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ff- if 7 1 i 3 I a 3 3 H 5 i 3 3 s 3 5 5 3 s 5 3 1 3 a 1 1 3 a J Q x 4 '1 1 'I i -i I s E K 1 . ,. . 3 9 H 5 Q 3 i I K Z R 1 51 w Q E 3 5 Q 3 1 H G a Q E 3 E ,v Z I vw 3 s 1 J M .rw W-TTU l ua 5 nrt FAQ! QSIS-"" V S35 I949 P bl h C1 by THE SENIOR CLASS FLORENCE HIGH SCHOOL It 1-ga S wir I ' ' NSN v E' ,, 4 I "f X off : '-:""r. , ' s .,.. ..,.. Q, , I 4' u is e Florence, Mississippi ai ' f I Q.. ,I Q I Il f 1' ' rf' Q .5 pl Q' 4' L E r i ss S S I ..!.... s S ,Q S Q , S X I X S I M X I 8 S X 5 Q V x X S Y M 0 it is our hope in presenting this an- nuai, "The Eagle," oi X944-7, to portray to the best or our abiiity the spirit, traditions, and activities ot Yiorence High Schooi. Niernories or our schooi days may grow dirn as W e iaunch out upon the sea ot iiie but it in the years that iie ahead, this book enabies us to reiive once rnore our many pieasant experiences whiie stu- dents ot Y. H. S., then we, the annuai statt or 1949, shaii have acornpiished our ohiective. S r X 0740 f 3 To the Youth of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow blessed with the everlasting heritage of hope Vision and Courage to carve on Life's shield symbols of great and noble deeds this the second volume of THE EAGLE is dedicated Mxi ,r .Q X its 1 L Y x "W 'wsu-f..,. ,mn M Q i I ,A ri, s 5, 1 5 ir if K r x V 3 Q P F E lA 41, . ANNUAL STAFF ,N Rita May Nolan Sims Billie Walton Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor-in-Chief Faye Stuckey Business Manager Feature Editor Nd' -f...-y- K I-we 'QAFV "'P'1r Margarett Alliston Amelia Whitfield Rosie Layne Marchant Mary Ann Wfhitficltl sl fur CTI? nf' qu.-ar I Helen Neely Estelle Pl-lsock Arthur Compete TO THE CLASS OF 1949: Let me congratulate you on your graduation from Florence High School. I am sure that the high standards of conduct, of perseverance, of loyalty, and of achievement will carry on in your lives after graduation. It should be the ambition of each of you in the future as it has in the past to influence for good all those with whom you come in contact. May success and happiness come to you only as a reward for hard work faithfully performed. Face the world bravely-ever keeping in mind that only true happiness comes from the consciousness of rendering a real service to your fellowmen. Yours very sincerely, Qu, Dan T. Keel, Sr. f T102 pa .ii Mr. Dan T. Keel, Sr. B. S., M. A. Social Science Superintendent Mrs. A. P. Weathersby B. A. Social Science Mrs. W. J. Denson Commerce Mr. W. G. Holladay Science Mrs. Elisabeth Crisler B. A. English Mrs. Grace Laird Music 7 Miss Yvonne Felder B. S. English Mr. Arlis E. Smith Social Science Mr. Charles Martin A. B. Social Science Mrs. Frances Priesig B. S. Home Economics Mr. S. B. Parker B. S. Agriculture Mrs. Robert Compere B. A. Music X xx f 1 X? Mrs. Myrtle Tolar 5th Grade Mrs. G. D. Parker B. A. 6th Grade Mrs. H. L. Webb B. A. 4th Grade Mrs. Mary E. Scanlon B. A. 3rd Grade Miss Irene Drummond 2nd Grade Mrs. Dan T. Keel B. A. lst Grade 1- F I ,.,,.-.,.,,,.,...........----............,..W,...........M A Cmuzml bxxakxngg for HLNV gun ,.w..-H,, .. .. ' C m gh! .uni Jwxxmaxygg Law g'ykfi,hi.f ,A VHS mg wrruuinyx Mall fm .4 IUIIHIM x lnmwgil MLXUH .,i-: XXNM -. Rwzy' 1w.m.1 'hp YIALI WHL .-...,-. .f We lguN:m1:sIfu.1c.1r MW I wx . fp .L 1 iilfl-f "' ' 'F' " " i 3 g nur-Nasdlf fum F-uursc.H I3J,i?m,,1f-5,M muh :WU hiv Wham! IM 'Ma wxxf'f'v'Q'L .Wed X 2 'iiiaggf- i iff Xfx te 2 E 4- xv 'li-s5 YQ A Q . Q fl, , 4-in Q 1 I . - N X 4 5 , . 1 Ak N h, 4. A L ,. . H I ,, V, L , L, 2 X fx if Q., ' 155 -...,,-Q-'-'J' Q W I Y A 'HJ Y IN 4 K, , 'sk Wsxxh Lila, X '77 f . vs ir, . 1 wi- in, in , ,V .W-Q' A N ' rift" ' fl' .. 14-,"..-Ny ""-thiagse-Q ,ix . 5 s . Q S L ' K, ' x ' fvgwa X gf' , wmv W ' yi!! A l ' - NN Q g " . W- .1 xk-.fwanff 9, Q -v' f A joe Alliston Happy and contented, joe wanders through the world. Ruth Byrd Sincerity is an openness of heart. Maxine Crain Those about her read the perfect ways of honor. Harvey Feaster Endurance is a crowning quality. 'Ui' HO!- SENIORS Margarett Alliston Her thoughts are pure, her faith strong. Arthur Compere Arthur would that the world knew his greatness. Mildred Crain If effort brings success, fame is Mildred's. Emille Griffin Emille jokes and jokes and never says a thing. eanette Har er P Love made a gypsy out of Jeanette. Patsy Ann Loflin Gone but not forgotten. Rita May Who can tell? Helen Neely Wlio could resist that smile? Not Slick. .ni N ov' fur' ffl? Nd?" -. l i SENIORS Doris Hemphill Friendly, generous and good-natured. joe Paul Matthews Rather shy, but girls adore shyness. Rosie Layne Merchant A girl worthwhile. She will go a second mile. ubdued loxe waiting o be fanned into ii flame. Estelle Prisock S . .. ,H f Mary Ethel Renno She doeth well who doeth her best. Bobbie Nell Scarbrough Tongues may come, and tongues may go, but Bobbie Nell's goes on for- ever. Nolan Sims Never- hurry, never care, always good-humored, sure to get there. Jeanette Thomas Sincerity and truthfulness. all a ap 'envy sr' 4 1 W lv AS- I SENIORS Helen Runnels The eyes have it. Jeanette Sheffield A sweet personality, a gen- teel smile, just her way, not a style. Faye Stuckey Unpredictable, unexplain- able! L'Meree Tucker By her excessive laughter you shall know her. Billie Walton Why tell the truth? No- body's going to believe anyway. Elsie Wansley A merry heart goes all the day. A sad tires in a while. Amelia Whitfield Neither here nor thereg al ways everywhere. Wanda Jean Whittington She is worth her weight in gold. ',,,V'!'-xhsi, tn 'uf' Q"l'wy SENIORS john Walton Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you. joan Webb Wise looking, but perfect- ly harmless. Mary Ann Whitfield Here today, and gone to- I'IlOI'I'0W. K CLASS HISTORY Twelve years ago we, the famous digf1it2fiC5 Qas of nowj approached the old Alma Mater with a disdainful eye, and a somewhat faltering step. At that time we didn't realize that we were to be one of the largest graduating classes of Florence High School. As we struggled through grammar school, we were joined by a few students, some temporary classmates, but some who remained to graduate with us. As we look back through the long memory filled years, we catch glimpses of school days, programs, parties, playmates and teachers, who some how managed to be patient with us. When we achieved our position as ninth graders, we were joined by many girls and boys from Plain and Clear Branch. At that time we were the largest class in school. In the tenth grade as sophisticated sophomores, the girls remember the excited moments while serving at the junior-Senior Banquet, dressed as Hawaiian girls. The boys will never forget trying to organize a football team, the team of several years later. Also, an outstanding memory, is that of our class winning the school basketball tournaments in 1947. As eleventh graders, we look back on pleasant associates with fellow students in the junior play, the junior-Senior Banquet and wonderful parties. Incidentally, our girls won the basketball tournaments again that year. ' Now, in the year of nineteen hundred and forty-nine, we, the dignified seniors, already have had many pleasant experiences to recall in our later years. We can remember when we looked forward with glowing anticipation to being "Dignified Seniors," and wondered how it would feel. Somehow, we don't feel the way we thought we would. With a graduating class of 31, we are really brokenhearted to leave our old Alma Mater, which we have watched make progress. But all good things have to end someday, so with our long awaited sheepskin in one hand, and tears in our eyes, we try to hide our hankies in our other hand as we sadly tell all our fellow students "Adieu." SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1949, of Florence High School, being in full possession of such mental faculties as we possess or claim to possess, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament in form and manner as follows: To the community at large, we bequeath the influence we have been for the honor- able and better things of life. To the entire student body, we leave our capacity for fun, our ability to giggle, our good times, our friendship, our loyalty, and our example as outstanding students. Our record has been spotless, and in all the annuals of our career, we have done no deed, as a class, that we need blush for. To the Junior Class, we bestow our richest treasures. Our Senior dignity, our ex- celling wit, our superlative brilliancy, our splendid grades, and our triumphant exit as the most popular class this school has ever seen-these are the rare treasures we hand down to the coming Senior Class. To our beloved faculty, we give and bequeath all the amazing knowledge and startling information that we have furnished them from time to time in our various test papers. We hereby devise, will, bequeath, and convey our following earthly possessions and all the dangles and bangles thereunto belonging to the enfeebled intellects of our successors, the juniors, to be held by them, or thrown away, and it is hereby stated that there must be no loud crying if above mentioned legatees fail to be pleased with the presents they received. I, L'MEREE TUCKER, do bequeath my ability to get along with the male popula- tion of this institution to Jeannine Terry. I, MARGARETT ALLISTON, do bequeath my ability to get up at 8:19 and get to school at 8:20 to Dan Keel, P. D. Q. I, MARY ANNA WHITFIELD, do bequeath my ability to understand Mr. Keel's questions to Billy Mitchell and Wayne Shows. I, HELEN RUNNELS, do bequeath my girlish figure to Edna Earl Singletary. SENIOR CLASS WILL I, JOHN WALTON, bequeath my masculine handsomeness to J. R. Bridges and Jack Shows. I, ARTHUR COMPERE, leave my ability to argue with Mr. Holladay to Paul Sebren. I, JEANETTE THOMAS, bequeath all the slightly used gum under my desk to Mary Jo Brinson. . I, JOE ALLISTON, leave my enormous appetite to Alvin Thompson and Derwood Grantham. fIt's big enough for two.J I, RITA MAY, do bequeath my height to Carl Austin and Martha Ann Courtney. I, EMILLE GRIFFIN, leave my ability to play the great lover to Gary Frazier and Harvey Taylor. I, ROSIE LAYNE MERCHANT, do bequeath my ability to get my bookkeeping by fair means or foul to Jeanette Smith and Virginia Stevens. I, NOLAN SIMS, do bequeath my suave, masculine charm to Joe Ferguson and Gary Butler. I, AMELIA WHITFIELD, do bequeath my favorite seat in the office to Fay Nell Felts. We, JOE PAUL MATTHEWS and HARVEY FEASTER, leave our membership in the Bachelor's Club to Kent Harper and Duane Kier. I, BOBBIE NELL SCARBROUGH, will my mouth organ ability to Elizabeth Bethany. I, BILLIE WALTON, bequeath my talent of bluffing to G. B. Bethany, may he have more of it. We, JEANETTE HARPER and JEANETTE SHEFFIELD, do hereby will our matrimonial success to Jean Mullican and Willie Mae Hydrick. I, ESTELLE PRISOCK, bequeath my place as co-captain and center on the basketball team to Velma Lee Quimby. I, MARY ETHEL RENNO, do hereby will my characteristics of an old maid to Frances Jo Renno. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, MAXINE CRAIN and MILDRED CRAIN, bequeath our ability to get our names mixed to Gloria Crain and Mildred Crain. I, ELSIE WANSLEY, bequeath my irresistible giggles and happy disposition to Kathleen Loflin. I, HELEN NEELY, bequeath my ability to "hook" fiance to Sara Nell Steen. I, DORIS HEMPHILL, will my envied place as "most dignified senior" to Halbert Ethel Whittington. I, WANDA JEAN WHITTINGTON, leave iny notes and letters to Martha Ann Burke for publication in next year's school paper. We, JOAN WEBB and PATSY LOFLIN, will all our excuse blanks and absence privileges to Percy Thorn and Pat McNatt. I, RUTH BYRD, bequeath my ability to obtain a job to Margaret Chastain. I, FAYE STUCKEY, do bequeath my ability to make straight "A" average to john Shivers. We hereby declare all previous promises to pay, will or testaments made by this class as null and void. We hereby appoint as sole administrator of this will, our Superintendent, Dan T. Keel, to administer this will and testament as he sees best. In witness whereof, we attach the signature of the class of '49, the second day of May in the year of the restless age. THE CLASS VISION They had told me I must prophesy, but, I knew not what to do, For I was not born a prophet any more than one of you, I had spent the day in study and in thinking, hard and deep, So I now, all worn and weary lay me down and fell asleep, I had lain there but a moment in that slumber, calm and sweet, When I rose, refreshed and strengthened, and stepped out on the street But I very soon discovered that I was in a strange place, For I saw not one known figure nor an old familiar face. I could scarce believe my senses when I saw an airship line Reading "Welcome Florence Seniors of nineteen forty-nine," While I puzzled over this problem, staring round with open eyesg' Looking for some one to question of this marvelous surprise, I beheld near me a lady coming on with footsteps slow, And I thought I would ask her and learn what I wished to knowg As she came to be still nearer, I thought I had seen that face, Somewhere else, yet could not put it in exactly its right place. But at last she stood before me and all wonder vanished quite, 'Twas my old chum, Rita May, and I met her with delight, She seemed quite surprised to see me, said I had been long away, And gave me an invitation to remain with her that day, Her kind offer I accepted, and she took me by the hand Led me to a near by roof-top where the sign read "News Stand" There she purchased a copy of "The Eagle", and away we went Anxious to recall memories and look over our current event. Soon we passed a corner that looked like old times to me, For it was the well-known corner where our High School used to be! Now the campus had changed, modern buildings occupied the ground In fact, the school was so large it looked like a small town, By and by we reached Rita's home-her husbands too, But he was a traveling salesman, so I didnlt find out who! With delicious cookies and cup filled with piping hot tea We hurriedly sat down with the Eagle to see what we could see. This current issue dated April, nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, Featured Nolan Sims, our class president, in the headline, As a super fisherman, he had evidence of his tall fish tale For he had succeeded in landing a three thousand pound whaleg Below this was a picture of a handsome man riding high, I knew it must be joe Paul, by the twinkle in his eyeg He had broken the world's speed record as the flying Ace, His wife, a blonde, had been his co-pilot throughout the race. PROPHECY Mary Ann, bending her energies and devoting her time As manager for the Florence Press, had added this line, "Support your Alma Mater's publication, Sl1bSCfibC d0H'f borrow- Keep youself up to date with the news of today and tomorrowgf While excitingly turning through the paper to the second page, Rita told me that Helen Runnels is now dancing on the stage, Billie, a soldier, Helen Neely, an old maid prim and ineatiwm Wanda Jean had grown so very heavy, anti fat was all she'd eat. The alumni column was filled with news of my former classmates, Patsy Ann and Estelle have become professionals on roller skates, joan and Elsie reported teaching, their ambition, was fulfilled, As bookkeeper, Mary Ethel Renno says she enjoys her work, She devotes her time to her duties and none will she shirkg Jeanette and Mildred are members of the Forest Hill P. T. A. They were elected home room mothers for jimmy and Willie Ray. A large picture of the New York Yankees, just look on page nine! Harvey Feaster, their Captain, from Florence, in the front line, Behind him is their pitcher, a gentleman standing straight and tall, Why, it is none other Emille Griffin who is still on the ball! The Florence Eagles are really making the headline news today, You haven't heard anything, let me read you what this had to say! joe Alliston, the lightweight champ, wrestles the Big Blimp tonight, We are expecting him to defend his title with this 640 pound mite. "This is getting very interesting, Rosie Layne," said Rita to me, "Jeanette Harper is with Guy in China and they are happy as can be L'Meree, still beautiful, is donning that uniform of white, Giving constant care to the sick and needy both day and night, Authur Compere's have added another volume to their book shelf, A son weighing eight pounds, and looking like Authur himself, Margarett Alliston not a nurse, as she had planned her life Was influenced by a doctor who wanted her for his wife." The door bell rang, there stood a little lady in a ditter, 'Twas time for her wedding, and she had no dress to fit'er, Down went our Eagle, for we were almost panic striken, Hearing Bobbie Nell, at last, the love-bug had bitten, Gasping frantically for something old, new, borrowed and blue, We at last were successful in getting her ready to say "I dog" They were standing before the altar ready to tie the knot, Reverend john stepped foreward, but his speech he forgot. PROPHECY After a few moments waiting the bride let out a shrill cry, "If you don't hurry, sir, I honestly believe I will die!" The wedding ceremony proceeded and was over by high noon, And they were off the West Coast on their honeymoon, Up until now I had been so tense, and yet so very thrilled, That I had not noticed the congregation, the church was filled, Strangers were heartily greeting me, yet old friends no doubt- Yes, they were my classmates, some very and others very stout. Home on vacation, Amelia Whitfield said she was just fine Four years she has lived happily across the Mason-Dixon Line, Pleasingly plump was Maxine, but looking very attractive and neat, Says, "Come by to see me. I work in the bank across the street," Here is Jeanette Thomas, leader of the Southern Missionary Band Rita said Faye tried advertising, and now is studying art Her work has her mind and a ministerial student has her heart. As though if by magic, we were again entering Rita's door, And there I saw the Eagle still scattered upon the floor, But I was tired and sleepy, so I felt it was best, To withdraw myself a little for an hour or two of rest, I slept long and very soundly, and just judge my surprise When again, after my slumber, I opened my drowsy eyes, I found myself in my bedroom I had lived in long ago, Before I started out that morning on that curious trip to go. I sprang up and looked out the window, yes, 'twas the same town That, in what seemed years ago, I had wearily lain down. But the dream had been so life-like, even yet I could not feel That vision I had witnessed could be other wise than real, So you see, dear friends and classmates 'twas nothing but a dream, I've been telling, however natural and real, fo you it may seem, But in this old world of wonders, dreams often times come true, So, who knows but this, my vision, may be realized by you? 'vii' if 5 x Y tw Ni X wi N Xi' l l if Quik'-ai 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,.......,,.....,,..,.........,..., Willie Mae I-lydrick Vice-President ....Y,...,..,,, ,,....,,,,,,.,,i D an Keel, jr. Secretary-Treasurer .,....ww ....... M artha Ann Burke ff kiwi? Carl Austin The long and short of it. G. B. Bethany By the sound of his voice you will know himimiles away. Mary jo Brinson A charming voice, a good sport, and not afraid of work. Betty Sue Butler All's well that ends well. Margaret Chastain If she will, she will, and you may depend on it. V- .avr M- ...R 1 arms- E.-az X N,,El,.,. ni. gy ,, Sn-, f .,,. 5 Y ' We :g-eg.. -me -f.:.-:-fa, ' ,sf A , . , , -,. .N . ...,.. wx, hs 2 QR was we XX 'sip K m y ....k.. zy. , ., M . nge . i ff y Vg Elizabeth Bethany G G' W She is an all-round good sport in every way. .. Q ,X.. LRE' , G i, Tkfkshy . I S Q P Q s l fa Ausgmwxsuencvuass its r .af my yff X J. R. Bridges 4 A' A M, If you could cash in on I. " - gc his silence. 1? 5 Vlfg. , ..... ,Li vw. ,145 Martha Ann Burke As faithful to her duty as the sun is to its course. Gary Butler Gary was made to be loved. Martha Ann Courtney Tho' l am small, I some- times have big thoughts. Gloria Crain Sweet and cheerful. Fay Nell Felts Always smiling, always gay, that's Fay Nell in CVCIY Way. Gary Frazier And why should life all labor be? Kent Harper He is the quiet type whose nature never varies. Dan Keel, jr. For nature made him what he is and never made an- other. PHOTOGRAPH 'V07' IVA!! AHL 5' 4 ff, A ,sp hu. 'iii sqm '-on-Q Mildred Crain Healthy, free, and the world before me. Joe Ferguson If joe cannot find a way, he will make one, Derwood Grantham In work or in play, he is jolly and gay. Willie Mae Hyd rick Joe Ferguson and basket ball-specialties. Duane Keir Worry nas never killed anyone-why die? Kathleen Loflin Blythe and gay. Billy Mitchell Great works are performed not by strength, but by persistence. Mary Ruth Pittman If it's a friend you seek, you have found her. Francis jo Renno Quiet, studious, loyal and tflle. John Shivers A lover of all athletics and Outstanding in them all. luAfQ.m,.,f-ir. it Q, '- Pat McNatt Even the vanquished, he would argue still. jean Mullican Live your own romance. Velma Lee Quimby Best kind of a sport, and a pal true blue. Paul Sebren And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew, that one red head could carry all Paul knew. jack Shows O! Youth, light-hearted and content. Wayne Shows Nothing is more useful than silence. Jeanette Smith She wears a smile that won't rub off. Virginia Stevens Roll on, old world. roll on. Alvin Thompson The only conqueror of Caesar-since Caesar. Jeannine Terry It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. Edna Earl Singletary Reserved, yet friendly and pleasant, too. Sarah Nell Steen A loving heart is the be- ginning of knowledge. Harvey Taylor No storm ever ruffled the Current of his life. Percy Thorn On whose modest brow nature has written-gentle men. Halvert Ethel Whittirigton As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. s ,T . ' E' E 2 wb' 1-ff: - K Q , ,p, V V, -Q 'W V 'K "' MI-if ,uf C. N , if ',:,Xh'?QWY?f-f3f'4'n- L A AS-2? 21 715 ' XS 5' - U Sugn mum L-Inu: 'UNI Vumw Img IN ll rim: wzmm. linux ,Mm Hn Vfllluxu films P-H' U' +51 She Stomp 'lu C umfuvr g ' . ,gl yd ,WW L x 1, N F f , I h -. R , N lt X--, F . wx A Q Q3 A 5 f 5,,,,,,m,', ,it-1,,lhg :K lEmz,1f4v! Iiaxzsm xx .1 Mx INN Rx,..ix iw .www A ' xgfff m.,...h,. .--h-.-- ,...,...V-,...M..., .....,.. ,,. .., ..4-.,, . 2 fy i i: Qgigf '- N gr I 'PJ' Ckiv . fl 3 1 M. ,Simi v- yr. gy fdiigffggfg-3: A V' P Huw .llmm .1 hm ' 'nkinfu my lim Till' fxvoswnll' ll1g,f.5gyk5n iv- .X !' ,wf 5 ' i,.s R Q 1 v N - 'S , fl 9.. 5. , f A Q Q! Ni, ,, , A- . 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'q""' Wan new .L wmigawmq 'M Hn' r 5 an ff' --0-11-41 X if A ff fp Betty Ann Alliston Elsie Barlow Priscilla Barlow Herman Boteler Herman Broadwater Catherine Broome Kenneth Bryant Louis Butler Ann Casey Billie Clark Ruby Compere Emma jo Crain joe Crain Betty Dewees Betty Jo Fallin johnny B. Hardwick jerry Hilton jackie Holcomb N,,.,...s WU ' x X 211057K l wfdrarfdb P' O 7 fiwcwm A .J ,M qvy 'J PQI! 'f ' f. wesmi.-z f .snr'N.i- as 44' J' '1- M.w93S,f'i' Paul Kent Thomas Ray Laird Louise Lowe Betty Jane Matthews Audie Mitchell Buford Nicholson Westly Prewitt Juanita O'Bannon Betty Sue Smith Bob Smith Juanita Thomas Marjorie Thompson Josephine Tucker Jim Wadlington Walter Irvin Waldrop Lamar Weems Harry Williams Ted West Dwzz-7X wf62mzfzJQ 5 1 'Pe Nt is K ua? 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A 'sv-Q is 'vi "' WP Q ff, 'Qi7'?i'L'Qf ..:e"'Q5 "' .4 1 af- v. un , , Q M . , ,M h QSM'-gl ',i?1- I f V Q H31 er . gb + ' V ' wwe 1 - 'W -3Q3.'l Q 'f ". f"5 v ff . K' . N JL PM 'Kxi ggoiz' 5 . V? i L" lwxg, kegfg-?g,f,, ,m., 4- . A gwf',.11, l'9 'fl"', 0,7 ,tg P" V gWs'Sk'f -sa' av - ww , fi 5 gf 'WM ia!! . .gy 0 , it 'A , 45' f X rim? N ,R . ff, tg Cs his sf mx af' ,T , ,,..,,,. Gwendolyn Alliston Dorothy Nell Barlow Linda Berry Arnold Bridges Wilburn Crain Grace Ella Downard Margarene George Hagaman Grantham Kenneth Grantham jerry Griffing Dorothy Harkins Nancy Hollingsworth Mattie Pearl Jones jack Loftin Donald Long Rachel McLendon Bobbie jean McNabb Charles Middaugh Pworocfsznm.. Nor Avazznsce 1-"ff, 42, Af myfa- 'f X . ' ' aafg PICTURE 5 uofiafvaaflalfef' 5 E I DlD'NT HAVE f ff" A Y A 'rvuNCv T0 OT ' Twi n cclowrw t . in . QE ? fi 'Hu Qvi f ' " W Cla w f!,,,,.. X :N 1 in 1 --Aff y:,l-.29 fc 9 5 ill T Q E not amfaaflaafftfef f,p,,w.f W1 OT fn wo Qfwwa -:QV Q If Lx -fl't l ii.lQ'TB"f1 KX f W W ,f --' ' ffl r K r' fa. x',.,,f' "X"-ia ff", . f 3 Q l 35 3 . ,I HE . HJ .Q ' , . . ' 45 - - Sf' ,Q .af arm rom. 31.4-' wana!-as ' Barbara Mitchell Inez Morgan David Nicholson Telma Prisock Bennett Ross Clara Nell Sebren Norman Sims Freddie Smith Helen Smith Robin Sprague Vivian Steen Beatrice Stepps Hulean Terry Peggy Jean Thomas Willie Tucker Dorothy Van Landingham Max Weathersby Sue Webb W QQ. lvl War Wwrwwz - 8033: Richard Webb Bobby Jean Wiles Joyce Wilson Richard Wilson Willie Ray Wilson Eddie Lee Wynne Carl Youngblood Alfred Wallace Billie Harper ,4 ill UGHTH GRADE First Row: Burton Broadwater, Hudson Xwilliams, Kenneth Boteler, Billy Mancil, Billy Thomas, Billy Steen, Seiond Row: Shirly Willson, 'lo Ann Pace, Juanita Hines, Rebeiia Hudson, loan French, Johnnie O'Bannon. Third Row: Louise Broome, Mary Quimby, Patrica Taylor, Carolyn Parker, Barbara Cooper, Bobbie Lee McCrory, Rex Shows, Mr. Holliday. Not Pictured was C. jones. SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Mamie Ruth Compere, Lois Marie Miller, Silvia French, Evelyn Steen, Flossie Grantham, Mary Ernestine Sullivan, Montiel Compere. Second Row: Mr. Parker, Dewey Courtney, Donald Willianis, Tommy Myers, jr., Marguerite Shutr, Dickie Helm, Franklin French, Wiltiord Ward. 4. lx, HXTH GRADE lfirst Row: Patsy Smith, Francis Parker, Martha Wfadlington, Nan Hilton, Betty Ann Nicholson, Barbara jean Harrison, june Boteler. Second Row: Thompson Boteler, Steve Waldrojv, Gene Dukes, Clinton McCrary, Larry jean Ross, XVillard Downard, Tommy Parkinson, lrvin Bridges, Charles Thomas, Mrs. Toler. Third Row: Roland Dear, Cullin Taylor, Kenney Lee Smith, Shirley Ann Wfilliams, Kenneth Hydrick, Charles Watson. N-. FWTH GRADE lfirst Row: Homer Prisock, Barbara Ann Shivers, jean Boteler, Martha lfae Wilrtl, Alma Clompere, Norma Albright, Mamie Sue Ross, Wzxlltxce Nicholson, joe Stuckey. Second Row: jo Ann Clark, Cecile Boteler, Melissa Berry, Thomas Hilton, Bobby jo Byrd, Virginia Dear, Sarah Hilton, Fae Dell Prisock, Ella Wease jones, Mrs. G. D. Parker. Third Row: jacklyn Parker, Doris Allen, Rebecca Taylor, Carolyn Long, Peggy Smith, Betty jo Lawson, Evelyn George. ' R F O U R T l'l G R A D E First Row: Larry Vanlandingham, Thomas Lowther, Eugene Broadwater, Pat Russell David Hudson, jerry jones, Sammie Byrd. Second Row: Ollis Smith, Ann Flowers, l'rantes Thomas, Virginia Boleter, Benton Alliston, Shirley Wllfd, Billy Hales. Third Row: Ernest Rogers, Glynn Gatten, Harford jones, McKinley Sleto, Albert Letz, Rithard Braxton, Glynda Catlin, Carrie Ainesworth. Fourth Row: Ronald Hooks, Patritia Mulliean, jane Ellis, Roy'ann Wfaldrop, Linda Wadlirigton, Sammey Lawson, Mrs. Welwb. ns xi. X 1 f THIRD GRADE First Row: Richard Edwards, Morgan Williaruis, Pat Finnegan, Troy Drakes, Bobby Downing, jerry Berry, Second Row: Douglas French, Pete Nitholson, Edward Gordon, Marvin Ward, jerry Musgroye, Carol Ann Neal, Patricia jones, Clhristene Broadwater, Martha Rae Boteler, jean Albright. Third Row: Bo Prisock, Patricia Henslee. Irvin Myers, Linda Faye Sheffield, john Allen, Lula Runnels, Anna Carol Smith. Fourth Row: Elaine O'Quin, Mary Bozeman, Ann W'allate, Barbara Sketo, Claudette Parker, Margaret Ann McNabb, Rose Ann Braxton. l -1:1111 1- ,, . - ffm W M, '. if SECOND GRADE First Row: Buddy Compete, Kenneth Barlow, Billy Williams, johnny Nicholson, Linda West, judy Cunningham, Sandra Weathersby. Second Row: Sammie Carefield, Judy Chambers, Carolyn Musgrove, Odessa Burris, Linda Faye Mullican, Carolyn Russell, Betty Oquinn, Virginia Westerfield, Sydnette Dear, Mary Edwards. Third Row: jack Waller, Kenneth Waldrop, Larry Miller, Beebe Sketo, Win Gordon, Herman Bryant, Gary Rogers, Tommy Henslee. Fourth Row: Lee Webb, Albert Ward, jerry Thomas, Harold Boteler, Glyn Wilson, Bobby Cheeks, Curtis Smith, james Steen, Miss Drummond. Terry, Dale Finnigan, Prentiss Alliston, Richard Sketo, Kay Maurell jones. Second Row: Richard French, Shirley VanLandingham, Nancy Smith, Ann Finnigan, Faye Byrd, Andy Vickers, Sandra Lowther, Betty Shivers, Ruth Wilkinson, Johnnie White, Nancy Har er, L. Alliston, jr. Third Row: joe Steen, Verna Lou Price, F I R Sidney Ann Smith,PMargaret Compete, Carolyn Moody, Gail Greer, David Lancaster, G D E Elizabeth Taylor. Fourth Row: Charles Parker, Linton I-lenslee, jimmy Cheeks, Gene Ainsworth, Fred Laird, Billy McNabb, john Edward George, Vincent Arons, Donald Smith, Mrs. Dan Keel. M Q ,, fr u mx f f If ,x M W ev 51-5, W MISS FLORENCE HIGH Rita May FLORENCE HIGH joe Alliston 'wh '--r I C QS? y m.s.f2.5' X . 5 Mania, X. u I ge . 1 f 'PEB ,gtkmm ' 36+ ft' 9' WHOlS WHO CONTEST First Row: joe Alliston-Mr. F. H. S., Personality Boy, Friendliest Boy, Senior Boy Most Likely To Succeed, Rita May-Miss F. H. S., Best Dressed Girl, Wanda jean Whittington-dMost Beautiful Girl, Nolan Sims-Most Handsome Boy, Most Versatile Boy, Helen Neely-Most Popular Girl, Best Girl Athlete, Bob SmithfMost Popular Boy, Campus Favorite. Second Row: John Shivers-Best Boy Athlete, Best All Around Boy, Campus Favorite, Robin Sprague-Frienclliest Girl, jean Mullican-Cutest Girl, Campus Fav- orite, Kathleen Loflin-Biggest Flirt, Mary Ethel Renno-Most Typical Old Maid, Willie Mae Hydrick-Best All Around Sport, Campus Favorite, Personality Girl. Third Row: Harvey Feaster-Most Typical Old Bachelor, Huleane Terry-Wittiest Girl, Alvin Thompson-Wittiest Boy, jolliest junior, Ann CaseyAMost Conceited Girl, joe Ferguson-Most Conceited Boy, jim Eckford Wadlington-Best Dressed Boy. Fourth Row: Doris Hemphill-Most Versatile Girl, Most Dignified Senior, Mary Anne Whitfield-Senior Girl Most Likely To Succeed, Audie Mitchell-Silliest Sopho- more, Percy Thorn-Most Polite Boy, Willie Ray Wilson-Greenest Freshman, Thomas Ray Laird-Most Timid Boy. Fifth Row: Bob Smith and Sara Nell Steen-Cutest Couple. PAPER STAFF FVHOTOGRAPH N0 7' IV!!! I JL in ,ff W' X Y.. away.. 3, ,if X rm fig? ii'l"Jf:ii R 1 3354! fftwuzzwf-3434 ,ff ,F 2 "f.fs1Ui" Y rg-bt N. gl ry" ww 1 . 'Yff aww First Row: Rita May, Editorg Amelia Whitfield, Assistant Editorg Faye Stuckey, Business Managerg Margarett Alliston, Feature Editor, Helen Neely, Sports Editor. Second Row: Bobbie Nell Scarbrough, Gossip Editorg joe Ferguson, Sport Editor. Third Row: Doris Hemphill, Society Editorg Nolan Sims, joke Editorg Mary Ann Whitfield, Typist. Fourth Row: Rosie Layne Merchant, Mimeograph Operator, Mrs. Denson, Sponsor. Fifth Row: Jerry Griffin, Betty Dewees, Kathleen Loflin, Louise Broome, Maxine Clark, Reporters. THE EAGLETTS First Row: Kathleen Lotlin, Betty Ann Alliston, jean Mullican, Willie Mae Hydritlt, Capt., Helen Neely, Velma Lee Quimbly, Estelle Prisock, Co-Capt. Second Row: Rosie Layne Merchant, Manager, Bobbie Nell Scarbrough, Clara Nell Sebren, Faye Stuckey, Rita May, Betty Sue Smith, Ann Casey, Marjorie Thompson, Doris Hemphill, Assistant Manager, Mrs. W. J. Denson, Coach. an-or 10- tl" l 'Eve Sr THE EAGLES First Row: Bob Smith, joe Alliston, Co-Capt., John Shivers, Capt., Paul Sebren, Gary Butler. Second Row: Mr. Sam Parker, Coach, jack Shows, Billy Harper, Wayine Shows, Wtilter Irvin Waldroin, joe Ferguson, Nolan Sims, Manager. 9 F7514 t M42 Qu 7 I 5 1' M Ji . V, I .Q va ff . ,M "' ' .-oo f ' Paul Sebren, 151 lbs. Left End Letter 3 Gary Frazier, 145 lbs. Left Half Letter 3 TT' Alvin Thompson, 175 lbs. Dan Keel, jr., 182 lbs. Left Tackle Left Guard Letter 5 Letter 2, 3 Most Valuable Player 48 Co-Captain john Shivers Right Tackle 180 lbs. Letter 1, 2, 3 G. B. Bethany, 145 lbs. Right Half Letter 2, 3 1948 joe Alliston, 150 lbs. Right Half Letter 2, 3, 4 'WSW if A it 1-.funn iii? af ffm, i"m,yh jg? fav-lvnnnns Harvey Taylor, 175 lbs. Jim Wadlington, 177 lbs. Harvey Feaster, 136 lbs. Center Right Guard Right End Letter 2, 3 Letter 1, 2 Letter 1. 2. 4 Captain joe Ferguson Quarterback ES 165 lbs. Letter 1, 2, 3 Bob Smith, 143 lbs. Walter Waltlrolu, 150 lbs. john Wzrltori, 152 lbs. liullbnclc Left Half Right End Letter 2 Letter 2 Letter 1, 2, 5 in FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: john Walton, G. B. Bethany, Bob Smith, Walter Irvin Waldrop, joe Alliston, joe Ferguson, Capt., Harvey Feaster, Gary Frazier. Second Row: Ted West, Harry Williams, Harvey Taylor, john Shivers, Co-Capt., Alvin Thompson, Dan Keel, jr., Billy Mitchell. Third Row: Emille Griffin, Manager, Audie Mitchell, Billy Clark, Westly Prewitt, Paul Sebren, jerry Hilton, Johnnie B. Hardwick, Billie Walton. Q QQ- Q . CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Margarett Alliston, Grace Downard, Elizabeth Bethany, Jeanette Smith, Betty Jo Fallin. V 4 f x Msgi l 'X' ' 1 lnani v 'fxf 1 1" ' 1 fx xx.. .,k'5 i. .ak :HN O we l . . . 4 ,,,. A.. --'Kmff 4-' V, f ' 'A r t Agw, Y - - -A - , . , -XE4fwQ5'3Sf war, -Y ,, Aff .,,, . ,. .V ,C X M' nf, ww aw w . f M " af' f E - x X ge '. ,rg-Mg' kgs- 4, A N , - ,. 3 f V f f ,- ,, . sw. 3 -.,-, J S- 35 ., 'Q' - ,. - . ,Q Mg' x. . gt, . ss T y 'P' ff-b uh , LL ,. . A. . 15 K .K Q, . A W , 4. ' - Y wx z - V "' Y .. 5 + 4, : 174 .' v ' 2 ' . 4 f+-H. v Q, 1 +. X, .. ,, ,s V ,fr , w rw ,Q Qdw,.f.5 Q X 1 K - -.,. M Hamm-+ N '-NQ,:l,:r . . "ff" .. . V ' 'P' K. ftefg' we :wg r , HQ , Q 4 we ' 1 f ' 1' .2 A . . . - "f xx L- ' K M85 " , " -n W fx Mx' fx. . . . , A - -. X , .. Q- . ew, , , ' ,,, f ,M Rf: W X. My 'ww f M .5 - 5+ 1- ? -f A Q 9-,hgh ,gliff ., , ' .. K . qw 'S 1 V' i . Q .ff M '-.,,..4gi1'l- ,, . President is-H CLUB OFFICERS , .loc Allistou Vxcu-President A, , .,.. Ruby Cfompcrc Scfrct.lry-'I'rc.1surcr , , A,,,, Gmfg Dgwngml Sting I,C.ulul' , ,,,, .. A,,, Bcity DCWCQS ,qnvgn ff , Q -wg . J K f 3 ' 4 1 I, N- Jn , A WN 1 JW V ,f,,,L Av , ,L ,., fv.-- .n u K F. H. A. OFFICERS President ..........AA..............,w..,..... Willie Mae Hydrick Vice-President ,...... ........ M artha Ann Burke Secretary .,,....,..... .......,.. J ean Mullican Treasurer .rrr..r.. ...... H elen Runnels F. F. A. OFFICERS President ..r...,.,,,,,,,,..,..,.,,,,,... .,..,,,,,,,,..., j oe Alliston Vice-President ,.,.....r,,,.,....,...,,.,,,,,,, ,....,, J ohm Shivers Sec.-Treas. ...,. .....,. A rthur Compere Watchdog ,...,. ........,re. B ob Smith Reporter ..r.. .,..., P aul Sebren ffxsi . "fd 4 , . - ILNGLISH CLUB General Officers: President, Paul Sebreug Vice-President, Buford Nickolson: Setretary- Treasurer, Faye Stutkey. First Row: Helen Smith, David Nickolson, Huleane Terry. Second Row: Buford Nickol- son, Betty Ann Alliston, jim XVad1ington, Marjorie Thompson, Miss Felder. Third Row: Faye Stuckey, Martha Ann Courtney, jean Mullican, Martha Ann Burke. Fourth Row: Paul Sebren, L'Meree Tucker, Rosie Layne Merchant, Estelle Prisock. .BS,..... wx COMMERCIAL CLUB President ...,,.,,......, ..... M ary Anna Vifhitfield Vice-President ,.,..,... .,,.,..,......,..,,..,. R ita May Secretary-Treasurer ..,., .,,.,, B uford Nickolson P.-.i 93 SCIENCE CLUB SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President ..........,,,.,.......,,........,.......,,,......,.... Rxta May Vice-President .........,...... .,.................. P aul Sebren Secretary-Treasurer ........... ....,.. B etty Ann Alliston RHYTHM BAND -IW JUNIOR CHORUS 6 1 MELODY BAND Q... xy' i Q 5' kk kh A . : 'I . X l l A M 53:5 7 AI: ju CAFETERIA WORKERS 1 5 ,F ap is SM ' if V' ve Kuff fr Y 'VI 'lrnof 2, , is g jf: Y 1-, Y . .YJ7rMTrvxyv,,,?Tv.-v.nv, . . .- ,V-Y--,,, --J -is 1 ,x -sfo Q 2315141 'ia' 'X ice, X' if -1i:,: EUPYOU l is gi X39 QR HOME pf z 23? Ll-I-IIABERS BUILDING suvpues, ffrc. 70I E. Silas Brown S+. Phone 2-339I Jackson, Mississippi S. H. Varnaclo, Presidenf Thos. l. Via, Vice-Presiclenl' Paul E. Williams, Secy.-Treas. - Q W 1 7x .i i fliysu iii, O' if 'S ' 'fr' f fl?l1li'.fllllm E 2. D s 4 C ' m ev Q U7 a' Q 3 Q Av JWUJE in Tele hone 3-469l AAA P . at vlA -If ,Posf Office Box I074 EUXLDEADS LUMBER 5 suPPLv co. Norfln Mill Sfreel' and Woodrow Wilson Avenue Jackson, Mississippi 1 si TERRY ROAD LUIVIBER 1KM H4.s'Vf-5As4-Lwsi-,V.sins. MUORE. peru 5 C awww' V ' in is r , - N 25 'wif a sa Telephone 2-36II - IOOI Terry Road - Jackson, Mississippi Highest Quality Lumber and Building Material Plenfy of Parking Space Compliments of A COMPLmri15N'1',s' OI MISSISSIPPI cfmvn mn L or if JA . 2 , wa., 0 HI9hwaY 49 Sau+h CVM Glassware, China 81 PoH'ery W? Plain, Miss. C A F E .X 1, O Pos+ Office Bax II42 . i il n, 3 I9 Norfh Wesi' Sfreei' A Jackson, Mississippi 651573 f66!d!LLif7M F R o M BLUE RIBBON CPEAMERY W G3 Phone 2-l975 Q .'.-: Q12 DAIRY 2 Przooucrs ff' 'WW ' 5 GRADE Brandon Road "ana Jackson, Miss. Compliments of D RAUG I-lON'S BUSINESS COLLEG E Phone 3-3826 Jackson, Mississippi We invi+e ou +o call on us in Y I person, b mail or +ele hone. Y P We are anxious +0 help you. WWW? Q QM A FRIEND I-'Wm fy 5 12 .Q FQNDREN SISTERS A Phone Z-3J63l:lSZ1I I Capifol Compliments of S ELLERS MOTOR COMPANY 3I6-340 Soufh Sfafe S+. Jackson I09, Mississippi Phone 2-2668 BREWER EQUIPMENT 2 SUPPLY COMPANYINC. , ,M Highway 80 Easf - 349 Oklahoma Sfreef Jackson 36, Mississippi RQ 'uh g t "Your Friendly John Deere DeaIer" ICE CREAM COMPANY Terry Roa Jackson, Mississippi ny W ' , lp 266 abyom wgyuzg a n X l expapcr REPAHL ssixvucs fig ,Q HERMAN EvANs uf! Y lf in New Hi-way 49 - 5 miles Soufh gig? Xl -pk. P. O. Florence, Miss. In I ,se A . 'rig "Comple+e Au1'o Service Sinclair Producrs X Mo+or Tune-Up" Phone 2-6790 - Rou+e 3 EA l Have Your Eyes Examined Builders Maferial DR' ZSJBT' H' YARSH Paini' and Building Hdwe. Elzmelni me N. Mill s+fee+ '27 ' GPM' l' J k I M. . . . 1 N ai Son . ISSISBIPPL' M Build wllh Bailey Phone 3-600I o 1934 ' Ev' MQW P .511 'fl ' comm? creocenv 5 Mm? Prop. Mrs. Sam Renno Modem Equipmenf Service Sl'a+ion SALES ' SERWCE Mean 52I Soufh Sfafe F d Phone 3-5283 ee s Groceries Phone 3-3772 Plain, Miss. . WE mm fVOWf1fl,4!f.! ffmffm if mfmey "BIRCH Eleclrlc Sfeak .i . . One of Ameri- ca's Finesl'-made Meal Tender' saws-nafionally d ' ' adver+isecl. an 'Img B009 Machine Saws , Day+on Scales, Hobari' Slicers, Coffee Mills, Mixers, McCray Display Cases, Grocery Boxes, Cafe Boxes, Walk-In Coolers, Beverage Bars, Deep Freeze Uni+s- BOTLER Flxrune Comvmv 2l8 Soufh S+a+e Sfreei' Jackson, Miss. Dial 2-I48I BUTLE R BROTHERS - Com liments f Qvzmzf M45 fieam P O Pl1one 3-3927 Z Plain, Mississippi J C A -NEON L B is YW i s if as cw e l n D- , ,B M -H2111 ,, A, D H .Aq 1 3 ...J uevzunxaui 'L' Smce " . lk N6 Jackson, Miss. DAY and mer-:T Ambulance Service 732 Manship S+. Jackson 28, Miss. Couriesy Kindness Service S. Compliments of P M 9 R A E Jackson, Mississippi Q, 5 561' GROCERY - MARKET J SERVICE STATION Phone 3-403I Mea+s - Groceries Gasoline Plain, Miss. WITHE RS- NE' L SON INSURANCE AGENCY o Highway 49 12,0-ufz, juut Nl. S. -l' A V l.. C R 6m F Sfxewcf 97,4 71 ofv Florence, Miss. Phone 9 I 02 S E RV IC. E 5I8 E. Pascagoula Sfreei' Phone 3-I I44 Qqplfl REFRIG ERA-rnoN Household - Commercial Promp+'Service Alvin Beck Buck Hackler Q5 KEY DRUG CO. Comple+e Prescrip+ion Dept 434 E. Capiiol S+. Phone 4-65I7 Jackson, Mississippi BeHer Pianos Priced Righi' Emi Pnmo Co. Miss. Largesi' Piano House 505 Pearl S+. Jackson, Mississippi W M ' 'rll sf S .XJ Mi sissippi Power 6 Light Company "Today, first and second-graders are as well posted on the state of the nation and the affairs of the world as boys and girls in their early teens used to be - thanks to radio and power-driven newspaper presses with their fast wire services and wirephoto. "Modern electrical appliances in the home have contributed immeas- urably to better child care. Better lighting in the home and in the school has encouraged more reading . . . more studying. Thus, today's children of all ages, although no better equipped mentally and physically than their forefathers, are healthier, better informed, have more and better entertainment, are better students. "ln raising our living standards, Electrical Living has also done much to develop the mental and physical potentialities of today's chil- dren . . . and will continue to do even more in the future." REDDY KILOWATT I Your Friendly Electric Servant J Phone 3-l234 Res. Phone 4-8957 Compliments of Qvlpf-I MOTOR CO' D. L. Snipes, Sr. - Owner - Mgr. TH E F Low E R s Hop "'f'+'SAFj:fijj1T?' We 0 l032 Terry Rd. Jaclcson, Miss. I Wholesalers of Fine Food and Weslern Grain Company's Fine Feeds l56 E. Porler Sl. Jackson, Mississippi M T c: O. Serving Jaclrson Since l924 A U O plumbing 3, Gas Fi-H-ing Used Cars and Truclrs 3l9 E. Pascagula Sl'ree+ l027'47 Te""Y Road Dial 2-0770 Jackson, Mississippi Q CCDMPLIMENTS OF "Compu,-+e Ambui snce service" COMPLIMENTS OF C O M P A N Y 520 Soulh Congress S+. 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Suggestions in the Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) collection:

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 9

1949, pg 9

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 39

1949, pg 39

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 47

1949, pg 47

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 47

1949, pg 47

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 69

1949, pg 69

Florence High School - Eagle Yearbook (Florence, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 72

1949, pg 72

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