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 - Class of 1952

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l. 0 'Qs E v v Nil no J . Ria 1 Q4-fi 'Q-: ,NIAQQY I 3 I ,, R ,- WK- ...v-2' -ob' ' f' vo O' 5 w xilll'll'l'll Ififlp -In 0 Atllllllill Sluclonl I'uhIi1-ation 4 am M analcf eazzeqe Rod Springs North fanrnlina Enid firzulp Iidilm' ,hnzuuln Smith llur-inc ss 'IZIIIIIQUI' fm, x 3, lu P.-. ff, Cfxx B 'x Q ml X , 3 fi El ? .x x ff 1 mn- XII , K--4 if x I.. Y i . nu, 6 1 -Q N, XX A K .ix r I. 4 I t . . -f U K XL 1 1 , I V,,. . , I 1- ,gm Q I M The Story of Flora Macdonald in 1952 is a seasonal one. s beginning in the fall of '5l. Cars poured in between the gray stone gates. and the halls took on a crazy pattern of trunks and boxes. Then suddenly and disappointingly the chaos dissolved into order. the lines into classes. The long length of Vardell be- came tinged with autumnal red. and on Saturday afternoons girls gathered around a radio to listen to a football game .... Then one day you lingered by the radiator before taking your seat in chapel. and that night you threw another blanket on the hed.. Out at the gym a few girls huddled over in one corner while the sound ot' a lonely ball echoed in the hollow darkness. The walk back from town became longer and colder. for these were the Days of the Red Noses and Frozen Feet .... Then slowly you inched your windows up at night. and a din- ner you migrated to the front campus. And so it was ng. The wisteria produced the traditional wonder. and the campus was suddenly and miraculously green. You marveled at the seasonal beauty of your college, and yet you knew that while her campus and curriculum changed with these seasons, the spirit of Flora Macdonald remained the same-Autumn. Winter, and Spring. 3 Q4 M v ' qfzit gn 'Q' s ft I if 5 s ' f-Ff.: If X ,, , .4 XUA 1 A 3' E Q r i . '95 PP r """' ,AF 4Il 1.410 War wr' 1:-, 'B I SL. If ,df 'y . . II" you have ever noticed the ready Smile that accents her wit . . . IF on a freezing January night you have waited with her for a one a.m. hue. . . IF you have ever heard her take a do-or-die stand ill favor of a wayward student MR . . . IF you have even the harest acquaintance with her THEN there need be no explanation as to why this book is dedicated to her. You have the answer. fi llc-an of Students S. l'. I' JIVCAIN l f'f:,274-1y','x W AQ f ' .9-v1 T e President Dr Marshall Scott Woodsoll His untiring effort. hard work, and loyal devotion to thc office of the president h'1ve cnwhled Flora NI'icdorald to pro- gress rapidly durin, tlc tru years it hws becn under l's leadership. The thuu,.ghtfulness, friendliness. 'md concern which he has shown towwrd rich jirl h'n'c won him a warm place in our hearts. 1 l-mari 1 N,- S O 1 0 1 . ' 4 ' 4 1 A 1 A 1 eg 1' X . . - ll 1 - 1 . '. 2 . X Ill! l'll Xlll,l'1S 15 YXIEIDELI, l'r1-.ull-nl I ' Ilx 7 ' 'V i .. M fy. fficers of dlninistration Price H. Gwynn, Jr.. B.A.. lll.A.. B.D., Ph.D Dvan of Faculty Charles G. Vardell, Jr.. B.A.. M.A.. Pl1.D. Dean of Conservatory I-ninn X l ll Morrison MCCM 14" M Miss llazel Morrison. HA. Registrar and Dean of Admissions Mrs. l'. P. lVlcCain, B.A., M.A. Dean of Students L 1 ' wi - rw. , mum flrqpillilrllfl 1 1,- Left to right. seated: Morrison. Lvles, Mc'I,aughlin. Lassiter. Standing: Williams. Perrv. Connor, Wright, llearen, inistration and Faeult Brown Morrison. B.L., Bursar Flora M. Perry. B..-X.. B.S.L.S.. Librarian Louise Lyles, Secretary. Office of the President Annie Ylfilliams. Secretary. Oflice of Registrar Myrtle K. WVright. Secretary. Office of the Bursar Nan H. Bullock. B.L.. Editor of the College Bulletin and Beatrice H. McLaughlin. B.A.. Field Secretary Shirley Lassiter. Assistant to Librarian Martha L. Gamhill. Dietitian Virginia Connor. R.N.. Resident Nurse C. T. Johnson. M.D., Physician G. C. Lang. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Elizabeth S. Dearen. Manager of Laundry Helen T. Dorroh. Supervisor of Dormitories 9 7-ke Publicity Secretary 'W WY iam, M, , Facult I Lett to right: All-Phaul, Robertson, Conolp, Cherry. Bullock, Bowen, PHILLII' l.ESl.Ili l-Sl'l,l.Ul'K, BH! B D., Th.M,, Th IL. Professor of Bible ELIZABETH C. llt'PH.XL'l.. li.A., As- sistant Professor of Bible. MARGAKI-Tl' BKHVEN, B.A,, NIU-L. .Xs- soriate Professor of Bible and Christian Eduvalion MARY Ill. CUNULY, B.S-. Ms-X., Professor of Education. ANNIE M. CHERRY, B..X.,4 Ill.A. As- sistant Professor of l-Idus-ation. Nl NEIFHHURS B -X GENEVII-IVE . , 1 ., A- V. BLA., Assistant Professor of liduration and Social Sell-nre. CAROL ROBERTSON, B.A.. BLA., Professor of History. JOHN E, WVlLl.lfXMS. B.3l., MAI.. Assistant Professor of Organ and Thoory. R.-XCHEI. T, PllU'l'lll-IRUI-I, PLM, As- sistant Prof:-'ssor of Musir Education. NYR.-X TURBEVILLE, BMX., HAI.. .Xs- sistnnt Professor of Piano. LIIIA l.. f'llAl-'fNl.-KN, B.A,, HAI., As- sistant Professor of Piano and Organ. J,-KMES Y. COBB, Bok., BBL, Assistant Profvssor of Voicv and t'hor:il Dire-1-tor. ETIIEI, M. RKHVLANID, HS., Assistant Professor of Voicv. l,ll.l.l.XN l-', ROBI-ISHN, As-:slant l'ro4 fe-ssor of Violin, ,., sq --. J0x Q., K.. I to right: Tlirlwville, llnwlanrl. Cnhh. Prolheroe, Williams. is i 'ff so r itts mr ,s .tl sg i t - if . l952 Left to right, nrst ron: l!.ntvm.in. listn-s. sn-nlmusl-. st-ro nl ron: Mum-r, llxnnwn. Hallam: at 'w tr -n C7 .- rf' f-"rx if Macdonald uf 'A f . ll, -. f r F- ' z .IF Q It N , K Q N 5 left to right' Watson Scott Reagan 'ilorrison Howder Viri ht ,msn tx uuzxx, iss., urrt., Ms., .Kssoriale l'rufn'ssm ot' t'h4-lnis.rs. FRANl'l'IS li. CUINIHR, lS.S., NLS., Pro- fu-ssor of llonn- I-lronolnlvs, DIARY Y. N'A'l'SUN, B.S., NLS., AS- sislnnt Profvssor ot' Home Evonomics. l-ITHEI, B. Il.-KNSI-IN, BHK., M.A., Stull., Professor of Biology. EDNA E, ESTES, ILS.. NLS.. Assistant Professor of Biology. LETA VV. INIQINTYRE, B.S., Assoriate Professor of Business Subjerts. I-Il.IZAI5E'l'H STENHOFSE, B,L., As- sistant Professor of Business Subjects, ELEANUR B. SCUTT, B.A., BLA.. Ph.D., Professor of English. NEIL VVATSUN, M,A., A5-.istant Professor of English. TIIUMAS E, IVRIGHT, B.A.. M.A,, Professor of French and Spanish. IYILLIAM F. REAGAN, BAL, ILA., Assistant Protessor of French. ELLIE M, SOIVIDER, B.A.. BLA., AS- sociate- Professor ut Mathematics. HARRIET N, MORRISON, B.A., DLA., Professor of Latin. ETHEL BATEMAN. B.A., M..-L, Dire?- tor of Physical Education and Assistant to IM-an of Students. I 'l W l l l l -4: .Z .4-new-npr ,.- , ----.---..... -.-.-an-up ., , .- .1 , -. ' ,, , .,,-, 'N 'll ,U 'Pinev- ml Pffr' I 1 ' . 1 4 . .Q xxiil' I ff: 'f-1? 1 ki hw 2' 1' ff ,N L45 IQLSYQZ... V ti x , 4' W V In 1 Y Q., P' I7 .11-.st ,Vt I- ' I :JI 1 - , i A Pr Fv,-l..w . ,-f.4lP' .'k,. ,. ff - - ,. 4 ' .4Q -f A .ff Psi ,Q .f Qvlfr' 'lug- 'L U N KY Alf' 9 I Qi HIS is the- Boginning. thc' Starling Point. .X hot and wornout sunnnc-r has slowly lurnf-cl into SPplPllllN'l'. wha-n lhc- 1950 Delmtznitv folds he-r Net Uri-uni. plan-vs it lovingly in the shiny gold hox. und ra-awlu-s for llt'l' lli.ll'lP1llllll glasses. Thus il is illllllllllll ll cllalleliging yellow season. il season for ullilvtivs. for books. for IIFYPI'-Pllfllllg lines. This is the time for vlosed weekends. for zu-aflenlic zlrgunwnls. for ll0lll?SiI'lillPS5. This is yours. llllllf'l'1'l3S5lllf'll. This is the story of autumn. . . . the Starting Point N1F"u' Rat Boyd being painfully embarrassed by an unmerriful sophomore. - J? 'Qui Te Street during the Harvest Festival? ----"Y i F.M.C. stole the show by displaying a novel float adorned with several campus cuties. Fay Reynolds came nut on top ai Queen of the Mardi Gras. F. Hup 2-3--I! Remember the annual trek down Main v- 5 , . gg. rw-5-T v .:',,.- ' gg 1-1 'W mm . -+q,,1-4 , , , 'lhe societies ned for memhers ilun thi ind leteslan cue nr, up u-mfr 1 ee onths .Q were filled uxth a flurry of dlllXIl.X lnclud Ing the usual and the unusual Among the unusual ix as Dr Vardell and his Cookie Jar which he played on his fall recital October 19 A few weeks later ue matched paces ulth the best of them in the Red Sprlnfs Harxest Festnal and it was about this time that the new Postal System nent into effect no lllall until after chapel On Woxember .3 e Student Council stepped doun from Its seat of Justice to sponsor the first dame of the year choosing the theme Sea of the Wloon Hospitality Weekend rolled around and ue greeted our high school XlSlt0l'S with a Scottish handshake .... Something novel in the way of entertainment was introduced on Saturday nights-movies in the auditorium. The first one slated was "A Letter to Three VVives." . . . Fran- ces Yeend captivated her audience in her con- cert on October 25. her gold and white dress still being the topic of conversation in many bull-sessions .... Vl'e were reprimanded for our unruly conduct in the dining hall at the Hallo- ween banquet .... The Student Body petitioned for Thanksgiving holidays. and got themf . . . And it was along in here that we discovered it was no longer autumn. We courageously formed the usual lines in the fight auainst typhoid fever. 15 1 J I Hd nt snaffferinff ffroup was as green Time was when this con e . 5 ' ,gh ,., ,., as the summer grass and as blue as a summer sky. After under- going the long and torturous hours of Rat Day. hraving a thousand parties during rush week. and discovering that their roommates were human beings after all. they settled down and decided to stay. We're glad they did. for they are truly a fresh addition to an otherwise aging student body. OFFICERS Betty Lou Lamb. President .loan Crawley, Vice-President lillen Williams, Secretary Ann Stephenson, Treasurer ett to riuht: Lamb. Crawley. Williams. Stephenson, X. It Q7 li 'N 'is CQ PE' ',.,, 21. Freshman fl" Ili I 1,1 l .fl 'MI' ,swf v K . . 67" l pil? Lf'-W' 11 luss of l 952 yew! W' I ' , .' all e N .3 l af il J fl I I l J-Q First row, ADDOR, BllllDLlE'1'l9, Addor, N C, ANDERSON, Dorothy, Wlniefvlllu, N C, ARRINGTON, Rf,-lat-vcn, Rowlgmrl, N C, BASS, Juanltzx, Llllmgton N C, BOONE, Margaret, Rot-kx Mount N C BOONE. l'v5lr15'. Rocky Mount, N C BOVVDEN, Ann Warsaw, N C Svconfl row BOYD, Be-Us, Grc-vglryvlllu, S C. BOYD, Eumcu, Clmrmxtlgmylruru, Yu BR.'XNTI.EY ,-Xluw Ss-lmu N C, BROWN Bobble, Roanoke, Vu, BRYAN, Mllflrn-cl Lumlwrmn, N C. IZCDD, Flvclxn. Rt-nl Sprlnux N C. Bl'I.I,OCK Dorn Oxlorrl, N C Thxrrl row BCRGESS, Ann, New York, N Y, BYNUM Mary Etta Kmxlon N C BYRD, Annu- I-Ilxmlw-ftlwtmuw N I' CAIN Dorls, Fayetteville, N C. CALLAHAN, Peggy, Whltcvlllv N C' C.-XIXIPIZI-Tl,l,, Knthrxn I.auv'ml1uru, N C VVELL, Sara, Hope Mllls, N C Fourth row CARR, Bobble, Wallace, N Fayetteville, N C, COOK Springs, N C Filth row' C. CHERRY, Ann, Clulrlntlu, N C CLINE, PntrxL'lz1, Cl1errNx'lllv, N C, COLE, Nnrllm- ,Jean Fzvcttuvlllc N C, CRAXVLEY. Joxm Hs-mlurxon N C CVRRIE lgtlxu Jar!-:sou DAVIS, Helen, Vlhdcshoro, N C, DORMAN, Nan Ri-rl Sprwmgx N C, DVDLEY Sarah, Wxlnmnumn N C DVNN Dnrls, Charluvtv, N C: EI Shlrley, Waynesboro, Va CASH- 1 ,KlNS. YWEIFX l'l2l7l'l, Ell7illlC!l1YuVtll N C, F.-XRLEY, .-XVIII, H.lllNl'OI'tr N C, FlTZfIERAl.D, 17 'un f " 755 451 'G' N .--u ..,, Q '4 -a 5353 T133 1,15 .-up an EE 'R I'1rNt r1111 FLEMINK L 11 MU11 1 N C, FIVLPORD 111111 Supplx 'N C I'lIC,1IIU'VI Barlmri Rmkx Mc11111l N C GANCI Nelhe Chgrrx P11111 IN C CANDX Ohm S1111111 H111 S L C IBSONI k1ll1or1nc' I'111r111!111r: N C GORE Beth h 11 N Scumd 1111 CRAIIAM Luulln 511111 N C CRIFFIN INHICX 11111 Rmln Mount NI C HALE Mau W1l111111:ton HAMILTON Do! H11n1111Ltun Myst X HARC ROXE Blnuhm 'Vit Ollxe IN C HEATON Bdtx Anrlrcu: HOLVIE5 Jam IMIY1111 N C Thlrfl rum TBP XRD C1111 11ll1 C1111 C INIVIAIN Shlrlcx E111111x11Spr1n1s N C IACI-xSON Plc1r1IVI11 I'11r Bluff N C IENRVIINIQ F111 II 11111 S C IERINIGAN Mlckle Fxlrmunt N C KELLX Nr1r111'1 Cha1Ir1ttL N C LAMB BNN 1 1111ngh111 N Iuurih 1011 IANIE A1111 O1l111rIf1 II I LEE N 1 WI Lt 11 N C IFMMON Un'1 Mm "1l1c11u.r N C IENNON Nell Eladfi11lr1111NNlC IFWIS ILK11 T l1orC111 IN C MALONIX Chllstml, Cullnn V IVIANGUIVI Anmc Ruth o1rc111.1n Fnth rcm N RTINI M1r1 I111 Hufln 1 ' 111111 1 ls rm F a MAY M11 111 Tl1111111sx1 1 YIOYIINC O Dorn P 11xfl1 11 IN IN IZE NI 1r1 Fll'1 C C MORRIS Ivan Maxtun IN C WORRIS 1r111 1 roshman Ii f If I w. llii -1 'E .pi i 'i I , ,i , In - 1'1,ll" 'zn'.' '. ' ,,1' ,'I,' 1, 11, , 1 . , I ' 1 ' ', I .' '. , '1. , ,' ', I I 1, 'Q . .1 . . . j Ju, S all Uv, .' P ri ' 1: . lil . 1 , ' 1, J 'z ', 1 .', 'z ' .1 1, . . , , 1 7 . N C, Rh . 4 , , 1' 21. 1 f 1 1 -, ' . , - ',,N,c. .,,-,1'?!, "5 1 ' A ' ' ' - ' ' 115- ' ' 1' 3- I V .' :Q U' Q I HL 11 , ' A 1, ' , S , ', 2 " S 15. . 1 'U . ' L 1 -, 'L , , 'I 'q",:' . I , 1 ,, H 1 1 ' ,- Y , , . , , , ,- f'l . .,1, ,. ,. . .1 . , . 1., . . , , nl'-I1 4, I.111, 1 1 , C 1 771, , A '- , -, S s., 1 . , ,l T1 . 1 . , 'a f111'1c:1 , 1111111, 111111114 1, 1. , 1 ..', . - ", ', 1 . ' . Y - - . i' ' '1', ', .. ,',.:1' -, n ', ' ', Z', 1, 1. ag 1 , lui f 1 A 1- T L -.' - 1 Q N '12- ' Q.- - , "'1 jg .IA 1 . . 1 ' .11 ', - . '1llc', N C, 'XTAI LDIN. V1 -l-, W ll 1 , l , S. z'l 1. if ' ll 1, Ga, , 1 1 . ' 2 ., 11 ' - ' C. 'I 1 1 ' 1 . 'r1111111v1'1'1-, 111. ., . , Q , ' '. . ON 11: f, R111-1111111, N C A'- . . - fig." 18 W 1111 1111 Class of I952 ' 1 H, W 'Zi - "1 , ' I l . . 1 3 'f il "'i'l.' .. , .va ' 25' ,fo ::ux n' , , NI I ! S 1 V11 Fxrst row: MCBANE, Shirley, Mebane, N C, IVICCRACKEN, Mary, Vlhnston-Salt-m. N C, MCCRAW. Dorothy, Cllo, S C. IVIr'- DONALD, Ann. Parkton, N C. MCELROY, Mamie Jo, Qultman Ga, MCGIRT Ann, Laurlnluurg, N C. Mr-- LAUGI'-ILIN, Bobble. Effingham. S C Second row MCMILLAN, Elie, Laurmburg, N C. MCNEILL. Marlorle-, Broaclwuy, N C NEEL, Pf,'ui:A, Barium Sprmux. N C PARKS. Patty, Vlleavervllle, N C, PATTERSON, Carolyn, Lumlwrvrvn, N C, PHILLIPS Hllrlu. Rocky Mount, N C PITTARD, Geraldine, Warrenton, N C Thlrrl row PREBLE, Barbara, Sallshury, N C, PREVATTE, Barbara. Lumlwrton, N C PROCTOR Lou, Durham N C QUERY, P62251 Hamlet, N C RAXVLS Hazel. Rocky Mount. N C REYNOLDS. Fax. Rocky Mount, N C SAN DERS, Sara. Badxn, N C Fourth row SMITH, Betty Ann, Red Springs. N C, SMITH. Nelle Ruth, Dalton, Ga, STEPIIENSON, Ann, Rzlln-lull N C SWEELEY, Marljane, Laurmburg, N C. TANNER, Jcan, Marlon, S C. THOMAS. FORM. Maxton, N C, THOMP' SON. Janne, Yanceyville, N C Fifth row TRIPP. Cecelia. Shallovte. N C. TRIPP, Mary' Emma. Shallotle N C VVALKER. Sara Burlmszlon, N C' WAR VVICK. Mildred, Orrum. N C. VVICKER. Margarel, Sanford. N C WILLIAMS Ellvn Rovkx Mounv N C WILLIS Shlrlev, Morehf-ad Clty. N C XVINSTEAD. Bernncllnc-. R rxhnro N C 19 :M 903 ll 1377 14.11 dfupp I . L Z ,, ,, A O V ,.,, lf Sophomore Honey, Davis, Carter, Hardesty. WY YY nr HY Perhaps better known as the "silly sophs", this is tled down to work. discovering that one can live the class that has been thrust into the world of on two hours of sleep a week. if one finds it neces- i Beowulf and Gawain. After putting the lowly sary. Those days were good, but-never again! Freshmen through the "Debutant Bawlf' they set- OFFICERS Joan Hardesty. President Saradee Davis. Secretary Peggy Carter. Vice-President Delanie Boney. Treasurer 20 P ' W i liiiii l o A ' -.1 r 1 ru RN XTHX xl nun! EN inf XNIDhI-Mx 4 H W' Seuxnn nm NEX D hmm Hull WAN mu my x num - n 4 xx gf' oxxx Cum-11m chmwrn C -x1 iolx ohm. . .H . x Sprung . dl" 1 ',,, lflass Thxrd run RTER P xxun un n .rx-ru mx Num we DX s U L4-u R4 Qvrmu C wwrxr. an eu n N Nam u u Fmurth ron XX G me Delu- X C PIGC ERS Hiltxe- Clmun N 'XOXO .14 nn C F -XRD5 i Ng xun an me mmm un C C-XL mm N mxnuun N l9o2 1 I I I I1 N 1 F1 N xx ABI-I ' Sul .1 NI: Hully N L' ALL .' I. xr! lh-lun-HsmH-A S C "I ', 2.41.4-. xgwr,..1 N L' IZAIN llhuix- R. Zur-1 N C IIETHHA Huh 1.4114 S L' liIfXI,UL'K Jvvu- li.u:1!M N I' rp' C I "' BO.' ' QL ' 'Q uve. N C BOSE. . .' J 'f R4 'kr Nl N C BRICE Yu-nl' Iillnnlv-YI1 C! N C HR 1': ' Z ' N C. .I' g nt- XVI nnulun N C' C.'XR.'XK'El.I. .Yum Q ' l,.k.' X 0.1 51 C , 4' eff " fi' ' f 1 I 1- 1 ' 1. I P ,J i 'f CA , Q-2:31 YK' 1. N C, CODA5 Ci' Hx- Ci' , N C COLEKIAN, Bl: . - A-I -vxllz' N L' : VII H L J Bel, v1.1 ' N DAVIS KI: 1 1 FQ At! 111, X C DAVIS F. Ari" Q 1x'.c'5 Hurxfizf I . il 5 - ' . DE ' rgw ' .' D. 'Q J 5 , ' Y I C DRL'NI.l I v.-X CQr.1h.m. N ' ,DW. ' I ' Fa, I Ma: 1 N C ELLIS R -I 1 W1 EY, N , 1, LOP N: - V11 ' I C i E . . F . . a n a 1 .1 U W t N Q . i I i u I 1 I! lfxrkl row GILLILAND. lil-tty Jean, Rum-k5 lNIuunt. N C. CRIMES, Patsy. Comm, N C1 HARDESTY, Juan, Shannon. N C: HELMS, Jann lllnnroe, N C, HENRY, Corrine. Fayetlevllle. N C. HINSON. Dana. Tatum, S C Suu-und row HOOKS, Imogn-nc, l.Vh1tL-vlllu N C. HOUCK Betlv. Rowland N, C' INGRAM, Elsie Fave Gxbson N C' IVEY. -Y Fannie Gray, Boardman. N VC. JOHNSON. jean, Benson. N C. JONES. Marlene, Grass'y 'Cree-k. N C ' Tlnrfl rum' Fourth rm-.- LOVE, Sanlurcl, Ref! Sprxmgs. N C, MADDEN, Jane, Cheraw. S C, MANESS, Marion, Burllngton. N C. MILLER. Jean. Chnfllmurn. N C. MILLIGAN, Audrey. Shallottc. N C. MURDOCH, Margaret. Wlldwoud. N C1 MCELROY, Mae. Qultmnn, Gu. KELLY. Anlsu, Mount Ollvu. N C. LATHAM, Anne. Ruse Hill N C, LEGGETT, Phyllis, Rocky Mount. N C. LHFRAGE. l3nl'l:1n'u Salters, S C. LITTLE. Nlary Haglood. Pullouksvlllc-. N. C, LITTLEWOOD, Mary Sue. Stur- V gn s. N C 1 '13 4 3 o - L' " . 1 .1 f-'C l L- L . ra fi 51 :fu I 'o"S no ' g J-1 '1 I f . J 1 5 1 -A A., F- 1' 'I' if ,lf 2 1, -U -,.L.r' .. 0 X -,7 K I ,- ' W .-f. 55' . - -D g' .-.i .' n f-J, ui- ati . . ' i Q EFL . ' --4-.- - - T :T ep-511.6 4'--I Sophomore 22 o ' ' A' C .'.1.lee g..1'4zl.' .? "A"1j ,f"'f ', W' . , H 'Wil , ,, Mw li. . V . 1 lid' BM M 54 M ' ll if Z.-QV' 946, 4 4: 11 IYIOHII 1111111 1 1111 1x 4111 N 1 VM I' 111 111 111111 11 1r11111 lx ir N 11 N 1111111 11 xx ' RKER Ruth P11H111 ksulh N. arx I1 ' 111 11 P111 111 1 1 1 1 1 Rt SC 1l1l I1 urgm N C T 1111 11111 NIS. TH 1511111 STEXE VN 'Xl11J1r11. 11111 L 111 1 wx S 111 111111 Q x 1111 1 N 1 1 111 1 811111 Fourth run TEER, Patsy, H1ll:l1111'u, N C, THOMPSON, Flurl-ne, Whlu-x'11le, N C THOMPSON, N111'111z1 J, Glade Valley, N C TUCKER, Mary Llslc-, McKenncy, Va, VVILD5, Lucllu, CuII11111h1a, S C. WORRELL, Gerz1lri1111-, Ruwkx' M1111111, N C WORTH, B1-Hy, A1w1'dc111, N C lfuxl 'm All . 'Xlvl ' ' Q , I 1 11-lh, l":15n'I1ux'lIla-, N C. Nl 'LEOD A , Mu! , N C, fXh'l.EUD ,':11'z1h, i4.11'H1a11:- N K' N1 .' ' I, K 1 M1 Q C1'.u'4-, Ch: 111111111 N C' NELSON F1 "5 OI 'lz1, N, C, UXVFIN V IJ -, Cl VY- .'11'11pN YA 1 X D -- I l 1. NM fc. I ' 1 .,' I, -, ., I , Q, ,Y -,LU -I 14 ,nf ' 4. ' I if' , FA ' , ' 1. ' , ' ', .' l'. PIERCE, M1 , El1.1P1u1h, Rulvlgh, N C. IOYVERS INIJII: S! IH IIN., N C, 'Q 1 ' ',- V PREV.-RTT, June A ", 1.1 1111-ri 111, N C REYNOLDS, S11 '11, Luz r nl urg, N C. UBINQ DN, F111 11-1, B 1 1 , L, ax , .D ' 'fl' Q' lf '-5 l ll' 'I N . EL lx 11' ' - U '- ', ,Q II , 1' Ara, All ' lurlu, N C, Sl IVEY, Uvllj Rull, Fulrxn 111, N C S'l'l'II'l'l'l, .Iu.11 H.111u111 Q1 ' nn N L' . Q ' NSCH, . 1' 1 -, S1 , I'11111l, N L' S'l'IKEl.EA'1'H'R, Nz 1-5, SHI' ulh-, N C, SUGGQ, 1111, 'I'1 ll 1 , , . - 11, . IN C W 7 Class . . . I952 23 ' Choral Q Club at ti i IISIIB The Flora Macdonald College Choral Club is composed of seventy voices. and is directed by Mr. James V. Cobb, Under his youthful but discrimi- nating leadership the chorus has sought to produce a high quality of music for its enthusiastic audiences. The Choral Club is open to stu- dents from all departments who are interested in singing, selection being made upon careful voice tests. Because of its popularity and success this musical organization has appeared at Presbytery rallies, made week- end tours. presented several formal concerts, and given a radio broadcast. Sl. Cecelia Music Club These music enthusiasts meet on the first Friday of the month at the home of their adviser, Miss Rachel Protheroe, where they delve into the more technical side of the art. This year they have studied contemporary American composers, among them being Walter Piston and Paul Hinde- mith. A comparison was made at the completion of the study. The main project of the club this year has been to increase the number of records in the Flora Macdonald record library. 24 . at F. M. C. 3 ....-.........1.1,J.Js.Mb.UM.l ' 5 Qi' Q I4 2, "i'fs".u as s T I , 1 J ri 25 if I 5, - . m Q 'V l 9 S dv C' ' Qi, 1 A Q. il Athletic Association The purpose of this organization is to promote good sportsmanship among the students, and to offer to all the opportunity to participate in athletics at Flora Macdonald. Chief among their activities this Ginnie- Buhler. I'rt-sident year was the redecoration of the "VVreck Room." They also found time to sponsor a unique float in the Harvest Festival, and stirred up much class competition with the volleyball and basketball tournaments. OFFICERS lielty Ann Brunson, Vice-President Hattie llriggers, Secretary Margaret Cashwell, Treasurer Patsy T1-er, Salesman l-Imily Nan Grier, Head ol Volleyball Betty J, Gilliland. Head ol' Basketball Patsy Grimes, llend ol' 'Tennis Peggy Elliott, Head ol Swimming Ann Shaw. Head of Softball Julia M, Smith. Head of Table Tennis and Bowlintg Lucille Graham, Freshman Represelttativn- Miss l-lthel Bateman, .Xdviser Seated, left to rwht: lirunsnn Drives-rs. Cashuell. Teer. Standing: Bateman, Shaw. Grit-r, Graham. Gilliland, Smith. YYith vim. vigor. :md vitality. these girls are the ones who injected enthusiasm into our ball games. So . . . fifteen rahs for the cheerleadersl Lynn Lexus. L ollc-ce I herrlv-Jdrr Enid Grady. Senior Beth Farrior. Junior Palsx Teer, Sophnniore Pezzi l':4ll:4han. Fre-hmnn Because this is one of the hardest clubs on the campus to gain membership in. it is indeed an honor to wear the F. NI. C. monogram. Lois Brown Beuy Brunson Ginnie Buhler Margaret Fashwell PPEZB' Elliott Emily Nan Grier Janice Murdoch Lib 5lcG0o2an Jean Sandifer Ann Shan Emily Shan Harriett Hanson Jan Williamson C eerlead rs onogram Club 27 , lx gh hh Senior Volleyball Shaw, Brunson. Howie, Grier. McDowell. Brown, Mur- 4 A . I s'w 4 w ul ' N , x N, X MIX! 3 1 Il, - or ff H m S e' '-min ! K Q55 ff e V 4 K A fl he f .I -- 5- ' a' a 54 9 fx t 'n V ' l . ' l , x i , uh X viii I xg' 'la , '1 l ' . K I - .IA Y yo I 'Wg , J li ,c.9.jQK',' hff-' Lot --J . -' "' V, N A , If-1' x ' Y 4 ff N 4 1 I 'TSX 5 ,, 4, . Q4 doch, Williamson, Watson. Junior Volleyball Left to right, First row: McArthur, Cashwell. Sandifcr. Second row: Elliott. Heyer. Buhler. Sophomore Volleyball Left to right. First row: Wilds. Milligan. Worrell. Gilli- land. Davis. Stevenson. Second row: Thompson. Andrews, Calhoun, Tucker, Hardesty. Freshman Volleyball Left to right, First row: McNeill. Burgess. Fulghuin, Boone, Preble, Mauldin, Morris, Pittard, Rawls, Hale, McCracken. Second row: Lane, Thompson. Graham, Dunn. Bullock. Cashwell. Senior Basketball Left to right. First row: VVatson. Shaw. llowie. Second row: Murdoch, McDowell. Ilh-Phaul. Grier. Junior Basketball Left to right, First row: McArthur. Sandifer, Cashwell. Second row: Buhler. lleyer, Elliott. Sophomore Basketball Left to right. First row: Milligan. Wilds. Stevenson. Hardesty. Gilliland. Davis. Second row: Andrews. Parker. Teer. Tucker, Carswell. Prevatt. Freshman Basketball Left to right. First row: Morris. Thompson. Pittard. Graham. Bullock, Burgess. Second row: Mauldin. Preble, Query. McCracken. Dunn. Hale. Cashwell. 1. V -49 f"ygfl X u, A 7' f I1 XT: X ' 5X1 x t V f t, 1 . ' f'-'rl r N4 i5-Ak we-In t u ' , j A Q X. ' I 5 4, Z Yif i to ,W I , X my it . , J '- xagirzn L l X A in S - '. ,xl 'Q A is .V 2' T V V 'S 5 ' .- ' i i ia, . it I Z' . , 'NY N 'Ll s ' A ' " X if ' 4 L i . -" " t f I - , ' 1 'y 'ji V . B r 4 , lf xxx, . ' , 1 Wi f - I A I .1 Y 1 A 1 M fix Y lv t A i x I A 'UM xi' U 1 x V, ND suddenly it's winter-a rip-roaring. fast-moving winter! The hells send crisp staecato warnings through the tense halls. lights burn in the first floor classrooms late into the night. and tires crunch on the frozen ground. These are the quick-pared months of intense study. of honest adolescent wondering. of a maturing and developing mind. when the dormitory students turn their radiators up. and the tardy day students come straggling into class. Button up your overt-oats. Juniors. and take it from here. lt's all yours-and it's high winter. 1 O . . . th ul k-paced 1 lmllisf-4 Tl You say it didn'l snow? Aw-w-w! We played a lpn' quick hands hetween classes. can le seniors rs-lalnl-rl lhvlr pruilc-ga' of bvde-ckillg thc- hugh' t'hrislm:ls tri-4' ff- The y The Christmas danrf- held all th? :litter fur which F.M.I'. dances are well-known, 32 W l The unforgettable Christmas Dance. Hold that tice-r' and the classes grew longer. The usual number of us were campused for various reasons. while some cowered in the infirmary with the inevi- table winter colds .... VVe donned our evening dresses to hear Jean Casadesus and his magic piano. saving our concert cuts for a rainy day. . . . The higher authorities pleaded with us to conserve electricity. and thus was born the motto. "VVhen not in use. turn off the juice." . . . Paul Engle surprised us with a uniquely inter- esting lecture on his poetry. and soon after this the two societies collaborated to produce a sparkling Christmas dance .... Sleet and ice gave us a scare on December 20. as we prepared to close up shop. But we all managed to leave. despite the disagreeable weatherman .... We returned to find the floors slickly polished and our books exactly as we left them. lt was dur- ing this interval that Dudley. Mollie Ann. and Ann McLeod expounded on the superior qualities of Kansas .... "Rhapsody in Blue" was one of the best ot' the mid-winter movies. while several faculty recitals topped the agenda for January. . . . Capsule Day brought the usual chuckles. and a little later we saw the end of winter. tlnce again thc Dome Seriict summed up our feelings about Christmas at I-'.NI.l', I Juniors Having struggled through two years of hard work to become upperclassmen, the Jun- iors have become closely knit together as the Class of '53. Informal parties, get-togethers at their advisers', the Bullocks. ordering class rings, all were among their more out- standing activities. Elections and Going-Up Day confirm the fact that they have reached the top. OFFICERS Ann McArthur, President DeLena Hughes. Treasurer Jean Underwood, Vice-President Betty Shealy. Tea Room Manager Mary Ann Register. Secretary Julia M. Smith. Assistant Manager Flora Macdo' 5 Q7 x. 5-..,, T Left to right, first row: McArthur, Underwood, Ref-Zister, Second row: Shealy, Smith. Hughes. JIW 16 ' ' -gn 1 .fl 'Ml' ,M 5 ald P Q L, ! H9 'ft E7 2 ,. an Q 8 l E' - Mt. V C - . 4, 4 ', ' 5? I I ' lil i F1rst row, AUSTIN. Ada, Nlnxton. N C. BAKER, Ruby Grey, Bums Creek N C. BARHAM. Marx, Red Spr1nES, Evelyn. Ahmgdon, Va: BRINN. Ann, Creswell. N C Second row BUHLER. Gmme Graham, N C. CALLOWAY, Dons. Concord N C CASHWELL, Margaret, Hope DUDLEY, Frances.W1lmms!ton N C EARP, Sidney, Taylorsville N C Thxrd row ELLIOTT, Pegg5 Darlmglon, S C ESSEY.3Iar1e Maxtnn. N C., FARRIOR Beth Fa1rm0nt,N C Madge, Waxhaw, N C, GRANTI-IAM, Joyce, Goldsboro. N C Fourth row GRAY Gina Arlxmzton, Va HAMMOND, Nancy Ce-rru Gordo. N C HEYER. Francee Row Hxll. Barbara Graham, N C. HUGHES l'JeLcnn New Bern N C 35 N C. BOYD Mllls, N C, GARRISON N C. HILL l"1I'al rr 'L "' Junior KEISLER, Rnuhcl, Clmnuxu,-1', N C. IJCWIS, Lvnn. Lllllmglun. N C, MAY, Elsic, Farllxvlllv, N. C.3 MORGAN, Flrvru Lum, Nlnfdrm, N, C. McARTllI'R, Ann. Xvukullu. N C Scrum! row ' , E . -, Fil ' ML-DUFFIE, Frances, Sl Paul-, N C. IXIMJOOGAN, Llh, llannlof, N C, IXIQKENZIE, Tmk, Lznlrlnlsurg, N, C.. MC- an .1 f ,. - -. NEILL, Pat, Immhcrhm. N C. PHILLIPS, Dons. lVlcl1z1nc', N C Yrffsy . fl. , g L, . ,11 3 ' .-51 as-.ga . 'l 'qluff qu "Z Thlrrl rmx' ,, 'lc' M., .Q lj I . a.- .. . 4 ' RAY, Relvc-CCH. Wlllartl, N C. REGISTER. Mary Ann, Clmiun, N C. SANDIFER, Jean. Cl1arl0th2. N C. SHEALY, Aff -6 l-Lg! Belly, Hamlet, N C. SHELBY. Pnl. Spcnvcr, N C, -- '-':: ri . 'I T5 ' fn -1 gi' fl ' lrf " 'f 1. '.-44" - -' - ' Fourth row x,-?Q .' lp,-,Y x A . f..- SMITH, Julia Marlo. Wllm1m1lu11, N C. SMITH, Ruth, Rmvlaml, N, C., SWEAT, Joyce, Talladega, Ala: UNDER- 1,-Epi ' 4 - WOOD. Juan, Clmdhuurn, N C - V L "-'TT 15:41 ' ' surf I- l 36 'Vw ' ' - ----l, ,.,, ,giim ,ijysyg X, . 6 J ri f J Lf Z 4 at iff' 0461 'L- Pfx ll , L , mx .. -- " , Ref . 2 1: Q-if - a 15 VIE' 23' -4- ju, fb- ' :- v . I K. , n- , . Y K , X x 6 4 Y r Stud nt Gover nt Elaine Pierce President of the Student Rody UFFICI-IRS Janice Lovick, X'ice-Presi- dent of Student Body: Gloria Rummage, Secre- tary ot Student Body: Tink Mclienzie, Treasurer ot' Student Body: Mar- garet Comer, President of Senior Class: Ann Mc- Arthur. President of Jun- ior Class: Joan llardesty. President of Sophomore Classg Betty Lou Lamb. President of Freshman Classg Ann Pearce, Presi- dent of Christian Associa- i ' l tion: G President sociationg President Society: President Society: President dents. n n i e Buh er, of Athletic As- Barbara Carter. oi Zetesian Lois B r 0 w n. of Epsilon Chi Mary Barham. of Day Stu- With thirteen members representing all classes and organi- zations. the Student Council directs the governmental part of the school. It seeks to establish in each girl a high personal honor and the importance of abiding by rules in order to produce harmony among the students. Every Tuesday night. and others when necessary. these girls have the thankless joh of dealing out justice to the of- fenders of its honor system. Though the executive activi- ties keep the council busy. it still sponsors a dance. hospitality weekend. and pleads for special concessions for the student hody. The Council adviser is the Dean of Students. Lett to right, sented: Loxirk, Rnmmage, Bit-Km-nlie. Standing: Buhler, Brown, McArthur, Lamh. Comer, Hardesty ..:lrl1am, Pi-'ar4'c, Car cfm fi- 3 ,, 38 'I hristian Ass ciation 's- -.--...... .f I The Flora Macdonald Christian Association has as its aim l A I the promoting and fostering of the religious life of the I . students. At the center of the organization is a cabinet ll i 'p composed of six connnittee chairmen in addition to the i U . v officers. During the year it has presented socials. the X - Z' - annual installation service. a candlelight service, the WVhitc 'V Gift Service. the Dome Service. sponsored a toy workshop X .N for underprivileged children. and ,given us tivo Spiritual - Enrichment VYeeks with excellent speakers. The theme x l "Rooted in Christ" has been a challenge to a deeper. truer. ' fl, l and more vital Christianity for each of us. Mrs. Elbert X - 2 McPhaul is the cahinet adviser. Left tu right. seated: lloyd. May. Williamson Standing: Garrison, Tuck:-r, Bone-5, Sandlln-r. Nlnrdocl i Pierce. Q G Fw. ' x vi Q: 1 39 . Q l'r4-side-nl of 1, llammond. A l Xnn Pea rt :- thr- Vhl lstmn ,hun iallon UF!-'ll'l-IRS Evelyn lioxd. Ylrf'-Pregi. dent. Elsie Max. Seq-rg- larv: Jan Williamson. Treasurer: Nancy Ham. mond. fhairman Worship tommirtee: -lzxnice Blur- fllifh, fhairinan Social service l'omniitr1-1-3 .IQ-an Sandifer. Chalrnian Fel- lowship l'ominltt4-eg fllol. he .Xnn Bom-5, chairmfm 0 n I r e a 1' h committee: Marlin- Garrison, Chair. man Snndax School Porn- mittee. Nla rx Lislq. luckvr, t'li:urlnan of VYHYPF Band: Elaine Pierre. Ex-Ulhcio. 1952 Wfhite eather l-Initl Grady Editor-in-t'hn-I Amanda Smith Business Mzmatgt-r lt is traditional for the staff to save all their laments and pour them out on this page in one big gripe, and who are we to depart from cus- tom? Besides trying to keep one step ahead of the bank statements, we have had our share of Iinid Grady Amanda Smith hard knocks, dark worries. and sneaky deadlines. The majority of us have survived, however. and we give you now the results of our work. the 1952 Story of Flora Macdonald as seen through the eyes of the "WVhite Heather." .-Xllt-n. Reynolds, Smith. ,Uv-rnntlly, Lewis, Brinn, Sweat. fNIt't':illtlm. Blvfioogali. Strickland, -- -1-I' X i- .Q -' ?? lin.. 4..-l Z XJ lir, Leslie Bullock Adviser The 1952 "VYhi!e Heather" Staff? Ann Brinn, Assistant Editor: Lih Mt-Googan, Assistant Business Man- ager: Dot Mt-t'allum, Senior Class Editor: Lynn Lewis, Junior Class Editor, Harrie-t Allen, Sophomore Class I-Iditor: Fay Reynolds, Fresh- man Class Editor: Geraldine Wor- rell and Mary K. Charles, Literary l-Iditorsg Sylvia Ahernathv and .Joyce Sweat, Snapshot Editors: Barham Smith and Floree Strick- land, Typing Editors. Frances lhlrllev l'i-ggv I-Illiotl The "Pine and Thistle" is the college publica- tion which oflers to all students and faculty an opportunity to express themselves creatively. In spite of the great pressure of lack of time and many duties. three editions have been published Phillips. Smith. May, lirice. Davis, Pin and hi tle Peggy Elliott I-.ditnr-in-t'hiel Frances Dudley' lln tim-ss Xlaliager by the stall' this year. These editions contain poems, sketches. editorials. essays. and short stories contributed by students and faculty writers. The business stall eo-operated well with the literary staff in getting out each edition. Melvin. llrigzers, Gibson, Carswell. Parks, Littlewood, Cross, Dr. Eleanor ll. Scott .Ldxiser The 1952 "Pine and Thistle" Staff: Doris Phillips, Assistant Editor: Betty Reid Melvin, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Elsie May. Yvonne Brice, Sue Littlewood. .lane Cars- well. Literary Stall: Emily Shaw, Betty Lou Lamh, Art Staflg Hattie Driggers, Helen lraxis, Katherine Gihson, Betty Cross, Patty Parks. Barbara Smith. liusine-ss Staff. lDFl"lCERS liarlmrn Carter, President Nancy llamnmnd, First Yirv-I'residl-nt Geraldine Worn-ll, S4-cond Yire-Prn-si- dent. Mangaret Cashwell. llevordinq Sevre- tary Patsy Tr-er, Correspnlidintg Sr-rrelarx Phyllis Legg:-lt, Treasurer Ann Mt-L1-od, Critic Marion Mant-ss, Census' Barbara Lifrage, L'h:xpl:1in Betsy Workman and Harrin-1 Allen. Pianists 3 N s is s , , Zetesian iterar S ciety "Always with fond memories," the spirited year of 1951-52 will be re- membered by the Zeta Theta Psi's. who expressed their loyalty to Zetesian Society by their splendid co-operation in the year's activities. A Weiner roast for the new students was first on the list of fall frolics, followed closely by the joint society Mardi Gras. Other projects were the reno- vation of the hall, including the White Piano Episode, and record parties. with the Zetesian minstrel highlighting the spring happenings. Seated. left lu riglll: Tee-r, Caslnu-ll. llzunmund, Worrell, Standing: Manx-ss, Lilrage, Leggett. Allen. Workman. llgxrbarzv Carta-r Prvsidn-nl Klitl t -12 Ma ' in ' t r : -1 ,. L. f '51 -' ', Y. H , r 2" Ep ilon Literary Society With hearty shouts of "Epsilon Chi. ue sing to you." these enthusiastic members have tightened the chains of friendship in their society this year. The more robust of their number ascended ladders to repaint thc hall. and others extended invitations to the new freshmen. The Golden Horseshoe Supper Club was their big production during rush week. while the Christmas dance was the main mid-winter activity. The comedy. "And the Lights iVent Out." and Senior take-offs were scheduled for spring. Epsilon Chi in any language means friends. fun. and society faithfulness. HF!" luis Hr.-nn. Pres: Jean milliliter. Fir lt hlth rlenl lh'Il.l Parke-r, s--fond Xiu--I rf-sndv frames Hobbs. Ilecorriinrg Sr-:run In-lanie Honey t' tnrx Emilx Xnn Grim. Lih llrfiouuztn, l r urn-spondin u ru '1 reasurs-r Il if .lean Miller. tensor Klltt In-aron. L'hanIain Snnrx Gallup. Pianist '- G rier. Miller. Seated. lei! to right: Sandifer. Parker, Hobbs, Bniivx, :-tzindintg' 1IsGon:.in, Gallup. In-gtrolr, f.. ,.,4 v-, Luis Bron rl President T'-4 -13 st Yu 1--l'rn sid' nt l,t-ll to right, Seated: Shaw, R. Smith, Sinigletarv, Workman. Standing: Whitaker, Watson, Grier, Miller. Brice, Charles. J. Smith. lub Presid nt t'lanrline Whitaker, President of Spanish Cluh Emily Nan Grier, President of llathenizitiral Honor Society Julia M. Smith, President of Win. llartraln M-in-ntitir Sonia-tv lictsy Workman, I'ie-sident of Fri-rich t'lulx Yxonnn- lirict-, l'rt-sldcnt ot Writers t'luh Mollie- Xnn lion:-v. l'r The value of organizations to the campus is shown in the worth-while activities which they sponsor. The meetings of these cluhs are varied -some humorous, some serious. ln retrospect. the-y're rather hard to evaluate. but they've Mary K. Charles, President of International Relations Club Emily Shaw, President of Highland Players Sylvia Abernathy, President of Latin Club llattie Singletarx, President of Home liconnmics Cluh Nlztrx llnrhnln. President ot' lim' Students t'luh a-sident of Student Volunteers undoubtedly taught us that democracy requires a lot of time. Svhether based on scholarship or fellowship, these clubs offer many good oppor- tunities to the Flora Macdonald student. 4-1 Spani h lub E l 1 t l J 'Q - 5 -to 1, 3 l I To foster and broaden appre- ciation of the Spanish lan- guage. monthly meetings are held. at which time this club has discussions and inform- ative lectures. Ulfl-'IVHRS Claudine Whitaker, President Sylxia Abernathx. Xice-President Ann Mel.:-od. Serretarj--Treasurer Mr. Thomas E, Wright, Adxisf-r Proving themselves to he in- terested not only in the Pythagorean Theorem but also in other phases of school life. this club is composed of those with a high average in mathematics. OFFIKERS Emily Nan Grier, President .lean Underwood, Vile-President Norma J. Thompson. Rernrding Sevre- Iarx Marjorie Stew'-nson. Correspondins: Secrelarr Betty Jean Gilliland, Treasurer Geraldine Worrell, Reporter Frances Jlcfltime. Finance Miss Ellie Mae Souder. Adviser ' Math matical Honor Society illiam Bartram Scientific S cieq Members of this group in- clude those who are more seriously interested in the fields of science. One of their projects this year was the colorful Christmas decoration on the front campus. UI-'l"It'EKS Julia M. Smith, President Lore Tarrant, Yi:-1--President Peiilll' Carter, Recording' Set-retarv ,lane Pace Prevutt. Correspondiniz Sm'reta1'y PP,f:':y l-Illiott, 'Trensurf-r lliss Edna Est:-s, llr. Ethel B. Hansen. Advisers Backed by increasing student interest and support. "L'Al- liance Francais" promotes a better understanding of the customs. culture. and lan- guage of the French. OFFICERS Betsy Workman. President Kitty Denton, Vice--President Gernltline Worrell, Sec11-tz11'y-Treasllrf-1' Hr William Rf-npzfzlll. Adviser . 1--N-1-rr-nw N ' 4 ' .,. I 3 v 59' .. lg. : . 'I ' Q NJH- lf,-la Fre h Club 4 . Q riters Club courage intcrcsl in crvativm cisc their gifts of lilcrarx talent. tbl'-'Fll'l'1RN Yxunnv llrirv, l'l'f-sidvut l'hyllis Lf-ggi-tt, Vive-l'rvsicln-lil Ann McArthur, St-vrc-tary Lois Brown, Treasurer Ilr. I-Ilvnnnr li, Scott, Arlvisa-r This organization seeks to serve the students by keeping them up-to-date on current issues of vital importance in this changing world. llFl"ll'l'1RS Mary K. Charles. President Amanda Smith, Vive-President l-'annie We-st, Se'r'rPtary-Treasurer Bvtty Shezlly, Rlfporter and Custndian ul' Scrapbook Miss Carol Robertson, Adviser n it i International lations Club 1, H u ir 47 E1 l lf Striving to arouse and en- writing. these budding: :lu- thors moot monthly tu vxcr- An outstanding club on the campus. this is the organiza- tion for our dramatic aspir- ants. Two of its members, Ann and Emily Shaw. are members of the National Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Honorary Fraternity. UI-'I-'ll'EKS Emily Shaw, President Ann Shaw, Vive-President Frances Hobbs. Secretary-'l'rt-asurer Gina Gray, Reporter and Custodian Mr. and Mrs. Neil Watson, Mr. Wil- liam Reaeali, Adxisers These Latin students have only recently organized them- selves into an active club. contradicting the belief that Latin is a dead language. UI-'l"lt'I'lRS Sylvia Abernathy, President Lucy Fleming, Xire-President Marv Illel'ran'ken, Serretzlrv-'l're-asurl-r Miss llarrin-I Morrison, .-ldxiser A x Ili hlaml Players atin lull ' ' U assi i iggg. X Home Economics Club 5 ,. .- gg .-. sl -xx ,Q l y sum nt Club -19 Kapidlp gaining za place of prominence among c l u h s. these ambitious home-makers can he found behind the lines at our receptions. banquets. and other social functions. UI-'I-'IlI'1Rs Hallie Ninzletarx. Prr-sidr-nr Francs-S Heier, Yue-l'rf-sidf-nl Vleu Codas, secrelarx Joyce Grantham, Treasurer Marv l.xb Mclnrvre. Program Chair- man Pain Teer. Custodian of Scrapbook Miss Frames Comr-r. Mrs. Yell Wat- son, Adusr-ri The envy of the other stu- dents. these girls from Rae- ford. Maxton. and other surrounding communities still find time to enter into the campus activities. HFFIL'liRS Mary Barham. President With an outlook to the future. these young secretaries End much pleasure in their world of shorthand and accounting. lll"FIl'ERS Carolyn Miller, President Gladys Hain, Vice-President Betty Reid Melvin, Serretalry Anise Kelly, Treasurer Miss Leta Ma-Intyre, Adviser Each VVednesday morning small groups led by carefully chosen prayer band leaders meet together for meditation. inspiration. and devotions. OFFICERS Mary Lisle Turker, Chairman ommercial lub 'fo 'ies 4 S 6 7 5 910 IZIJHVSISIY ftj I92U2l.'.'Z324 112627282911 E r' Af' nf' .y '-.wb avs lk rayer and 50 Q3-5 V f ft ,f:. wrq' 'ill x Stud nt olunteers .f H A,-. fgeikfikxkbl 1 -".Qle'-' ,C Q CBC' ..,-N , vb ',,,f' ff-"gf 5 0 O. Q ,uf 0 U 1 Senior Scrihblers .I .0 '1r'f' 1 :gg l', s ...Q g.,uus",o Ogdllit 1 f 5 MQ . ,' 0 0 This club has become well knou n at F.Nl.C. by sending three of their members to a Student Volunteer Confer- ence in Kansas. sponsoring a Christmas bookstore. and proving themselves to be on the ball in many ways. tlFFII'l'.Rs Mollie Ann Honey. President Xlargaret Murdorh, Vive-President PPELZY Carter. Sec-retary Barbara Hill. Treasurer Having been tapped by the preceding year's scribblers. these six girls meet until the wee hours of the night at- tempting to describe their classmates for the yearbook. SFRIBES Enid Grady. Chief Scribe Mollie Ann Bonev Barbara Carter Janice Murdoch Im! McCallum Elaine Pierre v-u L . nf ji-A., If 'fym 's'4Ju Nix J! "fb . - ,,. . V . A Q-p 1 ' , , . ' -' S" " -FW.: 1 5"'f'15Z'? W,-fl. fm -Q' Q"A 'j'k.f"j1,,k" , -. ,.a-,.M-ff-.:-,if 4. . , . ,F - . , , i 1. ff l- L- 9' 1+ 'Q'-xx f'4'!51Q'ff'-5j?,7" , 1, S , -I-. Z., ,,5'zj,'1 .A .y 1 15,34 141,-3--,, .S -,lf-fX,J.. . K .,.v , . -,.,, .1 W.-'X ' C 4 -.' 7 -3' - ft Y' ' - '11 ' " .. x ' ' ' 1' ,"'f'r-,.- "u L1 ,.f, N, ' rl , , :Q "I: 1' V: 1 f ' x ' 31-'H' V1 - ,- -.-, mf., 'A . 'Mr 'QQ' ,A - 5 rn,.Nf "'hp-.fyff -1 5, my-f lik- lx if a ff .-v' gv. , ' .szivwa ' . 'Q . 1" Ill-hi C' ND it is spring. The long gray months of wintvr lmvv ripvnvd into ai warm and vibrant season. whvn the donu' throws zu longer shadow across tlu' nf-w grass. and the gardens hurst into tl fusvinuting world of color. This is the time when anything is good for at laugh. when nolu-llalanre dominates the curriculum. and the graduating vlass gets a little Slilllllllfxlllill. Thus it is to the Seniors that we prvsvnt thc- story of spring. hoping that wlwn the ink is on the sheepskin. you will lvl this one he- just for the lllf'lll0l'y. . ... t for the N emor wg The warm afternoons found us studying 1'?J out-uh doors, ,V - Spring Holidays found us lining up fnr busses to all points. The hraver. more warm-hloudvd of us look daily dips in our large mods-rn pool. 9' Wa -1:1 - zz nf I l li f 1 I 0 , l' ' 1 N 535411: , P unallrm-ssilllly alll-lnptn-d ln rv- m ' ' 4 , ver from mpring levi-r, whirh wa-. Q lecially ralnlmnt in the rlzlsaruunx. - 1 an '. --,.- 93' -if 'f"",1 Q . '- A nf ,,.,: I 1 LA, 54 r. -'r HY' ul X J f w. . wx 1 - ns- Insl :A txpnal Max mornin: , unnin ut . . . . . . and we ran with it. There were a million things to squeeze into a few short months .... Elections were foremost in the minds of many. and campus politicians were a dime a dozen .... We saw our Spring Holidays come and go. and soon could not even remember having had them. . . . As windows were opened. the music from a thousand pianos all playing a different tune drifted up to the dormitories .... Cotton dresses appeared one by one .... The more talented sen- iors very successfully presented their music recitals. and the plans for May Day seemed enor- mous and impossible .... Iced tea appeared on the tables at night. and the study hour bell had little success in dragging the nature lovers in- doors after supper ..,. The Biology majors took to the woods with nets. and we stumbled over members of the art class sprawled about the cam- pus ..... w Xstonishingly enough. we took the strain and stress of May Day in our stride and watched with open mouths as it came off in a smooth and creditable manner. . . Going-up Day and the take-offs highlighted the last weeks. and we turned our thoughts to graduation. . We turned out a hne lreu uf leaders in our sindrnt Body Elections. , -f xxxllx F Seniorhood-that time when feverish activity blends with near nostalgia. This is the bewildered Freshman Class of 1948. who returned the next year to make Sophomore Lit a two-year course. These are the eontident juniors who. with much mutilation of trash cans and loud jeers to the underelassmen, proclaimed themselves seniors on Slnuln-tary. Shan, Rogers "1 'ifzufu 5973 Q xv Ai,, r aQ'fg me . gQQQm1LJaSS T- K v if V1 , 5 ..J. Ili' L. fi fi ,:' " 5 41 1, f, f , 4.- rl I W' 7 L Going-Up Day. Theirs is the past at Flora Mae- donald-no longer the future. OFFICERS Margaret Comer, President Love Tarrant. Vice-President Barbara Carter. Secretary Ethel Rogers, Treasurer Ann Shaw, Tea Room Manager Hattie Singletary. Assistant Manager lner. Tarrant. Carter, ut!- ?i 4' T ws Iggy - Q' 3 "r 7 fc S .I.-4.. -1X.v X97 ip' ,N fin if I if. ,-we . inetee Fift -two lk gtk ..., -E- " 15-- il l Barrow Biddle Bono LINDLEY ANN BARROW. BA Grammar Grade Eclucurmn La Grange, N C Loauaclous The Wink , 21 hours . . self-ussurvd rranlc , Burrruv Sislvr Number Three . egicxent jun! swinger Epsxlon Chi Llterary Sammy, Prayer Band Leader 4 Atlanuc Chrmsuan Colleslv Summer School 2 MARGARET ELIZABETH BIDDLE, IZA, Grammar Grade Efluctzlmu St Paulf. N C Famxly , interesting . Commuter on Verge uv being zz gcmus mp gruclvs unperturbable . ambrtzon plus . u jrzend xnflcwd University of North Carolina 1, 2, Day Students Club 3. 4. MOLLIE ANN HONEY. B,A Grammar Grzulv Educutmn XK'allace, N C - Student Volunteers . conference houml . u1xcham1mgg rllvpnsxtxml Corfliul tmustw' . consecrated , , slou- but pmsed I EpFilun Chl Llterary Soclety, Peare Junior College l 2. Student Vulunteerf IZ, -l, Prenclc-nt 3, 4, Chrlstxan Associauon Cahlnet -l, Outreach Chanrrnan 4. Choral Club 3 4 Nlathemaural Honor Socxety 3, -1. Writers Club 3 International Relatxons Club -1. Semor Sc-rxhe 4 57 Senior lass EMILY LOIS BROWN, BM Piano Hamlet, N. C, Epsilon Chi conscientious a kitten ut the keyboard versatile perfectionist . unaffected loneliness . . outstanding Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Chaplain 2. Second Vice-President 3, President -lg St Cecelia Music Club 1, 2, 3, -1, Writers Club. Treasurer 4, Choral Club 1, 2, 3, -l. President 31 Monogram Club -lg Volleyball 1, 2, 3, -4, Captain 3, Varsity 2, 3, -tg Basketball 2, 3. Society Dance Chairman 31 Piano Recital 3, -lg Chief Marshal 3g May Court 2. 3. 4. Maid of Honor -tg Student Council -lg Who's Wlio in American Colleges and Universities BETTY ANN BRUNSON, BA Grammar Grade Education Fayetteville, N, C, "Billie" . . . May Day , perennial chairman . , nonslanderer lttlie , . . "my aunt" , . volleyball . willing worker Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Spanish Club 1, 2. 3, 4. President 2, Press Correspondent 3, Math- ematical Honor Society 1, 2, 3, -l, President 3, William Bartram Scientific Society 2. 3, 43 Prayer Band Leader 2. 3g Snapshot Editor Wi-n'rE HEATHER 3. Chorus 3, Athletic Board 4. Vice-President -lg Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Captain 2. Varsity 3, -t, Monogram Club -l, Recorder of Points 4. BARBARA RUTH CARTER. B,A. Grammar Grade Education Jackson Springs. N. C. Zetesian , Harris , . small order oj cuteness . . . elaborate use of initials . , . air mail letters , "knocks me out" . . repertoire oy Alma Maters Zetesian Literary Society, President -t. Lees-McRae Junior College 1. 2. Student Volunteers 3. Spanish Club 3g Tennis 3. Mathematical Honor Society 4. Class Secretary 43 Student Council -tg Senior Scribe 4, MARY KATHRYN CHARLES, B A. Primary Educatzon Winston-Salem, N C "Charlie" . . , frequent mumbles in class . original , . elephants . . . arguments , . in- tolerant, yet kind , . . nonconyormist Zetesian Literary Society. Critic 2 St, Cecelia Music Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 William Bartram Scientinc Society 3, International Relations Club 3, -l, President -lg Christian Associa- tion Cabinet 3, Chairman of Social Service 33 Fire Chief 4. Literary Editor Wmrr: HEATHER 4, Choral Club 1. 2, Treasurer 2, Volleyball 3. Prayer Band Leader 4 MARGARET RUTH COMER, BA Bible and French Ellerbe. N, C Seniorhood personijitd , . stately charm , e.i'prcssii'e eyes , . high school admirers . reserved . . quecnly. Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Marshal 3, Studcnt Council -I, Class President -l. Class Vice- Pxesident 2, Class Editor WHITE HEATHER 3, L'All2ance Francais l, 2. B, 4, President Sp Willialn Bartrani Scientific Society 3, 4, Prayer Band Leader 2, 33 High School Bible Teacher,-l. MILDRED MONROE COXE, BA. History Red Springs. N, C lntclltqent but avoids work . cute nose . advocates marriage .,"my husband" . .. shoes . , newly acquired happiness - Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Tennis 2. 3. Day Students Cluh -l. William Bartram Scientific . ociety 4, international Relations Club -l, KATHRYN GARR DEATON, BA Grammar Grade Education Pinebluti, N C, "Kitty" . . Fort Bfllyfl Sol! voice , . eyebrow raiser . uniquely interested in her major . considerate and lzelpjul Epsilon Chi Literary Society. Chaplain -l, L'Alliance Francais 1, 2, ll, Nl. Vice-President 4, William Bartram Scientific Society 2 3, 4, President 3: Choral Club 1, 2, 3, -l ETHEL ANNE EVANS, B.S Home Economics Wilson, N. C, Campus Wincliell . . politician , inquisitive . jokes . , nigh pricstess of hull sessions . . , lmnie-lover , . gad-about Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Home Economics Club l 2, 3. 41 International Relations Club 2, Atlantic Christian College Suinnier School 2, 15 William Bartram Scientific Society 3. " i " :uf 'A -l " I QQ' ,Q - i fn il B .X J " Nl ,f 3 s-u--- , 1 -L- ' iw: I 'qim .sn I A. 4 U, i , s I' Q , . 4, , f I . l Q' 2 A I , P ' , 'f , -Y e, - : 1 A " ' '-j'o: ' . ! Brown t'nnu-r I l I A-, Nineteen Fifty-two KU I 3545 s ,L if i li 1 ' ji 1 1 ' gf s ' Cl ff -A . .1 1 31 ?f :Sf mn-r k H -' l 4 4" , .lf l l l 1 I VZ ,Q Q, lnetee Fli two ,, I ,ff 1-x Hobbs llclrthlll' ENID LONG GRADX BA Grammar Grade Eduralmn Charlotte N C Lmquely darllllrl touch ot flenlus lmplsh rhrlrrughlu luteresllng dclmed uorker slllrlted Cheerleader outstalldlng nrlfzlnalltu Epsllon Chl Llterarx Soclets CTIYIC 'P Flrst NICE PYSSIGGHI 3 St Cecela Muslc Club 1 Hlehland Plaxers 2 L.-Xlllance Frarlcals l 2 Choral Club 1 2 i Xolls l ll 1 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Superlatlte 4 Cnlel Scrlbe 4 Snapshot Edltor KK!-HIE HE-trl-lin 7 Asslstant Edltor 3 Edltor ln Ch el 4 ENIILX NAN GRIER B-K Wathemarlcs Charlotte N C Heart ot gold luual supporter Spnrts enthusiast accordloll profuslze thanks llflpllld IUIGT Steele Creek Fpsllon Chl Llterarx QOCIQYX Correspondlng Secretarx 3 Treasurer 4 Class NICE Presldent Class Presldent 2 Student Councll 'P 'llathernatlcal Honor Socletx l " 3 4 NICE Pres dent Presldent 4 LAlllance Francals 1 2 3 -1 Xlce Preslrlent 3 Xollexhall I 'P 3 4 Xarsltx 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 NBTSIYN 1 2 Athletlc Board 3 4 Treasurer 3 Heid of Vollexball Monogram Club 4 Whos H ho m Amerlearl Colleqcs and Lluzzersltles SARAH NEAL H-'KVIER BA Hlstoru Maxton N C Neat shoulder bao jackets bralllu regent lranster nne ut the 'llaltonlans composed laauelu Anon 11 Zeteslan Llterarx S cleh PJC 1 7 KK CL N C 3 Dat Students Club 4 FR-XNCES BENNETT HOBBS BA Prlmaru Educatlon Councll N Fran Slrauherru blonde Honeu Corlgelual easlf qolng lemme te mrdle blushes lemonade passlon Epsllon Chl Llterarx Socletx Censor 'P Recordlng Secretart 3 4 Hlehl nd Plaxers 2 3 4 Secrelart Treasurer 4 Prater Band Leader 3 Bmxllne 2 3 Class Secretarx 3 Student Nolun teers 3 Chorus 3 H gh Polnt College Summer School 3 ENIILH ANN HOVIIE BA Prlmary Educatloll Faxettexllle N C Placzd elnresslon untl rules ver a llur mdllldual the unelpected Casual penslz e Epsllon Chl Llterarx Socletx Xkllllam Bartram Sclentlhc SOCIEIX 3 4 Lat n Cluh 4 Hlghland Plaxers 3 4 Xolluball 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Ciptaln 3 Queens College 1 J-KNICE RANION-X LOX ICK B -K Grammar Grade Erlucatzon Wade N C Nlalltcap Oil Horse eluberavlt toothnaste smlle nrm nunchalant metzcululls natural lotelmess Zeteslan Llterarx Socletx Marshal 3 Choral Club 1 2 3 4 St Cecella 'lluslc Clulw 1 3 4 X ce Presldent 7 Suanlsh Club 3 'Vlathemltlcal Honor Socletx 3 4 Internatlunal Relatlons Club 4 Hlghland Plaxers 3 Tennls 3 Prater Band Leader " Class Klee Presldent 3 Student Bods NICE Preslclent 4 Student Councll 3 4 Max Court 4 Atlantlc Chrlstlan College Sumner School 3 ll hos Nha ln -lmerlcan Collcaes and Lllrlerslrles J-XNICE LEE NTLRDOCH BA 'lluslc Xkllduood N C Humble slucere uell rounded Ellra lllace at Hour table nam lmer beach nut sense nt lalues trzendllf cplrll I-Ipsllon Chl Lltcrarx Socletw Nlarshal 3 Internatlonal Relatlons Club 2 Xiathematlcal Honor SOCISYN 3 Choral Club 2 3 4 Athletlc Assoclatlon Secretarx '7 Pre ldc-nt Xnllexuall 1 3 4 C ptaln 4 Xarsltx l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 'P 3 4 Captaln " Xarsltx 1 'P 'llonneram Club 3 4 Student Councll 3 Dm ne Room Hostess 4 Semor Scrlbe 4 Councll Dance Chalrman 4 Superlatlu 4 Chrlsllan Assoclatlon Cablnet 4 Chalrman ot Soclal Serllte 4 NIILDRED LOL ISE NICARTHLR BS Home Ecovlomlcs X akulla N C December uedzllncl bells changeable halr mu drlzcr enqllleers herself lvlto man 1 flood tlmes bnardlngl student chautleur Zeteslan Ltterarj- Soeletjw Home Economlus Cluh l L. 3 4, Day Students Club .. . P.l.C Summer School l, Appalachlan State Tearher: College Summer School T' Senior lass DOROTHY MCCALLUM, BA Prtmartl Education Rowland, N C, "Dot" . "l just got up" look antlelic c.1'1Jress1on inditndual walk , surprisingly smart vnellou'-voiced summer school cute clothes unusual, Zetesian Literary Society, Marshal 3, Choral Club l. 2, 3, -1, Secretary 4. St. Cecelia Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Spanish Club 31 Mathematical Honor Society -1: Inter' national Relations Club -t. Highland Players 3 4, Senior Scribe 4, Assistant Business Manager Vtli-tits HEATHER 3. Class Editor -t, Tennis 2. 3, P,J C, Summer School 1. 25 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3. Dance Chairman 3 ALMA GENE McDOWELL, BS. Home Economzcs Elizabethtown, N. C. "Sazlor" sensible opzntonated . farrnerette outspoken . , Methodist that look alto-voiced Epsilon Chi Literary Society. L'Alliancc Francais 1, Volleyball 2, 3. -t, Varsity 25 Basketball 3. 41 Athletic Board 3. Head of Volleyball 31 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. -tg Clemson College Summer School 1 3, MARY ELIZABETH MCINTYRE. BS Home Economics Godwin, N C. "Maru l1b" torerer cooking voices opinions easily . lufrurtant dark hair , sweet dtsoosztton . Values frzenrlshzp Zetesian Literary Society, Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3. -1. Program Chairman -t: Prayer Band Leader 2, Chorus 3. International Relations Club.2g Student Volunteers 2. 33 Atlantic Christian College Summer School Il. William Bartram Scientitic Society 2. 3, 4 MARGARET PAYE MCPHAUL BA Grammar Grade Education Parkton N, C. Lingering smile "B1ll" diamond-studdecl basketball sweet and slow modest marrtage-approuchee Zetesian Literary Society, Day Students Club 1. 2 4, Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4. Varsity 3, Athletic Board 3. Head ot Basketball 3, University of Delaware Summer School 2 ANN FRANCES PEARCE, BA Blble Corpus Christi, Texas TEXAS Herfl natural model has nercr mel a stranger simply dtmply . radiates sunshine laluable Ensilon Chi Literary Society, Marshal 3, Christian Association 3, 4. Vice-President 3, Presi- dent -l. Choral Club 1. Mathematical Honor Society 1. 2, 3, -t, L'A1liance Francais 1. 2. 3. Spanish Club 1. 2 3. International Relations Club 4, Literary Editor Wurre HE.-wut-:R 2: As- sistant Business Manager Pine and Thistle 2, Superlative 2. May Court 1. 3, 4. May Queen -1, Student Council -t, Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities BERNICE ELAINE PIERCE BM Piano Evergreen. N. C Capable of the tmnossihle "Poco M1nuto" sentimental . sincere "precious" tdtal student on oulrf-aching: lore Zetesiain Literary Society, Corresponding Secretary 2, Marshal 3. Class President 1, 3 Choral Club l. 2, 3 -l. Piano Recital 3. 4, St. Cecelia Music Club 1, 2, 3, President 21 Prayer Band Leader 2 Class Editor WHITE l'll-'ATHER Ll, Student Volunteers 3, Superlative 33 Student Council l 3 4. Student Body President 4 Christian Association Cabinet -l. Senior Scribe -t. Whos Who tw- Amt-rzcuu Collerycw antl Unztersittcs .ll,lNE'l'TE GEORGE RASTOM. B M Voice and Public School ltluxte Laurinbure, N C. '.lunte" infectious lauqhtm unprerltctatnlc temper sterling "Let all vnu lite he music " Epsilon Chi Literary Society, St Cecelia Music Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer 2 Presi- dent 3, Choral Club 1 2 Ii, 4, Vu-t-Presirlent -t. L'Alliance Francais 1, Library Club 1. College Cheerleader lt, PJ C Summer School il, Voice Recital 3, 4, May Court 4. ETHEI. COUNCIL ROGERS, BA Prtmuru Education Whiteville, N C Houncu Aunt .luue "llluAmu" t-oily hair v.i'presxtre eyes studious plus little-gzrlish yfotxe Zetesum Literary Society. l.'AlIiancc l"rzu1cais l 2. Prayer Hand Leader 2, Mathematical Honor Society l, 2, 3, St Cecelia Music Club l, 2, Cl Choral Club 3, Literary Stott of Pine and Thistle 2 3 Assistant Editor 3, Class Trl-asurcr -t l ,si ' 1 ,J McCallum Pearce if ll V? ' -f X ' 5 .I Ci EES" ' Q A -: .-if K! -1' -'V' rf' Nineteen Fifty-two 1 Senior Class nl 9.2: pl 1 fy! 'iffy I had I 9 .. ' QI V. if 9 1 5' 44, 'Ai - 3- ' fl 'f ' g 5 f, S pd i7 '24 K' k f ' 61 aw ' bfi 4 I ' f , -L.- , ? ' X ., - SL K f: ,:ulgJ1-. lin 1 f'- ,r 'if 43' 43' xh. 'ran .xv S 7-if V IN-, Singlelary XYPSI 1 ' etee Fift -two GLORIA ANN RUMMAGE, BA Engllsh and French Ellerbe N, C Leu'ls records , scrubbed look pullctuates cmlrersaflml 1l'lth llstenefs name prlm and precious Epsllon Chl Literary Soclety, Marshal 3 L'A1l1ance Francals 1, 2 3 4 Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3. Wllllam Bartram SCIEDIIHC SOCIOIX 3, Athletlc Board 2 Salesman 2, Bmvllmz 2 Tennle 3, Prayer Band Leader 2, Christian Assoclatlon Cablnet 3, Secretary 3, Student Body Secretary 4, Student Councll 4, Wake Forest College Summer School 3 EMILY KATHERINE SHAVV BA Blologu St Pauls N C Dramatlc lmpulses . outstalldlnq bullfshnotcr always ml the go men avllmatetl arllloznlcenlellts Eosllon Chl Llterary Soclety, Choral Club 1 2 Asslstant Tea Room Manager 3 Hlehlanrl Players l 2 3 4. Presldent 4 Alpha Psl Omega 2 3 4 Preslden! 4 St Cecela Mllslc Club 1 2 3, 4. Art Edltor Plrle and Thlstle 3 4, VVllllan'l Bartram SCIGDIIFIC Socle-tv l 2, AISIHGYXHSIICHI Honor Soclety 2 3 4 Interrlatlonal Relatlons Club 2 3 Junlor-Se-rllor Dance Chalrman 3 Volleyball 1 2 3 4, Monogram Club 4 MARY ANN SHAVV, E.A Blology St Pauls N C Ann Santa Claus laurlhter class snlrlt hllle ewes Tea Rmml bmsterous lrholeheavted F M C 's rzght-lland man Epsllon Chi Llterary Soclety, Hlghland Players 1 2 3 4 XIICE-PTQSIGETH 4 Alpha Psl Orneea 3, 4, YIICE-PYESIYLIEDI 4, Wllllam Bartram Sc-lentlnc Soczety 3 4, Tea Room Manager 3 4 Chorus 3 Spanlsh Club 4 Buslness Department ZZ, Commerclal Club 2, Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 1. 2 3, 4 Cap!a'n 1 Athletlc Board 3 4 Head of Softball 3 4, Monogram Club 4 Soclety Dance Chaimlan 3, PJC Summer School 1 2 East Carollna College Summer School 3, Superlatlve 4 HATTIE ELIZABETH SINGLETARY ES Home Er-ovlunlzcs Bladenboro N, C 1Voman nf jeu' words lrlterestlllg halr hlddell talents strlklwla skllliul uslth a needle Zeteslan LIISTBFX Society L'Alllance Francals 1, Inlernatlonal Relarons Club 2, Wllllam Bartram Sclentlfic SOCl9lj' 2 3 4, Home Ecf-nomlcs Club 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Presldent 4 Prayer Band Leader 23 ASSISIBDI Tea Room Manager 4 Atlantlc Chrlstlan College Summer School 3 AMANDA GRAY SMITH BA Blble Petersburg Vlrelnla Tlnu features Vlrglnlavl to the bmle neat lludecldecl erpressmll studles come ,tirst bllrld-date success story Zeteslan Llterary Soclety Censor 2: Prayer Band Leader 2 Choral Club 2 3 Wllllam Bartram Sclentihc Scclety 2 3, St Cece-lla Muslc Club 1 2, 3 Edltor Plne and Tlllstle 3, Wrlters Club 31 L'Alllance Francals 3, 4, lnternatlrmal Relatlons Club 3 4, Vice-Presldent 4 Ellslness Manager Wt-llrli Hsaruzn 4, Whfs Who ln .-lmerlcavl Colleges and L'nzl-erslllea LOVE LEOXORE TARRANT BA Grrlmrllar Grade Educatloll Fayetteyllle N C Noll-talker 'Amy husband" tlllsted smlle Qulct and cmlscrlcltlre turtlefpaced calm brolrn cues Epsllon Chl LIIGYBTX Soclety L'Alllance Franca s I 2 4 Wllllam Bartram Fclentlflc Soclety 3 4 Vlce-Presldent 4, Prayer Band Leader 4, Class Treasurer 3, Class X'lce-Presldent 4 BOXK'Ill'1g 2 3 HARRIETT CONSTAXCE WATSON BA Przmaru Eflllcallf rl Parktgn N C Irtgevlutty u'ltl'l clothes Heuvlle babu Dlctures "I dml't Lvlflu' thas stuH" undeflnable charm beauty yrrml u'lllllrl ZEIESIBD Literary SOCIQIX Recordlng Secretary 2 3 Marshal 3, Chrlsllan Assoclatlc-n Cablrlet 3 Chalrman of Christlan XVOFSIWID 3, Prayer Band Leader 2 4 Class Treasurer 1 May Court 1, 3 4, Superlatlve 3 Buslness Staff Pzne and Thlslfe 2 Asslstant Buslness Manager 3 Volley- ball 1. 3, 4, Basketball 1 2 3 4, Choral Club 1 2 3 4 Secretary 2 Presldent 4 Monogram Club 4: XVIIIIETTA Bartram Sclentlric SOCIETY 2 3 St Cecclla Muslc Club 1 2 3 Fl-'ll-lda Stale L'n'x'erslty Summer School 3 Sm-:eu Dance Chalrman 4 I-'ANNIE BELLE WEST BA Grammrlr Grade Educatlfm Fayettevllle N C Lnderstavldzng dru u'lr provlurlclarlml slayer lwgllssil :Iv-lu' draul that Halo look gulllble Epsllon Chl Llterary SOCIGIX Wake Forest College Summer School 1 PJC Summer School 2, Intematlonal Relatlons Club 2 3 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 Wllllam Bartram Sclentlflc Soclety 3. 4 LAlllance I-'ranca's 1 2 3 Bnwllne 2 3 Whitaker ull Senior Class Williamson Workman CLAUDINE ELIZABETH WHITAKER. BA, Grmnmur Grade Edncntzmi Kannapolis. N, C Controlled disposition Seimrita-in-chief gorvd skirts . easy going manner , . . weekly limits: with tht' Episcopal organ Epsilon Chi Literary Society. Pianist 3, W.C U N,C, lg Mathematical Honor Society 2, 3, Spanish Cluh 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President -4, JOAN WILLIAMSON. BA Mathematics and Bmlnqu Atlanta. Georgia 'Jfm" buy dissector Hnrnld crowded Cranium tennis class brunt . . . makcx ri rhynnv any old tunv silly moods genuine Epsilon Chi Litcrary Souivsty, Christian Association Cabinet 2. -t. Chairman ot Publicity 2. Treasurer 4. Prayer Band Loader 3. Student Volunteers l. 2. Treasurer 2' Mathematical Honor Society l. 2, fl. 4. Social Chairman 2. Recording Secretary 3. International Relations Club 2, 3. 4, Choral Club l, 2. 3. Literary Stat? Pine and Thistlv 3, Volleyball l. 2. 3, 4, Varsity l. 2. 3, -l, Athlctu- Board 3. Head nt' Tennis 3, Monogram Club -tg Sallie Southall Cotton Scholarship Award 4. Superlative -l. BETSY ANN WORKIVIAN, BA Bible and Frvnch Mehanv, N C "Our Best to Yon" 510011 snutctier nun-test yittcrs , at homv at thc pimiu "imn'I" auiml rnrprnwsimi In pctitc fillv non-uiorrier Zetc-sian l,itr-rary Socu-ty, Pianist 2. 3 4, l.'Allianw Francais l. 2. 3 4. President -t. Choral Club l, 2. Il. 4, Stucltfnt Voluntvcrs 2, 3 4. Christian Association Cnhinct 2. 3. Chairman nl Rc-hgimis ltlc-ctings 2, Chairman of Outreach 3. Prayer Band I.:-ado-r -I. 66 In ' 1 11, 11? EQ., A-:iQ-if" 'ri 21 3 V, W-' 4 pi M gf v .. 54 W W .5 7'?di1'if 1a 'I M WW H I J , - . . . a year of many moods. N lT"'N if 9 X ff? I BAS Who' Wfho Each year there are certain seniors who attain positions of prominence on the campus through their interest in organizations. student govern- ment, Scholarship, publications. leadership-in short. all the things that make Flora Macdonald a college and not just an institution. The follow- Brown Pearce 3li"u, ing students were chosen as members of the 1952 "VVho's Who in American Colleges and Universitiesn: Lois Brown. Emily Nan Grier. Janice Lovick. Ann Pearce. Elaine Pierce. Amanda Smith. ier Lovick Pierce Smith 68 A - - -i .,4,.i:,,-. -mol . . W 1 t8 ue li. .v if 1 Lois Brown Piano 1' tw, ,,.. , .Iunelte Rnsloni Voice f-2--+-4'an?2v"v -vw K Q - ypay- -1 X ltx Elaine Pierre Pm no Senior usie ital The little girl banged her fist down on the shiny piano keys and threw "Teaching Little Fingers to Play" on the floor. This was just too much. She could never. never learn .... Yet with all the intricacies and technicalities to be mastered. some students do turn out to be quite proficient in their field of music. be it voice or piano. This year three of these more talented individuals each gave us an unusual and beautifully-executed recital, proving that the four years which they have spent in intense study and practice have not been in vain. Lois Brown, Piano Junette Rastom, Voice Elaine Pierce. Piano 69 A gs' v t .L ANN PEAHCE x May Queen Ma Lois Hruwn Maid of Honor yi I i i I 1 1 . . . 1952 "A heel. a toe. and a polka step!" By the first of May. these words become quite familiar to the majority of the student body. Miraculously. it is at this time that awkward feet become twink- ling toes, the hard-working student is turned into a lithe nymph. and the May Day dell is transformed into a fairyland of color, People come from all over the state to witness the splen- dor and beauty of a Flora Macdonald May Day. Miss Ethel Bateman of the Physical Education Department is the Director. The cuurl is entertained bv a group of dans-ers. lViste Day . rin and xmln-ls suddenly hh-om in :rinse plat-vs on Nl Va a Janice Lovick Junette Rastom Harriett Watson Senior Class Attendant Senior Class Attendant Senior Class Attendant Jean Underwood Ann Brinn Junior Class Attendant Junior Class Attendant ts, mt-Nvgllj' 1 A 'A .J Lrg' f,ZQ7f5'4' 'E N Kxtfff-Ffwx 1+ 4 'HU l2"'ft? WNW: 1 .g 4, ' , , - ,ls 1 'li mf T2 X. 4, C uf' fi 40"-' .1 , 3,1 ' . ".,1,g. ' ,La me ri l sei ' ,f 'r ' 1. ff, leaf wi Y 1 Q' iilglitl 4' f ff 3, Sylvia Abernathy Gladys Bain Sophomore Class Attendant Sophomore Class Attendant I I O Marie Essey Ellen XVilliams Ann Burgess Junior Class Attendant Freshman Class Attendant Freshman Class Attendant s Ng 13 l Var 'L ' i iii A X' :Rig ,. its i, if a 1 i ' I -u 11' fr , "1- 5, . 4., -il! 1 f",5. ' .uf . , in 1733 " Q 4-4' v , ' 51.73 A J. 1 w 2,472 A A ,gp . w !, ig .No I V ...gd T, its . J . '-I J.: ri-I ,f We 194 x X ..,, x . , A . - y H . 5. i 5 'l'li! 4 an., 5 -icq - p.'5'l ' I - .-ff allf Y fflgega "iQm-- 'liiu J ,4 ' 4 K an ' '-.' ,r ff' Iv' ,-az. ' Q ,ff X5 W 'mv s.. INL5' ' ' -Qr .. ,.n. 1 I '--'aug i'T" "' .:i- r . , uk 4- 5. P .12 ,f -1, 5 5 ' c 5 ? 9'5- SEQ? 1221" Q X, ,, , ,- A ,N a . . F . is 3' 'A . Griffin, Nancy Jane, Route 1, Rocky Mount. N. C. Ahern Addor Allen, Stud nt athy, Sylvia, 521 N. Main St.. Mount Holly. N. C. . Bllliegene, Addor, N C. Harriet, 127 Cook St., Bennettsville, S C. Anderson, Dorothy, 501 E Calhoun St. Whiteville, N. C Andre ws, Nancy. 300 N Salisbury Ave., Spencer, N, C, Arrington. Rebecca. Box 332, Rowland. N. C, Austin, Arla, Maxton, N C Bain. Baker, Gladys. 200 W, Donaldson Ave., Raeford, N. C Ruby Grey. Buies Creek, N, C, Barham, Mary. tied Springs, N. C Barrow, Lindley, Rziute l. LaGrange, N, C. Bass, Juanita, Box 233, Lillington. N C. Bethea, Elizabeth. Box 263, Latta, S, C, Biddle. Margaret W, St. Pauls. N C Blalock. Jessie, 0012 Jefferson St., Hamlet N C Boney, Delanie. Box 93, Wallace. N C Boney, Mollie Ann, Box 93, Wallace, N. C Boone Boone Margaret. 817 S Franklin St.. Rocky Mount, N Z Peggy, Charlotte St., Rocky Mount, N. C. Boseman. Joyce. Route 3. Rocky Mount. N. C. C . Boyd, Eunice Ann. Victory Heights, Christiansburg, Va. Boyd, Bevis, Greeleyville. S. C Boyd, Evelyn. Abingdon. Va. Brantley, Alice, 60-1 N. Pollock, Selma, N. C. Brice. Yvonne, 405 W., Colonial Ave.. Elizabeth City. N. C Bunn, Blonnie. Whiteville. N C. Brinn. Ann, Creswell, N C, Brown, Bobbie, 19351 Grandin Rd,, S,W., Roanoke. Va, Brown, Lois. 117 Spring St.. Hamlet, N C. Brown, Geraldine. Route 2. Chadbourn, N. C Brunson, Betty Ann. 106 Scott Ave. Fayetteville. N C, Bryan. Mildred. Route 5. Box 217. Lumberton, N. C. Buhler. Ginnie. 1200 S. Main St,. Graham, N C, Bullock. Doris Jean. Route 1, Box 103, Oxford. N C. Burgess, Ann. 3107 49th St,, Woodside. New York. N,Y Budd, Evelyn. Lumberton. N, C. Bynum. Mary Etta. 1110 N. Heritage St., Kinston, N. C, Byrd, Calhot Callah Annie. Pine St.. Elizabethtown. N. C. Cain. Doris, Route 7. Fayetteville. N C. in, Charlotte. 321 S. Fourth St., Wilmington. N. C, an. Peggy. Box 131, Whiteville, N. C. Calloway, Doris. 211 Misenheimer Ave.. Concord. N. C. Campbell, Eva. Laurinburg. N. C, Campbell, Kathryn, E Covington St., Laurinburg. N. C, Carr, Bobbie. Box 391. Wallace, N. C. Carswell, Jane. Route 1. Spring Lake. N. C ' Carter, Barbara. Jackson Springs. N. C Carter. Peggy, Route 1. Wilson. N. C. Cashwell. Margaret, Route 1, Hope Mills. N, C. Cashwell, Sara. Route 1, Hope Mills. N. C. Charles. Mary Kathryn, 116 E. Sprague St.. Cherry, Ann. Route 6. Box 730, Charlotte. N. C, Cline. Patricia, Route 1, Cherryville. N. C Codas, Cleo, -109 Young St.. Henderson. N C. Cole. Nadine Route 5, Fayetteville. N C Colem an, Mary Sue. Biltmore Farms. Asheville, N, C. Comer, Margaret, Ellerbe. N, C Cook. Jean, Route 3, Box 293. Fayetteville, N. C. Coxe. Mildred. Red Springs. N. C. Crawley, Joan, RFD 3, Box 317. Henderson, N. C, Cross. Betty. Box 223. Laurel Hill, N. C Currie. Lydia, Jackson Springs. N, C Davis. Betty Lou, Red Springs, N, C Davis. Helen, Route 3. Waclesboro, N C, Davis, MarJorie, Route 7, Fayetteville, N. C. Davis, Saradce, Route 3. Box 200, Quincy. Florida Deaton, Kathryn, Pineblutf. N C Dew, Grace, Box 83, Delco, N, C, Dorman. Nan, Red Springs. N, C. Driggers, Hattie, Box 60. Clinton. S C, Drummond, Jo Ann. -108 New Street. Graham. N. C. Dudley, Frances, 4503 Wrightsvillc Ave., Wilmington, Dudley, Sarah, -1503 Wriglitsville Ave, Wilmington, N, C. Dunn, Doris, Route -1 Box 200, Charlotte, N. C Winston-Salem. N. C. N C, irector Earp, Sidney, Route 3, Taylorsville, N C Edwards. Faye. Maxton, N. C, Elkins. Mary Hazel, Route 1, Box 2-1-1, Elizabethtown. N. C Elliott Peggy. 140 Warley St,, Darlington, S. C. Ellis. Rachel. 5 Pinecrest Terrace, Wilmington. N. Essey, Marie, Maxton, N. C Evans. Anne, 1108 S. Tarboro St, Wilson. N, C, Farley, Anne, Hallsboro, N. C. Route 2, Fairmont. N C 1-'arrior, Beth. Fitzgerald, Shirley, Route 1. Waynesboro. Va, Fleming, Lucy, RFD 1, Mehane. N. C. Fulford, Joan, Supply, N. C. C. Fulghuni, Barbara, 318 Melton St,, Rocky Mount, N. C. Gallop. Nancy. 305 Church St., Wilmington, N C. Ganci. Nellie, MEMO 655-U S.M.C., Cherry Point. N. C. Gandy, Olive, Pressly Ave, Society Hill, S, C. Garrison. Madge, Box 154. Waxhaw, N. C. Gibson. Katherine, Route 1. Laurinburg. N. C. , V M Gilliland, Betty Jean. Route 1. Box 310. Rocky Gore. Betty Jo. Shallotte, N, C. Grady, Enid, -113 W Ninth St., Charlotte. N. C. Graham. Lucille, Olivia, N. C, ount, N. C Grantham, Joyce. Route 1, Box 145. Goldsboro, N C. Gray. Virginia. 3162 Key Blvd., Arlington, Va, Grier, Emily Nan, Route 3, Box 160, Charlotte, N. C. Grimes, Patsy, Box -11, Coats, N. C. Hale. Mary, 103 N. 15th St.. Wilmington. N, C. Hamer, Sarah Neal, Maxton, N. C. Hamilton. Dot, 905 Tenth Ave.. Huntington, W. Va. Hammond. Nancy, Cerro Gordo, N. C, Hardesty. Joan. Shannon. N C, Hargrove. Blanche, Box 307. Mount Olive, N. C. Heaton, Betty, Andrews, N. C. Helms, Annie Jane, Plyler Mill Rd,, Box 132. Monroe. N. C, Henry. Corrine, 2208 Cumberland Rd., Fayetteville, Heyer. Mary Frances. Rose Hill, N. C. Hill. Barbara. 2-16 West Elm St., Graham, N. C Hinson, Dana. Tatum, S. C Hobbs, Frances, Route 1. Council, N. C, Holmes. Jane, Route 1, Box -10. Bolton, N. C, N. C. Hooks. Imogene, Route 1, Box 03, Whiteville. N. C. Houck, Betty, Route 2, Rowland, N. C. Howie, Emily, 520 Valley Rd,, Fayetteville. N. C. Hubbard. Consulla, Clio. S. C. Hughes, Dc-lena, 2112 Trent Blvd., New Bern. N C. Ingram, Elsie Faye. Gibson, N. C Inman. Shirley. Barium Springs, N. C Ivey. Fannie Gray. Route 1. Box 91, Boardman. N. C, Jackson, Flora Mae. Route 1, Box 82. Fair Bluff. N. C. Jenkins, Faye. Route 3. Union. S. C. Jernigan, Mickie, 117 Walnut St,, Fairmont. N C. Johnson. Jean, Benson, N. C. Jones, Marlene, Route 2. Box 80. Grassy Creek. N. C. Keisler, Rachel, Conover. N C. Kelly, Anise, Kenansville. N C. Kelly. Norma. 2-116 Shenandoah Ave. Charlotte, N, C Lamb, Betty Lou. 112 N, -12nd Street, Wilmin Lane. Anne. 613 E. Pine St., Orlando. Fla. Latham. Anne. Box 186. Rose Hill. N. C. Lee, Naomi. 500 Market St.. Wilmington. N. C. Leggett, Phyllis, 81-1 S, Church St,, Rocky Mount. Lemmon, Una May. 305 Fourth St,, Spencer, N. C. Lennon. Nell, R.F.D., Bladenboro. N. C, Lewis. Jackie, Route 2. Box 165, Tabor City, N C Lewis. Lynn, Lillington, N. C, Lifrage, Barbara. Salters. S. C, Little. Mary Hagood. Pollocksville. N. C. Littlexvood. Mary Sue, Sturgills, N. C Love. Sanford C, Red Springs. N. C. Lovick. Janice Box 118. Wade, N. C. gton, N. C N C Madden. Jane. 101 Third St. Cheraw. S. C Maloney. Christine. Route 1. Cullen. Va. Maness. Marion, 4051 Grace Ave.. Burlington. N C Mangum. Annie Ruth. Boardman. N C Martin. Mary Jane 121-1 Richardson Rd.. Reidsville. N. C Mauldin. Voncile. Williston, Fla May. Elsie. Route 1, Farmville. N. C Mays, Martha. 1315 N. Dawson. Thomasville, Ga. Melvin. Betty Reid. White Oak, N. C. Miller, Carolyn, 3-12 S. French Broad. Asheville, N. C. Miller Jean. Box 205. Chadbourn. N C. Milligan. Audrey. Route 1. Box 10-1, Shallotte. N. C. Mize. Mary Ella. 15 Pine St. Commerce. Ga. Morgan Flora Lou. Maxton N. C. Morris. Jean. Mzixton. N. C Morrison, Martha Ann. Box lti-1. Rowland. N C Mozingo, Doris. Bowden. N C. Murdoch. .lattice Wildwood. N C Murdoch, Margaret. Wildwood N. C. McArthur, Ann. Wakulla, N C. McBane. Shirley, Mebane. N. C. McCallum. Dorothy. Rowland. N C. McCracken. Mary, 2507 Miller Park Circle, Winston-Salem. N. C. McCraw. Dorothy. Clio S. C McDonald. Ann. Parkton. N. C McDowell, Gene, Route 1. Box -10. Elizabethtown. N. C. McDuffie. Frances. Route 2. St. Pauls. N. C. McElroy, Mae. Thomasville Rd. Quitman. Ga. McElroy. Mamie Jo. Thomasville Rd.. Quitman. Ga. McGirt. Ann. 110 Caledonia Rd.. Laurinburg. N. C. McGoogan, Lib. 315 Fourth St. Hamlet. N. C McIntosh. Elizabeth, 125 Oakridge Ave. Fayetteville. N. C. McIntyre. Mary Elizabeth, Godwin. N. C. McKenzie Tink, Route 3. Laurtnburg. N. C. McLaughlin, Bobbie. Route 1. Effingham. S. C. McLeod. Ann. Box 2213. Maxton. N C. McLeod. Sarah Margaret. Route 3. Carthage. N C. McMillan. Effie. Route 2. Laurinburg. N. C McNeill. Marjorie. Route 1. Broadway. N. C McNeill. Pat. 1002 Maple St.. Lumberton. N C. McPhau1. Faye Parkton, N. C Nance. Mary Grace. Route 2, Box 1-10. Chzidbourn, N. C. Neel. Peggy, Barium Springs. N. C. Nelson. Frances. Olivia. N. C. Owen. Virginia. Cluster Springs, Va. Parker. Retta, Box -16. Pollocksville. N. C. Parks. Patty. Box 56. Yveaverville. N. C. Patterson. Carolyn. Route 1. Lumberton. N. C. Pearce. Ann, 16-15 16th St.. Corpus Christi. Texas Phillips. Doris. Route 1. Mebane. N. C Phillips. Hilda. 50-1 N. Mercer St. Rocky Mount. N. C. Phillips. Mildred. Red Springs. N. C. Pierce. Elaine. Evergreen. N. C. Pierce, Mary Lib. Methodist Orphanage. Raleigh. N. C. Pittard, Geraldine. Box 388, Warrenton. N. C. Powers. Mable. St. Pauls. N. C Preble. Barbara. 133 Mocksville Ave.. Salisbury. N. C. Prevatte. Barbara Lumberton. N. C. Prevatt. Jane Page. East Fourth St.. Lumberton. N. C. Proctor. Lou. 1702 Delaware Ave.. Durham. N. C. Query. Margaret lltl-l Rive St. Hamlet N C Rastuni. Junette. Laurinhurg. N C Rawls. Hazel. B31 Western Ave. Rocky Mount. N Ray. Rebecca. Willard. N C Register. Mary Ann. 200 Main St. Clinton. N C Reynolds. Fay. 308 S Howell St, Rocky Mount N Reynolds. Sara. 317 Covington St. Laurmburg. N. C Robinson. Elizabeth, Burgaw. N C. Rogers, Ethel. 301 Washington St.. Whiteville, N C Rummage. Gloria. Ellerbe. N. C Sanders. Sara. 22 Henderson St.. Badin. N C Sandlfer. Jean. Route 7 Box 12132. Charlotte. N C. Shaw. Emily. Route 2. St. Pauls. N. C Shaw. Ann. St. Pauls. N C. Shenly. Betty. 435 Lackey St.. Hamlet. N C. Shelby. Patricia. Box 461. Route -1. Salisbury, N C Singletary, Hattie. Bladenboro. N. C. Smith. Amanda. Duprcy Rd.. Petersburg, Va Smith. Barbara, 1120 Lowder St. Albemarle. N C Smith. Betty Ann. Red Springs. N. C. Smith. Julia Marie. Box 453. Route 3, Wilmington. N Smith. Nelle Ruth. 710 Trammel St.. Dalton, Ga Smith, Ruth. Box 303, Rowland. N. C. Spivey. Betty Ruth, Route 2. Box 56. Fairmont. N. C Stephenson. Ann. 111 E Whitaker Mill Rd.. Raleigh Steppe. Jean. Barium Springs. N. C. Stevenson Marjorie. Route 1. Stoney Point. N. C Strikeleather. Nancy. Route 7. Box 361. Statesville Strickland, Florec. Fair Bluff, N. C. Stewart. Eleanor. Benson. N. C. Suggs, Ruby. Tabor City. N. C. Sweat. Joyce. Box -198. Talladega, Ala. Sweeley. Marijane. Laurinburg. N. C. Tanner. Betty Jean. Route 1. Marion. S. C Tarrant. Love, Route 5. Box 21-1. Fayetteville. N. C Teer. Patsy. Hillsboro. N. C. Thomas. Peggy. Maxtotl, N. C. Thompson. Florc-ne 105 E Webster St. Whiteville. N Thompson. Janie, Blanch. N C. Thompson. Norma Jean, Glade Valley. N. C. Tripp. Cecelia, Shallotte. N. C. Tripp. Mary Emma. Shallotte. N. C. Tucker, Mary Lisle. McKenney. Va. Underwood. Margaret Jean. Chadbourn. N. C. Walker. Sara. Route 5. Burlington. N. C. Warwick. Mildred. Route 1. Orrum. N. C. Watson. Harriett. Parkton, N. C. West. Fannie, Box 314. Lakedale. N C Whitaker. Claudine, 202 Sloop St.. Kannapolis. N C. Wicker, Margaret. R.F.D 3. Sanford N C. Wilds. Lucile, 615 Wildwood Ave., Columbia, S. C. Williams. Ellen. 1301 Branch St.. Rocky Mount. N. Williamson, Jan. -1128 Redding Road. N.E.. Chamblee G Willis, Shirley, 2312 Fisher St. Morehead City, N C Winstead. Bernadine. Route 1. Roxboro. N C. Workman. Betsy. 300 Fifth St.. Mebane. N C. Worrell. Geraldine. 915 Mitchell St., Rocky Mount. N Worth. Betty. Aberdeen. N. C. I,'UIlIflfI.lIIf'lIfS nj G RA H AM' S Department Store, Inc. Phones 308-I 257-I Jw ' , ' lutn 5l'IlINf,h, Nmru C,x1m1,1xx FOX'S ROYAL BAKERY Fl. IJ, I' uzxl-im, Ui.sII'ilrlll'01' of SALLY ANN BREAD Plltllll' 3133 H1211 Svluxfps. Nmrru C-u:m.1Nx M. 81 S. MOTOR CO. CIIRNSLEH and PLN MOLTTH CARS Sales mul Sf'l'l'il'f' HHH SPl:lNaQs. Nm:Tu CxI:m.lxx Plmnv 218-1 Cnlllplzlrzvlllx of Woods 5-10-250 Slcyrvs, Inv. linen SPRINKLN. Nufrrll f1XllHl.l'NX E-,J . T 1 ur lUI'f'lllIl'.S.N I my IIIIXTIIIISNU Nlorlern Bilillltf' Shop IIIIUIIK' 21211 J . ' . ' , ' lulall 5PHIN41.-. NHHIRII TAIIULINX X7 " -'X A - ' V- I , . K .' . '14 , , A f' ' Cl 5 atchci S N-gwlfifr Elem L xo: Huv 3k XM Dm' 3007, - 1 ', . YJV,,., Ffivpllcvillc. N- Cf' RQQIJQAWJ jgwclerx 'YW' American Gemsoddu, Crllzzplilllelzts of MCNAIR' A MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE I,x11n1Nrz11m. Nmvrn C,,u:u1.lNfx CVOIIIPITIIIPIUS of WESTERN AUTO STORE RED SPRINGS. NORTII CAROLINA MCNEILL CLEANERS 116 South Alain Street PHONE 2941 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA NICFADYEN JIIISIDI' uml fPIl'l'1l'-Y Stnrv H8 Huy Street FAYP:TTr:x'II.I.I2. NORTII CAROLINA COLE'S FEED AND SEED STORE Feeds U New! REO SPRINGR. NORTII CAROLINA COIIIIIITIIIFVIIS of RAYLASS DEPT. STORE FAYETTI2vII.LE. NORTII CAROLINA B. C. MOORE AND SONS, Inc. Air-Conditioned for Your Shopping Comfort PHONE 243-6 Buy from Moore and Save More" WE FEATURE CARROLL-KING DRESSES FOR JUNIORS Size-5 9-15 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA AUTO SERVICE CENTER Dealers in Case Farm !1IIll'l1l.ll6I'j' and fluto Parts Esso GASOLINE FUEL OILS MOTOR OIL and GREASES RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA C0InpII'nIe'nls of POLLY ANN SHOP LKRIBERTON. NORTH CAROLINA M. M. SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY FURNITURE FOR EVERY HOME ll"lI01P.w1lv fmfl Rviuil 323 Huy Street FE-n'E'I"I'I-3x'II,I.I:. NlPH'l'Ei CAIIUI INI M. M. SMITH STORAGE WAREHOUSE BONDED FIREPROOF WAREHOUSES Agt. ALLIED VAN LINES, Inc. O LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE Il.-XIJLINIL Phmw 2101! F,n'I3'I'1'I-txII.I.Iz, NIIHTII CAROIJNI Roadside Invitation I To Drive Refreshed neun' vnu 122 HIGHWA .uI.o-.H on In con con eo-un u Fayvttffville Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. Pontiac Studebaker International Harvester Sales and S6I'l'1'i'P SINGLETON AND McMILLAN, Inc. Phone 3971 RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA CnnIplirn1'nI.s nf BAXLEY-JOHNSON CHEVROLET CO., INC. REI1 SPRINIQR. NIIRTII IfumI.INx FREEMAN PRINTING COMPANY "Over Fifly Ivurs of Qzmlitx' Printing" II. 'II I,uInI3'I'II. .Ilunnywr Dial 3925 I.I xIIsIRToN. NIIRTII CxRoI.In lffwnzplinzenrx of Austin-Gilbert Drug Company The Rem!! Store N'IAx'roN. NIIRTII IIAIIIIIIINI General Auto Soles, Inc. OLDSMOBILE and G.N1.C. TRLCKS I-'LIL LINE OF PARTS Ex pert IIIecl1r1rzif's Phone 2381 REI: SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA LENOIR'S JEWEL SHOP INTERYATIONAI. SILVEII Quality jewelers TIFFIN CRYSTAL RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA f.'0IVI1IIIlI1PlII.Y of A. WEINSTEIN Cf SONS LI NIBERTIIN. NIIRTII CIRIILINI NEIGHBORS SHOE STORE Refi Springs EI'c'II1.siz'e Shoe Store REID SPRINGS. 'NoRTII CIRIIIIRA Plmone ISQRI ROBESON OFFICE SUPPLIES STITIoNI:RQ : OI-'FICE OITFITTERQ PRIYQTFR LI'xIBERToN. NORTII CAROLINA ' I fl gh Are MY0urs for a Lovely Home" BEDSPREADS BATH SETS DRAPES DISH CLOTHS COTTON RUCS DISH TOWELS PRODUCED IN NORTH CAROLINA Solfl by fue stores ezverywlzvre MORGAN-JONES, INC. NEW YORK. N. Y. ROWLAND AUTO SALES, INC. Sales Serriee Iluwuxn. NIIIITII CXIIHLINA I'IIuIIv 3-123 l.lllIIIllllIll'lI1N of RENDERS DRIIG STORE .Al Heal Drug .Store 2111 IILII Slrw-I I'n'I:TII XlI.I.IC. Nm:'rII IIxI:uI.Ixx LONG'S HARERDASHERS TAILORS "T cwrzz orr ffzc Styles Toflzlfl RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA D. KI. MI-MILLAN "'F0r1I PFOIIIIVIS Sfrzre 1012'- RED SPRINGs. XIIRTII CAROLINA Cmrzplinlerztx of HUNTER BROTHERS, INC. 113-119 Winsluw Street FAYETTEvII.I.E. NORTH CYIROLINI D. R. "DOC" COVINGTON GOOD L SED C,-XRS 0 TI:I.I:I'IImI: 2651 RED SPRINc.s. XIIRTII CIROLINI YOI' WILL IIE PI,I-IASED IYITII OIR Ql'.4I.lTI' .-IND SERVICE RED SPRINGS DRUG CO. Hemlquarters for Flora .Ilaerlorzulrl College Stzulents RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Burkhead-DeVane Printing Company Colrzrrlervirzl Printers Offive .5'uppIz'es 213 FIYIIIIKIIII Street I,I1nIIe BOOT I-'.u'ETTI3xII.I.I-3. NIIRTII C-xnouxx IITIZFII better .iumnmbiles are built B U I C K zrill build them COMMU N ITY MOTOR CO. I'IwIIP -1391 LUIBERTIIX. XIIRTII CAROLIYK GRANTHAM INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY SAFETY - SECLRITY - SERVICE Pllune 330-I RED SPRINGS. XIIRTII C.xRoI-IN,x I D Ve, ,. 4 MCDONALDS CLEANERS 'E ljcrlf I QUALITY CLEANING I' I, if TEL. 453-6 Y I.lllllIiC1'l0ll Road FXYI-1'I ll x Il LE. Nulrru I.uml,1Nx Y Rl-Ln 5I'RlNlLS. NORTH 1.AHo1.lNA ROWLAND MOTOR CO. H0161 PRINCE CHARLES mfg.. .s.1f1-ff., af . :XIII-CIINDIIIUNFII DINING ROONI Plume 3582 I' RUWLAND- X- C- I-'ur:'1'1u11,1,r:. NURTH ij.'KI:Ul.lN'x Compliments of ROBBINS MILLS N. C. , INC. CUIIIPIIIIIUIIIS uf NIIKEITHAN HARDWARE HEI: Svlzlxags. Nnrwu IIXROLINK I'un1pfin1e'r1!.x of HOOD NIOTORS. INC. Illlll' IJOINLE - PIA NIUL 'I'lI Uwlfvr I-kr. 10.5.4 l.l um-:n'mx. Xmrru i1xlml.1xx Plmm- 1310 ALLEN BUILDERS SLPPLIILS Inc. LLNIBER z BLILDING NIATERIAI, Pllnm' 23386 Hsu Svxmg-. Yuwru IIXROLINX l,'urr1plir11w11.x of XIAXTON SLEPPLY CO. NIIXXTUX. N. cz. CIJIIIIJIIDIIIPVILY of KENNEDY? JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP I-'IXIL WA'IlfI'I I'IIII'.-XIIIINIQ Hmm Fvruxm. N. I.. "WP Serre to Ferre lyllfll lfnrllplinzwllx of HENEBRY'S of Fayetteville, Inc. Hvgzklerml fezwlfrxs. JIIIIPVI-l'lUl Cain Sofielx "fQ1'fl,s 'lor llw ffnllvgr' lfrnzufu Illl Slrvvl I-'nr3r'1'Izx1r.1.r.. NHHTH Ijxmmlxx HOME FURNITURE COMPANY ,J Conmlele Line' of Home Fur1z1'xl11'lzg.x Rm Spmvsf. Xom'n lIu:u1.lu BURROUGHS CUT-RATE STORE IIIIOIIP IIZTI RHI, Svnlxm. NHHTH IIx1:u1.1x1. SCHOOL Sl PPLIES STXTIOXI-IRY : SEXNIWYILIII-IS PXNIQBI RNS IIXNIJH : TOILET ,XIITICIIIS IDIIINRS f,'0l7lIl1If7lPlltN nf S A R A I'I ' S DIANA SHOPS Slmzrtvwl in FPIIIIUIIIIIJ' HI-Ill SPRIMQQ. NORTH ljxmmlxx ',1l,I,d,,.1 "The right l'1l"flIf'N 123-23 Hay Sn.-.-I 1 I'h..u.- miie ffff IIN' fiyhl :HV Fn'l-:'r1+:xl1.1.r3. NOHTII Ilxl:u1.lNx f,'o111pl1'111e11t.s of LIBERTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Ran Svmxus. Nnirm CXRUIINA RED SPRINGS SUPPLY CO., Inc General Merchants The Friemlly Store . FERTILIZERS AND COTTON HARDWARE GROCERY MARKET BUILDING MATERIAL .4llis-Clzalnzers Farm Mczclzilzery Dial 3701 and 3271 Rm: Svnixus, NORTH CAROLINA BELK-HENSDALE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORES I,AuiuNBURG - FAYE'l"I'EVILI.E - IIUMBERTON RAEFUHD - RED SPRINGS EL1zA15i5'i'ii1'mvN - ISAIRMONT SHOP AND SAVE AT BELK'S Relk Stores are the Carolinas' La11'gest Distributors of Reliable Merc-lianclisc I i I I I I I I I I TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY DEPENDABLE DRLKXHSTS YVHERE THE COLLEGE CHRLS MEET RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Quality Clothiers Since 1920 If Yuu Liw in Southeasterx Clothing for The Family North Cawliml i' 2 S. min SE. D' 1 ur 1,-S ,he N if FAYETTEVILLE oBsEnvEn "North Carolimfs Oldest Newspaper" Compliments of "Est, 1817" SEARSROEBUCK AND CO. i' 4 O H Street F . NORTH CAROLINA For Conqieu? NEWS COVERAGE CHTYCHWWDUJCOMPANY Wilmington : Fayetteville 1 Greellslmm Prim-el Charles Hotel Pllolw TIY9 I",n'r:T1mll.l.E. NUIITH IIXIIOIIINA NEW YORK RESTAURANT 226 Huy Stree-t IH Ymtrw Lmler Sante INIunugernf-nt I'lXHC'I'TI-'XII,I.l-I. NORTH LIVXIIUIINK K,'ur11plilm'r1l.w of S. H. KRESS AND CO. I'lKYIC'I"I'I-XlI,I,I'I. NORTH IIXRULINX Compliments of CAROIMUD ICE CREAM COMPANY IJILLON. C. POPE 8 TART ,lldllllf!Il'llll't'I'X of HOL CII ANU DHESSEII I.LMBIfI'I CENEII,-XI. MERCHANDISE I"f-rtilizt-is - Ifurm IIIIIPIPIIIPIIIF - Ilursvf Nlulvs - Cmw llnllwll Sw-:I anml Colton Illlye-rw and lLIllllt'I' W RIDE. N. C. HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY LIIIIIIIPI' mul Builrlirzg Supplivs 'A' I'lunl auul Ulliws S5123 Illtllllll Straw-I Plnmnw S5191 llllll ISIUZ I".-n+:'l"1'r:vl1.1.5. Nulwll C,xrm1.1N,x Cnnzplirnvnts of FAYETTEVILLE WHOLESALE COMPANY Featuring FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 2131 Ctlflltll' ul' Clutnu- anal Orange Streets If-n'r:'1"1'Ev1L1.r:. NORTH CAROLINA lfnjuy Lift- xlir f:UlI1,ifillllf'1l Eat Out Xlnro Often BLANCHARITS RESTAURANT "ln Iliff Hear! of TOIIIIILTUIUIIIIU UN l'.S. IIICIIW.-KY Iittl Pimxip 3130 l,1xii:Hm'ux. N. C. G O O ll F O O D CIIARLU-KI. Rimiugn S'l'r:.uxs : Si 'tin ui llmiii Muni l'xs'rlm1s Sales Svr1'i4'e Electric Motor ond Repair Co. Phone 31532 4-39 Gillespie Street l'IAYETTEYIl.l.E. NORTH Cximi.lN,x WESTINCHOLSE PRODUCTS McCRORY'S 5 AND IOC STORE Zllll llzly Strvvl l'IfXYE'l"l'liYIl.l.l'I. NURTII llxIlul.lNx BAUCOM APPLIANCE COMPANY llklil-'KDRIL Noiwii CAiml.lxA I-'RIGIIIAIRE l'ROIlUC'l'S NIAYIAC W.-XSHERS EASY WASH!-IRS l-Il,EC'l'RlCAl, SUPl'l.ll-IS bNlfXl,l, .-kI'Pl.lANC.I.h. lurk. Qualify in of First lrr1pn1'Ir1I1f'f' HOTEL RAEFORD JOHN VII. BEST. Proprietor "Tops in Rf'SflIllI'lIl1f Stops" ILS. lligllway I3-A anal N.C. 211 TELEPHONE 535211 l't.u:mRn. Numa CIRULINA lfnnzplinierzts of McGIRT,S PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SERVICE SUPPLIERS and CONTRACTORS Plione 230 Nlxvrox. Nomii CArml.iNx THE RANK OF ROWLAND Dial 3732 HUVl'I,AND. N. C. 'A' llemlwr af l"ecleral Uepusil IIlNlll'l1I1l'f' ffarpnralion HEDCPETH PHARMACY T100 RPQIISICFEII Druggistx Lorraim- Hotel Building l.tx1m:i:'mN. Numwi Cxmmxx Conzpliments uf W. LEE FLOWERS Cr COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 606 lu. Qlsl Stn-vt l,m1isi:m'0N. Nmnii CAROLINA spsre 014 III Robeson C01111 ty. Its... The Robesonian For Loeul and County News Plus Assoeiated Press Service F ive Days 1511011 Week ESTABLISHED 1870 DUNN 'S AUTO SALES "lf you 11111111 fl ear Illlll will run- Buy it from Dunn" NEW AND USED CARS We 5611 10 .s.111..f,f Phone 276 NIAXTON. NURT11 CAROLINA MeLEOD MOTORS. INC. CHRYSLER : Pl.YMOL'TH Sales llllll Se1'1'i1'v I.111w11s1c111oN. NoRT11 Cu1o1.1NA Phone 35741 MAXTON HARDWARE COMPANY Hlll'1lXN'ilI'f' Paints S1 Varnishes Bllil1'lP1'5. Supplies M .xx'1'oN. NoRTn CAROLINA JACK PAIT FURNITURE CO. Flll'l1iflU'l'. Radios flllll .'Ippl1'a11ees Chestnut Street Phone 5608 l.17x11n-:11To1w, NORTH C,xno1,1x,x J. C. WARD'S STORE General Merchandise o Ofhee 3606 PHONE Store 3-IB3 Rowmxn. NoRTn C,xno1.1N.x GEORGE B. CROFTON STANDARD "lim-1101-ff' FERTILIZERS I-'LORENCE-NIAYO Oli, RVRNERS lnse1'ti1'1111'.w um! lrrigrllimz EIfIlT1JII1?llf l.111x11n4:1:'1'oN. Norvrn C.x11o1.1N.x Cnnzplilrzelzlx of SOUTH OF THE BORDER Un Highway 301 Al N. C. and S. C. Slate Line W. A. IX'TCCOl'lllIl'k Sz Sons Completr' Self-Sc'r1'1'c'e F0011 Store THSTRIHUTORS OF BAI,I,ARITS INSURANCE FEEDS ST. P,xLH.s. NORTH CAROLINA f.'lIIIIlllTlI1f'l1fS of SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Al, I'ARNR1.1. RICH SPRINILS. NORTH CxROl.lNx COIIIIPIIIIIPIIIN of MONTGOMERY WARD F.n'ETTr:v11.I.15, NORTH CAROLINA Robeson Auto Finance Corporation plum Loans - Fl'llfIl1l'l.l1g - Re-Filzalzcilzg Dial 6748 IIS West Thircl Street I,UTNIBIiRTUN, NORTH CAROLINA Conzplinzents of TEXACO SERVICE STATION Ran SPRTNGS. NORTH CAROLINX Cnnzplinwnts of PARNELL AND McCOLL INCORPORATED ST. PAULS. NORTH CAROLINA WE WISH TO THANK OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR LOYAL SUPPORT F LORA MACDONALD COLLEGE RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA 56th YEAR A FULLY ACCREDITED SENIOR COLLEGE UNDER THE CONTRCI, oi' THE PRr3sRYri3R1.xN CHURCH 'I'h+- ann nl' tlw rullr-ge is to train anrl t:'1lllf'Llll' yunng wmnvn for Christian life and service! by liringing lllt'Ill to IbllySil'Hl. mental. t'lIlUllHl1- al. sm-ial. anfl spiritual niaturity Vinrl thus Inv- paring them lor useful vncatimls and Slll'CPSSl.lll living in tlw lmnw. the f'llllI'f'll. the svlmul. and the- wurlfl. lu lClllPXt tln all Hora Nia rlonalfl C1 Ile offer 1 1 wltlw vxpuwnce in irnll nnl tnnn n enxnmnnent Mllfl tostei tllflll C e lenu liappx it nan wlatiun Inns 1 Cl Ililfl mm nl 1 r NTARNH Xl I 'af 0 FT XX OODN-0lN I'rrw1rlfnl r V 1 I I v , 'S gi E . 1 Y . L i C I , fsa "1 " J ' 1 1 5' - lati gf ' . 'l ' 'l i .5 'S S' zstiv xc:-l ' U' l n z ' ' ' s fl's"- pli 'a cliai'an'tCi'. anfl a vital faitli in Col as rvwnle-rl in Christ. . f .' f . , fl ' ' " , Q l. ' REDMON'S STUDIOS ELKIN. NORTH CAROLINA o PHOTOGRAPHERS All Pictures Personally Made by T. A. REDMON BILL BELCHE PHOTOGRAPHER f Commercial Photography : Custom Framing ir 137 Rob eson sneer -:- Phone 5468 FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA I I I I EDWARDS 81 RROUGHTON C0 I I PRINTERS - LITHOGRAPHERS - ENGRAVERS THE 1952 WHITE HEATHER II I Was PFOIIZLCEIII in Our Plan! I Establisllcfl 1871 I I RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING CO. ENGRAVERS FOR THE 1952 WHITE HEATHER I I I I CHA RLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA I I 'V V 1, a i 5 3 3 i -Q. fifv V7 'Q 4 aw' iffy. 'bu 5' Lu" X'- 'v " , P . , .v--v.. QA- , 'F ' V' q.-' 'Lf -A- f'f1 -Q Q, ,Jw Q, , .. J-1 ,JA Q, ""wa:?f' 1 x 4 f 1 4-. x I 1 f .pg R .. fi-gl n , .- 4 f K , ' . T - -N ,..J 1 Q 4 3 f 2 5 I ' 5 Q i ,M 4 A ,, -55 Q " .l 4 , , ' M Z 15? san. - "Y" uw 4 Os, ivlfov 9' V . - ' 1' nf" . Q ' P' I 1 V pi-a'faM Q "' -.-'iff Q- :fo ' -.ti QQ ffv: . M, . A 1 Q qi Q 1' 'C . ' N' 'ill' 'n,,, V 159- I iw Q .P " Y 'Q fri.. s9'7i'!Z ,. " i W 'Q -gf-z. ' Mir ' V1-J n' v V 5 , Cn. J .nf I , I l :gin , 1? r'.,. J X . 5, 'fb rl,-'N ,. .6 W." . Q ' I A Cl ,A "W 4 ..' D J 1.q,,iq, "45-

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