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plimL J f t=t_i3M«,iMc.ai a fiS MWaTam cauNT ' ea south Carolina ajMSHJTectq , C LAWK AMD M lSifcUl. HA«T»Vll.l.B B.C. PROPERTY OF JMTER AREA fEC u TIME HAS WINGS OF SILVER. THE YEARS QUICKLY GO. THE ANNUAL STAFF OF FLORENCE-DARLINGTON TEC PRESENTS THE RETROTEC PROPERTY OF SUMTER AREATEC - ' • ' " ■ ' ' i I s. ' ■ »». DEDICA TION Time has been his friend. In the space of four short years, he has seen and helped Flor ence-Darlington Technical Education Center grow to be a school of size and im- portance. The growth of the building symbolizes the growth of the student and his role in the community. Without the assistance and understanding of this man, our progress would not have been possible. His door is always open. Because of his un- tiring interest in us, he has profoundly impressed us with his sincerity and guidance. His conduct and character have influenced us and we will never forget him as a dis- tinguished gentleman throughout the years. We, the RetroTEC staff of 1967-68, ded- icate this book to you, Mr. Fred C. Fore. THE TIME s TIME rushes like the wind through the green leaves of spring. It runs down the hill and through the valley; and before you can realize, time has forever gone. Unlike the wind, though, time blows only one way; and once it has passed, it neither can nor will ever come again. It is in successfully living that we are wise enough to reach for the breeze of time before it has had the opportunity to slip ojfinto eternity. Even more so. is it important to know how to do and what to do with those things which time has pre- sented to us. In the quest for this knowledge a great portion of our younger years are spent. It is during these younger years when time is slow and easy that we attempt to gath- er and store all of the information necessary for a lifetime. We are sent here to work and to accomplish though our tasks are seemingly fruitless and unimportant. We are sent here to create and to build our talents though meager and small. We are sent here to use 4 THE SCHOOL those things which we possess regardless of other handicaps and deficiencies. It is a place as this where we are outfitted with the tools to do a full life ' s work; and we are prepared with the knowledge needed to enable us to hold on to as much as possible of the WINDS OF TIME. Mifc ' ' " A Mk • Mtvt .i Jiini tut «»• ■ .• ■ .,l »». .:• ' THE GOAL TOMORROW Uelongstothe TEC SCHOOLS OF S.C. T .- ,w» .5 -sawB.-. ,w3, -®, " x. ' . i i Time i ivcn hv others Helps enrie i our lives. ADMINISTRA TION AND FACULTY ADMINISTRA TION Mr. Fred C. Fore. Director M. A. Clemson College 10 Mr. Bill Anderson, Associate Director M.A. University of South Carolina Mr. J. C. Hudson, Night Director B.S. Clemson College Mr. Ryan Powell, Industrial Coordinator University of South Carolina Mr. Efford Windham, Business Manager B.S. University of South Carolina 11 SECRETARIES Mrs. Frances Ward Financial Secretary Winthrop College Mrs. Elizabeth Howie Business Secretary St. John ' s High School ' i Miss Sylvia Martin Secretary to the Industrial Coordinator University of South Carolina at Florence 12 Miss Pat King Secretary in charge of student records Hartsviile High School Mrs. Vera Ann Singleton Executive Secretary Coastal Carolina College Mrs. Eloise Smith Faculty Secretary Carolina College of Commerce Mrs. Betty Griggs Night Classes Secretary Massey Business College 4 13 Mr. Ray Windham Business Administration F A C U L T Y Mrs. Frances Sims Technical Secretary Mr. Wayne Fogle Business Administration Mrs. Ann Matthews Technical Secretary Dr. William Maxwell Dental Assistant 14 Mrs. Dorothy Bate Dental Assistant ji film ' Mr. Homer Roberts Aircraft Mechanics Mr. Bill Trader Automotive Mechanics Mr. Gary Littlefield Machine Shop Mr. Curtis Ray Air Conditioning Refrigeration Mr. 1. J. Myers Diesel Mechanics Mr. Allen Yendai Tool and Die 15 pisfr. Mfci» r Mr. Roy Bond Electronic Technology Mr. Kershaw Rose Electronic Technology Mr. James Prather Industrial Electronics Mr. John Fanning Civil Technology 16 Mr. Ray Clark Civil Technology ■% j ,j ' «i-i ' , J Mr. Ronald Shirlaw Industrial Technology Mr. Warren Scoville Industrial Technology Mr. J. E. Cox Agricultural Technology Mr. Joel Andrews Technical Drafting Mr. Lucien McCutcheon Agricultural Technology Mr. DeLeon Lee Technical Drafting Design 17 Mr. Fred Saverance Mechanical Technoloay Mr. Harry Matthews Related Subjects Mr. Wilbur Howie Related Subjects Mrs. Gayle Robertson Related Subjects 18 Mrs. Nancy Wallace Related Subjects Mrs. Sue Holland Related Subjects Mrs. O. T. Finklea Librarian iss Florrie McLeod Mrs. C. S. Davis Related Subjects Assistant Librarian 19 .»! To evervthino there is a season, and a time to even ' purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to phick up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get. and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast awav; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war. and a time of peace. k. ,0 ' ECCLESIASTES 3:1-8 20 c L A S s E S THE TIME OF YOUTH IS OF QUICK SILVER. ' TECHNICAL SECRETARY II Gail Catoe Diane Cunningham Diane Graham Janet Griffin Nancy Holmes J M ' M Linda Melton Pam Morris Diane Privette Pam Sawyer Jonnie Sellers Mrs. Emma Smoot Frances Tomlinson diA. Virginia Wellons Annie Williams 24 TECHNICAL SECRETARY I •%i Vicki Mimms OUie Paul Sandy Powers Maradel Rogers Margo Shelley Paula Jackson Karen Thomas y A Carol Turner Tomi Turner Marilyn Walters Pat Wase Miriam Wilder 25 TECHNICAL SECRETARY I Brenda Allen Donna Carnell Bonnie Clayton Nancy Coleman Pam Deiiin er m£ a Judy Flowers Gail Griggs Debbie Hutchinson Marcia Johnson Mary Ellen Jacobs Lula Mae Kelly Carolyn McNeil 26 B USINESS ADMINISTRA TION s 1 I r mmm mMm Roy Laney Diane Meares Bobby Mimms Terry Obele 1 dU i f J Montev Owens Jeff Phillips Allen Pierce Jimmy Sports Tommv Thompson Mike Toison Tony Vaughan Tony Wellington William Yow 27 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION James Alexander ' SEt . ' ■ -fq Trev Beck ii V 1 1 - Ronnie Brasey Andv Caudle Priscilla Chinchar Jolie Collins Aubrey Cooper Mildred Disher Johnny Flowers Judy Gibson Randy Hatchell Eugene Hyler 28 DENTAL ASSISTANTS MA Bonnie Kraft Vernita Daniels Jo Fowler Dixie Frye XM Kathv Hail Linda Harrell Jackie Kins Pat McLendon d.Ad.-MllL Angie Sharpe Jill Stallinas Louise Stock Jean Street Barbara Greene Nancy Purvis Nancy Turner Joy Williams Judy Zinimer 29 X-RAY TECHNOLOGY II _.j «r Mrs. Dianne Dewitt Mrs. Jerry Hoffman Martin Thomas X-RA Y TECHNOLOGY I tffi - 4 ; mm Becky Clark Julie Dukes Ronald Fowler iilHIii » ' r A M Pat Gardner Chris Summerford 30 MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY Andy Beasley Andrew Tazwell Beard i :fm»mmmfsmimv SM. iiik mk M Woody Cockfield W mS lmi Ron Lewis William McCall Clarence Scippio %• mi diM dtk MtJ Gerald Singleton Steve Snipes Van Taylor Ronnie White 31 CIVIL TECHNOLOGY II H H W. C. Berry Ray Bryant Jerry Coleman Steve Evans Barry Fulmer Bubba Godfrey Dale Lambert Bill Mclnnes M ' Hf-m ' Sjp- y LST ' Joel Perry Robert Powers Tommy Timberlake Ron Turner 32 Larry Wilkes CIVIL TECHNOLOGY I r ti «ii Ati aM Dan Bailey Harvey Carter Jimmy Chandler Billy Harrington Jerry Harris Eugene Herndon 0 . :ij iM iJ James Hyman Gerald Lee Eddie Leeson Timmy Marshall - Mickey Montrose Curtis Powell Steve Smith Jim Taylor Rudy Windham 33 TECHNICAL DRAFTING II ik Robert Byrd nil Earl Copeland m Coke Dent Bobby Driscoll fM Jimmy Freeman Jimmy Lee ■HiHU JhHBI Kenneth Lewis 34 TECHNICAL DRAFTING II K - I ' % Bill Lockhart Elizabeth McKenzie Jimmy McCormick Joe Pipkin Demp Tailon diM Danny Weatherford Shot Williamson Richard Young 35 TECHNICAL DRAFTING I ' gth f .•-» - Mike Arnold Spencer Barker Bernard Black mon Harold Bristow f Willie Brown Johnny Calcutt Billy Davis Van Gainey ;-T- ' " ' ' Vv Tommy Ham Don Head Ronnie Hill Legrand Hyman V M Ronnie Isgette Gene Lawrence Jimmy Leach Bobby McElveen 36 TECHNICAL DRAFTING I ■ -- mkdk Bill Moore Jack Robertson Don Rogers ik Eugene Rogers % Thomas Sawyer m Herbert Smith it. . Billy Stokes Willis Usher 37 ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY II Harvey Allen Joe Langford Ben Lanaston , . , ( . iw- Presley Pate Norman Poston Edward Shimp Bud Teal Joe Vukan 38 ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY I MtM A James Bailey Al Flowers Jimmy Hudson m kd k iM t k Michal Muggins Marion Jackson Wayne Johnson Mendall Lyles Ronnie Merriman N k M idri John Moore Randall Phillips Nicky Ramsdeil 39 ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY I ■ !- " s a , ' . Robert Rogers ik Tommy Rivers Mike Sansburv Graham Tisdale Danny Ray Turner Aft 1- Eugene Turner : Kenny Watford Richard Windham Tommy WolTord 40 TOOL AND DIE Bucky Chapman i Jan Hardwick Dou2 Johnson mlm Wallace Johnson 4iM Clarence Rogers Billy Spivey o Billy Walters Bobby Weaver 41 AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY II il dHi ifli Jim Brunson Arthur Flowers Lanair Johnson I William Lewis M Norman McDuffie Jimmy McLaughlin Billy Ray Stone Lewis Ward 42 AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY I MiMgkik Charles Cox Henry Cox Kenneth Craven kl. „ » a. Steve Floyd Allen Johnson ■ Don Klonch k il L-li 4V Earl Wayne Martin C. G. McKoon Jim Morris ' ! ■ ' Ci ' -.l ' J Harless Floyd Deloren Lloyd ' 111 %k Eddie Powell I Victor Rogers Sammy Tallon Legrand Taylor Albert Eugene Hayes Joe Turner 43 INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY II mtk Reginald Atkinson A Ronnie Griggs Monty Hodges Jack Newsome Ronnie Watford Ernie Wilson 44 INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY I 1, ..xiiFId . AJik k4 i Mike Adams Bonnell Arnette Tommy Bishke Danny Britt Larry Bryant L tiJj M Phelix Byrd ttM iM Mi tk Dan Coker Frank Funderburk Kenny Hillard Clayton Hudson t k Gerry Jeffords Jimmy Rollins John Singletary Larry Webster Ronnie Webster tm Errol McKenzie 45 INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Ralph Bailey - ® " th Tommy Dexter iiii Wayne Humphries ■ « 1 Johnny McCants 4 Mack Watson ik James Wilkes James Yow 46 A UTO MECHANICS ( } ) . .¥ Lonnie Beasley Leo Clarke Larry Easterling Cecil Graham Vernon Holder m 8j »ai8K ««« i P % William Johnson James Lee 1 - f Junior Mumford Major Owens Bill Page 1 ren 1 mtM iii James Ray Zack Sinclair Norman Thomas 47 AIRCRAFT MECHANICS a hH Johnny Helmke Dale Hunnel Dale Grainger «»!S.. John Edward Keith Stanley Vernon Keith White 48 DIESEL MECHANICS sfl Leon Dickerson Bucky Eddins f J tf Alfred Gaymon iii Blair Owens Bobby Richards _; HHfti% xcW ' , ,. , jfij mM Sheldon Shelley Tommy 1 hompson 49 AIR CONDITIONING S. Donnie Campbell mk Micheal Hamilton James L. Johnson ' % ' £. k Jackie Parrott Lavem Peterson lillllMlBi lM ai msmmmm Richard Rhodes t Charles Allen Windham 50 MA CHINE SHOP f y Calvin Andrews Jackie Cooper ii Danny Gainey 1 Charles Brown HtM Pf Kenny Douglas ' l i-- •P Melvin Gerald iM dix i:.j George Blackmon AJ Gene Fulton n Jimmy Griggs MA CHINE SHOP Tommy Hogge Gene Jackson k Edward Jones Johnny King Otis Kirkland ■ a Freddie Mack k Doug Martin Clayton McDanie! t Johnny Munn 52 MA CHINE SHOP 1 -srf diM tk i. Dan Newsome Robert Palmer Ronald Parrott k ik dil Charles Shaw Brice Small Wayne Spartman . H Ken Thomas Joe Watkins Julius Williams 53 ■ ' •« ' - -, •i-| •1 i 1— « ' ' iAm s c H O O L THERE IS A TIME FOR WORK. Business Administration to some people is just a job, where instructors teach you to be " sissies " . That is the understatement of the year, however. Business Administration does not teach its students something that will not benefit them for their future ac- ceptance into the world of white-shirt workers or the field of business. From the be- ginning of this course it is poured and pounded into the heads of it occupants that this is a course for " perfect work. " Neatness, punctuality, self-confidence, and a stride to push ahead are the main goals of the instructors. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION What do we do now? Well, here we are! 56 Let ' s see, one and two are four. And where do you buy your socks? " " If only he doesn ' t look my way, he ' ll never know! Come on now, just who is the real girl? 57 " Heaven help me, I can ' t find it! " J. A V J. J. J. 1 J. V-x X NhVMDir " I wonder if she knows what she is talking about. ' Have you ever heard the expression, " behind every suc- cessful man there is a woman " ? ' This woman is, of course, his secretary! After all, who takes care of him and his business during the day? She sees that his office is always neat, his correspondence nothing less than perfect, and his files in tip-top shape. These are only a few of the de- tails she handles everyday. The Technical Secretary curriculum is designed to pre- pare a young lady to be a top-notch secretary. She learns the essential duties of a secretary such as typing, short- hand, English and office procedures. TEC also includes in its program courses for personal development, business machines and applied psychology. Above all, she is well prepared in the field she will enter whether it be medical, legal or engineering. By graduation time she has developed herself from a novice to a well-poised intelligent secretary, one of which can be admired by many; especially by the man she put on the road to success. . " Is she thinking about accounting or. 58 ' Mr. Fore left word that he is not be disturbed; I ' ll take the message. " The secret of graceful, queenly movements -POSTURE! On your mark, get set, GO! 59 Dental Assistant The American Dental Assistants Association had its beginning during the 1923 meeting of the Ameri- can Dental Association, as a result of the efforts of Mrs. Juliette A. Southard, who became its first president. The dental profession has the responsibilities of contributing to the total health service of the people of the community, state, and nation by maintaining and, where necessary, restoring dental health. How- ever, owing to the shortage of dentists, a situation which is rapidly and steadily growing more severe, the profession cannot fulfill this responsibiUty with- out the help of we who are, or who will soon be, auxil- iary members of the dental health team, or dental assistant. M- Your guess is as good as mine. DENTAL ASSISTANT O.K.! What is it? 60 Look at all the lovely smiles! Look mom, no cavities! One, two, three— blast off! 61 First Row: Jerry Hoffman Diane DeWitt Martin Thomas Betty Johnson Second Row: Julie Dukes Pat Gardner Ronald Fowler Becky Clark Chris Summerford Thomas Griggs Chief Techno- logist. When the students at TEC started the new year they might have thought that the white knight had attacked several students. But instead of a white knight, the transfiguration came about from a new group of first year X-Ray students arriving at TEC. The X-Ray Department at McLeod Infirmary started a school of X-Ray Technology in July of 1966. In July of 1967 the second class began at McLeod ' s with courses being offered at TEC also. The first year students are taking courses from 8:30 A.M. until 10:30 A.M. at TEC, and then travel back to McLeod ' s for more classes and on-job training until 5:00 P.M. every weekday afternoon, on Saturdays, classes last until one in the afternoon. X R A Y Senior Pres. M. Thomas Officers: Vice Pres. D. DeWitt Sec. Treas. J. Hoffman Junior Pres. J. Dukes Officers: V. Pres. B. Clark Sec. Treas. P. Gardner 62 ■Hi Would you believe a gall bladder? J A.G.I. series done with barium. Routine work for fracture of skull. Routine chest work. 63 Aviation has made great progress in the last decade, but is now entering its greatest development. We are beginning a new era of tremendous aeronautical development al- most impossible to visualize! The airplane is the fastest means of transportation yet de- signed by man. The modern airliner is traveling with safety at speeds just dreamed of a few short years ago. A few years ago airlines were limited to flight mainly within their own countries. Those of us who have devoted our lives to aviation cannot help but sound enthusiastic when we discuss career opportunities in this business. We know the field is wide open. We also know young men of vision who have the intelligence and training in a very short time reach heights undreamed. At no time in the history of mankind has the challenge been greater than in the present decade. Also, there has never been greater opportunities for those trained in the skills and knowledge necessary to meet this challenge. The ground personnel of the Aviation Industry must accept this challenge and conquer it now as we have in the past by education and training of our young people. Success is the ambition of every man, but one must prepare himself as success comes only to those who are prepared. There are thousands of opportunities in aviation awaiting the well trained man with skilled hands. You cannot meet the requirements of today and tomorrow with yesterday ' s skill. Train now! F Troop Mr. Homer C. Roberts Keith White John Keith John Helmke Dale Hunnell Dale Granger Stanley Vernor AIRCRAFT MECHANICS 64 Woodwork is an important part of ACM. Stanley shows how sawdust is swept. Student demonstrates the proper proce- dure to remove a thumb. 5-4-3-2-1 . . . Blast ofn irr ; no ft are round; cornbread are square. 65 The quality, dependability, and efficiency of the modern automobile has greatly in- creased since the first simple cars. Now days a much greater level of technical know- ledge is needed to keep these complex machines going. This is the job of the auto- motive mechanic. The TEC teaches its automotive students how to do high quaUty maintenance work and diagnos problems of the cars. The other subjects offered in the A.M. curric- ulum give the student more technical knowledge as to why mechanical and technical failures occur. After receiving this course the student is prepared to go into any field related to automotive mechanics. Introductions cover everything in the automotive line from carburation to differen- tials. Also many little insignificant repairs that may not be in text are brought out in class and in the shop. In summary. Automotive Mechanics class, will prepare the boys in many problems and solutions which they will run across while working on automotive machinery. AUTOMOTIVE MECHANICS Hm! What ' s this hole for? Mr. Trader, is it working? Efficient hands at work! I ' ll bet a quarter that ' s right! 67 Mr. Ray explains the compresser. Air Condition and Heating is vastly becoming a great demand in this part of the country. New and large industries are moving in with the need of large air condition and heating systems. New and better designs in air conditioning and heating ap- pliances are being released every day. The young men graduating from this twelve-month course have acquired the neces- sary skills and knowledge to be employed as technicians, mechanics, or operating engineers. The course consists of the basic concepts of math, electronics, and practical experi- ence in air condition and heating. Also, the necessary background in blueprint read- ing and sketching, thermodynamics, and business principles is obtained. The Air Conditioning and Heating class has received new equipment consisting of low and medium temperature walk-in freezers, heat pumps, complete control system and necessary concepts for truck and automobile air conditioning and heating. AIR CONDITIONING 68 Student shop foreman explains the basic re- frigeration system. Student adjusts coil expansion valve. Keeping records of parts and equipment is an important part of learning. Student gains experience in use of refrigeration charging station. 69 The Machine Shop produces parts machined from stock material and finishes castings. In the Machine Shop, the student will work with machines and hand tools, per- forming different operations while receiving technical information. The students will be working with machines such as the milling machine, lathe, shaper, and drill press. Also, the student will be doing bench work, floor work, and assembly layouts. A machinist is in constant need of technical knowhow regarding angular calcula- tions and pitch, geometric construction, screw thread leads and pitch diameter measurements. A graduate of Machine Shop is qualified to seek employment as a machinist, ma- chinist apprentice, or maintenance machinist. Yes, it ' s used just like a sewing machine. Let ' s see now, I ' ll just turn this do-hickey and hope for the best. f- Hey! I dropped my dime in here. MA CHINE SHOP 70 Ah! This bubble gum should hold it. And we thought we would learn something new out here, besides cleaning house. Now what do I do with this? 71 Ah, Come on. You ' re Pulling My Leg! To best describe the purpose and objectives of the Industrial Electronics course at TEC, a word about our overall activities and accomplishments over the past year is in order. The Electric and Electronics Department is a collective project within the Craft Division. When we speak of a specific craft like this one, we infer the development and promotion of human skills to the end product of designing, building, trouble- shooting and repairing various electric-electronic units. In brief we consistently guide our students in well-accepted theories of the mysterious properties of almost every- thing electricity does. Very few indeed, are the present fields of skilled, technical work that in some way or another does not need our services and training. We lay no claim to the produc- tion of Thomas Edison ' s or George Westinghouse ' s overnight-but we do, and have trained people well enough that they can profit from the many advantages offered by industry. So, you want to operate, construct or repair electric machinery? or take up the fascinating business of trouble-shooting and repairing TV and EM sets-maybe build your own gear? Then join the people now developing at EEC ' s industrial program within craft. You ' ll be sorry you didn ' t! INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS 72 Mass Confusion! Man! What in the world? 73 This course is to prepare one for employrtient as a diesel mechanic. One studying diesel mechanics will have many job opportunities. He will have to be able to maintain equipment such as, cranes, earth movers and tractors. He will receive instruction and practice in all phases of work and the proper use of all tools which he will be working with. There are occupational opportunities such as dealership, sales, and service and maintenance, general contractor, earth moving equipment, equipment sales represen- tative and parts management. DIESEL MECHANICS 74 Good Diesel Knowledge starts in the classroom. A Good Diesel Mechanic must have a thorough understanding of the Fuel system. Especially the Fuel Injection Pump. By taking apart, a diesel engine and putting it to- gether will give needed experience in rebuild procedures. 75 TOOL AND DIE MAKING Which one of you is the doctor? Tool and Die Making Tool and Die Making is a highly skilled craft requiring a broad knowledge of mathematics, drafting and blueprint reading, physics, and science of metallurgy. Simple cutting dies, such as blank- ing, piercing, notching, and trimming are con- structed. Safe practices around machine tools and presses are emphasized constantly. Students work together as a unit and design and build some cus- tom tools. These tools must meet local industries standards of quality. I ' ll tell you who she is. 76 You can ' t see me, ha! ha! p " - Who is the wise guy who put holes in my metal? Do you mean to say that is all that ' s left of him? 77 Agriculture in today ' s world has undergone many revolutionary changes in recent years. As in business and industry the modern farm must be administered by a person well trained in up-to-date methods. Agriculturally related businesses and industries are advancing just as spectacularly. These non-farming segments of agriculture are constantly needing well trained tech- nicians and salesmen. In this course the student will be given an adequate background in farm admin- istration with special emphasis on field crops. He will study the individual crops (such as cotton, soy beans, and tobacco) including varieties, adaptions, and methods of handling and processing. He will also study soil management, weed and insect control, farm machinery, marketing, and farmstead mechanization. Our shrinking surplus and the expanding world population present a new chal- lenge and many opportunities to everyone involved in the dynamic industry of today ' s agriculture. AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY How now, Big Chief? Class takes tour of Coker ' s pedigreed seed farm The microscope aids in plant studies. 78 Is it a weed or a crop? When do I eat? ;vta. ' ■ " - iiA Ag Tec I bites the dust! 79 CIVIL TECHNOLOGY This is our Monday mornings! Look ya ' ll, no hands even. How do ya get this stupid door open? 80 This is the way I estimate my measurements. Look boys, someone has been writing in Where ' d he say this Hne goes? 81 ' W- ' ' m The vast growth in the body of science in the field of Electrical Engineering during the past decade has placed heavy demands. An electrical engineer can no longer devote his time to his art, he is much involved in science Electrical Engineering. So that his art does not suffer, the electrical engineer needs the support from the engineering technician. This engineering technician must be capable of replacing the engineer in the many routine tasks. This course is to meet the need for a fundamental circuits text that will supply the rigor needed for the training of engineering technicians capable of providing support for the electrical engineer of today. ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY 82 The thingamajig goes here! Attention student! Teamwork pays off in a project. Mr. Bond lends a helping hand. 83 The main purpose of the Industrial Technology program is to train students for posi- tions in manufacturing industries, leading to supervision and management. The curriculum stresses principle and practices of industrial engineering and enables the graduate to compete for a variety of positions in industry. Everyone is always awake. INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY 84 But Chief?? What comes next? Will it work? 85 Technical Drafting and Design Technology is one of the two year courses offered at TEC. The male or female draftsman-designer is an essential link between engineering and manu- facturing. His job requires basic engineering knowledge and skill; it is often the means of advancement into positions of greater respon- sibility. After one year of basic knowledge and principles of drafting, the student will be al- lowed to speciaUze in either architectural, me- chanical, structural, civil or electronic. The curriculum is arranged to give the student draft- ing room experience supplemented by a planned sequence of related academic subjects which he or she will find useful in their chosen career. After the student has completed this curriculum he will be able to step into any job situation and complete it successfully. Yeah, well, uh. Right! Hey! Can we go? TECHNICAL DRAFTING AND DESIGN Monday Morning Blues. 86 I wouldn ' t draw it that way! So that ' s how you do it! Tools of the Trade. 87 MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY The Mechanical Technology students learn the principles of machine design and their application. During their course they will study torsion, bending, and flexure of metals, industrial machinery, clutches, brakes, springs, and flywheels. They will design linkage, gear trains, and cams to give required motion to machines. They make accurate and com- plete engineering drawings of the parts they design so they may be produced in the factory. The most revolutionary idea in centuries is being put on paper. Students get practical training in M.T. Much equipment is used in M.T. 89 MISS MISS NANCY TURNER SPONSORED BY INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY I t M 90 ACTIVITIES THERE IS A TIME FOR PLA Y. THE RETROTEC STAFE Mrs. Gayle Robertson, Sponsor. Ad sales boast staffs ' goal. How shall we arrange this layout? 92 Staff members work to meet a deadline. Editor, Jimmy McLaughlin works with Assistant editor, Shot Williamson, Art Editor, Jimmy McCormick and Business Man- ager, Arthur Flowers. Vicki explains the way to organize copy. 93 F ' STUDENT COUNCIL Our officers: President, Ron Turner; Vice-President, Mike Adams; Treasurer, Jo Fowler; Secretary, Vicki Mimms. 94 Marcia checks with Student Council on dance plans. Here the Student Council inspects one of the new buildings. Mr. Ray Clark, sponsor, explains the du- ties of the president to the candidates. 95 The newspaper discusses plans to select a name for the forth coming edition. TV E W S p A P E R ■v? " 96 Mrs. Ann Matthews, sponsor, checks names in suggestion box. Mrs. Nancy Wallace, sponsor, checks scrapbook for ideas. Is this the way Dear Abby does it? 97 I ■ Now is the time for all thi ngs. Time for study makes one knowledgeable; time for activity makes one complete. 98 Time passes quickly when you are busy. You can never spend too much time learning. 99 Lunch Time. Time well spent brings its own rewards. 100 •♦.♦tl» t ill If a. 1 li ' il jS iiM 4 •ll I » • Fi .■ dmaWJ JiiOPH HjnaiOTnH wsmmtrnKnt mBOm HORNE FORD STYLES BY STILL Creative Styling— Cutting Coloring— Permanent Waving Closed Mondays— Open 9-6 Tue. Sal. Ample Parking— Air Conditioned 1610 Second Loop Road 662-3811 WHITE SWAN LAUNDRY WHITE SWAN Launderers Cleaners DUTCH ' S DRIVE IN HIGHWAY 41 A Good Place to Eat Mullins. South Carolina Foxworth ' s Gulf 1416 S. Irby PHONE 662 0334 bisd J PALMETTO N ' TIRE SERVICE, INC. COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE 1801 East Cheves St. Florence, S.C. 29501 103 SOUTHEAST VENDING Industrial In-Plant Feeding Specialists Telephone 662-5962 716-718 South Barringer Street Florence, South Carolina N. A. M. A. Member Telephone 662-3613 Compliments McLEOD INFIRMARY Florence, South Carolina Schools Associate Degree of Nursing Practical Nursing X-Ray Technology Laboratory Technology Surgical Technology 104 Waters THE BANK PEOPLES of South Carolina A Complete Banking Service Grow With Peoples Call 662-7041 Main Office Branch 265 S. Irby Florence Mall Furniture Company , 404 South Dargan Street Florence, S. C. Mo-2-2433 FLORENCE MUSIC 500 South Irby Street Florence, S. C. Carolina Bank Trust Co. Lamar— Darlington— Society Hill owned by People of Darlington County 105 Phones 393-4451 393-1921 GARLAND ' S GARAGE Russell and Siskron Sts. DARLINGTON, S. C. " Home of the Southern 500 " GMC ■ S yicF South Church Street Florence, S. C. Phone 669-4444 F. C. X. Farm Supplies, Fertilizer, Feed Seeds, Bulk Fertilizer And Lime Spreading Contact Us For Your Farm Needs Carohna Typewriter Remington Rawer 107 West Evans Street Florence, S. C. Company 662-7172 General Auto Repairs Exclusive Men ' s Apparel DARLINGTON SOUTH CAROLINA Phone 393-1311 Quality Flower Shop Ben W. Holmes, Prop. 122 Dargan St., Darlington, S. C. FINKLEA ' S MAGNAVOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Florence, S. C. 29501 Florence Mall Phone 669-4991 106 Serving all of South Carolina . . . Since 1844 THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA, S. C. FLORENCE, S. C. CHARLESTON, S. C. Flo«eiice Technical Education Cliffy COKER ' S PEDIGREED SEED CO. HARTSVILLE, S. C. Originators of Quality Seed Since 1902 TELEPHONE AREA CODE 33-28151 803 107 D R A F T Inst. DeLEON " PEACHY " LEE II Demp Tallon Danny Weatherford Shot Williamson Richard Young David Britt Carson Byrd Robert Byrd Harold Clark Earl Copeland Coke Dent Bobby Driscoll Jimmy Freeman Jimmy Lee Kenneth Lewis Bill Lockhart Jimmy McCormick Elizabeth McKenzie Joe Pipkin I N G 108 A. B. DICK CO Highway 341 Lake City Plant 109 " YOU ' VE TRIED THE REST, NOW TRY THE BEST! " JOHNSON ' S PLUMBING HEAIING CO. 178 N. SANBORN ST., FLORENCE, S.C. MO-2-4031 CONGRATULATIONS COKER ' S Hartsville— Florence COMPLIMENTS QUALITY MOTORS INC. BUICK-OPEL-PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE - ' x ■ , CONGRATULATIONS FROM RAINWATER GAS OIL COMPANY NORTH IRBY ST. FLORENCE, S. C. 110 Compliments of WILCOX OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY The Complete Office Equippers MACHINE, SUPPLIES, FURNITURE CARWELL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 335 A. Pamplico Hwy. P.O. Box 1043 Florence, S. C. POWERS COMPANY, INC. Custom Builders and Developers Phone 669-5213 353 W. Evans WILLIAM DEFEE BILLY POWERS CASHUA STREET SERVICE STATION HUGH SPROTT. PROP. VULCANIZING RECAPPING Phone 393-1391 Darlington, S. C. Cashua Street GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE A Division of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Phone 662-2455 600 Irby St. Florence, S. C. Compliments of COX MOTORS INC. COX-FITZ MOTORS CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, IMPERIAL LINCOLN, MERCURY, DODGE FLORENCE, S.C. WALKUP ' S WELDING EQUIPMENT COMPANY All Types Welding Construction of Truck Bodies 117 Odom Street Darlington, S. C. 29532 111 COMPLIMENTS FROM w J M X " Your Station " A.M. AT 970 F.M. AT 103.1 CHARLES SMITH CHEVROLET 991 S. Irby, Florence, S. C. r ' %fi:- WILLCOX DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists H. B. Randolpii, REG. PH. Phone EX3-3871 Darlington. S.C. BEST WISHES TEC DARLINGTON CHAIN SAW CO. Sale and Service HOMELITE, Mcculloch and POULAN SAWS 1539 S. Main St. Darlington, S.C. Phone 393-1641 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH COMPLIMENTS OF COX MOTORS INC. 181 East Cheves Street Florence, S. C. SALES SERVICE CENTRAL DRUG STORE Public Square At Cashua DARLINGTON, S. C. 112 B. C. MOORE ' S DARLINGTON, S.C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE ELECTRO MOTIVE MANUFACTURING CO., INC. MANUFACTURERS OF EL-MENCO CAPACITORS FLORENCE, S. C. U.S.A. JOHNSON ' S DINER OPEN 7 A.M. TO 7 P.M. COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS DRUG STORE CAROL, RICHARD, BOB AND RICKY DAVIS DARLINGTON, S. C. 113 r BOB BYWATERS Authorized VW Dealer Parts— Sales— Service 1518 West Palmetto St. Florence, South Carolina See Our Fine Used Cars At Five Points Across From the Mall Congratulations The South Carohna National Bank Florence, S. C. Waters Furniture Company Furniture of Fine Quality Since 1893 404 South Dargan St. Florence, South Carolina Interior Designers For TEC Building Darlington Auto Parts 141 Exchange St. Darlington, S. C. Mufflers Ph. 393-1101 Exhaust Pipes Tail Pipes Gates Belts A Complete Parts line W. H. Bristow Inc. Gulf Oil Products Darlington, S. C. 114 Compliments of RICE ' S MEN ' S SHOP AIKEN COMPANY 265 West Cheves FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA INSURANCE REAL ESTATE RENTALS MORTGAGE LOANS HARLLEE-QUATTLEBAUM CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Compliments from VULCRAFT Division Nuclear Corporation of America Florence, South Carolina MANUFACTURERS of Open Web Steel Joists BARRINGER-McKEEL HARDWARE CO. DARLINGTON SOUTH CAROLINA GENUINE PARTS CO. 219 PEARL ST. DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA YOUR N. A. P. A. JOBBER k 115 CAROLINA DRUG STORE, INC. PUBLIC SQUARE Darlington, S. C. BEST WISHES BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY " FOR BETTER VALUES " DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS AIR CONDITION A y C E CO. PLUMBING-HEATING MURRAY-MITCHELL BUILDING MATERIAL- LIGHTING FIXTURE . DARLINGTON HGY. FLORENCE DUBOSE JEWELERS BULOVA WATCHES, LUNT STERLING, PARKER PENS, SAMSONITE LUGGAGE, PRINCESS AND DIAMOND RINGS DARLINGTON, S. C. HERRING APPLIANCE CO., INC. 1512 SECOND LOOP RD. PHONE 662-7051 116 I i i i I i I HRnl HH I H fl CUAfiK AND IWlTt " ' . MARTaviLCB, . ' m.c T£t ■Mi

Suggestions in the Florence Darlington Technical College - Baviere Yearbook (Florence, SC) collection:

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