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A41 N B 'A .H 1 Jkx ,1 sg: '41 LW H A tx L l if y A9 f W If gg U :iw VX dk QQ 1 4-x rf Ax X .4 E xx A 55 ,, x 1 In ix- 1 FK U' ..., xx xi fr 4' X' JR V k ,p ' Q 1 K 1 X 'NX " X ,IQ gx"',,, If 'J Q.-1 1 W 'm A 1 Af Xu- ,ww f 'N' X , , N - . c 4 X A M A ' " X A , .A .1eNk.vl,:J,i..x, 2 FR'-Lxlyxd 1- Axe Aw ,Af I Q ,M 1 lx, , flft-fi, 15A V 'Y 1 X M. ' K 9 f I I ,L X -. R ' , ui V A 13,3 ' fx :fx A QQ, ' 11: Y' 1, gx ' x! Q ' lr 'S , 1 T 'N 'N MNQI xx V x '-,x'- 'I I W P' ' if , x 1 P, Lv?-x, ff. T x , I dbx, I A N- as N 6 NA, - f I M41 y, 1-. N. A-it kt JF N .fi q v uv ' ' A ' X 1 " rx Q, Wx nw Jr!" X . JL, 'Ili 'PJ av ff 5 GAA . .A - A. . A'f.A,x. A-N' v QQ - f A P fb-Lp.. .P-M i 3 + , A Q A x m ,, 'Il' L, -f' ' 'JT . 'A 'fATf"1k?4-L N 281: 5 A 1A,.Q'-'N J 'QA gaklfr A Jw- ' 2, ,QA .. , '-'gfi 11341 X x 4, 1 .' 4 X' :l52i55V'h1.r KZ' ' ' Q. Ni 72. Mi' ' N uf: 7 nv L 'Y f .AD 'F 1 ' -' '9 Q 'T' f .9913 ' t A Ag AAN. A s A.-.-1.7 , , x. V .44 5 A .K wiv- ' 3 A351-N255 Jun .Agreg A in V A tl, :V A L WA, , ,V 43121, n nl I ,A ,PAA f' -, F4 K' v - AA .Sy 'A - . 2 4 H.-Af A w.'-Zk..V5- - Ex A AA if sgx.. Ar A ffx-.4 .QU . '- Mi- fm - f A 5. W ' - xx -A NVQ, . . A A .A A A A ,A .A f, A A Ay A- 5,-N . A, A' N5 A, -,fi - 6'.','yfj ,- 1-XA 1- A. , kggq5f'QJ?335f:ff X2 51 .R.fv,f, +.g TQ3ic? 3 I. I N kd., ,TA-43: , W-it A, J ,N A -.. QM? 5' H 4 .,A,::fP,A?A,-, A17 R. 'L-ifjlg :Hg 5,-YJ ,Ag - V 1 V jk-:A 5 :.?1fm,, 42gf,'5 eff 3541 Jgisifi.p'1212f.'BsggfiZgfif, -QWA .W fffi3,5.,A. f -- -' A be ,. ' - Ja - 'V .' g x fa 41' Y.. A.' '- ' 3-1, ,A " -' - A y ..-j1fv'- ,v, t ' ,. 1 . A wa- A mim 1+ ff BJ fam mm , wwf fx ' wx, A WA -me A U x NLG, K 24' X 'Ki jlepgil ly FAQ J Q im .Lk ,A 'RN I I J ld' 1' A ' Nl' ' F: I +I, ,f 4 - 1 f r J: J 1 Q I, N ' i I X H 1 N . I -rr 1 ww Q .1322 L 4i'n?,2,Ei?.,,96j! X JA? QKIJQQQ' ww v his K 3 ML.: X X ,, L., x,?K..q5X357?, ,FA N 14,5 1' Bi if .. Af 1 Hx -Ns W A' + :N :H - 1 f' N 'f T41 - A ,lg v3K.x ..-- px- JA r V QAJ Q 31' , 'b 1-iffy lx Z Rfk -LJ CV D' yi E - I' Y 'X 1 I J M ax? 1 J-fl . ' ma W Bjjx uf' if ' fl 3 'IK' I J 'Z Lv f ' J if X LW 'KN iwn ,+I at ,WU 1 +5 K N4 fm 5 3 w " -fi j N V f -1 4 1 ' ' ' 5 ,- f' X: ,, A,+,, ,M , A . , ,A if 'X ,A EN A, 1 A x, 5,1 lx , x .4 : I Lxrwkfifgfb , H- P A lx F WEA? f A-rj 1 ,Til N , K 1.1 1 'r- , H+ ,WFU r Q K - 1 A ,, A A . 5mt' ,', 1 A 5' Lqflx Jxui' 2, x xx Evfxfl ' Dk, Wffff--X, ?X' X , y ':'I'T6"1ff ,-',,. , Va ' 'V " XV, 4 "H-XX -f 1 1 T17 A 9 M4 KJ 'N x 4-f , ' " W-,Q 2 I x it xx X K N x 1 Y J J 5' -A M 4 WBP7 ,. xx A I 4 9 3 as N ' 1, ' T w I N' 5 1 v N my x 5, N ' 1 sl 4, , X I v 4 I X x 1 X J '- 4 1 ' 1' fx N2 y , 4 rg N2 1, ,W L k V I XE4fA YS S6 Q15 I ,, v. 1 L 4X?l1+x , L L HE? xy, N A ,iv M' wig wk Qfii 2 1, 1'wQf .43 M 'ivy ,sf 'fx X m 2. ' 1 ' ' " -. ' 1 1 pl L r ' Y X 11 X I Lb Q, iv. FK Sf, -' . 1 AA . - ,, A A A A A ff ll- ,A wwffff AA A A A A A K-f ' 5 ' - A' A - f A AAV. - 1 H g A A A A'f' A W A A A 1 -- " - f. ' ' AA W ' A . i--"'-ffl sy' fnl, Q - -A, Ap, .x'.fxT,a-'ij Q .. ' :I E, my L V 4'.' AAWVA A -A.. A I RA , ,,A.,,-H 3 A -1 A bv! -A .A I4 Ilia. lflwzz. ,fig -4.Ti.i.L'l 'x.,- .HIM XA! SAL' .,lvY!T.A1,- mi M 14,91 A A -lah ,A A -"X .L .4 'ff A' 'fju .l ,'j?! 1f,..QqA ' 3, ,, 'fp f, I JEL' 'fl' "2 "'-7 ' gf..-gi Aj. ,D 2 "ff f' - ,A 1 3.3151 A, H: All ffxfxi .3 'jf C? :V fjgix VV fx ,I W5 fd: -ffilli' :Rf-QL, 1.- 4 'xgwgjffg iA 4AzC',myg2 .-1 M21 'X4Ql' f 1 .x5'fwffW- 'A4+1i -A-' 51 -U2 . if l sf. fx ,Vx-Xfi:"?iA.' v 1: A EPZA -' ,i.'AQ:i3.i iiA A kai ,QfAf1,.A I 'L 'Q'. f- K. iii xx, 5: fizhm-Ywx fi gp.. v ,VV-5.-AQ:-Fx -AA A4 QPR Ju Ad, .fi Ax vi, .lu I V fin: :A N. A f - 'A Aj :,"'-Q A Nxivig XYYV' Q7 LAQAJQA' ,f"'Tg, "Q'k-fX1'A"fl'1L'K A if .-.. Vfafd' 'A ,j l fifffw A1522 an TWA Txjf ' "":fff' '. pl Q-A' J - ,'! ,' .R 12. fx-, Rx ' ' ITAX1' 4 ' ' ' -' " LQ? 1- XSS, " ' '.x""-. U 1' ' Y - 'Aye - '--' 15 QXQXQ ' fffK2S.QAi'i Y X 1? -1- Xa A553f'4T?:7X+Ly52.?4L1f. kv' -' Q. Q Q- ' "' fem ' 7'-.L."'v'-'mf f A 'l'7, ' if V. Q AA X A ,-.A'! .P '.4A - A -- 'f"' A f sa Ae21w,.is'1 5"ff' A A gi-41 I 1 ' an , , "N T 1. H' ' P' ,,, 1 'zqudmx ,fx ,1 N W H! 1 -w.,,Q,m3,!:. sq, ml uw., 'L' , 1, fl 11' "X JY 11 lv Ml , , w,,, w, w M ML' HQ M, wx ' , .mu " - " .wp s4N1f3u:.vgg. 1. , 'N mf, lv ,,1h!wi1M" 'viii K5 'V ,.,, ,. W. , M , CLAVIS 194 Volume I-Florence Township High School Florence Township, Florence, New Jersey Foreword The Senior Class this year was a hard- working, fun-loving group. We had to be good students to gain the distinction and honor of being members of the first graduat- ing class of Florence High School. VVe were always ready and eager to do anything and everything. Florence High will always remember the Class of '43, and the Class of '43 will cherish their memories of Florence High. This CLAVIS records our achievement in attaining our motto: cooperation means grad- uation. Contents I4l ADMINISTRATION CLASS OF 1943 UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES SPORTS Board of Education Al,l"UNZ.X Anltxxts P. sl. Cionmian RAYNIUNIJ 'llllUNIl'SUN -I. Nliixrox AISSAIMNI lin. 'l'. RUISIXINS I". Cl,Il"l"ORlJ Piirci' C. Locis limit: Citsoieoie C. l'1f1itfF15a KENNETH VVll,KIli 0 Dedication XVQ, the Class of lf?-l3, dedicate this CLAYIS to the Board of Iidu- cation, the Community, and the Faculty in appreciation of their unceasing efforts in behalf of the pupils of Florence Township High School. VVe owe them a great debt and we thank them and all the citizens of our township for all they have done for us. The members of our class shall do all we can to make them proud of us always. l5l ADMINISTRATION FLORENCE HIGH SCHGOL DR. Jimmie F. MORELAND Slzpwrfixirlg l'ri11z'ipa'l , 7' Congratulations, Seniors, upon your yearhook. lt is one of the finest traditions you have made for Florence 'folwnship High School. It should become the one agency that will knit all the activities of our new school into an integrated whole. lt should hecome a great storehouse of golden memories of your school days. Your dedication of this Hrst book to the Board of Education, to the Community, and Faculty is in excellent taste. lt is these three agencies which have made Florence High an accomplished fact. A Tribute 'The Seniors in behalf of the ennre student body,xvBh to exprew their dncere appreciadon RJIJL hdondand and h4BsIDuHy hn'then'suc- cewful eHorw in hehnng to emabhsh our high SChooL MARC ELLA L. D U FFY Priluripal 4. Ig7'I'lJflIP.V ihrre Ihr mm: with soul so zffafl, Uiho uewfr to lrilllself llllfh milf, Thiy is my own, my zmtiw 1llIll1.lU These lines from Scott express the feeling that led you to- come to the Florence Township H-igh School, There was no high school. You made one. CONCRA'l'UI.A'I'lONS TO S ENIORS AND UNDlZRCI.ASSM EN l7l F acult linglzsh History Rosa MARY CLARK Englixh Latin Jn llflllllii 111 MARY P. BRAGG HUNIF lifollllllliff CLAIR M. IDANIEI. Algebra Gronzefry TI'ifj!lIllJllIFff,l' PHYLLIS V. BR11V1'0N .fvvollrltilzg-L1l'1U Ifookkefpi11g flLADVS W. I-JAXVSON H ix! ory P. xl. D. GILDA J. CXAMARDA Shorlhand Sf'l'f6"fII7'iIll l,fllt'fit'F ISARIZLLE K. IJONALDSON :iff MARY E. CHALI.ENDER MARGARET M. DOUGHERTY brhool Nurse U31 IC'1'um. K. I':I,I.l0'l"I' If Il 11114' 11 I'11.x'I0l'-11 Ii1f'1"rv T. AIL'GR.A'I'II T-1'f1i11g MA.R1m H. IISLHBLIN 1'11y.v11'111 lf1l111'11fi1111 C11111'11 HAROLD Ia. M0011 E C 111'1111.xf1 y l'l1r.vi1-J SVVN NI Hrm UND 111111111111 T1'11i1111111 1111111141 111 R Rum BLRIHA A. HUMILR 1111111111 Iilllllllflllll L VI'IIl'RlNl' 171111511 F H b'1'RlcK .11' lim 1'r111'I11'P 1' 1'1'111'11 9 f11111v11 DORIS E, Xlfxcrl- 5r11'111'1' 6111111111 1'l111!111'11111111x R UT11 ZU'X1l"I' x 1,1bl'llf1fHI 191 At1'1'i.vcr: Gianwvs Dawsox W lfirst row: .Xlma Thomas, lllrs, Dawson, Arleen Shafer. Second row: ,loseph Yurcisin, llarold Ile l.:1 Roi, Third row: Betty Floldizar, ,Iulia NYoolman. joseph Yarga, llarhara llen- nett. lfonrth row: Iohn Krivacs, .Xrnold XXI-east, George Nykita, Student Council t't7NSTl'l'llTlUN Ulf STITIJICNT filllllxifill. This council shall consist of ten memhers. tal They shall he elected prtlportionately antong' the re- spective classes-Seniors having four representatives 1 juniors, three: Sophomores. two: Freshmen, one. tht The Freshmen representative shall he elected during the First week in February. A memher of the Student Council must have passing grades in all suhjccts and if they do fail they must have a satisfactory explanation and bring up their marks within the next six weeks period, or they shall he recalled. ln the case of recall of a memlzer, election for a successor shall take place immediately. lilections for the Student Council shall he held in May of the preceding year with the exception of the Freshman delegate. which shall he elected the tirst week of lfehruary. Nominations shall he held during class meetings. The voting' will he done hy secret hallot and mem- hers must he elected hy a majority vote. Officers of Student Council shall consist of a llresident, who must he a senior: Yice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an Advisor. lflection of otiicers will take place immediately following' the election of regular memhers. These oflicers are memlmerls elected from and hy the council. The term of oftice shall he one year. The advisor shall he appointed hy the Super- vising Principal and the Principal. Power of veto will he held hy the Principal. tal The duties of the president shall he to pre- side at all meetings, appoint committees and call l10l special meetings when necessary. thi The vice-president shall perform all duties of the president in case of absence of the president. tel The secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the council. carry on 'all correspondence and keep a record of attendance of the meetings. tdl It shall he the duty of the Treasurer to keep an account of all money received. lf a memher misses two regular meetings of the council, without a satisfactory explanation he is automatically dismissed. Six members shall constitute a quorum. The Student Council shall direct all school activi- ties. All students, classes, and organizations desir- ing an activity shall notify one of the memhers of the council who, in turn, shall present it to the council. It shall he the duty of the council to arrange and publish the school calendar of activities. Any problem of a student which he wishes to present lo the Student Council must he handed in writing to their class representative. A faculty memher may present a prohlem in writing or in person. The Student Council shall estahlish committees to perform certain functions necessary to school government, The nature and purpose of these com- mittees shall be held responsible to the council and the committees shall he decided hy the council. The chairntan, whenever possihle, shall he a memher of the council, and the- faculty advisor of said com- mittee shall he appointed hy the council. ..,,,,.. R. .1 Www SE IGRS Senior Class OHicers IDR. -IIERRIE F, Mf3RlET.AN1J, flflwiswr IJOUGLAS ANDERSON, Presidenz IVIURIEL SWWEETMAN, Sccrefary FLORENCE ROBOTIN, I'ire-Presidfnz HELEN PAPP, Treasurer MO'l"I'0: Coopfralinn .fllevlns Gflllillllfillll CLASS COLORS: Blue and ll'hire FLOWER: lfhife Rose llll Class Histor 1939-1940 It was a very warm' and wet evening. Such was the night that the Class of '43 came into being. That night was June 8, 1939. When we were freshmen, we had many activities. Probably the two that will stay in all our minds the longest are the play, 'lHans Brinker," and our trip- to the "New York World's Fair." This trip was well liked by everyone. With our play we made enough to pay for our admission into the Fair, a sight-seeing tour, our transpor- tation, and each student received seventy cents as spending money. We will cherish all the memories of this year, for everyone was happy-a. person couldnlt be otherwise with the splendid leadership we had. 1940- 1 941 ln September, we entered the Bordentown High School with plans for a year full of activities. We started out with 'a picnic at Browns Mills. That night every- one rode home filled to the brim with hot dogs and soda pop. Our next activity was our first formal dance, the Sophomore Hop. The year ended with a trip to Philadelphia. We visited the Franklin Institute, the Art Gal- lery, the Aquarium, and last., but not the least, the Zoo, where everyone met some long lost friends. And so school closed for the year. 1941-1942 Our Junior year was comparatively light in activities. The highlight of the sea- son was the Junior Prom with Kip Harbourt and his orchestra. doing the musical honors. The ball room decorations followed a patriotic theme. Large silver V's were placed conspicuously about on the walls, and above the bandstand streamers of red, white, and blue were strung from end to end. We relinquished the traditional trip to Valley Forge because of the war and lack of transportation facilities. The inactivity of this school year' was due, largely, to the destructive and disas- trous fire of B. H. S., which occurred on January 9, 1942. 1942- 1 943 Seniors at last! And in our own high school, Florence Township High! We are still a little awed by the realization of the fact that Wye are taking our last steps in our high school career. We are quite proud to be the Hrst graduating class of Florence High School, and haver fond memories of our activities in our last year. At our first class meeting we elected oflicers, who we thought would best fill the office to which they were elected. Of course, we needed money for the various activities we were to participate in this year and in order to raise this money we held weekly dances. These really were very splendid social events and everyone, including the teachers who Zlt- tended, had fun and enjoyed themselves immensely. The next event which took place was our senior ball. This was a semi-formal affair and the auditorium was decorated beautifully for the occasion. The decorations were in our class colors, blue and white. The senior ball will long be rememibered because we seniors feel that it was the best affair of the year. Next on our "Hit Parade" was our senior play. The play comfmittee selected a three-act comedy, "Nothing But the Truth," which was presented on January 6th and 7th, This was a successful production due to the efforts of Doctor Moreland, the director the cast andi also the- teachers whoi helped. 1121 MARGHERITA AGOSTINELLI Marge is one of the neatest members of our class. She is the president of the Dancing Club. Her ambition is to become a nurse and we know shelll be one of the best. DOUGLASS ANDERSON He is the most popular senior boy. As presi- dent he did a lot to keep up the high school spirit of the senior class. MARY BAGO lware is one of the prettiest girls in our class. She is full of pep and deviltry. She has been a member of the A. A. for three conseuctive years. Her ambition is to become a nurse and she will prove to be a good one. BAIRD BARRY junior, as he is called in physics class, ac- quired this name when he was unable to take the V-I2 test because of his age, and, also, because he seemed to be so intelligent in class. His trumpet is a great help to the "Top Platters," a swing orchestra. mi BARBARA BENNETT Barbara is a dependable member of the sen- ior class. She is quiet, but she likes to have her say in any argument and, usually, she comes out on the Winning side. BIQATRICE BERRYANN Bea seemed to be a quiet student at first, hut now you should see her in study hall. She likes to sell tickets for the A. A. XIARY BOb'lBliLl,l lllary is one of our quiet partners. She is 1 member of the Dancing Club and has con tributed to the success of the yearbook. VIOLA BU HAN Viola is a jolly member of our class. She is a good sewer and wants to go to school to take up dress-making. Lots of luck, Viola. H41 KATHRYN BUTLER Kay is the girl who drew those artistic covers for the "Jeep," and much of the scenery for the play came from her hard work, We wish her all success in whatever she under- takes. LULA CAMP Lola is a popular speaker of our class. She is a jolly person who is easy to get along with. She makes friends quickly and easily. Her am- hition is to become a teacher. Good luck, Lola. fi N RU'l'll CARLSON Ruth is one of our all-around athletes. She is president of the A. A. She has participated in many activities during our school years. The best of luck as a nurse, Ruth. CATHERINE CLYDE "Reds'l is very quiet and is always wearing a cheerful smile. She plans to become a ste- nographer. We are sure she will succeed. l15l ' 1 JOHN COOK John is very active in school organizations and in school work. He played on the foot- ball squad. He is a good debater and a good all-around friend. John did good Work on this Clzwis. NANCY CRYAN A devil-may-care student of our senior class is Nancy. She hopes to get a secretarial posi- tion after graduation. She is a member of the Dancing Club. Although she is small-good things come in small packages. HAROLD DELAROI Harold was a worthy member of the var- sity football squad this year. He is the chair- man of the committee for student govern- mentg worked very hard for the success of class night. GOODNVIN DON NELLY Goodwin is a member of the Photography Club, and a good photographer at that. His favorite pastime is roaming the halls and tell- ing jokes. l 13 l CLAIRE DOUGHERTY Claire is a quiet girl. Underneath her still- ness can be seen efficiency and willingness to do her part whenever duty calls. Best wishes, Claire, and may you go far in your future Years. ANNA DUFFY "Duffy is one of our liveliest seniors, full of vim :md vigor. She is always willing to help and do her part well. Best of Wishes, Duff, in your future years as a nurse. CJLAYTO N IJNU R H A M He is the one who holds the title of "best singer in the senior class." This he upheld very nicely as Professor hlcspindle in our operetta. RUTH EICLLS A dependable worker and loyal friend is Ruth. She is an industrious and competent student. As a teacher, Ruth will be very successful. Lots of luck, Ruth. l17l 'N- VIOLLI 1lbLHh R Violet ls mother of our quiet members. She is very fond of sk ltlflg She is llways willing to lend 1 helping hand We wish her lots of Betty pirtrclpated in 111 1ntr'1 mural sports, her favorite being basketball bhe has a nice personality and is Well liked by many friends. She also attends all d mces held in our school. JOH N ELLINGTO N "Duke," as he is called, is a comical little fellow and is Willing to play a game fair and square. He is popular with the girls and is active in the school's social affairs. JENNIE FlDA'l'l Welll always remember Jenniels constant carefree and fun-loving disposition. Jenny is a true friend and we feel sure she will suc- ceed in her ambition as a journalist. If 13 l RALPH FOULKS Ralph seems to 'be the "class actor." He certainly showed his ability in the senior play. We'll never forget him for it. He'll soon be in the armed forces. CARL FRAPPOLI "Toots" was one of our actors this year. He showed us his talent in the senior play and the operetta. Carl is a jolly fellow and a friend to everyone. l if WIIJLIAM GOUROVI l LH Nathan, as he is called by his friends, is very active in cub reporting. He reported our football games to most of the newspapers. VVe hope that he will get a good start in journal- ism after he is graduated. SARAH GRIFFITH Sarah's actions fool us all, Though quiet in class, she is a whiz outside. Her athletic skill is Wonderful. Sar's cooperative disposition is very appealing to all of us. l19l BURROWS HARRIS Burrows is one of our great athletes. He played football each year. Remember him for his unreadable writing. We wish Burrows luck in college. GEORGE HATHAZI Although one of the senior wizards, George is quite shy. He competes in all sports, and he is truly a gentleman. Remember him for his helping all senior causes, especially the Clmiis. l LA VERNE HULICHAN La Verne is neither short nor tall, neither bold nor shy, but a mingling of them all. La Verne is willing to take life as it comes. JULIUS ILXKU One of our all-around lads. He competed in all sports. He's one of the most popular and best looking seniors. Ufuf is a swell dancer. Remember him for his shyness, and 'lbassn playing. l20l IVIABEL JOHNSON Mabel is the president of the Girl Reserve. She also helped to make programs for the senior play. Her ambition is to become a VVAAC. IQILEEN JONES liileen is more or less a jovial person, al- ways finding laughter. She holds a position as secretary and will probably be something worthwhile when she leaves school. THELMA KELVY Never a dull moment when around 'l'helma -always joking but never neglecting her school work. Everyone will remember her for making this book a success. MILIJRICIJ LAMBICRT "Millie" was the most ambitious girl in the senior class. Her work was shown at our ball and play. As for school work she was always on the top. l21l -vs F CLARA MATLACK Cotty, one of the smaller members of our class, is a happy-go-lucky person. She may seein quiet, at first, but when you get past that quietness you have a real friend. RUTH McCUE Ruth is another of our devil-may-care stu- dents. She is a member of the Dancing Club, and is very fond of dancing. Ruth came to us from Nlount Holly. VENONA LEE She is an efficient and dependable student and has contributed to the success of our year- book. Venona is a well-manneretl and loyal friend. JEAN LOWER Jean is a dependable worker and attends school quite regularly. She is a member of the Home Nursing Club and helped make programs for the senior play. l22l BETTY MOFFET Betty was head cheerleader of the Varsity Cheering Squad this year. Although she seems quiet she certainly yelled at the games and helped cheer our teams to victory. Betty's ambition is to become :1 nurse. We knoiw she'll make a capable one. ANNETTE OTHMER Net hopes to take a position in Roebling after graduation. She was a memlber of the Girl Reserves and did a great deal of Work on the programs for the senior play. HILLEN PAPP Helen is a fun-loving girl with a carefree and gay manner. She is one of our best danc- ers and has also been a member of the Cheer- leading Squad for two years. She took part in our play and participated in all girls' intra- mural sports. JAMES PENNACCHI James has many nicknames, but "Jim" seems prominent. Jim was a very big help on our football team. He made the first touch- down. Jim did well on the baseball team also. l23l OL-GA PFEIFFER Attractive, neat, small, and quiet describe Olga. She worked on the program committee for our play. She is a member of the Girl Reserve. As 21 secretary, were sure she-'ll be very successful. EVELYN PLIQY Evelyn is not what you call the studious type, but when she wants something she goes after it. She is always ready to laugh. She hopes to be a nurse and we know' shc-'Il be happy in her work. FLORENCE ROBOTIN Florence is one of the most sociable girls in the senior class. She is always willing to help in any way. She hopes to become a nurse :md we know shelll be- one of the best. IVIARGARET SAHOL lvlarge is a quiet, ambitious girl. She is neat and makes quite a good secretary, as we found out 'when Miss Green left to join the XVAACS. Good luck and happiness in all you do, ltlarge. I124l MATT 'H EYV S PA RTA Matthew is very ambitious in school work and well-liked by his friends. He is a game fellow, who never leaves what he undertakes. He was one of the few who passed the Navy V-l2 mental test. NOLAH SUTPHIN Nolah has quite a few friends in the army, but her real heart interest is in Africa. She hopes to become a concert piano player. VVe'll remember Nolah for her jokes at lunch-time and her grand acting in the senior play and her work on various committees. BETTY SWEENEY Betty is pretty and stylish. VVe'll remember her for her acting of "lVIabel', in the senior play. She has a ready remark for every occa- sion. Betty hopes to be a nurse and we know she'll cheer many a lonely bedside. MURIEL SXVEETMAN lvluriel played the feminine lead in the senior play. llluriel was voted the prettiest girl in the senior class. She is dependable and friendly and we know sheill be a success as -L secretary. l25I ARNOLD WILSON Arnold is very interested in athletics. He was indispensable on the football team. He made many '1 heirt skip '1 beat when on the Dot his adopted name xyhieh he received for being first 'nd man for the football team, is very wpable 'is '1 manager and a good JOHN TINNICK "Reggie" appears to be a quiet boy until you know him. and then your opinion changes immediately. His athletic prowess was demon- strated in our baseball games. He loves to tease the girls. EDWARD TRAINOR "Gaul" is one of our best athletes. He play- ed football and basketball andi very well, too. We will remember Ed for his good nature and his coming to school on time. C???j I26l LOUIS BURR Louis, a member of the varsity basketball team, was active in his school work. Louis has great interest in motorcycles. He enlisted in the United States Coast Guards in hlarch, 1043. i l JACK GESEMEYER Jack was the second senior to leave F. T. H. S. to join up with the armed forces. jack is now serving with the U. S. Navy. Good sailing, Jack! CARL LINDA Carl was one of the jolly seniors. He was always willing to joke and kid. He did little as a senior, for he left us in October for the Coast Guards. Good luck, Carl. JOHN TYIRA '4Cheapy" is another one of our patriotic fellows who joined the Navy. He dances just as divinely as when still in school. He was very interested in social aftairs, and helped to make the senior ball a success. l27I FAREWELL SONG Farewell to each of you kind friends and students true, We have enjoyed these years and hope that you have, toog Our voices raised will echo ever through the years, And though our eyes are wet and little dimmed by tears, We say good-bye with fond regret, As time grows near. So norw, kind' friends, we've told our thoughts so dear, And now we'd like to say farewell to you. Farewell, our Alma Mater, kind and oh, so dear! Tune: Hfllrzrif Elanian OUR ALMA MATER CLASS MARCH No other school, no other friend do we see Besides thy walls and our own memory. No other place, none other had The laughter and tears we shed in our fight for them. This is our song, the song of all the students, To Florence High our Alma Mater free. Oh may you always have the joys and friendships That we enjoyed when we we-re with thee. Tune: "Song of Peace" VVe've got a class that's sure to make the grade, And make it easy, firm and true, VVe'll give it our best aid, The class that we all made, With its colors white and blue. CHORUS And so farewell to school and all the things That we've learned to love, May we all succeed And meet again in the world above. Tune: "Pryor's Accordion Illarclf' CLASS SONG Farewell, my friends, we now leave' thee, We are the Class of 43g We've done our best through all the years, ln sports we always gave our cheers, For now we part from good old Florence High: The- crowd's all here now bidding us good-bye, So here's to the Seniors and here's to the Seniors true, Now we bid farewell and all a fond adieu. CHORUS Onward, Seniors, out to life we come, Through many a hardship we have gone, But we have always won. Seniors, Seniors, all of our friends are here, VVe'll always remember Florence High, Our Alma Mater dear. Tune: "Sailing," zsj Name M. Agostinelli . . . Douglas Anderson . Mary Bago ..... Baird Barry ...... Barbara Bennett .. Beatrice Berryann Mary Bombelli .. Viola Buhan Louis Burr ..... Kathryn Butler .. Lola Camp .... Ruth Carlson .... Catherine Clyde .. John Cook ...... Nancy Cryan ..... Harold Delaroi . . . Goodwin Donnelly Claire Dougherty . Anna Duffy ...... Clayton Durham . Ruth Eells ...... John Ellington . Jennie Fidati . . . Violet Fischer .. Betty Ford .... Ralph Foulks ..... Carl Frappolli .... john Gesemeyer .. William Gourovitch Sarah Griffith .... Burroughs Harris . George Hathazi .. La Verne Hulehan Julius Ilku ...... Mable Johnson Eileen Jones .... Thelma Kelvy .... Mildred Lambert . Venona Lee ...... Carl Linda ..... Jean Lower ..... Clara Matlack .... Ruth McCue .. Betty Moffe-t ..... Annette Othmser .. Helen Papp ...... James Pennacchi .. Olga Pfeiffer ..... Evelyn Pley ...... Margaret Sahol .... Florence Rdbotin . Matthew Sparta .. Nolan Sutphin .... Betty Sweeney .... Muriel Sweetman . John Tinnick ..... Edward Trainor . . John Tyira ...... Arnold Wilson . t . Basil Yurcisin .... "Class Knocks" Nirkname Ambition ....Marge...........Aviatrix....... ....Doug.. . .... Mare.. .....Barry.. ....Barb.. .....Bea... .....Mare.. ....Vi... .....Louie.. .....Kay... .....Reds.. ....Gookie..... ....Nancy.. ......Del... ....Goody.. ....Doc... ....Duf..... .....Brick.. ....Ruthie.... ...Duke.. ....-len... ....F0rdy.. ....Foulksie. ...Toot ..... ...Gese..... ...Max... .....Sare... ....Harris.. .. .Hothouse. . . .. .,... L01a...'.'.""' Bow' Wowf. . . ....... N .... .President of U. S.. . . ..Second Harry James ...... Lawyer...... Grow tall ..... . Stenographer ..... ........Dressmaker. . .. Play like Artie Shaw. Get married ..... ...Go to college. . .. ........Nurse....... Travel around w'orld. Naval Intelligence Live in Plaza Park.. ... .... West Point. . .. Photographer .... Marry certain soldier. ....Singer...... .....11eacher...... ....... Sleep....... .......Gym teacher Get out of school... ...Good sailor. . .. ......Reporter..... Millionairess ..... Have 100 Hound dogs ......Engineer..... ....Snooks............Smger...... ...Ufuf.. ....Farmer. ....Pat. .. ...Thel.. ....Moe....... .....Noan.. .....Spike.. .Je-anie.. .....Cotty.. ....Mable.. ....Bet... ....Net... .Go to Puerto Rico. . . . .Stenographer. . . . ......Adm'1ral...... Get a job ...... Boxer's wife ..... Get a job in an office. . . . . .Drum majorette. . . . ..Sing with orchestra ....Hep............Dancer...... ....Olg... ....Marge.. ....Floss1e........... .....Mat..... ... ..... Ball player. . .. . . . . .Private secretary. . .......Nurse....... ......Join WAACS... .......Navy........ .Sweetie Peach. . . .Concert pianist. . . ......Bet...... .....INI1n...... . . . .Reggie.. Play another part Travel in the South. . . .. .Sports announcer. . .....Gual..... ......Marine...... ....Cheapy. . . . ....Arn... Nurse....... urse ....... ....... Wave...... ... . .Expert soda jerk.. Chicken farmer. . . Bum feducated ?j . . F armerette ..... See- more of Jack. . .Perfect housewife. . . .Nurse....... Frworite Expression Hey! We-ll, eh You know how it is Don't rub it in I don't understand why CSilenceD I'm tellin' you Ya know Yeah! O, good gravy! This and that Come on, fellows Don't tell me that Man! Yo Snaps Roebling tonight? I was here Well, gee Oh, piffle Cutie Gosh! I don't know Bite me ankle- Jimminy crickets Now, listen here You moron! Well? Naturally Eh, eh Why? Cheese and rice Hey, snatch Go fish Beat it O, heck! Shucks Golly Do we have to? My dear Ya don't say! I don't know You kill me Golly Are you ready, hip? Act like a Senior Are you kiddin'? Damp washrag Already? Oh, you know So help me Hannah! Oh, gad! Oh, I know I don't remember How's everything? There goes a sailor Oh! Betty! I eat that up Get this war overwith Aw, gee ...-..-.. ....Doc ...... ...... !29l . Loafer ....... Yeai Doctor. . . . . . . Yes, coach A Trip Into the Future One lovely night in early spring, I was feeling rather drowsy when suddenly a lovely creature appeared before me. She spoke, and her voice was like silver bells, "I have come to take you for a trip into the future. Arise and follow me." I don't know horw I got there, but suddenly I found mfys-elf in a busy and beautiful town in California. It was Hollywood. We saw a large studio, "G-F-D," CGoodwin F. Donnellyj. They were casting a revival ofthe picture, "Nothing But the Truth," starring two new brilliant stars, Muriel Sweetman and Ralph Foulks. While there, we saw the studio's new' fashion designer, Viola Buhan, with her aide, Thelma Kelvy. Running across the lot and yelling for quiet was the chief electrician, Louis Burr, with John Cook on the sound track, and Baird Barry as photographer. Over on the side was hflargherita Agostinelli, that famous fun-loving, party thrower, who invited us out to a famous night club. Before we left, however, Goody the director, invited us into his private office, where we saw Olga Pfeiffer as his private secretary. He' told us about his new art directors, Ruth Carlson and Kathryn Butler, who were working on some scenery for a forthcoming production. We decided to visit a concert being held for charity. At the concert we heard the famous pianist, Miss Nolah Sutphin, also Julius Ilku, the noted violinist. John CDukel Ellington, a we-ll-kno-w'n baritone, sang a selection from a new opera, "La Florencefl written by that great composer, Claire Dougherty. She is now composing an opera centering around a 'ballad that she had written in senior English class. We hailed a cab to go to the night club for- our promised party. The driver was a chap by the name of John Tinnickg quite an interesting and sociable fellow. But, alas! On our way, our driver saw a group of girls, Mary Bago, Betty Sweeney and Betty Moffet, who were in town to make a picture concerned with their pro- fession, nursing, walking up the street. As he turned to watch them, we ran into the back of a car containing some women officers, among them was a WAVIE captain, Betty Ford, a WAAC officer, Violet Fischer, and a Marine Commander, Ruth McCue. As those in the other car were quite badly shaken-up, we sent for an ambu- lance. When it arrived, it wasp driven by nurse Anna Duffy, with another nurse, Florence Robotin, and the famous surgeon, Basil Yurcisin. As we had sustained no serious injury, we continued to the club, the Hi-Hat, owned by Arnold Wilson and James P-ennacchi. They were featuring the Top Hatters band, the best band of the year, with their vocalist, La Verne Hulehan. The arrangements for the band were by Harold De La Roi, accordion solo by llildred Lambert. At a nearby table, we saw VV'illiam Gourovitch, the Hollywood gossip columnist. He came over to us, and mentionedl that they had just got a new editor, and was he a slave-driver! When asked who it was, he told us it was Edward Trainor. Bill said that he was sorry but he had to rush off to interview a group of secretaries in town, who were trying to put through new methods in office management. He- told' us some of them: Barbara Ben- net, Mary Bombelli, Eileen Jones, Catherine Clyde, Nancy Ciryan, Venona Lee and Clara Matlack. They had come to put their ideas- into a picture, the-reby advertising their improvements. After Bill had left, we admired the murals on the walls. Won- d-ering who had paintedl them, we called the head waiter, who turned out to be Matthew' Sparta. Matt said that Evelyn Pley had done the murals, and that she was, at present, working with Carl Frappolli, the advertising tycoon. Finally, we left the Hi-Hat and went to our hotel. Rising early the following morning, we decided to visit the school where the young actors and actresses were taught. At the office we met Sarah Griffith, the school secretary, who took us into see the superintendent, Douglas Anderson. He only had time to show us part of the school, so we attended the high school section. In modern home economic surroundings, the teacher, Ruth Eells, was happy and glad to see us. As we had little time, we- decided just to peek into the rooms. VVe saw Helen Papp as a shorthand teacher, George Hathazi as a mathematic instructor, Jennie Fidati as English teacher, Clayton Durham as history, and Lola Camp as physical education instructor for the girls. After we left the school, we went shopping. YVe stopped at a milliner's. to see what the latest was in hat styles. There we met the designers and proprietors, An- nette Othmer and Beatrice Berryann. We selected a. hat and left for a dress shoppe up the street. The salesladies, who had also designedl some dresses, were none other than lilable Johnson and Jean Lower. i301 w.T.fv.E1 . so W Class Will Margherita Agostinelli leaves her excess weight to "Pinky" Adams. Douglas Anderso-n leaves his affections to Robert VVilkie. Mary Bago leaves her curly locks to Jane Cowan. Baird Barry leaves his walk to Thomas Maloney. Barbara Bennet leaves her argumentative ability to Elizabeth Hamilton. Beatrice Berryan leaves her quietness to Delema Wilson. Mary Bombelli leaves her shortness to Ella Paykos. Viola Buhan leaves her long fingernails to Louisc Henry. Kathryn Butler leaves her drawing ability to Betty Harker. Lola Camp leaves her cheerfulness to Mary Arnold. Ruth Carlson leaves her school spirit to Betty Bayzath. Catherine Clyde leaves her red hair to Maryanna Steel. John Cook leaves his knowledge of math to Daniel Kovacs. Nancy Cryan leaves her jollity to Alice Conselice. Harold De La Roi leaves Alice to Bill Dawson. Goodwin Donnelly leaves his A's to Harvey Pullen. Claire Dougherty leaves her quiet manners to June Duby. Anna Duffy leaves her long hair to Helen Kish. Clayton Durham leaves his diet to John Malmos. Ruth Eells leaves her high marks to Helen Earley. John Ellington leaves his cousin's band-leading to Albert Joyce. Jennie Fidati leaves her amusing personality to Phyllis Keating. Violet Fischer and Venona Lee leave their cooperation to Jean McNinney. Betty Ford leaves her basketball playing to Mary Russ. Ralph Foulks leaves his acting to Rodman Harris. Carl Frap-polli leaves his homework to Andrew Bodrog. William Gourovitch leaves his quietness to Pierre Frappoli. Sarah Griilith leaves her silentness to Margaret Timko. Burrows Harris leaves his football letter' to Harry Joyce. George Hathazi leaves his scholastic ability to Walter Wargo. La Verne Hulehan leaves her singing to Doris Ullman. Julius llku leaves his good looks to Thomas Maloney. Nlable Johnson leaves her fine personality to Helen Zaniewski. Eileen Jones leaves her happiness to Mary Bayzath. Thelma Kelvy leaves her ranking to Mary Bodine. Mildred Lambert leaves her sociability to Nancy Cantwell. Carl Linda leaves his fantastic exiperiments to Thomas Berrell. Jean Lower leaves her shyness to Eivelyn Saul. Clara Matlack leaves her laugh, to Julius Lockett. Ruth McCue leaves her mischievousness to Elizabeth Deets. Betty Moffet leaves her charming smile to Frances Griscom. Annette Othmer leaves her seriousness to Rosemary Regars. Helen Papp leaves her jitterbugging to Elizabeth Durham. James Pennacchi leaves his heart-breaking to Robert Everham. Olga Pfeiffer and llluriel Sweetman leave their neatness to Anna Scott. Evelyn Pley leaves her boisterness to Anna Gazsi. Florence Robotin leaves her leading to Lena Filipponi. Margaret Sahol leaves her pleasing voice- to Helen Hathazi. Matthew Sparta leaves his school spirit to Steve Steiner. Nolah Sutphin leaves her acting ability to Lois Luyber. Betty Sweeney leaves her promptness to Bernice Taylor. John Tinnick leaves his ability to keep out of mischief to Jack Quig. Edward Trainor leaves his ambition to Bill Kimble and Robert Wilson. John Tyira leaves his lbrother's Buick to Arthur Hodson. Arnold Wilson leaves his dancing ability to Russell Roughton and Walter Andrews Basil Yurcisin leaves his team spirit to Jack Lihvarcik. l31l DERCLASS OFFICER JUNIORS 34? . 2 . 2 i jusupli Yurcisiii Uewi'g'c Nykita Luis Luyhcr Doris Ullman lJll'7'lM'V' ......... Bi2'1"rv T. llCGR,N'1'll SOPHOMORES up--.fx Icmlm lirivacs Hurry Tcmne Lois Panaru Elsie Shafer ,-111-ziixrr ........... Gll.D.AX KI. CAMAXRDA FRESHMEN Q 51 l i i 1 l Robert Archibald Rolwcrt Luc Yivizui Auclrcasmi liClXVZlI'fl Balug J f1z'i-wr .......... M fx RY E. Cu.-xI.1.i5N1n5R l 32 .I I IHI'l'IIi'K' .Xrlzum XY:1Itc-1' .Xmln-xxs Illfulun Ilsrrm-II Iiuyxmmrl IIinlI1I1 Imu' Iluluy IiIiz:1Iu'tI1 Ilnrlxsml I li'I'I't' I'4x'zlp1wIi I"r:nl1cw Iiriwwllm Mary ,Xruulfl I!vt1y I'l:1yz11tI1 lNI:x1'y Ilzlyzzllh IVIz11'y Ilwmlim- IXI:1rg:1rct Ilrmytm Nauvy l':u1tw4-II Mmm N an :msc l mx um lm w Xlzlry Irma' ' 111 x R, Mi '- K' '-lim' fi Iam' A 'an Will? I : ll Q x IfIiz:IIwctI1 Ih-uh 59 , I s II1-Ion Ifarh-5 Iiulmcrt I'1X'1'I'IlElI1I I.L-nn ICIIIIIIDUIII ll 2 15 I Iiclty Ilzlrkcr clmzm IInrris . is IIcI1-11 I Inthazl , .fmise IIL-nry -5 Nljltml IIcrNI1Iwrg.gn'r .Xrthur IImIwn 341 Albert Qlwycc llzlrry ,Ioycc Phyllis Kcating Xxvllllillll Kimlslc Helm-11 Ki-ll Iizmicl Km':1vs ,lmhn l,il1vzn'cilc julia lmckctt -Iolm Mzllmus Iczm NcNinncy lfllzi l,Zlj'l'i'PN llarvcy Pullcu ,lack Quigg ROSL'll'l1?lI'j' Rcgzurs Russell Ruuglmton M ary R uss lavelyn Saul Allllil Scott ll'l2ll'j'3I1l12l Stem-l Steven Steiner l:L'l'lllL'L' Tnylm' lVl2ll'L1?ll'Cf 'Vimlm Dmmto Yillizuw XYzll1e'r XYargU Rulrcr! Xlvilliic l,1'lClI1fl XX'ilwn Xliclmul llnlug Klanllcl llmx'cl's lirtly Iirining' Aglu-s Crmlwcll Yulzmrlel Vzxpritti IA 1. I Illllll lflrmm 'Xhllilfla llulmf lM1'1+tI1x- IJm'l1:1m . . In-am f1z11'xx1mrl lim-Hy Cllsrllvxuclvx' rms C llIII't'll Lllzalu-tl! l Unk PZIIVICIII Q, l'V'lll l'r11usti11c Ilulmlmim Luis Ilmmclly lxzllmcll lullmll Nllflllii lilli-att lu, XYiIliam lflli-vtt SOPHOMOR N Ilclvn lmlmmvwilz f'1ltlll'I'iIl1' Curlzmi 1 Lhilfillilll' Llik Iiliziilwlll llraugulzn .Xnitu l'zNI2lI?llIl .t - .xl . 2 ' l Surah Chix-I N51 36 Lcrvn Hzlnnllml 1.0011 Harris Katherine Hcrshber Frances Ilulchan Curl Kalwaitis l.illizm Kam' -Imam Keating Isobel Kelty lmretta Rial! lfdward Kentch Irena' Kntch Gloria I.:-Ili .Nllmina I.r-mlmrdozzi Regina I.nIn"z1no Mndclyn Mnloncy ,lolm Rfatis lhvris Maurizin lulln Mazar livclyn IVI1n'pl1y ,David 1,1ill2lI'U Marion 1,ZllIL'1l2lSt LL-Roy Pain-rsml Mary Pc-rim, Augustinc Picotti ,lean Pukcnas Rulrvrt Quig' VVillia1n Recd Pauline Rc-nshaw Irene Run Alberta Sabatini 4 H K1iL'h1lCl Sillilgll :Xclclma Sdllllllll llzms Schliclxting .Xlice Sl'Rl'L'5II'UllI ,llllill Svlnplnnpln-I fiulrlic' S011-s licrthu Smith XlZlllI'ik't' Spwtts Murgy Starlvcc Karl Sumlln-rg Iiivlmrfl Sutton -l.N'pl1 Tznlpus Xxvillilllll Ynsh Hubert XYz1i11wriggl1t. 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VVlJI'tl1il1glUI1 f2cm'g'c Yurcisin The Senior Class Presents " othing But the Truth" On February 5 and 6, 1943, the Senior Class presented "Nothing But the Truth," with Ralph Foulks and hfluriel Sweetnizln in the l-ending roles. The plot centered around il wager of Sl0,000, that the leading cliarzicter, Bob Bennett, could not tell the truth for twenty-four hours. The action of the comedy piassed in the living room of hir. Ralston, 21 Long Island broker, und in the brokerls ollice. The Cust included the following: lx'ol2r'1'l llmlllvll .... 11, Ill. lx'ul.vlou .... . Dirk lllll!fI!'H-V ..... c.llU't'l1t'I' Von llzrxrn ......... Ralph Fonlks ., Ralph Shuler . . . . . ,,.. -Iulm Cool: -lnint-S lleiiirncclii frl'1l'l'lI!l!ll,X'lI lx'n.'.vlon Hrs. lf. N. Rllljfflll lflllfl Clark ...... .llulwlv .lurkxorz .... . . . Solzlzf .llll'h'A'0ll .. Muriel Sweetman ........ Nolah F-utphin 1.11 Yerm- Hula-han llettv Sweeney ...,.. llelcn l'upp Hixlmjv l.lUI'I1ll ......,.. Curl lfrnppolli ,llurflm ....... .. lhlIlT"L2'2ll'Ct Snlirml .PnonUc"r1oN S'l'AFI4' Dirvffor ........ .... ....... I 7 r. Moreland lllllllliflfj' .. .... Sarah Grillith Chuirinou of .sill C'omn:itlrrs. Nolah Sutphin T1'rl.'4'ts ............ Cmn'l1i11y . . . lllnkr'-up ... Ll.Ulll'I'1lljl .. . ........ Carl Frappolli Mary llago M ilclrecl Lambert ...... Anna Duffy l 411 C'o.vfzr1ln'.r ........, .S'vm1cl',x' .......... l'rog1'um Su1iml111y l'rofu'1'lic's .......... . . Slrlge Sffllillfl ..... . . , l:llII'EIlL'C Ruhutin Hnrolcl Ile lxi Roi . .. Mable Johnson . . . .. Evelyn Pley .. George Hatliazi Random Shots o SEN IORS I 1 The Junior Class Presents Sixteen in August Glory Unodrirll . ffrlllur l,f'fl'I'A'lNI .. MARCH Zo AND 27, Cfxs r Dr. r1Ifll'filIH'I' f1'on11'l'ir'l1 ,l I fry Jn nies ...... ,Jsin flluy ...... Sffnll' ....... Emily Goodriflz . Effie Allfcllllll .. Olga Dean . . . Carol Dean .... C-rntliizl Tlmrlfm ljllkl' ll'l'Ilf,H'I'llj' 111111 3' ........... Holi . . . ffrlrry . . . lJi1'!'l'I'UI' PRODUCTION Coxrxirrriaif Clllfliflllllll of flll f,'or111nilln'.v . Tfr'il'e'I.v Cnrfrlzilly ....... fllllkl'-Ilfi I ,l.K'llf'!'i1Ifj ljlllllifif-1' Cost ll nuns ljfflgflllil Solififing Sl'1'lIf'I',1' . . . . ....... l'ropertir'y ....... Sound ffjleffx . . . Sfllflf' Selfing .... I43iI l043 . . . . .. lffvelyn Saul Nlilton lleslwlwrger . . . . -luck Lillvxlrcik ...... Lois Luyber Audrey Murkwoocl .. Helen Marie Kish .. Rosemary Regars . . . .. Louise Henry .. . ,lean ,lVleNinney lvlllfj' .lame Connors . . . . . Xlury Arnold Hurry -loyce Phyllis Keating . .. Donato Villizlni .. Harvey Pollen Mrs. Ethel Elliott .. . .. Helen Eurley . hlargziret Bojotos ...... Ella Puykos .. Walter Andrews .... Doris Ullman Joseph Yurcisin .. Nancy Cantwell Helen M2lI'lC Kish George Nyikitzz Helen Eilflfy .. hxlllllfllll Kimble .. lVI:1ryann:1 Steel 4 Cnoizuses 1'-ir Operetta "Tulip Time" Presented by the fllusic Department APRIL 30 and MAY 1, 1943 DIRECTORS fllusir ..... ........... , ........... X Iiw Zelia Reed Dramtrzlirr ..... .. ...... Mrs. lflliott and Miss Challender Danrr Routines' ........................... Mrs. Bertha Hunter Piano tlrronzprznisr, Miss Nolall Sutphin M.4IN CHARACTERS Hans .... . . . ............................ Zoltan Nemeth A111111 Jnna . ,.... .,................ . .. lwary Perino Katinka ..........,... .. Julia VVoolman Henrlrirk Van Uoster .. ..... Carl Frappolli Christina ........... . . . Frances Hulehan Tlll'fIplllIfS MrSpir1dle . . . . . Clayton Durham Ned Baxter ....... .......... W illiam Hamilton Dirk lIf'Il7'l'C'll . . . . .............. ...... A rthur Hodson Roy lV:iinwright Pierre Frappolli Sally Herrity lirnestine Dobbins Catherine Carlani Barbara Trainor -lane Lundin Katherine Brown Betty Latham Dorothy Wilhelm Anita Esteban Alice Segerstrom Louise Wainwriglit Goldie Seres john Potpinka 'l'raion Notigan Edward Balog Douglas Anderson john Lihvarcik Victor Notigan Doris Maurizio Irma Spotts Virginia Addari Thomas Berrell Regina Lubrano ' John Camp Norma Spotts l45l Louis Church Betty Boyle William Herrity Patricia Cryan Catherine Jones Ruth Wilson Lois Panaro Catherine Bertucini Helen Marinkos Irene Steiner Yolanda Capritti Goodwin Donnelly Basil Yurcisin E o Dcmcmg Club .'1f7"l'l..Vt'V.VI Rnsls Mun' L'1..11a14, x1.XRY C11 x1.1.1iN111c11 Suzxtul, Nl11112ll1 Irv, V1U5l'Il1l Yznrga. 11111111111 11111, XYi11iz1111 1,-2l1'1L'I', .X11:11ft1111- 1Q1c11l11. R1'1'K'l'f 1'1Y1'l'11111ll. Yivtur Notigam, '1'11u111:1s 131-r1'c11, 11411111111 Y111iz111i. Zult-111 X1-111ct11. 500111111 ruw: 11111011111 VVi1s1111, N11r11121 Sputis, 17111'11t11y 13c1'1'y:11111, IJm'11l11y 11l11'111l1ll. 1J111'is 111l'N1l11li'j', 1.1115 1711111101153 julia 501111111i1111p11v11c1', Mary N1'1111'111. 1Cv1-1y11 1'1cy, 1,1U'111S 1411111- 1112, .Xlicv Cum-1100. Cz1t11vri11c Ca1'1:111i, l':11'1111'1 1111cviQ1'f1vi, 111111121 1.c111, S2lI1I11l1Il 1111111111-111. Xlin- like 117LI,, 'I1111rr1 row: 151-tty 111'111i11g. X1I11'j' 111lIll117t'111, B1a11'g111'r11:1 .Xgmvstim-111, 1511211111111 171'z111g11le1. x1il1'g1lI'l'1 15r1gc111v1c11, 1111x:111ct11 l1:111111to11, 1.l1l115l' 11L'IlI'j', 11Lll'Zl x1ll111lC1i, 1111111 111L'L1lL'. 1i'lIlfl Spuits, A111111:1 1.0'11l117?l1'C1UZZ1, llclty VVi1sc111, 1501151 Al1C1L'1'1i1111, l1'1:1n1ys 11C111'y', Doris 11:1111ill4111, Rctty ixllll 11l'HXY11. 1'kU1II'l1l r1.11: X111ric1 SXYL'l'1Ill2l11. 111-My Ifflrd, Xiargwrct 51111111 1QL'21l12l 1,11111'z11111, V11-1111 1iz1r11-11111, licatricc XY111tcf111c, .1IlI1Q Rcgzarw, 111-ity 1H11y1u, ,'X11JL'1'11l Sz111:1t1111. .Xl1l1L' 131112, 1,l1112l1l Y KHIIC, 1'1c1v11 1.111tw11, Cz1t111'ri111' Scott, 1i11z:1bcl11 lxmvc. ' 1511111 IOVM R111 1511411113 11L1lll 1'sll1LV Ruth VV11w11 V111 111 111 Mu L'111k N1 5' 2 1, 1- 443, 1 S . -.cnt 1 Iss L11lZl11k:Ili1k'1', CZl111EI'11ll' Clyde. L'11t11c1'i11e -Innes. 111-tty 1.2111111111 SlXl11 rmx 3 N+1r111:1 1f11i11tt. 1'11flI'L'IlL4C .X111f'111w11'sk1. Ilettjx C11:1111'11c111'. fXz111ry 1 ryz111. R1:1r11-1y11 X1211Hl1Cj', 1'atwy Cfyllll, 1Q:1t11:'y11 1111t1Qr. First Aid Club .f1fI1'i.f1,r: HA1u11,D T. Momcm 1.'11Cil1J'Ul' 'l'aylo1', 1111111111 T. Moore, 1311511 Yurcisin, David .1.,3.1lEll'0. 1461 .......,, Dramatic Club .l4i:'1'.vrr: li'rll1iL li. 1i1.I.IuT'r lfirsi row: -lzmc Ifllllihl, Nruluh Suipluin, Mrs. Ifllinll. julia VVr1oInml1x I"1':llrcw firisw Svvm1cl ww: l'flizz1l1utl1 Dllfllillll., llclcn N12iI'iIlk?lS, Mary Russ, Innhcll I'1ll1uli, bully Horn' Maury l'c1'i1w. Operators Club .lf1'1'1'srr: Gmnvs lmwsox J First rmv: Ibmmlrl CfJUlJL'I', Laird llarry, Mrs. IDHVVSUII, llzmicl Iiuvnvs, 'l'hm1l,1ls Allzuns Sn-wml row: .Mlclrcw 1iwcl1'og, Ralph Foulks, Iohu PO11lillkU., john lilliugtml. l 471 Library Club .flrl'z'i.vrl': Rl"l'll Zl'fX1lZ'l'.X lfirxl xwlxx: l.l-na l'-llllllllll, Nlrf. Zllllltll-l. Axllgllrlllli' :Xlcx1mrlcr. Sk'L'Ullf'l mw: Yrwlzmrlzl L.1pr1tt1. ltllxzxlwtlm llcctw, Mary llngzzxlh. 'l'l1i1'cl ww: Roy XY:1i11w1'igl1t, Clzlytun lJm'l1nm llmfl Klux-mmm. Photograph Club .'ln't'1'.vr1': SHQN llrilvrfxlw First row: Xlillinm lYJZlXV5Ull, -Incl: Czuup, Evelyn Saul, A-Xclelmu Sllllillllll, lflsie Shafer mlxviln lfrmnvlly. Svvrwlul www: Mznriun P21111-mast. llurrmtlmy VVill1clm, Kzxtlwrim' llarrslwbwgcl' I I c 1 mvlim- lik. .Xsm-N Czmtwcll. Tluirrl row: Lclmy P1lllCl'Sf,lll, llwualrl .lfll-WS. lfarl Lucas Imtmm lim-rctt, 1':lul .xll1lCl'SUll. l.cm1 ll?illllltUll. l'lUllI'lll 1'uw: Xylllllllll Hzxrrls, Mr. Ileclluurl lxlk'll2ll'tl lilzllcslvc, Rulnrrt VV:1inw1'igl1t. l43l Home Nursing Club M .xmQ,xl:l'1'1' lJol'u1ucl:'l'x' .-lrlrixrrt lfirst row: ,Xlice Sm-gcstrmlm, Alma Tllmnas, livclyn Timko, Olga l"lciffc-r, Anna Duffy Lola Cznnp, Szlrall Pc-tiy, Ari lwn Sl1:1fc1', Rita StCl.1!lI-1!llSkl. Scwnlrl ww: Iirncstim- Huh- luna, llclcll lluknmmvitz, .Kn- lxctlv Htllnwr, xl2IlK'l jfvllllfasm, lfrzmvcs Hulvlum. Laura Rou- ycw. Ruth lin-lla. llxirrl row: In-nc L's:u1x'i. Y Kfutlwrinc llrown, ,lean l,OVVifI', lflsiu Matt, Sophie Willa. Girl Reserve Club .lrl1'i.w'r: llAl!RIIi'l' SMITII lfirst row: Olga l'fciffc'r, I'll'1lll4'l'5 lI1llK'lHlll, Alirc Svgvr- 5ll'lllll. Sarah Petty, Muhcl .l1vl11151n1. S4-cmlcl ruw: C a t ll or i n c liruwn. In-nc lfsaxmyi. Rlta Stclzlmlmkl. I.z1ura Rmlycrs. Tllirfl row: .Xnnrcltc fjIlIHlk'1', Miss Smith, Iilsic Mate. junior Red Cross .'l!l'Z'l.Yt'VZ L'A'l'lllc1z1Nl2 S'l'Iill'K Ifirbt row: Matilda llulws. ,lczm l'ukc11:u, lylfllllllli' Ron- almw. Stfllllfl rwww: Mies Stricls, l.m'ctta lxlsll. I 'l'l1ircl row: Doris Ullmzm. Snrnln llllicl, lXla1'y:1l11ul Stes-l. wit D1 War Actifvities Club .I-lf1'1'isc1': C1.,xiR lJANII'1I. Russell Rmiglitcni, Rwrllimaii llzirris, Rziyiliirmiicl Bcliyzmii, Gcorgc llzxtliazi, lluns Sclilicllt- gg. julm Cwnlq, Clauclc 'lll'21ClCl'. Jeep Staff .lff:'1'.wr: Rosic Nlixiex' L'l..xicK I . I Y I I lfirwt rim: llettv Klwffct, Marv lime Connors, HClt'll Kisli, -ltllllll' Ficlati, -lwwpli S lll'L'lhlll ovzics. Alia- Scgersirmii. jack Lilivurcik, .lxiitli Carlson, ,lolin Minis. I 50 l llllI'k'IlCC Jxllilllli Lois l'zu1aro, Milrlrm-cl lgiiiilu-rl, Mary Hugo, Sn-cmirl row: William iiwiiro- vll, julia Scillptiiiipliclta-i', Dclcmzl VVilsmi, .lluuliiic Rvnsliaw, Rim-iliary Rcgzlrs, lkiiustim ilmlxius, llclcn liarlcy, Ifmuuis Cliurcli. Tliirrl row: lsalrcll. liillioil, Nancy Unitwcll, Nuliili Siitpliiu, Mrs. Clark, Doris Ullman, llctty Clizxllciiclcr, lfrzmces fil'iSl'll1l1. Fmirili row: ,lbzinic 1 Clafvis Staff flfiz-1'.vv1': Roar: INIARY Cmklq Firft row: Mary liagn, Helen Papp, Thelma Kclvy, Muriel Swuctlnzill, Lula Czunp, Mary Bwnrhclli. Sc-fund row: Gcmdwiu Dmllmvlly, Matthvw Sparta, .loan Lower, Mmrs. Clark, Vcmmzm Loc, john Tlllllldi, Gu-urge llilthilll. 'l'l1i1'd row: Iolm Cook, Clayton Durlmm, Basil Yur- emu. I51l Freshmen Week I I SPGRT ,. 'ajft' Athletic Association flil7'i.vi'i'.v: lll.-xivrix FlSl'HlllClN GILDA C.-xxi,uum l'i1Y1,1.1s liRl'I"l'ON llmus Klmrti: lhivrx' xl4'fiR.XTlI lumix. l,0NALllSON iizncvlii. Xlmiiums Sm-1111-il: .lack Uiiiiiilxg flv0r1.:'c Yiiwisiii, 'Vrniiw Notiggzm. Iwsfzlili X7lll'ClSlll, Qlznnes ljcn- , , . 1 . . . ,. . , ,. .'xllbl'l'l .Icrycix Hziltcr XXZITQU, .lllllllS l.ku, llzivul Lsik, Xlillixim Hcrrity, ln-rru lfrzllmlli. Scciinil row: lilln l':1ylws, Cziriliclzl lfzintuzi, Funiiic l'ziti'i:1rL':i, lililllilllll' Qiiistlx-rg, liulclii- Screw, ,-Xiiitzl lfstalmii, Helly llulmlizar, Pauline Gliicl, Nlargurct lliiytns. Xrlllfllllll .Ml- clnri. lrcm- Sb,-im-r, Maury Stciaiiiuii, Roni-iiiziry Regan, Rwtty Hairkvr, Q-1ltlll'l'lllQ llt'I'tllL'llll. Tliiril ww: Mrs, Nlagcc, Miss flllllilfflil, Ira-nc Russ, llclm-n Zzmcwski. Amin Scott, Sarah 1.llHllt'llClL'l', Violet llumicr, Vivian .AIlil'l'L'ZlS0ll, Mary Arnold, Margarct Timkn, Mary liuclim-, june Cwwaii, Bm-tty SXYL't'IlL'j', Mary llagu, Ruth Carlson, Violet lfisvlicr, Mrs. lirittun. l"uui'tli ruw: Nliclmel lizilug, Gi-urge lllakv, VYilliam lilliott, Robert Arcliilmalil, Arnulcl XYils1 in llarrv Iowa. Rzivmuml Hi-ntlifl, NVilliam Guuruvitcli, Iulm Malnios. lulm Umlu, XYilli:ui1 XYwriliiiig1i1 ii, ficiirgc Nykitzl. :Xriinlil NYL-cast. D i rw ': .' lvun .' einer, llarvcy Piillcn, Hnrolil llc l.:i Roi, Hurry Mziriiiclli, Curl littli 'xx Stn St . l'sl'1llMllll, 'lack l.iliv:u'c'ik, lfdwarrl Kutcli, lirancis VVilln-lin, St1'VCll Z1-tnick, 'lul1lPlIlZlS M11- liuicy. Six th row: xyllllillll Yasli, lfrlwzircl Cmniil, Stew-ii lllulxik, Curl Kalwznitis, William lli'mvii, lfrlwznrzl Young. li-urzilil liuwn-i's, Michael Salagzl, ,lolm rltllllllfli, XVillmr Asliimm-, ,ll ,I v rim: -luck Qiiig, Carl Suncllwrg. Kfr. lfisclilwiii, .lwhn Klillil. Iuliii Krivucs, l-frlwxirrl 'l'rainur. l53I Cheerleaders Club .f1u'z'i.wr': Br-:1e'rn.x HL'N'r12R First ruw: Alhllll Malia, lgZll'l,Eil'll 'l'I'Zllll47T, lh-tty fXln1l'ct, 'l'lnAlmu lil-lvy, Nancy Q-2LIllXYk'll Lois I.nylwr, Louis flmnrclm. Svvoncl rnw: Vilma llzlgu, Mary lX1cclsm1, llclcn llzxpp, jenn lfirlznti, Luis Pannrfl, PL-gfgy XYw1'tl1i11g1f.nl, llvlen Kish. Thirfl rmv: lim-is Nlinlrizif. ,nz Km-ating, l:lUI'k'l1k'L' fnlznns. lllll Varsity Cheerleaders ,flrlzlixvrz BliR'rn.x llrxrnle -lulm Matis, 'Flu-lma Kclvcy, Nancy L'anlwcll, Helen Pzqxp. jrnniv Ficlati, llctty Klrltlk-t Barbara Trainor, Luis Luylmer, Luis Pxmaro, Louis Church. l54l Football Team Coin-11: Mxirrin l:ISl'IIl5liIN First row: Thomas Maloney tnianagerl, 'loseph Yurcisin, George Hathazi, Goodwin Dim- nelly, Rodman Harris, -lohn Lihvareilc, Captain Harris, Iohn Malnios, George Nykita, Ray- mond llentlff, -lohn Krivacs. Manager llill Nash. Second row: XYiIliani Elliott, llaird Harry. lfdward Cronin. lidward Trainor, Robert .'Xrehihald, .Xlhert joyce, Harry bloyce, .llllllcs Pen- nacchi, Harold De l.a Roi, llasil Ynrcisin. Third row: .Iulins llkn, john Undo, X'Valler An- drexys. jack Qnig, Coach liischhcin, -lohn Mayor, Arnold VVilson, Russell Roughton, john flliz Starting tht- foothall campaign on Octoher 3, the Florence hlue and gold war' riors invaded Millville High only to how' to a hetter team at the score of 35-U. ln this game we started our injury list with Rohert Wlilkie, who fractured his collar hone. After suffering its first loss, the Florence machine went to Xlount Holly High to see its first touchdown made hy -lames Pennacchi, and to return with a tie, 0-0. Returning from Nlount Holly, Coach lVlarty l"ischhein's hoys won their first victory hefore a crowd of wet fans hy inviting New Alersey School for Deaf to a O-U defeat. R VVith a few seconds left in our next game with Mount Holly, l"lorence's eleven came through with a field goal to win 9-fm. The field goal was accredited to Wvaltcr An d re ws. ln the Salem game. Florence received its second defeat. Final score was 200. NVith two defeats on hand, Florence went to Riverside to receive its third. l3-0. Florence Township warriors returned to Florence to take a victory from lien'- dentown lllilitary Institute Alayvees with the score of 0-ll. VVith three victories and trying for its fourth, the hlue and gold warriors in- vaded Burlington High. 'lvhey made good plays hut a lack of reserve power forced the hlue and gold wairiors to how once more to a hetter team. The '42 foothall campaign came to a close hy lflorence handing' a defeat of I8-U to Harrison High hefore a large crowd on 'lihanksgiving' Day. 'llhis closes the first page of I". 'l'. H. Sfs foothall history with four victories, four losses, and one tie. LlCT'lllfR IVHCN lllemhers of the foothall team receiving foothall varsity "li" were: Honorary Captain ........ llurroxvs Harris Captain for 10-13 Season ..,......... Team 'Manager .......... joseph Yurcisin -Iohn 1.ihvarc1k Team lloetor Basil Yurcisin Harold lie I.a Roi Russell Roughton Rodman Harris lames Pennacehi 'Vhomias Maloney .Iohn Mazar ilidward Trainor -lack Quig Vvlllilllll lflliot lulins llkn Xvalter Andrews Robert .-Xrchihald ijrtttiltl XYilson George Nyikita Edward Lfronin E551 Basketball Team filltlflll Maimx Fiscnurix Front row: VK'a1ter Andrews, Thomas lNlaloney, liasil Yurcisin, NVillia1n Nash, Edward Trainor, ,lulius llku, Waller Wargo. Second row: Albert Joyce, ,lack Quig, john Krivaes, llarry Joyce, George Nykita. Third roxy: Milton llershbcrger, joe Yurcisin, Carl Sundberg, .-Xntlrew liodrog, Raymond lienlliff, Douglas Anderson. Florence High started its first season of basketball with but two experienced lads, VValt 1Vargo and Jule llku. lr was not a too good season according to games Won. But according to the closeness of the scores of the games, our boys showed they had plenty of zip. Leading this array were 1Valt 1Vargo with 206 points and Jule llku with 101. All the fellows received "Vs" and only two fellows are not expected back next year, Jule llku and lid Trainor. VVe won four games and lost thirteen. The jayvees, under the guidance of joe Pasqualine, had truly a spectacular season, winning 9 out of 13 games. Seniors not expected back are Doug Anderson and Louis Burr, who is already in the Coast Guards. Two of the upsets of the year came when the Alayvees were victorious over the Varsity, 54--113 and when the faculty conquered the football team, 31-2-lf. SCIIFIJULF Florence lo Nlorrisvilh- .......... Florence ll Mt. Holly .......... Florence 23 llorclentown Industrial Florence 38 Moorestown .,..,.... Florence 20 Morrisville .,........ Florence ll Mt. Holly .. Florence 241 Bristol ........ Florence Sli Riverside ...... Florence Z3 ll. M. l. .layvees . Florence 31 llristol ......... Florenct- 30 Peinherton ..... Florence So ll. M. l. jayvees .. Florence 35 Alumni ......... F11 :renee Zh r li. M. I. ,layvees .. Florence .Zo Pemberton . . . ,. Florence 19 Riverside .......... Florence -ll Florence jayvees . . 45 l56l l Baseball Team Courh: MARTIN l?ISl'llBlilN Seated: Edward Cronin, julius llku, Thomas Maloney, john Tinnick, Harry Joyce. ,lames Pennacchi. Second row: john Potpinkzi, Lawrence Kern, Walter Wzirgo, Arnold Wilson, George Nykita, Milton Hersliberger. 'l'hird row: joseph Yurcisin, Iolin Krivacs, Russell Houghton, liasil Yurcisin. Mr. Fishlmein, Jack Quig, Pierre Frapolli, Gerald llowers, Albert joycc. Coach ltlarty Fischbein started the 1943 baseball season with john Potpinka at lirst, james Pennacchi and Albert Joyce alternating at second, Harry joyce at the hot corner, and Walter 'Wargo at shortstop. ln the outfield, Arnold Wilson, Pierre Frappolli, Milton Hershberger, and Julius llku alternating. George Nyikita and Thomas klaloney shared the catching duties. On the mound and doing a fine per- formance were Lawrence Kern, Gerald Bowers, Jack Quig, and john Tinnick. Florence Township "Twips" faced a strong schedule, meeting high-caliber teamls, such as Bordentown lwilitary Cadets, ltloorestown High, VVoodrow VVilson High and Burlington High. As honors are given to the "lirsts" in Florence Higlfs baseball record, we lind Gerald Bowers to be the first to pitch and to win for Florence High. .lack Quig takes the honor of pitching the lirst "no hit, no run" game for Florence High. As '-this book goes to press, F. T. H. S. has played ten of the lifteen games scheduled. SCHEDULE Florence .. ... 125 Mt. Holly ..... ..... Florence . . . . . 13: Moorestown Friends Florence 5: B. M. I. ........... . Florence 1 1 Moorestown ........ Florence -1: Mt. Holly' ......... . Florence 5: NVoodrow XVilson Florence 4: Roebling Cardinals .. Florence 4: N. J. School for Deaf Florence 5 3 Burlington .......... Florence 'lg Mt. Holly .. E571 Sport Snaps I Scenes - In School and Out I 3- 1. -- pf V. b N N . . 1 ji , M V kV V Q WZ Autographs ff f Ami , , Jwwf 15 j jjjywgkl Wap Lf 1311, ,E 1 5 fp N w L www f , f 9 ff" K ' 'i l 5, iff I , 'UM ,Q 1 lfmvl- in P if ,A Y f'-ff ' . Xmf ,, X, , , M't fi.,L, . Wl, ,XJ 1. ' F w ' I li 'L fi 1 Q l 3 52 MQW ' W7 371 ww? JD frfakmgj 3 CQ - Q ,LU ,gig 7 A j Maw RW- GMM ,.f',q,,sgK4l 7 ,f I r V ! I 1 1 H' A J YQ Q' ' fs. .AQ4 .., 41.Q-. 59 Autographs ,AAA 1 , kdm., 4,-rfxifv 'f W ,4y.?+Qi.- va!!-by L' , ' ,. fi J " f" , - if . ff Mff 'zfLwff f L" Q L .M QL ' f V 112' P H4,f1,g,4.,-x.ps4.1:,,C:,1v . Q X A ' F 4 ,x',"f"4' ' Qfgzdfwffcfwo 7 J , 7141 . ' X QWVL V, Yk In v, if .' 1 ,aavnfgff ' x 'Z Y ,K .f P fy i 1 , . w , . f . X f X A+ w 'ilf f- 'A' ,A -4',Cf,,, gb., V. f C -v f f g YQLQQKCMV,-'AL H LUV " I .Z51V,,, 'VflQ'ffS4f-fvv' F I ,. . Add , - Lhvfrvl, !2.7:, xvuxx, H513 X A X Personal Snaps ! 52 il W' ww : ,Ll U w. ,xw uh, 'NM' , ' Lg.,w','w W ' Nl Qu, 4. MFI' -NN' dw ,,m,,,,,! , ggi? .,, . 7951: 4151" ' ,.fwg,Iu' 'Qi H ' x'!V'1",5x',,,ME' " Wm C, 11' QW NU: 1 1 1 1 w ,1,h'xmg!, Y' , 1 ' , mx , , 4 ,G wwf- wl ,N , www' 1 ,"l,'J,.1-gf 1 :QW ,,i,.y W ' ff" 5 lviwwvfwlblf: , x. x T I, 4 N 1. 1. f fi.. 'x I w r X Smith Press, Trcnfou, 'D b i 1.4 11 pf U 5 4 rn yr Q. lxjffj '5?5Q'1f"i' mA 'Q Lvl' e qylg qi, 'MU 4 .--:,, M fi'- ',v- ,W 5 N.-wc -' -- .,,-.. . fl I 7 J 1 1 f XX- w -.xr J, . ,W fy, A H Q If , all f 1 wif Q J' A' fa fs: .. K y- J- - "" y Q-V.-lf. EQ'fkEfQff, 'Y i gf '-'+ .53 , JM' 'kj' f :H YQ , Wxyxibjvf , I .yfWXYfv' if ij, '-1:2 N135 7' ,Aff-,W ff, fl WV 5A5fL,?f'., Q-24: RQ? .,'7?-git, LA' v. :jf f Q .Q .'4'l ff'-5 . it x"- w-Vs' -F X, V fx fiafff A 9' ' J , N54 - T"'255:f W , ' I Q- . 'ywxxfq 1,417 ffl 4-f Sf- 1, .f l Riff? ' uf pl ,Ei

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