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 - Class of 1953

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Ang ' - K 'Kunz 'L' "' summammsa -Ihlfiil x -wx . N S .s N L53 9 5. p .ni A Q XWXXFBNY WY 9545 "' A X 'X' WX YIFEXFXKF , 2114... wlxtfe Heailuer 4 consTAN'r Sr ,- .. V my if ' iq j do,,w+h" 5 r-Q: lj 'r 6 V 1953 - - -CQICIQQNINQZX T I I Q s 5 iF 'L I' Y I l Q, P f I fl Ill I Il I I 11 411 , . - - ' ' "Y ' ' ' FQ Xxx s.xxxxxQxxxx X 'X ' Xxx xxxxxxxxxxx TX 'X xxx NXXXXXXXXXX lx---.'-.N Q Xxx -- tz8xtxx'3x:sxxxxx . , X .lm-ng. Els1e May Edltor ln Cluef Ann McArthur Busmess Manager Pubhshed annually by the students of W Flora Macdonald College Red Springs, North Carolina t Katwxxxv x, lvhw 'Q' x y l Q Q w LA- .X X - ,exxx gm www - X A QM A cmxxxwxxxsig -Q fniS is I I llllnll II- I 1 1 1 17111 -4?...i , iv ff X - H r, yi - s' 1x1 ic. - If Xaiiiixifiz .. 'S' Ja, I Si., 'ri-::::....... ,,. ,X ,-:9 ' Z: Fi JZWAQ-QM:-'lullxuk 'r 'ig is Sl I i R Q 3'il"if"i" 'W " X 5 m, .Q 'lmxmw S X ,tix use an -mf:-A was -. Him! wi gkexg we " 5220" N f Me And prepare to enjoy a year at Flora Macdonald! All the duties and diver- sions of college are ours, all the com- plexities of modern living. From an old Scottish dance we pick up the thread of our existence as a student body, marching in on September 8, 1952, and kneeling for the Hnish on the first day of June, 1953. The Highland Fling, intricate and rapid, shows the flashing variegation of our plaid kilts as we advance to the stirring "The Camp- bells Are Coming." The music changes to the Fling measures and we "touch FRESHMEN ATTEND HALL MEETINGS TO REVIEW RULES. SOPI-IOMORES TAKE OFF FOR THE MILK BAR SOMETIMES I I ff? back, front back, turn, two, three, four." The basic pattern is "touch back, touch front," in the second step, with back footing and side stepping replacing the turns in the next two. Rocking and shaking follow, and the second step is repeated before the final drop to the knees, with hands on hips. It leaves us breathless, but how we delight in the grace of the swift foot and arm movements. Just so we joy in our first glimpse of the white columns after we have been away . . . in the everyday smiles and greetings . . . in the "A" on a test . . . in the transient beauty of the pink azaleas . . . in the hymns at a rotunda sing. We cannot repeat this year as we have repeated the Fling so many times. Hours have passed fleetingly, writing memories on our hearts, and our dance is done. CONTENTS COVER MENZIES CLAN TARTAN Administration and Faculty Classes The Simple Fling Activities Backfooting, Sidestepping , Features Rocking and Shaking , . Advertisements .... . 6 12 44 70 84 JUNIORS EAGERLY MEASURE FOR THEIR COLLEGE RINGS SENIORS MARCH UP THEISTEPS FOR THE FINAL TIME wi - y " ' xx ' ' N XVY N Y i 'Y' 'hxkm-JC-..'?Qw. qlgargvnl Dominie . . . from the love which he expresses, from the hope which he has in us, from the faith which undergirds all his efforts! Dr. Woodson assumed the presi dency of Flora Macdonald Col lege in January 1950. from the achievements in which he leads Flora Macdonald, from the life of this earnest Christian comes our desire to demonstrate our appreciation for and confidence in him by dedicating the 1953 "White Heather" to DR. MARSHALL S. WOODSON 6 4 ina x'Qsx K x 'fx xgx X mx 'mx xxxxxxxxxx . xxxxuxxxxxx Q XNXXXXXXXXX Dr. Charles G. Vardell PRESIDENT EMERITUS His story is an adventure story the adventures of a man who dared to trust God's promises. He led Flora Macdonald College in her forma- tive years. Now he is proudly watching her steady growth. Young at heart, he delights each new generation of girls, and is a familiar and well-loved figure. dministration Marshall Scott Woodson, B.A., M.A., B.D., Th.D., LL.D. Price H. Gwynn, Jr., B.A., M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Dean of the College Miss Hazel Morrison, B.A. Dean of Admissions and Registrar Gwynn Morrison President Charles G. Vardell, Jr., B.A Dean of the Conservatory Mrs. P. P. McCain, B.S., M.A. Dean of Students Vardell M.A., Ph.D. McCain 5r- S R X5 SX s' xX 3 . i At the Faculty Coffee are, seated: N. Bullock, LeVesconte, McLaughlin standing Robertson Reagan Dorroh Lassiter and Query Ethel Bateman, B.A., M.A., Director of Physical Education and Assistant to Dean of Students Margaret Bowen, B.A., M. A., Associate Professor of Bible Phillip Leslie Bullock, B.A,, B,D., Th.M., Th.D., Professor of Bible Annie M. Cherry, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of Education Ethel B. Hansen, B.A., M.A., Sc.D., Professor of Biology Amy LeVesconte, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry Leta W. Mclntyre, B.S., M.Ed., Associate Professor of Business Subjects - Elizabeth C. McPhaul, B.A., Assistant Professor of Bible Harriet N. Morrison, B.A., M.A., Professor of Latin A Scottish display interests, Hrst row: Scott, Perry, L. Bullock, Conoly standing H Morrison Connor McPhaul Bowen and McIntyre Y ,J -AKKXKKKKXXAMAA, .xs X Q xv 5 , X ,J -K' A S733 FSH? 'l'RS RS Q 'I 'f ., .3-f' s-Q The Tea Room is a gathering place for, standing: Watson, Estes, seated: Williams, Bateman, Sowder, Parker, and Neighbors. Ellie M. Sowder, B.A., M.A., Associate Professor of Mathematics Elizabeth Stenhouse, B.L., Assistant Professor of Business Subjects Neil Watson, B.S., M.A., Assistant Professor of English Thomas E. Wright, B.A., M.A., Professor of French and Spanish 0 IIOWIBLJQB Helen T. Dorroh, Supervisor of Dormitories Martha L. Gambill, Dietitian C. T. Johnson, M.D., Physician G. C. Lang, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Shirley Lassiter, Assistant. Librarian Nan H. Bullock, B.L., Editor of Bulletin and Publicity Secretary Doris Cain, Secretary, Oflice of the President Virginia Connor, R.N., Resident Nurse Elizabeth S. Dearen, Manager of Laundry Beatrice H. McLaughlin, B.A., Field Secretary Brown Morrison, B.L., Bursar Flora M. Perry, B.A., B.S.L.S., Librarian Peggy Query, Secretary, Office of Dean of Faculty Annie Williams, Secretary, Office of Dean of Admissions Getting mail at the Faculty Post Office are B. Morrison, Hansen, Cherry, Stenhouse, Wright, Lang, and Davis. x l 1 4 J be Erfi l w l l I 1 4 3 X XX X x sms :A A A Q Y., S o no Music faculty gathering finds Mr. Sinclair at the piano. Around him are Mrs. Meese, who has stopped in, Meese, Williams, Rowland, Cobb, and German. James V. Cobb, A.B,, B.M., M.A., Assistant Professor of John Sinclair, B.M., M.M., Assistant Professor of Piano Voice A A John Williams, B.M., M.M., Assistant Professor of Organ Irenledfgrsegnlairg gage, Assistant Professor of Public School Lida Law Chapman, BA., B.M., special Teacher David Meese, B.M., Professor of Theory Ethel M.Rowland, B.S., Special Teacher The Wrights laugh over his latest jigsaw Lecturing to a group, Miss Robertson creation, a flowerpot figure. points out the steps in alcoholism . I l I F' K-'R' """P 1 , I ill in if is mx Q A. G f v'w!v1"n'x-"1-' ' x xx .xxxxxxxxxxxx i i ' s Interests ear and Far Because our professors are our friends as well as teachers, we know their lives are filled with as many extra-class activities as ours are. They serve on college committees and advise our campus organizations. They are well-known be- yond Flora Macdonald, too. Dean Vardel1's composition in the modern idiom, "Little Breeze," is in a collection pub- lished by the American Music Company of Boston this year. "Alleluia," an a cappella number by Mr. Meese, is being sung by the Choral Club. Dr. Gwynn was appointed a member of the Commission on General Christian Education of the National Council of Churches in January. A first for Flora Macdonald is the Vocational Guidance Center, with Mr. Decker at its head. A trained psychologist, he counsels high school and college students. Last summer Miss Robertson attended the Yale University Annual Summer School of Alcoholic Studies and also found time to tour New England. At the Young Artist Contest, held in San Francisco in June, Mr. Williams was Hnalist, representing the Knoxville chapter of the American Guild of Organists. Traveling in Canada, Miss Bateman and Mrs. Neighbors visited the Lake Placid Sport Center and the French section in Quebec. Miss McIntyre travels to Greensboro every week. She will receive her Master of Education in business subjects in June. Mr. Wright is considered quite a handy man with tools, while Mrs. Wright finds time aside from her household duties to lend a hand in the college kitchen and laundry. Observing and identifying birds is a hobby Dr. Scott began when she was a child. Since Thanksgiving the Neil Watsons have had a special interest: their new son, Charles. Miss Estes specializes in color photography and she is good! The choir at the Presbyterian Church. where he is also organist, is a credit to Mr. Cobb. The Bullocks enjoy collecting records. Mrs. Bullock, a Flora Macdonald graduate, is West- minster Fellowship adviser. A week in New York gave Mrs. Perry a look at the UN. An experienced traveler, she and Mrs. McCain visited Scotland in the summer of 1951. Frequently Mrs. McPhaul is asked to speak, her "Flowers and Gardens in Biblical Times" being a favorite of clubs. Iizmg up Miss Connor, Miss Estes An evening at home finds the Bullocks Mr. Decker adjusts the reading ac to take a color picture. lexcept Pokeyv settling for reading. celerator for use by a student N m xxx xxmnsnxax The Simple Fling is the reason we are all here. This first movement of our life as a scudent body covers yawning attention to scarcely-moving watch hands, amazement as an Idea penetrates our mental haziness, delight at any morsel of praise for the slavery of hours. It's labor: it's fun: it's reward in itself: it's the common complaint. All of us spend the best part of our days studying for, going to, and griping about . . . B classes .-llf.'.'QlLQQRQK,l.S.5aStSu,mutual ' I 0 'xffglii' .,-'KS RS E' 3 ms' 1 V 65 Surlnhlini WL 11 T Y K 5 0-57 rf' 13 -mgq 'Y' I R 1 ' '-K. Q ' W " Y Rx w. 'xM.-.Q '-,Q- . Labs, from art to zoo, require afternoons of work. Titration needs patience and steady hands, Jane Walker finds in Chemistry. 1 A A From 8:20 On Clutching white schedules and yellow slips, we went through registration. After braving the book- store lines, we emerged with piles of texts, ready to begin .... And six days a week we labored .... The first tests gave the freshmen a scare, until they found it was all in the course of college life. . . . As usual, some sophomores dropped Lit and the rest were ready to drop themselves .... Charts rolled in to Dr. Bullock, outlines, themes, and autobiographies to the English department .... We were actually glad to go to classes early on the days before holidays, not minding the day students' being twenty minutes late .... Then it was January and exams put us in a state enot of relaxation. It wasn't so bad to have them start in the middle of the week .... The cycle started over: frog-dis secting sessions, field trips, one hundred pages a. week, and more quizzes .... The keyboards con- tinued to be the area of exercise for Conserve stu- dents, and Hngers are good for painting, the art class found .... Cuts were precious and we stretched them as far as possible .... Alarm clocks aroused the early birds to study at five or six, and term papers kept us up nearly all night at least once. . . . Practice sets assured the tilists and accountants among us of something to do .... Conferences and counting up the minimum forty-tive were peculiar pleasures of the student teachers .... Pencil sharp- eners were filled and emptied hundreds of times. At the end we purchased the little blue books again. And once in a while we remembered the professors were having as much work to do as we were. CHANGING CLASSES GIVES A FEW MOMENTS BREAK, EVEN TIME FOR , Student teachers Nancy Hammond and Mary Ann Register prepare for a class. M ,A h.AL.,.At ' XLXXQXQHXQX 'v tv x 5 xv X uxxxxxxxxxv Exams call for extra study. Night- watchrnan Herring looks in on Ginnie and Beth late at night. MISSED AFTER CHAPEL. i QI 1:4 1' .. Y!" ' for -sgtk ig'-V Home Ec seniors Joyce Grantham Rachel Kelsler and Frances Heyer take over the Home Management House kitchen. Seven g1r1s practiced housekeeping for six weeks Office machines calculators Rex o graphs dicta phones, electric typewriters posting machines mimeo graphs are everyday matters to expert business students lo '-.. S S -I isli S. 3 .. 5:1 i x I Hg i I w R I 3 f A On Senior Bridge are, seated: Underwood, McDuHie, Garrison, H ' t eyer, s anding: McNeill, Shealy Senior Class OFFICERS Margaret Jean Underwood, President Madge Garrison, Secretary Pat McNeill, Tea Room Manager The memories are theirs, tagged and stored for future reminiscence. As confident '49'ers, they came through the uncertainty of the first year. Plagued by doubts and intense study, sophomores welcomed the swift passage of time. Capping soberly brought to them that the Class of 1953 Frances McDufFie, Vice-President Frances Heyer, Treasurer Betty Shealy, Assistant Manager was at the head. Wearing the responsibilities of seniors with care, they look forward to the diploma and Bible, and the tinal Friendship Circle. They leave, indelibly stamped as Flora Macdonald girls, with four eventful years of college behind them. is :hang ' ukvklxizisx-tx X -X - X-Xe . . 1953 'rnmnt, N. Q. BETH FARRIUR ASHLEY, B.A., Prillnzry Ellurulmu Fm Ilnlidny lr'Pd1l1'ng . . . l'lws1f'r . . , hmrl :if gnlvl , . . flrmrl . . . HI"l'll'7lllS,Ilv1l nur mnllrf' . . . Ihr Isfllllliljl nn l"ll'lIIIAHg . . . l:nlIf'r1'm1. Z1-lvsian Sm-ii-tyg Cola-r Cullvgv 1, 23 Claiawiu-:il f'luli 3, 43 Chin Clin-c'1'ln-zulci' 35 Atlantic Christian Cnllogm- Suniiiu-r Si-liunl 35 Hpzinisli Fluli 4. RYBY GREY BAKER, BAL, Pmrm I5lli1'sf,'l'c'1'k, X. C. Hulrly Locks , . . 7IIllNl,4"'ll',lI'Il MJ! l'v1'r1'x dir' , . . l'IPIlSl'l-l'IlfllIhllN Nl"lUIIll' . . , Pngmxszwl . . . Pnrly In hell . . . Wm! tn f'1nm0r1'c'J lhf' daily rirruil . . , rril. Epsilon Chi Smwictyg Caiiiplicll Collvgc- l, 25 Choral Cluli 3, lg Sl. Cvvclia Rlusiv " 35 Pl'3.j'L'l' Band Lvzulm-I' 43 Piano Rl-vital 4. Cluli CS, 43 Buuling gf lf ,W I if l az.- ,, sy' I I I if ,fi 43' -X Zia inf. .i . K l ll ' A134 ine? ?0s l!lllllEQi? llli'illiiXf!91 aiiiiulgisiaiix llllllllllllwi- . 1 uint Lh- 5511-f.-. 1 'li IIA lib law! E V Nil ' iff X '40 ll QW, X, , ' F551 l l I f 17 l . 'H' 'NPG-+i'1i"" V' 1 x :ix , X Y i , , ' ,, , - - mn,--, f -3-H '- N. www 9 ...L Lf-.xt ,-. , ,Il '15,-t wh V-1v.+.'x.N.'.KAX I x X., 5 f M W N 'M " E Il BIS!! IIIIII-' '-. .4 Ili ff I 5: A .: . Q A if P- , ',', QM 2311 X Senior Class XIAIIY I7I'1I,llRIf'I'I IIXIIIIXXI, IIS, llunu lffwfflrllfff R4-II Slyrmgm X, C- lffnrgffnrllwf , . . T1 ,rm ,wrmmr . , , l'ffm'v . . . 1: lnfumv nw . . . :nfl Ilfllflllfl , . . r'f1mlfu.wrl , , , rflfrrl in lrumluvzrk, Z4-Ivsizul 5nr'l1'Iy1 f'Iw1':lI c'IllIP IQ Y1rIIl'x'Iw:III IQ. Ii:lNIu'lI1:lII IQ II:1kx' Stl14I1'lIIs I'IllIr I, 12, Ii, I, Pl'1'Si1Is'l1I II: Slllrlvlli f'ulll11'II fig HHIII1'I'1I'lill1IIllI1'sIIIIIII I, 2, JS, Ig,Xllqmtlvi'Iu'1x11:mK'-III1-uvS1111x111v1'S+-Imnl I, 2, Zi. SIDNEY I'1I'I':I,YN IIHYIU, I'r..X, lfflnff ulul I'lff'ml1rrn lfrlffnllffm .KIrIl1g1IuIl, Yu. EI1Ilm.x11l.xln' , . rlnrlmllnl .xfrulm . . . "fH1r'1'ff"' . . . f'runl11'f' . . . vlffly-Ifnlmrl , . ,xflllnl . . . fxrlrnxllv' rlvqlm1,11h1l1r'e'.v. Z1-I1-Nl:11xSm-II-typ1'IIm':1lK'I11Iw I, 2, Ii, IgSl1ulwm YIlIllIIIt'l'I'S I, 2, ZZ, Ig I"rf-nvln Club l, lg xx-IIIIIIIII li:u'tr:11nS1-ic-lltiiivSm-ia-ty I, 25 St, KH-4-1-Iiu Xll1wiv1'I11IIJ1g IIig:I1I:msI I'I:ly1-rw Z, 31, Ip IVIIIINIIIIII .X-mvizltimll':IImiuu-I1f'Imlrm:muI' Przayn-r Bands 2, Vim-- IlI't'hI1Il'IlI li, I'lr-al:I1'IlI IQ SIIIAIMII f'ul1ll4'iI IQ II'lm',w II'fm1H ,Ilm1'u'1lH l'lf1l'41'x1l11'x mul I'nff:-yrs. x1.xm:.x1uc'1' ANN IIIIIYN, lm., I'1-fmufyfE'l""'IHm C'rn-sw:-II, N. C. lfflpr1.x.wf1 lnflufll . . , Hmllnf' , . . flu nu!-III'-:lmux , , . II'11l.1 l"m'v.x! . . . mlluml glmrr . , , f'1ml1r:l11l flrlnfrr. Iip51Iu11f'Iu Sm-I1-ly, I'11-XIII:-nl IQSI.f'1-I-I-Il:nHl1wi1'l'IllI: IgI"x':-1nwI1f'l11I1IIf'I:n5si4-:LIC'l1lI-Z-lgKI:Lyf'm1rt I, Zig .-Kssistuut Iiclilm' IYIII'l'I'. IIi',,x'I'u1cu I-525llI11'l'l:1IlYI'5'5Q Yf1II4'YI'FlII 1.3.32 IIIINIWIIIIIII l.3,11:i'Iw1'1lf 113 Wxukv Ifmw-at SllllIIII1'l'S1'Il1I1!I I,11:Stu1I1-nt Vmlnwil I. NIXIIY YIIU IIXIA I'rI'III.I':Ii. li .X , Hllflr' mul l'lff'f.xlffm lfflffrfllfmf fIr:1Imlll,N.f4. liflmfr . , . Mm, fvynr, nm! fvlfllliyf . . . "II'f'wl,"' lfmnn , . . fl llflul.'1r. . . .vm'r'1'1' . . . Il lrrrlrl llrrlf u1'1'1j!lull'x lun snug. 7:-Ink: Swim-Iv,1'I1:ml:1in I, Iwrfl YIVI'-I,I'l'5IlIl'III 2, XIIIIF-IIIIIIIQQVIIINNl,I'l'bI1Il'IlI Igf'I1m':IIf'I11Iv l, 2, Si, 1551. f'm-we-Im Musin- f I I , I . 1 IIIII Il I' l'11 In I1 I'IuIx I "'X'uII1x'InIl I " 'I I YIINIIYI'II'lNI1'IIr'lIII " 'S I Ywlkllx' "' MIII1-lin' liwvml' QI'1'I'l'I'I.I'Y " Prvwi- Ilpm I-If Xlmmfglulln VIIIEYZS, Ig3111.114-nl'?ImIm:1l I. 15, IQ Ilnx Vullrl, XVILIIII I1I'vIIul1nl"-Ig Iiflmfv II'1m fn .1 Ill1'I'll'fIIIlIQll5:l'I'Nl,Il'.Q mul lmllf 111 IJ! IRIS ICXYIC f',XI,I,1lIXAXY, HMI., Hfhlf nml f'l1f'1wlmn lL'1lm'r1lm1f V C'ull1'nl'1I, X11 Ihrffriqv :mul 'Ill' Immfrlmn . . , fffrll , A , llrlrfrlemf fluff flfrlfnlm . . , lm! umlfmuul rlml rrfl ,Jllm . . .rl hrlpmg lrmul . , .fum Z.-qpxlml HW14-1yg1'III11:aI Vluly 1,1 ll, 135111114-nl X'uI1l1xl4-ms I, 2, II, Ig .XlI:mlu- f'In-ixtirm i'uII4-gv Sumnu-r S1-Inml Ig Pl':u'1-1 I'm1lI:uI.1 III I1 II1InI I XIIIIIIIII Hull Im 44 um1I14'4I III " 'I I P14 uhm I C'Ini tim K smII.IIullf'lIIIl1I I ,: ,Z 4-gggyw-: ' .Z1,g 1 :": -In---'-,.,, 4-,I 3 wa -: 1' - , XIAIi1l.,XRI'Q'l' VXHIIII I-iI.I., Ii,S,,ll.fm1 lfmfmmfm Ilupm- Millf, X. C. II'urH1 . , . lfrnfl unf'l.1f nlrmfufm 'gl' lwllm . . . Ilnllfm m'1g11mll.N wrllf11flrr,vwnll.':f'lfmwll . , . Ihr l'r1xI1H'1'H lrrlrlllmn , , . 1ll'l'ngJ1x fun. Z1-Iv:-11111501-1--tx. Swan-I:e,lx ll, Yum--I'l'v--III-ml Ig YUII--vlfzlll 1,1 31. 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' F ,L.Q H V' - 1 x 1 xx I mlm: In In II NI- mpln I ' IIIIIIIIII HHIl'1IIIl5lIlIlIIIIl Sm-in-tx' Ii, Spamisln f'IuIf ZS, 4, Intl-I' D luxlnnml Iivlullfmx I Il1Iv,., I, IH:-NIIII-ul Ig I lIlYl'I'FIIY ul .Xlznlnunn SIIIIIIIIUI' Nmlnml I Iluxl Iiuml I,1-:uh-r 4, Yulh-vImII I 5Il1lI4'IlIIullllr'IIIIilIl1'1'I Imnmam I, NMIIIIII-I' I, Klux f4lIlI'I IZNI-1pQImtI'4Iltul II IIlIl IIl'VI'Ill'lIi 3, 313144L.Xlili'l'.IlC.XX I'X I JIQIIIX I II III, II..X,, flffllfflflvfl' Ifrrnlr' fL':lm'11l1nnfl"1'1'm'If I'Il1uIIml1I'I1, N, I' ,Mn 111 Iufmlfl , .Nm1rf'r' , , fu mulflr , , , ,uw-rfzv qi'f'nm'rnIf'rll1m1 , . . r'1,!iIn'm1'uI , , . xpnnl:1n1'mf.wIllllgjflirll Z4fI4-s1:n1nS4w1vIv, XI:x1NIu:1IZSgI'I1m:1Il'Il1l,I,U1 I'.ll'IlI'Il IIIIIII I, Z, IIIIIVIIII II'II'II"llIISK'I1'llIIIl4'51H'Il'II' 1,23 xI1lIIll'IlI1lII1'1tI Ilnnux Sm-in-lv 2, 31, In-1--I'lnw1rI4-In 21, K'I:Iw YIFI'-I,II'rIlIl'IlI II, II':1Iw I'wHI'l'hI SIIIIIIIIPI' S1-Imul Zig I,I'2lI'l'I' Iixuul I,4':uII'l' 2, Zig Ii:1sIi1'tI':III . . ,, , ,, , , . , , . , , . , .4,4gX1llIv-vIu:III.., Ig Klux C-,l1rI.., IQFIIIIIVIII 11111111-nl ILC Iam II'1'NIlIl'III Ig II lm II hu in Im 28 xx. s.xx.,xp xiwlelxlzlxxi-X X ,X X x.X. rrnvln I 1m'lr'.vl1m rmrl Vnllrglb X Shealy Shelby Smith, J. Smith, R. A-5, fe , Q- 'J' v"'w T- H 'E 1 A Sweat Underwood 4k -fx asm: -x-awk -11 11 Q4 it Ah . '-f,'4 ' xl X. 1 K . ,f .La fx Q -s ,Q ' f r' .1 Q I 0 . . W - 35 , , X lik. X f..:H-N ' Q- 1. M W ' n x a s., 5. fy, S. ' +5 '-x -54g . 5, E-. I f . I AL l I 29 ' " -X "4 " " -Q- - - - H' K Ll .1 X -TSC! -fsfiig 8 .Yi 1"1 1 fi 5 fi . e W5 ' I in A is-Q, S Cl ll ,. ,2- "" ,- -J , " fi OFFICERS Saradee Davis President Sarah Margaret McLeod Vice-President Charlotte Calhoun Secretary Marjorie Davis Treasurer Audrey Milligan , Tea Room Manager Betty Ruth Spivey. Assistant Manager Assuming their leadership in the student body, the juniors have enjoyed a spirited year as upper- classmen. They have taken their responsibilities as Big Sisters to the freshmen seriously. With the required subjects out of the way, they are Ending satisfaction in their majors. The noisy clangor of Going-Up Day gave sweet music to their ears. "Rising seniors" is their favorite name for themselves. On the front campus stone bridge are S. Davis, McLeod, Calhoun, M. Davis, Milligan, Spivey. 31 -- Q ' -- '- -V . x x-eww.-. ." isa j 6 . 'rf 5, Xx J.. . Y cf" S. , .-.'-I sh Q - X X-X4 v x uw J 1 v ff! ' ' " 1 l f 5. 55, . -ef 413 X' XF' f' J ' ' . fl . - ', ,xg ' .. , Y- I "' .5 ' , f X il .V.k I 5. Eli. . ii' 5 534 -. ' .X , , A ,,, ,I .K,, . 'S Wil- ' li ' C2151 A S , 5: 22122 'Ak -ff 5' Q Q.. , .fuzz ' , 9- xr e .z D L. lixiiiwkx ' X8wlQNlllNN'Q-N Sv, . 'T l-5 . xx XX X Kj 32 X X X N.. gji., 1 ...- mana ,, ' fair- A w - "3'.L.,, l 'ii "' f, Iumor . Class ,IV First row, left to right: Sylvia Abernathy . Harriet Allen Nancy Andrews Beth Bethea Jessie Blalock Second row: DeLanie Boney Yvonne Brice Geraldine Brown Charlotte Calhoun Peggy Carter Third row: Cleo Codas Mary Sue Coleman Marjorie Davis Saradee Davis Grace Dew Fourth row: Jo Ann Drummond Rachel Ellis. Nancy Gallop Betty Jean Gilliland Betty Houck Mt. Holly, N. C. Bennettsville, S. C. Spencer, N. C. Latta, S. C. Hamlet, N. C. Wallace, N. C. Elizabeth City, N. C. Chadboum, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Quincy, Fla. Delco, N. C. Graham, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Rowland, N. C. Fifth row: Elsie Faye Ingram Gibson. N- C- Joan Hardesty John . 511811-11011, N- C- Jean Johnson Benson. N- C- Marlene Jones Grassy Creek, N. C. Leggett Rocky M0l1I1t, C. Sixth row: Mai-y Hagood Little Pollocksville, N. C. Sue Littlewood 5U1!'E111S, N- C- Jean Miller V Chadbourn, N. C. Audi-ey Milligan Shallotte, N. C. Betty Lou Davis McDonald Red Spfillgi, N. C. 3 3 an "'Ns.i1ii4Z-.-EES!!! an -...x ealcaas ff 4. sl f 5 k his 'Q' " Q K :Lg N. X Q S "' 5- QQ xr, X, ,, 33' .I , . Q1 .AL x. Q -:J E., . j , 'A Q gx Ggiila ' me . , ,Hi V 7 A X Wffxy - V Ax! I fx fad -1 'sg A 4.1 y " , 9 'Q-1-ll' ' Q . :ffl X vxv 34 --N 4 f ,Q J ,L xfgf 1 - "bf F I 5: -'12 c I IIIIIOI' -. -rf.-ri.. HSS 5: ::'..- -"-Ssvw '11, 'Fri' 2:1 K X ff l First row, left to right: Mae McElroy , , , Quitman, Ga. Elizabeth McIntosh . Fayetteville, N. C. Ann McLeod Maxton, N. C. Sarah Margaret McLeod Carthage, N. C. Pat McNeill Lumberton, N. C. Second row: Frances Nelson Olivia, N. C. Virginia Owen Cluster Springs, Va. Retta. Parker Pollocksville, N. C. Mary Lib Pierce Raleigh, N. C. Allene Powers Lansing. N- C. Third row: Sara, Reynolds, Laurinburg, N. C. Beth Robinson Burgaw. N- C- Barbsra. Smith Albemarle .N- C- Betty Ruth Spivey L8-ke View. S. C- Jegne Steppe Barium Springs, N. C. Fourth row: Marjorie Stevenson Stony Point, N. C. Nancy Stikeleather Statesville, N. C. Libby Lou Stuart Goldsboro, N. C. Patsy Tear Hi1lSb0l'0, N. C. Florene Thompson Whiteville N- C- Fifth row: Norma Jean Thompson Glade Valley, N. C. Mary Lisle Tucker Mclienney, Va.. Sue Warren Sa.lem.burg, N. C. Lucile Wilds Columbia, S. C. Geraldine Worrell Rocky Mount, N. C. 35 -iiixlswz-a.,s'pm .lksrgaf -ant... - .. 1. '- - Y ' g-A. Q7 , . ., -A PN ,Lge 'A. I 1 Second-Year Business Debits and credits, shorthand symbols, dictaphones, typewriters, and black mimeograph ink have meaning for them. These are the girls who, already proving their competence, spend a. busy year study- ing advanced commercial subjects. Most of them assist in some of the actual oHice work of the college, getting a real taste of the working world. They found time to entertain the new business students at a. Wiener roast early in the fall. Wearing spotless white suits, they march in at graduation exercises to receive certificates for the successful completion of the two-year course. Eunice Ann Boyd, Christiansburg, Va. Mary Elizabeth Lytle, Red Springs, N. C. Bobbie Benson Brown, Roanoke, Va. Dorothy Shaw McCraw, Clio, S. C. Katharine Morrison Gibson, Laurinburg, N. C. Carolyn Patterson, Lumberton, N. C. Flora Mae Jackson, Fair Bluff, N. C. Shirley Ann Stephenson, Raleigh, N. C. , i n is 4 in ' ,ies--b ,mv A 6' I v X ,gs 1 'su Boyd 1 A I f 5, - v Brown V ' Gibson . S' H A' i ' Jackson . 1 U 4 Lytle bt 4? -V -F' at McCra.w in L Q, ' , i J , Patterson 1 ' Y V '- H 1 Stephenson ,f 4, :sf vii.: ? , 1 S - i4..'..?.4fr u., 36 Lisisixx-is! NSNQQ-N'l1QSN'Q-N X tx, X NX. ' SSS 'fl' Ni ES Y fa l! 1 I 4 ,i i 1 U 1 ,J ' n At the rustic bridge are Williams. Fleming, Stephenson. and Maloney. , Sophomores . . . 1953 Now that they understand the cries and screams of greeting with which each year at Flora Macdonald begins. the sophomores proved to be as enthusiastic as the rest of us. They hit their stride. carried off Rat Day in the usual pseudo-brutal tradition, and retired for study for the remainder of the year. Actually, a few extras absorbed them outside classes: the Fresh- V man-Sophomore dance showed their originality. Putting English lit behind, they're sure next M year will be better. i l OFFICERS Ellen Williams. President I Lucy Fleming, Vice-President if Ann Stephenson. Secretary l , Christine Maloney, Treasurer ! I le-1 r " ' ' 'x ' 'T .. - '-1-sr ff " Y" x xx X--.. f :L . x X e . .. 7 71 ' W-V5 S 5 a 'A 'VVV7"K - 'H 'N' A-x 'Q a .Ls n 'x CONDO' A .sfxrl First row, left to right: ADDOR, Billiegene, Addor, N. C. ANDERSON, Dot, Whiteville, N. C. BASS, Juanita., Lillington, N. C. BOWDEN, Ann, Warsaw, N. C. BRANTLEY, Alice, Selma, N. C. Second row: BYRD, Annie, Elizabethtown, N. C. CALLAHAN, Peggy, Whiteville, N. C. CAMPBELL, Kathryn, Laurinburg, N. C. CASHWELL, Sara, Hope Mills, N. C. COOK, Jean, Fayetteville, N. C. fied-aiu-if' 'A " ixiQllii1iKNiX X X X X x x . 5 Q N 4 TF 4 ,xg . ,- AQ I Sophomore Third row: DORMAN, Nan, Red Springs, N. C. DUDLEY, Sarah, Wilmington, N. C. DUNN, Doris, Charlotte, N. C. FITZGERALD, Shirley, Waynesbor FLEMING, Lucy, Mebane, N. C. Fourth row: GORE, Betty Jo, Shallotte, N. C. GRAHAM, Lucille, Olivia., N. C. HALE, Mary, Wilmington, N. C. HAMILTON, Dot, Roberdell, N. C. INMAN, Shirley, Lumberton, N. C. o, Va. 1. if " We K' iw prf rf I f' I I I I I -I' I , Q Vi: I , . -ss -kia I I ' I I .Q I I I I Class . . . 1953 First row, left to right: Third row: I JENKINS, Faye, Union, S. C. MORRISON, Martha Arm, Rowland, N. C. JERNIGAN, Mickie, Fairmont, N. C. KELLY, Norma, Charlotte, N. C. LAMB, Betty Lou, Wilmington, N. C. - LEE, Naomi, Wilmington, N. C. MOZINGO, Doris, Bowden, N. C. MCCRACKEN, Mary, Winston-Salem, N. C. MCGIRT, Ann, Laurinburg, N. C. MCNEILL, Marjorie, Broadway, N. C. I S d - Fourth row: 7 econ 'ow' PHILLIPS, Hilda, Rocky Mount, N. c. I LENNON, Nell, Bladenboro, N. C. MALONEY, Christine, Cullen, Va. SANDERS, Sara, Badin, N. C. SELLERS, Marie, Whiteville, N. C. 3 MARTIN, Mary Jane, Reidsville, N. C. SMITH, Nelle Ruth, Dalton, Ga. I MIZE, Mary Ella, Commerce, Ga.. I MORRIS, Jean, Maxton, N. C. WILLIAMS, Ellen, Rocky Mount, N. C. WILLIS, Shirley, Morehead City, N. C. I I I I , as I I I I rr 'N' iixNKN3ix4Klh1'll ...X -.H I N x xxx XXX X 'K N L .. .,, ,, , jx x x N x'xN'X'5- 'x 'si Sk A . is-.v.'.. .fx I l v-Yi A log over the big stream is a bridge for Hill, Swairn, Robinson, and Farmer. Freshman Class OFFICERS Letty Hill President Winona Swaim Vice-President Carolyn Robinson Secretary Pat Farmer, . . Treasurer Slapping a wet blue paint brush on the dull wall, another freshman downs her own blues and gives her dorm room a. personality of its own. Outnumbering the rest of us, this new class got right down to work. The fierce sophomores downed them not at all. They came happily through Rush Week, ready to make their contributions to the societies. After seeing them around for a whole year, we couldn't do without them. It's certain, too, that they know the best cure for that green freshman feeling e keep busy! 4 0 ini-skis X8sXibiXt!N'?-N 5 X 3559 . First row, left to right: ADAMS, Billie Jean, Bunnlevel, N. C. ALLGOOD, Mary Ann McQuown, Winston-Salem, N. C. ASHBURN, Betty Jane, Raeford, N. C. BARNES, Avis, Lumberton, N. C. BETHEA, Hazel, Hamer, S. C. BIERMAN, Ruby, Washington, N. C. BLAIN, Barbara, Concord, N. C. Second row: BOBBITT, Frances, Aberdeen, N. C. BOLIN, Shirley, Siler City, N. C. BOWLES, Doris, Niagara, N. C. BOYKIN, Cornelia, Camden, S. C. BRISSON, Martha Lou, Dublin, N. C. BROOME, Grace, Washington, N. C. BROWN, Mary Archie, St. Pauls, N. C. Third row: BUCK, Fay, Wilmington, N. C. BUNN, Bonnie, Rocky Mount, N. C. CAMPBELL, Eloise, Elizabethtown, N. C. CLARK, Pat, Daytona Beach, Fla. COCKRELL, Barbara, Rocky Mount, N. C. DABBS, Shirley, Lexington, N. C. DAVIS, Eva Gray, Hamlet, N. C. 4 5. 5. ". X 'Q?T""qN. ,A ee I- Fourth row: DUFF, Harriet, Milton, N. C. EDWARDS, Edna, Clarkton, N. C. FARMER, Pat, West End, N. C. FICQUETT, Sarah, Dunn, N. C. GARRETT, Janice, Wilmington, N. C. GENTRY, Rose Alice, Laurinburg, N. C. GOODMAN, Caroline, Churchville, Va. Fifth row: GOODSON, Ursula, Valdosta, Ga. GRAHAM, Betsy, Fayetteville, N. C. GRIGGS, Gayla, Poplar Branch, N. C. HAMILTON, Betty, Alexandria, Va. HAMMET, Peggy, Durham, N. C. HAMPTON, Cherrill, Coinjock, N. C. HARLOW, Barbara, Orange, Va. Sixth row: HARPER, Jackie, Durham, N. C. HARRISON, Karen, Concord, N. C. HATCHER, Betty Joe, Gamer, N. C. I HEDRICK, Barbara, Winston-Salem, N. C. HESTER, Ann, Bladenboro, N. C. HILL, Letty, Charlotte, N. C. HODGIN, Janet, Raeford, N. C. K0- .IW 5 , Q 5 " f Y? 4 -i. L-1 5 Nu. . I 4 T x .HK za Z 5- x S. wx, N-M sz 'ff J - .. 3 s 5 , f . .. 1. ' I . - A 'H' -a ' 1' ' , 1-J I , nfl x " . 3 " l -' . F 1 5: 5 4-il , Q 5 fu .' Nh X , .. ' W ' ' ' 1 . f . a E 7' ' x ' . 11 . Q 1 5 . ' , -- ,' 1 , . , .- . . - A x"", Ari . , A G E- D 5, ' '15 ' . A sl ' . X A N' .I K' A4 . A la . 1 A 4 77' , . oi Q1 '. 5 4' 5 C ' 'ey V 'N - 1 K -w 'l if N 5 N "' W' ' 'l l. ., , -' V f .. - - ' Q. wk fl Qxxillxilx' Iii.. all-L-xii!! . ,L an 'x'- U A .A 5 X Q pq , . '- 1 Ngj L an C W 'fl ci i f 5+ w t ,fs -11 , l . I is 1 'I I ' ' ' . , .' r 1 'J Q- X.. - el X- rl X' . sl A A -.3 ' A X L v 1 so 6 , f - . A We 3- x D I . . '4V, H .. , ' f W E W V ,I 5: N' I ' ' 'vis X , K 5 xi x I S '. , . l Fi lie.. -4. I AL K"' 5 su Haw' if 'S N, ,- v I , . T..-vb I -0 - '81 sd " . . af , I fl Q xy , 'i S' , O .. A 1. -- .-. r el- Q. 1, , rlxl. V -A QL - 'Q . ti . -A -rv! 37 ' hs' -A . ' x ,H N- fa A. x X. x, x . -. First row, left to right: HOWARD, Ellen, Willow Springs, N. C. HUDSON, Elise, Clinton, S. C. HYA I'T, Goldie, McColl, S, C. INGRAM, Becky, Parkton, N. C. JARRETT, June, Kannapolis, N. C. KNOX, Cooper, Charlotte, N. C. LEDBETTER, Shirley, Norman, N. C. Second row: LISK, Laura, Mt. Gilead, N. C. LONG, Carolyn, Clarkton, N. C. MATZE, Mary Ruth, South Boston, Va. MED LIN, Anne, Mebane, N. C. MEGGS, Joyce, Clarkton, N. C. MIXON, Catherine, Bartow, Fla.. MUNROE, Sallie Anne, Clarkton, N. C. Third row: MURRAY, Jane, Greensboro, N. C. MUSSELWHITE, Carolyn, Lumberton, N. C. McAULEY, Harriet, Statesville, N. C. 42 iatxausa easiest-X-lzflssxi-X SFS!-FXQRNQX. Freshman McBR,YDE, Pat, Hope Mills, N. C. McCAIN, Gladys, Waxhaw, N. C. MCCOLL, Cornelia., Clio, S. C. MCGUIRE, Betty, Algonquin, Ill. Fourth row : MCINNIS, Betty Jean, Candor, N. C. MCINNIS, Lillian, Ellerbe, N. C. MCKENZIE, Carolyn, Shannon, N. C. MCLAIN, Iris, Bennettsville, S. C. McLEAN, Mary, Raeford, N. C. McLEAN, Mary Lou, Clearwater, Fla. McLEAN, Nancy, Shelby, N. C. Fifth row: MCNEILL, Ella Ruth, Aberdeen, N. C McNEILL, Jeannette, Laurel Hill, N. C. MCNEILL, Katherine, Laurinburg, N. C McNETT, Linda, Radnor, Pa. MCPHATTER, Annie, Jacksonville, N NAUGLE, Julia., Blackstone, Va. . C NELSON, Mary Louise, Horsepen, Va.. , ..,.-, 9 9- if L- 'N . ' Q' K NL A X ! I 1 fl ' X n is-" 1,4 N ii N 1 if 9 ' A C. in if ' +G: I ' L, 1 ev ' 1 I A' I-""' ' 'I' , A , , N t, , 1 " XX A, .ll 'JB '.A ,f'x S 1- -.1 R. 5. 5 - 5 17 T' , I , 11 X I 4 N. S N 1 1 . ' f r k, 1 ' T 1 ' V G. Q v ' ' 6- Q- . uf ' 'w- hx n 4 , , " Tb - J. Q' C ., , X r . v 'Sl 5- N 'Sl -?f 3 f f ' l ! Class . . . 1953 K First row, left to right: SHORT, Mary Jewel, Wadesboro, N. C. , NEWTON, Mary Frames, Fayemwalle, N. c. SINCLA1R'J9-'10'Raef0fd'N- C- OLIVER, Kittye, Reidsville, N. C. . OLSEN, Mary Frances, Lumberton, N. C. OZLIN, Margaret, Chase City, Va. PARNELL, Virginia, Red Springs, N. C. PEACHY, Donna, Front Royal, Va. PHILLIPS, Sue, Pageland, S. C. Second row: PLUMMER, Libby, Charlotte, N. C. POWERS, Rachel, Mapel Hill, N. C. PRICE, Betty Joel, Lilesville, N. C. PROPST, Anne, Concord, N. C. PUGH, Harllee, Windsor, N. C. ' RICHARDSON Bett Jo Laurinbur N. C. . Y . E, RITTER., Pat, Rockish, N. C. Third row: ROBINSON, Carolyn, Gastonia, N. C. SHAW, Frances, Lumber Bridge, N. C. SHOCK, Mabel, Lumber Bridge, N. C. l A K SKIDMORE, Isabell, Mt. Gilead, N. C. STANFORD, Elmira, Bartow, Fla. Fourth row: STONE, Delores, Laurel Hill, N. C. SWAIM, Winona, Lexington, N. C. TAYLOR, Evelyn, Kannapolis, N. C. THIGPEN, Joyce, Mt. Olive, N. C. THORNTON, Shirley, Reidsville, N. C. TUCKER, Doris Matthews, Henderson, N. C. WALKER, Jane, Harrells, N. C. Fifth row: WHITE, Martha, Charlotte, N. C. WILKINSON, Nancy, Sanford, Fla. WILLIAMS, Mary Sue, Godwin, N. C. WILLIAMSON, Anita Gray, Rocky Mou WINGO, Barbara, Jetersville, Va. WOMELDORF, Ernojeane, Lexington, Va. YORK, Bernice, Hoffman, N. C. 43 nt, N. C. .ar fxrranaxml . . Is. 1 . m ax . X wr N I 0 Backfooting, Sidestepping from those time-consuming classes, we get in an extra major. The general name is "I've never seen so many meetings to go to,"' but the point system forces us to specialize to some degree. Whether selling ads, stringing Christmas lights around the front entrance, or speaking in Monday chapel, we develop our latent talents. We usually end up with a backlog of useful abilities according to the per cent of ourselves we invest in our . . . activities xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx mxxxxxxxxxxJ I ,f Bs-.21-4 i Ae p1Q1' f mix J Q -: T -ln.. ci ., 1.,., . 'W .SST Q 24.1, ,,:,,: - . -41-5 5 ? iff: V m" .,f .,. . . Y , A if-4: . .4 l . 1 af' 7 i 5 -A in rg QQ K , '. ,ra U. 4, Q w 'I' ,Q N v l l ' , r' . 3+ -Q E.: .3 'QA 'Wi 1 ,,. li" ,--RX ,ef W Q n Q 1 ..,.. .2 f , , 4' Uv-R .tx xX xx xk 5 1 l 4 Helping Santa Claus, Caroline and Elizabeth sew up the donkey's ear, l while Barbara smiles at Shirley's duck. Chinese checkers are relaxing after a hard day for Harriet and Mary. Who's winning? '1 l i . I 55.41 : "Music please! All join hands and circle left!" chants the caller. The gym was Hlled with music and whirling couples at the big square dance. lust ne Thing i The desolate halls came to life with a multicolored influx of freshmen, soon followed by the rest of us. A whirl of activity kept us on our toes: Zetesian and Epsilon Chi had their green and yellow showingg the CA gave a true m?J preview of dorm life .... We almost had to sign waiting lists to use the tennis 'wir .g I Y .1 5 i it fi- "Hot dogs for sale at 10:15." Evelyn's at the end of the assembly line, Pat will keep the wieners coming. Ruth and Sidney promise mustard and onions will be ready soon. is X misss xisxists-kiwi-X QXNQFXFSXNYN . - 'lllli'-ii Tennis time out. Doris ties a shoe- string, while Peggy just rests. fter Another courts, and some tried to extend their beach life at the pool .... Clubs got underway, as we could tell from the number of announcements at lunch. . . . Stevenson won the mock election, but on No- vember 4 we stayed up until after two to hear Ike's acceptance speech .... We really made a day of it at Davidsonfblind dates, frat house luncheons, seeing Davidson win over Richmond. Oh, yes, we didn't get back until the wee hours, due to a broken bus axle .... A full program for Hospitality Week End showed Flora Macdonald to our high school visitors and showed us another way to go without studying .... As the "gift without the giver is bare," we piled in a truck to deliver Thanksgiving baskets with a joyful song at each house .... After the holidays, Christmas took us by storm. There were stockings to fill, carols to be sung, doors and tables to decorate. Back again, we swept a last piece of silver ribbon from the floor and put up calendars for 1953 .... The new year saw the return of Saturday movies to the auditorium, but the television set, installed just in time for the presi- dential inauguration, drew the most attention .... Spring Spiritual Enrichment Week speaker John McMullen roused us with "I Am a Christian- So What?" . . . The Highland Players' "Twelfth Night" delighted us, and the plans for the Convo- cation immediately grasped our attention. General George Marshall headed the list of visitors who came to inaugurate Flora Macdonald College's six- tieth anniversary celebration on April 17-19 .... The seniors turned their thoughts to capping and graduation. Already another year was beginning, with big plans by new club presidents and editors. Old Glory goes to the top in view of a few morning front-step watchers. Care of the flag is a senior responsibility and privilege. an l r,1u-maximum - ' ' "R X' 'Q-Yzlfilwiii I the fling goes on . . . '- vnu -1 .Q -'W x Q Q.,-., x. .vm-1 r xi Q? 5 ia A1111 R71 xrilxxllxxxxxxxxxxxxl7x 3X xKXKXXXXxXxXI w-39' Q-f ' n" , rw, , '. r +V- 'f 'ffnyf-4378! 5. - vjzyx Y I 4 In 4 - . unix I u u A Y Q , q'fasza,fa'vfL- gsm. 47 - . ,it-'ffs . I R qp 2 1 ' f. f'S,r-"xy n Q "lf ' . 1 'YJ I T a Y u Q? ' V- s . 'EQ-N -.A , X , I ' K4 .-os-"""- - -..-- 7.-::.e1t,3',,,,, "" Q-.--H.. .. 'G' -.... xo-.-mliq, - gtilflilqfs .Q 1 Q. .-, gt ,, , .JN 'I '--N. sq... v s .... . McKenzie Hammond Leggett Boyd 1 in Buhler ' Teer A 1 Brinn McDonald Underwood Ill Davis F, Williams Hill Student Government True respect for regulations necessary for student life under one roof is accomplished through interest and concern rather than fear. In the spring of 1952, the newly-elected council gave itself to a study of existing rules. The "Students' Handbook," edited by Tink McKenzie, shows the thoughtful results. A vigor and business-like conduct has characterized student body meetings and the general work of the association. Petitions to the faculty, the first dance of the year, a smoking survey, black-robed members confronting trembling offenders, a forum on the honor system, election booths in the rotunda we realize the council is at work. The proctors, one on each hall each semester ' carry part of the burden of rule-enforcement. Jean Sandifer, as president, has led an earnest group of Student Council members: Tink McKenzie. vice-president: Nancy Hammond, secretary: Phyllis Leggett, treasurer: Evelyn Boyd, Christian Association president: Virginia Buhler. Athletic V Association president: Patsy Teer, Zetesian Society president: f Ann Brinn, Epsilon Chi Society president: Betty Lou Davis McDonald, Day Students president: Margaret Jean Underwood, senior class president: Saradee Davis, junior class president: . Ellen Williams, sophomore class president: Letty Hill. freshman class president. Mrs. P. P. McCain, Dean of Students. serves Student Body President 3.5 adviser. Jean Sandifer 1 -19 K- -- '-::XtQsXiiibl-Xrflit - f4IQli2:lQ!sXXBs1wx-.'-'-xx-.s -. sdk ' -is. at - Mrk 'NE 2 +23 . a. . 1 '-' '.' ,- ' 'F' ' . 'X Evelyn Boyd President Frances Dudley, Vice-President DeLanie Boney, Secretary Nancy Andrews, Treasurer Betty Lou Lamb, Fellowship Chairman Doris Calloway, Outreach Chairman Geraldine Worrell, Social Service Chairman Nancy Stikeleather, Worship Chairman Saradee Davis, Prayer Bands Chairman Jean Sandifer, Ex-Officio is tives NQXNQQ-N'D1QXN'Q-N The Flora Macdonal "The motion is carried. Plans for the construction of a prayer chapel in Vardell Court will go forward." Thus the Christian As- sociation continues to emphasize the Christ-centered life for students and faculty. Dr. Harry Moffett led the fall Spiritual Enrichment Week, speaking on the year's theme, "Called to Serve." The Cabinet has worked on these projects: new hymn books, Thanksgiving bas- kets, Santa Claus workshop, books for the CA library, observance of the foreign mission season, and scholarships for Japanese students. Blue and white May Day booths are money-makers. The secretive giving on Capsule Day makes February 14 a real joy. From one end of the year to the other, the Christian Association is busy. Six com- mission chairmen work with the executive officers. Mrs. Elbert McPhaul, adviser, completes the Cabinet. ' x .X , 'S 50 WXQFXFFYSX. 1 we I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I SQL? . - .i:+E-H'S:1E?Ar I- '-S 1 i 1 Christian Association I ! PRAYER BAND LEADERS Guidance in prayer and spiritual growth is an open door for these girls, each of whom leads a small group of students. Shown here at their own time of ' prayer and planning with I Saradee Davis, chairman, the Prayer Band Leaders are the Cabinet's right ' hand. They make up the commissions and carry out the CA projects among the students. Each PrayerBand, , in turn, conducts Monday chapel services. The Cabi- net chooses the leaders. STUDENT l ' 1 VOLUNTEERS -- i l Want to know about mis- sions? These girls meet in Watkins' for prayer and l study, conduct service proj- 3 ects, write alumnae on the l foreign Held, teach Bible 3 I in the Negro school, and ' send used Christmas cards to missionaries. On front row are officers: Doris Calloway, Cabinet repre- sentativeg Elsie Ingram, 1 secretaryg Hilda Phillips, treasurer, Charlotte Cal- 1 houn, vice-president, and 1 Mary Lisle Tucker, presi- l dent. Miss Margaret Bowen f is adviser. v 51 K x .. XmmuNxK's'xw.XXX . NARA! Epsilon hi Society "Hand in Hand" It all begins in the hot summer months. New Flora Mac- donald girls find letters in their mail boxes mentioning the so- cieties at college. Sounds like fun! It is, they find, when the busy whirl of orientation starts in September. The colorful Mardi Gras, held in Conservatory Hall during Rush Week shows what the societies working together can do. The freshmen guests elected Frances Shaw queen of the celebration. After signing-up night, everything settles down to the norm of month- ly meetings. Entertaining skits and talent programs keep up high Epsilon Chi spirits. The members demonstrate keen Ann Bmm society loyalty throughout the year. president th Lib McGoogan, vice-presidentg Gina Gray, secretaryg Julia Ann Brinn, as president, Worked Wi Marie Smith, treasurer, Mary Jane Martin, censorg Nancy Gallop, pianistg and Mary Hale, chaplain. Miss Carol Robertson is Epsilon Chi sponsor. I 4 I 1 V In Epsilon chi Hall 11 are, seated: Smith Gray McGoogan standing: Martin Hale J Laesaxdzk xmxii-isiziwtx N!XX'Q-ix!-SAYS. 1 1 Patsy Teer President Zetesian Society "Friendship Our Motto" From the first party in Rush Week, the freshmen have a wonderfully confusing time. The old Zetesian members search out all possible ideas and really keep things rolling in the green hall. "Z" Day comes quickly, and all the girls who "go right" are given a warm welcome into the society fellowship. They go to work and are soon absorbed in the activities of the group. A social hour for the high school girls attending Hospitality Week End was a joint society aifair, as was the annual Christmas dance. The Zeta Theta Psi's had Beth Farrior as their president until her resignation in October. Patsy Teer is president. Other ofiicers are: Margaret Cashwell, vice-president, Joyce Sweat, secretaryg Ann Stephenson, treasurer, Norma Jean Thompson, censor, Alice Brantley, pianist, and Lucy Fleming, chaplain. Mr. Rodger Decker is Zetesian sponsor. Around the Zetesian emblem are, seated: Thompson Stephenson Cashwell Sweat standing: Brantley Fleming . - 3 . l ll fl i 1' 53 Qi ti 4 .-ielmhxx i . awtsvmw- s. -, f. ' 000 009 .G 050 0 639 0 Music . . . Choral Club . . . Practice Pays Dividends Yellow and black, green and red and blue, bold and gay plaids cross the shoulders of the girls who stand ready to delight an audience with Scottish songs. After voice tests, they have been chosen to be in the choral group by Director James V. Cobb. From then on it's exercises and drill Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Blended voices at concert time are the reward. In the fall and winter the Choral Club made several day and short week-end tours through North and South Caro- lina. Small groups went frequently to the Fayetteville Veterans' Hos- pital, near-by churches, and club dinners. A four-day trip to Virginia in the spring gave members a breather from school. Each girl must, however, keep her scholastic average high in order to remain a member of the group. A combined concert with the Davidson Chorus and the commencement concert were a climax to the year's work. Outstanding for their presentation of sacred music, the girls wear cream and purple robes for many church and concert programs. g Marlene Jones is president. First vice-president, Nancy Stikeleather, serves as tour manager. Ruth Smith, as second vice-president, has charge of the music library, while third vice-president, Mary Ann Register, is keeper of the robes and tartans. Other officers are: Peggy Carter, secretaryg Dibbie Abernathy, treasurerg Lucy Fleming, chaplain. The officers have been leaders in raising money for new robes and chairs. 5-I is limi-N QXXQFXQQXNYX, YWRFXFSWFN . I "- x Mr. James V. Cobb Choral Club Director Senior Recitals RUTH SMITH, PIANO BARBARA HILL, VOICE RUBY GREY BAKER, PIANO Four years of study in the Flora Macdonald Conservatory of Music have molded and developed the talents of these three students. Barbara, a lyric soprano, has the ability to put her personality in her voice. Her warm amber tones give the audience the thrill of experienc- ing the song with her. Ruby Grey's understanding and appreciation of the great musicians was evident in her recital. Classical music is par- ticularly appealing to her. With delicate, sure fingers on the key- board, Ruth captivated her listeners. She enjoys modern compositions. Two music education majors, Nancy Hammond and Mary Ann Register, found time to present a joint recital in the spring. ne Motion of the ing On the sofa, -left to right, are Frances Nelson, presidentg Florene Thompson, vice- presidentg Alice Brantley, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. John Sinclair, adviser. Izu- iflisr 'sais seq is as 1? l E: uk " I ' ' n...w31i!r: . At the right, Barbara Hill and Ruby Grey Baker are standing. Seated St. Cecelia Music Club Studio E is the home of the applied music students' club. Interest has been held at a high level by a freshman talent show, a ballet demonstration, a lecture on instruments by Mr. Hodges, director of the Whiteville band, and discussions led by Con- servatory faculty. Buying pictures and a water foun- tain for the Conserve was the year's goal. kwa,rwrcaielrxiwxsuimxai-. -. ..4-. awww .wx va Nx x xx Xx x 'N Y.-5. is A S. 'f fl '-FW! Q-...N bx Elsie May Editor-in-Chief Ann McArthur Business Manager May McArthur The White eatheral The yearly lament of the 'iWhite Heather" land Fling sketches could give a lilt to any dark staff is a dirge of schedules and deadlines, of day. In an attempt to have a more closely or- elusive ideas for pictures, of one-ad-an-afternoon ganized staff, each member has hours of work expeditions. We are not different, but the High- to her credit. In the Press Room are the staff members, seated: Thompson and Phillips, standing: Shaw, Cook, Jernigan, Stevenson, Smith, Madden, and McLeod. 1 'wide ' ,l7 Ziff". SENIOR SCRIBBLERS Around the table pre- paring for a night of word- hunting are the scribes: Margaret Cashwell Ruth Smith Joyce Sweat Elsie May, Chief Pat Shelby Frances Dudley - C' Q0 4v'o ineieen uncfrecl and gifiy-three A special task for the annual falls on six seniors. They are the Scribblers. A well-worn dictionary gives silent testimony to their efforts. Once in a while a shout of laughter burst from the Press Room, and unusual words made their appearance in the scribes' vocabularies. The retiring Senior Scribblers tapped these girls in the spring, passing on to them the responsibility of describing their Norma Jean Thompson Assistant Editor Marjorie Stevenson Assistant Business Manager Doris Phillips Literary Editor Ruth Smith Senior Class Editor classmates. They have made an honest attempt to put a inger on each senior's individuality. All in all, it's been a day and night job for months on end to mold it all together in the "White Heather." We've listened and looked, analyzed and put down the results. We've felt the pulse of Flora Macdonald life: this is our chart of 1953. Mickie Jernigan Sophomore Class Editor Frances Shaw Freshman Class Editor Jean Cook Snapshot Editor Jane Madden Typing Editor xx K .fill '45 e ,- P ST f Sarah Margaret McLeod Junior Class Editor Dr. Leslie Bullock Adviser 5- Marjorie Davis Typing Editor mee -. . i-.A xuam. ts.t-X-..,... :.os ,-M57 475 x X ' .4-'A ' At home in the P and T room are, seated: P. McNeil, John, Brice, Brown, Smith, and McCrawp stand- ing: Inman, Hill, Lamb, Worrell, Clark, Barnes, and K. McNeill. ff ,I f, ., 'Ji' -- P l T l , ,, ,W - Ng the me and his e , , ,X . fc 'J ' rf!!! . f f 17' Everybody finds mail in the boxes the "Pine of a room on Vardell III, a welcome task since and Thistle" is out! By the time, this happens the literary magazine had been homeless. Dis- y four times during the year the staff is ready for a covering and collecting contributions precedes l long vacation. Work started with the furnishing the hours of improving, correcting, typing, and Peggy Elliott Sue Littlewood Dr. Eleanor B. Scott Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Adviser l ..,.-, - 58 i I Stxiiwis Nix'-Q-QNDQQNNQ-N b!WQ'P'x!'R"!'X . . I checking. Then we hear flashes of, "Can you get that cover design by Monday? . . , proof- reading needs to be done . . . paste up the dummy tonight. . . can't find galley three . . Everything works out and another fine issue appears. Doris Phillips, Harriet Allen, Yvonne Brice, Ann McArthur, Linda McNett. and Emojeane Wormeldorf are among the student writers. Faculty writers appear occasionally. The "Pine and Thistle" contains short stories, poems. essays. sketches. and humorous writings. This year the new body type and heads, the larger page size. and the scattered advertisements brought favorable comment. Peggy Elliott is serving her second term as editor. Besides the magazine. the staff produces a Christmas mailing list and a senior pamphlet containing the class poem, history, will, and testament. This is the stafi: Yvonne Brice, as- sistant editorg Bobbie Brown, assistant business manager: Barbara Hill, Joan Hardesty John. Geraldine Worrell, and Shirley Inman, literary staff: Pat McNeill and Betty Lou Lamb, art staffg Barbara Smith, Katherine McNeill, Avis Barnes. Dorothy Shaw McCraw, and Pat Clark, business staff. Writers Club Backing the "Pine and Thistle" are the mem- bers of the Writers Club. Four manuscripts a year mean a great deal of thoughtful effort. Besides writing, these girls make studies of plays, Hction, and poetry. Criticism and evaluation of their own compositions and of each other's play an important role in the club work. Manuscripts were entered in the Writers' Forum at W.C.U.N.C. Poems by two members, Harriet Allen and Elsie May, appear in "America Sings," a national anthology of college poetry. Members increase interest by exploring new fields of writing. Dr. Scotts home is the scene of a Writers Club meeting. Dot Anderson, vice-president, is seated at front. Ann MCG1ft. secretary, and Dr. Scott, adviser, look on as Harriet Allen, president, reads a descrip- tive sentence. Billiegene Addor, seated by Harriet, is treasurer. ix Q 4?-N if .idea A l I. 11. gl l l 4 I l l I l 4 is N. ., .ttsat unns ,. , ii t u s-,X-tt.-.,.- :.. . .r ' J Xxx xxsXxx 5.4-xanax l v--,f f' I Mr. Wright, Mary, and Betty Lou talk over the latest suggestions for the "Skirl." The Skirl The newest member of publications on the campus is the college newspaper. And the meaning of its name? It's the shrill sound of a bagpipe! The "Skirl" is printed in Raeford, and is a four-page paper. The students eagerly read the latest happenings, features, and sidelights on the current Flora Macdonald. Organization of the newspaper was begun in Septem- ber. The first issue appeared in December. Supported by its advertising, the "Skir1" is making its own place in the college. Mr. Thomas E. Wright, with the ap- proval of the Executive Committee, was influential in bringing the idea for a paper to reality. These girls have worked on the staff this year: Betty Lou Lamb, editor-in-chief, Mary McCracken, business manager, Jean Johnson, assistant editor, DeLanie Boney, Barbara Hill, Nancy Andrews, Mary Ella Mize, Dot Hamilton, Lucille Graham, news staff, Pat McNeill, art editor, Gina Gray, Dot Anderson, Lucile Wilds, Shirley Inman, Elizabeth McIntosh, Sara Reynolds, Mary Hale, advertising staff, Jean Morris, circulation manager, Bobbie Brown, Dottie Shaw McCraw, Jeannette McNeill, Janice Garrett, Mary Jewel Short, typists. At a staff meeting are, standing: Johnson, seated, Hrst row: McLeod, Hill, Morris, Inman, second row: Anderson, Short, Brown, McIntosh, Hamilton, third row: Mize, Graham, McCraw, Boney, standing in back: P. McNeill, Reynolds, J. McNeill. 60 Niillxxiw QXNQFNFQXXYN. YXXRFXFRXXQX. I 'S-RE-E RNNQ ,f.l.1.SR.SS..S- N .abs Highland Players UKL4 'Tl 2' Pledges work toward membership and rnern- bers add up points for Alpha Psi Omega. They all know about acting, lights, make-up, stage. properties, programs, and posters. "The Old Peabody Pew" in No- vember, "Ladies in Re- tirement" on December 5, and a Shakespeare production in the spring put the club out front. Madge Garrison, presi- dent, and Lucile Wilds, secretary - treasurer, are at left front. Behind them Jeane Steppe, vice- president, and Dot Anderson, reporter-cus- todian, talk over a play. Viewing a poster at back are advisers William Reagan and Neil Watson. To finance their socials, these girls do catering. The club holds a picnic in the spring. Movies, demonstrations, and lec- tures on correct table service, foods, and all phases of homernaking are usual program fare. Patsy Teer is secretary of the North Carolina Home Economics Asso- ciation. Frances Heyer is presi- dent. Vice - president Margaret Cashwell pours tea, with Doris Mozin- go. secretary, and Joyce Grantham, treasurer, on her left. Mrs. W. E. Davis and Miss Mollie Parker advise the organization. Home Economics lub 61 lY'QiQx'xQXYGMl XXx'x,xQ-.!xX X XXNNXxxxsK1N ay Students lub Hastily pulling a gay kerchief from her hair, a day student gives a sigh of relief as she hears noise in the hall. Though they come from Max- ton, Aberdeen, Parkton, Lumberton, Red Springs, and all around, they usually manage to keep up with the rotunda time system. They con- gregate in the library and meet in the Morgan II lounge for gab ses- sions. There are no limits on week ends and nights out, no closed study -and who ever heard of signing out or in? Walking down the front steps, with Betty Lou Davis McDonald, president, leading, are a group of the day stu- dents. Encouraging high scholastic standing, this organization gives mem- bership to outstanding students of mathemat- ics. Dean Vardell spoke to the group on the relation of math to music. Other topics of discussion have been: statistics, teach- ing math, its history and modern develop- ments, and the variety of vocations open in the Held. The traditional an- niversary celebration was held in May. The officers are seated on the first row: Betty Jean Gilliland, presi- dent, DeLanie Boney, vice - president, Betty Lou Lamb, recording secretary, Faye Jenkins, corresponding secretary 5 Nancy Andrews, treas- urerg Lucille Graham, head of finance. On the back row is Miss Ellie Mae Sowder, adviser. Mathematical Honor Society Q. iixxftx Qxfkgxgsxxyx NQWQ4QN!fQW?'N - S455 rlgrfi - -s.S.l:ES-.S'. International Relations lub V, , !I The November 4 mock election let us see de- mocracy at work. The major candidates had been thoroughly dis- cussed in I.R.C. meet- ings. Each member speaks to the club once a. year on a current topic. At the annual birthday party members pre- sented Miss Carol Rob- ertson, adviser, with an I.R.C. key. The country under discussion is pointed out by Joyce Sweat, presi- dent. Nancy Andrews, vice - president: Beth Bethea, treasurer: Jane Madden, secretaryg Jo Ann Drummond, De- Lanie Boney, program committee, and Frances Heyer, reporter and scrapbook custodian, are on the first row. LIFE'S exhibit on the atomic bomb and what to do in case of an attack was brought to the carn- pus through this c1ub's efforts. Twinkling cheer, in the form of two tall trees and a wreath, greeted us at the front entrance at Christmas. Science devotees discuss the Rh factor, stress and strain. and new scien- tiiic developments. At an outdoor fall meeting, Doris Calloway, president, assembles a wind-indicator. Watch- ing from the front row are vice-president Sue Littlewood, secretary Virginia Owen, and treasurer Grace Dew. Dr. Ethel B. Hansen and Miss Edna Estes are ad- visers. William Bartram Scientific Society 63 -!...!.Sq 1 ,L . ll 4 l '1 1 1 N S r i K Qxxx xK'xX.fiiximmXx s x xx, -. K, iX mxXYXXYXXx'x Y Y V A L V5 X N KN' x il-xxx A Classical Club In its second year, the Classical Club keeps - right on growing. Miss Harriet Morrison, ad- viser, entertained in her home for the October meeting. Before national elections members re- viewed how the Romans did theirs. The life and culture of ancient Greece and Rome are important influences, they are lind- ing. T' The club meets in the dining hall for a practice of Latin songs. Behind the piano are Dibbie Abernathy, president, Sidney Earp, vice-presi- dent, and Mary Mc- Cracken, secretary- treasurer. Expert typists, these girls help get out the "Pine and Thistle" Christmas mailing list and senior pamphlet. They prepare the college bulletins for mailing to prospective students. The Valentine Tea hon- ors a member of the faculty or staff. The club entertains those who are finishing their course at a social in the spring. Miss Leta McIntyre, Katharine Gibson, presi- dentg Bobbie Brown, vice - presidentg Janice Garrett, secretaryg and Betty Jane Ashburn, treasurer. sit at front. Miss Elizabeth Sten- house and Miss McIn- tyre are advisers. Business Students lub es 4 Qsiinie. QNQFXSQXXQ-N. XQXRRWRXNYX. l - Seal-S SX:-Q - '-.m.a.am..s. .1 -D French lub -1 ff- V - 5- 1 1-if pidri' 'WAQ 7 ll, , Qi' 4, .J 4,3 - . X t , S A . -s.. , J T - X 7 ', ,. ,kk 'Q-'iifz A 4 Sy. . A hamburger fry at the fireplace, when new students of the language joined the club. started the fall activities, Harriet Watson, a '52 graduate, gave a report on her summer experiences in France at an October meeting. Members learn songs and Christmas customs, study great French musicians, and give skits. A recording draws ap- proval from Mr. William Reagan, adviser. Officers, from his left. are: Geral- dine Worrell, president: Ann Bowden, vice-presi- dent, and Betty Jo Gore. secretary-treasurer. Our neighbors to the South give a seemingly inexhaustible supply of program material to this club. Those taking Span- ish are interested par- ticipants. A pinata was a feature of the Christ- mas party. Cuban and Puerto Rican students from PJC come over to speak. At the end of the year members celebrate with a picnic. Nancy Wilkinson and Marie Essey entertain with a Spanish conver- sation. Gina Gray, presi- dent: Shirley Fitzgerald. vice-president: Ann Mc- Girt, secretary - treas- urer, and Sue Littlewood, reporter, guide the club. Adviser is Mr. Thomas E. Wright. E Circulo Espanol 65 lxruuwtxixsislsxillbxxilxss-es 4-:wr-rsi2lntiQ'ld sXkN1Nw Rial The Flora Macdonald First row, left to right: Stone, I-Ianxilton, Cal- houn, Mozingo, McLeod, Davis, M. Second row: Brown, Cashwell, Teer, Tucker, Davis, E. Third row:Bateman. The Athletic Board A beach week end, spent in planning for the coming year, gives Athletic Board members a chance to learn the work they will do for the association. A bright, usable recreation room designed to portray a sea theme, is a popular dating spot. After dinner, students find diversion before study hour begins in playing checkers, ping-pong, or bowling. The board carried out tennis tournaments, sold blue wind- breakers with the college seal, and conducted outstanding volleyball and basketball seasons. An Old English "M" was awarded each girl who was elected to Varsity in each of these sports. The aim of the association is to stimulate more interest in all sports. Miss Ethel Bateman, adviser, calls on the board members for help in preparing for the May Day celebration. Ginnie Buhler is president. Other officers are: Patsy Teer, vice-president, Sara Cashwell, secretary, Mary Lisle Tucker, treasurer g Bobbie Brown, salesman, Eva Gray Davis, freshman representative. The heads of sports direct the tournaments and organization of their respective sports: Char- lotte Calhoun, volleyball, Marjorie Davis, basketball, Delores Stone. softball, Betty Hamilton, tennis, Ann McLeod, swimming and bowling, Doris Mozingo, ping-pong. . Ginnie Buhler Athletic Association President 66 .steamed B surmise-sinsllssi-N ata!-YW-RFY9. ,Z E 'SX SQ, S .-.!.-.B-8..AS..A. '..s...m 'Athletic Association "The Friendship Song" brings the cheerleaders to the center of the dining hall as the students join hands in a huge circle. In a different mood, they give spirit and loud team support at the volleyball and basketball games. Patsy Teer, college cheerleader, Pat McNeill, senior 5 and Mary Lisle Tucker, junior, are in front- line formation. On second row are Peggy Callahan, sopho- more, and Mary Archie Brown, freshman. Since their freshman year they have been accumulating F I",. :gf M an .fe- K-I points by participation in C sports. The FMC emblems K T show that these girls reached J , the necessary five hundred. X ,X Members of the honorary or- X K I Xf' Q xx ' ganization are, Hrst row: Gin- - ,A ,f' t it . X' nie Buhler, Barbara Hill, Tink Q X X McKenzie, and Lib McGoogan: , , X ,J second row: Jean Sandifer, 'i 'K Y , Margaret Cashwell, Mary Lisle Tucker, and Peggy Elliott. g hx 'X UI, l Monogram Club ' 67 ' Cheerleaders 'Y f-. . 'ia ,jx f' SENIOR TEAM first row: Phillips, Sandifer, McGoogan lcaptainw, Cashwell, Hill, second row: McKenzie, Buhler, Elliott, Lewisg third row: Sweat, Underwood, Hammond. JUNIOR TEAM first row: F. Thompson, Calhoun Gilliland rcaptainm, Teerg second row: Parker McLeod, Tucker, N. Thompson, third row S. Davis, Robinson, Worrell 5 fourth rowg Milligan M. Davis, Stevenson. olleyball The class banners, from the tiger in the dome to Chanticleer at the bottom, appeared in the rotunda, and the tournament was on. The chief organized autumn sport, volleyball attracted a large number of students. Culmination of hours of practice, the tournament gave three afternoons of spirited playing. The golden trophy was won by the seniors. SOPHOMORE TEAM first row: McNeill, Fitz- gerald, Graham icaptaini, Brown: second row: McCracken, Maloney, Hale, Dunn, third row: Cashwell, Willis, Morris, Hamiltong fourth row: Lamb, Kelly, Mize, Morrison. FRESHMAN TEAM first row: Walker, McLean, Munroe icaptaini, Phillips, Campbell, second row: Swaim, Farmer, Davis, Goodman, Hatcherg third row: Stone, Peachy, Matze, Bunn, Propstg fourth row: Hamilton, Hedrick, Oliver, Hammet, Williamson. f XXX! f J 6G'e. 6 M5316 -. 1 ,' ,.4 'C' C' JUNIOR TEAM first row: Tucker, S. Davis, SENIOR TEAM first row: Elliott. McGoogan, Gilliland, M. Davisgsecond row:McLeod, Parker, Lewisg second row: Buhler, Underwood, Hill Milligan, Teer, Stevenson. Captain, John. lcaptainlg third row: Cashwell, Sandifer. l asketball After Christmas basketball practice started in earnest. The tournament was well supported. Again the Polar Bears, the Tigers, the Roosters, and the Bulldogs fought for the championship. Enthusiastic backers of the teams found plenty of good playing and good sportsmanship displayed on the court. The freshmen came out on top. FRESHMAN TEAM first row: Tucker, Hedrick, Hamilton, Matze, Williamsong second row: Hammet, Propst, SOPHOMORE TEAM first row:Cashwe1l, Graham Oliver, Bunn, Hatcher, Stone, third row: Campbell captainl,Lamb,Morrisongsecond row:Maloney. lcaptainl, Farmer, Phillips, Goodman, Walker: fourth Willis, Hale, McCracken: third row: Hamilton, row: Davis, McLean, Swaim, Munroe. Fitzgerald, Dunn, McNeill. Rocking and Shaking p in the contagious excitement of extra-special days, we put all our poise, our know-how, our gracious Flora Macdonald spirit, into use. Perhaps it is that there are just enough big moments to add a truly racy tone to ordinary days. We may be looking our radiant best in layers of net topped with an orchid-or feeling a bit cocky dressed in a colorful Highland Fling costume. The happy part is that not just those chosen to play.the leading roles, but ALL of us, are Flossie Mac's . . . features 1'lXXXXXXXXXX XXXXNNxX I I su, Q x fa pi+ ' ' S S3 QBUS. ..x..s.s..s.a..a. ...una er- 1' -' f 419-I 5 .- 5 ,-Y Y - 5-. . i ,, Tl ' --' - x-f " " v '- -. . lxmxxxxxm xxxxxxxxxx W Q Q N xxx xxxxxx 1 l l l l l l S E 3 i John Jacob Niles quickly made friends with everyone. He made the dulclmer, he wrote the song, and now delights these girls. l l - Freshman Betty McGuire is crowned PJC Homecoming Queen by Dr. LaMotte. lil k.BX,,.Xx in XKXRKXIKXQX F Y W 'vnw 1 U 1x- Big Moments It was fairly easy to break the routine of classes and clubs .... On October 18, the Student Council carried us up a "Stairway to the Stars." Joyce Sweat was dance chairman .... We elected the May Queen and attendants .... Homecoming was the next week end and we got a little sentimental' we'd be alumnae ourselves sometime .... Then it was Fall Festival day. Remember how cold it was? Most of us marched in the parade, but several rode on the gay floats .... A Russian pianist, Ania Dorfman, performed delightfully and we eagerly went through the receiving line to hear her speak. . . . After Thanksgiving the atmosphere was filled with Christmas .... John Jacob Niles broke the magic spell to introduce one of his own, with his picturesque, now gloomy, now sunny, folklore and songs .... The dining hall was converted into a "Winter Wonderland," with plenty of snow inside though there was not a suspicion of it outdoors .... Nobody thought of exams one night in January, as Mr. Sinclair lifted us above our ordinary pursuits with his inspired playing .... The Salzburg Marion- ettes, featured in a December LIFE, carried their audience completely into the world of make- believe .... On March 10, Ogden Nash, famous humorist and poet, sent us into gales of laughter. . . . "Touch back, touch front" and all its variations started us looking ahead to May Day. The white columns set off the brilliant colors of those hastily- sewn costumes, and we managed to remember most of our dance steps .... The seniors began their round of parties. It all ended with the highest, most satisfying feature of all: graduation, with all seniors in the leading role. "A WINTER WONDERLANDH GIVES BEAUTY AND SNOWY SPLENDOR T0 THE X' ' ' KKXXXXXXXXXY .U Q i - y, fl At the Silver Tea in the spring. seniors exchanged gifts in their chosen patterns of sterling. , rr' vel-P' I First prize, 5100, was awarded the Flora Macdonald float in the Fall Festival by the Red Springs Merchants Association. DINING HALL, FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS DANCE. ,gfffgd ,Y--G I my ngzrl' 1 sg -Sq ..f Z' Freshman drill gets primary billing on May Day. The syn- chronized beat of music and motion snaps the audience to attention as the girls move in perfect mass formation. X A A.. , Marshals . . . 1953 Retta Parker, Chief Epsilon Chi Dibbie Abernathy, Zetesian Jean Johnson, Zetesian ' Jessie Blalock, Epsilon Chi Marlene Jones, Epsilon Chi , DeLanie Boney, Epsilon Chi Sarah Margaret McLeod, Zetesian l Peggy Carter, Zetesian Nancy Stikeleather, Epsilon Chi When nine girls in sparkling white dresses make their debut as ushers in the auditorium, the year's work for the marshals is beginning. They slip easily into the routine of iinding seats and giving out programs at the concerts and lectures. Equally adept at conversing with the visiting artists and greeting the multitude at receptions, they are always attractive hostesses. Zetesian and Epsilon Chi Societies elect the marshals from the junior class. The honor of choosing the chief marshal alternates between the two. Standing: Parker: back row: Boney, Johnson, Jonesg Grst row: McLeod, Stikeleather, Abernathy, Carter. u Q ibv"g' 'A , 4 T4 LAX Avila-is xisxlsi-vizlwi-X K QNNQYNQQNNFX - 4 S Lil. 55:48. QA.,-nisiwiimin mimi-iQ Buhler, Underwood, Sandifer, Boyd, May, Elliott. Who' s Who E l I l Being listed in "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" is one of the 5 highest honors a Flora Macdonald student can receive. Biographies of leading students from hundreds of colleges are included in the annual publication. For their excellence and sincerity in scholarship, l their work in extra-curricular and academic activities. their citizenship and service to the school, and their promise of usefulness to business and society. six seniors were chosen. They have led in student government, Christian Association. class organizations. clubs, and publications. These are the girls whose names will be found in the 1952-53 edition: I I ! I Evelyn Boyd Elsie May ' Ginnie Buhler Jean Sandifer Peggy Elliott Margaret Jean Underwood ' r . . . Honors most outstanding students 9 V 0 1 Btwn x' x -.xxx6XXmXKl,Nxs 11- - S v- Qlgxixfs A x Q . T C., 5 , - A x , ..., x x N ..v,, s-v f 7 HS fi-If Af i 1 lu' if nv w . .pzi ff- . JE, DIBBIE ABERNATHY Beauty xisxslvlx Superlat Treasured recognition from the student body comes to six girls, chosen to be the college superlatives. In 1953 we selected Jean Sandifer, student body president and "Who's Who"g Dibbie Abernathy, former May Court attendant, marshal, and a. junior: Frances McDui'Iie, dining room hostess, senior vice-president, FRANCES McDUFFIE Dependability . M' Fvdwdwx " - .. A .,.?'it S 5.8 i.S..S ies . . . 1953 and skilled movie projector operator. Lib McGoogan, a grammar grade education major, is an outstanding athlete and college fire chief. We picked Elsie May, "White Heather" editor and "Who's Who," and Mary Lisle Tucker, Student Volunteer president, a junior from Virginia. LIB McGOOGAN Sportsmanship L s in fgiikg i . f WWI! fly :fa A J . 1 ff X be N .wi 1 ' l' 'lla MARY LISLE TUCKER Personality Y l arf 1 X pw N I . 'QJ yr-4 J 7 x, , 5 5- - V' "7 ' x.X W 1 XIV' Sxfwap X9 an .9 N3 w- ing in -'P ull- if f N1 L. ELSIE MAY Capability Superlatives 1953 JEAN SANDIFER Best-All-Around ...Q 'UT ii' i Q 5., 2 vs lf, ,, -B1-X AWN l I I ll , ae- I y ill' ,Q fffs T 4 14 Q if l-:K VI v ,. . I... h "1 g l . QQ- if !"fini'5if ill ' -an--if ,E np, Tired girls in limp gym suits troop in the back door, and someone spits out two words defeatedly, "May Day!" All the weary hours of practice, the aching feet, the too-hot costumes in the spring sunshine, bring near-perfection in the real performance. Miss Ethel Bateman plans and lil executes the lovely pageant. Families and friends come to witness the rainbow May Court pro- cession and the festivities which honor the queen. lze tempo increaaea and it? C9 MARIE ESSEY Queen rf. x -he uw, ---wi s fm, gm-vu GINNIE BUHLER, Maid of Honor Lia.-ilwi.x QXNNQUNQN '8NX'Q-tx!-it-SY!SX -' L 1 Laura Lisk and Janice Garrett Marie Sellers and Lucy Fleming Freshman Attendants Sophomore Attendants een and Her Graff ' ? E I Mary Lib Pierce, Marlene Jones, Saradee Davis Gina Gray, Joyce Sweat, Jean Underwood Junior Attendants Senior Attendants 7 A we , A if .V 3 If 4" Q w 5' 1, :X J' 1 2 W- - 1,-jlfgfx . ' .', . 4 ' 31, ij -ei, X h . , ' 3 , E ,ki 'R ., . T I - . ' 1 'N R14 A FMCIS... a composite of many things to your the haunting music of a radio, muted by plastered walls 3 the bag suppers stretching through a year of Sunday nightsg the corsages pinned to screens after the dance is overg the taste of the water as you drink at the springg the Sunday afternoon dates spent walking through the gardensg the "Best Wishes" in the dining room for every diamondg the line stretching down the sidewalk as you return from churchg the sunbathing on Morgan Beach as soon as spring arrivesg the hasty trips uptown at 12:20 for week-end supplies: the increased activity as the campaign for a bigger and better Flora Macdonald goes into high gear. 4-C Top to bottom: snake chain . . . cakes from Mrs. McRainey--fa must for Birth- day Night . . . Fall Festival parade of freshmen . . . White Gift. -f--+ "The laundry is now open" . . . rhythm instruments for SPASM .. . . there's studying and studying . . . Negro school Bible class . . . in the net . . . thirsty? . . . we wash our own . . . theory with Meese . . . sew to the end. f I 1 x - I I I X , lr- mn . lllllsx ,' pw A' Qs Nh r, ,- wg, gf,'--- R ,I I I l , I I I I I I lk, R.:.x..x, MCNEILL CLEANERS H6 South Main Street PHONE 2941 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA General Auto Sales, Inc. OLDSMOBILE and O.M.C. TRUCKS Full Line of Parts Expert llICl'lltll1lCS Pllmle 2381 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA NEIGHRORS SHOE STORE Refl Springs E.x'4'lI1IsiUe Slzne Store RED SI-RINOR. NORTH CAROLINA Phone f598l IOI' WILL RE I'I,E,xsED WITII OIR QI',I1,1TI' ,mn RERIWJE Q RED SPRINGS DRUG CO. Hedflqlulrters for Flora lllflcvlmzrllrl College .S'tI1rlf'1Its I . RED SPRINGS. NORTII C,xROLIN.x LENOIR'S JEWEL SHOP INTERN.-ITIONAL SILVER Quality jewelers TIFFIN CRYSTAL RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Cnnzpllnzentx of KENNEDYS JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP FINE WATCH REPMRING RED SIIRINOR, N C. "We Serve In Szfrw signin" I CUlIII7llIIZl'l1f.Y of SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION AI. PARNELI, RED SI-RIINOR. NORTII CAROI.IIwI HOME FURNITURE COMPANY xl Complete Line of Home Fllrfzislzirzgs RED SPRINOR. NORTII CAROLINA COIIIIIHIIIPIIIS of Woods 5-10-250 Stores, Inc. RED SI'RIv:s. NORTH C.fIROI.INA You are mrflirzlly inritml lu Visit SARAH'S for the lures! in .vtylex anal fashions S A R A H ' S RED SPRINGS. NORTII CAROLINA xlvlakxizimkx A N8iN'Q+'!-NiwQNY!SN - Compliments of ROBBINS MILLS iN.C.D, INC. RED SPRINGS DIVISION M. 81 S. MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH C.-IRR Sales and Service REO SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Phone 248-I Complirnenls of THE GULF STATION RHI: SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLIM SANDERS FURNITURE COMPANY H O t el REO SPRINGS. NORTH CAROI Im PRINCE CHARLES I .-I IJ .-QW-+fH AIR CONDITIOXEI Hatcher S q5x. ,,..bjf JCWCIC, los Hay Sl. Dial 2000 . - T Lig::OLg5i1ffr,'i-.-"4- . Favelteville. N. C- FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA R"J"""-' 5e"""f W Amfffwf- Gfm50fff'-I Q. BELK-HENSDALE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORES 1 i I,.-Xl'RINlil'liLl - F.-XYli'I'TEYIl,I,E - l.l Nllil-fIi'l'lJN KAIQFOHD - RED SPIKINCS EI,IZAlSl'l'l'H'l'UWN - FAIIWIUNT SHOP AND SAVE AT BELICS Belk Stores arc the Carolinas' Largest Distributors of Reliable Meirliaiicliscl T i T, ji I.ilIIIlIIlflIIf'lIfX nf S. H. KRESS AND CO. ll Mm Liw in Fmitlim-aisle-i'1i Nnrlii Cllliliillil i'iUli'I"I'liNll,I.I'2. NORTH tluamiixx X1 V N f' V1 Y f I H'i 1 1 T nm OPIICAL COMPANX 'S "' wiiilllillglltbll : l"11yv11vx'ilic- 2 Gl'w-lifimiwm ,ii ff' i 1 ' A5 I 1, 1' 'Im ilmii , i t I "Nu1'll1 f,'11rnl1'l1z1's Ufrfvsl ,Ni1'll'SlJll1l6'f'-D Vlumir- i119 i'iXYI-1'l'llXII.Iili. NURTII lIu:m,ixx "IGI, ISITA' M C C R O R Y ' S For Complete 5 and IOC Store Q T, ,W Rx HM Nlawb c,mfERixc,E i'iXYIC'l'lI XII.I,IC. NORTH fikIitll,lNX 1 inxxxxxx-aihniixxsiimmxsx XQDAQNXQQKQYQ-N' i i RED SPRINGS S U P P C O I n C For Cum! Tllfll Uni mul Sllllljlll' ., . Ibiul llllln General Merchants . XX Xlxl Lu. N. L. The FlTi'II!H'I' Slurv l,IllllIIl!IUlI'llI.N nf FERTILIZERS ANI? CU'I"I'ON HARDXYARE GRUCERY MARKET Texaco Service SI'0I'IOI1 RLZILIJINC M:X'I'ERI4-XI, .lllis-Clzulnzers Farm .Illlt'lllAl1PI'-Y l,'m11pli1111'r1l.x nf Dial 3701 mul 3271 RED Smcmcs. NORTH C.um1.1NAx RED SPRINGS THEATRE AUTO SERVICE CENTER Dealers in Case Farm .I1lll'llil1t"l'I' . . I ' IIIIIIIIPIIIIIPIIIA ul 111111 .-Into Parts Esau G,-XSULINE IJUEI. O11,s Mwrnu OIL um! CREAM-is LIBERTY XIfXYL7EAXfITIIRINfL RED Svmxcs. NURTH CAROLINA COXIPIXNY McDONALDS CLEANERS QLyxL1'rx' CLEANING I I11'mI'ff1'IU'1 1401111 IIICID NPIIINILS. NHHTII f,XHHI.IN'I RED Svmxcs. NURTII C.xHuLlN,x ' ,VXX XX 'vhs AX U1 xuv -vo. 9 ' Y 'W 5 WAIKIKI I,I,X ILIN IIII.. IYI1 EPSI'G 014 NIC FADYEN .Ilu.s1'f' um! fezvvfry Store II8 I'IL1y Street FLYr:TTLgv11.1.1f:. Nmrru CAROLINA Corn pl i 111 Puts of BENDERTS DRUG STORE JI Real Drug Stow .ZIII Hay Street IMI'lf:'1'Tl-:v1Ll,l-2. NORTH C.-XRUI.IN.-X f.IUI7IIlll.IIlPlllS of D I A N A S H O P S .SIIIIIFIHSI in FCIIII-111.118 RAYLASS DEPT. STORE plpparel Fn'r:T'1'l-:vl1,LL:. Nulrrn C.-XIiUI.IN.-X 1254-25 HH? SIM" Y I PI""I'l 6473 I7.n'E'1"l'L:x'1LLE. NIHTH C.xHu1.1N,x M. M. SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY 4c I f iza- FURNITURE FOR EVERY HOME Ifqlznlffsrilf' fuzrl Hemi! lgqsi iff 10 f 2523 ll.1ySm-f-1 FATIf'IVI'I'IVII,I,I'I. NUIIIIIII I,l.'XIIUI.INA M. M. SMITH STORAGE WAREHOUSE BONDED FIREPROOF WAREHOUSES Agf. ALLIED VAN LINES, Inc LOCQXI, and LONG DISTANCE . II.LXlIl,INC Plmnf- 2191. IfnL1'r1'Ex'11,l.r:. Nmvrli C,xHm.lN.x x5...mifK-.Xx.A..A-hknkx N X B. C. MOORE AND SONS, Inc. nlir-Cnr11l1'tiu11f'dfor Your Slmpping Comfort PHONE 243-6 "Buy from Moore and Save More" WE FEATURE CARROLL-KING DRESSES FOR JENIORS Sizes 9-15 RED Svmxcs. NORTH CxROLlu BURROUGHS CUT-RATE STORE l'l1Onv lffl Rl-in SPRINGS. 'NUliTll llxnouxx Slilllllll. Fl l'l'l,ll.F STXTIUNI-QRX : SXNlJXXl1Illl-IS l'-XNl1Rl RNS CXNIH : 'IROILET Xll'l'll1l.liS - DRINRS - D. XI. NIT-NIILLAN "Ford Prmlzzrts .S'1'r1re 1912" REO SIRINGS. NORTH C,xRO1-1xx L O N G ' S HABERDASHI-:Rs TAILORS "Tonmrrou"s .Styles Today". Run S1 RlNGr. NORTH CAROLINT UOIIIPHUIPHIS of MCKEITHAN HARDWARE I RED SPRINOQ. NORTH CAROLINA ALLEN BUILDERS SUPPLIES Inc. LLDNIBER : BLILDING NIATERIAI- Phone 2386 REO SPRINOH. NORTH CAROLINA TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY The Rexall Store Dependable Druggists Where the College Girls Meet REO Slruxus. NORTH CAROLIM GRANTHAM INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY SAFETY - SECURITY - SERVICE PIIUIIF 330-I Rim SIHINGS. NURTII C.'IHUl.INX I.vlIIlIlJ1I7I1f'I1f.K of WESTERN AUTO STORE min svnmss. YOIITII II.,XII4DI,IN-X Coffzplinzents of G RA H AM 'S Department Store, Inc. '30-3 Phones 308-I 257-I 'iii III-QI! SPIIINIZS. NORTH C.-XROI.IX,-I Pontiac Studebakf-1' International Harvester Sfzlas llllll Serzfiu if? SINGLETON AND MCMILLAN, Inc. 10: IJIIHIIP 3971 III-III SPIIIYILS. NIIHTII If'XIUII,IIYfX D. R. MDOCM COVINGTON Coon USED CARS Ivlspllf-nw Zfml IIICIJ SPIIINIZS. NORTH C.'XIIIJI.IN.'X CUIIIIIITIIIPIITS of BAXLEY-JOHNSON CH EVROLET CO., INC. IIICII SPIIINILS. NORTH C.-XIl0I.IX,-X THE QUALITY SHOP Clnflzilzg for flze Funzily 129 S. IVIQIIII Sl. Dial SI I6 IIEIJ SPIIINILF. NUIITII CAXIIUI,INA x EA A .:uS.i.44,x-aL.Axmiws.x X X l ' iX2ZN' " ' " ' " 'Tiff , Are "Yours for u Lovely Home" BEDSPREADS BATH SETS DRAPES DISH CLOTHS COTTON RUGS DISH TOWELS PRODUCED IN NORTH CAROLINA S0111 by fine stores everylvlzere o:-- MORGAN-JONES, INC. 58 WTOYIII Street NEW YORK. N. Y. im T 'axgaxxxmikxkx f,'0IIIlllilII!'I11.i of Modern Motor Co., Inc I l,l'NmER'1'uN. NuI:'1'H CARULIN x f.ylIlII11l1.lIll'll1.Y nf POLLY ANN SHOP I.L'x1m31:'l'm. Numu C.xno1.1N.x BEST WISHES PIGGLY WIGGLY Rmvlnaxn. NuR'ru CAROLINA Conzplinzents of S. L. ADAMS CO. R1m'1.Axn. NORTH CxRo1.1xA J. C. WARD'S STORE General Merchandise 1-0-3 Phmw 87 limvmxlm. NORTH CAROIJNA Our Lumberton Sponsors Conzplinzents of The R0lH'SHI1illll 9 0- MCNAIR S Pe-umm-k uml Sullivan Slmes Irlmll Dress Shop -W A MODERN S.F.Call'll1lC. , ,L w " DEPARTMENT bTURL Iftllllllllll Motor Co. nf Imwnlwulllafg. NORTH CAROLINA I,lIMBEH'I'1lN. NUHTII C,xRul.1M X X X iv-ug 1----.--1. F1 CW? E Q 6551 EEE- 3Sf?Refff-slmy. . .Ada 1 E W E f f?AZ0SfT0 T710 Hour M pfw Hg? EL-xE J iw 51E :EE4 ' K iii-Tr-' Nifa ,V f EEE 1 El if E ITT, Egg-L Q-QA 4" ' if: X.R5,E,ff'f- ' ffff f 'F"" f'-14 no-mn V-an .Lv-nu of -.1 for. rm. cn.-nu n FAYETTEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. 7, lfnnzplinzvrzls nf' V4 A j, ve ml' an ' rAvEr'rEvu.x.E fair , N:S,w:L. T' SEARS ROEBUCK :,2" Fn'ETTEx'1LLE. NORTH CxHo1,1x,x A N D C O . HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY ' Lumber and Bllildfllg Supplivs Q - Q un my sl,-.-.-I Plant and Ufflvvf -520 Imlmnlnt St. Plummer 3191 and 3192 FAYETTEVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA xx xxxxx xx N 'Y F.xw3'1A'1'Ex'11.1.E. Xumu C.xRu1,1xx I MCLEOD MOTORS, INC. CHRYSLER 1 PLYMOUTH Sales arzrl Seruive I,m1m:RTuN. NORTH CARHLINA IIIIOIN? C5574 MERRIMAC MUSIC CO. Rvvorfls - Sheet .Ilusic - Weaiwr Pinnm CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS Phone 4047 JI-I0 Chestnut St. I..UIVIBI-III'I'0N. N. C. JACK PAIT FURNITURE CO. Furniture - Radios - .4p11lir1r1f'0.s IIIIOII6 572 Clwstnut Street IIIIINIBERTON. NORTH C-TRULINA ROBESON OFFICE SUPPLIES ST.-xT1oNr:Rs : UI-'I-'ICE Ul'TFITTI'IRS PRINTERS I,L7xlm3R'roN. NORTH C.u:u1.1N,x Cnnzplinzents of A. WEINSTEIN 81 SONS I,I'xmi:R'roN. NORTH CAROLINA I THE LUMBERTON MUSIC STORE I.I"KIBI'1IITON. NORTH lIARm,iN.A Hume' of Bairlzcfin PIUIIUS mul E1f'r'fronir' Organs I'Imm' 3730 412 Clwstnul St. ffornplinzvlilx of THE SCOTTISH BANK FREEMAN PRINTING COMPANY I. Uzwfr Fifty Yrfnfzs of Quality Printing" IT. T. IAXIBETII. .l1flIIflg0I' Dial 3925 I,I'NIIiIiIl'I'ON. NORTH CARHLINI f,IUlI1IIIl-IIIFIIIS nf SUGAR'S MEN'S STORE I,l'uHr:RToN. NORTH LI,xlml.1N,x HOLMES JEWELRY STORE I,1'wm2RToN. NORTH l,I.xRul.lN.-x FREEMAN MOTOR COMPANY NEW AND LSEH mics Sm-uml and Chestnut Slrvc-ts I,l'NlIiFIli'T'ON. NORTH C.IROI.INA KA f SAXNXI Tixl-kxiixvfx X X- AX iv-una-1 -,.,,-.--1 For Ilw UPA! fum! in Torn! Ii.sil H I - H AT G R I L L O02 CiIIvfpit' Strvvl l'i,XYET'I'EYlLLE. NORTH CXHULINX RAEFORD LUMBER CO. IINIISEII 1 IIIIIIIING NIAX'I'ERIfXI.S II XIEIWIIIIL Nmwu IIIIHILIN x BAUCOM APPLIANCE COMPANY Reu:lfuRn. NORTH Cuumlxx I-'RIGIDAIRE PROIII CTS XI.-XYTXL1 XYXSIII-QRS EXSY W-XSIII-QRS ZEXITII RADIO 'XXII TELEVISION SNIALI. 4XPI'I,IANCES. ETC. Quality is uf First lnzpnrtnnce f. f,ff1 ,fl fffffvf lla 1,1 THE JOHNSON CONIPANY Cotton. F1fr11'11':vr. Sffvfl. lIlSlll'lll1f'f' Iluarmm. N4m'ru C,xHn1.lx-I JOHNSON COTTON CO. of RAEFORD. Inv. Furninlre. Elevtrir and Cas 'IIIIIIIDIIVIFI FAST FIANIE GAS SERVICE RAI-QFURD. XURTH Cxnuuxa MORGAN MOTOR CO. Ihrzmnn. NORTH CAROLINA If hen llvllwr -Iulmnnlrilvs ,-Ire Hui!! BL ICR II Ill ffuilrl TIIUIII Complimenls of HOKE CONCRETE WORKS HAEIWIRIJ. XOHTII C.um1.lxx f.1!?lIIIIll-IIIPVIIS of HOOD MOTORS. INC. Your DODGE-PLYNIOL"I'II Dealer Pnl. I.L'NIBI-ZRTUN. NORTH IIIRHLIN-I I'I1unP P15516 HEDGPETH PHARMACY T1440 Registered Druggists Lorraine II.,.rel Building LL HBERTOX. NORTH CVxRu1.lx.x f.lHlII7lllI1l'l7fS of W. LEE FLOWERS F: COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 6116 I.. 214 Surf-I I.1'x1m:RTuw. Nauru Cuumlxx lvmxxxxxx'-.xx ' T I ' Y ' W ' l.IUIIIl2l1,l7Il'lIlK nf McCIRT'S PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SERVICE SLPPLIERS llllll CONTRACTORS Plnnw 230 NI.fxx'1'1w. Nunn: C1x1m1,1NA Complinlvnls nf IVIAXTON SUPPLY CO. MAXTON. NUHTH CARm.1NA DUNN'S AUTO SALES If you llftllll Il var that will fllll 7 -- Bl!-YIffl'0II1 Dllllll NEW AND USED CARS IIU1' Sell to Szllisfy Illllllll' 276 XIAxTm:. NORTH C..xHo1,lNA THE BANK of ROWLAND DIAL 55732 Ruw1.,aN11. NURTH C.Am11.1M .,l1t'IIl1Jf'I' of Fvzlfvrlf Deposit lI1Slll'l1l1l'f' f.-lII'1JOI'lIfIOI1 If fffff pl 1'111 1-11 r .w of Austin-Gilbert Drug Company The Rvxfzll Slqrrf NIAx'1'nN. NuRTl1 C1u:m.1M ffnrzzplirn Pnls nf EDEN'S FLOWER SHOP "WP Wlirff Flozvvzgs -111y111lzv1'P" Emi ltlm AYFIIIIQ' Plume 224-I Run S1-lawns. NORTH CARol,1NA NEW YORK RESTAURANT 226 Hay Str 1-1- t 34 Ya-arm lmlvr Sanur- IWHIIHQPIIIFIII I"AYI'1'I"IIIfVlI,I,l'1. NORTH lfAROI,INA f,o111pl1'11wnl.x nf FAYETTEVILLE WHOLESALE COMPANY Featuring FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 2131 L,lll4lll'l' of L.Il1ll11'1' and Urangz' Nrvvla F.n'r:'r'1'1zv11.1,E. No1:'1'11 CAROLINA xx g1. igxA.xxLAx X N . X N Qxnigxxuvnuwu-vvivv-1 B I L L B E L C H E PHOTOGRAPHER Commercial Photographer P. O. Box 44I Phone 2-5468 FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA THE PHOTO SHOP COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Canlera Equipment Supplies Werlclillgs Portraits Copies Miniatures FPEIIIIPS and Mounts "Bring Your Plrolugrrrpllir- Problem To Us" Phone 549-I Seottish Heights RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA MAXTON HARDWARE COMPANY l1IlI'lllI'lIl'P - l'r1ir1l.x 111111 IvI1l'l1ISllI'.Y Huilrlerx Supplies NI.xx'rox. Nomu tIxrm1.1u IJIIUIIP 88 J U LIUIIIIJIPIIIUIIIX of LOUIS J. ESSEY, Ltd. CI.tVI'HlERS ,1oxx'l'H-xx 1,oc,xN lmtissiis IW!-LRWOVEN socks HHN SHOES : ARROW SHIRTS NIAx'roN. NORTH C.-XRULIN x X i i E FLOR DONALD COLLEGE RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA 57TH YEAR Accredited Senior College and Conservatory Flora Macdonald College has "that something." You ean't quite describe it. You feel itajust as soon as you step on the campus. l lt's "something" intangible hut real. Ask any student who has lived in the elevating and energizing atmosphere of the college. You will he told it's "something" that gets into one's heart. mind. and soul-"something" that awakens the hest-"something" that lays hold of the hest--"something" that hrings out the hest. lt's ' "something" a student feels when studying in the lihrary or listen- ing to a lecture in the elassroom or playing haskethall in the gym or walking through the eollege gardens. lt's "something" that makes a student want to work and play and live with zest and joy and ahandonment. lt's "something" a student finds at Flora lVlacdonald4"something" that lives in her and with her during y her college years-"something" whieh goes with her out into life ? and makes her a unique person. radiant in personality. unselfish l in spirit. and stu-1-essful in her eareer as a teacher or nurse or l pastor's assistant or teehnieian or secretary or wife and mother or i leader in her 1-hurvh and eommunity. "That something" is the plus in edneation whieh Flora lVlaedonald offers you. Ir's "that l i something" whit-h money 1-annot liuy hut which no girl who has found it would exvhange for all the wealth of India. l MARSHALL SCOTT WOOIJSON. PRESIDENT l..x,,S.S..Xf jxmxkikix X X . . X ' " - 1ui1xRlB HEEIEIAL PHHTHHHAPHEHS 1953 WHl'I'E HEATHEH Colonna Studios, Inc C HARLO E ENGRAVING CO ,Lkwf jmuaaf Dfgfazzffvffglvc, I Charlotte, Norkh Cc: rolinc: LxkAxix 1viltxwl: Y - vv 1111111111 "QW '1111 1 1111 11 1 1 X , 11514111111 '11 X Q NN N1 11111111 1 ff MNA X X X xQ X i B X N , , , , f7 S S Ng 1,1 1,1 X 1 11 '11 R 1 BUILDERS THE ANNLQXI, S'l'.'XFF amd the EDWARDS 8 BR011GHT11N ,:. ,, ,, 11, 1 11 1 11 111,411 ,'f 1 11- l 1 , 11' 1 1 , 1 ZX 21 11 A 1.1 17. ' 1 17 11 ...e1.1 11' -1 11 1 11111,1113",1..1E ' , X UH1141111, ,Y kj 1, - X, '11 .A 1 1 1, . 1' 11 1, ,11 ..1 ,' -1 X 1 1 1,1 1 K 1. 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Suggestions in the Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) collection:

Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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