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 - Class of 1970

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Florence Marion University - Prism Yearbook (Florence, SC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1970 volume:

V P h h PRISM 1970 Florence Regional Campus University Of South Carolina 4 www 3 Q S fx JV! f i fJg4I,.ff1V , , 2? LAB! smut! Ki, ,.., 4,4 us A-4- f" 1 , iffwii 535W f"s. . 3 3:2 gf nm , J -' 1 1 , . A , 3 QW! ,N w 'W A , , 'W 'Zi f f f 1 X , ? L ,h , YYWQCG V Q f ,f f W! ' A ,., X , T., ,A V xx , A .1 N . f if , . , f K fiiifgp'-1 if " ix WWW, S31 - . 3 z fx 'ff " - Zz. ff" "" 5, '41 'Q f , -Q5 1. ,,,5,Qg, f 4, , M ' 'QQ x Q, I ' ' 'T6,,J', , 4,1 "' . . 'Q ' N Q: , Wwwmr fwpwmwwmmwmmv ,nw ,f ,-Mfn-.,.,..f-N,mw1wq fu, WWMM Y wmmmwm f -- -ww 3: 1. fb wwmfwwwewwmamnnuq ,gQ3:s5,,1::Q:f ik? iff? Mmm if www' rf-'fwq i .K ,qt A 6 I I E ff if , I .6 4 ,Wf- ,1 2:ee,:1:v: , f f Q :Q , sf 4 J 44 A .. nmq. 42 MQ' .LIAW . ,L 4-, - if ., I I x'--'M-x""'fdy , J , f gl! 5 N' N ii V "thg'Q'4' ww k' :gi '1 .. ',f ' mfg, 31'-g2? 'E'7EUnc... 31, f11:s3,affQf9f.'ag,,-f fy'-, ,MA 1, M , '5g,f' ,'wg'?E,6,:ff'Mg.x . 'Wy D. A ,, , Refi?" fz '- Q 7 -. " 4 f X4 A . 112 uf . img, M isiyyff- N' s .. ff, .' .s - 1' , - - 'TW ' K+ Q' 'fa X WE ' '..: 'xx' 'iifszk' V "'3"'5i , t,1A vw ,A No-if ,kbijl-5 itil A yi .5 3, -. Q ..-N - ' In p ' K M-"1'QM1:..,Y4 f . ,V 9 F' X. - V f ' , ? -, 7 fs. W l l +, :J 1 ' P W I 1 X I la. ' f ' '. ' ,, V 225 '11,-sl: P iv av lr. I-1 X N 'M-on-mn-.. :Q X 1" 1,3 ,gk PSX fjjwbbnw y .ff- ,,,..1.v-W' x ' A in V 5 . Lv. ff M . 23 .1 ff? ' A 1 ,, , u V Arqjnw N nv' f- f. M ff lj? 1' -, ' , My QQ., -.nb rj W ' -4,31 . 'gm 1-M K Q V M424 ? '?--n , uf.: 25,..T'Q' " ' ' ff ' ling : 2 ,A 1 P--Q , f ra. f , s .. ,H sg ,.,...., ff ' Q! f , . ff: 4'- f Z 1 S n 1 1 .4 .X Q5 X Ev 3'-2 X A M ., 1, I A 59 k J 111 A' ff Q 1 1 1, 1.--:.:'w'.z1 :H sw, Y , A,,,,,,, 9 wr " -s-'LAW 4 .W f Q 7 Z 'Q W Q XI M--W Q-SM. . W- ---- A ff H' 1 f- 2. , .JL s. XA 1 ,,,. 'V , . ,. QA , QQ 'E X' , V .. ,.,, .2,L. E I, ,,,.,:,, 55, ,,1. z 'Q W, .M rvqk, , 4 1 ,nl ,fn 4 ,V - 5 lilzvg i, 4 2' - .,fi,,A!Q?'f 5, Jus-f 5 'vo' ' IQQQAVQW fs wwf' W -ygdv-W JM, if , B-."'iY,j7,3d," 'if ig M' Lf n-4 X z x ,yV,AiHJ y"f"4,M,',F?..fJ ,,.g-JMX-..f' N swf, , W' ,M '-'W .5 .:v5."f:zJ'aw ,A 1, P- - . W, 'Lf' .,.. : - ' 'W' ,, W , , . N in , V ,7 VA' X ,ww pf I 'I - 'Q 'I " Q 4? ..., ir fu if Q, JI wi wx ...nu- AN' Uhr 2 z W W7 U 10 .X F 5 1 .. AY V., VV W 7 f 05' f jp- . t 'F g , S' LQ W., 8 i9 if . .. 4 , ,W ,V ffm- f' 52' , fn ' 'A Qi- ,, , QW? ..f ' ri- x X I 4 , I .V mm ff hx N . :A N L ' 'f 3 A ,f M 9, F, in fzr ' .1 Q A wagwxx... fu X f f .ua A ax ,Q ., 7 ,f gf, f ..,-., '. f ,..,,A,,,a . ,X , , , Hz 2 5 J l f A V 41 4 f- f R 95" , vm A' 2 Y NW1-Mwwnwm --Ww,,k...v..-.7f,w,fwng,, ,W , , ,. ...WNW 'wh X N E2 ,,,., ,.,,, A psy ww -Q., f f f 1 ,, W kff 'w. f f V f? x nw , liwwmi I W WW 7 V ' 2 ,. , , ,, ' 9 sa - W f -.,,, , wwwqma if V, 'Y fy -" ff --,- .-.- v xi 2 . , V X ,, ..,. ' 27:2 ,, ff., '. , ., . f ,IH 4 , -5::.-ms-s vy v, ws,-:vv,3, .,f-,f.f3l4, ..,. gg-:jg gg: ,-1 , ' 1: i 4 .: Q, .V ,uf . ,C A, , X 9 y ,, 0, H , ,,,, , , , . ,, ,, . , , , S P' L 'V V, ,,,,, A -V fx- ,. 5' M Q A V A A E A , Um AMW -' f' fs agwwww ,, Sh Y fx 4 J .3 v Zig f 12 'Nl-1 ...div Q f , ,fy :off ,X , .7 ., ., y r? My '3's.fII"E. 4 .x 4, . -- ,C , fn, 'fy - ' 32:52 - 1 --Mm. .W Q I , Q. f Q4 , 4 5 ' ,W l QQ f K S , f f A fwmiu-...f"""""""""""' 1 , Xr,,gwmamswN- ww W f ag A MZ, v , I i n fi? vi 5 Q W N Wa M 0, N-Q ,. 1' AW' X I' Qs.: :Lf '5 X X xx 4 si, , f ff gm., I I 3 ,- haha 'Ja f ,kb- ,K 4 ,.,,, J .gf ww 14 .,...,-,H """'0nhf """""""'wung '4M!lS ,..,-,,-.- """'e--hun .0-...,,,,, ""'f"-'ff-'luliho ""-'H-'ans 4 tum va.. 1 ' Oli Wi? lk vu' --4 Y mv 2:3 Q. 3533 E95 Q M X wfffii SOS? '90 v I u r K l 4 , X 1. 'aw A-X, x.. .4313 g -",5.a':' 4:13 ,x , '14, . 1'w'n-Suk-n,1N 1: , L13n.1m'u4x'. -fwfsfw So long So long as the void ls hysterical, bolted out, you float on nothing But procedure alone, Eating, sleeping like a man Deprived of the weight of his own And all humanity in the name Of a new life and through this, making new Time slowly, the moon comes. Its mountains bulge They crack they hold together Closer spreading smasheddcrust Of uncanny rock ash-glowing alchemicalizing the sun With peace: with the peace of a country Bombed-out by the universe. You lean back from the great light shattered face the pale blaze Of God-stone coming Close too close, and the dead seas turn The craters hover turn . Their dark side to kill The radio, and the one voice Of earth. You and your computers have brought out The silence of mountains the animal Eye has not seen since the earth split, Since God first found geometry Would move move ln mysterious ways . You hang Mysteriously, pulling the moon-dark pulling And solitude breaks down Like an electrical system: it is something Else: nothing is something Something I am trying To say O God Almighty! To come back! To complete the curve to come back Singing with procedure back through the last dark Of the moon, past the dim ritual Random stones of oblivion, and through the blinding edge Of moonlight into the sun And behold The blue planet steeped in its dream Of reality, its calculated vision shaking with The only love . "Apollo" from the EYEPFBEATERS, BLOOD, VICTORY, MADNESS, BUCKHEAD AND MERCY by James Dickey. Copyright 1968, 1969, 1970 by james Dickey. Reprinted by permission of Doubleday S Company, Inc. -1 Dr. William Patterson, Provost Of The University Gf South Carolina Dr. John J. Dulfy, Assistant Provost, Regional Campuses , N x .ff ,, f ft 1, i V 1 ' in K ,af Thomas F. Jones Sc. D. President Of The University Of South Carolina Dr. H. V. Varney, Director Of Florence Regional Campus 6 . . - .....5 re Q Central Pee Dee College District Board .4 DT j ll lS1oI.t-f., Xkilliam R. l31xultly, C. Dewey Munn, james C. l-looks, jr., joseph B. Al b l I N , Carl A. Clayton, Acting Business J- Mltcheu Affairs Oliicer Reames, Director of Francis Marion College Library ,tx Olin D. Sansburg, Assistant Director for Student Affairs ,. ,2 . ' K if , K' - . , , 4 I EJ? , b '- gg I . ' .5 it A A il Frank H. Crow Jr., Publicity And Public Relations Officer Dr. Thomas J. Davis, Assistant Director For Academic Affairs Marvin W. Lynch, Admissions Oflicer 1 . ffl R ,, -X X .A fs . 1, The Prism Staff pays a special tri- bute to Mrs . Beaty, who has been librarian, secretary, dispenser of information and advice, and friend to students since she came to the Florence Regional Campus in 1962 fx x, ,, X 3, ff KEN. iris, - ' 'f:ff'Jf"1 ,A , -., - - 'fi'-,fl "" ' i 'ii -, 1 Alice Beaty, Secretary 24 Pat Kendall, Librarian I i N A 1 I4 .l R I I l I l r A l 1 I 1 f ii Wg aa 0 N Doris McKenzie, Secretary Ann McGee, Secretary Theresa Wachowski, Secretary Martha Rose, Secretary in 1 ' Mfg X V ., M A,,V V , A ., .,a,A .3 V V A - QQ lz , . 3 ., 5 i f I I I 4' gm I I I I I I .r "X, Shirley Hanford, Secretar Nb 'imfy s I, 414 N'-RW' 'N 5 ACADEMICS 495 2 V 1 I ,im ff ' -' 1 i-I , , ,, . 6 fm 3 .' s' , -1 , A if- ' lv 4 15 Q A xi f 'Wh A W. 32 '27 ,Ly E .,,,: , mx 7.5 f ' 5,- if 1 XY p,, ' Q ?z I n W V 'vs it VQWM un......,1wv W' what Vaywd A35 -!!"..,9 .ml V V, QA 4 6-it al? ,www xv. , fa .xy www ' gg 4' me ff i V yy sr f Q1 ei Q 2' 4. ' W ,. 1 -.ii KWH' W' OPHO ORE CLASS EYJQKQ? 1 'f f Class officers: Fitz O'Conner, Presidentg Debbie Wall, Vice Presidentg Chuck Mcliissick, Sec- retiiry. .3 4, Y-N '15 fl . 4 f ' X Yi Q 1 4 A I f is f 'qc , 2 N-' X4 hy, A , iw U- f Eg? fw , M Nw f Z A as f , , f. I 1 2 5 1 94' 'A wg- v iff Q . 5 it X f f ii, ,fe Bobby Abbgu Kathy A11L-D janet Andrews joseph Atkinson Scott Ayers Alice Beaty Cynthia A1QlQf1I1d11 Blmcy Allman jane Avant Melva Atkinson David Barton Ellen Bell jerry Allegnod Marion Amcrgon Mae Atkins Oscar Avin Ronald Bass Calvin Benton 28 K. Thomas Bethea Ellen Black Roger Blaclcmon Phillip Boan Curt Boswell joe Broadwell Danny Burden Hamer Carter Larry Cashatt Carl Chamnes 4' J 'Ev 1. U , .-' 3? -. v . v'f"l"K'VZ3I'l"5+,Q'2T"?Y!f"" . XY V' :ff f X xlr vs ' af PM X 2, . -. 4' fr f A -11.-g ' Ay: t.-5 wx 1 f ,g mt f QI, " f f '2,- -'.,:. ' Olin Sansbury, Instructor in International Studies iv :-' - -Q., , N ,, 3 W 'yfm , ma y-. . ' Ryan Chinnes George Christopher Pat Clark Sherry Clark Hilda Cook jerry Need, Assistant Professor of Mathematics .mas 'w w Linda Cook Eddie Cox Steve Cox Billy Cross Anne Crouch Ioe Cuslidge Ernie Davis Carlton Deese Dotsy Dennis Sandra Dennis Kathy Dewitt john Dickson Fran Drew Deedee Dukes Charlie Edwards jimmy Fallon Gerald Fleming Lonie Floyd Ray Floyd Elford Ford Dean Fowler 4 A V 'K ff , Q!" 1, We , 1 X y A65 fx Y 5 Si ts ,F sr?-few waxy- ,fl , X y'n S: 2- s Q. x 1 C4 2 X . 42, 91 5, 1 ff 1 3 1 A wmk fx M? """ ,l I an Mg,-Q.- wb-uf nel ,pm W? ... -af ix Y . up ew f If in-vw-' ' A 43 5 V f sg X ,ff Q af M ji in V V. I in x F , rx iii A john Baucum, Instructor in Mathematics iff F? F-rim, W 71,1 Em ear 3 ?' L W Q ai f Q QQ. 5 Gr Q, it NN, ,l f ig ..,, F M W yu, C .- . 4,,,- ..f we '-- A 2 gg M- my fill l 'hi 30 QF- IQQQWLN 3 IW 'W , . w , '5 1 ia' " 72 i 4 i 'QNX , W 5 A ,zzi 1 Q S 55, K i V ' . M 1 1 af i xy, .im gras ,,,, G il x N 'L Q ,.,. H 92 mf' ,N 11 MA, NNW. G- james Freeman Barbara Gamble joe Gasque Paul Gladson Harry Glover Dixie Godwin Harry Goodson Gwen Gore jimmy Gray Whit Grimsley Billy Haire Robert Hall Wade Ham Eden Hankins Nancye Horrell Willis Harris Vicki Helms Dianne Hill Wanda Hill Deborah Huggins Roger Hughes Craig Hurst H. P. Jaillette Connie Johnston john Boyce, Professor of Biology jane Spivey, Instructor in Nursing Elizabeth Jones Murray Jordan jerry Kershner Michael Kincaid Dick Kinney Gerald Kirby john Kirby Pat Kirkley Don Knight Steve Knight 9 1 1 49311 "6 A r, Tony Kobul-cowski Glenn Lane Joe Langston Dick Lawhon Percy Larrimore Cynthia LeGette W zrv M ' ' '2 f f A - X , ,M , wi? 1 'ix Q x , . 55.13. 2 X-.,., fi.. f N wr T, l sf sv i if i YE ' c i I I ,k X Q v gk xx ' .U f,,, , 1-5 ' f,. 'H , 4. Kiwi l : V tix L., a 5 i Q Peter Pearson, Instructor in Psychology .. 7 , . 445 4 gf t,,t4,V ..t, - 3 12 .gs 1 ,X ' M 6 5, I 2 1 , f fin f 5 ff Z 4 , A f f f W 1 I , 13-1 I Z Michael McQueen, Instructor in History f 2 '26 B w ink Donnie Lentz Danny Lever Wallace Lockhart Kathy Locklair Elizabeth Long Joann Long Stewart Lussier Margaret Lyerly Patsy Lynch Frank Martin joseph McClary Don McCord james McCutche Betsy Mclntyre Susan McKain OH Lawrence F. Swails, Associate Professor of Biology 1 ,4""' 'W' pw' Edna McKay jay McPherson john McKinnon jean Martin Chuck Mcliissick Steve Mercuri in Q Y nl'W'-A 5 s23" Lemeul M1tchum Frances Merrltt Cathy M1ddleton Larry Monahan Larry M11es john Moore LaVonne M1165 Betty Morrls Ella Mlller Brenda Moses Bryan Myers juamta Neely Fltz O'Con.ner Steve O'Neal Bonnle Osterhout ll 1 at W A f 2-' . I ,' V Q h QM, gre ,f' " , 4 ' ,Y K . ' gf-L S ls JY- . 5 RI' mf' -'M-x 'TTCN - 1' I, , Q i X iw i: 3 ' V "3 +3 K : A 'R' , y' A f I' l . . , A 1 . XX 5: , M A .X Q .4 " Es avszrl 4 4954" - X A 12:33 ps if .A so Q 1,2 ,. ,,Qv5-f,,.- : fm V ,- X r f' 34 , la ec -'N-I i SAN X .411- 1""" "' 2 TQ vw- if X an "1 " 353 f V ,. ,,, 'Q ,, V 5, 1 wihswgw 'af' ,53 1 .. 5 2 x , Q ,Q SF 315, M xqigxf 9-sv 1 Bruce McWhorter, Instructor in English 1 MQW P , w. Janet Owens jack Pace Carolyn Page Beverly Parker Boyd Parker Kemp Peel Irene Polan Sally Popalisl-cy Alvin Poston ,ie W -K! 2 f J! XV A P 27:1 f , 8' N vs Kai i s 4 Y Y fx , X P . 'Pee' 'ifxsn-'- 4 iv Q3 , frrf iii? 'lil WX f fwwf W X , f ' ffjifag, . ,ff Wf Q ,S 1 .Q if f ,ff ff ,, ff fy Zo Z " f 3 v WZ 134, fi Peggy Potter Judy Poulos Boyd Powell Joel Prosser jerry Rhodes Alenc Richardson ' a A ,fx "N f ff as is , K A 6 ,f 7 " Q Q V' ,f K kf 7 X ' iii 51 W , K f Q Wa: f ,,,.. l 1,- iff ' ' if lk . Y ,.,, , a ,. -"" F P " l,-- PM V I P S 9 I us fn Carolyn Robinson john Rogers Kay Rogers Steve Rogers Eranda Schofield Marilyn Scurry Robert Segars Carolyn Seth Bryan Shivers Thomas Singleton Archie Smith Ellen Smith Diane Speight Johnny Stepp Charlie Sturgeon Kay Stephens Linda Stone jerry Sumner Dolly Taylor Gary Taylor Tommy Taylor Wilma Taylor Sharon Tedford Robert Thames Coralee Thompson Linda Thornbrew james Tingen Robert Tucker Judy Turbeville Annis Turner X" , X' . 15? f , T ff Q27 f f ' 'r ip C 4 ,, V: Z' 'Why ma- 1 ' - - v. 43, 4 , , - 9, fr W M . gg 5' " 112 N. ' W, ui We - 'W f 5 " , 'X 4 ., my ' X' A If 4' ' W5 X ' " W4 Q 4i:f?if ' .a 9' '- i 5, z f", ' 6.4! A f S Qfii g fi ml, , 'X 5 ' MQ- V "9 l if , 2 . ' ft JQUTSQV T 3 y X ' a V '11, MQ-mf'fTf1Q . X , f 2126 X ,4 21 - 'Q ig'-Q Y iv - 4 l ,wa , gf ,V X f f f 'x ' X 17 ...qw at X : , 9 T ff W f f X, ' f, 5 ' f Q T' fl! f 5 f f f 1 ' 4, , X ' by M1 Q69 77 X f 9996, f XQMXZ! fff I S 4 f fd! mx' T :. D 4- V I ' A fr f lf 'V . .7-fi ff i V ' V3 , 'fy fy 'HL - T ' W 'fn " . A N A Q . 'A Q M f f X .ff 12" 7 , W 'fi 1ib!'i1V QlL1 ' ff'ff AV2'fV.S3, W ff" ,V 'S iq 1. 45 fiV4X-.rf fr Q F f K , , , 5 ff, f ,W 1 Mr' o C , M . ,, A 7 A Q5 T fr M , 1 Q J al l 1' ' il ,'-- , .. X X 'N 'Q fl-' xx f - M ,, ,il M276 W! VW W ff' 6 L ' 7ffff',fN5? I I 7 an Q T f S ir lt 7? Kg X 36 J si +2 3, Ui- "" X NL X..-f auaai X W The fold out, the fold out! ! : f ff ..,, ,gin 195 ff f lm... ff' W , ' 1-"mil 'P f ww , , av K K4 z he 4 W Q4 f 14 , if s I A g M ,. 1, 1 X Y ' la W7 3 A joe Tyner William Van Buskirk Debbie Wall Carole Ward Tony Watkins Linda Watts Lula Weaver Phyllis Weaver john Whittington f WL Wai Z 51,3-:F-1. A ,,.l Yugi-, . , . - - M ,E Anne Willard " ' A f"lKQ,,'l Arthur Williams l A'--4--Q. in iff' , V Emily Williams it ,api N ii 1 'Eg E ' X? r Don Wlnt ' Q 6 KW' Sandra Wise ' KA' N 4 ,. U. ,K 5 W james Yo ng an ., W f . '. K ' 'A Z ka V. ,i , ,,,.: M ,,,. ,, fiat Unclassified: ' y W 1 f a june Matthews 'WV MW Claude McDonald . " Trans it: Garrey Powell 1,9- .,,,, f' ., 37 lf .,.,,,4. f f X W f K5 rg f 27 W E6 i li. ,ff Special Students: Phillip Bedenbaugh Ronald Grant Williard james Reginald Malm Hayes Shane Joyce Wilson john Albarran, Instructor in Spanish 38 William Elmore, lnsiiuctor in Psychology Reginald Brown, Instructor in Business Law FM , A. . c f0ff1ff' lfigxe M ig ,..-""'4 I S-X jean Griffin, Lecturer in Nursing ,Z 'Q f-.MW ' 't v . 5- ., ' ' A-M .Ang .. ... -vu.. Anne Welch, Instructor in Nursing Alma Conner, Instructor in Nursing li? 2' V " l X .Q 4 fr 'V .. C f Q X.: f ,Q , Wg? as ' 3 as f rg as j kg sg A if ? 2 2 1 V E , fx ffl: Z 292. are ' af: , ,-2 i- iff' Q 4. ze 4 4, argl ff 'nf he , 6,4 , rr M9 'dx- ,44, ,. ZS? iff 9 Bobby Ashcraft Drexel Avant Connie Ball Atha Barwick Claire Basha Danny Bass Wk H ,z gf, , Q- .J , "sa r , sw .Qi 2 X41 "El Bri ., i f gf- . R 4 all .Nags . - ' - v IMF M WM K x fi-, ' - Freshman Class Officers: Frank Elmore, Presidehtg Diane Schaefer, Vice-Presidentg Bobby Brown, Secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS 1 .,,,ffg ' E. Av , - Z1 'L :Ms ' , 'P .. XZQZ4., , , fl f - X Ii, x, , I 'B' ,Q fm, A , , Z, 3, f-me-. Q W5 Z 4, an K i, , ' fwf 2, A l , , ,s fx . I g fl , " lf 5 'iy f' r Y 1 Q ,M Zag., Z. ya. , ' rf 'A-rr was ,V ,,,,, ,, , , ' l "Y"fZ"i f ,, V, ' rf as ff VN. J f 4 X' I was ,S 4 f 4 S' 4 V 41-ver-f 24, "2 W 1 ' Worth Adams Rocky Allman Phillip Alderson Emily Allison Glenn Altman www' Mike Ammons Ronald Anderson Barbara Banning JOE Bass Andy Anderson Sarah Anderson Barry Barrineau B1lddY Baxley William Altman Marcia Anderson Bobby Arrington Diane Barrineau Hubert Beasley 6 joan Carol B1-andig Ray Brown Buttermore Grady Branham Winfield Brown Larry Cameron Robert Brignran Carolyn Bryant Edwin Capps Lang Beaty YYillard Bell Morris Best ,If - av- , E 3 Sf in 'B , X Q ji I rr- M. 'F' JVM' 'KT 'V' Mary Billings jerry Brock Paula Bryant Ernest Carter Tina Burch Bob Brown jimmy Christine Ouinn Bishop johnny Brown Burroughs Chinis James Busbee F. C. Chitty 'QF .Bt- ,,,- . "sf-...- lr l It speaks for itself. The root of all evil is . . . a beard? S9 Ricky Clanton Barbara Coker Ivan Coleman Nancy Collins William Collins Bobby Cook Larry Cook jimmy Cottingham Charles Creel Ronald Cross Cynthia Cullipher Linder Cunningham Vernon Currin Shirley Cussac Anne Cutter Warren Daniels Johnnie Daniels Bobby Davis Thelma Davis Catherine Deas Barbara Dewitt Mary Ann Dickson W k a M . S353 Q . '99 x N ,E a ,.:.:z2:- if I ji 'gmc tx Z XL! ,y 5 I ' M. 5 t. ,as 4 4 l A 0 2 . -' ,, ' 7 5 2 S? 5 V :Y E15 W i Q . K. Z xx' fi 1 . as I Q X Q S L 5 , if f Y rp 1' K lf Q? V2 N -6- Mangan' 4 N X 3 f ,fl ' N 7 it M . 4 George King, Assistant Professor of History 62' fn QP' 3 I 'Jw luv 3 x.,. 'K .1 'Swim W. 25' 'Qi - Clarice Harris, Instructor in Nursing 43 Willarcl Dorriety Mary Dozier Patricia Dozier Tully Dozier Stephen Duncan Christina Dura Sylvia Edgeworth Frank Elmore jimmie Epps David Evans Kenneth Fanning Norma Ferrell Andrew Fields Billie Finklea Janet Fisk Barry Floyd Luther Floyd Greg Fowler Marie Freeman Alan Gabrielli Wallace Gainey john Gardner Charles Gardner Deborah Garner Hollis Gaskins Luther Gasque Phillip Geddings Mike Gilbert Dale Gleason Dale Godwin Andrea Govus Anna Gregg Linda Grimsley jack Gurley Karen Ham Steve Hammett Harry Harbin 1. is 5 W. r K it -as 'K , a .1 aa r "'iR"' ,z ' Q, :L 9 1 'ilxf '--' 4 il ' A 'Q 'S S ww ' 5 iii 'Q Q fn Q f "Only his hairdresser lmows for sure !" S-Q K X K Ll s EFI is gf: , R 4 W2 w,,,,a,, g ' , 'M ga -an -V-f ' -1... 5 ' g WN y f J ,V ree- iz: 1,:aZ':E,g,g?f:53fs3,'3'1'12 'F ' - gm ,,. fr 4-. W ff Q , X, 5 A ., 1 , fi ,, .,,.. . ik f f 5 1 45 5' fn, -Q 5 X 2 Pam Hardy Ann Harrison Henry Harrison john Hartley Mary Haselden Albert Hattem Jayne Haynie Edward Hendrix joe Herring Ronald Herring Carol Hekliing Donna Hicks Kathleen Hicks Chris Hiclonan Louis Hodge Robert Hooks james Horne Trisha Howell Robert Howle William Hubbard , K NVYW' I Lenna Morrow, Assistant Professor of English giwgsm H 41. rua., -xv ' vi f 7 Q kt 45 www- ' 'H , "?1,4n.4jff: M5z!:.s. -ff A rchie Hudson Charles Huggins 46 ? 1 2 ey, f X ff c K 'K A 4 M7 ww . f9:?,.:5 . w'7,f ,NV af 3. R , , . 3? Z a gan' 39 W a 25 , x s Patricia Huggins Thomas Hughes Wir? wzsv 9 W a 1 V ,Q fn fi' A A Sandra Humphries Katina Hunter William Hyatt Glenn lsom Richard jackson s 4 E 111 'ew if 9' " ii V M 'aug ig isawwa., r , r . ' , gf --12, is-, Qu ,iii ,W gf 5 , tg if 452 " I I V 5 Y ,Q-f . Tommy Jeffords Dwight jenkins Floyd Jernigan Beverly Johnson Myrtle johnson N . Rona ld Johnson Thomas Johnson Gregg jones james jones Jimmy jones Q E v 5 QW .ff "Z,-V -, - Linda jones Lloyd jones Gary Keith . R ob e rt K irby if , it 'W as f -rf-A 'ff' f-fig' ' LaRue Kirby ' L 3 I Marianita Knight 1 Qs. ,gg X x 'PIN -9 V .V,,., ' D v Willie Lambert W Cheryl Lane I ' X William Lane ' Allen Larson Ex Norma Leach M Q Rob Lesser ".- -- Atzecazyg-asf-sr .,.:, M4 N - William Loman Gloria Lussier George Lyerly john Lynch 1 :,, Rita McCracken Ma randa MCDanie ls A3 : g, yr ,1 ' w Q .. I I I kj, - K W' , Qt ,r., . f-14 V. 1 mm james Dooley, Instructor in Chemistry 47 Preston Crews, Instructor in History xt: iwffir fm M, fa Xasffz Ye . J ,mv , W-K al .Augie f Everett Myers, Instructor in Economics ., . ,L .. I ' fa W KZ' ', ' 1' -'iw aww T ,E '- William McDonald Danny McElvee1C if ,Na , "4 3, 0 I , 'fiff ., Q , J 'Wifi ' 'Y 'Efw J I ,.., 1 W 75- 2' . 1 " X W, f , as 4 f P H a I-Ve Y Edwa rd Mclnty-fe McKenzie Walt McKay WHZAHQK . c enzie We I Gill McLaurin Billy McLeod Tony Sarah Mabry McLaWhorn Michelle Madaula Beverly Matthews Wanda Mercer 48 Philip Metts Martha Middlebrooks Elwin Miles Charles Miller Joyce Miller Linda Miller Wanda Miller Ronald Mims David Mishoe David Moffat ,Qi 2 ,wsu lf' 1 few- ,Q x an , v' 9, 2 H' La- 6, 1-K P' Jh at X 5 if 3 Ja ....,. : -v ' Z5 ---U. af' ' -3, if f' c ..,. - wi 'rg' y : -., .1 , Q -V1 ' X -: Zfwoi' 5 4 'gqflvfmz 5:-.fq2:2.Ez:v:2:25i, V .3 XFN-' ' , -N. ' " if f I 1 M f S . ,p , M . ' ' ' ,L 1 5.52 fi x2 'gif R N-J xx I I Q f f S N .agp-f' . , 4' - Q? Aff . lf Kenny Morganti Vicki Moss Larry Myers Clarence Norris Frank Norris 3. C X ,f-N., Daisey Odom Stephen Ricky Mary Page jerry Peace Guy O 'Neal Osborne Ostrander Larry Pate Karen Pennstrom ef N. ' 4 , , I-xg-.:::smr1i. ,VW J Tom Davis, Assistant Professor of Education and Economics ENQW-A 1, 1 1 Q NX? Wx is .. ffl ' xftvf "W l .,.. ,,.. M Y Charles Parker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics 50 , Q 3 44, X .nr X' 1 ,, - ? .. '1 as X Q Qt i 13' .,...,,,,,,., ,,..,, X Vw Wayne Tom Phillips William Poston Billy Permenter Mitchell Pitts John Powell Kathryn Perritt Chris Polk Bailey Powell Doug Phillips Privette Charles Rambo Cynthia Ray 2 ,X S. N l if S i Y -' ' fx . Carl Clayton, Instructor in Business Administration ga. f inf' Paul Reid If gp. A Y , 1 N. A it E?iEH5i3Z'1FSdS X 9' a Debra Rice A R f' Donna Richards A "" if Dianne Rivers ' i:,.t"' iaHolynRRkiclcman 4 rt iur o crts Michael Robinson Patricia Rowland S " Emma Roah K Melinda Rogers 1 ' X f I , ig iff, 5,5 1 Frank Crow, Instructor in English David Russell David Saleeby Brownie Sandfor Diane Schaefer David Scott Tommy Scurry Maggie Sebnicl-1 Mike Shine Vicki Skow William Simmons Sharon Singletary Andrea Smith Karen Smith Larry Smith Thomas Smith , .::w:fL " '- Avlis 0'- 1?-v QW I QS 241 I x , ,S P , ,..1 rf' V M .Y- f s 3 M M, fit? t fgfff' P r 1 5 7 , Q Q x X f 5 - J Q1 ' ? ,. ,. l at 1 ,ER E ,, ,M V . Q Jeff AW E-al 'fzfffilfa ' Q 2, ' df 1 41 it 1 f Af 1 , W-vang? 'W ' x Q fr , 1 aim 1 fy M ,W if? if ' QQ f if X? 2 if 1 E 5 1 if Q'-f 'A S. 'W If X x r Wfrfiv I ' .1 .ig 3 ,mc Robert Cole, Instructor in Geography julie Mitchell, Instructor in Music. J Q Q l --at x .W it A few of the many faces of John Moehlmann, Instructor in English gl ' J., . gy "f-2: if 453 if I I kb I Harold Vivian Speed Katherine Robert Street Snipes lOhn Stevens Stewart Cliff Stumbo Phyllis Susan Stevens Gloria Stone Sandra Tarlton Snipes Debbie Street Robert Snyder 53 f M4 Q, if yy 1- ' N-W 7' " '::'7777: A77 ---- nn-fW X' " . . ,. T f 3 f 1 ,Wy mr f .. V151 ff 1 71 ' Az 1 c' , 1 4 f ff eaocfgy 1 yi A., 1 A1 2, f Q23 in james I-licks, Guidance Counselor 4- , .J , i"f4if if no i ,, ,,, 425 5 - ' gfz. 2 , if ' IW T 1 1 u',13, ,x1 A V, , Tim Thomas Wilton Thomas Linda Thrasher john Taylor Peggy Tedder Lois Thomas 54 9 ' W C. Z ' if .W , QQ! if f X X !49l Q , 2 f 1 X Q J 1- a2:,J1f7x'-LV Wi 1 N 1 ,Mk 1 1" fa 'f A J, v 1, ff 1, ax 1 5 1 x aa Q 1 fx KKK I 1 Anne Boyce, Instructor in Technical Nursing 5 is g ,4i1g,sr 6 , Q' l 1 P H dx nr - K 323 . 1 fx Y X. X ,gs , , , 1? , ,1. xi SG? W 1, ww X' X vi i ,,,f- .:., , . QI 4 X Q f 4. tj' V' ec .G f 2 wr' 1 J at x , Thomas Lisbeth Turner Susie Turner Jeanne ,, Touchberry Pat Turner Thomas Turner Voltz T Charles Turner Pauline Turner Lynda Tyndall Ronnie Gloria Turner Ward f Tricia , 1 Watson 1 ll 'Q I I 1 Chi-Ming Siu. Instructor in Physics 6' N of' rift 'fbi 5- ' Allen Beverly Weatherford lV1'1itakCr Marshall Welch Roger White Nancy 'Wheeler William Whittington .ef X wx 4 if " N l ' ff' 3 15", v l . ff 1 V1 Faye Wiggins james Wilson Kenny Wilkes Wanda Wright Tresc Williams Tom Zhorpunki N iars Q 2 -,aa-H :"'1 .-N E-2 ' ge. I ' w e 5' in g K William Ncal, Instructor in English X agp it wif? , E Fi 5 'Q xii! 'e .pa 5-A Wx LPN 'fx N50 . 0 ,i 6 QQ V .4 f wi.. W f V ww Af 171' I Q 1 '95, xg' f K A Nia I xv N u y ua' 1, M6-RW ,Q was wnnammmnm A x I I Mr, PW Ji". 3 ' A x X f , . 49 , E 1 , ' A A s D . Ht" X Mft' ah. 5 V4 if tl JV , . F' Q., 1.,,,s Q 11 +V x 15 4 :vt . .. 4 -if S .mp U ,. r , ,fn 48 N 4 1 ACTI ITIE K ST' 1 ,. VW W Q w Q 5 , Egg, -W 1 if?- ' 4' H if 4 ' 'Aff ff - M ass, .4 . 4 , ,,. bfi I 1 T- Bob brown john Taylor, Llnda Stone Tommy Tag lol Clnlcl Mclxlsslel Franl Elmore, Debble Wall Dlane Schafer, Frm O Conner, Charlle Edwards : . : :Q ., 73 , 9.5 X Q. , ' ' 'V wmwwwwsww-WMMMN..- A-W W Vice-President, Charlie Edwards President, Tommy Taylor s..,.,, .-,N .Q J, - , ,4 w of ,wa , we M, fa 4,- 4:- ww.. D . ,f -- ...H ff, 'S 9. 4--V-- Vw-, 5' ,, XG ' 's gl ,Nl 3 4 , 5" .- ,,,,.,.. X A, V M 'S 4 . 'ww-l an ,-rweqx' , . m , I i X me 'k...-I Secretary, Linda Stone Treasurer, 101111 T3-WOT One of the dances sponsored by the Student Government 59 Student Government Student Government is an instrument of education as Well as representation. It provides an opportunity for learning and promoting citi- zenship, scholarship, lead- ership, human relations. and cultural values. It is responsible for interpreting and reflecting student view- points. lnvolvement and dedication have secured a progressive change in the USCF Student Government. Long tedious Council meet- ings . . . pre-school mixer . . . intramurals . . .de- monstration for Dr. Varney . . . constitution . . .May Day . . . are reminders of Student Government interest and enthusiasm in student life at USCF. PRISM STAFF '70 Selectivity which represents and emphasizes a total college year is the responsibility of the year- book Staff. Imagination and or- ganization first and then perse verance and good photography, with cooperation and patience permeating the Whole, are the requisits. The staff trusts that PRISM will catch and refract events of 1970 to their enhance ment. :hm 5 pg. A ' Editor -- Calvin Benton ig' n..,,.x Q-...W-Q The staff plan PRISM '70, ,Ln ,S aff., jerry and Melvzi identify pictures. 60 .-5 Sponsor -- Miss Lenna Morrow 1 .r""'M-,V ...g 4? a . a . y , I,-V' , ' Tony and Bobby Jjx 0 vs. K . K : M i f' 1' , 12: W Nw, ' ,, f ww , gf 4 Q K ,, 1 4 VW , V , , . begin typing dae copy on the finals. 1451- Photographer -- joel Polson Kathy smiles after completing her section on beauty. 61 FIRST ROW: Kathy Allen, Eileen Odom, Cheryl Lane, Pat Holland, Cathy Middleton, Edna McKay, Florence Bell. SECOND ROW: Judy Poulas, Katina Hunter, Pa- tricia Smith, Phyllis Weaver, Mary Billings. THIRD ROW: Di- ane Dennis, Linda Harper, Dee Dee Dukes, Hilda Cook, Libby Thrownbrew. FOURTH ROW: Wyona Cannon, Carolyn Seth, joanne Lone, Marian Moody. FIFTH ROW: Aileen Richardson, Mary Ann Dickson, George Chris- topher, Nancye Harrell, Pain Merritt, LaVonne Miles, Phyllis Snipes, Linda Stone, Christine Chinnes, Wanda Wriglit, Pat Clark, Marilyn Scurry, Oscar Avin. PHI UPSILO DELTA V ? PED, a pre-professional organization for ll nurses, has the following goals: to foster high standards and ideals, to provide a close relationship among the students and between the students and faculty, and to aid in the development of good citizenship. The society, whose name -- Phylakes Hy- geras Demon -- means "Guardians of the Health of the People, " has undertaken such projects as a Thanksgiving food drive, Halloween party for the convalescent home, and Valentine clothes drive. "I do believe he is suffering from malnutrition." xi A George Christopher, Marian Moody, Pat Holland, LaVonne Miles, Diane Dennis, Oscar Avin. .W 5, 62 Q s Q.-...H if M' '. ,. R M-wiw "The nose bone is connected to the skull bone and . . " -i if- Testinff is Cl vital wart of the Nursinff wrohrnm. b I .5 I -D riff. Q- gf4 alvtel' A M ,. Students participate in the PED clothes drive CHESS CLUB The newly formed USCF Chess Club provides occa- sion for members to relax over a game of chess. The Club plans to affiliate with the United States Chess Fed eration and the South Caro- lina Chess Association, which would allow members to participate in rated tournaments. Ricky Roberts, johnny Brown, Lynda Tyndall, Bryan Shivers, Nlr. Need, Curt Boswell, Paul Cladson, Michelle Madaula, Mr. Pearson, Karen I-Iam, Chuc' McKiSsick. GOLDEN HAWK The Golden Hawk staff strives to create student interest in the total program at USCF. fam Editor -- jerry Allego fyqdwwun , l---- Diane Schaefer, jerry Kershner, Bob Abbott, jerry Allegood, Chuck McKissick. 'rib if ' i lst ROW: Anna Gregg, Margaret Lyerly, Barbara Gamble, Lonora McLeod, Karen I-lam, Esther Moore. 2nd ROW: Chris Polk, Chuck Mcliissick, Dick Kinney, Curt Boswell, Dale Godwin, Debbie Wall. Q a Director -- Mrs. julie Mitchell Mike Ammons. Peter Pearson, and Robert Cole discuss the Club's next excursion. CHORUS USCP is proud of its chorus under the direction of Mrs. julie Mitchell. The group has represented the col- lege in Christmas and spring concerts, they sang the national anthem for the Florence Democratic Party Convention. The chorus is accompanied by Mrs. Rich- ard Thomas on the piano 3 who is sometimes assisted by members of the group on guitar and drums. OUTING CLUB The purpose of the Outing Club is to enjoy and con- serve the World's natural beauty. Members partici- pate in activities such as hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. -Q-"W ' 1 'a 4 'AAA fn lst ROW: Anna Gregg, Melinda Rogers, Karen I-lam, Nancy Wheeler, 2nd ROW: T-.iike Ammons, Chuck Mclfiissick, Diane Schaefer, Wanda Mercer, 3rd ROW: Craig Hurst, Dick Kinney, Curt Boswell, Ryan Chinnes, 4th ROW: Ricky Roberts, Debbie Wall, Tommy Taylor, Danny Owens. Collegiate Civitans USCF'S Civitan, the only nat- ionally chartered service or- ganization on campus, has as its primary goal the promotion of good citizenship . Among the projects of the Civitans were the publication and sale of student directories and the sale of Claxton fruit cakes . s 2 J yf",,f3i gm J '31, if 33. Sgt. of Arms -- Frank Elmore, Chaplin -- Diane Schafer, Treasurer -- Curt Boswell, President -- Tony Kobokowski, Secretary -- Melinda Rogers, Vice President -- Craig Hurst. , t 4. ,fs i ., . f NN ff""',2' JF if gg Q ' T3 2- X x 55 fr ' N '1 ' X Q I X 1'?Y:'2, 'viva 1 'xi ' ,, ' ,mlb -fb . . ,4--.., ,.,. V, wig? 5' Steve Harbin, Winfield Brown, Curt Boswell, Diane Schafer, Chuck Mcliissick, Debbie Wall, Tony Kobokowski, Frank Elmore, Tommy Scurry, Anna Gregg. Young Democrats The Young College Democrats is a functioning organization, inspired by concerned students and devoted to the preservation and improvement of America's political institutions. Members of the Young College Democrats study issues which concern America's citizensg they offer Q . rg ,H ftf programs designed to create interest and provide facts about legislation which will affect the population on both the National and grass roots level. Donna Hicks, Jimmy Fallon, Ashby Gregg, Tony Watkins, Wayne Mc- Kissick, Fitz 0'Conner, Carole Ward, Lynda Tyndall, Anna Gregg, Melinda Rogers, Frank Elmore. ,. SS UA i Go Hawks. in 25 Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders worked tirelessly perfecting pre- cision cheers to inspire player and spectator . They drew posters, sold spirit buttons, and designed and sold basketball programs. I don't believe it. Sink that free throw. ,,,,,,,.... Diane Schafer, Melinda Rogers, Sherry Clark, Cynthia Alderman, CAPTAIN -- Vickie Helms, Kay Stevens, Anne Crouch, Pat Turner. Scoreboard USCF OPPONENT Spartanburg Southeastern Aiken Coastal Union Lan caster Spartanburg Southeastern Aiken Coastal Union Lancaster Lancaster Aiken X Q if ,Ax Bob Brown and Aiken opponent try for the rebound. f"'-"H-9-v----n..4,.a..,..,.,,,, 'Z "S, I is . ik I X, , 1 ' """""" rnlmgw' 1 H Golden Hawks The USCF Basketball team played valiantly through the season despite their 4-10 re- cord. Later in the City League they posted a 9-4 record and finished third. iv Donnie Lentz brings the ball down court. Hawks fight for the ball. 69 "ff l V aw J ,,..v. 66 .38 5 v 3 js' 2? 22 as 9 4 was ,. s' f,,,f .- flag 5 , :gk x, I, Wa . l, ,IZ A if fi lei ,A 'fi '- pf fd? a f K I algo ' Q, j .,'. sk v..f'.l gf v 5 A l -:,. fi l l Q' s Cliff Stumbo, USCF's leading scorer. jerry fouled hard by his opponent. ,ggqn-vw . 7 4 ,mfvdawae A L Statitlcians: Debbie Wall and Wanda Mercer. F i Now try that fast break. 70 1 The Golden Hawks Band playing for halftime entertainment. Wy! Hawk player pulls down the rebound. Cliff goes high to tap jump ball Playing With determin- ation and accuracy the USCF tennis team fin- ished With a 7-3 record. Tennis Sheer Determination! an '-M ----0 ww--..,M-,w, M, .r ,K Debbie Wall serves to opposition jimmy Gray, Barney Van Buskirlt, Debbie Wall, Curt Boswell, Franl-Q Elmore, Wanda Merc er. 72 ,itil ff ot A-Taz? ,X 5 ,d igg , rf 2 Golf The USCF Golf Team met strong opponents this Season, but the game foursome emerged with a ree- ord of 6-6. Buddy Baxley, Robert Symder, Bob Brown, Rusty Matthews ,.of ps me 6 WW 'Mg' B65 ww L 5 9' Sh I v .Hu 1 ,. ' 4 ' ' -f , iff 1423 " if ,J M K v-1, , My ' -'fihfiz tg fzig N Rusty chips out of the rough. Buddy in his favorite spot. 73 Sw 724' Mr. Pearson delivers pitch in practice. I TRAMURALS The intramural program, sponsored by the Student Government, had note- worthy participation from the students and included programs like football, softball, pool, bridge, and chess. Qi . Check How on earth did I get Seven aces? 74 s J-- QJ - -Wh, .' v. - ,Q . .- lftlsb, :fin . N- Yr USCF Football Champs: I-Iaire's I-Iellraisers. A.: . 'W .4'A -Q L'- Q , 1 jack puts mighty block on the opposition. ,-is. irc.- Av: --e-on F 1 .. fl V A-W , N. vw: WIN ' gt Lys' fa! f . Elamff: Y'1a'n'v 'I 16593 'ffl ., , , , ,, .9 - "' '- f, " ,,, fl, 'Na "JG,-,,,. .J ":-1,-fvff-u19f?'- f""' liz' '-9"A.,-1J-'-H-f",g-ff" f -2 AV . f .1 ' ' '- '- 2 Q . -3: ...sw , .il Ac1lIf,'?i3ih.r.'f 1:2'fr'3j'-url: shim 'y' ' yypfa, guys ry, E , wwf' Hellraisers favorite play: the end sweep. as, i,W,:6,,: . . , "'?L'W'w 'fifif firing 1- t 3 gh M . ' lg 1 44, ,V ffufw..-,,f:N, 'Jw it Jn, H-03 , ttf., em, .M "rs: Szww 75 35? :::Sff.2+'ff'f?ti2fw 5 X 'J X QMA 7 f Q 1 MP, fsx f w Q V 9 Q 'Q ,X X 7 , , ff , 'Qfs f' ff W g ., 2'-5 ff aw si, X , 7'?m., C,f,, v f , f , S Q? , I . ff N 4 0 f C , f ' f X , f f f X! qw. -, 49, ,fb .MSW "f -. wk!-10 W.-ng .2 44? ' ' ,,. , SW 0 I 'v ,wx ff , , . , . , , , 'gs Sm x W " 'Wf wi ffxf W X", 4,753 ,yi pf W, K1 ,, X 5 f 1 If f fffff 236 f if , 'MX "7-5,147 Mflllz 534 .- My QW' an f f, QW ,, ai yf, L WW, xxx-WQWJSW x ,, Q I X I fffff Z fxdfy ' ' J C, X 7 , . WM , ff!! fQyQ Qfifwy? f WAS x,f'zfl f 1 ff W W ei 9 I f X w if X- ' Sw fi? 12331 'I 7. ' , ,V ik, LS' Kirk! 1 . 'gms ww '11 xx-fx 'lzgsgg J". ami -'Au ' n 1 ' 1 4 I 4 ai , J a lf I 7 Miss USCF - Debbie Wall For her outstanding character, persona- lity, charm and beauty the Student Body of the Florence Regional Campus elected Debbie Wall as Miss USCF of 1970. 78 Campus Sweethearts Three campus organizations select girls each year to represent them at various events dur- ing the fall and spring semester. Collegiate Civitan Sweetheart, Melinda Rogers ,L as 1 1 104 f"1L A aff" 4' Miss Claxton, Diane Schafer Basketball Sweetheart, Susan Ieffords May Queen 1970 Miss Elizabeth Jones 80 4 I 5 ll - ..- .J 'O-.1 ' --Q ,.-.Qtr,, L 1 ,' ' ' f s www -...t iq ,- .. ,, -' -15- ...- -. N4 oil' iv-ilu: ilvns--ug 3 af gs! P!! E 'dv r . .,. sfo Honor Attendant Miss Linda Stone R-5 v..t , V TQ , " , sgrzjw l xii iq gg, , v"f"L' K .,, - 59' ...hphean A Elizabeth and Linda are ready for spring. gg 's:tg4 li A g s x 5 5 ' i 1 . ' ,wx J. ' f 1.1 Q rs, If?"-ff' .- ' V. ' f t f -X at", f X '. 0 Q ff ' ' ,, pi xx fi Qzfhw, ir. ,sh A 1 bf f f' a . V ' , ' A -1 "wtf X 5 . "-" A ' Y Q Vw" '51 Mb . 'In 19 , XT .".-fx WW -v E A ' fs! 'Y A A , Q ff, tty sal , 1, s S - f K t w' f X , "' f an . . "': f. ' A 135' t 's A, t gm, , -W, 1 -E451 A ' ' ., " , z 1 ta ij fnw MMV , - Q- 1 ,pf X ,,,,, , wg, ,gt A x,?!.. 6 Q A ' mfzsiswiv' V ' Q Aa' ' ,V I M ,tv f ,7 X f A I Want, W, y -sf. t if 1 1 4, ' xv fS' 'H if . , , X9 A .' 12 K ' f ', x I , "Wim I' ,' 'I ' ' f Q A' J?" - Q , j?'gv v - 1' ".: .. , -' - P' if 2 . 4' ' ,at ' ' ' N iw ' '23, 4 3 ft ' W 1 'P if I i A 1 v A K J x X 9- 2 13, ' - f ff' . ' I. E . 'xii ' 'K A N., Q .. , fag ,f ' f E , ' itll!! Q Mx A. P , NK.. Y' X :f4w..,s- W Wtifwmm. 3-Ang' tj ,nh H, Wa, I f 5 K 7-' A z, g M X ' W' Q' A .4 Q x VM W as IUPQUQK ff x Qi . 1 v fi 4 W if 'f M, , 4, ' X , - ' ffl - ,iz -'V ' . 'fe gm, "'+ L ,"'f .' Jy,."1' Kg' ,y',42,W.fw Xi' - la " +' r, f . -- M - , I u W ,K ,, 'g Q! Max lays.. izf YL 3' Hglagj' fc- I ...,.,,f4wv . ,si 4 , r Ol' ', .hw ,f'.:w-,,ysW fwfy. pl ,Q 1- X 5.. 2 ., ' xw 'lisa YF X- 5 '5 ff' C933 1 lf f ax i 'fs " fs F 1 , 'Q MAY DAY 1, f - ANA A t W X - A Q, ,,,. ' H ww , 'UQ 1 V. V .T If 5 .N my , I , K . X, Y , RV mf, Y ,X M Q Q 5- K A 4. g 5 wg 1 1 f, 'K ,S 1 5 1 Z? , . X QV. Z .,., S . ob if .. ..,,,..., E . f fx? gi? nw :Q Jinx af , uw Q5 f f X v f f D -x je ,Y mf WW 3 . 'K 2 ul 3 A --'.- Q kr Q f . g , ' V' N A h he , n ? g n n f lg n "VV " .. Q Q5 y e ' ' is 'g -": g Q ti V' ,,"- L f,'1:v, H! aw: A .. .. , 'Q-ws, x ,,,,,- 3 'x 1., 1 v,,- figs! .- , H A ' f"' , V ultb fe A-AV AVVA 5 I t 14: QQII, fe A 1- f e AA Tommy TaY10T CTOWD5 MQW Queen- Friends chat wi'd'1 May Queen and her court. :V 1 - A wa gf' ,f 1,1 7 I, ff -4, gg., - .. 34 f 37 Z4 :ff If 0.1 A V. .W h fy f V f in ,. f- ' f Vt.-VT 22 f yeyge :- 14 L, ,. 4 5 I , X f fs if May Court Attendants and their Escorts 84 ,Q THE LAST DANCE AWARDS DAY Clifford S. Cormell Business Achievement Award . . . Fitz O'Conner Florence Civitan Club Citizenship Award . . . Tommy Taylor Basketball Sportsmanship Award . . . Carl Chamness Dr. J. Howard Stokes Scholastic Achievement Award . . . Tony Watkins james A. Rogers Creative Writing Award . . . Bobby Abbott Florence Dupont Plant Science Award . . . Allen Cabrielli District 32 South Carolina Nurses Association Award . . . Carolyn Seth ii 'i'V"j'T3WI" 5 x ,vm 4 .f i Q f V V T ,Wie , f fiif f-W ARTIST AND LECTURE SERIES Senator "Nick" Zeigler, Awards Day Speaker Cast members of the play NO EXIT The Wayfal-el-S 86 COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Welcome and Introductions . . . Dr. I. Thomas Davis Acting Director Florence Regional Campus Commencement Address . . . Dr. Harry E. Varney Assistant to the President University of South Carolina Conferral of Degrees . . . Dr. john I. Duffy, jr. Assistant Provost University of South Carolina Reception . . . Stokes I-Iall Library 44 87 WCA FLORENCE REGIONAL CAMPUS .. L1-3 ff-.ggi 'rx ' ,.. fr , , 5 f Wk- A., BM M f n f, -A v- fy gps fb 2 gwwediwik W, w ., af mf Sie' W' 17 - wmgxq , .:,S:. xx.h . ,, X "fp, , W' ' xy X .9 , QQ 2-7 4, if ,,.,,i., QQ' 'QD W 9 4 2 W4 .5 ,. 4 "f '- Wf,Wg, Q 1 95 ' f s Zi? 'M N 'Q his W Q, M N F 5 :11 , Lz.. if Aff, My 10 sf gf w an f X ,- ,A I , Q., W ififfm 54 72, 4' V ' ifffff .5 , . M i ,a Belk FIRST IN FASHION Featurnng the latest styles un leading natlonal and our own prlvate brands Two Convenient Locations Downtown Florence 662 l553 for Better Servuce Florence Mall 662 3201 Peoples Natural Gas l37 S by 662 6360 V Lynn Brabham Constructlon Co Florence S C l2ll W Evans Street 669 6325 Florence, S. C. . Ir 89 Dupont Mylar Plant Better thlngs for better llvung through chemistry Marlon Highway Florence S C Paullo S Prlntlng Office Supplies 662 0311 258 W Evans Street Florence S C H 8L S Book House Florence Year round Toy Store Candy Statuonery Glfts Books Florence Mall 662 41114 - a - Engraving , . . 90 James Robert Abbott Florence, S.C. Worth S. Adams Florence, S.C. Cynthia A. Alderman Florence, S.C. Phillip Carl Alderson Florence, S.C. Gary B. Alexander Hartsville, S.C. Jerry L. Allegood Florence, S.C. Rhoda K. Allen Florence, S.C. Emily C. Allison Florence, S.C. L. B. Allman Florence, S.C. William B. Allman Florence, S.C. Glenn M. Altman Mullins, S.C. Marion L. Amerson Lamar, S. C. Mike Arnrnons hlarion, S.C. Adolphus B. Anderson Marion, S.C. Marcia Y. Anderson Centenary, S.C. Ronald W. .Anderson Florence, S.C. Sheilah Anderson Lake City, S.C. Janet M. Andrews Lake View, S.C. Jane E. Arant Florence, S.C. Bobby W. Arrington Florence, S.C. McTilden Atkins Latta, S. C. Joseph E. .Atkinson Hartsville, S.C. Melva A. Atkinson Hartsville, S.C. Drexel L. Avant Johnsonville, S.C. Oscar H. Avin Florence, S. C. Scott Ayers Blenheim, S.C. Connie Ball Florence, S.C. Barbara Banning Florence, S.C. Richard M. Barnes Florence, S.C. Dianne Barrineau Lake City, S.C. David M. Barton Florence, S.C. Atha M. Barwick Florence, S.C. Danny R. Bass Dillon, S.C. Ronald E. Bass Florence, S.C. Claire F. Basha Florence, S.C. Luke B. Baxley Hartsville, S.C. Hubert G. Beasley McBee, S.C. Alice B. Beaty Florence, S.C. Phillip N. Bedenbaugh Darlington, S.C. Ellen F. Bell Florence, S.C. Willard L. Bell, Jr. Florence, S.C. George C. Benton Florence, S.C. Morris W. Best Mullins, S.C. Thomas A, Bethea Hamer, S.C. Mary K. Billings Florence, S.C. Quinn H. Bishop Florence, S.C. Maud E. Black Florence, S.C. Roger L. Blackmon Darlington, S.C. STUDE T DIRECTORY Phillip W. Boan Cheraw, S.C. Curtis B. Boswell Florence, S.C. Carol L. Brandis Florence, S.C. Grady R. Branham Florence, S.C. Robert B. Brigman Dillon, S.C. Joseph B. Broadwell Florence, S.C. Jerry R. Brock Cheraw, S.C. Johnny L. Brown Mullins, S.C. Lynn W. Brown, Jr. Florence, S.C. Bob Brown Florence, S.C. William R. Brown Lake View, S.C. Carolyn Ann Bryant Marion, S.C. Paula Ann Bryant Marion, S.C. Tina P. Burch Florence, S.C. Daniel G. Burden, Jr. Latta, S.C. Jimmy L. Burroughs Marion, S.C. James D. Busbee Hartsville, S.C. John T. Buttermore Lane, S.C. Larry C. Cameron Florence, S.C. Iris W. Cannon Conway, S.C. Edwin L. Capps, Jr. Marion, S.C. Cynthia S. Carter Longs, S.C. Ernest V. Carter, Jr. Hemingway, S.C. Hamer L. Carter Hamer, S.C. Charles L. Cashatt Florence, S.C. Carl W. Chamness Blenheim, S.C. Christine P. Chinnes Florence, S.C. Ryan Chinnes Florence, S.C. George H. Christopher Florence, S.C. Roeford L. Clanton Hartsville, S.C. Patricia L. Clark Florence, S.C. Sherry L. Clark Florence, S.C. Barbara Coker Lake City, S.C. Katherine L. Collins Florence, S.C. Carolyn Collins Lake City, S.C. William P. Collins Florence, S.C. Kittilee Compton Myrtle Beach, S.C. Ben Cook Lake City, S.C. Bobby L. Cook Latta, S.C. Gloria Jean Cook Nichols, S.C. Hilds H. Cook Latta, S.C. Larry E. Cook Dillon, S.C. Linda Cook Lake City, S.C. James L. Cottingham Effingham, S.C. Edward A. Cox, Jr. Florence, S.C. Stephen A. Cox Florence, S.C. Charles W. Creel Florence, S.C. Ronald L. Cross I-Iartsville, S.C. William R. Cross Florence, S.C. Ann Crouch Florence, S.C. Cynthia M. Cullipher Mullins, S.C. Vernon A. Currin Dillon, S.C. Shirley J. Cussac Timmonsville, S.C. Warren H. Daniels Florence, S.C. Johnnie A. Daniels Dillon, S.C. Ernest L. Davis Florence, S.C. Robert E. Davis Florence, S.C. Thelma V. Davis Florence, S.C. Katherine L. Deas Florence, S.C. Carlton M. Deese Florence, S.C. Sandra D. Dennis Turberville, S.C. Barbara DeWitt Darlington, S.C. Kathy A. DeWitt Florence, S.C. John W. Dickson Marion, S.C. Mary Ann Dickson Marion, S.C. Willard Dorriety, Jr. Timmonsville, S.C. Willie L. Douglas Florence, S.C. Mary E. Dozier Marion, S.C. Tully M. Dozier Marion, S.C. Fran R. Drew Mullins, S.C. DeeDee F. Dukes Florence, S.C. Stephen E. Duncan Hartsville, S.C. Christine M. Dura Mullins, S.C. Albert John Eaton Florence, S.C. Charles Edwards Florence, S.C. Barbara A. Ellward Conway, S.C. Frank Elmore Florence, S.C. Jimmie H. Epps Kingstree, S.C. David L. Evans Johnsonville, S.C. James L. Fallon Florence, S.C. Kenneth D. Fanning Florence, S.C. Andrew C. Fields Florence, S.C. Billie N. R. Finklea Florence, S.C. Janet R. Fisk Hemingway, S.C. Gerald T. Fleming Latta, S.C. Barry Floyd Florence, S.C. Linda F. Floyd Conway, S.C. Lonnie D. Floyd Florence, S.C. Lother D. Floyd Marion, S.C. Ray A. Floyd, Jr. Florence, S.C. Elford H. Ford Nichols, S.C. Dean Fowler Florence, S.C. Russel G. Fowler Florence, S.C. James H. Freeman, III Florence, S.C. Barbara A. Fullwood Conway, S.C. Alan M. Gabrielli Florence, S.C. Wallace L. Gainey Hartsville, S.C. Barbara L. Gamble Greeleyville, S.C. John P. Gardner Darlington, S.C. Deborah L. Garner Hartsville, S.C. Hollis, L. Gaskins Pamplico, S.C. Joseph E. Gasque Florence, S.C. Luther D. Gasque Mullins, S.C. Phillip W. Geddings Cheraw, S.C. Michael H. Gilbert Timmonsville, S.C. Paul D. Gladson Florence, S.C. William D. Gleason Florence, S.C. Harry L. Glover Florence, S.C. Dale M. Godwin Effingham, S.C. Dixie Godwin Greeleyville, S.C. Harry B. Goodson, Ill Darlington, S.C. Gwendolyn A. Gore Mullins, S.C. Andrea M. Govus Marion, S.C. Carolyn F. Graham Nichols, S.C. Sarah S. Graham Conway, S.C. Ronald S. Grant Johnsonville, S.C. James E. Gray Florence, S.C. Grady L. Greer Darlington, S.C. Anna R. Gregg Florence, S.C. Thomas A. Gregg Florence, S.C. Jean H. Griffin Latta, S.C. Charles W. Grimsley Florence, S.C. Linda C. Grimsley Florence, S.C. Jackson H. Gurley Florence, S.C. Billy T. Haire McBee, S.C. Robert E. Hall Florence, S.C. Karen A. Ham Florence, S.C. Wade M. Ham Florence, S.C. Donald S. Hammet Florence, S.C. Tonia L. Hammond Fairbluff, S.C. Sister John M. Hance Hartsville, S.C. Harry S. Harbin Florence, S.C. Deborah A. Hardy Myrtle Beach, S.C. Gloria Hardy Lake City, S.C. Pam Hardy Lake City, S.C. Linda S. Harper Conway, S.C. Nancy G. Harrell Centenary, S.C. Willis E. Harris, Jr. Dillon, S.C. Anne E. Harrison Darlington, S.C. Henry E. Harrison Florence, S.C. James W. Harrison, Jr. Hartsville, S.C. John D. Hartley Latta, S. C. Mary B. Haseldon Florence, S.C. Albert Hattem McColl, S. C. Elizabeth J. Haynie Darlington, S.C. Vickie S. Helms Florence, S.C. Edward E. Hendrix Dillon, S.C. Ronald R. Herring, Jr. Dillon, s.c. Donna Hicks Timmonsville, S.C. Kathleen P. Hicks Florence, S.C. Ruell Hicks Florence, S.C. Cynthia D. Hill Timmonsville, S.C. Wanda K. Hill Timmonsville, S.C. Lewis Hodge Lake City, S.C. Patricia C. Holland Tabor City, N.C. Robert G. Hooks Johnsonville, S. C. James A. Horne Hartsville, S.C. Patricia H. Howell Timmonsville, S.C. Robert S. Howle Darlington, S.C. William C. Hubbard Florence, S.C. John A. Hudson Florence, S.C. Charles J. Huggins Nichols, S.C. Debra M. Huggins Nichols, S.C. Patricia A. Huggins Mullins, S.C. Robert E. Hughes Hemingway, S.C. Thomas K. Highes Hartsville, S.C. Sandra S. Humphries Johnsonville, S.C. Katina L. Hunter Effingham, S.C. Craig A. Hurst Florence, S.C. William Hyatt Dillon, S. C. Olin G. lsona Florence, S.C. Richard L. Jackson Dillon, S. C. Harold P. Jailette Darlington, S.C. William James Effingham, S.C. John Jebaily Florence, S.C. Thomas C. Jeffords Florence, S.C. Dwight A. Jenkinson Florence, S.C. Floyd E. Jernigan Florence, S.C. Allen Lee Johns Florence, S.C. Myrtle R. Johnson Florence, S.C. Ronald E. Johnson Florence, S.C. Thomas I.. Johnson Florence, S.C. Constance M. Johnston Florence, S.C. Elizabeth L. Jones Parnplico, S.C. Francis G. Jones Florence, S.C. Jimmy D. Jones Florence, S.C. Linda O. Jones Johnsonville, S.C. Lloyd L. Jones Florence, S. C. Mary E. Jordan Florence, S.C. Gary M. Keith Florence, S.C. Jerry W. Kershner Florence, S.C. Michael L. Kincaide Marion, S.C. Richard W. Kinney Marion, S.C. Gerald M. Kirby Lake City, S.C. John M. Kirby Mullins, S.C. LaRue E. Kirby Lake City, S.C. Robert C. Kirby Florence, S.C. Pat R. Kirkley Rains, S.C. Martha E. Kirton Galivants Ferry, S.C. Marianita W. Knight Florence, S.C. Stephen M. Knight Johnsonville, S.C. A. E. Kobukowski, Jr. Florence, S.C. Willie L. Lambert Marion, S.C. Cheryl I. Lane Marion, S.C. Glenn C. Lane Marion, S.C. William G. Lane, Jr. Marion, S.C. Rita L. Laney Conway, S.C. Joe R. Langston Florence, S.C. Henry A. Larson Florence, S.C. Don E. Lawhorn, Jr. Timmonsville, S.C. George R. Lawhorn Effingham, S.C. Percy B. Lawrimore Hemingway, S.C. Norma D. Leach Effingham, S.C. Cynthia LeGette Florence, S.C. Prisiclla D. Leigh Galivants Ferry, S.C. Herman D. Lentz Johnsonville, S.C. Robert T. Lesser Florence, S.C. Elizabeth F. Long Florence, S.C. Joann M, Long Dillon, S.C. Gloria W. Lussier Darlington, S.C. Stewart Lussier Florence, S.C. Margaret A. Lyerly Florence, S.C. John W. Lynch Timmonsville, S.C. Michelle Madaula Florence, S.C. Reginald D. Mahn Hartsville, S.C. Frank M. Martin Florence, S.C. Jean M. Martin Mu.llins,S.C. Beverly J. Matthews Florence, S.C. Jiuie Carol Matthews Timmonsville, S.C. Rita McCracken Kingstree, S.C. Richard McClary Lake City, S.C. Don McCord Manning, S.C. James D. McCutcheon Olanta, S.C. Maranda McDaniels Nichols, S.C. Claude C. McDonald Florence, S.C. William E. McDonald Darlington, S.C. Stephen Mercuri Florence, S.C. Danny C. McElveen Hartsville, S.C. Patsy R. McGovern Myrtle Beach, S.C. Harvey G. Mclntyre Marion, S.C. Nancy S. McCain Florence, S.C. Enda E. McKay Florence, S.C. John W. McKay Timmonsville, S.C. Wayne M. McKenzie Florence, S.C. John F. McKinnon I-lartsville, S.C. Chuck Mcliissick Florence, S.C. Gill R. McLaurin Florence, S.C. John W. McLeod Florence, S.C. Jay B. McPherson Florence, S.C. Wanda Mercer Florence, S.C. Janet E. Medlin Loris, S.C. Pam Merritt Lake City, S.C. Phillip H. Metts Hemingway, S.C. Martha L. Middlebrooks Florence, S.C. Kathy V. Middleton Hartsville, S.C. Cleo M. Miles Florence, S.C. Larry Miles Lake City, S.C. Lavonne M. Miles Coward, S.C. Tony B. McLawhorn Lake City, S.C. Charles A. Miller Florence, S.C. Ella M. Miller Florence, S.C. Joyce G. Miller Florence, S.C. Linda J. Miller Florence, S.C. Wanda Jean Miller Lake View, S.C. Ronald L. Mims Hartsville, S.C. David M. Mishoe Lake City, S.C. Lemuel H. Mitchum, lll Florence, S.C. David E. Moffat Florence, S.C. Thomas L. Monahan Latta, S.C. Charles R. Monts Florence, S.C. Marion Moody Florence, S.C. Sandy A. Moody Florence, S.C. Brenda G . Moore Florence, S.C. Esther A. Moore Darlington, S.C. John C. Moore Lynchburg, S.C. Stephen R. Moore Florence, S.C. Bill Moore Lake City, S.C. Kenneth A. Morganti Florence, S.C. Betty T. Morris Florence, S.C. Brenda J. Moses Marion, S.C. Vickie L. Moss Florence, S.C. Bruce Meyers Scranton, S.C. Juanita A. Neely Marion, S.C. Clarence S. Norris Florence, S.C. Frank C. Norris, III Florence, S.C. Fitz O'Connor Florence, S.C. Daisy Eileen Odom Hartsville, S.C. Laurin G. O'Neal Hartsville, S.C. Steven Milton O'Neal Hartsville, S.C. Stephen C. Osborne Florence, S.C. Katherine R. Osteen Florence, S.C. Ronnie L. Osterhout Florence, S.C. Richard C. Ostrander Florence, S.C. Patricia O. Ttuner Florence, S.C. William D. Owens Florence, S.C. Jack D. Pace Nichols, S.C. Carolyn D. Pace Fork, S.C. Mary Pace Florence, S.C. Beverly Parker Cheraw, S.C. Jack Parker Blenheim, S.C. Larry D. Pate Coward, S.C. Gerald R. Peace Florence, S.C. William K. Peel Hartsville, S. C. Karen E. Pennstrom Florence, S. C. Constance Perkins Conway, S.C. Delmar W, Permenter Marion, S.C. Kathryn A. Perritt Lake View, S.C. Maria E. Perry Florence, S.C. Douglas E. Phillips Florence, S.C. Thomas O. Phillips Florence, S.C. Robert M. Pitts Florence, S. C. Chris Polk Effingham, S.C. Sally E. Popalisky Florence, S.C. Alvin F. Poston Pamplico, S.C. Peggie Potter Florence, S.C. Judy C. Poulos Florence, S.C. Arthur B. Powell Florence,S.C. Gary B. Powell Florence, S.C. John P. Powell Florence, S.C. W. Bailey Powell Johnsonville, S.C. Billy E. Privette Mullins, S.C. Joel F. Prosser Florence, S. C. Manis L. Prosser Florence, S.C. Charles Rambo Hartsville, S.C. Emma Raugh Florence, S.C. Cynthia L. Ray Hartsville, S.C. Norma E. Reagin Florence, S.C. Wanda G. Reason Gresham, S. C. Dorothy K. Reynolds Timmonsville, S.C. Richard M. Rhodes Darlington, S.C. William J. Rhodes Florence, S.C. Deborah Rice Hartsville, S.C. Donna Richards Lake City, S.C. Alene Richards Mullins, S.C. Diane Rivers Florence, S.C. Eunice L. Roberts Galivants Ferry, S.C. Ricky Roberts Florence, S.C. Carolyn G. Robinson Turbeville, S.C. Raymond M. Robinson Florence, S.C. Ben S. Rogers Florence, S.C. Brenda Kay Rogers Florence, S.C. John S. Rogers Fork, S. C. Melinda Rogers Florence, S.C. Patricia A. Roland Florence, S.C. David W. Russell Bennetlsville, S. C. David M. Saleeby Hartsville, S.C. Brownwyn B. Sandfer Florence, S.C. Diane Shaefer Florence, S.C. Eranda Schofield Florence, S.C. Samuel D. Scott Dillon, S.C. James T. Scurry, Jr. Florence, S.C. Marilyn P. Scurry Florence, S.C. Maggie Sebnick Lake City, S.C. Robert C. Segars Florence, S.C. Carolyn R. Seth Florence, S.C. Hayes Shane Florence, S.C. John M. Shine Latta, S. C. Bryan G. Shivers Florence, S.C. William Simmons Hartsville, S.C. Sharon Singletary Timmonsville, S.C. Thomas J. Singleton Dillon, S.C. Bonita C. Skipper Aynor, S. C. Andrea Smith Florence, S.C. Archie Smith Florence, S.C. Glenda E. Smith Conway, S. C. Karen L. Smith Mullins, S.C. Larry Smith Florence, S.C. Pat A. Smith Hemingway, S.C. Thomas L. Smith Scranton, S.C. Harold Snipes, Jr. Hartsville, S.C. Phyllis J. Snipes Florence, S.C. Robert Snyder Hartsville, S.C. Clara A. Stalvey Conway, S.C. Vivian S. Speed Florence, S.C. John T. Stephens Dillon, S. C. Kay Stephens Florence, S.C. Johnny Stepp, Jr. Florence, S.C. Susan Stevens Florence, S.C. Gloria A. Stone Pamplico, S.C. Linda Stone Florence, S. C. Debra Street Florence, S. C. Robert H. Streett Florence, S. C. Clifford Stumbo Marion, S. C. Charles Sturgeon Dillon, S. C. Jeremiah G. Sumner Hartsville, S.C. Florence V. Taft Florence, S.C. Sandra J. Tarlton Darlington, S.C. Cora B. Taylor Darlington, S.C. Dolly Taylor Florence, S. C. Gary Taylor Florence, S.C. John Taylor Florence, S.C. Tommy Taylor Florence, .C. Wilma Taylor Lake View, S.C. Peggy J. Tedder Florence, S.C. Robert W. Themes Florence, S.C. Lois M. Thomas Rains, S. C. Mildred S. Thomas Effingham, S.C. Timothy W. Thomas Rains, S.C. Wilton L. Thomas, Jr Florence, S.C. Coralee Thompson Florence, S.C. Linda Thornbrew Florence, S.C. Linda Thrasher Lake City, S.C. James W. Tingen I-Iartsville, S.C. Robert B. Tucker Dillon, S. C. Judy Turbeville Florence, S.C. Annis Tu.rner Florence, S.C. Gloria Turner Pamplico, S.C. Hassie T. Tiuner Marion, S. C. Lisbeth S. Turner Florence, S.C. Pauline Turner Florence, S.C. Susie E. Turner Coward, S.C. Lynda Tyndall Florence, S.C. Joseph W. Tyner Florence, S.C. William Van Buskirk Florence, S.C. Bonnie J. Volt Florence, S.C. Debbie Wall Florence, S.C. Carol Ward Florence, S.C. Ronnie Ward Lake City, S.C. Anthony Watkins Darlington, S.C. David W. Watson Hartsville, S.C. Patricia Watson Marion, S.C. Brenda Watts Florence, S. C. Linda G. Watts Florence, S.C. Allen F. Weatherford Hartsville, S.C. Janet P. Weaver Timmonsville, S.C. Lula F. Weaver Pamplico, S. C. Phyllis Weaver Scranton, S.C. Marshall W. Welch Florence, S.C. Nancy Wheeler Florence, S.C. Beverly Whitaker Florence, S.C. Roger G. White Marion, S. C. John M. Whittington Marion, S. C. William A. Whittington Marion, S. C. Faye Wiggins Marion, S.C. Benjamin K. Wilks Hartsville, S.C. Arthur G. Williams Kingstree, S.C. Enily I.. Williams Marion, S. C. Tressie M. Williams Florence, S.C. Jay Wilson Florence, S.C. Joyce A. Wilson Florence, S.C. Sheryl J. Wilson Tabor City, N.C. Don Wint Hartsville, S.C. Sandra Wise Johnsonville, S.C. Ethel R. Wohlfeil Florence, S.C. Wanda Wright Florence, S.C. Sandra J. Yoh Myrtle Beach, S. C. James Young Lake City, S.C. 6 1 t 1 I

Suggestions in the Florence Marion University - Prism Yearbook (Florence, SC) collection:

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1970, pg 90

Florence Marion University - Prism Yearbook (Florence, SC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 5

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