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Fzeeeeatdeg die 7fc3zez'een Qfcwcbzed cmd '76Jfe' 70414 14 Seniors Zlezee ?a5ZrJecu!6ea of 76044 Wldedaaaflel Zallege feel Spfzdage. W, GERALDINE WORRELL Editor SARAH MARGARE M LEOD B ll 9 9 I .4 -, 54 .,Vsf.i 4 I . A 1 .H .Pa tk , D ' ': 4' Q - :- 'A F! 'W , . - ffsrfa, . ' J .1 f ' L.-f., Xl' , 5 x'X L, 3 , QA. lt ' K, ' . , ,f , ,. J J. ,L TA 44'-1",.f:'a. ,A , u x 'a s 4 wif ,W .Tj .- fi Q, L if A 1: E if k.,....a.i. .,. .f 'Q 41. 'fi '-S . - A X- - X K K " .-f t 1-,msmfnp . ,- Q , . , .25 , - Q 5 5 6 r 'KW " wil' if ,Q 1 , 'lr s . ' , W. I ,gi fd- ' .4 go uf if A'- Q , .L E.: 4 ifu ' ' v- '-.-s " , , if I . if " , I ' ' s fail-w-'r '.'L2s"2 .3 r 3 Q 41' ' W. " an-:"' X- 1.4 T-BLQXW P. '--V 5 Q' -- - -'iifi wg 'aaggv A7 Wczfae gegmd Fuse Yes this year at Flora Macdonald has had value beyond prlce And It wasnt the financlal campalgn that made us reahze lt It just confirmed what we know to be a fact 'Ihe act1v1t1es of the fll'13I'lC13l campalgn haxe permeated the atmosphere of our campus and each day we have reallzed that th1S w1ll be a memorable xear m the hlstory of our col lege Th1s year has opened the door to progress We the student body of 1954 are glad that we were here when thls program of progress was 1n1t1ated As the campalgn proclalms to the publlc that Flora Mac donald IS a college Wlth value beyond prlce we would lxke to say that u e agree We feel that much of the xalue IS found Ill the slmple experxences of each day llfe up on the halls l1fe Ill the classrooms and the COHSGIVS lfe IH the lxbrary and 111 gen eral the lNt1l'1l21lG llfe of Flora Macdonald whlch can nevex be shared wlth the publlc We are con sclous ol manv of the values we have recelved here but the ones we treasu e most are those wlnch cant qulte be put ll1t0 words and descrlbed the ones wlnch hare strengthened our character and made us S6l'1'3lt1X9 to the finer tlnngs ID l1fe 0 ' u . . , . . , . ' r , . Y . . - . , ' 1 V . . . , . ,i ', Q, ' - , . v ' . l . D 7 ..y . , . Vw S x , g X N 5 45 ' x K+ .Q f lo .,-sg .VN xx x 1 1 . n ii.,- Sal .,.,,, .- -Q-sw. .V N A A d , 'lg F , l 'I . , ' - , Q ' 1 Q h J .Y ' -.. ., ' -"j,' '-- , -.., 40. v, D' . ', -5,Y.- . N ia 6- 3 - - in Y . L' 'S ' ,o-4-- ' ',. '. .8-, I ',-v. y Jo I -h .' ' 'h . V, ' - . -' i ' . 9 ' .I '. ,',-nf' 4' Q , A s - Q dw -X' d . .N IQ, J", --Q -hfiusarq,-. 4 -1. ' A R L. ' . ' ax ' b' N , 1.5- ,. ,if -,-x- tr. .2' 0... f -- Y "- ..x '5-'W 1' 44-4 - time . ' xg' ' .MW xi ,Q-V - -P-,Q-N.-. . -" , -.. v.- - , 1- 1-m.. . - '-r -1.2-.-1+--s"--f : 4 1. - .,. . - ' 'I U f ' , .4 ' Y4' 0- I ' 6 Q0 1 A- .N . . 3 ,in 'aj' fy' I o , Q ' . -' 5' - - . ' ' , .. Q ' .1 1 ,,' rv' ' . x .4-. -. f - f '+.0fw'-'but ' 4-f '- S' . I .. .I , 1 ralph Q . X! ln! - X . .I u , 4 . 4 Q H l A s 5 lilll ,fill . 11 1 ,x ' .1 If "i I Y .. -1 I I Dr. Gwynn came to Flora Macdonald in January, 1951. Since then, he has desired only the best for the college as a whole and for the students as individuals. With this interest at heart, his intelligence mingled with his sincere humility have been responsible for many improvements. His infiuence on our campus is tremendous. But his influence is not limited. He is a respected citizen of North Carolina and his abilities are recognized even beyond our state. His name adds distinction to our college. As he dedicates his life in service here, we dedicate this Annual to him in an effort to say, "We love and respect you as a person with integrity. We are thankful for our acquaintance with you." the day. 6 S N Dr. Gwynn drops a letter ln the mailbox before going home for The Gwynns gather around the piano and sing Christmas carols u Y I I .. ,-1 DR. PRICE H. GWYNN, JR 7 The Date Section of oui Ru Book doesn't exactly pt 1 stamp oi' approval on th s b we can dream, can't wc' IFE at Flora lVIac is quite an experience-Aa nice one, we might add. A stroll down most any hall on a Saturday night would reveal stu- dent life at its best: in one room a group of pajama-clad girls discuss the latest rumorg next door, room- mates write to their boy-friendsg across the hall two girls have one last glance in the mirror before going downstairs to sign in the date book: with shampoo and hair spray. one girl heads for the tub roomg at the end of the hall someone presses the blouse she will wear tomorrowg the smell of coffee and popcorn an- nounces that a room full of freshmen are behind a closed door having their weekly feastg and draped over the rotunda are several girls in tommy coats trying to get the attention of someone on first floor: they want something from the tea hole. And looking over the rotunda we see girls with their dates patrolling from the Conserve to Vardell and back again. Q: X: E x - K N-if in 'ri' '-ll 'q lm 1 1 I Q W V J.-Q. X - 4, k. 'I 1 ,I 1 -- 3 . JK- 'H "' H22 ,A i, 'f LA 'P 'N' wx It , 1 I 1, is '1 x -1 Y. ' '-X Y Y 'REF Fx I 4 'X ,B 'Q-f X .. 'ez , .. " 'A X, ., Qs lax " QM!! x lf? , in Vo 2' ' 'V Q' T - 2 A- U , , ',,,jfQ.'i'3Q '- , 9 . We "f "fa fi M" L 11:12 "" Q ' :Q 1. g,r..A- Q ,'.. K aqui., - . L 'fa , A 'Q u A 1. Q ' X - ,x' 4 I g' -F A I r5"I71,:..1q. -jg Y ' -ggi 'I -' Y' -ci. jA3i:vi ,lg K' --21 d .4 , V, 1"'f-.1"-'f--'-f+-- A -'- 13 +-, , .: 'H' 1. f - 1 M n fr "I-"5-""'x'T 'l.J""' ' Y R ' 1 ' uf- - ....-'s-,l,,,. , , ' , "-- , """" ,,,,1Q ' i F fnfix , , . ,fy . 1 . K A X U A- ..- 'L:..4,, I 5 N, - Q-,xg vcwxgq, 'B - --.- A viy .. hs' YM '.r' , 95-.3-'qqyf A! ' 2 0 ll'-', f .W A .., ,. -T.:--V N, , . 311- ,, E rd 15. ,' ,, , - ,- " , ,. P '4 ,.1'-f., 'U-'.v-3. ' 4- X - , , hh , f , 1-vw.. V . Pg, . -5' A ' lx- V . I 4. I V ' I I, , n v, vw v '5. 'Qs' . F' 0 - 4 X 5.3- N ' M a . 1. ' 'LTI' Vi' 'WSWFV ' F' X P -D There is one good thing about waiting in line: it gives us an opportunity to hear about each other's summer ex- DLTICHCQS. The screaming and yelling of upperclassmen as they greeted each other only added to the con- fusion of boxes, trunks, Teddy bears, and tennis rackets. But freshmen soon decided the upper- classmen were sane and actually anxious to help teach them the mechanics of college life. Pretty soon we were knee deep in parallel reading and term filled work Dame i Flora Dame papers. The days before Christmas were with many things to do: classes and home- were slighted as we went from one party Flora gives an interesting account of the life of lVlacdonald, The audience was fascinated by Floras delightful and charming manner. 4 l to anotherg roommates exchanged gifts and de- clared, "That's just what I wantedf' book reports were hastily written. and before we knew it, the 19th was here. The last days of our vacation were marred by the thoughts of impending doom: exams in January. But we returned, took a deep breath, closed our eyes, and ploughed through them. We opened our eyes to find many exciting events of the spring months awaiting us. Comple- tion of our Prayer Chapel served as the highlight. Sarah Margaret McLeod seems to be enjoying talking with her relatives, the McLeod twins. Throughout the day they were surrounded by interested students, K so mi-ix' xsimwr N x if ' " 4 and In fear and trembling ' gigglesl, wretched rats await pro- their judgment to be nounced by the cat court. Washing hair is a major undertaking at Flora Mac- donald. Holding the spray with one hand, putting sham- poo on the hair with the other hand, and rubbing the head at the same time is a delicate operation. Bonnie Bunn helps Ursula Gooclson perform the task. The two societies went professional with their ininstrel given during orientation week. Wonder who the lovely mysterious lady is? The societies present Flora Macdonald students of yester-year. "The good ole days," my foot!! Can't you just see us going to class dressed in one of those costumes! ' t 1 5 I 1 3 . I It , t . N ..... .,m.-,-,..,, 's .vw laden! Qaaemmeaz' "The Council will please come to order' '... twelve black-robed students cease talking and give their attention to Phyllis Leggett, student body president. They discuss any important business. They listen to girls who have willfully violated rules and know that they must be punished. They make plans and suggestions for the improvement of student life. They make recommendations to the college in the interest ol' the students. On Wednesday morn- ing during Chapel period, the Council discusses with the entire student body the conclusions it reached the night before. The Council serves the student body. As president, Phyllis Leggett has capably led a conscientious group of Council members: Norma Jean Thompson, vice-presidentg Alice Brantley, secretary, Pat Farmer, treasurerg Saradee Davis, Christian Association presidentg Mary Lisle Tucker, Athletic As- sociation presidentg DeLanie Boney, senior class presidentg Miekie Jernigan, junior class president: Carolyn Robinson, sophomore class president, Norma Pittard, freshman class presidentg Patsy Teer, Zetesian Society president, Retta Parker, Epsilon Chi Society president: Betty Lou McDonald, Day Students president. Mrs, P. P. McCain is adviser. , .mv 3- , Sli Piiviiis Lnczcmr 3 admit Body President be ' ., .. ,, f - - i Ein.:-n.!-,zasasz N -, f',,.'.i X A .-gg , ts Nw-. ' ' 555 ' "Y r , . " .-.1 ' .. 1 . - .. ' ' .-t'.1':':H' 9 - I . is t Around the ttihlv rc-:idx for ti Council meeting are. seaIecl:lX'IcDonziId, Parker, Tw-r, Robinson. Jernigan, BURN Davis, Tuvkf-r Sltmtlinrrf Faiuner. Thompson, Brantley 12 AisNmkm..'NxHwm1s'snxm 'FSBXYl'2iimf' If each Student vtlll mote fifty brxcks the xxorkers can start bulldmg our Pray er Chapel Thxs xear a student Prayer Chapel has become a reallty on our Pampus In Vardell court a small colonlal style chapel stands xx 6lf0I'DlI'1g students to come IH for a few moments of pru ate med1tat1on and prayer The Chrxstlan ASSOCIBIIOH through Us many projects and BCIIXIUSS strlxes to make th1s a Chrxst centered student body Thursday mght vespers hymn slngs prayer bands Santa Claus workshop Thanksgwlng baskets speclal programs at Chrxstmas hall dex otlons and devo txons IH the Clllllflg hall on Saturday molnlngs are a few of the programs sponsored bv the Lhrlstlan Assoclatlon In the fall Reverend Murphy Wxlhams came to our campus and enrlched us spmrltually wlth h1S talks on That I May Know Hmm Reverend Walter Dlckson spoke to us on Let Go and Let God Ill our sprmg S1J1I'1tUal enrlchment week Serx mg on the Cablnet w1th Saradee Dav1s presxdent are Betty Lou Lamb VICE presxdent Charlotte Calhoun secretary Ellen xVlll1HI'TlS treasurer Phyllls Leggett ex of'Hc1o and the followmg chalrmen Lucy FlEIT11Dg worshlp Peggy Carter soclal servlce Emojeane Womeldorf fellowshlp Lettv H1ll outreach Sh1rley Fltzgerald prayer bands Mrs Elbert McPhaul lS aduser SARADEE DAXIS Chrzstzan Assoczatzon P7L'SlClt7If :J In Watklns hall are Cabinet members Lamb Calhoun Vhlllarns Ieggett H111 farter Womeldorf Flemmg Fnzgerald 13 O I I I ' ' , . " 5. v 1 . . I V . . , . . . . A , . . . '. H . ., f .. I H' - , . 2 , . ' - ' 3 1 4 L I I - .lu sl . - V Y . . ' . 1 ' . ' Q . y. I , , l l l . N, . - 3 'V X ' S 1 A I . x . I ' I -- 7---- - Y,-- l rw Alina ' -l NN A W 5 eteadcm acdetq "Go green and white to the right," is the welcome and invitation of the Zetesians to the freshmen. The highlights of Rush Week were dining hall skits, a hay ride and weiner roast at the fish hatchery, and the minstrel that was sponsored by both socie- ties. Other events ol' the year were the monthly meetings, the Christmas dance. spring party, high school debates, and Senior Htake-offs." Ofncers for this year are: Patsy Teer, presidentg Cleo Codas, vice-president, Marie Sellers, secretary, Anita Wil- liamson, treasurer, Betty Jo Hatcher, censor: Lucy Fleming. chaplain: Annie Byrd, pianist. The decision is made. They Cast their lot with Zetesian. Sign-up night is always an important cvent in the life of a freshman. mKBmNEm.Y 'KNI'eS'1""i'S "i, mmf. .asm-'dx mr Relaxing at the bridge are Zetesian ofiicers: By rd Wil liamson, Hatcher, Sellers Codas, i PATSY TEER President v3 ' 6 Saccfeiq During the whirl of orientation the freshmen were entertained many times by both societies. Epsilon Chi had a bang-up square dance in the gym with P.J.C. boys gladly serving as partners, After the excitement of sign-up night, the new members joined right into the warm fellowship of the Epsilon Chi group and took part in its many activities and entertainment. Oficers for this year are. Retta Parker, presidentg Billiegene Addor, vice-presidentg Peggy Callahan, secretary: Jessie Blalock. treas- urer: Mary Ella Mize, censor: Norma Kelly, chap- laing Sarah Dudley, pianist. Lpsilnn Chi's are hard at work on the decorations for the 'Night Rc-- foie Christmas" dance sponsored by both societies. GECTALDINE WORRELL. Edzrm'-in-CI1ifyf SARAH NIARGARET PYICLFUD. Businvss Manager DR. LESLIE BULLOCK, Adviser 7254 704:22 eatin The staff members moot in the pressroom. Brown. Standing, l1I'Cf Jcnkms and Dudley. WORRELL LQII to '1'if1ht, arc: Th0mpSon. Clark, Hudgins, Bowles, MC1VI11lan f Xi, 431113 5 'mi x'X?.iT5S 16 if 75 1 With the hope of "maybe we can do it," the Wiixrirz lli-:A'1'HEk staff began, in the spring of 1953, to make plans for the 195-l Annual. We returnczl to school in the fall with high hopes of keeping within the budget, selling more ads than ever before, and making pictures that would cause the students to sit up and take notice when they saw them in the Annual. There were times, though, when we were ready to give up in despair, We seemed to have a talent for scheduling pictures when students couldn't come: the college kept promising us a car, but it was January before we could go into neighboring towns for ads, and after we got to the towns, we discovered the financial campaign had already been there. But we continued to work and had our moments of inspiration. After meeting x all the schedules and deadlines, we anxiously awaited the day when the K Finished copy, bound in a bright plaid, would arrive. WICLEOD . T7,.x,,p, , l THE 1954 'i . WHITE HEATHER STAFF NN b SARAH DLTDLEX' Assistant Editor SHIRLEY HUDGINS Assistant Business Manag FLORENE THOMPSON Senior Class Editor DEAN DORMAN Junior Class Editor PAT CLARK U T Sophomore Class Editor JOANNE MCMILLAN Freshman Class Editor FAYE JENKINS Literary Editor MARY ARCHIE BROVVN Snapshot Editor DoR1s BOWLES NELL LENNON GALE SIIWPSON Typing Editors X A Q .' W 4 ig aj ' - .J -' .:. ..-nlg x 3i,.gQ1u,.,'3m, T . ' ,un 1 ' L. .. 1-'rf'-'-'-F-l'.W5' i .-0 f-LR i. ff A - ' 1 ' '- ,ii atv- - N api.- -We-A f - ' ffl" ' 1 fr- ij . , I ' ,--f -:Ag Wearing polka dot tommy coats to inspire them. the Senior Scribblers meet. Around the table. are: Lucile Wilds, Mary Lib Pierce, Charlotte Calhoun, Geraldine Worrell, Chief. Sarah Margaret McLeod, and Elsie Ingram. During the last week of school five girls from the rising senior class are tapped as Scribblers. Hardly knowing what its all about. they never- theless accept the invitation. They are duly initiated by the old Scrib- blers, and from then on. the job is theirs. Early the next fall they begin the task of describing their fellow classmates. At first their pens are poison for they are tempted to use such words as "peculiar," "different" and Unumbskullf' But after a few meetings they realize the seriousness of their job and make honest endeavors to describe accurately the girls with whom they have been going to school for four years. 17 Sur: LiTTLEWoon Editor-in-Chief KATHLEEN MURCHISON, assistant editorg NELL LENNON, assistant business manager. SHIRLEY THORNTON, EIVIOJEANE WOMELDORF, DELANIE BONEY, SHIRLEY HUDGINS, literary staff: BILLIEGENE ADDOR AND Jo Mins. nrt staff: PAT RITTER, SALLY BALD, JEAN WEEKS, KATHERiNE lXfICNElI,I.. business staff. Q..- Z' ' .vt-a V z hfili : 413521 . 5,f.,:.,,.L.,r ez: ge 5 ,.,,-H 3' 4 R , O l T r J i Q, N sw. in ' Am , X X m i, ,Q Y N , Q U ,. , .. .. f - f f '1Q:s525i,1'i32H9f "fl 35-viii' TN 4 ' "al ' . .rg 'fy .- r . V-it .v.:-ffgffl if 1, - ' X 'ew'-r:,.j i. 5. -if ,fy e .cape A . .. V. -- . 3'-1:Q,..,.... '-f.-543: H., .U - A ,, ni'-zgygiylfggi? X Q 4.-...i.. , ,-uxrzy QS' . 1- I' ' ' .1-J.:-+V . a. , 1... Discussing plans for an issue of the Pine and Thistle in the English classroom are staff members, seated: Boney, Thornton, Womeldorf, Ritter, lVlurchison, McNeill. Addor. Standing: McGuire, Hudgins, Bald, Weeks, Mays, ?6ae and ' Struggling to stay on its feet. the Pine and Thistle has fought a courageous battle this year. The struggle has not affected the quality of the literary magazine. The three issues published this year have been superior in quality and this has been shown by the fact that the student body has read them with keen appreciation. This maga- zine contains an editorial, short stories, poems, essays, and humorous writings-all written by members of the student bodys The covers were sketched by students. Dr. Eleanor Scott is adviser, The Pine and Thistle is a long-time favorite among the students and it is hoped that it will continue to be published. BETTY MCGUIRE Business Manager 18 " N N 3 fig 5 i x 2 it K. g. I "Go to the mailbox and get your Slfirlfl Every two weeks the college newspaper is published. Students read it avidly for it contains all the latest happenings on the campus: it tells of coming events. it covers the activities of the clubs: it records the opinions of students on various topicsg it gives news from the Conservatory: it informs the students of the latest world news: it presents a personality profile of outstanding studentsi and it serves as a medium by which the students may express their views in an edi- torial, The Skirl is the newest publication of the student " nt 't-'A' body. and it is here to stay. ANN RICGIRT. Eclitot'-itz-Cliitff DIARY ELLA BIIZE. associate editor: lxl.-XRTHA IXIORRISON. associate business manager: lll.-XRY HALE. photography editor: DORIS DUNN. art editor: ANN BOVVDEN. NAN DORRI.-XS. BETTY JEAN GILLILAND. LUCILE GRAHAM. DOT HARIILTON. FAYE JENKINs. :XUDREY llIILLIG.-KN. ELLA RUTH IXICNEILL. ALLENE POXVERS. ROSA DIOORE. reporters: BARBARA AXRRINGTON, RIARY SUE XVILLIAAIS. FRANCES BOBBITT. EvELvN TAYLOR. IUARY THOMPSON. GALE SIXXIPSON. ELBIIRA STANFORD. JUNE JARRETT. adrcrtisivzg staff: JEAN NIORRIS. circulation man- ager: HARRIETT lXlt'AL'LEY and KATHERINE RAY. associate circulation man- agers: DORIS BOVVLES, SHIRLEY Cox. BETTY JOE HATCHER, JEAN JONES. JO.-ANNE BICIXIILLAN. JEANETTF lxlCNE!LL. NORBIA PITTARD. typists lll,-XRY KICCRACKEN Business Manager Out on the front campus the Skirl stat? gets together. They have done an excellent job this year and are to be commended for their hard work. -m1L.Lxxxns,...x....- ' 5 H D m Nancy Stikcleather conveys a mood of melancholy. Early in the fall auditions are held, and stu- dents wait anxiously for the list to be posted, telling them whether or not they will be a mem- ber of the Choral Club. Shouts of "I made it" are heard as girls quickly scan the list and dis- cover their own name, Every Monday, Wednes- day, and Friday practice is required from all. A beautiful concert. is ample reward for the many hours spent in practice. The Choral Club serves not only as a class in choral music, but provides the college with some of its best advertising. The entire ensemble tours in the Red Springs area with its Christmas program each year, and pre- pares itself for a longer trip later in the year. Special features of the 1953-54 program were two joint concerts with the rnen's choir from Presby- terian college. and an appearance as one of the regular concerts on tho Pinehurst Forum. .,.?Zafm ST. CECILIA is a club open only to students who have taken an applied music course. This club sponsors proj- ects tor thc improvement of the Conservatory. Officers are: Florene Thompson, president, Jessie Blalock, VICC- presidcnt: Sallie Ann lVlunroe. secretary-treasurer. RXXXXXYW'xXY X"Q5 F i S BSR!-' EARN S"X 'l Qxi-i, In thc spring, ltflzirlcnc Jnncs gavc hcr scnior vnicc Prcscntins, scnior pizinu rccituls wcrc, sczitcfl: Nancy rccitiil. Prcscntinm1n'guiirccitzils wcrc: Nancy Stikc- Gallop and FllJl'1'l1L' 'I'liri1npsuii. Standing: .lcssic lczithcr, lllzic iXlcElrny, Churlnttc Calhoun, and Bctty Blalock, Barbara Lanibcrt, Voice- Rccitul, Frzxnccs Houck. NCISUIL 77facdcwmZcZ dance CHORAL CLUB Undcr thc dirt-ctiun of Mr. Cobb, the Choral Club has had ai most successful ycar. Oflicers for this ycur arci Nancy Stikclcathcr, prcsiclcntg Peggy Carter, lirst Viccfprcsidcntg Jessie Blalock, sccmiirl vicc-prcsidcntg Frances Nelson, third vicu-president: Kathryn Campbell, sccrctaryg Mary Archic Brown. tl'L'il9Lll'L'l'L Shirlcy Thornton, chaplain. X ' '-- F" a. A. BENNETT CERF, Lecturer Davin L1,oYD, Tenor ance ezdea David Lloyd, Tenor, came to our campus October 26 and won the hearts of all the Flora Macdonald girls with his powerful voice and charming manner. Leon- ard Pennario, Pianist, gave a most impressive concert November 19. On January 27, Carol Smith, Contralto, made us completely forget that we had just gone CAROL SMITH. Contrallu xioeh . QW m XM X 0. . vt vw mx. through a week of exams. Camilla Wicks, Violinist. gave a delightful concert on March 13. Bennett Cerf closed our series with a most entertaining lecture on April 6. -fv- Q0 CAIVIILLA Wlcxs. Violinist mX '?'-Yi'-'K"" . n t Q' v ll: -. ln lovely dresses of white satin and tulle. nine marshals direct people to seats at our concerts and lectures. They greet them at the door and hand them a copy of the eve- nings pI'0gI'3l1l. At the reception which generally follows a concert the marshals see that everything runs smoothly. and they converse with the visitors. Serving as mar- shals this year for Epsilon Chi are: Peggy Callahan. Sarah Dudley. Billiegene Addor. and Shirley Fitzgerald. Zetesian marshals are: Ellen Willams. Alice Brantley. Doris Mozingo. and Mickie Jernigan. Zetesian and Epsilon Chi alternate every year in choosing the chief marshal. A special duty of the chief marshal is to remain backstage with the guest artist and then, after the perform- ance. vo with him to the reception. D Lury Fleming. meinber of Zetesian society, se yr. chief marshal. Seated at the back.:1r0: Brantley, Dudley, Mozingo. Sitting on the floor. are: Jerni- gan. Williams. Fitzgerald. Callahan. Ad- dor -7 A if , , L 5 , "5 '.?j', 'rf iii -'il J ' .lb 1 N 'it' QL Z, 4- x A 3 V . -Qi ,rx .J Q' 1 I. rf' +l:J XJ.- , Li. f' "L -- W- is , 335 fr' Q fa: - 1 11-1 .3 Qx iff, If ff? J 45. 'fi 1. V: 'i Yr .A qi. 1 ' vw -. iff' .Ur .LL .,, Eff" I Y... ,tut- E-3,3 if 1 I '- .5'. ,4 X 34 A-' ,U A , T?- 'M u 4 4 v 4 I Wang f4na0zew4, D . . . because she accomplishes her tasks Wlcaaaczld Sputamcmehp because he part1c1pates Jn school activities - -- ' + A Ax'E1,,..!- mg-,,.xxxxxt-nAxnx1.xxxxxxxxLxxxx,.xxxxxx, x :.x-.xxxxvxxxxnxxxxxuxyxy . Q, i. 'iv , . ' E . IA.. 1 1. I ', E L , i , - mfl1l1 ul1l ,X -'-- --- -osx-gp. .V L ! V Al! .- ! Mmf.-4' L i 1 l .,,,- I 57? rG1'V,'f:" . . because she does many things well . g., . fi' 1.5 . Jr'- F" 'J i . . i. . .-.l.. - ' ' X' fQifflQl'111' f X N I I 6 N 1 'K l AL' I ' 4 ,Aa -o"""" dmlalte Zaddam, Zeal 1466-,4zaamf ., because she unselfishly uses her many talents 28 'X ' X. X' Qu ' F '." ' YNAX 'N,x2XXX'XNx-f'QXXX'N NN NNXQR XXX' X LL-.Lux- nb' E S ' 4.g..F J.. XEL. x .xxxxmgxlxxxxxxaaxxxxx xxxxxx Windy fame 77Zcm!w 77a4ma!fzg because she IS frlendly and smcere , 'S XX N W Y-Ji! 5' 'Ft' Q 4 fa QNXX 'S"1'NKNi 5 'ENN fm "- YAQQNN1'-, xxxvnr-:.xx x--. I nyc-, " ' if """'f-- 'll' W A' LTEQ: - f W, H 1 B !Ei: : , W M V 76mm WW W I 5 1 lx, I W 1 SARADEE DAVIS May Queen MARY ELIZABETH PIERCE Maid of Honor I Senior class ntlvnclmlls are. Rvtta Parkcr, Fran- ces Nelson, Sarah Margaret McLeod. -....plL h1 Taq., , 7254 On the llrst Tuesday in May. our campus is transformed into a lovely and dellcate fairyland. Colorful Costumes adorn grace- ful dancers as they honor the Queen of May and her Court of attendants. People from all over the state come to enjoy the perform- ance, Freshmen Class artvndavzls are Ann Turner and Betty Turner. Jvzmior Class attendants are: Bllliegene Acldor. Sophomore Class atlenclfmrs are Frances Slmxy Ixathleen :llLlI'Cl'llSOll, Nan Dorman, and Mary McLean 7--- F -- -- -1- X B al 76044 Zvi i ,-4: ' Admmzm Good fun and fellowship for the Flora Macdonald girls is the aim of the Athletic Association. The A,A. Board tries to guide this program throughout the year as they work together and plan out the details of organized entertainment and sports events. One of their main objectives this year has been the planning of supervised recreation every Saturday night. High lights of this year have been the volleyball, basketball, and tennis tournaments, special swimming and tennis instruction for girls desiring it, purchase of badminton equipment, repair of the bowling alleysg a spring dance and a new coat of paint for the swimming pool. The A.A. also sponsored a trip to New York during spring holidays. Serving with the executive officers on the Athletic Board are: Delores Stone, salesman: Pat Powell, freshman representativeg Marjorie Steven- son, head of volleyballg Betty Jean Gilliland. head of basketball, Mary Ruth Matze, head of tennisg Eva Gray Davis, head of softballg Mary Ella Mize, head of swimming: Shirley Thornton. head of ping pong, Mary Archie Brown, cheerleader. lVlARY Lisuz Tnrkm Athletic Associnlimi Prvsiflcnt Mixwimzin DAvis Vif'0-Prcsiclcilt S,xi,i,iE ANN lVlUNRUl-T SUCVUIU ry lillf'Il,I.FI Gniximixi Tl'l'llSlll't'1' Miss ETHEI. BA'i'EixiA N Aclrisvr Meeting in the post office, left to right around the table. arc Board inuinbors. Graham. Powell, Stone, Maize, Thornton, Gilliland, Mize, Davis, Stevenson, Munroc ,- fT7 32 '5'sgs,x. '-x 1Qxx.xs-gxxxxxxx-wcxxxxxx -.-mp3s vw-H ' 1 l ll i 1 i 4 l l yi 4 i L l i i in if 77Zcma 65445 As reetigniiion for participation in sports and other student activities these girls are presented with the Ffllff Kl1llltlQ1'ldlll when they aeeuinulgite live hundred points. A specified number of points are given with each activity. Winning their Rloiiogiuiiis this year are front row. lett to riehti Char- lotte Calhoun. Audrey Milligan. Nancy .-Xndrenvs. Lucille Graham. Back row. left to right: Marjorie Stevenson. Betty Jean Gilli- land. Mary Lisle Tucker. Patsy Teer. Sarah Margaret Mc-Lend. l mfecmfew These girls are found at the Volleyball and Basketball games leading their respec- tive classes in cheers and yells for their team. They create enthusiasm and school spirit. In the dining hall they lead the student body in singing our "Friendship Song." Cheerleaders this year are. left to right: Pat McNeill. senior: Peggy Callahan. juniori Barbara Wingo, sophomore: Joanne Klellillan. freshman. and Mary Archie Brown. College cheerleader. They are shoxvn out on front campus practicing their yells. XX. ! "' R V L. mii- e ., Mmm: 'Jag :H U B U lXNN 7zea4mea The iieshmen .uc pioud of their '79 71 victoiv own thc sophonioics Front row RlC,lll1flSOl'l f. win. uinu lcai uni, Plttaid Stlt ey McMillan. Sccond row: Cox, Powell. Jones. Wa! Serfzdaz The seniors won every game they played and took possession of the trophy by defeating the juniors 27-19. Front row: Tucker, McLeod, Stevenson, Calhoun lcaptainl, Davis, Gilliland, Thompson. Second row: McNeill, Spivey, An- drews. amine The juniors came out second place in the tournament. Front row: McNeill, Liles, Maloney, Dunn, Willis, Hale, Hamilton. Second row: Wil- liams. Graham, Kelly, Lamb rcaptainl. Savane Although they did not win a time, these girls played some good games. Front row: Matze, Howard, Williamson rcaptainl, Munroe, Ritter, Davis, Stone. Second row: lVlcAuley, Womeldorf. Farmer, Ll ,sf l Left to right: Andrews. McLeod. Stevenson, Gilliland, Davis tcaptainl. Tucker. Spivey. Semen Although they were victorious in the Volley- ball tournament. the seniors were unable to do a repeat performance in the Basketball tourna- ment. The fast-moving underclassmen proved to be too much for them. They did. however. defeat the juniors in the final game by a score of 72-53. Left ro right: McNeill, Dunn. Graham tcaptainl, Lamb. Kelly. Hamilton. Liles. Willis, condom The juniors. at the expense of their little sisters. the freshmen, managed to win one game of the tournament. On the second day they defeated the freshmen by making 70 points while the fresh- men were able to make only 49. The little sisters took this beating good naturedly though. 2446654466 S ace For the second year in a row. this class has won the Basketball tournament. As freshmen. they walked off with the honors. and this year. they claimed the golden trophy again. Winning every game they played, the sophomores breezed through the tournament and two of their players were chosen to be on the College Varsity team. Left to right: Williamson, Matze. Howard, Ritter. Mun- roe teaptainl, Wonieldorf. Davis, Farmer. llIcAule3'. Stone. 7ze44mea Early after Thanksgiving. all four teams be- gan Basketball practice. In the tournament the freshmen got off to a good start by defeating the seniors -18-46 in a most exciting game. Luck was not with them after that and they were unable to win another game during the remaining days of the tournament. Left to right' McMillan. Turner. Stickley. Melvin. Jones tcaptainl. Cox. Williams. Pittard, Powell, Thomas. Richardson. Y f 7' K 'lililg ff" --' " ' li . . 1- . , - x K ,, sal. . , One of the projects of the Athletic Association was the painting of the college 1 the pool considerably. All girls interested in learning to swim are taught by stu- pool. This project was successfully carried out and has improved the looks of dents qualified to do so, At the end of the course they receive Red Cross certifi- cates. Each spring we eagerly look forward to the day when it will be warm enough to go swimming. After a day of classes a nice swim is a welcomed re- lief. I made f This year the Athletic Association has tried to promote student interest in l tennis by sponsoring tournaments and by giving lessons to those girls wishing to learn the game. A glance at the courts any afternoon would reveal that they 4 are successful. Tennis is fast becoming a favorite sport on our campus. , ?"' "'-'iTfg'-12. gf 1' l -sz-. ,g-.-Z 1-1 '- -,-15' f "' 1 " "-,' - -- - ' ' - , k . .zssvr ,4 1 - . I ' -A i '-.,- , ,"7-.M . ,,,.,- . -' 15.4-s'.L-A i?"l'?' ' 'LH Ai!" 1 ' f "Tr ,,-L- """1-1' Ji" ' ?""' f -' 2, :r .. Q wars-- N .. N - 5 93 - k 1 ,A ' - .gf-.--,L 5 y-1 , H Y -A , - ' J-, 42 ' '1-Qu' 'Y These girls take time out from their studies to en- joy our pool. Looks like fun, doesn't it? Playing doubles are: Bil- lie Suggs, Delores Stone. Becky Ingram, and Pat Powell. Ofiicers' Lucile Wilds, president. Sue Little' wood. vice - president: Martha Morrison. secre- tary-treasurer: Betty Joe Hatcher. scrapbook cus- todian. Mr. Reagan and Mr. Tatem serve as di- rectors. Left to right' Sue Little- wood, president: Doro- thy Anderson, business manager: Lucile Wilds. vice-president. ' 77Zmyme The Highland Players aim to provide entertainment and to encourage appreciation of drama. both by players and audience. This ann was realized in their successful production of "Guia TUX'.'ll.H "A Date xvith the Professor." and a major production in the spring, '-- 7 - 3' , -f 4 A , 1 -L , - Aww 27460 ' Kappa Lambda is the Flora Macdonald chapter of the national Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity. It gives recognition to those students who have been outstanding in college dramatics. Hard work and many hours spent serving on make-up committees. lighting crews and other back-stage work. student directing, and acting are behind this honor. 37 Dag Sladeazfe The Day Students have really become an active part of the stu- dent body this year through their regular chapel attendance, prayer band, column in the Skirl, mem- bership on dance committees, regular day student meetings, and f ugh -- fullilling all vacination requirements. Betty Lou Mc- Donald is president, Mildred Dedas is secretary. Vntmnalional Zelationa Edu! The IRC, theme for the year is "The World's Struggle for Peace." This club deserves recog- nition for its part in keeping the students informed and interested in current events. Ofiicers are: Nancy Andrews, president, Faye Jenkins, vice-president, Yvonne Brice, secretary, Jo Ann Drum- mond, treasurerg Beth Bethea, custodian of scrapbook. unix Wammuml Wmaz Society This club strives to promote high scholastic standing in math, and to create interest in the sub- ject among the students. Officers this year are: Marjorie Steven- son, presidentl Betty Lou Lamb, vice-president: Anita Williamson, recording secretaryg Eva Gray Davis, corresponding secretary: Harriet McAuley, treasurer, Kit- tye Oliver, finance chairman, .-',,,... ' 'tix llii Wdlkam Zcwham S' 'do Sacdelg Open only to science students with a grade average of B, this club studies and discusses latest scientific findings. It strives to promote fellowship among se- rious minded students of science. Officers are: Grace Dew, presi- dent, Beth Bethea, vice-president: Betty Jo Gore, secretary, Mary Sue Coleman, treasurer. Jamaica! Za! Composed of the Latin and Classical Civilization students, this club purposes to instill in its menibers a greater appreciation for the contributions of the Greeks and Romans to modern civilization. Officers are: Ruby Bierman, president, Mary Sue Willianis, vice-presidentg Barbara Wingo, secretary-treasurer. Wnwaa 66415 The newest club on our cam- pus, these 23 girls from the Old Dominion banded together in an effort to have planned socials and discussions of their favorite topic of conversation, namely, Virginia. Their aim is to double the number of students from Virginia at this North Carolina college. We hope they're successful, but what would we do with +16 Virginians'? lVIickie Ozlin is president. annie 'l fzencd 66:45 Admiring the portrait of Miss Ettie Brown. professor of French from 1898-19-10, are the members of the French club. This club is interested in studying the civili- zation of France. Officers this year are: Audrey Milligan, presidentg Mary Ella Mize, vice-presidentg Mickie Ozlin, secretary-treasurer. Spaniel Zh! Programs on the peoples and customs of the neighboring Latin- American countries have been most interesting to Flora Mac- donald students of Spanish. Ofh- cers are: Christine Maloney, president: Gladys McCain, vice- presidentg June Jarrett, secre- taryg Catherine Carter, treasurer. iframe canamiaa Round-table discussions relat- ing to family home economics, films, talks, open house, and des- sert parties are some of the pro- grams presented by this club. Ofiicers are: Doris Mozingo, presidentg Lucile Wilds, vice- president: Sally Bald, secretaryg Cleo Codas, treasurer: Mary Hagood Little, reporter. Wzdtme 66:45 Glenn Rounds, noted author of childrens literature spoke to this club last fall. The club tries to have programs that will stimu- late interest in creative writing. Oiiicers are: Billiegene Addor. presidentg Shirley Thornton, vice- president: Naomi Lee, secretary: Emojeane Womeldorf, treasurer. ?mgez 'gcuwla "A prayer in its simplest defi- nition is merely a word turned Godwardf' These girls lead a small group once a week in a period of meditation and prayer. They also assist the Christian Association Cabinet in carrying out its activities. Shirley Fitz- gerald is chairman. Swim: 7! Christian missions is the main interest of this group. Oflicers are: Charlotte Calhoun. presi- dentg Mary Sue Coleman. vice- presidentg Hilda Phillips, secre- taryg Sara Sanders. treasurer: Letty Hill, C. A. representative: Mary McLean, representative from group at largeg Becky Wil- liams, freshman representative. tml? ,fit We J' Miss Hazel Morrison Mrs McCain, and Dr Vardell meet in Dr, Woodsons of Gee. HERE is value beyond price in the Administrators at Flora Mac- donald. The enthusiasm with which the entire staff has supported the financial campaign has made the stu- dent body realize anew that they are behind us whole-heartedly. They are interested in Flora Macdonald Col- lege and its students, and they wish to see it go forward in the years that lie ahead. Their interest is not just professional. They have a personal interest in the progress of the college, which is revealed in the many times they go beyond what is required of them. They are often seen perform- ing tasks which are not required of their positions. Many hours are de- voted to meetings in which plans and suggestions for the improvement of the college are made, These plans are later successfully executed. Spe- cial attention is given to students having difficulties with their studies. Professors gladly give of their time to help individual students. And the co-operation which is shown among the administrators is an incentive for better student co-operation. The stu- dents recognize and appreciate the value that is found in our adminis- trators. 01' 6' . n 'il 1. ' L.: Q .- 5 0. ' x , x Vi i..,,L ,- ,.v""" 'T' k il i . h o K , 1 . ,- 5, x . . . 5 K 4 . ., -, .ly q QI? slabs 1 lf Q. 1 I ' ' l . 2 l r n V. MARSHALL SCOTT XVOODSON, BA., MA., Th.D.. LL..D, Prwsidcizt lVlRs. 'X l it l 1 i. W Palm: H. GWYNN, Jn. lv B A., lVI.A., B.D., Pun. Dean of thc Cwlleqc' 'ss P, P. MCCAIN. BS., M.A. Dean of Students .1-, , L Da. CHARLES G. VARDELL President Emeritus Even as Dr. Vardell devoted his life to Flora Macdonald, so has Dr. Woodson. His complete dedication of himself to the work of the financial campaign has been an inspiration to the stu- dent body this year. His tireless efforts to promote public inter- est in our college have deepened our respect for him. Dr. Woodson has faith in Flora Macdonald College. He has faith in its stu- dents. His strong and abiding faith causes our own to be strengthened. dmiadwzcz CHARLES G. VARDELL, JR., B.A., MA Dean of the Conse1'vato1y I, . is, . I S. :vi K, -7 Q14 l 4 Miss Connor sews while slio Visits with Mrs. Dorroh A new addition to our College this year was the pur- in her room on West Second. A yisit with Mrs. vliase of a For-Al station wagon. Miss Frances Ducllvy. Dorroh in her clean and attractive room is :always Held i'op1'Qscntative. is setting in. ready for another enjoyed. trip. Mrs. Gambill looks np from her dvsk in her flmCC in Miss Bateman and Miss Williams enjoy cokcs in Miss the kitchen. Batemans otico at the Qym. Zum we Miss lhzni, llloamsox, BA. Gil of .lflmissirm and RL-gistmr x5 fi xx .- FQ E, GLENN OX'ERTC7N, B.A,. MA. ' Bzisinvss Illaizaqer Q- - kv Q. x 1 mlm' N fi. - .L , .f. 'mf ' K .. V X," rf. -'IL.fl Y R 91 eg, '1 N A' A .,. I . x tix -51719 11L ' lug P .-ff 3. i4'-- f-cwlr"k-Y V, W .zwqp J.: 'ji ' , N 0 4 V r Y' p ' A K 5' 'x A E 1 bn .fm rr 9 s V - 'A Y 1-.1 if 152-'li Q I I 'IP' if Izumi n fsxffslf 0 K ks ff' N ' -L y " ' " H it I an n :fLf.:,,, v 4. --gt, gg I, ma - u 1 -"',LL43"-:,- mi,- -'I 7+ I l - is V I ,rrr -' "J , x " f ,L x M - N L f ,14 L. ' 11 L i ul ,j-f"?ui ' A " F Mig 7 J ' " is ' ,,.:i"'f-' Q lg- - ' ,.' S' 'K f'r"V'-Z?'Q'a'u X' 9 , 'qv' v '- ,'lQ121L'5ii2f - fit" 'X Ii. hugh, ...t .rA' 'mixzg A U luQ2'5 '4-:Qi L I ' A ,'ilf3'7:7'A1' . 1' X6 1. -' 5? '.Y 1.3 ,- V'--14'-AL nm- -5. A'- 1Q 5 I: rr, - I - ' ' .3 f' l c. wish'-,bw Y 1 , 1 1. . ., W - , . A ' Jtfgg . A31 --" ' ' 1 1 Mrs. Perry explains the castle in the library to new faculty members: Hawse. Tatem, Short, Currie, Womble ' Crosswell. McQueen, and Frazier. NAN H. BULLOCK. B.L,. Editor of Bulletin and Publicity Secretary. 1 DORIS CAIN. Secretary. Office of the President. Q VIRGINIA CONNOR. RN.. Resident Nurse. Q HELEN T. DORROH. Supervisor of Dorinitories. '. FRANCES DUDLEY, BA., Field Secretary. f, MARTHA L. GAlX1BILL, Dietitian. C. T. JOHNSON. M.D., Physician. G. C. LANG, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. BROWN MORRISON. B.L.., Bursar. MARGUERITE MCQLTEEN. Assistant Librarian. FLORA M. PERRY. BA., B.S.L.S., Librarian. PEGGY QUERY. Secretary. Office of Dean of Faculty. ANNIE WILLIANIS. Secretary. Ofiice of Dean of Admissions. ELIZABETH DEORIN, Manager of Laundry. Mrs. McPhziul, lllrs. Bullovk. and Mrs. McCain enjoy Miss Womble and Mrs. Currie work On Christmas deco- H mid-mnrmng cup of tea in Mrs. McCain's apartment, rations in the Home EC department. Ronnie. Mrs Curries son, supervises the job. --...L rw- 48 mixixmxxj 'xv"'r'1sf"'v :wmv ' X 'E' -"' ' Deeply absorbed in Zl Saturday afternoon football game are, Overton, Tatein. Dcckcr. Bul- lock. :ind lllccse. The relationship that exists between stu- dents and faculty is a warm, friendly one at FMC. We know and like our professors as per- sons with ambitions and interests similar to our own. Each Friday in chapel a professor is in charge of the program. These services give us an opportunity to hear them tell of their personal experiences and to hear their opinions on various subjects. And the relation- ship among our faculty members is good. Most of them belong to the Faculty Club. This club meets informally each month in the homes of different members. Mr. Decker is president this year. Every Wednesday morning faculty and staff members gather in the parlors for a coffee hour. After the coffee hour a faculty prayer meeting is held in the Bible classroom. Along with the student prayer bands. the faculty prayer band filled a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family. They also filled a stocking which was given at the Christmas party for the colored servants. Visiting Miss Bowen in her apartment are. left to right: Williams, Dudley. Bowen. Cain, Cobb, Sowder. l l l rm.. I-., f Mr. Cobb pours coffee for his wife. They graciously welcomed the photographer into their home and even served him a cup of coffee before he took their picture. 6 l During the tirst days school before boxes wer assigned, we all sat on the floor, hoping that a lette would be thrown over th rotunda to us. VERY member of the student body begins each day in the same manner. The 7:25 bell rings, and in- stead of awakening them, it only throws them in a deeper sleep. But at the 7:30 bell, 250 girls arise lstill in a deep sleepl, put skirts on over pajamas. grab windbreakers, and start on the three mile hike to the dining hall. lHair is combed While students grope their way down- stairsr Arriving at the dining hall at 7:32-or later, 250 girls fall in their chairs and continue to sleep. The clatter of cups and silver awaken them gradually, and before long. the J steady hum of voices is heard il throughout the dining hall. Before , breakfast is over the student body becomes wide awake and excitement Pills the air as plans for the day are discussed. Classes. piano practice, chapel, parallel reading. labs, stu- dent teaching. club meetings, and many other activities claim the hours of each girl. But as each girl pursues her own special interests there exists among them a feeling of oneness that unites them and molds them into a student body with value beyond price. 'sun ' A 11 CK XXX ' M111 , ,. 1 ' .' '-.7 1.- x '-4'-' ' ' - J I w 5 2 I ,gf 5' .1 4. P 'X an . -L .X 1 I ' 4 ,-. Q .I .. 5 I .rx ' ,YN v . ,f", f-I7 If , JM fini' 'K 47 A KX ff c 9 - . y, The Christian Association Cabinet inspects the first work that was Q done in the building of our Prayer Chapel. S i "Will you be chairman of the fall dance?' '...L 'Will you go to Fayetteville and buy decorations for the club party?" . . . "Will you have the IRC program next week'?' ',..' 'Will your prayer band have chapel lVIonday?' '... and so it goes: one thing , right on top of another to be done. "When will we ever study?" E we cry. Wondering how one small college can possibly have so l many clubs and organizations, we nevertheless continue to make , the rounds because it's fun. Actually our extra-curricular activi- ties promote a varied and interesting social life, and we wouldn't have college life any other way, From September till June its a steady whirl of activities and we love it! With that expression on her face, Shirley Fitz- gcrald obviously is not talking about anything even remotely related to school work. - 4da7aW' is i l , The crowd at the reception for Dame Flora Reverend Murphy Williams holds thc atten- and her twin grandsons waited patiently to tion of the group as he emphasizes a point shake hands with the famous visitors. in their discussion. 1 , l x , ' -ml l ' LJ yi y t o l l Q I I. 1 . I , , , 52 KXXXX'WLiQ. Y'-"x 6'Y'F CK'K I fi 2 Q .-5' lg,-- X S QJETWLQ I vu- ' 'VSAQQ .w.. . ' 4 "'- 'J x -A W N - , x Rubx Blerman and Barbara Wmgo enjox Y -0.7 s -7-f,f W ' ' ' 25, N 6 if 4 gg, , 'w and von 11 Hnd g1rl5 and thexr dates Harriet McAnley IN 111 tha procesx oi Drxxn, th I1 halr out on tha nre Lscane engoxmg pmg pong checkers cardQ dusting her Hfth row oi bookx Dunt dra. Blilllllt Bunn and Urxula Goodson dancmg or just talklng toll us this has to be done ex erx dhn' I 1 , mm. X. T E' ,. E f. f 1 fifmflr 'WAUFMM -- gs Y' At the entrance :gate are-, left to rieght, Boney, Andrews, Davis. Stevenson, Spivey, Codus. OFFICERS I kr DELANIE BUNEY I Prt-siclvvit i :I lVlAH.1OKIE DAVIS Vim'-Pl'4'Sill1'I1l l +l' lv.-XNFY ANIIRICNVS Si'm'Verrn'y lviixihmkirl STEvl2NsnN Tl'4'!lSlll'Cl' v Br:'i'TY RUTH Sifivm' 'l Teri Room lllanrigi-V l Cliff: Cuims flsszslrnnl lVlrrm1qr'r eadafz 63444 Marching out of the auditorium ahead of the underelassmen after that first chapel service in September made these girls realize that Senior- hood was upon them. Of all their four years at Flora lVlaCd0nald, they feel that this has been the best one yet. Student teaching, senior recitals, twelve o'elock light bell, decorating the Christmas tree, senior devotions, ordering graduation announcements, selecting Commencement and bac- calaureate speakers, the silver tea, senior day. trying on Caps and gowns, making wedding plans, and signing contracts for jobs next fall have been experiences reserved only for them. This year has had value beyond price. and they cherish the memories of it. 54 dxxxxxxxxwmsxiinkxxxv' -T" v"':xWs.WfQX L .I 2. .' ' NANCY HATHAWAY ANDREWS, BA. History Spencer, N C. Hathaway . IRC' , . . sprinyy curls . white blouses , . sports fan . , talkative , . . gout! huniored Zeteslan Society. Student Volunteers l, 2, Math Club 2, 3. 4, Spanish Club 2. 3, International Relations Club 2 3 -l Vice-President 3, President 4, Classical Club 3, Christian Association 2 Cabinet 3. Treasurer 3.4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Basketball l. 2, 3. 43 Class Secretary -l, Superlative 4. 1 ELIZABETH ANN BETHEA B.A i Biology l Lana, s, C. Beth . . generous , . matter at fact , . man hater , . petite crrtnium , wistful , . . until you know her ' Epsilon Chi Society, Choral Club 1, 2: Math Club l, French Club 2, 3, 4 William Bartram 1 Scientific Society 2. 3, -l. Vice-President -l, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, 5 High Point Sumnier School 3. JESSIE BLALOCK. B.lVI. Piano , Hamlet, N. C. Fifi . . easy-going , . . perfume addict . . , black seams . . , practice and more practice , . 1 movie magazines , "nice-acting" ' Epsilon Chi Society, Marshal 3. Treasurer -lg Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Vice-President 43 l St Cecilia Music Club l. 2, 3. 4, Vice-President -l, Volleyball 3, Piano Recital -l, Summer work in piano under Dr. Vardell. DELANIE HALTON BONEY, B,A, English and Bible Wallace. N C. Erpressive , . . senior class meetings . , . she sews, she cooks. she makes A's . . . Boney nose . . ,positive approach , , . dignified , . , etiquette bcok Epsilon Chi Society, Secretary 2. Marshal 33 Writers Club 1, Volleyball 13 Class Treasurer 2. I Dance Chairman 2, Prayer Band Leader 2, Math Club l, 2, 3. Vice-President 3. Christian Associa- , tion Cabinet Secretary 33 International Relations Club 1. 2, 3. Program Staff 3g Skirt Staff 33 Pine and Thistle Stati' 43 Class President -lg Student Council -lg Student Volunteers 1. 2. 3. -lg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4 Andrews Bethea Blalock Boney l l l l I l Cx 1, :Sl l RETTA PARKER Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. A . ,if -4 I l F 1 I ,l I ll l l l Z I l 1. 2 . I l 1 in il I' il ,, xl If t l l 'I I ,ls"0 I-TF' 13' nga., i fl We-f gl l MARY LISLE TUCKER. Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. YVONNE JANET BRICE, BA. History and French Elizabeth City, N, C. Pic , , . natural wit , unconsciously adorable , , sensitive . , great worrier , , . jastidinus Epsilon Chi Societyg French Club 1, 2, -lg Writers Club 2, 3, President 2, Highland Players 2, :9znc4artd Thistle Literary Staff 2, Assistant Editor 31 International Relations Club 3, 4. Secre- ary , GERALDINE BROWN, B,A. Grammar Grade Education Evergreen, N. C. Gerry . , , steady worker , , , ever-smiling . . "Baptist girls will meet" . . , placid, Epsilon Chi Society: Mars Hill College 1: German Club 2, 3, -11 I,R.C. 2, 3, 41 Classical Club 2. 3, 4, William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 3, 4, CHARLOTTE WILLARD CALHOUN. BM. Church Music Lavras, Minas, Brazil Scrubbed look , fun to be uuth , well-rounded . . . pranks at midnight , , . virtuous . , . the ridiculous and the sublime Zetesian Societyg St. Cecilia Music Club 1, 2. 3, -tg Choral Club 1. 2, 3, -lg Student Volunteers l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, International Relations Club 3, 43 Class OFFicer 3, Volley- ball l, 2, 3, -1, Captain 2, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Athletic Board 33 Monogram Club 3, 4, Senior Recitalg Outstanding Athlete 3, Scribbler 4, Superlative -lg Whois Who in American Colleges and Uni- uersities. PEGGY JOYCE CARTER. B,A. Bible Wilson, N C. Laurinburg tranquil beauty , . C A, announcements . , ebony hair . . . a dedicated life. Zetesian Society, Marshal 3, Spanish Club 1. 21 William Bartram Scientific Society 2, Secretary 2, Class Othcer 23 Prayer Band Leader 3, Choral Club 2, 3, 4. Secretary 3, First Vice4President 4, Classical Club 33 Westminster Fellowship President 33 Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, Secretary 21 Christian Association Cabinet -t, Chairman of Social Service. CLEO CODAS, BS. Home Economics Henderson, N. C. "Hey party". .giggle-lJo.'i:, rxrtciisiue wardrobe , , cats and rabbits. . . jun-loving. Zetesian Society, Vice-President 43 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 41 Highland Players 1, 2, 3, -lg Classical Club 2, 3, International Relations Club 3, Atlantic Christian College Summer School 1, Assistant Tea Room Manager -1. MARY SUE COLEMAN, B.A. Bible Ashevillc, N C Marlin June wedding matchlcss laugh .conference hound . , ,patient . , . earnest. Epsilon Chi Society, French Club 1, Prayer Band Leader 33 Student Volunteer 2, 3, 4, Vice- President -1, William Bartram Scientific Society 3, -t, Treasurer -lg Classical Club 3, 4. IVIARJORIE MARIE DAVIS, B.A, Grammar Grade Erlucattmi Fayetteville. N. C. Kindhcartud , . basketball , rcticenl ,. , long eyelashes, . , reliable. Zetesian Societyg Student Volunteers 1, French Club 1, 2. 3, Commercial Club 13 Basketball 1, 2. 3, -I, Varsity 3, Volleyball l, 2 3, -l, Athletic Board 3. Vice-President -lg Math Club 31 International Relations Club 3, Typing Editor WHITE HEATHER 3, Class Oliicei' 3, 4, Prayer Band Leader 4, SARADEE OLEAN DAVIS, B,A, Bible Quincy, Florida Kingfs :laughter . lvndcrliuartcd . . . outraaching love . , modest . . , "nite and rite" . . that smile radiant Zctesian Sueietyg Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 21 Highland Players l, Math Club 1, 23 Student Voluntct-rs 1, 2, 3, -lg International Relations Club l, 2 3, 43 Mardi Gras Queen 1, May Court l, 3, Queen -I, Prayer Band Lcadcr 2, Classical Club 2. 31 Class OFFicer 2, President 31 Christian Association Cabinet, Chairman Praycr Bands 3, President 4, Student Council 3, 43 Who's Who in A1n1'r1i'r1u Colleges and Untuarxrtics Brice Codas 'Zhu af 7754 Brown Coleman Calhoun Davis. M, Curie-r DAY1: S 'Wim is 'VX 2' Q. Q. Q"'r 57 5, 'Cf .P 6 L E D d D w G ll D G'll'l d , aim ' 1' I x r X i 1 1 58 X mica 66444 of D mmond H k f Q? 4 1 H lf 1 4 754 Ellis Ingram .jvf -X l PHYLLIS LEGGETT, Whrfs Whu in American Colleqcs and Unii'ers1t1t's A MILDRED SANDERS DEDAS, B A, History Raeford, N. C, From Raeford to Red Springs . "ray little boys" , friendly. ,hard worker . ,a fine person. Epsilon Chi Society: 19-11-19-14, 1954, Prayer Band Leader, William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 3, Math Club 2. 3. President 3, Christian Association Cabinet Vice-President 3, International Relations Club -l, Classical Club -1 GRACE JANE DEW, BA, Grammar Grade Education Delco, N C, Wzstjul eyes laundry . , four years on Morgan 11 "Gracious ',,. quiet . . . unobtruslre sincere Zetesian Society, William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President -1, Home Economics 25 Classical Club 2, 3, Wilmington College Summer School. JO ANN DRUMMOND BA Grammar Grade Education Graham, N C, Long locks . bubbles over with laughter tivinkly eyes , absent-minded school teacher . , detailed desires the best. Epsilon Chi Society, Choral Club l, Math Club 1, 2, 3, Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, International Relations Club 2, 3, -1, Program Committee 3, Treasurer -1, French Club 1, 2, William Bartrani Scientific Society 3, RACHEL ELIZABETH ELLIS. BA Bible Wilmington, N C, Nicky . ballet shoes widoufs peak . .Charleston , . curator graceful Epsilon Chi Society, Spanish Club 1, 2, Math Club 1. 2. 3, Classical Club -I, Prayer Band Leader 4. NANCY ANN GALLOP, BM. Plano Wilmington, N, C, "Let me have music and I ask no more delight" erenzng dresses . , dreamer . , . florist flowers .diligent Epsilon Chi Society, Pianist 2, 3, Choral Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Acconipanist 1, 2. 3, -1, St, Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 3. 41 Tennis 3, Prayer Band Leader 3, Wilmington College Summer School 2, 33 Joint Piano Recital 33 Piano Recital -1. BETTY JEAN GILLILAND, BA. Mathematzcs Rocky Mount, N C Athletic . . pretty hair , . a f - b i' . neatly dressed . . State College basketball . , finds time for fun Epsilon Chi Society, Math Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 2, President 3, French Club l, Volleyball 1. 2, 3, -1, Captain 3, Varsity 3, -lg Basketball 1, 2. 3, -L, Varsity 2, 3, Athletic Board Head of Basketball 2, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Skirl Stah' -L ELIZABETH STEPHENSON HOUCK, B,M, Organ Rowland, N C, Houckstein . , "confound it" impatient Klceneaf . . pipes, pistons, pedals . , a good student. Epsilon Chi Society, Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4, St Cecelia Music Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Organ Recital 4. ELSIE FAYE INGRAM, BA Elementary Education Gibson, N C. Elsie Fee kztteus , deep dimples , yakety-yak . . . red toboggan and polka dots . . hidden potentzalztzes Zetesian Society, Spanish Club 1. 2, William Bartram Scientific Society 1, 2, St Cecelia Music Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Choral Club 1, 2, 3, Second Vice-President 3, Student Volunteers 2. 3, -1, Secretary 3, International Relations Club 3, Senior Scribbler 59 SARADEE DAVIS, Who's Who in American Colleges and Unliicfslttes JOAN HARDESTY JOHN, B.A, English Shannon, N C, Sophomore bride . , . statelu , gentle voice , literary , at home in the classroom. Zetesian Society: Class President 1, 2, Student Council 1. 23 International Relations Club 23 Spanish Club 1, 23 Writers Club 1, 23 Student Volunteers l, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3' Pine and Thistle Staff 3, Day Students Club 3, 4. JEAN STUART JOHNSON, BA. Grammar Grade Education Benson, N. C Dimples .. fingernail polish . .pint-si:e , , , hay fever . . . always on the yo! . .. Zetesian Society. Marshal 3, Meredith College 1, Campbell College Summer School 1, 21 Spanish Club 2, 3, Classical Club 31 Associate Editor of Skirl 33 Dance Committee 3, MARLENE JONES, B.M Voice and Public School Music Lansing. N C Ravishing redhead . men, men . , cosmetics . , impressive , . ambitious , , . vocalist , . Epsilon Chi Society, Marshal 3, St. Cecelia Music Club l. 2, 3, 43 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 33 Spanish Club lg Southwestern Summer School 33 May Court 3 BARBARA SMITH LAME-ERT, BM Music Education Albemarle, N C Mar unlimited weekends . . . tense . . . accommodating . . , enjoys teaching school . , good housekeeper Zetesian Society, St Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 3, -tg Choral Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Warn: HEATHER Staff 23 Pine and Thistle Staff 2, 33 International Relations Club -lg Joint Recital 4 PHYLLIS SONDRA LEGGETT, B.A. Bible and History Rocky Mount, N C. , Madam president amiable , . poise . . . orator , , , invaluable . , . a gracious lady . . . Zetcsian Society, Treasurer 2, Dance Committee lg Math Club l, 2, 33 Writers Club l, 2, 3, Vice' President 2, Critic 33 Choral Club 1, 2, 33 International Relations Club 2, 3, -lg Classical Club 2, 3, 4, William Bartram Scientitic Society 2, 3, Prayer Band Leader 23 Student Volunteers 3, Christian Association Cabinet -lg Student Council Treasurer 3, Student Body President 4, Whn's Who in American Colleges und Universities MARY HAYGOOD LITTLE, BS, Home Economics Pollocksvillc, N C. "1 was just wondering" , . rneticltlmis , . , detailed cuniiersatzon . . . "Faye says" . . . hand gestures thorough , , Epsilon Chi Society, Home Economics Club l, 2, 3, 4, Frcnch Club lg Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, -1, Prayer Band Leader 3, Atlantic Christian College Summer School 31 Choral Club -l, MARY SUE LITTLEXVOOD. BA Bible Lansing, N C "Miss Littlcumotlu zlciiout Methodist . . takes the initiative . , "I more" , . . studies after midnight heel tool forward , . Epsilon Chi Socicty, William Bartram Scientific Society I, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 33 St. Cecelia Music Club l, 2, Mathematical Honor Society l, 2, Spanish Club l, 2, 3, Prayer Band Leader 2, Appgtlachiun State Teachers College Summer School 2, Choral Clulv l, 2, 3, 4, Student Volunteers 3, 4, Highland Players 3, -l, Vice-President 4, Alpha Psi Omega -l, President -lg Pine and Thistle Literary Stall' 2 Business Manager 3. Editor-in-Chief -I, NELLIE JEAN MILLER, BA Elementary Education Chacilvourn, N. C Chapel xueezes . practical yoker , , Veterinarian , , Dacidy's little girl . . . goodness of heart intelligent but iqnurcs studies Highlanrl Players 3, -1, St Cecelia Music Club, Presbyterian .lunior College Summer School 2, Epsilon Chi Society, Ccnsor 2, Choral Club l, 2, 3, Student Volunteers lg Classical Club 2. 33 60 John Leggett Zane af 7?54 Johnson Lxttle W9 eadafzg aa M115 McDonald M El M L d Nelson P k , . .Q ' W '- 'if ih, L S 'E' M152 R. l s N V 62 V954 4 l l 4 i McIntosh Pierce 7 1 GERALDINE WORRELL and CHARLOTTE CALHOUN, Who's Who in American Collcqes and Universities AUDREY ERNESTINE MILLIGAN, BA. French and History Shallotte, N. C, Sterling 3 la maitress ercellente 3 . , that Southport dialect . . sleep walker , . humble 3 . crnchets3 Epsilon Chi Society. Censor 23 Choral Club 1, 2, 33 Student Volunteers 13 Classical Club 2, 33 Tea Room Manager 33 William Bartram Scientific Society 3, -1, Slcirl Staff 4, BETTY LOU MCDONALD, B.A, French and History Red Springs, N. C Mrs 3 . nothing less than an A , . load of books . inerhaustible . , , frantic fren:y . , . obliging Epsilon Chi Society, International Relations Club 2, 3, -t, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4L William Bartram Scientitic Society 33 Day Students Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 43 Student Council 3, 4, Wlm's Who in American Colleges and Universzties, MAE McELROY. B.M Organ Quitman. Georgia Dresden doll 3 . . non-conformtst . . . natural born organist 3 . 3 "Heavens" , , . delightfully refreshing. ,.naive. Epsilon Chi Society, St. Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Vice-President, Choral Club 1, 2. 3. 43 Senior Recital 43 ELIZABETH GIBSON MCINTOSH, B.A3 Bible Fayetteville, N. C. Crescendo explanations 3 . "my family" . . W. F .3,, Girl Scouts 3 , . will make a good church worker , . enthusiasm. Zetesian Societyg Queens College 13 Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, -tg Spanish Club 2. 33 William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 33 Math Club 33 Skzrl Staff 3, Prayer Band Leader 33 Westminster Fellowship President -13 Queens College Summer School 1952, SARAH MARGARET MCLEOD, BA. History Carthage, N C Innocent little girl . , , bangs . . indispensable 3 , . cute as a button , sock curls , loual. Zetesian Society, Marshal 3, French Club 1, 23 Latin Club 23 Student Volunteers 1, 25 Home Eco- nomics Club lg International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, -tg Volleyball 2, 3. -t, Prayer Band Leader 33 Wnrrs HEATHER Staff 3, 4, Class Editor 3, Business Manager 4, Class Officer 3, May Court -1, FRANCES LOUISE NELSON, B3M. Piano Olivia. N. C Flashing eyes , 3 look at that suntan . "l love Chopin" . , . particular . . . Vardell dei-otec 3 , music book store, Zetesian Society3 Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Third Vice-President -I1 St. Cecelia Music Club 1. 2, 3. 4. President 33 International Relations Club 3. 43 Summer piano study with Vardell 3, -1, Piano Recital 43 May Court 4. RETTA PARKER, B.S Home Economics Pollocksville. N. C3 Roommate of Patsy . cosmopolitan air , . eljicient trim . "scrounge" . conhdent Epsilon Chi Society, Vice-President 2, Chief Marshal 3, President -lg Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, William Bartram Sctentitic Society 23 Volleyball 23 Classical Club l, 2, Student Voluna teers 2, 33 Student Council -l, May Court 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities MARY ELIZABETH PIERCE, BA. Primary Education Phoebus, Va Happy all the time "la donna es 1nolJillc" frequent shampoos . . "1 can'l" , responsive 3 , . delightful Epsilon Chi Societyg Choral Club l, St Cecelia Music Club l, Day Students Club 2, 3. Spanish Club 23 Classical Club 33 East Carolina College Summer School 2, May Court 3, -t, Scribbler 4, 63 BETTY LOU MCDONALD and DeLANIE BONEY, Wh0's Who in American Colleges and Universities, MILDRED ALLENE POVVERS. B.A. Bible Lansing, N. C. Coigeur , music lover unusual . . . distinctive walk . , . composer . , , Appalachian. Epsilon Chi Society3 Lees McRae College 1. 23 Classical Club 33 Spanish Club 33 St. Cecelia Music Club 3, 43 Skirl Reporter 3, 43 Prayer Band Leader 4, SARA ELIZABETH ROBINSON, B.A. Bible Bureaw, N. C. Beth . . shy . . . abrupt . . . enjoys singing . . . wears rcrl well . . . enviable hair . . con- servative. Epsilon Chi Society. Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 43 St. Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 33 Volleyball 33 Student Volunteers 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, -1. MARIE SELLERS, B.A. Elementary Education VVhiteville, N. C. Maa-rie . . repertoire of alma maters . . . well-groomed . . . strong convictions . , , admirable. Zetesian Society, Secretary -13 Bob Jones University 13 ECC Summer School 23 ACC Summer School 33 Basketball 33 French Club 3g May Court 33 Prayer Band Leader 4. BETTY RUTH SPIVEY, BA. Grammar Grade Education Lake View, S. C. Ruthie . . tea-hole , . , actii-e in sports . custodian of rnouie projector . . , warm hearted . . . iolly good fellow. Epsilon Chi Societyg Math Club 1, 2. 3, -13 Spanish Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 3, 41 ACC Summer School 23 Class OFFicer 3, 4: Tea Room Manager. MELBA JEANE STEPPE, B.S. Home Economics Barium Springs. N. C. Teenie-tiny . indifferent , . imaginative , . , flare for drama . . "honey" . . . recluse. Zetesian Socie-ty3 W.C.U.N.C, 13 Lynchburg College Summer School 3: Highland Players 2, 3. 4. Vice-President 33 Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE ALICE STEVENSON, B.A. Mathematics Stoney Point, N C. Stevie-jo , . . unruly hazy' . , spzkcr , abilities . . . calculating calculist , , . smart. Zetesian Societyg Math Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 2. President 43 Spanish Club 1, 2g Volleyball 1, 2. 3, -i, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, -l. Captain 3, Varsity 33 Prayer Band Leader 23 Assistant Business Manager Wi-rrra Hrzfvriir-:R 33 Classical Club 33 Monogram Club 3, 43 Class Dance Decoraifons Chairman 33 Recorder of Points 33 Athletic Board 43 Class Treasurer 4. NANCY ELLEN STIKELEATHER. B.M. Organ Statesvillc, N. C Pony-tail . . know-liouv . squeals saws a fine scam . . dignified , . , versatile, Epsilon Chi Society, Marshal 33 St. Cecelia Music Club 1. 2, 3. 4, choral Club 1, 2. 3, 4, President 4: Prfayer Band Leader 2, Christian Association Cabinet 3, Worship Chairmang Dance Committee 2, 4, hairman 4, PATSY CAROLYN TEER. B.S Home Economics Hillsboro, N. C, Roommate of Retta . , engaged to Paul . . , collegiate . . . sophisticated clothes . . . personalitp . .adaptable Zetesian Society, Recording Secretary 2, President 3. 4: Class Cheerleader 1, 2. College Cheer- leader 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, Choral Club I, 23 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Scrapbook Custodian 23 Student Volunteers l, 2. 33 Athletic Association Salesman 2, Vice-President 33 gasketball 1, 2, 3. 4, Volleyball 2, 33 Student Council 3, 43 Wl1o's Wim in American Colleges and niversities, 64 Powers Steppe Qt- 3' -s., gem 6,4 1954 Robinson Stevenson f 1:9 g 4 lily I n mica f 06 Thompson. F Warren :PHX me .gn 'IR .. I A uf Thompson Wilds ""'7 66 7754 2 it r. PATSY TEER. Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni r versities. FLORENE THOMPSON. BM. Piano Whiteville. N C, Mighty Mouse Wade gracious, ,house plans . ,hair twister ., cute ... Zetesian Societyg Glee Club 1. 2. 3, -13 St. Cecelia Music Club l. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 43 Volleyball 3, 43 lnternational Relations Club 3, 43 Dance Committee 33 Summer Piano under Dr. Vardell 3, Senior Class Editor of WHITE HEATHER 43 Senior Piano Recital 4, NORMA JEAN THOMPSON, B.A. Mathematics Glade Valley, N. C, Those fingernails! , . rises to any occasion . . . expert mathematician . . "her voice was ever gentle" . . .congenial .. . Zetesian Society3 Math Club 1, 2, 3. 43 International Relations Club 2. 33 French Club 1, 23 Choral Club 1, 2, 33 Dance Chairman 3, 43 Volleyball 1. 2. 3. -13 Wi-urs Hi:ATHf:n Assistant Editor 3g Student Volunteers 3: Student Council Vice-President 4. MARY LISLE TUCKER. B.A. Bible and Elementary Education McKenney. Va College spirited . . , vivaczous , . . runny hose . , . aimiable , , trips . , , Montreat . . . actress. Zetesian Society3 St. Cecelia Music Club lj Choral Club 1, 2. 3, -lg Highland Players 1, 23 Pine and Thistle Stal? 13 Math Club 1. 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. Captain 13 Volleyball 1. 2, 3. -13 Spanish Club 1. 23 Student Volunteers 1. 2, 3, 4. President 33 Christian Association Cabinet 2. Chairman of Prayer Bands 23 International Relations Club 2. 3. 43 Class Cheerleader 33 Prayer Band Leader 3: Superlative 3: Monogram Club 3. 43 Athletic Association Board 1. 3. -1. Treasurer 3, President 43 Student Council 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, SUE WARREN, B.A. Primary Education Salemburg, N. C. "S-oeo-u' '... home lover . . happy-go-lucky . . . unruffied , . enjoys life. Epsilon Chi Societyg Pineland College Transfer 1, 2. LUCILE WILDS. B.S, Horne Economics Columbia. S C, Highlang-glayers . . . seamstress . . . sniffies . . . friend of the Watsons . . . praiseworthy . . . CHU 1 . Zetesian Society3 Spanish Club 13 Volleyball 1, 2. 3. -11 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice- President 43 Skirl Staff 33 Dance Committee 3g Highland Players 2, 3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. President 43 Scribbler 4. GERALDINE WORRELL. B.A. Bible Rocky Mount, N. C Gerl . . , invaluable . . . a sense of humor . , , '3Mother" . , , Mi: Publicity's right arm . . . capable . . . John, Zetesian Society, Vice-President 23 Prayer Band Leader 21 French Club l. 2, 3. Secretary- Treasurer 2, President 33 Math Club 1. 23 Pine and Thistle Stan' 33 Christian Association Cabinet 3, Chairman of Social Service: Writers Club l. 2. Student Volunteers 1. 2. 33 Volleyball 3, Superlative 43 Literary Editor WHITE HEATHER 2. Editor-in-Chief -l, Chief Scribe -lg Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities. 67 XXX-fexxx:-.'-4:04-iss: . 'text ""'f" L i i i l F l Q l l l Mary MOCracken signs out in the date book, Notice that ring on her i left hand. l i l l ll , l' l l 'i A ..-'Y-14 i ,A -.X In X ' i f ' i C I l I I i ua X X i' iq' lem "T'v' M .,.. ,- x Christine Maloney. Ellen Williams. and Joan Hester have an afternoon snack in the tea hole. hee Zoom Une Za - As Lucille Graham irons a blouse, Norma Kelly explains to her the wisdom in sleeping two hours before trying to study for a test. Mickie Jernigan, Nan Dorman, Betty Lou Lamb, and their dates Check their dance Cards during intermission Wxxmiss 'sf' v':uxx . 68 1 .:' Y -I " " 4 I l i . 1 i If 'i ,, I i 5 i I i D l i I 4 undef: 66444 VVith thoughts of "it xx'on't be as long as it has been," the juniors have gone through this year full of enthusiasm and excitement Acting as big sisters to the freshmen. taking subjects of their choice, ordering class rings. marching from the auditorium after the seniors. enjoying three nights out a week. and learning the highland fling have kept them busy most of the time. Spring elections placed on their shoulders the responsi- bility of leading the student body for the coming year. Oflicers for the juniors are: Mickie Jernigan. president: Norma Kelly, vice-presidentg Doris Mozingo. secretaryg Christine Maloney, treasurer: Doris Dunn, tea room manager: Lucille Graham, assistant manager. Proudly wearing their college blazers are. left to right, Mozinsfo. Kelly Maloney. Dunn. Graham. Jernigan, 69 I I I I I ' G' I -cf v I I 1 is' I 5 'IS- I " K 5 I I First Tow: ADDOR. BILLIEGENE, Addor, N. C. ANDERSON. DOROTHY, Whiic-ville, N. C , BOWDEN. ANN, Warsaw, N. C, ' I I, BRANTLEY, ALICE, Si-ima. N. C. 1 BYRD, ANNIE, Elizabethtown, N. C. I CALLAHAN, PEGGY, wmri-viiii-, N. C. . Second row: CAMPBELL, KATHRYN, Lallrinburg, N. C. DORMAN, NAN, Red Springs, N. C, DUDLEY, SARA, Concord, N. C. DUNN, DORIS, CI1zu'lO1l9, N. C. FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY, Waynesboro, Va. I FLEMING, LUCY, iviebam-, N. C. ,. .V Third row: 'I GORE, BETTY JO, Shallotto, N. C. I GRAHAM,LUCH1E,OUwa,N.C HALE, MARY, Wilmington, N. C. 1 HAMILTON. DOT, Hampton, Va. HESTER, JOAN MARIE, Wcndcll. N. C. HUDGINS, SHIRLEY, Lumberton, N. C. Fmirlh row: INGOLD, JEAN KEETER, Fayvttovillo. N. C. JENKINS, FAYE, Union, S, C. JERNIGAN, MICKIE, Fairmont, N. C. JONES, LULA, Laurinburg, N. C. KELLY, NORMA, CIIIQITIOIIC, N. C, LAMB, BETTY LOU, Wilmington, N. C. 70 -Q. 1 II I I I ,I 36 :T T' First row: . - A 3 Y, cf -ix K P " x 5' 'T' sf ?T' Z i 1' Y-1 LEE. NAOMI. VVilmington. N. C, LENNON, NELL. Blade-nboro. N. C. LILES CLARA MAE Garland N C. MARTIN MARY JAINE Reldxxllle N. C d MALOANEY, CHRISTINE, Cglllctxl. Ya. Svc-ond row: MAYS. JO ANN, Taylorsville, N. C. MIZE. MARY ELLA, Commerce. Ga. MORRIS. JEAN, Maxton, N. C. MORRISON. MARTHA ANN, Rowland, N. C. MOZINGO, DORIS, Bowden, N, C. Third rout' MURCHISON. KATHLEEN, Concord. N. C MCCRACKEN, MARY, Winston-Salem. N. C. MCGIRT. ANN, Laurinburg, N. C. MCNEILL, MARJORIE. Broadway, N. C, NICHOLSON, KATHRYN, Mount Gilead. N. C Fourth row: PHILLIPS, HILDA, Rocky Mount, N. C. SANDERS, SARA, Badin, N. C. SPILLMAN. MILDRED. VVilmiugton. N. C. WILLIAMS, ELLEN, Rocky Mount, N. C. WILLIS, SHIRLEY. Nlorehoad City, N, C, 7l -vs rv- 173 S DORIS BOWLES, Niagara. N. C. bf 29 wa TT- URSULA GOODSON, Valdosta, Ga. BARBARA HARLOW. Orange, Va. JEANNETTE MCNEILL, Laurel Hill. N. C. 'S KATHERINE MCNEILL. Laurinburg. N. C. BETTY JOEL PRICE, Lilesville, N. C. Bowles Goodson Harlow lVICNeill, J. MCNeill, K. Price eccmd Zena gaadaeaa Need a secretary? Call FMC. These girls are for the financial campaign, and, in general, help- learning to become eflicient in the business world ing the business office. Their annual tea, honoring by first studying and then applying their knowl- some faculty member, and the treat of picnics, edge by typing letters for the school, mimeograph- .add to their fun and fellowship. Students can ing hundreds of stencils. addressing pamphlets earn a B.A, with major in Business in four years. gaameaa Qu! Serving as ofiicers in the Business Club this year are: Doris Bowles, president, Nell Lennon, vice-presidentg Katherine McNeill, secretary: Barbara Arrington, treasurer: Gale Simpson. reporter: Misses Stenhouse and Frazier. advisors. I 15 fn :NA , . 5 J 9? 1--7 X af . '1 -, 'TS x Walking in Vardell Court are Robinson, lVlcLean. Oliver, and Thornton. apdamofze 6644 In September. freshmen found themselves no longer freshmen but sophomores. They were ready to conquer what the year had to offer. And it offered plenty: sophomore lit, zoo and botany labs, Bible charts, history outlines, and ten thousand Iso it seemed! library books which had to be read. But before they could realize it, the freshman-sophomore dance was upon them. Studies were forgotten as they danced to the tune of Ebb Tide. Deciding on what to major in and thoughts of "I'll be a junior next year" filled the spring months. Serving as sophomore officers are Carolyn Robinson, president, Mary McLean, vice-presidentg Kittye Oliver, secretaryg Shirley Thornton, treasurer. 73 ...xx 'i1"': xi. BALD, SARA CAROLYN Barnburg, S. C. BASS. JUANITA Lillington, N. C. BET!-IEA, ELAZEL Hamer. S. C. BIERNIAN, RUBY Washington, N. C. BOBBITT, FRANCES Aberdeen, N C. BOLIN, SHIRLEY Siler City, N. C. BROWN, MARY ARCHIE Saint Pauls, N. C. BUFK. FAY Wilmington, N. C. BUNN, BONNIE Rocky Mount, N. C CARTER, CATHERINE Wilson, N. C. CLARK, PAT Daytona Beach, Fla COFKRELL, BARBARA Rocky Mount, N. C. DAVIS, EVA GRAY Hamlet, N. C. DRUMHELLER, MILDRED Waynesboro, Va. FARIXIER. PAT West End, N. C. GOODMAN, CAROLINE Churchville, Va. GRAHAM, BETSY Fayetteville, N, C. IOIAMILTON, BETTY Alexandria, Va. HATCllER, BETTY JOE Garner, N. C. HILI., LETTY Charlotte, N, C. HOWARD, ELLEN YVillOw Springs, N. HUDSON. ELISE Clinton, S, C. INGRAM, BECKY Parkton, N. C. JARRETT, JUNE Kannapolis, N. C. LONG. CAROLYN Clarkton, N. C. lVlATzE, MARY' RUTH South Boston, Va. MELJLIN. ANNE Mehane, N. C. MIINROE, SALLIE ANNE Clarkton, N. C. C. v ay.. 'K- - 1. 5 , 'T 5' ' 5+ '25 V 1 'I iff, Tv S fx A A -L 4 Amis.. ' 'Lx I .ewwf - I 5 Iliff- ? S 5 ,- 'T' 'f , . I ,A x -C - ' 5 in it - ex 6' S :- C ff Eat I G. if V X ': Vx, ' Ik' 'QRS' Aly., sf . Al . 3 II.: ,Q LA ti.. I E' ' has we " Q Fr Ex N f .L .K E' ! A nu - I HI! Gfgdfftdfbd 42: l A v. f 1 I II , S I S I Y I f I F I 24 If' l , I l fu, ,A ' s. Q I 'I l I ft- 9 A I Q I L 1 5 S I I 5' l - Il I . .I l E I I l I P M54 4 I 1 5' S, 1, 9 ' 2? Ns, . 'C ' I ti J L f ! gf., 2: 2- "' tx N L l .1 1 l g Q Sr .gl 5 C Ei" '9 Iv ' 'S we eff Q X! ' L. .E I li 6. h 9 4 Q G, 0 'Y ' , 3 -in S. 6 Q Q-'D 'I , X x , i. -Q INIt's5Et.wHiTE. CARULYN Ltimbt-rtuii. N C Mc 5.I'l.E'!'. HARRTET Stzitvsvillc. N C. IXICCAIN. GLADYS Waxliaw. N. C. 1XlCGI'IRP.. BETTY .x.lQOl'lLlUlll, Ill. MCINNIS. LILLI.-KN Ellerbo, N. C. RICKENZIE, CARQLYN Shannon, N C, IUCLE.-KN, BI.-RRY Ran-ford. N. C. ZXICNETLI.. ELLA RUTH Aberdeen. N. C. RICNFITT. LINDA Radnor. Pa. NAL'GLE. JULIA Blackstone, Va ZNELSON. IXIARY LoUisE Horsepcn. Va. OLIVER. KITTX'E Reidsville. N. C. OZLIN. HI.-RRG.-XRET Chase City, Va. RICHARDSON. BETTY JO Laurmburg. N. C. RITTER. PAT Rockiish. N. C. ROBINSQN. CAROLYN Gastonia. N. C. SHAW. FRANCES Lumber Bridge. N. C SINCLAIR. JANE Rae-ford, N, C. STANFORD. ELNIIR.-X Bartow, Fla. STONE. DELQRES Laurel Hill, N. C. TAYLOR. EVELYN Kannapolis. N. C. THTGPEN. JOYCE Mount Olive. N. C. Timm.-is. JEAN Lumberton. N. C. THORNTON. SHIRLEY Reidsvillo. N. C. VVHITE. RI.-XRTHA Charlotte. N. C. VvvILLI.-XIXIS. RI.-RRY SUE Godwin, N. C. XYILLIARISON. ANIT.-X GRAY Rocky Mount, N. C. XVINGO. BARBARA Jetersville. Ya. XYOIXIELDORF, EMOJEANE Lexington. Va. U? Ll x - X X X x x X i Ii A ,4 A . I A 1 if 9' 5 - QQ: 1 Q . u X' ' 0 8 9 ' Q s H 1 1 x a 5 ' wx-X ,D 1 V ' U' Y -wi Lf 'S gg v vlr' A . 'U .ls -? gk- E ,Q J .T K I ,s,w4, 4 A' 'IL Q .f uc? VTC1 .- lb .-in Hu ,..v?.' Y' .Q 2751. C!" a 4 ' fl T! '. Ural 1- 3 ..n- x .,y .3 ' Q5 ff 'fn T I lv Q fzeaimcm First Voir: Arrington, Barbara, Rowland, N. C.: Barlow. Julvnv, N. Will-u-sboro, N, C 1 Barnus. Phyllis, Union Point, Ga., Boll, Nanry Joan. Clinton, S. C., Bissctt, Doris, Tampa, Flag Blalock, Jean, Bunn Lovcl, N, C 1 Browor, Botsy, Sanford, N. C. Sc-Cond rout Brumblcs, Yvonne, Whitoville, N. C.: Bryant, Janie Ann, Clinton, N. C.: Bufikin, Juanita, Nichols, S, C., Bullard, Shirley, Chadbourn, N C.: Butler, Mildred. Whitcvillo, N. C., Byrd, Edith Ann, Hartsvillc, S. C.: Carter. Joy, Columbia. S. C. Third row: Cavoncss. Shirley. Raleigh, N. C.: Cha, Young Sun, Ashoboro, N. C., Chadwiffk, Shirlcy. Faycttovillo. N. C.: Corbett, Shirley lllac, Atkinson, N. C.: Cox, Shirley, Roidsvillo, N. C.: Douglas, Mozc-llc-, Sanford, N. C.: Edwards, Barbara, Laurel Hill, N C. Fourth rout' Faggart, Alice Judson, Concord, N, C.: Ferguson. Juno. Gastonia, N. C.: Flcfshman, Betsy. Brooknoal, Va.: Floyd, Sara Margaret. Fairmont. N. C1 Gamble, Nancy. Warrenton. N. C.: Garner, Ruth Ann, Hope Mills. N. C., Gibbs. Julia, Easley, S C. Zdcweu, 7754 L a .J Q 2.5 - ,Q 1. a. 'F as Q- - -r - fr l A . 3 ag Q 3 3 6- . Z- E, ' '- -fx.-. 3 g T ' Q led, Q4 g 'C 'wg' C, 9 if. "' 'P 1 .5 -vc " 9' 3 . K . . 4- . 4 ' A Xw 5. gr' C- 9 ' 77 First row: Goocllett, Carolyn, Parkton, N. C.: Graham. Peggy, Wananish, N. C.: Grizzard, Lois Jean, Courtland. Va.: Hall, Ann. Rose Hill, N. C: Harris, Margaret, Durham, N. C.: Haynes. Rebekah, Burlington, N. C.: Hinds, Sybil. Lumberton, N. C.: Honeyeutt, Jessie Ruth, Wadesboro, N. C., Ivey, Joyce Lea, Fairmont, N. C, Second row: Wilmington, N. C.: Johnson, Carolyn, Fayetteville. N. C.: Kearns, Shirley Anne, Asheboro, N. C., Kiger, Shirley Ann, Rural Hall, N. C.: Kittrell, Carol, Sanford, N. C.: Lambert, Ricardo, Albemarle, N. C.: Lemons, Shirley Ann, Red Springs, N. C. Jones, Carol, Beaufort, N. C.: Jones, Elizabeth, Fayetteville. N. C.: Jones, Jean, ? n ly. , Ii! .3 C. V if 3' Q! Vi I .5 I. Q f. .L A ... Cf V' ,XXLA ' ' wg 5 ' ' In ii-ya +'.. ,, '-V ' . Dx Q A :. r -an 'T W Q: : 2. ,, e 1 A N Rv 9 if x :U 4- f, A G1 2 -D ,, Q 7, -Q' ii, 5 X ' L4 N f . l 3' 77 ' :V v' T5 gt .5 1' ' 1 4- ' 2 2. , -F .1 Q WN ue. 1 il? ' .,, Y: -5- 9 ' 'E' atv V X f ,. Third rou'J A Lewis, Patricia, Parkton, N. C.: Lipscomb, Anne, Angier, N. C.g Lovett, Martha Sara, Lake City, S. C.: Mant-ss, Helen, Indian Trail, N. C., Markham, Agnes, Greenville, N. C.: Marshall, Anna Jean, Engleharcl, N. C.: Matthews. Dorothy Catherine, Laurinburg, N. C, Fourth rouv Moore, Rosa Mae, Battleboro, N. C.: McDonald, Gaclciis, Hope Mills, N. C.: Mc- Keithan, Norma, Raeford, N. C.: McKellar, Ann, Maxton, N, C.: McLean. Sara. Rowland, N. C.: McMillan, Joanne, Greensboro, N. C.: Nethereutt. Lou Ann, Beulaville, N. C.: Owen. Sue, Cluster Springs, Va.: Pittard, Norma, Warrenton, N, C. ' 78 , J 1 Ann, Lillington, N. C.: Melvin, Patricia, Jackson Springs. N. C.: Middleton. f 4 i I 4 l First rou': Powell, Patricia, South Boston, V3.1 Ray, Katherine, Newland, N. C., Rhodes, Nota Rose, Proctorville, N. C.: Rihet. Julia Lee. Vzildusc. N. C: Rice, Shirley, Lumberton, N. C.: Richardson, Lucy, Whitvvillc. N. C.: Rogan, Hazel Lulu, Grcclcyville. S. C., Rouse, Jean, Snow Hill, N, C.: Rudd, Betty Frances, Mebanu, N. C Secoiicl rout Si-ssoins, Jean, Suffolk, Va.. Shannon, Edna, Gastonia. N, C 3 Sheets. Jane, Staun- li ton, Va.: Simpson, Gale, Shannon, N, C.: Smith, Dunna, N. Wilkesboro, N. C., ' Stephens, Barbara, Dillon, S. C., Stvppc, Martha, Marion, N. C.: Sticklcy, .Ioan Linda, Strasburg. Va. Suggs, Billie, Cliadlnourn, N, C. Q1 - kv- 1'- 3- 3 ,R L. t' gf 'bf 5 ' ' Q Q7 an W V xv.. L R ' I .sv C Q 4 in 1: -a N , 5 . L 1 5 J X P e ' v ef Y- . , e 'E ." i . Xl I ' I sa 3, A 'K A i 4 :C 5 , ' S as s , s- b 0- vf' Q Y g T Y' ts I 3 '.. 17+-A V ,i 'N 5 ws 2 .- Z' 4 ,,,- Z sa ef 9 fi as Q. :J Q- iiihi ii Th i rd row 5 Tedder, Lois. Chadbourn. N. Cx Thoinas, Sara. Dunn, N. C.: Thompson, Mary I Willie, Yanceyville. N. C3 Turner. Anne, lklayesville, S. C.1 Turner, Betty Jean. 5 Charlotte, N. C.: Tyner, Elvira. Greenville. S. C.. Vcsper, Alice, Fayetteville, N, C.: Wallace, Carol, Rowland, N. C.: Webb. Ann. Wadesboro. N. C. Fourth row: Weeks. Jean. Godwin. N. C.: West. Ella Mae, Warsaw, N. C, Williams, Aletha, Angelus, S. C.: Williams. Becky, Miami. Fla 1 Williams. Frances Anne. Emporia. Va.: Womble, Lottie Rayner, Wagram, N. C., Wood, Jane Alice, Draper, Va., Yeargin, Patterson, Thomasville. Ga. 79 . . - 1 ,..., , f ff ' 1 1 M ""' I I 3 , Are MY0u1's for 21 Lovely Homew BEDSPREADS BATH SETS DRAPES DISH CLOTHS SCATTER RUCS DISH TOWELS PRODUCED IN NORTH CAROLINA ,Y , Sold bw' fme slows Pzfvlwvlzere MORGAN-JONES, INC. 53 Worlh Street NEW YORK, N. Y. I I I I l I II I I I I I I I I I I 4 I RAEFORD LUMBER CO. LUMBER : BUILDING MATERIALS RAEFORD. NORTH CAROLINA JOHNSON COTTON CO. of RAEFORD, Inc. l"11rnit11re. Electric' nnrl Gas .lppliam-e.s FAST FLAIVIE CAS SERVICE RAEFORD. NORTH CAROLINA Complfmems of THEIOHNHHQCOMPANY Cotton. Fertilizer. Seed. Insurance RAE 1-'cm RD. NORTH CAROLINA MORGAN MOTOR CO. RAIQFORII. NORTH CAROLINA When lletler .'1lllUlllUlII'll'S .-Ire lfuill BUICK Will Huilzl Them BAUCOM APPLIANCE COMPANY RAEFORD. NORTH CAROLINA FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS MAYTAC WASHERS EASY WASHERS ZENITII RADIO AND TELEVISION SMALL APPLIANCES. ETC. Quality ls of First Importance WILLIAM L. POOLE INSURANCE COMPANY 'A' IIAEFORIJ. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of IVIOKEITHAN HARDWARE O REU SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of HOKE CONCRETE WORKS RAEFORD. NORTH CAROLINA HOTEL RAEFORD equipped with AIR CONDITIONED CAFETERIA IIAEFORD. NORTH C AROLINA HOME FURNITURE COMPANY pl Complete Line of Home Furnislzings RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA You me corzliullgy inriteil to riyit SARAH'S for llze latest in styles final tlasllions S A R A H ' S RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA POWERS FURNITURE COMPANY. INC. ST. PAIILS. NORTH CAROLINA St. Pauls Drug Co., Inc. The Rexull Store PRESCRIPTION DRUCCISTS IIIIOIIP 223-6 ST. IJ.-Xl'l.S, NORTH CAROLINA f,'O111p1i11wrIt.v of GRANTHAM DRUG COMPANY ST. PALLR. NORTH CAROLINA LENOIR'S JEWEL SHOP INTERNATIONAL SILVER Qzmlity fezuelers 'l'IFIfIN CRYSTAL REO SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA C.'On.plinIP11t.v nf MODERN BEAUTY SHOP NITE. HPTI Kasilevirll PIIOIIP I2f13I RHI: SPRINGS. NORTII CAROLINA CRAHAIVVS DEPARTMENT STORE, INC PHONE 257-I I RED SPRINOR. NORTH CAROLINA I I EI E 5 P- I L IAEEA Rm A I I J.. ..w......- .. S W ,TT xc V 8 N R.. . MQNEILL CLEANERS APPROVED SERVICE ' II6 South Main Street PHONE 29114-I REIT SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA MILK BAR SIPIIIITS Clzickwz in HIIXAPI Hill. Slznlws Ire CVPIIIIZ I,uIIIlwrtOII Road REIT SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA elk en dale QL Home of Better Values VVVXN FAYETTEVILLE - LUMBERTON - RAEFORD RED SPRINGS - ELIZABETHTOWN - FAIRMONT 'A' Bells Stores Are the Carolinas' Largest Distributors of Reliable Merchandise M. M. swnm i,iii ee1 rumuruns comrmw i e FURNITURE FOR EVERY HOME Wholesale and Retail 325 HHY SUM 120 Hay sum FAYETTEVILLE' NORTH UR01-'M Fn'ETTEv11,LE. NORTH CYxR01.1xx CONIIIITIIZPIIIS of FAYETTEVILLE WHOLESALE COMPANY Featuring FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 22131 CUFIIPI' Of Clmxlve :Ind Orangv Streets FAYE'I'TEvII,I,Iz. NORTII CAROLINA Compliments Of CARO-MAID ICE CREAM COMPANY DILLON. S. C. IFUIIIIIITIIICJIIFS of S. H. KRESS AND CO. FAYI:'I"rFvII.LE. NORTII CAROLINA DIANA SHOPS Sn1r11't6'st in FENITIITII6 mul Cl1ilIlf'6IZ.S Apparel 123-23 Hay Strefol 1 Phone 6473 FAYRTTI2vII,.I.E. NORTII CAROLINA NEW YORK RESTAURANT 226 Hay Street 36 Ymem lfrnler S1 IIII 0 MRIIagf?IIIeIIt I"Aw,'I"IIxII,LI-3. NORTII CAROLINA Conzplirnerzls of BENDER'S DRUG STORE Your REXILILL Store 201 Hay SI I-I1 PI I-'AYIc1rIcvII.I,r:. NORTII CAROI INA 'lfI1'r1,I'.s for lfw .Srfmolx and Conznmnily RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORES EAYIf:'I'TRvII.I.I1:. NORTH CAROLINA McCRORY'S 5 and IOC Store 208 Hay Street FAYETTIQVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA EPSI'G 014 CITY OPTICAL OPTICIANS Faye'ItPI'IIIP I'I'if'f' Charles HOIPI PIIOIIP 2--1223 FAI'ETTEvII.LI-3. NORTH CAROLINA Hate he r's XYwx CJ eweIers . BQ, .b7L Q . R91 HIP' 3 rAvEITEvlI.I.E ,J 51211165 Fm,N,s'i5E FrU'l'IT'l'EVll-LE, NORTII CAROLINA L.. 'fl Q 21:11, - 103 Hai' Street : Dial 12-2000 FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Rffgiswreffl Je-wPIPrS 1 ,-XInf'riI'aII CF-In Society BURKHEAD-DEVANE PRINTING CO. Printers : Office Outfitters Phone 2-3007 218 Franklin Street FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Hotel PRINCE CHARLES AIR-CONDITIONED DINING ROOM FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Highland Lumber Company Lumber anrl Bllilfllillg 5IllIl1ll.6'.S Plant and Ufiices 3225 HIOIIIII Sl. Phones 3191 and 3I92 FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Conzplinwrzls of BAXLEY-JOHNSON CHEVROLET CO., INC. RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA D. R. "DOC" COVINGTON GOOD USED CARS Te-lepIIOnc' 2651 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY The Rexall Store DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Where the College Girls Meet HIQII SI'RINIQs, NORTH CAROLIINA CFOIIIIJIIIIIPIIIS of WOODS 5-IO-25c STORES, INC. REO SIRINCS. NORTII CAROLINA. D.DI NMNHLLAN "l"OrIl PI'UlllIl'LY Since 1912" HEII SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA BURROUGHS CUT-RATE STORE Phone 4-271 IIICIT SIIRINOR NORTH CAIIOLIM SCHOOL SUPPLIES S'I"XTIONI'IIlY z SANIJWICIIES I'ANlLBl'HN'S CANDY : TOILET ARTICLES - DRINKS - BODENHEIMER FURNITURE CO. Rim SI'RIwOs. NORTH CAROIIINX THE QUALHW SHOP Clllflllllg for the Family l2'I S. Main SI l ITIAI, 5116 HHH SIIRINOS. NORTH CAROLINA SANDERS FURNITURE COMPANY RI-LII SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA RED SPRINGS SUPPLY CO., INC. GENERAL MERCHANTS The Friendly Store Fertilizers and Cotton Hardware Grocery -:- Market Building Material Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery DiaI 3701 LIIIII 327I REO SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA RHI Springs Elllleral Home .-IMISLIANCE SERVICE Phom- 2711 - 3711 IVHIZRIA' Rmuui RED Svmwus. NURTH CAROLIN.-X McDONALD'S CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING I,u1i1Iwrln11 HIIHII RI-in Svamus. NoR'rH C-XROIINA l.'on1p1in1Hl1l.s of RUB INS MILLS IN.C.I. INC. Red Springs Division P HI X4 148219: B. C. MOORE AND SONS, INC. pIir4Co111litio11e1l for Your Shopping Comfort PHONE 0211 REU Svmwus. NORTH C.u:o1,1NI NHIIYI' Fronz fIloorP Illlll S1111' fIlorr"' YOI WILL RE PI,EASI'1II VIITII OI'R 1jl'.4l.I7'I' .IMI SERVICE SUPPLIES, INC. ' RED SPRINGS DRUG CO LUIVIRER : BUILDING MATERIAL 11ewjqlm,.,e,S fo,- Floru .Il111'1lo1111I1l College .S'tz11le11ts Phone 3221 Run SPRINGS. NORTH CARULINA ' RED SPRINGS. NURTH C1-IRULINA Pontiac Studebaker International Harvester S111ex 111111 Service SINGLETON AND MCMILLAN, Inc. Phone 397I RRII SPRINGS. NoR'I'H CAROLINA Camp1imenls of EDEN'S FLOWER SHOP "We Wire Flowers 411yI11here" East 4th Avenue Phone 2241 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA N EIGHBORS SHOE STORE R611 Springs E.t'c1usive Shoe Store RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Phone 3981 Compliments of KENNEDY'S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Fine 177111011 Rep11iri1Ig RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA "We Serve to Serve Again" GRANTHAM INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY SAFETY - SECURITY - SERVICE Phone 330-I Run SPRINGS. NoRTII CAROLINA General Auto Sales, Inc. OLDSMOBILE 111111 C.IVI.C, TRUCKS F1111 Line of Parts Expert Me1'11,1111i1's Phone 2381 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA 1.'111:1p1i111e11Is of WESTERN AUTO STORE Run SIfRINos. NoR'I'II CAROLINA M. S1 S. MOTOR Co. CHRYSLER 111111 PLYIVIOUTH CARS Sales 1111 11 Service RED SPRINGS, NORTII CAROLINA Phone 248-I WHERE ARE YOU GOING? In only u few years now you will he eatnhlishing your own homef somewhere. Will you settle somewhere else or eonie hawfk home? Before you decide. he Rure to look :rrounrl varefully at the udvau- urges of the Curolinasethe oppor- tunities for L1 full and profitable life--the rhquice to live and work in u growing and progressise area and to help huilfl an eren Finer Carolina in the years ahead! Carolina Power Sz Light Company CUIIIIJIIIIIPIIIN of LOUIS I. ESSEY, Ltd. CLUTHIERS ioxirrnxx Looxx lmiissl-Ls lxrrmmrrix forms Jumxx snors 2 txRRoR' snnrrs Nlraxrox. XoR'rn tIxRo1.1x I C awrrz IJIIIIIFIIIS of Austin-Cilhert Drug Company The Rexull Store MAXTON. NURTII C-XRULINX MAXTON HARDWARE COMPANY Hnrzlzrure - Painls and Iparrzislzes Builders Supplies Phone 88 Nlxxrox. NORTH CIROLIXA SAFEWAY MARKET .Ileats - Groceries K Frozen Foods Phone 7 Mxxrox. NORTH CAROLINA HESTER-KINLAW FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Box 206 Phone 258 Nhxrox. NORTH C.xRo1.lXA "Complete Home Furnishings" BULLARD INSURANCE AGENCY Fire G Casualty "We Slrire to Please" Phone 67 Nlxvrox. NORTH CAROLINA. Conzplimerzls of MAXTON SUPPLY CO. MAXTON, N. C. HEDGPETH PHARMACY. INC. Tzco Registered Druggists Lorraine Hotel Buihling I.L'x1BERToN. NORTH C.xRoL1x1. Try Trailways Th ru-Liners Same Coach-Same Seat All the Way Daily Thru-Liner Service from Red Springs to: Charlotte Asheville Chattanooga Knoxville Nashville Memphis Wilmington Kinston and many other cities. Charter Trips a Specialty Let LIS Inelp you and your group plan a trio In your own "private" coach New air-conditioned buses are avaliable tor special trips to any pornt III North America Charter rates are often less than rn- rlavrdnal fares Wrile or Telephone QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS CHARLOTTE, N. c. FOR GROCERY NEEDS Shop Your Friendly PROGRESSIVE STORES NIAXTON - REO SPRINGS - RAEFORD NORTH CAROLINA Lumberton Appliance CO. O I,ImIRI5RTON. NORTH CAROLINA INSURE WITH US FIRE -:- AUTO -:- HAIL PROTECTIVE AGENCY, INC. Phone 3217 LIJNIRERTON, NORTH CAROLINA lgfllllllflff' To Crerzler Food Savirzgs .Alt Your Frierzdly COLONIAL STORE 3rd and Main Streets RRI: SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA ROBESON OFFICE SUPPLIES STATIONERS : OFFICE OUTFITTERS PRINTERS IIUINIBERTON. NORTH CAROLINA K. IVI. BIGGS, INC. "The Friendly Family Store" Estulylislled 1903 Elm Street I,IIMIII:R'I'ON. NORTH CAROLINA Conlplirrzentx of A. WEINSTEIN 81 SONS 7 I.IIItIRERTON. NORTH CAROLINA COIIIIJZIIIIPIZIS of SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION AI. PARNIELI. RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA FREEMAN PRINTING COMPANY "Fifty-eiglzt Years of Quality Printing II. T. IAIXIBI-ITII. Manager Dial 3925 I.ImIRI:R'rON, NORTH CAROLINA COIIIIIIIIIIPIIIS of W. Lee Flowers Cv Compony Wholesale Grocers 606 E. 215: Sm-er I.L'MBER1'oN. NURTH C.xRoI.lNx Compliments of THE SCOTTISH BANK SCARBOROUGH BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Conzplclf' Builrling S4-rricf' Faye-lla-x IIII- Imaul I,m1Br:n'roN. Nolwll Cum1.lN I JACK PAIT FURNITURE CO Furniture - Radios - .ippliunccs Phone 572 CIICNIIIIII Street I,L'NIRIfR'I'0N. NURTII CAROLINA f,UlIlIIlllIlt'fIlS nil S. L. ADAMS CO. ROWLANU. NORTH CARULINA THE LUMBERTON MUSIC STORE I.L'x1BERToN. NoR1'H CAROLINA Home of Baldwin Pianos and Electronic Urgans Phone 3730 II2 Clwslnut SI. THE BANK of ROWLAND DIAL 3732 ROWLAND. NORTH CAROLINA .Ilember of Federal Deposi! Insurance Corporation Cornplzrnefnlx of LIBERTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY RFII SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA 3 , 'JV K! 5:- BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORIIY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY FAYETTEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY NanceVVhoksah1ConfecUongInc. IJINTIII Ill 'III IHS UI-' QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS 154 Mclver Street P. O. Box SAN:-nmn, NURIH CAROLINA 851 MvFKDYEN .'IlIl.SIf' Illlll fwzwll'-I' Sfnlw' IIS Huy Strcct FM'lfr'llfvl11.f-, Nukrn CARQLIN.-x RUWIAND MUTURIKL .srrzm .Sl'I'l'll'I -1.- Phunc 32 Rowlmvn, Noluu C,uml,lN,x ICINIIH I,II"If Ii.X'I' HI 'I' .4il'-CIfH1clilin11c'zl 'IIUIIIC HI"'I'I'IN BLANCHARDSIUHTAURANT "ln lflt' Henri uf TUf7llt'L'I7IlllIlIH Un Ib. IIIg1Iuu1N .GUI PHUNI 3I3h LUMH1-R'lmt, N. C Gfmtl FUUJ Churcoul Broiled Stcuks Scu Food Homcmudc Pastries filll' L11111lw1'fn11 SINIIISUTN Wlriling Supply Ilmllpurny SIIQLIIOS Me-nl Shop SILIIIIPI ,Ivm'In'l's SIIIIIXLIII-Pl'1IK'Ul'Ix SI1m-S INlAHt:,tm:'l' I,. hltttltmutw w'YII.l,l-XM 'l'. IX'lt:lImn THE PHOTO SHOP COMMICRCIAI, PHoToGP.APHY PHONE 5-I0-I St-ultisll Heights REID SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA IVIERRIIVIAC MUSIC CO. Records Lester "Betsy Ross" Pianos Conn Band Instruments Sheet Music H. T. IVICDUPFIE Phone 4047 -110 Chestnut Street LuMBER'roN. Nokru CAROLINA Ulzr Lunzberlon SIJOIZSINIS Ideal Dress Shop The HUIJHSUIIIHII. Inv. M. H. Ivlt-I,ean. Jr. I.JllIIlIJt'1'IOIl Trading COIIIIJHIIY. Inc. ELOR MACDONALD COLLEGE RED SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA 58th Year ACCREDITED SENIOR COLLEGE AND CONSERVATORY BA.. B.S.. and B.lVI. DEGREES Flora Macdonald College has "that something." You ean't quite deserihe it. You feel it - just as soon as you step on the campus. lt's "something" intangible hut real. Ask any student who has lived in the elevating and energizing atmosphere ol' the college. You will he told it's "something" that gets into one's heart, mind, and soul -- "something" that awakens the lmest - "something" that lays hold of the hest - "something" that hrings out the hest. lt's "something" a student feels when studying in the library or listening to a lecture in the classroom or playing hasketlwall in the gym or walking through the college gardens. lt's "something" that makes a student want to work and play and live with zest and joy and abandonment. lt's "something" a student finds at Flora Macdonald - "something" that lives in her and with her during her college years -A "something" which goes with her out into life and makes her a unique person, radiant in per- sonality, unselfishlin spirit. and successful in her career as a teacher or nurse or pastoifs assistant or technician or secretary or wife and mother or leader in her church and community. "That something" is the plus in education which Flora lVlacdonald oiters you. lt's "that something" which money cannot huy hut which no girl who has found it would exchange for all the wealth of lndia. lVlAHSHAI,l, SCOTT WUODSON. President EEEIEIAL PHHTEEHAPHEHS I954 WHITE HEATHEH Colonna Studios, Inc CHARLO My E ENGRAVING CO lefuaaf 6fq2a1Jv9?fJvQ Cl-ua rlotte, North Ca rolina xgyxx-xi :rllf I , . 4 . X, X. Xffs :K 'X Xxxx X TXNS - Q ' AX Xxx! A Y : QS, RQ XX X XXX? X XXX WW X x l S X Q I U "ww VX X: BUILDERS THE ANNLA1. STAFF anll th.- ffx, "!' "W "ff ffi- 'A f i f'iTi'-4 J A Q2 A I-HN, 'N NN' Y Y,', L 1 X X X XXX Xxxx X 5x :Six QQ bi: QxYbQX X XX NW x KC" X Nl 'H tg f X If lf!! xx X w wx WN vQNXN 'R K' 'www My M xxx xx SX as Xl xx X A X X Nw XX xxxxxx X X KRW M NIJ I' iffy!!! , 'QW' wg XXX W XX xx X X N x Wx , X yl M "u ff fffwd fi sXW4ffQ? Q1 QN5XSx,X RY.-QQ iwrw XX Y? :IN 1 ,Mx K .MW X Nil? YN 3 xx xxo X X X WM XX w ,M1lM1" "N Hu' V X' "" X 765 Ybkgf., ' 3: lxxfvxx x -xx NX X I XXX X Q XNXAX X2 RY 'x "n'lV,, l' NH,!'!f1!5"!J!!,f!' . X 0 X N- V X X x x N ' F44 H, ! ff 'X X Z X X X x W, ,Ax X N, , lvf ly! 1,1 ffwjff Y, 1 f S W G if W' N J W! wif Mff, g gi Y? W WM l Wz'f,W, ,ZW X , , X ,f VM f E V Q rmx f aw V 1 A g O Z im ' f Lu jf' w .Ng X T115 "1x"l,iL, W XV 'f' J? W3 Ww"'h A XE? X i w f 'I 1 1 f 5 X W . ' N W,:: ' J 4X ' I! A4 buff' -1 :A3.1!'-fvmglr M vglxm 'Q lid -. -'. KIM 1 N3 KW N N ,N X' .",. W W3 n lt. K NX I 5 wJNfX lm Enwxans Sz BROLTGHTON COMPANY . H 4 , 1 w f ' , A 3 vf Af2 fa43l H w'f lg NLIFMM .Q , V tl VJ QU YYN- XJ X :W Ni15'w.ik' ': Lf ' if-'?dL1.'-lljgf' P ,,". Eufiw Hl"!!Ufg5X N 1 "L 9 Q 'VNXY 5 ,, 1 Wah,-qt MINI TNI 1 , l 51 ,' W wr 1' wtwx M H fi . , r 11' 1 . , ,, . w, llmlv-I nr Llllmsraplmf--I Xnnualx ' r i I I 1 iff," 1 A-----1---1- 1- -1 I-f 1'-1-11'-' Ivwi - 1 IIIHI- al Q3,l.ls.xgLrlWifk ,iq -1Wmuel.W1an1,f m , V- ' ' A ,A pf. 'rn g f 1! 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' EW, 3 Wi JIIIII H M 'l!UM!Em7 ' NW M , , J A uns-. N . va ., ...,. .,,,.,...., , ....,, 1 ,.., . I..I I ,WH L, w VIII fm I I ,, III ln... un M x0 My I A-5255:-:Msn .... :ff,g,:m- I w wif f . if. f - J Vivr1ffffL i'u" , ' M 5!i1','!!! ' M il .. ' It U W e fm 1 H114 mm , 324 Q0 ifflzi'-5.1t-'f jf' iff. J Y: 'W W. " Aff X 5 4 ' ' f 'fy f, ,Q ! A W f1 y U ga-1 2' :I f f ' WK 1 g 5 9- ui 7 , l 'film' A mlm' Damzmq Addor, Billiegene, Addor, N. C. Anderson, Dorothy, Whiteville, N. C. Andrews, Nancy, 300 Salisbury Ave., Spencer, N. C. Arrington, Barbara, Rowland, N. C. Bald. Sally, Box 474, Bamburg, S. C. Barlow, Julene, Rt. 1, Box 211, North Wilkesboro. N. C. Barnes, Phyllis, 106 Scott St., Union Point, Ga. Bass, Juanita, Box 233. Lillington, N. C. Bell, Nancy, Thornwell Orphanage, Clinton, S. C. Bethea. Elizabeth Ann, Box 263, Latta, S. C. Bethea, Hazel, Rt. 1, Hamer, S. C. Bierman, Ruby. 902 E. Sixth St., Washington, N. C. Bissett, Doris, 926 Cornelius St., Tampa, Fla. Blalock, Jean, Box 1, Bunn Level, N. C. Blalock, Jessie, 602 Jefferson St., Hamlet, N. C. Bobbitt, Frances, Aberdeen, N. C. Bolin, Shirley, 217 S. Sixth Ave., Siler City, N. C. Boney, DeLanie, Box 93, Wallace, N. C. Bowden, Ann, Rt. 2, Warsaw, N. C. Bowles, Doris, Box 2, Niagara, N. C. Brantley, Alice, 604 N. Pollock St., Selma, N. C. Brewer, Betsy, 317 E. Main St., Jonesboro Heights, Sanford, N. C. Brice, Yvonne, 405 W. Colonial Ave., Elizabeth City, N. C. Brown, Geraldine. Rt. 2, Chadbourn, N. C. Brown, Mary Archie, St. Pauls, N. C. Brumbles, Yvonne Darlene. Rt. 3, Box 90, White- ville, N. C. Bryant, Janie Ann, Rt. 2, Box 120, Clinton. N. C. Buck, Fay, 223 Pauline Ave., Wilmington, N. C. Buffkin, Juanita, Rt. 2, Nichols, S. C. Bullard, Shirley Rich, Rt. 2, Chadbourn, N. C. Bunn, Bonnie, 112 S. George Rocky Mount. N. C. Butler, Mildred, Rt. 1, Whiteville, N. C. Byrd, Annie, Pine St., Elizabethtown, N. C. Byrd, Edith Ann, Rt. 1, Hartsville, S. C. Calhoun. Charlotte, 321 S. Fourth St., Wilming- ton, N. C. Callahan, Peggy, Whiteville, N. C. Campbell, Kathryn, E. Covington St., Laurinburg, N. C. Carter, Catherine, Rt. 1, Wilson, N. C. Carter, Joy, 3221 Devereaux Rd., Columbia, S. C. Carter, Peggy, Rt. 1, Wilson, N. C. Caveness, Shirley, 1405 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh. N. C Cha, Young Sun, Box 669, Asheboro, N. C. Chadwick, Shirley. Rt. 3, Fayetteville, N. C. Clark, Patricia, 211 Second Ave., Daytona Beach. Fla. Cockwell, Barbara, Rt. 4 Box 99, Rocky Mount.- N. C. Codas, Cleo, 409 Young St., Henderson, N. C. Coleman, Mary Sue. Biltmore Farms, Asheville. N. C. Corbett. Shirley Mae, Atkinson, N. C. Correll, Blanche Bonner, 306 W. Church St.. Laurinburg, N. C. Cox, Shirley, 505 Silver St.. Reidsville, N. C. Cromartie, Mrs. Adelaide Boger, Box 507 St. Pauls, N. C. Davis, Eva Gray, Rt. 1, Box 294-C, Hamlet, N. C. Davis, Marjorie, Rt. 7, Fayetteville, N. C. Davis, Saradee, Rt. 3, Quincy, Fla. Dedas, Mrs. Mildred Sanders, Rt. 1, Raeford, N. C. 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C. Graham, Betsy, Rt. 3, Box 387, Fayetteville, N. C Graham, Lucille, Olivia, N. C. Graham, Peggy Ann. Wananish, N. C. Grizzard. Lois Jean, Courtland, Va. Hale, Mary, 103 N. 15 St., Wilmington, N. C. Hall, Ann Herring, Rose Hill. N. C. Hall. Mrs. James E.. Jr., Box 235, Parkton, N. C Hamilton, Betty, 2502 Hayes St., Alexandria, Va Hamilton, Dorothy, Box 1374 Wythe, Hampton Va. Harlow, Barbara, Rt. 2, Box 250, Orange, Va. Harris, Margaret Everett, 1306 B. St., Durham N. C. Hatcher, Betty Joe, Rt. 1, Garner, N. C. Haynes, Rebekah Hoyte, 1218 S. Church St., Bur- lington, N. C. Hester, Joan Marie, Wendell, N. C. Hill, Letty, 1715 Plaza, Charlotte, N. C. Hinds, Sybil, 809 S. Third St., Lumberton, N. C Honeycutt, Jessie Ruth, Rt. 3, Wadesboro, N. C Houck, Betty, Rt. 2, Rowland, N. C. Howard, Ellen, Rt. 1, Willow Springs, N. C. Hudgins, Mrs. Thomas, 308 W. 17th St., Lumber- ton, N. C. Hudson, Elise, Box 60, Clinton, S. C. lngold, Jean Keeter, 2007 Harles St., Fayetteville N. C. Ingram, Elsie Faye, Gibson, N. C. Ingram, Sara Rebecca, Box 226, Parkton, N. C. Ivey, Joyce Lea, Fisher Park, Fairmont, N. C. Jarrett, June, Box 120C, Rt. 3, Kannapolis, N. C Jenkins, Faye, Rt. 3, Union, S. C. Jernigan, Mickie, 117 Walnut St., Fairmont, N. C 1 Q John, Mrs. Joan Hardesty, Shannon, N. C. Johnson, Elizabeth Carolyn, 1016 Goldsboro Ave., Sanford, N. C. Johnson, Jean, Mebane, N. C. Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 117 Queen St., Beaufort. N. C. Jones, Elizabeth Ann, Rt. 7. Fayetteville, N. C. Jones, Jean Eloise, 2909 Market St., Wilmington, N. C. Jones, Lula, 326 Covington St., Laurinburg, N. C. Jones, Marlene, Grassy Creek, N. C. Kearns, Shirley Ann, 1031 W. Salisbury St., Ashe- boro, N. C. Kelly, Norma, 2416 Shenandoah Ave., Charlotte. N. C. Kiger, Shirley Ann, Rt. 1, Rural Hall, N. C. Kittrell, Carol, Rt. 2, Sanford, N. C. Lamb, Betty Lou, 112 N. 42nd St., Wilmington. N. C. Lambert, Lucia Ricardo, Rt. 4, Albemarle, N. C. Lambert, Mrs. Max. L., 1826 Charlotte Rd., Albe- marle, N. C. Lee, Naomi, 509 Market St., Wilmington, N. C. Leggett, Phyllis, 814 S, Church St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Lemons, Shirley. Rt. 2, Red Springs, N. C. Lennon, Nell, Bladenboro, N. C. Lewis, Margaret, Rt. 2, Fairmont, N. C. Lewis, Mrs. Patricia McNeill, Box 186, Parkton, N. C. Liles, Clara Mae. Garland, N. C. Lipscomb, Anne Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Angier, N. C. Little, Mary Hagood, Pollocksville, N. C. Littlewood, Mary Sue, Sturgills, N. C. Long, Carolyn, Box 14, Clarkton, N. C. Lovett, Martha Sara, Rt. 4, Lake City, S. C. Maness, Helen Frances, Indian Trail, N. C. Markham, Agnes, 1405 Myrtle Ave., Greenville, N. C. Martin, Mary Jane, 1214 Richardson Rd., Reids- ville, N. C. Marshall, Anna Jean, Englehard, N. C. Matthews, Dorothy Ann, Rt. 2, Lillington, N. C. Matze, Mary Ruth, 1229 Fenton St., South Boston, Va. Mays, Jo Ann, Box 304, Taylorsville, N. C. McAuley, Harriet, Statesville, N. C. McCain, Gladys, Waxhaw, N. C. McCracken, Mary, 2507 Miller Park Cr., Winston- Salem, N. C. Mcilllonald, Mrs. Betty Lou Davis, Red Springs. . C. McDonald, Mr. Gaddis Marion, Box 472, Hope Mills, N. C. McElroy, Mae, Box 407, Quitman, Ga. Mcigligt, Anne, 110 Caledonia Rd., Laurinburg, McGuire, Betty, Box 52, Algonquin, Ill. Mclnnis, Lillian, Rt. 1, Ellerbe, N. C. McIntosh, Elizabeth, 125 Oakridge Ave., Fayette- ville, N. C. McKellar, Ann, Rt. 2, Maxton, N. C. McKenzie, Carolyn, Rt. 1, Shannon, N. C. McLean, Mary, Raeford, N. C. McLean, Sara Mclntyre, Rowland, N. C. McLeod, Sarah Margaret, Rt. 3, Carthage, N. C. McMillan, Joanne, Rt. 5, Box 100, Greensboro. N. C. McNeill, Ella Ruth, Box 295, Aberdeen, N. C. McNeill, Jeannette, Laurel Hill, N. C. McNeill, Katherine, Aberdeen Rd., Laurinburg, N. C. McNeill, Marjorie, Rt. 1, Broadway, N. C. McNeill, Patricia, Lumberton, N. C. McNett, Linda, Radnor, Pa. Medlin, Anne, Mebane, N. C. Melvin, Patricia Ann, Jackson Springs, N. C. Middleton, Catherine Evans, 140 Aberdeen Rd., Laurinburg, N. C. Miller, Jean, Chadbourn, N, C. Milligan, Audrey, Shallotte, N. C. Mize, Mary Ella, 15 Pine St., Commerce, Ga. Moore, Rosa Mae, Rt. 2, Battleboro, N. C. Morris, Jean, Rt. 1, Maxton, N. C. Morrison, Martha Ann, Rowland, N. C. Mc-zingo, Doris, Bowden, N. C. Munroe, Sally Ann, Clarkton, N. C. Musselwhite, Carolyn, Rt. 1, Lumberton, N. C. Murchison, Kathleen, 150 N. Union St., Concord, N. C. Naugle, Julia, 408 N. Main St., Blackstone, Va. Nelson, Frances, Olivia, N. C. Nelson, Mary Louise, Horsepen, Va. Nethercutt, Lou Ann, Beulaville, N. C. Nicholson, Kathryn, Mt. Gilead, N. C. Oliver, Kittye, 704 Crescent Dr., Reidsville. N. C. Owen, Sue, Cluster Springs, Va. Ozlin, Margaret Andrews, 145 Walker St., Chase City, Va. Parker, Retta, Box 46. Pollocksville, N. C. Phillips, Hilda, 504 N. Mercer St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Pierce, Mary Elizabeth, Methodist Church, Roa- noke Rapids, Va. Pittard, Norma, Warrenton, N. C. Powell, Patricia Ann, 608 Main St., South Boston, Va. Price, Betty Joel, Lilesville, N, C. Powers, Allene, Lansing, N. C. Ray, Katherine, Newland, N. C. Rhodes, Neta Rose, Proctorville, N. C. Ribet, Julia Lee, Box 205, Valdese, N. C. Rice, Shirley Gay, Rt. 3, Lumberton, N. C. Richardson, Betty Jo, Rt. 3, Laurinburg, N. C. Richardson, Lucy Annie, Rt. 4, Box 7-A, White- ville, N. C. Ritter, Patricia, Rt. 2, Raeford, N. C. Robinson, Carolyn, Rt. 3, Union Rd., Gastonia, N. C. Robinson, Elizabeth, Burgaw, N. C. Rogan, Hazel Lulu, Greeleyville, S. C. Rouse, Shelby Jean, Rt. 3. Snow Hill, N. C. Rudd, Betty Frances, 416 S. Fourth St., Mebane. N. C. Sanders, Sara, 22 Henderson St.. Badin, N. C. Sellers, Marie, Rt. 4, Box 1-A, Whiteville, N. C. Sessoms, Jean McLean, 109 N. Broad St., Suffffolk, Va. Shannon, Edna Earl. Rt. 4, Gastonia, N. C. Shaw, Frances, Lumber Bridge, N. C. Sheets, Jane, 939 W. Beverley St., Staunton, Va. Simpson, Gale, Rt. 1, Shannon, N. C. Sinclair, Jane, Raeford, N. C. Smith, Donna, 1007 Trogdon St,, North Wilkes- boro, N. C. Spivey, Betty Ruth, Rt. 2, Box 56, Fairmont, N. C. Spillman, Mildred, 1716 Chestnut St., Wilming- ton, N. C. Stanford, Elmira, 375 W. Vine St., Bartow, Fla. Stephens, Barbara Ann, 407 E. Roosevelt St. Dillon, S. C. Steppe, Jean, Barium Springs, N. C. Steppe, Martha Virginia, 50 Oak St., Marion N. C. Stickley, Joan, 406 W. King St., Strasburg, Va. Stikeleather, Nancy, Rt. 7, Box 361, Statesville N. C. Stone, Delores, Laurel Hill, N. C. Suggs, Mrs. Billie Dutton, Box 151, Chadbourn N. C. Taylor, Evelyn, Rt. 3, Box 177, Kannapolis, N. C Tedder, Lois, Chadbourn, N. C. Teer, Patsy, Box 284, Hillsboro, N. C. Thigpen, Joyce, Rt. 4, Mount Olive, N. C. Thomas, Helma Jean, Harleyville 23, Lumberton N. C. Thomas, Sara Frances, 211 S. Wilson Ave., Dunn N. C. Thompson, Florene, 105 E. Webster St., White- ville, N. C. Thompson, Mary Willie, Yanceyville, N. C. Thompson, Norma Jean, Glade Valley, N. C. Thornton, Shirley, Rt. 6. Box 425, Reidsville, N. C Tucker Mar Lisle McKenne Va 1 Y y Y, - Turner, Betty Jean, 2100 Beverly Drive, Char- lotte, N. C. Turner, Marianne Frost, Mayesville, S. C. Tyner, Elvira Jane, Rt. 4, Box 381, Greenville, S C Vesper, Alice, 1510 Ashford Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. Wallace, Carol, Rowland, N. C. Warren, Sue, Pineland College, Salemburg, N. C. Webb, Ann Elizabeth, Rt. 3, Wadesboro, N. C. Weeks, Jean, Rt. 1, Godwin, N. C. West, Ella Mae, Box 254, Warsaw, N. C. White, Martha, 1412 N. Harrill St., Charlotte, N. C. Wilds, Lucile, 615 Wildwood Ave., Columbia, S. C. Williams, Aletha, Rt. 1, Angelus, S. C. Williams, Isola Rebecca, 783 N. W. 39th St., Miami, Fla. Williams, Mary Sue, Rt. 1, Godwin, N. C. Williamson, Anita, 609 S. Pine St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Willis, Shirley, 2312 Fisher St., Morehead City, N. C. Wingo, Barbara, Jetersville, Va. Womeldorf, Emojeane, Lexington, Va. Womble, Lottie Raynor, Wagram, N. C. Wood, Jane Alice, Draper, Va. Worrell, Geraldine, 810 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C. Yeargin, Patterson, 436 Hansell St., Thomasville, Ga.

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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