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if EEV92 CXIRHO Crude Ser o eoch XX X to P Note LL SOI' SI' S x QT917 CO UNT Y PUBLIC scH PUPIL REPO ools RT CA RD R Grades X 712 IS report comes I ,our Clutd ln s yOu t Choo! I you Irmf kno f tL report Q 1orQ1se lt '1 W the progre goo4 o ve pko Q on ot Q Good one please o tere 1Pd Q re o your cutd Q wo d o 11' he teacher ond 117 Qfflefldf rwedy to f1nsc11 stot tory work or conduct 10176 Grd tie s 'o ore ,omtt Dorzsble for he 1 weffore cmd must Loo e ofe to 5 ure flze best r s ore cor Q y t2Vt'Sx.1J to v1s1t the sc OOIS Qrl o b erve e work DQIPQ QIO7 e vot1e of tt report W1Jl b sed 1t you s1udy1t co efulty I4 1t11 your cfnld 11477 MPSF! L1 v f1te'1C1 ent O tSc'1o greO O 1 - Nom ......,....... .......... . ............................. T S ix 'SNR X SS X ff 777 ' O ' trot ' ' ss ot Y, . . 11e 1s 111 'S - x, ' f 11 ' 1' I . '1 M , ws' t , ' ' y C I1 Hoe, f' 1 11 A ' 1"f1L1'S 1 '1' ' N . Ylie t 1 1 '1 moot ' 'A Q fy res 1 1' I pup .1 1 1 S Ao r 1 nec' .1 . esutts. Foren 1' Q1 tt '1 ' ' ' fu Q' t o N ' th ' ' e 1 1 e. ZT1 1 1 11-3 ' e tty mcreo ' ' r r' '1 ' . 1'f1IfY'1 Y F' 1 ' N Nff S" 1 ' 1 ' 1 .J l959 FLORIAN Volume Xl MONROE TOWNSHIP SCHOOL Flora Indiana 'Z1 S 'FF If 9 Q J! 5 , -, L, 6. -, r g ' W P yv ' ' x 4 .1-, 4 k fu- fx 3 R... '35 v . . . . f , , A .. , f .L img , V1.8 fV.- :H-gg, -w ,M 'N' " '-f -Q M Q ,:i,.am.,1 ,i A f GUR RECCRD "I sland on my record!" acclaims lhe polifical candidale as he submils his qualificalions for 'rhe public office he seeks. We are mol running lor office: bu+ we, The sludenls and lacully of Flora l-ligh School, musl also sland on our records. "And whal are Jrhose records?" you may aslc. The aclivilies. +he slruggles and lriumphs, and, we sadly admil, an occa- sional deleal are records of our endeavors in pursuil of an educalion. The loermanenl record cards. lhe leachers' grade ...-.-ff ye ., f ' - "Q f' f' , ,f.5f.-M., e s.,.4,.,'f4 ,- W-Hs. , , . as ,i c. -1' i 'pw wg , -- 1 1. ,, ,Wm 1- Swmw-W'v.s1W.?ws,1.+4,,3,, T A V-.-5 f'.,,wg,1-1 CF TH E YEAR boolcs. and lhe reporl cards we somelimes hesilale 'ro Jralce home are very Jrangible records. Somelinnes our records even rnalce headlines in 'rhe public press! Olher records so dear lo every leen-ager are 'rhe plallers lhey spin incessanlly. "Music helps me concen'rral'el" lhey sloully mainlain. The Florian slafl has fried 'ro presenl in This book Flora High School's Record of +he Year. Our record spealcs lor us. 3 H95 ,I 2 W, 5 5:5 5 W ,374-"3 -' - 7,g.........--wwb W. 'K . ,xv any 42 gnu, '3l'a., 5 llrl ,:i1:l , lu 'I :f::iiSaN auq AQ, 'Q I' v, 1 , , , 'FQQFHQQ HRUAV' ingui 11? , .1 ' eiiwf-u lllif,il nggir' .119 lyix 'fig I if-7 , fy 1' .,,.,w- . 4 Q Q -.- I V, Ln i Q MADE UP FLORA HIGH'S RECORD OF THE YEAR The morning Huddle formed oursfde Wwe erufrances, ready +o charge er zero oour-e- 'the Hqhfs wen+or1.A crowded agenda preceded Hwe firsr period classes. The wesf enhance before The 8:I5 beU. . 1 mi-Af gov- ,,.. THE SCHOOL PROVIDED FOR MANY OF OUR NEEDS Parlc your wraps grab your booxs qreel you lrlencls ruslw lo llwe Surmslwme room lo comb oul pm curls and llwem slxp Info your l Q4 were usually lwall of a sleady couple They remdezvoused loo long CD l r ' , ' A seal 'uf as flue lasl bell lolls. Lale arrlvers lo Class H ,. I uid kdof flwlwllsfFHS GIVING US THE BEST OF FRIENDS FUN AND FUTURES S+udenTs awaded Hwewr Iafes as Hwey relafed Ihenr Iales of woe To be excused or mof excused I af was Ihe cueshon Fnxed shares and blark expressions reIIec+ed Hwe Ialre lwours oI+I'1e mgh before I+ seemed +Iwa+ morn mg came so soon and sfayed so long' owspson rr L. To ef sos r Iv' Coo e e y mo n s ue Monday Ihc I rs? pe c of The ay ,D 1 e 7 1 1 f . , I1 f f + . - , H ' V T ' Q slf V J' x . FXS. ' A An Hel 'e, .VM Th M , a d Jack'e Ga Qon I'ned -p q ex: fo ,'. Ic , E 'mg ' bI ' 'O' d I I I I - ' 2 I iii ' I I I x'- fi a Ny. A' 7, Y - ff T ' ,wh"'7 -4 2' -ff ,' A 4: 54 X Z ,S , . A DULL PENCIL AND A DOG-EARED BOOK Y 6 S 6 S E lndusrry on parade' These rhe Weacers of Wwe Qlsr cemrury prepared rhenr mrrwds For years ro come Bur whenever +rwey were srymled Jrlwey were grad ro qer a boosr from a 'eader of Hue 2O+h cenrury The fwve mmures befweerw dasses rmeanr pamr and powder fume as Jrrwe grrls swarmed rnfo Hwe Surwsrmme room for mmor repairs 8 'Ln- S Srudbus sfud Ha!! srudevs sfruggl 3 fr nuously M95 fudf s. 1 . I Q , , . xx . ', K S 5, Maybe Rcbczc' c:':pf:: Nm P-gr cw a r 3 F X 'rife r:'cbc". X - " f,, - V, 1 eg r 'r E.:--,1 Frgfz Fc Parr, 'ri sz' 11,1 2: ve, ': . ::::':' 2' "Q W Q we HA. ,fn ,Zim- ' 1 14 l if WERE SIGNS OF LESSCNS WELL PREPARED To nourrsh Their bodies as well as lhenr rnrnds 1+ was efery man for hrmsell when lhe noon bell rang Aher a leusurely len mlnule lunch lhe lhunclerzng herd slampeded lhe candy room Furlher lorhllecl a few hnl lhe bleacher for some lasl mxnule crammung fs...-.-my Chow fume was lhe rxghl frme for hugh school husk es fo re'ue for lhe aflernoon The popular candy ocnn was v led efery noon by a horde of eager Teenagers Liffle brolhers were a bofher when 'they bummed nlclcels from big sisfer. 9 FLORA ENTERTAINED DISTRICT SUNSHINE CONVENTION Almosf a Ilwousand qirIs and Ibeir sponsors regis- 'Iered before 'Ie merning session began. In order Io qef ',erTer acquainfed, name faqs in The form of iocIce+s were pinned on each girl by 'the nos?- esses. Miss CaroIyn Whifeneck, from Purdue, was fine guesf speaker. I-Ier Ialk was in keeping wifb +I1e siafe Ineme, "SunsI1ine's Spufnik Serves." Wm, -..., Od Mr, Sm I'iiqI'u'Egn+ed Ike day as cheerful Sun- sbiners came from aII parfs of Disiricf 5 for Hneir annuai rneesinq. 3 I We nw- Q--...i......,.i K I I0 5 I 'iw The Swign' Saws FIe'a's can combo, provided noonfime music vo swfrg b,. Tre boys rnade a smasb H+ and were mobbed by aufegrapb seekers. THE JU IORS PRESENTED "ONIONS IN THE STEW" "Fino flne sm?-ol:l" yelled Don lJerry P1'ze'l as wafer poured down We slaifs. Anne lJeriIy'i Jonesl and Joan lSara Adanvsl realized flue plumbing in fee" new island horre was nc? so good. IPS 5. "AHaboy," rvlgrrnured Belly lChrisfine Berkeyl as Don aqreed lo give island l'fe one more lfy, Belly painfed a Table wl"le CIai'e fSonia Chaprnanl offered lie' advice on bringing up children. "Whaf's going on?" cried Howard Names Walkerl as his girl, Anne, appeared covered wilh seaweed and accompanied by Roger lSVeve Ccllinsl, her island Romeo. R! icy The anfiqualed ournbing required We Guesrg of We MacDonalds, Lydia l-SSlSY A'nold AlJ-dV NiD- Dolly CJoyce Clfrisfiansenj and e1oe'l Ui atfenfien of Two island lFrances Scolfl and Jim lG-aylord cel a': Le' rveie, Ma'qo Jgey lvlfennefh Flo,-all vigifin plvwbers, l-lafry lRicl'ia'd Foulsl and Haanl, sfarled 'o Ve beac' 'cr 0 lLorra'ne Heflnef, plan lo Voungslergy plot i,ir?l'1er mischief New Molof Marv'n lMilce Murpnyl. picnic breakfasl, llV'5'l'l'5Dll Don 575 R099- E' C Q ' e Mag' p',Mce's IPJV S'a.e' Miss Garvey lS"'le, Vneyl ds- Cane jl.lo,d Pobesonl As rne cw- N1 Pa' cr an P n"e Cnqenceeff Sz" cove'ed Wa' We q':.nds wwe Wei i'S"3v'f': fo S99 JDJ' llifl 'iSSC6"ie2' S er vzd d e'f'J": cf "ff 'elf 'nfes'-31 wf' ,ellcw '1'lve's. swel' off Ve' 'ee' cr Fe' O1 B.ddw sal, awe-e"e3" lfvlef lJ 'W Cdlirgi Cincencselm Na.,' dd- "vw z "an w, C-553 MJVH' B"C'e' a"5 fr' -- A 'n lflf S .e' :cv cn. Vs lc"o:,la's. CCNVOS WERE EDUCATIQNAL AS WELL AS INTERESTING Proud new owners displayed their baske1baTl packefs An nnfereshng and unusual convocafuon was fne demonsframn-x baske?baII drrlls and fundamenfak by ine Team The besi' safety devxce as a good driver exp amed Frank DeBrurcker drwvers framing xnsfrudor as he fraced fbe lfe cy e of a d op of qasoMne es p ICL' as een raven a rn san ' ' ' '. of I . . 1 . ' , . . . ' I cl ' ' . Screechhl A+ a spedal convo:a+io'1 cn safefy educaf'c'w, a Sfifi pafrolman snowed Few Tong 7? 'ak io sfo a car WH . I- b Y If Q T40 ,le hour. MUSIC CLASSES BEGAN WITH MUSICAL SCALES Ticlc, liclc, liclc-lhe melronome couriled The seconds, minules, and hours ol The F. I-l. S. Chorus' lillh period pracrice sessioris. Their sohqs echoed and disappeared down lhe halls lo provide music lo siudy by. By slarlinq lheir musical educaliori in lheir iirsl years ol school, The children progressed from lriangles lo lrombones, from loy band lo senior band. UPPER RIGHT: Merrill Van Cleave, music inslruclor, consulled The music cafalog for ideas for The hall-lime baskelball shows. LOWER RIGHT: "Do, re, mi-Who's me, a bass?" Jerre Shanks, Jimmy Myers, Jerry Humphrey, and Darrell Hoffman 'fried ou? their voice ranges. Firsr graders learned lo keep in lime with fhe music through the rlwyfhm band. Beginners look lheir band seriously, as Ihey prepared for advancemenf info iunior band. LITERATURE OPENED NEW REALMS OF ADVENTURE "Er fu, Brufe" cried Caesar as he mer his fa're on 'fhe ldes of XX March. Llarin sfudenfs prepared a derivafive board from maga- zine adverfisernenis. Ruih Murph Mar Pasfor Effie Dou las and Marina Frank En , Yi Y 1 9 . . Q' lush Teachers, gof rogefher Yo grade semesfer exams. T 'Z 0 4 x , 4 :ss 4' f I podwin xp min. 4 hum. mm. A-mm ' , . I-bam. 0. .M ip.. 1 , W m.m.n- nm MJM5hY'fl!i"1 f' u.: nu.. . s v , DM 1' n I i in Cv "You blocks. you srones, you worse rhan senseless Things." Norhing personal, you undersland, buf many pupils have won- dered if perhaps 'rhis quoralion from Shakespeare could apply lo ihem. lmmorlal Caesar came alive rhrough Lalin lranslar lions. Srudenls also found 'rhar Lalin words helped ro increase lheir vocabularies by revealing lhe meaning of 'fhe English def rivafives. I4 AND WRITING AIDED US IN EXPRESSING OUR IDEAS Sludenls became especrally dubious whenever Ihemes or assugnmenfs For School Daze arhcles were due They Ihoughl and 'rhouqhl and Ihouqhl' all day oul coulcln+ lhmlc of a 'rhmq Io say Thvs also held Irue for Ihose hrsf Clays IH speech class bul Ihrough prachce and ex pernence Ihey became quuclc of wal and glib of fohgue 9 f s o e e yea s ago Emmeff Zook e ulafed Ihe Greaf Erma cpafor hIe I'1 d cfafed nfo fhe Iape reco der co oy o aio y P pl ere pe plexed as They coped wfh F days spell ng I5 . . y Akkk X64gAm,ZE I , . . H 1 , . . . ' I ' 'QSM 4 .4 'ex nf f I K Q . xx ? 1 su an . X I Q "Four c r and s yen r . . ' rn FI I I W I E I I F Q so he uld later emi hvs own r r . Vf J u is w r I ri ' I . WE TRAINED CLIR MINDS TO COPE One of lhe mosf imporranl academic phases of a high school career is Jrhe complelre undersranding of mafhemafics. The abilify To reason, To analyze, and +o comprehend is Jrhe 'lunclamenfal goal of all marh sluclenls. Algebra, a complefe change from iunior high mafh, proved To be sfimulafing fo 'the freshmen. Geometry sludenfs consfrucfed many diaqrarrs with The aid of large wooden Triangles, squares, efc. I6 X. f in 4- an 'D ff ., ,'., Y .- L ' WITH I TRICATE FIGURES AND PRGBLEMS Co"'DIel'ng business Tarn workbook assigwrnenls gave praclice in probIe'rs of business. lj, Jidifiin fo, ai:.J'1:Q1 adebra, college Jqebu was :"f'ed as a rerresner Ccxxe fc' Seniors wee ye blern rg 'U oo fo cz: leqc. Realizing Ilwere is a growing reed lor advanced rnalltemalics, college algebra was added lo flwe curriculum. Marliemalics in business is needed lor problems in everyday livinq' lwerce busiress mall' solved lliis need For flue individuals business life. V222 :afal M375 new 6-f'c'e: cr 'e::'f cya' c. Drs, Jaicz. rr: J.J"':: PA' "3" 4f:a:'e's. I7 SCIENCE IS THE KEY T0 THE DOOR clenze f?JChf3'S, Junrffa Pug? Dale Baker, Meer? HBVTC'-, and Leo' MCGAUQMS-. I-can un fo dye by readT'vg sdenc-2 magazines. Nm :msgs fldiiw, Mamie Rose :om and Ronme Myer oar- fo'h'ed aw cxrcrimcni SPQWW1 5"'mNa?ed ba'o'ef2+'Ic o'Csf 9' nf swf 5' 'fr' M xmdw, f" caszzed fm ex:-2' fe'?s C -4-...,v,,.,, ,, 1 pHvsFc:aN 5: ee Sudewfs www -we o' caciued, '-6--MW.f...4,.....i . The efofmk ace ?ocuSed imferra-Move? affemfion on a good sciewfific backqrowd for every Hof school smdeff Novo WIH1 poysks, chemisvy, oiofogy, and oe'eral science, pH,fs?caW science was offered H Comohmce wffh NVQ oewarvzl. OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD OF TODAY Man yd beg-1 ,ew Q1 UMW ,owcv as bwcg UJQAMS CC ,VM F, 3 .WM fo'e'gf-'ess MNH EPZ S V D E 4 W 1 'N AJ E W E D Sorrefimes we Feefeg fbaf cas bf3'T'CS bag been droboed on good, dd E. H. S., buf found +o our oisapbolnimemf Na+ If was om!-y we dwemisffy dass Waring HES. The Case of Feafhers in +he Sink miglv have been We 4EHe of a mysfery, as Wwe biology dass dissecfed barre'ess, Hffle pigeons. Cwerv sfw sfudenfs souqh? fhei' for- es as they fried To defect uranium "e a'd of a Gefger comfer. 3 K, I9 SOCIAL STUDIES PROMOTED WORLD U DERSTA DING Now luslen lwere llwls IS a social sludles floss and nol a social ln Jr' Poor confused Sludenls lwadnl a clnance wlwen llwey lweve been fold a lr elr luvef llnal llwere are 48 la'leQ and lllen llwey 'earned l ol llwere are 49 Nexl llwef wlll be sayl o lluere are 50 Conl peope malce up llwelr mundS7 U ER H nry SU"lll'l Marne Frank and Kern in Cooke clal slude leach rs refl w d currenf evenls TER M S rrc u 0 s 3' :J u e Clvrl War Henry Smulh helped Dlck Skules locale North Carolina 'he ap wlmle Davld Chaoman found ul on flue globe c s a o s 4 e OWU C13 J Caucuses E? O 3 20 ll lu ' ' J S V, lw PP:e 5 , .9 ,so' is e, "ee CEN : f. Mill e , M :ies p 'x We " e, :l We Norllw own We So llw l' 1h S , 4 A I A 'bl . 5 ee f :Q g, f . ' . . . Q . I M ,W ' I 1 , lk ' J-S' lie ll legflf' Vey were sludylng, ,lu sen'o': Feld llwelf ' 7' b ' 'e gcvern- M," :lax . x COMMERCIAL CCURSES PREPARED BUSINESS LEADERS I? "A, e, o, oo," reclfed the shorfhand class as lhey p'acffced 'rlweif vowel sounds. Lols Metzger, commercial lnsfruclor, dld one of fhoselendless chores proofreading a sfencll. Learn lo lype in 'lwo easy lessons-llrsl semesler and second sem- esler. Bul nobody ever said anyllwlng aboul blank keys! Speed and accuracy are lwo imporlanl laclors in all commercial courses. Prac- lice makes perlecl, llney say. bul errors can be so exasperallnql UPPER: "Don, you'll never cafcln up wlfh Herb by fvplnq wth lusl one finger," scolded M'ss Metzger. LOWER: "Why, why, wlny, do your deblfs have To equal your credllsf' walled Charles Jenkins and Blalne Burns. VOCATIO AL AG OFFERED IMPROVED FARMING METHODS ,fx pggn ADDIYIVES TOP RIGHT: Characferisfics of a good chicken were sfudied by Myron Neff and Gary Skiles. LOWER RIGHT: Gary Skiles was in- sfrucied 'ro sludy a pig's back, not ride piQQv back. A farmer needs a knowledge of chernisfry in his work, as poinfed ou? by Leon McGauglney, agriculfure ieacher. More Scieniiiic larrninq is ilne main obieclive in agricullure. Raising crops and feeding calile were slressed in Jrlve ag classes. The liye- siock you save may be your own! Elernenis of iudginq were sludied and laier applied in ponies? work. Prornoling modern nneilwods oi farming will enable 'iulure farmers lo produce a more abundani :ood Supply. 22 ,,-,...-. If we had x-ray vision, we could aciually see now caille are consfruciedl HO E EC TODAY MEANT BETTER HOMES TOMORROW ,- li - u,'-T-T1 The naiiviiy scene was consfrucied wifli cookies, icing, and coconuf by Jennie Ann Flora, Joyce Kerlin, and Pa? MCG-Ennis for a Crrisin-as decoration. Tlie way lo a rnan's lwearf is llirouqli His slornacli, and didn'i llie lnorne ec classes lfnow ill Pooulariiy was assured wlnen llne girls slnared llieir iasly iidbils wiili Fellow sludenls and ieaclwers. Clirisiian Dior lnad nollwirq on E. l-l. S. siylisis as ilney iasliioned beauiiful crealions. Problenns in rorne nursing, cliild care, and lnonne decorarior were also solved lrrougli lwome economics classes. By using a- "How Do You Rafe" cliarf, Joyce Baker, home economics insfrucior, poinied ouf ways girls may increase ilieir popularify. , xv -- , K 41, .A zfsfq vf?Q'!""""' Mary Ann Young, Carolyn Tyra, and Geneva Gallien gave expert bedside care To Judy N'pp'e in Povie nursing class. Pa? Stayed Lc"a7ne Heli'-an Becky Bcfdrier, a':l Je'i'y Ann Flora r":de'-ed We" own c'ea"c"s. NOW D0 UIAH1 PHYSICAL EDUCATION ADDED STRENGTH A D CHARACTER 4 A ' A f 'Vi A nealThy body as well as a heaTThy rnind was The aim oT The physicaT ed deparTrnenT. PhysicaT coordinaTion and Teafnwork were achieved Through garnes such as volley- baTT, deck Tennis, and Tick pin bah. "Them bones, Thefn bo'es, Them dry bones" were connecTed and discon- necTed by The heaTTh sTudenTs. They also learned To main' Tai' high sTandards oT personal hygiene. Ruin Murshy and Frank DeBruicker, phys'cal educahon Teachers, insf'ucTed each other on The use of sporTs' eqmpmenf. ' . .Na ai? 3 an 'HE Q 4 Q i .1 if --S' ' 1 -.1 J. 1 Eijyv ,A .!'.llll?3"' I N xj. f I ' -1 An!" if ' . x f ff- .k,., ,.v, yn 3.5 R A. 5 5 Q' jig A ' - W - P 555 'fi :fa f , 1 i 'I . N L? li A I in IJ' A - 8 , QW ' 'I X L' ', -45' b GEORGE WASON A B Trus+ee RUTH ANN AYRES ScI1ooI Secrewkary ADMINISTRATION KENNETH COOKE, MS Principal HIGH SCHOQL FACULTY Dale Baker, M.S. Joyce Baker, BS. Frank DeBruicicer, B.S. Effie Douglas, AB. Marina Frank, B.S. Alb-er+ Hanes, M.S. Donovan Jacoby, AB. Leon Mcfivaughey, M.S. Lois Mefzger, A.B. Ruin Murpi'1y,A.B. Mary Pasfor. B.S. Juaniia Pugh, 8.5. Henry Smiiiw, BS. T. Merrill Van Cleave, B.S. Erma Peiry, AB. 'RM ,fs In d"' S Clubs in all schools provide an oullel for Jreen-age exuberance and indireclly prepare members lo accepl responsibililies in lhe aclivilies of Their communily. Our record ol memories in- cludes 'rhe excilemenl of sponsoring The Dislricl Sunshine Con- venlion, +he reluclance ol sleepy speech sludenls raking off in +he early morning hours lo parlicipale in conlresls, Jrhe frus- rralrions ol meeling yearbook and school paper deadlines, and Jrhe anlicipalion of lhe big dance wilh one's lavorile guy or gal. "Memories are made ol +his." lll l - .ra i l a., f' 'N' y f i , ,, . ll f -,Qi s' We islll .Q --- N. X ' Q-Q ' f-- 2 f as fi ' X i F. "MZ-1-12.-"i-iii: ' f f Lf. ll -'- K ,f uve' Z 7 1 1 I Q ' . 9 Xl! A is T 3 X- fx., 3 I . H W ? y-K 9 ? 1 ' S.. 'V If 0 I' Q. Q. f Q ,A Y 9 1 .a f V 'iv' q , . xr :ff 4. 1 XV 41,3 4' V Fig! if 'A W. M 513. Mi' V4-1 Qui ,ap '3 s rg , A-' 55 I ?.f' ' :N 4 1. V as xx . Q if 'ff i 'E 1' X x 6 ,, ,Q I, A 1 I , K , if :1 Q 5 fy . qs- if E -A ' - aw 3 Q, 1 Q + 1 I Q . .F , Y 5 K1 x A -. ' - . -, .. .W " ' fs,': , VR, Q 'KK Y! 'A " s , 4 4 I! 1 Q , , Y "' Q fi ,Q ,Y .4 + ., 73 W AV' -- I . wh f .Qi .1 FRONT ROW: R. Trenf, Sandra Allen, Song Lead-ery J. Snlder, Secretary, L. Skll Treaswerg Tlnsman, Plarvislg Seqraves. SECOND ROW: S. Roof, Daniels, D. Cox, Lovvorrw, S. Welzel, R. Flora, N. Sze , President: M's, Pugrw, Sponsorq S. Wagoner, Vlce Presidenlg S. Flora Wea-rd, M. Sfll G, Sha Howard, B. Bud' L. Mcclrcrmarg S. G ll' S, a en BACK ROW: F. Moore, J. Cllngenpeelj Slwarorw Ffrmey, S. Bewflel Slw4'ley Ffvcl McCa"w P. E'l's, .Ldv Mallevdcfe, M. Palrlclr J. l'la"'lorw, Peggy Colllrr C. H-ql'es B'own J. Arrqle, A. Dar"rr:: L, Lucas. V Sl MISSING: A. Reed, l-lar Alba.gr', The Sun Rays held a . . . for all sevenrlw and elglwrlw grade sluderwls on lvlarclw 6. Sun Ray meellrugs were dlllerewl ard varled rls year. Wlwen ll was possible, lee llwerwe for eacr Meerlrg was 'n rarmony wlllw llwe movllw ln wl1lCl1llWaSrweld.CDrle of llwe rlglfl spols ol llwe year was a vlslr by S+. Nick al Clwrlslmas il"TT9. Tlwe glrls also learned aboul parllamerwlary procedure lrorrf rlwelr spon- sor, Juanlfa Puglw. llwe Sum Ray lieale ls May lewd llwe severullw grade girls glylrug a olcrwic Fm lwoeor ol llwe elglwllw grade girls. Clays Snaw- UPPER: Ar fre San Ray parfy, Sava was a welcome quesf who lrvervlewed We7land a'd orrwer Sun Rav q7rls. I LOWER: Judy Srrldei Leann Sklles, Slrlrley Wagoner, awd Sue Flora planned Ray oroqrams for fre Year. dance in the gym Q5- FRONT ROW: B. Burns, R. Myer, R. Beckner, Chaplairig Graf, Treasurer: Eikenbenf, Secretary: Driggs, Sergeant-at-Arms, F. Miller, Vice President, T Guver President, Mr. Smith, Sponsorg E. Zoolc. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Flora, H. Campbell, M. Hoffman, M. Snider, Thompson, Jenkins, Downham, Sines, G, Clinqenpeel, M. Robeson, Oylor, Hausen- fluck, R. Evans, Dunham. BALCIE: ROW: D. Clinqenpeel, Blocher, L. Robeson, J. Darling, Esserman, Clem D. Zook, D. Patrick S. Collins, G. West, Haan, F. Jones, Jim Collhs . rat. Hi-Y has maintained its prestige . . . by cooperating with the community in every way. Proiects were presented, accepted, and in true l-li-Y spirit, com- pleted. They placed the l-li-Y board in the hall on the main tloor. This contains the names ot all l-li-Y award winners. From the tormal initiation to the closing ot the school year, the l-ti-Y has tultilled its purpose: to create, maintain, and extend through the church, school, and community, high standards ot Christian character. FRONT ROW: H. Jones, T. Largifon J. Drapei Mr. DeB'uiclcer, Sponsor: C. Jews R. Mawvel, R. Hettner, B. Root. SECOND ROW: A. Ayes, D. Miller, Klunnpp, J. Stxdivant, H. Bell, D. Pullen 3. Matson B. Crfeoen, Bollei SOM! l-'35G5'I Joe Colins, D. Bockne THIRD ROW: T. Sn'de' Brett, J. Wason, Jon Snfrh C. Pullen, Grorfnger, K'nz'e D. Lmgr H, M'1Ie' Lehman, Larirfafig, BACK ROW: R. Sibrov, Bishop P. Bell R. Drape' Kng. C. Snider W. Bezlroer S. DeB'.'clre' S. Evans, Joe Hayes, Shriver, N. Guyer. The Junior-Y held a very high position . . . in fhe acfiyifies of fhe iunior high school boys, Toys furnished by JuniorAY members were disfribufed af Chrisfmas fo Children of needy families. Alfhouoh fhe Junior-Y is composed of younqer boys, if is confribuling fo fhe presfige of ifs own club and also ifs fore-runner, l-li-Y. The Junior-Y held fiye rneefinds +his year. They yisifed fhe Pioneer Corn Company, and al fheir December rneefing fhey were honored fo have Reverend Dumond speak fo fhern. UPPER: Torn Clark, B'l Walker, and John Hayes adrnire fhe l-li-Y Award Board and wonder if They will ever see fheir names fhere. LOWER: Jerry Chafffn, David Chapman, and Terry Reef play baseball as parl of fheir JuniorAY recreafion. FRONT ROW: R. Skiles, Norlhcnfi, Jim Myer, M. Trenf, D. Hoffman, Vice Presidenfg Mr. Cooke, Sponsor, W. Walker, Presidenf, Wheeler, Treasurer: J. Maison, Riggle. SECOND ROW: P, Bridqs, Harnilfon Larry Younq D. Myer, Schnieb, J. Eller, Ander- son, John McKinley, D. Reeve, E. Gallien, Penninqfon, Clark, Reef. THIRD ROW: Mjl Shanks .lim Payne l"'ler, M Gibson Hnmohfev, R. Campbell Chaffin, John Ayres, Robinson, D. Chapman, Surface, D. Campbell. BACK ROW: C. Moore, B. Wason, Ausfin, Brirn, P, Miller, G. Tyra, James, G. Wefzel John Hayes, Randle, Hendrickson, G. Fife, Carl Humbarger. i 'no gf Au SEATED: C. Briggs, Mr. Cooke, Sponsor, Adams, D. Frazee. STANDING: Driggs, Esserman, Secretary-Treasurer, S. DeBruicker, Eikenberry, President, T. Guyer, Vice Presi dent, R. Myer, M. Snider, F. Miller, H, Jones. MISSING: L. Heffner. Student Council symbolized democratic government . . . set up by our toretathers. "Taxation without representation?" Not here, brother. Representatives trorn each high school class and organization tormed the governing body ot our school. The representatives planned convocations so that the "taxation" on our brains wouldnt become too great. Their responsibilities- weighing tacts and possibilities . . . deriving decisions and con- clusions that best serve our school. Their main interest-to nourish the attitudes ot the student body toward democracy, our greatest heritage, by providing such an environment. UPPER: Cullan E'nenr:e'w oresoec at an "'c"'a Studen' council r'eet'ng in fre audtoriurn. LOWER: Max Snide' coiccted t':rets as Do' and G'en Clingenpeel arrived at We Student Council Sock Hop alter the P.T.A. Carnival. 4 Q X ' K 'gf " 'S I - s . X 3 1' gi 1 SQ A ,iff J' l i School Daze proved to be a morale booster . . . al 'lhe end ol each grading period-especially il 'lhose grades weren'l all lhal lhe pupils hoped +hey'd be. Everyone lreasured lhose classy lillle colleclions ol corn and capers . . . They hoped lo see lheir name or perhaps one ol lheir lilerary conlribulions in prinl. The School Daze was lyped and mimeographed under a new and considerably more convenienl syslem lhis year . , . lhe ollice praclice class amid lruslralion and perspiralion benl low over lheir lype- wrilers and banged our lhe indispensable slencils. The lacl lhal many sludenls had lo be reminded lo Upul your paper away and read if aller class" should be evidence enough lhal lhe School Daze conlinued To serve The sludenl body wilh lhe lalesl in school news seasoned wilh humor. UPPER: "School Daze, School Daze, belfer buy your School Daze!" sang The solicilors, Connie Briggs, Cullan Eikenberry, Sandra Cassell, Don Clingenpeel, and Ca'o'e Ryan, as lrey prorvofed We sales campaign. LOWER: The office praclfce class worked indusfriously al lheir various durfes lo produce a be-Her School Daze. SEATED: L. Lynch, P-cof Edlorg C. Briggs, Edirorg Miss Merzger, Sponsor, C, Miller, Associafe Edifor, SECOND ROW: Mohler, C. Mullendore, B. Chapman, B. Angle, Berkey, Cas- sell, P. McGinnis, C. Ensingex A. Helvie, Jenny Flora, S. Chapman. BACK ROW: Ryan, P. Wagoner, Koup, S. Collips, L. Craff, Eilcenberry, J. Dar- ling, M. Sines, D. Clingenpeel. Q C7 SEATED: Janalie Srnifh, Associale Editor: Pal McGinnis, Edilorg Miss Melzger, Sponsor: J. Jowes, Associale Edifor. SECOND ROW: Lowe 6.:Vew Adarhs, L. Helfwef, La'd7s, Cassell, Slayer, C. Maxwel, B. Halford, Keflin, Ryan ChrTsl'iansen. THIRD ROW: B. Bwns, B'o:he' Haan, R. Eyang, F. Joves, J. Walker, Dfggs, Jon Svwilh, Boller. BACK ROW: l-lausenfluck, Graf, Murphy, T, Guyer, M. Robeson, S. DeBruicker, E, Zoolc. The Florian staff wished for a 30-hour day . . . wilh appoinrrnenls ro keep and people lo meer. The Florian had charge ol lalcing lhe individual picrures. A larniliar siqhl in lhe halls was lo See sludenl pholographers rushing abou? wirh cameras. They were forever on The alerl To carch an aclion shor ol some unusual or inleresling acliv- ily. lnnurnerable meelings were held and deadlines mel 'as lhe year rushed on. However, as unbelievable as il seemed lo lhe nwerhbers ol lhe slall, lhe yearboolc wenl lo press on Time. UPPER: Janale S"i+h, Joyce Ke'lin, Sieve Boller, and SM De- E'.':le' boovcd Florian sale: by showrg hcw yea'l:ooks will be 5'-:aan-ea Y' :eau fo come. LOWER: Dov Dffrgs one of Pe F,orTan's s,pe' saleswen, excess- 2' . acvoacheil l:a:'ness"-sri abou? ad-fe-?':e"en's. 37 E X 3:5 Ag 85,2 9 4 X X 'x"'sNw. ' 154, A ' W4 MX" jf Q, Y? , ,ww n., ' 1 2f"f:'? 11.1.1 'J F, A , W' wg, 4 I QV I '42 ig J 1? Q 5 1 1 2 'Q IQ.. .. m -V inn., ,en ,A . v W --:J fx me n wi X 50- g , 1 'Y X55 f- I iv' N. 'Y N' 1 X, ,322 Q? if V ' 23' A sv' Q f:'lld A Q 5 i 'I df K 'K' I 51. .A .f Q, 1- If mf 'Q Q 4. ' 'Q Q 'QW Q -Z A' -e -rf: f ., 1- 0 Q. .-I -. Q E' 5, 4 1 X P " JQSQ, J, vyj, wr 7 if Y 5 "W f g Q H X K A V I x 1 ' I' af! f'f.l-fl, L I r cf' MM " , U .' Q 8 22: L: K ' 1 rv 5 W 8 ' A I f 39 um. B -QM FRONT ROW: Christiansen, A. Frazee, Mohler, D. Frazee, C. Mullendore, B. Spear, L, Young, Redmon, M. Young, G. Gallien, Wilson, C. Briggs, Jill Flora, Mr. Van Cleave, Direclor. SECOND ROW: P. McGinnis, P. Wagoner, M. Burns, H. McGinnis, A. Flora, Ryan, V Chapman, Guclcien, Schnepf, Jenny Flora, W. Briggs, Koup, L. Lynch. BACK ROW: R. Myer, B. Burns, Blocher, M. Snider, M. Hoffman, C. Pullen, D. Pullen, H. Bell, Jon Smifh, Thompson, D.,Clingenpeel, P. Bell, M. Sines, Driggs, Eikenberry. Chorus enjoyed singing new songs . . . maple available lo lhem by lheir direcior, Merrill Van Cleave. During lhe half-lime of 'lhe Easlern loaslcelball game, lhe chorus favored lhe 'fans wilh several beaulilul seleclions. Learning lo experlly blend Their voices in harmony was a rich and rewarding experience for lhe chorus. They found 'lhal sings ing was a good way lo 'Hforgel your lroubles and iusl gel happy-" UPPER: Mn Van Cleave conducred a chow: rehearsal. LOWER: Connfe B'iggs trade a quick sale of The music deparlf- r-enf candy when she encounlered hungry ed?+o's hard ar work. .4 vo FRONT ROW: H. N'Of'v'i, D. Fhuzec R,:', A, Parc? C, Ma-Jw '. v SECOND ROW: 'TVIYCT' C. IJ.IIQ1iI:'3 L3'TfIv. SGP?-"nj R. M.-' Cfiw' 'N 1 . '-"1" V 'I' I'vIF"'T " THIRD ROW: Bi 1" J'I F73 M. EIC' V. Ctigpwer L. Lril' 'ff-.'Iier1, S J. Jiffy M: N:'1 Cie,-X DIFQTI BACK ROW: T. I'2a1":r D U' M. Sf' wr D. D. " K ir M. I-iobfy 11 'H' II. Ci' pr f II. Flora Band members participated in District Contest U M , S. .ei fer"-e'f"'e. 1 fe If ' Sf' 1' rf arte Ciwei' sf 're 'litre H F TI ETC Qffreinl ,. ' .ia f'i'fT"-' ir. A .':e"' ewerri "P 1i"ei' 'eielei erie 6" ard ' Ire 'Lira-'LS E..ie'4if 'a'A':' 1 if "' 're A fS'a'e Cane" H' 'Liter U".efifT, 1' :ebru A ' "Q egietca Seas? er "C R P' I 'We same' if Ffa if f'O?"f 're be 0 ' Q Af Mem' Ji' Cea. W-af' f A 'ref' r 'nyc FRONT ROW: ' SECOND ROW. 5 BACK ROW. . MISSING' , C ' I ,W U ',, .. , . . .. . fa D 3-Ui 'Q-'rt ' K. I-I' 1' Q. Cf" V' I 2 2' E Crm C ""' f' C ' 9:11 F.F.A. participated in judging contests . . . with many boys placing in honor positions. They took ad- vantage ot the location ot the Farm Progress Show which was held at Brookston and observed many advancements in tarm machinery. The club, acting as a group, had a successtul pest drive. Atter all the work proiects, the l3.l:.A. members were glad to attend a Purdue basketball game. All the activities, contests, and social outings signity that the Future Farmers ot America has again enjoyed a rewarding year. UPPER: "This islthe way l stretched my money when we went to the International Livestock Show at Chicago," explained Kenny Lehman. LOWER: Applying one of the principles learned in F.F.A., Lowell Craft analyzed the soil in the parking lot, FRONT ROW: Mr. McGauqhey, Sponsor, R. Myer, Eikenberry, Secretary, Thompson, News Reporter, Oyler, President, L. Craft, Vice President, G. Skiles, Sentinel. SECOND ROW: Carroll Jervis, D. Beckner, Bright, J. Wason, G. Clingenpeel, Joe Hayes, Clarence Jervis, T. Snider, Joe Myer. THIRD ROW: H. Jones, T. Langston, C. Pullen, M. Snider, C. Snider, Beckner, Hood, Lehman. BACK ROW: D. Miller, D. Pullen, Clem, R. Beckner, Treasurerg Fouts, G. West, Haan, F. Jones. -1 FRONT ROW: V, Cnaprnan, Ediforg Blue, Parliarnenfariang C. Mul- 'endore, Treasurer, Cassell, President: Mrs. Baker, Sponsor, Red- Mon, Se:-e+aryg D, Frazee, Song Leader, Hufford, Vice President. SECOND ROW: P. G-'nn P. Flora, Cnrisliansen C. Briggs, Jill Flora Wallace, Mcnler, A. Frazee, B. Angle, Snorr, Curlis, Karen Flora. BACK ROW: B. Chapman, Adams, Kinzer, M. Eller, Scarf, H. Mc- Ginnis, A. Flora, A. Helvie, Nipple, Jenny Flora, B. Ensinqer B. Spear. MISSING: W. Bnqqs Hislorian, F.H.A. deserved undying gratitude . . . from llne male secl. The Fulure l-lomemalcers of Arnerica are dedicaled lo becoming coolrs. seame slresses, nurses, rneclianical engineers, wiyes, and nnollvers . . . and all llnis for wnorn-wlwy men, of course! And i+'s lrue llial liomennalcers musl be all of llwese in order lo rnainlain a lnarrnonious. well- rnanaqed nonne. These are llie lliinqs llwal llwe girls learned llnrouqln Fl-l.A,, a comparalively new buf an irnporlanl orqanizalion For young ladies wanling +o become beller wives and rnolners. UPPER: Mrs. Baker assisfed Madonna Eller, Beverly l-lufford, and Karen Flora, F.H.A. girls, wl'en Yhey prepared fl-e Sunsrine spo'sor's luncreon. LOWER: Spansnrs Worn Dfsvicl 5 enioyed a lesurely Meal n We rome econornzcs room. ax -X .1 FRONT ROW: P. Segraves, Guckien, Health and.Safety Leader, Penny Thomson, Song Leader, H. McGinnis, Vice President, Landis, President: Mrs. Baker Sponsor, Redmon, Secretary, D. Frazee, Recreation Leaderg A. Frazee Treasurer- C. Briggs Reporter SECOND ROW: Carol Christiansen, C. Cox, Carol Humbarger, L. Helvie: K. Eikenkierry, Janice Cripe, Di Duft, Darlene Allen, Jill Flora, Sisson, Jerry White Pan Thomson, Marsha Trapp, N. Brower, BACK ROW: C. Ginn, S. Flora, M. Gill, Janis Harmon, J. Campbell, J. Snider, R. Pearson, A. Flora, Schneo', M. Eller, Nipple, P. Ginn, Patty. 4-H continued to instruct girls . . . in various tields ot homemalcing. During the year the girls prepared their proiects tor the local 4'l-l Fair. The girls were given opportunities to compete as a body and individually tor various trips and awards. 4-l'l'ers were given the chance to display their slcill at a summer Style Show given tor their mothers as they proudly modeled the garments they had made. The girls shared many happy and exciting experiences while learning the vitally important things that prepared them so well tor their tuture. FRONT ROW: Connie Christiansen, K. Ayres, Reames, B. Skiles, Sheryl Allen, C. Reef, Cheryl BVIQQS. JOYFS MSTSON. l-' Plnlfafd- SECOND ROW: J. Reef, L. Humphrey, C. Segraves, Curts, Owsley, C. Reed, C. Miller, V. Allen, C. Collins, Bu'fCh6I'. Humes- BACK ROW: D. Herndon, S. Fife, Sparks, Shambaugh, S. Brower, D. Mann, Seedort, S. Eller, D. Knapp, Julius, A. Guyer, C. Brower. MISSING: Bonnie Trent. Boys' 4-H displayed man blue ribbons ...aller exbibiling lbeir proiecls al llwe lairs +nis year. Anollwer eyenl in wlwiclw llwe Flora members parlicipaled was 4-l-l iudg- ing. By iudging llie producls ol ollwers, llwey learned how lo beller llweir own worlc. Tlwe lunior leaders, as usual, were al- ways ready lo lnelp llie younger members wi'n llweir proieclst bul, in lurn, llwey enioyed gelling logellwer as a group and slwaring many ideas. Compelilion, responsibilily, and leadership are iusl a few ol The gualilies gained by The 4-l-l'er. UPPER: Two of ine oulslandino members of lhe local club were Jfrn Thompson who was norn'nared for a Fufure Farmer degree, and Cullan Eilcenberry, who won a lrip lo lhe lnlernalional Liveslock Slrow in Cb'caqo as a Counly Achievevwenl w'nner. LOWER: F'ed Jones readied one of liis favorile lvogs for exliibif. FRONT ROW: John Myer, D. Dufl, Mr. MCG-aughey, Sponsor, R, Myer, Eikenberry, Thompson, Oyler, L. Craft, J. Snider, Schnepl. SECOND ROW: Overbolser, Meredillw Maxwell, D. Bass, W. Cooke, T. Gill, R. Clinqenneel, John Angle, A. Herndon, D Beckner, J. Guise, Jordan, T. De- Bmicker, M. Beckner, Tony Smirli, B. Koup. . THIRD ROW: M. Langslon, Warnick, S. Clem, M. Gibson, Imler, D. Myer, J. Eller, Jones, T. Langslon, Fife, R. Anderson Carl Humbarger, Jimmy Myer. G. Du . BACK ROW: P. M' er, D. M? ler, Joe Myer. Joe Hayes, Fouls, W. Beckner, G. Clingenpeel, R. Beckner, Haan, F. Jones, C. Snider. Flora's fans are especially proud of The record +ha+ +he aih- le+ic deparimeni has compiled +his year. New Hophies were presenied 'ro lhe school by Jrhe Hoosier Conference Co- Champ baseball Team and The mighly Badgers as a resuli of iheir lnviiaiional Tourney viciory. While no one forqeis fhe imporlance of classroom insirucfion, we believe 1'ha+ an aih- le'ric program offers +o bo+h pariicipanis and specialors many quali+ies which cannol' be acquired while behind a desk. E 4?-,..Xi,..,3:5 Home i VISITORS ,Q A ff ff IL...- ' O' was 4 In 'HK ccze L C r,xI AXVQ,-3 .el of L V x C H YJ v . i My i vc-,- " 'milf X 'i x Y 'c.g.f,. , s' so ,Qi . P ' 'Z as ,ffxfif 'M' ff " 5-if Gr il Y f Wwffi 3 -:Biz ' a' ses s--. ...j- ,KL 40" ,'l,i., 'flin- "lT- L, xlfi 'nlctmitx ri. "1 Gu xii' i x 'A X ? Qi' 5 l- Cr Ln Qc fl-ldlfvjv ! f y , I .73 , .I v "5 ? i A fn.. s il ag , 45 J' Q1 'K WW TICS 'w lu MAJORETTES We efrom Flo a could Jrbe y p o der VARSITY CHEERLEADERS BQQ + VW- ff FRONT ROW: L. Lynch, Berkey, Becky Bordner C. Briggs N-:sv f SECOND ROW: Hay, Koub, Glrls' AsslsfantlCo-Capfalng P. McGfn'l: Girlz' Co-Caching Kcrlln, C. Ens'nqc', B. Chapman, R. Beckner, R. Evans Jo " ' ' ' B BJrn M.-if, C. Sv '. Bows Azsxlanl Co Caplan: . 5. THQRD ROW: 'fflsen DQn'c's, Hallyd Jen', F'o'a, Mc'le' C. M' Q' Nine L. Receszn F. Mflle' S. DeB'jcke', D. Clingenpeel, Slnes, Boys Co lf,'Jl", FOURTH ROW: Jann e S"f"', J. J:'es V"e, L. Heflrcr, Trc3:L'e': Adyf, C"'5r'an5e' Kyen Fl:':s Blocrci M. Hoffean J. Walker, Jon SMlrn R FIFTH ROW: J. Yede' P. Flcfn A, Fya W, Efggs, B!-e, P. Son, H. Jane l-leffref, 5 fx. Ayres, J, Waion, S':'ay, J. Sfxdlyant. SIXTH ROW: D. Cox S.e Also lf, Buns, Boaqner, M. Maxwell, S. Mlllc', S. Evans, B. Roof, N. Guyer, D. Be-ckner. Jce Colllns. SEVENTH ROW: Loworn ,lady M-.endo'c, E. Cnaprnan P. Tro'ns:n, Scorr, Suse, J. Matson, Joe Hayes, M. Gibson, lrnler. EIGHTH ROW: C. l-lugrsf, Carts, Snort, PMS, Collins Tnsnian, S. Wagone' Ha mon, R'..gle, Jorn Hayes, Hendrlclcson, Hamlllon, Johnny Ayr BACK ROW: C-. Galen, R. Ve" Hoy-raw Peggy' Coll"S S. Rocr, Clark, D. bellman, H. phrey, B. 'Nason Rardle Surfeie. MISSING: J C "de': An enthusiastic Booster Club backed the Badgers . . . wllrlv new yells bor benz and dfvldeo :neerlng bloel. Cove raln, Qnow, or l'lcF wa'er, tre Flora Badgers were well bailed by Tnelr lan: wee-fe.er Tney went, Sowellnlnq new wail added llwls year, wben lne bloelc waz dlvioed in'o a boyi' a'd a girls gecllon. Born iecrlons eleeled oxleers. Tee bcyi, TC 'nalce frelr leader sfand cut, devfed ar fusaaf assume fer Elm. Trey also wrofe Sorne rew ,ella o'e ai wben wen? as follows: Dag, dorg, ring Pa? bell- Welre Gofno To beat lobfcneels all ia .. , J F HE-L-Li-O, baby! UPPER: 'f -Q '- Q43 ii" 1: :: one , 'ew .el:. LOWER: Sz' : :rx Cane r' . 'ez-2- 3' M13 "As an' 'Q-". Ki: 'Q' C: C3543-R 2 3ss:':' pJ"' 5'g': f rnormngs affer one of Ihe many Badger vuclornesl Thus ALL ABOUT A METAL RIM TEN FEET HIGH Tha? was wha'I' Ioolc a lol of aur Ihus year around Flora Iallung over excnhng nncndenls Ihal occurred Io The 59 Badgers Aller havnng Ihal all lmporlanl years expern ence Ihe Badgers puI' Iorlh one of Ihe besl records IU a long whsle Wmmng fnve an a row before being defealed for Ihe larsl 'rrme and 'rhen wnnnung nune before Ioslng agaun Ihey showed a hor shoohng and Iasl brealcxng game I'ha'r neH'ed Ihem a 75 plus ollenslve average Having played Iogefher 'For aI leasl' eughlr years Ihe Badgers were a well balanced Iearn wllh an above aver age record IU school as well as on Ihe floor So VI was no wonder Ihal' people were gaspnng 'For brea+h on Salurday year Ihe Badgers wnll lose seven players al' graduahon and will have Io rebulld FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA F ora FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA ELORA ELORA E ora E ora FLORA VARSITY SCHEDULE 'Rossvulle Krrlclm Camden WesIern 'H' oyal Cenfer 'WEST LAFAYETTE La'IayeHe Calhollc Easlern Delphu InvrI'a+lonaI Tourney Rnver Eoresl Ivlonhcello " Huca 'I' xnamac Roches+er SouIhwes+ern NOBLESVILLE 'SI-IERIDAN Nor+hwesIern Broolcsfon FLORA E ora TI-IORNTOWN Sechonal Tourney Fora NORTHWESTERN Conference games ""OverI1rne OPPOSITE PAGE lleff I gh B G af D ck Alle Oy CI C aff W Bec D B ach T Guye E k b y Ess C D SY de I ge s Cla e c e J m Thomps d M ke M phy epleyed fhe game as they pol sh d baskefball 63 ' 66 6 64 ' ' 6 6 6 IO7 66 6 6 6 85 6 - - - 6 76 R . .. . . . I 6 66 55 6 6 I 6 66 71 ' - ' ' 66 66 76 6 6 . ' 6 92 3' ' . I 6 - . - . 85 ' n 6 6 73 ' 6 ' ' , 6 83 A ' 6 6 l - , 66 82 W' 6 6 . . 66 99 6 66 6 6 6 ' 66 6 6 98 6 I . 57 . . . . . I V 73 . . I 65 - - . 6 66:09 6666 6 6 62 I 6 6 6. 56 66 658 ELORA 6 666666 6 6 74 Burlinglon .66666 6. 6.6665 I 6 6 6 6 68 66 6 89 nr ,-- 4' l : o ri II . r , I n, Ier, G. Ingenpeel, L. r , . kner, Mr. e ruiclcer, Co g . r, i en err , erman, S, oIIins, riggs, M. Snider. LEFT: u n mana r r n e J rvis, I ' on, an r ur r I e 50 f 5 , ,fp :.,.,'fQf:aQam BADGERS, WERE CARL DEAN OYLER 59 Co Capiem 4-5 LOWELL CRAFT 59 WAYNE ESSERMAN 59 Co Capfann BOB GRAF 59 STEVE COLLINS 60 FRANK DQBRUICKER Coach GLEN CLINGENPEEL 6 -Qi 'T Q V, 52 PROUD OF YOU I WWII: XM? Q I "B" TEAM SUFFERED FEW DEFEATS The '58-'59 "B" Team suTTered only a Tew deTeaTs in This hardwood season, under The coaching oT Franlc DeBruiclcer. Their slcill and sTraTegy was due To The experience They gained by playing "B" Team ball lasT year. They showed slcill and a Tough TighTing spiriT in close games, and They sTaclced up preTTy well in The won and losT column wiTh Ten wins and eighT losses. NoT only The varsiTy, buT The "B" Team, Too, did iTs share Tor The Gold and Blue. Flora Opponeni' 37 Rossville 28 63 Kirlclin 30 39 Camden 28 27 WesTern , 40 4I Royal CenTer , 36 25 WesT LaTayeTTe . . 37 26 LaTayeTTe CaTholic 32 40 EasTern 48 47 Delphi 35 58 ATTica , 34 54 Winamac 52 44 RochesTer , 46 40 SouThwesTern 35 24 Noblesville 34 30 Sheridan ,, .44 26 NorThwesTern 40 48 BroolcsTon 26 5l ThornTown 30 Rebounding wifh vigor, The "B" Team df Td K kl FRONT ROW: D. Lynch, Boller, L. Hughes, H. Jones.-Mr. DeBruicker, Coach. U SECOND ROW: Dick Allen, G. Clingenpeel, S. DeBruicker, C. Snider, W. Beckner, F. Jones, M. Snider. X x-J FRONT ROW: A. Ayres, H. Jones, J. Wason, L. Hughes, Bishop, T. Snider, D. Beckner. BACK ROW: Mr. Smifh, Coach: Joe Collins, T. Langston, N. Guyer, Larimore, D. Pullen R. Sibray J. Smrdi- vanf, Sfudenf Manager. FRESHMAN TEAM MADE THEIR HIGH SCHOOL DEBUT The oreenfeyed freshmen, rnalrinq lheir debul as high school compelilors, polished Themselves info a fine ball Ieam. They were conlronled wilh a rough schedule and a laclc in height bulr Coach I-lenry Smilrh pulled Them Ihrough To a good season. Many ol lhe boys showed signs of becoming lulure slars lor lhe le-am Ihey will play wilh. Some ol lhe players also parlicipaled on Ihe "B" Ieam. ln playing baslcelball lhis year, 'rhe boys learned lo conlrol lheir bodies, lo be alerl, lo be poised for inslanl aclion, and lo Conlrol Iheir minds for duiclc Ihinlcinq, So even if all ol Ihem do no? con- Iinue Ihe game, lhey will have learned a lesson rhal will be invaluable lor lhe resl of iheir lives. Flora Opponeni' 4I Rossville 30 39 Delphi 24 I7 Wes? Lalayelle lBl 35 36 Wes? Lalayelle lfxl 49 36 Rossvi"e 46 22 Pew 50 40 Monlricello 4l 37 Camden 36 39 Burlinqlo' 25 55 new' Wilson se' ed df cheedeaders for born en ll e C .3 a d C "e B Team and fha Fresh" . Fora RossvwIIe Camden CuIIer DeIpIm Ro SN V Wes+erm Mani eIIo Peru Logarspor Logafeoor MOWVQQIIO Braolstw 26 26 4I 38 29 Em H Buf1ng'om 28 Camde' 35 2I 20 Wesaeff 23 6 26 I3 20 E Cfei RC::v'. 6 OO, ,.,.,, 'fifi Vx' T' L-m,.,M- Q. e Lnhnninnf- LMA NT ROW Shak Joh H e TMI: OND ROW KR ggl D Owe M e e Ca oh RD ROW T Reef J m Mye D Hof W e a a e 'ru P T C K ROW C Ha Io J EI C rm B JUNIOR HIGH MET ROUGH COMPETITION I-Ienry Sm1II'w S 'Umor IvlgI'1 Ieam wa Lmfcrfumafe m IIWQ won and IOS cOIumm as Hwey had a rougI1sCI'weduIeIo pIay Thex IOSI some dose games bulr Wey aIso came Ihrouglw w1+I'v some excrhmg vndrorres sI'ow mg Ihaf Hwev Iwad +I'1 Badger IIIGIWIIVIQ spwrd' The squad was dlvlded m+o Iwo Iearrs o gwe more boys a cI1arce Io pIay and gam expememce A TEAM Opponenf I RI ey I Lincdn 36 4I IO 23 47 "B" TEAM 23 I6 33 23 32 47 I2 I6 56 I v . ' I uv ,msas.,a1,. - .c:.,. Jufc' Hg' ,ffl I-33351, J..if M.I'e'dc'e :rd P E FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE BADGERS WERE SMALL BUT MIGHTY Under II1e dTfe:'Qn of a new Ceann J, S'erIev I.y'on. +I1e IIIII' and QW grade neem waz 25: 'O a IIVVQ Snerf bv W',""4FQI IIWGI' 50? M-wg Qarree, RMU? lne 'n'-efesl :Cr Lee 5:06 'Ven Lee boys snewed dufng 're pear ana .Ain fne er-sefence +Iwe4 qered, Wey SInC..'i be cite eiffeLI:eI' 'rele'7aI 50' 're Qilfe. "A" TEAM Flora O onenf V, PP 33 Cwer I6 27 Deer CreeIc 24 ZI Ce"den 24 6 Dee' Cree! 29 I9 Camden 25 27 RC:lfIeIcI 7 "B' TEAM I3 Deer Creek I5 I8 Camden 7 I4 Deer Creek , 5 QI Camden I4 TOP TO BOTTOM: ArIene Srnlfh, JennIfer Sham- Eeqgn, Marsh Peso, and Bonnfe SkI'es were eIec+ed Win and s'v'Iw grade cHee'Ie5cIe's, FRONT ROW: D. EIIIS, G. I-Ioffrnan, T?n'niy MII'er, D. I-Iurnpnref, T, Brower, Crock, P. Sibray, Mike Robison. SECOND ROW: K. Hannon, Overrofser, J. Iv':G'nr's, Roge' CI'1ge':eeI,, B, Me'so'w, D. Ayres, J. Reed, B, Pefqo, A. Herndon, J. Fisher, Mr. Lyon, Coacr, THIRD ROW: M. B'sncp, J. PAnka':I, I-I, SIJrd'va1f, M, Langsfon, W, Reeve. D. Cfpe, J. GJIse, JEr"w Keyes, B MuIlendo'e. BACK ROW: JoFnn,f Ayres, R. S"1es, T, Mafscr, Jo"'w', AngIe, S,I-fesfe' M. Gibson DIQR Fisney T. CeBrufcker. CROSS COUNTRY DREW INCREASED INTEREST "Over Hue river and 'Ilurouglu Hue woods" vvenl Hue Flora luarrierg in Huis falls gross counlry session. Cross counlry, one oi Hue mosu' grueling ol all sporls, is Hue Iwo lo four mile running over all lcincls out lerrain in an allempf lo reaclu Hue "Mule" lirsl. Tluis fall Hue leam Could be seen running a Iwo-mile iaunl around Hue communily in an ellorl 'ro gel Hueir muscles luardenecl lor a vigorous sclueoule. One ol Hue mosl colorlul evenls was Hue Delplui lnvilalional. Over lilly boys loolc off al Hue craclq ol Hue gun in an allempl lo be lirsl al Hue linislu. Al Hue close of Hue season, Flora parlicioaleol in Hue Hoosier Conference meel and did very well among some ol Hue slale's besl cross counlry boys. Flora lvlonlicello Sep+ember 23 Lalayelle Jeff Wesl Lalayelle Franlclorl Flora Sepfember 25 Delplrui Flora Rossville Seplember 29 Ocfober I4 Oclober I6 I8 Franlclorl ZI Delplui lnvifalional Hoosier Conference Flora 34 Crown Poinl 60 Allica Q51-,-,ber 3 Logansporl 70 Delplui Norfhwegem 25 Lalayelle Jeluf 79 Wesl Lalayelle Converse 32 Allica 87 Winamac Flora 97 Delplui lol Flora ,,,,, Odober I0 Knox I66 Weslern Lalayelle Jeluf 35 Royal Cenlel lm lLow score is Hue wirnerl Loganspod 38 Wesl Lalayelle l98 Delphi 93 Franlclorl 2 I 3 Wesl Lafayeim- I I I Flora 224 Franlqucorl IZ4 Flora , l25 FRONT ROW: Blocluer, Driggs, Eikenberry, G. Clingenpeel, M. Snider. BACK ROW: H. Miller, Boller, L. I-Iuglues, F. Miller, T. Snider, Mr. DeBI'uicker, Coach. F ora F ora Flora Flora Flora Flora Flora Camden 55l72, Burllnqlon, 53172, Flora 30242, Culler l7l72 NTROW BII F OND ROW S DB k ef a e e d KROWDZkHd B JWe TRACK TEAM SHOWED TRUE BADGER SPIRIT The Badger Jrrack leam coached by Frank DeBruucker ended 'lhe season wulh n+s hrsl vuclory by wnnnung over Brookslon 69 lo 4l showing 'lhal +hey had 'rhe lughhng sp1ru+ rnghl +6 +he las? Jam Walker Cullan Enkenberry and Lyndal Hood were cerhfxed for The 58 Sechonal Meel al Kokomo Cullan Enkenberry was Flora s leading scorer for The second year wnlh 4l7 pounls and Jam Walker was second wulh 35I ponnls The fulure looks promnsung lor Jrhe 59 season as mosl of 'fhe Team wnll be back fi 32 6 27 Camden 62 Burlinglon 48 42, Burlinglon 67 34. Camden 58, Culler I7 I5 375, Weslern 70 77lO, Rossville 46 77lO 2l I73, Camden I9 576, Rossville 67 576 48, Michlganlown 6l 69, Brookslon 4I COUNTY MEET 59 FRONT'ROW: W. Beckner, H. Jones, J. Wason, C. Snider, Dfclc Allen, Hood, G. Clingenpeel, S. DeBruicker, Joe Collins, N. Guyer. BACK ROW: M' rm o acng Hausenfluck Bcler, R. Evans, Drfggs Oyler, T, Gaye: S. Collins, A' 'A S'ba F T e . S. Th, C L. Hughes, J. STurdFvanT, R. i r y, ou s, Sfudenr Manag r, BASEBALL TEAM ADDED ANOTHER TROPHY ThaT old guesTion, "WhoIs on FirsT?" can be rnighTy puzzling, buT The Flora baseball Tearn sure Tound ouT who was There. LasT spring, a I-Ioosier ConTerence baseball league was Torrnedt and The rnighTy Badgers, losing only one, Tied Tor The Co- channpionship wiTh Winamac. They received a beauTiTuI Trophy which was presenTed To The school. The Team was well balanced and young, wiTh only Two seniors. The boys have played To- geTher since Their LiTTIe League days and have provided The Tans wiTh some sparlcling plays. There was no CounTy Baseball League This Tall, since There are only Three Teams IeTT in The counTy7 buT The Team managed To play a Tew games-winning Three ouT oT Tour Tor a very good spring-Tall record. Hoosier Conference ISpringI Flora 3 Winamac Flora I WesTern Flora 4 WesT LaTayeTTe Flora 4 ATTica Flora 9 WesT LaTayeTTe Flora I ATT'ca Fall Baseball Flora 9 Cannden Flora 4 W?na'nac Flora I2 BurIingTon Flora I5 BurIingTon ,Q , I F Q f Terr, Guye. hop,d To o To s T fe s p caT:her, Carl Des 4 E S91 'ir ,Q n 0 JUNIORS SPONSORED SNOW QUEEN CONTEST ,vf A Q' 9,0 'zjxg 0 Sq O Or 3 ' of. f 'RN lab F' Q 52-Aw R, I A, 1. 'ai Q wg. -. C, T B y N W Jen c, re co.,r! Wanna Howaxn Pewnw T'o"sc,n, Gunn, Ko-p, Jes' L S The mosl' imporfanf par? of our lives while we are af F, H. S. is 'rhe friends 'lhaf we make. For some 'lhese friendships may las+ a lifefime, while for ofhers 'rhey defermine +he fype of friends +o be soughl when ouf on our own. As +he song relafes, "Make new friends and keep +he old: some are silver and some are gold." Q 'Xa xl" lc Y!! f .Q if-mv, " s S 4 YQ' '- fy , jw .4 . k 1 A J Z Z 109' i ?: -4' Y -7' 4 . Q u of 5 Q -1-is 55? 5" 4? fr J' " ' 9 I, 13. 1 "- r ' -f I U, . A 1 ' I , ll v 4, if fi , fjiplu xff XA J v K ill. i I 1 ' x U fill-Hx. ' MW' nf, ikjf' I4-I . , --11 5 Cafole Ryan sy"'col':ed senlo' Fruslrarion 'n rncl- oa'ly baltle of wits. W A I "l Though? l fold you lo sray ln l I lhe closel, Harvey," grumbled Wayne Essernnan as he flung open l hrs locker door, SENIOR OFFICERS: Larry Hausenfluclr, Vice Presldenrl Terry Guyer, Presrdenfg Kenneth Cooke, Sponsorq Joyce Kerlln, Secre- fary: Carole Ryan, Treasurer: and Juanlfa Pugh, Sponsor. rn W n O Ed GCCO G79 O To c men? Therr sen or skrrls Son a Land s G1 sw J r n ' n ' 1 '10 Bad Y Kocp an Par MCG nnss chose black sweale s ano o Q ora The 59ers experienced the glory of being Seniors ey swor r o aclror by orcerng name cards r yrraluons Caps and gowns and beef of all lhose lanlabulous se or ocrrrarr ec fonne rrore plc a o ouups as rne serrors donre Their cords symbols C rherr 'lasl aro lurlous re or Of course 4 e sen ors oro we y rnq pose ole ro oreal rhe all :fre record of qelhrq our ol oovernrnenr Cass aro oy poolrnq 'ne resulrs err umaornarrfe nnrrog alrrouqn no olhcral recoros were lcepr rhe 59ers no doubl came fhrouqh fb lyrnq colors ln rncl Febuary rhey ennoarlfeo n llneur expedrl on lo 'rlne Leguslalure ano or er oo o rnreresrr rhe slale cap 'ral Aprrl orouonr wllh If +he r rural drarnaruc prodochon Bur al foo soon r e once o e eo rnonlh ol May rolleo around ano rhe sen ors reaulze rrar +rey were abour ro be de rhroned as llrey were n er a e al a ea ororr rna y or M y JO rne sensors re erfeo rneur drporna a reward for lwelfe years we P err rc e 'ro a raoo arc: p C per L lerore 4 l TN: senfors go: fre ball roll' Q he 'fer G 1' ' ' d L VS- crnpli . ' I ' , I I, 'nny eat 5-'rfs an' ig s ro e rhusas 'caly had r' qe s fc' vre d ' ' r ' Set" ' . le 'os. y , 0 . ...asfrr gre 'r ' r ' , r r I nl r 's.Th 5, , 'sn' A 'if rG ' , l. ' 'N '- r ,rl1,3 rr l - r r , . . A: M . . . . . , . . , r . . . , U, , , W , - ' , wl l ' , l - , r ,' L ' o ' ' f ' l rewsr' -r, ' A f' 1 ' l V li o -C V ' l r . , A 3 l l I r - , , r err 'o7r 3 b wif, .lil "lr . all A ,N ' 5 ' ' ' ' ' l s,.. A f , llsoe-'...+h' Yclfw Q ny- rg gg ' - 6 BEVERLY ANN ANGLE Culler High School I, 2, 3: Sludenf Council 3: Sun- shine I, 2. 3, 4: FHA 4: Chorus I, 2: School Daze 4: Geomelry Conlesl 2. ROGER DEE BECKNER Hi-Y I. 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4: FFA I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 3: 4-H I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Leader 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Chorus I, 2. 3: Judging I, 2, 3, 4. CONNIE LOU BRIGGS Class Vice Presiclenl 2: Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4, Reporler 2, Vice Presidenf 3, Presidenf 4, Sludenl Council Represenlalive 4: FHA 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Lalin Club 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4: 4-H I, 2, 3, 4, Reporler I, Treasurer 2, Secrefary 3: Junior Leader I, 2, 3, 4, Recrealion Leader I, 2, 3, 4: Merom Recrealion Camp 2: Junior Leaders Conference I, 2: Cheerleader I, 2. 3, 4: School Reporler 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Lieulenanl 4: Chorus I. 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Florian 2: School Daze 33, 4, Associale Edilor 3, Edilor 4: Rolary Cilizenship Award 2: Della Thela Chi Award 3: Counfy DAR Award 4. BLAINE LESLIE BURNS Hi-Y 3, 4: Lalin Club 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4: 4-I-I I: Baslcelball I: Chorus I, 2, 3. 4: Florian 3, 4. HERBERT LEE CAMPBELL Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Hi-Y 4: Bossier Cub I, 2, 3, 4' Band I, 2, 3, 4' A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Rolary Cflizenship Award 3. SANDRA LEE CASSELL Class Vice Presidenl 3: Sunshine I, 2. 3, 4. Song Leader 3' FHA 3, 4, Presidenf 3, 4: 4-H I: Boosler Club I, 2, 3: Cheerleader 2: Chorus I, 2, 3: School Daze 4: Florian 3, 4. BONNIE KAY CHAPMAN Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4: FHA 3, 4: Boosler Club 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: School Daze 3, 4. DAVID LEE CLEM Cufler High School I, 2, 3: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- denf 3: Hi-Y 4- 4-I-I I, 2, 3: Junior Leader 3: Basker- ball I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Judging I, 2, 3. 4: Wild- cal 3. DONALD L. CLINGENPEEL I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3.4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: School Daze 4. CHESTER LOWELL CRAFT I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3. 4: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf I: Boosler Club I: 4-I-I I, 2, 3. 4, I-'leallh and Salely Leader 4: Junior Leader I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Band I, 2: Judging I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: School Daze 4: Free Throw Trophy 2. MICHAEL A. DAGGY Class Secrelary I: I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Philorhelorian 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3.4, Co-Caplain 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: School Daze I, 2, 3, 4. JACOB DARLING HI-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club I: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: School Daze 3, 4. WAYNE E. DOWNHAM Deer Creelc High School I, 2, 3: Class Vice Presidenl 3: Hi-Y 4: FFA I, 2, 3: Philorhelorian 4: 4-H I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Traclc I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Cho- rus I: Judging I, 2, 3: Her Kissin' Cousin 3. DON DRIGGS. JR. Sludenl Council 3, 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Sergeanl-al'-Arms 4: Lalin Club 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2: Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2. 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Florian 3, 4: Lalin Conlesl 2: Free Throw Trophy I, 2, 3: Baseball Barring Average Trophy 3: Carroll Counly Free Throw Trophy 3. CHARLES DUNHAM Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club I. CULLAN M. EIKENBERRY S+uden+ Council I, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Nafional Honor Sociely 3, 4, Vice PresidenI 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, Secre+ary 4: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 4: 4-H I, 2, 3, 4, Recreafion Leader I, 2, Heallh and Safefy Leader 3, Vice Presidenl 4: Counly Achievemenl Trip Io Sfafe Fair 3: Counly 4-H Achievement Trip 'ro Chi- cago 49Junior Leader 2, 3.4, Recrealion Leader 2, 3. 4: 4-H Round Up 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2.3, Caplain 3: Cross Counfry 2, 3.4: Band I: Chorus I, 2, 3 4: Judging I, 3, 4. Sfale Dairy Conlesl' 3: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: School Daze 4. 66 CAROLYN SUE ENSINGER Sunshine I, 2, 3. 4: Boosler Club 4: Chorus 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: School Daze 4. WAYNE ESSERMAN Sfudenl' Council 4, Secrefary 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Sec- refary 4: Baskerbali I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Free Throw Trophy 3. HAROLD RICHARD EVANS Class Treasurer 2: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Boosfer Club I. 2. 3, 4, Vice Presideni 3: Track I, 2: Baseball I, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2: Florian 4, JENNIE ANN FLORA Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4: FHA 3, 4: Philorheforian 4: Boosfer Club 3.4: Chorus 2, 4: School Daze 3, 4. RODNEY PAUL FLORA Culler High Schoo' 3: I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3: Philorhelorian 4: Chorus 3: Boosfer Club I, 2, 3: Baske+ball I, 3: Track 3: Baseball 3: Wildcai 3. ROBERT E. GRAF I-IIAY 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Baskelball I, 3, 4: Track I: Boosler Club I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Florian 3, 4. TERRY GUYER Class Presldenf 3, 4: Srudenl Council 2, 4, Vice Presi- denf 4: Nalional Honor Sociefy 2, 3, 4, Presidenl' 4: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 4: Boosfer Club I: Baslref- ba I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3' CI-orus I, 2, 3: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Florian 4: R5'ar,' Cilienship Award I. LARRY HAUSENFLUCK Cu+'er High Schoz, I, 2, 3: Class Presidenr I, Class Vce Presden' 2 4' Nafonal Honor Soc'e'y 4' Hi-Y 4' Fo irlnefofan 4 Presclerl 4: Baskefbali I 2: 352555 I 2 4' Ch:r.s I 2 3 4' Wi'dcaI3 Ass:- :'a'e Edfrcr 3' Flcfan 4' Algebra Co"es+ I 67 MARIE ANNETTE HELVIE Sunshine I, 2,.3, 4: Boosier CIub I, 2, 3: 4-H It Jun'or Leader I: Band I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 33 ,Lidqinq I: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Schooi Daze 3, 4. BEVERLY JANE HUFFORD Naiionai Honor Sociery 2, 3,'4: Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4' FHA 3, 4, Vice President 4: Boosfer Ciub 2, 3 4: Cho- rus I, 2, 4: Florian 3, 4: Rofary Cihzenship Award 3, CHARLES E. JENKINS I-Ii.Y 1, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE KERLIN CIass Secrefary 3 4: NaIionaI Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4: PhiIorheIorian 4: Boosfer Club I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Florian 2, 3, 4: Hoosier Giris' S+a+e 3. VIRGINIA LEE KOUP CIass Vice Presideni I: Sfudenf CounciI 3: Naiicnal Honor Socie'y 2 3, 4, Secrefary 3: Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4, Assisfanr Treasurer 3: Lafin Ciub 4: BoosIer Club I, 2, 3 4, Assisfanf Capfain 4: 4-H I, 2, 3: Jun'or Leader I. 2 3' Cheer-eader I: Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 A Feudin' Over Yonder 3' Schooi Daze 2, 3, 4. SONIA KAREN LANDIS Cass Secre'ary 2' Sunshine I, 2, 3, 4, Cornrnunify Counc' Reoresenfarive 3, 4' Pniorhemrian 4, Secre- rary 4- La"n Cab 4' 4-H I, 2, 3, 4 Repcder I, Heaw arc Safe'y Leader 2, FresidenI 3, 4' Junior Leader I 2 3. 4, Junior Leaders Conference 2: 4-H Rofd Us 3' Bard I 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4' Chorus I, 2 3' Judqfrg I 2 3 4' SchooI Daze 3: FIorian 2 4' Rdary Ci"zensh'o Award I. LOU ANN LYNCH Deer Creek I-Mgr Scroo I 2, 31C ass Secre'arX, I, 2 CIass Presoerr 3' Naiional Honor Soc'eIy 4' Sanshre I 2 3 4 Secerd Vice Presdenf 4: Larn Cab 4' Cheerieader 2 3 4' Band I, 2 3 4' Chorus I 2 4' Her Kissin' Cousin 3' Cricker 3' Schoo' Daze 4' Schcc' Reozver 4. PATRICIA ANN McGINNIS Smcec' Cone' 2' Sensnine I, 2,3 4, Secrevary 2 Re- porzer 4' Booster Cub I 2 3 4 C:-Cao'a'n 4' 4 FI I, 2 Sing Leade' 2' Jw-'cr Leader I, 2' Judcjrg I' Chcns I 2 3 4' A Feudin' Over Yonder 3' Fifid' 2 3, 4 Ass::fa'e Edir:r 3, Edfcr 4: Sacco Daze 4- Hoose' Grs' S'a'e 3: Psi Ic'a Xi Awaro 3. JOE W. MYER Cder Hz' Ser" I 2 3' EFF- I 2 3,4 Recevor 3' I3:cs'5' Cub 4' 4,H I 2, 3 4 Treasurer 3' June' Leader I 2 3' Baske'I:aII 2, 3' I3asebaII 2 3' Crtrus I 2 3' Jadcrg I 2 3,4: W'I:ica' 3: r'-XIgeb'a CC"esf I' S'a'e PC. ". Cimes' 3, RONALD DEAN MYER Cass Presse" 2' Szderf CAV' 4' Nafcea' Hifi' Screw 2 3 4' H-Y I, 2 3, 4 Crasan I' FFA I, 2 3 4 'Ireasxer 4' Pr' crrescran 4' La"n Cub 4 Cznsu' 4' I'3:cs'er Cub I 2,3 4: 4-I-I I 2, 3, 4 Seng Leader 2 RECCJG' 3' Qffr Leader 2 3 4' Track I 2' Brd I 2 3 4 Cavan 4' CI'Orus I, 2 3 4' Judqri I 2, 3 4' A Feudin' Over Yonder 3' F'f'ar 3' Hoiser Bcxs S'a'e 3' Agebra Corlesf I' La"n Ccwiea' 2 3' Musk Co':es' I, 2 3 4: Re'ar, C"'zensrIo Av.a'd 2. CARL DEAN OYLER HI-Y I, 2 3, 4' FFA I, 2, 3 4, Preederf 4' 4-EI I, 2, 3 4 SeereIar.3 4' I3aske'ba'I I 2 3 4 CapI'an3 4' Track I, 2, Cap'a'n 2' BasebaII I 2 3, 4: Cross Coun- Lw 2: S'a'e Dar. CC"e-5+ I. 2, 3' Free Trrcv. Irion-I I 3, MAURICE ROBESON Deer Creek High School I, 2, 3: NaIIonaI Honor Sodery 4: I-Ii-Y 4' Lafin CIuI:n 4: Boosfer CIub 4: 4-H I: Srudenr Manager 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3: BasebaII I, 2, 3: Band I, 2 3 4: Chorus 3: BacIrwood's Romeo 3' Her Kissin' Cousin 3: FIorIan 4' Crlckef 3. CAROLE JEAN RYAN Cass Treasurer 3 4: Sunsrune I, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 4' LaIIn CIub 4' BcosIer C'ub I, 2 3, 4: 4-H I, 2: Jurior Leader I, 2' Cneerfeader I: Majorefre 3, 4: Crorus I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3: Eorfan 2, 3, 4: SCIIQOI Daze 4. GARY JOE SKILES H'-Y I, 2, 3: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Senfine' 4: Boos+er CIub 4, AssIsIanI Capfafn 4' Judgmg I, 2 3.4. JAMES WILLIAM THOMPSON IH' Y I, 2, 3, 4' FFA I, 2 3 4 Reccrhgr 4: PI'If'crLxg- fora' 4: Bocs'e' Cub I, 2 3, 4' 4-H I, 2,3 4, Re:- reafcn Leader 4' Jufcr Leader I 2, 3, 4: SIuden+ Marager I 2, 3 4' Track I' Bard I 2, 3 4: Ckcrus I 2, 3, 4: Judglrg I, 2, 3, 4: A Feudin' Over Yonder 3' Hrs? PIace Ind'v'duaI DIsIfIcI Livevock Confesf 3. CARROLL EMMETT ZOOK H-Y I, 2 3, 4, Sergeania'-Arms 3: PI-'IcrHe+crIar 4: Easke'ba I' C'T'I.S I' Fifa' 4' S'l"'1CI Daze 2, 3. Eli 'Hint X 1 Carol Maxwell Phyllrs Mohler and Carolyn Muller rehearse The slumber parfy sc ne fo fhe class play JUNIOR OFFICERS Leon McGauqhey Spon sor Lorranne Heffner Secrefary Chrusfme Ber key Vrce Presudenf Shrrley Vmey Treasurer Joyce Baker Sponsor Sfeve Colllns Presndenr Sfudenl drreclor Janalle Srmlh and Mary Pasror dwreclor dns cussed properhes coslumes and s s for lhe lunzor y keg., 'rv' 'ahh' xiii' Junwors Ron Clnngenpeel Janalue Smufh and Mamon Blocher sfruffed fherr sfuff n fherr classy class swealers The lunwors accornpansed The sensors when They vlsrfed the slafe leqlslaru e Onions ln the Stew was a Junior success and was celebraled wllh a parly allerwards The yunrors represenlahve Chrxslune Berlcey was elecled lhe Snow ueen for I959 Wvlh need for money rn order lo pay lor prom expenses lhe rumors were very frugal as lar as lsnancgual mallers were Concerned The Snow ueen conlesl rumor play and The car wasln were llne mann sources ol revenue lor lhe rumors Wrrh all flee prolecls lessons and acllvulles many lunuors were ollen heard saying Jusl one 'nore year' 70 e r el' ' 'I pla . I I , x f , I I g 5 V Z I Y I l 'fv- , Wm, qv L NW t,,,,.w"3"1,.2:-N """' l 0 QQ 0 0 91 ' Q . r r , Q 'iw xxxlx ' IN 18 Cf G' C' E- fs ir! E' A 'T ft- L 'Q 'ff' Q..-QP' N X X-f TOP ROW Ca a SECOND ROW THIRD ROW L FOURTH ROW FNFTH ROW BOTTOM ROW 7l Y' il 3 SEV! E7 Q Jac e T Sophomores lwise fools according To rhe dicfionaryl were offen encouraged fo move on To class by 'rheir reachers. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Julia Redmon, Secre- 'fa'yg Becky Bordner, Vice Presidenf, Daryl Lynch, Treasurer, Wayne Beckner, Presidenfg Dale Baker and Frank DeBruicker, Sponsors. Wifh such a demanding insfrucror, Sfu DeBruicker worried abour passing the driver's Training course. Jean Yoder cu? in on Margarer Boughe' and Daryl Lynch af The All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, so Phyllis Flora, sophomore class parly. Beverly llfinzer, and Kay Young fook advanlage of a new snow a . Gold was discovered by the Sophomores . . . Where? On 'rheir hands, of course! I+ was a big day For The Class of 'ol when They received lheir class rings. The long-awailed rings were proudly oispayed lor all ro see. The people oi Dogpalch had nolhing on 'rhe sophomore class when lhey held a "Sadie l-lawkins Day' parry in rhe gym , . . Il was an unusual sighl 'ro see rhe girls so openly chasing lhe boys. Cn lhe 25+h of March everyone enioyed a conyocaiion pul on by 'lhe sophomores. Through all 'rheir aclivi- ries, lhe class was ably assisleo by xheirfwo sponsors, Frank Debruicker and Dale Baker. 72 Q -ON ,J- Snr' Ts. hwsg Q, 'sm ' Cl' vm WAAKA 09 'W K gm 11 1' Nl-Kfx 'III'--f LLAX Nf- 4 Yr Titus- Q- TOP ROW QECOND ROW TH RD ROW OLRTH ROW F PTH ROW STXTH ROW BOTTOM ROW MNSSVNG 46 ir- Qs QI' 5 ...L x T G 73 Freshman girls were initiated info the Sunshine Socie'y in a lovely and impressive service which was held af The Church of rhe Brethren. FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Jon Smith, Presidenlg Rulh Murphy and Merrill Van Cleave, Sponsorsg Paul Bell, Vice Presidenrp Harvey Bell, Secrefaryg and Dwighl Pullen, Treasurer, Freshman wolves Alan Ayres an Terry mder i wi er girls Ginny Koup an Carole Ryan oke help d nn uckien Mari n Sor pan ferr high school program an Beckner and Dan Bishop The shorl a fr man go fo The office o uf hool suppies Freshmen put their right feet forward r ey oraouareo lrorn Sur Ra, ro Su slrrre ano Junior Y l-l Y Occasionally rhe upperclassmen wondered il rhey would ever male ir buf rhe rresnrnen seemed lo come rlnrough wirr flying colors mosrly green For rheir lirsl class parly lhe lrosh enloyed a dance Algebra and biology profideol some conrrasl as lar as lne curriculum was con cerned ln lhe years lo come no re conlrasr in The curriculfn Dances parries class rings swealers piclures rne ha e il al lo oof lorvvar lo a hal' perhaps is whar 'nares beirg a lreslnrnan so wonder u 74 a s ' ' , fI'rr 'fh old ' , ' d W , Mr. Co e A G ' and 'ly h T l h ' i De ' I md fall of the esh class, ' f b i sc l' . ...as l' li l , mi l ' - +9 i-. 'A X ' V N r X . V U. Y I . . 1 h - V . , A , . l f V i l l l d nd T , I ' , ' ' -, . .Q l l. 'L- '94-1 in sn- TOP ROW: A 2 SECOND ROW THIRD ROW' -1 FOURTH ROW U ., FTFTH ROW f SIXTH ROW 5 BOTTOM ROW. MTSSING:'-1' Yr-H.. ,- 3 "' FQ. if fn S. :na ,fa N. fs. K. vs.- wx,'4 :Ls X Rm 3 . .J G-.N A . ' YW? ,, xx GWVW' ,A 5-..,,, x. L. Z' 'iv' , 4-cf ' 1- Hn. I' ,Q N A..-. I 'far ...X ',"6'i iii? IQ - I ,Z T? 'S,,,..x ' , EIGHTH GRADE TOP ROW: Sandu A!cn, Judy Angie, James Aesfin, Robert Carnpbdl, Torn Clark Deio'es DanieI, Arnanda Da'I'ng, Jarries Eiief, Shirley Finney, SECOND ROW: Rosa'ene Fiora, Sue Fiofa SI'a'o'i Gaifien, Mike Gibson, Jan Harrnon, Joni Hayes, DarreII Hoffman, Conne I-Iaqnez, Carl I-Iurnbarger. THIRD ROW: Jerry Hurnpnrey, David lrnier, Leo James, Jirnrny Mafson, Linda McCain, Pad M'IIer, Carl Moore, Fannie Moore Judy Mullendore. FOURTH ROW: Dcnald Myer, Mar'Iyn Parrfk, CFes'er RiqqIe, David Scnneb, Pa"i Seg'af'es Jerre Shanks, Leann SkiIes, J..d, S'i'de', Neiiine Spear. BOTTOM ROW: Dona T'nsrv:an, Ma-rin Ven' SV"ey Wagone', WiIIia'n Walk-3' Sna'c' We' and Geyqe Wefze, F'-ec Wfee'-e'. MISSING: Be':e'a Btwn. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Bi WaIker, Presidenh Rcberf Ca"':I3e", Vice Prezideni- Ma""a Frank and Doncvar' Jaicb, Ss:'::rs' -eann Skies Se:'e'af-,-Treasurer. x s 35. 'S A a ff' ,.,. .kk . . Q Q- f 0- N., N 4. v K A . 4 Qi ,N QV 4 E ff' X. . 5 E X ,, if ,ff E, V k if 'S x v--f YY v ki . ' 'Wflif 4 2 S ,r fly , 3: - vw ' - I xg M Vs,5 r ,QW I , ' ? s"k T ws L T , E E - V I A .ix tt, , . Q , W K K in f KL ,,, I T Q' f . ' E ' ee " X E' A x- X Tv- . xx hx ' E q 'S "f"' ' - T TT T E E ,Q fi 1. L . , . b is 1 6, A 'L' 1 X A ,, x ,, I Q -.8 E 4 1' E 3 Q . 5, ' K ' -.. lg ::,, bf v' V l,, g .L i -4 'M N- ' X E- fi? W, T T' E - 1 ' I ' "' ' ' Y' H fd Q , it ' f A.. gs' ,:, Q m A ,wi V 1 Q2 SEVENTH GR DE TOP ROW: J,:, Aln3.q' 27311 A'i:e'a3' Jo" K. Ares Sfie, Bemefe P Bfaqs Je' BV" Barra Bmw Dyes Cawsse Je'w C'a'4'. SECOND ROW: Dafa Cnazmgvy J.c"' Chqemceel Peqqv C:N"s Dime C31 UXEJTQNE EV: Seca' FW S'a'c'v Eve, Ea' oe 'ef MEN: GH. THIRD ROW: C3'oN.'v G"' C'e'Nes H5""crw Src, Hay C'3'f:s He"j":r::' Wen3'a "lfwE'3 5,9 Ling" L"':a L.l3S, J:'1 V:K'v'e, L'f:a Mc:'e"'3'. FOURTH ROW: Dov? M,-I JAM, Mm' Jes B Nyvkm' Janis Parc Dye WVU? A. Pee-'1 TQ". Pr-fx: Da.: FZ-29,9 Pe". Rcbcdzzh BOTTOM ROW: Sm Pct' 3 "yi S-'f Rcsen Sxfaie R010 W' 612' 'rs B heel' Sr- 'f-':f- Ca' E'-""e': -yn Ysfo. 77 'S SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: E5f'e DoL.g'as Spcrscft Gor- gj-' Ffa Fw: j.f'y- Army' P-lgfng Sf'P"" 'Of' pa fn V79 V .. .K , .fl .4 .1 .,', -- Pweiacf' '3, F Eafg' Sei'e'a',-T'Qa"f' , . A 2 N. -MV 3 5? fn -n s:....,L -if 5' S, A GL: I T' 'V' f it R' 15 T , 'i 4-,' Q I I TQ- :eg :- I 'Q's Q- , W" , E .V QI V Nl V A I L V I Xxx V ,, X -, Rf 4 . 'Q V G. , 64V V V I f . R: A , ng Q4 4? P Q95 I jig Winxg Ngfmt 1, Q. 5 X by . L L V, .,Vk if ' ' 'A ,-. VVV, N ,12,:M, ,, V Q, V . .: ,V Q, Q A ,.., V V V 11'-,X ' if f H N' R :""Xf' Sf Q I :: V VV , , a. I r 1 I I we-:N Y- Milan "T ' 3-Wt-:Qs 2 Q VV V m M1 ' 7 . f :, V , BV WX . V V V V Q, . V ,V L V: Z? V , , . i.,V Q - 1.-M VVV VN 6' ,. V,V :. H- A 7 1 tj? V V P g4:ft K ' C? f K f "-A - V I V V 4 , ,,,' ' ' I . -, . h.,. I : I . I : yi.: If M ' 1 :,.:, AV., , ' if ' II .I U K I ' I 'l"f I - X, XM u . V- 'V v V-by 'un X Q E XV ., i Y an . I x, 'Nt I . T Q--rx 11'-5 Nl- 'K Xi cal I. , . V, x V, 4' ,A ' 3119- ' j' ax I fx ' :V 'sf ' J' ' 'Z' I 'L 6 ' I 5: I , ' A .T 5? O' , 4, C .0 7 fn-' I I K T, ex QS. ,y As. gy, VSV , M O? f 1 .Fr I 1. , Q, in I 1 .r -. SIXTH GRADE TOP ROW: DJ"-'P A 2' Jef' Afgc .ldv A.:I'm C' C-Hua EVM" Nfl. Bwwcr Ifyqav-' BJLH Jcgvm SECOND ROW: S'2'e, Ce" Rene' C Hmcrzef: M39 C C'rfe Jefze C':,-g .LH C'c3f DIV3 DJ5, Ka, EIN' THIRD ROW: J.:, S5 rf' Ki'Ch Ce"s:', Jenni. Graz: Gfse JV: Hama' K." Fyffc' La'-em Hen: Aly FOURTH ROW: E I. f-95:1 Ca'cI PI-'v:5':e-1 JV' Kee :e":v Kefr Kfgp: Ma- La':1":n Jane Lew' I-fan FIFTH ROW: Tf-'- '.f1'g" Mvf-15' Haw.-:II JH' If If::'5 B'1:f, U ,""'f- Lv M.-'f T-yu CJ'- yf., M SIXTH ROW: Efrr, ,..' ' 5'--'r Ju, F"'i M Ci' Ftiisi' :PLL s 3' A'-'ff Sh' 'P 1'1" 3 Sr,- BOTTOM ROW: Cum- C :'s-' Pg" 'owpso' Ifufa 5' , v'v3"'iL P3-. 'pm EN" 'Q Jawa NEC' V MISSING: Ge" S'e:' V, Bawf-' Kam-' Ba-'cr, C:"::ffI C.1'cI C"S"an- : . ' Cliff CJ- Cfnrds SAN- JB' Q. Vrc: ' Bypzm C-'yuh' vines HQ"::v Q10 If: "" an, i -::, K -fg 9-gag. 'CWI- , " B"', Lies. '- ' f'.e" M 'ff I-.nn P62 I! Ia , L, , pf,-A L..,L. .1 MQ' I 1, 4,. Tizip gig Lv :I.'n SQIM, VLI0. Yu elphv 1: s-'P qreue ncvff Ieeders 78 FIFTH GRADE TOP ROW: J7""w Allen, Sheryl Allen, Daifd Aves, John Aves, Karen Ayres, Mike B'shop, Chew Briggs, Sharon Brower, Torn Brower, Joy Calender. SECOND ROW: Connie Chfsliansen, T'fnr'y DeB'uicker, Snirley Eller, Donald Ellis, Sand'a Fife, Dick Fisher, Ma'k Flora, Sara Flora, Roger Gibson, Glory Hall. THIRD ROW: Charloffe Helvie, Hugh Hesler, David Hicks, Deana Huqhes, Dennis Humphrey, Andy Jackson, Nelda Johnson, Sleyen Jordan, Bill Kife, Mike Lanlz. FOURTH ROW: Deanna Lovvorn, Debbie Mann, Bob Malson, Galen Miller Jerry Miller Tirnrwy Miller, Reafha Mochernnan, Sedonna Rear"es, J" Reed, Cheryl Reef. FIFTH ROW: M'ke Robson, Bonnie Seedorf, Jennifer Sharnbaugh Paul Sibray, Rick'e Sines, Bonnie Sue Skiles David Snilh, Julie Soarks, Jarnes Spear, Carolyn Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Lena Whiffield, Sleven WiIl7ams, Melody Zinn. 79 -. 5:- inf' 1 CI. if CN Wu.- 17"- M F xh X af.-Eh -1, A -sf yv, V4 Q- uv k wr ' Ar. an Ln FOURTH GRADE ROW Vxckw ANen R nad Ausrn Daywd Bass M rk Beckner Buly Be!! K sen r'n Ca own Mace u s Kar y Buk e Caro yn Co ns SECOND ROW Jacque! ne Col? ns WMI Cooke Judy Cuffs Gary Duff Donoya Foa Lonnwe Garrwson Tony G I Ann Guyer Larry Hanaway Duane Hen or' THIRD ROW John Hess B IW Howa o Sandra Hughes Jane? Humes Lana Hump r Cynthia Juhus Terry Kwnzer Lonnwe Kmzwe Barbara Kxfe Duane Kna p FOURTH ROW Bnl! Koup Saify Loyyorn Bobby Marfwn Joyce Marson Chen Mwder Sruarf Mwllwqan Barbara Moore Brenda Muhendore Gordon Mulfendore Jonn Mye FIFTH ROW Wanda Owsley Lwnda Pxnkard Charloife Reed Farna Reed Jennie Reef Cymhva Segrayes Tony Sm th Bonnre Tren? Brenda Wagoner Mereddn Wagoner BOTTOM ROW Reber? We?zeN Cnarlene Young MISSING Peggy Harrws 80 A sluf I Jsrrahnq fhe use of fhe dmfwonary was presenfed by pupls of ?he 'our+h grade Li. 'Q ? 'is ,xf J A THIRD GRADE TOP ROW: Jennifer Allen, Pafricia Allen Philli A res David Baxler M ri I P Y - - 9 ' delli Cable Roger Campbell, Tory Clniflick, Kerry Clark, Susan Colvin, Dennis Cripe. SECOND ROW: Paula Crowson, Linda E'kenberry, Linda Evereil, Bobby Gar- relt, Larry Ga"ison, Kalify Graf, Micky Graham, Eddfe I-Iarnilfon, Keilh Handy, Sba'on Harbaugn. THIRD ROW: Joyce Harmon, Debbie Hendrickson, Glenda Hester, Rebecca Horn, Shirley I-loslefler, Sue lrnler, Joanne Keyes, Becky King, Sfephen K'ng, Kennelh Krauss. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Lucas, Jackie Mann, Eddie Marlin, Cynihia Miller, Kev'n Milligan, Mike Nuelzel, Cynfhia Priffs, Julie Pullen, Joe Redrnon, Geneva Reed. FIFTH ROW: Linda Reef, Cnarlene Rieken, Leanna Robison, Brenda Roof, Susan Ross, Cnefyl Sib'ay, Tornnfy Sines, Marilyn Spear, B'll Viney, Vaughn Walden. ' BOTTOM ROW: Paffi Weiland, Jack While Mary Jane Wilson, Dana Wolf, Greg Zinn. MISSING: Henry Harris, Cynilwia Slephan. - Tlnfrd graders 'earn lo add and subfracf quickly Q wa. A 'F xH ' ff o r R' fi N XM., sm, g ft? dh. I 4, 7? - iv t'X' s1,f',: ' D .., of G in fs if ,Y Q if Q.. - I , .i . I 4 "' . ' -. ' "',, IQI H' xx ,sri kk.: V VV I .lf j W f I as - it il i g- 6' , ' Q , QA 'Hr' N R? X-J' 7 lx vm. r.. , in W rzrxf TA I A Q J l xx, N 1 ' G i A fry., x . Y ' SECOND GR DE W nice Anllnon Carol Auslin Linda A res Marlc Bass TOP RO : Nancy Allen, Ja y, , y , , Annefre Bell, Mark Brirn, Jan'ce Brower, Geneva Brown, Cafhie Cnrisfiansen. SECOND ROW: Tommy Cooke, Sfeplien Cripe, Jean Crowson, Corrine Damon, Danny DeB'uicker, Lean Eikenberry, Rila Eller, Darrell File, Merrill Fife, Jackfe Fullon, THIRD ROW: Debbie Garrison, Carolyn Garrerl, Tornrny Gasaway, Snaron Gib- son, Jane Graham, Mona Helfner, Tomrriy l-lelyie, Jonn Hugbes, Kenneln Hughes, Caroline Hurnes, FOURTH ROW: Dennis Jenkins, Roberl Knqery, Slanley Langslon, Mariorie Maxwell, Tornrny Miller, Kalhy Mills, Palricla Mocherrnan, Douglas Moore, Kenny Mull, David Myer. FIFTH ROW: Snerry Parrell, Jonn Payne, Kennelh Penninglon, Susan Perigo, Sleven Plnkard, Bobby Pills, Ji"'ny Rielren, Lenard Robison, Pafrick Robison, Dewey Steele, BOJTTEOM CROW: Billy Tinsrnan, Marlene Trapp, Phoebe Warnpler, Joyce Werzel, a e o er. 82 1. ll. When the weaflwer is loo bad lo go ouldoors lo play, llwe children eriioy llslening 'ro records as indoor recrealion. -it "Tw ff L- 441. 0 if-Q ne Q Q if L4 x , A-1 as S 1. 8 if jgxvuul M' - W ss 'iw irbqg ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Fred Hood J. Sfanley Lyon, AB. Mary Cripe Charlene Robeson Edi+h Chapman Freda Eller, B.S. Mary Jane Harfer, B.S, Marie Zimmerman Ursal Hood Virginia Wilson Violer Dyson Marina Scnooler, B.S ,ff . V . ' if """W'C ,Q ww , 'E I 5 g IINK ' I A g , . D I Haveafoke w 1 I . 1 ' .' . ' 4 p 1 1 "" 'I' 1 V 5 c fx .4 . V. 4 2 zffkf , 1 x S' tw 'f '- Wy in an Dnnl COCA-COLA ilmfvw- Q, p noor seen 'FE 4 Q wusmonseuzea ,M Sure B A,'b?j,M, g,. K A ,.,' 'Y'!"'.j.- , 7V fi' i' V , 1:33 VV COCA CMA B - ' ,A 2 'Q 'C 4 , 545 ' av YW?-Q i Vff, 11? A f- '- . nVu,g,3'-'f?"QfJ'3' "fr 'JX37-'zz' 'figffi L E .v 5 U . . .56 2 7 E s i If U ' . V W VV ' A Q fl Y '- ' . Q .' nf - . 'K N .- Vis? flag , l :Vt NVV KZ:-:E I g Us ix!! F, . ,II V 1 I f" 7,1f:, E -4 Q H fr! if 45" 'Y 'f 0 . 1,1 1 g, sg: ' -' 1- "' if 1 C If J, ,V t A. if Q . ' 4 . U ' o lx 1 fl A o ., v , Sf "5 V - w, z '- A 1 . Y-.VV 'Q . 5 -"C C C ' 'Q ' . sf Flaiik ' Y , . 'mpg' 5 VN V . VS V , .mzr-, N -'VVr,, ' , V V QU onmee " " fi A51 f V l , . 'Y ec, , ,- , I 'V Ou , Q4 1 f QU , V V V VA 1,748 . A ' A .' V" X pw" H. 5 .' 4, ,L V ,vfgxg . 3 f 4, - A A , P- H V -' , f , - - '. ,,,-gm , . A ,Q , Vt - . ' wx , in gl , 1 r, ' , A . Q .Q 'P' ' M - 1 . .f ,, f .V ,f. I ,V M A K V4,,.91g,,J 1 ,V fu. 'wb 4, 5 1 V. V. f V ' V . iii Q ,.-' E T T 5 , V tgga 4,A ,g P H Q. .. ,, av f ! 'r -Y 'f A H' ,X 2- E ' " -A ' 5 I VV 4' Q 'ik' f an Q W , V. , 21 wx A4 g-, G, gi 5? W .., ' y ,. Y 5- ' if 'S V , - , 1 Q V .. ,. .mv V W, . "' f ' f'E5f5 f 1' '- : - - 4 1 As our children grow, so grows our busmess. FARMERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE CO GLENN B. EIKENBERRY DEC KER'S LAFAYEUE, INDIANA Owner . . . CALVIN WAGONER Operaiors . . RON KINZIE BOB WOLF "We Move ihe Ear+h" WAGON ER CONSTRUCTION CO. Camden, Indiana Phone 5 I -S CARTER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 204 SOUTH CENTER PHONE 33 Congra+ula+ions, Seniors! DR. C. N. WILSON Dentist + y life and +he lives of oihers rih FI f VAN DOORN'S GREENHOUSE FLORA PHONE 25I Hey, check Milre Hoffman digging worms for ihe Thunderbird! FRAZEE FORD SALES 503 W. Columbia PHONE 296 Mk Hff Aw, come on, Mrs. Humesg iusf once around fhe block." HUMES 8. MUMMERT I6 E. Columbia PHONE 30 FdMIl M H LEITER FUNERAL HOME DICK AND BILL IO3 N. Cenler PHONE 70W "Can'+ sfop now! I goHa send a felegram +o San+a Claus" LOWERY INSURANCE AGENCY FLORA. INDIANA ' Phone 83 Gene Walker, Sharon Weiland, Shirley Wagoner FEED 'FIND Samet MOLASSES Fl-Q94 88W Feed Processing on 'rhe Farm SHIRAR POULTRY 81 FEED CO. ORA F. SHIRAR, Owner Dis1'ribu+ors of Murphy Feeds F -"4 'A SwiH"s Ferrilizers J ' in F Bulk Spreading Service ' P we-o.RAY CONCENTRATE OE E , 1 in 1 for PouH'ry CUNCQLTRAT i fig 41'i'4 cuT-cosT CONCENTRATE for Lives+ock MUnpHY3fgfffgiF" SURE-PAY MINERALS 1 F' E A for Healfh and Profii' P PHONE 280 FLORA. INDIANA LOUDON PRINTING CO B S+ W he I 59 403 W M pI FLORA INDIANA JOHN A BUSH DVM WAYNE E SALSBERY DVM JULIUS WASON CLOTHING STORE INSURANCE AGENCY I' N I FLORA INDIANA FLORA INDIANA Ph 5I . e is s Io 'Ihe Class o I9 . a e , ar wk as . , . . . . , . . Phone I99 Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors' GEORGE M. WASON Brigh a ional Bank one: Bug fish sfones accompany experi' barber work ai flue OK BARBER SHOP I 2 S Cenfer FLORA "There's a hole in 'l'l1e middle of fhe road. Go fix il' af once!" SMITH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Builders of Bi+uminous Roads and Slreeis SINCE l9l2 J l'S'1hl'IlRbfJ kS A fufure hopeful admires new varsi'I'y suifs from THE SPORTSMAN Lafaye++e Indiana Sf B II For a slick new painf job, go fo . . WEST SIDE MOTOR SERVICE 4l5 WEST COLUMBIA PHONE 55 EIIIIHLL Wayne Irnows 'II1a'I' fhe besi' fires come 'From . . . ESSERMAN TIRE SERVICE 702 Easi' Columbia Phone 202 Wayne and Ed E n Gary and Lowell gain experience by working wifh a compefeni' crew of . . . FRED COLLINS Builder PHONE 355 FLORA, INDIANA G Sk IIC I As her favorile pasfime, Pai admires Ihe cabineis in +he mobile homes ai . . . ZINN MANUFACTU RING, INC. FLORA. INDIANA PHONE 377 Free Plans and EsI'imal'es ' eeeeee rams NH W K-- MAMIE KENNEDY NURSING HOME 404 SouI'h Cenler FLORA, INDIANA Phone l40 When you care enough Io buy Ihe very besi in baked goods go Io . . . BEWLEY'S BAKERY I5 W. Main PHONE 2l0 che skym "WhaI' do you want Charlie, a haircuf or a polish? O A SHEAGLEY BARBER SHOP BRINGHURST ChIHklO Sh 9 YEAGER 84 SULLIVAN INC Feeder Pug Dnsfrubuiors CAMDEN INDIANA Phone I08A J 1. YERKES TRUCKING COMPANY Llves+ocIc Haulers Insured Haulmg Everywhere Camden Indnana Phone I6 'I Bu'l' rl' ns nmperahve +I1a+ I have suffnclenf funds for my dafe +onlgI1+' WAYNE LOAN CORPORATION s EAST MAIN PHONE sas Sfyllng' Beaufy' MANN CHEVROLET INC no souTH CENTER PHONE use L HH Power' TdG D. A. GARRISON GRAIN COMPANY Flora-Bringhursi' Road Dealer in Grain, Nifraie, Po'I'asH, and Ferfilizer PHONE I30 LONG DISTANCE PHONE 90 Peg fondlz remembers her school days af Flora Hig . WILBUR LANE Aflorney-al'-Law FLORA. INDIANA P98 Ge-I your blouses af remarkable low prices al . . . D. E. CRIPE 81 COMPANY 32 Soufh Cenler FLORA, INDIANA Phone 24 Julie Rodmon, Vivian Clark To keep up wifh 'lhe feenagers, read Ihe school news Lou Ann submils Io 'rhe . . . HOOSI ER DEMOCRAT I4 Easf Main Phone 74 M b I Holmes, Lou Ann Lynch, Ly M Jon Smifh would like an esli ' male on how many board feel' he can gel' from his free. FLORA SAW MILL CO. 2I6 Soufh Willow Phone 37 TdR I G I .X A Coke Iasfes beHer when you sip ii long disfancel DALE'S CAFE "On 'Ihe Corner" Air Condilionecl HI MG A IFI Even 'Ihough days are bleak and cold, I'I1ere are always those who 'Ihink of 'II1e old. ARZU LA FLORA NURSING HOME 3I2 Wesi' Main SIree'r PHONE 279 F 'I i "My furnace is on I'I'1e blink." "Hanaway will fix if in a wink!" HANAWAY PLUMBING 81 HEATING 44 Sou'II1 Cenfer PHONE 308 F swrhu H y HaI+! S+op! DesisI'! You can"I' make fin cans ouia' Lizzie. FLORA IRON 81 STEEL Box I47 PHONE 65 M A ,I ,I nxt! Wifh 'Ihis 20-year endowmenf we can gel our money back when we are 35? Tha+'s a good eaI! RALPH PEARSON Insurance 3I2 NORTH JEFFERSON PHONE 92 B J S?hEI bIhL RIphP I "Jusf liIre Mo+her," says LaVaun as she gives Carole a manicure. F LORA BEAUTY SALON 8 Wesl' Main Phone 4-4 LaVaun Holvuo, C I Ry "Joe, fry fhis I'oo'l'hbrush for size. Your mouI'h isn'I' Iha'l' big ye'I!" REDMON'S PHARMACY 53 Sou+h Cenfer Phone 62 Jkd SdC II 1 If 5 You never have 'Io shell ouf foo much dough when you fill her up aI' . . . HUMPHREY SHELL SERVICE I5 Easf Columbia Phone 283 HYH hy BR M GRAVEL TRANSIT MIX Gravel Processing Smce I923 Transli' Max Concre'I'e Smce I948 MONTICELLO DELPHI FLORA STATE FARM INSURANCE YK AII Types of A 'ro bl Lf i l.ELllF"E E MORRIS W CLEM N- Phone 806 L Besf Wishes Io 'Ihe Class of I959 DR J R MCLAUGHLIN I INC. COMPANIES SSRIA' ancI Fire IInsurI':,ncIe?I Ie E I ' I I Girls, fo ca+ch your beau, have your hair sfyled al' fhe --- BOW-KNOT BEAUTY SHOP I05 Wesl' Maple PHONE 267 L H ffn "Chick" sells a chicken fo a chick! CLAWSON'S REGAL STORE ll Soufh Cenfer PHONE 22I D CI lJdPf1 Q X et i 'L 3 1 , , K J I, I gf? F"'-T?" Sandra loses her head over cabinefs and building maferials from . . . CASSELL LUMBER COMPANY Bringhursl' PHONE I28 Ward Cassell S d C II P IA M C S I La! She says, "We'll be Iale for our dale." He says, "BuI' I go'H'a save my money, honey." BRIGHT NATIONAL BANK 4 Easl' Main PHONE 45 M99 B h FdJ Gosh, how many kinds of elbows are 'I'here? VON A. BURTON PLUMBING 81 HEATING I8 Sou+h Cen+er PHONE 249 Do you guys ihinlc 'Ihis will go wifh my complexion? NOBLE'S PHARMACY I5 Sou+h Center PHONE I9 Cullan Elkenberry, Richard Evans, Don D Will 'this help me io keep a cool head for exams? E. E. LANDIS COMPANY I06 Wesl' Columbia PHONE 3I I Joyce Chrisfiansen Z" Capfure Ihose prec ous momenfs wfh a Ifef me pI1o'I'ograpI1 From BAUMER S STUDIO KENTLAND INDIANA I Duck inio DunIrin's for qualify groceries and meais. DUNKIN'S FOOD MARKET 49 Sou+h Cenier Phone 295 TyGy E HZIK dRhdE Qualify work and speedy service are an unbeafable combina+ion from Ihe FLORA CLEANERS 8 SouI'h Cen+er Phone 57 Treaf your car as you freaf yourself: gei' good gas and good ice cream -af ELLER SERVICE STATION 6I9 Easf Main Phone 2I6 L IIC "The besf ever" cry fhe sophomores rings from WAYNE ATKINSON ROCHESTER, INDIANA Invi+aI'ions Caps and Gowns as Ihey show off Iheir class Long curls las? longer when 'lhey are clone a+ GLORIA'S BEAUTY SHOP 22 Norfh Cenfer Phone I36 Glor Pl D b b -4 JSO .iffy Q m,,'.' "Will you come lo my house ancl repair my TV, Mr. S'I'ouse? C. E. STOUSE I7 Sou+h Division Phone 3 Phil Briggs, Charles Slou Yes, lhere is room enough +o roasl a big furlrey! AYRES HARDWARE 22 Wesl' Columbia Phone l20 RALPH RINEHART 81 SONS Auclioneers Real Eslale Breeders of Duroc Hogs PHONE ll FLORA, INDIANA Bishop and Bishop sfand ready +o serve you wifh experf legal advice. BISHOP AND BISHOP I9 SouI'h Cen+er Phone 96 Mk dDkBhp The Sisson family gree+s Iheir cuslomers wifh a friendly smile. F. K. SISSON JEWELRY STORE I6 Soufh Cen+er Phone 387W D bb S H K Ih d E Slsson 9,1 Any fime is Ihe righf fime Io invesl' in John Deere 'farm Implemenfs from L. M. CHITTICK 81 SON Wes+ Columbia Phone I 79 Carolyn Ensinqgr 45 in As ihe values go up, up ,up, Hue prices go clown, down, down ai' . . . IGA ROUND-UP Food Markei' 70I Easi' Main PHONE 325 Bob Sfephan, Milf Hosfefl ls This fhe kind of economy we sfudy in Economics? ECONOMY CLEANERS 40 Souih Cenier PHONE 69 Rg B k G ySlziIes .IA xg Jcwelry for every occasion may be purchased from 'I e . . . J-ANNE SHOP Soufh Cen+er Sfreei' FLORA, INDIANA Mrs. Price, Sue P FLORA 'Kai cannons :1giM.ii'iMw"ununu'uMWw'ii'M fnnnsm AND W ACKSON SHE Ill L WORKS if mImumQm . mmm ml gm Cfrk X nd , I ..,. ...... ....m X?e355 U-4.,'I'.",' omo Craffsman Talce Time Ou+ for Beau Wi+h AVON MRS. HAROLD R. EVANS Flora MRS. RICHARD MURPHY Monroe Township W C B q f .A g. Qew Y. A I -. I 4 N! 'R -. , 4 ,Q 4- .' Q .n" "Bill, you have fo buy fhe pop-corn Io gel Ihe prize! KI RK'S Super-Pop-Corn Flora High School Serves KirIc's Super Pop Corn J I J dBII "Nor1'hcuH's ice cream will make me grow big and s+rong." NORTHCUTT'S 203 Nor'I'h Division PHONE 22 P""""". N Ih H Q When i+'s meal +ime, a line-up forms ai fhe RAINBOW CAFE 8 Wesl' Columbia FLORA, INDIANA LISH PIM Congra+ulahons Seniors' DR S H SHIPSIDES Besi' Wishes +o +he Class of l959 DR M R ADAMS FLORA ELEVATOR WE sERvE THE FARMER Manufadurers of GREEN TREE FEEDS Gram Seed Feeds Good Coal FLORA INDIANA PHONE 49 Bes+ Wishes Graduafes F LORA STOCK YARDS ll2 W Hoop Phone I85 VETERINARIAN Good maHresses insure a good nigI1'f's res+ a+ Ihe . . . RENT-O-TEL Clem S+ree+ and S+a're Road 75 PHONE 393R 5 Ld C IRyan STAND D E "Service wiih a smiIe" is Bill CIarIc's moH'o a+ . . . CLARK'S STANDARD SERVICE Junc+ion S+a+e Roads I8 and 75 FLORA. INDIANA CI Treai' your hair wifh experf care a+ . . . N ELL CU RT'S BEAUTY SHOP BeauIy Is My Business 3I2 Nor+I1 Division Phone 270J C B NIlCr1s I f M we ' K8 ..,, A . ::::"r---- -I 1 no U' 5 x .0 .: 1 in K- 5, You can"I' sfarl foo young Io plan for your 'Fu+ure STOUT INSURANCE AGENCY 3 Easf Coiumbia PHONE 388 Carroll Sfouil Sh'rI y a on r For beHer homes, gei' your building needs ai' . . . VOORH EES LUMBER COMPANY 28 Wesf Columbia PHONE I32 Cusfom Work of All Kinds A. N. IPETEI DENTON FLORA, INDIANA Phone 80 Q. I JOHN OAKS I5 Sou+I1 Division FLORA. INDIANA Phone 230 Rr SECRET' Km Oufff r.' K A f 1 -sy an .sf in f, ff-Nw' O O TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY .'f:": EA' ' fr-wlwrnciv -V+: 'f1,"r'f1:,-

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