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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1959 volume:

Published by the Students of The Senior Class of 1959 of The Florence High School W , , HKEQJ' ' '-"' 'Xfl fPf1t 574 A ,, ,. U 1- 11 3' 1 x 4. fiif4? fffTfX'Q?54 1 f 'R-ff .f ' , 4 129' f 4? " ,- ' HA, .ffq - LE ,W ., 1 3 . --uf V ,A Mi 4 s f A A? A T,,41...-,,,v, J . 1 0 I I 0f3 Qi fffj Sup't Dodds Turner, President Everett Robinson, Vice-President Loren Gmc, Olin Allison, Clerk Alvin Batt, Treasurer U. V. Jack- son, Buster Huntley, George Glasen. BCARD CF EDUCATION Cooks Mrs. Larkin . H1111 J8.nit01'8 Mrs W nr. Moore Mr. Hatcher Dodds Turner Superintendent COMPLIHENTS OF BEASTOBUS CASH MRKET MEATS OUR SPECIALIT! ard QUALITY OIL STATION Hrs. Suffield Secretary 2 fMW1 'X M li if fi Q W ' f QQ gf i XR iz, 4 , wi First Row: Dodds Turner, Mrs. Mae Honn, Mrs. Marjorie Haas, Miss Pauline Binford, Mrs. Lois Long, Mrs. Maxine Robinson, Ben Barrett. Secorrl Row: Mrs. Nellie Batt, Mrs. Edna Williams, Mrs. Lorena Fra- zell, Mrs. Eleanor Davidson, Miss Harriette Padgett, Miss Edna Padgett. Third Rows Paul Wolf, Max Fogleman, Paul Long, Gerald Frazell, Charles Hertz, Mrs. Betty Fetrow. COMPLDGEFPS OF FLORENCE BULLETIN ani FLORENCE STATE BANK BUS DRIVERS Lewis nigga Jim Kelly Alvin Batt fi Q QWW ,mf YEARBOOK STAFF Jerry Soper Photographer COMPLIMENTS OF JUNE MBGLMON Bob Uhnsr Edita Assistant Edits B111 Padgett Business Ann Brenzikofer lilhf 1'-Q" Organizations - Sharon Deyo Ha ngers Robert Weller 19,0-52 Jia-MW SENIORS 0F '59 DD IGATIOI wqzmsenm-a etthecheeot 1959oftheI'1orr- lll0Ol '1.l1 HighSehoo1,here- bydedieetethie 10ll'bO0ktO0ll' parents ineppreei- etion for their patience em guid- ance in helping ue to obtain this god in cur liven. B111 Padgett 42' Petra lbdeeto Gerry J ohnaon Donald Johnston Emil if Q.. ,M L.- Ann Brenzikoter Ziff Len Moore VWW .Vernon Hein Gary Bartlett fem: Janis Shanklin 001410 plnwda Donnie Pickens Charles Buck Bessie Garcia f,,,..z, Kenneth Piper David Moore UMJ orald W. Soper WM Nancy Were VZMQZ Q Judythe Rofzs M ki A n DW Donald Ber Wayne Britton D onng vilmer i Jean Janzen Judy Duoommm AQ f noya roam W Z. Seventielh Annual Baccalaureate AND Commencement WILLIAM PAD GETT DENNIS PICKFNS flol ence Memorial High School SCHOOL GYMNASIUM AND AUDITORIUM COMPLIMENTS OF JOSTEIUS TREASURE-CRAFT JEWELRY AND STATIONERY AND THE GOLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY . f ' K' .5 .. I x 9 Everett Robinson, President of the Board of Education, Rev. Kenneth Bolton, Dr DONALD william M. Mcllreery, President of Sterling College and Suplt Dodds Turner. CIIARIES IIAACK WAYNE BRITTON IIOIZICIH' WANUII GERALD JO! INSON DONN IE BERG GARY BARTLETT KI'TNNPI'I'II VYPTCR DAI,I9I SNICIJJING JITRALD SOPER X Bill Padgett, Bob Waner, Robert Hettenbach and Mr' Turner' WILLIS 015011 Ushers at Baccalaureate and Commencement. '11 CLASS WILL we, the seniors of 1959, being of sound mind 4091111011 Of the faculty notwithstandingl , do hereby declare the fol- lowing document to be our last will and testament: Gary Bartlett wills his long hair to Mike Huntley. Don Berg leaves all he can not take with him. Ann Brenzikofer wills her half of her excuse book to Vondetta Britton if Mr. McCormick will let her get by with it. wayne B itton and Jean Jansen will their ability to go to Kirk- wood and contin e to go steady to any couple who V333-t0 tr!- Sharon,Deyo wills her tame ways to an one who can stand a sur- prise at Kirkwood. Judy Ducommun wills her quiet ways and bashfulness to Patricia bhekinso Bessie Garcia wills her ability to speak Spanish fluently to M s. Davidson. Charles Haack wills his dancing ability to Donna Pickens. Vernon Hein leaves his brother, Richard, to follow in his foot- ste . Geri? Johnson wills his ability to attend chu ch regularly to Jerry White. Donald Johnston wills his gentlemanly ways to an one who pre- tends to be a gentleman. Pat Modesto wills her 'Ipana' a ils to Ph llis Hein. David Moore wills his money and car to Rex Bruington so he JUDYTHE ROTZ can continue his trips to Cottonwood. Len oore wills his ability to be a nuisance to Fred Piper. Willis Olson wills his shoes to any two people who can fill them. Bill Padgett wills his ability to be 'Sweet sixteen and never been kissedn to whomever can resist the temptation. Dennis Pickens wills his ability to play end in football to Dick Clasen. Kenneth Piper wills his sh ness to Earl Haas and Larry Lalouette. Floyd Poland wills his current events in Mr. Barrett's class to Robert Hettenbach. Judy Rota wills her ability to be the only girl in two classes with Senior boys to Karen Kerns. Janis Shanklin wills her ability to be the first girl in the SHARON DE YO SQUID? C1588 to b6 married to Claudette Hodges. ANN BRENZHGM? Jerry Soper wills his photographic ability to the Wichita Beacon comic section. Dale Snelling wills his athletic ability to the Freshmen boys of 1959-1960. Bob waner wills his charm and poise to Bernard Meirowsky. Don Hauer wills his ability to copy in Mr. Barrett's class to Cynthia Batt. PETRA MoDEsTo ytll Ma connmsnrs or nmo's BARBER sac? BESSIE GARCIA y and fig- ,egg T AND R CAFE gig, y QQQK 'I4 It all began twelve long years ago when twenty-six rowdy boys and girls began the first grade. Of these twen- ty-six, ten have completed all twelve years together. They are Jerry Seper, Wayne Britton, Jean Jansen, Bill Padgett, Judy Uucomuun, Kenneth Piper, Sharon Deyo, Judythe Rota, Da- vid Moore and Dale Snelling. Two boys started with our class but were not members all twelve years and are graduating with us this year. They are Floyd Poland ani Lennie Moore. Mrs. Grieves had the hard task of trying to teach us our first bit of knowledge and, of course, discipline. As we moved on to the second grade, Miss Edna Padgett was our teacher. Here,we learned to write friendly letters to each other. Miss Harriette Padgett led us through the third grade. She really had a lot of patience because she taught us to paint with water colors. Gary Bartlett, Uharles Haaek and Donnie Berg Joined us this year. Our fourth grade teacher was Miss Neiderhouse. She taught us art by tracing, which was the only way most of us could draw. Finally we were in the High School building and in the fifth grade. This year Mrs. Shaw helped ns all to display our talents in a Mother's Day program. Janis Rosiere became one of our classmates this year. In the sixth grade we had a new experience -- a nan for a teacher. Although it was different, Mr. Speaks did a fine Job. Donald Johnston and Pat Modesto joined us this year. Lt last we were in the seventh grade and in junior high. Us had several teachers this year and Mrs. Speaks was our sponsor. In the eighth grade with Mr. Peak as our sponsor we finished grade school. We were in high school at last. There was only one thing wrong and that was that we were freshmen and had to be initiated. Mr. Smrth was our sponsor. Those who joined us this year were Bessie Garcia, Vernon Hein, Bob waner, Don waner and Willis Olson. Dennis Pickens and Ann Grim- mett joined us our Sophomore year when Mr. Jaco was our sponsor. The Junior year with Miss Blnford and Mr. Bar- rett as sponsors had two big highlights - the play 'Just Ducky' and the Prom with the theme "Fairyland Romance". The final year has com at last. with Mrs. Haas and Mr. Long as our sponsors we worked to get enough money for the climax of the year, our trip to Kirkwood. Gerry Johnson joined our class this year to make a grand total of twenty- slx. Rouunce crept in this year also and two of our girls, Ann Grimmett and Janie Rosiere, became student housewives. Vernon Hein was the third member of the class to join the ranks of old mrrled folks before graduation. Although we have looked forward to this time for twelve long years, we now find it hard to say 'good-bye' to F.H.S. and to all our friends that we have made while here. COMPLIMENTS OF GRIMWOCD AND SON sms, nuns CLASS ami FREZ KING JANIS SI-IANKLIN JEAN JANZEN JUDY DUCOMMUN Mwrs, CONES,-AND Summa HISTORY 15 bn-an .Q X 1, :H I6 i f :,: 4- ' 2 Wil .,-ffxyv . IST N 3RE . 3 4 . uf f W' 3746- 4' vi' 5 W7 ' 1224 T mam' xl Vg 'fl' ' " , X WJ " V V , xx T 4 H I I - A 'F . AWB' 'fx T-+ I if ffl 1 ini?-I I IUA al' la' rf' , W- T - . ' 4 mf ,, n ' , , 'X x' V A IQ- " I ,Li . 4 -' A . i n A 1- ' A ' x ' fb .fa 1--.--..- ..--.- --.--. -..g..---p.-.-.v 4TH 5TH 6TH 7TH 0715 T gilt In .,,.. x 3 9TH 1 OTH HT I2TH FOUR YEARS OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION Soper, Jerald W. Basketball l,2,L5 Track 1,35 F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Reporter 25 Treasurer 35 Vice-President Lg Livestock Judging 3: Journalism Team 43 Class Treasurer lg Junior Play, School Paper 33 Annual Staff, Photographer 4 Britton, wayne Football 1,2,3,Lg Co-Captain A5 Track 1,2,Lg Basketball 15 Hi-Y l,2,1,L Waner, Donnie Football l,2,3,l,g Basketball lg Track 1,2,33 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Haack, Charles F.F.A. 2.35 Junior Play Ducommun, Judy Band l,2,3,L3 Girls Glee Club l,2,3,Lg Y-Teen l,2,3,L5 Cabinet 45 Clarinet Quartet 1,2,3,L: Mixed Chorus 1,2,L5 Pep Band 1,2,3,L5 Pep Club l,2,3,45 School Paper 33 Senior Play Hein, Vernon Football lg Basketball lg Track 23 Boys Glee Club l Johnston, Don Band 1,2,3,Lg Dance Band 1,2,3g Pep Band l,2,3,4g Boys Glee Club 3g Trombone Quartet 23 Brass Quintet 45 Junior Play Moore, Len Boys Glee Club 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus lg Basketball l,3,45 Track l,2,3,L5 H1-I 1.2,3,z,, F.F,A. 2,-3 Johnson, Gerry Band l,2,3,Lg Student Manager, Basketball Ag Mixed Chorus Lg Boys Glee Club L5 Brass Quintet Lg Tru pet Trio l,2,3,L5 H1-I Lg Orchestra l,2,35 One Act Play 43 Senior Playg National Honor Society 4 COM LIMENTS OF THB ROTZ FURNITURE AND FUN EAL HO B I9 Shanklin, Janis Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Y-Teen 1,2,3,45 Cabinet 35 Mixed Chorus l,2,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 School Paper 35 Junior Play5 Homecoming Attendant A Moore, David Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,L5 F.F.A. 2,35 Hi-I 2,3,L5 Basketball 1 Brenzikofer, Ann Band 1,35 Girls Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Class Secretary 25 Class Treasurer 2,35 Junior Playg School Paper 35 Girls State 35 Pep Club l,2,3,L5 Vice-President L5 One Act Play 45 Annual Staff, Organizations A Rotz, Judythe Band l,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Clarinet Quartet l,2,35 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 15 I-Teen 1,3,45 Treasurer 35 Vice-President 45 Cabinet 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 School Paper 35 Junior Play5 One Act Play L5 Senior Play Jansen, Jean Band l,2,3,A5 Girls Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2545 Girls Sextet 25 Triple Trio 45 Saxophone Quartet l,2,35 Pep Band 1,25 Dance Band 1,25 Y-Teen l,2,L5 Cabinet 1,45 President L5 Student Council 15 Class President 25 Class Secretary 35 Pep Club l,2,3,L5 School Paper 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Junior Play5 Homecoming Queen 45 Annual Staff, Typist 45 Senior Play5 National Honor Society 4 Padgett, Bill Boys Glee Club 2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 Track 35 School Paper 1,35 Student Council 15 Hi-Y 2,3,L5 Treasurer L5 F.F.A. 1,2,3,L5 Junior Play5 One Act Play 45 Annual Staff, Business Manager 45 Class Vice-President 2,45 Senior P1ay5 National Honor Society 45 Class Salutatorian Robert waner Mixed Chorus 25 Boys Glee Club 2,35 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track l,3,45 School Paper 35,Junior Play5 Boys State 35 Class Presldents3,43 One Act Play L5 Annual Staff, Editor L5 National Honor Society 33 Class Valedictorian Olson, Willis Boys Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Hi-I 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Sentinel 35 Treasurer L5 Livestock and Crop Team 45 Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 45 Senior Play Deyo, Sharon Girls Glee Club l,2,3,L5 Mixed Chorus l,2,45 Y-Teen l,2,3,L5 Secretary 35 Cabinet l,3,L5 Pep Club 1,2,3,L5 School Paper 35 Junior Play5 Annual Staff, Assistant Business Manager 45 Class Secretary 45 Senior Play Bartlett, Gary Alan Basketball 1,35 Track 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,L5 Co-Captain 45 Class President 15 Vice-President 35 H1-I l,2,3,45 Annual Staff, Sports A Modesto, Petra Girls Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Class Secretary 15 Class Treasurer L5 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Senior Play Poland , Floyd Football 15 H1-Y 1,35 Track 35 Basketball 2 Piper, Kenneth Mixed Chorus 1,25 Boys Glee Club 1,25 F.F.A. l,2,3,4. COMPLIM NTS OF U. V. JACKSON AGENCY and ADAM'S MARKET 20 Snelling, Dale Football l,2,3,l.,g Baakazban 1,2,3,1.a 'rraak 1,2,3,1,, F.F.A. 2,3,1,, President Lg Soil Conservation 2,35 Livestock and Poultry Judging 2,35 Farm Mechanics Lg Hi-Y l,2,3,4 Garcia, Bessie Mixed Chorus 1,23 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2,3 Were, Nancy 2,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,Lg Cheerleader 4 Twirler Lg Junior Play. lwill cal- plete her high aohool course in 19603. Pickens , Dennis Dean Football 1,2,3,Lg Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,3,L3 F.F.A. 35 Hi-Y 1,2,3,43 Berg , Donald F,F.A. 1,2,3,L5 Livestock Judging 35 H1-I 1 SENIOR CAKEWALK OMPLIMENTS OF R. S. ROBINSON DBILGA8 LND IDBILOIL, FLORENCE PHON TR. 8-4551 MD ousaomazn SUPPLY - ALLIS cau- zm SALES um Ssavrcn. NEW am: Sm mm mcalmm. STEEL Pao- Ucrs or ALL Knms. PHONE 307. melon, Kansas. SENIOR TRIP I SB 1 W ' f i f 'ibkfw Q X o l 1 . 69 K . .Q .1 , --. . N .... '11 5 CX X Q 1 R W Qi , S' iii? -M' . :Q ,lj as Nha in 3 Q -r ,wp A 5 W r ax- v me we in N D- 4. f ,. yn e 1. ,,, e1 .. Robert Hettenbaeh Dick Clasen Judy Broz Brenda Weider N I O R S President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer COMPLIPENTS OF THE "66" CAFE Fred Uphoff Raymond Britton Richard McLinden M8-ry L09 Freeborn I in 'QQ' 'I' :Lx f o, We Q. r .7 E K X ,fgtw ' V M 13429 gggh 56604 E .. 4524: AGAY, 4524 Jerry White Vendetta Britton Rex Bruington Mary Lou Skinner John Rot: Sidney Allison Patricia Foth Tom Beaston Karen Kerns Richard Weldon Q- "V1l4"H V Q' e or ik 1 24 WPG 'R' '- C--d-di-' QQ x . . 4123? L 1, 4 XX Q , ,,, 2 W :Q- s ? 4, x5 X Ns ,1 .-. Xe 4 Rig ! Q ? , ,-91,192 -'cgi' P :Frat ,'1,u-'q5'FL'f'XCFiv1TlE?' 1 AQ ndb' if: nu .!P.C:4.A:V..: .2 N '. A. ,l. 90,11 ,Q -s+:f,' " 1-v '-- 4 W1 l gg ' 13- sqm. XX M0519 Wfqfvy ,-Q, ,Q, Eb K ,-'lm .. 2 s i f W' e 1 r e 35 . me e, me Sharon White Donna. Jansen- Paiiricia Meekins President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer e SOPHOMORES W Qing ,Y f ' of conrmmrrs or mmrz so smnvrcs menus umm saor Richard Hein Larry Lalouette I n Phyllis Hein Fred Piper Barbara Modesto En-1 Hug Carol Louie Y, 1 f 4, W.,-A wk. wwe- E nf Ernest Piper Joella Jackson Dale Rorabaugh Claudette Hodges Sheryl Goodwin Ronnie Osgood Loretta Richman! Jim Waner Donna Pickens vin ,.--eg KW ,WY me 'V' - ,.., , ki?-1 . .. ASM e eeer We ' 1 J edeee , . "1 26 and - f1.,, 1 'S' ei .. '- -. ' 'Fe 'si r N, im A . .- 1 Kenneth Adrian President ,, ....-,M 'UV Cynthia Batt Vice-President FRESHMEN COMPLIMENTSOFTHE LQMSUPERMARKET ., u Ada Piland 5317 Fear! Soherenbem-g Secretary Trersurer 3, .J Virgil Britton Lela Cox lk:-gene Savage r f, "7 L ti , t s 'Q , 'fi P Q it J iixliixfa, "1. . , I .JL B111 Rosiere Semin Moore Tom Dias viold. Weaterllua ' an 9 -Q' ,,...' A . '15 .na ,' fr' .N ! s K6 Q Qt: .gi -g " 1"' e . ev 5 X Qt ite. Rodriguez Reah Ireland 19' from-a sang. Rosalie Unhoff mu Huntley una 'Rbnmera Bernard Meirowalq Lydia Modesto Frauen Hansen Gerolyn Shipman. 1-.wr , xx Qc. R L N if e A Y D Y 4 " 'se J ,A-at ' 6 e e we , , U E ,.,,:: K X.k: fi --' b . ..... . x Rt f we Sewing Class History Class 'Wping Glass FLORENCE BOOSTERS AA A English Class MYES INSURANCE AGENCY STURDEVANT AUTO REPAIR E.L. GILBERT - PLUMBING, HEATING AND ELECTRIC SCHINNEBER BROTHERS - I.H.C. DEALER MARION BOOSTERS O AND S DAIIU JOHN E. WHEELER, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW BETTY ANN SHOP GOUND MOTCB. CQIPAN! FLORENCE OIL COMPANY E. K. SGHROHIER, D.D.S. FLORENCE CLEANERS J.B. MEIROWSH HARDWARE AM? MACHINE SHOP FARMEBJS STORE -- DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE YOAKEM HARDWARE AND REPAIR Juniors BURIB BOOSTER BURNS FARMERS CO-OP UNION dw , XB! f MY mg. K oo :Bla 0 2114? 9.0, T69 O 1 . x 4 ' I 7 fa ' I t v 1 t x 6f1LvOq Q Qdlh og, 53:5-9-i, SJcOfYwRQOW 8TH First Row: Ronnle Goodwin, Douglas Olson, Janet Osgood, Betty Rose, Jeannine Skibbe, Norm. Ducommun. 1'au.n. D. Wolf. Secozrl now: Beverly White, Juanita Barns, Mark Williams, Virgil Harris, Carrol Meekins, Jeanita Harris. Third Rows Thad Osgood, Donald Ehrlich, Leslie Allison, Larry Britton, Jim Goddard. , SEVENTH GRADE: Back Row: Bradley Savage, L J : Jack Branson, Paul Osgood, Arthur Allen. ' E 4 Vzggil , J, J Frontekowx David Scharenberg, Larry Hanes, 'e-' rg, , ggrrr E ' 7 Nick Dias. r,., g, , ,, 2 E155 ,,"' , "- . I Q3 2 i ,grrn , A 1 3 . N , E EIGHTH GRADE: Back Row: Jim Goddard, Leslie Allison, Domld Ehrlich, Thad Osgood. Front Rows Doug Olson, Virgil Harris, Mark Williams, Ronnie Goodwin. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS GAS COMPANY alll HUNTLEY REPAIR SHOP G R A D E S 6TH First Row: Melvin Uphoff, Shirley Goddard, Lynn Cross, Jimmie Gaffney, Ronald Shipman, Darryl Robinson. Second Row: Mrs. Edna Williams, James White, Robert Davis, Melinda Uubbieon, Teryl Leigh Ferguson, Linda Britton. acura Britton- COMPLIMENTS or Lowus. GIFT suor 7TH nm coox Moron COMPAN! - wrnmxzm cazvnouzr, Burc OPEL, rnmrmms, ZENITH FURNITURE. PHONE 1.61 FLORENCE Am muon, mains. First Row: Bertha Berkman, Shirley Jo Dale, Joyce Wall, Diane Rose, Arlene Hiebert, Shirley Johnson, Nick Dias. Seooni Row: Mrs. Fetrow, Sally Moore, Karlsen Regier, Faye Britton, Jack Brannon, Bradley Savage, Larry Hanes, David Scharenberg. Third Rows Kaye Britton, Candace Batt, Jane Britton, Paul Osgood. Arthur Allen, Judith Zook, Edna Padgett. K 4TH girst row left to right: Hrs. Ebnn, Bevgrly Robinson, Jack reeborn, Russell Hanes, Linde Creamer, haron Gaffney, Ponnie Gooden. GRADES Second row: Donald Doty, Jerry Owen, Winifred Van Buren, John Moore, Paul Depler, Ramon Zook. Third row: Steven Davidson, Kenneth Holm, Duncan Long, Janet Schinnerer, Thomas Barrett, Betty Davis, Billy Piland. 5TH First Row: Mrs. Batt, Max Williams, David Clesen, Robert Miller, Rodney Owen, Marilyn White, Delorie Gaffney. Second Row: Johnnie Dias, Annie Ducomnm, Warren Remmers, Steve Hett, Barbara Hunt, Ellen Johnson, Jack Huntley. Third Rows Scott Farley, Wayne Robinson, Erlyn Howard , J ohnmr Skinner, Leslie Lalouette, Delores Frey, Larry McClure. 4 L., ev- 2ND GRADES First row left to rights lkrla Pruitt, Roy lhckey, David Rose, J111 Schinnerer, Lynne Miller Second rows Misa Edna Padgett, Mike Piland, Cheryl Moore, John Kurtz, Linda Hinde, Lloyd Ratzloft Third PGH! Galen Ctraham, TOIIIIU Hoffman, Jack ,DLL IQTQR COMPANY Schinhbrsr, Jeff Davidion, Rita William! Yom Fam Am CUSHNAN Dnulm m. 8-4343, FLORENCE First row left to right: Mary Jean Creamer, Linda Garber, Barbara Seward, Randal Pickens, Jack lbll, Donald Hackney, John Ritter Second rows Mies Harriette Padgett, Grace Piland, David Britton, Carrie Beth McClure, Barbara Davis, Robert Diaz, Anita Dias Third revs Jo Ann Looney, Jerry Looney, John Gnbbison, Craig Inlow, Leta Mae Scharenberg, Galen Pruitt, Iva Parka 3RD 1 ...JK Elrst Rowt Benjamin Garcia, Kristine Huntley, Cathy Seward, Tow Hiller, Cheryl Kelly, Dawna Goodwin, Mrs. Long. Seeord Rows Christina English, Deborah Hanes, Geri McCarty, Kenneth Remers, Doreen Depler, Russell Hinde. Third Row: Jean Meirowslq, Doris Hiebert, Melanie Hott, Sheryl Inlow, Darrel Gaffney, Randy Razor, Abraham Dial. First Row: Mrs. Frazell, Eric Moore, Clifford Parks, Mike Owen, Johmw Ray Pappan, Karen Ann Noll, Ruth Ritter. Second Row: Robert Depler, Bobby Hoffmn, Karen Olson, Ray Savage, Kenneth Johnson, Carolyn Razor, Colleen Ratsloff. Third Row: Susan Seibel, Duane Ferguson, David Gaffney, Jerry Cubbison, Mark Seharenberg, Jan Long, Janet Creamer. K I N D E R G A R T E N COMPLIMENIB OF THE "77" CAFE 5 e f fi Hnsr GRADE 34 Z 'gli 0 'Ugg , L r I 555,54 UMM Z IZCQ Ill II S kg JI! N ,661 ,. .--1-l. QW 'O fr , Zvi L 4 2 nrffif 11:11-- f Left to right: Gary Bartlett Dick Clasen Jim Hauer David Moore Florence Florenoe Florence Florence Florence Florenoe Florence Florence 'AF TEAM SEASON Cotton ood Falls Hillsboro Council Grove Roosevelt Mhrlon Hbrington Peabody H0100 6 13 52 31 26 33 49 .19.. 234 COACH S 'B' TEAM SEASON Gerald Frazell P8111 I-0118 Florence 6 Cottonwood Falla 26 G CAgTAfgStt Flo en e 6 Hillsboro Z7 UTY BT 9 F1 noe Q Peabody 2 Hnyne Britton are 18 128 rwfk N, B111 Roeiere cormrnmrrs or mmmvs smmrm smzvrcz. F O 0 T B A I. I. I DIVIDUAL SCORES Dale Snelling 55 Gary Bartlett 10 David Moore 6 Dick Clasen 6 Dennis Pickens 1 Rex Bruington, -1- snnxons '79 student Hunger. rizr . , , ,, , ,v of Donnie Pickens Robert Waner Dale Snelling 2 - 1 K ,Te.,. 2a-'BSYYGN A Q-J"'?'f1 -, V Donnie Uaner Wayne Britton Rex Bruington H Adrian Dick Molillien Top Rows Dennis Pickens, Dick Claeen, Wayne Britton, Dick Molinden, Ref: Bmington, Donnie Waner, Jim Planer. Second Row: Gary Bartlett, Ed Adrian, Robert Waner, Dale Snelling, David Moore, Bill Roeiere. 'rnn-a new nee uphorf, mme oegwa, Tom nm, meme F Weldon, Jerry White, John Rota. Front Row: Aee't Coach Paul Long, Howard Savage, Bernard O bbiroveky, Pike Huntley, Francie Haneen, Goach Gerald Frazelle 0 X bg i .6 -X . T -mm ,WW Wi, Mimi mwgmlh' ixs1su5Q"'m'K xfx gmu ' D B 3 1 P1 1 m rx 3 an ' ff 'QT-:ba 'ff' , f-- 9 A Milk 1 I 4117A 75, tllllll uf eaiwixxxxg 15 g xxxmgf 5 so o!saei53xL,57 E9 41 E6 ,ss Dale Snelling 96 Florence Il ll ' 30 ll " 32 " 41 " 36 " 59 I ll " 39 " 39 ll " 36 Dennis Pickens BASKETBALL Coach Long, Jim Wsner, Rex Bruington, Ronnie Osgood, Dick Glssen, Dale Snelling, Willis Olson, Len Moore, Dennis Pickens, Bob Waner, Jerry White Len Moore 222 Opponents Florence Opponents Hope 49 " 39 Hillsboro 58 Peabody 38 " 63 Cottonwood '76 Council Grove 47 Halstead 55 District Centre 43 Herington 58 " 53 Hope 51 Hillsboro 1,1 " IJ, Gypsum 314 Hope 64 " 1,0 Goessel 22 Peabody 32 Council Grove 36 Regional Marion 62 Cottonwood 46 " 45 Chase 42 Herington 53 " 26 Minneapolis 46 Marion 68 " 57 Alden 53 97 Willis Olson 228 Bob H r conrmmms or mm mm mms sroms prions nz. 8-4251 R. E. mm, n. P1-1. Fnoanncn, mms. x Mr. Frezell and Mr. Long "B"Squad, kneeling: B111 Rosiere, Tom Dias, Bernard Meirowslqg Standing: Mike Huntley, Fred Upheff, Earl Haas, Gary Anderson. COMPLIMENTS or cfmn POINT sum mm: snwcn 1914 F.D.I.C. Ba. 1,-3725 AR POINT, KANSAS rousmm Am rmcxmmuuw MANUFACTURERS or nous mm mm mums cnmn Ponrr, mms BASKETBALL V ' ' AND E2 Baeloetball Trophies Won This Year L r 2 flll K' 1 At the Regional '7 Q T Q N X - A 1 . 4 .. , , ' ' 9-Q 1 N-.1 CHEERLEADERS: Nancy Were, Patricia. Meekins, 6 04 Jean Jansen, Brenda Weider. 39 tx. Dick Clasen, lat in the 880 at the Dale Snelling, let in the broad jump C V L meet in Emporia being con- at the league meet being congratulated gratulated by Dick McLinden. by Gary Bartlett. C V L Meet, Emporia: Dale Snelling, let in Broad Jump and Zni in Javelin, Dick Clasen, lst in 8803 Bob Hauer, Lth in Javelin, lille Relay Team Gary Bartlett, Jim Waner, Bob Waner and Dick MoLindenl Regional Meet at Hutchinson: Dick Clasen, let in 880 State Meet at Wichita: Dick Clasen, 6th in 880, Class E Dale Snelling 21 lf2 Bob Hauer 12 Dick Clasen 33 3fl+ Dick McLinden 8 Francie Hansen 3 Jerry wma 1 314 Gary Bartlett lfl, Jim Hauer lfl, Coaches corarwmms or J. c. urnsson, Pnorocmprma, ron anon? Am: INDI- vmrm. mmaoox Prcrunms vnu THE mcmxou or 'ran sznroa Ponrmxrs Am smrsuors Ann wma or scnool. Prcrunns AT Fm- asncs Fon 35 or THE LAST 37 YEARS. Paul Long--Gerald Frazell TRACK Bob Uaner Francie Hansen Bernard Meirowe ' I I WE Q K wg 4 Q Q M f W ff W' W' 53 QORV' A IW I E A W QY 49 if V - 4 -- 1 2 ' 4 I 'Q I Q ss ,J 'Uv' 1: 'l Bill Padgett-Senior Also Salutatorian Honor Society members for the past five years: 1955-Barbara Byram, Mary Jo Waner, Yvonne Osgood. 1956-Harold Slater, Carl Philo, Shirley Moore. 1957-Willard Olson, Eduard Jansen, Jerald Skibbe. 1958-Dean Robinson, Bob Waner, Ben Barrett, Margaret Sellers. 1959-Bill Padgett, Jean Jansen, Gerry Johnson, Jerry White. Gerry J ohnson-Se M A O we E' Top Roux Fred Uphoff, Leslie Allison, Sidney Allison, Richard Weldon, Dick Clasen, Donald Johnston, Donna Jansen, Mary Lee Freeborn. Seconi Rows Carrol Meekins, John Rotz, Tom Beaston, Ronnie Osgood, Gerry Johnson, Lola Cox, Carol Louis, Jean Jansen. Third Rows Bill Roaiere, Sheryl Goodwin, Vicki Westerhaus, Reah Ireland, Mark Williams, Carriace Batt, Margene Savage, Beverly White. Fourth Row: Patricia Meekins, Jeannine Skibbe, Lois Remers, Pat Foth, Cynthia Batt., Janet. Osgood , Nancy Were. Bottom Rows Sharon White, Karen Kerns, Judy Bros, Shirley Dale, Judy Duoomnm, Rosalie Uohoff, Judy Rota, Loretta Richmond, Mr. wertfo Left to Right! Patricia PUOIGDI, Loretta Richmoni, Sharon Hhite, Haney Myers and Karen Kem-ns. GOMPLIMENTS OF THE B 3: B VARIETY STORE 43 Earl Haas, Richard Weldon, Leslie Allison, Ihry Lou Skinner, Vendetta Britton. Second Rows Reah Ireland, Patricia Meekins, Nancy Myers, Carol Louis, Ann Brenzikofer, Gerry Johnson, Tom Beaston, John Rotz, Mark Williams. Third Row: Cynthia Batt, Vicki Westerhaus, Brenda Weider, Pat Foth, Jean Jansen, Donm Pickens, Ada Piland, Judy Broz, Sheryl Goodwin. Front Row: Mr. Hertz, Janis Shanklin, Judy Ducommun, I-hry Faye Scherenberg, Sharon Deyo, Karen Ke:-ns, Margene Savage, Lois Remmere, Rosalie Uphoff. CLARJHET QUINTET Cynthia Batt, Judy Ducomm, Carol Louis, Claudette Hodges, Margene Savage. ENSEMBLES SAXOPHONE QUARTE1' Sidney Allison, Jean Jansen, Vicki Westerhaus, Patricia Meekins. COMPLIMENTS Ol' WHEELER AND WESTERHAUS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW MARION, KANSAS and CASE AND SON INSURANCE 91st YEAR IH THE SAME BUSINESS AMD IN THE SAME PLACE JAH. M X E D C H O R U Top Row: Lela Coos, Mary Lee Freeborn,'Donna Jansen, Sidney Allison, S Neiv Hi CAST Robert Stillman, A would-be Mayor ..... . Margaret Stillman, llis socially ambitious wife . Alexander Stillman, Their adolescent son Susan Stillman, Their marriageable daughter . Grandad Stillman, With both feet on the ground Walter Brant, A mechanic in coveralls ......... Elizabeth Morrison, The towns social leader . Patricia Morrison, Her lovc-struck daughter .... Irene, An outspoken maid ...................... A COMEDY IN TI-IRE gh School Auditoril - --.. Snluug CLASS OF FLOREN Presents kvvef-azz., fm Robert Waner Sharon Deyo Gerry Johnson Jean Janzen .. Bill Padgett Willis Olson Pat Modesto Judythe Riotz Judy Ducommun A Radio Announcer . .... A Voice from the Ether ikes place in the livin Harpervi1le's election ng in April. noon, the next day. I ming, two days later. "' P' falls during the third act THE TIME AND PLACE me a venty- t Special Number: Dixie Jazz Kings. - I Stage Manager: Wayne Britton. E ACTS BY DON ELSER 8:00 P, M. , May 1 C0 OF L. C DAY - PLUMBING, HEL nic un mrcmlcu, mmnucn, mms un comm' rwumzs, muon, mists. il ,A -4' 'w aff 'I i Q 'K 45 All f L w- Ihe Junior Class 0f florence High School PRESENTS "The Nervous Wreck" CAST Bud Hicks, an escaped kidnaper ...... . JOHN ROTZ Cynthia Higgens, a typical sixteen-year-old .... .... KAR EN KERNS Ivan Petroff, a Russian dancer TOM BEASTON Eddie Higgens, a seventeen-year-old son .......... DICK MCLINDEN as-5 and 1 Ralph Wilson, a young doctor in love with Alice .. SIDNEY ALLISON Alice Higgens, the elder daughter .................. PATRICIA REED Madame X, a fortune teller .............................. JUDY BROZ Mrs. Higgers, owner of the mansion house . MARY LEE FREEBORN Tildy Mae Jenkins, a maid at the mansion house BRENDA WEIDER Jimmie Washburn, the nervous wreck ...... ROBERT HETTENBACH Gladys Burr, in love with Jimmie VONDETTA BRITTON DICK CLASEN PAULINE BIINFORD and BEN BARRETT J. M. Burr, a domineering father Class Sponsors and Play Directors Stage Managers RICHARD WELDON and FRED UPHOFF f . C X isacafm ,L-fYf""A"""M' 'ir f M555 I I ONE ACT PLAY "THE INCOME TAX" The G.V.L. One-Lot. Play Festival was held Feb. 19 at Cottonwood Falla. 'Phe Florence High School pre- ted "Th I Tex' sen e ncome . The cast included Ann Grim- mett, Judythe Rota, Bill Padgett, Gerry Johaeoauxd Bob Waner. Florence re- ceived a rating of Superior. 3 iv--' if-' "-f-' " ' +"" SENIOR PICTURE DAY GOMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL FLORENCE AND LYDIS LUNCH 5' Y-TEEN AND HI-Y Y-TEEN OFFICERS: Mrs. Robinson, Sponsorg Sheryl Goodwin, Treas- urerg Carol Louie, Secreteryg Jean Jansen, Preaidentg Judythe Rotz, Vice-President. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BANQUET FATHER-SON DINNER COMPLIMENTS QF DR. J.'C. SLIFER AND GRAHAM APPLIANCE -- ZENITH, FRIGIDAIRE, MAYTAG, SUNBEAM. PHONE TR. 8-4501 FLORENCE , KANSAS. HI-Y OFFICERS: Raymond Britton, Preeidentg Sidney Allison, Vice- Presidentg Bill Padgett, Treasurer, John Rota, Secretaryg Mr. Barrett, Sponsor. 2. . E 5 I ff 48 f'- x 8 , me ESQ? ev ' 35 vu Nf x ' President Dale Snelling Treasurer Willis Olson flak f af sf qsniil -d'f""'l ..-'V' X ,K . - s W1 on E Q . Sponsor Max Fogleman .gf e ala Vice-President Jerry Soper tt e 've e W S ,?'. s 1 5 lg, . Rv , f- X' 51- , -up-. NS. N e wr' ' fl l ' iss' 144, 1' of 8 iii Secretary Sidney Allison Sentinel Ronald Osgood Reporter Jim warmer Hi-Y-F.F.A. Concession Stani Hill jug n A -- f- 1w1.,..W,,. .- v o 49 Working in the Shop Q S .... 'Ne Yf V! qw-u-m.....,,,W F.F.A. COMPLIMENTS OF THE L. G. BALFOUR COM- PANY, ATTLEBORO, MASS. . is w .,.,4-4 Speakers' Table Dixie Jazz Kings JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET AND PROM EEWSOM GREENHOUSES WSAY IT WITH FLOWERS' PHONE 354 1201 EAST MAIN muon, KANSAS NFCR ALL YO R FTIHUEL NEEDS' Joella and Dick and Sharon iff v 5 Uhyng Jean Bob Ann 50 Patricia Gary Dale Tootsie The slxuh Grade Play Ronnie Goodwin bomewdy wofed Wm THE FINEST ELEcTRoNlc EQUIPMENTW 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE MAKING QUALITY SENIOR PORTRAITSIII SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ON ALL WORKIII We Marilyn Whi te uh 9 I I ':" 4 gb Queen J can Attendants Janis and Brenda Gary-Jean Wayne-Brenda HOMECOMING AND W' JUNIOR CAKEWALK D KING AND QUEEN GOMPLIMENTS OF THE STHAIT RANCH, BREEDERS ,Q gr, , OF ABERDEEN-mans CATTLE. ua. eeeeee ., ,ee if .,,. Pat Juniors Karen King Rex Queen Brenda Jlmivr Mothers 52 N , 3 Im.,Mir.'5'95'w if 1 :Img , v : hun 1 ' ,w-' vuuooxs Published by the Students of The Senior Class of 1959 of The Florence High School - 1 1 4 r ' u W - V ' ., ,. f 4 ,, L,.,,, -' .n,

Suggestions in the Florence High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Florence, KS) collection:

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