Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC)

 - Class of 1948

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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E E i 4 W 1 I 1' - Q wzzviwsws. X X .LWK ' fif ffjf Q- ! 5 , li i I 1946 l ,H Y. - -7, .- -,ing-In A. ,. X I . , U Published Annually by the Students of Flora Maccloualcl College, Red XSp1'ings, N. , Ida Ray Vzum, Rfllffll' A ' H2l1'1'lCf Amis, BuSiness Mf zlger .,' l J y 1 . ! . . 3 1 , ,, 7 ,A , . . a f 1 if 3 ' l, IJ JF, A-YA 1 Ang Flora Macdonald holds for each of us memories--. As you daydream in of mtaugihle college years, may this VVHITIQ H1i.XTHiiR be your definite hold ing memories. Here We offer not Cold, interesting spots on the Campus for which future years. May this amiual help to keep friendships, beautiful thoughts, and other college years. 1 Confusion of .fears to come folume of the lpon those fad- DZITC facts. but 'ou will long in alive all the reasures ofyour IRY' amd LAMIS7 , Qui: xi,. - D5Dl047l0N We dedfbafe M119 WHITE fffflffffk fo Mr. 6'ufmar Consfanffhe lang The stuclclit body of 1948 wishes to use this yuirhook us 2111 cxprcssioii of uppir-cizitioii to Mix Lung. His CilCC1'iilli rcspoiisc to the iiiiuiliicizihlc rcqiwsts oi! thc college girls is imliuirivc of his cfficiciit ni IHQIQCIIICIIT and stcrliiig cliz11'z1ctc1'. Q ZCQQQZ zvx-X 4. 'i a""7f fum! Za mek of M 7 vw , . . N ' N Quai: ' ' 'Q' : '44 ' ' -, ., -Q' - Vik fu-QL! Y aft .5 .5 If 'L-f, "Y .'... . . vga., ' u '. ,. 1 - .',,ffx5,:f. 93, 'L . '.. :rl f., wx 1 .1 Q! 9' lan ', 5. A 'af 'ff' 4. ,gi -, 9 ly,'Q,,g ,Il-Zvkgrv if M Y 1 , ,A iw, , I Q -fm-A, . 1: ' , 3 f 515' Q 4 .,., Wy" W .ff 15- .gp'j,"' " 8 IQ A -DJ ' fy. 'X "ri f, iv . 41- ' 'fa - YQ , em Env: ,Q : VU-ak-:lp-.M ' .bsvmg-f4.."' . .iw 5 Qwff ' l 1+ we ' I " . ' , - , ., .I I 4 5 ., , V x .U Y 1 A ' -' 7 , V 'S 'A' 4- Ps' su : ,1 . L -Q X - fl f' - 'U ' ' aw!-ff' -x-"2-Q-A, Y 1'-n ' ff-' . . - ' . . 59..s,gg.+.z'::'Pfz.'g"' . F12 -, . . " - U ,"f' x-if 'U ---5' 23- , "ww ,i4"'-N 4-A 4 , . if f..,5-J A-fi 1 V LL ff 'L- A , nf ,. N 5, U . R . b -, a V If r ' ' ' 'silt '34 Akfll' ,A I I K , Z hu' E . . TQ! I !-fats. 6 1' t zxmw, +V :...w,,.."7'r:.',-ggqj --.lx W..-.- . Q rv---1 A..-- ,.. .... -W va A f-.f-A hiv, x Q in . If V' fi 1" 'Z 1 Lf UULL1 K . rg' ' Q, ,-.- Q ,-ci" ,fs-f.-if"i 1 ' -G' 3 5 .- dvi. ,n uf ' vm 1 ' 'Y Of COZZEGE VEA'f?5" "" Quiet Streams Fires. Fun. Food, Frolic 'N-QL, , HENRY GRAYBILL BEDINGER, B.S., B.D., D.D President DR. BEDINGER is a kind, genial man who is ever interested in the aspira- tions and ideals of youth. The improvements on the campus are typical of his enthusiastic and progressive plans for the college. 12 ADM Nl 7Rv47l0N DR. CHARLES GRAVES VARDELL. B.B., D.D. President Emeritus His very presence makes us appreciate our Opportunities at Flora Macdonald. Dr. Vardell's life is a shining example Of Christian love and faith. DEAN FRANCES ALEXANDER MCLEOD. B.A. Dean of Women She is friend and counselor to the girls. When the students need advice, she always lends a sympathetic ear. Her thoughtfulness Of others has made her one Of the most beloved deans who has ever been at F,M,C. DEAN ROBERT REUTER. M.Mus., M.Mus. Dean of the Conservatory "Music hath charm" when he is at the piano, the Organ, or directing the College Choir. Under his supervision. the Conservatory ranks as one Of the best. DEAN HAZEL MORRISON. B.A. Dean of the Faculty and Registrar She guides us safely through registration and on the way to gradu- ation. Patience is one of her most admirable traits. MR. WILLIAh'I Coxi-IEAD Business Manager We have learned in one short year just how much an efticient busi- ness manager can mean to a school. We welcome Mr. Coxhead's tire- less energy. his helpful ways, his knack for making the college car go when others have failed. DR. CHARLES GRAVES VARDELL MCLEOD REUTER MORRISON COxH1-: AD Bible: ANNIE SIKES, MA, Professor, A ELIZABETH CLARKE MCPHAUL, B.A. Assistant Pro- fessor Biology: ETI-IEL HANSEN. Ph.D, Professor FANNIE R, HARlN1ON. MA. Assistant Professor Chemistry: JANE COLSON GLENN. B.S,, G.Ph., M.S. Associate Pro- fessor Education: MARY MCLEAN CONOLY, BA,, BS.. lVI.S. Professor GENEVIEVE MCNIILLAN NEIGHBORS, BA., MA. As- sistant Professor ANNIE MOORE CHERRY, B.A., MA. Assistant Pro- fessor Mclntyre McMillan Robertson Rowland Stenhouse Van Dyke Z0 14 Mv46DOM4lD English: ELEANOR B. SCOTT, Ph.D. Professor VIRGINIA BONEY, B.A,, M.A. Assistant Professor History and Social Science: CAROL ROBERTSON, B.S., M.A. Professor GENEVIEVE MCMILLAN NEIGI-IBORS, B.A,, MA. As- sistant Professor Home Economics: FRANCES ELIZABETH COMER, B.S., MA. Professor MARGARET GIBSON, BS. Instructor Latin: HARRIET M. MORRISON, BA., M.A. Professor Mathematics: LOUISA VAN DYKE, Ph.D. Professor Modern Languages: ELEANOR MARKS, Ph.D. Associate Professor MARIE ALMA TURNER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish, McPhaul Neighbors Scott Sikes Bowden Patterson 'Q 6' ISN 'EIT' in-Qyfu 4-I ugh G 3' x -,qv sf Egan 1 4 5460177 . . . 7948 Music: Physics: Louisa VAN DYKE, Ph,D. Pro assor- Rosnnr REUTER. B.Mus. Dean of Conservatory and j Professor of Organ and Piano A n Physical Education: LUCLITY FIQRQVHAR EPEOBESON- -'?S3f3gmfTP"97?5S0" U5 ETH!-:L BATEMAN. B A.. M,-X. Assistant Profvssor .lo mf f1f"iO'iy' Uumkrpomz' ar mining' an Vmctxi,-x CONNOR, R,N Assistant Professor of Home Sight Singing ,vursmg LIDA LAW CH.-FPBIAN. BA.. BM. Assistant Professor of Organ. Piano, History of Music. and Music Ap- Business Subjemsz prulauon n LETA XVI-ILTHA IXICINTYRE. BS, Associate Professor L-OLS I-3xIB1i-3-Ag- M-AA ASSISHIHI P1'0ffSS0f of ELIZABETH STENHOUSE. BL, Assistant Professor u tc czoo . uszc Ernst. M. RUWLAND. B.S. Assistant Professor of Voice Bursar: :XILEEN RICRIILL.-XX. B,Mus. Assistant Professor BRONYN ZXIORRISON. BL Bateman Boney Cherry Chapman Comer Conoly Gibson Hansen Harmon Lambie Marks Morrison 15 i 'M I cw 5 ,e .U 1 vf 'xkflq' 1. -' gs 'X .T Q 4 I: .V .6 4 f lfgb VC- ,Il lf' l' A ff- K f' Nl! 1 1 X. ,XY Beckwith, Arnette, Tillinghast, Hobbs, Barden, Turner. 18 'i Sen br dass UR MINDS are filled with memories as we look back over our four years of toil and fun. This year has been one filled with phrases of "last time" and even tears for some of us, Our knees become shaky when We think of becoming a part of this ever changing world, We can't help wondering what is waiting around the corner for each of us. WM? Heather JANE HoBBs. President FRANCES ARNETTE, Vice President GRACE BECKWITH. Secretary MARY SUE TILLINGHAST, Treasurer HELEN TURNER, Tea Room Manager IRENE BARDEN. Asst. Tea Room Mgr. Miss CAROL ROBERTSON, Adviser 19 Z' Sembr Class JIMMIE SUE Anson , B.A, English and Fre nch Addor, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Rabun Gap Junior College 1g William Bartram Scientific Society 3. 43 French Club 3. 4, Vice President 41 Archery 3. 43 Feature Editor Pine and Thistle Staff 4g High- land Players 43 Chairman Dance Committee 43 May Court 2. 3, 4, Maid-of-Honor 4. Artless nonchalance . , , quiet beauty . . , blue- black hair . . . wool shirts and loafers . . . intellectual. BETTY JANE ADKINS, B.S. Home Economics Marion, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Montreat College 1. 23 Home Economics Club 3. 41 International Rela- tions Club 3: Hockey 3: Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3: Assistant Business M ' and Thistle 4' S ' ' anager Pine . enior Scribe. Pete . . . Coffee , . , Becky . . . spontaneous laughter , . . lovable . , , forever blowing bubble gum! . . . imcurlecl tresses . . . noble spirit. HARRIET ANN Aivus, B,A. Math and Social Science Norfolk, Va. Zetesian Literary Society. Recording Secretary 2. President 33 Student Council 33 Vice President of class 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Sextette 1. 2g Math Club 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice President 23 Marshal 35 Class Editor WHITE HEATHER 2, Business Manager 4: High- land Players 2. 3. 43 International Relations Club 3. 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 College cheerleader 43 St. Cecelia Music Club 1. 2, 33 Hockey 1. 2. 3, 43 Basket- ball 1. 2, 3. 4. Wee Willie . . . KA pin . , . Peter Pan collars and saddle shoes . . . knees Ui . . . self-assurance . . . talented. Aiviis ADDOR ADKINS 20 Sembr SARA ALICE AUSTIN, B.A. Social Science Maxton. N. C. Epsilon Chi Litera ' S ' ry ocietyg Day Students Club 2. 3. -L Vit-ucmns . nnapparent depth . drippy nose . "Faithful Flii'i'er" . . punctualit 1' H y .I . . . ear! of gold IYIARY FRANCES ARNETTE. B.A. Social Science and Bible Conway. S. C. etesian Literary Society1 Secretary Student Coun- cil 4. Class Vice President 4, Marshal 33 Interna- tional Relations Club 2, 3. 4. President 3g Senior Scribe: William Bartram Scientific Society 1. 2. 3. 41 Math Club 1. 2. 3. Treasurer 23 Grand-daughters' Clubg Tennis 2. 31 May Queen 41 Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges 4. "My husband Monk" . . . dimples . . . charming . queenly grace . . . well-informed . . . model hands altogether lovely. Z ALICE IRENE BARDEN, B.A. English and Social Science Fairmont. N, C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg L'Alliance Francaise 2. 3. 4: William Bartram Scientitic Society 2. 3. 4, Corresponding Secretary 43 Volley Ball l, 23 Tennis 3. Prayer Band Leader 3, 41 International Relations Club -lg Appalachian State Teachers College Sum- mer School 33 Assistant Tea Room Manager 4. Sapphire eyes , . . Bernard . . . waves and hair- nets . . . Doris . . . literary. BARDEN Q Class 21 '7 AUSTIN ARNETTE BARROW BECKWITH A ii fi 'Vu Sembr Class THELMA JEANETTE BARROW. B.A. English, Bible and Social Science La Grange, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Math Club 11 William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 3. 4, President 45 Inter- national Relations Club 2. 3g Sappho Poetry Club 3. 4, Vice President 35 Prayer Band Leader 43 Athletic Board 33 Volly Ball 1 2' Bowling 3' Pine and Th' . . . is- tle Staff 4: Student Volunteers 1, 4. Eruclitical . . . P and T . . . eficient . . . punctual . . , un bt ' ' ' o rusiue . . , sweet . . . willing. SARAH GRACE BECKWITH, B.A. English and French Fayetteville, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societ M yi ars Hill Junior Col- lege 1. 23 Clio Literary Society 1, 2: Homemal-cer's Guild 23 L'Al1iance Francaise 3, 43 Class Secretary 4. Beckya . . "Sweet William" . . . w ll d I e -groo-me . .reliable . . . Mars Hill . . . keen sense of humor . . . Vienna sausage . . . bronze bangs. ANN JEAN BROWNXNG, B.A, Social Science and Bible Abingdon, Va. gpssilon Chi Literary Societyg Montreat College 1. Tomboyish . . . sleeveless sweaters . . . 'noncha I , ant . . . Montreat , . . friendly . . . sleepy head . . . lsc'ribbler's note: see remarks below.J BROWNING Sembr Class RUBY JANE BROVVN!NG, B,A. Social Science and Bible Abingdon, Va. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Montreat College 1, 2, 3. "Littesl tn-in" . stnrlious . , . the Corn Hill Montreal , , "Have you seen Annu" . , . amaz- ing blend of gravity and mischief . . lscrib- ler's note: see 'remarks above I PANTHES BULLOCK, BA, Primary Methods Roxboro, N. C, Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Meredith College 1. 23 Philaretion Society 1. 2g Granddaughters Club 1. 23 YWA 1, 23 International Relations Club 3, 4g Basketball -lg B.S.U. Council 43 Meredith College Summer School 2g Wake Forest College Summer School 3. "Paving" . . , secretly mischievous . . . cousinly visits in town . . Detours via Meredith . . . Wake Forest . . . kind hearted. FAITH CANTRELL, B.M. Public School Music Chesnee, S. C. Zetesian Literary Societyg Corresponding Secretary 33 St. Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 3, Vice President 3: Glee Club 2. 33 Class Treasurer lg Prayer Band Leader 33 Tennis Club 2, 33 Student Volunteers 1, 2. 31 Limestone College Summer School: Wofford College Summer School. com osed oriental look inde- P.S M .... p , , . . , pendent , . . diligent . . tortoise shell glasses CANTR1-:LL BROWNING BULLOCK .1- MQN COLLIER DRINKARD 240' Sembr Class MARGARET LORRAINE COLLIER, B,A. Grammar Grade Methods Wade, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society: William Bartram Scien- tific Society 1. 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 43 St, Cecelia Music Club 3. 43 L'Alliance Francaise 2, 3. 43 Archery Club 2, 3, 43 Head of Archery 33 Athletic Board 33 Basketball 3, 43 Recorder of Points 43 Student Volunteers 43 Prayer Band Leader 4. "Marge" . . . "good ole girl" . . . Morgan . . . thoughtful . . . unajfecled. ELLA MAY DRINKARD, B,A. Math and Science Lynchburg, Va. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Treasurer 33 Wmre HEATHER Staff. Business Editor 3, 43 Pine and Thistle Staff 31 Math Club 1, 2, 3. 43 President 33 William Bartran Scientific Society 2, 3. 43 Athletic Board 2, 33 Salesman 23 Vice President 33 International Re- lations Club 2, 3, 43 Highland Player 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 2. 33 Captain 43 Lynchburg Col- gegebSummer School 23 Monogram Club 3. 43 Senior crm e. "D'ri'rlkard" , . . Paul . . . knitting . , . heavy socks, loafers and boys coats . . . ballet . . . helpful . . . a loyal friend . . , independent thinker. FRANCES DULL, BA. Bible, English and French Cameron, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society3 Math Club l. 2, 3, 43 William Bartran Scientific Society 1, 2. 3, 43 Sappho Poetry Club 3, 43 Pine and Thistle Staff 33 Society Editor 23 Student Volunteers 1, 2. 3, 43 International Relations Club 23 President Christian Association 43 Student Council 4. "Little Dull" , . . friendly . . . heart of gold . . sparkling wit , . . all this and brains too. DULL Senior K.ATHLEEN EPPS. BA. Grammar Grade Methods Kingstree. S. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society. Vice President Ath- letic Association 4. William Bartram Scientific So- ciety 3. -1. Monogram Club 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4. Captain 3 4 . . Varsity 2. 3. Holcl-te5: 2 3, Athletic Board 3 4. Atlantic Christian College Summer School 2. 3. lYell-rounded sportstuoiiiari white gym suits deliberate unassuming Bl.-XRION FXSLER. BA. English and Social Science Ivanhoe.1N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society. Mission Study Leader 2: Christian Association Cabinet. Chairman World Fellowship 3. Secretary and Co-Chairman World Fellowship 4. Student Volunteers 1 2. 3, -1: Inter- national Relations Club 4' Gle Cl . e ub 1. 2. 3, 4, St. Cecelia Music Club 1. 2. Hockey 1. 2. 3: Varsity 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3. 41 Monogram Club 3. 4: Recorder ot' Points 35 Summer School Session University of Richmond 3. Erpressii-e dark eyes easy laughter revealing thirtu-tueo molars I h - Lau oe Jack . . . well- tnyormed . , bubbling D.-xPi-me ANNE Goonrtmx. B.A. Piano Marion. N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Westem Carolina Teachers College l. 2, International Students' So- ciety 1, 2: Vice President 21 Orchestra 1. 2. Presi' dent lg Glee Club 1. 2. 4, McDowell Music Club 1, 21 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Flora Macdonald Sum- mer School 31 Highland Players -13 L'Alliance Fran caise -1. St. Cecili N ' ' a ilusic Club 3. -1. Piano Recital 2. 3. -1. "DaEy" . . . life on Vardell . Bumble Boogie . . .happy go-lucky . . . "Midnight Serenade" . QEYIQTOUS. Goonxi.-ix I pdl' . Class PN ,-1'--x. Epps F1sLr:R ID, 53 Sembr dass FLORA BELLE GORE, B,A. Primary Methods Tabor City, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society3 St. Cecilia Music Club 33 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 1, 2. A.C .... Miss Cherry . . . determination . . auburn lights of hair and eyes . . . questions, WILMA GRACE HARDIN, B.A. French and English Fairmont, N. C, Epsilon Chi Literary Society3 L'Alliance Francaise 2. 3, 43 Secretary 33 President -13 William Bartram Scientific Society 3, 43 Recording Secretary 43 Prayer Band Leader 3. 43 School 33 Basketball 33 Hockey 33 International Relations Club 23 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3. "Gracie" . . . the skin you love to touch . . . L'Alliance Francaise . . . pastel colors . , . gentle as a lamb . . . loosely waiving blond hair. JANE STEVENS Homss, B.A. General Science and Math Wilmington, N. C, Epsilon Chi Literary Society. Chaplin 2, President 3: William Bartram Scientific Society 1. 2, 3, 43 Math Club 1, 2, 3, 43 International Relations Club 2, 4, Camera Club 1, 23 Christian Association Cabi- net, Chairman Highway of Leisure Time 23 Ath- 'J-'GI GORE HAHDIN letic Board 2, Head of Table Tennis3 Feature Editor of Pine and Thistle 23 Student Council 3, 43 Class President 43 Basketball 1, 2. 3. 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3. 43 Tennis 1, 23 Archery 2, 33 Highland Players 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice President 2: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 43 Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 23 Sextet l, 23 Dance Committee 33 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. "Hobbs" . . . speckled Santan , . . versatile . . . school spirit , . , individualistic . . . tripping on her light fantastic toes . , . tops as class presi- dent. Hosss :Y Senior CHRISTINE HODCIN, BA. English and Social Science Red Springs. N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Day Students Clubs 1 '7 3 -l' Glee Club 1, French Club 3. -L William Hariirain Scientific Society 2. 3, -1. Acconimodating Leaping Lena RS . . diligent . unc oy the pririledged few . photogenic' ESTI-:LLE HUGGINS, BS. Home Economics Fayetteville, N. C. Zetesian Literarv Societvg Day Students Club 1. 2, . . . C 1- 33 Home Economics Club 43 Atlantic Christian o lege Summer School 3. Unobtrusii-e . . seuis a fine seam . . . trim . . never a complaint . . Singer Sewing Center. SARAH ELIZABETH HU1N'1PHREY, B.A. Bible and Social Science Warsaw, N. C. Zetesian Literary Societyg Campbell College 1. 2g Training Union 1. 2. -1, Officer 23 YWA 1, 2. -1. officer 23 B.S,U, 1, 2, president -11 Creek Pebble Staff 1, 23 Glee Club 1. 23 International Relations Club 1. 2. 3, -11 Sappo Poetry Club 3, secretary 4, St. Cecilia Music Club 33 Pine and Thistle Staff 43 Stu- dent Volunteers 1. 2. 3. "Brealcjast?" lclickm . .BAP cal . . . attractive posters . . . poetess TIST . . methodif HUINIPHREY Class .gm A-nd ?'1N A73 HODGIN HUGGINS . ,VF r O Senior Class LELA FLAX HUN TLEY, B.S. Home Economies Morven, N. C. Literary Society: Brevard College 1. 23 Christian Workers' Club 1, 21 Mynesonian Literary Society 1. 21 House Council 2, Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Basketball 2, 43 Mu Delta 1. 23 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3. Willowly . , . Brevard . . . eyes as soft as a jawn , . . pokey , . . artful design, Epsilon Chi CATHERINE DUKES JOHNSON, B.A. ar Grade Meth Social Science rary Society: Duke University Sum- mer School 1, Glee Club 2. 3, 4, Upswept coiffure . . . Charles "Daddy said . . ." . . , . . . Duke . . cheerful helper. Gramm ods Epsilon Chi Lite CAROLYN JEANNE KAN in HUNTLEY JOHNSON ov, B,A. ods Roxboro, N. C. ry Society, Second Vice President 4 Louisburg College 1 2' Vice P Council 2 Primary Meth Zetesian Litera , . resident of Student 3 Tea Room Manager 33 Senior Scribe, 43 Atlantic Christian College Summer School. John . . . A,C ,... reserved . . . appealing counte- nance . , . bangs . , , Dot KANOY fr Sembr 671155 CLARA Viouar Koowrs. BS, Home Economics Greensboro, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Montreat College 1. 25 Class President 21 Home Economics Club 3. 43 Glee Club 3. 41 St Cecelia Music Club -lg May Court 43 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3. Gene . Chic . , petite . . . giggles , , , cheerful , . . gracious manners AUDREY ESTON KORNEGAY. B.A. French and Social Science Warsaw, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg William Bartram Scientific Society 1, 2. 3. 41 Athletic Board 21 Head of Hiking 21 Archery 23 Volley Ball 31 L'Alliance Francaise 2, 3, 4, Vice President 33 Assistant Busi- ness Manager Wi-irrs Hi-:Armen 35 Student Council 43 Vice President Student Body 41 Wake Forest Summer School 33 Who's Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges, Wake Forest . . , pan cake make-up , . . velvet hair bands . . . scholarly . . . dependable. ELOISE JOHNSON LANE, BS. Home Economics Wagram, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Second Vice Presi- dent 3g Home Economics Club 2. 3, 4. President 45 Hockey 1, 2. 3. Varsity 23 Pine and Thistle Staff. Exchange Editor 4. Ellie . . . "Jenkins J, Jenkins" , , , walks from airport , . . gray Plymouth . . . "gentle, kind, and shy. but with mischief in her eye" LANE KOONTS KORNEGAY W. LFZGGETTE LEWIS Sembr Class DORIS COVINGTON LEGGETTE, B.A. English and Social Science Proctorville, N. C. Epsilon Chi- Literary Society: L'Alliance Francaise 2. 3. 45 William Bartram Scienti6c Society 45 Volley Ball 1. 23 Tennis 33 Class Vice President 33 Students Council 3' Tr a . e surer of Student Body 31 Interna- tional Relations Club 4g Appalachian State Teachers College Summer School 3. Mrs. McLeod's right hand . . . plaid skirts . , , Irene . . . Energetic walk . , . true to her word, her work, and her friends . . . agile rnerriment, LINDA LEWIS. B.A. Biology and English Bessemer City, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Treasurer 2. Critic 3, Vice President 43 William Bartram Scientific So- ciety 1, 2. 3, 4, President 31 Highland Players 2, 3, 4. President 3. 43 Glee Club 2, 3. 43 Treasurer 41 St. Cecilia Music Club 1. 2, 33 WHITE HEATHER Staff 3, 4. Assistant Editor 3, Feature Editor 43 Pine and Thistle Staff. Feature Editor 43 Hockey 1. 2. 3. Varsity 25 Basketball 2, 3, Captain 23 Cheerleader 1: Monogram Club 4: Prayer Band Leader 43 Ath- letic Board 33 Superlative 45 Alpha Psi Omega 3. 43 Who's Who in American Universities and Col- leges 45 Appalachian State Teachers College Sum- gier Schoolg Atlantic Christian College Summer chool. Dramatic . . gigoling announcements . . . Little Red . , . Hedda Hopper Hats . . . Hey-Bop-a-Ree Bah . . . Versatile. MARGARET TURNER MCCANTS, B.A. English Asheville, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: St. Cecilia Music Club 1, 2. 3. 41 Mathematics Club 1. 3. -lg Asheville- Biltmore Junior College 23 Glee Club 23 Interna- tional Relations Club 21 Commercial Club 2: Wil- liam Bartram Scientific Society 45 Ashevi1le-Bilt- more Summer School 3. Reserved . . . unfathomable . . . Asheville . . cortfiding manner , . . earnest MCCANTS Ty Sembr CAROLYN MCDOWELL. BA. Bible and Mathematics Elizabethtown. N. C. Zetesian Literary Society: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Math Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Secretary 33 Prayer Band Leader 33 Cabinet 43 William Bartram Scientihc Society l 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3. Hockey 1. St, Cecilia Music Club 2 Statmch Methodist unbendable back bone . conferences mauisititie Hard worker door to door renditions of "I love you darling" Aucs JEAN McCAsx11.L,B.S. Home Economics Carthage. N. C. Student Volunteers Epsilon Chi Literary Society. 1. 25 Home Economics Club 2, 3. -11 Secretary- Treasurer 41 Atlantic Christian Summer School 2. Slow but sure . Jinx on Johns . dry wit . . ' entle winsome ways. twinkling eyes , , . g BONNIE LEE McIN'rosH. B.A. Organ Kings Mountain, N. C. E ilon Chi Literary Society. Music Club 1, 2. 3. 4: ' ' A Bertram Scientific ps Math Club 1. 2, 3, 4. W111xam Society. 2. 3, 4. Organ Recital 3. 45 Flora Macdonald Summer School. Flippant . flashing brown eyes . . , 4'True Love" attractive blond . . . organist. MCINTOSH Class If fi NICIDOVUELL NICCASKILL 31 I MCLEAN MCLEOD Sembr C1455 MARGARET PATTERSON MCLEAN, B.S. Home Economics Richmond, Va. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 St. Cecilia Music Clubg William Bartram Scientific Society 1, 25 Home Economics Club 1. 2. 3, 45 Stu- dent Volunteers 1, 2. 3, 4: Hockey 1. 2. 3. Varsity 3: Basketball 2. 33 Monogram Club 43 Christian Association Cabinet, Chairman of Highway of World Fellowship 23 Chairman Prayer Bands 33 Vice President Christian Association 43 College Marshal 33 University of Richmond Summer School 31 Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. "Bunny" . . . cabinet . . . energetic , . . my family . . . blond halo . , . consecrated worker. MARY EVELYN McLEoD, B.M. Public School Music McBee. S. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Marshal 3g William Bartram Scientific Society 23 Glee Club 2. 3. 43 St. Cecilia Music Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Business Manager Pine and Thistle 43 Prayer Band Leader 23 Inter- national Relations Club 2. 3, 41 Delegate to South- eastern District of I.R.C. 3g Archery 33 May Court 4. "M.E." . . . onyx hair . . . P.S.M .... classic beauty . . . Carter . . . diligent worker , , . 'mag- nolia petal complerion. EDNA MITCHELL MCRAINEY, B.A. Science and Social Science Parkton, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Student Volunteers 1. 23 International Relations Club 2. 3, 4: Hockey 2, 31 Basketball 2. 3, 43 Presbyterian Junior Col- lege Summer School 33 Highland Players 45 Math Club 43 William Bartram Scientific Society 43 Mono- gram Club 4. "Mac" . . , class loyalty , . . red top . . . Guardian of the goal . , . perseverance . . . jolly. MCRATNEY 32 I . .Yenfbr Class SARA FRANCES NENVAIAN, B.A. Bible and English Tryon. N, C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg St. Cecelia Music Club. 3. Sltudent X olunteers -l. L'Alliance Francaise Club Demure . . . petite . . . unassuming . . Tryon Daily Messenger . . . beaucoup shoes of minute sice. JEAN RICHARDS NEWTON, B,A. Grammar Grade Methods Gibson, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society, President 43 William Bar- tram Scientific Society 3, -li International Relations Club 3. -lp Hockey I. 2. 3. Captain 2. 33 Varsity 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3, -l, Varsity 3: Monogram Club 3. -12 Student Council 4: Student Volunteers -1: Marshal 33 Class Treasurer 31 St. Cecelia Music Club 2. 3, 43 Athletic Board 2. 3g Head of Hockey 33 Presby- terian Junior College Summer School. "Sammy" . . first '-l8'er headed for matrimony . . . serenely sweet . . . comely . . . athletic leader. DORIS LEE NORTON, B.S. Home Economics Raeford, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society, Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3. -li Student Volunteers 23 Volley Ball 1. 2, 33 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 2. The helping hand . . . outspoken . . . well-groomed hair . . . good natured . . . sleeveless sweaters. Momox 41 ,A K' ' 'C' aliv- NEW'hIAN NEXk'TON 1 . .ll Sembr Class JANE GURLINE PACE, B.A. English and Social Science Orlando, Fla. Epsilon Chi Literary Society, First Vice President 3. President 41 Student Council 43 Secretary Class 33 Marshal 3: May Court 3. 43 Highland Players 3, 43 Pine and Thistle Staff 43 Hockey 2. 33 Basketball 2, 33 College of Charleston 1. Madame Pompadour . . . "Brown" . . . genuine Epsilon Chi . . . original . . . dignifed . . . a beauty of her own. LOUISE Rmvas, B.A. Primary Education Fayetteville, N. C. Zetesian Society 3. 43 Assistant Tea Room Manager 33 Louisburg College 1, 23 May Court 23 Student Council 23 YWCA Cabinet. Showers of candy and flowers . . interesting eyes . . . quiet dignity . . . opaque . . . Nathan. HELEN PAYNE RUSSELL. BS. Home Economics Kinston, N. C. if 'UQ 'um PACE REAVES Epsilon Chi Literary Society: International Rela- tions Club 3g Home Economics Club 3, 4, Reporter -lg Commercial Club 13 Granddaughters' Clubg Tennis 2, 33 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 21 Wake Forest Summer School 3. Creator of clever designs . . . industrious . . . "Senorita" . . . ambling walk . . . elhsh glasses . , . cooperative. RUSSELL Sembr NIARTHA CAROLINE SMiTH. B.A. Bible and English Jellico. Tenn. Zetesian Literary Society. Montreal College 1. 2. Student Volunteers 3. -lg Prayer Band Leader 4. E: essive eyes . . courteovus . gliding walk lpr . , , reserved , . loyal Virginian LILLIAN PARKS SNEED. B.A. Social Science Monks Corner. S. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Math Club 1. 2, Wil- liam Bartram Scientihc Society 1. 2. 3, 4. Treasurer 2. Vice President 33 International Relations Club 2. 3. -l, Custodian of the Scrapbook 3, Vice Presi- dent -13 Pine and Thistle Staff 1. 33 St. Cecelia Music Club 1, 2. 3, -1, Glee Club -ig Archeryg Tennis 3. Prayer Band Leader 3. Christian Association Cabi' net. Chairman Highway of Stewardship 4. "Lil" , smiling eyes . . gentle ways . conscientious and consecrated . . . scholarly . . natural beauty, MARX' KATHRY'N STONE, BS. Home Economics Lumberton, N. C, Ch' Literarv Societv Home Economics Club Epsilon 1 , . . 2. 3, 4, William Bartram Scientific Society 3. 4, Volley Ball 1. 2. 3g Vice President of College B.T.U. 43 Wake Forest Summer School 1, 2. "Mary K " . , , hard worker , , "My cousin" . . helpful . , unselhsh , . checks and plaids. STONE ,- Class ,PF 'V SlNIITH SNEED K' Sembr Class ALICE ELIZABETH SUTTON, B,A. English and Bible Dublin, Va. Zetesian Literary Societyg French Club 1, 2: Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 23 Christian Association Cabinet, Chairman of Publicity 23 Treas- urer 3: Chairman of Prayer Band Leaders 43 Col- lege Marshal 33 Superiative 43 Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges 4' Radford C 1- . o lege Summer School. "Lib" . . . Eternally Busy . . . "praying hands" original . . . radiant light from within . . . love of little children. MARY SUE TILLINGHAST, B.A. Mathematics Dillon, S, C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Corresponding Sec- retary 41 Class Treasurer 23 Double-sextet 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 23 Math Club 1, 2. 3, 4. President 4: Cheerleader 3, 43 WHITE HEATHER Class Editor 43 St. Cecilia Music Club 1, 2, 41 Archery 2. "Satan" . . . James . . . Dillon . . . hay fever . . , South Carolina drawl . . , frank . . . cuter than a pirie itself . , . duck walk. HELEN GENEVA TURNER, B.A. Gra'm-mar Grade Methods Social Science Fair Bluff, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: William Bartram scientific Society 3, 4, Vice President 41 St. Cecilia Music Club 3, 43 International Relations Club 2. 3, 45 Class Secretary 21 Tea Room Manager 43 Athletic Board 3. Head of Tennis 33 Basketball 3, 43 Coker -if 5 SUTTON TILLINGHAST College Summer School 2. Mischievous brown eyes . . . "Cherry blossom" . . . when 1 was in high school" . . . well- dressed . . . cute. TURNER Sembr Class IDA Rai' XIANX. B.S. Home Economics Clinton. N, C. Epsilon Chi Literaiy Societyg Corresponding Sec- retary 35 Highland Players 2. 3, -1. Home Economics Club 1. 2 3, 41 Vice President 43 Archery 3. College Chairman of War Fund Drive 2. Fire Chief 3, Wi-iirr: Heart-ti:R Staff. Class Editor 3. Editor-in-Chief -lg Superlative 3, -1: Chief Scribe 4. Appalachian State Teachers College Summer School. "Irr" monograms . a capacity to enjoy life . . . "Rider Ray" . SAB . puddles . . "unobtrusive" . . nightly rendezvous with bobby pins . discerning selection of stylist clothes . , . one u-hose carefree ways oft-times cover her fine qualities that have so enriched our college days. Vincmifi FRANCES VANNOY'. B.A. English and Social Science Reddies River. N. C. Zetesian Literary Societyl Chaplin 4: William Bar- tram Scientific Society 2, 3. -11 International Re- lations Club 2. 3. -li Student Volunteers 1. 2. 3. -lg treasurer 21 President -1, Prayer Band Leader 2. 3. -ig Basketball 2. 33 Hockey 1, 2. 31 Atlantic Christian College Summer School 3. Student Volunteers . , . sincere . . . "mountaineer" . . . Bible stories to colored tots . . . lavender . . . practical. EvALYN Ocuzssx' WADDEL1., B.A. English and Social Science Fair Bluff. N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Societyg Glee Club 2. 3. -11 St. Cecilia Music Club 2. 31 l.R.C.. Vice President 3. President -12 Archery 3: Tennis 23 Delegate to Southeastern District l.R.C. Convention 33 Prayer Band Leader 33 Mission Study Leader 3: Editor oi Pine and Thistle 41 Appalachian State Teacher's College Summer School 21 University of North Carolina Summer School 3. "That neu: look" . . . immaculate . . . 'tPeruna" . . . "Miss efficient" . . . face enhanced by ebony hair . . . valuable. WYADDELL 'Q 7 VAXN VANNOY '50 Sembr Cla: MARGARET GAY WATSON, B.A. Red Springs, N. C, Epsilon Chi Literary Society: William Bartram Scientitic Society, 2. 3: Day Students Club. President 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Pine and Thistle Staff 4: Student Council 3. 4. "Genius" . , . sly humor our boardin d .. g ay student . . . wholehearted participation in col- lege activities . . . overflowing bor ofjice . , . genuine. MIRIAM WATSON. B.A. Organ Jonesboro, N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society, Chaplin 33 Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4, President 4: Sextet 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 31 William Bartram Scientific Society 2, 3, 4: Athletic Board, Head of Table Tennis 33 Feature Editor Pine and Thistle 33 Mar- shal 3: Class President 1, 2: Christian Association Cabinet 3. 4, Secretary 33 Superlative 3. 4: Senior Scribe: President Student Body 4. Student Council 1. 2. 4: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Capable . , . musical soul . . . laughter of real merriment . . , pleasing to the eyes . . . the true spirit of Flora Macdonald. BETTY JOYCE WAYNE, B.A. A WATSON. M. G. WATSON. M. Math and Science Hallsboro, N, C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Basketball 3. 43 Hockey 3. -4: Athletic Board 3: Math Club 4: Inter- national Relations Club -lg Highland Players 4. A mischievous twinkle reveals her real self chemistry lab . . . abbreviated bangs . . .rurii affected . . , generous WAYNE CLETA NELL Wit.BoRN.B.A. Primary Methods Lillington. N. C. Epsilon Chi Literary Society: Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2: Nonpariel Literary Society 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. -1: St. Celia Music Club 3. George . . sarcastic' wit beauty shop appoint- ments . "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best oy men" straight forward HARRIET Wu.soN. B.A. Math and Science News Ferry. Va. Zetesian Literary Society: Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4: William Bartram Scientific Society 1, 2. 3, 4: Prayer Band Leader 2, 3: Student Volunteers 1, 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 1. 2, 3: Varsity 3: Monogram Club 3, 4: Ath- letic Board: Head of Tennis 2: Student Coun- cil: President of Class 3. Sterling . . . "1 thought l'd Split" . , . understand- ing , . . silken blond hair . . . the simplicity nj a noble heart and lofty mind. MARY ATWATER WOMBLE. B.A. Bible and English Wagram, N. C. i erary Society: Math Club 1. 2. 3. -4. Corresponding Secretary 3: Hockey 1. 2, 3: Basket- ball 1. 2, 3. -1: Exchange Editor Pine and Thistle 4: Atlantic Christian College Summer School 2, Conscientzous . . . opinionated . . . "Little B" th ' e second . . . glossy hair . . . osrjords . , earnest worker. Epsilon Chi L't RUBY LORENE Woon, B.A. Primary Methods Rockfish, N. C. Zetesian Literary Society: William Bartram So- ciety 2, 3. -1: International Relations Club 4: L'Alli- ance Francaise 2. 3, -1. Basketball 2. 3. 4: Hockey 2, 3' Athletic Board Treasur 3 , er 3 Student Volun- teers 4. Silence is golden . . . sportsmanship . . . "little bit" . . . carefree walk . . . cooperative. Woon W11.soRN WILSON - - ri., 33 Mlm ani fbki WOMBLE 'JCR bb bi 'fm i n . 5 , ,lag 2: -,. I w 3:51. I , - . ' I -,lyjgxl .EAEW , mf "-.4 , 4.5 VL! ,viz , 'fxli , f E I X Bishop, Caudell, Smith, Berryhill, Griffm, Herring. - ,, 44.3, X '34 x ,. whip 40 1 I 4 J w Me Junior fins HERES A NEVV DAY COMING." Coming up a step from the Sophomore level. the Juniors became known as Uupperclassmenf' This title is the "open sesame" to innumerable privileges. but next year will be the year for which they have been striving-graduation in 19-19. Wfzhe Heather OFFICERS N.-xxcx' BISHOP ...,,,i,,,,,,i,,,,,.,,,,., Presidenr Jaxs CAUDILL ,........., .,.,,, X fice Presidenz JANET SBIITH ....,,....,,....,,,,,,.,,,,, Secrezury NIS.-X Bl-IRRYHILL ....,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer BLOSSOAI GRIFFIN ...i,,, Tea Room Mgr. KATHARX'NE HERRISG. Asst. Tea Room Mgr, -11 ALLRED. MARIAN Savannah, Ga. ARNETTE, GAYNELL Fairmont, N, C. BACON, REBECCA Hillsboro, N. C. BAIN, DORIS ANNE Lenoir, N. C. BEAM, EVA MAE Rutherfordton, N. C. BEASLEY, WINIFRED Lumberton, N. C. BEDINGER, ALICE Red Springs, N, C. BERRYHILL. NINA Charlotte, N. C. BISHOP, NANCY Greenville, S, C. Bocas, EDITH Charlotte, N. C. BREWER, ANNIE MARGARET Carthage, N. C, BULLOCK, CATHERINE Fairmont, N. C. CAUDELL, JANE St. Paul, N. C. CHAPPELL, ELIZABETH Candor, N, C. CLARK, DORIS Fayetteville, N. C. JONl0R5' 'Z f fl I l . of 1948 YN COLLINS. Mus. SARAH C. Red Springs. N. C. CoNI-QLING. NAoIxII Jacksonville. N. C. Cox. NINA Tabor City. N. C. CROVVELL. HELEN Clinton. S. C. DAVIS. DOVIE Lumberton. N. C. DAVIS. JOLINE Blaclenboro, N. C. FIELDS. DOROTHY Carthage, N. C. FISHER. PI-IYLLIS Kannapolis. N. C. FONVILLE. ANITA Tabor City. N. C, GAYLORD. MARY GRACE Winterville. N. C. GRAHAIVI, JULIA MAE Jackson Springs. N. GREENE. CAROLYN Norwood, N. C. GREEN. SARAH ELIZABETH Henderson, N. C. GRIFFIN. BLOSSONI Unionville, N. C. HALL. MRS. MARION F. Fayetteville. N. C. C HALL, RACHEL Marion, S. C. HAMILTON. MARION OLIVER Fairmont, N. C. HARVELL, DOROTHY Varina, N. C. HERNDON. GRACE Sanford, N. C. HERRING, KATI-IARYNE Clinton, N. C. HINES, ANNA Washington, N. C. HoovER, FLORENCE Batesburg, S. C. HUNSUCKER, REBEKAH NELL Newton, N. C. KNIGHT, HELEN Roanoke Rapids, N. C. KNIGHT, MIRIAM Orlando, Fla. LEDBETTER, NANCY Norman, N. C. LONG, BOBBIE Wadesboro, N. C. LYTLE, DONNIE Red Springs, N. C. MANESS, NIYRA Biscoe, N. C. MAULDIN, EMILYN Chesterfield, S. C. 5 X 3.-x ,Q 'VX JON!0R.Y 1 a J C L- of 7948 Lulu I 5. MORRISON. FAYE Roseboro. N. C. NIUSE. MRS. Lois Laurinburg, N. C. MCCASKIL. Jo Carthage, N. C. MCFADYEN. IRIS Vass, N. C. MCLEOD, SARAH Aberdeen, N. C. MCNEELY. BETTE Elkin. N. C. NAss1r. FRANCES Laurinburg. N. C. PLEMMONS. FAYE Lynn. N. C. PREVATTE. MARY DELL Fairmont, N. C. PRICE. BETTY Pineville. N. C. PRUITT. LUCY Fuquay Springs, N. C. RANDAL. ADA LEE Polkton. N. C. ROHANNA. JASIXIINE Elizabeth City. N. RIGGAN. FLORA Henderson. N. C. ROGAN. FLORENCE Greeleyville. S. C. RUSSEL. MARY ANNE Sanford, N. C. SMITH. JANET Whitsett. N. C. SIVIITH. SUSIE Pink Hill, N. C. SPIVEY, NELL Elizabethtown, N. TUGWELL, NINA RUTH Farmville, N. C. TURNAGE, ANN Farmville. N. C. WATT. MARGARET Americus, Ga. WHITAKER, SALLIE MA Rockford, N. C. WILLIAMS, MARGARET Indian Valley, Va WILSON. MARIE Oxford. N. C. WILSON, SUE Fayetteville, N. C WOODARD. VERNIESE E C. lVIurrell's Inlet. S. C 65 "vw JONl0R5' r i P r F w w N L I , P V W 47 . I 4 R L 4 Wi x J.. 'I'33f:TF'fE',EZ74T Gregory,bAlh-ed, Cook, McKay. 48 Tim A X G, ,YN -,LQ Me .Yopfzomo e dass UT HERE WILL COME A TIME." With two years down and two to go, the Sophomores courageously believe that "there will come a time." Thus. the Class of 1950 surges onward. Wfure liearfrer OFFICERS DOROTHY ALLRED ...., , ,,,..,.. President lXlARY BURKE COOK ..,, ,Vice Presiclcwzt Lots MCKAY ,,,,.......,,.i...,,,,,,,,,, Secretary DIARY GREGORH' ,,....,. ..,,,,... T reasurer -19 Soplzo mares ALLRED. DOROTHH' Norman, N. C. BAGGETT. BETTY Greeleyville, S .C. BALL, CORNELIA Dillon, S. C, BENNETT. ELAINE Southern Pines, N. C BUIE, DEWIE Norfolk, Va. CARSWELL, MADELINE Sanford, N. C. COLLINS. JEAN Glade Valley, N. C. COOK, MARY BURKE Logan, West Va, DAVIS, LOUISE Wallhalla, S. C. DUNBAR. MARY BLAND Petersburg, Va. ELLIOTT. LEE Edenton. N. C, GRAHAM, CAROLYN Red Springs, N. C, GREGORY, MARY Kershaw, S. C. JORDAN, ANNA Bishopville, S. C. KINLAW. Lois Lumberton, N. C. MELVIN, SARA Kerr, N. C. MOULDER, CARLEEN Hope Mills, N. C. MCCALL, RUTH Timmonsville, S. C. 5'op!zo more: MCKAY. Lois Hamlet, N. C. BICCUBBINS, NANCY Florence. S. C. IXICLI-IAN. BETTY Raeford, N. C. NOWARAH. JOYCE Roper. N. C. P.-xaxs. DIARY ALICE Charlotte, N. C. PE.-IRCE, Jo Corpus Christi. Texas PIHIELPS. LE.-IH Ash. N. C. POXVERS. JUDITI-I St. Pauls. N. C. SBIITH. BONNIE Wilmington. N. C. SBIITH. IXIARGARET Pageland. N. C. SNELL. JO Charlotte, N. C. TILLINGHAST. HELEN Fayettevil1e,N. C. YVALLACE. RIARCELLA Bennetsville, S. C. WILLIARIS. CL.-IIRE Washington. D. C. XVILLIABIS, DOROTHY Indian Valley. Va. XVILLIAIXISON. L.-IJEANA Logan. West Va. XVIBIRIER. FRANCES Roanoke. Va. XVELVINGTON. ANN Clayton. N. C. YOUNG. DONNA Maxton. N. C. , v 1 sf T ik 62 'vs 'Vx W' Nu Q5- 51 L I I Jordan, Jones, Leckie, McMillan .PF- Fresfzman Class ALTHOUGH the Class of '51 has been at F.lVl C just a short time, it has already made a place for itself on the campus Wlth lt as our leaders of tomorrow. what do we have to worry about Willy? fieaffzer OFFICERS ANN JORDAN ,,,,,,,,l..l....,l,...,..,.... President BETTY Jo lVlClVlILLAN ,,,,., Vice President PATTY JONES .,., .,,,,,..,,,,..,.,,,.,,,, S ecretary HELEN LECKIE ,.,....,,. ...,,,.,. T reasurer 7 ARRINGTON, PATRICIA ANN Southport, N. C. BARROW, AGNES ROBERTA LaGrange, N. C. BLUE, NANCY Jonesboro, N. C. BROVVNE. SARA JANE Red Springs. N. C. BUIE, MARX' VARDELL Charleston, S. C. BYRD. YVONNE Erwin, N. C. CANTLEY, MARX' EIVIIVIA Kingstree, S. C. CARTER, PATSY Chadbourn, N. C. CATES, CGLEENE Burlington, N. C. Cox. SUE LEE Franklinton, N. C. CURRIE, BETTY LYNN Red Springs, N. C. DAVENPORT, MARTHA Charlotte, N. C. DEATON. KATliRH'N GARR Pineb1uiT, N. C. DORSEY, GENEWOOD Gurly, S. C. DYER, PHYLLIS Leaksville, N. C. ELLIOTT. MARGARET ELIZABETH Tabor City, N. C. EVANS, MARGARET JANE Greensboro, N. C. FIELDS, BETTY LLEWELLYN Darlington, S. C. FOUST, IDA TATE Rainscur, N. C. GOLDEN, MARILYN ANN Ware Shoals, S. C. GRANTHAM, ZELMA Fairmont. N. C. HARRIS, PATRICIA Concord, N. C. HATLEY, MARY LAGENE Hudson, N. C. HENDERSON, LOUISE MORRIS Huntersville, N. C. HLIBBLE, KATRINA BROWN Bland, Va. HUNEYCUTT, CAROLYN Black Sock, S. C. HUNT, MARY SUSAN Wake Forest. N. C. Freshmen Q- of 7948 'S W In Ivris. JANE C. OI'lziIido, Flu JACKSON, Lois Fair Blutlf N C JOHNSUN, RllBf:HT:X LILLIAN Rupert. Wust Va JONES, DORIS LUUISE Oak Ridge, Tunn JoNEs, PATRICIA ANN XVlllIlll1ElUI1,N,C JORDAN. ANN XX7lill1lllglOll,N. C. JOSEY, BEVERLY ANN lXlzInning, S. C. KECK.1NI.AXINE BLlI'1lllgtt3ll,N.C KELLX'. EVA BERT Carthage, N. C. L.-ANII-IR. ELEANOR Elizabeth City, N. C. LATTA. BETSY Hillsboro, N, C. LEE, INIATTIE LOU VVillow Springs, N. C. LEWIS. DIARY HILDRED Mullens, We-St Va. L1TTLE,iXIARGARET CATHERINE St. Pauls, N, C, LOVETT.1Y1ARJORIE Fair Blulf, N. C. LowE. NELL Clinton, N, C. DIIELVIN, BETTY GRAY Kerr, N. C. NIILLER. INIAYSIE Ci1Hdb0LlT11,N, C. IWIOORE. IVIARY ANN Jacksonville, Fla. INIORROXV. ALICE Lexington, Va. INIACDONALD. JEAN 13.-XLRYIXIPLE Carthage. N. C, NICIXJILIIAN, BETTY Jo Selma. N. C. NICRAE, PATRICIA JOYCE Lillington. N. C OGILVIE. CAROLINE North Wilkesboro, N. C. OLIX'ER, RIARGARET CLARKE White-ville. N. C. POPE. ELEANOR Charlotte, N, C. POVVELL. BIARGARET Smithfield, N. C. PRICE, HANNAH Charlotte, N. C. RATCHFORD, WILNIA REBECCA Bessemer C1ty,N, C. REESER. PATRICIA Leaksville, N. C. REX'NOLDS, CAROLYN SI11ltllf'1Q1d,N. C. RIVENBARR. FLORENCE Willard, N. C. ROSENBAUINI. Jo ANNE Jonesville, Va. RUSS. SARAH JoY Shallotte, N. C. RUSSELL, ANNIE FLORENCE Rocky Mount. N. C. RUSSELL, ELLEN High Point, N. C. SHAVER, LPTLA MARCUERITE Fisherville, Va. SHERRILL, HELEN Fayetteville, N. C. SMITH, PATRICIA ADKINS Red Springs, N. C. SOUTHERLAND. PATTY MARIE Wilmington, N. C. STANLAND, MARILYN Charleston, S. C. STEVENS, CYNTHIA Smithfield, N. C. SUM IVIERS, CATHERINE GROTHY Norfolk, Va. SUIVIIVIERVILLE, JEAN Charlotte, N. C. SUTLIFF. FAYE Leaksville, N. C. TAYLOR, JEANINE Robersonville, N. C. THOMPSON, SYLVIA Chadbourn, N. C. WALKER, CAROLYN Wilmington. N. C, WALKER. NANCY Baltimore, Md. WATSON. SARANEL Greenville, S. C. WALL. BETTY ANN Wadesboro. N. C. b 9 'ks 2 freshmen MMM RCM! DfPflR7MfN7 - A . , 1, f ,l I F Elliot, McIntyre, Miller, McKissick. Y? 57 Joyce MCKISSICK ......,. ,,,,,,,..,... P resident MAYSIE MILLER ,,,.,, ...,,.... V ice President Jo-ANNE ELLIOT ,....... Secretary-T1'easure1' Miss LETA MCINTYRE ..,..., ,,,,,,, A dviser 5'EL'0ND ,VHIR C'0MMfRC'lv4l BETHEA, MARY CHRISTINE Lillington, N. C. KATSOS, MARY Carthage, N. C. MONROE, FLORA Laurinburg, N McK1ss1cK, JOYCE Blackstone, Va. . C ffksf Year Basfhess First ron-. left ro right: AILFORD. POLLY, Hamer. S. C.1 ASCOLYGH. ROBIANA JOAN, Cuinmock. N. C.: BOSTIC. DORIS R.-RYE. Kenansville. N. C.: BR.-XGDON. KIARIANNE. Florence, S. C.: BULL.-XRD. PEGYSY ANN. Fayetteville. N. C.: BULLOCK. CLETUS DALE. Lumberton. N. C.: CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH NICLEAN. Laurinburg. N. C.: CREECH. JEAN WOODLEY. Princeton. N. C. Second row: CULCLASCRE. JACQUELINE. Greensboro. N. C.: DELANCEY. TONI. Charlotte. N. C.: DOWDA. VVIIAIA GERALDINE. Sanford. N. C.: ELLIOTT. JO.-ANNE. Blacksburg. S. C.: GILBIORE. RACHEL ESTELL. Ramseur. N. C.: HALL. JOYCE BIARIE. Rocky Mount. N. C.: HARRIS. KATHERINE O'NEAL, Blackstone. Va.: HEDGPETH. BETTY. Fairmont, N. C. Third row: HOLIXIES. GENE ROSE. Fayetteville. N. C.: HL'FFSTETLER. ANN ELIzABETH. Gastonia. N. C.: JACKSON. HAzx-:L RUTH. Maxton. N. C.: JAMES. CHARLOTTE. Durham. N. C.: JOYNER. BLANCHE MARIE. Elm City. N. C.: KIRBY. EDITH LEIGH. Kenly. N. C.: KORNEGAH'. EVA BELLE. Warsaw. N. C.: LASSITER. GILDA ALLYN. Lumberton. N. C. 'T' Ffksf Year Basfhess LAWRENCE. NELLE CAROLYN, Spruce Pine, N. C., LECKIE, MARY HELEN, Charlotte, N. C., MAY, ELIZABETH ANN, Pink Hill, N. C. MILLS. ERNESTINE, Jacksonville, Fla., 'U MOORE. MARY LUCILLE, Wilmington, N. C., MYERS. JEANETTE LANIER. Wil- liamston, N. C. MCGUGAN, JEAN, Red Springs, N. C., MCSHANE. VIRGINIA, Stanford, Conn., PooRE, BETTY JEAN, Ware Shoals, S. C. First row, left to right: QUICK. JACQUELINE, McCall, S. C., RANSDALL, JOSEPHINE, Carthage, N. C., SHOOK, GERALDINE, Red Springs, N. C., SMITH, ELSIE, Kenansville, N. C., SPIVEY. EULA MAE, Chadbourn, N. C., STOREY, ELIZABETH THOMAS, Rockingham, N. C. Second row: SWAIN, BETTY, Creswell, S. C., WATSON, ROSA LEE, Red Springs, N. C., WEBSTER, PRISCILLA. South Weymouth, Mass., WHEELESS. HELEN TAYLOR. Willow Springs, N. C., WILLIAMS. ROSA LUCILLE, Fayette- ville, N. C., WILSON. MABLE LOUISE, Greenville, N. C. KXIH .,,l! ' 'K I ff! ! I f ff V .IM , X f'Qf'5' ff ff f- fx K 4 ' X lf f' I. If .I 1 f f If , Z fl If f . rf V ,' I If . f lf' J QV' ff! flv AA If , nfl. 1. N l I ROBERT REUTER Dean of Conservatory SENIOR MUSIC RECITALS DAPHNE GOODMAN .......,...,A,v. Pianist BONNIE LEE MCINTOSH ....,. Organist MIRIAM WATSON ....,.,..,,.,... Organist A 'W Goodman McIntosh Watson 62 Q lu . A I Con ervator Hall 6155 CWB t'There is music in the air" quite frequently at Flora Macdonald when eighty voices are blended under the direction of Dean Reuter. The Glee Club is one of the Hnest organizations on the campus. The specialized training, in diction and tone quality is rarely found among college glee i clubs. Flora Macdonald is proud to have such an outstanding Glee Club. l OFFICERS MIRIAM WATSON ..c......,..,.ll President CLAIRE WILLIAMS ..,.......,. Secretary LINDA LEWIS .,,.Y.... ....,,.. T reasurer I l l I Each year Flora Macdonald Col- lege has on her campus a group of guest artists who are spon- sored by the Concert-Lecture Course Series. A variety of at- tractions are provided. This year we were fortunate in hav- ing on our campus Alexander Uninsky. M a r g a r et Bourke- White. A n n a Turkel. Jeanne Welty, Vifilliam A. Lydgate and Miriam Solovieff. 60557 ART! 75' 'Y Anna Turkel vt Z Miriam Solovieff Alexander Uninsky 65 4 9954 f Lrfkf? 1 , ' 541W ' 'Ny A ' .1 'D -Aqqn -1. ghd wus. 'SETS' 3 4.7, y. 'Q N, '?1:?iQ1fv W. I I ' 7.1. " K' Jaw, Himeiii' - if 24.1 'V 'ef' an r 1 . 9- .Ji Fifdrf' 32,135 uf . 1 ,...4 1 , K vp. - x H . ..A-.--...yi -rgwgf, - ' ,nw f I ,-xx f f Q' Nj? jf, K 5 5 1 i JM f ll "And 171 our Spare Mne.. 67 !-.""" 30' ,. N x 4, ,VP .JA .q. -LHS? xx' Jev' 11,4 R.. , :UYJJE Y ,. '4 R 5gQ,qir'. 'If 'dv MX ,x ..q.. IM' '-ix Jr, i , 5 .f-N 'R-' "alfa II I Amis Neighbors Vann IDA RAY VANN Editor-in-Chief HARRIET Aivus Business Mgr. THE WHITE HEATHER is the illustrated story of each year's activity at Flora Macdonald, The editor and business manager are elected from the rising senior class each year by the student body at large. The assistant editor and assistant business manager are elected by the junior class. Other members of the staff are named by the editor and business manager, and are taken from the different classes and organizations in the college. 68 The 1948 ,- JULIA GRAHANI, Assistant Editor IRIS MCFADYEN. Assistant Business Manager MARY SUI-: TILLINGI-IAST. Senior Class Editor MARIAN ALLRED. Junior Class Editor CLAIRE WILLIANIS. Sophomore Class Editor PAT HARRIS, Freshman Editor BLOSSOM GRIFFIN. Snapshot Editor KATHARYNE HERRING. Snapshot Editor MIRIAM KNIGHT, Literary Editor LINDA LEWIS. Literary Editor ELLA MAY DRINKARD. Business Editor JOYCE MCKISSICK, Typing Editor MRS. GENEVIEVE MACMILLAN NEIGHBORS, Adviser Waite fleaffzer 6 X.! THIS LITERARY MAGAZINE produces the budding Shakespeares of Flossie Mac. Four times a year each stu- dent Iinds a copy of the magazine in the postoffice box. All students read with interest the poems, stories, and editorials. The lives of the editor, business manager, and the staff are a series of deadlines, getting ads, and doing the things neces- sary to make a really fine magazine. EVALYN WADD1-:LL Editor-in-Chief P1778 and 7 bllvfle 70 i 6 MARY EVELYN MCLEOD. Business Manager . . . 7948 McLeod, Waddell. Boney MARGARET WATT. Assistant Editor BETTY ADKINS, Assistant Business Manager LEE ELLIOTT, Literary Editor DORIS BAIN, MARY ANN RUSSELL. Art Editors SUE ADDOR, GURLINE PACE. BETTE MCNEELY, LINDA LEWIS, VERNIESE WOODWARD, Feature Editors LAJEANA WILLIAMSON. GAY WATSON, PHYLLIS FISHER. Epsilon Chi Editors RACHEL HALL. HELEN KNIGHT, Zetesian Editors MARY KATSOS, ANNE BREWER. BONNIE SMITH, Typing Editors SARAH HUMPHREY, SARAH MCLEOD, Poetry Editors THELMA BARROW, Book Reviewer CARLEEN MOULDER, JASMINE ROI-IANNA, Make-Up Editors KITTY BULLOCK, ELOISE LANE, MARY WOMBLE, Exchange Editors Miss VIRGINIA BONEY, Faculty Adviser 71 MIRIAM WATSON President The STUDENT THE STUDENT COUNCIL plays an important part in our life at Flora Macdonald. Through it the students and faculty are united. Our council impresses upon the student the necessity of personal honor, self-control, and individual responsibility. 72 AUDREH' KORNEG.AX'. Vice President of Student Body FRANCES DULL. President of Christian Association JANE HOBBS. President of Senior Class FRANCES ARNETTE. Vice President of Senior Class NANCY BISHOP. President of Junior Class JANE CAUDELL. Vice President of Junior Class DOROTHY ALLRED. President of Sophomore Class ANN JORDAN. President of Freshman Class inot pictured GURLINE PACE, President of Epsilon Chi Society JEAN NEXK'TON. President of Zetesian Society NANCY' LEDBETTER. President of Athletic Association GAY WATSON. President of Day Students 6'0V5RNM N7 . . . 7948 T3 i FRANCES DULL President 12114.61 CWRI 7lv4N 145' 06714 7l0N "A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD." This inter- denominational organization promotes growth in Chris- tian faith and character, The highlights of the Christian Association year were the Fall and Spring Religious Emphasis Weeks, the Installation service, reception for the Freshmen, the candle light service, the White Gift Service, and the Dome Service. The president of the association, the highway leaders, and the faculty adviser make up the Cabinet which guides this organization. "Let your light so shine" was the theme for this year's activities, as the association sought to make our God effective in human society today. 74 OFFICERS' BI.-KRGARET MCLEAN. Vice President NIARION FISLER. Secretary LILLIAN SNEED. Treasurer MIRIAR1 YVATSON. E'.r-officio President of the Studen FLORA RIGGAN. Religious Meetings. Life Enrichment IVIARGARET VVILLIALXS. Music. Life Enrichment CAROLYN TVICDOWELL, World Fellowship SARA HIEVLIN. Social Activities. Leisure Time BETTY MCLEAN. Library. Leisure Time NINA BERRYHILL. Sunday School. Learning DIARY ANN RUSSELL. Publicity. Learning DORIS ANN BAIN. Comradeship ELIZABETH SUTTON, Prayer Band Chairman r Body E T5 ,f Ki SENIOR .S'C'RlBBlfR5' Ida Ray Vann, Chief Scribe: Miriam Watson, Betty Adkins, Frances Arnette, Jeanne Kanoy, Ella Mae Drinkarcl. EACH YEAR five Scribblers are chosen from the rising senior class by the scribblers of the retiring senior class, The Editor-in-Chief of the annual automatically becomes the Chief Scribe. This year the scribblers have endeavored to reveal the true personalities and characters of their Classmates. 76 x I A I 1' x rv.l . J i ,, :' 1 'M 4 rf 1 I fgjfhd xi 'Ill'-gli' 1 A" 'J' Q33 K ,J-l,. ' K . ,435 . 5 AA F3 . ' j A 1' A -3. lib. , .L ,. A .7 ' ""'g'. x '41 :I N A I ..n '. 4' . . 1 A f2T"""1"A ' EP.S'll0N CW! 5067577 MEPSILON CHI, WE SING TO YOU"-can be heard at each meeting of this society, The school spirit of F.M.C. could not be exhibited in a finer way than in these two literary societies. LINDA LEWIS First Vice President ELIZABETH CHAPPELL Second Vice President JASIVIINE ROHANNA Recording Secretary MARY S. TILLLINGHAST Corresponding Secretary BETTY MCLEAN Treasurer PHYLLIS FISHER Critic ANNE YELVINGTON Censor MIRIAM KNIGHT Chaplain rnot pictured! GURLINE PACE President Zf7f5lv4N 5061577 HZETESIAN TO YOU"-comes forth just as loudly from the other hall. From "Rush Day" on. there is friendly competition between the socie- ties. This plays an important part in our school life. OFFICERS DORIS ANN BAIN First Vice President JEANNE KANNOY Second Vice President RACHEL HALL Recording Secretary FAITH CANTRELL Corresponding Secretary NIARIAINI HABIILTON Treasurer DORIS CLARK Critic CLAIRE VVILLIAKIS Censor- FRANCIS VANNOX' Chaplain JEAN NEXK'TON President ny... ' .fx ligl MARION HAMILTON Chief Marshal P I gs' R V ' x N L Q I DORIS BAIN. Z NINA BERRYHILL. Z RACHEL HALL, Z VERNIESE Woonwofzo. Z MARSHAZS Each year four marshals are chosen from the two literary societies. The selection of Chief Marshal alternates yearly between the societies. All marshals come from the junior class. Their ability to mingle with people. their Congeniality and their dependability are deciding factors in the election of these nine girls. Their duties consist not only of serving as ushers at various concerts, but also they are responsible for stage and parlor decorations, planning receptions and acting as college hostesses, We are grateful for their cooperation and the thorough manner in which they have carried out their duties. MARIAN ALLRED. EX ELIZABETH CHAPPELL. EX PHYLLIS FISHER. EX MYRA NIANESS. EX 'N fx X AVN ft- ,., 5 Cl' OUR L20 Barrow, lNlrLeod. Lane, Beasley. lVIcKissick, Lewis, Waddell. Vannoy, Watson, Hardin, Tillinghast. PR 5'lDflV7.S' IF YOU SEE a blinding flash don't be alarmed because its just one of the club presidents who is busy with her many errands They stay con stantly busy, keeping the clubs running smoothly and progressing steadily We all appreciate their hard work. CLUB PRESIDENTS THELMA BARROW, William Bartrmn Scientific Society SARAH MCLEOD, Sappho Poetry Club ELOISE LANE, Home Economics Club WINIFR1-:D BEASLEY. St. Cecelia Music Jovcis MCKISSICK. Commercial Club LINDA LEWIS, Highland Players EVALYN WADDELL, International Relat FRANCES VANNOY, Student Volunteers MIRIAM WATSON, Glee Club GRACIE HARDIN. L'Alliance Francaise MARY SUE TILLINGHAST, Math Club Club ions Club Student Volunteers fftsm-r:-fffpmgefff THIS GROUP represents those girls at Flora Macdonald who are interested in home and foreign missions. They meet each Sunday night to study the needs in the field and to pray for guidance in this vital work. They are another factor which contributes to the spiritual growth on the campus. OFFICERS FRANCES VANNO'1', President SARAH MCLEOD, Vice President Lois MCKAY. Secretary HELEN TILLINGHAsT,T1'easu1e1 BETTY PRICE,Lil7Vfl7'if171 "SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER." Each Wednesday morning dur- ing Quiet Hour, small groups gather in their prayer band leaders' rooms to think and pray together with God. The unity felt at these meetings makes us realize that "God is nigh." Prayer Bands 84 Wdhbm Barfram Scfbnffhk Socfbfy THIS SOCIETY is composed of F.IXI.C.'s students who are in- terested in science. If you are in the mood for a lecture or dis- cussion of bacteriological war- fare. atomic energy. and radar. just drop into one of their monthly meetings. THELBIA Bamiow, President HELEN TURNER. Vice President IRENE BARDEN.CO7'l'CS1lO1ldi7lQ Ser GRACIE H,-XRDIN.R8CO1'dl7lQ Sec, lu.-XRGARET COLLIER. Treasurer 354'-'ZC?7'Ejflf1Tc., I 'iIQJ'3, . Sappfzo Poetry Club 85 OUR SCHOOLS YOUNGEST- this club is composed of the girls interested in writing original poetry, The members also study style. versification, and me- chanics of poetry. They read and criticize their own and others poetry. Who knows but twenty years hence the Poetry Club can claim as its own a dozen Mil- tons? OFFICERS SAR.-KH IXICLEOD. Prcsidriiz LILLIAN TURNER.ViL'CP1'c.sifIi'rit SARAH Hi'x1PnREY. Sw-if -Trefis Z Vllhbnce Francaise 1 "Parlez-vous, francais?" If you do speak and understand French, you would like to attend a monthly meeting of this active club. At these meetings, an at- tempt is made to better under- stand the customs and habits of the French people. OFFICERS GRACIE HARDIN, President SUE Auuoa. Vice President DoRis ANN BAIN. Secy.-Treas, FOR THOSE who enjoy finding the diameter of a circle or why X equals Y, the Math Club has been formed. Its aims are to promote high scholastic stand- ing in mathematics, to create in- terest in this science throughout the college, and to provide or ex- change knowledge outside the classroom, OFFICERS MARY SUE TILLINGHAST, President CAROLYN MCDOWELL, Vice Pres. MARX' BURKE Coox, Recording Sec. HELEN KNIGHT, Corresponding Sec. BETTY PRICE, Treasurer BETTY MCLEAN,Ci1Ui7'7llG7l of Social Activities Math Club 86 IF YOU hear crashes and bangs in the auditorium, it's not the atomic bomb-it's the Highland Players putting up its shaky scenery. Constant rehearsing and hard manual labor under the direction of Miss Boney has made this one of the most active groups on the campus. LINDA LEWIS, President JANE CAUDELL, Vice President MARGARET WATT, Secy.-Treas. ffggffilana' Players K lnfemaffbnal Relarfbns dab 4 ,, -+-...i . ix ji: 'ly "" ' ' 5: I 1 3211. T - , V V , T 4- " lp L thug' 'El' I4 if vt? A in fl Au 4 - i A . ,. U52 ' ,"n r 4 R .., f'1 - in 84 TQ, ,- THE I.R.C. is an organization whose members are interested in world affairs. The aim is to keep alive this interest and train the members to understand present conditions in order to adjust to the world of tomorrow. EVALYN WADDEL1. President LILLIAN SNEED Vice President JANET SIVIITH Secretary-Treasurer FLORA RIGGAN Club Reporter, Custodian of Scrapbook Miss CAROL ROBERTSON Faculty Adviser Home Economlks flub "WITH songs in their hearts," these music students meet to further appreciate and discuss the works of such famous com- posers as Bach, Beethoven, and Mendelsohn, With the motto, K'lVIusic-the universal language of man." the club has tried to create appreciation for good music among the students of F.M.C. OFFICERS XNINIFRI-fIlBEIASLkI'1',PITSIKICIII FAITH CAN'l'RI'Il.L, Vice Prcxidcnt Frmwrics N.-xssir, Swy.ATrvas. S12 Ceclbh Musik Klub WITH the homes of to- morrow in view, this group is particularly in- terested in the daily problems of homelife. Many happy hours are spent by these girls at the "Practice House" where they enjoy social enter- tainment throughout the year. OFFICERS ELOISI? LANE Preszdent IDA RAY VANN Vice President JEAN MCCASKILL Sew'eta1'y-Treasurer HELEN RUSSELL Custodia n Scrapbook l as THE DAY STUDENTS, envied by us all because of their free- dom. have formed this club. It meets almost every day at the soda shop. This is probably F.lXl,C.'s most active club. GAY YVATSON President Day Students Klub is ,ff mi fE ' , , qi'-75 5 l' ' Q, ig .......---f""" I' - '1 ' 'l ll! 52 EQ E J si , mw- fel -E' 0 "ell , Commerckll Club MEMBERS OF the Commercial c l a s s e s and those taking com- mercial subjects are eligible for member- ship in this club. An- nual Christmas parties and "chicken frys" are the highlights of the club's activities. At monthly m e e t i n g s guest speakers give the members many helpful hints. Each department at F.lVI.C, receives a great deal of help from these girls. Our thanks go to the Commercial De- partment for service cheerfully rendered. .L...4 -1 JOYCE lXIFKISSIC'K Prvsitlcnt lXI.ix'fs1E Mirhsn Vice Prcszclvizz Jo ANNE ELLIUT S0f'Vr'f11 V111 11 url TV4'!lSlll 1 89 l f ,p55' I I f FHIWH lag filly!! Y 'I O 1 SNK I S24 I a L- Q 533. -- '-J 'ESI ' , .gg .. fi? ' :jf ', an . .kk-lg" ': 'Q . , . - I "3 ,,,g. -v ..x .-.. ..Iv .-. , rv-.. , ,--1-':.:7,. '. . -CN . Q 1 fi" "6'1?ls like, fo . .Q 4 J., 1 v- 4 .wr ni , a-?' nn x .s., --ss s ,x 14.7 f Play" 5 -PFA , 4 . if 'U"' 2 E L I- 1 P4 ' A wg . N4-r 'L J?- , .Wg s .' 9- sq.. Tillinghast. NANCY LEDBETTER, Presidem IQATHLEEN EPPS. Vice President BLANDY DUNBAR, Secretary EMIIIYN lVIOULDIN, Treasurer ANN YELVINGTON. Salesman HELEN CROWELL, Head of Bowling BETTY NICNEELY, Head of Table Tennis HELEN KNIGIIT. Head of Tennis DOT FIELDS. Head of Hockey JUDITH POWERS, Head of Hiking LII: CIIAPPELL, Head of Archery JASAMINE ROHANNA. Head of Baslfetball. Jo PIERCE, Head of Volley Ball MISS ETHEL BATEIWAN. Faculty Adviser HARRIET AMIS College Cheerleader MARY SUE TILLINGI-IAST Class of '48 CLAIRE WILLIAMS Class of '50 Others not elected Monogram Club "HE REQUIREMENTS for meinbersliip in the lllmwgiuiii Cluh ie int xl incline accoinplishinents in athletics. high scliulustic recurci. guncl xpuitx nianship Hood health. twenty points in the college pnint system in ndcd foi leaderihip in student activities. This is an honorary club with nu niect ing to attend and no dues to pay. Ella Mae Drinkard Doris Bain Dot Fields Edna Mac Rainey Harriet Wilson Jean Newton Harriet Amis MEMBERS Bunny McLean Jane Hobbs Marion Fisler Nancy' Ledbctter Jasainine Rohanna Linda Lewis Kathleen Epps Back row: Audrey Korncgay, Edna McRainey, Irene Barcien, Jane Hobbs, Doris Leggette, Linda Lewis. Marion Fisler, Front: Gracie Hardin. Mary Tillinghast, Ella Drinkard, Helen Turner, Harriet Amis. Sembf Hockey Team Jumbr Hockey Team 94 M, ,r,,-.,. Sophomore Hockey Team J- 1 Margaret Smith, Dot Williams, Louise Davis, Judy Powers, Jo Pearce, Betty McLean. Dot Allred. Ruth McCall. Mary Alice Parks, Ann Yelvington. Mary Lewis, Nancy Walker, Margaret Powell Freshman Hockey 7 eam Bertha Howard, Zelma Grantham, Pat Harris, Pete Hubble, 95 Emilyn Mauldin Dovie Davis Dot Harvell Jasmine Rohanna Nancy Bishop Flora Riggan Dot Fields Doris Bain Nancy Ledbelter Eva Mac Beam N N phd, .lumbr Basketball Sembr Basketball Ruby Wood Helen Turner Bunny McLean Harriet Wilson Daphne Goodman Lela Huntley Margaret Collier Jane Hobbs Harriet Amis 96 Soplzomore Basketball Mary Gregory Louise Davis Lois Kinlaw Helen Tillinghast Ann Yelvington Priscilla Webster Margaret Smith Ruth McCall Blandy Dunbar fresaman Basketball 97 Jean Holms Sue Hunt Jackie Quick Lois Jackson Margaret Elliot Jeanewood Dorsey Llewellyn Fields Marilyn Golden Betty Poore Elsie Smith. Captain Phyllis Dyer Jeanine Taylor Nell Lawrence Bert Kelly Jeanne McDonald Hannah Price Eva Bell Kornegay Mary Lewis Nancey Walker fenmk' In the autumn and spring, the tennis courts at F.M.C. are crowded with enthusiastic players. All of us cannot be champions but this does not keep us from trying. Mary Alice Parks won the cham- pionship this year. Archery Archery is always one of the most popular sports at F.M,C. Of course rnost of us spend our time chasing arrows. Nancy Ledbetter Clara Koonts Elizabeth Chappell Myra Maness Mary Gregory Marie Wilson 14 flzleflb KATHLEEN EPPS, Senior Basketball FLORA RIGGAN. Junior Basketball ANN YELVINGTON. Sophomore Basketball ELSIE SIVIITH. Freshman Basketball DOT FIELDS. Junior Hockey BLANDY DUNBAR, Sophomore Hockey C'apra1hs Standing, left to right: Smith Yelvington Seated: Fields. Epps, Rigfzan. Drinkarcl Dunbar, 99 '- 90 qw., 1948 irianz Wa fsozz ..EwJL'1zJa fiewis VERSATHJTY CAPABHJTY 50PfRlv47lVf.S' ,Io 79158411 aaa iiem, fu BEAUTY PERSONALITY gflzabeflz 5111111012 FRIENDLINESS Superlafzlfes Q Gflmze Cgfefvizzqfozz SPORTSMANSHIP MAY DAY at flora Macdonald ,ggmzces Gfrneffe IVIAY QUEEN IK A , ! . I I PM P I N nr' X kg M147 D147 "A pretty girl is like a melody." When we see fairies, jesters, beautiful ladies of court. and a lovely queen, we begin to think We live in fairy-land. The traditional May Day at Flora Macdonald is a day anticipated by all. for this is a day dedicated to beauty and to Spring. SUE ADDOR 'Maid of Honor 5 eu..- 1 .f l ll gd Mhefeen Hundred Forty-fgffrr Betty Jo McMillan, Rebecca Bacon. Marian Allred. Gurline Pace. Clara Koonts Frances Arnette, Queen Sue Acldor, M:-nd of Honor, Joyce McK1ssick, Mary Evelyn McLeod, Mary Gregory. Betty Hedgepeth. Marion Hamilton 4 x A s ' l '47 gk , A: -ah I -'EEZ' , -A ,. 107 . l X 5 Q I ull N . Y Day By Day "Lazy Country Side.' '...' 'Smiling Throughf '...k 'Swinging on a Star." . . . "Bicycle Built for Two." . . "Sweet and Lovelyf '...' 'Side by Side' '...' 'Harmonyf '...' 'After the Ball is Over' '...' 'On the Sunny Side of the Street." . "Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen." . . "lVleniories.' '...' 'We Three." . . . "Hey - Baba - Re - Bopf '...' 'Friend- shipf '...' 'Till We Meet Again." . , . "O Lady Be Good' ',..' 'Miss You." . , "Who.' '.,,A 'My Hero." . . . "F0udin' and Figlitin '." . . . "I'll B0 Around' '...' 'Put That Ring On My Finger' '...' 'I'm Forever Blow- ing Bubbles' '...' 'Love Letters." . OC 1 V! sf -Jf, 5 . P K if K 'Nu LZ . 1 Q? ' 13,--Q 14 Day By Day "Everybody Has a Laughing Place . . . "You Call It Madness." . . . "Be ty." , . "Sun of Your Smile." . . "Let it Snow.' '...' 'Saturday night IS the Loneliest Night In the Week." . . 'These Foolish Things.' '..,' 'There's is a Song In The Air.' '...' 'Doing What Comes Naturallyf '...' 'You Are Everywhere." . . "It Isn't Any Trouble Just To S-M-I-L-Ef '...' 'Scatter Brain." . . . "ll 260 P.M.' '...' 'Sleepy Time Gal." . . . "Three Blind Mice." . . . "Our College Friendship Is the Finest," . . . "I'll Dance at Your Wedding." . . . "Lady of Soon." . . Side." . . "My Task. Rithmetic 'My How the Garden." . . . "How . UA Little on the Lonely . "Rugged But Right." . . . " . . . HReading, Ritin', and " . . . "My Bonnie." . . . The Time Goes By," . 'Wi' 1 3 I mfg' N "v r' fx' 11 5 v x .Af ELORA MACDO ALD COLLEGE Red Springs, N. C. A SENIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN -V- Neur Fayetteville. .Soutlzern Pines and Pilzelzzrrst. Delightful climate. healthful mineral springs unrl reniarkable health recorrl. Bus and Railway connections. :I .Slzzrzrlarzl Senior Grade fl College for Wonzen. Strong faculty. Crafluates accepted for graduate work by leading universities. Class A tcacher's certificates. Honlelike atmosphere. Personal attention to stuflents hy teachers. Courses offered: Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Music. Bachelor of Science LHOIIIG Econoniicsl degrees. A Secre- tarial Course. nlffzlellfcs. Skillful physical flirector antl couch has general supervision ol' sports and physical training. Archery. haskethull. hockey. swim- ming. tennis. hiking. etc., are enjoyerl in season. Social XlC'fl'l7l'fl6S. Receptions. teas. and many other social functions are provirlefl at the college. while niany hospitable and clelightlul homes of the citizens of Red Springs are open to the students. Ufrle Patronage. Patronizefl at present by ten states. Four thousand Lllllllllli-16 are teachers. church secretaries. rlietitians. home rlemonstra- tion agents. sociul workers. niissionztries. and in many other useful professions. 'V Moderate Charges -:- For Catalogue Write Henry C. Befliilger. President Flora Macdonald College : Red Springs, North Carolina T OWN SEN ITS PHARMACY WHERE THE COLLEGE GIRLS MEET DEPENDABLE DRLGGISTS RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA BELK-HENSDALE COMPANY Remember You Always Save at Belles Red Springs. North Carolina MCNEILLS APPROVED SERVICE Cleaners and Tallors Red Spr ings, North C I ' C Phunk' 2 III Com plim ents of MCKEITHAN HARDWARE Red Springs, North Carolina McNeiII's Taxi PHONE 3921 Red Springs, North Carolina Compliments of Kennedy's Jewelry and Gift Shop FINE WATCH REPAIRING Red Springs, North Carolina Compliments of MACKS, 5-I0-250 STORES Red Springs, North Carolina Cornpliments of Huggins Shoe Shop Red Springs. North Carolina RED SPRINGS FLORIST "Flowers are loves sweetest Ialzgluzgeu MHS. R. B. M1'CRACKffN PHONE S1691 lied Springs. North Carolina BURROUGH'S CUT RATE STORE Phone 4271 Red Springm North Carolina lIOME FURNITURE C0.. Inc. Furniture : Carpets Stoves I Ranges 1 Radios lied Springs, North Cillhiillkl ANNE CREENES Permanent Wave Shop i' We Serve You to Serve Again 'k Red Springs, N. C. Compliments of RED SPRINGS CAFE Red Springs, N. C. Complimenls of MOORES DEPARTMENT STORE PHONE 45 1 -6 and B. C. MOORE AND SONS, INC. PHONE 339-1 "Buy from Moore and Save More" RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Pontiac Studebaker G R A H A M S Illternational H31'N'GStG1' Department Store, Inc. Sales and Service 'A' phones SINCLETON AND 308-1 257-1 MCMILLAN. INC. wk l Phone 3971 Red Springs' North Carolina Red Springs. North Carolina Red Springs Supply Company, Inc. GENERAL MERCHANTS The Friendly Store 'lr Fertilizers and Cotton Livestock Grocery Hardware Market Building Material if DIAL 3701 RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA NEIGHBORS SHOE STORE Red Springs' Exclusive Shoe Store Phone 3981 Red Springs. N. C. Gold Medal Fertilizers Liberty Premium Fertilizers Modern Gin System Modern Seed Cleaning Equipment 'A' LIBERTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Red Springs, North Carolina LENOlR'S JEWEL SHOP Quality ,Iewelers Refl Springs. N. C. Allen 6 McLean, Inc. 'A' Lumber : Building Material Phnnliing and Heating i' Phone 2386 Red Springs. North Carolina D. M. MCMILLAN "Ford Products Since 1912" Red Springs, North Carolina ODOM AND SONS FRESH NIEATS Ifaxttx' UICOKIERIES - CO1 Nrm Pitonu r Red Springs. North Carolina RED SPRINGS IMPLEMENT CO. .Xlli--Chalniers Dealera Hotpoint Eleetrit-al Appliances Red Springs. North Carolina E. ll. ALEXANDER . . . Cotton . . . Red Springs. North Carolina Conzplinzents of BAXLEY-JOHNSON CH EVROLET CO., INC. Red Springs, North Carolina SARAMAC FURNITURE STORE Phone 4381 Red Springf, North Carolina General Auto Soles, Inc. OLDSMOBILE and G.M.C. TRUCKS Full Line of Parts : Expert Nlechanies RIQII SPRINCS. NORTH C-XROLIN.-X Phone 2381 M. 81 S. MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS Sales and Service Rl-QD SPRINGS. NORTH C.-XROLIN,-X Phone 248-I Iflien better Automobiles are built BUICK will build them 'lr COMMUNITY MOTOR CO. Plume 1099 I,l1111Iwr'tm1, North Cumlimt Compliments of BELKJTENSDALE CO. RAEFORD. N. C. RIVERSIDE THEATRE 'The Home of Better Pictures Lumljerlun. North Carolina Complinzents of STAR CAFE I.,llIIIIJt'1'IUll, Nortll Carolina BLAC KWOO DS ASSOCIATE A. C. Stn-pllensoll, Owner Phone 3851 RED SPRINGS. NOIITII CAROLINA Compliments of WESTERN AUTO STORE 'A' RED SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA You lT'il1 Be Pleased II"itl1 Our Quality aml Service 'lr RED SPRINGS DRUG STORE l'ler1rlquarters for Flora lIltlC'!l0lItIlfl Girls 'A' Red Springs, North Carolina MODERN FURNITURE COMPANY LUMBERTON NORTH CAROLINA Where You Enjow Shoppmg A WEINSTEIN 6' SONS LUMBERTON FLORAL CO Flmmrs 11r 411 01111 11111s 1 IH III 11111111111 111 l'l0NEY DET' S005 Sli0P II 111 1 ll Il IIEIDGPETH PHARDIACY 6 L 1111e1t111 X 1lI L 1 I1111 C omplznzenta 11 SHAW FURNITURE COMPANY N IIIJHIIJII N ll C NORMENT MOTOR C0 f'N 4 Im S11 es P' SPFIIFP L 11111-11 II N 1lI1 COIIIIIIIIIIPIIIS 11 BELK HENSDALE COMPANY LUMBERTON NORTH CAROLINA LllIllIN'l'IlIII, X111'II1 lI111'11I11111 1 IJIIIIIIP ILO L11 I1- ' 4111. N1114lI1 LliIl'!lIIIIiI C1 ' 1' .Q nf " ' ' ' i' ' , 1 , ' PIII! ef IIIIT L11 If-'11 . NIIIAIII C111'11I11111 T100 RfJgISIFI'PIl Druggists L111'1'ai11P H111 I B11iIcIi11g ' ' V l- j' llI'1,.vl1'1Sa1'l1'g WAPA SWIIIIILI .qI.I't'f'I Lll I '1 . fm' 1 7111111111111 'A' QM . I " I TI1e1e'saEi7y0'I'I " fy Q. Q ll I '11 . .vlI' CLIIUIIIILI Lumberton Optical Co. fl I3 North Elm Street Ltnnhf-rton, North Carolina High Qlnlfily' PI'l'SCTilIfi0I1 SPFIAIEFP Visit Ravlass Department Store Lnmhvrton, North Carolina 'A' Complete Stocks of 5111311 RPucly'-to-Wear Conzplilnfvzls of POLLY ANN DRESS Sll0P LIMBERTON. NORTH CAROLINA Conzplinzents of SANITARY CAFE l,t'ytBERTOx. xotrrn tiAHot.1xA THE ROBESON IAN ESTABLISHEIJ 1370 Robeson C'uunfy's Lemfing .Ye'1rspf1pel' Puhlishvrl Daily lfxcepl Saturday and Sunday hy THE RUHESONIAN. INC. Lumberton. North Carolina CKIIIIIJHIIIPIIIS of THE JEWEL SHOP Lumberton. North Carolina CVUIIIIIHIIIPIUS of LUMBEBTUN BAKERY l.lWlHER'I'ON. NORTH lIAROl,ItNA McDUFFlE FURNITURE CO., Inc. "lfl1'sfor1lw fifllllf' IVf'I1fll'Pl1M Dvhtlltl lfourt HOUSE l.l NIBICRTOX. NORTH tlAIiOI,IXA Conzplinzents of HOOD MOTORS, INC. Your DODGE - PLYMOUTH Dealer 'A' Lnmlwrton. North Carolina Phone 21 Compliments of S. F. CALDWELL 81 CO. 'A' "The Complete Harllware Store" 'A' Lumberton. North Carolina BELK HENSDALE LO lou Aluays Sale At Belle s Fax ettes llle North Carolma In :lun nl BENDER 9 DRUG STURI' ul Dru I awttmlllv Xflllll Lu Dllll FLORA MACDONALD BEAUTY BOX Il Tl d Y H1 51111011 P uz 411Tvpe 0 Pvrnzrznwnts f onzplznwnt 0 HENEBRY 5 SON e P Hx FXXFTTLXIIIP XUIUH CXRHIINX HOTEL PRINCE CHARLES Fawetteulle North Carolma I f"l llillllill I I Fav ettev llle 'N orth Carolina SINCE 1912 THE Fayetteville Fawbtteulle North Carolml ffu l ' f' .x nf ' A y 1 v w E Rf' ,Q riff' Zlbl Hay Flrwvl ' . 111' L i' f . s U -itv of Hu 1 Nl'Cf1OIllllfi,4 Fav ettvvillv Hu :- ., ff". 'Ss' A 4' 5 f S DIAL 52410 I-wuyfette-x'ill4-. X, C. 'I' ,Y ' , x f " 'I . . 7 ' Rvgixler rf! uvlerx. ,'llI1l'!'Ivl,'U71 Gnu Smflwlj l ll! av Strm'-I It n 'I' , . Y' R L' . ' f . O F I f5 1 . M. M. SMITH M. M. SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY STORAGE WAREHOUSE BONDED ak FIREPROOF WAREHOUSES FURNITURE 'A' FOR EVERY HOME Local and Long Distance ffholesale and Retail Hauling 'A' 'A' 325 Hay Street Phone 2194 FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE GIRLS! Shop at SEARS ROEBUCK A N D C 0 . Fayetteville, North Cu l'cb Iinzl 'A' PIIUIIH 6171 -ICZII Huy Slrcwl Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. if Fayetteville. North C1ll'0lill1l Compliments of ROGERS AND RREECE FUNERAL HOME i' 123 Bow Street Ifayettvville. North Calmliml 'A' Phone 2191 anrl 2192 f,'nl1zf1lil11f'l1I.s nf f.lNNON'S Sll0E STORE .Slmm for flu' IZQIIIIFI' I'-IIIIIIII llfn Han Fln-vt I-'XXI-1'I"ISI-IX ll.l.lf. NHRIH 4fXlHJl.lXX FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO SUPPLIES NILIXIIIII. Ninth Ilarulina CITIIIIIIIVIIIVIZLS of llc-GIRT'S PLLBIBING and ELECTRICAL SERVICE NICIXIUII. North Cdlhlilld It 'Inu Live Ill THLIIIIRTLINIPVII Nrrlh Lamlllld. It's the USE FAYETTEVILLE OBSERYER M E R , T A 'Wurllz Czlrufirlrlla 01111251 Nr-f14spr1lw1"' Fur CIIIIIPIFIG XEWS COVERAGE Compliments of XIAXTOX SLPPLY CO. uxxwx, NORTH cj,-xrw1,1N.-x BREAD and CAKES AMERICAX BAKERIES COMPANIES Fayetteville. North Carolina . Com plim ents of Fayetteville Wholesale Company Featuring Fresh Fruits and Vegetables PHONE 2131 FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA City Optical Company Wilmington 1 Fayetteville : Greensboro 301 Hay Street Plione 7179 Fayetteville. Nortli Carolina Courtesy of l. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Fayetteville. North Carolina The C S Rooster Pm' IIIVIH ri l'fSI'l 111111 yozfll he n lmosler for ffm! ll'lIllll?fflll lzfrfl. 1110 C S Hoosier: lux! follow him In your 011011101 Slore Wliere Sllfllllilillg-N II jar. and tour zlullnr lm COLONIAL STORES lrieorporatetl SGIVIQE' Tlddlllfl LOIHPHIIY., Im xl 1 rtl CONIPLETL LINP HONIIH PLRNISHINCS PIIIIPO 1 ld Cdl RHQIIO and Rullo Ne PllllC0 and IXPIXIIIZIIOI' Refrigerator Tho Wa her and Ironer DUO THERWI UND ALLEN OIL HEATER Many' Ollie' EIPlfl'lCIll Mipplmnce CASH OR TERMb PHONE 763 M AXTON COTTON CO Compl ments o F COTTON MERCHANTS :XXI A MODERN LAURINBURC NIILLINC CONIP ANN DEPARTMENT STORE HICH FRXDE INLOLR XND LAURINBURG NORTH CAROLINA WXED WED' ll I' I'I 0 0 N f I 'I ' U I I U ' Max Ol . N0 1 Carolina , , 1 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 -1 1 1 l . J 1 J f l C JE, ' ll " ' ' 5 z ' Q "cc I 1 Y Y' D 1 5 r " s 5 s . U ,r ' ' . ' s 'W T . F' - .... . X , A ,. 4 L . i f lun-urpnmted . , . M' I Ull. North CLil'lllilli:l 1 1 I N 3 f ' if 1lfIlIllftUl'1l1l'f'f,Y uf J .A V rw ,F . Y I . . E 1 La rinlpu g. Nu I1 Carolina 1 5 MARY RICE HAMLET. NORTH CAROLINA 'QWHERE SMART GIRLS MEET7' Conzplinzerzts of SOUTHERN DAIRIES Sealtest Ice Cream Cumpliments of MQLAUCHLIN CO., INC. lIuXlCFlJRIJ. NORTH CAROLINA CASTEVEN'S JEWELRY STORE Pll'fI.YIl1g You . . . Pl1'f1SPs lvs wYA'I'lIHES - DIAMONDS - ALL GIFTS Pllllllff' 12231-W NIAXTON. NORTH CAROLINA BAUCOM APPLIANCE COMPANY RHIJILIDIWI. North flux'-:lima FIIIGIIIAIRE l'lIHDl'lITS MAYI'All XYASIIIQNS EAST WASIIIHIS I'fl,l'fl1'I'HllIAI, SIVPPLIES Small IAIIIIIIHIIVPS. ENS. ljl"1l.l7'I IS UF l"lK.W' llll'UR7'.1Vflf RAEFORD FURNITURE C0. "Hulse f,'u11l11y's Ulzlvst FllI'I1I1llI'lf Sfurffu IIAEFORIJ. NORTH CARULIN -X l.llIlllllllll4'H1N uf C. P. KINLAW ",,Pll'PIPl'u Travel lxm'l1s11f.'c liillllltlllll lfingi T R A I L W A Y S lim-lo1'tl. Ynrlli llilldlllllil HOTEL RAEFORD Safe GIFT A-Xxli A-XXTIQLE SHOP Convenient llaclinrd. Nllliill l,lilI'0llllLl Economical A Cfor11plz'1m'l:Is of DAM'S RESTAU RANT "The Blue Room" QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Charlotte, North Carolina Lumlierlon. Nljflll Cdmlillai RED SPRINGS THEATRE It is the policy of this theatre to provide the best pictures obtainable especially for our Flora Macdonald patrons. PLEASURE BY THE HOUR The pause that rqfresbes -Have a Coke WALLER Sz SMITH PHOTOGRAPHERS C OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1 for 1 THE WHITE HEATHER I i I2 E. Hargett Street Raleigh, N I I L CHARL EENGRAVING co 0 ,Lhwf ZIZXZLLZLK bfqeaffwwko Cha rlottc, Norlh Cc: rolina i . OOO gui X f ff' pfbur place in the World? li UNITED STATES 'OF AMERICA-first among nations in national income! First in production of wheat, corn. cotton, petroleum, coal, and iron! First in commu- nicationsyin motor vehicles per capita-Hrsr in many essentials to good living and prosperity. Ahd directly related to that position of leadership Hs our standard of education-for it has been shown that a country's wealth and welfare rise along with its educational standards. And countries rich in natural resources can be poor um! hcbuuril with- out the benefits of education. aes, the United States is a leader in the field of education too-burfor bow long? Appalling con- ditions prevail today in many of our schools. Many of our most brilliant teachers are working against odds-crowded classrooms, shortages of equipment and textbooks, long hours .,.. Tbourmztlr have left the profession for other work. lou, and every Urrileil Smler citizen, will .ruffef from this situation, because it cannot help affecting our national prosperity before long. WHAT TO DO? Today-make it your business to take these two steps: 1. Check up on educational conditions in your local schoolsg 2. Back up and work with organizations seeking to improve teachers' working and living conditions. For only by keeping our educational standards high can we hold our place in the world -and assure a prosperous future for our children. ' nnwmzns si BRoUcH'roN coMPAN X i 0 Printers : Stationers : Lithographers : Engravers """" Raleigh. North Carolina uqyw R 333.756 F'

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