Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC)

 - Class of 1934

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1934 volume:

DOROTHY SWENDIMAN N 6064101 FRANCES MALLARD NlNETEEN THIRTY- FOUR PUBLISHED BY THE' SENIOR CLASS OF FLORA MACEDONALD COLLEG E " N '- RED SPRINGS. N.c. - V K x 'ff ,fi- Wl-llLE for centuries woman has centered her activities and her achievements about the home, today she has climbed to heights in every walk of lite. Her service to mankind and her success in the world present a challenge to all, In recognition of her greatness this volume of the White Heather through its division pages presents outstanding women from the Orient and the Occident, women from varied fields of activity, women who have changed the course of world lite. JALCOLLEC- E ,ZALCLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATH LETI CS F EATU R E S Z f A THERE stands among women one woman who has indelibly stamped our lives for the better by her love and influence. To each of us she is head and shoulders above every other woman, lt is to you, Mother, that we dedicate this volume of the White l-leather. .SZ0fAL,96fLM J 41 1 'Hr ??"" ' 1 ,, hx E GE ,, W, mmf., 3. pg: h I 'Qjfll 3 A .3 ' 'f"1f5: ?':Eifi??5ii!-izf!?f..CYi '1!Ll'12' ' L, , ' V - - n 1, :ff'1'-,jf1:if?"232?4'fZ-'vw"T" " ' S 0 'l 4,1115 'lltliiii i I' Ll'AU'r':'1- - v gn-F : Ns -- i Tfill glm I .fl ' E: x g is ' E , s to id! r ' ""'f i f fidpysll A 'AMONG the women of the East ff I ' who have led in the adoption of if Western culture and lite stands K Selma Elcrern, a Turkish feminist, daughter ofa tormer governor ot the Aegean Islands. She is interested in the women of her nation and has been one ot their leaders in the securing ot greater freedom. She writes and talks with tearlessness and defiance. l-ler most outstanding book is "Unveiled" lfqilllf Turkey J 4' rn 0 Selma Ekrem 1153 ,. .Q - "Si -Af - . TV"Q"'1 ' ulif e . 1.5: 5 I Ng. - igirwx 1 . MY? N 4 .. 4, O - x 1 t n .' A. 'IA 1. f.- Q-, . ,I ,y4.f,.Yl.,,,. ' "'.x A, a Bx 4' U- L- 'f 1-,M-4 ' y f s. ,,k . " K N.-ai 1, cp , 1 im' Hn 4 H 'fy 'Ma xr Ref' H, J p L M, 0 bug QW. lfr 1' 'n L- A aw :,fl:f,,-5, 1, L Y N , ff. 1, 1 ,' N A Q, ,, Mx A MK ,Q 1A wifwlw wx :Ql,1,! !1?-'Sr f ix' 1' J .1 kr " nh: 1, E Raw-mx Ha ff f , ' " , ,I - fries T2 ii T' Lg Y ' ,.1. jx, ' -i -'Q ' , -, ' - 2 ..v. 1 li il K... .- ...U ,UT an-1.0 W " IQ. x 0 "Q ft' 4 r N l ' Q75 1 ij! XA: ,X Y X L W A 'L S 1 J 24 'X ' 7 A :Q W Jus..- ,,.. 1 .,. g.' 4 4, .. x 'gy Ll ,N R-vw. "' .'.,f" L :, xg, w l ' IL, ' ' 'X 4-1.2 Wx K, -JP' 1 4. W W IF fir , 3 L A-,.rxlh.f, K w Q :" ff f 'J55,f2'5SL I, A V QKVV Q, 7 wr' I- , P -.' .,,1 I- ,Q if , . J, f' 3-, wtvv ' K I 1 -'. g x x K. l""J"" Wvff' x . .4 , 1. ' O' 'Y-xv, R . qv 9 wi' qi'-1 ,N x 3.-,fa g- , . .. Q ,477 F x , 0 . 4 , I. '-agp .- if-'j-Qliig we 'mf' N ' ' 1 H A 4-va L sf . ng- av- 'tft "-IRQIVS ,Q 9 me-:nh . ...L ,--Y' y-- ., . 13.1 .RU-. 95 ' 4- 4' .., 4 .g.,1aukG' -15- 'Q' --.., 'tr '-.5 -'G BIN V '-'vc ' .f .,,g qu. ..- -X. but 'QE' 5"'.lf' . tx' Q-QC..-L?'f'uQv,x . ' f . . - A M-.W-5 I I .4 A . ' , 1 r- Ix- '.-TL' -. Lak! '1- ,a A .1 4 - - - 4 , - , jg- f .. . , y., gi 11 rf , .1 A W I " ' l'S 1 .s' ., f-1 3' -M If gf - --. 5 sg 4 WC' ..- ss-- Jn, -A" in . 4 --. L9 T I l fl 1 I I 1 W , N V Q . ,. M f i Jie 616125 Zfmffim SLQ4 Du. HENRY GuAx'1x1I.1, Brgmxuriu P1'v.sinIr11! Tzcwn fy-Iwo Jigdfdfkifmffm QBQ4 Du. CHARLES Glmvlzs VARDELL President ElIlf'7'if'Il.S' Jfigmffzfwmf,-L I SLQ4 I'I1'u1r l'. xxII,I,l.XNISUX Ilvzm uf Cn1l.w'rI':1fu1"1f life 4151165 Zfmilm Q34 Miss HAM-tl, IXIOIIIKISON Dm Il nf 1"rlf'uHy Twmfy-forzz' Miss Mmm' JOHNSTON llvun of UYOIIIUII X J xxax -A 'wif' ' 1 W -' 5 ,s . x, I V-I x Me 416425 Zfmffwa Klum' IANILXx.XliI'l'1I.I,.B.1x., NIA. 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I'rnff,w-.wr nf ,llfllhfmnlir-.w Y 1 Y ' LH U I " .I V. gkq.-2 Xl-1l1Ul.S0X cmgxy, 1s.s..G.1'l...M.s. w, X 'Q' l'rufr-sxm' :ff l'lulnIxlr.11 unfl l'I1-lfxirw .ff l'7.'1l1l!11 71 Miha Zf SBQ4 15""K7 1'- 5x 'xiii MQ' 'T' r :Qi ' .nw , . V .:-:: K X ...V . .. ,N In 1" 1. ,, Aff' . :3'l',2:, is K " V213 .4 19 . k if I Q I .15 1"""B "xxx ' in-N' . - -:ak-A E 1 ' ffl-'-'-.-'1:' x fag 'x .-1. fs X 1 , .,- Elf ,,-.1-:gr- X -V ' 2 1 ' L A-. , 5. -1 if A r 3 3 , X L X J V .f 3512 -:-f'- 1 . Ar 1 ' ' ' 'Wx X . Q, we , . N a- ' s 'R .V X, PM , A' 3' .V E., f., N... x X 'bfi ,- I, 7' ' :'1::: L61 x H 4 ,IP 'iifii Q:- 72.- Z. 5.15, . X 'N' --ia X' X I 1 --'- 1+ N P Xi, K r ,x T7E'I'llf,ll'h'i.l' ZoI'I.1-:Ax Axm-zlcsox, HA., M.A. l'l'nff,vxu1' uf Bilrlr' Lum LAW CHAPAIAN. B.M. I':'nfr'xSnl' uf Pirmn 1':'I"1'IE BROWN l'rnf1'.v.vm' nf fwI'I'lI!'Il I,lLr.l.xN I"A1ml'1l,xu liomcsox l'l'ufl'x.vul' of lrflllfll Klum' Mc'I,. ft0XOI.Y, HA., BS., R l'rnf1'.vxm' uf lfrllwrlfirul Vllmrxls. Coxxolc, R.N. lfvxfzlrllf Nurxr' I'Z'l"I-HCT, K1-:ssu-Jn Ilivlifirm IgI'IA'I'ICIi'1C Mvli. Br'I,I.o0K l'nlrlirf!.11 S1'r'1'r'lrlr4l1 ,XXNIE YV1I.I,mMs SH'1'1'lf1r.1f ln l'rr'.vi4l'fllf Blmwx Moxclelsnx Tl'1'r:xlrl'r'1' Ic,X'l'lll'IllINli I..xc'1:1cY Sfrrrllrrlll fu lilrxflrrwv Jlrllllfylfl' 1':liNl'Ih'I' KQIKAIIAM liflxillfwx .llullrrlflrfr I.,-X. C105 QS Q Ill v 1 'H at ,mf ' fp' 'Q 1 i feV1ig 1- 4, s..,- , , LM., Q .. 7- - . . 12 ,... E .2 f f-' s Qyflgvgr 5-2 S an advocate of higher edu- .rx cation for women and equal "JT ,gg fr'-'51 suffrage, Baroness Shidzue lshimoto -'3 ranks foremost among her people. She is a progressive peeress who became Tol4io's first business woman. While visiting the United States she maintained herself by lecturing and writing. To become familiar with labor conditions in Manchuria, she and her husband took residence in that country. The baroness is an enterprising and practical young woman who believes in getting her information first hand. Ns- nuasc "ii i f I . :iw My A .. 1 X3 A ' i - 4. - IQ di F2 "' l It I I i F' ' up Japan ig.-4:--5515-iQ:f,ifyfi,g.f12ig"5"igHiivHi-tzigri, ' ., -, ' iggiiifrf it 4 A 1 i hr' D -1-- -1. 1, Jammu Q H., ,ir Af' wi .I . .1 me Baronesy Shzdzue Ishzmoto f . 1. , ,Y , ' - .if 4"'. 3. .1 .4 .1 - . : 2- "MH . , ,J 1 ' 1 9 -. ' V. . fi C . . , , ' V . 71- g,..,,1,g... ,- 4 -, - , f f A , , 1-5-2.12-,-va: 1 , Q' 1.f'1'.1v,g .f'-5 r . A rl I Xi sua ' u DH 'I mr: i'u.x1:1.u'1"1'r: l',x1x'1'1f1: l'rr.wi1l4'l1I N11-1 I,0I'lhl-I HI-ilH4lN1L . I Im' I,l'1'.YIlll'Ilf S l'1Yl'TI,XN lgIllHYN S1'1'n'ff11'.1f .-Xxx.x II1-zxlwlsnm Y'r'u1,ml'1'1 '-.14, 3 A P H T,IiV'f-ll 1:ur.'.c::-W1 Slu- IS an xxnn-.mml ww- llnmp: ll yvu cllml lnlivvv if jllxl lmllvr- ilu- pl:u'n' Hnlrvl lxzls mxulv Tux ln-rwll' lluix ywlr. Slu- is rn-lin'1'llf. luul JI rn- :'m'rg1'lim'. mlrxn-sl lrvrwnl Inu' lu-xvr finals J6,s6J!uQzSs?! lllnxlcl, lg,Xl.'l'XlCtL,XlI, lijl. l7uNlwx1lI.1, H. l. 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'WW -aa 3' ,px 'E HE beauty, grace, and charm of . -x i -if ' f - "J ,I - A53 " Queen Marie have long won the 'J 3, W- ' admiration at the world but no more A so than her statesmanship and the great trust her adopted people have in her. l-ler graciousness, her good deeds, her sympathy and her love of them and their country have endeared her to the Roumanian people, lt has been said that there is no one so queenly as she, and Certainly she stands as a symbol of all we would expect of a queen. Roumamkz s W?tHwWh -qiifi i fss - r it i 2 .. , ,-5' V 1 " :'t- Hg-,lxflt , ."..4.r-., x - .. .s1Y4K5'!, .., .X 4. U f ,L ,.r:5'rI,,,': ,il , I, V, 'Q 1, Altria gh?-..4 . Q- -v v . Queen Marla uamuuunllulnum um.uun..1 45.2315 ' ' by 0 1 ' 4 ,r cw ' uv ' 1 I 3 ' 1 I ' . K 1 ' I H . O , . -L' , A, P l'n1l1rruurl rrul l'llrlr :mu . . , . - -. 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Senior Recitals Q ' I,ix1'1c.x Sxuxn G'1'nrl1111f4' in Violin 1',xlum-I Blmwx ,.' Grmllmh' in Ililllllf aug5"" E I 5' s!'I02F:'3:4 ' 3 '- ,, '- U . . , 4 im ., ff Lffi,f 12z?5:. , ' ' 1 ..ai4ML1fEff- fr puma-aazraam fm ' .5 l . :il MX , l ' ,,.,., ' E41 i fu A15 E ' iq' Q17 - U . 3... I. Lwwgwzh' gl g ' ' ' ,, gf, " : : Q I in ff--P f E 5: -2 Q :il xiki-rwiflq J' f ' -g 132: ,1'l - h J no ,Irvs 'K '7511 I If ' il f , - Q 1-E 52 lv' 6'-5 if , l '.-."' .557 X' gf 'Q -"' 5 aflfj OME fifty years ago Ernestine ' sfz. Schumann-l-leink began un- " 'w y 5 . . 1- 4,-' inf' aided her long climb to fame and ' ' W" success You have onl to look at - Y her firrn chin to knovv that surrender has never been a part of her nature. Through the years of toil, hardship, and poverty, she has emerged as The vvorld's best-loved contralto. She is loved not only for her voice which has that lovely liquid gold characteristic of Italian singers and the conquering note of one vvho has mastered her arf but I also because she has used her voice so generously in helping rich and poor alike, 'Y'l!"-1!l'llllIYF!f'l5lRlD'lY'NYMluxJMUTilllliiilllifibikilflllkfl Q" rll???!i?f3il2g'rfl.l?' '1jEl1i'lilifil!l7iIlfllilillllilfi, l'f'5,iil,Wfll ' fl: if '1ffl,Iilliri"lf"' ik Ffilirsi . Hilii:imz4.flL1.iElilzl.ii,ww' W' " , ' l "' ir'-4 M ' 1 ' 1 ' Ifgii lf' 1 if 11 1L,,, SPIUYKIEMRNG IYRDWUSNI uauau-A-.Q V.. an A . X.. 5 X .X . A X. "'X rf-f'X . , , J' ' gif.-X -VX, ..'1:,.7.X , , ,pn 'gf LL"X,,f'-" -.4 , X ,lu . ..'. -1fl"-.4f'.- .Al-.why I 5' 4' .." fu- 'Xp 1 g- X A 'XP X V .JZ - .. , ' -- R.. ' I-i L: f . X. 'a' f,f"'. A 'f . : , 'PH ", MX!" -.X ::Y " -V,e-- 7-4, . ,- ' ' " f "JIU 5' Mgr" 1. '- ' -- 'G-9i'.Zf"'-5:15 'v Iffllk lf lhnhi 'H' 'hi i "::i"4'f:-'ffil'?'EI3,?'X3sx.5'V Eff! 'Vin . , ' X X 1 -. 'I ' ' 2' A. W V fi. 2? r lu F f, L l'mlrrwuufI um! Unrlvrlfuurl Erneytine Schumann-Hezhle -n'-marina 1 W2 nu!!! , . iffipl-ffffii. ' Lu - A 'T'?EEw g? 0f , .A - ,M fa., M 1, 1-vw ,,s-, 1 Jie zwdf ZILHIAWL I 6514 Athletic Association lil"l'lIIlCll".XIIll'1 3 3 I'i'1'.v1:lf'llf - i -1-'f , ,XXXHI 3IrQi'm:N 7, Vim' I'n'sirl1'l1f - r H 4 M. 'BI 1 M I.. 'z 1,13 un oinui- i xriu x gr SL'1'l't'f1ll"lf 'ur I 12' f M ' Kxri: Swzwixiii 5 T1'1'r1.v111z1 L , :mf llffil I X Mg 61565 Zfmflfjv, ., 5-Q4 M A. IKLICI-I fkmmmx Kyrll.-xlelxrz ISLAND fullvgc Cheer Leaders lilll' Clams lIm,l4:x Kim-:nlmN'r SUIIIIQIIINIIX' C1355 f Ilunrlrwfl 71111 I' 1' RVTII PAXON l'SllllliIll Class ww f' ..-ni.-. kxxx Ihtxluexxenb. II:-:ul of Hfwkvy 1 x Araxw SMITH Hand of Tennis Mgwfzfslf SAQ4 S99 Mx Il x .YM max Hvml of l5:ukvHw:1ll Heads of Sports YQ, 4 P12 mr. Lvxux Ill-:ul of Archery G? KX'l4lI,XIflXl-1 lirhxxn II:-:ul of Hiking X .loli NANXIL: lilnm Ih-nd Ui' Buwluull 'Inf Uumlrfwl Elf II 1 . ' I J '54 :ml I - l 1 . Sensor Hocke , 7 ji : I-- ' X V N SCURICS ' " Svnim' .. .. Il .luniur .., Ii. Svninr .. . S Soplnmlum :V ' 5,2 S1-Him' ,. ,. 1 I l'll'l'hllIllilIl 'f" '- ' H . . , 54-num' ,, ,. .., ' l'1lt'llltV .. ',.-' ..'E7E31?'5 ' "Howl ulml Hn-ninr lim-kvyl WT think th- 4 sun Hrruu l'l.XIRl,s H 1 A t Mlllhml grnmlf Nm tlu-Av sung. :ls wx-ll tln-5' Illlgllt. fm tlu 'WLIIIIH tm nn was gluriuuxly vim-turimls nv:-1' :ill K'0lIll'l'5I ymt tlll X wx: om l sports as N'lllllt'!'h. Tllz' playing of lllltllli' l'lllil'i'N. flllfll'lUltl' Prlinh-r. Ann: It IN Ill illrlcwl. vw-r.v mn- uf tlla' utlwrm. slrsnll lung lu- :1 shining 1'x:unplv to lllltlllt Tlwy xxwlw- :llw gmnl loam-rs. for H'll1'll tlIl'y wr1'uiiflmxniniuuslylwatm-11 lay the xll stns ul tln I"fll'lllfV. tlu-V wuulml lmvv vrlrrivrl tlu-ir 1-rst-wllilv cvppmnlnts un tll:-ir slmulrle IN 111 1 Illlllll ul' viut1u'v. l l l l 1 l l . f X l, Ulu llulrflr: rl l':ufl1'f so - Junior Hockey Sconigs Junior . . 1 Srnior . .. .. 11 W Junior . . 3 Sophomore' - - 2 Junior .........., .... 2 I'iI'l'NllIllllll . ........ , . . 1 Purph- :ind V'hitn-. claw volors: :ind thry hun- Iwi-n through soinz- huttlm royulf In thu niiddlv of ov:-ry fray wi-rn found Pm-tr H:irl:1n. Katha-rim' Birlnci. Julia T1lf'Il3F.illlll Aglics Slnithi in fact thu whole tvznn we-liiul to lnirv ai pf-culizir huhit of hcing ,KN Nu: BICQI'lZi2N Vrrplflilz 1-vcrywiicrv :lt oncc. So did tho hall? From the- iirst hully to they lzmt goal. each gains was un rxhihition of fine sportslnunxhip. Yvrll. Juniors. we know that you'll C0llfillllf3 vverj' day. vwry way. gf-tting hrttvr Us you play :ind work. am you go IllllI'l'ilillg along through life. Om Ilunflrrfl Tlzirl lil! Mg 525126 Zfmfl.-av, '54 . ,.---. -- - .. Sophomore Hockey Scom-is Sophoinorc- , . . 2 Scnior . . . 8 SUl3ll0Ill0l'U . . 2 Junior . . . 3 Sophomort- ...... ..... 5 Fruslnnzni .... . . . . . . 3 fi V ' 7:Q. 5:5146-I .1 Sis-' - -Jia: 7.57 55255552 ,Ai't'5'i1S'f3 w , f- 1- 2 f:QM3z:,w'5e -.rflv Ground. htm-ks! Ground, sticks! Cfroinni. Btn-ks! Thcru goes tht- hull! Sometimes our liuppy warriors svuin to drivc S'1'l',xRT XVILSUN , , , ,.nI,Mfn ltg soinctnnes it sem-nis to lend fl1E'Ill1 on tht' whole. however, they st-ein to have that hall under control. to usc it to adwiiitngc, to play with it as za out docs zz mouse. lildecd. their rivals sung: "Hold that Tigt-r." hut the Fl'CSl1Illt'll coulcln't und the Sf'HlOI'S almost clicln't, Seetllzltoraillgc-color:-dst1'L'z1kP VVcll. it's llllt gl'f'2lSt'Il lightning-only a Sophomore going zaftrr zz hall. and it's morn' than likely to he Stuart lvilson. Hulf-n cilIl'l'l'1lllt. Nfllllllt' Biggs. :nnl .lt-:in Mcl,:nn'u11, 4-lost-ly followed hy the rt-xt of the tr-zum. 0110 1111 nrlrrfl FUIll'fl'l'll Ill Mg 615125 Zfwfif,-L 'YJ 4 I - f , l Freshman Hockey elif Stun!-is "" l l'l'NllIll1lll .. ., U Svnim' .. ., Il l"t'SlllIlJll! ., .. l .llllllUl' .... 2 l'l'hllIll1lIl .............. 15 SUlJlI0lIl0l'l' .,.,...,.. -1 "Hail, Hail. thx' g':111g's :Ill llQ'l'i'. ruotillg for tha' l'll't'SlIlIliIll - tmunl C'ouk-an-dmulh--dun''f YV4- muxt :ulmit that tht- 1'll'L'Nll' l'x'l'ur'1uwr l'llKH'lN lIlIlll1'lll'i'l'lIlg Nt'l'tlUll. with IllltlllNtt'l'l PllXt0ll Ili lc:lLlcl'. u'rt:1i1x- ,',,,,,,,m lx' Illildt' itself lu-:x1'cl. :mal thx' F!'L'NlllIl1lIl tt'iIIll must l't'l't1ll1lly zulu im-lf. :md its lmckcy atiukw, fl-lt. Wvell, I'1l't'NllIllllll, you lust hy il l-illk1L'. h1ltllL'l'lIlL' 121'- uixfs: hut you haul n-very othvr tflllll swlra-cl for :1 whih-. Lung may thu NI:1L'L:u1gllli11. Mom'- llvilll. Smith. xIl'f2lll'l'Il. Pritcllurcl L'0Illlvl1liltlHll lzxstf G:-t in tln-ru Jllltl tight 'vm QilIlll'k'0L'liSl tb-H 22' O11 Pr f' H11 mir: fl Iffflf 1 ll M5 415115 Zfmifm . M54 I l 1 f Senior Basketball - li fi 5...-1' 'Q During lmslu-tluull scusou tlw Seniors aclmlud one more 5 clnuupionslnip titlv to tln-il' :ltlilctic curl-vr. Vvitll C'l1zn'lottu- V N gvtting tln- tom-up :xt tln- CL'lll't'l' :mud tln- line passwork lwtwrcn l "-! licr. Rutlnic. :inrl Myra :1 goal was usually incvitnlvle. Tln- vlx guards wi-iw: swift and sure. mul, NVllL'll tln- lnlll c-nun' flying ANN-K HliNlH1IfH"N luigli, Ih-rtlm Illl'l't'ly rznisczl ln-r sirius. :ind it was lwrs. Vupfuirl l'1':u'tiu' aft:-1' pructicu found tlu- Seniors mon- vflicicut und lIlUl'l' li-u1'uc'1l in tln' i1rti'in':u'ivs of tln- grnuc. Illlilgllltl Opal gllill'dl'Ll by Bvrtlm nl' lTt'l'lli1llS I slmulil szzy lluviil :mil fioliutli playing lulsl-zctlmll. 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SARA D.xv1n lh"1'1In: PWAIIIIIS Om' Hunzlrrrl Tzu-milu-Iwo M Club M E M I3 HK S PM 1-:Lu-: IY.xnL,x N A NNA HIiNIil-IIQS4'lN H.xlmIm' Honmx NANCY Hvm-1 IWYRA .Lxcons Iflmxcrzs M.KI.I..kRlJ . President .. Sez'r0tury , T rvasu re r B1-zlvrlm Moons CIIARLUTTE PAINTER AGNES Surru N1AT'l'IE Lu: SAIITH Evxznvs XVILSUX 1 l DV Q .I A RES 1 4'1"Z""r'-'lr 11 f-.' .'-'1 1 ., - H., r. .,,,,L,.'z:m ,V,,AMt?,H,E,., W 1 .HL J.- . 5353! y Mllu-umimaua it f. A l n W ::' iiift I 4 its W is -ll fi "" , r A r Z, NE ADDAMS is preeminent in 5 If . li the group ot women social re- 'xt' I -1 tormers, She is known the world over 5 for her well-organized social settle- ment work at l-lull l-louse in Chicago. Through her torty years ot serv- ice, the characteristics ot executive power, practical rationality, and unseltishness have marked her as one ot Americas foremost women. l-ler magnificent character, her magnificent mentality, and her magnificent work nominate her for an outstanding place among the women ot all time. X i ....i -ee L..-l--'lr QQ ir I KP ir, Ly' ii ' xg l T he Umred Smrey lluullulnllllununnlulnllllal V I'r11lw'u'uud and lfmIe'ru'oucI jane Addamy N H3322 IZ. 13,1 ,. k - , Y-fl""Z'7l7'i' YY"f' fT'If" "' "' " """"'f"'T"7""-f" - P fv ,- --1:1-mg-.ff-.f 1-'ff-:fnflf-an f -' .izw ' 'iw :?7f7TT7 Wir?-f"v"""' W" 'M""7T"""'T - V . ,fp-491: 217:-"5 923,51 fgg-g4Z55'f:f-- 1:'i1'1,f 11Ffi4,.f .lv A - " q wg-.,z1E-A5554 ':.1!H'4sf: , -- , ' fbi: . - . . . - .. 1,91 N Mi i m.. , ,,,-vp.,U,5 N K- my ,V 1 -,1-"mr: .2 hi, I-1--1-,N-1 1 1 u ,. 1- 5'f"11" ?ff '.?"'9I'v1-'If-' FJ. 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Strung fa1'llIly. tII'ZllIll8It'H ar- 1:vpIwI fur grurlualv work Ivy Ivanling univ:-rsilie-N, Ifla-A A tn-aCIlr'rf c'c-rlifwates. HllIIl1"IIkE EIIIIIIPFIPIIQTIT. Pvrmnal altvnliun In mulvnlx In tvavln-ls. l.'u11r.w.v flNt'ft'lI7B3l'Ill"IlIl" uf Arts. IIam'In:I11r nf Mllaic. Ru1'I1e-Iur UI' S1-io'r1re lIInn1P I'fz3urmrnif-sb llvgrr-rs. A lwn-ye-,ar Sf-I-rerariul IIULIINF unul 21 nine-ye-ul' Ihlfillws C4rur1P. Ailllerffs. Skillful pI1yNicaI 1Iirr-vim and wvavlx lla- ge-nvral ffllpe,-rvixifnl nf 3-IIUIVIF unzl IlIIy5Il'l-JI training. Ar1'I1ery. Iwaskrfllrall. IlLl'4l'IiiIII. Imvkvy. NNIIIIIIIIIIQL. IPIIHIFI. hiking. l"It',. are I-rujnyml in was-'11, Surifll ,4rt1'11'11'U.v. Rvwplimlx. tr-as. 11n4I many UIIIVI' wriul IIIIIIVIIHIIN are p1'mimIe4I at IIN- C1-Ilvgc, nhile nmny Imfpitnlmle anrl :Ir-II,f1I1tfnI Imnlf-. uf llu' vilizz-ng of He-vI Springer- Luv upen In the fluulvnls, Wzllff f'11frru111gw. Pntrullivwl al prvwlll Ivy ninr' rl2iIr's anrI fnur ffm-ign vuunlrirs. FHUI' IIIOIINHTIII BIIIIIIIILIP arf- f-ngugwl sllmw-wsII1IIy as Ilnlnv-l11ak4'1'-. nurse-. lk'Lll'Ilf'YS. xIIvlIIians. Iwnn- dvlnun-11:1li4n1 .nge-Inf-. social xwl'k1'r-. lxmiwifvlualliww and in many nII1n-1' uwIuI plnfrawlnlu-. Ilmlrrrllv lfflflrgvs. Em' 4'al:1Iug1le- wrilr HENRY G. BEDINGER. 1,I't'SI.lIt'IIl FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE RED srffzlws. N. C. MRS. Hl'TtIHINSON'S PERMANENT WAVE SHOP MODERN mul EFI"ICIEN'I' SERVICE .llzrn-xx Ilznzilx llle ILIUCIIIIY mul 51111191113 al B. C. MOORE Sz SONS lflawlw' Qluulilvx Twllx H7711 l'rif1'Svllx Ilfu Ifill ffm! Tfzwn llfw I'RIfIE -'I'I1v I"IlI1'IIlI ul' lIw mlzly QI ,XLITX -Tllv fmlllllulwlf-11 HI X:-uw Ilfm' llvrzrlqlznrfl-m Mf'NEILL CLEANERS PHONE UL RI7llJSI'IlIN1S,N.C. RED SPRINGS REALTY S: INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSIIRANCE .-Ill K1'l1lI.9gfI,X't'f'lll Liff' .I. IJ. NIcI,mx .XIITIIIII Ilulnxrux I G VW GG G - G . Mg 6152.5 Zfmffi.-QL '54 IS YOUR SON READY F OR COLLEGE? lf' YOL' BELIEYE that the gap lrelween high st-llool and llIllYt?I'Slly or senior college is too great for all saxe the Illwrt mature student- llr' YOL DlfSlHlf that your son hate a definite continuation of his Christian home atmosphere into his higher erlmfatioiial life-or IF YOL FEEL that a two-year pravtival cultural college course with diploma preparatory for liusiness or college is desirable- FIND OLT what the Synod of North Carolina has proxided for you. ln an ideal Climate lforty miles south ull Pinehurstt. housed in Iiiotlerii huildings. manned lui universitystrained Christian male teachers. atl- minislered lip men with sympatliy for youth. offering arvredited edu- cation at lou Cost Is- THE PRESBYTERIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE for MEN xI.xxTox. NORTH CAROLIXA .-I Cnrllinl lfvelcnnze .-lunils lm' All MANLTF.-XCTLORING CO. Home Illarle Fertilizers SPRINGS E-talvlisllevl 1900 t.Al'lT XL ,XYIJ Sl Hl'l-l S 548.000 Colton CI-Illllillg Phone 13-J Red Spring. Y. C. THE RED SPRINGS THEATRE THE BEST SHOWS .-11 Popular Prices F. M. C. Wwe are hackitig you 1UU', with Good Gulf Gasoline, Coodrirli Safety Silvertowil Tires and Tulves. Conflrieli Batteries Accessories HOTEL SERVICE STATION GULF SERVICE STATION NI+,Goor,IN ami KllINl-LILI.. Jlgrs. QMQnivZZeSQEab5gz, S454 THE PLACE OF SATISFACTION "The-V Keep Un Corning" GRAHAM COMPANY IS PAR'1'ICULARLY PROUD TO HAVE AMONG ITS CLI IQNTELE The Flora Macdonald Girls and Faculty LATICST STYLES IE REASONABLY PRICED Red Springs, N. C. ALWAYS THE 'N fx SAME.H " .SJ I f EHIYII item lwfurr- it is offered Q for salma. is thoroughly tvstl-II lay e-xpf-rt buyers for IIS Quality. That is why the quality of the funds fnuml at Ps-mic-r's is alwavs the same-- Hwf' f41?1'f6'f'ifl1C' Your the highest stancIa1'd possible. Putronuge' PEN DER'S STORES ' E Mg 416126 Zfmflm. SAQ4 MAKE TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY YUVR CHOICE FOR CANDIES, COSMETICS, MAGAZINES AND DRUGS THE LEADING DRUG STORE AND FAVORITE MEETING PLACE OF Flora Macdonald Girls FOR THEIR AFTERNOON "Dope" Red Springs, N. C. HEADQUARTERS FUR ,N IIIJIIRA IIIACDIIN,-,I.D GIRLS CHARI-Eb nfn SPRINGS onus IIIIIIPIIIII NULL v h q COAIPITLNX IIE CARRY THOSIQ POPULAR ITEMS THAT THE COLLEGE GIRL NEEDS ' 1 Fancies DEPENDABLE DRUGGISTS Red Springs. N. C. RED SPRINGS. N. C. Jie 616125 Zfwzffaz, '54 BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY FAYETTEN-'II,LE. N. C. Capital f53UIl.UUU.IlU Surplus and Profits 3325.IllJO,l,lI,l RESOURCES OVER TWELVE MILLIONS "Safe Bmzlring and Trust SPTIIIQCCZH- Congrat zz fatfons BElK'S DEPARTMENT SIIIRE C0NGR.rX'1'LILATES THE. WHITE HEATHER STAFF AND '1AKr1s THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK TH15 FLORA MACDON.-XI.D GIRLS FOR 'I'HIiIR P,x'1'RONAGH Fayetteville, N. C. Lumberton, N. C. The Town Shop The E.X7C'1lLSl.Ur? Styles for DI.SFfiI7Il.llflfl'llg Shoppers SUITS : DRESSES Over Three Steps Up Fayetteville, N. C. Sandliu 81 Company I I HC. Wholesale GROCERIES. GRAIN HAY and FEED Phone 397 I7AYI'1'I'TEYlI.I.E. N. C. Jig 6054115 ZI '54 IIVM IUISI HIGHSMITH HOSPITAL l'AYl-I'l'Tlf'X II I F N 1' "Df'lic"1'0z1s and R6f,l'6'S1lillg'- ' 61265 COC.-X-COLA BOTTLINC COM PANY Fuvvllvx illff X f' C,HlIIlPllIIlPlIfS from THE CAPITOL DIEPARTNII-lNT 5'I'UHl'f Une lnzxflf' Your Pntrunage' S. HALL DRUG COMPANY ,Ufzrlff Sqzzarv I'w.'KYf'fI'TIfYlLl,I'I. X. C, Cmnpletf Lim' limos 1 SLNIJHII-IS : OOI x H. R. HORNE Sz SONS l"AYE'I"l'EX ILL!-I. N. C. Dlllglglhlh Num- IISGJ Jie zlzhie Zlsaiiev, '54 Snmrl plltire -'UI' lhe College illisx FLEISHMANAS BIG STORE 106-lllkl llay SI. T'liQPl.lf?X ille. N. C. THE STYLE SHOP llnlwre Your Iillfftlllllgl' in Alu ayx A ppre'c'i:1le1l You will he pleased with our Styles. Quality anajl Senive- :lalf Ullrcm xllmlll l".x l'TayettPville. N. C. XXILNIINIYTON. N. lj. FAYETTENILLE. N. C. CITY OPTICAL CO. Everything Optical Prescripfzimrx Filleal .'ll'C'llfUlElVY Lenses Duplivatecl by Mail I! .llusf Be ills Represenleal If ll Comes From Hatelzefs Jewelry Store 103 llay Street FAYE'l'TEX'Il.l.E. N. tj. "SIU il ll'I.flI Flowers" Szuznysifle Floral Nursery Estalili-liffrl 1873 'lll'lt'IDI'll!!l0 4-9 .lame-s Xl. Lamll S Sum. Pmpl'irfIore THE CAROLINAS' LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO STDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH. N. C. Ojieial Plzotograplzers THE WHITE HEATHER 54 COLLINS DEPT. STORE S I 0 R Fwnlun' Klum! Qualify' ' - L'url'm'l Stvlrx LATEST FASHIONS for the 561150115 .-IIl1'f14'Iiz'f' lll'I'1't'N l.l XIHIERTHN. NURTH MARULIN K XX IIITIQX lI,l,l'f. 'NORTH 4fARUl,lN.-K 1IlIAlDB0l'RN. NORTH UAROLIYA l":XlRXlUN"l'. NURTH 1fARlll,l'VA Ll'yl3ERT0y. N. lj. XII I.l.INS. sul Ill 1AHul,lNx We IVIIIIVVIIUF Uwe I-lll1PfSt'll I u-VRIVIIIIIB' ,-l14u1'l.s ,nu :II Mc-MILLAN'5 DRUG STORE Tllw Rmull Slure l.l'NlBl-fR'l'0N. N. C. DEPARTMENT STORE 1.l'x1BEH'rom. N. 13. 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Suggestions in the Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) collection:

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