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 - Class of 1958

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Sur:-'Z v 1" 7,5 0-44 1.,,q,A 5? .IZLKF-'-n. pg 2, pm we-gi 43 f 'J Lmfe for Bully Badger was f' 2 Ver dull af F S flfffevw He Felfr wr ghfy If OW alt' 'il I OWL QA N fb 5514791 fgifk f Q M 5 I 1 4 hqqf 00 1 1 ,- ,wfff"""W r W ,x lm .L Q U if , .rf f' n 1 25,1 ' ,yr if 12 Z g- Ilwllff l .1 Q2 ,I KM -xx 4-X,-VX .L 5 ,Ju ,J es ' 'ig-nil-P' I FYI' A Hkgu X Y W ff U y i, wa!-4 Ag M a n Con ucws say N 77 wg' 1 I Racksha beais , ix 5 Q American J rod hoi' X every 'fume ,D N-s-,C 'X Wulfh an eye?-ul of Hue Elffel W 1 Bull headed 'W Q ,, , mf. PX M3535 'A lla Klg 1' -'?'e:'3'2. l 5' 'HW ' A X gi 'Sk sl ,fp .. . f K ....n i..... Qlxme, - 1 . X3 vii? ,W gg L by xq- ffm'-W ' ex Q Tower Monsneur 1 For hom gkq-xgk' 3 fyggu, fr 15' iz? 1 s. "" , lf' '45 , ig' x f . M B ps. J L -Q -1: l sig uv" V -A 52 'V' -f " "3"iif+'144""F' ' Q J1W""""'K' + ' . 1' ,Aw - .qw ff.-..y.1-1.'. .., ,.-,,,--.. - .. ., . Y ,... - , , .Q it , , JMS . ,:., 'xfvfffzssiv-116.1 .A-. fm . . 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A'Q. .Jil ill' 5 -D ' J QAZQ. ri K n ,.,, . yy- ,V ,b I-,Z ' rs..1,z-':?.3-a I-413:55 ,' igh .I -T L' '- '.," , .ra V ,. 5' V X F 1 , ,ik Y .1 A XvDll1IIll' DH PDI' 'iFOV1'I'lS11 p 5111001 FXIDPD, D llitlllfl PRBF XLEL In l957 Mlke Todd captured the lmaglnatuon of the Amerucan publuc wlth his award wrnnrng motnon plcture Around the World nn 80 Days A few months later Sputnnk l demonstrated the fallacy In thus tutle by completmg nts orbrt every 96 minutes However to students of Flora Hugh School thelr world revolves an a cycle nlne months long For many underclassmen this nlne month school year seems an eternuty as they dream of thenr carefree summer vacatuon days But for some strange reason most seniors fund the days whtzzung by as theur graduation approaches lt as the purpose of the Floruan staff to revnve memorles of the 1957 58 school year whale you follow the adventures of Bully Badger our candndate for the typlcal F H S Joe And now lean back relax and Imagine yourself accompanylng Bully on a trap rofuln args Edltor ReBecca Smuth Associate Editors Sally Watson Pat McGunnus Business Manager Beverly Hufford Adviser Lots Metzger Business Adviser Kenneth Cooke Literary Joyce Stayer Jernlyn Jones Fred Jones Sports Gary Mullendore Herman Neff Gaylord Haan Advertising Don Drlggs Sandra Cassell Bob Johnson Lorraine Heffner Sara Adams Harold Whrtfueld Jerry Burns Rodney Lee Flora Carole Ryan Photographers Joyce Kerlsn Ronald Myer Mlke Murphy Circulation Fred Collnns Kenneth Flora Sharon Cook Blame Burns Bob Graf Patty Stayer Frances Scott Jerry Enslnger ldentlfrcatrons Shlrley Randle Sue Landus 2 X W -4 W N 1 . gs t I A I t J . . . . . . 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' X43 uw " .adn l '15 's,.' ps 1 1 ' "We love The halls of ivy ThaT surround Us here today, And we will no? forgel Them Though we be far, far awayf 4 H, .ff ww If Y. .-, Y.. S-- Entrance and Tower Tfoph y Case in r 5 he Main Hal, K-GEM, Flora Community Buildin 9 SEPTfli1glI BER Richard Evans got official advice from Principal Rose on his yearly schedule. Finding his l k oc er before his parlner arrived Fred Mill I f ' Gr calmed lop shelf or anovher year, 9, Where h vvher e does 1he seventh grade 909 S Yhe Y 5 9 frarwca Seam rooms on the first day of SCHOOV 9 o their nia Lndis chalked up anothe e PCM esided av Ile eie'i C 51 Ne ding belg ra 9 w Sepreinber as Joyce Ho pe became FHA s second Mrs Baker ld I O ike gl B19 on? SQYNO rs vondered as Y U 'Ve Pho Ogfapl ers inierviei ed p OSDCC A . 'S , x ' X5 f l ' .L n4s s " 's I 1 3 U I of Wa Cf s th H Y -' lly h ' . d fr , l d l n iv D wr I SO ' a i r vor as 'me Wye' pr ' w 'c on of ieniof 'ass CV -'s UCC lck , w .H Y " OCTUBE 2 4 1 I , at 'LNX k 5 ' 3' ,, I F shman Qrls became offrcra! Sonshrne members at th suze the o Q but e re O mal I 1laTtOVt tn the Cbrnstran Churc slze of the frght tn the dog on Steve Boller encounters sales resustartce as dhe C fronts Mr Cooke wrtlrw some ot the band can y J Zanette Sknles momrng task of dwecknng a sentees was made more dff I h Hu bug struck FHS I ICU? W en the l shun 5 A -1-1 e thought Untnl we recerveu Gemuses Y Work hwla shrp Ooalrtymg T655 A H h SC O fe Daffy aft 4, on t 9 er t e V9 Vlgerator 7 't XJ? t .t R I I .. V 1 , h 'tim not me of d g in the fi ht Th the fr 'rft' ' " ,Wk 1? . . . I !h r 1 ' - ""',,: og ' I , f-49... ' ' rn Vis, . . , JB . T' ' ' . A rf ' I ig , f a ' V , u - f N E 4 f' NOVEMBER Dgnqmg ar the sophomores freshman nmtxahon party Th new Cheer gang Cheer O F10 5 S on he J A V V' ats ra cccs and molasses vw 0 :onus mo hugh school agree-c Flrsf graders d B mavrzed we fm, Th L4 SG V F I R an as Berne me M95 Sthoof corwocam 'ng Dar O 151 5 reco ded Caroe Y .iQ 22 .10 'sweaher s zes B Bums as measured fo hus NWO' dass 5W'3a'er if The 9 ade scwool fat My ie ebmved T M R EV r .1 V CSSPCSCWQ i' sh Q poschy J sa e hs cand naw for rm 41 J 8 ,i i - K I x W , 5 . if A N f f .. bC tu day," ' U f f ,I f f f r ,,, wg N 1 I. 'if X ' 1 f' ' ' L F I J Y ,V ' 6 S4 S N V. , " x ,r , 1 1, I , ' E , inf' V A 'ch gm 'xt ' f I M 2 , W W an ,Q-gv ,. .Ll I' . 3. V ' 5 J 4 ' . r t , ' 1- - ' . ' I.. I- , U 5 . A 4. kd A 5 ' ' ,, I ,, -rin, V31 Da" .wh i mf Hoa V ' ,rf d N P Dfw '.'a,Q"' 'C 97' DEQEUBER l d Barham Her mayesty Carol Mullendore was crowned Bmggg an ke Mvfphf Comme J , Burns M' Snow Queen at tHe Nest Lafayette ball game V f 3, the Fto tan drafftft and was escorted by the freshman dass pres: dent yne Beckner ere the tacky Ntnners ts I Q5 Mr e new Ib browstng through the new bllcgigan entoyed S Laura Baker th ,I na wuth the" PO"'a'S ellbou The sertt0V5 were Sp Wu... H? Sun Grade chnldren admured the Sunshtne HnY Chnstmas Home Y Y 1 h at the Brethren h res! ree n After the" program h 9 iient Rebecca Smith t te mann halt e of 1 Eur P rners W-are entertauned BY me hom 3 .dm L fe-XRY The on Y oc ester game f deep concemra1vOV' G "Murph rvavmly dwd er e tho Sums vwers pamved YH FEBR L QXRY The Logansport Press feawred Sally Watson as Hugh Schools selectlon for February Calendar Flora lf if 'K POSY must have com S U 1 Cooke ,his Mme' P W'l1 a new excuse for M,- Reev e and Hoffman scanned The schedules fg h V T noon hour grade baskefball games e therr Rnchard Evans and Wayne Esserman cleposrted contrrbnron 10 The Polao Fund ln hope of defeallng the Sunshme grrls rn rherr annual polro contesf la comrnmee reyrewed Washng no mme Ron,-he Bmwe I d Y eape To compete wnh 1he lates! on Broadway the senror p y down the starrs at the L-,egmnmg of me stacks of play catalogs II new mrd1erm vacatlon ,Y A f ARCH "1 I' if " az. rfsgsfln 54 'Q Late hours 'TJ necessi Jdkf' Darling awd Herb Campboil, ""'N ' ' Gee I wonder of IH ever g rated noon-hour smdy halis fo 92- 5 V fm Q ' , The PTA 'iff' My 1 ,N add d ' 7' r ' wa e , e new book A .- 4 ,M S Csrnhlrshed in The S ?O The Grade Hb, I N Outer office, aw Wrnch K as I", Y H1 et 10 rrade my b -ZA ,A ke for a new car 'ig 17 Mrs Douglas needed BMW Badge' apo as hoi rod VO help he' 'me he FOO 5 papem lunch trckets and mor1eY CK 11, Vern' wdrr WWC! ,I Y' Nw Yew Am V Much "horse pa," ccurrrcd wi 'VE QW' UUA I "' Var 'C Far ' Q'-1, '3 Lawn Com Gsr, mg me vwocm hog, APRIUL ,WI S Sprtng vacatuon and Brower takes off agatnl C P1001 Daze nd Scholastvc R ommercnal students each gradm Oto are dustrrbuted by 9 period Ram ram go away Lvrtle chnldren want to Joe Hendrux and Leon McGaughey are hostesses pay one of the teachers weekly Coffee Hours 4 -if Q W ik d ft Ch M B H H Lawrence e an as ampagne ostc or n aey The Chews awans They' we to Smg at a Convocahon and hrs Comets was the bug questton hat confronted thus rumor prom committee I3 i I .Y 2 0. 1.5. J Q .'7! I ,, If s l 1 2 : 1 5. ' . , . ' '.. , ,ig K+. , - C ' - . a . ,t Q ' M TSI ' 4 . 1 . ll U , I V V I I . , 222 ' L -J- ,, I 1 'A W , -.-' 'Y 2 if T ' 'FY 1 5 if '17 Au f' ' ' 5, M 1. x f t 4 f ,, , AV A A ' ' A I , . - . V . . 1 JAY lanned by me iunior Q The Senior A breakfB5' was p rv? ln honor of members of me ual eve Honor Society, an ann members. 'WVES completed th fall ih e 'wma A iid Mr. Cooke seemed very anxious Yo ge1 his 1958 Florian. ,...-M E 5 1 4 xr i mem record e swdenfs, 5 cmds Pieased ied Smiles Qiee ard some report C S . I4 "Look w haf I've found! IY's been lT'S ALL OVER! missing since November," 'I-wwuuomqq fy . X X YY- -s-, g,.1...JX when hope was gone C PV LLTHYTLLE, Pl2lNClPAL'S MESSAGE This yearbook is concerned .with a small segment of the hs- tory ot our country--the segment that concerns the activities ot Flora High School during the pas' school year. lt has been said that wars have their beginnings in the minds ot men. lt is iust as true that the dis- coveries and inventions that ad- vance our civilization also have their origins in the minds of men. And, realizing this, vve can see that any history of the education- al activities ol a typical American school are worth preserving for posterity. This annual for the school year of l957-58 vvill recall many pleasant memories tor the reader in the years that lie ahead. While "sputniks" soared around the vvorld and guided missiles streaked out into space, our school has been occupied with the taslc of preparing citizens for the fascinating era that looms on the horizon. Our school program is de- signed to help each student de- velop to the fullest extent his mental, physical, and social po- tentialities. It is our hope that vve have been successful in our et- torts and that this school year has better prepared our students to play their roles well as they cross the stage ot adult life. B. KEITH ROSE M, S. from Butler University . . . Prncipal, Hfstory, Student Coun- c" Sponsor, Junior-Y Sponsor. XDXVHQXISTR QXTHON 2 AND FACLLTY 1 'S GEORGE WASON A B from Wabash College Trustee lx RUTH ANN AYERS School Secretary KENNETH COOKE M S from Indiana Unuversnfy Social Studnes, HIY Spon sor, Freshman Sponsor, Assustanf Prmcrpal L iff' EFFIE DOUGLAS A B from Manchester College Lahn, English, Semor Spon sor, Honor Society Sponsor f , 1 X VN ,f , P 7 f 'V J 'T :A I ' X 5 A . ' A ' A -. A A N 1 X is I 5 ' , lk I7 . Frances Scott was baffled when Mr. Rose pointed out that e Belgian Congo is really in Afr ca and not in Russia. "Song of Glory," a one-act play, was presented by the speech class both at PIA, and the Christmas convocation, This scene shows Har- old Whitfield, Sally Watson, and Shirley Randle, SCEX S Cookies, cookies, and more cookles were baked by the home economics classes at Christmastime. Here Joyce Baker instructed Geneva Gallien, Helen McGinnis, and Valorie Chap- man in the mysteries of the cook- book. "Now you look up the Log. Cos. of fhe angle 436332 find your tabular difference, and go on with the interpolation. lt's really so easy," said Mrs. Pugh to Bob Graf and Beverly Hufford as Don Driggs wondered if frigonometry were worth the effort, Practice makes perfect-so Leon McGaughey coached Posy Flora and Ned Parreft for fhe iudging of forestry and grain. .. Xf 22 . 1 l -x .-. uunnri " :0:1:::i, ::,-n.-:mr "One - Two - Three - Four. Now all- in -time - with -the - nmsic and - keep - your - eyes - on -th copy," instructed Miss Metzger. E .4 "'Amiable' is a derivative of 'amo,' my favorite Latin verb," thought James Walker as he and Phyllis Mohler worked on their derivative notebooks. Fred Miller, Everett Oyler, Lyndal Hood, and Marion Blocher proudly inspected the articles they had pro- duced in shop class. 5 Readung parts from Macbeth, Mer- Im Berkey and Geralding Moore made Shakespeare more under- standable for The senior English "Promenade a!! and do-si-do ca'3ed as Ann Guckien, .Jon Donna Tinsrnan, and Harry learned to square dance in class ,,.4' ,fffff 'Inf , xg f' ' ' mn I . '53 f 'ff-f ..- K J' ' ' 1 1 ' Y 1 V I 7 Q.-' '4 , if ' ' 1 S 'USR i A -L '17 SJ v wg,-2 A- I 5 N x xr' ,i , A V ,, 1 , ' A 7 I' . '4l:.3..5.f1 H .1 ,.-3? 4- , .Q KJ , A L JN ir .. S. . .. Mis? , .Mr f, 'S 01 ' .:f.l' 4 I in ,ii ft --M lag, ,, vm- H " 'Q . ., Ae. l QL: 5 fm? ,ggqcl i - - 5 .ii-" A 'Y fu , if Nw gif' kia?- . M :-:sae 1 V? 5 sq .-M 2, , S35 ' -. ng- 5 . 9-1 Rv ,NA Af- To keep a rendezvous .fm ,El 6315 . as H Q .Q Z. X PF? C fl Y AQ- bs ew, CQ , ee. f J ff Th senor class officers, BYY U Bljchenl Secretary: Keith Rose and Effie Douglas, Sponsorsg Merlin Berkey, Vice VEST 9 prgud of their senior cords. I-,sv f- rls," W ' 'ctureS "There Qoes my in the rain to have their Pl when 11-yey tools 0 dramatized a trial scene , G M llendore, President, Rurtella P d nt' Jane Ann Jones, TYGBSUYSV, afe f Third and second place winners of the Talent Show were the senior representa- tives, Judy Northcutt and Jane Ann Jones. f me senior Qlfls as me wail o xakenl Craft. 'i"x.-1' - - 'Q ol1',X sl C Jlib The twelfth and final year of their F.H.S. life has been reached and now the seniors must plan and think of what is to come in the future. Being Big Seniors was lots of fun, but the year was very busy. March found them walking around school with play books in hand, trying desperately to make their final dramatic production as outstanding as their first. The big night came and soon the curtain was drawn for the last time. They listened closely and kept their eyes open for information about the prom the juniors were planning for them, but they were still surprised when the night came. Too soon the month of May arrived. At Baccalaureate and Commencement they were very happy, but the sting of tears showed they realized they would no longer be students of F.H.S. Into the world they will iourney with the hope of using the things they have learned to the best of their abilities. But whether they become great or merely find happiness in the simplicities of life, these Seniors of T958 will always remember the strains of "Pomp and Circumstancej' 26 ' Prosecutor Smith seemed pleased when Judge Craft pronounced the defendant, Kenneth Cooke, guilty as the government class ' for convocation Jane Ann Jones who was the senior candidate for SHOW Queen, was escorted by DON FD t as MERLIN DAVID BERKEY RUNELLA ANN BLOCHER RONALD LEE BROWER CLass Treasurer 2 Vnce Prestdent 4 CLass Secretary 1 2 3 A Natlonal Honor d rtt Comctl 2 3 Nattonal Homo Soctety Uegy Q ,sms m as eybatl 1 59 5 2 SC QQ haplam 2 FF Oster club 4 Chorus 1 2 4 Lt D ze 2 3 -1 Sec A Boo J Do Laughed 3 School Daze 3 etbaLl I L r Trac no I s A Judg 2 State Demonstratton Contest 3 Lttrfe Dog Laughed 3 School Daze 2 3 Rotary Cnttzertshtp Award 3 'sw JERRY D BURNS FREDDIE HAROLD COLLINS DONALD TRENT CRAFT ent Councti 4 HIY 1 A HIY I 2 3 4 Vuce Presudent A Booster b etball 1 Track 1 Flonan Health and Safety Leader A Booster A Sc Club I ze 2 Fiona State Danry Contest 4 27 NANCY SUE ELLER JERRY ENSINOER Natnonal Honor Socuety 2 3 Sunshme Florian A osver Club 1 2 3 A Cho A Lnrle Dog Laughed 3 School Daze 2 KENNETH LEE FLORA ' A Tra Flonan A U I QODNEY LEE FLORA ROBERT DEAN JOHN ON v -1 Sgrgfarw v 5 .1 S Ude M C0 HCT J So vvmcl B er ea 0 .1 Pmswcuv ack Q J wr wg L adn C511 POW' J C LJCY' e y Cc vest f 28 JANE ANN JONES 55 Prcgfdem I Tea uru J Sm n uno! 2 qv: r ' A Navw-ova! Hon r ocncv, 3 -1 E r Peswc vw 51.11155 Secrcyav, 2 Reporter L 1 a po Us palm a 1 Qacu Mor 1 Qmcc ze 3 .1 Q an E d U s c Q 2 Larn ora 1 BONNIE SJE LANDES rtsI11neI 2 C 2 Sc Daze A SUE FLLEN LANDIS Umverstty Htgh ScI'1ooI Los AngeIes CaIr ma 3 A CIass Vice Prestdent 2 C r asarer I S rtshtrme I e President 3 A Bo U A GvrIs AthIetIc Assoc at eader cms ooI D ze 2 Florran PATRICIA JO LYON Eastern Hugh ScI1ooI Greentovvn I u dent CoImclI 3 A Secretary 3 Sunslm e eader 3 A ous A LI Dog Laughed 3 ScI'tooI Daze A Flornan 3 GERALDINE MOORE ansrtine I, 2, , A ws I, 2, Sc ze 3, . GARY MULLENDORE C ss President 2, 3, Ag Student CouncII , A, Presiden 4' National Honor - I y 2, , , I f I - z. , , , 4, Secretary 2 VIce Presi en , r sIdent 11, BasketbaII I, , , 45 Tr , 2, 3, 2 Little Dog Laughe 5 FIorian 3, Ag Hoosier Boys' State 35 Rotary Cttizen- ship Award I, 2. 29 JUDITI-I ANN NORTHCUTT ' Iona! onor ciety , , , Ice sident A- Sorthlne I, , 3, A, Boos U I ,,,, I -C , , 3, A- LitrIe Dog Laughed 3- School Daze Q- is I NED PARRETT SHIRLEY ANN FEANDLE J ANEIIE IREINE QKI 9 VIC sdom Svbdpm Conmm IorwaI Horror Sonny 2 ,Irv Na1Ion3I Honor Somew 3 Treasure rw C1 D zu V 3 oCao1aIr r ss JCCI If E. wchcc 3 cwooI Daz Ba I w rm ng Bwvtcd oswcr C ML mae oss :J I 4 REBECCA KAY QMITH JOICE ELIZABETH TAYEI2 CAIQL XIJAYNE XIACDNER 30 E' I C, IE- Cass 'Q Prr-I 3, A 'I Nat I 'J 3 -1, S sr Nawcle r- '.'E' , r E+' 7 .1, S.,r:e'wIc 27 ' f F , J, r I 2, 3, -1, Bocsfrrr CIEI: 3, CI'c'.,5 3 bl, I 2 3 -1 SH I 7 F' CIII: 2 J, .15 HIY I 2 3 A, Ir.-fsyor 3, FFA I LrrrIff DJ LmfrgIve'fI 3, Scfifn' 0 ' 2 CWC' 2 ' Z IN- J' 1 1 :H ' 3, SHWCCI 2 3 -1 Irvaswur 3, Ji, BasI4,rII:fII I, 2 Ehrman .1 Daz-f 2 1 G' ' ' P, F2 war, 3 .1,Ira:k I 2 3, -Sp BQSQEAII I 2, 3, V1 CYZ-Ie' 1 ' C , '1 3, C O Cc-G", 3, Q 'g I 2 3, -1 Stew Dairy Ccmesr 35 Irene Dcq L, J ,' ,SI 2 3 4, rrifg CIav. 3 QU I -'Ir Trophy 37 Ho r C -rw X Cr C ,wry Anarc: 3 Aw .-. ' ' - , Al X 1' I -.fr 4 V ' ' A. rw N J . 3 HMI' SHCI, .'.'-ew Pwr' S "sIrr"I Q 'S 4,-3 H I f 3 Sum lfnfi Sud' -f" CC"1crI -1, HIV P I -1 - ' 5.1 1 I 9' rfwr' CC "II 3 .1 4-f Q, Y. 'Lr.15frI,B.fr'ft ' Q 3 -1 Illxar Pu-51:w'T J, FPC I 2 -1 BAP". - I . . I ' 3 ,Z Nad-A Hxfy S: rw 3 4 ffi' ,' 2 3 -1 EEK-"I 1 2 I' 3 -I Cf1:."- " -3 5f1S1'!"'I I 3 ' rf I r 2 '- .1 Eff "1-I 2 3 -1 C: 'r'- 'r TW: L-xr'-': 3 SNL: lan 2 3:I:r ver" 3 L I, 2 3 -1, ' - '. ' " " Vff- -1 45:-V21 C5"',s' ' Cz' 3 -1 . L.,,l ,:, 4, Ejfyv, C KE- .,Y'. Q QALLY ANN WATSON HAROLD M WHITFIELD RICHARD L WILCOX Nattonal Honor Socuety 2 3 A Secret y Nattonal Honor Socuety 2 3 A HIY 2 A Boos Cu Sunshnnel 2 3 A Asststant Treasu Booster Club 3 A Student Manager I reasorer A nr 2 Son Track 2 Lmle Dog Laughed 3 Sc ooI L er 2 Booster CIubI 2 3 A Cho s ze 3 A Flortan 3 A Lrtrle Dog Laughe 3 Flora 2 3 A Assocrate Edrtor A Hooster Grrs State 3 Rotary Cutuzenslmp Award 2 DeI1a Theta Chr Award 3 KEITH WILSON IMOGENE YOUNG MAX EDWARD YOUNG 3 .1 B005 nslmne I A Cho I 2 Sc R po U I I A Ltttle Daze A ooster CIub Tr c Laughed 3 J gnng I 2 3 A State Daery Contest 2 3I t . L-vt HUVTV Joyce in the dmssmg YO Janna pugh Sponsor, Sandra Connie Briggs and S d JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: u t 4 T Guyerl Snow Q an ra Cassell jjj. Cassell Vice Plesldijnl Scalrilirygyjgd llaeuiZUrB?al4er,egj:onsor. wen' 5 Comm' SDOnsored bi Thi lluiioxrotlfsasslo lh President JOYC9 Kerm' ec "Could this be our Billy Badger?" wondered Bob Graf when the class re- ceived their sweaters, -a 1' ,, A as as Mc' Q s .Af : Q Roger B .. uv., b Stkne , El Pm . t - . 'and Bl' here s YOU' Cu , durinQ 6 'lie Junior c We Burns wo lc ,ll L' N fl C QD R S Two more rounds to go-fthat was the thought of many juniors as they began their busy year, Their first project was a play entitled "A-Feudin' Over Yonder." This portrayed the laziness and humor of the lives of the mountain folk. Billy Badger was very proud when the class received their white sweaters, for his picture was on the sleeves in black, Representatives were chosen from each class to compete for the title of "Snow Queen," a project sponsored by the juniors. Carol Mullendore, a freshman, was crowned Queen at the West Lafayette ball game and received 'nany gifts donated by the merchants. "It's a secret, secret, secret!" That was all the juniors would say when they were questioned about those long, private sessions, The result . . . a prom to remember! 32 af f wash for mom fungi! industriousjy Roger Beckner J ,4 Connie Briggs N -3 4: ' G 6' Blaine Burns A A 958' s 5 4, 'xy Herbert Campbell y tr ' J, "Bw Sandra Cassell u 1 3 L A - A Bonnie Chapman J ' Donnie Clingenpeel vi I Sharon Cook Q- Lowell Craft 'N f' J ku' ' G . f ff G JacobDarIing ll, V If tx Don Driggs Charles Dunham ' L, K K CUllai1Eikenberry J 7+ l Q Carolyn Ensinger ' U, , A L. J J r is Wayne ksserman . Q 27 l' tg' ' 'gn l. ' all X ' . J. Richard Evans Jenny Ann Flora Bob Graf Terry Guyer T7 Ann Helvle NUC Beverly Hufford Charles Jenkins Joyce Kerlin Ginny Koup Sonia Landis QF' Pat McGinnis Ronald Myer Herman Neff Carl Dean Oyler Carole Ryan K Mike Sunes Gary Skiles Jim Thompson Emmett Zook JU' Y'- QFTX A ,ap .Nye-Q.. rl' fs, f rw ,gy ,fr , ' . I X I 9 ' 1 ' ,,. 'IJ ' J i Oo - lv l gf X A by by ' . ' x .J ' I gh NJ. , " J' 1 I ll + V VE2 J f J J L ' , ro, :i,i ' J C if J 144 J 1 J A L - A. J- E V rv 6. I 2' . I .5-4 If A' ' , -A I 5 C kg l 'Ycqif .fl--B-fig':tJ'JfifJ? Q- ,LC-Mi.. sk jf. is 'X p -If-' 33 - .vffmv X'l-"1-'.3" . 3' FFlCERSa Frank 9 ' 5 Christine M SOPHOMQRE O 'dent' Lorraine Hellner' TleaSUrellAcGauQh6Yf 9 Snider, Vlie Presl I Collins Presidentz Leon Berlcey, Secretaryg Steve Q Sponsor. mos! bg event lold 'Vers' licenses' l l The ,heir " raining of 5 DBruiclrer Sponsor, Max "Are you sure this isn't hard cider?" Leon McGaughey doesn't seem to Trust Ron Clingenpeel and Fred Jones at the sophomore party for the freshmen. The ' Hlrolusoljvlftcilhores elm ' . 1 05? 'heir sock he degorarin lOsr all o l Q ph 'he' p The Turkey Tfmgym for np Lorraine Heffner a d P f "l meal: iwagfme' enioyed tim C ass rings The Short , e they had them. b. - the 0 hofftoles ls sOP Cf, ' , 3 Ula? l ?l fill Url? l?',S Class rings! That's what comes to the minds of most sophomores of F.H.S., and this class was no exception. It seemed like an eternity before they arrived, but the class agreed unanimously that the rings were worth it. The green freshmen were the guests of the sophomores at a party this year instead of having to endure the usual rough initiation. The class successfully sponsored a Sock Hop in the gym. Paul Hall, a Logansport disk jockey, spun the platters for a very large crowd. ln the spring the class enloyed an indoor swimming party at the "Y" in Kokomo and also sponsored a movie at the Flora Theater. 34 Sara Adams Clnrisvine Berkey Marion Blocher Sonia Chapman Joyce Christiansen Glen Clrngenpeel Ronnie Clrngenpeel Jnm Collrns Steve Collans Barbara Ensnnger Karen Flora Kenneth Flora Rnclnard Fouls Jackie Garrrson Gaylord Haan Lorraune Heffner Mrke Hoffman Marvun Jervns Fred Jones Jerrlyn Jones Carol Maxwell Carolyn Muller Fred Maller Phyllis Molwle Mnke Murphy Everett Oyler Dwnglwr Patrnck Jerry Pnfzer Bob Reed Jnm Ruffner Frances Scott Janalue Smuth Max Snrder Betty Qpear Patty Stayer Patty Wagoner James Walker Patty Wallace Grover West Joyce West Lrnda Young Dean Zook fr ? ,.. S 'f '5- 1' E gy Q-. 35 QQ? . ee ,- is Q---Q T5 Z R. fx' -we Y' f'-'Q 1113 My ,kv W fear L. F 11 7 'U' 1 gg.. ll K a v TV Th - e freshmen enioyed 5 poygyuck SU Sunshine initiation 4 . T Charles Snider, Vice Presidenb Slewar FRESHMEN OFFIQERS: K em Cook and .lOYCe Baker, 5P0l'l' Demulckerl lTtllTlslIdeTfeasEi:il: tfrontl Jill Flora' Secrel sorsz Bent! ' 5' Q A Affteri e"Sch Can Band Ool pa . stand Stime We ' S favorite af, W5fChin 9 and d dftcin ' Q Qebfa was O S7COU't'efed bymiiiilfme new Swim Y"QQs illustraied an feshmen. Wendy E, . oung and Daniela pigsiarion fo, Kay Steve "Little Louie" Boller took first place in the Talent Show. ,qi -v, .lt ,R .E,S.lfl ll . Green! That's what they were called. They knew they were green, and didn't like to be reminded of it. But they have better things to which they can look forward. Class rings . . .sweaters . . . plays . . . proms . . . and finally graduation. They have some grand memories of this year though. The party given by the sophomores instead of the usual rough initiation was very nice. They struggled with different subiects as they began their high school education. With a fourth of their high school days behind them, they will return next fall eager to con- tinue their studies, fun, and friendships. 36 ff' sv ,i 'T -,A PPQV as their informal 9 70 The Duck Allen B Janus Beneft l Qand a eve Bolle Wendy Brrggs Mary Jane Burns Vallot Cnaprnan Barbara Craft Stewart DeBrutcker Madonna Eller Sharon Erstnger Angela Flora J ll F a Phyllus Flora Arlene Frazee Darlene Frazee Geneva Galluen Tom Gronnnger Ronnre H lfner Jerry Hicks Joyce Hollts Lyndal Hood Clarence Jervis James Knrnmerer Kent Klng Beverly Knnzer Gale Kunzue Kenneth Lehman Malcomb Looker Jumor Lucas Robert MQC IH Helen McGtnn:s Jtrn Mclinnley Harlan Muller Betty Mnlls Carol Mullendore Jackte Mullendore Dantela Pttzer Julua Redrnon Sylvta Reed Claudette Sales Charles Snuder Janette Tngnor Carolyn Tyra Ted West Kay Young Mary Ann Young T-' Us '?"vv xx 4 7 .,, 47 Avs G. E 3 v S.. 'Us .JL YJ' T' 5 'U- ni Wu UN -4-" AL. X hw s..l :Ew- or T' 37 I ' 4 'A A ' M - 1, Wayne ezkner 4, 1 . bf-IH .5 n ' lf - f ' M Q lf td, f 1 u r Bl-Je vt U ' s , g .D sr r - fini P. 'ltd t l L f- l . u 3 . - 'B' L' x , , - Y? , 3- t- JL. J Q J n i i lor . - ' if . 'X' L, ' J 4 I A 5 r X L I 'Q . , ' 'H-J ' C' G, J 4-' A' , X? A ' Y ' "-X V ZVN H A of f K rin , V K, 1- l . A I W ' , I X 4 Y A my K' . . y il- ll , af if Y MEF V , , 'Q ,W J "l' W J , ' x r J hx W ' B . F' . f .1 ' rf , , K 'Lg H . va, ,557 y ei, . My 1- ll I ' X xx ll L - W i - ' V .. 5' - 6- 3 'ir 9. I I WW. in 624 1 "' " J " X l R .A - L J . Ke ... an I V S -if V M .Lg V my J' V. . ws f - ,, y Q A A ,, ' ,x . ,, J q 1 J A - tv- r A K lu- .1 Q.- sb- .5 C' vt 4, . 2 1 4 if f, K X A X" 1 X 4. B 1 'U Q. ,,- is 3.1 ,fs I ll- xf L 7 I M 1 -3 4-l Q 1 'I L Q- C 6 Ng fl ' is '. G- ' SL. 'Q Lx I H, i 'vu 1 5: 4 ' L- ' 7 .rl . ,-Y 31, ,fb , , 1,1 H I I xx .411 .., L ' - A Q, 1' 62' , , -f 'L 6 f, .A . ,f rfa li 'Db A. 5- ' Nz? L "U rs 13,31 . - fl I G H'fFfl5l GRA DE ElGHTH GRADE OFFlCERS1S6-areci: agberf Hanes S5209 scrp Joe Collins, Treawlel' , Q D ,haw Q65 gyar-arg: Harry Jones Presioein, -MVC' M ' V Presiclenv. ,warn Torn Langston, ICC 38 Top row: Alan A-yres, Dean Beclcner, Dan Nlishop, Ellen Chap- man, Joe Collins, Patsy Collins, Bob Crispen, Anita Cerrig Jack Draper. Seccrd row: Ronald Draper, Sharon Donham, Stanley Evans, Sharon Gallien, Gloria Garrison, Parry Ginn, Ann Guckien, Martha Guise, Ned Guyer. Third row: Pat Hallam, Charles Helvie, Larry Hughes, Carroll Jervis Harry Jones, Tom Langston, Gary Matson, Ralph Max- -.xe'l, Darrell Nlrller. Fourth rc.-.ff Carolyn Mocherrnan, Fannie Vloore, Mpon Neff, Auzeline O.-ysley, Ramona Pearson, Bn Root, Mary Loo Schnepf, Manly' Siiorl, Ron-fe Sibray Bc":'ri ro.-yr Jon Sinhh, Terry Snider, Jirn Smrcliyarn, Penny Thornsori Barbara Wallace Jvn Wasorr John Whpple "iss rg- Terry Bnghv. lf' f:.J X 1 ' . 1 Q-wr ,Q f - Q' x 2 l ' 1: -. J ,,, W 6. 1 , . l if , AA 5- 6 N 51 A I 5. . 2' tv suis' ,fi " V45 mL 1 I 1 K V- fl 1 :7 VS ' ,f.3 7 r - E .,,, ff f J , -r 12 1 Q' L 5 A 'F tu, 1 v s . l . E V Q I 3 5 A I - , ' 'ix 4 J J D ,-..,-.,.,, x w I V- X x Y-I S li V,lr'lN'l',lil C,?rlf?,.rXlDh, Top row: Sandra Allen, Judy Angle, James Austin, Robert Campbell, Torn Clark, Delores Daniels, Amanda Darling, JarnesEller,Sl1irley Finney, Seccr-cl row: Rosalene Flora, Sue Flora, Mike Gibson, Bill Hallarr, Noreen Hallam, Jan Harrnon, Darrell Hoffman Con' nie Hugnes, Carl Humbarger. Third ren: Jerry Huniplfr, David lrnler, Leo James, Sse lo,- vorn James Matson, Paul Miller, Carl Miller, Judy Mullen, dore Louann Neff. Fourth row: Marilyn Patrick, Chester Riggle, David Scl"'52b Pamela Segraves, Leann Skiles Judy Snider, Carol,n Spear Nelline Spear, Joe Spurgeon. Bartow row: Dona Tinsrnan, Martin Trent, Slwirief Wagoner Williarn Walker, Wlweeler, David Whipple, Sharon Weiland, George Wetzel, Fred SEVENTH GRADE OFHCERS: Judy Snider Sgcfeyawi Treagwap r H , , Ja res Austin Vice Presidemf peg i',mGQ,Q' Pr ' -. . esidert, Joe Hendrix, Spomso, 'V- ,. on 'C' If' .0 +ve Q.. L V 'X S. K- i XJH lla! Harold W ed when rh Qvaders Wefe 'mllgu se The sx Class ex 6 9 a ink W, R 1' 54 ta? 1 QU Q'-V in 'li ,M in Q R XDE Top row Judy Albaugh Ron Anderson J h eneflel Ph! o n Ayres Slmrle r Bnggs Jeff B C rum Barbara Bunch Donal ampbell Jerry Chaflnn Davrd Chapman Second row Judy Clnngenpeel Peggy Colllns Danny Dunham u efte Ell s ordon le aron rnne E Ga len Mlckre Gull Carolyn Gunn Kathy Haan Third row Dlxle Halarn Charles Hamllton Sandy Ha, Chuck Hendrlckson Wanla Howard Lnnda Lucas Randall Lynch John Mclinnley llnda Mocherman Donnwe Mull Fourth row Jm My Bull Northcun Jlrn Payne Jarnes en nm Ton Lculs n ard ana Randle vl Ree Ter Reef Davld Reeve Henry Robinson Bofrcrn row Sue R001 Rrchard Slules Bobby Curface Rose r rr G an l e a l W n Su Wcze Car Wnr C Yo rf d T I .- I 'v ., 1, y K 4 L , - , J :sr as ee-ff , x 'L : I' X . L , all L . , , ' :LW Us le 4 . K l Q x 9. - L - . "" K, ' f. - 1 ' If 4' ' Q ' Y ' I S N -A Y", - - C A Mlm. . .1 .- it , ,, ' ' r- - 5. .. l 'Q vw Y' L- 4 - V. ' JL., as V, , JV, le 4. R , Y J tn A l C fm... , L A1 ' J 5' f , l J y fn ' 5. i H. A J , . .qs Rxltv V35 ' K , V :dx f ,lb-4 , : .fi . as a fb 5 5 J A ' X C C :ai . r H C 1 , lb' lm A I -f ' ,Q 3 , 'S . . , if 9 ' S' v L 4 ff sk- , f ' 'w gs' wa V x S f VA, .J N lg! - F t rf Y X 5- BJ l X ' , , R J .. .f S UA P' I l w f f y rf as K Q 'x " y r ' y J C .LXR . if .. 4:1 . J 1, B I , I ,I I I , I, Pal I Q, G H1 Sh F' ly, all ll' f A : R ser, ' , ' , P - ' Q , ' Pr lm , D , A d, ry , , . . ra, r',.ll T.rl,B'll ago, le . 1 ll fle' , Law, ung 1 s l gfs -J E pl ,fled who cre1S Ol rr ld nd 'C pl' " Spa ' 40 Below: These filth grad- rnas spirir by deco'ating T, If 6 ' f 7 5 tj, S4 L , K 'P' 6 - '- li ixck? 1 -Q3 A I 'K p".s. a 4 'i I sf 5 f , fi L V . . R' A , 45 H I n - A Tfni A Juli lil' V YV 0 'x C 'Qi is av 4 sf Q .4 N . Qi: C- N v ' Q X . i ,emi i A : ' 6 . 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Smart fy' llQ', F-fn "'CC'e, B'ace, '.'iJlei'cic'e Jear '.',e's Te", O-yer, no'se', Jane Pa'ty, '.'a'ca Peafscn Bob Pefigc Jsnic' P-'karzr Nas "e Prakard. Sxth ro.-y: Jody Pitts Sue Price Wally Reeve Debbie Sisscrtf ff-'ene Snwith Virgmia Spear, Harold Stordivant, Charles Sylvester, Pam Tho'vson, 'y'.a'cia Trapp. Bottom row: Christine Wagoner, Bill Warnick, Frank Wertz Geralcfne Nnite Jane Wilson, Marsha Zinn. L I QEQQ 5 5 V V 1 Q-r' l f ikmd 1 0. I ti' T' I U QQQA -'Q Amerlta n growl ed O' a vs Plep I Cub sCOu ,,.p-ew We CDLRTH CJR ...Lil ADH Davud Ayres Joln Ayres ron Brower Thomas Brower Top row Jrmmy Allen Sheryl Alle Mnke Bushop Cheryl Brrggs Sha Joy Calendar V1 Second row Connle Chnstlansen E er D nald E Irs Sandra ue Fora Sarah Flora Roger Gnbson Glory Ha Thfrd row Ch arlotte Helvne Sherry Hendnckson Davld Hacks Deanna Hughes Dennls Humphrey Andy Jackson Nelda Johnson Steven Jordan Mvchael Lantz Deanna Loyvorn Fcurlh row Debbne Mann Bobby Matson Galen Muller Jerry Muller Tlmmy Muller Reatha Mocherman Seclonna Reames Jlmrny Reed Cheryl Reef Muke Robnson Ffrh row Jeff Rose Bonnne Seedorf Jennlfer Sharnbaugh U Sbray y les me kres yr mr Ur Sparks James Spear Carolyn Walker Tum DeBrUlck er Shnr ey Duc Fnsher Mark B rom row Lena Whnfleld Sreven l Vlnllams Melocy Znn ssrng Sandra Jones S teyen Schechter 1 5 ' ' I I 1 is 5 K 1 f J A lx ,A . - Nl , ns .X T , - 6. -, 2' is X Q ' Q Q- i i Q v U A S M " ' ,A ' , J' A - , X 1 C ' l. ' XFX, ws- .3 - V317 1 Y K - 1 l Gnu A V , ., r , Q A - Q . , . l , 1 1 I . .. Q' - -. L P, lx Q A A as A A b Q I -, 'l -' A ,S - S X S, ,. , - S A-Q A Q v ' A A - ' '- v , - 4 A x - 4 - X X 3 A K X 'es C alll X J 'xl A L. ng.. , , fee, , We X Y X , - 4 f,e. l X l A l 4 ff' 1.3351-.gf , m ll , 0 iq Pf, 'k ' , I , , ' , ll. I ,,,. l 'Pal al gRlck Sn ,Bon' s'l,Da'ds,hrJlQ 3 4 42 , . - C., 'S-f . 5 v 5' ' - ' f 5. Q1 "I 1 ' ' fx Qxis . 3- ' ST' - -J... ..'. rd, J F I , . I e 'i Xl 5-1 A 5..- 4Q" 'vw-f gf' NJ 'T'lnflllRD Q J XD Top row Vnckte Allen Davud Bass Mark Beckner Blly Bell Carolyn Coll ns Judy Curts Second rov Gary Dotf Donovan Flora Lonnne Garnson Tony Gll Brenda Green Ann Goyer Larry Hanaway Peggy Hendrnckson D: ne Herndon John Hess Tb rd rcfv Btll Howard Sandra Hughes Janet Hurnes Lana unplwrey C nthta Jul .15 err nzer nn e tn Duane Knapp B 'l Koop Sally Lovyorn .Jrtlw r y Bobl: f a n Joyce Matson K nneth McWhorter art 'Atlltgar' ery r r ara oo e r a J ndo e Go don r- o e Jo n Manda O fs e, F f lu roxy Hugh P nkard Ltnda unlcard Charlotte Reed Farna e J ntfe R et Cyntlwla Segraves Tony Smntlw Bonnt Trent Brenda Wagoner 'Vleredttlt Nagoner Botrom row Robet J etzel Charlene Young , fi' L' ' J - - K. I 8 I ' T . 1 . i 41 B' - xl e- ,, V x' , l 4 1 ' 2 1 r QL N - x , ,,'-. BNI , - , Y , - 1 1 - ' ' ll I t he I W , QM , , ic ll t i 2 4, + 1 ' ' 'Q U A X ' . - rv- , , . 1 -f N I-...., X 'Wm 1 A ,pi 1 X N 1 A V t :Q 4 . 4 . , Tl A I A I . . I . I I i I Kristen Brirn, Carol Brower, Kathy Butcher, Will Cooke, l , ' . i r t . , , Ht , y , T y KI , Lo 2 K' ze, ' t , ' . Fo' cv: 1' Jt r'l , , e , Stu t ' ' ., Cn 'T Mille, Ba b M r , B end M l- ie r , ' Mfle d f , ln Myer 'W .- l -r t f t f 9 t , ' 9' , , , Re d, e ' r e , ' ' , ' , Ae r J , f J X , X, fs ' li . r-' ' 1- er -f ,fs nov' . L' 'D r 'r -Q 0. G., J ff -r I 4 5. I 3 6: K, W ' f. .biikxy .Ph V' Y' 52 ,- I wi N-h. 'ue is--f A- A ur rx wr- Ml A -Y s L 1. ,, Y, X71 4 'L . '-.Q4 Y 9' E-' Q.: 1 . vu s-f r 'F Ln. ... AN x .wg ,. vs, t' 3-, ' L 1' . Y' Q E' A 3' x x 3 -'J Q. W Q.. X , ji Q 4 Ar' .xl A is Y' ,Xu X 1 N hx. fb -v V- G- ov- 1... vb ' F s-v' bi L A L 'Y A LTA.. 5 1 k on Q' sv., N, s... 'Dev' A slr' ki' 481' ov 5.-1 w... kv-' ea 9 Secs' C V Q' C our 011:65 9.1- 44 4,.,J QV U ON row Jemmfer Arrow P rrcra HN Bu ge N U Q R XDEL 1.-1 -5 ' 2 on Phrl A res Davrd Baxver Ro er re ednh Cabre Roger Carrvpbelr Vrcrorra Chrmck Kerry Crark S san Cow n mms Cr 9 a Crorsorw Lmda Eakenberry Lrn a vere1rDrUCrlra Lage BO by Garrerr Larry Garrison Ka my Graf c, 0 Hamrrow Kervbw Haniy rc. aron Ha laugh Jo C rr va 'fcfvho Yer Yr C CG r u C Q Lr orward R , Q Ham on Debb e Hend rdnscrw ue ca 6, cm, rw mm Ke c K auss cas ac le oe a c Learrr a Robrsov Om 1 a oo a rwcs adn L 3 r O17 M9 1- 1 Anim V - ff' A 1 L L 1-.Axe 155' is N nn. - i , 1 Q, M. all lx: A- 5,. 54 ' A I is N ,i 2 " C ' "fl 5 b C fx g S vii X 8 ,he ' -5 1 i ' ' it M J ' 5 'I vii Below Mrs, D,son's iungle gard n arnazed A ' , A these lirst graders -. , Ks,..y.y,j J ' If i ID ' if FHRJ T CR JXDE i Top row: Nancy Allen, Janice Anthony, Carol Austin, Malinda Ayres, Mark Bass, Annette Bell, Mark Brim, Janis Brower, Cathy Christiansen, Ronnie Collins. Second row: Tornrny Cooke, Stephen Cripe, Jean Crowson, Corrine Damon, lyan Darling, Danny DeBruicker, Christy Dunham, Leah Eikenberry, Rita Eller, Darrell Fife, Third row: Merrill Fife, Jackie Fulton, Carolyn Garrett, Deborah Garrison, Tommy Gasaway, Sharon Gibson, Susan Gilsori, Fretta Green, Mcna Heltner, Tommy Helyie. Fourth row: John Hughes, Kenneth Hughes Caroline Humes, Denns Jenkins, Bobby Kingery, Stanley Langston, Mariorie Maxwell, Tornrny Miller, Danny Mills, Kathie Mills. Fifth row: Patricia Mocherrnan, Douglas Moore, Kenneth Mull, David Myer, Sherry Parrett, Johnny Payne, Kenneth Pennington, Susan Perigo, Edward Pinkard, Judy Pinkard, Sixth row: Steve Pinkard, Bobby Pitts, Jarnes Rieken, Patrick Robison, Diane Rose, Dewey Steele, Billy Tinsrnari, Marlene Trapp. Bortorn row: Phoebe Warnpler, Joyce Wetzel, Dale Yoder, 45 for I have found my world an you if X 9 LL-5 W I V, ! f , W H W 'O-4L,., 'in-rf Seated: G, Mullendore, Mr. Rose, Sponsor, Jane Ann Jones, Lyon Koup, R. Smith. Standing: Driggs, Mr. Coolce, Faculty Representative, J. Walker, W, Beckner, J, Burns, Johnson, C. Wagoner, F. Miller. WTI' ' flue Sfuutlenf Counrill Is the 'Votive of the Stfurlenf Body The Student Council, which is composed of representatives of the high school grades and organizations, is the student governing body and their voice in school affairs. Its main purpose was to provide varied and interesting convocations. Besides the seasonal programs, they sponsored the annua Color Clash Day, Talent Show, guest speakers, and films. Fo the protection and safety of the students, a new system wa devised for fire drills. Each Student Council member was sta tioned at a certain place to direct those leaving the building This democratic organization will continue to represent ani govern the students of Flora High School. Top: ReBe'::a Smith, Vze President, Gary Mulferwdore, Pres cent, Jane Ann Jones, Secretary-the Student Councl offcers. B:":rn. Jerry Burns d'ec'ed studerus on e sta 'C cfarng a 1 e dr l J hi.. This .vas 'he third year for the National Honor Society at FHS. Mencloership is based on the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Sixteen new rnefnbers .were added to the society during the second semester. A highlight in the activities of the organization was dining at Marshalls in Lafayette and 'hen a'tending a mythological Greek play, "Medea," a production of the Purdue Playshop. The sponsor, Effie Douglas, entertained the society in her new horne for their Christrnas fneeting. ln Decernber they also sold horne-nnade candy at the PTA. rneeting in order to sub- stantially increase their treasury. The Senior Breakfast, the society's farewell to their graduating rnernbers, concluded the year's activities. Top The Honor Society officers, Judy Northcutt, Vice President, Ginny Koup, Secretary, Jane Ann Jones, Pres dent, and Ned Parrett, Treas- urer, admired Mrs, Douglas' fireplace, Bottom: Second semester initiates into the Horor Society wereAFront row: Joyce Kerlin, Phyllis Mohler, Janalie Srnith, Sara Adams, Lorraine Heffner, Jerilyn Jones, Carol Maxwell, Patty Stayer, Sonia Chapman, Carolyn Miller. Back row: Fred Miller, Marion Blocher, Fred Jones, Culfan Ekenberry, Steve Collins, Mer- lin Berkey, Harold Whitfield fre-instatedj, Seated: Parrett, Jane Ann Jones, Mrs Douglas, Sponsor, Koup, Northcutt. Standing Randle, Hufford, R, Srnith, R, Myer, G. Mullendore, J. Slniles, T. Guyer, R. Blocher, Watson. 1 ao L ll Q S1 icieij' l'cff8JI'lEIl SiXl8ED X'EWY .Q l EIIIJUETS ' 1 7 a If-K Seated P McG1nnts R Smnth Watson Standing frort row J Stayer Adams Jerllyn Jones Cassell Mass Metzger Sponsor L Heffner Scott P Stayer Johnson Second row B Burns Murphy H ttord Rande Kerltn Ryan Coolc J Hendrckson G Haan R Fora F J s J Burn G Mullendore J Ens nger Myer F Collms Bac row Whtttteld Graf D tggs one Kenneth Flora V'xl DTJELH QTIPI IITS OT lull The hnghest score yet' That was the exclamation of the ults from C S P A Columbia staff when they receuved the res Unrverstty ID the T957 nattonal yearbook competutlon Out ot TOOO pornts the Flornan receuved a score of 933 vvhtch gave them a first place ratnng Increase sales a dravvung Those vvho had placed eltgnble tor the prnzes any p p Involved In producvng thus book The purchase prnce pays less actual cost Other means of ftnancvng tnclude d d al school pictures assessments to or for the thvrd consecutnve year To vvas held at the end of the campatgn thenr orders before the deadltne xere M eo le do not realuze the expense than halt ot the the sale of tn tv: u t d gantzatrons and advertnsung The statt especlally apprectae h ads the cooperatton of the merchants who have placed t enr f me the book Wuthout each of these sources o lnco In this T958 Floruan would not be possrble "r oovce se o s rn r c o vcr 1 C ng o rev Bus t ve y and e s Jo,ce e ke Murph, 50 ll Sflfl D01 DETZP slQ.PCPJVFCl "s ' 1 .lfltgluesf .lgsilllllg Whether you say "school days" or School Daze-at F.H.S. they both mean a summary of all that goes into the lite of a Flora student. That this goal has been successtully achieved Nas evident, for in last year's competition a Medalist rating Nas awarded School Daze by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia University. This long-desired top rating was a fitting cli'nax after many years of First-Class ratings. A collection ot papers from other schools allowed for an interesting comparison of F.l-l.S. activities with those in other schools. This exchange list included papers from all over the country. Cooperation of the English department provided the creative vvriting for each issue. Top: Nancy Eller, Proof Editor, Jane Ann Jones, Editor, and Connie Briggs, Associate Editor, proudly display their Medalist certificate and scoreboolc. Bottom. Harold Whitfield cleaned and adiusted the rnirneograph to keep it operat- ing efficiently. Seated: C. Briggs, Jane Ann Jones, N. Eller. Standing, front rovv: J. Christiansen, J. Skiles, B. Chapman, S. Chapman, Miss Metzger, Sponsor, C. Berkey, A. Helvie, Janalie Smith, C. Miller. Second row: R. Blocher, J. Flora, C. Maxwell, P. Wagoner, l. Young, Sonia Landis, Koup, B. Landes, G. Moore, J. Northcutt, Lyon. Back row: H. Whitfield, M. Berkey, Parrett, J. Burns, J. Darling, Sines, C. Wagoner E. Zook. sa CJ' 'Q so Q9 YI L l Z 4 ' X - X I Front row: D. Clingenpeel, H. Miller, Kenneth Flora, J. Thompson, Sines, Boller, Max Young, R. Heffner, M. Hoffman, Jenkins. Second row: F. Miller, Whitfield, M. Berkey, Esserman, C. Wagoner, G. Mullendore, Eikenberry, Johnson, Rodney Flora, G. Clingenpeel, Kenneth Flora. Third rovv: Mr. Hendrix, Sponsor, G. Skiles, L, Craft, Oyler, C. Snider, Kinzie, W. Beckner, R. Myer, W. Beckner, Fouts, G. Haan. Fourth row. Graf, E. Zook, M. Blocher, M. Snider, F. Jones, S. Collins, H, Neff, R. Beckner, Myer, B. Burns, Wilsorf, Parrett. Back row. J. Darling, T. Guyer, R. Zook, D. Patrick, G. West, Wilcox, J. Pitzer, Brower, R. Evans, Driggs, D. Craft, J. Burns, F. Collins, Hi9Y Boys Tried Lo Lfzlve 'Lvp to Their Slogan "The Flora l-li-Y organization will now come to order. What is the purpose of l-li-Y?" asked the president. The group replied in unison, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The president then asked, "What is the Platform of Hi-Y?" The group responded, "Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Living." Thus went the formal opening of the Hi-Y meetings, and all members tried to live up to it to the best of their abilities. Through various projects they strive to uphold their Hi-Y ideals. Top: l-li-Y Officers: Carl Wagoner, Vice President, Merlin Berkey, Chaplain, Gary Mullendore, President, Bob Johnson, Song Leaderg Cullan Eikenberry, Treasurer, Wayne Esserman, Secretary, Rodney Lee Flora, Sergeant-at-Arms. Bottom: Hi-Y boys had a "grab-bag" instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas time. lv? 1 fbi A Y' The Sunshine officers, Chi-jsyjne Berkey Secremry. S H W reasurer, Ginny Koi-,p A5 Y 1 T ' fl B atson, president! R B I susan reasurer, Connie Briggs, Vice E ecfa Smllhr President ro dl A - . new pop Com machine. f P U Y Uhibited the society: hcutt, adde . ' l pre- H J dy NON h e QMS HO HON Ngghyh sugsniymai Program the Suns in reverilnj thi Breihren Home' Seine i Q 'f Y X uns iners Xvisifed the Brethren ome The Flora Sunshine Society started the year with a beautiful formal initiation for its new members. ln order to help with the preparation of the year's pro- gram in each society in accordance with the state-wide theme, a camp is conducted each spring. Last year eleven members attended, as well as three former Flora Sunshiners who served as counselors. To try to live up to a portion of their creed, "I shall make the obiect of my life helpfulness and kindness to others," several girls presented a Christmas program at the Brethren Home. Among the interesting programs this year was a representative from The Golden Rule in Logansport who showed the latest styles for spring, and Mrs. Tom Ayres, who gave pointers on dancing. Kneeling: A, Frazee, R, Smith, P. McGinnis, Watson, G. Moore, H. McGinnis Ryan, Cook, A. Helvie, L, Heffner, Second row: J, Skiles, G. Gallien, P. Flora, V. Chapman, Jill Flora, C. Mullen dore, B, Spear, Mohler, Christiansen, K. Young, J. Stayer, Janalie Smith Jerilyn Jones, D. Frazee. Third row: Scott, Kerlin, S. Chapman, B. Landes, I. Young, M. Burns, Blue M. Eller, C. Briggs, J. Hendrickson, B. Chapman, C. Miller, R. Blocher Mrs. Murphy, Sponsor. Fourth row: Mills, Kinzer, C. Maxwell, B, Ensinger, Benefiel, P, Wallace A, Young, B. Craft, Karen Flora, Redmon, W. Briggs, S, Ensinger d to the tone of M' . Adams, Huftord, Jennie Flora, P. Stayer. Back row: Lyon, J. Northcutt, P. Wagoner, Sonia Landis, Koup, N. Eller, A Flora, Cassell, Sales, J. West, D. Pitzer, J. Garrison, C, Ensinger, Randle Hollis, S. Reed, Jackie Mullendore, Tyra. KJ Front row: D. Frazee, H. MCG rants, Jerilyn Jones, Cock, A. Pazee. Secord row: Guck ery Kirg, T lanftstch, Jtlteecr, Redoron, Cark, V Chaz: ar, ., Brass, Car' Hcrnbarger, A. He'vie. my Third row. Boler, D. Hoffrnan, P. S'a,er, Graf, F. Jones, 'Nl Hailani L, Neff, J Snide: C, Mu endore, P. Ginn, R. Campbell Back row: Mr. Hodshire, Director, Silinerzf '.'l Fll ,-', Blue Ll. Cwrwilnel M Sncler, ffxinliy, R ,ltjtygfr Son a Land s, T. Sn der, J. Stayer, J l Flora f " . Ellllll PT'llf1fI"I'IflPll ill Dllll' lgillililhllbfflll lill'l'lPS .HH .B -D , . .. . ,. "Left, right, left' was a familiar cry again for the rrarching forty, The band started their season with a fiye-nnan front and four rnaiorettes. The nunwber per- forrning in the shows at the horne basketball games was increased by tl e addition of new nwernbers from the iunior band and a fifth nnaiorette. The band had planned to enter the State Marching Contest at Valparaiso, but the "flu bug" interfered. They added color to the year by participahng in the Band Day at Purdue, the County Spring Festival at Camden, and Floras Annual Spring Concert. Their last performance was a tribute to the seniors on CO""7W6HC6'TT6fTT night. il ll lfl l KVI" .lift I1 ll Fror' ren, J lp tts, L Hi I K E+-inlicrr, 'C GJ' so" 'C 'Cnr F lloff C Q 5 SET' Marsha Zinn, B Str lf-S Sfrwfr rw. Cami Hur-1. ujn' Civ: r 5? T ',,.rrlc,s-r J ini.-s f .'. 5 T B-one A Jizvsci- E Fisl U G PJ- S He- . L-,J S csc' Hoare' ' Bw? D S""l Z J S' it Q C' -1 C T Defiru co-er, B lNc"':-" F Ergo, 9.63 I 7 The Chorus Pre-lcficerl Diligenflg' llOI' Tl1BiT Tour "Stompin' at the Prom" was one of the songs the chorus sang at the Spring Festival at Camden. They also sang at the Art and Garden Club. Along with the band, the chorus sold candy to make money so they could go on tour. They visited the schools of Carroll County singing songs of different types such as "I Love Paris" and "God So Loved The World." The chorus sang a cappella most of the time. With seventy voices and only sixty minutes a week for practice, the results were commendable. They closed their year's work with the annual VTTGVTCSTTTSDT. Top: The chorus rehearsed for the Spring Festival. Bottom: John Hodshire summoned the grade children to music class. Front row: Mohler, C. Mullendore, Jerilyn Jones, L. Heffner, C. Briggs, Sales, A. Flora, B, Spear, J. Christiansen, S. Chapman, Gallien. ,Second row: P. McGinnis, Adams, Jackie Mullendore, K. Young, V, Chapman, D. Frazee, A. Frazee, J. Stayer, B. Chapman, Redmon, Jill Flora, M. Eller. Third row: M, A. Young, B. Craft, Cook, Ryan, Benefiel, Randle, N. Eller, A, Helvie, C, Berkey, P. Wagoner, Janalie Smith, C. Miller, Mr. Hodshire, Director. Fourth row: M. Hoffman, M. Blocher, Kinzer, H, McGinnis, Mills, Lyon, Northcutt, Cassell, Sonia Landis, Koup, Watson, R. Blocher, P. Wallace, P. Stayer, R. Smith, Back row: M, Snider, Graf, F. Jones, M. Berkey, Kenneth Flora, T. Guyer, R. Myer, Johnson, C. Eilcenberry, Driggs, R. Beckner, S. DeBruicker, D. Clingenpeel, J. Thompson. at Spring Concert and provided music for Baccalaureate and Com- 3 I 1 A yr--1 Frohr ro.-.fr Tlnsrpari, Daniels, A. Darifrig, S. A"er1, S. Ficra, G. G5rrIson Segrayes, S, Wagoner, L. Skies. Secchd ron: Mrs. Pugh, Soonsor, Corrs, We iarid, N. Spear, Ahge Judy Mei eridore, Ha"r'ori, S Dywhafh. Third ro.-.': S. Gefen, R Fiora, Peony Thofrsoh, C. Hugi'es, F. Moore L. Neff, Sci'-rez:5, J, Sr1ice', P. Gian P. Reed. Back ro.-.1 N. Haiarr, Finney, M. Pavick, M. GJ se, R. Pearson, P. Coiims E. Chazimarv, Gxif eh, C.-.5 ey, B. .'.a"ice. Sun .ifay i..ii1"is ifiuiprwi Wiiiin The iiDTTVP Som Ray giris are iimior high SUV1Si'iil'TGFS,DUfiUQiiT9iV Two years of fhehebership, they begin The practice of helping others. They poi a io? of iiV7'9 and effort 'hfo Their proiecis. Oh The Saturday precedihg their Poiio Drive, The giris soid Forfurie Cards as a send-off for the campaign. The foilowimg week, rhirwiaiure iziue cruiches were ayaiiabie in reform for corvribuiioris io the Drive. Togeiher with The JohiorfY, the girls pre- served a coh'foca?'oh program. They also hyiiezi The boys fo a iiahce af 'he Co'r'f"uhify Buiicifhg. Thlg ig a he'pfoi orgarwizafiorw For Qorwior Hgh gir's. Tcp: S-w Ray Cficers: S"a':h Dqrf' Suv: , Va, Q i"e:,? P 5 y Sopg i.eaCie': F-fo Cx-G" P':i:"'r' C51 " E T' Pia' S' B3"f"r A cis, I., PC-"' Sur Pa, "'ee"ogs. fl 1 5 Tulle Juniorzwf .Joinecl the Sun ays in hvarious .racfivifies This was the second year for this organization at Flora, and it was off to a very good start. All iunior high boys were in the club and they were preparing themselves to become better Hi-Y members. For their meetings, they had debates, recreation, etc. The group exchanged gifts at their Christmas meeting, and a select group of Junior-Y boys and Sun Ray girls gave a combined talent show for the remainder of the groups. The Sun Ray and Junior-Y organizations gave a convocation during January. The boys also gave a dance for the Sun Ray girls in March. Top: Junior-Y Officers: Harry Jones, President, Larry Hughes, Vice President, Dean Beckner, Secretary'Treasurer. Bottom: "Casey at the Bat" was the skit with which the Junior-Y and Sun Rays entertained at a convocation. Front row: R. Gibson, Riggle, lmler, J. Matson, Clark, Schnieb, D. Whipple, Wetzel, Carl Humbarger. Second row: D. Hoffman, Humphrey, J. Draper, A. Ayres, Crispen, Bright, Root, D. Beckner, Carroll Jervis, R. Maxwell. Third row: J. Eller, B. Walker, Wheeler, P. Miller, G. Matson, D. Miller, J. Sturdivant, T. Langston, Mr. Rose, Sponsor. Fourth row: C. Moore, Trent, .lon Smith, S. Evans, Sibray, R. Draper, T. Snider, H. Jones, Joe Collins, R. Campbell. Back row: N, Guyer, M, Neff, J. Wason, C, Helvie, Bishop, Spurgeon, J. Whipple, Hughes, L. James, P. Hallam. Sn. xi Front row: Trapp, Cheryl Briggs, K. Ayres, B. Skiles, Howard, K. Wagoner, J. Pitts, L. Helvie, G. White, D. Hughes, Fife. Second row: J. Cripe, Pam Thomson, C. Reef, S. Allen, B. Seedorf, C. Ginn, A. Smith, J. Clingenpeel, Carol Humbarger, S, Root, K. Knapp, Sparks, K. Eikenberry. Third row: Baxter, D. Allen, Tinsman, P. Segraves, J. Campbell, Sisson, K. Garrison, D. Mann, Leiter, Calendar, Shambaugh, Baker, Sponsor. Fourth row: Penny Thomson, Jill Flora, D. Duff, R. Trent, J. Harmon, J, Snider, Finney, S. Flora, M. Pearson, A. Moore, Patty, M. Fleege. Back row: M. Burns, M. Eller, Blue, Redmon, L. Neff, R. Pearson, A. Flora, Sonia Landis, H. McGinnis, Guckien, Ryan, Schnepf, D. Frazee, Connie Briggs, A. Frazee, P. Ginn. A-H Officers: Julia Redmon, Recreation Leader, Ann Guckien, Song Leader, Connie Briggs, Secretary, Helen McGinnis, Vice President, Madonna Eller, Refreshments Chairman, Sonia Landis, President, Jill Flora, Reporter. Missing: Angela Flora, Treasurerg Jane Ann Jones, Health and Safety Leader. Griirls Serve Cllulm, Liommunitfy, and COUHLTQ' "l pledge my hands to larger service . . . for my club, my community, and my country." Members of 4-H Clubs all over the country repeat this creed and make it the goal in their lives. At the Camden Dress Revue, Flora was proud of its representation, for most of the entries were placed in the i "A" grouping. The County Junior Leaders selected a Monroe A Township girl to attend the Merom Recreation lnstitute. The Club also had representatives at the Junior Leaders' Training School at Purdue. High honors were received in county judging and demonstration contests. Several members obtained cham- pionships at the local and state fairs this year. Junior Leader Ginny Koup assisted Karen Garrison with her 58 4-H proiect as Jane Leiter and Madge Fleege looked on. . I x In D lal 'Blue Rilslsan Cluls L lulb ol .lpisfinffion The Fora Boys' 4-l-l Club had the highest rating ot any Boys 4-l-l Club in the county. During the surnfner the girls' club treated the boys' organization to a svvirnrning party at Roth Park. Carroll County again had the largest nurnber at the Boys' -4-l-l Cannp during the Indiana State Fair, and Monroe Township had the largest representation in the Carroll County group. Thus, the boys are to be complimented on two maior accornplishrnents tor the '57-'58 A-l-l year. Top: L-H Ott cersz Ronnie Myer, News Repover, Cullan Ekenberry, Vice Presoent, Don Craft, Treasurer, Herrnan Neff, President, Carl Dean Oyler, Secretary, Lowell Craft, Heal'h and Safety leader. Missing- Bob Johnson, Song Leader, Jim Thompson, Recreaton Leader. Bovoing Jnw Thompson proudly showed his prize Angus, one ot hs many -LH proiects. Front ri,.v: Carl l-lurnbarger, G. F.fe, J. Myers, M. Maxwell, R. Clingen' peel, Crook, M. Langston, Angle, J. Austin. Second row: Mr. McGaughey, Sponsor, J. Thompson, P. Miller, Riggle, D. Miller, H. Jones, D. Beckner, T. Langston, Carroll Jervis. Third ro.-J. D. Craft, Oyler, K, Haan, Schnopt, L. Neff, J, Snider, M. Neff, C, Snider, F. Jones. Back roxf. G. Clingenpeel, L. Crait, H. Neff C. Eilienberry, Johnson, R. Beclcner, R. Myer, W. Beckner, Fouts, G. Hean. 2 5: Y 'Rl K .i' Front row: Mr. McGaughey, Sponsor, F. Jones, Oyler, L. Craft, H. Neft, Fout G. Skiles, G. Haan, M. Snider, Clarence Jervis. Second rovv: Loolcer, R. Beclcner, R, Myer, Johnson, Kenneth Flora, J. Thompson M. Berkey, Parrett, Lehman. Back row: Max Young, G. Clingenpeel, D. Craft, W. Beclcrier, C, Eikenbcrry, Burns, Wilson, R. Flora, C. Wagoner. Cplilirers JSXJQTPIJIJPFJ The National l1WOIf1'VP1Il'l.JCt11 One of the highlights of the Flora Future Farmers of America this year was having five of its officers and their adviser, Leon McGaughey, attend the National Convention. This took place in September in Kansas City, Missouri. Six new members were C admitted to the organization. During the last of November tive F.F.A. boys and Mr. McGaughey went to the International Livestock Exposition and visited other points ot interest in Chicago. A pest-killing contest was held during Christmas vacation. The freshmen and sophomores vvon the contest and were treated to an ice-cream supper by the losers. '45 if Top: FFA. Officers-Stardrg: Jerry Burns, V'ce Pres cient, Bet: Johnson, Pres dew, Ned Parrett, Treas- urer, Rodney Flora, Ser-t nel, Frernt Jax Youve, Re1c"c', 'fe' rr Berne.. Seve' 5 l Bottom-.f Je'ry Burris prec' sed for 'Fe 'and iscg cc"'es 1 5 Q The Juniors Present A-FEUDIN' OVER YONDER dfrerted by MRS, LAURA BAKER .--4 -4 L - l H. 1 . s 4 X I i s I V .1 5 Q W . Top row: l. As Izzie lRonald Myeri washes his feet, Emmy fCarole Ryanl looks out the door to see if the Preacher is coming. 2. Clem lCullan Eikenberryl has to hang up his long underwear so that they will be clean next winter. 3, "Aw, shocks!" says Willy fTerry Guyerl as he sits on the barrel playing with his yo-yo. 4, Mountain Maggie 'Connie Briggsl doctors poor wounded Izzy as Becky Mae CSharon Cookl sympathizes. Middle row: l. "You'll niver kitch me!" screams Rosie Belle ljoyce Kerlinl as Aunt Harry Hornhonker lJerri Hendricksonl pursues her with her -wedding dress. 2. As Emmy inches closer, Willy really falls for her. 3. Peppy Popotf Clowell Craft puckers and Maw Fry lPat McGinnis anticipates a big event. A Rosie Belle demonstrates her hate for a Popoff as Zeke fWayne Esserrnan shakes in his shoes. Bottom row: l, The wedding guests 'Ann Helvie, Carolyn Ensinger, and Ginny Koupl wait anxiously for the ceremony to begin. 2. Becky Mae assists her crippled lover to the altar. 3. The Hillbilly Band lBob Grat, Herbert Campbell, Don Driggs, and Jim Thompsoni provides the wedding music. 4, Zeke and Rosie Belle repeat their wedding vows to the Preacher llacob Darlingi. 6I a'i Frorr row R Evans R Beckner Redmon K Young D Clingenpeel B Burns M Berkey C Berkey Lyon C Briggs F Collins R Flora Whitfield Second row M Jervis Kenneth Flora M Blocher M Hoffman R Clingenpeel N Eller J Skiles R Blocher R Smith J Northcutt Watson Max Young Brower Third row Christiansen Scott L Heffner A Flora Kerlin Cassell Johnson Koup Ryan P Mc Ginnis F Jones J Pitzer Wilcox Fourth row Bishop Groninger D Craft S DeBruicker Hood Hufford Jennie Flora Mohler Adams P Wagoner C Miller Karen Flora Janalie Smith Fifth row R Heffner C Snider Sines M Burns Phyllis Flora Kinzer Mills S Evans Jon Smith A Ayres G Matson J Eller S Wagoner Sixth row D Hoffman Sibray Joe Collins D Beckner H Jones Hughes P Collins S Dunham Penny Thomson E Chapman M Guuse J Matson W Beckner Seventh row Root J Wason J Burns N Guyer Carroll Jervis M Neff Humphrey Judy Mullendore Angle Harmon S Allen Riggle Wetland Bc row D Frazee H McGinnis S Flora Looker J West Jackie Garrison C Maxwell Segraves J Sturdivant Cook A Frazee Jerilyn Jones A oosfer' lc 1 . oosfec fue . 61115113 xorae "Victory, victory, that's our cry" was one of the new chants learned by the Booster Club. One of the main pur- poses at all Good are a strive boost for this group is to yell and support the ball team games at home or away, and they did a fine iob. sportsmanship is also an important obiective. They good representative of the school at the games and to maintain a good name for the school as well as the morale of the players. Officers took care of the details for the transportation of the club members to out- of-town games. 10 1-rv d Cl the Pep 62 lhedglihlegr share of booslmg lh o MAJORETTES-Frorfq Je' ,n Jonas. Serclrgq Defene Frazee, Carol Ryan, Helen 1'.'cGfr'nIs, Snaron Co Arlene Frezee. I-lere's To Flora High School To her sons so braveg 1 To The colors flying o'er us, May whey euer vfavefRah! Rah! Ran! So with joyful hearts sing Praises ro our school And ro the colors flying o'er us, The dear old gold and blue. VAQSITY CHEEP LEADERS' Frtr' Qr.r 5' nf' Bervg-,, Cowie Briggs, Par Lyon. Back, Merlin Berliey. -J 5, I f-I fi: .5 ' n 'i Lf M 1 Q , T fl ' A . x 4' ":. V, ' e 55 HW sf , ' 4 km W, 73,6 A 22 I . vgjgg' 'Y i K- nv my Q 5 - g 1 ' Z9 'i"fg,3-is . n N V . .- - L I . ,, gjfjsvn.. by Narrow Margins 1erous arslfy Games Yvere Deiermnne tra Badgers got off to a good start this season. Most of the members of of varsity particrpation This season has been a very exciting one rn h y ave encountered a number of large schools Three ot the games by one point and three others were decided by less than five ponnts ers will lose only two senior members from the 58 squad Therefore again have an experienced team for next year. The Badgers were at a ge in height which had to be overcome by sharp shooting and speed our slogan, "to the State in '58," did not materialize, it is the feeling s team have had a considerable amount of varsity experience due to 5 I a J s will be fine in '59." Flora 62 'Rossville ,,,,,, 73 Kirklin ....s 54 Camden ...,,... 68 Western ,.ac..,c,.c 60 Royal Center a,,,,,,c, 56 "West Lafayette ..... 85 Burnettsville ...,.,.. 57 Eastern ...,.,..s,,cc 52 'Delphi .,,,,,,,,c,,,,,,,ccc,,,,,,,cc . ,,., HOLIDAY TOURNEY 55 Kokomo ..,,,,..,.....,...,.s,,.,..,, 59 Monticello ,..s 66 'Attica ,,,,,,,s,,,, 70 Noblesville c,,, V' 77 "Winamac ,,c,,, 7 72 Rochester ...,,,.,.... 68 Southwestern ....s. I 56 'Sheridan ,...,.s.c 76 Northwestern .css ,, 73 Brookston ,,a,ccca.c,.a,caaaa.,.c,,, . 79 Thorntown .,...,..s,,,.,,,acc,,,,,,,cc it sEcnoNAL rouRNEY E 72 Eastern- ,,cc..c.,.,,c,,,,,,,,,cc,,,,,,, 61 Kokomo ,,.s,,,c,,a,a,,cc,,,....s.,s,,,c . 'Conference games 6 f 55 65 STUDENT MANAGERS: Clarence Jervis, J. Thompson, Murphy. Opponent ........63 -,,.,...93 ......,.73 .-......88 .,.-....55 -r,...-.58 .-.-....68 ........53 ,,...,-.7O ........8O ..-.,-..68 ........7l ,,..,...76 .,-...lO8 67 ......-.6O .,......74 63 83 ....-...96 X X RSAITY T51 X W CARL WAGONER, '55 CARL DEAN OYLER . A . . . .1 , .1 iff QJLQLW-94-1.'g.s CULLAN EIKENBERRY 59 NEFF, '59 TERRY GUYER, '59 19571191352 M404-N 49 I QW NED PARRETT, 55 GARY MULLENDORE, '58 DON DRIGGS, '59 STEVE COLLINS, '60 WAYNE ESSERMAN, '59 LOWELL CRAFT, '59 Front: Henry Smith, Coach. Standing: M. Snider, J. Walker, G. Clingenpeel, Jim Collins, D. Fouts, G. Haan, F. Jones, Graf, F. Miller. Slnitfplu lives flue lxlew MBU ,.llPc11Il lfoarln The 1957-58 "B" team under the direction of a new coach, Henry Sm rough year, The squad didn't win many games but gained experience which should prove to be very valuable in the future. Some of the boys play time, as they competed on the freshman team as well as the "B" team. Since there are only two seniors leaving the varsity squad, a large portion of this "B" team will continue "B" ball in '59. With this accumulation of skill and strategy, they should attain a more outstanding record next season. Flora Opponent 28 Rossville .. 41 33 Kirlclin 20 l4 Camden 43 34 Western 41 32 Royal Center 56 22 West Lafayette 43 39 Burnettsville 37 l8 Eastern 34 3l Delphi 44 28 Attica 46 44 Noblesville 51 27 Winamac 46 29 Rochester 49 32 Southwestern 34 36 Sheridan 46 2l Northwestern 42 37 Broolcston 30 36 Thorntown 37 ith, had a ed double earn foughf Nom hwestern fo, me re bound Front row: L. Hood, W. Beckner, C. Snider, Boller. Back row: Locker, S. DeBruicker, Frank DeBruicker, Coachg D. Allen, H. Miller, :part of flue llxreslnman rlleam played HBH Having scheduled a number of large schools in the '58 basketball season, Coach Frank DeBruicker and the freshman players encountered tough competition causing the losses to outnumber the victories. January 25 the team traveled to Peru for the freshman tourney. In their first round of competition they met a rugged opponent-Eastern. Because of their height and experience, Eastern racked up another victory. A number of the boys of the freshman team clocked double time by participating in "B" team contests. Flora Opponent 28 Burlington , ,,,,,,,cc,,c, 35 49 Camden , , , ,28 38 Delphi c,cccc,, , aa,aaa 42 43 West Lafayette c,,,, ,,,25 24 Rossville c,,c,, , c,aa,,, 35 12 Kokomo c,,, c,,s,, 6 7 32 Perul' ,, ,,,,,cc,cc, ,,,,,,,36 29 Logansport ,, , cc,,, , 61 18 Lafayette Catholic ,c,, , ,,c, ,,,,46 19 Burlington , , ,,,, cc,,,cc,, 22 PERU TOURNEY 33 Eastern , , , , ,, , ,, ,, ,,46 33 Frankfort , ,, , , ,, 32 'Gvertime i FRESHMAN AND "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS: K. Young, Redmon. 69 Flora 27 18 32 61 29 33 46 28 31 12 28 25 22 35 23 I9 24 40 24 52 27 28 18 31 Front row: A. Ayres, J. Eller, Riggle, D. Beckner, H. Jones, Joe Collins, B. Moore, J. Humphrey, D. Hoffman. Second row: T. Langston, Hughes, N. Guyer, Bishop, T. Snider, R. Sibray, Root, J. Wason. Back row: J. Sturdivant, Manager, Henry Smith, Coach, B. Walker, Manager. x1lUlIT110T' TBETJII lfoxtnpcfcrl JD ,il1lW'O VJFOUTDPYS Off to a flying start! The first game of the season for the junior high basketball team was won in a thrilling overtime. Their coach, Henry Smith, gave the boys renewed spirit and confidence in their playing ability. The boys participated in two tournaments but were defeated in the first round of each. The team was divided into two squads and scheduled a large number of games. Nice going, boys! ' "A" TEAM Opponent Burlingtonf , 26 Camden ..., , .... ...., 2 8 Deer Creek ..... ,. 215 Cutler ....... 16 Delphi , . . 25 Rossville V . 32 Brookston . , 33 Western .... , , W 42 Peru V... .... , 54 Logansport Riley , 44 Delphi . 29 Burlington , , , , , 34 JUNIOR HIGH TOURNEY Peru H '42 Frankfort 57 Logansport Lincoln 24 MONTICELLO TOURNEY Kentland 21 Ervin . ,, 29 "B" TEAM Camden 29 Rossville 22 Brookston , 2O Western H , 35 Logansport Riley 21 Logansport Lincoln '39 44 Ervin 22 'Overtime -h p- Segravei 70 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: Jon Smli 1 KD -' n' Front row: Herndon, D. Reeve, Lynch, Chaffin, B. Northcutt, D. Campbell, Surface, D. Dunham, J. Myers, J. McGinnis, W. Reeve. Second row: Payne, T. Reef, B. Wason, M. Langston, Sylvester, J. Pinkard, Overholser, G, Hoffman, C. Hendrickson. Third row: J. Austin, P. Briggs, Angle, J. Guise, B. Perigo, S. Miller, H. Sturdivant, J. Fisher, Moore, .lack Graves, Coach. Back row: Warnick, K. Harmon, Keyes, Crook, Hamilton, D. Cripe, T. Matson, R. Clingenpeel. Little Barlgers Prepare for iluIlT11OT' -llglfl .lilldy Coach Jack Graves' fifth and sixth grade team didn't play many games this season but they exhibited that fighting Badger spirit. The large number of boys who tried out for the team showed the increasing interest for the sport. ln their tourney, they were defeated in the first game, but they won the consolation game. Fans who attended these games saw Badger stars in the making. l Flora Opponent T6 Camden ......... I7 8 Burlington .. ....... 30 T5 Camden ................ ....... ..... l 8 TOURNEY l3 Ervin ...... ................. ....... 3 2 23 Camden .. . ....l4 FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: K. Eikenberry, K. Haan, K. Knapp, R, Trent. 7l Front row: Boller, C. Snider, Driggs, S. DeBruicker, Hood. Back row: Henry Smith, Coach, S. Collins, C. Wagoner, R. Evans, Parrett, Oyler, T. Guyer, W. Beckner, Esserman, G. Haan, G, Clingenpeel. ihvi1II'Silt'y VTlN?i111iYl1 XYNYBIS l.jt1lf'II"Oll WX! Counfy Claannps for Szixfh ime Coach Henry Smith's baseballers won eight games in a row in county competition to gain the championship tor the sixth consecutive year. Their lone loss this tall was in a special game with Lauramie Township, who were the Tippecanoe County Champions in '57. One of the highlights ot this season was a perfect game pitched by Don Driggs. Dick Allen also had a no-hitter. Carl Wagoner won the R.B.l. trophy and Don Driggs the Batting Average trophy. The Carroll County Champions will lose only two seniors from this year's team. Flora Opponent 5 Burlington l T6 Deer Creek l T9 Cutler O 7 Camden l 6 Burlington 2 l8 Cutler O 2 Lauramie Township .3 7 Camden 3 5 Deer Creek 3 Top: Guyer tagged Driggs out in this practice game, as Wagoner prepared 5 to bat. Bottom: The baseball team can attribute much of their scccess to the abllty of ther senior caratair, Carl Wagoner. is 72 'tx eg Y' 1' 9 af". if L- - ' ., ' K I N-I Lb S-J 4? Front row: J. Wason, T. Snider, Hughes, R. Sibray, J. Sturdivant, N, Guyer. Second row: H, Jones, Root, D. Hoffman, T. Langston, B. Moore. Third row: Joe Collins, Riggle, J. Humphrey, J. Eller. Fourth row: A. Ayres, D. Beckner, M. Gibson. Back: Frank DeBruicker, Coach. Little League Experience Showed UP lin JTUIIHJOT' SUCCESS The iunior high baseball team under the guidance of Frank DeBruicker was undefeated this season for the second year in a row. With the experience gained in Little League last summer and the large number of boys who participated, the coach was able to put an experienced team on the field. Their willingness to work and full cooperation brought these outstanding results. The boys hope to con- tinue this perfection in their remaining baseball experience and wish the same success to those who will take their places. Flora Opponent 7 Camden ....... 6 9 Camden ....... ...... 3 7 Burlington . 6 Top: Harry Jones and... Bottom: Ned Guyer practiced their batting stance as Alan Ayres acted as catcher. 73 West Lafayette 72, Delphi 67, Sheridan 311' ,," '2, Attica 27'fi, Winamac l0, Flora 7' 2 Top Ci, .art Elfevbeny hurcled a 'lc-r liurcfe .-.he prec! 1 PQ for a 'rack meei BOVCH' GST C" NOV , ge se Doc' ' ir' 4 Front row: R. Evans, S. Collins, G. Mullendore, D, Fouts, C. Eikenberry, R. Myer, Essermari. Back row: M, Snider, Parrett, J. Walker, F, Jones, G. Clingenpeel, Oyler, Driggs, F. Miller. Vil"T'c1l'lS 7il"I"Hl1HT1 iS.ll1O'YYP'I?l ll-1x?1l'ilfS ol' 3l?lLKp1'iI"TPTl-l'I' The Badger track team coached by Frank DeBruicker completed the season with a l-7 record. The Badgers Won the first meet, defeating Cutler by a score of 70 to 40. Although Camden took first place in the County Track Meet by scoring 84'f2 points, the Badgers finished second. ln the Hoosier Conference Meet at Delphi the Badgers finished last, but Ned Parrett and Cullan Eikenberry each scored firsts in the half-mile run and high hurdles respectively. Eikenberry led the Badger scoring for the '57 season with 74'fh points, Lack of experience was the chief drawback this season, but the future looks brighter for next spring. Flora 70 Cutler 40 Flora 42 Camden 6l Flora 32' ,i" Q Rossville 67' ,r"'i Flora 33 Michigantoyvn 76 Flora 3l 'fb Delphi 69'fQ Flora 35511 Camden 31 'X2 Monon ABM HOOSIER CONFERENCE MEET COUNTY MEET Carnden 8-1' 2, Flora 6-1, Burlington 30'f2, Cutler 26 74 Left to right: Franl' DeBruiclcer, Coach, D. Fouts, C. Eikenberry, Driggs, Oyler, M Snider, Jim Collins, M, Blocher, F. Miller, M, Hoffman, R. Heffner. Competfperll in Cross 1' 1 Lountfry for Second vYCm'i1Il" The Badger cross-country team coached by Frank De- Bruicker completed its second season by participating in two meets, In the first meet, which was held on the Delphi golf course, the Badgers finished in third place with 88 points, behind Attica with 27 and Delphi with 29. In the second meet, also held on the Delphi course, Flora finished last behind Delphi and West Lafayette. The Badgers were unable to compete in the Delphi Invitational Meet on October l5 and the Hoosier Conference Meet because the flu epidemic disabled the cross-country team as well as a large portion of the student body. lt is the hope of all F.H.S. stu- dents that "the third time will prove charm" and bring an outstanding record next year. CLow score is the winnerl Flora ...88 Attica .s..s .... 2 7 Delphi....29 Flora .65 West Lafayette 49 Delphi ,.ss 21 Top: One for the money, two for the show, three to make ready . . . and off they go! Bottom: Fred Miller made a good showing for Flora. 75 f' 1 I A122 ij- " 5 I'I's +he nghf place Be wlse you guys' fo do your research on Ihe Every famnly needs Irusiy Insurance Flora Badger hlsfory rom HOOSIER DEMOCRAT WASON INSURANCE AGENCY I4 E Mann Phone 74 Brlghf Nahonal Bank Building 9 Gwe me an F How are you flxed for frames7 on mY Yell Neale' Choose yours from 'Ihe wide selechon of JULIUS CLOTHING STORE DR DANIEL M BROWN 2I S Cenfer Phone 340 Io E am phone 298 Y B Chp I A WWE Conf The prices are 53 S Cenler fak- ldenllall The 'Fas+es'r lhlng on wheels l0W low low al' +wo wheels lhal' is ns a bicycle from Phone 62 I06 W Columbia Phone 3ll P "If +he sho u il wlfh D. E. CRIPE hgff e fils . . ." Lorraine and fhe Flying Horse . . . confidence from agree +ha+ Mobnlgas us Amerlca's favorile 31 COMPANY BOB HEFFNER 32 S Cenie' Phone 24 205 N Jef-ferson Phone 25OL Ned and T Y Gun' o H H er i K S - rj 'il - in .5 ai. . ' z 54 ' . I I I I . . REDMON'S PHARMACY E. E. 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WAYNE LOAN CORPORATION a EAST MAIN PHONE sas Wayne Esserman Carl Wagoner Ducks head over heels aboul ihe fnne frozen foods from CLAWSONS REGAL STORE ll S Cenfer Phone 22I d S Ily Roses are whnfe Vlolefs are blue Julles hair IS recl l wonder If fhesell clo7 VAN DOORNS GREENHOUSE Fora Phone 25I W You donf have 'l'o be a bug wheel io gel bug values + ESSERMAN S -F Don 1' have mghily pmups mghlly pm U S Ge a permaneni wave a+ NELL CURTS BEAUTY SHOP D X SERVICE STATICN Beaufy ls My Business 702 E Columbla Phone 202 3I2 N Dlvnsuon Phone 270J C IIJ C Bgg C I 1 a I . : . . . . i I .E , . . T' I I L ' I Dick an a Wahon Mr. V n Doorn, Roger Beckner 9 T3 Q F952 ,-0 29 - ..! I s x l' I 1 1, ...ln 1 A 1 , Q 0 5 ' , , . , . P, a . H . . . . ' . I ' p n . a + I I arro ' onnie ' , Mrs. Cudis Builders of Bifuminous Roads and Sfreefs Transporfers and Markefers of Blfummous Ma+erlals FLORA INDIANA Phone 28 YES! DALE S CAFE +I1 AIR CONDITIONED ELECTRICAL--PLUMBING-HEATINC-3 CALVIN E MILLER N c + J ANNE DRESS SHOP FLORA PRODUCE HATCHER Y T y O VIENNA BREAD CAKES COOKIES H1 P BEWLEY S BAKERY as W M O A SHEAGLEY BARBER SHOP BRING-HURST NORTHCUTT S ICE CREAM gezfzfez Walaee Appl T I SPARKS 81 JORDAN FLORA PHONE eaon u Eaf aI' , 404 . en er S+. Flora, Indiana On e Corner Phone 247 Flora, Indiana and O er asfries I . ain Phone 2I0 Enioy X I iances e evision Twm power and beau+y IS a speclalfy of FRAZEE FORD SALES sos w coLuMBlA PHONE 296 CARTER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 204 S Cenfer Phone 33 Drink Lf The Worlds Favorlfe Soff Drunk Aso For fhe Dlscrlmmahng Tasfe 0 QUALITY ORANGE I QUALITY ROOT BEER O QUALITY LEMON SELTZER ure Delicious Refreshing COCA COLA BOTTLING CO LOGANSPORT INDIANA IE ST POLICY AT ALL TIMES Flre Wand C + I + I and Exilended ongra u a :ons Sensors 6 Coverage 54 DR S H SHIPSIDES FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO VETERINARIAN GLENN B EIKENBERRY Office m My Home ' I I P .. . 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Shirar, Owner DISTRIBUTORS OF MURPHY FEEDS AND SWIFT'S FERTILIZERS Use VIG O-RAY CONCENTRATE for Pouliry CUT-COST CONCENTRATE for Livesiock SURE PAY MINERALS Phone 280 for Heam' and Prom Flora, Indiana I 1 T 'Ii Sand one hffle Krauss The bug beef fo fhe o+her luHle Krauss Whafs coolung af fha an med, looks so oppehzmg af e DOUGLASS 8: SONS I03 W Hoop Phone 68 8 W Columbna Phone 260 1 an Sh 1 ggwmuilwwnw Exira' Exfra' Even Ike lnkes IS shoufed Loudon clear of 'fhe servlce af fhe car washes and ge,-ylce af LOUDON PRINTING CO HUMPHREY SHELL SERVICE 403 W Maple Phone I99 I5 E Columbia Phone 283 F KL 4 CII Ek b y BRM GRAVEL TRANSIT MIX Transnf Mlx Concrefe Smce I948 MONTICELLO DELPHI FLORA cusrom BANK FIXTURES KITCHEN CABINETS Bes+ Wnshes Graduafes ZINN MANUFACTURING, INC FLQRA Flora Indiana Phone 377 FREE PLANS AND ESTIMATES FORMICA II2 W Hoop Phone I85 SYLVANIA TV HOTPOINT APPLIANCES TAPPAN APPLIANCES I INC. GraveI Processing Since I923 PaH'y Baby youll look so cufe afier you ve had your hair fixed ai' fhe BOW KNOT BEAUTY SHOP l05 W Maple Phone 267 PfLy Super Duper Marlcef Values are large un number and low nn price BURNHAMS l G A 70l E Mann Phone 325 K nw WI How are you hxed 'For bloclzs7 For a furm foundahon see HHS Pu+ on alrs wl+h 'loys and wares from JCHN OAKS AYRES HARDWARE COMPANY I5 S Dwmon Phone 230 22 W Columbia Phone l20 L dy Ay I ,'AW4A-.,,.- 'Z The Badgers should have won' Man' Oh Man' Wllloarri a beauhful Bulck The sfudenf managers learn new sfraiegy an gef a good hanrcui a+ MANN CHEVROLET INC O K BARBER SHOP no s CENTER PHONE use '2 5 Cam' Fora M Th uso Qnly a quaders wodh buf Max WH Shclc em up says fhe Too+sle Roll Knd go far wnfh gas from lusf has fo have my candy from 'I'he E E VINEY 31 SON CLINTON CANDY CO Flora Phone 239 gum MW, mums., Blochor, Nancy Ellgrl Joy fayer Eu H My r, Max Young Servlce Wrfh Qualify Prescrlphons i Noi' a Sldellne NOBLE 1 ' PHARMACY LOWERY INSURANCE AGENCY Flre and Wmd Insurance on Town and Farm Homes Auio Insurance on Easy Paymen+s SAFE DRIVER DISCOUNT Besf Wlshes fo +I1e CIass of I958 D M BRU BAKER Den'rls+ WILBUR LANE an WILLIAM J BRIGGS Attorneys-at-Law FLORA, INDIANA Hlnman Mllkers los Wagon Unloader DeMu+I1 SlIo Glaze ROY GARRISON FI Ph e BRINGHURST INDIANA FLORA CONCRETE TILE PHONE 54- FLORA QQ ' A lf, ' . 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A Q Q t f I I-I ll I Il 0 I I i' ' I M taunt. i f 1 Jus+ an case ou re needm new farm A penny a day 'S a new car on me way equapmen see 6+ me HUME5 81 MUMMERT BRIGHT NATIONAL BANK I6 E Columbia Phone 30 4 E ann Phone 45 Dnamonds are a gurl s besf friend' Cheer up Dan' You can gd experf legal Now us Ihe hme 'Io make your selechon af advice from F K SISSON JEWELRY STORE I6 S Cenfer Phone 387W Dan B h p BISHOP AND BISHOP I9 S Cen+er Phone 96 Pa? McGmnns ' :: - .J Q BW ' A 1 . qu tl , ,, .:' r I 'Ik I ', r - ,, I f' ' 0 ' . XXNX .. . ,. . . . , . + ' ' ' Y 9 DeposI+ your pennies so 'Ihey will draw inferesi' . . M . D ff on ra Don Driqqs, Mrs. Lowery LZ ,W 5 ,. ll U 9 I 9 ll I , . . . 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' I Charla D I1 on S+op before nfs foo lafe Wheel er ln' I958 DeSo+o Sol e your lumbering problems ai' fhe The excuhng look and feel of 'Phe fuiure FLORA SAW MILL CO FRED H WHEELER 2I6 S Wlllow Phone 37 I03 W Mann Phone 333 Cq dWl FRED COLLINS LEITER FUNERAL HOME Builder DICK AND BILL Phone 355 Flora, Indiana IO3 N. Cen'fer Phone 70W Ja L 'Oar xxmkg msuu IMPROVEMENT CO S UAIWLLI N IONIIG Sl s mums 00055 IQQSU IB?-9 uf! KE SID G ggi... 5+- GEORGE ALLENS HOME INSULATION 81 IMPROVEMENT COMPANY EaIM BURLINGTON GRAVEL CO Sand Dari' Gravel Phone FLORA 2 I 2 PHONE BURLINGTON I06J nl , .noun - ' , T J nous msuumou - 4 was -nmmo EAL ' .Juouszea 0' H .ALWINUM TI ' , aan nun -' -S. --: ,.. ' -- 'if .4 ., L11-5 Q as W" VA I L ' ,,. A J This is sure Ihe weafher for . . home insulafion from I 620 s ain Sfreei' Phone III Jim and Darlene AIIen 1. H in A I C I e e h FLORA IRON 8: STEEL P e 5 MAMIE KENNEDY NURSING HOME 4 S C + FLORA WAYNE ATKINSON Class Rmgs Invlfahons Caps and Gowns PIONEER CORN CO INC The Dependable Hybrids FLORA PHONE 244 'C as S I x I 1 I I . -. I' A . 1 :V A sg, , .,. X, I . M. E L14 Skil s will be smiles . . . wh n e seIIs his scrap mefal fo 04 . en er Phone I40 Box I47 hon 6 Gary Skile Jea I Sk' I . . . . ' A 'I ' 3 - Af I I I hw . I' I . I I H 4+ 'il-"7"? Bes+ Wushes Avon callmgl +0 +he Represenlahves MRS HAROLD EVANS Flora KRAFT Fooos co MRS 'iLf:ff'Qwl:URPHY Class of l958 Hungry? Wani' frozen cus+arcl . . . From hucks and cars malls' sandwiches? Drlve cull lo lhe 'lo moforcycles ancl puf-pufs, we Mobilize af RENTOTEL DR'VE"N wesr suns Moron seavlce Clem S+. and Sl'a+e Road 75 4.5 W Columbia Phone 55 Phone 393R Tom To, Ginny Koup, Sonia Landis M9 Billy Badger ReBecca Smith Lois Metzger Pat McGinnis Sally Watson Last November one fine day The 58 Florian got under way We hurried at noons to each rendezvous So that we might bring this book to you We racked our brains for an appropriate theme So that our high rating we might redeem We decided the things that are important to you Are the kids at school and the things they do We borrowed our title from the theater craze Around F H S in 180 Days We had long meetings morning noon and night The nine calendar pages are an added attraction We think they re real sharp Wasnt that your With sandwiches and candy to keep us strong We knew that our diets couldn t last for long We all drank cokes yes several rounds Although refreshed gained several pounds' To meet our deadlines was our big goal And surprisingly enough things were under control Now that its over we re a little but sad But we ll always remember the times that we ve had Our thanks to Miss Metzger for betng so nice We truly are grateful for her help and advice So now we the editors this last page do sign With the hope that engoyment in this ok you will find Qff,f,f 7 92: ' I.. 4 l it l A ' -.:.,,,gv-S.. , . 2 I l I Il ' II . - . I I . - Striving to make this book iust right. . . I . , , . I . , 1 I I , . . . I I . I - ' I I ' I 1 1 V IO4 -wx ,J 4 1 1

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