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'V w 1 ' ' :F-.ryv . w-' Q0 'Q ' '7y.j,"1- ilfij -i .12 .U L- jfs-,:'i'. ' , - rg", '- 9 ,Ar -- Lg 55155 ' nm.. m , 1. Af ,. ri NI.. r I 1 '61 1" 1 V ' 73.5 Q-,K 1' vw, .N K, .:,- , y q354.L3E 1535 'wi '4 ffw .-11'-'- .3 Q 51 " , -fm-M ' 2 O. In K 0 Q Q l 5 1 2 ko .A , . ' ' x 'I in 1 . ' Z ri ' ' , O r, g ., .144 .' v . O Q' J , P' f .. K Q' nit ' D . ' f' xx 1' ii . :gf -'I u 1 WI I D 'V .4 I I W 4,-f The Students, Faculty 6? Administration Qf F lorenee-Darlin gton TEC Present REFLECTHNWS 1969 Contents: A dnfzinistration di F aeulty ...... .... I 0 Departments ..... .... 2 0 A ctivi ties ..... .... 5 8 Classes ....... .... 7 2 Memories ......... .... I 04 A clvertisernen ts ...... .... I I 4 4 N W6 KIH'TO SUCCESS P opefW of . S STATE EONINHTTEE FSE 2 mom Euuc Tl 5 noTE3?lDTC' I cj' 2 Fl.UGCEDAR.lNG'lUl'l'Eil.BRARY , ,U Q . .,,,,,f,g,Q.-L , '1,3m"',.'1Q.umbn,iRs1Q4m-mwu''fw 7Tgwmm"" 'uwmwm ' ,.,,Q,Q,' " ' ' 'MS- .aww REGISTRATION MARKS THE BEGINNING ORIENTATION SETS THE PACE FOR. . . ' I WORK " v V l , :Q 5 7 455, t 07. hi , x W, ,, bfi af' V, if .!.,, -,,V GRAD A T10 PLA Y 'W1'U:+vw'wr'g wi, ,ff l"'1w-:W -ff' fy yu -' cr' 'vfvggf-,gg---W1 pwgw- w x :-ww vw xv- :'-fv't"'i-11l.4vf:1wA'-1-vvrm rx-1' 1' - -x x 'mf' - f' I q . ,..!,.,,.,-.. -...H-,Q .-J, -. ,pn--ma f 1.4nnl:un1.n'.:' 5 4 EX- U ---'-W" 1':P'4f-+'-fs'1l' :-"?L'ZQl,,f,i'f ' ' ' -M A.,A' ,QM A.., .,.,,,... ,,.. ' -A w ,, . -. ' , V M SUCCESS . . . ,. Lawn ZA LEA RNIN 4 V543 5 7 37' 1 1:5 "1 I ,. K 'if' if 5 'fi E 4 f ' 1 f ,Z -- gk 3- 54 Qfu . . . GROWTH L 4 ,4 i my SX OPPORTUNITY 1, A f,,9,- ' fmh' mswg THE FUTURE 5 AND IN Qeifffcfw Eff? ixyfcfy I 6 n s K' I I F1 1 4 Ag 'k"'q"4" ,.,-f- :yr 41 f ..-.ruQ...1--u..., ,, , -Y -- W.. fu f H ',-.mu s. ,Q 59" , A Z a 11 , n A I 0 5, o -.- 4 f 1. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Mr. John Paxton, Mr. Preston H. Beattze, Mr. Marlon Dewztt, Mr. John Wellman, Mr. A. Lee Chandler, Mr. Henry Sneeal Mr. J. Banks Scarborough, Mr. L. M. Coleman, Jr. A CHIEVEMENT A WARDS PRESENTA TION DEDI CA T I ON To a true gentleman who is indeed worthy of our deep respect and admiration . . . Who has shared with each of us your enthusiasm for life . . . Who has warmed our hearts with your sincere friendship . . . And who has dedicated yourself to guiding us to a richer more meaningful life . . . We, the members of the REFLECTIONS staff, dedicate this book to you, hinges. wo 'Sf 'ily- S ..V. , X r .,a.1,,.,v---" "" Ur 10' ""',':f'f'ZT"'f.H x 11, ggL,.g,,.Ll,lg, .fLm,.. 2-Q i-'+I , ,gw..,.M f .H :7"?"f"'1'.f"77f"?. I ,V LZ! isle is 1924 1414 M, fy w1....,,,.. uw.. ,. 1 Q4 Lf , 7 A" W, im www sum-., N mmf mmm 954310, 1:1 .H 'fM'M:'fr ffff'v.'fvw-ww. 0' ' . 1' ,gf ,m.,,,f.,. 1, MM.. ,, V ' 4 www 4.-mQvia:..ug-iL z:- - ADMINISTRA TION cfz FACULTY ADMINISTRA TIO 2 ev' - 434' Ivy, ,, s Director Mr. Fred C. Fore M.A. Clemson College 12 Mr. J. McLaurin Lowder, Jr. Director of Instruction MA East Carolina University Mr. Bill Anderson Associate Director MA University of South Carolina if E., ' 'skjfx ' ffw2,."N ,xi .. , .s Mr. Ryan Powell Industrial Coordinator University of S. C. l I 7 PP ,ff -qx -ff --" ' fm 'A ff--f' ' sw miH?'9'CQ .Nik W5 I , , ' W - ..,,, , un... Mr. Frank Long Director of Guidance MA UNC Mr. Efjford H. Vwndham Business Manager BS University of South Carolina is .A my 'q 4 . . . Q 4 2 uv' ' Mi . 1:- xx ff , X . i ' g ig., W A, 'K e I. ' K wp? W e ., ,5 3,,,,, , ' as M vw I M Mm j ..""'o g 5 'v Mr. Thomas J. Edwards Director of Community Relations MA Bowling Green State University Mr. Tracy Childers MS Clemson University Student Coordinator Mr. George White Equipment Coordinator WOH-Ord College ,ff M SECRETARIES M .5 ,S . o . .fl Q , , X ff .... . ,Q ., .qs A.-, e. 4 -I , wo , S ww '13 + fffgf he s fi fo ,, ,Qzfgr I, ,gym fm- 9, 12 flaws sf, oo. ,xv fo , , . wr t 5 .e f' ff pw- - , ,S- ! s 2 5. f P Z ' 2.3 , X N ,fe .- so ,,, is .55 1 . s Mower- V Miss Marsha Beasley Erskine College Supervisor of Instruction Mrs. Kay Byrd Western Carolina Executive Miss Dianne Cunningham Florence-Darlington TEC Personnel Mrs. Edith Crawley 4321 --N 'Q' Flora McDonald College h i Lfbfafy M ! out 'zvhr' 7 t r tiie"' tttt "t,x . 3 S' ' .' ' Mrs. Betty Griggs if ,V ,go , V V Massey Business College ' M 'M Evening classes S ' y, -to Mrs. Elizabeth H owle .559 sr. Johns High School I 'K Business Q of WM W4 'KQJQ e M. dv jhwi yd- N., mp'xmlM8 in who ' ' '31 ' Ki, f?'hC,I!5!,f' " F Miss Pat King Hartsville High School Permanent Records Miss Linda Lee Emmanuel College Receptionist Miss Sylvia Martin USC at Florence Industrial Coordinator Mrs. Miriam McElveen University of South Carolina Business nik Mrs. Frances Ward Winthrop College Business FACULTY if Mr. Joel Andrews ,if Related Subjects BS U . . V. . . 1 V P A Jw nzverszty of zrgznza "' 4 " 'T Mr. Addison Barker ' ' , gk Technical Drafing hr A L. 'MQNQ .- - X Mrs. Dorothy Bates Dental Assistant Mr. Roy Bond Electronic Technology BS University of South Carolina VU'- Un' 'K J Mr. J. E. Cox A Agricultural Technology MS Clemson University Mrs. C. S. Davis Assistant Librarian Winthrop College """""'. ' K , .ww-A-" 2 Q. fur' Mr. John Fanning, Civil Technology Mr. Wayne Fogle, Business Administration BS University of South Carolina BA University of South Carolina Mrs. 0. T Finklea, Librarian Mrs. Sue Holland, Related Subjects Coker College BS University of South Carolina 17 5 ... , .. MA University of North Carolina svvu t x Q 'f I . ,.."5?!'i91!'9?WF""4!'?f9!!!'?'W'.f??7?'!"'9"fi.-3? F V! nun' -?WW 1 V .a - pn ny nl my mnvwm W nn " A 1 1 it s i 4 1 1- ll 4 ,991 fl S rid Y " 14954 MWQ Mr. Gary Littlefield H X Machine Shop MIT Mr. Harold Mask Related Subjects BS N. C. State University Mrs. Anne Matthews Technical Secretary MA Appalachian State University S Sw if Mr. Wilbur Howle Related Subjects University of South Carolina Mr. Sumter Langston Related Subjects University of South Carolina Mr. DeLeon Lee Technical Drafting Clemson University Qu an ,, at A 'E Q S 5. . , W ev Wim f , ,Q M. , ca, lea. . gg X A Q 'E f ,Q 1 W ff 'last Mr. I. J. Myers Diesel Mechanics Bailey Technology Institute Mr. James Prather Industrial Electronics NRI Washington Mr. Curtis Ray Air Conditioning 16 years trade experience Mr. Harry Matthews Related Subjects BS Clemson University Dr. VWlliam Maxwell Dental Assistant Medical College of Virginia Mr. Lucien McCutcheon Agricultural Technology BS Clemson University I N V-61-'1i:Qi51:Qezs3amwf:aisir-4-xruwvrev-'-wi"F: 'ii ' I l 2" numuv'-r"' .' ' ff -. 4136-'i 'f .. A :N . 1 ' ' - L . ' .- - . ' ' Mr. Homer Roberts A ircraft Mechanics Pittsburgh Inst. of Aeronautics Mr. Kershaw Rose Electronic Technologv BS Universitv of South Carolina Mr. Fred Saverance Mechanical Technology BS University of South Carolina iff Mr. Wade Small Related Subjects MA Appalachian State University Mr. Robert Sutton Data Processing Elon College Mr. Bill Trader Auto Mechanics Nashville Technical College .in.....Ji Mr. Warren Scoville Industrial Technology BS Clemson University Mr. Ronald Shirlaw Industrial Technology BS Clemson University Mrs. Frances Sims Technical Secretary BS Winthrop College Mr. Marshall Welch Tool and Die Richland Tech. Mr. R. E. Windham Business Administration University of South Carolina Mr. A. G. Yendall Tool and Die College of Technologv 1' s.:fv4e:,si -mv flil 4-:L""" mv 'rf A 1. rw-fm-31 .-.,. 1."!Y'E?'!WF!"??5?3!??'W ! f"?"!"!5'4'lfi1YH?4711Y!N :af--:,..,. . afavxywioguymyn, . n'.' -' ,,' iii",-. 7I1fm'x1'!Q"E5f':2i:- 1 ---z, 4 1' 'fr -7' - :vin ,I In '11 'GF' new ,ww .. .mr as :-' 'fr'-1 -gf'gL1:1"'9.I1,:1'f'wi" "I" N21 -a:.?' N-1 , 1- ,, , '.'1':"L -- .': w I , Y ,- V A DEPARTMENTS mmimamwmwmtatwmwaw A .T it T f 'QA V A GRIC ULTURAL TECHNOLOGY The opportunity for young men in Agriculture has never been greater than it is today. Agriculture inc udes, but is not limited, to farm production. There are fewer farmers producing more food of higher quality for more people than ever before. The business of farming offers a good future for the young man with scientific training in Agriculture. This training is practically a necessity for a man with little or no farm experience if he plans to enter farming. Field Crops Technology oifers courses in the major field crops planted in South Carolina. ln addition, the student gets an all around study of Farm Management and record keeping, soils, fertilizers, and basic plant study. Along with a full five quarters of technical courses a sixth quarter of supervised work experience is required of all students. This allows the student to gain new practical experience in an unfamiliar area or new experience in a familiar area. Q 1. ...W 1' X P X Nh X l as X-.. Thatlv some kind of j70wer, huh? M' Surely this isn't that heavy! 5, -Q A 1 2 23 mmmumswsmmwmwvvm'-WMMWQHTQT2,dt! " " Hl'l"' ' AIR-CONDITIONING REFRIGERA TION AND HEA TING The heating and air-conditioning industry is rapidly becoming one of the largest in the country. Already air-conditioning is a must for homes, offices, hotels, theaters, and industrial plants. New applications of air-conditioning and refrigeration theory are announced daily. This curriculum was designed to develop the necessary appreciation of the knowledge and skills necessary for employment as operating engineers, technicians, or mechanics in this industry. Some basic preparation is given for positions as contractors or in managerial capacity. The instruction includes both theory and practical work in refrigeration and air-conditioning principles and calculations, the study of electrical machinery, mathematics, and various related service courses, including blueprint reading and Welding. Through these courses the necessary background in mathematics, blueprint reading and sketching, electricity, thermodynamics and business principles, plus theory and laboratory work in heating, Ventilating and refrigeration is obtained. K This must not be the hot wire! 24 M yln-1""""""" if P P F- , i' we-S ' " HQ: ,.' 1. nv ffm f . -Qfif-QZQ P at , fa, g -' A w e Q- v X Q' R 3 'E Q ,i X S H wifi' , 1 3 'ma .f 1 W f mix. , vi Q. 1510! Q we it y " ' 8 Xu 'M Dir Q h XNSSQN: X x Nw K S x Y 'nl .ww-p,,f""?i K K, fp YY? 2,51 4 f LQ , -5:29425itffiiw'-xiii.,y All fmiw VQN.,1,g Q--W., ,, ' all ng iimw ,.,, 4, 1 if- Q s Vt- 5 .v fa Q v K I K A . .N , .1 3 , ,: A , . . V A ' xr if N aa" " xy: 5 V Y Y ' 1- M 33" I J . , .. 5 ... ,. . l.,,, A' 4 . - fe' 1, 'Af I h -1 'Wx ' ' T' ' . , ,....M l Q . - A I " ,,. -- W' , , , fm- Y' r, 4 . ,, 3 E I t ' if- 2 ,Q t . . ..X, N,.,,,V, ,... a, ,pi .haf Q I A Q I 'S 1 . .,.-- ,L get ,.,.- f- Y ,,,...- ai-"""a' fi x 5 af X A X we , ' A 5 fg, Q x, 5 K V 1 X we X3 . ,Q ewx 1 Y' S ?'l are L Great Scott! 1t,s moving! x Repairing a refrigerator X gy- I H, 1 Y x 1 G in-. M I NX .11 -i1 .i, , .a-1 K' PiTT77I?'?Q?I,' lE3lfiFlV5ff-f- .E 1 AIRCRAFT MECHANICS Aviation has made great progress in the last decade but is now entering its greatest development. We are beginning a new era of tremendous aeronautical development almost impossible to visualize. The airplane is the fastest means of transportation yet designed by man. The modern airliner is traveling with safety at speeds just dreamed of a few short years ago. A few years ago airlines were limited to flight mainly within their own countries. Continental limits-now-no place on earth that cannot be reached within a few hours flight time. With the advent of Jet propulsion, rockets, and atomic energy, we are presently in the conquest of sipace itself. T ose of us who have devote our lives to aviation cannot help but sound enthusiastic when we discuss career opportunities in this business. We know the field is wide open. We know that young men of vision who have the intelligence and training can, in a very short time, reach heights undreamed. At no time in the history of mankind has the challenge been greater than in the present decade. Also, there have never been greater opportunities for those trained in the skills and knowledge necessary to meet this challenge. The ground personnel of the Aviation lndustry must accept this challenge and conquer it now as we have in the past by education and training our young people. Success is the ambition of every man, but one must prepare himself, as success comes only to those who are prepared. There are thousands of opportunities in aviation awaiting the well-trained man with skilled hands. You cannot meet the requirements of today and tomorrow with yesterday's skill. Train now! Aww 'W 'tif' High Flight Revisited 26 f C ,N f We Y Y 1' wi J, .R 1 -.. :Muff , - Jam., We I . X f' ' 4 ' f Let 's unwind fellows. e My 541 5 4 1 vig' Wm 1 Ai, fi 4 Qui i Red Baron, Inc. A UTO MECHANICS The village blacksmith was the indispensable auto mechanic at the turn of this century. His inventive genius and superb craftsmanship are responsible for the evolution of the horseless carriage of yester- year to the modern passenger car of today. As much as we respect and admire his place in the history of progress in his field, We find that his "shade tree" trial and error methods will no longer earn him a gainful livelihood in todayas auto maintenance and repair operations. Today's automotive technician must possess the zeal and enthusiasm of his earlier counterpart, while, in addition to this, he must acquire through study and training a generous helping of the engineering techniques and aspects involved in the fabrication of the modern sophisticated power plants and vehicles. His work is often greasy but never dirtyg his job often tiring but never monotonous. vr 'Q ff , Mr. Trader explains how the motor works. 28 Q ri 1, l fy W A71 A P1-f.x4::5 FOI? j5vn5s2vTl-uma W vQEl?YTl'HNf?XmlJHS pl-ACE Q 99QWW'v5'vV'VVvvQ4 '3Z'!'!v2Qo'ov3eZ93'3'!02v3 ""wf!'2?3'33'361' fm 44Qif4'oXQ'49w'XA4f29fgQs292Q 3: Y Xxx' 'ov VA 5? 5 00 fi? 2? ,Q A JZ- MA O :ff 1 ' ,QKA xii ' xg 6E'fA ' K sl f ' I ffxil ff gf If .- .f xw Sig . in r s Q :Qi 'gi Ki" Q f X' Q 3 , 15 ,K Q f .x,xx::ai4.l'5g:iZi9Ex A. Nj-wx' sciwlfiwsii gs 4"' Vfw E5,'-,'Qf'f'!V5Za2 'sq we' QV ,. fi ' QA 'np iff? H' Rf If ' ng 4 ' X 3 1 4 hy ' ' w ' A, Q K x f' 1, ,Sv 5 Q ta Q 9 C ' Qizfezas Xia? y,Xfa'a:a:ofo'1 as fmfc, 35 S igfttigf 9 -,Magi 1.4, f ij ia ix ,M This isn 'I workin gf g'f2'4'f?,q J' This has I0 go somewhere, 29 f"T BUSINESS ADMINISTRA TION The Business Administration program is an accounting oriented program designed to give the student knowledge of the four basic requirements for success: Technical Skill, Marketing Know-How, Knowledge of Material Requirements and "The Language of Business? The student will receive training in economics, psychology, business law, marketing, taxes and insurance, statistics, auditing, business organization and management, and basic data processing systems. Upon completion of the training, the student will be prepared for a career in business, industry or government, leading to top management positions. ' I 5 Ah! Our blue-chip stock is rising. 30 Two heads are better than one! Xa 4?""" A-""' ,Q rf Mildred explains about the night before Pick g card-any yard I got this bl? TEISIUI' 31 CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY This Cprogram is designed to equip the student with a thorough knowle ge of the practical applications within the wide field of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Technology is one of the broadest subjects in the technological curricula. It includes many fields, which, although not directly considered Civil Engineering Technology subjects, nev- ertheless require a knowledge of Civil Engineering Technology and its principles. The work is co-ordinated with many other fields of engineering and is a continuously challenging job. The Civil Engineering Technician is a versatile individual. He is a surveyor and a construction man, not onl on buildin s, but on hydro-electric projects, flood control, lirighway am? railroad construction, airports, sewage and water supply systems, locks, dams, tunnels, aqueducts and similar projects. The training given in this curriculum will enable the graduate to perform such duties as estimating, specification writing, surveying, inspection and supervising with both public and private firms. The program also gives instructions in methods and equipment used in heavy engineering types of construction contracts and specifications. A graduate of this course is qualified to work in any of the numerous fields of Civil Engineering Technology with a minimum of supervision. "Mark!" 32 i . E l Q' ,N Nav sw .2 . angles. f Y XS r " rl X N Q ,G gr? ,ff This is the right way to do it, Micky 5, This is plum ridiculous 5 ,mf V w, v , ai' as E A ' Q H .is QE "" , ' M-of I S21 Y R , 1 - if Y Believe me, it is not as easy as it looks DA TA PROCESSING Data Processing curriculum encompasses the field of Data Processing from keypunch operator to programmer. Students learn the care, operation and control of machines including the IBM 82 sorter, 402 accounting machine and IBM 1130 computer. The computer is studied as a tool for the solution of business problems such as computation and record-keeping. The emphasis is on business systems such as calculation of payrolls and other accounting operations. A hands-on approach is used which gives the student a practical knowledge of his chosen field. Are you sure you know where it goes? 34 Make sure you copy it right or else Hee! Hee alhulf' 1' if The look of enthusiasm 35 '-mf o -L14 lannqaqa wwfiivzn win: M xl 1' -nm DENTAL ASSISTANT As a dental assistant, you will perform a variety of services necessary to assist a dentist in his office. Your duties will range from office management to chair-side assistance, sterilization of instruments, developing X-ray plates and some laboratory work. You will also deal directly with patients in such things as scheduling of appointments, keeping personal records up to date, greeting patients and routing in the dental office. This course provides theory and practice in the basic dental sciences and gives you the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in a wide variety of activities. 5 5 ri 5 gif , f Y 13 'S S' .D I . W0 , fl? N5 YXS, 9 Sa y "cheese f f'W This one looks familiar. 36 Kmwwmm .Epi w I . Mkt Nanov anxiously awaits the dentist. vw! .lf-"ljg! E FFA My Your next appointment will be . . DIESEL MECHANICS The Diesel Engine has been referred to as the "work horse of progress" since its development by Rudolph Diesel in Germany in the latter part of the 19th Century. No other single work producing machine has contributed so much to world progress. Add to this the diesel singular advantages of self-contained mo ility and it is truly in a class by itself. The diversiiication of the Diesel Engine has made a revolutionary impact upon virtually all phases of world economics. In the field of passenger and freight transportation, the Diesel Engine has replaced ,the steam engine on the railroad and the gasoline engine in the buses and motor freight carrier industries. The multi-bi lion dollar construction industry is totally dependent upon this economy for ready available means of power in its hundreds of adaptable applications. This impact upon Agriculture has been equally dramatic. The plow horse and gasoline engine has been 7596 replaced from the furrow to the consumer's market. The rapid growth of industrialization in the Pee Dee area greatly emphasizes our need for the continued expansion of training facilities for qualified diesel mechanics. lei f TO miectorfs G H 'gfwdkf VALVE covrrmosz ptumoea PTR FUEL PUMP FLOW Hit him over the head and run! 38 AMEWCAN wx I BQSCH gi if A crankshaf inspection. i 5 S Q 2 Q Q l 2 Choice, not chance. Mr. Clean! 39 Wm ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Mass production methods, so essential to American industry, are being constantly improved by the use of electronic equipment. Each year additional industries convert to fully automatic machines that follow either previously recorded instructions or the output of analog or digital computers. The Electronic Engineering Technology curric- ulum is designed to prepare the graduate for applying, installing, selling or maintaining electronic equipment. This program covers the complete electronics field including two- way radio, industrial electronics, servomechanism, transducers, micro- waves, computer circuitry, radio and TV, and the basic courses re- quired to achieve an adequate understanding of the more complex systems mentioned above. The use of modern laboratory equipment is taught at the same time laboratory experiments are in process to allow the student to become familiar with equipment required to perform all testing functions. In addition to the regular theory and ab work the student is given time in his last quarter of work to de- sign and build a project of his own choice. The project will termi- nate in a formal research report. Does it grow hazr? QU Half way there! 40 'Erratic schematic" llll HH W Hope mom put in some cookies' -di? X, 47 Watching TV on the side 41 INDUSTRIAL ELECTRUNICS We, in the Crafts Division, have established a unique simplification of an ordinarily complex subject: electricity and electronics. Relying upon an exceptional clarity of illustration and test-and the plan of presenting one concept at a time, we do not burden the student with an overflow of complicated mathematics and formulae. We simply portray and demonstrate it as it is-which releases the student and his developments for application and research in practical lab exercises, all well-supervised by trained personnel. This course involves a basic approach to two classifications: Electricity and electronics. Once the student masters the former, he enters the realm of the latter. He masters the techniques of working with tools of the trade, the use and application of test equipment and the ability to read schematics and diagrams. With these, he becomes self-reliant and technically capable of making a worthwhile contribution to our Industrial society. X M I v 0 " a Il "Watch! I 'll prove it. " 42 Q A 1 ,4 if "" Q -.,-Q ,,. -se V- 91 SJ 5 S S- 5'f.',f S139 QOO9 k55'?f8' B009 r P I v r r P i E 5 V 2 ? l 5 I sr. E ' ' fin , 1' n N4 . Q my ' 522 ' im A- 23 4 I fa I W f Y , .:..,2 .1 "' I f .4tvkfw,,f Y X Q, i i t 1 um. .. M.. ,..M....r- W,,,..-....-M--- ,- rf "" 'G eff: 0 '-Q Q 4 J, 6 - f 'N , fri -19 'Ci N. me 'JL 'i xy i ,.:::.,:s:.4r,. V:-X131 Q it M Xxx-L One mistake and-POOF-' It takes real concentration. Yes mother, the warden is treating us 0.k. Q I. ' W-xx 'il' hs. 43 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY The primary purpose of the Industrial Technology program is to train students for positions in the manufacturing industries, leading to supervision and management. This broad curriculum stresses principles and practices of industrial engineering and thereby enables the graduate to compete for a variety of positions. Industrial Technicians are found in almost every phase of factory planning and operation such as Plant Layout and Material Handlingg Time Studyg Cost Controlg Manufacturing Processesg and Methods Improvementg technical sales positionsg positions which require a knowledge of industrial safetyg positions in transportation, distributing, and utility companiesg in hospitalsg and in private business. . ef""""lllNn-..,,,m ',-,p-avi' nv""""- X' .li-M Hum-m-rn. I have my doubts about this class. 44 Amazing! fefl SeC07ldS and C0lll'llfl'lg .pu--.' -"' 'f"!"" M 1, , Ugg nn4aownQ1l4r Q. gpva 'O in 45 it MA CHINE SHOP The instruction of this curriculum is promoted primarily toward the technical aspects of Machine Shop operations. While the student, with the aid of machine and hand tools, is performing selected operations, he is given technical information regarding these operations. Machine Shop students work in the laboratory on machine and machine tools, including bench work, floor work, assembly layout, selected milling machines, lathe, shaper, drill press, and inspection. The Machine Shop employee is in constant need of technical knowahow regarding taper and angular calculations, geometric construction, screw thread leads and pitch diameter measurements and dividing head indexing of circular segmentation. "Now this is the panic button!" 46 U -e . Wk e f WM U P , ' '- .... f ff ' A J , . , i . , , I., , ., VW ' F gg, XX If . ix' M' E, X N , ix' e. , f-Wiz 150 . f' . px X , , A gig - , 3321? e sweH.,.a.1-hw--rfs-Q-zz.7eA..4..,...-4.1.---Q,.,Lgggjg--'f,::f.,,?if'i-'We f ' if i .,.. , . ,,4,.!v . . V - , ,,,, - - 1A,- . Q ' is . sz-:ie "1" f n fx "X W' 'N 1 :Q' 1 N' fee ,KXMQL 2, , ! -F :,.-.,.' L x., g, LM-, K .' 5 Q' 1 HV , it , Q ,., ,. ,, ., ,Ii :Q Kira X: .rig -ye, T 2 X Q- WN.. . A 1 x 'fs 'ff 'A e' ex e v EE iC,xgN'v fderf 24 1 ill- ez. K e - . :Kr - ,Q jf? - Q ,'- e ,Q , fi , W .mf gleg, ggp5g V g',Lfg3ffA MM foul-,fmrurs avrsuu Mx' ll HITII 0'1'lllI'Ill"Il1" Let's try this number. Qs- we X x X gf? N3 N. V , 3" Q, fr " 'E , , ,,,,. :aa , ,k " -V 255. ,. , B ' X' C .f fm J' Now here is the way we did it. 47 Y' The instructions say ifs there somewhere. MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY The Mechanical Technology student learns the principles of machine design and their application. He studies torsion, bending, and Hexure of metals, industrial machinery, clutches, brakes springs, and flywheels. He designs linkage, gear trains, and cams to give required motion to machines. He makes accurate and complete engineering drawings of the parts he designs so that they can be produced in the factory. He studies industrial materials and the processes used in their production and also studies the installation and maintenance of industrial equipment and the planning and operation of central distribution systems for heat, gas, water or steam. Y Y W i 7 I if ' A A ,li 'Q 32 f 3' flu "- A . Q ffm," if l ,L V U A Yes, Mr. Clean 8 2 I 48 V""'v-v. .,.f'q A? fi far It's SHOCK it to me time . K Q2 'S H Q ei ea I, Do I weigh that much? 49 VI .173 5. ,gm ' Watch the wise cracks pals. TECHNICAL DRAFTING AND DESIGN Technical Drafting and Design Technology is a two-year curriculum offering the student a thorough program in Engineering Graphics. The male or female draftsman-designer is an essential link between engineering and manufacturing. His job requires basic engineering knowledge and skillg it is often the means of advancement into positions of greater responsibility. After one year of basic knowledge and principles of drafting, the student will be allowed to specialize in either architectural, mechanical, structural, civil or electronic drafting. The curriculum is arranged to give the student drafting room experience supplemented by a planned sequence of related academic subjects which he will find useful in his chosen career. Having completed this curriculum, the student may then assume his place in industry with pride and confidence. 'Kiwi aa mhwmwmwm vmwwmmmm Thinkers all! QQ 5 ax ,QW ,..,......... W, md' Y0u're right so ar. 1 Hereiv my claim to fame. M, nf- - """"- ' um.:-ww-1 41 " 4. ,...f- ..- -"' ' " -,. rw ,Y--1-:".. . Q' H M A k ' W'-5: ff' iw f X. , , 15 Ak.. -K --s z . Q Q fd5,,.,. - - .....,.,K h ..........,,,.1-1--5.48-.- .v 1-m,.f,fvf-xcxuyvsvy rs Lv 1 1 "ft "" ""'Y 45,h 109 Q- .-nf ,,, Y g w x, " Lin .. vw A 1 uvn.,,, i' 9 oss fsiie 'A' " .,.-.-:- .45-' if :1-'yr , -gf' -g - W 5. W T A 1. U QQ" , W ,, ,,.....--.A ,S-gg.-.115-"'L,Ei F. ...Av Jil. " 'fx -. .V .,' 3 m , A Q , , - :noun W, ,H 00. lllll x 5, M , lllll V lllll 2 ...... - y.. W K-. .Qs-"df" T "" "'i.."' H39 1 TECHNICAL SECRETARY The Technical Secretary curriculum is designed to prepare future office Workers for a very challenging and rewarding career. The responsibilities of a secretary are wide and the work is varied. To prepare her for this role, a secretary,s education at TEC is comprehensive and covers the entire range of possible responsibilities. s.N"'x"N-1 R.-' Mrs. Matthews never breathes when she is dictating. .. -vw . 'W . V' . .r . -V X 1 f if P lf. if 'ffl " 5 KZ: f ,, f f P ,W 1 ,- QQ x' J lf F' Mft . ' ,K af Hi .QP I 'Y if! ,gg ,ff",L' . I It , 2 7 L20 ,, 5' 1 jf 5' ,f-I fy ' I X - x -1-' "T, '- xz 1 N' ' A Maj A ' , - - Q ....lMm That's funny, I did it the same way. ,off ,V 'WY' it U The book never mentioned this situation. 53 TOOL AND DIE MAKING Tool and Die Making is a highly skilled craft requiring a broad knowledge of mathematics, drafting, and blueprint reading, physics, the science of metallurgy, and heat treatment. During his two years at TEC, the Tool and Die student becomes familiar with the use of precision machines and instruments for building intricate mechanisms working to a tolerance of i .0Ol',. Tool and Die Making encompasses the building of tools, jigs and fixtures, dies, gauges and special productive mechanisms. Upon graduation, with additional industrial training and guidance, the student will become a highly skilled craftsman. -btw , ' ' ,, M., K , ,x ..., fm , M 54 N i ,Q aa ii-l"E'a NN ""'-Q ""x, --uun"" Q ggi ,,...,, .A Practice makes perfect. i You learn by doing. +919 and this button turns it on. 55 ,1?'h""V"mn 11"- X-RAY X-Ray has been called the vanguard of modern medicine. This is quite appropriate as no modern hospital today is without its X-Ray department and every physician, surgeon, and dentist uses it at sometime in his practice as an important diagnostic tool. There is no region of the body that is not subject to the X-Ray's searching eye. X-Rays and radioactive substances are being used in the treatment of many disease conditions, also. X-Ray is being used in many automated processes in modern industry, too. Expanded usage of X-Ray in technological development and 20th century medicine precludes the need for more efficient X-Ray technologists with a broad educational background in science and technology. Students with radiation badges on immaculate uniforms are a familiar sight in TEC classrooms. These students commute each day from the McLeod Infirmary in Florence, receiving clinical instruction and clinical practice in the hospital. ii Waiting for the patzent to smzle 3 ,Q e , if 5 Dlii g 62" E T? W e .wmv , Q - 1 171 bet itiv fckle. 'L ll-u-gf ui-, 2572 fewer cavities. , I 1 mm..-rr f -n X 1 1- ...M 1.-,1, - .1 4 .1 . . 5- - ,'...n , .,.,,...J ' 4 '7"sg'A'Y" QMWQ, e,:4qfMk'VP3Hi':'Nm .,....VN1Q.h,N.r,., ,wWWA,.,. Mmwwf www-..::f: 1n:'v.ffW V V ,V x X , Wx ,Mem 'X g, . . ' if X If ifswmsww , 'R A K . ,f LL P 'N 5 in! K , -.M as 'C W N-'-'N-+Y,..Q,.,.. 1 . f . ,V - .x ,mxwf ' ' , . W C A my MQ , , , Xyxyrfsfglzf .wig .W 'Kdlmm M,,,QfvA 1 he-w ei Wx , Q x W" ' ' K x 'N My . .,,, X .MM f'.xg'ii"n:iHi8IWWFw ---- , 'A'-.ugannss vJ,..4 ,.. 1 ,.,u:I!Z'5,i ??5if"MWW"" 'M f ,MvN,W4,,mX .AmMWwMwfm:'wff-..a.WAwfN-xn-- X H ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,:M:v-LW 'WW " . ,4.fw-NM-N:-f -Qwmfrv W Y Y WEN ?6SiJH?e1' U22 M352-3 ,,,, 3 A N f x ,ff nm . -67 ' u . - 1 , - 1 v ,, Z, i 5 f if 5 R V 4 I .. 5 pf ,f-fn in f 'M M Q , , W f ., all e A V, 3, X. is is , I . .1 N .. Q R94 Af, 'fx .5 wk, -x w, N., x xxx My w L Jay: XX n X Aa l x '- 1 xv 5,' 9, ' 'xv - "M Wy if- X .V M, K' .W .X xi .ht NN N. eg., " . Ami 'Nw X' ,, 'Air k . N, - '..MM -,w if 'wp .NNN y K -, N . -X Q 'cg' Q'-M-.4 N, N-,...,,"'4a , Mx., 5.7 'hen , f V-.,,Mu.f,,, N un , . . iq -, own Nm v X f ff 'NWNW J 'I 'VPU'- wu u.,:,Z N:-xi ,www i 0 ., ,. X 'Z 1 vm 3 in 80 mm N-. Ev' ,B X 'ws JK -A . 'Q K ' 'K YQ! . A wk Q P A 4 .2 1 x ' X 'K ,Q A -..,...- E 13" , 1 . ,W 4 -5 , M, fl ff - A , .J 'Y .NNW . 'ws' 1 1 . J v XTQXSM X . . , Q, fx K ,N W' x v ' , , fi 1 . ,P ., , "Y--.W M t fr ' .. 5' ., A n SM ..... a , "N W A v " N 45" SM V W 5 A. U . .I ,V fu,-S 5,811 : .mv , yy X V tw , yygwh :L 5 - mpg., , x '- ., fl ' 2' if - M " 4-we--. L' .JS Q - A 'MVN-. 9 '9 A L n , M r Si 159 .HN .. ww M Q93 M KW, - ..W...w. , Q, 3 4, . ,183 wa 3. X' Xt ,iv x, 'Q . .. . y Asn, if egg, A D xa."bf."5 9 .' 'H S ' 4' ' y 46 4' AfM.'f'Y ' Q A CTI VITIES --A A--A-H gm' V, Y f ..I.-AC,..-l.,. JI ll. I, !I,I,lll I-,-,L-4-Hl,,II,,lm. in-. A. L .!AL5y1 L5 LLL 1- STUDENT COUNCIL Charles Brown, President Nick Ramsdell, Vice-President Marcia Johnson, Secretary Jimmy Howie, Treasurer Mr. Frank Long, Advisor Student Council representatives 60 ii' i H1::Lss1:mmf1uummn1ym umssmm Marcia reads minutes of the last meeting. J Members discuss the Christmas dance. ww The President and his Cabinet. A ., ., A .-..-..-x..- .,- -.. - .4:.1.,...-+ ..,, LL, REFLECTIO S STAFF 1' Bonnie Clavton, Editor aff' Marcia Johnson, Assistant Editor N aney Coleman, Business Manager .45 J , . 4 is Debbie Hutchinson, Lavout Manager Steve Gavton di Pam Dellinger, Art Editors Min-w,..i . is fx gi ,Q in E i 1 We , y . Dfw .1 x 3:15, Q, .jmix 1 as J 5 J i at , , M 9 Q rf ..-it Karliv. Pam, AI, Linda, and Winkie check ad sales. T jul-4" Wade Small, Advisor 5"-Ti""'-...W Q The winning smiles that sold ads. Happiness is meeting the deadlines. meeting of the minds 'Y 1 'QA' TEC TIMES IVE. 'fi-Q Lf' Q-f' Mr. Tom Edwards, Advisor Elaine Vwnburn, Editor Judy Gibson, Associate Editor , ' HQ . QWXN fiimimv Ns , f Q , , dm' L' -M-' A--' 'amd VXAVNWOQ B Q - i wif Q09 ..-- A .fd iiykxaigv. Qo..ov,D strc I t - ,zfeif we .v . Demon roguiff xg in P ..f-ang' Sxoqedx ',f,,K.g.,.,k ,,.- N, 64 M1 v--"""ifw-'-" ,,,.l.-Q , 1 V Looking over last year's paper to get ideas. Priscilla Chinchar, Feature Editor Jerry Thomas, Photo Editor Jim Alexander, Sports Editor Y K k 'Zi 72. ci Ria xxx K W hh blows was "'x. . 1. x x J Xi ggi, v 'lun ""'-"1 gkffsi. ,. M.. . Choosing pictures for the paper. W9 5 Mi ' ' A ,gp-W' Mr. Edwards, are you sure we can do this? 'UQD ew 'N r G'1-QUIZIIVGS , t. HE, Karen, do you know what you're doing? I sw, P, Arn 'um 53:6 XX, ,, m ,ox M ,gy 'fi W 3 f if , iv ' 4 ' A J., X L w Q fa . . M l f 'R 1' 5. P ,Az , , i l -1 A 1 , f' Lk f ,V W :LX T. '41 Miss TEC Contestants P D S mv X .Je n if nfs 'EF A 4 x 'lan A Y ,,,.....-w..- ' -Qfx-Ls,-wg-v -1 X .1 5, Q, Q ,CX K A - v-- gf r , , 3 X r I ' 1 QQ r Sswhhg' I ,- .-5. I 4 uw-.A.'4vlJ' 'I 'N' 'JL Y 4 V. '. 1 ':4nv,,.l,14. ,,J he , xx-1 r d ,N F ":.NL,5-N"-,5-' ' is '- . ' - . t 1 Miss Stella Bragdon Miss Jo C layman 9 l i 1 x -0- , H :M .,,, Miss Sue Childers vw s ,Uv is 'yn Q. s ll P Ig., QS, 'Al X x s X ee Q kgxffffigxsess vt ' -"'---j , .ff """-.3-..... Miss Bonnie C laylon , 0 x ,x - . K ' .' 'gm : H. K ' A , Y K, L 'f VW-"-' if :,.' . Y , V xg if ,N 'Y' 5' 'QQ ix' W' ' 4 ' - - J x L 1 XS, lf' f 4' h L , - '. X W " . ' ,-x..'Y w. M 0 0 43 13-49132, A xx-V F . Miss Marcia Johnson fr! 'gl Y ua: :BA -Ni' 'w-'TQ-,--'- r,:f'r'b-ls. Yi Y wx 1 . af' 6' .- Miss Nancy Coleman Ms, Miss Janet Mills Miss Brenda Presson Miss Anita Watts Miss Bobbie Jean Wilson . ' ks'-'P NM. i x . V 39" in 'Wi i 'Wai ' KC. ' K I 1 , I-. . 4..,LQ . K ...wx f- 'X .W jfzbzx, Nr V! ' If If CLASSES Mike Adams Industrial Technology II James Alexander Business Administration II Dave Altman hi. atm ' flaw x Qin ' , -W 57 fi QM fr 4, f fs .1 Q' ' 1 wb' A Randy Altman Business Administration II Jenkins Alton Auto Mechanics Ethel Jane Amerson Date Processing Joan A nderson Dental Assistants Matty Lou Amerson Data Processing Septa Anderson Data Processing Delores Ard X -Ray Technology II Bonelle Arnette Industrial Technology II Mike Arnold Drafing II Craigh Aronson Draping I Kathy Arrington Dental Assistants James Atkinson ' Industrial Technology II v . ikk ftff of y W' f- W' , f : X J egg Q E - Q J f rw,-L' . a+ - .x 5 Page 3' K X ,mai we use ' ......l f 4140-,- HW .qwmf 74 Mac Bacote Industrial Electronics I Dan Bailey Civil Technology II James Bailey Electronic Technology II Andrew Tazwell Baird Mechanical Technology Anne Baker Data Processing Ken Baker Electronic Technology Leon Ballard Industrial Electronics I Jerry Bane Business Administration I Spencer Barker Drapin g II Jerry Barnhill Civil Technology I Jack Barrett Air Conditioning II Jerry Baxley Agricultural Technology II Elton Bell Auto Mechanics Lester Bell Agricultural Technology II Victor Bell Air Conditioning I Ann Belhilower Technical Secretary II Marion Black Machine Shop I Earl Blackmon Electronic Technology George Blackmon Draping I Ronnie Bowen Air Conditioning I Ronnie Bracey Business Administration II Dan Bradham Diesel Mechanics Stella Bragdon Data Processing Jerry Braveboy Business Administration I Bill Brewington Data Processing James Bridges Business Administration I Harry Bristow Draping II Allen Brown Tool and Die II Bilbf Brown Civil Technology I Brenda Brown Dental Assistants X Q v ,,,.,...::g5g,:5::::3 vw.:,,-V A. :fa - w 4 ' X rc ?" ' BRA? , ? 1 ' X ag 925 ,aw ,ff , yy X 'ass wwf-'-Q, , " xt X. .-'ga:a:.:.f --2 - JM , :,,3e,,?, X, M 3 - 3' .ULAQ4 , ,if 1 X A511 M g Quan'-ff fP!"9NQ"fr ulllvw' '- ,., ,, - , 1' -q?s '.1 ', :- ,-- N .af " -1212 at A Xi my W T : ,fri , tx - MN. -- 1 it Q G ' ,VET , ' " 4 -J ,yo 1 W if QQ A .K , 'Ny M igffgayi' , I ix? M- lie., gow ,-WA. , Q X ,J Charles E. Brown Tool and Die II Eddie Brown Electronic Technology I Florence Brown Technical Secretary I James Brown Electronic Technology I Mike Brown Drafing I Randy Brown Machine Shop Willie Brown Drafing II Glenn Bryant Air Conditioning Joseph Bryant Industrial Technology I Janice Ballard Data Processing Charles Bullock Industrial Engineering I Johnny Burgess Machine Shop Robert Burgess A ir Conditioning Raymond Burkett Industrial Electron Rick Busby Data Processing ics Tony Butler Industrial Electronics I Vicki Butler Data Processing Cordie Byrd Air Conditioning Danny Byrd Machine Shop Felix Byrd Industrial Technology II Linda Byrd Business Administration I Sophia Byrd Data Processing Randall Calcutt Industrial Electronics II Larry Cameron Business Administration I Bessy Campbell Technical Secretary I Michael Campbell Air Conditioning Danny Capotosti Data Processing Donna Carnell Data Processing Glenn Carnell Industrial Electronics I Phyllis Carpenter Dental Assistants ...l W 5 459910- ,M ,fp 5 ...li-1 78 ani.-4, ff- ' W 5 V GRN .l 'U' .ng , f KWK 3 Q A .A-sam! - .- ,W uma- -- , A x X f 11. 'cs 3 aa.- 5' :xc x X' 1 kim ., ft . I " M V we f? I 3, ' 2 NX I I X X, N E 5?: NJ 1 s fe x7 ii A ii' i 4Q!"'lv'- qfha ,.., w 79 Harry Carter Civil Technology II Frank Cassidy Industrial Technology I Andy Caulder Business Administration Jamie Caulder Industrial Electronics I Sherrie Caulder Technical Secretary I Jerry Chapman Drafing I Kay Cherry Drahing I Sue Childers Data Processing Debra Chrapek Technical Secretary I Barbara Clark Dental Assistant .Io Clayman Technical Secretary I Bonnie Clayton Technical Secretary II Don C lonch Agricultural Technology II Shubert Cockfield Air Conditioning I Woody Cockfeld Mechanical Technology Bernadette Coleman Machine Shop I Nancy Coleman Dental Assistant Jolie Collins Business Assistant II Kay Lee Cooke Dental Assistant Aubrey Cooper Business Administration II Charles Cooper Tool and Die Tony Cosimato Aircraf II Ricky Cottingham Data Processing I Frank Courtney Data Processing I Charles Cox Agricultural II Brenda Cranford Data Processing Ashley Craven Industrial Electronics I Kenneth Craven Agricultural II Ollie C ri bb Data Processing Sandy Cri bb Business Administration I 'nl' gn... ' .4 if? 'S' em. W . m 5 . , X '6'Vvf!u. S ' X - 'ggaWfi85f?,Qv-Q "Q""""v .A -wwf rm ,nal ? KH? id Paul Czrniel Tool ana' Die Walter Dailey Civil Technology I Jerry Dampier Data Processing James Davis Diesel John Davis Auto Mechanics I Winfield S. DeWitt Electronic Technology I Gregg Deas Industrial Electron Pam Dellinger ics Technical Secretary II Frances Denny X -Ray I Iris Dickerson Dental Assistant Kenny Douglas Tool and Die II Johnny Douafy Civil Technology I Phillip Dowling Agricultural I Brenda Drake Dental Assistant Laurie Driggers Industrial Electron ics I Julie Duke X -Ray II Sanford Eaddy Drahing I Larrv Easterlin g Diesel Mechanics Paul Edwards Business Administration I Sondra Edwards Data Processing Bilhf Elliott Data Processing Chip Fenters Industrial Technology II :QV Sonny Fields 5 li I Drahin g I Bob Fletcher Air Conditioning Al Flowers Electrical Technology II Bucky Flowers Drahin g I Johnny Flowers Business Administration II Lena Flowers Data Processing James Floyd Tool and Die Lola Floyd Data Processing 1010'- NM 'Nw X. 4-3 X 3 Q vii? we I M4" 'fm f K-41- ...ggi - G E ' - ,ew-FX, , ., 'N , "NNN ws ., N" ' .4-"iw ,uf fp., , Q2 X 'R ,NA Lf qu. "K-'brvwfi 2' 3 3 . 1' 1" , 9. X , . My 1 T , N 5 ' " ','f1'sf,x. 1 N2 x fix Q YQ s Q 1 X :W 1 Q V Six X . 4,4 ft' Qu? ,as X, , 1 Q Ns. ,Sy it 4 r-3i5??sAdS:':::: ggi: x A gpl us 'F LQ, ,xggii "N X 5 l ,V r with .5 1 . 'Qs T ,M,.,, . an yr , :D ' QS fy , 'g 1, Mi' . .mi wig., N. mf? Q Ui as 2 3 s - if fem , 5 A N, ,,g,, 3, 4 nf. Jr, My ,f 1 T , if , f 'Q QQ ' Ns , ,W ,,.. flh- QUERY' Delphenia Fountain Data Processing .Howard Fountain Diesel Mechanics Ronald Fowler X-Ray Technology Steve Fowler Business Administration Kathy Freeman Technical Secretary, II Owen Freeman Machine Shop, I Robert Friday A uto Mechanics Gene Frieson Data Processing, I Lonnie Fulton, Jr. Tool and Die Danny Gainey Tool and Die Faye Gainey Data Processing, I Fran Gainey Data Processing, I Van Gainey Technical Drahing, II William Gainey Electronic Technology, Ronald Galloway Diesel Mechanics Connee Gamble Technical Secretary, II J. C. Gandy Electronic Technology, II Leon Gandy Electronic Technology, I Pat Garner X -Ray Technology, II Carrol Garwin Tool and Die Janet Gathings Technical Secretary, II Glenn Gernigan Agricultural Technology, I Judy Gibson Business Administration, II Kay Gibson Business Administration, I J. Larry Godwin Civil Technology, I Wayne Godwin Business Administration, I Wanda Gore X-Ray Technology, I Diane Graham Dental Assistants Maye Graham Agricultural Technology, I Glenn Grant Date Processing, I sar6?"' we , 1' Wg Mm ff ai,-. - my E !gfY:H kg -, yr 1 f -,W .f Q, ff' 4 yr y , 7 9 0. KI J i , .W- X u 84 Sh- QQLL-73" av-W" ABR 4, sV""" The ,WGN f'9'l?'Hs. Qi Dick Griljin Electronic Technology, I Bobby Griggs Agricultural Technology, I Steve Guyton Technical Drahing, I Henry Haddock Air Cray? Mechanics George Hall Machine Shop Gordon Harper Civil Technology, I Morgan Harrell Agricultural Technology, I James Harrelson Data Processing William Harrington Civil Technology, II Jerry Harris Civil Technology, II Barry Haselden Air Craft Mechanics Myra Hayden Technical Secretary, II Albert Hayes Agricultural Technology, II Joe Hayes Business Administration, I Dennis Hendrix Electronic Technology Melvia Jane Henninghen Technical Secretary, I Brenda Herring Technical Secretary, I Alberta Hicks Dental Assistants Ronald Hicks Electronics Technology Larry Hodge Tool and Die Bob Holland Civil Technology, I Robert H onsucker Industrial Technology, I Dan Hooks Industrial Technology, I Poo Horn Data Processing Ricky Horne Agricultural Technology, I Donna Hoskins Data Processing Mary Ann H owle Technical Secretary, I Wayne H owle Data Processing Clara Howell Technical Secretary, II Steve Howell A uto Mechanics ,www R t :W "7"'Nk. ,Iii 'G X f 5 f 'fs V' 'x K Iwi' V' , Nap, We 'X l -X. in .L .A af' 'WJ w..,M- s Q :W 5 S 'F W' O ix ,X ,Q m . A P 1:9 3 i aw QC Ai' .41 E Wmwf' f v ji .J g et Avi? O W 1 22 IW we 'nr .YN f, 43, fe is S uh x 7, ,V vw tg , u w.. ,fm . iw A we I a, f. A ,'f.,.e"' e 3 ff f Qu I EVA 5 3' ' Y ,SS 5 A X fi Q W 1 87 ff? I Michelle H ovlen Technical Secretarv I James Hudson ' Electronic Technology II Rosa Lee Hudson Technical Secretary I Sharon Huggins Technical Secretary II Wanda Huggins Technical Secretary I Lonnie Hughey Data Processing Carrol Hulon Business Administration I Reggie Huneycutt Business Administration I Debbie Hutchinson Technical Secretary II Kathy Hutson Technical Secretary I I James Hyman Civil Technology II Clarence Ings Machine Shop I Bill Isgett Auto Mechanics Danny Isgett Machine Shop I Ronnie Isgett Drahing II Jack Jackson Electronic Technology II Alvin Jenkens Business Administration I Larry Jenkins Air Conditioning I Tommy Jenkins Electronic Technology I David Jernigan Civil Technology I Anna Johnson Technical Secretary I Betty Johnson Technical Secretary II Calvin Johnson Industrial Electronics I Elliott Johnson X-Ray Technology II Marcia Johnson Technical Secretary II Mike Johnson Data Processing Wayne Johnson Electronic Technology II Spencer Jones Tool and Die L. R. Judge Air Conditioning Gail Keefe Technical Secretary II l I. 4 'tv .tn-Q I A fwx 'Q..,-w..-. 2'-I 'mm E its ftS?"'w' we sive -. ' x '1"2':', sf. ' N5 .M4 ' 'N,,..,,N 'Mum If 4 dvi' mx W ' Yi . . gy .gtg . 'fin I? J immy Keels Agricultural Technologv I Carev Keith Tool and Die Dale Keith Data Processing Lvnette Kellv Technical Secretarv II Tommy Kellv Air Conditioning I A rnold King Diesel Mechanics Ray King Industrial Electronics I Joseph Kinney Business Administration I Paul Kirby Diesel Mechanics Otis Kirkland Tool and Die Richard Kirton Industrial Electronics I Cheryl Lambert Data Processing Janet Lambert Technical Secretary II Terry Lambert Drah ing I Fave Landers Technical Secretary II Ellen Lane Technical Secretary I Leo Lane Data Processing Roy Laney Business Administration II John Langley Civil Engineering I Jimmy Leach Drahing II Connie Lee Data Processing Gerald Lee Drahing II Johnny Lee Agricultural Technology II Kelly Lee Business Administration I Kenny Lee Air Conditioning I Tony Lee Civil Engineering II Robert Lemmons Business Administration I Tom Levine Aircrah Mechanics Ricky Lewis Business Administration I Ron Lewis Mechanical Technology II M Q 5 -is W 54: me f- lg .mu ' 351742 , 1f- -- if,-,f , ' LAL.. - 'S w fyggwp - --... '2 ,4 WWW .NW D IWZLLA J' I , Ay' ,.i, I I. ' f Q5 "' M JW :.: 'I .Sf ',,- A if ' M Wx i ww' 'Qi ' ., A 'A , il : is -f-' 1 'iq ii "' i t f ' ' 1 ,x k-,' 1 Q ms - M13 jfs: ,n ..:, .L Mfg 3 '55 I ,.,.A-ni i .4 ,f . .-1 !' QW I t x, .vwy 'RM 'H I 4, 1 1 4? J X S N W, 33 9 'K b i eff ff' K fy pw ,Aviv may ML - j " Linda Long Technical Secretary I Pat Long Technical Secretary I Vicki Lundy Technical Secretary I Freddie Mack Drahing I Michael Marlowe Auto Mechanics J ack Marsh A ircra 1? Earl Wayne Martin Agricultural I Kathy Matthews Technical Secretary I Ray Matthews Tool ana' Die William McCall Mechanical Technology Nick McColl Auto Mechanics Lorenzo McClain Drahing I Milton McClellan Drahing and Designing I Ranell McClure Data Processing Mitchell McC'rutcheon Auto Mechanics I Dell McDaniel Technical Secretary II Nell McDaniel Technical Secretarv II Bobby McElveen Technical Drahing II Roger McElveen Civil Technologv I .Iackquelyn McFarlin Technical Secretary I Tontmv McGee Electronic Technology Freddy McKay Civil Engineering I Errol McKenzie Industrial Technology I I Glenda McKenzie Technical Secretary I Jimmy McKissick Air Conditioning 1 C. G. McKoone Agricultural II Jackie McLellan Industrial Technology I Sharon M edlin Industrial Technology I Jack Meekins Industrial Technology I Linda Melton Technical Secretary II Ronnie Merriman Dra1?ing II Danny Miles Auto Mechanics Douglas Miles Civil Technology I M ickie Miles Diesel Fred Miller Air Conditioning Janet Mills Data Processing Gerry Mishoe Business Administration II Micky Montrose Civil Technology II Linda Moody Technical Secretary I James Moore Business Administration I John Moore Electrical Technology II Thelma Moore Data Processing Thomas Moore Business Administration I Donald Morrell Air Conditioning I Sammy Morrell Business Administration I1 Jim Morris Agricultural Technology II Teddy Morrison Industrial Technology I Jerry Moss Business Administration I Harold Motte Electronic Technology I Paul Moulds Industrial Electronics I Harry Mozen Business Administration II Marcy Mozingo Data Processing Rachel Myers Dental Assistant Larry N ettles Industrial Technology I Dan Newsome Tool and Die II Jimmy Newton Data Processing Dianne Norris Data Processing I Kathy Norwood Dental Assistant Jimmy Odom Machine Shop I Robert Odom Industrial Technology I 4. 5 ,- ,Ar - VRS! 'N 9? iw 'wm..V.f X 4-UN ,M .. C77 M J . Q 5 I X .. I mf ' L My gg! flwfhw -"' 3 Wi 94 ' l E, .T rw- -.,,fuw..- .vw SUN -l6".,,, .. ...A 2 Plc LQ " 1 2 we, 4- ,gf.o5g,,.,., -1 E Q -mi ,Y . I wx? yi 5995 mm V gk. X w a 5' J 4 f ! if ee Q 13 x 1. max..- IM .iw A f 5313? ' ' Wm. lg fy 3 x .Qzva 1 ' we ,W in . EL fel W wC"" gd Qu M tx 1 4 NN N 'QQ in , , . 3 gfwxl X if Q 1 QL New Q 4 RW Q 25 1 'W Q hung L. ' f A 95 Leo O'Neil Drahing I Ralph O,Neil Tool and Die Richard Osman A ircrah I John Ostigny Auto Mechanics I Jo Jo Owens Draj?ing Design I Russell Owens Business Administration I Tommy Owens A uto Mechanics Evon Parker Civil Technology I Roy Parnell Civil Engineering I Dante Parrott Tool and Die I Patricia Pegues Technical Secretary II Al Phillips Electronic Technology I Jef Phillips Business Administration II Linda Poston Data Processing Andv Powell Civil Technologv I Charles Powell Data Processing Curtis Powell Civil Technology, II Eddie Powell Agricultural Technolo g Howard Powell Technical Drahing Brenda Presson Data Processing Larry Pridgen Auto Mechanics. I Margie Purdue Technical Secretary, II Nick Ramsdell Electronics Technology Randy Ratli 51 Data Processing Joan Rentz Business Administration I Lacey Richardson Technical Drahing Emery Dale Rogers Auto Mechanics, I Eugene Rogers Technical Drahing, II Foster Roger Civil Technology, I James Rogers Technical Drahing, I I 1 M W9 on Q 1 I Q - 'Q 4 so M V 3 13 Q ,X wifi XZ' Yi 16k-TM' R nw, 4 1: 27 ifvi A. "Q 4' X ' um, 1 2.31, Mn, 1 a , fx X ...XX be g Z wt.. L' ,-.. . 4, sf if 4 .Q .,., N,C,:.is-f .. ,1Q"'. fIif' . 'lf A V ,fa r . , K 4 Y 'K' Z A - ' j N 1:-- " ,, X" 2 'S -A QE? i wi Q :lC3gf,,rl5g 'I , it 5 W... 5, ' if ' X 1 if: 5 LQ fl In 5 4 If 2 . A ffei 1, X K . "W I WS? Q ' xx 'ilrx Nm. Q,,,w, I , hi? . 929-5'if'4' . 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'asm e ff A mmm vw ?-wa eww bk .N K, M 5 K0 R95 9945 W was ummm: na. mmm 'fmm-.m.xw.WN-x mm ., .NW .W X in by-. v .1 O N w, yr, lf 9, 4 ,wwf QW v li N-, l YWFTK 4 M. , 5 we ' 1 N , fn-.4 , Mina .,, If 'f 'x ww X333 gif: ,QAQAWSVY Q , U. N. V- A t Q 4 Z-14 -. w-Q 1 . Bi x.-..,+'Q,N v AD VERTISEME S Compliments of PEE DEE MECHANICAL CONTRACTGR ASSGCIATIO of South Carolina MEMBER 5 ffm ASSURANCE OF QUALITY ga s . A wfw - ' ff J ,4 . M y . 1 Ms, pg. wa., 0. af.r.ca4:1,v 1 4 ix ZW f 'We :wi g f , M . ' rw A fa' ,' Q + ,so Q 3 f Vg'-,,.j4. g, of is ' V f m' W ' N J W g Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric Contact our state ofiice at 1534 Washington Street in Columbia, South Carolina for addresses of our members in your area who might have a job waiting for you upon your graduation. Fifty-eight member iirms belong to the association in the Pee Dee area. 116 SCHOOL JOB NUMBER CITY and STATE DATE SELECTION OF TYPE STYLE SELECTION OF TYPE SIZE AND FACE Yearbook Journalists have developed some normal type Subiect Size Face styles which we recommend for use in your yearbook. If Main Headlines you want us to use the NORMAL TYPE STYLE, CHECK . ,rms BOX Sub Headlines Division Page Headlines Body Copy If you prefer one of the occasional variations instead, Captions and 'demmcations place a check in the box to the left of the variation desired. 'ndex NOTICE: Before completing this section, read headline description on page 10 NORMAL TYPE STYLE OCCASIONAL VARIATIONS Main Headlines: Caps and Lower Case NOTE: Headlines will be positioned as indicated on the 3-R and not closerthan 3f16" from pictures. III ALL CAPS P U all lower case El Sentence headline style. Subheadlines: Caps and Lower Case NOTE: Subheadlines will be positioned as indicated on the 3-R and not closer than 3!16" from pictures. lil ALL CAPS El all lower case lfl Sentence headline style. Division Page Headlines - ALL CAPS NOTE: Headlines will be positioned as indicated on the 3-R and not closer than 3!16" from pictures. Ci Caps and Lower Case Cl all lower case U Sentence head style Body Copy: Size- 1O point Paragraphs - indented 8i Justified NOTE: Body copy will not be placed closer than 3f16" from pictures. El 12 point EI Paragraphs Flush Left gl Justified El Line forline III Unjustified, flush ieii El Unjustified, flush right Caption and Identification Copy: Size - 8 point Style - Flush left, justified and in 2 columns Row Identification set in contrasting face and all caps NOTE: Captions and identifications will be placed no closer than 3f16" from pictures. El 6point .U indented, justified and in 2 columns El Rowidentifications El Row identifications set in same face all caps lj Full width of picture set in contrasting face, ca ps and lower case Index Copy: Size - 8 point CExtra cost involvedj Set in 3columns III 6 point CExtra cost involvedj ij No alphabetical divisions Alphabetical Divisions 14 point caps III Set in-.-., Columns. Page Numbers Centered in the position indicated at the f,f'J"g-x'-tx bottom of the 3-R form. If this position is covered with pic- lj other tures or copy, page number will be deleted. " I F If it becomes necessary for copy fitting, may we alter your layouts? ElYes l1'lNo . Special Information: li X X XX--Pd'-'lg L The specifications you have indicated here will be followed Form. After first copy is received, these specifications unless you give specific instructions otherwise on the 3-R cannot be changed without extra cost. Signed . p Signed Yearbook Representative Yearbook Adviser .........- ,. . . , i' ' , 5' ,,, ,,, n TRANSMISSIDNS America's largest transmission specialists Route 2 Box 2l3x Phone 18033669-5171 Florence, S. C. Florence F.C.X. Service Farm 8: Home Supplies Fertilizer, Garden seed, Flower bulbs Complete Farm 8z Home Center Aiken and Company Darlington Fuel Company Insurance Real Estate Distributors of Esso Products Rentals Mortgage Loans Phone, West Cheves Florence, South Carolina Pee Dee Brace And Limb Co. 255 W. Palmetto' Street Florence, S. C. 29501 W. H. Bristow Inc. Gulf Oil Products Darlington, S. C. CONGRATULATIONS! Modern Pure Car Service W S C Complete Car Service Hansville S C Tires Batteries 8L Accessories Corner of Irby and Cherokee Streets 117 Fords Thunderbirds Fairlanes Mustangs Falcons Horne Auto Co. Your Direct Ford Dealer 173 E. Cheves St. 600 N. Coit St Florence, S. C. 120 oil? W gi Call for WCG Appointment LaVERA'S BEAUTY SALON Helps to create a lovelier. ou. Ph 66,4733 V CHARLES SMITH S1 D F1 S C CHEVROLET, INC 991 S. Irby Florence, S. C. GANDY'S HESS STATION "You'll always pay less at Gandy's Hessl' Box 106 Marion High y Florence, S. C Compliments of MARLOWE MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 121 Compliments of Willcox Drugstore Since 1871 The News and Press Darlington, S. C. J ohnson's Restaurant Hartsville, s. c. Barringer-McKee1 Hardware Co. Darlington South Carolina Satisfaction Begins at Coker's in Hartsville Lean on Klopman Mills for line fabrics Society Hill, S. C. Compliments of All Star Lanes Florence, S. C. 157 East Evans Street Compliments of Iver's Pawn Shop Florence, S. C. 122 "The place where you find your friends" J ohnls Drive-in Restaurant CURB SERVICE 719 S. Irby St., Florence, S. C. 669-5771 FLORENCE AUTO PARTS 405 South Irby Street Phone 669-3263 or 669-3264 NIGHT OR WEEK-ENDS 662-6448 GEORGE GAINEY 662-6448 Privette's Transfer and Forwarding Co., Inc. Palletized Storage moving-packing-crating 1305 E. Palmetto Street 669-7261 Are y yours? as And Oil Co. Tel. 662-1525 C Tom Taylor's FLORENCE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. "Complete Oflice Outfitters" 212 W. Evans 669-8103 Southern States Supply Company, Inc. Jobbers Plumbing and Heating Supplies 190 N. Sanborn St. P.O. Box 228 E4 Rabb's Packing Company Meats at Wholesale Beef Pork Poultry Darlington, S. C. Telephone 393-5801 Stokes Furniture Company 603 N. Main Street, Ext. Darlington, S. C. Dar1ington's Newest and Finest Johnson,s Diner OPEN 7 A.M. To 7 P.M. Phone 662-7661 Darlington Highway Florence, S. C. O REA LTOKS 2 -QQ' f 5, ASS 7. 0 1. 5 ,.- - . -- o z 2 l - 5 'Q fJZ1fL'.I2 v at n--1 Q0 A Frank Willis 42 years service Barnwell Company Realtors not Builders We sell yours, not ours George Weeks Lukie Brunson P 8: M Restaurant Nationally known for good Western Steaks Florence, S.C 153 East Evans Street h let Cadillac Co, Inc. Segars C evro - . 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Your Dependable Agency 162 N. Main Street P.O. Box 4 125 Pamplico Hwy. Darlington, S, C, Florence, S. C. 669-4802 393-l9ll Home of new used cars Langston Used Cars 329 N. Irby St. Florence, S. C. Gerald F. Langston, Owner Compliments of Kistler Funeral Home, Inc. Darlington, South Carolina Piggly Wiggly Darlington, South Carolina WHOLESALE PLUMBING SUPPLIES Florence, S. C. L. C. Morehouse Supply, Inc. Phone 662-8781 200 N. McQueen St. . - 1- . - , - - - r -f , " - " lf.,"'l'!i'l1ll'ijff',lHIIIf"l'X'f11ZL!i",'rlVUlfoWMI'fB400W"'l!W' I I I E. J ack Smith Leading Fashion P.O. Drawer 458 Department stores Hartsville, S. C. featuring the tinest apparel for the NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE entire family under CO, national and private labels NATIONWIDE MUTUAL FIRE I INSUILANCE CO. T I BELK OF FLORENCE N Downtown Evans at Dargan INSURANCE CO. Home Office 662-1553 Columbus, Ohio Florence Mall Five Points 662-4091 VOLKSWAGEN PORCHE Darlington's Leading Department Store BELK-SIMPSON CO., INC. BOB BYWATERS 393-4091 MOTORS AUTHORIZED VW DEALER Parts-Sales-Service 662-2532 CENTRAL OIL . And 1518 W. Palmetto St. SUiEII:I'?bCO' Florence' S' C' Florence SYC. 132 J ohnson's Lakeside Ser. Sta. Highway I5-N. Hartsville, S. C. Jack Davis Ford FlorenceeDarlington Highway Darlington, S. C. Harry Turner Garage Complete Auto Service- Expert Transmission Service Highway 301 South 619 South Irby St. Phone 669-9479 Florence, S. C. DAIRY Pnonucrs -Q- TRADE MARK -I . ...,, .,.. . PET Pour the one you're sure of... X , PQI Frt-sh Milk is trailed ' jfj-"1 331: l, limes or , t ua Il ' Y z v i 4 1 I Y ' ' 5 ,.paf.:3 QM., - i 'alayhi V l - . ' ?.-...-1...l.....i.-L.. ,.,, B. E. Richbourg SMALL ENGINE SERVICE 815 S. Church Street Florence, South Carolina Briggs 8: Stratton Snapper-Comet McCulloch Saws Cainis Bar BQ Open Fridays and Saturdays Modern dining area Speedy take out service Call 662-8991 Compliments of The Village Lounge V Q N - I : Y , .. . , .. , .'. .-.'Miw,..-Nam, I 'I L COLEMAN-KING Chevrolet-Glds, Inc Phones 394-7631 394-2213 Lake City, South Carolina 29560 "Congratulations to a most progressive Instituti Graduate to the best in banking Pee Dee State Bank Timmonsville, South Carolina Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments WALLACE CONCRETE PIPE CO., INC. 201 Chase Street Florence, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF E. I. Du Pont De Nemours 85 Company Incorporated Florence, South Carolina National Bankers Life Hospitalization - Life - Home C. B. Dubose Insurance Agency. Inc. l205 West Evans St., P. O. Box 3637 Florence. S. C. 29501 Phone: 669-8102 PA TRONS Doctor George L. Timmons D Doctor William W. Bowe octor Robert W. Turbeville n Floyd and Craig Attorneys Mr. W. G. Wofford Bill Lowe Finkleals Magnavox Home Entertainment Center "Soc It To Mei' ' uf " tm IRBY LEE POSTON's M' N 3 mimi sat Soc Station Box 315 Pamphco Hwy. Florence, S. C. JACKIE POSTON,S Soc Station 1254 E. Palmetto Florence, S. C. 'MIGHTY 500 " X fi-- D Q3-X I SOC 135 . - . ' ' q A - if- -'+L ' ' 5111.9 " .-mfaesufitii' 'mf-'ww lations iates We co... nievements and extend to you our best wishes for success and happiness. WELLMAN INDUSTRIES is interested in young people who have initiative and ability. We believe that a career in textiles offers chal- lenge and opportunity in an industry that is modern, progressive, and on-the-move, and urge you to investigate these opportunities unlimited ' W umlivwismraues mme JGHNSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA ' Worsted Top Manufacturers - Synthetic Producers - - Lanolin Refiners ' 136 , K TW?xgmxafzf-25.1. .-R '-1,1 .mi . -TE-if - LE'-Fix-T Wiki? Bank ' Anvvnusr co Nw REMEMBER . 5 I 0 I Tl E by TEMDEPATURE ' THE HOME TOWN BANK is totally geared and dedicated to the healfy throbs of the people ef FLORENCE and THE GREAT PEE DEE WE INVITE YOU! CGA task without a vision is drudgery, I A vision without a task is a dream, A task with a vision is a victory." 137 Congratulations from Perfection American, Inc Darlington, S. C. Manufacturer of: Standard Transmission Gears Ring Gear and Pinions Clutch Plates and Parts Timing Gears, Chains, and Sprockets Industrial Gears Speed Reducers Agriculture Gear Boxes ZOOM Speed Equipment PERFECTION Products Distributed All Over The World 138 A 1 UH lu 1. 1 1 ' 4 , w 5 e I I1 ,I "" 4 r 0 1 O 141 v A!!-.DL ,J . .Blk -V WS' V ll 411212. M W 4 Ll' - - .-.5 A -. 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Florence Darlington Technical College - Baviere Yearbook (Florence, SC) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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