Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC)

 - Class of 1936

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1936 volume:

..,..' .......' .a.....'gg,.:::..--.Q::.:4.q ' X '--- '-- -'H H A 2 :ir e L - N x ,-1 . il wi fi - I u fi '1 it 1 . 2 l I J V E I I . . ' n I r 2 1 1 4 1 1 ,! I 's 'Pi 1 i MQ i f ,A if ik U 1 , 'Y Mfxig fx! Q , KA.. ffm, Lf! Tk ,, fi ,, " , v - 1 n ,ul If ' Vs- U, V , V ff, 'NIJ , A 1 MPX J f . ' - fl t ,- - ' If T ,, 5373 974- 11 1 iff' 415 1 K ,E pl' 14 , ' . JI "rf u "YY Y f Rf' fx 1 if 4- 1 , 1,5 .:. :Hg JI f ff '13 n 1 ,F A I , A I AV f 2 "5 2 M I 1 ' : - ' ' ,M ,- J .1 iffy W1 4 01" JEAN MCLAURIN Editor MARGARET BRITTON SIKES Business Manager :iQ I t17"n I 19536 A N v wr A hint of green in the spring . . . a flaunt- ing of bright color in the autumn . . . the glitter of icy branches in the pale winter light. . . twigs standing out black against a rosy sunset . . . there is no counting the poses in which they display themselves before us, and we have come to love each one. From the beginning of time, trees have given man inspiration and companionship. Among the subjects of artists and poets, trees have always been the favorites ijust as they are the favorites of many of us who can only admire them in silencel and they have had a prominent place in history, In this volume we are presenting trees as they appear in history ond in literature in an attempt to capture in these pages something of the atmosphere of our campus with its countless trees, under which we have spent many delightful hours. -52 gif oRGANlzATloNs W J' fu LL' . bn . V1 Xa, ' 1 vi., ' - " , - ,fl U"H'23-,gx . 534 5? W Q 1' wx 1 . f' 3 ,fl AJ" gf' X 'gtg' V5 ,' sr 4QihVjf ,igj um THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES ATHLETICS FEATURES To REV. ANGUS R. McQUEEN, D.D. 4 whose great ond umturmg service for The college whose uruderstdmdmg and Scorch delermlmotion whose strength an the lace of dnfflculty, lllse that of the rugged beautiful frees lm the ldrwd of has fathers, hos Inspired The comludemce ond ddmirdllon of us dll, we respectfully deducdre This volume of the White Heather dim THE WILLOW Hsuan Tsung occupied the dragon throne and China was at peace. ln the rich valleys of the Yellow River and the Yangtze-lciang grew rice, barley, and waving corn Even in the farthest province the wine-pennant was flying by the road, a gay sign of happiness and good will Changean, the capitol and the marvel of the day, had never been so gorgeous and so prodigal Besides the great castle of the nine-fold gates, there were thirty-six imperial palaces, whose magnificent towers and pillars of gold rose far above the rest of the city, where the countless homes of the nobles rivalled each other in splendor, There were houses of pleasure without number, whose doors opened by night, offering music, dancing, wine, and lovely women whose faces were like the moon. l-lsuan Tsung was a perfect prince-brave and wise, foremost in knightly ac- complishments, and a lover of the arts l-lis court was brilliant with poets, painters, and pretty women One day in the Spring Garden, the lllustrous Sovereign was delighted with the newly green willows by the Dragon Pond and the hundred-fold notes of the nightingales l.i Po was called and ordered ta capture the beauty of the moment as only his art could do it. Court attendants brought for him a writing brush and the glory of that spring day comes to us in the song he wrote. The east wind blowing, the glass of Yingfchow is green, The spring-sweetness is about the purple palaces and crimson towers The willows on the south of the pond have turned half-green, They grow like delrcate wreaths of mist By the resplendent castle, Their thread-like branches, one hundred feet long, Dangling about the carved and painted pillars, !,..- While high above the sweet birds sing melodiously together-- ,,..f They sing with hearts stirred early by the spring wind, ff-""' Which rolls itself in the blue clouds and dies, 64'-I'-'T :KL . ,,,.. -vw-ng fl. 'W g V I I 11 Y ww The creeping ivy clings against gray towers, The trees are old and wise and very tall, Their shadows lie, like lace, on every wall A mellow clock chimes out the drifting hours, As if to say, "Time slips, while learning flowers- So many feet have echoed through each hall, So many years have gone beyond recall, So many sun-swept days, so many showers." Perhaps these gray stones, robed in ivy, feel That students strolling past are but a dream, Perhaps the bays and girls with youth agleam Are phantomlike and just a bit unreal To the tall trees that, standing calmly by, Draw strength and knowledge from the far-flung sliyl Q 'A.. :' '-gf? . fr I I y n i , 1 I s -s-. N . '-.X Q 1 . -'1' -11 I -1 sb 1 1 l . x x x. CV" 4. 4: 6' . , 3, A . '-' ' J - ,. fm,-. ,' " ' : , -' ,' ,, -5. '- 4. ne " .My y ,NZ X ,,' ' X ' 'V-.P -,-. 1 .f -5- 1 J- . v ,, N' ' il v, ' ' W ' 'n. ' x :NL Y , -'Fx ,. gl. 3 . 1 L',.lY'1. ,, 1 ,V ' .-. 5' 4' ,, 'Q ,Q -xv.. " if yy 0 .,,gQ-2,-A. um ,rj x ,Az f '- 1-., ,Q xg,-If - 4. ' , U 1,,' N, ' 1. " if '?,'.a 1" ' ' . Qs' ' rr- . ve? 3. ,, 1 ' 5,4 -4 '- Q -A. 3'-,,s av, I-L ' YH w .yu QL-. 3 .VFD I ,.- .y . , A - 'h ' . 'El-fy, -, ., f . ' ' 1 . ,av V , ... - 'Y QQ' .. . f., 1 i 'nfs ,. ff g Q V 'Z q , , . q, Q A' ,,.. '1 1 I X " - A wrt-751' . , ' -5.2 .xx 'L "HH 6"-'ve .J9' X 31- fn.. , I- 'fs .N -ugplvf ir' 'J ' :bff.'b5f1r.- , G'-9 4- -""' , ,, lk- -q. .,- - ey' .A I r . -M, Jl""V" 4. -Y .:,. P9 on I g f 'x DR CHARLES GRAVES VARDELL ICJ5 6 lil H ITE H EATHER N Presxderwt Emeritus I 20 l 'Iyf "- g.f ' T +I ffyhif . F ,--,iv ,.,-L--' b?,7gv5?i'n MISS HAZEL MORRISON " ff, ziifllfffg H - - f Y Y ' I 'I Lqligf' P -if' I , 4 .' -5 ' Q MISS MARY JOHNSTON HUGH P. WILLIAMSON 'S.,, ,.' --, f-V' IJIJ TIS I , ' r . . . r I I I I I II I ic, I 'V :bb , 55' ' lj, , fy P3 xml L1 I I FAC U LTY ' MARY LINDA VARDELL, B.A., M.A. 'so I . Professor of Brology ood BocteruoIogy THELMA M. HALL, B.S., M.A. Professor ofCIorhIr1g ond Temles LOIS MCLEAN, B.A. Instrudor no Erwghsh PRINCIE MAPHET Instructor IVI CommerQnoI Subrggfg ELEANOR SAMPLE Lnbroruorr JANE L. RICHARDS, B.A., M.A. Asslstorwr Professor of Erwglnsh EVELYN P. WILLIAMSON Professor of Voice ETHEL BATEMAN, B.A. Professor of Physucol Educotrorr VARDELL MAXWELL, B.A. Imsfrucror III French ANNIE WILLIAMS Secretory To President MARIAN BALL DIQIIIIOII HELEN SCOGGINS Assrsrom III Theory Deportrnerwt of Corwservotory EMILY STRIBLING, B.S., M.S. Professor of Foods ood Norrrtrou GAYNELL SPIVY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fXssIsIorrI Professor of Erughsh ond Huston I-1-I I x bf I I' s A If Q55 1 - -fi' ,, r I-ffl I N Jzieglr I I ' Qgxffi FACULTY Offs: 4, CHRISTINE EWING Professor or Germorw ERN EST GRAHAM Eosrrress Monoger VIRGINIA CONNOR, R.N. Pesroersf Nurse BROWN MORRISON Treosurer ETTIE BROWN Professor of Fremjh LILLIAN FARQUHAR RO Professor of Vrolm LIDA LAW CHAPMAN Professor of Prooo ZOULEAN ANDERSON, B Professor of BrbIe JOSEPHINE BRIDGMAN, B Professor of PI1,srcs MARY McL. CONOLY, B.A., B.S., M.A. Professor of Edocofrorw HARRIET MORRISON, B.A., M.A. Professor of Lofrr: JANE coLsoN GLENN, s.s., G.Ph., M.s Professor of Owerrrrsrr, BESON , B.M. .A., M.A. .A., M.A. ANNIE WEBB, B.A., M.A. Prrdessor of Mofherrrofrgg ELIZABETH FAIN, B.A., M.A. Professor of I-Irsfor, GUSSIE PARKER, B.A., M.A. Professor of Grorrrrrzor Qrgde r'x,IerhQgj5 I'73I TPA F !XCUl,TN HMM Y' Q-.N H -, , THE OAK . The oak had a peculiarly sacred place in the worship of the ancient Britons, and garlands of its leaves were always used in decorating altars and adorning the Druids, A spirit was supposed to inhabit the oak, and, when the tree died down in the winter, ta leave it and go into the mistletoe which grew on the bark, The discovery of this rare plant was the occasion for solemn rites, A feast was prepared under the oak and Druids led to the altar two white bulls whose horns had never been bound. The chief priest, clothed in white garments, ascended the tree, reverently cut the mistletoe with a golden knife, and gathered it into a white cloth The victims were then slain and offered up to their god as a prayer for his favor There in the depths of the forest the Druids would tell the people of the symbolism of the oak, lt was as the great god they worshiped, and the mistletoe was a man, weak and de- pendent upon him for life. There in the stillness and gloom their spirits talked with the deity and they joined with all nature in worshiping their maker. The groves were God's first temples Ere man learned To hew the shaft, and lay the architrave, And spread the roof above them-ere he framed The lofty vault, to gather and roll back The sound of anthems, in the darkling wood, Amid the cool and silence, he knelt down, And offered to the Mightiest solemn thanks And supplication For his simple heart Might not resist the sacred influence Which, from the stilly twilight of the place, And from the grey old trunks that high in heaven Mingled their mossy boughs, and from the sound Of the invisible breath that swayed at once All their green tops, stole over him, and bowed l-lis spirit with the thought of boundless power And inaccessible majesty, , -',f 1, ,- N - kv . ff" ,-"""i- .. .-""'-- ef'- L? ,- XZ 47, . I- , -f FY I I X l F vm , 7 --Y Wh A- M LNI , ,,,+.. 1 4 ,YY --V---X ,M , fV' lQN,-L.'.,w ,.1, .A "V" r 'X l T 1 WA. SENIORS 1 dw, "'bu! wr--LA RUTH ESTELLE AUSBAND. A.B, WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Z. Imx.-:IIN-re 1'--ll.,g.- .uq limi..-x 'Klip Tu-:mxrwr S4-nmr Vlnw, Xxsorvlxlu- I-Idurm'l'm1 um! I'lff,vl!v, S4-nmr Play 'JNL lffw-rlrfm' Iffrfh rw .w fmllfful mul 1-upulrlr. uw lnuxlvll lwr wrfh nur munvrf-Iwwrruw Jw M' .su ,vm-rn' rlml lurulvlr uw lruxlul hr, If-Nh urn Ifrwlul-hrp-Jam-ffum ,wlw n un 1 rf-fllwnl uufhm uml nwlnu wr frrnlml luv' ru ,-.rfmxf-'11 mf, I-law In 11f.,x.N ffflfn nr fl,-fly-'ru'-Jw, ,4.,,,.w mf ,-.mf-..f.v .ff mf rm- .-W .1,-,-,, Hn.: .xf,.,,.ff amz nw H. An H 1' H ' ,dw 11-Ml ,un-fwwl fu uhnlrf-wr hm' I1 frm-I. muff hw SENIORS LUCILE CASHION. A,B, SANFORD. N, C, E. X Im'-N Mvlim- Vullf 4 K K XX fn-ul nm lim! If If-urhl fflff-1 ,-nu.w lrrluw, will: I ':- Ill. IL 'ullmm H:u11r:ul1 lhv Burl:-H ,Xiu hwlm mln l,u.-wh' ,v 1-I1-nf lffmfn I-ww mul rwlly .H M f. VH,-1 ,,,,,,u,1,' H1 ,rmwf nf, WW .M mf ,. 1,-WL, ,.,,.1 ,Mff,,.Hf ,,,.f1.,,W ff WM ,.r.1.Hr ,f .ww ,N .fn fm-11, H1 f,.,,,,f,,,,,..,,, ,,.,f Wm, In .mf fm. rw f,,w1.1 ,f,..1 ww H1 mf ,..-.,,,f-,- mf Ury, 1,.'.-mm' JW ,W-,f, H 1.,,,,. Hffnv, H. ,.,f,,r.f,-,M I :in I 1 f 1' .e1,3z,, , .X 4 , x 1 ' Q 1-'A-, lf i2'4L7qgfI 1 xg ff ', 571, 1,- Cfl'WOLYN MCNEILL. CARLISLE B M BENNETTSVILLE s C Z 3111,-11111 1 11.-1 .' 1111.-11111111111 1I'1I1 s11111I 1 !,,,-Hx, 1 11 -1 ,11.1 111. I-11.1111-11 1111.11.11 -111 , ,,,, X 111, 1 K., 1 ,1,1,,,., 111.. 111111111111 T1.1111 X111.1111111.11. 1.111111 111111 1-1111:1- f11111'fI11'H"- 1 111111-11111-1' Um-11.11 L7 l'r1-111-1,' N1 ,1I1'1I limi'- N1,.1,.1- 11.1.-111 5-1 111' r1r1I1I1I1r VAI1 A 4211111111 121. 11.11111-I11ZI 51.11 111111111 111 l:.1111.. 11,1 111111 1 111. 11.1 1 11. .'1111 14, ,,,,,1, .1,,,,,1,,,1 .,1 .-11,1 111,1. 1111 111, .11 1,-11.1 111111 ,,,,,, ,,,,,1 ,,,,, ,1,,,1 11,,,, 111.-1111.1 .11 1-1111 I1111 11111I .1 ,,,,1,1,,1 1,1111 11.1111 11. 111.1111..1,11.111111 , 41,111 ,11 ,,,,, 11111111111111 1 . 1111111 II. 11 1 1111,11' SENIORS RUTH CASSADY. A B DAVIDSON N C E X I 1-- II11k1' 'I1-- I111xI,..11111lI .Xr1I111-1 1I11I1. F111 N111-I 11 lI1-- H11I111'1 411- 4I'1I I'r.11-1 lI11:11i I.-111I1r m1111111 N111111I 4111I11 74 4I1-- II11-I.-1 XI --11111 9-111 I.111I-1 I'1'1'1r I1.111I I.1 111111 1'1 1:1111 .1 .1.11 11 11.1-.11 -11. -111 .1 11111.111.11 11111 .111 111111111 11111111 .11.11111., .1 ,1111111111. 1, 1 1" II!1111 11 11I.-- 111' -!11 !111.- M111 111 111'f H11 113 . 111 11111111 111111 J 11.1 11,1,11. 111.11 , 11,1 111111 .111 111,111-11 11 11111. ,1,1111111 111111 1111111111 1111.1 1.'11111 1. .11,1111111 111 1111111..1 11,11 1111 111111 1. ' , .1,, 111 11111 1 1111111 111, '.l 1.111 NN fn- , V, ek , E I jig' E , LIDA LAW CHAPMAN. A B RED SPRINGS, N. C. Z. I'I.lu Huvkv-3, 1'I:lM liznkl-Uvzlll 'II.l. S4-4 Suplluullxnlw- v1,,-L, w,n,,,,,, In.,-,,A,,,,, s,,,,-,,,,r,,- s,,.-,,,,,, 1-LN Ilmk,15,I'Inwlim-ku-lI,zn1I'3II, Vw:-I'r--A AIIIII-vw Aww. ,IIIII--ur Iiuurul. Sw .Inmur Flaw, Wlllmm Iiurlvum Nm-nllil, H4-,-wrv thu II1wk,-I Vluw Hulvvlnll "IG II:-,ul ul' H:uk,-IIHIII4 .Itblvin Iifmrfl, Wvlluaum IKurIv':un N411-HIIIII s,,,-,.-,,,, :ww 11,,.k.-,, ,'l,,M le,,X1,,,,u,,,u1 zu. r,. f,, I,,,,, l,,,f,, ,A ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,f,- ,,, rf,. 1,,,, ,.,,,:f,,,,',, 1,1 fu Ilwf rlnlrm frm! Inv! nw rfrrfg ffm' ,nm'mr1.vn,'.w,v ,,,,,l ,,,,,.-.,,,,, ,f,,-.,,f,,,,,,,l. l,, ,.,,-1 1,,,, ,,-nur., 1,,',,,,, .wr,,,.x lu lffrr, lwru mulflffl nu! ul lim! I1 luwh M ,nur mul f,,,r,, nf, ,,.,,,.- ,,,,,1 .w,,,,,,r,, wun ,mr lhf mf ,,,,,' ,,f H, ,fl fm, fm, ,,,,1H,r ,H ,I-lm! 1l,jJf,'nl!,fw nu pm! ,,,,,.,f,,-I ,wf,,, ,A ,, ,1,,r,,,1,n,,H,, ,l,1f,,,,,,f ,,,,-,,,,,,-- fIwmrlu1l ww fmlrulr' um! lnufrlungf um! lfu,wu11 Ihr H, I! EMMA WILLIAMS COLEY. BS PARKTON, N c Z. n,,,,,1,,,,,,,, 1l,,,L..,, 'r,.,,,, ':,:. s,,,.,u u1,-.- 4':,,I, 'zu xl,,,1,,:,,, wma., 1l,,,,,., nc.-.,,,-,,,,,,N vm. tm, s,,,,,,,- 'S' 110.-a.,, '1',-1,,,,, u,.,,,.- lc,-,,,,,,,,,,,. 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A B WILSON, N C E X tvMmw 1p,r,.v1.-U 1'.,M.4.- ,cy 44 .mm.,r Imk,-X, .mmm 1a,.NIwvml1 s.v..,Ar 'al l'r.4wr Hamd I.v.44l,-r MW-:.uv. I-Elma INN, nm! IIN.-fl, XYmVx:um H.4r1v':vm mw.1nvvri4 N 114f nm mnmr I'I,u3 'Hi f,1,,,.f ,m,,,n,,l ,vm-v. 1.1 lllumf fm.. .H,,.,-,1 rn, ,Wi ,,x,,,ff nf fn, mmf. A-mx. ,wr Mm, f.., flu NWI -ly, hw fluff, rw rll. wlffml fu Jlvu IIUIIHWH m nf, mf M, M, MH, .AM 1,,,.,,1,',f,,.f.,1,,.,1.,f,vm wVu.-- sly. hm ff Um. .11 lfu-ww ull IH, W1 ff NIH.-If L. ,,,f.,,,, In., .f,, W ,fm 1. wwf, ,M ,mf fffmv, mln H Jwf i331 ,, ,,....:..-...... .- 7 MIRIAM THOMAS GARRETT, BS. RED sPR1NGs. N. c. E. X. NY1llm111 B11l'1r:1n1 S111-1111611 Nn1'11'1ly Tilt, '34, '35, 'Mig Vluss H:1sk1-111:1ll '33, Ilmln- H1-11x11nl111w Vluh, Vlnss H111-ke-3' T1-:um 'III H111111- IC1-1111011111-1 1'l1111, Flaw 1l1113k11, Vlum linNk1-1111111 'IVY ",1l111111'1"' 11 111111 111 11111.11 1111-.w1111,v 11-1111 111'111l111zJ11l 111111-1-.1 1111- 1111111 11,1 111 1111 1111 11111 111 11111 11111-111. Bv- 1'1111.w 111 !11'1' 1111111, 1111111m1 1'1'1'I11.v11-13 11111111wr, 11111- 11-1111111 111'1w1' .111.v,1111-I 111111 1111111'r111'111'11 111111 11-1111 111 1-11.11-1-1-1' l1'1-.1 11 1111.1-11 11,1 1111111111' 1111w1,1111l1'11 111 11111' 1-111.111 IV11111, 'W111111111' 1.1l11- 1111.1 111-1111 11111.11 11,1111'11p1'1n11-111 1111111111 ".1l1'111111' 1111111I1',-1"1. 1111x1'111.v11, 1l1'I1111'11l, 1-1-f1'1'.c11- 11111111 1'111l11'11i11111 111111 111111111111f111, .-11111 I111.v 11111111 11 111111-r 111 our I11-111-11: 11'l11'1'11 1111 111l11'r 1'11'1111l, SENIORS HELEN L. T. GUERRANT, B.S. CALLAWAY. VA. E. X. 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VX'fj1ml5l.9, VVOQVGITN, N C fW1jVX VVMKUTII ,'!rJlUc'1Uz11, fi 1 'x WM CEDAR OF LEBANON When Solomon began to build a temple tor Jehovah, he sent to l-liram, king ot Tyre, for wood from the forests of Lebanon, and tourscore thousand hewers were sent into the mountains to cut the timber The cedar was not only tamed tor its strength and useful- ness in building, but it was often mentioned in the Bible as being symbolic of power, success, and long life. Its beauty and stateliness can best be described in the words ot the Scriptures "Behold , , , a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature, and his too was among thick boughs The waters made hig great, the deep set htm up on high with her rivers running round about his plants and sent out her little rivers unto all the trees of the field Theretare his height was evalted above all the trees ot the tneld, and his baughs were multuplied, and his branches became lang because of the multitude ot waters, when it sent them forth All the lowls at heaven made their nests in his boughs ,,.. and under his shadow dwelt all great nations The Cedars in the garden at God could not hide him' the tir trees were not Iile his boughs and the chestnut trees were not like his branches, nor any tree in the garden at God was like unto him in his beauty " 64,11- H-,...l- rd-,li nl-,.-1 , -,-,1- ? i I 2 I V Y r P u F V F 1 L PUBLICATIONS N , ,J EH l fX4fgL,N,IP' Ui Lflmgs -frm-flwwgf THE WHITE HEATHER . 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'Q K 'II FLORA MACDONALD CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION IIS' I IIIA ffIIiII.I.'II IIIMIIIWIII EUGUIIIWI fICIU'II'IU5'I AI IIT I IEIIII I- IPI'V'fI.II'ICI IIJiI VII I4 IDVVHIIIQI II IIU IIiIIIII1II, IIIIZIIII-IIA CINIII TI I ,I Ir 'IIIIIIII IIVICIII III:fIiII'5I'f III, ',IiII,IIII IIIII III IIIIIII IIII II-IIIII IIII III Il'II'I IIc'III'Xr'I' III III III , , I III I'IIIIveI'5IIIIoI'I! III QIIIQIIIIV, III II-IIII, III IIIIIII, III IIIIIIII, I IIIIIIIIII7, I I. 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Cabinet Members 'v w ff ' aff' Pfw-:vi i' ,A+ "-x I 1 CITE' Q vi 43 ELIZABETH Md' ETHMA-1, I Clmef lVN0r'5hf3l Urmvm Jduvwwr Mrgmuc Orr, E Q Vw sc Turf-UQG, I Mu VUL! rg, Pew -gr Welle, E Y f -r 'HH' ,VM fwvw ,ug Hrgrmeg F X MARSHALS ,bfqlr XR , J .Lw,.q-,Wg ' 111' 5' L f -'L 1 N 4 N 1 I x I 1 , JN! if ' gf ' x STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD 'ZIV' U3 I EPSILON CHI LITERARY SOCIETY SUE l'lEl?l7llxIG Prcsuderul MXXPY PEPPER WELLS FIVST Vlce Preaudem MARX MORRIS TEPRY Slfliaflcl Vlce Presldellr IVIAPIII CLIFF? l E Pffllrllllvrlq fills-liVL'lrJl'g, Je53le Allan, Sara XXIII!-all lxflarrlam f'l-.llLlrlgw- Frallclfe lilaflfl Margaml Bram, llelerl Bruglw, Helen Bruce, Vlrglma lfILlVll'w, fxrlllli l-Twgf fk.'-, , Marx Lielgluagw, Mxrlle Rand Lllaclg Gladys Eagle, Camlmff Balm, Mar-garlg-I Iilr,'IlWLlllH, llllllllli Bulls CCJSITIOVII Lucille Cashman! 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"Af Vid .JI EPSILON CHI LITERARY SOCIETY I X'II-'GINIJX IILIPNS LIQIVVIY gg IQ-IVIQIII IQ f-SI1VETLJr',' CAIN WHITE Ira-Jayumr X'IIllY.IIIII!X IJIVIX' CIIIIQ JUDY CIQIIT Cerweor Vgrrwnl, IXIIQQIJII'IIjI1l.1'IXII,IQ,I,III III IIIIIIW MI III, III, 'AwIIIIvIXI1IQII114 ,Iw1I1.'xfII1w,I1,,KXIICQ IXIHIQI, LQIIIQIS MGI, ,I IX'IGIIUVII,f IXIQIII3' 'IIIIQI XVIIQIII IXIIIII Ivy, I'-,IJLIIQI IN'IUI'rI'AuI1, Jfjcnmj UQIIIIQ I-QM CIQIIIIQ, XIIIQIIIM Gm, Um PKJII--IINUII, IVIIJI, I.I,II,I P'-JIIWDV, STQIIIJ PorIQr, ,Iulvw PQVILV, H4315-I I'e"r'rx QUVIIII I-fu III II,-:-Igw VIIQIIJ I'IAIIIIIgIx FIIQIVIQIIQI3 PIIIIIIII5 Mom IBVIJCE PL-',IIIf'I', IVILJI'Q1Jl'h'I IZIIQILI IVIIIIX XfI,lI'xI,sI: I'IU'4y I'I,1IH,I IJIJ55 I'IIIIlzg IJIJIIV IEICTF-I, I'ILIIJi5I,III, I-QIIMIIIII3 IUIPIIWIII5 Flflw, f-Igrxv IDM iv+jI',I'., IX'I1Jf'QfJrg-I ITIVIIIQII 20,331 Lfjvwq QIIQWJVII IXIQVI, EIIIIIII1 SITIIII1 EIIIIJIUEIIRI :'IiK,III, Ig,IIII,II.' 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V-.'lIIII1'f:II I'-MII-i'I NVIIIIrww1r'I, MOFI, PQWHQV WI, I I ZETESIAN LITERARY SOCIETY JEAN MQrfALLlS'I'EiQL Presrder rr SARA STEGALL Frrsr Vrce Pri-srderrr MAFY ELIZABETH WI LDMA Srlriorw-j Mme Prcsiderur E L L EN MATH EE-ON I-fccorrlrrrg SeQrr3lur'5, Mrnry Hrelerr Allan, lxlmrcy Arrowoud, Rmb Ausborrcl, Dcrrotlwy Barley, Vera Eerwrrclr, lutlwleeru Eierhurre, Mahal IEE-rlwurrc, Louise Bowrrmrr, Ello Iloy Bradslwer, Mory Brogderw Morgorcr Buclwomorr, Wrllard Buclworrorw, Morgorer Bullocl, Sore Show Ccrllolworw, Alma Ccmrrbell, Sorel C0r1r'ror'r, Cello Corovvorr, Corolyru Corlrsle, Lido Low Clworrmorr, Emma Culrgy, Mqrgflrel Cool, Lrllron Camper, Arrme Flullw Cope, Julro CLA, Corolrmir Vvrurwrwl, Dol Darrrels, Betsy Dmrs, Sallie Fr-arrrlw Drglyrs, Amp Dlmmofil, lsrm Dollqlrup, Arrme Du Bose, lrlrilvljl Easrorlmg, Poulrrre Ellrs, Mory Frdull, Mary Pow Flemrrwg, llullr Ford, Dororhy Grundy, Lrgrurse Gorrerr, Jorwo GrLrLvs, Mrldred Grersrwe, Pullw Grmornl frcro Lee Grrlfrrr, Vrrgurrrc Grrllrllw, Amy Gvvollrwey, Rehrecfio Horrrll, Pegg- Hurry More Helms, Mrury Alrce Helms, Lrllre Horreycurt, Mary Huey, Qlrcr JQCQLI2, Grlwrrr ,lrglllersorr Joscrrlwrrrc Jerrlrrrs, Bryrnrr Jrglwrrsorr, Arrrm Elr:GLmr3ll1 ls.g-arms., Amrrre lrJLlr1r Ixffrgrru, lc-Qrr lirgrr, HL-Ifrr krrlgrmlrrcl, Emo liuspr, Elrzulwetlw lilgrrr, Marrurrr I-Qelllrrg, Berllm Lelrrmurr, Elsre Lewis, Eleurrrsrr Lrvrrrg, LLILIILL' Lrgrrg, Cutlngrurrbr Lxrrilw, Flrgro Morgdgrrrcld, lone IVlC1ClSlrrr'rLrrr,lVlOry MGCILIOX, lcrrrrlf' lVlQrrrrlr1g, CGIIWIJI HIC' IVICHTHI I r r Ellen MQtIwwsQrr, JL-ssre Morlwsorr, Dousy lilelle Maullsby, .reurr MoCA.IlrstQr, ,lr4r3rrr'rcttf- Mlrjflllrjlwrjrrr, Slim Elrjqljrfrllw lXA4jCc'urr'r'ulCl- Mory Frrlllfjrls lVIClj1JHlP'l, IVIIJVHNII LW, MC- Covyrr, Mrnry Mcllorrrcl ., F r , w . -- sq .I X ara. - +2 I I I r l if ,LH ,V I ,, 1 I' 'I Iv Iflfaj ZETESIAN LITERARY SOCIETY KI-IxI5'G"II3ET FUCHP N -III Qgrrq-gg ,wdmg Qegrefnr' ELEA T ICP POE -H33 uri r IIILETQ I-IPI' PAID' ICI. 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Home XQIVQIVJIJ wcres Pegg, Zefvbmch 'iz I3 ,f ,Jar ,pn 'mu mu Le 'I WILLIAM BARTRAM SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY - dx MATT IE I'I'I!WI-' STUART VVILSON I9re5IdQnT ,AI I IE I'F'II11lgII'J Vlcc PII,-bnjwi 5IJLICIL.II',' Josmc XXIII-II J0SepIwII3 Hmigfgrzmrm Morgorct HIn,IwrmvI Udo CIIClI,JI'III1II LIIIIQVI Cocwmr' BIIIIC Gcmmom Edvth McL0urm leon MCLOUHH OLIOI Memus Smoh F0513 P+3Iur',orI IEILLIL I,I!XIxfIIxfIOII I rI,uL,I,Im:' 'MJIIII' IJ! IIILJI 'II !XAUfQIJI'6Y'I F'rrIrImI-I Mmmg Plmrr Uwrl I'IIi7I,JI"'wIfIII Mum VWIQQII I-Twy. IVICIVQOVQI Ei SIIQ5 PQUIIMG SIOOH Mary Emmc Srmih Marx' Lou fwmfh XIXIVVJIIIIIJ Qnv,tI1 IIIgur'm,1 5I,1LIIIwgVIuvU IC UTI-J 11943 M1'1r'jc,Irr1g HIIILJIIIIIQ Mrldlrid Tl'IUIIIl,IN ,fXrur'IIsi' PCIFI -II10l'w'IgfXQrI Mum' Lwmdo Vordfgll AIWVIIC VVGDD Mcrv pP?I'II'ICV WQIIS MQW EIr:QbCTI'1 WIIdrmrw SIILIUVI VVII1-on lIJ I -11 Kiggwxx CL, SAIL --X ' w a, ' f ,. --, COMMERCIAL CLUB I ,..-..- C- F'-4 'F ni frv fi 3 gif' 1" F A L "" 'ln A.. '. F 'IIC' ali W GEORGIA CLUB VIRGINIA CLUB r 1 , .f +R wwf-Y N. 1 IIOQI K E , N 1 C , 1 L L, , 'r M P Y , I i P I v 5 I 103 1 'A 5 s 3 1 1 1 'TTS 'Pig SOUTH CAROLINA CLUB K p. .,,e . . . Q T F9 .N -A . , 1 FLORIDA CLUB DAY STUDENT ORGANIZATION rcmru Qrwd I-I'vLf3'SLlV'rQ'V HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT M" I-'I U,Iff'IIILTI'I X-'VII DMXIII, Pm -,MII-III, IIELEII Gl-IEF'F'!XIwIT, Vnjfg P'rcE,lder'w1, Jlffa PIIILLIPQ, Qui1w.fim,, MILDIJED ODVIIIGTON, Treusurcr MAF I' MCI IEILL, Prwmljfjvxff PONIIIE WPIGI-IT, Vwce Preandem, EEA PQBESON, r F, I 1. :If K' , Kiki ,I v , V Q WIP 1 I If '4 , -I X! X1 w .xi lr,,Sil WW 'H H011 " . CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC HUGH P. WILLIAMSON Denim b M, 013511111 Cormcrwutfgnrg, 01 Musmfi, 191721, CO1L111'11D1G L1r11vf:r51t1,'! 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"On the banks of the storm-gored ridges are our black battalions massed, We surge in a host to the sullen coast, and we sing in the ocean's blast, From empire ot sea to empire of snow we grip our empire fast. "Wind of the East, Wind of the West, wandering to and fro, Chant your songs in our topmost boughs, that the sons ot men may know The peerless pine was the first to came and the pine will be the last to gal "We pillar the halls at perfumed gloom, we plume where the eagles soar, The Northwrnd swoops from the brooding Pale, and our ancients crash and roar, But where one tolls from the crumbling walls shoots up a hardy score. "We spring from the gloom of the canyon's womb, in the valley's lap we lie, From the white foam-fringe, where the breakers cringe to the peaks that touch the sky, We climb, and we peer in the crag-lacked mere that gleams like a golden eye. "Gain to the verge ofthe hog-back ridge where the vision ranges tree, Pines and pines and the shadow of pines as for as the eye can see, A steadfast legion at stalwart knights in dominant empery, "Sun, moon and stars give answer, shall we not staunchly stand, " Even as naw, forever, wards of the wilder strand, Sentinels at the stillness, lords of the last lone land?" WLUULJLMM . ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Wt A L I I 'VII' P55 P Illll , J. .. iid HEADS OF SPORTS MARY CURFTVE MXXPGXXPET PPITCHXXRD Terwmi Hocley El IQNELETH VWNLUXCF Dfw' Cmnt? AY'l'fAIC'VE' Hui nag LVDXX CH!XP'lXAN'l CUXDY5 SMH H Hlfliy l'!i,H1H I33ms,wbQlV -f 'L Y' W ifllgzr' I f -1 I Z.: QE J'. V, - , x W-Jim' '53F'w'1 1 Y' " f fr 34. 1 X Qian. 1-gl' . swim x, N. . Q 4 S k IIIAGI I I 'Rf' 'N 1 X .- . - , .Jn 5, 4 'L F:-" 'i .5 72' x rf ' ' 22 xy . '13, 3 IV V ' -' +ff'. -gif, CHEER LEADERS L -1 Luz: V C ---,- 1 fi" 1' CXQLE THE 1 SENIOR HOCKEY f+TlJ!NP'T WILSON COLJYONVI Thu 5-evwgur huffier. worry bdded hx such rirumdrmdrrrg pldyers QS Stuart Wrlsoh, 0490! fXfh3rmvu3, Sdrdh P056 pr2fQVSOVW, and Lldd Ldvx Chdrrmdh, pm up d courogeous hgh? for tha fjhdn'r'rg,rrQrr5hryr ru The tourrrdmeht and dlmogr Come our vrcrorlous They wow over rhg Sdrrhorrrorfgg wh Q dgdru-fought QGIUEV GNU, Though The freshmen put up Q good hght, the :errrgrrs rrrdverj mo much for thfyrrr hx acoruhq dnorher vrcrory The reorrr woe esgrefjrdllg slnllhrl :rr l,1GS5WOl'h dvd Smart Q'-,Qe!IQd urn drrbblmg the boi! from 'juni f-hd Q? rhrj rwld TQ thrg othQr fwhough lhwfx hdd dIH'ICLJ,Tf,' IH gcriurmg Ndxcri, Ihim hrndlh rrrrjwdrrrjed Q gQf,wd'hQI'mhQ Trqdrrr n" xc 1 -fgzflgji ,A 53 f 1' , xbvm' 5 WLT V .V lusl raw? gl . mi W . i 4 5 5 4 1 I K 1 r r I! 1 I 1 A .-,1 ,- ,"N , KT-. Q H wi? . ,5 4. A X1 A ,r x hill ,K ,, , x G? - -W, x ' f ,112 1 V ' .,::2',1 f:"' 11191 P 1 Q . '11 'Hx ff A .- LJIE, , lLlQ - ' 'Uv jipgrwzyujv- jr HWS f'GV,? Fwjfwjif ',1Ur'w3v1w3'vw? JEEEVXEX 'Iwi-ur' fqm'Pf'1 'fm' tlwx' :wJ ui Q1 Q N,-: 'rj' fgu' Q-Jmwj -ivd mir- ffimjugh lwgrd WCG Qmj QVC-:JT 51 HV Pig F.j.beaQrw V ,1,if QM 1, -idfefwf C'jl'T'jUT 43' Thi fi-Gm' gw'.jfw':g Hemel? dlL,M3vw3Mi GE. 'AQNI Gb Q good , 30 ir' fx- gim guf3r4j's pxjmgmwj-r1 Vxiedi Q iqillh-QOUQU f'-Yfjmerj fjrvj Pfgffwbjerw Erff,Tl,1WF' fqr'fjw', MNQ41 We bu!! fue Herrwgy Pmfimjrd ljflfj SQINX, Nlwgljrw fjmliwg-d Emi I Qsgofj MH fhf xwvwifw HG'.+if'2 thi-z me Qvwj ring :mm qouldrh Imac mm mrbfim them JUNIOR HOCKEY bE"-W P'OE:'EfNCH Ckjjffjm 1 1, ,f 'J E25 pf? X' .,, A Sflff ' V L, 51431- A x SOPHOMORE HOCKEY PAT CQMHS Coprom Tho Srilplmgmmmfa fg1f:v13MQ1g,f1.'fj thu yur from -J Wwwely CO1Q1I'IjVVVQ1TClj frcshmavw tmm TO Q eplfirwdd, f:oo1vur0MvQ we winch Mod leomcd to worl hard and To hgh? mgefher A5 thc rgsulr of Wear wmmverwwevmtf they succeeded uw wnr'nrw'1g 0 percemfoge of them' gumfge., md were fmmd tv, the uppercI0s,smem because of them defernwmotuom to Wm v.'H'3m Tlmiw fjfimfj Pm Combg, Effme Crcmg Poghel Herrmg, and Eleanor Sugg were among The mmf omstondmg of the Moyers QQXX Xqxus I 120 1 -7 x Masf af the fresaawevw began the fwoclcx ewaasaw wth thi dfeadxawa Q af never Q haxmg Waxed before Despvfe rims Ivaadwcagm the pracmcd aaa :crrfwv'vaQ'5d aa were wwflmg begnmmerg Eg the mme af the raarmmem, the: had a team whmch played together amasaalix wc!! The-A. farmghed leer! gg-mwgrm,a far the mhz feamg, although they laded The e-pemevwie af the upporclasgmea. FRESHMAN HOCKEY "KL CCE GQPDCH GEEPIE fHf3p'axr'w A-iq 11 Pell V 1 SENIOR BASKETBALL CXXROLYN CARLISLE Cgptum Thr' bermqv' hgblffibgll tcgm hgd some lnmsugfly good players Thma 51311: BCCQUBC ,uf Thor four ya-gm of Mggmg together, they vvem ghle to poss, shoot, ghd guard WCW Thug vclemh Mum bhuwcd Q agvfwdmd cooperoruvc spurut throughout the 5005011 If MH lgcl-Gd gm gm- mil pu-rsoru who cuukj gct The Trp-off, but thc hloycrs rcfuscd iw gllow 1hm5 to Lug-p Ihcm down, Lf' X ,.! . 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N'WHV4,'Y', und thc olhejr Moms h1JrQ1 0 hord Twmc Qcftmg QOGNS Whllc G -xU,fhuvhu1fg Wu'-, vhufjluuwwg their forwmrds v,f,.-f an ? Li' il f Y 33 1' , , .rin it L -7 'weak :MW x C AV' - 'X 2 v, 1 .-- Mrhgugh The freehmew or fwfr hgfwd yr dffhquh 'J QrgQ'.:e xwh brjrh r x plgfrg mglgr Q? rherh had had e-pfmehge rm hgh swghugd Qmj QM-gr grgjhgvfxq r j working rogefher Q few weel 5 the, mad-e up Q spierwjvfj fecw Ffms::'g 'Q if wi upper-:Icssmem wQ!L mf wmh GH the Qrhlehc hgwhgrg mg. V3.5-1 Fgfd Tp X prQhw'mehT Mme mr Therhgef-,es uw The fgurvwrherxr FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ss V.,-L43 X. np .Uk Q I 1"ul ,Q , I , I v .V e. 'V K x ff' K' '45-r 'iv rg I If X ' Lu., 'ir uw if-1 11 fe ,L Q Miz. Jr. f-Q., I K P V7-,x TENNIS We are rookrrrg forward 10 the rehrrrs roLrrrrorrrer'rr ihrs srrrrrrg, whrch wr!! declde rhe chomproms or The court Verercm r,-layers cmd begrrrrrers have heerr corrsrehrly usihg the courts, procirrcrhg therr serves, hoc!-,hehds ond forward drrves. Thrs ih- teresr promises I-eerrer Comrirerrrroh Thorr there has heerr ur 0 lorrg trrrre Heres to The Helen Wrllses or Flora Macdorroldf 1215 wma? rr W V., V, ,r M- sy 4469 -.hqx .Q. is-fr V r p , -rush f, y, fun ARCHERY x 4 11281 L SILVER BIRCH The loveliness of the silver birch is almost breathtaking in each of its varying moods Whether its curving stern is standing alone on the gentle slope ofa river bank, or starts like a long white ghost from the gloom of a forest at twilight, whether in winter it appears a solitary cloud with its silver stem and trailing grey bracken, or in early spring begins to dress its bare branches with fluttering green leaves, it is always a poem of grace and beauty. Through far uneven vista the tall, lean White birches listen in the autumn lull, Ensilvering the mountainside, the dull Elusive depth of wandering ravine, And crevice shadowy with threads of green, On roads twilit with their own wonderful Pale light, while old Monadnock, visible From every turn, lifts regally between The farthest edges of their brushy heights Where, now and then, pulsating amber lights Glint farewell touches to the cool, soft gray Of woody distances and winding way, Thrilled with the stillness and the dark-eyed smile Of serried birches mile on slipping mile 1.0.-.-,+ , -1 7-1 . 1 Milf NNW, 4 X., f 1 . ..:v1,, ,l., .,, ' if vs? 1- lvl 1'51': r 371 .5 ,f:','f!f!!3'.:4:"k! I A ' . iffy gli'-' 'ga ' H . Nw . .ff if ' . U. . , Az: 'LBYN ... -.- -Q. - . Wa 4, 'ii' -. TC: L. 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Nnrlh Varulina Lf V- THI1l'I urn?Nx'I'lNF,x1'I'lwx GR,XHAXN1CUNIP XXY "Wl1f'1'v Flylwi .md Qualily Uulliw I'riu' IQ I'3ll!1lll3'lX prvu-I In Inu-' dxnmg xl- ll:-nhl Ilw l'll'ld Nla 1--:ml-1 hurl- .an-I Fdvxxllx LXTPQST STYLES HP IlE,XrUX XHLY I ' 'IxIl,l'.ll -l Hung-. X, l,. LSTAHDIED 859 . . 'WHERE ECONOMY RULES' bu IU Hlllll' X. S P. STORE Fur fmt' fund Yalue: Ill 'rf Llllllllllllll' - f, .V IHNl1Ut H1-ll fllflllg-. X. L. Q LIBERTY xIdI1llfklt'Il1l'illg Cu. IIHXII-, Nl Xlbl-Q FERT!! Ifl I' 4 IVIHI4 FX MINXI I'h--nr I3-I Hr-I fprin:-. X, K.. Z.,- Dt'll'f'1-1711.9 rmrf R4'f1'esl1ir1g Dia' COCA-COLA ROTTLING COMPANY Fay Ptlvvillv. N. C. FERTILIZER and FERTILIZER MATERIALS W. B. ROBESON Rf-11 Springw. N. C. Ilnllrplirrwllls uf Sancllin 81 CO.. Inc. Yvllolvsalef Grocer I"ay4'll0vill0. N. If. Collins' Dept. Stores I'IPaturf' Gund Quality, Correct Slylvs, Attrmftive Prices Lunrlwrtem. North Carulina Wlritn-xillef. Nnrth llamlina IIIIEJIIINVKIITI. N-nrlh Carolina I,2:llll'lY1I!lllA,Q. Nnrllr Carolina Alullini. Snulll ffarnlina ffl' I mfe'rlm1 Ur' I l1rlvr.u'll EFIRIYS DEPARTMENT STORE l'l.lyvll:'xillr'. N. C. BELK-HENSDALE COM PAN Y DEPARTMENT STORE ilmrgratlnlatv- tlw XVIIITE HEATHER Staff Aml 'lxakvx 'l'l1ix fll1IHiI'IlIl1Ily In Tlla TIIP Flura Nlavnlfrnalfl Girlz For TllF'Il' patronage' I'BIPlI4'Ylllt', N. I.. Lumlmerlnn. N. II. You Will Be Plvased With Our QI'.XI.ITY and SERN ICH RED SPRINGS DRUG COMPANY llvmlqurzrlvri jrvr Florrz Jlacrlvliald Girls RED SPRINGS. NORTH LAROLINA Buatwright Chevrolet Co. Rml Fprillgn I.. Chas. S. F. Huggins Iflfwtric Sli--P Rffpairiii Rwl Spring-. X. I.. II. NI. NIFNIIIILIII "l"un1 Prwiluti Sinn' l'lI.'M RP-I Spring-. X. 1. Hoorl Motors. Inv. THE 1:0005 PL.-:CE I unilif-rl'-n N. 4.. Ifairnnini D. Tliuins S Co.. Rharlw Xlill Dixi-if-n NOVELTY DRESS FABRICS Refi Springi N. L.. Inc' , x, Jr .2 ,yi -'I ls Your Son Ready for College? II" Yfll' BEI.lIiYIi that the gap lwtween high school and unixerz-ity or senior college i- too great for all save the most mature sturlent4 II" YOU DIQSIRIC that your son have a rlefinite continuation of his Christian liome atmosphere intn hier higher ecluealion life-or IF YOI' Flflfl, that a twn-year prartical cultural college course with cliploina prepara- tory for business or vollege is desirable- FIND 0l'T what the Synod of North Carolina has provirlefl for you, in an ideal rlimate lforty miles south of Pinehurstl, housed in moflern liuilrlingb, mannerl Ivy univeraity-trained Christian male teachers. administered by men with synipathy for youth, offering eflucatirin at low cost is-- THE PRESBYTERIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE for MEN Maxton. North Carolina THE REYEREND P. CARY ADAMS, President Hammond Grocery Company WHOLESALE GROCI-QRS Distriliutori of CAMEL FLOUII Phonf- 30 l,aurinlmr,f1. N Hugh McAllister ZINSCRANCIII Lumherlon. N. C. HPfIgIJ6Il1IS Pharmacr. Inc The Service Slorc Phone 425 I,umlierton. N. lj. lloinpliinentf Ironi The Capitol Department Store Fayetteville, N. ti. We Invite Your Patronage fivl7VVIl7llIll1!'Ill,i Perkins Cleaning :intl Dye Works 11312 Maxwell Street Phono 135 felvelrt' of Distinrliort Hen ' SOIX J IWII-IRI Fayetteville, N. C. 4 TOWNSENWS PHARMACY WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF THE COLLEGE GIRLS NEEDS I Meet Your Friends at Our Fountain DEPENDABLE DRLGGISTS LET US SERVE YOL' RED SPRINGS. N. C. A Corrliul Welvorne f.4u'a1'Is You al A I . , . . .. . . - Jy BANK OF RED bPR1NG:- F 51W A'1a1'S'h? K acu ty and bludent: at y Eflabliihed 1900 X Y V G A W B. C. MOORE AND LAPIT.-XLSlX!l?05L RPLLD A Where Quality Tells ana' 1 Price Sells You Will Find Them Here . H1 COMPANY Pfiff' L-I0 COA A RCIAL PRiNFI-ERS The friend of lhe day , f and Quality Q T STA NXERS The companion of years T D. T. LAMBETH, anager YOL-R HEADQUARTERS Q LLNIBERTON. X. C. i Y P i l I i I I l M IVIaxt0n W Oil and Fertilizer LOMPLIMI-:NTS OF Company Inc' FERTILIZER AND SOUTHERN FRUIT COTTONSEED PRODUCTS ' Maxi-in. N. C, SIIVION'S Lalesl Fashions for CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA Ill? 561150113 LUMBERTON. N. C. The CUFOIIIIIUIS Largest Pfzotogruplzic Studio SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH. N. C. Ufficfaf Pllotugrapflers THE WHITE HEATHER I 5 w r K V W V F w L I I 1 I Y a l 131,113 193' f 3 HIGHSNIITH HGSPIT,-XL. Im-. F.n r1T1'Ex 1I,l-r1. N. fi. ARTHLR HqUIIL'I'0N m3A1 f:Nu'1'r1 1 HI-IYI.-X15 GENERAL lvl R+.x1 E 1f1f,,r.,,,.., x,., .1 ,1 HHIJNPRlX1,wN.4, Hrllfr Hr Nuff- wfhfzn ,mlrn Rf- haw' uhal wur I ar lurrrnl- HINIPLETE LINE ,XI 4 EFNIVIHIH4 We fur lu vrzf lzrzf l vrzr fu fur CLVLF SIPER SERVICE Tflrpl 1--,. H 'HUT 4, l.IInr.N1wp Nrfllvt RED .NPRI,Yl,,N, Y, I. I mrzllfffrlzrrzlx nj Sflllllldflf .Serz'1've Stufiwz I'.Hlllf-nl JIM Ilr'pvAn-l.1l:lr- Nvrxivf' Hl1IlNl'HlNl,N.X, 1, lnnzplinzuzls ul CUTUIIDIIII Trucl: um! Trailer Com jlllll y lhurlnllw. Mfrth Lfzmlimz 1 Ii W f 4 I i 1 5. I I I 1 I l .I DE ilu I - X i4IlIi:iwiillr.x' -bfi e BUILDERS VISIONS created by the imagination precede the achievement of any really great accomplishment. The ability to weave the threads of imagi- nation into the finished fabric is equally important. It has been the privilege of the Enrvnws 81 BROUCHTON COMPANY to co- operate with the stall' in creating their vision into material form. Such cooperation is one of the "visions" which precede the building of a successful business, and is a part of the working policy of the EDWARDS Bi BROUCHTON COMPANY. To those Staffs desiring complete co- operation, we offer unexcelled service. X , V 1 ,Mi , .. .. :ff A X, A X K fr, : 'A 5 ' tiff ,Lad -x. WN' " l - J Y' i ' '. Qui .. , 'D i w x4 .mia tw ,. mn. 7? ffpbf- iff NTL iii'41T NK.. J" w xi, f 1-'K fe ' Q' I M ,QV -ssl . Aa' r 1 wg! You, l00. may be proud of your annual. Correspondence is Invited EDWARDS S BROUGHTON CO. RAL!-HGH, Noam CAROLINA 'w ,Mtg i pf- ! NLNA .1 -sy, ',ff-'hp i s I f We wuh to ocltnovvtedge the Lnudnees of the follow- rng Ill otlowlng Us to use the poems gjrrrnted Ill thus boot Horse ond I-toptuns, "The Prnesf' Robert W Servrcc, D fXptirIeton-Century Co, "Forest Hymn," Vkfttlront Cnt- Ien Fryent, E P Dutton ond Co, "The WorL5 of Ll Po, Oboto! The Order ot the Boottellows, "New Englond Brrchesf' Genessee Rrchordson, Good Houseteeorng, Hfonwpusf' Morgoret Song5ter rr .Q ,.,- g '.,,, . 1- 1 ,N . 'u 1' 332.754 F A i 5 1 li, F 1 ' 1 I l I ai ,, .A

Suggestions in the Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) collection:

Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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