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-f-Hvifw r I WH ITE HEATH ER 1935 M Copyright JAN E STAI N BACK Editor-in-Chief HAZEL HARDISON Business Manager QL X wane Hffvrmaf X t Pblhdb ' The St d B dy ' of FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE Red Springs, N. C. I 9 3 5 ds- 1.2.24 Xlf .DE.DIC.i"I'l'N it To MISS HAZEL MORRISON Because of ner ready helpfulness and slncere encouragement, Because of her loyalty to duty, and to the advancement of the best interests of our college, thus volume of the "White l-leather" ns respectfully dedlcated Ky In Q MISS HAZEL MORRISON S 2 ' 'AVF Rudyard Kipling once said thot there were five magic lines of poetry in the English language, and that three of these were to be found in Coleridge's "Kubla Khan," Though many people think the exotic im- agery employed by Coleridge in this poem was evidence of a purpose-less activity of his unconscious, others prefer to see a meaning in his symbolism. In this volume of the "White l-leather," we have presented an interpretation of "Kublo Khan," based on the John Vassos' edition of the poem. xlf '-'fi-:ff Ji xIf CONTE N THE COLLEGE THE CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES 'I' 5 fi KUBLA KHAN ln Xanadu did Kuhla Khan A statcly lJlt'ilSllI't'-d0IllC dccrccl lVhcrc Alph. the sacred rivcr, ran Through Caverns mcasurclcss to man Down to a sunless sea. So twicc tivc miles of fertile ground lVith walls and towers were girdlcd round: And hcrc wcrc gardens hright with siuuous rills, YVhcrc blossomed many an inccnsc-hcaring trcc, And hcrc wcrc forests aucicnt as the hills, Hnfolding sunny spots of grccncry. But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slantcd Down the gfrcvn hill athwart a ccdaru Covcrl A savagc place! as holy and enchanted As c-'cr hcncath a waning moon was hauntcd By woman wailing for her dcmon-lover! And from this chasm. with ccasclcss turmoil seething. As if this carth in fast thick pants were hreatlling. A mighty fountain momently was forccd. Amid whose- swift half-intcrmittcd hurst Hugc fragments vaulted like rchoundiug hail. Or cllatfy grain hcncath the thrcshf-r's Hail: And 'mid thcsc dancing rocks at oncc and cvcr It Hung up momcntly thc sacrcd river. Fin- milcs mounds-ring with a mazy motion Through wood and dale the sacrcd rivcr ran. 'l'hcn rcachcd the caverns mcasurclcss to man. And sank in tumult to a lift-lt-ss occan: And 'mid thc tumult Kuhla hcard from far Ancestral voice-s propllcsyiugr war! Thr- shadow of thc domc of pl:-asurc lfloatcd midway on the wavf-sg YVlu'rc was hr-ard thc iningle-d mcasurc lfrom thc fountain and thc cavcs. It was a miraclc of rarc dcvicc. ' A sunny pleasure--clonlc with cavcs of if-cl A damscl with a dulcimcr ln a vision oncc l saw: lt was an Ahyssinian maid, And on hcr dulcimcr she playcd. Singing of Blount Ahora. Could l rcvivc within mc lla-r symphony and song. To such a dccp dclight 'twould win mc. That with music loud and long. l would huild that domc in air. That sunny dome'-I thosc can-s of in-cl And all who hc-ard should scc tlu-in the-rc. And all should cry. B4-war:-Y llc-warc! Ilis Ha-.liing cycs. his floating hairl tvs-avc a circlc round him tliricc. And closc your cycs with holy drcad. For hc on honcy dcw hath fcd. And drunk the milk of Paradiso. 1 PQLLE CSE XA lXd Among the last lines that Coleridge read before he fell into the sleep in which these images come to him, were the following: "ln Xomdu did Cublai Can build o stately palace." These ex- pressions, which lingered in his unconscious, find utterance in the first verses of the poem. Kubla Khan is man-perhaps abstractly used to mean the human race, or more specifically, Coleridge himself. Xanadu, with all its un- fathomed mystery, represents the dwelling place of Kubla's soul-with the "stately pleasure dome" as his dimly seen vision of infinity. I gi . T. Ji- , . L -lj',- . r xiv . .Af -, Q ff-1" T" ,444 , . b, . ,-.L+ , - ' "' , 625 f 'lg 21 ""i3"F r, 3 sl-:?"a'-- 'f 1 1. k" A ' , .f s.EIr.5'2?'l""3?'1 -7' 1:. f?:f'.'-' APHA If . . A Q " ? A 'J ' 'J' 15 5 2 . ll f., .., V ' 'L ff: ,,jQ-42 A .-.QQ f ,A 'w.-fi? A , ,jk fix- .-- J,?'!.ti::: ' If ' ' 9 :.n-.. 4 A --1, qw-1"'A',: , 1 ' - ' 4"Kig, -I wr " "xv ' Q11 .'v is ,-,f.. X. Eff!!! W . A ,- . -xxigqi'-f ,' X. kzxxu, 'Wi Felix. :- SX .. ,r' s f N, . :' .-" P 1' , 1. '- w 15.11 '--, U-- . ' 1 . W, 1 I +--R" Y -- rlfguw 'S 1 W V. x 1 fn wi 1 Q .- ',. if' Q1 - ,. . Je. ,- -"'w. PQI: 4, if ' gpg " Iii. . Us H, , s, 'nf' 'l'. ' P' , 4 .z y 1 . , " X . - 4, 5-.. . . .. 1, -1. f- '1 I H'-44 '?'.. .nn . VS. ,. Q: ' 'NHL' V I ,. 1 1 4,1 , 4. . 1 ie' ' - I .x f .yi K I 'gds . 'Il ', , X. L, ,V " E . - 1 v Zn A. ! . A V . - A I. 1. '.",' h x. Ag S M '. . ,G Q VX' W- .. , , ng, f- G Lg "v -r 1" C 1' ' .V '- -":-f. s ' x-riff'-li - ...-li.-5' ' 51 -B., . -,- -in' ' s , . my .K ..:xfl x'X 1. -A, 16,5 I' Q., ,s Zn, 1 U T41-.'f.' 1 A -..4.,, V sh! , ..u.- j, 1 L n 'All' 1 Iii, . . , 1 ' 1 i i 4 ,-4.. . 1 ' p". ' ' - in ' --il. n-Xa 'A ' . , , -ft. . x Q. 9, . I --,.. ' 'nj " 1'-T' . ' " 0 A . . ff --fy , , ,hr ...lu lv .L....... ...Apu .- 14- -. , ...wr -...A Illllll' if . -455' A Lififi JY- 9 A LJ '?2'.", v T 'P . T'-3-' . is 1,5 3 3 1' 3 9 I fi by 2'-' -1-ffm E? 3' if N r F 'lm MHQCJQQP' X K5.i55E:A::p fx - , ' ya I K W -Maur -N 27' s wif. II I 2':1hLQf' .Fx-Rf,-L -- 5 1 gg. ' ' . , . , , x 1..-.- I-T1 -.5 .- I -- 1 - Af- -,-.4 - ,-Cf!3'-Y, 5--.-, 'TXIII I4,I. I-AL 5 . ,I 3 , I, 4" .I" - --L ""-12 I - a '-- - -.A.,,, --.L' a :-'.i',w,,1b 9 - MY -iff-.T '- 21'-QVATQ Fx. Z3 l' - ' .302 V " " ' il -1 254W--." A , Q' I.. V . Ll'-'.4:x:'A5av', J +-- -,s1mf1a.I,, 5 A - 1-f - gi- 1 z ,I.l.I.,I,,, II SEI AI, IIII , .. ' -5.i?::'fl'. -it : ' tL""7'5'i -Lf?" 1 ' V 11: ,J -. 1 5 'Q , " .1 is v i . - 'Wu ' -s " -7 ' I ' - I, E!-A Iwi -, '15, gzzgll '-- -- ,Irr ' I2,I I . U -' af- I 1:5 .I-r, ' - ff: LI. 1.3 'ig -QQ I J .- '-7' - , N-P ' ' I I i. "' ii ' 1' ', '3'iTA.. F" -"fi 1' - -. ,Ye-' ,x ' 5- I Ig, xl, 161- .L-9, II 'I . 5, -. - f Ykj-Ny - .II cl- . I QP". I I If:-Q.IIIItI A, ' I.: 1, I girr' L, if - , ' :.fv"'!f15xL "Za - 42 -'Y -S' I. ,Q I ., .. :mx I I, - - I - , IQ - I I A , II.. . I I Q.u.k.! Q :Q . 3-, ' X yigcvg' px Q, 4 ' " K , -. ' yn ' 34, - .III I I I Iv. - - - ..!LII., . I .Ibg ,II I 42, 1' -5- A 'qw 1 . K ' -- .- W-. 41 ,N, 1,4 .IIII II I .. , rx. 5, II , I LI, ...I ,, .4 ' ---..4'ItQ" 1' '- 4 .. af". ,- . . '- H ' '-?"2+-1,1 ' ,. -'.. ., . ,. ' . 1 , -"0 1 -.- W ' wx. - f - ,, . "5 G. y f I I I Ig.I Q I -,III h ., I I , 1 III'-' , I If, 5.1 4 ,1' PQ-I II , I 3 '. ,' ' f -Z! If , in ' - -4 Ll ' ' 4 ,4..y- , 5 ' 1 1 f' ' " 'A . W - " 2- . -- ' ' , ' V ' Hg- -v' . 'In x "if" 4 " " f -.... H' . , ' ' , I' I ,,L.I m,.,,II ,J Q IA ,II 1 lil , - -7, IIII 'I- . , Ij '54 Id, ' I II I ' ' Y ' ' ' .' ' ' , -V ., ig-- , .' , '--.IA , - yy 1 I X ,, I . I s. . IIs I .1 ' I I, I I ,Q---g "'P"f5rU1 ' ' sf' - '1 Rl" '- C1 , - I ' ' , - ' 9915- -'5 . f". '. , ' f' . K ' ' . 7-'Tv'z.ifji: - 'Ht f- - ' :4 '- . . ,I . - I .4 3 I '- ,' af ' . I , - f I f,IhIIm .I I ' I r 1. OJ IY' 'air s' 'K , :. 'b Q. -' 4" . 'gf' Q . , ' '-. W A I Ag! V ,X ' . g xx - ' -z' - ., C. 'F""'9w '- ' rg If , I ' x ,' ' nl'- j 1 1 AI I In ' il ' ' I L, fi 'W ll lwl-IITE HE ATH Twenly tw DR. CHARLES Glmvms XXARDELL Presidfnl Emeritus 0 I 9 l WH ITE HEATHER gir- I . 4,,-Vffyf , -' ' K J , ' ' 'f , Yrx r f ' ss Ihxrtx, Blumumx Ilrau nf Favzzlllq 3 5 N11 3I,XllY.IUllXS'I'0X llrrlll uf Hvr 1, A, In lk n ly-Ihrn 0 ITE HEATHER qvx '1 L sr X - ,', .QM -sf X . th. I NIAHY LINDA X'AlllJl-ILL, B.A.. BLA I'ruj'r's.vnr nf Biology and Iiactrriolugy T111-:I.x1A M. I'IALL,1i.S.. BLA. I I rnfrmvur uf' Vlrlllzilzy 112111 Tf'fIil1'.s Lois BICIJ-IAN, B.A. lnxlruvlnr in l'fngIi.vh PRINCIE xIAl'IIl-IT 1ll.YfIll'fU7' in f'0lVlII1l'l'f'iHI Sill!-il'l'!X HAM' JOHN, B.A.. BLA. Prnfffxxur of Grammar lirmlz' Jlffhflll-Y 151.1-mxcmlr. SAMPLE Lilmrarimz NI.'klHiAllIC'l' M. flNlih'l', BS.. BLA. I'rnf'1'.v.vur uf Fmulx llllll Xnlrifiun l':'l'lllCI, KI-7sTI,l-:R Divlifian .MNH I.. Iilclmuns, B.A.. M..-X. ,l.v.vi.x'!nrlI I,l'!lfl'.Y.VUI' nf Pfnglixlz I':'l'IIl-11. B,x'l'm1,xN, B.A. l'rr:f1'.x'.vnr uf 1,h.If.Vi!'lll Iflllll'llfilHl XAHlJHl,I, MAXWI-:I,l,, ILA. lI1.N'ff1ll'fIIl' in I"fl'Ill'l1 ANN11-1 YVlL1.lAMs Srvrrlary fn P7'l'XiI1l'Ilf I.u,x.1,xx FAIIQVIIAII Rumesox Profvxsnr uf lviulin WHITE HEATHER i'IIIIIs'I'IxI: I'1ll'INH Pruff'.v.vur of fiI'rIIInII HIINI-:s'I' fIllAIlARl HllSillI'.Y.V Jlarznyrr XHIRGINIA CIINNIIII, R.N. 1fl'.ViIlI'Ilf .Yurxr linowx NIIIIIIIIMIN I . I rI'11.I'urI'r ETTII-I Bnowx Profrxxflr nf I'vfl'IIl'lI BI-:.x1'IIIcI-: MCH. BI'I.I.m'Ic Editor of Illllllffill LID.-X LAW C'IIAI'xIAN, B.M. IJl'0f-f'-YXU7' of Piano ZOI'LI-:AN ANDI-:IIsoN, B.A.. M..-X Prllfrxxor uf Hihlf- KATIII-:IIINI-: I,AC'K I-:Y PIlllliL'if.ll f'llfI'l'X1IUl1I1l'I1' NI.-XRY MCI.. C'nxn1.x' B..-X.. 13.5- BI..-X. I,l'lIff'NNllf of l'f1lI1r1Ifiu1I HAIIIIIIZT MOIIIIISIIN, B..-X.. M. PflI4f.l'.S'N!lT uf Lalin JANI-: Consox CILENN B.S.. G.PlI.. BLS. PfUlf't'SSllf uf f'hl'7lli.Yf7'.If H1111 P11-Ifxilw .ANNIE XVI-:I3B, ILA.. M..-X, Prnfezvxur of .Tl1Ifh1'nInIiv.v HLIZAIII-:TII FAIN, B.A., M..-X Prufr'.v.vur nf Ifixivry A. 7'Ti'I IIIIII-ffl ITE HEAT lv-J 011, l'lm1v1f:ssnxcf I "" I-' CLAJ 5 :S X Where Alph . . . Where Alph, the sacred river, ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to o sunless sea. S .' N ff ..2""x- ' It is thought that Coleridge fashioned the name Alph from that of Alpheus, the legendary river of antiquity, that sank beneath the earth to an underground sea, and rose again in a famous fountain. In "Bartram's TraveIs," he had read vivid accounts of lovely gardens in which was eternal Spring, and descriptions of mighty foun- tains which hurled themselves forth from the depths of the earth. The sacred river, Alph, represents the flowing, rising and sinking of the many experiences and sensations that compose man's existence. This river, running through "cavern's measureless to man"-the unknown recesses of man's soul- rushes "down to a sunless sea," which is oblivion, or death. Man's everyday existence is the "twice five miles of fertile ground" which is enclosed by "walls and towers," his limitations in knowledge and understanding. The loveliness and pleasures of the material world are represented by the "gardens bright with sinuous rills" and "sunny spots of greenery." Now in the second stanza we have a change of thought. Kubla ceases to contemplate earthly pleasures, and lets his mind speculate on the abstract wonder of life. Life is created in "that deep romantic chasm," "a savage place," savage because it is inevitable nd unchangeable, the womb of creation. Demon lover and woman, spirit and matter unite, and "a mighty fountain momently is forced"-life itself. 559110545 .fif R So twice fi I f f I g d With wall d g d 44 4, 11 N u Xxwxkk .gm WHITE HEATHER Senior Class lIl4:1,1cN Hmmm BIVNEILI, Prvsirlvllf Rrm' M1'f'I"rn'IIl-:N VIH' I'r1'.vfr'1'lll ' KA'rm-:leIN11: BLANU Aql'L'I't'fl1I"lf SARAH Ku' Trraxurf-r irllu-l:z'n I--5:9 WHITE HEATHER ,- 'I'1u1I.xxA li. BLIN-. .X.B. Pinvlmrxt. N. ll E X 1111: -Ii4,,L.4 'I'-1m. '1'..1.nf T...m I'u.ZL--II41-L4-5 Tlwm, 'I'-'huh T--.mln 5I,m.m:-r Trim 'I'--,nu 1'4,r1-liwkvg '11-,Aw T,-11.14 'IN-,mul AI,.l1144y T.-4.1.14 'IV-nn, Inv! Yum' I'r41-1414-1.4 lfp-:lun ll.: 1.114-1-.113 s4....u li"l':7II411h--2 Tvullx 'I'wlm- Tummy. FI,4n.n11r 'l'vnm- 'I'f.m1, ILA-X VM-wr 1.41.4-I4-V. Vu-V Xvw- I'V4-nlfm P.1--xl-411 VM: l.1v.41,nx' 54.41.-44 V, M 4 3111414111-,.,.. Slllllkflljl 411' fnhrf.4lIn1f 114111114 hfrzw 114111 ml! .,,. ..1 , . . . lzlms . A114 1.4 41114 nf lim,-'1 jll!'1.4'h'l lm: In lumI.',41u41 :ulnn in 114174 fmrnfl fur, 411.-'1'uZ'4r44l4n1 u11n.41441l i:14liI'i4l1ml. Un: 4-4' 114 hurul :uilh Ihr x44n1r144.4,v nf In 1- 114 llrr r'l41': rm. w',-- , fur Init, 111:41 hr r fY'1n1lr.4..- Ih4 41IIr4rMIt'r 1:4r.vnn .4114 ix. mul 7:11411 u ln Lima' lnr 41.4 41 frlfnvl. '4 fn .w :fx :ur lmzv' nhl In :'4 r :',v4nn4lflvl4. lunln hm' 1nriz'il4 414 .xNXP1KK'FIlP'IKIYl'I Hnxxn, H.Xl4 Ibm- Hill. N.t li X 1'IZJ- 4 Mx- l1.wk44l.,4U 'I'-nu' l1,4..I4,HN 'l'4m1 Iwi? 'l'v..1-ur.-1' 4 Un..-vx,.mu 4 M-x H 14. x 'IUIH1 444 l1uNk4ll4nH 'I'4',nxl1. 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Ll..-X I1..xk.-tlmll, l'.nnlx..n 1'.m1.'v-vm-.' lh-l'A::m- Mu- M--m M:.--lmml-I Vllrmmn .xwmnlvmn umm-I Ivzuulwvl 1'unl'm'wvn:w Il.-lvzauh-l IH.-Null-ut Nlmlvm Ynlum.-wuw, lim-ku-5 YM-qty. Vluw 11:1-I4--ll..1lI xfviifl-'Ima AIMII-mznlfl 1'Inmi.m .XN-wmv:-In 1'..l.iml Imx ul--In tmn'--1-vm l- ll.-M-1.llv l'v-11-nl--uv Sm-lwm Nnlmn--I-1--4 Il-L1-lx.-5' Ln'-ny. llnv lmfk.-zlmll I" XI 4' Mmmuluuln lfrlifrhlr, llllI'Il'h'HI'Lflljl. glrulrfur' "S11r1n.ll." x nugr 1'll111'm'lfr mul u .wlrlrnrlifl ullrhlr xlla' 1 ll lnr. nw' nwmlfl .vu.1f, " lla' lifwxv mms! Il lm fnlx nmxl, llzfulw llu' nnlfffxl, lr'l.v Illf lnwf. irljf juur M.xma.uu-:'r Is.xm:L CI.Auli, AB. Lillclvll. N. C". Z lfliill- 1 'luv llm-lu-x Tw-:um 1sv:::: 1'14.X- ll...-I..-y Tn-ann, Sw-rf-mry Pulrlu-ily' Cir--I.-, Ullllnm l1.u'Irum N4iQ-nliriv Suvlvijl lillll-g1'l:1w Ilnwlu-5 'I':-um. XYIIIINH1 liaxrtruln Svientiiif' Nu--n.-ly, Swuwlzury Miwmnury lfirvlv, Chaplain Zvtv- Ninn l,u--wry sm-1.-15 ltbilifllnrlu-5 Ynlxny. 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V. lirunxu I"llllI.AU' 'l'c:u'llr'y, X. if Ixrzz Fmzxcu Sllt'lll'L'I'. N. Cf BILIJI-1 fiAMNIUN ,:u'r:ns. Minus. Brazil Mun' YVm.Ls fQANDY Flnrvm-v. S. C. H1"rn Um-:Yuen NIIIFIIUIHIIII. X. V. RI"l'lL l":I,I,lS IIALI, Katrina-. Vu. Sm: Ihzlmlxu Huw Hull. N. 1. ANN IIOINH-Ib I1illllt'll. N. V. .....,--. , -.---.. Iwi-:ITE HEAT:-lERf I.n.:.ux Iluxr-:xx-r1'T Clinton. N. if Iinyxx .Imax-ox Qlmtun. X, 1. Ill-'LEX K1-inn Mourvsvillr. N. KI Lovin' Krinl: fllntun. N. K. Ihzrr, KXIlQll'Y Bluxtnn. N. C. Mun' liLlz.xHr:'ru Kxxmrr Kfuxtull. N. QI fQr:nTnr'm' I.ANlXl fzlrtllzlgr, N. Y. .hixxlrz xIAXNlXIQ iglfllfl. V. Xrtu, Muni-:mf.xl1 Pulzukl. Y 41. Ii!-ilH'fKL'8 XII'-it I.IllH'iIlI!ll!'2. N. lf 3 5 'iffy-fi:'r g--7 WHI TEH EATHER -25 in As- 4 'WG gs 'VI ? 'L- me W- Q' l':I,lZAIllC'I'll Mvlilwlrlli I,llIlllll'I't0ll. N. V. hum l',l,lz.xn1c'x'11 xI1'f0lQXlll'li XI:lc1lnll:llrl. N. V. Blues' xIf'IJANIl4II. 'l'JII'lNIl'lb, N. if l'Al'1,INl1: Hcfrmz I.ilu-ulntnm. N, V. l'lI,Iz.x1uf:'1'll NIl'Kl'I'l'II.XN l":ly4-ttvvillv. N. l'. K.vrm-:ulN1-: NI4'I,1-:un I,llIlllll'l'tllll, X. K. Slum' Nluumc NIt'I.AI'IiIlI.IN Rivlnxmnul. Vu. ALINI4: NIl'l'll.H'L Rm-ul Springs. N. C. Blum' li. Bl4'!Jl'lClCN Mullma, 5. C. I,uI'1sl1: Ummm limi Springs. N. if I 9 WHITE H XYIIHQINIA fjllll Rivlxwumi, YV. Vu. OSA l'.x'r'x'1-ilzsox Mum'vsvilln'. N. CI Ci1.Am's I'H.uzs,xI.1, 1'Ilyt'ttl'Ylllt'. N. K. IIAZI'-II. l'Hl:nx' L'ofic'ld, N. l'. 4 I-11.1-:Axon Pow!-1 Sylawzxllgu. Alu. IIAZE1. Pow!-tLL Hnllslmro, N. C. NIAlua.ucl-:T PRITCHARD h:u':nu1:1Iu. Cm. M.ucu.xm:T REID Imxvrll. N . L . Bax Rom-isor: H4-al Springs. N. C NIARY XVILSON Ross Ibiltlllllilili. N icllvlloauull. Mvxiuu w N In rt II X x jwl-:ITE HEAT1-lER Sxrfy-eiyh! IJm:o'rln' SINI9I,lC'I'0N Ra-ml Springs. N. C. l'.u'l,1x1-1 Smux f':llypsu. N. if JAN!-: SNIITII .'xHN'llHll'lt', N. C. Mun' I.UI'ISlC SMITH Hllu-fivlcl. YV. Yu. VIRGINIA Sxlvrll lilm-fivld. YV. Vu. lzl'uxf:x1,x ho1"1'lu:n1,,xxn Xvillllillgtlbll. N. C'. l'1'I'lII-II. 5'rm:nLY SIIHHIRN, H. C. HDNA S'r1f:1-luzxsox Cllmtvrtie-Id. S. C. I,1cN.x S'l'lCNYAIl'I' .Un-lwlm-ll. N. U. NIAIITIN S'l'l'l'lilCY liiwlmpvillv. S, C. r ,,-im, , ,, wl-:ITE HEATHER .,,1.i.,, , , .WH P,l.1.,x LH: 'l'.XYl,llR Ruulluke' Rnpixls. N. C. Hnxx 'l'r:Au.m: 1'.:lj'c'Ifz'Yillx'. N . fy. Mun' Munnn 'l'r:luu' I.l'XlllgtOll. N. C. M.xn.mnu: 'l'lnm.xf 1'lYl'l'gI'l'l'lI. X. if BIlI.IDlU-ID '1'HllRl.Xs Hilfilllll Springs. N. if I,.u'n,x VIVUXILIN fvilhtlblllil. N. C . .Xxxui Run 'I'1mxlP-ux u'Ilih'YiHv'. Q.. Smuzxrz 'l'l'llX.Xhl-f I'1il!'lllYillt'. N11 Klum' l'.I,IZ.Xl!l'f'I'lI lxxux Huunt Gila-sul. N. Cl RVTI1 L'xm:nu'uun .xH!t'Ill1lI'll'. N. C. Si.rl1l'uinf WHITE H EATHE Tin' 'V' 1':LIZAllI'I'I'Il YVA1,1..xc'l1: Sln-llwy, N. C. NIAIKY l'1':l-PHI: XVICLLS xvJlfl'2ll'l'. Te-nn. Klum' YVx11'rl-: Mlmrvsvillv. N. C. .lfxclisuz XVIGHINS lalrlmrn. N . C . C'A'x'11xf:u1xr: YVll,mx Xvillllillgtljll. N. C. I-:fu xl I-r JT31i.':.'.JrlJ1:N I A savage place! as holy and enchanted As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover! WHITE HEATHER Freshmen Class .II'm'rn L'llI'I' 1'r1'.vi1l4'llf l'm'l'lll1IK Axxr: Qrlxm Virw I'rw.viflwnl gp wg 'Y' i. N lv 11111-llufy hum l o1,14:xl,xN Aql'l'l'l'f!1f-If mafxnl-Yr Nluxwmxn IH y'l'l'Il.YI1l't'I' W H I H E IKVTH .XL1-tx.xxm-in Lllllllix, X. lf Mun' Um.:-:N .'XI.I.IfIX Huxmlcwl. N. if YYrLx.1r: Cvl'1'llnu-2 .XN111-:nfux .'xllllUlllJltUX. Yu. S.m.xu ALI.:-:N lhnxxs Kinstun. N. C. Rosmmlxx' BASIN-:lu'l1.r.r: Nlnnrov. N. C. Dnnnnn' 1iliLIi Darlington. h. l. I.1r.r.n-: Mu-: lhzmi Darlington. S. U. Mun' H1.lz.x1xE'r11 B1-21.1. C0nw:lj'. S. C. VI-:lu linmix Br:xN14:'r'r Llttla' Rock. 5. Q. M.xluaAm:'x' II, Bx:'r11r'Nr: Rm-ford. N. C. HMMIE Bum BI..u'1ixx.xN IIIITHIIQUYII. S, V. Ifluxcl-:s Bvxru BLANIJ Pittsboro. N. C'. . ER 488 I? "1"" il 'i 'Q Gig v-I Nv'Z'fIlf,l lzlzc WH ITE HEATHER X11-vlurlf' ' 'wif' fflumz BLVH Chrtlmgv. N. C. Lorlspz YVHITIN: BOWMAN Mnrsllvillr-. N. V. H1-:1,r:N HU-:1,x'N Bnlvr: xXv1lH!ll'l', N. if NI .uw H1.lzAHr:1'x1 Blmum-ix Mt. Olin-. X. C. NI.xlua.xlu:'1' lil'cll.xNAN BICVUH. S. C. HA'r'rm l5r:I.1,1-1 l'AsumN Marston. N. V. LINDA lfxun YV:lll:u'm'. N. if .ln-zxxllc M031-:ll,1. Q1,,uua Ii:n-ford. N. V. Sm: Momma C'1,r:MxcN'rw Nurfll Xvilkvslmro. N. C. .lI'm'ru Kxux Curr Sumlvllllll. Kurs-:L S.m.xl1 FRANVICN f'llI,l-IMAX Rivllwmul. YV. Yu. l,A'l'Rll'lA i'uMns U'ilsun. X. V. WHITE HEATHER .Xxxni Rvru Kumi Rui Springs. N. ll Suu' l'm'xxu'rux Hui Spring-.. N. U. .lI'1.x,x lil-YXRIETTA Cox Xvillllillgtlllh N. C. Hrrn: ILSNIPTOX LQRANH fxtllilltil. Gu. I"x.on.a CONsTANCI-I L-IHHYI. Bzldcll. N. K". X ELL Rosrt 1,311.1-1Y B11-bmw. N. Q. lflcxxmix if I,AXIiY c.llIlll1l'l'Iillld. Vu. l':THI'2l. K',xRuLxx1-: Ihxxr-iz, Pnrktun. X. L. Lrgulx XVlI.llKLXllXA IIAYII-If Augusta. lm, l"1I.IZXl5I+I'l'H Iirrmm Ihvh Palm Harbor, 13111. lilzxriwxxpt 'Wx'AT'r l,AX'IN hlkton. N. C. S.u.1.u: Ifxuzxvlf Ihvxf Kinxtnn. N. lf kb Q- 5 T' fl fl 'Ga A as 'v ag. ufgi X 'VI Ill!! Vll I W ITE HEA-fFgH E I.r'c1Lr: Dru-zhsrzn I,L'liiIld. N. C. SARAH Elmxuzns La CiI'2illQ'l'. N w I',u1,lNE lnr.1.1s Aslan-born, N. AIAHY HPILPIN FA Fairmont. N. IJ NA AIA!-I I'I.lCN Norlinn. N. C RI"I'II FORD Luke Vivw. N. Mun' Lum Fm-:xc Charlotte, N. C BIARGARET l':LlSl- funn N BIt'hilllL', N. K BIAIIGAHPYI' CAns0'v C ish Erwin, N. C, BIA!!!-IL Human Mars Bluff. S. Ou-rhills. N. l':I,IZAHETII Plilill Hur Yvinginu, Vu. I 9 X IRHINIA c1Hll"l"l'l ll K ,W -- .7 , W Yi . ..- . ..,., ,,, TV, lv., , Y A , , 1 .WHITE H EA :I'H ER l"uANu-:s Ihnvrn Cofirld. X. if JANE Ihmcls Spcm-rr. N. V. lhtal-tcm. H.uuu1.x. l'1llvnlmuru. N. ff Racm-:L III-TRRIXG Row Hill. N. C. XANCY IIILL i High Point. X. lf 5 Q Gmsux .hzrrmmnx Xvillhttlll-SSIIVIII. N BETH' Jr-:AN Jnuxfox .'xbt'l"iIl't'lI. N. C, 4? IN:-:z JUHNSON ., XViIluw Springs. N. V. . Q.-5,75 Roz!-:xx-: Junxmx Kirkwood. Mn. B m1-nIc'r: Jouxsox Ruins:-y, N. J, 41 C'L.xR,x Lovlsrz .luxl-:S Hrd Springs. N. C ANNA I':I.IZAl5l-I'l'H KI-:Anxs High Poilli. N. C. .i 1' K S.:-nrfw 5 5 WH ITE HEAT '35- Vx '40 1-Q6 I '11-wfyhl .IRAN HLlz.x1xr1T1l K1-:nn xv!lSlIiIIQQtUll. N. l'. I,uxs PIANNA Kl4Illll xIOUl'l'hYill1'. N. V. lIl41,l-:N KIlllil'.X'I'Iill'li l.Jllll'illlblll'Q, N. l'. Slum HLlz.xm:Tl1 Kwan I,2llll't'llS. S. ff NIIIIIAM Km:LI.lNu l":ly1'ff1'viIlr. N. C. Bl-IHTIIA I,1c1n1AN Kingsport. Tm-lm. Q'r..xnlc'r: Lmvxs l'lilltUll. N. C. ANNIE I,m'mc Loma S:l1lfm'll. N. ff fA'l'Ill-IRIN!-I P. I.Y'I'l'll Iinwlaml. N. C. NIAICY Mumnux Cn'm'l1slmru, N. C. IXKISX' Brzm. xIAUI,'l'SIlY liollvnl. N. l . SIAM' ICI,lz.-xn14:'x'11 Mun YVmulsd:lln'. N. V. l. I 9 HER .'xI.Il'E XVRIUHT 5Il'RI'HY .XXNII-I NIc'I7l.ucmIr .IAXH-I Him-:H MCINNH WHITE HEATH 3I,uua,un:'r NI1L1.f Rn-ml Springs. N. C. KI.uua.uu:'r NION'l'lillHl'fliY Rn-idwille. N. Cf Kxrlll-inlxl-: Sm: Mmmr Ilillull. S. C. Sxxlixhury. N, lf Mamux I.:-21-: Xlffmvx l"lorvm'm'. S. C. .I 1-:A N Nl-:'rTr: XI CCI'Tl'llEN Fl0l't'llC't'. 5. if 5IAlKY I'u.aNr1-fs BICIJAMI-11. Rn-d Springs. N. C. Parktun. N. f'. Rl-d Springx. N. C. , I, ' - - , 4 I.I'lIA NICINNIN Litllm' Rovk. S. C. xIARY I.:-:NA BICKM' Barlmrrmvillr. l"l:1. I.I'l'lLl-1 BICICIIXZIPZ Elliot. S. C. ' 1: .T-.-.li-...T- -llf WH ITE HEATH I I as 1- .eng sg- 1' 18 iylnufz -R 1- vf-v 3 9 S.. Mun' IQLLEN BI1:L.xl'1ux ISI-tI1111n-, S, C. fNI,xluaAnr:'r MCLEOD Vuss, N. C. .Il'.xNl'1'A B1-:LLH BICNIANUS C'In:u-Iottv. N. C. If NIILY M cBIl1.1..xN I.JllII'IIlIlIII','I. N. C. Ih:r'1..x11 Cfurmmx NIUNIQILI II'I1itz'viIIm'. N. C. N1-:LL NICIHIIBORS fIumIw:lt4'r. AIA. NI .-un' 1-1 LIzAm:'1'1I N ORBIRNT Rznynlnun. N. C. I'.X'I'III'IIIINI-I f,'tQl'INN I'v1'rV. I"I:x. l'1x1l1.x' Dums Prtmn' CufI4'IcI. N. C. I'II,l.IfIN I,II.t'IIER Axllglhtil. Gu. Iixlxm' IHPPHN I,1ttIrto11. N. f . l'1..xn.x II1'N'r1-:H PORT!-in Iluntm-rm'iIIe-. N. C. I 9 E R - .XDA XYIRGINIA Sxi1.L.xnN .l1'Lxr:T'rr: Pour: Sj'1ilt'ill1g'1l. ilu. Kyrlrrzlxlxr: lhxvxrilc Muymk. N. LI FHANCI-IS l'nlu:'r'rr: Illorz-Ilur. 5. l. E-Tmzn Axxr: f2l'lN, Slwlhy. N. C. EDITH Ruxm' Burlingtun. N. C Sum: NIA 1: Rn-N S0rir!Y liin. S. f. 'foxxxlls Iirrnma Kinwton. N. V. 3It'Il:illl'. C. Slxax Smmix' Bluvtirld. YV. Yu. I"1.nRl-:Nui Cum-in SIMPSON Darlington. S. C. M Hum Mun' SLUAX Iillillgtlill. N, ll ELL:-:N Con: SMITH ' Mullins. S. if , WHITE H EA T Mi EIT hlu nr Ill! W HITE HEATH l 1 G' l'.lLl'II'IN W x'.x'r'r SMITH M.xn'1'H.x fi1,.xm's SMITH NI.xnx' luxmu hxzrru W l r,.xn.x I,m'ls11: h1ml'.n'1c.u' Sucivfy Hill. H. C. I4Il,Ll.fXN 1g1.I'l'I SUVIIIICS Bolton. N. if .'I'I.IA i'AnuL1x14: S'l'ANl"0lfIl V ' 'A Gl'1-vnslmlm. X. f'. NIMH' Imrs S'1'A'1'uN Dmm'r1n' S'l'l'II'Ill4INN Nh lm:uuc'1' S'l'lIH'l-I livlnmnt. N, V. .' nc Ilmxvlfzs Slum Mmm' K.v1'll11zlclx1A: SVI-:Nui-tn Yvumisliwk. Yu. Blum' I.o1'm': TINNIX L 11.11-livin n -9 E R Iivtfwl. N. if 1 WHITE HEATH rw vw llIm,x1.x J. lllomwnx u'llitc'X'iH4'. N. l'. Jx'x.1,x 15l4:x'l'1m'r: 'l'1m1"rxx.xN K:l1m:11mlis. N. if YIHIQINIA I.l'l'll.I.l'Z 'I'l'1cxl4:u 'Ixill'lllH'l!, N. l'. Imlewrllx' XvAN I,.xNn1x4alr.n L'IlIlldi'll. S. U. Kyrllrflelxrz XY1c1u:u Gulf. N. C. lzhxlu L lush: XX1I,I.cux S1lIlf0l'll. N. if XI.uus.am:'r Axx YVlI.I.z'ux clflftllilglj N. C. Slum' .ALLEN YV1I.I.r.u1suN Turkvy. N. V. Sunil ffl..XDYS YV11,1.l.nxsox Uxfnrd. N. l'. XI A If 1-3 1. lim N um XVI xs'1' 1-1 A lm Rocky Mount. N. ff NI,uua.uu-:'r Z1-:nn.u'li Rm-ky xlilllllt. N. Cf , I jwl-IITE HEAT:-:ERN 1 ' ,Q 'A l. . 4, 5 - , V 1 iz, ii 1' ii' .ffx ' N f '-L:..,4, Q-'J' n '-- ' fl Q-fa 4 ' - ' 5 2-V i Q 3, 'Q' ET fx, - ' ' if '-qw .55 3 : ' V'1"'- V E24 12: 1: :-I., PH - Ear, Eze - K" Q . , 1 ' ts - S: - - Q. . 1 If if "5 . W ' ' 1 I. .34 .' 13? . . -fr K S C' 3' ' ,tr E '-L 5 , in S '1 ' ' 'A U ' ' P53 lf: V " K - , 'I-T EG A . r . - Q - 2, 4: ' 2 'M gli -. sg f Fi: , if Spring c-01111-5 to U. N. V. . . . Two uf :1 kind .... llmnrot :uni fiUll1l0ll'IlIl. . SIYUIISUI' of Iflifli XV1ll'r1c H1-:.x'1'1lr:lc .... llulfalmt Mnrvln-:ul .... Shim- nu. . xX'Illlll'Yflll' IJl'llitl'lIl'4' .... fflltws who? . . . A vruwd .... xs'Ht1'I' lilif-S .... Sllfifr vull .... l'1ntr:nu'v tu Ynrdvll Hull. . High I-11-fun r x I -. 1 ORG!-XN IZATI DNS Xi? And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing, A mighty fountain momently was forced, n U I Fx A .e.:'f +z':, D 1-1' --Z, ff? 'f"'1 ' -'CE' I ' ,r v 5 a ,E 'Lg 'Pl' -x. f -11:1 H-g 1-11.- In this fountain which materializes as the stream of life, important and unimportant things-"huge fragments" and "chaffy grain"- are carried along alike. "Five miles meandering with mazy motion," man's life shows its purpose- lessness and incoherency, because of his fears and superstitions. Notwithstanding its forceful origin, it is destined "to sink in tumult to a life- less ocean." ai: gguaL1cA'r1oms IR Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail, Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail: And 'mid these dancing rocks at once and ever It flung up momently the sacred river. Iiil WHITE HEATH White Heather Staff lxxl 5IXlNliHl I lrfm II flu I IiXlII Iluun rx Inuwu xllllllllf r I 9 t . ,,,, -,..,-Y, W ,,.-WW X Milf fi H Ei EB C White Heather Staff l'.l,l,r:x M.x'1'11l1:wx Jmx NIl'I.Al'IllX NI.xnu.xnr:'x' Bltl'l"l'0N Sinn .l.v.vi.vIa11l 1gll.Vil14'N.Y Jlllllflfffl' ,l.V.Vi.Y'!lHf l'frl'itur Junior lfrlilur ALICE YVnmu'r KIl'n1'ln' '1wIll'II,Nl.X BI.INs Blum' Bloom: NIvI,.u'uliI.xx lvl'l'A'l1llll1lI lfrlitur Srniur lfrlitnr .lfhl1'fi4'.v lfzliiur Mun' AIURHIS 'l'l4nm' xI.Xl!'l'lN S'I'I'L'liICY Nl-:LL Blulcrilnaxlm Sllllll-Vllllf Ifrlilnr Yzlfllillff lfrlitur -S'n11l1rnrmr4' Ifrlifnr Mun' I'lLL1':N Cinvm ,IA-.vixizllll Typing lfrlilnr V Nillr ly WHITE HEATH Pine and Thistle Ikxlcrmrzix .Mnvls lfllifllf-iIl'l'lli1'f l1'f-11-lhwn fi-as Mmm' I.m'ln-: SA' 1l,llXill1'.Y.V .Unnngrr WHITE HEATHER The Staff Jaxx NIl'I.AI'lllN BIARY Mmuus 'I'r:Iuu' .hxx-z S'l'.HNli:Xt'K .1.v.vi.x-tant Ifflilur .l.v.s-ixlani l?u.vim'.v.v Jlnnaywr .lrl Ifzlilnr 1,1-:ssu-t NIA!-I xIAI,I.0Y Ixnz l"REXCII C91,.xm's l'r:.ms.u,I. .I-Y-Ylffillll' Fflilur .'1.vsm'ir1fr Ifrlilnr T-qpilzy Ifzlifrnr XYIRUINIA Om: 5I.Xlll9.HIl-IT PRI'l"l'IIAllIl Suu S'1'1-:4sAI.1, U1-AL Mr-:Nws Ixsru-fair Ifrlitnr .l.v.vnci11fr Ifrlifnr .'1.v.vnvinIr lfzlilnr .1.v.vuz'in!w Ifrlilor r I ,Yinfljl-lhrfn T?" 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Senior Piano Recital C'xi.xL'uNxl4: .,. . . . ,lf1u'l1-l1'11.vni:i SuN.x'r.x III-znulc' .... . . .I'amliln-ll-Tipton I ul-2 IWLANIP 5l'l'ILI. ..., ,.. Z.w.i'i'i1:.x1m .... . . , 'l'nrc'.vr.x, O1-. ll- ..... l'uxr1A1le'ru IN D XIINHR, ..... ,. xIUlll'l'1ltH :lssui Ui'n'inwti':il parts un Nt'l'l5llil lminim hy Hugh John 1701111111 .....Y'Ill'illl1 ......1lllll1-X' ,.1flllliIISfl'ill XViIli:unsm1 UH A llunrlrrll l"Iflu'n WHITEMHEATHER 5 a, -:- . if 'Z ,7- n fb 42 V 'a X v rv if 1 . , V f' Y' 'V . I , N b J. - 'V X.-'V If "' I .N.. x . 5. xv! Q! 5 Klfxlcx' l'I'lm1+: .... Ixrcz l'1u':Nc'n. . .. Mm. U l1.1.l.nwm .... Mary Hlizxlbrtll Hllllllil Cnlvy Judith Coit lffiiv cifillll' Nlnry Cllrru- Ne-ll D:1il:'j' Mu ry I.yd:l l'1l'l'llL'll Invz I"1'vm'll HliZ1lIll'tII Hull Rvln-ca-:n Hrxrrill u lllluflrf fl Simi: 1 n 41M 6 .f X ,1 1 Q ii Modrigal Club .. . . . . . . . , . . . . .Prfnvirlrni . , .Sf'l'l'l'f!II'.If mul 7'l'l'!I.YIlI't'l' ... . . . .... , , 4 . ,llirrvlur J1l'HlIll'I'.X' Suv Hn-rring I,un:n Dare- l':1rkc-1' Nancy Hill Huzvl Puwvll Rozcm- .lllllllxlill Edna Stl'Vt'llS0ll Plum I,ul1ise:Juln-s l':llgl'lliIl Soutln-rlauul lh-rtlm I.l'lI1IlIUl Iillu Lu- '1':1ylm' Kuthcrim- Mc-I.1-ml Hllllll 'I'4-:nguv Ruby McK'11tl1m1 Srrrm- 'rlll'H1lgt' l':liZlllK'tll Mc'Kl'tlu:l11 1':liZ2lhl'tll XxvilllJIL'l' Ilillllillt' Mcfim- c'lltIlL'l'iIIt' Yvilsmn Janis 3I1'IIlllii lin-lyll Yvilsml .lm-:an BIL'I4il1ll'iIl I I L I-, rd X And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from for Ancestral voices prophesying war! Z' As Kubla Khan's body succumbs to death, his spirit revolts. "Ancestral voices prophesying war" tell him that death is inevitable, but his spirit hears in them the echoes of the struggles of finite and infinite, spirit and matter. WHITE HEATH .Mmm SMITH 1'r4'.vi:11'l:! I.lIlK C'1lx1-MAN I IPI' I,l'l'.X'l1ll'llf I,uI'xsr: Loma Svr'rwlnr'11 Sm: III-IIKIHNH Tr1'n.vur1'r it vo' I 'Ns- Athletic Association Om ll 5- l1wl-:ITE HEATHER3 Cheer Hrx lun: QQ Leaders "rM.xx Sis 'l'rlu:x' lim x I.n:l: 'i'.u'1.uu Ilnzmzs l:l'lIIlIi,kN'I' 'I'1l1:l,M.x Buss Sulfur Firms nn Vlnxs Snpl1:n:lm'1 I'lu,v.x- Vullwylr .llruiur Vluxx J ::.::5 Heads of Sports .XNN11 I'l.l'.xs.xx'1's XVIIITI llnul uf llikiny Nxzm. NI'-lu:lu1.xn lluul nj' ,ll'1'llr1"l1 A NNI: 3luQl'1:l:X Ilrml nf lhrxh wllnlll Nun' t'I'llNll1 Ilrrul nf Tr'nni.v Illzmzw l:l'l:mux'l' llmnl nj' Iirmflzllll Suu xll'NlZlI,I Ilrrul nf Ilnrlnjl 1 llnuflrlrl lim 11111 lim: M W I 9 WHITE HEATHER Senior Hockey Scurrx Sn-11ior.,. ...Il .iuniur . . . , . ,Z Srniur. . . 2 Suphmnurv Senior. .. 5 I'wl't'SillllIlll l'i,'l'i: Il.xiu,.xN Vuplrliu Thi- Svnior Houkcy 'rkillll vnrrin-mi :away ull tha: l:1u1'i'ls this full. winning vvvry gzum- playa-d. Thi- lust gmm' of tln- sa-asain with the- Suplmnmrf-s was thv mmt vx- citing. Thr- St'lli0I'S dcfmita-ci tili'il' OI1IlUlIL'IltS with :i two to nm- victory. in thi- lust quurtcr they slmwm-il that lik'tl'l'lllillQ'li spirit fm' which thi-y :nw imtf-ml :mil twin-1' put thi- hull on-r for xi goal. Thx- most uutatumiing fmtlir:-Q of :ill thvir QJIIIIIIUS wa-rc the' SXYiftlll'SS :uid skill of tln- f1n'w:ird lille, :ami fha- SilliDi50l'll dvf:-xism' of tha' hack. . rw llumlrfil Tim llf-ll'fl1l'f Itwl-:ITE HEATHER1 -X" , . uf, --, Ti Junior Hockey ,kv-5. , , , 5 .- 'g ' f , :iq ij, 4' ' Scrlrzus' 14 .iiiiiim'.,. .2 Sn-iiim' . Mffz, ,fr-' ,. si " 1 l - - H'-ivfff' .,lllliUl'.. ...ll Supiiniiiuiw- . TP-:w A- W luniur., .7 I"l't'NillllJlll .. N 'N - , , H, .. ' , .gi , S'l'l'.XlI'I' NYU mx Vulrluilr Fm-w in iiuiniwrs. init vin-i'ga-iii' :incl iixvly. tin' Jlllli1ll'S ki-lit tiivir UlllHllll'llti on tiivir tm-5--:ind off tin' Imll. Nu inutivi' win-rc Il lmln-fill piuyri' would hhift. 1 Jlllliibl' was tin-rv to 4-uvvr livr. Tin' i'Ul'XYill'ti lim' L-slwrizilly slluwcd km-vii in-:Ain spirit. shouting tin- hull hack :niui fnrili down tin- ficlci. gaining Q.fl'Ul1llli nh-:uiiii Tin- whole- tvuin slimwmi :1 fine fighting spirit :md should K't'l'tiAilliy ln- im muy fm lN'Xf swixuii. u llumlrrwl Y':.'ru!'11Aj'u1lr - I 9 W Snlvlaullwrv.. ,..l Su-niur . .2 ,----i- f1---2 - Y 1--2 -----W - Y- - - - 2 ll T E ooPLEA"' H, EWR Sophomore Hockey .M farm SUl5llUllllPl't'., .. ai Junior , ,. 0 Suplmlxmrr.. 25 I"l':wl1111:n1u ., . .1 NI un Nlumu lIcl.xl n.IIl l nlflufn 'Wvm-'iw rllwlillg fur pau SUIVIIHIIIHIW' '1.l'1!I11,H Yun xllnmw-ml Nulllx' strrnks of gmul lllflyillf Huis yr-ur. :mil it t-wk your "Big Sixtf-rf' lu lipk ynuo Thr tvnrn iIIIIiT'!lYl'll in it- tm-:nn work on-r lust yf-nr. Thr uni-ln'1':ntin11 of its 4 llcxlflmck- wax p:1rtiu1xl:nrlv lmtivmnlvlv. Blush pr:-umlrv was put un Hn' wings. who would Tn' Cll'lil'lItirsl upon wh:-11 it rzmu- fu carrying tlu- I-ull. 'fllv Snplnuxnurv- lun-- W tln- making uf :1 Nlrlrlnlisl tr-:un. Gin' it :mutlwr Nbilwllll lu work ul: itx trillll work. :mul wntvll its sp:-1111 ilu' Iluml,-1 fl lin mill- ff IN WHITE HEATHER Freshman Hockey S1'0r1'.x' I'iY'1'SllIll2ill. .. ...2 Svnior .. 151-1-sl1111:111, . . . . .0 Junior . . . Frm-xl1111:111. , . . . ,1 SOPIIOIIIOYC . . I,n1'1s1: l,nN1: Vnpluill Thr- l'll't'5lHllt'Il tl1!'lll'd out ill good llllllllhjl' for hockry practice lust fall. VFIICTC was IIIIICII illtvrvst tukm-11 ill thc- sport. :md tlw pluyurs work:-d hard at every sc-ri111111agc. Of voursv. thu-y wvre- fm-vcl with tllv usual I'w!'l'SllIIl2lll lJl'0blE'Hl of luck of cxpc-ric-neu among thc pluym-rs. H1m'u'c1'. tlu-y turncd out il good team that fur11isl1cd keen l'Illllp1'titi0ll for thc- rr-at of thc classes. Thr' lllHyL'l'S wr-rc not lilL'killg' in l'lltlllISiIlSl11. and Hwy wvrv wvll lnnckcd lly tho 1911-sl1111:111 l'llCL'I'illg hl'1'ti0ll. 1' lluuflrf-rl Y'IL'r11l-11-.vi.r I 9 V tll l lWH IT H E HERW 5 lv -' X ' 7 Senior Basketball -i ' ' " -r 2.1 ills. ' 1 5 - . a 7'1h - l - .'l5.p:fPr "g' , f .,'c jfvis. Nunn' K1 I Lx' Vnlllnirl In tln- lzul lw:xske'tlv:1ll NUJINUII of tlle-ir curvrr tln- sl-lliurx dill swim' playing wurtlxy uf thfl UCC!lhl0ll. Thx- clvaullj' :lim uf tln- wniur furwurclx wax tln- must ll4llt'1l'lbl'tlly fn-utllrv of tllc wlmlf- tUlll'llilIll!'lll. :xml they roll:-ml up tlu' worn-s. Tllr funn wax JllN'liyN on its tom illld. from tllv tirxt tow-1111, plnyf-fl lmrrl zmcl fuxt tllrnllglmut 1- gilllll'. It was ll1lllllll'Ill3lh'd in its lack uf mlnstitlltw tn wud in tlu- lust quznrtvrx XYlll'll tllc pluvvrs NllllYVl'll IXIXIIKWS. On llll' wlwlv tlnc wniurw lnzul ll sln'c:-wflxl l wauun. llll'l'tlllg only um-v with mlm-fvzat. it , '., l N x 'Inf llumlrr J l'1.'r: --A. 5 :fu-.-1 KH Q WHITE HEATHER . L A? -? Q-Y: '- . wg, ,Q Junior Basketball A " 7' U 12.1-H f -'- 'RW' ' .g.,f14u f 1. 4. -"I fv- lx.. funn YN L'.xlcl.Il1 Vuplrriu .Xlthnugh thx' .luniurs wvrm' not un thu' Hlllln thix sq-:1s.m1, tlwy did SGIIIR' playin whiuh can lltlt In' m'm'rlnukm-cl. A pnint that an-1111-11 to wt thvm buck :xt the- OIISIIIUQ., wax they f:1iIure' to gvt thx' tip-off. This was :luv to tln- luck of :my tall lN'I'SlYll till thih position. Thu' gllIIl'1iN. who were thu' "Hy in tlu- Uilltlllvllfu uf thc 0llllUlll'l ch sm IX You '1'lH x tink ah ' -' 1- mvn I . s " - l54'l' than :n hruthn-r tu thx' opposing fnrw:u'4ls. hrc. ing Ill! cml of p:1wws. uml g4'll1'l'lllly mining :n gnml guznrding julm. H ll nuflrf fl Tn-1 uljf-1 ffflfl I"9 WH Sophomore Basketball ITE HEATHER 35 Bkxxx .Inuw N v'frl.min Tllc Solrlmlunrv tm-:nn l'1lTl'lA'Ll nfl' tlu- lulalu-tlmll cllxuulliuxlsllilm lwy zz rllm- margin. src was :n tie- lwtwm-ml tllr Sl5l!lI0lI'lUl'l'N. Svniurs. :nml l"I'l'Nlllll!'ll. wllicll lmml to lu' rliml nfl' lu-fnrv tln' virion could lv- clntv'rlx1i1n-ll. All tln- grnnrs wvrc lmrml lvllllglll. :ml It tank NOIIIK' TIQKITKTIIQ playing on tln- part of tln' hupluuxmrrs tn rmnv out It tln- l:1l'Q1' l'llLl of rwcullxlt. T111-tl-:mm lun lllllH'1Hl'll in itx paw work Nlllt'l' its frrwln- Il yrur. In Nunn' of tln- grumw tllry gut UH' lu :n slow xturt. lvut lln-5' :nlwuys rxllirml :Azul ulnilsitl-ll sulnv good plznyimr. 3 5 Unr Uunflrf .1 Tin nfrf-ni lWHITE EAT:-:ER 'A I, . .4 . ' .- . ' ' 3' ,,-,,, -, .v- A if 34, 1 ' , Freshman Basketball -is V-. I I D. 'g. ' J, ff "fi: U gg ! M5 ,, w:.,-1am1f'- H, BN lx I 4 , , , 1 Q. .dw '- ,,x 1 1 .fn ,Q -'nn . . Nl x'r'1'n: l'u,xnn Vnlfluin .Ks in luwlu-y. tlw 1'll'l'xllllll'll mum' nut "un Ill2ihhl',l' 'l'lu-y lmcl un llllllhllfllly good tm-mn. uspwinlly U'lI1'll tlur ful-t that tllcy lmd prm-tim-ml tugvtln-r for only one Sfllbllll is unnsislm-rwl. Tln-y uwn' in lim' for tlw clmrnpimlsllip :nt om' time-. lu-ing 0110 of thc' tlm-11 te-:uns wlliull wvrn- timl for first lrlncc. Tllv forwsxrcls Wl'l'l' almost :l sure llllll. :xml prmvll :1 llll'llill't' to ull 0llll0llK'lllS, Tln- g,fll!lI'llS llizl slum' goml NllilCl0SVlllg,f, :md Cllllhtfllltly fm-cl tln- lmll to tln-ir l'0l'NY1ll'LlN. 'flu' class' Hun- spirit in llillflilllg tlw funn with clnm-rs up tu thc lust Yl'lllfwtll' nh-sf-rvvs Illl'lItlUll. Hu: lluuflrffl Tlllff-ll I 9 fT7" ' "" "' lWHITE HEATHERl 'l'm:r.xu Buss. .., Jinx xI.Xl'.xI,l.l-'l'I4TlK. .. l'.1.lz.in1c'1'ii W .uii..xri:,, lun Ai.L1f:x lhicxilzx, l Thu- lvnnix lllllfll-lllllIllN tlu Tennis .,..N'f-uiur Jlnunyvr .....lurlinr Jlarzagwr .N'ulrl1r:1rmr1' .llllllflffff . 1"r'f'.vl:n1nr1 Jlaungwr R xlnring pruniiw in ln- quill- i1ltci'm-sling. Tliruiiglmiit thi- yvur tln-rm' hun hun many tl'IllllN e'11tlli1si:ish playing on thi- cul1l'ts---4-vvii tln- 1-uldwt YYl'IItlll'l' L-olilmllft ilowu Munn' uf ilu-ni. 'Illll'l'l' has lwviu in lll'glIlll1'l'vS rlrus of in-iillis. tha- im-:nhl-rs nf which will lu' in lim' tu l'llIlllN'll' in thc' tlllll'llJllIl1'lltS this spring. '1'ln-w will lllL'lllll4' Imth xingle-s :xml IlUlllilk'N. :xml thi- Vllllllllfltltlll plan will larolmluly lu' fnllmvul .-1' .-ff" . arf? f A. -is, - i in 4, 4, - '- A . ..-4 -.,..L , UH' lllrmlrf fl Tllirl-ll-Hlrf' WHITE HEAT ,ER Archery Aruhury hum lu-culiur 1l1lYlllltiigl'S which arm- not poswssvd hy Illlllly othcr sports. tht' mln-vvlopxnlvxlt of good postnru. glwwc. and poisv. Its rommxtic history is :1 feature that uppr-:xls to cvr-ryomz The: many opportunitius for c-ontinuing the- sport :lftvr L-olh-gr gin-s it :x social vuluv on-1' most othvr uollcgiutc sports. Thin yt-ur Z1 lllfgi' clvggru- of llltl'l'I'hl in :x1'cln'ry has lu-vn taken hy thc frcslunun. At all hours of thc' rluy. they can hm' sr-cu going out to arch. YVho knows hut that smut- of them will :le-vvlolm into Xvllllflllllllll 'IX-lls! 49 lr Illlnrlrnl fhfrl'r1Al1i'n n 1 ,ir 9 W H I TWEM H E PIIEHE IIARLAN HLKZAIZRTH Rom-:Rs Auxrts SMITH BEA Ronresox M Club Jlr Ill Ifrrx I.omf:NA C'LAmc MARu.xn1cT l'nl'rC HU-:LVN Wxmox .5 Hlcxilfzx' XV,xI.I..u'H H,-HID G1,Am's SMITH H Enix Ci1'lc1znA NT MAIQGARI-:'r CLAIIK . 3 5 Une' llululful TIIfI'fIlI-flll'4 A- ' -, lr ' 55 Eff?- isa: 5552? gs!-:Qi QV.-9-T5 "752:f' 313.225 'liiffi 2.53 Q 34 FEC :, 5:-J Q Lit! 'S 11" - A i F FLM ' I, I--4-7- M .. 1 , .51 Cs .SQ- 25' . :- Y , S aff 2 5? 1 . ,.,. . V 5 7 if ' IES? kj , . IS' wi . Rf: Sit-3 R- -. Q: - N .1 ing Fifi G2 x Q ff-X .N 5 S il' xi A Qs E Mil l'rowm-il. . . , Ciuwgu litlllllli. . . . Editor :und llursz' .... Extra spcuiul .... L.llk'l'L'llll in i'l'Illllll' .... Stuilipvli .... RIIIYIIIIZVI .... .Inst plain Ni-ll :ami MM. . . . Taxi? . Snsipslmt 1-iiitui' in :action .... l'upn-yv. thi- suilol' num .... l'wl'0lll lvft to Yigllt I,:1 'l'lll'll!lgt',Ul1!IllbI'i1'HU Kvrr :incl :ui l'l!lllll'il lm-iiilnfr. ir' llumlrul 'I'hirtyffuur I FE,LTURE5 X , The shadow of the Dome of pleasure . The shadow of the dome of pleasure Floated midway on the wavesg Where was heard the mingled measure From the fountain and the caves. It was a miracle of rare device, A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice! f 1 WF .n v 1 V- .3 'Q 4 4 iw!" The real Kublo Khan lives on in the vision of his immortality. "The shadow of the dome of pleasure," floating midway on the waves, suf- fices to save his soul from nothingness. Yet, perversely, his spirit can still hear the "mingled measure from the fountain and the caves," rem- nants of the finite world. This life after death was "a miracle of rare device." Here the fatal interruption occurred in Coler- idge's poem. Yet the vision remains, and the wish to bring it to life again. If he could re- vive that vision, he would understand all, and find the way. This would be so supernatural that mortals would tremble before him, "and all should cry, Beware! Beware!" When he had "drunk the milk of Paradise," he would have gained eternal happiness. QuPs.fiLfr1v:e.s . R A damsel with a dulcimer In a vision once I saw, It was an Abyssinian maid, And on her dulcimer she played, Singing of Mount Abora. Could I revive within me Her symphony and song, To such a deep delight 'twould win me, That with music loud and long, I would build that dome in air, That sunny dome! those caves of ice! f y 3 Serene Tumoge BEAUTY -1- .. J rl I I . l , i 7 N X ? 47" LPORW LMXXNSI-IIP .l1.i me Smmluufl HU ELLETCT X I H I H I VEPEl!X'TIlN'TN -4.-L Y i . I N 3. 1 - C-Jrg,,,m Qjrlul, i Y ,W - ii.... T.1-. X X X MJXY QUEEN 531+ Y D' X rf '-'HF And all who heard should see them there, And all should cry, Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair! Weave a circle round him thrice, And close your eyes with holy dread, For he on honey-dew hath fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise. a -ft Z1 N I WHITE HEATHERJ A4 5, xv: ,fy U ,4 Q-S . , X 4 5 Mis. S. . f.- - I f Q Ky .dbfjwxil f" ' .1 v "' 1 - ,-w N . D--Q-N, .. pn ,Q , if 'Ilia'-.1-I-,E,,, 176 A "f'.,.I'?'7Tz '5' 'L 5 .Zz-f-,jr"' 1- H.-5 -...fgc'. 5- L- , U. 54 W 'Y 1,-,,f,,g:,Qfff"43f,?Q- -2.3 - "XT.veL?'..QS1f' ,-25' ' --We' W54'T'-1711?-.ph b'c'13if5,L1 NtX11-4'1-I'Z5v!e.."Sf'155'5f.fif'wXL 'f' is-51-f5I""Q -WM ' 5' - iw 'fr an-142.35 ,. ""::ife'-1, .:ff19,,w:'5'g'E'ii-g:'8!E'-.s15,.g- f w. .,w,.g, -- -- - ' A '-.341 1 -an-ML' .-n,zriif- 1-T "Hi 1f"f4f2"' ,Q , , 1 ,-J" 1 lr l"m'lj1-riyllfl ISAQ f T E E A T f,,,,"fX! of X-f Ag lr Ill I 1 WHITE HEATH s r 1- qv! ,,,. : 'W A Y W. 1:-'fu ' .f3ggw6,3?122ieQ-::ffg -- -'LM-'!"L-f7I:f'i2',. 1- -' ., " 'm - 'f-1 '-f"w.?-fi'-,2Qf5,g,g-JV-, 54jnff'i"fg-Eg: X- N A x ygiiiffeif-lah i. 'wx , , 65" -5 Tf'j.'2',u5J3'f"'A',!F-Qflg-J ,. .ci jfgwg ly S11 ' x ,7 -'Ein5-ywypalfeirifv-i. 'zH11-1 HL. ' :.SS,x1.S1"ltf1R?.1:., A , f-af Um' llnmlru-fl Fffly Advertisements FLORA MACDONALD CGLLEGE RED SPRINGS. NORTH CAROLINA .4 Senior College for Women. Nvar l7ayr?llcville'. Snntlwrn Pirws anml Pimfllurst. Delightful vlilxlulr. lwulllxlul mineral --prings and rrrnurkalmlc' health rem-nl. Bus and Railnuy 1'1nn1e'c'liul1:. .-1 Slurnlurfl Sulfur A Crmll' Cullvgu fur Unurnun. Strung fuvully. Craclualvs aC- vepled fur graduulv wmli lay lvunling uniwr-ities. Class A learlwrs' 1'e1'tilirules. Horne-like alnmsplwre. lwmvnal alta-ntiun ln students lay lt'3.l'llt'I'i. f.'nur.u'x Ujjerell- fBacln-lor nl' Arts, Bam-helm' nf Nlusiv. Bacllvlnr of Sri:-lwe lllnmf- l':i'0llnIIIll'rl dvgrec-. pl Sf-cu-luriul flmnxw. ,-lIl1l:'lia's. Skillfnl plly-ivul xlin-rim' anal vnacll han gn-ncral '-llllCl'Ylhlllll nf quarts and physical lraining. Arullrry. lm-krllmll. lnm-hall. lun-lwy. minnning. lm-nnix. hik- ing. rlv.. are rmjny-al in wawrl. Suviul .-l1'I1'1i1fus. Re-1-vplinrlz-. tm-as-. and many ulllcr -ln-ial lllllflinne an- pr-winlr-l at lln- full:-gn. ullilr many lnlspitulrlw annl als-liglllful lmnn-N nl' tln- vilim-ns nl' Rf-QI Springs ure np'-n lu the Sll1LlPIllF. ll illv l'11!mnugr. Pallmmized at pr:-went by Q-leave-n flaw- uml fnur fur:-ign counlries l"-nlr llmnfansl iilllllllliif' are cngagwl Nlli'l'Ps!-lrlllly u- llllllll'-HlLlkl'l'F1, llllI'!-P!-. te-zlrllclx, mlivlilianx. llulllt' mlm-nlnn-llatinn agvnls. wviul W0l'kl'l's. xlliwinlxaniu-5. und in many olln-r un-ful plufvrxions. llnzlwrllv fflnzrgm. Fur catalogue wrilc HENRY G. BEIJINGER. Presirlerzl FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE min swlnlxcs. N. C. Mrs. HUlL'llllZSOH.S Large Elllillgll for lvllllltii PERMANENT WAVE SHOPPE CUIll1JlllllGlll.S lllozlern aml Egivienl -Of- MACKS' 5, 10 81 250 STORES RED SPRINGS. N. C. Service CUlI1llllIIIl'IIlS nf Small Hllllllgll In Fffrl nn IIIIPIACSI TUWN ul' Rell Sllflngi C in El'l'l'-Y Clzslullzer .Unire- 'IUXYNSENITS PHARMACY Your Cl1111'u' for CAXDIES. COSMETICS. NIMIQXZIXES AND DRM N THE l.E'XlllXl. lllll 1, FIHIIE ,XNID E'XXHNl'I'E NIH-Q'lAlXll l'l. U ,lf HI-' Fluff: .llflulfnzfzlfl Girls Ifllll THEIR Xl"'l'ERNlNlX "lJUl'E" HEI! SPIHNHS, X 1' XO NEED TO SHOP .VXRULEND ,X XYEI,1i1bXlI-I .xlhilfr Xuuilf lln- Em-11 1 Llllll Flllilljlllx .11 l H. C. MOORE .XXD SONS Yozfll finfl the l111c'c'st 11'1,,,., ,I ,,,,, ,,,,, ,-,,,, ,,,,, , ,.,,,. ,, prices. lziglzesf qzuzlily' 1' 1.,, ll'f1lf"fmlT1111f1ll1 mul biggvsl zulzms ut- PENDERS PRICE Thr" fI'lQ'l1Il ni thf- rlay 1,11 zx1.1TY lln- 1'111n11.11111111 Hi 11-al Ynur Hw1Jq1111r1wf s THE PLACE OF SA'l'lSl"AC'I'ION "Tl1m'y Kevp Un Cumming" GRAHAM COMPANY "U"lwre Slyle mul Quulilrm Uullive Pri1'e"' Is llilI'lil'LllLll'ly proud to IIQIYP amung its 4-lielltele Tlw Flora !1fIllCIl0Illl1ll Girls mul Fruulty LATlvIS'l' STN LES REASONABLY PRICED RED SPRINGS. N. lf. LIBERTY MANUFACTURING CO. llmnw ,Umlv Fvrlilllzvrs Ifullun Cinning PIIUIIU lf!-J li.-ll Springs. N. C. Hoalwrighl Clle-vmlel Co ,w Lu.,-.- Kewl fllflllgi N. l.. 'k f.'Ulll1JlflI1l'IIlS uf 'I'l-l E GREAT Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company 'A' Chas. D. Thorns S1 Co. Cliurles Mill Cu.. Division NUVELTXI DRESS FABRICS RMI Springs. X. lf. llrm1q11r11'l1'r.v fm FIIIITI .1l!I1'IlUIlI'llll Cfrlx Red Springs Drug Co. XX E IIARRY THOSE I'UI'l IAR ITEMS 'I'HXl' THE iIOI.l.l-IME GIRL NEEDS lJl'llf'lI1lllbl6' Drzzggistx II'-il Springs. X. li. E. L. BLIIE 1:0'I"1'0x ,nn Ifi1n'l'll.1zlcn Ri-fl Springs. X. II. I'Imnf' ISIN Stannlarml I"c1'tiIizv1' unrl Fv1'liIize1' NIatv1'iuI W. B. ROBESON. A-Igwu 10:0 svnmzs. x, 41. .I Cllflflilll lf'1'l:'0l1l:' Illuilx Inu .Il BANK OF REID SPRINGS Ekral-lixln-.I 1000 , ,,. , 1.-Il Il Xl. AND SI RI'I.l S 848.000 Mi-NEILI, CLEANERS lfnnxii fn min svralxus. x, 11. IJ. M. M1-IVIILLAN "I"1n'1I I'rmIur'ls SIMM' IUI2" Iilill SPRINGS. X. ti. "DClil'Il1ll.Y llllll Rfffreslzirzg W. IJ. KAI IIXIIIIXXXXIIIC S'I'OHIi W II:-1I Springs. X. II. S. I". IIICGIXS I -. . l3l.lc11'1'm1: SIIUE IIIiI'.'XIlllNlL U"'3'L0Ii1 BUIIIUIQ M 1.1. C0mpe111y IIOUII MOTORS. INC. 111.51-11.-Iill.-, N, 11, 'I'III'l INIIJIZIC I'I,MIIC I.lIIlIIN'I'IllII. X. li. INN IUIIS HIGHSIVIITH HOSPITAL mi. lun Ii'I"I'liI ll.l,lc. N. 11. BFLIx HI3NbD ALE DLP KRT NIILINT STORE Il' III XIHH NT 1 I HOW XRD BOBBITT COXIPABX Im If lzolebalc Fllllt and P10duCe blNlON 5 LXFENT I ISHIONS or the 590.50115 Il NIHIRIOX N C THREE STEPb UP I IFTN xox EI mis I' RFILNI MXN PRINTIYC CONIP XXX NIIH X Il IXIILRN I XIIOXLPN NHXTONI OIL IND FER FILIZILR CO INC IITIIIII-I lOl ION Igl1IJPRUIJIlTS xt v Ifzlynfltexillv, Y. If, lIullg1l'illl1Iall0S tlw XYI'll"Q If ' II .I .-XIJF Rnd 'fuk'-5 This tI1llDlDl'lllll'Iy In Tluxnk llw I-'Ima NIm'd1maImI Girl- fur 'I'Iwir I'ull'wl1agf- IQU I'l"l'IiX'II.I.I-1. Y. C. . 1 I.I'NIIII'fII'I'UX. N. C. w I I .qw 1 AV I A IOT Huw Sl. , 'I I M , . I7ayr'llex'IIIf-. N. lf. IUXI. li Ilf I, II V' I .I .-XXII -- AI - S' ' A I xf FII ,lil :XXII Il. T. I.a1mIwlI1I jr.. Wanagfr 'I "" r S ' 'i I A' Lumlwrlun. N. C. Ha. mm. X, C, H. H. HORNE Sz SONS IAN I'.I'I'I'1X II,I,If. N. II. Ilrugggfifls Since IZI65 EFIRD S IJEPAR'I'MEN'l' STORE IAN Iul IM II,I,E. N. C. I,'u1r1plirr1f'11l.i from The Capitol Department Store I'a1ym'll1-xiIIv. N. II, III? lnzfilc' Yuur Illlfftlllflgt' COLLINS' DEPT. STORES l'Il'Illllfl' Cum! Quufilhx. Cnrrevl Slvlenv. xlllrarlivv Prices Lulnln-xlwn. North I'a1mIinal WI' xill 'N lllr- ff. fmlll IQmuIinax 1flm1IImurn. Nurlll Ilurnlina I u11nIlu 'N III: I n .11 'I n '51, fn' In nlz Im 1 Nlullme. NIHIII Ilamvlinu IVF lvIl!lf'I'lPll'Y IIHI' l'IIll!'l'Xt'l, HAMMOND GROCERY COMPANY wl1cu,I3s.xl.lc mzmzrins HOTEL LORRAINE Lumln-rl4m. N. C. Iiislriblllnrsuf R C Cfznzel Flour mmf-ml 'l'.m.1,- f...- FI1-ru Um-'II-l1.1I4I 11.-II.-gv Ifmmen-rx'ulnry I'I""1" 3" I1f1l'fi'1I'l1f'H- Y- C- MI xv. ram. sl. N..,f..uk. xa. HUGH M4-AI,LIS'I'ER INSI IIVXNVE I . 4 1 I,u1nIwrtnn. N. C. fvzwlrx nf llislirzvlinlz Henygg SOIX JIWILIRU I"alH'lI4-NIIIQ' N I' RED SPRINGS REALTY 81 INSURANCE AGENCY GENICRAI, INSLIRANCE min SPIIINCS. N. C. IS YOUR SON READY FOR COLLEGE? ll-' YUI' Ill-Il.ll'IX'lC that Ihv gasp In-!w1-vu high wvllllill :mel lllmiwxwily ll Nlllllll mlle I s tml :xt lm Ill lu th: num! Illllllll tul nt . -. l!.v, gf-.2 -5 N2-I . 2 -ls ,.. II" YUI' IIICNIIII-I 'hm .V'Plll' N011 Imvv za :I--Huilv FUIIIIIIIIHIIUII ut' his IIIII Tum hum :tum plum mtv I11 hm hu IIIIII athnul llll UI ' 1 -1: x x gr A: 1 1--' -v ..,i - Il' X HI I' lulzl, that an INYIIAAYVEII' IIl'il4'Il1'2Il 1'lIIIllI'2lI 1'4lIIl'11'l'l'HlIl' v with tllllllllll px 1 11 utmx In hu III! In lull: I IN I ll uhh 2 -012 -5 -- ,- X .NQ . , .un V ,PN -E . Y 1 IND 4lI"l' what thu- Synml uf Xurth Vaxlwlillaa hm 1n'm'i1Iw-II Illll' Vllll. In an nl'-:ul llllllilfl' llUl'lj' llllllw fuurh ul I,III4'IlIII'NtI. Il' 11-ml lll unful- I111 lnlilnlinux. nlzmm-.I hx' IlllIYf'l'NlIY-Il'iIIlll'1I I'lll'lNlIElll muh- IY'ill'IIl'l'Y ullzllluml-lu-:I ly nwn wlth Nyllllllllllj' fm' Xulllll. UITI-rillg' zu-I-1-1-llitl-II 1Im'uiwn nt hm' must IN4 THE PRESBYTERIJXN JENIOR COLLEGE for MEN 'rm-1 1z1l:x'1c1:r:xh 11 mln' Amms. In-.-.l.l.-nf BIAXTK PN, Nl PlI'l'lI VAN4 ILINA THE CAROLINAS' LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH, N. C. Offucxol Photographers Tl-IE WHITE I-IEATI-IER CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY Pnoto Engrovers Artusts ond Designers CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA It nos been the pnvnlege ot the Edwords G Broughton Cornpony to orlnt the 1935 WHITE HEATHER EDWARDS Er BROUGHTON COMPANY RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA

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