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I Xu I ' 3 , ' W V, X v W, U51-ff xl 1 Nh f 1 4 Xxx, tg 13 Vf x rf! xx' ff 3 IJV xi ,, xF-ff gNl5'f" xi iii! 1 X 11944 ' 1 Ml' r 1 A Z 5 l if Ei I ga 1 . . . Foreword . . . We proudly present to you the 1946 Saguaro, and sincerely hope that the following pages will remind you of the happy times you have spent at Florence Union High School, so that in years to come you may have many pleasant hours of reminiscing. The Editors Page Six , , .. Dedication . 4, Q. We, the Annual Staff of 1946, hereby dedicate this Twentieth edition of thr51V'Saguaro"t'of our Superintendent, Mr. C. W. Caywood. Through his leadership, Florence Union High School- has functioned during. as trying wartime erai.His .untiring efforts have secured for the students of this high school many opportunities very seldom found inlsmall schools. 'We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for his unsclfish devotion to the difficult task of supervising a school through the trials and ,tribulations encountered on the road of education. C. W. CAYWOOD Page Seven ALi4x..Q.x!,3L1q!1 1 1J xx l1,LIf1411J 4 f,L If X 1f11fff4f,! V9, TXTxX'SxxxXX , ,wUi 'W"T' Yi'Xvi s K 'ax .I I - ll f 1 X 1 I X X 1 ' J , X 4, f I f 5 N I x. x J',llLJY'LV"INl f ,fx 4..4.1'1 fL,!,,flf,!'4-L 4.fv-W14, If-f4,, "l,l W-Q1 + wx ,- Q X25SYXXd'5x'S:xXK I lfvsuxr-u1txu'v'fr 'x U X ff.: f X501 Xf'f"f"' fffygik-NQ A , X 'X Xxrd. w4XXA We ,lf NNSQQ Q XX' 4.'x xxx f!! XXV, l 1 I fy ,-- ' . -2" '?,.,.w , " w N 4, F f ' f- if , i,2?f7L!,,-fl V "Q-. I f, - im ' 'X N' -Q- , ,. .' .4,. gf! .i K X. .-W rv v Q , 'L V . -' " w 6, ,Q fu .932 iii? ,WJ -.F 'Fx V Hi, 'pf ,fy ' 5 A . N 1' .iff-,.?f53'-"4 - -lgfy' I ,1 ' R' E . 1 l l School C. 0 4. We have modest, red bricked buildings, neatly trimmed in white, With, oh, so many windows that let in lots of light. The rooms are large and pleasant, and there are really spacious hall That echo with the memories of ea ' s gel young footfalls. Page Ten Florence Union ll Florence, Arizona igli School Gym Shop and Music Busses Superintendent Cayvvoodfs Home Page Eleven 'X 4 1 14' 'L.1.L g zu sig, 4L:L144Yfxg3-L xl' JLJ WH , X X l - l ' I'W X xl I A , X'C4'C"'ii + FK 'ci f-fa-,I i rf!X,X I "x'r-V1 F-Vt T l'7:l Ni K -x , N- , A h N. i s W - WN . ' 4, ' "'Ll,Jl,J E ...f flcf 4,!f+ . ii fi- I 4 fv! .5 4 +4 M - ti L N ' 'ii""'XX Q--'xx ...V ii- 3 A-le R K X X QT, -4 ,-.--.g'Tl'-W ' 'V 1 , Pai 1 Q i l w 'HW x rt' 1 Q. V 1 I w , W Th- X Q 4 ' 1 ?, 5 X-I w r f vn- ls. ,- M Jing!! x .WW E:-Lf' w- fr V MS, fx NJ! x MLM 1441 L x J f I xvu J Y 1 S my JL 'I A RVN lx x"' v M' 1,1 x A Administratinn , X. Q, Our faculty boasts tlic best of men and women true Who educate the students in studies old and new And teacl' them how to think, and meet life day by day In a truly cnlightcned and understanding Way. Q Y s Lunch Time . . . the niid-day relaxation enjoyed by the faculty after the 1'I'1Ol'I'1lIlg':2 classes have been handled with aduliriistrutivc efficiency Pagc Fuurtccn vm ' . P21215 t 4. C. W. CAYWOOD Superintendent ANNUAL LETTER TO THE STUDENTS So it is Commencement time again! All honor to what you have accomplished. The last four years have been trying ones, but now the tired world looks forward to a renaissance of Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity, the like of which the World has never known. Despite untold odds we have managed to come through this year with banners flying, have maintained our scholastic standing, increased our enrollment, instilled a new sense of pride in endeavor and achievement, and have developed a fine school spirit. All of this has been because of the cooperation and untiring efforts of faculty and students alike, and for this spirit I am deeply appreciative. The Board of Education and the Faculty have and will always have your interests at heart, and your success is only a reflection of their willingness to help you to think clearly, to reason fairly, and to learn well the courses that will help you in the great new tomorrow which is your heritage. C. W. Caywood Page Fifteen Page Sixteen OUR lFRllENDS l Gotfrid Kirkgaard Arizona State College, Flagstaff, B. A. Oregon State College General Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Wood Shop Clare Gibbens Walker University of Arizona, B. A., M. A. Problems of Democracy, American History, Civics, Senior Play Director Raymond W. Curry University of Arizona, B. A., M. A. English III, IV, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Baseball Coach Helen Curry University of Chicago, P. II. B., University of Arizona, M. A. Spanish I, II, Art 8a Journalism, P. E., Gopher Sponsor Orlinda N. Fiscel University oi Arizona, B. A. Office Secretary, Librarian THE FACULTY Garland T. Hampton University of Arizona, B. M., M. M. Band, Orchestra . Louise Buehler Iowa State College, B. S. Home Economics I, II, F. H. A. Sponsor Louise Houghton Pomona, University of California, University of Southern California, A. B., University of Arizona, M. A., Stanford English I, II, Latin I, Junior Class Play Director George Ahee University of Arizona, B. S. Biology, P. E., Football and Basketball Coach Helen Goodwin University of Arizona, University of Nebraska, B. S. Typing I, II, Shorthand I, II, Goplierette and Majorette Sponsor, Annual Advisor Page Seventeen, N l A HELPERS AND a1if.vea K Baffww y awww 1 Rosalie Whitlow, Teresa Martinez, Mildred Wade, Donna Belle Cole, Iris Bonner Mrs. Fishel, Helen Woolven The student council, the governmental body of Florence Union High School, is elected each year by the student body. The president, Eddie Pratt, and the class representatives met with the superinten- dent, C. W. Caywood, and made the rules and regula- tions to govern the student body, and planned the activities for the school year. Page Eighteen 'l'hese students are the girls who kept the business ol the school prancing. Typ- ing, shorthancl, bookkeep- ing were their specialty. Mrs. Fiscel corralled them to help her and to further their careers. 1 - Bob Wright, Harold Evjen, Alina Wadkins, Mary Douglas, Mary Foster, John Felix, Jack Napper 2 - Reba Joe Rhodes, Nancy Fulbright, Ed Pratt, Iris Bonner, Evangeline Pyeatt, Micky Jimenez ADMllNllS'll'RATORS J. HOUSTON ALLEN Florence Union High School welcomed back Mr. J. Houston Allen who left his position as Superintendent in March of 1943 to do his part in the Armed Forces. He served twenty-five months over-seas with the Seabees in the Pacific Theater of War. H- BOARD Oli' EDUCATION TOM FULBRIGHT, President CHARLES A. WHITLOW, Clerk CECIL ENGLAND H. A. NAFIZIGER JOHN ZELLEWEGER 'l'o these men who have faithfully served on the Board of Education of Florence Union High School, many thanks are in order for making possible the many opportunities the students have enjoyed. The time and effort the Board of Education has given so freely is deeply appreciated. In all sincerity, it ii. hoped that the students may make themselves worthy of this effort by becoming better Citizens. Page Nineteen jj!!11!l11l1, ffffffifafflfgl 7174.111-fdfflif I 1 - g,igS'Yi jIf! :5xQLxR-gxxlixx V N X X N x V5 N V1 X Y! Vw x N 5 N N 'ff. N 9 f ff x fl ff NN 1 XV XXL NX M ff VX V if 'Y Jfu W M fx ff xx XX X TNI If V X x yi: if SYN mls X x 3-XX B--v-E N-w-S 7-f177v17,7y7 7 -, f7ffffff'2'77f 1-:v,97A,c,frif 7"7"f GRADUATES.. united to make the best of their learning On leaving our school and to a new life turning. All are deeply loyal to our dear Florence High And vow never to forget as time passes 0 They :ire by. ,.nl""' Donna Bell e Cole, Vic John Fell ' gyspziibi e President X, talk over ' Page Twenty-two ' and President ye senior class? VALEDICTORIAN Having the highest scholas- tic record for four years, is Nancy Fulbright, Valedic- torian of the 1946 Senior Class. SALUTATORIAN Placing second highest scholastically in the 1946 Senior Class, is Alma Wadkins, Salutatorian. 'G Raymond Argel Clara Ashcraft Jimmy Avenenti Iris Bonner Speech is great but silence A merry smile and happy "His face is a mirror of his is golden disposition." gentlenessf' Football 1 2 .3 4 Pep Club 4, Class Play 3 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Basketball J 3 4 B.-1 eball Gopher Stall 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Annual Stall 1, 4 Class Sec.-Trcas. 1, 2, 3 "Her merry heart and cheer- lul smile are sure to make her llle worthwhile." Pep Club 4 Class Play 3, 4 Band Class Sec.-Treas. 3 Gopher and Annual Staff Page Twenty-three Kenneth Bonner Wini Brown Walter Brunenkant Donna Belle Cole "Still water runs deep" "She lives for life itself." Band Orchestra Glee Club Transferred from Hayden High School 4 Band Pep Club Gopher Staff BRIEFS ON lBllG WlGS FOUR YEARS AGO - - - wide eyes, bright smiles, yet frightened freshmen honored at reception from sophomores - - - began to feel a part of the school - - - everything smooth until semester exams - glad when over just as every year - - - class party, hayride, grand time at Chuck Wagon --- games - eating - - - didn't paint THREE YEARS AGO - - - very successful sophomores - - - made freshmen paint - - - thrilled with tug-of-warg we won along with Seniors -'- everyone ended up in the canal. TWO YEARS AGO - - - As ever a very ambitious class - - - never forget raising money for prom - football games - selling pop, gum, hot dogs, sponsoring dances - - - very happy to receive class rings - - -Junior play - "Don't Take My Penny" - - - memorable experience - - - Best Prom in years, Spanish theme - good time had by :ilI. ONE YEAR AGO - - - Seniors at last - football team our pride and joy with eight senior stars - - - Senior Play "Tillie Goes To Town" - - - Ditch Day, and a real whee - - - anxious to graduate, but hate to leave such happy days that will never be forgotten. Page Twenty-four "We boil at different degrees." "Her sweetness is a gift to all." Football 1' 2- 31 4 Baseball 2 Transferred from Sac City, Iowa 4 Class Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club Class Vice-Pres. 4 John Felix Sarah Flores "All the world loves a lover." "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Class Vice-Pres. 2, 3 Girls League 1, 2, 3 Class Plays 3, 4 Class Pres. 4 Gopher Staff 2, 3 Teresa Martinez Ruben Jimenez A-There is no Wisdom like "The manly part is to do with Franknessy might and main what you .xl can do." Gil s League Pep Club Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Gopher Staff 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Graduating Ex-Servicemen: Jim Avenenii Xavier Gonzales Glenn Looper y Joe Paddilla Vivian Dickinson James Dunn Louis Espinoza "A smile lor everyone will "Genius does what it mllst, "Bravery never goes out ol' make your clay happier." talent what it can." fashion." Transferred from Momocv Football 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Tl-ook 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Michigan 4 Class Pres. 2 Student Council Baseball 11 3 Pres. 3 Nancy Fulbright Eda Gay George Gutierrez June I-Iuni "A Dresden doll always "Silence is deep, but speech "A man ol very few words" UD'll.l9!lCS is a virtue all talking ---- talking," is shallow." all should cultivate." Pep Club Class P1-os. 1 Girls League l, 2, 3 Library 4 Football 1' 2' 3' 4 Huck 51 4 20l1lC1ub 4 ff llilajorcttcs 1, 2. 3 C1855 PIHYS 3' 4 Glee Club 1- 21 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 4 OPM Sta ' 2 Gopher and Annual Stall' 1,233.4 Annual Staff 4 Jack Napper Faye Moore Carolyn Ortega Nancy Owens "To Woo with lengthy words is "It matters not how long you "She is a maiden ol' gentle 'AA loving heart is the unproductive," live, but how well." nnen and modest ways." beginning of all knowledge." Football 3 Class Plays 3, 4 Pep Club - Vice-Pres 4 Y TI'illlSl'CK'I'Ed from Casa Grande Gopher and Annual Staff 3 Student Council 3 Girls LCHSUG 1, 2, 3 PCD CHUJ4 Girls League 2, 3 Pep Club 4 Student Council 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Annual Stall' 4 Gopher Stuff 4 Gopher Staff 2, 3, 4 Transferred from Phoenix 2 Gopher Staff 3, 4 Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Plays Page Twenty-live f at Gildardo Padilla Rosa Padilla Edward Pratt Angie Rodriguez "Heroisrn feels and never "To have il friend is "Ile looks on life with "Sing away sorrow, falters, and therefore is to be one." quiet eyes." cast away c:z1re." always right." K lfoollmll 3 4 Basketball 3 4 ' ' ' ' ' ' in ii J Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Pep Club 4 L lass Play J Baschnll 2 Class Plays 3' 4 ep L ul: 4 Clieeile :dei Z, fl , Basketbau 1, 2, 3, 4 Gopher and Annual staff 4 Student C,,u,,Ci1 Pres. 4 GUPUCI' and AHHUG1 Staff 4 Class Pres. 1 Gopher and Annual Staff Class Sec.-Treas. 2 Emolina Van Haren Martin Ufford Donald Taylor George Taylor "Light, love, and laughter are "Give me neither poverty "He follows Where the ladies "More noise, more lun." good companions." nor riches." lead." Pep Club 4 Majorettes 2 FUUHHH .i 4 Bqscbvm 9 'l'i'amslieri'erl lroiii Cheerleader 3, 4 Glee Club C1355 Play 4 ' P Gopher and Annual Staff 3 Class Playli l"t, Suiuiinier. New lvlexieo 2 Alene White Rosalie Whiilow Alma Wadkins Mildred Wade "Kind acts reap a harvest of "A thing of beauty is a joy '4'l'l1y llC2ll'l,'S so large "'l'o worry is a waste ol' timef happiness." forever." to love so many." 'l'rzms:l'erresl from Transferred from Hayden 3 Pep Club 4 Student Council Pep Club 4 Class Plays 3, fl Casa Grande 3 Pep Club 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Class Pres. 3 Class Play 3 Student Council 4 Girls League 3 Pep Club 4 Gopher and Annual Staff 3, 4 Gopher and Annual Staff Annual Stall 3, 4 Class Play 4 Page Twenty-six 4 To own a string of SENIOR ESIBE LWAYS SAYING RUE TO LLERGIC TO Raymond Argcl Clara Ashcraii Jimmie Avenenli Iris Bonner Kenneih Bonner Wini Brown Waller Brunenkani Donna Belle Cole Vivian Dickinson James Dunn Louis Espinoza Johnny Felix Sarah Flores Nancy Fulbright Eda Gay George Guiierrez June Hunt Ruben Jimenez Teresa Martinez Faye Moore Hallie McCu:lchan Jack Napper Carolyn Ortega Nancy Owens Gildardo Padilla Rosa Padilla Eddie Prall Donald Taylor George Taylor Marlin Ufiord Emo Van Haren Mildred Wade Alma Wadkins Alene While Posie Whillow To be a coach Teach primary grades To go to a photographer's school 'l'o be Mr. Caywood's secretary 'l'o be a trumpetcr 'l'o stay single 'l'o be mayor To be a school secretary To go to college 'l'o be an engineer or farmer l'lay college softball To be an aviator To be a seamstress To be a millionaire 'l'o be a nurse markc ts To ice skate To play college baseball To own a dude ranch To be To be a missionary an Air Corp Pilot To study engineering 'l'o Ho into the cattle business 'l'o fin To be Doesn To be To be ish college a cattle rancher 't have any a big game hunter a movie star To get out of Chemistry To be a contractor To own a riding academy To marry Jimmy To be teache a commercial r To own race horses To own a '46 Mercury Conve rtible lcomo te crces! Aw. you Guys! Borzlchentol She makes me sick! Wouldn't you like to know! lleck no! I clon't know! Oh, gee whiz! Dog-gone! You lousy pup! Everybody wants to get in thc act. Aye 2 x 2 u I Well, gee whiz! Who? What? When? Why? Where? Egads! yo no se You are spoofing! "I-Iuba-huba" Not here Carolina I'm so embarrassed! Nothing much Dig me now and plant me later Oh, Shute! Do you know what I mean? Yeah, I heard about that Wait for me Look alive Oh, just for a little while That's what I like about the South I wish I knew! Heck, no, guy! Oh, come on now! I'm a man hater. Ha! lla! Not much! Hey, Guy! Chemistry Valley Farms b Senior Class Bob OXS Freshmen Girls Little brown ju His model - A Mrs. Fisccl I1 All good things Mary Douglas 'l'o his jalopy Anything in a skirt Eda Gay My ideal Joe To his car An infantry man Coach Ahee Her appetite Raymond Blakcmond Iowa ' All females Her diet "Paton" Nancy Owens Her shorthand His car Skeeter New Mexico Himself Joe Wilkerson Jimmy Westfal Charles Thoma Her diet Cliff Foster l s Women Censorship on the Gopher Army Mr. Ahee School 'l'o staying home The opposite sex English Lit. Everything, period! High School Arm Casts Sen Sen Chemistry Snakes Spanish II Doris Gomez Wolves Nancy Fulbright and Clara Ashcraft Being broke Jack Napper Arizona Faye Moore To peeled grapes Being told what to do Wild Horses Don Dimmick All females Margie Parks Mary Douglas Chemistry The theater Louie Van Hai-en Henry Lauridson Shorthand Sailors tall hut onel Page Twenty-seven . k SENIOR CLASS WILL W the class of 1946 of Florence Unlon High Srhool being lespectlvely ol sound and olspt ng mind and memory helebv declare this to be our last vnlll and testament helellx revolung anv and all other testamentalv papers at any time ll6l'0l,Ot0lC made by us Ol any of us Fxrsl F0 the faculty ol said school we glve devise :no ocqueath oul ll nu HJ IU I tl L school as It should be run 4"J Secord To the Jun ors we glve devise md bequelth Olll bltlflllb xx ll nd o ablllty to reach the hlgh st goal Third To the Sophomores we give devise and bequelth Ulll xlnllltv to use DUHICS and invent excuses Foufln To the Freshmen we give devise a d bcqucuth 1ll oLl sympxthy llld understanding Fxftl lnd1y1.1uallv we give devise and bequeath lcspeetlvely ns lollows towlt Ra mond Argel wlll my ability to be true to one girl to myonc who hls cnough lalth in the opposite sex Wllll Blown will my Jmgllng bracelets and concho belts to Eileen Whltlow lsdward Platt wlll my manly phvslque and lntelllgence to Tommy Land Walter Brunenkant vi 111 my bashfulness and cute dimples to James Nunnenlv Nancy Ftllllllght vxlll my swlrglng walk and flirty smile to Marle Falrchlld Louis Espinoza Wlll my hopes of becoming all state guard to Frank Blegbedel Alene W nie will my tremendous height to Harold Evyen Rulmn Jimenez will my athletlc ablllty to my little brother Mickey Jack Nappel wlll my vocabulary and sweet talking ways to Forest Edge Kcnncth Bonnel will my way with the freshman girls to Ralph Veasey Donna Belle Cole wlll keep all my charm for future necessity James Dunn wlll my ability to finish hlgh school n three years to Joe Cl 11L1l F ye M0016 will my glrllsh giggles to Mrs Curry Hallie McCutchan will my talent for playing the trumpet to Everett Ullold Donald Taylor WIII my careless attitude and whatever I have that gets the WOIIILII to lnrnest Lstracla George taylor wlll whatever I have that IS worth willing to wnyonc who thinks tney CIGSSIVG lt Ills BOHIHCI wlll mv money making ability playing 1 saxophone lll the dame olchestia to Johnny Reyes Rosalie Whltlow wlll my yen lor collecting class rings ol the opposite. scx to Eowma Van Haren Mildred Wacle will mv lreckles and llckleness to Wanda Rcvlcs Rosa Padilla wlll my cute tlgure and charming ways to lnyone who lb llltK,lLStLd ln attracting the opposite sex Glldardo Padilla will my height and manlv physique to Speedy Postal George GLlt1ef16Z yy 1ll my position as Stfn lullback to Fleddle Lcllyz Nn cy Ovxens will my fashionable wardrobe and ability to Hen peek the opposite s rc to Mary Foster 'onnny lsclx will my charming personality and ability to slly the women to Amos l-lawklns Angle I?f'dllgLl67 will my ability as the best soda Jerk at Petes to Vllglllll Hllllill 1 Emol na tan Halen wlll my position as cheer leajer to be evenly divided between Wllour IVIOIBIGS and B111 Alllson Cnolvn Ortega will my glamorous hair do to Betty Ashby Te esa Martinez wlll my ability to blow up the chemistry lab to Dorothy Rcvlcs Clara Asl cralt wlll my sunny smile and sweet d15fJOSltl0ll to Mary Schultz Vvvlan Dickinson wlll mv 3b111fV as .1 new student to get along wlth the llLLIltV to any new student entering Florence Union High School June Hunt wlll mv lGV15 and red shlrt to Lll6Sl.1!lG Cartel Eta Gay wlll my dependablllty to Francis Castillo Alma VV3dkll'lS will my hubba hubba eyes to anyone else IO has tllecl to Lddle Platt Jimmy Avenentl will my good looks to Harold Boggs IVI'1ftlIl Ultold wlll my glft ol gab and title IS Best Dre sed Mm About lown t Doy le Cable 11115 instrument was subscrlbed to bv said class as its last wlll and testament lll the presence of us who at its request and ln the presence of euh OUISI lllVC hclcunto set uul names as subscribing witnesses X-:I -- -B -, .3 112' . 'L' --nz' - ' ' , ',g '- ' 'Inlay 'a 1' L 3 i . f ' V ' , , Q ' :nn ' ' ' ': u Ll 1' Q g , y A , ' , " 'n 1 L 1' gf L , L I, S A , 4 . ' 4 4 ' - I, ' - A V' - 4 . 4 I, ' If , ' . ' ' . I, . V. 1, ' 1 . " -I 1, 2 1 ', '. ' 4 . I, , , ' ' . I' . I . A I . . . . . i Q I I I ,Q I, 1 , . . . , 1, , b L vw, Y' . r . . . 1 ' . 4 I, Sarah Flores, will my' sleek and shining black hair to Jackie Hawkins to blend with ner COII'lpi6X10l'l. I' L ' , ' 4, y ' - 1 ' . . .. ' . ' l .' , .x I. - ' 4 ' , " ' ' ' f ' ' ' ' ' I z. l, I ' . . ' ' - ' . I, ' I ' D ' . ' ' 4' ' ' . I, Q 1 " 4 . 4 I. ' ' , ' ' A 1 ' 'L - , I. 4: . , 4 4 4 " ' ' . I, Y '4 4 ' Y t - , 2 . H 'J wl' 1" " get I, 1 ' " ' , ' ,f ' f ' ' 1 ' " s Q " " 9 Page Twenty-eight FUTURE lFOlLlLlllES "Follies of lfJ56" the theatre inarque reads. The dazzling, gorgeous creatures that dance before our eyes are Ken s KUflGSl,, those fabulous showgirls selected and coached by Kenneth Bonner. We rush backstage, to congratulate Ken on his success, and whom should we see but Rosalie Whitlow who as vocalist on the "Hour of Charmu. With much reluctance we depart from the theatre explaining that we have an appointment the next morning with Johnny Felix, the matinee idol. We arrive bright and early at Johnny's, only to learn that he has not returned from a personal appearance tour. However. we have a most enjoyable chat with Alene White, Johnny's secretary, whose duties consist mainly of answering his fan mail and mimeographing his love letters. As we walk up Fifth Avenue, we notice some stunning dresses in a shop window. Upon inquiry, we find that these are designed by the rising young designer, Clara Ashcraft, and are modeled by two of New York's loveliest mannequins, Carolyn Ortega and Rosa Padilla. Leaving the shop, we meet Faye Moore. Faye is a missionary and has just returned from Africa where she has been persuading the natives to wear more clothes. We invite her to have lunch with us. Deciding upon the Cozy Tea Room owned by Iris Bonner, we enter this charming establishment. A mysterious creature in a turbin tells our fortunes and with surprise we realize that it is Wini Brown. Wini informs us that June Hunt, who is now a very successful commercial artist, often lunches here. We bid Faye a fond adieu and upon arriving at our apartment, turn on the radio. We become engrossed in the nip and tuck battle between the two professional football teams of Chicago and Boston. Ruben Jimenez wins the game for the Bears by running sixty yards for a touchdown, the final score being 7-0. The evening paper arrives and we note that Edward Pratt has been chosen as the man having the world's best physique. The paper states that Mr. Pratt is planning to make his methods of body building available to the public in the form of five easy lessons, Turning to the book review section, we read that Mildred Wade, author of "The Capture and Control of Wolves", has been chosen the woman of the week. Mildred's picture, taken by that eminent, young photographer, Jimmy Avenenti, accompanies the article. The next morning we rise earlier than usual, pack, and catch the Westbound Limited. It is with much amazement that we discover Emolina Van Haren to be on the same train. Emo tells us that she is a trick rider and is returning to Florence after taking part in the Madison Square Garden Rodeo. - Telling Emo that we will see her again in Florence, we get off the train at Phoenix, procure a car and go forth to see the sights. Seeing a large building and wondering what its purpose is, we steal stealthily inside and find that it is Louis Espinoza's wholesale house. We are delighted to see George Gutierrez, who is busily securing supplies for his grocery store in Florence. As March 15 is approaching, we have vague misgivings about our income tax report and, therefore, go to see Donald Taylor, the head of a government agency, who is ably assisted by Donna Belle Cole. Donald tells us that Alma Wadkins is the founder of Miss Wadkins' Select School for Secretaries and that her secretaries Hhave everything? Attracted by the sign "We Fix Your Car -- And How" we decide to have a new carburetor installed in our automobile. Who should we see filling up gas tanks but Angie Rodriguez. She owns a string of filling stations throughout the Southwest, but still enjoys taking an active part in fixing cars. Angie tells us that Vivian Dickinson is in charge of an orphans' home and that all the children adore her. After a new carburetor has been installed, we drive to Florence. Upon our arrival, we hear that Sarah Flores, the kindergarten teacher, has just had an emergency appendcctomy. We go to see Sarah and find that Eda Gay is the superintendent of nurses and is engaged to marry a prominent young doctor. It is a lovely evening so we decide to drive out to Gildardo Padilla's ranch. Mrs. Padilla, the former Nancy Owens, is worried about Junior's Hstrepl' throat. She tells us that Raymond Argel and Teresa Martinez are married and have a ranch of their own. Raymond is punching cows - and pinching calves. The next morning finds us inspecting the sign 'tAlibis Made To Ordern, Our curiosity thoroughly aroused, we enter and find Nancy Fulbright, who is now a lawyer, sitting placidly behind a flat-top desk. Nancy informs us that George Taylor QYes! ! l l D is now professor of English at the University of Arizona. Next we fall upon the mayor of the town of Florence, the honorable Walt-er Brunenkant. Walter tells us that James Dunn has invented a sensational new cotton-picking machine operated by atomic power. lt is being financed by Hallie McCutehan, the great industrialist. We learn that Jack Napper, an aeronautical engineer whose office is conveniently locathedat Hollywood and Vine, is in town and we are anxious to. see him. We find him flirting with a ravishing redhead. He pauses long enough to tell us that Martin Ufford is now a contractor.1n.Los Angeles. Leaving Jack enjoying himself immensely, we continue merrily on our way, tripping the light Fantasia across the desert. Page Twenty nine Ti , x fy A ' ' x X xl Y 1 ' s x V Y A X NN Vx X X V If ,' w x, K w 1, I X X if f x X X f I X 4' X I If 'll U X I V 5 xg f El I! x X 1 I f Jxxx f I f X 'f ' X N f f 1 xxx 6 f X N , X X f l ra wx f f f x 4' X l I f xl f ' HN Y- K N I I f w Xi 'l f x x if f f " Y 1 ' f N N f f is N: 1 I I x X xff I fyxf f I N ,. f Y A, f x f , I N X I 1 xxb X I X ,Q Y f ff 1 X N , I Nw! 5' I l f 4 I X N 1 I 1 , f wr , V ' 'N x 7 I I ' X f I f N N x if f 1 x X ff Z 'N N if I Nl X I X X f f X I ' N' 1 X 1 if I ,V K I ' S 'V f - x i x I-1-1 f Q 1 kd l' I f ,- X f 1 ' f -spgvs 1 I ' ' -'llgx X' ,xv I A' f V-V1 W , ' Y 1 . r '7 ' .T . X fx x gg. ,, 54' QQ. I K- NIKTX at is wx-s2.:'X-H 235525 2 Wm x 'Q' x"v X1 I X li' tix, I X 5' .lm ' xxx 5 , p vsgs :"'g'.':'. x-Liv.. Q -4, W I . -Q. , .ivzs ' m", ,. - 'Q W I , ' JA., ,Q ,- w W Y Yxf V. M 752 " Q 'N X' , '- N "Sip ' -- 5 .ba I ri Z. Page Undergraduates Q , , Here is the group that now upholds our tradition The boys and the girls that know thc definition Of what makes Florence great and will keep it that way All are for our school in the spirit of fair play. Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! . . . was the cry of the up-and-coming juniors at basketball and football games in order to raise money for the supurb Jr.-Senior banquet and prom. Also for fun and mon-ee, they sponsored a dance for the student body. Pictured below is the super saleswoman, Mary Foster, Prexy of the Junior class. Dorothy Revles, Vice - President, and Mark Navarre, 'cicorotary - Treasurer, proved able assistants. Thirty-two . Betty Ashby Virginia Armenia Juanita Avenenti Harold Boggs Eddie Cathemer Rosemary Cathemer David Celaya James Davis Don Dimmick Lynn Dell Dismukes Mary Douglas Howard Elliott Joe Espinoza Ernest Estrada Harold Evjen Page Thirty-three Page Thirty-four Marie Fairchild Mary Foster Patsy Gaither Charles Gamez Joe Garcia Amos Hawkins George Hunt Ross Inglish Dorothy Kemper Barbara Kilman Thomas Land Roy Looper Beatrice Lopez Fernando Morales Margaret Morales Mark Navarre James Nunnely Mike Ochoa Marjorie Park Dorothy Revles Adeline Sepulveda Ncda Smith Nellie Stegcr Charles Thomas Secundino Valenzuela Eileen Whitlow Helen Wolven Not Pictured Keith Harner George Alameda Marcus McCutchan Alice Hackett Page Thirty--five SOPHOMORES 1. Ray Sellers, J. D. McKnight 2. Oscar Padilla, Cleo Fleming, Lucille Padilla, Helen Murdock, Joe Louis Ortega 3. Laura Espinoza, Beatrice Felix, Dorothy Lopez Page Thirty-six -1-wh, my aaa 533 .3 . ., . i 'wwf' fami V.. iv. . f a 5 7 ' M. we N W. K L .. T, 23 1425592 'Tx95'?5 QM , , . i-mam ' off.: ici. eg S s f M ,,m .... . p H fear.. z .,gbwwQvQf,4f,N,:vmZ wwf . V at wa, X ya if 55 l. 2. 3 Billie Bugg, Albert Miranda, Doyle Cable Thomas Lopez Ester Espinoza, Mercy Cruz, Pauline Cruz Frances Castillo, Pat Dean, Billie Brady, Maxine Brunenkant The sophomore class started the year's activities by sponsoring the Freshman reception under the direction of their sponsors, Miss Buehler and Miss Goodwin. Then spring and picnic time rolled around, when the sophoinores took time out to enjoy out-deor life. Officers elected were: President, Joe Ortegag Vice-President, Lucille Padillag Secretary-Treasurer, Wanda Revles, Bob Wright and Reba Joe Rhodes were class representatives on the student council. 1. Alfred Celaya 2 Bob Wright, Alfred Westfall 3. Adeline Vasquez, Mercy Wolven, Betty Gonzales 4. Fae Riley, Peggy Hazard Donovan Butler, Roy Wolven, Frank Beigbeder, Ralph Veazy, Louis Smith Ruth Wade, M a r y Valenzuela, Inez Glenn, Carmen Vasquez, Martha Parker, Violet Good Oliva Ruiz, Reba Joe Rhodes, Wanda Samuels, Wanda Revles Page Thirty-seven R E Eugene Ely, Fernando Arriola, Rudy Felix, Irby Dismukes, Sue England, Betty Carson, Juanita Espinoza, Janet Chappel 2 Orville Ashly, Bill Foster, Neil Brittain, Chestine Carter, Alice Felix, Rosemary C h a V e z, Betty Baker Gilbert Miranda, Donald Freeland, Amado Gutierrez, R i c h a r d Montano, Jimmy Molina, Rudolph Jimenez, Betty Ruth Morgan, Lara Marquez, V i V i a n Laurdisen, N e l 1 i e Martinez Alex Lopez, Tommy McCarty,Cornelia Morgan, Jackie Hawkins, Doris Harmon, Bonnie Michelena Page Thirty-eight Johnny Reyes, Lupe Reyes, Albert Ralph, Edward Padilla, Ina Mae Moore, Evangeline Pyeatt, Eleanor Ruiz, Rosie Robles Oscar Sepulveda, Bob , Schalz, Bobby Morrow, Mary Schultz, Mary Lou Rameriz, Aleene Rankin 1. Donald Ferguson, Everett Ufford, Joe Valdez, Gordon Wright, Lyle Rodgers, Flora Celaya, Edwina Van Haren, Patsy Smith, Reenie Walters 2.Ray Johns, James Garrett, Helen Jones, Nina Staggs, B e s s i e Smith, Jo Ann Harner Freshmen! Freshnien! Freshmen everywhere! Little, but niighty, the freshmen outnumber each class two fold. Under Rudolph Jimenez, President, the freshmen class was active in all school affairs. Other officers were Eleanor Ruiz, vice-president, Juanita Espinoza, seeietary-treasurer, Evangeline Pyeatt and Bill Allison, class representatives on the student council. Page Thirty-nine l . I'-L IJ-L-JR-J-N 5-L-J -4-I 1 i. VL I 1 1 1 4,1 1 1.-Z,-Y I 4 4 4 I I , 14,1 I f-5,1 f,n!4!! " 1ff ""1 1-1-1 r-rf-,gy 1 - 1 'r-, 1 1 ' 1 , if X 1 1 V1 Y X K 7 v ' , N v ' '- - X 4 1 X r N l , N ll 'I l I X v- I X 1 , Q H fx, gi JJ-J 1 I 1 I I I LJ I I N! V ki--1--1-J' ' ' 4 Ll C 1 1 1 L, N N I I5-L" I " 5 Y4 ' ' 4' ' f-I v1.4 1, 1 3 , N fl I izx NA' k W C '4 i -k va'-V .N , w I , 1 ,YT i wk Y' " x s vw Q , V NN N " ' " 'T 1 1 r r Ffv-T 1 K -r ' , -. 5 I , ' M- T 4 N I rf N 4 If 4 NL M f - ' .1 x 1 +- ' X vu Y 1 1' In H- , x' U Qlxr V f N Q I 'f x wi! x TQ I Y N Nl- Page Forty ACTlVll'll'lllES4,, The old saying - that too much work makes Jack a d Has no place in Florence Wheie there's much to enjoy Athletics. pep, and glee clubs for those so inclined Gay parties and dances that lift care from the mind. Oh, those Gophers, those Florence Gophers Keep on fighting until we win Keep the scarlet and white aflying, May our colors be always bright Herc's to our team with loyal spirit, We will back you until the end, Oh, those Gophers, those mighty Gophers For dear old Fl ' orence is here to win. Q ull b oy -two Frances Castillo, Reenie Walters, Jackie Hawkins, Mary Douglas, Marjorie Park, Neda Smith, Evelyn Ready, Lucille Padilla "Bathing Beauties of Florence Union High School" ...SWlMMlNG,. Page Forty-three 1 - Frank Biegbeder, Don Fergusen, Donald Taylor, Oscar Padilla, Fernando Arriola, Joe Valdez, Harold Boggs, Thomas Lopez, Louis Espinoza 2 - Mgr. Jim Westfall, Rudolph Jimenez, Raymond Argel, llowarcl Elliott, Amado Gutierrez, Walter Brunenkant, Tony Verdugo, Toni Land, Joe Ortega, Mark Navarre, Coach George Ahee 3 - Alfred Celaya, Bill Allison, Ed Pratt, George Gutierrez, Capt. Ruben Jimenez Gildardo Padilla, Ed Cathemer, Edward Padilla, Ross Inglish Bl. OCK THAT KlClK Page Forty-four Starting out fast and furious this year were the Florence Gophers, under the supervision of their new coach, George Ahee. Incidentally, Coach Ahee is from the University of Arizona, where he played guard on the All Conference Team. The Gophers swept through a nine game schedule winning seven and losing two. The team was off to a good start by defeating Amphitheater of Tucson 34-7 in their first game. The Buckeye Hawks came next and were felled to a 39 to 0 'before the onslaught of the rampaging Gophers. The third straight victory came at the expense of the Chandler Wolves who were easily defeated 38 - 0. The next game, the old rivals of Coolidge and Florence battled it out, the Bears were a little too much for the Gophers, upsetting them 13 - 7. With the usual fighting spirit, despite the fact the squad lost two key men through injuries, the Gophers won over Superior 20 - 12, Ago 20 - 12, and Nogales 34 - 20. Climaxing the year, the Florence Gophers went to Ysleta, Texas to engage the powerful Ysleta Indians who were a fast, hard-hitting bunch of players. After a scoreless first half, Ysleta won out 18 - 6. The last game of the season Florence trounced Casa Grande by a score of 33 - 6. PRACTICE PERIOD n Y l N ' Practicing . . Unofficially and Offically W Page Forty-five RAYMOND ARGEL. handicapp- ed with bad shoulders, was the best offensive center on the team. His accuracy as a snapp- er-back made it possible for many of the teams precisely executed plays to develop. For the red and White, WALTER BHUNENKANT played left tackle position in a top-notch way, being dependable, capable, durable. He had as much play- ing time as any one man on the team. LOUIS ESPINOZA, watch- eharm guard, was the best defensive lineman of the whole squad, despite his pint-size stature. Breaking his arm early in the season, he was unable to complete his senior football season, Another loss to the Gophers was GEORGE GUTIERREZ, fullback who was shifted to this position this year from his regular position of tackle. He filled in notably well until being side- lined for the remainder of the Season after receiving an injury in the Superior game. Page Forty-six NIOR STARS bf 5 RUBEN JIMENEZ, '46 team captain and all-conference half- back, was undoubtedly one of the finest school-boy backs in the state. All around triple threat player, running, punting, and passing - - he completed 26 out of 31 passes in one game alone. DON TAYLOR, one of the smallest linemen on the squad, was perhaps the gamest of all. Playing a fine defensive game, he was a capable blocker and High scoring end, GILDARDO PADILLA, proved to be the greatest pass catcher seen in the district. This high school end had size, speed and ability. Teamed up with Jimenez, they were one oi the best passing combinations in the state. Backfieldman, EDDIE PRATT, perhaps the team's finest block- er, played the up-back spot in Very fine fashion. He was a great defensive player and could also run with the ball when called upon. will be missed next year. MESSAGE FROM THE COACH During the past year we have watched Florence Union High School take big strides forward in state athletic circles, just as we have done in the past. Athletics have always been an integral part of school life with definite educational aims and values - - thus it should be at Florence. Athletics should be a total student activity, one in which we participate wholeheartedly, whether on the playing field, in the band, or in the student cheering section. We, at Florence Union High School, possess the qualities so necessary for all-around student participation. I sincerely hope not only to see it continue, but to increase in intensity. Coach George Ahee Page Forty-seven DlS 'l'RlC'l' CHAMPS After a very successful season during which the Gophers won nine and lost two in conference plays, they entered the district basketball tournament with high spirits. Having proven their worth during seasonal encounters, they found Superior an easy mark in their first game of the East Central Conference Tournament, win- ning by a score of 40 to 2l, The next night the Aheemen played Tempe, again winning 38 to 12. The age-old feud between Coolidge, the winners of the upper bracket, and Florence, the winners of the lower bracket, culminated in struggle for the championship. After a nip and tuck battle the ever fighting Gophers won the District Championship by edging Coolidge out by a score of 20 to l7. This automatically gave the Gophers the right to enter the State Basketball Tournament at Tucson where they made a very commendable showing, finally losing to superior ability and height possessed by other teams in the state. Page Forty-eight 1 - Ross Inglish, Ruben Jimenez, Gildardo Padilla, Eddie Cathemer, Edward Padilla Mark Navarre 2 - Alfred Celaya, Rudolph Jimenez, Dave Celaya, Captain Edward Pratt, Charles Gamez, George Gutierrez, Coach George Ahee. All-district center, Gildardo Padilla, is snapped with his fingers in the net. In the first game with Mesa, the Gophers were victorious by ten points. Below is a picture of our lighting guard, Ruben Charles Gamez and Gildardo Padilla scrap Jimenez, going in Ioi' his favorite shot, While Valiantly for the ball so essential to a Gopher Charlie Gamez is waiting eagerly to get his hands victory. on the ball to try his luelc at the basket. Page Forty-nine TAKE ME OUT TO Tl-llE BALL GAME 1 - Albert Ralph, Adolpho Celaya, Mark Navarre, George Taylor, Gildardo Padilla, George Gutierrez, Amado Gutierrez, Gordon Wright, Amos Hawkins, Coach Curry. 2 - Bill Foster, Harold Boggs, Micky Jimenez, Joe Valdez, Captain Ruben Jimenez, David Celaya, Louie Espinoza, Don Butler, Alfred Celaya. Page Fifty High - foul Out at home Back in iime Hard Practice Page Fifty-one M USJIC FOR MILLIO ! "Practice for Parades F. U. H. S. Band Page Fifty-two 1 - Hallie McCutchan, Roy Looper, Marcus McCutchan, Everett Ufford, Ralph Veasey, Gilbert Miranda, Kenneth Bonner, Thomas Lopez, Joe Valdez, Fernando Arriola 2 - Iris Bonner, Johnny Reyes, Rosendo Sepulveda, Bill Foster, Albert Miranda, Tom Land, Albert Ralph, Rudy Felix, Don Ferguson 3 - Billie Bugg, Betty Morgan, Reba Rhodes, Juanita Espinoza, Mary Valenzuela. Mary Schultz, Margaret Morales, Peggy Hazard, Marie Fairchild, Eugene Ely 4 - Mr. Hampton, Harold Evjen N S , "Sweet Dreams, Swee!heari" lilted through the air as the dance band tuned off at thc end of thc Gophcrcttc Food-fest. "Katy and her Hepcats" sing out during their musical hour. Dance Band - Glee Club - 1 2 3 4- Harold Evjcn, Roy Looper, Iris Bonner, Mr. Hampton, Warren Schewel, Angie Arriola, Albert Ralph, and 11ot pictured, Toni Land - Joe Ortega, Guy Wilkerson, Oscar Padilla, Ruben Jirnenez, Beatrice Lopez, Raymond Argel Kenneth Bonner, Mei cy Wolven, Cornelia Morgan Betty Ashby, Marie Fairchild, Peggy Hazard, Mercy Cruz, Dorothy Kemper Chestine Carter, Patsy Smith, Director Mrs. Caywood, Pauline Cruz, Beatrice Felix, Nina Staggs Page Fifty-three GOPHlERlETTlES...,,.,, 1 - Peggy Hazard, Violet Good, Barbara Kilman, Dorothy Kemper, Irby Dismukes, Flora Celaya, June Hunt, Nancy Fulbright - Secretary, Rosemary Espinoza, Marie Fairchild, not pictured are Angie Rodriguez - Cheerleader and Rosalie Whitlow - President 2 - Frances Castillo, Clara Ashcraft. Laura Espinoza, Sue England - Historian, Lynn Dell Dismukes, Mary Douglas, Iris Bonner - Treasurer, Donna Belle Cole, Mercy Cruz, Cleo Fleming, Inez Glenn, Juanita Avenenti, Miss Goodwin - Sponsor 1 - Margaret Morales, Alene White, Aline Rankin, Olivia Ruiz, Eleanor Ruiz, Mercy VVolVen, Wanda Revles, Carmen Vasquez, Martha Parker, Neda Smith, Rosie Robles, Rennie Walters, Rosa Padilla, Helen Wolven, Emolina Van Harem - Cheerleader 2 - Mary Valenzuela, Faye Moore - V Jackie Hawkins, Page Fifty-four Carolyn Ortega, Mildred Wade, Nancy Owens, Teresa Martinez, ice-President, Alma Wadkins, Dorothy Revles, Marjorie Park, Eileen Whitlow "Ye ol' Pepsters Majorette Leader Cheerleaders Majorette Leader Mary Douglas Emolina Van Haren and Lucille Padilla Angie Rodriguez MARCHlN,G MAJIORETTES 1. Mary Douglas - Majorette leader, Chestine Carter, Reenie Walters, Dorothy Lopez 2. Ruth Wade, Billie Brady, Rosie Robles , 3. Marjorie Park, Barbara Kilman - Flagbearers Page Fifty-five UNCH A YEAR Ari Staff: June Hunt, Clara Ashcraft, Faye Moore, not pictured. Literary Staff: Donna Cole, Alma Wadkins, Iris Bonner, Nancy Owens, Teresa Martinez and N a n c y Fulbright. Page Fifty-six Advertising Staff: Marjorie Park, Dorothy Revles, Roy Looper, Mary Douglas, Alene White and Dorothy Kemper. Not pictured are Iris Bonner, Pat Gaither, Emolina Van Haren, Mary Foster Seated - Editors Rosalie Whitlow and Harold Evjen. "Gopher Going fo Press" EXTRA! EXTRA! 1 -- Faye Moore, Nancy Owens, Harold Evjen 2 - Nancy Fulbright, Alma Wadkins, Carolyn Ortega First semester staff: Second semester staff: Editor - Clara Asheraft Editor - Angie Rodriguez Assistant Editor - Nancy Fulbright Assistant Editor X Carolyn Ortega Business Manager - Alina Wadkins Business Manager - Alma Wadkins Sports Editor - Harold Evjen Sports Editor - Harold Evjen Class Reporters - Carolyn Ortega, Helen Class Reporters - Alene White, Helen Wolven, Violet Good, Nina Staggs Wolven, Frances Castillo, Chestine Carter Typists - Alone White, Rosa Padilla, Typists - Rosa Padilla, Ernolina Van Haren, Nancy Owens Carolyn Ortega Love Lorn Editor - Faye Moore Fashions and Features - Teresa Martinez, Nancy Owens Advisor - Mrs. Curry Page Fifty-seven FOODQ0, FUNQQQ FROlLllCKlNG Page Fifty-eight Gophereite Food-Fest and fun for all. D 0 r 0 L h y Kemper, Iris Bonner, Alma Wadkins, all aid in serving Eddie Cathemer. Swinging and Swaying tw the music are Mary Douglas and George Gutierrez ai are Beatrice Lopez and Raymond Argel Saguaro Coronation . . Harold Evjen places the Crown upon newly selected Saguaro Queen, Nancy Fulbright. Saguaro King, Jimmy Avenenti waits expectantly for his crown from Rosalie Whitlow. The Grand March . . . Superintendent and Mrs. C. W. Caywood, with thc new Saguaro Queen and King, lead the grand march. Dancing . . . King Jimmy and Queen Nancy trip the light fantasy along with candidates Mary Douglas and Ross Inglish. Page Fifty-nine f K t-L 1 ' ' , LLL L ,XX XX-HER 1 2-lsfxxf YS N X Q Xx-fl,Y,"fa V- , f A-'7'7"P', " I X if , K, fl:-7 Af 37,3151 rfr1 rg .'.i'?f W ' x ,ff x IJ Yr Jul wx f 'I ' I N 1 J Y N 1' 1 Y J!! 'N ff' N-X ,Iliff X-wg Pl N ff X Mx f J ' s lx 11.1-Q,-4,1114-Algzfl I fx f ffl. 4-4.4 4 YL' V- L k- 4 X V AlZ?s"Ux1:f.?V x 'bfi Q ie' X f,f 04tr s'1.r'1'T j x ff N !'!X v ,'f li '- N .. 1,5 - N ff X ff X fl y I f wf,- I I -. -v XXL, a RUDEO Once a year there's a big event known far and meal As the Junior Rodeo which gives fun and fear To onlookels we know, and maybe entrants, too, Of which Florence High always furnishes a few. Rosalie Whitlow and Charles A. Whiilow IV Page Sixty-two Siarting the Jr. Parada was the parade from Main Street to the Rodeo grounds One of the many floais representing the business houses or clubs of Florence - all added a festive note to the Parada. 1946 JU ICR fP24lR2flD24l Page Sixty-three RUTTING SUZJI LL. FLORENCE MAJORETTES H if Mwyq sf- fm vw ' Q 33,15 i'f2gytlY"1',S-:N ii" 12W4z4gw3zf 5u,N , ,:m'Hf:,M4,3 w e ii 'xy S wann, ' mf w422.:'z1,53w2:: w4,.1" ' 3 5: -: 5-:gg-5g:gf?:a5:'.2'.,gf-,:::-3: 3 ' W Q ' Y 'K 'A 1 I 3 ff , , u 1 I wwfvf fr --1, Nag .L,Lwwg,s1,1:A.mf :s,m.,.,.w:!N 4 w:m:wf?1,P5mfl:fH?m MM . ,wmywfz gg: A J' f1:g':g:2WUWg3gggQ3ag g ' f . , 'tim 21-: if ?'3'1YlfE5N:v:eh,s1Eii5 32 5 x ' ' Wglffi ,m.9vP'J1"afX if 1 N The First Event - 'The Grand Entry". Color Bearers, Rosalie Whitlow and Olus Taylorg Color Guards, Chuck Whitlow and Dorman Bryce Page Sixty-five FOLLOWING THE COLORS are the Florence and Coolidge High School bands combined Tall Harold Evjen and petite Betty Boone lead them round the arena. l... Page Sixty-six The younger sct, ugcs 5-14, getting ready for the calf riding. V Hcrc wc have a group of young cowboys - just sittin', ta1kin', and Wondorin' if they can stay on that calf or not. Pago Sixty-seven HIE THREE PADIILJL The team tying event for boys from 14 - 18. Eddie Cathemer and Jack Morgan trying for first place. wmwmmmmwk The wildest event of the complete Rodeo - the Brahma bull riding. Eddie Cathemer pictured atop. Page Sixty-nine xx.s.fa,xxXXxXx,5,1AX F 3.3.5. X, xi x,xxxixg,5,,xg5 X ,Q ffy- 1,- 1 I f f - ' I I I' I I fx XX I1 V X NU ' X' if X X 4 I Nb X 35 , Wi C 'iff K ' A N x Xwx V-' ,xl If Xxx bx' M! wk 'x XXYN lwx- xv V TNQ Jyx jf, XXX Nwlvff! xv WK ff! xx X J A X WWK XXA Q xvfff x N Xx X V X .VI 1' I 1 ,- jlfffllflf yy f ' 1 . flffvf v, 1,11 5'- X X X XXYX X :xxx xi XX -r." XiX'x On About Campus Q, C. Q Our campus is roomy and has plenty of trees A fine place to relax and perhaps "shoot the breeze". Chit chat of the day, and a little gossip, too, And a good spot for lovers to talk and to Woc J. Hallie and Marcus McCutchan, Betty Ashby and Rosemary Cathemer, typical co-eds look out "Ve ol' cam u " , on 1 p s from under the portals of Florence Union High School I.. RWM W" We Page Seventy-two Ari and Journalism "Future Rembrandts and Shakespcarcs creating through brush and pon." Cafeierin "Wholesome to the last crumb." Commercial Typing I, II Shorthand I, II "Strictly business. but hive." SSX?" 4 Page Seventy-three Page Seventy-foul' English I, II, III. IV "The language of America." Foreign Language Spanish, Latin 'The cultural and the practical Home Economics Sewing, Cooking "The way to a lIlH1l'S heart." Library "Silence is golden, and so are the leaves." Mathematics General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry "It :ill adds up" Music Band, Orchestra, Glee Club "Rhythmical beats and patterns," Page Seventy-five Page Seventy-six Physical Education Girls, Boys "Vim, vigor and vitality." Science Chemistry, Biology 'Unfolding lifc's mysteries." Shop "The knack for klliCkkll2iCkS Social Studies Problems of Democracy Civics, History "Foundation of our Democracy," Welding "Mechanistic point of view." David F. Fithian Grove City College, B. A. State Teachers Colle e S , Pennsylvania "An all - around guy." Civics, English, General Mathematics and Wood- shop keep the second semester addition to the faculty mighty busy. 1 1 1 1 I i v , ' Page Seventy-seven N ABOU """"'Xf'L 2 -K 3 'E W X Our kirk - - - Up and over - - - Coy or come hither - - -Hubba-Hubba, need more be said - - -All tangled up Page Seventy-eight CAMPUS . MW' i 1 Practicing Majorcttes? - - -Cute Couple - - -Gid up, Let's go places - - That Arizona sunshine - - -Aaa-ha - - - Legs, and more legs! - - - Page Seventy-nine Page Eighty Gopher-ettcs - - -Left Flank - harch - - - Wah-Hoo! - - - Bathing Beauty Shorts - ,Il short, too - - - Caught unaware! - - - At ease men - - - Mary and. Vicha - - - Nice scenery - and how! - - - Little Fulbright - - - Telling jokes - - - Nico pose - - -Tournament bound. - - - Ssssssssnakc dance Page Eighty-one Page Eighty-tWO 'WMM 'S ....,, ll , Q New M V, 5 K Mixed IIIBHAJF - - - Hold that pose: - - -Goin' somewhere? - - - Our pride and joy Glamour Gal - - - Now, listen to papa - - - Y 3 "I'll tell you how it is, fellows" - - - Smile for the birdie - - -Posing pals - - - Twirl it low - - - We beat ya' to it - - -Step-im high - - -"Is everybody huppy?'f Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-foul' -we. 3? we New, but nice - - - So what - - - 'Tain't true - - - Vivucious Vivian - - - Looks interesante? - - - Parade day - - - '4An apple a day keeps the Docter awuyw 'il' Ile love me - he loves me - - - Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil 'Tis truly spring - yet - - - Mid-day meditation - - - School calls - - - Fun feud - - - Neat Nedn - - - Cowboy-Sailor Cathemei' - - - Page Eighty-live 0170-U O OfO-O70-OfO-O-O-0-O-0-0-O-070-O-O-0 0 l 0 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 We, the annual staff, wish to thank the following sponsors whose Whole-hearted cooperation has largely enabled us to publish this 1946 Saguaro. Clenians Cattle Company - Florence Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company - Florence Ryan and Evans Drug Company - Florence Smith's Old West Gift Shop - Florence The Oak Tavern - Florence Cactus Forest Ranch - Florence World,s Championship Rodeo - Florence Gene Autrey and Associates, Ltd. Mr. C. W. Caywood - Florence Florence Drug Company - Florence Ackers' and Bivens' Buffet - Florence Surety Title and Trust Company - Florence La Paloma Cafe - Florence Arizona Edison Company - Florence The American Cafe - Florence Skipper's - Florence Zelleweger Implement Company - Coolidge Mandcll and Harris - Florence Chappel's Grocery - Florence R. H. M. Dairy - Florence Isis Theater - Florence. Gutierrez's Grocery - Florence Borree's Food Market - Florence Florence Chamber of Commerce - Florence Coolidge Sand and Rock Company - Coolidge Valley National Bank - Coolidge Capital Fuel, Feed and Seed Company - Coolidge The Boston Store - Phoenix Rudolph's Chevrolet Company - Phoenix Porter's - Tucson Peterson, Brooks, Steiner, and Wist - Phoenix Madison Motors, Incorporated - Phoenix Tortilla Flat - Florence Autrey Brothers - Denver, Colorado Florence Hotel - Florence Aztec Market - Florence Pinal Cleaners - Florence Judge W. C. Truman - Florence Shell Service Station - Florence Green Panrot Inn - Florence Florence 5 81 10 Store - Florence MeCool's Barber and Beauty Salon - Florence Mr. Lawrence White - Florence Mr. A. G. Walker - Florence Jack's Lunch - Florence J. W. Bakers Garage - Florence Mr. James llerron - l"lorencfe Mrs. Edan E. McFarland - Florence Val's Frozen-Food Bank - Coolidge Consumers Market N Coolidge Valley Hardware and Supply Company - Coolidge The 21 Club -- Coolidge O'Malley Lunlller ffonipany - Coolidge Disl.rihut,or of Pittsburg Paints Busch Bake Shop - Coolidge Safeway Store - Coolidge Louek's Insurance Company - Coolidge Governor Sidney P, Oshorn - Phoenix Holsum Bread - Phoenix Valley Bottling Company - 7-Up -Phoenix Sun Valley Bus Lines, Incorporated - Phoenix McWhorter's Music Company - Tucson 4040-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o--o o o o-o-o oeo-o-o-o-o-040 o o o Page Eighty-six 0 0 0 Off!-U-0-O 0 OED-0f0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0'0-0-O-0-O-0-0-'0-O--0-0'-0 0 E. V. Price and Company - Chicago Jacome's - Tucson Andy Anderson, Ltd. - Tucson O. B. Marston Supply Company - Phoenix Auto Safety House - Phoenix Treasurer's Office - Florence Mr. Maurice Mann - Florence Mr. Lynn E. Earley - Florence Mr. John J. Bugg - Florence Mr. Alva Weaver - Florence Mr. Tom Marks - Florence ' M1' Lady Beauty Salon - Florence Mr. Charles Whitlow, Sr. - Florence Mr. and Mrs. James Sheppard - Florence Mr. John Swearengin - Florence Mrs. Lottie Devine - Florence Mr. Homer Detriek - Florence Mr. Hugh Bryan - Florence Pinal County Hospital - Florence Mr. Al Gressinger - Florence Mr. George II. Kelly - Florence Highway Courts - Coolidge Shafer's Used Cars - Coolidge Boss's Cafe - Coolidge Sin1mon's Radio and Electric Shop - Coolidge Coolidge Drug Company - Coolidge Jol1nson's Firestone Home and Auto Supply - Coolidge H. L. and H. Hardware Company - Coolidge Reuben's, Arizona Home Supply Co. - Coolidge Hymac Department Store - Coolidge Quick's Music Store - Phoenix Mr. Bert Goodman - Florence Mrs. Ruth H. White - Florence Florence Ice Service - Florence Mr. Hill Hunt - Florence Mr. Wallace Taylor - Florence Mr. Amos Hawkins, Sr. - Florence Mr. Lonnie Walters - Florence Mr. L. E. Saunders - Florence Mr. Jack Morrison - Florence Mr. Joe LaZear - Florence Mr. George Decker - Florence Mr. John Pegrum - Florence Mr. Joe Rodriquez - Florence Mr. Clarence McCormick - Florence Mr. E. M. Moore - Florence Mr. Robert S. Ramirez - Florence Mr. Joe Ruiz - Florence Mr. Joe Argel - Florence Mr. Oscar Felt - Florence Mr. Rodger Gates - Coolidge Mr. C. H. Prock - Florence Mr. James Bracamonte - Florence Mr. Bert F. Rex - Florence Mr. G. C. Arvizo - Florence Mr. Tom Bambrick - Florence lVlr. R. M. Arvizo - Florence Mr. Joe H. Encinas - Florence Mr Gabrial Robles - Florence Mr. L. E. Humphrey - Florence o o o 0-0-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-0-0-o-oAo-o-u-o-0-0-o-o-0-o-o-o-oe-0-o o Page Eighty-seven - Ai? V: We wish to thank the inoinbers of our staff, our sponsor, Miss Goodwin, the Art Department, and Mr. Curry for their splendid assistance and cooperation. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this annual for many yours to come. It was an honor and a privilege to bring it to you. Husta La Vista! Rosalie Wliitlow and Harold Evjen Editors Page Eighty-nine

Suggestions in the Florence Union High School - Saguaro Yearbook (Florence, AZ) collection:

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