coach JV Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball, Track WAYLAND HARRIS Boys' P.E., U.S. History, Coach Varsity Football, Adviser Lettermen DARREL LEDE Typing, General Business, Business Law, Consumer Education, Coach Cross Country, Adviser Lettermen, Sophomore Class FRENCK DEGRAZIA Band, Chorus, Music Appreciation ROBERTSOTOMAYOR Vocational Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanics, Adviser FFA, Junior Class I . QM, if s M TOM CLONTS Algebra, Geometry, Senior Math, Adviser Senior Class MARIAN CROUGH English I, English IV, Reading, Journalism, Adviser Senior Class JACK HAMILTON Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Machines, Office Practice, Adviser Senior Class DAN TURNER Social Studies, Problems of Democ- racy, U.S. History, Coach JV Foot- ball, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Adviser Lettermen '4 M A ef- lis- ' ' I is 2 I if ,fbi fw- f .fs f , ' if " bk is. 1 - 2 5 Z J I N-Su-aut' fi ,,,. ,,,,, fa .,,.V.- ,,,,, ,,. ,,,,, .K Q' f I 'FW ' I K gif? K w Hs, F. ,ve gf zffikif -- 'k,' V ' kg -QL. , ,T LX Afiiilji -fi ,. 1 1 1 'fi' ffjfsff,-.. ,j 5 , J ,pl 1,7 Qi A 55 X 1 'VX 1st Row: Jerald Sulliv Teachers' Aides Keep Busy Mrs. Helen Ortega works in the reading lab as a full-time aide on the Title 1 project. She keeps inventory and repair records on all equipment and materials used by stu- dents inthe lab. She helps to plan a program of study for each person on the Title 1 read- ing program and assists students in their work. Teachers' aides register for credit at the beginning of the semester to help the li- brarian or to work for a teacher by preparing and typing study materials and tests, scoring papers, keeping attendance records, making up bulletin boards and displays, and assist- ing individual students. an, Daniel Lippert, Thomas Suttles, Scott Farmer Raymon Padilla Rosalie Garcia Marsha Feliz Rose Marie Manjarresg 2nd Row: Elizabeth DeArman, Irene Daniel, Sarah Gutierrez Bernadette Joaquin Marguerite Villarreal Brenda Luck Doris Ramirez, Donna Luckg 3rd Row: Norma Judd, Abbie Henrickson Diane Johnson Kim Foncannon Peggy Caffall Betty Lou Smith, Naomie Mathis, Dorreen Poor, 4th Row: Jeanie Sherman Joseph Ortiz Tony Himenez Ria Padilla Kevin Stoner Enedina Diaz, Dana Exline, Darrell Mallon, Carolyn Calvert Office Staff R Mrs. Edwina Martinez Mrs. Anita Van Wagoner Q W' "' Tfzgffi 5 Q f Ng 'ffifcife w 'Q Q 'lu ' T R 'ef 15" 3 M ig f B T RQ? he T . in g an 5, Sig lg fkbw I 4 M as if I wig -axis. in : Hina V M.. --.L.,7NLiwu,, . Eg .':k - STUDENT AIDES: Alexys Wolven, Eva LeCIerc, Valarie Holt, Rebecca Ruiz, Debbie Crawford, Peggy Telling, Rhonda Pope V H-ww..-.-.W ,...h, W " it 5 , i i 5 2 Q11 :f.., L F if . s iff A N W ,,4, K Q' sv, as mm 49582 . X . .,.W,..,.,.,,,,,..,..,.,t.,.4L ? Q ,-. ...,.....,..t. Q M ,,,,,,,,.,s..M-an . ,,.m...M..,. 1 .Linn QQ - ff lv , M ,915 N, . . 23222 ' 3 Joe Valdez, who has been on our staff since 1952, is supervisor of building maintenance and construction. He drives a regular bus route and special buses. Arthur Johnsen, new to the staff this year, is building custodian and night watch- man. Manuel Olvera is another newcomer to the maintenance staff. He drives a regular bus route. Jim Armas is in his fourth year as transportation engineer. He serves as a relief driver and takes pep buses to out-of-town games. Manuel Olvera Joe Armas We thank you Joe for four wonderful years You ve been our counselor, our adviser and our most devoted fan. You're as much a Gopher now as you were when you played on the team You've encour- aged us when the going was tough. You've helped us to celebrate our victories and have given us sympathy in our losses. We owe many of our happiest memories of FHS to you For your devotion to the Gophers we have named you our Honorary Director of Athletics. A Tribute to Joe! Joe Padilla has served the school as custodian, maintenance man, and bus driver for twenty-seven years. During that time he has seen a complet change of personnel. Students he has driven to games have returned to work with him on the custodial staff or to join the faculty. His specific responsibility is to have charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the athletic fields. During the day you can always find him seeding the grass, painting the dugout, cleaning the stadium and stands, repairing the speakers, replacing flood- lights, and supervising the many other tasks that are necessary for the safety and comfort of the teams and their fans. He drives the team bus. Joe has full charge of maintenance of the gym for basketball season, for physical education classes during the school year, and for special recreational activities in the summer. He keeps the locker and shower rooms clean and orderly and operates the laundry room for the department. Joe spends much of his time in the maintenance shop. an ra 'il l 'l I v- 4 YW! Q , ' X if I . , ,gg -1 1 f H? Jil 111 Chess Club Organized 1st Row: Jimmy Malmo, Dana Exline, Richard Hall, William Coomer, Robert Jeanie Crawford, C' ,KAW Seated: President Dana Exline, Vice-president Lee Malmo, Standing: Student Council Representative Pat Knight, Trea- surer Robert Wakefield, Secretary Jeanie Crawford. Alexys Pat Knight, Mr. Melvin Gardner Exline, 2nd Row Early in the school year several inter- ested students got together to discuss the benefits of a chess club. They asked Mr. Gardner to help them organize and act as their sponsor. Accordingly, the newest club was formed at FHS. Membership is open to anyone who en- joys chess or who wants to learn to play. The chief concern of the club at present is to find a time to hold meetings since most of their members are involved in athletics or other extracurricular activities. So far, their competition has been pretty much limited to games set up among their own members. They did, how- ever, accept an invitation to play at Kearny on February 9. They have made noticable progress in developing their skill and hope to be able to extend their area of competition later on. In Memoriam The world stands out on either side No wider than the heart is wide Above the world is stretched the sky The heart can push the sea and land Farther away on either handg The soul can split the sky in two, And let the face of God shine through. Edna St. Vincent Millay Danny Gale Gary Wainscott Pat Granillo Miss Annie Laurie Turner THANK YOU To our Advertisers: The Saguaro Staff of 1973 is grateful for the enthusiastic support you have always given us. Through your loyalty and cooperation, you have again enabled us to publish what we believe is a true and complete record of the 1972-73 school year up to the time of our publication date, It is packed with memories that our fellow students will forever treasure. For the Saguaro 1973 we thank you. Joe Ortiz, Editor Doris Ramirez, Business Manager Congratulations, Seniors Compliments of Compliments of TAGUS OLD TACO INN Restaurant 801 North Main Phone 868-9981 Coolidge, Arizona Florence, Arizona f ig it Compliments of Cris-il if Y-V Q HO HO KAM LAUNDRY Camaro Rally Sport Corner of Main and C Street SIZER CHEVROLET COMPANY Coolidge "When it comes to service come to Sizer" Florence, Arizona All of us at APS l Congratulate you and y Wish you the best I N x ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Glass conf? Q73 X f wings + QJQCX ! M Q O rd X-QQ Kcseefo QW iifuekifmg I , , ,,4,,,!, A is XJ 0 yf 5Ek'X.itliJx4Q- Q-XVNQJ X ,ag A TTSKX Xaxrgwil kg4Q,5Jl1'vKgQ.TilJ . 0 SLBZDQJXJ First National Bank of Arizona JOSTEN'S "Next in importance to freedom and YOUI' Official ' f ' I d I' 'th i h' I1 ' Lu.lffff'fuf3fS' fQfeffZZ2Slnc'l'n SQ' pxgr-lc R"'9 Comptany manently maintained." '-,Vice Dugmlrib K est ame ac James A- Ga"'e'd Phoenix, Arizona 85013 Best Wishes from CHAMBER 0 OF '. COMMERCE Florence, Arizona M-ff M' 115 Best Wishes To The Senior Class Transamerica Title insurance Co. Casa Grande- Florence Best Wishes FLORENCE DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Florence, Arizona ff, ,rrFao:Fo,FFaaarrarrraa,lro,ar,iorar,ar,aF.Fa.lr.iaaraaaoaar,a ,:reaaieorara ' iiif IHZUNA i i iaFi e sis Y A Good Taxpaying Citizen Florence: 918 Main Phone 868-5602 Coolidge 448 W. Central Phone 723-5346 .I ,L . ii QM 'Fi . Compliments BORREES MARKET USDA Choice Meats and Gold Bond Stamps Florence, Arizona When you graduate Be up to date With fashions from Best Wishes MCCANN'S Phone 868-4500 Florence, Arizona Congratulations to THE SENIORS LONG'S GROCERY of I . from l. Best Wishes 1 Florence Auto Supply Phone 868-4323 Florence, Arizona Compliments of J. W. BAKER GARAGE Florence, Arizona Phone 868-5550 Congratulations To The Seniors CORNER BEAUTY SHOP Florence, Arizona Congratulations 1973 Seniors U-FILL-IT Self-serve Gas We accept these credit cards: Shell Conoco Bank Americard and Mastercharge Compliments of HUDGEONS FORD Coolidge, Arizona Phone 723-5470 Congratulations from CLEMANS INSURANCE AGENCY 1122 Main Street Florence, Arizona Compliments of HENDRIE BUICK Buick-Pontiac and GMC Opel and Opel GT Coolidge, Arizona 1618 Main Street Florence, Arizona Phone 868-5957 Produce, Milk, Picnic Items Fast Service Open 7-11 Seven Days a Week r as Yl'ii'.TW7iWRX'I' " 17 ff fZffl'77 i' .i, I-I lf, Sl lll lllmk lllllhilliwfru-Ml fm . E Q 5 5 ee Ke 3 A X OU QD 9 ,mi W iid". nl 1 " nfs' - - 0 7,1 o '- -' ' ll lv , 'f 1, 021:21 - at . . - Q e on nllnlllw Wm 'SEL """ fl lil'.":,,, ' ,QQ l . Lhlll' '.l:- i' l W lkltt' ,,' "WI ' v' 'f' ll ,fy , Look to your nearby Valley Bank office for X All 'MX "'-5-' friendly g 'da t th b ' I -' ' - .V f ur nce as you en er e usxness f Q - f l . . . , N L- - 1, J world. We are vltally 1nterested 1n you, for 'W' if 7. , - . w WM I F L tomorrow s Ar1zona leaders will come from 'f l 3 , -S your ranks. We want you as a customer, and y ,, 1 . . c SE w1ll appreczate your account, however small. kbywn GE A Your banker can serve you all your life, so ll!! i E Joln the bank that offers more, the bank that N..-I".i' ' . . . bl l U g1VCS you the finest personal service zn Arzzonaf :cv 0 l ' ll . ,W 4 14753: YW 1 , ' U - eviiurra. ' 4 . ss .4 . + gl -we - --, -1 lun l r- i f 5 ll ' Aii e f f C ' lm f Ulm SY- ,T - "Everywhere in Arizona" I Y J ' r'r, -. 2 . . t l E - . 'G yooo . f s,,-r 3 , . Msllingran i 1 P o. Box 20827 Phoenix, Arizona asoae .. : v . its I Q 9 v ff 5, n I EUUIPMENT Ann FURNISHINGS - SCHOOL 3 n urrice - cuuncii eil Circle one: ,ill Congratulations. I hear you've been nominated "Sweetheart of the L I Year." CBut, isn't that kind of embarrassing for a guy?D LEX. 1 "'2uTs, -P5 ll N V - Best wishes to the prettiest girl on the varsity wrestling team. l N Sorry to hear the school lost your records and you'll have to repeat l high school. , , X' "7""Q': my - r i- s With your looks. your charmAand your personality . . . you only gggfm , f ' ' .. Q have to worry about three things: Looks, charm and personality. V W 115 f go l -f 3' ' , A- ,., ..... -fi Q ff- l f'f3 -' OTHER - - . . f 'A' " 'M' Servln Arizona School l 9 S , I 0 s 5 I P H O N E 2 67 3 -1 1 1 iiele . . . . . .fg,f-giQ :7 li 2 lfia if W ' "" if 'Zi " ' Compliments of "THE CATTLEMAN29 SHOP "Western Wear for All the Family" . . also BOOTS-HATS-8 BELTS Satisfaction Guaranteed 204 East Central, Coolidge 210 W. Central Ave, Coolidge phone 723-4176 Phone 723-3640 Congratulations, Class of 1973 Compliments of Your Yearbook Photographer PINAL PHOTO CENTER Phone 723-3693 Coolidge, Arizona Congratulations From ticlmgrgtrkggggpess Warren Morgan 918 Main Street Florence, Arizona Coolidge, Arizona Phone asa-5661 Phone 723-5484 Phfme 858-4212 Florence, Arizona 119 2 Congratulations Class of '73 UNITED BANK OF ARIZONA 419 W. Central Coolidge, Arizona Compliments A 84 W ROOTBEER Harry Zabrowski Butte Avenue Florence, Arizona Compliments of STRUBE'S Your Yardage Store Phone 868-5748 Florence, Arizona Congratulations from SRROUSE-REITZ COMPANY 217 W. Central, Coolidge Phone 723-3305 Congratulations from The Posie Corral Flowers Gifts Phone 868-5714 Florence, Arizona Compliments of MANDELES DEPARTMENT STORE Florence, Arizona JONES FURNITURE OO. Everything to make the home more comfortable Coolidge Casa Grande 723-3071 836-5342 Congratulations Seniors Hall 0fBea11ty 174 South Arizona Blvd. Compliments of De! Camino Market Coolidge, Anzona Congratulations Seniors Compliments of FOXWORTH - GALBRAITH LUMBER COMPANY A A .,. Phone 868-5732 Florence, Arizona MARION MILLER, JEVVELEF? Jewelry Gifts 220 S. Main St. Coolidge, Arizona 85228 Phone 723-5111 Pendants, Crosses, Birthstone Rings The finest in 14K, Sterling and Gold Filled Jewelry Congratulations, Seniors THE GARDEN SPOT Coolidge, Arizona Phone: 723-3122 SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION I I Southwest Gas CORPORA'l'ION The Clean Energy People in California - Nevada - Arizon Congratulations from SLATEF? 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Main Street Today S Army wants to IOII1 ygu Mesa, Arizona K lv g b 969-8151 l7Jmm Mm 2lggtilelliifililitillifs MORRIS ATH E TI C Z Qi or nnocsmfs S UPP "Your Sports Specialists" 7- Phone 16021 945-9561 Congratulations to the Seniors 2222 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85257 230 West Coolidge Avenue Phone 723-4721 UNITED METRG, INC. Sand, Rock, and Ready-Mix Concrete Coolidge, Arizona Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Young People of Florence ANNE'S GIFT SHOP and BLUE MIST MOTEL - Z x ii . 1' 2 5. ww. I wfssm 5 l s . I 1 V r. 3 4 ff, it .i E E. .. .Y K r T 1'2" w , N, ,Ei 2 1 it 'fifffi Q? his f ff 5135 A. if it if Q 5 i ' if VW ' V?', f T Y 'f 2 .7 2395 .At ,G gi, 'X 5 is S11 9 itfiitif ii 3 " QQ W W . 5 1 - - . i E -55355 . ,I 4,, V H . .,:..' LQMLQ W: ,:-JI -' . f f The time has passed, our work is done, the long hours spent in production of the Saguaro -1973 are but a pleasant memory. It has been our desire to have every student appear in the annual as many times as possible. We have attempted to give a complete and accur- ate record ofthe school year so that this edition of our yearbook may serve, not just as a memory book to browse through in the years to come, but as a reference book, a history, for the school and community. We want to thank the administration and the teachers for their patience during those hectic days of picture taking, our fellow students for their wonderful cooperationg our parents for keeping dinner warm until eight o'cIock while we finished those last few pagesg our photographer, Mr. Lawrence, for his understanding and for the excellence of his workg and our advertisers whose support made the publication of our yearbook possible. Our very specail thanks go to Mrs. Bartwau, who gave us the negative for our cover picture. May your memories of FHS be even fonder as your turn the pages of the Saguaro-1973. ,Joe Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief Doris Ramirez, Business Manger Martha Castro, Layout Editor Dora Celayav COPY Editor Michael Pappas, Photographer Marie Celaya, Activities Editor Bill Sheets, Sports Editor A A Acuna, Peggy Ann 32, 92 Alston, Danny 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 87 Alston, Michael 32, 33, 53, 77 Alvarado, Augustine 29, 36, 40, 41, 52, 87 Alvarado, Maria 20, 35, 55, 92 Angell, Jason 42, 50, 92 Armas, Marina Lisa 20,97 Armas, Mary Elaine 20, 32, 92 Ayala, Rudolph 92 B Baker, Bill 77 Baker, Bob 87 Baker, Jim 92 Baker, Rebecca 14, 18, 21, 29, 34, 55, 61, 64, 67, 77 Ballard, Susan 19, 20, 28, 35, 55, 92 Ballard, Terry 36, 53, 87 Ballard, Tony 42,97 Barkley, Tommy 23,97 Barteau, Kim . 97 Beavers, Jon 42, 47, 92 Borquez, John 42, 50, 97 Borree, Sharon 12, 92 Bothne, Joseph 87 Brewer, Janet 87 Brockett, Daura 42, 46, 97 Busby, James 77 Bussey, Brenda 77 Bussey, Jimmy 97 Bussey, Rodger 22, 30, 22, 87 Bussey, Sharon 20, 33,92 C Cabrera, Amalia 92 Caffall, Peggy 77, 108 Calvert, Carolyn 87,108 Carlson, Judy 20, 35, 92 Castro, Martha 10, 11, 68, 77 Cathemer, Olga 19, 32,77 Caviness, Celeste 20,92 Celaya, Danny 12, 30, 43, 47, 53, 96, 97 Celaya, Dora 10, 11, 87 Celaya, Greg 30, 36, 45, 48, 49, 53, 60, 73, 86, 87 Celaya, John 73,78 Celaya, Marie 11, 68, 87 Celaya, Rita 27, 29, 34, 53, 56, 72, 72, 87 Chandler, Gayla 92 Clemans, Julie Jeane 20, 28, 32, 33, 35,97 Cluff, David 22,87 Cobbs, Barbara 97 Cobbs, Charley Mae 92 Colbath, Reda 28,97 Collins, Albert 97 Contreras, Angela 20, 28, 35,97 Contreras, Anna 25, 28, 34, 35, 54, 63, 72, 87 Coomer, William 16,19,29,36,45, 60, 61, 87, 112 Cooper, Pamela 20, 25, 28, 35, 60, 72, 91, 92 Copeland, Jacob 87 Cowsert, Jimmy 30,92 Craig, Jeanette 92 Craig, Laurie 19, 20, 31,92 Craig, Lisa 31,97 Crawford, Dana 15,18,68,87 Crawford, Debbie 16, 21, 31, 61, 65, 76, 78, 101 Crawford, Jeanne 16, 21, 31, 57, 60, 71, 87, 112 Crawford, Shannon 17, 20, 28, 35, 57,97 Cruz, Albert 40, 41, 92 D Daniel, lreng 18, 21, 34, 56, 87,108 DeArman, Elizabeth Delgado, Gerardo Diaz, Enedina Douglas, Linda Douglas, Susan Duer, Marlon E Encinas, David Exline, Dana Mark 25, 28, 87,108 23, 42, 51, 97 12, 21, 33, 86, 87, 108 12, 21, 31, 32, 87 20, 31, 92 37, 78 48, 78 36, 40, 41, 45, 48, 49, 88, 108, 112 Exline, Rene 12,25,28,35,72,93,112 F Farmer, Scott 16,30,33,88,108 Fay, Melissa 60,93,112 Feierstein, Howard 33, 40, 78 Feierstein, Roxann 20,97 Felix, Nancy 97 Felix, Louis 33,88 Feliz, Ernest 28,32,43,48, 53,97 Feliz, Marsha 18, 22, 23, 24, 29, 88, 108 Fisher, Carol 23,97 Foncannon, Kim 19,21,29,34,56,88,108 Freeman, Kelly 22,88 G Garcia, Rosalie 16,19,21,29, 34,88,90,108 Geisenhoif, Julie 18, 21, 88, 90 Golf, Charles I8, 29, 48, 60, 86, 88, 90 Gomez, Debra 97 Gomez, Teresa 19,93 Goodin, Daniel 23 Goodin, Don 30, 88, 93 Granillo, Fred 42, 47, 48, 93 Granillo, Linda 28, 57,97 Granillo, Mary Jean 78,85 Green, Jack 36,45, 53,88 Green, Michael 23, 42, 97 Green, Tyler 32, 37, 40, 41, 7B Griggs, David 78 Gutierrez, Denise Gutierrez, Larry 23, 28, 31, 97 17,18,19, 29, 32, 37, 40, 41, 45, 52, 79 Gutierrez, Sarah 18,88,108 Gutierrez, Steven 37, 40, 41, 79 H Haden, Roger 42, 47, 93 Hall, Richard 31,46,50,53,98,112 Hall, Teresa 98 Hannah, Bradford 12, 17, 30, 69, 76, 79 Hammer, Michael 18, 33, 88 Harvey, Edward 18, 42, 93 Jaurequi, Frankie Jaurequi, Johnny Jennings, Karen Jimenez, Daniel Jimenez, Louis Anthony 17,18, 29, 33, 36, 37, 40, 41, 52, 86, 88 33, 37, 40, 80 33,93 18, 36, 37, 40, 43, 48, 49, 60, 93 14,18,19,28, 29, 37, 40, 44, 45, 48, 49, 61, 64, 65, 73,80,108 Joaquin, Bernadette 16,21,29,34,80,108 Joaquin, Mary Lou 12, 13, 28, 35, 93,94 Joaquin, Rose Marie 21, 28,98 Johnson, Allen 23, 42, 98 Johnson, Diane 12,108 Johnson, Carolyn 98 Johnson, Constance 12, 17, 32,98 Johnson, Sandra 98 Judd, Kirby 93 Judd, Norma 92,108 K Kakar, Abraham 31, 42, 43, 47, 93 Kelley, Barbara 20, 31,98 Kelley, Carol 33,88,112 Knight, Patrick 22, 29, 36, 40, 41,50,88,112 Knight, Sean 23, 42, 98 L Lantz, Gary 80 LeCIerc, Eva 57,109 Leinard, Kathy 98 Lewis, Joyce 20, 35, 93 Lippert, Daniel 15,19,68,88,108 Lizarraga, Emily 93 Lloyd, Mark 88 Lopez, Andrew 88 Luck, Brenda 31,80,108 Luck, Donna 12,31,32,76,80,108 Luck, Susan 28, 63, 96, 98 M Mallon, Darrell 88,108 Malmo, Lee 22,36,40,41,60,89,112 Manjarres, Henry 42, 46, 47, 98 Manjarres, Rose Marie 16, 27, 29, 34, 72, 89, 108 Martin, David 23, 42, 96 MartineZ,Olivia 15, 18, 19, 34, 35, 54, 80 Martinez, Peter 19, 28, 40, 43, 47, 48, 93 Harvey, Pamela 27, 29, 34, 56, 60, 72, 88 Henrickson, Abbie 16,21,61,79,108 Henrickson, Debbie 21,79 Henrickson, Peggie 16, 21,79 Henry, Brent 79 Hernandez, John 98 Herndon, Patty 31, 32, 93 Hindman, Sharon 22,93 Holt, Valarie 14,16,17,18,61, 64,68,79,109 Horsman, Norma 93 Husk, Gary 15, 19, 42,43, 47, 93 lnglish, Donna 25, 28, 35, 72, 92 James, Belinda 29, 34, 55, 88, 90 Mathis, Naomie 21,80,108 Michael, Rodney 89 Michael, Roy 89 Miller, Sandra 81 Molina, Dagoberto 18, 29,89 Molina, Esther 20, 35, 93 Monreal, Gerardo 46, 47,98 Moore, Carolyn 81 Moore, Gary 81 Mullany, RoseAnne 98 Munoz, Consuelo 56,66 Myers, George 32,81 Myers, Mary Louise 26, 28, 35, 57,94 Myers, Michael 22,82 McCormick, Lorin 40, 41, 52, 81 McDaniel, Johnny 22,93 McDaniel, Sue 12, 76,81 McDaniel, Sylvia 81 McVicker, William 18, 22, 36, 45, 48, 81, 89 McWilliams, Donna 16, 17, 25, 61, 72 N Neal, Joe 42, 43, 94 Neal, Rex 37,40,44,45, 63,82 Neal, Thelether 82 91 Neely, Russell 18, 21, 36, 40, 43, 91, 94 Sepulveda, Marie Sepulveda, Rosa Sheets, Billy Sherman, Barbara Sherman, Jeanie Siebert, Terry Silvas, Edward 42 Silverthorne, Debra Sisney, Sheila Smith, Smith, Smith, ,Jimmy Smith, Smith Betty Lou Floyd Harold Louis Smithson, Daniel 96, 105 Nichols, Mary 98 O Ordway, Leonard 23, 98 Ortiz, Ana 15, 28, 35, 54, 57, 71, 94 Ortiz, Catharine 98 Ortiz, Gilbert 82 Ortiz, Joseph 10,11,41, 16, 18, 29, 61, 65, 67, 68, 82, 108 Ortiz, Patricia 57, 96, 98 Ortiz, Russell 18, 19, 28, 29, 40, 61, 82 Osburn, Cheryl 94 P Padilla, Cecilia 12,13,16,19,29, 50, 61, 82, 108 Padilla, Fred 19, 29, 33, 37, 40, 48, 49, 82 Padilla, Joseph 19, 29, 30, 36, 37, 40, 41, 48, 49, 89 Padilla, Raymon 30,83,108 Padilla, Rudolph 22, 33,83 Padilla, Victoria 24, 26, 28, 35, 54, 56, 72, 91, 94 Pappas, Michael 10,89 Pappas, Michele 26, 28, 35, 51, 72, 91, 94 Pappas, Patricia 28, 35, 55, 98 Pensyl, Carolyn 22, 24, 27, 29, 70, 72, 86, 89 Phillips, Joseph 94 Phillips, Robert 12,83 Pierce, Sandra 98 Poor, Dorreen 17, 89, 108 Pope, Rhonda 19, 21, 34, 56, 89, 109 R Ramirez, Billy 42, 46, 47, 63, 98 Ramirez, Doris 11, 68, 89, 108 Ramirez, Henrietta 18. 89 Ramirez, Ernesto 24, 47, 49, 70, 94 Ramirez, Martha 31, 98 Ramon, Fred 36, 89, 53, 73 Rankin, Brent 18, 40, 94 Reed, Deborah 20, 63, 94 Reyes, Lenora 99 Reyes, Peter 83 Reyes, Richard 53, 96,99 Reyes, Ruben 12, 14, 15, 51, 53, 73, 89 Rieffer, David 31,99 Rieffer, Micaela 13, 17, 67, 83 Rieffer, Ricky 32, 36, 53,89 Rieffer, Steve 18, 33, 66, 53,89 Robinson, Kathleen 16, 19, 21, 29, 34, 56, 66, 89 Robles, Renee 99 Robles, Manuel 99 Rodriquez, Abel 40,83 Rodriquez, Cynthia 20, 35, 94 Rodriquez, Lori 21, 83 Rodriquez, Viola 94 Rodriquez, Raymond 23, 31,99 Ruiz, Charles 37, 48, 49, 73, 83 Ruiz, Chris 99 Ruiz, Larry 83 Ruiz, Margaret 34, 54, 57, 83 Ruiz, Rebecca 34, 35, 54, 57, 71, 83,109 S Salazar, Gabriel 94 Sanders, Betty Jean 84 Sanford, Randall 22,94 Sauceda, Alonzo 32,89 Sauceda, Javier 42, 99 Scott, Sylvia 33 Sepulveda, Louie 18, 29, 36, 40, 45, 51, 52, 89 Spooner, Sherilyn Stapleton, Everett Stapleton, Jean Stewart, James Stewart, Vicky Stoner, Kevin Sullivan, Jerald Suttles, Laura Suttles, Thomas Sweat, Eric Telling, Peggy 28,32,33,94 16,19,29,34,55,89 11,29,51,63,89 30,32,90 12,31,32,B4,108 12,13,34,84 19,42,94 99 99 63,84,108 42,94 36,40,44,45,94 22,30,94,112 90 99 17,19,94,112 99 40,41,51,52,73,84 28,33,35,91,95 12,15,16,17,18,30, 31,50,61,69,85,108 90,108 95 16,22,30.90,108 17,31,32,33,85 T 16, 29, 31,85,109 90 Thurman, Etta 12,13, Thurman, Shirley 99 Tovar, Greg 13, 40, 43, 95 Tovar, Michael 99 Treio, Johnny 42, 99 Tucker, Bryon 23, 42, 46, 99 Tucker, Mark 23,99 Tucker, Michael 23,99 Tuttle, Richard 90 U Underwood, Edith 99 V Valdez, Mark 15, 30, 42, 43, 46,47, 99 Valencia, Antonio 95 Vasquez, Alberta 99 Vasquez, Patricia 25, 28, 35, 57, 72, 95 Vega, Anthony 95 Vega, Jude 95 Villarreal, Leonard 23, 42, 99 Villarreal, Marguerite 21, 29, 30, 31, 34, 69, 85, 108 Villarreal, Michell 12 Villarreal, Thomas 32, 95 VillaVerde, Victoria 28, 35, 99 Vining, Daniel 95 W Wahlman, Charles 23, 32, 99 Wainscott, Gary 95 Wainscott, Robin 95 Wainscott, Terri 32,99 Wakefield, Robert 19,28,42,63,95, 112 Walker, Horace 33, 36, 40, 45, 90 White, Leroy 36, 40, 41, 45, 60, 61, 71, 90 Williams, David 22, 48, 90 Williams, Terri 15, 28, 32,99 Wingate, Jane 90 Wingate, Johnny 95 Wolven, Alexys 28,35,54,56,95,109,112 Wood, Edward 23,95 Z Zapata, Irene 28, 35, 55, 57, 71, 99 Zapata, Joe 33,85 ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF Adams, Gary Anello, Donna Armas, Joe Barteau, Barteau, Luanne Borquez, John Burrows, Melvin Celaya, Arthur Clonts, Tom Crough, Marian DeGrazia, Frenck Dowdy, B. J. Elliott, Allen English, David Feliz, Betty Gardner, Melvin Gomes, Carol Hamilton, Jack Harris, Wayland Henry, Cy Johnson, Arthur V. LeDe, Darell Martin, Jeff Martinez, Edwina McNaught, Bernice McVicker, Nicholas Olvera, Manuel Ortega, Helen Padilla, Joe Patterson, Dan Pence, Evelyn 86 86 18,19, 45, 50 76 10, 76 30, 32 96 12,13, 16 35, 54, 56, 96 76 14,41 53,91 14,60 47, 48, 49,91 20 106 106 110 106 106 102 103 107 107 107 105 102 105 102 112 105 107 ,106 41,43,45 110 106 102 109 104 105 110 108 111 104 105 Shepard, Reginald 102 Sotomayor, Robert 22,23,86,107 Stinson, Mary 17,105 Turner, Dan 42,46,48,49,107 Valdez, Joe 110 Van Wagoner, Anita 109 ORGANIZATIONS Band 30,31 Cheerleaders 26, 27 Chess Club 112 Chorus 32,33 FFA 22, 23, 24 FHA 20,21 FTA 16 GAA 34,35 Gopher 12,13 Lettermen 36,37 Library Gophers 17 National Honor Society 60,61 Pep Club 28,29 Pompon 25 Saguaro 10,11 Spanish Club 18,19 Student Council 14,15 ADVERTISERS A 81 W Rootbeer 120 Apothecary Shop 119 Arizona Public Service Co. 114 Arizona Water Co. 116 J.W. Baker Garage 117 Blue Mist Motel 124 Borree's Market 116 Bundrick's Plumbing 123 Cattlemen's Shop 119 Circle K 117 Clemans Insurance 117 Coolidge Auto 81 Home Supply 122 Coolidge, Builder Supply 122 2 2 Coolidge Glass 8- Mirror Corner Beauty Shop DeCar Creations Del Camino Market Doug's Chevron Station First Federal Savings and Loan First National Bank Florence Automotive Supply Florence Chamber of Commerce Florence Drug Florence Market Florence Radio 81 TV Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co. Garden Spot Garrett Motors H 8. H Hardware Hall of Beauty Hendrie Buick 122 117 122 121 123 123 115 117 115 116 123 123 121 121 123 123 120 117 High School Drive-In Ho Ho Kam Laundry Hudgeon's Ford Jones Furniture Josten's Juan's Market Long's Market Louie's Barber Shop McCann Department Store Mandell's Marston Athletic Supply Miller's Jewelry Warren Morgan Realty 81 Insurance Morris Athletic Supply Old Taco lnn P B S 81 W Pinal Photo Center Posie Corral WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo.. U.S.A, 123 114 117 120 115 122 116 122 116 120 118 121 119 124 114 118 119 120 Roy's Texaco Station Sear's Shamrock Dairy Shaw's Sizer Chevrolet Slater Auto Supply Southwest Gas Sprouse Reitz Strube's Tag's Restaurant Thrift Mart Transamerica Title Insurance U Fill It United Bank United Metro U. S. Army Valley National Bank 122 119 114 122 114 121 121 120 120 114 124 116 117 120 124 124 118 QQCQLLQFQ, me N W3 .Y I0 fi Q 5 . g0g7Q'5g,'Y4tQDV,6aQ' K 4, . ' , 2959 Q Nvqms. Q-1-'-Q'Q"'X-' xg? QQXOQ4 ' .gm '45 '91 "Sf-.9 ' goocg S,,..JQ. ww SMQQMMA c si Queeg' 73 - , ,5'i . Ania! 'Nix 2 of 1 V elf'-Hi' mn x- . 6,5 "" , aff- OK xxx! , V X QJX ., GQ QOQ A 1 Ni 1 Q5 K X ,Y -.N V, fx-...T A-Axvyxffx X A Ll, QF' X ai xx AKQQH. li N' A ap xx P 'fl Hislfxrm f7 Rs X82 fb! fem 436, QSM mfg QNX TX vomsd Ai xi? M K x Q O Qxgxb ' 2' x .fi xx' C QQ - - fax qixofaovvxx A X xx 'boi Og xgfgfff .ZS Jqsdxjxbg if I x 6 ,ix T! th? 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Suggestions in the Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) collection:

Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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