Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC)

 - Class of 1923

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Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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'li-K T' .. -4 4-4. ' ' W , , -, ,f - w ...--..-. - .i ' -... 1 M , M N 'K-il il? l x 3 I -:fn-J N - XI l - -' I , X - I ls E Lbrw X':.37y- Ygnylfdi A ,f -f :him '-'-'ff-5' QS llllll W - '- lv lv:1 'M "" , i lllill 1lH2 - FlX1 X .-- """ i 5 - Z" "' gfi , iff- ' --"-ff 4- X f !Z W -: - V "Q -- X was ,Off f F f Ak A N - 2. 3 -ii"-?"'T-:'-S . X ' i f Ax -A-H -- 1 ff Q Q X N , :.F- f f we E . ,-ff? i..-:--11: -Q 5 X. I X qs- X ' , .- 3 x X - x I' v- .A 1 in lla- ? at -'x' -I: M, f-.lcd-1-V : , - A- x "I" D-17 1-Y.: W-ai 5 5 F 1, 5 ,f , - 'i .. f - - 4 ' -1, f-z- ,...: QT? rv A gi :fia 1-P .tl-t..-- J X - - " '- , xt -4' Y ' If, . -"' k :'-I-l-A x'x" - 4 - ' , 1' gi' -, .K r 1 KX f 51 I 1 A 'Tr ' ' -tes: f Q " P 5 ' A . , . , f : 1 ,fn . yan . 9 ' "I 1" A . Mfg. x Nj. 445 NA!-US , , -Q , ,fx Do . "f -'Y - ' gig.. 1' 1 ,Q ','7Q.,'h.'.'-N. ll A A 1.1 lil xvl I I'I'I'. 'l 12 'l m Xllll l' : A , .ll QE ui 'Q fl' - . . I I I ll I 1 .. ll I I HEQHER X f' ' 'if ..a A ' Y D , A Mig ' W 9-1.1-v"f'il'll , - ' ' Agn" 2.545311 N , , , lily. A 5 ,125 9 Q , fy e' -yr" Q Nfl ,541 X urn-YY A V-f 'Bear l I DOLUME THREE PU.Bl..lSl'lED BU THE CLASS OF 1923 Flora Macdonald Colleqe Reel Sprincjs, N. C. -----.------ --..-3i-b.'----L 7. Ill XIHI R ++++++++-H+ De' is if 6537 +++++++++++ l l Xj't.lYlTIQ I FOREIDCDRD O catch some of the sweetest and most siqnilieant tones of our colleqe clans-to imprison within these paqes at least a hint of the spirit of "hiqh and loftq enf deauorn which thrills throuqh the life of everq true clauqhter of Flora Utaedonalcl-this has been our aim. lDe know that in inanq waqs we have fallen short of our ieleal, but we hope that louinq memorig of the ions and sorrows of this gear mag overlook our errros, and cherish this book as a veritable treasure house of 1923. 2 Cliff? .-,,,..1,,-. ,..,,,.. W.. V- l ' i...-..,-.. if ' Il'1.l,,..I1f1fJ:,1! T,.Ai SEZ " . "' ...j """"' ""' 12. 'lv r 7. i i N4 X wu ITL gl s - X 1 - - , A mzxmak J u Q kv!! E ik k Q coNTENTs Book 1. CThe Classes " Book H. Literarq Book IH. Orqanizatious and Clubs Book ID. Fine Jlrts Book U. "Hash" B i ' C5 15? '-0 ' 1 ,f-qw.. 5 walnut. f 4 5 gt Ju xr HI 14 : I 'P fr ' W I 1" ' De ieation if 6' CTO MISS MARU JOHUSTCU Jltgriend lDho not onhg demands the highest and best from those around her, but who inspires it in them ' CI' he Class of 1923 t louinqhg dedicates CT his Book CI' he 1923 ID ite Heat er 5 eil lg? 4 it I nr I ' .' : u "4 1 ,' I ' u I W ' I L ncnccu L::-:ii-:ZZ1-iiEQii5i ::21T-1' gs 1:5 i2 vl ,I ll ,I ,I -4 ,I NI w ,I ,I NIJ ,H ,Is 1:2 ll! w:1 l f.y14L'wg N. .FV7 s, , V I xmln. ' "I - Q . : I5 IHIXIIIHQ ' IRQ gg uq College I y n u I I of the Dean OU EW EZ EI If s: ' I IE :g II O if J 'D I, H D :I Z 1 H : I 1 I1 Q H1155 MJl g, l, ' I, , I ml 1. I I , I A I I I I, I I I I g, :E I1 In I Ii ll If IE I? I! :s :N :l :S ,I I I 5 I! - I 5,2 jiri fl .............. I lm ' XYHIEE ji IILXTHLSR. I ii! -U, W' ' ISI . , fe Is! - ng . 1:x K I In l LII ll III l gil 1 ISI il! ll! QI Y The White Heather Staff P' Rim - -II-XNIE BUCHANAN ...... ........... E d1'f01'-ill-Cfllhlff ' E, ELIZABETH MORTON ..... .... , 'l.Y.K'l.Sfll1Zf EdIAf0I'-I-11-Cfllff l g I I! ANNIE LEE FUNK ..... .......... IS' 1f.v1'11vs.v JIIIIIIUQFJ' I: I XE CHARLOTTE G.-XRTH .... .... - '1S.VI'5ftl1If Blrxillvss Mamzgrl' : ALICE CARR ......... ---Safvlzouzorv Rvfw'vsf11mfi2'r . E SNOXYE BRADLEY .......... .... I "l'l'.YlIlIItIH Rvf11'f'sv111'f1lit'v MARTHA MILLER JONES ......... Y. IV. C. A. Rvf1'vxv11tufiz'v , AVIS Fl DUNTAIN ...-....... .Jllllvfff I'lS.Y0l'l'tlfl'0lI 1?L'fU'L'A'FIII'lYfI'Z'l' MARY ALICE BOYD .... ........... Z rfrsimz Rvfwcxvlzfafiiu' ELET-XNOR HERRING .... ..... E jvsilnuz Chi Rffv1'v.vvl1h1fif'r . HELENA BUTLER ..,. .......... - --.Jn Edffm- NELL NORTON .... ........N. . 41-r Edffm- I METTA P.-XTTON--- .... T-I'f'l"ZUI'ffl'lIf1 Edifnr E I E U Ysvvy ' y Il 1 fl 11 L. I: ' J ' 4 u 6 ,-,V Qs Q L-.------ ':-.-----:-.-------.-- ----i "' ' ,-.- '41 PO I 1 I I l I I I l I : u I I fl ,-fuflffd 'x I in 'Q l Q, II' .U ,Il W, 'if 4, 0, lb E Aj mum X ' M um I as li SVC! in H ff w W ff ' Q P Ei X" . 9 if W W W ufwgy g. If 9 ,Q ANTNLELEW U W Yguvg H H .iwwffw Y -M 2641417 If .MMJI J SWL H 71-ww .' ' wwf, U 'N : iii RAD U F E . if ' ffl q- H jy Bom Q F1 M 'Y 'Vi 1 n:3Y:LT2YQ:iS:-:ngnzizffilf AZZQ yqyjiiv ,"V'f' ii-,,M - --Y H- KH ff ,1 1 , .- f fr' if ,.r. ,, HI ,Q -,fm-4 'Y .L J, 3, a V 1 XSIIITL YI in , , 1 Q--:rf nr Y - 111 l1.4 lfn f'11'l1 L111f1111.L 4111111 t U Nh nfblflyla' f'1ff,111f 11141111' prnqf X MU 1-1 ., m 8 .N .,4 f HlR LQ 'FV 1 frllfn 1'. 7141.11 llllllllllllllflll :g1rl1 4 uflL11111111, 11 Hula N111 11411 P' if -- 5.f'tf-.1 1-Y N1 :1 1 - : Q 1 NMHVII 15 : W suxum wx : V fra 2' 5 U - ,nu ' W W E H' W E H: g H ' 'mf-?. E .IQ kT""' , H fx - x E ,ls 1 ' : : E A K E : g : . Ei Z :g : Ei I H1 V : E H ' N : H ' n 5 wb! I :l . :' E I! I El E 5 s El ,ff 5 9 1 1 I l w . u : '?, 9 E : ' . ,,, jr' 'f b ,7 ll!+!+QIll!+2+!llllll jig? lIlllllIIll!+:+!ll ml,lli+:hl1l1li+:+1M FQ. .J I uh V. 1' I 'N I ,X ,N u .x si 3 "4 I ,n ,u u n ei 351 F iii E 9' SQ . A, DC' w f ll, r' 4, XN'Hl'l'L-. lllQX1lIl,fR :Q X 1, H4 JV' 1, u U I I I f'1.ff'f7.u1ffna FV, Mmm. ff hun xlf, N ff fa iff, 'Muff ffm! T fwf.f ffl.l1.'1r fffu Nm." ,, XS : n N ' I I I I I I I I I -ii... W f' -41 ., J 10 E .. , ' W f,i f", N AM E , I '--1 X fl if ' ' W : 'Q A iw E xwulng 5 1u.xm1Al1 5: STNYQL , va if E ' . g , 51 ii X 5 4 R fi F 1 1 J .1 I1 lx H IN :N I 'N .V 21 fi? :, 11 .r M is my f, , 4:2 ff 'w ,A ,14 :' A V ' - V, ' .-, LV-'. MH" H mu WI W lwll H 17 I I W L I I I w S21 Sw il! xl I I ', 5. I, El It I w W: J' ,.N E : J l, 4f Nui v H: I in, 12,57 ,Fi ,X -I-1' k f 4 - Yu nuumallulllvnldih kO6f4' -+'di+lllMI+:+I.+iE I n an -- .. my JY? V -+--+-T-Li-Eyqwligglll ::Il:4!-+IIllIll:. X I J il I ,hmxg ,Q mijlsufxak 1 ,, H, Rqfllfiflfflfx' Mu mfr auhvlgffl 'TAM' 1'hu1'l'1hnl Qfrlit' upon ffm' 12 ,mr ' 1 , ,N "-L,-.fl-4.-.,,,,, n ri H if 5? if .x 55 I I U . Jr. I I I! I n I I I I I I I u I I I g, lr ml In ,I N'4 :x l l I I li 'E r E? I qi I 2 I I I I I 'H :x lx IN :, is H If lr ,H IN U ly E1 g, fl :, I if El N M 1? N E1 r'-BTW 'x 9' X! IIII i 1 ' 1' . T: 5 X5 xI'IIlI'I, f ' - lIl.XIIII-Il, RF fl I X., Faculty of Flora Macdonald College I Qln order of length of Servicej E CHARLES GRAVES VARDELL, OD. If PRESIDENT E5 I E MRS. LINDA L. VARDELL l PIANO, PIANO PEIJAGOCY l MISS MARY .IOHNSTON DEAN OF THE COLLEGE MISS PATTIE B. WATKINS IIEAN OF THE FACULTY ' MISS ETTIE BROWN PROFESSOR OF FRENCH LANGUAGE ANI: I.ITERATI'RE REV. H. M. DIXON, Ro. EI PROFESSOR OF THEOLOGY El MISS ANNA SPENCER DANIEL is PROFESSOR OF CLOTHING AND TEXTILES ii MISS ELIZABETH FAIN, AE. it PROFESSOR OF HISTORY ' MISS HARRIET MORRISON, A.I3. ' PROFESSOR OF LATIN . I MISS MARY MCEACHERN, I3.M. Ei INSTRUCTOR IN PIANO I MRS. MARY LOGAN SANDERSON, A.B.. A.M. E PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH l MRS. CHRISTINE W. EWING Il PROFESSOR OF SPANISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE MISS MARY FORMAN I5 PROFESSOR OF VOICE Ig CHARLES GILDERSLEEVE VARDELL, A.B. .5 DEAN OF CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC n 13 'Vw I I' ,I I f 1'-'I -1.1-7 ..,,.,,,,L.i,v JAYV, 74 YYVY WW 7 TY W W . Y' . ' Q ,, - - ........ ------------.::,:::--:,5:i. ...... F -N wk 41, 1 Q 4. " nf" .V ISI . WHITE ' . . fk fi Q31 IIENIIIER -' .5 ISI QI ' I - I: 5 III Ili ' ,E F1 MISS HELEN G. ANDRES ' IJ PROFESSOR OF FOODS ANI? COOKERY E Tw I I I: MISS ANGELINE CRYMES ' ' 2 I PRl'lFIiSSOR OF COMMERCIAL DEIH-XRTMENT E I . H, MISS KATE MCNIZILL, AIS, Q: PROFESSOR OF MA'I'HEMATICS ISI MISS MARGARET MCNEILL, B.M., M.M. I COADIRECTOR PIANO DEPARTMENT 5 II F MRS. IANE COLSON GLENN, L.I., PlI.G. ' i Ia PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY ANI: PHYSICS - .,g M MISS NAN ROBERTS, B.S., M.S. : jg, PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOIIY ' . 'II g MISS Zi JULEAN ANDERSON. Ali. E ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF BIBLE i MISS JULIA GORDON ARROVVOOD, A.B., B.M. E M INSTRUCTOR IN FRENCH AND PIANO , IEP MRS. L. F. ROHESON 'l ' PROFESSOR OF VIOLIN I: I II MISS LULA E. MORRISON "I INSTRUCTOR IN PIANO I MISS LIOSEPI-IINE ELLERBE, A.B. ' :gi INSTRUCTOR OF ENGLISH In MISS ANNIE WEBB, A.l3. QI PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION MISS SUE HAILE II, DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL TRAINING I I MISS SADIE MENZIES. B.L. jf INSTRUCTOR IN MATHEMATICS JSI MISS EDNA VVEBB. I5.IXI. ,EI INSTRUCTOR IN VOICE ' ' I MRS. J. C. w,xIqEFIELD, L.I., AE. A E DIRECTOR OF PIIBLIC SCHOOL ART ' E Iii 14 II' - ' : 'VIR 17412 . EI 'T.T.'L'T",LL'Y'ii'M" Ti M""fST':i LIT . !i r ir -'--' ,Eff I f IQL7-'3,'I'vf 2 I l '1 ,- vi "If -, EI ' XNIIIAH, uupwn ll T ,,, ff-E, 5, h 3 I I I I I Vi 'I I :L I I I I I I I If I gl .I I I I I I ii ii E Ii ii ! I I I I I I I I I 'I I I: VI an I- '2 II gu it . . :N 'x ,I H5 I 1' E E l: ii E5 ii LI bi E CIIAXRLICS ISKXVES V.XIilJIiI,T,. IMD. E3 President Hi 1 Hi :E I: I5 15 N" 'Hip "4' I -f"iTTIIZ'Iiii4YZ' 2122 4 If I I ,- ,-"fl"-' 'x r' - - X ff 'xx 'A ' W . A fg x 1 ' ,LJQJ , 2JL1,j'w"L1QlL,: " L l'llllINllllllllIll Arxf-'ry llllllllllllllll 1 n n nl luuuf'-+ula I N f 4 fl... g ,-4, My .H H-H-H I: -, U , .+-+f:h+:t+H:t 21:1 -++:H-H-H:hH .1 1 my yy I .V XEQJ Xx +11 is , 4L1 ,w4111, g Eli xv V., I 1: at , V ax'- - 4 5 L 'Hy ,, '1 Z 'U , '-LI' N1-Q. vw, i ' 1. 'Aim-"L ff---' I, . KV .,..,-........-..Y-.-,x.. si ws 1 u ,r pl, 1 ' X2 ' u E . tl - u I I I ,l, I, ,z H-if W E? I X7 iw ,Q FA CULT I Qu xl 5 3 Ill lu 5' W ,il IN aa? QM U, W ll! 124 yl +gF , , l , - f ': Q ,H I H ia gm H 16 f 1:-v if -. 1T'5:.Q f a'-' fi Y iv' -.-.Jw 5 - . ' 1 I.. 7 gf' ,. .r Jf 11-V I ' ,.ff, fa. A ',' r..z,,. I ,,, . -v , . 1 , it., .V X If ,P1 ,.4 .,:. , s-' Q s -'ax vnu, ., 4. , . . .'4. V 1 21- uw- . . iq. ,. A , K? . : l 4 Q Cnr. - Y , A -.-A f"' 1: n 'ALL 1 .. . 1, b -'.'Y-.,,.' 9 ' y .' .U- .'3- 'Fl 'YT ,-5.3.3 ' I ' "' . ay." 1,2-3-.J 4 . , I 'A 1' ,".s11ff4-E-, ,-f . . . - v -f" us 2 -, . ,. A.:-' s FQ f 'Q ' . V.. A K. UL. 2.4, :EH V - '-, ..,,.3.1 LT. '. P, 'fffaf . Lili" vi, " '.-L,.7 fn'- . Q ,Q . ,- . . 1 1 I Q? :L . 3, ., 4-f"., 1: Q" fc, 1'- S ' 1' .4 'Nl' 1 ':..fA , -.af 'r .-9 . ...VF , 7 I , - , -'x,.J. .., ' 4 .1 ,A 'Pi' ' 1' '. .'L '-- , ff.. 12. ' .. ., ,n. If-, " .-i , -,,'- .. ...SV ,. .fly .J wi., , .Uni . , , -.x...1 11- ,."f .ll ., .i.,Y, . V- . ..,'.1 ,--' n.,- ,, . ' qv '4.. ' . .. - gn , ..,. ' ' Q I, A 1 f .- , ,-.q.,, '59, ' , , Us-T , . 5521, . , . .-, A x ' . A -L, -..:. ., . . .V ,fp-,J -rm, -- - ., . v 1. ,Lu f" -I .iw -f -'QX 5?':sL'IE Lib.. ' g. , ,. ,I j 51:1 K:-1.3 E is 4 .,.' Inj., ,M . ' ' 'f- '74, A. . ' :.'..1 -+ ,.,a'faF'-f, 'jgff-',.. 2 14 V.: 1 J -pf. ..'4.-.J - - ,fr 2 v :. w , ,: - .,' u ,-..i hifi, -.,-f Q1 V .,: ,. Lug, V., . .. , ...- Q . . ,....J. ., N. Hi. .r,' , , ',,f': T.-A Tw , '-fi fff,f5 -- A f ff J ,,- -. A v. "':'?. ..- '-tf' f 1 1-eg, .,,'-. ,- A 1. 1 L, f . K. .4. ".,.',..l-fl, 4 ,-'31, . " 32,3-'V-55.1, Aiyflrl, -. . .,r-- .f Q., ,- , xi- '-5, V, F 'ff'-. .'g U' -w"'1"4. - ii",--.-nf.. 4-lr . ,. . V Ag-r 4-. ' ' ' -.3143-f'..-jail' 1 " :'?ff11'7fI2.' z' '- '.'.. af"'Lf::'2 U 'E rf., as 1- '. . v--,LL-j: 5--'Q .F-I. ' ..- .fy ' ll 3: -'Tk CZ1..'Bhn1Hi"7 l6.'Mi,f"Ff 'Ei4XRl'r'llY."'W4h!fE ,.. 1,524.4 -X " . , 'A ,.rL"1'N 5 - fXxlIIIl-, g I TJHIXIIIIIQE v .r 3, ,35 lf' x, ,f i .A D 011 G' ff 17 Ill llilllg lIlllll'lllllllllI'N'v' I lll'l w'I mmmmdznm wc' tr :wr:wt:+1H:nn:1. . NR. I'1II,I.Y GLENN Senim' Class SIJHUSHI' ,-.- 'n"l4fw'r, 'x , :SBA . 1 1 1 ' w R ,Y 5843,-757 'I ll I ll I ll I ll I ll I I n nuunulunu LCf,? 5 'Xxlgll H1 Xlllll " l X LG' 18 XIISS l'I.XRRIIi'l' M1 HRRISUN Senior Class Faculty Nflvism' V: !i M ul wl Nl li : Nl EE fi Ki, YI ii ,I PE E I il I zl I xl r! ?El SU . 2 :N fi! Xl -at !lu E! I1 Iii I'I ii Wu ,U xl. Xu: F" n :nf l, 'nu ui 'Q FI: M U ,ll ul 'us sf ws ,l. :u my 5, -l ,-I5,af-.- -, I I , rIA"'4'w , 'f 4- ' ' , Q ' llflll ll ll' "Nj Y' I I Il lll,lllIl1l'I ia: 'Ik 1 1' if ' u Q I l xi 1 nn l E ll lllXlllll1.! . la IH- - I . it I E 5 : 1 g I 2 5 nl , I ' Y' iv 3. SCIIIOI' Class I E 1 ' I u I Psalm: 121 H mn: Creatiwn llx'11i11A.X:ltl1snn I . Y . , I I I . I I Motto: Labnr nninia vineit I ' u I Colors: lllaelc and tinlfl Flower: lllaek lived Susan - I y I 5 E I I I l'. A I , r I .I fl I iw , I 7 1 : ,I ' ' ! : vl, , , . : :I ' HAZ " . I1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . A u I l'fl.lZ.X Xl.xCli.XY XYlll'l"llED, .X.lI, I T .A ' I I wimrixfziox, N. mx I I Z, l I I I 1919-1920-Publicity Cnniniitteeg XYinner I : F. M. C. Mniingraiii. l I 1920-lllll-Y. XV. C. A. Cabinetg Pine and I I Thistle Staffg Public Debate 1 lVearer of I ' Star. - I I 19.21-192.1 -Assistant liditnr-in-Chief Pine I I and Thistleg Dramatic Club: Cncler-graduate I 1 Representative Y. XY. C. Ag Tennis Club: : :I President XYilmingtnn Club: Lieutenant Fire g Il Department: Delegate to Blue Ridge: Chief g EQ Marshall. I g 1922-102.s.-Dfamtitic citing Htickt-y Team: 5 I President Class: President Student Body. I Il " 'Tix Slllllffllflljl tn lu' ft'1'l1z'i1.t1 In L'17IIlHIL'l1d, I I Hut my lwxf f7l'tIIXt' ix, Nm! I nm j'I71lI' fl'it'ml" I I Our Eliza is nne of those wlinlesnnie. Calm, I I kind of people une likes tu have arnund. I E Trnubles have a way nf getting all sinnutliecl ' : but when "Kawkie" takes hnlcl of things. She E g is une whn combines the art of being a friend : I with practical. sterling cnmmnn sense. She g I is capable tn the last notch. Ltitik at statis- I I tics! Loyal and faithful, tim, une nf wliuse , I . . E leadership we are prnurl. '. " ' WP, A .- ' I ,5ff'-k't+2":f'4' ' 3 iiivifi T1 . ,.s'.F'iwr, - 2-3'-tw:--'J 4 ' 5 E g 19 - : V I .gl , I I li . - , N f' . ' Z -,, A,,,,, 7, , , ii f W If v y'ff,'RJ 'N 5 .lxmiinmi E xlllkllllflli I E ff? .xr : l fl E l: E Ei I lil I il i if E lil 5 lil E ii , ,ul I i' I iii I y:I E if 5 li NINETBEN TMENTY s v in I ill i N: 1 'I I I ' : - - Y . . . . v v - , I g KLXMIIL lifilxlgli, lil.. lfl.l.l'.X ltlixx IN lil...-XLR, gX.B. ,g ' IJAYIIPSUN, N. V. ' : I..-x'1"11x. S. ij. E X H5 i Z 1"l"-l"2ll XYinncr in Tc-num lluulilcsg Finzincu : ' Viuiiliiilitcu Llliwrgil Ass-icizxtlung XY6':1i'cr uf Mmm' I , -. . . - 7 . L . I . . H Annu. H I N Q Q u i 1919 19'-U'Bllll9 5'tUflF Lummltlil' 11220-lvllfl11-1451111-r in hnphmiinu- llzissg 'lrcns' : 1920-1921,-Social Scrvicc L'UmmittL.k.' uqrur nf fxtlilctic T-XssnQintim1g Vlinrul Aszjncizitiring ':' : V . I A liiiiuncu xl mmnittes: NX ear:-r of btnrg XX inner in , i 1921-l922-Nltlhlwr nl Hlglllitllll Fllllg 1 lp-nnis Singles 'und Ili-iiililes. : I XVcarcr of F. M. C. hiliiiiiigraili. A"'3l1l"33' Y'fl"l'ff5'F1f!" ff J"""'ff.li'5S.i PWS' 1 a V ri A R . Q I nluit ul .Xllilu-in YAsmcmt1uli, Mc-nilierbliip Qummit- ,Q Q 1922-lU23ff 51vCl2il SCTVICLA L UlIlll'llHcL'Q tgeg XI:-inlwr U1 X. C. A. Cziliinutg Lieutenant in i pl'CSlClCllt uf Dillon Liuunty Club: Mcmlwcr liF!Ef'g:QfE1'f'9 xTl?fJ:f:ii2't3i:1fi giejrslrerfiwfqtalgl XM 1 - - . Q . ..:1. oi--5 i : Nl Hlgllldllfl Fllllil - Llfiw H' 'llxil liflm- lhurnl ,Xssuciqniuiig Mcnilxcr uf Student luuncilg ., 1 - - . H'h1: l Fl' gl'l: T' 'J S' fl : U ll ,Q ' 5 lmzvfj' 1.v Hn' .vmrlx IVULIINI, lJ2.li1.gf:x U, iiffiu, lqiiigka mum mb is md lime: li ' .SilId114'.x'x IX 1'f'5 lIl.YIUl,H 192344115--Fire Vhiefg lXIt'Ckli'lllllll'H Cuunty ii i Vlulm' I'l1m"il Ximciutiui' llighlunrl Flingmr l' Y i 1 A if . . . .. 1 . LA , . , f . 'I 1 X ou ru hcarcl nl El flual pwsuiizility-liiiik "I5mvl1 and llfyiil, 11 fm-mi ru ull, 1:3 I at Mamw. Anynnc who can succcsstully 'WF J' f"f"l?-V5 'Wifi' "ff"'9f 1:f1."- ,, . .. ,. 'gl ihin . thy Uh fi , . U- I-Q f Fl. .1 .11 , N 1 bk ll lzgtllrz' it In' atlrluinx, l ur L luvf qf I'n'rs ll : -t L "Uh A All DWL- 4' U 1 fi Y 9 .Slivg fzriw' nm Imxy tu yruizt ymar zlrJirCs,' sl : 'yuung and ll'lX'UlHLlS cimugli In havc 21 .-1 fm-I ru lmimi-, li im-I tu trusf, H ll! : gimcl time alwavs, llcsiclcs lmcing a gnnrl spurt. :"l"Yl' i"'f'iJLL:'f'l':5LiiQl'ah':"'if'4l g d gl H lil 1 ,, . . ' ' . .. .' I ' V. - H c-Q yu 1 1 41 : "L s: no . in in , ia. .1 bit ut fillright. Narclnll Hall xxill tml Sh.. ,SAw,,,.!h4 k,,A,w.,,g' Such ,S A-Desgy HH ,M C a loss wlicn it ncvci' again 1-clings tu thu hwfihle ilislmsiriliii has iv.-n hi-r many friends. She- lg! : dwcrful taps uf M2iI1lig,'5 hccl Ur hm- hm- Inst?-i'iHt-lls us much about herself, but lenvc-s ns lm I V . 7 V Q I . W A . A V 1 . V ' 'FS 'Z' Q . : l2is1lC IUL' A5 blk tflps tilt Hlilhl-UNI Vlvm. "Inv has thu ruin cimilniizitimi of :1 sunny, lil u - , , , ' I ' I ' , , , ' . - plcnsiirc-luviiig nature, mlrtcrinlimtinn :mil ability. l Q , lnmd ludx' Nldmu' hulk m 5l'ltu'L' hm m She is .ilwuys in wlenmnal when wr- plan an good time lE : lI'lL'l1ilSl1lIL :xml is znlsi- :nn L-sscntial nwniln-r nt' the Class uf '23, f. ' 20 lil ' i . V ,g 3 .: . , - Q' I i 'IF K 4,0 ' V ." . ' 'Q-'Q 1 .ff A M52 MN wllllllllllllllll grgsliff l4lIilIllll'l'llllilll iiifg xy! il 'iff' :' I. 1 Q X ..rt:hM3:hd:hHr:iEt1....- znnifrhhditmrz fx W y A, ++-++-+ +-+ . -1?E??""" ' XJ Xylllll ji fill I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l NINETEEN 'YWENTY THREE' 5 MARY .XLICIQ ISIJYD, l'l.Kl. E 'l'UXX'NSYll,l.l'f. N, li, z. 1920-11:21-xlltlmiit-f .if Y. xy. ti A. Cinn- mittcc: NYcarur of F. M. Li. Munugram. 1921-192Zfl-L-aclur -if Prayer Band: Muni- I I lwur bf Y. XY. Li. A. Lit1lNl'llltTL't'Q Muinhcr of E Choral Assuciatinn. l 1922-1923-Mc-mlwr uf Y. XY. Li. A. Cahi- ' nctg XVhitc Hcathur Stattg Lilinral Associa- : tiling Senior Hwckcy Tcamg Firm Squad: : Highland Flingcr. I I I 5 "lx tlzun' tl fzlwlrf Iilllll Jlzzlxir rllzzrml 111t'lf.7" ' XYhcn you sec "Rnry" darting arnund the lwckcy field shu lmvks anything hut a musi- cian-hut that isn't saying that she isn't unc. If you want tu fnrgvt all ynur "lusts-tu-lic" I just let "Rnry" play fur you and ynur cares I arc gone. ShC's nut nnly grind at hnckcy and ' music hut at just alwut anything ynu gin' her to du-especially thu Highland Fling. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .l.XXlli lllil,l.li l3L'L'll.XN,XX. .X.l5. r:1FL'. J.xP.xN E.X. 1919-l'lZ0-Svcrvtary Frt-shman Lillissl Vhnral Assuciatinng Y. XY. Li. A. l'JZ0Al'22l-Piilu and Thistle: Staffg Or- cllvstrag Y. XY. Lf A. Cfmiinittcc. 1921-1922-Y. XY. Lf A. Cahinctg Assis- tant lfclitnr-iii-Liliiuf uf XVhitw Ht-atherg Ur- chcstrag Executive Cmninittcc lf. X. Society. 1022-1923-Y. XY. Li. A. Uuninittccg Or- chcstrag lfclitnr-in-Cliicf nf Wihitc Huathvr. "tf1'r't' mi' Hzzzxzr and f1'iw111i.f limi' lift' will lu' tl Ni'lr.r1l1't'." lf ymiyu heard uf girls with intcllipgcnt minds, lf ynu'vc heard uf girls whim arc duar, It yuu'vc heard ut girls with gifts ut all kinds, Than this is ujanic Huck," 11 Irit-nd sin- ct-rc. 21 nuvunnnuanur Y,wunuuunlunnu V M .-.Q-., ...-.-..-v-...-4....4- . u 1 sunausuu: - lunuuunun-vig X .1 v,-1.-. 'ff' - f . ,. 14 IX 5, A14 .-x gyxxuumu Q : qh..i1WHiI me 'A F NINETEEN TWENTY THREE' v I A N I I I .1 p J I V I H I I I I. I1 :. I 5? w:j ,E w I :. XI Z!! 'I fi II I 'I 12 h: .2 I gy' wa .0 'o I .E 1: 1: ll. lit INNIIC IHZSSIIC 13L'I,L.X, ILL. .XIALX RIHHIJI1L'RK2IiSS.ILS.. EQ I"XYF'I"l'FYII I F Y K' E.X. l'Il"fl"j1l Kluulmv' If Krlwguulle Klvctxngf ll-nl' YIIIIILTQ Pray ur Il.m'l I.r.ulur. IWJID-l"II l'lm1vT1nxll If. X. S.fcwtyg Mlvmxmry t'unu1mtu-. l'4ll-1022, Ilghgxntu tv' Xuuug Pull-Irs luntcr- VIICU. lfnjjllljif Sm-C1'cl.n1'y -if Y. XY. l'. .X.g I,u'e Suu- xcc Ihmvl: Pun' :mul 'l'hlxllo SIMY. "HY fuss flux fvuy luzt nlzur, U lrrurl uf miur, .Yu tvlfy rm! rmzlrf flu' w1u'1l4'-V Tvrll fwfr!!! fvllilf, 1fx':'ilm flmsu thu! Izuvrl nn with Hx ,-1 lmclfum lmml, 41 :mul uf rluwz, u xmxl4',"' Iivmuic 151-nc -ff :hmm mrc in-lxvi-lusuls umh-rm-znll wlwsc calm 1-xtrrwr tlmru- rxxet wh-pths uf fcelmg :ami hvlghta uf uspxrutlnxm, wllmh fuw Iucwplv url' znttuxu, Iiwpltv thv UQ! that hvr fuur yvnrs' zwmuxntnuxm wuh ilu- Y. XY, l', .X. hm In-su Inga-ly gm rxpnwnxlnm ut' hcrsrlf. wa' klnvw Ihgxt uuly in fvw vvry lutinmtu ffl:-mis Cxm zqqurc-Ciiltc thu sph'1nl14l trams uf hrl' Clmrznctvl' xxhxrh make hcl' jux! l!4:uuiz', Hvr quwt, nn.nwu1x11m: .mul wflncwlnlt rn-n'1'x'wl lugnluvx' mznkc It hurfl fm' must prnllln' tn 11-.nllzv that ihu gums 'ful tr'-ul tvhr wiallx ut' In Rl. l . .X. wxth .4 fullgr rL'1nlxz.r than ui thc rvulily um'Il1wlHlc thing: .lt lltv tlmu ls J:l'.4xm-ll num .rl ux. ZZ NIMMhRlUN,5.1, E.x. I 1919-1020-Suciul Qw1lITIIl1ilIk'L'. :N 1020-l'JZl-Ass:mcizztiwm Ncws l,wlIl1lll'lilIk'L'. :N 10.21-1922 - Swcizll L'm11Iuittcc2 Pruycl' ,u. IN Bzmcl l.cadcr1 Fire Squzulg If, X. Umm- ,I l11L'11CL'Il1CI1I Klarshzillg Prcsiclcut Pzllluuttn :E I Cluhg 'lyI'L'2iilll'L'l' Ilmucstic Art Llluh, ' 1U22-l'723--Praycr Bzmrl Imuclcrg Yicc- Ig pn-siclcut Palxm-ttn Cluhg President E. X. 21 Sucictyg Student Llluucil. ilu ",S'l1r'x fmt ffm! 'zvlziulz ix llmlfvxl. n111lf'h'Iv.vI, fu 'HMI' xzum'fu.vI." Tu apuzik uf iuclivicluzllity ie spuaking fn' Alma hp-rsclf, as uuwlu-rn clsc is thurc any- .I NHL' liku llcl'-fruln thc tmp uf l'lCl' QQIIICICII 1: .Q Nl 121 1 l ,ur ll 'u hnzul To thu tip of In-r clninty fuut, Alma is CllIl5ClL'llIlKll15 in ru-rytl1111g she umlcrtukw and flucs nut snap uutml hur work IS clmu' -N wcll. Shu has wuu thy' znclluiratiml zmfl ru- ':' iI3L'CI uf thc faculty hy study. Hur frank- -:L mu-ss, lllYZlI5IL'llL'h5 zmfl aincurily hznvc mm l1L'l' Q, lllllllj' fricmls, uhm xlcgrwt that who is IUHYIIIQ. Ig I . --.-- ---.. ..L...'--5.-------i...-l .. - Q,"n'Nf -Q- N. xiii f : 5 4 lt' , Gil I I I, ', I, I, I, I I I 'I I , I I I I I ,li 'I ,, ll ,I ,I ,, '1 I, Ig - I, I ,I I I I I I I I il ,I I I I ,I I I I I I I J Xklllll l v lH.XIlll li QR, ,K I E .XXXX MAF C.XlDlDlil-l,, l1.S., llli. Ylilik Itlll.lJlQlilJvCf,Jli, 13.5. l E 102041921-I-Prayer I v,xR'1'i1.xm:i2, N. tx Z. Band Leader. l 1921-192i Membership C ti m m i t t e e 3 I lYearer of Mrmngrain. Q 1022-l923fCritic .,f Zetesirvn sacmyp ' Member nf Assuciatitni News Cummitteeg ' -I . I been-tary nl lVlmIre I Cnunty Cluhg Class Prophetg liclitnr-in-Chief nf Pine and '1'hi5t1e. "l't"zI' fzmrrix like l1t'l".Y 'zeiflz f'i1'I11t' 1I'tH'1l1i'tl', lmfu lmrdx with ki1u'zt'lt'1fyt' .vu i11fur'u1u4l." I Although Annu Blue has lieen with us for fnur , years, we ilu nut really : always been eonspiciou I cause of high grades in her rlepenflalvilxty. She : veys the situation from I' to her mlecisiun. ll you : leetual just look at the I Thistle of 'll anal '13 is I, ealialnlr-ness. Anna Mae :I l':L'UlIOII1ICS her inissinn nut sure whether it sh: I l : is. it will Ive a "l,uI-ky , Anna Mae. I I I I I I I I I lu, iI , know her yet. She has s in the college life lie- elasses, her nntustry and collects the faets, sur- all angles annl then sticks Ilon't lrelieve she's intel- statlvsticsg the l'ine antl SUHICIFIII evnlence of her is going to make Horne in life: however, we are Ill he In the selmul or in the home. XYl1atv.-ver she mlues Ur wherever she Corner" that ls iillenl hy RItHl.AAIL 5.1. E. X. 1U1041020-Presirlellt Class: Pulmlic De- hater. 1U20-1921-Presiclent Class: XYearer uf F. M. C Muiingraiiii Class Basketball Team. 1921-1922---Pine and Thistle Staff: Vice- Presiclent Palmettu Clulmg Class Basketball Teamg Dramatic L luhg Fire Squad. 1922-23-Captain Class Hnckey Teamg Prayer Band Leader: President Palmettn Lluhg Dramatic Lluh: Captain Hockey Var- sityg Fire Squad. ".N't'.I'f In -:-lrliit' flu' fini zu flzzy -zwrltl lx 'zvfml we mn lt'LlXf Xflill' Yera's fun is never at any une els:-'s expense ainl though shell much rather laugh than cry over anything, yuu'Il have tu gn IIvlOl1g way Iw- fore yUu':l 'hnsl a more sympathetic and uniler- stanmling frlenrl. She was presiilent of our elass in '21 anil we helievetl her future greatness lily In the IIFUOIII. She was presimlent of the .-Xthletin' Assuciation in 'll anfl then we lwelievecl it tu lie lI:Iskrth:Ill ansl high jumping. Hut In our Senior year '23 the veil has lreen torn from nur eyes hy Yr-ra's lvrillizlnt sp:-eelles in perlagugy. Vera. is going tu he a gr:-at pnliticiznn. Lin tn it Veraf you have the votes uf 'll , - .14-pp -.' 's. ,f 1 ,A' N fi" -1 r 1-1, - 55 llllIllIll'lIlIll1l J-kl'llllllll1lllll'l1Ill ! 1 X l ln...-NIH-H.. .?,R .HIHIII .H 1 A , "iXXlllll 1. 1 illl Xlllllll 1 1,,- 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ,pu- 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 I 1 l ' 'YWENTY THREE' HNQIF ltFTfliH 1g11y1N,Q.x,1a. N F l 1 l 1 l 1 l 1 l ' HE, 4 .1XXNlli LEE FUNK, B.S. . 11..1R1x1.sx 11.1.1., 1.1.t1111.1,1 ,,H,RENL.E S. C 1 E..X. 1 1919-1'llU-Class Cliccr l.carlL-ri XYC2lI'k'I' 1 uf F. M, C. Mt1111,1gram. 1920-1921-Class Chccr Lcaclcrg Klcinhcr- Q ship Cniiiiiiittccg F. M. Li. Star. I 1921-19ZZfClass Cheer Lcadcrg Mcnihcr- ship Comiiiittccg Pine and Thistlc Staffp Managcr 11f Dramatic Cluhg Baskctlmll 'IK-amy Buglur Firc Squad. ' 1922-l923vClass Cheer Lcadur: Cwllegu Cheer lxadcrg Lil121ll'lI1Hl1 of Sucial Llvmmit- ' tue of Y. XY. C, Ag Manager ni Dramatic Chilly Scninr Huckvy Team: Buglur Fire Squad. 1 "l1't'yul11' dull t'1r1'1', l firuy flirt' l11'gf11111' fl'tlllI 1 mv. lltflllllll' rlull rizrv, lllllll llllll l llU'I'c'I' 11t1r1't'." Here is indccd a girl uf many partsgmic lll her lust, e11111thc1' iii hui' huad. Nutcd fur her sciiitillating wit and dramatic ahility, shu - tvcr adds lifc tw a pzirty-:md vcrclaiicy tu the s111'r1vu11cli11g VCgL'IlillUll. Shu is very vcr- sntilcg thcru is 1111thi11g dune ht-rc i11 which sht- d11us11't take s11mc part and it is usually 21 wcll-tluiic part. 1 1 1 1 3 24 E.X. l'll'f-l"J4l S11c111l l'11n1mittee: P11l111utt11 L'l11l1. Altlltl-lull I'11l1licity f'11111111ittceg Fi11:111Ce C11111 mittee-1 Prnyvr Ilzmd l.ef1dcr. l'l2l-11421 S11ci:1l .Service Cmiiiiiittn-eg Pr-nyer lluiid ll.CZllllSI'lA Rcciml-111g Sccret:1ry F. XY. bncie-ty: liilitur-111-Vhic-t of Pine and Thistle: L'o111111n:11ce- ment Blnrshall. lW22-lWl3- S11ci:1l Service l'1,1i11111itteeg Meiiiher Sn-11i111' Huck:-y S-11111111 Business Maiingci' XYh1tc llezxllu-rg Such-ty P11l1liC llchater. ".-lll :mils 11111l lm play 1.1 simf-ly :mf ,-Inuit' l.1'1"s wily." Smut' fulks szny she is digiiitived-and she is swine'- times-l111t :1 gnmi spurt us wcll, :md :always ready fur :1 guurl time, :md c1111:1lly as ready to share it 11'ith uthers. Annie Lee is cmiscieiitinus i11 gvery- thing she 1111111-rtakrs and does 1111! stnp until her 111111-k is well ilmie. XY1- hnvw been cuiiviiiced uf licr lmusiiiess nhvility hy the n1:111:1gu111c11t nf this volume of the "XXh1tQ I'lCLlll!t'f.n i'1111gs111:1l. gentle, sy11111z1thc-tic Illlll cuiiig-lyfduc-5 this niukv he-r the must :1ttr:1ct11't'fhec statistics. V- -,fir-.' - ' '1 '55-. ,ff 1 fx ffglgixwx 1 1 f 1 2 ff 5 5 1111111 1 my f 5 11, 11111111115 ' 5 : 1 . 1 . I ' 1 1 ' I ' 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 I 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 NINETEEN 111111111 THREE 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I M.'XRG.fXRET l1.Xl.l.. l3.L. Mllil.XM H.1XRlS1VJN. BL. . l Q 1141114111 11- N- 1' 1.1i1:SB1'111: FLORIILX 1 I I 5 Z- E.x. 1 1 1 1"1'l-lvlllf-llilrlr Stmly L'111111111111A1'. 4 U Q , I , V 4 1920-1021-1X11111cr F. M, L. M111111gr21111g 1 1 1'IZH-1'JJ1fR1-l1g11111s Mrrtmg 1,11n1111111rr3 Prayer ' 1 I liz111r1 l.1':1111'r. I : 1921-1921 -Mcn111erih111 1l11111111i1t1'1-3 l'r:1yrr 13411111 1 l.e:111erg llr:1n1z111c 111111, I 1022-1'+I3f1-'1rs1 X'IlCQ'1PY'L'Sl11Cl11 Zc1-611111 S11c1c1yg : 1lr:1111:111C 1111113 S11c1:1l l'11n1111111cc-1 Prayer 14.11111 1 l.c:1111-rp Pl'i.'Slf1l'1l1 Peggy 511111. I : "l1'l11'11 5111' twill, SI11' will, : 11111 may 1i1',"1'mI 1111 iff 1 ll'l11'11 SI11' 71'1111'1, .1l11' 71'1111't, : A1111 tl1111'.1 tl11' mmf on 'If' ' - . 1 Xrs, 1111115 Margaret exactly. 1 P 1'er5e1'c-11111611 :11111 l11y11l1y 1:111111111111111c11 111111 116111- : 111l11:ss 111111 attractive 11111111111-Q fwrm 11 surf 11011111 1 I 1 : Ai fur M:1rg.11'c1's 111111 taste. 011111111 Frrnch 1 n1111z1ls, 111111 1.-111111111. 31511 111-xt 1'1-111111111111 Rc:11lgr's : 411111122 4"11 hy 1 cl11111sr 11r11grL1m 111.1l1i111g 1111' my 11155 : 11'11rk-r-115 .1111:111t:1g1's. 1-1 Cetera." 1'11r Il pleasing 11crw1111:1li1y 111111 e111111g11i111 51111 "11lncid lblbilillft.-Y 1111411 11111re c1111l11 we ask 111r in her? I .111 11-111: 1.1 --111111 11 .1..11-113' 311rg11f11'1 2111 : lhrrc 111111 111111 51111112 1 1 I U 1 1 I I U I 1 Prayer Band Leader. 1921-22-Prayer Band l-cz1111-rg Missioiiary Study Class L1a11cr. 1922-1923---A1511cia1i1'111 Ncwa L411111111it1cc: X101-'prmirlciit l1c11rg121 Club. "Tim I 11111 j'17llll1l, I .v1'111'11 tu flif 1771 N11' '11'1l111.1 nf l1111'1'11:1'1'11l wif." Stcanliiicss, pluck 111111 ClC1Cl'1111I121111l1l 111 Miriam perfectly. 111' admire hcr pluck. 211111 wc admire: 111-r steacly g1-11111 1121111 work. S110 is luyal 111 1111- 11111 clegruc 111 what she thinks is right and 111 1111- pcuplc slic 111115. Shu is the wcaltliy p115ac1511r 111 21 ku-11 scnsv 111 l1111111.1r. K1-up it. Miriam. 211111 y1111r 111111-r g11111l 111l21liticS, 11111, Tllcy 2111' 21l1s111111cly 18 karat-'23 is lwuckiii' y1111! 25 llllllllll'llllllI "-gr' + 1InIIIlII .53 ul' IIIIIVIHI I I 1 I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 I I I I I I I ,.-,7,fI sf. x -'A :vii .s , zvllvl il-T 'In .Iv I At, HI, mfl:liIlIInIil:lih'l' itil' mil'i'l1MIlIil'iliI1'I ,lXNlllll.l-i Ill lludgsml: wgll i 5 YN, - lllllwwlllll: llIlllll?+!lll!+!+! in Xlllllx .I In ' ' 'f L' I II ,Il I. ll III I:l I,I ,I Ml il ll ll I'I ll I , I lu I II. I ll I I I I I I I 'I I I I 1 l 1, I IQ, II' 'I l1' ,NINETBEN TWENTY THREE Z- Q. V 5 : " .1 HPS, -.,.y I - I,l'L'Y lll'NSL'l,'lilLli. ILL. M.XR'llll.X MIl.l.liR VIIIXES, BS., I Iziiisux, N. lf llli. lg Z RlalI5l'RlAI1h. 5.1. : ' E.X. g 14122-l'J2.f-iklglnlwcr uf Sucial L'IIIIIIIIittcc1 l'Jl'J'lU2O-Liliiiral Assiicizitiim. l M"mli'Vli "l 5"m"l' H"CkL'5' ilcam' 1921-1922-Drzimatic Lilulwg Prcsidciit Du- E "Thr IIIIIIU .clfmfmv IIIII .vliu trviirlx .rn ligffilli' mwtlc Art Gull' l W, jf," ' 1922-1023 --A Sccrctary Rcilwsuil Cnuiity 2 Clulng .-XIIIIIIQII Staff: First Yicc-prcsiclciit 2 I A giiiml-IIatIII'Qcl, friumlly littlv girl is l-ucy. She has plenty uf class spirit aml is inter- cstcfl in atlilctics--IIIIIII zlrlmiralwlc Iiualitius in a cisllcgu girl. Hur tcachcrs arc surprisccl III find such a sluru -If iiitulligcucc uiirlcrucatli licr hribhc-fl miip Iii lilzlck curls. Fur Lucy is 21 gilml stucluiit. lf. X. Siicictyg Class Huckcy Twain: Class llisturiali, "llI1fif1-I' IIIII l, f'1'II1I1 ruri' lllll fl'I'I',' lllliy I1I'I'I1'I Ilzuy ull L't7IIfI'l1fL'll lifrl' II1I'."' Tliruc years a Ilziy pupil, I-It the last jnining tlic rust :If us zmcl taking llcr full share of all thu juhs anrl jiiys that fall to thc lui :If SL-Iiinirs-tliiiffv H.SlL'f7Illj'." Singing in thu lmlls, flashing Iwcr thc liuckcy liclcl, sewing IIII ai "crczItiIIII" fur Miss DZllllL'l-f1IIlf'.Y ".X'k1'1IIIy." l,zIIIglIiIIg at 21 jnku, chccring up il "l7rcslI." making giuul grzlclvs-fl1III'.I ".S'kiIIII.I'." Him' slums shy flu it all? XYcll- Ifiiiffv ".S'lcIIIlIy." 265 'I I l I J 1 l I I I ,- ,ng ,. U '- trhki I I "swf nlnnu ning , V e YV 4.-4-.-Q +-v+-q- 4 . , ' ' - lnlnlu I vu I.-I ,Nxlllll l I E+IlllIlII:lIllIIl it I XA, W gngugli-ngngi I l lll Xl lll ls L- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I i?,? A, YM , I I I E 1,1 HQISTQ MAXNIJEYILLE. B.M. l I , . ' . . : 1921-1022-Draiiiatic Lluhg Member in Music Lkvminitteeg lfirst Yice-president ttf I Letesian Society: Fire Squad: Cnninieiict- 1 ment Marshall. I 1022-l92.f-President nf tjetirgia Clulwl ' Member ut the Music -Cuninntteeg Memher nt btudent Cnuncilg Fire Squad: President I nt Zetesian Swcietyg Dramatic Cluh. : "IH ull 11liX tIlllI't'l'.V L',1t7lit't', 2 ,YD urrn-Ie jul' Ihr 1It'c1Vf like ti ,fzevff :'1tirI'." ' "Man-devil" we call her. but "Manclevil" she certainly is nut. This is readily seen hy E the many rwttiees she has held since entering : nur Alma Mater and the great capability she has shuwu in each uf these. Here she crimes with her lvewitching smile, tor when she is glad she is very glad. hut l when she is sad-well, lmik nut. This we ' know to he a truth hy lnnking into her hig I clark wicked-lnnking eyes. I She has at Vince that gives her a decided 1 charm. "XYilt thnu lmve II1llslC? Then seek I her." I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 21 I , I I I I I I 7 'sy-,f 5 NINETEEN 'rwrnrv THREE- I l i 4- . . -1 . A- , fi' M I LDRED MCAULEY, lil.. sim l-.NIl',R. f.i.u1u.i.x WWW ,HI FU, X t. E.X. 1919-lU20-L'liI,n'i1s Assnciatitnl. 1020-1921-Sneial Service Lbnnnittee. 1921-1022-Assuciatinii News Cinnmittee. l'l22-1023-Bihle Study Cmnmittee: Seniwr Hockey Team: Treasurer uf Seniur Class. ".-l jldllflt' mimi it-I' jlt'lIflt' t1't'.'z1'.v is klIt7'ZI'lI.H Mildred is the kind uf a friend who is spelled with a capital She enters into all athletics with a vim. especially shown nn the lifvckeyj held. She is an indispensihle memher tri the class, tnr she ht-Ilds in trust the tunds ul 'Zi Her quiet rehnement and sulicl gnuzl sense will make her a valuahle meinher in any community where she may take up her wnrlc. QW lIIlIIilIlllIllll,I " l'uIIlIill ll I V" '.- ' ,Pd 'u -1 V 1 - 1 l 1it,rl'1:1m il' ' NINETEEN TWENTY THRE124 MXRY lilfli KleQ'l'l,l,f'1Cll. li.S., HE. lil, Rl.lX4.It,1N, X, l. E. X. l91'J-1910-Bible Study Linmniittee. 1020-1021--Prayer Band Leziderg Sbciznl Service Linmmittee. 1921-1921 -Prayer Band Leaderg Assbeizt- tinn News Llmimittee: Public Debztterg Dramzitic Club. Debziterg Assnciatibii News Drzmiatie Club. ".l lltlllllflll nf 1'111111111111 .v1'11x1' IX ie111'lf1 11 l111.vf11'l nf l1'111'1111151." "Neat and sweet, efficient, tml, That is Mary Mcfulloclig A wbrker, nu shirker, that is true: 1Ye'll see what she'll be and nut feel dismay At her reiimyii, the country ruund, swine dzty not fur zixyziyln 1022-1023-Piiie and Thistle Statig Publit Lliniiuitteeg 1l.'XlQ'l'l"l.X M.XRG,XlQET MCGIRT. BS., H.11. Nl.XXTl'lN, X, lf. E.. X. 1921-1022-St-euiicl Yiee-president E. X. Swcietyg Vice-president Rnbesun County Club: Fire Squad: l,ez1de1' Prayer Band: Executive Lkininiittee uf lf. X. 1U22-1023--Lieiistii' lf. X. Sneietyg Fire Squadg Yiee-presicleiit "Peggy L'luli"g Treas- urer nf Dnniestic Art Club. 'QI l1'111'1', 1111lfl1'1', 1'1'11.vl1'1'1' f11'111'1', 1111111' lUi'111g1, 111' 111111'1' lnyiil 111"z'1'1' Inuit 'Zt'1ll11'11 l111111t111 l11A1'11.ff." 1Ye have kiimvn Margaret uf the friendly clisptisitinn and the busy hands fm' four years, and we knnw that 1i11wlie1'e will you find ll truer friend nr il inure pleasant enmpaiiiuii, She is never idle, fur she believes in putting lime tn 11 gn-id use: she can make anything with her needle, and as for c11nki1ig4Clo1i't get me stzirtecl. She is domestically inclined and her ambititin is tu have 11 hume uf her wwn in which tn put intn practice her domes- tic ability. 28 ff f,'1""1' fx f ' 1- N I v I 1, I 'Y I 'ffl' 'll' ' , NN l ll I l ' E llllkllll if E liz ,1- : ',..-, I ' , I I I I I I I , . I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I l i I l I I I I I I I I I 1 i l l NINETEHN TWENTY THREE I I I l FI,tJR.iX lil.l.liN MelN'l'Ylili, .X.l3. Kl.XRG.XRli'l' McLEOD, HL. E I..Xl'RlNl!gR1l. N. ci Rm, SPRINHSQ N. lx I 5 1919-19.20-Pulilicity enmmiiit-t-. E- X- I I 1921-1022-Secretary nf junior Class: ' Blue Ridge Delegate: Business Manager Pinewand Thistle: President Scotland Cnnnty Cluhg Commencement Marshal: Prayer Band Leader. 1922-23-President Scotland Cuunty Clulll i Treasurer Y. XV. C. A.: Y. XY. C. A. Cahi- net. I I I I I I I I I I I tfriliiix mil-I' ltu-:'i'.v llt'lIZIItl it Iln' nmiiimnvif Q nf itx Xfl't'llflfll,ll I I XYhat will Flnra leave? Lnnk up the rec- urd of the Business Manager of the Pine and Thistle last year and take a peep intu the l Y. VV, Treasurer's hunk this year, and you E will find "a mnnument more enduring than : liruiizef' Capalile, efficient and dependalile- that's Flora. lf you shnuld suddenly ciime upon a fortune, my advice is, "Call Fl+,ira." I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I w20'w21-S'i'Cliil Swiss C'l'lllllltlW- ",l lifili' :m11.vt'11.vu :wie and tlivu lx l't'lI..Y1lt'II, Ivy tin' 1I'1'.vi'xt mmf." The Class ul '25 is liuimrecl hy having as a member une "day pupil." Margaret. She appreciates the humorous side of life and is keen nf wit. Calm she is-and rather reserved, but she is friendly to all and pos- sesses a certain charm which brightens her many ntlier attractive qualities. QQ? .-' b"'!l'w.f '1 if Av' 'AL A, x l I. :: : K !Fl'l:Illl4:Fllllll ericiigv lIllllll!+:F4:+!l+:F , ' 11 ll ,, , V iv V A k!I lr -l" "" H lu OZ, ,HIV nilillfliliuulflillm Vpfxs' iht ulIuunIn.I main ' I V-PM JJ 'lil lnllllllx ,Y A K1, : ti? If-'l ..,V,-Jvd l' l ll 'J .N N 'Q Il ,Q , ll I I l-l Elm l x lgl lil l ll I Il ll' ,I lr I I I .il tl ,fl ,f 'I- I ll 'I I I I I. ll ll I NINETEEN Twww THREE-4 El - ii, , , ,4, A ll! X- A ,nl lu ll.XNXAXll BlrN1i1LL,.X.l3. ,XlJ.X Kl.xL'llA-XCIQIQN. .X.l3. l: HVHQZ' N. 1.4 wrl1'1'1cx'11.1,14:, N. +1 if E.X. 1, l'l1'l'l"21l ,Xswclnt lvull Nmu l' 1:11 11I11 I tw. l'l2ll-1021-fllcxnlwr nl' Q-l'lZil'llfJlHl1 Haskct- lml,lff'l1,1ij:,,.,'lflufffff"Q:ugmS ll' ,""'1 mlm Pl"'l"A ,E lmll Tcamg Llllilllllllllll in Dnulwlcs in Tcnnis. 1,,3l,l.,33 'YY ww 1-' A. tm ,llll, ll IAWM, Hmmm 1021-11122-Clziss Baskctlmll Tcznng Mcln- Slmly Him' , V lt lucr uf Tennis Club: Assinant llmim-Ns 5,l1ll'iff,l'filul'fflKf':',l:'l':I'IKfilliw'5 "l'5'l'l4 "" Pl X, l' Mzmzigur of Annual: Fl1l'CZ!SllI'k'l' nl Athletic , J , M ,Ax5SIlClIiIlUllQ Drzunzitic Vlnlw. H.lg,','L1,,llfQ1ll"l,"1'lll,ll,fLlwllllll-'ll' lf'.f rm! lu'm11r.n' Vxwflu n'ffrlf.v uw llriwn xlwrl' null frm: . . . . , . lf: xml lwrullsl' wzfw f'rl'Hx'. ' lzclltur, ul PIIIC and Tlnatly-3 ML-mlmcr ul 'rim nf Uflfhvl- fn- 7,-Wy., f1,l,,'y1,,,, ' Athlutlc Buarclg IJl'2llll2lIlC L lnlu. RIN HH' ffd-WH 1-'f' 11" 'HW JW' ls l'm'un.u' jawn fl' -vnu. :l .l 1022-23-Clxlsa llwckcy Tcznng Awistzlnt I l I hffnl' XfIl"X ll lrfll-X' fffmd I-fllll"zV-U ln rI'l.1t111g ilu' nu-rut: nf thix xnlplwtallxt nn-nmlul ll ll 'N' 'l"'f"' llk' 2' wl Wh".k11'tW5 M1111 12.1.l"ffl-.f,l.lIlfhGlllfllllill lf.7Qff,f llilf'E1.llf'hlTi,1l-Jl.llTl'3, lil 5l1L' XY21Illi In flu iilltl Cl1j1ryS flllllltlf llf Allil lwr lrxvnllslnp and lwr clu-urfnl nmnm-r Qlu- grnnw ll: WIN, dnl-,H't mu- lm uthlctig girl and im HH. nn-Ltln' l1c1n'Ia nf :alll lla-r xx-llujlyl N-111rt11Iu'T5-lffly l:, lmwmgwdwmw Amfmwwnmwwm nmmmmmmwmxmmmmmmmwwmni A ln all tlnf alu- atznncls lngh Ill hm' claus xxwwk. Sm- II 1. u-uf tml-mi 1.. ww-ylmly. xl Ip...-r umlfr .III I: 311111 talk-5 pm-I in all ilu- Culltgt- ilCtjyitiL.,,,, g1g'cxx111Rl:n11c1lw. :I I'u1n'cfu:x14ltfu- nt' lllk' :wrt llmnn? uf : ,. . . .' , ,, , , , , , I L- :lm .ls Innmn nm nn- wwnlg as tn- nw! ll nm ,' HKU' lldlllldll lull lndlxt 'l lxppl luullg glln XVI-'ll llvxul' nn-l :lm-tlwl' link lxlu' ,Xalan tu lmlll nur : tcaclu-r that will lac lmrfl tu lmzu. wllrgl- clmxn tngc1llx'l', . I 50 E '.f 1' I - r'f ka. s I f V 1 I ' ' f ',' l' l mms I . III xml li , I.-4 L. I . , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' F2 II, .- ., I I I l Nl I IIII I I I I I I I I I I .Anaal : . I I I I : NINBTEBN TWENTY THREE I Z I .d N. . XI.XRG.XRli'I' Rlilll KIHlQ'l'4'JN. : ILS., H.I2. 1lXl4!lRIl,X. I. I iq Z. ' l'll'Ifl"lll-l-'m.Il1Ce llrmmlttee: Y. XY. V. .X. I , . I llelegrne tw Nlfnxtu-:It ltmterexlce. I' , . I l"21l-l"2lf l.egIfler l'r:Iyer llzxmlg Rellgntus Meet' :W lugs f,UIII1mltlee. :' l'121-l'122- Pine gIIIIl Thxstle Stall: Rec-Irtlnmg-Sem :Q remry gf Ze-te-.I:II1 Swett-ty: Y. XY. V. A. l':IlIIIIe!: I' ll-mnteucemextt Blarslmll. :L l'1lZ'l'41.l" i'lt.Ixrn1:III Sucml Service l'IImnIittee: It Y. XY. V. A. l'.IlImet: "Peggy 4'lulI1" l'l:Iss TI-sf :I tntrxxg lfure Squn-1. ' "Ally :mt 41lrI't1,I'.I :vlmr -vtrn kutffv, hui I1l:I'I1-V5 A'mf:I- :what Im: nlvf' lmvukltlg for II type? lvell, heI'e's Ime fur yun- : nut LI tl:IIIper, nut Itver-sttltlmtls, nut QI 'gtlllqly I gmIIiy," hut :In ImlIlI4lIment .If splcy cl1:Ir:Icterist1cs : :Iluug with her Ilzwlepeutlexxt 1Ilt'RlS :Ilmnt Nye-title" :Iml : "things" whleh we CIIIIIII-t help hut tulmlre. Ver- , ttnnly she Is trunk hut II-It Ilxsglgreeahly sw. Fmt'- ' yesg the prxwerlrtrnl lxfe -If :I Seuwr sewing-cl.Iss 1:zItlIeri1Ig in fIIIIr!l1 tlmur, llzmy :Ire the times we llml ourselves renllzlng that the Seumr class wits : nut I-.'rIIng In I'-Iting her the "cutest" nf --ur uumlver. I l'. S.fShe must h:II'e lneen :I typical l"reshm:IIl. fur yIIII must hunk fzlr :Iurl wule fur :I ntwre typltzll SI-Ixiltr than "-ltllnz XY:Itt," i 31 I I I I .. I I ' V' ,. LZL-----'.-.--.':g.L--g.----gp:.::.4---- ---- RL"l'll Xt JXYELL, l'3.l.. F.IYIi'I"l'Itx'1I.l.Ie, N. 11 E. X. 1020-1021--Member uf Missitmztry Cunt- mitteeg Prayer Baml Leader. 1021-VIUZZ-Prayer Band Lezuleri Critic nl lf. X. Society. Y 1022-19123-Illemher uf Drzunqtic Cluhg Chairman uf Religious Meetings Llvmntitteei Y. XY. C. Ag Delegate In Blue Ridge. "Trm' fiiyfzzify ix his II'lm.vt' frftuqzril mimi Virilrr has rtlixvd I1lw'z't' NIL' f1llHjlX lu'ln'iI', UVM, t'z't'ry lmpt' Imd ft'I11't011I'II'Z't'11 r't's1'51r1'd, .5'l11'i11k.v lIt7f, flmzzylz fHl'fHlIL' tzfulx har dt'I1dlit'.vf ltln-tv." Ruth is stucliuus. Calm. and Inf zz friendly Cll9pfl5lIlHl1. blte never Wwrrles, lrets Hur blames. hut always gets there, Just the szxme, , , ' ',"'h7x'V -- 'I' , - l 4 V- X ,Q x W 1 4 1 in in aybelx 41, Nw! Ill Illl u unlnlnnn mnn L111 Nllll 1' p o .5 .1 .1 1 5.7 Y. . Y , 1 1 l 1:1 1 1 17' 1 1: , it l ll gl I In lil . 1 l:l ll' - ill l s 1 'l 121 lo' gl Niwaimv THENTY THREE4 lgj 1-aa ff if .IULLX RAXMSEY, l3.L. l.ll,l,l.XN S'l'REl?l', 13.5. ll iuxxi-ZR 113114, N. 11 1pi.iqxi111x, N, it iii I Z E. X. ig! 7 7 . 1 l'7lU-l'l2O-A551wciatinn Nuws Cuiniiiittcc. A19-I-192-at Lfilflff UI P1'H3'l'V himfll I1'5UlU' lflltl-N21-Rt-ligiiins IXIL-stings Committee. fli "l Ml55l"'l Nllfll' L lilif- 1921-1922-Assistant Biisim-as Manager of 1:1 1922-1923-Asaiataiit Bumint-ss Manugci' of P1110 and Tlllsllif 1l'V2i5l11'C1' U' l-13552 ASSO- "' Pine and Tliistlug Scart-tary uf St-ninr Classg Nlciiilnnr uf Svniiir lluclccy 'll-:ning XYcarci' uf the UM". HCI' livurt IX f7l'lll, Tl1i'1't".v 11i11rg1l1l 'zv1'll11'11 lin' m111j111.vx nf flllllltllllrfyl' RHI Xflt' Tx'111lf1I' litIl'l' illlif dn," julia-stnclcnt, wurkur, accnmplialicr, fricncl -fsynunyms in thc clictiiinary 111' liful walkb the halls nf F. M. Lf Sec "thc f11i1tAprints un the sand of tiim-" which the annals 411' lit-1' four years haw made. Hurt-'s to yun. Julia-that which way your cnrnpasb piiinta, F11rtunc's smile and tliu liwrn 111 plenty may lic liuaping' tav11r un ynur patli nf lift-. ciatiun Nt-wa tfwiiiiilittuul fHll'lIl1CIlCC1TlCIlt Maralial. 1922-l923-Ci11-ruspniicliiig St-Crctary uf E. X. Sncit-typ Finance Lfniiiiiiittccg Prcsiclcnt mmf lVl41i1rC Liirtllity Lilull. "C'11ul11i'.v.v limi i1l1tv1'11i'1' nf limi' and lnixlv 1'111l'1'i'11ii' jim' q1nilifz't'x." Lillian is unc nf tliusu raru people who have almnt tliuni at all tinics a positive at- iliwsplicrt- nf cmmliicss, scrcnc dignity ancl wlid flcpciiclaliluiiuss. T11 cunic in Contact with l.illian is tn fccl that undcrncatli the calm cxtcrim' tlicru is a rt-serve supply of pwwcr sntlicicnt for cvcry clumancl. During thc fuur ycars she has been with us slic lias RllUXVll spt-cial ability in Science, ancl wc an- ticipzitu fm' hui' grunt sncccss in that linc. "- f-'f'154"if , A A 'A i f an n K1 Ng iq :lil I oilzhl I Q N 'V 45+ +:+:lllIll --4 vflllllllllllll I QV A, NH . X 1 l Nlllll Hl,X'Illl.ll iq '65 NINETEEN frwswrf Tui- PHOEIEE XV.'XKEFll2LD, HS. ILXNNER ELK. N. U. E.X. 1919-1020-Association News. 1920-1021-Asstmeiation Newsg XVinner F. M. C. Monogram. 1921-1922-Leader of Prayer Bandg Mem- bership Committeeg Basketball Team: Vliin- ner of F. M. C. Star. f 1922-1023-Member Social Committee: Senior Hockey Team: President Athletic As- sociationg lixecutive Committee of E. X.: President of Iredell County Club. "Ax i11zi'vfu'f1ifi'11f us flu' day ix long." "Independence Trust Company" is "Phoe- bus" all through. You know when you give her anything to do that it's in good, trust- worthy hands and it will be done in her own independent way. lf you want to know the truth about yourself, ask Phoebe-she'll tell you, "'cause she believes in being frankf' that is one of her attractions and her sin- cerity ranks along with it. The very least we can say of her is that she is all wool, a yard wide, combining sportsmanship, strong Convictions and a wil- lingness to lend a hand wherever it is needed. , as XVILLIE MAY XVHITESIDE, ,X.B. t'HARI.O'l"l'l-f. N. ci E. X. lilIU-litlll--Treasurer of Freshman Vlassg Fresh- man Basketball Team: Member of Religious Meet- ings Committee: XVearer of F. M. F, Monogram. 19.21-l9lZfllusiness Manager of Pine and This- tleg Yic-e-presidenti Sophomore Class: Member of Association News Llimnutteeg Basketball Team. ltlll-l922fPresident of ,lunior Classy Delegate to Moutreatg Pine and Thistle Statfp Chairman of Social lllllllII'llflt'l' of Y. XY. C. A.g junior Basket- ball Team. 1922-14123--President of Y. XV. F. A.: President nf Mecklenburg Vounty Clubg Delegate to Blue Ridge. "The s1i'i'rtr.vt, the ileizivsl, the must lumzble, ton, Blur! kind of iz .rfwrf am! u ,Hal trio' blluy' .fill this and more ix Billie." So true is this of Billie that even her most inti- mate friends wonder what trait they will Find in her next. But don't let anyone make you believe she is superhuman, for just look at the honors she has held in school. XYonder why it is that when you get into trouble or feel blue, you instinctively turn to Billie? and she never fails youf-with her ready sympathy and some gmul. sound advice. which she usually gives. she makes you feel that, after all. life is worth living. Although you never hear her mention it, if you look up Billie's records you will find that she stands tip-top in her class work, and just as she stands tip- top in class work so she stands tip-top in the hearts of all her class-mates. 5 1 . v 5 n ----.-5----- ---.-ZM1Ti--- ---L-.2- 1 :"Q'f1lj!lr,'x 1 .A 5 Xx Llln. l1l.XIHl 1: 155 rf X174 1 in sg I :i U H Ii H Er V I MVRPHY II.XI,I.--- .,,... C'v1'fifim1'v in IDIQIIIU MAIIQ SINCLXIR--- ...,.,.... C1'l'fff'ft'L!fL'f11 PI'f'1' 01374111 . MliT'1',X P.X'l"I'IiIN ,... C'v1'fijim1fv in C0lIlIl1t'I't'f4II Cnzrrxv M XRY ILXXY- A..M.. ---Cwc'l'fffil'tIft' in CWIYIIIIIIFITIQIII C'n111'.vv E 'ITIXN Xlc'I.If.XN ..,, ---C'U1'f1A,ffu1fv in C'0111111v1'f1'41I Cinzrlin' pb If J E E+ Ngf 34 , r 4, X ' 1 n tl ,. n u u u M 'N I ul : If 'Ii W !:I 011 X E, flu? E ' - - Lui Ki Q xw lo 'gs - Q' g 'ff H EEEEM ui dl 1:1 ,ll lr 'lx r :N 1 , JF ' ,u. li X ,E 4 U-. I! L,-K V110 5 if A if sum' mar 325: : E .:m.xg+l, ,T - E Y x ,ni I I I I ' ad- J' - Q g f I U I I 2 ki . 1 X VXI! C X Q l x 1 , X , RHI , . " ,fl ,B f Q ahh W1 I. 4 If ,MM 5A :Muff--X' U I 4 H13 , TNQ. ' X l ' 'T 13' ,fa - gf: - - - N Ft - -2. ' ' -, . VW 1 'L -- : ' ,4 lli - 1 , .- ' . ""1 ' XML I - 5lkiHl'ui X x-+ .4 --, , 5, 1.-R-all u 1 Au ., I 'T ,ug ll .. w,,-,, ,,,,,,, , -N --,yffirnf -- , rf 4"' ,Nl , 3 l 1 " : Xx um Q - Hi .XT HI ll na in Class H1St01'y ' G' E51 AND 152L.kf?JL, W .V NL " ' , Ng F M it T-.nffvg 'A ,,,, vu mu WL 1 I Vvmvv. ' K 1 X 0 'n..w'.:.t A 95,75 . 5-bn un' S lv-T Chamyfbms m 0 3""aBQW Klvaw X . , I " S X' o A 5 l ' QSXH PM ? ' f Quia . , if , , M ! , p 5 0 .x . Q- , HES I -- ...IA 7 'YF ff X N Ha x-D N. . gh gzigg A' 'L-6 ss, VVavhr.5 i if , f 1 f- 1.'lmII T - if-4 fx-N, - E ! I qi xl N IDY Aix '- , WM A Sin' QW.. , ' 5 fmvT"", 1-zm afm- II'l'l'ZFI'A'llI 'Pl'- , M sg 'JV' sn -VWK XM -MSE- L ' - R B S ' ' T' K A-N CD ln'-1 .'f. if - HQ - ? , -:Q ' X 5 e N 'I n vi nifvig-. ,.,,.. E 'Elisa' ,.i .,. ,. V, K inpimig ,lf Ou in - . NY' 'ly ' A w 1.. 315-nl-an-x1gfvLaun H .xT.v:gN:SK:uuf'1-nuns 5 ,M 1 Q, no--J X f . 'x 1' ", X-Y' F .' J' fr l ' ! 5 wnnr, Q -- um um 5, 'U is El I X- ' ig' : I X., . - 'Q ' Last Wlll and Testament iii s ral I ll E 1 C, E, the Class of '23, feeling that the time draws near when we shall depart E and be no more-dignified Seniors-having acquired some amount of El 2 JTL property during our sojourn in this place, wish to make a fair dispensation El ,L .in . . . . lr I of same to our friends. And we bequeath to the r1s1ng Senior class, our si ' ,swat Senior dignity, our Senior privileges and our Senior caps and gowns for 5 love and affection and the sum of seven dollars and a half. Being in possession of g some amount of individual property, we wish to dispose of it in the manner fol- E s , n E lowing: El U I E To Lyda Brown Arnold we will and bequeath Eliza VVhitted's calmness and E 5, composure in trying circumstances. : Q' l il To "Red" McAlpine. Margaret Halls thirst for milk and the pleasant hours E il she has spent quaffinvf said beverage, and may she grow as fat as Margaret has 2 : b c . S , 5 therefrom. E , 0 E. To Elizabeth Morton. Phoebe VVakelield's ability to out on airs. l I' . ' 1 . ' EN And Ruth Nowell's frivolity we do thoughtfully bestow on Elizabeth Brannen. E it Billie VVhiteside's child-like faith in believing 0z'cry-fl11'ng that's told her, we E ' . . U lr be ueath to Elizabeth Morton, and her love of French, to Mar orv Huntley. I ., fl J . . , ll . ll Lillian Street's facility in using the cutest slang, we will to Nellie Thomason. E :l - :N And to Martha Nordon we will all the clothes that Mary McCulloch has made ill I in the four years of Domestic Art. if' I : To Charlotte Garth we will Bonnie Bulla's place in Miss Ewing's heart. E I I i Annie Mae Caddell's unsur assed s need and accuracy in WO1'lill1U' dietetics, we l , P l , s , E will to Flora Macdonald for her use during the coming year. fl I I . Hannah McNeill's place in Miss Browns heart shall be the property of Mildred E I XVest, and also Vera Coe's populartity with the entire faculty-may it be of great E ' use to her. 5, I Alma Burgess' ability to catch on to jokes we will to Elizabeth Scott. il Martha Miller jones' slender dress form we bequeath to Lyda Brown Arnold, F ' and her knowledge of dietetics to Madge l-lardaway, that she may make practical . . ri : use of it and grow thin. Eg ' i I To Elizabeth Brannen we will Lucy Hunsucker's ability to laugh in the dining il l rooin without disturbing the quietness therein. V I E 36 ' fix' fi' . J pnnp- qpiil 777 'W' ' qi 1 Y -'T' -A-"2k"4"5"-iii :'BTiii'EIiTi "iTiiQ Yfv., .iw , . Jw 3 xx WYW v. .l.T.-.-..q.....,,,..Y . 4 ' 1 u ' M ' ' g Xy'lll'l'l4. 5 5 Hl'ATlll5R I Hy, pi' XJ, I I I I I I : 'lo Madge llardawav, Margaret Mcbirt s dainty appetite, and Margaret s gvm l . . i. E grade to Jennie McCutchen. I ' e ' Flora Mclntyre's place at Miss Browns very right hand we do pass on to Mildred XVest. I I I , v I E E I E the property of Georgia Tomlinson, together with hl11'l2llTl'S ability in mastering E the French verb. ' 1 I I Miriam Harrison's great love of the French language and literature shall be I To anyone who has nerve to take 'em we will Margaret McLeod's Senior ' I . . E privileges. E I . I E Alma Burgess' crocheted sweater we bequeath to Madge Hardaway. in hopes ' E I u E Onuie Ruth Erwin's place at the head of the railroad ticket line we do will to if Miss .Annie XVebb, Junior class advisor, and her cherished and beloved white dimity E blouse to Elizabeth Morton. xg E, "Dress" Blacks "come hither" smile we do will to Lavinia XVade, and Ada 5. I I she will not hnd it too large. E' McRacken's lady-like manners we bequeath to Ida Street. yi To Catharine Deaton we will Mamie Bakers ability to catch rats, and Mary li if Alice Boyd's harmony note-book shall be the property of the same person. I E Louise Mandeville's graceful form shall be the property of Elizabeth Scott, lg : and her harmony note-book shall go to .Agnes Bustard. ll I if I g To the most needy Junior we will Annie Lee Funk's style. : I E To the next Editor-in-Chief of the XVhite Heather we will Janie Belle l S Buchanan's heartfelt sympathy, and her honors in athletics to Helen Pope. 5 I 5 I, Margaret Reid Morton, will to Dozier Langston my ability to "speak my ' e A , mind," and may she have more mind to speak than I've ever been remembered with. . E If for any reason dissatisfaction should occur as to the dispensation of this I . . . . . . . property, it shall be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, in front ot the Red Springs Drug Store, and we appoint Mr. XVilliam Glenn, Chief Administrator. ' I I I I MARGARET REID MORTON, ' Testatrix. Signed and sealed on the eighteenth day of January, A.D., 1923, by: I I I i NVitnessed by : g MARY EVA Mcl3RYDE and NORA ELIZABETH XVILLIAMS. . 37 U I 'Yi I f .43 - guy--W gpg? gggqy g W gggg 'fj :LF gg ,gy gg gpg gg 'j"1-is'-'?'?" "-""""F"' -""' 'W' " FU' KK-wi IY"f X ii" Aviv" W""""' Jr se f A 1 ,I A 'F WHITE if 5 'gy I HPATHER - : xxx-J E El : Name ,i '1 1-Baker 2-Boyd 3-Black -I-Buchanan 5 5-Burgess S 6-Bulla li, 7-Caddell is S-Coe I . W: 9-Erwin I e I , l0AFnnk I 'i ll-Hall 'u I 'i Nick-Name Favorite Saying ' Appearance "Marie Boula tiger" " Ool there's a rat!" Ahbreviated "Rory" "Aw- ! !" Tiny "Dess" "I should worry !" Athletic "Janie Buck" "I'm a gibberin' wreck !" Rehned Alma "Oh-don't worry !" Neat "Bonnie B" "VVell-for goodness sake!" Scholastic "Miss Caddleu "I think-l" Studious "Mish Vera" "For Pete's sake l" Happy-go-lucky "Onie" "I 'preciate that" Different "Lee" "You cock-eyed !" Attractive "Maret" "Let me tell you" Skinny --Red" "Ie ne sais pas" Glowing il lf 12-Harrison I l5wHunsucker Lucy "Oh-do you know?" Kiddish I 14--lones ,, I 15W-Mandeville 16-McAuley 17-Mcfullock lil 18--McGirt Il i.i E 19-McIntyre I, if zo-McLeod l 2lfMCNCill I 22-Mencken I I I I I I I I li ll I 23--Morton 24ANowell 25- Ramsey 26- --Street "Skinny" "I loathe it!" Pleasingly plump "Manclevil" "Praise Peter!" Flossed up Mildred "You don't say so!" Quiet "Maidie" Bad as it is, it could be worse" Suitable "Margaret M agotn "XN'ell, good night !" Pleasing "Florie" "Sure is so. too" Lengthy Margaret "Like -" Sufficient Hannah "XVell --" Enthusiastic "Ada Mac" "You couldn't in forty years!" Trim "john VVatt" "I'll do what I Ivlnmnin' please! Jolly "Rune" "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m !" Calm "julie" "Good-11z'yl1I!" Studious --Big sis" "How I hate to study!" Steady I b' Z7-XVakeheld I ' zsnnfhitteti "Phoebus" "Good evening, Hazel!" Extensive "Kawkie" "My-y-y ! I" All there X- 29-NVhiteside ul :N ll' in ,II 1. , ,. "Billie" --oh-V' Cheerful as Q rj? Q5 f ', A, , wnlng lllIXl'lIlQll lgfxxv RV! Favorite Article of Dress Can You lmagine Her ? Really ls Black and white Checked dress Not in a good humor A French shark Senior middy Ullllappl' -Musical Brown sweater A5 H ballet flallcfl' A lC'llll5 fiend New blue scarf NOT ffillflllg A genius Black sweater Untidy Dvpfndable Coat-suit Flirting CHD-alll? Blue gingham dress Without a hook Brilliant Little brown jumper On time Cute Teimig ghogg As the "timid young thing" A good sport Gingham dress Not writing to Alston In love The appropriate thing Playing kid parts A loyal Senior Middy suit NYith black hair Independent Tan sport hat Being an Old Maid A flapper Tan and brown oxfords Not eating Popular Red feather hat "Skinny" A "prima donna" Red sweater Running wild Mildred Collars Beating 'round the bush Intellectual Coat sweaters NVith fifteen children A friend in need Blue scart' In a hurry "Quite the stuff' Hair pins NVithout the "Dodge" just Margaret Plaited skirt Missing questions in history A decided blonde Beads As a gym teacher Lovable Blue coat-suit Not wearing her Senior ring Clever Shirt-waist and skirt Falling below "par" Sincere Gingham dress Not liking math Earliest Xlfhite shoes Being a flapper Serene Green middy Not going out for sports Frank Hair nets XYith her hair skinned back Efficient Black sweater Not answering "call-to-arms Loved by all 39 Jfi v. --- l' rj fa ' "Mn fm' Y f f 1 F' ,I ' ' ch, ".' ... Til. 1' J " -, . Y A H. WH ITE ll lgklilllill. vs- , 19 I l . 1 Prophecy G I 9 S the hour of parting drew near and Ilrealized that soon the Class of-'23 must go forth-eithertto higher schools of learning or out into the.world of affairs, I, despite Jllglftt hopes and faith in the future, developed an intense longing to know something of that future spread so luringly before us. I wanted, like Tennyson, to 5' , . I l az -2-3 D111 into lin' f11f111z', ful Us flllllltlll rye 1011111 see, rf. S'ff'1'3 Suv tlzr r'isz'011 of tlzv 'ZK'l7I'ld, 11-11d all the wn11dv1's that would bc." In this mood I called on the phantome of the years past and present of Flora Macdonald history, to throw upon the future the light of other years and reveal to me my class-mates. The vision came, and because the circumstances attending it were so unusual I shall tell them to you now. Late one afternoon as the shadows were fading into the gray blue of twilight, I had strolled across the campus and seated myself on a stone at the edge of the amphitheatre. The round white moon shone dimly through the white mist in the sky, as I made my supplication to the unseen spirits of Flora Macdonald. Suddenly the amphitheatre became a pool whose waters sparkled like dew-drops at sun-rise. Down from the moon there shot a shaft of shim- mering light straight into the pool, turning its waters to gold. As I gazed in amazement a figure tall and stately, robed in folds of blue and white and wearing a seal on her breast, arose out of the pool and the spirit of Flora Macdonald stood before me. "I am the prophet of your destiny. Fame, love. fortune, or ill luck, I can reveal to my daughters. The moon-beams are my messengers and if you gaze intently into yonder pool of 'VVhat Was and VVhat Is To Bef they will show you wlmt you desire to know." As the spirit ceased speaking there came to me out of the still depths of the pool the sound of bells, joyously ringing, and Mendelssohn's Wed- ding March played softly. Through the Hower-laden fragrance of a June morning there came a bridal procession. It passed into a church decorated with white roses, white lilies, and white candles. As the bride in white satin and tulle stood before the altar and the solemn words of the minister fell upon the hushed air, "I pronounce you man and wife," I realized that Annie Lee Funk was no more. A crowded lecture hall grew to a reality before my eyes. There was a loud burst of applause from the audience as a learned looking gentleman finished his introduction of the South's most celebrated pedagogical lecturer, Margaret Hall, who would speak to the mothers, fathers, and teachers of her home town on the value and proper direction of the social instinct in children. Suddenly there occurred in the pool a series of rythmic movements, a flutter of hlmy garments, a Hash of bare arms and a distant sound of music, but the vision was so obscured that I couldn't make out what it was until a faint breeze blew the enveloping mist across the face of the pool. I looked then and saw twelve or fifteen of Philadelphias leading women dressed in filmy gauze and ballet slippers pirouetting to the music of a victrola on the grass under the trees. "I've lost ten pounds since I began aesthetic dancing," I heard one fat lady say as they all seated themselves on the grass and began sipping lemonade out of tall glasses. "Yes," replied the slender, dark-haired director, "aesthetic dancing certainly has all the others beat," and from the sound of her voice I recognized Lucy Hunsucker. From New Crleans to Phila- delphia had roamed Lucy, teaching aesthetic dancing as a sure prevention against the oncoming fat of middle age. Through the still depths of the pool there next came a magnificent Hood of light and colors in every tone and hue of the rainbow, and Paris in all her witching beauty appeared before me. Through the Boulevard - there came a briskly stepping American girl who passed into the Grand Opera House. Here. when comfortably seated, she took out a tiny gold pencil and a leather-bound note-book and began to take notes of the latest tendencies in the world of fashion, which is always represented in the Grand Opera House. Perhaps a few Parisiennes tilted their noses slightly at her, but what did Mary McCulloch care? Was she not director of Americas most exclusive designers' guild and receiving 315,000 per year for her contributions to the world of fashion? Crowds and crowds of little men and women dressed in furs from head to toe began to pass before my eyes. A distant land all covered with snow and ice as far as eye could reach unfolded 40 c so -,.-.--,cU,,M,.c,,,. C2613 T M . T :I 12 lI ll I I 2, Il I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I '1 I :l 1 lt I I I I I I I I I l 'I '1 I I ,l ll ll I 'l I :l al li l , 1 ,I ,l ll 1I lI 2 I I gl Il ll IQ ll ll I. l. I Il ,l I I I I I I I I I I1 tl I, I 7-3-13-..Q.3.39------ -.----95 '---pp----gif-.--.:33gV-2?---------p-q.-.-q.-..3l! Ti , 4,1 i 5. at El :l Il i" iz! I 'l ls li. ', af- . tg' A . WH ITL . H FAT H l-ill 151 . ,F itself and over it fluctuated the Aurora Borealis, who was putting in her annual appearance in far-away Finland. The large athletic young woman who moved about among the Eskimos and exhorted them to come over the hockey held and get their shine knocked off, was none other than Phoebe Vllakefield. I marvelled that the little men and women appeared so indifferent when I remembered the awe in which Phoebe's physical prowess had always kept me in the old days at College. Main Street, in Maxton, N. C.. next appeared, and on a sign-board in front of the biggest building there, situated on the busiest corner, read "Jones 81 McGirt, Designing and Tailoring Establishment." From the appearance of the interior of the building it would appear that not only Maxton, but all the surrounding towns would Find all their shopping problems solved. Misses Jones 8: McGirt had reduced Designing and Tailoring to such a fine art that they could turn out Dzlvtiizctiw and 1ndit'id1n1I garments at a price on a par with the ready-to-wear houses. I saw the public square of a small South Carolina town. In the center of an excited group of people was an aeroplane, and a young woman gesticulating excitedly as she talked to the rapidly increasing crowd. "On Mars," she was saying. "they have perfected a system of lan- guage by which one is able to talk forever without ever bothering to think." Vera Coe had just returned to her home town from a trip to Mars, where she had been the honored guest of His Honor, the president, Mr. Ghkrrimp Thymque. As Vera and her spell-bound audience receded from view. cocoanut and palm trees and little black people began to appear and gradually assumed the form of a South Sea Island. A small white woman in a Highland Scotch costume presently appeared and began to urge all the little black girls to leave off drinking cocoanut milk and come over to the gym and learn the Highland Fling. Mamie Baker had left home and friends in order that these little black girls might not die in ignorance of "toe dancing." A full moon rode high in the sky above a country lawn. It must have been a Spring night, for the odor of wisteria came faintly on the breeze and the leaves were green. A man and maid were there and as red-headed Miriam Harrison tilted her chin and walked disdainfully away from him, I heard the familiar words, "You know I'm a creature of moods. leave mel" "Poor man," I thought, "I can sympathize with him." A large room. equipped with all the furnishings of a real home, but in size to suit children of kindergarten age, next met my view. A voice was saying, "Here are the things for our afternoon tea." and as she spoke a dozen or more little girls began laying the tiny tables with all the precision of a skilled housewife. The lady who had spoken was Bonnie Bulla, and she was conducting this project school for the purpose of demonstrating her latest evolved peda- gogical theory, that the kindergarten age is the time when the instinct which promotes efficient home-making is uppermost. The atmosphere was changing. Over my senses stole the familiar odor of Formaldehyde. Around me appeared numerous girls busily working over wax-bottomed trays on which reclined "his majesty, Mr. Hop Toad." "Oh, Miss Street," one girl exclaimed, "do come here. for I believe I've located the cerebral ganglion." The instructor turned and I looked into the face of Lillian Street, B.S. and M.S. Out-of the half shadows of the pool a great white building slowly took form and from it issued the odor of anaethetics: Myriads of white beds, white tables, white gowned women and glittering steel instruments appeared around me. I looked and saw that every bed contained a child: some were emaciated and sad, some sullen and hopeless looking, but as a tall light-haired woman with a light in her eye and a purpose in her attitude appeared, every child's face soft- ened and brightened. I looked again and recognized Billie XVhiteside, the head nurse of the Charity Hospital for New York's outcast children. Beside her was a tall, distinguished-looking man, the hospital physician and Billie's husband. A tiny speck of light came into the pool and out of it grew first a tennis racket. then Dess Black, holding it in one hand and in the other a silver loving cup for the Championship in Tennis of the Inter-State Tennis League of America. A host of friends and newspaper men stood around. "VVe really must go. my dear," I heard the elderly lady with her exclaim as they passed into a Packard limousine. "You remember that your husband is expecting you to go with him to hear Galli-Curci tonight." 'Wife of New Orleans' most influential lawyer takes up tennis as a past-time. Champion in college"-scribbled one of the newspaper men. Change after change began to appear in the pool. I followed the half-distinct Figure in blue serge as she boarded a railway train and climbed up the deck of a ship which bore her to 41 .fs Ala . -.,, LJ ,,11..q..-C.u,,,,,c.-.,.,.7,, . ----.--.---.-------.----- -----.- ,. .... ......... ........... . . .------ ' fs., v+"" " 'W " ' ' - A .f 5 if 4, T ff' 'vf ,M ,f I " , ' nf - 'lil NNHIIF xlll XI it IE- 163 r 1 I. J the Museums of England and France, where she seemed to be searching for some particular thing. From these she passed down into Italy, Spain, Portugal and the shores of the blue Mediterranean. At First I could not make out her occupation, but as a stronger beam of light from the moon glided across the pool I saw that she was visiting all of the curio shops along her route. "I wonder who she is, and what she is doing?" I said to myself, but before I could think further about it she was moving again. This tim eshe went on quite a long journey and visited a great many places on the way. At last she joined a caravan of camel drivers and came to the land of the pyramids, Egypt, and I felt the hot air of the desert sweep my face. It was here, while she was examining the mummy cloths in an ancient tomb of the year 2000 B. C. that the pool was Hooded with light and I heard a well-known voice say, "I have an insatiable curiosity to know if these mummies ever took D .A. Five." It was my old friend Margaret Morton, who had received such an inspiration from this course that she had decided to devote her time to a study of the source and development of the designs of antique peoples. There was a suggestion in the pool of a book on this subject to be edited on Margaret's return to America and with a Hutter of crisp new bills the vision faded. After seeing so many of my friends in such strange and divers occupations I was happy at last to see a comfortable house in the country set well back from the road and shaded by giant oak trees. Through the front door I saw a large living room in buff and blue with rose chintz hangings. In the center of it was Ada McRacken, calmly rocking herself and looking as if there were nothing in the world about taking care of a man and a house that she did not know. This scene of happy domesticity faded and in their stead I saw high mountain peaks. They were completely enveloped in white mist and I was wondering why I had been given this view when a breeze blew across the valley and carried the vapors away. In the valley was revealed a new industrial school for mountain girls. Inside Julia Ramsey, with the aid of one other, was teaching a student body of 150 pupils a great variety of subjects. How like Julia, I thought, always equally interested in every task that comes before her. The tang of the salt sea breeze came to me and out of the waters Wilmington, N. C., erected itself. On a down-town office I read, Whitted, Architect," and as I looked Eliza, looking just as business-like as ever, came down the steps talking to a lady in costly sables. "Yes," Eliza was saying. "the plan I have submitted to you can be erected at a cost of 325.000, and will be quite appropriate for that part of Wilmington in which you are intending to live." As the lady in the furs stepped into a Paige limousine I saw it was Mildred McCauley, who had been married ten years. Even I do not dare call his name. but I was assured that he was as rich as the proverbial Croesus. In a book-store which presently came within my line of vision a pile of newly bound books was rapidly diminishing before an ever-increasing demand. On the binding in gilt letters was printed "Poems of the Sea," by NVhitted," and on the Hy-leaf. "Dedicated to the Class of '25." The VVilmington Times fluttered for an instant before me and I caught the words of a front page headline, "W'oman's Club entertained Friday, June 6, 1936. in honor uf their distinguished fellow-townswoman, Eliza MacKay Wlhitted, successful archi- tect and promising poet." I was in New York and walking down Fifth Avenue when my attention was attracted, even in that swiftly moving throng, to a slender girlish looking lady who was the most artistically gowned woman I had seen. Something hauntingly familiar about the poise of her head and her quick ahve step had first attracted me, and the same indefinite something now led me to follow in the direction she was going. I came pretty soon to an establishment bearing the sign, "Mon- sieur and Madame Du Vaux, Designers and Gown Builders." I went into the reception hall. the quiet elegance of which assured me that none but N. Y. Ultra-fashionable were in the habit uf coming here. I was about to retrace my steps, thinking that so exclusive a shop was no place for me, when the two proprietors entered and I recognized in my lady of Fifth Avenue my old class-ma1e and sharer in the woes of D. A. Alma Burgess Du Vaux. The next scene was of a "Petit Ville" in Southern France. In front of a large school building were crowds of children playing. They were talking glibly in French, so glibly that I could comprehend only a part of their chatter. Not so, Flora McIntyre, however, because little about French escaped her in college and when the opportunity came to her of a position as English teacher in France, she was off on the next ship. I was told by an authority that the first thing she taught her pupils was an English translation of "Sois Toujours Comme La Yiolettef' und the English equivalent of "Vous venez de la Province." 42 'Pig Y V Y YY4 L., . Y 9 Y --f2:g,.,.f3:5.3o-dr - ----- -.----.--------------.-3-..-gn-- X 1' A' X llllllllIlllUllll""'b::YVllllllllllIlllll X in lllllllllllllllllQT,--"I'llllIllIllIllllI dilihhdzlzdzlzdsh cm? :h:l:l:MM:t:td: ,. - A, 1 .R ti.: Ii ' U . : ,E wnnig i : utgxleuiru E I I it 1, F t u ' ,f I ' X1 ' I I Q I g A I I An edition of the musical America slowly took form next and.on its front page a tull- E IE length picture of America's most popular opera singer, together with a yery complimentary : jg, criticism by America's best musical critic and composer. attracted my attention. I swelled with : lg pride when I recognized a member of my own Class of '23-Louise Mandeville, better known to : 1: us as Man-deville, with the accent on the dv. "There is more than you have seen with your g ill eyes," the spirit of Flora Macdonald said slowly. "but I shall ope.n.thern." I' looked again and I :lf there was a luxurious drawing room Filled with artists and musicians who insisted that their I iii host and hostess favor them with the host's latest and best-known composition, "My Love is a E gl 'Poesyf' g I I " Through the still water of the pool of "XYhat XVas and XYhat Is To Be." there came the I 'l , , . It glimmer ofa many harbor lights and out from the golden gates of San Franciscolthere passed I .El a Pacific liner bound for the Orient. As the Hutter of handkerchiefs grew mdistnict in the 5 'g distance and the forms of the people on board .began to fade, Just one tace stood out clearly : : and distinctly with eyes turned toward.the horizon. Janie Buchanan was leaving America- : 3: but not alone. The vision faded and in its place there appeared far- away Japan and'Gifu. .On g ll a cherry bordered street there stood an interesting looking building bearing the inscription. 2 ii "Gifu School for Girls and Conservatory of Music." - Inside were rows and rows ot japanese I XE girls of twelve to twenty years of age, marshalled in line to greet their newly arrived President E ig and Dean of Music. An American lady and gentleman entered, and I recognized them as the : ' same I had seen leavino' San Francisco harbor in the glorv of the sunrise. The lady was Janie I I c - I " Buchanani--F ' I l il . El An atmosphere of justice pervaded everything as 'I still gazed into the pool. a court-room E lg! appeared and on the judge's bench sat a learned looking person. who as she rose to read the : ' verdict I recognized as Margaret MacLeod. I ll C I il. The scene shifted once again and I saw a great international athletic track meet in Paris. E is Athletes were all about, some jumping, some running ang some glayggighockeyiq big ceventhg : vi winner in every hockey Game was Hannah MacNe1ll. mong t e arisians s e a game I IE great prowess, not alone because of her ability as an athlete but quite as much because of her E Q charming manner of speaking French. W: iy There was a tremendous stir in the waters of the pool.. New York in.a panoramic view E .2 was spread before me. It seemed that all New York was going in one direction. Magnihcently lg I' gowned women in luxurious limousines, more soberly dressed people in less pretentious cars, X: El people in street cars and people in tagcis, all passed in the direction of-the Metropolitan Opera ,I g' House, where they were going that night to hear the biggest success ot the season, Mary Alice E ' Bovd at the piano. ,. I ' ' I E Again the moon threw a glimmering shaft of light Stcroslsl the maiicdpool. Itdslgaded into It I the rosy Glow and winking foot-lights of a stage in a im t eatre. etermme u.1et was . li' telling a devoted Romeo to "deny thy fatherhand refuse thy name' .with all the old passion that S Onie Ruth Erwin was accustomed to exhibit in the Public S-peaking Classuback at F. M. C. : 1:3 As the Ynorning paper took form before me, I read in the Music and D-ramatic'Arts department g lg that the new actress taking the part of Juliet was showing wonderful possibilities and that 1 il critics believed that she and her husband, who played Romeo with he1', would be the successors I 'il of Southerland and Marlowe in the production of Shakespearean drama in the future. E lg But what should I see next? Piles and Piles of peach kernels and in the center of a per- g ll fectly equipped laboratory, Ruth Nowell testing a light colored substance in a test tube with all Q iii the patience of a Job. A'At last," she cried in ecstacy, lifting the test tube on high! Ruth had E Ei made the discovery and her fame was assured. Peach kernels contained a Sl1bSlHllCEnXVl"llCl'l was : if a sure prevention of wrinkles. She had found the fabled "Fountain of Xouth, and .llvn : lg' throughout all ages would rise up and call her blessed. 3 E This vision too faded and for a long while there was nothing. Then ghosts ot D.S. E g laboratories, newspaper offices, papers of all kin-ds came into the pool. Through these scenes : g one figure passed. always alone. I had Just realized that the lone figure was myself when the : I vision faded. I suppressed a sigh of keen disappointment as I remembered--"that the fates g Q! are kind." : li ANNA MAE CADDELL, Class Prophet. 5 1' u ti 43 : It , I 'l KT it " I I ' I il asiiitffkffr E IIIIIIIDIIII IDIIDIIIIIIDD-sovscnunusnnucsaoanppi g-F:Q:I:T.ii-f iiT-iifiinulikp -Iipiltiliful W 1 1 1 1 T 15, D-.N-' .Q 'gf' ff' L! Emma MQINTYRB mosh Pnncwxcxu - nnv N gk x ' N Emxmh fi'!,A,,, 7'-H fd ff 41? Qi' W 44',1,Xky ,. "' , 420 561 1 t A mum 1 uwurrz , . T tk X5 l f ll! ll it ' ig! al I ,I I ll ll li ll Senior Class Poem li li Our knowledge gained these four year E Of books and folks and things that la Cf friendship, play and honor true, i Flora Macdonald, we owe to you. Know then, that we of " '23',, y Whate'er we are, wher'er we be, Will give the world a part of you, As of its work our share we do. l You have our love and highest praise. w 1 1 li And always in the coming days if Through space and time we'll'hear yo if And gladly answer one and all: Dear Flora Macdonald. xl Ii 3 3 46 s passed st, u call G59 is ,-X x,4Y1:,vok-1 -x xv' V1 lllllllllllllllli SNLWO' IIIIIIIIIINIHIIYI Yu i' .k Qgl.H.n1l'ly,lllll 'f- 1' Lu.-mill A . . , , E Mmm m,x1mue, V rf 5.- 6 XR 5 'x X UNIOR 47 Y Nw x 1 - 'T lx li wulm lg ' - NVATHLR - ' 51 3 l I f ,E +a' , E Junlor Class I Motto: "Knowledge is Power" Colors: Green and Gold E Flower: Yellow Rose l I ' Officers E 5, MILDRED WEST ..... ........ ...... P f esfdgnt El IDA STREET ......... ---l'1'cc-President : S ELIZABETH SCOTT .... ...... S qcretary : NELLE THOMASSONU-- .... Trcaszwm' I - ll Si GT E is I -I I ' 2 ,Iumor Class Poem 5 I T-o thee oh class of twenty-four, Our love and loyalty give 'oerg W-hile many have scattered 'oer the land, Il Eighteen true hearts together standg Q, , E-arnestly striving to live aright, if We work and love with all our might N-earer to our caps and gowns, if Which we value more than Crownsg : T-he happy days glide swiftly by, If Each moment binds us with a tieg il Y-ears all filled with hope and cheer, We owe our Alma Mater dear. I F-orward we go doing our best, E1 We have quality for Our test: 0-our hearts are grasping, holding fast, True ideals that always last: :Q "U"-are what has helped us thru, U and U and U and U: R-eady to do our share and more, Comes the echo of twenty four. lf! ET 48 lil fa F54 its ,F T23 "t""i.- ' " -..1 ' an ..-.- 'ii K? U 1' '.v'W.aL's.' ,hiii ih'f : Ee 'R Vw us G? Ei M1m3 m-in WEST A iw g IN -Q 'lx I! 1, ,ny NI! W 1? 'lu I J :x i x wgjy,-YH-1 1,732-41 X '. H 51,15 'JLLE c7fxKlV!4 :E Qeggufg 5m1'iv,axKfAY LFVQHJQDRIE HwfL11Af as .CIDA ARNOLD ASM EMTAQD 49 ' . x A wc . ' 1,71 2 mfzrsgi 12 ,H 5 :If El E I W- . T 1 r W new lkiwumdm Wg ki .1 I I S G+ it til , W V ,M fu: F lx ---L JM Mkfiigw M H :Q IE 'J E1 LQTQ.fl1iXCDO1NZALD I Q :Q 5 1f Nl' u ,lx YI II xg, m I I u u :: 5 I 21 u .W .I u LLJMSLl xi Niurm I I I n I I n I 1 L.m,.1 , JK, l ii nv g I I I I il 50 uf ,FN E 1' 'x L - 1 , I ., , V. 5' 3133-,-5,',':'19E:12f! ..1:"' 1f 'fLJ 'Di' 4 , ,A L mum. 1' ,: HLXIIIIIQ : NE Hx lp. me ' 151 II H EE .L1.,f1n1,Ah DLU1 i li QOPX'SiRlal1 L E Gavwfx X 5 'TL1MLHUSL w E3 lil N 1 R 51 MLLLE. frsiozmon K' mmm A M924 I 51 .if "3-Q9 ...-.......l-..g.....Q..,-. ,hiv WYVWY. , Y.. ,W h 'Vw , W J ' 1 Q! I ?N7'!J"Y'lj Ii I I. I I I I 'l I I I I u I I I I I I I I I I u I I vu I I ui ,Is 1:1 lil il ul I 'l I I u I I I u Il Ii ,li il tl I l, lr li ls .N Il I Il ., .1 ll Fl' In :lr .l' 12, li' 1 I I ,i li I I 'I .L I 'I l ll' I 'lf ,. w'l il' 1:1 ll 'I I I I I I I It I ,. rl .. I I I I 'I I I 'I I I I I I Q I O I I 1 I tk' :ls 1 2 Y WH ITL lllL3tTl-IER 1 Y' . F : History of the Class of 1924 TINY space in Clio's voluminous scroll is dedicated to the history of the Class of 192-l. lt is a very insignihcant record compared with the all- Important ones like the lVorld XVar, the coal strikes. and League of 'NJ CA! Nations, and many ignore it entirely, but in case there are some who L H A l might be interested we take the liberty of reproducing it here. Early in the Fall of 1920 ninety-live frightened young women, for they were all frightened. whether they admit it or not, alighted from the train in Red Springs, North Carolina. From this body was mustered the Class of 1924. lVe entered College, as most girls do-fresh and green-and were easily scared into obeying the Sophomores. Soon after our entrance we organized our class with "Grange and Green" as our colors, and under the motto "Knowledge ls Power." Gui' Freshman year wasn't all uphill work. The daily agonies of Solid Geometry, French, and Latin, mingled well with the good times that only Freshmen can have. Having passed along the rugged road of Knowledge for nine months, we opened our eyes in unbelievable excitement to Find ourselves in the midst of the greatest Commencement that Flora Macdonald has ever known. To us it was, indeed, the most exciting time that we had experienced during our stay at F. M. C. But we did not realize what it meant until one by one our friends departed. while tears rolled down our cheeks. The following Fall 1924 returned endowed, in her own estimation, with the wisdom of Minerva. But she bowed beneath the iron rod of Sophomore English. and it was only after hours spent in the library in close conlinement with such noted writers as Chaucer. Spencer, and Burns, was she able to hold up her head again. During the year we governed the "Freshies" in a commendable though not despotic manner and htted them to become efficient Sophomores. XVl1en we returned in the Fall of 1922 about three-fourths of our number were either lost, strayed or stolen. Anyway. they were not with us, and we missed them terribly. As -luniors, this year, we are filled with "diplomatic" hopes. VVe all hope while here to tit ourselves for the life of service we must live. 'When we do go out into the world we intend to carry our share of life's respon- sibilities and to be loyal Alumni of our Alma Mater. J. MCCUTCHEN, '2-l. 52 ,ja aj. 3'-f -1 'T ' '7' T . 1 , . Lf . lPC'2 l -i 'f-1 - wulw. n1lpx1 u1 ll1 3 by Qi rg ,pr I I I I I , , . I , 1 ' n NI x y . , El I ' I M I I ltr 1' u i E E FE si EI :Es W Z' I lla fi X: Wu ' .. 1: ,n , is 42 ll gg lu, .f 41 ll ,,, KL" IX lil 111' ' ' Q W li li! ' "' E 2 LR Q, li A A H? 0.4.-.N . .G "' . !E 4- Se VIA 0 1' QE. Q- A I W??iiIf-541: 5 ., ' -f - ' X 'j Eff," 'Z ia N I x "24,4fY QQ I F, M ,-'X . ' wg f f L imos , V ' f-ff' IA 5 - I , fa ' -'f Q J-CSf1l11d.l1, imma? av M "5 w: SUPHDMURE E is! fi gui 5: ll TE H 53 H :H 1' f '! . . vi. nn 5 A 1. A L , . . . , N -2 L 21219, E ,'!L1,,9. "f' CIA , . If A H M I H554 , LG- 1,81 E .-1' Sophomore Class Motto: "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed" Flower: Red Rose GRACE CARR .... Class Officers GRACE MOODY ........ MARGA RET HANSEL--- GRACE GOODMAN-U BARR, ALICE BETHEA, DELL BRANNEN, ELIABETH BROVVN, GRACE BUTLER, HELENA CARR, ALICE CARR, GRACE COOKE, LINDA DALRYMPLE, ALICE DEATON, CATHERINE DELORME, MILDRED DOUGLASS, MARGARET DOUGLASS, LOUISE DOXVDLEUMARGARET FRANK, VIRGINIA B. FOUNTAIN, AVIS GLASURE, RUTH GOODMAN, GRACE HANSEL. MARGARET HERRING, ELEANOR JOHNSON, M. LUCILLE JONES, ONNIE JONES, M. ORA LEGGETT, CELESTE LESTER, MARY LOU LOVE, MARY Class Roll Colors: Red and Black Prvsfdenf - -- -I IFF-Pl'F5l-dfllt -- - - -Scfrctary - - - T1'va,vzn'v1' MAYNARD, CLAUDIA MCBRYDE, MARY MCCALLUM. LOUISE MCCUTCHEN, ELMA MCCUTCHEN. VIRGINIA McGOOGAN, FLORABEL MCKINNON, PAULINE , MCLAURIN, PEARL MCLEAN, JONSIE MCMILLAN, KATHERINE MCMURRAY, CHARLOTTE MCPHAUL, CHRISTINE MILLS, IRENE MOODY, GRACE MORTON, NELLE MORTON, MARY NEESE, ANNIE LOUISE PORTER, JULIA RHODES, RUTH SCOTT, SALLIE SMITH, MIRIAM STEVENSON, MABLE TATE, LUCILLE VVARD, SELMA YOUNG, CAROLINE VAN DALSEN, MARTHA 54 ' ,.,. f E 1 l Nl? 5 X I -v------v- -- .- --- - ---- I ,KES "J ' jf! 'fj l,ll1lVll I II I ll I INDI I 'F V I' f' SIIJJIIU VKIIINHII IINYYII-1 I II' 1II'1IIrIII"J'I' I' iIIfTTIInII+'IUHfT?I'TIIrI,I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -sw- I I I I u I . , V . , . I ,..4'-- - I ' LMA :hr . I .....-.4---....-......-. I I , . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . , I I I I 5 I,....,- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I V--4-V, -I . , LII ..- ,,. H, .,r VT P- ,,, Ie I I I9 55 ll 'H li I 'I Ii ,gi I I I I I U I U I I I I I I I I I I U I I I 'I I i 'Il lI, II' lI, .I- 'Ii I I l,, 1" ig, i., if ,Il iii ii I I ,Ig -I Nl 'I ', I 'Q I i . I I I I I 'I ll I ll iv' :Ii ,Ii I I ,I in I I ll I 'I I :i If I 'i I, I I, li I I I, ,I, I 'I ., Qi I I I I 2. J' Iv l'l in iIi lI NI' I I I I I I I I I ii l: ,gs p r- Qfkgul'-I wurrr, I ur.-xitutill Q Our History Sophomores-"The XVisest Fools in Christendom." Q ILLARED gateway, curving drive, broad portico, crowded rotunda, and N-O-l-S-E! "Horrors! Did we have to face ALL these strangers? Kind guardian angel, where do we go from here ?" Anyone who has been a Freshman can live again its terrors of First Day with Miss Nineteen .X Twenty-Five, or ninety odd Misses, as she struggled with the mysteries fl' , ri-2 ffx ' J" " ' and intricacies of registration, trembling-kneed faced first classes, and wept in the haven, queer haven l of a bare and dusty room, any number, any hall. "lX"lother, l'm coming home," "T wixlz l were homef "l lzatv this place-stock phrases in September's interminable catalogue of days. But mysteriously and unexpectedly October brought teachers' smiles, pretty rooms, and winged spirits. "College wasn't so bad, after all." Then, with the first "taste of blood"-our recog- nition as a class-we felt our young importance "in embryo." Fall days flew on winged feet, Armistice Day with Geddes, a blessed oasis, until November 24th, Thanksgiving. with its diphtheria which took us homeward-where we could largely and importantly speak of the "hours we were carryingf' "our college's policies," etc., etc. OH-it's a glorious feeling. Then in the midst of school again athletics suddenly swamped the horizon. Victory. championship in basketball, and our first set of "rubber caps" ordered by a long-suffering band of teachers and fellow classes. But what fourth class tu'0uId11't be a little "pepped up" over such prominence? And April 3rd bringing our Soph- Fresh Reception to "pep" still more. Remember, gentle Miss or Sir, your first commencement? Probably your pulses have regained their gentle beat, your eyes their accustomed place, and your spirits. normalcy. But May Day, Class Day, Senior Play, and the Exercises still wake in us a thrill, with the hint of tears behind as we think of our young and unsophisticated hearts bidding our "big sisters" good-bye. A short timefmisery, rolmt a short time, and the pillared gateway again, But this time with what ennui, or atempted ennui, we strutted in. "Those new girls can tell I'111 old when they see the ve1'y way l walk. Poor things, wonder if I can help them. Goodness, l must hurry and see about my work." And so the second year began. The second year? The first of rm! work. Yet athletics, too, with hockey almost our god. And truth to tell, a little of old Nick still in us, if you credit the present Freshman class. But it's only in their interest, to make them as good as nv' are, or think we are, that we undertake their education. So the days pass. "The old order changeth, yielding place to new"-and we truly find "the surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed." Thus Twenty- Five has won her name, and is still winning it. Wlait for the Spring elections! You find perseverance, accomplishment, ability, sportsmanship, all in the dictionary -and in the Soflzonmrz' Class. On to victory-and .luniorhoodl F.. BRA N N EN, Historian. 56 .., j, V ,' l ly ,L ,, F Ml--ug ur H ,,w,Y Y Cai il..,7" ' ""'l!F:.!l2.!L!L,i,2"""". 'L g ff 2" """:.:.-,... A .Q li f Ig'-3,-d'S'ffx,f ,-A-t'U?-C '- ,u I Wu I 'u 'I .3 ,u, 1 fu wa ', ,ny Ei , ' FRE HMEIEW 1-'ig li 1,13 5 M W 3 K 4 0 M W 5',?fX6 UW X QBH QW x , M7 JN X ' XY -X 'iz E M' 'TfiX 7i7WJ l T7 '77, : i l X' fy ' ' : E 'X W sp 57 I XG Mun ui XTHl R If ff' freshman class motto: "dum vivemus bene viviemus" fnxvhile we live, let us live well"j ' flower: california poppy do rothy hope .... class officers colors: grey and orange ------------------------------------------------jvrcxidvzzt ferclinande poppe .................................. sara frances marshal ........... louise bennett- - - allan, jane afljer baker, elizabeth bean, annie bennett, louise bethea, louise braclley, snowe britt, nelle brown, lollie bouie, annie carson, louise chandler, irene cook, mary clavies, louise flees, sallie ellis, margarct evans, effie felton, julia ann Hoycl, annabel frazier, lois creole f reeman, pearl - - - - - - -- - - -'Z'lil't"-fll'C.Yldf'lIf -----------------------------------sc'rrctary -------------------------------------------------f1't'tI.Ylll't'l' class roll gibbs, eula henclerson, willie alma hill, mary louise hoclgin, martitia hope, florothy horton, mary kate hughs, elizabeth jackson. margaret jenkins, sara jenkins, theo johnston, k. lucile jones, truett kitrell, ruth lennon, mary lou maness, maria marshal, sara frances maxwell, ora mate mvclonalcl, viola mcilveen, scott mrkinnon, rozelle mcleocl, agnes mitchell, julia monroe, bess nauce, ava grey owen, anne marye poole, mae johnson poppe, ferclinande robinson, amy russell, elizabeth seabrooke, annie shaw, mary e. sikes, elizabeth steele, janie mae street, ruth styles, alena vardell, mary linda Wallace. elizabeth Wilcox, austin 58 g r 4 i 5 r I I nw so . Y- .1 i - - ---------?------ i ------ ---------.---- ------------ -Q-------Q-p-.- q 1:5 if? . l 14,1 --------.----------.------ I , fb 'fx , lflllllllllll llwllllllllll X nlullnlnunn fllllllllllll 'ii j NN'HI'll-, i ru XIHl W i A V X e 1 I fri LI' u - 'L ' , I I IN ,. . Y 5 4 Y I N ' 1 l N P 59 ? . i':.n xx H I'l L, l1l.X'lHl.R 0 LH 1 cl elm K MAKNBALY :Ama bmfmgu Third Year Irregulars lf,'XlRLfI.H'1'II, H.XZ1iL---- HQXLL, MURPHY ..... .li JIINN JN, ELSIIQ--- L.X'l'l1IIiR, Ix.'X I Ia--- NEELY, KIQXIC ..... - b1INLI. X1R, MAIL ............ NW M 7IJRL'l"lf, I2I.IZ.VXI'1Ii'1'I L--- U0 - - - - Conway -----St. Pauls. - - - - Belmont - - - Pagelzmd - - - - Mocksville XVilmingtmm, - Motksville. '-.MVN XNIIIII f I m.x11u1 H if X., 1 W L I .IQ I Qu 1" in ,, ,lr n, WI ,J l 'l 1, Second Year Irregulars RAIN, NELLIIQ .... v. - BRQXVN, .-XM,XNLJ.X ,,, BRUXVN, ITSTI IISRW, CRAXYFI BRD, .-XI.I.IIi--- IDONNIZLL, MITTIE ..,, , LAW . N,-XRS .......,A - LEXYIS, HQXZIZI. .......... - MCLIC XN, LIIQXN ............ MCDUN,XT.D, ELIZ.XI'3liTH ,. ,. PATTEN, ME'l"I',X ........,,.....,. XVITHERSPK it PN, IiI.1Z.XHIi TH XVILLT XMSK JN. FRANCES ....... 61 1 ,-- --,---XVade. R611 Springs, N , U -Fai1'mu11t. - -- ---Lve1'lV. A ---f,il'G6l'lS1JUl'll, --------Elliutt. ,,,-MidclIesex. -,---XYimlell. - - -- -Li1lCUl11tUl1, - - - - -C'alypso, ------Ruck Hill -- --Fayetteville, :fha 'x ,-. I 11 111, WI I III S. IlI1XI'III5R 9. 1 1II 'xl . if EU I I 1 I 1 I I I I I I I I I1 II I I1 I I I I1 II I1 I .1 II I I1 I I1 I I1 I1 QI 'I I I I1 ,1 I .1 :1 I1 II 11 I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I1 I1 I1 I' 1 I1 I1 I1 ,1 I I I7 W, , I I I I I 1 ,I I I I I1 Ix1.1.I:x. x'11m1x1.x Ix1.1f111e11,'1'm'1111-: I ,x1ex1f:'r'1'11:. nm-1ss.x I .xs1zL'Rx'. MARY 5 .xs111.1x, x'1Ru1x1.x :1 IIAI'lYI'. MARII-I I 1:1-:.AxR1J. LICNA I uxvlu-:1.1.. s,x1.1.11-3 m1x1z'1'x'. ,1os1:1'111x12 mxxvl-:x,x1'4z1I. xulu' I 1'I:1.1.1f:Rs. Amux' I, I'fINfII,I'.Y. mum' :I I-QIDMINSTON, l'AI,'I.INIC 1: 1c1mzx1e1Is, w1..x1'111Ix : 1c1:x1'1N, RI"I'Il I rabxlmis, MARIIC I ' IfI.Ii'I'l'IIIiR E1 I"I.IiMINlQ. MARY IQLIZAIII-,III I I ITRYIC. MARY I IIARGRAYE, RI'BY I IIARRIS, MARTIIA I.A I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , ,7,,,,,,, 'I First Year I1'1'6gllI2l1'S IIORTON. MARTIIA IIlJL'GII. NI-ILL IIOVGII, XVILMA IIOIINSUN. M.-XRLIARI-YI' III 1N ICS. ANNII-I I,IiILEII KIMIILIC, NIi'I"I'l I-I I.I-IIJIII-I'I"l'I-QR. MUI.I.II-I LICXYIS. ICI.I.I-IN I.I'l"I'I.Ii1 DAIZX I.0l'KIIAR'I', HICLICN MARHNICY, KATIII-IRINI-I MARTIN. liI.III-IRTA MnCONNI-ILI.. IESTIIICR MIIIDANII-II.. I.I-IONA Ml-INTYRE, MARGI'I-IRI'I'Ii MQKAY, MARY MI-KICITIIAN. SADII-I McMII.I.IAN. MARY IIIQLI. My-NICIL. KATIII-IRINIE MIQVICITN, YITRNA M I-INZI I-IS, MARY S'I'l'AR'I' MASSIiNG1I.I.Ii, INA 62 ,.. '1 f II, f 1' IVLA LY. MON RHIC. M AMI I-I MOORE, AMORI-IT N11RRIS,ICI.IZABI-ITII 1rI.IYIiR,jIZSSIIi I'HII.II'S, SADIE I'OLI.ARD, CAROLINE I'RIL'I-I, RI'II'4I-KTA RADI'I.Il"FI'f, ORA ROBBINS. JULIA SH.-XGO. CLARA SAXYYIER. IITTA SIRI-IS, IiI.IZ.-XBIETII SMITH, jL'I.IA SI'ROI'I.I'I, KATIII-IRINI'I TOMLINSON, ORA XYAKEIFII-II.D, MARGARET XYALI., EFI-'IE XYILKINSON, ANNIE MAE XVII.I,IAMS, LOUISE M'II.I,IAMS. NORA XYOOD. MARY M- I. f LT if --. -..qv x..- .., .... . ,,..i - . ........ tm f......, ...4 W... 11- .--.-... -'L-.., - Q... ...gg --.5 . -..... -.i-"'..,i -...... -N., 1. --.Q - V..-Q., Q... --Q -Q -g Q. +, 1, V-1 L- ,.-.-Q A... ,q- ...- ,-...-Q -1- ..? if -V-1 hi A E T... ,, .....1.., L.. , f...-.9 ., 1 -Q.- , -Q.. 4-5 A -4 , Y..-1 .1 -- -L, I , .V-.. , uf ,K -Q., ,.,-.-1 1 . 1-., ilfgi W 4 if My ..J45Lf::.- fr V - ,,' IMA. -t, -,.- Y- j L- f f ' b. I ' . J f 5 .. f - L4 -Q, fi "Zz ' 1 54 M , 1. X i 'Z-3 1 1 X' iff 'ffzjg fa ' Q an aff' Boo ll Litc-:rar -c.. nf Q. Q..-A , .1 . ,A 1 -Y Q ff . , -. , 1'-. x .v 1 4 ,. 1.0, J .r , 1 . ,-Y f ' v 1 ' ' 7 , ,J v f,.,,.f 'T' .4 .:+"' -lil Qbx his ..v3' A.,-.. si 1 2:"'-,'.,. .B Qgn! ,. , V ,. Q: " 1 I Q z.- . 1 Q... ik", ., 5 ni-. 1. 1' ,N .Q -2.1. ,, 1 -" 1' gl., f, ., . 0 . , 1 1 if ' -a ' ' G , ,. X . f ,Y r' - v. 1 v, rl -AQ. 'f ",Z.,. f., . -if :fi 1.2-'ix 1. A. -C ' 7 '-'K N115-' Q an J! ' QQ . . ' .5- x, . x xi Y 'Y VQHITL? 59 , A fwzl F M A, 'TY +++++++++++ may +++++++++++ . X MTE Nl-XTHLR N iw NX! RARY - i i Tk W UTM ' iii , 151 is nil uiinm i il i iiim iiiiwifii uma. 3 S W H u f Xffg ggfs fp X F J 43- -------- :.. 63 rw Q9 1 2 "W . 3 1 J. ix. Lx I' V M' ,f. 2, t, x A, WHITE llll-XTHER ra WH! l J ASprig of Heath Gem of the heath! whose modest bloom Sheds beauty o'er the lonely moorg Though thou dispense no rich perfume, Nor yet with splendid tints allure, Both valour's crest and beauty's bower Oft hast thou deck'd a favorite flower. Flower of my heart! thy fragrance mild, Of peace and freedom seen to breathe: To pluck thy blossoms in the wild. And deck my bonnet with the wreath. Vllhere dwelt of old my rustic sires. Is all my simple wish requires. Q2 The Set of Three: "Life as She's Lived" Auspicious--? Bell ringing, sleep clinging, sighs sounding, resounding, forced waking, rest taking, all dressing. all fussing. lt's the tive-minute bell. Visit F. M. C., oh explorer of life, on a Monday morning, preferably 7:25 a. m.: weather rather worse: object unbiased investigation. Take your stand near the rotunda and wait. For long? No. already the dusky ,servitor, faithful lunder pressurei jim, ambles from regions kitchenward to the Liberty t?D bell, which woe-betide fair maidens in regions above, is at its "time to ring again." Said time is forever inopportune, not to say disgusting, for instance when we birthday spread the night before, have just received seventy-odd proposals, a smile from every teacher, or like phenomena. And the aforesaid bell rouses us to "labor on." Monday morning, remember! Hark to the chimes! Could mortal hear unmoved? Nay, verily! Not with four minutes to adorn herself and ease in the doors, four garments, shoes- note state of strings, and three hairpins to the good. To continue, said explorer, CatlSt thou hear sounds through the marble halls? Methinks the silver notes have pierced the ears of earliest saintly maidens who are aiigels-iii'-rw' umm' tPoe never was our strong point, hence the mixturej and roused them from the arms of Morpheus, i. e., sleep, according to Homer or one of the ancient ones-we forget. There's a desperate sound of closing windows, if one had time to note state of weather in the rush, a breath through the house, too, whose source no doubt could be traced to accumulated sighs of three hundred fair Elaines rousing from their lily beds. Lancelot had nothing on downy couches if you talk of grief at deprivation of loved things. Then a frantic dressing, sounds of which sampled thus resembles a questionnaire: Martha, where's my other shoe? You seen my tie? You 'most dressed? W'here is that hair net? and my powder puff? That the last bell? It was! Now, questing visitor, view the ruins of the four-minute campaign. That dash around the corner with sundry peddlar's packs? Merely taking their laundry to the elevator. The rush to the insignificant box on second floor? Mail, my man, mail. All important that to get Sundays letters off, home and otherwise. .Jud other wise- The last stage now. Here they come - tall, short. etcetera. Clothes on partly, etcetera. All the rest of it. You know the list. Wlatch out, a mad stampede. Most of 'em through the big doors-a few stragglers-tables full. chairs, Hush: A blessing on the meal, Seats, It's started-a new week-a beginning of sorts. Time will tell what .tortg E. B.. '24 64 fill! ' . CXYCTH5 MW, ,M ,W W ,,,, MYMMM, . X. ,W NM, ,Y ------v---v-v- - 1 - ---.---------..-----------.---.---.- ,IT ' A. 'f if Y , sf iw 4 i ,f s.-------------------------------------Q----p---Q---------------q,,---,,-,,,,,,,,-.---- 6 '4 5 l 4 I.. I v - . "-51334, i Nbx' t sl , .N lllllllllllllllll',"'X .ununaununnu fly A 'Ri ,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,l,a.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ql1:l:fn:l':l::laf:d':l:d:f: obziif? afnrlahfahdalsrlzlzfrz 4, - Mzhdahntzlshhls mi? u , 1 g li' E NN lll l la l. . . I Q lllrkl HER I I I u Ex.: u : . 15' : l " il 1 ti ' Cross Court ' I I I 9 I I Conversation As Is ' I I I I . ' 1 ' - 1 . Q Q Q Lonesome: .Oh well. who wouldnt he looking at that sunsetr Its queer, isnt it, that l 2 late afternoon brings back memories of.home? And riding into the sunset, and dreams? And l E all the joys that hover phantom memories, round the dome of F. M. C.? Phantom memories, 2 : too far almost vtor. retrospect save in this hour of "rest for the weary." classes over. XVhen with E :N apologies to Ixipling. "faith we-shall need it," meaning the rest. Let's sit in the window a : gi while. Funny how every one ot the hundred or so girls round the court had the same desire gl 1' not long since. :, It - . . . , , :l Ot course we are homesick, and we want to gaze this late afternoon into the blue distance E gg and dream.. But a little talk wouldn't hurt. Besides, vve're feeling mean and, oh, no, there's g ll no rule against it. but 'Awe ve heard" the faculty, exquisite arhiters, are not so keen on all "this .2 R loud talking cross court." :It I . t ' "Say Hazel who you writing to It's rnun' letter with all that concentration depicted on ' 2 your fair countenance." S QE I I 11 : "It ought to he, Im lonesome. lf : ' "Hurry up. so I can tell you what happened4'd.own the street Monday." lg I "Mo-.t there. Look at the way 'that crazy's hxing her locks over yonder, while I finish." 12 :E' "VVant me to play the uke? Little soft inspiration." 2 i' Huh, Miss Smith's in her room-Called us down twice alread' and told us to read Lamen- lll I , , A 3 e li tations or Psalms or something, and retorm. 32: ily "Shes not there now." Then strains of music. Music? It all depends on the critic. ll, ls "Say, if you can carry a tuneucarry it down to the furnace and leave it." tl: : "Marvelous musician criticising-not! You woke us up yelling this morning-Hurry, lag tl Hazel, tell 'em a Joke and stop." ,lf ,I U . . . . . . . , , il 3: Nottunny stuff allowed. This is strictly-er-business. Anyhow, nothings tunny these 11' gl days. I just sent my report home." 1: .I You know what that lady gave me in-XVait a minute-Come. ,2 Silence from first room. Five minutes linger on. Then a penetrating whisper, still "cross ll 2: court." however. li tl "Hazel, go to sleep-she's coming with some more scripture-And we weren't doing a 3: thing. Told me if we wanted to talk across court to get a telephone." 1: Q: Oh yeah! Cross court operator! Mercy, there she is. : fl Sudden quiet, Finis, Postum. There was a reason, a female arbitrating one. Second It 3: installment when "the cat's away." It happens ever thus. VVill we never learn according to l l: childhood days, that written or unwritten, rules is rules? And authority, peace to its iron-bound l: soul, reigns supreme. 1:3 E. B., 'Z-1. I 'll l ll. l I li r Here in our F. M. C. Live the 300 'fl I I l Tennyson and his courageous light brigade-a childhood lesson. And we three hundred .ll E follow in their footsteps, though our battlefield is F. M. C. and our phase of life only that of 123 1: school in our long journey, "travelers from the cradle to the grave." Temptations and trials 1: 1: we see, compensations and rewards-but through it all our wagons are hitched to the stars of ig: lg high endeavor-ye stars, the poetry of heaven, hear our dreams and help us "so live" that the lfi ll summons Find us ready, aye, ready to leave our footprints worthy- 4: 'll Small things are hardest, and petty rules confining. 'Twould be .vo easy to "get water' 12' E after light bell. to miss "the h-our out," to forget "quiet hour" the rest-but ever the still :lt : whisper in us: "Is that the height of your honorr" And we End we no longer are thirsty. l: that out-doors is calling, that hells are a convenience. not a bane. A little word, honor, but it Q:: lg gilds the smallest deed and thought. And gilding the smallest, leaves no room for the larger .: ll deeds ever to exist except in honor-hound ways. Rules are guide lines, trials a joke, live for 'Q lg honor and others4and life's sunshine smiles upon you. I' : "That hest portion of a good man's life E His little nameless, unrememhered acts 1: I li ' l: 65 i ll fr, " .. I ll Q- 14, A. : liizxiiiififi ------------------ --I ------- ----- . Ik' 'i tr I "i72T'zx::4:i:i:::r' Ts: ' f 4.2: l + i1--eff-Y - Y- f f ---W - V K W ff, -Y . 2 -. - -Y --.. . . 1: ty, i , ' lv -gf '14 1 4 sl M muunnunu M-4 ,nununnunu ,' 'Xp nnnlununui gn. ll ql33:hd:l:M3:lsd:l: 63227.97 shdrhdzhdwhrahdz F' l XZ? F :l:M:l:lz:l:l::l:hd:h c ahalzlimaliliil-Eliilg li 5 wurru 5 5, NLXTHER E li' tl I ,l 1 I : 5 E Cf' I . U I . I I I E Q Of kindness and love jsomehow gives a suggestion that in service we forget self and petty I . trials. Lessons go easier, hte becomes golden- E i And the compensation? Vllhat more could we need that we result just seen. Yet more joys : ,i are heaped on more. Friends are soul-mates, and we tind them: studv is learning that enriches, I u . . . . . - U , I lg we have mtg every phase of hte comes to us and we hve, hve. Four years of broadening, four I 1 years' ex ,erience 'till we "are women grown" and "come into life's heritaUe"- ' I T 74 ' c - la ' : ,Q F. l.l, L.-heres to you! Our best and our tuture salute you-Sorrows and Joys, college n 12 for us-and nl! the 300 join in. E E. B., '24. E I all I ' E I I I 3 ffl A Legend of the Creek in Paradise a 'I I Long ago, when the Earth was young- E lil VVhen Flora Macdonald was new, 5 lil Paradise boasted no tranquil stream E Reflecting the trees and the blue. Q in I lil Qnly a beautiful wood was there, E if Whex'e the College girls loved to roam, Q Thinking sweet thoughts of their mothers dear, E il And dreaming sweet dreams of Home. E fl And often they sat on a shady stone, E E' In pensive, sorrowful mood, E Sl And when the thoughts came creeping o'er 5 Q They wept in solitude. Q E And salt drops falling one by one Q E Soon made a little pool, 5 : And the fairies left their flower-cup homes E E To bathe in its waters cool. 5 Q I f And more tears swelled the pool till it grew, Q E And it soon became a stream. 5 The College girls play in its waters dark E And sit on its banks to dream. E ' I Once in a while a tear will fall Q li And mingle itself with the rest, E lf Hut 'tis few who know how bitter the drops E 3 That had an end so blest. ii E SALLIE SCOTT, ,25. 5 5 66 5 ' I I ILW V,V- I t57f37Y'Y' f' fo 'r'2'g-gigQfeiie AQ ,iii ff- from - -ALT V Vik r YJ U 7 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I lu 'I ll lu I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ll- QS? W ff II' v . I WHITIQ. V NEXT! I ER W A ,X i, Q Wfhere is no Time Like Spring" 4, STER-ANNE just ful! that it was going to be a good day. It had had an auspicious beginning in that she had actually waked. dressed and slipped down-stairs before Q1 i si , . , . Mother called her tthus saving a good ten minutes wear and tear on Mothers 5 I . . . . eb Ji patience and vocal cordsl. It was one of those unspeakably beautiful mornings of 'B 0' early Spring when the glory of living and growing things makes you feel like catch- - 1 ,n ' D-Av - va ing the whole world in your arms and dancing with it-it just has to be something foolish and impossible to express your exuberance. I don't know if you know how Ester-Anne felt or not-I think I do. She began by taking Mother, though, in a great big hug. and then Bobby and Elsie. but she was tactful enough to substitute bringing a bucket of water for Jack's hug-Jack would have resented that as an everlasting insult to his nine-year-old dignity. The world was a glorious place. Everything went beautifully. Bobby and Elsie refrained from satisfying their insatiable desire to investigate the contents of her lunch basket and book strap as per usual: her hair had curled wonderfully, even to that very behind one that was so hard to reach, and she was wearing a new ribbon and a pretty starched-up blue gingham dress and white shoes. A wry dressed up little girl! VVhen she put on the dress. she thought about what Tommy Carson said once-that it was just the color of her pretty eyes. She thought about it and then shrugged her little shoulders haughtily-she lzafm' boys. they were so mean and hateful. She and her chum, Virginia, had solemnly sworn never to like them, not even when they got to be young ladies with their hair done up and high-heeled slippers. Still, she often thought about his thinking her eyes were pretty, and she leaned a little closer to the mirror and wondered if he thought they were "deep violet wells of mystery" like the heroines in her story book. She kissed Mother and the babies good-bye affectionately and skipped off to school hum- ming a gay little song-full to the brim with the joy of living and the spirit of Spring. "I feel." she told herself. "as if something is going to happen to me today-some vital change in my life." t"Vital" was a word she had just acquired yesterday and she felt puffed up with pride at using it correctly in a sentence. She liked the sound of that sentence, and she said it over to herself several times-it was so grown-upish. She would say it to Virginia when she met her a little further onl. And so she went on, a little pensive now at the thoughts of the overhanging change-it might be inheriting a fortune, or being a heroine by saving the lives of some of the children from the burning school house, if it would just conveniently catch fire. She could imagine herself cheered by the crowd and taken home to her Mother, who would cry a little because she was so proud of her, but she. Ester-Anne. would be modest through it all. Or it might be her prince charming on a coal-black charger would ride along even right now behind her and-but here she blushed guiltily and felt like a traitor to her sol- emn vows. And so she went on thinking those deep. deep thoughts of youth, so often savoring a 1, , 6 of tragedies and romance. CI-Ester-Anne was thirteenj. Virginia was met at the usual place. She too felt the exuberance of Spring in her veins, and the two, a veritable Damon and Pythias, went on their way rejoicing. Faithful Tommv Carson, who always met them at the foot of the hill with an offer to carry their books, was snubbed even more cuttingly than ever and the two little maids titlted their saucy chins in the 67 , L , f s -15? fbi -,wW-,-,. H,-.,i,.-- --.Wi - A """""""" ' Lag twig 2- -'-'-'-"----'-" zx. '-"---- fr'--2:-. mf if I 1 1 I IN I 'I 3 n I I lv' :u I I :l ,l 1:l -l .Ii lI1 ll fl I lil ,I il' ..l 1:l 11 1.l U Il lil Il 'r lil '1 'Z 'N 'I 1' 1ll 'I 1,, is '1 u. u I I it I qi I I ll 1 I I u I 1. I .l 1I N 4 I I u .1 I n n .1 ,, .1 '1 u I ,. :1 I1 I n I ll I l I1 .1 .. n I I. s 51 Il I. ,. u I I '1 Q I I I I I I I u. I I n. u I1 I tl I ll- I WH ITE ummtiiz . ' R, fgf E X., air and swept past, talking in animated whispers of "great changes." Virginia too had caught the queer little feeling that something was going to happen. The day did turn out beautifully. Never before had Ester-Anne had such creditable reci- tations, never before had she been so much the center of the games as she had been at lunch time, and never before had she been so conscious of Tommy's mute admiration. Incidentally, too, never had brave knight worked against such tremendous odds. She was more scornful than ever. But every dog has his day, or perhops a more apt quotation would be, "Persistence will win out," anyway Tommy's hour struck. Spelling came the last thing in the afternoon and it was a very exciting time. If you stayed "head" a week. you got a head mark, and if you missed a word and the next one in line spelled it, he or she "trapped" you, which was ter- ribly galting to your pride. Now it so happened on this particular day that John Sims was head, Ester-Anne next, and the detested HJ Tommy next. Everything went well until the third word from the last in the lesson. It came to John, and it was "Caoutchouc" tEster-Anne had looked it up and it meant hard rubber l. It was a terribly mix-ey up word. "Caoutchouc, John," Miss Morris said. Then followed a moment of dazed silence, John shuffled his feet, he twisted, he writhed and finally blurted out that that word wasn't in his book-a giggle-then "next," from Miss Morris crisply. A whole day of unclouded triumph had made Ester-Anne over-confident, and gloating over her chance to trap head. she spelled the word-zt'1'm1y! "VVhy, Ester-Anne," Miss Morris said in a surprised tone. "Next, Tommy." Oh! ll'l1y had she said that? It was bad enough just to miss the word4it was hard just being trapped--it was torture to be trapped by Tommy, and on this day. She was abjectly miserable. Shamed tears came to her eyes and she dropped her head so her curls falling would hide them from Tommy. But what was that she heard-Tommy was spellingshe missed the word, and she could somehow tell from his tone that he knew how. He would not trap liar. The one next got the trap, but it didn't so much matter nowfthere was a warm glow around her heart and she felt differently towards Tommy. She wanted to shyly slip her hand into his -she wanted to tell him she liked him. The tears that were just ready to fall, never did- she walked back to her seat almost joyfully. ' just before the closing bell, Tommy walked past her desk with that careless swagger and eyes steadlly hxed in front of him that is always like hanging out a sign, saying "I'm passing notes," and dropped a piece of paper folded into an incredibly small ball into Ester-Anne's lap. Inside was serawled, "I wouldn't have trapped you for anything," and down in the corner was a heart with an arrow through it. Virginia wept going home that afternoon. Ester-Anne was faithless-absolutely faithless. She was walking home with Tommy Carson and he was carrying her books, and she, Virginia. had plainly not been wanted. She could not bear it! Poor Virginia. Such is the way with a man and a maid'-hard on a third party! As for the "great change"-the day had marked one more vital than Ester-Anne knew. She was a child no longer-nobody can be a little girl when she leans over the gate twenty minutes talking to somebody's "little boy l" BILLIE MAE WHITESIDE, '2.3. U8 I , 'f fa. A : Ii I i r . l ---- .... --- ---- ...... ---------..--------. ..... ..- .----- ..... ------------.---------.-.------- .Apxtii 3 1' milf -. -i. --L, -., 1... -Qi. . -i -L g -4. 1 1. Boo III. Organizations and Clubs 14, J' xx E w: : mi. QE: ulmunu :El , W Q xx 1: s Q 1: : x:, I V, I : , I ' I ' I : ls I . I, ' I Q II . :I is : 12 'I I :HHS W, y HWEANJZATIUNS x :I 4: iz :E I :5 :E :g mn 5 ll :E 12 F , Qg ' J rl . ,- A- ,A , W !L:3'::.s'-AM' "" 4' HN A-I---V'-A M' "vfY"tNr --f------M I 1' ' " 7 A -1 - -4-1---nu' q-'inn -pa "'Z i'l .2--5 A "i' ""'-1 "V ' ' " I L X f I' , 7. ,. , I , p 1 I Y 1 N f' 'v'4f1"s.' 'X -Ihr-vll Il 4-.+i I If ,flsx ' ,Q ' ' lu LSJWQ-:Lil V1-5wuIIInIu:-ULUIUIIII A S ' wIlIIlIIlIIlIIsIfNf1v7lIIlIIlIIlIIIIIlI I IIIIIIIII I' - :II :I III IIUIII N ZZ, 'vp ' III+'+IIIIIlIIlII ffffi' Ill I I it 4 " ,7' 'I X- IIIIIII1 'I Il XIIIII' " I'I I BII.I.II'. XXIIITI:5IDI: .....,.A. I'HARI-I'VI'TIf INIm'ML'R AVIS FOUNTAIN .... I4I,ORA INII'IIN'I X IxIz ..,. ..,.... ..................... IiI.I,I2N BLACK ,..... - BONNIE BL'I,I,A .... ,.- IXIIARIQAIQICT IXIUIQTUN ..... ,..... I 1II1lIl'l'IIIIlI of Social Scrvicu ADA Mf'RAL'KAN ..... fJNIli RI"I'II IQRYIN-- MARY AI.IL'If ISIJYDH, ---L4II2iIl'l'lI2llI Inf Music CUIIIITIIIIUC I'I IiI.IZA XYIIITTICIJ .... -,--- -- -- ............. Sutra-tary RI."I'II NI IXYICLI. ........ MADGIC IIARDAXYAY .... --- ,..f,.. CIIzIir'maI1 of Bible Study -- .... QQIIZIIVIIIZIII III Aasucizxthm News -- ........ -, ,,.. LI1zIIr1II:1I1 III 5-uclal I N .. r ' I I , I' uw I I ' I I I: II I .I :I IEI I EI I 'I 2 I III II II III III I I I II Il ,I II Il Il I. II II 'I I I II II III II ,I II IIJ I ,I xl ,I I 'I I: II 12 III :II HI I, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet --....------Pl'L'5IlIL'IlI IQAYN- ...., XIICL'-PVCSIIIQIII I' I. 'I'11-zlsurcr I -,--------------L'lIfIL'I',QI'2lfIllZIIt.' IlL'IlI't'SL'IItZlIlVC 3II . . . . , . . . Il ---kllzurmzm III RI-l1g1Im1Is NICL'IlIIQ.lS Lmmmttcc IQ' ------AA-L'I1zIi1'I11z1u uf IX'IissimIzI1'y f,xIJIllll1IItCC ,II I'I III Cm111nittCu LqU1l'lllIItfL'C V4 L'Im1mittcc if 'II III ' ' ' ' ' Ccnnmittcc III -----IjI'L'SIlICIIl uf Stunlcnt Body :I ,. 2: II 'I I 10 - I I I I I 1 I 'F ll 1: ll li ll li l: 1:1 :-I l ll il ll lI li I :I I ,I I I I I I I I I 'l ,, I I I I I I I ll ll :I ll I l: 'I '. :H :Ui lil lvl :Il 1:1 ll! .I1 i'1 :H tl .. ,.. ,ly ,, -1 I: ,, I: I: ll I: ll lt I. It 'i ll ,. ll :ll :ig Il I J. ,gl l :El ,I. ,Il il' ll I ,I tl I I I :I ll I : I I ,:' ,l ll ll ll: 1: :t :l ,. lr II l ut. 'N N lllLX'l'Hl-'R ., t E' lX.f 1 ,x 3 P: H sweetest memories of college days will be those of the dear old Association, the quiet lf f ' U 'O those of us who have had the privilege of working with and for the "Y," among the lr 15 R l :Mig times around the cabinet table, the warm sweet friendships formed there in striving ll Nl' ll lla P1 together to uphold a common purpose-the purpose of the Y. NV. C. A. There is ggi?-gl something almost sacred about those memories. live. of ,l C"' I 5 Before school opened. the cabinet spent two restful, quiet days at Lake Graham- two very strengthening days. before the bustle of getting new girls welcomed and settled. The Religious Meetings Committee has worked faithfully and well on our prayer meetings and as a result there has been a very marked improvement in all our meetings, especially those on Vilednesday nights, both in attendance and interest. Our Thanksgiving offering went towards furnishing a room in the Stuart Robinson School. in Blaekev, Ky.g 5106.25 was sent from the Association to the Near East Relief. The girls responded remarkably well to the call for the relief of the New Bern tire sufferers. A box of clothes. warm, serviceable and in excellent condition was sent to them. The Social Service Committee, with the help of other girls. sent a box of baby clothing. at Christmas time, to a mission in the mountains of Virginia. A very beautiful XVhite Gift Christmas service was held on December 17. 1922. Our offering was S12-1.00, and besides the gifts of money there were very many gifts of self and service for the King. The service was made specially impressive by a Christmas Cantata, ren- dered bv the chorus, under the direction of Miss Mary Forman. A victrola record cabinet. a rug, and a new book-case have been installed in the "Yu Hall. The number of books in the library is steadily increasing. Under the direction of the Asso- ciation News Committee the library has been gone over. renumbering done and a card system installed. A successful reading contest was put over by the Vtlorld Fellowship Committee. and through their efforts a great many more missionary books have been read than usual. The Social Committee has put games and other attractions in the Hall. and it is a real joy to see the girls gather there around the victrola in the evenings having a good "homey time." The biggest thing perhaps is something that is being started under the direction of the "Y," that of answering the appeal of one of our alumnae, Miss Anna McQueen. for 221,000.00 for her work in Korea. It is our earnest desire that Flora Macdonald's daughters will raise this money. Hundreds of letters have been sent out enclosing the appeal and already checks are coming in even byond our expectations. Vile hope that the money will be in Miss McQueen's hands before many months. To you who have the privilege of carrying on the work in the future, we would leave our heartiest good wishes. the assurance that we are backing you by our interest and prayers, and the hope that your year may be as rich. as sweet and as helpful to you as this year has been to us. BILLIE XVHITESIDS, President "Y," 71 CM' fl' 1 'Qi5'L" .ffgjxi A' - . :YJ ,- : V ,i i is - M111 ' he fm i IE X 42 . F ig R ! , 1, N Qi n n l V: v i iil 35+ ' fi E H il . we KM ry ' i 555 iii ff, l fl , , :x N ii! . : P11113 and Thlstle gl Editorial Staff I Nu . , , . . , . - . . . . . I -----,'xS5l:-tiiilf hclltm'-111-Llllci 1' ' ll.-XIXIXAII Mc'fXlzIl,l,. ILS.. ,,., ,H ,,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 Iii Ei ANNA Ki,-X12 LAIlD1',l.I., L--- ....,.. A.,,,,. .... .,.., I4 , c llflil'-Ill-LIIICI Assistant Editors S.XI.I,IIi SL'fJ'lx'I', Z. MARY MvCL'I,I.UL'H. HX. HRACIC MUHIJY, Z. MARY LOVE, lf. 3' K.-XTHIZRINIC MvMII.l,:XN. Z. BONNIE BUI,I.liR, li. X. kj WI ,,, U 15+ - 1 ' ' ' I 1 I' If llx:X Nlvllf PIX.-XLD, Ia. X. ,,,. .,,........ I ill?-illL'SS Managur 1:3 ,lL'l,I.'X RA NISAY, Z, ,,,,.., .... . 'x55i5l2lIlt i'ill5iI1L'SS IMZIIIHQCI' ,I 'I I s if il' , Hi s X2 li' ws! ,U ,:' ----1 g mmm W us X1HlR '5 ' - Q - D' , I I' . I . a.. fl M qv ::! E el if : ii 1 E l I+ 5 E I! I .52 kai 1 I Il in vl ll .I :IN ....... 935 ..,. 510 , 1 , J V ..-.1 v N3,." ,l,, I . s 'I-k.. ' . -Q"-N 1 -. ' -"xt x - 'N , . 1 x - ,.. . 4 , wx,-u r IM , Y.. -4 ,E 'Y . . 1 4- , , V - K I .,. rv., . s 4 , 1,. ' vs. - 3 Q . - Q. ' r ,' -" I' ,M 71. , .Qj ' ,Ai - ve -.L ,. .. A .nv-.V , , H , Q -, .A l, - 'NI' . ., , 1 ' -r. ' ', A 'k -w ., Y g, Lag, ' . l . 'y L sb ' ,I . . . 1 - A U A . . ,4 A+ .L I A., - . in iw V.. ,x, Y, v .iii fn " 41 , 4.1 v . , AE' , " I 'gf -'ri :f f.1,r'-S , ', in A ii- ..: ,- 'rf 7,-' .A .-g." A " , J. 11 . .p . '.' f ru. 1 f 1 - cgx'wfff-.. . . - , 1:55, L '-. "' L, -1 ,-,-Y. mn, ,, . 'fu 4'v-4- -ml.--vm-".' . - .4-. - 5 'v- . .::, ,,5':-!..A',-- 11" ., .- 1- .-,-,- .,,,,,..,-.. . ..'-id..-.,,f. Y, , .5-. I Y. Txr 4, : ,ww ,-j - ' "' 1 '.: , tl" - 'MV -.m .g sf . ., - -. .Q 4,-,,.,.. JL ,FT ,. .5 I-, V, W, 5- .44 s , - H . . -...- 1 ' ,'V.vXg, '. ".- wi, , ,. ,U ,A 1 , - R .E IE 13 I IE il Il I IE Il I Il il I I I5 il EI III If is I I E III ISI I fiskeftrr-f-A A WIIII I. ' IIIAIIII Il H' fEI Epsilon Chi Literary Society ALMA BURGESS ..-..---A MARTHA MILLER ,I ONES LAX INIA IN ADES. ,......YYY CATHERINE DEATON ..,.. LILLIAN STREET ,,,,., PHOEBE NVAKEFIELD ..,.. MARGARET MCG-IRT ....i,... CHARLOFTE MCMURRAY .... HAZEL FAIRCLOTH ..,,.,,, ARNETTE, ODI-ISSA ALFORD, TOCHIE ALLEN. JEAN ASBURY, MARY BEAN, ANNIE BEARD, LENA BENNETT, LOUISE BLACK, ELLEN BRADLEY, SNOXVE BROIVN. ESTHER BROVVN. GRACE BUCHANAN. IANIE BROXVN, LOLLIE BULLA. BONNIE BURGESS. ALMA BUSTARD, AGNES CARSON. LOUISE CELLAR, MARY CHANDLER, IRENE COE. VERA CONE, MARIE CONE. JOE COOK. LINDA COOK, MARY DEATON. CATHERINE DONNELL. MITTIE DELORME. MILDRED DOUGLASS. MARGARET DOVVDLE, MARGARET EDXVARDS, CLAUDIA EDMINSTON, PAULINE ERXVIN, ONNIE RUTH ERVVIN, RUTH HUNTER FAIRCLOTH. HAZEL FAIRES. MARIE FELTON, JULIA FLEMING. ELIZABETH FRANK, VIRGINIA FRAZIER. CREOLA FUNK. ANNIE LEE GARTH. CHARLOTTE GIBBS, EULA Officers Members IILASERE, RLTII GOODMAN. GRACE HALL, MURPHY HARORAYE, RI'EY HARRISON, MIRIAM HERRINI5. ELEANOR HILL. MARY HOIIOIN. MATESIA HORTON. MARTHA HORTON. MARY RATE HUGHES. ELIZABETH HANSEL. MARGARET JACKSON, MARGARET JENKINS. SARA JENKINS. THEO JOHNSON. ELSIE JOHNSON, MARGARET IONES, MARTHA MILLER JONES, ORA JONES. TRUITT RITRELI.. RUTH LANGSTON. IIOZIER LAVV. MARY LAYTON. MARTHA LEIIEETTER, MOLLIE LEOETTE. CELESTE LITTLE, DAISY LOCKHART, HELEN LOVE, MARY MARONEY. KATHERINE Mc.-XLPINE. I.OI'ISE MLAULEY. MILIIREII MIVCALLLM. LOUISE MCCONNELL. ESTHER MCCELLOCH. MARY MECUTCHEN. ELMA MCCUTCHEN. VIRGINIA MEIIONALII, ELIZABETH MCIIONALII, FLORA MCGIRT, MARGARET MEOOOOAN. ELORAREL MCRAY, MARY MCLEAN. JEAN 73 a 'Ji LJJ fx , J- ---,,,,,,,,-I"residcIIt S .... First Vice-President L - ,S Second V ice-President ,S S - S Recording Secretary , - -Corres1ImIdiIIg Secretary ,V LLL-----,,-ETreasurer A ,L , ,,,.,,.. Censor --,Chaplain , ---Critic MITLEOD, MARGARET MINEIL, HANNAH MENEIL. KATHERINE MICRACKEN. ADA MEMURRAY. CHARLOTTE MENZIES. MARY STUART MILLS, IRENE MITCHELL, JULIA MONROE. MAMIE MOORE. AMORET NEELY. MAE NOXVELL. RUTH NORRIS. ELIZABETH NEESE. ANNIE LOUISE OLIVER. JESSIE OVJEN. ANNIE MARYE PHILIPPS. SADIE POPE. HELEN PRICE, REBECCA ROBBINS. NOLIA RUSSELL. ELIZABETH SCOTT. ELIZABETH SEABROOK. ANNIE STEELE. ANNIE MAE STILES. ALENA STREET. IDA STREET. LILLIAN STREET. RUTH SPROULE. KATHERINE SMITH. LEOTICE SMITH. MIRIAM TATE. LUCILLE TOMLINSON. GEORGIA TOMLINSON. VERA VVADE. LAVINIA XVITHERSPOON. ELIZABETH IVAKEFIELD. MARGIE XVAKEFIELD, PHOEBE IVEST. MILDRED XVHITESIDE, XVILLIE MAE IVILKINS. ANNIE MAE XVOODRUFF. ELIZABETH VARDEELL. MARY LINDA PI! V, If ,IW TQ' .f-Aj.-Q - N xxfw iw, 'I I rli ,l, 5 j Mull! f ' IHXIIIHL E? me p gi , ,l El Yi i ur 5 Q H D E 2 'gy H M . TO 'Q QS . ., g '13 Q I1 pu 5 ij E n faq Qi v 0 3-1 v jj fa fr D-1 U Q i :Q -15 Tf? Z' O '3 5 dl if 'F 3 ww 41 rg :G 5 22 PQ 4 .2 if E fd? s QV: C rf'-if e 74 g xx u TL su XTHEP V I " 'W g I 1 u IH! 'I I I iI I l I I I I l I I I : I ' I I I I I I .- : ,,,.. .- 's I . I I I I I ' I 4 I IE in 'I - - 15 f I I 'F o lu E I E II n EI 5 -E I I I I I I. I X -.' I.. 'H' ' ,'.u- 'S R.. -fx .'. r. sf' . , " 91 " - ', , . - - ,J P - L- f I ,I. .-'.,.,.I, ' 0 I Y. I, , y, . 1 . ,rw 6 'A I. 1 .IF-, I... ff , . . A . 1 nm 7' x'-A " 'N , Q wat r nl " n v. .,. gig., ,, . .1 X X I.aI 'F' w-- ik. J 24.9. -.. . .-'L -I'I 1 1 ,.. v he ,, lj. - Q. .,,. -. -,aI 5.. .I.4, . 'L ' - 'gb 5, . " ,. - ' ,.,- Q1 ' 1.1-I I n f if Q., Ag -' - I., . ,' , .- -,I - ' ' ' ' 7'-if " ' ':fi":f if-1,i-.5-1' -. - f. -. : . -. ....- ,. .--- -Mx - .I I I. I IS, I. .IIIIf.,. , ,,a'T,II, I nl I1-: ' - ' ' Q 5 ,, I ' .5 15 'ff' T. I I,-.9 N '41"'f-Q,-,Q . -V I- II ' . tg! ', ",I Lg.:-' H -.12 i . . ' r-, :fy-43',,"..X 94.5 ' 1- ' ' W -4. J-,Q . ' f . ' 3 -' in-A f - , - 1 - --I Q -, ., . . - . Q, -' , " 'pg' - -I -ii 3. , fi -- .5 V- ,. .- .X' x-' -1 -. '- .. - .A . 1 H.. - -w.,a- Y -i , .- -'.., , ',' xr , .1 - ...4 ---:Q -Q 'B ' 3:59 A, . - ' ' . " J. " -ff '- ' "'+--f'k:'.:. 5 L -. I .f,-gl f-., f , ,. .Q -1,--'--4, , 2 - AI.I.I--asf.-3 I II I- . IA I- .I .I -Y, . - ' - A'. ' 1' f. '-' ' .' ' .I " ' x - I4: y ' . ' ' ' v v. '.' ,h ,v- -- '. - '. ' 'eg--52. .zz ,x'. f' ."' -, . . '11 K 'id' A ' I Q: I -I .. .f ' ."- ax.,- . , , .. - 1 I Y "1 v , -- ' . . fi, Jr.. ,, -.,,.. . . -. , -,. - - - f - - -lx. , .- , . N F :J V':-'Uni l g -Y,-va-'.':?.l.-, vk 'V ag ' , . . v - I . IIII I IILvI.II-. 1, VI, .1-.I -I.- . '- -.3 I - - I.-:W . , S ' .1' i'.'g:4 331f' - - - .'.. -1 x ' ' '- J-'Ve' .. in ..N, .-, .. -1 1 ,, ,,j . I -,.ff. , . . 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E ,- 5- .i 2,5 , I I 1 ' ' ' 3 - ' f"f'Tf"'1s 1,-.Qy+:2f'- - '- U f H ,L , if' 'if ' '.'2"i'-V. "EF,-24. ' " - .491 "Q" 'I ' - ' - X . -3" f:-g' 'iff' - 1 .fy ' ' , : V '-P 1 . . ' ' Q: 3-83' " . T." ! - " '5"'e' 51 -.-4 ,, . , M, , . r, , , L, ,,-. 1 ,ff 4- 5, . ',rJ'. fi." .An-' 7 .1-1' - P.. ..--..-' uf -- -. .v . - -4.-.,q,f:,-H -fi .gm 3-Q. I 1, . ,. --,If -:K -3 - ' . 4 " '. -- ' :. ' "N - ' .g g 'Tart-I gs- :YW Q. -, - ' ' Q,-N, 1 'J Tw- -. -..'..., ,,r..., ,gva -Q-s-Q - . .J ' ct -'.?-55. ' -,.-. , . ...- ' ,. , .wi--"' . 1 - 'iq-,vgga 2'-'1 -' "" .K .Nqr 12 1.-.'.-5. V 1' -" . -'N :4 ' ' 'LN -' .al Tn "'?'.1:'-E771' ' '. -1, " 5' .Q . .12--.. Af ,,--.-.g,, 5 .1 -'I ' ?"LI,f I . , I I II IIIIIII Iii LIIIII I. ,. 1.9-fiii' 55' .jgJ2'.qz:I ., -r. y'.-12-u " . - ,aw ,1. - '72 V V' I " ,. Y . LII... "" -sh 44' v-Va' .ff,u III-.I.6--.-,3,1I?jfL xx? oi' '-' .MI Q ' ..--31 ' -1 ,-v .0 s f 3, N JEHESI EN LOCISE MANDEYILLE--- MARGARET HALL ..,,... MADGE HARDANYAY .... MARGARET MORTON ,,,,, JENNIE MCCCTCHEON MARY LOL' LESTER--, ELIZABETH MORTON .... ANNIE MAE CAIDDELL .,I, FLORA MUINTYRE ...... ALLEN. YIRGINIA ARNOLD. LYDA ASHLIN, VIRGINIA BACOT. MARIE BAIN, NELLIE BAKER, ELIZABETH BAKER, MAMIE BARR, ALICE BETHEA, DELLE BETHEA. LOUISE BOYD, MARY ALICE BRANNEN, ELIZABETH BRITT. NELLE BROXYN. AMANDA BUIE, ANNIE BUTLER, HELENA CADDELL. ANNIE MAE CARR, ALICE CARR. GRACE CARTY, ,IOSEPHINE CAUDAELL, SALLIE CAYENAUGH, MARY CRAXVFORD. ALLIE DEES, SALLIE MAE DOUGLAS. LOUISE EVANS. EFFIE FLETCHER, BESSIE FLOYD, ANNABELLE FOUNTAIN, AVIS FREEMAN. PEARL I I I, , fa , Zetesian Literary Society Officers Members HARIJAXYAY. MAIJGE HENDERSON. NYILLIE ALMA ,HI'NTLEY, MARJORIE HCNSCCKER, LUCY JOHNSON. LITILE JOHNSON. M. LUCILE KIMBLE, NETTIE LENNON, MARY LOL' LESTER, MARY LOL' LEXYIS. ELLEN LENYIS, HAZEL MANIJEYILLE. LOUISE MANESS, MARIA MARSHALL. SARAH F. MARTIN, ELBERTA MASSENGILL. INA MANXYELL, ORA MAYNARD. CLAUIJIA MOODY, GRACE MONROE, BESSIE MORTON, ELIZABETH MORTON, MARGARET MORTON, MARY MORTON, NELLE MCBRYDE, MARY MCCIQTCHEN. ,IENNIE MCINTYRE, FLORA MUINTYRE, KATHERINE MCINTYRE. MARGUERITE MCKINNON , PAULINE GRAHAM, CARROLIL MCKINNON, ROZELLE HALL, MARGARET MCLAURIN, PEARL HARRIS, BIARTHA 75 'hi -I f f vinyl, , . LN - -------------.---..------------.-------az --------..---President ,---,,First Vice-President ----Secund Vice-President ---ELELELRQ-cording Secretary ,-,--Cm-responding Secretary ---N ,... --,-----Treasurer -----Chap1ain ,,----Critic -----Censor MCLEOD, AGNES MELEOII. KATIE BLUE MCMILLAN, KATHERINE MCMILLAN, MARY BELLE MCNEELY, SARAH MCNEILL. JOSIE MQPHAUI., CHRISTINE MfOUEEN, YERNA NORIIAN, MARTHA PATTEN, METTA POLLARD, CAROLINE POOLE, MAE JOHNSON POPPE, EERIJINANIIE PORTER, JULIA RAMSEY, JULIA RHODES, RUTH ROBINSON, AMY SAVVYER. ETTA SCOTT, SALLIE SHAW, MARY SINCLAIR. MAE STEYENSON, MABLE THOMASSON, NELLIE VAN IIALSEN, MARTHA WALL, EFFIE XYALLACE, ELIZABETH VVARIJ. SELMA XYHITTED. ELIZA VVILCOX, AUSTIN VVILLIAMS, LOUISE VVILLIAMS, NORA WOOD. MARY YOUNG, CAROLINE I I' 'f 'C,1 lf' 3.1-"'L4?1-.Q 'x 1' "".w1' 1 iq 1 f1 1-x. 1 'x J x. 49' X14 1 3 Q63-gqsqglllllllll lllllllllllllll 11115 1 11 - 11 2211111111114 15, 1 11: ? 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T" I , L , N u ,- ' 4 X I I I' I E XVHITIL Ig , IIIVXIIIPIQ E RI, QI , 4, fel li 2 X f 'g 2 XJ : I I ' ' l ' 1 ' I I 3 , Iw..WI,, Mk 55 ' N I r KW , WW I II ' I F I f 1 f EI ' n a I wf I E I I I I g ii 5 I ' I I I. . , ' 'I I Mm .UMAAEJ I I QKZSCUWJC I 'OAUISQLL I III I S I , I 2 I 3 if I il I I I I I I , "LI ABETH 1 P - : 5 ERMNEN X Iwffwliln I Q , Q I wI, I 24 I W I :I s I I ' I ' I I : Q I : Pubhc Debate 5 I E QLYIQRY: "Resolved, That the United States Should Cancel All W'ar Debts." I ' I I .'I'ffIl'I71lIfI-Tl' Nvg1ul1't'v E E MARY MCCULLOCH, Ii. X. ANNIE LEE FUNK. Ii. X. , ELIZABETH BRANNEN, Z. ANNIE MAE CADDELL, Z. E EI E EI : 5 I 3 2 I P' ' I I g 5 78 1: II -II! V1 w:1 ' f I ' I L ..--- Ti 7' "" X I L-4, ,- nn ' Vlpgr -pql-up 1'n"QQBDIBZSSSEQPTQii"2i'iiIiL ,qs if Ydf' '?'LE" " E5 -X I g IXIJ 2 I I ,Q ,I , I I ", I IE xl. ' NI: I 111 X: 'II sl Il : I: tl ' l :II - ll Q 2 : o 2 I , u , u ,. I 1: 2 . wl , n .1 I .ia 5 wif I e n Is Ia 'I ' I I I I I u a a n I I 5 5 I' I 'Il 2 I' I II I I ' I :I Georgma Club : 3:' :IN I . 2 Q: Flower: Cherokee Rose Song: "Georg1a" : I I' II If officers I: LOUISE 1IANIVJEYII.I.E--, ..,..... ,.,-,, ,,,,,,, P r esideuf E21 BIIRIARI HARRISUX ,,,, ..,., X YICC'-PYCSIdt'III n w -. . l, ALILE CARR .,....w.YY ,....-, 5 ccrctary if LYI3.-Q ARNOLD ..,.... ,.,,, T reasurer ONIE RVTI-I ERXYINH- ,,,,A,,,.,., ,,,, C fhq-fr Leader 'II IS Members ARNOLD. LYIJA GIBBS. ELALA ig! ASBIIRY, XI.-XRY tiI.ASI'RI-1, RIHIIH 1: BRANNEN. IiI.IZ.-XIIETII HARRISON. KIIRIAM BRITT. XICLLE JENKINS. SARAH E CARR. ALICE LESTER. XIARY LOI' : KTARRI GRACE i I,UCIfH.-XIII. HELEN : C RAXX FORI3, AI.I.IIL IIAKIPEX II.I.If. I.UI'ISIi : EIJXYARIJS, CI.AI'IJIA BIARTIN, ELBERTA : ERYYIX. OXIE RUTH XIfAI.PINE. LOUISE I VAN IJALSESI. BIARTHA I Honorary Member: MR. RICE u I ' ,- : 19 I : . , ff ff ' VAX 'I ::6-------.--- ---- -..--.----- ---- ?1'5-:-a'r 1' ff In! -' vf f-+fA-ff-f-f- - ff --f-f f A Il I I I: ,A A .. .: WR lllllllllllllllll ll 5 ' : , WHITE 5 I, - IITATIIER - I . I I B I! Y 1 l ISI X f E I: .if E ISI 5 Iif I IE 5 W I I: ' I 5 5 I I I ' 5 ' I ' I I I IE E .' I IE E I: : I: I 1' l ' I In , IE E IE A A I IE E I I I: I If ' I I If : 'E Am E I E f I A I 'F E I: . 5 g ' -' 1 2 I -' , . ' , ,A,,Q I I: I Vlrglnla Club I I I I Q5 Flower: Dogwood Colors: Orange and Blue E If song: "Old virginia" Q In I ii AGNES BUSTARD ..... ...... ........... - - ............... P resid.-mt 5 Iii SALLIE SCOTT ....... .................. w 'ice-President 5 II RUTH RHODES ......... ............ S ecretary and Treasurer I E BAKER, ELIABETH Mr-MURRAY, CHARLOTTE 5 IQ BUCHANAN, ,IANIE OWEN, ANNE MARYE I I BUSTARD, AGNES RHODES, RUTH I Ig CARSON, LOUISE SCOTT. SALLIE i Q SPROUL, CATHERINE 5 I I EI Honorary Members S 5 MISS DANIEL DR. MCPHERSON 5 II MRS. EWING MRS. MCPHERSON I I MISS WATKINS 5 I I QI so I I I? ff Y' I I or R51 Q3 E "" ' "FU Ill!! I 4? To ' -fgghf Y-A. JD,ll1l.'L I a .H s G - E il . I : ul I lIl I lil E In ll Ei il ,EI 5 lil' E 45: : fs a I u .I n I ,. ,I II I Palmetto Club VERA COI4 ,......... " ALMA BURGESS ...... LAVIINIA WADE ........... --- ...... - --- JENNIE MCCUTLHEOIN--- ......... .......... - --- I is Motto: Palmetto First Flower: Goldenrod in ' ALFORIJ, TOCHIA ALLEN, JANE AIJJER I: BARR, ALICE ' BAKER, MAMIE BURGESS. ALMA ,I BETHEA, DELLE Ig COE, VERA 5:2 DELORME, MILDRED 'l IJOCGLASS. LOUISE I EVANS. EFFIE FAIRCLOTH, HAZEL gr FLETCHER. BESSIE ul ll Nl I I ,, I ,I ,I I I I Il I 'I I Members FFNK. ANNIE LEE FRANK. VIRGINIA B. HENDERSON, IVILLIE ALMA HORTON, MARY KATE HOPE, DOROTHY HCNTLEY, MARJORIE HUNSLICKER. LI'CY JENKINS, THEO KIMHLE, NETTIE LAVV, MARY MILLS, IRENE AILCONNELL. ESTHER MCCCTCHEON, ELMA Honorary Members DR. VARDELL BILLIE GLENN MISS MCCOLL ' MISS STEELE MISS ROBERTS MISS ANDERSON MISS ELLERBI-I I: MRS. GLENN MISS CONNOR MISS HAILE ,u Il I., u I I I I 'I Il' 1uL,,,,,..,,L .. .,., W, , , , S1 I lr . 1' .f . X, , L- ,VV I . f ,', 1' ' -------Preside11t ----VicC-President ------ ---------Secretary ------------------Treasurer Color: Blue and VVl1itc MCCCTCHEON. IENNIE MCCCTCHEON, VIRGINIA MCELYEEN, SCOTT INICKINNON. I-'AULINE IXICQCEEN, YERNA MCLACRIN, PEARL MOOIJY. GRACE PRICE, REBECCA PORTER. JULIA SEABROOK, ANNIE VVAIDE, LAVINIA XYITHERSPOON, ELIZABETH MISS A. XYEBB , nlul Hawrin:-nuns' jf, A glnlsvlnvamlntg lnnnluuvx .' nlvauarwgngug ,f y'f11ju!r,'x ..r ., f' 174 V WXXIIIII 1 9, mxlnasw 12 rf W.. ,., 1 ,u I a 1, u I, I i 5, ,: M65 FQREMM SLIZAEETH WALLACE Ng NZ' 1: SARAH fflA.RSHfmL V I ,g G ? 1 H A 3 3 - -U1--lLw.2 12111, Af1lb:L'ma.,, M T J'-I ' 1 " 2 . W -vm Jw 15659145 :Q my jimi O-gqfirgzfz jim' ,11iQg,'p!rmg,yfgfL B4 ffm 59.1, an owfwzd free, ' . 5 , .1 f 75 , . 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X, 5 yxwmu Q g flHXIlIII',f QQ Lt y -1? - - -- W I'-3 SCQTLAND Couww CLUBS 1 CXAKCANLA PQRAN yxg k AL1CE'.QAIL,iL9 jfelczwu Ldmffczfv MARY lou LBS-TEIUJ fum- 83 4 v' X-Q:'Q1'x f YQ, ff, , J 'K Vs.-, llllluulwlllllbfllllll UINIIII M llllllllllllllll 'ry lllllllllllllllll 1141+ I+-I-r+fE2--fmm+'-l15+:+rI-his 511' A, UA zhrl-H-l'+-+4-H-llc53Z7+++'l-l-++-I-l' 'Wllllll l . allxxllll lx In I gm p , QQ Q YM- Iii 'M 7? '. 4 . A I I Q I fe? A I 'f ll A A T , i A IRI OE IS I Robeson County Club Motto: B2 MURPHY I-IALL ........... Flower: Pansy LOUISE MCCALLUM ......., HEARD, LENA IIENNETT. LOUISE IiL'IE. ANNIE HI,'IE, HELEN HRONYN. ESTHER HROXYN, AMANDA VOOK, LINDA VUOK, MARY FHANIJLER, IRENE FREEMAN. PEARLE HALL, M URPHY IDR. VARDELL MISS HARRIET MORRISON MARTHA MILLER JONES--- NELLIE THOMASSON .... Members JONES. BIARTHA INIILLER JONES, ANNIE I.ITTl,E, DAISY LENNON, IXIARY LOU INICLEOIJ, NIARGARET NANCR, AVA GRAVE INICDANIEI., LEONA IIIKINIILLAN, MARY IlEl.I.E IXICLEOIF, KATIE BI,I'E BICDONALII, VIOLA IIICNEII.. HANNAH Honorary Members MISS IIROXVN MORRISON BIISS AICEACHEN 84 . ,Amr-w - , ,I -, ,II If 77777 .--- Colors: Maroon and Silver ---------President ----Vice-President ,-----Secretary ---- ----Treasurer MCGOOGAN. FLORABELI. McCALLI'M, LOUISE MCGIRT, MARGARET MCLEAN, ,IOHNSIE POOLE, MAE JOHNSON SYKES, ELIZABETH THOMASSON, NELLIE VARDELI.. MARY LYNDA VVARD, SELMA VVEST, MILDREIJ NVILKINSON, ANNIE MAE MRS. VARDELL MRS. ROBESON H I I II I I I ,n I Il I I I I I I I I Il I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Xu 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,. I I I I if .. I l Il I l I I I I- I I I 'u ln I I I I 4- 'I E 45 E2 il! E1 I I I I Igl ++++-+++HaaHa2fDf 444+-L+-+++ f A+- -f 'lv MQQRE COM N 'I CLUB Q I, Y 7- E-'Yxfx' Z , V , R QI? Il I O II I ' - I I I 'I I XX I Yf"S4" 3' A , iii Xx r xl ll I A Hi XI I II L' 21 I I N I 1 i J I , plvg-?'i 83. I Esmrom az .mango I QW L EILLLA- T SQMGQE EAIMLU! GAYQVH CHARLOTJE LMAYNAKD www SCOTT- 37.12455-vff Taomssov, Y Y ,.V5.L1J55' 1 MLLIAM9 , ' .MOKA-1 I I I I I , IIII A I Q 1 3 ff Rgju RTW' 'J ,RLLEELL putw L 1 W K I 'aacwasa YKEKEQEI-IE'1.Llx 5 1l:g5sggg'f.y'f R ii ,Q I QAELLXNE IQQMINSTDJIJ Q EC! Mr' , V l ' M EMIS V. hifi , -QL H , mv 5'fUfNV9 Q23-'IQN - - A - I A ' Q.i,A,li1LKfv 37 Q TQTLNWI. ,. , f W, Y T-1 . L M I 2,D1MNSTm, wx If :li41L1,K,Q3N . N 21105219 H -- YQ LL Th" 5TA'1'g5V1LLyjl4 'FK,N2.iE'9V 'K X' Lf5f5Gl1fII" A '. 5'YEPHEEJSQ'N H X- M-'UTEJL X 1 Y I 'miw2:L1z-' X- Jiwgve , U I! --'y.,,,,,, Y .541 , VZ, ' I 5 1 .4mXLrLEL1J ' JH-9fbJi1:" IWJORESVILLQIV -V wx, ?UQ1?,nZ!7 4fWvf7t'L' 5 ' LA , 1. x" -, , Vjfgzga. L-XxdflFlELll ' ' ' iwm A gg' P A 1 'f ' 86 'www EI A mum :I HI ,xml LQ: PRN 15 ' I ' I I I I I I ,I :I I I I -I I I, ,I I I I I I I I : .I I I I '. I I : :I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I, I I I I I E Motto: ONIE RUTH ERXVIN--- ' VERA LOI1 ........... I I CARR, GRACE HALL, MARGARET E HERRING, ELEANOR In HOPE. DOROTHY - JOHNSON, M. LUCILLE U Dranlatic Club To Hold as 'IXVL'1'C, a IIIIITOY up to Natuwf' -,,,,-,,-,,,,,,--,- ----------,----------------------Ma11agLr Members I JONES. MARTHA MILLER I MANDEVILLE, LOUISE I MOODY, GRACE I I I 87 N -- - -Property Mzmzigu MCALPINE. LOUISE MCCIILLOCI-I. MARY MQNEILI.. HANNAH MORTON. ELIZABETH NOXYELL. RUTH PATTEN. METTA VAN DALSEM, MARTHA NVHITTED, ELIZA ff I f 'V V J 1 MF "HCR I1 F? . 4! rf Mr X METTA PATTON .... JEAN MCLEAN ..... MARY LAXV ..... CELLARS, MARY CONOLY, MARY OLIVER ERXVIN, RUTH HARRIS, MARTHA HOUGH, NELI. HOUGH, XVILMA JOHNSON, ELSIE LAXV, MARY MARONEY, KATHERINE MASSENGIL, INA MARTIN, ELBERTA MCCONNEL, ESTHER ---------------PI'CSICIC1If ----- ----- -Vice-President ----Secretary and Treasurer MCDANIELS, LENORA MCINTYRE, MARGARET MCLEAN, JEAN MQNEIL, KATHERINE MENZIES, STUART NORRIS. ELIZABETH OLIVER, JESSIE PATTON, METTA PRICE, REBECCA ROBBINS, NOLIA IVADE, LAVINIA XVILLIAMS. LOUISE 3 E1 1: WI l: 1. : J 1: ll 15 1E ii 1I 1:1 151 'Il ll 1:1 E 12 1:2 lt, 1:1 ll' 1:2 ,I1 UN 1'1 151 ,ll ll 'l 1 I I I I 11 I NI ,I I I I I I I I1 'I J! 'I :Il 1-f ,- f,f"lr.' -I. l , TVN . Ill XHII ll F' F- . XYIIIHA , w X11 Flower: Violet CAVENAUGH, MARY ..... CHANDLER, IRENE .... EVANS, EFFIE ........ EDWARDS. CLAUDIA .... MCCALLUM. LOUISE ..... MCQUEEN, VERNA ..... MCBRYDE. MARY--- SHAVV, MARY ..... S. O. S. Motto: Fidelity S9 1' ,111 V, '.!."' .ff I4 Colors: Purple and Green - ..... "Cat" ----"Reney' ----HLAFVV ---"Paula" -------"Mac" ---"Doll Baby" ---"Littlc Maryn ----,----"Doc" w wh, "tn: I Y , 1 su XIHI 1X1 NNIIIII-, I. .. I' IW F1 1 1' - 1 0 9 . I I .1 FQ' X K' N Q A . 'IT' , gs- .Q .. l - '-'A I , ' T , ff 54211, O T A 1 T 1 ' 1 1, I . 1 9 Q - I I ! ' ,- ll A I 'I -" . V I -+1 , 5'- s I e I I 1 1 I 1' g - A . , E ..,f 1 , l ' . I I 4' 1 1 ' I 5 I , The Betty Club . IiI.IZ,-XI1Ii'I'I I RI O R TO N ..................................., ........ Q mug-n IZLIZAIIICTH BR,-XNNICN, ELIZAHICTH RIQSSELL ........,. .... A ttqudantg I Characteristics of the Kingdom ,'lg1u ...., .--- ...ff................................. ..... E lizahcthau JI1uxv.v ........., ...... - - -- .,................ ....... B ctty XVaIcs l'111z'111'z'lr 121671 .... .......... B ruwn Betty 51111.11 .......... ,- "Strut Miss Lizzie" l'Il11Iuu1'- .............. ....... S wcct Betsy Court BAKER HUGHES ROBBINS Lf.-XRR MACDONALD SCOTT ' l'IiI.I.AR MQQUIZEN XYALLACI2 DHI'fiI.AS NORRIS XVOODRUFF PLAIN ROBINSON XVITHERSPOON I I"I,Ii'I'lfII If R XYILLIAMS IIICRRING FLEMING I 90 4: ,,. A., J F I '1 , ,M , , ,V NWWA ,W--i 31 Qviigf J M5 .FEEUFQ E F Ea ,..-: q,', M .' Q Ly If QVKDTTGWMEK A mm ' Q'7a6,Drink and belfifejrryl E for fomorww we aim. 1-N X ' 1 , ' f , Huiloglz-ggtcng fS' KZJH 1'Zere,f' , FI! ii ,., 3' fASHL1N,xLRGI!gA 15R1'T'I'. NRL E' 25 CARR.. GRACE-' . MITCHBL -JLLLIAJ ? i 11ussm,1.s ELIZABETH. Jai Til If p ,A wr Wu 's I! I yu :qv 1.5 fy 'WLLLIAMSKNOKA' l Q 9 A '7lePEgnGgf'CL1LE 5 , ,fr 0 Z-of an , A 'Sofa ALQNG " I Q f viewer: , A MA1zo'ARzs'f7"' P . A . ' 0 S7:wori6H Song? , Q ' 4 n PEGGI' 0.715711 " Q ', " CQLOKS 55+ Q U TIVHQTTE fs GOLD b i '. S ' X, I ,MARGARET HALL , Fesidmgf ,, 3. - . R MARGARET MCGIKT , Cvzkc-Pres f 1 MAKGAKRT WAKm11.n .S'cc'Y'!-. E gg . MARGARET MCLEOD spam., 3 fl 'I mmemmr Movcrov cw,-C f, Q21 91 ii1.fl?..!1.. gr-:gi lg-ggg, W Y ------ - VA 1 T3"i3 """"" ' ' 4 a'f 1 ' ,NLC- , 7+ K -L 1 X if wmmmmaaxmmmmw , Y + xmmmmmmzwwwwww ' MNH! R K, A1 fwul 1L u 'E GENERAL 'ffi0R1i3g'gWf,' x 4 ' f BBMTENANT' PuMP5" MAJOR ' VA COIQPORAL 'CARR' oCAPTfM,f'T: W Buck Bvzwwg, ,Coclice u-WASCOH 5.90 ' 4" Q , ,,5f:-- 1 W I I , , i , H12 LONG Q' UL 9H0?fg.Q F31 v---J--f-L """"""'f1 . muvmnxs E ' Zlxzabekk, - MILCDOIVALD f ETTA L 1 ,qi fi -PGIWHEI' , Q f MEMBERS' Jbssrnms-' CARTY' - ' fZleanorAff 92 f--,FQ ,, I L , '- Jfflfihg - ----gpg.. ,',bfYQf1'-','x .A AA E ' 1 Xx'HI'l'l-, i IILXTHI-'R ' I w u IEX W L Xi' I u I .A ,,: nl ,ly 'I I Qu 'x E E E of ' fcfkfb 'x I AXEVXQ 1 1j A f x , XJ ? f 1 QL-,. If U 5 A ' f Q3 if 1 l' ' ff xii J! F5 ls ff Z, 31 ' 9 MQ F Cf E if iff I gf ATHLETICS NBQQL : cv :S+ NMR' MMV E.-ij-' 'ii 1 . , xy U A K Ny f ,FV W E' 5 . '05 ff "J xl! -gi, L, 1' Xu:-3 - f f Uni LJ- - V ---5i,g, A F 95 .... W ,FTW ,A K ' A-n .A Y rl W ,- -I jf., E 'i WBIITIA. E un .Nfl mu ' YR X81 : I K ., I I I I 'kj I ' I ' I si if . If Q ' , I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I Athletic Association Officers 5 o PHOEBIQ XVAKEFIELD ........ ........... P resident i U MARY LYNDA VARDELL ...... ...... V ice-President u VIRGINIA MCCUTCHEON- ..... ....... S ccretary : ELIZABETH MORTON ........ .... T reasurer ' I I I I lI II I 94 li ' u 1 v' if ' E I .4 , . I 'yiirf' W W W V s an H Q Hn W ,WW in Y s ,Y A, V, 1- - --'---"-- ::f,,,. 4:12, "" . ' . '-' 1 :"" ,Q 'Nr ,I Y 'yjfflsf 1 f-N gat R' -Q l 1111111 l I E I: 111.11111 141 lg F 1, '9 wr' I 1 I 1 I , u 1' ' ,I I 1' -- I ,u . I 1 tl 1 I lp 3 1.' Q lll A l'l ' l" I lil 1 1:l , il 5 ll. ' 1 1.1 I ' I ll . I 5 1: . ' u I b I 1 1, . 1, . 1, I 1: , l '01 f l' I l lil I gl I I' I . s .I ' ,I l I 1 ' I . I ,- I ' l It : P : lx 1 I1 I ,il 5 I, l :I 1 I 1- ' ,' I :' I Tl A 1 1 ' 1- 1' ' I E3 IC t 1 CtlC , 'nbOllat1Oll if 'I' I 'lt I 1 .. . . . . . . . . . Ei :IE Athlctlc Assuc1z1t11111, Stlllllllllg hrmly, as It clucs, Ihr gmmcl, clcah spu1'ts111a11sl11p 111 E 2, tht l1lg.1'l1CSI scnss 111 thc XX'11I'Kl, has 21 lug sharc 111 mznkmg Idlwrzt Nl2lCClHll2ilCl glrls well 1 Q' M512 S13 clcvt-lupccl Qullt-gc gll'lS, : 2' iffxt I.vlKlCI' the 5llDCI'V15lUll uf thu A5Sf'IClEitl11ll. tc11111s, lmskcthall and hockey courts are : It Ut 1111 Scenes nt hvcly z1ct1v1ty, gmcl Ctllltfllilllt' XYllllllCI'llllly tuwarcl makmg hcalthlcr, happter g tu 1 15 ll . . . " llii, ":- gqh' . . . . . I 1 XXl1t1lcs1irn1c I'lV21ll'y li c11co11ragccl, and gmml wld class -sp1r1t slmws up wu11clcrt11lly I :i r" 1111 thc athlctlc hclcl. But tzurnsss and sq11arc11c5s cwmc htturc uvcrythmg clsc. :mtl 11110 E :' always iccls that sp1r1t pcrvarlutg thc NY4ll'li1llg ut thu Ass11c1at11,m11. 1 1:1 The fhrcctmg body 15 thu Athlcuc huzirtl, c1'1111pmccl ut the pI'S1fllIlg utflccrs, one rcprcscntzi- : 1:1 tive from each Class, and the IJlly5lC2ll chrcctnr. Thcsc, w1th the n1a11agcrs 01 thc rc-spectwc 1 W: teams. elect thc xYB.1'Sllj' tC2imS tor hockey and haskcthall, and rcnclcr KlCClSlU1l5 on all matturs 5 tl. hrought l'-eturc them. Q ul A1111 l'-1 f l1V' "' " "l" li " ' f ' "d ll-" l 'ffll' d l- ' 1 l'lLl11TLI'b 0 tu dI':lly tLdl115. .1 an tu Wlllllbfb 0 ftlllllb 0117 L5 C1114 S1115 L5 all tk , QE: three girls wi1111i11g the highest numhcr uf points 111 track arc the proud wuarcrs of thc "M," I il That comes, 111 a glfllt? 211'I'llJltl1'lll, almftst next to her Cllpllfxlllil. 1 , . . . . , 3:1 Tha hockey, haskethall and tu11111s tour11amc11ts are hct11'cc11 classes. The play111g IS hnc, 1 Il hut we tl1111k so111eth111Q should he 521141 ahrwut the rm'1t111g. It s just r11ag111hcc11tl '1 hat s whcrc 1 ,A , L . . . . . 1 lg everybody gets 111 011 tuur11amc11ts3 and xyho can say XVlZllCl'l 15 duscrvmg ot mare przusc-thc 2 if player Ol thc fzhthtul, CllfllllSlE1S-UC ru11tu1'i The mp1r1t Qt the whulc thmg just Ugcts you zmcl R NI, you love It all. Q I 5 I . 1 . . 95 1 1 I ,, 1 u, , ,N ln- " ,I 1 ''-LZ'J--:'i-A4--il'?-5'T"----F'-ILZL--Z- f-g----.-.' :-.-- , , ,Q w"fIi--.f -I. ,nf X 1 . -' I nnnucnluln I .N.N,,.,,., I.T!,,,,,,,,,,,I.,,..... Y nIInIIaIIlIInIIlI If-IJ! an I C' "gl X ,H My wc- IRIIIIIIIIIIIM ihllllllllllllll: . I ' , ' I XfijxIII1II.,4f 5 I IIIIIIIIII-3, E - H- I ' I I I s ' I 3 I : - I E 5 ' I ' I I - 2 I I I I ' I ' I I I I 5 5 I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 3 I I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I ' A I I - .. .I .I - g I , I-I I Fl: USED J-WIIZEAIV' I I LINIIIE If LJI:JI5'H7'IlvI.'DIZ' M' 55507, I . I 'qgI1fI7,1N',- . .arf-If wffvfi zz .4s'fJzaJN' Q I I g"A j f' 1 V. Juan J' zfmffs, Wlyg zMl!S5i2'II6lLZf:f : I LIIIfIPI:IwfNuIL4-I: I L55-1r,vgf,LI5I 5,j,AyG 1,.lglILLiAA4,S' I I II' M' DCNALU IuI:,urIm,I fififlf , H- WUOFS . I I A ,CAE EL I5 rpg" r:1f,.n KAJJI' Pi. PATTOIV Q Q M.pATfgQA7- cw vm gvanfsa-31: ,L CWPU 'II IF'f1H1'i'f5' 4- I I MJQAE Rig imma" !:'AU'LM-JM 9.131-E'lVZlE'S : I MQELQKNI-5, .I .c5,,.'xf' -fI'.-IU2-'A-.'14 M. HALL. My , I J. RAMBEI I, ' , ,I 'f-2 Z, 53, 'Iiwf V JIIYQKEE I I MJ.. L.s:'5'1g?IIL - " : I , . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I I I I I I - I I I I I5 M I I I I I . I 'I I g, : I Iv, W , W I I I ' III 96 :I IH , II' I V I Il I II --.4-.'.--- ' --:--g---. . L----If A O'Illlln11u1l1!l11v1 I1 I -1-.-..-..1.......,.,. 1111n11o11r:11n111-11 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 G 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " P17743 '-f, .f. V. IN m mm H 'XNHlll, N , 1 . X W ,N : : ' 7' ' .- - ' is-m:,.,rm - - - ww envy- ' ' ,, 'ff 2 "il, , 1 I I I f 1 E l 1 1 WI w un 1l fl W u u . n u 1 n F. Wu ln 12 rp ' I I - 1 u a ws ul. 1: gl x if I ,I r ,Q ! fl: , .L .I il' N I IE v W h , 12, fi W l . I i I I I I I I l ' I I 98 , -- y.f'U'.' --. mann I f ' Wunexwum Ia JH I I I I I I I I U , I I Champion Basketball Team VIRGINIA FR.-XNIQ, Captain Forwards : M. PATTON G. MUODY Centers: C. SMITH G. CARR R. MCCQNNELL Guards: C. MCPHACL I. MILLS V. FRANK 99 6 D I I I I I I VIRGINIA FRANK Tennis L'I1a1npim1 I Singlesj ' 1922 O I Y ff' U iz!! I-1 M3 1: 7: 'I I' X 100 I I I I I 0 I I I I :I II I I gn If up ll I ,I, I I I I 9 l I 1 I I. lx T I. gl I Il In ,I 3: I: '3 , 1 'l 'I LII 'I I If Il I 'I I. I III if I-I ,II III 'I Ill ll 'I :UI Nl- c" lf' RI' Tennis CIIZIITIIJIUIIS 1 Duulmlesj E I 92.2 I I I :II rl1 ,lu II IU! I ' f-A' - AA" A- 'W---' Q- - "'-- - W-'-"AI If . : X mlm ' H mul V. Ill SENIQPXIE ASIQETN ALL GEM , fyomzfmns A Omffuufznvzrf VERA Cob' CENTEIL, UGLLIEMAE' . M5:U7ESIDE-1' f44K.7l-'f!.g'CT g HIDE CENTER, HANNAH MCNEILL C,fUbT1C'Px, ISASKETJSALL f7l'A!l4 1? ORWPEIDS Munpx-f HALL ' ' MAIVAGFR. MILDREDWEST pm mm 5flQRAjlJACDomp QIDE CENTFR, SbzAsfmfllo1v'0fr GZJARDS' Doz1Aj1fv'Ggy'QA,7' ZYLIZAEETH Sfofr --T -V-Q-+ llllll --19,120.1 'N R u yu' WI'IlTI,. V- HLXIIIHJ, 1: LF? I Hx E , Qu Bowomokff 5 BASKET-BALL 5 C7EAM H HQRWARDH. Mmm Hrrofv' :Q GRACE MOOD? g C'e'zv71mfe A Abu IVORTUI7 11 .Claw LENTEKJ Q' Glmcg' 0112134 H! Gwuzvs V - S, Cffm..-yfrffiffwwl 5 f-VWKGINIA-' 5 A672451 f,,,W,,iB , ...-.LAP 'Q .N W I I qzzsunmf E BASKEFBALL 2 CYEAJN4 I F.2mvAz2ns 'I I lr HELEN LOCXHARI E5 MAME FAIRFS y CENTER. 51 Rozmz Mezmmov :' Szne Cenme. E4 Same muse-J ,gf Gamma yy Glam IU MARY if CVARD1-'lfff J' r I' 9 JGRGJNJA -ASI-ILI 5 MANAGER, jg! .1 Es . V 102 ' WA Cik f' 4 ' '---i.-5- ' .iff ' ' "" Lai? Qflig ' J -11 ..--. -.-Q - .-Q . -..... -Qi --Q? -sg.. Q... 1... .-L.. Q.. gb...- .,, - -1, ...ii ii . -? 5, :L A ui --wi -.-5 .H--.- -..gi ii ......-. . .N ....... ,. -.-. .. . , -....-. , ,,-,...-1. .,- .YY. .--.p L. , I --r ...W Boo ID. Fine Jlrts N 024, X EH-H-'r+-H-H+ .HEEL E SX, is 71X ff X7 f 1: I f 4 in if I - r1 wM,L if ' fl +' v W fx- ...T-.W 7 + f i W Q n A-X,., J rfrfrgff-xrera I 'w ummm. NC? F' V U 1 V59 wi? f- 5.-'YZLQQQ - I .fp-I Inalninluluuu 'jx-fv'aIIlIIlIIlIIxllIl ' I r1fIT.m:+H+i.t.L.+.IY.'7i:.1!L,5.:, '.+.+.?,.g..+.. J 4 W in IIIIIIIIIIIIJII I I I llmmlllllllwl T! Ili, 1,5 Xx'HI'I'l', A um ua IL L 11. I I I I I I I I I T........ CbrIsInvIfovq OPI b1'u'51Q- L, O A I I I I I I I I . 1 . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CbNs?I"'mo5r'M I ' 1 I fn I I , I I I 13210 I I XI. I I 4 I I , I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I 104 f"'r2! , I , I I I I I I W H I ..------- .-..---.-::-g,.'.-ga:5fi-:gg 319,159 ,. A' Wl ll'l'l- lllA'l'l ll- ll I .I ,X , 5 li Q ' 'I I gl 'ul Il ll I le I I A I ll ll I li ll -I l: l.l lll 131 l lb lil In Ill lvl llg 'I lvl Il Il ll I In I II ll 1. I I ll I ,I l, 'I g. Il l l I I l I l I The College Orchestra I CHARLES G. VARDELL, JR. ..... - ....... - MRS. W. B. ROBESON .......,. ...........,,,, MRS. W. B. ROBESON MRS. W. E. GARRETT GRACE GOODMAN IRENE CHANDLER M. LUCILE JOHNSON MURPHY HALL .......... -- ELIZABETH RUSSELL ..... LOUISE MANDEVILLE ..... CAROLIL GRAHAM ...... VIRGINIA ASHLIN ..... JANIE BUCHANAN ..... MAIE SINCLAIR ...... First Violin: Second Violin : Third Violin : MIMA STYLES 105 ,1 ' V , if I ful "fl 1 ll Igl -----Dircctor :I -------------Instructor 'I I I Il RUTH VARDELL ll VIRGINIA FRANK ,N CAROLINE YOUNG BERTA COXE 'I ll ODESSA ARNETT El ,QI ----------------VIola -----------Cello , -----Bass Violin 2 -------Cymbals 'l ln -----Triangle ------Piano -----Organ ii Il ll .-.eil I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I lf, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I E E s I VL fmt' I6 wumz J ummm qiuumhuun IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII fy L ' f . f' .55gJ5.iiF q+!Pulauloq!Fq2F wg+!Pq!FgPPgHgqg f I PRI lllllllll Iqa-PIII lllllllllllllllll ' oO I - : I I E U s RECITAL By g MISS LOUISE MANDEVILLE Graduate in Voice MISS MURPHY HALL Ccriijqmtv -in Pia-no MISS LULA MORRISON Arcompaufist MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 9, IQ23 .41 Eight 0'CIork Program Prelude and Fugue in A flat ------ Cfrom The XVell Tempered Clavichordl Miss HALL Ave Mafia - ---. - MISS MANDEVILLE Violin and Organ Obligato Mlss RUTH VARDELL Miss MAIE SINCLAIR Sonata in E Major. Op. 14 Nol. ----- Allegro Allegretto Rondo: Allegro Commodo Miss HALL By the Sea ------- In Summer Fields - - - I Wander Not - - - - - Miss MANDEVILLE Romance in F Sharp Whims - I I Polonaise in C Minor - - - - Mrss HALL Lieti Signor CLes Huguenotsj ---- Musetta's Waltz Song fLa Bohemej ' - - - Mlss MANDEVILLE Etude Japonaise ----- Bach Bmfh-Gommd Beethoven Schubert - Brahms Schmnafnn Schumann C h o pin Mcyerbeer Pucciwi - Paldfini Scherzo Humoristique - - - - Tscharikowsky Miss HALL A Song of APM ' ------ Chaxrlcs Vwrdell, Jr. April Afternoon QComposecl for Miss Mandevillej Miss MANDEVILLE 106 g 5 0 .. ..... ,... .I E I I I I II II I I I I aa I1 I +I II I 'I l I 'I 'I ,I I" wr I II' ISI I, QI Iii I IN l I Il :I I I I NI I: :1 ,:I I I I I I lx I I I I I I. M IIII '44-++++5FI7+ xmrn, I - IILXHIIIIIVR -I XJ' MISS LOUISE MANDEVILLE Graduate in Voice 107 Q9 53 1, 65 QD MISS MURPHY HALL Certificate in Piano Ax , ,N I 6.643 I in - I . I . X I K5 wums if I , - HEATHER - 2 I I I GJ I I I I I I I I I . R E C I T A L I I I By 5 s I u I MISS MARY ALICE BOYD I I Graduate in Piano I I I I I MISS MAIE SINCLAIR I I Certifmfc in Organ I I I , MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 30, 1923 5 I I I , At Eight o'Clock I I 5 I ' - Pro am ' I gf I I Prelude in Fugue in D ------- Bach I 5 Cfrom The Wen Tempered Clavichordl I g Miss BOYD I g I I Toccata and Fugue in D Minor ---- Bach I I Miss SINCLAIR I g Sonata in F Sharp, Op. 78 ----- Beethoven I I Adagio cautabilcg Allegro ma non troppo I I Allegro Assai 3 g Mxss BOYD I I I I Sketch in F Minor - - - Schumann I g Mlss SINCLAIR I I I Kreisleriana. Nos. S, 6, 7 ---- Schumann I I Mrss Bovn I Sonata in C Minor ------ Guilmcmt I Allegro Macstoso e con fuoco g Adagio I Fuga ' Miss SINCLAIR I I Scotch Poem - - - - Macdzrwell I Dragon Flies - - - Bartlett I Mazurka in E flat - - - - Leschetizky , Mlss Bovn I I Coronation March ---- Svend-ffm 3 Miss SINCLAIR I 108 I I f I Q: Iv? 635' MISS MARY ALICE BOYD Graduate in Piano I I I I I I I I I n I u u A I L 5 WHITE NF-XIHIR iiiiiaiiiisiimxiiiiiii 4 5535335593353 5HH'5Hii'5ii3i'iiii'5iiH Csvifl-5 9+'i5F5i5'iiW5i'!'i"iii' I U . XA . a XJ, 109 ,fi fr '41 5 iff? Q, MISS MAIIZ SINCLAIR Certificate in Pipe Organ 5 I r',y3?ibQf HIIQATI, IE I Ha : 1 Flora Macdonald Choral Association MISS MARY FORMAIX .............. ..,,.,....,,.... ...,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,-- D i rector MISS MURPHY HALL ......................,.... ........-.,,..,, A Ccompanist ALLEN. JEAN I7I.ETCHER, IIESSIE BICGOUGAN. FLORABEL ANDRES. HELEN ARNOLD, LYDA ASBCRY. MARY BLACK, ELLEN BOYD, MARY ALICE BRADLEY, SNOVVE BRITT. NELLE BROXVN. AMANDA BROYVN, ESTHER IIROVVN, GRACE CARR, ALICE CARR, GRACE CARSON, LOUISE CAYENAUGH, MARY COOK, LINDA CRAXVFORD, ALLIE DEATON, CATHERINE DEES. SALLIE DONNELL, MITTIE EDMISTON, PAULINE FAIRES, MARIE FLEMINC, ELIZABETH IIARKIRAYE, RUBY HALL. MARGARET IIANSEL. MARGARET HODGIN, MARTITIA HOPE. DOROTHY HUNSUCKER, LUCY JENKINS, SARAH JONES, ANNIE RIMBLE, NETTIE LAXY, MARY LEGETTE. CELESTE LOCKHART. HELEN MANDEYILLE, LOUISE MARSHALL. SARAH FR MARTIN. ELBERTA MENZIES. MARY STUA MENZIES, SADIE MITCHELL, JULIA MORTON, MARY MCBRYDE, MARY MCCALLUM, LOUISE MCCONNELL, ESTHER 110 ffl f,1,'Qz Q V1 Z N Z T 'M gkygffz If wi? if 7 . 1, , ANCEQ RT MCINTYRE, KATHERINE MCMILLAN, MARY BELLE MCNEILL, HANNAH MCNEILL. KATHERINE MCNEELY, SARAH MCQUEEN, YERNA NORRIE, ELIZABETH OXYEN. ANNE MARIE PHILLIPS, SADIE POLLARD, CAROLINE RUSSELL, ELIZABETH SHANY, MARY SCOTT, SALLIE STEELE, JENNIE MAE TATE, LUCILE NVALLACE, ELIZABETH VVEBB, EDNA XVHITESIDE. BILLIE VVHITTED, ELIZA WILLIAMS, NORA NVILLIAMSON, FRANCES YVOODRUFF, ELIZABETH .-------.------------.------ -------gp--- N'-Z .41 , 71 U' .X I' . 7 r Qltff , , s "J . I AQ, 5,1 . .- WX-1 -....-3 fl". W... ni, .Z-." 4 .wp ---ig '-'L --s. .Q --1 il ......... "'.....- ,-N... -L, h -Q -.5 5, . -3-"F-W.. .-...L 3,1 --.,l. - .... nv, V 5. , 5-L L." . 1. -. wh fi -. --i' Q, all --- 1--, ,. fi ,.,.-, ., ........ H... 4 - -- z V - -..., 1. , --4-. 2- X ,.',....,""' .-.Q , 5,A, 4. ..... 1, 1 ! X ,M , . .1 , .. xi .1 1 .33 v. ,,-.A OO 'rl f'2 I I I1 5 Ao Fi 1 li X , 4, ' 1 , ,. W Q Q M E1 E ' s f ' 5 E1 Ei J 1 I ul X ' :W F TW:- ff , f, , I I 'lx " ,Q . 1 1 !vjV , ,X ,f E W f 'Q sz. Nl T ff, M if LJ5113 I L ! ff, 1 if if J QM! El P g lg Q4 ll! f 6 XXX iii "P 23 ' '5 Gd fd- M W WfT"f EA J " f W J Q f I u I 'n fl 11-1 L? Lg aH4 WM"f"n" ,fzQ1ff.l -'nun 'nun Q 71 Pg 2 -f ee? wurite : S- lllQ-Xlllllll - ' yy lg fl- l ' s I M iw .i ' The Calendar E iii September . SEPT. ll-Flora Macdonald again greets her children, old and new, with welcom- I ing arms. E SEPT. 13-.'Xmid the confusion of registration sounds the chattering of the old girls and the wails of the new. . SEPT. 16-The hrst social event of the year, the Y. XV. C. A. Reception. : SEPT. 18-Dr. Vardell tells of his trip to Scotland, and makes us feel more keenly ' our "kinship" with Flora Macdonald and the old country. iff ' SEPT. 23-Stunt night! The pep night of the year. : SEPTQ-l-The opening address of the Y. XY. C. .X. hy the Rev. Mr. Black, of the l 5 First Presbyterian Church, Red Springs, N. C. if I I l October E OCT. +-Scotch night llighland Flinged itself in, and sang itself out with Miss lil Mnllholland. : 4 DCT. 12-The Sophomore Saturday Cluh dehates the much-discussed query, ' "Resolved, That the State of lilessedness is Found in the State of Spinister- hood." gil S K DCT. 16-XYalter Greene gives concert. 5 HCT. 21-Vera Coe fails to he late for hreakfast. e C HCT. Z2-The classes challenge each other in the "nickle" campaign. 2' I HCT. 31-I Fur knees are made to shake, and our teeth to chatter, hy the witches fi ' and ghosts at the Hallow'een party. 5 ' I E November ,gl . NOV. 6-XYatt Taylor miraculously hecomes the "Father of English Poetryu- l Consult Soph. English Classsdear things! El . Nl JV. l3e"Mandeville" admits she is the smallest thing in the Zetesian Society. Eg E NOV. .23-Hockey team in a flutter-news is ahroad that Lutie Godhold will E U referee Thanksgiving game! 2 Q I , December fl : DEC. 1-Miss Erline Cox tells the Y. XY. C. .X. about her work at Levi Mission. S DEC. 2-Miss XX'atkins 'reminds us that there are other things to think about E E hesides "three weeks from today." I l DEC. U-Lunch was minus something today-prolmahly Eliza XYhitted's anounce- E I ments. , , 112 I 'I f"i.PfE fi Ll' ., Y,.' An ---- - ---- - - - ---- .--------- - - -,--- - Y ----,,,n vit 'f .4"fIf,, H: I .4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I u I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ll I I u AI 'u I I l ,Q Y , NN Ill I l llVAllllR ta Fi XJ DEC. 17-Miss Johnston leads the annual XYhite Gift Service of the Y. XY. C. A. DEC. 19-Miss Brown was gently aroused from the arms of Morpheus by "Noel," sweetly rendered by her fourth year pupils. DEC. 20-Homeward bound for two weeks of bliss. January JAN. 3-Cheer up. old girls, the worst is yet to come. JAN JAN JAN and the muses have full swing. . 9-We manage to survive in spite of the siege of tests. . 12-Mabel Beddoe gives a recital. . 19-Capsule crushers begin their week-end rage. As a result indigestion ' JAN. 26-Madge receives flu' letter, and we have a hard time keeping her feet on the ground. . February FEB. 2-All of the Palmetto Club pictures have actually been taken "in front of I 2 the main building." K FEB. 5-Ruth Rhodes is obtaining results in tennis from Coue's theory. FEB. 28-Annual goes to press! Staff makes a bee-line for the Infirmary! Norr,-Since the Annual goes to press we make a fiossilvlc but not probable calendar for the next monthsj. March MARCH 3-Rising-bell rings at 10:50 A. M. if MARCH 12-Billie and -Ianie have joined the bobbed-hair gang. E MARCH 27-Special Deliveries are received on Sunday. 3 April I APR.lL l-XVe concentrated so on our studies that we forgot it was April Fool's Day! APRIL Z-The juniors and Seniors surpassed all their precedessors at their reception in popularity. Each girl had live dinner dates. APRIL 10-Miss McColl decided we can get our laundry whenever it is most I I I I convenient for us. May MAY 3-Cupid has wrought havoc among members of the faculty. ' MAY 7-Miss VVatkins makes this announcement: "Commencement is approach- ing' and I know you girls are very busy, therefore you may leave your lights on as late after 10 o'clock as you deem it necessary." 113 I 5. ," l .X ff. ,5 iT7?iiHi Ygdrr v gbrg Wfgn!'lbA CALL vivi fiiw W A i A Mwwi fffwv f g A A ,AD ... , fi? iff .sa .DDM .ss f gf 11.1 1 f'Avf!!Qd,'-u IQ, H 1 I LMHILIR1 tg. 1 fa li N ' - a- 1 :j x v , f 5 , ' n Ezmxsxwu A WITHBRSPOOM most Lbzsegfish, WIQVGARET JUCGJKT, I 4 fU705EDomesE1q I i Nl - , 4. I , ,: ii fi Xl I , I h i IH -f-s,- ,. 'E f"'x:'! ll :. ....- - sf """"Tj,1I ' 'i- fl 1 r MI.. ,I -I-. Q . A-ifligw 'i"A k . Lfgl 5 fv' ' . Nag D----+- I! I , Louisa MHNDEVHLIZ4 1 PJQBTTJEST 4 Jim J , NEOUNTAI OWLIZN Q Heiress-1 HITTED ' 442055-1 ' ca ble, If , N ir A - ' - 114 3 ,lx ,,.' 1 A' H v' f- yet'-J -. rx' N. iEiE?7 fm XM N Ji - Qiiizf H51-+4-' 4-+ ' AXNHIH l Nl XIHI 1 y 1 - X f- E., 'fm 1 1 ln! 2.11 KIM COE-I Ocdesg' 'WSG 1-Hifi----""" xi-.-2' g?g"'j RYA L K+-5' V-T fb., MCE CAIQL 173056 85711517- if MQHQCL. ' 9 JNeHe,Mor'to1 PMTON 5 j .t ' ' 'hlosl' Arbislviel-lik' 115 ,-f 1 ,,.,4, w Jme :mu 'gif' FIT ' if 4' -j f,"fg'-.1 'W- I' . if ' -.f'xV1' l 4. i, gg! jxmulnw 5 nllxllluw 5 , 1,9 Jr1N1EbBucHANMI Q 9730364 Y. musical f' EILLIE Wxrrnsz D124 S , nw5f1f,fglifiZff2fi"ZZif nu W2 'W S q Mmm MARY LOVE-4 MUSE? . . Opizmzslzc 116 - N ff LAN-1 A-s. Ei In XNHIAII llllllllll Ia 2 n I o 1 I u u u , I , u u , W7 7 -.., l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : COIHIIICIICCIHCIII Marshals I . LOUISE MCALPINE, E. X. .... ............... C hief Marshall I JENNIE MCCUTCHEON, Z. LAVINIA XVADE, E. X. ELIZABETH MORTON, Z. IDA STREET, E. X. MADGE HARDAIVAY, Z. ELIZABETH SCOTT, E.X. I I I I ' 117 V :pains T 2 1 . ' ' ' - . I' . t' ' N Z7 HHHIIEEHHE : , , HHHRHHEHH gl - 1: 4 3 I 5, wumg QI , s NEXTHLR 0 rg, tl 3 li I " 1 I Red Springs, N. C. il . I E xveti. Night. El I if : Dear Bla. I I n g .-Xs there is no bell ringing right now I will write you a few lines to let vou II ' I I hear from me, and to tell you how me have to do at Flora Macdonald-lNIa this is E I , ,. 1 E, a whole lot ditterent from Holly Creek where I went to school last year-XVe do E E every thing by a bell-The hrst day I was trying to eat breakfast by one and rise I E fl by the other. I thought I had them about straight until yesterday I went into a E E room and they said they was teaching something-twig I believe they said I I guess I S its treesj I said I must be in the wrong place. I asked the teacher if she could tell E me where I wanted to go, or where the English class was, She said she was no I :I fortune teller, but there was a English class two rooms down the hall-So I had I English- I il I Then yesterday after dinner tlunch they say herej a girl told me to get ready E to take Gim-She had on nicker bockers but I didn't have any. I went along tho' Ii E for I wanted to see where all them girls was going to take Gim to-I knew I wont . . , . . I E going to touch him-W ell when we got there Gim wont there so we all had to line I . , . E up and throw out our arms like some body crazy-Maybe Ill understand it all 5 sometime- E 9 I I They play a funny game here. four girls knock a ball over a net to each other- I The net looks like the sane me and john lished with in Brush Branch last summer. I Ma I liked to never blowed out my liffht, the First night-before I ever did there lit : . Zz- b W. 2 was a big crowd of girls in the room laughing at me-Its a funny light to me, it l . . . . 5 hangs up in the middle of the room, but it sure do burn a pretty hght- I ul I Ma a woman just come and said something, I suppose she was calling bed time, U , ' . so will stop. I2 I li 5 Your loving girl E Rachel- nfl Q I I P. S.-Ma I forgot to tell you that I handed in a paper on English and the is E teacher handed it right back with a pretty red E on it. That means Excellent I ,E E reckon. I sure was glad. I I-' 3 M. L. J. 0 :I ' :l I 'U' 5 118 IE ' rt I ,-, 1 I: I ki 1 ', ' I 5 ' O L: 'ees ,--.,,- Ei.--.-i5 ' W " ' ,1Q.1,,1!. 3 ,."ii X YYY IIII -TTT-vw in- "" "' ' """' fifffh -vj ELLEN BLACK .... ELIZABETH BRANNEN METTA PATTEN MARY LOU LESTER GRACE CARR MARY ALICE BOYD MARGARET MORTON GRACE BROXVN LOUISE MANDEVILLE ,-,sf?Lrw.' 'x CA ,ij f ' ' r 'ff 151 , ELLEN BLACK Fire D6IJ31'tl1161lt Lieutenants Y E RA COE MURPHY HALL DOZIA LANGSTON SALLI E DEESE Sergeants MARGARET MCGIRT CAROLINE POLLARD Buglers 119 .. -, ' Y ff I ,J l 'ff A' 'W I XNHIII, 1 A Ill Xllll lx ----Chicf GRACE GOODMAN GRACE MOODY JEAN McLEAN ONIE JONES MIRIAM HARRISON FERDINANDE POPPE SNOXVE BRADLEY ONIE RUTH ERVIN 1 , l I 1 I I . u l l I 'Y 4. if f 1 n If 5 mmm if HEATHER , llllllllillllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIOII 1: ' Q , .u.n.u.n.n.. A 5 an E 21 2 I! 5 s I I g n a E 2 2 E I I E 5 E. E i E Q A f E S 5 l l Q E E E I E I 2 E I E l , , W I E CN- B--FQ g of this blank page, see page 1251 ' N53 120 E1 Q . L ------- E? .RGUEE1 A Ei F1 ff? ' M If N: N ! lg x," I V uw Wu, V 'N ,lN ,lx 1 wa as W., ,u ,u ,u u ' l s I ' I V IWQHI 4 121 E fLvr3. 4 THE WILLIAM H. DAVIS Elirvr Jlnhuatrial Srhnnl fur Glripplvh Glhilhrrn NEW YORK CITY AND ITS SUMMER QUARTERS THE LULU THORNLEY 16111112 fur Glripplvh sinh Evliraiv Glhililrvn CLAVERACK, N. Y. is soliciting contributions for its Permanent Fund to make the Society self-supporting. Life memf loerships costing SISIOO swell this Fund. This well known School and Home is endeavoring to assist the little crippled children of New York by edu- cating them and teaching them trades, thus fitting them to take care of themselves later in life. Contrilvziriovis---lru'gc 01' S1Y1Llll-f-Hltly lic sent to WALTER SCOTT, President, 495 Broadway OT I0 MRS. EDWARD DAVIS JONES, Treasurer 18 West 68th Sr. fThis space donated by Mr. Walter Scottl 122 Red Springs Drug Company Headquarters for COLLEGE GIRLS Candies---Nunnally's, Bloek's, Roystens Toilet ArticleswA Complete Line StationerywCrane and Montag Fountain Service Unsnrpassed We Handle Special lee Cream Qrders Block and Mould "Every Flossie Mac Knows the Place" 1 Garrett SL McNeill s is the place to buy your Dry Goods and Notions, Heavy and Fancy Groceries. Why? Because everything We carry is right upftofdate and fresh. Don't hesitateg call phone Z6 or Z7 and get what you Want. Prompt attention and quick delivery. Quality and not Quantitym Gur Motto. Your patronage appreciated. Make our store your head- quarters. Always glad to see you. Yours to please, Garrett St McNeill s xxillllt XVhztt XVh at XVhat XVhat XVhat NVhat XV hat XVhat XVhat XVh:1t Rccl Springs pcnplc think wc flw, wc think thc Faculty has to flu. our test papers louk like. the length of mir Christmas Yziczitiini ltwks likc. we think we spcncl. our parents limi? think wc spcnrl. time every tcachcr thinks wc sliuulcl spend on ntlztv' snhjt-cts time Miss jnliiistuii thinks we spcnd Hclczniiiig liniiwf' Teachers' Agcncics think Seniors Know. Monday Murning would lic witlinut mail. F. M. C. would he without Dr. Yzmlcll. O 125 No Woman Knows How Charm ing She Can Be Until She Has Used LUXOR ROUGE Most popular with women of re- it K' tinement who appreciate its cling- ' ing velvety smoothness, delicate perfuming and absolute purity. kg 1 V , .A ,se Two SHADES pp ir. LUXOR ROLKSE PARFAIT , -Qigiaia ' ' ' Q 4 , ' 3. ' -'rf xl. U.1me1iefiL,f.m.1a..g use. So gram-sly bold In gold hmshid that'-lmm and ff 2 X h -, , - , , 4 . . . l H , S. ' " Egil.fifli2Z'fXaii'Sff11illff,llflfillhlgifil b0UClO1f S126 WXCS- COINPIUC Wlfh cj, Apply sparingly wilh Luxor Complexion Powder for heel resulls. lpour Soirl Gu Evening LUXOR ROUGE SUNLGLOXV A delicate orange lin! lhal gives the com- plexion lhe natural glow of perfect health. Applied sparingly, il cannol he deleclerl, even in glaring sunlight. Soflens lhe harsh color of sunburn, Llse il vcilh Luxor Com- plexion Powder. lpour lourl for Day puff and mirror. Elf" Ar All Leading Stores ARMOUR E COMPANY Department of Luxor Toilet Requisites CHICAGO FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE RED SPRINGS NORTH CAROLINA AIMS FACTS TO be rated not by the number of Graduates are securing positions students but according to the class of work done. everywhere and are earning excellent salaries. TO lHL'llCC the college HU lI'lSflfLllflOIl alunqnag 31-3 gngaged in dif, for teaching how to take part in ferent Occupations, K the world's activities and the joy of service. 41 Branch Alumnae Associations have H , been organized: 31 in N. C., S in S. C., TO declare emphatically for devel- 1 in N. Y., 1 in Xxfashingtonv D, C, opment of Christian character through the study of Cvod's Vlford. Ten F. M. C. girls are in mission field: China, japan, Africa, Mexico. The Carnegie Corporation of New York City has recognized the excellence of the work being done by offering 550,000.00 towards an increased endowent. 1 - 5-,,-I , 5- WY, lglv y 1 DON'T TAKE CHANCES-0 Come to us for the proper drugs to protect your l1ealtl1. Come and let us supply you the necessary toilet articles, stationery, and sundries. flMeet your friends at our sanif tary Soda Fountain. We invite you to our store and assure you of courteous attention. .' .' .' .' TOWNSEND'S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE ",lu1lge." cried tlie prisniier i11 the 1l11ek, A'l1z1ve I Lycla A. lL'lllL'I'lIlQ, lil'2ll12lllI 011.7--"Ul1, Mr. Gra- gut to he triecl liy a 11111111111 jury?" lizun, may l try IIII tl1:1t flarling flress i11 the 1vi11 "Be quiet." yvliisperecl the counsel. flow?" "I XVHIIII l1e quiet! -luclge. I Ciillll even fool Mr. liI'2lll2lllI clilusliine fleeplyi-"XY1111't you use Illy oyvn wife. let alone twelve strange 11' Plllk'lll tl1e clressiiig 1'1111111. It is ZIQIEIIIISI tl1e rules, you lllll guilty." l4111111'." lb- -11--'-- K. MeMillz111 1l11'ez1tl1l1-ss l-"Has LIIIXHIIL' El nickle L'oy1.111111 they will le111l ine. I lI2'1YClI't 21 ce11t to put 111 at "My face is lllj' f111't1111e," saicl Ll New lll'lL'ZIllN the silver tea." peroxide l1l1111cle to 11 casual ac1111ai11ta11ce. MDM For Shoes for every occasion go to Jenning's Shoe Store' Fayetteville, N. C. The young 1112111 gave llt'I' face El close scrutiiiy lllell lie slinnk liis liearl tloulltfully. 'lhl21Cl2ll'lI,H saitl lie. "I lwelieve you ut t lICL'illlll s11111e uf your assets." G. SCI-IIRMER IINC.l I Publishers and Impotters of Music I 3 EAST 43d ST. NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. l LIBRARY OF MUSICAL CLASSICS 'at SCI-IOLASTIC SERIES MASTER SERIES FOR TI-IE YOUNG if TI-IE MUSICAL QUARTERLY The Chas. I-I. Elliott Co. The Largest College Eng 1111 'mg H 1,111 se in the lY'111IJ Commencement Intfitations Class Day Programs C lass Pins and . Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Menus Leather Dance Cases and Covers Fraternity and Class Inserts for Annuals Fraternity and Class Stationery School Catalogs and Illustrations Wedding Invitations Calling Cards Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia 127 i "They Keep on Coming" l l Everything to Wear for Wonien and l College Girls may be found at the i PAsHioN sHoP j PRICE : QUALITY : STYLE i. AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION i . G R A H . . i Red Springs C North Carolina l QUIPPED with many years' l experience for making pho- I tographs of all sorts, desirable for l illustrating college Annuals. Best obtainable artists, workmanship l and the capacity for prompt and y unequalled service. l l Photographers to "The White Heather" I Address requests for l information to our Executive Offices 1546 Broadway i N. Y. C. lab E4 . gg?-if - A-31.-- .-,,,,,:- .. ,HE - E. Sawyer-'lDoesn't all this talk about bacteria frighten you?" S. Jenkins-"Not a bit. I never get scared at anything smaller than a mouse." QQ.. Johnny-"XYliat makes that new baby at your house cry so much?" Tummy-"It clon't cry so much: and anyway, if you had all your hair off and your teeth out and your legs were so weak you couldnt stand on them. I guess ynu'cl feel like crying. too." -Oi H. I.. freacling aloud the conclusion of a long letterJ+"Then I will come home and marry the sweetest little girl on earth." , N. Ii.-"XYl1at a flirty trick! After being en gagtll to you." ,Ol Nell-"Hey, Martha Van, what are you doing?" M. Vanf"Helping Avis." Nell-"XYell, what's Avis rluing M. Van-"Nothing," i, i M. l..f"XYl1at is the cause of so many divorces f Janie-"lXlarriages." . Hirsch's Chilli Sauce, Pickles, Catsup, Pork and Beans are the finest in the world. 128 i We Guarantee the Eltality and the WoTkma11ship And We'll Make the Price as Attractive as the Hat MISS K. R. BROWN Exclusive Miilinety Ask for The Glendale Line School Stationery The Hershbery Company Atlanta, Ga. MQNEILL St CO. Dry Goods, Shoes and Notions Ladies' Ready-to-Wear : l-land Made Blouses : Vogue l-lair Nets MCNEILL SL CO. Goodrich Automobile Tires and Tubes Case and Keen Kutter Tools and Cutlery Winchester Shells and Cartridges Buy These and Take No Chances W. P. KAY HARDWARE H1 LACY yHQxl?TT WHOLESALE GROCER WILMINGTON, N. C. Sole Distributor for Sweet Rose and Rob Roy Flours Also carry full line of all goods CLEANLINESS - OUR MOTTO Look aboul? Where are you going lo gel someihing lo eal? Come lo lhe Busy Bee Cafe and Resiauranl, for Ladies and Gentlemen. The Cleanesi. Quickest place in town. Our Kitchen is wide open lo public inspection at any lime. We Sell Meal Tickers to Save You Money Regular Dinner Every Day handled by retail grocers. Per- R wine Aipriiate Yo: patronage sonal attention given to all. emem er I C gmc 'S ' B A MAIL ORDERS BUSY BEE CAFE y N HSATISFACTORY SERVICE" Phonel43 RedSprings,N.C. Q if V Y WNWYYWYYW WV V V Y , ,, , F' B d mf on CALU MET For insurance That insures See M . B. J o N E s RED SPRINGS, N. C. TEA SL COFFEE COMPANY 409--ill W. Huron St. CHICAGO The Ariston Line: I H lmpoftcfs nl Bnkin g Powder Automobile Insurance IEAS AND COFFHES Fl,,...,...,g E.,,..m 4 Distributors ot' Spices-H Cocoa y HCHlfl'1 ACC1d6Hf BRos1A MEALS Gelatin: Desert 1 Z9 L.CHASECO.,TInc. Wholesale Oyster Packers and Planters Catchers and Shippers of Fresh Fish Owners of the Celehmteil North Channel Oyster Gvuxulils NORFOLK, VA. 3 SANDLIN Gt CO., Inc. W Successors to Fayetteville Branch 1 ADAMS GRAIN SL PROVISION CO. i . I Wholesale Groceries Grain and Feed L 'OJ IJ Bank of Red Springs Established in :goo DEPOSITORY FOR STATE FUNDS Pays on Time Deposits Takes Care of your money when you have it. Loans you money when you haven't it. Glad to serve you. Tries to please. I The I John Thrower Co. r Department Store I Everything to Eat and Wear I for College Students and Faculty. I We have been for 20 years serv- I ing our patrons and will appre- I ciate all business given us. : : : To Malte Your Room Attractive come to Farmers Hardware Co. Red Springs, N. C. Paints, Varnishes, Electrical Appliances, etc. luis CLCLLLCLCD swoops, There is NONE better than I Trinity Plain Flour l o r Goose Girl has proven the BEST SELF RISING. I Try it and be convinced. 1 Manufactured by I THE HAMMOND CO. . LAURINBURG, N. C. Charlotte Electric Repair Co Electrical Machinery Repairing 'OJ lr Charlotte, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. l 1. P. McNEILL E, S. OLIVER I I f MCNEILL GL OLIVER I ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW -H l-Z Evans Street, West I FLORENCE SOUTH CAROLINA .x..,1.,,. ,A.-iinq,i'1-.12-'fa' .--. 130 l WeIfare's Drug Store Winston-Salem, N. C. This space is taken by Sam E. Welfare, past president of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association. The Bank That Takes Care of Its Customers We want your accounts, both checking and savings. 4? paid on savings. Let us serve you Carolina Bank SL Trust Co. X Ino. A. McPhaul. Pres. I. D. McLean. V.-Pres H. M. Dixon, V.kPres, lno. H. McKay, Cashier Miss Ruth Covington. Asst. Cashier "KILLSPRAY" I Does away with flies, mosquitoes and other insects I os. C. Shepard l Chemical Manufacturer Wilmington, N. C. A Dorothy H.--"I haven't lvroken a single one of my new year I'CN'hlIlIIl'JIIS.N Helene-"I dicln't make any either." To-.. Doctor xICKK'lj'fllIlvtILl cough more easily this morning." Metta Patten-"I ought to-I practiced all night." QQ, "A wise man sometimes has to change his mind." "True" replied Senator Sorglium, "hut what calls for his greatest wisdom is recognizing the psychological mi-ment for making the change." E5'i?i?'Wd I A M E S M c G R A W , INC. lm'f51'i'md I MILL SUPPLIES 10th AND CARY STREETS y RICHMOND, VA. 1 METAL AND WOOD-WORKING ' MACHINERY, PULLEYS. SI-IAFTING, BELTINO, MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIES PIPE FITTINGS, VALVES, PACKING, STEAM PUMPS, BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES RAILROAD and CONTRACTORS l DUNN SL THOMPSON, Distributors "Gold Bar, Raleigh y and Wake Brands" , RALEIGH Noam CAROLINA p 131 iDesiqninq5Primin K Q e H dl l:'l lil xx. Kitt I X 1 QQK-KAlNfIifglNlNG .IH nr- xx, I gJI11ZlHllll1 111 men whit ,1 " I take great pride in their wurk, it 'YQ ' and equipment th.1t im felecteti 1: a- , with Ll view to the quality it will I V produce, ne are e5pQt-ially filled in it ,I A tn execute the very lwqgt nt' hi h viw, ' if! 1 1 chin printing. g 1 ' ix X K W e are not eniiueriied xxith pm- Q 'L 1 5 N tilwillg just printing Ant fn' ,npr V .xx xl' , I'l!f1l'ff'ffI'tg fbjfhxbp,.mf,,,-j,,g Agfwlf rr X I gb gx Xt pflffrfflkg in all wt in mverail phases 'Rf' I VJN X I if" ' iff, 'i'fyP+fgf11Phi', ww wrt .md s N ali' ,A Z 1 hinding. If ff- X WM if ff 7' Under the hll5CI'Yibitll1 ufinn ex- q i M X XT ,i y 4, Q 1, i X .. ,0,, , KAY- if perientxed .1rtimt, ue upt-1-My J ,LI 759 ,X N 'N , Crwininercinl Art Deurfmgm , ijt, ' - Aff- f Sv' f ' ,.f P I 41 I where your thnughtr mn he ex- ' 't ix rflixg ' 5 XZV, ffff' probed in picfhirew that .ire more J . W X X'-N i ' tlmruefnl than nnrdf .ihmc. , i if-7 rf I -X It u htm we " 1 W ' fmix 'i' I , , . 5 v Lin serie inn, Q-.9-Q -- f fn' I , Wi, , II ,pg ,gn f t , fri, ::::: 1-,sit , J 1, pff"" ff Mft! f , lyf if .II 1' . -L , If J Z' ll!! W J M .X Mfr t f ' K -nl .x ,gn ' x i, 'f ffi ff' V r li - f t' f ' X 5 tr 1 Z 'fr vwl' ' ' , ,f f " -' 'T -1-15 ' '1 5:1 Pgtxn' 1 ' ' 3 ' t V 7-.401-I V J ,VL .. i t , it yy? jo ,piifyi-1:: iN w w f g 1 1 1 1 Us-gf f js..-lbixilifa-t f2Q..m snmz .1 ' r i q? PRESBYTEQXAN STANDARD puB1..lSH1NG CO. Q l-lARl.JOTTE,N.CAROL1NA 132 ----P "' Taz- A- - , , . f J 7 Q g 0 O xl ,5 I 'A f 535111 f Wg!! , 2. E V gi 7 'AE1i.: f K N7 TALE I5 TULII -4 11' Q sf 5- rd, V vu af. 1 I Q. . F is 8. ,Q 9 'Iv 1' 'V 't 94 fag- U , Y -I -19' .il Q. a I -nfl, Y . 4 . 1.. .' ' 1 I " .5 if ' n .4 . 1 J '-+ "fn W 8 , 4.4: ' .' 'A-. 1 ' V Mft' Y-f4 4.-',4:f'.fg'f, Qui K xv. 4.se,,g:'3'?1!4J"'i iwir pn , Q ,V , 2 L . .- ,1. - u ,aff-" 2, . 44. I 4 4 4.454 41, 2 ,Q 44 st . '.,4'Q4..4 ,4 mn , ' ' ff. -,.q4,+4.. ,.f:Ef- ' - 4 -- f -. is - ,4 '-45.4.3 if - f 'Y v . , I. I . s . . a J, .s ','g4,. 0 ,- 4 +1 r . - ',""' ie".-'f'Ui?, , L Y 4' w -N4 -. git 5' ,". ', .v".'fy-'WY , ,VG 'Q' .Zi lm! 'o 'I I NJA l ' r", : " ' x uv , 'A 'vi-6 '3 , ' .4 Q as , - ' 1 ,. A 4 A , ,. - 5 41.5 . 4 N' 4,' 4 1 ru ffgh Miz' 111 -1'f.1..-.ii 1.6,-. ..,a- , 4 fi Q 4, ,WA 1 Q' may '91-Zigi.. .4,4 Q' .v' 4 ' Qc?""fQf!i'o'F!'q'.nf TJ!" 3' " p N 1 I v "ff -' ' '5f":.'g , 3 f ' u t. . . .. - 4 ' : 9 ' ' ' .tn A ,' " on ' 0 . , t.. , . In a 4 ' A ' we' ' :Q 5 . Y '- r , A,' Z 'Q "' ' Q V. 5 . 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Suggestions in the Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) collection:

Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Flora Macdonald College - White Heather Yearbook (Red Springs, NC) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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