Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC)

 - Class of 1957

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X A Q 441 The Student Body of FLUHA MACDUNALD COLLEGE Red Springs, North Carolina pfzeaemfa.. 'Me W5 7 Lam Betsy Fleslunan Editor .lane Wood Business Manage: N .A 2 I i fl ff i I 4 l D fl ' s L ,, , 1 1' I4 M' I ff' 1' .a . I ,, '1 ,. Our college is a living memorial . . . to a spirit of fresh courage and warmth of heart, to a life, symbol of that spirit that cannot die as long as it lives in the hearts of a people, to a name long treasured in the heart of every true Scotsman and of all who know the spirit and the vision of Flora Macdonald 1 ., ' 4 1153 - RM " 1 " 1- 1 V .- ,IX91.,"-"4'1'1AW-,LL-I4 "3 l f 1 l ersoii Xi1'ill'glIl. Senior, liegins thf first stop uf the lliglilanfl Fling. " Life in Our Flora Inherent in Scottish life is a love of tradition. per- haps the oldest of whivh is the clan organization with its remarkalvle spirit of unity and trihal pride. Strangest of the ties that unite these clansmen is their loyalty to the highlands. There is a nostalgic air aliout the hrown ruin of a castle. a church spire rising from a village surrouncletl hy the wistful hlue of hills. towering mountaintops. and the valleys of the Tweed and Till that touches the heart of loyal true Seotsmen. Here. too. as in the Land of the Cheviots, we learn to savor sentiment and relish the eeeentrie. to love truth and worship beauty. Our way is not easy and the time is not long. Not forever do we remain. yet there is a great inter- mingling. a changing. and a reliuilcling. Every-clay lnarning l'lllFll' lfling positions are memhers of the junior Class. whivli trarlitionally' PPfl0rn1s for many vollegf' felt ltrations. Wflcrlomllfl Clan vxentf tlo 11111111 tl11111 the NllFl'lLll 111111'ke-tl-o11t llilfr i11 llllr 11111' lv111l1l111g gllllllllll. lt take, lllillll vlaf-wx Lllltl 1-1114ly lwllf. Illilllf walks. peritnls of 111e1lit11ti1111. wultul lllllhll'. glury 111 t1'u1l1t1u11. Lllltl tlnf ft11111gr1 Flllllllltbll uf llliillf f1'1e111l:l1lpf. It taken tlle sl1111'p Li1'l't'llI of the new Alllll 1111c'xpla1i1111l1lv. Xloft of ull. it if the 1'u111l1i1111tiu11 of tl1e 1111c'xpe1'te1,l 11111l tlle ll'L1- 1litiu1111l tlxut flmpes 11114l adds x111'ic-ty to 1'l1111 life. Evc11t1111lly. the llljlll' for lc-me-t11ki11g 11r1'iver-1111 llUl1l' of juy 4111cl xi1'tu1'1'. ul' r111l11c-ff and tmt-well. Tlltlllgll they lean- their l1ea1'tf i11 the l1igl1la11ds. the vl1111:111e11 look up with ftunt l1ea1'tr af the tlvur awiugf vids and. seeing far into the lrlue and the m.lista111"e. walk tow1111l 11 wrftvrll 1l1'eL1111. Vit ia11 Kl111'1'is1111'f llagpilws lf'111l a S1-1. at111uspl1P11- lu nur -'ullf-gv fu111'tiw11N. Lmvrrai11e W'illia111S. 111e111l1er uf the lilnrary staff. puints uut tu fleblllllklll Samlra 'Xl.lm11 tl1r lwplira ul Ftir' g '1- famous i11 Scottish history l111 l 1 tlf Dedication In i896 a vigorous and energetic young minister came to Red Springs to become the first president of our college, then called Red Springs Seminary. Facing almost insurmountable obstacles with faith and fortitude, he erected an institution which glorified God and exalted womanhood. The college gained rapidly in prestige under his leadership, and the work of his wife in the department of music was so widely recog- nized that in l903 "Conservatory of Music" was added to its name. After thirty-four years of dedicated service and sacri- fice he resigned to become President Emeritus. Although for several years he has been on our campus only for very special occasions, his faith and courage have remained an inspiration to us. He had a purpose ond, having it, threw into his work his whole strength of mind and body. Because his was a task with a vision, he become the founder of our clan and the sacred embodiment of our clan spirit. We therefore dedicate the 1957 WHITE HEATHER to DR. CHARLES GRAVES VARDELL, President Emeritus l if-"'t:'g"4.? 'I . -1. r NA 1 .f-1--' :.. ff 1 ,I-4 A fx- .. f-fafv 0 - - ' .'36C' . .,J'- P, 1. U '.eN ,. 'T' 5 2 , D I - A. JY .541 ' I - - - . -sg - ' 'qv - ' WA I . D, 5 .' 'Q' ,y ,, .151 . Q.. .. ,. X 2: . .QQ . .fra -A -M 1. - 1-W , 1 s. - 1 . , . ' , , . , ' ' , ' 'Q' . - if. of Q , z ,., --. :.L- ma .Qc 5 ' - vs' . Q . 'Qi , x-xx. pl' . Lx .:s 1.. A ' t it Qt, . .QQ ' - 1 if .A . H f -. .5 1 1, f r . x-jg, aiu'--ff.. 831' 'J' og ' ' U' ., ":i'S-f4T'fxY"--Jn.. , , ' Q1 -' ' . " ' 4' ,r ,. ' ' , . "yr-. . 1, , '.' , ' 14 ' 'Pl u -I. . ,5 A K 6. , t 1' 'IG 1 '- 5" . 1 ' 'W " ' l '.. V' . s . . , o. v ' . ',. , gs, -1 '- . c ' s 4.51.-. Wy h. . E . S Q 'L' 1 ' :.!iv'T' ',.-. f .F n r 'I Q:-u, .S .I i. . i 1 .I 4 U Ad T' . . -:dr ' 1 Q rf - Iwi: .. ,, ,V F-'IW' AEM " , , . "rf ' J .ylf 5. '.,' , 3, K' -' in tn . - . . .. --. -- . . ', .A IJ Wg' .. -9 K", " . ' N- ...A . . I . ' 9 H I . Y G' ' if x -,. '. 5 L . Qc 'I . L" ' 'zf W '45 1, 1:5-' Q.. -uv. '4.,,'x ' 1. ' ' 47,1 " --y ---iff. - ' N . v - A - L x ., .lr . 0 , 1 . t ' , nr - ' q I , uv V, . .M 'U ls. I 47 . . ' I ' , A .E Q MLM. 8 L I .fi --'L - . -we . v. ., 1 . . 's I . f I- . 1 4 - l - I nl ,' .L . x l Q gf' 1, .-"N 1 '45 ' f- 4 , vu- 5 - W . A 49- - A 4-- ' W ft 1- , A i Y -u N - I ' yn - J-v- - x . T112 -'J FX : ,lA ' 2,zQl':.- ,,.?' 5' ., ,h th 'Nike L sk Z -. --K ' I 9:17 'u W . N 1:1 4-'r - , . ,,-....,.-- -----. .... .. ----.-...., L.4u., l 477 ?WxZWZQ7i7Z7Zf?fWZ'!'AWW'Z7Q'Z'ZT JZ W E WM RSIIALI. SLUIHI' Xxlmlmsox l'r'e.wzlfvrlI H T U I ' Allministration 4"' PR1c.r: H. Cuwx. jk lln, f.llXlCI,EN K., X XI nl II B..'X,. HU.. MDX.. Ilm ll l'l il nl l'wlll1'I Dean uf 1,10 Cullelue K 5 6 ,- SADIE MQBRAYER MQCAIN, 13.5. Dean of Sruzlenls CHARLES GILUERSLEEVE V.-KRD!-ILL, BA.. MA.. Ph.D Dean of Conservalorly HAMLL Muumsow, BA. Dean of AlllIl1,SSl,UHS and Registrar E. 4l1.mN Ox+:n'm1v. BA.. MA. Husfrzffsx Manager s 'LJ ing,- 'efgg v ,J 'G 7?",L ,iifqr 1 V., 7454 rg .gn 'V - QN1! ' : ,' .' 2? ' lr.,-r' v r l I I 9 r I "Ti . .,, K . il 1 kph? + k!.qQ-Ui? - ?C'x1Gl'1lN621 : f Q5 1'-Sir ' : fmegff A H , 1, ' -w'4,f 'QJpm1y:f1IlCr + K f T w- Clfwv M A jf,,1JCI', ffvuff-'NN-MJ-4g ynhjil L . fi Jil: lwxnxj ' .ohh 1 .qedyifwv 'ffw.L as nqlfia 'L-:LUJAMQ4 I 5 Q' 4. ?'f'fu:ylp.ng , .lt , W ax I lf:-f "5 mein: Pi' :,T,.-r! ,daze -0 A? il: 9 5 if-'65 T" ' war , he Vf,-111 58 Q-I J hub, N fliflfff f Hh M - r f ' . V I X W5 ' I I' v A :J .fy ' , 1' :Q . V 'XM -V 1 - I W , 1' . v-I. - X 1: W W 1' lf !,. ' 5 wulnnl rnhxx r nl Ur In -Q Hull: wk ' Marlv li---'- I I Administrative L taff Yu H. HI 1.1.0114 ANN Kham .IIIIIIIIIFIF Svrrvlallx mul PllI71l,l'1lY1' Diredor Swletary, Ufjivv nj Daurz nf plflm mn Ilmus Cux Nw'r:'t11rVx. ilfffrf of 1116 1'rvs1'r1enf I'll,IZ'XHI'ITll S. IDMREN ,Unrzngvr of Launlfy Ilxpuix 'lf IIURMH SllIlPl'lXIv.C0I' of l,0I'l7ll'fUIAl'l'.9 M. L. Lum, Klum' Hr:Lr:x Mr:uR1T'r Ser-relnry. Office of llze Hurmr Bmmx xl0RRlSON. BL, Bursar Klum' PED:-iN. R.N. Resiffclll Nurse' .-Xrnmgx 'I'l'n.Km: Sew-clam. lljfivv nf tlzf' llmn Mus. NIARSH.-'ALL 5. Wuonsux, H SIIIPVII'llff'l1I!l'lIf of Ru1'lflz'r15s and Crounffs ,Al1lrr11's.sivn Counxelur Cain Xlvrrilt , De-arvn Uurrz Nlfilll-iifill IIPK 'N In n IlH'lu'l' XY: tl un - A all I mb Zin iflilemuriam MR. Tuoxus E. WYRIGHT On June 22. 1956. our college lost one beloved lay favulty and students alike. Professor Thomas E. Wright. Klr. Wriglit taught French and Spanish at Flora Macdonald College for the past seven years. His interest in the students and his 1-onipanionship with them endeared him to all who knew him. His death was a distinct loss to the academic and personal life of our eollege. Miss Axrsnz Wn.L1.n1s The death of Miss Annie Williams was announfxed lay Dr. Leslie Bullock during our chapel service on Friday morning. Septemlter 28. Miss Williams had been a memluer of the eollege stall' for many years and at the time of her death was 5t?4,'l't'l2ll'f' to Nliss Hazel Morrison. Registrar and Dean of Admissions. All who knew her loved her and mourn the passing of this faithful servant. 15 - -,l I ' , I Y A fm'-fwm X 'If wx - .I , I. I,- ,1..I,y. ' -.gr x 2 xlfj lull. I Illfpirvfl lu Ihr' high rf-gan! uf -I '- ' I- s ' -num P ming. tw svarm r - I I ' I' f -- - v'IrPQsiII11 IPVEIINP 11 'Q I' ' I ' 'bf I 1 'tiYitif'4. r Iuf' 1 twm. mim N 'iw II a1"- , fu if I 5 taken rIIIIt. and a taste' fur hum' lhingf i- Ilvfwl-Ipwl. ' SlUflf'lllS lrharn III lwwk at lifv vrmiliu-ly. III wr- lwallty I Ill the UIll't'LlUllfUl. mul tII l'I-xII1'v11I'I- truth. The- mul rwuh nf thif mvntal. fpiritual. aml mlxllwtie' gr-mth i- nIIt hhnfl. hut IIurlIIIsr-iul hung. I 1-IJIIIII: p.1IIIIr- Ilurmg Ihu-I hI'It1I -tuvlf-111 II'3IhlI1: -fax I ku-' Nulah Umulv-N an-1 lx.1thI'l111- Hu. uhuh XVIII lhwn Ihn- h.-r IIIImIxIIIrlI,, Thr TI-a Holm frf'Ill1IIr1!f'Il lIx Dax I- II :Ir i-rf! :lf Inf lkm-IIII .nhl Nllnivnl-. i- .1 IIII-5 plarw afhr .IIIIIII llxun-u1InIfIrLi-Ihvx N,-,414 I I-I II. .- I .. XI ww- , r Ab X, Sn .1- ..A:-4:.x4......,. , . ---.-,,--- r- m .V NWN- . 4.-I wav- -:sunny-'w - .,.....,,'.f.. - , , ., .,.m.w- W.-A,.Q-..--mp -' "' ' -IF" Far frnm grim jurlgrfx arv our rulwvsl l,:0llIll'll I1lPl1lllt'I'Q ax lhvy HSN1'lIll7ll' for lln-ir rvgular Turwlay I11t'r'llflgI to Lliscuw important iiauvs and makf' ner'-'wary' 4lec'iQi011Q. Student G ernment 'lille Slllll'f'lll CUlIlll'll is l'1llllll0bE'll of tllirleell mem- lrerf. Tlley lbl"1'Ulllt' a part of the Council Ivy virtue nl' the ullive tu XN'llli'lI they are elected in the hpring uf the yvur. taking ollivc in lVlill'l'll. ,-Xml: 'l'l mm: 'Yumrx l'1'r'l'4Hn 1'I4I'l"Ijl'U.Sl'1lP'l1f. Slzulenl llmfy Hxzl-.L Nl1.l.l'I:UN .N'f'l'l'L'lIllVY. Slzulvnl llmly lins,-xl,xxm: lllnsnx 1'l'l'UNIII'l'I, Sllllffllf Iimly P1-14,4.x mcuiml l'rr.x1':lf'r1l. l,'lIIl.9fl'HIl nl.w.mrful1'nn I'x'r Pmxr-31.1. l'!'l',SI'llI'lll. .lllllvliw ,I.X,VlI'l-Ufiflll Nlu l,XI.HlllN l'll',NlvIll'l1f. Zrlu Tlwlrz l,.N14 l'rmielvl1I. Sluffenf Ilorfy jun Lhn lllmxr Pl't'NI4tll'I1f. EILNIXIIIH fffu' lll'.'I'b-Y I.Vr'rI.1a l,I'l".SI'lll'Vll. Huy .flllffclllx llxlclsxm AHluNm,:rox Pl'l'.SI'Ilt'Vll. Svlzzlrr' Clu.s.s Slums: UOOIUIAIN l'I'l'.Yl'tl1'l1l. funim' Class Hours l,liIIllQlCN l'l'cx1'4f1'11l. SUllllUlllUl'l' Cluxx ju l.XXH'liliI.I. IJl'!'Xl'1I4'IIf. FIUAIIIIIIIII fflms 13 ll.l1vl 'lllll-.lll lv-llllllllx .l llv-1-N-.llx lvlll lllll-lf'l+ llll IllIlN all lmlllvll lllv-llllwlx .lx Nllw gum .l 1.lll lllmll In lflllllx xXllll.llllN. XII QINNUVIRIIIUIIF. mll'le'lll-5.:lll1ll'lllsfl'flll'l' I't'IPl'1'M'IllK1l lll Ulll Sllltlt'lll tllllllllll . Wllllxillg lllrmlgll zlmlllllllix llllllllll. lvll'lIllY. illlil HlllllUlll lllt'ht' Vlilll ll'1Hl4'l'h hl'll'l illl 0 lllolloll illl- llIill'lIllIt'l'X Wllll'll llllll1'I'lll'5 l-ull 1lilf.b alrtixilil-5. Xlilllf lllilllS lm' illllialtl-ll, Millli' lu ln l'l'Jl'l'lt'll illlil 0llll'lN ln ln- Wl'llll'll llllll lllv Sllllll Ill Plillltllllllllx. 'l'lllQ fl'ill'.h llilllllllllillx lIl1'llHlt'll llldlllf lllllmuliulls wllll-ll wvlw' tlll' I'l'Nllll ul' ll0lll'S nl' l'Ull- sllltalioll ul t'0llIII Il III1'llIlN'l'h. i'XK'l'lIllX't' 1'UI!lllllllf'1' zlllll lullllilllxtlwllillll. 'l'llis l'4'XllllIllllllLll'y wurlx lx lllI'llll'l' plmll ol lllv llllllllllc' nl bvlllalllvll Iuwallnl proglx-sw. lllllPl' llllljul' plwljvrls wvrl' lhiclltzllillll llc lllt 1UlIlH'll Xveelx. llpvlxllinll ul' llln' Nllllll-lll wh 1 ' Sl'l'ilplMN7li. vxgllll lwclx. lllc full llnllw l'all'ty. llllll tlle first lliiIl4'f' ol' tllc' ye-ul. Vllllfx lllIl'lrll1IliS lulllqllfl allll Nlls. Nl4'llilll1 S lulllv lll'UXI1lt'll llllIml'lllllllll-s lol lllll zlllll lvlluwslllp. lJLlllY llllllt'S ul l'0llll1'll llwlll llers lll1'lll1lt' l'llQl'lQil'lg, 1'ill'llh Llllll vllallwl, W0l'lilllgL l will l llalll pl'llI'lIll'h. :mal llllwwl-llillg l1lllIll'l'UlIS- lx-llllf-sts lol l1IIXIlPQLf'b. l'1lt'l'll0ll to il t'0lIlN'll lNlSIlIllll IS ll lll-'ll lI0ll0l .lllll I"ll'l'lk'N Wllll lt great l't'SlNlIlSlllllllX' F Ill lltllllllllu lltfl lulw 6ill'll lllvllllltll' pll-llgl-S lIt'1'Sl'll gf to lllllllllll ills- illlll ul' lllv I'0lllll'll"'lxt't'lllllQ nl' Illn' l'lIlt' till ll illwtillillg il we-llw ul' llllllul' alllml llllll' play lllllbllgll- l l Q- 41. xllf 'A ,M ff: Y s ,, . l.r nut our hlllllFIll lnmly llllvvlxlllg 4'i'll'llN all llll- Nigllvnllt ll:--L arl- Farzlll llrlmllllzlll llllll Wal' lllllllllllll. llnlll Nl-1-lll l1vllull'A'4'Llllglll" -lullv lllllll- kx -llIllI'lll. Rillillu llINl1lll'4llI Ill-'il flnlll fur lllv- l-'ull Fl-sllxul UIQ'lilI'fLlllflN'lll'1'lu'll Sl-wll lllwillillg all HIII uw-lxlx Slllllwlll Ihuly llll-1-lilly i- Xlllll- l'nllllrll lllvlllIn'l'x, 'lwlII'l14'l' :lx NlI4' pllllwx ful' lli-wllx-lull -lf llll- qlllwlinll :ll lllllll sglgllwspll 1- z z ' li' , 5 i i , s ' -- 5 l il ll X Y 5 4 1 E F l l ' 5 I ' l . 2 : I 1 : ' I . I 4 , 3 ' . 3 -.. Om- of 1111- spun on 1-ampue with whivh fondwt nu-morif-Q arf- awnviatwl is Svnior Brhlgf-. Calhf-red here are thv Svniur ClLlwuH11'1'l'N.zlQ Illvil :lays at Flora Mavflnnalfl nvar an mul. Senior: Nill'IPiil'H Arrinsrtnn. n'P.sirlf'l1l: Shirley Kvarm, l'iI'P-II'P.VIvl1I'IIfI Y . 1 t . 1 Surah H1'awlf'y, sm-IAPIIII'-1': Luvy Hlvllardsnll. fl'f'll,VIlI'Pl'f Hvlsy llrwwer. Tea Room nznnagpr: .Ieshie Ruth Honeycutt. r1s.wi.v1r:11I Ten Rnnnz, nmnngvr. Uvlling praf'lis'al vxpf-1'ir'1n'v in llu- art of honle- 'Yurnm Pillunl. wr!-urminfv one of lmvr nunwf im mrf makinf' aw Sf-ninr Hmm- El'0llHlIliFS mabrs, as the-V . , . , L- Lv F . . . ' lf' 1l'1"'I""' 'I113' 'lf Nlllflflll lrgulluuu .nw F-'nlm'-, Iam! vlutlv- ax xlw-prf-NUI:-ral nf lllv Null'-nl qXfNu:-1ai- no HIIUIII Illl'll' lIlllll'N lll llu' Hmm' Managrhment 'U MUIIVW UW' VJVMAIIVI NX llllillllx flUI1.lNIH'H1l H14 :Hail llfllll'l14'W5lll1l1'Ill Ilzlrnllnmlx, Huusfr. 1--QM Xnn NX:-lull .uni ,Ilnlx lit-:.in. . l1lif"5f 'x Filling rnlw- for thin iinpurtginl 4-wnt arf' .lxinv Stn-4-IN. Susiw , . . . . Pzlixtiiyx. .lnvi l.l11'x iurll1il':lNm1, X lllllv- lung, 1-nl il. .lulivf Taking the iilitiutivc- in vlan imlgailliztititmils ami activi- ties we1'en1en1lie1's nt' tlic- sviiior 1-lass as they tlsmilnwni with pride tiwir nvw duties and lwivilegges. lfn- liniitml lights anti extra lnrvakfuft vntw wwe erin-4-iililx' welrmlie. while Hag duly. student it'll1'ilillQL., wnini' im-itails. and iiitviwic-ww wwe l'6lllilllll"'l'S that tim lung- -4' amuitemi dup mis uplmiwgln-tiiiig. 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A ,,,,,,,,, l,,,,g,1,,,,,,,. lwgp 11 lll1aHf1x' C0llPvP 2. 1 ' P lF'lt'Hi3l1 501-11-ts: l'ulurv l'Zu-1111'-- l.1'a1l1'r- 111 Kinvrira 2: Yollvy- l1all 3: lNlall1vl11utiral Honor Snrivly 2. BETTY JEAN TURNER. BB. BIISIVHGSS .411n11'nislr11I10r1 UUE ll"l""1l3l' H' X' -. . . , El- 1 1 El 1 1 Lllarlotte. lNr1rtl1 Carolina Im' H an 'mn mn . . . . . . F1rt H111-':. N rtl1 tlarolina IIlIll'I1Ff-PII-19 111111 ful . . . r1101'1e5. r11nt'1es, movies . . . 1:1111v111Pr11I11111 I' " U 111115 . . . e.tprexs11'e hrmrls . . . gabs 111 g1111 , . . lisierzing eyes. .Nl111111111x . , . 111l1'r111111'1111111 11111'11l . , . 1'11111'x1r1'11111111' 111111 . . . Epsilon Chi S0f'iPty': Athlrrlit' Assovialinn H051-,L H9311 of Swim- 11'1'11. 1111111'1 . . , 1'11l1111,x111xl11 . . . l1r111'r'r11111111 1111s1'11l-111111111'11. ming 2: Clas-iical Cluh 1. 2: Malhf-matiCal Honor Surivtx' lg lip-il11n4fl1i Snrir-ty: Highlurnl 1,121XI'I'N 3. 1: T1111 ll111l 11111111111 111 Hawks-lhall 4: C1l3l'1lJllP Club 4: Futurr- Businr-is l.1-a1l1ArN of 1111111111131 l.R.tI. fi. 4, Yim--P11--1111-11l 1: Vsilliuin 11ill'll'iiIII 911-11111- ,Xnu-rica 4: May Court 1: SUPPFIHITYE' Sportrnan-hip 2, 4: 1K1UPF'l1N fllllil 1: 5111111-nt Y11lu11t1'1'r- .iz Xl.. 5l1'pl1v11- 1111111-gy' l, 2: Illn- Collvgf? 3. 1'1l111.1tl :Xrt .X1'a1le'1113 11133. l50L.'X REBECCA XYll.1.l'XM5. 11.5. H111111' E1'11r1111111'1,x xlllillli, Fl11l'i1la A'Hef1f1" . . . -I-year Irarrsler-planner . . . "ll1'111111111" . . . 1xx11r1'xx1111 11'11111r1w . . . "R!IllFf1..i Rules 111 Order" . . . p111'11I111 1111111.11915 . . , 111111 1111 11111111111 Ep-ilon llhi Scwivtyz Highlanil Plays-re l. 2. 3. 4: 51.111 Staff 12. 3. tl: 11411110 Eronc1l11i1'a Club 3. 4: l.R.fI. 2, 3. -1: Yerllvtlutll l. 2. fi: llaxlwtlrall 3. 1: lluinw C11n11nitte-12 4. -1-1 OO a f 1 -as 1 ,, I, 'Q . P' V ls .gm Ji ,N WL. -0-...ks Mil fflflllrml' I'iI,IfXI5I'f'I'II I' I'KIINII'1I.I'f. Ill. El1'H1r'Hl1ll i Erluf rrllurl I.lIIllIH'I'I1IIl. Nollii Ifgiroliiia m.x If lm ui 'IHll'l'lIflII Lul- Iin-Ixx Xiu!-mi I.iIllf-. III fvgjf' x :HMI Irlllvrx enior Class M:XRGARIf'I' HQINIILTON WILLIAMS. BA. Evlffllfflfflfi EIAIUIOUIIIUVI Xraral. Virginia "7'nppe'r" . . . lrrfxlzvrzrfl, Huf . . . Aurwiur uf l'rr'.slril0r1'r1ri Cnllpgm . . . quiel wil . . . 11 ring on hvr ,ringer . . . pvrvnniul IIIIIIIIIPSS. Zvta TIN-la Ili Sur-if-Ky: Virginia llluh 4: Pvace? C.-llegv I, 23 Qu:-4-lin I,10II1'gv 3. JANE .-XI,IlQE WOOD. HA. Hilrlv :mil f.l1I'I-.ill-IIH Ezlzrrrlliuri Ilrapf-r. Yirginia "I hope I mn' nv1'e'r."' . . . Tomriiyrnrrhirls . . . rivrnul rhnrvilrzlrl rfrnps . . . IU!-lilliglll nfl .Sales- mrm . . . In-ml ivnrli ff . . . IIDIYVPIIIIII-l't' . . . happy- nnppi' timr. Zi-la Tiwla Psi Society. Chaplain 2. PYIBIIIPIII 3, Trwaxure-r 4: Stuflf-nt Cnum-il 3: Winn I'Ii:.a'rni:R Staff. Iiihirif-M Managr-r 43 Clare- OPM:-r. SF-crrlary 2: Spanish llluii I. 2: Maliwnialiral I'Iunnr S0- vie-Iy I1 l.R.l1. 3. 43 SIUIIPIII YlJILlI'lIf'Pl'b I. 2. Sf-vrvtary 2: Cla--iral llluli 3: Virginia Chili 1, 2. 3. -I: Vollvyiiall 2. 3. 4: Ba'-kvlliall 2. 3. 4. PA'I"IiIiRSON LOUISE XI'j.'XRIiIN. ILM. Pifmn ,I1I10ll'lHbX'IIIl'. flvurgia V.- "l,r1 I'mr,uiri" . . . v.xIf'rix1'i'v lwrrflfulnri . . . ".xuli. . , . fflmpin nnrl l,PIlll.'C.iVl . . . r1rI1.x!Ir' nrignmlili with rr flair Iur Ihr- nriglriill . . . Irulnrfn' .slzirlm fmzl linli uwixl . . . pmfw mul .wllvr1x.w1rrlr1:e. Hp:-ilon Cixi Sovivlyg Pim' unn' TIIIINIIP Staff 2. 3. 4. Erlimr. 41 WIHITH Hi-.xriiizii SiarT. S.-rihhlr-r 45 Highlanli I'IayPrQ I. 4. Uur TITIUII I. Aiglil ofl .lunuuri SI1'IP!'Vlfll 41 Ifliorai ffluli I. 2. 3. -I. His- lorian 4. A--ixtanl 'Xmmiipaiiial 'Ig Sl. Cv-cilia Mu-ii' Ifluli I: Fr:-nvli Iiluli 2. 3: Wrilffrx Club I1 Organ Iluihl 3. 4. Tr:-asurvr 4: Slfirl Staff. Cun- -f-rxamry I-Llitur 3: Pray:-r Iianwl 1.1-axle-r -I: Senior Pialin Revilal 4: May ilourl 4: Iflura Mawinnalfl linlif-gif Honor Snrif-ty 3. 'Ig I.:-noir Rliynv- lfollvgv Suninn-r School 19311. ffl d k 1 1 N mx mu I Y A d 1 w I 1 I' - RPN P xIvwv4,m II Num.-. .www ,1:,1x..m M r M H1 r J HV 1 vi Ib Q- mi "QF "-e lunior . . . . V N It s un old Nvotlish Vllifllllll to vlnnln mountains. 'lhe way has lieen long lint not unpleasant for these ,lnniors as only one "hill" remains lmefore them. No helping hand was ever more appreviated than was the one they ollererl their "little sisters," the incoming Freslnnen. Wiliite-gowned marshals from their midst added souial grave and elegance to teas and receptions. The learning of the Fling and pride in their new Class rings gave each of them a new feeling of importance. lint nothing Could equal the thrill of looking down from the top floor on 'lgoing-Up" Day. Sarah Goodman. presillent: Sue Blakely. 1'1'ee-presiflent: ,lane Carson, .YPl'l'!'f!IIAj'I Vivian llflorrison, Zl'f'II.YlIl'l'l'I ,lean Quinn. Ten Room nzrnzrzger: Shirley Evans. I1.YSl.SfUIIf Tea Room. nzrzrmger. Lflialling in Y.n1h'll Q48 are .lnnior rlas- olliw-rx as th--y plan mine of the autivilivb for this Irufy year. 36 F lh.- .111'1x.1l nl rl.1-- 11112-. I..4.k--.I l411n.1l1l In ullll -41 11111-ll axlxllvlpgallnll. ulw- 11 111-xx lwrllllu ul 1:11-lv In Ihv'-1' luulm jf-v --d'n-xX.i 3 : ?. H. v x .,, . 5397. :Il Qin 12 1 1 Y 1 2 Q ' f 1 sf: I .1 X J. . 1. Iv 'N N4 ,N V " L. " W . X ' R Q QQL1.- l.1lf1.-1.111141-, hilly- N1-. ll1-- tu-I 111111 uw .1ln.1xs Ill:-11411-lv I lirvx-ml fur .1 fir-t pr'rfu1'111:1111-.1 uf llw H1gl1l.1111I Flmg aft:-r Inn: lmul-N .hull ar lum r XIAI 11 I 'I'l1m11pu11 Ilillllllld. 14111111111 1114! 1.111 V4 ':', ox' ggw- . 4 . - 1- .1 .'. -,r NIW11-l111: 11 lvu-1 hour .11 Ihr plmm- 'lv-41 Xm1111-1 Ilrllllvll hml- litlll- lim., lur 11.-1' lm111.A- uuflx, A Q at T 'C-7 sg ' .-.. ' 'dns t fs 'il- J I A 7 I gt, -ii- , v it . Q' Q' t E H "-- - 1' 8' f- A l,, .K 55 x -3 if N e A-x , f xx? lunior ALLEN. HELEN Ltrmherton. North Carolina nhlw. VIYIAN I-'ATE Dunn. North Carolina Amuoxs. ,loux Cmrrul R011 Springs. North Curolitm AISTIN. fIAI:ol,rN Hamlet. North Carolina BENNETT. YYUNNE Clinton. South Czttulillu l41..uQE1.Y. Com SLE R0l'killg,llLiIll. North Carolina BRYANT. DOROTHY Rose-horo. North Cillfblillil f:,XI,lIUl'N. ELIZABETH NIENAIR IrllX'l'2iS Minas. Hruzil Cult-31:oN. 'I'tIE1.xl.ft Liuillgllllll. North Carolina Cufvs. JEAN WYEST H611 Springf. North Carolina tlmstw. Nl,xIr1'1lA JAN E Corunwn-6. Cvorgiu tiuot. LN Ht SQ-olll. Korea tIox'lNc:ToN. MAl:o.u:ET SHIHLET lillwlw. North lillllllillll tlox. Mu:E1. Tuhor City. North Curolitm 111 ru xl. ISAIRIIAIIX Darlington. South Clll'UliIlii 1 , 1 llllII0l'S 'A ' 1 F lM1.1n'x11f1.11. Num Jxxri "' 'W I 4 1.iilIl'1Il1hlll'Q.l. N111'll1 11.1111111111 IQX 'px . 'sg ' 9 6 1'1l.l,l-Ili. ,Xxx 1 C7 1v.lNr'lIx'X111m'. Ntiflll 11.ll'1111II.l 'JV' I 1.1 xv. 51111:1.1-31 I xXV.l11xt'l'IllMll. Nl1l'l1l 1141111111111 I-'m'1.1-35. H1111 11811. 1 1..i11l'.illg1t'. N11111 1f111'11l11111 N , 4' , as -ss 1,111-11111f'1'. 13111115 1112111111 111: it L. . 1.11l111gt1n1. X111111 l1111'111111.1 6 Y, 5' UUIIXNIN. Nl1'1"1'11: H1111 ,Q I Dllllll. Nlll'11l f1.11'11l111.1 an A .71 Y ' 1 Gu1111x11x. 5111111 1,1311 1 l:l1111'1'l1x1l1e. Y11'g111111 A G1111x1:ER. Runs 'vu I' fs 90111113 51111111 1111111111141 gf I? ,h Q sv 1'L1111x1.E11. 5111111 II. x , I . , . . ,11111v11. NUIAIII l.Lll'lllll1ll l HARRISON. .fX1.x1f1 .XLENE I.t'XlIl:EIl,lIl. 11151111111 . ..-as 'Q In HIYIPS. FYBII. JEAN 01 nb 51' Q I lIlll1IPl'I1Pll Y1v1'tl1 l1A11'n1111'1 My 4 . , fn , n as G - -.5 H1111g11. HETT1' 11x13 AT4.111.1:1' ,, ' H1411 511111151-. Ntbflll 11LiI'll11IIAi , 'ff F . 'ruqr 11,1 1 , QL 'I XI1:1,x1x. JE1113111' Fmrlttwxillz-. X111'tl1 1111111111111 Nlmmnlfcux. X-IXIXN XIAHIH v . v N w 11111111e1'1x. Num 5140111 l.11111111.1 . sf . XI1,IJ11x11.11. l513'rn' Jun 5' . X 1"11yvt1vx 1116. X111ll1 11.1111111141 mat aw 'Q ' 'S- qfgfv -i X v-xg, '+ 5-. '51-r-'Q' f. QA Agp. 15" F- sf' .l1S' if-, ft. 5-. N575 5 fx g- 'JF .fv- lw :if gil A xf Ry, 'Sf' rw C Q 'GQ 2. if , 3' nf-Q f xpii 3 Q. 'Y ff' it ', Sf., IN- . . .5 . 1 ,.: "'A'v Iuniors h'ICICvlRT. PEGGY RUTH Laurinhurg. North Carolina NIf:LEAN. HAZEL RAYE Hereford, North Carolina Mc:LEoo. JANE h'ICCALI.UM Carthage. North Carolina MQPHAII.. PEGGY ANN Wade, North Carolina NASH. NANc:Y Tarhoro, North Carolina NE wtgom ER, CAROLYN ROSE Atlanta, Georgia NURNBERGER. ,IUANITA Rf-cl Springs. North Carolina PARKER. JEAN Wadeshoro, North Carolina PEELFI. MARY H. Raoforcl, North Carolina PETERS. CLoE IWARII-I Neho, North Carolina POTTER. NIARIE Wilmington, North Carolina QJUIN N. ,IEANNE'r'rE Kenansville. North Carolina KAY. JoANNE Loris, South Carolina Nom-:RS. ANNE Mullins. South Carolina Hmm. l3E'r'rr FRANQES Mcllmtw. North Carolina . g Q -s. llllllll' ' ' Nx1'111s11. lJo1:o'1'11x .-X1,11111f:1v fav A lfIl1'1'lw. North lf111'oli1111 0' 4-. 'xml-11. Joy J1,1x1'1'1 ' t R ' 'x5lIK'll1ll'll. Xorlh 1111111111141 1 . 1 ff - Nl'li1QXl.l,. l11x1x l11x1L1Lo1,1m Sl. l'1111lw. North liilflblillil '11 1 .,, 5NXliIi'I'. 5-1x111:1 lI11:111cf r ' SlllllIllt'l4XiHF. South Cilllllillil 19 lx1111.1x'1'. :Xxx ns W . . . ' , 4 12111-llvx1ll1'. North Lilflhllllll '5 . Z' lxY1,o1:. Ii1c111c1x111 l,o1 " 'l'111'l1oro. Norlh fzllllilillil if I11ox11woN. XX 11.1.1113 Nl1111:1111:'1' ' ' " ISI11111-lw. North Cilllhlillil , ,, 5 -"ff .4- lo1.A1c. l31:'1"1'Y lilxoxm QT 9' ' l411111l1e1'lo11. North Ciiflllillil "K lag' V - 3 P1'1x1:. li1"1'11 I-Ix1:1.1'N A V C1'1'v11xiIl1'. North l:111'oIi1111 XX 1:sT. ll1'x'r1111 Co1.1.1xs , l,o11w11y. boulh frdlllllllil I 11113. NI11111.1'N IC1.1z,x1s1:'1'11 A' K Gulf, North Cilflilillil 'O' "if '4' Y? 'M YS 1.111.u1s. IC1.1:15 l'l1:1.no " 1 . G1'vv11x1lle'. North 4I111'oli1111 KH ' NX11.1.1.u1s. EMILY Rosa l,lllllllPl'lUll. North fliiflllillil .. rf, Y1A'I'li. l'S,x1:1s111x :Xxx A "' 'Q 1' fIl1111'loltv. North fiilflilillli 5' N.. I x anus :lk an ti0llh0lll0l'QS lnyulty aiml lNJl'M'Yt'l'iilt1'P. imiaitv vliumt-te1'isti1's of Svutsnicn. aptly tlest-rilie our Sopho , niiuiwf-s. With muvli ut' tht- rmitl still tlllt'Zlll. they pltuiggeml with l't'llt?Wt?tl spirits intn the Nc.1l"s awtixilivs. 'Flu' struggle with Snplimiime lit uml scvmul yvui' tlieury touli no small mimmt nl' llnttittitln-. Fm-ling more- at purt ul' thx' Clan. they tliml not livsitutv to oflei' wol' tl Fl'l'Slll1It'l1 "the- vuivv ul' t'XIN'l'ltxll1'6N Zllltl itShlIl'itl11't' that thvy wuultl survive. Hospi tlllly NX wk-mill. in Wlll1'll thvy t'ltlt't4liiltlt'tl their luturt- "little SlhlCl'S with at tml gene thvm lllt'Il' hrst rvnl lllllllllllllllly tm' ltllxlllg lltllllltlttl uml gi glllllpitx tttn-ml to the time- in which the-x xmultl ilhflltllf' le-gltlwsliip ol thx- vlan. limits Pl'ltlgt'll. pl'P.vir1P11I: l,imla Hill. I'il'l'-'IIl'f"Si1lf'lIff ,loulliw Russ, .HPl'l't0flIl'vH : Ninn-y ,lu Tliunilmsnil. IlAPfI.Nlll'Pl'. 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Original short stories. essays. poems. and plays in each issue make its arrival an occasion for much excitement and words of well-deserved praise for worthy contributions. Its aim of achieving literary expression on our campus awakens sparks of originality and humor. stimulates imagi- nations ancl quickens senses. lVluch thought. careful plan- ning. anfl the creative muse comlrine to luring us to a realization of the infinite lieauty of words and an apprecia- tion for aesthetic values. Dr. Eleanor B. Scott is the inter- estefl advisor for staff memliers Patterson Yeargin. Joyce Owens. Marie Potter. Pearl Powell. Katherine Ray. Sarah lirawley. Sue Owen. john Thomas McNeill. Rosalynde Gilm- son. Jackie Gates. Betty Jo Trent. lVlartha Steppe, Shirley Kearns. Jennie Beck. Shirley Evans. Martha Stevenson. Sally Day. and Ann Wfelili. The litciarx stall -'ollalvmaluis in Ihr- l'l!1"lIXlI classroom illsl lmefore ffonsiflv-rinf' hnaucial affairs arc melnliers of the l', mul T. liusi- . . A . Y' sl " pulilication of another issue nl tht- l'. :mil T. nr--. staff. , W4 gl-1:i:- ...W , lil' , , Q -"' : elif 1: :gm E J: ,,- ' 'K +, . 49-X' E9 "Tj -fi :l ay J x 68 V- -- ,-?..-, t li.. The Slfirl. ollivitil voitfe of our student hodx. is Li wtlx' nznned . I . for the sound of htigpipef in keeping with St-ottifh tradition. lt if pnlvlislied txselxe tiinef yearly and is in ite lifth year of pulvlivntion. .-Xrtit-lex of interest tu ftudents and llivtilty in- clude tninotinveinent of burial exentf. t-ont-ert. play-. -tudent hotly elections. and t-oiife1'utttn'y neue. llith of htnnur. minted enttw. and inf wiring liner frtmi great uritern add l . I t t bpire and variety to its intiny features. 'lllirongli its tuptiltle atall it lieepe in touvh with exery uspevt of vanipnr lille. For the time and enemies ex tended in the ftetidx' Urind of uro- t I . z- I due-tion we highly eoniniend tliif yearl Stall' headed hy Dot Hall. and Marie Potter. Other stall meniherg are Jeanne Flournoy. Pearl Powell. Joyce Uwene. Betty ,lo Trent. Fran- res Morton. Sarah Jordan. Becky Browning. and other re- porters. typi-tr. and nienilfers of the lPl1:lllt'S5 atafl. The lrufineix ftalt of The Shir! plan- a trip lv- Nell ad- at one of ite regular lneeting- in Marie PnKtrAl"- rooin. literary ,. Q 69 Looking g 4 . Qi" Muni l't-tim. Ifutimm llfm, Iloi H xl.L, hilt The . kill ov-r the Idle-t i--uv' of Thr' PMN are in-inli r ol th flafl. mx ' 45- llnyxl mul Klullwu Concert Lecture Series Hoya uml Hull:-0. Dullvc Twain Urlnlwl' 1930 Henri lbt't'l'illQ,. Iliilllhl Nmvllllu-I' VJ. 19311 .'xI1ll'1l Firing tJllill'l4'l l'wt'IlI'lIilI4N l. 1957 - . . . , X11-111141 Lllllll' Imp Nlurvll 23, V757 XI.ml ltllmllwl xxlllu Xixidn Nlmnem1. lflm-I Nlulelml llw 1 lmml I lul1 umlwr lln' dnrf-1t111l1 nt NIL luxxrvllw Nklunnfr prv-1-11l1-11.111 111l1AlvAxl1x1g ami 1.1111-1I 111-111.1111 1111 11111 ll1.111L-gluing -l1.1111l -1-rnw. The Flora 1 acflolmlfl Con er autor, oi Mufic T11 I,11'u111ule applvviatirmll and PIUIYYIIIPIII of guml 4I11'wt111', 111111 1111111111111 curly in thc' wlmnl ff'1ll'. mu-is' dlllllllg ilf lllt'lllllfJl'N and itf ullmliellvv ix 11110 Svrxing :lx UHIl'k'l'N ll1i- yr-.11 ure-: Nl11l'll1.1 51111111-. of the l'bl'iI1lLil'y aim- ui our Clllifill Clulr. It pm- Ill'f'.NillPllIf XIg1rl4-111' IIYIIIINHII. 1i4'f'-jrlvsiffvlzl in xidvf s'l1u1'al lfiiillillgl fill' ilf l11rl11I1P1'f 111111 l't'lll'K'- 1'f1r11'gPufI11111s: XIIIIEHVI1lffr'-1ll't'1xfllf'lIffI1l'!llll'QV wnlf P10111 XI111'llUlliil4l in the 5lll'l'Ullll41iIlg Lanai. uf rnlwy: liwlty Jn Tre-nt. 1'if+f-111-miflffllf in rfzurgr- Higlllighlf of Illia year were Ihr Qilllllliil Nllfillgl tum' uf II1ll.Nfl'I f,llllt'li1l Xlwrrixrvll. .wf-1'ffIr11Qx: Ruth and the Pt'l'fUl'IllL'llll'f' of Bl'iltl"ll-N Cffzvlrlulzvx lllv lfwlyll 'I'111111i11g. If'wl.1111'mp' I,Lillt'l'wllll Xt'Lll'glill. lfr11'n15 at the Wvhile Gift St'l'Xi4'F. The filkt Vllllxli- l1i.1lu1'ir111.' H1ll'Iv.il'Ll NXi11g1111-. r-l1r111l111A11.' Sllifltf llllilbll of the Cl1u1'ul Club wax wwkvcl nut Ivy L1 Rm1l'11N. flu-11111pf11z1'.sl: xI.ll'fllLi Sif'Ibllt'. .sllulwnf 1'l1lNll1illt'P l'1lllllNb-P11 uf tlw Vlllll llHil'l'l'N and it- rlirvrtor. Martha Nr-ppm Nludv-nl -llrwtur. 111111111-b .1 r'-lxrfar-111 nf Ihr Ch--ral 1'lul1 E11-rfrlllvl--. 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L The Higlllilllll I'Ialyers llle- Higllllillhl IlilXt'l'N. lIHIl'iLlI rlmlnalu ul'gLllulZalIl4m nf lln- 1-nllwgv, In1'mlrln's1'1llv llllIlIlr'IIl. 111-xr-lulw flmmulir lulvul. mul e1n1'u11l'uga-F g1plu'v1'iulim1 uf llnf I-fl-l in mlrmmi. Thi, wax' flu' Xiglzl nf flllllltlf! ' llnlfz N115 'www ' a ' I a . 1 I num! one-.ul plaxs ue-rv lll'l'5f'Illl'lI ful ' lln ' - 'full Hun-c' lalrlx. Thi, xu-url UHF:-1 r'4lxlllr'l'J Wulf Hllllsv. l't'lIUlll'l-t'lIYf4HflA 'N--4 4 I Hrellulrlflllgl1tel's Uluh L The- H1'amlcluuglxlrl'N uf the mllrgv were ulganizval inn, Ll vluln unly tum wars ugu. Fur fum' timv. IIIINVNPIX thu have ' fUIl4'liHllt'4I as a gfllllll al Ur. Vinnie-Il's 54 lvirlluluy rw'vpliu11 and uthvr important W lmuwimls. Thr' vlulu is wullpmecl uf girls nlmsw llmlhvrs ur gramlllmllwrs atlvmieal ' lflmu xIill'IIllIlLlIll. HHH-4'1's are-: Helm' 'I Y I Hrvuv1'. lll't'Al1ff'lIll Mary Lvigllltrll Nislmr-t. 7 V'l'lt'ffIl! mmf llr'z1x111v1': Xli-F Xlarx Clillllly. lllll'lIAUf. 1 I I W I .-l.. D0 r w The Home 4 Evmmlnirs Uluh 1 Um- of lllr- mm! alrtiu- urgunizutium on VLIIIIIFUN if llnf llunn- l'fv.nmuxliw lflulv. X uirivtx of lmvgl'alll1s mul prujm-ls fur lln- Y '. . Y war llll'Ill4i!'1I FVIIIIIIIQI u qlvlvgnlf- lu lln' 1 -XIIHX lfmnu-ulimu in XYLISIHIIZQIHII, rnulxing alltlvlv- lm' lllx' l.Ill'lSllllll4 luumur. and Y !'lllf'l'lililliIIQ.l for Ilw lhlllf-gv lflulns Wurk- -hnln III Xprll. -Xgauu llus xr-nr ilu- rlul, N Ima in il- lIll'IlllN'l'hlliIl u slate- uHiv4-r. jam- 1 Xl4'l,vml. xxlln is ll'1'3sl1l'r-r'. The uHl1'e'l's for 3 II14- vlulw me-: Nlifiillll IAIIIIIII. lllt',fl1!t'l1l.' ' llvllu lfuuux. l'lvl'l'-Illf'Xl4lll'lllI ,Iamv YIc'l.vml. .wvrwlvzlxi je-an Hlzllnvk. lr:'4m1n'1': lfliza In-Ill iflurlx. lt'llll!'ll'I'f Nliss Clmrlulle- Wmn- Ivlv :xml Uri. XXYUYIII 1:lIl'l'il'. AIIUIIVIFX. The Honor foriety Tln- l"l1n'a Nlai-ilinialml llunnr Snvirlx iw-vugiiin-a lln- svlinlawlim- an-liivwiinfiit ul im-inln-is of lln' junixn' ainl avlliul' vlaufa-4. Stmlvnls llilXilIg vniiililvh-al lin- an-xiii-stvis at l'lui'a Nlauluiiahl anal llihlllg an an-iagv ul, 03.5 pe-i' vi-nl ainl wtuilmilf luuing unn- plvlf-ll six. SUXUII. or Uifllll wiiivatvllx anil llL1XillU an axwa-'v nl 012.5 wr l't'lll are- U Z' r-ligilulv fun' Illt'lIlllt'l'hllll!. Ulln-vis vliim-ii un llir- lvabif nf svlnilaftii- an vragi- an-: Betsy Fl:-sliiiiaiil. p1'm1'4l+'lil: ainl Nlx ra I.:-mis. .K!'l'l'f'flIli'llt'llA1ll'l'lI Dr. l'rin- ll. linxnn. mfrixur. International Helatimis Uluh Tlw lillrlinse nf llnl I.R.l.. is Inn-fnlil. ltr inf-inlwrf stuily anil clisr-usa affairs nl' national anfl iiiteriiatiumil inte-rc-fl in nrnlvr that tlirx ina-xy gain a lvruailvi' pm'siwm'liu' nf the xwrlfl situation. lta iiiiwrv-l alsn lies in thi- livritags-. vufluinf. ansl allituilws of the purple-s nf 4llllt'I' natiuns. This war im-inlnhrs uf the Kflllli altvmle-cl the annual .-HRC Cnnxvntiun. Ujirers: ,lully llngan. IJl'P5lillt'I1lJ Dale Wlialely. inf'-prw-.n'1lerzl: Jvssie Ruth Hniieyrutl. .xerrvl111'.i: Yxmiiiv Hruinlvlvs. lI't'I1SlII'6l'f :Xnn Wvlili, fl'IlHI'lf'I' Illlll .u'rap1mul: ruxluflirzn: anal Xliv lfarnil linlarrtsuii. HIll'll.YUI'. gun-'Q ..pav""" outh Carolina Club "0wah eahsu eouldn't fail to recognize that "Hil you awllu-familiar salutation of our South Carolina girls. Organized only two years ago. their club has taken great strides in membership. Their great pride in the Palmetto state and loyalty' to it add enthusiasm and spirit to the elub's activities and our campus life. Ollieers are: Adalyn Burrows. president: Grace Galloway. rice-preszllenlg Peggy Cole. see- remry': and Miss Bateman. ailrisor. Charlotte Club The Charlotte Club was organized last fall and is made up of eleven girls who call the "Queen City' home. lt has been active this year. and members of the group were asked to represent F.lVl.C. in the Christmas Carousel. The club looks forward to an increase in membership next year. Oflieers are: Barbara Wingate. presidenz: Phyllis Barnette. set-retary: and Carolyn Whitley. lreusurer. ' " ' lil l 'I I Vu guna , u 1 I The Virginia Club. the hrst of our state vlubs to be organized. provides "a family' uuay from home -'for our Virginia girls and foreign students. their adopted sisters. These girls loye to "Sound Olin about the Uld llominion State. and Virginia Club U pennants are in eyidence on every' hall. This actiye and spirited organization is led by: Judy Stokes. presitlenf: Carroll Shoe- inalwr. z'1're-pl'e.r1'1le11l: Sandra Abbott. .vet'1'e!i1ly: blartha lxessler. 1l't'dAlIl't'l'I and Nlrs. lflbert lVls'Pl1aul. Mrs. Walter Bulloelx. bliss lloris llanse. and Xlr. 'l'. ll. johnson. ll!Il'liS0l'.Y. Nlatlieniatiral Honor fnriety Uutstanding ahiliti and avliiexr-iiimits in the Held of Ylatlirinativs arv rrqiiiroiiiriit- for iiwinlvvrship in lhv Nlatlwiiiatival llonor For-iety. It aims lu I-rvatrf and ffm-ouragf' interns! in lilatlwiiiatirs. lx-ading the rlnlv in this i0ar's artixitivs arr: l.u1'y liivharnl- son. prrsnlenl: liutli lfwlyn Toppiiig. life-presizfrnl: Tlirlnia Sur- llarrwll. rr'- vnrrfing serrelnryi: Nlarilin Boyd. 1-nrrtw pnndiing srrrelars: lrfnnir l.ou lifwk. Ireamrvr: 'Mlalxn Hurrons and ,IPHIIHP I-'lournoyl jinanrv rn-rlir11'rn1f'n: and Nlrf. C. Wade Nlohlvi. f1lll'1'i0l'. Writers Club lntvrest in rrf-atiw writing is stiniulatfwl and encouraged hy the Writers Clult through the discussion of ideas and proh- lf'lll5 relating to the field of writing. Tho possibility of puhliCation in the Pine' mul Thislle. with which the Cluh works hand- in-hand. proves an inventive to rrffativf' uriting. Ollicf-rs are: Ruth Eirliii Top- ping. presidenl: Rusalincle Cihson. rive- presirlenl: Patty Hood. serrefary-lrermzrrr: and Dr. Eleaanor B. Scott. arliiior. William Bartrfnn Srienre Cluh lnterrst in sriontifir oxpeariiiirnts and :lr-. wlopnwnts is stimulated through thr fll5f'U5Sl0Il5. nioviPs. FPIYIITI5. andistutliw of this group. KF-Pping ahroait of rf-f-ent dffvelopiiionts and gaining a dPPpf'r inSight into this ialuahlo. interfwting fiPld arf? iti rentral aims. Ofiirers this if-ar arP: Jua- nita Nurnhergflr. president: 'Frances .-Xllvn. rife-presirfenl: ,lF'3I1 Quinn. xvrrelnri: lrf-ne Baker. Infasurer: and Dr. llansvn. Miss Hawse. and Dr. l.PCoritE-. arlzisors. -sv. iv! x . X ""-J - fax ,F -.., Baptist Student Union lifaffli yvar tht- H.S.l'. plans a we-ll-lnalancetl vunipus ltl'UgI'ElllI fur all Baptist stuflrfnts nilli tht- linpt- that tlwy will lw e1ir'ut1i'agQfl tu talw a xnnrl- avtiw int:-rr-st in vliurrli lift-. ll sviwvs as a c-mine-ding link lwPtwPf-n tln- lm-al llaptist t'lllll'4'll ancl tlif' r'ullegP. Lf-ailing Iliff gruupis avtix itivs tliis year are: .Inalnw ltuss. prvxiflwzti lftlitli Punfls. 'vice- lPlil'Xi1lf'Ilff liillifl ,lt-an Vl'atkins. .w1'r'elary: l'lI'lll11'PS 'lqiniln'-rlakv. lll'fI.il1l'f'l'I Gayle Fus- le-r. Tlill-VI!-Hg I'ni0n l'f'llI'f'S6'VIl!llIi1'PI and Ann Sliipnian. Sllllllllj' Srlmul ll'llI't'St'l1f- ulzw. ethotlist Student Mnvelnent Thr- Xlvtliutlist Cliuruli has n full pmgraln uf smrsliip and nrtivitiels in wliicli tlie Col- If-gf, SlllllPlllS partivipatfl. Thr' SlUflf'lll fXlm'Pliin'lit lNt't'lS un Stniflay mnrnings at tliv lilitm'-li unrlvr tliv lt-atlvlsliip nf an Pxt-PII:-nl tc-ac'liv1'. lVlPIlllIt'I'S uf our F.M.C. gruup mark witli utlif-r ltlvlliutlist Cnllvge stutlt-nts tliruugliuut llif- statn- at rPtrPats zintl 4'ullfc1'viis-1-s. Uffirv1'.s: Sllirlvy Kearns. T lHif'XIvll4'lIff lwttyf' linsvuv. l'lit'l'-llI't'SttIClIf1 Min Hmiliit-il. .wr'rvlary-ll't'11s11rr'l'. W9SlIlllllSl9l' Fellowship Iln- xxl'SllNlIlSll'l' lwllmxslilp ullvrs Ilif- wtllt-gv sturlvnls mlm atlvntl tlw l'1'v'sliy lvrinn tfllnrvli an ltltlttlllllllllt lu nursliip lug:-llivr. rllllftlllgll tlwir clisvussiuns anfl ls-llmxsliip llwx ara' lrrouglit intu u vlust-1' I't'lillIltIlSlllIP. nnrl tht- lws lwtwvmi tln- lm-al 1'llllI'l'lI annul tlif- mllr-go are Stl'Pl1glllt'lWfl. l,t-nrling its nvtixltws nrr: Mvsv llarrlsmi. IPIIWI-Ill'Illf .lvannv l"lou1'lmi'. pmlgmni f'l1f1il'f1111r1: ,lanv tlill'S1lIl. .V'l'l'l'Illl1'I lllnry l.t-vglittm Nislwl. fl'l'IlYlll'!'I'I Mr. nnml Mrs. lluln-rl Marr. 1lIlI'l.YHI'.Y. l',X-0llIl'lU nwni- ln-rs uf lln' l.llUIlt'll nrt-: lluzt-I lxll'lA'illl. W"'l'!'l1lI'I' nf Il".l'. Swivel: ztntl lflist' Wil, linnis. wlilrgr nf Swim! Nl'Il'.i,l'llI'l'. 'lvhis XFQIFQS llux Stull:-nls lllulu ix lln- l l l Tlw vlfflvllsv Ellurnvy llunwljuns Karvn lla, Students Club x'--- largvst, in lhv rllllff lll'f1lllllZilll1Yll. zuul of me-n fflvatvl' llllQ'I'l'hl' il has llu' larw-al x l 1- r- l1LllllliPl' ul- rn-Plls. 'llllr' grnllp llils lls HHH : prawn' lvaml uml rnlumn in Thr' Slfirl mul I - A Q make-s a xilall l'4lllll'lllllllUll lu nur Villllllllw lifc' lllfllllgll its arlixilivs. NYva'lnly mvvl- ings arm' lwlll in lfphilnn Chi Snvie-ly llull during the Stull:-nt lleuly me-Q-Kings. Offi- r'r'r.v.' ln-lsy Liltlv. 1H'f'.YIllll'l1lI ,luzmila Num- lwrgvr. l'l.l'l'-1II'i'Nl.!!l'IlI anal .if'1'l'l'll'II'jf llc-ln-n xlllm-n. r':'pm'le'l': anal tif-raldinv l'uuf-rs. prayer lmml lmzlcr. l sly Xmlrv a- -hw lakv- thu' -Ianfl nlurmgi the' Y, ' lrlal for hr-1' 4-lllployvli murlln-r. in a mayor f prmlllrliwm of Ihr- Higlllanfl Plan-rx. Folllr-' lll4'l1'llbPl'- nf lhv lrlralxvlvlauglltv-rl Cluh what nllll Ur, Xarllvll in llw parlor- aflwr hik lill'lll1l3N rf-wpllml. 'I Nw ' x 1? ,. -- xl' Wullxiug mx Ihr- lxanuvr ff-1'llwir lluz parurlv- arr l'hylll- llaruvllv, llina lin ul Ill ilu lllnlnllf 1 arm: nl - UH1114 Hrlrlru Airlift A . E ' W W W W A WW W W W W W W W W W a W 1 W W W W W W W :xi Nlarsllals YIYI,-KN NIORRISUN. Chivf IIIIFSIIIII Marshals chosen from the Junior class by Epsilon Morrison: smnzling: Ruth Exelyn Topping. Elise Chi and Zeta Theta Psi Societies for 1956-1957 Williams. Lin Hi Choi. Jane XIcDonaltl. Shirley are: left to right, seated: Hazel McLean and Vivian Evans. Bt-ll'il211'ki Wingate. and Xlavel Cox. is 'S Sr. 9 fi x -1 1 ' "Q, I . ,. il ,i XX-r fx .fi v ' A . , ,Ak A ,J 81 Anne Turner . . MAY UUEEN 11' SARAH HHAW1 .HH 11111111 of lilllllll' 5"""" T116 11111116 111 11z1g11ip1w. 1116 1.l'L11l11l' 1llII'l'y 111' 11111111-ls 1'1i11111x1'f 1111' 1111111 111'111'1111'a. 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I F SUUh0HHH1N .lmm XI.-Ihw lltbillllld' Huw Svnhns l,illl1'l'SUlI Yann lll llalvlwl Pug' I:ill'llLll'll :Xrr in .Iuninrs 4.5 IIIIIILI XX Q-Nt fzgiflllj Il Nvxxvu Dmutllx HIWAIIII UUUIRT , as Freslnnen .IH Hflal CHX tullllill Slum-nu ik I Carolyn .lullnsun liwnztx Helen Nlaness IlPllPIIllllIliHf'Y L'lIl'EHL!-XTI E 957 Betsy HESIIIIHIII fffllzznlfififlm Pat Pon ell Bm! -III ,lrnzznrl t it I f-42' ?+'f -X, ,,,,,Q 1 t I 3' T 5, tr Betty Turner 1 SIJUl'fSI7llllI.Nl1 1 V V SllI'El'tLATlVES 1 Mary lane Martin l,t'l'SUI1lIItfAt Afl, 53 fmeif, 2' .hi' 1" WED THU 5 fldfiff MM 4. ' K1 fd., I 1 F Nv- aa In 97V ,. 1 ' Y Q , i N, 5 PHIWYMQQ I The I 11-pf-mfg. as-nl gf" ls"""'F 'av ii 731742: vw fl? Are "Yours for a Lovely Homen The Minuet Bedspread Kitchen Cottons Textur Tuft Bedspreads Scatter Rugs Hobnail Bedspreads Bath Sets Produced in North Carolina Sold by Fine Stores Everywhere MORGANJONES5INC. 402 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK, N. Y. and LAURINBURG. N. C, Compliments of AMEROTRON CORPORATION From fibre to fabric- .-imerotron serves America RED SPRINGS DIVISION Cumplinzerlls of LIBERTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of EDEN'S FLORIST 6' GIFT SHOP "We Wire Flowers .-Inyzulzeren East 4th Avenue Phone 2241 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Graduate To Greater Food Savings At Your Friendly COLONIAL STORE 3rd and Main Streets RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA THE QUALITY SHOP Clothing for the Family 129 S. Main Street DIAL 5116 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of AUTO SERVICE CENTER Phone 3061 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of KENNEDY'S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP FINE WATCH REPAIRING RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA "We Serve IO Serve Again" MCNEILL CLEANERS Since 1928 Phone 29-1 116 South Main Street RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA --.l,.... .L- .-,,,-,,. .. RED SPRINGS SUPPLY CO. C GENERAL MERCHANTS The Friendly Store Fertilizers and Cotton Hardware Grocery Market Building Maferlal Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery DIAL 3701 and 3271 RED SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA CVUIIIIJIIFIIFIIIY of WESTERN AUTO STORE RED SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA IIIP Home 0 FLORA IVIACDONALD COLLEGE lllll Wood S 5 10 956 Stoles Inc RED SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA , I N . W ' ' ' Shop in Rea' Springs f 1 3 - --. ' 3, . McNEILL and MCPHAUL GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone 4601 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA BURROUGHS CUT-RATE STORE Phone 4271 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA SCHOOL SUPPLIES STATIONERY 2 SANDWICHES NIIIIIICIII-1".Y um! l'zIngb11rn's Cumly TOILET ARTICLES 3 DRINKS SHOP AND SAVE THE SELF-SERVICE WAY ffl? MACICS 5-10-250 STORE RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH OUR QUALITY AND SERVICE RED SPRINGS DRUG CO. H E"llIlI1ll!lTlPl'S for Flora f1JHt'Il0l1Cllll Collvgc' Slmlevzts RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co ' AUTO - FIRE A LIFE EARLE A. WA'TSON, Rf'17I'H.VE'I1IllIIl'F Phone 431-I RIiD SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA B. C. NIOORE AND SONS. INC. .AIir-C011:l1AI1'ul11vl for Your SIIUIIIIIIIIQ' Conzfnrt PHONE 6211 R1-D SPRINGS. NOR111 C,-IROLINA "Buy Frunz Mmrre and Suu' !I'Inrz"' CEUIIIPIIIIICIIIS of IXIQKEITHAN HARDWARE RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA CIl7lHI7IIH1t'I1IA uf RED SPRINGS THEATER LENOIRIS JEWEL SHOP INTERNATIONAL SILVER QUALITY IEIVELERS TIFFIN CRYSTAL RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA CIUIIIPIIIIIUIIIS of EiTEF'HEN5ClN'5 FIRESTUNE STCIRE RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA NEIGHBORS SHOE STORE Rerl Springs' E,u'lusiz'f' S1109 Store RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE 3981 Compliments Of Elm lirh 5 rin 5 Qfifizru . I-I E1 RED SPRINGS BAKERY EI't'l'j'IlIIl1AQ in Bakery I'rm1z1c'ts Specizllizimg in All Social GllIlI4'l'Il1AQ.Y RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA ELLIS JACKSON Phone 6121 Red Springs. N. DISTRIBUTORS TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS TOM'S PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES K TOM'S CANDIES TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY The Rexoll Store O DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Where Ihe College Girls Meet I RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Graham's Department Store Co. Phone 257-I O RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA General Auto Sales, Inc. OLDSMOBILE and G.M.C. TRUCKS Full Line of Parts Expert Mechanics Phone 2381 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA M. 81 S. MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER aIIfI PLYIVIOUTH CARS .Sales and Service RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 248-l D. M. MCMILLAN "Ford Products Since 1912" .REEL FEI RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA The Bargain House REX FINANCE CO. Phone 2956 P. O. Box l49 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA SMITIVS GRILL REGULAR DINNERS SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA Complimenrs Of MCNAIRS DEPARTMENT STORE 'lr LAURINBURG. N. C. Our Lumberton Sponsors THE ROBESONIAN, INC. SHAIN'S JEWELRY BOIICS DCITZ-l1'IIll61lI Store Home of Bener Values i' LAURINBURG, NORTH CAROLINA THE ALL AMERICAN CITY Compliments of TEXTILE MOTOR FREIGHT, Inc. LAURINBURG, NORTH CAROLINA MARKET FURNITURE CO., INC "C0mplere Home Furnishers" Phone 113 LAURINBURG, NORTH CAROLINA ROBERTIS IEWELERS LAURINBURG, NORTH CAROLINA GLAMOR SHOP GO GLAMOR -2- DRESS WELL Save Money Phone 1151 LAURINBLJRO, NORTH CAROLINA ERANCHISED M S I C C E N T E R PHONOORAPHS DEALERS IN CONN AND A AND LEBLANC Telephone 645 COMPLETE BAND 232 Main Street SELECTION OF INSTRUMENTS LAURINBURG, N. C. RECORDS OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE SCOTLAND BROADCASTING COMPANY ll lllllil GH "1 OPEN DAILY AT 9:00 A. M - i xftt rlllllllll FAYETTEVILLE LUMBERTON RAEFORD RED SPRINGS ELIZABETHTOWN WHITEVILLE ABERDEEN DUNN Bell: Stores Are the Carolimfs Largest Distributors of Reliable l'l9l'l'IllllH'liSP Cnlnpli1r1vf1!,x nf Flellvflmaw Cv BQ Store 1116-108 Huy Street FAYETTFVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA "Alwziy.s',fm' 1110 Svlzuol mul Cl7ll1HIIllIlf'I"l RAYLASS DEPT. STORE 202 Huy Strcct F.uUTrvit,1,L, Nokru CAROLINA Cltllllfllllllflllf uf CITY OPTICAL COMPANY OPTICIANS Fayetteville - Prince Churlcs Hotel PHONE 2-4228 FAXIiIII,VlLI.I1, NOR'lll CAROLINA Ke' ' rt M641 4. L .Y 5,0955 aoanisl GW J: FAVEYTEVIL E i, on: UF Fmt!! TIEVILLE, NORTH CARULINA DINE AT THE SIGN OF THE Green Lantern Restaurant Mmlurn Air-C'mirlilimivtl Phone 2--1028 Highway MII South FM'if'iTiivlt.1,i-, NURTH CARULINA "Sf'lm0ls .Jill for Every Crude" I HATELIQIATS DIAL P 0? 57:1 p z.:ooo ,ee fa 0 Ill III-IV SI. lAVII'I!YlLlI.l.G 'ova-f ww KW if-1, nga ' Hatcher's Office Supply Try Trailways Thru-Liners Same Coach-Same Seat All the Way Daily Thru-Liner Service from Red Springs to: Charlotte Nashville Asheville Memphis Chattanooga Wilmington Knoxville Kinston and many other cities. 4 N , , -, Q .G C . 0 ' Charter Trips a Specialty Let us help you ond xour group plon O trip ID your own "private" cooch New our-condmoned buses ore ovouloble for soeool THIS to ony pount In North Amernco Chorter rotes ore Often less Thom In- dmduol fares Write or Telephone QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS CHARLOTTE, N. c, nson'f a :sh JA g s ".:.:".zz'::.: 11 American" L 2 Miles South of FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. on 301 'A' Ice Cream-28 Flavors PENNEY' ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Clothing for the Entire Family At a Savings New Penney's Corner Hay Ei Pittman Sts. FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Highland Lumber Company LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Plant and Offices 325 Blount Phone 3191 FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA FLElSHMAN'S STYLE SHOPS E,x'c'Iu.ri1'e Bu! Not Expensive COATS : SUITS : DRESSES Three Locations 1 14 Hay Street Bragg Blvd. Malonee Village FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Benderk Drug Stores Your Friendly Rexall Druggists Three Stores To Serve You Hay Street Haymnzint Fayetteville Jllallonee lillage - Ft. Bragg NEW YGRK RESTAURANT 226 Hay Street 39 Years Under Same Management FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA V V z to the Class of '57 l Homin ur-msn Aumonivv or me com con couuuv av FAYETTEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTUNG COMPANY C4l7lIlf1lll7lt'IlI.S' n GOLD HOUSE Restaurant South on US. 3lll F,-XWFIFI-X'll,l,E, Noam CxRoi,lNA Hotel PRINCE CHARLES NlR+CONlll'l'l0NElJ DINING ROOM f WHERE Ania you come? ln only a few years now you will be establishing your mm home! somewhere. Will you settle somewhere else or come hack home? Before you decide. he sure to look around carefully at the advan- tages of the Carolinasfthe oppor- tunities for a full and profitable life-the chance to live and work in a growing and progressive area and to help build an even Finer Carolina in the years ahead! Flxyrl ll'Vll,l I3 Noam CARUI INA Cill'Ollll3 POWPI' 8 COIIIIJZHIY THE HOUGHTON HOUSE IC en N Basket - Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Prime Ribs of Beef Serving Breakfast - Lunch and D' ' Inner. 7 Days n Week. Post Ollice Box 4142 - Fayetteville. N. C. EPSI' om If You Live in Southeastern ixtlflll tlllftlllllfl It's THE FAYETTEVILLE UBSERVER "North Crzrolinais Oldest .7l'eu'spaper" "Est, 1817" For Complete NEWS COVERAGE Nance Wholesale Con Distributors of QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS fections, Inc 154 Mclver Street P. O. Box 851 SANDFORD, NORTH CAROLINA BEL-AIRE MOTEL Highway 301-South Of Fayetteville Modern Reasonable Rates McMillan Furniture Store. Inc. "Home of Fine Furniture" Bragg Blvd. at the City Limits Phone 3-3333 Dial 7-1498 3722 Bra FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA TODAY'S HOME Furniture of Distinction gg Blvd. FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Pontiac International Harvester Sales and Service R. D. McMILLAN, Inc. Phone 3971 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA THE BANK of ROWLAND DIAL 3732 ROWLAND, NORTH CAROLINA Organized 1904 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Good Food A ir-Conditioned Blanchard's Restaurant 'gint the Heart of Tobaccolanrf' On U.S. Highway 301 Phone 3136 LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA LEWIS' Clothing for All - from tiny tors lo grown-ups! RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA LUIIPFPN IIIIEIRY LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA BAUCOM APPLIANCE COMPANY RAEFORD. NORTH CAROLINA FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS MAYTAG WASHERS EASY WASHERS ZENITH RADIO AND TELEVISION SMALL APPLIANCES, ETC. Quality Is of First Importance JOH NSON COTTON COMPANY of Raeford, Inc. NATHANE Furniture, Electric and Gas Appliances Nathane Gas Service John Deere Farm Equipment RAERORD, NORTH CAROLINA RAEFORD LUMBER CO. LUMBER I BUILDING MATERIALS RAEFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of HOKE CONCRETE WORKS RAEFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Get The Best, Get S E A L T E S T Riverside Doiries Distributors Lumberton, N. C. Box 881 PHONE 5555 HEDCPETH PHARMACY, INC. TWO REGISTERED DRUGGISTS Lorraine Hotel Building LLIIIIBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA SCARBOROUGH BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Building Service Fayetteville Road LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA FREEMAN MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler - Plymouth NEW AND USED CARS Second and Chestnut Streets LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA INSURE WITH US FIRE -:- AUTO -:- HAIL PROTECTIVE AGENCY, INC. Phone 3217 LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA PHILLIPS SHOE STORE "Known Qualitf' LUMBLRTON, NORTH CAROLINA FREEMAN PRINTING COMPANY "Over Fifty Years of Quality Printing" D, T. LAMBETH, Manager Dial 3925 LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA K. M. BIGCS, INC. "The Friendly Family Stores' Established 1903 Elm Street LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA Complimenls of JIMMIE PAYNE ESSO SERVICE STATION LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA LUMBERTON DRUG COMPANY The Friendly Drug Store LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA Phone 5685 St. Pauls Drug Co., Inc. The Rexall Store PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Phone 223-6 ST. PAULS, NORTH CAROLINA JACK PAIT FURNITURE CO. Furniture - Radios - Appliances Phone 572 Chestnut Street LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA EYUIPIPIIHIEIIIS of CARO-MAID ICE CREAM COMPANY DILLON. S. C. Compliments Of THE JOHNSON COMPANY Cotton. Fertilizer. Seed. Insurance RAEFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Austin-Gilbert Drug Company The Rexall Store MAXTON, NORTH CAROLINA HESTER-KINLAW FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Box 206 Phone 258 MAXTON, NORTH CAROLINA "Complete Home Furnishingsn Compliments of MAXTON SUPPLY CO. MAXTON. N. C. WILLIAM L. POOLE INSURANCE AGENCY 4 RAEFORD, NORTH CAROLINA The Friwully Pvppvr fppvr Thru .Yvrvr Lvls You Dmrn L.-XURINBURG. NORTH CAROLINA ELTBANKS 5-10 and 251' STORE BOXYKIA-XNS RES'I',XURA-XNT Main SUECI Highway 7-1 und 52 East LAURINBURG. N, C. W.-XDESBORO. N. C, --See Us Fm-," We time hu! mwer time THE PHOTO SHOP COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE 549.1 WILLIAM T. mlccwm xl,tHmHET L. NIc:GooG.xN i' Scottish Heights RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLIN.-X FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA 61st Year ACCREDITED SENIOR COLLEGE AND CONSERVATORY B.A., B.S., and B.M. DEGREES Flora Macdonald College has "that somethingf' You canit quite describe it. You feel it - just as soon as you step on the campus. ltis "something" intangible but real. Ask any student who has lived in the elevating and energizing atmosphere of the college. You will be told it's "something" that gets into one's heart, mind, and soul - "something" that awakens the best - "something" that lays hold of the best Q Usomethingi' that brings out the best. ltis "something" a student feels when studying in the library or listening to a lecture in the classroom or playing basketball in the gym or walking through the college gardens. lt's "something" that makes a student want to work and play and live with zest and joy and abandonment. ltis "something" a student finds at Flora Macdonald - usomethingi' that lives in her and with her during her college years - "somethingM which goes with her out into life and makes her a unique person. radiant in personality, unselhsh in spirit, and successful in her career as a teacher or nurse or pastorls assistant or technician or secretary or wife and mother or leader in her church and community. 'GThat something" is the plus in education which Flora Macdonald offers you. lt's "that somethingu which money cannot buy but which no girl who has found it would exchange for all the wealth of lndia. MARSHALL SCOTT WOODSON, President HEEIEIAL PHHTHGHAPHEHS I957 WHITE HEATHER Colonna Studios, Inc 1 CHARLO M0 MZWLLLZLZ Dizyaafwvgo aro c, dr oroino J a E ENGRAVING CO BUILCDERS THE ANNUAL STAFF and the EDWARDS 81 BROFGHTON COMPANY Cc-Aoperated to produce this Annual 0 Printed or Lithographed Annuals produced in Our plant in Raleigh, Fines! Quality Engrawd Coninic-ncement Iniilatirvns Engraved Visiting Cards Engraved and Lithographed DIPLOMAS Write for Samples and Prices O EDWARDS 8: BROUGHTON COMPANY Established in 1871 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROUNA 'A ix fwrvgi ,H Witt N . -if f N- . X,-C - L ,fx ,Q ' A fx 1 ,- .wwfrn , . ,V+ A . fa,-a ,A n A. X g fr, A V3 I Q ,A 1 -' s. y 'A A: 1 ' . x V-, yiijq f.., ',- f i v r , .LgA-wff'- , ,Xt if i lift ,Q Lai ,H . gh syl- , ,,. Jil! X Mlgql t in Pi ,F"'V'1T. " X: H 4 , I r , In Y I Y 'W r X JUHIM Rf W QM X ' gmhl, M lx -, ' ' in 1 i l it x QE 'mi-bv: 1,1 -" W ,I nr E fm Ax t IL ,f X I Ar. Jn if- x I1 X ll X y wg f xg I X f- M A NN I Yxxv mga X Ijwlnxl ,Q X1 Vx Rx: Wk N, Ci x X X ' A75 il'1Iiv X I HUM ' A WWA H i ,txt 1,1 'yy Q X wjidfft , 2 1, A if it tudent Director Abbott. Sandra. Rt. 2, Vinton. Va. Abernathy. Margaret. Rt. 10. Box 562. Charlotte. N. C. Adams. Doris. 322 N. 36th St.. Richmond. Va. Adcock. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Holly Springs. N. C. Allen. Frances. Box 60. Clinton. S. C. Allen. Helen. 1902 W. Fifth St.. Lumberton. N. C. Aman. Faye. Rt. 1. Dunn. N. C. Ammons. Jack. Red Springs. N. C. Anderson. Jo Ellen. Lake City. S. C. Arnette. Jacqueline. Shelby Road. Kings Mountain. N. C Arrington. Barbara. Rowland. N. C. Arrington. Nancy. Rowland. N. C. Arrington. Sally. Rowland. N. C. Austin. Carolyn. 228 Austin St.. Hamlet. N. C. Baker. Betty Jean. Rt. 1. Willow Springs. N. C. Baker. lrene. 1265 Avenida Brasil. Caixa 133. Campinas. E. de Sao Paulo. Brazil Barnes. Betty. 1001 W. Baker St.. Plant City. Fla. Barnette. Phyllis. 1119 Randolph Circle. Charlotte. N. C. Beamon. Ann. 1824- Kenwood Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. Beck. Jennie. 316 Morven Road. Wadesbor 1.r. N. C. Bennett. Carolyn. Rt. 1. Polkton. N. C. Bennett. Yvonne. Box 60. Clinton. S. C. Berry. Gaynell. 201 Ledbetter St.. Fayetteville. N. C. Bigger. Elizabeth. Rt. 3. Box 394. Charlotte. N. C. Blackwell. Betty Lou. 326 Kingsbury St.. Oxford. N. C. Blakely. Sue. Rt. 3. Rockingham. N. C. Blalock. Jean. Bunn Level. N. C. Bowen. Virginia. Red Springs. N. C. Boyd. Marilyn. Rt. 3. Mooresville. N. C. Bracey. Nancy. Rowland. N. C. Brady. Adeline. Cerro Gordo. N. C. Brawley. Sarah. Troutmans. N. C. Brewer. Betsy. 317 E. Main St.. Sanford. N. C. Brisson. Louise. St. Pauls. N. C. Britt. Thomas. Rt. 2. Red Springs. N. C. Britton. Beverly. May-esville. S. C. Brock. Mrs. Wilton tFrances Annl. Red Springs. N. C. Brock. Mary. 110 N. Highland St.. Raeford. N. C. Brown. Dina. 1611 Westbury Road. Charlotte. N. C. Browning. Rebecca. 328 N. Maple St.. Graham. N. C. Bruinbles. Yvonne. Rt. 3. Box 121. Whiteville. N. C. Bryant. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Roselioro. N. C. Burrows. Atlalyn. Sallers. S. C. Butler. Deon. 315 Quality Road. Fayetteville, N. C. Caldwell. Kaye. 310 Richmond Drive. Gallup Acres. Fa- yetteville, N. C. Calhoun. Elizabeth. Caixa li. Lavras. Minas. Brazil ri U Cameron. Thelma. Rt. 3. Box 227. Lillington. N. C. Campbell. Jo. East Covington St.. Laurinburg. N. C. Capps. Mrs. Glenn tJean Stuartl. Red Springs. N. C. Carruth. Betsy. Red Springs. N. C. Carson. Jane. Rt. 3. Commerce. Ga. Carter. Martha. Rt. 1. Wilson. N. C. Chadwick. Shirley. Rt. 3. Fayetteville. N. C. Choi. Un Hi. No. 1-22 Chung-Dong. Seoul. Kyungi. Korea Clark. Elizabeth Ann. Jackson Springs. N. C. Cole. Jeanette. 500 E. Dargan. Dillon. S. C. Cole. Peggy. 500 E. Dargan. Dillon. S. C. Coleman. Mrs. Anne O.. Red Springs. N. C. Cope. Margaret. Ranlo Station. Gastonia. N. C. Copeland. Johnelle. 123 Steele. Rockingham. N. C. Covington. Margaret. Box 174. Ellerbe. N. C. Cox. Jo Rita. Rt. 2. Gastonia. N. C. Cox. Kathryn. Rt. 2. Gastonia. N. C. Cox. Macel. Rt. 3. Box 219. Tabor City. N. C. Cribb. Nellie. Box 325. Laurel Hill. N. C. Culbreth. Barbara. 1007 Brook St.. Fayetteville. N. C. Cullum. Barbara. 263 E. Hampton St.. Darlington. S. C. Culp. Betsy. Box 54-4. Lake Alfred. Fla. Currie. Susan. Jackson Springs. N. C. Cuttino. Jerry. 184-0 Loch Schiel Road. Towson 4. Md. Dalrymple. Nancy. Yadkin Ave.. Laurinburg. N. C. Daniel. Lois. 745 Martinsville Road. Danville. Va. Davis. Mae. 1026 W. Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount. N. C. Davis. Marion. Rt. -l-. Lumberton. N. C. Daivstgi. Elizabeth. Quarters 6. Main Post. Fort Bragg. Day. Sally. H15 N. Market. Washington. N. C. Dukes. DeWitt. B05 Farnell Lane. Mobile. Ala. Dunn. Peggy. 1104 Waterman Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. Eckhoff. Harry. Church St.. Clio. S. C. Edwards. Peggy. 239 N. Fourth St.. Albemarle. N. C. Eller. Ann. 125 Rowan St.. Fayetteville, N. C. Elvington. Mildred. B06 N. Tenth Ave.. Dillon. S. C. Evans. Della. Rt. 5. Box -I-10. Fayetteville. N. C. Evans. Shirley. Rt. 1. Walkertown. N. C. Fleshman. Betsy Ross. Rt. 1. Brookneal. Va. Flournoy. Jeanne. Rt. 1. Box 52-A. Elizabethtown. N. C. Flowers. May Dee. Rt. 1. Society llill. S. C. Floyd. Jane. 128 lona St.. Fairmont. N. C. Folgdllgin. Janet. 4813 Lansing Drive. Winston-Salem. Formy Duval. Alease. Nakina. N. C. Foscue. Bettye. Maysville. N. C. Foster. Gayle. Landrum. S. C. Foyles. Ruby. Rt. 1. La Grange. N. C. Galloway. Grace. 306 Cousar St.. Rishopville. S. C. Gates. Jacqueline. 803 S. Center St.. Thomaston. Ga. Gathings. John S.. 905 Sixth St.. Rockingham. N. C. Gibbs. Julia. Rt. 3. Bristol. Tenn. Gibson. Beverly. 509 McDonald Ave.. Hamlet. N. C. Gibson. Ruby. Rt. 1. Box 130. Marston. N. C Gibson. Rosalynde. Red Springs. N. C. Gilchrist. Doris. Rt. 3. Lillington. N. C. Godwin. Mattie Ruth. 306 W. Harriett St.. Dunn. N. C. Goodman. Sarah. Churchville. Va. Goodwin. Theresa. Box 142. Clio. S. C. Graham. Peggy. Lake Waccamaw. N. C. Grainger. Rosie. Aynor. S. C. Grainger. Mrs. Sarah. Linden. N. C. Greene. Ann. Rt. 2. Waxhaw. N. C. Hall. Ann. Rose Hill. N. C. Hall. Dorothy. Rt. 1. Linden. N. C. Hall. Fred. Box 91. Stedman. N. C. Hamilton. William. Lakeview Road. Fairmont. N. C. Harrell. Jane. Rt. 3. Florence. S. C. Harrell. Thelma Sue. 201 E. Pine St.. Fairmont. N. C. Harrison. Alese. 529 Taylor St.. Lexington. Va. Hatcher. Sarah. Rt. 1. Garner. N. C. Hayes. Mrs. Betty Gale. 103 Iona St.. Fairmont. N. C. Heins. Cecilia. Greeleyville. S. C. Herman. Caryl Rae. Box 95. Valrico. Fla. Hester. Nancy. Rt. 2. Bladenboro. N. C. Hill. Lynda. Box 82. Mayesville. S. C. Hinds. Sybil. 809 E. Third Sl.. Lumberton. N. C. Holden. Pauline. Rt. 1. Box 129. Supply. N. C. Holder. Bonnie Jean. Rt. 6. Sanford. N. C. Holder. Ruth. Rt. 2. Box 197. Lillington. N. C. Honeycutt. Jessie Ruth. Rt. 2. Wadesboro. N. C. Hood. Patricia. 303 W. Pearsall St.. Dunn. N. C. Hough. Mrs. J. W. tBetty Janet. Red Springs. N. C. Howell. Louise. 218 Woodcrest Road. Fayetteville. N. C. Huggins. Ann. Red Springs. N. C. Hults. Mary Louise. 106 N. Herman St.. Goldsboro. N. C. Ivey. Phyllis. Fairmont. N. C. Jackson. Mrs. Marian. St. Pauls. N. C. johnson. Betty Lou. 610 Hubbard St.. Fayetteville. N. C. johnson. Carolyn. 804 Hillsboro St.. Fayetteville. N. C. Johnson. Marlene. 1104 S. Church St.. Burlington. N. C. Jones. Barbara. 4-02 S. 1rby St.. Florence. S. C. jones. Patty jo. 1314 Mayfair Road. Raleigh. N. C. Jordan. Llewellyn. 296 Congress St.. Charleston. S. C. Jordan. Faye, 4-203 David St.. Fayetteville. N. C. Jordan. Sarah. N. Park St.. Mullins. S. C. Kanoy. Johnsie. Rt. 1. West End. N. C. Kearns, Shirley. 1031 W. Salisbury St.. Asheboro. N. C. Kessler. Martha. Rt. 5. Lexington. Va. King. Frances. 3823 Market St.. Wilmington. N. C. King. Kathy. 503 Myrtle St.. Ashland. Va. King. Wanda. Rt. 5. Rox 25. Kinston. N. C. Kinion. Verna. Box 60. Clinton. S. C. Lahr. Sue. 608 N. Jackson Sl.. Goldsboro. N. C. Lamm. Mrs. Gerald tMiriamt. 1012 First St.. Ahoskie. N. C. Lancaster. Kenneth C.. 1518 W. Long Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C. Layton. Manette. 608 Willcox Ave.. Marion. S. C. Layton. Marilyn. 608 Willcox Ave.. Marion. S. C. Lee. Lillian. Rt. 1. Clinton. N. C. Lewis. Emma. 108 Elm St.. Bladenboro. N. C. Lewis. Myra. 127 Market St.. Fairmont. N. C. Lewis. Nan. Rt. 2. Fairmont. N. C. Little. Mrs. W. D. tBetsyt. Red Springs. N. C. Long. Punky. Rt. T. Burlington. N. C. Love. Juanita. 1912 Ann St.. Wilmington. N. C. Maness. Helen. lndian Trail. N. C. Maness. Levonne. lndian Trail. N. C. Meyqtile. Mary Jane. 1214 Richardson Road. Reidsville. Matthews. Mrs. Carey tjanie Annt. Clinton. N. C. Melvin. Jeffery. 604 Cape Fear Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C. Miller. Fay. 2933 Breezewood Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C. Mitchell. Barbara. Kenansville. N. C. Mitchell. Mrs. Elizabeth. 104 Floyd St.. Fairmont. N. C. Moore. Louise. Rougemont. N. C. Morris. Nora. Raeford. N. C. Morrison. Ophelia. 201 N. Church St.. McColl. S. C. Morrison. Vivian. Box 4-6. Baddeck. Novia Scotia. Canada Morton. Frances. 2110 Trent Blvd.. New Bern. N. C. Mothershed. Gay. Rt. 9. Box 723. Concord. N. C. Muldrow. Beverly. Fairview Ave.. Bishopville. S. C. Murchison. Faye. Red Springs. N. C. MacLeod. Debby. Dunvegan Acres. Keinptville. Ontario. Canada McArthur. Ruth. Wakulla. N. C. McCaskill. Alice. Rt. 3. Carthage. N. C. McDonald. Jane. Rt. 2. Box 265. Fayetteville. N. C. McDonald. Gaddis. Red Springs. N. C. McDonald. Carolyn. Rt. 5. Box 190. Fayetteville. N. C. McGirt. Peggy. 110 Caledonia Road. Laurinburg. N. C. McKenzie. Carol. Rt. 1. West End. N. C. McLaughlin. Lois. Rt. 1. Effingham. S. C. McLaurin. Jeri. Box 453. Clio. S. C. McLean Hazel. Box 38. Raeford. N. C. McLeod. jane. Rt. 2. Carthage. N. C. McNeill. john Tom. 1002 Maple Sl.. Lumberton. N. C. McPhail. Peggy. Wade. N. C. McPhaul. Nancy. Red Springs. N. C. McRae. Jean. Elrod. N. C. Nation. Carole. 306 Calloway St.. Montgomery. Ala. Nash. Nancy. 310 E. Church St.. Tarboro. N. C. Newcomer. Carolyn. 1605 Piedmont Ave.. N. E.. Atlanta Ca. Newton. Sylvia. Rt. 3. Fayetteville. N. C. Nimocks. Ann. 203 Highland Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C. Nisbet. Mary Leighton. 310 E. Ladiga St.. Jacksonville. Ala. Northrup. Carolyn. Rt. 2. Box 39. Dade City. Fla. Nurnberger. Juanita. Red Springs. N. C. Owen. Sue. Cluster Springs. Va. Owens. Joyce. 1030 Rainey St.. Burlington. N. C. Page. Rachel. Rt. 2. Clarkton. N. C. Pamplin. Mrs. Margaret. Clio. S. C. Parker. Jean. Rt. 1. Wadesboro. N. C. Parmele. Mrs. A. T. tBetsyl. 302 E. Eighteenth St.. Lum berton. N. C. Parsons. Susie. Rt. 4. Elizabeth City. N. C. Pearce. Linda. S. Main St.. Fairmont. N. C. Peele. Mary. Raeford. N. C. Penick. Margaret. Prospect. Va. Peters. Cloe. Rt. 1. Nebo. N. C. Pigott. Janis. Shallotte. N. C. Pittard. Norma. Box 158. Vvarrenton. N. C. Ponds. Edith. Box 313. Ansonville. N. C. Poole. Betty. 303 Colleton Road. Raleigh. N. C. Potter. Marie. Rt. 2. Box 4-50. Wilmington. N. C. Powell. Patricia. 603 Main St.. South Boston. Va. Powell. Pearl. West Creene. Cheraiv. S. C. Powers. Ceraldine. 503 E. Tenth St.. Lumberton. N. C. Prevatte. Mrs. Mable P.. Rt. 4. Lumberton. N. C. Price. Loueen. Rt. 1. Lilesville. N. C. ' Pridgen. Julia Ann. Rt. 2. Elm City. N. C. Pritchett. Patricia Frances. 2305 Raeford Road. Fayette- ville. N. C. Putnam. Patsy. Rt. 3. Box 228. Kernersyille. N. C. Quinn. Jean. Kenansville. N. C. Ratcliffe. Phyllis. Rt. 2. Radford. Va. Ray. Joanne. Rt. 3. Loris. S. C. Ray. Katherine. Newland. N. C. Reaves. Joy. Rt. 3. Box 432. Florence. S. C. Reid. Virginia. Rt. 3. Waxhaw. N. C. Ribet. Julia Lee. Box 205. Valdese. N. C. Richardson. Doris. Nakina. N. C. Richardson. Lucy. Rt. sl. Box TA. Whiteville. N. C. Ritter. Nancy. Box 191. Pinehurst. N. C. Rogan. Judy. Greeley ville. S. C. Rogers. Anne. 115 Northside Ave.. Mullins. C. Ross. Joanne. 2015 Eighth St.. N. W., Roanoke, Va. Rouse. Mary. Box 515. Burgaw. N. C. Rudd. Betty. Mebane. N. C. Sanderson. Floranell. 903 E. Cleveland St.. Dillon. S. C. Seylmcaur. Mrs. Anna. 939 Chester Circle. Fayetteville Shaffer. Johnnie. Rt. 2. Matthews. N. C. Shannon. Edna. Rt. -1-. Gastonia. N. C. Shaw. Frances. Quarters 214. Ft. Bragg. N. C. Sheets. Jane. 939 W. Beverley St.. Staunton. Va. Shepherd. Sarah. Box 2015. Rockingham. N. C. Sherrill. Jean. 301 Oakridge Ave.. Fayetteville. N. C. Shipman. Ann. Rt. 2. Box ST. Whiteville. N. C. Shoemaker. Carroll. Cavalier Hotel. Virginia Beach. Va. Simmons. Janice. Ash. N. C. Smith. Agnes. Rt. 3. Rockingham. N. C. Smith. Catherine. 611 Dock St.. Wilmington. N. C. Snoddy. Betty Lou. 2318 Overhill Road. Charlotte. N. C. Snyder. Mrs. Dorothy A.. Ellerbe. N. C. Stacy. Marilyn. 1705 N. Elm St.. Lumberton. N. C. Stalvey. Joy. Pine Tree Ave. Asheboro. N. C. Stanton. Joseph Peyton. Red Springs. N. C. Stegall. Mrs. lrma. Rt. 1. St. Pauls. N. C. Steppe. Martha. 50 Oak St.. Marion. N. C. Stevenson. Martha. Rt. 8. Statesville. N. C. Stokes. Judy. 1118 Broad St.. Kenbridge. Va. Stone. Clyde. Stone St.. Hope Mills. N. C. Stone. Vanda. Fifteenth and Walnut St.. Lumberton. N. C Stuckey. Mary. Rt. 1. Box T4-. Nesmith. S. C. Sullivan. Betty Jane. Box 312. Pittsboro. N. C. Sweet. Sandra. Richardson Ave.. Summerville. S. C. Tarrant. Ann. Rt. 5. Box 406. Fayetteville. N. C. Tate. James H.. 910 Sunset Ave.. Clinton. N. C. Taylor. Rebekah. 144- Church St.. Henderson. N. C. Taylor. Sally. 863 W. Fifth St.. Winston-Salem. N. C. Tedder. Mrs. Mollie. Rt. 4. Box 86. Whiteville. N. C. Thomas, Louise. 14-10 Bivins St.. Forest Hills. Durham N. C. Thomas. Shirley. Rt. 3. Box 306. Lillington. N. C. Thompson. Bertha. Red Springs. N. C. Thompson. Margaret. Blanche. N. C. Thompson. Nancy Jo. 906 Rainey St.. Burlington. N. C. Timberlake. Frances. Rt. 1. Louisburg. N. C. Tindall. Judy. Rt. 3. Box 452. Orangeburg. S. C. Tolar. Betty. 202 E. Thirteenth St.. Lumberton. N. C. Topping. ,Ruth Evelyn. 401 E. Ninth St.. Greenville. N. C Trent. Betty Jo. Rt. 5. Box 25-A. Reidsville. N. C. Turner. Betty. Ll-30 Wonderwood Drive. Charlotte. N. C. Turner. Anne. Mayesville, S. C. Walters. Jane. 2115 Brandon Road. Wilmington. N. C. Ward. Evelyn. Nakina. N. C. Washburn. Phyllis. 501 Wolfe St., Alexandria, Va. Watkins. Billie Jean. Rt. 1. Box 277. Henderson, N. C. Watkins. Scott. 132 Raysor N. E.. Orangeburg. S. C. Watson, Jack, Rt. 1. Box -I-6, Red Springs. N. C. a Webb. Ann. Rt. 3. Wadesboro. N. C. Weir. Derice. 404 Railroad Ave.. Kings Mountain. N. C. Wells. Sara Lane. Rt. 1. Haw River. N. C. West. Cynthia. Box 604. Conway. S. C. West. Ella Mae. Box 254. Warsaw. N. C. West. Mrs. Wayne ljoyce 1.1. Box 291. Elizabethtown. N. C. Yvest. Peggy. 1014 Richmond St.. Brunswick. Ga. Whatley. Dale. Quarters -1-1. Main Post. Ft. Bragg. N. C. Whitley'. Carolyn. 3629 Country Club Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Wilkie. Marilyn. Box 15. Gulf. N. C. Williams. Carole. 3012 Somerset Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Williams. Elise. 604 E. Ninth St.. Greenville. N. C. Williams. Emily. 110 W. Tenth St.. Lumberton. N. C. Williams. Joyce. Ararat. Va. Williams. Lorraine. Rt. 2. Marshville. N. C. Williams. Margaret. Ararat. Va. Williams. Sylvia. 500 S. ,larkson St.. Salishury. N. C. Williams. Rebecca. T33 N. W. 39th St.. Miami. Fla. Williamson. Mrs. j. Xi.. jr. tliatie Leer. Rt. 3. Lumber ton. N. C. Wingate. Barbara. Rt. 11. Box -1-35. Charlotte. N. C. Witherspoon. Betty Ann. Gable. S. C. Wolfe. Carol. West St.. Southport. N. C. Womack. Gail. 1916 Skidaway Road. Savannah. Ga. Wood. jane. Draper. Va. Wood. jo Ann. 6120 Eastwood Terrace. Norfolk 8. Va. Wiood. Pearl. Cove City. C. Wood. Rex. Maxton. N. C. Yeargin. Patterson. 436 Hansell St.. Thomasville. Ga. 111 AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) collection:

Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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