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I 'Q 4 Q :Syd W7 .I amd! Bmw QUJTYLLO4, J.ui1FvfnLwN0.zL Qavwfwmumwwwmwxfwfmwf dw-M7 cwilw 63o1?f7eMymcnUoj1f7a3 cofnitunlkvzto wus xhwpliww I 2 3 I i W7 62217 JQW7MW ywuM W'776"k"7 UWUH' -Qlwfw . K41 lm76'x"'?7 A Qftwwlotoffwunwfv wmmihwwdvaw ' ' ' 41175-I0f7Afw7QIn.Uumfamd, -amqgpwwmmu f llmgnawiunww 0of5fumd?Qwwu92c1i1if2wn.tS?mm1li01iPLu nw'uoio.92U,!lL6Ca.u0UlVuw4.4?13u1t Qmwt NSZmynJJ'1ofwwefm, mwtod Pl?O0!J"0flJ71.Q4 19w'fQ,L4Uw-9fJ7j,,U,y,qQ JPLQJUUAQO ?K15fYLfJffofmmwaLmDw+U--Hdfwoownol W7 012117 Q Q1 I 61 - i x W7 3107 i7fmLoffLo:?o!ffv7fffiUfffv'f 9afn.jf,,Q.Q,ofJU .... 50'ffl1.:6U7fpLUAJ.!-0171! Jwmwuwyybwmfwvwdvw ' :Www difnmuzdhwfwfwv 57 3 ojmf aJ W- ftmlvrmaml d7?2mmd1'V1,Z!o!i'oldJnwUfay,uh2vxfw,Q. wbazjlzkno to awiw. Q Dblrlwi W7 WU7 I f dI1fa,of9plw?' Atmwb10d47-.0 Jff:c,e,f07Vfla,twfm2LzZpw1l1wfniow mlwduzf afofwiymuftmdwaf ROBERT E V D.D., LLD LHD Prexizlellt fYV I R U ty niwr .uJLwJ.0JwitwLwkilbtIJ.v, ' o ' a 1 WWW p'mMfP"WM 1 O I I R 077 Umm? TH, B.L. Slove liege 1:01 aww ?amww, of fi0ifZf.utfwlOJLmidwz1: afwdnffbgzafw. I 11 1 . i W7 Lloyd Aclcernmn, Pl1.D. H :rbert Austin Aikins, Pl1.D. Charles Criswell Arbutlmot, Pl1.D., LL.D. Harold Edgar Adams, Pl1.D. Berril Gottfried Anderson Ph.D. Sarah Field Barrow Ph.D. 12 an Those good old days in Professor Acker- man's Biology class! Never to be forgotten Sociology field trips with Professor Adams. I have a "recurring dream" of Professor Aikens and Psychology classes. Not to mention those surprise quizzes in Biology that Mr. Anderson was so fond of. Had a "capital" time in Professor Arbuth- not,s Economics classes, even though I "labor"ed. And "Sumner" was always uicumen in" in Professor BarroW's English classes. 'Wi That young man a Professor?-of Romance Languages no less-Professor Bergin. Something to think about when I'm old and gray-those famous history seminars with Professor Robert Cedric Binkley. Imagine-Mr. Binkley tried to teach me Physics, poor man. Introducing Miss Bohlken from the office- not to mention debate rehearsals and our trip to Buffalo, etc. -Wfhen I used to et chumm with test g Y tubes, litmus paper and "what have you" in Professor Booth,s Chem- istry class. Distingue! n'est -ce pas? In other Words Professor Borgerhoff of Romance Languages. 61. E151 i Thomas Goddard Bzrgin, Ph..D. Elmer Raymond Binkley, M.S. Harold Simmons Booth, Ph.D. Robert Cedric Binkley, Ph.D. Alinc Colettn Bohlken joseph Leopold Borgcrhoff, Litt.D. fUniv. of Parisj Lester K. Born Pl1.D. I Marion Cleaveland Pl1.D. James Elbert Cutler, Ph,D. Dennis Dewitt Brane, Pl1.D. Mary Elizabeth Collect Pl1.D. Ernst Diez, Ph.D. 04. 14 Was it in Professor Born's Latin class that We freshmen read all that "love"-ly poetry? We used to solve the problems of the uni- verse in Professor Brane's International Relations class. It seems only yesterday that I sat in Pro- fessor Cleaveland's Chemistry class, diligently absorbing the facts of organic and inorganic. I Professor Collett certainly knew her Physi- ology and made sure that We knew ours, too. How we students of Sociology revered Pro- fessor Cutler and his social philosophy! Professor Diez really made me a devotee of the Fine Arts and a habituee of the Art Museum. I Vas villst du haben? Professor Deering for German and a lot of memories of his DE61'i77fgSki7Zd61'. Professor Dolley taught me what a "fine art" Household Administration can be. Wlience my perfect French accent? The secret is-several courses with Pro- fessor Dureau. My sophomore dean but also my guide through the devious paths of History was Professor Ferris. Fichte and Spinoza were only names until I took some Philosophy courses With Professor Fisch. Gold standard-bimetallism-law of supply and demand-echoes of classes in Eco- nomics with Professor Francis. 01. 15 Robert Walter Deering, Ph.D. Agnes Marie Dureau, Litt.D. fUniv. of Parisj Max Harold Fisch, Ph.D. Frances Kling Dolley B.S. Eleanor Ferris, A.M. Gerald M. Francis, P11.D. ., 7: , ,. .- , I-vi E., ei f: -, -MLM " X til. ' 12,5 . ' ' V X fri: f , fu' if-15' 1 - , g...,,, - V .Q . .qt '. - - ' Y -,A grim - zz.. 'na' ' ...'af'L'.w 1. ig 1-,125 fr f f W. if il ,'fa,i . , .i 221- 'if 1, -fa 1" Z xi 'Ll' ', Z-J.": Q . f5iQf2'f5:Jf4 'a -' I. r . fiiifliiiffisf vi-xi-,vs 4. fff f, as 5, Aurelius Sidney Furcron Ph.D. Mildred Hart, A.B. Blanche Harvey, A.M. W7 Hippolyte Grucner, Ph.D. Mrs. Charlotte Harsh Howell Merriman Haydn, A.M., B.D. 16 04. Could I forget-the faculty tea where Mr. Furcron and I chatted about geologic formations in Virginia. Dr. Gruener stands for chemical formulas to a lot of students-but I remember his gifts of trees for our campus. Happy days in Professor Hart's French classes, laughing and Weeping with Cy- rano, Esmeralda and a host of other lovable characters in French Literature. -Serious conferences with Mrs. Harsh try- ing to decide upon a career-and then others not so serious. Trim white aprons always remind me of Miss Harvey and her classes in House- hold Administration. Dear Professor Haydn-with his help we gained new aspects of the Bible-not to mention those charts of Biblical Litera- ture that we carefully worked over. I I'll never forget those afternoons we spent gazing into a microscope in Professor I-Ierslfs Biology laboratory. Miss Hofrichter, Secretary to the Dean- how many chapel cards she has handed to me! One of my fondest recollections-my Eng- lish courses with Professor I-Iulme. -Nor could I ever forget the insights into the life of France which I gained in Madame I-Iulme's French classes. Interesting lectures in Professor I-Iyde's Geology class Where I learned all about earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Java men. Where did I get that hat? or my chic new suit? Made them myself in M1's. Jordan's Household Administration class. I 6. 17 , ,in , , I-I 4-is-ii. ' ff ,-rs WZ, Amos Henry Hersh, Ph.D. Wfilliam Hen ry Hulme Ph.D. Jesse Earl Hyde A.M. Dorothy Lucille Hofrichter Hedwig Eugenie Hulme qrvifs. W. H.p June Jordan fMrs. H. BJ B.S. Samuel Charles Kendeig h, Ph.D. Winfred George Leutner Ph.D. Eva Gertrude May Victoria Martha Kloss, M.S. Herman Peter Lankelma, Ph.D. Jacob Conrad Meyer Ph.D. 6 18 Wfhen I Went into raptures over inverte- brate animals in Mr. Kendeiglfs Zoology class. She made a haven out of Haydn Hall-a well-managed clubhouse instead of a last resort-Miss Kloss of the Household Administration Department. To be respected and admired, Dean Leutner of Administration. How We used to talk in formulas in Pro- fessor Lankelma's Chemistry class. My memory will always be "on guard" to recall Miss May and my happy hours in fencing class. With what pleasure do I remember History lectures and chapel talks on current events by Professor Meyer. J ft: Professor Mountcastle made all of us star- gazers-or Well-at least taught us a greater value for star-lit nights. I never Was mathematically inclined but I certainly admired Professor Musselman and his calculus students for their abilities along that line. Memories of Miss Parker's interesting Household Administration classes are all made vivid by the force of her personality. Because of Miss Piehl's Taxonomy and Botany courses, spring and summer flora have a new interest for many of us. I followed the history of music through the centuries under the guidance of Mr. Pope. y Those days in freshman English When We toiled over compositions for Professor I Porter Qshe was Dean, too, for some of usj . I 6. 191 VII Harry Xvillizlms Mountcastlc John Rogers Musselman, Ph.D. Addie Pichl, Ph.D. l ,, Katherine Harriett Porter, Pl1.D. I Ph.D. Mary Eliza Parker XV:ml.ter Sterling Pope W7 Newbell Niles Puckett, Ph.D. Daniel Paul Quiring M.A. Grace Preyer Rush, CMrs. C. W.J, A.M. Arthur W. Quimby, A.B. Dorothy Mary Rhodes Eva Matthews Sanford Pl1.D. 01. E201 Life became a little more comprehensible to many of us after Sociology courses with Professor Puckett. Even the unmusical among us became Music lovers after taking Professor Quimby's appreciation course and listening to his organ concerts. What fun exploring the unknown regions of comparative anatomy with Mr. Quiring in Biology. Those little notes from the oflice, marked PKG, PS, ST, etc. were usually sent out by Miss Rhodes, Assistant to the Registrar. What interesting hours we spent listening to Mrs. Rush describe her experi- ments in Child Psychology. Remarkable-and sometimes disconcerting -how Professor Sanford can remember so many facts and fables of Ancient History. W7 Wliat carefree hours I spent with Miss Sauber in Gym work, riding, playing all sorts of ball, and exhibiting my excel- lence CPD in track Work. As a student and teacher of Classics, Profes- sor Scott ranks high not only with his students but also with the Guggenheim Foundation. Many of us have viewed the future with more assurance after a conference with Miss Schauffler, our Vocational Counselor. German became more than a mere linguistic medium when interpreted by Mrs. Schradieck. What divine harmony issued forth from Professor Smith's music classrooms! Time was when I could repeat the poetic selections from English Literature that I learned in Mrs. Spenceifs class. 6. 211 Kenneth Scott, PILD. Claire Schradicck CMrs. H. EJ, Ph.D. Pearl Spencer fMrs. R. CJ Aurelia Sauber, A.B., BS. Mary C. Sclmufller A.M. Melville Smith, A.B. Millicent Augusta Swain, A.M. Ethel Marion Thompson, M.S. 1, 4. l John Paul Vissc her, Pl1.D. Eleanor XValter Thomas, Pl1.D. Mildred Throne Evzmson qMrs. J. Ag, A.M. Elinor R. Wells, A.B. 01. I'11 never forget those discussions of good and evil that we had in Miss SWain's English class. Miss Thomas-an interesting and inspiring professor although "not a Shaw en- thusiast" herself. Menus, diets, and the Word nutrition will always remind me of Professor Thompson. Wliat ability to direct and manage plays, as well as to teach others how to do so, Was concentrated in Professor Throne. Professor Visscher's name to me is synony- mous with the notably successful bio- logical experiments which he carried on. Equally agreeable in either a serious confer- ence or a friendly chat was Miss Wells, our registrar. l22l Miss Wertenberger's pleasant manner will be a fond memory of her Physiology students for many years to come. Chemistry wich Mr. White was fascinating as well as instructive. How often has Professor Williams held her Spanish classes spellbouncl with her graphic accounts of life in Spain. My 23 Wayne Elwood White, Ph.D. iiiii Grace Esther Wertenberger M.S. Ethel May Willianis, M.A. CHAR F IN THW , D.D LL D , L1TT.D., LI-I.D Pwfesicl f Emeritus of Westeraz R05 U i11ersit31. fwwwfwwwf lgzwlgfd ' 1,uw1!afd,0rmw?uwt arm ' wnwdniwl ' walk,-ww - 5 24 1 H WIBW7 69,LcLnfw-4,ufi.Z'5f I E251 Shine on my shoes A dash of powder AND THEN . . . . Bye Bye Blues . f2770',,a,7 4..A.,.,.,.. ,...,.. .. ,..... ,.N,.--,d,,,,,,,,.i...m N mf, N M W 1 , W afwfgf, W . ff X H W w v,:. A.,,.L 2 ?a,,,,d , W 4 K N N M W , N , I I - x ' 1-nas, ww up io Hmmm wma 761 im, ' www tlbuglunligu 1g0e4AwmwwIwMl4,,S1Lv54W.14 emi! .ll-----------E261 ll W7 UW? 1 4L08a,L1AywU,4U-Wbafgiewu 0-'ui'l0f0'Wl.!JfYuMNA-dfClb0ff0" frwzf0fvwlJ,0 whaMD,7L' ikwu, My 5107 d22wy12wbz544,,f.f.2'0wfwUaf!amw mwwmwwmwqmumw fJoU0wJwkifvUo13afnd17Qf7Z4 Qtww MWWMMWMWM i WWWPWW fAwAf1,0 6. rw--f ,,,,,.-U..- swf' fQ'1:i,1.l'.ff1,i,,-E5,:ig2'53il ':,3" 1-W3 J 1 ... -. ,, s 1 1 P- 1 MGQM Q I . gf 0 4 A ' J X '11f..gb,,-1 .,.,n.'. I 9'fL-:a ' 5f?ii-321335-ill, ...,.Mw, A 'Wim .pi ,w -. . Wx f1'If'f4- ' ' Q' .f . ,3 M-: Wu-:v -Q. ,nw-.,. I. jg, .1-1,,.1 . H . Msfffi , Bar L nf -,. ,, 'XF-.-L Q v 1-1:5 ' a,we,:'1gz, ---1.151192 w '..r,.'21' 1 fu'-f H, ?'.nrfz'f5frf4If'1'U'fi1..ifL-J'-1 - ,zkruifw cu Lf GQM7 W , .n Y 5 i The H ppy F ly Boo! Y B 17 y Enongl f Tb D 3 Mama, k I awww., Lf doobfawfwwniamuihaf 0.611111 Qwowuxiwpapuoifx wfww tllwdu L 3 o J U' l. W7 .I ff 3 J 1 V. -h.:'.'.TL g- . ' qi if ' W Q N. Athletes fivct. Winn!! big ears you haw! Tcnsbun!!! - More -mice . . Bookzuorms mul what makes Jem. d,uim1 d4w1AnMf,Li.f3,uio-Lwvlbonlww ffm? M7 I Docto li you tell- Cbori Ditto. He wa I b g Old al cl 33 Jlwdwwuwfmmfwuu HAIYLO47 ' A I Quik fdfwdwv, amd, Bow-IB-7??'l?u,L2Zw. Um W7 0'w7 f 1' four. Florrulora girls .... and boys. 1 Www Lywllifwas JA-LU pVb'4j!JQfHW 3, W7 .n I l s Y I Q T l I I 1 Happy family. Ride 'em Cowboy. Pgyc-hed on ,I b1,1,,,PW, Looks barl-but sbe's a good girl R6-ally "Eggie" Erlwarzls. R5'7'1fl"lU'l715' ' Most girls 10011111117 laugh. Our sirle lost-but we looked well. Polo? What -next? E341 'Wi M7 Us .I Wfbrlfs fbis? Anofbrr Dansnlzi? . . . . Or maybe .Y07ll!'071C' los! sometlving. Hi, jml, going home now? JY W7 0'w7 Studentis Association XIX!! I saw Sloo Thomson today, the Freshman ideal, who holds the high- est official position on campus, that of president of the Student Council. She is ably assisted by artistic but practical Coral Christenson as vice- presidentg by Arla Born who holds the purse stringsg and by neat little Jean Shaw who is kept busy taking the minutes. These Student Council members are the big frogs in the Mather puddle. They are responsible for Stunt Night, those three jolly weeks of practice and twenty minutes of keen cornpetitiong Tree Night in which the Sophs come usually through and give all of us a rousing good playg the Chapel committee- three cuts and you are out, Qalso no talking pleasej g Martha Washingtoii party-what attic did you raid for that dress?g The Sun Dial, our own monthlyg and last but not least, the Honor Code and all digressions there- of. In short they are the great constructive force of our campus and are instrumental in keeping us all on the almost straight and narrow. U ' l. M7 .5 Interdormitory Board Iialmost forgot to sign out last night at the dorm. Guess that would have taken away some of my few late nights. Let the girls in Mather Worry about Kay Pierce and Harriett Leecly, but I'm sending red apples to Peg Whelan, Ginny Ott, and Mary Franklin so I won't be campussed. Ginny is president of the Interdorm Board, Mary is vice- president, and Harriett is secretary. She writes the campus notices. Sounds fun, doemak it? Peg and Play are preddents of Ciunford and Bdatber dornns A11 joking aside their jobs are no snaps. It takes real tact to try your own friends and acquaintances for infraction of the interdormitory rules, and to be fair and unbiased in passing sentence on the offenders. On May 16, the Interdormitory Association sponsored an Interdormitory Formal Dance at Lake Shore Country Club. Ruth Penty was chairman. U71 ,777 fm-7 ic W C. A. Y. W. C. A. cabinet meeting today. Peg Waelde wasn't there so Eleanor Chandler took charge of planning the Hello Day party, and the next monthly meeting . . . The Freshman Commission Charm School sounds interesting . . . Mary Leutner looks anxious, she's the one who doles out the dough. Doesn't Ruth Edwards look the 'ttypical Y. W. girl" in her white blouse and tie? What's the matter with you, Miss Born, don't you agree? . . . Looks like curtains for you if you don,t. CThis is subtle-she is between curtains, see?j Beth Supler told us all about the Box Supper in Haydn. The pros- pect of cold eggs and pickles as a supper didnit sound so good to some of us. We were fooled, however, and had a grand time, being especially entertained by the juniors, original stunt-fAh, Ab-Ab, Ah-Ab-Ahh. Guess I missed a lot of fun by not going to the Euclid Beach house party -what with sticks and stones in peoples' beds, etc. I sure hope I'm one of the lucky girls chosen to go to the Y.-W. Conference at Geneva, Wisconsin. According to Ginny Bartholomew, Dorth Raleigh, Dotty Mueller, Janette Pierce, Peg Waelde, and "Penny" it's heaven on earth-see them for details. I I 57777 0" Musical Arts Club I received an invitation to the Musical Arts Club program and tea Wednesday afternoon. It was held at the Music House and was very in- formal and pleasant. After a program in which several of the club members participated, tea and cookies were served, and the rest of the meeting was spent in friendly conversation. The president, Katharine Reindel, Who presided at the meeting, introduced me to the other oflicers of the club-Roslyn Skeels, the vicelpresident, Virginia Rose, the sec- retary, and Carla Zorn, the treasurer. I was told that there were two standing committees, the program committee and the tea committee, of which Janis Dremann, and Mabel Chapman Were chairmen. The club meets twice a month, and membership is open not only to those who have musical ability, but to anyone interested in music. i wi 'W My TheyPolychronicon 1 933 Well, I promised to fork over three dollars for the Polychronicon this year. I hope it is Worth it- Editorifzl Staff Editor-ilz-Chief .............. l-MARION GRUDIER Assistzmt Editor ....e.......,..... FERN BRINDLEY Photograph Editor .......... ELOISE PETTIGREXV Senior Section Edith Eirmin Edith Berris junior Section Katherine Pierce Dorothy Raleigh Orgfmizatiofzs Janette Pierce Ruth Edwards Mary Thomas Turnock Katherine Reindel Features Arla Born Esther Simon Zora Rose General Assistants Mary Elizabeth Robertson Mary Franklin Marjorie Reisinger Ethel Kissock Mary Badger Frances Kelleher Mary Ison Evelyn Johnson Sophomore Editorial Assistants Virginia Bartholomew Marjorie Hamilton Edith Hinds Betty Jones Eleanor Rosenfeld I l40l '7717 0,3117 The Polychronicon 1 933 The staff seems to be busy enoughg so Fm looking for a good book Busielzess Stag Business Mmzzzger .................... GRACE JAMES Circulation Mmmger .... Doxus LANGENHAN Advertising Mmmger .......... JANE RAYBURN Circztlzztion Assistants Arlveertising Assistants Mary Ison Evelyn Kirtz Dorothy Stout Evelyn Brott Katherine Muhlhan Beatrice Harbert Jean Shaw Sojvhomovfe Business Assistants Alma Balbach Marie Fessler Janis Dremann Eleanor Terwilliger A Miriam Zavelson I 41 l ll W7 U ' Les Francophiles I saw a notice of the French Club meeting posted onthe bulletin board today. Mathilde Newman is president, Marian Schmitt is vice- president, and Madelyn Gutfeld is secretary. The meeting is to be an informal social gathering with all members speaking French the whole time. Last meeting we had a speaker. "La Rente Viageren a one-act play was read by some of the members at our first April meeting which was held in the second floor drawing room of Haydn Hall. The play was excellent. I hope we have more of them. However I can't sincerely say I like one type of meeting better than the others. I find equal enjoyment in our informal gatherings where social conversation is carried on in French, and in listening to the speakers who address us in French. This extra curricular activity is of immense value to a student seeking a deeper knowledge of the French language than can be obtained in a formal classroom. H21 0' li ry my , Deeringskinder HOW I Wish I took German so I could belong to the Deeringskinder. But since V115 villsf du bllbfll is the extent of my German vocabulary, I doubt very much if I would feel at home at their bi-Weekly meetings. I understand the speeches on German customs, literature, and people are Very instructive and entertaining. There is an annual initiation banquet for the new members, and a German play given in the Spring by mem- bers of the club for the whole college. Dr. Deering and Mrs. Schradieck are faculty advisers for the club. There is little doubt that the German Club has the most enthusiastic members of any campus organization. Every one of them loves German and is working hard to gain a more prominent spot in the life of the college for her Deeringskinder. W 1 My 527 Parnassus M. E. Robertson asked me if I would like to come to one of their Parnassus Prose Group meetings. She is president of the Prose Group. At the next meeting they will discuss Galsworthy's Flowering Wilde1f11ess which everyone is to have read by that time. M. E. keeps the club work- ing hard, and they love it. I understand their discussions are not only animated in their conception, but stimulating in effect, and are of great Value to the college girl who might otherwise neglect some of the better books I guess this group will be better for me than the Poetry Group, because even rhyming is beyond me. Elizabeth Moeckel is president of this group which read, write, and discuss bits of their own original verse. There is a new collegiate series being gotten together in New York, and Mather has been asked to send some selections for inclusion. Miss Thomas will help judge the Mather contributions. Right now all of the poetry group are going around mumbling, "cat, rat,', etc. I44l U ' l. M7 1 Debate Club Today Evelyn Shaffer, president of the Debate Club asked me to come out for debate. Eleanor Yeagle is vice-president of the clubg Fern Brindley, business managerg and Margaret Parker, secretary-treasurer. They are to have important meets with Buffalo and Miami. They have had two main topics for discussion: one being The Question of Taxes, and the other-Resolved that there should be compulsory Liability Auto Insurance. The debaters meet several times weekly to prepare the talks for affirmative and negative. Miss Alina Bohlken has been coach for the teams this year, I think I should enjoy debating. The debate teams this year have used two forms of debate: one being the old method of aflirmative-negative and rebuttalspeechesg the other was a newer method called the "questionnaire" method. Our girls found this new type of debate very interesting and very lively. uf 1 I I U' l. dm? J Orchestra Monday afternoon, as I was leaving the campus, I met a girl with a violin under her arm, hurrying down the Walk, humming the familiar strains of "Ch he is a judge, and a good judge, too.', She said she was going to orchestra practice, and invited me to come with her. She led me to the Amasa Stone Chapel on the Adelbert campus. The orchestra, directed by Karl Grossman, and composed of men from Adelbert and girls from Mather, Was in the midst of preparation for the two oper- ettas, Dido and Aeneas, by Purcell, and Trial by jury, by Gilbert and Sullivan. I was informed that the orchestra broadcasts over the radio once or twice a year, gives several concerts in conjunction with the glee clubs, and plays for Commencement in June. ' The officers of the orchestra are a president, Katharine Reindel, a secretary-treasurer, Deborah Jaffa, and a manager and a librarian chosen frona the fkdelbert naen. E461 W7 0 ' Glee Club The Glee Club sang in chapel today. Mr. Quimby announced the two operas which they are presenting in cooperation with the Glee Clubs of Adelbert and the Schooliof Education. The operas are Dido zzrzfl fl6lZ6'ilS and Trial by Izwfy. Mr. Evanson and his wife are directing the productions. Roslyn Skeels is president of the Glee Club. Other oflicers areiSeville'Cl1agrin, treasurerg Helen Stern, secretarygiand Jeanette Har- ford and Dorothy Hartman, librarians. Glee Club is one place you can practice wearing a cap and gown before you graduate. There is to be a concert by members of the Glee Club on April 25, to be followed on the 26 by a formal dance at Guild Hall. Guess l,ll have to start saving for it. Next year I intend to pocket my pride and try for a place in the Glee Club. It-must take a lot of nerve to try out, but after hearing the operas this year, and after seeing how nice all the girls looked at their concert, I insist upon trying to belong to this activity. W3 I 0117 Hwy National Collegiate Players Another eventful trip to the Tower Room! This afternoon as a special Christmas treat Miss Miles presented a Miracle Play. It was very eifective, and its quiet naivete was a Welcome relief after the tension of an,averageschoolday. After the play I was introduced to Eleanor Warner, who is president of National Collegiate Players. This is an honorary dramatic fraternity for Which, in order to become a member, one must have earned points in at least three fields of drama. Points may be earned in acting, producing, costuming, staging, or business. Courses in drama and in advanced in- terpretation also offer points for membership. Mather is the only Woman's college to have a chapter of National Collegiate Players. The members are Eleanor Wfarner, Nanette Kraft, Marguerite Culp, Edith Berris, and Zora Rose. l4Sl 0' Curtain Players My invitation to a Curtain Players tea was genuine. I thought it was a fake because I am not a member-yet. All the freshmen who have an interest in dramatics were invited to the Tower Room for a brief program and tea. Zora Rose explained the miniature theater in which members of the Play Production classes set up the scenery for their plays. Marge Culp showed us how the various spot lights are manipulated on that wicked looking switch -board. Nan Kraft closed the program by reading several poetic selections to the group. Miss Throne, dramatic director, poured and was assisted by Dorothy Mueller, president of Curtain Players, at the tea following the program. I am all set now to earn my required points for admission to this very active club. , H91 L W7 lrrsis il Sociology Club "Ginny".Ott made me promise to come to the Soci Club bridge Saturday afternoon. I am not so good at bridge, but I should like to know more about this club. Never can tell-I might major in Soci. I have been hearing about the club all year. They have outside speakers and discussions of current sociological problems at their meetings. What is even better, they sometimes serve tea. Only majors and minors in Sociology are granted membership. This serves to keep a serious interest in social Work as the meeting point of all club members. Virginia Ott is president, and Mary Badger secretary. Miss Ronninger is faculty adviser for the Club and aids the mem- bers in their sociological research. Business meetings are usually followed by reports from club members or by an address by a local Worker in the field of social service. Iwi e 0' l. W7 .l Sun Dial Imagine my delight today when instead of an expected Dean call I found the latest issue of The Sun Dial in my box. I am so glad the Student Council Voted to subsidize this magazineg for even three issues are better than none at all-though I do wish there could be more. I was surprised at the really good material submitted by college girls. I had always thought of literary people as living in show cases as museum pieces, but here there are some wandering around loose on our own campus. Edith Buyer has been the successful editor of The Sun Dial for 1933, While Hazel Jones has been business manager. The attractive cover was designed by Coral Christenson. I League of Women Voters I just found out today that you don't have to be twenty-one to belong to the League of Women Voters, so I'm going to their next meet- ing. Harold Burton, former acting mayor of Cleveland will speak. On March 20 the club is to have a Tariff Dinner. Cards will be placed next to each article of food telling how the tariff affects that article. Hazel Jones is president of the League, Fern Brindley, treasurer, and Rhoda Henderson, vice-president and secretary. In cooperation with the Cleve- land League our college group is to help sponsor the production of Green Pzzszfmfes. This is the one Mather activity which has interests centering on the community at large rather than exclusively on college life. I think it will be Worth my While to join. I: S 2 1 fififffiffffii 5 ' L M7 .l Athletic Association l ' i Let those varsity Red Cats turn up their noses at Hylo which is girls' football, but I got one hundred points for playing on my class team, and am now an active member of the A. A. Every student of Flora Stone Mather College is an associate member not to be an active member until she has earned one hundred points by participation in any class sport such as Hylo, Hockey, Basketball, Track or Baseball. After the inter-class games are played off there is an all-star game in each of the sports. One of the most important affairs in the Fall is che Harvest party sponsored by the A. A. There is also a banquet in the Spring at which all athletic awards are made for the year. Officers of the club this year are Ruth Penty, presidentg Evelyn Johnson, treas- urerg and Inga Larsen, secretary. I 5 3 3 My Freshmen Chairmen ! Meet the three Freshmen Chairmen of the class of 1936! Snapped in a typical pose at the boxes looking for notes. Betty Geist, Nellie McCaslin, and Elizabeth Smith lead their Freshmen sisters safely through the first semester. Betty was elected president and so whatever happens to us this semester is all her fault. We're not much worried, however, for like all Freshmen we have unbounded coniidence in ourselves. We shall present a ten minute stunt during one of the intermissions at Tree Night. I bet the Sophs are scared. U41 My Undergraduate Friends! After all college is just the people you come in Contact with. Through my connections with the various clubs in Mather I have formed many close friendships which I find a real treasure when classes have ended for the day. Of course I am prejudiced, so I shall tell you about the Freshmen first. Then come those cute sophomores-I have learned to like them now that initiation is over. Then my sister class-the Juniors-and then the Graduates. We SL'!IIfC'7lIbL'l' 28 I'm so glad I came to Mather as a member of the class of '36, I've had so much fun going to teas and taking tours of the campus. My only worries are the Physiology lab. and History. Ociober 6 There is a certain crowd of girls who have been following me around. At the Y. W. house party they got me up in the middle of the night to sing songs, and now they're making me wear :1 green apron and a most unbecoming green hat. Can they be the bold, bad Sophomores? Octobw' 13 NVe didn't find the flag. Someone put it in an inkwell in one of the boxes. I Was so disappointed, but the initiation was lots of fun. NOU6'l1l'l701' 11 XVe've elected Betty Geist our first chairman. Alice Heard is Vice-Presidentg Mona Cretney, Secretary, and Jean Astrup, Treasurer. E561 December 9 Tonight was Stunt Night. We didn't win the cup, but everyone said our choruses, trained by Jean Wfalker, Jean Paxton and Virginia Seyfert were about the best in the whole performance. Our peppy chairman was Nancy Richardson. Iammry 6 Elisabeth Smith is chosen our third chairman. Our second chairman was Nelly McCaslin, the debater. February 15 Betty Geist is the president of our class. Congratulations! May 27 We put on a very original stunt between the acts of the Tree Night play. june 10 Hurrah for 21 happy year for Mather's class of '36. E571 Members NAME Margaret Agnew Genevie Orena Allen jean Eleanor Astrup Sarah Marie Badal Roma Edythe Bader Martha Lucille Baum Mary Alice Bauman Ruth Becher Ruth Marie Benes Helen Rose Berger Betty Berne Emily Louise Bernstein Dorothy Leah Bialosky Ruth Bishlto Sylvia Myriam Black Ruth Florence Bloom Rose Sydney Boksenbom Bernice Marie Brady Rita Louise Brody Dorothy Stewart Brown Margaret Jane Brown Ruth Lenore Cada Elinor May Cain Estelle Elizabeth Campbell Jeanne Anne Cash Mary Helen Coventry Lois Dean Cowgill Margaret Ellen Cram Mona Sophia Cretney Jean Zelda Davis Marion Diane Deutsch Guinevere Patricia DeVinne Margaret Mary Dobosh Jeannette Sara Donaldson Edith Vera Eberling Helen Martha Eddy Mary Catherine Elson Ilone Irene Endrey Janet Sophie Erlanger Margaret Josephine Erwin Janet Estill Ruth Lee Farber Lois Feigenbaum 01. of the Freshman Class HOME ADDRESS Cleveland Cleveland Lakewood Lowellville Marion Cleveland Cleveland Shaker Heights Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Orwell Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Hibbing, Minn. Lakewood ' Brattleboroi Vt. East Cleveland Cleveland LOCAL ADDRESS 9904 Newton Ave. 10111 Quebec Ave. 1241 French Ave. Guilford House 9102 Parmelee Ave. 2182 West 9Stl1 St. 3614 East 151st St. 2944 'XVinthrop Rd. 13913 Svec Ave. 1751 Radnor Rd. 2434 Overlook Rd. Fenway Hall Hotel 1080 Parkside Rd. 2998 Yorkshire Rd. 2742 Hampshire Rd. 837 East 128th Sr. 10520 Pasadena Ave. 13424 Eaglesmere Ave. 2216 Coventry Rd. Flora Mather House 17314 Riverway Dr. 1325 East 143rd St. 488 East 126th St. 2052 Cornell Rd. 1464 Ansel Rd. 2346 Tudor Dr. 14802 Clifton Blvd. Flora Mather House 15811 Oakhill Rd. 1085 Parkside Rd. Cleveland Heights 2643 Euclid Heights Blvd. Cleveland Nesquehoning, Pa. Cleveland Heights Cleveland Shaker Heights Malvern Cleveland Canton Shaker Heights Cleveland Heights 10206 Westclaester Ave. Flora Mather House 3412 Clarendon Rd. 9426 Denison Ave. 2679 Inverness Rd. Flora Mather House 4429 Lorain Ave. Flora Mather House 2901 Hampton Rd. 3577 Cummings Rd. Cleveland Heights 3514 Washington Blvd. Cleveland Heights 2476 Euclid Heights Blvd. M81 NAIME Evelyn Dolores Fein Alice Louise Feinberg Ada Harriet Forsythe Julia Floyd Freeman Ruth Leona Friedman Maxine Elizabeth Gebhardt Betty Marie Geist Iane Hart Gilchrist Natalie Ruth Gittelsohn Hannah Glazer Ruth Elizabeth Glunz Sara Mae Golanty Beth Shevva Golombek Helen Corinne Grcenhut Helen Rita Gusdanovic Alice Mayborn Hadsell Anna May Hafemeister Barbara Claire Hall Elinor Halle jean Lois Margaret Harp Margaret Elizabeth Harris Helen Hays Alice Elizabeth Heard Gwen Held Velma Jeanette I-Iellerstein Harriet Lucille Hendricks Elizabeth Louise Hesselman Leila Louise Hiltbrand Margaret Elizabeth Hodgman Lillian Anna Honsa Rose Jambor Helen Elizabeth jenne Helmi Aino Johnson Marion Kissaek Regina Amelia Klegman Sylvia Helen Klein Carolyn Gretchen Knabb Marian Phyllis Kohl Florence Hazel Konker June Kortz Beatrice Sari Koslen Ruth XVilma Kregelius Mary Kathryn Bonnadene Landgrabe Anne Landy Marie Josephine Lanese Laura Marie Liebenauer 01. HOME ADDRESS Cleveland Cleveland Heights East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Poland Cleveland Cleveland East Cleveland Shaker Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Canton Shaker Heights Lakewood Akron Shaker Heights I'Iz1rvatd, Ill. Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Elyria Cleveland Shaker Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Wfarren, Pa. Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights 591 LOCAL ADDRESS 10404 Westcl1ester Ave. 1623 Ivydale Rd. 14401 Potomac Ave. 3001 Corydon Rd. 1361 East Blvd. 8022 Whitethorn Ave. 1906 For-estview Dr, 1843 Cadwell Ave. 2986 Yorkshire Rd. 10002 Parkgate Ave. 2180 West 98th St. 11118 Greenview Ave. 1092 East 97th St. 1357 East Blvd. 10023 Westchester Ave. 2057 Taylor Rd. 18119 Sherrington Rd. 19201 Shaker Blvd. 2246 South Overlook Rd. 939 Ravine Dr. Guilford House 2942 Eaton Rd. 1581 Grace Ave. Flora Mather House 3589 East l63rCl St. 2034 Cornell Rd. 3598 Northcliife Rd. 10805 Parkhurst Dr. 2119 Marlindale Rd. 4150 East 138th St. 10013 Parkview Ave. 9903 Pierpont Ave. 3611 Detroit Ave. 23500 Fairmount Blvd. 2697 Euclid Heights Blvd. 1468 Crawford Rd. Guilford House 3884 Parkdale Rd. 4554 Broadale Rd. 3799 Glenwood Rd. 1727 Cumberland Rd. 3105 Yorkshire Rd. 1457 East 116th St. 1560 Ansel Rd. 826 East 157th St. 1148 Pomona Rd. NAME Genevieve Liles Elsie Louise Eoew Anna Marie Loske Elizabeth Ault Lusk Nellie Mae McCaslin Mary jane McConnell Gena Margery McCullough Elizabeth Anne -McKinley Mary Elizabeth McMahon Lucia Curtiss McNutt Jean Louise Maddock Ruth Mares Mildrcd joan Markman May Robertson Martin Betty Mae Mathews Ruth Ann Mann Margaret Baynes Metz Marjorie Grace Meyer Mary Ruth Monegan Evelyn Louise Murphy Ruth Fryer Nagusky Sophia Ann Nahamkin Elizabeth Nerzel Louise Douglass Newell Alice Jane Newman Marian Hannah Newman Dolores Mary Nolan Caroline Seiffert Oberlin Edna Mary Patricia O'Connell Mary Jane Osborne Carolyn Russell Osgood Martha Dorothy Palermo Jean Christy Paxton Katharine Buchan Peck Martha Perlick Martha Elizabeth Pfeiffer Geraldine Blanche Quincy Marion Grace Reindel Ruth Pinkney Rhoades Nancy Jane Richardson Margaret Rini Cyril Rivkind Dorothy Elizabeth Ronk Lillian Rosenblum Marjorie Lois Rubin Ruth Anna Sanow 01. HOME ADDRESS Chagrin Falls Youngstown Gates Mill Cleveland East Cleveland Warren, Pa. 3ellevue, Pa. Cleveland Fremont Cleveland Heights Elyria Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Dover Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Medina Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Lakewood Akron Akron South Euclid Shaker Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights Mentor East Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland , Cleveland Cleveland Shaker Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland E501 LocAL ADDRESS Chagrin Falls, O. Flora Mather House Gates Mill, O. 15000 Euclid Ave. 14000 Shaw Ave. Guilford House Guilford House 2177 Maplewood Rd. Guilford House 2272 Woodmere Dr. Guilford House 3705 East 49El'l St. 1798 East 101st St. 12408 Lake Shore Blvd. 1229 Haselton Rd. Flora Mather House 3120 Scarborough Rd. 3189 Sycamore Rd. 920 Greyton Rd. 12001 Castlewood Ave. 2556 Overlook Rd. 10020 Adams Ave. 5809 Luther Ave. 1807 West 54th St. 2536 Overlook Rd. 3287 Yorkshire Rd. 844 Greyton Rd. 3259 Dellwood Rd. 1633 Wyandotte Ave. Flora Mather House Guilford House 4621 Mayfield Rd. 2654 North Moreland Blvd. 14406 Drexmore Rd. 3003 Washington Blvd. 3150 Woodbury Rd. Flora Mather House 14016 Terrace Rd. 1858 Wymore Ave. 2906 Weybridge Rd. 2524 East 19th St. 1404 East l05Cll SE. 3316 Ardmore Rd. Sovereign Hotel 1108 East 113th Sc. 4134 Marvin Ave. NAME Louise Adele Sauer Ella May Florence Saunders Mary Patricia Schmutzler Marjorie Moore Schneider Pearl Lillian Schorr Mary Anderson Scott Mary Clare Seitz Mary Virginia Seyfert Susan Ruth. Sherwood Arvilla Maude Skinner Janet Ada Smiley Elizabeth Craig Smith Madalinc Shirley Smith Margaret Jean Somcrwill Bella Spira Lillian Spivack Anita Myra Springborn Lois Virginia Squire Pauline Virginia Stafford Jessie Leila Stocking Miriam Laura Straus Annette Jeanne Suchy Dorothy Jane Suchy Hermine Sugar Margaret Norwood Suthern Virginia Leah Swartz Grace Goldie Tabaltin Florence Takacy Helen Tarasov Frieda Else Taylor Lorna Adele Thayer Juanita Corrine Thomas Margaret Phyllis Ulmer Jean Walker June Lee Watson Alice Louise Watters Jane Wellsted Florence Helen Wetzel Mary Gertrude White Orpha Janet Willson Ruth Irene Wince Miriam Lee Wolf Flora Johanna Zinni Frances Lucille Zuccaro HOME ADDRESS Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland Philipse Manor, N. Sandusky Cleveland Cleveland Heights East Cleveland Maple Heights Cleveland Heights East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Bedford Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Findlay Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights East Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Brecksville Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Chagrin Falls Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland 611 LOCAL ADDRESS 2128 West sich Sc. 3940 Elmwood Rd. 10539 Euclid Ave. 1865 Belmore Rd. 14606 Glendale Ave. Y. Flora Mather House Guilford House 749 Eddy Rd. 2218 Cottage Grove 13309 Sixth Ave. 20806 Clare Ave. 2865 Coleridge Rd. 1903 Rosemont Rd. 3863 Glenwood Rd. Bedford, O. 9119 Empire Ave. 3026 Essex Rd. 1757 Wickford Rd. 1340 East 82nd St. 2937 Edgehill Rd. 2765 Euclid Heights Blvd. 2600 Norfolk Rd. 2600 Norfolk Rd. 10316 Ostend Ave. 10214 Adams Ave. Guilford House 3125 Yorkshire Rd. 3318 East 150th St. 14116 Strathmore Ave. 5911 Detroit Ave. 7027 Hough Ave. 3236 East 126t'l'l St. 2439 Edgehill Rd. 2134 Easti106th sn. 3638 West 32nd St. 3462 East 154th St. 1853 Belmore Rd. 2981 West 25th St. 2636 Canterbury Rd. 3731 West 36th St. Chagrins Falls, O. 3132 Meadowbrook Blvd. 1004 East 152nd St. 2195'East seth St. Freshmen 179. we fl am taking my life in my hands when I publish this-I stole a Sophomore's Diary.j "October 13, 1931 At last, after much torturing by the ingenious Sophomores, we have become full-fledged members of the class of '35, l Three guesses what these girls are looking for. Three guesses and the first two won't count. You have it. I'1l ask you something hard the next time-Sure, it's the mailman. They are Guilford dorm sophs. Edith seems to be on top of the world, Marie-very average, while Marge sits in the cellar. Then Kay and Jane are what we call borderline cases. This is not psychological-just a snap. Ruth, Dorothy, Giovanni, and Laura look like a study in empathy. Is there some renowned scholar across the way posed like this? Now girlies, cut the comedy-there are just ten minutes before this final. Just a friendly after lunch discussion of some fwe hopej not too serious subject-maybe the Haydn House Dance, or the deserved but never attained E.-of course, some girls will discuss the depression. "The sun shines east-the sun shines west"-the Sundial must wonder which sun is best when it receives Mother Nature's sun from the West simultaneously with the sunny smiles of these six sociable sophs. rm af. December I8 1931 The class of ,35 showed its Mather s irit toni ht in " ust Ima ine," which s , u I P . a g g 1 pictured coeducatxon on the Mather campus. We d1dn,t have a winning stunt, but everyone said our enthusiasm was contagious. "Margie" March was chairman. l 1 They go for their ride with their eyes open wide. Jan and Marg wouldn't last long if Becky really started, but Ginnie, Marie, and'Diz are in to stay. To get to chapel before the doors open-clears, this will never do. ,Tis better to be late. Charlotte, Lena, Ruth, Dorothy, Marian, and Eleanor are the gals whose ways must be mended. Marian, Marge, and Virginia seem to have reverted to childhood days. Please note-real snow. Wonder who the target can be. Marge would like to chew nails-so it appears. When to be nonchalant-when you know you are being "took" and are not sure how long you can hold it. If you think it's easy to balance on a rail and smile at the same time just ask these contortionists. Four philosophers, no doubt. Ruth, Marie K., and Dolores have just heard about the bank holiday. Fun? You've no idea. There are four girls in this picture, but two of them snuck in. Florence and Dorothy are tickled pink because it is noon Saturday, and there is a big week-end looming. E631 we February 17, 1931 Today we elected Virginia Bartholomew President of our class. She's representative. October 7, 1932 Dorothea Stevenson is our Sophomore Class President. She was chairman of our clever Freshman stunt, "A Modern Mather Mixup," in Tree Night. Jane XVerner is Vice- Presidentg Marge Hamilton, Secretary, and Marie Fessler, Treasurer. Hey! How about this? Do you sophs always have your chorus practices sitting down? Anyf how Evelyn seems to be doing a pretty good job of putting Em, Ruth, Kay, Dot, Beth, and Marg through their paces. Fran and Lucia have found a huge joke somewhere-but beneath those sunny smiles lies the disposition of true scholars. Note the size of that book! NOW that the Dekes cross our campus--Ruth Allen and Eleanor are trying to make that Phi Betaic impression with all those books, whereas Ruth Wlmipple and Janet have no subtleties at all. Sweet and demure! Linette and Ethel smile sweetly fa little too sweetly donit you thinkj on-the photographer. Well, why not? Heis just a youngster, and oh that cookie-duster. Or even these: Betties Smith and Bacon fwho are covering Sandy's feetj and Ruth, too, seem to think Mary Jane is an O. K. joker, but I have a hunch Wilma and Betty Brown have heard the story before. E641 October 13, 1932 Becky West was in charge of Freshman Initiation today. Becky was oh so hard-hearted, and the Freshmen not so timid as tradition would describe them. December 9, 1932 Hurrah and Hurrah again! We won the Stunt Night cup with "The Old Wonian in the Shoe." "Sandy" fRuth Sandersonj , the chairman, is responsible to a large degree for our success. V Dorothy must have a very subtle sense of humor, for she evidently is tickled about something, but Helen takes a more serious attitude. Maybe her favorite prof is rambling on his pet theme. These Mather dormies are waiting in ambush for someone to come innocently by and wake up to find themselves sleeping from a snowball-Jean, Pat, Betty, Harriet and Lucyplook devilish, don't you think? "Mooch!" says Marge, Ginny, and Peg. "No m0och!" says Kay-Yea! The war is on. Come see the little darlings try to get places against this Peck of trouble. The Junior League with their Pent House have nothing on these sophisticated Matherites, Betty, Marion and Mary Jane who, taking time out from classes, are, no doubt, enjoying a few minutes of this lovely Cleveland weather in their heavenly abode. Four bears for recreation. They realize the more you study the more you know, the more you know the more you forget, the more you forget the less you know-So Why study? E651 0, . March 16, 1933 Our basketball team with its captain, Jean Weilger, has been unusually gug- cessful. It's great fun to watch them play. Another integral part of Mather campus life-Haydn drumsticks. They make contented students-visible proof?-Inga, Marian, Lee, and Saxon. At it again-the happy Hickoks! "Annie KU may have prior claims, but "El" doesn't give up easily. Things like this start big wars. Choose up sides! A trilogy in Helen Kane. Three careworn Sophs who have retired to Haydn to Boop-a-doop their troubles away after that large exam in Physi. A gabfest in progress-Saturday morning-eleven o'clock and no classes until 11:20-What a grand and glorious way to spend the "swell interluclef' just ask Charlotte, Jean, Muriel, and Margery how nice it is. T661 W May 28 Our Tree Night Play preceded by the Tree Night Banquet was very unusual and cleverly presented. Ruth Sanderson wrote and directed it. It has been a year of honors for the class of '3S. And so it has-Congratulations Sophonnores! 1 l Two bits these girlies are Waiting for a ride, at least are taking it Very easy while waiting for the "right" ride to come along. Ah, ah! Playing with fire. Who's the red-hot mamma now? Alma and Dee seem to have each other on the spot, and it looks like it may be a two-way knockout. Oh dear-Phi Bete symptoms cropping out again. Ada Ruth, Arlene, and Eva have become so attached to the library that the school is charging rent. They may be asked to replace worn- out Greek dictionaries. A "Shall we or 'shall We not" go to the Haydn House Dance seems to be the question. But look at the books they have-and books mean Work--So how to settle this weighty question? That's easy--to the library. l67l H, Members of Sophomore Class NAME Ruth jane Allen Claudia. Dorland Allison Marion Grace Altman Yolan Ruth Auerbach Elizabeth Louise Bacon Alma Becker Balbach Virginia Lucy Bartholomew Grace Allene Beaumont Marie Dupree Bechhold Ruth Florette Beebe Edith Martha Begg Alice Virginia Beidler ' Muriel Bell Betty Christine Beyer Ruetta. Tronstein Bialosky Eleanor Frances Bickel Romalda Joanna Bodalski Marjorie jean Bolton Hazel DeMarus Brattin Virginia Catherine Brown Betty Browne Freda Phyllis Budin Betty Thompson Bunn Jean Wells Campbell Marion Turner Chapin Mabel Chapman Marjorie Louise Cherney Marian Gertrude Chestnut! Leah Lucille Coleman Margaret Janet Corcoran Patricia Corrigan Marie june Csapo Laura Marie Curro Lucile Wfoodroxv Curtis Sarah Katherine Curtiss Marie Emily Daerr Virginia Eleanor Damm Dorothea Elizabeth Davis Elizabeth Isabel DeCroes Rosemary Weston Dislnro Saxon Carolyn Discr HOME ADDRESS Lakewood Chagrin Falls Chardon Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland Shaker Heights E Orrville Cleveland Heights Lorain Cleveland Cleveland Lorain Lakewood Cleveland Cleveland Heights Youngstown Wfashington, Pal Cleveland Heights Garrettsville Shaker Heights Cleveland Shaker Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland Cleveland Shaker Heights East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland Heights Wickliie Cleveland Shaker Heights Youngstown 1681 LOCAL Anmuass 2178 Concord Dr. Chagrin Falls, O. Chardon, O. 3061 Corydon Rd. 10111 Edgewater Dr. 3523 Fairmount Blvd. 2930 Edgehill Rd. 1768 East 90th St. 15205 Elderwood 3181 Coleridge Rd. 2900 Glengarry Rd. 13705 Shaker Blvd. 3286 Ardmore Rd. 2061 Cornell Rd. 2194 Middlefield Rd. Lorain, O. 4005 East 71st St. 648 East 102nd St. 1429 Cordova Ave. 14616 Clifton Blvd. 2450 Overlook Rd. 1693 Belmar Rd. Flora Mather House Flora Mather House 2999 Edgehill Rd. Guilford House 2951 Falmouth Rd. 1250 East 851211 St. 3280 Warrington Rd. 2941 Wintlircvp Rd. 1481 East Blvd. 3975 West 158th St. 2956 Wintlirop Rd. 1879 Nela Ave. 3827 Tremont Rd. 3290 Elsmere Rd. 883 Selwyn Rd. WickliEe, O. 4494 XVest 14th St. 2940 .Morley Rd. Flora Mather House my NANIE Janis Elinore Dremann Sylvia Sara Fellenbaum Marie Christine Fessler Vera Field Lois Menclelson Fishel Katherine Drury Ford Marianne Eleanor Frad Erncstine Felicia Friedl Jacqueline Sylvia Front Emma' Elizabeth Fulton Helen Beatrice Galvin Edith Anne Garber Miriam Elizabeth Gerfen Frances Marion Gerow Kathryn Esther Gics Elizabeth Driscoll Gillen Mary Elizabeth Ging Sarah Leavy Gingery Mary Louise Glatfelter Sarah Glazer Iris Goldberg Betsy Furniss Greene Viola Ellen Gusdanovic Marjorie Edith Hamilton Marjorie Ernestine Hamm Jeanette Mae Harford Dorothy Louise Anna Hartman Patricia Marian Hatten Ada Ruth Heavilin Bereniee Mary Heinz Ruth Elizabeth Heisterkamp Dorothy Mildred Hendershot Anna Kathrine Hickok Eloise Ruth Hickok Maude Lynnette Hicks Dorothy Reed Hilbinger Arline Elizabeth Hill Louise Gladys Hill Edith Marie Hinds Jean Louise Hogan Josephine Katherine Hogen Virginia Hogen Virginia Ingalls Arlene Lois Jenney Betty Jones Charlotte Therese Kempner 6. Home anmusss East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Chillicothe Locm. Anuaess 1464 East 135th St. 1721 Cumberland Rd. 3074 Coleridge Rd. 11415 Hessler Rd. 1728 East 115th St. 12337 Cedar Rd. Guilford House Cleveland Heights 2532 Euclid Heights Blvd. Wheelixig, W. Va. 1188 Cleveland Heights Blvd. Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights Cleveland East Cleveland East Cleveland Sr. Marys, Pa. Ashtabula Fremont Clearfield, Pa. Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland East Cleveland Shaker Heights Cuyahoga Falls Cleveland Ann Arbor, Mich. East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland East Liverpool' East Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland XVarren Cleveland Cleveland Lakewood Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Plainfield, N. H. Cleveland Cleveland 69.1 3386 Bradford Rd. 2700 Southington Rd. 1098 East 98th St. 1887 Wadena Ave. 1853 Farmington Rd. 5479 Clement Dr. Ashtabula, O. Guilford House 2030 East 115Cl'l St. 4112 East 113th St. 10831 Grantwood Ave. 3574 East 163:11 St. 2506 Guilford Rd. 10023 Westchester Ave. 1323 Elwood Rd. 3577 East 163111 St. 1916 E2lSt 93111 St. 3608 West 50th St. Flora Mather House 1833 Grasmere Ave. 2322 Lamberton Rd. 10801 St. Mark Ave. Flora Mather House 14926 Terrace Rd. 14926 Terrace Rd. 17406 East Park Dr. 4890 East 49th St. Guilford House 2305 East 95th St. 1480 Belle Ave. Flora Mather House 2983 Somerton Rd. 2983 Somerton Rd. 5526 ECliS0n Rd. 2983 Somerton Rd. 1615 East 77th St. 2524 East 34-th St. . 6 NANIE Ruth Charlotte Kenerson Betty Kenny Marian Elizabeth Kinnear Sylvia Kramer Adele Paula Landy Inga Judith. Larsen Leona Alma Laskowski Frances Lee Harriet Leedy Gertrude Leibowitz Anna Neville Lemmerman Florence Lieber Eva Ruth Lieberman Lena Marie Lombardo Mamie Dolores Lombardo Helen Dorothy Loomis Jeannette Truseott Lothrop Elizabeth Crawford Lovett Giovanna Desolina Luccioni Ethel Elizabeth McCartney Nellie Frances MacGunnlle Margaret Ethel McLean Frances Antoinette Mandelzweig Helen Marie Manion Lucy Virginia Marcellette Margaret March Rose Lynn Massing Eleanor Eva Meyer Kathaleen Eva Miller Mary Margarette Moore Lucille Lynnettc Morton Elaine Ray Newman Sarah Elizabeth Pepper Eleanor Laronge Pick Emily Louise Price Mary Jane Rankin Virginia Elizabeth Reeves Ruth Evelyn Rider Virginia Gray Rose Rita Stearns Roseman Eleanor Irene Rosenfeld Alice Rita Rossiter Frances XVillner Roth Caroline Margaret Roush Loretta Dolores Ryan Cyrille Samuels I-1018113 nnoaizss Cleveland Cleveland Youngsville, Pa. Cleveland Cleveland Canton Cleveland Cleveland Youngstown Cleveland Nvilloughby Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland Lakewood Cleveland Lakewood Cleveland Oil City, Pa. Garfield Heights Chagrin Falls Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Cleveland East Cleveland East Cleveland Brookline, Pa. Cleveland Rocky River Lakewood Dover Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Conneaut Cleveland Heights Massillon East Cleveland Cleveland 1701 LOCAL Anoluzss 12908 Beachwood Ave. 1350 East 82nd St. 9903 Lamont Ave. 11503 Saywell Ave. 11904 Ashbury Ave. 3435 Superior Park Dr. 6312 Fleet Ave. 10709 Ashbury Ave. Flora Mather House 1051 East 98th St. Willougllby, O. 1153 East 98th St. 3226 East 116th St. 980 Nathaniel Rd. 1380 Inglewood Dr. 1838 Grasmere Ave. 1092 Greyton Rd. 1613 East 84th St. 4122 Chester Ave. 1631 Olivewood Ave, 5714 Linwood Ave. 2184 McKinley Ave. 1404 East 111 th St. Guilford House Flora Mather House 11420 1-Iessler Rd. 9918 Somerset Ave. 3277 East Fairfax Rd. 1281 West 110th St. 3205 Meadowbrook Blvd. 1078 Carlyon Rd, 13145 Euclid Ave. 3215 Fairmount Blvd. 2965 Wlashington Blvd. 214 Buckingham Dr. 18126 West Clifton Rd. Flora Mather House 10616 Churchill Ave. 1004 Helmsdale Rd. 3512 Shannon Rd. 12485 Cedar Rd. Guilford House 2840 XVashingt0n Blvd. 1805 East 93rd St. 15144 Euclid Ave. 9905 North Blvd. NANIE Ruth Mary Sanderson Hortense Bernice Schmitz Eleanor Muriel Scliory Emily Mary Schrader Eva Bentonne Schwartz Naomi Florence Schwartz Charlotte Stanton Schweitzer Dorothy Shanman Lonnie Leonora Simon Wilma Annette Simon Elizabeth Ethel Smith Evelyn Elizabeth Smith Helen Elizabeth Smythe jean Katherine Sprague Mary jane Staiger Dorothea Edith Stevenson Ruth Elsa Stockhaus Dorothy Kathryn Stout Catherine Barbara Taleott jane Koblitz Taussig janet Shaw Telfer Hannah Eleanor Terwilliger Eva Maude Tilton Harriet Bartlett Towne Mary Elizabeth Traphagen Eva Ulevitch Katherine Anne Vitcha Helen jane Wfanek Lucia Kent NVarner Jean Lillian XVengcr Jane Ellen NVerner Bertha Beck West Virginia Alice NVest Ruth Janis Wlhipple Frances Louise XVilliams Ruth Rebecca XVisch Dorothy Eve Wisniar Florence Olivia XVright Caroline Louise Wtirster Eleanor May Yeagle Marion Helen Zabriskie Miriam Harriet Zavelson Dorothy Frank Zizelman Eleanor Dorothy Zmudzinski Mary Roberta Zullo 01. Home ADDRESS Cleveland Heights Cleveland East Cleveland XVarren Cleveland Cleveland Farmersburg, Ind. Cleveland' Cleveland Shaker Heights Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland East Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Shaker Heights Ashley, Pa. Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Lakewood East Cleveland Akron East Cleveland Massillon Cleveland Cleveland Heights Cleveland LOCAL ADDRESS 2566 Lee Rd. 953 Thornhill Dr. 1952 Nclawood Rd. Guilford House 11718 Union Ave. 12313 Edmonton Ave. 528 East 108th. St. 1058 Parkside Rd. 3276 East 117tll St. 13909 Larchmere Blvd. 1870 East 10lst St. 2167 Grandview Rd. 1867 Crawford Rd. 1853 Idlewood Ave. 2907 Meadowbrook Blvd. 2534 Noble Rd. 2578 East 128:11 St. 1308 XVest 108th St. 1302 Cleveland Hts. Blvd. 2749 Euclid Blvd. 1602 Rosewood Ave. 14514 Ardenall Ave. Guilford House 15908 Hazel Rd. Flora Mather House 1045 East 98th St. 3361 East Fairfax Rd. 4526 Pearl Rd. Shaker Heights 3052 South Moreland Blvd. South Euclid Cleveland XVickliffc Cleveland Lakewood Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Pleasant Unity, Pa. Cleveland Cleveland Lakewood Shaker Heights Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Heights 1711 4017 Mayfield Rd. 1397 East 86th St. Wfickliffe, O. 9016 Parmelee Ave. 1062 Lakeland Ave. 12418 Casrlewood Ave. 17115 Hillsboro Rd. 2123 Stearns Rd. Guilford House 9917 Ramona Blvd. 1419 ESISIZ llotll SE. 2062 Wascalia Ave. 2973 Montgomery Rd. 1212 East 125th St. 4029 East 131st St. 2175 Coventry Rd. Sophomores 178. 01. April Ist From my big sister who is a juniorul got the low-down on the class of e may be prejudiced, but she says they are the class of Mather. Florence Lawton Eveln Brett Clara Lader Edith Firmin Helen Rock 721 Phyllis Bock Jane Raybtlrn Marian Callow Jane Speh Esther Simon Bl.. They started out inauspiciously enough by not finding the Hag which was hidden behind a poster. They made up for this mistake, however, by electing three good chairmen-Evelyn Kirtz Beth Cole, and Mary Leutner. Kirtz was elected class president. Grace James ' Mary Leutner Margaret Parker Barbara Hanford Fern Brindley E731 Marian Schmidt Mary Badger Viola Carter Katherine Reindel Charlene Benslay M7 01. Jean Shaw was chosen sophomore president. By the way, never mention last year's Stunt Night to a junior. They seem to think they should have won with their sophomore stunt, Splash' in which they took a blimp trip to the North Pole to find a swimming pool for Mather. I guess the satire went over the judges' heads. Marion Grudier Dorothy Kloepfer Janetta Pierce U Frances Kelleher Betty Sharp E741 Doris Langenhan Helen Stern Eloise Pettigrew Mary Hanna Ruth Edwards U. Marion Grudier was chairman of Tree Night, and lead the class in Tbespiumg, that showboat melodrama. The leading roles were taken by Jean Shaw, Arla Born, Grace James, Mary Leutner Mary Franklin, Marika Hellstrom, and Edith Berris. Zora Rose was costume chairman, and Fay Goldman, stage manager. Emylou Price Estelle Landy Fay Goldman Charlotte Hieber Helen Reed 751 Agnes Killoran Betty Corcoran Madeline Gutfeld Mary Franklin Miriam Sharp 01. "Deedie', Firmin lead the 'unior class as resident. Marion Grudier was Stunt Ni ht chairman J P 3 again and the class presented Bomby Daze. Dorothy Stout Mary Smith W Leona Quayle N Edith Berris Hilda Sparkes A ' U61 Evelyn Johnson Evelyn Bailey Rosemary XVeinfurtner Jean Shaw Marjorie Woodworth 0.1. Dorothy Raleigh was chairman of that Grand Prom that everyone is still praising. Katherine Muhlhnn Beatrice Handy Jane Smith Loreene Hilggett Ethel Kissock -L Q E771 Mary Jane Manning Doris Park Helen Cluff Mary Fusco Mary Elizabeth Robertson Mildred McMillan Adams Elizabeth Winif1'ed Austin Mary Berg XVinifred Mary Bivin Arla Eleanore Born Ethel Virginia Bradenburg Gilberta Wliite Burrows Harriet Doris Carpenter Ruth Louise Caspary Lillie Chak Janet Cole Chapin Helen Isabelle Cluff Ruth Marion Conaghan Marion Smail Cope Betty Alice Covert . Anne Elizabeth Duddleson Sylvia Cecilia Ehrlich Ortrud Louise Eisele Lillian Jean Emoff Charlotte Lillian Fingerhut Elinor Wason Fitch Frances Anne Franc Ottilie Oglesby Fromme Philomcna Mary Fusco Alice May Galbraith Zelda Miriam Garber Elizabeth Gardner Frances DeWitt Gaylord Rosalind Fay Ginsburg Sylvia Glanz Iris Adele Gleichman Frances Lee Goldman Mildred Louise Greenberg we Juniors Without Photos Marie Catherine Gutbrod Beatrice Johannette Handy Barbara Ellwanger Hanford Beatrice Mary Harbert Eileen Riley Hearon Hannah Heller Dorothy Elinore Herzberg Lida Howe Loreene Mildred Huggett Elva Hunting Mary Elizabeth Ischie Mary Elizabeth Ison Deborah Eunice Jaffa Mildred Jay Anna Miriam Johnson Lenore Marie Keller Evelyn Jesma Kirtz Stella Kleinman Marcia Georgette Lees Martha Kliewer Linscheid Elsie Gabrielle Lucak Emma Florence 'Luening Margaret McKinley Margaret Ruth Mann Mary Jane Manning Ruth Dorothy Metz Mary Eldora Morehouse Kathryn Lillian Muhlhan Herol Geuder Muller Rose Neal Dorotha Agnes Nevison Mathilde Hortense Newman Doris Louise Park U81 Edna Marian Peterka Helen Katherine Pierce Katherine Prescott Gladys Sylvia Prochaska Ruth Rabine Margaret Dorothy Raleigh Marjorie Faye Reisinger Rose Rita Rini Mary Elizabeth Robertson Zora Dena Rose Dina Schrank Ida Seltzer Mary Servicky Sophia Silver Jane Emma Smith Shirley Dorothy Sperber Dorothy Anne Steinbrenner Ruth Dorothy Stern Lillian Shirley Stroll Elizabeth Leota Supler - Eegsp gf Marion Lois Teare Georgia Marie Turner Mary Thomas Turnoclt Eugenia Vlad Miriam Irene Wfeisberg Mary Elsa Weiss Betty Gertrude XVertz Beatrice Blanche Wliite Alice Willianisoii Louise Wfolkow Beatrice Zimet And Then the Graduates .... W7 0' June 14 . . . Commencement Day for all my many Senior friends. This traditional circle is one of the most impressive customs of Mather College. Here's to you, Class of '33, may there be a "new deal" for you too. . - 7 l we Senior Class History My big sister also told me about the Seniors who have made such a name for themselves in their four years at Mather. Dot Mueller, Helen Bontrager, and Ruth Berwick were the Freshmen chairmen. Ruth was elected president at the beginning of the second semester. Their first stunt, F1'esb11zen Co1z1fwzcto1's, was under the leadership of Mary Exley Cave. Louise Thomson, Sophomore president, lead a chorus of Hawkshaws in their Sophomore stunt which came Very near Winning the cup. Dot Mueller and her committee should indeed feel very proud of Mather Midnight Mys- tery. Roslyn Skeels Wrote the Words and music to the winning Song Night piece. Marge Culp was literary chair- man of Tree Night and directed her class through Mech- mmmia. Peg Prendergast was Junior president, and Sloo Thomson Was Chairman of their third stunt, funior Iouwzeys. Marge Cowdrey was Prom chairman. Ginny Ott, Ruth Penty, and Peg Prendergast took honors in athletics. Marge Culp edited the Polychronicon, and Marg Kraft 'Was business manager. Elinor Slingluff headed the Senior class, and in their stunt led the chorus of those cute Mickey Mouses. Dor- othy Mueller Was chairman. Eleanor Chandler Was chair- man for a most successful Senior breakfast which sent the class of 1933 out into the cold cruel World quite optimistic. moi 6. M57 .I The Big Day .' 81 1 Co11z1ne1zcemc'1zt Day The circle breaks. Faculty. To The S1111 Dial . . . C01zg1fat1LIati011s . . ew ,-P-Y --- - 1 - . . -Y ------,- . ik? jg- .W K .---v - - XA. V l I 4 4 . f - ' 'Q fl 31 I I i 3 l l il QI 1' l . ,N I 1 lu 7 E 1jjET"Zlfig5ifaS1l,-u Margaret Elizabeth Kraft Class Vice-President 3 Student Council Representative 4 Polyclironicon Business Staff 2 Business Manager 3 Stunt Night Committee 2, 3 Tree Night Committee 2 ',n"""-.,. Baseball A11 Star Team 2 ,QI UNI V515-.. Phi Kappa Zeta 'od Jie.. :Q Q' 's : Us A z I l : gs 5 0 1 1 JB a' 'XQ41 65.90 .'u.. ,o" '-Q-una-" . rf!WF-M AW- l Angela May Bowen ll, ' Battle Creek College 1 Campus Players 1 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 2 Sigma Psi E H421 Edith Jean Altfeld Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2 Baseball 1 Reserve Weelily 2, 3 Mather Editor 4 Sociology Club 4 Anne Brickman H. A. Club l, 2, 3, 4 Musical Arts Club 1 Reserve XVeekly Business Staff 4 V., vw: ix fw ,fl--Y' -Y, T f' .---- . vi 1 Gertrude Sylvia Beyer Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 "R" Club 2, 3, 4 q Phi Beta Kappa 3, 4 Nu Zeta Nu President E ,-nun. v' u, 0' 'o ofa?" U N I VE45.'.'o 0' Q' sf 'n fo? Q'- ig 2 5 rw: : gi l l 0 A 1 91 1-if Ruth Eliza Berwick aff!-, Am," Cl ' i" 0 69' " ass President 1 5,41 1 6 ,J Stunt Night Committee 1, 2, 3 ."u..??'-,n", Tree Night Committee 2 Song Night Committee 2 Chairman Martha XVashington Party Z Y. XV. C. A. Treasurer 3 Program Chairman 4 Delta Phi Upsilon ,, i-Xxx K ,,... - . 1 VI I , , , H31 vi, - . 4 l i Ruth Eleanor Pen ty Present Day Club 3, 4 Sun Dial Business Staff 4 Polychronicon Staff 3 "R" Book Business Manager 5 Athletic Association 1, 2, 3 President 4 Interdormitory Dance Chairman 4 Theta Lambda Phi President Lois Madeleine Schwartz Debate Club 4 Helen Mary Bontrager Freshman Chairman Martha Waslmington Committee Tree Night Costume A Committee 1, 2 Stun: Night Costume Committee 1, 2, 3, 4 Delta Phi Upsilon Louise Steinharc Bergman Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 "The Show-Off" Phi Beta Kappa ,Z Y Elizabeth Jane Coates Sociology Club 3, 4 Edith Louise Buyer Sun Dial Editor 4 Parnassus Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Sigma Psi President VM C l l I . 01. ' - .V X, Z XA -A W " 3 3 C ,A - - C ,A ----,,e,,. Iola Marie Broggini Stunt Night Costume Committee 4 French Club 2 League of Vfomen Voters 1, 2 Sigma Omega 5? :Iwi .."s :Q ml s gs he 5515 sg. 'o' R211 ."og8 2 qn0',,. F A I 4'- Y i E351 l ,g ,I Dorothy Florence Brown i Stunt Night Costume Committee 4 A Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 ii 'T-NMC 'T' '43 ,,,--""' "" ' i .. , Dorothy Celia. Printz Present Day Club 3, 4 Alpha Theta Sigma Marguerite Caryl Culp Polychronicon Editor-in-Chief 3 Staff 2 Stunt Night Committee 3, 4 Tree Night Chairman 2 University Players President 3, 4 A Y National Collegiate Players 3 Vice-President 4 Curtain Players 2, 3, 4 Delta Phi Upsilon Coral Ch risten son Stunt Night Costume Committee Song Night Stage Manager 2 Tree Night Business Manager 2 Student Government Vice- President 4 Costume Committee "NVinters Tale" 4 Costume Committee "Mikado" 3 Program Cover Design for Stunt, Song, Trce Night 2 Curtain Players 2. 3, 4 Art Editor Sun Dial 4 Stunt Night Committee 4 Chairman Senior-Sophomore Party Committee 4 Sigma Psi Florence Marie Stewart Present Day Club 3 Treasurer 4 Polychronicon Staff 3 Mather Dormitory Vice-President 5 ff 'hilft W 1 S is Jane Meacham Evans Miami University 1, 2, 3 Delta Gamma Sarah Edelson Athletic Association 4 Fencing Club President 3, 4 .Qi Wx Z E 05 AS. X -- -im f 'O Q-Q Irs.. " Q A 'Q i "2 ff-1 H? ni I F" 2 a :gs nits? Agfa 'xifcyxq Gexfc ...'uul8 2 Q. n"..' . i ,i T, i if :- 'H 1 w E ,.. Q 871 Elizabeth Leota Supler Bethany College 1, 2 H. A. Club 3 Vice-President 4 Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 4 Ann Gertrude Malbin University of Wisconsin 3 League of Woximen Voters 2 German Club 2 sw is --XX H is 'li I Esther Cohen E I-I, A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . Y Sociology Club 3, 4 Gertrude Norma Graves University of Michigan 1, 2, 'S Phi Sigma Sigma o"" if?-una. fig?-YP E"1v,3, if m 0 F' 5 2 gs H mi fi?" ra .aiqpy 65: .siigrsul 8 2eoo".... Ma ry Eleano re Grimm Present Day Club 2, 3 I7re11ch Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Phi 1" - -ix - V- U' '-'- 4 Miriam Eyester Orchestra 1 Present Day Club 3, 4 Theta L:in1bLl:1 Phi iv?-ilijgli Y Yi -iw' if E881 . ! in ll N Mrs. Frances Henke On leave from position as Instruc- tor in Library Science an Our Lady of the Lake College, San Antonio, Texas. Ruth Virginia Handel Spanish Club 2, 3 Sociology Club 3 Present Day Club 3 Tau Delta Phi President Smith College 1, 2 ir .-m' Q- xx W7 17 E EL o".. .....'n OAQQJ VEQkS5.'o. 9'- se fa :if 0: I E" 2 a gs ...my GQ... sgjf 1 8 2 6 fo' - -1 E E891 I 3 ,w , Ai il Augusta Himmel German Club 1, 2 Madelene Catherine Toth French Club 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Phi Sigma Phi V,,fff- 'tt W-MNQQ 6. i F-5 H' in it l H Ruth Mathilda Horsch Sigma Omega Harriett Seymour Hallock University Choir 3 Secretary-Treasurer -1- Theta Lambda Phi Eleanore Mary Kosman Ohio XVesleyan 1, 2 League of Wonien Voters 3 V Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2 w Y Ei Alpha Theta Epsilon President ..,ono n aps... 0' " 0' Q' I .'u : Q 0 1 ' F" : a sf W mf "fb ei?" ..'sil1 Gov.. ....1826..,. Rhoda Jane Henderson Tree Night Costume Committee 2 Stunt Night Costume Committee 2 League of XVomen Voters 2, 3, 4 Theta Phi Omen in I l 4 E l90l Hazel Marie Jones Sun Dial 1 Advertising Manager 2, 3 Business Manager 4 League of XVornen Voters 2, 3 President 4 Musical Arts Club 2, 3 Mock Democratic Convention Vice-Clmirnmn 3 Hockey 2 All Star Team 3 Delta Psi Omega Virginia Rick Gamma Delta Tau ' ,,f"""R in-N--'V .-1 I Y Y ,, V, , ,, in ' swf' ,ff-,,.,,t.f f-flgi, gf- - A :ui-if 7 Elizabeth Ord Musical Arts Club 2, 3 League of Women Voters Polychronicon 3 Phi Kappa Zeta Alfriedn Lees ,, ,lu . , ,, A ,,,..,.t-:V, ,W W ,, , I . I ,W l , University of WISCOKISIII 1 , R X , Nu Zum Nu i If , K .., 01. M? Y, Ida Lieh Katherine Elizabeth Mc,Knigl1t 1 l i 1 ,,.-'6I'1ffiQ"--... :Og .no ig' 'CZK 5? 03 g r-': E 55 1-ed, 0 cs . ...final Szgnf... Helen Mary Marsh Parnassus Club 4 Reserve Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 3, 4 Alpha Sigma Rho Julia Aileen Merwin H. A. Club Secretary 2, 3 Musical Arts Club 1 Orchestra 1, Z Delta Pi Delta 3 , .,, H E i921 we .,f-"' ' ' ' --A -Ci -KF, , -1 t-- 5 - V 'Nr' ..... - 5 "1 l 1 l l 1 1 i Q 1 1 Q 1 Mary Katherine McSweeney X , Class Secretary 4 V 1' French Club 1, 2, 3 Polychronicon Business Staff 3 Stunt Night Committee 2 Stunt Night Costume Committee , 1 Stunt Night Stage Committee 2 Sigma Psi H h Y - it I Eleanor Mary Chandler Patnassus Club 3, 4 Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet 3 Chairman Sophomore Banquet 2 League of Woxncii Voters 1 Y. XV. C. A. Vice-President 4 ,."'-"n."'-. Big-Little Sister Party Committee 3 ofhf, UNIVEAY'-.. Senior Tea Committee 4 ,' Q- 'sian' Senior Day. Chairman 4 iffjv ,Lk Sigma Omega I :Q oi. 5 gs 2 55 1 V1 ,' 'xlgqy g 'QJ41 63" .,..-182Q-.,.- Ann Margaret Olmsted Alplm Sigma Rho ,Zz-r-'Y , Dorothy Osborn l Tree Night Stage Committee 2 rl Polychronicon Business Staff 3 A Phi Beta Kappa 4 Theta Phi Omega President tm Anna Margaret Peters German Club Alpha Sigma Rho Dorothy Louise Mueller H. A. Club 2 Treasurer 3 President 4 Stunr Nighr Committee 1, 3 Stunt Night Chairman 2, 4 Curtain Players 2 Secretary 3 President 4 Minuct Chairman 3 "The Royal Family" 2 "The Devil Passesu 4 Phi Kappa Zeta ,,-"""-T"- ig-Tmfg. Q bp. X--P-,, -., .? Z!! it it . Harriet Alice Rice H. A. Club I, 2, 3, 4 'nag' Lilljlszon' 9"- : 0: -A X . 0 U fy' I ri a gs Margaret Alice Prendergast A J57.: -8? 5.- Class President 3 ', 9, .I Student Council Representative 1,2 X, 111 630' Trcc Night Business Committee 2 "u, ,-" 1 . Q- u, Martha Waslixngtoii Committee 2 .un Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 3, 4 Bookery Manager 4 Hockey Team Captain 1, 2, 3 Baseball Manager 4 Polychronicon Staff 3 Delta Phi Upsilon President - -- X4 ..... - ifipwkr 'V -'NX 'fra 'Www-"P'g'R'-P --gg-f ,.--1- '- - " ' ' Q31 v I E wi X .-' ni-, "1 , i I H 1 ii 'M , W Christine Riker Class Treasurer 3 Polychronicon Circulation Manager 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Intersorority Informal Committee 3 Sigma Psi Elinor Pugh Slingluff Wfestern College for Wonieii 1 Class Vice President 1 Class President 4 ' Stunt Night Committee 2 Polychronicon 3 Delta Phi Upsilon Seville Beatrice Shagrin Musical Arts Club 1, 2, 4 President 3 Glee Club Accompanist 2, 3, 4 Glee Club Business Manager 4 Roslyn Virginia Skcels Glcc Club President 4 Musical Arcs Club 1, 2, 3 Vice-President 4 University Choir 4 Tree Niglit Committee 2 Sun Dial Staff 1, 2, 3 Polychronicon Staff 3 Song Night Chairman 1, 2 Class Team Baseball 2, 3 Sigma Psi O ii X ,1 1 Jeannette Reisser Poiychronicon 3 Delta Phi Upsilon Marie Theresa Kryzan ' Present Day Club 5 President 4 League of Wfomen Voters I, 2, 3, 4 Stunt Night Stage Committee 2, 3 'mfr 6. 5 ,if ,J-?,, in e Q 'i1'ifiFg M.. i G9 'Um 5 1? ni g F' I : Q5 "-941 or-"' . 1x8 2 qno"..,, ---- I' --1, 971 F -A. Jean Elizabeth Sau rwein Harrietta Charlotte Silbermnn University of Florida 2 University of Wfisconsin 3 Nu Zeta Nu , I W7 01. .ix ,A-Z,-fl I ,- .- -- rf E Virginia Chat!-ield Ott Interdormitory Board 2, 3 President 4 Athletic Association Secretary 2 Treasurer 3 Vice-President 4 Student Council Representative 4 Musical Arts Club 1 League of Woinen Voters 3, 4 Sociology Club Vice President 3 President 4 Hockey, Hylo, Baseball, Basketball, Track-All teams 1, 2, 3, 4 Delta Phi Upsilon Celia Smith Parnassus Club 2 "Avukah,' Secretary 3 .v l ll , Gertrude Shanks V 5 Phi Sigma Phi n'--"."u, ,fgl UNIVEESN. .sf-., fi: if 's : O: A x I l :Q 0 1 E E-Q5 1 'ei . Q Q 117: Nanette Lovis Kraft 'va AN: ggf' 9 .0 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 'yiyfpi 6 .I Curtain Players 2, 3 ".,. 1826-,,-" Vice-President 4 """' National Collegiate Players 'Vice-President 3 Secretary 4 University Players 3, 4 "Importance of Being Earnest" 3 "Murder on the Second Floor" 4 Phi Kappa Zeta FFP- ,-, gix : ' , - -" Z , l 1 I N1 l9Sl Eleanor Warner Debate Club 2, 3 Stunt Night Stage Committee 2, 3 Haydn House CunumLLcc 2, ' Chairman 4 POlYCl1l'OlllC0l1 3 Curtain Players 3, 4 National Collegiate Players 3 President 4 University Players 4 Senior Day Commirtce 4 Delta Phi Upsilon 5 I' Grace Forsclmer Miami University 1, 2 I-I. A. Club 2,'3, 4 ' K'f.r'F-CQ iw? 'E 3 , -ai I fwfr ,,..i-v--V,,.1,...., V -wi .. .. ii , ii Q i ' ,T-, --1 Z--A?:.?- , Aff , , ' -- f- - i ,.,p,., ...W i. ',nl muon.. ,n u ,-' UNI "-. 'O' VEQ6?.'s. i Q A 1 5 1? ni - L" I a gs w bfi gf' ,I Q' wt '-fb 'Sn "ill-1826 wi Lillian Sugarmari Musical Arts Club 1 Tau Delta Phi Ruth Delight Turner H. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Theta Lambda Phi "' "'-- +1- ,-..-,. . ,X ,-, wg 1 v Rosamund Esther Deutsch Parnassus Club 2 French Play 4 Phi Bern Kappa 3, 4 Alpha Sigma Rho Fannie Bessie Uson i 1 5 i I ii Si l filo? RESFZQ. l- :fs WK 2 5' CE ,I 23,2 Es g 2 .ss l i K Q. I 0131257 QQ' Margaret Ellen Taylor Student Council Reprcsenrarivu -I Class Sergeant-at-arn1s 2, 3, 4 Sociology Club 4 Athletic Association 3, 4 Sigma Omega Alice Herrian ,.f"'-' -F A AT' W , 51001 v- E f-if , . ' U' ' '-"'-M L W . ,gg X-will ........ I A. ,la Ruth Anita Roclilus Wfoosrcr College 1 H. A. Club 2, 3, 4 League of Vfornen Voters 2 Polychronicon Business Stuff 3 Reserve XVcekly Business Snail 3 Class Teams-Basketball 1, Hockey 1, Hylo 1, Z Tlictn Phi Omega Anne Cohh Sociology Club 3, 4 we , . m.,.,-,..H...r.-....v .... , , . . ii...-. wire., ,. ,, ..... ..... . , ... .--Hi . ... ' -""-- , -' "' 'A H Y! 'Wh " -L., N... X gl' -'I l l P z l i W Margaret Wright I Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 ' . Present Day Club 4 League of NVomen Voters 4 . Phi Sigma Phi Louise Thomson Class 'Vice-President 1 Class President 2 Student Council Secretary 3 President 4 Y. XV. C. A. Freshman Commission 1, Cabinet 2 ..,--ily... Stunt Night Committee 1, 2 4" U V NN. Chairman 3 'IPQQ' El?lSv'!f0,. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 5:57 PH. Delta Phi Upsilon :QD 5.52 ga O l PAQ' Margaret Marie Waelde 'o.t?41 665,90 Tree Night Costume Chairman 2 N.. 1826 ,,.' Stunt Night Costume "--..--"' Chairman 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Curtain Piavers 3, 4 Y. W. C. A. 3 President 4 Sociology Club 4 Phi Kappa Zeta H , a,,,,,-,--, --f X,g"! ....... , X Marjorie Elizabeth Cowdrey W Class Treasurer 1, 4 V ' Student Government Treasurer 3 ' 3 Y. W. C. A. Secretary Z Junior Prom Chairman 3 Honor Board 4 , - Curtain Players 4 I , I Stunt Night Business Committee 1, 2, 3 Stunt Night Business , Manager 4 . Tree Night Business Committee 2 i Business Manager K'Outward Bound" 3 Senior-Sophomore Party Committee 2 Delta Phi Upsilon i f102j 6. Kg-M """"' ' -N- JV4,,.-f-'--A -4-4' Y Y ' S41 I l 1 ll if Rose Anne Weinstein German Club l, 2 K ' Phi Beta Kappa 4 E ,,.., - Frances West Stunt Night Cover Design 4 A A E O' VEQ0.'v ics- GI.. i 91 ff-'1 gg oi . F' 2 a gs Rv bfi .gpg iqif!-.58 ZQ. .gnc XX ofigifxfi X , w E , - E f103J Vivian Vermeers League of Women Voters 1, 2 German Club 2, 3 Musical Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Phi Margaret Campbell Whelan Class Treasurer 2 Student Council Representative 4 Sociology Club 4 H. A. Club 2, 3, 4 Guilford House President 4 I Victoria May Yates Spanish Club 3 Theta Lambda Phi Iota Sigma l'i Carla Zorn Musical Arts Club I Vice-President 2 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Athletic Association 2, 3 German Club 2, 3 Stunt Night Stage Chairm.1.1 Tree Night Property Manager Polychronieon 3 1 Chzrrlette Martha Zander Glce Club 2, 3, 4 Musical Arts Club 1 Reserve Weekly Business Stal? 2, 3 Manager 4 Polychrouicon Business Staff H German Club President 4 Delta Psi Omega Katherine Kerr Vinson Swarthmore College 1 Class Secretary 3 Stunt Night Committee 2 Prom Committee 3 Haydn House Committee 4 I-I. A. Club 5, 4 Delta Phi Upsilon Student Activities Committee 3 Secretary 4 J ,..A .355 ,- -Tr C, i I , 5 Ruth Marie Beukeman Sigma Omega Mary Jean Hauserman Smith College 1, 2 junior-Freshman Banquet Committee 3 junior-Senior Banquet Committee 3 Big-Sister Party Committee 4 Honor Board 4 Phi Kappa Zeta President I E my 01. 3 ll 'Y -E Seniors Without Photos Betty Allen Jeannette Arscham Harriett Carlsen Eleanor Carran Margaret Daus Louise Edelman Phyllis Gleichman Inez Gullia Mary Hitchings Marcea Isaacs Margaret Johnston Elsie Kleiman f106J Mary Lamantia Elizabeth Moeckel Dorothy Osborn Anne Perlman Miriam Rogin Jane Schuster Frances Taber Mildred Teichman Myra Thomas Rose Wfeinstein Addie Wfilliams Judith Wrigllt e 0777 www? My Very Close Friends! Of course I donlt belong to a sorority now, but I hope that some day my very close friends may share with me the stronger ties of fra- ternity fellowship. f107J 'WIQW7 K 'Emil K I A...x Phi Beta Kappa 1 932 -1 933 In Izme 193 2 GERTRUDE SYLVIA BEYER ROSAMUND ESTHER DEUTSCH JEAN ELIZABETH SAURXVEIN In lFL'I7'l'1ltl7'j7 193 3 LOUISE STEINHART BERGMAN JULIA AILEEN MERWIN RUTH ELIZA BERWICIQ DOROTHY OSEOIIN IDA LANDESMAN ROSE ANNE XVEINSTEIN ELIZABETH AGNES WELLS Our own Chapter of The Phi Beta Kappa Society of Wfestern Reserve University, the Alpha of Ohio, was granted its charter by the Alpha of Connecticut in 1847. Recognizing the merit of educated Womanhood Phi Beta Kappa in 1875 extended its privileges to Women on equal terms with men. The College for Womeii section of the Alpha of Ohio was granted membership and met for the first time, June 9, 1906. 51031 we Intersorority Council The intersorority council is composed of one junior and one senior member from each of the fourteen sororities. The purpose of the council is to regulate sorority activities and to supervise the three pledging periods each year. In December the council sponsored a formal dance at the Hotel Cleveland. In April the intersorority informal dance was held at the Cleveland Club. OFFICERS Preszrleizzf ....,,.,,, ...... . .....s... A ............ M YRA THOMAS Vice-Presiclemf .... s D Secretary .......... Treas1i1'e1' .... s Della Phi Upsilon Betty Biddle Dorothy Raleigh Phi Kappa Zeta Margaret Waelde Eloise Pettigrew Sigma Psi Christine Riker Edith Firmin Ga-nmza Della Tan Betty Wells Marjorie Reisinger Thela Phi Omega Eileen Hearon Beatrice Harbert Sigma Omega Myra Thomas Phyllis Bock N11 Zela N li Gertrude Beyer Edith Berris -----.-CI-IRISTINE RIKE11 .... BETTY VVELLS --------BETTY BIDDLE REPRESENTATIVES Delfa Pi Del fa Aileen Merwin Gladys Prochaska Alpha Theta Epsilon Dorothy Printz Marie Gutbrod Delta Psi Omega Charlotte Zander Ethel Bradenburg Theta Lambrla Phi Ruth Penty Mary Ison Tan Del ta Phi Lillian Sugarman Beatrice Zimet Alpha Sigma Rho Ann Olmsted Helen Rock Phi Sigma Phi 51093 Vivien Vermeers Charlene Benslay 'Wfwf fvil "ii sw, r N 'P , ,,,f f ' - f-"J Delta Phi Upsilon Ruth Berwick Betty Biddle Helen Bontrager Marjorie Cowdrey Marguerite Culp Virginia Ott Mary Badger Arla Born Mary Franklin Betsey Greene Barbara Hanford Loreene Huggett Kathryn Muhlhan Janette Pierce Seniors Jfmiors -nie' sw Q-9652 Margaret Prendergast Louise Thomson Katherine Vinson Jeannette Reisser Elinor Slingluff I Eleanor Wfarner Dorothy Raleigh Betty Sharp Jean Shaw Esther Simon Mary Thomas Turnock Georgia Turner Rosemary Wfeinfurtner Alice Williamson N - is! , . ' ' 743 . ave - W. f1'KZ ' :5' ,fx- 'QQ --i. 1 ' ' " " 5 'Q Phi Kappa Zeta Jean Hauserman Mary Hitchings Margaret Kraft Nanette Kraft Janet Chapin Betty Covert Ruth Edwards Marion Grudier Mary Leutner Seniors Juniors f110J Dorothy Mueller Elizabeth Ord Sue Russell Margaret Waelde Eloise Pettigrew Frances Kelleher Jane Rayburn Kathryn Reindel Marion Teare ba. L 077 .I Elizabeth Austin Angela Bowen Edith Buyer Cora Christenson Edith Eirmin Grace James Ethel Kissack .X .' 32,- ai' . 1 X -1 ..- , 'F '57 . 0 1 l' , 54 .':" " x -4 fe HIS X 'I 5' gf, Q ,qglrfqq 7' xx 1. '5F'S3'l- 15' 5, ' KV-.. . .. , .JA Sigma Psi Seniors Izmiors Helen Stern FAH 1 4, ,.. if 11111 11- 11 fr' am -, ,bf, g.1:.,- ..-535343, 4' A -re: -a Mary McSWeeney Christine Riker Roslyn Skeels 1 Ruth Patterson Herol Muller Katharine Prescott Jane Speh 4 Gamma Delta Tau S0'lZi0'l"S Betty Allen Mary Agnes Meyers Elizabeth Bryan Virginia Rick Kathryn Wagner , Izmiors Ruth Conaghan Etta Speicher Emma Luenning Dorothy Steinbrennei Dorothy Mann Marjorie Reissinger 51111 Kham? ,gif . 95, 41-3 , in 3231. Y' Theta Phi Omega Dorothy Dey Rhoda Henderson Eileen Hearon Marion Callow Mary Hanna Beatrice Harbert Katherine Pierce Iola Broggins Ruth Beukeman Eleanor Chandler Ruth Horsch Phyllis Bock Doris Langenhan Evelyn Johnson Seniors juniors Mary Smith O .. I un Dorothy Osborn Virginia Patterson Elizabeth Supler Margaret Parker Leona Quayle Mary Elizabeth Robertson Ethel Rogers Sigma Omega Seniors jzmiors 51121 Nancy Pierce Jane Schuster Margaret Taylor Myra Thomas Charlotte I-Iieber Miriam Sharp Dorothy Stout .-A gf. l. W7 .l if 3153? '5EK?i3 ' ' : gif' N LDS- 'fQ, ra ' X -' Nu Zeta Nu Seniors Deborah Akers Harriett Silbermann Alfrieda Lees fzmiors Edith Berris Evelyn Kirtz Ruth Stern L -3.-1 "J I .3-ff ' rl YQ , sv: afar f. ' Delta Pi Delta Senior Aileen Merwin Imziors Helen Lavin Gladys Prochaska fllfwj H I. W7 .l - 0 I: . 'X A IL M56 by J ' lL 74 0 ' .4 l r ll , -as zu 11 ,:' 5' 4 1. .4 . s , .3 . r 1 A I: " 5. ai x Alpha Theta Epsilon Seniors Eleanor Kosman Evelyn Brott Viola Carter Frances Gaylord Marie Gutbrod juniors Dorothy Printz Dorothy Kloepfer Edna Peterlsa Marion Schmitt Marjorie Woodworth Delta Psi Omega Hazel Jones Mary Morehouse Betty Moeckel Ethel Bradenberg Seniors Marcella Ouellet Mona Roseman Charlotte Zander ' juniors Anna Johnson Harriet Carpenter 5 114 1 'Wig' .I :"':'4'u -99 Nb yn o 5 E al",l,f:E X X wtf? 'Q Q - Theta Lambda Phi Seniors Miriam Eyester Ruth Turner Elsie Lucak Laura Van Fleet Ruth Penty Victoria Yates Iuvziors Mary Ison Harriet Heller V4 . EQIAQP 5117" Tau Delta Phi Seniors Ruth Handel Sylvia Ehrlich Lillian Sugarman Mildred Jay juniors Mary Berg Ruth Metz Sylvia Glantz Stella Kleinmann Madeline Gutfeld Ida Seltzer Estelle Landy Beatrice Zimet L 115 J gf. In W7 ,l Alpha Sigma Rho Olive Eckert Ann Olmsted Esther Deutsch Seniors Winiuifred Boland Helen Marsh Effie Mae Elkin ffmiors Helen Rock Eugenia Vlad Beatrice Wllite Anna Peters 4' Vip, 057' ti f. fgKr' .x ,,.-F ,I Il Zf'?m:3,r.i3 i i Phi Sigma Phi Seniors Eleanor Grimm Charlotte Lawton Gertrude Shanks Charlene Benslay juniors 51163 Madeline Toth Vivian Vermeers Margaret Wfright Dorothy Nevison 01. n. W7 .n French Plays The French department produced two comedies this year, L'E1fi1z- celle and Le Mcfdecin Malgre Lui, under the direction of Miss Dureau. As usual, the performance was given twice, the second time especially for the French students of Cleveland high schools. . L'I2fi11CeIIe was dramatized by Mildred AuRand, as the gallant suitor to Edith Buyer, the disdainful widow, for whom Antoinette, played by Rosamund Deutsch, sacrificed her true love. In the second play Mildred Jay, as Sganarelle, went through the try- ing experience of posing as a doctor, through the trickery of his wife, Madeline Gutfeld, and then he barely escaped death for helping Beatrice Handy and Marion Schmitt, as'Lucinde and Leandre, to elope, Mathilde Newman had the part of attendant to Lucinde's father, Geronte, played by Elsie Kleiman. Mary Ison took a double role-neighbor of Sganarelle and son of a Countryman, Thibaut, played by Deborah Jaffa. Lillian Sugarman and Evelyn Kirtz made an interesting couple as Lucas and his wife Jacqueline. Both plays were enthusiastically applauded, and the girls were praised for their language ability. Behind the wings they said to each other, "Wasn't it fun?" I German Plays I saw the German plays tonight and were they clever! The first was a comedy, Die Kleilzelz Vclfrzuczmltelz. You should have seen Elva Hunting as the bombastic old hay-seed, and Ethel Bradenburg as Babette, his wife. If we didn't know Ethel better, we'd really be afraid of her after the remarks she made to her in-laws, played by Doris Langenhan and Marie Daerr! Lenore Keller was the timid and exceedingly nervous young man who wanted to marry Ida, played by Martha Baum. The second play, Der Spiife Gast, was more serious. Charlotte Zander, who is president of Deeringskinder, was Malchen, the poor Cin- derella who had to stay home from the ball. Jackie Front was her darling old grandmother and Marie Fessler her lover QYou know Marie in mascu- line partslj. Leila Itliltbrand and Eleanor Meyer were her father and mother, Ruth Glunz her sister, and Florence Wfetzel the maid. fum we The rains that fall On one and all I-Iave many blessed aims- For blooming flow,rs And budding trees And dirty window frames- For cozy hours, For fires and teas, But not for football games. T0 TI-IE ALUMS I'd never think to look at you That once you looked the way I do, With shiney nose and red beret And gym clothes every other day, And shoes with heaven-pointing toes And holey, darney, snaggy hose. Yet, once you were a student here- Perhaps there's hope for me next year TI-IE SOCIAL FAILURE I may not be a Shakespeare, But I'm not without renown. I have a reputation That I never will live down. I'm known around the campus As the perfect social flop, For, after asking seven men, I,m going stag to Hop! You've never said you Iove me. You never said you cared. So from my devastating charms Youive successfully been spared. I've always had my men Running around in rings Trying to win my love By doing all sorts of things. I've never seen a smoldering fire That should be in your eye. I've never called you a liar Cause you never bother to lie. Why do you wait for days Before you ever call? Doesn't it really faze Or bother you at all? I can't eat, I can,t sleep. I'm getting wan and pale. Because a love that never was Is now beginning to fail. 51181 mami Mather Movies King Kong .................. ............... . Bus Berwald Sign of the Cross. ....... .,..................... E xams Forty Second Street. ...... .............. G inny Reeves Cavalcade ................. ......... M arshalls at Noon Rasputin ................... ..................,. P istol Pete Kid from Spain ........-.. ,,........ S eville Shagrin Madame Butterfly .......... ............ H arriett Leedy Hard to Handle. ......... ........,. C ards in Haydn Frisco Jenney .......... ....................... A rlene Topaz. ...................... ........ L oreene Huggett Vampire Bat. ............... t,.t............. E lsie Loew Six Hours to Live ,......... ......... E cldie Finnigan Strike Me Pink ............ -------Nellie Holmes Luxury Liver .,................. 1 ........ ......... D eke Ford Strange Interlude ............................ ........,... V acation Mystery of the Wax Museum. ........ ...... . Mr. Throop Student Song Hits The Bat ..,..................................................... Peg Taylor More Than You Know ......... .......... P hi Bete Shuffle OE to Buffalo. .,.,.,t.......................... Jean Shaw Night and Day .............................. .................. - ,Library My Wild Irish Rose ................ Rosemary Weinfurtner Fit as a Fiddle ..............,............................,....,,. i-.Slingy Try a Little Tenderness, ..... .- .......... Prof. Borgerhoff Ple-eeze ...........................................,.. .. ....... Betty Smith Shanty in Old Shanty Town. ................... Haydn Hall I'm Sure of Everything But You ...................... That E My Fraternity Pin ........ .......... Shine on Your Shoes. ...... Going, Going, Gone .......... My Temptation .............. --- ------------------Jean Walker -------.After the Prom ----------------.Bankroll cut Harlem Fantasy .................................... George Fortune Have You Ever Been Lonely. ...... ---------,Peg - Osborne In the Valley of the Moon ...... ....... A fter the dance Two Tickets to Georgia. ............,............ g-Doc Turner In a Little Second Hand Store. ....... fl19j My watch and pin mam? More Moments of Melody Just My Bill ...................................,............ Sue Russell Three's a Crowd ........ ,....,,... E mylou Price Pink Elephants ,,,..., -,-.,,.N,,,,. E m Fulton Sweet and Lovely .......,......... ..........,,........ S arah Badal Lazy Days ......,............................... Dottie Hendershot Got the World on a String. ..................... Re Pettigrew You Rascal, You ......,.......,...... ........ M ike Cassell Time on My Hands ,.................. ........ A rla Born Hark the Harold Angels Sing e...... ......... C hris Riker Play, Fiddle, Play ....................... ........ I iay Reindel Let's Call It a Day ..................... ...,.,, 8 A.M.-4 P.M. You,re Getting to Be a Habit ....... ............ T he Grille just Couldn't Say Goodbye ............................. .Seniors I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance ...... Miss Thompson Stay Out of My Dreams ............... .......... M iss Parker Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Classy Classmates ITIOSE 21I'lI1Sll1C ...., ........................ most capable ......,. most lovely ........ best dressed ....... Juliet .................... most versatile ..,........... Coral Chris tenson --------Marge Cowdrey ---,----------Nan Kraft Phyllis Gleichman ----------Cappy Herron ------.Eleanor Chandler four Marx Brothers ....... .............. P eg Taylor Marg Kraft Marg Kraft Peg Taylor actress .....,............,.,.. ........... . Dot Mueller musician .... ..........,.,,.... ........ S e ville Shagrin big business womans ...... ...r........ H azel Jones Bookworm, .....,,...,,.. ,........ L ouise Bergman Apple-Shiner ..... ............. P eg Waelde best friend ,......r.r.. ......... S loo Thomson most eificient. .......... ......... - -Marg Culp best scribbler .............. ........ E dith Buyer most argumentative ....... ........ L ois Schwartz 51203 Name Lows Ambition Will be in 1957 Mary Franklin J06y To be Dean of Women Proprietress of a at Dental School Greek Restaurant Mary McSweeney Murder Mysteries T0 do 35 the Teaching Latin . Romans do Dot Mueller Paul To see Paul Seeing Paul Peg Taylor To cut classes To get Phi Bete grades Making up cuts Janis Dremann Violets To out-Talley Marion A Prima-Donna Myra Thomas Steak To be an alum President of the Alum Association Kitty Vinson NValking inthe park To own a park Wallcing in a park Margaret Irwin Proms Actress Prom Chaperon Mary Badger Edith Berris Virginia Bartholomew Seville Shagrin Marian Callow Jean Shaw Wfinifred Bivin M. E, Robertson Deedie Firmin Dot Stevenson Nanette Kraft. Ginny Ingalls Lotsa things Curtain Players College Jazz Spinach QUndecidedj Her fellow men Littachure Chocolate cokes To act The drama To do things slowly To turn cartwheels Zasu Pitts II To get ahead To be Little Seville Little To grow To be decided To revamp psych. To be a second Fannie Hurst Go down in History Zasu Pitts II To act To get going L'Low pockets" Successful Mayor of Cleveland Leading a hand 6' 2" Undecided A chorus girl Still trying Coming up in same Edith Berris' rival Married to Stan Getting started 51213 I. M70 An If for Students of This College CScuse us Mr. Kipling, but you started it.j If you can read the 'Weekly every Tuesday And not pray for Cassell's crumbling in the night If you can take a test and come out smiling Nor doubt but what your sanity's air-tightg If you return a book at twenty after And laugh at the librarian's, "Fine day"g If you can take a cut in any subject And not meet your dear professor on the wayg If you can smell the soap that's free in washrooms And use it-what is more-you do not cryg If you can do these things, My Mather Sisters, You'll be a darn sight better man than I. Things We Can Never Forget The Angel Chorus. Dr. Aikins curls. Win11ie at the House Party. The Angel Chorus. Marge Culp's giggle. Cutting Chaucer class. The Angel Chorus. Hearing the Juniors and Seniors gripe about not winning their Soph. Stunts. Our own Tree Nights. The Prom. Elections. The names we got at Arla's. Mary Leutner's medieval dinner. The Hellers. The Angel Chorus. Dorth Raleigh's contagious smile. ' Marge Schneider's swapping Chesterfields for Camels. Lucia McNutt, the most photographed girl on campus in her first week. The girl in the blue blouse in the Freshman Stunt Nite finale. Eleanor Chandler's lovely favors at our banquets. The fly swatters we gave Miss Fisher. fizzj m77gW7 An Ounce of Prevention Now gather darkness from all sides Roll up, oh Night, a purple mist Draw the shades quite close my clear, Lest gossips say We kissed. Explanation If all I said that one sweet night Was, "Isn't it a lovely moon?" It was because I hoped you might Get a new subject soon. M ay Day Tra-Tra-Tra la-tra la Hotcha! Yowzal Whoopee! Spring! An Orchid To. . . Casanova's band at the Prom .... Rosemary as Campus Queen . . . The Haydn House Committee for their improvements .... The Reserve band for their free noon concerts . . . Tompkins Corners for the double-dip ice cream cones . . . . Edith Berris as Zasu . . . . Winnie for lots of things. C0 1721111171617 is of NAGIEIL S UNIVERSITY GRIULJLIE iuisoi EUQJLHD Av1EN1U1E Meet Me At The Gzzlle 51233 rr I My :J lllll DD DD DDDIll U1IU'DIl'lIDUlJEDTDJJ.IIIIEDJI.U U 47777 Uma? My Classmates f124j m773W7 Names II Want to Remember Uzsq 0717 0,117 Autographs f126j M76 I L gg EUEHm1 ImEHmYIE'UI 'D'IIIU'IIlTm1'mIUIIJ E A E INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY E SCHOOL PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT E 222 EAST OHIO STREET - INDIANAPOLIS, IND A ,E ' .,.,., ,. ,'wn+::nwfsawv,+,w1 g,gx,,:wgp43fM,-g ' " A- '- -' 'E-11.n1'111 Imnmrmtm ELEED-.IIIJ'JlID L 127 3 WM? In ln nullllnl ullIulllulllullnllllllllllllll llrllll lllllll llllllllll Judson Company PRINTERS FQR WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY 'I013 R lc C 5390 - 'K 1009 oc well A CLEVELAND, OHI Harry flzs-1 - A 3 ? i i 3 I I ., 1 I 4 z Q K E 1 I I 2 I 2 1 1 N 1 1 . I iq V F W ,

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